The Tainted Jury in the Jodi Arias Trial (video 1)

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Check out the first in a series of movies highlighting all the errors, irregularities and associated douchebaggery regarding Jodi’s trial.

You can also click here to watch the video in YouTube.

*** The Tainted Jury in the Jodi Arias Trial (Video 1) ***


Thanks to MB for producing the video!



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    • Congrats Yvonne on being first WOOHOO! Happy Friday all TGIF, It’s off to work for me I’ll check back later.

      (((((TEAM JODI)))))

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • All, juries, are tampered with, to, strategically, position a case or, non case, right where the lieyers, want it. The strategically, contrived, jury, predicts, the outcome, by, denying the accused, a trial by a jury of peers. Ditto, the neutering of a jury, by, judicial instruction, to, remove human factors, from the jury, so as to only adjudicate, what the brain dead judges, want, adjudicated; in violation of the right to nullify, the whole soap opera… The juries are sovereign; reptilian illiterati, are, simply, lizards, AT, law….Edgrrr…

  1. Thank you! Its raining in Los Angeles- another miracle. Great job in putting together all the info. in the circus called a trial.I think the more we point out all the mistakes the better for people to see.

  2. I would love to do a movie – to tell the real Jodi Arias story, the story Jodi tells. I know we could so much better than that worthless joke of a lifetime movie, that got everything wrong but the characters names. It would be open for everyone on the site to contribute.I would offer Art Direction and Art Department.There are so many great writers on this site they could help in writing the screenplay.I know its an ambitious idea but
    done well it could really help in changing peoples minds – at
    least educate them.

    • Might I suggest either Danny Woodburn or Verne Troyer as Juan Martinez? Or Danny DeVito could pull it off as well.

        • Some time ago I was wondering who could play Jodi and I too came up with Shakira! She’s Latina, she wears her hair as a blonde, she has an IQ of 140. I think she’d be great!

          • LOL, I was actually being sarcastic ,suggesting people to play Martinez and picked these 2 because they are short. 😀

            • Why, sarcastic; Danny DeVito, is talented enough to emulate, a penguin in a tutu…hypnonauseating, the jury, with strobelike precision… He’s got, my, vote… or, “My cousin, Vinny…” Edgar….

        • My favorite is Hay Amores….

          When I first went on youtube a few years ago, I watched loads of Shakira..

          Trouble is I don’t know very much Spanish, I have never been good at languages.

          I have a neice who is brilliant.

    • Sounds like an awesome realistic idea!! If this ever does pan out please make sure you post the info…even during production would be great!! Wish I could donate $ but xcould donate rime, ideas and I live in PHX so I could correspond with Ms. Arias if needed…THAT WOULD BE A DREAM!!!

  3. Wow. Excellent video! Great job on producing it! And this is just the first video! I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

    I also wanted to let everyone know that I am considering writing a book about the Jodi Arias trial. It would be pro-Jodi and if/when it ever gets published, I want some of the proceeds to go to her defense.

  4. Great job. This is one aspect I never managed to tie down.

    I have the feeling there are some worse examples of eye rolling somewhere…

    I can remember it, but I don’t know where.

  5. Hey all. I’ve been reading here daily. This video is exactly the kind of thing we need to focus our efforts on! Great job MB for putting this together. It’s very informative and explains our POV well.

    • Nancy Grace is NEVER on the TV LIVE. She is home with her kiddies when the ‘show’ airs. She is a phony. Notice her hand on her ear? She supposedly is waiting for her producer to tell her to go to the trial.
      The trial was never going on when her ‘show’ was on.
      Her show airs 8PM ET, 7PM CT, 6PM MT; It is 5PM PT in Maricopa County.
      I am pretty sure the trial was adjourned by that time. Never saw a ‘live trial’ (you won’t miss a minute) on Nancy Grace.

  6. OMG!
    I am so so so PROUD of MB right now.
    The video was very powerful and the imposing music sure helped a lot. I am not ashamed to admit I shed a few tears on a couple of ‘memories’ and towards the end which was absolutely amazing.
    Already shared on Facebook 😉
    Thank you,I’m sure we are all looking forward to the next one.

  7. Great job MB! I just have to argue the $55,000 for sequestering the jury. If that lame ass judge had a better work ethic and held court 5 days a week without so many half days etc. it would have cost even less than that!

    I especially enjoyed the obligatory fine print at the end (wink).

    • Also, if she would have had control of her courtroom and not let the little/big man rant on and on and on, we could have taken about 5 days off the trial.

      • Not to mention people nagging about how long Jodi was on the stand.Well,if Martinez’ rants were shorter it might have taken her half the time.

        • I agree, Maria. JM is at fault for not keeping himself in check & allowing his questioning to go all over the place. If he hasn’t spent so much time on theatrics & cheap tactics, or verbally abusing & trying to intimidate Jodi, things would have gone a lot smoother. She’s on trial for her life, of course she is going to tell all, be specific & put things into context.

          • That, spastic, sonofabitch, knew exactly, what he was doing; hypnonauseating, everybody in the courtroom, with his Charlie Chaplin, strobe act, carnival, hypnosis, side show. No wonder, Jodi was duped into periodic, amnesia, and, no wonder, the brainwashed jury, never questioned, where all the reasonable doubts, were… Edgrrr…

    • That’s a great point Bev! I should have put that in there somewhere. Yes, sequestering the jury would have lit a fire under Sherry’s ass to get shit done wouldn’t it? Three hour work days, two day work weeks, five day weekends… ridiculous! And all that time the jury could see/hear anything and everything, even if nobody raised their hands.

      • This is also excellent point to put in a video. This trial going on for almost 6 months. Martinez wants to make it look like it is all Jodi’s fault being up on the stand that long. His hysterics kept her up there. Then the judge took off so many days. That made it look even longer. Without a sequestered jury, this just gave the jury more time to be out in the public forum getting brain washed . Everything about that trial was set up against Jodi. The calculation is so simple. That judge and Martinez is taking Jodi’s life away from her second by second. Where r Jodi ‘s civil rights? This is a Domestic Abuse Case. .

  8. Loved the video! It would be a wonderful video to instruct law students how not to conduct a trial. Sure hope you sent a copy to Jodi’s attorneys. You guys did a beautiful job on it. Maybe there is light at the end of this tunnel!!!! Free Jodi! Congrats!

    • The judge needs to be fired :)))
      Why do they even keep such incompetent dumb judges on staff? If I was the judge, I would have cut that arrogant moron Martinez down to size, told him off for raising his voice at people and gave him a lecture on how to behave in a court of law. Martinez was being a bully, and that’s not how this should work. Unscrupulous people like martinez ruin people’s lives. They don’t care about justice, they care about scoring points with the brass so they can get a promotion and a raise in salary. Martinez worries about his career and bottom line and it doesn’t concern him that he may send an innocent person to prison. This just doesn’t serve the interests of justice.

      • The judge, needs to be arrested, for, concealing for two weeks, the hearsay, that, a juror was seen, talking to the A-clan, while, two weeks later, she, fired the juror, while, concealing her own culpability, in continuing a trial, for two weeks, with, a defective juror, and, being complicit, herself; then, has the gall to can the juror, without, canning herself. No wonder the irate juror, returned as a spectator, and, by what right, did the deputy, march her out of the courtroom; essentially, kidnapped at law, if not, because she could, rat out the judge, who has continued to conceal her two week, indolence; finally, acting upon and proving the truth of the hearsay evidence, which was easily verifiable, for the two weeks,as, the charade trial, galloped… Edgrrr… Where’s the mistrial…???

  9. Had this jury been sequestered, things wouldnt have turned out the way they did. At least,they wouldnt have rendered an M1 verdict IMHO.

    • I think it was a combination of reasons. The online hate campaign certainly played a part.
      These are my current main reasons:

      (1) The Walmart gas can return : this looks quite convincing at first sight. It seems to show Jodi lied about the gas cans. But see Walmart Return.

      (2) The defense case is hard to understand while watching the trial – the memory loss from acute stress, Jodi running round in circles, etc. Unbelievable! See Defence narrative

      (3) The lies Jodi told in 2008 – that’s quite hard to understand – most people think if someone is lying, they must be guilty.

      (4) It’s perhaps hard to understand that Jodi, despite lying, was suicidal.

      (5) The theft of a gun from her grandparents house. The problem here is that the bullet found doesn’t seem to be hollow point.

      (6) Various other “suspicious” things, possible inconsistencies, etc. ( Discounted Evidence )

      (7) Pure prejudice. Some jurors decided early on, perhaps before any evidence was heard, that Jodi was guilty, and didn’t consider anything else.

      (8) Pressure from outside the courtroom.

      • Agree to all 8 of them!!So many things were wrong. I just talked about the jury sequestration because it was the main topic of the video.

      • geebee2,

        May I add the camera memory card that did not match the camera? And as you and Maria pointed out, so many other things that were obviously ‘off’ and yet used as evidence. These are the things the jury should have focused on but unfortunately didn’t think they were of any importance.

        I am hoping that MB is working on other video’s that stress all these pointers plus many more . It’s just impossible to put all this information into one video.

        • No match for the memory card, and, the camera ??? That, explains, then, why, the timeline discrepancy, claiming she did all of this soap opera, in two minutes, as, the evidence was morphed, between, cameras, to, contrive, “evidence.” Where’s the proof, that the death photos were actually taken, immediately, or, five days, later.. as evidenced by the two minute claim, and, rinsing the body, after lifting him, into the shower, singlehandedly, and, washing the wall; all, in two minutes, after, carrying a gun, in one hand, a knife, in the other hand, a camera in her third hand, and dragging his body into the shower, with her fourth hand… and, being careful not to rinse off her fifth hand, so she could, imprint the wall, with, his and her, blood, which, just happened to contain no gunpowder particulates, proving that, Jodi, never, fired a gun… so how did this mouse beat up on Travis, the martial arts, kickboxer, weightlifter, wrestler, weighing 75 pounds more, and, fighting for his life…??? Edgrrr… Is Arizona, actually, in the US…???

          • LOL! Edgar, you are a hoot! There’s a very solid explaination for how Jodi did all this in a matter of a few minutes: Jodi is a modern times superhero. Her superpower is growing as many hands as she needs to take action in a matter of milliseconds! Now all we need is to make her a suitable outfit! I am sure if the prosecution thought of this, they would have used it in the witchtrial.

            And yes, your question is valid: Is Arizona in the US? And if so, which era between the 15th and 18th centuries, are they living in?

    • I think it’s impossible to separate out all the factors that contributed. Here are some more:

      Some other things:

      Juan Martinez behaviour
      Weak judge
      Jurors selected for stupidity ( DP qualified )
      Jurors selected to have no DV experience
      Jurors wanting to write a book
      No emphasis given to motive
      Jurors like to find security in computer records – but they are not reliable

      But surely the unsequestered jury twittering and tweeting played a part.

    • There is no way the jury wasn’t ‘aware’ of the tweets and Facebook pop-ups.
      (I just became involved in Facebook because my daughter set it up for me:
      one for me personally, and one for the business.) There is always something ‘popping’ up. Apparently, you have friends, they have friends, you can ‘like’, these friends have friends and all of a sudden you are connected to hundreds of ‘friends’.

      This surely happened to the jurors. IMO they told their friends they were chosen for the jury.
      There ‘friends’ would ‘share’ that information. They would get messages from their ‘friends’ saying ‘who knows what’ about the public opinion about the case, as well as the ‘connected friends’ probably some influenced by HLN.

      And, even if the jurors didn’t connect while they were in the courtroom, they would have responded to ‘messages’ comments, requests to be friends at home. They would read comments of anti-Jodi contributors even if they didn’t respond.

      • Carol, excellent point.

        I’m not on facebook so I don’t know this stuff. I tried it briefly then quit several years ago. I never found a reason to ever go back. I do remember seeing friend notifications and status and no doubt the haters were out in force with anti-Jodi stuff that could be seen on anyone on their friends list.

        I’d love to see AZ do a proper facebook investigation, going back through deleted friends too, to see who was saying what and when while friends with the jury. If they admit to being on social media, wouldn’t it be a good enough reason to?

        • I agree. It would be easy to prove that they were exposed to these things. Check their web browsing history during the trial, for example.

      • If these proofs of extrajudicial, influence happened, where’s the mistrial…???… They had no problem, searching Jodis’ privacy; why not, then, search the jurors, discussions of the socalled case; violating judicial order to not, do so…??? Edgrrr…

    • If the penguin in a tutu, did not pirouette around the stage, doing his dancing with the stars, spastic, shucking and jiving, to mesmerize everybody, in the courtroom, with his carnival, side show, just maybe, reasonable doubts would not have been concealed from the jury… Edgrrr…

  10. I think what juror 6 said is especially relevant today, here is the transcript that Canada Carol made:

    Note especially: “We weren’t supposed to have that…”

    and “I think every juror that listened and as well as probably every person that watched it would like to know why. Um, I don’t think we’ll ever know why.”

    They never understood the case, unfortunately. This remark gives everything away.

    • She’s making that comment regarding Jodi being ”a sad girl”
      Awww….what a caring loving person she is. (sarcasm)

      She admits Jodi is a sad girl (ahem! people dont just wake up one morning and say ‘Hey,from today on I think I’m gonna suffer from depression or a psychological trauma or something” SHIT HAPPENS to them and in Jodi’s case we know what happened to her to drive her to that) YET she voted to put that girl to DEATH! Now that is a great example to set for future generations. If you think a person has psychological issues dont deal with them,just put the person to death! Great…. (eyes rolling)

  11. Excellent video!!!! Thanks for the great insight!!! Ms. Arias was wrongfully convicted. Not because I believe her innocence, because she is just that innocent!!! Lets just talk about the jury, what did they base their opinion on, oh yes correct me if I’m wrong, because they saw a liar, a manipulator, come on society, shape up, you sentenced an “Innocent” person!!!! Ms. Arias, will receive justice!!! Xoxo

    • Now, lets consider more non-evidence which jurors considered.:(From the Video).
      If Jodi was talking to a co-worker about how the ‘cat’ was doing, than Jodi was working all day with her co-worker, right? It is logical that before Jodi went to work, she would leave the cat in a room (I would use the bathroom since a bathroom is easier to clean up) with food and water (each day), and a litter-box. Veronica may not have understood what Jodi was saying to they half-listened to. Remember ‘Operator’ game? her at work. Just giving her the ‘benefit of the doubt’. People are like that, they half-listen, then they repeat what they thought they heard

      • I believe this Veronica person a)either doesnt exist at all and is a made-up name & co-worker OR b)if she is who she says she is, she just cashed out her 15 minutes of fames by spewing lies and venom.

        • Honestly…the story sounded like an incident that had been both exaggerated & twisted. If “Veronica” was smart, she would have known people would look deeper into this. My guess is that Jodi did keep someone’s cat for them & maybe gave it away or it just got sick, & this lady took that as an opportunity to claim that our angel tortured animals, which she knew was a sign of the sociopathic tendencies that HLN was trying to claim Jodi had. I’m sorry, but a young adult kicking a dog because it tore open the trash? Good God, people! My four year old nephew kicks my tiny dog or hits him with stuffed animals, but he’s not a sociopath!! (Yes, he does get a four minute timeout & we talk about why we don’t be mean to the puppy). Now, take a look at this woman’s statement & notice the inconsistencies in interesting places. The first time she said Jodi told her she left the cat in a “dark” room, later she does not mention this. Little additions like this a a key sign that a liar is trying to make something sound as badly as possible. Just a room or…pause for effect…a “dark” room. Her response to Jodi doesn’t really change, but what Jodi supposedly told her does. Obviously, she put more focus on what her reaction SHOULD BE LIKE. Of course she would want to seem upset, angry & shocked. Now, let’s look at the logic of this supposed scenario. Also, who talks like that? “I cam back after two weeks…” Give me a break. If Jodi was telling her this, why would ahe ve that specific? 1) Why would Jodi tell anyone this, especially if she “had no remorse”? I mean, seriously, the last thing a sociopath would want is to look bad & why would Jodi put so much trust in a washed out waitress with no life, apparently? 2) If she was intentionally torturing the cat, why did she SUPPOSEDLY leave it food & water? 3) Why would she purposefully do this to an animal who belonged to a friend & could find out about it? 4) Why would Jodi take the cat if she didn’t want it, to look good? If so, why would she do the exact opposite by hurting it & telling someone about it? 4) Obviously, Jodi is very smart with a high IQ, something that has been claimed to contribute to get supposed psychopathology, so, sociopath or not, she isn’t that stupid.

          Now, HLN also pushed the idea on people that Jodi was obsessed. Interestingly, “Veronica” came totheir rescue in this regard as well & “Veronica” claimed that Jodi would not come into work until she got a hold of Travis. 1) If this woman hated Jodi so much, why was she so close to her? 2) That is a tell-tale sign of abuse, abusers want to know where you are & what you are doing at all times. 3) If this was, in fact, the case, why was she not reported to her boss seeing as “Veronica” claimed it was consistent & that they had to pick up her slack? Why was she not reprimanded? Why was she not fired? Why did the prosecution not use any of this information that actually would have helped their case?

          Bottom line, “Veronica” is a liar, & probably a fake as well. This was either done out of blind hatred, attention seeking, or, in my opinion, the bitch was hired by HLN to say this shit so they could substantiate all of their biased & bogus claims.

          Obviously, the jury watch HLN. And did anyone ever notice how many times someone from HLN, many different people, in fact, said, “Too bad the jury will never see this,” or “I can’t believe the Jury isn’t allowed to see this.” What better way to bait a juror & get them to disobey their instructions, by making them feel like important & relevant information is being hidden from them. FUCK HLN & Arizona.

          • Also, as a side note, someone mentioned leaving animals in the bathroom while away, etc. Exactly. I leave my dog in a crate, which is basically his bedroom, with a shirt of mine or something because if I don’t he potties all over my home & cries because he can’t find me. Animals when left alone like smaller sized confined places because they feel safe. Putting an animals in a room while away is normal & fairly common. I guarantee this was an exaggeration containing twisted facts.

            • Sociopaths kill animals like it’s going out of style & “torture” is exactly what is sounds like. Kicking a dog when irritated as a CHILD or YOUNG ADULT, poking a cat, or leaving a cat in a room with food, water, etc. while away foes not qualify as torturing animals. JM The Drama King? I think so. Ok, I’m done now. I just get really fired up about people always trying to make something out of nothing. Any dumb cunt can say a bunch of shit on t.v., but that doesn’t make it true. Pardon my language.

              • (((((((((LL)))))))))
                Very well said! And yet all those famewhores that lied through their teeth just to get the camera’s attention and their 15 minutes of fame were never called as prosecution witnesses. Wonder why? Because their stories had no solid grounds and martinez knew it.

                • I agree. It was nothing but exaggerations & lies. Martinez knew he had no case, that’s why half of the shit we end up discussing here really has no relevance to this case. He was grasping at straws & used theatrics & a silver tongue (not such a great one if you ask me) to make it appear like there was more there than it actually was. It was all just a way of distracting the jury from the ACTUAL facts of the case. Add that to the Alexander Family theatrics, the media influce & societal pressure & it’s easy to see how such a tragedy could take place.

          • I never believe Veronica really existed, so I can second that FU to her without any guilt. 🙂

            I swear I heard her voice on another call under another name. I remember pointing that out right here on this site. I was like, how stupid do they think we are? I wish I’d had footage of that to make a comparison. That would tie in neatly with the transcripts.

            I agree, kicking a dog once does not constitute being a sociopath. Even Detective Flores will admit to that. Notice how HLN left that out? Facts don’t exist unless they want them to. Go figure.

            What bothers me, is that even though Dr Drew made it clear he could not verify the story, HLN kept putting Veronica on as though it were true! I mean come on. Don’t report it if you don’t know it did in fact happen! Let’s be real here. They’ll use the words “alleged” to protect criminals, but don’t use the word “alleged” to describe Veronica?

            • I had the same thought myself which is why her name was always in quotes. I’d like to ask Jodi if she even had any idea who this bitch was… I seriously think it was someone they paid & the story obviously makes no sense for the reasons I gave above. Dr. Drew & the rest of them are full of it, so of course they don’t mind airing unsubstantiated claims from an unknown person… I mean…how come they didn’t invite her to be on the show in person? Wouldn’t that have helped ratings? She said who she was, so she clearly wasn’t afraid to do so. The whole thing stinks like bad…fish. 😉

                • I am fighting mad about this this supposed story about Jodi leaving a cat all alone for two weeks without checking on the poor kitty or giving her fresh water or cleaning the litter box, not to mention not giving her any attention!. Also if the kitty was so sacred to the friend why in God’s name would the friend say well ,”I don’t want her anymore” and tell Jodi to take her to the Humane Society where they would no doubt end up killing the kitty!!?? It doesn’t make any sense and I was physically ill when I heard this tale. I had to calm myself down as I am a mother of three beautiful cats who are the loves of my life! This is so foul. The person who made this up knew exactly how this story would make people like myself react. I had to rationally think this thru, as Jodi does not seem to me like such an insensitive person. I think she is very compassionate and I do not believe this at all. Most people get desensitised by t.v. and movies about people being killed, but not animals. I work in L.A. and any T.V. or Movie screen test will let you know that people do NOT like it at all when an animal is hurt or killed in a story line, even though of course they do not really hurt or kill animals in films or t.v. But just the idea of it makes most people upset. So I think that story was contrived to get people to hate Jodi on a subconscious level before they heard anything else. The Alexanders or someone close to their camp must have made this up. And they knew to take the story to JVM because to her credit, and I do give credit when and where it is due, she is an advocate for animals and their well being. So they KNEW that JVM would go nuts hearing this story before she could think it thru logically. I am really sickened by this! I am sure Jodi is as well. I hope JVM thought this out and came to the conclusion that this was a false story. Actually she MUST have or she would no doubt be screaming about it every night on her show. To be quite clear, I am certainly no fan of JVM, however the work she does on behalf of animals is quite admirable.

              • I feel like the work JVM does is simply for the PR. She doesn’t give two shits or she wouldn’t have to play it up so much to try & convince UA that she does. She’s a former alcoholic, she needs something to combat that PR, so she “helps” animals. I’d bet my last dollar she wouldn’t go clean up at a no-kill shelter & ruin her manicure. As for Jodi, Jodi LOVES animals, you can tell. Look at most of her art: animals. All kinds of animals, including a…duhn duhn duhn…cat’s eye. All of her drawing are so peaceful & tranquil, her writing is too. How can anyone not see that Jodi has a kind & gentle soul? How can they not SEE that in her very nature?

                • Well LL I must admit you may be right. I TRY to give people the benefit of the doubt. But then I scrolled down a bit just now and saw that JVM is writing and releasing a book about Jodi and the trial and I just am shaking my head in disbelief! Love ya, Jesse

                • Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. It’s all about publicity. The true feat would be if shedid it & ddidn’t advertise it to the world, now THAT is admirable. However, I do see where you were coming from, Jesse. (((((JESSE))))) <3 🙂 Love ya too!!

                • Whoever contributed to HLN’s lynch mob is one and the same to me. Be it N.Grace, JVM, B.Caras, Dr Drew and every f**king guest!
                  Even if there was a touch of truth in some of the stories,they had to twist it so bad in order to have their bloodthirsty,psychopath-seeking,sex-driven headliines!
                  The cat story is one of the many that didnt have an inch of truth!! Jodi was raised surrounded by animals.She used to have a cat before her arrest. She used to babysit Napoleon. For F**k’s sake ,she has a photo of a cat IN HER CELL to keep her company or to remind her of her love for animals! Which sick pet ‘torturer’ would have pic of a cat on their cell wall?????????????

  12. I’m looking for the letters that Jodi and her mum wrote to ask the judge to ensure Kirk Nurmi continued to represent her. I know I saw them a while ago, but I’m having trouble finding them/


  13. Did this not have every opportunity to be MISTRIAL? Just wondering. So many mistakes in all areas.
    Good Grief!

  14. Hello cyber family! TGIF! Wow, what a week. The heatwave here in Greece has started and it sucks all my energy! LOL

    MB, thank you for this fantastic video. You did an amazing job!

    I have already shared it with friends here in Greece as well as on my fb where my friends from all over can watch it.

    I hope part 2 comes out soon. Can’t wait!


  15. Just watched the first video: ‘The Tainted Jury in the Jodi Arias Case”, for the second time. This time, pausing to read and understand the written words. The Video is awesome and point on. No question the jury was tainted by not being sequestered. Step One to Mistrial. JM is a hero, and so is SJ.

  16. TGIF guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((TEAM JODI)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  17. Hey can someone post the video on youtube? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the whole world could view it! I’m not very computer smart but was just wondering. I’m so thankful for all of talented people who are trying to help JODI! Thanks I’ll continue to pray!!!

  18. I wish they would enter this video into evidence so the new jury would see it! It sums up rather nicely all the injustices and errors committed during the trial, that tipped the scales of justice in the prosecution’s favor. The playing field was not level and the video makes it even more obvious.
    Jodi was not given a square deal, she was cheated out of her right to a fair trial, which is an unalienable right.
    This unhealthy media frenzy surrounding the trial sure put the kibosh on the efforts of the defense team. Sequestering the jury, for one thing, should have been the judge’s top priority, but regrettably the judge was (and still is) incompetent and unfit to serve.

    • All these comments, should, also, be shown to the jury, doing the penalty phase; including their right to void the verdict… Edgar…

  19. What’s the difference between the LDS church and a Dementor?

    One is a dark, brooding entity that sucks all the joy out of your soul, and the other is a character in the Harry Potter books.

    • LOLOL!!!

      (sorry, but I can laugh at that knowing that not ALL LDS members would fall in that category. sad that I feel obligated to do a disclaimer.)

      • BeeCee
        the joke doesn’t reference the members of the lds, but the church, so if you wish to, you can relaugh the joke without reservation or feelings of guilt

        for others bound by political correctmess and humorlessness, which is rampant in society, and even too often here, maybe carve off a separate chatroom for such like minded human units, where the appropriate level of decorum would be maintained

        the dursleys will probably be there.



        Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. They were the last people you’d expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn’t hold with such nonsense.

        Mr. Dursley was the director of a firm called Grunnings, which made drills. He was a big, beefy man with hardly any neck, although he did have a very large mustache. Mrs. Dursley was thin and blonde and had nearly twice the usual amount of neck, which came in very useful as she spent so much of her time craning over garden fences, spying on the neighbors. The Dursleys had a small son called Dudley and in their opinion there was no finer boy anywhere. The Dursleys had everything they wanted, but they also had a secret, and their greatest fear was that somebody would discover it.

    • That was hilarious Wes 🙂 I can see that being interchangable with many denominations too. lol

      I don’t know what will annoy people more – the fact that I laughed at your joke, or that yes indeed I said that Mormons are a denomination of Christianity when most Christians are loathe to acknowledge their quirky brethren under the same religious umbrella. Same goes with Jehovah’s Witnesses. Oh! I’d better stop before I really get in trouble! 😛

  20. Afternoon all, just got home and had a chance to watch the video. All I can say is OUTSTANDING!! SJ and MB now all that has to happen is for someone, like Governor Janice K. Brewer or Atty. Gen. Tom Horne to look at this. I am going to start writing letters to get some of these people to pay attention to what is going on in their court rooms.

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  21. Hi GUYS!!! (((((HUGS))))))) Ok does anyone else think its fucked up that the proceeds from JVM book about jodi is going to the travis alexander family charities and that the Jurors from the trial are going to be at a party for Travis alexander????? THIS IS FUCKED UP RIGHT?????? I didn’t wake up in OZ or anything did I??? I want to see the faces of everyone of those jurors. How can they be parting it up with the alexander family and that not fuck with the case? PLEASE YOUR THOUGHTS!! My head is about to explode!!!!

    • I found this shit on twitter if you guys havent heard about it yet!! I can post them here if SJ will let me !!! UGHHHHHHHHH………

    • Just more evidence that the jurors were biased beyond belief. I think you should be allowed to post it here. I find it relevant to the matter we are discussing.

      • Hypnonauseation, is brainwashing, not, prejudice… Sir ad nauseam Spazalot, knows, exactly, what his shucking and, jiving, will cause, and, that’s why, he shucks and jives, his, spastic, whirling dervish, carnival, act. Make ther sonofabitch, stand still, or, hold him in contempt of court… His spastic tapdance, is, calculated, and, contrived, to, supplant evidence, and, non evidence, with, his, “watch the bouncing ball, kiddies, and, when you wake up from your comas, there’ll be a cookie, for you…” perjury, by such an audition, as he prances around the stage, emulating, a strobe act, penguin in a tutu… Edgrrr…

    • I recommend duct tape, it keeps all of the pieces in one place :-D…I’m sorry didn’t mean to make fun. All we can do is wait for the book to come out and give it as many negative comments in as many places as possible, kinda like they did with ALV’s books.
      Again Krista I’m sorry for making fun


      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • Duct tape it was, which, when fingerprinted, shows who, taped, Travis’s hands, in prayer, mode… Why, wasn’t that done… and, ditto, the upside down license plate, fingerprints…??? Nobody pulls duct tape, off, a roll, without, leaving, perfect, prints, on the sticky side of the tape…. Edgar…

    • I ask that every day (about waking up in OZ I mean)

      I didn’t see the tweets but I believe you! I am annoyed with this too. So a seven month long hate campaign filled with lies and unsubstantiated claims is not enough, they have now colluded to propagate the false narrative en mass via a publicized book deal.

      I wonder if the haters are going to be as zealous about keeping track of how much slander and libel JVM and Dave Hall is going to put in it? Likely not.

    • WHAT IN THE HELL?? O.K. I tried to be nice in an earlier post and I gave JVM a bit of credit for her good work on behalf of animals…but this is a bridge too far! This absolutely disheartening news. I just think it would be better for the Alexanders to try to start to heal. Why continue with the hate? They are never going to have a moments peace. Holding on to resentment is like swallowing poison. I understand how hurt they are but this will not help them or anyone. Why don’t they let their brother rest in peace? This is disgraceful.

      • As awful as it sounds, I think their sucking up everything they can get put of this, which is shameful. To use the death of a loved one for your own selfish reason is deplorable. It’s like someone’s poor me, pity party that they just continue to drag on because they can’t get enough of the attention. Moreover, they WANT that DP & they’ll do whatever they have to do to get it. Sadly, I think this will all continue until it’s either finally all over or they get what they want.

        • What they want, meaning Jodi’s death. How they can call themselves religious in any sense of the word is a total oxymoron. They condemn “the killer” yet they seek to kill! It is shameful, you are correct sweetie. Love ya, Jesse

          • Truly God fearing people wouldn’t behave that way. I have forgiven even those who have done awful things to me, & I’m NOT a Christian, at least not anymore. Yet these “devout Mormons” wanna condemn someone to death & are doing all they can to make sure that happens? As far as I know from the way I was raised, hypocrisy is far from being commendable before God, & hypocrites have seen the wrath of Jesus, which was difficult to provoke. Maybe they should think about that.

      • Read, Brighamist Youngs,’ statements, in the book; “The God Makers,” “Is there a man, among us, who would not kill his brother, to save his eternal, soul,?” When is suicide, not, murder, but, when you’re putting on your pious soap opera; trapped between, perversion and, piousity… And, by what right, revering, Brighamist, the pervert, who had, 17 wives, and spawned, 56 children, all in the name of another lech; beady eyed preying mantis, lookalike… these, lechers, “marrying,” the wives and daughters, of the men, who were ordered out to knock off wagon trains, to steal their possessions, kill the men, and, abduct their daughters… while certain, lizards at law, stayed home and, “married, ” their women…but, just tho ones, over, eight years of age; having reached the age of response… .ability… Edgrrr… Read the book, and, see that this was a knowing and willing, blood oath, blood atonement, suicide, to ascend, Travis to a celestial “club playboy,” with all those virgin angels…The real issue, is concealed by the Bishop, Travis, sniveled his alibis to, when, somebody ratted him out to the Bishop, for his concealments… Read of the Dannites, preferred method of killing; heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice… and, read of the exacting parallel, between, Anderson, and, Alexander… then, of course there’s the concealment of the quasireligious, duct tape, addition; since, disappeared, lest you find out, who, taped, Travis’s hands, into prayer mode… why, if not, because, the prints were not, Jodis…??? More concealment, of exculpatory, evidence… Edgrrr…

    • Krista, I saw your post really late last night ;I was too tired and believe me too MAD to comment, so I thought I’d chill first before I posted.

      This is beyond ‘fucked up’, honey! All this is just despicable. First of all, I can’s say I’m surprised about that mooney-faced JVM and her crappy book deal. She’s been sucking on the family so hard for the past 7 months that her lips would naturally become puffy, no need for botox! It’s totally expected she wants to be a part of this blood money gang.

      As for the Alexanders, the more time passes the more deprived of any kind of emotion I think I am. Honestly, I pity them. They lust blood yet cover it up through ‘appealing’ to the world’s most common opium: religion. How sad, how pitiful! A birthday party for a dead guy???? Now, that’s creepy!!
      If they lived in my country, people would think they were officially crazy.They NEED to keep this case and trial constantly under the limelight to make sure they will taint the next jury pool. They have to KEEP ON FEEDING THE HATRED!

      On a purely spiritual level (and for anyone here knowing about stuff like that) they are causing such great damage to their brother.Once people leave this world,they cross over to the other dimensions. However, if family members or loved ones refuse to let them go, they keep them here forcibly, keeping them trapped into this dimension. Not that this would make any sense to the Alexanders or their supporters.They dont care about such technicalities. What to expect from people whose only God is Revenge?

      • Grieving is a complicated issue. IMHO, The TA. Family healed a long time ago. That is, if they truly grieved at all, since the brother told the police they weren’t close.
        A death, even where there are questionable and ethical medical issues, or a car accident that causes death, may take 2-3 years before it can be accepted and dealt with. From experience with these events, I have found life miraculously goes on after 2-3 years. It most definitely did not take 5 years and counting!
        As for The TA. Family: When in their lives have they been this important to anyone – or even to each other?
        Now, they are ‘courted,’ ‘financed,’ ‘sympathized with,’ ‘befriended,’ ‘cared for,’ ‘loved,’ ‘accepted,’ and on and on from the media and public.
        With all this attention and probably more, they will most likely never give this tragedy up, and ‘bite the hand that feeds them’.
        Unfortunately, grieving a death can bring out the absolutely best in people or it can bring out the absolute worse in people.

        • I feel the exact same way Carol. I think they’re relishing all of the positive attention & that they’ve actually benefited a lot from this tragedy. The fact that they continue to do so is really sad &, quite frankly, it makes me sick.

        • Hi Carol, Your post made me think of a lesson my parents taught me when I was a little child. My first pet doggie died of cancer and I was absolutely devastated. He was my best friend and companion. I was only about 8 years old when he passed away, and I could not top crying. I took a few days off from school in my grief. When it was time for me to return to school my mother told me that I could tell the neighborhood kids what happened and that I was sad but not to cry too much or at all if I could at all help it. She said that it was not right to use a death of anyone to try to get attention or sympathy for MYSELF. I immediately understood what she was trying teach me and I never forgot it. It is certainly o.k. to grieve and even to share grief but not to use grief for any self serving purpose because that would not be fair to the memory of your loved one. Love ya, Jesse

          • (((((((JESSE)))))))
            “It is certainly o.k. to grieve and even to share grief but not to use grief for any self serving purpose because that would not be fair to the memory of your loved one”.
            Beautifully said.

      • I think the idea of a high profile “birthday party” for someone who died 5 years ago shows they are getting increasingly desperate.

        I think appropriate behaviour is to mourn in public at the funeral, then get on with their life with appropriate private remembrance according to preference.

        It doesn’t deserve attention ( I know by posting I am giving it some, this is all I’m saying )

        • Hi Gee Bee, As far as the length of the grieving process, it depends on the individual and their circumstances and emotional health. I still grieve to this day over the loss and the very tragic losses of friends, family and my animals. However as I tried to illustrate in my previous post, I think to keep publically trying to get attention for ones self is not fair to the memory of the loved one. Hugs and kisses to you, Jesse

        • Any connection between grieving, and, threatening to kill me for questioning, this pack of lies, puts, Steven Alexanders’ death threat, hysterics, to me, suspect, especially, when reviewed, with Brighamists’ statement, of, “Is there a man, among us, who would not, kill, his brother, to save, his, eternal, soul.: ” The mania, to, railroad, Jodi, for a killing, she couldn’t possibly have done, makes the big hurry, simply a coverup, while the actual killers, are still, out there; protected by Jodi mania…. Edgar… Get, Steven to repeat, his death threat to me, and, consider, why, he wasn’t arrested by the internet, police… Then, there’s the guy, sent here, “On a mission [Mormon term], to kill, someone and commit suicide;” arrested, with night vision sniper rifle, explosives, and, other guns; sporting, a swastika, ala, Charles Manson, Helter Skelter, on his forehead; arrested, and, then, the coverup; try to find that arrest; August 8th 2011… as I recall…

  22. Great video MB, unfortunately I think you are preaching to the choir. I truly hope that all of this is brought out in the appeal. This entire trial has been a travesty

  23. Fucking amazing video MB.
    Informative, easy to understand, straight forward, and honest.
    Thanks for taking the time to create this video.

    Your video could absolutely change someone’s prespective as often times seeing is believing.
    And there is no arguing the truth of your video or the important concerns it points out.

    I cant wait to see more my dear MB.
    Again, very well done.

  24. here are the tweets!!! WTF!!!!………..

    well……. it wont let me post them but i emailed them to MB so you should see them soon!!!

  25. Now that I am all caught up on everything, I’d just like to say great job on this video!! A lot of people want to see things for themselves, but are too lazy to do the research. Having these videos on YouTube will hopefully help at least a handful of people to rethink the conclusions they have made. If we can help even one person to see even one whole that will motivate them to learn the truth, I say we’ve succeeded. Again, wonderful job, & I will be waiting patiently for Part II. (((((All & Our Site)))) <3 🙂

  26. Also, on a different topic, I need to speak to or inform here of something I recently noticed. I was on Instagram recently & was thinking about making one for Jodi with all of her pictures & things, but I wanted to check to see if one had already been made beforehand. There are several, but as far as I can tell, they are not support sites. Some of them had some VERY awful things about Jodi, autopsy photos, which I reported, & altered screenshots of our site, which really, really irked me. IG isn’t very responsive & it is a newer sight. I am not sure what all I can do to get these things removed other than reporting them as a user & we all knowhow that goes. Does anyone have any advice for me or is anyone willing to take this on? It’s disgusting & literally almost made me cry.

      • #jodiarias is another Tag with autopsy photos & other very awful things. The two Profiles I had found no longer have photos on their Pages.

    • I think that’s a fabulous idea! It’d be great if you could write her and ask her the stuff she likes so you can pin them on her board. Or am I thinking of PInterest?

      I know what you mean, people creating false profiles just to be dicks to Jodi, they are horrible people.

      As much as we’ve been shit on here for having a less than desirable opinion of Travis Alexander, none of us here have stooped to such nasty, vile things.

      I’ve said many times, even on our worst day we do not begin to match the ugliness, hate, and abusive behavior of the Travis Taliban.

      • Yes, I believe that is Pintrest, but I can post photos of things she likes, pictures of her, and supportive things. 🙂 It would be great & I can make it Private to keep out hate. There is another site already, but it is Private & not by us, & IDK who might be lurking there. IG is not very private. I recommend anyone using it for these purposes keep a Private Profile with an unidentifiable Username & photo if they wish to remain anonymous, which is there right. I would never want to make anyone feel unwelcome because of that decision, especially after all of the threats & stalking. Would you like me to post the Page here? It will likely be @JodiAriasIsInnocent, but I have to make sure that Username is not taken.

        • Ok, I just made the Account. It is @jodiariasisinnocent. MB, please let me know how to provide you with the Password.

          • Fantastic! I’ll send you my email but go ahead and hold on to the account and the password for now so I can let SJ and JC know what’s up. I have no idea how to do Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or anything else like that. I don’t even know how to do myspace anymore, that has changed. So I’m kind of lost when it comes to stuff like this. lol

            This is a really thoughtful thing you’re doing for Jodi. I am very touched and I know she will be too! <3

            • Ok, I will do that for sure. 🙂 I am adding all of her pictures, which are so beautiful with Instagram’s writing feature as well as our photo & all of her artwork. I would like the Adkins to be able to add anything they would like, so I would be happy to provide all of you with the password once you discuss it. <3

              • Anyone is welcome to Add the Profile, but I will be Logged into and moderating this one 24/7, so lurkers beware. I’ll Block you no questions asked.

              • geebee2,
                I saw in my e mail a message from your group. I opened it. You have a link that took me to Beth K fb page. She posted this status about this guy having it in for Nancy and Jane. I did post a response. Please read it. I didn’t want to be wishing Nancy or Jane any harm. I am not evil. I was just trying to point out what there behavior produced.
                Have you sent out the link to other of us? I just want to speak the truth of what happened and what was wrong that led to an incorrect verdict.
                Thank you for keeping me updated

      • You are sooo right MB. I always try to remember our purpose before posting. Even though I get very emotional at times, I believe that we are coming from a place of love and compassion and not hate. I also try to remember that a lot of people do come to this sight just to see what we write and what we think and what we are about. I will not ever sink to their level of nastiness! Thank you for the good work on the video. Love ya, Jesse

  27. Hi everyone! (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

    Thanks so much for all your feedback! I am overwhelmed with your kind words. 🙂

    I didn’t think about making a part II just yet, but if anyone has any ideas for another video please let me know.

    Stan, the video wasn’t just made for the posters here. It was also made to help others understand how we see the case and to attract anyone with pulling power to take notice to Jodi’s case and help do something about her wrongful conviction. It would be my dream if Michael Moore or someone with a compassionate style could take on a professional documentary to help free Jodi. Or at least a bold, aggressive attorney that’s willing to fight and fight hard for Jodi’s appeal to make a name for him or herself. That would be fantastic. Yes I know they are just dreams but the most important thing is that the information is out there. People have seen the evidence and can make up their own mind.

    We’re the minority opinion on the Internet so preaching to the choir isn’t an option for us. The 40k haters that put up tributes to Travis, well, they know they aren’t going to get flipped shit for sharing an opinion that’s already being parroted by the media. Every time we’ve uncovered something, or pointed out an inconvenient fact of the case, we’ve always had to brace for the blowback. So yeah, I’d love to be able to preach to the choir; then that would mean the tide has turned and America got back to it’s senses. Seeming that it hasn’t happened yet, it’s just not the case.

      • I don’t know, I don’t think so? I think lawyers have to be licensed in the state they are working in, so probably not. 🙁

        • Hi MB,
          I am trying to follow all this on a smart phone. Can u get in touch by e mail and can also e mail me that password?
          Excellent, wonderful video!

    • I definitely think a good idea would be to discuss the power and control dynamic & use evidence as examples to help show that the relationship was, in fact, abusive, & not just in the opinion of the defense witness AL, but by these criteria which are used to assist in programs for abusers. This will help make it more clear that the jury did not consider Domestic Violence nearly as much as they should have when making their final decision.

      • Damn you write fast LL! . I have a question. Where can I find all the emails/texts etc.. that the jury got to read and take back and look over during deliberation. I want to read them for myself to see all the abusive language and attitude that T.A. had towards Jodi. I have only seen and /or heard the infamous sex tape and a couple of other nasty texts. Are they available online? Let me know if you or anyone else here knows, o.k. sweetie, Thanx, Love ya, Jesse

        • Ha ha!! Thanks, I’ve had a lot of practice. My hands never can keep up with my brain though. Ha ha!!I am not sure, but I can guarantee GeeBee or an admin. would know. 🙂 <3 I would actually like to look them over thoroughly myself.

          • O.K. Thank you honey Bunny! Let me know if you can find them. I will be scowering the net looking for them too. I am going to go nighty night now. So I am signing off for a while. It was fun to talk with you. Sweet Dreams, Jesse xoxoxo

    • The way I think of things is that we are in a kind of battle – a battle for public opinion.

      I don’t expect to win people over, it’s more a question of planting seeds of doubt.

      JAII is like a safe base, but it can be worth venturing out to engage people, if you choose the battle field carefully. For one thing, it’s good training. By going up against an opponent you sharpen up your “‘fighting” (I mean debating) skills, you can discover new aspects by debate.

      Choose somewhere with fair moderation.

      I have just set up camp at

      Note the nice picture of Jodi and Travis!

    • (((((MB))))

      Your video was top notch, so you deserve every single kind word we wrote.

      If you ever decide to make another one you could focus on the most debatable issues like:
      a) the ME’s inconsistencies along with Flores’ (juxtaposing other doctors’ findings through articles in general or Dr Geffner’s testinomy) about the wound sequencing and the frontal lobe injury

      b) Travis’ abuse through his OWN words using emails and text messages,Jodi’s and defense witnesses’ testimony juxtaposed to Martinez’ and the media’s effort to tone it down or completely hush it up.

    • MB I hope you didn’t think I was trying to belittle the heard work you put into this great video, it definitely shows so much of the BS that went on in trial. I hope it does show some people at least that this trial verdict needs to be overturned. Thanks again

  28. This video was AMAZING!!! This should be put on Primetime news stations!!! NOT KIDDING!! People need to know the truth and here it is…in the form that they know & use best (LOL) and they can’t deny it!!

  29. Morning everybody. Hope all is well. Got a busy day planned today and no time to check out all your posts but no worries, I will be back either tonight or tomorrow with something BRILLIANT to say. heh heh. Have a great day and hold down the fort for me!

  30. If things are quiet, have a think about this, from Martinez final rebuttal:

    “how is it then that, as he’s standing over this sink, how is it then that , if that is what’s happening, how come they didn’t go in deeply? Well, one of them, the reason, is that remember there was blood all over the place, and there was blood all over the knife, and she’s already admitted that she cut herself during the attack with the knife. One of the reasons that it could be that it wasn’t deep is that, that’s when she cut herself and that’s when she’s going after him with her left hand and blood has this consistency to it, she slipped on the handle, went to the blade, and then she cut herself. And if she cut herself, and still wants to continue attacking him, it would mean that every time that she would stab him, it probably hurt her.”

    He is trying to explain how the wounds to Travis back can be shallow. It’s obvious nonsense. Jodi was locked face-to-face with Travis, making shallow wounds to try and get him off her.

      • I don’t think they were even listening, who can listen to Juan screaming and shouting. He is almost incomprehensible anyway. Just before he says, and I quote:

        “well if it was her that was doing it, and if she was able to puncture her stomach … his stomach”

        Nobody can understand such rambling drivel, delivered in some kind of scream.
        How Canada Carol ever managed to transcribe it is a miracle, she is a saint.

        • geebee2:
          You really got my curiosity going about Martinez’s rambling. It may take me a while, but I’m going over every word of the second closing statement (maybe I’ll do the same for the first closing -would be interesting, maybe) and what the ‘H’ he was trying (or trying not) to say.
          Plus you got me thinking about the Flores report, and the detailed break down of same. Who was where, when and maybe even why, and so it goes. There are surely answers to a lot of questions, but it takes some investigating.
          God bless this Jodi Site.

        • Sir Spazalot, knows exactly what he’s doing, prancing all over his stage, hypnonauseating, everybody, into his orchestrated coma… Edgrrr…

    • Can someone advise Mr Martinez that those wounds to the back were NOT shallow stabs but SLASHES? You know, the ones you get if someone has their arms wrapped around you,obviously during a fight. A fight for their life, not if you attack the victim having thought the whole damn thing through,premeditating it in advance.

      Sometimes I wonder, did this jury ever look closely to the autopsy photos or where they too disgusted to do so? I know many of us have spent hours and hours looking at these gruesome photos, just to make some sense out of them. The wounds to his back re NOT stabs.Period.

      • Would have been a good question to ask the jurors.

        From the interviews they gave, there was no indication they bothered looking at any of the photos in evidence at all,.

        Hopefully this will come out in the DP retrial.

        I do hope the defense bring out the many forensic points that prove Martinez gun shot last theory is total baloney in the re-run. I would definitely cross-examine the blood spatter “expert” about the spatter on the toilet, and the trail of blood at the end of the hallway, and the opening of the line cupboard door. And the chip in the tile where Jodi dropped the knife. The defense were unprepared for Martinez change of theory at the first trial, or maybe they just didn’t notice these important points, I have never understood quite what happened and why.

        • The gunshot was last, as proven by the dried blood island, the ejected brass shell, landed upon… proving, that, since Jodi never shot him, how did she overpower him, in the first place ? Watch out for tricky spaz; twisting the significance of facts for Jodi, into, facts, against… If, she had, overpowered him first, with a gunshot, the shell would have been before the wet blood, not, after the four or five day old, dried blood… Edgar…

          • Actually, the shell casing was moved (accidentally – a strong possibility) after Travis bled on the floor which explains why it “landed” on top of a pool of blood.
            Martinez did not address this at all. Matrinez throught he was so smart when he brought it up but in fact he is a dumb bully – I’ve known some pretty thick-skulled people that yelled a lot when they couldn’t get the better of their opponents and thus they “won” arguments – through yelling and intimidation, not through sound reasoning.

      • Looking around for how the retrial night go, I came across this interesting blog.

        ( “An Affiliate of the Law Professor Blogs Network” )

        The talk was mainly about the weirdity of DP phase retrial, but I left a post, and these professor types would be an interesting resource to ask about how the retrial may go.

        • I looked at this link. Very informative. I think it is an excellent for info. Will explain privately . Can MB give u my E mail?

      • Right…

        Let’s start at the beginning.

        What will Jodi’s opening statement in the retrial be?

        The evidence will show….

        And what about Juan?

        I think these statements are probably roughly agreed in advance with the judge.
        Not sure why I think that, I just suspect it.

  31. And this:

    After last photo, Jodi could have gone to bedroom to get her purse with a knife and a gun in it before she dropped the camera:

    They talk to you about a timeline and they talk to you about a photograph where Mr. Alexander is looking into the camera at the starting point, however, when the state showed you this photograph, this the photograph as the state mentioned, that was the last photograph that shows him before the attack when he was with her. That was what the statement was by the state. The next, and that’s at five thirty thirty. The next photograph that the state contends is where the stabbing is going on is exhibit one sixty-one which is at five thirty-one fourteen. So, in those forty-four seconds between that photograph and this photograph, is there time to go into the bedroom to get a knife? Is there time to go into the bedroom to get a purse that might have a knife and a gun? And that’s what happened in this case. Oh, wait a minute, can you just wait a minute, I need to go get my purse; I need to go do that. And then this is when you have the attack.

    Right, so she goes to the bedroom, gets the knife and gun, returns, and then picks up the camera and drops it again, accidentally taking a photo, instead of attacking Travis. WTF!?

    • This is the accidental picture of the bathroom ceiling, that in opening arguments Juan indicated was due to Jodi having the camera on a strap around her neck – except that the camera strap was found unused in the box.

      • You know, what else has always been somewhat confusing to me? The fact that her suitcase was already packed in her car so all she had upstairs in the bedroom was her purse, right?No one is arguing that( at least I personally dont remember Martinez arguing about what stuff she had upstairs at the time of the killing. Plz correct me if I’m wrong).
        Anyway, having perfectly premediate this, would she risk this by having the murder weapons simply lying in her purse where something might slip out and fall or by opening it Travis could catch a glimpse of the knife and gun or where Travis could have searched (not saying men do that,but you know in a ” Do you have a Kleenex?” ”Sure,in my purse” kinda situation) ?

  32. Good afternoon,my fellow Jodi supporters! 🙂

    Today I’m rewatching trial Day 13 and didnt know whether to cry or laugh when Pickles had to send the jurors inside because Martinez objected to some photos, arguing they were…” irrelevant” !!
    To refresh your memory,I’m talking about the ones taken in May 2008 where she is with Angela,the other one where she is with the black dog and the third one with that friend of hers.Anyone remember why the Defense had to bring them in? Hair color!!!! They clearly prove her hair was brown,with some blonde streaks yet Martinez did whatever he could to avoid having them included. LMAO! Even Pickles had to overrule his objection 😀 Smoke and mirrors,that’s all he was good at that midget!

    I also loooved Jennifer at that point when she said ”…the State’s duty is to seek Justice and not a conviction…”
    Preach on Jennifer but regarding this particular case your words fell on deaf ears!

  33. I applaud MB for the video!! I wish the public, the jury, the State, the family and the judge would look at this case in the light of day and not in a biased media/crazed prosecutor type frenzy. If they did they’d realize how ridiculous this verdict was! But evidently, it’s too much to ask. JW was spot on…they were too busy seeking a conviction with justice nowhere in sight!!

  34. Hi everyone! How are you? I just read an article where Tanisha Sorenson is planning a “day of service” tomorrow to honor Travis’s life and she is inviting “some of the sweet jurors” from the Jodi Arias trial to attend a private party along with some Travis’s family and friends. My question is this: how many HLN employees will be at this party?

    I’m sorry, but this invitation seems to be very tacky to me. Why would you be having a service for someone who’s been dead for 5 years? Granted, it’s his birthday, but doesn’t this come across as a bit tacky? To me, this is just further proof of the martyrization of Travis Alexander that has been propagated by Travis’s family and supporters since the trial. It comes across as a high-five and “way to go!” being given to the jurors.

    • If you ask me, the entire thing has absolutely no class, whatsoever. To invite the jurors?! Do they not see how uncouth that is? These people aren’t supposed to be their friends, their supposed to be unbiased individuals who made a decision based upon facts & evidence. As for the jurors, how uncouth to accept the invitation?! I would feel obligated to respectfully decline as even after the trial it can still be viewed as a conflict of interests. Do they not realize that this gives Jodi’s defense team even more grounds to assert that one or more members of the jury were biased in some way. I think this needs to be added to Part II because when you look at this situation after looking at all the previous evidence has been given that this jury was tainted, it drives the final nail in ___ ______, no pun intended.

    • Jeff I agree it is tacky. Yes of course they are going to remember their brother on his birthday every year. They are also going to remember him on the date of his death. However, must they make it a big public occasion? Yes they must because as long as they keep TA in the spotlight, whatever money making deals they have going will continue to bring in funds. I have no problem with them having a memorial fund in memory of their brother, if it goes to a good cause. But his siblings all appear to be able bodied people and I don’t think money raised in his memory should be going to them just because. Lots of people request memorial money in memory of a cause dear to the deceased.

      My brother passed away 2 years ago. Of course I and the rest of the family make contact on the date of his death and his birthday, but we don’t get together and have a big tear-fest. I realize the circumstances might be different but the loss is still hard to bear. If their having closure and being able to move on hinges on seeing Jodi put to death, then that is truly pathetic. What if Jodi gets LWOP or gets exonerated on appeal? Does that mean the family of TA is going to wallow in misery for the rest of their lives and blame every negative thing that ever happens to them in the future on this one event? Do they need Jodi to die in order for them to move on? The whole Christian rhetoric is phony when on the one hand they are mourning the death of one, while praying and advocating for the death of another. It just doesn’t make sense to me. What about the many many others who have lost loved ones in a similar way and did not get to choose the punishment like the Alexanders did? How do they get closure?

      If I were a juror I would already have struggled with my decision, I would not want to be included in their event, because it would remind me of the difficult decision I had to make. I think they are glorifying the whole thing a little too much. I suspect we better get used to it because I think they will likely make this an annual event.

      I realize this post falls under my own criteria of TFL. If anyone doesn’t feel like reading it I understand. I however, have such interesting and amazing things to say that there’s no way anyone would choose not to read my words of brilliance. Heh heh.

      • Please, allow me to disagree about Christians believing in execution of anyone.
        All true, believing Christians do not believe in abortion (except for the life of the mother) or execution for anyone for any reason. I have read that before, and it simply isn’t true. I was told, when I was twenty-one and asked by a court person if I believed in the death penalty and I said ‘no’, that I would never be called as a juror for a murder case! Guess what? I never have been called for such a case.
        Prosecutors, even all these many years later, only want to put people accused of murder to death!

    • This screams ‘Exploitation’ to the max! Are they also accepting ‘birthday gifts’? Perhaps a better way for them to honor him was to have done that when he was alive?? Beyond cheezy, it’s just plain self-serving – they are trivializing his life and death, for what, a monetary gain? Enough is enough, they need to pack up shop and go away in peace and maintain a level of dignity about this whole ugly mess. Unbelievable!

  35. I just came across a tiny detail from May 23.

    “The staff seems to be psyched about Jodie Arias coming. Her room is ready (next to Wendi Andriano but with a wall and no vent between them) and will be on suicide watch indefinitely. The jury on her sentencing phase was ‘hung’ earlier in the day and were sent back to try and break the deadlock so we don’t know what the final answer is yet. They say she will be immediately transported to Perryville upon receiving her sentence so everyone seems to be getting ready.”

    from Debra Milke’s facebook site. Somehow it just brings home the reality of it.
    Incidentally, although I never looked at the case closely, I’m pretty sure Wendi was wrongly convicted as well, and by Martinez. It has all the hallmarks.

    • Yes, Wendi Andriano was prosecutd by Martinez.
      I dont know a lot about the case, I remember reading there were traces of a pesticide found in her husband’s autopsy,so… The Supreme Court affirmed her conviction so she’s on a death row.

      Hmmm….Martinez surely enjoys putting women to death! Can we say ‘woman hater’ ???

        • LL,

          I did look at it a while back and I agree with tonysam on this one 🙂

          Wendi’s husband was in a wheelchair. Big difference in my opinion. Not saying he was or wasn’t verbally abusive or anything, just saying he was disabled.

        • Right – I reckon Wendi told the truth. Disabled people can still be physically abusive.

          It’s pretty clear to me that on the night Joe did attack her.
          Chaotic crime scene.
          Domestic violence.
          He was afraid she was leaving.
          She was covering up DV.

          Martinez really needs to learn about DV, but he’s too stupid I think.

          But I have too many cases, I’m not getting into Wendy’s case for the time being.

  36. Great video MB, the jury pool wasn’t tainted waiting 5 yrs. for the trial,this is another great point for Team Jodi

  37. Good evening all, I just got todays mail and got a response from Senator John McCain I must say I was very disappointed. The letter reads as follows:

    Dear Ray:

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your letter.

    Unfortunately, your situation appears to involve litigation or may require litigation
    under the judicial system. Members of Congress are precluded from inquiring into matters
    pending before the courts by provisions of the Constitution that mandate a separation of powers
    between the Judicial, Executive and Legislative branches. I feel that my involvement in your
    present situation may be viewed as an interference in the judicial process.

    Ray, I am sorry that I cannot be of assistance at this time and your correspondence is being
    returned to you.


    John McCain
    United States Senator

    Oh well I’ll keep writing until someone can help….however long it takes I’m in this for the long haul.

    (((((JODI)))))(((((TEAM JODI)))))

    Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia.

    • (((((((((((Ray)))))))))))

      I am so proud of you for taking action. When we started this fight for Justice, we knew that it would be a long, painstaking hard journey. Do not feel disheartened, just do what you feel like doing.

      ((((((TEAM JODI ♥ ))))))

      • (((((((((((((MARIA))))))))))))))
        That is not the only letter I have written just the first to get a reply. Now I know not to bother with politicians as there are boundaries that can’t be crossed. But I WILL NOT stop writing to anyone
        that I can think of that might be able to help. I have to, Jodi is almost like one of my own kids I have a daughter that is the same age as Jodi. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for one of my kids……That includes Jodi.

        (((((TEAM JODI)))))

        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • Unfortunately John McCain has been a Senator too long. I really (as a former Republican now an independent) He is, like most of the good ‘old boys’, more interested in himself than the Constitution he has sworn to uphold! Sorry for his response, but I’m not surprised.

      • Carol, I agree 100% he doesn’t act much like a Republican and I am a registered Republican. I really don’t want to get started here, this isn’t the time or place for that nuff said. 😀


        Ray in H-burg Va.

  38. Jodi tweet-new photo too I think-beautiful photo!

    Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 1h

    “Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother” – Khalil Gibran

    Praying for you Jodi!

    • But I had heard this one:

      “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

      in the context of turbo training videos! (Don’t ask)

      • I admire Jodi’s strength. I hope she receives enough love though correspondence to help her through this ordeal. I’m so grateful I chose not to become a lawyer. Our legal system can claim all they want they are the best, but they are criminal in their own way. Same with the juries. I’ve been a juror twice. The idea they represent their peers is a joke. They represent THEIR agendas, their ignorance, their fears and their hatred, not the law, not the accused. They use their immunity as jurors like irresponsible lottery winners. Ego and power, and entitlement they’ll never have or be able to wield any other way. I’ll fight ’til I die for you Jodi, and after I die, if I can, or if I have to.

    • Oh, man, I am soooooo glad to know that she has read or has been reading Kahlil Gibran!! *happy tear* I plan to send her some of his books. 🙂

      • Please someone send her this quote by Gibran: “Pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses our understanding.”

        • Everyone should at least read “The Prophet”, “The Eye of the Prophet”, & “The Beloved”.

          Also, this quote by Gibran, “And the varying pathways of religion represent the different fingers of the single loving hand of the Supreme Being. And this hand is outstretched towards us with ardor and offers us all the fulfillment of the Spirit.”

          I think Jodi would love that quote!!

    • Such an intellectual…
      You know, narrow-minded people think that if you have 10 Diplomas on the wall you are educated,sophisticated etc. That’s not always the case; there are people like Jodi who didnt have the chance to attend University or different courses, but had a thirst for knowledge and who have gradually transformed themselves into true intellectuals, not pseudo-intellectuals.

      We love you Jodi ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Maria, I rewatch the trial sometimes too. Is there anything I can do to help? Are there things you are looking for specifically for defense?

        • LOL,Vicky I dont know what you’re asking me.Maybe you meant to write it under a different post of mine?
          It’s true that I re-watch the trial from time to time to refresh my memory and not forget all the details. For the time being ,I’m not involved in a project. Maybe you can help someone else? MB for example.

          • Okay Maria, now you made me feel stupid. Lol. i guess I meant to write it under a different post. I just wanted to know if I could help because I still rewatch the trial. Maybe MB can let me know some ways to help. Thanks!

      • So true! The amount of highly educated professionals I know who have no lateral thinking skills… JM certainly doesn’t. This isn’t the only case I have seen his theatrics and stupidity either – check out “The Murder of Faylene Grant” on YT.

  39. Tara Kelley wishing Happy Bday to Travis,saying she will attend the birthday party BUT nagging that the media talk about it. Okeyyyyy…

  40. Hi Team Jodi Family,
    I still remain with my problem of a hospitalized computer. The computer’s prognosis is grim. It will take a lot of money to revive this additional appendage. I hoping the computer hospital can recover my information. Instead of fixing it I am thinking of getting an inexpensive tablet for the time being. Although, the tablet has to get me to this site. All the reading I am doing about tablets, I getting confused. Some don’t have a lot of Apps. Some don’t run games well. Just on and on. So what r they supposed to do? This isn’t for work or school. It is more personal. E mail, blogs, Facebook , twitter, games. Then I can slowly look into a new computer. If any one has ideas / suggestions on the tablet. It would be appreciated.

    I using my phone to go through comments. It will take a little while to achieve this today.

  41. Marianne

    backup of material is important

    i’m not very knowledgeable about this but …

    down the road, maybe check out the cloud data storage website at mega, which allows 50 gbs free

    to the best of my knowledge, and belief,the data you store is private ie no one other than you can access it, ie mega, governments, etc

    the us spy agencies are thus very annoyed with it, and with it’s owner, mr kim dotcom

    do your own independent research of mega, and maybe check with your tech adivors
    it’s out of new zealand, but it has global reach

    it has grown very fast

    alexa analyses it’s global traffic ranking thus

    three safety assessments:




    good luck

  42. Does everyone here have a twitter account?

    I would suggest that, and also that people follow Jodi, and post your twitter id here ( so we can follow each other ). Not in your own name, anonymous if preferred.

    I think perhaps we under-support Jodi’s twitter account, just a thought.

    • I have a twitter acct that I set up just to get Jodi’s tweets but they were never sent to my phone so I just went and figured out how to do that, hopefully. She seems to be such an intelligent, spiritual, truly good person that I can’t figure out where the hatred towards her comes from especially with those not acquainted with TA. I can somewhat concede the family/friends unwavering determination not to have an ounce of understanding or forgiveness in their heart but even they have stepped over the line of humanity, if you ask me. This young woman was driven to do the unthinkable and if they had any working brain cells they would know it wasn’t planned or premeditated. Which leaves an unprovoked attack in which she feared for her life. But you can’t fix stupid. Especially when it’s mixed with vengeance and the ability to garner attention and cash out of an extremely sad situation.

      • Gwen I’ll tell you exactly where it comes from. Media like HLN preaching their bias to the lame brained, simple minded who are unable or unwilling to see beyond the propaganda and question what they are being spoon fed. Where else would they be hearing selected “facts” and being plastered with pictures of this “pious, good living, successful, well liked man” who was “slaughtered” by this “jealous beauty.”????

        Did you see any footage of the Zimmerman case where EVERY time the case was mentioned, pictures of this sweet, young black teenager were constantly being shown? Subliminal AND blatent messaging being shown CONSTANTLY. It tears at the heart strings of the vulnerable who lack the brains and strength to form their own opinion.

        One argument I had on Occupy HLN was where I asked the guy who he was siding with in the Zimmerman trial, and then I said, “Oh sorry, HLN hasn’t told you yet have they?”

        I can be SUCH a bitch some time.

        Oh well…

    • (((((geebee2)))))

      I have a twitter acct. and I use my real name I am proud to tell people that I’m a Jodi supporter.
      Y’all look me on twitter.

      Rat A. Chastain In Harrisonburg Virginia

  43. I didn’t watch all the video but I agree, the jury SHOULD have been sequestered like the Zimmerman trial. Last June I was channel surfing and ran across her trial on TRUE TV / Court TV, whatever. I got interested because she’s pretty. L00k what’s happening with Zimmerman though…a man gets found innocent because he defended himself from an attack by an individual that just as well could have been Caucasian, Mexican, Chinese, whatever…..and STILL gets vilified……and he’s getting vilified because Martin was a Black person. His parents can’t go out in public (I’m sure neither can Jodi’s)….Zim has to remain in hiding with a bullet proof vest on ALL the time. The same thing is going to happen with Jodi; the public is NOT going to forget about hating and vilifying her no matter what. In my opinion, America’s legal system should be like England’s = NO media coverage until the verdict is reached. America would have NEVER heard of Jodi Arias if not for the media shark fest that’s been happening since OJ. Years ago I was a juror on a Felony Trial in Colorado. When we broke for lunch, I went snooping the Court Dockets and found the Defendant’s name on another docket for a criminal offense. At the time I had 4 years legal research experience (now 28) in Colorado law. I did not tell the other jury members for the purpose of not tainting them but I’m wondering what would have happened if one of the other jurors would have also found it. (The Clerk SHOULD have omitted it from the other Docket) We found the Defendant guilty of a misdemeanor as the D.A. couldn’t prove her Felony charge beyond a reasonable doubt. I believe that Jodi suffered some sort of domestic violence, but think she went too far like Zim did. Travis shouldn’t have let his “little head” do his thinking for him and shouldn’t have let Jodi in at 4AM ……now, like the Zimmerman / Martin families, the Arias / Alexander families are going to suffer for the rest of their lives. I live very close to Samantha Alexander (I found her on the internet) and have the address and phone number of Jodi’s parents in Yreka. There’s TOO much public info available on the internet…and all for $$$free…..scary

    • Thanks for your commnt. Only thing I would say is that Jodi did not go “too far”, the evidence shows she did what she had to, or Travis would have killed her.

      The numerous shallow wounds all over Travis’ body indicate that she was trying for some time to make him stop attacking her, but in the end she had to kill Travis or be killed.

      One place to start understanding Jodi’s case is here: ( my site ).

      • Exactly! I second geebee.
        Plus, Jodi wont have to walk around in a bullet proof vest, trust me. She has supporters from London,New Zealand, Australia and Europe. If she chooses,she will never have to step foot in the USA when thst glorious day of ehr release comes.
        And it will come…..sooner or later! 😉

      • Ya I “hear” ya geebee2….I only caught the tail end of it on TV. There’s a LOT I don’t know about Jodi’s case. So what are you (((Team Jodi))) people going to try to do…..get her 1st () Murder conviction overturned???

        Do ya think she’ll go completely free????

        • We are only hoping that she will get the fair trial everyone is entitled too. Jodi was convicted by the Media.The true evidence is out there for you to read. Wonder what HLN will do when the real truth comes out? Yes we want freedom for Jodi!

  44. Good night all, Gotta get up early, did I mention I HATE Mondays 😀

    (((((JODI))))) (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    Ray in H-burg Va.

  45. I think your video 1 is great. Another strange thing about this trial was that there was not just one, but two jurors who were kicked off the jury and then decided to come and watch the trial. Way too invested if you ask me for normal jurors.

  46. Good afternoon all, More disappointment in the mail today. The picture postcard was returned marked “no photo / custom cards” so I guess Jodi didn’t get to see it 🙁 I really think she would have liked it probably would have gotten a big smile out of her. Bastards won’t let her have anything.
    I’ll figure something out. Where there is a will there is a way.

    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • 🙁 🙁 What a pity! She would have loved it!

      Try and stick to their rules, Ray. They are outrageous I know. Use only metered postcards from the post office. Black or blue pen only. No Wite-Out on them.
      It’s better than nothing,at least you still get to communicate your thoughts to her.

      • (((((MARIA))))) I know, I still had to try. I wouldn’t have done any less for one of my own daughters.


        Ray in H-burg Va.

    • I’ve sent lots of postcards with a picture front and none of them have been returned. She has written me back so I know she is getting them. They just must be picky sometimes.

      • Rachel, I think it was because I had a photo made into a postcard I had a feeling this might happen but I just had to try anyway, it was her birthday. She would have smiled ear to ear she’d probably still be smiling 😀

        (((((JODI)))))(((((TEAM JODI)))))

        Ray in H-burg Va.

        • Oh, I see! I’m sure she would have loved it, Ray! One of mine got returned because someone at the post office put a label on it! They made a to/from label with my name and address and hers, even though it was already plainly printed. I’m not sure what happened there.
          You should look at, they have a lot of postcards to pick from!

  47. I haven’t sent another postcard since receiving my reply from Jodi but I plan to this week. I want to say something hopeful and positive and I want to feel that way about this mess but most of all I want her to have hope. I truly do believe she has the strength and courage to get thru this but she deserves freedom. I wish something unexpected would happen that would turn things in her favor but I guess patience is the key. I am ashamed of our justice system right now in which a defendant can be at the whim of a madman, one who is showboating for the media and the family, and not seeking true facts.

  48. On my twitter account I posted an article about a man who says he is in love with Jodi and he wants to kill Nancy Grace. I am having trouble copy and pasting it here. Maybe geebee2 will be able to post it here. I just think it is interesting that finally people have been sent to there utmost limit. Not everyone is same like us. We have been living with this for months and doing what we can to handle it in a sane decent way. This man in the article is made out to sound crazy. And even if he is he is smarter than the jury and not nearly as crazy as the judge or Martinez .

  49. That guy needs some REAL therapy. Jodi did what she had to do. He is not in the position she was in. I am not surprised at this. I am also wondering how much of this was done for attention grabbing. Who in their right mind is going to plan on killing someone and announce it on twitter? I hope everyone is doing well. I am still around, I haven’t left ya’ll.

  50. Speaking of witches, I am happy to hear that NG and JVM were scared shitless but we need sane people on our team. The craziness of this whole witch hunt is enough to drive anyone bonkers but we hold it together for Jodi. No need to behave as depraved as this man or, for that matter, as depraved as the other side has because we are in the right and someday karma and sanity will prevail.

  51. Hi everyone!
    I just posted a post to Maria, then beegee2, and CJ. They are ending up on different places up the page. I do not know what is happening with posting with this phone. But messages are important. Plus beegee2, your message has lots of informative info. Thank you everyone for your patience.

  52. Well Happy, Happy Wednesdays to you all!

    How the hell is everyone?!?!?!??!?!? ((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))

    • OMG! We posted at the same time! It is true what they say: Great minds think alike ♥ ! LOL
      I’ve missed you, girl.

    • I’m exhausted, but very productive 16 hour day, I think. Well, hope.

      That follows a merry ride home on mountain bike last night, where I had an unplanned off-road excursion in the dark at about 25mph returning from Butcher’s Arms, Sheepscombe.

      Oops… I guess that’s almost a riding under influence confession.

  53. Good evening my cyber family!
    It is boiling here in Greece. 9 pm and still around 37C (98.6F). I can’t stand the heatwave!
    I hope everyone else is having a cooler day!

    ((((((Jodi and her cyber family here at our site)))))))

    • I hate this heatwave! It’s getting cooler though,around here.

      And guess what? I am making cheesecake!!!!!!!! For Jodi!

      (((((((((( JODI ♥ ))))))))))))

    • Janeen! See what Maria does? She drops the ‘cheesecake’ word and then leaves us hanging, craving for cheesecake! LOL

      • Isn’t that typical?!?!?!? She KNOWS how much we love it! grrrrrrrrrrrr

        How the hell are you girlfriend? I know it’s a steam bath there. Is the veranda much cooler for you and mom?

        • Oh girlfriend, you don’t know the half of it! Heatwave galore! Yes, the veranda is the place to be right now. All of the family: hubby, mom and my dog, trying to catch a breeze of cool air. The mosquito’s are having a blood fest! LOL!
          ((((((((((16.548.955 mosquito’s like this!)))))))))

  54. Holy shit girlfriend! MY GOD. Listen, do you have dryer sheets? If you rub them on your arms and exposed skin and then keep it hanging out of your pocket it does help with those stupid little freak insects! 🙂

    • LMAO!!!
      I would try everythng at this point but unfortunately we do not have dryer sheets here in Greece!
      (((((((((Janeen and her dryer sheets)))))))) ♥

      • AT ALL?!?!?!?!? WTF??!?!?!?! Do you use fabric softener?

        I apologize! I did not know they were not available in Greece!

        • Yup we use fabric softener (liquid). Greeks do not use dryers. We dry our clothes in the sun! Anyway, I’m good now. Used vinegar: ecological and efficient!

          • You dry your clothes in the winter outside?!?!?!?!? Good GOD I’d go insane. What the hell do families do with 4 or 5 children? That amount of laundry is insane!!!

            • LOL, Janeen! Yes there are dryers of course and since my job involves going to many people’s houses I can guarantee you that large families do use dryers; the thing is they’ve in fashion only for the past few years LOL! Greek sun is very strong even in winter but when we can’t put our clothes outside we usually hang them near the radiator.

              Ok, enough with the cultural break!

              Back to ((((((((((Jodi ♥ ))))))))))))))

          • Wow Pandora, I did not know you lived in Greece! You are so lucky. It is truly beautiful there, and the men are so sexy! My mom’s fantasy is to live in Greece, on a beautiful hill top, in a Villa that overlooks the ocean. She and I are total beach bunnies!. Love ya, Jesse

          • Hello Pandora and Maria! I just wanted to say hello and since you are both from Greece, ask a question if I may? I have never been there, but my ex is from Macedonia, and he often told me he would visit Greece for vacation. He loved it there. I guess from what he told me, his town was very near the border, it’s called Bitola. He showed me many pictures and it was beyond beautiful. Mountains, gorgeous rocks and sandy beaches, such blue waters, and animals grazing on the hillside. All his photos looked like postcards! We are no longer together, but when we were, we had a huge vegetable garden in our yard, and he taught me how to roast peppers, (the red sweet ones) and we had them with every meal, as well as feta and olive oil. LOL, we bought feta by the bucket! We also ate alot of Greek food, Moussaka, lemon chicken soup, lots of salads, and a dish called “patisto”? I may be spelling it wrong. Anyway, I still eat the same way after all these years, and can’t go more than a few days without my feta and cucumbers, roasted peppers and tomatoes! Just wanted to share that and ask if you know of “Bitola”

  55. Good Morning family! Hope you are all having a god day. I am having so any problems with my computer! I just wanted to check in and give you all some hugs and kisses, Love ya, Jesse

    • I dont know where you find the energy for all this. You make good points and they are coming at you like they have rabies or something! I admire that you dont cave in but I often wonder if it’s worth it.

      • maria

        “I often wonder if it’s worth it”

        So do I… but sometimes you do learn something, or you realise there are better arguments that you have not yet employed. I do think debating an opponent is a good way to maximise your strength, as it were.

        I was quite amazed when Geri responded to my question:
        “Do you believe in witches?”
        “Not until I watched the Jodi Arias trial. That convinced me there really are witches and Jodi is one of the worst.”

        It’s hard to debate with someone who says that!

        • If she thinks Jodi is a witch, someone should inform her that humanity is still being heavily critisized for the witch hunts that lasted almost 3 centuries and are now described as ”a widespread hysteria”.

          • Oh I did.

            I said “Geri, you do seriously need to become better educated. In a witch-hunt the person hunted is an innocent victim.”

            and some other things as well.

            But it’s water off a ducks back.

        • Then there are these perpetual accusations which mimic Juans repeated assertions that Jodi’s expert witnesses had “feelings” for Jodi. I mean for heaven’s sake.

          I think somehow this goes to the core of the “witch-hunter” thinking. They think that other people are under the spell of the “witch”, but they are not, and that is why they are right and others are wrong.

          My belief is that they are rational to some extent, but then over-compensate, and somehow every normal ounce of empathy and understanding goes out of the window as the lynch mob grows in strength. It is a frightening spectacle, and it is hard to reason with these people.

          • Excellent point GeeBee. Yes, that is correct, witches were blamed for nocturnal emissions or being attractive enough to ‘sway’ people.

            That’s been the narrative of HLN/Martinez the entire time.

    • JESSE, are you the same poster as Jesse? LOL!
      I am confused because one of the names is in capitals and the other in lower caps but your gravatars are the same!

      • YES! It is me! I have been having issues with my computer. It is acting up. No worrys… no need for troll alert! Hope you are having a good day, Kisses, Love ya, Jesse

        • No! I did not think you were a troll sweetie! I thought that there were 2 different Jesse’s posting! LOL! Hope your issues with your computer are solved!

  56. Hi Family,
    I just got my new tablet. I will be working on how to use it this
    evening. It is so difficult using this small phone all the time.
    So sorry for all the craziness I have had with this. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying summer!

    • YEY!!! Finally! You poor baby,I have hard enough of a time with my computer, you were a trooper doing all your posting from your phone! Love ya, Jesse

  57. What a fantastic video! The music is especially brilliant. What great work.

    It should be used by the defense for a mistrial hearing.

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