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I wrote this as a back-up post over this past weekend, knowing the unpredictability of stuff, and just to be on the safe side.

Looks like it was a good idea! Hopefully I might even get to post it when the server overload issues subside.

So ok… M1 wasn’t really the verdict we were hoping for today — even though I guessed the verdict day correctly — so tomorrow the next phase starts. How long that will last, I’m not too sure right now.

After that’s over, and the proverbial dust has settled, we’ll then move on to the next part of our journey… that being the relevant appeals in the appellate court.

That’s for the verdict/sentence to be looked at in the full context, and with all the Motions for Mistrial rightfully & regularly lodged during the trial by Kirk Nurmi.

At the end of all that – and taking all the various countless factors into account… and maybe some we’ve not even thought of yet… we WILL (once again) be victorious in our combined quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI. Yep… you heard it here first.

So peeps… leave your comments below on today’s verdict, while we prepare to battle on!

Thanks again for all your support over the past 4+ months. Let’s keep it going.

The pedo-hugging retards’ joy will be short lived.


Today doesn’t changes that.

I’ll see you tomorrow @ 1.00 pm or thereabouts.

Team Jodi

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    • I am sad too…

      It is a “Travesty of Justice” when the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer told the news media on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 that she believes Arias is guilty. The governor said “I don’t have all the information, but I think she’s guilty.”

      What compelled the Governor to speak to the news media the day before it was rumored that on Wednesday a verdict would be coming in for Jodi Arias?

      And for what purpose?…I feel that someone got to her…they desperately needed for her to say that on Tuesday to the news media…a Governor making a statement like that is powerful…

      I have always felt that the unsequestered jurors for the past four months were watching tv and the news every day…I know they’ll never admit to it…but they probably did…jurors are humans and humans have a tendency to err in many ways…

      • If she does not have all the information then she would be well advised not to “think.” Otherwise, it is garbage in and garbage out. All machines function this way.

        • This is exactly what I said. It seemed highly unprofessional of her to say this especially in light of a pending verdict at the time. Our governor again and again has shown that she is an embarrassment to the good people (and there are a lot of us) of Arizona.

            • I agree. Mormon malice has been an issue throughout this entire trial. I do not believe the jurors did not watch tv or discuss the case with others. I mean, where did they tell their families they were at all these months. I don’t believe a word Sky and all of Travis’s so called friends. I think they are all scam artist. I really don’t recall any so called “motivational” speakers that are honest. It just goes to show you that birds of a feather FLOCK together. I feel Nurmi did an great job. He’ll just have to argue this unsequestered jury, the media involvement, and other issues that had a negative impact on this unjust trial.

              • It’s so funny that you say you don’t believe the jury received any outside information. I watched the trial everyday (or dvr’d it) and when me and my bf would get done watching for the day, like 3 outta 5 days we’re finding ourselves asking each other if, “really, do you think the jury isn’t going home and watching this?” since they weren’t being sequestered and then one of us (usually me) would say something like, “Like you don’t think one of the juror’s kids or grand kids purposely says, Did you hear that Jody …”

                It is highly unlikely the jurors didn’t get any outside info b/c of how affluent social media is today. Headlines are literally plastered everywhere and if these jurors carry cell phones every time they open up their Internet whether they are just checking the weather or are looking up a public phone number, the headlines are ALWAYS there there. For anyone to think these people NEVER saw ANY social media or received any outside information and lived the last 4 months without anyone inadvertently or purposely bringing information to these jurors is highly unlikely, even if it was something was accidentally said.

                I’m in agreeance with what another individual posted earlier…
                Jody is my sister too and I forgive her no matter what she’s done. I have prayed for her as I pray for my own family and the Arias family too. I feel sorry for the Alexander family because they are filled with hate and condemnation and until they can begin to heal it will continue to spill out into the media. Hatred spreads.

                • This isn’t the end of this matter!!! So many mistakes made!!! I foresure thought maybe a hung jury, but by not surquestering them. Yes believe they saw news etc. Now Jodi on suicide watch. The stress has to be unreal,and the things that weren’t allowed in court.WTF?really? Unreal,and sure some jurors scared. I was requested for jury duty last year I got sick and doctor wrote note excusing me and it he time frame her jury was selected. Sorry the pancriatitis hit me hard id made it a hung jury,but then again they might not want me. I’ve got a brain,and very investigative,and won’t be bullied! Im a survivior of abuse.I went to jail in AZ defending myself and my childern against their father who I had an active restraing order against. For real still fighting that injustice that happened 4 years ago. Its wrong,but even with all my paperwork,and I can’t afford an attorney or it would of already been handled. AZdoes Suck!!n

                • Great post. So tired of the media still bashing her especially Nancy grace. Hopefully the appellate court will be a little more forgiving than the jury.

            • Is she moron um I mean mormon? 🙂 I live here in AZ now and while I know Travis was Mormon, I have also lived in ST George Utah and there in Utah they were so many MOrmons but why is AZ being called out as a Mormon state? Since moving here I barely notice Mormons so I just had to comment on that, our gov was an idiot for saying that yes but Mormon and MOrmon malice, it was just plain ole malice I think?

          • first of all my thing is nobody was there when he got killed maybe just maybe there was areak in. ever considered giving her a lie detector test. all these people are basing this case on theories. and its sad that everybody who defends her are frowned upon

        • This kind of “thinking” is really not thinking at all in the highest sense. It is automatic reaction deriving from programmed thought patterns generated by temperament, emotionality, and experience. It is precisely the kind of “thinking” that characterizes all of the self-righteous pronouncements of the likes of Nancy Grace and the other HLN clowns who turned this trial into a circus/carnival and encouraged a social media mobocracy.

          • The problem is that people, like the Governor, put their mouths in gear, with foot duly inserted, and let their brains idle on.

            • Is there any way someone could pull their smart phones, check the internet history? There has to be a way, to find the ones who watched this – there has to be!
              The new-age we live in, it shouldn’t be that hard! As Anna Nichole’s Judge said, That Jury IS watching this trial, and Ryan, their watching us NOW (HLN After Dark) !
              This is insane!

      • OMGoodness TruthSeeker! What in the world?! They had her convicted before trial, during trial, and after. Listen to those juror questions again. I wouldn’t settle for “death”, I would fight like a bear if I was Jodi! She’s got it in her. HLN said, just as I predicted, NOW we don’t have another Casey Anthony! Look at the studio they built, ALL the coverage, to ensure that jury WOULD see, hope they were watching, THEY DID, and look! Casey Anthony’s jury had to move, hide, etc… b/c people were after them! HLN and that circus ring made mention of it numerous times!
        This is sick! I feel so bad for her!

      • What can we do to help JodiI knew the verdict was going to be bad I saw the dumb ass questions this jury was asking her I had a feeling they did not believe her I hope her lawyers can do something to help her. Then that those prostitutes at HLN they just spread the hate what the fuck do they know where they there… no they are just speculated I cant stand any of them then they say Jodi made this a circus I say no they did with their ringmaster attitude I hate people that talk out of both sides of their mouths and they do not know shit. I want to help in any way I can I want my name on the FUCK YOU LIST. Nancy Grace should not be the one to throw stones with her meanness she drove a young girl to suicide so fuck her too. Dr Drew what kind of doctor are you? making a diagnosis about Jodi on TV you never spoke to her you and your bitches acting like teenagers and laughing about serious things FUCK YOU TOO YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF DOUCHE BAGS.

      • there has to some way to get this trial re-done. its been nothing but bs. and why not do lie detector tests? something, anything that can prove she did it? what about dna? they just had sex, was her dna on travis’ body?

      • Truthseeker111 if this was said by the governor this sounds like grounds for a mistrial i surprised no one bought it up. That jury should have been sequestered I think that jury was prejudiced and tainted I don’t buy that they went home and did not see the coverage that was on tv. i live in New York and it was all over the tv. I hope they appeal appeal appeal.

    • I’m glad we’re all not buying this bullshit. That was a complete witch hunt. I don`t think the jury was intelligent enough to see beyond black and white and weigh all the factors that lead to Involuntary Manslaughter.
      They convicted her of murder1
      for being a liar.

      Nasty Grace is despicable for leading crucifixions in the media of the abused and potentially mentally ill,, preying upon fat housewives shallow minds and inherent hatred of good looking women and love for good looking men.

      Travis by his own words literally can’t stop masturbating.I suggest we all take a break in memorial of the dangers of chronic masturbation and womanizing for no fap month of May.

      • I think there are several planks on which to build liberation for Jodi, but it’s gonna be a war either way.

        #1: the media coverage conceivably biased the jurors. The coverage has become increasingly negative towards the accused. There are arguments to pass legislation that shutters the court TV channels, even as the conservative talk shows were aforetime.

        #2: Prosecute Jodi’s war on brainwashers. Jodi killed Travis because he humiliated her in the worst possible way, and thought nothing of it. It was self-defense not against physical abuse, but against mental abuse. He was a bully and he deserved what he got. Jim Jones Lite to the max.

        It would also be useful to research her most vocal detractors and to make people know as much about THEM as possible. There is a reason we support Jodi and they don’t… let’s illuminate these reasons with crystal clarity.

    • Hey guys I am a 15 year old living in TN.This verdict was not justified I am a daily watcher of HLN (I’m one of the few who thinks for themselves and is not a Nancy Disgrace kiss ass) They thought she was guilty before the trial even began!They Drug Jodi in the dirt without even knowing anything about her all for ratings! People are saying Jodi Is guilty without even watching the trial and hearing all the evidence!?! Give me a break Americans need to stop listening to the media and stop bandwagoning and get a mind of there own.Travis’ family is a disgrace all they want now is money 10 minutes after the verdict was announced.People are saying Travis was a “nice” guy do you know how many “nice” people have been all been kind and laughing in others faces while they were secretly monsters!? How is a guy talking about 12 year old girls having an orgasm a “nice” guy? The HopeLess Network (HLN) claims jodi wasn’t abused because she didnt report it millions have been abused and have never reported heart weeps for Jodi she never had a chance at a fair trial people are wishing her death like that will bring Travis back it won’t it will only cause one more family heartache Jodi’s family doesn’t deserve that Jodi doesn’t deserve that.Jodi keep your head up and keep fighting the media wants to make it seem as people don’t support you look around 🙂 -Alexius

    • Since Jodi is so good with putting words together, would you have her think about how to word this….. To ANY and ALL who believe TA, and in his “camp”,
      DO NOT – complain, cry to the police, etc… if ANYTHING happens to your 12 year old daughter/granddaughter/sister! If they’re molested, beat-up, abused in ANY WAY shape or form!!!
      Just shut-up! If they’re in a life or death situation, LET THEM DIE!! They are NOT ALLOWED to defend themselves! Our system doesn’t allow for that!
      I’m sure Jodi saved some innocent child……..and that child could’ve been your child!
      AGAIN, 12:13pm Eastern time, HLN just said THE JURY IS WATCHING! MAN!

      • I have told my mother about this mockery of justice, she told me jodi saved many girls and woman from TA’s ways.

    • had a conversation with Gus Searcy and was rude to him told him I hated him for not speaking up telling what he knew but after talking more I told him I was sorry he did an interview last nite and was crucified for it here is what he told me I have taken a lot of heat for defending Jodi… BUT it was the correct thing to do. (Not popular but correct). I get hate mail and death threats and because of this people who also know what happened will not come forward because they have seen how I have been treated and can’t handle it themselves.

  1. Keep your head up Jodi and don’t give up, you still have so so many supporters despite the verdict. Prayers and positive thoughts to you!

    • With all the media attention by hln and the jury not being sequestered Jodi could not get a fair trial. Judge Seindlin even stated this. My prayers go out to Jodi and do not believe in the verdict. Can she appeal? I have watched this trial from the very beginning. I’ve stood on those shelves in my store, carried gas in my trunk traveling across dessertland and taken stuff back to Wall-Mart with or without receipts and gotten cash back.

  2. This is why juries should mandatorily be sequestered in a case of this magnitude. Appeal on many grounds.Those jurors watched HLN—I’d put money down on that.

    • I agree 100 % with you, I think HLN was watched by the jurors and they bought into their nonsense and spew of lies. The jury should have been sequestered. I hope Nasty Disgrace and her little friends are happy, they contributed to this debacle. They’ll do the same thing with the George Zimmerman trial coming up, they already started the same thing. Nasty is already discussing what the lethal injection would be….shame on her!!!!

      • I AGREE 100 percent. There is no way those jurors didn’t watch it. I really don’t think she was able to get a fair trial,and to be honest the reason that this has happened is because the trial was made to be big. I wish it stayed under the radar and things might have been different. I fight with my friends all the time about this. Pre-meditation? I don’t think so. NO WAY. She would not have left paper trails of ANYTHING. I know what it is like to have a car with mechanical problems and have to go on a long trip. YOU RENT A CAR! Gas cans…well when you drive from Cali to AZ or even Cali to NV/UTAH you can easily be scared you might run out of gas and she doesn’t know the gas mileage on this rental so I can see why she would want them. Even if she took a gun with her, let’s just say she took her grandparents gun which very well may have happen I GUARANTEE it wasn’t to kill Travis. She probably took it if she did as self defense driving on the road herself. My cousin came from Utah to visit me in Cali and she had a gun in her trunk. I was freaked, but she said that is very normal for her state to carry one and it’s legal. But I assume, she couldn’t state that she had one because unfortunately it would look like it was pre-meditated. I am sure they told her she couldn’t state that. I wouldn’t put it past Travis to be looking at little boys’ pictures and I am going to say why I think it. He was obviously conflicted in his mormon/religion etc. He lied about his sexual relations so why wouldn’t he develop a perversion? And how could his friends not know that? You think Travis would be broadcasting that in the public? COME ON! He was very abusive to you Jodi. It’s obvious. Saying things like, “I am going to rape you and you will like it.” Even if he did not mean it you don’ t say stuff like that. And to think you just wanted to please him and be with him and to be loved, and he couldn’t see that. I personally blame that Sky and husband. She is pathetic. Smiling talking about Travis’ death. PLEASE. Those two come off fraudulent. AND then to make you seem psycho because you stood at the door listening to these apparently godly people talking crap about you? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You are psycho? Well they are catty. Who does this? “Oh we were talking about you…and how dare you listen..” ” oh she is listening…she is a stalker…I have six sense.” FORGET IT! I want to keep ranting. I think if they just let Travis like you and not make him have to find somebody else. I think they are obsessed with him, meddling in his life. I watched a Nancy Disgrace episode where Skye said she had never even been to his house? AND they are supposed to be such great friends? REALLY? Come on. OMG I want to keep ranting. I just might. I don’t know if this will post it all.

        • I agree with your post – especially your comments on Skye and husband. They were ridiculous to call Travis into their bedroom to talk about Jodi while she was a guest in their house. Seriously, who does that? They were inconsiderate.

          I wish the courts would address emotional abuse, use, and manipulation, control, degradation. It’s not too difficult. These forms of abuse are very real and very damaging. I’m not trying to minimize physical abuse, but a bruise can heal much more quickly than the damage caused by emotional abuse.

        • What I would like to see is each and every jurors computer checked for violations of the admonition or the court. I thought this would not be possible but I read that a defense attorney was able to check all jurors computers after trial. It would be interesting to see the results in this case.

          • Good idea! Plus I posted the other day that all of them should be called in individually and given mandatory lie detector tests about whether they saw, heard, or discussed anything about the trial. Very specific questions, ie: did you watch HLN at all, even for a split second, what about a minute? Did anyone in your family or your friends speak about the case close enough for you to here? Did you see what the mayor said on television or did anyone tell you? How did you feel about the verdict for OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony? Would you be able to vote not guilty if there was reasonable doubt even though you saw the lynch mob and heard all the negative press about Jodi? Can you see how this trial was very similar to a witch hunt? Do you feel you were fair in your decision while not being sequestered?

            And on and on. Then we could see how much the Jury lied. This was a disgrace of a trial. How do you get it overturned or thrown out? Somebody has to do something. Those Arizona Mormon people think they are so right. Appeals will take forever. Who do you go to so the correct thing is done?

            • Good one Marianne ! Just read your post. Same exact thought going thru my head! LISTEN SJ, THAT JURY WATCHED THIS! I believe they were afraid of the MOB outside! There is absolutely NO doubt, NO question, that jury watched this! There HAS to be ONE way we can find out, especially if their talking death!! I think Marianne has a great point!

        • i once accidentally overheard (so called friends talking about me) i was so shocked & froze there..most likely that’s why Jodi was standing there& looking that way….it was the look of hurt.. the look the hughes’ saw…was what made their hypocritical asses feel better

      • “Shame on her” is an oxymoron. She is without shame. Maybe puke on her would be more apt. Discussing the lethal injection at this point on nationwide TV is unconscionable, particularly since she has been hell bent on Jodi being put to death. In my opinion, she is a rabid animal, who never got over the death of her “fiance” and wants to wage war on “killers,” regardless of the circumstances or the extenuating circumstances. Maybe the real anger comes from the apparent fact that he split from her before he was “slaughtered” and she didn’t have time to reap her revenge.

    • That’s what HLN wanted. Now they have more free programming to look forward to. No way anyone could have a fair trial with them around. Overnight vigils and parties as the jury goes into deliberations? Sick.

    • I agree! This was a case tried in the media. I don’t believe for one second the jury wasn’t watching HLN and talking with others about it. I remember others mentioned that the questions the jury asked showed they were watching HLN and that’s exactly what I thought when I heard their questions.

      In the beginning of this case, before I paid close attention, I thought she was guilty as could be. Then when I looked closely at the facts I realized I had been brainwashed by the media into a snap judgement.

      Once people make a judgement, most people are loathe to change their minds.

      Other thoughts I’ve had – the autopsy photos, crime scene photos, etc. Juan Martinez popped those out whenever it suited him for shock value. I thought that was extremely prejudicial against the defense! I’m sure that in other trials I’ve seen it barred from being shown willy-nilly because of how badly it influences the jury against the defense. Why was he allowed to do that?! Even that time when he shocked TA’s family and took them by surprise as well?

      I can’t believe this. Just can’t believe it. Of course, with the way things have been going against women in general though I guess it shouldn’t surprise me.

      This trial has been the biggest circus I’ve seen, just outrageously unfair. The media is making me sick with their gloating and garbage. Wish this was a nightmare we all could wake up from to a sane world where there is justice and people are not tried in the court of public opinion, spittle flying and all.

      • I turned on HLN yesterday and there are the alexander civil attorney announcing on the
        courthouse steps that they have filed suit against Jodie. I found this in very poor taste to say the
        least. They can file suit quietly and there would be a public record, but no they need to add to
        the circus that they call a trial

    • Not sure if the appeal on that grounds will work since jury has not been sequestered in Arizona in over 80 years.

      • But, times have changed, because of the amplifying effect of the Internet and especially social media. How is the mob behavior surrounding this trial any different from what happened in Egypt when people supposedly were acting to acquire more freedom and they turned the government over to the Islamists?
        The law must deal with the contaminating effects of social media and the Internet in general in people’s lives. How can any juror today who is wired not be contaminated?

        • Every time my son goes in for jury duty he gets picked. He has never talked about the trial or looked up anything. At least I know one person who does the right thing.

      • Yes, the burden of proof would be on those making the accusations of jury misconduct. And it is a high hurdle to clear.

      • True, but 80 years ago there was no media coverage like we have today which is a major distinction. I am a defense attorney and I can say if there is ANY proof that a juror did not heed the
        “admonition” and watched the TV (how could they not – assholes are watching right now) or discussed the case with their spouses, significant others, etc. then it is pretty much automatic grounds for a reversal of the conviction. They are not going to allow searching juror computers or giving them lie detectors, but I can tell you, EVERYONE is going to cash in by writing books, doing interviews, etc. Someone is bound to slip up and admit something. Or, somebody knows that a juror knew information and we must hope that person will do the right thing and come forward. We should probably talk to the Enquirer or TMZ and see if they will offer money for anyone to come forward and tell what they know.

    • I think that is true, I wrote to HLN several times telling them that they were all just sick. That it was despicable how they worked the public into a lynch mob mentality as well as hoping that the jurors were tuning in to their sick lies.

      The way I see it, all those that sat back and judged Jodi Arias, will one day have to account for their judging her so harshly. I believe that they will be judged much more harshly than Jodi ever will.

      If only all those wanting her to get death would realize that this could happen to anyone. It could be a brother, a sister, a mother a father, a son or daughter… the truth is… it could be any one of our family or friends on trial for such a crime, and then how would they feel?

      Very saddened at our justice system today.

      I am not quite sure what was going through the jury’s minds, but I certainly did not see murder 1, and Jodi poses no threat to society. I just saw the short clip of her saying that she would rather get death than life. So sad…

      • I’ve called and emailed HLN many times throughout this trial as well. I basically told them “Shame on you”. I’ve been saying this for the past few months, I KNEW there was no way the jury wasn’t going home and NOT watching HLN. I honestly don’t know how journalist sleep at night, I really was shocked to see JVM running next to and chasing down Jodi’s grandmother with a fucking microphone stuck in her face trying to get her to talk when the poor woman wanted to be left alone. How sad. Everyone on HLN does shit like that everyday. You know there’s a fucking problem when you have idiots from the news that have NOTHING to do with the trial being called in to testify. Sherry Stephens is a sad excuse for a judge as well.

        • Didn’t Jodi’s atttorney have those news people testify? I thought the judge was fair. I think the insanity plea would have worked better for Jodi. I really think she has some issues there. Her mother indicated she has some mental problems.

    • You Know the jury watched the shows and they discussed the case with other ppl…There is no way anyone is going to convince me otherwise. Yes there are good people here in AZ, but this has got to be one of the most ridiculous places I have ever lived as far as intelligence goes. This is wild west justice from way back when. Hang ’em high and figure out why later, mob justice.

      What a sad bunch of pitch fork carrying, angry mob of viscious dogs thirsty for more blood to spill.
      Sorry for my rant everyone, I’m just mad right now as this is not right nor was this a “fair” trial. I would hate to be on trial here for ANY crime.

      Hang in there Jodi

  3. I am devastated. This verdict is based on nothing, no evidence so the only thing is outside influence. This may be the only way to bring to light the awful injustice that has happened here.

  4. Although I am not surprised, I am shocked at what today’s verdict means for our justice system. Yes, we can say they “did their jobs” or ” it’s the best system in the world” but honestly we have MANY MANY people who sit in our jails who should not be there. This decision today, IMHO does not reflect the FACTS in evidence and that is what makes it sooooo shocking. FACTS IN EVIDENCE! Not on tv. Not slipped in during testimony to drop hints, not opinions of talking heads. FACTS IN EVIDENCE.

    I am heart broken.

  5. I’m crushed. I was at the gym when it was read & people were acting all smug and happy so I just grabbed myself and got out of there. 🙁

    Hugs to all.

  6. I am devastated…not just for Jodi – I’m also mourning the lose of my faith in mankind. How could twelve supposedly rational people come up with that verdict? I am so depressed. I just want to go to bed and sleep forever.

    • I don’t know how they came to that.

      I can’t believe they ALL fell for the troll’s lies…

      I wonder if they will share how they reached such a shitty verdict.

      • oh yea… those jurors will get their individual 15 mins of fame, you can bet on it,, and I for one can hardly wait.. I am so sick of Drew and that big mouth N Grace..and the rest of those so called journalists.. and I use that loosely.. If she had never met that man…….

    • RB, your post expresses exactly the way that i feel, too.
      I was just stunned to hear this nonsense verdict. This disillusionment is such a rude awakening. Can only imagine how demoralizing this has to be for Jodi and family. =(
      And the Greedy alexander family chasing their next gravy train by seeking civil suit is so disgusting….

    • oh my you sound just like me, my husband knew how invested i was in this, and he layed beside me while i heard the verdict. No dream team here. She was in the wrong place wrong time, or wrong court wrong era. oj, blake, and anthony. free. They had to have a guilty or i really believe that the jury would have been crusified. Now zimmerman. It is raining here, and i smell skunk, our door never shuts right, be just my luck, anyway, i wil end with this world is not for everyone. There is so much hate and lack of help for people who need it. Some people need a firmer hand, while in jail jodi learned sign and spanish and go her ged. Well i guess they call it reform school. As long as we can hire competent people to run it, when we are young, esp woman, our bodies give out a hormone “we in love” when we are intimate with a man. And he led her on. He could have stopped this, and he made the first decision not to. Everyone looses I did hear dr drew say that her being in the phyc ward was not i repeat not an act. I was loosing respect for him but i got a bit of it back after that. I am so sorry that there was no one who could have reasoned with jodi, that he was not worth her. He knew it. She has more talent in the broken finger than ta ever had.

  7. I’m so disappointed. There is no justice at all! Poor Jodi… I think these juries are not bright! They were not able to analyze the situation. There were so many experienced witnesses from the defense side. There was no real proof of premeditation; and he had really torchered Jodi. They were affected by all the stupid commens and evil remarks of the journalists!

  8. It goes to show this was not about justice for Travis or anything other than covering the jury’s ass so it would not face a torrent of criticism ala Casey Anthony.

    It is the stupidest verdict possible because there was absolutely NO evidence to back it up.

    • I agree, terror about coming back with a verdict that was fair weighed heavily. The CA trial made sure of it.

  9. Wow :(….I can’t fucking believe it I’m in shock. I was def thinking worse case second degree!!! Unbelievable!!!

  10. I am sickened by the judicial system. Thank God for appeals. Thank God that KN and JW were so diligent with their motions and keeping them on the record.

  11. It’s the neck wound, the fact that she changed her story 3 times, and Martinez playing over and over Jodi saying “no jury will ever convict me” that may have done it.

    They got it wrong. They really got it wrong. They went on speculation.

    • I think you might be right, which is what they SHOULD NOT have done.

      They should have put aside the neck wound image and focused on all the evidence showing DV and etc.

      I would never have agreed with everyone if I had been on the jury…no way no how.

      • There was no way for them to put the neck wound aside. That is a really hard one to get around. I had a feeling that was going to be the stumbling block for them.

        • That is what has been coming to me today, in addition to them being all a pack of white-supremist, misogynistic pigs who like punishing people for defending themselves.

    • That stupid 48-hours interview. Why did that even enter as evidence?

      But BeeCee is right. Neither the neck wound nor the interview were proof of premeditation. I’ll bet there were some mormons in this jury.

      • I heard that Anna Nicole just say that he had information that there were mormons on the jury. She didn’t stand a chance of getting a fair trial.

        And the family’s scumbag ambulance chasing lawyer announcing that he is filing a wrongful death suit? And what do they think they are going to get? She’s indigent and has been a ward of the State for over four years. That family is sickening, milking this for every dime they can get!

      • CBS has blood on its hands for not using journalistic judgment in its presentation of the one-sided “Picture Perfect” episode. Maureen Maher and her producers didn’t take Travis’s “friends” and family’s remarks with a huge grain of salt, and then they committed the unpardonable sin of interviewing Jodi Arias when she didn’t have a lawyer and was obviously suffering from trauma.

        They have blood on their hands. If it weren’t for their shoddy reporting, this case would never gotten any kind of national notoriety.

        • tonysam, I bet Jodi did not know how the actual interview was going to be presented by CBS. I don’t think the inmates get to watch anything other than C-Span and the Weather channel so I’ll bet she never even saw it until it was shown at trial. …looking at her on that interview…she seems so young. I’m sure she regrets talking to Maureen Mauer. I just can’t believe it was entered into evidence.

    • I think you’re right, NK.. I’m still in tears this morning as I type this, words seem useless at the moment.

  12. Reposting my original reaction—

    What did I tell you this jury was tainted by the saturation of info NOT IN EVIDENCE this was trial by media and lies and apparently fell for Juan’s dog and gopher show. Its really heartbreaking—I see many reasons for this being turned over down the road. These jurors did NOT abide the admonition otherwise it would have not been so easy to overlooking a lying ME and detective. Shameful.

  13. I cannot believe this! I’m shocked, and I agree this was an unfair trial. The jury should have been sequestered, and avoid watching HLN each night. This is sickening, and I hope her defense appeals this case, as I feel the jurors gave in to the mob which with the help of HLN , judged Jodi, and ignored the fact that you don’t judge someone to first degree when there is reasonable doubt.

  14. I am sick of the media and public lynching involved in these high profile cases. It seems each high profile case keeps pushing the limits to see how far and what they can get away with. I am certain the jurors took into account the way the jurors of the CA case were viewed upon reaching their verdict. When will someone finally stand up and say enough already? It is total bullshit.

    • The biggest problem I have with this case is the mobbing fueled by the media namely HLN
      I do not believe in the death penalty and it is certainly not appropriate in this case. The Salem
      Witch hunt has come to phoenix.

  15. HLN and all their talking heads will be celebrating tonight. I hope they can fully acknowledge how much they took part in trying to put Jodi to death. They need to own this because it was their doing.

    my heart is breaking for Jodi right now, but I’m still here and I will continue to be here through every appeal and every motion, until the end!

    Perhaps now, all the evidence which could have saved Jodi which the jury was not allowed to see will come to light.

    This verdict happened because the Jury was tainted and/or they were scared of public opinion. They watched HLN and well all know this. HLN knows this. Everyone with half a brain knows it.

    Jodi. You are loved. Love trumps all the hate even if it comes in waves.

  16. i am devastated. how on earth did they come to that verdict? i can’t believe it. we must continue to support jodi!

    • I am so sick to my stomach. I am so saddened. There is reasonable doubt everywhere. Most of the jurors are over sixty years old and men? Could this demographic be the reason? You posted a link on the site that gave supposed information on the jurors. After reading their ages and genders, it worried me very much. But, I just knew there was nooooooo way, they could come up with PREMEDITATION. How do you think they did? Is there anything that I could possibly be overlooking? No way, I am so sick and saddened and angry. What can one do now/? Can anyone give a link to any news where this verdict is being discussed in an intelligent way and debated amongst intellectuals not HLN. HLN is disgusting. Abc too should be ashamed at putting clips out of context on their show. I refuse to watch either station. . I just can’t believe this. Thanks for listening. . I am so sorry for these jurors decision.

    • Hi Sil! No, just server overload issue. We’re having it upgraded within the next few hours so it should be more stable then.

      Team Jodi

      • Thank you, SJ. I hope no trolls show up today. I don’t think I can handle that.

        And Thank you for everything you do. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

        • Thanks Sil! Just like I put in my post, we WILL continue to support Jodi, and we WILL ultimately be victorious. Today’s BS verdict doesn’t change that one bit.

          Team Jodi

      • Like I said before, Don’t forget that state is full of Mormons. It was like if she was being trialed by that religion. Those people think Justice was serve, but unfortunaly not for Jodi. I’m glad I don’t serve the same God as them. My God is a different God. My God is full of mercy, forgiveness, compassion, and most important, love. May God bless you all and Jodi, as well as her family.

        • Jodi I just want to tell you that I’m still with you. I will keep praying for you. I still believe in miracles.


          The LORD is my Shepherd .He restores my soul: he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies: you anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over( Psalm 23 ).

          With love,


        • I actually hope that Chris Hughes is correct and that she will be excommunicated tomorrow. Then maybe she can start some real honest healing.

        • If Mormons were on that jury this entire trial should be thrown out. They put their religion above “man’s laws” and would want the death penalty for Jodi regardless of whether it was premeditated or not.

          Just based on hearing anything whatsoever about the sex involved would skew them in favor of death for Jodi, and they believe that women are inferior and should obey men. They would never think badly of Travis no matter what he said or did to Jodi. Plus the fact that he was surrounded by Mormons, was a Mormon, and she would not be considered a “real” Mormon based on how long she had been in the religion as well as the circumstances.

          There is no way that any Mormon on that jury could be qualified to be a juror in that case. NO WAY.

          I’m heartsick. I saw the interview with Jodi talking about how she wants “freedom”. My god, and then HLN said she was “manipulating” people again. How heartless, cold, cruel, and calculating can they get? Now they are giving themselves free rein. Just horrifying.

          I hope Jodi doesn’t give up and give in to these monsters. There are a lot of people who know that this was NOT a fair trial, no way no how. The whole thing should be thrown out. She should walk.

          I am so outraged I’m shaking.

  17. Shock and Total Outrage!!!!!!! A true and blatant miscarriage of justice!!!!! Why? Because twelve lying, cowardly, shit-wads were too afraid to stand up for what is true justice—-that’s why!!!!!!!!!! Team JODI, please forgive my intense anger and hatred for those who have did this to JODI—–but it truly galls me that this was not a trial that was judged by a jury but by the hate-mongers in the media, ie, HLN, The Turd Alliance, JM,EF and the rest of the Maricopa pro pros!!!!!!!! I for one intend to boycott AZ the rest of my natural life unless –and there will be—a time wnen we can all be there to greet JODI when she’s released from Assholezonia!!!!!! Appeal!!! Appeal!!!!!! Appeal!!!!!!!!!! (PS if this be the American judicial system—-then I for one may consider renouncing my citizenship and moving somewhere where the media doesn’t run the courts and turds aren’t allowed to be prosecutors) Thanks for letting me vent 🙂 GO TEAM JODI!!!!!!!!! IT’S NOT OVER YET!!!!!!!!!

  18. I don’t under stand how this happen, much less the 7 that had her guilty of both. With that said, we cannot give up hope. It may take longer than we want but she has many reason on the table for appeal. If we lose our hope, we lose it all!

  19. Don’t say death! Please!!! She has NOT been sentenced to death. Tomorrow is the sentencing phase. I have not much left to try to focus on, so this is where I am putting what little I have left…tomorrow. The state has to prove their “aggravating factors”, (cruelty) even if the DO, the defense has their mitigation expert ready and able to get all her facts together. This is when Jodi gets to tell the court why she does not deserve death, and this is when Jodi can and likely will, speak. As most of you know, I am against the DP. And yes, I know this jury is DP qualified….BUT, it does not mean they will impose that sentence! They can say no to that, and especially after hearing the mitigating factors. Please please be strong Jodi, get your mind at peace and your thoughts and words ready for tomorrow. It will be the hardest day of her life to say what she has to say, but so very important. Today feels like a dream to me. I cannot imagine what Jodi is feeling and thinking at all. it must be beyond horrible, and I hope she asks for, and gets, a tranquilizer.

    • I hope she does get DP- auto appeal, finer-toothed comb, even more fodder for appeal. Plus, I’d rather do my interim time on death row, particularly as a woman, than in the GP of a maximum lockup.

    • I have ZERO trust in the American judicial system. its truly Barbaric. I pity all of you who live there, its The very last place I would want to live. To say I’m disgusted is an understatement. Women have NO CHANCE; whether they are raped or suffer domestic violence it becomes their fault.

      So how come the haters, especially the women, don’t know this?

      • I am sick of my stomach but I can only imagine what Jodi is going through right now. My prayers are with her. Poor girl had no chance , what with starting with HLN and ending with her family, her mom & dad. What kind of parents speak so badly of their child? Speaking of their interviews with Det. Flores. They buried her already! And HLN wouldn’t even drop the assault on Jodi after the verdict they instigated was received. I hated to even give them one second of my viewing last night but I watched hoping that they would show a bit of compassion for Jodi. But NO! they went on and on berating her even when she’s down. And cohost Christi on Dr. Drew.. had the guts to say” I don’t want to sound biased “…. are you serious? And as for Nancy …. dear Lord , please get that woman off the air… she’s done enough damage. How can all these Jodi haters have soooo much hate and live with themselves. HLN and their guests have no morals or ethics, $$$ means more to them.
        I feel Jodi was just in shock last night when she said she preferred death. I am praying that they save her and I pray for a “GOOD” lawyer to come forward and take over the case.
        Boycott HLN, CNN, MSNBC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I would like to give my deepest thank you to Team Jodi. You guys not only created an awesome support website, but you guys created a great community. This website not only brought Jodi supporters, but women from all over who are survivors of domestic violence. These survivors brought and will continue to bring great inspiration to all of us. I truly hope this site stays up, not only to support Jodi through the appeals process, but also for the great people who stood by her side. You guys are all awesome!

  21. Peeps I believe SJ is correct. This is just the beginning. And if the other side thinks its over they are wrong. I bet all of you more facts will be brought out on Travis’s pedophilia tendencies. His family wants jodi to rot in jail and be forgotten. She won’t. I believe Jodi was telling the truth. She even took a lied detector test. It’s not admissible but I can tell you it’s very difficult to pass even when you’re telling the truth. She’s been shafted. The jury was probably afraid of the circus. We will be vindicated!

      • Thank God for the appeal process, I was not surprised by the verdict, but it is the wrong verdict, that I feel from the bottom of my heart and would put my faith on it. and yes, if the are any TA supporters here lurking I am LDS!! That said, I can only say this, the jury just let the whole world know that it’s ok to call a woman a “three-hole- wonder, and many other things that are degrading to women, that it’s ok to use and abuse women till the right one comes along, and many other things. I do also believe this jury should have been sequestered during this trial because there is no way they could have ignored everything that is out there for all these months.

    • How long does appeal usually takes? I don’t know much about law.
      I am so bummed out, can’t stop seeing Jodi trying hard not to cry when they read the verdict. I heard somebody cried, maybe Jodi’s mom or grandma. So heartbreaking 🙁 🙁

      • I don’t know specifically about the appellate process in AZ, but if it is like my home state, it will likely be a few years before Jodi sees actual relief.

    • I do concur, I have seen a whole lot of hate towards Jodi. With the family filing a civil suit, what happens to any money that is donated to her? does anyone have an answer for that? I do not want it to go to his family.

      • I donated some today, but I will not donate anymore until I know about this creepy lawsuit issue. Hopefully, Jodi will spend what she has now on treats for her and her friends in jail. Speaking of, after sentencing will Jodi immediately be moved to a prison system?

        • I heard if she gets the DP she will go straight to death row but I don’t know how we will be able to stay in touch with her at that point. Generally at prison transfers their personal items are not allowed to follow them into the new system, but wind up in their property where it stays until it is released to someone or the person is released, However I am not familiar with the AZ system, but did hear that she will be transferred directly to another facility if she gets the DP.

  22. All right let’s try post this again.

    We got what we got, folks.

    But I’m dumbfounded. Here’s the biggest part – 7 people, get this 7 people found her guilty of both felony and M1. That means 7 people purportedly believed she stole the gun from both GrandPa’s and TA’s house.

    Remember the charges where M1 or in the alternative felony murder. That was JM’s CYA. That’s the one even the talking heads thought wouldn’t fly. And 7 people on this jury bought that + the M1!

    This is just insane. They convicted her for lying. That’s what they did. And believe it or not I think those damn gas cans sank her. This was the jury saying you lied to us.

    I don’t know why she did that. I for one never bought that returned to Walmart thing. The gas receipts were too much, hence my utter silence on the issue of those gas cans. That’s why they did this.

    We’ll see what happens on appeals.

    • Al, I agree. I think the jury disregarded her testimony. And even ALV’s and Dr. Samuels and Dr. G’s.

      Even if they disregarded Jodi’s testimony, they had no reason to disregard ALV’s, Samuels, and Dr. G’s. They also should have disregarded Dr. Horns.

      Meaning, if they disregarded both Jodi’s and Horn’s, they should have come back with M2. Not M1.

      To paraphrase Shakespeare, “something is rotten in the state of Arizona”

    • Yes, dumbfounded here too. I hate to say it, but I think they are out for her life. With 7 people finding both Felony/Premed, I think they might be more willing to impose the death penalty. Gosh, I hope I am so wrong on that.

      These folks were swayed by the media, IMHO.

      • Bystander

        I fear you may be right.

        This verdict did not come down in any way that made sense. That felony count just means they are going to stick it to her.

        I don’t know why they did it the way they did, but I was fearful of the timing. It just took too little time.

        • The jury is not as smart as I gave them credit for being. I have to confess to surprise & disappointment in the first degree

    • “That means 7 people purportedly believed she stole the gun from both GrandPa’s and TA’s house.”

      wow, that alone proves they are stupid.

      Do you know, do the same jurors decide on the penalty part? I didn’t think they would giveM1, I never thought that far ahead.

      I hope the jurors make their way here someday and see how wrong they are.

        • No, it is the same jury that does the penalty phase. That is tomorrow am. The only way a different jury would be brought in, is if they could not arrive at an agreed upon decision.

    • I think so too. Also, I think her purchasing a gun after the fact was the elephant in the room. We have talked about the much but I think that really hurt her. I’m sick

    • I can’t believe this verdict either…7 people thought she was guilty of both and 5 thought premeditation, so all 12 thought she premeditated this? it blows my mind….
      The jury had to know what was happening in the media…no other explanation

    • THANK YOU. I thought I was the only one that realized that those convictions COMPLETELY contradict each other. Juan, you are an idiot. She stole the gun from her grandparents, so she premeditated it. Oh, and she also stole Travis’ gun… even though I’ve been arguing for 4 months that he didn’t have one. WHAT?! Idiots.

    • I believe Jodi on the gas can. I wish the DT had spend the effort to really hunt down the trail on that.

  23. Wonder defense can approach with the Alford Plea.

    In an Alford Plea, the criminal defendant does not admit the act, but admits that the prosecution could likely prove the charge. The court will pronounce the defendant guilty. The defendant may plead guilty yet not admit all the facts that comprise the crime. An Alford plea allows defendant to plead guilty even while unable or unwilling to admit guilt. One example is a situation where the defendant has no recollection of the pertinent events due to intoxication or amnesia. A defendant making an Alford plea maintains his innocence of the offense charged. One reason for making such a plea may be to avoid being convicted on a more serious charge. Acceptance of an Alford plea is in the court’s discretion.

    However, in many states, a plea which “admits sufficient facts” often results in the case being continued without a decision and later dismissed. A conviction under an Alford plea may be used as a conviction for later sentencing purposes. However, one state supreme court has held that an Alford plea, unlike a criminal trial, does not provide a full and fair hearing on the issues in the case, and therefore does not preclude later litigation of the issues.

    • She’s already been convicted on the top count. She tried to plea to the next lesser charge two years ago. A plea deal now seems unlikely.

    • I would think an Alford plea must be entered into before the full-blown trial. After a conviction, it’s too late.

  24. Devastating. I hope we did not keep Jodi’s hopes as high as our own. Poor Jodi, I am so so so so so sorry. Poor little girl.
    A Nightmare!
    As of today I no longer believe in the justice system. That jury heard the same evidence rather lack of evidence as I did. And yet we end up in a kangaroo court decision. I never thought it could possibly be M1 ! So many mistried people must be rotting in jail. So much for a fairer jury for her with elder male majority. May they all rot in hell.
    Appeal, appeal, appeal. Poor Jodi.
    (I’ve had had real trouble getting access to this site, hoping it will post.)

    • I believe this Willis .. now is when law gets firmed up without the circus acts. Just going to take a while longer but damn Jodi will be ready for the world when this is over. She won’t be so naive and trusting,

  25. Forgive me for posting now as this is my first post. I have followed the trial from the start and read the posts on here most days. There is not much I can say right now as like all of you I am in a state of shock. I am surprised that after such a long trial the deliberations have ended so soon. I thought if nothing else the defence in closing certainly raised issues of reasonable doubt. In fact they shone the light of truth on many inconsistencies. But I think it boils down to this: Arizona is a staunchly republican state, most love the death penalty, indeed as Anna as pointed out you cannot serve if you don’t believe in sentencing someone to death. Add to that, the circus of the daily commentary and prejudice of the commentators and it was always going to be difficult. And now the circus continues with tv stations discussing how the case should be presented at the penalty phase. That is not how justice is served and nor should it be.
    I will repeat how on earth fair minded, objective people can rush to judgement and determine pre meditation in the manner that they have is beyond me. I am British by the way.

    • So am I, Oscar, I’m Britsh too. You are absolutely right – AZ is a republican State, I knew this was political. Republicans are disgusting pieces of shit.

  26. This is on the media. HLN is responsible for this verdict. Not sequestering that jury is responsible for this horrible verdict. I cannot believe it. I’m horrified. This is NOT justice.

    I makes me even sicker to see all of the rabid dogs getting validated for their horrible behavior with which they derailed this trial.

    Those jurors watched the media coverage, I have no doubt about it whatsoever. They watched, they discussed it with family and others.

    Makes me sick! This lynch mob has to be stopped. Jennifer Wilmott looked devastated too. She cannot believe it anymore than we can I think.

    I hope Jodi and her family, supporters and attorneys can get this overturned, it’s an outrage.

    • SO many Unfounded “facts” could be seen/heard ALL OVER the media. Every judge on earth thought it was INSANE that this jury wasn’t sequestered.

    • I disagree. It’s the jury who is ultimately responsible for watching HLN, etc. , even though HLN was disgusting. They took an oath not to, but we all know they did. Where’s a family member who will blow the whistle on one of those jurors and tell the world that he/she WAS watching and reading about this outside of court. That would be enlightening. Maybe one of the jurors has an abusive spouse and it’s their chance to get back at them!!!!

      • An outside consultant team needs to come in and give those jurors lie detective tests. Then sit down and talk to each one of them separately for the truth. Donald Trump tweeted Jodi back and usually helps with this kind of stuff. If the story about the witch hunt, lynch mob, jurors not sequestered, etc, etc he may very well jump on it. Plus HLN has that Judge that was the Judge for where Anna Nicole’s body be buried on. This Judge seems to get what is wrong. Maybe he could be helpful. Although he may want more time slots on HLN. Maybe other people on here can think of better. Something just needs to get done and fast.

        • I was so upset that I tried finding an email address for the White House.. the postcode–zip code stopped me from sending anything.

          Obama should step in, where IS he?.

  27. Nk,
    for wrongful death, the statute is 2 years. But that starts after the person who is being charged is found guilty. They cannot begin a civil action against a defendant who is still in the court system as they are presumed innocent until after trial and verdict.

    • They can start a civil action at any point before the statute expires. Many families wish to await a guilty verdict so that they have the weight if a beyond-a-reasonable doubt conviction behind their civil case.

  28. I still can’t believe the family is sueing for wrongful death. They cried the whole trial and now wanna do it all over again!!

    • I can believe it. Their sill blue ribbon twitter site is just another ruse for these greedy people using his death to capitalize. That same con artist that we see in Travis, Sky, and the others is now coming out in the family. They never acknowledged any of his lies and wrongdoings. Mormon hypocrisy.

  29. The jurors are all a bunch of self-serving MORONS. There is NO other way around it.

    It had nothing to do with the gas cans, the neck wound, the three different stories, or anything else.

    This was all about covering their worthless asses as a result of NOT being sequestered and watching television and knowing about how utterly unhinged those Travis “supporters” are.

    But down the road, be it a month, a year, ten years, or even 23 years like with Debbie Milke, Jodi will walk free.

    • Like you tonysam, and all of us, I’m horrified, and feel so angry and so upset. I hope you’re right.. this total FARCE of a trial has devastated me.

      What I think of the jury, words can’t express strongly enough. Except to say they are TOTAL BASTARDS.

      Their computers should be checked.

  30. Occupy HLN has a petition for Jose Baez to represent Jodi in appeal trial. Just thought I would let everyone know in case they wanted to sign it. It’s on their fb page.

  31. Very sad. Was sad I couldn’t get here this afternoon to wait with you all, I imagine there were a lot of us that couldn’t.

    Thought I would share with you all a very odd thought that was presented to me today. Very out of left field idea, and I am not entirely sure what to make of it. But if it is true, it may very well have an impact on sentencing options.

    A friend was saying to me that she was surprised that Jodi didn’t just try to trap Travis the old fashioned way. They were having ‘vanilla sex’ – and if he wouldn’t buy KY you know he wouldn’t buy condoms, so why didn’t she get pregnant? THEN she said she thinks that Jodi may have Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, and perhaps may not even have a uterus. She said AIS would explain the oddness of Jodi’s genitalia, even why she might actually prefer anal sex to vaginal sex. Rather than me explaining it, I recommend googling, and click the Genetics Home Reference link to get a better understanding of it.

    But the short of it, the pertinent as to sentencing part of it might be that, if she DOES have AIS, she’s actually genetically male.

    Can they put her in a women’s prison if she is genetically male? Can they put her in a men’s prison if she is physically female?

    • there was a rumor that she did get pregnant, I don’t know the outcome of that or if it is even true.

    • No offense, Journee, but this seems to me more like the result of a tin foil hat wrapped too tightly than of the formulation of a reasonable theory of this case supported by provable facts.

      • No offense taken, and it’s not a theory of the case.

        But there’s been a lot of commentary about the oddness of Jodi’s genitalia. And the occurrence rate of AIS is 2-5 out of 100,000 people who are genetically male. Proof is as simple as a DNA test.

        I just thought if it was true, it might throw a kink in the works if they don’t know where they can legally lock her up.

  32. I can’t say I am not terribly sad. But I will say I am not going to bash the jurors the way a lot of people do when things don’t go their way. I am trying to remember that they did not have this site with all the intelligent discussion. They did not have all the access (supposedly) to the evidence that we did. There were things kept from them. And they were under ridiculous pressure. Did they return the verdict I believe is just? Well no. But I respect them for giving up their lives for so many months. I pray that the appeal will be succesful. I pray that Jodi will be given a fair trial. I pray that the jurors will see all that we have seen and wonder if they did the right thing. I pray that Jodi has peace tonight and that she is shown love by those around her. I pray for ALV and all the others who testified. I pray for all the DV victims still out there. And I also pray for Travis family. I pray that they will someday take a step back and God will show them that their actions are not His actions. Somebody kick my soapbox out from under me now…… But also, I pray for all of you here, my family. I know you feel like I do and I know how you are hurting. Bless all of us.

    • This isn’t about “bashing jurors when something doesn’t go their way.” This is about MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE, about absolute IDIOCY on the part of a jury that was not sequestered and I suspect had several Mormons on it.

      • Tonysam…..i t typed that commenyt into word so I could continue to copy and paste it because the sure was so screwed up. I typed it immediately after the verdict and just now got it to post. I an sorry out posted right after your comment as it was in no way directed at you as I had n not even read your comment. You are as is every one else entitled to your opinion and woul never insult you by inferring you were wrong or not entitled to your opinion. Please accept my apology for it looking as if I was referring to .

    • Tnlucy,

      Even if they disregarded Jodi’s testimony, they should have disregarded Horn’s as well.

      Basically, that means they would have had to come back with nothing more or less than M2. (Just based on Dr. G’s testimony, which should have held the most credibility with him because he was never accused of lying or anything else).

      • NK, I agree completely. I am not agreeing with the verdict. Simply choosing to focus my thoughts on something other than blaming the jury. I blame the media, the judge for allowing the circus and not controlling the courtroom, the ME for a shoddy job, the detective for an even worse job, Demarte for being biased and running her mouth about things she knows nothing about and Martinez for being an ass and an abuser but most of all I blame Travis for abusing Jodi. I feel sorry for the jury because they did not have all the smart intelligent conversation we had here. They had half the evidence and more pressure than anyone should have. I do NOT see how the hell they came up with the verdict they did but I have to accept that it happened and move on to the next thing which is the penalty and appeal and praying for that. I am in no way attacking anyone on here or telling anyone else how to feel as I have always felt free to express my opinion. Which is what that post was, simply my opinion on how I felt. I had not read a single post since the verdict as I was unable to get into the site. I posted blindly and unfortunately it landed close to someone who felt differently and I totally respect that person and all their opinions. We are all hurting. I meant no disrespect. I will never intentionally disrespect anyone here. You are all wonderful.

    • Hey tn, I for one am going to bash them–because they, like the rest of the weasel’s “witnesses all lied about not being influenced by the hate-mongering media. and because they were to spineless to do the right thing! So yes I’m going to bash the cowardly, pin-headed, motherfuckers ’til the cows come home and then some! Fuck them and the entire Turd Alliance!!!!!!!

  33. 1st degree carries either death, life without parole, or life with chance of parole after 25 years.

  34. The 7 to 5 is very telling as well suggests to me these people are chomping at the bit to take this to the end and be the “STARS”. Probably spent 13 hours discussing the book they intend to write.

    • Hello,my sweet kind Sil.No,I’m not ok…I dont know how Im gonna get through the night.My family and friends were here with me,just left.Thank God I have you.
      My angel Jodi,convicted.How can I be ok?

      • maria, I was so worried about you. ((((hugs)))

        I didn’t want to admit this, but I have been crying. Don’t get me wrong, I believe this will be overturned on appeal, but it still broke my heart when I saw Jodi’s face after they read the verdict.

        It appeared to me that she was trying to look toward her family to make sure her mom was ok. 🙁

        That really got to me and wrenched my heart. Then I saw the crowd celebrating and cheering and high-fiveing and it turned my stomach. Then I saw a moment that was shared by Jodi’s family outside the courthouse. They were so few of them…But they were so dignified. In spite of all the screams and shouts and banners and jubilation at the verdict.

        I am the most positive person in the world, but now I feel a little disgusted with the world.

        • (((((((((((((Sil,Bystander))))))))))))))
          Devastated,heartbroken,desperate arent good enough to describe how im feeling.I’m numb,cant speak,cant think.My mind’s frozen,all I hear is ”Guilty”.
          Why?Why,god?Where were these 12 people?Didnt they see,witness,hear what we heard?Dont they have children who may one day meet their own Travis?No,not only am I not embarrassed to admit I’ve been weeping since the verdict,I nearly passed out and the next thing I remember was my sister with a glass of water over me.
          My Jodi,my Jodi…She’s all I can think of right now.

          • I know.. Our Jodi! I’m also thinking about her mom and her little brother and sister. And grandmother.

            • Yes, Sil, OUR Jodi! I can’t stop crying. When I saw the TA family smiling and hugging each other it made me feel ill. Can they Really take a lawsuit on Jodi and stop her from making any money from her artwork? Or is it HLN saying this?

              • ((((Heather)))

                Now that she’s been actually convicted, I do believe the son of sam law applies. Which means she cannot profit from her crimes or something like that. :/

                So yeah, HLN and the Alexanders are not done with her yet.

          • Oh Maria I know how you feel. I couldn’t eat all day and around 9pm I was feeling very dizzy. So, so, so sad. words can not describe the way i feel.

        • hugs Sil….asi es la gente que no tiene a dios en su corazon. Que dios los vendiga porque todos aqui vamos a ser juzgados. cuidate 🙂

  35. The only thing this proves to me is that their are many more ignorant people in this world than I thought. their was no evidence of premeditation. But I have no doubt and which occurred to me early on that these juries would not go against the masses due to the abuse the CA jurors had to take afterward. I believe it was much more about wanting revenge for that than justice for Travis creep. Which pretty much means the psycho’s are controlling the justice system.

    • Honestly? I don’t even think they even thought about whether it was premeditated, they had ONE thing in mind–to kill her. Its so sick its unbelievable. And they left us all waiting–for 3 days for this?

      Yes, psycho’s ARE controlling the system.

      I would be too scared to live in the US. If I was raped it would be my fault.

  36. I haven’t been able to post. SO sad. SO sad for womankind. SO sad that SO many women want her dead. The stigma that women “ask” for abuse, and all women who kill their boyfriends/husbands are ‘monsters’. How many men kill their girlfriends or wives EVERY SINGLE DAY in this country? And almost NONE get the death penalty. Few even get life.

    DREW PETERSON GOT 30 YEARS for MURDERING his loving wife, the MOTHER of his children- and the jury/judge KNEW about his other missing wife. 30 years.


    • I know Violette,
      It just makes your whole body sick.

      He only got 30 years? Damn
      Jodi had to defend herself OR she would be just like his wives and she gets life?
      I am just sick.

      AND like you said it happens to women all pf the time.
      And this wasn’t right for Jodi and I can’t blieve more women didn’t speak up for her.
      Mark Geragos just blamed it on the sheriff in AZ.
      I can’t stand the sheriff or the governor there.
      The governor when asked last night about Jodi, she said that she thought she was guilty.
      She should have said it’s in the jury’s hands now.
      They’re all biased!

    • Jealousy is a serious disease. I hope these haters of Jodi, get well soon because it’s not a good look.

      • jealousy, hatefulness, mean spirited,
        We’ve seen it all and it seems to spread.
        It must be these people are just totally miserable.
        Like they say misery loves company and they’ve got a ot of company.

        Justin, like you said about jealousy, it is a disease and it is very ugly. I’ve always had the oppinion
        that is I feel any of these is to go look in the mirror. I am the only one that can change that.

        I don’t want to be like the majority. I like to feel that my heart, what’s in it is real OR I couldn’t like myself. I don’t mean as having a big ego, just like being who I am. That is a good feeling and I don’t want to lose that.

  37. Today is the day I stop believing in mankind.Today is the day I mourn for the world our children will inherit.
    No,Im still not ready to discuss tomorrow.I’m here with you,loving you all,I am eternally grateful to SJ but my angel was convicted and how she must be feeling right now is all I care.

    • we can mourn, or we can show her our support by pulling ourselves up by the boot straps, brush off the AZ dust, turn on the AC and help her get strong, stay strong and win this battle. Come on .. Jodi needs us!!

      • I agree taylor! I think we’re still shell shocked by the verdict. Deed down we knew this could happen, it’s just that some of us always wish for the best outcome. I’m one of those people who never give up hope. And I’m absolutely not giving up hope right now.

        I’m just really sad to see all these people chanting and rejoicing and applauding. And it broke my heart to see the small group that was Jodi’s family outside the courthouse having to see it. 🙁

        I do have a question about the Mormons since you said you know about LDS. Does that religion teach forgiveness and does it talk about revenge being God’s and not ours…or anything like that?

        you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. I’m just curious. =)

        • Sil, our faith teaches that we are not to judge, that this falls on God’s shoulders only and he will take care of all things. We are also taught to forgive. Here is an interesting story and can be found in old Newspapers. In Idaho, not sure of the year, but my great uncle shot his wife in the face, and dumped her over the shelly bridge. The reason was “she wanted me to do things, I didn’t want to do” He was admitted to the mental hospital and released after 5 months to his “highly respected and prominent father a sheep rancher” His young wifes’ life was only worth 5 months in a mental hospital. And yes they were an LDS family. I have a hard time with that one. But yes, we are told to forgive so that we can heal. However, the standards of the church seem to be very, very different from the actions of it’s members. I have not heard this trial mentioned in church or in any of the church magazines. sorry for the delay in responding, I was at work until now.

  38. I am so devastated…words are not enough. Brokenhearted. Legal eagles out there…please give us some hope.

    • Goodnight all. Ambien is acting very Nurse Ratchett-like in my desire to continueon. Sometimes she must be obeyed, have a good, restful Suessian nighty night with lots of sweet drea m s.. …

  39. 1. please post the completed jury form, when available ie the charges and how the jury completed each one

    2. were there mormons on the jury ?
    was this in reality a mormon theocratic trial in which the system of mormon patriarchal, and polygamous dominance was threatened ?

    clearly ta as a young mormon male was practicing gathering himself a harem of female sex slaves

    A a society, system, or organization in which men have all or most of the power and influence

    B a social system in which the oldest man has the most power in a family, and passes his power and possessions to his oldest son

    3. has someone information on the percentage that az appeals courts overturn criminal convictions

    it was posted here some time back
    the percentages were very high

    it’s difficult to fathom the mentality of the jury
    one speculation i have is that they responded to the highly moralistic and judgmental nonsense from jm

    and was the testimony from the social sciences, ie the modern world, of alyce laviolette and dr samuels, distasteful ,and incomprehensible to a jury of narrow minded bigots ?

    ie people who conduct their lives according to the dictates from the scoundrels who concocted the laughably phony golden tablets, etc
    and the narrow minded bigotry of the god of abraham with his stone tablets isn’t far behind

    to me the jury finding premeditation can not be explained by any normal rational mental processes

    although the bizarre trial process of juries asking questions, and a judge seriously out of her depth could go some way to explaining the verdicts

    maybe sufficient directives came from the patriarchal mormon cult, which is
    steeped in paranoia, interplanetary gods and other such nonsense and is locatized in utah and northern arizona

    whether anyone could easily discover such directives by questioning the jury is uncertain because they are taught from an early age to lie and dissemble to outsiders about their cult/religion

    • Wes,
      In response to your #2 question, “Were there Mormons on the jury?” I am not 100% on how much fact there was to the statement that was given on one of the shows following the trial (due to all of the lies they told and how they condemned Jodi day after day) probably not much, but it was said on several occasions that there were at least 5 jurors that are Mormon. I am not sure if that count included the jurors that were dismissed already or not. This whole trial was a sham…the worst part of it all is the fact that if the jurors do not vote for the DP-that crooked Martinez loving judge will be the one to impose Jodi’s sentence. It sickens me to the very core of my heart what Jodi and her family are going through-as well as all others whose hearts are hurting… What happened to civil rights?! Fair trial!? SEQUESTERED JURIES?! The constitution threw up when the jury delivered that verdict.

      In re- to your #3 question about the % of overturned convictions in AZ-The most recent I have found was actually in March of this year! Check out this article( ). I cannot find an exact % for the state of AZ, but the national % is quite high (2 out of 3 convictions in the US as of 2012.

      Hope this helps and I will continue to post as I find out more info.


  40. How can you convict someone w/o any valid evidence?

    What it amounts to is prejudiced inside and out of the courthouse. First of all if there were any mormons on that jury then the verdict needs to be overturned the cultish ways of the mormons have no honesty in them, and will do anything to protect one of their own. No matter how abusive he was. Also, the prosecutor presented his own theories w/o basis in fact.

    The reason I’m going into the rest of this post is. What evidence did the little weasel Martinez have that would convict someone of premeditated murder? Well, lets see, these I believe are the main circumstancial evidence that there was premeditation in this case.

    1. Kermit the mighty midget, little weasel POS, smelly leprechaun, limelight loving loser, states that Jodi got the gun from her grandparents house-simply because a gun is stolen doesn’t mean that she is the theif. Result should be: Evidence would be thrown out with a just jury.

    2. Receipt is unable to be found years later at the wal mart store for a returned gas can. Since fake sku’s could be used, and wal mart not being known for having loyal, go by the book employee’s.
    Result should be: This evidence cannot be verified by the system wal mart used and the employee’s that are able to bypass it.

    3. An upside down license plate on Jodi’s car. This one is so stupid, it should have been left at the little weasels office. Why would you drive thru a state with an upside down license plate? You would be pulled over for this, probably by the first officer to see it. Like Kirk said “It makes no sense”
    Result: not valid evidence.

    4. Jodi put the camera in the washing machine, and ran a cycle???? Once again, why in the world would you put a camera in the washing machine, Jodi would know being an aspiring photographer that a better solution would be simply to take camera with you. She took the gun, no reason not to take the camera. Except for possibly her memories were clouded, and she was in foggy state and couldn’t make rational decisions. Extremely shoddy evidence Result: unreliable evidence… should be thrown out.

    5. Jodi tried to clean up after the murder???? How, did you see the sink in the pictures. There was not any organized cleanup at all. To say there was even a cleanup period is a stretch. Result: no evidence of a cleanup, certainly not a rational cleanup. Once again the cloudy state of mind?

    7. That Jodi changed her hair color en route to travis’ Seriously. Nurmi proved that if the hair color changed at all from a couple of weeks before it was not noticeable. This is anything but evidence.

    8. Janeen Demarte states Jodi had Borderline Personality Disorder. And that she was a stalker. Where is the evidence of Jodi stalking Travis. Hearsay evidence is not to be allowed. That she looked in the window at Travis’ is not enough evidence of stalking. If I went to a friends house and no one answered the door I’d be inclined to look in the window if the light is on. This is not evidence of stalking. What was the other one, that she stood behind a Christmas tree. Once again the evidence is completely a joke. There is no evidence she slashed his tires or any other ridiculous claim. Result not reliable evidence. Remember this too like all the rest has to be evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

    7. Also, Janeen Demarte has what one year of any domestic violence experience, and three years as a psychologist. Somehow though the Jury dismissed three defense experts with combined 105 years of experience completely. How can you do that? How can you say that with all that experience that their diagnosis of PTSD, and battered women’s syndrom is invalid, compared to the rookie Demarte.

    8. Back to the gas cans. This is suppose to be evidence? Someone tell me how? Because someone carries gas cans in the trunk of the car and fills them up means absolutely nothing. Also, if she asked her boyfriend to borrow 2 gas cans, that makes no sense if you trying to hide a premeditated murder. If I understood correctly from body building babe. She bought approximately 15 gallons of gas. To me that means ten gallons in the gas tank and 5 gallons in the gas can. Also this was in utah, she was already very very far from the crime scene, therefore no need to hide any gas buying. Don’t see how this can be any kind of evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of premeditated murder. Should be weighed very low towards a guilty verdict.

    9. Jodi’s story that she grabbed the gun of the shelf. His friends testimony that he didn’t own a gun is not proof that he did’nt have one. You currently don’t have to have a license in arizona, so he could have had one, and not told anyone about it. It makes sense Jodi would know about it because she cleaned his house, and found it. Also, that she couldn’t have stepped on the shelf to grab the gun without the shelf tipping, is not evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, especially if it was tested as told by Nurmi to the dummies, I mean jury, in his closing that heavier people than Jodi have stepped on the same shelf and it did not tip over. As far as disturbing things on the shelf, she would have grabbed the gun quickly probably not disturbing anything. Result: Not reliable evidence… proving nothing beyond a reasonable doubt.

    10. This may be the main thing they based their stupid decision on. That she lied before the trial about first being there, and then after stating that intruders came in and killed Travis. For one thing, Lying is not what she is accused of. Another, how could they not induce with all of their minds working together. 12 small minds making one normal one, realize that she may have been scared. Scared of admitting to what she had done, scared of it coming out to others, because she didn’t think she was capable of it. Once again to small an amount of evidence to be proof of premeditated murder beyond a reasonable doubt.

    There are the main pieces of evidence. It is pretty obvious to see that this does not add up to premeditated murder beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I would love to confront these idiots,,, oooops I mean jurors with this. They are simply prejudiced I believe. That they never looked at HLN coverage, never talked to anyone who had opinions about the case is very naive. Also, the Mormon influence I believe could be grounds for a mistrial. if any were on the jury there should be a retrial. They have shown by way of the Hughe’s that they will not tell the truth if it would help the defendent against one of their own, and Jodi was not considered one of their own as Travis was.

    So don’t fret all. I was so pissed when I heard the verdict, but now I can see that a retrial is likely because the Jury was not sequestered as should have been is one reason. The outside influences were too much and the verdict cannot be deemed unbiased.

    Stay strong everyone, this thing is not over.

    • Kind of messed up on the numbers there but the context is right. Love you all, lets not forget to give our support to Jodi. She needs it now more than ever.

      We love you Jodi, don’t let this get you down. We continue to support you, and stand up for you.

    • ” Also, the Mormon influence I believe could be grounds for a mistrial. ”

      I do wonder what the true number of Mormon on the jury are. That could be very important.

    • good coverage Dave . . and loops holes can even be added . . another simple one to keep it short would be Jodi could have taken the sd card out of the camera . . but yours and many narratives posted here .. if they could have been given to the jurors . . they would see things as they really are instead of hyped up.

    • When do the lawyers ask for a retrial? Is it right away? Does Jodi still have to go through this sentencing phase? And can they bring the trial to NYC or some place where it will be fair?

    • Dave, thank you, a Very well written post, well thought out. I should like to add No.11, why on earth would Anyone leave a paper trail en route to commit murder? Jodi paid by credit card, for God’s sake!

      Nothing makes any sense at all of this total Farce of a trial.

      The only thing that DOES, is that some or all of the jurors were Mormon, plus they were plainly stupid, ignorant morons.

      The jurors computers should be checked. Its just not credible that none of the jurors went on their computers for almost 5 months and didn’t look at anything. I want to scream when I hear that biased and blasted judge, say, ”I see no hands”.. how stupid can one get? And how biased.

      • Heather 1
        despite pickles enormous incompetence in conducting a fair trial, asking the jury in open court for a show of hands on a question is good practice when you think about it

        because the jury are forced to commit themselves to an answer
        for example, if they were asked,, has anyone checked out or read anything on their computer about this trial ?

        if anyone had, and failed to raise a hand, they’re caught in a lie
        an incredibly serious lie
        i presume that alone would require a new trial

        and jail time for the perjurer ?

        maybe someone could research it

  41. I was just texting with my friend who is a Travis supporter because she has not watched ANY of the trial. She just said she thought it would be another CA verdict because THAT jury could not or did not have access to all the shit we saw…..So there ya go! This conviction is all due to media. I told her Travis was a DICK and that really made her go nuts:)

  42. ok . . who can we appeal to that can put pressure on this situation? seems that’s the only way to get things done anymore

  43. I am so disgusted at all the people who are CELEBRATING that anyone is getting sentenced to death. Jodi does not deserve any of this. She deserves to have a life and get married and have kids and put this in her past. I don’t understand how those 12 jurors feel that there is evidence BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT of premeditation. I wouldn’t be surprised if the true story is the one of 2 attackers killing Travis. How else would there be pictures of it happening? Cameras don’t just walk around on their own! Jodi could have been trying to capture evidence that someone came in and killed him. It just doesn’t add up. How could she carry him all around?! Doesn’t make any sense. Jodi deserves justice as much as Travis did. I don’t see how any of those jurors are any better than Jodi at this point? They are planning to kill her! Hypocrites.

  44. Quick Update — we’re currently upgrading the servers, so there could be 30-45 mins of downtime shortly while the upgrade takes effect. Everything should be ok after that.

    Team Jodi Forever

  45. I am so terribly sad about the jury’s verdict. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, that AZ is a RED state whose residents are traditionally pro-prosecution. I shouldn’t be surprised by the verdict knowing that, yet, I am. I do believe this is a case for There are scores of innocent people in history who have been wrongfully convicted, and I know in my heart that Jodi is among them. I, for one, have always believed that there were other people involved and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that doesn’t come out some time in the future. God bless Jodi and her loved ones during this saddest of times. I appreciate y’all so much and look forward to our continued mutual support of Jodi!

      • I am not sure the Innocent Project will get involved, she admitted she killed him in self defence. I am not sure what protocols they have for getting involved in a case.

        • admitted killing is not a problem per se

          jodi’s claim is self defense

          the correct address to contact is

          Contact Us

          Innocence Project
          40 Worth St., Suite 701
          New York, NY 10013


          To submit a case to the Innocence Project

          The Innocence Project is not equipped to handle case applications or inquiries by email or over the phone. All case submissions and follow-up correspondence will be handled by mail or overnight delivery services only.

        • I was also looking into but the thing I noticed is their cases seem to all be proving innocence based on DNA evidence on older cases using what new technologies there are today versus the old “not-so-accurate” testing used to be. I am still researching it. Also, I visited the website of Jennifer Wilmott’s law office and there is actually a link that you can click on to email her directly. I thought I would post it here so that if anyone had any suggestions to make that you feel can be helpful to Jodi’s case (even for her Appeal case that I am certain she will have), You can try to email suggestions. But I would REALLY TRY not to put “comments” per-say or any kind of angry feeling type stuff, and most of all a ton of questions (i know that sounds crazy but we just cannot be filling her inbox with a ton of questions that could cause her to overlook helpful suggestions to Jodis case)in emails simply because if Jennifer really does receive the emails We definitely wouldn’t want them to shut down our possible only means of contacting Jodi’s attorneys directly. I would just keep things nice and simple. I feel that the majority of the people here have some very relevant facts that should have been presented in court and Jodi’s attorneys need to hear them and try to present them to the court.

          —-emails removed due to security reasons—-

          My apologies for the long reply, I just wanted to put the info out for everyone.

          *!*JUSTICE FOR JODI*!*

      • since, i am unfamiliar with arizona, i have a queston about arizona, their political, judicial, and law enforcement systems, especially for their most populous county, maricopa county

        how much did mormonism, and racism feature in this trial, including the verdict ?

        the constitution seems racist
        english official language
        illegal aliens “shall not be awarded punitive damages in any action in any
        court in this state.?

        some scary stats for the whites
        Demographics of Arizona
        look at the chart
        Growth 2000–05 (non-Hispanic only) 9.32%
        Growth 2000–05 (Hispanic only) 30.51%
        looks like the white probably feared being outnumbered real soon by people of spanish orgin

  46. I was shocked when the verdict was read. I still am, kind of. The jury was tainted. I have no doubt about it. I feel heartbroken for Jodi. She could have done something amazing with her life. If only she never met her abuser. I hope there is a way we can communicate with her and give our support once this is fully over.

  47. Well it sure has been difficult to get on here…so will try again. I am sad like all of you that Jodi has been convicted of murder one. Get ready because it is pretty clear she will get death penalty too. This trial was anything but fair. It should have been sequestered. One thing about DP is that she can appeal for sure. I think Jennifer and Kirk did their very best. Jodi actually was her own worst enemy as we know. Also, the Casey Anthony trial outcome was not going to be repeated. I have always loved visiting America and have had good times with many people there but something bad has happened to the psyche of the American people, that they can stand outside the court and yell for joy over such a tragic case. Compassion is leaving America and that is very frightening and upsetting to someone who has wonderful memories of time in Arizona and other states.

    • “but something bad has happened to the psyche of the American people, that they can stand outside the court and yell for joy over such a tragic case. ”

      I really agree with you..and I live here 🙁

      • I know right? I am so ashamed of the state I live in, all the people with no lives jumping for joy at the prospect of the murder of Jodi, what a bunch of freaks and weirdos

      • We have no compassion anymore. So sad. There is no “justice for Travis” how stupid. I cringe everytime I hear that phrase. Where is the justice for Jodi? For her family? For the other abuse survivors? No one won today, not even the Travisites. You see they are still angry hateful spiteful and vengeful people who are happy that a sweet beautiful woman has also lost her life either to prison or the death penalty. How is that winning. It is pitiful.

      • That “yelling for joy” really disgusted me. I discussed this case with an Australian friend of mine, and she was shocked that people can so easily be tried by media in the USA.

        I’m bummed about the verdict. I think the jurors likely had the “old West justice” mindset and I have no doubt that outside factors influenced them. I won’t be watching the next phases because I can’t handle the cheering, Travis’ pig friends and vulture family, and Kermit’s smug face.

        My prayers are with Jodi. I hope that this shit gets overturned on appeal. Remember that Amanda Knox originally got 26 years. Don’t lose hope, all. ((((hugs))))

        • An *Australian* friend was shocked? Good grief, has she never heard of the Lindy Chamberlain case? The entire country hated a completely innocent woman who had lost her child and convicted her of murdering her. I’m afraid hysterical public abuse of selected defendants is far from a purely American phenomenon.

    • —Compassion is leaving America and that is very frightening and upsetting to someone who has wonderful memories of time in Arizona and other states.—

      I can certainly see how you could feel that way, Judy. It’s particularly hard when this is your homeland and, because you don’t follow the “mob mentality” , you are accused of being un-American or unpatriotic. So disgustingly sad.

      • SD, I’m convinced its republicanism, NONE of them are compassionate, none.

        I haven’t said this before on here, but I defended a woman on a Q&A site when we were both being abused. She thanked me and invited me to her home in CA..

        Stupidly I went.. from London to Grover Beach, CA.

        I was force fed FOX NEWS from morning till night. They wanted Obama DEAD. The couple, in their 60′ and 70’s, were deranged.

        I never saw the outside of their house until 4pm, and then only to a supermarket.

        I was THROWN OUT OF THEIR HOME, and WHY?

        I was accused of everything under the sun, I was TOLD to vote Conservative, But the main reason I was told to go..

        was because I went out for the evening to a bar where I could at last enjoy myself chatting to people and dancing to live music. I was labelled a WHORE.

        • I didn’t know people like that really existed! WOW!!!
          I can’t see how people can hate like that!!
          Well for what it is worth I am glad they asked you to move out…people like that don’t deserve to be in the presence of someone as WONDERFUL as YOU HEATHER1!!!
          I love you my cyber sister!!!

    • “Get ready because it is pretty clear she will get death penalty too. ”

      I am afraid you are right,, they are not going to show any mercy in this witch hunt. 🙁

      I am Christian, and I have always tried to be compassionate and have empathy. Hate the sin, not the sinner was what I was taught. I just can’t wrap my brain around this mob mentality wanting only vengeance, and they profess to be Christians.

      It is a sad, sad day, even sadder for victms/survivors of Domestic Violence. I believe the jury threw out all testimony from the defense…how fair is that?

      • —I am Christian, and I have always tried to be compassionate and have empathy. Hate the sin, not the sinner was what I was taught. I just can’t wrap my brain around this mob mentality wanting only vengeance, and they profess to be Christians.—

        Thank you, Gail. You speak completely for me.

        • I was thinking about this just now. The scripture that come to my mind is the one that says you without sin, cast the first stone..

          • That is what I have said many times when people scream out how Jodi lied. Well TA lived a lie and it was exposed at the trial IN HIS OWN WORDS and still NOONE outside of Jodi supporters even acknowledged the fact that TA was a liar. HELL we have all lied once or twice in our lives, for some a lot more then that, but when is it that MOST people lie??? When they are trying to PROTECT themselves….Just as Jodi was when she made up those stories in the beginning.

    • You are right compassion is leaving, but not only in the US
      I am very worried about this verdict and about what the consequences are, right now I fear ………
      this verdict will probably have more impact on injustice as assumed right now, it will have more impact on how the media and other creators of evil can exploit themselves it gives them the leeway to spread so much more evil.
      Right now this makes it even more important to believe that not all is evil.
      In my personal opinion there is more to this verdict…………………………………………………..

    • Agreed! Even Dr. Drew said last night that the people outside yelling for joy and laughing made him sick!!! Atleast he saw SOME truth in this case!

  48. I can’t believe it. 2 “legal experts” on AZ Central just said how distasteful it was for people to be cheering for the verdict. NO DOUBT.

    • Hi Rachel,
      I saw this too and it really got to me because it seemed so hypocritical. I know the reporters are just doing their job, but it was the media that turned this into a circus. The media should really step up and take responsibility for their actions. They went from reporting the news to creating a sensation for ratings.

  49. Hi everyone,
    I’ve been trying to post all afternoon but I couldn’t get through on the site while using my phone. This is probably going to be a long post and twofold so please bear with this newbie.

    Firstly, in an earlier post (I can’t remember if it was the Burden of Proof topic or the Update one) I mentioned I was going to the courthouse to check out the craziness, and I really couldn’t have used a better term to describe that scene. What started out as calm collected people waiting turned out to be a circus with a street fair atmosphere that turned quickly into celebration once the verdict was read. I’m sure many of you saw it on the various news channels or internet feeds. It really made me ashamed to say I’m a part of a society that quickly loses sight of that fact that a young woman’s life and fate was being decided in that courtroom. This was not a celebration, have we really become a society that is so cruel and bitter and vindictive? Shame on the haters who only care about being a part of the ‘excitement’ and shame on the media for turning it into the spectacle that a serious case like this should never have been made into. To media personnel, who dared to be hypocritical and try to show a compassionate face by stating on air that the coverage of Jodi’s trial was nothing less of a spectacle… I can’t help but wonder that at the end of the day you (being the various news outlets) are giddy counting the rating numbers.

    Whew, sorry about the rant, I just really needed that off my chest! Now, on to the most important part of my post:

    Be strong, you are a courageous young woman, with a lot of support behind you. Your composure, beauty and fragility in the court room today had me in tears. Even though I can’t speak for anyone but myself, I believe everyone on here will say that you have our support and love and will continue to have that with you. Keep being strong, and if there is ever a time when you feel you can’t, I hope you are able to sense the support and love that we have for you. We will be here for you. Keep your head up and keep your belief in yourself!

    Love from Phoenix!

  50. As I tried to post earlier, I give Jodi credit for not totally breaking down in court. I don’t think I could do it if I was in her shoes. 🙁 HLN After Dark’s topic probably is going to be “Jodi Arias Guilty Verdict Celebration” or something tasteless like that.

  51. I’ve only been able to get in once since the verdict. My heart is heavy but I won’t give up the fight. That’s about all I can say for now….just heart sick. Good night my friends……..”talk” with you guys tomorrow….sending out the love!!!


  52. You know what they convicted jodi arias of? They convicted her because she’s nutty. She lied and she’s nutty. Those two things I guess equal murder 1. Insane! This is like the Salem witch trials. We all know that Jodi is different. This doesn’t equate to cold blooded murderer. Appeal that’s all I can say. I hope SJ you don’t forget jodi and you can keep a track of her appeal.

    • They’re saying it’s protocol but then again I also read that a couple of days ago she ‘threatened’ via phone to commit suicide.
      God,plz dont let Jodi harm herself.

      • I pray Jodi doesn’t harm herself too and if she did it’s because cannot believe anymore. People and what she believed in let her down. Not because she’s guilty , , because the ones she got involved with and the justice system let her down. She has/had child like expectations, zest for life, searched for meaning, innocence in truest form .. she was just easily influenced and taken advantage of. Damn the people that destroyed her.

        just saw part interview with her . . she just doesn’t understand. What she says from the heart . . to shallow minded people, will never ever reach them. If Jodi finds peace within herself by the means she expresses . . that keep her in dutch, we have to accept that. She is honestly not bitter, she is a child of God.

    • Oh no..

      I’m really not a religious woman, but PLEASE GOD, HELP HER!

      I hope this is just another malicious rumour..

  53. This verdict has everything to do with the media and the public. Most of the people standing and cheering outside of the courthouse cheering, have nothing to do with this case, I really don’t know why that kind of behavior is allowed. I guess, it wasn’t good enough for NG, VP, RS, and the rest of the network to influence the jury…. now, they are trying to influence the second phase of the saying that Jodi stomped on TA legs.

  54. All this has done is show me how truly ignorant people really are. Their was no evidence of premeditation and TA was not entitled to justice.
    It occurred to me some time ago that these jurors might be influenced by the abuse that the CA jurors had to endure and possibly they would not want to have to deal with that and I indeed think that has what has happened. So basically what this verdict means is the psycho’s are running the justice system.

  55. This was a clear cut case of a media driven verdict. Tha jury and the media and the Alexander family and friends and the judge and prosecutor can all go to hell.

  56. People who did not come forward regarding the truth about TA…this is on their karma…even if they refuse to believe it.

      • I rue the day I went on psychology today.. Basse..

        Yes, it was me who answered your post on there.

        There seems to be no way of stopping the hate emails I’m getting 🙁 People mocking me and calling me an idiot.

  57. What pisses me off is that Self Defense was doomed from the start. As others here have said, between the terrible neck wound, the stab wounds to the back, and the various versions of the story, there was no way that Self Defense ever had a chance. I blame her defense counsel for not pointing that out. Why didn’t they go for Heat of Passion?

    Given the graphic death scene, and the photos that they had, I really don’t think that a Heat of Passion Defense would have been that hard to sell. The gun and gas cans were all bullshit anyway, but without admitting Heat of Passion they were able to capitalize on all of that big time! Self Defense played right into Martinez hand.

    And why for God’s sake didn’t someone to tell that poor girl to “lawyer up” right from the start?

    I just hope they now can help her avoid the death penalty, which I’m totally against. I just hope it’s not too little, too late. I hope they advise her correctly tonight. God Bless you all, no matter what…

    • No. She previously stated she was planning to kill herself. I fully believe that she was going to do so after she heard the verdict today. Something about her face.

  58. I still believe in her, and I believe she will be vindicated through appeals. There is no doubt in my mind that the media crucified her and the judgment will be overturned. Jodi needs to hold out hope because it always gets worse before it gets better, I am a living witness to this. It seems like all hope is gone, but it is not. I believe those that knew TA had something to do with his death. They were the ones that helped her to be convicted every night they had more and more stories of “weird and scary Jodi” on HLN. You will never make me believe that man was dead in that home for so many days and no one knew the smell in that house was death. That alone is a load of crap. Those jurors didn’t want to be condemned in the public, and they came down with a verdict that would save them and save her, because at the end of the day those charges won’t stick in my opinion. She did not have a fair trial, anyone with common sense knows those people went home every night and listened to the words of supposedly professionals drag her through the mud for a pedophile. Anyone that believes it is impossible for people to use God for their own purposes and that Mormons are perfect they need to read “Prophet of Death The Mormon Blood-Atonement Killings” by Pete Early and you will see why I feel his own people had something to do with this, maybe because of money, maybe because he was getting more publicity than the big chief, maybe because Jodi knew something and they wanted to kill two birds with one stone because he wouldn’t leave her alone. Either way I am still praying for her. If anyone has an address to where I can send letters please inform me. She needs as much support as she can get.

  59. This is a clear cut case of a media driven verdict. The jury, the Judge, the Prosecutor, the Media, the Alexander family and friends can all go join Travis in hell, if there is a hell. How do you believe in any god that would allow a travesty like this.

    We love you Jodi!

  60. I am so disgusted. As many of you have said and I have feared all along, the jurors just went with the mob mentality out of fear of persecution if they were to side with Jodi. The Casey Anthony case insured that Jodi was gonna go down. The jurors were obviously only thinking about what might happen to them should they believe anything that Jodi said on the stand. it is so obvious that they most definitely have been watching t.v. hln and all the BS that this country’s media has been spuwing towards Jodi. I am so sickened. I had hoped that the jurors would stay strong and have some backbone and not cave in to peer pressure but they were weak cowards. It is so apparent to me and everyone that Travis did abuse Jodi, he did beat Jodi, he was a sick asshole and he was no saint. yes, what Jodi did was wrong, but I firmly believe that the truth usually lies in the middle of the two extreme sides to every story. Jodi at, the most should have gotten manslaughter, and walked with time already served. If she really wanted to just off Travis, then why didn’t she? She could have very easily just walked up to him, capped him in the head, one shot, and back in the car and adios. But NO that is not what she did. I could go on and on, you all know exactly what I am trying to say. I am furious. Poor Jodi, I feel so awful for her. I Love you guys, Jessie xoxoxo

  61. Just now able to get on the site.
    Probably a good thing – havent had anything good to say.
    So angry right now.

    The injustice that has been shown today is fucking scary.
    Thank you Alexander Family, Martinez, Flores, Travisites, Jurors, and many others for putting Domestic Violence victims back into their quiet little holes where you all think they belong (and then blame them for not “reporting” the abuse, fucking hypocrites).
    Just remember, those of you listed above, the blood of Domestic Violence casualties is on your hands.
    I hope the guilt haunts you forever, seeps deep into your souless bodies where you can never forget, never ignore.
    I would tell you all to rot in hell, if there were one.

    Jodi, I am so sorry that you have had to endure any of this.
    You made the right decision years ago; who in the world wouldnt try to SURVIVE?
    And in all reality, you did win, you SURVIVED.
    Stay strong, the journey has only begun, and all of us here will continue to support you, always and forever.

    Forever Team Jodi.

  62. OMG disgusted.
    been tring to comment for hours and not been ale to sign on page.
    keeps saying not available. dont know if this will come through…..

  63. Jodi has already given an interview. Says it wasn’t premeditated. Its being shown in parts at fox 10 online.

      • Tried posting earlier but the site stopped working for me, so I hope this doesn’t become another double post.

        It makes my heart hurt to hear Jodi say she’d rather hope for death than life in the interview. Be strong Jodi, we love you!

        • You can get it all on you tube.
          I understand her grief right now and her shock.
          I feel so sad.
          You can tell her heart is broken.

          I can’t even imagine how she feels
          Jodi hang in there.
          You DO have a lot of wonderful people that love you.

      • RB
        I am absolutely stunned that her defense team would have allowed her to make a statement before the penalty phase.
        I don’t agree with the death penalty period.
        But how do you argue against it now when Jodi herself has said she would prefer it?
        I hate to say this but I have long believed Jodi is mentally ill. I know I may get hated on here but I have never believed she was a victim of abuse. But I have always thought she was mentally impaired. She may be considered above average IQ but that doesn’t mean her brain and thought processes function on a linear level.
        Travis’s friends have said that he believed in redemption and forgiveness. I don’t believe the DP brings peace or justice for anyone.

    • (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) NK.
      I know

      And one for Jodi.
      What a heartbreaker.
      Maybe like someone said Mark Geragos can help with the appeals.
      Jennifer and Nurmi a hug for them too.

      It IS a VERY sad day, BUT I feel something will come out of it. The verdict was wrong and corruptions abounds in that state

  64. bottom line is the jury should have been sequestered.

    I pray the defense will be able to have their electronics siezed and PROVE they did not follow the abmonition.

    there is no way they would have found her guilty if they had not been tainted by the news.

      • Radio check loud and clear. Thanks for continuing the good fight SJ. I have a feeling this interview will be difficult. My heart is broken already.

      • If not a resident of Arizona, it’s trouble for a fair Trial. JA trial was a circus. HLN, aided in Jury interference. The Judge lost control of her court room & JM was outrageous in questioning defense witnesses. The defense clearly proved mental abuse and sexual abuse, possibly on both sides. It is so sad that young man did not get a chance to seek help, and live, however he was not the perfect human, a long way from being a good mentor or boyfriend. He was a phones, a liar, a cheater, and a fraud. Some might say that about her. But one thing is for certain, the Trial was in Arizona, it was a carnival, a joke, a TV network ratings gin nick, the jury should have been sequestered, and JM should have treated the witnesses as decent human beings. I personally believe JA was Guilty of 2nd degree, or temporary insanity. My advice, stay out of ARIZONA, try to forget this JM, write a few letter to help out JA. But don’t ever forget this example of our courts and justice system seemingly protecting that court room and the way that total story of that Trial was ran, televised, and projected to jurors & the public, or the humiliation of witnesses by JM & HLN team!

        • Wonderfully put, would the wittnesses been allowed to scream at shorty? I was worried for jodi when court was cancelled, but selfishly reilieved that i did not have to listen to that rat prosecutor. There were so many mistakes, and if they could have agreed on murder 2 even with a sentence and parole opportunity etc, this all could have been spared, the tax payers money, and where was the medical tests for jodi, blood, hormone levels, cat scan MRI and every phyc test known to these so called physciatrists? She did not plan this. She lost her shit.

  65. I have been watching this for months now I want to start by saying HLN really sucks. They are worse than my old Italian nanna talking about people on her porch. They bring in experts, ha what a joke. I was a victim of domestic violence in the real world and she was abused. She took care of it though, he was a disrespectful pig. He used her like a rag and he pushed her to the point of no return. Jodi yes overkill but justified. No real evidence against her. Appeal Jodi get some young strong attorney trying to make a name for themselves (like Biaz) and take your life back. Dont let Travis have the last say even in death!!!!!!!

  66. My only hope is that one of those 3 jurors who were let off the jury will come forward and admit the jurors watched the news coverage on the trial .

    • She does have a good heart, you really can tell.
      This is wrong.
      I know when she said she didn’t premeditate, she was tell the truth.
      She doesn’t just have it in her to kill!

  67. I am so sick about this, been trying to get on here all day, was afraid you were gone, it is so sad that that sick disgusting man got away with his abuse, ugh, people writing sweet prince, wow, are you kidding me? Sweet? He was sick and wrong and if they do sentence Jodi to death she will never meet up with him, he is somewhere dark and dirty

  68. Like all of you, I am STUNNED!

    Never did I think the jury would come back with M1.

    I keep going over and over in my mind – what did I miss? What were they thinking???

    The first thing I said to my friend when we heard the “guilty” verdict was this:

    “I don’t ever want to do a crime in AZ and go before a jury.”

    There is no doubt in my mind this jury was influenced by the media. All the State had was circumstantial evidence.

    AND, when Nancy Grace says that Jodi is just trying to “do reverse psychology on the jury” by saying she wants to die, she couldn’t be further from the truth.

    The next thing I said to my friend after the verdict was that if I were Jodi, I would want to die.

    Every person in her life has let her down. What does Jodi have to live for?

    Sorry about being dramatic – I’m still in shock and I am numb.

    Prayers to Jodi and her family. And, prayers for all of you, my friends! 🙁

    • Nicole – I said to my friend, I am moving to Canada. And trust me, I am boycotting Arizona. They are sick people crowding around the courthouse cheering her to death. The girl was a simple person and totally harmless. Until she met TA and he corrupted her. He made her believe her life was worth anything. It is so sad!

  69. I’m nauseas you guys. I feel really bad for Jodi now being on suicide watch. Gosh she must feel horrible. So many things are going through my head. Did she “really” kill Travis? It’s so hard for me to believe that. I’m still feeling it was 2 people, but not her.

    What were these jurors really thinking? Will they regret their decision? I’m so glad I wasn’t a juror in this case. So much guilt or responsibility would fall on me and I’m not someone to carry that lightly.

    • I hope that decision hunts them for the rest of their miserable lives. And I believe in Karma and Karma is a bitch !!!

    • I think the same thing about the two intruders.
      I think someone threatened her whole family.
      None of the other makes any sense at all.

    • Meowington,I’m still devastated.No way I can feel better at this point.
      I dont give a damn if the jurors will or wont regret it,what’s done cannot be undone and that is al;l rtaht matters.
      I hope their conscience is filled with remorse and if or when the true evidence is revealed I pray they are haunted for the rest of their life for being sell-outs to the mormon faith and for loyally serving nothing besides their frightened-of-the-public-outcry asses!!!

  70. I tried to post before and after the verdict, but web problems prevented the postings…so…

    I believe in our system of justice and – unlike Nancy Grace and her ilk – I will not criticize the jurors just because I don’t agree with their decision.

    After sentencing, the appellate journey begins. Faith, grace and confidence should be with Jodi Arias and her team on that journey.

    Yes, many innocent people sit in prison – even Nancy Grace cannot deny that fact. Many more who have been convicted of harsher crimes than warranted sit in those same prisons. Justice – for many – is not just.

    But it IS our system – and Jodi Arias will have a great deal of support as she continues to navigate the sometimes convoluted path to a fair and just decision.


    The daughter of a defense attorney

  71. I am so pissed. I cannot believe these people bought into JM circus act. The felony charge is idiotic. But, yes they are going to give her death. These people are crazy. No clue how they sleep at night.

    They are supporting TA sick behavior toward women…and children!

    I think Jodi has accepted her fate. She looked completely defeated. If nothing else she prevented TA from raping other women, perhaps children, and pulling his fraud routine with other women.

    God I thought she was going to walk today. I pray that one of our nation’s best attorneys will step up and get this verdict overturned.

    • Ive been in a daze since the verdict. I watched it with no sound. First thing I noticed was that Jodi did not have to stand to hear the verdict. When Guilty flashed on the screen I was not prepared because I was waiting for her to stand up to hear the verdict.

      How could things have gone so wrong? I truly felt in my heart that she did NOT mean to kill him, did not set out to kill him. I’m sickened that JM got what he wanted.
      The only thing I want to hear now is from the jurors themselves and i’ll be looking for them to slip up and say something in regards to news they were not supposed to be watching. I have no doubts that one or more were watching news, going on line, seeing a newspaper headline.

      I’m gonna focus on my own courtroom dramas now that will begin next week.

      I truly felt in my heart that the jury would get this right.

      • Trixels,you’ve been part of this group ever since the beiggining.I feel exactly as you feel.You say ”I truly felt in my heart that she did NOT mean to kill him” -not only did we feel in our hearts,WE KNEW she didnt mean to kill him,we KNEW it was NOT premeditated,the EVIDENCE(or the lack of it) is there!!
        Thank god for this site to keep us sane.
        Pray for Jodi.

  72. If I was Jodi’s family I would hold a press conference offering a reward for and a promise not to press charges for whoever was behind the 2008 robbery. If such a person were to come forward, especially if they produce the stolen 25 caliber, then the prosecutions case falls apart and Jodi gets a new trial.

  73. “lara,

    Jeffrey Tobin, a lawyer on CNN, said this pm if Jodi isn’t given the death penalty, she could get life in prison without parole OR 25 years with a chance for parole.

    Getting past the death penalty isn’t going to be easy. If the first jury doesn’t vote for the death penalty, the state can bring in a second jury to see if they will give her the death penalty. One lawyer questioned if this is even constitutional. It was also mentioned the jury probably is not adverse to giving Jodi the death penalty because they had several other options today and they didn’t chose any of them. Also, apparently Dr. Horn is to be the first witness tomorrow and he will probably testify Travis’s death was “especially cruel” which I believe is what is needed for the death penalty.

    In my mind, I’m not sure I would define Travis’s death as especially cruel. It’s true, it was very violent – very violent – but he didn’t know it was coming and it was over in 62 seconds (or shortly thereafter). And, the slit across his throat would have ended his suffering almost instantly. Compare his death to sitting in prison for years knowing you are going to be executed and even when the execution day comes the death procedure takes 10-20-30 minutes and sometimes longer. That’s “especially cruel,” for sure. It’s been said: “The anticipation of death is worse than death itself.”

    On the more hopeful side, only ONE woman has been executed in Arizona since 1900. That was in 1930 – 83 years ago. Also, 5 American states have discontinued the death penalty since 2006 so the death penalty seems to be falling out of favor. And, although I don’t know much about the law, several people on this site seem fairly confident that an appeal may bring positive results. We also can hope for prison reform that makes prison living more bearable. Also, and I don’t know this for sure, but Jodi is a creative person and her art and perhaps writing may make prison more tolerable – for as long as she has to be there.

    Plus, as long as Jodi is alive, someone may come forward with information that would help her. Maybe a juror will admit he/she was influenced by the media or perhaps a member of the Church of the LDS may admit Travis was physically violent or it will be discovered that evidence was hidden/tampered with by police/prosecutor or altered, etc. I think her case is far from over. Remember the old saying: “Where there’s life, there’s hope.

    • Thank you coldcase for the uplifting post.
      I hope Jodi can embrace the what if’s at the end of your post.

      I hope she can continue to look forward.
      She will be victorious, in time.

      The truth has a way of always coming out.
      And what we saw and heard from Travis was just a glimpse, imagine what is to surface…

    • Coldcase,
      Actually, the only way a second jury would be brought in for the penalty phase, is if this one cannot all reach the same decision on the sentence. If they are “hung’, some want death, some not, etc, then a new jury will be brought in for that portion.

      I just saw an interview with Jodi where she says she wants the DP rather than life in prison. I actually believe that, I wouldn’t want to live in prison for life either. I am not sure why she is talking to the press, it just doesn’t seem smart right now IMHO. As we all know, the jurors are told not to watch tv, but do we know they aren’t? Also, the defense and the pros are able to, and it makes me nervous that she is talking to the press when her penalty phase is coming up tomorrow. I am fearful that she could say something that could be used against her in the sentencing phase. I am positive she is NOT thinking clearly right now, and I bet you anything, her defense does not want her speaking out right now. But telling an interviewer she wants death today…right after the trial? It makes me very very nervous, and then I hear she is doing another interview at 10 pm on Fox. Talking to the press…especially the press who has been SO involved in wanting to burn her alive, doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do when her life is hanging by a thread. I just feel so anxious.

      • I totally agree with you, Anna. Once again, I’m amazed Jodi’s counsel allowed the media anywhere near their client. This certainly isn’t Judge Wapner’s Court where the defendant is interviewed walking out of court. I thought that was just so wrong. What possibly could be gained by that interview? Everything that poor Jodi has said has been twisted and used against her. In my opinion, her lawyers all along have left an awful lot to be desired.

        Regardless, I pray the jury shows compassion and mercy in the next phase.

    • i feel like a bit of a dummy asking the obvious questions but i’m just not as smart as the vast majority of people on here. but i am smart enough to know that this site is where i want to get my information from. i am enjoying the education and appreciate all of your patience! now if i am to understand this correctly, we are hoping she gets 25 years with a chance for parole? other than finding new evidence? is that possible if they find that it was cruel or not? if she gets 25 years, can she be paroled early for good behavior? again, i’m sorry if these are obvious questions but i really do appreciate the answers.

      • Yes at this point-pre appeal best would be 35 to life. It is my understanding that means possibility of parole after serving 25 years. Don’t know it it includes time served, but in this type of case I doubt it.

        As everyone else has stated I am shocked, stunned, but in there with my support for the duration.

      • Lara,
        The minimum sentence would be 25 years with a chance of parole at that time. It would be up to the parole board at the 25 year mark. The aggravating phase is when the state tries to prove cruelty to the jury. This is when they will seek the DP. The jury has to ALL agree to this sentence. The other side is called mitigating, and this is where the defense presents mitigating factors for Jodi, meaning reasons why they should spare her life. This usually includes statements from the family, (parents especially) friends, anyone on your side who can plead for you and make a case that the jury should not sentence you to death. This is also where Jodi will, if she chooses, take the stand and state her case, basically plea for her life. This issue here is that Jodi has said, as of tonight, she does NOT want to live in prison for life, and would want the DP. This could be her speaking out of emotion right now, but it’s still tricky, and IMHO she shouldn’t be talking to the press now. I have a very uneasy feeling. Jodi is smart, but she is stubborn as hell. If she decides not to take the stand at all, that would be very bad for her. On the other hand, it really depends on what she says and how she says it too. It’s that serious.

        • She needs to quit talking to the press for good. Her mouth got her into this mess of the desire to burn her at the stake, and she needs to shut up.

          Her lawyers ought to be chewing her out for talking to the press.

          • I agree….they are probably furious with her right now. But again, I have the feeling that they have little control over what Jodi says or who she says it to. They can only counsel her, the rest is up to her. I hope her mom speaks for her, and maybe a sibling. The more people who speak on her behalf,the better. It will be important for her family to be there during this phase, I was wondering where her dad was, but maybe he is ill. Every family member and friend of Jodi’s who can make it, should be in that court for the mitigating phase.


  75. Just a few thoughts. I, too, am stunned by the verdict today.

    Jodi should not be giving any interviews.

    The jury? Lots to say but I’ll keep it short. I am against TV broadcasted trials and this one is exactly why.
    It gives people like NG and her band of morons an opportunity to literally decide trials. Even if Jodi had been set free today I would have been just as worried for her, thanks to the public opinion manufactured by HLN and other media outlets.

    Lastly, I believe the jurors themselves – lied – about not reading, listening, or watching news of this trial.
    And *that* has me the most concerned. Short of giving them all a lie detector test we’ll never know.
    I believe the jurors were intimidated by public opinion and did not want to be the target of haters and other dangerous people.

    When/if any of the jurors write a book about the trial I think we’ll really hit a new low. But, surely, it’s going to happen. Sad.

  76. I am still in shock about the verdict. And then I saw her post verdict interview, I feel even more down. I see it in her eyes the disappointment. To be honest I wish she did not give that interview as she was not in the right state of mind. There is more to this than what is being said and written. Unfortunately the mind of the jury and the world is already clouded by Jodi’s lies, sorry but she did tell a few lies which can affect what you think. But I truly believe there is more to this than being told and that she did not deserve this. Jodi should now get this part of the trial over with and focus on the appeal. There are just too many issues that she can appeal. Shake this off and stay strong Jodi.

    • Yes hell hath no fury like Abe Abdulhadi scorned. Jodi dumped him, so off he goes trashing her everywhere he can. Fucking asshole. I hope women around the world see his behavior and refuse to date him. He never deserves to get laid another day in his life. But you know some moron with no self worth will bed down with him and delude herself he’s worth a fuck.

      • Amen to that! What a total fucking loser Abe is. Greedy media whore just like the couple who were Travis’s best friends. What kind of people act like that?

  77. To Melissa in Phx: Hi Melissa, I’m also in the Phoenix area. I’m over in Surprise. I know we also have Jeff over in Mesa. I’m thinking maybe the three of us could form a group that could help with any tasks for Team Jodi that might require feet on the ground. Your thoughts? (Where abouts are you located?)

    • Hi RB!

      I’m located right in the heart of central Phoenix and I work in the downtown area, just a short 10 minute walk from the courthouse. I was actually talking to my friend and fellow Jodi supporter while we were on our way back to work that we should contact Nurmi to offer whatever help we could provide, so I think it would be great for Team Jodi to have a ground team here in AZ!

      • That’s great, Melissa! Count me in on such an endeavor. I will approach Jeff in Mesa. Do you know how to contact Nurmi?

        • I was able to find an address and telephone number for the Law Office of L. Kirk Nurmi, which coincidentally enough is also located in central Phoenix, however, I’m not sure if that information is correct or if you can even contact him due to everything going on with the trial. I made the suggestion in general but do you, or any of our fellow posters, have any idea of what we could do to help?

          • I too am not sure what we can do…maybe we can just wait to see what Team Jodi wants to do and be here if they do need boots on the ground.

              • having tears in my eyes,reading your posts guys.I so admire your devotion to Jodi.
                I myself feel powerless,being thousands and thousands of miles away in Greece.If I had one wish it would be to be there to actively support Jodi.

  78. Ok, why the hell did Jodie give that after the verdict interview? JM is going to turn it around on her and play it for the jurors in the penalty phase – guarantee it. And why would JW and Nurmi allow it knowing there will be years of appeals ahead…… this will surely be used agaianst her. This shouldn’t have happened !

    • That’s what I would like to know. She has not helped her case at all. And now the HLN bobble heads are running with her saying she wants death as opposed to life without parole.

      • It reeks of ineffective counsel, IMO. Couldn’t JW and Nurmi have done something to prevent this. Stupid mistake, to say the least. This will be used against her, probably as soon as JM can bring it in court and show it to the Jurors. Gosh, someone needs to be on Jodie’s side for once and give her the RIGHT advice regarding these damn media interviews.

      • Yep, that’s a fact. Based on the evidence, that could be questioned, what she kept on over explaining is what hurt her. But she’s on her own mission and not caught on with todays world. One doesn’t have to be corrupt but understand corruption.

    • Just thinking the same thing…this is NOT good! Speaking to the press right now is the WORST thing she could possibly do..the press is NOT her friend. OMG her attorneys must be livid, and if they told her not to, she should listen! I know Jodi is strong willed, but this cannot help her in anyway at all. JM will of course use ANY part of what she says against her in the penalty phase, and the fact that she already said she wants the DP…OMG I am in shock. Please please Jodi…stop talking! All I can think of is that possibly, she is hurt, mad, and just doesn’t give a flying f and is going to have her say. It makes me so nervous.

      • My hubby said sometime she is her own worst enemy. The guy who interviewed her said, he didn’t ask her lawyers, he didn’t care what they thought …of course he after the interview

        • I just think she’s given up. She’s depressed and doesn’t want to live, and probably just said “fuck it.” I worry for her.

  79. I do not believe in the DP my husband does( in certain cases). I asked him today, after the verdict, “How is the DP any different than premeditated murder?”

    He just looked at me and said “I don’t know”
    I believe that all these things (not going to call them people) wanting to kill her is the same as premeditated murder. They are planning a way to kill someone.

  80. I am extremely sad over this verdict. More than anything I can not get over the clapping, smiles and laughter over ANYONE that may face a death penalty. I will continue to pray that Jodi will feel our love and our compassion and lets all write her!

    • I hope when she gets transferred to a prison they will have a more lax system of communication so that I will finally be able to send her letters.

  81. This will turn out to be the worst nightmare of this Martinez junkie judge. She is up to her nostrils in reversible error and shouldn’t be presiding over anything more sophisticated than a dog bite case.

    The consensus was premeditation proof was met and the fact that M1 requires premeditation and Felony Murder does not, seven of them contradicted themselves by voting for both. Wasn’t there one mind in there with enough cognition able to figure that out?

    I had felt that the short time required for pre-intent during the moments of the killing as stated in the Arizona statute would be what Martinez would relentlessly harp on in the closing and he repeated it over and over. It required them to get past those photos of the carnage and that had to be how the premed was unanimously accepted.

    It still should have been stubbornly resisted by somebody based on the combined years of experience they heard on the stand of what the mind can do, especially with an underlying history. Dr. Geffner added to and validated that history as one of the highest regarded experts in his fields of knowledge. It should have canceled out the assumptive leap that she didn’t have a mind altering shutdown. At the very least, it should have been reasoned that it was a result of a sudden quarrel, which under no circumstances constitutes first degree murder.

    The most difficult thing in my opinion–with all the motions for mistrial that should have been granted and objections that should have been sustained–will be picking out which ones should be included in the appellate brief.

    One of the often forgotten objectives by good trial lawyers is that it is critical to be running a dual track. A main objective is to know your evidence and argue your case vigorously with as much passion as you can muster. But simultaneously, it is equally important to be preserving a record of every nuance of the trial that seems to be prejudicial to your client in the event an appeal is needed. Willmott and Nurmi have done an outstanding job doing this.

    Justice is not always imminent, but it has a way of heralding the truth and vindication in the end. Look at OJ Simpson. Look at Debra Milke.

    You haven’t won Martinez. You’re a dick. And Stephens you should give your black robe to the Salvation Army.

    • Jodi does need to shut up and stop the interviews . she doesn’t get it .. Joan of Arc comes to mind. God bless her but she’s got to stop talking for now, get her butt out of a sling. The interview is already being shredded. She needs to shut up. (for now)

      • I’m kind of surprised that Nurmi & Wilmont weren’t with her only 20 minutes after the verdict??

      • I watched the interview, and I got overwhelming feeling she did it because it was her last chance to say what she had to say. And it doesn’t matter if her lawyers approve or not, or it will hurt her in this phase because she has a plan.

        Suicide watch might be a good thing right now.

          • I am worried about her. She puts on a brave face, but I didn’t get a good feeling watching that interview.

            My Momma bear instinct has kicked in.

            • I’m worried shitless about her right now.When the verdict was read her face looked as if she had already given up on life and later on listening to her actually uttering the words that she preers death to life,really made it clear to me that she is not in her right state of mind and is thinking of harming herself.After all,she has tried to previously.

    • I’m sad, but trying to be hopeful.
      Worrying for Jodi, she needs to know how important her life is, this isnt over.

    • How are you seek?

      P.S. I keep losing posts too, but then they show up.
      Hope I am not duplicating a bunch…

      • I’m doing ok, thx, trying to process this & ready to help if anyone knows what we can do next. I sent Jodi some $, took my dogs for a walk, and bought a bunch of comfort food.

        • Yeah, I guess we just try to stay positive at this point.
          I have positive moments and negative moments right now.

          I cant imagine what Jodi is thinking or feeling.
          I wish I could comfort her.

          • She is healthy & alive right now, that is something to be thankful for. I think she is strong enough to deal with whatever will happen.

    • confusion, shock and most of all sad for Jodi and her family
      disgusted to have seen Hughe’s face and his entourage
      worried about the future impact of this trial on other cases, the media has made it possible now to more evil, I was speaking about the hidden power of the media in general to patient of mine who grew up Eastern Germany, DDR, and we both said at least to them it was clear it was the government having the power nowadays it is the media having the unclear power

    • I’m shittier than ever(if that’s a word).I look like a freaking zombie for not having slept and weeping all night,I didnt go to work,Jodi is all I can think of and refusing to believe what the fuck these 12 assholes were thinking when reaching a verdict.Lost faith in humanity for good.
      Now we need to fight even harder for Jodi.

  82. JUST NUMB ….nothing that I can say that hasn’t been said.
    The deval is dancing tonight …remember those words you bitch

    Jodi please do not. give up..we haven’t!!”

  83. I have a question, being from Canada, I am not familiar with the legal system in the U.S.

    There was a clarification tweeted, well after the reading of the verdict, by Beth Karas. 12 out of 12 jurors votes for premeditation and 7 out of 12 jurors votes for felony murder.

    They can vote for more than one thing?

    • There was 2 types of M1 on the table. The didn’t have to agree on the type, just had to agree that it was M1.
      I think that is right. Someone else may have a better way of saying it.

      • No disrespect, but that’s just messed up!

        So the felony murder, are they saying she stole the gun from her granparents? Because that was in a different State and she was never charged/convicted for that? Or are they saying she took the gun that everyone says TA didn’t own?

        This is just so confusing.

        • This is fucked up, Gail. Unless I’m wrong, I see the jury decided guilty based on one fact only – that she had gascans with gas in her car. Wasn’t that the only so-called evidence? And I hate that the message in this is that to bully and lie and intimidate witnesses to get a conviction is alive and well in AZ.

        • I believe the felony part is the stealing of the ring (or his gun, I guess, if any of them believed that it was Travis’ gun- although I doubt they believed Jodi on that since they obviously didn’t believe anything the defense said) and/or the fact that once she began killing him, she was no longer there with his permission, would would mean that she was trespassing.

          But thats why they can find her guilty of premeditation and felony murder all at the same time. It’s overkill, just like they’re accusing Jodi of doing. Hypocrites.

  84. I am morally devastated…I wish the defense had stressed more about so many more of the important points in the case-for instance the shelves (that could easily have supported a 240 Ib. grown man) and had them tested and submitted as evidence. Also, not if but WHEN Jodi is able to get this case to the court of appeals I cannot stress my next concern enough-in regards to the bullet casing laying on top of the congealed (dry clotted blood) that Juan Martinez just couldn’t mention enough times-That bullet casing was MOVEABLE EVIDENCE!! Just because that is where the casing was found, doesn’t IN ANY WAY mean that it landed there after being fired from the weapon. Not only did Jodi ADMIT to straightening up the scene in her traumatic state-but the EMT’s, police, investigators, and forensic teams could just as easily have stepped on or kicked that casing to its final landing place…MOVEABLE EVIDENCE KIRK NURMI, MOVEABLE EVIDENCE!! DO YOUR JOB AND STAND UP FOR YOUR CLIENT! I cant even think about the testimony of Dr. Richard Samuels, where on earth did they find that quack job-he seemed so lost and confused the whole time and i feel he caused Jodi more harm than good with his responses. As far as LaViolette, bless her heart she tried…she was very professional and complete in her testimony-but her unawareness of her showing emotions of sorrow/compassion she felt toward Jodi really made it seem as she had formed a personal relationship with Jodi-and that in itself made her an unreliable and bias witness in the eyes of the jury. I completely understand her emotions and feelings toward Jodi-I felt and still feel the same toward Jodi myself, but she needed to keep control of herself and I feel she didn’t do a very good job doing so. I also feel that Jodi didn’t have an acceptable defense nor a fair trial due to the biases (jury) that HLN created (with the help of a DVR and remote control with a record button on their televisions at home…everyone knows that every ridiculously “unsequestered” member of that jury went straight home and watched every minute of recorded media coverage shown during the day while they were in court…I am sure I am not the only one that feels compassion for Jodi and her family…And bottom line-It may seem that “outside looking in” that the defense team did a lot for Jodi, but I honestly feel it wasn’t enough-not even close. Simply put-They failed her. My hope is that the creator of this site is reading this, because I have been following Jodi’s trial since Day 1-Taking notes and taking in every detail (including inconsistencies on the prosecutions part) and I have a lot excellent points that the defense should have covered but didn’t. It is my hope that the person/creator of this site – if you have any contact with Jodi or her defense, would contact me via email because I would love to share my notes and thoughts that I really feel could be of great benefit to Jodi during the next phases of her trial and/or during appeals court. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jodi in this traumatic time, as well as her family and loved ones.
    Lastly, Jodi-This is for you:
    “There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstances of your life can change. Be grateful for what you have now. As you begin to think about all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will be amazed at the never ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to be grateful for. You have to make a start, and the Law of Attraction will receive those grateful thoughts and give you more just like them. Your power is your thoughts, so stay awake. In other words, Remember to Remember.” *Rhonda Byrne, “The Secret”*
    Don’t lose hope, Things always have a way of working themselves out-even if it seems that things are getting worse before they start to get better.
    -Jenn Andrews

  85. I think it wasn’t the right verdict. I feel bad for this woman who made the wrong decision. The jury watched HLN. There is no way they didn’t get on facebook and joined every comment and news. Jodi’s lawyers should have requested this jury to be sequestered.

  86. Heartsick here. I don’t understand how they came back with premeditated. So it pays to lie and bully in court and to have the media on your side. That’s what I’m getting from this verdict. I just don’t know.

  87. I just don’t understand how it is fair, when someone’s life is on the line, and there is a whole tv channel dedicated to the trial that broadcasts 24/7 and has a clear bias against the defendant, that we are just supposed to take the jurors word that they aren’t being exposed to any of this coverage. I guess a young woman’s life just isn’t important enough and not worth sequestering the jurors to ensure that she gets a fair trial.

    • It doesn’t seem like they looked too hard for those 3 kidnapped girls in Ohio. Low priority, I guess.

    • A young woman with no “connections”, no money, Hispanic , etc. is not terribly important in our society.

  88. WTF, I feel like life is futile. The justice system is a joke.

    what a sad, sad day for the US Constitution.

    • Sky Hughes is ghastly to look at-hideous-all of Travis’ female friends were butt ugly except Jodi. For her to say that TA’s family wants Jodi to die is disgustiing. This pig can’t get enough air time-she just needs to fuck off-I can’t take that skank anymore. And as for TA’s fugly sisters and the jurors-Jodi will outlive all of you!

      • you are so right Dave out of all I find the Hughes the most disgusting the bare sight of them makes me want to throw up

  89. Ok I’m in a place now where I can let it out – I’m crying so hard and this is a really fucked up day. I feel like this verdict is what was needed in order to bring down the culprits of injustice in AZ. I’m sure Jodi will be free – just not at the moment. But this is a travesty. I can’t help but feel the abusers won again. I feel like victims of DV have been put aside again. At the same time as this, I heard that of the 3 men that kidnapped those girls on Ohio only 1 will be charged! Those girls were heard by neighbors and nobody came to help them either.

    Like others here I feel like this is very surreal. I wish I could wake up, but that sounds so petty compared to what Jodi must be going through. Well thank you for this site and for being here, Team Jodi . Please keep us posted as to what happens next. I will keep saying prayers of hope for all of us. God help us.

    • I feel you Cindyp.All domestic violence abuse victims have been gagged after yesterday’s verdict. I hope all the Travis Talibans eventually realize that,especially when one of THEIR daughters/sisters/friends gets abused.
      It does seem like a nightmare,I kept repeating out loud upon hearing the verdict ‘what just happened?what just happened?” So surreal…

  90. My heart is heavy with sadness. I hope that Jodi and her family can find solace in the fact that it is almost over. Her face registered a shock and grief that most cannot imagine or understand. My heart aches for her and for everyone involved with this in any way. This is not what I expected. I am not sure what I expected or would have wanted. I hope that everyone can find their peace and move on from this. My heart is with Travis, Jodi, the families and those truly affected by the outcome. As always my prayer is justice for us all.

    • Hi Bella,

      You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I know how hard all this has been for you too.

    • Bella
      Thank you so much for coming back here with your thoughts.
      I have been wondering and posted so often how you were doing, glad to see your post here
      sad for the reason why

  91. Bella,
    So nice to see you/hear from you again, very nice post. I hope you are doing well. I have wondered about you often.

    • I had to step away. I read all of the comments, but refrained from commenting. I received death threats and threats against my family, my work and friends. I had to protect mine. I missed you all. You are and were in my prayers, always.

      • I am so sorry you had to suffer from this insanity. And that is what this is.

        I just hope Jodi doesn’t do something stupid like kill herself because I am positive she and her attorneys will prevail on appeal.

      • Oh Bella! 🙁

        I am so sorry this happened to you and your family.

        That is just so wrong, I fear I will never understand humans. 🙁

        • It’s not about me and mine. My heart aches for all here. The kind and sweet souls who can look past what has been shown in the media and see the goodness and soul of a person. I wish I could offer any solace to those here who hurt. The pain in these posts are palpable. I believe in this site for its ability to offer a voice for all people, for this, if for nothing else. My heart aches for us all.

      • so sad to hear that you received death threads hope you are okay
        out of all people you deserve the least to be threatened. I am afraid that you will leave us again and I understand, your love and compassion would be missed.
        I hope you will stay with us your loving support is so needed
        Thank you((((((((((((((( Bella ))))))))))))))))))))

  92. After Dark has the entire circus coming to town: Dr. Doom, Nancy Disgrace, Gloria Allred…I hope Jodi won’t kill herself. Her blood would be on the jury’s hands.

      • That, too. I realized that I forgot that after I posted. If she dies, by needle or her own hand, her blood will be on all their hands.

    • NG (Miss Piggy) would love to be there when and if she is ever put to death. She will probably take the twins along to show them her handiwork. I hope NG pays for all of her evil lies and deeds.

    • see ddrew back pedal? now he says Jodi has mental illness and feels sorry for her. As for as blood, those people don’t care, they practice blood rituals . . probably have their own crematory

      • Oh bullshit!!!!

        Drew Pinksy is a grade A #1 misogynist pig who masquerades as Mr Nice Guy while perpetuating some of the most heinous, woman hating bullshit I have seen on Cable TV since Comedy Central.

        He hated Jodi, he NEVER thought she was human, not ever. He had EVERY DAMN “friend” of Travis’ on his show throwing her under the bus, condemning her.

        I will hate him for as long as I live. The funny thing is, my family is SOOO HAPPY our TV will never display the smarmy picture of Dr Douche ever again. And I’m not the one who gave him that nickname!!!!

    • They want her dead anyway. There’s no difference to them whether the State executes her or she does it herself.

      I am watching the Greta show, and she’s total hack. It’s not even her interview…It’s that guy from Phoeniz, Troy. And of course, he’s thrashing her for not apologizing to the Alexanders.

      Oh, Jodi. Please stop talking to the Press. NONE of them are your friends. That guys Troy did exactly what I thought he was going to do. 🙁

      • I just wanna shake her . . tell her if she is compelled to talk talk talk . . start singing and tell what she isn’t, don’t take the fall .. get witness protection for her family, . she volunteers to sit on dr away from gen pop and if she’s goin down, everyone else is goin with her.

        • cb… I don’t think she’s allowed any physical contact with her family. I have the feeling she gave this interview because she was angry and hurt. No one stands up for Jodi out there in AZ. I know we do, but really, she has no one else.

  93. Wow, disGrace all day sooo annoying! And the media following Sandy and her mom out of the courthouse, its so unfair!

    Does anyone know when Jodi can start on her appeals? Also, I saw photos of the judge smiling after the verdict when the attorneys left their side bar, is there any way to get a FAIR judge for the next hearings?

    • I’m sure a lot of people want tell her how much they hate her, and her fb and twitter and her family’s support sites are the best venues. I hope that’s why someone finally took them down. The things I read from some of those people were truly vile.

      I was afraid SJ was going to be attacked. I’m afraid that some of these people who are celebrating are going to infiltrate here to post hateful stuff.

  94. I was deeply saddened by the verdict today, but even more saddened by how the public reacted to it. On the today show Facebook page they were saying things like the bitch should fry, she deserves to be stabbed 27 times, I hope she suffers, etc. Well regardless of whether you think the verdict was ‘right’, I can tell you that the disgusting way you are taking pleasure in it is not. What kind of a society have we become that we think hate mob mentality equals justice? On Monday night 3 kidnapped Ohio girls were found alive after 10 years, we should be rejoicing in that not Jodi Arias’ misery. I’m not going to bother to criticize the jury because it’s a waste of my time, I wish there was something I could do to help her but instead I’ll just have to have a moment of silence and pray. God willing her conviction will be overturned.

  95. I heard that Jodi said in the interview on Fox (dont know if she really did or not considering they didnt show much, just basically bashed her for half an hour, but what did I expect…), that there are photos of her bruises and photos of her and her sister out in the desert on the day the gun was stolen from her Grandparents house. She said her defense team did not show them in the trial.

    Wonder if this is true, if Jodi said this.
    If so, surely there was a reason why they couldnt – not that they didnt by choice.

    I wonder what could have possibly changed this outcome, because I am so confused right now.
    I really cant understand where this came from, how this jury could have felt this confident.
    I am blaming them (along with many others), for not seeing what Nurmi and Jennifer so clearly proved.
    Maybe the Jury’s decision was out of fear, stupidity, religion, or hate.

    Regardless, they didnt follow their instructions.

      • It is indeed…I’m boycotting all things Arizona starting today. Its a disgrace to the union, they should secede like they wanted to. Or give it back to Mexico

  96. I cant get the site to work. I have an awesome email from Rick Kenworthy about Alyce but the fucking site dont work!!

  97. I havent followed this website, i just stumbled upon it. I was stunned over the verdict. I hoped for something much different. I was sickened over the media throughout this trial. Up until this point in my life, i hadnt given much thought to the media being biased. As ignorant as i now know i was, I thought the news was an accurate tell of news. This trial turned my brain on. I dont know jodi. I dont have an opinion regarding her personally. My outrage in this case, whatever its worth, is over the way the media makes it seem jodi arias gives victims of dv a bad name. All the while, THEY WERE. They never viewed travis aa anythimg but a victim. From the start. I couldnt stand how they didnt talk about how common it is for an abuser to talk poorly about the woman hes abusing behind her back. Triangulation…..happens all the time. Paint the victim in a bad light, in case she realizes what an abusive situation shes in amd talks about it. So the fact that he did that very thing, doesnt. Say anything about jodi the way the media portrayed. Furthermore, it seems he even said the same to jodi about the girlfriend before her when they first met. Next, how in the world, would it be shocking that all his friemds and family believed it was all her since thats how these things work? But i believe, had anyone looked at these things, and more, from the perspective of him as an abuser, theyd look a lot different. I hate how they never explored the idea. As a victim of domestic violence who was with an abuser who was that way behind my back, i shudder at the way the media was short sighted on the subject regarding dv. It left me angry. I realized that god forbid, had that been me in that situation, everyone would have stood by my abuser….just like he wants. I go to court as a victim soon. This case has me scared to death and feeling more unsafe because of how society doesnt know what abuse looks like or can look like.

  98. How about if we raise money to hire Jose Biaz / CA (spelled right)? for her Appeal, and would that even be possible? So sorry for all this, what a brave girl to do that interview, she’s just being herself. The bloodhounds will get theirs eventually.

  99. Okay, maybe now…I am accidently on Rick Kenworthy’s email contact list. He is one of the people on ALVs team, supposedly “canceled” her speaking engagement…anyways, I get all the work emails now, and today I got this:


    The Association for Batterers Intervention Programs has decided to make a public statement about a very important issue, and a very important person.

    Alyce LaViolette is a co-founder and much loved member of our organization. We have deep respect for the work she has done over the years, for her scholarship, her character and the contributions she has made to helping reduce Domestic Violence. She has been an energetic advocate for survivors of abuse, and for humane effective treatment for perpetrators.

    Recently, Alyce has been in the news because of testifying for the defense in the case of Jodi Arias. In addition to some thoughtful, respectful commentary in the news and on the internet, she has received vicious personal attacks on her character and her career.

    ABIP, as an organization can have no opinion about the content of Alyce’s testimony. We do not have the time to get all of the information about this trial or the terrible tragedy that lead to it, or the energy to go through and debate the trial ourselves. Additionally, Alyce did not testify as a representative of ABIP, nor does her testimony represent the membership or official policy of ABIP.

    However, we do have a strong opinion about the personal attacks, including death threats, online petitions to stop her career, phony negative reviews of her book and so on. It is wrong. It is wrong to personally attack any witness. It undermines our system of justice for a witness to have reason to be afraid to testify. All of Alyce’s life and work are being attacked because of one episode in her life as if it alone defines her. This “lynch mob” behavior also is the same, in principle, as domestic violence, in this way: anytime anyone is punished for doing what another person disagrees with, that is an abusive “power and control” tactic. It is abusive. (The exception is the appropriate punishment that follows conviction for committing a crime, administered by a duly constituted authority).

    Whatever the outcome of this trial, we believe that it does not define Alyce, and she will continue to be a positive influence for reducing domestic violence in our society.


    The Board of Association of Batterers’ Intervention Programs

  100. I said a prayer to have Jodi freed as the circus mob of haters gathered in front of the courthouse awaiting the streaming of the verdict of the Jury. I was in shock that after all the mistakes and an “unsequesterd” Jury, so little real evidence that could actually prove anything, aside from
    the self-defense of Jodi…very schocking! I came here to see what the comments would be, but I think everyone was floored by the completely ridiculous vindictiveness of this ruling~ And then I suppose we shouldn’t have been so “surprized” to hear this out of the kangaroo Court, Judge, Prosecuter, all the horrific prejudicial
    Press, shows every night and day of a lynch mob mentality! So sick. Travis Alexander was NOT a victim. He created this scenario right into being! And now it’s time for Jodi’s Justice!!! I hope she can be heard fairly somewhere??? In Appeals…etc. Arizona is such a backwards State! They’re into dog and pony shows, period. And Juan Martinez, they’re little darling of the moment, and Judge Sherry Stephans, who couldn’t control the courtroom, if HER LIFE depended on it! The Judge being obviously prejudicial from the get go…And this is Justice??? I Don’t think so. I pray someone out there can help Jodi miraculously
    CHANGE this VERDICT to a more appropriate one of manslaughter or aquittal, now that they have given the Angry Animals their Food of Lust for Revenge and Blood! God Bless ~

  101. I wonder if the defense team knew Jodi was doing the interview or if Jodi did it without consulting them!
    In my
    Opinion, Jodi should not have done that interview and should not go any more until her appeal process is over.everything she says will be twisted not Only by the media , but also by the state in the mitigation and any appeals . I feel badly for Jodi but she is digging her hole deeper every time she opens her mouth in front of a tv camera! She should have learned her lesson with the interviews she did before the trial .

  102. There has been enough investigation and compelling evidence here to run a “real” campaign on a few of the ta buds.. They’re incapable of cracking but it’d be fun chasing them down .. nothing like paranoia

  103. What was the story with The Innocence Project? They weren’t interested in Jodi’s case, is that correct? Any group that might be?

    • No. It was speculated that they would not be interested because she admitted to actually killing him, albeit, self defense

  104. How about if we raise money to hire Jose Biaz (spelling?) for her Appeal and would that even be possible? Such a brave girl to do this interview! The bloodhounds will get theirs.

    • Been avoiding the tv news; but flipped to HLN during a commercial on tennis channel…. Jose was on HLN and was appalled that Jodi did the interview…said she won’t have to worry about the death penalty, cause Nurmi will probably kill her for doing the interview…. he and the Lawyer for OJ Simpson; were talking about how they can’t believe that Nurmi and Wilmott knew anything about it, but are trying to figure out how it happened, especially since she not only put down Martinez but even said that her attorneys didn’t present evidence she had to demonstrate her innocence! Based on his demeanor I don’t think he’ll be a likely defender…Back to Tennis… Like Scarlett O’hara said ” I’ll think about it tomorrow”……

      • I just can’t believe she did that after her mouth got her into all of this mess in the first place.

        • I think I’m seeing how she handles stress…She stops thinking. That still wouldn’t get her off on 2nd degree murder if i where on the jury.

    • I gotta say, I think this girl is one of the few people who can handle this. I really think she can – she just doesn’t know how strong & self-contained she truly is. She seems to me to have the capacity to be an isolated monk. I think she can accomplish amazing things for herself & add to the knowledge of the world if she takes on this journey without thinking she must kill herself. IMO, Jodi has spiritual abilities that are in a crazy way in alignment with the growth available within isolation. She will still be able to create, give back & feel good about it, but only if she can let the shame, injustice, and fear be put aside & take each day one at a time as she mentioned in the interview.

      Reminds me of a fantastic inspiration Korean movie:,_Summer,_Fall,_Winter…_and_Spring

      Can I sent Jodi this movie somehow?

  105. What happened to reasonable doubt? I know we doubted the JM stories! I feel sorry for DV victims, also. Sorry, but I stopped to listen to hln the other nite, I do not know the mens names, but they are regulars. They were happy about something that they were reporting and they laughed that their biggest fan would like it too. I immediately thought of the jury.

  106. I wrote this poem ages ago. It was supposed to be about abuse. It sorta sums up how I feel.

    All she wanted was for someone to ease her pain
    But she was left alone drowning in the rain
    Her pleas for help masked by roaring thunder
    She was dying, she was slowly going under

    Watching helplessly there is nothing she can do
    Not knowing if there’s anyone she can turn to
    Everything around her falling to pieces
    As the abuse and violence simply increases
    Everyone around her completely unaware
    Of all the suffering and all the despair
    Wishing she was deaf so she’d no longer hear all the screaming
    Wishing she was blind so she’d no see all the fighting

    And the clouds cry a thousand tears
    Trying to erase the pain she feels
    Hoping the sun would shine again
    Spreading the warmth and love within

    All she wanted was for someone to ease her pain
    But she was left alone drowning in the rain
    Her pleas for help masked by roaring thunder
    She was dying, she was slowly going under

    Never thought that it would go this far
    Never thought she’d be a falling star
    Being left, forgotten, losing her spark
    Crashing unnoticed into the dark

    Will there be a savior
    Will there be a white knight
    Will people stop killing
    Will they ever see the light
    Let’s hear her pleas for peace
    And answer her call
    Before it’s too late because
    We did nothing at all

  107. After tomorrow, when they deliver over the penalty issue. If Jodi gets DP…what happens next? Which court of law would receive the case for review? If it’s a higher court in AZ. Then, she has no chance. It appears to me that the whole state is corrupted.

  108. Sorry guys, long post. I just felt like sharing. :/ I feel like a parrot, I keep repeating, “This isn’t right. This isn’t right.”

  109. I am sad too…

    It is a “Travesty of Justice” when the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer told the news media on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 that she believes Arias is guilty. The governor said “I don’t have all the information, but I think she’s guilty.”

    What compelled the Governor to speak to the news media the day before it was rumored that on Wednesday a verdict would be coming in for Jodi Arias?

    And for what purpose?…I feel that someone got to her…they desperately needed for her to say that on Tuesday to the news media…a Governor making a statement like that is powerful…

    I have always felt that the unsequestered jurors for the past four months were watching tv and the news every day…I know they’ll never admit to it…but they probably did…jurors are humans and humans have a tendency to err in many ways…

  110. The jurors may have been getting threats right at their homes, it would not be difficult to figure out where any of them lived. With all the threats against ALV, JW, Samuels – why wouldn’t there have been an effort to go after the jurors? It could have been done completely discretely.

  111. PRAYERS for Jodi tonight. My heart aches! The only reason this is more than 2nd degree murder is due to the circus that the judge allowed to take place.

    A/b to get personal on y’all: I pulled back from this site ab 6 weeks ago when I found out my husband of 8 yrs had been unfaithful on an overseas trip to Italy. His pick was a woman I work with and he lied to my face when I jokingly called him out (just after picking him up from airport, seeing guilt/lies on his face). The woman’s husband filled me in 2 days later as I sat in my cubicle at work. I was heartbroken.

    I just have an overwhelming feeling tonight that ‘the good guy always loses.’ And this is the feeling I have after a day off work, full of meditation & prayer. IDK… Maybe Jodi’s tragedy is giving me some insight on what a selfish, narcissistic man can do to a woman’s life (& probably vice versa, but I only have 1 perspective to speak of). I have never been physically abused by hub, but I gave him every piece of me & he returned it with making a joke of me.

    I am so sorry Jodi. The world is full of Darwinian vultures. Your heart was in the right place, but unfortunately, there just aren’t very many of ‘us’ out there.

    • I am fighting that feeling also – that good guy always loses. I’ve fought for a bunch of causes in the last 12mos that have not gone well for the good guys.

    • So sorry to hear that. Please check out the website It has helped people I know and is a great resource for support.

      • I would say it tells you something about…HER MOM. but thats just me.

        “jodis few lies”? I didnt see where they charged her with lying…what charge was that again? i missed it.

        Killing someone 3 times? stop and think about that for a sec… Think about it… killing…3…times. Is that like being born 3 times? thats one hell of a trick. Jodi is now a magician! She can kill a dead person 2 times after they are dead! wow. Did you eat paint chips when you were under the rock still?

      • Vicky…my therapist told me years ago that just because a person is not showing any emotion on the outside….does not mean they are not feeling the emotion on the inside…

        That was why I was in therapy…because all my painful emotion was on the inside and it needed to come out…

    • Does anyone know how Jodi’s dad is doing? It could be they are rushing back to visit him since last I heard he was dying. It doesn’t seem like they are allowed to visit Jodi, hopefully there are several family members there for at least courtroom support. This family is going thru some very difficult problems right now.

  112. I prepared myself, actually had a dream, someone was rolling 2 containers on a cart and i heard verdict in. Then woke up and checked laptop and there it was… verdict reached, I turned on tv HLN and sure enough, 20 minutes to verdict. The ME had a type-O and if you wanted to kill him you could have pushed him off a cliff while hiking. No one would have known, but you did not. Maybe, some of those high priced lawyers can help with an appeal, your jury was listening as they caught the ME mistake, and did he not change his mind from shot last to shot first? why is that ok? The jury should have been sequestered. They wathced HLN. Now you watch the abortion doc gosnell will get not guilty. He killed thousands etc. Your trial was a media circus and a diversion. I hoped for a mistrial, now i hope for a retrial. Or at least no death and that if life in prison can be managed, you get free room and board. You will allways be trim. And you can write and paint and sing and maybe study to be a lawyer. There has to be a reason for all this chaos. God bless and keep you , lisa

    • Yeah you can’t be a child molesting pig and say shit about young girls and raping women and expect to get away with it either, thats why it will get thrown out and we’ll have a new trial Same bat time same Bat channel 2 years from now!!

    • Briana,

      isn’t there a celebration party you need to attend? Please just leave, we’ve heard it all before. You believe whatever you want and we’ll do the same.

    • Why do you give a crap what anyone here thinks? You think we’re idiots and we think you are too. See ya.

      • All of the Travisites can fuck the hell off. Rest assured that their hero has answered to God for his disgusting behavior on Earth. That is the ultimate justice.

    • And just how would you know this Briana? It seems to me that Dave Hall, Ryan Burns and Leslie Udy all said that when they saw Jodi right after the Travis incident, she was wearing long sleeves in 100 degree weather. Who is to say what was under those long sleeves?Or the pant legs? They all said they found what she was wearing was a bit strange because of the heat.

  113. all i have to say is the jurors are all COWARDS!
    They did this to save their own assess, period. They’ve been watching HLN and knew the hate mob would make their lives living hell.
    I hope they all are very proud of what they did, they should be ashamed of themselves.
    Appeals next, hold on Jodi, they won’t let you stay there honey. Prayers n love to you, and to your family n the defense team….

  114. I wasn’t going to post this, but then after writing it, rewriting it then rewriting it again, I decided to. It may offend you, I hope it does. I hope it pisses you off. I hope you think about it. I hope you do something about it.

    I am ashamed. I am not mad. I am not confused. I am not surprised. I am on ashamed of myself.

    I am ashamed of you too. I am ashamed of the posters here. I am ashamed of the posters on the hater sites. I am ashamed of the jury, the judge, the defense and the guy that lives down my street that didn’t even watch the trial. If you are an Adult and live in the USA, I am ashamed of you.

    I want you to think about this:
    The laws used to convict Jodi arias today, where done in MY name. The system used is a system used in MY name. I am of voting age. I am an adult. I am one of the “we the people” they talk about. I have a voice. Regardless of if I vote or not, use my voice or not, act like an adult or not…the laws used today are mine, I have to take responsibility for that. I am ashamed of that. Maybe you think “It’s not my fault, I didn’t vote for that guy” but in the end, it is still your country, your law, your system. We each own an equal share of it. No one has a bigger share of this, including me. I am ashamed.

    As I have gotten older, and after making many mistakes that I am ashamed of, I have learned that when I take responsibility for my actions and then take action to make sure I don’t allow them to happen again, that I am a better person for it. I will not allow my children to be fathered by a “it’s not my fault” attitude. Things I do, or things I allow to be done in my name are my fault. I will not allow my lover to love a person that is a “it’s not my fault” person, when in reality it is my fault, I love her too much. I will not allow my friends to have a friend that is a “it’s not my fault” person. My friends deserve better than that. I ask you…do yours? I hope so. This is your responsibility. This is MY responsibility.

    So, for now, I will be ashamed. I do not know what I can do today to change the laws that I refuse to be used in my name for hate, vengeance, bias and “entertainment” TV. However, I do know I have a voice, and I will use it. I have a vote, and I will use it. I have a responsibility and I will be responsible for this. I sure hope you will too.

    Understand, I do not say this because of “Jodi is innocent” or “Jodi is guilty”. I don’t know if she is, neither do you! That’s is my point, its about our legal system only convicting people based on a standard so strict, that there is no possibility for the innocent to be convicted. The fact that Jodi did or did not commit felony murder doesn’t mean anything, when it comes to my shame. Its about the system finding ANYONE guilty based on “less than legal standards”. They didn’t believe her. Who cares? That has nothing to with how the law works. We need to KNOW, not “believe, think, hope, feel”. The standard is “knowing” beyond doubt. Save “belief” for god, karma, destiny, etc… there is no place for this in our courts. I hope there is a god, I think there is karma and I believe there is destiny, but I don’t KNOW they are real, therefor I don’t live by them. When you open the door to these ideals, you open the door for innocent people to be found guilty.

    Appeals… sure. Penalty phase…gotcha. But none of this matters to the real issue. WE just convicted a woman of a crime we cannot prove she did. I am ashamed of that, I hope you are too. Without taking responsibility we are no better than the haters we claim to be different from.

    I am sorry.

    • The jury didn’t follow the evidence at all, and they didn’t care. They went with their “gut,” which is NOT what they were supposed to be doing. Or it was out of fear, CYA.

      I hope the appeals can be fast, not this ten or twenty years shit. This outrageous verdict needs to be pitched out.

    • Well, Sirlips, I think that at the root of your comment is a deep belief in the USA being a democracy. I hate to challenge that; it is painful to me to, because I would also love to believe that. However I no longer do. The USA is a capitalist society, and capitalism & democracy do not go hand in hand as I once believed. They are in opposition; when money, large corporations, lobbyists, & the politicians taking those handouts are in power, we as individuals no longer are. It is merely a façade that we live in a country, ‘of the people, by the people, & for the people.’ I would love to return to that, but I am not sure it is still possible. Ok, I am a little depressed right now, but I am pretty certain that the USA is blatantly being gutted by greed & stolen power. I do not believe that I am responsible for Jodi’s travesty of injustice in this trial, because I feel pretty certain that I do not have the power to change this process in any significant way.

      Look at it this way, Barack Obama, and the democrats with a lot of control in Congress could not pass a reasonable healthcare bill a few years ago, something that almost all countries now have. I am not working and my savings are being sucked dry by the for profit healthcare system. You could say that we just need to reach ‘the people’ better, but the Koch Bros, & other corporations running the Tea Party & the NRA have already done that – and the result is not in favor of democracy. It is in favor of a form totalitarianism hidden behind the American Dream called capitalism.

      I am not saying that I have given up all hope, but I also think we do not have the power that as Americans, we were taught to believe that we did. I still say stick with the Serenity Prayer, and some good meditation in a situation like this. Never give up on fighting the good fight, but also don’t blame yourself for things that truly are out of your control.

    • Thank you Sirlips for your thoughts
      you are a great person and I am truly sorry I have never pointed that out before. The reason why is is simple did not find myself smart enough to answer you in a proper manner before
      As a non American I can tell you this could have happened anywhere yes I mean anywhere in the so called civilized countries it just happened to happen the first time happening in the States.
      I think right now is the time to start believing again that there is Justice and fight for this as we are to entitled to to Justice. No matter how quietly and softly your voice is, right now is the time to start the fight against injustice. It maybe be someone chooses the silent battle, or just asking themselves do I really want injustice to continue and do whatever they need to come to peace within and with their surroundings. When the war in ex- Yugoslavia started I bought myself a beautiful book with poems because I found all I was able do is to create was to create love within myself and radiate this. This plus asking myself where did I create anything less then love in my life. Since I am far from enlightened there is always something there is to change within myself. Right now it is the time to take a few minutes and do something loving for yourself, we all have been fighting for Justice here, we are tired, sad, mad, shocked or whatever, that is our soul crying for help love, love in the truest sense.

    • Sirlips,thank you once again for an inspiring post.
      Mankind has been given many warnings and yet no or few changes have been made.
      I was raised and still live in a country I’m ashamed of,a country overflowing with the ”it’s not my fault” mentality.Greeks are never to be blamed,it’s always someone else’s fault.I watch my students,barely in their puberty,being raised with the same sick mentality and have been trying to instill some reason in their innocent minds but when the parents themselves brainwash them to believe that ”as long as someone else does it,you can do it too and you will not be held accountable” ,my intervention seems futile yet I never give up on hoping.It only takes one person to stand up and fight.Then maybe his voice will be joined by other’s too and a difference can be made.

    • I am ashamed. I also feel a fire lit under my ass to make a change. How to donate my time and effort becomes the question? I already ignore the media machine. I donate my time to the Homeless. But now I want and need to do more.

      On the drive into work this song came on and the lyrics inspired me:

      “We gotta do much more than believe if we wanna see the world change. We gotta do much more than believe if we really wanna change things.” ~ Dave Matthews

      I want to see it change and I want to do more than believe to see that it does.

  115. All I could do was cry when they read the verdict….the constant things that they are using for premeditation are just a bunch of lies and limericks. I am always going to be here a support for her and I hope that she can find some peace…she stated she wanted the death penalty again tonight after the verdict cam down in a Fox interview. I an understand why would not want to live out her live in prison . I just hope and pray that everything she went through will atone her and she can live on.

    I don’t understand how they could be so blind to his abuse and it is written in parts of her diary….they just didn’t make it into evidence


  116. I believe the mormons and the family of TA had something to do with this kind of lynch mob attacks on defense witnesses. These are not people, they are animals with no respect for the justice system, no respect for the law.

    They should be put in jail. and fed the worst food we have to give them. They are very low forms of life and don’t deserve any better.

    • I have no respect for the Alexander family or of Travis’s alleged friends after this debacle. They are no better than scum.

        • Yeah, it is for them capitalizing on it and lying to the media.

          You need to go over to the hater sites where you belong.

            • VickyT, Haven’t you reveled enough in the company of like-minded evil…go back and enjoy your “victory”. You have all had your “told-you-so” moment that followed your vulgar nasty words, filled with threats and vile, repulsive insults. Have you NOT had enough? Stay away from here. Many of us have united here because of people like you. Shame on you ALL and SHAME on YOU for trying to rub salt in the wound. You disgust me. Do you realize you are showing your ABSOLUTE lack of class and your utter immaturity by posting on this site. How low won’t you stoop. Enjoy yourself while it lasts because the likes of you will soon be gone. You will move on to your next HATE brigade. You will hop on another bandwagon that waves its flag of evil with pride. You all will move onto your next campaign to infest this world with your poison. Don’t waste your time writing any more comments. No one will bother to read them.

          • I don’t hate. I’m simply asking a question. I actually don’t read any of that hater board crap. Most of that stuff has nothing really to do with the case. Capitalizing? They lost their brother, son, nephew….Why don’t they have the right to deal with this?

            • Rob, of course the family has the right to deal with this.

              Here is the point. Apparently, they are filing a civil suit for wrongful death, and did it 20 minutes AFTER getting the verdict THEY WANT. (all caps for emphasis).

              So tell me, they already get the verdict the want. Jodi may get the DP or life in prison (it is either or). Why are they harassing her? Why file a civil suit? They stated that the trial brought them pain, they were crying every day! I get it, fine. They are trying to grieve. But why put yourself through a civil suit where all this is going to be hashed out all over again if you got the verdict you want?

              • Nk, They are doing it because they are white trash pigs. Why else? They are sucking from a dry sponge, but will not be satisfied until they get all the wealth and publicity they can take from this. They probably rarely even communicated with their manipulative, hypocrite brother. Pure white trash.

            • It’s all about money for them.

              Their true character showed in this trial.

              Any sympathy I had for them is gone forever.

              Scumbags, the whole lot of them. And liars on top of it.

              • I lost all sympathy for them too. I don’t believe that their intentions are borne of a deep love for Travis.

                His scumbag friends will get theirs. Karma always wins in the end….ask OJ.

                • I hated them the first time I laid my eyes on them.Im a good judge of character,these people’s eyes are deprived of any feeling.Mourning for their brother?Please!! They were estranged for God’s sake!!!! It’s all the remrse they have for NOT being close and for having aABANDONED him when his death occured.Thei motives are selfish and nothing short of it! The want REVENGE,well they got it yesterday.Now they’re filing this suit to satisfy their PETTY need for inflicting even more PAIN to poor Jodi,depriving her of the one of the few ways she has to live in that hole place with DIGNITY.That’s it people,it’s her DIGNITY they’re after now.What the fuck do they care if she sells her paintings or not/Jodi’s paintings are nothing but beautiful,romantic and artistic.It’s HER SUPPORTERS who buy them in order to support Jodi.The Alexanders dont want her to breathe.It’s not surprising what they are doing.It is in fact disgusting as their entire behaviour has been throughout these months.

  117. STAY STRONG JODI…! Don’t let the anyone weaken your spirit! This trial was a huge disappointment to the justice system.

  118. I blame this whole Circus on this Judge! She had the DUTY to stop JM from intimidating all the witnesses, sequestering the jury…and banning HLN from the court room! All of which SHOULD have been done and was her DUTY to do! I think we may have seen a much different outcome. Was shocked that the defense team let Jodi do the interview after the verdict? Although there may be some logic to it. Jodi is such a beautiful girl…and although has problems has so much to offer in her young life. The Alexander family did not surprise me for a minute…they have been so phony from the start…they are in this for the money…I certainly hope that ANY money this girl has will be transferred out of her they cannot get their hands on a penny of it. I do not want to sound harsh…but I had heard that the family had never been close..and had little contact? Based on the show that they put on that just shows what people will do for money.

      • Actually the judge has nothing to do with it. I’m not sure if she actually had control of cameras in the court room or not. If she did that is where I would fault her.

            • But this was a high profile case. Of course it was up to the judge, ultimately, to allow or disallow cameras. And she should have demanded the sequestration of the jury. She’s the JUDGE for Pete’s sake. She has all the power in that courtroom. She should have thrown the family out when they wouldn’t stop their sneering and eye rolling. Just thrown them out. The bullying of Alyce LaViolette should not have been tolerated. We wouldn’t have seen even one spec of that if cameras weren’t allowed in the courtroom.

  119. i am unfamiliar with arizona, i have a queston about arizona, their political, judicial, and law enforcement systems, especially for their most populous, maricopa county

    how much did mormonism, and racism feature in this trial, including the verdict ?

    the constitution seems racist
    english official language
    illegal aliens “shall not be awarded punitive damages in any action in any court in this state.?

    some scary stats for the whites
    Demographics of Arizona
    look at the chart
    Growth 2000–05 (non-Hispanic only) 9.32%
    Growth 2000–05 (Hispanic only) 30.51%
    looks like the white will fear being outnumbered soon by people of hispanic orgin ?

  120. I wish that we knew what pieces of evidence that the jurors looked at…that they found her guilty…