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Leave your comments below as today’s AZ State Circus BS rolls on yet again.

Like I’ve always said, and irrespective of everything…

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    • Everybody here with me… apparently maybe they might be reading a verdict. Because of this I feel the urgent need to pray…. isnt that what we are supposed to do. So here I go… Im not good at this but hang in there. Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, God in heaven, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, all Saints and God above. Why would such a lovely girl be put through this test. Why would Jodi be plucked from paradise and thrown to the fire. Please God let this test be over. Give us the verdict we desire. We desire life. Please forgive us our trespasses. We as a nation need this test and example to prove that we are not savage animals after blood. We need to correct this transgression with love. God is love, isnt he. Please God. Give Jodi Peace, give her energy to do her works. Please give the jury wisdom. Give them strength to give life. Here we go. FAITH HOPE LOVE we need all three.

      • AMEN! I have been so tense while they were reading the verdict to hear those words gave me a sense of calmness! Thank you lord, please hear our prayer and give Jodi the strength she needs to continue this fight. <3 to all!!! 😉

        • I was totally on edge waiting for the verdict. It’s so amazing!!! Shoot, we knew how this trial wasn’t an open and shut case.

    • On behalf of those of us that don’t know Jodi but believe her we want to say hang in there Very happy with that verdit.

    • Why are they upset with the verdict their need to see the death of Jodi may be why he was killed in the first place…,d oes that make sense…., geez get over it. She was convivcted its over Mistrial….. Pray for Life…. as far as Im concerned Im going to live from here on out as if she was given life. Glory be to the Father Son and the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers. I dont know Im just hopeful grateful…. I dont want to hear death any more… death needs to be removed forgotten laid to rest….why continue. Well to Jodi Big hugs baby girl… we are here for you in spirit. From one survivor to another… thanks for fighting our fight.. we love you we adore you we need you here with us.

      • I was thinking the same thing about why some people are so upset. I guess HLN just acts dramatic about it to make more money on this horrible tragic event.

        I just listened to NG be so incredibly rude to Jodi’s friend, Donovan, it was shocking. I shouldn’t be shocked by how rude she is anymore but it was surprising. She had a chance to talk to someone and it was clear she wasn’t interested in hearing Donovan say anything. She used it as an opportunity to lash out, it was disgusting.

        The HLN people will never admit it but they LOVE this because it gives them MORE drama to gasp over and more outrage to show, they salivate at all of it. They should be ashamed.

      • What is wrong with that family??
        Haven’t posted in quite a while, since March I think, but I had to come on here and say…..I understand the Travisander family is entitled to their grief, but WTF does it mean when you get your guilty verdict and you still have to sob and cry and whine and spew your BS and sorrowful faces all over again because………a young woman isn’t going to be executed, while you sit there and watch? Sorry but I have tried to have respect for their feelings for months. However; this show of grief and sorrow over not being able to kill someone is hypocritical. It is disgusting, disturbing and makes me want to vomit. Oh yes, go back and pray to your almighty FORGIVING God you bunch of gross, freaky, death hungry souls. Seriously, what a disgusting show of sickness. I can’t even stomach it. They are devastated…….simply devastated that she won’t be killed? YUCK….. And on top of that, they have the nerve to look at that jury who has sat there for how many grueling months, with such a look of disappointment and ‘how could you let her live” on their faces!? I don’t feel sorry for them anymore. I do not think that reaction is normal. Not one bit. Especially in people who apparently have so much faith. Time to check yourselves is what I say to them.
        As for Jodi’s guilty verdict in the first place? I don’t get it. There is something wrong with what went on in that jury. Personally I am hoping for some claims of intimidation, and an entire over turning of this case. I believe they have so many grounds for appeal, it’s beyond ridiculous. That judge and prosecutor should both be up shit creek without a paddle and I hope it doesn’t take too long.
        Nothing about their behaviors was normal during this trial. Prosecutor is a lying SOB, so is the detective and the ME. The judge made rulings based on popularity. I can’t wait for the day when this all gets turned around and common sense reigns.

        • I am really fed up with that family. It’s been five years. Travis isn’t coming back no matter what happens. Stop with the crying act.

        • I agree with you Jess.

          The family lost any sympathy from me when they did everything they could to sway the jury. And look, it worked. Because jurors were mouthing “I’m sorry” to them.

          They say they want justice, but they didn’t let justice take it’s course. Nooooo, they had to go to HLN and tell a pack of lies. They had to go on Facebook and tell that same pack of lies to a lynch mob of strangers that harassed defense witnesses to the point the authorities were brought in.

          I won’t believe a word they say. I haven’t since Samantha’s first eye roll.

          I don’t even believe they give a shit about their brother being dead anymore. It’s all about becoming a celebrity and donations. Then they sit and sob because Jodi won’t get death? GMAFB. Really now, get over yourselves already. They say they believe in God but no they want to play god. There is a difference.

        • Yes ! I hope that the actual verdict can be overturned on appeal !!! This Travis is being made into looking like some angel by the media and that is NOT the case ! My Prayers are fervent and steadfast for Our Lord Jesus to set the verdict to be corrected to Justice by freeing Jodi from this unjust ruling and getting her the help she needs as she is a survivor from the treatment of that so called man named Travis. She is innocent by reason of insanity !!!

    • JODI JODI JODI….LIFE LIFE LIFE…YIPPEE….HA KARATE CHOP HLN…ok i will calm down now….sorry dont want to be smug at all….but come on we need one for the underdogs…..US….please….IM so happy so very happy….NO DEATH….. Please God continue to watch over us….JODI JODI JODI….FAITH HOPE LOVE….WE HAVE ALL THREE TODAY…

    • Ok I have no idea how to enter a comment on here??? I entered as a reply…???

      Just heard the ” non verdict “. I wish the jury could have come up with the life sentence but this is acceptable. Now I would like to say say this, Juan, you lost. You were bad. You tried to sway again with picutres, but you showed them so many times, the jury was numb to them, In short, YOU LOST .

      Now, I would like to figure out how on earth another jury can provide an unbiased, while educated, verdict? Move on. Juan, can you be so arrogant to actually allow this to go on and on? Is the spotlight this important? Does the family have the desire to move on or do they want the spotlight to continue?

      From where I sit, it was a crime of passion. A young man who sold his soul to the Mormon church, pursued a young, vulnerable woman and captured her heart. He saw that she was soul searching, he realized she wanted to be successful through this prepaid legal employment he was actively employed. He baptized her, then had sex with her the same day. He penetrated her in her sleep and he had her perform oral sex on him, in every suit he owned, to mention only a few things that went on. Yes, she complied. She complied in the beginning, I believe, because she had hopes of having a future with this man who portrayed himself very spiritually and who was a motivational speaker at prepaid legal, where they met.

      Because T.A. knew that he was taking advantage of a Jodi, Because he was guilty of violations within his church, he hide the relationship. Had he kept opening dating Jodi, he would have to explain the relationship as committed and future seeking, This would have given the impression to those around him, that he was courting Jodi for such a long time, that they would have had to become more involved i the church, as a couple. He did not want to do this for many reasons, I believe.

      First, being a couple publicly, would have killed the sexual fantasy, which was paramount to him. Second, he would have had to stop flirting at work and he liked that attention. We have seen and heard from many single, as well as married womem, even with cleavage and psychiic powers, on The Dr.Drew show. Third, he would have had to build up Jodi and he did not want her to be well liked, because he was using her and if people began to really like her, she may have let the cat out of the bag at some point.

      With all that being said, and all the information received during the trial, that day of horror, adds up, as bad as it was, to a crime of passion, Common sense has to come into play in order to get the whole picture. A young woman gives herself completely to a young man. She sells her soul in a way, to please him. We already know by her journals since her childhood, she was vulnerable. We know, by the videos on Dr.Drew, T.A, had a dominating personality. Even his brother describes his “unbreakable” personality. He abused, she complied. Not because she liked the abuse, but because she was passive and did not give herself any credit. Then he made her out as the crazy chick that could not let go of him, when clearly, he encouraged an ongoing relationship.

      One has let the common sense come in. On the day of the horror, T.A. has his brand knew $1,500. camera. He and Jodi have sex all day. They take pictures of each other and she drops the camera. Was there words before that. Did he have guilt for not taking her in upcoming trip. Were they not attempting to watch videos of previous trips they took that day? Did she tell him she has been talking to Burns and is heading there next, while he talked about his upcoming trip with MImi?

      The camera falls. Was it on purpose? Would you blame her? T.A. goes after her in a rage, one that was building. She grabs the gun and shoots, not knowing there was a bullet going off. I get that T.A. would have a gun with one bullet in. He had that kind of personality that I get this, kinda giving fate the final opinion. The bullet goes thru the sinuses and he is now at the sink spitting up blood, the rage sets in, “I am going to fucking kill you bitch!” I think he wiukd have. One of them or both go after the knife and from there it is overkill. Jodi is said to have showed up with a long sleeve shirt (because she had ibjuries) in 96 degree weather at the prepaid legal event with Burns. She explained the craziness, the fog, the shame, the horror, the cover-up.

      • Sorry… Made some typos above.. Computer broke and typing on iPad that aim not use to, Hope you get the typos!!!!!

        P.S. The entire case is sad for all involved but I believe, a crime of passion, as well as self-defense.

        • No worries, I didn’t notice typos…but I’m typing on an ipad too so I get it 😉 i would write more if on my laptop , too hard on this so good job 😉

          I’m so disgusted with how HLN has behaved through this. Did you hear how disturbingly rude NG was to Donovan awhile ago? Donovan was on the phone explaining about Jodi’s family’s absence and NG was awful to her. It was obvious she only wanted to make more drama, it sure wasn’t about interviewing or listening!

          And what is up with the “strangers” or “court watchers” baeling outside of court after??? They are scary and deranged and should get a life! Wow, how sad that they are so upset over this non-verdict that they are crumbling on the steps.

          • They were weirdos outside of court. HLN is for stupid people who want drama and only half of a story. They offer compromised opinions from guests that want to keep going on the show. They generally pick one side, the prosecution, and sell the crowd from that point, half of the story. It is all about ratings.

            Why one earth would they divert the fact that T.A. picked up a vulnerable woman by using the Mormon church.? Did they love Jim Baker also? Come on.,.,, T.A. died a tragic death but the circumstances were pitiful. You only hear the crazy stories about Jodi from T.A.’s friends because they had no idea he was still with her. He played everybody. He lied to everybody. She had to protect herself.

          • I totally agree with you!!! Really people looking for closure to their own bullshit with the death sentence of Jodi?? STFU!

      • Cancun had nothing to do with the attack. Travis had a violent nature, and this was a fight to the death.

        As Gus Searcy noted, those Cancun plans were made months beforehand, and Jodi had already made plans to move from Mesa. She was never planning to go with Travis.

        That myth of Cancun needs to go into the garbage can, as with everything else the prosecution tried to sell in this trial.

        • Did not know that but HLN has spun everything. My point was not to imply it was about Cancun. It was mind games, I felt he played with Jodi. It is all speculation on my part. I believe he showed another side of himself to her that he did not show anyone else. He was controlling and the aggressor. HLN is going to look soooo stupid in the long run. I wish someone would put a documentary together depicting all their craziness.

      • I keep pointing out the look in TA’s eyes in that last photo of his face – that was rage flaming out of his eyes. He was pissed off at her – and we know what happened after that ~ N Disgrace gives no thought what so ever to what pain Jodi’s family may be experiencing. That b**** is the cruelest human on the planet. Here’s hoping karma bites her in the ass.

        • I agree. That was NOT FEAR in those eyes. Those people are seeing what they want to see. OOOOh big scary Jodi is towering over him and intimidating him with that big nasty evil camera! Whatever. That is not fear at all.

  1. Okay….this has “bothered” me all this time. I’d like to hear what you guys think. Why in the world does Jodi date such unattractive men? I mean to me….Travis in ugly…BAM….I said it. And he “taste” in clothing is atrocious !!! Where did he buy that chyt??? He had a big water head……inside and out….apparently…. hanging cheek….on the fluffy side….he just was not cute!!!!! Now I know Jodi has low Self-esteem …..bless her heart…..but so do I!!! But I love cute and sexy men……like Idris Elba. Google him if you don’t know who the hell I’m talking about. Idris is one FINE brotha!!!! When I think about it… sadden me to think Idris is one year older then my eldest son.

    Oh…..I digress……anyway Darryl what’s his name….seemed like a very nice man. Just too old and unattractive for Jodi. And that first boyfriend she had….that dude looked like he may have had some sugar in his tank…..just saying. Do any of you understand what I’m saying here? It’s too bad Jodi won’t ever find and “good” man who wants to settle down and have a family. I think she would have made a good mom.

    Okay…….that enough thinking on this issue

    • I think because she had low self esteem and that is what Travis felt too and used it to his advantage, sad she did not realize her worth before she met him

    • You go Moni.

      Drooling over the hot young ‘uns!

      By the way who is Idris Elba? Guess I’ll have to google him.

      • All right just seems like another dude to me, but being a guy I wouldn’t know.

        However I did see on wikipedia

        “Elba is currently single.”

        Here’s your chance Moni – go get him.

    • Don’t feel so bad Moni he is only 6 years older than my son, he is nice looking for sure. And if you’re going to talk about nice looking brotha’s then I vote Sidney Portier.

        • moni…I love the sexy playful appeal of George Clooney and the serious sexy look of Mark Harmon…LOL…

    • I’ve seen the haters say how handsome he was. To me not so much. Now George Clooney is handsome. To me he just looked like an arrogant prick. And his closes – gawdy.

      gawdy. something tacky something ugly big and boorish

        • Agreed on both….

          As to Jodi. A beautiful woman will still only date someone whom she feels worthy of. I imagine Jodi chose Travis and the other men because she did not feel worth someone more attractive.
          By the way, who in the heck is that awful guy who she dated once, I think? that appears on HLN and is so passionate with his hatred of her? What a psycho!

          • That’d be Abe and she went out with him one time and all of a sudden, he’s an expert on her life and how she acts…He’s a douchebag is what he is!

            • That Abe is a disgusting creep that I cannot believe they have on! He is proud of the story that the ONE TIME he went out with her he tried to sexually abuse her and embarrass her by bending her over the side of his car, he brags how she was up for it, yea right, they never went out again. HLN has sunk to new levels of low, making heros of creeps like that and juror 8 and the Hughes

              • Kmea, I totally agree! I sit there in shock that a supposed psychiatric doc is allowing an EX-date to be the authority on who Jodi is and what she stands for.

                A doc who is a self-proclaimed expert on addiction, including having treated people for “love addiction” is giving a forum to a loud-mouthed-obnoxious EX so he can bash her.

                I have been soooo disappointed in how Dr. D has handled this. I’m in the medical field and it’s just appalling. I keep hoping he will SEE his wrongs, I’m shocked that he sold his own soul over this.

                The Dr. d show wasn’t even supposed to be about a one-topic trial show anyway. Don’t the other many hours of “shows” have that covered enough? Someone told him to jump and he said “How high and for how much$$$?

              • Yes he is but he is loud and outgoing and obnoxious, a know it all, exactly the type of guy someone shy and nice like Jodi would go for, like Travis was, I am shy and I have always dated the opposite

                • Abe is creepy. He likes to down Jodi, but at the same time he seems smug and proud that he was w her.

                • OMG I cannot stand abe. you guys should have heard him on HLN right now. OMG guys, he is obnoxious, talks over the others girls, he was very disrespectful to Jenny who said she doesn’t want to see JA killed. OMG guys. I CANNOT stand that obnoxious, surfer accent, ugly, guy who NEVEr could get anybody as great or pretty as Jodi. AND HE BARELY knows her. He went on one date with her. He has an issue with her, because she didn’t like him. It is SO OBVIOUS. Come on, the guy is old and not married…he is ugly. Disgusting. And his personality makes him uglier. G ood luck Abe. Maybe you should spend some time on Santa Monica Blvd and you can find your love match. You sound you would have fun in pooper sun.

                • Amen to that MB. That ###hole is sexist, repulsive, rude, obnoxious. Just plain evil. I just don’t understand how he gets away with that crap. What’s worse, you’ve got Dr. Evil and his crony Mark calling him “buddy.” He had coffee with her ONCE. I caught last night he started YELLING like a maniac at the camera that the jury were basically a bunch of idiots and how dare they, after concluding that Jodi was a “lying psychopath”, how dare they do this to the family and shirk their “duty” to put her to death. His rage is very scary. You know what I think? I think Dr. Drew, Abe, all the concubines in the harem (that’s what they act like) they need to take a good long look at themselves and THEIR pathology. They like to slap labels on people? Who is narcissistic? I mean, really. If anyone has serious scary mental defect it’s the people obsessed with having Jodi’s head. They are all SICK. Why aren’t they held accountable? Freedom of speech, I guess. Abe is enjoying this. A LOT. HE is a narcissist. What’s worse is when he was first time he was on the show, he told the story of his “date” with her, and he said he thought she was “smoking hot” and that she was very sexy. He said that he was feeling really good about the date and the “prospects” for himself and then he said he thought “yea…this girl is gonna be FUN.” *BARF*!!! How sick is that?!!! What a PIG.

                  I’m still worried, frankly, because social media and out-of-control media has interfered with due process, tainted the juror pool. People now feel completely entitled to interfere. That ass Politan says “no secret courtrooms it’s our right to be in them.” Well, NO, they don’t. Constitutional protections, idiot! And it was many, many years we had open public court before internet and before t.v. This isn’t open season. This isn’t middle ages. It’s ridiculous. This stupid fake “jury” on HLN proves how badly this has gone too far. Some of them said they would lie to get on the jury so they could sentence her to death. Then they LAUGH. They flat out say “jurors might be watching us.” Well, damn, there are supposed lawyers sitting in that room and they LAUGHED at that full out admission of the problem. The minute crap got out of hand and even before, that jury should have been sequestered. They worried about money, well now it’s gonna be big money. I guess Jodi doesn’t have any rights. Makes me sick. I’m not surprised by the verdict. I’m happy although I don’t get Arizona and all this garbage because it should be OVER. They weren’t unanimous, so in the normal world she should have gotten life. The end. This is insane. They can NOT guarantee an impartial jury. People LIE. HLN is largely to blame. It should be life in prison, no more BS and then time start appeals. There should not be another retrial to decide whether or not to kill someone. This is a lynch mob. It’s like the Salem witch trials. It’s really troubling me. Martinez won’t take death off the table. There is no reason for that. The family is being continually traumatized. Well, they are carrying it on themselves, are they not? I don’t mean to sound callous, but they can end this right now. They are not satisfied? Give me a break. No one in that family, or that HLN camp has respect for the system. Sickening. I wish people would stand up against that network, but they hide behind free speech. They should be sanctioned. If they can’t cover a trial properly, fair, impartial, and without creating programming in an effort to sensationalize and thus threaten the integrity of the trial, then they shouldn’t be able to cover it. Talk about social media? HLN is responsible for whipping everyone up in to a frenzy. This is why no one could safely stand up for Jodi and were threatened and intimidated. What the hell kind of fair trial is that?!

                • I honestly watch HLN and think, “am I the only one who doesn’t understand this?” Like I feel like I am in the minority. They sit there, bully people, talk crap. Talk over each other, take EVERY LITTLE thing that Jodi does and analyze EVERYTHING to the pulp like a high school lynch mob. They are so petty and trivial. It’s unreal to me. They want somebody to die? Well here is the kicker. Let’s just say for arguments’ sake that Jodi did kill in self defense, or rage, etc. We all know here, that it wasn’t pre meditation. Let’s just say she did kill in self defense/rage…how is killing her any less or worse then her killing Travis? In fact, all of these people who want to kill her, are worse. They are killing her on purpose with pre meditation. When you think about it that is exactly what they are doing. They are hoping/praying/planning to kill her. It’s a strange way of looking at but in the literal sense that is what all of these people are doing. They sit there and make everybody feel like they can’t say anything good about Jodi Arias. It’s unreal. I have watched Dr. Drew on a few occasions actually kind of defend her or say he feels bad and they all immediately get on him like flies on meat. They bully EVERybody who has anything good, decent, or even non-biased about her! Then they shoot everybody down! Nancy Grace did the same thing to Danovan when she called in. She made fun of her and didn’t let her finish. I was like, “am I hearing what I am hearing?” They are the most heinous bulliers ever. They repeat themselves over and over. If Jodi picked her hang nail or blinked a few too many times she was psychotic. She apologized to the family and they seriously say she didn’t? It’s like what are they hearing? They don’t hear anything that isn’t what they want or that helps them. Dr. Drew won’t stop talking about how bad he feels for the family like he knows them. It’s so fake and sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody on that show who wants to remotely stick up for JA, they shoot down. UGH! They are sick.

                • I agree Lyla, I keep asking WTF is wrong with these people??? Grown people acting like immature assholes. Grow up people, the world doesn’t revolved around you.

                • Lyla Rose, Eden, Etc,

                  You are definitely not alone in your thoughts! I felt the same way as you, Lyla Rose, especially before I found this website.

                  I had always watched HLN as my go-to “news” station but their coverage of this tragedy put a bad bad bad taste in my mouth. I often sat there thinking “am I the only one who thinks their behavior is disgusting”?

                  That’s how I ended up here, trying to find out if there were others who see through the crap. It is clearky NOT “news” any more. It is Shock-tabloid-entertainment, maybe TMZ is running HlN now?

                  How funny it was to see them salivate when they were left off of Jodi’s list of who she would talk to. Then they had the nerve to criticize the journalists for being “soft” on her! Sheesh.

                  You all said what I have been thinking, that’s for sure! I guess it has given me hope in humanity to see here that many of us can still think for ourselves and refuse to join an angry lynch mob!

              • He–or I should say IT– is just another nasty fame-ho crawling out of a dark, dirty, stinky corner to get on tv.

                Another opportunistic parasite. Ick.

    • I think she looks for a mental attraction verses physical attraction ..she said that she enjoyed talking to TA and that they had long conversations. I think it is very hard to find a mental attraction.

      • Right! I think TDogg had a way of talking to Jodi intellectually and first! Look how quick he baptised her..she was under a spell and thought she was in love with this guy who could give her everything she wanted, house, kids the whole nine yards.

        • “Spell” is right ….’cause he was full of bullchyt as far as I’m concerned. To me Travis was a facade. It’s a shame Jodi still doesn’t see that clearly….even after all she has been through. Travis was about Travis!!!! He sucked Jodi in with his bullchyt…….poor thing brought it!!! Now look where she is now!!!

          • He preyed on her. Pure and simple. He was the best looking thing that entered into her life and she fell for all the smoke and mirror acts he put on for her. He gave her “illusions of grandeur” when he was a big fat ZERO. She was the BEST thing that he ever landed – as evidenced by the other fugly women in his life. No wonder he didn’t want to let her go but at the same time hated her because she was smarter, better looking and a better person overall than him and he knew it. He was furious because HE had to be the peacock in that relationship, he HAD to be the lothario, the cool dude that made all his retard friends want to be like him, the attention hogger who was only happy if everyone worshipped him. Puke! I’m sure she looks back and shudders to think she let him put his paws on her at all. I would have popped his fat ass like a zit.

      • I agree.She was and still is a highly intellectual and sophisticated person.She found her other half in men who might not be attractive on the outside but she thought were beautiful on the inside(guess she was wrong with TA).I know I’ve done it with all my boyfriends,I always fall for the ‘ugly’ guy-according to my friends-because its their wits and sense of humour I’m more in love with.

        • Travis couldn’t handle a highly intelligent, beautiful woman. He wanted someone he could clearly dominate. Jodi made him feel like he couldn’t be the center of the universe with all his infinite wisdom and charisma. That’s why all the other women he dated are mousy and passive, and it’s why he wanted to hide her and tell everyone she was wasn’t “wife material.” He couldn’t be the KING in that relationship. He couldn’t keep up his lying ass squeaky virginal facade. He just can’t have a woman as an equal or even MORE intelligent than he. I kept hearing last night from that crazy Grace lady “The family needs to get away from Jodi Arias like Travis tried to get AWAY from her!” Well, yea, Nancy, he was REALLY trying to get “away” with her, but he kept jumping in bed with her. No matter what she did to try and please him and be what he wanted his “wife” to be, it didn’t matter. He moved on to playing several other women he classified in his mind as “good Mormon women” and tossed Jodi aside like she was garbage, but then he kept using her and going back to her and calling her sweetie and beautiful bla bla bla. THAT is called emotional abuse. It’s very hurtful. Having sex with someone who is asleep is called RAPE because you cannot consent when you are passed out asleep!

          And I believe after hearing the foreman speak that those who held out for life in prison instead of death truly DO believe that Travis emotionally abused her at the very least. He flatly admitted that. He said it didn’t fit that Jodi would have no criminal behavior and then wham, she commits this act. It doesn’t make sense. But it does when you consider the awful text messages and emails, his fooling around with multiple women, and his using her like, as Jodi said, a piece of used toilet paper. Yes, he did do that.

          Travis just could not handle a super smart, deep thinker who is also beautiful and alluring. He wanted to be the hot shot everyone adored and looked up to like some Mormon Pre-Paid legal guru.

          I am not trying to excuse the act, but explain it, as the jury said there has to be a reason why this happened, and there clearly is. Jodi is the liar???? They must not forget that Travis was quite the liar.

    • Moni, I think most women are willing to date an unattractive male who has a nice personality whereas men aren’t so willing.

      Darryl wasn’t the best looking guy but from what I know he was definitely the best guy for Jodi.

      Travis had his attractive moments (when he had a beard) but for the most part he looked like an inbred. Tanisha has the same inbred jawline. Samantha and Steven are the attractive siblings and that isn’t saying much.

      • Jennifer, I think Darryl was a good match for her in some ways, but he seemed a bit lost…not together. Jodi was vulnerable when she met Travis. Immature, insecure and vulnerable…a bad combination. She was lured by his promises of getting rich. I think the whole Mormon thing was just a way for Jodi to exit the Darryl relationship with a good conscience.(besides a manipulation tactic on Travis’ part, in order to have even MORE control of Jodi) Travis was a scumbag and no matter HOW attractive or unattractive he was Jodi was in a bad place, literally and figuratively, the day Travis entered her life.

    • I thought you could tell me. My daughter likes bad boys as she calls them, someone who is not a nice guy cause she thinks she can change them. Now she is dating a ugly guy who treats her like a goddess. I have always believed you that it not looks its the inside that matter. A leporad doesn’t change there spots.

      • YES! exactly, In the past that was me, I would always try to change them and they always just beat me down instead after they charmed their way in

      • Howard, I bet your daughter finds her new gem to be more beautiful than ALL her “bad boys” put together. Once you’ve been treated like a princess, after you’ve been treated like shit, an appreciation for TRUE beauty emerges. 🙂

    • I think the outside package didn’t matter much to Jodi as much as the emotional resonance and vibration she got from an individual, which is why it never went anywhere with Abe Abdelhadi. I bet she was the kind of person who always befriended the unpopular and the underdog.

    • Lots of women do. And they pick jerks too. I don’t understand it. Meanwhile the nice guys get passed over.

    • I haven’t seen pics of the others… Hmm, except for Abe and that Ryan guy bc they’ve been whoring themselves out to the media. I’m not just saying this to be spiteful, however, I think TA and his douchey face(s)/personality, physical features, etc and Abe & Ryan are incredibly unattractive.

      Their looks, their “personalities”, their “Morals” & “Values” are appalling and disgust me.

    • Ahhhhh….Idris Elba….sigh. He’s amazing 😉

      As for TA, it seems he’s described to have had great charisma in person and that an often be missed when looking at a still photo. There are many people who draw people in by their presence, not having anything to do with appearance. I can find a man very attractive if he can make me laugh. I can appreciate the typical good-looking man but in relationships looks just aren’t the number one thing for me and I’m sure many women would agree.

      I think it’s ridiculous that HLN uses “Ex-boyfriends” as the authority on what Jodi is thinking, feeling, doing, etc. Character assassinations from exes isn’t exactly reliable information, they must think viewers are idiots if they think we’d all believe them.

  2. Sorry to say that I have to go for awhile. My daughters bf’s bday and we are taking him out to eat. Hope all is well. I won’t have any way of knowing anything for a while soooooooo, all I can say to that is damn!!!!!!!! Hold down the fort!!!!!!

  3. OMG! I can’t think of anything else right now! Hope those jurors stick to their guns about not wanting the DP.

  4. taken this long for me to get finished reading all he post on the other page and no mention that a new one went up its so hard waiting to here what the jury is going to do just hope that the ones that want life are not getting bullied to change it to death. I hope they are deciding that they could have been wrong with the M1 conviction too. Lets all stop for 2 min just like JM did in closing to kill Jodi that the 2 mins is spent in Prayer that she need now if not us then who we know the hates are praying for death. I will start now and hope all of my family will do the same as they come here

      • Reversed: Emotional manipulation, moodiness, volatility

        King of Cups Reversed

        The King of Cups reversed is incredibly emotionally controlling and manipulative. This is someone who is toxic, moody, sulky and withdrawn from others, particularly if things do not go his way. He can be vindictive and vengeful and has a talent at being able to punish others through emotional manipulation. He uses emotional blackmail to get his way and to push his own agenda. He leaves you feeling uncertain about yourself and as if you are the problem, not him. This only leads to emotional instability within you, which is entirely undeserved. If this sounds like someone you have met in the past, there is still some work to be done in releasing yourself from his controlling forces.

        A reversed King of Cups can also represent a mature and loving, emotional person, who has let their emotions begin controlling their life. The King of Cups may depend too much on others and view himself through the eyes of others. He may fall into delusions or alcoholism, or others forms of escapism to deal with emotional pain. This could show you trapped in a relationship with someone that is dependent and emotional, or a co-dependency situation. You may be struggling with self-deception and/or the deceptions of others, and the most important thing in this situation is to see yourself and others as they actually are, with clear and loving eyes but not foster any sense of dependence or weakness through your own actions.

        In a relationship reading, the reversed King of Cups suggests that you feel quite confused about your relationship and your emotions are out of balance and out of control. You are uncertain about your true feelings, and every day they seem to chop and change, leaving you completely confused. You need to be careful, too, about the messages you are sending to your partner as he/she may become easily confused too if you are ‘up’ one day and ‘down’ the next. It is probably best to keep some distance now until you work out your feelings and are more in control of your emotional state.

        Finally, the reversed King of Cups suggests that you need to take greater control and responsibility for your emotional state. Right now, you are a loose cannon, letting your emotions rule and flip-flopping from one point of view to another. You want to take charge of your life but then you are waiting for the Universe or for fate to show you the way. You need to be more accountable for your emotional well-being.
        Tarot Masterclass Learn Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

        Learn how to interpret reversed Tarot card easily and effortlessly and create empowering readings. Join me in this special 1 hour Tarot Masterclass for Reversed Tarot Cards and you’ll be reading like an expert in no time!

        • sounds like to me we have someone in the jury that is very pushy and wants them to do what he wants and the others are having difficulty trying to stand there ground you read and see what you see and ignore the last paragraph did not mean to cut and past that

          • Yes, sounds that way…Hail Mary, could this be taken into account for MY own life today as well?…It sounds like you may have been giving ME a tarot reading…I have something going on. This card explains a lot… (?)

    • Hi Hail Mary 😉 I have missed you.
      p.s. I NEVER finish reading ALL the posts… that is why I am SO far behind most of the time.

      • dorothy did you see my post from yesterday we had UFO cussing the the court house yesterday recorded it american HLN show about 25 mins in on the left of the court house

        • No, I only stopped in for 2 minutes yesterday…Was an emotional day for me, so I couldn’t concentrate. What time did you post it?

            • Hail Mary, I don’t watch HLN or much tv for that matter, so I didn’t see the UFO you mention you saw on your recording of “Making it in America” (not sure, I think that is that you said you had recorded and seen it on). I wonder what it was. I thought I saw a UFO once (when I was very young) and it turned out to be a Blimp that was lit up at night. I’ll tell you I was scared to death until someone made me go back to the window to see it. I had never seen a blimp either so that explains my mistake.
              I did not record that show you saw so I’ll take your word for it.

  5. grr it makes me so upset that this jury is now realizing wat they did was wrong!! m1 was wrong!!!
    its like they are a week late!! MISTRIAL!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  6. A few Churchill quotes :

    A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

    You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

    You can always count on Americans to do the right thing—after they’ve tried everything else.

    Here’s wishing!

    • And a few more:

      I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter.

      The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.

      A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

      To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

    • thank you geebee(and Churchill)
      I’ll copy&paste to my FB wall if that ok with you(cant ask Mr Churchill lol)

  7. My guess is that the jury asked how long they had to keep trying to agree, and the judge said to keep going till the end of the day. So perhaps we get a mistrial at the end of the afternoon.

  8. some one make sure you put up the link to the radio blog that has Gus Searcy on again I want to here what else he has to say the last one was very telling and he his tryng to get it out .. the truth about the Hughes involvement.

  9. Does anyone know why Jodi’s family isn’t there? Did they return home? I feel so badly for them.

  10. So here’s the ironic post of the day.

    There’s this woman on twitter who calls herself AZ_vegan. Talks all about not killing animals etc.

    But seems to be rooting for the DP for Jodi!

    Go figure.

    • lol really now. He already knows everything I’ve got to say to him, but I hope everyone else has a chance to be heard.

      Remember folks – this is HLN and they will twist shit around so make your statements unambiguously clear. Good luck!

      • I’d just tell him to fuck off. Is that unambiguously clear enough? Let’s see them try and twist that around. I can’t even stand the sight of that d-bag.

          • I would not go near them and their dark side. Yes, indeed, they will twist, edit and completely distort to boost their rating.

        • I’m with you Jeff!! I wrote that sicko when the trial first started and questioned him as to insane stance re: Jodi. He never got back to me. I can’t stand the man and fully believe he needs to loose his medical license. So a big F-OFF to Drew.

          • What medical license? I think him and the rest of those douche-bags just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!!!!! ( No offense meant to Holiday Inn)

        • Ditto! I felt so bad for Donovan yesterday when she called the Disgrace show to explain why Jodi’s family wasn’t there. It just gave them another moment of shock/drama, they had no desire to hear her out.

      • Exactly! Look what N. Disgrace did to Donovan when she called to explain why the family wasn’t there. It was so disturbing.

        That moment made it very clear what HLN would do to any supporters of Jodi. Did you see it?

    • Carol – how do they want to hear from us? Do they want us to e-mail the show, send a tweet, Facebook? I will e-mail him.

    • That’s interesting – I had emailed him early this morning after I saw a minute and a half of ex-bf Abe on his show last night. I was so angry I sent an email saying he should be ashamed to have so many death-mongers on there calling for Jodi’s death. At the same time, you are calling Jodi evil – yet there are no words from her either recorded or in writing of her being evil. Then I said ‘your supposed to be a doctor – DO NO HARM.’ And that was that. If I would have known that he was going to do this I would have tried to be more eloquent. Jeeze, I hope he doesn’t take and twist my words.

    • He’s a disgrace to the medical profession. He sold himself out for the almighty dollar. I wouldn’t dignify his request with an answer. I used to like him and thought he was a decent guy but now I realize he is just another yes man with NO ethics. Go fuck yourself “dr” clue….less

    • what for they come here all the time and read what we have to say but sure do not report what we all know here that the Flores Report is screwy

    • I got into a pissing match on occupyhln and I asked what side was he going to be on with the zimmerman case. Then I said, “Oh, HLN hasn’t told you yet.”

      heh heh

      • BevM, are so right. It’s obvious that he will now do whatever HLN tells him to for the $$$. This is SO far from what his show was supposed to be when he started on that network It’s been very disappointing to see him join the angry mob.

        I hope someday he feels ashamed of himself when he looks back after the tabloid excitement calms down and realizes that he definitely went against the “do no harm” oath!

        I still can’t believe he, as a psychiatrist, took part in referring to Jodi having “crazy eyes” and allowed exes to bash her.

  11. Someone was asking about Alan Dershowitz and AZ appeals. Just found out that it was Dershowitz who led the Doody appeal at the 9th circuit and won. This was a 17 year old kid who was sentenced to 9 life sentences in Maricopa County in 1994.

    The 9th circuit reversed in 2008 due to a coerced confession after 12 hours of grilling. Maricopa county is getting ready to retry this guy in July.

    So here’s the time it took – Crime 1991, trial 1994, appeal won – 2008, retrial 2013. The kid was 17 in 1991. He has spent 22 years in jail (More than half his life) and they are still going to take another shot at it. This is sick.

      • If there are any pro-JODI brothers and sisters here and that anyone knows that live in AZ please tell them to evacuate the state as quick as possible! Am contacting that idiot in North Korea to have him aim his missiles at JM’s asshole along with the rest of the shit-bags —and don’t want our teammates to be covered in all of the shit when the fuck-wads go boom!!!! 🙂

    • Wow, thanks for sharing that. Yet another example of the “justice” system being about winning at all costs.

      Check out The Innocence Project….so many factual examples of cases where prosecutors bury the truth just to get wins. So scary sad.

  12. I wish I was Jodi’s interview Bodyguard and every time one of these stupid reporters ask her a stupid or inappropriate question, especially one that disregard her feelings, I’d like to be able to bitch-slap them with a huge rubber hand on a broom stick. After a few of those slaps I bet they’d THINK before opening their stupid mouths.
    Pisses me off.

  13. I am googling about hung jury in Maricopa County, Arizona and I found this…

    This statement is in the third paragraph in the link below…

    [quote]The Maricopa County (Arizona) Superior
    Court was chosen because of an innovative
    procedure there that permits judges to allow
    further evidence and arguments when a jury
    reports it is deadlocked.[quote]

    • Oh no….this would give JM another chance to do a presentation of the autopsy photos. This is all he has to make his case. Pressure the jury into a verdict with these photos. Unless he ramps it up and decides to drag out the “blue bag”.

    • Looks like that article only focuses on juries in the sentencing phase? I don’t know if it’s the same for hung juries in the penalty phase.

    • Does this apply to sentencing? I was under the impression that if the jury can not come to a decision re: sentencing, the judge will decide. I am not sure if this is correct. This jury already came to a unanimous decision on the verdict, the sentencing doesn’t seem to be in the “hung jury” category to me. Anyone able to shed light?

      • Juan can ask for another trial for the death phase again. It looks like he did. He could have taken the DP off the table, and let the judge sentence. Just saying. So the defense will probably motion for a change of venue based on that she cant get a fair trial in maricopa. The new trial date is set for some time in July. I would expect some delays though.

        • So, JC, does this mean an entirely new trial or just the sentencing? I don’t get it…if it is just the sentencing, how could that work?

  14. I just posted this on the old page bc I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes 🙂

    Maria are you here?
    Did you get Sirlips and my offer to get your postcards to Jodi while she’s still at this jail? I’ve been looking at the other jail she may go to and I think I found the mail link so I think she can get more if she goes to this prison.

    But, I’m not sure. I’m sure SJ will tell us if she is moved and how to write to her and I think we may be able to send her things if this link is correct.

    If anyone overseas has problems getting postcards to Jodi while she’s in this jail I don’t mind if you send them to me and I can send them on to Jodi. But, we just don’t know how long she’s going to be at this jail.
    But, I would love to help send her positive messages!

    • I’m here Danielle!!
      Yes,I did see everyone’s kind offers,I replied on yesterday’s thread.
      I’m at a loss for words,you guys are awesome! I think at this point it’ll be best to wait and see if she gets transferred or not.I wouldnt want you to go into trouble.In case she gets to another prison, I’ll probably be able to send her regular mail.If she stays put,then I will definitely contact you Sirlips,Jennifer to wotk sth out.
      THANK you so much for understanding how important this is to me.It’ll be good for ((((((((Jodi)))))))) to know she is loved and supported by people around the world.

      • I think if she is transferred to the prison you will have a lot more options. In the postcard I just wrote to her I added that I’ve met people from other countries online who want to write to her but their post offices work differently. So hopefully she’ll read it and know that more people want to send her support.

        Once we know where she will be depending on what happens if anyone needs help getting her mail I’m more than happy to help! Anything to keep Jodi’s spirits up!!!

        • Thank you for mentioning that to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy you did!!!
          You’re suck a kind-hearted person,Danielle.

        • I would like to write to Jodi , but don’t have the address. Last night I
          was sent a friend request on my Facebook , but this morning when I tried
          to pull it up on my friends it said no information available even though she is
          a confirmed friend. Any way just want to let her know that I fully support her
          from one survivor to another. This whole court case has been whack… can’t believe
          they found her guilty in the first place !!! Then not have the decency to take death
          out of the equation just irks my ass ! Please let Jodi know that I like so many others
          do believe and support her.

  15. ugh!! hln is the worst!! they are talking bout her interview where she said she felt betrayed !! shocking!! of course she did she was on the stand for days belting her heart out!!… but they choose to believe the garbage martinez said!

    • Betrayed is putting it mildly.If I were Jodi,It’s have so much harsher words to say to these jurors.

      • Me too!

        And that stinky Ryan somebody who interviewed her and was asking provocative questions in such a rude manner, man oh man, I would have been outraged! I wanted to clock him a good one right through my smart phone when I was watching that interview – augh – I SO wanted to wipe that snide leer off of his arrogant countenance. What a jerk!

        Thing is, if Jodi truly was even a fraction as “evil” as people like him try to portray her as being, that little prick would have been scared shitless to even speak to her, much less to speak to her the way that he did. He talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. Just PRETENDS to walk the walk and then thinks all his viewers should think he is such a brave, daring reporter. Pfft. What a dickhead. 👿

  16. Repost from other page>>>>I just watched this legal drama where they were trying to cherry pick a jury and the lawyer said to her client “It’s all about perception, not evidence. The truth doesn’t matter.” HELL TO THE YEAH!!! That’s the best description for this dog and pony show that I’ve heard yet!!

  17. i hate they way hln worked on this case! its like that HIGH SCHOOL mentality and bullying!! they made up their mind and brainwashed everyone and any1 who listended

  18. No news.. and I wonder if that is a good thing in the long run. If I was on the jury..I would say I’m not changing my mind…Period!

    • Me too! I would hold my ground and tell them my mind isn’t changing. EVER. I would RELISH telling them!

      • If I were on the jury I’d call the bailiff, have him/her take me to a police officer and call out all those who either/or watched the media or intimidated other jurors.

  19. they just dont get it!! this is gona harm more people then they realize, because now any women that is being abused will be afraid to defend herself..
    wat they lack in understanding is if ur gona stand up and fight a man he will more then likely win, unless … well you injure them where they can not come after you!
    ugh!!!!!! im soo mad at these people!!

    • Yes you did.

      Drew already knows I’ve given him the fingers so I won’t bother calling in.

      Good luck to whoever that does, and just know HLN can twist shit all out of context. That is their MO.

        • Gus did Dr Drew back when Juanita gave him the business on the stand…I friend requested Gus after that and we talk…he also said the same thing…It does not matter what you have to say, they will twist it and turn it to cause controversy, and turn it to their adavantage…and use it to draw in ratings…sick, sick stuff going on with this.

    • Well I used to watch his show but NOT since this witch hunt started. Looks to me like they are all backtrackin now…Drew can’t help feelin sympathy now, NG going to visit women in prison…PLEASE>>>> how low can you go to cover up your mess of lies when u get nervous over a verdict. That network sucks…they’ll be onto to Zimmerman…the next victim of their defaming. They keep sayin Jodi’s tryin to influence the jury…WHAT R THEY DOING????

      • I totally agree Kelly! Who are they to point the finger at Jodi and accuse her of trying to influence the jury? She has every legal right to mitigate the DP, it’s called the CONSTITUTION. And who is HLN and what do they have to do with this case? Nobody and nothing, and they can try to rehabilitate their image all they want, they are a bunch of bloodthirsty, sadistic hyenas. I’m done with them, and I will always recommend NOT watching them.

    • I probably was banned by HLN because I wrote to Nancy Grace and asked if her twins had were Special Needs because they look like they have a bit of down syndrome. She was 48 when she had them so it wouldn’t surprise me if her eggs went funny on her.

  20. I want to know why it’s presumed everywhere that the guilty verdict means the jury didn’t believe JA about the abuse and TA’s issues? They very well might have believed everything JA said about their relationship. They might have believed every word of JA’s experts and none of what Dr. D or the ME said on the stand.

    However, they could have still found her guilty if they believed that the premeditation of murder came even after the altercation in the bath started. If they believed she decided then and there to end TA’s life, one of the instructions said the time to “think” of premeditation did not need to be long. If they believed that it could explained why some came back with both felony and premeditation. Felony at the start of the altercation when she took his gun, premeditation when she used the knife to finish.

    Without hearing it from the jury we don’t know why the voted guilty on M1. The haters shouldn’t be so sure that the jury’s verdict is a vindication that TA was all good and JA is all bad.

    • I agree, I just don’t understand why they didn’t factor in domestic violence in their deliberations. It doesn’t seem that they did. It was in the juror’s instructions.

      • Not sure how anyone could not care about the domestic violence issue, but it’s possible that they put that aside if they thought that the “over” kill put it more into time for her to decide to kill him during the attack. Not my opinion, but not the same as what the talking heads assume the verdict means…that JA is a lying monster and TA was a Saint lead astray by JA.

        • But overkill doesn’t negate the reality of domestic violence, IMO it’s an indicator of it. Susan Wright stabbed her husband 200 times, and it came out that he was a whacked out cokehead abusing her.

          • But there was no overkill. Only the throat slash killed him. The bullet wounds did not impair his motor skills. The crime scene photos, the camera photos and the wounds on ta’s body suggest that he was moving about and fighting all over the place. The stab wounds were not deep enough. All the other wounds just made him more angry!

    • But #me, even if they did believe that it happened in a moment, there was absolutely no proof that Jodi initiated the violence and that’s what the State needed to prove. And yet there is all sorts of evidence to the contrary. If I knew nothing more than that there was violence in that bathroom and was asked to put my hard earned money down in Vegas on which one I believed started it, just using statistics alone I would have bet on Travis. Then when you put all of the proven verbal abuse on top of that, I would have then had to double down on Travis.

      • Exactly – 90% of all abusers are men. Notice that in his closing JM very careful work around explaining the issue of how TA got up from the shower after having been stabbed in the heart and how was it he made his way to the sink. Also, if he was standing at the sink looking in the mirror and could see JA coming back at him with the knife, why didn’t TA turn around before JA started to stab him in the back? Question JM never answered in his closing. Why? Because JM scenario makes no sense.
        If JA premeditated TA’s murder she would have kept stabbing him while he was sitting on the shower until he was dead. She would not have stopped and allowed TA to get up and cross over to the sink. NO, TA was up and moving around before the first blow – the gun shot and the back stab wounds were done while they were on the floor both fighting for their lives.

        • I was so so sure the jury would want to play detective, go over the crime scene photos (with a magnifying glass if they could get one) and thereby realize how insane the State’s theory was (just as you’ve explain so well.) So I was absolutely speechless when they came back with M1. Absolutely speechless!

  21. OMG….I am just so sick of the crucification of Jodi…It is really making me sick. I know she will be vindicated in the appeals process…Good afternoon everyone and love reading your posts…I commented on zoe from this morning about cane lady and she said “I just saw a dozen dinner rolls fly out of her pants”…..I LOL…I really needed that laugh, so if you are around zoe…thank you from the bottom of my heart.. ox

  22. The Life folks on that Jury better hold firm in their position! Don’t give in to the DP jurors…..don’t cave in!

  23. OK, I’m really getting impatient now. This judge needs to step in and just call a mistrial if this jury can’t come to a decision by the end of the day. Take the DP off the table and either find a new jury or give Jodi 25 yrs with parole.

  24. 3:13 PMElizabeth Erwin @elizabetherwinCourt reporter just came in, Steven Alexander walking up now too…is something going on? #JodiArias

  25. It think the entire case should be dropped. People prey upon victims for profit. The TA fam did towards Jodi, now JM trying to get a claim to fame…not to leave out the real scammers CHRIS N SKY HUGHES. I don’t give a crap what religion they claim to follow…it’s all bs for sympathy…and $$$$$. TA was stupid he didn’t even figure that out. Now they’ll just move on 2 ur family 2 make a buck.

  26. 3:17 PMMaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15RT @WildAboutTrial : Travis’ family members are showing up. Mike B. went in and the head of security as well. Something is brewing. #JodiAri

  27. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 3m

    Travis’ family members are showing up. Mike B. went in and the head of security as well. Something is brewing. #JodiArias

  28. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 2m
    Media members are slowly nudging their way over to the court entrance. It’s getting a bit louder in here. #JodiArias

  29. MaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15Media @ courthouse are reporting some movement in #jodiarias courtroom…some family assembling–as well as some court staff.

  30. 3:19 PMMaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15RT @elizabetherwin : Court reporter just came in, Steven Alexander walking up now too…is something going on? #JodiAriasReplyRetweetFavorite 3:19 PMMaryEllen Resendez @maryellenabc15RT @jvelezmitchell : RT @bethkaras : Steven Alexander and Sky Hughes are here, in the hall. Court reporter went inside. Media are gathering. …

  31. I just listened to the Gus Search radio interview…This is the most horrible thing in the world. So much bullying…How can this be legal? It is horrifying. I hope the Arias family sues the shit out of HLN.

      • And he was saying how everyone was afraid of Chris and Sky Hughes…people know how they lie and cause problems and they are terrified of Chris and Sky Hughes…

      • right he was having sex!! but do u remember the blond girlfriend that testified on the bench that she never had sex with him!! she lied!! that girl that he thought bout marrying!! ugh!! her husband must be pissed

    • OMG that is a great idea! they must sue! and make hln pay, and make the biggest example of them!! that right there is the best thing i read on here! they can sue for millions and hire the best of the best to get jodi out and it will be covered by hln!!

  32. Wild About Trial@WildAboutTrial

    Media members are slowly nudging their way over to the court entrance. It’s getting a bit louder in here. #JodiArias

    Wild About Trial@WildAboutTrial

    Travis’ family members are showing up. Mike B. went in and the head of security as well. Something is brewing. #JodiArias

  33. Camille Kimball ‏@CamilleKimball 1m
    Security just came out to tell us nothing is happening. Alas, not a soul believed him. We’ve been locked out before 2 many times

  34. From @chriswnews: A court security guard opened #JodiArias ctroom door. Told media standing, “nothing is happening, go sit down” then closed door

  35. Lord knows this jury can’t be inconvenienced by giving up a Friday night. They never were during the whole trial. If they give her the DP, I wish them hell on earth for the rest of their natural lives!!!

  36. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 2m
    From hwhat hwild is hearing there is another juror question. Not 100% sure but that’s the talk. #JodiArias

  37. Camille Kimball ‏@CamilleKimball 2m
    More security is gathering inside the courtroom where “nothing will be going on.” #JodiArias

  38. I am sick of vinny with his dryboards and power points….OMG. I wanna poke him in both his eyes…Give him a good old fashioned three stooges poke!!

  39. 3:28 PMCorey Rangel @CoreyABC15Another jury question #JodiAriasReplyRetweetFavorite 3:28 PMElizabeth Erwin @elizabetherwinThere’s another jury question. #jodiarias

  40. Chris Williams ‏@chriswnews 3m
    Court PIO confirms there’s a #JodiArias jury question and we will be in courtroom

  41. It sounds like there were a lot of those mormon girls having sex with Travis…but were afraid to testify in fear of Chris and Sky Hughes…sounds like many people know what they can do to them so they are afraid of them…Chris and Sky Hughes apparently have run this whole murder trial from Travis bedroom onward…and I just bet they were the ones who cleaned his house super clean before they went to cancun…

    • And gus searcy had a witness that heard Chris Hughes say that he was working for the prosecution…but Chris Hughes lied in court about that too…and gus searcy’s witness was in the courtroom that day about to have an anxiety breakdown because of her fear of Chris Hughes…

      What in the world is this Chris Hughes….a monster or what???

      Why are so many people afraid of him…is he one of the “secret police” that we read about on google that the mormons have amongst them?

        • So he ran the whole damn trial the way that he wanted it to go…talked with Juan behind the scenes…and cleaned up scenes…no wonder his ass sits behind the sister patting her on the shoulder….and he has been seen laughing when the verdict and other things were said…he is one sicko…I hope he burns in hell for eternity…

    • I just hope they were not 12 years old.

      Hell yes, he is the self-proclaimed T-dog….Ugh….he gives dogs a bad name!

      What a piece of shit he was!

    • Holy moly Truthseeker, when Gus was asked if he thinks Lisa and Deena lied….Gus paused and said “They’re Morman”

      And there in lies the answer to this cluster fuck!!!

  42. just woke up seems like on the nick of time
    Man i hope this is for the best…
    Fingers crossed everyone
    (((((( hugs )))))))

    • Any word yet? Im on the road and have no way of knowing anything and i refuse to go to any other web sight to check!! 🙂

      • nothing yet Carrie.. martinez is there as is flores and the alexander family, their friends have been ushered back out of the courtroom, media has not yet been allowed in… chris and sky just allowed back in

  43. Camille Kimball ‏@CamilleKimball 2m
    Bailiff expects Arias fam to arrive, asks us to clear an aisle in our crowd #JodiArias

    This is different, Jodi family will be here.

  44. Hi all. I have been out all day and soooo nervous. I see there have been jury questions. Were any made public? Were spectators allowed in the courtoom? Any additional hung jury statements? Thanks in advance if anyone can give me a quick update.

  45. They are saying they are debating the fate of Jodi. But really she has appeals that will probably be wonderful since this trial was a complete and total circus. Right?

  46. Not to be er, RUDE, but why all of the questions? This is an either/or situation. Either she deserves LWOP or death in your eyes. You’ve already said she was guilty of first degree murder and extreme cruelty (of course I don’t agree with any of this). Why are you acting as if you aren’t biased now?

    The only thing that makes sense is: someone didn’t want to go along with the original verdict. They feel horrible and now they’re clinging to the only hand they have to play.

    The judge needs to declare a mistrial and be done with it. This deliberation is almost as long as the first one!

  47. 3:38 PMsteve krafft @SKrafftFox10#jodiarias #fox10 waiting for arias family. Court PIO says it is juror question. But what is the question? What say you, peeps?

  48. Thanks everyone. I assume since the questions were sealed that no one was ever allowed in the room? What abput family from both sides?

  49. Isn’t this lovely?

    bluejean ‏@bluejean24 2m
    #JodiArias if there is a holdout on the jury, they better be prepared to move to the South Pole or Siberia

  50. Im not even to conserned about all this ill be happy whenthis crazy. Zoobully zoo case gets hopefully to appeals court and they get a better judge who knows their ass from elbow……not like judge pickles!! If that happens will jm still be the prosicutor??

  51. Maybe they’re asking if Nancy Grace can join them since she is the poster girl for death. She’s a huge reason they voted M1 to begin with so they probly need a pep talk. I bet she’s getting her pom poms and knee socks ready to go. I hope the jury realizes now that this whole trial was a pile of horse shit and are filled with regret.

  52. I’m hoping the question is, “Can we change our minds about murder one? We finally got around to actually discussing this and realize that the State never proved that she initiated the violence.”

    • Does this mean they reached a verdict or is it still hung? Oh noooo…I am so nervous. Had to take another xanaax…LOL

  53. Know how I was wondering where Jodi’s family was? Now I’m hoping they don’t show up because if they do it won’t be good. I may be in the minority, but I want a hung jury.

  54. Juror Question: We have two holdouts on giving the death penalty. Is it acceptable if we beat them up?

    (Just kidding!)

  55. wonder what’s up with all the extra security?

    Jury hung and they’re worried the jury won’t be able to get out safely?

  56. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer 36s
    We’re hearing that if there’s no conclusion today, the Arias jury is off until Wednesday.

  57. Question: “Can we get some Febreze in the Deliberation Room?
    It smells like rotten eggs from all the farting all day, kthx”

  58. Supporters of Jodi Arias – Team ARIAS
    Major things are going on at the court house. Court reporter summoned to the courtroom. Extra sheriffs have been called outside the courthouse “Our insider has spotted a 2 armed sheriff trucks outside blocking the two streets to the court hourse. Extra sheriffs inside the court room. Make sure to keep the live feed up it should be something coming up here soon.

  59. 3:50 PMElizabeth Erwin @elizabetherwinBailiff confirms were waiting for #jodiarias family

    .ReplyRetweetFavorite 3:49 PMsteve krafft @SKrafftFox10#fox10 #jodiaras Still standing a mere 12 feet (roughly 4 meters) from courtroom door.

    ReplyRetweetFavorite 3:47 PMCorey Rangel @CoreyABC15Jury coordinator just arrived. Waiting to see what’s going on. #JodiArias

  60. 2 sources from inside court saying NO VERDICT only jury question. Correct me if you hear something different.

  61. I feel like its going to be a non verdict. I hope it is or that they have finally rejected the death option

  62. The extra security is concerning. I hope to God no one has made threats against the jurors because they are having a hard time coming to a unanimous decision.

      • people posting tweets HERE about extra security

        hln said it also, JVM showed where security came out and cleared a huge swath of people away and put up barriers

    • isn’t that sick??? I have seen so many rude things posted about them because they did not come right back with death. they are holding a human life in their hands with their decision. why are people so blood thirsty?

  63. Occupy HLN
    This could be it, people: EVERYONE is gathering in the courthouse — I think a sentence has been reached.

  64. The anticipartion is killing me.
    And its just another juror question, so still no decision I wouldnt think.

    If I were Jodi my nerves would have burst weeks ago.

  65. Oh noooo….not Dr Hackenstein..What about thoughts with the Arias family? OMG…how one sided is that?

  66. Dounds like they have a verdict! I will be so mad if its death! Its almost closing time before the big holiday weekend. This is so upsetting! Hope those jurors can look at themselves after their verdict.

  67. I’m trembling in anticipation for the outcome. Which ever way it turns, let’s keep our hopes on the appeals.

  68. Announcement of another “jury question” could be distraction to keep a low key. Just speculating.

    Atty saying that family members are not brought to court for questions.

  69. Oh wow…….I’m sweating and now just bc it’s hot.

    I’m scared and not just bc JVM is on the screen

  70. Camille Kimball ‏@CamilleKimball 5m
    TA team including Hughes have just been evicted apprntly from courtroom. NOT the sibs, just friend types #JodiArias

  71. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 32s
    Victims advocate is speaking with friends of Travis’ family and Tanisha out here. #jodiarias

  72. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 1λ
    Victims advocate is speaking with friends of Travis’ family and Tanisha out here. #jodiarias

  73. Watching HLN and man Jordon Rose scares the hell out of me. They think Jodi as pretty as she is looks scary. Damn that attorney is freaky!

    • She is freaky! I glimpsed her once and did a double take. She looks like she just rolls out of bed and gets on camera.

    • Haha! Yes. I believe she’s a curly girl and she just doesn’t know what to do with her locks. She needs to google naturallycurly. Great site (and no I’m not affiliated, just a curly girl myself).

      • Sorry, Jennifer…didn’t mean to insult your locks. I’m sure you’re nothing like that nut job on HLN who looks possessed.

  74. Camille Kimball ‏@CamilleKimball 1m
    We just don’t know what’s up. Were told a jury ??, but staff doing some kind of administrative musical chairs or twister game.

  75. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 4m
    Victims advocate is speaking with friends of Travis’ family and Tanisha out here. #jodiarias

  76. im soo scared! im literally crying here! idk how they could possibly kill her…
    i jus have a bad feeling, they are all brainwashed

  77. but I dont think a hung jury is good. A new jury will have no feeling for Jodi. The autopsy pics will be crammed up their asses and they will prob give her death! This is soooooo barbaric!

  78. The attorney is such a dick. I hope it comes back life and then she wins her appeal to show that bastard wrong.

  79. Why is Amy Murphy saying this today?

    k ‏@Modemitv 3h
    @AMYABC15 if a engaged juror blurted out something they could only know from tv or overheard etc like tire slash what happens next?
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
    Amy Murphy ‏@AMYABC15 3h
    @Modemitv they would have to investigate- they would have to determine if info was shared w jurors and then juror could be removed
    Hide conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More
    1:05 PM – 23 May 13 · Details

  80. Bridget LeePence ‏@bridget_26 16m
    “@misterschlatter: #jodiarias

    Just heard from my inside source: VERDICT REACHED!”

  81. wild said 24 minutes ago that they are waiting for Jodi’s family…

    HLN just said that Jodi’s family hasn’t arrived yet…

    Media is going into the courtroom…

  82. Camille Kimball ‏@CamilleKimball 33s
    Arias family bench is still empty. Alexander sibs are in their place, 2 rows ahead of me. #JodiArias

  83. The only sane tweet of the day

    “@313Nick: People are PRAYING for someone to be killed. Something isn’t right there. #jodiarias” > Agreed where does it

  84. s
    Chris Williams ‏@chriswnews 26δ
    In #JodiArias ctroom. #TravisAlexander family & friends here. #Arias def team here

  85. This lady has her head screwed on right

    RobynD323 ‏@robynd323 48m
    Heavenly father we ask you to please wrap your arms of love around the Alexander family this afternoon. Give them strength!

  86. Oh I was just thinking, what if the bully jurors are kicking one of the jury members off and asking for an alternate?

    Maybe the hold out is saying, I don’t want the DP on my hands, and they get her/him to leave the jury.

    I am freaking out!

  87. omg hln said things might go foward without the arias family!!
    thats bullshit!! they have to there its not right!

  88. 4:17 PMCorey Rangel @CoreyABC15Juan Martinez is here #JodiArias court reporter just arrived

    ReplyRetweetFavorite 4:16 PMElizabeth Erwin @elizabetherwinJuan Martinez is here as well. #JodiArias

    ReplyRetweetFavorite 4:16 PMCorey Rangel @CoreyABC15#JodiArias & her attys are here. Do not see Juan Martinez at the moment

  89. My heart and thoughts are with ALL of you my friends and of course Jodi and her family.

    Been busy day for me with annual Vet call to the ranch and farrier after that…….moving horses around pastures, etc….but, I am running down to the house in my trusty Mule ATV to check out what all of you are saying so I can keep up.

    Somehow, someway I just know in the end we will find out the full truth about what really happened and Jodi will be exonerated……

    Love to you all and you too Jodi if you can read these posts from your many supporters…..hang in there honey, you will come out the other end of this a stronger and wiser woman and then you can be there for all the others who are being railroaded by vengeful and hateful people. Jodi you can bring hope and faith to so many in their time of need when all of this is behind you.

  90. I have a feeling Jodi is hyper ventilating. She must be so scared. I am tearing up thinking about her sobbing so hard she can’t catch her breath.

    • 1) HLN exaggerates.
      2) If a sentence has been reached, they have no way of knowing what it is. So her being upset would be because a sentence has been reached and she is worried, not being upset over the sentence.

      Maybe something happened (that has nothing to do with trial) that upset Jodi

  91. Keep your hopes up high peeps! Remember, if Jodi does not get LWOP, there were LOTS of things that happened during this trial to have a great reason for an appeal!

  92. Chris Williams ‏@chriswnews 1λ
    #JodiArias appears to be crying @ the defense table

    OH noooo….

  93. Jodi is strong and is taking this head on, regardless of the sentence.
    I bet HLN is hyping shit up again, say she’s upset.

  94. Camille Kimball ‏@CamilleKimball 2m
    Jennifer Wilmott leaned in for a quick huddle with #JodiArias and mitigator, but whoosh! She’s back at Nurmi’s side.

    • she’s emotionally taxed, she was bound to break down eventually. She probably is worried about the sentence.

      Her attorneys would have no way of knowing what the sentence is.

  95. NG: Vinnie I understand you have an update for us

    Vinnie: I have an update?

    NG: Stares

    Vinnie: No I don’t

    Wow great reporting

  96. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 33s
    @Demilaf If smiling and joking with Willmott is upset then I guess? But no I would not say she looks upset in the least.

    well here is a contradicting observation

  97. Wild About Trial @WildAboutTrial

    #JodiArias is seen smiling a bit as she speaks with WIllmott. I wouldn’t say she looks upset to me. Judge is here. Tune in now.

  98. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 33δ
    #JodiArias is seen smiling a bit as she speaks with WIllmott. I wouldn’t say she looks upset to me. Judge is here. Tune in now.

    wtf?make up your minds,we’re worried sick here!!!!

  99. If the jury comes back with death, then it’s a cop-out to appease the family. They know that a death verdict stands a high chance of being overturned.