The (Still) Unanswered Questions: Part 5 of 5

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Here’s the final part of our series, featuring 25 of the top unanswered questions relating to Jodi’s trial.

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“The (Still) Unanswered Questions: Part 5 of 5” – by Justus
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If I had been Jodi’s defense attorney, what follows are the final five (of 25) questions I would have put before the jury during closing arguments to counter the State’s bizarre theories. (Or if I had been on the jury, I would have presented these to my fellow jurors.)

Question #21: Why would anyone leaving a crime scene at approximately six in the evening (when a whole neighborhood might be arriving home from work) think it is a great plan, after just killing someone, to be squatting down, reattaching a license plate when, as the State contends, the whole purpose of removing them was to make the car unidentifiable, untraceable and certainly unassociated with her?

Question #22: Why does she make cell phone calls in Arizona heading north from Kingman toward Hoover Dam, thus negating the supposed reason for borrowing the gas cans or turning off her cell phone?

Question #23: Why does she fill the gas cans in Salt Lake City if their purpose was to hide her trip into Arizona? Was she also supposedly hiding her trip from her so-called alibi home to Yreka?

Question #24: How is it Jodi supposedly came up with the most moronic murder plan in modern times but (according to the State), was able to use all her “caginess” to pull the wool over the eyes of three experts with more than 90 years of collective experience in their respective fields? (Are we really allowed to have it both ways when someone’s life is at stake?)

Question #25: If Jodi was planning to lie about the whole horrifying event while under oath, why during those 4+ years incarcerated did she not come up with a reasonable scenario about what happened during those final moments rather than telling us she can’t remember? Why supposedly fake PTSD when she could easily have just made up something to fit the scene that she supposedly remembers?

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  1. I got to admit… Question 24 might be one of my favorites!! Jodi had the most moronic and ill-conceived murder plan in the history of the human race BUT she was also very cagy in her planning and execution of that moronic and ill-conceived plan….Really???? According to AZ, it is possible to have it both ways when you are trying to win at all costs!

  2. Q 24…how would She know if someone was watching her as She went to ( fix ) the missing plate as the state thinks or is that the mob? Odd how in America one can be stopped for ANYTHING that a person on (a mission) would take a risk…having a plate upside down and one missing…yet never tried to hide the plate in the car…placed there by Her. Remember if stopped in any state and asked where is your plate…right here…sorry for that screw driver Sir…but still is there not a risk of being stopped making (the plan…MOOT?) The rat just lied after lie and prayed the jury had it in for Her from the get go…see interview with 3 shits from that jury…on ABC…. mary loo loo…i’am sorry… diana and simple… kevin…..who when asked had nothing to say other then we knew She was guilty as soon as She started talking. From the get go rat boy was in it for the kill…or should that be…. state murder via corruption? How odd it stated Miss Alexander twice in opening…and the cal. was .45…..typo or mouth o…or that wanting of a win. Imagine the minds in that jury when he called Her Miss Alexander… about memory issues for a very evil reason…..the win at any cost and if hate does it so be it. Now that miss use of the cal. really makes Me wonder just how would an expert in such trials make such a mistake….even in America not many get shot with a .45 these days….22….25…..38o….38….357…..9mm…yes lots get shot with them…but to state it was a .45 means that t-dog got shot with the biggest common round…when in fact is was one of the smallest and weakest. Now just why would anyone have a need to lie about what type of bullet it was…say the win now! Odd going to a home and then removing a plat then putting it back of….knowings others at times could see Ya doing that… ties…double sided tape works well on plates. Gee if not to careful on a (mission) anyone might ask…about Your PLATES…then what????? Some remember faces well as some not so much…a bit risky to ride with plates missing or upside down. Remember as an artist She knows full well what colour stands out rather well…WHITE is the best at standing out among other colours…look n see just how well. As I walked home one day for some reason a set of cars drove by…one red one white so it was test time to see which one was seen longer… about a mile that happened 10 times…red/white…white/red…coming or going. Very easy to see how white is a very bad colour for hiding……most do believe red draws police as a racing colour…and some of them …most …may be POLICE too! Some even claim She parked on another street to change the plate…..well talk about taking a big risk as the car was there for many hr.s and not in a driveway as someone would notice that. Just try leaving your car in anothers driveway and see what happens…..TOW TRUCK???


    I came to my final decision that Juan Martinez is totally innocent and I am willing to explain the reason why… the explanation is really very simple….

    What do we know about animals?

    We know that when animals like a Tiger, Lion, Buffalo etc. etc. comes face to face with any other animal they are ready to open there big claws & begin attacking, biting & chewing until they are completely eaten alive & eventually dead…..

    So now do i have to explain the the rest of my understanding with Juan M. being innocent?

    Well i will explain!!!

    When JM catches anybody let me make it very clear anybody on the defense side you are automatically considered an enemy to society & therefor he must grab his claws & start attacking biting, chewing & eventually eating them alive until they are completely dead…..

    So now i hope you all understand what i mean by innocent!!!

  4. The following, quoted from Jodi’s appeal, lays out the circus atmosphere created by the HLN network during her trial, turning it all into reality-TV.

    “The way the media portrayed this trial inflamed the public’s passions and prejudices to the extent that the victims’ representatives and random spectators felt they had a right to influence the trial’s outcome. The spectators reacted emotionally to this tabloid-style trial coverage. As a result, Jodi’s right to a fair trial gave way to the media’s desire for ratings and advertising dollars.

    “As in [the famous Sam Sheppard 1955 trial] , television programs devoted to the trial ‘..catered to the insatiable interest of the American public in the bizarre.’ Unfair and prejudicial news comment on pending trials was becoming prevalent back in 1966 when the Sheppard opinion was published. It is even more so now in the era of tabloid and reality TV shows and easy internet access. The nightly commentary on Dr. Drew, HLN or Nancy Grace gave the trial a reality-TV flavor, encouraging spectators to believe that their opinions could influence the verdict.

    “The spectators believed that their opinions mattered. Perhaps they believed they could call or text in a vote at trial’s end. Maybe they wanted to vote Jodi ‘off of the island.’ The court had a duty to protect Jodi’s trial from negative news exposure.

    “A carnival atmosphere could be avoided since the courtroom and courthouse are subject to the control of the court. The court did not need anyone’s permission to shut down the live feed. The prosecutor gleefully manipulated the coverage to inflame the public sentiment against Jodi, and the public directed their displeasure at the defense. The public followed the prosecutor’s lead; heaping venom, disdain and vitriol against anyone associated with the defense.

    “After his second expert witness endured threats and harassment by spectators, the victim’s representative and unprofessional treatment by the prosecutor, defense counsel moved to withdraw. He complained that the pressure and nasty atmosphere created by the media prohibited his team from representing Jodi. Defense counsel believed the prosecutor behaved outrageously for the cameras in the courtroom because he enjoyed the world-wide attention provided by the livestream. The prosecutor played to the cameras, yelling at and berating witnesses, flailing his arms, making personal attacks on defense counsel and defense experts and throwing evidence.

    “As the prosecutor fanned the flames against Jodi on the courthouse steps, the defense team tried to avoid the spectator’s wrath. The defense team parked below the courthouse in a secured parking area where their vehicle was searched for bombs.

    “After trial, the defense filed a motion for mistrial based on the uncontrolled media coverage and its effect on the entire trial. The court denied the motion, claiming that the media coverage did not affect the trial’s outcome. The court threatened to report defense counsel to the state bar for suggesting that she failed to ensure that Jodi received a fair trial. The court refused to acknowledge what everyone else could see, i.e., the media influenced the daily trial proceedings to the point where Jodi did not receive a fair trial. “

  5. That pretty much sums it up! These attorneys are really good!

    As I have said many times, I was not one of those trial/tabloid watchers as I was dealing with family issues. However, just from watching all of these rehash tabloid programs that have aired since 2015, I have come to the realization that Jodi, like many defendants in this country, was likely considered guilty the day of her arrest in July 2008. I don’t see how AZ can win this without showing that they are unbelievably corrupt and will go to any lengths to prevent a verdict in their favor to be overturned.

  6. Just one prosecutor protecting another….s/s was doing just that….and fir very good reason…to keep her job…justice be damned. All about the win…..
    Now this idea by some who unlike any others WATCHED the whole trial…..they claim just how fair a trial it was…in and OUT of court. Remember the nightly trials HLN put on near the end of that real trial…..for some very odd reason I can not recall even one guilty verdict that was 100%……seems one needs a special mob to gain a win……as the rat birthed.
    One must ask and one on an APPEALS court for sure did both lawyers corrupt the outcome due to their actions and do so for a book deal? Just who were they REALLY working for…well one made off very well….as it went rat shit in court almost each day. Reality T.V. does well with mobs….but this the public has a right to know…..NOT SO…see U.S.S.C. …… imagine the rat going wild in front of that crew…the end would be fast. A public trial is there to PROTECT the DEFENDANT…the public is not or never has been for the mob. Public trials are for the right to have a fair and just trial…..and mouthpieces need not say a word…unless they take a stand. Each night HLN did all to put nut jobs on to state as fact…no ptsd…no domestic violence….the victim was a saint….how can any believe a liar….
    Well….ask any who have ptsd just what makes them an expert on just who can have ptsd…to my thinking ptsd is a fear of a past trama…brought on by a trigger….the he beat Me in the past and now he just told me …You are fucking dead….yes that may trigger most….see that eddie snell video on him asking a man if he wanted to join PPL and when the man said he would have to ask his wife…eddie goes wild on him…JOKE? hmm what was the trigger that brought such violence….asking a wife….is that normal to do that violence or act it out w/o revealing ones hate for women?
    Saint…well if one recalls a certain other saint called …luke.
    This discount any words from a liar….in court as they take the stand…is that a one way street…because the state built a case on nothing but lies from day one…this She always lied on the stand…odd how NONE can PROVE She lied from the stand and folks that’s what counts in a TRIAL! And boy have they tried and failed big time…remember how a rat told the world no way anyone could ever stand on a shelf that held 4o lb.s….and besides it would TILT a double whammy …then HLN did the test…She is 115 lb.s 5.6 ft…..and the man on the show was 210 lb.s and 6.2 as he stood on the shelf twice with EASE!…See the place where She put her foot in the photo…yet the rat claimed nothing was out of place…ya think? Why would any fear facts…yet it that court feared they were…and for reasons that must make all wonder. Seems rat boy saw it’s chance to make a real name for its self and make a few $…so why not do all to win…with all the hate put towards the defendant each night who would care…….how wrong once more was he.

    • Great point, Griz, regarding claims (by those who bypass critical thinking and just swallow words of anyone who agrees with them) that she lied on the stand. If you ask for any proof of any specific thing she lied about, they just fall back on “well, she’s a liar and that’s what liars do.” No specifics, no proof, just a full-throated advocacy for demagoguery.

  7. Odd so very odd the state needed lies for the win and a rather hateful jury bought into them lies…just see the ABC interview and ask …who wanted these things on a jury? They act the idiot and spend a lot of their 15 min.s of fame a trial is just a joke. Two of these 3 seemed to want to meet the family for supper…how CRAZY is that…like they enjoy getting together……! Sorta like a cop or prosecutor not keeping their DISTANCE…to remain above board……RICO ACT anyone…be it mob …cult all the same…up to no good.
    Q 22……seems only haters never lose things….well She misplaced the charger in the car…and as all know things do get lost in cars on the move…but then folks seem to lose…CELL PHONES all the time….now this turning it off….well one has a choice…save the power or wish You had saved it when You now need it. This that would never happen to me b.s. ……speaks of idiot thinking. No one can know what may happen next….see the military on that as they are experts on the planning…until they find out that plan a is moot…Plan b anyone? This he never used the cell in az. so said a rat…well seems She did…but a hater has a real need to say well maybe She was just beyond az…or maybe She had a BURNER phone…OMG why does a plan of so called murder not USE a burner phone…..does America have such things…being a luddite I don’t know. Now let Me explain how the mind does work under EXTREME stress…lets say a person who is attacked by a love…kills them….the mind may play a game…ever had something happen to You and You find it very hard to believe. That’s the mind trying to protect itself. Of late we had an airliner just go…GONE…yet most of the families still think all on board are still alive…landing on an island safe and sound…think LOST…for REAL. Few who lived a few years have not had a OMG did that just happen moment. How many folks who fought in wars against brothers and sisters…1775…1861 …ever made peace with having to destroy a loved one. More then a few born Americans were taken back to Germany by their parents only to end up fighting Americans in WW 2. Talk about doing what one really does not want to to survive. She as most in such cases has two choices…kill or be killed…know any wanting to make that choice???? Rather a sad choice indeed. Survivors often wish they had never survived thanks to the views of others…WOMEN and CHILDREN know that all to well….

  8. To ANYONE who THINKS She is so guilty…then just show it in the wounds…now I know of Americas love of the fight games MMA and such but if so real why so few DEATHS…Dana White claimed in 20 yr.s NO DEATHS…gee if so REAL one would expect at least 12 per yr….Only fight sport i know of that has a few deaths is BOXING. Lets be very clear on this …in a real fight death is only one action away…but it a kick to the head or so he tried to give Her or a punch…..this She went to fare in stopping….how can that be true in a fight where she FEARED for Her life. Is that not what all survivors in a self defense fight say…LOOK at the wounds and see the sequence that makes sense…head wound that would not stop or even slow him down….did he not look into a mirror after that fatal wound as horn called it…talk about DEAD MAN WALKING!…..the wounds to the chest and back…are any really fatal??? the front is explained as a great way of keeping him away…but talk about persistence on his part as he must have approached Her many times…why not just a slash…see any slashes on his chest??? The back wounds come in at very odd angles and only one side…think of a man trying to do all to disable his would be victim in a bear hug a very common move for a trained fighter…as he was a WRESTLER! Now once he had Her in that move ask your self …now what when She starts poking him with a blade…either way he will get cut…let go and She is free to defend Herself but try to crush her and one still will take a few hits…that’s the problem with real fights…..once begun a person can not just RUN…or PLEAD for the attacker to stop….and he WAS the attacker…let there be NO DOUBT. TRAINED fighters automatically use all their training so why are there no wounds on his FOREARMS and very few on the hands…PLEAS do not say once a hand is cut one would stop as I had two broken and crushed fingers in My left hand from the first punch I threw to defend My self in a CONTINUAL attack. I NEVER felt one bit on pain…until the fight was over. The brains loves to survive with or without a few fingers. horn must know that as any Dr….as this research comes from WW@ just after D-Day and just how able men were on coping with wounds, some that were fatal. Yes to some She must look guilty but does that sell or do they fear for their job???or both??? I did all to ONLY look to the facts…and i can say this with truth…travis would have gotten the same from Me if it was reversed….I do not railroad people…I have helped folks who sought Me grave harm because it was the right thing to do. Lets be very clear of these times…now when a person is arrested…MOST seem to think they MUST be guilty….why else would they be arrested…is that thew world We want for Ourselves? or only for the OTHER! Any who view HLN must have seen the mob go on each night doing all to sway the main mob…now why would there ever be any need to do that when a person when GUILT WAS NEVER IN DOUBT…..and a certain POLICE WOMAN did in front of a jury did speak of a PLANNED MURDER PLOT before trial…..or did I hear sister sam wrong? she went on to be police woman of the year…..that says it all why many FEAR the police. When I was a child We were told to trust the police now the police seem to own Us. That trial showed a lot of police corruption from the get go as a certain Det. sat next to the rat as if it was a minion…but a minion that had real problems on the stand…some investigator that was…WAS! I would ask this of ANY who think She is guilty…would You bet your life on it..if it’s yes then show this guilt and show it well….I need not ever show innocence as the system does not work that why and must never work that way. The reason why is the imbalance of power…how can one get a fair hearing when only the state gets to have its way from the get go??? If a person is said to have done murder does that make is so???to many weak minded folks YES! The reason I must say weak minded is that even after travis talked about the rape of a child in a rather proud manner most of America could care less…no wonder GRAB EM BY THE PUSSY gets a pass as long as it’s the other. To Me when any person calls out guilt they had better be willing to back it up or must pay a price…some many LYNCHED by know it alls WHO ARE NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE…calling it a murder is easy proving it to be is not so easy…hence two hung juries at 8 to 4…seems even folks who voted twice for guilt were soon to be not so sure!

  9. More from Jodi’s appeal:

    “When the court allowed the prosecutor to treat the defense experts unprofessionally, the spectators followed suit. The court sustained objections to the prosecutor’s argumentative questions at least 20 times. The court sustained objections to the prosecutor’s yelling at the experts at least three times. The court sustained objections when the prosecutor belittled Dr. Samuels at least twice; and he called Dr. Geffner a ‘hired gun.’

    “When the court allowed the prosecutor to treat Jodi unprofessionally, the spectators followed suit. The court sustained objections to the prosecutor’s argumentative questions of Jodi at least 39 times, belittling three times, yelling twice, badgering once, and asked and answered six times. The court allowed the prosecutor to behave badly on a world-wide stage, sending the message that if this state’s representative had such disdain and spite for the defense, then Jodi deserved such treatment.

    “The defense explained to the court that due to the media ‘stoking the fire,’ spectators continued harassing their experts and also their mitigation specialist. HLN taunted the defense regularly on its program.

    “Trial judges are to take measures to ensure that those who come to see the trial are spectators, not advocates…In our justice system, the public has the right to watch the trial—not participate in it or indicate a desired outcome. The judge’s original error recurred each day that the trial was livestreamed over the internet. She deferred to the media at Jodi’s expense.

    “The court failed in its duty to reprimand T.A.’s sister, who harassed [domestic abuse expert] LaViolette via social media. The public directed its hostility at the defense team. The court spun its wheels when she addressed threats against the defense, but she acted immediately and decisively when the prosecutor was threatened, by posting armed guards in the courtroom. The court acted quickly to protect the prosecutor, and dragged her feet when the defense alerted her about the threats they received.”

  10. The following, additional quotes from Jodi’s appeal, addresses the improper introduction of testimony about the gun stolen from Jodi’s grandparents’ house on May 28, 2008.

    “The court erred when it allowed Officer Friedman to testify that Jodi’s grandparents told him that a .25 was stolen. The defense addressed this anticipated testimony in its written pre-trial motion but the court ignored it. The defense interposed an appropriate objection when, as anticipated, the prosecutor asked Friedman to tell the jury what Jodi’s grandparents told him about the gun.

    “This is classic hearsay. The state did not call Jodi’s grandparents as witnesses. The prosecutor argued that he didn’t offer the statement for the truth of the matter asserted [i.e., that the gun was actually stolen or that Jodi stole it], yet he relied on this testimony throughout the case to prove premeditation. The state maintained he offered the statement to show that the officer ‘wrote it in his report.’ With that kind of reasoning, any information contained in a police report would be admissible through the officer’s report and not that of an independent witness. The Rules of Evidence do not support that type of reasoning.

    “The defense anticipated this problem and tried to address it with a written, pre-trial motion. The state’s response did not address the motion. The court’s ruling did not address the defense motion.

    “The officer testified as anticipated and the defense objected appropriately. The trial court erred when it found that the state did not offer the grandparent’s statement for the truth of the matter asserted. Instead, the court bought into the pretext offered by the state. The state then abandoned its own theory by arguing the substantive content of the out of court statement: that Jodi staged a burglary, stole the .25 from her grandfather, and then used the .25 when she killed T.A.

    “The state introduced this information precisely for the proof of the matter asserted: that the .25 was taken in the burglary that Jodi supposedly staged. The state relied on this information to argue that Jodi committed premeditated murder. The prosecutor argued, ‘So if he didn’t have a gun, she brought it. And you know that she did bring it. You know about the burglary, supposed burglary, of her grandparent’s house.’

    “The trial court abused its discretion when she allowed this hearsay testimony into evidence….Because the prosecutor relied on this hearsay to prove premeditation, the error was not harmless, requiring reversal.”

  11. I got to say… how bad does a prosecutor have to be to where the appellate attorneys for the defendant have to leave things out to keep the brief within legal specifications!!!! This may be the most amazing thing about this appeal… TOO MUCH EVIDENCE!!

    Anyway, I will mention again that Jodi’s key to a successful retrial will hinge on her attorneys ability to portray TA’s penchant for violent outbursts to a jury. Jodi’s descriptions of his violent outbursts as well as his attacks, including the rapes, are vivid and disturbing. As I said before, Jodi won the character part. However, how does Jodi portray these incidents with more than her own testimony? As we all will agree, if there is no attack, there is absolutely no fight and therefore, no death!

    • Lance , “I will mention again that Jodi’s key to a successful retrial will hinge on her attorneys ability to portray TA’s penchant for violent outbursts to a jury” You are absolutely correct , while we believe she s telling the truth unfortunately a lot of others that will matter in the decision dont . its not impossible though difficult her lawyers will have to have a lot of corrobation from other sources and shoud almost be forced to come forward
      Deanna Reid : she s withholding a lot of abuse , both verbal and physical that could corroborate a lot of what Jodi is saying is truthful especially due to the fact she s had a relationship with him on and off for about 7 years ,
      Matt Mcartney : Jodi’s confidant who probably saw bruises , and had numerous conversations with Jodi prior to June 4th about the many incidents of both physical and verbal abuse

      Mr. Mcgee and his wife : both have to come forward in person and speak as to what they both witness with TA ..the porn , the abuse on Deanna , and clear up the time frame of the incidents , and clear their own names as being called “Liars”
      Jod s Sister to conirm the bruises she saw and the many times Jodi confided in her about the toxic relationship
      Gus Searcy : knows a lot more than he was able to testify in court about the abuse and also the names of many other Mormons who can be witness to many of the behavior they saw.
      Roomates : I am 100 percent certain knew of the abuse and must have heard something on the days she was being physically abused and or know of TA s temper even with them being victims of some of his tirades
      And all of the so called “girlfriend “ that he was texting or sexting ,

      No more staying silence , a young ladys life is being ruined for a lifetime …COME FORWARD NOW …so that you can all someday answer to God as to why you did not ..and left someone to just simply suffer for years and years..

      • Hi Janet,

        I will say that this is a lot of cover-up by many people who have been or are currently being silenced by the Mormon community or even the church.

        Deanna Reid- I had heard that Deanna was very defensive on the stand when it came to TA’s behavior as one would expect for somebody who had a relationship with him for seven years or more. Whether she can be subpoenaed and forced to testify as a hostile witness for the defense is another story??. This would give serious credence to Jodi’s abuse claims as it would show a pattern which courts really want.
        Matt – This guy must have dug a hole somewhere and crawled into it to avoid being called to testify last time. I don’t know about him like others here except that Donovan drug his name into the mud with her B.S. “real story” for dope money rant. I sure hope he does the right thing this time.
        The McGree’s – Once again, I do not know of them like you do. If they are also in the Mormon church, they have likely been threatened, blackmailed, bribed and anything else you can think of to keep those secrets to themselves. Hopefully, they are still living when this comes around again!
        Gus Searcy-I didn’t know about him until I got to this site. I had heard he was a professional mentor of some kind. I was shocked to hear that TA was so broke that he was borrowing money from anybody he could find, including Jodi, which is also what led to several episodes of physical abuse. I may have changed a few minds here where I am when I showed those texts with Deanna about how broke he was… How can you be so successful that you can’t afford gas money to get to OKC??? Some people did find that real odd along with his frozen bank account.
        Jodi’s sister will be absolutely necessary for two reasons: First, she is a witness to Jodi not robbing her own home(It’s a shame she doesn’t have her own pictures) and second, she quite possibly could be one of the few actual witnesses to Jodi’s possible bruises as evidence although it seems that all of this happened in AZ when Jodi was by herself.
        Lastly, the other girlfriends will likely not be any help, especially the Mormon ones. They can try but I don’t see anything beneficial from that other than proving that they really never liked Jodi.

  12. No wounds on his forearms says it all he attacked Her continually….mr…RAGE… WRATH…and NOT SEEN ME AT MY WORST….talk about embracing violence as it the norm…this he was not violent…what world is that???? Do a search to view this man violent ways…this guy loved violence.Who did he not threaten at one time…? To think at one time PPL did consider using the eddie snell beating a man then robbing him as their national add….begs the question…WHY? Who in their right mind would want to air that? Please do not forget that the victim of a robbery at the diner just had to phone up the robber to ask for his phone back…who would take such at risk after they had a GUN placed to their head that failed to fire…did t-dog want the guy to come back putting others at grave risk as well as t-dog?

    • So right about the forearms, Griz. One has to completely suspend reason and common sense to believe he was being attacked with a knife for more than a minute and he never once raised his arms to protect himself. But there seems to be a lot of people out there who do willing suspend reason and common sense in order to make a story come out the way they want it to. SMH

  13. Hey Lance! Michael Keifer tweeted recently that he believes Jodi’s case will be overturned in federal court due to prosecutorial misconduct.

  14. As an FYI, Michael Kiefer says “The state, represented in the appeal by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, has until Jan. 4, 2019, to respond. Arias will then be allowed to reply to the state’s counterargument before the case goes before a three-judge panel for oral argument.”

  15. Thanks for the Updates Justus!!!! Everyone please continue to donate to Jodi’s Appeals Fund so we will be ready to HELP the BEST we can!!!!! (((((TEAM JODI & JODI)))))

    • Based on these timelines, this appeal will likely not go in front of the three judge panel until sometime in 2020. This is assuming that all of the response deadlines are at least 6 months in length.. Is this correct to assume?

  16. Hey JD,

    Michael Kiefer sounds like one of the only journalists in that area that believes Jodi. He sounds like he has a solid feel for the proceedings in AZ.

    Justus/Grizz- I brought this up again because Jodi’s burden of proof in a retrial will be exceptionally higher, in fact, it may be almost at the same level that the state is held to in a regular trial since she has already been convicted. How does Jodi’s defense prove that the knife wounds are DEFENSIVE in nature and not OFFENSIVE and ATTACKING in nature? Obviously, the wound pattern testimony should have solved that the first time. Can Jodi’s sister be convincing when she testifies to Jodi’s whereabouts at the time of the burglary since it seems that the pictures that were taken will not be admitted if they could even be retrieved at all?

  17. Well if I was in the court showing just how he did not defend himself…because he was far to busy on the attack…I would await for the rat to object… soon as he stood up and took the floor I would approach it and fake a bitch slap to its head…any think the rat would not raise its arms to block the slap. Lets be real hear …why would he NOT defend himself if he ever felt threatened. There is but one slash….but so many very shallow cuts and all always in clusters to the chest or back…and from one hand…the left…this changed hands…..folks who do that in a fight tend to die…why would any place the knife in a weaker hand? The angles just do not back that logic up. New trial then it must be shown just how it was done …TESTS to show Her truth …judge be damned as ….he did as he pleased …time to play that game as the rat did act! Show how the fight was done in less then 62 sec.s…how a shelf can be stepped on….and lets say the judge says no…then release to the media video of these test and file charges against the judge …the time for being nice is done…s/s should have went to prison for her actions as she aided the rat each n every day. A defense team takes an oath to do their job…and not 90%…or 9 out of 10??????? !00% or QUIT find a job at Mc D’s…as being a lawyer takes effort. Why would any lawyer worry about their job if they are doing a GOOD job? I believe all are accountable in court not just the one on trial… fact the rest are far more accountable as they work for the system and the system must always do right by ALL….to do less is treason….if justice is corrupt then how can the state not be? no one owns justice…NO ONE. How very odd that certain people in Az. can shoot a man in the head as He lay on the floor begging not to be shot…and all they did was fire the POLICE OFFICER…this the man moved? well the cop can move or hide behind a wall or rush the person as his fellow cop gives backup. Did the man not get on the floor then did he not obey for the most part instructions as best as He could…but as the cop freaked out so did the man…but strange no murder charge on the cop…az. must READ their own law on MURDER! No one is above the law. This I would have run…I would have obeyed…words are very cheap when it’s Your life on the line…az.s leaders should ask women who have survived D/V….hard to ask the ones who didn’t…some tried to run…some tried to beg some tried to defend themselves but most who are not in their shoes tend not to care…till it’s their loved ones or them. No fairness no justice.

  18. I wonder at times about ..mike….is ever wanting fairness and justice an obsession…..My believe is based on evidence and logic….and it shows innocence. We all should know by now that travis was very reckless and yes violent …just by viewing certain videos. Mighty reckless as he crashes a friends ski doo….and seems to think it’s funny…did he pay for the damage? Then We know from a sister he seemed to crash a few motorcycles…but this guy just not seem to Me a BIKER, so did he pay for any damages…..then another reckless move is t-dog telling his near death story from the diner…watch it and see him get high off the telling. I have seen x druggies do the exact same as they recall their past. But the video tells part of that story as his Dr. friend in az. claims t-dog just had to call the man who tried to shoot t-dog in the head but the gun failed to fire…is that reckless or insane to call a person who just tried to end your life ? But say that guy came back to return the phone that t-dog needed ever so badly…how might that end for travis an OTHERS? Did travis want to confront this man? or did the phone have info he needed to hide from others? Peaceful folks do not stand if front of known people and unknown people and talk of murder as if it was normal…but he talked of murdering his pals…and a woman in the crowd….eddie was t-dog as t-dog was travis. This b.s. he was not violent…well taking a shit fit over a man boob joke on another speaks volumes ….seeing this man of peace had a way with threats. If he thought it was his man boobs then call Her out…I think She would know if he had man boobs…duh! So many have this need to make him into St. travis…but he was far from that….most of his sad life was rather fake….but abusers do have needs.
    Very odd how rat boy ripped into any defense expert….as he called them liars and hired guns and OBSESSED with the defendant….but imagine if the defense team had gone after the so called experts for the state….nothing found on his p/c…UNTIL an expert found it! 3 times fatal …but not so true…Phineas Gage…Ed Gavagan….and a man off the coast of S. Africa who thanks to a wet suit didn’t fall to pieces, compare His wounds to the neck wound…not even close and they had to bring this man ashore to survive. Only one side of the neck was hit….as horn did state. How odd the wound opened up under horns custody…..but it seemed to do just that. This so called expert tot doc who seems to think there is no way Jodi could ever have PTSD…from such an event…that says it all. Odd how these days PTSD is very common for far less trauma …..but then most so called experts seem to think She was never the victim of D/V. How does one ever get a fair trial with logic like that? Then rat boy rails on about how dangerous She is in closing…yet knowing full well the state had made deals with other who really did do worse…seems some need a win no matter the cost and did all to get it. It matters not how bad Her team was as the state has a duty to do right by all on trial. No matter who won or lost travis still is in the ground…but why push lies to breed hate for a win? Is righting a wrong ever wrong? The press must ask why the so called law does not go after the gangs in Az. the do any n all for $…..well them gangs have $ to buy the best lawyers..police…leaders and if they think they got used in a trial…they buy a few contracts….is it not strange how some ride the streets wearing colours….as they try to destroy society for gain. Why not go after them who work in the open….is their power so great…does not the law have measures to deal with them who murder, rape, push drugs, sell slaves. To care for another who seeks justice is not obsessive…from a young age i wondered how any society could allow for evil to run wild in prison…why bother with staff…throw em in and let em cope as best they can…seems staff makes it far worse. Our society brags it can not be bad enough in prison…they deserve it…minds like that built ovens in the past…=(

  19. No bruising screams the mob….WOW ! so many experts on bruising…would be Dr.s as jamean started out as. Well I have had a few broken bones in my day….C-1 C-2…and twice at that with no bruising hence all the X rays on the second time I broke My neck…and that’s how I found out i had broke My neck the first time. This nonsense of there has to be bruising…is that called a hornism??? mr. Dr. who never heard of OTHER major wounds were the person survived. Oh that guy…now if the shoe was on the other foot or hoof in the case of evil…say Matt had taken the stand or others just what stops rat boy for pressing charges…right or wrong…with the power of the state.These days the grand jury is owned by the state…who is the only one to speak and what is said remains a secret….imagine what lie rat boy pushed……
    Now some may claim they never wanted to put Her to death but how can that be so…it matters not how long ago az. put a woman to death….what was done then can be done now. LWOP is just another sick way of winning at all costs. A new trial helps the mob as 4 more tries at destroying an innocent…should there be another trial if the next two fail and on it goes till the system wins. LWOP is the death penalty….drawn out. When any state needs to lie and destroy an hide evidence such trials are moot…but become a lynching. How odd in that court the any who took the stand for Her and yes even her had to stand up to the rat as her team and the judge did NOTHING to bring it down….rat boy OWNED the court as he owned injustice…and proud of it to. Even it knew a fail was a done deal if all the stops were not pulled out…as he has spoken about just that. When the prosecutor thinks like that no wonder it acted as it did. Little wonder det. steve looked as he did…..but why waste his time sitting in as a minion…and was he not a witness who took the stand but allowed to remain in the court at all times…is that normal ? Imagine taking the stand and being told the rat has the power to put You in jail…or push the lies to have the mob want to kill You…..Who on Her side didn’t think will We be attacked in this court…and yes indeed attack have taken place in U.S. courts as the guards have dropped the ball and allowed it to happen. For any to try to attack a defendant in court to get away with it speaks volumes of corruption. All should be told to attack a defendant mean automatic jail…if not death. Hard dare any to think they can get revenge in any court. Imagine facing the nut jobs She had to face each day and wonder who would protect Her…and She still had to take the stand …..odd How her words always spoke truth as the rat was stopped in its quest many times. Rather surprised some on the jury did make a move on Her…..that trial was nothing but a show for certain people and a church…imagine a bishop needing a lawyer…is that better then …GOD?

  20. I must say that the need to push vile in haters is strong if not sick. How odd they post such things……yet few of Her supporters have posted anything about his looks…..his actions yes indeed…..but why a persons look…..some must claim if She was not good looking none would bother with Her …WTF once again that side has to play BOTH sides to gain a win. Some think She is very clever to have stood up to the rat and stopped his death mission…as some then claim She was not so smart…..well take a look at the states brain trust there…poor i forget…i don’t remember det.stevo. Then mr. typo and o that Phineas Gage, mr 3 Xs kill…dr. horn….Then little miss hate for hire…jaMEAN…who needed most if not all questions asked another way….little miss passed herself off as a dr. when such was not the case…look at the way she acted…who would trust let alone want such a dr. to speak for them? This so called expert was far from that…and putting a dr. before ones name does not make them honest…she is proof of that…didn’t know what she was paid???? Ya think ! Talk about a lack of respect to the court…did she get paid extra for that..I think so…why the judge never hauled her into chambers and laid the law down and told her in no uncertain terms you miss are headed fro a contempt charge…you are not hear to push hate or show disrespect …..Just how much research did jaMEAN ever do on PTSD or anything else…..from the look of her on the stand not much….May I remind ALL Dr.s that they can have a change of mind on what they believe…the history of medicine has proven that a few times…..years past in war PTSD was called being a coward….gutless…weak….NO SUCH THING as battle fatigue…to bad they didn’t listen to the guys pals. Trauma is not the same for anyone and why would it ever be…to say a person could not have trauma speaks volumes. Who has ever gotten into anothers mind…name one not even twins can do that 100%…and they are twins. But i must say that any who stand by travis are very much like him and all to willing to push hate and yes violence …is intimidation not a form of violence…like waiting outside the juryroom each day to give the look to said jury…to do what a family WANTS….justice be damned give us BLOOD! No wonder he was what he was. Did a sister not go on the web to attack a woman who spoke for the defendant. A person who for many years stood up to abusers…as She tried to help them be better people. Why attack a person who is just speaking truth as an expert on abuse. Was the attack by rat boy not enough…remember his abuse is caught on video and tape as well as texts….as it was spoken to by dan and dan’s sister. Few on this earth want any unloading their gear for any reason…was there no time to ask? travis never was abusive…..who in their right mind thinks that??? this guy destroyed his phone cause She called him…so says a friend….was that phone a loaner like the .25. Remember dave hall saying t-dog never owned a gun…..or would never own a gun…yet t-dog loved guns and shooting guns…not very safely ( see that video of t-dog shooting on the range with someone in front of the FIRING LINE). mr could care less for others that’s… t-dog.

  21. Wow some think they know all about bruising…well NOT SO! My Dr. told Me My two breaks were FATAL…the hang mans break…proving that luck can beat death. My how the ill minded back travis and do not believe Me believe what they post mighty sick fuck shit but then that was more travis then not Lets be very clear on justice ..history in america show that went injustice attacks justice then even a very small group of people can right the wrong. 1775….1861….the 60’s…only a very few changed America . Sooner or later folks just will not stand for abuse…as it happened on June 4 2008. So many in power now has this mindset they will never lose power and they would bet their life on it as …say travis. Why is it the state had this need to lie and twist any truth…take the insane logic She dyed Her hair…why dye the hair when a very cheap wig or hat does the job…OMG She has a hat on so She must be on a mission….logic….or lack of! But then She takes a photo…who takes photos these days …duh! But the rental guy expert on hair color said She was a blonde….well the state and jury must believe him….as he RENTS cars and cares what color ones hair is and what they look like…that’s his job….look to the licence he took the info from…sure looks like a sort of blonde in the photo but then it says hair color BROWN… one must ask was the DMV helping Her confuse others…the plot thickens. I would say the blonde is the hardest color to judge…but then being no expert as the rental guy who knows. Amazing memory…for hair I might say…must be what men see when the look at a woman….NOW THAT’S A HEAD OF HAIR…I’ll never forget that hair…EVER! Now seeing that rental place may rent about 50 cars a day or 50 to 100 transactions…as in out then returned…that’s a lot of hair…and just the renter not any others that may be with them…what a memory that guy has and eyes of Her hair. He would bet his life on being right as he bet Her life if he was wrong. So sure he was right yet a DMV We know was wrong…or do they not check each licence before issuing them. How can any believe a licence that is wrong but but what a man who saw Her twice says. Odd how the rat wanted all to believe She went and had Her hair dyed as She had dyed it before….but just who dyed Her hair and where…..most who dye their hair can do it on their own at a sink…..that easy to do….odd how so many do not know that…..but then they have this need to prove guilt by any means. Amazing how they state took this idea that he never fought back…he just tried to ward off the hits…explain how a person looking into a mirror can not see a person behind them…yes he was shot in his head as the bullet lodged in his face but were both eyes damaged…would he not turn around as the first hit took place at such an odd angle She was using the weak hand. Can any explain that even an expert? Nope the rat wanted all to believe the poor travis was helpless and could not stop or save himself in any way. Thus his lack of wounds on the forearms if he had ever tried to protect his body. But such is an abuser on the wrath….he was going to show Her and she was going to take the beating once more. Now when a person tells me they are going to kill me …I believe them…and a few have said just that…think they did =). So why would She doubt him…… he loved to makes threats….and when one makes threats they must own them…..and that sad day he did!

  22. I have been …TOLD…99% of America thinks She is guilty…..meaning only 1 % knows She is innocent…key words are…thinks…knows…look em up America….the only ntion that has a very long history of injustice…seems even Congress can not bring an end to lynch mobs. No wonder such trials take place…the people have this need for a good old lynching. So what they craft a case that has no logic. Ever wonder if the rat was in love with travis…birds of a feather do FUCK any n all. I see no cult on this or any site that seeks fairness in Her case but as for the hate sites…My o My talk about a cult of the great man that t-dog ….was?….odd how that just not play out with facts or logic. They should post what his worth was upon death or better yet all the money he made as a big player with ppl…yet still he had this need for $ from women…can’t say i recall him getting $ from men. Did chri$ ever loan him $ ???instead of paying him a better wage. That boy liked to have gals around…to use. Why would any be worried about Her appeals when guilt was never in doubt….and why was a states case built upon nothing but outright lies as they lost or destroyed evidence. Now any who went on HLN to make sure She was destroyed….I would ask why do that…is there no faith in a system of justice that folks must ever do that. Should mobs or cults be allowed to put others to trial outside the courts? odd how they were at pains never to say one kind or good word about Her yet a great man praised her at times…yes he at times said vile things…but abusers often play both sides of the street. Why ever worry about a fair trial that leads to justice……all must worry about injustice.

  23. Re: Unanswered Questions

    1. Agreed
    2 Jodi said her Dad kept the 9mm pistol locked up. Where is the evidence he had two others?
    3-5: Agreed.
    6. Who was Jodi’s alibi. If she was with Travis as (when) she testified, Ryan Burns could not be an alibi.
    7-9: Agreed.
    10. Maybe she didn’t want to have sex with Travis that night but acquiessed to it since he wanted to.
    11-17: Agreed.
    18: ?
    19: Agreed.
    20. Jodi said she thought some prankster kids might have turned her rear plate upside down but didn’t have time to do the front plate as she found it on the ground but this was as she was exiting Starbucks in Southern CA, not at Travis’ house.
    21: Same as above (20).
    22-23: Agreed.
    24: ? Demur.
    25: ? Demur.

  24. Hey Mike,

    How are you?
    I believe her grandfather had a 9mm and a 25 cal. weapon. The 25 cal, obviously being the one that was stolen along with other items, just happens to be the same kind of weapon that Chris Hughes gives to Travis to keep in his house for “protection” and that weapon ends up being used by Jodi to defend herself. The fact that Jodi has been unable to unlock the hard drives with her pictures from the monastery is the only reason this is still an issue
    10. Jodi actually had sex with Travis the following afternoon when they awoke from the previous nights sleep which was approx. 1-1:30 in the afternoon.
    20. If I remember correctly, Jodi actually witnessed these kids laughing and pointing at her car as they skated off. That means she likely missed the actual tampering of the plate by mere seconds.

    • Lance: I never heard it was established that Chris Hughes gave Travis the .25 pistol. Do you have a cite for that? Also, do you have a cite for the silencer?

      • I have it on reliable sources that her father (not her grandfather) kept numerous guns, including a 9mm, a gun with a silencer and several that were even unregistered. Were she actually planning a murder it would have been more logical to “stage a burglary” at her parents’ house (that is, if you can call staging a burglary in this situation at all logical). As far as Travis’s gun goes, I understand that was given to him by his father and he kept it on the closet shelf along with other memorabilia belonging to his father.

        • Justus: What are your “reliable sources”?

          I heard (from Jodi) that her father had one 9mm. I didn’t hear anything about multiple guns or any silencer. Someone said her grandfather had more guns in a gun cabinet that were not stolen in the burglary.

          • Hi Michael,

            I think the fact that Jodi was living with her grandparents may be why the contents of her parents home were not “inventoried” as far as I have heard. The irony that the handgun that is stolen from Jodi’s grandfather just happens to be the same as the gun that Travis kept in his home and Jodi used to defend herself is the only reason this was even an issue in the first place. I am sure Jodi has mused about this since 2008.

  25. I respect that the site is going this long. I respect the viewpoint of those that feel Jodi is innocent. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I respect it. And I do agree that there was a lot about the trial that was handled poorly, to say the least.

    Here’s the thing, though: none of that will change anything. The current appeal has no chance at all. Even if the appeal had some chance, it would be years and years before it made it through the full process. And that’s just to get it back to a trial. And even then the conclusion is largely foregone. All the questions being asked on this site — while interesting — wouldn’t matter. And I don’t say that to dismiss them. But you just have to ask this:

    Does the evidential value outweigh the probative value?

    You don’t need a law degree to see what the answer to that question is. And that answer means that Jodi Arias will simply never get out of prison. It won’t happen. Even if you said the answer to my question was different, you would then still have to ask:

    Does the probative value outweigh the prejudicial value?

    Anyone posting to this site who genuinely wants to suggest Arias is innocent and suggest ways how that innocence could be ascertained in a new trial or via a series of appeals absolutely has to answer those two questions.

    And why? Because those are the two questions that will be asked in order to determine if an appeal goes forward. I’m not saying that an appeal wouldn’t be heard. It obviously already has. I’m not even saying that an appeal couldn’t be approved, unlikely as that is. But for the appeal to go forward in a way that would have even the slimmest chance of impacting Jodi before she’s, say, 60 years old, those questions would have to be answered in a way that is conducive to her case.

    I’m willing to be challenged on that and, of course, time will tell. But it’s very clear that unless something new comes to light — and the antics of Nurmi and Martinez don’t even come close — those two questions will never be answered in a way that benefits Jodi. Certainly not any time before she is 60 — but likely never.

    If someone really wants to help Jodi and convince people of her innocence, start working on the answers to those specific questions, not posing “What if” questions that have no legal merit or standing; more legally, they lack any sort of operational specificity that would guide a ruling.

    One last point: there is precedent for many cases where the answers to those two questions, when framed appropriately, DID lead to appeals; DID lead to the overturning of convictions; DID lead to retrials that led to reduced sentences. Barring new evidence, those are the ONLY things that actually led to those situations.

  26. Seems to Me dave hall gave /loaned on sold the .25…why would any person say in public travis would NEVER own a gun…does that even make any sense in a state where gun law are very weak. dave went at pains to tell the world about how t-dog would /could never own a gun then bragged about t-dog love of shooting guns and if one views a certain video then they will see just how dangerous he was with a gun…the person filming is BEFORE the firing line (dave?)…but shoot he does….this guy was a risk taker with not only his but others lives. It was the 9mm with a silencer …and Her dad owned it from what I have heard. Now I see that only the trial judge has the power to weigh the probative value…now is that not convenient for a judge that seemed to aid the state any time she could or lose control of her court….and then that brings Us to prejudicial value which seems to over ride PROBATIVE value…look I am no lawyer or judge but seems they are wrong more then right….as they must seek votes to get their jobs even they on any high court…seems one brain trust now thinks there must be no impeachment for a POTUS…wow talk about not knowing the history of why the U.S. has had an Impeachment law from the get go…should not ALL lawyers not know just why there is such law…as Ben Franklin did state ….We can remove the POTUS one way or the other…that is as basic a law as there can be COMMON LAW is the basis of ALL law. A trial of injustice is not a trial but nothing but a lynching…and I must ask all American lawyers where do they stand on that???seems most embrace lynchings as HLN did show…trial for Jodi why waste the taxpayers $…lets just destroy Her as GUILT was never in DOUBT…and this from a judge who must know more then GOD! Imagine if the founders listened to the naysayers …imagine if most seeking justice in Our world did….in all forms of wrongs done by the very few in power. I must say when a person tells me I am wasting my time and or money…I must ask…why do they waste their time when they say She is guilty…no doubt about it as they KNOW….yet mr . victim has no wounds on his forearms and they state had this need to craft a case…to win at any cost as a certain LAWYER was on his road to great wealth at the expense of a survivor. Who knows what will come of this appeal until it is over …it may just be the stare of the ending of a broken system…ONE WAY OR THE OTHER! Can We all see old Ben smiling….He would be on OUR side for justice as would be most founders and John Adams for sure…remember it was He who got a fair trial for the British at Boston….as the mob screamed for His head including his brother who went on to make a beer brand…. I see this view all the time on hate sites where they try to end Our pain…I would never say they waste their time seeking justice…because if one learns what they think is justice is INJUSTICE! America has a long history of HATE…and these days the more one has power then the more one uses hate…12 NOBODIES and that is who they are as just how many even READ these days or know any HISTORY yet they are given the power to destroy another… sick when there is little accountability. Judges have the power to set Her FREE when they want…it has happened in I…. believe Boston Louis Woodward…and please do not quote wiki…it seems to have missed the mark as per norm. My how the mob went wild as a judge over turned a juries verdict as He knew He had to…….see at times there is justice… We seek justice for Her…men who act out beating others and brag about murdering people and makes threats on women they date may come to a sad end…such was dear travis. Does any believe there was NO FIGHT…that he just stood/ layed there a allowed such wounds to happen and for a very odd reason wanted to look into a mirror . In America judges do have the power to MAKE law…and over ride law. No law is set in stone or if it was then America may have been called Canada South and most would speak much better English…NOT ME…as I just say it as I see it. Imagine a mindset after Dec. 7 1941…no point is going on lets just give up and make peace…lots of Americans wanted that…to save their own from war…..but doing something to right a wrong is never wrong….never has been nor will be. As for My grammar and spelling…=(

  27. Martinez could never have convicted her of premeditation based strictly on her *provable* behaviors leading up to her arrival at his house. She did nothing out of the ordinary for someone taking a road trip. But once he got the jury (and the pitchfork-wielding mobs) to believe she had stolen a gun (without an ounce of proof) then he was able to convince them of all sorts of dark and nefarious motives behind everyday behaviors. Remove the gun theft and what’s left? One might say she showed “consciousness of guilt” afterwards. But, hey, she knew she was guilty of killing him; this is not a whodunit so consciousness of guilt proves nothing except she felt guilty about killing someone. Wouldn’t you? (If not, there is something wrong with you, not Jodi.) Consciousness of guilt in this situation proves nothing of premeditation. And let’s not forget the following from Jodi’s appeal: “When an interviewer asked [Martinez] about his harsh style of questioning Arias, Martinez stated it was part of his strategy to cut off the witness, to interrupt her flow, and to raise his voice at her. He went on to admit that without these tactics, there was ‘a strong possibility that [Arias] would have been acquitted outright.’” Even Martinez knew he had to cheat to convict her. And if none of that is favorable to her appeal, God help us all!

    • Good points all.

      There is more than ample material in the appeal brief just on publicity, intimidation of defense, and prosecutorial misconduct for any court to overturn the conviction if it wants to. Jodi will keep appealing right up through the court hierarchy until this occurs.

      After that, it’s anyone’s guess. If Maricopa County has any sense, it will accept a plea bargain. I believe that county taxpayers are rather upset about the millions it spent on the two original trials.

  28. Jodi’s appeal, in the section on the media circus, makes several references to the case of Sheppard vs Maxwell. For those who may not remember, that was a very famous case in 1955 where Dr. Sam Sheppard was convicted of murdering his wife, primarily by the media. In 1966 the Supreme Court overturned the conviction (Sheppard vs Maxwell) based on the belief that the media had influenced the outcome. The Sheppard jurors were not sequestered, just like Jodi’s, and that played into the Supreme Court’s decision. And one would have to indeed set aside all common sense and critical thinking to believe that Jodi’s jurors were all living on a different planet and were therefore immune.

    P.S. Sheppard was found “not guilty” in his second trial.

  29. I must agree that there is no proof
    of premeditation…

    But what we “DO” have is hundreds of documents of Juan Martinez’s misconduct…

    I mean talk about
    manipulating woman & jurors to
    gain information of sitting
    jurors …it is so unacceptable & for that in itself Jodi will go free…

    We also have the reinstated appeal
    that JA new attorneys filed
    with hundreds of documents which consist of JM misconduct
    throughout the trial & then some…

    So with all that said the prison doors will open up wide & a red carpet will be rolled out for Jodi to walk out on…..

    And so now the tables will turn
    and all the people cheering outside the courthouse will be the ones that WITNESSED an overwhelming abundance of MISCONDUCT from
    the PROSECUTOR himself….

  30. Hi Vikki,

    You make a lot of good points. I will agree that there are many parts of this case that work against Jodi. I had mentioned that the central argument of this case is trying to show Travis’ penchant for anger and his outbursts that only seemed to come out when him and Jodi were alone. I have heard that there may have been some abuse with Deanna Tate early on but she is a loyal friend of his and would likely never divulge that. I have stated that Jodi’s excursion with her sister to the monastery is absolute proof that she was not involved in the burglary of her own home and even the fact that the Yreka police never considered her a suspect which apparently, still wasn’t enough for the prosecution.
    I will disagree with you that there is not enough to get Jodi a new trial. Martinez’s antics and behavior during the trial would have likely got him in very serious trouble in many other states, including mine. The fact that her attorneys had to prioritize their complaints to keep the brief within legal filing limits should tell you something.
    Martinez’s own statements that Justus cited about why he did this are very incriminating.
    Lastly, I think we need to separate the two descriptions: innocent and not guilty. Jodi’s bad judgment and her two years of lying to protect reputations looks bad on ANY level. None of us here have ever tried to gloss that over. However, it still does not change what really occurred in that bathroom which is what we need to focus on from here on out.

  31. Well all I have to say is that Jodi’s appellant lawyers seem to think they have grounds for appeal and it concerns me greatly to to see Vikki’s post state with such perfect knowledge that Jodi will never get out of prison. Please do tell how you can state that with such certainty. So disappointing to see that posted on this site. Where there is breath there is hope. Where there is hope there are great possibilities. On the one hand you give examples of how you think things could work in her favor, on the other hand you indicate there is no hope, she will never get out of prison. Mixed messages and why?

  32. There is always hope and in this case there is beyond a reasonable doubt that she will be released from prison after being railroaded by the Alexander Family and Bill Montgomery. Self defense is not a crime and a few of us have the ability to stand for what is right. The system has it’s flaws but thankfully some of us are beyond reproach and are not afraid of creepy families or over indulgent District Attorneys. Bill has tried this before and unfortunately it took 20 years to right a wrong with Debra. Justice will prevail and the Supreme Court who has already heard my plea will have this case overturned due to incompetent rulings by the over burdened incompetent lower Court. It will be fixed, she will walk free, and the idiots will be exposed for the frauds they truly are.

    • Thank you Michael for writing words of wisdom and confidence!!! Praying for the day Jodi Arias walks FREE from the injustices that she has been plagued with.
      Self Defense is NOT A CRIME ARIZONA!!!!


    I cannot thank you enough for sharing & standing up for justice..

    I am just a simple woman observing this case on you tube from the beginning up to the end…

    I dont know the Arias family & I dont know the Alexander family…

    What I keep seeing is “OUTRAGEOUS” misconduct from the time this case was treated as premeditation without any documented evidence…

    Just like Juan would say we dont have evidence like a “blood test” or like a “cancer test” these where some of JM favorite phrases… oh what an idiot he is!!!

    Thanks again Michael for your great work…GOD BLESS PEOPLE

  34. Even the rat owned up to the not so sure she will be found guilty….so out came all the corruption that it is infamous for …and thanks to a few nobodies it won in a way….but was this so called case ever about justice or shutting down a person who knew the real t-dog far more then any.
    Not saying others in his crew knew nothing of his ways….but She saw his evil more then most….and like it or not She tried to help him. Her faith left Her with no other choice seeing She was in love with him once….and if love is real then We tend to defend even our abusers…as they who deal with such issues know full well.
    So when did lawyers or even judges get to own the law???? Any judge can throw out a verdict…..jury be damned. On Her appeal the court may give her time served to end this injustice……and to think all She can hope for is another trial….where the state killing machine can get four more tries at destroying Her speaks of madness. Imagine 8 tries on ones life…which may be as much as she faced from dear travis that sad day. I would say it may have been more then 8 attacks by this man of God. This was a person who embraced violence and was not shy at showing it.
    It never hurts to see others views as it shows how they think…..and when others say they are experts then they really must view the states so called experts in that show trial…not good ! be it judge, prosecutor, police, or Dr.s. talk about paid to aid the state no matter the facts or logic.
    The haters are weaker then one thinks…they only like to play with other haters…must be a mob/cult thing.
    She survived that day for good reason as he did not for another good reason. abusers sooner or later are stopped……
    We may be few but We believe in justice as We do Her…..just what does the other side believe??????

  35. Very well said Michael!

    The system does indeed have it’s flaws because it is interpreted by people who are flawed. Emotions get in the way of objectivity especially when there is a loss of life. All of us seem to be heartened by the fact that Jodi’s attorneys had so much information that they had to prioritize it and likely leave some out. That sounds unprecedented to me although I am likely wrong.

  36. A system that is not accountable is doomed…..they who say …I was just following my orders or the rules should learn history. When corruption is what’s needed for a win just what value is that so called win? Her jury ..them that spoke said it all on ABC…how did You know she was guilty?…as soon as She opened Her mouth…Wow such a brain trust them juries are????? When asked a question that is easy to answer they FAILED…..seems they didn’t know one reason She was this so called guilty…as they never spoke of it…but boy were they having fun dissing Her….how’s that for sick minds. The question of mental illness is often brought up by the one side that is very ill..beyond help in this bears opinion….but then I worked with such folks and it’s not easy helping such who seem to own hate and evil. How is it when asked just simple questions any on the side of the state goes off the rails. Seems rail roading folks is not to easy because lies and corruption must be used. Imagine a person in the witness box who has to put up with threats of violence from the states rat….it’s style????? was that not a TRIAL??? MOST courts would have had it for contempt…and off to jail for it to ponder its next OUTBURST! Seems in America one is not safe even in court…how odd…..maybe the military should show the system how a trial works….but then the rat may face LWOP…or DEATH as the military does not suffer fools. To think some say the trial was fair begs the question …what trial were they watching? To think an appeals judge did say …guilt was NEVER in doubt…well so much for not knowing THE LAW…are not all INNOCENT…until the verdict? Seems like t-dog who told Her how She sounded like a child……both show the truth in such men…evil! I know what I read as I know what I heard…no one can tell me they meant different in their words…one is a judge writing for other judges as one just had to repeat it 3 times. One day soon She shall be free …JUSTICE demands such. All have a duty to do right do anything other shows evil and a mob mindset. No one in fear of their life would take time to look into a mirror…no one trained to fight would not use its forearms to ward off hits…but this boy did….seems to Me we know who was attacking who and why…? well listen to his own big bragging yap….feel my wrath…You have not seen my worst…MEANING She had seen some of his worst and suffered from it….this is the man they defend?….WHY is that?

  37. This the public has the right to a public trial…well just read the 6th amendment…where does it say the public has such a right…it is the accused that has this right….thanks to judges trials are NOW entertainment for the mobs. In days of old trials could be held in secret and the Founders knew full well they may get such if They lost the battle. Now any who saw that show trial knew full well the rat boy was playing to the mob as the judge did all to help it do so. try as it did to win the death race it failed 4 times. Yes the U.S. Constitution is very old…but crafted by fair minded men who were guide by doing right to others..even their enemies…as very few who lost were put to the sword as is common in such war (revolt). America is know for that as was again proven after 1864…FORGIVENESS was the rule or there would be no tiki march as they would never be born…DUH! Yes that Phineas Gage was shot so many years ago but proves that horn was paid to lie on the stand…how can any Dr. not know of such a wound that was far from fatal…are the universities that poor in America? on the history of head wounds or did his p/c have a typo… results. If one takes the stand as an expert how can they say such lies…remember when asked about P.G…..????who???…OH! THAT P.G……seems many of the mob missed that LIE! Amazing how the appeals will stand or fall on a very old document written many years ago that has always been under CONTINUAL ATTACK as the mob wants its way. So nice to see how it was crafted so any could read its truth…and not the lawyer lingo that is used these days…..The Founders wrote it for ALL not just the very few. Judges think they own the law and that is easy to see as they fail to do their job in court. The accused has the right to a fair trial above all others in any court…it is their freedom /life on the line. How dare any judge to not do right by the accused…their only job in fact is to see that the trial is above board…and not crafted in chambers with any family pulling the strings to gain a kill! All 3 who spoke to the jury knew full well under the rules they were not to call out for her death…and did just that again and again…in fact one told the world of a plot to murder the accused BEFORE trial. How did ALL they judges and lawyers miss that??? Courts have rules for good reason……and must be in forced or else it is just a LYNCHING……to entertain the masses. Is that what the Founders ever wanted or hoped for. Her trial or show trial showed just how broken the system is. Time to fix the wrong and make it right…..and get justice for all not just the few.

  38. Hey All,

    I just happened to catch a glance at Jodi’s Twitter feed and apparently, there are some changes going on at Perryville in which they are moving inmates around. Jodi was not one of the inmates moved and she says that she was able to keep her library job. Good for her!!!!

  39. I must say words can be twisted…..why were not more guns not stolen or other things in the break in at her G parents home….well try saying that against all break ins and see how that looks…what do you mean they left some guns at the gun store as they also left some $ at the bank they robbed……now imagine a person trying to take a long gun or many guns as they left…not easy to HIDE or even carry ( I used to carry a LOT of guns at work). Most who see a .25 would know how easy it is to hide in the pocket of say pants…I have done this as I asked …SEE THE GUN?…..a small box can hide such a gun. This the good stuff was left…..well how would they know where the good stuff was????? Time is short in any crime as one never knows what will happen next.
    The appeals court really has but one job to do…..ensure fairness in the court….what the mob thinks does not matter…the family has no right to guide the court to destroy Her or any other. Justice does not work that way.This the law allows….most laws these days are born of corrupt things seeking VOTED! How dare any give the family a path to payback right or wrong…in that court one police officer did state she planned to MURDER the person on trial when they were not even CHARGED….now if sam had done that would she now be on death row?????or let off by a jury that is BLUE to the max as more then a few juries have given a pass to police murder…I feared for my life thing…which by the way was discounted by many when it came to Her. There is ample proof the travis abused her and really hated her as he was very keen to use Her as all the while he turned his pals against Her. My how he played both sides so well. But is that not an abuser.
    That trial was nothing but entertainment for the mob… well as a money maker for some of the press. Yes She did lie…for a very evil so called man…..I can well imagine as time goes by She will see just how nothing he ever did was what She thought good….as when he gave a meal to a homeless man….did he even ask what the man wanted or just take it upon himself to buy any meal…take it or stave thing? When I was a child and was working with My Dad as We left work some hippies approached Us ( that long ago…LOL) and a young lady asked for $…well I had a quarter and dug deep and gave it to Her…well My Dad asked why I did that….because She needed it more then Me was My answer….one who gives need not put conditions on the gift….as that’s a way of controlling others…to My mind t-dog wanted Jodi to see just how good he was to others….sorta a play on his faith thing…but soon She would learn that for the most part LDS types only help their own or seek to have power over others….which shows more evil then good….that show of kindness was just a show…did t-dog even ask the man if he needed a job or just $ ….all one has to do is look at the friends of him to see how smug they are……gang…mob…cult comes to mind as one hears them speak almost like from a play book they have been given. Hard to hear one good thing about a woman he LOVED…well how does that show him to be good as he spent many an hour with Her behind closed doors…..odd how he played his dear friends…..yet even now they defend him . Well for the most part many may have gained …such is the power of greed.
    When the worm said in court …9 out of 10……I thought was he trying to do a miss trial…but the judge would have nothing of it even though she could have JAILED him on the spot. No it seems clear now that worm could not hide his hate and vile foe Her as he was writing his book of the same…..where he for some reason claims he saved HER……America must ask why are these state paid FUCKS allowed to make $ off of cases……they are not the press nor the public as they are employees who have knowledge others can not ever obtain ….seems they work the case to make gain at the expense of justice. The laws that stop the convicted from gaining forget one thing…NOT ALL ARE GUILTY…but they didn’t use state funds to make gains did they? Remember under the rules of court She has the right to counsel and that is not or can be abuse of any tax dollars. The defendant can not control any court….if so many would just walk out to freedom.

  40. odd how on any hate sites that do all to push injustice they lack facts and reason but have no shortage of vile….for a very strange reason they keep bring up this mental illness thing…well lets bring it up…in horn…a so called dr. who puts to the court typos and then bold faced lies…now what Dr. in their right mind would do such and risk their career ???…then the det… it sat next to it’s master what sickness was in its mind…such an odd look for a Det….or did it know just how weak this case was that now it had to LIE!….on the stand it looked as if it was headed for a breakdown…i forgot …i do not remember…..what kind of det. is that…did it not take notes ??? did az. run out of notepads and pencils? Was he under a sentence of death as She if he failed to win for master??? Then jamean dr. from an early age…such a demeanor as she needed a rephrase on each question…as if ENGLISH was a new thing for her…..they who could not see the hate in her need help…she made no effort to hide it and why would that be …PAID???? to do all to win. it took an oath before trial that was DO NO HARM and did all to do harm…now why would any Dr. do such??? that woman reminded me of deanna and how each did all for the win…does jamean have a cult thing for t-dog…and like deanna was on a mission to make a win at any cost. That so called dr. had a very hard time stating how much she was PAID….is the mind that weak in her….others had no problem stating what they were paid did they? Imagine having to speak to that under any circumstances …..but wait this thing can put on a smile…I’ve seen such…so that begs the question was the court look fake or the outside look fake or is she just fake???? Talking to her would make one wonder how she became a dr…..some of the most evil folks in world history have been Dr.s. dr. death suits her very well. As for metal illness look at travis and ask….what sickness controlled him for most of his life…..the older he got the worst he became….just listen to his own words and view his own actions. The sickness was deep and thus his cult is great….a faith that would back him is false…..yet one does. Why would the haters ever have a need to shut any sites down??? is the truth ever bad? they push terrorism on any who back her and justice…yes terrorism…has even one stated that outing 17 was wrong?…..begging the question of their mental states.

    • Absolutely. I am sure Jodi has forgotten all of the times that TA had verbally threatened her. Once again, he was wary enough of doing this in front of any witnesses so as not to be outed as an abuser. I am positive that Deanna could tell a story or two herself!!

  41. This overkill bull shit…REALLY!!!!!.Well America then put that test to EVER police shooting….and see many police on DEATH ROW. t-dog was violent in words and actions…jamean must have ears full of shit…but then this so called dr. didn’t even know what her pay was….! this so called man of faith was TRAINED to fight…was a runner and loved to build up his strength…bragging about how big his arms were…and boy did that boy love to make threats….You have not SEEN my worst…meaning she has SEEN some of it! Once again via its own big mouth he outs himself. How did that dr. death miss that…was she paid to miss…did the det. miss that threat as t-dog made many to all if they didn’t play his game? mr . control freak…but then that is an abusers way. lets use some logic …after dropping his pride n joy…a camera…LOL…he freaks out…common for a man who freaks out over a man boob joke…..then attacks Her by throwing Her to the floor and even a drop of 1 ft. can stun anyone….think of it this way slam a person of 100 lbs at a rate of 10 mph =1000 lbs force. Now for the haters that may not understand force imagine a person standing next to a wall but are one inch from the wall and another persons pushes their head into said wall at a rate of say 10 mph and the head is 10 lbs. then We get 100 lbs force from only 1 inch….so much for the would not stun any…go ahead haters TEST it out! Now seeing a man who loves guns and to shoot them lives in a very easy state on control of guns…I believe in az. one can hunt with a full auto that is silenced…..that dear travis owned a gun or a few guns…see dave hall and his …t could never own a gun…gee dave folks in PRISON have managed to obtain guns. Well She knew he owned a gun and tried to use it to stop his attack by pointing it at him…but on he came to crash into Her…and thus the really strange angle that he was wounded by. Side of head and pointed towards Her not away and pointed down ward…no way it was a front on shot…the angles just do not show such. No tattooing from the powder…well as any shooter knows at point blank range the blast CLEANS the wound . Besides there is very little powder in a .25 it being a small round. That shot was not fatal ….as history shows. But it would enrage him further as if this abuser needed a reason. So now he is at the mirror meaning he never feared for his life to that point…one quick turn around and mr. WRESTLER has Her in a common move a bear hug….but if the knife was close then getting a hand free to grab it is possible as She begins poking his back at very odd angles. All to the side and to the right of the back. Imagine if she had just slashed him from shoulder to ass in one cut…then he would have let go and fast. Pokink the back seems to have made him for awhile hold on tighter. But he at some point let go only to bring on another attack as he faced her and thus showing it by all the poke to his chest…keeping him away. As long as he attacked her She had no reason not to keep him at a distance. As for him on the floor …well he either fll of was pushed away thus ending the fight for awhile but that by no means the threat was ended….even if She tried to exit the room he had the power to grab Her as up to now he had no fatal wounds ….now after all that imagine this person trying to get up off the floor to attck once more as they grab You???who would not strike out with a object they had in their hand…like the knife….the cut was made from the front in a bottom to top angle but only to one side or so says horn…thus no for sure fatal wounds…this calling for help….well imagine the stress of that fight to the finish? Would any do such to help their attacker?

  42. I don’t know if anyone saw this yet but Michael Keifer reported yesterday that the state bar urges disciplinary action against Juan Martinez over allegations that he manipulated women to obtain information during Jodi’s trial!!!!!

  43. OH YES YES YES!!!!




  44. I would love to know if JM has the most complaints against him for a district attorney WHO IS STILL EMPLOYED!
    Does anybody have a sense of how the DA’s office will look when JM is bounced?
    Who is considered the most fair and balanced in that office?

  45. Ok, so if he (Juan Martinez) gets disbarred for his behavior and corruption, what does that do for Miss Jodi? Would it be another miss trial after conviction?? We all know that, The State of Arizona is a CORRUPT and CROOKED STATE, when it comes to the broken legal system, but what can be done? Self Defense from a 200 pound rapist and monster is NOT a Crime. Oh and what about that ignorant judge Sherry Stephens? Can she be held accountable for her failures?
    There has to be a connection to Miss Jodi’s trial and disciplinary action against Juan Martinez over allegations that he manipulated women to obtain information during Jodi’s trial.
    Would Miss Jodi have to get re-tried all over again? She did not receive a fair trial even admitting to defending herself. If it was judicial corruption, something has to be done. Any Lawyers out there, maybe can explain what this will do for Miss Jodi?

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