The (Still) Unanswered Questions: Part 1 of 5

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Today we start a 5-part series of posts, featuring 25 of the top unanswered questions relating to Jodi’s trial.

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“The (Still) Unanswered Questions: Part 1 of 5” – by Justus

If I had been Jodi’s defense attorney, what follows are five of the 25 questions I would have put before the jury during closing arguments to counter the State’s bizarre theories. (Or if I had been on the jury, I would have presented these to my fellow jurors.)

Question #1: Why stage a gun theft as a burglary (as the State contends) such that the police is immediately called in and a record is created? Why not just secretly “borrow” the gun and never return it? It might not be discovered missing for months and it probably wouldn’t be known exactly when it went missing… but instead she supposedly went out of her way to create a police record?

Question #2: If she was going to steal a gun to commit a murder, why didn’t she “stage a burglary” at her parents’ house where her father kept numerous guns, including a 9mm, a gun with a silencer and one that was even unregistered?

Question #3: Why, in her master plan to murder someone, would she supposedly change out the bullet type for one less powerful?

Question #4: Why visit friends in the rental car if its supposed purpose was to travel in a car not connected with her?

Question #5: Why borrow gas cans from someone who will mention them to someone should he ever be questioned? Why not buy gas cans with cash in no-man’s land or in some large store where she’d be just one of many customers?

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  1. Hey Justus,

    Logical and rational as always Justus!
    All these questions make me laugh now because they are so rational and obvious. Apparently, the Yreka police department was thinking like this as she was never charged or even considered a suspect. One more question could be… Was there EVER any evidence that she had ever fired a gun previously ANYWHERE? This question obviously is No as we know it which makes the fight that much more extraordinary because she hit him in the face with one shot instead of missing wildly and putting a hole in an adjacent wall or cabinet. As good as these questions are to us, I would still love to know that her defense team has date-stamped pictures of her and her sister at a monastery on the Oregon border(GREAT SHOCK VALUE TOO). I also think that Jodi’s testimony on what Travis said to her during the phone calls will be pivotal it will prove that he guilted her to stop by. Jodi’s recollection of those conversations will also be pivotal to proving that he expected her to come by.

  2. Lance We all know that t-dog wanted Her to stop by…..BECAUSE he let Her …..IN! But then certain haters would say that he wanted to be rid of Her…..Well there is photo evidence on how that was a very big lie….seems behind closed door the real t-dog emerged… his abusive ways. Very few men show their abuse in public…they may speak about it as some things find that funny..? There was good reason these as well as other questions were not asked…that worm could care less…it’s mind was rooted to a book deal. Interesting how the rat did not even go there with the so called stolen .25 or have an expert speak to it’s POWER to …NOT KILL. The .25 round the very weakest center fire round there is…and rather poor compared to even a .22 long rifle….830 fps/1100 fps…or up to 1300 fps. A plinking round is at least some 25% more powerful the a .25…no wonder he was still attacking after that NON FATAL wound. Gee even using a .25 as a club to bash what little brain he had would not be very effective…..way to light in it’s mass…but for sure if the mission had a 9 mm…then the gun alone would have been enough to clean it’s clock. This she had to steal a gun …in America awash with guns…LOL. As is said ..She had lots of access to lots of real able guns. But I could see the glee on a dogs face when best bud dave boy hands him a new toy…for FREE! Now the man of faith could be a man of power with his .25 shoulder rig n all. If only t-dog knew that certain .25’s can fit in ones mouth if said mouth is big enough and his …WAS! Shooting ones mouth off was a hobby of his…just listen to his own words…FEEL MY WRATH…play music now! Now some would say if only the .25 could be found…well what if Our side did find it…ya think the state would ever allow it in any court??? see their hitory on oops lost it opps destroyed it…opps what .25 are ya all talking about….oops how do we know it’s not another .25….did they not do that with EVIDENCE? Seems the state FEARS the facts…truth…reason…but EMBRACES LIES! Praise be the almighty win at any cost ……No firearm expert would ever take the stand for the state in that case…as only the defense would gain. This it was planned….well it was from the day She was arrested….it only took the state some 30 + days to make a plan…for a WIN…and do what ever it took. So very dangerous yet it took so long to make an arrest when from that night they knew who did it…no doubt…even a police woman and a judge would agree…GUILT was NEVER in doubt. And yet here we are and they are having shit fits about a woman getting fairness in a legal system…WHY??? Did it deserve to die that day?…well yes it did because it did all to destroy Her life and once more abused Her…..on that day he crossed a line and she defended Her life…in losing his mind once more he lost his life. All one has to ask is …just how many attacks can I ward off before the attacker wins…I’am sure most have seen a fight (mma…boxing…hockey!) where most think …what is it going to take to stop this nut job…and at times them nut jobs win…Thank God for LUCK….and movements faster then a madmans. Thanks Justus!…..Wow I do go on…=)

    • Wayne,

      It’s amazing how much you can say when you know you’re right!!! The interview video of Jodi with Fox News is what really hit me when she told Troy Hayden that she wasn’t even in Yreka but was with her sister. I did not even know whether her parents had weapons in their house at that time. I have always believed if this fight had ended with gunshots, we would not be talking about this now. Jodi’s unfortunate “luck” to shoot TA with a gun of his that has had so many jokes made about it and only enrage TA instead of dropping him like a bad habit. The fact that Jodi has been unable to show the “closed doors violent TA” other than the sexually and mentally abusive TA. Justus’s description of Jodi’s analogy of the Terminator was absolutely scary! What we will also have to overcome is the public questions of Jodi’s behavior… not running out of the bathroom on two separate occasions, not calling 911, the two years of lying to cover her shame etc. These are what the public has been hanging their hats on as evidenced by the people who responded to Justus’s 25 logical questions but always prefaced their answers with… “well knowing she’s guilty, then this is how it could have been”. I have always believed that unequivocal evidence rules. Jodi’s absolute evidence are the hard drive pictures!!!!! We all wish that Jodi had possibly had her phone on or camera running when TA kicked her all over his bedroom because he needed $ and she didn’t have it or a witness who says.. “I saw TA rape her on two separate occasions in his home”. This would have allowed a jury to make a jump to.. “he attacked her in the bathroom for dropping a camera that he paid $200 for”.

  3. Very possibly I myself have been confused until now about Judge Contes’s remarks in her section 2. She may only be disputing whether Jodi could be entitled to NURMI’S BOOK PROFITS (since the discussion is of count two, “unjust enrichment”). To award those profits to Jodi does look a good deal like her profiting from a crime.

    By contrast, as I said, to award Jodi (regardless of book profits) damages for injury to her legal position would be compensatory and certainly not letting her profit from her crime. But maybe Contes is not talking about that at all. I hope not.

  4. The title of this post is quite accurate in that these questions *still* remain unanswered (in any reasonable fashion) by those who tell themselves they have absolutely no doubt that she premeditated a murder. When I first published these questions back in 2014 what I hoped for was at least some of the haters seeing how difficult it is to put together a realistic and rational scenario (not some moronic B-grade movie script) by giving reasonable answers to all 25 questions. What I got was a lot of gibberish from people who would approach maybe one or two questions with bizarre answers that they backed into from a position of “well, knowing that she’s guilty, this is what must have happened.” There were two people who did make an effort to respond to most of the questions and I will present their answers below as they give some interesting insight into the minds of people who need to be right at any cost – even the life of another human being.

    • Question: Why stage a gun theft as a burglary (as the State contends) such that the police is immediately called in and a record is created? Why not just secretly “borrow” the gun and never return it? It might not be discovered missing for months and it probably wouldn’t be known exactly when it went missing… but instead she supposedly went out of her way to create a police record?

      Respondent #1: “A valid Question, but the answer is probably as simple as Jodi lacked the resources to get a gun. She had enough sense to change the bullets as they would easily trace back to her grand parents. Lets not forget that $30 was taken as well a DVD player. If you remember her testimony – she left Daryl Brewers house, only to return to give him the remote to his DVD player. In his deposition, Daryl stated that he bartered the gas cans with Jodi, for a DVD player that she gave him. Why would she do this rather than just return them? Perhaps to dispose of the cans to better cover her tracks and be able to maintain her original story that she was never in Arizona.”

      Respondent #2: “Jodi didn’t just need the gun, she needed the DVD player as well. Whether she thought of that at the time is unknown. The DVD player appears to have gone to Darryl Brewer when she picked up the gas cans, because she returned to his house later in the morning to ‘return his DVD remote” that somehow ended up in her purse. She could never ‘borrow’ that gun, because she could never return it to Grandpa. If for some reason she came under suspicion that gun would literally have been the smoking gun and pointed right at her. She knew she couldn’t risk returning the gun. She may have even feared her grandparents would put two and two together and turn her in, after all, her own parents had called the cops on her at age 14 when she was growing pot with her friends. That incident triggered a lot of mis-trust in her relationship with her parents, and she may not have wanted to risk the same situation with her grandparents.” 

      • Good examples of the problem with this particular world of haters. The depths they go to is unbelievable. UGH! Jodi Arias always presented as the Mastermind of Crime when their reasoning is so illogical………smh Jodi is guilty of loving unconditionally to her on downfall imo. TA was the Master Manipulator and Scammer to his own demise. Exactly like Juan Martinez, no difference in them except the one fact, JM was educated in the College of Deceptive Law while TA’s education came from brainwashing by his unscrupulous business associates and devious friends. So many rats profiting off of the backs of this tragedy…..such Corruption! Just Sad! This is America FOLKS! Self Defense IS NOT A CRIME!!! FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!!!! Arizona appears to be an altered state of KOLOB!

      • Justus,

        These two people actually sound very logical in their arguments but just haven’t been able to wrap their heads around Jodi’s quirky behavior on the trip itself. I will be honest when I say that I do not know a lot about the DVD player except that one was indeed taken from her grandparents home. I do believe that absolute proof of Jodi not robbing her own home would flip these two very quickly because it is indisputable. I would doubt that Jodi’s sister’s first hand testimony that Jodi was with her at the monastery taking pictures during the robbery would change their minds unless they totally believed her to be truthful and not trying to cover for her sister. The fact that we haven’t even brought up the fact that Dave Hall had stated that he had given/loaned TA that gun just several days or weeks prior to this and then the gun was missing afterward. It really is a shame that phone calls aren’t backed up like texts are… this would be a really quick argument because TA wanted her to stop by and was expecting her.

      • Note how shallow the thinking is with these knuckleheads. They say to themselves “two DVD’s – duh – must be same DVD.” They then don’t go any further to ask themselves the natural follow-up question: If Darryl’s DVD and Grandpa’s DVD were one and the same, why didn’t Martinez presented it in court as proof positive that Jodi was the thief? Also note that there is no deposition (as carelessly posited by Respondent #1) in which Darryl claimed such a bartering event ever occurred. Jodi did accidentally end up with the remote to Darryl’s DVD when they split up and she was intending to return it to him during this visit so after driving away and realizing she still had the remote in her purse, she returned.

        These are one-dimensional thinkers who once they’ve arrived at an answer that fits their own emotional needs (not that of fairness and justice), they question no further. I call it ignorance wrapped in arrogance.

        • This is where I would absolutely just lose all patience with these people!!!! I remember Jade so eloquently described these kinds of people and how closed-off they are once they reach any kind of conclusion. The fact that Jodi has witness statements to counter literally every issue on the trip except the license plate being flipped by the kids in CA(except the kids who split) and then all of the events of June 4 from her arrival through the fight. These are the people that we all knew we were going to have to deal with going forward. How many people were convinced that TA was an absolute saint and good Mormon until they played the sex tapes! All of a sudden, was he an abuser?… YES!!! Even his family couldn’t argue it!

          The problem with justice is that it doesn’t work well without absolutes or very strong circumstantial evidence that can be argued as an absolute. Jodi became a victim of the perfect storm of mundane events that got thrown together that actually had absolutely nothing to do with the central issue of her conviction. The DVD scenario is just one small example of this.

  5. The central question to me still continues to be…. can Jodi be compensated PERIOD for damages to her legal position based on her current status? If that answer is yes, then can those damages be awarded in monetary form to an outside entity (aka JA defense fund) which is independent of her and attempting to finance her appeal and subsequent retrial which would likely satisfy the “no profit” clause?
    If the answer is NO, Jodi’s damages may only be window dressing and a hollow victory. Jodi’s victory needs to get something tangible from Nurmi other than a legal slap.

  6. The fuck of a so called lawyer wasted her state paid chance of a fair and just trial….the judge or any judge would know that if they used the LAW! he was paid to do the best he could for Her and did not even try…much more interested on getting rich… would she profit in any way as the judge could direct where the $ goes in a decision . She NEVER got a fair trial yet $ was gained by Her already…this mind set of a criminal shall not gain in any way is now some what moot. Thanks to a certain judge who FORCED Her to keep said idiot She was doomed to take what ever he made sure would come her way…in trial no. 1 he outed his greed by telling the jury …9 out of 10 days!!! Who in this world would do that and get away with it…..non of sound mind. The hate was deep in that worm. Then in trial no.2 he seemed to just let Jen do most of the real work or the witnesses do it for him…did he ever try to do his job that he was paid for. To tell truth in most if not all cases any trial as that would bring FREEDOM to the one on trial or in prison…..the state failed in so many ways now all must question why. Did they as the haters not do any and all to railroad her in that show trial? Money for justice…how else does justice work thanks to the rules???? Just imagine Her and the accuser facing each other….Opps they did and boy the rat was at a loss for words…logic…facts…evidence…how did he fail at the big win…well he did..4 times! Do any think it is easy going up against the system ever? The system is geared to WIN …right or won as it loves the win. Ask any why they fear truth and yes justice for Her as all. Some are blinded by hate…and love injustice till it finds them…but trust me it will find them. We work for that!

    Please DONATE to Jodi’s Appeals Fund. We must continue the fight for her FREEDOM!

    We make a living by what we get.
    We make a life by what we give.
    – Winston Churchill

  8. Wow are plastic bags that costly…who would place a remote in any hand bag….and think it would do o.k…..I missed the part of trial where she had it in her purse…..Because when one gives a DVD to any one would they not ASK for the FUCKING REMOTE or do they like old style …using a very long stick or getting up about a few 100 times each night as they view their movies. This she had little $…well she had enough to go on a trip borrowed (?) on her own$. Remember haters do love to push the lies. That was very common each night on hln for the benefit of a certain jury. One would think that DVD’s cost a mint and even used…LOL. So what do new gas cans cost….7…8…$’s…..mighty cheap DVD player…hold that thought…in 2006 or 2007 two gals from work chipped in to buy Mr luddit at work a BRAND NEW DVD WITH REMOTE…the cost was 25$ + tax =less then 30$ for a new one…and at that time two gas cans were no more then 20 $…my how math works always for Us! I’ll say this about the ex. first he defends her at trial then throws her under the bus…now pal if I’am wrong please come at me on that. The real problem with haters is their have a mission….. Now I have never heard old dave say he loaned or gave a .25 to dearest t-dog..but I have heard many a time how dave boy KNEW that t-dog would NEVER own any gun…NO WAY!!!! But I got to asking …why does this fat fuck protest way to much on this issue…how would he ever know what his pal is up to…..seems none of the fiends knew about porn star t did they or abuser t did they or pedo t did they …seems they knew very little about this guy…but so fast to destroy the person who defended Her self and killed him in certain S/D. See them lack of defensive wounds folks…take blinders off if needed.

  9. Note to the so called judges…PLEASE do only your job and control the courts to make just and fair trials it shows how so many judges come from a PERSECUTOR back ground they way they act in their court. Just why would any judge feel the need to save the states case no matter what? But they do most of the time because they seem to think it’s their duty to protect the voters and taxpayers over the accused ….it’s that persecutor mindset in many judges who say …GUILT was NEVER in doubt…before trial…now that’s a mind that needs help! Any real judge who believed in justice would have ended the case as soon as that rat made threats on a witness….hard to believe it got away with threats on A.L….one must wonder if it has an abusive past…hmm…seems it does. It assaults women by grabbing their head and forcing them to smell clothing fro dead people…talk about a nut job and abuser …but odd how it never hid that in court did it? Being a judge it not a chance to abuse anyone….no one cares what a judge thinks about the person unless it’s based on laws…..their job is not to feel for any so called victim…let them things in the front row looking for a payday do that. To think the family was allowed to wait out side the jury room each day to intimidate any juror makes one wonder…did this judge or any who knew of said trial even know the law and how it works? I must say many judges love to show boat during show trials and thus become abusers of all via their actions. Now we know what corruption is going on and now We need to change it …for the good of all not caring one bit about the mob or the greedy things who make coin from it…they could make JUDIS look good…at least in the end he tried to right a wrong.

  10. Note to the haters and the know it all experts who know more about this trial then any…just ask em….do the tests and do em fair to see Her truth…i know the state never did many or any tests as the haters will not because it will show who spoke truth. Only one side has claim to that..Her side! Little wonder why so many must spread lies and vile and hate for a rather corrupt win at any cost.

  11. Question #3: Why, in her master plan to murder someone, would she supposedly change out the bullet type for one less powerful?

    Respondent #2: “It’s likely she didn’t know the difference between one bullet and another. I don’t know much about guns myself, but I do know if I were to steal a loaded gun, I would get rid of the ammo in it and replace it with fresh ammo in the event it could be somehow traced (I guess I watch too much CSI). Hollow point bullets have a distinctive dimpled head, she may have thought that quality could more readily identify the weapon. She was at the house while the police officer was interviewing her grandparents and may have heard her grandpa stress that the gun had hollow points and decided that it would look too suspicious if Travis was killed with the same ammo. That was a smart move on her part, because it makes people such as yourself doubt the stolen gun theory.”

    At first glance each of these suppositions seem reasonable. But that’s exactly what they are, suppositions. Sure, it’s easy enough to invent scenarios with “it’s likely she didn’t know”, “she may have thought” and “she may have heard”. But that’s working backwards into a guilty verdict; it’s creating scenarios to fit the already arrived-at conclusion. (I think this respondent needs to watch more CSI, not less.) And a pattern I’ve noticed is that they find it useful to attribute intelligence to her when it fits the drama in their heads and then assume ignorance or even stupidity when that props up some other part of their story. And again they fail to ask themselves any follow-up questions, such as, where did she get the round point bullets to replace the hollow points? Grandpa didn’t report any loose ammunition stolen. So maybe she just had some laying around her bedroom? For what? For a gun she didn’t own? Or did she go out to buy some, thereby creating yet one more path back to her, all for the purpose of changing out the bullets so they couldn’t be traced back to her? (Makes my head spin.)

  12. I think you nailed this respondent with this statement… “But that’s working backwards into a guilty verdict; it’s creating scenarios to fit the already arrived-at conclusion”

    These people had their minds made up before you got to them and are now manufacturing scenarios to fit it. This is not anything new as it goes on all over the country. These kinds of statements are what I was describing and thinking about when I first heard her say that she wasn’t in Yreka but was on the road trip with her sister and then mentioned the pictures. I will be the first to say that I am not up to date on the ammunition discrepancies but focused more on the fact that it was TRAVIS’s gun PERIOD!!!. The fact that Jodi walked in on the police investigation of the burglary is what these people are manufacturing. If I remember, I believe her grandpa didn’t even think she did it because she WAS ON A ROAD TRIP and the Yreka police didn’t even consider her a suspect. Apparently, the opinion of the trained police detectives in Yreka meant nothing to these respondents!!!!!
    I have been amazed since I got here about how little “evidence of innocence” Jodi had in her defense due to all of these mundane and violent events and circumstances that turned the country and the courts against her. No obvious evidence of TA domestic violence against her or against any other girlfriend, no outward eyewitness evidence of his really bad temper etc. Whether TA was even conscious of this while the two of them were together and even later is totally speculative but it remains the central issue in her defense. The robbery alibi was one of the few she did have and I have thought that once that aspect was knocked down, the focus could be placed squarely on June 4th.

  13. Ah the abuse as seen by danny boy before the road trip…and his sister saw it two.. dan the man has this thing about looking into a womans belongings….to lighten the load or spy for t-dog…maybe both! dan invades her back pack then brave travis starts going ape shit on Jodi for daring to question a man for searching Her belongings… got that BAD t-dog needed to be out of sight to scream at Her for standing up for Her self…then as they were driving and took a stop he played a few mind games with Her as he drove away…at few times leaving Her stranded…wow such a need to show who is the master. And this is a women he wanted to be with …at times…no fear of danny boy standing up to this abuser/ fear at all as they think all women must be kept in their place. Then we have the posts of his violence and threats…Yes friends violence can be just words…Like I’ll fucking kill you…..say that to any man and see if you survive….let alone any cop! This thing of a man spoke more then a few times of MURDER with glee….it was his thing. Wonder how the jury missed that….other then blinded by hate. Finder of facts lol..what jury is that…not them 12 idiots as NONE can explain how they came to their verdict …NONE…they took an oath and failed to do right. What reason is there they are not now in PRISON…no limits on contempt …NONE! Such jurors seek to destroy the system thus are traitors and a enemy of the republic….is that over the top…I think not. ONLY one group in America takes an oath to defend the republic for foes within and without…..where is it written that treason get a civil trial….when one is in contemp of court there is never a trial just jail….am I wrong? There was but one mission in that trial and that was to destroy her at any cost and said jury did all they could to do just that…until 4 stood up to 8 creeps….of a lynch mob. Anyone not held accountable in any trial is nothing but a sick joke…None are above the law…NONE! read the CONSTITUTION…again! Tests??? now why do the sick shits have this fear of tests….well We know they fear truth by that cover up of a show trial…they were caught more then a few times…in LIES! Up north We seek justice and for the most part get it….they who cringe at Me asking two young ladies to help in a test seem to think that a man can not ever speak to a woman…I needed help in a test and asked for it…and they both were glad to aid Me but did not know why…when the test was over and once more the rat was caught in a bold face lie….i thanked them both….then asked if they wanted to know why…Yes We do…so I asked do You know of a young woman now on trial for her life..J.A. Oh yes We have watched that trial…Well I seek to find Her justice and You two have helped a great deal…I will never forget Their smiles…then They thanked Me! And told Me wish her well from Us! In parting I asked if this statement might be true…in N. america it would be rather rare for any woman who is 21 yr.s old not to have suffered abuse by at least one man…VERY RARE! Both looked at Me and said …mister it happens a lot sooner then that…We know of no friends not abused by at least one man…. Yes i work for Jodi but She as others know we work for all who face abusive men who think females are theirs to abuse…be they children or women….the time was up that day for her abuser and I pray We will soon end the violence against all who think they can do to others as they please…..CRINGE ? ….. look no further then that man of faith who used it’s faith to abuse and use both children women and men…twisted …sick….broken…..and a mooch ….this they praise. they who defend injustice deserve none……the cult of travis…..what man would call such a friend.

  14. It’s Friday and I got time…….and time is on Our side as are truth …facts …logic…all they have is corruption. Never knew some would sell out so cheap….less then 30 pieces of silver. Ask ANY hater …would You help an enemy find justice??? Then tell them even enemies deserve justice…and to do anything less shows the measure of the so called just. But then they live in a rather twisted world where men get away with abusing children…let alone women. Let the church own such trash as it shows their truth…..when them two boys knock on the door or stop you in the street ask them why dear travis has not been removed from the ranks…if one can take the dead in then one can kick the dead out……why would a just God want in any other way???

  15. OMG….i,ve been in a few relationships that were abusive…..but no naked man ever body slammed me….susan j elliot jd m.ed……..WOW all that education and still not that smart……if it didn’t happen to her then it could not have happened to another…now that’s some logic su…rather evil logic I must say, your hate shows well and please do not question My hate for you as I pity you to the max. just where do you get off using any education to push vile….as We saw a paid mouth piece in court call jamean who needed to lie to make a payday but had no clue what she charged the rat to do its bidding. One could see the vile as it oozed out of that thing. Talk about putting up a FAKE front from a DR…..mighty sick show indeed. su get the help you need before writing any more books. And next time you get abused pray it’s not by a naked man who body slams you to the floor….you’ll find it’s no joke. And just why would any believe a person who claims abuse yet tells the world that another lies? TWO faced or what???

  16. Does anyone know when Jodi’s appeal will be heard? There was a lot of discussion in the media many weeks ago. Lots of people are interested if she going back to court.

    • Jodi’s first appeal brief is about to be filed in mid-May. How long it will take for the state to reply and the COA to rule, I don’t know.

      • Hey Alan,

        I would imagine, knowing AZ’s system like we now do, that this could be another few years. I am assuming SJ will post this when it happens?!!!

        By the way, I saw that Phoenix hit a temp record at 106 degrees. It’s probably a good thing she stopped working. I sure hope her cooler is working well.. YIKES!

      • Thanks. I think the appeal timing is important because she was officially convicted in May 2013 and there is a 5 year statute of limitations which would end her right to an appeal effective now. It would seem she needs to file pretty soon.

        • Hopefully, Jodi still has a significant amount of time on her state-paid appeals. This is the expiration date that we all are concerned with because that is when the Appellate Fund will be footing that bill.

          • I will try to get definite information on when the private appellate lawyer will be needed. At present I don’t know whether it’s immediately after the CoA rules or can be postponed until after the post-conviction review.

            • Based on this, it appears that this timeframe could come up around next year depending on what post-conviction review statute states. Let’s hope that it can be delayed!!

              Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms out there including Jodi’s!!

  17. So just why did so many women go on HLN to push vile and hate yet claimed they were real victims of abuse but J.A. could never be….just what was that logic. Well that logic is the pity parade logic where one could care less about others and has this rather sick need to make others pay for things they did not do. But She killed a man???? YES She did and only to save Her self….imagine how many times he attacked Her and just would not stop no matter the cost…the wounds show that very clearly. For any educated person to go on such a show as vermins…nasty…or spew pushed makes one wonder…they WERE shows of DESTROY this woman or man no matter the cost. Justice be damned. Talk about the real stare of fake news….one would think that a GERMAN club foot would be so proud his dream lives on….the bigger the lie the easier to push… In God We trust…LOL not in any court room I’ve ever seen does that logic work…We as a society put our trust in 12 no bodies…as it seems to some brain trusts are never wrong…..really no need for appeals is there as some would crave. Then We seem to think a jury can not be held accountable….works rather well for the system that way. LOCK Em UP…sounds like one is talking about OUR leaders…all of them…talk about criminals… long as it’s called war…no problem….but let one defend their own life then the system can say it was murder then build a case to suit their needs…and no matter what corruption never to be held accountable. Odd how they claim to do this in OUR names….is that to ease their guilt? No travis was no saint and rather far from it by his own actions. How very odd Her so called hate was never shown towards him in that trial but his towards Her was! And more then once….but a jury blinded by hate refused to see that…..did they not take an oath to judge with fact..logic..reason and fairness? haters seem to take a certain joy in the outcome in this case…seems to me a very small price was paid to try and destroy Her….dear t-dog was the lamb…but open your eyes to see a wolf and one who was proud of being one. Ever wonder where dogs come from??? from wolfs….things that hunt and do so rather well as they are surrounded by their own kind. Why would any feel sorrow for any abuser as t-dog…from it’s own mouth We know what it was.

  18. Question #5: Why borrow gas cans from someone who will mention them to someone should he ever be questioned? Why not buy gas cans with cash in no-man’s land or in some large store where she’d be just one of many customers?

    Respondent #1: “She lacked the funds to do so… further in her plan she never intended to admit that she was ever in Arizona.”

    Respondent #2: “Jodi didn’t care if Darryl told anyone that she borrowed gas cans. Her reason that she was going through the desert would be perfectly reasonable if there was no other evidence to place her at the crime. The gas cans she borrowed from Darryl, on their own, are meaningless. When combined with other evidence, they point to motive and means to carry out a pre-meditated killing.” 

    First off, how ridiculous to claim she didn’t have $25 to conceal gas cans that might reveal her plan (according to the prosecution and these idiots) to sneak into Arizona undetected and commit a murder. Instead she intentionally created a witness. GMAFB!! Also, here’s another bit of so-called “reasoning” I heard from many of these people who could hardly wait to see her on death row: “When combined with other evidence, they point to motive and means to carry out a pre-meditated killing.” What other evidence? Oh, you mean all the other evidence for which you’ve also devised whatever possible (but unproven) scenario that validates your verdict of guilt? The same can be (and should be) said about the evidence (when reasonable explanations are applied) pointing to reasonable doubt. How about there’s not an iota of evidence that she stole the gun, it’s perfectly reasonable to rent a car for a road trip if one’s own car is unreliable, it’s perfectly reasonable for a woman to carry extra gas cans while traveling alone through a desert, it’s statistically shown that abused women often return to their abusers, and it’s perfectly understandable for someone to freak out and behave bizarrely after having killed someone they loved in order to save their own life. Why can’t these people apply the same logic that arrives at not guilty? And why can’t they apply the same logic when evaluating whether Travis was an abuser, such as all the hurtful hateful things he said in texts and emails and such as what his own friend Skye Hughes said about his abusive behavior toward women. Somehow their grand powers to logic aren’t applied here. Why? Probably because they don’t want to. Ignorance wrapped in arrogance.

  19. There are so many other questions I feel mean so much more and shed so much light on so much doubt……”so many” and “so much” are they never ending theme that seems to plague this group.

    The questions I always come back to…..


    Why NOT call the roommates to testify? If they were trying to prove Jodi a batshit crazy ex they would be the perfect witness to these actions

    How were they able to spend so many days in the house in a hot desert with their friend dead down the hall way and not smell anything? When anyone else who went into the house that night automatically knew something wasn’t right?

    Why not call the witness who claimed they saw Travis after the time they say he was killed?

    There were plenty of ways the defense and the prosecution could have used the roomates to prove theories

    Another question I always come back to is even during it all she was able to move him all by herself? How?!?! Yes I believe I. Adrenaline rushes and such but he was already a very big guy but to have him nothing but dead weight would have been impossible.

    I’m not disputing anything Jodi says but my mom also went through something very traumatic when I was a baby. She was held hostage by my dad who was in a standoff with police. He broke into our home and wasn’t in his right mind and wanted to kill us both and then himself. My moms briefed was hiding in the home who he didn’t know was there and through the grace of God and quick thinking my mom was able to sneak me out with her niece but what happened in the house after she took me out is where things went haywire bc and HER version of it is very different than everyone else’s that was there during the time (police, my grandparents, her friends, her therapist and several other people)

    While horrific traumatic experiences can sometimes “cloud” our memories we can also listen to other people’s versions of things go so many years that we begin to form memories from those stories.

    Idk wether my mom just blocked things out and created her own reality that helped her cope or handle what really happened in the house after we got out or if she’s just heard so many different versions and rumors that she’s created things.

    I’m not saying Jodi is a liar I’m just saying I honestly believe there are so many unanswered questions and there so many things that don’t make sense about the situation, her trial, the lack of hard evidence, the lack of capable counsel on her part, a showboat of a prosecutor, a judge who had checked out early on and wasn’t even present In mind it seemed and the jurors who seemed to really just convict her on their broken hearts for Travis family.

    Yes it’s always bad when anyone is killed but you can conduct someone of this kind of crime when it wasn’t committed in that fashion. Self defense isn’t a crime but a coverup is and I feel like things are being covered up (not in a conspiracy theory sort of way) but in a way out of sight out of mind sort of way.

  20. Hello Reni

    Welcome to the discussion! All of your questions are excellent and logically based. Here is another question…. why would a female so bent on a pre med killing decide to wait until the man was upright, lucid and able to fight her irregardless of whether he was in a shower. Why wouldn’t she instead murder him in his sleep the night before? Nobody could answer that one either. After Jodi arrived early on June 4th, they talked for a little while and then went to sleep. Why wouldn’t she have shot and/or stabbed him WHILE HE SLEPT!!!!
    We have acknowledged on this site that Jodi made a lot of mistakes afterward… not calling the police immediately, leaving the scene, taking the gun, tampering with evidence and lying to authorities for two years. Her reasons for all of this was tremendous shame in how they behaved in the hours before the fight with the sex photos which is the reason she put the camera in the washing machine.
    However, these mistakes still do not add up to a LWOP sentence. As we have discussed here before, Jodi may never recall EXACTLY what happened during the struggle but we have learned enough to know that she was egregiously overcharged which is why we are here!

  21. Today is the 5-year anniversary of Jodi’s conviction. I expected the Arizona Republic to run some kind of commemorative story, but I don’t see one.

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