The Trial Diva & Kermit – Exposed – (a lilypad exclusive)

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Ok. So how do you really get “the inside scoop” on a high-profile trial you’re blogging about? Simple. You screw the prosecutor – and you screw him multiple times.

This (apparently) is just what Jenn Wood (one of the “Trial Divas”) has been doing for the past year or so.

When someone tweeted to say “Fuck Juan Martinez!” – Jenn obviously took it literally.

Dammit. I mean… how bad must things have been for her to be screwing Kermit?  That poor woman! :mrgreen:

I just hope none of it was caught on camera… for the sake of their respective spouses (and the other 6 dwarfs).

Anyways, here’s a screenshot regarding the whole affair from HLN’s FB page this evening…

juan martinez jenn wood affair

… and here’s a link with a lot more interesting information, details & screenshots surrounding the antics of Scoopy & Kermit (click here).

Not sure what to make of it really.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the meantime though…….


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  1. See what happens while I sleep, being on the opposite side of the world it is night and I miss the big news. Wow this is becoming almost a soap opera. I will have to process this. I don’t do Facebook so I do miss stuff.

    • I don’t get on Facebook either but isn’t this a sad state of affairs? Hmmmm Only for the innocent that will suffer from the ignorance of a public servant and the spouse of nitwit. Yes, they have my sympathy. Could it be a major problem to have the prosecutor and a reporter having an affair during a death penalty trial? I would certainly think so. Wonder what Judge Stephens thinks about the prosecutor and all of his shenanigans now? Even if the allegations are not true isn’t really weird that Jen Wood was the only reporter in the courtroom at the last hearing? Hmmmmm…my my Mr. Martinez what have you got yourself into now?????? No fun being in the HOT seat is it? So now then, we have a detective who didn’t process a crime scene and investigate properly, a medical examiner who lied on the stand (excuse me those were typos) we have a prosecutor who has created his fantastic fairy tale for HLN, Lifetime and the courtroom and a group of so-called friends that are very quick to throw anyone under a bus and then the loving family who have not missed a beat to profit off of the death of one of their “loved” ones. Hmmmmmmmm

  2. Sorry to go off tangent but I just wanted to let you all know how far LE will go to “capture” someone. In my home city we just had a sensational trial of a man who killed his wife, to try and get him they actually bugged her coffin in the hope that he would confess to her at the funeral. I mean what an invasion of privacy hey? Sordid is the word for it all. Of course this is not as sensational as this affair. It will be interesting to see the ripples generated by this all. Watching from the sidelines….

  3. When Brad JDT answered my questions a few weeks ago, he responded with 10 questions of his own. I’ve been on vacation so didn’t have the mindset to deal with them but, JDT, here’s my responses:

    Question 1. Ryan Burns stated that Jodi left his house around 1:00 in the morning. Jodi filled up in SLC at around 4:00 that same morning. The gas station is about 15 minutes from Ryan’s house—where was Jodi for almost 3 hours?

    Answer: First off, Burns wasn’t sure what time she left. They were both sleeping before she left and Jodi overslept the alarm. He thought it might have been 1 am but just knew for sure that it was late. And besides, what’s your point? Do you think maybe she was off doing something nefarious during those hours, maybe committing another crime?

    Question 2. The evidence shows Travis was at the vanity, coughing blood into the sink, with both hands on the vanity. Whether it was for a couple of seconds or a dozen seconds, that would have given Jodi the opportunity to escape if she so desired. If she felt he was a threat before, he was no longer a threat to her with his back to her and his hands engaged on the vanity. So why did she continue stabbing him?

    Answer: Because she may have thought the violence was over. She had just shot the man she loved and seeing him standing at the sink bleeding, she may have wanted to help him. But perhaps the gun shot pissed Travis off even more and he went after her again. Apparently you’ve been in that sort of violent and chaotic situation yourself and therefore you know exactly what you would have done (even thought you don’t know exactly what that situation was.) And she didn’t “continue stabbing him” because she hadn’t yet started to stab him.

    And why aren’t you asking this question instead: If Travis had the option to stand at the sink at least long enough to turn the faucet on and off, why wasn’t he doing anything to defend himself? Either Jodi is supposedly stabbing him in the back during this time or she has also paused. You question why Jodi doesn’t run out but not why was Travis standing at the sink with his back to his supposed attacker? Shouldn’t he either be defending himself or trying to get away? Could it be that he had the option to stop at the sink in the middle of the attack because he’s the one controlling the attack? (Seems like CSI 101 to me.)

    Question 3. Remember Jodi claimed she retrieved the front plate, even though she didn’t think it was hers—the car was returned with both plates. Where did the screws come from for the front plate, unless she had them with her? Ryan didn’t say anything about having to go to the hardware store for new screws and Jodi never said she picked any up off the ground.

    Answer: Who said the front plate was either missing or reattached? As far as I know the only mention of a ‘possible’ missing front plate was Jodi picking up a plate up off the ground at Starbuck’s, not checking whether it was the front plate and just tossing in onto the floor.

    Question 4. Why was Jodi smiling in her mugshot? She originally claimed it was because Travis would find it so absurd that she was accused of killing him. That was in her “I wasn’t there” days. Do you think it’s odd she smiles so broadly while be arrested for killing a man in cold blood?

    Answer: You want to send someone away for life or maybe even kill her using whether or not she smiled in the mugshot as some sort of proof??? Of what??? Who knows how someone is supposed to react in her situation, especially since none of us have ever been in her situation. Yes, she was still very much in her denial phase and that may have been part of her denial. But she was also in her traumatized state and unless you’ve been there you can’t judge.

    Question 5. What are the chances that a .25 caliber gun and a DVD player are stolen from Grampa one week, and the next week Jodi has both a .25 caliber gun and a DVD remote in her possession, within 24 hours of each other?

    Answer: First off, “what are the chances” is not proof. The .25 caliber gun is ubiquitous and in 2008 there were 49 burglaries in small town Yreka, that is, approximately one per week. What are the chances that somebody else burglarized grampa’s house? Where would you put your money if you were in Las Vegas? I myself would go with ‘somebody else’. And the preposterous idea that she deprived her grandparents of their DVD player in order to exchange for gas cans from a friend…did she really think Darryl wouldn’t loan her the gas cans unless she presented him with something in exchange? (Is that how your friendships work?) And so she created a police record of a theft before heading off to kill someone rather than just go buy some gas cans??? And how come Darryl wasn’t telling us about the DVD player when he was squealing about the gas cans?

    Question 6. Jodi claimed she was on a strict budget, yet she purchased 2 tubes of sunscreen and 2 jars of acne pads at the Walmart. Why not save the $12, and purchase only 1 of each? They weren’t on sale.

    Answer: Perhaps because she travels a lot she wanted to have smaller sizes now as well as in the future. But this is supposed to prove what, that she planned to get on an airplane? She is so dumb that she thought Travis could change all his plans (including Mimi’s airplane ticket) at the last minute? GMFB! And if she was planning to either go to Cancun or kill Travis (one or the other), why is she telling Ryan she’ll be at his place on the 4th?

    Question 7. More on the strict budget: Jodi was short on funds and short on time, yet she traveled all the way to Pasadena, Ca, traveling hundreds of miles to visit Darryl sister to take pictures of her baby. The thing is she has no appointment, she hasn’t confirmed they will even be home, she doesn’t know the sister’s address (even though she was just at Darryl’s and could have asked him for it), she hasn’t spoken to the sister and the sister hasn’t returned Jodi’s phone calls, Jodi doesn’t even know the landline phone number—so she’s going to risk travel 10 or 12 hours, over hundreds of miles and gallons of gas and not even have a confirmation?

    Answer: She was also on a general road trip, intending to visit Matt and Darryl, perhaps visit Darryl’s sister and see friends in San Diego. If she had heard back from Darryl’s sister she would have taken the time to stop by and take pictures, perhaps spend the night there. But she didn’t hear back and decided to bypass San Diego. Changing one’s mind is not a crime or certainly not proof of a crime.

    Question 8. Why would Jodi think it was ok to show up at 9:00 at night to take baby pictures? It’s not like she didn’t know what time she’d get there. She knows it’s about a 6 hour journey from Salinas, and she left Salinas around 4 in the afternoon. Who does that?

    Answer: She was trying to get in touch with Darryl’s sister earlier. And there is no reason why his sister would not have welcomed her at 9:00 at night and perhaps invite her to stay the night. Who does that, you ask? Apparently not you, but other people do.

    Question 9. Why did Jodi lie about the gas can? We have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that proves she needed that 3rd gas can in conjunction with the other two gas cans and the gas tank capacity. We have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Jodi lied about returning that gas can. So why did she lie unless she realizes that it makes the State’s case more plausible.

    Answer: First off, Jodi didn’t lie about the gas can. There were many better things to lie about (like what happened during those missing minutes in the bathroom). Juan’s absence of evidence (return receipt) is not evidence of absence (and it certainly doesn’t exclude reasonable doubt).

    And why, pray tell, is no one questioning the veracity and credibility of the State’s witnesses when the medical examiner contradicts his own report so that it fits with the prosecution’s latest theory?

    Question 10. Why did Jodi purchase a 9mm gun right after the murder? She claimed to Flores it was because 2008 was the year she wanted to overcome her fear of guns. She claimed on the stand that she was going on a camping trip with several guys she didn’t know and wanted the protection. She claimed a third time it was to commit suicide. So which was it? Does it seem strange to you that a woman who claims to have PTSD would go out and purchase a weapon that would be a huge trigger of PTSD?

    Answer: I don’t find strange anything that someone with PTSD would do (the T standing for Traumatic and the S standing for Stress). It’s a mental condition that triggers strange behaviors. And I believe she may well have intended to commit suicide. I know I would seriously consider it if I were in her position. Or another plausible answer is fear. One does not walk away the victor in a life or death struggle without the sudden realization of how fragile and vulnerable we all really are. She may have bought a gun because she felt she needed one (particularly around men she didn’t know and by then knowing just how some of them, even the most charming, can behave.) And who said a weapon would be a huge trigger? Her trigger was getting pinned down and someone screaming that they’re going to kill her.

    • @ Brad:
      Question 2. The evidence shows Travis was at the vanity, coughing blood into the sink, with both hands on the vanity. Whether it was for a couple of seconds or a dozen seconds, that would have given Jodi the opportunity to escape if she so desired. If she felt he was a threat before, he was no longer a threat to her with his back to her and his hands engaged on the vanity. So why did she continue stabbing him?

      My answer:
      I doubt she was stabbing him while he was standing at the sink! If she had been doing it, he would have turned around quickly and she would not have been able to make so many stab wounds.
      I think at that time while he was at the sink, she was asking him if he needed help or something. She was distraught and didn’t know what to do – whether to run or to help him.
      I believe the back stabs were inflicted while Travis was on top of Jodi. Their shallowness supports my belief.

      • Exactly! If someone has their back turned on you, the stab wounds inflicted are deeper, much deeper.

      • Q: # 9 Re: Other things she COULD have lied about. Why wouldn’t Jodi just say she threw out her shoes if she could remember doing it – since she admitted that she threw out the gun and the rope? The fact is that she has memory loss. One of the things she can’t remember is what happened to her shoes and she never testified about doing anything with them. She only said that she didn’t know what happened to them. (Day 20 of trial.)

    • Question 9. Why did Jodi lie about the gas can? We have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that proves she needed that 3rd gas can in conjunction with the other two gas cans and the gas tank capacity. We have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Jodi lied about returning that gas can. So why did she lie unless she realizes that it makes the State’s case more plausible.

      My answer:
      Sorry, Brad, but you did not prove it at all. The “unaccounted for” 2 gallons can easily be accounted for if you consider that she topped her gas tank off.
      Her gas pruchases are as follows:
      1. 9.59 gallons – the two gas cans
      2. 8.301 gallons – the gas tank
      3. 2.77 gallons – topping off the gas tank.

      Why would she buy only 2.77 gallons to fill up a 5 gallon gas can? Why not fill up the three gas cans all at the same time?
      Brad, your proof does not stand up under scrutiny.

      • And Brad, you asked a very good question – why did she lie?
        The answer is – she didn’t lie because there’s no reason why. She had absolutely nothing to gain from this, and everything to lose.

      • Re: Gas referenced above (Q. #9). The gas purchases need not be considered to have been compartmentalized – which is how both sides tend to discuss the fill-ups.

        8+ gals could have gone into the Focus’s tank. She could have realized it wasn’t full (how accurate can one be unless there is a meter on the side of the vehicle, anyhow?) and after checking the gas gauge inside the car, could have bought the next amount intending to use part of that 9+ gals to top off the car’s gas tank, with the rest allocated for the two cans. Realizing that the car’s tank actually took even more than she thought that it would on the second try, she is now short on the two gas cans. They are nowhere near full, so she buys the 2+ gals – on this she is able to actually eyeball what’s needed – to fill them a bit more. She wouldn’t even have to top off the two cans to capture all of that gas.

        The state ALWAYS tried to impute intent and organization to Jodi’s actions when there was no proof of murderous intent. Rather, there is the distinct probability that she continually adapted or reacted to haphazard, and eventually chaotic circumstances.

    • Great job as usual. You have such patience with “joe juror”. He is just as unimaginable as a juror as his mentor “dingaling”. If he is the average citizen, then it’s time to trash the jury system.

    • Jodi would have asked for $40 worth of gas, not so many gals. When that wasn’t enough she bought more. The total volume of the Pasadena receipts is 21 gals rounded off and the capacity of the tank is at least 15 gals, with top-off room plus at least 10 gals in the gas cans; probably a little more as many online are and allow for the expansion in heat. The slightly less than 21 gals purchased could easily fit into the tank and the 2 cans. Gases are affected by temperature so that also should be taken into account as Utah was in the coldest part of the day when she pumped her gas and would be in a contracted state.

      The Rope Question:
      Detective Flores testified to it’s appearance as “part of a rope or tassel” and being “right in the middle of the scene in the bathroom.” Flores again testifies there was “another piece of rope or tassel” as well in the bathroom. Also a smaller piece was found on the stairs. TA did appear to be extremely tidy and it would be extremely unlikely that his cushion was in the bathroom or on the stairway. They are, however, the two places where you would expect to find little pieces if that is where it is cut and a small piece falling on the stairway when Jodi was leaving. Flores testified when he saw them, he determined them to be significant which does not indicate a throw cushion.

      • I’ve always thought that pillow tassel fibers would not be likely to have ended up on the staircase or in the bathroom. The house was clean. But some of those tassel remnants could easily have ended up on the stairs when Jodi took the rope out – and she did say that TA cut the rope in the bathroom. It would account for the knife being close by. She doesn’t know what happened to her shoes – obviously she wasn’t being scrupulously careful about leaving evidence around. She was only trying to get out of the house quickly.

        They (the tassel remnants) were significant enough that one of the first questions EF had for Jodi on the phone was about TA having something in the house that would have had tan “ropish” tassels.

        He wouldn’t have had enough knowledge about Jodi then to know if she would at any point 1) end the call and not be coherent if he tried to call her back 2) hire a lawyer and stop talking 3) flee 4) do away with herself…he knew next to nothing about her except the gossip the locals tossed him.

        Since this was a serious business and his job was on the line, he asked the most important questions first, but without an implicating approach. Anyone in his position would have been careful to first extract information considered most important from all potential witnesses with whom he had contact.

        Later – the fibers weren’t even sent out to be analyzed. Why? Was that because he decided to take a closer look around and finally saw sandals that were in clear view, or decided to take Jodi up on the pillow suggestion (also in plain sight) – even though she eventually admitted her first couple of stories were lies? An honest investigation should have called everything into question when Jodi switched her story to self-defense.

  4. Justus you have the patience of a saint yourself. I could not be so engaged enough to bother with a response but good points. Hope your holiday was good, that’s what we call vacations here “down under”.

  5. Everyone check out the new art done by Jodi, it sure is different. I am computer illiterate or I would put in a link. But go see for yourself. She has been producing lots lately, pity I am on a pension and can’t afford to purchase any, and the shipping costs to Australia would be excess I guess. But I can admire it on her page.

    • That’s great, Australia got rid of the death penalty way back in 1960s. We hope USA as our close ally does the same. How many states still have it?

      • Hi Angela,

        Apparently, 32 states still have the death penalty (California is on that list) so maybe 31 is, or will be, the correct number.

        • Thanks, that’s 31 too many. I hope the abolition goes faster than the average of 1 a year that you said were abolished in 6 years.

      • Hoping we follow in Australia’s footsteps Angela! 🙂 The sooner the better! It is becoming more apparent that we have a large amount of innocent people in our prisons.

        • R. Love,

          Not only ALL the innocent people in our prisons but the USA should have been the FIRST country to abolish the death penalty!!!! After all, aren’t we supposed to be the EXAMPLE to the world, not the other way around???

          OMG, Kermit, of ALL people!!!! He should be disbarred for immoral conduct!!!! How can he dare to go into the courtroom again and say one word against JODI??? IMHO, he CAN’T, that’s why he can NO LONGER be involved in her trial let alone practice period!!!! The winds of CHANGE are blowing!!!! YAY!!!! The TRUTH prevails, as we know it ALWAYS DOES!!!!

          (((((FREE JODI ANN ARIAS, AZ!!!)))))

          (((((JODI ARIAS IS INNOCENT!!!)))))

          (((((TEAM JODI FOREVER!!!)))))

    • That is great news Coldcase!!! Yes, I do hope that all the other States will follow California’s lead and abolish the DP too!

      Greece got rid of the DP back in 1975 after the Junta military government was ‘taken down’ by Greek democrats.

    • About time!
      It should be abolished everywhere.
      I bet Martinez is all furious over this “abolishing the DP” trend (“They can’t take away my death penalty, I depend on it to sustain my unholy existence”)

    • Such great news! Two wrongs don’t make a right.
      And cases of people on Death Row who were completely exonerated of the crime they allegedly commited based on new evidence etc should speak for itself. The DP is barbaric, obsolete and plain unfair! We’re in the 21st century, for Pete’s sake…. 🙄

  6. I think Juan should be removed from the case due to moral turpitude. Got to be something wrong when prosecutor is banging the trial diva.

  7. Well, well, well…. did juan martinez get caught with his hand in another womans ‘cookie jar’?????

    Ok, here goes:

    I had heard last year that kermit was in a relationship with a good looking woman. I then thought to myself: wtf does this woman see in him??? Then I said: to each their own… So, now I add: juan, waz up?!!! Wasn’t your woman good enough for you?

    To Trial Diva Jen: Huh???? Why my poor girl? Why?!!!

    To Juan’s formal girlfriend: Have you heard of Loretta Bobbitt? Research her…. I’ll be your No.1 supporter!

    Back to juan: Couldn’t you keep your dingaling in your pants? You unmoral, arrogant frog!

    Back to Jen: No wonder you were so biased to Jodi: you had to keep your lover ‘pleased’ both mentally and physically!

    Update on juan’s biography: immoral, bully, abuser, liar, CHEATER!!!!

    • Yes, Amen Sandra! And to think it all just fell into your lap! Amazing! LOL At the very least, everyone had a good laugh on ole toady! See good things happen to those who wait patiently! 🙂 Stay Strong and Stand Firm Jodi! Freedom is on its WAY!!!!! FREE JODI!

  8. Nothing that Kermit does surprises me anymore….

    Let’s see what he has to say about all this. Corrupted as he is, he will of course either deny it or ”bury” it altogether.

    • Maria, in a matter of a day or so, something ‘major’ will happen to distract the audience from Juan’s sexcapade fiasco. Remember what happened with Flores’s wife’s tweets? The next day that story about Jodi having hepatitis and implants leaking came out like a bombshell. Coincidence? I don’t know. What I do know is that it was quite convenient timing… (saved by the bell kinda thing).

      • Well poop RASNA! We were having such a good time. Unfortunately, you are probably right. I pray it won’t do any harm to Jodi!!!! We should prepare for the shake up! ~~~~~~~iiiiiiiis!

  9. Thank you Sandra feels like old times when new reporters would look for the truth glad someone came forward to give you this scoop good work on telling it go Team Jodi

  10. “I just hope none of it was caught on camera… for the sake of their respective spouses (and the other 6 dwarfs).”

    It’s a shame that innocent people (the spouses and families) are getting caught in the middle of this shindig.

    I can understand why the dwarfs would be upset and peeved —> the frog is stealing their thunder; what I can’t understand is why Jen would believe that kissing the frog would transform him into a prince! JEN!!! That only happens in fairytales! Ask the dwarfs if you need confirmation on that!

    Rasna – TEAM JODI

  11. More Arizona crap- they have an ability in Arizona, just cost themselves 10 more million-

  12. Isn’t it amazing how far these folks will go to try and protect Juan Martinez? Both sides of the Jen and Sharee issue! Juan is likely the one who initiated the “relationship” as a way to influence the “twitter world”, which he knows is growing increasingly important. But Jenn doesn’t see that. Or at least not yet. And Jen’s “friends” are trying to blame Sharee, who was understandably upset by their relationship and how it reflected on their “business”. I don’t know either of these gals, but I see them as just “collateral damage” caused by Kermit Martinez! Oh, I hope Jodi knows all this by now, and is getting some real satisfaction!

    • You must stay for a while JustPassingBy. We couldn’t make all of these stuff up if we tried! We never know what Maricopa County, AZ will have for us next. They never cease to amaze us!! Meanwhile, while they are all playing footies with each other Jodi is in solitary confinement for defending herself from an abusive attacker. Total injustice, all so a little frog can make a name for himself. Things like this should never happen in the United States. We must pull Arizona from the stagnate pond it is drowning in and make them accountable for the injustices they have committed against Jodi Arias (and unfortunately many others). 🙁

  13. It appears that Trial Diaries has removed the latest entry re Jodi Arias defending herself…..must be getting hot in the kitchen.

  14. OMG, I just followed SJ’s link to the Snow White cross.

    I think that every time before, when I’ve watched it, I’ve been so dumbfounded by how JM went on and on with it, that I completely missed being dumbfounded by how Stephens kept over-rulilng every objection. I guess she did us a favor that time, though – she just kept on letting Martinez make an ass of himself.

        I can’t stop laughing when I watch this part.
        But of course, it was a tragicomic moment of the trial. You just couldn’t believe what was unfolding before your eyes, it was the definition of a circus trial.

        • When the Snow White cross took place I was listening in my car. Thought I’d driven into The Twilight Zone.

          “Objection: Fairy tale” is also my favorite!

          (((quaint cottages)))

          • “You’re traveling through another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!” Rod Serling You are right whichtrial? It does fit doesn’t it. 🙂

  15. I stand corrected Journee on the Trial Diva’s piece on Jodi.
    It was pinned before so that it came up first all the time. Now it is farther down.

  16. I received this today. Wanted to share the good news for those who haven’t been on There is always HOPE and we must stand firm in our support for Jodi! One day it will happen for her too.

    Mark Woodworth and Ryan Ferguson, innocent men both freed this year with the help of petitions.
    Mark Woodworth spent 17 years behind bars for a murder he didn’t commit. This last Tuesday, he got the call he had been waiting for since his conviction was overturned for the second time in January of 2013 — prosecutors we’re dropping all charges against him.

    Mark was only 16 years-old in 1990 when his neighbor was shot and killed in her home, and three years later he was indicted for her killing. Soon it was revealed that prosecutors withheld evidence that pointed to his innocence. His conviction was overturned twice but when the Missouri Attorney General planned to try him a third time, I started a petition calling for the charges to be dismissed.

    With the help of a fantastic legal team and the more than 140,000 people — including you — who signed my petition on, all charges against Mark were dismissed on July 15.

    This means that Mark’s ordeal is finally over. He and his wife can move on with their lives.
    St. Louis, Missouri

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