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Click the links below to read the “secret testimony” transcripts, released earlier today:

October 30th Transcript (144 pages, PDF)

November 3rd Transcript (105 pages, PDF)

jodi arias transcript 1-13-2015

Click the graphic below to watch initial feedback on the transcripts from AZ Central:

azc 1-13

No trial today. Court resumes again tomorrow, 1/14.  A ruling on the Motion to Dismiss is now expected later this week, maybe next week… maybe even the week after that.

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    • After reading the transcripts of Jodi’s testimony, i have a new out look, seems as though she was a remarkable young woman, very smart, paid her own way. no telling how far she could have gone in life. All this ended the day she met Travis, and his scammers at Prepaid Legal and brainwashed her with the mormon cult that Travis, and his fellow friends used which ever way suited them. I know she killed him no doubt, but something bad happened in that bathroom to Jodi. She must have been in a fight for her life that is the only way 120lb woman could overpower a bodybuilder, so sad. Juan Martinez should be in jail. makes me wonder who else he has on death row, and his cheerleaders make me sick, trying to get rich off of this trial. yea i am talking about jen, what a joke reporter. Hoping for the best

    • I only knew who Jodi was from watching tv news, computer, trial,a and the lifetime movie. I really did not understand why they made such a big deal out of this case, maybe because she is so pretty, or the moron, i mean mormon bs, or that she lied to the police and left the crime scene. Isnt that what u r susposed to do when a crime is committed, u get the hell out of there and lie your ass off to the cops. “WHO ME, no no u have the wrong person!” I would have done something similar to what JA did before, during, and after the entire ordeal. I have ben in an abusive relationship with a Jahova Witness, well educated, handsome, respeted community man that was well spoken just like TA. Everyone thought he was great, but behind closed doors he was a lieing, crack using, animal kicking, women beating POS that would have killed me if i had not left the state. So i totally felt drawn to her just seeing her on tv and although our stories did not habe the same outcome, I can totally understand and believe that she was, beaten, abused, and snapped due to his abuse. Having said all that, i too had to spend some time this past yr as Joe Arpio’s guest for notpaying some fines from 2009 for an assult on a police officer. ( charges were dropped) so just because of thay charge i am in a close ccustody setting at the jail. Low and behold i got put in the cell right next to Jodi Arias. Wow what a small world, i couldnt believe it. Well i only ended staying 10 days but was so thankful that i got to know Jodi a little bit, and i habe to say, our daily “vent chats” were enlightening, sincere, caring, non judgmental, educating, and just down to earth. I though JA was a well spoken, savy, dedicated, intelligent, kind, caring, funny, sincere one of a kind, beautiful young women that just did what any of us r capable of doing. She is one of the nicest most interesting people i have had the pleasure of meetin in a long time. She snapped, did what she did, admitts that, has to sleep with that every nightm accepts responsibility, and deals with her circumstance. What i dont get is y Juan Martinez has such a hardon for Jodi, and not in a good way. He has gone after her with a vengeance. Never should have been charged with 1st degree, not premeditated at all. Jodi should b let out now just for the fact shes been at Estrallia jail for 6 yrs, that place blows!!

      • Hi Alane,

        Thank you for sharing that with us! Welcome to JAII! Hope to see more of you in the future!

        ps. Any kind of ‘hardon’ from martinez is not a good thing! Hahahahaaaa! 😆

      • Alane, you are absolutely right about Jodi, she is the proverbial girl next door. The kind of person that would do anything for you, without regard to herself. I am a better person for knowing her.

        (((((JODI)))))♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

        Ray in H-burg Va.

  1. The Jurors were seated for this testimony. If I were on the Jury, I would see that JA was a hardworking woman who consistantly worked two jobs and not only supported herself but others.There are pictures she has made available that were not there during the first trial, such as those with her and Daryl Brewer and his son. The testimony only got to the second day so it did not get far at all into her relationship between her and TA. No mention of names of witnesses that would come forward on her behalf which I consider a good thing at least they won’t be hounded.

    • I think JA comes off very well; I think she makes a favorable impression.
      I don’ t mean to make light about a serious subject, buy I really enjoyed the ‘South Park’ reference in regard to the Mormon religion.

        • TA had oral sex with her twice before she ever found out about the Mormon law of chastity and even after she found out he said it was for vaginal sex only. She believed him because she felt he knew everything about the religion. She was very naive .

  2. “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss
    (((((JODI))))) As I already knew, nothing has changed my mind. ♥ FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!!!!

  3. Jodi, I’m heartened to read your words. I understand why this was private. I believe in YOU, Jodi, and I continue to pray for you to be FREE!
    Thanks SJ!, I appreciate you!

  4. I felt really bad for Jodi several times reading the transcripts particularly the way Travis treated her and when she was talking about what she wanted for her future. For some unknown reason, her comment that she & Travis both like the SF49ers choked me up. Why? Like Amy, I enjoyed the South Park reference, too. Also, when Jennifer asked Jodi what she remembered about the breakfast on Sunday (last day in LV), she said: “Travis ate a lot of ice cream for breakfast.” It struck me as funny but it’s little things that stick in our memory.
    I noticed the person who typed the transcript referred to Travis’s alter ego character as “Eddie Smell” instead of Eddie Snell. A Freudian slip or a secret Jodi supporter?
    Lastly, the conversation at the end of the 2nd transcript between JSS, JM, KN & JW was interesting simply b/c it showed that 4 lawyers couldn’t agree on what the order from the Court of Appeal meant. I also liked how Nurmi “put his foot down” during that conversation.
    I thought Jodi came across really well and showed she is deserving of a second chance.

  5. Oh my, just saw this post and getting ready to do some reading. I am scared to even open this to read, but…… Here goes. Thanks for providing!

  6. I started reading and started crying and had to stop. I was crying for the child within Jodi. I am now happy that Sandy was not in the courtroom. She just wanted her family back the way it used to be. How sad that children are exposed to adult issues. I know understand why Jodi did not stand up for herself. A child learns what they live. My heart is just broken for her.

    • I agree Cindy. It is so hard to be a parent. . .we never know how things affect our children until we can’t undo it. Wouldn’t it be nice if each brand new baby that came into this World came with an instruction booklet like a computer, washing machine and etc? Everything in this World comes with instruction booklets except children. People seem to get caught up in this crazy selfish World and forget how everything we say or do affects our children. They absorb everything around them. My love to each and everyone of the Arias family and to Jodi. ♥

    • Cindy, you’re absolutely right that a child learns what they live. I think this is why I relate to Jodi and understood from the very beginning that there was more than meets the eye to this case. It hurt my heart to read it too.

  7. First time posting… Praying for Jodi. Just wondering if DT will submit another Motion to Dismiss based on the release of the transcript.

  8. I found Jodi and Jen to make a really good team, and I am so glad that kermit, for once, did not get to voir dire Jodi. The additional information about Bobby and Matt helped me get a better understanding of the full dynamics of those relationships, particularly the real turmoil that she had with Bobby at such a young age. I believe it was going very well for the defence until it came to a halt, and that the ruling came at the right time to prevent any damage done to Jodi’s witnesses.

    Thanks again SJ for making it available here.

    ((( Jodi & Mom & Dad )))

  9. Took several hours to read the entire two transcripts of (144 + 105) pages. …It is an extremely good presentation in showing a timeline of events in Jodi’s life and the absolute good (or not so good) reasoning (perhaps bad luck) that she had in making decisions:
    ……..For example, buying a house with her (then) boyfriend (probably variable rate interest) and then the house lost value (like millions of other home owner investors experienced at that time).
    …After losing her home owners investment she then fell into (what I would call) a PYRAMID SCHEME which is all that Travis had to offer her. …And, of course the RELIGION of HYPOCRITES.
    …She was (and is) an extreme workaholic in her life & now a workaholic in her defense.
    …She was never jealous but preferred to be “out the door” and just “move on” (and away) from any boyfriends that wanted “friend with benefits” but, then they wanted unlimited new girlfriends.
    …I pray that Jodi can present testimony in whatever way that her defense team feels is in her best interest, to prove her NOT GUILTY by dismissal of the guilt verdict with prejudice, and/or exoneration. …Surely more testimony of her and other witnesses to follow.

    …Dear Judge Sherry Stephens: You do not want to be known as the Pontius Pilate of Arizona. …Remember, Pontius Pilate decided that Jesus Christ was NOT GUILTY, but Pilate was afraid of the backlash from the (((crowds of haters))), washing his hands, (abdicating his responsibility).
    …Some accounts say that Pontius Pilate committed suicide, rather than face ((his own execution)).
    …Later, the WIFE of Pontius Pilate became “Saint Claudia Procles of Judea” because she tried to reason with Pilate against his incorrect and fateful decision, and to release Jesus.

  10. In my opinion, this transcript released cannot be why Stephens shut down the courtroom. There has to be more–some kind of proffer made off the record in chambers as to who other witnesses were that would corroborate what she testified to for 18 days. And some proof was offered naming them and that they refused to testify because of being scared of some crazy Mormons who showed they are capable of anything.

    Then in addition, what Jodi would be testifying to when she was on the stand in regards to who those people would be and what they know, setting the stage for them to testify.

    What happened is that the appeals court order came down and stopped the testimony just as she was about to get into the time period relevant to Travis. And that’s where all the bombshells were about to be dropped. That’s why the little bastard in lifts was so vehement about having her continue once the appeals court ruled against her testimony being in secret.

    I believe even Stephens is getting threats now from these Satanic cultists and she is experiencing it firsthand.

    Fortunately I believe all the information that would have been disclosed has been protected and the media got NOTHING.

    This information so far couldn’t possibly be why Stephens took the almost unprecedented step to have the media and public kicked out. There has to something more.

    • Thank you for that Jade and I agree with you. I’ve been wondering if I was alone. There has to be more to this story……

      • Sure. And that’s why Stephens is in a real pickle because she knows the witnesses will not testify unless their identity can be protected, which the Supreme Court is preventing.

        Fourteen witnesses who will not testify may actually be a record. I don’t know if any federal mob trials had that many who demanded anonymity. Jodi has the right to have mitigating testimony and that many witnesses who are afraid of something is extraordinary. She cannot be expected or obligated to put their safety in jeopardy which is a realistic reality in this case. If it was one or two, a judge could just order that they be subpoenaed.

        So now it’s the catch 22 of Stephens life. And believe me, she knows a lot more than we know today–something grave too. This isn’t even factoring in the withholding of evidence regarding the computer. That’s on TOP of this.

      • I dido that and the rat ……. Media didn’t get it!!! So does anyone know what was the real price that they had to pay???

        R.Love it is something I have often said..” Babies don’t come with how to books. But things are changing a focus on classes for new parents to be.

        ((((Jodi)))). You are loved!!!!

    • I agree.

      I did see one little thing, though, that I didn’t know from testimony in the original trial. Quite sure it wasn’t *why* this was sealed, as it came out in a very off-hand way.

      I dunno.

      See vent.

    • You’ve nailed it on the head. It’s all of those death threats by the batshit Mormon mob which is why JSS is stalling or dragging this thing out instead of throwing the entire case out like it should be.

    • Jade, I believe that JSS is getting death threats as well. It would not surprise me in the least if she is. As more and more is coming to light about the lies and BS from the prosecution side, there is fear that Jodi could possibly walk out a free woman. TA’s family certainly do not want that to happen, nor does Bill Montgomery. I sat shaking my head during the trial. I could not believe the BS the prosecution was getting away with and I most certainly did not agree with the verdict.

  11. I have said previously that this testimony by Jodi was setting the stage for the witnesses to come that would testify and it was those witnesses that needed protection, not Jodi. Jodi openly testified to much of this previously and JSS would not close the courtroom for this testimony, but for those witnesses to come. Jodi was testifying to set the stage and background for those critical mitigating witnesses who have damaging information about TA..Having said that here are my thoughts about what this jury might conclude from Jodi’s testimony thus far about her life….I feel that they will see that she was and is a very caring intelligent person who got taken advantage of by men like Bobbi and TA. I think that Matt was okay and Darryl was probably the one who treated Jodi the best and the one who really loved her. Though she didn’t get through much of her relationship with TA with this testimony what she did speak about certainly illustrates the kind of user and manipulator TA was. If I am a juror I am thinking TA is the total controller and total self-centered phony creep. Jodi comes off as caring, naive, and completely forgiving and loyal. Right from the get go you see that TA had no morals, no manners, and no thought of anyone but himself. There is NO WAY I would ever vote for death for her NO WAY !! It is clear that from the beginning, TA abuses Jodi basically overwhelming her physically with the fast sex and mentally with the indoctrination into LDS doctrine. This domination of course progresses to physical and verbal abuse and of course it all ends in tragedy when Jodi has to defend herself from this obviously troubled abusive man.

    JSS needs to do according to the law and vacate the verdict and dismiss with prejudice for the prosecutorial misconduct, perjury, and Brady violations !!! JUST DO IT !!

    God Bless you forever, Jodi 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • BB I have a question for you. JM stated that because he did not get the chance to cross examine this witness (jodi), since her testimony was cut short due to the court order, if she didn’t finish testifying, he would move for the entire transcript to be dismissed. I noticed that a few pictures were given over into evidence. Can JSS hold on to those and not give them over to the media until after such time as they find out if Jodi will continue with testimony? Since they are part of the evidence of her testimony, if JM quashes her testimony then those pictures would not be in evidence? I am speaking of the pictures of Daryl and his son specifically because I remember during the first trial he was supposed to be able to testify without cameras being present.

      • They have already been entered into evidence and are a part of the record. However, if Jodi decides not to continue to testify after JSS makes her ruling of DP / Dismissal and her testimony is striken, then the jury would not be allowed to consider that or the accompanying photos (although it is hard to erase testimony from your mind especially that length of testimony)….as far as the public goes unless the photos are put under seal, then they would be available as a public record….I personally believe that Jodi herself will continue with her mitigation testimony. She is not the one being protected and she needs to spend as much time as possible in front of the jury so the jury can really understand who she is and that she is not this monster that the public has created……like I said above there is NO WAY if I were a juror after listening to her on the stand that I would vote to put her to death. NO WAY….

  12. Lesson in life:

    “Tout est pardonné” (all is forgiven) was the main quote on the cover of Charlie Hebdo magazine after the mass massacre that occurred only a few days ago in France.

    The power of those 3 words is so overwhelming. They are stronger than revenge, they are stronger than hatred…

    Family, friends and co-workers of the people that were murdered in France have already found it in their hearts to forgive. They know that revenge, hate, brutality will not bring back their loved ones. They prefer to fill their hearts and souls with love and forgiveness.

    They are sending out an international message: forgiveness is the route to having a healthy productive future. To move on. To not dwell over what has been done. They can’t undo what has been done BUT they are not willing of spending the rest of their lives hating and living in the past.

    I see so much hatred towards Jodi Arias and it makes me wonder: Is this how these ‘haters’ want to live the rest of their lives? Are they satisfied with their bitterness?Does their vileness make them feel whole?Is this their goal in life?

    To everyone that seeks revenge and wants to hurt (physically & emotionally) Jodi Arias: Hate is a powerful emotion BUT forgiveness is what will makes you move on in life and become a better person. Do you really want your children to grow up in an environment that teaches them to have a dark soul or would you prefer that they can acknowledge and comprehend good from bad but have the courage and power to forgive and move on? To not look back in anger.

    Jodi did something that she never imagined she would be capable of doing. She regrets dealing with travis the way she did. She has so many times said that if it was possible to turn back time and re-do that day, she’d do it in a blink of an eye.

    Jodi has apologized more times than I can count. The specific words “I’m sorry” are overrated and have been used so often that they have lost their real meaning. We get away with an “I’m sorry” for the most simple things: For stepping on someone, for accidentally pushing someone in a packed bus, for being late to an appointment…. So if you keep on saying that she has not apologized because she hasn’t used those specific words, then your hatred has affected your hearing and your thinking..

    If you are not capable to forgive and still seek revenge, then I advise you to step away from your computer, your tv, your newspaper: for you have a lot of work to do to make yourselves a better person and to pass on your goodness to the next generations.

    France has taught us a big and important lesson in life… I hope you haven’t flunked because your hatred blinds you and withholds you from your better selves.

    “Tout est pardonné” Jodi…

    Peace out.

    • Beautiful, beautiful message, Pandora. You really put your heart into it. Just think what Jodi’s world would be like if we were all haters. It would be intolerable. She’s fortunate to have a great friend like you.Thank you.

  13. Good morning everyone. I have gone through the first transcript. Moving on to the next one.

    Up to now, I see nothing Jodi should be ashamed of. She has strived all her life to make ends meet. To put out goals and accomplish them. I admire her for that and it just proves that Jodi wasn’t a spoiled brat waiting for things to happen w/o her putting in hard work to achieve her goals.

    Jodi’s only flaw was having a lonely heart of gold, trusting men to take care of her beautiful heart… instead of breaking it – as they did.

  14. Reflection:
    The Prosecution charged Jodi with PREMEDITATED felony murder.
    In an effort to take the premeditation out of the mix, her attorneys have and are disseminating the prosecution’s case.

    The only part that has not been disseminated is ‘grandpa’s gun’. If the prosecution wants to bring that in as a FACT, he must have Jodi charged with that crime and prove it in a court of law. Otherwise it is not a proven fact of evidence.
    The gas can issue has been disproved.
    The color of hair has been disproved.
    Travis ‘not asking her to detour to see him’ has been disproved.
    Her knowledge of his ‘pedophilia’ tendencies (which set up ‘her lies’ for Martinez to use) has been disproved, or is about to be.

    The prosecution lied to the defense about the porn on the computer.
    The prosecution withheld this evidence.
    The prosecution tampered with this evidence.

    There is no proven PREMEDITATION to this crime.

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