The Presidential Election – Time To Make America Great Again

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11/9 Update:
One people, under One God, saluting One American flag.
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Here’s Donald Trump in his last rally… from early this morning in Grand Rapids, MI:


Here’s the bottom line:

You can either vote for a liar, a thief, a crook and a felon (and the joint head of America’s largest organized crime syndicate) — or — you can vote for Donald Trump and make America GREAT again.

One people, under One God, saluting One American flag.

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  1. I have written two requests to President Obama to pardon Jodi. To date, he has commuted over 200 sentences–mainly for drug crimes. I hope now that the stakes are not so political, he will consider freeing Jodi since she was convicted due to gross prosecutorial misconduct.

    • I was curious if the JAII group has contemplated reaching out to the many “innocence projects” in this country?
      I see many cases of this on shows like 48 Hours on ID and others where a wrongly convicted person gets an advocacy with attorneys and funding to pursue an appellate reversal. I believe that her compelling story will move somebody in these groups to look at this case with an “open mind” like I did.

      • I think some feelers of that kind were put out several years ago. But I believe organizations like that focus almost exclusively on cases where the wrong person was convicted — not on cases where self-defense was misinterpreted as murder.

    • That’s a very nice gesture, Suzanne. But the US President can pardon only federal crimes. A pardon for Jodi would have to come from the Arizona governor.

  2. Back on track tomorrow…..and back on the path to free a wronged lady. No hard feelings no matter what the out come….and now as some have done is the time to seek a FULL PARDON for a woman who survived an abuser. Take up the pen not the sword…and free an innocent.



    One people, under One God, saluting One American flag.

    SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

  4. You called it Jade!!!
    Democrats appear to be blaming Comey for some of this but it seems that the Trump message truly resonated with the overwhelmingly white majority without higher education who feel left behind in the economic recovery. The Midwest and rust belt states where manufacturing has all but disappeared seemed to turn the tide. It also seems that Clinton was not able to settle on a single campaign message while Trump’s reverberated throughout as you have stated many times. I know the financial markets did not like the result as they had priced in a Clinton victory… world markets plunged although Trump’s acceptance speech calmed them somewhat.
    Congrats to the new AZ sheriff!! he has A LOT OF WORK ahead of him. Arpaio will now what its like to be on the other side of the law
    BTW, does anybody know how the judge did?…. the one who couldn’t make a ruling without calling a timeout!!!???

      • At a loss for words…. Wait: Sherry Useless Stephens a Superior Court Judge? (or am I getting something wrong?) Sigh…. 🙄

        • Trial courts, the lowest level for significant crimes, are often called “superior courts” in America. I don’t know why — maybe because they are above “justices of the peace,” who handle relatively trivial offenses. At any rate, I believe AZ’s pattern of three levels is common in the US: Superior Court, Court of Appeals, and Supreme Court.

  5. BYE BYE ARPAIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR GIANT ASS ON THE WAY OUT! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Also: do the world a favor and die already!!!! Rot in Hell or at least in prison, you motherfucking disgusting evil pig!

    • Now, Now Maria……..My Dear Sweet Maria….why would we want him to die now? 🙄 First, why not allow him the embarrassment and humiliation of a extremely expensive trial (maybe Nurmi could represent him). Hmmmm Then he may to Go to Jail and wear his very own Pink Undies and roast himself in the Hot Desert Sun while he sleeps in his very own Tent City only to wake up to 3 meals a day of ground up pink bologna day after day? ………maybe just for his remaining years. ♥

  6. WOW! This woman couldn’t make a ruling without a sidebar yet she gets 73% of the vote!!!! She must have been running against a dead candidate or somebody with even less experience than her, if that was actually possible!
    Thanks Alan for clarifying on the innocence issue. I guess that this case truly IS NOT black and white as even Jodi seems to have her own doubts based on how AZ law currently stands. It will be interesting to see if her next defense team will try to argue simple overcharging or push for total exoneration. The bigger issue will be this: Depending on how long it takes to get her a new trial, will she have spent enough time in prison where a adjusted sentence would end up being time served.
    Hopefully, Jodi is not too down on the general election. We will come together behind our president.. We always do and will continue to agree to disagree on many issues.

  7. To change a self defense case to ANYTHING else means it will be used against Her to win. If a new trial should take place then Her team has to do what it takes to win by showing anything and all to show who t-dog really was do as the rat did and bring up anything over and over as he outed a witness…then hit the front steps and out the judge and jury and state minions to ask what is going on….a real lawyer would stand up to that rat toe to toe as he abused A.L. on the stand not go to the fucking bench for ….WHAT? s/s(fits that fuck very well) did not run her court she was run via a rat and are any surprised she got back in????az. give up the d/p don’t bet your life on it…EVER! Did one state not enshrine it in their Constitution this year? az. knows no justice as was proven in that show trial. Now let Me remind all who want to follow a leader who does wrong….that’s on You…..I was only following orders….does not work for any. A person must earn respect by their good deeds…titles mean shit…the world is full of men and women who are this or that who do evil…and minions who follow them over cliffs. The new President has a path to take…if he does good I will respect Him for that as if He goes down the path of hate then the Congress has a duty and if they fail then the Joint Chiefs should step in and remove any threat to the nation…it is their duty to do so. Who made it possible for the founding of America …the men and women willing to give all…as in 1861….and many other times. Remember it is the Congress that runs a nation not one man. They who put them selves first show their truth. A leader would give all for the people….

    • I still can’t believe that the state allowed a woman with no capital murder case experience or any murder case to preside over one of the most scrutinized trials since OJ.
      I think we all agree that this guy was a time bomb and it wasn’t a question of IF but WHEN he was going to be violent with her. The fact that he wasn’t violent in public doesn’t change the fact that he was violent in private.
      I really hope that the evidence and pictures off of the other hard drive can be retrieved.

  8. Leonard Cohen – Democracy

    Sail on, sail on,
    O might ship of State!
    To the shores of need,
    Past the reefs of greed.
    Through the squalls of hate.
    Sail on, sail on, sail on, sail on.

    It’s coming to America first,
    The cradle of the best and the worst.
    It’s here they got the range
    And the machinery for change,
    And it’s here they got the spiritual thirst.
    And it’s here the lonely say
    That the heart has got to open in a fundamental way
    Democracy is coming ….
    … to the U.S.A.

    Rest in Peace my hero!

  9. Want to see t-dods violent mindset and ways then view the real travis…eddie snell videos . Even sis sam thinks violence is better then the law…she planned to MURDER Jodi before the state even charged Her…now cop of the year…WTF is that? When a man of faith tells a woman how She sounds like a child…how is that not violence towards children. For any to back him shows true evil….please do not hide behind a faith or justice…only the weak do that.

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