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If you missed the Prosecution’s damp squib Rebuttal – or even if you watched it and have subsequently forgotten all about it – here’s a quick overview from regular contributor AA. Mugshots are included at no extra cost. Enjoy…

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So here we are folks … the last witness of JM’s rebuttal (obviously, he didn’t get the bank lady) and what have we learned?

Tot Doc told us the defense psych experts were unethical because they gave Jodi books. She also told us that Jodi has BPD not PTSD and that she thought Travis wasn’t abusive. In her mind, Travis merely engaged in unhealthy communication patterns infrequently. IMPORTANT NOTE: Tot Doc has less than 3 years of experience in reality, although she claims 8 years. The other experts have 35 and 34 years each. Meanwhile, because she brought in new evidence, the defense gets to put on a third psych witness with 28 years of experience to inform us how flawed Tot Doc’s testing was. Ultimately, this means the jury can decide whether they believe almost 100 years of combined psych experience or a smarmy cold broad with less than 3 years. Seems like that will be an easy decision.

Tot Doc - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

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Wal-Mart couldn’t find a return for the 3rd gas can. But they didn’t look for a kerosene can. Wal-Mart claims a refund could NOT have been issued without a SKU. But, as the jurors quickly pointed out, Wal-Mart doesn’t deny that a dummy SKU could have been used.

Walmart - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

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Tesoro’s Ms. Universe chick said Jodi made 3 separate gas 3 purchases. But I don’t recall Jodi ever denying that, so I’m not sure what the point of her testimony was other than perhaps to prove that women can have guns as big as Travis Alexander?

Tesoro’s Ms. Universe chick - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

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Deanna is a nice ex-girlfriend of Travis. Since she dated him, she became a teacher, and she inherited Travis’s dog. While dating him, she bought Travis expensive gifts, including a computer. This implies she might have lent him money like every other girlfriend he ever had. He broke up with her while she was away on a mission because he wanted to boink other girls. They got back together a while after she got back from her mission, but she didn’t know if he was still boinking other girls or not. She had sex with him several times, then told him she wasn’t going to do it anymore and told her bishop. Travis told her he also told his bishop too, but there was no proof that he did.

Ultimately, she broke up with him when he didn’t marry her and that was “unpardonable”. However, Travis didn’t have “unhealthy communication” with her and didn’t shoot big loads on her face. He also never told her she was a loser for wanting to be a teacher. As Nurmi pointed out, they had a very different relationship from Travis’s later relationships with Lisa and Jodi. Wait, was she a witness for the prosecution or the defense?

Deanna Reed - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

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An asshole friend of Travis’s with a bad attitude (whose name I forgot in a heartbeat) saw Travis being affectionate to Jodi on two occasions over the course of 2 years. He shot a video and took a photo of this, however, in the video, Jodi was asleep on Travis’s lap, and when she woke up, Travis just kept on talking, ignoring her. Anyway, asshole friend of Travis didn’t know they were having sex in 2008. Meanwhile, Martinez called Jodi “something blondish & whitish on Travis’s lap”. So, I guess that was the entire point of that testimony: to insult Jodi AGAIN.

An asshole friend of Travis’s with a bad attitude - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

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Officer Brown, a camera dude, verified that Jodi was a brunette the day before Travis died. Martinez slipped in a photo with a quick contrast of Jodi with blonde streaks to remind us that Jodi used to be a blonde. Wait, didn’t we know that already?

Officer Brown - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

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Officer Melendez came back with his pouty mouth to tell us he didn’t find any porn on Travis’s computer — which is really a computer still in Deanna’s name, that Deanna told us she bought for him, so I’m confused as to why it would have her name on the profile in the first place. Martinez, thinking about porn, got confused on the day the police found Travis’s body.

Officer Melendez - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

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“Detective” Flores came back to tell us that his fat ass conducted an experiment in the closet on the shelves at the same house that used to be Travis’s. Problem is, it’s five years later, and there was no guarantee everything was actually the same as it used to be. Also, he didn’t really do a valid experiment. It was completely shoddy, just like all his work. Meanwhile, the jurors had a few questions for him about guns and the attic. It seemed like, while watching his pudgy butt in court for months, they’ve actually just been waiting for him to get that butt back on the stand to ask a few more questions.

Gloria Esteban - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

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Finally, Dr. Horn, the ME, came back. Apparently, he shaved his beard especially so he could tell us again that the knife wound came first — and for a chance for Martinez to show some gory photos yet again. Martinez doesn’t realize that the photos are shocking the first time, but after he jurors have seen them a whole bunch of times, they lose their effect on everyone except Jodi. Then again, maybe that’s who he’s trying to intimidate. During cross, Horn became very defensive and forgot what his prime directive was. He also forgot everything he testified to in January, and what he said at another hearing before that. Could he have also been a witness for the defense undercover?

Dr Doolittle - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

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And that wrapped up the highly anticipated rebuttal.

In the meantime, the next psychologist is getting all sorts of crap thrown at him by the haters, just as Dr. Samuels and Alyce LaViolette did. Jennifer Willmott is getting death threats and threats about Jodi’s life too. Juror No. 8 — known as the note taker — is now gone for some unknown reason. And we had more side bars and chamber conferences than ever before.

That’s what you missed on the Prosecution’s Rebuttal.

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Leave your comments below.

Victory is in sight.

Team Jodi


  1. There are only 2 explanations to reason from where she got the gun 1) Travis owned one 2) she stole it from her grandfather’s house and if you prove 1 to be wrong automatically 2 is right or even 2 is not right she must have come to his house with the gun anyway and it proves premeditation beyond a reasonable doubt We can still doubt that she had the gun for protection on the way but I think this would be called an “unreasonable” doubt it’s not a reasonable doubt because she did not offer this explanation anyway the suspicion is much higher But maybe I’m wrong!

    Prosecutions theory

    1. One week before Travis was killed there was a burglary in the house where Jodi Lived the gun was a 25 caliber the last parson in the house was Jodi she left the house at 1 PM and she returned at 3 PM after the burglary, the same caliber was used to kill Travis and this is clear Jodi is the one who killed him so there theory is that she stole the gun or she arranged someone to take it for her

    2. It cannot be she took from the Travis’s closet because

    3. She clearly told police that Travis did not own a gun 2 times

    4. She would not be able to climb on the shelve without disturbing the shoes

    It looks like this is the biggest evidence for premeditation I think if this has reasonable doubt than we are good to go

    Defense explanation

    1. It looks suspicious but it’s not beyond a reasonable doubt to think that maybe it’s a big coincident it’s just a link no proof that she is actually the one to take it and if we add the other points why it does not make sense as following than the doubt is even greater

    2. She did not end up killing him with the gun according to the prosecutor she used a knife first

    3. She would be able to take the gun quietly not making a whole burglary and make a record of it

    4. She would be able to buy a gun in Arizona without registering it in fact she bought a gun after the killing

    5. She could have taken a much better gun

    6. There is another explanation from where the gun could have come from Travis’s house and there is no way to know how the shelve would react to her weight unless we can recreate “every single” element like it was on jun 4 2008

    7. Her telling police that he did not own a gun was a calculated statement because she knew his gun is a secret and everybody would say he don’t have a gun and if she would be the only one to say that he owned a gun than it would raise suspicious on her that she tries to say something else from everybody for a reason
    Or she did not want to give them an opportunity to say she killed him if they would in fact find out that she was in the house on jun 4 then they will say she used that gun and she was still in the process furthering the investigation off of her so she wanted to take away every possibility to say that she was the killer
    When putting together all fact what she did and what she did not do you can see she was not trying to hide things every criminal would hide

    Prosecution Rebuttal

    1. Maybe the burglary alone is not prove beyond a reasonable doubt but together with other coincidence it builds up the suspicion until it gets to a point of no doubt

    2. Something happened what make her use the knife first (don’t know what)

    3. She wanted to make a burglary to make it sound like someone else and it did not bother her to make a record because her plan was that the police will not believe that she would make a record and do the killing that way she would be off the suspicion also sometimes criminals make mistakes here and there even they want to hide they don’t realize that they can still be tracked down

    4. Sometimes criminals don’t think of other better alternatives

    5. The other guns was big she wanted to be able to hide it in her purse or she may have not known how weak the gun is

    6. The statement she gave for police was true because she still did not figured out her defense to be self-defense but now that it’s important to her to say they Travis owned a gun so she says it was a calculated statement

    i think this is how the jury is going to think and in my opinion there is so much to think of and there is no way to know who is right and who is wrong so im confident that the Gun issue has reasonable doubt

    • I like your synopsis of the pro and def, Eli. It shows a generality of what the jurors have to think about. Considering the questions asked by the jurors, I would have to hope that a lot more detail will also be considered, which, in my mind, leaves too many open questions. Too many things in this case do not add up; like it was the Pro witness who said Jodi had a high IQ. Then they say Jodi-the-mastermind took photos to cover her tracks, took the gun and hid the knife (or something) but after all that, she couldn’t figure out to take the camera. The jurors had questions about the roommates. I think this shows they are not satisfied with the investigation. And as far as witnesses – with all the time spent you would think they would have to consider them. And in the end, I do think many people would value experience over tests, especially when it comes to the human psyche.

      And once again – Thanks Team Jodi for the great work and for re-posting AA’s overview of prosecution’s rebuttal. It was a great tidbit to read (again) first in my morning; informative and entertaining! 😀 Good Morning, All!

    • Good post Eli!!!! #2 for the prosecution rebuttal: Something happened what make her use the knife first (don’t know what)? I would thk that one alone would be enough DOUBT.

    • If the jury has a member who can connct these two dots, the the stolen gun is a moot point. The bullet in Travis head was a round point. The bullets in the stolen gun were hollowpoint. The ME would have noted if a hollowpoint had been used as Travis brain would have been jellified and the inside of his head would have shown the damege from a hollow point round. Jodi would have had no reason to swap out the hollow points for normal rounds.

  2. I’ve thought a lot about this and it may seem really far fetched but at this point nothing in this Trial would surprise me anymore.

    All and all I think Martinez and Flores have been paying very close attention to the Juror’s and the questions that are being asked and who put the questions in the basket and when.
    Yesterday I noticed the Judge say that the questions were being asked in the order they were recieved.

    I think that Juror 8 was set up with the DUI charge so that he would be excused from any other participation in the Trial.
    I think Martinez and Flores felt that he was leaning towards Jodi so they took care of him the only way they could.
    I mean they can pull any person over at anytime and “charge” them with a DUI. All they would need is the charge to get him kicked off the Jury.
    Martinez and Floes are nothing but a bunch of Dirty Cop’s.

    I will be SHOCKED if Juror #8 winds up being found guilty of the DUI charge.

    Forgive any typos. In a hurry heading out the door but wanted to post before I left!!!!

    Team Jodi!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow – I didn’t know anything about the DUI charge. Is that why that juror was kicked off? When did he get the charge?

      • Cindy,

        The media is spinning this story. We don’t know for sure that it was juror #8…. or if the story is even true that this person told the cops that was a juror for Jodi Arias trial. Maybe they are spinning this to get ratings. As everyone elese seems to do with this trial.

        If it is juror #8 it happened Saturday night. The AZ news is waiting for comfirmation that it is this juror.

      • I just found a couple posts from Day 53 (After Trial Comments) – Apparently somebody was pulled over Sat night for a DUI and that person said he was a juror on the Arias trial. Then yesterday Juror #8 was released so I believe it is assumed this was the same person who was pulled over. But it is not definite because jurors are not supposed to tell people they are on the jury – so maybe it wasn’t him. That is my understanding so far. If I’m wrong, anyone please correct me.

        • Interesting…then if he hasn’t been convicted then he should be ok unless he was dismissed because of the “arrest” itself.

          • The problem wouldn’t be the DUI, the problem is he discussed the case he was on with the officer….. Am I right?

            • He didn’t discuss the case, he said he was a juror for the Jodi Arias trial. If in fact this is juror #8 maybe he thought by mentioning this it would get him out punishment…. DUI

              It has not been proven it was juror #8 as stated in the article below.

              If it is Juror #8

              Maybe he has a drinking issue and the court doesn’t want this person on the juror any longer

              Maybe he has to do jail time and won’t be around for next week

              Maybe we have the wrong person.

              We all need to wait until this is confirmed ……….. no SPECULATION.

        • It’s confirmed …it’s on the Arizona news sites. He’s being charged with felony aggravated DUI .
          The arresting officer appeared in chambers earlier this week.

          • Let’s get the story straight:

            PHOENIX – A local Valley police department confirms to ABC15 that a man arrested over the weekend on a DUI charge was also claiming to be a juror in the Jodi Arias trial .

            The arrest happened on Saturday and it was at that time the suspect told the officer he was a member of the jury.

            On Tuesday, the arresting officer was called into a “sealed proceeding” with the judge, the prosecutor and the defense attorneys, the police spokesperson said.

            What was discussed in the secret meeting is confidential.

            Two days later, juror #8 was dismissed and the judge gave no reason.

            Since the topics discussed during the officer’s testimony are sealed, police said there is no way they can confirm that the man arrested for DUI is indeed juror #8.

            On Thursday night, ABC15 attempted to reach the man who was arrested, but was unsuccessful.

            Read more:

            • These peoples comments are insane. Read below

              CourtneyStewart said:
              He definitely was NOT a jerk. He was a very normal/ healthy 30 yr old man who wasn’t sure how to escape from his predator! He never sought HER! He didn’t move to live close to her! He didn’t drive to visit her! He never went out of his way to see her at all either. It was always about her throwing herself at him.

              I can’t stand reading anything else. I get so enraged.

        • That makes sense though. If he got pulled over for a DUI, he didn’t have to say he was a juror on the JA trial. Maybe that’s the reason why. Not because of the DUI but because he said he was a juror for the case. What did he think that because of that he’d be ok ans they’d let him go. The DUI had nothing to do with the trial, why bring it up to the cop?

          Well whatever it was I hope he was for the prosecution.

    • Come on they have breathalyzers and blood tests. If this was a set up the guy
      Would have been doing interviews and shouting from the rooftops. Martinez may act like a rabid
      dog in the courtroom, but that’s a lofty accusation. Throwing out comments like that makes us no better than the Haters.

      • Sully-
        So trusting of the police….apparently you did not see the coverage some months ago about a decorated police officer who was found to have been very corrupt and arrested many people for DUI who were convicted prior to her being found out. Maybe somebody else can find it for Sully.

        • Not saying there aren’t a few bad apples out there…but to conclude all LE are corrupt is a leap. I have family in LE that are hardworking, good honest people. The guy turned out to be a drunk..we don’t need that on the jury.

          • Because he got a DUI it makes him a drunk? ?? I have had a DUI in the past, I wasnt a drunk I made a mistake and learned from it. The guy shouldn’t have been drinking and driving, NO ONE should but it happens. The guy got pulled over in a SATURDAY, right? Its not like he was drunk on his way to the trial Monday morning at 9am. And WHO KNOWS, they said DUI, did they say he was DRUNK, people do get DUI’s for driving under medicated, not just alcohol.

            The thing he dud wrong, IMO, is that he told the cop he was on the JA trial! !!! Dumbass, shouldve just kept his mouth shut!

            • It doesn’t just ‘happen’. People choose to drink and then drive. Just like you did. I call a person who drinks and drives a drunk, which is my polite term for a criminal behind the wheel of a killing machine.

          • Sully-
            There are good and bad in every profession. However, I think when you look at the investigation in this trial, it would make even the most trusting person suspect real corruption in the Mesa PD, DA’s office, ME’s office etc. Corruption can run deep in Police Departments. So if someone here questions this DUI and it’s connection to this jury, I respect it.

      • “Throwing out comments like that makes us no better than the Haters.”

        Actually Sully, we CAN throw those comments out here if we like. How long have you been posting here? Have I missed your comments before? I guess I will go check the other pages to see how long you have been here. I apologize; my memory is not too great I guess.

        We are encouraged and allowed to hypothesize any way that we like here.


        • Sully,

          I too have many police officers that are my friends as well as friends of my family.
          I know plenty of good hard working cop’s as well as crooked cop’s.

          In my 31 years of life I have learned that you can’t ” TRUST” someone becasue of the uniform they wear. Oh how I wish we could,………. but you can’t. If you have not figured that out by now I feel sorry for you.

          As I stated in the first sentence of my post ” this may be really far fetched” .
          I don’t know if you are following the Trial via HLN and that is why your view of them is Trusting but Martinez and Flores have both done some very crooked things in this case.
          Therefore it would NOT surprise me if they set this guy up.
          I do not trust them as far as I could throw them.

          Per your comment that “I am no better than the haters”
          I can not believe that anyone other than yourself would think that about my coment.
          I have NOT threatend to KILL anyone, I have NOT said that I was going to ruin someone’s career,
          nor have I assinated anyones character.
          That is what the HATERS have done and I will not have anyone compare me to them.

          I am here ONLY to support JODI and PRAY for her FREEDOM.

          • I was referring to the pro Travis folks and fry Jodi masses. The ones that resort to death threats and the other carp are over the top, loony pyschos that need to be locked up.

        • i find it heard to believe it was actually jury # 8, but even if it was would not be enough to get him tossed unless he was talking about trial, which would be. There no way of knowing which way he was leaning anyway

      • I would LOVE to see the arrest video. I bet this guy got silly drunk from the stress of this trial and got pulled over and was singing like a canary about the trial trying to get out of the DUI!

        Also, per AZ law, to get a AGG FEL DUI you have to be charged with DUI:

        -Commits a DUI while the person’s driver license or privilege to drive is suspended, canceled, revoked or refused or while a restriction is placed on the person’s driver license or privilege to drive as a result of violating DUI,
        -Within 84 months commits a third or subsequent DUI
        -Commits a DUI while a person under the age of 15 is in the vehicle
        -While under court orders to utilize a certified ignition interlock device & refuses to use it.

        That’s how I interpreted the AZ AGG FEL DUI law to read…..

  3. Goidmorning!!! Great post AA! If the jurors are lurking around I REALLY hope they stop by and read AA post.

    Question: Will the defense be able to talk about EVERYTHING “wannabe doc” talked about on rebuttal OR JUST the new stuff that was brought up? Like to ONLY rebut the Borderline Personality Disorder claim that she made up for the prosecutors case? Can the defense bring up the Christmas tree, stolen ring and whatever else that bitch snuck in there? Will he be able to give his own diagnosis (hopefully the same as ALV and Samuel)?

    • He will be able to rebut anything she said in the trial, including throwing out extreme lows in scales, stating they don’t mean anything according to her. He will likely get all the clinical data she used and be able to make his prognosis on that data as to whether Jodi suffered PTSD or not and whether she has BPD or not. He will also be able to say if the first PDS should have been thrown out and another one done since she lied about what happened initially, or if it would still stand up as a proper prognosis since she did in fact experience trauma.

  4. Also Abused-
    What a fantastic recap! I must have missed it earlier (bad week for the brain). Glad SJ posted it. You really need to collaborate with Alyce for the next book on DV. It really helped put everything in a nutshell for me. I am praying that the Juror’s get it, and am quite confident they will.

    Not much longer until Jodi is free!! 🙂

    • I started to watch, but it was just a vid of JVM interviewing some asshole who claims to have introduced TA and Jodi. They started spewing lies so I turned it off. The vid is only 3 minutes long – so are the two you are speaking of later or something?

      • cindyp,

        I found out that guy that say’s he introduced Travis to Jodi is such a liar.
        David Hughes, I found out on here was Chris Hughes brother.
        And he said they were always looking for girls for Travis?????
        Also ,he say’s their WIVES thought something was wrong with Jodi.
        Must have been jealousy, you think?
        Skye was sure two faced and so were their friends.

        They cut off about 5 minutes of that same interview and I can’t find it anywhere.

        David Hughes said that he got a message ( text ) from someone BEFORE they were in
        Cancun saying TRAVIS IS DEAD!

        JVM, said I guess that didn’t make a very happy trip. HE said no and when he got to Cancun with the others that were there “They were going to discuss it”
        So all of his friends knew it and stayed in Cancun, not bothered evidently about the message.
        CAN YOU BELIEVE???????
        SOMETHING is damn sure wrong here.

        They cut that part of the interview out and I can’t find it anywhere.
        Have any of you seen it?.

        If I was t the airport, on a plane anywhere going on a trip, would turn right around, cam back and checked to see what the hell happened. BUT they waited 5 days?
        No way!

        • I guess I thought someone else may have seen the rest of this guest interview.
          How I caught it must have been a fluke because I don’t watch the JVM, NG, DD, and VP,
          But this guy was Chris Hughes Brother and he told jvm that they were going to talk about it when they got to Cancun.
          Did anyone catch that at all?

        • can’t watch the whole thing right now, but thanks for sharing~I dated a Mormon guy in Jr. High and he was very screwed up (he later explained to me when he was in his 20’s) about sex in general…No talking about it, and sex basicly was for procreation only…I also know of a Mormon woman that sleeps in her garments and has 6 children…My neighbor is Mormon, but holds annual BBQ’s with home made scotch (lol) and had a child with a woman out of wedlock (they now are married)..his parents are strict but just turn a blindside to his not following church doctrine…So glad my parents were not Mormon…

          • I was not that familiar with the mormon religion but have learned much since this trial and I am glad i was not raised mormon. no offense to anyone who is.

              • Truth, i remember seeing that exact video when researching blood atonement, they can say all they want it is not practiced in the church today but if the killing of TA aint blood atonement then I’ll be the first to admit i was wrong

                • That is just crazy!
                  Since Travis’s throat was cut why haven’t they interrogated others.
                  Jodi didn’t slit his thoat.

                  They talk about knife wound to the back, they were actually at his shoulders.

                  I don’t really know who killed Travis, but more everyday I doubt it was Jodi.

        • I know now i had copied that link earlier and it must have pasted that one instead. The person JVM is interviewing is Dave Hughes, Chris Hughes brother who said he introduced TA to JA at a ppl convention in Las Vegas ….who claims they knew right away after a get together at D Halls home there was something weird about JA yet CH and SH talked about how sweet JA was when they met her…Then the emails regarding CH and SH and TA and how he treated JA…during RB’s testimony he said at D Halls home during a get together before a ppl convention in Utah Zyon Lovington, who KN during cross said in a low voice that this was SH’s brother, JM apparently didnt hear or he would have objected to that info or at least I feel he would, and RB were playing pool and JA’s name came up and he was playing matchmaker and RB called JA that night..they didnt talk for about 3 weeks and then made plans for her to visit June 4. During JA’s interrogation she mentions that she was a surprise and was not suppose to be there when talking about the 2 strangers who murdered TA. I am sure this was mentioned to ZL about them getting together and when. During CH and SH 48 hour CH tries to claim that JA is going after RB because he is the next rising star in PPL. but according to RB, ZL played a part in this so one could speculate just how much the Hughes are involved in this. CH calls Gus and wants to know why he is on defense list and the person in the car with him is terrified. All of these players are involved in PPL and the mormon church. So what the hell happened June 4. If this person is terrified then IMO so is JA and her story rings true that she is trying to save her family from harm. In the police report the roommate mentions something about TA not getting much sleep and was doing some kind of rite of protection. I am not sure if this is some mormon protection, i have yet to find any answers. Sorry just throwing out thoughts, just cant stop thinking about how much things just dont add up and trying to figure it out. I just dont want the same for JA that CA is going thru having to hide from the evils of the world when she was set free and should be able to live life like everyone else. I fear that the same will happen in this case as well, too much evil and hate.

          • It sounds like a cover up to me..and the fact that Jodi bought a 9mm to take on a camping trip speaks volumes….I missed a lot of the first part of the trial so didn’t know much about how corrupt the Hughes’ are and all of this PPL crap. Your post got me up to speed on some possible senerio’s (sp) that could be at work here..I think there is some underlying corruption going on..but let’s have hope that the Jury will see past the BS and bias of the pros witnesses and do the right thing! As far as Jodi’s safety, if and when she is set free, she will be able to start a new life over incognito away from harm and live in peace!

            • that was another thing for me too, the 9mm after the fact. I am hoping everyday the jury can see. I just hope they have enough pieces to put together and come to that conclusion. In the beginning the jury questions didnt give me the feeling they were seeing it the way I was. I just feel that there were things that could have been brought up, questioned and elaborated on but wasnt . I do hope she can start life over and live in peace. Its just not justice if one has to live in fear for the rest of their life.

              • According to Samuels, Jodi would have most likely been suffering from Acute Stress at that point. That could be a reason she got the 9mm. Also, an awful lot of people I know always have some type of firearm with them when camping out in the wilderness.

          • you are getting there ENOUGH IS ENOUGH the hughes had a lot to do with his death setting things in going in middle of may the found out about the masturbating long time friend questioned there oldes boy and it was conformed he molested him then the brother intrudes ryan to jodi and was invided to be at his house on the 4th if the hughes hired someone to kill him it would have been Dustin he was already made at travis because of his interest in wife why was there no discussion about the fight night that every one attended wednesday ashley said he had one every wednesday then jodi talks to travis and he says come ill weight up for you and the sex after some sleep or did they sleep with that kind of sex going on drugs must have been used to keep them up zac say he only had small amount of sleep and there story are in question? the phone call chris talks to travis why make sure his is home did not expect jodi to be home any way more and more you will have to read my comment on yesterdays post to the finish but jodi knew she could get prove that hughes were involved it will take sherlock homes kid of guy.

            • Wait, tonya, are you saying that SH’s brother was the one who was responsible for making sure that RB and JA had a date for the 4th (the day TA dies)!! or that RB would have told him, so, therefore ‘the intruders’ thinking the coast was clear, chose that day – and, also that when they arrived at TA’s house they were surprised when they saw her there? Wow. I didn’t see that connection before. Just wow.

              • introspective yes that is what I said and heard it think from ryan burns yes they had it planned that she would be in utah on the 4th see the killing on the 4th then they would invite her to go 4 wheeling and you have seen the photo of the 4 wheeling kkk clan they would have killed her then but she told ryan she had to go home and go to work and she did work but not long after that came the camping trip dont know who was all going but i bet it involved dan hall and others they missed killing her again they all new her the hughes lived in utah and jodi states she was not to far from them when she lived with the guy she had the house with at home she was afraid and got a 9mm gun

                • Tonya, I have another bit of info in that same line of thinking, Except, I think rather than the possibility that they were trying to get rid of her permanently, I have altogether another angle on that… (Hope you don’t mind me replying to you on a brand new post all the way in the bottom. I will reference your name so you can look for it at the bottom, soon). This new angle, just hit me like a ton of bricks as I was going about my day, doing chores at home. I had to stop and write it down, so I won’t forget the details as they flooded my brain. Ok. give me a few minutes to pen it on a blank doc, then I will cut and paste it so I don’t lose it in cyberspace. TTY soon.

        • My experience with Mormonism~

          My HS sweetheart was a Mormon. He was the black sheep of his ward. But even so he attended Seminary every morning before HS, was an Eagle scout, went to church each Sunday, did not work on or spend money on Sundays, and tithed 10% of everything he earned. Sex was a sin, masterbating was a sin, but he had no real understanding about what sex was. Sex was something for marriage…..He was so against sex that I assumed it was something we wouldn’t do…..but one night he just shoved it in. I loved him and would’ve given my virginity to him but because his parents and his religion did not educate him I basically lost my virginity to date rape.

          His life was full of sorrow because he was in a constant battle with his beliefs and the secular world. Unfortunately he was also a true bipolar and was never fully able to break it off with the Mormon church. He dealt with so much guilt and so many pressures to marry, have children, and be a good Mormon. He eventually was forced to end our relationship because I had no interest in being Mormon or even pretending to be. We remained friends until he died almost 2 years ago from alcohol abuse. At the end he was drinking almost a gallon a day. He chose alcohol instead of the medication he desperately needed. I spent so much time helping at the end, doing any chores or shopping he might need. Not once did I see a member of his ward there. But when he passed there was a big to do at the church with over 300 people in attendance. Where were they when he needed them? The weird thing is they try to be there for me now. Each new missionary to my area shows up at my door already knowing my name. It’s scary.

          So that is my summed up story. I want no part in a church that will not help a life long member in need. They feel I need to be saved. I tell them I am already saved.

          • This sounds a lot like the guy I knew…it ruined his younger years!!!! And messed with his sexual feelings.. I forgot to mention also that a woman I worked with years ago told me a story on why she left the church…she was a single mother with a 3 year old and struggling to make ends meet and even provide food for her daughter. She asked the Church for help..they DENIED it because she wasn’t able to pay her “pentance” (sp) every year (sorry don’t know how to spell it obviously!) What the hell kind of church is that????

          • to jaz and lynn both very sad stories. This is not what its all about. God is love. The works of the devil is evil and confusion. It sounds to me that its all about image, just like TA. Guess he was taught well. I agree it is one messed up religion. Seems that is what it has become in many places, Religion, not salvation, and there is a difference. I just hope that others can see this religion for whats its worth.

        • Well that was interesting! They sound like very truthful people. They’re obviously not Mormon anymore and he still mentions that Mormonism is not a CULT that it IS a religion. Hhhhmmm…

          • That would be the part I have to say i dont agree with i do believe it is a cult and from the article I just read posted by Melvis at 2:20 I believe it even more…very good article and well worth the time to read…it just broke my heart to read this and to think that this is how the women are treated and it is being taught. This is not a church dedicated to the teaching of Gods word it is a religious cult teaching women to be submissive to men to be used as slaves and objects.

            • I know EE, that’s the part that makes me upset too! Its so sad! There’s no way in hell I would stay around to be treated that way and to teach my daughters that a woman should be whatthese ppeople blv! Hell NO, NO WAYYYY!

  5. The death threats worry me. We have seen the lengths some of these people will go to, and we know that there are people out there crazy enough to carry out those threats. I hope the threats don’t result in anything, but I’m afraid that next week could be a tipping point for one of them.

  6. I’ll be so happy when this “Hot Mess” of a trial is over!!! There is some type of chyt going on somewhere in this case everyday…..just sayin’!!!!

  7. Like the new Avatar Moni…:}

    So I love the post by AA, good job….
    The only thing I may disagree with, if I may be ever so bold, is the statement that D. Reed is a “nice girl”. I think the prosecution would like us to think that, but I have a very strong feeling she was lying on the stand to protect herself, and that POS Travis, which doesn’t make her a “nice girl” in my eyes. I don’t believe for a second that she was as innocent as she would like us to believe. I’ll bet money she was one of the ones that was bashing Jodi to her other Mormon friends. If she was any kind of decent human being, and a REAL woman,s she would of got up there and told the truth…that Travis USED her for her money, and when he found out she wouldn’t participate in his kinky sex acts, he dumped her, and proclaimed, “NEXT”.
    That’s what a real women does, tells the truth, admits she was used, that he was a jerk, and an user and doesn’t allow others to influence her for the sake of saving face of her own reputation.
    And Nurmi shouldn’t of apologized to her for asking about their sex life…just like the prosecution doesn’t see the need for it, as they so boldly pointed out to ALV, so why do it for their witness…just saying…

    • Glen just the usual…I believe Jen got a voice mail with death threat and the person indicated that he was the same one who did one to ALV

  8. Well – it’s TGIF….

    Good afternoon folks…Kmiller, cindyp, SR0606, SJ, joujou, BeeCee, Lisa (cubed), Meow, Twizted, Sully, TR, Jaz, Lynn, Tony, Enough, coldcase, eli, Leet, Melvis, Moni and LC…

    And if I missed anyone – I apologize….

    Hi Hero if you’re lurking…. 🙂

  9. I have to say the women on this site are ROCKIN’ the gravatars!!!! Moni, SR0606, Jaz, Lynn, LC, Meow (even though I am DEALTHY AFRAID of mice and rats!)

  10. Thanks for the info Lynn, I feel like that guy on the commerail whos dressed up in winter cloths,then some guy says it’s sping,get that guy a burger. There is still a little snow here and there,but we can do some spring cleaning . I did watch yesterday and was worried a bit,lets just hope that the jurors see it like we do on this site. I’ve noticed we have a doctor on this site that finds Horns testimony bull,so that’s good. Hope that the defense keeps an eye on this site and take some advice from it. Thanks again Lynn.

    • YW Glen…a lot of crazy stuff going on! I have a few friends in Canada that still have snow on the ground…I am in the NW so it’s starting to get nice, but still chilly for me( used to live in N. Cali so spoiled!) Hang in there,short sleeve shirts and shorts are right around the corner! 😉

    • Its seems that we are going ass backwards with DV. You can`t tell me that Deanna wasn`t abused by T either.

      Listen to this !!

      Last year in Norristown, Pa., Lakisha Briggs’ boyfriend physically assaulted her, and the police arrested him. But in a cruel turn of events, a police officer then told Ms. Briggs, “You are on three strikes. We’re gonna have your landlord evict you.”

      Yes, that’s right. The police threatened Ms. Briggs with eviction because she had received their assistance for domestic violence. Under Norristown’s “disorderly behavior ordinance,” the city penalizes landlords and tenants when the police respond to three instances of “disorderly behavior” within a four-month period. The ordinance specifically includes “domestic disturbances” as disorderly behavior that triggers enforcement of the law.

      After her first “strike,” Ms. Briggs was terrified of calling the police. She did not want to do anything to risk losing her home. So even when her now ex-boyfriend attacked her with a brick, she did not call. And later, when he stabbed her in the neck, she was still too afraid to reach out. But both times, someone else did call the police. Based on these “strikes,” the city pressured her landlord to evict. After a housing court refused to order an eviction, the city said it planned to condemn the property and forcibly remove Ms. Briggs from her home. The ACLU intervened, and the city did not carry out its threats, and even agreed to repeal the ordinance. But just two weeks later, Norristown quietly passed a virtually identical ordinance that imposes fines on landlords unless they evict tenants who obtain police assistance, including for domestic violence.…y-punishes

  11. Sorry guys and gals it’s back to work . I have to keep my better half happy. She works in a cube the size of a ice fishing cabin, dealing with insurance companies all day. She knows I have to get the latest on Jodi, she feels the same as we all do, what a joke she says. Hoping you all a good weekend and pray for Jodi.

  12. I’m finally able to use my brothers computer have miss a lot so will have to read your comments to know what is going on not much on HLN but they still have the haters showing up the girlfriend travis wanted to marry but she said no hummm wonder why they all turn him down are they keeping little secrets too

    • Tonya, I got so frustrated every time I listened to HLN that I refuse to tune them in even tho I might be curious what new news might be going on. I prefer to get it here..HLN is very depressing..

    • Yes Tonya- If he was so great why wouldn’t anyone marry him?
      Deanna tried to say she broke up with TA because HE was not ready to get married. Nurmi was trying to bring up the fact that TA had purchased this engagement ring for this Linda girl, proving that was NOT true, he either JUST didn’t want to marry HER or there was ANOTHER reason she broke up with him, I’m guessing the latter. But, even though JM brought the ring up with Nostrils, Pickles didn’t let Nurmi bring this question in :(.

      Also no one cared enough about him to inquire about his where abouts after 5 days even missing conference calls and church. He sure was great……..

        • Yes Renee! Then you got all their Cancun pics plastered all over Facebutt cheesing and livin it up and they have the NERVE to accuse JODI of fake crying!!
          I suppose TRUE grief only entails ocean side dinners and cocktails!

      • My wife claims that no one wanted to marry him because women can tell when you are not husband material (whatever that means).

        Sort of reminds me of that entry in Jodi’s journal about something being off with the boy. That was pretty sad, right there.

        • WOW I Musta been passed up with that gene…
          But Musta made you feel good To have her say you were good husband material..

          Looks as if everybody’s de stressing today.

        • Word gets around, and it did in that tight circle of Mormon friends of Travis’s.

          He just wasn’t the “catch” he appeared to be at first glance.

      • Lol poor TA!!! There’s only one reason for it. TA sucked as a person, nobody really like him or like being around him. It was just when he died that people felt bad for him. His so called friends want to be on TV and his family want to make as much money as they can before everyone forget who TA was.

        Iv been meaning to ask. Has anyone heard from Bella??? What happened with her? Did she stop visiting the site for any reason? Im thinking she felt she had to defend the religion all the time and sometimes some if the things some would say about TA. Idk, it just seeked like a lot of the times she was correcting people on the Mormon religion, maybe she felt tired of it and stoped coming.

        • Well, if that is why she stopped coming, I feel bad. But there is no way in hell to discuss this case without bringing out the Mormon Dirt.

          • I agree that the Mormon thing is for sure a factor, but like I was saying to my husband last night about Muslims who are being blamed for Boston, I don’t want to be held accountable for what the Westboro Baptist Church does…or even closer to home, for the priests who do the bad things that they do. I feel bad for Bella also. It makes me sad, and our discussions are all the less rich for her absence.

    • I still can not believe all of them stayed away from the media since Jan, that is a long period plus if they have families or friends that no one would have addressed this trial with them. And truly is it even fair to them to expect them to stay away? I just watched another video with Looni Combs, or whatever her name is, saying that sequestering the Jury would have made them prisoners too, but not allowing to come near media and not being allowed to speak to your loved ones about this case for such a long period of time does make them prisoners as well

  13. See you all later~need to get outside for a bit and water plants, and get off my butt! Have a good day everyone!! fix a flat, fix a flat, fix a flat…..damn u!! LOL!

  14. good day all! i wanted to share a lovely experience i had yesterday. i was gardening with my laptop in between the flower beds, watching the trial. i ended up chatting with some neighbors about it and was very surprised by what was said. all 5 of us are pro defense. well, really 4 of us are pro defense and one thought the prosecution failed to prove it was pre meditated. i thought i would be more alone on this. my best friend and my mother are also pro jodi. from what i read on here and see in the news, it would seem we are in the minority. but the vast majority of people here are very pro jodi. is it something in our water? if all these people and all you guys think that she didn’t plan it, we are good to go. shit jodi should move here and stay with me and my little girls. this town loves her. maybe it’s a canadian thing. do you guys find your friends and neighbors are pro defense? or does everyone hate her just like hln says?

    • In my experience, Lara, I dont discuss it with anyone, because the few times I did, I was met with violent hatred towards her.

      My husband used to think she was guilty as sin, and about 2 weeks ago, did a complete 180, and now cannot be convinced she did it at all. He believes she is being a patsy.

      I am on the fence…. I bounce back and forth between believing her self defense story, to thinking her first story was the truth.

      I DO believe she was a battered woman. I DO believe there is WAY more to this than meets the eye. I DO believe she was there that day, and that Travis attacked her…. from there…. not sure.

      I just am incredibly grateful that it was TA in that body bag and not Jodi, which I think is where she would have eventually ended up if TA was still alive and using and abusing her.

  15. hi,

    wonder if the defense is going to bring in an expert to counter the biased superficial speculaton, under the guise of science and objectivity, from horn ?

    this trial can’t avoid mormonism
    and who better to represent mormonism than warren jeffs, their “spiritual” leader

    google videos,or.&bvm=bv.45645796,d.aWM&fp=a77399f012585dc&biw=1024&bih=617

    to see text about him click on the word Web just above, and to the left, of the top thumbnail result

  16. Best representative of a gun shot wound to the head is AZ’s own Gabriel Gilford! I hope that this comment isn’t considered to be insensitive or crass as I mean absolutely no disrespect, whatsoever, to Ms. Gilford. I am simply saying that Doc Doogie is so full of BS that he, Flores, the “judge” and JM give even colostomy bags cause not to claim them as some of their own!

    • Wasn’t Ms Gilford immediately incapacitated? I don’t really remember if she continued to walk around after being shot but it seems like I would remember if she did.

  17. In my comment I failed to state that Ms. Gilford is a survivor of gunshot wounds. Again no disrespect meant to nor towards Ms. Gilford.

    • Yeah Duke! I totally forgot about that instance! HELLO JM and ME??!!? Hopefuly some of the jurors recall that also!

      • I posted a link on this yesterday. She was also shot in the left temporal lobe same as TA but her injury was from a 9mm, much higher powered weapon. That woman is a miracle and nothing short of amazing. I certainly hope the jurors remember her.

  18. Okay, somethings been creeping me out through the trial: I heard TA had roommates, but his body wasn’t found in the bathroom for like a week, and the only thing that even tipped them off was a strange smell? How does THAT happen? I also heard just a few days ago that one of the roommates came to the house right after it happen, and unsuspectingly grabbed some stuff to go to a girlfriend, all the while unaware of a bloodied corpse in the house? Did they SLEEP, and eat and carry on in that house the whole time, with the smell and no concern at all for Travis? Yet they are calling Jodi the weird psycho.

    Could someone explain?

    • he could have been on drugs one roommate said travis did not get much sleep and on dog the bounty hunter said it takes 4 days for speed to get out of the body that is why they let him stay in the shower jodi tried to call but no one answered his phone that was on the kitchen counter she was trying to get him help once she felt she was far enough away from the attackers everyone called looking for him yet the roommates did not here the phone for 5 days did they not eat in the kitchen

    • To anon, It would be virtually impossible for the roommates not to notice that there was a dead body there. I have actually had the unfortunate task of having to pick up and transport the deceased to a coroner’s office. And, the smell of a decomposing body—after just two days— is extremely noticeable! So for his roommates “not to notice” leads me to believe hat they know a whole lot more than they are saying or “were investigated/questioned” by the police. Or that they may have been he actual perpetrators of the crime and the LDS Mafia threatened JODI to take the fall. Anyway, the ONLY way that they could not have noticed the odor would for the a/c to have possibly set on full blast to try and chill the home in order to delay the decomposition of the body—and even that would not work entirely! Given that, I wonder if anyone thought to investigate A’s utility bills from that time period and compare it to others during hat time period?

      • Duke, But the body was starting to decompose by the time is was found. And when Mimi first entered the house on the night of the 9th, she testified she noticed a bad smell as soon as she entered the house and first thought the dog had had an accident. She mentions she the bad smell a second time as she is further in the house.

        No way were the 2 roommates and/or the 2 girlfriends, who all were in and out of that house during those days unaware of the stench. These brainiacs passed by the closed bedroom door. Enrique’s bedroom and TA’s bedroom shared a wall.

        Plus, to have the dog in that house. He must have been frantic knowing his*dad* was in that room and aware of that horrible smell. Even if the stupid roommates kept the dog in the kitchen area hos behavior had to be different.

        • Rainy, the bathroom that the body of TA was in shared a wall with the big room at the top of the stairs.If you went up the stairs straight ahead there was a wall, to the left was TA’s bedroom double doors. At the top of the stairs you would be in a big room they used for UFC fight nights The right corner wall would have been where TA’s bathroom was. He was on the other side of that wall. Everyone had to pass through that room in order to get to their own rooms.

    • Hi anon the answer to your questions is Yes they did. For five days , the roommates were coming and going and oblivious to the smell of decomposition in the house. The only reason anyone went into Travis’s room is because Mimi Hall could not get in touch with him for over a week and they were supposed to be going to Cancun the next morning. She went over there with some friends. They knocked on the door because it was locked (something apparently Travis did not do was lock his doors) and they could hear loud music coming from inside the house somewhere. It turned out to be a roommate that was in his own room with his girlfriend at the time. The roommate then found the key to Travis room and they saw blood on the carpet. They went down the hall to the bathroom and found him dead in the shower. They called police and left the house immediately apparently.

  19. the knife back stabbing is probably all the girlfriends he wronged someone was mad as hell at him to do that much damage the girlfriend he got the ring for said she broke up with him she was 20 on HLN then trashed jodi so the hole world would here even the jury we have the judge on HLN that did the case with anna nicole and he said the jury should have been serquestered and has said this everytime he is on but it is to late they need a new jury and were are you going to find one that has not watched tv. maybe were people do not have tv or running water

    • Yeah tonya….like the 1974 movie…….”Murder on the Orient Express”!!!!! Hercule Poirot…..was the detective trying to find out who had killed …”Ratchett”!!! Played by Richard Widmark…Thirteen suspects in all …….
      Ratchett was sedated…. so could all thirteen had the chance to stabbed him to death in his cabin one by one they stuck the knife in his azz…his chest actually. That is a damn good movie…..catch it next time it’s on!!!!!!!!

  20. You KNOW if the majority of us here have at least heard of a story or read something on the net about someone surviving a gunshot wound to the head most on the jury HAVE to realize that this IS a possibility and it does happen!
    Horne tried to play them for fools and I hope they take great offense!

    • what about the lady senitor that was shot in the head she surrivied my dad was shot in the war and they left the bulit in and you could feel it and the draging the body my brother hit the floor having heart trouble and I tried to get him to the car and there was no way i wanted to call 911 and he said no i tried to drag him and could not he finally got to his feet and i was able to hold him up to get him in the car by the time I got to the hospital 8 mins later his heart beat was 200 blood pressure was 60/40 and he stayed in ICU for 1 week and 2 days.

    • I didn’t watch the ME’s testimony until late last night & I was tired. I guess I have to go back & watch it again because I thought he just testified that it would be incapacitating rather than it wasn’t a survivable wound. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the tapes after work & then had to go back and rewatch because I was so tired I missed things. At least I have a few days to catch up. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

  21. OK- Angela just posted her pic and now F-it I’m gonna say it. I have noticed a trend amongst this site. Every SINGLE picture I have seen posted here of our peeps is attractive. Have you seen the pictures of the haters? I think it’s safe to say the FIRST reason the haters hate Jodi!!

  22. now the dying of the hair I was a blond and the ruts where hell to keep up and jodi was trying to start over when she when home and just did not wont to mess with it anymore that is why she went back to brown it is the same for me it was just easier to have the hair darker

    • i posted a photo of me in the beginning but it was a earlier time Im old and decrepted now and the JUSTICE tarot card was more of what I wanted for JODI she need JUSTICE and she is not getting it the judge has seen to that and the defence knows this. HOPE they can come up with a hail mary at the closing arguement to save her from the DP then find out more about the hughes the real killer or killers are still out there

    • There is truth to that, Tanya. I was a blonde from the age of 15 until 4 years ago when I got tired of the massive amount of upkeep and damage it caused, and I went back to my original hair color.

      Well, actually, I went darker than natural, black…. way, way, way easier to care for.

    • I dont think jodi had the gun ever the killer has the gun the knife and what ever they took out of his home for the 5 days he was left in the shower

      • Right Tonya, jodi doesn’t even have clothes drenched in blood. Never did, doesn’t have it, never got rid of it. It wasnt ever in her hands!

  23. wow, Tanisha is now asking all 40,000 travesites to fast and pray on May 5 that the jury kills Jodi.

    Yeah…………. I am sure “God” will listen to your prayers of vengeance.


    • Wow- Dear God- Please let the jury decide to Kill Jodi Arias because she killed my brother before he killed her first.

      I might be mistaken, but doesn’t the Bible say, “thou shall not kill”. I guess their revised cult version makes an exception for those who HLN deems worthy.

      • I know…………….. it pisses me off to think even 40 people, let alone 40,000 would literally starve them selves all day while praying like a mother fucker that a young, abused lady is put to death.

        soulless heathens

        • Yep…that’s not how God works, I don’t think. Tanisha should hope that God has mercy on HER soul for such a suggestion.

      • wonder what religion would believe that you should kill not mine we go to confession in secret and are not face to face we are told to say hail marys and our fathers and sin no more

      • “It is the Devil”

        When a person such as Tanisha and the evil haters carry on with this evil wickedness in their hearts when they send out a prayer with the kill word…it is not God who they are sending it to…it is the Devil…

        God does not answers prayers from the hearts of those evil wicked people…he can hear them…he will not answer them…the Devil intervene…

        In essence…all of Tanisha’s, the haters, and the evil wicked peoples prayers will have consequences that corresponds to the words they use such as kill…and will produce an action of negativity in some way, fashion or form back toward that person who sent out those words of kill…it will go back to them just like the boomerang effect or law of karma…

        From the Bible: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” You may not get what you asked for immediately, but once you create an intention, it will stay there just waiting for the right opportunity to express itself. So when someone tells you “be careful what you wish for,” you might want to listen to the advice.

    • and…folks…THAT is how decades/centuries of wars can get started. All because of tiny brained people like Tanisha who are as evolved as slime mold.

      • The only way to survive is to always try to say that ‘The buck stops here’. Whatever has happened already cannot be undone, but each individual can chose forgiveness over vengeance. ‘Let it begin with me’

    • What? ???? Seriously, they’re putting this up for people to do? ??? See, I knew I had a good reason why I didn’t feal any sympathy for them!
      Where did you read this? ??

      • “The jury will get this case on Monday the 6th and that’s why I have a special request from all of you to join us as we pray and fast for the Jury, For our Family, For Travis, and For the Ultimate Justice in this case. My family and I will be fasting and praying on Sunday May 5th. I know from my own personal experience that the Lord has answered my prayers after I fasted, and that’s why I know if we all do it on Sunday the 5th , he will see that we all have faith in him and that Justice is what we want and I feel he will deliver as he touches the hearts of the Jurors.”

        just a small section of the post. I am re-posting, because she publicly posted it.

          • She wants everyone to fast so when the verdict comes back on May 6 with a lesser charge of M1 they will all faint……………:)

            And she states” that she has done this in the past and the Lord has answered her prayers” she’s one of the biggest sinners in the TA family hooligans………….. ” Give me a FK break….. next she will be asking everyone to join her ward.

        • Omg BS, so if the jurors come back with a NOT GUILTY verdict, she should starve herself! She’s such an evil person, that woman is going to hell!

        • Tanisha has NO idea what God’s plan is for Jodi. But I do know……you don’t play with God. I also know……be careful what you ask of God ……..”Ultimate Justice in this case” could be Jodi’s acquittal……just sayin’!!!

          I’ll be praying for His will to be done.

          • You are quite correct. Possibly, God will answer all 40,000 people’s prayers for Ultimate Justice– that is, Jodi’s acquittal!


            • Wouldn’t that be something? If the verdict comes back as anything less than what the family wants, will they respect that God delivered justice?

          • Yup Moni your so right. You know what I ask God every night. Because we can guess, pray and want Jodi to be innocent all we want BUT we TRULY dont know what really happened? Only Jodi, TA, God (and if someone else was involved) know the truth. I pray to God that if Jodi is innocent to plz let her walk. And that “IF” she is indeed guilty that HE knows what to do…

          • This is the part that struck me: “As the time is now near to verdict time our family needs your support more than ever now. You all have been true examples of Christ, very giving , caring, kindhearted, and loving. ” I don’t think Christ would be calling in death threats to JW and posting hateful reviews on Amazon because ALV and RG stood up for Jodi, nor is it loving and caring either!

            • “You all have been true examples of Christ, very giving , caring, kindhearted, and loving”

              Mel, this is what gets me every time about those hypocrites…

            • ‘VERY GIVING” indeed! How much was it they’ve collected so far, for their ‘pain and suffering’? Shame!

              • Introspective
                You hit the spot right there.
                As you all said the only thing one could pray for is for justice no matter what,.
                I do not know the utter truth therefore I can not pray for acquittal.
                Travis will still be be dead after dp. Dp will not bring Travis back to life, and it will not aid anyone to cope with his death. At this point it gives the impression they made the choice of not wanting to go through the process of grieving ie truly dealing with their loss, maybe that would include dealing with the losses in their childhood. Asking for the dp and pray for it is an insult to the Creator in my world. There have been other people on the face of this world who had to endure worse losses who did not pray for dp under these circumstances, this shows me it is possible. This whole behavior is not about their brother I think it is all about themselves, they should pray for help for themselves for guidance to be healed and then take the steps necessary of going through that process.

        • Now wait just a minute, she is asking for the ultimate justice, so if Jodi is acquitted, would she be able to accept that this too is ultimate justice?

    • Hate begets hate…

      That washed up white trashed-meth addict woman will NOT EVER know a moment’s peace for what she is asking for….

    • That is revolting! Actions say a lot about a person’s moral character. I hope she can find peace one day, but this whole trial is not about truth or justice it is about vengeance.

    • I’m not typically in the business of stating what God would/would not does/does not do, but in this case, I feel pretty confident in my belief that that’s just not how He rolls.

      • Same here LOL. I rarely reference God, in fact this was the first time. But I concur. God doesn’t roll like that LOL

    • Just proves they are all in a Cult. Wonder if they can drink the Koolaide during the fast and prayer for someone to be killed? Sick, sick, sick!!!!

      • have not used them sense easter sunday when I learned that the hughes had something to do with it or someone with a child I chose the JUSTICE card in hopes that she will get it and god will help her and If the paranormal team is going to travis house I hope he say jodi did not kill me end of story

        • will read the cards after the lawyers lay out what they think and will get back with you on what they said SJ does not like me to talk about the cards this site is for JODI 🙂

          • That’s understandable tonya. Thank you for being here and for everything you do.
            As for the house hunter people, I dont think they’ll get anything out of the visit. If TA is going to come through and talk, why would he talk to those fake people.

            Now if it was someone (like I had mentioned yesterday), Theresa, Edward or Sylvia, id blv it. And I have a strong feeling that TA would send a msg that someone else was there BUT these house hunter people on the TV show, they have probably been instructed by the family that the ONLY way they’d go along with it is if they came back blaming JODI, of course and IM SURE that that’s what we’ll hear, that’s what they’ll make the viewers blv.

  24. I returned a dog jacket I had in my car for months and birthday cake candles to Walmart and I did not have my receipt. Not only was I not asked for id, she gave me cash back and I never had to sign a receipt. The lady clearly didn’t know what she was doing and I wasn’t going to complain. On top of that the majority of walmart employees are welfare recipients, they lack proper education and some do not always go by the book.

  25. well……………….peeps, guess I am being forced to leave the house and go to dinner with the hubby.

    will catch up later.

    will apologize in advance for any drunken, unintelligible ramblings that may or may not come from my fingers later…….

    Carry on Fellow Jodi supporters!!!!


  26. So as not to confuse anyone, I did not pick up TA’s I live in an entirely different state. And the summer temperatures here or in no way as hot as they are in AZ ( a state I shall also forever bypass)

  27. Don’t you think world peace or ending hunger would be a better thing to pray for? And if you truly believed Jodi committed premeditated murder wouldn’t you pray for the salvation of her soul? Guess not. Not to say all Christians are the same but it reminds me why I don’t attend church.

    • me to gwen was excommunicated because married a man that was divorced so just talk to god good for me sometimes he answers like on easter sunday. but it will not help jodi because you have to find the hughes guilty first find the evidence or someone will come forward and confess take that you haters on the hate sites

    • Gwen, back to the eye close-up. I know you said it was temporary, but I will miss your pretty face 🙂

      I can’t talk, I changed my pic to the Nancy nipple exploitation pic, LOL!

      Only someone who has a true understanding of God’s love (or truly believed) would know that GOD is about love, grace, and salvation. Not hate, vengeance and damnation.

      I’m not religious but spiritual, THIS is why people want nothing to do with “Christians” who wants to serve a God like that? Sounds like a wonderful existence.

      You are so right a true Christian would pray for forgiveness and salvation.

  28. My only issue with Jodis defense is there really has never been active support for self defense. The focus has been on why she may have reacted this way and how she has done it. Re–read that if you do not get it. She had a right to defend herself. PERIOD!
    The issue is very complicated for society still to this day to accept and understand why abused women remain in these relationships. The victim is always revictimized. Jodi is a classic case of it! What ANYONE would have prefered Jodi to do was leave this scum bag & never look back the minute she realized his game. After all she is a very bright, intellegent, beautiful girl who could have easily moved on. Abusers, they have a way to make you feel you are needed in their life. That is where it begins. If they find the right victim to overlook the scum they are,they know they can continue and remain really safe behind closed doors. In this case even in death. Jodi is lying? She is doing nothing more then she did before. Minimizing everything she has endured because she still protects the man who abused her and she again is the victim, even facing death. I just wish the defense would have used self defense in this case a lot more. And society stops protecting the abusers! I pray Jodi one day learns, she did deserve much better.

  29. I don’t understand Travis’s sister saying they want the DP. I thought all the kids were raised Mormon. aren’t Mormons christian? do they believe in DP? don’t seem very forgiving or christian like .

    • Nope Mormons are not Christian…they use this as a guise to lure unsuspecting Christians to “Join” the cult. I have done extensive studies on this so-called religion. Love and forgiveness are not their main goal. It is more or less a corporation/conglomerate which labels itself as a “Church” for tax exempt purposes. It’s “god” is MONEY. There is FAR more to it than that, but I …I think that’s enough for now.

      • Yes Mormons are Christians but that has nothing to do with the death penalty. Mormons, just like evangelical protestants (Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, non-denominational) are HIGHLY in favor of the DP.

        • well Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord.. guess thats not what the praying for death peeps have learned in their so called church.

      • Many of them follow what is in favor to them at the point given, which happens in all religions I have to add to all fairness

  30. It seems to me what all these people are really praying and starving themselves for is that the jury has been deaf, dumb and blind and have been watching the After Dark trial on HLN instead of the real one. Me, I’m gonna eat a big fat Cheeseburger on verdict day and congratulate myself on being so smart. lol

    • the one saving grace about that would be if they are pay attention during the trial the they know what a bunch of lies the HLN crew tells

  31. Juror #8 was probably at Buffalo Wild Wings last Saturday night watching the bogus jury game show on HLN After Dark watching jurors hold up stupid signs about guilt or innocence. He had too much to drink while high fiving buddies while he watched it all on the big screen. He should have stayed home and watched it in the privacy of his own home like all the rest of the jurors who should have been sequestered during this high profile murder trial.

  32. Have you guys seen this site

    I dont get this guy. He says if Jodi is innocent Travis has to be guilty DUH! But then he says we can’t say Travis is guilty until all the evidence has come in. Travis is NOT on trial, Jodi is. This is just stupid. We can say Jodi is innocent and Travis is guilty because the trial is not trying to prove HIS guilt, it’s trying to prove HER innocence.

    That guy is really dumb. He posted some big sob story about a girlfriend he says is like Jodi but she is NOTHING like Jodi. I think he is projecting his own experiences on Jodi. He could never in a million years get a woman as perfect as Jodi. Men like him are obviously losers because he would rather have Jodi beated and dead by Travis because after years of him torturing Jodi, she finally couldnt take it anymore. Even if she did “premeditate” Travis’s murder, it was because of all the shit Travis did to her and he drove her to it.

    Think about it. What if Travis had her locked in the basement for a month and that was all he did, he didnt hit her or yell at her, he just kidnapped her and had her locked up. That would be torture right? Now if he did that and she thought about killing him and then planned on how to do it, and then when she finally got her chance, she killed him there would be no one in the world who would convict her because they would say she had to make a plan and then carry it out so he couldn’t kill her first or continue torturing her. Like that little girl who was kidnapped for 18 years, no one would have thought twice if she killed him. So why would it be different for Jodi because she was a victim of Travis’s torture and she had to plan to kill him before he killed her. She knew he was going to torture her for the rest of her life, and the only way you can get away from an abuser is to kill him first so you can escape.

    • MaryMary,
      You stated “the trial is not trying to prove HIS guilt, it is trying to prove HER innocence”…the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove Jodi’s guilt. The defense really does not have to prove anything. I understand that you are referring to what was said re: proving Travis “being guilty” etc. but just wanted to point out the one thing that many people are misconstrued about and that is believing that a defendant must prove their innocence. 🙂

      • Dorothy I know that but my point was this is Jodi’s trial not Travis’s. Even though the defense doesn’t have to prove anything, Jodi’s innocence will be proven by the DA not be able to prove her guilt.

        Those people are obviously ok with men beating women and would probably just sit on the sofa watching Travis beat Jodi like it was a Wednesday night fight night event.

    • Here was my response, copied and pasted:

      Are we surprised, though? Really? After all the haters have done to LaViolette and Samuels and the defense’s new witness; are we really all that shocked that they are lying about us too? I’m not. That’s what bullies and abusers like the Travis Taliban do. Gee, how fucking BRAVE that blogger must feel, knowing that they’ve “told off” .001% of the Internet. Someone hand him a cupie doll already.

      And this sheeple has the gall to psychoanalyze US? Don’t make me fucking laugh. Their entire blog post is nothing but self congratulatory, slanderous bullshit, and they are patting themselves on the back for it. They conform to the prevailing opinion and try to pass it off as freethinking? Oh come off it! I believe the term “mental masturbator” is appropriate here.

      They should rename their page to “just the spin” because that’s about all they have.

      Screenshot that, asshole. t(-_-t)

      • Absolutely my favorite “MB” post!!!! LMAOOOOOOOO

        You are too fantastic for words!!!!!!!! I so appreciate you!!!!!! 🙂

      • omg, omg, omg! This guy took screenshots of our comments and posted them on his blog!!

        *AND* I’m one of the chosen ones! Woot!

        Now, I’m not like the “keynote” commentator by any means, but I was quoted twice. Yaay! So like um to tell you “DA TRUTH” …that guy totally wants me. 😎

        I really wish he would have quoted me when I said something about TA’s COCK ring. Cuz that was like one of my best moments. =)

      • Thanks all. lol

        Hilarious – he took yet another screen shot. So what does it prove other than that he’s obsessed with our opinions?

        Like JC said, it’s just extra publicity. I’m always glad to help. haha

  33. LOL Seriously? If you are going to belong to a religion, and call yourself a Christian, perhaps one should review and follow what your religion stands for. Sure Tanisha, we will all fast and pray, I know I always fast and pray for someone’s death. The last thing that chick needs is to go without food for a day. That family disgusts me, and I will probably go to hell for saying that, but I have had enough of their antics. My sympathy for them has long gone….

    • You won’t go to hell for being angry. God can handle our anger LOL. But what are you refering? Is the family asking everyone to fast and pray? if so, for what?

        • Hmmm. Well God hears all our prayers but doesn’t always answer. LOL Say she gets the DP, I doubt it will because of the praying and fasting. The bible they follow clearly says “vengeance is mine Gods)” “He who is sinless shall cast the first stone” to the people gathered in a mob wanting to execute someone.

          But clearly these people feel entitled. Entitled to bully, demean and harass the family and anyone who supports Jodi. So is stands to reason they feel that God owes them the DP. Do they not realize in asking for death, they are playing God?

          • SJ–I was curious to see if that stupid petition got the signatures it needed…it did but that’s not the point of my post you may want to check what else was posted there… they posted the name and e-mail address of the person running this site. There is also a you tube link posted…thought you would like to know.

              • Then we don’t want you here. If you can read a petition and believe it, just like that, then we don’t want your support.

                • Well said! I’ve been reading SJ’s sites since fall 2011 after the Casey verdict – never ONCE have I felt that ANYTHING shady was going on and I’d never let some stupid petition scare me off. These morons just can’t face the fact that SJ is not afraid to call it like it is.

                • Just don’t understand why they all have their knickers in a twist…didn’t they all say this is all just one Pakistani guy posting? Wish they would make up their minds before they come over here. LOL

                • That’s what I don’t understand JC. I don’t trust ANYTHING coming out of the haters camp and I don’t know why anyone else would. They have lied since the beginning. They lied about Travis being a stand up guy, they lied about Jodi being an evil seductress, they lied about premeditation, they lied about it ALL.

                  Why should we believe them when they say they find anything about SJ? I certainly don’t.

                • I don’t either. I know what they say isn’t true about SJ. I know SJ never tried to hide the site IP LOL. That part is truly the biggest joke. This site is mot monetized. Anyone can see that.

                  Anyhow, if I weren’t so scared of the mob violence happening in real time, Id post my real name and they can google me until the cows come home. I have nothing to hide. Nevertheless, there are some people that would take the online threats into real time… So won’t out myself. My family thinks its too dangerous.

                • Right, exactly! Plus I don’t understand why the haters CARE so much, or why they’re desperate to figure out who is running this site. *So What* if someone or a group of people believe Jodi is innocent? Are they so insecure and controlling that they can’t let people have their own damn space on the Internet? They have the 99.999% of the rest of the Internet agreeing with them, no, that’s not enough they must now find out anyone who might not agree with them?

                  And they call *us* crazy???

                • true words. They don’t want us talking. These petitions and videos and websites refering our posters are evidence that they want to intimidate all of us into not writing anymore. They thought if they turned people on those who run this site that would be enough. When that didn’t work they created their dumb petition asking that free speech be tailored to suit their beliefs and opinions. All of these behaviors we see are examples of bulling and worse.

                  But I don’t get why either. I get haters hate and drama seekers want attention. I guess it drives them mad they can’t control people?

                • Yes I have the same impression. It is all about control to them. If they can’t control what we think and feel, they will try to control our ability to speak. Which is bullshit because they whine all the time about their freedom of speech.

                  Yeah, well what about OUR freedom of speech? What about OUR right to share our opinion? Last I checked the Constitution covered everyone, not just whoever agrees with HLN.

                  smh They need to grow up and realize that the world does not revolve around what they think and feel.

                • Nor should it. It’s entitlement too. Talk about a group who feels entitled on so many levels! But I won’t get into that here 😉

                • lol TR I know right?? I even thought about changing my name to “one Pakistani guy” just as a joke.

                  You know they’d take it too seriously though. They have no sense of humor. 🙂

                • Hi MB… I agree… and although it’s never nice to mock the afflicted, well, we just can’t help it when it comes to the retarded Taliban haters :mrgreen: I also just sent you an email. All is good!

                  Team Jodi

              • Misty they just said that to get someone worried SJ im sure is covered for hackers I have them on my ass google say I have 2 spys let them look they have damaged one computer I’ve learned not to open anything sent to me it the only way to get a virus you have to open it I just delete it or ignor it

              • Misty what r u scared about? ???? Really, THEY can write whatever they want, BUT WE CANT???!!! They have succeeded with you.

                • Yea and now they’re TRYING to scare people not to write what we want on this website? ???? We haven’t done ANYTHING wrong for ANYONE to feel scared ot threated to write comments on here!!! So FUCK THEM ALL!

                • Oooh yeah, that’s another pet peeve of mine.

                  They come here acting all pissed off when we aren’t 150% nice about everything we say, but give the Travis Taliban a pass on everything. Including but not limited to, posting pictures of Jodi’s privates everywhere, calling her names, posting addresses of her family, lying about the entire trial, rape threats, death threats, ect. The list never ends with the amount of bullshit they pull.

                  And poor Alyce and Dr Samuels – top experts of their field shit on for no other reason that a rabble of abusive bullies are punishing them for DOING THEIR JOBS and giving their honest analysis.

                  Yeah, let’s see them clean all that up before coming here and bitching at us for what we say.

            • misty

              i just went there and i have know idea what you are talking about. just some Jodi hater tiring to stir up something and thinks they can get this site shut down, i would be very surprised if there petition goes anywhere but in the trash. but it was nice they put link to this site might have brought some more that think Jodi is Innocent

          • See, that’s what I don’t understand JC.

            How can they call themselves Christians and believers in God, if they can’t be bothered to love their neighbor as themselves?

            34But when the Pharisees heard that He had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered together. 35Then one of them, a lawyer, asked Him a question, testing Him, and saying, 36″Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?” 37Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38This is the first and great commandment. 39And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.” Matt. 22:34-40

            Jesus idiot-proofed the entire gospel and people still don’t get it!!!

            • Yes! I agree! They take one verse, “an eye for an eye” and use it to justify executing Jodi.

              Jesus also chastised the Pharisees for announcing that they were praying and fasting. He basically told them they were full of it with that. And prayer is something that we don’t boast about. He didn’t want them to go around with their pious attitude talking about fasting and how other should be doing the same. We have some modern day Pharisees right in our midst! I also think it’s a marketing tool to make the haters feel like they are a part of something. Keeps them sucked in.

              Some people use Christianity to look good. Our culture looks those who attend church as “better” for lack of a better word. They don’t have a true relationship with God at this time ( and when I say God I mean how someone personally defines spirituality) or they would ‘feel’ love, peace, a goodwill toward others because that’s what happens when someone is deeply spiritual. A person can be spiritual too without ever setting foot in a church.

              • you are so right JC…you are so very right…Angels are among us…

                I had a personal spiritual relationship with God when I was a little baby…and as I got older I looked in many churches for the answers to my own spiritual relationship with God…I just couldn’t find what I was looking for…

                What I found in some of the churches that I attended was fun things to do… like it being a great social place, an event gathering place for many luncheons, dinners, outdoor barbecues, baseball, plays…and the church tours were fun little mini vacations…except for the Vegas church trips…those were really fun…I never did the cruise ship tours at the church…I missed out on some of that fun…

                And when I lived in my other wealthier lifetime our church was the “country club of all churches”…just a whole lot more of the above on a bigger grandeur scale of indoors sports activities…skating, basketball and plays…and their trips were big vacations not the minis…so much more fun going to this church…

                For all the human fun activities that these churches provided…I still could not find the answers to having this spiritual relationship with God…I thirsted to know more about why God intervened in my life when I was a little baby and he let me see glimpses of things that is only seen in a spiritual sense…I was not in a church when this happened…I was crawling around on a hardwood floor when he came…and when I got older and went to all those other churches he was with me…and when I was at home…he was with me…

                I do not go to these churches that much anymore as I’ve gotten older…but he is still with me…he has never left me…I feel as much or more spiritual today than I did when he came and talked to me when I was a little baby…

                • Wow, Truthseeker, the whole experience sounds so blessed and obviously left a lifelong impression on you. It reminds me of the experiences that people who die on the operating table encounter and later when they return back to their bodies, and when they recount their stories about the sense of peace and overwhelming love they encountered, it is so mystical and so deep. They are changed forever – and for the better. THeir whole perspective in life and how they view anything and everything is forever changed. They understand the purpose of our existence, what we are really here for, and what we are to strive for as humans. There really is a higher being, intelligence, energy or whatever name people want to give it. I really enjoyed reading your post. You are blessed – yes, it is true, God is within each of us. No need to seek him in buildings and churches or other places. You will sense his presence whereever He is. Good post.

                • Truthseeker1111 I hope you’re able to see my message, but a few days ago I asked you if you read from Doreen Virtue.

                • meow…I missed your question on that other post….but the answer is no…I haven’t read that book…I can discuss more in an email…thanks…

                • Introspective….thanks for your kind comments…and the angels…they are so real…

    • “The last thing that chick needs is to go without food for a day.”

      I’m glad someone said what I was thinking! LOL.

  34. After doing some research about Mormonism, I posted the following months ago;
    “Mormonism is a sex cult.”
    “Mormonism is a cult based on sexual deviancy, blood and murder”.
    A bit apropos and scary, given the course of this farcical “trial”.

    • Yes,, sex , money and death cult.

      I had a conversation with a young lady today who is going into social work. She was inspired because a women she worked with had her 5 kids taken away. the ex boyfriend (Mormon) was sexually abusing her kids!!!!!

      Justice for Jodi!!!

  35. Also Abused

    Your recap was great. It reminded me of why I look forward to your comments. I will never threaten to revoke your V card again. You can abuse the H to the E L L out of it all you want. ;D

  36. Here is that other blog of that guy who claims Jodi is just like his girlfriend

    You can tell he just made the whole thing up no one acts like that if they’re not in a mental hospital. Why would any women stalk him in the first place he sounds like a first class loser like Travis. These idiot guys who no one wants to marry think hot women are stalking them. Why are all these women stalking Travis and yet he can’t find one women to marry him? Does that even make sense?

    • I bet he makes money off this site to. He’s only in it to make a ton of money off of people who want to read lies and because he sounds kind of smart people are more likely to believe him. When you talk in big words that he probably doesn’t even know the meaning of there are a lot of dumb people who think that means you have to be smart and tell the truth. I think he writes with a dictionary right next to him or a thesoarus or whatever they are. He says Jodi’s IQ is not genius but even Tot Doc said she was a GENIUS so he obviously is not a genius himself. If the prosecuation witness says she’s a genius its because she is. That guys IQ is probably like 80 and his girlfriends IQ is probably 50 and so he’s not used to being around really smart people like us.

      • I dont think he is making money off the site though. There are no ads on the page. Ad revenue or book links are what generate income. No this person is in it for readers and by mentioning our site, he got that.

    • This blogger is doing the very thing he accuses of us but lacks the vocabulary to express what he’s trying to say. He is projecting the anger and rage of his one experience onto Jodi. What a joke. He knows none of us or our education, background or the work we did to become survivors. I know I’m objective about this case and my experience does not cross over into misplaced empathy for Jodi. Let him take screenshots of our page because it just sends more people here to check out the site.

      Think about it – he started a blog to tell everyone about his ex-girlfriend while comparing her to Jodi because he knows. I refuse to give him anymore energy other than this post.

    • Look at what some idiot person commented: “domestic violence means they have to be liveing together domsticated and if jodi is in another state that removes that all together”

      Lol ohhhhh my…. these people, WOW!

      • Right, it just shows how ignorant people are.

        They are so full of themselves, they don’t stop to think even TEENAGERS can get into abusive relationships.

        I don’t recommend people comment on that blog, because I don’t know how much info the owner is privy to or what they will do with it either. If they are posting the addresses of the Arias family then what would they post about people who visit this page?

    • Mary, I am not reading that site because the author is a jerk. Plain and simple.

      Like Travis, he is probably trying to ride the sympathy train to avoid accountability for his disgusting behavior.

      I normally believe people when they say they are victims but I know when I’m being manipulated and that dude is a class A #1 gaslighter.

  37. There’s a big ole pukey statement from Tanisha on the state page asking for everyone to pray AND fast on 5/5 (On cinco de mayo? I dont think so!) and pray blahblahblah for JFT.

  38. I know this might be strange to some (if you never got stuck reading it in English Lit) but my teenage son was talking to me about the Great Gatsby and while I admit I really didn’t like the story when I had to read it, I found it just feeling like this case. Gatsby made himself into the man he was just to impress Daisy and there are “bigger than life parties” just to impress and friends who aren’t really friends. While his death was a clear murder and not as violent, it still feels the same.

    Plot here for any who haven’t read it:

  39. I’m back had to cook dinner fish on friday a catholic thing that was done in the past but I still pratice it nice to have fish and to all the hates and hate sites and the woman that put jodi down I hope you fall in love with a guy that wants to tie your ass to a tree and stick it in your a** till it hurts and then continues when you want to have them stop or let them call you names and hit you and bet the shit out you like a lot of woman here have had done to them then spread you shit on any sit you want but untll then shut the hell up and bu the way hope you read this 🙄

  40. gee wish I had a spell check to fix my words someone wanted me to write a book about the hughes thing I described but I was not that good in high school and not that good now but I can get my message accross pertty good

  41. to the one that said the the hates wanted to fast and pray that god would kill jodi I dont think he will hear you he will probable give you a stone and say the one with no sin throw it at jodi … He will protect her from you and the one that really killed travis. Yes your time is comming too. Hope the cards are right sometime when there is snow on the ground. So enjoy while you can live it up ….. like jodi said your free now but
    da aaaaaaaaa your ass will be in gods hands

  42. Interesting, Found this comment on that other site and thought Id share.

    “Kristen, I knew T Dogg long before your daughter or Mimi Hall ever did. He and I go way back. I will correct you on a number of things. First off he was a victim of sexual assault as a young boy. Secondly, contrary to your belief Travis was devirginated by Deanna LONG before he met Jodi. Third, He was in fact struggling with porn since before his Mission. One last thing, if Travis Bishop had known about his conduct, he would have been sent to the High Council for Excommunication. If he was “Repenting” he wouldn’t have been having sex with Jodi right before she killed him and he wouldn’t be on record as saying “I want to tie you to a tree and put it in your @$$” In short whatever you thought you knew about Travis is of course A LIE perpetuated by a group of clowns trying desperately to maintain a facade for a dead and dishonored A-Hole. The only liar in this whole mess is Travis. He disrespected himself, his faith, his girlfriends, and God. As you know as a member of the Church, GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. Travis was mocking him and paid for it. Travis was a fraud and it is time to face that stark reality! He is no hero and he is not worthy of the credit given him, in this life or the next. He died the mockers death at the hands of a woman he emotionally, physically, and sexually abused. He WAS NOT a Decent Man. A decent man would have grovelled on his knees for Jodi to forgive him and beg her marry him. He was the scum of the earth and everything I despise in a “Jack Mormon”. Truth be known, Jodi saved Mimi Hall from loosing her virtue to the dirt bag. Jodi deserves a Medal of Honor instead of a trial.”

    • who ever that was GOD thanks you and I thank you and everyone here thanks you for coming forward and saying what you said you will be called nasty names and they will hit you fb and where ever but be strong be safe from viruses and tell it like it is thanks for the post ……..JC………. 🙄

          • Well the person who posted that was bullied for it. They posted it on the wrong side. I suspect though it’s because the person wants to change their mind, not ours. They know we feel the same way.

            • it was nice to see it here, but as you say on here is like preaching to the choir, there at least he may it may have an impression

    • Interesting find JC; Kudos. Can’t imagine the internal conflict that person has had carrying this and not knowing what to do with it. It’s been an obvious fact TA was a rogue “jack” mormon but more than that, he was a bad specimen of the male gender. Hope it’s confirmed by the jury giving this person some relief that they at least tired to leak it out without getting involved. People get scared and it was pretty brave to set it straight with at least Kristin before the end of the trial banking on it reaching someone with questionable doubts. . The haters have attacked everyone, even a juror was dismissed who might have had job obligations and tentative return to work date but now deemed a full blown alcoholic . . no one knows but damn he’s been left some mess to clean up in his defense The person expressing comment to Kristin too will pay. What site link did that come from, plz? BTW your site restores my faith that there are good people.

      • I know. This person DID know him, that I believe. The words they used and everything. The writer sounded like he/she had enough and was also venting. Probably held in inside for awhile.

        • The only thing I take issue with is the part about Mimi Hall. By all indications she had no desire or intent to cultivate any kind of romantic relationship w him at all. I think she saw through him like a wet Tshirt in Daytona.

    • May this person Be released From the guilt Of the knowledge He has been carrying around. that’s just confirmed what we havee been
      Saying all along.
      Jodi knew too much..

    • Excellent! The writer says Jack Mormon..I have heard that from my neighbourhood Mormons when I w as a kid ! long ago…

      Seems that some of his fellows in faith didn’t like Travis…hummm

  43. You know, it’s just such a freakin tradition that when someone dies an untimely death no matter what kind of person they were you’re supposed to ‘make nice’. No matter if they were the sorriest sack of shit on the planet, it’s unthinkable to say anything negative. But, other than this brave poster, these people seem to have gone overboard in deifying the Mighty Travis. Why, if he’d been Catholic they would have anointed him with Sainthood or the Pope-dom. He may have been a nice guy to some but what matters to me is what he did to Jodi and all the other women he appears to have used. So fess up people…he wasn’t the guy you thought he was.

    • It was known he wasn’t a good guy. Actually he was kind of a puppet to them. He got his ego stroked kinds like “give it to Mikey, he’ll do anything” syndrome then caught up in his own hype. Realistically, anyone of us have a break up with a former we rarely if ever hold them in high esteem. The ex’s that speak have only been allowed to be positive but I’d love to hear what they really think. Geeze, none of them married him. He had alot of females, I’m wondering how many men his ex’s went thru before husband material. In other words, he was the hub of all his relationship problem.. One name keeping coming up by alot of different women when taking it to the bishop .. TA always wanna boink the booty .. well he’s gone for more than one reason and imo, some are relieved.

  44. After reading that comment by the person who spoke out again, I thought of something. Remember the infamous comment left on his page about coming out? Could that friend have meant that he was coming out via his book about being assaulted? Could travis have talked about being worried about being labeled a pedo much in the same way, he portrayed Jodi? ( so he wouldn’t get caught ).

    • Hmmm… me thinks you may be on to something! And isn’t it sad that in the world we live in people who were molested as children are still scared to be open about it? As if themselves as children did something wrong? As if they are at fault? I grew up in an abusive home, although NOTHING compared to TA, and I sought help in the form of therapy to deal with my trauma. I cannot imagine how one can function normally as an adult without therapy after being subjected to that type of abuse! Obviously TA couldn’t and it’s all just sad. I think alot of Jodi’s tears are from thinking of what happened to TA as a child that made him what he was. I think her heart is just that big.

  45. This comment is from the “Justice for Travis” site. The woman posting the comment gives the name of the video Travis “last viewed before he was murdered:” (DRUNK) DAFT PUNK

    Check the video (at bottom) that I got when I posted the title into Youtube. WARNING: young women (girls?) dancing in their underwear. Not porn or 12 year old girls but not a Mormon church video, either.

    Recent Posts By Others

    Bethany Osuna
    Thought I would try to look up the you tube video that Travis last viewed before he was murdered. I found it, watched it, and thought “How dare the defense try to imply to the jury that this video had something to do with pornography.” It was a goofy video, and I can totally see Travis laughing at it. The defense is pathetic and so is the murderer they are defending. You can see it by going to you tube and typing (DRUNK) DAFT PUNK, you will see a video with 3 people with boxes on their heads dancing.
    Like · · about an hour ago
    Joyce Hannes The DT should put the boxes on their heads!!
    40 minutes ago · Like
    Write a comment…

      • annieEP,

        I didn’t read the comments until you mentioned them but you’re right and over 9,000 comments on that site.

    • Maybe it’s the “mom” in me but, these girls look like girls and NOT women. Drunk, yes… but saying either of them are even 18yrs old would be pushing it. JMO. Pretty scandalous for a saintly mormon boy!

  46. I love AA’s post 🙂 Says it all doesn’t it?

    Martinez’s surrebuttal was about as effective as his original case – highlight all the evidence they DON’T have for murder 1.

    I heard HLN hasn’t covered the reason why juror #8 was excused. Since they read the site, I think this link will help them:

    I can only how that went down.

    • Some how I get the impression that Martinez putting rebuttal witnesses on the stand is his attempt at revitalize his story and make more of a memory gap in the juror’s minds between Jodi’s testimony and deliberation. Her testimony was lengthy and Jodi became “real” to them. JM must realize this and needed to put in a last ditch effort to create that gap…allow the jury time to disassociate with Jodi. He also was behaving in a calmer manner. He probably doesn’t want his explosive cross to be the jury’s last impression of him. He proved NO point, just rehashed old testimony. I was surprised that the defense did not object with “asked and answered, prior testimony” and the judge instructing the jury to recall previous testimony. I HOPE someone on the jury is taking thorough and precise notes. Otherwise, much of the testimony will get lost in the shuffle.

      • I had always wondered why the state rested so quickly, I thought that they were to present the case that they had been working on prior to the start of the trial. It seems to me though, that they waited for the defence to present their case, and afterwards they went around collecting new ideas to fit their narrative . I find it very shady. Many of the things Martinez came up with to dispute the defenses case was lifted right out of HLN’s play book.

        If Martinez had had a good case to begin with, he would not have needed to resort to this dirty pool.
        The defence has done admirably IMO, in spite of the states tricks.

        The jury can’t possibly discount the shoe print, the emails, the phone conversations, the behaviour that Travis displayed, his own lies, the fact that Flores and the M.E. changed their testimony, the flimsy coincidences put forth by the state and the autopsy report that clearly states the dura mater covering the brain was intact.

        If this case had not been tried in the media, I don’t think that Travis would have been put on such a pedestal and Jodi would not be considered condemned BEFORE she had even gone to trial.

        I certainly feel she has not been given a fair trial considering the behavior of the people representing the state, the juror members who have been excused and a judge who seems to have decided Jodi is guilty even before she heard from her defence .

  47. They sure picked the wrong day for their evil fast. I will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo(5th of May)by making enchiladas. No fasting for me!!!!!

  48. Albert Einstein was a geneious,

    And had a high IQ Sir Issac Newton Im sure most agree was one of the most inovitive an brilliant thinkers of his or any generation.

    IQ tests measure for many facsts of brain power cognitive skills memory ect.
    One thing IQ Tests do not measure is common sense forinstance Issac Newton as he was at the time a head math an physics teacher at Oxford .

    Would be at work in his study were he had a brazier type stove next to his chair were he worked to warm him dureing winter nights.
    Brazier stoves are not fixed like a fire place an an can be moved when he got to warm he would summon two man servants by thumping his cane.

    And they had to metal poles to slide in the stove an lift if further back away from the great man as he worked.
    How ever the same effect could be acheived by him simply standing an pulling his chair back the required disstance an sitting down again.

    So a high IQ doesnt always equate to good thought processes. or ratinal thinking patterns .
    Wich can cause irattninal actions

    I dont agree with the B P D diagnosis nor P T S D. either/
    Passion Hate Love self loathing
    Loathing another Sadness disgust at another and herself all thease emotins factored into this terrible event.
    Did Jodi Kill Travis yes .
    Is she a MONSTER.
    Was Travis no was he arrogant yes abbusive at times yes did he deserve to die such a brutal death no.
    Neither did Jodi deserve to be placed in a state of mind where she was so emotinaly disstraught that she could see no other way out.
    Does she deserve to die for loveing to much for hateing to much for haveing so much diss placed anger no.
    If this case happened in France it would be classed as a crime of passion.
    Jodi needed help five years ago an shes had none .
    She needs help even more now after five years behind bars .

    I wont beleive that a so called civilised country would put a sick Woman on Death Row for a crime wich was obviously commited by some one not of sound mind an body.
    As i m o tempory insanity should have always been the foundation on wich to build Jodis Not Guilty plea.

    Because for one it would be the truth an the truth always works best in a court of law when your innocent.
    Why invent obviously ludicrous lies an then more lies when the truth would set you free?
    Answer because your insane an not of sound mind.

    I just wish her attorneys had realised this before they hopped on board her train an let her drive.
    I twould have definetly saved her life.

  49. Perhaps the “family” should put their self-indulgent, self-pity party power to better use by asking their followers to FAST on their hatred, cruelty and viciousness and perhaps request forgiveness from God for their thoughts, words, actions and intentions….

    • My sweet 20 year old daughter who has listened to me ramble on , on, and on about this trial wanted me to post this from her…. she hasn’t watched the trial……

      To the TA stalkers lurking on this site: ” GOD doesn’t answer people’s prayers when they only pray when they need something.” and as it’s stated in the Bible ” Thou Shall Not Kill.” so what your asking your FANS to do is to MURDER someone because of you HATRED, lets open your CLOSET doors and let out all your SKELETONS……….. SHAME ON YOU,…. Hope you rot in hell……….

  50. Ok, I am making a standalone post about a pro-pros comment left in queue for me but got deleted.

    So some dude calling himself james comes over here, wondering why we support Jodi, and because we have been abused, that must mean that we cannot be good judges of character.

    Dear James – whoever you are – I sincerely hope you are not the asshole that wrote the “just the spin” blog post, because if you are I want nothing to do with you. I am responding to the comment because I am a person of my word and I told one of the admins I would do it.

    I find your insinuations sexist – it is well known that men are also abused, in childhood and sometimes in adult relationships – but nobody ever questions their ability to judge character or make good choices for themselves after the fact. I find the vocal constant questioning of abuse and rape victims to be a condescending generalization on the part of abusers to keep female victims quiet about their experiences. By implying that the perceptions of abuse and rape victims are unreliable, abusers can continue denying and avoiding accountability for their behavior, and the behavior of other abuses whom by association they protect as one of their own.

    I wonder why haters continue to visit this site if you believe the worst in everyone here. If you honestly believe that we are a bunch of loony abuse victims who are oversensitive then by all means find another site to troll on. Nobody is requiring that you log onto this site and get upset because we think differently than you do. But coming here, and characterizing us as unable to see abusive behavior for what it is because we have experienced it is NOT an option. That’s called harassment.

  51. Does anyone know if the defense will have their rebuttal? I heard they are bringing in their own psychologist of 28 years of experience to counter the tot docs testimony. Do they have any more potential witnesses besides the psychologist? Thanks if anyone can answer my question and sorry if this has been discussed already. I haven’t gone through the all the posts.

    • Yes, they will. Dr. Robert Geffner (not sure on the spelling) will testify and as such has been receiving the “wrath” of the haters even before he has uttered a word! Interesting, don’t ya think?

      • Yes it’s very interesting and shows how smart they are, sike! Thanks for answering my question, I’m glad the defense has a chance to counter the prosecution.

    • their own ME because it was so long in the case before Jodi came out with self defense that by then the body was long buried?

      2. Do you think that the cruelty of travis toward Jodi will keep her off death row.

      3. Do you think that travis’ family is trying to portray him in such a great light so they can write a book after the trial?

      • Good evening everybody,
        I don’t post much here, but I read every post. I LOVE THIS SITE !!! I love that fact that I am not alone and there are other people that think like me. I just pray that there are not many Mormons in the jury and they don’t sway the jury in their decision.
        I hope the jurors are reading our posts and see the light.
        And don’t let the haters scare you. The fact that they talk about our site means that they are afraid that the truth will come out. Just MHO.

        • There are no mormons on the jury.
          It was disscusssed at voir dire neither the Defence nor the prosecuter had a problem excluding mormons from the jury pool.
          If you were a mormon you were excused.

          The defence wanted no mormons for obvious reasons.
          The prosecuter wanted no mormons in case it became an apeal issue if the verdict was guilty.
          It could have been argued any mormons on the jury would have been predudicial to a fair trial.

          So dont worry about that there not represented on the jury at least.

    • Hi Mariana. I’m just new here. I read the posts here several times to calm me down from the vitriol around youtube over this case. I have never thought that just because a person lies when they are scared that they are habitual liars so i wanted to see if there was more to this case than met the eye. Nice to meet ya 🙂

          • Holly, your questions and comments are very insightful, so I want to respond to your post about the possibility of having Mormon jurors on this case. It would be “highly prejudicial” to NOT let Mormons serve on the jury. I think there are a few, but so what. JFK said that if his religion ever got in the way of doing of his job, (as President) he would quit – words to that effect. In voir dire during jury selection, the same sort of question is put to each prospective juror.

            But this is a death penalty case, and that does worry me, because prospective jurors have to be able to come to a guilty verdict if they think Jodi is guilty as charged, regardless of the penalty. So, in essence I’m saying this jury is a tough crowd to begin with. I would be excused (before even serving) because I do not believe in executing people and would have to disclose that.

      • The only habitual liar in this case is Travis. (Not including the prosecution, prosecution witnesses and the judge.)

  52. Hey guys I’m just getting ready for bed. For some reason this long break in court makes me anxious. I wonder how it makes Jodi feel. I was just reading some of your posts from today. I haven’t gotten to see as much of the trial as everyone else but I really hope the jury is seeing what you’re seeing! I’m saying extra prayers tonight. You guys are right! Stay positive! Team Jodi!!!

  53. Oh dear, all this readin and scrolling puts me to sleep like a baby. They should put an Ipad in every crib! 🙂 nite nite y’all

    • Oh sure I finally get caught up and you all go to bed. I would like to join in the conversation but I am never current .

  54. SJ, I just love your post today. Hahaha wonder why? Thank you so much. That was so very sweet and kind of you. I re-read it and basically, I still believe it sums up the rebuttal. JM still hasn’t proven anything — well, other than that he’s an ass!

  55. Tonya, here’s where we left off… Sorry this may be long.

    Introspective says:
    April 26, 2013 at 10:06 pm
    Tonya, I have another bit of info in that same line of thinking, Except, I think rather than the possibility that they were trying to get rid of her permanently, I have altogether another angle on that… (Hope you don’t mind me replying to you on a brand new post all the way in the bottom. I will reference your name so you can look for it at the bottom, soon). This new angle, just hit me like a ton of bricks as I was going about my day, doing chores at home. I had to stop and write it down, so I won’t forget the details as they flooded my brain.

    *** Here’s my angle on WHY DID THE INTRUDERS LET JA LIVE? And not give her the same fate as TA.
    a. They genuinely did not expect her to be there, based on prior knowledge that she would be safely at a far off distance, presumably heading towards RB’S location.
    b. TA’s death was pre-planned for that day and time as the coast was supposed to be clear to carry out either a vengeance killing or atonement for his salvation.
    c. On finding JA there, it throws a monkey wrench in their plans. What are they to do now???
    d. Well, IF THEY KILL HER, then now there will most certainly be a manhunt for their (TA+JA) killers and there will be A LOT OF SPLAININ to do.
    e. IF THEY LET HER GO, then now they could risk her blabbing her mouth and getting themselves caught. HOWEVER, IF THEY LET HER LIVE, they will have 2 purposes fulfilled by it: (1) they could lay the blame on her, as her presence, such as fingerprints, photos, videos, hair etc are already present in the house, room, all over – and theirs, well, they are masked and fully covered so no evidence (2) Instead of having her blood on their hands by personally killing her, they could now let the law TAKE CARE OF IT for them and their hands will ‘be clean’.
    f. So the decision of letting her live wins over killing her – it serves a better, more valuable purpose. She has at that moment, more value to them ALIVE than dead. They can wash their hands off everything that had just transpired. They can go off scot-free!! IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT SHE LIVES (at least for now). THEY NEED HER ALIVE!!
    g. Her hand is dipped in TA’s blood (now mingled with her own) by one of the intruders, and is placed strategically on the wall as an INSURANCE and ASSURANCE to them that she won’t squeal.
    h. JA is sent packing, and with a warning as to if she opened her mouth, she could find the same fate for her family members and loved ones.
    i. This is why JA leaves with hardly any bruises or cuts, guilty that she could not have done more for TA (such as get help from neighbors), not call 911 or alert the police.
    j. She takes some time to muster up a change in demeanor becoz her and her fly’s lives depends on it. So she pretends to go about as if nothing ever happened.
    k. JA is not clear about what is to transpire next – will they come after her? (she buys a 9mm gun for protection), will they blame her? (they have her handprint on the wall), has TA survived? (that’s why she makes calls to his cell phone), if TA is dead, will someone discover the body? (she keeps herself busy till she finds out).
    l. JA’s attempt to convey to Flores about the intruders was the most believable of the ‘lies’ she told. The emotional way in which she conveys the details struck me as THE TRUTH. Also, her resignation, that she won’t be believed is also so evident.
    m. This explains the irrational need for so many from the other side, to ensure that she is given the needle.
    n. If she is put to death, the goal (TA’s salvation, and/or vengeance) has been realized, plus, there will be no need for the authorities to look any further. They can now rest easy.
    o. If the purpose behind his death was religious in nature, then, they will all button up and hide the truth because it is for the greater good, and hide/protect the real culprits by deflecting the blame on a more convenient scapegoat.
    p. If the purpose behind his death is vengeance for what he may have done to one of them or their family members, then they will still button up, however, this time out of fear (for their lives, fly’s lives, loss of livelihood).

    My mind is reeling – there is just so much more… Sorry that this post is so long.

    • Introspective, YES YES YES! This is exactly what I blv happened! Many may say no way, and have their own reasons but I blv YES, why not?! Shes so scared she WOULD take the blame! I put myself in her shoes and I blv I would do the same. Thanks for posting and if any of the jurors are reading, they should question this scenario. All those little pieces that don’t make sense, do make sense with the intruder story.

    • Excellent . . and highly probable. The hater sect has mocked God. They continue to expose themselves. One of their own said Jodi should be given a “Medal of Honor, instead of a trial”. At the loss of sanctuary or anything sacred to her, she earned her wings. Alot of evil has been displayed by the haters and they shouldn’t feel safe, but one thing for sure, TA will not be violating anyone anymore.

    • Awesome! I think that’s why Jodi said “no jury will convict me” bc she really didn’t kill Travis. I also don’t believe she did it. My mother doesn’t either and she doesn’t watch/follow the trial like I do. Just showing her the autopsy photos was evident it wasn’t Jodi. Hope everyone has a good night

      A little confession: reading everyone’s comments at night laying in bed make me laugh out loud. Its the best! You guys are sooo funny! 😀

    • “l. JA’s attempt to convey to Flores about the intruders was the most believable of the ‘lies’ she told. The emotional way in which she conveys the details struck me as THE TRUTH.”

      It was Jodi’s description of Travis on his hands and knees, screaming, after being shot/stabbed that cinched it for me; that description has the ring of truth. Who would think to manufacture that detail?

  56. Very interesting Post. Also i was reading this article, usually don’t agree with everything (brink) says. But this article has some interest especially about the camera. Information about camera could HELP Jodi and the defence team. Please check this out for Team Jodi defence

    • interesting read …what ever happened with the card that was found in the closet, remember the crime scene lady, cant think of her name, she went thru and told what the markers were and where they were located within the house, there was a marker #11 in the closet and JM asked what that was and she said it was a usb thumb drive that was a targus brand so was it ever tested to see what was on it. exhibit 115

  57. Also, i don’t understand what he is saying about bubble response, “because it has a little bottle that says drink me on the other side”. Its late, my brain is tired. Maybe someone with fresh brain in am can help me understand it.

    • dunno eb . . most of everything else about the sd cards is spot on . . there is evidence of tampering but the bubble thing I can’t even make up something for a reply lol

      • Yes, i think it does prove tampering. Also now that i have had another cup of coffee, I think what brink is saying about the bubble is Martinez gave in on the eye picture, to quickly and look out, he’s going to try and liquor us up and lead the jury down the rabbit hole.

  58. Hello all!

    After an insanely hectic week of limited sleep, I am glad it is the weekend. This post is to say hello to the JAII family 🙂 and to let y’all know, I have not disappeared on y’all, I promise! Just a really insane week!

    • haha, I was supposed to reply on this, but it came on it’s own post. sigh..

      ouch! :/ this. .. I don’t know what to say.

    • haha, I was supposed to reply on this, but it came on it’s own post. sigh..

      ouch! :/ this. .. I don’t know what to say.

    • Looks like Dan got leaned on by “Hughes & Co”, same as the did with Charmaine Juban way back when.

      Team Jodi

    • snipped from article On the day she was arrested a friend called to “rub” it in, but the news came an hour after his brother committed suicide and Freeman was consumed by a different tragedy

      what is with all of these people and his brother also commited suicide, any way we could get an autopsy report or find out more about this suicide. This makes 2 ppl since the killing of TA..WTH??

  59. Ok, i was going to try and bring over a portion of camera information, I think it is an important read, but i couldn’t do it, maybe some one else can. with better skills than me.

    • Yep, appears so with Freeman’s last statement but it’s still just his opinion and that contradicts his previous part of the article. Favorable of Jodi, friend/family, to on the fence to fell off onto TA side, reading her face during testimony, reading JM chuckle with Flores, nahh .. better cover his ass with his living buddies. Too bad we won’t see how they really feel then again it just might hit the fan once this trial is over.

  60. has anyone heard of Bella lately? I miss her and her input here
    Also with this trial coming to an end soon, my brain still working on processing all these wonderful,intelligent and interesting comments on this website. I would like to point out how much I enjoy reading all the posts put on this side. Thank you so much for giving me me so much insight and thank you to to all administrators and SJ for making this save heaven possible.
    At this point and time I am still so upset about the way of media coverage, about the utmost hateful and threatening comments in the social media, where is this leading to ? Have we become so dulled that we don’t need any basic ethics anymore? I guess I have to stop and wait until my brain has sorted this all out and I can make some reasonable points here, my brain wants to say so much on this but doesn’t come up with the right wording
    Sending you all lots of swiss chocolate hugs for now

    • Considering that the State’s case for premeditation is so weak, it is downright frightening that so many people are calling for Jodi’s execution w/out benefit of trial. The only constitutional right these happy-assholes respect is the right to own guns. Yosemite Sam has replaced Uncle Sam.

  61. the one thing that still puzzles me is the hand print on the wall. even during testimony of crime scene pics the hand print was never shown on the wall. Seems it should have been marked and photographed on the wall and then cut out to send for testing. The one key piece of evidence, I would think, and I cant find a pic of it. someone here said there is one out there somewhere. someone else said they saw it but couldnt make out the print. so whats up with the hand print?? you would think it wouldnt be that hard to find a pic of it.

    • I also have been looking for the hand print. I saw a small pic once, that looked more like a painting but I didn’t click on it, by the time I was ready to look at the hand print I couldn’t find it again. but in the small pic it looked intentional.
      Introspective’s post an excellent explanation as to how the hand print would be on the wall.
      HLN did a scenario , where Jodi places her left hand on the wall for leverage to pull TA back to the shower. If that were the case it seems to me the print would be smeared. I want to see the picture.

  62. SOOOOOO … my mother has been rigidly Team Travis since the beginning of this trial. Quite a while ago, when I began doubting the State’s case and HLN, I stopped talking to my mom about the trial. Well, last night, I decided to tell my mom that I believe Jodi is innocent. After I made my declaration, I sat back in my chair and waited for the inevitable, “WHAT? HOW? THAT’S CRAZY!” Imagine my shock when my mom replied with a comment about Travis being a complete jerk, and that ALV was a wonderful witness.

    This bodes well for Jodi, right? If my mom said that Travis was a jerk and Jodi acted in self-defense, Martinez has FAILED.

  63. SJ,

    Dr. Horn’s testimony says the knife wounds came first (not as it is stated above that the gun wound came first). The defense is contending that the gun wound came first. Dr. Horn’s testimony (or theory) is based on the ‘defensive’ wounds to Mr. Alexander’s hands and that the gun shot would have supposedly completely incompacitated him; therefore he couldn’t have ‘defended’ himself against the knife.

    • I mean timezone screwup. Something to do with when Jodi left Pasadena, or when she got to Mesa, how long that journey was, and the time she bought petrol at ARCO.

      Or something!

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