The Presidential Election (aka The Gift & The Curse)

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With the final debate coming up in Vegas on Wednesday night, I thought this would be as good a time as any to weigh in with my various thoughts & observations on the forthcoming Presidential Election.

Although not a Jodi-related story per se, I do see several similarities, not least the mainly Clinton controlled media continually spewing irrelevant BS to the masses, while conveniently bypassing the critically important issues. Sound familiar? Just a bit.

The fact is, scandal & corruption go hand-in-hand with anything & everything Clinton-related.

For example, take the ongoing private email server fiasco as exposed by WikiLeaks – and the well documented cover-up that ensued with the State Dept., the Atty. General, The Justice Dept., the FBI, the Whitehouse and Obama… all in cahoots. And while this story rolls on, all the media can do (in an attempt to counter it) is wheel out a bunch of women with false (yet surprisingly well orchestrated) “allegations” against Trump.

The strange thing is, there are still a good number of people out there considering voting for Hillary.

Can you believe it? How screwed up (and UN-American) can those people actually be?

And yes. I get that it’s a free country (for now at least), and that people are free to vote for whoever they wish… I get that… but what I can’t understand is why anyone would waste their vote on a crook. Makes no sense really.

Hillary (with Bill behind the scenes) have to be the most vile, dishonest & corrupt pair of two-faced turds ever to disgrace US politics. Am I wrong?

And if you do vote for her… well… you’ll get what you deserve… including (but not limited to) mass 3rd world immigration, open borders, open trade, more deaths, more endless & victory-less wars, higher taxes, job losses, bribery, corruption, radical Islam welcomed with open arms… and in all likelihood, a President heading to jail.

Good luck with all that.

This recent FB comment sums it all up nicely:

“I’m outraged at Trump’s behavior. We can NOT have a pig like that in the White House. Instead, lets put in the woman that bullied rape victims, deleted government documents, starts wars, votes to bail out bankers, gets criminals off the hook even though they raped babies, destroyed nations that had no problem with us, helped run up the debt, believes she is entitled, rigged an election to beat Bernie Sanders, rigged debates on national television, and generally believes she is above the law and laughs about it in court. That seems a lot better. I mean… but Trump said he likes pussy. What kind of man is that?!?”

So come November 8th… all YOU have to decide is whether you want America to go even further down the drain, courtesy of another 4 years of nonsensical Obama-style bullshit with Crooked Hillary at the helm……. or whether you want more jobs, more safety, lower taxes, a solid & prosperous economy, affordable healthcare, affordable childcare – and you want to make America GREAT again… with Donald Trump.

Is it such a hard decision to make?

Not really. Not when you think about it.

In summary — and even though his sons are assholes — this is my personal endorsement of Donald J. Trump for President of The United States of America.

I’ll leave you with this last clip. Enjoy the music – or not as the case may be…

As always, be sure to leave your relevant thoughts & comments below.

Don’t be shy…

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  1. NIce knowing you SJ, keep up the good fight. I have a diametrically opposed opinion about Hillary and trump, and I’ll not subject you or anyone else to my opinions. I thought this was a Jodi page, but you brought the gutter, and I’m gone
    Farewell all, Free Jodi Arias! Self-Defense is NOT a crime!!!

    • Hi John,
      That’s great. I referenced you in my previous post.
      You need help. All the best.
      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  2. Greetings all. So its now been some 8 Years gone by, since the struggle to survive a vicious attack and to include the continued attack by the State of Arizona courts to convict. In a recent news interview with a former inmate, it was stated that once a person is in the system, it is almost impossible to get out. The State doesn’t want to lose its Federal funding for each inmate they get. Another reason they have one of the most largest inmate population in the US.
    Ok, this comment is to further remind everyone, that Self Defense in fear of ones life is NOT a crime, yet that corrupt State and Court system did Violate rules of law and the Constitutional Rights of the accused.
    Further, despite Jodi’s clarification of the facts, on the day she was sentenced, tells her character as a GOOD Person. Jodi showed remorse even though she was attacked and beaten and railroaded by that Horrible State of Arizona.
    The US is supposed to stand for Freedom, Justice and the American Way of life. Jodi and everyone involved must stand up and STOP the Continued Abuse of the citizens of this country.
    Jodi is a good person and we all need to help her any way we can.
    If you believe in the American Flag and what it stands for then you need to fight for Jodi’s Freedom.
    Good Luck All. To Jodi you must FIGHT and Never give up.

  3. Hi there SJ, I think this will be one of the few times I have to disagree with you.

    I think both candidates are not right for running as President of one of the most powerful countries in the world. BUT if I had to choose from those two I would certainly NOT choose TRUMP (or as his real name is: Drumpf).

    He is everything I hate about human beings: A racist, a bigot, a misogynist, a liar, an arrogant asshole, and in general a piece of shit. Let’s not forget that if he does become the next president of the USA he will have the power to start wars and kill thousands of innocent humans just because he doesn’t agree with their color or religion… now that is fucking dangerous and scary!

    The citizens of USA are screwed. They’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. These elections will be a lose-lose situation… a “I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t” situation.

    I am not one to brag about good and bad politics since our politicians in Greece (ALL OF THEM) are corrupted, scum, clueless and incapable of doing any good to my country but because I do understand what it is to have fucked-up people running my country I can only imagine what these elections will do for the citizens of the USA. 🙁

    And because I am madly in love with John Oliver’s brains, I leave you with these two clips:

  4. SJ…I too must disagree with Your views….but that just shows how two who agree on some thing may disagree on others.No matter who takes office they must do right by all Americans, that is their duty as they took an oath…just like ALL in court. We in Canada just threw out a rather evil leader who only cared for it’s kind. When ever any bring up Bill Clinton I tell them that no party eats it’s own…red or blue as they lose power…but he would have been convicted for sure under the rules of a military court…as Commander in Chief ….He is not a civilian as the President. None are. The Joint Chiefs failed their nation as many of Our leaders have…that’s why one must ask who is the lesser of two evils in ANY race…few good folk ever run for office. Ron joked about bombing in the next 5 min.s but will any believe that the donald is joking when he says that…? Who is he really running for….him or the U.S…..but To voice an opinion just means we are free. We are on this site to express Our views…and as long as they are Ours then I can agree or disagree…but i will remain on board for one reason…Jodi Ann Arias..We all work to see her FREE. I want the best for Her and America….as for the donald I once though he ‘TOLD” Her to take the deal…what deal was that….LWOP…is DEATH…with more pain and time. The state never wanted to deal…NEVER! But they have made deals with many others , did they not? But Hers was a special case….ask HLN and all the time they used to bring Her to harm….say each min. cost just 1000.00…well by My math that would be a grand total of over 100,000,000 they spent on seeing Her harmed. makes one wonder why?

  5. Here’s my two cents (for what it’s worth):

    Instead of wanting to put into the oval office the most experienced person to ever run for the office (who happens to also be a woman and happens to be flawed like every other politician – much less human being – on this planet), nearly half of this nation would rather elect a narcissistic, pathologically lying, sociopathic, sexual predator. That’s what I find most frightening.

    But there is a silver lining here. This disease that has infested our political system first showed its ugly head in Jodi’s trial in the following ways:

    Admiration of bullies
    Confirmation bias
    Double standards
    Excused bad behavior
    Lack of interest in facts or evidence
    Threats against those who dare to disagree

    All during Jodi’s trial, as we fought against those knuckleheads, I kept wondering whether they were just an anomaly or were they instead the tip of some ugly iceberg. Now we’ll get a chance to see, on November 8th, a good estimate of the number of people who so easily get caught up in demagoguery and no matter how much they are presented with facts would rather excuse atrociously bad behavior than to admit they might be wrong. So once this nightmare election is over, perhaps more people will be able to understand what happened to Jodi and how much our judicial system is at risk.

    Sorry SJ. Love you dearly but obviously cannot agree.

    • Hi Justus,

      You raised a few interesting points. I’m just not convinced that electing a crook (with a rapist husband) is gonna make America great again.

      Hopefully Hillary’s fatally-flawed & nonsensical polices will be exposed again on Wednesday night. All she’s done in the past 2 debates (when questioned about them) is laugh and talk about something else instead. Vegas should be interesting! We shall see…

      SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

  6. What do I think? Neither of them. Neither Clinton nor Trump. Of all the people in a HUGE country like America and you’re left to choose between these two?

    Bernie was the only person fit to adorn the title of President of the United States of America in my opinion, but they threw him away, or rather, Clinton did.

    Heaven help America if either of these two are President.

  7. I usually agree with you on everything, SJ, but I have to respectfully disagree here. First of all, Donald J. Trump is a sociopath who reminds me of Travis Alexander. Second, Trump is not seriously running for Prez anyway. He plans to start his own “Trump News Network,” and this “race” is the ideal way to get continuous publicity. That is why is a “self-destructing” now—he feared he might actually win! I support Hillary–and by the way, Jodi does tool.

  8. I wonder how Travis would have judged the situation. To me both these candidates seem like puppets. It’s been like a puppet show from the very beginning. I didn’t find your take on the situation very cogent.

  9. ♥ Lately this parable has come to mind:
    Luke 18:1-8 (NLT)
    Parable of the Persistent Widow
    18 One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up. 2 “There was a judge in a certain city,” he said, “who neither feared God nor cared about people. 3 A widow of that city came to him repeatedly, saying, ‘Give me justice in this dispute with my enemy.’ 4 The judge ignored her for a while, but finally he said to himself, ‘I don’t fear God or care about people, 5 but this woman is driving me crazy. I’m going to see that she gets justice, because she is wearing me out with her constant requests!’”
    6 Then the Lord said, “Learn a lesson from this unjust judge. 7 Even he rendered a just decision in the end. So don’t you think God will surely give justice to his chosen people who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? 8 I tell you, he will grant justice to them quickly! But when the Son of Man (Jesus) returns, how many will he find on the earth who have faith?”

    As for me, I will continue to pray for Jodi Arias’ Freedom. Our country has developed this political fiasco by continually sticking their heads in the sand . . . just like the citizens of Arizona did with their justice system. America has allowed the media to control their minds without researching information for themselves. Corruption is everywhere. People have started believing anything they hear or see and calling it the truth whether it is or isn’t. It became apparent during Jodi’s ordeal how bad things have gotten in our justice system (to me anyway). Horrifying! Jodi has been used and abused by overzealous and greedy people ever since she became entangled with Travis Alexander & Co. Jodi needs our help right now more than anything I can think of. She can not acquire the help she is going to need unless everyone of us pulls together and gives her our love and support. Please continue to pray for Jodi Arias, her family and also our country. We need to be steadfast in our fight for her freedom and justice. What has happened to Jodi could happen to anyone of us next. The injustice has to be stopped. Keep the FAITH because God is watching over all of us. Believers and Non-believers.
    I’ll put my faith in God. ♥ I trust HIM! (((((((FREE JODI)))))) ♥

  10. May be wrong on this but who makes the laws in America…the President or the Congress…from what i understand ONLY Congress gets to do that and who ever is President signs on or not,and then the Congress can over ride Him or Her. If one really wants to change America then vote in good and just folks to Your Congress….and call them out anytime they do wrong by you.but that NEVER means because one didn’t get their way! say the DEATH penalty…Me I.m all for it …TOP DOWN…meaning the more education and wealth and power…get the rope when they ever do wrong…so how long do You all thing it would take Congress to rid the Nation of THAT penalty…hmm. Most want laws on others as they want punishment to the max but when it comes to their own ,not so much…they are called two faced or more. to ever blame the ills of a Nation on one man seems a bit odd…as the Nation was watching. Ask any who want to make america great again….do You ALWAYS buy American or try to even if it costs more??? Would wal mart the great capitalist like to have no one working in their stores as folks shop there..Ie. self check outs…robot stocking the shelves….now that a great company who seems not to want to create jobs but loves to take money from workers. Any nation that does not make most things is not much of a nation. I would rather pay more and create a job then save a bit and not have a job…We all need one another…no man is an island thing…..I must agree the trump and t-dog have a lot in common….seems to me if You talked about them but with no name it would be rather hard to know just who was the subject. Yes Hillary has big issues but to me trump has BIGGER one’s.So ask Yourself…who has the better record for serving the Nation…..or serving just them.

    • Hi Deb,

      Thanks for your comment. You make an interesting point. The thing is, very few people were on Jodi’s side, and I very much doubt Hillary would have given Jodi the time of day either, judging by the way she’s handled the women her Husband has systematically abused over the years. So neither of them are Jodi supporters in
      that sense – but my post was purely from a political perspective. Why? Because I still see Trump as being the only candidate capable of making America great again. Remember, if it wasn’t for the Clinton-controlled media brainwashing the masses 24/7, Trump would be 15 points ahead in the polls. Hopefully he can stick to the game plan and hang Crooked Hillary out to dry for a 3rd time in Vegas tonight. We shall see…

      SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

      • Besides believing America is already great (and doesn’t need a psychopath to make it “great again”), the best chance we have of getting the death penalty off the table before Jodi possibly faces a new trial is with a liberal-leaning Supreme Court.

        • Hi Justus,

          Your death penalty point is a valid one. However… with all the job losses, rising crime, the economy down the drain, illegal Immigration, corruption and “ObamaCare” (to name just a few issues), America is far from great. Trump will make it great again, given time. Right now it’s a shambles. Anyone seeing America as “already great” can’t have been watching the news for the past 8 years.
          SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

          • Crime

            According to Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact:

            “There’s been some preliminary data from early 2015 and partial comparisons as late as early 2016 indicating an uptick, but the overall trend through 2014 from annual data compiled by the FBI — using reports submitted by local law enforcement agencies — show that violent crime has been falling steadily since the early 1990s.”


            • Hi Justus,

              Interesting stats, but I very much doubt their accuracy.

              Illegal Immigration: 11 million illegals and counting. An “open borders” policy will only increase the problem. The National Border Patrol Council endorsed Donald Trump for President. They obviously see it as an issue.

              With specific regard to crime, read CC’s latest post for the harsh reality of the situation. I don’t think it is “falling steadily” by any means.

              Like I said earlier… America is far from great. Trump will make it great again, given time. Right now it’s a shambles.

              SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

          • “Violent crime is on the rise so far this year in major cities across the US compared to the number of homicides, rapes, robberies, assaults and shootings that occurred in the same cities by this point in 2015, a new report has found.

            The midyear violent crime survey released Monday by the Major Cities Chiefs Association shows 307 more homicides so far in 2016, according to data from 51 law enforcement agencies from some of the largest US cities.

            In addition to a large increase in homicides, major cities in the US have experienced more than 1,000 more robberies, almost 2,000 more aggravated assaults and more than 600 non-fatal shootings in 2016 compared to this time last year. The only category of violent crime not reflecting an increase when compared to last year is rape.

            The 316 homicides reported by the Chicago Police Department were by far the most of any law enforcement agency included in the survey, a 48% increase over last year. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said there were 110 homicides so far this year, compared to 85 in 2015. San Jose’s 25 homicides more than doubled the amount during the same period last year.”


            What really worries and sickens me is the number of police officers that have been ambushed and murdered while trying to protect their citizens. It seems like this is happening on a weekly basis lately. There are now instances of them being hurt because they have become the target and are afraid to protect themselves because of fear of backlash in the media and community. So what happens – do they just stop showing up when you call for help?

            Trump has the backing of the border patrol, the police and the armed services because they feel that they have been prevented from doing their jobs properly. He has the “Angel Moms” at his rally who have lost their loved ones at the hands of illegals, many who have been deported more than once.

  11. We all enjoy our freedoms and we don’t want to lose any of our freedoms. Little by little we are being forced to do what we don’t want to do. Like being forced to buy health insurance or we get fined or not being able to buy a gun of our preference because you could be deemed a looney. Or not being able to drink coffee from a red cup because it might offend somebody.

    Joining the U.S. military is voluntary, but none of the presidential candidates have served in the military so they don’t know what it’s like to appreciate our freedoms and our current president “homie the clown” doesn’t know his head from his ass. The kids in North Korea walk behind the soldiers picking up food droppings as if they were hungry stray animals. I know we are far from being in this situation BUT Hillary wants to allow over five hundred fifty thousand Syrians into the United States and each one of those refugees are going to murder one American sooner or later because that’s mostly the way of living over there.

    Those brave men in Benghazi didn’t have to die because the Ambassador requested reinforcement six-hundred times but Hillary thought that all six-hundred requests were a joke. When we request extra Marines in a U.S. Embassy we are suppose to get the help with no questions asked. Its the law ….. how stupid can Hillary be?

    And because Hillary is in great need of money, I wouldn’t doubt she will sell all our asses to the highest bidder which means that she will bend us over while someone else sticks something in it. All while Bill Clinton is wasting a good Cuban cigar in some woman’s vagina.

    But then there’s Donald Trump … he is rich and he doesn’t owe anyone a damn thing. He didn’t have to run for president but he is doing it so we won’t end up like North Korea or some other third world country but nobody understands that because everybody is in a rush to elect the first woman president. I guess nobody learned from disaster of rushing to elect the first black president… Obama is the dumbest neega in the world.

    We are all fucked if Donald Trump doesn’t win because he is the only one with the balls to take on all the corruption taking place within the politicians in D.C.

  12. Essay; Blizzard of Lies
    “Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar.”

    (Written when the NYT was still a real newspaper)

    Nothing has changed about this woman. Cover-ups and lost files back then too. Everything about her is corrupt and now she has been caught hiring mentally ill people to cause riots at the Trump rallies. I have been having nightmares wondering where would I move if you elected her. 😮

  13. I was going to comment that I am 100% in favor of Donald Trump for President. Then from some above comments, I read that Trump had a strong opinion of the guilt of Jodi Arias several years ago. So, I went to google: “Donald Trump Jodi Arias” and read that Trump really did give his opinion in 2013, that he thought Jodi was: “…Guilty as it gets.” …I just saw his 2013, opinion today. ..I am so sorry that he had that opinion of her Guilt. … I feel that Jodi is Not Guilty.
    …I am now only 99% in favor of Donald Trump for president. …But I am still more than 1,000% for the TOTAL DEFEAT of CROOKED HILLARY.
    …Isn’t it curious that Trump was so confident of Jodi’s guilt in 2013, and now he has experienced the absolute CROOKEDNESS OF MANY DEPARTMENTS OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.
    …Perhaps if he becomes our President he may find that CROOKEDNESS extends to Arizona & many other states. …And that he will appoint to the Supreme Court those who oppose the Death Penalty. except for those who have extreme Terrorist’s ideologies & etc.
    …(And that he reconsider his opinion of Jodi & believe-in & tweet her innocence).
    …My main opinion against Crooked Hillary is that she seems to be in favor of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, OPEN BOARDERS, TOTAL ILLEGAL EMIGRATION, for the benefit of guaranteeing that all illegal emigrants get voting rights immediately, so that Hillary’s Democratic Party be forever UNDEFEATABLE.
    …Let me suggest, go to :: “” (don’t use www.). You will find that China & USA are about the same size but China has 4 times the population of USA.
    …It is my opinion that if CROOKED HILLARY wins & the Democratic Party continues, then it will be impossible to stop the unlawful influx of illegal emigrants into our USA. …And I believe that the population of the USA will increase by 400% to about what the population of China is today: approximately: 1.367 Billion people within perhaps about 20 years. …And they will all be immediately on food stamps, Soc Security & free housing, ….they would never work even if there was work to do.
    …And, CROOKED HILLARY IS FUCKIN FAT & UGLY. …(in my opinion).

    • Trump’s knowledge of Jodi’s case was based on the mainstream medias’ coverage and we all know how distorted that was. He went on to say that Jodi should try and reach a deal, which of course, we know that’s what she wanted to do and the slimy frog wouldn’t.

    • I feel so sorry for the poor misguided souls who actually believe Trump is legitimately seeking the presidency of the United States. What he is doing is artfully exploiting the race (while making a mockery of it) to garner publicity for his upcoming Trump News Network. His one generative theme is how crooked and biased and stupid the media is; his answer: Trump News Network. You heard it here, folks. Why do you think Trump is acting so CRAZY? He is AFRAID he might win. Jodi supports Hillary. And if we were to disqualify from office every woman who has been cheated on, no women could run for office.

      • Hi Sue,
        Thanks for those pearls of wisdom. However, I don’t see anyone wanting Crooked Hillary disqualified from office due to being cheated on… however, she should never have been in the running for President in the first place, as she should be in jail.
        SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

        • Crooked Hillary and the Dark Web

          FBI: Witnesses found ‘sensitive’ Clinton file on Romanian server

          Newly released notes from the FBI’s year-long investigation into Hillary Clinton’s server suggests independent groups discovered potentially classified Clinton documents on a Romanian server while searching for evidence that her network had been breached.

          The unnamed company who was tapped to lead the effort found “one sensitive Excel file listing the names of known or suspected jihadists in Libya” on a Romanian server. Some of the file had been written in Russia, the witness said.

          EXCLUSIVE: FBI Agents Say Comey ‘Stood In The Way’ Of Clinton Email Investigation

          He explained, “It’s not. People inside the bureau are furious. They are embarrassed. They feel like they are being led by a hack but more than that that they think he’s a crook. They think he’s fundamentally dishonest. They have no confidence in him. The bureau inside right now is a mess.”

          He added, “The most important thing of all is that the agents have decided that they are going to talk.”

          Read more:

          This is not over. Even if she is elected, this investigation of her will go on.

          • Hi Vicky,

            There would be a lot more people cringing too – if they just knew how crooked Hillary really is.

            I’m just watching Trump’s speech in Gettysburg. Awesome stuff.

            Trump WILL make America great again. Make no mistake.
            SJ >>> #WINNING <<< "If Hillary Clinton wins this November, she will be the most corrupt, dishonest person ever to be elected president in American history. We cannot sit by idly and let Hillary into the White House. The only practical vote this November is a vote for Donald Trump" --- Newt Gingrich

        • Hey SJ,

          I like and respect you a lot. And you have done so much for Jodi. But I have to say I don’t think this page is the place to garner support for a lunatic like DJ Trump. Of course, you created this page; and without it, I don’t know what any one of us who love Jodi would have done over the past three years plus. So you have every right to voice any opinion you want. But let’s not tear each other up over this election. I’m concerned that some of Trump’s supporters are violent and will tear down the fabric of our democracy. Of course, my side has its share of lunatics as well. I’m praying for a peaceful transition of power and I’m praying for justice for Jodi. Peace!

          • Hi Sue,

            This post wasn’t really designed to garner support for anyone specific. It was made so we could have an open discussion. Looking at all the comments in general though, it seems like a 50/50 split… not too dissimilar to the current polls, as more people are enlightened (courtesy of WikiLeaks) as to how corrupt Crooked Hillary really is.

            As for a peaceful transition of power, I can’t see that happening somehow. Crimes were both committed *and* covered up at the highest level with regards to the private email server fiasco – and that issue isn’t gonna suddenly go away on November 9th – whoever wins.

            Here’s the bottom line:
            With Donald Trump, we have a man that’s not afraid to rock the boat, drain the swamp in Washington, get things done and make America great again… versus a woman that’s a liar, a thief, a crook and has a rapist for a husband. Based on all that, I still believe that a vote for Crooked Hillary would be a very weak vote from a very weak voter… but hey… people can vote however they like at the end of the day.

            SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

            • Ok. I am voting for Hillary Clinton, so I’m sorry you believe I’m “weak.” I think anyone who knows me would heartily disagree. I may be many things, but “weak” isn’t one. I’m not going to belabor the the reasons I have so much disgust for Donald Trump, but to enumerate a few:’ he calls himself “smart” for paying no federal income tax while millions of working stiffs like me pay more than our fair share to a government that has denied equal protection under the law to gay people (like myself) and denied justice to so many women (like Jodi Arias). Next, Trump is a hate-monger whose candidacy was created and has been fueled by decades of nasty right-wing crackpot media conspirators like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Alex Jones. Third, Mr. Trump is hardly a “successful” businessman: he has been repeatedly bailed out by bankruptcy–just like other fat-cats who lived courtly lives and then let the working class put up the tab–or worse, be denied wages earned. Trump cheated thousands out of their minimum wage pay and bragged about it. Finally, he is patently unqualified for the highest office in the country. He doesn’t know how many articles are in the Constitution or how Supreme Court justices come to serve. To top it off, he chose as his running mate a man who denied funding for AIDS research and instead wanted it spent on gay-conversion therapy. Donald Trump’s view of women is one that helped to convict Jodi; she was seen as a sex object, verbally and physically abused by a lout who had much in common with Mr. Trump, who has the maturity of a three-year-old–like Travis. I have always loved this website, but it is getting a bit “nasty” for me, so I will sign off for awhile. Guess we will have to agree to disagree, however, I have endured enough insults from Travis-bots. I don’t want to be insulted here over an election. And I believe that Jodi would be very upset that her support page has denigrated into a shit-storm of mud-slinging. I have not called anyone here names for supporting Mr. Trump, so I’m not going to associate myself with any place where women call other women (Secretary Clinton) “a fat, ugly cunt.” If people don’t like her, don’t vote for her. But don’t become part of the misogyny that helped to put Jodi behind bars. This time, peace out!

    • On my comment above 10/20/16, I did not mean to say: “…And crooked Hillary is fuckin fat and ugly.” …I guess my temperament is similar to that of Trump, just had to throw something in to show my feelings about Hillary. Actually I am half Italian & most of my relatives were “not thin”. …Neither am I.
      …Also, on the Greg Gutfeld Show, I just saw one of the speakers talk about how Trump got booed at the Al Smith Dinner when he mentioned that Hillary did not like Catholics. …Katherine Timpf said that Trump should have said right after he got booed: “Well, let me say it another way, why did the Catholic chicken cross the road?” …Answer: “To get to the side of the road that Hillary was NOT on.” … I just never heard of a Catholic chicken joke before. LOL

  14. I know everyone here are not all Football fans like me but I just wanted to make you all aware of this situation, Josh Brown, kicker for the New York Giants was suspended 1 game over the summer for Domestic Violence but today it came to light that there were journals found and he admitted physically and mentally abusing his wife(I believe his ex-wife now). The NFL is reopening the case but the cops were called to their house over 20 times. It’s just like the Ray Rice case where they had to see a video of him punching his wife in the face. Hopefully he’ll get suspended for a long time and never end up playing in the NFL again. I have no tolerance for wife beaters! They make me sick!You have to be a POS coward to ever hit a woman! Women should always be treated with respect! If things get that bad just walk away! And just because there’s no video of it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Like with Jodi, unfortunately she didn’t document it so people didn’t believe her.

  15. Is it just Me or do I see a lot of folks wanting their own way. Know way most women do not report rape…Our society will never believe them…think of a man who is raped…he too is BLAMED for that. This war on police…who started that idea??? 3 Fed police die in the line of duty and 7000 police show up and PAID to do so…as a member of our military dies and 600 show up and You best be sure they are not PAID. Would We not have a real problem with 70,000 police showing up and paid to do so for the last police shootings in Texas? Unlike some of You I have seen the good and the bad from police and Gov. I was given a DEATH threat by a Fed. policeperson in their office because We did not agree on a certain thing…and reported it to his super and was asked to let it go. Unlike the police the military has NO RIGHT to backup…none and We still do Our job….and most don’t ever want Your pity but We do want help when We gave part of us for You. I worked with police and folks who did commit MURDER and once more with no backup or weapons….I just took great care and let all know I would do what had to be done. Remember that a so called DET. named FLORES faked evidence in a capital case….did You not see that photo the rat showed the jury??? I fear now for America and the outcome on Nov.8/9…seems to me the folks who really want a win at any cost are ready to destroy America….well view Gangs of New York….the part where the military puts down the mob….as that is their job. How dare any take up arms against the Nation and expect to get away with it….under military law they who will not do their duty in time of combat forfeit their lives…that’s the reason officers carry sidearms and seldom longarms …this is just one more election and for any to lose their lives is way more then wrong. They who preach hate shall one day know hate….is You do not like one or the other then do not vote but what is it with this hate???

    • Pentagon Officials Furious After Clinton Announces US Response Time for Nuclear Launch During Debate – Elections, Hot, Today’s NewsOctober 20, 2016by Jenna Leigh Richardson

  16. Income taxes need to be skewed far more to take from the wealthiest Americans. Yes, there were additional medical bills when those with pre-existing conditions were included in Obamacare, as well as all the citizens who couldn’t continue to afford the high rising costs of healthcare, which were said to be increasing significantly faster than the cost of living for many years. It’s questionable how expensive healthcare would be many years from now when Americans more and more acknowledge the importance of having insurance. It would be viewed more and more like ransom as absolutely nobody wants to risk being buried in medical bills and perhaps receiving low quality healthcare due to lack of funds too. It appears that incomplete affordability for citizens , is it’s natural placement in the free market. It surprises me that your not pro-democrat SJ. Your from the UK and it was at least my impression that many conservatives from other industrialized nations tend to lean democrat when comparing their political views to ours. Thank you for this post.

  17. It certainly looks that way Pandora. Greetings from Northern Virginia. I remember watching a background story on him many years ago. He has been a major prick in Arizona for years, even the government doesn’t like him.

    Also, just found out the books I sent were refused, I am assuming the prison turned them away and reimbursed my money. I might as well give it back by donating to the fund and adding a few dollars more.

    Have a great weekend in Greece.

  18. The Media

    Yes, the media is biased. It’s biased because it is composed of human beings. What would you consider unbiased media? Those networks that only present what you already consider to be the truth? Or maybe networks that present only what you consider “facts” and thus kept their opinions to themselves? Well, those days are long gone with the onset of 24 hour news; new news does not arise every five minutes so the news cycles are now filled with analysis which may also contain ideas you don’t agree with. This requires listening to all sides. If all you listen to is Hannity because he says what you want to hear and offhandedly dismiss the other networks because they are biased then the bias is also within you. Personally I want to hear analysis and opinions from both sides. I want to hear debate, even from the likes of Katrina Pearson, Kayleigh McEnany and Scottie Nell Hughes (even if I have to watch them twist themselves into knots trying to defend the indefensible).

    The difference between HLN and the current media output is that, because of freedom of speech, people can get both sides of the story (although whether they choose to do that is a different story). In the case of HLN, they were the only source short of actually sitting through the trial. There was no media outlet “biased” in Jodi’s favor.

    Or perhaps you believe that CNN and MSNBC are not giving equal time to, say, the Democratic nominee’s emails and the Republican nominee’s sexual predatory words and behavior. There is such a thing as false equivalence and it isn’t like those emails haven’t been discussed ad nauseam. And speaking of Hillary’s emails, everyone here should be especially cognizant of what happens when one’s whole life (such as Jodi’s) is put under a microscope; people then use confirmation bias to cherry pick whatever fits their preconceived view of the truth. Donald’s emails, taxes and business practices have not been subjected to the same scrutiny and what has been revealed is largely ignored or excused by those who think a pathological liar who uses his power to take advantage of less powerful people is going to somehow make America great (again or not).

    All through the primaries, Trump bragged (as did his supporters) about what a genius he was for getting hours upon hours of free air time by saying the most outrageous things that took up all the oxygen in the room (and probably got him nominated) but now, in the general election, even though the media hasn’t changed and continues to give him enormous air time, now that he’s losing, the media is supposedly shameful for continuing to concentrate on his outlandish words and behavior. Maybe if he stopped saying and doing outrageous things, maybe the media could give more time to what you consider Hillary’s transgressions.

    I personally am offended when people imply that I’m brainwashed by the ”liberal media” because I have an opinion different from theirs, as if I can’t think for myself, as if I can’t look at all sides and make an independent decision.

    I wonder what the German phrase was for “Make Germany Great Again!”

    • I stopped watching CNN for the rest of my life when they began to distort the news by adding the word “racial” to a quote attributed to Trump. NBC edited out the word “frequent” from the video-tape of Bill Clinton talking about his wife’s fainting spells. Their excuse was to save time – a whole 58 seconds – to completely distort what he said. Now CNN’s Donna Brazile has been caught giving the question ahead of time to Hillary before the Town Hall Debate. They are abusive to any Trump surrogate, with three or four against one.

      The one difference in the coverage between Jodi’s trial and this election, is that Trump has one MSM station that presents his side. They kept stats on the coverage of the two candidates re the topics of the women’s accusations and all the scandals coming out of WikiLeaks. Over 9 minutes nightly were spent on the major networks on Trump and 58 seconds spent on all the terrible things about her and her campaign leaking daily out of Wikileaks. This is a woman who can’t even tell the truth about how she got her name or the birthplace of her grandparents.

      Trump is fighting all the swamp dwellers of Washington and Jodi was fighting all the swamp dwellers of the Maricopa Courts.

        • Thanks SJ, I have been checking out his rallies to see what crowds he is drawing and it is very refreshing to listen to some plain talk and not just a bunch of meaningless words. The enthusiasm of his turnout and the polls didn’t seem to match, and now we find out the reason thanks to Wiki. They rig them like everything else.

          I came across this link this morning for the WikiLeaks neatly organized:

          • Hi CC,
            The WikiLeaks emails are interesting to say the least. As for the polls, well, they are what they are. If you lump them all together, there’s not that much between them… unlike all the UK Brexit polls that had “Stay” way out in front – and we all know what happened there come voting day. So I think it’s gonna be close, but there’s still only one clear choice when it comes to making America great again.
            SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

    • Accept it or not – the media is biased. The majority of them contribute to Hillary’s campaign… so it makes perfect sense that they would be. However, that does not make for fair & balanced reporting, as one would get from Fox News for example. I guess this is why most of the media are still raving over Trump’s comments about election rigging, while bypassing not only the 33,000 emails, but also her dubious Foundation activities, plus her stance in relation to Catholics and late term abortion to name just a few issues.

      And regarding the classified emails, yes, they have been discussed ad nauseam, because a serious offence was both committed *and* covered up at the highest levels – which is why, as I (and many others) have said before, she should never even be in the running for President.

      As for making Germany great again… well… Merkel well & truly ruined the country with her fatally flawed & disastrous immigration policies. I don’t think Americans want to go down that same route somehow.

      SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

  19. Justus that says it all and Germany voted for change and boy did they get it….and not so good. But america stepped up and gave them a hand as they did to Japan…name any nation that has ever done that…helping them who tried to destroy them. America would rather be friends the foes…isn’t that right …U.K.? This Jodi take the deal well it proves that trump was not to well informed…what deal was ever made to her other then after the state failed twice to offer her LWOP…..which is DEATH just slower…but She had to give up Her right to appeal…that says such how the rat believes in his case…not so sure are you tiny! Who would not want to take a deal if it would save Your life…more then one innocent has been and will be murdered via state justice. To me any state that wants DEATH or LWOP must be forced to put ALL the evidence to a FED. court to retry the case…and all should be told ..YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE…they who love to kill for the states would have a real problem with that. As for crooked Hillary …tell me how many folks who run for any office tell the truth 100%. We up north had this party and leader that claimed they would never run up a defecate…NO MATTER WHAT…think about that really….is that what any nation wants? This Nov.8th some may vote for a Mother as some may vote for a mother_ _ _ _ _ _ ! Now as true as that is it’s still a joke…or NOT! I must say the Germany was made great again for a few and only for 12 short rather hard years….Remember an election is not a reality show….Your freedom and yes lives are on the line via Your own hand. Fitting how he uses the Civil war as a backdrop in a nation that has more guns then people and a lot of folks who can’t wait to use em after Nov.8….feel safer now? If only 3333 went nuts over a FIXED election then that trumps 911…and were would it end.

  20. As I listen to the MSM decry Trump’s decision to wait for the results of the election before conceding and calling him Un-American and accusing him of not upholding the orderly transfer of power, this story comes to mind, not to mention all the candidates who have said the same types of things in the past.

    President Obama Confirms He Will Refuse To Leave Office If Trump Is Elected – By the Burrard Street Journal – Wednesday, September 7, 2016

    “Barack Obama has sensationally told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he will NOT vacate the Oval office if Donald J. Trump is elected the 45th President of the United States.

    The current president claims he is “fully prepared” to ignore the popular vote if it means stopping Trump, having found what he believes is a little known loophole that would allow him to remain in charge until a re-election is called.

    “As president, I must do what I feel is in the best interests of our nation,” he explained. “If the American people elected ‘the Donald’ then I will be forced to take whatever actions I deem necessary.”

    When asked by the CNN anchor if he would remain in charge, Obama’s response was firm. “I am not standing down as president if it means four years of President Trump,” he said categorically.”

    Could he really do such a thing?

          • Thanks Lance, I didn’t pay any attention to the Jodi story. Now I know better snopes = nope.

            I haven’t read so many tweets for the news since Jodi’s trial. Gives me a big headache. 🙄

            • is a fact checking site. They investigate and validate or debunk the so called ‘news’ that flies around the internet.

              And the Burrard Street Journal you cited above is a satire mag, disclaimer here:

              Hope you feel real good about slandering our president without checking your sources. But I guess that’s welcome here. Hate seems to follow Trump around. There’s been a racial slur against the president I voted for allowed to remain on this page for over a week.

              Those of you who know me, know where to find me. I won’t be back.

              • Journee, Once again, my comment had nothing to do with race or gender. Unlike a lot of Americans, I am horrified at what is happening in your government with the lies and corruption, going all the way to the top, including your Justice system.

                In case you haven’t noticed America, the world is ready to blow up, in large part to the stupid decisions of Washington. Your media is in bed with the one party left in your country with any power or money and feed one-sided hate-filled garbage every night. If Americans want to keep this corrupt mess in power, I wish you all well and pray for the world.

                This President has written more executive orders than any other that I can remember and he always speaks of Trump with such hatred and the press have said that they will keep him out of power at any cost, So I questioned one story that had multiple stories in Google.

                Please don’t leave on my account – I am the interloper here and I am out!

              • Oh, for heaven’s sake! Could both of you calm down? This is exactly why I did not want to see a political discussion here.

                There are no political tests for being a Jodi supporter, only the belief that she was wrongly convicted and the desire to do something to help her. As this thread has shown, even her most passionate allies are all over the political spectrum, with some at both extremes and a few libertarians to boot.

                If anything, Jodi needs our help more than ever. No one should be dropping off JAII because of political disagreements — let alone you, Journee and Canada Carol, who are two of her most knowledgeable supporters. Please reconsider, and do not feud over things that have nothing to do with Jodi, like the US Presidential election.

                • I totally agree Alan! This has nothing to do with Jodi. Never argue politics or religion. On a positive note, I donated to the appellate fund yesterday! That’s how we all help Jodi. Not by arguing about who the next President will be. Journee and Canada Carol, you are both awesome! Please don’t leave here because Jodi needs you!

  21. On Feb 26, 2016, at 8:35 PM, Joel Johnson wrote to Jennifer Palmeri: >> >>

    “I know you can’t look past Bernie and March primaries — but who is in charge of the Trump swift boat project? Needs to be ready, funded and unleashed when we decide — but not a half assed scramble. >>

    Swiftboating – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The term swiftboating (also swift-boating or swift boating) is a pejorative American neologism used to describe an unfair or untrue political attack. Since the political smear campaign that the group conducted against Kerry, the term has come into common use to refer to a harsh attack by a political opponent that is dishonest, personal, and unfair.

    EMail ID 27434

  22. I am bothered that this site, which is ostensibly one to help and support a young woman who was wronged by her boyfriend, a prosecutor, and her lawyer, is being used to argue about the presidential election. There are other sites that can be used for that.

    • Hi Herb & Friends,
      Yes, this is a Jodi support site. We just took a detour for a few days to discuss the various aspects of the forthcoming Election, that’s all.
      Normal service will be resumed again shortly.
      SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

  23. If only it was the man Cliton running for office and not a woman because as i see it this has a lot to do with any one as long as it’s white and male… Now as for any president just doing his job….lets say major riots because people think they got injustice..well those things do happen…L.A. riots where a president didn’t do his job and let the riots go on and on as the bodies piled up. Was the do nothing gov. of ca. red or blue…well they too did nothing…opps 30,000 police ran home or so the media said and video proved…” why are they all in parking lots allowing our city to be destroyed..” I saw that as most my age did. The President has a duty to put down ANY mob….READ…ANY…that would try to take control. The military alone answers to Him and not Congress…a mob has no rights. It is not an act of war to riot but one of treason when You try to overthrow a Gov. The founders knew all about that. But here is trump telling the mobs we shall take power one way or another…sounds to Me like treason and he may soon find himself in front of a court…a MILITARY COMMISSION would be so fitting. And yes indeed the President has ever right to do that. Sorry glen beck and your love of Germans that would have destroyed America….he said so in a book it was so wrong to put civilians to a military court…Wow what an American he is…NOT! The 8 who came ashore in 1941 to do harm got swift justice…6 were done with in min.s and the two were sent to prison for a long while…until The President gave them pardons to live out their lives in Germany after 1947. Who would ever want violence from any election…as in all elections there are winners and losers. It is one thing to take Your ball home but another to try and kill a person with it because you didn’t get Your way…think about that…before You vote.

    • Hi Griz,
      For me, it’s never been about gender or color. We have a man that’s not afraid to rock the boat, drain the swamp, get things done and make America great again… and a woman that’s a liar, a crook and has a rapist for a husband. I just think that a vote for Crooked Hillary would be a very weak vote from a very weak voter… but hey… people can vote for whoever they like. The only thing they BOTH have going for them (as far as I know) is that neither of them are Mormon.
      SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

    • Griz, I’m with SJ. My views are not based on race or gender, but competency and fitness for office.

      General Cartwright, a Four-Star General, is about to be sent to prison for five years and has his life ruined for telling one lie to the FBI, in order to PROTECT your state secrets. Hillary gets to be President for willingly risking them while preaching to her staff to follow the rules. She is the biggest hypocrite ever born!

  24. Please i beg You name one who seeks power that is not crooked or lies in some way…but for any to speak how he will pay legal costs if they attack a person speaking their mind in an open space….and i am one who did speak my mind in a church a long time ago and a pillar of our island wanted to have me attacked as another pillar cussed me out when his own father was a known child abuser and a Dr. too. trust me on this they live because they didn’t attack me that eve. For any to want violence is not on in My view….unless they can prove a rigged vote…You no how they give You a ballet with a NUMBER on it LOL. Some secret huh?…then calm down. Some may use any excuse to get there way. If any want to make America great again they do it Yourself and vote in a good and just congress and get rid of the party system once and for all. let all who seek power do it on their own and be held accountable also. As for secrets don’t be to sure how they protect Us that well…did We as the soviets know all the secrets and plans of the germans and yet it took 6 long years to defeat them. Some times it serves our foes to know just who We are….just as I sat in that church alone and with a …smile. I knew what i would do…if attacked…did they?

  25. Really I must learn to spelll….but know this for all the talk of making America great again…what of the folks who run the Congress…both sides …both houses? Why not vote for good ideas and be done with it and make America …BETTER. North or South(Can./U.S.A.) red must hate blue as blue must hate red…grow the fuck up…a good idea is a good idea…be it Yours or Mine.

  26. Herb I do agree…but this is somewhat like the mind set that some use to back trump….send all who lie to jail or death row….seems many who want for Jodi to be harmed are more worried about her lies…not on the stand as they never proved that at all.but before trial. odd how police can lie and cover up and no problem with that it seems from certain mobs at all. Or the fact that our society really hates any woman who fights back…but a man who stalks a young black boy and shoots Him was STANDING his ground….zimmertwit did say he went after that young person…! We have talked about some outing Gov. secrets putting the nation at risk…well You all should know that started big time at AREA 51 Groom Lake Nev.( no such place says the Gov.) these tax payers seem to think there should be no secrets from the people and have done all over the years to out secret projects that have cost BILLIONS. Their right to know is above our freedom to live or just live. Now some out the system just because they can no matter the risk to all….strange mind set.Maybe install a billion cameras to watch each other so there will be no secrets at all and thus We will all be safe. Think that would work…ever.Some really do not trust any Gov…so why would any trust them? We must do Our best for ALL and not just who We like. Who would ever want to see injustice done to another…but yet we are here…to see She does get justice and a system is forced to admit just what it is willing to do to get it’s way. Politics is a dirty game because of all who allow it to happen…some years back I would always vote for My team (time to guess…LOL.).but now I vote for the best person and hope for the best.And Yes have spoken up more then once…free speech is not that free…trust me on that. Now i do not agree with S.J. or others on trump but I know they would never want harm to come from a lost election…who would that believes in justice. As a trial is never about the win an election should not be about winning….the only thing one must do in all things is to try to make a better nation and with that world for not just some but all. Hey nothing wrong with a rant now and then…it’s the WRATH thing that makes Me wonder…”.feel my wrath”…and to think a man(?) of faith said that and folks back such a foul mouthed thing that would abuse children boggles the mind. End of rant…

  27. I’m concerned about some of the tempers that have flared on this thread. So I’d like to make again the simple point I made above, but in a more dramatic way.

    Think about this. SJ is a passionate Jodi supporter. SJ is also a passionate Trump supporter. But I’d give 9:1 odds that Jodi would vote for Hillary if she had a vote. Is she necessarily right? Of course not. But it shows how silly, and potentially tragic, it would be for her supporter base to fracture along political lines. We must not let that happen — and I’m sure that was not SJ’s aim in sparking an election debate.

    • I don’t know Jodi, but what I know of her, I don’t think she would be very happy with someone who has two faces and two messages. It is a relief to hear that the FBI are reopening the investigation into her email mess.

      I just find it hard to deal with being referred to as a racist.

    • Hi Alan,

      Yes, it looks like a few tempers have flared over the past few days – but not mine. All I’ve done is try and point out the relevant facts… but like I’ve said all along, people (including Jodi) can vote for whoever they wish. If anyone subsequently decides to “leave” this website based on any difference of opinion in this post, then so be it.

      SJ >>> #WINNING <<<

  28. I found this comment from the Clinton camp scary – an unaware and compliant citizenry

    “And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking”

    “Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love. In a modern economy it is impossible to seal oneself off from injustice.
    ― Julian Assange

    “You have to start with the truth. The truth is the only way that we can get anywhere. Because any decision-making that is based upon lies or ignorance can’t lead to a good conclusion.”
    ― Julian Assange

    “The only way to keep a secret is to never have one.”
    ― Julian Assange

    “One of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice.”
    ― Julian Assange

  29. Is julian not wanted for …rape? Yes i know all are innocent in such charges are proven…but ANYONE can show injustice in this world and much more if they have a platform as he. S.J. I do not agree with You on this trump thing…as i do not agree with a buddie who thinks it’s a O.K. to spill all as julian has.NO ONE wants their life outed but as long as it’ another that’s …fine? For the F.B.I. to hand over a letter to the republicans….as i have heard says it all…INTERFERENCE…with an election. When they a minion of the dept. of Justice go against that dept then We have to wonder why. Has j. e. hoover risen from the grave…this is the way he …WORKED… To think that one man will ever save America is rather foolish…he went bankrupt,a few failed marriages,and treats women as objects of use….he acts as the loud mouth in a bar that says his piece then runs as his pals take the hits. Why is it he acted more as a spoiled child in the debates then a man….did not t-dog always want his way and would abuse any and all when it didn’t happen? Amazing how in 2016 snake oil still sells…but remember this well America..only you as Lincoln said …only Americans will destroy America…to put so much faith in one man of very little….makes one wonder about a persons faith. To put the blame on any President for Your ills seems odd when it’s the Congress that runs Your nation. And states that treat your people as slaves. Some states think they are above America…and we all well know who they are but in 1861 had another name for them …TRAITORS. May i remind all that America is the only nation that i know of that gave grace to they who lost their two civil wars…as other nations hunted down their TRAITORS. From what i heard from trump,he can not wait to hunt down his foes…to him Hillary is as guilty as it gets….now did an APPEAL judge and certain Gov. of az. not say that about someone we all care for This if she voted for Hillary She may be …wrong…NO one is never …WRONG..when they vote,as all they do is vote. But ask them why and what do you want to see happen…then one might well see the right or wrong in their vote. To me i see a lot of the mob who just can’t wait to take power no matter what for the big payback to all who ain’t on board. Some of them good old days were not that GOOD….I know as I lived em and was told by my folks…not so good. the reason my Dad went to war was for a JOB and freedom. He had to lie to join up as he was short a finger…a Dr. helped Him. And he only had 6 kids at the time…and was only 35! Luck was with Him as they were not to keen on 35 year old combat gunners in Europe. He did all his shooting around London with an 8 in. gun…. There is good reason folks who have been to war never want to talk about what they had to do….that killing thing…GOOD folks never want to take life…but there are times they must. Who would ever trust any person who craves to want violence or take life…see t-dog in his videos and then see mobs all over America who just can’t wait to take up arms…against other Americans who disagree with them…that’s what i fear what may happen and is there any reason for it to? Win or Lose there is no need for any violence.

  30. The letter from Comey went to both sides of the House, which Clinton would know. This time Comey had the balls to stand up for the men and women that work under his direction, who could not comprehend the outcome in September and are ready to revolt. It’s been reported that he’s had a lot of resignations to deal with.

    Now Clinton’s camp is on MSM crying that they want transparency and have everything out in the open. All the while the DOJ was obstructing a search warrant for the laptap. The surrogates are spinning that the emails hadn’t even been looked at, when the truth is that Weiner is cooperating with the other agents in the sexting case and the emails have been looked at. Politicians at their worst!!

      • If only the FBI or Wikileaks could recover some of Travis Alexander’s Emails to show that Jodi was TRUTHFUL in her description of what she saw (exculpatory for her) on his computer or what he sent to her. …TA’s emails must have gone through some servers & got sent with mega-data that goes to satellites. Maybe all transmitted (MEGA-DATA) is stored somewhere. …In any case, I think that this extreme amount of talk of deleted Emails (in this Presidential race) & then recovered, can only help Jodi Arias by showing that there are many, many, many people in high Government positions who are UNTRUTHFUL, all over USA, including Arizona. …I wonder if Michelle Obama will EVER AGAIN say: “When they go low, we go high”. …Hillary may have to look for a high priced team of lawyers.

        • Speaking of exculpatory evidence, Jodi mentioned another hard drive that apparently stopped working and wasn’t pursued by her defense. She states that pictures possibly exist on that drive that prove she was not at her grandparent’s home at the time of the burglary but instead was out in middle of nowhere with HER SISTER photographing a monastery.
          In addition, she also believes that pictures also exist showing her with BRUISES which would give her visual evidence of abuse. Maybe Wiki can pull those out if prodded??
          Regarding the political climate, I think SJ is right in that this site is dedicated to correcting an injustice at the highest level, It also is a site that allows people to express differing views INTELLIGENTLY and to agree to disagree which is one of the many things that sets this country apart.

          • WikiLeaks don’t hack and they don’t work for the Russians. They publish material that they get from whistleblowers who are tired of the corruption they are dealing with. Seth Rich was the latest person connected with the Clintons to end up dead. Assange has a $25,000 reward for info regarding his outstanding murder. Assange has been editor-in-chief of Wiki since 2006. Since this leak from the DNC and Podesta, he has been very much in fear for his life or that he would be extradited. Clinton threatened him with a drone strike and then said it was a joke. They almost started a cyber war with Russia over this. Today promises big developments.

            Wasn’t that the hard drive that Flores took a hammer to? Smith was starting to put some things together, but he didn’t have much time. I don’t think that T-Dogg used bleach-bit.

            The FBI were supposed to destroy the devices and computers of all Clinton’s staff, but they refused to do so.

    • Thank you for posting this. I’ve already voted. Please know that I would never considered voting for someone that would align themselves with Sheriff Arpaio. NEVER! I would never vote for someone who had spoke negatively against Jodi A. Arias without even researching anything about her case. Trump and Arpaio = 2 Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing IMHO. As everyone here knows I will continue to pray for Divine Intervention for Our Country and Jodi Arias. God is our only HOPE! Our candidates seem to live their lives by a different set of laws than the rest of us have to live by. It all makes me sad. Very sad. 🙁 Also it makes me sad that people who love and support Jodi have been offended. We should honor and respect everyone’s beliefs. I have great respect for our country and am thankful for everyone who has fought for our freedom. Despite what many say, the United States of America is a great country now and always as been. ♥ I’m proud to be an American. God have Mercy on Us All!

  31. Odd how joe gets an endorsement from trump…two birds of a feather. As for the Clintons murdering folks….well one ron brown may have been justified…Sect. of Commerce allowing the chinese to launch a U.S. piece of gear. The rocket blew up on the pad and no U.S. equipment was found…from what i know it could be used to target the U.S. in a first strike. Murder via the state…what else is new. all gov.s have done just that or tried to. A swiss citizen outed them when he found out that gov. had stolen Jewish gold from the war. The U.S. gave that man protection. If the F.B.I. has done the right thing then so be it but if it smells…one has to wonder. i heard that only one side got that letter from the media….but then who would ever trust them when we have a billionaire . Who can one ever trust…look to your mirror as a t-dog did in mortal fear of his life…just had to look at that face one more time. Imagine the rage and wrath he got upon seeing that wound. Fatal well so says a dr. who does not know of the most famous head wound in history(correct me if i’m wrong)…oh that Phineas Gage…like there were two of them! Now i must say that the blue team will finish their job much sooner with trump in charge….but then the leadership have turned their backs on him for good reason. From what i,ve heard most educated will vote for trump as most women…maybe as high as 101 %…but may i remind all which side had a watergate…hmm…was it blue and did the red side ever scream to the America people to …TAKE UP ARMS…Now let me speak to the don’s backing by police…blue lives matter…now how many police wear blue now a days but or more the look of military…even in their hair cuts. Please no b.s. on hair as many long hairs taught Chicago police just how to fight. If a man loves the military look then join up. There is no war on police or ever has been but more then a few cops act as the mob. Wrong is wrong as has been shown on many videos but some turn a blind eye to that…We need Our police to protect us like in the L.A. riots….opps the military had to be called in…once again. Say trump does win and pigs take flight…via catapult ,I,ve seen that somewhere…then please note America has a way to rid itself of leaders as history shows….Impeachment! Who knows how the educated may vote as they make sure the poor don’t…can’t ever trust the poor until Ya need em for war…then signing up is real easy. Hillary is far from perfect…as trump is far from a leader…has he ever lead any in Gov. or the military or saved anyone from harm? As for murder…who knows as the super rich pay others to do their work…but hey the rich always get a pass for doing what the rich do well…ask patty( tania..that’s my name …NOW.)

  32. “Clinton wrongly says FBI director sent letter about emails ‘only’ to Republicans” – By Lauren Carroll on Sunday, October 30th, 2016 at 11:55 a.m.

    You say that Trump is not qualified because he is not a politician so I checked to see what other Presidents did. There was 1 Farmer/plantation owner, 1 Newspaper publisher/editor , 1 Engineer, Investor, 1 Actor/Broadcaster & President of the Screen Actors Guild, 25 lawyers, 11 soldiers, 4 sailors, and 1 Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.

    Google Clinton Body Count some time.

  33. ….. So if “Tiny” was put on probation for his actions in multiple cases including JODI”s case, wouldn’t her appeals attorneys jump on that and attempt to get JODI some kind of “Home arrest” since a judge already ruled that “Tiny’s” wrongful actions had some sort of influence in the outcome of JODI’s case??

    • Greetings Joe,

      I believe that Jodi’s new trial… WHEN it happens, not IF, will center around the holes in the state’s premeditation arguments, of which there are many, including the evidence that Jodi mentions on the drive that they could not obtain. If this visual TIME STAMPED evidence is indeed Irretrievable, her sister’s testimony becomes paramount. She also mentions photos on that same drive which may or may not show bruises which would then give her team visual evidence of previous abuse which they had been lacking. Once again, testimony from friends and others will be crucial. The gas cans are laughable now.. they have been shredded already.
      Jodi’s post trial statements to Troy Hayden where she seems to agree that felony murder could be argued based on how the evidence looks will also be used. Hopefully, her private attorney, like a Jose Baez for instance, would be able to discredit a lot of this.

  34. Did most past Presidents not serve the nation in some way ,military (there Griz goes again) or were founders, or public servants?don has served don for the most part…and will do so if given the chance. To Me he is a loud mouth for the most part who is rich…sorta like dragon’s den up north…sure they fund some but it’s way more of a dump on some one as trumps show…people love that when it’s not them… Now as for the body count…where’s Congress on that or the great F.B.I….are they waiting for evidence. I remember a certain President upon leaving office who told the nation ..beware of that military industrial complex …with out same he could not have won the…WAR! Men and machines win wars the Generals seem to get in the way more often then not. Odd how the Republicans put the run to Doug and now embrace the don. ……… Now i pray there will be no new trials as that will allow the state to have 4 more chances to bring her to harm. This felony murder based on how it looks…really? There were at the very least 4 attacks on her by t-dog thus a continual attack. he lunged at her and was shot…but the round was also pointed at Her and such odd angles.,then in a hold by him on Her She fought to back him off and talk about strange angles. No way that was done from behind him as She would be using the weak hand . Plus the angles are just odd as one turn by him and to the floor She would go…Ya think a man would stand there and take 9 hits and stay still? But as he held her he would try to crush Her to drop the knife. Now the front is a back the hell off pal if ever there was one. No using the right hand there do I see but only the left. By why no slashes on the body when it was wide open…just one slash no more then 1/4 of an inch deep from hip to shoulder would have sent him to the floor in pain. far from fatal. Now the neck wound which is from right to left and upward…and no more then 1/3 deep if that…don’t believe that head pull back on the table…oh horn you an your fake ways…why is it there is only one real true slash…because that’s how his attack was ended. By that time he would really be in no pain as he wrath and rage would have been in top form.In WW @ the U.S. Army knew all about how pain can be put aside even with great wounds. When the adrenaline starts flowing and endorphins kick in Your good to go again. There was an attack by travis as he was know to be abusive to all just never acted on it other then Jodi or to others that will admit it…say deanna. We know he abused her via the brother and sister who went on a trip with them…dan the unpacker. They saw it and were so in pain to speak the truth…now why would that be …fear from the mob? The show trials were just that and nothing more…who hides, loses,destroys evidence and then fakes it . Is this what is called justice. Now in closing i believe We all have a right to express Our beliefs ….no one should quit on Her for that. I served My nations military but KNOW there were some evil fucks in My unit..We all knew that…as I know that not all police are good..,I.,ve, met some evil ones. This all or nothing makes me wonder about some I see on the web. I never like cults ,mob, or gangs as they take away one,s freedom to think…much like faiths. Next week We must hope for a good outcome for all not just the mob…bent on getting their way. All the best to lady America and all who believe in Her. And to my biker pals down south next time in Sturgis ..take a ride to CRAZY HORSE Mt. and see another great American leader. Makes Mt. Rushmore kinda small.

  35. “In One Morning, Phoenix Prosecutor Sees Five Sentences Reversed By SCOTUS,” is the title of an article posted yesterday, November 1st, at
    The prosecutor referred to is Bill Montgomery and the Maricopa County Prosecutor’s Office, which Montgomery oversees.
    I’m not sure if Juan Martinez is one of the prosecutors.

  36. If anyone is interested Google: “peter kadzik lawyer for john podesta” find a lot of links to click on to. You will a find a lot of names of people that seem to be closely associated in one way or another. Very recognizable names & going back as far as the Monica Lewinsky probe, and the Bill Clinton outgoing pardon of Marc Rich. And, Rich’s ex-wife donating $450K to the Clinton Library & etc. Seems like just a lot of friendly people doing friendly favors for EACH OTHER & some related. ..(in my opinion)..

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