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If you missed it the first time around – be sure to check out the re-post below by Jade, from April 2015:

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“The Photos Tell The Story”, by Jade

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a fictional fable.  Nonetheless it was allowed to enter the lexicon of new lows in a capital case trial.

A cabal of 10 whores hatched and allowed through a snow job of distorted facts, to overcharge and obstruct justice in the ambush spectacle of inventionism at its finest in the Jodi Arias death mission is decidedly not, no fable.  It was allowed to soil the sanctity of a courtroom and the cast of characters here is very real.  It was thrust into shameless reality by an intransigent, contemptible Attorney General.

It was and is, a cavalcade of corruption and lies from beginning to end from every last one involved in the preconceived desecration of a fair trial.  There are no bit players in this farce.  Every one is a phony or a fraud.   Even the Mormon Bishop lied and said on cross examination that he kept no records for the very information that he told Martinez on direct that he checked his records for.

This is a cesspool of disgusting moral-less vultures that lie in wait for the indigent to place another death row photo on their office wall.

Let me introduce you to Snow Job and the 10 Whores:

Snow Job… Montgomery
Blow Job… Martinez
Hose Job… Horn
Con Job… Melendez
Faux Job… Alexanders
Whack Job… DeMarte
Shaft Job… Cash sucker Hughes
Nose Job… His accomplice
Grease Job… Flores
Shit Job… Grace, Velez and Drew

And rounding out this real-life covin of conspirators, the star who sat at the gold bench atop the dung heap of justice perverters—alas mistakenly given the gavel of power to further let it devolve into a shambles—Sidebar Stephens.  Hopefully voters will storm the polls and leave her with NO job.

This was someone who is supposed to be a warden of truth, instead made a mockery of the courtroom, legal precedent and sole responsibility to be sworn defender of Jodi’s unassailable constitutional rights.  Someone who has now given dumb blondes a whole new role model.

Therefore I have assembled and re-edited this collage of photo eviscerations and videos to illustrate the railroad job.  And to have them all accessible in one nice easy place with photo numbers to reference them if you should want to.

Walk through this pictorial confirmation duplication of Milke II and let logic be your guide.  If you don’t see major problems with this conviction as well as overcharge, should you ever get a jury summons,  get a doctors excuse to keep you from ever being on a jury.  The fundamental flat out proof will be consummate that you have no concept of exculpatory evidence, wouldn’t recognize it, and sure as hell don’t know how to evaluate it.  Believe me, every defendant will profoundly thank you and your doctor.

Now let the show begin ….


Pic #1:

1 justice for jodi arias

Pic #2:

2 justice for jodi arias

Pic #3:

3 justice for jodi arias

Pic #4:

4 justice for jodi arias

Pic #5:

5 justice for jodi arias

Pic #6:

6 justice for jodi arias

Pic #7:

7 justice for jodi arias

Pic #8:

8 justice for jodi arias

Pic #9:

9 justice for jodi arias


Pic #10:

10 justice for jodi arias

Pic #11:

11 justice for jodi arias

Pic #12:

12 justice for jodi arias

Pic #13:

13 justice for jodi arias

Pic #14:

14 justice for jodi arias

Pic #15:

15 justice for jodi arias

Pic #16:

16 justice for jodi arias

Pic #17:

17 justice for jodi arias

Pic #18:

18 justice for jodi arias

Pic #19:

19 justice for jodi arias

Pic #20:

20 justice for jodi arias


Pic #21:

21 justice for jodi arias

Pic #22:

102 justice for jodi arias

Pic #23:

23 justice for jodi arias

Pic #24:

24 justice for jodi arias

Pic #25:

25 justice for jodi arias

Pic #26:

26 justice for jodi arias

Pic #27:

27 justice for jodi arias

Pic #28a:

28 justice for jodi arias

Pic #28b:

101 justice for jodi arias

Pic #29:

29 justice for jodi arias


30 justice for jodi arias

( Click here to read Jodi’s 15-page Motion to Change Counsel from October 2013 )

Pic #31:

31 justice for jodi arias

Pic #32:

crime scene - shoe impression 1

THE LIE THAT WOULDN’T DIE…….. Doubters know the fucking truth!

No blood……. (click the pic to watch the video segment in YouTube):

v1 justice for jodi arias
Could not even develop a full DNA profile……. (click the pic to watch the video segment in YouTube):

v2 justice for jodi arias

And for the finale, Jodi’s own words.  I believe she had an inordinately weak, poorly focused trial team who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

I don’t know what went on behind the scenes but it appears that Jodi created more revelations when she went Pro Per.  If it wasn’t for her hiring of the private investigator, the computer caper would have gone into the abyss with no one ever knowing.  Between the stunning avoidance of contact with her for six months and the use of funds expenditure to pursue a trial plan that played right into the hands of the motley Maricopa MF’s, it could only be politely called a miscarriage of representation.

And if line 6 and line 9 of this photo are true, it is the defense attorneys who should be on trial.

32 justice for jodi arias

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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $116,061.67 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout 2018, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

And remember… each day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release date…

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

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Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. Awesome job Jade! Thank you for your never ending dedication to the Truth! What a dark and twisted web that disgusting Martinez spun for the brainless jurors and media. Sickening. FREE JODI AZ!

  2. Always great to hear Jade again!!

    Justus, to continue your point from the previous thread, I have always operated under the belief that Jodi was tackled a second time and cut him while being attacked on the floor a second time. I have thought this mainly due to her courtroom statement after her conviction to the judge when she stated that she cut him and he was still attacking her. The second part of the fight has never been as clear to me as the first part from the initial tackle to the chase to the gunshot to the face and then the second chase back down the hallway. I know the Jade has already destroyed all of the prosecution blood evidence by showing the lack of blood in the hallway.
    What is the prevailing theory on how Travis ends up in the shower?

    • The prevailing theory is that she dragged him into the shower but I just don’t see it. Just look at the scene. The shower is in the corner, with the shower door opening to the left against the left wall (Pic #8). Now imagine her dragging him in there, most likely on his back by his arms or his armpits (unless one thinks she lifted him up and carried him in, maybe flung over her shoulder). Wouldn’t she most likely back in, either straight on or more likely at an angle with her back toward the back left corner? Now imagine how he would be positioned at this point, once her back is fully against the back wall. Probably half in and half out of the stall, feet pointing toward the middle of the bathroom. Now look at the way he’s lying (also Pic #8). How did she go from his head near the back left corner and his feet pointing toward the middle of the room to the position in which he’s found?

      And even if one can come up with a reasonable scenario there’s always the question of why would anybody do that, go to all that trouble? For what? Especially just after killing someone, it’s 5:30 in the afternoon, and roommates could be walking in at any moment. What’s the friggin’ point?

      Also let’s not forget that there were no scrape marks on his back. No one can tell me that a 200 pound dead man can be pulled up and over what appears to be about 4 inches topped off with the metal rim base of the shower door and end up with no scrapes on his body.

      To me it has always looked like he was already in the shower, pinning Jodi against the left wall. As he tries to back away, reacting to the jabs to his back, she goes insane on him (she’s already in a frantic state), including the chin and chest, and for an instance, with his hands moving away from her, he catches what have so ignorantly been called “defensive wounds”. He falls back against the right wall and as he loses consciousness he slides down the right wall and his feet go out from under him and he lands in his final position. The fact that Jodi doesn’t differentiate in that split second, as she’s flailing in terror, that he’s transitioned from attacking to moving away and that she remembers it as him still attacking, does not surprise me . After all, in those violent seconds she was still pinned in a cramped shower stall with a man who had screamed he was going to kill her. It’s all the same to her until it’s finally over.

      • Interesting… I will say that this scenario has never been brought up regarding the final struggle occurring in the shower. The shower has always been mentioned as the starting point from which Travis begins the attack and the absolute ending when Travis ends up back in the shower where he is later found. The wounds on Travis’ back, ruled by the coroner as being oblique and shallow cuts, prove strongly that she is very likely flailing either over his shoulders or under his arms which doesn’t make as much sense forensically. What she was NOT DOING was running up behind him and stabbing him in the back standing up with all of the force she can muster. The movement of the body, assuming Travis didn’t crawl there himself, has been so difficult to nail down. At one time, I would have been willing to believe that Jodi, in her frantic state, would have been able to do this on adrenaline. the reason I can’t is because Travis was likely bleeding profusely from his back wounds and there would have been an obvious bloody drag path up to and into the shower which there isn’t

        • Yes, Lance, another good point. Where’s the path of bloody drag marks up to the shower and over that base? And again, why do that? Is she trying to hide the body? Hell, there’s a bloody path leading right to him starting in the bedroom. The only way I can get my head around how he ended up back in the shower is he went in using his own momentum and his own two feet.

          • This part of the struggle has always been very vague and unclear since I can remember mainly due to Jodi’s memory. The struggle seems very clear up to the point that she remembers cutting his neck and that he was still attacking. This has been argued and stipulated in court. I am assuming her memory is much clearer 10 years later so her attorneys may already know this ending. I would even go as far as to say that if Jodi did move him, it may have very likely been out of some form of compassion to clean him but the lack of drag marks once again makes this theory unlikely. I am having a hard time with Travis crawling into the shower to die?????
            If he had been found at the bathroom door or even out in the hallway, this would make much more sense forensically. I had also started to believe that the camera pictures were causing more confusion than clarity. The first picture is obvious… the ceiling after she drops it. The other two appear to catch the “ending” as we have argued it… How does this camera not catch anything else in between? I really hope that Jodi has gotten some clarity and can assist her attorneys with the true narrative!

            • So we’ve pretty much ruled out dragging and crawling (by carefully thinking through each scenario and looking at the forensic evidence). It seems the only reasonable remaining hypothesis is that he was already in the shower when he died and, by extension, he was in the shower when he received the fatal wounds. (I suppose he could have stumbled in there in the final moments but, again, where’s the blood splatter if he was being violently stabbed just outside the shower).

              We need to be mindful here of “Occum’s razor” which states that the simplest of competing theories be preferred over the more complex.

              • Justus, I was thinking the exact same thing. I believe we have narrowed the struggle down to the timeframe after the second attack and the neck wound. I have never heard any account saying the second attack occurred in the shower though as I thought Jodi described the second “tackle” occurring on the bathroom floor. Whether the third picture of him on the floor is part of this struggle is anybody’s guess. If Jodi is ever able to state that she left the house with him on the floor… as cold as that may sound to a jury.. it will obviously prove that he went to the shower on his own and likely collapsed there and died. I am hopeful that Jodi has had all of those suppressed memories come back to her since the second trial, if not, hypnosis may be the only way the true nature of the fight will ever come out.

        • Would the wounds on his back be consistent with him trying to carry her to the shower with both arms around her waist or maybe over his shoulder, while she loses control flailing stabbing him in the back if he carried her to shower against her will. Does that scenario make sense.

          • Hi Anthony,

            The wounds on Travis’s back are the results of Jodi stabbing him in the back while being pinned to the floor during the second half of the attack in the bathroom. The coroner ruled these wounds shallow and oblique or angled. This description fits perfectly with Jodi’s description of Travis attacking her. The wound underneath his neck is the result of Jodi flailing away with the knife in her desperate attempt to get Travis off her. This wound was often described as “ear to ear” which is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the truth. It is barely “eye to eye”. I invite you to join us on the most recent thread.. Most Unanswered Questions 3 of 5″ to continue the conversation.

  3. All must remember that t-dog was alone in the house for 5 days….but none of his dear friends….or fiends ever though to call him. And this guy was a rock star money making thing for ca$h u$e….but who has not heard of a gang of fools enter a house uninvited. And then have a ill informed person call 911….” i think her name is….Jodi???? did that gang only have 1 cell phone between them??? Odd how the state did not have any problem with this gang roaming about…the first sign of blood let alone smell should have made them stop. But on they went as others seem to have before. Now this is fact…when a person is DEAD it is rather hard to just pick em up and move around…the old dead weight thing. In fact it very hard to even stop a person who faints from falling…I worked with a young lady who at work did faint and I went to grab her around the upper body from behind…and i did just that but her arms went sky high and She just slipped through My arms and hit the deck. I thought I had Her and did but fall She did. Now old t-dog was wet from water and blood so just picking him up was not to easy…but to think a 115 lb or less woman could do that on the first try or a few with a 185 lb man w/o leaving a rather large mess defies logic in the sane world. How is it the state was caught in many lies in court but their so called scene is 100% real. I must say they could use a lesson or two on taking PHOTOS! There is this think called a FLASH…My star wars 35 mm can take better photos. As the OFFICIAL photographer of Charlottetown for the visit of the HMS BOUNTY….I used a ruler to show scale in each photo…in 99% of them photos…and that s not a CRIME scene….their WORK was all over the map and rather bad or CORRUPT. Jade You do very good work ….az. could learn from it.

  4. Were there ever finger prints taken from any of the plumbing fixtures, shower faucet or lavatory faucet in his bathroom? I can’t remember now. Journee would know……sad. 🙁
    From the very beginning I believed that Jodi could not do all of this by herself. I felt it NOT POSSIBLE. There isn’t any way she could have moved his dead wet body. Period. But since Jodi stated she did this in self defense, I believe her. Self defense has always made perfect sense. There will always be so many unanswered questions for us all. The room mates and friends are definitely guilty of something in this whole tragedy. Wonder what? Whatever happened on that fateful day Jodi Ann Arias has more than paid for her share of it. Self defense is NOT A CRIME!
    Watching the videos reminded me of how pitiful Nurmi appeared to be…….made me want to kick his chair out from under him to wake him up! UGH!

  5. for one could care less how he was helped into that shower…and here is way…if She put him there it can be explained with abnormal strength….as in the moment…somewhat like a teen age girl lifting the car that just fell on her dad…or someone entered that house and said…well someone solved my problem… know that SOLDIER HOLLOW PROBLEM…and the pedo boys…chris hughes had much to gain by seeing t-dog gone…does not ever mean he did the deed but why not take advantage of such a happening. odd how police knew the home was OPEN to all for 5 days yet only one person was on the hook for all that went on…..We know who killed the abuser…but when it comes to the flood the shower scene where he is left…the camera in the washer…the missing knife….how can any just put the blame on Her…that house was open to anyone and the room mates seem to have lost a sense of SMELL! old t-dog really had a gang of no goods who were more then willing to put the blame on Her and seemed to line up like paid minions to lynch Her fast! To me that shower is way to confined for two to battle…remember all he had to do was lunge at Her with his body…seeing that We walk at 3.5 mph it would not be hard for a runner to hit 10 mph in a burst of speed and thus hit Her with a force of 1850+ lbs. Remember most men who punched a person from say as little as 6 ins. from Your nose would break it. Now that no way She stood on the shelf BECAUSE it was not messed up in any way…how in the fuck did 12 miss the plain as day indent on the towels…take about CORRUPTION….for any to say I did not see that speaks of SECONDARY GAIN….and to see a young woman MURDERED via the state for a faith…of for blood lust. How it it possible She was NEVER caught in a lie on the stand but the states side was ALWAYS caught in almost all of their case…I believe 100 % of their witnesses were caught in lies and their amazing craft of FORGETTING on cue…..the rat is the worlds greatest puppet master…strings? who needs strings when one can just pay another to lie or others can GAIN. chris had a use for t-dog for awhile but sooner or later he must have wondered if their misdeeds would see the light of day. Why would he or others not take advantage if they could For cash that must have been a good day when t-dog was FOUND…and I sure do not mean 5 days later! If She was that strong then how is it this so called man was not covered in marks from head to toe and more then a few broken bones or teeth missing. When things do not add up as in this case many do not then something STINKS…but in this case We are told not even a man who was dead for 5 days AND voided just did not smell that much…who in their right mind buys such logic?????

  6. The neck wound….well as bad as it looks ONLY one side was cut…as in BLOOD VESSELS! Seems horn did not typo that fact but some idiots think it’s head was cut off…..but take a very close look to see the wound is no more then 1/4 deep or a max of 1/3 deep…may what a thick neck you have t-dog! Once again that 3 X’s kill just ain’t happening! Ever wonder why prosecutors love ill informed juries….almighty win at any cost! And this lie of the bullet had to have hit the brain because a man who knows NOTHING about guns or ammo says so…this shit is a dr….and We all know they never do harm…unless paid to do just that…as jamean loved to do. Bullets go where they go and seldom straight…and the .25 being a really WEAK round….25..825 fps V .22..1200 fps…that’s right folks a common .22 lr is 30 % faster and way more effective. horn did a test on a JELLO brain…or was that KOOL AID! How do one test for holes in a liquid….would all not want to see that test…watch real close!!! Now the haters love the scorned woman card….well see any wounds on his rather FAT body…and he sure looks very fat in that stall. Was he mutilated in ANY way…..a throat slash is not a mutilation in a fight…it’s a sure fire way to stop ones attacker. And please remember there is only ONE slash…the one that ended the fight! Folks who know knives KNOW the slash is one’s best defense or attack mode…so either way Our side does win…one slash means she did all She could to do as little as possible to stop him ….OR as some have a need to believe that slash was an attack slash…REALLY? then why just one and at the end…is it not the biggest wound of ANY?

  7. Can not see him putting his self in the shower..remember his throat was slashed before….but what would make perfect sense is another placed him in there ….now We do know after fights folks do rather strange things it’s called …SHOCK…TRAUMA….She may have gotten him in there to try and clean him up before leaving as a sign of respect…..the dead are washed more often or not to make them more presentable. But wow talk about an effort to do that..this guy was very fat. What makes more sense if others went in before the gang showed up and messed with the scene as the gang did…Who if hell roams a place covered in blood with the sell of death…and they did just that. Very few police would do that as they know the risks….most would wait for back up. How odd that so many of t-dogs pals lined up to LYNCH Her at any cost…and some got better jobs for doing just that…dave hall and ryan burns to name out a few! But even chri$ got a payout…sold the biz and still kept his job so to speak….but We know full well that he shared an interest in children as travis…SOLDIER HOLLOW….send your young men to us and we’ll treat em well……little wonder he had to make sure the letter was never used …NOT THE ORIGINAL…how does one EVER prove that is so when the writer is DEAD! So by rat logic the U.S. Constitution may not be used in ANY court …BECAUSE how can any prove that is the real one…hell even most founders had to take the word of the writer as they were not present when He was writing it! Please tell the world az. that you can prove all the transcripts are beyond doubt the…… ORIGINALS. Must the world take their word on that when We know full well how the state LIED in trial??? And with such a solid case or slam dunk….guilt never being in doubt… why was there a need to LIE?

  8. True but then a dead body is just the shell of the person….none should spend a life time of seems his family is now doing ..ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK! When i see any family who is NEVER pleased with enough justice then they should be allowed or FORCED to go one on one with the killer or murder…and good luck on getting justice. That he was left in that position really mean nothing…unless it was mean to incite RAGE..notice how that rat kept calling him a FROG…and the family did fuck all in fact they may have wanted that to breed vile and a win. I think She may have tried to clean him up but for her to get him in that stall seems unlikely….but possible. But a jury of reason would know that has nothing to do with the trial unless She did not put him there. Now if a book of mormon was jammed down his throat even that would not be disrespectful as he used it often to have his way.For any police to think that scene was not messed with defies logic in so many ways…5 days and no one entered that home…BULL SHIT…as a GANG of IDIOTS roamed the place not knowing if the killer was STILL there… imagine if they walked in on that very day and saw Her defending Herself…who in their right mind thinks She would have lived…that gang would have helped dear travis as We all know they did all to DESTROY Her for many nights on HLN. I do not know why he was washed and would only ask did anyone else do a clean up or mess with evidence to make the scene look worse or to bring hate upon the person who survived an attack by a known ABUSER…..All trials that involve a killing MUST view BOTH sides to find out who they were and what may have caused the death. DEAD does not mean victim ……..but so twist it that way for gain. Remember the rat just had to keep on bring up how t-dog looked like a frog…what goes on in that rats mind to ever view such nonsense…..but I;ll bet if when it said such most on the jury went a wee bit wild in their look…for them that seemed to be hard to hide. Remember the report that dianne MOUTHED I’m sorry …..and why would that be…did said jury not do the right thing???? Foir any judge finding out or SEEING such and notr putting that jurors ass in prison speaks of a break down of justice and calls into question in az. should be allowed to hold such trials. FROG…nope all I see is one dead abuser who found out the price of ABUSE! The world is now a much better place. As for respect none of that from any in that court who tried all to destroy Her…and that family that made good $ off of a death… bad they do not write a book…and speak of the MURDER plan by sam to commit 1 st degree MURDER on Jodi before any facts were ever in…why has sister sam not been fired or charged as she did speak of the plan to murder in court…policewoman of the year…WTF logic is that???? I must say when it comes to respect for the so called law….most would find it hard to find it this very odd case where ANYTHING was done to destroy Her and JUSTICE!

  9. Explain WGM please….to bad there was not more RANTS from the DEFENSE TEAM…someone may be free now! Seems her new team is rather skilled at ranting…..Iam not here to be liked or respected but to only bring Her help and justice and the gloves need to be taken off…this new trial shit will only put her on death row and I’am sure az. will fast track any new trial and sentence. they are very skilled at corruption. Even during trial She knew full well Her team had gone off the rails…does a lawyer stay on a case JUST to keep their job…I think not! Nope i do not know as a fact when his throat was slashed nor does ANYONE else…including Jodi…fights of that nature are rather odd…one tends to go deaf…and gets tunnel vision and sees at times in black and white….then there is the fear of being attacked OVER n OVER again! Imagine that no matter how many times one hits a person with fist or weapon they just keep coming at You to DESTROY You! I’ve seen and been in such fights…..Now the reason I believe he was slashed last was it was the only wound that would have stopped him…funny how the police or state have a need to play both sides of a story…first is now last…certain death from the head wound and the heart wound…but FACTS say otherwise is not history grand? I had heard about Phineas a long time ago and just had to look it up to find the facts…but that Ed Gavagan from the Moth well that was by chance…as i was at home the radio played His story and I had NEVER heard of the Moth. Now Ed had a REAL hit to the vena cava and still fought on and then ran…and lived. As far as blood loss there is a scuba diver from S. Africa during the 60’s who was almost cut in half from a shark…and at sea but they got him back to a hospital and guess what …He survived! How hard is it for a legal team to look this up and disprove a so called skilled coroner ??? Lets say the fight was last fought outside the shower stall as they were all over that place…one slash and as he falls back…bingo She has put him down in a very odd position…and I must say it was very odd. Please remember no one must agree with Me but ask this….does playing nice with a system ever get one justice…did playing nice get an appeals judge remove…wormy disbarred or the rat before the bar…playing nice in this case will NEVER work…they who cringe at the sight of a body bag make Me wonder why…..who knows what is in a closed body bag..I do not see through body bags…who can do that? When it comes to the TIMES UP….movement Jodi may be one of the very first to stand up to the rotten system…name any who faced what She has…My God HLN alone made it their mission to destroy Her for a rather sick shit of a mam…abuser/pedo….and all for ratings and a lot of $$$. Who in their right mind thinks that was ever a fair trial from the get go…to bad the police had not looked at that so called victims past…and not to hard to find as even old luddite Griz found it on that old web thingy. I took a side as the EVIDENCE mounted for Her and against the state…and She knows that! I call Her a friend and the reason why is She is one amazing person….when one sees injustice then one can try to help. Now I would ask any…if You were the defense team and Your witness was threatened by the prosecutor just what would You do…nothing as in that worm or as the judge or stand up and approach that rat and dare the shit to try it…in front of the world. I would ask any ..what would the police in that court have done if the entire family had attacked Her…as happens in the good old U.S.A. more then a few times. If i was the police man guarding Her it would not have ended well for that family as I would be doing My job….what kind of broken system ever allows such evil. Yet folks love it …the lynch mob still lives in America does it not…I calls em as I sees em. Any time JAII wants to remove My comments so be it…I will NEVER give up on Her and never worry about Me worry about justice and why She has never gotten it…and really view just what shits We are up against…born in American but real TRAITORS ALL. Read what vile they post. Rants scare folks…LOL…have You seen the news of late???

    • Griz, I think what JM means is that it’s difficult to read stream-of-conciousness-type writing. Unless people are able to get into that exact same stream that you’re in (impossible), they depart quickly because it’s way too painful to try to follow. I myself use stream-of-consciousness when I begin the writing process, just to get the thoughts out of my head and in some solid form. But I then do a lot of editing before I publish. And while I’m editing I try to have my reader in mind, even reading it over many times trying to put myself inside my reader’s mind. When I’m convinced, as much as is possible, that my reader is going to hear what I’m trying to say – then I publish.

  10. i have only one quition ( i fron Holland ( europ)) and found the case on internet .
    And following it sinds ..
    First ( we in Holland have no guns or what weapons of kind of weapons like in the states )
    My simpel quitions we juse the knife ???
    I would juse the gun 3 times and it was by cleaner …, more for a man slaughter case than the knife…
    Second : Murder like this also in Holland , live with TBS ( ter beschikking regering ) comes the same with life with out parole..

    • Welcome to the site Jakob!

      Unfortunately, we can’t put ourselves in this scenario because we would not be able to think rationally like we are on this site well after the fact. We believe that Jodi’s actions were just and lawful and she was unbelievably overcharged and almost got the death penalty if not for one juror in her second trial.

    • Jakob, I believe your question is one that any person with any sense would ask: Why would anyone in their right mind use a knife in a premeditated murder if a gun was not only available but supposedly stolen specifically to do the job? Especially when the so-called victim has 80 pounds on the so-called attacker? That’s just asking to get oneself seriously injured if not killed. Why not just shoot him and be done with it? Among the haters (who are so embroiled in their hatred that they sacrifice common sense, not to mention reasonable doubt) the prevailing theory is that she loved him so much that if she couldn’t have him she wanted to inflict as much pain on him as possible. SMH

      • Justus,

        I couldn’t have said it better!!! We all know that there are people that will never believe what we know to be true. Here is another example from that day that made me pause… After Jodi’s arrival in the early morning hours of June 4th… Jodi WAS ALLOWED in the home because Travis had called her on the road to “guilt” her into diverting her trip to see him. Phone records back this up although we can’t prove what was said. Anyway, if Jodi wanted to kill Travis in cold blood, she absolutely could have done it in the early morning hours after they spoke and then went to sleep. She could have retrieved the gun and shot him multiple times while he was sleeping. These points get muddied and misplaced due to the popular saying in the US “it’s what it looks like and not what it is” when it comes to crime scenes.
        Everyone remember to donate to Jodi’s Appeals Fund!!!

        • Lance, I too have asked the logical question of why didn’t she kill him while he slept? Among the one-dimensional thinkers the “logical” answer is that she needed to do it when none of the roommates were around. They then totally dismiss (because they can’t think beyond one concept at a time) the fact that she waited through a whole day of aloneness in the house, until 5:30 in the afternoon, when any roommate could be walking through the front door, to discharge a gun. And then, to top off that bizarre non sequitur logic, they further believe that while she didn’t want to kill him around possible witnesses, they also believe that the gunshot at 5:30 in the afternoon (in a heavily populated neighborhood) had no other purpose than a final “fuck you”. (It began hurting my brain dealing with those head-spinning people and I ultimately had to stop so as to salvage my own mental health. It’s like playing chess with someone who thinks they are an expert at chess but what they are actually playing is tic-tac-toe.)

          • Justus,

            I understand completely. If you just accept that there will ALWAYS be people who will not accept what we know to be true.. it lessens the stress… the only group that needs to understand is an appeals court and an open-minded educated jury. I first asked myself why she stayed in the house after he raped her in the den. I had to remind myself that she was an abuse victim with attachment issues. I will continue to say that those date-stamped pictures of her and her sister not robbing her own home are powerful and would likely change some of those minds in the public that we have spoken about. The arguments about the gunshot are moot now because it has already been stipulated when the gunshot occurred which was before the knife wounds. I was even surprised that Jodi was actually able to even shoot him with ONE SHOT considering she had never fired a weapon(unless I am wrong here). Other than the photos that I have brought up too many times to count, Jodi’s memory will be paramount in getting us the absolute true picture of everything that occurred. If she can’t do it on her own, Hypnosis will be the only other option.

  11. Well as i see it that is a dig from jm….NOTHING is jut a one issue thing…see BBC’s connections on that and My time is limited….now if one finds it hard to read my post then just read slower or not at all. Rant just what is a rant …well that trial is a rant…and this she must get a new trial…wonder how that will turn out…az. this may cost 50,000. 000…but lets have a new trial…the math will not work for her in any new trial as there is way to much hate for Her…it would be impossible to find a jury in Canada that would be fair. Yes i do go on and if one can not understand me i find it hard …VERY hard to understand how they would ever follow a trial…ever been in one folks???? Funny how when one is in a trial it’s very hard to follow let alone view one on T. V. or video. Two haters gave me the gear on my posting style but could never trump any of My facts.logic or reason. If one finds it impossible to read my writing then so be it but J. Willmott had no problem when I wrote to Her before trial 2 and told her about Phineas Gage then wrote her again and seems She mentioned Mr. Gage in trial no, two and caught horn in a lie then just dropped it…all I could think was what the beep is that…but after trial as Jen spoke how it was murder??? and both of the defense team in trial did just that I knew full well the reason Jodi was convicted….Her team failed Her fro day one. If a lawyer does not believe in ones innocence then why ever take the case,…is the greed that great in America. What kind of lawyer states their client MURDERED someone during trial??? Under any sane system that would be it…GUILTY! Think of it …when Your own team thinks Your guilty…why would any other opinion count….bad enough that worm called out how much he hated Her guts but to call what She did murder is rather evil. I’am not here to write the next best seller and trust Me my posting skills will never be good….and could care less if i am liked or followed but by fuck I will do all to change America one $ or many at a time. As a wee child I loved America and never would guess that grand nation has so many traitors who hide behind the Flag and corrupt laws. A system broken needs to be fixed…and to any American who dares says it is none of My business…well I’am making it my business…this being nice has never worked nor will…ask Jodi what nice has done for Her or any other in the courts. Rant over. Gee and I though You might talk about how I posted t-dog may have ended in the stall….time to head to work and make some money for a friend and it is not easy seeing a 35% cut….for me to send 100.00 means I must spend 135.00 and then 20.00 more….well who said justice was cheap. I know I will never meet Her one day when She is set free because i would never visit America and my advice as many others is PLEASE leave America as You will never be safe….a lot do believe that. The day she is free i want Her to just move on and know I will always help Her in any way…no conditions on Our friendship. My words may mean nothing to most but them words are backed with help for a friend…I ‘m o.k. with that…Justice you do wonderful work so keep it up.

  12. Your a good man WMG, a little long winded but definitely a genuine devoted friend to Jodi and all here at TEAM JODI! We all certainly share in your concern for Jodi and True Justice. It’s been a long and winding road and would be unbearable without TEAM JODI sticking together! Everyone remember to donate to Jodi’s Appeals Fund!!! 🙂
    What we need is FREEDOM FOR JODI ARIAS!!!! The Sooner the Better!

    “Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.”
    ― William Shakespeare, The Passionate Pilgrim

  13. Dat I is….Oh the letters I have sent Miss Jodi…..and long winded to the point of wrist injury…a south paw true n through. And a few poems…=)…..who could not use a good rant n lol…plus and omg…wtf…BEEP! I use blank ink for rants and blue for the fun stuff….at times i have engraved the post cards…a little heavy handed. In the old days my post man brought back 27 post cards that were rejected…and the look he gave Me ( he looked like manson…=() Well I just went in the cave and rewrite em all n back to az…….to funny…them guards in the mail room know me well…=) And yes we at TEAM JODI must do all We can to help Her….And a shout out to purple eye…if one posts my words then post em as posted….or sir or thing I shall sea you in court…..try to fix that eye problem then get to work on the brain……so much hate and yet so little facts ,reason,logic,commonsense….or real evidence = az. INJUSTICE! Why do some find it easy to hate but so hard to love…..Griz the last Island bear… times hard to bear but good to have on ones side! Shout out to You R. Love…..=)

  14. Griz has been an extremely loyal and valuable friend to Jodi. No one should be criticizing him who has not donated as much as he has to her manifold legal expenses.

  15. For some reason them haters have a great need to hate…and pick any who happens to be on trial….and My how these things do love to go after young women… so many older women lined up to put vile n hate to a woman they did not know…..She can not have PTSD….but any other can….strange logic. Imagine all who now have PTSD…PRE…!just watching the news. Bringing a .25…now think about that…the very weakest gun there is in center fire. If brand spanking new it may …WORK! Small guns tend not to work as the scale is against them….but folks do love to OWN em…or get a LOAN of em….dave hall was a dear friend…hmm? Now as most .25 are old and tend to use cheap ammo they get corroded and then tend not to shoot very straight. One i had fixed when shot from 6 ft. at the target dropped the round in under 4 ft….talk about a curve. Gee if one fired it at the sky it may hit your ass…and to think this young lady would take such a gun……What kind of logic is that……Must be very hard to find a gun in America…=)

  16. Was it on this date a judge did wrong by a SURVIVOR!…and to keep her job? Render aid to the abuser trying to do all to MURDER You….Who would do that??? This over kill b.s. No one ever proved that was over kill …We have proved that is was what NEEDED to be done to stop a woman abuser….his wrath knew bounds……..this planning thing….Wow talk about a leap of faith…just who planned to ABUSE women and children…who keeps a book of faith at the ready to use on women??? Judge….ss…My how that reminds Me of a certain S/S…..and rather evil at that! Shame on ANY who took an oath to do right….let them be known as TRAITORS all. they failed at the very least four times to destroy a person who saved Herself. Born in America means very little as one does not get to chose….but one always has a choice to do RIGHT by others and more so if one has taken an OATH. A sad day in America and Our world were We must always try Our best to do Right by all. A rant a day keeps the haters at bay…damn who knew they could swim so well…..often i wonder what kind of nightmares they must endure and for good reason. A heart of hate and vile holds no love or good…EVER!

  17. One must ask the police in any case of a killing why is only one side investigated…are they just looking for an easy win. In N.America the NEW rule is …I FEARED FOR MY LIFE…hence the right of deadly force…but only for police and men it seems!!! travis was not a violent person……any who dare say that are on a MURDER mission themselves…..who stands before a crowd speaking of MURDER….does he not speak of such 3 times in Al. at a ppl meeting? And one is old ca$h and a friend and then he talks of ABUSING woman. We know from deanna he beat his sisters practicing for fights…did he not have brothers? Then for some very odd reason the eddie snell beat down because a man wanted to ask his wife a question…Yes i know that was a pretend beat down but boy it showed he knew how to fight…and why would ppl want for a time to use it in an add…talk about strange indeed. Seems old t-dog wanted to show the world the true travis and not just behind closed doors. This no one else but Jodi has come forth….well that can be explained by what they have tried to do to Her. In cases of abuse many woman fear for good reason the truth ever coming out as there are mobs of things that will do all to put one to harm….some hobby that is. travis the victim….more the victimizer …Yes it’s a new word and websters will be called…sooon! This was a so called man of faith who abused any and all….and was surrounded by many who till this day hide his evil truth.

  18. One must wonder why some folks stand behind a CORRUPT system…as the haters love to do …so many legal experts had Our friend doomed…if not in the first show trial then for sure the second…..such minds and well educated too..yet a person with a GED stopped them from getting their way…this trial was about murdering her via injustice and NEVER about lwop…which by the way is just how CORRUPT systems work…if they can not get their way then they must use any and all measures to gain a win…what was it 27 years on D/R and now FREE? Talk about Your cruel and unusual…..but then America has never been short on TRAITORS has it. Some take $ to take the stand and bold face lie…horn for one…and jamean for two…a dr. from the get go in her twisted mind then claims not to know what she was paid to …LIE! Such things are allowed in courts…well show courts. Then little miss S/S goes to read the letters and in less then 15 min.s has done so…LOL…LOOK at her in that trial…seems she had no control or even knew there was a trial going on…..when in comes to mental health issues then look to the states side on that…..s/s looked as if she was stunned from evidence from the defence as she played the tune for the rat to win…and jamean what was going on in that very sick mind??? I worked with sick things as her and We put them in padded rooms. This is a Dr.? WOW makes one sick. And then horn who had no clue but was certain he had or maybe not …until told he now did….or did I miss his testimony. And some think this was a trial to stand by……how many metal hospitals does America have??? start building 4 walls and a roof X.s 1000’s. Odd how so many were so highly educated and rather cheap to buy. On that day some years ago an abuser thought She was done more then a few the very least 4…or more but seems God must be on Her side or reason…one lost it and one retained it…so much for all that rage n wrath…how odd the very first time another stood up to dear travis’s abuse She stopped him…maybe his own sisters should have put a beat down on their abusive brother then he would have learned a lesson…at times some fight back…and win. And yet to some this so called man who abused all adult and child is now a hero…wonder what goes on in their home and minds….. She has survived and will…..but can hate survive…EVER? Now wonder such look in mirrors… he did when 12 idiots were told he feared for his life…as he looked into a mirror…..let any explain that!

    • Lol. I hear ya. It’s difficult to take him seriously. Kudos to Griz for his donations, but, dayum, I just can’t read his posts…my head starts spinning.

  19. Just curious, Who is Nathan… although assuming he was a friend of some kind hence the photo from Jodi’s Twitter.

      • Sounds like Jodi’s extended family is fairly large. Hopefully, they are being supportive of her as I had heard her brother Carl, the attorney in LA area, is very aloof and cold with her unless that has changed.

        I have to say that I like where we have gotten forensically regarding the bathroom fight. Unfortunately, Jodi will likely not be able to shed any more light on where TA was at the time she left the bathroom. We can say that no bloody drag marks across the floor would definitely show that she didn’t even though we can’t state this absolutely which will always leave the question… THEN HOW? Did he crawl in and then die, did a roommate investigate, try to help and then get cold feet?

  20. jm sounds like a persecutor…..or as i say the rat. So ya love the gods….as in Roman??? Me thinks ms/miss/mr/jm does not like rants even when truth. I believe Nathan was a cuz…..? Stay chill jm and keep reading my posts…..I do need em fans or unfans….with their god love needs.

  21. Thanks Wayne.. it appears that Jodi has lost another family member to what I would assume is natural causes. Condolences once again to her and her family.

    On a different subject, anybody have any updates on Jodi’s Nurmi lawsuit or the Bar lawsuit against JM?

        • Hopefully, the JM Bar lawsuit is not too far behind! How sweet would it be that these two suits dovetail and end relatively close together in which she could defeat Nurmi, put some money towards her appeal and then get JM disbarred or at least kicked off her appeal/retrial.
          On a related note, I will admit that I am surprised that Jodi would give up her commissary job(Twitter), which appears to be as kush a job as you can have in prison. I know she has her reasons but I would have tried to do that as long as I was allowed, especially due to her remaining restitution which does not get overturned as far as I know.

          I also wanted to bring up a question regarding the bathroom picture with Jodi’s pant leg. I was wondering if anybody can possibly make out whether they can see any blood coming from TA’s upper back. I bring this up because if it doesn’t show his back wounds, we absolutely know that this picture occurred during the first struggle after the gunshot but before the second attack and stabbing. I had begun to believe some time ago that these three pictures ONLY showed the first half of the fight and do not show the second half. Jade’s blood evidence (or lack of it in certain places) seems to do that part quite well.

          • Lance, I don’t see any back wounds and am not inclined to go along with Jade’s assumption that the area covered with blood down his back hides three of the knife wounds (pic 28a). I believe there was plenty of blood coming from both the wound to the temple and from his mouth where the bullet was lodged. Regarding Jodi’s job, I’ve been in Phoenix in the summer time (yikes!) and a job pushing a commissary cart around out in that heat is brutal, especially at 50 cents an hour. I know her haters feel no pity and, because of that, I think they deserve a summer in Phoenix doing just that.

            • OK.. I believe that we have now confined these three pictures to the front end of the fight (if we hadn’t already) which goes exactly with Jodi’s testimony that he got up from this position and subsequently chased her again down the hall, through the closet and back to the shower area before he tackled her again.
              Regarding Jodi’s job, I watch a lot of prison shows on Nat. Geo and other channels and I assumed she was in a small “store” acting as a “cashier” handing out store items. If she was pushing a cart around in that Phoenix heat, I can’t blame her at all!
              Sorry to hear about Wiki… I am assuming you already have a Plan B for saving that document.

  22. Fear not chris it’s a chris thing…..something about that name…LOL! And i must say facts and truth are very hard to read or understand by some…..they may have issues with reading…seems of late the haters have a need to speak…in very short rants…oh well they tend to have limited minds…ever want a very good LOL just get on their sites but be careful as they just can not stand the truth or calling out for the b.s. artist they are…and I,am being kinder this post. Just ask ANY hater why they have this need to back an abuser of women,men…and CHILDREN. Little wonder ca$h u$e loved hi$ dear t-dog…money maker that he was or …NOT! t-dog? wonder who came up with that….or as most did he give that to himself…so odd how none of the very dear friends can explain that rather strange nick name…for a man of GOD….or would be gangster …….well We know he lied like a dog and was always begging like a dog and got rather mad as a dog……rather sad…was it not. purple eye someone is having you on…what would I sue a fool for ……=)? I know the worm can not wait for it’s trial…as the rat awaits his meeting at the bar…wonder if any will break all the rules to save it’s ass…..wonder if each will ask the other to speak for them as before they seemed like a dream team or is that NIGHTMARE? Both paid to do a job and both betrayed their oaths….such is the way of some things. Rant over…

  23. Please remember in any corrupt system as in az. they must back up all the minions that work for them…less they turn on the one who feeds em. Now when the state failed to get it’s way in the first trial after 4 tries I have heard that one diana did MOUTH i,m sorry…..and then it and mary lou went out dinning with the family that same night…for the love of GOD…WTF is that???? There must be video of that jury for the entire trial as some seem to have been sending a message to that family…THE FIX IS IN…..and thus betrayed an OATH….just view the interview on ABC and see 3 fools or idiots or both try to explain their verdict…they fail. Seems some in America have this need to MURDER via state…if only they get on a d/p case …bingo done deal. No accountability for them…or is there …violation of CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS via misconduct in a capital case from the get go. Each day of said trial all 12 were asked if they were on any media or had spoken to others about the trial…well it seems some LIED…let alone the rat who was doing all to gain advantage by any means…as well as minion steve the dick who had a real problem with that wife and keeping her from posting certain things. Any who would mouth that they were sorry could never be trusted to give fair hearing on any evidence…… I must wonder how many times some on that jury told in some way ….She is done no matter what comes out. Imagine in a trial where some on a jury will do anything to see one put to death. But then was one not on dr. spew bragging how he was the one with all the a-hole questions that he thought would be entertaining….this he did for fun as a persons life was on the line…I believe spew thought it was rather funny. See folks even dr.s who take oaths not to do harm do! We saw two such things during that trial…horn/jamean…both paid mouth pieces. Such systems are in need of change and change is what most on this site want….soon az. time will be up and the sooner the better as all need fairness in court or is that asking to much in a justice system???

  24. That photo is hard to view as in very poor quality……but it seems the camera had to grow wings or that fight got it kicked all over the place……! And just because a person looks finished…never bet on it. That t-dog may have been down a few times only to get up and attack again. men of wrath do just that as reason fails them. Question: does purple eye make one a twit or an idiot or both??? Congrats to the worm…back in court sooner then expected…=)….just do what ya do best and lose……hold the fort I ain’t done yet…Question : if a person rents a car for a trip what is that called…RENTING A CAR…or coincidence? And no matter how many things or mishaps happen are …PLANNING A MISSION or just things that happened??? So when do every day happenings add up to a plan…if one does not then why would a hundred.

    • Griz, You mention that “t-dog may have been down a few times only to get up and attack again”. I have it on good authority (from someone who knows her well and speaks to her often) that Jodi has said that while she doesn’t remember the horrific events as they occurred, she does remember the sensation and it was similar to that in “Terminator” where you think it’s finally all over only to have the seemingly indestructible humanoid rise up one more time.

  25. I have seen such fights from 20 ft. and VERY close up …in the close up I was that person getting back up 5 times as from 1 to 6 were trying to destroy Me …I only took some 150 hit from head to toe.They used fists and feet to bring me down…all i was thinking of was to SURVIVE. There was a fight between two kids were one was COVERED in his own blood from head to waist and this was the attacker…We all though he was done many times but kept on attacking until someone went for an adult who grabbed that kid as the defender could leave. Up till then he feared of being jumped from behind by the kid out of control. To My mine it would be impossible that Jodi was not taken down a few times in such a violent fight…remember he was a trained fighter ( wrestler)…very common for them to do a take down. Trust Me on this one does not want to be in such fights or even see them…it is beyond belief to know someone may die in front of Your eyes let alone You may be the one……I remember very little of that day other then doing all to survive and yes I got VERY violent near the end. Odd how My best friend did nothing not even go for help as over 25 other kids just looked on to see the outcome. Months later I was told by a class mate about the fight…who then outed another class mate who smashed me in the mouth ,after saying ,I was a dirty fighter…6…on…1…Ya think??? For her to have survived seems impossible but I know it was possible as I’ve been there. A movie is one thing but in real life it’s very traumatic. No one was there for Me as no one was there for Her…that day She was very lucky as I.

  26. As for all the haters who think they know it all let them call 911 and die…seems these things just love to do research so then research 911 fuckers…under the law the police can wait for back up…see school shootings a-holes and give em gutless blue boys a very big thank you for WAITING. When ever i read the haters shit all I can think is America’s fucked. Haters and only haters NEVER worry about My writing style worry about your brain or lack there of. I would ask and have asked why when they see police or state corruption they seem to back it no matter what… this a white thing or an idiot thing? Laws///wtf fools laws change …are over turned and a few times are done away with. But evil shits never rest do they…these scum have a very great need or greed to control others…well remember two can play that game. scum has a need to make threats as a family did in that court…walking out!…. sitting outside the jury room! …outing a juror….all were threats to sway justice…opps the last was just to see a juror. …murdered…maybe??? Well seems threats can back fire as t-dog did find out. No wonder scum backs abusers as travis …..shit sticks together very well.

    • On reflection, I don’t see that the rulings really damage Jodi’s case. However, there are some ominous comments in the section on criminals profiting from crime. I hope A & C make the case that Nurmi’s book straightforwardly caused Jodi financial loss by reducing the pool of lawyers willing to do her appeals. Being made whole for that loss would in no way be profiting from crime.

  27. Not sure how you would prove something that has not happen yet or is guaranteed to happened and how would you go about proving that there are fewer lawyers willing to take Her case as a direct result of the book? How would that cause financial loss anyway? If a lawyer declines to take her case, she would not be at a financial diatvantage unless the lawyer accepted her money and never provided legal representation. What she needs is more donations. I wish that I could still help out more but I was laid off a few months ago. I can’t even make ends meet. I might be evicted from my apartment soon. At least the weather is warming up, which is good news. Enough about me. Anyway,there are a lot of people worse off than me.

    • Alan,

      Thanks for the info. I am not a civil attorney but I know a few and it seems as if Nurmi’s basic argument, actually his only argument, is that Jodi, being a convicted murderer, is not impoverished because she is in prison and is a convicted felon which means she has no rights to financial gain/profit. What this sounds like to me is the court is stating that no money of any kind can be awarded to Jodi or even to her appeal fund which financially benefits her in the ability to hire an appeal attorney. The court believes that the only argument she has, due to her current status as a felon, is the breach of legal representation.
      Regarding the available attorney pool, I have always privately believed that Jodi’s attorney will not come from the state of AZ but rather from someplace outside the state.

      • Fortunately, Judge Contes has not actually ruled yet (see section 2, last sentence) that Jodi cannot receive any damages. I’m hopeful that A & C can convince her that money damages are wholly appropriate for deep injury to Jodi’s legal position caused by Nurmi’s breach of ethics. In other torts, people often get monetary awards for injuries that seem hard to quantify in money terms.

        • That’s good to hear. Hopefully, Judge Contes sees it Jodi’s way. I was also curious if Jodi’s defense fund was considered part of her “personal wealth”. The website firmly states that all money goes to a fund to help her afford an appellate attorney. Neither her nor her family have any access to this money. Hopefully, A & C can argue that this fund is not connected to Jodi’s personal wealth gain in any way but is a communal fund to assist her in paying for an appellate defense. Hopefully, Jodi’s current convict status does not outweigh her claim for damages as long as those damages do not go to her prison books or to her family but ONLY to her fund.

  28. I have read the courts arguments and so called logic and I must say az. has a very low standard for judges but then the world knew this as one had to remove it’s self for bias…yet no judge on earth is suppose to have such…LOL…NOW! a prayer of relief….are they kidding??? And these that would use prayer to MOCK another sit on the bench. Faith must have NOTHING to do in a court and for very good reason as faith has caused more harm on this earth then anything…SEE HISTORY. The DUTY of any judge is to make certain that the trial was fair…they should be willing to bet their career on it as well as their lives as them seem to take great joy at taking LIVES! Once any person is called a murderer then it seems they have no rights….imagine all involved in a wrongful execution ….being held to task…NO TRIAL for them needed just the execution …as We know that MURDERS have no rights according to the courts and the system…If they are so sure of guilt then let them be held accountable with their lives….name one in America step forward and put their life on the line. That trial was a joke and the state has a real need to defend it’s joke…it’s called $$$$$$$$$$. For any judge to claim that two men who took OATHS were not ENRICHED by MALFEASANCE is the big joke. In opening the rat of az. did a rather illegal trick as it claimed the shot was from a .45 and then called Her Miss Alexander …twice…..if any think that was by accident then your brain is BACKWARDS or not working….this was a CAPITAL case and yet this rat was allowed from the get go to BOLD FACE LIE. The reason hit did that was to inflame that jury beyond belief….Now IMAGINE if that defense thing had said in opening …She killed Her abuser who abused many if not all…men ,women…CHILDREN then spoke about dear travis talking about the RAPE of a child with GLEE! I must and do ask just what kind of things sit on the bench in az.. She seeks no enrichment in any way but She seeks JUSTICE and that takes MONEY….sad that only the rich or very lucky get justice in America but sooner or later the poor my serve justice on the system…..never gonna happen some say…as did the CROWN in 1775….. Justice is owed by none….it’s justice for all not just the MASTERS! Griz a racist ……I would help any in need if I could as I have done right by others who tried to kill Me. I would help an enemy find justice..because it is the right thing to do NAME one fucking hater or leader or judge that can ever match them facts. Little wonder i think of such things as SCUM….wonder how many mirrors they own…in fear of it’s life taking the time to look into a mirror…America is there even one judge that sees that truth of just who was the attacker in that fight…or do they even care for justice ??? How easy most can be bought and for how very little. Odd how the MOST corrupt make up the LAWS! Or am I wrong on that???? P.S. are you of sound mind…..RACISM is the need to do wrong via the nation…family…clan…mob…or as I would say, when any person falls into line to make gain against others…sorry websters seems you sir do not own words…funny how that rat can not read it’s websters as it tried to use it on Her. SEE trial on that then look up the words true (so called meaning and this thing is a lawyer…LIAR suits if far more.

  29. Justus,

    That sounds like a great analogy! It does sound like the specifics of the struggle past the first part of the attack after the gunshot have not returned. Your source sounds very credible. You may want to ask the source to ask Jodi if she or her attorneys have considered hypnosis because we know the memories are there but her mind has put a block on them and pushed them really deep. We all agree that her memory is VERY important and hypnosis has been shown to work in pulling repressed memories like this out.

    • Actually, Lance, Dr. Robert Geffner testified that the memories were never even created during that period when she was fighting for her life. Generally speaking he said that memories may be incompletely encoded if a traumatic event interrupts the normal process of transfer from short-term to long-term memory. Wikipedia ( puts it this way: “[T]he stress of PTSD can have severe effects on the hippocampus, causing problems with transferring short-term to long-term memory.”

      • OK.. That also seems to correspond with Jodi testifying that she literally “blacked out” for a significant period of time and doesn’t remember anything up to her “coming to” a while later on her way to Ryan’s house in Utah. She remembers being pulled over by the Utah cop for the plate being flipped over although I don’t know how much time elapsed until she regained her senses. Does anybody know how many hours passed between those two events? I am assuming that her current team has already gone through this scenario and it would appear her retrial will have to focus on the front end of the fight and emphasize that he was the attacker. An example of this would be a blood expert that could testify that the blood covering the vanity and mirror came from TA as he was standing in front of the mirror AFTER HE HAS BEEN SHOT and checking out his injuries. An expert would be able to say that this spatter was exhaled blood from the mouth and/or nose. Once again, the hard drive photos that destroy all the premeditation B.S. that JM kept spewing during trial become even more important as does Jodi’s testimony on the phone calls from TA during the trip. If your contact speaks to her again in the near future, ask her about the status of those drives OR prepare her sister to be a rebuttal witness for when this comes up.

  30. No wonder even lawyers can not understand lawyers and judges writings.. does their logic of gain even make sense…how is it a gain when one is wronged by a fucking lawyer who was paid to do a job that it NEVER did…more there for a book deal as it seems the rat was also. Read just what they wrote …it’s all over the place…do not all laws only apply to murders but then they call Her a killer..seems they NEVER read that verdict…..what is She killer(as in justified!) or murderer???? Folks kill all the time yet are not murderers and like it or not if they really looked at the evidence they would see this was no murder. We are told to believe in the system then must view this judgement that seems to not understand even the rule of justice….Justice always must trump any law….as laws can be very evil and very wrong…most times based on revenge and vengeance….a just society would never allow such. Unlike the worm the rat and any judge …Her life is put at risk because of all threes wrong doing. Odd She is not allowed justice when her lawyer made sure he would fail for gain…and the rat lied his way to fame and fortune at states expense the both of these things where is the so called law on that…were they not paid a fair price yet claim to own the case for profit…..Not one thing concerning that case is theirs to ever own..both worked for the state and why would the state ever allow them to make gain…and please do not go the 1 st. on Me…they only knew what they knew because the worked the case…no evidence is theirs or any other…it is the states. And how odd they release certain things to bring her to harm yet hide and lose and destroy others for a win…..but they seem to be mighty poor at hiding evidence as We found out it’s love of PORN…that was claimed not to be there…odd how all judges in America missed that….or are they very poor at their jobs. Some bitch at my words but look to the educated ones for the real impossible to read….JUSTICE this is not dissing You…i was party to a SUPREME court case where i lost my case but then not so fast…if the other dropped dead in that court then I won…but the judge was all over the place and seemed to mock me….and forgot in his brief to include the 8 counts of perjured evidence from the other side…in fact he aided them in a win…trust me on this very few judges are fit to judge…just read any of their briefs and wonder just what they mean as they often plays both sides. This judged coached a gov. worker as she was lying repeatedly and on the fifth time told her to go back and get the real doc,s or else…see that folks just why the system has this need to win…they fear if one is taken to task then all may be…Is it little wonder i do all that i can to help Her find justice. As Her I have been wronged by the system and pray one day it does not find You or others You care for…..I do go on =)…and with only one finger two….!

  31. Are all haters Dr.s lol…….as there are a lot of evil dr.s who sell out for the win. I really must view my posts before I post but i would ask haters if ya all have a hard time reading em…why do it and imagine if one SPEAKS to ya how do you understand them words big n small. In trial that worm played to the rat as the rat played on the worm and they judge failed a justice system. We need not ever worry about her memory as none in power give a shit…My god if there was video proving She defended Her self by now it would have been …LOST…MISPLACED…DESTROYED….as other evidence was! The facts of the scene and the wounds prove it was S/D…but the mob has needs. Would any in the legal system in America ever want to be treated to any trial as that…show trial? Now to show the real minds or lack of…why do they have so much …joy…fun…glee in ABUSING Her as any who try to help Her…how do they gain by such actions??? Yes at times i give em haters a very hard time….but I still feel sorry for them and their family. These days in America protest will soon be outlawed…or so some a-holes think…how dare children speak up against violence…how dare them ever do that…now We know why women who are abused are not believed…how dare they speak out against any man…..well 99.999999999% of violence is done by men! Now if folks do not care how many children die at schools then why would these things care about ANY woman. Odd how folks of faith back a man of faith that considered children in it’s needs…rather beyond sick…travis never did this or that…well travis was caught red handed via his own big mouth and evil actions…pedo boy suits it very well. Judges must understand that a FAIR HEARING is NOT EVER GAIN. If they can not understand that logic how can they understand ANY logic? When one takes an oath for a job then NOTHING comes before that oath. To be an American then the REPUBLIC must come first to do otherwise is treason…faith is for one’s own good not to control others….but many see it that wicked way. Odd how the side that won but really did…not really win BROKE their oaths with ease…..but then being judged by a jury that broke its oath each day now makes sense how that wrong happened.

  32. From day one it seems America has had to endure haters….leaving merry old England because of all that persecution they new comers set up shop only to abuse their own…and mostly young women…BURN EM ALL. ( note when one is burned then they were guilty hater logic.) And on and on goes the train of hate to this present day…haters can do no wrong…or is that RIGHT? When folks must use faith to bring harm then one knows their truth.Oh dear Me he was only an abuser of men women and Yes children…and he even said so! he used faith to USE women and We know this from him….some claim that $ is the root of all evil….well he sure didn’t have money other then OTHERS !….but he need n greed for the $ was great…what would he not do to gain that gold…..WHAT EVER IT TOOK…..wonder how much the church ever got??? LOL! Now just why do these haters fear Her so are they worried about truth and facts seeing the light….can they even understand how one young woman stopped the train of death paid for by az. taxpayers! And yet no matter what that side did they failed in the end….and She was up against folks that would do all to win at any cost….Remember on the stand how a man of faith said he would never help Her in any way…think about a man of faith allowing a wrong to happen …FOR ANY REASON! Seems that side is not above MURDER!…as long as they get a win. She lives and thus fights on…is there any other way??? A hater alone is really nothing as a mob of haters is a lot of nothing…to think any person would act as they have done. What a freak show on them steps out side that court…did they forget to bring their sheets?

  33. I believe what Jodi said happened really happened. She was a victim of domestic violence. People do not understand the severity of emotional/mental abuse. Travis was from a bad background and was really a piece of trash whereas Jodi was from a good background she is intelligent and beautiful both inside and out. Travis was lucky to have her! But instead of loving her, he abused her and treated her badly. I believe he got what he deserved. She is innocent as she was defending herself.

  34. Welcome to JAII Victoria! I believe the more people read about this case their minds will definitely see the obvious. Jodi was only defending herself from a vicious attack. SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME! She should be a FREE woman.

  35. Hi Victoria,

    Welcome to JAII as well! You are right about TA. The unfortunate thing about this is that TA was not dumb enough to abuse Jodi physically in front of somebody else. There are plenty of “mental/emotional abuse” examples such as his screaming at her on the phone or the numerous abusive text messages. The physical assaults were always in private with no ear OR eyewitnesses. The closest example we can use is the scenario in the car with the Freemans when TA kept moving the car after Jodi had stepped out to snap a picture. I am also counting the two occasions that TA raped her that she decided not to report. These instances would have made a tremendous difference in the public perception of TA instead of how he is currently seen.
    If Bill Cosby can be found guilty after 40 years of drugging and raping women, TA’s true dark side can be brought out and put on display just as Jodi has described.

  36. After a bit of research, I’m convinced that Judge Contes is confused in section 2 of her ruling as to compensatory damages for injury to Jodi’s legal position. She could hold that no such injury occurred, e.g., because any such is “remote or speculative,” which bars recovery. But if an injury is legally recognizable, then to give Jodi compensatory damages for it is certainly not to let her “profit from her crime.” And the difficulty of quantifying the injury in dollar terms is no objection, since that situation occurs often in tort law. Whether a wrongful injury occurred and how to compensate it in money terms are two different questions, according to textbooks.

    Other than Contes’s being distracted by the nonissue of “profiting from crime,” the ruling doesn’t hurt Jodi’s suit at all. It just reorganizes the pleading, reducing the claims to one: breach of fiduciary duty. One might even think the ruling favorable insofar as Contes didn’t dismiss the complaint altogether.

    • Alan,

      I will admit that I might be more confused now. It sounds like the main issue still revolves around how to compensate a convicted inmate for a tort victory based on available state law. If the ruling does not dismiss the suit and only “streamlines” it to one claim, does that make it easier for Nurmi to get it dismissed? I had also wondered if Jodi’s family could benefit from it as a “third party” if that actually exists in AZ??

  37. Ah the .25…..ever wonder why dave hall just had to go on n on non n on about that his dear shooting pal would NEVER own a gun….FUNNY seeing it’s az. not a very hard place to own any gun it seems….me thinks dave boy PROTESTS way to much…did he give or loan that .25… even the rat claims was t-dogs in closing. Fess up to your wrong doing dave…giving a gun to a abuser is always a bad idea…let alone a twit!

  38. Hi,
    I follow Jodi’s story from Belgium,

    I had always think she kill him to defend herself and so it’s self defence….
    I don’t understant why people still think Travis was the good guy and Jodi was the bad one….

    The fact are Travis was abusive with Jodi he treated her as his little secret, he belittled her in front of her friends but when he was alone with her he made her believe otherwise.

    Jodi is a victim! and killing Travis is the result of that !

    I really hope someday she will be understand, i’m going to try to write her in jail, just to express my sympathy to her and maybe giving her a bit of hope!
    You’re not alone Jodi!


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