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Before you, as the sitting jury, deign to walk in the footsteps of those brain missing maladroits (who could have sent Martinez back to his rat hole but failed miserably in their duty), let me give a preamble to your instruction. Spelling out the credo and obligation you must unrelentingly never fail to defend as a juror.


She must have
She could have
She should have
What if
I think
I assume
I suggest
Doesn’t make sense that
Seems to me
It stands to reason that
It’s likely that
It’s not likely that
Why couldn’t she have
Not logical that
It’s only logical that
Inconsistent with
It bothers me that
My guess is
She may have
Then why didn’t she
In my understanding
Most people would have
I certainly would have
A normal person would have
Story improbable
Emotional because of what she’s facing
It is the State’s theory
Don’t tell me that
I can’t believe that
There’s no excuse that
Doesn’t seem reasonable that
I would speculate that
Certainly she would have
The only other way that
How could she
Why didn’t she…

…and the qualifier above all THAT MUST BE REJECTED at all cost instantly, if you have to resort to using it to support your theory…


Jodi Arias has been charged with committing the most heinous possible capital crime–willfully, knowingly, and with malice aforethought taking the life of another human being, with that individual being her intended victim. Jodi did not bring the charge against herself. The State prosecution authority of Maricopa County Arizona Superior Court has accused her of committing this most grievous offense.

They elected before trial to raise the charge adding a qualifying aggravator and a second “cheap shot” backup of felony burglary to elevate it to a premeditated murder. Having some perverse unrelenting penchant to want to sentence her to an irreversible fate. This requires the highest near airtight consortium of proof. Not “you think” or “more likely than not” kind of proof. But rock solid elimination of all alternate scenarios that force you not to use ANY modifiers. Do you hear me jury? None!

Jodi Arias comes into the courtroom with an unassailable right to the presumption of innocence. It is not subjective. It is not subject to interpretation. It is absolute. Everything that is presented in evidence must counter–to the exclusion of ALL other possibilities–that a reasonable and prudent person could infer from that same evidence, as being an alternative. If one factor points to guilt but an opposing factor of that same evidence points to innocence or doubt, it is incumbent upon any jury or judge to give the presumption of innocence.

All of the idioms in the list above by their very nature of our use of them in our English vernacular are speculative. They are nebulous and leave open the interpretation to other views. They are conclusive of nothing. If a prosecutor has to resort to them, or you have to resort to them in your opinions to support your theory, it is not the language that meets the standard in a criminal court. There are no eye witnesses to this day other than Jodi. And you must never “assume” she is lying.

It isn’t Jodi’s burden to prove that the prosecutor’s allegations are false. It wasn’t in the early months of 2013 and it isn’t now. It is the burden of the prosecution to prove all elements of their charges. Every single ONE of them. Jodi merely has to raise doubt and show that her account of the events is not “impossible.”

This case reeked with doubt. If I was Nurmi when Jodi was being cross examined, I would have been standing up nearly every other question and saying ‘asked and answered, compound question, improper questioning of my client!’ I would have done it so much, that prick of a prosecutor would have been foaming at the mouth. He asked the same question 3-4-5 times and then would mangle her answer to fit his agenda. He’d string together three questions into one and then demand a yes or no answer. He’s not a prosecutor. He’s a prosecutioner! Listening to him and watching his act brings bile to my mouth.

If you take out his scheming attempts to distort, the prosecutor malfeasance and badgering of Arias, it would have been a 2 day cross examination. NOTHING was elicited that made Jodi’s version of events that afternoon impossible–absolutely nothing. The most trivial thing could have tipped the scales in Jodi’s testimony if she had been lying; something as simple as turning left instead of turning right. And it would have been clear to the world that her story could not be.

But it never happened. As much as anyone might like to twist themselves into a tizzy and imagine Martinez scored that breach, the actions that afternoon of Jodi Arias held up under withering scrutiny. And as long as you have to use the verbal idioms in my itemized list to fantasize that he “did” impeach her testimony, you only prove my point.

There have been no excited utterances heard by anybody or a SINGLE ear witness alluding to an instance of showing Jodi had violent tendencies toward Alexander. Or ever threatened him with bodily harm. I’ll punch you in the nose Travis” — this is the proof the Mexican truth mangler dares to portray as credence that she had a violent side? Oh just shove it. You never said that to anybody, or heard that said by the most mild-mannered person you know?

An officer of the court could actually present this as pattern and practice of somebody he wants you to equate with a Mesa version of Eileen Wuornos? How far do you want to stretch this taffy? Her propensity for aggressiveness toward anybody is non existent in the trial. In both trials. Period! In fact, the testimony is that she is shy, introverted, always acted and dressed like a lady, and was genuinely warm to others. Usually always putting the feelings of everyone else above her own.

You may not like it and it may not be that you want Jodi to benefit by the legal system for the death of a double life gigolo killed in the prime of his life. But when you pass through those hallowed doors of a superior criminal courtroom, all speculation and postulation heard at the water cooler stops and the rules of evidence take over.

It is not the standard determinate of a civil court, where it’s only necessary to show a preponderance of being 1% more likely than not, that a defendant is guilty as charged. It is such a high standard that it must leave NO mitigating doubt.

In a death penalty decision, you don’t have the luxury of the slightest error of being wrong. You can’t say well, she’s just a little bit dead if you’re wrong. Not even two percent wrong! And this case is so lacking from reaching that imperative burden, that it almost makes a mockery of the court’s time.

Notwithstanding how weak the proof of premeditation was already, the doors have now been blown off because we have documented proof–corroborated by witnesses too afraid to be threatened by the Alexander mafia in the first trial–that Alexander was everything she said he was. From violent batteries on females to a full time porn freak. Up to and including the scourge of the earth classified felony of sexually deriving pleasure and getting hard-ons from looking at five or six year olds.

He was the very antitheses of the Mormon image he cloaked himself in. The church would have banned him for eternity if they knew the real Alexander lurking behind the facade. And the police would have been watching him as a prime candidate for a sting operation. It virtually torpedoes the State’s witnesses oh-so sincere camouflage of covering up exactly what he was. Including the violence! Unlike Jodi, the violent predisposition he exhibited, was WITNESSED.

There is a term that is codified and sacrosanct in our system of legal adjudication in nations throughout the free world. It states that the trier of fact shall determine the innocence or guilt of an accused. It does not say the trier of assumptions, the trier of conjecture, the trier of likely possibilities. It says the trier of fucking FACT. It does not give you leeway of allowing yourself to be hoodwinked by a death crazed Spaniard no matter how much he shouts or paces back and forth like a baboon.

The evidence put forth in this case alleging the standard required to prove premeditated murder or first degree murder committed by Jodi Arias, is less than an empty shell. It is a castle built of sand. It is replete with salacious innuendo and compound questions with twisted interpretations. It is based on witnesses who contradict each other and have incontrovertibly perjured themselves. And it is based on idioms that must be employed in my enumerated list in order to contort the facts if you somehow envision a contrivance of guilt that is remotely supported by those charges.

The veritable reality is that this trial is based on an account of a person who was there that afternoon and has given testimony that has never been impeached one iota after she was sworn in. Nothing that couldn’t be torn to shreds or factually countered to the extent that show her relating of events were both possible and probable. And that the events could have taken place just as she stated. In fact, I believe they were INORDINATELY chapter and verse exactly as she stated.

The judge in that courtroom who is bound by constitutional oath to scour every crevice of doubt for possibility of error or altering of fact, has passed off all the prestidigitation and sludge thrown against the wall by this prosecution team in a furtive effort to patch together a predicate for willful murder.

It is not only possibility of ignorance that results in her staggering failure to declare a mistrial time after time after time. Or to not even so much as administer the slightest fine or sanction or contempt. It is startling malfeasance. It is deliberate and contemptible. This prosecutor is not a POS, he’s all S. He defiles the courtroom. And this dilatory Martinez junkie allowing this sham is right in the thick of the ongoing triangulation.

Be aware that it only takes 51% of no ballots to throw her out. Any resident of Arizona that votes to retain this prosecution subsidizing sidebar fanatic in her retention cycle election in 2016 should have their voting card revoked. Imagine that you were on trial for a crime and you learned that the police concealed evidence and did everything but put your fingerprints on a phony gun. And then you learn she was your judge. God help you, if you don’t make that impossible. It’s in your hands and within your power. You better take heed to what I’m saying.

I wish this jury omniscience and insight into making at least one right decision. One that can temporarily bring this sham a smidgeon of righteousness. Take it out of the hands of this amateur accessory abetting this witch hunt. You should have seen enough already to question why Jodi is even sitting in that defendant’s chair. Or why you’re even there. Fucking show it! Let it reverberate through the rafters of that damn place.

Then we will get to the business of letting the supreme authorities who overrule her, invalidate the first abominable verdict and remand a new FAIR aboveboard retrial at the very minimum. Hopefully at the same time permanently insuring the rest of these sons of bitches are chugging a gallon of Maalox a day awaiting their own indictments.

A no-option choice of who would survive that afternoon has been supported by tenets of every law and any unbiased evaluation of the evidence. Jurors… don’t bring shame on this courtroom again.

And take it to the bank all you vigilante Martinez loving meat-heads. It was Jodi who had no option.

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In the meantime…

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Never question it.

Never doubt it.

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    • Hey thanks to you for making it so easy for me every day to catch up on this farce fest, dragging all those tweets over here. You and Maria.

      The twin tornadoes of tweets.

      • Yes, Maria and Pandora are wonderful for posting the tweets.
        Jade, your post is excellent, and very generous in your exactness and effort to convey what the law demands.
        We are all in danger when the people responsible for upholding the law do not do their duty, and even show flagrant disregard of that duty.
        I don’ t know what instructions this jury, or all juries in general, are provided with, but not only should the defense team provide this jury with a similar explanation as presented in your post, ALL juries everywhere should be presented with such a thorough explicit list and explanation __ in writing__ so that they can have it ready at hand to refer to, until the trial is over.
        Maybe juries are already given such explicit written instructions; I don’ t know.
        I think that maybe jury members should be required to write out extensive explanations __ similar to how one shows ‘ proof’ of how one arrives at a math solution.
        By doing so, an evaluation can be done to determine that a decision was made by following correct procedure.
        Maybe such things already exist according to certain extents; I don’ t know.
        Sometimes I read media accounts saying it is unfair to blame the judge, but I find that preposterous. Not only should she have realized and ruled that it is not a death penalty case__ and obviously not premeditated__ but JSS was completely wrong to permit the cruelty aggravator and the felony murder charge. And there is a looong list of other things I fault her for.
        Martinez did not ‘slip up’ when he named the protected witness 3 times. I do not believe that even Martinez’s supporters believe he slipped up, even the first time, let alone 3 times.
        Jade, you are a phenomenally talented writer!

        • Amy, one of the best performances of spoon feeding a jury I have seen was in the Zimmerman trial.

          Mark O’Mara in his closing argument had a brilliant chart that showed how convincing the proof had to be in order for Zimmerman to be found guilty.

          Here, there was a mountain of evidence that should have been presented and wasn’t. It would take a court reporter half a day to type up the list.

          Witnesses that should have been called or shown as justified to be bound over to a grand jury for perjury and weren’t, it left me shaking my head.

          Nurmi’s specialty was sexual offenses and sexual abuse. He focused the hopes of acquittal on those parameters instead of self defense. Couldn’t have been more wrong. And if any jury ever needed spoon feeding, it was that one.

          As I’ve said, the one thing he has been aggressive and proficient at is preserving the record. He seems to have gotten a clue as to why he’s there in this phase also.

          • Jade: You have such a wonderful way expressing what needs to be said and making us even clearer in our focus. How right you are about the way this has been handled by the defense (and I must say press) for this little lady. So much wrong, so little right.

            Something is wrong with the State’s story and maybe we here can figure it out bit by bit and put ALL the pieces together for someone to put into words that will make sense to the world, and by that I mean published – letter to the editor of the local press, perhaps even an article.

        • there is an article in the Phila. Paper today that has to do with a young lawyer that was
          told to pay ONE MILLION dollars because her witness blurted something he shouldn t in a
          civil case. This was not the lawyer but the witness. Martinez makes 3 faux pas and he gets
          a pass. Martinez signs an autograph and has a picture taken with a supporter in the first trial
          and gets a pass.

          Nothing is not right in the state of az.

          • martinez gets away with only a ‘slap on the wrist’. I am really curious to see how long this charade will last. Who knows? Maybe they’re aiming for a place in the Guinness World’s Records Book for longest trial, most corrupted trial, most expensive trial ever…

  1. Well, now that’s what I’m talking about!!! Thank you Jade! Standing Ovation!
    Rev up the motors of Truth and Set JODI FREE ARIZONA!

    • R.Love, I copied and pasted Jodi’s letter to the family. It is so touching, maybe that is because I trust Jodi and believe she was as truthful as she cared to be without hurting the family.
      I had to correct a little here and there because whoever typed it from the handwritten version made a couple of errors (maybe I am wrong, but it didn’t read well and Jodi is very proficient at writing).
      I have some thoughts about what she explains happened and the connection between what we on JAII suspect to be true, but I dare not write them here. And that is not because I am personally afraid of repercussions, but that I am afraid to ‘lite candles’ for the prosecution.

        • I thought it was you that mentioned that the blogger had put up the letter Jodi wrote to the family…if that is wrong I apologize. I got copied the letter off that site and then in Word I pasted it. (Hope that wasn’t illegal). Reading it was very illuminating. That’s it in a nutshell!!

          • Oh Got It! I did mention that I had read it once again and yes it just made my belief stronger concerning Jodi’s innocence. I did post that I read it on Chatty Big Mouth’s site. I believe Flores led Jodi into believing she did all of this my herself but I have never believed it possible. There just had to be others involved. Sorry to be slow. 😉 I truly believe Jodi doesn’t know what all happened.

      • It’s very clear to me when listening to her police interrogation that the idea of the letter comes from the woman detective – first brought up by Flores, but repeatedly by the female Mesa detective (at least four times before the exchange below). Another idea that is heavily suggested repeatedly was that she was the only one who could decide in what light the media portrayed her. I think that planted the seed of Jodi’s interviews with media.

        Detective: If you see your situation as so hopeless, why wouldn’t you at least give the family some closure and some peace of mind, as to what happened – or why? If you have any feelings, emotions within you – if you have any goodness in your heart, I don’t know why you wouldn’t do that? Because if you don’t, and you don’t give them the information that they seek for the closure, that makes you a very selfish person.

        ……. Just because you are in custody doesn’t give them closure. If your fate is so inevitable in your mind, why wouldn’t you give the family closure?

        Jodi: I don’t know if I can give them what they want. I just don’t know.

        Detective: Wouldn’t you want to at least try and let them make that decision? If it were my son, I would want all the information I could so that I could make some sense of it.

        ……This is an opportunity to make right some of your selfishness and let the family decide how they’re going to deal with that information and how they’re going to use it. Why should they have more suffering than they’ve already had? In your religion and, forgive me for my ignorance about it…

        …. You are the only person that has the information that the family seeks. They don’t seek crime scene information – they will already have that. They seek something that is at a much deeper level, it’s an emotional level and you are the only person that can help them with that.

        • Yes, yes CC. . . Detectives were very devious to led Jodi into writing the letter and also talking with the media. Anyway for them to cover up the mess they had made of this. . .thinking who cares about Jodi, nobody. . . IN THAT THEY WERE VERY WRONG. . .MANY CARE ABOUT JODI!!!! AND WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL SHE IS FREE!!!!!

        • R. Love and Carol:
          It is so important to point out how the police treated Jodi beginning to try to get her to believe what wasn’t the facts. Maneuvering her to tell her story THEIR way.

          This is the part of Brady that is so awful: The police can lie and intimidate the suspect into saying and doing anything the police want. This was so unfair of all of them. Jodi (her family as well) had no idea that police lie, manipulate, falsify facts.
          Brady needs to be updated for the suspect does have rights and they are being undermined by lying police officers.

  2. Did you all know that the very day Travis calls her over to help him move boxes into the attic, was the day she saw him in the masturbatory act of enjoyment over the little boy in the briefs?

    I didn’t.

    I just learned that the other day when we were discussing the new owners of Alexander’s home using their knee pads to fawn over these cretins. And conveniently handing over what was in that attic to the Alexanders instead of to the court.

    Well, if that doesn’t fit like Cinderella’s slipper. Photos of what he got off on were in some of those boxes and he thought Jodi was on her way home. No way in hell did he expect her to be standing in the doorway of his bedroom while he’s polishing his sausage.

    That must have blew his mind.

  3. I am always blown away by Jade’s excellent way of putting her thoughts into words, by her efficiency to capture the true essence of this farce trial and highlight all the wrongdoings of the State.

    I am at awe of all the people who have a writing talent.

    THANK YOU for yet another truly magnificent post, Jade. You hit the nail, as usual.

    I am honored to be among all of you, my fellow JAIIers ♥ ♥

    Brace yourselves, for Monday will be a looong day.

  4. Jade, You have the tiger by the tail, with eloquence! I have more faith every day, and know Jodi gets strength from our hopeful, prayerful consciences!

  5. The Blood Stain on the Washer- The police on June 9th or 10th of 2008 found a reddish stain on the washing machine. When later tested it turned out to be blood.

    This means that the blood stain would have been there on the washer all week long. More importantly based on the time frame when the demise of Travis took place and Zach doing his laundry later in the evening when he got home from work means that the blood stain from June 9th or June 10th of 2008 would still have been fresh when Zach went to do his laundry. Why didn’t notice the blood stain on the washer on June 4th, 2008 when it is obvious that it would have been relatively fresh even though it had coagulated. The blood stain would have been only four hours old at most and would have been noticeable. Why doesn’t Zach mention that he sees a blood stain when he discovers the mixed coloreds and whites in the laundry that were religious articles that Zach knew were not his and were definitely not Enrique’s? Going back through the Flores Report I now see that Zach had to have checked both the washer and dryer and would have noticed the blood stain as well as a possible burnt blood odor from the dryer. Yet Zach still did not call the police. Why not?

    • If the bedding from the bed had first been washed and then placed into the dryer the time allotted for washing the bedding, maybe 30 minutes would have put Jodi past the point of being discovered by Enrique who had come home at 6:30PM. So how is it possible Jodi is sneaking around all bloody cleaning herself up twice washing the bedding and then drying it and then putting the other laundry in the washer all without Enrique seeing her? Remember Enrique says that he sees Travis coming down the stairs on the 4th of June on his phone talking which would also put him still alive and the clothes and camera not being put into the washer and dryer until sometime between 6:30PM and when Zach arrives home from work and goes to do his laundry and discovers the articles of clothing in the washer.

      • YOU know, she wasn’t there. She didn’t kill Travis. Too many things weren’t properly investigated by forensic science. It is a little comforting to know that other people have the same reaction to this whole mess.
        YES Travis was alive on Thursday. My bet is he died on Friday when both roommates were gone from the house.

        • If TA didn’t die until Friday, that leaves two days fewer for the bugs to raise their issue. We need Geffner to turn these events into a chart.

          We all know there has been a string of unexplained deaths swirling around this entire history of whatever is taking place. I have been puzzeled over the “flat affect” of the entire young mormon group when they hear, what I would expect to be devastating information for them to absorb. It’s like they are numb, dissociated, not processing the words as having a large meaning, and their loss of a personal friend has already lost any significance beyond did they put on matching sox today.

          Dan Freeman’s younger sister seems catatonic, and rotot’like. When I’m looking at her video interview, all I can think of is that she just lost her brother, Josh, and from suicide . Yet here she is being expected to respond to the relatively trivial conversation, as though there is nothing out of the ordinary in her life now, vs such a short while ago when she had the other brother still in her life, now gone forever. I just couldn’t figure her out. I do get the impression that therapists are plentiful and busy in the Mormon clans.

  6. Oh my goodness sake! I discovered a joke about the Frog when he was a little toad. The beginning of the “Arithmetic Monster”. . .

    A little boy was doing his math homework.
    He said to himself, “Two plus five ….that son of a bitch is seven..
    Three plus six … that son of a bitch is nine ….”
    His mother heard what he was saying and gasped, “What are you doing?”
    The little boy replied, “I’m doing my math homework, Mum.”
    “And is this how your teacher taught you to do it?”, the mother asked.
    “Yes”, he answered.
    Infuriated, the mother asked the teacher the next day, “What are you teaching my son in math?”
    The teacher replied, “Right now, we are learning addition.”
    The mother asked, “And are you teaching them to say two plus two … that son of a bitch is four?”
    After the teacher stopped laughing, she answered, “What I taught them was, “two plus two ….. THE SUM OF WHICH is four.”


  7. Hi i feel jodi shouldn’t be charged with the death penalty. Heat of passion imo. However I am considering a donation but need someone to answer this question for me. How can jodi ‘ Mother Not be on that stand begging for her daughter life? Any Mother on earth isn’t afraid to beg for her daughter life. How can her Mother post a video asking for money yet won’t testify to save her daughter life? Please answer if anyone feels they can. Thanks in advance I am Not a hater I feel jodi was over charged!

    • self defense self defense self defense and I think Jodi didn’t want her mom to testify, and this trial isn’t over yet so, we’ll see what we see, just pray

    • Hi Amber
      Jodi’s mother was supposed to testify in the mitigation phase of the original trial but Jodi didn’t want her to. She didn’t want her mom subjected to Juan Martinez’s questions so said no.

    • Amber, Jodi did not want her family to speak on her behalf in her last trial. After what has happened in the past to anyone that spoke on Jodi’s be half I can understand.

      Sandy, Jodi’s mother has been in court every single day and I’m sure she would be one her knees begging for her daughter’s life if Jodi would let her.

    • Amber, I am sorry if I am wrong and am insulting you, but your post makes me suspicious about your claim that you are a supporter.
      It’s good of you to consider making a donation, but really you don’ t need to broadcast you are considering it with the implied stipulation that you must understand why Jodi’s mother is not testifying.
      First, no mother should ever have to beg for their child to be allowed to live, and any intelligent humane jury should know a parent wants her child to live, and thus testimony should be irrelevant and needless. It is downright sickening that a jury should ask a family member to beg.
      The fact that Jodi’s mother is there in court supporting her, should make it obvious she supports her daughter.
      And, if, for some reason, Jodi’s parent does not support her, any thinking person should realize that reflects very poorly on the parent, not the child, and if anything, would show that the parent hadn’ t provided the love and nurturing the child needed.
      It would take too much time and space to thoroughly argue this.
      But it is sufficient to say that Jodi’s mother, and the rest of her family DO support her.
      Juan Martinez, in my opinion, is a bad person, and he will abuse Jodi’s mother if she is on the stand, and the media will pick up the ball and run with it, not caring how much they hurt Jodi’s mother, or the rest of her family.
      Has anyone seen one instance of the mainstream media calling attention to the sufferring of Jodi’s family, and ask people to consider them, and even protest against the death penalty because it punishes and destroys family members?
      And Jodi’s mother is not simply asking for money; she is asking for money BECAUSE SHE *IS* TRYING TO SAVE JODI’S LIFE by asking for donations for an appeal lawyer.
      Unfortunately, in this country, if you do not have sufficient money, you are at an extreme dis-advantage when it comes to protecting yourself.
      Sorry if I am unfair and being a jerk by being suspicious of you, Amber. A person came on this site once pretending to have cancer and pretending to be a supporter of Jodi’s, and it was later found out she was not.
      If you are a real supporter of Jodi, then that is very good and kind of you, and I apologize to you.

      • My writing was imprecise: I did not mean, “and, if, for some reason, Jodi’s parent does not support her.”
        What I meant to say had no reference to Jodi’s parent, or to Jodi, at all.
        I meant to state explicitly, “and if, for some reason, A parent does not support A CHILD.”

    • Amber hi! Welcome! Jodi fought in self defense which is a human right. Jodi should have been acquitted.

      Charging a woman with premed M1 who was defending herself from physical abuse is absolutely mad. This just makes other women in the world be afraid to stand up for themselves whatever the price might be because they might end up facing a death penalty.

      This circus trial is saying to all women in the world “Shut up and take the slapping around cause if you dare fight off your abuser and come out a survivor, we will try and kill you anyways”. How fair is that?

      As for Sandy Arias? She is a wonderful, compassionate human being. She has a heart of gold and is in terror for her daughter’s life which is in the hands of 12 people. Sandy has shown respect for the alexander family, for the court (although she sees the farce that is being played at the expense of her daughter) and has sat quiet watching her daughter being humiliated on a daily basis, having hers and her family’s personal life exposed to the public.

      If Sandy Arias hasn’t and will not testify for her daughter it must be Jodi’s decision not to allow the hating prosecutor to abuse Sandy. Jodi is protecting her family the best she can from martinez cause we all know that he is nothing more than a bully and an abuser that will go to all lengths just to belittle everyone that is willing to stand up for Jodi.

      I would appreciate if people that don’t know the Arias family personally, restrain themselves from making assumptions about them.

      ((((Arias Family)))) ♥

      • ♥ I agree Pandora. Sandy Arias has proved her love, loyalty and support by being there everyday for her daughter, for me that is a wonderful testimony of a Mother’s Love and dedication. ((((SANDY))))

  8. Just a thought, Robert Geffner recommended that Jodi should be evaluated for bipolar disorder. There is a very strong argument that the Borderline Personality Disorder will not be considered as a mitigating factor. However, if it is possible to get Jodi tested for Bi-polar, And it can be established that she does indeed have it. The combination of the Borderline Personality and Bipolar disorder diagnoses would be hard to be overlooked as a mitigating factor factor for the jury. People do irrational things when they are having a manic episode and have little to no self control. There have been many cases that someone with bipolar disorder acted erratically and recklessly and were provided leniency because of their diagnoses. If Jodi does have either BPD or bipolar and has never been diagnosed by a professional, she, may have been completely unaware of the danger her mental unstablilty could cause during an manic episode. The emotions and instincts which dictated her bizarre behavior are not that of a normal person and are in fact that of someone who has a mental illness. I think the defense should attempt to get her evaluated for bi-polar as soon as possible and present their findings before the conclusion of the sentencing phase to show that failure to diagnose and treat her mental illness contributed to her bizarre and irrational behavior. The defense should file a motion for a delay so that Jodi can be evaluated for Bipolar disorder, if JSS denies the motion it could be another possible appellant issue.

    • Dr. G.’s assessment of Jodi:

      Carolyn Sung ‏@CarolynSungCNN • 4m4 minutes ago
      #jodiarias answered more than 2000 questions over six years of psych evaluation tests, according to Geffner
      Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • 4m4 minutes ago  Phoenix, AZ
      Geffner’s diagnostic results are consistent with PTSD, significant anxiety, intrusive experiences…cont…#jodiarias #3tvarias
      Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • 3m3 minutes ago  Phoenix, AZ
      Geffner says diagnostic results are also major depression #jodiarias #3tvarias
      Steve Krafft ‏@SKrafftFox10 • 4m4 minutes ago
      Dr. Geffner says it dawned on him #jodiarias suffered from manic depression.
      Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • 4m4 minutes ago  Phoenix, AZ
      He couldn’t rule out Bi Polar b/c interviews & records point to it. Geffner said his own observations point to Bi Polar #jodiarias #3tvarias
      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer • 4m4 minutes ago
      Geffner thinks #jodiarias is bi-polar and suffers from PTSD, and was a victim of domestic abuse at hands of Alexander and bf Bobby Juarez.

      • Thank you Amy. I don’t have a degree in psychiatrybut only use a referencelife experiences with people who suffer from both PTSD and bipolar. Why people only believe that only vets can have PTSD I will never know. People who are bipolar will display different degrees of manic and depression. Most are very highly intelligent.
        I can see this in what has been said of Jodi’s behavior.

        I only hope that Jodi will be able to receive the medical attention she needs.

  9. I think an even bigger question which I find even more abhorrent, is how can the Alexander family sit in that courtroom and see Jodi’s Mom day after day and and still insist they want to kill her daughter? Why would they want to put a Mother thru that kind of forever pain? Are they taking out their own hatred for their own Mother on Jodi’s Mom?

    • ” Why would they want to put a Mother thru that kind of forever pain?”

      They don’t think like that. In fact, they don’t even HAVE that kind of thinking process. They cannot reach such deep levels of consciousness.

      The past 2 years, the latest developments around the world,seeing how cruel human nature can be, how cruel AND animalistic, all these have made me realize that there are people out there whose thinking process is just that: more animal-like. They only have standard emotions, they don’t go further, they think like how our ancestors the monkies must have thought.

      To the Alexanders there IS NO compassion for Jodi’s mother. They want REVENGE. It’s as simple as that. They can ONLY feel and understand their OWN pain. It’d take education, self-awareness, working with onw’s self to get better, psychological balance/maturity and a higher quality of character the Alexanders just don’t have.

      • I believe Steven and Tanisha are parents. Why is it so impossible for them to put themselves in the place of Jodi’s Mom? Her Dad? Her siblings? They are definitely lacking in compassion, and severely so. “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.” They must not teach that at LDS.

      • There’s nothing animal-like about vengeance, maria. That’s a strictly human phenomenon.

        Animals only kill to survive.

        • Thank you for saying that Journee.

          I’m still conflicted with how they are seeking justice for Travis. I have never understood how a dead person can receive justice. Well with everything that has come out in this trial about Travis I hope they can live with themselves…. Even his memory is now tarnished.

          • Very true, Cindy. And they have no one to blame but themselves and their quest for revenge for that. There is no way I would do that to my brother’s memory. No way.

            • And I certainly would never insist on killing another person and causing so much pain to others in my brother’s memory either. Travis himself said Jodi is a much better person than he. That speaks volumes.

              • Jodi mentions in her police interrogation that according to the Mormon bible, it is an eye for an eye.

                That’s probably why there seems to be a lot of prosecutorial misconduct and lab tampering in Mormon counties where they have the death penalty. They feel the end justifies their means.


                • Mormons are right up there with the Catholic Church when it comes to child abuse. There has being many cases & there will be many more. It seems they use the First Amendment in US; in saying they are protected by the First Amendment from giving over names, files, other documents, & victims complaints. They have protected abuser members over the years from the law who went on to claim many more victims. And of course in many states in US, they have protection from the law, because who in high places wants a scandal to come to fore, with same Latter Day people, when they may be Latter Day members themselves & may even be in on the abuse? We just don’t know how big this problem is within the Latter Day church but I am sure it’s “Gigantic”.

                  Take United Kingdom for instance, they have many from high up to down low, in every major city & town in the country involved in abuse of children, from MP’s to doctors to solicitors, to whatever profession even “dare I say it” policemen involved in same. One MP investigating this issue, told the BBC, there may be tens of thousands of victims past & present whom their new inquiry will investigate & it’s so big it could take years to investigate it all. So that just proves how the abuse of children is one of the most important issues every country including all country’s in the West have to face & deal with, and it must be dealt with, “Head On”!

                  And as you know we in Ireland have been dealing with ours, but that’s only been the beginning of it, there’s many more case to be looked at & there’s many more to be discovered. Church, school, family, work abuse, in fact it’s everywhere, this “Pandemic” of our time.

        • Journee, my second paragraph was more general – that’s why I included the past 2 years, the recent world developments etc…Meaning observing some people I feel they are like animals: wild, angry, preying, eating, sleeping… Basic instincts, no much in-depth analysis of themselves and their actions.
          And that’s how I connected it to the Alexanders, meaning when it comes to their reactions, they seem to me to have a pretty primitive way of thinking/acting which COULD as a result account for the fact they seek revenge. They can’t stop to think on a much deeper level.

      • Maria,

        I think your insight makes sense. I had been thinking about how there seemed to have become “categories” of humans such that the divide is too large to connect across the gap any more, and we are regressing to something like the tribes of ages ago. Seems we are sort of stranded is this strange era with no users’ manual : – )

        Also, you as so beautiful. You look like an angel.

  10. Dr. G is now having to testify for all the affidavit witnesses because of the court’s ruling. This is a difficult enough task without the judge and prosecutor not allowing him to look at his notes. I know I am repeating myself, but DeMarte did not and could not testify to anything specific about her own work – her whole 12 hours with Jodi – without referring to her notes during all the phases of her testimony.


    • Yes.. more bias by the judge.

      I hear by the cacklers that Juan has witnesses for cross of Geff (who is testifying to affidavits)… is this kosher?

      • Jodi Arias Updates ‏@JodiAnnArias · 2h2 hours ago
        Abe to testify for State to help kill Jodi. Wondering if he will join Juan’s other perjurers: Flores, Horn, Melendez, and Reid? #JodiArias

        Abe is another poor excuse for a man IMO.

            • I’m trying to recall did Jodi ever go put with Abe?? Darn I hate it when I don’t recall things like that. I know I was not impressed with him at all. Didn’t he testify over the phone?

              • I have a vague image in my mind of Jodi and Abe in a bookstore and her mentioning to him that she was interested in the Mormon religion. If that’s so, I think that may have been the only time they were out as a twosome. (I wouldn’t be surprised if Abe had an interest in Jodi and it wasn’t reciprocated.)

                • Exactly, Justiceforusall. and Abe doesn’t like to be rejected.
                  I think he has used the media machine to pull a couple of get-even
                  moves against Jodi. I’m glad she escaped relatively unscathed.

                  Who among us could ever have imagined that this situation could have enough of “whatever it is a combination of” to already have a life span of seven years.

                  I’m at a complete loss for words. I hope it is a good force that is trying to teach me something, and that I can get the lesson over with and back to a real world quickly.

              • They met at PPL and began conversing back and forth. They first had a lunch date, then a dinner date with a trip to Barnes and Noble as Justus describes. In the parking lot, he copped a feel to see if she wore thong underwear (piggy) and cracked a comment “those aren’t magic underwear” and Jodi replied, “but there’s magic in them”. She then writes him the letter that she is back with T-Dogg and then they just converse again. He really doesn’t have a lot to contribute, but he is one guy that does love the limelight.

                Remember how he sat on the phone during the hearing and listened to the testimony of Gus and CH before he testified himself? Another farce of JM’s.

    • Canada Carol, I think JM is just about done with him and then the DT will be up. With JSS moving this trial along who knows if totdoc will even be called.

      Journee might be right with her thinking about it being turned over to the jury by Thurs.

    • I don’t know the law, but I would think that the affidavits, by law, should be sufficient unto themselves, and I would think it should be illegal to force Geffner to testify for the affidavits witnesses.
      I can not understand how any court would allow this practice, of forbidding someone to use notes.
      I can not understand how any court can force a professional witness to not look at his notes. I would think that would be illegal in any court.
      Specificity is critical in any court matter, and the notes guarantee and provide that specificity. The notes best ensure that the truth of the matter is accurately revealed.
      But true revelation is exactly what Martinez does not want. He wants to use his ‘memory’ tricks to trip Geffner up so he can use it against him.
      Even the president of the United States uses notes and/or a teleprompter.
      I know that tweeting gives an incomplete account of what is happening, but if witnesses are not allowed to use their notes, I find that absolutely corrupt, and it truly sickens me.
      And I hope the DT objects and files a motion against it.
      And it is beyond sickening that JSS allowed Martinez to reveal the identity of the protected witness 3 times, with no punishment at all.
      JSS knew absolutely that they were not ‘ slip- ups’.
      And like joan kamen wrote upthread: a lawyer was fined 1 million dollars because her witness ‘inadvertently’ blurted out crucial information.
      And the judge did so because the judge honored the law. The judge knew that even with the rare chance that such outbursts might be ‘innocent,’ the damage they cause, are irreversible.
      And obviously the judge is not a fool, and knows the sort of tricks a lawyer might use.
      JSS is going to insist Geffner not use his notes, but does not punish Martinez for his 3 pretend ‘slip- ups?’
      How can JSS get away with this?
      I find it absolutely sickening.
      And regarding the copyrighted material of Geffner’s, what does JSS say to the media regarding publicizing the copyrighted/ protected material?
      JSS tells the media that she is not going to tell the media what to do!!!
      JSS is the judge and she does not tell the media what to do after it was made clear publicizing the material without permission was considered unlawful?
      And even after JSS turned off the court room cameras, recorder etc., to safeguard the copyrighted/ protected material?!
      And after Geffner made clear how publicizing it would invalidate the test.
      JSS’s behavior is very near her dismissive attitude towards Martinez’s pretend ‘slip- ups’:
      It seems like her communication to the media amounted to ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink,’ when she pointed out that the fact that since the material was presented in court any allegations of copyright infringement are somewhat mitigated, and it IS possible the media might get sued…..
      Obviously if JSS says the media might get sued, she knows the media might get sued for doing what is deemed illegal.
      But JSS says she is not going to tell the media what to do [ in effect saying, I will not tell you to not do what is illegal.]

    • Yes, Judy. It’s a really crucial day, Greece’s future is hanging by a thread. We will either go to hell or see a ray of hope….

      • I see the right wing party has won…Syriza. Now Europe may go downhill again as markets won’t like this result & Germany certainly won’t like it seeing that Greece may default on their payments, but will especially a massive cut to their debt. If Europe give in to this, well Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece & all the other country’s who paid up quietly may now be having second thoughts & may want ECB to give them back money as well. As for US the Fed will be under pressure as to their future finance policy’s, the world could so easily now go back to 2008 “Depression”, when you tie in the ridiculous way oil has fallen to new lows & one half of Europe at least is in the grip of ISIL fear & another part of it is in a (now) serious war with Russia.

        Any thing can happen in the next weeks & months & anything is now possible.

        Jade, another great post from you…when you think of all you’ve written on this…even since I found this site, you’d wonder how this trial is still going on? & how Jodi is still facing an uncertain time ahead? It’s just the pure badness of the Prosecutor & the complicity of the Judge. I believe these two are one & the same person, at least in their mindsets. Both seem to want the same outcome. Well…over our dead bodies.

        • Syriza is actually the Radical Left Wing party.
          I am scared of what tomorrow may bring for my country and the entire Europe, jojnjo…One can only hope and pray.

          • Maria,

            Sorry, of course, you’re right. For some strange reason I was thinking of “Golden Dawn” as I was writing. They were big inn the news some time ago there & were getting a lot of support. So now, that I’ve got my left from my right sorted, I can walk straight again.

    • At least we can be happy that many corrupted politicians that have pocketed a lot of money will not be able to take economical advantage anymore. The politics in Greece are a bit weird… for decades the main parties were a ‘family thing’ (kinda like Bush —> father to son to…). I am glad that we are rid of that. Greece is economically at the bottom of the pit. There’s no going worse than that so there is only hope that our economics will start rising…

      • Pandora: I hope Greece does get back on their feet, and quickly. I love your food! I love your pima cotton yarn! I love the way you dance with great joy! But most of all I love the way you think: like rational people! 🙂

  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ
    So so sad to hear the loss of Det. Flores son in an accident. My prayers are with his whole family. I can’t imagine the pain.

    • Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ · 39m39 minutes ago
      Don’t bother coming on my feed 2 say something so evil about a family that lost their son! This has nothing 2 do with Jodi. It’s his child!

      I cannot image that any Jodi supporters would do something like that.

      • I think Jodi supporters would be the first to feel for any family who lost a child. We say that all the time about the possibility of Jodi’s family having such a loss. I feel very badly for the Flores family. A young man who really hadn’t had the opportunity to live his life. Life sure throws curve balls that seem to come out of nowhere. So sorry.

      • Jen is RIGHT!!!

        This has nothing to do with Jodi’s trial and detective Flores’ work on it.

        This is a tragic loss of an innocent child. I feel sorry for Esteban Flores and his wife. I hope they somehow find something to hold on to.

      • Yes it is heart-breaking to lose a child, I am very familiar with that scenario.

        But facts are facts: a mother sits in the courtroom daily hoping and praying others will not kill her child, and she is threatened daily with this loss.

        I feel for this young man’s family. Perhaps, but I doubt it, this will give the Flores family pause. This would be a good time for the Flores family to reflect on their behavior over the past 6 1/2 years.

    • Oh my. This is really sad news. Parents should never have to bury their child. It is wrong. Plain wrong. I am sorry for the Flores’s loss and feel the pain they must be going through.

      We must not take our indignation for the way Arizona is trying to kill Jodi and confuse it with a loss of a child.

      May the Flores’s be strong.

        • PS I think what Scoopy doesn’t realize is that Jodi Arias Supporters are and have always showed Love and Compassion during tragedies. One thing we realize everyone deserves God’s Blessings and Mercy. My sympathy for the Flores family is genuine.

    • All children become Angels in Heaven, because they are innocent pure and beautiful.

      Rest in peace***

      My deepest condolences to the Flores family 🙁

  12. Jade why do I want to give You a BIG HUG . Because You,re an amazing person . That judge MUST over turn that wrongful n injust verdict…NO exceptions! That is HER duty……that a win? by hate is undone.And PLEASE don,t tell me she can,t do that by law folks as judges make law all the time in COURT. The judge has the last word in any court ….and this one should say Miss ARIAS the state of AZ. FAILED You are FREE to go! This happened in the 80,s in Mass concerning a U.K. nanny. Why do You think appeals have NO JURY…….There is a reason ……..Judges know the law and the rules a lot more than ANY JURY! Jade keep up the GREAT work. Always remember friends THIS is @ JODI never US. Please do what You can to help. Thanks…….GRIZ…out.

  13. Hi Amy. Thanks for replying. I don’t think jodi should have ever been charged w death penalty. But it’s underway now so my point is her Mother needs to get on that stand! Noway can she fear juan cross (my Mother would tear Juan to shreds lol) And if he is too aggressive w her Mother he will lose all respect w the jury. If mother don’t get up there the jury will wonder what she is hiding. No Mother wouldn’t beg for her child’s life! The jury Needs to see this. I understand you say that’s not what jodi wants but Sandra is the Mother! She Can get on that stand and Needs to. It’s underway now but there is definitely noway jodi should Ever have been changed w death for a crime of passion (if that) i posted in hopes of Sandra Arias seeing this and doing the only thing s Mother can right now n that is get up there n tell the world her daughter needs to live. It has to be done imo

  14. Also let’s not forget this is Arizona n high profile case if she unfortunately gets that death sentence she will be executed. Politics sheriff Joe etc. They will make a example of her. It’s so sad and I made the comment so people will understand. Forget the appeals for now. Right now her family n friends need get on stand and ask for mercy. Do any of you see any other way? It’s present time n death sentence is a Real possibility n if any of you think politics won’t play a part in carrying out that death sentence then you are very naive. I hope someone on here has the courage to get on that stand n ask for her to be spared. Who can say a life isn’t worth a little harassment? If TA supporters do harrass. The focus is jodi life nothing else right now. Also especially women who say they can’t relate to jodi are lying. Jealousy has been around since the dawn of time. Not to say killing is Ever right no matter what. And jodi did in fact admit it. There’s no other way now but to beg mercy from the court. Sorry if people here don’t agree I just don’t feel jodi should ever have been charged w death penalty.

    • “Beg for mercy”? have you actually watched the trial? In many occasions Jodi has expressed her regret. She has apologized more times than I care to count.
      “Who can say a life isn’t worth a little harassment? If TA supporters do harrass.” – You’re kidding right? Bullying, threatening witnesses to the point of sending them to the hospital is NOT ‘a little harassment’.

      Amber, are you really a supporter or just another troll trying to get under our skin? I haven’t shined my boot in a while and it’s itching me… Just sayin’

    • Amber, You have to understand. Jodi’s mother and her family would sleek to the jury unpack statements. Jodi will not allow it. Jodi has that right!!! But none of us knows what this week will bring.

  15. I also do agree Amy JUST is the worst! Totally incompetent! However venting may help us feel better but it won’t help jodi not receive that death sentence. Are any of you supporters willing to get on stand for jodi? Can anyone think of Any other ways in the Present to help her not get that sentence? Only way I see is asking the jury for mercy. Any other ideas then? (Excluding appeals which come years later n in Sheriff Joe land I don’t see that happening) thanks in advance for replying

    • Amber, with all due respect, I have the feeling you are being a tad disrespectful of Jodi’s supporters. It doesn’t seem that you are much of a supporter. You question us what we do for Jodi. Let me reverse that question: What have you done for Jodi?

    • Amber, your additional posts have changed my original suspicion about your sincerity.
      You seem to be sincere, genuine, and also good- natured and understanding since you are polite and friendly, even though I voiced my suspicion of you.
      And ‘fake’ supporters would not likely take the time to follow up with a lengthy polite response.
      On internet forums it is sometimes hard to gauge the intentions behind a post, whereas in ‘real life’ it is much easier.
      When you say that Jodi ‘admitted’ the killing, please remember that she admitted that she killed in •self defense• AND she has NO memory of having actually killed him. She admitted to killing him because she *assumed* that was what happened, even though she has NO memory of it. [ Also, it is her testimony __that when she pointed Travis’s gun at him to ward off his attack of her__ it is Jodi’s testimony that the gun went off accidentally.]
      As far as I know, the only supporters who are allowed to speak on behalf of Jodi are people who knew her at the time of the incident, and prior to the incident.

      • [Oh well, I guess my first hunch about Amber was right. When she followed up I thought the fact that she even bothered to follow up indicated sincerity.
        I noticed the, “if Travis supporters do harrass,” but let that inaccurate “if” go, because I wanted to give Amber the benefit of the doubt, so I chalked up the “if” to be a combination of lack of genuine information, and lack of facility in expression.

  16. I just gave Sandra Arias some great advice on how to save her daughter life. Now what have you done? Yes you are being rude I thought the purpose here was to save jodi life? Apparently it’s to make fun of people n Try to deny the facts. I gave Great advice here looking at this from a jurors point of view.

  17. Amber there is no way the court is going to call any of Jodi’s supporters that come to this page and post if they did everyone hear would would tell the Jury what a kind and wonderful person Jodi is you have offended me by posting here who are you they did not want to here from Jodi’s supporters on HLN when they railroaded her.

  18. I understand that the son of the Arizona detective in the Jodi Ann Arias death penalty case had an accident and I read two different versions of how he died. …I will not comment on my sorrow or lack of sorrow for the family of the young teenager. …But, I would like to ask:
    …Did Flores bring several of his whole family (possibly this young son), into the Arias court during the saddest part of Jodi’s trial to (((RELISH observing Jodi’s conviction & the decision to execute, but the jury hung)))??? ….All that would like to say is that:
    …St Joan of Arc is the Guardian Angel of Mademoiselle Jodi Ann Arias, and that perhaps the Flores family who remains should pray to St Joan of Arc (also a Saint in the Mormon religion) for guidance to do the right thing (to correct the typo excuse in the detective’s testimony) and stop trying to murder Jodi, who is also someone(s)’ very much loved child. …And, that Saint Joan may allow this innocent teenage son into Heaven (or Mormon Heaven) even if the adult Floreses will NOT be welcome in Heaven, not even into Mormon Heaven. …This is only the opinion of myself, …WLOPEZ4JAA…

  19. As far as Jodi’s Mother needing any advice. . .she has God’s Everlasting Love carrying her, her family and her daughter Jodi through this Earthly torment and I think that will be sufficient.

    • you can be a supporter and still criticize the defense case. I do not have all the information that
      they have but i don t think its been too effective so far.
      They kept Dr. Gaffer on too long. The jury is a group of lay people , if they were all
      psychologists or their ilk, I could see it. The affidavit testimony is ineffective, I hope this is an
      item for appeal, they need witnesses not affidavits.

      I believe Sandy would be an effective witness, true. she was not the perfect mother and Jodi
      wasn t the perfect child, so what,she is still a loving mother.

      • Joan, there is one psychologist on the jury and another who is the daughter of one. The defence is spending a lot of time with Dr. G. because there is so much psychology that is involved with this case. Jodi had issues before she met the T-Dogg that were so severely exacerbated by the relationship with him, someone who obviously, had very serious issues himself.

        If Jodi’s mother were to take the stand, what level do you suppose the likes of Juan Martinez, would stoop to in his attacking her? Jodi has explained the relationship she has with her mother, Dr. G. has explained it as well. The jury sees her there every day, sitting behind her daughter even though she lives a state away and they are not wealthy people by any means.

        The affidavit testimony is what Jodi has been left with since the ruling from the court about the media having to be in the courtroom so that they can tweet their silliness or serious coverage. The evidence that the affidavits brought was very significant and important evidence of T-Dogg’s physical action to Deanna and his continued trail of porn, this time child porn.

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