The (Still) Unanswered Questions: Part 3 of 5

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Following on from our previous posts, here’s Part 3 of our 5-part series featuring 25 of the top unanswered questions relating to Jodi’s trial.

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“The (Still) Unanswered Questions: Part 3 of 5” – by Justus
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If I had been Jodi’s defense attorney, what follows are the next five (of 25) questions I would have put before the jury during closing arguments to counter the State’s bizarre theories. (Or if I had been on the jury, I would have presented these to my fellow jurors.)

Question #11: Why have him take time-stamped photos of her and then not think to take the camera with her? While he was taking those photos, was she really supposedly thinking “I’d better throw that camera in the washing machine before I leave”?

Question #12: Why would she first attack a man who has 16-1/2 inch biceps, at least 70 pounds on her and a punching bag in his house, using a knife if she supposedly came with a gun?

Question #13: Why, if she planned to stab him in the shower, does she not do it during the 40+ seconds he is standing with his back to her?

Question #14: Why after supposedly stabbing him in the shower does she let him go stand at the sink?

Question #15: If Travis had enough in him to go from the shower to the sink, stand there turning the faucet on and off while Jodi is supposedly stabbing him in the back, why didn’t he just turn around and smash her a good one?

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Leave your answers to today’s questions below.

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  1. Please donate to Jodi’s Appeal Fund today! She needs everyone to HELP with the fight for her FREEDOM!!!! Hopefully soon the world will see the injustices that Jodi Arias faced in this tragedy. Self defense is NOT A CRIME! (((((JODI & TEAM JODI)))))

  2. From public records ( here’s what we know about the outstanding character of Ms Tracy Brown:

    2004: Theft
    2005: Drug paraphernalia violation, identity theft
    2008: Kidnapping

    2006: Sentenced to 30 months, served 22 months
    2009: Sentenced to 10 years, served 8 years
    Currently on probation until 8/23/18

    Between 2006 and 2014 she was brought up on 20 disciplinary infractions of which she was found guilty on 18. These included disobeying orders, disorderly conduct, tattooing, fraud, unauthorized contact, theft/possession of stolen property, possession of contraband

    So yeah. Let’s take her word for everything. SMH

  3. Hey Justus/Alan,

    I knew she had to have a serious rap sheet!!! I think we all know that she got paid to do this just as Donovan likely did. She’s a convicted felon and very likely can’t find a job because of her significant prison time. The kidnapping one makes me curious???
    As you might guess, the National Enquirer and Radar Online are hyping the 10 year anniversary of Jodi’s survival as shown on Jodi’s Google page.

  4. OK. Here’s someone who thinks they have the answers to my questions, another blatant example of how to start with an assumption of guilt (as opposed to the way our justice system is supposed to work) and then dream up all sorts of scenarios to validate that belief. It’s nauseating. /justus-questions/

    Where’s the proof of any of this bullshit except in the mind of the respondent? I also came up with reasonable scenarios that answer the same questions and point to innocence (and that is the way it’s supposed to work) but once these hateful, shallow-minded, pitchfork-wielding people make up their minds about something, any innocent explanation is carelessly tossed to the wind. They don’t want to hear or think about any of that because that doesn’t feed their neurotic need to feel superior to others.

    • And we have here yet another respondent who believes the gunshot was first (quite contrary to what the State used to “prove” how evil she is), that Jodi then left to supposedly get a weapon (even though she supposedly already had one in her hand), at which time he supposedly thought she had left so he went to check things out at the sink (and apparently didn’t react when he supposedly saw his supposed attacker returning). So we seem to agree that the gunshot was first and that he then went to the sink. So far so good. So why can’t the explanation possibly be that while he was at the sink, checking out the damage from the gunshot, she thought the violence was over? And then, even more enraged, he attacked her again but this time she managed to get hold of a weapon to defend herself. According to these folks, this scenario isn’t possible while claiming some weird Grade-B movie scenes are more feasible. (One respondent even explained the back wounds by having Travis crawling down the hallway on all fours in an attempt to escape Jodi all while she was riding on his back stabbing him. GMAFB!)

  5. Well…well…well….mike the bullshit artist…old Griz and mikeeee have had a LOT of chats…and seems he really has a problem with FACTS…LOGIC…and REASON…not to mention TRUTH! Mighty few men on the hate sites but boy do they hate women…I have outed mike on this as it’s very easy to see. brad and mike got many facts from me and just gave up…seems they really do not like truth….to them one MUST call 911 or they are GUILTY. How odd the person they call liar was not found to have said one lie on the stand in all them many days or was the rat not doing it’s job…..was She ever caught ..ONCE…LYING ??? Well all know that answer…NOPE! The state failed to show guilt but thanks to a jury who betrayed their oaths got a win…why is it NO juror can explain how they knew She was guilty…Not a one has done that or will do that…..or are they shopping a book deal too? As for experts …just what is an expert on killing or say murder????would it be one who was killed or murdered…can any name even one man an expert on CHILD BIRTH? See my point made!!! How can one ever be an expert when they have not been in a fight that was to the finish…very few special forces have such hand to hand combats as She n the dog did that day…and yes haters i know she had a weapon …BEFORE he did. Even the rat said it was t-dogs gun Felony theft charge ( could not have been the knife as all home are rather full of them) One must really learn more about the so called expert…as it very east to prove or disprove their words. Was the heart EVER hit on that dog of a man…was it not the vena cava….unlike Ed Gavagan who took a hit to the heart and then ran down the sidewalk…..after flooring the attacker! Then dear old Phineas …the one horn forgot about until …he was caught in a bold faced LIE! Oh …THAT Phineas……….the 3 times killed is rather moot as all the wounds were not fatal…..not even the neck wound….only one side was cut allowing a blood flow to the brain…small as it was. Yes he would have to have medical aid to live but this it was her duty to render that is rather two faced…The truth is she was attacked at least 4 times….slam to floor…lunged…bear hug….and at least one other attemp to destroy Her as a last ditch effort to win. What kind of so called law allows an attacker to win over n over till they kill a defender??? There are no defensive wounds on his body at all..remember he was trained to fight and kept TRAINING as well as BRAGGED about just how good he was at fighting…( was he good at anything?) Sorry for going on about mike and his bullshit ways but this is the type of person that destroys justice for all. Things as him need to be outed. mike loves the spotlight…..don’t thank me mike i would do this to any they believes all are guilty…mike has asked so many times why We can not PROVE…INNOCENCE!!!!! What America or western nation is that the rule of law???? Please go on mike as he is rather weak minded…and not keen on FACTS! Me thinks he wants to make $ on of this tragedy. What kind of person does that who is not a lawyer….or shit? Odd how Our side gives $ to bring justice to a SURVIVOR and defend the rule of law as well as justice for all and the other side has this need of greed as their t-dog did…as it’s family….friends….state funded lawyers….such out n out GREED! Sorry about any spellling or lack of FUCKING PARAGRAPHS …hard to believe America has so many BRILLIANT word smiths who worry more about the way folks write but could care less about what is written….more so when it stops their truth cold. An Abuser attacked a woman and paid a price…..take a close look haters and see that truth. From what i have learned about travis his time was short…no matter! The more one knows of him the more one sees his evil live…did he not use all he ever knew???? Go easy on poor mike as he is fragile….I..TAL..IN…for GRAND PRIZE…or so I have heard…=)

  6. Hey Justus,

    Sometimes you just can’t argue with idiots!!! People are arguing your questions by trashing what has already been stipulated at trial. You can’t argue with them!
    Many of the stalking accusations seem to still exist for reasons that I don’t know. How many of these incidents even occurred? The fact that Travis never hit or yelled at a Mormon female in this clique of people tells me that Travis was smart enough or fearful enough to know that his fake façade and standing in the community would be blown out of the water if that happened. I have argued for months that the hard drive pictures would PROVE that Jodi did not bring a weapon since she did not rob the home. To me, the best question in that list will continue to be.. why would a female as slight as her(with her alleged murderous intent) wait for her potential victim to be awake, alert, lucid and angry???? I haven’t heard one plausible response to that one yet and probably won’t.. why?… because there isn’t one!

    Hey Griz,

    Couldn’t agree with you more!!!

    • Thanks, Lance. Actually I’m not arguing with them as I know that’s pointless. They actually believe that the jury should not be allowed to contemplate any possible innocent explanations but should base their entire verdict only on what the prosecution tells them to think. Get this brilliant statement: “You think jurors are supposed to speculate and come up with ‘innocence explanations’ beyond what is is presented at trial?” As they say, “you can’t fix stupid”. Or ignorance.) No, I’m not arguing with them, just trying to talk to any sane and intelligent person who might pass through this site. This, of course, automatically eliminates that crowd.

      • Let me be perfectly clear for those who may be a bit slow on the uptake. If I’m on a jury and the State presents to me a theory, without proof no less, that someone stole a gun, and I choose to believe that which points to innocence, namely that the defendant did not steal the gun, then that is not only my right but my duty. If the State presents me with a theory that the reason someone preferred a white car over a red car was because they were planning a murder and I choose to believe a very reasonable and innocent explanation (such as lots of people do that every day), then that is not only my right but my duty. If the State presents to me a theory that a gunshot came last and I choose to believe the opposite because it makes more sense to me, that is not only my right but my duty. If the State presents to me the theory that someone who was 200 pounds and had 16-1/2 inch biceps was incapable of warding off an attack by a woman two-thirds his size and weight during a sustained attack over one minute or more, receiving just five minor defensive wounds on his hands and none on his lower arms, and to that theory I choose to say hogwash, that is not only my right but my Constitutional duty. This is not guesswork; it’s based on using one’s common sense which is also one of the standard instructions given to jurors.

  7. Well We do know from from dan the freeman that t-dog went wild on Jodi twice before the trip……FROM dan…then as they were on the trip t-dog had to show the woman just who was the boss as he drove off at least once….tells us what this man of faith REALLY was….say ABUSER…NOW! This on his back as he crawls down the hallway on all fours…Really???? well the wounds are on an odd angle for that as she used her RIGHT hand…all should imagine doing that to see just how easy it would be to wound ones self. YES I know She can use both hands for some things but do any think this ambidextrous thing is 100%! Now imagine a person trained in WRESTLING and still training to fight uses a bear hug to contain Her as he gains control to destroy Her …why would She not use a knife on him to break the hold???? As She poked him and that is what it shows She used minimal force ( I would had just rode his side with the knife in one 3 foot rip if I was his prey . ) See how She just tried to get an abuser to RELEASE its hold! mike as well as others think said case is SIMPLE…SLAM DUNK….GUILT WAS NEVER IN DOUBT….How i pity the weak minded! Seems many on super duper must have written for that T.V. show….LOST! Many of the simple folks do think as t-dog thought…WORST THEN hitler!!!!! Please learn history ……t-dog had a long history of abusing women…it’s in VIDEOS…deanna outed him as he outed …HIM(eddie snell video/atlanta video) dan n sis SAW his abuse… some simple mined chose to be deaf dumb an blind. Make for a SIMPLE life …..P.S. mikeeeee boy KNOWS more about the case then ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!! How many times did I see that broken record play as We chatted……shame on you mike…SHAME! Is it not so very odd that haters think this case is one big …JOKE? Just look at all their posts to see such sick jokes…as well as outright vile…..then off to church for a cleansing …..that’s a lot of BLEACH!

  8. Justus,

    I do have a question regarding the gun theft that I never heard. Did Jodi’s grandparents state that they did not believe that Jodi robbed the home as they also knew that she and her sister were up near Oregon taking pictures and just happened to get back home during the investigation? This seems so silly now because the Yreka police NEVER CONSIDERED HER A SUSPECT ANYWAY!!! Your cited statement about juror’s expectations is very telling. Jurors are instructed by the court to analyze the evidence presented and then make their decisions based on logical and SENSIBLE conclusions. This is where Kirk Nurmi absolutely and truly failed her. He went straight to “she’s guilty as hell and I am only focused on saving her life.” He even admits to that fact in the rehash show.
    The biggest problem, in my opinion, facing our side, is the public’s view of Jodi’s quirks and mistakes in judgment. Obviously, Jodi’s lack of memory doesn’t help either. We can argue here forever on which one may have caused her the most problems but the fact that Travis’s reputation as a nice sweet loving man is still the enduring theme in this may be the most concerning. In my opinion, Jodi’s reluctance to blow that lid off after two rapes and AT LEAST two violent physical assaults which may or may not have caused physical bruising to Jodi’s body (evidence photos, police reports etc) seems to be the most difficult at this point. Because if this is able to be shown, here is the resulting jump and a link of prior behavior………………
    “Travis… hey can I borrow some $.. really need it
    “Jodi… sorry I don’t have that..
    Travis.. Fuck you.. don’t act like that hurts bitch!!!!!
    Jodi… “OOPS dropped the camera sorry”
    Travis.. I will fucking kill you bitch!!!!…. also after he has raped her in the den!!!!

    • Here’s what I understand about that whole stolen gun fiasco. Jodi was questioned about the theft during an early police interrogation in Yreka and simply because she answered the question (that is, she spoke of it) it was allowed to come into the trial. I’m sure her grandfather never believed she stole the gun but I don’t know if he ever articulated that. Regarding the photos taken on that afternoon trip, they somehow mysteriously disappeared after the prosecution took possession of her camera.

      • Why has Martinez been allowed to continue to practice law when he is apparently one of the worst manipulating scum bag lawyers in the state of AZ? Talk about corruption. Disgusting. I truly believe the man should be in jail. GRRRRRRR

      • Justus,

        Please tell me you are kidding about the pictures!! Jodi stated in her post conviction interview that her defense didn’t pursue them for reasons she doesn’t elaborate on. She did not state that they were gone although that could have been the case and she didn’t articulate that to Hayden. If that is indeed the case, her sister Angela absolutely must testify to her whereabouts as well as either grandparent who is still living regarding their belief that it was not her either. These statements will not be as good as pictures but they will help nonetheless because these three people are considered law-abiding. In addition, they must force Yreka police to state on the record that they never considered her a suspect in this robbery.

  9. The wounds on his hands show an ATTACKER doing all to get the knife… well as a FIST and not a hand trying to ward off a knife. The TOTAL lack of wounds to his FOREARMS show an ATTACK…see boxing/mma and how forearms save one from a beating ( cover up mode). Once any take an oath they must put aside any and all hate and just look to the facts and logic…as the use reason. In any interview from the first jury can any say they ever saw that!!! This She did all this or that BEFORE that day proves NOTHING!!!! As We sat in a walmart lot We saw a man load 2 gas can(red) and I looked at my pal and said …IS HE ON A MISSION…or does he just need em for GAS! Please remember how dave went on hln and CLAIMED that a man who loved firearms and shooting them …WOULD NEVER OWN A GUN….talk about BULLSHIT or a cover your ass statement…Very few rules in az. on OWNING guns. As even the rat said in closing..She stole t-dogs GUN! Odd how first it never owed any gun ..then it did…..ODD! But in a world where first is now last as going on a trip must be a plot then one can understand just how any jury bent on putting someone to death can buy that logic..and mighty FLAWED!Very hard to hide a white car…take any parking lot and try to hide one among any amount of other cars. White will always stand out…..BECAUSE it of all colors reflects light the very best…as an artist she would know that….but that the color She insisted on…to hide it???? And please do not go there haters and tell any how dumb She was…seems a trained lawyer failed to win in its quest to destroy Her…4 times! How many times did She stop the rats CONTINUAL ATTACK on Her in court? So much for the expert in the law. hater do love to scream how t-dog never did this or that……but it is on TAPE or VIDEO of his abuse and mindset. What kind of man..? talks about a child as he did 3 times……to call that a joke shows evil to the max….take the phone call THEN show the letter and BINGO…they fit rather well. Now say the original letter still existed alone with more letters…would any trust the state of az. and give it to them…opps it was destroyed….but forged anyway! The world now knows what az. does with evidence to WIN! Any who take a seat on any jury must know if they fail to be fair then they become far worse then ANY on trial. Why would any sane person take joy in convicting another….unless they embrace hate and the power to destroy another.

  10. Opps …gone…evidence missing… injustice …AGAIN…anything for the win! Now concerning that show of a trial….did anything matter that was not related to the question…WAS THERE A FIGHT…and if so who attacked who…or who was the one with a history of VIOLENCE! Hmm…t-dog had such history. P.S. wanting sex with a child is EXTREME VIOLENCE… this world. What happened before said fight and after is moot! How so???? well how would it make him dead or less dead or more dead….3 X’s overkill such bull shit. some say as soon as he was shot…he was done…well the rat said he was done by getting shot LAST…..rather odd logic on BOTH counts….shot first negates his ROAMING around….if he was DONE! And shot last assumes that after the slash….that a person would make such a very odd shot…and odd it was…why take a risk by getting so close to a man dying….unless You want him to attack You AGAIN. The slash being the last wound would stop him fast…and not killed him outright. Only one side was hit…blood still reached that brain….but the trauma of such a wound would cause one to reel back. Cuts hit many nerves unlike bullets that often not even noticed as that very small one may have been….to his mind he may have thought She bashed his head. All who have seen that scene know full well She tried to get away but then who was the runner??? Being naked does not slow one down…as being dressed does not speed one up. One does not have to grab another to catch them just upset their escape….try catching another by placing Your foot on their heel as they run away from You….they will be stopped as well as down. The reason She used a gun and then a knife was because he HAD them there….love of guns means one at times OWNS GUNS…..or was LOANED a gun. As for the knife….one of his control things as he tied up his love…READ THAT BACK to see the sickness. A knife cuts ROPE really well…and was a small piece of rope not found on the stairs? t-dog loved to brag about his fighting skills and his power over all.Seems he bought his own bull…the reason a woman of 5.6 ft and 115 lbs could win against a 5.9….5.10…5.11…5.12…5.13 ( he seemed to grow at times) who weighed at least 185 lbs was that being smaller one can avoid others by moving faster….just watch any boxing or mma and see just how much faster the small ones are. Some haters have this logic of there was no fight at all…he just allowed it to happen OVER and OVER…AGAIN. Or as mike says…after the shot to head t-dog was disabled…AS he WENT TO THE MIRROR…..oh mike really!

  11. Still waiting for her innocence to be proven this time around. But if it fails will be there to support $$$ needed for greatest lawyer to be found

    • I’ve got some inheritance money left to me by my mother. She passed away in December. She would comment here from time to time. Lorretta Shanahan was her name. I know she’d like some of her money that she left to go to Jodi’s fund.

      • Thank you for clarifying regarding the grandparents. Her sister must testify on her behalf as well as the police department in Yreka.
        Please accept my condolences on your loss.

      • Oh my goodness! I’m so very sorry to hear of your Mom’s passing. I always enjoyed reading her thoughts on Jodi’s case. Your Mom was an extremely intelligent woman who was full of compassion for those less fortunate. Very Wise! We have lost many great supporters during Jodi’s tragedy. I feel we were blessed to have had her on this site with us fighting for Jodi’s Freedom. It’s a difficult time for you right now. There is nothing like a Mother’s unconditional love. I’m broken hearted for you and will be sending special prayers and love for you.

        • Thank you so much. She had a couple cases she liked to keep up on. Once I showed her how to use my laptop…she was hooked. Not the fastest typist, but she enjoyed herself. Thanks for your kind words. She died the day after Christmas in a wonderful hospice. Her time had come, and she had a pretty great run!

          • It’s never easy to lose our loved ones. We lost another faithful poster on December the 27th, Journee. We will miss both of them.

            • I don’t comment often but do come here often to get updates. I am so sorry that Loretta and Journee have passed on. Great supporters and contributors to this page. Wow we have been around for awhile now. I know I picked up on this page early on.

  12. All one has to do is LOOK to the scene to see…NO CRIME!!!! It was a fight between a woman and her abuser! The jury failed their oath as well as Her. Not to mention how a court ABUSED all who spoke for a SURVIVOR once again fighting for Her life as the state tried to do all to destroy Her. Odd how haters and all on t-dogs side never explain all the CORRUPTION the won the case only to loss…4 times! How is that possible in such a injust system. But then violence in az. is now the norm…see how their police work. All any need is a jury bent on letting them walk…( the man should have complied )….but why is any cop allowed to take life at his/her own whim ????? Are there two laws in az. or more??? Look to the det. on this case to see corruption to the max…first is now last…rather big mouthed when it comes to talking to the WIFE…seemed rather in a fog when on the stand….caught in lies on the stand…avoided answering questions…..notes??? and this attached to the rat at all times…..where has that ever happened in ANY trial???? What a waste of $$$…such a look of WTF on estabans face. Then lets party with the $$$ grubbing family or is that a CULT??? No wonder that side must go low…PLEASE read what I just wrote and dare call my words hate…..TRUTH is never hate…. Ask just how the system has gotten so broken…..From the get go America has had a certain % the embraces hate…they love hate…seems women and children top the list..just as leaders….. t-dog’s mindset! Note to vinnie mr. law…name of lawyer/judge that is not CORRUPT …just one! That what being a lawyer is…they are trained to use the law like it or not…they fear any who wants to speak for themselves in court ( …the has a lawyer that is a fool b.s.) Well for not being TRAINED She seemed to stop a trained rat of a lawyer….the look on it’s face as it was stopped many times in a SLAM dunk case… it FAILED 4 X’s to murder Her! I have had the pleasure and dis pleasure to speak with a few lawyers…not as smart as one thinks but boy do they know how to twist truth…well they were trained to do just that. Now for any lawyer to get upset by my words shows they are blind to facts as they see what i speak of each n every day yet do nothing…where o where was the outrage over that show trial from any in America????Will this be the new norm….? INJUSTICE for all unless one has friends with money….good luck America ya all may need that soon…=( Only one thing needed to be answered in that court….was it a fight…..seems the learned(LOL) jury said nope….but if that is the case why did the scene look as it did…how a helpless man can go to a mirror defies logic…TWICE! shot in head now helpless? but goes to a mirror to take a look instead of defending himself or running out the door…remember it was not his house but the BANKS. Who dies for a house one does not even own. If one wants to STAND THEIR GROUND…then know how to fight…well…trained as he was to fight he was just not that good at it…I can see it in his face…the look of a punk…a user…this run away t-dog to abuse another day…police run away(L.A. riots)…… U.S.M.C.( Korea) folks do run away…to live…She tried to do just that but he trained as a runner…an the attacker always has the advantage of knowing they are about to attack. To buy the story from the state/haters would see the scene start and end in the shower stall…if the shot is done there then even as the gun jams it is still effective as a METAL club…was he clubbed..EVER? Now if the knife was close by (sink) how does he exit before it is used on him..remember he is disabled according to a coroner ……just look to the scene and explain how he got to the sink by not passing Her? Imagine any who would dare publish such BULL SHIT that t-dog was ever a victim…he creator of many victims. Seems dogs have rat as friends. In that trial the window was always open as FACTS,LOGIC,REASON,and TRUTH were thrown out for the mob to destroy! It’s Sun….I have time…

  13. Not sure this is where I should post this but here it goes. Please know I am team Jodi all the way. I only hope with this post that we all come to understand we are not just fighting the court we are fighting the Mormon Church. (More on that later)

    First off, lets be honest, she admits she did it. That isn’t the question. The question is why?

    Up to the point of meeting Alexander, Jodi had not a single problem with the police. She was never accused of stalking or hell even acting out by anyone. The answer to that is as simple as it complicated. One of his own friends testified in court that she had told him he had to stop treating Jodi badly. He was known to them as a man who loved to collect women regardless of what it did the women. Jodi was another thing, not person, to collect. Another gold star for him. Frankly speaking the abuse she dealt with from day one was mental and emotional and he didn’t give a shit. During her trial, the doctor for the State admitted she believed Jodi had borderline personality disorder and to this I have to ask, why her defense didn’t take that ball and run with the bitch.

    I am in no way a forensics expert. All the questions of where it started and how she managed to drag him to the shower really don’t matter. What matters is there is a very common answer for people with BPD that could easily explain how she did it all. Its called Dissociative disorder. And that I am more than qualified as a psychiatrist to talk about. That one little word more than explains why she was able to and why she didn’t remember doing it at first or even being there. Travel at this point is essential.

    The onset of a dissociative fugue state is usually sudden and follows a traumatic or highly stressful event. Dissociative fugues are associated with difficult events, such as natural disasters and wars, as well as severe marital or financial distress, alcohol abuse, depression, and a history of child abuse.

    Diagnosis is typically made based on a review of the circumstances before a person left home, the description of the travel (including forgetfulness about the details of travel), and the details of an alternative life that may have been established during a fugue episode.

    Stealing the gun? Didn’t remember, because in her dissociative state Jodi, the person, was not present. Traveling there, changing license plates, same thing. Being there, same thing. It would also be a concern for me to understand her sexcapades. Would easily explain why she acted in a manner with him she didn’t normally with men. So my question has always been why the defense never once attempted to bring this into question. At the very least it creates a huge amount of reasonable doubt toward premeditation. The track to show how long this went on goes back to the start and I will always question why more wasn’t done to answer, was she suffering with DD because of the months of emotional abuse.

    They dated for month months in which he treated her the same way. Always abusing her emotionally. He knew he was never going to marry her. But hey any port in a storm is good for old Alex. He even made it a point to tell her he would one day marry a Mormon. Imagine that being said to you after giving everything the person wants. Giving yourself. This isn’t as simple as they had a fight that day. It was long term emotional abuse at his hands. But again to him, his family, and friends (all but one) it was perfectly ok to do that cause you know he is Alexander and a Mormon. And that last word is where a HUGE problem is created.

    First the friend that testified. She admitted to what he was doing. She admitted she told him it needed to stop. Look at the number of women they paraded in there voicing they had dated him and he never hurt them. Yet they kept, not him, kept on dumping him. Some even admitted to having sex with him. Ok, Ill buy that. But lets ask the hard question. How many of them would also have admitted he was also dating others at the same time? Admit to the reason THEY left him. They were never asked. The last girlfriend he had admitted she was shocked to learn he wasn’t a virgin like he sold himself as. That simply put is the Mormon Church. Women are to be lesser than men. Its ok if the man you are dating is seeing is another because he is a man. Your job is to hook him. Its a huge competition. They saw him a top horse to get in their stable. Rich, goodlooking, known through the church. Hey whats a little emotional abuse matter if you can catch that horse in the end. That’s why they are acted as if his shit didn’t stink. I have many friends who are Mormon and all agree on one thing. They knew the story, they knew he would painted as a saint, because the church demanded it or suffer being expelled.

    But Jodi, though she was baptized, didn’t truly fit the Mormon life in that matter. She still believed in love, honesty, and one man one woman faithfulness. And he knew it. He didn’t care but he knew it. As any top salesman, he knew what his customer needed to see and hear to make the sale and he did it.

  14. Hi Stacy,

    Welcome to you! I look forward to speaking with you more.

    You came to the right place. This is the most recent discussion thread. Your first statement is exactly right and it is the central question/argument that this site has been making since 2012…. WHY? The why is as simple as it gets because Jodi was attacked and was in fear for her life. She ran away from him on two occasions, pointed a gun at him; shot him above the eye and then stabbed him after being tackled to the floor a second time and being pinned down by his weight. The wounds on his back prove this as they were shallow and oblique as ruled by the coroner which means they were “angled” as in somebody stabbing while laying on the floor and reaching up and around somebody.
    Jodi’s dissociate fugue is not stated to have “begun” until after the killing as she has stated that her memory is really foggy. She even corresponded with a police officer in Utah during this time frame regarding the license plate which is remarkable. I have argued that this is why the evidence that was left(other than the blood and the body is so sloppy). Why take the gun but leave the camera in the wash? All of the issues with the car and the plates are absolutely meaningless because they were innocuous. They even made an issue of Jodi getting her hair dyed in CA before the trip! Jodi’s trip was supposed to be ONLY to Ryan’s house in Utah. Travis called her during the trip which is backed up by phone records(although the extent of what was said is unknown except to Jodi). Travis wanted her to come by because all of those good sweet Mormon women were not going to satisfy Travis and HE KNEW IT!!!!!
    Many of us have also pointed out many of Jodi’s “mistakes” that we all agree made her look bad and those have been argued and debated for years long before I got here.
    I had even compared Jodi’s case to the film “The Next Three Days” with Russell Crowe where the perfect yet unfortunate, and in Jodi’s case, traumatic, sets of circumstances put her in prison with little hard proof to bring the truth out.
    Lastly, when it comes to the Mormon Church… you are preaching to the choir on that one!! The Catholic Church is likely no different and has just as many legal problems if not more. Our biggest problem will be the following…. How do we transfer Travis’s alleged temper and anger issues as it related to Jodi(two stated rapes and at least two fairly brutal physical assaults) but apparently were never seen by anybody else to the events of June 4th which absolutely then led to his death?

  15. I watch the Jodi Arias trial on
    You-Tube from time to time

    let me tell you my opinion im not a doctor & im not a lawyer but i am a human being & the way Juan Martinez (THE VICIOUS ANIMAL)
    cross examined witnesses & the defendant were unacceptable to a human society …his “BARKING”& his “CORRUPTION” throughout the trial will hopefully get him where he belongs…. ” IN A CAGE”

  16. Hi Lance,
    In regard to the dissociate fugue my personal opinion without ever having spoken with her, is that it was ruled that way because for the prosecution, it was the easiest way to get premeditation in there. They would gladly accept that, they would never accept the idea that the dissociative disorder was working its way to that point long before by the means of his abuse. To do so would have prevented them from going for premeditation.

    Let me explain DD this way. Every single person here has the capability of entering into the disorder. Look at that first as a pressure cooker on the stove but no heat to it. Every time he abused her be it physical or emotional, he turned the heat on. The pressure to enter into fugue state increased. Over the months they were together he was constantly turning the heat up and down. Every time he was good to her, he turned it down, each time he was abusive he cranked it up. This to me explains a lot of her behavior she doesn’t remember or things she did that were out of normal in response to him. Stalking ect. The pressure kept building. In my opinion it came to exploding temp when slammed on the floor. That sent her into fugue state. I fully believe she deeply in the state when she stabbed and shot him both. Her mind would have simply gone into fight or flight mode. Nothing else is realized by the person at that point. She fought.

    In that state she would not be able later to tell anyone what happened in what order with any real certainty. Her mind shut off. She may have at times had memories slip in here and there but they would not be in any specific order. Which also stands to reason why she is unable to say if she stabbed or shot him, if she was on the floor, if moved around to get the gun or knife. She doesn’t know. She loved this man, her mind will not allow her to know to protect her from the full truth.

    If I have this right it took her nearly two years to admit to it. That isn’t that unusual. For some the memories never come. During those two years though she was grilled over and over about it. During the state she was in after she would have been highly susceptible to any idea given to her by those who were talking to her. Their comments may have easily triggered a partial memory, which they again put into sequence for her.

    I have recently began to wonder with all the conflicting comments from his room mates and the doubtful forensics work at times, if in fact, there was a fight. She hurt him but didn’t kill him. Someone else finished the job when they found him hurt?

    Like Ive said before forensics isn’t my cup a tea. But it doesn’t take a person to have a doctorate in the area to see things are just not adding up. Maybe you can clarify somethings for me. Such as how did she stab him at the sink repeated times but there is no cast off blood? Its simple straight to the sink. Did they in fact ever find the gun? Or just one of the same caliber? How does anyone go days living inside the house without noticing the smell, the same smell the police swore was evident at the door. Why were both room mates who at one time or another claim they saw him after the supposed murder never questioned further? One even claiming at first he did laundry that same day.

  17. Stacy,

    I do not consider myself a psychologist as well but I have heard and read a lot about DD. All of us here on this site(I am assuming) have believed that Jodi’s DD state began sometime during the attack on June 4th. Her testimony about the events up to the fight are very detailed. Your description is fascinating and not one that I have heard to date. Jodi explained during the trial that she subscribed to the belief of always seeing positive in Travis and never the negative(I can’t remember the term she used). I have always believed that this was a major contributing factor in her not breaking free sooner. There is plenty of documented verbal abuse after she does go back to CA… this is mostly him screaming at her on the phone after she mistakenly dials him out of habit while calling somebody else to arrange a trip to Cooperstown NY to the Baseball HOF for her younger brother as well as a few other incidents that are mentioned. As a psychologist, I had even suggested hypnosis to bring these memories out but I was told they may not even exist?????
    Jodi lied for two years for one or two main reasons.. the first was obviously, she was totally embarrassed and ashamed of the nude photos that Travis had taken of them. The second reason was she did not want to tarnish his reputation as she knew it to the public at large and very likely the church. This second reason is the one that all of us can’t understand but have come to accept as part of her character. We have acknowledged that these lies made her look real bad and have tried to push the reasons why into the conversation.
    Regarding the roommates, it seems that their stories were all so out of whack that neither side wanted to put them on the stand for fear of blowing up their claims with false or misleading testimony. There is a strong belief that they had an idea what happened and decided to sit on it to protect his reputation. This is literally impossible to prove now.
    I can clarify your questions and I would invite you to read Justus’s wiki site that he created that summarizes the entire case very well. Jodi, after fleeing from Travis on one occasion, runs into his walk-in closet with him chasing her. She has just enough time to step up on a lower shelf of his clothes shelving where she remembers that he has a .25 caliber gun sitting which had been given to him by Dave Hall. She knows this because she had moved back to AZ with TA’s encouragement and financial assistance. She escapes through the other side and runs back down the hallway to the bathroom and then quickly pivots and points the weapon at Travis, hoping the gun would force him to pause and think about what he was doing. It doesn’t and he keeps coming and she squeezes off a round that hits him above the right eye as she is left-handed. We believe that the blood at the sink is Travis, now stunned by the fact that Jodi has popped him above the eye and messed up his playboy features, checking himself in the mirror and exhaling blood from the head wound that was also running into his mouth. He may have also been messing with the faucets. The stab wounds come after this sequence when, I believe, Travis went into a frenzied state and ramped up the violence to “I’m going to fucking kill you bitch” that Jodi testified to.
    The gun was never found because Jodi likely took it with her and spread it all over the southwest somewhere and put the knife in the dishwasher.

    • Lance,
      Thank you for giving me yet another piece of the key to this situation that I was unware existed. I never knew she admitted to purposely seeing only the good/positive in him. Its a common example of people who are abused who suffer DD. You have to think of it as a conversation between the reality of the mind and longing of the heart. He did this, not he didn’t he’s a good person, but he, no he isn’t, yes is. Its specifically seen in children who are abused. That love of parent vs. the reality of the situation. That’s a large part of believing he created the situation for her to develop a DD by perpetuating the continued abuse. I don’t condone murder as Im sure you all don’t. Yet at times I think if anyone was ever responsible for pushing someone to that point it was him.

      And thanks for clarifying the gun situation. It never made sense to me that she was being accused of bringing a gun to his house yet she used the one from his own room. Wouldn’t it have been easier to use the one she brought with her, if she really brought one, which I don’t believe. The idea of him standing at the sink also fits the blood stain pattern as the blood was dripped downward and not cast off. That was one thing I could never understand. How a person who supposedly stabbed nearly 30 times with his throat slit stand at a sink and mess with the faucet. Your explanation makes far more sense to me.

      • Stacy,

        You are welcome but you can thank the JAII site for that information. I learned almost all of what I told you from reading the info on this site and from the wiki site that Justus created. The unfortunate thing about Jodi’s DD is that it either clouded or possibly erased memories of events that are very important to Jodi’s defense. That is why the exact events of June 4th may never be known. I do think JAII has done a great job at filling in some blanks in this timeline. I had been yakking for months about how important these hard drive photos were of her trip to that monastery. My argument was… she wasn’t even at home when this burglary occurred.. she was with her sister taking pictures. She also just happens to arrive back home during the police investigation into the burglary
        I just found out recently that these pictures may not exist due to the prosecution’s malfeasance. I had stated that Jodi’s sister must testify to her whereabouts. As I said earlier, our biggest obstacle(aside from trying to raise the necessary funds) is trying to convince the next court and the public that Travis was a closet abuser physically. Jodi won the mental/emotional/sexual abuse part of this trial but the violent streak that Travis had was never seen by any of the other Mormon people in his circle which is why you never saw any of this presented during her trials. I had also said he was “smart” enough not to physically slap, punch, kick or throw down in the presence of somebody else who could then testify to this behavior although I can’t say he did this consciously. This is why all of the public sentiment went in Travis’s favor because he was seen as sweet and good and well-mannered. Jodi was the only person who saw his truly dark side when he would rape her on two separate occasions and literally beat the crap out of her on two others.
        I am sure that you have had a lot of “what-if” scenarios run through your head while reading about this case. They are likely all valid. I have done the same but have moved on to.. “it is what it is” and what it really is…. is a case of a man’s temper that made him want to beat her for dropping his $200 Nikon camera on a bathroom floor and Jodi’s tremendous fear of what he was capable of doing to her physically which then leads to a single gunshot to his right eye which in turn ramps up the anger and adrenaline to a blood lust which leads to Jodi defending herself. Yes… this case is THAT SIMPLE!!!

  18. Thanks, Lance (for the condolences) I’m posting under mom’s name, as I don’t have an “in” here. Anyway…I was surprised by mom’s involvement in this case. I think it was more if an escape for her to discuss it here. I looked at the fund for appellate for Jodi, as listed on this page and saw just today there was a withdrawal? I was under the impression the goal was to raise enough for a retainer for an attorney. I’m not really sure if this is true, or I’ve been misdirected.

    • You don’t need an “In” as you say. This is a forum for supporters of Jodi and her efforts to appeal and be granted a new trial. I have only been here for about 18 months. I think you might be mistaken. The total listed on the top of the page is the actual total.

      • Her appellate fund website has a deficit of $12,000. I cannot post the picture I saved from there, but as of June 12, it shows a withdrawal. Perhaps she’s hiring some private firm for investigation? I don’t know much about the case other than seeing it on tv. I wanted to see what type of donations are usual for her fund, and saw this latest withdrawal, so…

        • I replied to your comment up thread. Very sorry to hear about your Mom’s passing. Why don’t you wait to donate until Rasna or SJ answers your question about the Appeals Fund. Everyone must be distracted because it is Summertime! ? ! Again so sorry for your loss.

          • I stand corrected. I do not look at the appellate website as I was basing my comment on the fact that the total at the top of the comments had not been adjusted. If you want to get up to speed on Jodi’s case, another supporter, Justus, created a wiki page some time ago that is a fantastic synopsis of the case and our stance. I think you will be very surprised at the truth vs. what you may have heard in the media… It’s stunning!!!!!!!

        • Lorretta, you are right that the appeals fund has had to spend about $12,000. The fund site has been updated, but not the figure at the top of this page. I don’t know what the money was spent on, but I don’t believe it was anything to do with Jodi’s civil actions, since the fund’s not authorized for that. I will try to find out what the $12,000 paid for, but Jodi may not want information about her appeals to be public.

          As for “type of donations,” do you mean the typical amount? In the past, donations have ranged from small amounts ($50 or $100) all the way to a $25,000 pledge which was the basis of a matching-gift fund drive a few years ago.

  19. HI TO ALL,

    I am continuing to watch the trial; let me tell you what i see…

    I see a Prosecutor who should not be in our court system…

    JUAN MARTINEZ is full of “HATE” & “EVIL.” God forbid if you come into his “CLAWS” he will fight you till you are actually DEAD….


    LIE, MANIPULATE, INSULT, THROW OBJECTS, ACCUSE YOU OF HAVING IMPROPER FEELINGS, he will even go as far as asking the judge to ADMONISH you if you dont agree with his YES or NO HYPOCRISIES…

    Oh please lets not forget the show he put on about SNOW WHITE but in the end who turned out to be the “DWARF”of course the one & only JUAN MARTINEZ ….

    Lets continue on with JUAN’S AFFAIR with these three women, who he carried around like PUPPETS so he can utilize his agenda against the defense…. & last but not least he wanted these women to get as much information from the jurors as possible, his desperation for the “DEATH PENALTY” was so severe that he couldn’t control himself, his shameful ego was so strong & outrageous…..but now that even more garbage has emerged on him i think its finally over for Juan & hopefully his days in the free world are over… and hey you know what? maybe even the “DEATH PENALTY”

    • Thanks, Alan, for your diligence. Yes, I meant amounts of donations that were typical. Mom lived modestly (which is why she got free care giving from me for 7 years!), so I’m very careful with what she left behind. Trying to decide what SHE would want done with a bit of the estate.

  20. Now as for 12 K that is now gone….well She has other lawyers that need to be paid…..if the rat is taken down by it’s misdeed this case may be moot. I for one told her a long time ago …use the $ as needed …remember because she hired an investigator the porn issue was questioned to the MAX as a REAL expert on software spoke to the jury… way one could miss all that porn…porn be it add or the full monty is …PORN! Reminds Me of pete townsand looking at CHILD PORN to INVESTIGATE!…..the abuse of children he claimed….was t-dog INVESTIGATING porn as well as child porn for a book? We give Her $ to help in Her cause…which by the way aids all…it’s called the search for JUSTICE! Thanks to many, very few can afford that these days. Many of My friends question how I can trust a person I have never meet….and just send Her $…to that I say I believe in justice as I believe in Her. I can always make more $ but to think I stood by as She was railroaded….makes one ill. On a winters night in Dec. I saw a young woman in need of help and made a choice to do what I could to help in any way. Each must ask do they believe in Her as well as fair play and thus justice and if so and one can help, then do so. I expect nothing from Her as I would from any I have helped…I tend to cringe at thank yous…..I give because I know it must be done. She needs help… if any can then please step up….We can end injustice if We stand united.

    • Absolutely Wayne! We help as much as possible, asking for nothing but justice in return. We believe in her innocence because we know that self defense is not a crime. If my loved ones needed help I would pray others would help them if they needed it. Jodi’s case is unbelievably corrupted from the very beginning. She was used as a sacrificial lamb by her so-called church, the media and the Arizona Justice system. Shame on all of them! The abuse Jodi has endured appears to be never ending. She is in need of all of our help now more than ever.


    J ustice is what we are waiting for,

    U nusual corruption we dont want
    it anymore….

    A nimalistic behavior is what he
    did show,

    N ow it’s finally time for him
    to go….

    M ad maniac is how he presented,

    A nd all defense witnesses were

    R eady to put jodi to death,

    T ill she takes her last breath….

    I n reality he is terribly cruel,

    N othing more then a dumb

    E verybody will hear that jodi
    is in the right,

    Z ooming in on the truth and
    winning this fight….

  22. Porn be it …ADD! or …as in adds about porn sites…You know how many guys find there way on to these sites by accident…1000’s of times…like a certain man? of faith did! Sorry haters for my very bad writing skills……but then if I could stand up to that rat in court…I would turn it inside out with nothing but truth…never meet a person who could out talk me…=). Now just for a twist…..imagine Her taking a BUS…no worries at all…but just way does a person take a bus unless they are HIDING their movements…….instead of the CLAIMED stealing of a .25 is there any way She could have bought it at a GUNSHOW…in America???? Are there many of them shows…in All states…RECORDS…SEE MUSIC STORE a few years back…=)….rental guy claims hair was blond…see drivers license…..very interesting how even a LEGAL DOCUMENT shows blond hair of a sort but SAYS the hair is BROWN…did horn work at the DMV part time??? How can ANY car run out of gas …SEE…. AAA or any other car service….why sell gas can when all cars have gas tanks…that never run out of gas……the best one ever!!! he FEARED for his life but let Her in for a LONG while…..hmmm…but some claim She came through a window…in a house that never locked the doors….??? To any hater poor t-dog just stood there as he was attacked then stood there n there n there n there…but that mirror stance is rather odd or strange….did he not SEE the attack…in the MIRROR but just let it be talk about 50 shades of duh! After She stopped his attack She MUST help him…WTF logic is that AND no law can say one must help their attacker…that is BAT SHIT logic in a nation that allows police to shoot to kill each and every day if they FEAR for their life……does America get it’s leadership from mental homes???? Why did She not run…well She did RUN as most D/V victims DO! But many are caught and MURDERED! Most men are taller, bigger, and stronger then most women thus have the advantage in a RUN OFF. Some ask how could She win against him in a fight…MEANING he had the advantage,RIGHT? Well one just has to ask any who have been in such fights or fights that almost ended in death…about LUCK. be it COMBAT,an ally, or a bathroom…luck plays a very big part in surviving such violence meant to bring one to harm…one miss,slip….and one is done! It does not take much to lose….helps when one is not going nuts as a certain young make was known to do…OFTEN! t-dogs other family he was USING….said it all…a so called DR. said She was not in his class…the standard line from 100% of his crew……WTF kind of class is that folks….the evil class that hides evil…..behind a faith??? Seems none who claim to be it’s friend really knew who or WHAT he was…yet they post video of just what a very sick thing he was….THANKS! ON June 4 2008 an abuser met its END…but like him some have a lust for MURDER and did all to finish the job t-dog failed at. Seems they are more evil then he ever was….can We see them smiling….seems two of his clan were caught doing just that as they made the sign of the devil…amazing actions for folks of faith…but then many of faith believe in the almighty $$$…Cancun anyone to honor an abuser!

  23. Is there another way to post on here about the current status of Jodi’s case, rather than just one person taking control of every thread with the same things over and over? I’m kind of weary of seeing all this porn talk, as it doesn’t really propel her case forward. It’s just rehash, rehash, rehash. I’m sorry to be so critical, but I think this page has some thoughtful, informative posts, but I have to skip over 75% of the thread just to find them. I know I’ve just been here over a week or so, but now I see what my Mom was trying to say about Jodi’s fans. I just don’t know how she had the patience to weed through the flotsam and jetsam. I’m just a newbie here, but whoa. Life’s too short to keep rehashing the horrific event in the bathroom. That trial is over. Actually, I think I’ve made my decision now that I’ve put “pen to paper” as it were. I think some of you are true supporters and I admire that. I don’t have your passion for this case, and even Mom had been pulling out of her support over the last few months of her life. As I said she had other cases she felt strongly about, and I will be researching them. Thanks for your time and patience with me while I figure this out.

    • If the truth be known, Loretta, the flotsam and jetsam on this site didn’t exist (at least to the extent that it does now) when your mother was a regular poster here. But then again, there wasn’t a certain personality on here writing the same thing over and over ad nauseum, ad infinitum. Sorry to see you go but I completely understand.


    • Loretta, all significant public news about Jodi or her case is posted on this site fairly promptly. If the news feed seems thin, that’s because either nothing is happening or what’s happening isn’t public. If you want to keep up specifically with each twist and turn in the legal processes, the people at Facebook group “J Arias Appeal …” eagerly post every development.

    • Understanding you thoughts Lorretta, thank you for sharing about your Mom and may your memories of her help fill the void of your loss. It’s hard.

      • Thank you, R. Love. I’ve just sorted through and donated most of her belongings. That’s been tougher than I imagined. You must know this as well, based on your posts. Yes, it’s hard.

        • Yes Loretta, I do know. I’ve found with time things will get easier but they are always on your mind and in your heart. Best wishes for you.

  24. OPPS seems I must learn how to spell as America must learn about justice……and justice will find all who wrong others by hiding behind the law or faith. As for My abuse of dear travis…well it is not ever abuse if it is TRUTH…and his fucking truth that was posted on VIDEO…by his scum cult…..and speaking of scum…why has its family not owned his own words on child rape…to think one works for the law and has not spoken on her brothers sickness but maybe would be MURDERS stick together…remember that woman of the law speech in court where she spoke of MURDERING the DEFENDANT before trial…a very common mindset now in America…shoot first! Mock me all ya want…and as for my looks…would ya all really ever want to get that close…I would enjoy that…LOL! Makes one wonder why any would have a problem with any giving $ to an animal shelter to the point of TERRORISM…you know the phoning up of any shelter to THREATEN said shelter if they dare take $ from Her…talk about abuse of animals …seems mobs live the TERRORIST life…How strange they must break the law to get a win…..seems that the ONLY way a rat can win. Mental illness???? some must really read much more…as in history…where very good christens LYNCHED blacks and BURNED young women….talk about mentally ill or it that just evil???? I have learned how the study of metal illness CHANGES a lot…to them ANYTHING can fit the bill…if need be. Any want to see real illness look to the congress the courts the police the prosecutors who think they are ABOVE the laws and CONSTITUTION… that is real mental issues and illness. I for one need not lie ,cheat, and corrupt evidence to get my way as the mob must. Ya there was a hell of a lot of mental illness in that court and 100% on the state side! What is more fucked up then thinking any man can beat on any woman? Well just view any mob site to see how they embrace abusers to the max…odd how so many are women…pity, these things may find help.

  25. Thanks, Chris. You understood exactly what I meant. Alan, the fb page you mentioned isn’t exactly what I was in search of. I really thought at this stage of the game, this type of supporter page would be about increasing the appeals fund and how to keep that interest growing during times of low activity in the case. I truly don’t understand the filibuster posts regarding…stab wounds, porn, stab wounds, porn, etc. I’ve learned some things here I didn’t intend on learning, so there’s that! Thanks again for the kind words and patient answers to my questions.

  26. Hi Loretta,

    Although it may not appear that way, that is what this site is for. It is a forum for thoughts, comments as well as an opportunity to donate to Jodi’s appeals fund. I have actually been conversing with Stacy above who is a psychologist and new to the site. Obviously, Jodi’s case is in a lull right now as we await rulings on some civil matters that she has going on. The only thing I can say to you is that everybody on this site wants the same thing no matter how it sounds. There are some very smart and knowledgeable people on this site who can answer any question you may have about this case. I hope you can keep that in mind going forward.

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