Thursday 5/23 (+ 10-part Jodi interview)

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Happy Thursday peeps!

With the jury still trying to decide whether or not to hang themselves, here’s a link to the 10 part video interview with Jodi and 12 news anchor Mark Curtis from 5/22:

And this is a link to the 12 News interview with Darryl Brewer:

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  1. Am I here first?? I’m holding strong for Jodi as well as so many more. We’re in your corner Jodi and never give up, keep your head held up high!!

    • HLN is making lots of money off this, so will Travis’ family, Jodis family and the Jury, etc. Cuz its high profile. and they are bitching about Jodi? Just a point I wanna make; I understand Jodi-but alot of people dont cuz she is smart and she has a lot of gray areas, she doesnt think in black and white like they do! The world is gray, its not always black and white. But these people only think in black and white. She does have a smug attitude, and shouldnt have killed, of course. But the smug attitude is because of the mistreatment. I think she can be rehabbed. I just agree with her-i dont know.

      • Late night trolling ?

        You understand smart people – you sure didn’t understand the URL here – Jodi Arias Is

        There is no “gray area” here.

        • No worries, she’s ok Willie… just a different way of expressing herself.

          I think she’s talking about Jodi’s personality and it rings true especially in light of Alyce LaViolette’s testimony about battered women. People seem to see Jodi as wholly good or wholly evil, and she’s a human being like all of us. She certainly has a lot to offer the women in prison, I hope the jury sees that!

          • I REALLY like how you said that, MB. This kind of differentiation is what distinguishes this site from others.

            • Would anyone help me in the fight against Domestic Violence? I just started a new petition, because I don’t want anyone of us to end up where Jodi is now! Like Jodi said, we need to report, so I started this.
              Thank you, and thank you Jodi! I’m new at this, but want to do something!


              The picture is of my daughter, and her daddy (who passed). She’s now 14.
              I was just hit with a fist in the back of my head last night! My daughter, niece, and nephew
              threatened as well! This needs to stop! If you would pass around, I would appreciate it.
              Again, I’m new to this, so please bare w/me.

              • I hope you made a police report of this incident. Unless you report it and document it, you can end up on the otherwise if the fence- documentation is the key for any case, hearsay will not hold solid. Please report that incident

              • You don`t nessacarly have to call the police. If you are in this type of relationship and don`t have the resources yet to get out. Until you do Get a note book and keep a journal of EVERYTIME ,ANYTHING happens, take pictures. That way if you end up in a case battle or when you are ready you have a docement hisory. Keep it somewhere safe where your abuser wont find. Tell someone close where it is. Hope this helps. Hope is gets better.

          • MB,

            I have never been able to make the leap from self-defense to premeditated M-1 in Jodi’s trial.

            And I came here after the verdict to be with other American’s who also felt the same way.

            So when someone comes in calling Jodi a murder I immediately am offend.

            I will continue to pray for all SURVIVOR’S of DV. And being a Christian I am opposed to the DP.

            And just yesterday we seen JM tell Jodi’s jury “life in prison without parole doesn’t mean the law MIGHT not change in the future and Jodi will one day be free”. I was amazed the judge didn’t scold JM for making up more theories (lies) as he has throughout the trial.

            We seen “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth justice” on live TV yesterday when the British soldier was slaughtered. Anyone who supports the DP is no better in God’s eyes then those killers.

            And to have such vile people on TV and across the net cheerleading for Jodi to be put to death is appalling to me.

          • My dad abused my mom, and when my mom spoke up, the police and his family claimed my dad never laid a hand on my mom. I have the memories to prove it. Sounds very typical of the way domestic violence is handled. I thought we would have progressed a tiny bit since the 80’s.

        • This brings something to mind. One of the main hallmarks of people with Borderline Personality Disorder is black and white thinking. They don’t think in gray areas. It shows me exactly who the people with the problems are.

          • HLN experts need to loose all their licenses. They are a DisGrace! I know Martinez was behind that media witch hunt, lynching. He has been behind all that is wrong about this trial. I will go into his details and antics another time. But anyone trolling learn that he is the ultimate manipulator and the most dangerous person involved.
            Enough about him.
            All the Psychiatric mumbo jumbo that is thrown around about Jodi is misconstrued. HLN, I am going to court commit all the psychiatric, delusional reporters giving out wrong diagnosis on Jodi. HLN, not even their psych experts(whom must be paid to say such ridiculous conclusions) are making any sense. They are just gossiping with whoever talks to them throwing all kinds of titles at Jodi, non of which are complimentary.

            When we had the Defense Experts on the stand they discussed Jodi as having PTSD.

            This below is what defines PTSD. This is what you go by to diagnose, once assessment and testing is done. The assessment and testing tells you:

            A. The person has been exposed to a traumatic event in which both of the following were present:

            1) The person experienced, witnessed, or was confronted with an event or events that involved actual death or serious injury, or a threat to physical integrity of self or others.

            2) the person’s response involved intense fear, helplessness, or horror.

            Then there is a part B:

            B. The traumatic event is persistently re-experienced in one or more of the following ways:

            1) recurrent and intrusive distressing recollections of the event, including images, thoughts, or perceptions

            2) recurrent distressing dreams of the event.

            3) acting or reliving the traumatic event

            4) intense psychological distress at exposure to internal or external cues that symbolize or resemble an aspect of the traumatic event

            5) physiological reactivity on exposure to internal or external cues that symbolize or resemble an aspect of the traumatic event.

            Moving on to C.:

            C. Persistant avoidance of stimuli associated with the trauma and numbing of general responsiveness (not present before the trauma), as indicated by three or more of the following:

            1) efforts to avoid thoughts, feelings, or conversations associated with the trauma

            2) efforts to avoid activities, places, or people that arouse recollections of the trauma

            3) inability to recall an important aspect of the trauma

            4) marked diminished interest or participation in significant activities

            5) feeling of detachment or estrangement from others

            6) restricted range of affect ( e.g., unable to have loving feelings)

            7) sense of a foreshortened future (e.g., does not expect to have a career, marriage, children, or a normal life span)

            • Continued from above:

              There are also D, E, and F. But they are somewhat redundant. Or I can add them tomorrow if anyone wants to have them.

              My point is that the Jodi does suffer from PTSD. Martinez got up and deflected her diagnosis with insulting the expert witnesses, including snow white. Martinez purposely attacked those witnesses because he didn’t want the jury to grasp the real truth.
              Then Martinez puts up his expert pop tarts. I am sure he instructed them about deflecting. Asked them, “What other possibilities can we call Jodi’s psych issues and make her out to be the villain?

              Martinez succeeded. Jodi is now spoken of as a Borderline Personality Disorder. Her lawyer Kirk even referred to that the other day and I hope he was being sarcastic.

              Now people can develop a Personality Disorder as a result of PTSD. But considering the circumstances and the stressors Jodi is now suffering from, this is not the time to make a call on a Personality Disorder Diagnosis just to continue to deflect everyone from the truth as Martinez keeps doing. Plus HLN has jumped on the bandwagon witch hunt Martinez was all too willing to get going. HLN makes the most inappropriate statements and assessments. All the doctors, lawyers, experts on there must be actors reading from a script.

              As far as Jodi giving interviews. The head of the jail there allows interviews. This is such a high profile case. Clearly Jodi has had to disassociate herself from the reality of what was happening. This is a defense mechanism. Jodi is trying to survive. I don’t find her rude or snarky during interviews. She may catch the interviewer in something deceiving they are trying to pull and she calls them on it. But she doesn’t burst out in anger doing anything unusual.

              Hopefully I was able to show how Martinez did his deflecting on a very serious diagnosis that he got the jury not to believe and got the best expert witnesses called liars. That was so damaging to Jodi’s mental health. The experts need to sue him, Jodi’s family needs to sue him, Jodi needs to sue him if she can. That is just the beginning of his lies.

              Prayers for you Jodi.

              • Well, if she has BPD, then they can’t put a person with mental disorder to death. Maybe that,s why JW said it twice that she was diagnosed by their own expert. So what is it Martinez??? Yesterday he didn’t mention her BPD…why is that???
                Or is it whatever suits you you fucking rutface !!!

                • Sorry, yes, they can. BPD is a personality disorder. Even paranoid schizophrenics have been executed.

                • Jodi Arias does NOT have ANY kind of mental illness whatsoever; BPD is a bogus diagnosis.

                  She suffered from PTSD as a direct result of trauma for having killed Travis Alexander. That is NOT a mental illness. There is NO evidence at ALL she ever had any kind of mental disorder prior to killing him.

                  The BPD was bogus because it fit in with the ridiculous prosecution theory, aided and abetted by the Mormon mob, that Jodi was a “crazy stalker.”

                • Did you see J.M face today after the jury could not come to a decision? talk about a pichy face. His boss needs to end this right now tell him to give her life its over does hoe need to win that badly? Its not like she is walking out the door to go home they need to stop the crap. I wish it would make Nancy Pant’s face explode it did not too bad.

              • Dear Marianne: Thank for sharing a far more analytical, compelling, correct, logical, well reasoned and well thought and supported post. Could not agree more. What you wrote is thought provoking, and one more thing — it’s way better expressed than anything that came out of Juan Martinez’s disgusting repulsvie mouth. THANK YOU.

                • Very well put, Marianne. Thanks very much. No, Jodi is not BPD – I’ve worked in mental health for over 25 years and she just doesn’t meet the criteria. What I see is someone who has been mentally abused and basically did the best she could to deal with a very crazy-making relationship. I think that she loved him, TA used her. That simple.

                • Thank you Matt, Heather, and everyone that was so kind to comment.

                  We are now 24 hours later and there is a Hung Jury. Great that the Verdict is : No Unanimous Agreement.

                  Of course HLN goes on about their delusions. They don’t see what horrible verbal incorrect crimes they committed. But be that as they continue creating more lynch mobs and witch hunts.

                  I want to comment on the 3 psychiatric experts the defense put on the stand and Martinez.
                  I will use Alyce LaViolette for an example. This women with years of experience and years of helping others is approached by Martinez on the stand. He first asks how much money she is making. Raising doubt to her intentions. Then he sneaks in discussing her resume and her experience. He ends up asking her about something she did called ‘Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs’. Miss La Violette has written down she is a key note speaker. But Martinez wants to point out she wasn’t really the key note speaker even though that is what it said on her resume. Yet Miss LaViolette points outs she was part of chosing the title, many times she is the major keynote speaker for this specific presentation. Plus she was a keynote speaker at a breakout session for this specific date of the presentation. So right there Martinez has La Violette identified to the jury as a liar. It was al a manipulation of Martinez’s questions and words. LaViolette works with a group of professionals that interchange what they are doing at presentations. It may have just made the resume cleaner and easier to read. Resume writers stress that all the time. I am sure Martinez does it on his own resume. That of course, is how he knew to look for it. But with something so small and not important he washed away all her credibility. Nothing she could say would matter.
                  Martinez pulled it on Samuels and did everything to discredit the last expert witness. By deflecting the jury with these minor but powerful deflections the jury never internalized what these experts had to say.
                  I didn’t see Jodi’s testimony but I am sure multiple Martinez magic tricks were pulled in this Kangaroo court at this time. Judge Pickles continued to tell the witnesses to answer. She is at much to blame
                  As a result, all this just fed into the hater mob mentality. Hoping many important people are aware.
                  Will repost again for today.

                  Jodi and Jodi Arias is Innocent it is a step in the correct direction. WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS <3

              • Interesting that Dr. Geffner said that in forming a diagnosis for BPD, one cannot look back in time and take something from here or there and add it to the list in order to meet the criteria. The diagnosis cannot be cobbled together based on behavior that was observed over a person’s life the way that Juan constructed it and presented it to the jury. This very important point made by Dr. G was not reiterated or hammered home by the defense – unfortunately IMO. The Dr. mentioned it briefly as an addendum to another point he was making. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a few distracted jurors never heard him state that at all.

                • That’s precisely how DeMarte ‘formed’ her alleged dx. She cobbled it together from something a classmate apparently stated from the 5th grade; then something from middle school; then something from a high school bf, etc. By such retrospective reconstruction, if you will, DeMarte was able to cobble together a faux diagnosis which was built on the foundation of the actual PTSD diagnosis. So now when Jodi’s PTSD symptoms are apparent, the HLNers scream BPD.

                • This shows that that satanic, little, rat-faced, motherfucker manipulated this entire “trial” to fit his sick desires! JODI sowed and still shows signs of PTSD not BPD—as claimed by tot-doc Demented.

                • Unfortunately, the defense didn’t focus ENOUGH on the fact that diagnosing an abused woman with BPD is a rookie mistake. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many abused women I know who were misdiagnose BPD by a PhD in training or recent graduate who works at a women’s shelter or organization providing FREE counseling to abused women. Later, they were CORRECTLY diagnosed by an experienced professional with complex PTSD.

              • Actually, people don’t develop a personality disorder from PTSD. They are distinct. A personality disorder has to be life-long, and CANNOT be diagnosed after a trauma. That was an important point the defense rebuttal witness was trying to make; you can’t diagnose a person with PTSD with a personality disorder after the trauma; you have to go back BEFORE the trauma to see if there is a personality disorder. Jodi was not diagnosed that way. I don’t think there is evidence of a personality disorder.

                • Elaine,

                  Yes, you are correct. After the trauma, once PTSD is diagnosed, it is impossible to diagnose for BPD. If the person had BPD for years before the Trauma, a BPD would go on an access II diagnosis written as: History of BPD since the date diagnosed.

                  I have seen PTSD diagnoses given and years later patients getting also a BPD diagnosis. I would just have to refer anyone interested to psych journals. There is always research being done..

              • I would like to say I have BPD and I do not think/believe Jodi has BPD I in fact believe she DOES have PTSD & BATTERED WOMAN SYNDROME, She seems fragile and at times gives me the impression of a lost child starring in to nothingness wondering wich direction to go in, and Juan Martinez is the last person in the WORLD that should have a law degree ppl like him make me sick, I am all for putting murderers men or women in prinson but Jodi is NOT a murderer shes a girl who was missguided and misstreated, humiliated, & clearly missunderstood. Yes Jodi is a smart woman wich JM has said makes her a manipilator, but in fact all I see is a SMART woman whos self value and self worth was being taken from them blindly.

              • As a mental health professional I can tell u that she can have PTSD and a personality disorder. Elaine is correct. A personality disorder iis not classified as a clinical disorder, another wards something u get, but who u are. actually borderline personality disorder, does not mean u are a bad person, but it does mean the ego defenses are over employed. It really makes no difference heather she ha one or she does not. She was engaged in self defense. Even if she ha a personality disorder, she has the right to defend herself. Nancy Grace, Vinnie Politan, and Dr. Drew all have personality disordered features. DR. Drew has narcissistic features, as manifested by him believing that he is qualified to diagnose psychiatric disorders, in spite of the fact that he is an internist, not a psychiatrist. Nancy Grace had features of the histrionic personality disorder. Vinnie Politan has narcissistic features, in addition to Antisocial Personality Disorder. Look them all up in the DSM. Actually Nancy Grace has a few Anti Social features. She and Vinnie have no conscience.

                • The woman who wrote the book, so to speak, on BPD, admits to having the disorder, herself (Marsha Linehan, PhD). I still don’t think Jodi met the criteria for a BPD diagnosis; I saw more of the passive personality, wanting to please, seeking love and approval (welcome to the human race). I have to agree with your diagnosis(es) on the HLN Newscast 🙂 I would add sadism to Vinnie, and tack on narcissism to Nancy. Drew Pinsky and his “Barbie Brigade” are just a joke to me.

                • I agree. Dr. Drew is the biggest narcissist I’ve seen on television. I am also trained and have a Ph.D. Dr. Drew is merely a physician in internal medicine with specialized training in addiction medicine. He is NOT a psychiatrist, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t hear him actually claim he WAS on his show! How can someone get away with lying like that about their credentials? He is in no position to be diagnosing anyone, and trained professionals also know it is unethical to make a diagnosis on someone you’ve never evaluated, never mind someone you don’t even know or know anything about. He should lose his license to practice, but I don’t think he does much practicing because he’s too busy getting his mug on television. Even his show is misleading: “Human beings are infinitely fascinating.” HLN pitches his show as Dr. Drew “helping us understand why people behave as they do.” It makes folks think his specialty is psychiatry/mental health. Diagnosing people with mental illness is very tricky, imprecise, takes many years to learn how to do correctly, and is fraught with problems related to medical insurance/codes and biases, as do those “tests,” and as does the DSM (whatever edition) itself! That young lady hired by the prosecution had no business testifying. She does not have enough experience, especially for this very complex case. She also approaches psychology with a very imbalanced perspective. People are just lab rats to her. She kept talking “science” whereas Alyce LaViolette (who IS a qualified clinician and her degree was dismissed because she is not a Ph.D.–I promise you she is more than qualified to assess Jodi, and many marriage and family therapists have more qualifications than a lot of Ph.Ds), takes a holistic approach and understands the very subjective and human element involved. There are so many pitfalls, and none of that was questioned. Why not? I feel very bad for Ms. LaViolette, and I studied her work myself in graduate school. Everyone should be grateful for her dedication, her accessible writing and willingness to teach about domestic violence, and she deserves RESPECT. Those a-holes on HLN tore her apart like the last 30 years of her hard work, education, and experience (not to mention what it takes to maintain licensure) meant nothing. And all that freaking crap about her and keynotes and Snow White. What the HELL was that?! Dr. Drew Pinsky is always on the radar about some questionable practice he involves himself in. I wrote to his show several times, and it was a waste of time since I was completely ignored. I even sent a list of sources he could educate himself with after he made a comment that there weren’t any studies–can’t even remember the exact issue but it was something to do with women. I told him there was a clear gap in his knowledge he needed to correct if he was going to discuss them on his show. He is a very sexist man, as well. He needs to be taken to task and knocked off his pedestal. Talk about someone who is manipulative! Holy crap! He is the MASTER. Talk about someone who can get people to hang on his every word. Lies. I think he’s talking about himself! I don’t get why these people are sitting there on any of those HLN shows with ga ga eyes nodding at every bit of garbage these self-proclaimed “experts” feed them (or Starbucks they serve them…ha ha so funny…NOT!). Infuriating!

            • Oh no, I’m trying to go to bed and I want to answer a bunch of posts but I won’t be able to sleep if I do that and then I saw this brilliant post (I think everyone’s posts are GREAT tonight).

              WOW, that is just EXACTLY Jodi, it describes her to a T.

              This is so spot on. It’s excellent to see someone who KNOWS what they are talking about write on the subject as compared to those crooks and criminals at HLN! God it makes me mad, the vicious gossip and pronouncements of “Dr. Drew” and his pack of flying monkeys. I couldn’t agree more. Those freaks should lose their licenses. HOW is “Dr. Drew” upholding his Hippocratic Oath? More like Hippocrite -ic Oath!

              Thankyou for that, it is very enlightening.
              (Now I’ll try to sleep)
              Night all!

              • Thank you Milan. I do want to take what I have studied and work in to help show the truth. Together, we will take our knowledge as a strong cohesive group and help Jodi.


                • Marianne thank you for your brilliance on the subject of PTSD and for breaking it down so that it is an easy read for someone like me who has a hard time understanding those big clinical terms!

          • Sheesh all these characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder … they all fit me to a “T”. I’m VERY black and white. My abusive loser of an ex used to accuse me of being borderline. I was so worried about it, I’ve asked two different psychiatrists and two different counselors who all said NO. I’m also very literal. I liked to talk a LOT. I’ve been told I can get smug particularly when someone confronts me on something to do with domestic violence. It’s super hard for me to cry at all and when I do, it’s serious waterworks, but I almost NEVER let anyone else see me cry. I relate a LOT to Jodi. Maybe we’re both borderlines or maybe we both have PTSD.

            Sorry, but I’m just sooooo tired of all the borderline talk. I hope you guys realize that was a stupid stupid diagnosis and it’s getting completely revamped anyway.

            • The thing about these written diagnoses is that the average person can find two or three characteristics of each that fit their description. It does not make them a borderline or whatever. My freshman Psych 101 teacher told us off the bat to not go diagnosing ourselves with every disorder we read about…LOL.

              My grandmother was a true borderline. Trust me, if you know one, you know one. I don’t see it in Jodi at all.

              • Just like horoscopes. It fits anyone if you’re willing to look for signs and want to make money treating people for being normal.

              • My Psych 101 teacher said the same thing!!! I’ve always remembered that when I hear people flinging around their own Dx.

              • Exactly, Kira. It’s up to the professionals to diagnose. I’ve been diagnosed, now by two different psychiatrists with complex PTSD which is common in abused women.

      • You had better quantify “lot’s of money”.
        Jodi’s family has given no interviews, have not been paid a penny.
        Jodi has not been paid for any interview, as far as I know.
        She has raised some limited amount of money through selling her drawings, which has been spent on helping her get better food and travelling expenses for her family to attend the trial.
        She has been in jail for over five years and still faces a long struggle for justice, in face of a death penalty or life imprisonment.
        She and her family, legal team, witnesses and supporters have faced an unprecedented level of hate, abuse and threats.
        Apart from that, welcome.

      • HLN always picks on the defendant. The thing they have that makes her loom bad is the manner in which he died. Also, because this happened where he lives, you have all these friends of his coming out of the woodwork saying the same things about her. It is catchy and you can tell that HLN has influenced the way in which people view Jodi,

        An example are the Hugh’s. The prosecution, nor the defense took them to the stand. Only the email from them to Jodi got in. It advised her that T.A. was using her and Mrs. Hugh’s even tells her that she would not have her sister even date T.A. She states in the email that T.A.’s issues with commitment stem from his upbringing. Now she in on Dr. Drew explaining that she only said this because her sister wants a family and T.A. has a problem with commitment. In relation to this subject of commitment, the ex girlfriend Deanna was asked a question in Dr. Drew pertaining to whether or not she felt her and T.A. would have gotten together later and married, etc. She explained there was no chance of a romantic relationship ever returning and also implies (in a kind manner) that T.A. had a problem with commitment. My point here is that there were in fact issues within T.A. and God only knows what he was exposed to at a young age with two parents addicted to drugs. It is very possible he may have been a victim of some type of sexual abuse, if he was in environments that included individuals with a physical addiction, which causes emotional havoc.

        I want to point out that he knew what he wanted from Jodi from day one and I think he liked her to some degree. It is clear, he wanted her around. Because she was so passive, the abuse continued to escalate. She also learned what buttons to push with him and felt entitled to push them because they had a relationship. The problem that occurred was that while T.A. was in this secret relationship that he kept up, many people around him were given the impression that Jodi would not leave him alone. This distorted image of Jodi, to some degree, was all his doing. So now all these people that have seen her show up at things,etc, had no idea why she was there, or why she showed up, or why she would make it known they were an item. This is why you hear so many negative things about her. He lead a double life. One that benefitted him in his church and in his work.

        • Color purple, what an awesome, insightful and objective analysis. I have thought the same about Travis. I too believe there was sexual abuse in his childhood, amongst all the children, not just him. When you know, you just know. The family knows. I feel bad for them in a way, but they are also seething with vengeance and NEED someone to blame, which is not right. Travis seems to have suffered all through his life, and ended up becoming vulnerable to a cult, and started repeating learned behavior. I do think he was a blossoming pedophile, and was extremely torn and ashamed. I also have a gut feeling though that Jodi did not kill him. I’m willing to bet money….if I had any…..that Jodi has forgiven him for what he did to her too. I also think he did love her deep down beneath the layers of religious bullying. What a shame he had to have such a childhood, and then be sucked into a cult that betrayed his spirit and soul. Also, what a shame that Jodi was so naive when it came to men. Maybe this is a road she must travel though, and the fight will make her spiritually stronger than she ever could’ve imagined. I hope positive energy will come from all of this. That is the only way to overcome. Creating more negativity through more loss will only strengthen the evil in this world, IF you choose to put your faith in the existence of evil.

      • Jayne, the smug attitude you talk of… Does she come across as smug while Questioned by Nurmi or jw? If she said something to jm that seemed smug to you, how can you blame her? Would you let anyone talk to you like that? Nobody should have to sit and listen to crap like that. Her words are all she has to fight back. Now if she said something to the reporters… Again, talk to her as if she is a human being. She is not a serial killer, she is not a child molester, she is not a serial rapist. All she did was defend herself herself against a man who attacked her. Treat her accordingly. When you are being rude and insulting to someone, expect a “smug” reply.

        About “she shouldn’t have killed him” – at what point should she have stopped fighting for her life? She fought until the attack stopped. Look at the crime scene pictures. It is gruesome because TWO people were fighting, not one! If somebody shouldn’t have done something that day, it is Travis Alexander -he should not have attacked Jodi.

        Other than that, I am thankful that you realize hln is a gossip network.

        • I agree. I would have responded the way that JODI did too; however, I would not have been able to control myself as well as she did—because after a few minutes of that little shit-bag yelling and screeching and berating me as well as twisting my words to suit his desires I would have leaped off of the stand and proceeded to beat the shit out of him right there in court—contempt of court be damned—-if it meant shutting that lying little shit up permanently!

      • i kno, like u, many find jodi “smug”. i personally don’t. i just don’t feel that from her.

        ppl who see smug, perhaps it’s becos jodi simply answers questions as she seems fit. she hasn’t buckled to the mob squad. that’s what they really want. to see jodi lose it, come apart at the seams..
        someone who believes themselves that r in this position tend to act this way. one tends to put up a shield. u have to, to get thru it. it’s surreal.

        jodi went “off”, she regrets it. any amount of “sorry’s”, etc. from jodi won’t help, NOR would it placate the haters. but i feel she found herself in this position and reacted, was not preMed.

        will we ever TRULY know the 100% truth? no, we weren’t there…

      • Like I said Jodi did not have a history of this type of behavior and something f happened and had to defend herself. I feel for her because no one believes her without knowing her I can speak for my mother she put up with nine years of abuse from my father. My mother is a beautiful human being and my father just abused her all the time he beat her when she was pregnant he verbally abused her knocked her self esteem in the gutter. My mother did not write it down could tell anyone and my father was so good at putting on a good face in public. If my mother had killed him while defending her life she would be in jail today and God knows where we would be. Jodi I believe you because I saw it as a child. When my mother took us and ran for our lives my father bought some gasoline and set our home on fire while we were sleeping.

      • So true …Jayne M …they say they want this to end. dragging TA through the mud…lets see if they TA’S family stops after this…including making money..Don’t get me wrong…I do feel for TA’S family ..and Jody’s as well…..Also, they say she keeps dragging him through the mud…but how could she have been able to speak without telling it all…she was so reserved at saying anything bad about him..I Too was abused ,and can see how these things keep are terribly embarrassed…Also, good for you Jody for wanting to help others who are abused..Stay strong

    • Congrats Nikki, I heard today’s prize is a car ride date with Juror No. 8. He said if some of the other drunk asses on the jury make a decision today, he’ll also bring them along. Sounds like HUGE fun.

    • I believe that the jury will hang or be life unanimously! If they would have allowed Darryl to say all he said in that interview it’s obvious that TA was reason for the changes in Jodi! It is not rocket science to see and hear he was manipulative and me tally and verbally abusive! His family mad cuz they didn’t know he was an ass! I believe Jodi! Yea she lied alot in beginning but who wouldn’t! I have been in that type of abusive relationship and I can put myself in her shoes! She did say she was sorry an she is right “I’m sorry” in quotes is not enough to rectify what happened! And HLN act surprised she denied them interview hell they act like she Satan! Shit she deserves a 2nd chnace! She cld get out tomorrow and be my neighbor and I wld not be frightened of her in any way! She made a mistake that happens everyday and if it didn’t then we were lucky to get out b4 that tragic day happened to us! I know I am blessed my abuser left states away b4 something so tragic happened bc it almost had! And HLN talking about how many times Jodi said I well no shit morans that speech was supposed to be about her… It was a plea for her life that day not TAs.. HLN people suck except a cpl of them! Always picking her apart! And I loved TAs sisters fake tears that suddenly stopped when jury left CRT room to go back to deliberate! Ugh! I’m on Jodi’s team! She isn’t a cold blooded killer! That would Charles Manson and Jeffery Dahmer! Toxic relationships ending tragically happens everyday and more and more! Happy to see all her supporters hangin in! Jodi keep your head up! God forgives bc He knows your true heart and He will use u even if its in prison! U r a life worth saving!

      • Not to mention Nancy Grace herself claimed Jodi never said “I’m sorry” about ten times she bitched about it on her show. Then her producers play one of the clips of Jodi’s allocution and guess what words came out of her mouth? “For that I’M SORRY.” So she actually DID say “the words.” She DID express her remorse many times without saying “I’m sorry.” But she DID say “I’m sorry,” too. I don’t think they care. It doesn’t matter what Jodi says or does because they already made up their mind that Travis was a saint, and Jodi is an evil liar. Period. Nothing she does will ever be good enough to change their minds. They have no mercy. They are so wrapped up in this charade they’ve created. It’s mass hysteria, mob mentality. This is what they want our country to be? It’s scary.

  2. Stay strong! You have a lot of support here. 🙂 I hope things turn out well. I’m so tired of all the slander and just flat out hostility towards you. You deserve better!!

  3. I am saddened by all the people that want Jodi to get the death penalty,this is not justice,it is revenge,I am glad that I am not on that jury and would have to live with my guilt of sending someone to thier death,especialy since the trial was tainted and unfair.I wish they could ban those HLN clowns from TV permantly,it was very distasteful of that Valchez Mitchel to be on the tube mimicing getting a lethal injection and that smug smile she always has,no conscience that they can all joke about Jodi getting the DP.I was listening to the radio tonight as I drove to work,That lying mormon bastard Chris hughes was on DR Phew,it seems he is just lapping up his new found stardom,He doesnt really come across as a dear Travis friend to me,he cant get his stories straight and today on the tube his wife was smiling and laughing when she was talking the the Alexander clan,how pathetic.The Alexanders should have been in the movie that was made about Jodi,they have been putting on the biggest act ever,again how pathetic.I will support Jodi to the end,she was shafted,there was never any doubt.My prayers and thoughts are with Jodi and her family,god bless Jodi Ann Arias and justive and the truth will prevail.

    • Really, JVM really did that? Mimed a lethal injection?

      I knew she had no integrity, but somehow that makes it even less than none. And she has about the ugliest voice I’ve ever heard. I’m not sure what to make of Beth, but it’s apparent that Beth can’t stand her voice, either. She physically withdraws and flinches when JVM is near her. Good: Contempt is the only natural response.

      • JVM was out in full force yesterday trying to cajole this woman who interviewed Jodi into admitting that she’s creepy has crazy eyes etc. The woman wouldn’t budge she said that she had none of those reactions and JVM went into her ranting about how Travis’ friends said they would get chills being around her. Of course she was referring to those Media Whores the Hughes. Kudos to the reporter because she stood her ground and didn’t give in to JVM’s pleading for her to agree with her HLN talking points.

    • Yes! It makes my blood boil, seeing those nasty, vicious creeps make this into an occasion for happiness and laughter. Honest to god, those people are the “sociopaths”. They are cold and calculating, have no humanity, no compassion, no mercy, no decency and they carry on as if they haven’t a single flaw.

      I’m not sure who it was, but someone posted about a powerful media person who is friends with a lot of the people on hln who is very corrupt. My guess is it’s Glenn Beck, since he’s a Mormon. They have to be loyal to their good buddy, can’t let the public focus on the reality of the average Mormon male now, can they? They’ll do anything to distract people from the real issues. This one trial, with the true portrait of Travis Alexander, his family and his Mormon friends and PPL scammers, will wipe out half a century of careful, painstaking PR on the part of the Mormon church to make them look like the Good Guys (TM). All of those hundreds of thousands of apple-cheeked missionaries, their work wiped out by Travis Alexander and HLN’s greed for ratings. I think someone told HLN they better fix it, or else.

      The ONLY answer to them is to destroy Jodi. The worse she gets it, the happier they’ll be, because then that will prove their mythology. The evil woman led the innocent, rosy cheeked paragon of young manhood astray! It’s an anomaly! TA NEVER would have acted that way without the “evil” Jodi! That’s why those awful words are all over the social media, whore, “hodi” and all of their disgusting language.

      What will the American public think if they look up Mormon slang like, “Provo Push”, etc.? Mitt Romney will look like the jack ass power monger he is. The Mormons firmly believe they are destined to run this country. It is quite within reason to see this trial as thwarting their plans. If Jodi had been found innocent as she should have been, then they couldn’t very well blame Travis’ behavior on Jodi, now could they?

      I find it very creepy that Tanisha, a person who has lived a life of crime, was scamming people, lying, and being the fraud she is while Jodi was working two jobs as a waitress trying to keep the house she and Darryl Brewer bought together. Refusing to give in because she was trying so hard to keep up with her obligations honestly.

      Isn’t it “sneer face”, who was arrested for abusing his wife? Yet, these are the people sitting there with their faces screwed up into a ludicrous pantomime, acting like they were so “wronged”.

      In an article I was just reading on the subject of sociopathy, the author, who is one, said that one of their favorite ploys is to make people feel sorry for them to get their way. They don’t have a problem with people pitying them, because that’s when they get the payoff. They WANT to be pitied, unlike normal people, just like the Alexander family workin’ it in the front row.

      I agree with you too about Chris Hughes, he is just in his element, isn’t he?

      I just don’t get how these people think that decent, kind people don’t see right through them. But then, people like Chris Hughes are used to believing that they are gods, and that they will each rule a planet, and that they actually deserve to do so. Women are just the furniture, there to carry out their megalomaniacal plans. So they are used to everyone around them swallowing any bizarre and wrong B.S. they feel like shoving down their throats.

      Thoughts are things. Therefore, my thoughts are focused on Jodi walking free while she’s still young. She deserves it. She, and her family, has paid for her mistakes in my view, and this corrupt society that has helped these freaking fruitbats to perpetrate this wrong should have to eat it by watching her walk free.

      • Women as furniture. Good stuff. Comforting objects.

        I wish it were true that they will each get their own planet to rule over. Then our Earth would be a little more roomy and cozy.

        • Actually, since they’re all such wonderful upstanding citizens already who have worked so hard to get Jodi committed and killed, do you think we could petition their prophet to give them their own planet early … like how about now? Beam ’em up Scottie!

      • Why isn’t HLN talking about the real Alexanders instead of propping them up like they are saints. I’m sure all his siblings know the real Travis and I’m sure there are many negative stories about him that they are not telling. That may be why they weren’t very close and didn’t visit him very often. I’ve wondered why his brother always has a sneer on his face. If he was involved in DV also, it proves the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Why isn’t HLN talking about this?

    • OK, that is just beyond the beyond, the mimicking the lethal injection. Seriously. Just when I think those people can’t get any worse, they actually come up with something worse. It’s kind of amazing to see how low they will go.

    • Jane Valez in regular days at HLN before the hate fest has always been extremely unlikeable.I didn’t think she would last a year with her brash loud voice and nails on a chalkboard personality. She tried to strum up sympathy with her coming out story and her story of being an alcoholic. A recovering alcoholic needs to not be so cavalier and judgmental. If anything, she should have more compassion. She could have easily made a life or death decision in one of her drunken stupors.

  4. I watched HLN After Dark for the first time and there they were, all smug, sitting around the table laughing and joking, just having a grand old time. It was a great big laughing party and I was disgusted in what I saw. Jodi has her future hanging and these sick f’ers are laughing and joking. All of those people need to be taken off of tv and have their reporting license removed, or whatever they have to enable them to supposedly “report.” I thought they were supposed to report and be fair. All of those HLN idiots decided right from the beginning that Jodi was guilty and they decided to be judge and jury and they shove their opinions down everyone’s throat. Shame on them and what they display is what NOT to be as a reporter. I shouldn’t even give them the title of reporter. I have no doubt if their sister was treated as Jodi was by Travis then they’d be singing a totally different song! Bunch of sad ass hypocrites!! They make me sick. Stay strong Jodi, you did what was necessary to save your life!!

    • As I said on the previous page (while talking to myself): My life will be complete and I can die happy after I see those bastards on HLN eat crow!

    • They have sat around laughing at Jodi’s expense the entire time and their fake hating jurors (thye wouldn’t allow a Jodi sympathizer on the set) are also extremely low class and rattle back the lies HLN has told all along. They are sickening brain washed souless classless people.

      • Did you see Vinnie the other night when he was pretending to be Jodi walking up to the jury with a ball and chain around his ankle to give her final statement? They all were laughing about it. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such mockery at someone’s expense. He thinks he’s cute and funny. May God have mercy on all of HLN’s talking heads and the jury for falling for all the lies, misrepresentations, and mockery they have engaged in on this case. I don’t think I have ever seen such uncalled for hate for an individual as Jodie Arias.

    • ^5 So well said ICAM. They are vultures and the way they have a gigglefest and are just having a grand old time while a woman’s life is on the line is disgusting.

      • The one I absolutely hate is Dr. Pinhead. He cannot stop analyzing Jodi, yet he devoted exactly 15 seconds to his former client Mindy McCreedy, who tragically killed herself after being in F-wad’s “Celebrity Rehab.” He must be a “great” doctor with his call-in sex tips show and his media whore psychology. Maybe he gave Travis some sex tips! Drew blanched when an actual caller got through and asked him about his sex advice show; Dr. Phew deflected and said it was his partner that gave the advice. What an asshole! Now they are going to move on to cause another miscarriage of justice in Florida. I hope the jury stays hung so that Martinez’s run for governor of AZ is ruined like he tried so hard to kill Jodi. Sorry for being all over the place–I haven’t ben able to post for a couple of days.

  5. HLN strike me as being a news porn channel. Nancy Grace and her ilk are constantly vomiting up opinionated bile in place of actual news, and people just cant seem to get enough of their crap. It is a poor statement on society that so many people have to “tune in” in order to determine what to think, rather than take a little initiative to learn the facts for themselves…. that is all

  6. I’m just praying that finally this will go Jodi’s way since the jury couldn’t agree today. They never should have reached the guilty verdict but as I go to bed I will pray that the jury does the right thing for once, do the right thing, and not give her the DP. I think Jodi should have walked but that’s my opinion as well as many others. It was him or Jodi and all she did was defend herself to get out alive and JM made Jodi go through the abuse and hell all over again. He will get his that’s coming to him. Stay strong Jodi and just know so many people are with you!!

  7. HLN is making lots of money off this, so will Travis’ family, Jodis family and the Jury, etc. Cuz its high profile. and they are bitching about Jodi? Just a point I wanna make; I understand Jodi-but alot of people dont cuz she is smart and she has a lot of gray areas, she doesnt think in black and white like they do! The world is gray, its not always black and white. But these people only think in black and white. She does have a smug attitude, and shouldnt have killed, of course. But the smug attitude is because of the mistreatment. I think she can be rehabbed. I just agree with her-i dont know.

    • I think what might be seen as smugness is a woman who has gained self-confidence and is finally comfortable in her own skin.

    • Jayne, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

      Jodi doesn’t come off as smug at all to me. Smugness is excessive pride, if anything she comes across as rather awkward and shy sometimes.

      Your previous posts you talk about working in a hospital. Are you a therapist?

      • Jodi comes across as an extremely intelligent person, trying to survive a horrible situation.

        I don’t understand how being well spoken and articulate can be confused with being smug.

        Whatever she says, people who have been brainwashed will always try to pick her apart.

        Darkness hates the light.

        This is why some many people have a problem with Jodi. Look at the bitter twisted faces of the her family, Juan, Nancy Pigface, etc. Rotten from the inside out.

      • I don’t think either she’s smug – at all! This has had me worried from the start: When I see Jodi speak, I just gotta LOVE her. I think she’s actually very humble. Maybe the world just doesn’t recognise it because it is so far off their own radar. But it DOES worry me: how come I see one thing and everyone else seems to see the opposite? Is there something wrong about me?? I don’t believe in majorities per se, but how can it be they’re all getting it so wrong?

      • Troll? not seeing that, but then again i thought basse was a great poster here.

        Welcome Jayne. Beers in the fridge, chips are in the cupboard, dont worry about taking your shoes off but please make sure not to feed the trolls.

        Also, several of the contrbutors bite, so dont make too many sudden movements when they are around. They mean well, but they caught the “HLeN” virus a few months back and have not been the same since. We are working on an anti HLeN spray, but its a tricky fucker to figure out. You will be able to tell them from the other posters by looking for things like “NG can lick my dirty ball sack” or “Dr.Drew needs to stop choking on dick for a second, so he can get air to his fucked up brain” and finally, my favorite “HLeN are poopy heads”.

        • Sirlips, what do you mean by “basse was a great poster here?” was she a troll? I haven’t seen her posts for a couple of days.

        • I thought so too. Have we heard from Basse since she was asked the pointed questions of what side he/she was really on?

        • sirlips –
          You are so funny like always. I love your post. I don’t post a lot, but I read almost every comment here. God bless everyone today in the meanwhile that we wait for a positive outcome for lovely Jodi.

      • And here’s the deal, Jodi REFUSED to give an interview to HLN. What does she get? Smug assholes from networks she agreed to interview with acting just as badly as if she was talking to Nancy DisGrace herself.

    • Jodi does not seem smug to me at all!
      She is highly refined when she speaks
      & with all due respect Jayne why are
      you posting this twice?
      After all that Jodi’s been through
      i would have a defense mechnism up
      on who i can and cannot trust.
      After seeing that unreal display of
      Nastiness in and outside of that courtroom
      I can’t blame her for holding her guard strong.
      That does not make her Smug
      and your posting is wierd.

    • I don’t think Jodi’s family is making a cent off this! Sandy Arias is being hounded to her car everyday by JVM, and the money we send is for Jodi’s commissary. The Arias family is not profiting like the meth heads who are collecting money for all kinds of bogus crap to fuel their addictions.

    • Reposting..,,,

      Jayne, the smug attitude you talk of… Does she come across as smug while Questioned by Nurmi or jw? If she said something to jm that seemed smug to you, how can you blame her? Would you let anyone talk to you like that? Nobody should have to sit and listen to crap like that. Her words are all she has to fight back. Now if she said something to the reporters… Again, talk to her as if she is a human being. She is not a serial killer, she is not a child molester, she is not a serial rapist. All she did was defend herself herself against a man who attacked her. Treat her accordingly. When you are being rude and insulting to someone, expect a “smug” reply.

      About “she shouldn’t have killed him” – at what point should she have stopped fighting for her life? She fought until the attack stopped. Look at the crime scene pictures. It is gruesome because TWO people were fighting, not one! If somebody shouldn’t have done something that day, it is Travis Alexander -he should not have attacked Jodi.

      Other than that, I am thankful that you realize hln is a gossip network.

  8. I have never seen Jodi acting smug….she is in prison and will be there for a very long time possibly the rest of her life….I’ve been impressed by Jodi when watching her give interviews. She is a survivor.

    Smug is something I’ve never seen on Jodi…just because HLN called Jodi smug doesn’t mean she is smug. Gracious, sincere, honest, sad, brave, frustrated, regret, articulate, survivor are words that I would use to describe Jodi’s demeanor…

    • Same here. I have never seen smug. Seen it all over the rabid fruitbats, but not Jodi.

      You are right, just because they call her that doesn’t mean a thing. More of their spin. Good post, people are really spot on, and it’s really nice to feel validated in the face of all that corruption. SMUG corruption.

    • They are all twisted in the head over there. She knows the truth and she holds her head up and they can’t stand that. She is supposed to grovel and play humble to satiate them? If she did that they would say she was acting. If she said the sky was blue they would say no its magenta!! I wouldn’t be surprised if the family are selling statues of Travis to pray to! Stupid sheeple—baaaaa baaaa!!! They lied about her being a stalker and a million other things and they believe their own lies! I think Jodi is more sane than any of the haters including the famewhores over at HLN.

      I have to be honest I was shocked there is no decision yet. This jury seemed hardened and tainted to me its hard to believe they are still divided. Maybe they watched Darryl Brewer’s interview and ha a pang of guilt that they bought JM’s fairytale hook line and sinker.

  9. It should be illegal to do what those lying bloodsucking zombies have been doing to Jodi since before her trial ever even started….the nonstop lies they tell that they try to pass off as facts… if what they’ve been saying about Jodi isn’t slander then I must understand the definition of the word slander wrong.

    What HLN has done to Jodi is disgusting, it’s just so completely wrong and it shouldn’t be allowed to be done to anyone, it should be against the law to do what they are doing to her

    • Lets hope the higher court sees it that way and overturns this whole thing down the road. Jodi did not get her right to a fair and impartial trial in a very serious M1 charge. No sequestered jury? Fame whores and family members eye rolling and putting on a show all trial long for the jury to witness? JM offering 4 different theories on closing? Lying lead detective and medical examiner? Harrassment, threats, lies and public lynching of any and all witnesses for Jodi? I don’t see how this could not get overturned. You don’t give woman the death penalty to apease the salivating masses—maybe thats the struggle in the jury room who knows. Its obvious there is some kind of divided decision thus far.

  10. I know that Numi & JW won’t be Jodi’s appeal lawyers . . . but is there a way we can ask them to send Gus Searcy’s interview to her legal appeal team? I don’t mean to keep harping on this interview, but I was really intrigued by Gus’s reference to people who could testify re. Jodi’s abuse and how several mormon women were too scared to come forward. Can these prospective witnesses be subpoenaed for Jodi’s appeal?

    • That is interesting! I didn’t see that before. So, so much has been suppressed in Jodi’s favor. So much corruption, so many things that don’t add up.

      • I am still floored that Mimi and Dave Hall are siblings. I never made that connection, not once did it ever cross my mind!!

        • that is very interesting Mimi and Dan Hall related now that tells it all from the get go the 911 call and the kill Jodi she did this to him she lied to the cops that she did not know Jodi yet said she slashed tires and more thanks for the new need that

        • Agreed. When I heard that on the show last night I found it extraordinarily compellingly as it could signify possible collusion.

    • Brad, there are no witnesses in an appeal. The appellate court merely reviews the record of the lower court (all pleadings filed, and all transcripts of hearings, including the trial), briefs citing issues, and if requested and granted, they hear brief oral arguments from each side, but that’s discretionary.

      For a look at some example briefs, check out this site:

  11. Nancy Grace has accused people who were proven innocent in the past of horrible things. When these people were proven innocent, she never had the decency to publicly apologize. They get paid a lot of money to run their shitty mouths on HNL, ALL OF THEM.

  12. Jodi and her family have been and will continue to be in my prayers.

    Good always wins over evil…Jodi will be free from prison one day, the truth will prevail and Jodi will be free to live a long & happy life where ever she chooses her location to be… .of that I have no doubt

  13. There’s one thing happening right now that makes me as angry as the death penalty itself.

    It’s this constant repetition, dripping in misplaced sympathy, about how hard, difficult, stressful, the jurors have it right now, trying to decide between life and death. There’s much talk about how these jurors have another life “in their hands.” Oh, the burden.

    This is simply untrue. What they have in their hands is POWER. And, if they don’t like it, don’t want it, they can relinquish it.

    Because, while they have to decide on the sentence according to the murder one conviction, they do not HAVE to sentence her to death.

    The death penalty is not a requirement.

    The death penalty is–unfortunately, unethically, unconscionably–an option. Merely an option. Again: it is NOT a requirement. No struggle is necessary. The dilemma is false, because no life-and-death decision is required.

    The world at large will not fall apart because Jodi gets a life sentence. Travis’ siblings may not like it, they may cry (as they did today because the jurors did not come back with what they wanted in 5 minutes), but they will not die because Jodi is alive, and they do not have the RIGHT to Jodi’s murder by the state. Jodi’s death is not owed to them.

    So, I have NO sympathy for this supposed tortuous stress the jury is under. It is a phantom. It does not exist because they are not compelled by necessity. No law–legal, moral, spiritual–will be broken by just not considering a mere option. They have the power to do this. If they choose the death penalty, this will be because of their DESIRE.

    That the the jury deserves our sympathy for such a difficult choice is just another big lie the media are telling us.

      • I’m glad!

        It bothers me and bothers me that this sympathy-for-the-jurors schtick might get to people.

        People who have had to kill another person (or an anima)l because their own lives or the lives of others were threatened–this I have sympathy for. I have sympathy for a person who had to, even though it went against his moral beliefs, assassinate an out-of-control political dictator. Or shoot a dangerous bear, rabid dog, etc. If they suffer afterwards for what they had to do, or feel brutalized by having had to kill, I have all kinds of sympathy for that.

        Not for this. There is no threat. There is no justification.

        • I am sure Hateful Liars Network would love for it to get to the jurors themselves. Those flying monkeys are drooling over the idea that the jurors are watching them and they are affecting them. How better than to sympathize with them, and make them out to be heroes when all they are is murderers if they vote for the dp? Talk about manipulative.

          I think Jodi figured it out, that the jurors are watching, and she realized she had another chance to sway them by giving those interviews while they are deliberating.

          Back to the flying monkeys of HLN and their manipulative schtick (hehe), my god I feel the same, I just cannot stand to see what hellacious trick they’ll come up with next. I’m sure that’s what they all sit around doing when they’re not on camera, brainstorming on how to influence the jurors, the jury pool, the American public, the worldwide public to hate Jodi Arias as badly as any Nazi ever hated a Jewish person.

          Honestly, I have to step back at times just for my sanity. It’s too depressing.

    • you are right Pique, they are asking the jury to judge whether Jodie s life has any value.
      They are asked to judge whether a person without any criminal convictions and has done good
      things in her life outweighs the crime. No human should be asked to judge the value of another s
      life. Jodie s family loves her and sees great value in her life.

      We do not live in a third world country. The U.S. is the only country in the free world that has
      a death penalty.When I listen to these pundits on HLN, I think I am somewhere else, not the U.S

    • I have to disagree Pique. I think it is a HUGE responsibility to put someone’s life in another’s hands. It’s not a choice I COULD ever make voluntarily. I think a lot of jurors in death penalty states don’t realize what a burden it will be on them until they actually have to sit with their fellow jurors and make the decision. If they can’t decide, then some of them want to vote for the death penalty and they are probably putting pressure on the others.

      If Jodi was a serial killer, it would be a lot easier for the jury. But they watched her and listened to her in court for almost 5 months. And when she allocuted, they learned a lot about her life before Travis. It’s an awful burden for them to even have to decide between life and death. It was a lot easier to convict, because they didn’t have to think about the consequences. Now, they have to. And there are obviously some jurors who just believe she should be killed and won’t budge.

      • My point, though, AA, is that this is not a situation where, if criteria A is met, you MUST vote for life, but if criteria B is met, you MUST vote for Death. It’s not like that.

        There is no requirement for the death penalty–there’s no “must”; whereas, there is a requirement for a prison sentence. Willmott stressed this in her closing argument. They can simply allow for the default punishment. That default punishment doesn’t change whether the convict is a serial killer or someone like Jodi.

        I agree with you, though, that there would be tremendous stress for the anti-death jurors if the pro-death jurors bully and put pressure on them.

        • That’s why I feel sorry for the holdout(s), actually. At least once person is feeling like they just can’t kill Jodi and have that on their conscience. The others are saying “let’s get this done and over with.”

          • I agree with you AA. I would like to know what the split is.
            How can someone look at Jodi everyday and want to live with her death the rest of their lives. I don’t think the ones who said Life will not change their minds. I homely think this jury will be done today. No DP!! or a hung jury..

          • Yes, I feel very badly for the one who is resisting. Gosh, I hope it’s more than one person! If one buckles under the pressure, there’s a chance another may not.

  14. So I heard Mark Curtis got death threats because he interviewed Jodi. What the fuck is wrong with people!?

    • I hate to say it, but I’m kinda glad if he did get death threats, because he’s a member of the media and that might make the rest of those jackals think. Those HLN “Nauseateurs” (new title for them) seem to think they’re untouchable.

      • Great point.. I wonder why HLN didn’t get death threats for asking for an interview with Jodi? Or maybe they did. I think these lunatics would threaten their own mother if she talked to Jodi!

        • Was Mark Curtis the dark haired one who out of all the reporters that Jodi spoke with that day was by far the most respectful when interviewing her? One of the reporters treated Jodi with the common courtesy that anyone who isn’t a piece of shit treats everyone they come in contact with…there was only one reporter who wasn’t a total disrespectful prick when talking to Jodi and I believe that was Curtis and now he is getting death threats because he treated Jodi with simple common courtesy…because he was impartial & a professional when doing his job and he didn’t treat Jodi like she was dog shit stuck on the bottom of his shoe he has gotten death threats??? You have got to be kidding me???? That is so ridiculous that it actually makes my stomach turn…wtf is wrong with these idiots …. brainwashed herd of rabid fucking zombie sheep…

          • Yes that’s the one—he was respectful and gave the very best interview with her and for that he is punished.

            • He was very respectful and PROFESSIONAL so of course now he’s Enemy #1. It sickening. I noticed that one guy who interviewed her after the verdict was so bitchy and snotty with her this time around and I heard it as because he was getting grilled in social media for going too “easy” on her. WTF. He even tweeted something about it and he’d ask her more direct questions this time around. Then that prick from ABC he was awful but at least Jodi called him out as a hater.

              I feel like I live in a communist country right now with the way people are being treated if they dare go against the mob mentality.

        • HNL did not get death threats cause
          the parasites Chris & Sky Hughes
          have been on there many times!

          • Yep like every other night, and in between is Abe and Dave Hall………….. HLN is just pissed off that Jodi wouldn’t give them an interview…. I thought that was hysterical………… That’s our Jodi…

  15. I’m sorry, but I can’t sleep and I had to share this with you. I re-wrote a song for Jodi. Bear with me, I can’t type. ( candle in the wind ) Hello, Jodi Arias, Though I never knew you at all…you had the strength to hold yourself, while those around you crawled, The crawled out of underneath they’re rocks and they whispered in everybody brain that they wish that you were dead and they taught they had a plan. And seems to me , you live your life like a candle in the wind, never knowing who to trust ,when your trial began. But I seems like I know you, we will be victorious, my candle has not burnt out yet, and your gonna live. 18 days was tough, the toughest days you had to talk about, Yah he was rough and he taught that he was a superstar. Even when you cried, oh the press just had to say, there were no tears and that you must of lied. But it seems to me, you live your life, like a candle in the wind, never knowing who to trust when your trial began. But it seems like I know you, we will be victorious, my candle has not burnt out yet and your gonna live. WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS.WE LOVE YOU JODI. STAY STONG.

  16. “With the jury still trying to decide whether or not to hang themselves”

    that is funny as fack!! whew!!!!

  17. I bet Jodi’s tweet that she sent out yesterday was directed at journalist Troy Haden (spineless sheep who turned on Jodi after she granted him the only interview right after the guilty was read) it could of been that ABC reporter too…he was so rude and obviously was trying to get his 15 minutes at Jodi’s expense. Anyway the tweet was

    “Never trust a reporter who has a nice smile” – William Rauch

    I had to laugh when that ABC reporter or maybe it was Troy Haden (or did both idiots ask the same idiotic question, I think they may have both been stupid enough to ask Jodi the ? hahaha) question who asked Jodi who had come up with the strategy of changing her look for her trial, was it Jodi’s idea or was it the idea of her defense attorneys he asked to change her look from blonde bombshell to mousy librarian and Jodi told him that they didn’t have Clairol available to them in prison and the brown hair is her natural hair color. Hahahha…you have to see it to get what I’m saying…its great the way Jodi said it, she was polite but managed to put him in his place at the same time…hahahahah

    That other reporter from ABC I believe it was, the one that she said when she granted the interview she didn’t know he was such a hater made me so mad. He was so SMUG when he talked about how adamant Jodi was that the striped prison pants she was wearing wouldn’t be visisble when the interview aired on TV so that piece of shit reporter OF COURSE made sure the interview showed Jodi in the striped pants numerous times throughout.

    I have never seen this sort of treatment in my life of someone who doesn’t deserve it any way shape or form. They act as if Jodi went on a shooting spree killing dozens of people …what reality are they living in to think what they’re doing is anything other than evil??

    I have more respect and admiration for Jodi every time I see the way she handles herself in these interviews. She is so strong and brave and her family should be so proud of her!!!

    • CM.

      I also got a great ” laugh’ when Jodi told the reporter they don’t SELL Clariol in jail, ” it’s my natural hair color”…. what a fk moron reporter.

      As for showing her jail pants, I thought that was very distastful, and they wonder why women lack trust in MEN, now you know why RYAN OWENS, you piece of SHIT MEDIA scumbag, I am sending you some tootsie pop rocks to your office…………!!! Oh RYAN OWENS, we are taking order for those sexy ” black and white ” yoga pants that Jodi was wearing.I will be sure to send you a pair for your next interview to the prision.

      Jodi, has been very graceful in her interviews. FK after being in jail for almost five years, I would want to comb my hair, a little lip gloss, and blush………. FK these haters. Hope Jodi rents here JAIL CELL out to all those that screwed over her when she walks FREE…………CORRUPT MEDIA CIRCUS……

    • Oh. My. God. They actually compared Jodi to those MONSTERS that killed that Doctor’s family back east (don’t remember the town) – the one where the creeps stalked the mother, forced her to go to the bank with them and withdraw $15,000, then drove her home, beat the Dr. in the head and tied him up in the basement, sexually assaulted the 11 year old daughter while she was tied to the bed, then set her and her older sister on fire, killing her and her mother. That’s the gist of it, maybe not exactly.

      This whole thing has made me hate the media beyond anything I ever could have thought of. To compare Jodi to those absolute HORRORS, even in the same t.v. show, my god. I have no words.

      I’d better try to sleep now before I give myself insomnia too bad to be able to sleep, I’m getting myself all riled up that I’m shaking inside. There is nothing they won’t stoop to, they will go lower than hell. I have no words.

      FLYING MONKEYS and RABID FRUITBATS is what they are, arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhggggggg

      Sorry if I didn’t answer some posts I just can’t keep on thinking about this anymore tonight.

      • I know I could not believe they had that juror on for that case. HLN are a bunch of sick F***ks. They just make stuff up. I so wish they would get outted by another Media org

        • I was so pissed off watching that it took me forever to fall asleep. The audacity to try and compare Jodi to those sick MF’ers that TORTURED a family. They did read one tweet which sounded like someone from this board sent it in…lol I couldn’t believe they actually aired it but in a nutshell it said that Jodi shouldn’t be getting the DP it should be reserved for people like that bastard in Cleveland who tortured those woman for a decade.

          • The crime took place in Ct. which has since abolished the death penalty.They left it
            on the books for this crime. The woman was talking about Steven Hays. You are right
            there is no comparison between Jodie s crime and the one in Ct.

            • I saw that. Pissed me off, too. I’m from CT and am not far away from where the Petit women were raped, beaten, murdered, set on fire. I guess they were “trying” to get a sense of what it’s really like to have to impose the death penalty, but it wound up yet another way to associate Jodi with the likes of Hayes. Enraging! We did abolish the death penalty here for future offenses in 2012. And now the eleven inmates that remained on death row are being challenged because there is evidence of racial bias. One study found that minority defendants whose victims were white were three times more likely to receive a death sentence than white defendants whose victims were white.

  18. Watching yesterdays hearing again, about the jury not being able to agree on a verdict.
    Skye Hughes is so creepy. She slides into her seat and is smiling, while the family is clearing crying and upset. What the hell is she smiling for?

    This scene from Arlington Road was the scariest part of the movie.
    The lady on the phone realizes that Jeff Bridges was right about his suspicions and is calling him to tell him what she just witnessed.
    Here comes Joan Cusak/Skye.

    • Fk Sky HUghes, that bitch is smiling because she’s thinking they are almost home FREE from getting caught…. THINK again SKY…………. This party just got started, and we are going to ROCK your world……… and your HUBBY.

  19. morning I have just got thru watch all the HLN shows from 10am and on and noticed 2 things 1) the UFO the light flickering to the left of the court house was caught on camera the movement was so UFO and 2) no one mention Jodi’s girlfriend that was going to speak to the jury about Jodi and what she knew and that she had received death threat but did mention that no one came to her aid to help her … I am still shock about the UFO that no one noticed I had it recorded so I could put it in slow motion. I have seen a UFO before and this is real. UFO was interested in this case.

    • And who are you to have vent area passwords—do you go by another name because I haven’t seen you here.

        • good to know FU—I do apologize to you Hail Mary. Its hard to tell anymore who is who and who intends what.

          • sorry guy that I change my look here after getting my house shot at and the Mormon showing up at my door…. and now seeing the UFO’s in the recording on HLN just had to add that here with all the noise in the media and on the radio and in my head the UFO’s took notice and if you have a recording of it you to could see it. and yes UFO’s are real I have first hand experience with them in Stevenville TX in a town called hico that is not the correct spelling because it has been a long time since I lived there but do have a friend that saw a UFO with me its ok to laugh at me no one believed us either just like no one believed in Jodi

            • I am not laughing at you, I am laughing with you 🙂 Just didn’t expect to hear that one for you…. 🙂

              • hay ive been on this earth a long time and have seen and done a lot in my years I may be 63 but I think like a 20 yr old have a crazy mind have lots of experiences including the UFO abuse raped by a serial rapist that I lived threw and survived my mother hit me with a wooden spoon I was molested as a child by my Uncle. My first x-husband I wanted to kill him with a knife but had a voice in my head tell me to drop it otherwise I would be on death row . I joined the Navy because he would not let me go and give me a divorce. I stayed single for 8 yrs and married and the second one after 2 months he thru a brick at me and missed my head I left the next day. the 3rd was into drugs and as bad as Travis I endured his hell for 11 yrs and now I have 2 cats that love me and will never trust a man again. I like being on my one using my own mind and don’t have to fear anymore at one point in the last relation ship it got so bad he convinced me to commit suicide by taking over the counter sleeping pills and live thru that. anyway enough about me now you know how come I relate to Jodi

                • WOw, Your a true SURVIOR my friend……….. I think we could write a novel and movie from everyones experience on this site…

                  you have inner strength, and faith that lead you to a happier place in life…. 🙂 thank you for sharing your story with me….

                • FUJuan thanks for the kind words did not mean to let it out but just had to I was just so excited to see UFO’s today and no one noticed it but me you all her are like family cats do not talk just meow feed me love me and when they see me cry they comfort me and wonder whats up I have not cried in a long time but watching what is going on with Jodi sends me into despair real tears real sorrow real feeling of how she was left holding this all by herself I hope the Jury can see that and come to the conclusion she was wronged in so many was I wish they could change there minds about the M1 and set her free but they have to do the right thing now and just give her life and not kill her

                • Welcome back! Have been silently wondering about you and how you are doing, now I get it, thanks and be well!

  20. Good morning or should say good night? It’s 4:39 am here. I haven’t had a chance to watch the interviews yet just a clip of the one with the asshole who she called a hater. I’m not sure I want to start off my morning pissed off.
    I didn’t get to even know what went on yesterday untilled after 8pm. So sh was all smiles..most likely knew the grams was on her.

    So what does everyone thing about Jodi doing the interviews? I’M. not sure how I feel yet. The best part I can see is she got to say a big f…you to all the haters… Hopefully it will not hurt her in the long run. But I not a lawyer. I hope they are deadlocked. OK or come back with life….
    I heard something last night that was rather odd. A lawyer said that if there is a deadlock that TA’s family will decide rather to let it drop and it will go to life. You know they are so poor …LOL Wish I could be as poor as them.

    • Yeah Chris fatboy Hughes was banging the drum tonite and wailing about the “hundreds of thousands” the fmaily has lost being there. Uhh what about all those donations going straight to their bank account and various donation outlets? Gimme a break. They made their money back and then some and will continue to do so.

    • Even Napoleon has a solid gold collar now and filet mignon for dinner every night, his own queen size bed—shit he probably had to draw up a will.

      • LOL………. next Napoleon will be going to lasik eye surgery since he’s going blind….. Then off to BORA BORA for a luxury vacation….. Guess CH is in charge of his trust fund too…… woof woof..

        • LMAO I could not help myself….thanks for getting the humor. Sometimes its only the humor that gets us through another day.

        • CH is laughing all the way to the bank. He doesn’t have to do anything but sit back and watch these idiots deposit money with little to no persuasion needed. Just a little “Justice 4 Travis” and the wallets pop open. This is the better than selling Legal Shield.

      • No way? A gold collar for the dog? Smart really smart. How long before the dog is missing and it’s Jodis falt.

        I’m not understanding why the hell everyone is still going on the talking heads show when its over.. Chris H give it’s going to be years before Jodi gets the needle if that day should ever happen…NOT..this verdict will long be over turned before that day. So why don’t you shut the f… up and crawl. back under the rock you came from untill we come knocking on your door with handcuffs.dcu

      • Napoleon had better watch his little doggie back! Once the haters move on from this trial and the donations dry up, Travis’ friends and family members will be looking to melt down that gold collar for cash!

    • Cindy,.

      That’s not true… If they come back today with a deadlock, they will be dismissed and new jurors will be selected to decide on the this phase……….

      • Yeah I don’t see any deals or concessions on the horizon. They were having hissy fits in court as it was today that the jury is/was conflicted. Saddest part of all is they have no clue that the DP will not make them happy or satisfied as they think it will. Revenge and anger are very ugly qualities and will only hurt them.

        • TA family are clueless…………. the drugs destroyed their brain cells a long time ago. And if they knew the law, in AZ 80 % of DP are overturned, so this would never happen to Jodi…. Right now there are 124-129 people on dealth row in AZ with only one leathal injection……… hmmm So , what are they going to do with the others …. ?

          Second she will get automatic appeal, and this will be overturned……….This just shows how stupid the Alexanders are, and the Hughes…………

          Dr. Drew offered them therapy, and said they have a lot of healing to do…. fk this family has been screwed since their births….. and they want to take it out on JODI… Sorry TA was fked up just like the rest of the family, and they are in denial. Give up the FAKE TEARS…….

          • I do agree that they all need help..but I wouldn’t let that man near a rat .. Wait perhaps they should take him up on that….then they can Sue him when one of them takes their own life..

            • FK I would send them all to Dr. Drew………. Will be interesting if they go on his show tonight if they jury comes back today with their decision.

              I think they have made up their minds, and they will come back this morning. I just don’t see all 12 of them agreeing on the DP… Whoever is holding out, plz don’t be bullied today… do the right thing for Jodi, you already convicted her of M1…. unjustified…. Hope you all run like hell once your duty is done…….. your death threats will be next… mark my word………

          • He’s only offering therapy so he can profit from it too. Everybody knows this family and the Hughes are greedy cult like scammers. Jodi problem figured that about them all long before now and that’s why they’re pushing this DP so much. Probably afraid she’ll write a tell-all and show all their emails.

      • That’s what I thought but some lawyer said that the state could decide rather or not to just drop it at that point due to the $$$$ it would cost and the family. does have a right to say enough…I really don’t know….but in a sick way it would be funny.

        Now where in hell are they going to get 12 people ..that would be willing to give up their lives for this? I would love at this point to have a mistrial ..

        • Cindy,

          I would also love a mistrial at this point… You want to see some pissed off people….. But that isn’t going to happen this late in the game. They would only redo the penalty phase… not the entire trial.

              • Hey what time is it there? Have you been up all night? I went to bed pissed and I’m trying really hard to not be own mother is so out of touch with reality over this trial. She told me I was crazy and I didn’t know what I was talking about. That I wasn’t smarter then the lawyers on TV.. Shealso didn’t believed that I watched the trial.
                LOL..LOL.. OK I was so pissed that she even brought it up.

                • Cindy it is 6:13 am here…………. No , I haven’t been to bed, I was on call all night and drank 3 shots of espresso…!! Then drank a diet dew…. 🙂

                  I gave up talking about this trial with my kids……….. ( 5 months) of be rambling on and on and getting pissed off…!! So, now when I say, ” you know what pissed me off today, they made sure they checked the news before returning home from work with what went on” so they didn’t have to hear me for hours on end .:)

                  I didn the same thing with them on the CA trial. Caylee was such a beautiful little girl… that trial broke my heart.

  21. I think the problem with the media and the haters is that Jodi is so intelligent and captivating therefore they are green with envy. NG & JVM spend their every night looking like badly made up trannies while spewing vile crap and doing everything in their power to keep the world focused on their botox-riddled mugs. They are hideous on the inside as well whilst Jodi is lovely on the outside and has an inner beauty that cannot be negated by this tragedy that befell her.

    • I loved Jodi’s interviews she did have not seen them in full just pieces of it but love the one that she said I don’t remember what happened when asked and that she is having nightmares and waking up screaming I did that to after the serial rapist go into my house thru a window and my dad buying me a gun and sent me back into the world to start over.

      • Jodi had every right to be concerned about Travis fucking other women with AIDS and the other stuff I have first had knowledge of that to my first husband slept with a whore in Fort Worth TX and then slept with me and I eventually found out he gave me a sexual transmitted disease. that left me childless

          • its ok Cindy I old now and have learned to how to let all the things that happened in my life not bother me anymore I’m in a good place here with my brother and 2 cats and 3 birds and God to protect me from all the Tornadoes that TX gets so sorry about the one that hit and leveled 3 towns and so much destroyed I wont to blame the Mormons on it but won’t yes no maybe well I have a cat at my side telling me she wants some attention she likes to drink water from the facet and not a water bowl so will let you all have a good dissuasion and keep the faith the Hail Mary will ask her son to help this Jury do the right thing for Jodi Love my family see you in about 4 hrs

  22. FUJAUN..I’m. so happy not to have to be on call on my days off. Heck I’m happy I’m. not working 12 he’s over night at the hospital anymore.

    CA trial was a hard one for me also. I knew she wouldn’t. get M1 bit was very surprised.when she Walked.

    After this trail is done I’m going to read JBs book. I just didn’t have the gut feelings I do about Jodi. Not sure about George either. But perhaps after I read the book…I’m not thrilled with JB after he sold Jodi out in his last interview.

    • And keep in mind that Casey didn’t walk. She was convicted on lying charges and had been in jail for 3 years. She also served one year of probation after that. She paid her dues for the charges that she was guilty of. She was NOT guilty of killing or harming Caylee in any way.

    • Yep, Mimi Hall and Dave Hall are brother and sister! Gus Searcy talked about it in his interview with Pitchforks!

      • Thanks. I don’t remember that but didn’t really read allot of his stuff.

        Why does this not surprise me? I’m getting this really sick feeling in my gut about Mummi.

        • It was the interview he did last night, Cindy, so it’s kinda new info. None of us put it together before.

          • Well after my little round with my mom I sure wasn’t into watching HLN. I turned it on to see if they came back or not but couldn’t deal with the f… now that brings a whole new perspective. doesn’t it…

            • Oh no, it wasn’t on HLN. It was on Pitchforks’ blog talk radio show “Routing Out”.

              Sorry about what happened with your Mom sweetie!

              • Ya me to. Since her stroke she isn’t very nice anymore. I can only take her for so long. Sometimes I have moment of being a child with the verble abuse. But due to the fact that she is 81 I have to give her a pass on so
                e of it. But with everyone’s story there is always more. As soon as I get my cp up
                and running I will send you a email.

                For now I am focusing on Jodi and find comfort in my family here. Like all of us we h
                have found our voice.

                THANKS AA…HUGS

    • Yes! Can someone explain this to me. I never made that connection. I shocked! Something doesn’t seem right……either it’s not not or it seriously questions both of their stories.

    • hi Cindy , I was listening to blogtalk radio last night and Gus Searcy or the person that was questioning him cant remember which now but one of them said Maria Hall aka Mimi is Dave Hall’s sister.

  23. Good Morning everyone.

    Today’s Morning Music digs in a little deeper. Now that we’ve played a large number of “songs”, here’s something that shows you folks a little more about what really rocks my boat. This is what the Library of Congress says about this show:

    “Fans of the Grateful Dead will never completely agree about which one of their over 2,300 concerts was the best, but there is some consensus about the tape of their Barton Hall performance at Cornell University on May 8, 1977. The soundboard recording of this show has achieved almost mythic status among Deadheads”

    This is Lazy Lightnin’ > Supplication from 5/8/77. Enjoy.

    • Its about time you showed up!! I was getting worried ..I can tell your not going to be a easy little brother…

      OK want to pick your mind a bit…Deadlocked -what timeframe are we talking about in seating a new jury here. Don’t they have to go over the minuets of the trial?

      I really don’t think that they will be able to agree. The ones that don’t want the DP do not want blood on their hands and will never give in…

      • Hey Cindy,

        Remember I’m on kid free leave all week – getting in some sleep hours.

        I too hope they remain deadlocked.

        No idea how long to go through the process again, which seems fraught with problems in any case. How they ever expect to empanel an impartial jury at this stage is beyond my imagination.

        So let’s keep rooting for Jodi.

  24. Damn Insomnia keeps waking me up
    In the middle of the night!
    I just had some warm milk & cookies 🙂
    Well hi everyone
    Today is going go be major in many ways,
    I believe.
    We will just have to fasten our seatbelts again
    as we board this roller coaster!
    Praying the juror or jurors stay strong & firm
    and not let anyone bully them into a DP verdict.

    Anyways off topic
    Have anyone of you guys been keeping up
    with the mysterious death of Elisa Lam?
    It’s soooo Twin Peaks meets a Japanese Horror film
    This is too freaky she was in the elevator on the 14th floor at the Cecil Hotel where Night Stalker stayed 14th floor and another serial killer – notice doors don’t close & her freaky hand gestures this gives me chills!!!

    • Kwik note, saw the Lam video – horror movies rarely give me a scare, am a horror movie fan, seen all the creepy Asian ones. The elevator vid gave me goosebumps. I could only watch it once, truly frightening!

  25. Good morning, everybody! I want to begin by asking a very well-known member of this website, Also Abused, if she could find me on Facebook and send me a friend request. I read your story earlier this morning on the previous page and it was so enlightening albeit painful to read. And I would be honored to be your friend.

    I’d also like to say that regardless of what happens today, I’m not going anywhere. So long as this website is up, I will be here. And, I hope that Team Jodi keeps this website going for as long as possible. Just in the past month, I have already made friends from here and learned so much. Thank you, Team Jodi, for creating this website and for doing all that you do for her and others.

    I’m not a very religious person. I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious, but I do believe that there is a God and yesterday I prayed for Jodi to be spared the death penalty. I will continue to pray for her and keep the faith that she will receive life in prison. Now, it’s not going to be easy for Jodi and her family to have to be given a life sentence, but this does not necessarily mean that she has to spend the rest of her life behind bars. Immediately after she is sentenced, I am going to go to work and do whatever I can to help Jodi be free. I promise you that. And, Team Jodi, if you ever need me to help you, you know how to get a hold of me, okay?

    I personally believe that the behavior demonstrated by many in the Travis Alexander camp is worse than what Jodi ever did to Travis. They continue to murder her reputation over and over and over again. They have taken to treating Jodi like a punching bag or a piñata and I am sick of it. The only consolation that I can find is that I know full well that the Law of Karma works. Believe me, all of these people who are attacking Jodi and all of us for supporting her, they will pay for this. And it won’t be by me or you. Because I have seen the Law of Karma come back and bite people in the ass.

    I think it is important for each and every one of us to try our best to maintain a positive attitude. Hand-wringing and worrying isn’t going to help Jodi or her family. I understand the seriousness of what could possibly lie ahead for Jodi, but I also believe that if you think bad, then bad is what you get. Whatever the jurors decide today or next week, our work here is far from over. Whether they come back with life or death, the liberation of Jodi Arias has already begun and no jury, no TravisTown pedo-hugger, no media member, no troll will ever stop us from moving forward. If they get in our way, we will crush them like a bug. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I am against violence and I don’t want to see anyone on our side take to violence against anyone of these people. Let them be the ones making death threats and threats of violence. I want us to take the high road and focus on justice, not revenge. That being said, this doesn’t mean that we have to take their crap either. Always fight back and stand up to them and for Jodi and her family. But let’s do it within the confines of the law and out in the open, not being secretive or behind closed doors.

    I love you, Team Jodi, and Jodi, if you ever read this, I love you, too, and we’re going to get this done together.

  26. Jodi, Prayers and thoughts for you today stay strong keep the faith. You are so smart and articulate it blows me away. Love you

  27. AA,

    Responding to a post of yours from last night, in ref postponment

    “OMG this needs to be reviewed. Nothing dies on the internet EVER! Times have changed a LOT since the 90s.”

    I agree. I wonder if there’s a more recent decision somewhere, or if somethings making its way through the appeals cycle.

    Maybe these folks should heed Justice Clark from Estes v. Texas, when he predicted this mess way back in 1965.

    And then you have folks like Arapaio who introduced webcams into the booking rooms in his stations and jails. It took going all the way to the 9th circuit to get those removed. BTW Ulises Ferragut was the appeals lawyer on that case.

    • OMG Al, Estes v. Texas, I need to look that one up again. We looked at that in law school many moons ago. Wasn’t that the one where there was some comparison of the case to watching Bonanza? LOL If I’m remembering correctly, there was some discussion about televising trials being a benefit to psychologists. But there was concern that a mistrial might result in tainting of any potential future venire.

      OOoh so Ulises Ferragut HAS been successful in appeals. When I looked at his website, I didn’t see a lot of appellate experience, and a media report on him seemed to imply he was mostly a criminal defense lawyer, not an appellate lawyer.

      Oh, and did you see the DC opinion I posted to you late last night after you went to bed, that was from last week, about juror misconduct revealed post-verdict? You’ll be interested in that one methinks.

      • Don’t quite remember the psychologist angle. But here’s a report of some of the excerpts from the SCOTUS decision.

        If nothing else this case shows the dangers of televising trials. What really boggles the mind is that way back in 1965 in a case called Estes v. Texas the SCOTUS ruled:

        “Held: The televising over petitioner’s objections of the courtroom proceedings of petitioner’s criminal trial, in which there was widespread public interest, was inherently invalid as infringing the fundamental right to a fair trial guaranteed by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

        The constitutional guarantee of a public trial is to ensure that the accused is fairly dealt with, and not unjustly condemned. Pp. 381 U. S. 538-539.
        (c) The freedom granted to the press under the First Amendment must be subject to the maintenance of absolute fairness in the judicial process, and, in the present state of television techniques such freedom does not confer the right to use equipment in the courtroom which might jeopardize a fair trial, the atmosphere for which must be preserved at all costs. Pp. 381 U. S. 539-540.
        (d) The public’s right to be informed about court proceedings is satisfied if reporters are free to attend and to report on the proceedings through their respective media. Pp. 381 U. S. 541-542.
        (e) Where, as here, the procedure employed by the State involves the probability that prejudice to the accused will result, that procedure, in line with the principle established in such cases as Rideau v. Louisiana, 373 U. S. 723, will be deemed lacking in due process whether or not isolatable prejudice can be demonstrated. Pp. 381 U. S. 542-544.
        (f) There are numerous respects in which televising court proceedings may alone, and in combination almost certainly will, cause unfairness, such as: (1) improperly influencing jurors by emphasizing the notoriety of the trial and affecting their impartial judgment, distracting their attention, facilitating (in States which do not sequester jurors) their viewing of selected parts of the proceedings, and improperly influencing potential jurors, and thus jeopardizing the fairness of new trials; (2) impairing the testimony of witnesses, as by causing some to be frightened and others to overstate their testimony, and generally influencing the testimony of witnesses, thus frustrating invocation of the “rule” against witnesses; (3) distracting judges generally and exercising an adverse psychological effect, particularly upon those who are elected; and (4) imposing pressures upon the defendant and intruding into the confidential attorney-client relationship. Pp. 381 U. S. 544-550.
        (g) The foregoing factors are not merely “hypothetical,” as is evidenced by the bar on television in federal criminal trials imposed by the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and by such a bar in all but two States. P. 381 U. S. 550.


        For those who may be interested

        Justice Clark, who wrote the opinion in Estes was amazingly prescient when he said:

        “From the moment the trial judge announces that a case will be televised, it becomes a cause celebre. The whole community, including prospective jurors, becomes interested in all the morbid details surrounding it. The approaching trial immediately assumes an important status in the public press, and the accused is highly publicized, along with the offense with which he is charged. Every juror carries with him into the jury box these solemn facts, and thus increases the change of prejudice that is present in every criminal case. And we must remember that, realistically, it is only the notorious trial which will be broadcast, because of the necessity for paid sponsorship. The conscious or unconscious effect that this may have on the juror’s judgment cannot be evaluated, but experience indicates that it is not only possible, but highly probable, that it will have a direct bearing on his vote as to guilt or innocence.”

        Especially the line

        “And we must remember that, realistically, it is only the notorious trial which will be broadcast, because of the necessity for paid sponsorship.”

        There you go folks, almost 50 years ago a Supreme Court justice was telling you why this fiasco should not be allowed. He also said

        “A defendant on trial for a specific crime is entitled to his day in court, not in a stadium, or a city, or nationwide arena. The heightened public clamor resulting from radio and television coverage will inevitably result in prejudice. Trial by television is, therefore, foreign to our system.”

        In as far as Ferragut is concerned, I read somewhere that about a third of his practice is appeals.

        I did read the DC opinion you posted and that sort of sits in line with most others.

        • AA
          Justice Stevens certainly had insight. Now we are in an age of internet, 24 hr. coverage,etc.
          When witnesses are harassed and threatened, it is time to take a look at televising
          high profile trials. I believe the Arias case may be one that the Supreme Court will take a
          look at.

          • AL and AA you to are so good at what you do and I am proud to know you both keep up the good work now we need to get the info to the defense team for Jodi

        • Wow, Al. Justice Clark had a crystal ball, didn’t he? Back then, not everyone had TVs in their homes. Look at us now! The majority have smart devices, WiFi, etc.

  28. Such good interviews with both Jodi and Darryl!!! This is the first time I hope the Jury watches TV/Internet before they go and deliberate.

  29. Yo dudes, Sirlips and Al, I dragged myself back to the Websleuths Legal Q&A forum to see if anyone was asking about our questions yesterday (re: new jury for penalty assuming this one is deadlocked). Groan! The things I do for the two of you and yet, I get no respect around her.

    (By the way fellas, I’m opening a PayPal account for my cat, Jemima (hip hop name: J-My), who had dental surgery two weeks ago at a cost of $508 (plus $257 pre-surgical blood/urine tests and vet exam) so, I’ll gladly accept your donations. She’s an adorable girl who is 11 years old, and loves to cuddle, so she’s a MUCH better charity option than all the funds you’ve both been contributing to Napoleon’s gold collar and leash, platinum food bowls, and mink bed. Don’t lie, fellas, you know you’ve been sending all your $100 bills over there!

    J-My is more than happy to eat from her regular dishes, sleep with her Mummy (or in any teeny box she can find) and she absolutely detests all forms of collars, by the way. She also specifically stated that the 7 teeth she had extracted NOT be replaced with gold teeth. She’s just a simple girl after all and doesn’t like all that garish stuff! But it did take the poor thing a whole week to learn how to eat without her teeth, and her poor Mummy had to do a lot of syringe feeding, antibiotic and pain med syringing for the poor little thing. And then, it took a whole lot of Popeye’s chicken to get her motivated enough to learn how to eat, while she was all drugged out. So, send those C-Notes over here, boys! LOL)

    Anyway, there were answers that this AZ lawyer person gave:

    “The new jury would be told that they must accept that Jodi is guilty of 1st degree premeditated murder with the aggravating circumstance of cruelty.”

    “They would start over from scratch. Also, they would have to re-present any mitigation evidence and rebuttal that had been presented in the guilt phase.”

    He/she also said (and here’s where the puke bucket comes out:

    “IMO a new jury would be vastly more likely NOT to vote for death, as they are not personally committed to the verdicts of guilt and cruelty and will not have had the experience of watching and hearing from JA for 5 months and realizing just how cold she is.”

    And a few more tidbits:

    “This is why I think a second jury would be much more likely to vote for life. They simply wouldn’t have an in-depth understanding of the evidence or an emotional commitment to the verdicts rendered thus far.

    As for the hung jury procedure, a defendant can’t appeal a proceeding that ends with a hung jury, because the defendant hasn’t been harmed by that proceeding.

    I don’t see any problem with infinite hung juries, because that’s exactly how criminal trials always work–if there’s a hung jury, the defendant can be retried again and again and again until one jury finally reaches a decision. So this procedure in AZ stops the process rather than continuing on with hung juries ad infinitum–and the process stops in the defendant’s favor, with a life sentence, so I don’t see the basis for a defendant to complain about that.”

    “I have no experience with [second jury] and haven’t heard of it happening so far. But perhaps it happens and the cases are being settled before the second jury is picked?”

    “IMO Judge Stephens could and should have told them about the second-jury procedure.

    Based on the media reports about the note, it sounds like they weren’t sure what form to use.”

    In a new article, however, Michael Kiefer wrote:

    “In the event of a hung jury, the judge will declare a mistrial in the penalty phase, and the jury will be dismissed.

    The first-degree-murder conviction would stand, as would the finding of aggravation. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office would then have to decide whether to persist in its attempt to seek the death penalty against Arias or settle for a life sentence to avoid a new sentencing hearing.

    Though the County Attorney’s Office has not revealed the cost of its prosecution, claiming it is built into the annual budget, the defense alone has already amounted to nearly $1.7million over five years.

    If prosecutors decided to go forward, a new jury would have to be seated, though it could be difficult to find impartial jurors for a case that has seen so much notoriety and media saturation.

    That new jury would sit through an abbreviated trial as the defense and prosecution present the facts of the case. If the second sentencing trial also ended in a hung jury, then Arias would automatically be sentenced to life in prison. The judge would decide if she should be sentenced to natural life or to life with a chance of parole after 25 years.”

    So, contrary to AZ Lawyer, Michael Kiefer is saying there would be an abbreviated trial, whatever that means. Anyone want to tweet to him and ask him?

    • AA…thank you for the laugh..Gee I would love to donatte to your fur child..but since my beast of a car will just about total you child’s Med bills I can’t at this time.. I think you should rethink the gold toooth..I think she would love some bilingual….

      As for the rest of the post..Not sure I understand but will reread it and can figure it out in my simple mind.

      • It’s okay, Cindy, I really wanted a few a those C-notes these fellas are sending to Napoleon, and couldn’t possibly take the few pennies you have in reserve for that beater you insist on driving :D.

        As for the gold teeth, J-My said to tell you that you’re a racist! Just because she’s black and her name is Jemima does NOT mean she wishes to be part of the gold tooth stereotype to which you’re referring. She will be taking this issue up with the ACLU later today. She reminds you that she is a rather litigious cat, after all. LOL LOL LOL

        • Omg that is so funny thanks..

          Just watched the interviews..WOW She is one hell of a woman. I’m so happy I saw that. I’m. Happy she also had make up on. Why the hell not. It’s her story and untill the day she is freed it will be the last time she gets to wear it. So as far as I’m concerned HLN CAN JUST GO FUCK THEMSELVES …

    • AA

      You have my gratitude, wading through that dung heap for Sirlips (I always blame him).

      Much as I suspected this person too doubts this has ever happened before. I don’t know how they can do this abbreviated mini-trial without it becoming an appellate issue. The jury is supposed to make up its mind based on the totality of the evidence. And the mitigation includes all the abuse. I’m sure even after their misplaced M1 verdict this jury is considering the why. And therein lies the rub. How the heck is a new jury supposed to know about the psych evals, the abuse, the nature of the relationship etc. And those all go to the abuse mitigation prong, which the judge allowed (I gather the judge has to allow both aggravating and mitigating factors based on evidence).

      Reading out guilt phase testimony seems untenable. Do you read it all out for the new jury, or do you read out select portions. If the later each side is going to bitch (and its not the totality in any case). So who knows. Guess we’ll find out.

      • Yeah, Al, where where are the C-notes? CASH … errr, I mean Napoleon has already collected enough LOL

        I did take a perfunctory glance through AZ case law to see if this whole second jury thing had ever been challenged and didn’t find anything. Do you happen to know which rule this falls under?

    • Okay, a bit more on this second jury stuff, just in case you’re not confused enough (still waiting for the c-notes):

      “Under Arizona law, a hung jury in the death penalty phase of a trial requires a new jury to be seated to decide the punishment. If the second jury cannot reach a unanimous decision, the judge would then sentence Arias to spend her entire life in prison or be eligible for release after 25 years.

      In the event of a hung jury in the Arias trial, the case could drag on for several more months, said former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley.

      ‘‘If that happens, this jury would be dismissed and a second jury would be impaneled, and you’d literally have to go through the whole case again,’’ Romley said, adding the murder conviction would stand and the new panel would be considering only the sentence.

      However, the new jury would have to review evidence and hear opening statements, closing arguments and witness testimony in a ‘‘Cliffs Notes’’ version of the trial, Romley said.”

      • So I take it that a new penalty jury is mandatory? Arizona justice means prosecutors keep trying until they get the decision they want.

        • No, they only get two juries for the penalty phase (the original one, and then a second one). If the second one is deadlocked, then the judge decides on natural life vs. life without parole. The judge can then NOT sentence the defendant to execution.

          But it seems like thus far, a second jury has never been empaneled in AZ before from what I can find.

          Al and I are just discussing back and forth on the constitutionality of all this. I mean, there are a few different versions out there of what the new jury gets to review.

          One said they are told they must accept that Jodi was convicted of first degree murder and the aggravating factor of extreme cruelty, and then, they get the entire mitigation phase again (opening statements, closing arguments, rebuttal, victim impact statements, Jodi’s allocution). At that point, they deliberate.

          Another says they get an abbreviated trial as the defense and prosecution present the facts of the case. And a Maricopa County attorney says they’d get a “Cliff Notes” version of the case including evidence including opening statements, closing arguments and witness testimony. Presumably, that means opening statement and closing arguments of the mitigation/penalty phase ONLY???

          But jurors are supposed to decide on penalty based on totality of the evidence presented. So, what do they do? Watch a recording of 4.5 months of trial minus sidebars? Read the transcripts? How does this work?

          And what are they supposed to do if they find differently? They’re forced to then accept the guilty verdict even if they don’t agree with it?

          It just doesn’t seem like due process could possibly be served under this method.

          • AA,

            Further to “Watch a recording of 4.5 months of trial minus sidebars”. Are all trials in AZ recorded?

            If not, what happens in an unrecorded trial. Witness demeanor, which the transcript doesn’t capture goes to credibility. (Remember Horn’s shit eating grin as he claimed a typo).

            I did find an Arkansas case (Rasul v. Ark) in which there was a hung jury and the trial judge recused himself for the sentencing phase. A new judge was brought in. On appeal the appeals court agreed that the totality of the case was necessary for the sentencing phase, however since the new judge had access to all the transcripts that answered that.

            Of course it seems like AZ has this unique second jury thing, so who knows.

            • Al, I think all trials are recorded nowadays (at least audio, not video), but good point!

              I’m just looking up that opinion, even though Arkansas law would have no bearing on Arizona law, nor would Arizona be bound to follow it. The judge recused himself due to a relationship with a defense witness, interesting, although his decision seems appropriate. I think a judge, upon reading a transcript, would have the innate ability to familiarize himself with the evidence in a manner that a jury would not.

      • Good Lu k on finding anyone for the second jury. I sure would do anything in my power to get out of it..How unfair is it to ask people to death just from reading back crap.

    • Damn PEEPS…

      You know, im out doing my daily charity run…you know, giving blood at the hospital before i go to cook breakfast for the hungry kids in Africa…to return to THIS!

      AA, AL… I’m hurt, really hurt. I can’t believe you guys would (sniffle) say these things. LOL

      Hey guys,
      AA… Fuck your cat. No, seriously “fuck” your cat, it will help her build up an appetite, i do this all the time when my cats have dental work done. No, i joke…i do love cats though, a little boney but if you cook them right, they are dee-lish. I will send some of the funds Ann and i get from Spanky, its been ROLLING in, so a few hund’oes are no problem.

      AL, The only reason im not offended and telling you where to go is…because its true. Yah got me. hee hee.

      AA, Al and AA, you 3 are amazing.
      Seriously you both are the shit! You put alot of time and energy into the posts and they are always well written. Unlike my chicken scratches, your posts actually contain something of value, and we should all thank you for that. (Yes, i realize i put AA twice…thats because I like AA more than you AL)

      • See if I say anything nice about you again. No wonder Sparky left. He probably threw himself in front of the bus after all the damage done by you – hanging out with cats and stuff.

    • “IMO a new jury would be vastly more likely NOT to vote for death, as they are not personally committed to the verdicts of guilt and cruelty and will not have had the experience of watching and hearing from JA for 5 months and realizing just how cold she is.”

      Those Websleuths hags are so annoying. Yeah, good luck finding 12 people in Maricopa County who haven’t been tainted by watching trial coverage.

    • Well, I’ve now diagnosed myself. Perhaps I will need to go on long-term disability.

      “Changes to depression criteria mean someone who has been recently bereaved can be diagnosed with depression.”

      My gerbil died a couple of weeks ago. I’m recently bereaved and depressed.

      “Binge eating disorder which involves eating to excess on at least 12 occasions over a three-month period.”

      My future mother-in-law is Italian and an amazing cook. I can’t help myself!!!

      • Well I guess the pills will be flying. I’m. Vvery depressed due to hearing JM’s voice and over eating because he mad my brain scramble. I have become dalosuional and thought justice. would be served and abuse was wrong.

      • coming from a family of Italian I know what you mean when it comes to food. Love to eat to but sometime long ago I felt that life one day would get so bad that food would be unavailable and started eating just one meal a day to get my body ready for when that day came.

  30. Are there any musical peeps out there? I posted a re-make of , Candle in the wind, early this morning and would like to know if someone could put some music and sound to this? I am a song writer but do not have the tech. to do this.If you missed it, here it is. Hello, Jodi Arias, Though I never knew you at all…. you had the strength to hold yourself, while those around you crawled, they crawled out from underneath they’re rocks and they screamed in everybody brain, that they wish that you would die, and they taught they had a plan. And it seems to me, you live your life, like a candle in the wind, never knowing who to trust, when your trial began, but it seems like I know you, we will be victorious, my candle has not burnt out yet and your gonna live. 18 days was tough, the toughest days you had to talk about, yah he was rude and he taught he was a super star. Even when you cried, oh the press just had to say, there were no tears and that you must of lied. But it seems to me, you live your life like a candle in the wind, never knowing who to trust, when your trial began. But it seems like I know you, we will be victorious, my candle has not burnt out yet, and your gonna live.

    • Hey Glen,

      As I said above, it’s so sweet. There are some instrumentals on YouTube and usually those people are really nice about letting you use them, as long as you give them credit. I like this one: Also, you can often find great instrumentals on iTunes. I usually look in both places when I’m looking for backing music for something I want to record.

      I tried singing along just to see how it would flow and after doing so a few times, can I make the following few little changes?:

      Hello Jodi Arias
      Though I never knew you at all
      You had the strength to hold yourself
      While those around you crawled.
      They crawled out from underneath their rocks
      To scream in all the people’s brains
      That they wish that you would die
      And they thought they had a plan.

      But it seems to me, you live your life
      Like a candle in the wind
      Never knowing who to trust
      Since your trial began.
      And I feel like I know you now.
      We’ll be victorious.
      My candle hasn’t burned out yet
      And you are gonna live.

      Eighteen days was tough
      The toughest days you had to talk about
      Yeah he was rude, he thought he was a rock star.
      Even when you cried
      Oh the press just had to say
      There were no tears
      And that you must have lied.


      [Brief Musical interlude]

      Hello Jodi Arias
      Though I never knew you at all
      You had the strength to hold yourself
      While those around you crawled
      They crawled out from underneath their rocks
      To scream in all the people’s brains
      That they wish that you would die
      And they thought they had a plan.


      And you are gonna live.

      Hold on Jodi!

      (I’m assuming you want to repeat the first verse in place of a new third verse there, right?)

  31. So do we think today will be either a verdict or mistrial? Or do we think this will carry over past the holiday weekend?

    Remember if there is no resolution today they have 4 days off and will return Tuesday.

    • I think they just may hang. Life vs. death are two positions that are pretty solid, and I would think that it would be hard to sway people who are committed to one side or the other.

      If they do hang, can Pickles sentence Jodi to life vs. natural life now if she chooses? Or is that up to Kermit’s office?

    • I don’t know – with every passing the day the chances of a hung jury improve.

      My gut tells me today the jury will again tell the judge they can’t decide. If that happens will she send them into a 3rd round of deliberations?

    • Oh, no doubt HLN would be happy with no verdict today. Not only for the money, but for the opportunity to create more programming for their target audience: current and potential jurors.

      They don’t even hide this. When the jury as deliberating in the guilt phase, HLN addressed them directly, hour after hour, day after day, with “what the jury doesn’t know,” etc.

  32. Here’s something I find interesting about the Dave/Mimi Hall sibling notation.

    1. Dave Hall hunts, right? Dave Hall is also a Mormon, right? Throat slashing is the mark of a hunter (or or blood atonement in the Mormon religion or a professional killer). Travis’s throat was slashed, right?

    2. Travis was known for stealing Mormon girls’ virtue, right? (At least one that we know of, Deanna, anyway. And he would have liked to have stolen Lisa’s. And there were others, per Gus Searcy, who aren’t about to speak out about it.)

    3. Travis was infatuated with Mimi Hall, Dave Hall’s sister, wo is also a Mormon, right? Mimi told him she just wanted to be friends, right? Travis had persuaded Mimi to still accompany him on his PPL trip to Cancun, right? Mimi considered not going, but then thought it would be okay because she’d be staying with Mormons, right? (By okay, I mean, she wasn’t going to lose her virtue to Travis, just by accompanying him.)

    4. The trip was to occur on June 10, 2008. Travis died somewhere between June 4, 2008 and June 9, 2008. His body was found on June 9, 2008 which, if you haven’t realized already, is the day BEFORE the Cancun trip. Travis’s body was found in a state of moderate decomposition. The time of death was established to be June 4, 2008, based on photos taken that day. But there’s no way to be absolutely certain that WAS the date he died. There are factors which can speed up decomposition (temperature, substances) and that aren’t necessarily discernible later, and won’t show up in toxicology reports (cocaine, heroine, meth, for example.)

    5. Travis’s family members were meth addicts and also Mormons, right?

    6. Someone who is also a Mormon wrote somewhere online (republished on OccupyHLN) as follows: “Truth be known, Jodi saved Mimi Hall from losing her virtue to the dirt bag.”

    7. We have two roommates who didn’t smell decomposition for FIVE days, nor did their girlfriends. So, that’s 4 people who spent a considerable amount of time in that house, but didn’t smell a damn thing.

    8. Mimi Hall is the one who makes the 911 call. She smelled decomposition in the house, as did the first police officers on the scene and Gloria Esteban.

    Add this all up. Was Dave Hall, the hunter, worried about Travis stealing his sister’s virtue on the Cancun trip?

    • Interesting. Before late last night I was unaware that they are siblings…..The points you laid out certainly seem like possible motive to me.

    • This question kind of relates to no. 4. When you take photos on a digital camera, then later decide to set the date or time back, is there metadata that will show you’ve reset the date/time? In other words, you might take several photos starting at 5:30 pm then stop shooting photos. The next day at 11 a.m. you reset your date/time back to June 4, 5:32 pm and take more photos. When reviewing your photos on camera or computer, the time stamp displayed will look like you took photos one after the other up until and past 5:32 pm. But is there embedded information, the metadata, which would show that you reset the camera’s clock? I’ve wondered if perhaps TA was killed much later than 5:30 pm by someone else despite JA’s admission, possible false confession made under duress, coached, coaxed and coerced by Flores in the Siskyou Sheriff’s station. JA didn’t have an attorney present and I believe Flores started out the interrogation w/: Jodi, I need you to help me. And she agreed to help. There are articles about why innocent people confess to crimes they did not commit.


        And I apologize in advance for diverging off this post – last time I did it I offended someone, but I am just following a train of thought from Krikee’s post.

        The photo thing has bugged me for awhile for two reasons:

        1. Jodi seemed to me to be genuinely surprised and confused by the pictures of her in pigtails on June 4 – even went into several minutes of speculation w/Flores, wondering if somehow Travis had ended up with a memory card from HER camera.

        2. The inconsistent testimonies of Connor and Melendez. Connor said she found the camera’s card in the bottom of the washer. Melendez said that he, himself, had removed the card from the camera.

        So that, right there, led me to wondering if the photographic evidence had been somehow manufactured. Gathered from other sources and falsely timestamped. Except I don’t know how anyone could get around the meta-data that would be attached to the original photos. Wherever they came from, they’d carry that data with them, wouldn’t they?

        Then, last night, I had a thought. What if those photos – the nudes and the shower photos – were snagged stills from videos? Would they carry meta-data from the video? Or would they only carry the data of when and where they were snagged? Anyone know?

        • I think there’s software to change metadata. So many inconsistencies that are not explained. I didn’t know that about the card being in the washer, then being removed from the camera itself. Maybe it wasn’t confusion, but a Freudian slip by the roommate when he said he did laundry on Saturday. Could he be the one to have thrown the camera into the washer on Saturday. He claims to be a photographer himself. He is also the one who said he last saw TA on Thursday at 11 am when he was leaving the house to go to his girlfriend’s. He spent all day Thurs. at his girlfriend’s. When TA’s body hadn’t been discovered on Thurs or Fri. What else was there to do but wait it out until the moment of discovery – 5 days of decomp, maybe less. Maybe decomp was only 3 days. There was never any explanation in police reports addressing why he last saw TA alive on Thursday a.m. If time stamp was changed, somebody made the mistake of not allowing enough time, just under two minutes, between TA looking into the camera then lying on the floor bleeding from neck wound. This would have meant within that time he traveled down the hallway, bled profusely, then was dragged back to the shower. Or his neck was already cut in the shower at 5:32, in which case, he couldn’t have traveled down the hallway.

      • I’m not sure about cameras, but I can answer that question about computers (at least those running Unix, Linux, MACOS, don’t know from Windows). Changing the time on a computer is a system administration task. All system administration activities are logged by the computers operating system. These logs are maintained for a period of time, ranging from a few days to for ever. A savvy computer expert can go back and review these logs and they will show if the clock was reset, and if so when.

        Now cameras may not have the space to store such info, however, there is a way to get the order in which files (i.e. pictures) were stored. When a computer writes to a file system, it follows a very structured way in which the files are stored. So if you map the disk (or memory card) you can determine the order in which files were written to storage. So even if you ignore the date settings you can always go back and look at how the files were laid out on the disk or memory card. This will at least tell you the order they were written in, and if that order doesn’t match the time stamps, you may be able to surmise that something else was done. I do know for instance that you can take a picture on one camera and then transfer it over to another. When hooked up to your computer some cameras just looks like an external hard drive and you can both read from and write to the memory card in the camera.

        So could this have happened – sure.
        Does the Mesa PD have the ability to figure this out – I don’t know, Melendes didn’t strike me as the sharpest knife in the drawer.

        • Honestly, I think Jodi was there the day Travis died. The pictures weren’t necessarily from a previous time. I think this for this reason alone:

          If she really was not there, there’d be no way on Earth that her version of events could corroborate the evidence. (Now by this I mean, she could very well have witnessed what happened and that is how her story could corroborate the evidence, OR else, it really was self defense).

          • I don’t dispute that she was there. I just doubt the photographs, and wonder if they were manufactured to PROVE that she was there.

            If you watch the first interrogation tape from July 15, Jodi is surprised and confused by pictures of her with pigtails on Jun 4.

          • I, too, do not dispute that she was there that day. But I’m beginning to think that TA was alive and well when Jodi left that afternoon. I have not watched her 1st interrogation to the end, but you can see that Flores immediately begins to lead Jodi into her “confession.”

            Why do innocent people confess to crimes they did not commit. Here’s a good article:

            Of the three kinds of false confessions, JA most likely would fall into the third category of people who make internalized false confessions, believing they are in fact guilty, even though they have no recollection of the crime. These people are usually: 1) younger suspects (even though Jodi was 27 at the time, she seemed to be highly emotional and naïve for her age); 2) tired and confused by the interrogation; 3) highly suggestible individuals (note Brewer’s interview where he says Jodi suddenly began to engage in ‘magical thinking’ and believe that ‘The Law of Attraction’ would solve her problems); and 4) exposed to false information by interrogators. Flores almost immediately tells her about the “evidence” that points to her. They let her sit in that room handcuffed, cold from the AC, no water and no toilet, for the sole purpose of making her more pliable and apt to confess.

      • Krikee, as I recall pouty mouth Melendez testified that he was basing the time stamps on the camera’s internal clock — not whatever time was set. He talked about it being set by Greenwich mean time. (I recall that specifically because he pronounced it as “green-witch” not “grenitch” which annoyed me profusely — but that’s beside the point.)

        And we know Jodi was there at some point, because of the palm print with both their blood in it, on the wall.

        Have you checked out the Lawyers On Strike blog? The lawyer who runs it, a highly intellectual and very interesting NY criminal defense lawyer has been discussing the implausibility of all of this for over a week now. Heather and I have participated quite frequently, and of course, a few haters joined in. There are now about 4 posts on the subject with multiple comments which are a bit difficult to follow because of the blog format.

        Anyway, that lawyer is pretty disgusted that Flores zeroed in on Jodi without ruling out other suspects like Dustin Thompson (Ashley Reed’s husband. She’s the one who called in the tip about him acting strange and she was leaving him and going to move in with Travis, but decided against it, yet, moved out right before Travis was killed) and John Hepworth (the tip from Lisa about him being a former roommate who didn’t see eye-to-eye with Travis and having moved out in the middle of the night without telling Travis), and also that he didn’t investigate who the footprint in blood belonged to, since it would have been completely dry 5 days later.

        He has also discussed a case he handled where a woman who had been raped had dissociative amnesia and was raped, and falsely confessed. He even said perhaps he wouldn’t look at this case as he did if it were not for that case.

        Now, he didn’t watch the trial, but we’ve filled him in a great deal. And he thinks Jodi is just in lalaland without any recollection of what really happened and that really shows in her post-conviction interview and her allocution which he found surreal. He also thinks her story of not being there was fear-based. But her intruder story is probably the closest version to the truth, however, he doubts it was a man and a woman, and suspects it was two men — one of whom raped her, while the other killed Travis.

        He has also been rather critical of her lawyers for pigeonholing her into self-defense because of the difficulty in selling it to a jury, when there was perhaps a better case to present of “whodunnit”. (I’m assuming you know that once they opted for self-defense, they couldn’t then use any of the above possible third-party scenarios, per rules of evidence.) However, he understands that they are PDs and went with the safest route to keep their client alive, because if they’d gone with “third party did it”, they wouldn’t have had a chance of lesser included offenses in the jury instructions. However, with self-defense, they got those in. Not that they did the blindest bit of good, of course.

        We’ve also discussed the absolute ridiculousness of Travis being alive at 5:30 (per the photographs) and Jodi stabbing him in the vena cava, stabbing him in the back, neck and head, slashing his throat, and shooting him, dragging him back to the shower, then doing a rudimentary clean up of his body, cleaning up the house a bit, putting up the dog gate and putting the dog downstairs, doing two loads of laundry (since the camera was in with the bedding which was in the dryer and another load was in the washer), grabbing her stuff, and getting the hell out of there before Enrique got home by 6-6:30. If the wash cycle took 40 minutes, how did she manage all the other stuff in such a short amount of time?

        As I said before, let’s assume Enrique was wrong, and he didn’t get home until 7 due to a traffic jam. Well, you’d think he’d remember that bad of a traffic jam in the first place, but even assuming he didn’t, we know Jodi was gone when he got there because the door was locked. His girlfriend came over before 8 (because they went to the temple and got there by 8) and she noticed Travis’s CTR ring and watch on the kitchen counter.

        Let’s go one further and assume that Jodi was still there and he just didn’t see her. Well, we know she left shortly thereafter because she was in Kingman, AZ by 10:30 when she made her first phone call and that’s a 3.5 hour drive away.

        At some point between Kingman and the Hoover Dam (about an hour or so), if the license plate was off the car, she put it back on, and she must have put it on the right way. And she somehow cleaned up the blood (from herself, her clothes, the most obvious places in the car). She wouldn’t have gotten through the Hoover Dam checkpoint without doing both of those.

        The other interesting thing here is that the kool aid stains were in the back of the car, not the front. So, did she strip before leaving Travis’s house and toss the blood clothes in the back?

        And we don’t know what she did from about 10-30-11 when she called Ryan and Travis until she got to Ryan’s house in St. George UT, the following morning at 11. That should have been about a 3.5 hour drive, but it took her 12 hours and that’s about all we really know. Did she sleep for 5-6 hours? Did she have the real killer in the car with her and she drove him somewhere? Or, was the real killer with her and the other person involved driving behind them? Did the killer force her to make the calls? She sure sounded stressed in the one she made to Travis.

        And then, there’s the weird case of the smell of cigarette smoke in the car when it was returned. Jodi doesn’t smoke. Does Ryan Burns? I doubt it as he’s Mormon, although not practicing. Leslie Udi? She’s also Mormon. Did Dustin Thompson or John Hepworth smoke? Probably not as they’re Mormons. Who do we know that smokes? Travis’s brother, Steven — the one Travis had a notecard to call. Could he somehow fit into all of this?

        Then, there’s Ashley Reed, who got a restraining order against her husband, Dustin, because he was violent with her. Why? Was he just an abusive bastard? Or, did he find some of the texts between her and Travis? Was there something going on with Travis?

        So, she divorces Dustin successfully. They have no kids. Their house is in foreclosure. They don’t own a business. So no real ties. But a year and a half later, she commits suicide under very suspicious circumstances. She uses a gun (not common for women) with a downward trajectory from the back (really difficult to do) with a strange sized entry wound. The autopsy report doesn’t mention the gun caliber, why?

        And a month after Ashley dies, Jodi changes her plea and tries to get those 10 letters from Travis, of which she only has copies, not the original, submitted into evidence. Is that connected to Ashley’s suicide/death?

        Meanwhile, there’s the Hughes. While a police investigation was undergoing, Chris Hughes gets the password to Travis’s email and he reads all his emails. He’s given a few different stories of how he got it, ranging from a guess, to having the same webmaster as Travis and contacting him while he was still in Cancun. He doesn’t shed much more light on the May 26th awful text/instant message/email between Travis and Jodi. But he claims at one point, Jodi tells Travis by email she’s going to get an attorney. Why? He doesn’t elaborate. But why was he soooo anxious to break into Travis’s email anyway?

        Topping all of that off, you have Jodi telling Dr. Karp (the psychologist involved initially who had to back out due to cancer) that Jodi said Travis told her he spoke to a bishop (but not his boys) about the fact that he had interest and experience in sex with little boys. He also said he fondled two boys. She also made a similar statement to Dr. Samuels. What little boys? Who was their father? Who was their mother? Did the parents have any inkling? If so, did they have motive?

        Who exactly was the women with the eating disorder that Travis was texting begging to come over and threatening suicide if they didn’t? Did she have a jealous husband/boyfriend? Who were the other women he was texting in a flirtatious sexual manner, one of whom was married? Was that Ashley? Was it someone else with a jealous husband/boyfriend?

        Who was the bishop Travis talked to about fondling little boys? Bishops in the Mormon religion don’t have any special training in handling these matters. They’re just regular people who volunteer to be a bishop while they continue their regular jobs. They’re not like Catholic bishops who do nothing else. Why did he talk to THAT bishop, not his own? Was it that bishop’s son he fondled?

        What gives with the letters? Jodi forged them???? But when Sky Hughes got them from Nurmi, she wasn’t shocked. She thanked him and asked what was Travis’s age of attraction in kids. Why? Was she concerned for her own kids? Is that why her husband had to get into Travis’s emails in such a hurry? Nurmi’s expert said the letters were more probably written by Travis than not. Where were the originals? What happened in the hearing and what happened in Nurmi’s supplemental report about the letters that was sealed (presumably his expert’s report)? The haters say either (a) Jodi forged them in jail or Matt or someone else forged them using photoshop taking words from Travis’s journal. Jodi forged 10 multiple paged letters in jail and no one noticed? Matt did them in photoshop? OMG I’m an expert in photoshop and that it would take me a month to do one such letter, never mind 10 of them.

        Why didn’t Matt testify? Why didn’t anyone call him? He said he didn’t want to be involved, but his name is all over the web.

        Why didn’t the roommates testify? Why didn’t they notice the smell for 5 days? Where in the police report did Flores verify their alibis? He didn’t even talk to one of the girlfriends, just like he didn’t talk to Dustin Thompson. If his ring, watch, wallet and laptop were in the same places for 5 days, and the roommates/girlfriends noticed, why didn’t they wonder where Travis was?

        When exactly did Zach do laundry? First, it was the Saturday the 7th. Then it was the Wednesday. Huh? He got up and went to return his rental car. After that, he was only home from 3-4 which just isn’t enough time to wash and dry laundry. Jodi claimed she washed the bedding after they had sex. But if she did, how did the camera get in there? If Zach did his laundry at 3 p.m. but left it there, why didn’t he notice the bedding? If he did it later that night, after he got home at 9 p.m., why didn’t he notice the bedding plus camera and the other clothes? What did he do with them? Did he take them out? Why then wouldn’t he have put Travis’s clothes that were in the washer into the dryer? Am I expected to believe he just took out Travis’s wet clothes from the washer, and the bedding plus camera from the dryer. Then, he did his laundry, and put everything back the way he found it. Moreover, why didn’t he notice the blood?

        I mean, there’s just so much weird shit here that wasn’t seen at trial, but it’s all out there documented in the police reports, texts, emails, instant messages, etc. Something stinks bad and it’s not just Travis’s decomposing body.

        • Hi Also Abused, I’m going to have to return to your post later and give it my attention. I’m in and out all day today, and I know as it gets closer to 10 am the comments will be coming in fast and furious about possible return of verdict. It’s too late in the game, but the inconsistencies still are troublesome. Even in an appeal, only the errors of the trial can be addressed, not the evidence itself. So appeal would have to overturn verdict and new trial would have to result for new look at evidence. Would like to know if any exculpatory evidence was withheld and if Brady violation motion addresses that, or if the violation was about withholding of TA’s emails till 2011.

          • It’s too late in the game for a direct appeal, yes. But all of the above could be brought up later in post-conviction relief and could be a basis for ineffective assistance of counsel.

            I think there was more than one Brady violation motion, but I don’t recall that exactly. I’d have to go back to the minute entries AGAIN. My brain has been mush lately. I’m surprised I remember all that I do LOL

        • AA – isn’t it amazing they could build a case at all with so many questions left unanswered, so many inconsistencies?

          Three quick points (well, quick for me, lol)

          1. The bedding was in the dryer. The camera was in the washer – memory card and camera “door” loose and separate from the camera in the bottom of the washer- with a bleach damaged towel, t-shirts of two different sizes, some shorts, sweat pants, socks, and Travis’ magic underwear.

          2. Enrique SAW Travis when he got home from work on June 4 – Travis walking down the stairs, talking on his phone, going into his office and closing the door. Enrique assumed that Travis was on the conference call he had mentioned that morning. (No record on Travis’ cell of this phone call, but Jodi mentions to Flores in one of their phone interviews that Travis had a landline.)

          3. I don’t know how long this software has been available, but I do know there is font-creating software. C Hughes said in one interview that he believed Travis’ journal might have been used as a source for creating a font, then the pedo letters could just be typed, and that would be the explanation for only digital images available for the letters.

          • Journee, I thought the camera was in the dryer, NOT the washer? I’ll have to look at the police report again. I might just be recalling that based on what everyone has said.

            Yes, there are font creating software packages, and I’ve used them (although admittedly not in a couple of years, so they may be more advanced now). However, they still don’t look exactly like someone’s handwriting. They are too perfect to resemble exactly all the nuances of handwriting perfectly and very easily discernible as typed. Remember, handwriting experts examined the letters, so they would not have been fooled by a font created to resemble handwriting.

        • So maybe I wasn’t alone wondering about this crap last week.

          Something isn’t right in the state of AZ. I know people always say one can find a conspiracy anywhere, but sometimes there actually is one. Or maybe this is just a case of police incompetence.

          More to follow.

          • Al, you really should read that blog I mentioned. JMRJ talks about his own experiences where police simply grab onto the easiest suspect and run with it, without completing their investigation.

        • AA,

          A lot of reasonable doubt – now 12 jurors will have to live with believing JM theories (lies) for the rest of their days.

          I hear a lot of DP murder jurors suffer from horrible nightmares.

          JM facial expressions kept looking like he was waiting for his “house of cards theory” to be uncovered by direct physical evidence.

          I didn’t hear the testimony to remove ALL reasonable doubt. Jodi lying to cover up or protect TA reputation isn’t premeditated M-1.

          At best, in all 49 other states, this was manslaughter.

        • Hi all. I’m new here. I posted once before, on Monday I think but apparently I posted incorrectly since I did not see it come up.

          I mentioned then that I will not post often if at all, one big, huge reason being that I have NO idea how to. And I refuse to have anything to do with social media, ala Facebook, Twitter and whatever else is considered such. I would like to send Jodi a message, but won’t since not only do I not know how but I don’t believe it can realistically be seen by her or her family for that matter.

          So i’ll keep this short, not knowing if it will even go through. In a nutshell, and after having watched parts of the trial at HLN (now banned from my TV viewing) for several months and then having spent the last few days (thanks to “Nasty Disgrace”) reading posts here and at partner sites, my VERY STRONG belief is that Jodi is innocent of all charges.

          Her ninja story may not be all that fantastical after all. I hope and pray this farce of a trial can be overturned. God knows it should be. Jodi REALLY IS innocent.

          PS: Too bad there isn’t a way to organize a letter writing campaign to HLN, and other outlets that simply repeat what HLN “douchebags” have to say. Somehow there must be a LOT of money and strings being pulled (perhaps by the “Mormon Mafia”) to allow this BS to continue, month after month. But then I guess the Mormon Church (like the Catholic Church, etc) has a lot to hide: and×606354 and and

    • Could be..but how do the Hughes play into this. They are so fricken guilty
      OK I read that Chris H. didn’t attend Travis’ that true?

      I’m not sure if Jodi is covering to save her family or if she just got the hell out of the house after the gun. There is no way she stabbed him in the shower as JM said. Anyone with half a brain could see that wasn’t possible. Well except. for the jury. They must have checked out that day.

    • AA, with your avatar, every time you wrote “right?” I heard it in Kermit’s voice…LOL. Great points though!

      • Haha Kira, that was my point in writing “right”. I really wanted it to sound like JM LOL Evil, aren’t I?

    • Good Question and I had my concerns about him in the beginning of all this with the remark made by Ryan Burns to Flores on page 20 where they describe the 1 or 2 may have done it and know the bullet size ??? That one has made me scratch my head for 5 months

  33. Oralia Ortega parses out 3 questions that JA didn’t answer out of the multitude she did answer in Mark Curtis interview. These people will twist a story to their own agenda.

  34. Hi Everyone – it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been busy with my business and breeding horses!

    But, I have kept up on the trial here and there.

    First, let me say that I LOVED yesterday when the jury was deadlocked AND the douchebags on HLN were left speechless!! It was priceless!!!

    Second, I am disgusted with the judge. Hell, she can’t even read jury instructions correctly. She was out of her league on this trial.

    Third, I think Jodi did a great job in her elocution. I hope the jury believes she has value and gives her life in prison.

    Fourth, I do NOT want to see a whole new jury for this phase – if it comes to that. JM needs to stick his tail between his legs, admit he lost, and move on.

    Finally, I am SO glad that Juror #8 got bounced off the trial. He is an ASS!! He would have convinced everyone that Jodi needed to die.

    That’s all for now…

  35. Great Morning All!!

    I wanted to post this video from Inconvenient Truths. It is an excellent follow up to what Gus Searcy Talked about in the interview Gus Searcy gave on Pitchforks. It shows substantial proof of Gus being harassed by the PPL/ Mormon CULT!! This video should be confirmation for any one who may doubt these people have an agenda, and definitely something to hide.
    The video moves really fast so keep your finger on the pause button so that you can read the screen shots.

    Warning: May cause nausea and vomiting.

  36. Greetings all!
    I read a couple of very interesting and very plausible theories. My favorite was from Jade from last night.
    Another from AA,(Also Abused) in this thread.

    There are many others with great points also.

    No matter what the jury has already decided and will decide, this case is FAR from over. In reality, it’s just getting started.

    You’re always in our thoughts Jodi. Remember that.

  37. Remember this. The police will always and I mean ALWAYS take the path of least resistance so they can give the minimum amount of effort in “solving” any case. Once they decide on a theory they will break every rule in the book to form answers around that theory.
    Sometimes they are right, but most of the time they are WAY wrong. There is always more to a crime than meets the eye or that the public will ever know.

    Jodi is the convenient scapegoat in this murder.

      • When you compare the Flores from the 48 Hours clips to the Flores on the witness stand these last few months, it’s like the man has been lobotomized. Completely flat affect, nearly every answer that required more than a yes or no began with “I’m not sure” or “I don’t recall”. On direct it was as though he was waiting for JM to lead him through what he was supposed to say. More than anything, he appeared throughout as though all he wanted was to say what he was supposed to say and get the hell out of there.
        When I realized that is when I first began to think that it might not be ambition or payola motivating the judge, prosecutor, etc. Maybe it’s fear.

        • True what you said. He’s either incredibly stupid not to have understood Dr. Horn, or he was made to be the fool when he took the stand and said he misunderstood and misspoke about the gunshot being first. If I were him I wouldn’t take the blame, my professional integrity would be on the line. But in the hierarchy, I guess, it goes Prosecutor, Med Examiner, then Detective. The shit flows downhill.

  38. Good morning, all…………..

    I will be taking a few mental health days away from the interwebs. I have been making myself sick. Not to mention, paranoid about new posters, when all I want to do is welcome and trust new supporters….

    Hubby took a few days off, and because I have been neglecting him since January 2, I am going to actually spend some quality time with him…. it is actually sunny and warm here for the first time in a month or more.

    I will be popping in and lurking here and there, and watching my phone for the verdict. Hold down the fort peeps!!

    • Good morning to you dear freund! Yes, you do need a break. Go ahead and just let down your hair, put up your feet, and enjoy the day!!!:-)

    • Renee’

      Please take good care of yourself and I wish you peace, good health and strength.((((((((hugs)))))))

    • I would suggest a co-ed naked movie night… followed by a bit of snuggling and laughing. But, thats just me.

      Be bad, have fun and we will see you in a bit. 🙂

    • Good Morning Renee! Have a great day with that lucky hubby. I took some time for myself yesterday and am chilling a little myself so to address some things I have been neglecting too.
      I will be keeping my eye on the site and anxiously waiting.
      Love you, Girl!!


    • Enjoy some well deserved quality time with your hubby Renee!!
      And make sure you come back to us,((((((((((my dear dear friend)))))))))))

    • Take care, Renee! You have to give yourself a break sometimes :). I have plans to see a movie with a friend tomorrow night, and my husband and I have a family wedding to attend on Sunday.

    • Renee, i hear you. I have been sick & making myself
      more sick by not getting proper rest or sleep.
      I myself need a few days off myself. Feel better
      sweet one 😉

  39. A couple places that I read at the haters have been saying that the jury only asked the question about procedures IF they could not come to a decision but that they did not say they were deadlocked, trying to spin it. However that is NOT true and several that were in court plainly states they said they were.
    Don’t know if articles can be posted here and if not just delete but here is a transcript and article on it.

    Transcript for Arias Jury Deadlocked on Death Penalty Decision

    with the jodi arias trial, the jury as we said deadlocked over whether she should get the death penalty. Abc’s ryan owens was there in the courtroom. Ladies and gentlemen, I have received your note indicating that you are unable to come to a unanimous decision.

    Reporter: After just two hours of deliberating whether jodi arias should live or die, the jury of eight men and four women said they were deadlocked. The news stunned travis alexander’s family. But almost five months into this, the judge wasn’t about to accept that.

    At this time please go back to the jury room and continue deliberating. Reporter: With that the jury spent another five hours deliberating wednesday and will be back at it later this morning. If she isn’t sentenced to death, the judge could decide between life in prison or even life with the possibility of parole.


  40. FUJUAN, goodmorning. I replied to your comments on the end of the last thread, about the DP.

    Goodmorning everyone else. Hope you have a good day, or a very bad day, depending on what type of underwear you have on.

    SJ is kickin back on vacation. Al is kid free for a week, rennee is gonna go chase her husband around the house with nothing on but a smile…FUCK, i need to take some time off work too.

    I think i’ll go stay at the local jail for a week, since aparantly these places are basically hiltons, atleast thats what i hear. Good beds, good food, good friends… what more could i ask for really? However, im gonna be pissed if these rumors are not true! If i go in expecting disney world and i find out that people dont actually LIKE JAIL still, oh, you are gonna hear about it.

  41. Question for AA

    I read somewhere that what the jury actually asked yesterday was whether they should respond to the hung jury issue via the verdict form or a separate message.

    Actually found the cite

    Instead of answering that she responded with a sort of Allen instruction. Could that be deemed a premature Allen instruction – which has been grounds for reversal or remand in the past?

    • AL, i was thinking i got bad info when i heard about this. I wondered why she was giving instrcutions on something that didnt appear to be questioned.

        • Al…when I heard that yesterday…I posted this link…it does talk about the Allen Charge in the US…I was wanting someone to post a comment…because I didn’t understand why she did that either…

          After listening to her instruct the jury in a more stern voice…I felt that the jurors feel that they have to make a decision of life or death…

          Read: United States at the bottom

          • I remember your post. It is very confusing because I thought they had three choices: life, DP, or can’t come to an agreement.

            She sits up there and eats glue all day. She’s terrible at her job. Terrible is an understatement.

            But back to that it does sound like pressure on the jury to come with one or the other choice. I’m prepared for them to come back with DP. They’ve already concluded opposite to all of my other opinions so it wouldn’t surprise me.

            • I don’t know. If I am one of the anti-death jurors and was willing to hang the jury the first time, I’d have a hard time conceding to “OK, just kill her.” I hope that it’s more than one juror and that they hold strong.

          • Truthseeker,

            Agreed. Actually the DP is not a required outcome of M1 in AZ, and the judge should make that clear to the jury. Justice is satisfied by a non-DP sentence by the judge. The DP is a non-mandatory option.

            Her address to the jury makes it seem like she’s encouraging a unanimous decision, whereas the jury doesn’t need one and can declare itself hung at any stage. In fact I don’t even see the reason for an Allen instruction in this case, or any encouragement, given that there is a second option, by which justice will be deemed served.

            But then what do I know, this is AZ or maybe OZ.

    • Al, I think particularly because the question came on a juror question form, NOT on the verdict form, the judge had no other option THAN to offer assistance. That being said, I don’t think she was clear in that if they were deadlocked, they needed to submit that on a verdict form. She was VERY careful NOT to say that she required a verdict from the jurors (which has been reversible on appeal) and I think she avoided the appearance of coercion in her answer. Her answer was definitely along the lines of an Allen charge, in my opinion (ask me or the lawyers to help with the law), but I think it was appropriate, given the fact that the question was on a question form. I’m thinking though, that’s a standard instruction for Arizona (as most states have devised their own versions of the Allen charge, but I haven’t looked that up, have you? I think the entire issue rests on whether the court coerces the jurors or not, and in this case, she didn’t do so.

  42. Good Morning from Sunny So Cali!!!

    Sure hoping it’s not different day same chyt!!!! But we shall see!!!!!

  43. Am i clueless or something???? I just watched jodi’s interview on az with that link above and I thought she was sweet and humble and trying hard to be accurate and truthful. I just dont get how two people can see the same exact thing and come away with totally different ” views” …….i stand to reason that if and when a person says, well i saw it and thought she was smug that if you asked that person exactly where in that interview did you get that impression…they would hemhaw around and you would probably find an internal locus of their own that brings them to that conclusion that even they were unaware they had within them. Some hidden bias. People are idiots that lie to themselves. That’s my UNHIDDEN bias. LOL

      • That is so true! It is downright CREEPY to see people praying for someone’s death!!!! It is a level of hate that gives me the shivers. May God rebuke you, satan! Even people that see the need for the death penalty for serial killers and mass murderers dont RELISH in the deed like what has been presented by the anti jodi people. They are disgusting! When I think that is how Jesus was hated on the cross and how the fervor was such that they cast lots even for his clothing. And yet He had such love as to ask God to forgive them because of their ignorance in what they were doing. Amazing love.

        • Creepy is exactly how I described it to my sister in law. Not that Jodi is Jesus in any way, but it does remind as you referenced on the cross saying forgive them father for they know not what they do.

    • Holly,I am sooo with you.Actually,I still dont understand how people look at Jodi and see all this evilness,darkness you name it! All I see is an exceptionally witty,special person.She could be so much more,so much potential in that woman…

  44. Hello everyone, I have a massively sore tongue from biting it on other insane/inane websites.
    It’s like everyone has mass hysteria, and some form of cult blindness.
    Is it me thousands of miles away, or have people lost their national/rational minds?

      • And some. Talking about the Crazy Cult is not up for discussion, and all these so called ‘clinicians’
        are half wits with half a story trying to ‘diagnose’ Jodi, while ignoring major or salient facts.
        How can you possibly diagnose someone without a comprehensive assessment?
        It seems they are quite ok with the sexual abuse of minors and sexual strangeness and it has no bearing on anything…
        Relationship dynamics are off the menu, god help us.
        What sort of practice is that?
        I’m a social worker and don’t recognise any of it!

        • I know what you’re talking about, Fred!

          Keep the focus on Jodi, prevent/disallow any analysis of the people, dynamics and environments that surrounded her, and then–voila!–only diagnosis left is sociopath or evil.

          It’s actually a remarkably simple formula, as long as there’s a mob to enforce it.

  45. Smug?? About the fact that she did a favour to many children in this godforsaken cult?
    I might be too…
    I might also give her a medal for exposing this highly dodgy crew.

  46. Also Abused: thank you for your EXCELLENT post on all the questions about whether Jodi even killed Travis. That has been bothering me a great deal, due to her amnesia she doesn’t know what happened. It’s always seemed to me that the intruder account she gave may be closest to the truth. Jodi, being so responsible, goes out of her way to take responsibility for this murder because others tell her she did it. I think the throat slashing was not done by Jodi. Perhaps she shot in self-defense, but as the prosecution tried to hide, the bullet didn’t kill Travis. I hope that the real story can surface, so that there can be an appeal based on new evidence — which will really show Jodi innocent.

  47. I had a lapse in judgement last night and I watched Dr. Drew. He was talking about how he felt empathy for Jodi on Tuesday after her statement to the jury. The panel he had was furious that he could feel anything but hate for her. One went as far as to say that they were worried he had crossed over to the dark side. He of course went back to berating her and said her interviews made him come back to his senses. He then proceeded to say that anyone who supported Jodi needed mental help. I cannot remember his exact words but they were pretty harsh. From everything I have read on here, everyone appears to be sane, intelligent, caring, empathetic, and mentally conscience people. It annoys me to no end that they can have their insights, insults, and most times completely ignorant opinions about Jodi, but we are crazy for supporting her. I’m sorry that I cannot force myself to feel sympathy for a family and their friends who have started a witch hunt. All they do is complain about all the horrible things said about TA, things that could have been avoided had they let her take a plea. She didn’t want to unmasked their precious ” glue of their family”. For people who say they wanted to protect him, they didn’t do a very good job. They wanted all this attention. They wanted all the sympathy and pity. They wanted the money that comes from all the publicity. They wanted revenge. I don’t know how anyone could feel sorry for such cold, vengeful people. I tried to feel for them. I tried to put myself in their shoes. I couldn’t. I would never be able to live with myself if I begged for someone to die. I wouldn’t be able to ask twelve people to put blood on their hands. All I hear from them is that they want TA to rest in piece. How can he when they use his death to make themselves relevant? They are nothing but hypocrites.

    • The screwed up “MINDS” of those HLN folks remind me of the “MIND” of Teddy Daniels played by Leonardo DiCaprio in that psychological thriller movie “Shutter Island”…a really screwed up person!!!

    • I think that people who are hell-bent on killing a stranger are the ones who need mental help. Hear that, Drew, you asshole? What’s your body count up to now, five?

  48. More publicity for the Survivor Tee-shirts this morning on

    Robin on morning express (HLN) was showing the SURVIVOR tee-shirts again and saying that the Alexander family didn’t like it at all…

  49. I just want to point out that while many in the media have described the jury’s impasse as “quick”, the jury had already spent 19 hours deliberating at that point in time if you include the first 2 phases. And there was hardly any new evidence presented in the 2nd and 3rd phases for them to consider anyway.

    It’s undeniable that they would’ve already spent time discussing the DP in those first 2 phases. Factions would’ve already formed between those defending Jodi and those wanting to throw the book at her.

    Now the jury has spent over 23 hours deliberating (7 in the DP phase).

    I doubt much will change today or even next week if the judge keeps them that long. But we’ll see.


    Here’s a song for Jodi and all of her supporters. Get the link playing and then read along below. Enjoy and laugh, because that’s what life needs to be about right now.


    A long, long time ago
    I can still remember how those Pop Rocks used to make me smile
    And I knew if I had my chance, that I could make him sing and dance and
    Maybe he’d be happy for a while
    But May 0’8 made me shiver, with every e-mail I’d deliver
    Memories of his doorstep – I couldn’t swallow his pep
    I can’t remember if I cried when they told me I had stopped his ride
    But something saved me deep inside, the day my Travis died

    So, bye bye my old 15-pump guy
    Drove my Focus down to Mesa but the mesa was dry
    And there you were shooting stuff in my eye, singing
    This’ll be the day that I die
    This’ll be the day that I die

    Did you write ‘bout three-hole love, and do you have faith in God above?
    If the Mormons tell you so
    Now, do you believe in Nancy Grace? Can surg’ry save her rancid face? And
    Can you teach me how to . . . hold a camera?
    Well, I know you’re not in love with me, cause a 12-year-old I cannot be
    We both kicked off our shoes – man, you dig those boys, too
    Oooh you were a lonely 30 hypocrite, a rah-rah speaker and a piece of shit, and
    I knew I was out of it, the day my Travis died

    I started singing, bye bye my old 15-pump guy
    Drove my Focus down to Mesa but the mesa was dry
    And there you were shooting stuff in my eye, singing
    This’ll be the day that I die
    This’ll be the day that I die

    Now for five years I’ve been on my own and moss grows fast on a jailhouse stone, but
    That’s not how it used to be
    When Travis pranced and made it ooze, in a coat he borrowed from Sky Hughes
    And a load, that came from him to me
    Oh and while Juanito’s looking ‘round, and KM stole his empty crown
    The courtroom was adjourned – no verdict was returned
    And while Pickles read some jury notes, Sam attempted not to choke, and
    Steve played Elvis, what a joke, the day my Travis died

    I was singing, bye bye my old 15-pump guy
    Drove my Focus down to Mesa but the mesa was dry
    And there you were shooting stuff in my eye, singing
    This’ll be the day that I die
    This’ll be the day that I die

    Helter Skelter in a bathroom shelter – the gun went off like a bible belter
    Five feet ten and falling fast . . .
    He landed hard on the floor
    My eyes they tried to find the door with the pumper, on my stomach, bleeding fast
    Now in days the air was rank perfume, but the roommates didn’t have a clue
    They all got up to dance, oh Travis never had a chance
    Cause the roommates called on Esteban, the State then called on little Juan
    But they don’t know just what went on, the day my Travis died

    I started singing, bye bye my old 15-pump guy
    Drove my Focus down to Mesa but the mesa was dry
    And there you were shooting stuff in my eye, singing
    This’ll be the day that I die
    This’ll be the day that I die

    Oh and there I was in a desert place – my head was feeling lost in space
    With no time left to change it now
    So come on Jodi’s weird and Jodi’s sick, Jodi put out a Travis wick, cause
    Fire was the fucker’s only friend
    Oh and as I dropped him from the lens, his hands were clenching once again
    No Mormon born in hell, could break that bastard’s spell
    And as his spirit climbed high into the night, to meet with God and make things right, I saw
    Satan laughing with delight, the day my Travis died

    He was singing, bye bye my old 15-pump guy
    Drove my Focus down to Mesa but the mesa was dry
    And there you were shooting stuff in my eye, singing
    This’ll be the day that I die
    This’ll be the day that I die

    I met a guard who knew my case, and I asked her how I can be saved
    And she just smiled and turned away
    I went down to the Coke machine, where I’d heard the laughter in my dreams, but
    The man there said the sugar was all gone
    And in my mind I heard him scream, his lover’s cry, his pools of cream
    But not a word was spoken, his ventricles were broken
    And the three men I admire most: the Father, Son and Kirk Nurmi’s ghost, they
    Caught the last train for the coast, the day

    my Travis


    And they were singing, bye bye my old 15-pump guy
    Drove my Focus down to Mesa but the mesa was dry
    And there you were shooting stuff in my eye, singing
    This’ll be the day that I die
    This’ll be the day that I die

    They were singing, bye bye my old 15-pump guy
    Drove my Focus down to Mesa but the mesa was dry
    And there you were shooting stuff in my eye, singing
    This’ll be the day that I die


  51. I always feel I have to preface my bad decision to watch HLN with an excuse, heh, so, I do like Robin Meade in the morning so I put her on while getting ready or CNN and they went over to JVM ( I hate her mouth, her teeth, I dont know what it is bug the way she talks bugs me) and JVM said that Jodi Arias has made a spectacle, a soap opera out of this case and I was like WHAT?! YOU DID, HLN DID, JODI IS THERE BREAD AND BUTTER, THEIR RATINGS, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? YOU HLN HAVE MADE A SPECTACLE OF ALL OF THIS, SHEESH

  52. Watching Jodi’s interviews, I was so amazed when the reporters asked if she knew how much she is hated. Although I thought it was a hateful question, I loved her response, which was “NO”. She then proceed to say how much love and support she has. I think our prayers and support have had an impact and I am grateful for that. Yes, yes she knows how much care and support is out there for her. I want her to know there will be JUSTICE. Stay strong, Jodi, we are here for you. Prayers and ((((hugs))))).

    • I was glad when she said that too, PK. It shows that she doesn’t care if way more people hate her. She’s just content with focusing on the support she has from her family, friends, and the rest of us. She doesn’t want to focus on the haters and that’s good.

  53. Interesting… in light of what has been discovered regarding the Alexander siblings’ brushes with the law, I wonder if Victoria Washington represented one of them at one point? She removed herself, back in 2011, because she represented a party close to the case.

    Moving on…

    Is seating an entire new jury if this one comes back hung, common? What I mean by that, is – is this the way other states handle this situation? I do not understand how Jodi could possibly 1) get an unbiased jury and 2) get a jury who is adequately and fairly brought up to speed regarding the trial. So, is the verdict the only thing that is considered and presented to the new jury? If that’s the case, what is stopping the next group of 12 jurors from coming in, and being so horrified by what led to the M1 convictions, that they just immediately sentence her to death. They have no trial history… just what they will be told by the prosecutor, and I bet dollars to doughnuts he will pile on the lies, and there won’t be a damn thing Jodi or her attorneys can do about it. They haven’t been able to get her a fair trial thus far, that’s for sure. I don’t see how seating a brand new jury for a penalty phase is constitutional.

    • I think the sentencing will go to the judge if the jury can not reach a decision. I may be wrong, but this seems like the only logical thing…?
      And viri, totally Twilight Zone…The entire trial…

  54. How is it that for a whole week no-one did laundry or according to Flores report couldn’t remember the exact date they did laundry? That has always bothered me along with the room-mate(s) not coming to the door when Mimi and her gang were trying to get in the house? And they said the dog was barking & going nuts. The room-mate didn’t come out till the police got there? I just don’t get it! And I do think Flores coached one of them concerning the day(s) laundry was done. By this time Flores had been told by all of TA so called friends that Jodi was a stalker, etc., i think Flores even told someone not to talk to Jodi or take her phone calls bcuz she was a suspect. What kind of detective operates like that? He botched it from the ‘gate’!

  55. If we can imagine the jury as any other group, they will be going through the familiar storming/norming and performing stuff, I just hope that there isn’t a bully.

  56. WOW!!!!

    I just received a fax from Alyce La Violette. I had faxed her a couple of months ago (after her testimony) and really had forgot I faxed her. She thanked me for my support. She said she had been getting threats and hate message and fax….but now more message on the positive side. She told me I could call her and leave my phone number and she would call me back. I’m thinking about doing just that. I live about 35 minute south of her office. I’d love to talk with her not just about the trial…..but on my own issues with DV.

    I am so happy this morning…….but I’ll still be looking out for TROLLS!!!!!

  57. Wow, great that you got replies from the victim/witnesses, and great Ms LaV is getting positive responses, she in no way deserved that horrific treatment. Says a lot about humanity, domestic violence, and the status of women in society.
    And possibly moronic cults.

  58. For somebody who knows more about how things work than I do: if Pickles had granted Kirk and Jennifer’s requests to be excused from their jobs, would a mistrial have been declared? Jodi said in her 10-part interview that the reason they wanted to step down was because they thought she wasn’t getting a fair trial. Were they wanting to get a mistrial, therefore, by stepping down? Thanks to whoever knows the answers.

  59. Goodmorning everyone, today ill be running around. I need a text alert, just incase the jury come back today without a decision?

    • LC…

      I can’t find any place that will send a text when/if they come back today….

      Send me your cell number via email – I will text you…(I’ll send you my cell via return email)

      Will that work for you????

      (((((((((((((((((love you LC)))))))))))))))))))

  60. I tune into HLN occasionally just to see what the assholes of the world are currently saying and I do get a big laugh every time they do the commercial for the two-part series coming up called “Nancy Grace Behind Bars”. We can only wish… 🙂

  61. Good morning or afternoon everyone.
    Gosh i really miss Alyce, Moni be sure
    when you talk to her, tell her how much
    we love her & think she’s stellar!

    I am feeling in my gut, this jury may
    be hung but I do not want to get any
    hopes up as we have experienced the
    manic highs and lows of this circus!

    America is crippled by its low intellect,
    and HLN plus people like Nancy Grace.
    Dr Drew, & all these reporters
    filled with it ignorance & hatred
    are a big part of the problem

    • Yes, I would agree that HLN among others have contributed to the “dumbing down” of this country. When people look to these idiots to get their information and are told what to think, it is down right scary. Where is the critical thinking, analysis and “by using disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence to come to a conclusion”? Sadly, not the HLN audience and not this jury.

  62. A little while ago…wild tweeted that one of the jurors he calls Captain O’Neil…just arrived in a black shirt and converse shoes, no flip flops?

    Note: usually this is the one who dresses casual with flip flops…

  63. Good morning family!!!
    Am I the only one who wants this jury to make up their effing minds today and not be hung?LOL!
    I dont know squat about the american justice system obviously but I’m worrying about Jodi,that’s just it.This is taking tooooo long and she needs a closure.At least concerning these proceedings.Then she can take the time to come to terms with whatever sentence they give her and move on to her appeals.
    Anyways,just repeating myself I guess.
    Let’s wait……

    • Maria, I’m hoping that you will let us know when you get your Survivor T-shirt~I can’t order mine until I get paid in 2 weeks, but I would like to do the screen shot thing with all of us wearing our shirts for our avatar, and somehow combining them in poster type form to send to Jodi! I saw the vid of Jodi’s little Sister in the black T w/pink lettering and it was so cute! That is the one that I’m going to get~Hope we can get something together for Jodi! 😉

      • I hope I’ll be able to afford it by the end of next week.It might take longer to arrive in Greece but I dont mind waiting,I soooo wanna have it!!

        • Me too! They are very cute! So I won’t be able to order mine until around the 2nd week of june~not sure how long shipping takes, but then we need to figure out how to do the pic thing! 😉

  64. I hope the jurors understand about Karma…

    Hopefully they will do the right spiritual thing…

    God would not want to see any of this children die…

    Only the devil gets that kind of sick satisfaction…

  65. In the 10-part interview, the interviewer implied that maybe the jury was “against” Jodi because of the perception of her being a “sex kitten,” etc., because of the photos, the phone sex tape, etc. If the jury WAS influenced by that, it is such bullshit and further proves the jury was selected from the state retard asylum.

    In definite defense of Jodi and, by proxy, unfortunately, Travis, those two did the same things MILLIONS of other couples do. The Spiderman underwear notwithstanding, Jodi and Travis did stuff in their private lives no different than many couples everywhere. Jodi brought out in the interview (she seemed to be having trouble expressing it, so I paraphrase) that there are nude photos of guys’ girlfriends all over the Internet – what’s the big deal that she and Travis took photos of each other? This makes her a sex kitten???

    If that’s the case, then there are sex kittens everywhere (rolling eyes), all of whom, were they to be charged with murder, would probably be found guilty because they let some guy take photos of their naked bodies and while on the phone coerced from their boyfriends loads that one could retire on were they to be taken to a sperm bank (rolling eyes on a Samantha level – who may have never seen such a load in person).

    The trial should never have been televised. The Media got hold of it and sensationalized it, and every juror saw some/most/all of it. The Media made it seem like it was a case of a raging, jealous, blonde sex kitten who wormed her way into a poor, gullible, saintly Mormon boy’s affections and then slaughtered him when he would no longer be manipulated. A case like that sells a lot more advertising than a case about an innocent girl who unfortunately attached herself to a piece of shit.

  66. Hey all!! I actually got some decent sleep last night, for the first time in a couple of weeks-
    The support here is wonderful, and we ALL need it!!
    AlsoAbused and those others above talking about mental health diagnosises and DV:
    I actually worked in psych units & ER’s during both of my abusive marriages and actually had to go out of town to find someone who didnt know me from work. (My ex’s accused me of everything from ETOH Abuse to Manchausens syndrome. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one accused by an abuser of having mental illness here.). The out of town doctors diagnosed me with BPS, BP Disorder, ADD and PTSD, (which I already knew).
    DURING AND AFTER our abuse, it is VERY common for us to be diagnosed with a variety of disorders-we do/say/think all kinds of things as defensive mechanisms.
    I ended up going to a Psych, for myself-not the courts, that I knew, and he said that it was really just my ADD & PTSD that creates all the other signs and symptoms leading to the other diagnosises.
    Then he and some of my old friends from the psych center took me out and got me drunk.

      • Lol, I don’t remember… ;). I DID wake up in R’s bed though, (my gay, former partner as a paramedic, we were best friends), so I knew I didn’t do anything too “bad”. 😉

    • PS : I am a proponent of legal medical cannabis. When my ex & I spent a year in Ca, one of my shrink friends had told me to try a strain of cannabis (sativa, although I actually preferred indica), for both the ADD AND PTSD. It WORKED WONDERS! My son & I also have one of the original disorder approved for use and testing of cannabis in the CIND program. (Our Govt has been growing & supplying a group of patients with cannabis since the 80’s-well, George, who has a mild form of our genetic disorder, since ’90 )
      Medical Cannabis HAS BEEN FOUND to be VERY EFFECTIVE for BOTH PTSD & AD(H)D!!

      My Son now lives in Colorado, and although I was concerned about chronic use at his age, George re-assured me and my Son is now 3 months in to an internship and is doing great!! (NOT A “medical” internship, he’s going into Politics/Foreign Relations-GOD HELP ME…;). )

      • Lainey, I live in Oregon and could get my Medical Card~I have severe spinal injury and am in pain every day..Cannabis does help w/ my pain, but then I end up doing too much and pay for it later! 😉 There also is a blend that helps me if I’m feeling depressed~My only problem is I have a hard time “maintaining”, and get the giggles etc..But I’m all for MJ for depression, anxiety etc..better option than prescription meds!!

      • I would qualify for a card if they had it in my country, have found enormous relief for ptds, and there is a growing amount of research supporting it.
        But it’s illegal in my backwards state., and I am very naughty.

  67. And I get sick of hearing that HLN quack doctor saying that Jodi has a “well documented case of borderline personality disorder.” What?? You mean documented by that other quack doctor who has less that 3% of total experience (not to mention intelligence) as the three doctors who diagnosed her otherwise? Idiot!!!

    • I guess what he probably means is that it is “well documented” that the verdict of those idiots on the jury.

  68. Here is an email I sent to Amy Murphy of ABC15 News and also sending the same letter to her management Anita Helt and Patrick Costello @

    515 North 44th Street
    Phoenix, Arizona 85008

    I urge you all to do the same…

    To Amy Murphy of ABC15 and ABC15 management,
    I was sickened and outraged by the gross misuse of your public platform during the biggest interview of your career of which I’m sure you’re hoping will provide a stepping stone to future advancement. As you mentioned to Miss Arias, “speaking of judgment, you must know all of America sits in judgment of Jodi Arias right now, and you really have been deemed the most hated woman in America”. This was a very bias and opinionated statement. All of America does not sit in judgment of Miss Arias, nor is she the most hated woman in America. This is a perfect example of how our justice system is broken. Why not report on that? Rather than Miss Arias receiving a fair trial by jury, it has turned into a trial of public opinion due to like comments. The comment above is designed to persuade and arouse emotions from the viewers. It’s the yellow press, e.g. HLN, that has unfortunately attracted worldwide attention to this trial, and also convicted and sentenced Miss Arias before this trial even began, persuading public opinion. For this very reason, as the trial gained momentum, the jury should have been sequestered and cameras not allowed in the court room. This no longer was a case of innocent until proven guilty, but rather the burden was put on public defenders to prove innocence. There has been an outcry from around the world witnessing such an injustice and disgusting example of our free America and justice system.

    Miss Murphy, is it not your responsibility as a journalist to report objectively and leave personal partiality aside? You asked Miss Arias why she’s talking with reporters and if she enjoys the spotlight… well isn’t it true of yourself that your motivation behind this interview is personal gain?

  69. So if they come back unanimously that they still cant make a decision, theyll be sent back AGAIN, Instead of giving her life, until they all come back with a LIFE or DP?! Or thats when they’ll need to bring in another 12 jurors, so it was a total waste of these 12 that we have now that found her guilty! It should just be a MISTRIAL and that’s it!

    • If they come back without a decistion, then more than likely a mistrial will be called on the penalty phase of the trial. A new panel of jurors will then be selected and a mini trial withh ensue. With any hope though, Martinez will take death off the table to wrap things up.

      • Hey Joe…and pls don’t hate on me when I say this, but do you think she realized well into the trial that she was fucking up royally, and fucked up royally, and ‘threw’ it, so to speak, making more grounds for the appellate process??? I watched the trial, and couldn’t believe this woman was watching what I was. I think the judges are ‘elected’ in the U.S?? Maybe she’s at the end of her reign and she doesn’t give a shit ?? I’m just trying to make sense, if that’s even possible, of the circus of a trial this was …I’m from Canada…and I think our judges are appointed in a different manner and not ‘political’ one, so to speak. Please correct me if I’m wrong, any Canadians out there. My best friend is a lawyer, and my ex-hubby is one as well, so I suppose they could tell me, however, I’d have to explain why I want to know, and they just don’t get my passion for this injustice…

  70. Morning all~will be off and on today, but will be here for the verdict if reached today~Praying for Jodi~hoping that a verdict of Life will be reached..hopefully jury will realize that this is the way to go..otherwise JM will not give up, and drag everyone thru this again and cost taxpayers $$$$ due to his ego…Please jury do not hang!! Give Jodi Life!!

  71. (((((((((((TEAM JODI)))))))))))

    HLN said cane lady is there and she’s wearing her “lucky” shirt. It’s the same shirt she wore the day she met JM and she same shirt she wore the day the verdict of M1 came back. She has a weird definition of lucky.

    • I bet she hasnt washed it since then and it stinks,the haters’ sweat must smell twice as badly as regular people’s!

    • Danielle,

      …..well, this makes the point regarding my previous post that HLN contributes to the “dumbing down” in this country.


      • LOL – it does! The sad thing is I wasn’t that surprised I was just like well there’s another idiot. I miss the days when idiots surprised me.

    • Cane lady is what Jenny on Dr. Drew would call “Disgusting”! The way HLN glorifies these unemployed, black souled “trial watchers” is ridiculous. The fact that they say thinks like ” I think the jury will come back with a sentance of life, unfortunately.” I wanna smack them across their intellectually dim faces! Cane lady reminds me of an old friends mother, claims she is “disabled” and sucked SSI and welfare dry while sitting at home with her adult also on welfare daughter smoking newports and drinking all day. I guess HLN Doesnt care who they feature as long as they say they want Jodi to die. Cane lady and your disaster of a niece or daughter who sold her seat and got booted, go get a fucking job and contribute something to society besides your valueless opinion.

      • Cane lady reminds me of an old friends mother, claims she is “disabled” and sucked SSI and welfare dry while sitting at home with her adult also on welfare daughter smoking newports and drinking all day.

        LMAO Wonder!!!! Your prob spot on with this and “cane lady” lol!!!

    • There is another woman an alleged victim advocate who grandstands a puts herself centre forward with other fame hunting jerks, I borders on narcissistic, but like attracts like apparently,

  72. I think there is a reason why there is no decision as of yet. On one report, no sure which one, they said that when the guilty verdict was read one of the female jurors was seen crying before entering the court room. I think that the other jurors pressured her to change her verdict. And maybe now she won’t sway and that’s the hold up. I just wish that she would have stuck to her guns to begin with and we wouldn’t be here right now. Stay strong Jodi. Regardless of what the media says you have people that believe you.

    • I heard something like that. I heard that one of the jurors asked the other jurors to write “guilty” or “innocent” on a piece of paper and to place it on the table or something. One female juror said “innocent” while everyone else said “guilty”. They asked who said innocent and the lady said something “I’m not letting anyone else intimidate me in to changing my opinion”. Then she looked at the evidence again and picked guilty. This may be the same lady you’re talking about. I think other jurors did pressure her into changing her opinion. It’s not fair!!!!!! I’m tired of HLN btw. They just sensationalized the whole trial.

  73. Steven, Chris and Sky just went into the side room. Steven had an empty fedex box for some reason. #JodiArias

    • There is quite a buzz in here. Haven’t heard of anything going on yet but media is anxious for sure. #JodiArias

  74. It’s quite hypocritical how supposedly religious and forgiving people are campaigning for a woman’s death when the people of that religion are the true likely murderers.
    Religion is so full of crap.

      • There should be no tears allowed to flow .. for anyone on this jury! They deserve neither tears nor pity for them!!!!

        The time for tears, anger or conflict amongst themselves should have come in the previous deliberations, when they were deciding Jodi’s fate ….

        When They Decided Jodi’s Fate … Wrongly!

        This Jury makes me so angry …. and they will certainly pay the price for what they have done …. and i would not want to be in anyone of their shoes when the piper comes to collect…….

        I haven’t posted in awhile as this is a super busy time for me …. but i “Have Always Been” … and “Will Always Be” a staunch supporter of Jodi Arias …. you see, like the intelligent minority, when i followed the trial … i did so with an open mind … and open heart …

        I listened to all of the evidence presented .. and i didn’t need anyone to tell which way the wind was blowing .. or what to believe …. or follow the television Ghouls who were only out to make a buck .. at a Jodi’s .. and so many other peoples expense ….

        I believed the evidence!

        I believe the Jury is WRONG ….. in every way!

        I believe that Jodi will see her freedom … and an appeal will set her free … although she will always be free in my opinion … she may be in a cell .. her body shackled … but her spirit will forever soar!

        I am a Catholic …. and i practice my faith to the best of my ability .. i Love my faith! No one on that jury had better claim the Catholic faith!!!!!!!!

        You see .. because a true Catholic believes in LIFE ….. in the right to “ALL LIFE” … so i guess you might say that i too am … “ANTI CHOICE” as i believe that life begins at conception! and i am just wondering what “CHOICE” an unborn baby actually has ….. i’m sure if you asked .. and they were able to answer ….

        Ljke Jodi …

        They would choose LIFE!

        The Alexanders aren’t Christian! That COWARD Hughes isn’t a Christian …. none of the HATERS are Christians …. i could tell you right now that i am a “Billionaire” … but unless i have the cash to back that statement up … i’m not a billionaire, and they are just words spouted off!

        ALL of the Haters are just “Spouting Off” !!!!!!!

        This is a forum for supporters of Jodi .. those supporters come in many forms ….. Conservative or Liberal .. Republican .. Democrat or Independent …. Men & Women … Christian … or Non … We are seekers of Truth & Justice .. not swayed by popular opinion!

        This is about Jodi!