“The Palm Print, Blood & DNA”: (Quotes from Kermit’s Book) Part 2

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Check out the following interesting excerpts taken directly from the book:

“While the photos supported our belief that Arias had been with Travis on the afternoon of his killing and provided the story of how his life ended, they still didn’t prove that she hadn’t walked out before Travis was killed.” “How can we be absolutely certain that Arias didn’t leave the house in between the photos time-stamped earlier in the afternoon and when Travis was killed?’ I asked.” “We don’t know,” Flores answered. “We’ll have to wait for the fingerprint results to come back,” referring to a latent palm print found in blood on the wall in the hallway leading to the bathroom. “I put a rush on the request.”

Lisa Perry, a forensic scientist for Mesa PD stated that the unidentified biological substance containing the DNA from TA & Jodi was NOT blood at all.

Here’s the testimony clip – (launches YouTube in a new window):

lisa perry bq-2

Following on from that, here’s Mesa PD latent print examiner Heather Connor again, testifying why it’s not possible to accurately date a latent print impression, despite Kermit’s best efforts to get her to state differently – (launches YouTube in a new window):

heather connor 1

And how about the strand of Jodi’s hair – attached to the wall in the hallway?

Here’s what it states in the book:

“There were also DNA results from a strand of hair that was found attached to the wall with blood. It, too, was from Jodi Arias. Like latent prints, the hair’s presence was not enough to tell us when it was left at the house or how it ended up becoming stuck in his hallway. Arias had been to the house many times, so the hair could conceivably have been left there and only disturbed and attached to the wall later, during the attack.”

So with the inconclusive photographs (see the previous post in this series)… together with equally inconclusive forensics relating to the latent print, the dating of the latent print, the renegade strand of hair, the DNA and the “blood”, here’s how Kermit quantified all of that in his book…

“The combination of the latent prints, the DNA, and, most importantly, the photos made me feel it was finally appropriate to charge her.”

It’d certainly be interesting to know how Kermit, armed with this evidence – (or rather an acute lack of evidence) – managed to con the Grand Jury into turning this basic self-defense incident into a 1st degree murder charge.

He’d previously stated that the remaining evidence was hit & miss at best:

“If Arias had simply taken the camera from the crime scene and disposed of it on the drive to Utah instead of leaving it behind after deleting the incriminating photographs, I might never have charged her with the murder because the remaining evidence may not have been enough to prove her guilty at a trial.”

And while Mesa PD were playing around DNA testing a strand of Jodi’s hair, they totally bypassed the infamous bathroom shoe print, right there in plain sight.

crime scene - shoe impression 1

Did they cross refer the shoe print with any of the roommates or the numerous visitors to the house that week? No. Did they log any crime scene contamination? No. Did they officially document that Jodi left the shoe print? No. Based on all that, do they actually know for certain who left the shoe print in the bathroom? No.

Couple all that with the blatant state-sponsored evidence tampering, the prosecutorial misconduct and the accompanying unbridled assholery witnessed throughout the trial, and it all boils down to one almighty judicial cluster-fuck.

Once again, I think certain elements of this book will come in very useful at a later date… and may even go some way towards unlocking the mystery of how one can still get a “result” at trial – without having to produce any credible evidence.

Want to read more of Gas-Can Kermit’s book? Click here (or click the pic below) to go read his book for free, and in full:

gas can kermit - free download
(Apparently you can read it online in your browser, in .TXT format or download the zip file)

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    SPREAD THE WORD!!!!! Self Defense is NOT A CRIME!!!!

    • Fact: The palm print was NOT BLOOD! Funny (and Tragic) how that has been twisted and turned over the years! It is SO SIMPLE!!!

      • And, R Love….. there were no gunpowder particulates in the combined DNA palmprint, proving that Jodi, did not, fire a gun… so how did she overpower, Travis, inbetween the time stamps on the photos…. ??? Snidely…. Edgrrr…

    • I think that juan martinez’s book is going to do Jodi A LOT of good in the longrun. Not only has he put it down in writing that he lied to get the conviction he so craved for, it proves that he manipulated mocked the judicial system to do so… Good job shorty! You’ve helped Jodi’s appeals in so many ways!

  2. The fact that there was NO blood print makes me think of one thing:

    He is making fools out of the jurors. It’s obvious that the palm print could have been made at another time when Jodi was in travis’ house but the jurors were so biased that they didn’t take under consideration what the law requires to convict a person: guilty beyond any and ALL doubt. Isn’t that palm print that was (I emphasize) NOT A BLOODY ONE (thus can’t be 100% connected on the day of the murder) a reason for doubt?

    And yet, to this date, jurors speak of a non-existant bloody palm print. Now isn’t that grand?! Not only did they not pay attention, they chose to pick what they would consider evidence and what to deny as evidence (or lack of).

    And ok, let’s just say that they ‘tuned out’ while the palm print testimony was ongoing… but it seems that they were tuned out on almost the whole trial, since they chose to ‘moderate’ all the testimonies and evidence to fit their biased made up mind.

    Jodi should have been acquitted due to reasonable doubt. Fucking incompetent, biased, lying bunch of idiots.

    • A hypnonauseating carnival side show….. I’m surprised the Manchurian Martinez Marionette, didn’t have the Sheeple, crowing like roosters; in lieu of evidence…. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  3. As for GAS CAN KERMIT’? He has been lying for so long that he actually has come to believe his own lies.

    In trial, both Lisa Perry and Heather Connor, make it very comprehensive that there was NO bloody print thus that palm print could have been made at any time before travis’ death but kermit goes ahead and keeps his lies alive even in his book. It’s beyond me how he thinks that he can get away with lying when there are so many audio, visual and documented evidence that prove he has convicted Jodi with lies.

    I really do hope that all his lies will be used against his case during appeals and will overturn Jodi’s conviction. It’s only fair.

    It’s not only the palm print lie, the photos lies, but so many other lies that used in trial. Basically, his whole case was built on lies and those lies will come tumbling down like a house of cards. Mark my words. It’s a matter of time and time is all we’ve got. 😉

    • And yet there are people out there who will SWEAR that they KNOW there was a ‘bloody handprint’ because they saw it for themselves—‘it’s plain as day in that picture!’

    • In addition, as to the complicities, that gallop, in this here oater…. The Spaz, repudiated, his lies at law, of which he and the other two stooges, had to feebly recant, by admitting perjury, to reverse, the prosecutorial format, admitting, the lies for which they scammed an interstate kidnapping at law, while, not a bleat from all the other Sheeple, in the court, and, on the street…..and, of course, aided and abetted by the braindead judge….. Snidely… Edgrrr….

    • So, what’s with the appellate laundering of these crimes at law, by aiding and, abetting, embezzlement, of more of Jodis,’ life, while they do nothing….??? Law schools should be empowered with the responsibility, to oversee, these complacent, lizards at law…. Snidely…Edgar….

  4. As for those haters that have gone around all these years ‘gospelizing’ juan martinez’s lies… one thing: YOU ARE CLUELESS! It proves what we all know about you: SHEEPLE …. Ba-aaa-aaa-hhhh! It also proves that none of those idiots actually watched the trial, unless they were just like the jury: tuned out anything that didn’t fit their biased venomous hatred.

    It’s one thing not to like Jodi and it’s a totally different thing to twist the truth around just to make her look like a monster. That is not justice. That is pure evil and revengeful bullshit.

    I believe Jodi’s sworn testimony. An open and closed self defense case. Did she lie at the beginning? Yes. Out of fear, out of embarrassment, out of avoiding to deal with what she had done. It’s all humane. But what’s juan martinez’s excuse for lying to get a guilty conviction (hoping for death)? All I see is GREED. He is a greedy bastard not caring about justice and human rights. Not caring about abuse and self defense. A greedy motherfucking self serving scum.

    And for all those haters that claim to be religious (following any religion or cult) it seems you all are very fond of what your religion DOESN’T preach: LIES, HATRED, GREED…

    Many things can be justified to a point. For example lies: We all have lied at some point in our lives BUT not to kill someone. We’ve lied for the most simplest reasons but always to protect ourselves & others or justify ourselves or get out of situations w/o hurting someone if we were truthful (ie “Do you want to go out for a coffee?” “I would have loved to but I have this thing to do.” <—- We could have said "No, I don't want to go out for a coffee w/you because you're boring…" but we still protect others' feelings by lying to them).

    In juan martinez's case, he lies for GREED. And out of all those sins that are preached in churches, temples or any other worship places, I think that GREED is the worst of all those sins. There is no reason for GREED. GREED is totally self-serving. JUAN MARTINEZ IS A GREEDY FUCKING LIAR. He lies out of greed. Period. I wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him, ffs.

    So in conclusion, all you praying religious people, think about it: What IS the worse sin? Killing in self -defense OR being GREEDY? Because if you say killing, then you've obviously haven't read the bible or your scripts because most of the saints and 'god-loved' people quoted IN THOSE BOOKS have killed for some reason. BUT not once have I read about someone being a saint and worshiped because he/she was GREEDY.

    Drops mic… exits.

      • The entire system, is run by lie-yers, so we need to rely upon real people to adjudicate matters, where integrity, and, honesty, are required…. Snidely…. Edgrrr….

    • Hi Pandora ! Your are sooooo right !!!!

      For the LOVE of money is the root of ALL EVIL ….

      Little Juanita is greedy and evil IMHO and what goes around comes around so don’t let that door hit you on your way OUT little Juanita !!!!

  5. One more thing:

    All this bs also proves that Nurmi did a piss poor job. Why did he not call out martinez in the palm lies? Like I mean, it wasn’t said once that the palm print was bloody. It was said ‘plethora’ (Isn’t that Nurmi’s fave word?) times. He could have argued against that time and time again. Fucking lazy slob. But as we’ve stated before, his nose picking was more interesting than saving Jodi and preserving the institution of justice.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that nurmi and juan martinez were actually bosom buddies behind closed doors. After the circus trial of the decade, nothing and I mean NOTHING surprises me anymore. Fucking pathetic, no good pieces of shit.

    • Unbelievably, Juan Martinez and defense lawyer Kirk Nurmi both believed there was a mixture of Jodi’s blood and Travis Alexander’s blood throughout the trial and possibly still believe it to this day. They each still make this claim (DNA blood mixture) in their respective books and in one of Nurmi’s interviews.
      FROM MARTINEZ’S BOOK: “A week later, on July 3, the DNA results from the bloody left palm print showed there was a mixture of blood from two individuals-Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias.”
      FROM NURMI’S BOOK: “The only person who could be placed at the home besides Mr. Alexander was Ms.Arias. Ms. Arias was placed at the home in three different ways. First of
      all, she finally admitted she was there. Secondly, DNA proved she was there during the attack and of course, finally, nude pictures of her were found in Mr. Alexander’s camera.” While Nurmi doesn’t describe the DNA substance here, he must be thinking it was blood because only blood would put Jodi at the death scene (a mixture of perspiration, saliva, etc.) could have been left in Alexander ‘s house at anytime in the past but the odds of Jodi and Alexander both bleeding at the same time under different conditions would be astronomical). Nurmi added more detail about the DNA in an interview with Beth Karas on November 22, 2015:
      Karas: “If Jodi had taken the camera with her, would she have been charged at all?
      Nurmi: “…but beyond that we still have the mixture of DNA, the mixture of HER BLOOD AND HIS BLOOD would have been enough to charge her.”

      The fact that Nurmi believed there was a the mixture of Jodi’s blood and Alexander’s blood in Alexander’s house before the trial started, during the trial and even to the time he wrote his book after the trial, surely must be an indication his incompetence or of “ineffective assistance of counsel” on his part.

      P.S. I’m not sure why Nurmi stated “she finally admitted she was there” when Jodi stated she was in Alexander’s house on the second day of interrogation (July16, 2008) when she told Flores the two intruders story.

        • Who will rule on, these issues; nobody is putting before the court…..??? Nobody, because, the socalled defense, three million dollar bribe, took care of that waiver, of those issues…and, surely, Shirley, the system, will only rule upon what’s sitting in front of them, and you can see, how seriously, they take their job….. Snidely…. Edgrrr….

        • Chris, what part of info are you talking about? The fact that they keep on insisting that the palm print was bloody? I think that both prosecutor and defense atty should have known this important info from the getgo. I can understand why kermit would insist on saying it was bloody but nurmi??? What’s his reason? I’m going to agree with Journee: nurmi slept through -not only – the testimony but the whole trial.

    • The appellate decisions will not be based upon all the reasonable doubts, posted, but, only those issues, entered in court; whatwith all that’s obvious, being deemed to have been waived…. as the fact is, judges, defraud the oath they take, so as to b ring nothing to the job, but, their own delusions of grandeur….. That’s what a three million dollar bribe buys you in Arizona….. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  6. Jodi Arias Updates ‏@JodiAnnArias 8h8 hours ago

    Hot water was restored on #JodiArias’ yard after 3 days.
    6 retweets 13 likes

  7. 60 Minutes: German Prisons – Crime & Punishment
    Amazing story on 60 Minutes tonight about prison reform in Germany. There is no “punishment” of prisoners. Loss of freedom is the punishment.. Prisoners are shown respect and dignity by specially trained guards. Murderers (even a man who did a contract killing on a woman) are released from prison after serving a sentence. Few sentences longer than 20 years. And, some American prison officials are going to Germany to learn a different, better way. The prison systems in Canada & the USA are barbaric in comparison.

    • Coldcase, the prison system in Greece is also fond of second chances and freedom after serving a logical time. It also respects prisoners and doesn’t make them wear pink underwear and deprive them of their dignity. On the contrary, prisoners are allowed to wear specific clothes that are not ‘prison related’, for example sweatsuits or jeans and t-shirts. They have contact visits from the getgo and are not treated like animals.

      My belief is that a person that has broken the law and has been incarcerated should not be punished BUT taught right from wrong. To become a better person and be prepared to be sent back to society and live a lawful life.

      Second chances people… that’s what it’s all about. As we know: one horrible minute can’t define a person’s whole life, especially if that person has been law abiding and a hard worker all his/ her life. Just like Jodi was. She was a model citizen before June 4th 2008.

      ((((Second Chances))))

  8. Is there any way or any possibility of Jodi’s sentence getting commuted so that she can get out of prison in 20 years or so?
    She doesn’t deserve this harsh sentence. Rapists and worse people get far less for more heinous acts against defenseless people. Travis was a scumbag.
    Also, anyone know the status of an appeal? Was one filed?

    • Hi there Vesta. Appeal was filed after the trial was over. If the appeals court find that there has been misconduct during the trials and because of that Jodi didn’t get a fair trial (which we all know that THAT is the case) she will get a chance to be tried again.

      Honestly though, how sure can you be that Jodi will get a fair chance in the appeals court? We all know that Shitzona has a law of it’s own 🙄 , as we also know that mostly everyone is biased against Jodi. I am not holding my breath and depending on AZ justice system to be fair.

      The only way Jodi could have a good chance with the appeals court is if she has fucking awesome representation. So peeps, don’t forget to donate to the appellate fund . A good lawyer doesn’t come cheap.

      ((((Jodi’s Freedom)))) ♥

      • AMEN!!!! KEEP DONATING FOR JODI’S APPEALS!!!!! The justice system in Arizona has proved to be totally incompetent and can’t be trusted. CORRUPTION is HUGE in AZ! Evil is being hid behind that stupid Veil of Deception! Wake up AZ your being played! SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME!

      • Rewarding more lieyers, for the malfeasance, of those on deck, taking their turn, bastardizing, the always due process, is another lizards at law, con…Better used funds, to, put out a reward , for whoever provides, proof, of Jodis,’ innocense… All those who claim such a slam dunk noncase, that held off the parasites for seven years, after waivibg, her right to a speedy public trial, should have put these lizards at law, all, behind bars, for Jodis.’ torture…. Let the Sheeple, pledge a few million dollars, exonerating her, or, not….. If she’s so guilty, what have they got to lose….??? Snidely…. Edgrrr…

      • Who has a copy of the actual appeal, wherein, all these posted reasonable doubts have been concealed from the process…??? Who, also has a copy of the perjurial and then recanted, scammed, extradition warrant, and, who, has concealed from both governors, the fact that the perjurial aboutfaced, reversed format, disproved the lies at law, of which, extradition was granted…??? ….Snidely…Edgrrr…

      • He might as well! He gets the blame for everything else, why not setting an innocent woman FREE?!!!!!
        . . . . . . Makes perfect sense to me BUT I can hear the screams from behind that VEIL now! SMH

  9. Juan Martinez’s description of Jodi (From Chapter 6 of his book)

    “I also knew from watching her interview that when I met Ms. Arias that I
    would be meeting a fairly smart and articulate person. I knew that she
    would be different than most criminal defendants I had encountered in the
    past and very different than most capital defendants in that she had no
    criminal history and clearly had the ability to navigate polite society.
    By this I mean that unlike most capital defendants, she had an actual
    job, she paid taxes, made car payments, bought a house, things of that
    nature. This may sound normal to you but it is abnormal in the world of
    capital defendants.”

  10. From the State vs Jodi site:

    “Guys, this is Trevor Nehring, juror 4 from the sentencing retrial. On Saturday, Trevor attempted suicide by shooting himself. He survived but is now permanently blind. Tanisha tells me this sweet guy fought long and hard for the death penalty, the ultimate justice for Travis. He’s a dear friend and it’s important we help him. I feel awful asking, so soon after the charity drive but… well, here we are. Please, whatever you can give, even if it’s a prayer. x
    Click here to support Trevor’s Medical Expenses and Care by Jaana Nehring
    Trevor Nehring is a caring, strong and wonderful Husband, Father, Son and Brother. He has been fighting Bi-Polar Dissorder for about 15 years. In the past…”

    • So that means Juror 4 was unfit to be a juror in JODI’s trial ………… it’s like the blind leading the blind

      • Potential jurors can get out of jury duty if they have a history of mental illness/disorder by getting a letter from various heath professionals. However, I couldn’t find anything about a person with a history of a mental illness/disorder who WANTS to be a juror. In Texas, they state a juror “must be of sound mind.” In Arizona, you can probably be a juror and be raving mad as long as you can say: GUILTY.

        From AZ Courts:
        A person seeking to be excused from jury service in Arizona must apply to the court that issued the summons. Possible grounds for excuse include:
        – the person has a mental or physical condition that causes him/her to be incapable of performing jury service.

    • Great find coldcase53, about Trevor Nehring, juror 4, of Jodi’s sentencing trial. On your lead, I Googled: trevor nehring az, and I easily got directed to links & Jaana Nehring post about:: … “On Saturday 03-26-16, Trevor attempted suicide and shot himself. He survived ………etc. ……he lost his eyesight”. …And the post tells about Trevor’s 15 years of bi-polar disorder. And during the last 7 years has received aggressive treatment, counseling, medication ….etc.
      …Well, (during 7 years) that means he was undergoing aggressive treatment during the time he was on the Jodi Arias sentencing trial. …And, other links tell me that Trevor fought long and hard for the death penalty (of Jodi Arias).
      …Well, 03-26-16 was the Saturday just before Easter Sunday, and I found that was an interesting day to be depressed enough to attempt suicide. …Did St Joan of Arc appear to Trevor Nehring informing him that he was tricked, in order to sentence the DP to Jodi Arias, an innocent or /not guilty, defendant. …Was he overcome with HIS OWN GUILT as he realized he tried to put an innocent girl to her death??
      …Then I found a link to Trevor Nehring’s Twitter posts & found that on 13Apr2015 (the previous year) he posted : May God Bless you, the Alexander family and all his friends….etc.
      …So, I wondered:: what was his mindset on 13Apr2015, …was he thinking of death & suicide??? …Yes, he surely was thinking about DEATH !!! …Because I googled & found that 13Apr2015 was the EXACT DAY that Jodi Arias was [[[ SENTENCED BUT NOT TO DEATH ]]], and surely Trevor was there in court (being disturbed) & wishing for a DP that was NOT given because of a holdout juror who did NOT vote for the DP. ..God Bless that holdout sentencing juror #17, who saved Jodi’s life.
      …So, perhaps we on this site, can find out if ((ALL)) the other jurors on the guilt and the sentencing trials of Jodi, can have their medical records subpoenaed for Jodi’s RETRIAL??? How many other jurors of the two trials are nut cases with mental problem disabilities, and were ((abnormally easily tricked/ or persuaded)) by the court system for guilty & DP? …Does the public & news media know that nut case (prejudice) jurors easily get on high profile cases. ….Yes, I believe this is a good thing to have happened to juror #4 to show his prejudice against Jodi (his wanting her death). … Jodi Arias is NOT guilty & probably totally innocent.
      …Perhaps Trevor Nehring’s family can read my comments to him & perhaps later have it translated into BRAILLE for him. …Perhaps the Alexander family can get the prosecutor to come in & sign a walking cane for poor Trevor???
      …Dearest St Joan of Arc:: Let the innocence of Jodi Ann Arias be know to the world!!!

      • Yes… Trevor “Shit Shot” Nehring (Juror 4 from the sentencing retrial) tried to shoot himself last week, but failed miserably (surprise surprise). He ended up blinding himself instead. What an asshole! Even more amusing is the fact that he’s now begging for donations on — WTF?

        Maybe next time around someone can help him… say by building him a harness for the gun, so he can blow his brains out properly.

        After all, everyone deserves a 2nd chance. Juror 4 included.

        Drops mic…….

        Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

        • He ended up blinding himself? Well that’s karma for voting to sentence an innocent women to death. How do nuts like that end up on a jury in the first place?

        • So if this dumbass shot himself and lived to tell about it would automatically prove what JODI’s been saying all along …….. that the shot came first and TA was NOT incapacitated like Tiny said.

        • From the looks of Trevor’s Go Fund Me Account, the Alexander’s haven’t donated to their stooge friend. Guess he felt guilty for wrongly convicting Jodi and trying to kill her.

    • Bipolar illness is not a handicap. It’s a mental illness that can be neutralized with the correct medication and people having (I don’t like the word ‘suffering’) bipolar can live a normal life. Having said that, medication doesn’t guarantee that bipolar episodes (mania & depression) will not occur again.

      If juror 4 was having trouble with his bipolar condition during the trial then he should have NOT been allowed to be part of the jury. When one is in mania mode, he/she can’t be in a state of mind to make logical decisions. Whoever knows about bipolar will know that mania causes reckless decissions. The same applies when he/she is in depression mode.

      I’d like to ask if anyone knows: when being summoned for jury duty, I imagine that each person has to fill out some sort of form with personal info. On this form, are there any questions about mental illnesses? If so, if this juror lied about his condition, isn’t that manipulation of the court, thus there was not fair judgement thus Jodi got shafted by yet another person involved in this trial??? I think that this would be a strong cause to state in her appeals. I hope the attys handling the appeals are aware of this and use it for Jodi’s sake.

      I live with a person who has bipolar illness. Even though he has been taking his medication systematically he has had relapses that have lasted for months. During mania, his decisions were so bad that it caused him, our family and friends a whole lot of pain. Mentally, phsically and economically…. When in depression, again his state of mind did not allow him to see things straight.

      I support people fighting w/ bipolar because it is a battle each and every day to keep your life in balance. BUT I don’t think that people w/ bipolar or any other mental illness should be allowed to judge and have one’s life in their hands (litterally, since Jodi’s case was a death penalty case). The stress of a trial can trigger bipolar episode and cause the individual a lot of trouble as well as anyone associated w/ this person. It’s not a matter of prejudice (people w/ bipolar are amazing minds).

      Would any of you trust your life flying in an aircraft with a pilot that has bipolar? Would any of you trust your life being operated by a person that has bipolar? Would any of you trust your life with a police person that has bipolar and carries a gun? Be honest. I wouldn’t and I live with a bipolar person whom I love very much. I’ve seen what bipolar can do… Not pretty.

      It’s not ‘racist’ to be blunt about stuff. It’s honesty. Unfortunately, there are some things that bipolar people shouldn’t do (and this applies to all people that have some sort of disability). If you want to blame someone for being racist, blame human nature and genes…

      (((People w/ bipolar)))) ♥

      • Very good explanation above Pandora, about bipolar people can have their illness neutralized with correct medication & understanding. I never lived with anyone who was bipolar but being an only child, I hardly lived with anyone. …I did have an uncle who was wounded in WW 2, as his ship was on its way across the Pacific to Japan. And he was in the VA mental hospital for years, & released & lived with his mother, & with brothers who were also in the war, in Europe. …His main interest in life was just going to the race track. …My aunt used to say of her brother Frank:: he is the only man I know that can have 10 cents in his pocket, walk to the race track, borrow $1.90 from somebody & make a $2 bet on a race, sometimes win a lot, but lose it the next day. He needed to be on medication & was, most of the time. …So juror #4 should not necessarily be blamed for NOT completely disclosing his inability to be “fair” on the jury, ((how would he know he was unable to be fair)). It is the fault of the court, surely the prosecutor knew that he needed medication. …Juror #4 was only allowed to stay because he was enthusiastic & leaning to the DP. …((in my opinion))

    • NAG Show March 5th – I’d abbreviated NAG”s questions. I remember this guy from the interview – I don’t remember him being a “sweet guy” at all.

      Juror #4: I’m shaken up still.

      NAG: I want to thank you so much for being with us and … what do mean by that you’re still shaky?

      #4: (Deep sigh) The emotion is just so overflowing – it’s hard to deal with having tried your hardest for so long to persuade someone to agree with you and it was painful in that courtroom – you know – just listening to the family wail and cry while we had to sit there as a group, even though we were mostly in favor of capital punishment to sit there and have it represented that we as a group were hung and Jodi was going to – not get away with it, but not get capital punishment was – it’s tough.

      NAG: …… Sir, when you said that she’ll walk, but no not really walk – actually under the law in AZ – there’s a possibility she can walk free in 25 years and that must have been like salt in the wound to the jury.

      #4: Yeah, yeah it was tough. And you know, when we were in deliberations we brought that up – we’re like if we don’t put forth the right judgement – if we’re not all in agreement – there’s a chance that she could get out in her early fifties. I mean that’s like a whole life to live after that, so what punishment is it really if she were to only get that? And …

      NAG: You know sir, …. (blood and sink) … dying …. can’t get that image out of my head, sir.

      #4: Deep sigh – yeah it was tough and we had to go through all those images over and over again in the deliberation room and we – you know, as a last ditch effort, we put all of the pictures down of all the blood and the shower and Travis’s body and we tried to, again, to come out with an unanimous decision – and I don’t understand – it’s hard to process – excuse me – for me to understand how those – that aggravating circumstance that we were looking at – that we had spread out all across the jury table – how that did not weigh enough for capital punishment – it just boggles my mind.

      NAG: ……. when you showed these pictures to the holdout, would she even deliberate – is it true that she had watched the Lifetime movie about Jodi Arias?

      #4: Sigh, she had said she had seen bits and pieces of movie, yes.

      NAG: thrown out of deliberations … did the judge know about it …

      #4: I think the judge knew that because we sent in a question form for the judge letting her know that this lady, who was holding out, mentioned it to the whole group. You know, she wasn’t even trying to conceal it. She mentioned to the whole group that she had seen bits and pieces of a movie and so we thought, you know, as a jury as a whole that was essential material – essential information – that the judge had to know. So we put it down on paper and let the judge know.

      NAG: ………. What is that you feeling when you look back on what has just happened – that moment you came out when it’s represented hung jury – what’s your feeling, your physical reaction?

      #4: It’s a feeling of sadness – the feeling of my body almost wanting to shut down. You know, a feeling – a feeling that justice wasn’t served. And I know it was, because we went through the process – just the law tells you to. We went through the process and dealt with everything, but then when we went in there – it just felt horrible.

      NAG: …… when you actually heard Jodi Arias in court, what did you think of her?

      #4: When I heard her in court, I – she lied to my face (slight laugh) – that’s what. So I thought of her as a liar. (still laughing)

      NAG: In what way did she lie – what was the lie?

      #4: The lie was when she was describing her life doing a little chronological order, she mentions that when her and Darryl Brewer were picking out their house in Palm Desert, I believe it was, that they chose that area because of Jack, Darryl Brewer’s son and they wanted a good school district for him. And then, just before that, we had found out that they, in fact, only had Darryl’s son for the summer. So, she lied to my face – she told us that – you know – as soon as she said that – that she picked the house for their son so he could go to school in a good school district – and then I found out that he’s only going to be there during the summer. That said to me instantly what lack of character was sitting in front of us.

      NAG: What do you make of the possibility she came into this opposing the death penalty?

      #4: (Deep Sigh) I don’t know. She would adamantly tell you that she is absolutely for the death penalty but after being with her for month after month after month, and then deliberating for as long as we did – I just – I can’t understand it. My brain is trying to come up with a reason so that I can cope with what happened.

      #4: I just want the Alexander family to know that we tried our hardest to make sure that justice was served.

      • Thanks, Carol
        You can just feel the emotion Trevor Nehring, Juror #4 is feeling in this interview with NAG. He wanted to kill Jodi with every fiber of his being by the sound of it and he seems devastated that it didn’t happen. It really illustrates the ghoulishness and sickness of the haters that they would invest so much perverse emotion into killing a young woman they didn’t know.
        He also says: “I just want the Alexander family to know that we tried our hardest to make sure justice was served.” That was the same theme echoed by the first jury, too. They all wanted justice for the Alexanders but none of them ever seemed to consider justice for Jodi. It just seems like these jurors were somehow carefully chosen because it was known they would vote guilty.

          • Great audio link Carol, to the phone conversation of Trevor Nehring, juror #4. And I certainly agree that this guy wanted to “kill Jodi with every fiber of his being”, as it was described above by cc53. …Question for all to consider:: How did this guy get on a “death qualified jury”?? …Well, how was he allowed to stay on a death qualified jury?? …Simple:: most all the other jurors were prejudice nut cases also, (except for the holdout jury #17 who refused to vote for the DP). …There needs to be an investigation of Arizona’s “Death Qualified Jury System” as to its total “prejudice motives” towards the death penalty for all defendants. …Death qualified jury systems should be found unconstitutional in all states, IMHO.

            • They need to start by investigating Juan Martinez and his bag of magic tricks. The jury was hand picked imo before the citizens of Maricopa County every knew about it. Underhanded and backroom dealing, nothing but. All of it falling under the Veil of Deception and Protection for the Lying For the Lord Choir. Do I hear an AMEN?!

      • Probably Trevor Nehring, juror #4, wanted attention (maybe not a suicide attempt) just thought he would hurt himself, so that Nancy Ann Grace (NAG) might invite him (((back on her program by phone, next week))), if somebody dialed the phone for him!!!
        …It will be the “terrible” one year anniversary 4/13/16, of Jodi’s sentencing on 4/13/15. …He probably wants to talk & cry to the NAG about how hard he tried to manipulate the other jurors to the DP & he failed, because juror #17 said “no” to DP. …((((God Bless holdout JUROR #17)))).
        …Or, maybe he used a 25 caliber semi, and thought he could shoot himself twice, & it jammed. …I heard those little guns are almost never fatal.

        • WLOPEZ,
          The old joke about the lack of power of the .25 caliber (which has been quoted here before) was that if you were going to carry a .25, never load it. The problem with loading it was you might shoot someone. If you did – and they found out about it – they would be angry.

        • I know nothing about Twitter, tweets & retweets but I seem to have found how easy it is to Google names of people like “trevor nehring twitter” and if the person has a Google link to twitter, I can click on it & I can read all his tweets for years. …This is totally new to me.
          …I Googled the above & will try to attach it here, don’t know if it will work:: Trevor Nehring (@vbalprownb) | Twitter …I found things that Trevor says since he first got on twitter about 2009). …I was wondering:: …if Trevor had a Twitter account about 7 years, then he may have been very active ((reading twitter info)) about the Arias trial when he was on the jury. …Perhaps someone could find out if he fed “biased internet information” of the trial to other jurors in order to manipulate them for a death penalty for Arias, which is totally a violation of a court for the jurors. …This would be the time for the other jurors to admit if they were (not necessarily manipulated), but perhaps (if it did happen) they should have told the judge, and possibly had that person dismissed from the jury, IMHO. …Seems like his last tweet was 4 days before his attempted suicide.

    • Whoa! I’m so glad Angela and her friend weren’t injured. And all this to avoid hitting a deer. Angela, this is the universe protecting you: you risked your life to save a life and you were rewarded by not getting injured. Be safe and happy emotional recovery.


    • Thankful God and His Angels are surrounding the Arias family with their protection!!!!
      ♥ Happy Angela is A-OK! ♥

  11. I live and breath……and will soon be sending $$$….as Pandora says ..JUSTICE is not cheap….but the system sure is (griz). There’s an old saying ….He fell on His sword….that’s when a person did wrong and tries to right the wrong….would someone read that to juror no. 4. What next on them juries….a full time clown, a fortune teller……or just a bunch of a-holes up to no good…..t-dogs minions. Well off to work on bringing justice back to America……I was asked by a man…..are You going to send all Your pay this month to Your friend? Fuck Ya!…….My friend needs help. Then he called me nuts……then I said pal that young lady is a true blessing and I hope one day you’ll find a person half as good as Her…he has no chance on that,trust Me…LOL. God watches over young ladies….bless Angela,a wonderful mom and sister.

  12. If an anonymous ‘Thank You’ shows up, that’s me. (Somehow my info fell out of the commenting section). At any rate, thank you so much, R, for seeing that the website got posted. You are a dear heart.

  13. The honest testimonies of these two women in comparison to the perjury of all the male detectives typifies one of the chief complaints that male officers of an actual group formed in the LAPD during the 80’s, called MAW (Men Against Women) had with their fellow female officers; that complaint being that women officers would not assist their male cohorts in cover-ups and frame-ups. Part of the author’s ten-year research done on this topic became the infamous Fuhrman tapes. It seems that this unique difference between sexes still exists and is not unique to California. Laura Hart McKinley has finally and very recently released her book entitled MAW, and I very much look forward to reading it.

  14. Tanisha posted a video on the State page. In the background is the large tropical picture that was hanging in Travis’ bathroom. That seems ghoulish. Why would she want to be reminded of the place he died? Or maybe she’s sending a message. Maybe ol’ Travis is really down in the tropics drinking (virgin) pina coladas thinking he’s left all his debts and bad decisions behind? Either way, it’s freakish.

  15. Take a good look at trevor and just who does that remind You of….ca$h u$e. Interesting how a photo can speak a thousand words….or just a few….PLAYER,PUNK come to mind. Very hard to read his words that have been posted here…..Yes We all have problems but to go out of his way to murder an innocent because he was given the chance speaks volumes. Imagine being in that room with him an holly as they go ape shit on You for doing Your duty. And these things tried to kick off 17…talk about a WTF moment. So much for making up Your own mind…..seems mobs are welcome in the land of sun…..Now the haters will go wild on all who shit on opps trevor….but by his own hand he tried to bring justice for a wrong…..My advice trevor ,just go to any az. shooting range and do the job right….ask dave hall to take you and get a loaner… is one free for all state when it comes to firearms and fast and lose with rules on the line …see t-dog blasting away as some idiot stands before the firing line. Any remember the girl who was allowed to fire full auto and blew off the INSTRUCTORS head. So many guns so few brains. That girl was another victim of male abuse….no child ever needs to fire any gun,but if they do one must do all to keep it safe. Anyone on any range should know that,,,,,,NRA instructor dave hall…what a joke. So way would any juror just doing their duty get so invested as trevor did? A reward? A job offer? A debt?…seems it was way more then just doing his duty…more a mission.

        • I was just reading Chris Hughes Facebook page. Not one mention of Sky and no pictures of her. Not sure if he’s writing about a split from Sky here but this is what he wrote on March 18:

          Chris Hughes
          March 18 at 8:54am · Blue Ash, OH, United States ·

          In August of 2015, the course of my life changed… forever. I resisted this change vigorously, until I awoke with peace one morning and realized the futility of sweeping the beach by arguing with what is. I purposefully, faithfully and passionately decided to surrender and allow God to complete His tapestry in my life. I lovingly embraced the New as I released the old from a place of gratitude. Since then, I have been enthralled in the intoxicatingly thrilling adventure of renewal. How amazing is it, that all of us, at any moment, can tear up the script of our old lives, and begin writing a New One with infinite possibilities?! That we can begin to live by Purposeful Design rather than default?! I am using this shift in my life to literally write a wonderfully beautiful and blissful new script for the New Life I AM manifesting. One of the many parts of the New Me is the fact that I have decisively renegotiated my relationship with food and exercise. I am disciplining my body to love the resistance that growth requires, and retraining my palate and my tastebuds to desire the good and beneficial. I eat much more for health and fuel rather than for taste and appeasement. The heaviest point of my life, at 6′ 3″, was 215 pounds, and that was not muscle weight. Not sure where I was in August when my course turned, but I just dialed in at 185. Who knows what health challenges I may have averted? Who knows where my increased energy, vigor, vitality, self confidence and enthusiasm will take me? What more might I be able to do for my children, that I just couldn’t do before?? I LOVE how God ALWAYS turns adversity to our GOoD if we let him. God, Lord & Father of Lights…I surrendered. You caught me. Thank You. I LOVE YOU!

          • Word on the street is that CH (once again) got caught sending “inappropriate text messages” to a minor — leaving Sky little alternative but to dump his sorry ass.
            It’s basically the same reason he got kicked out of Soldier Hollow Charter School a few years back.

            Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

            • Thanks for this update, SJ.

              Now maybe after some long, hard reflection about her situation, Sky may want to start speaking….speaking….speaking…about what she knows…IMHO she knows much more about TA than she ever spoke about

              Usually when you break away from someone in your life that has some control over you, you begin to reassess and you feel freed up to speak the truth…

              ALL IMHO

              • It’s never to late for her to speak up. But unfortunately, chris hughes probably controls her even now and she might be afraid to speak up. We all know what happens to people that try to speak up for Jodi: questionable suicides, threats… Sky knows very well first hand. She is (or at least once was) on the side of the people that terrorized Jodi’s peeps 😉

            • Cash hughes should have that bright light put directly on him. Exposition/Prosecution for who he is and what he has done!! His picture of him and travis where travis looks like a scared child lean up on cashes chest AND the picture of steven with chris has always creep me out!!! Also the fact chris/sky in bed behind closed door with travis!! Then they want to talk smack on their house guest (Jodi) for being on the other side of the closed door listening to hear whats really going on in secret in that room!!??? Time for chris hughes to be brought to JUSTICE!!!!!! Between his latest episode with his inappropriate text to minor and being KICKED OUT from SHC SCHOOL for his inappropriate behavior THIS SHOULD GET HIS BALLS ROLLING!!!!! “MAY THE FURR FLY” ;))))

    • Sandra,
      Where did you get this information that Sky divorced Cash? I’m not doubting your information. Just wondering about the source. Thanks.

      • From the horse’s non-stop self-promoting mouth. FB. Regardless of what I may have said or written about Sky before, I have to say she did the right thing here. I remember reading where she’d written that when she and CASH were dating that at one point she decided she didn’t want anything to do with him. But he just kept on selling…. Maybe the State page will start a fundraising campaign for CASH to help him pay his child support and alimony.

        • But shouldn’t the benefits of being a professional scammer keep him and his family living up to the standards they have become accustomed too? The scam continues. It sounds to me like his past is catching up with him tossing him into a midlife crisis mode. IMO it will be hard for him to wash the slime off of his hands. Oh, how the worms squirm. 😉

  16. Old Legal Shield News:
    Chris & Sky Hughes, appointed new Regional Vice Presidents for the state of Utah. (February 8, 2014).
    Apparently, working together and living together was just too much for Sky.

    Ryan Burns (& wife, Kate) are Network Vice Presidents in Utah.
    Dave Hall is Northern Utah Regional Manager, Utah
    Check out the photo of Dave Hall & his family – nearly every member of the family has a gun in their hand (including some of the children).
    Does everyone in Legal Shield get a fancy title to lure newcomers or did they earn it? All the time they spent trashing Jodi on HLN and elsewhere didn’t seem to hurt anyone’s career.

      • Yes, no need for an education as long has one can tote a gun. . . . .or roll a boulder. Such a strange land where you can make up your own set of laws and the veil will keep your dirty laundry all hidden. Lying for their Lord seems to pay off in Utah, doesn’t it. . . BUT not FOREVER. It will catch up to all of them.

  17. If you check out his facebook, Chris has no mention of his wife. It’s about him and the kids. He obviously has made some big changes in his life….he has lost weight, is quoting new age spiritual ideas and appears to be in the motivational speaking business. He was asked directly if he is still in the LDS church and he answered off line so that makes one wonder if he had moved on. It is interesting as the years go by since Jodi ended up in prison, that people’s lives have changed – some in major ways.

    • I thought once you were a member of the LDS church you stayed a member unless they “dechurched” you. Travis was reprimanded several times, maybe the horse of many colors has followed into the church of TA.

      • I came upon a blog with ex-mormons. What I read was scary. Even though those people chose to leave the cult, they were threatened afterwards, appointed people from the cult would show up at their door making open threats and some of those people’s lives were totally destroyed by the harassment they endured not only in their personal life BUT also at their jobs! It was not 1 person on that blog… Hundreds of posts from different people…

  18. I tell you whats strange is, I googled my name and these trolls from the other side had left me messages telling Pam Holt that chris hughes did not have travass journal! They had me blocked so I couldnt respond 🙁 BUT there was a video of eqrique cortez in his car in front of travis house! Couldnt watch cuz he had white cream in the corners of his mouth (disgusting)! Anyways, he claims it was his camera taken into evidence and that when they opened travis bedroom door and seen all the blood everywhere thst no one ealked downthe bloody hallway because they didnt want to step in the blood nor disturb the crime scene! Eqrique still doesnt make comment of the decomposition smell!!!!
    PS. I went back to gather the #’s or link so I could share with SJ-Team Jodi and to my surprise its GONE!!! AND THE FACT that travis pug dog WOULD BE doing anything and everything to get to travis shut bedroom door like in crying out loud , scratching the door down trying to get in !!! chris hughes, dave hall and those two roommates know exactly what happened to bring about travis demise. . Took them 5 DAYS to try to get their stories straight!! When cops WERE FINALLY CALLED AFTER 10:00 there NO HYSTERICAL CRYING !! Things that make you go HMMM,,

    • Everything about all of this has made me go Hmmmmm. Whatever happened, is known by more than one person. Who knows what happened is left for everyone to merely speculate, which is exactly what the frog did from the get-go. Jodi should never have been charged with anything IMO. So many reasonable doubts have screamed from everywhere but I feel sure that as time goes by, the truth will surface. That will certainly make the worms squirm and sweat. No one has ever proved to me that Jodi Arias is guilty of anything except maybe self defense and being mentally and physically abused by Travis Alexander,Inc. The facts of this case have proven nothing but reasonable doubt in every area. This tragedy was a “nightmare” fairy tale dreamed up by an evil bunch of Lying for the Lord Vultures. . . How sad. 🙁 How sad that TA got caught up in a false feeling of his own superiority and used it to abuse others. Not only Jodi, there is a long list. Don’t believe it, ask Deanna for one. Even sadder is the day that Jodi fell in love with TA, finding herself involved with him and his abusive ways and still wanted to protect him and his false honor unfortunately to her own demise. She fell under his scammer’s spell. His friends should be proud, he learned from the best. They continue their endless self-promotion in his name. Ironic. She trusted and believed in him. Jodi Arias was used and abused by TA, his friends and the Arizona Justice System knew it then and know it now. She did finally wake up and tried to escape but it was too late, too late for both of them. The people who have profited off of this tragedy are IMO responsible for the failing justice system, that list is a long one. HLN, Nancy Grace, JVM, Dr. Drew, Ole Dr. Phil, Juan Martinez, Kirk Nurmi and on and on it goes. This case has been promoted only for the sake of the Almighty Dollar and self promotion at its finest 🙄 IMO, The Alexander family members are misguided pawns in this whole mess and haven’t even realized it yet. 🙁
      They were used and abused also.
      A true tragedy all around IMHO. 🙁

    • Also eqrique said he thought travis left his car in garage due to the high gas prices. He said he was taking bus to work everyday due to the high gases prices he couldnt afford. So basically he shot big holes in kermit lies/ deceit on Jodi premeditation. I wish Jodi would of realized the seriousness of this case and not spoke a word without a attorney present 🙁 Even the innocent needs the protection of a attorney!

  19. Hey everyone! Happy Friday!

    It has come to my attention that some loser is using my name and impersonating me on that rag ‘Radaronline’ claiming that I don’t support Jodi anymore and then slandering Jodi. IT IS NOT ME! My friends that know me, know how involved I still am in Jodi’s life and in our fight for her freedom! I was, am and will ALWAYS be on Jodi’s side! Jodi is my friend – more than a friend: she is FAMILY! Even the people that hate me know I would NEVER betray Jodi or turn against her!

    So for whoever the loser that is impersonating me is, lemme tell you a few things:

    1. You will NEVER be me! As much as you attempt to!

    2. You will always be in my shadow because fact is, motherfucker: JODI’S ‘PANDORA’ IS ONE OF A KIND!

    3. It’s sad that you need to pretend to be me to get attention! Why don’t you try building a personality of your own…

    4. This is so old news: the impersonating Jodi’s friends thing… even the people that once upon a time did that got bored and just stopped.

    5. Don’t even think that I was bothered. On the contrary, it was amusing to hear that I have a stalker that wants to be me… You’re just not as good as me!(Reminds me a bit of the creepy movie: SINGLE WHITE FEMALE) —- First off, you need brass balls to be me and those brass balls are earned, not bought nor taken. 😉

    I just wanted to clear the air on this little topic. I heard that people were concerned to find out ‘what happened with Pandora’, and even though gossip is good, Pandora is still here fighting for Jodi’s freedom and is going to be here for the long fucking haul! ♥

    Now, as my good friend SJ says: ONWARDS!

    (((((Jodi)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Hi Pandora!

      Well said. Don’t worry about the Haters though. When you hate on someone, you also give away your power to them.
      Haters are awesome in that regard. You can never have too many.
      Apparently, if you ever include your email in a post, you get even more :mrgreen:

      Team Jodi #WINNING

      email me >>>

    • I don’t even think the other haters, as brain-dead as they are, would believe you would ever stop supporting Jodi. What a lousy life they must be having if all they can think to do is make fake accounts of people. They wish they were you : ))

      • That’s EXACTLY what crossed my mind the minute Pandora shared the news. I was LOLing thinking that not only the hater who impersonates Pandora is unimaginably stupid but his friends are too, if they bought his brainless FAILED attempt. Not to mention how much of a LOSER he/she is, not letting go. IT’S BEEN 3 FUCKING YEARS, PEOPLE. MOVE THE FUCK ON! Jeez…..

        Oh, by the way: if I were a hater I’d be seriously pissed at that person for making all haters look SO STUPID. Ha!

    • Hi Pandora and greetings everyone! It has been awhile. Just to dovetail on some of the points you made in your post, I’ve also had someone impersonating me on Facebook and Disqus. I’m almost 100% sure that this is the same person who impersonated a woman named Corrinne Steele three years ago until I busted them on it & alerted the real Corrinne Steele who works as an actress. She had no clue that this person stole her identity & was conducting this scheme for several months.

      Most of the haters from the trial have moved on with their lives. However, this one for whatever reason continues to be infatuated & obsessed with me, you & many others. And, sorry for him, all of this stuff is being documented. Unlike the false accusations that he has tried to pin on me which never were provable, his digital footprints cannot be denied. And my advice to you, Pandora, is to document EVERYTHING. Take screenshots, save files, keep everything stored.

      And, last but not least, to the person who has taken it upon himself to use my identity in attempts to defame me, get a life. Your attempts to bring me down & humiliate me have failed, are failing and will always fail. I have truth and law and order on my side. I have plenty of evidence that if I were to bring into court I would win big & collect major penalties from you. I would win that lawsuit in any court and you would face civil AND criminal charges. Let’s not go there. Knock off the B.S. and get a life.

      • Jeff, that sounds like it could be Christine White. Everything you described fits her perfectly. She would harass Jodi’s supporters on multiple different sites by creating fake accounts, either in their name or a random name to remain anonymous. She would make all kinds of accusations without any proof. Most of us, that have shown our support for Jodi on social media, will have probably come across her, not necessarily under the same name, but some she became more obsessed with than others. She used the name “Lana Blue” in the hater group on Facebook but ended up getting kicked because even they thought she was insane (imagine that!). She’s a well known cyber stalker, search on Google “Christine White stalker”. She’s been stalking people long before us, on many different topics. Definitely one of the most insane haters out there, I think it’s a safe bet to say that she’s behind the fake accounts of you and Pandora.

        Check out this blog about her, written by someone she stalked on a Michael Jackson forum:

        You may see some similarities.

        • I’m well aware of Christine & Lana. I even posted about that MJ blogger on my old blog. There is also someone who goes by the name “Jodi’s Meat Curtains” who is the one that created the bogus profile for Corrinne Steele. It wouldn’t be surprise me if Christine, Lana & Jodi’s Meat Curtains are one in the same.

          • Could be. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve lost count of all the fake accounts she’s had over the couple of years I’ve known of her.

  20. Well it seems sky now…?…has joined the very long list of abused women of this sad world. Not many gals make it to the age of 21 before meeting an abuser and sad to say are afraid to call them out because then she just may get more abused. SICK! So now We learn old dave the rail has some thing in common with t-dog…a very dark lust for children….no wonder he never wanted to …LEARN what may have been done to his own children from a dear fiend. May he sure doesn’t seem to broke up…..tells You what that union was really like. Now he’ll have way more free time to …HUNT…and not have to answer for his time. Pants on fire …..burns…talk about a windfall for him …VEEP! who says lying on the stand don’t pay big…IT DOES! But do You hear the cracks in the wall of hate……and the walls came a tumbling down…..where have I heard that? I once was LDS and NEVER read the book of mormon or the bible but seems I have more faith then ANY of them two faces…ANY! I have never hidden behind any book or faith or cause. I own My actions….and I ask others to own theirs.Why is it that all the so called men against Her are fucking scumbags….if only I had them in a combat situation…..what wonderful sand bags…..have another do nut u$e and burns don’t even think of it…LOL. Maybe all the gals with a-holes like them will see the light and move on….to real men. Now I know why sky had that rather strange perma grin…PAIN! I feel sorry for her as she’ll always have a link to that scammer. If I were her I’d speak up before dave hall invites her to a …range…az. is way too accident prone. Good luck sky seems you may need it…just don’t trust any bishop.

    • Griz ♥ you but Dave is in another whole ball park from Cash Hughes. Sky and Chris are the ones splitting, everything else is on point. 😉 Cash/Chris and Dave are friends, used to be besties but who knows or frankly cares any more? They do share the same characteristics though. 🙄

      • I think Chris kinda disowned Dave when he became such a notorious buffoon. Ca$h wanted that buffoon limelight all to himself, I think. Dave outdid him, defacing national parks and everything.

        • What a competition they play. . . and on and on they go, who will have the limelight next? Boys will be boys, you know. 🙄

  21. opps typo….dave should have been chris…duh,must learn to vet before …enter. But i must say that dave and his protect the children as he destroys landmarks…dave there’s this group of child abusers out there…please tell on them and make a deal with the state for doing so. For any to stand by a known abuser after they hear his words and not try to get him help….did any other then Jodi do that. All claim they knew him so very well…Ya think? Well maybe they know too well his rather dark ways and that’s why they must do the COVER UP SHAKE IT OFF.I wonder how much sky is going to cost chris for her silence……and then will she take her children to a Dr. to see if they had been abused by anyone. That’s what a real mom would do….put the children first.

  22. Just saw dave and his abused family…..We should pray for them …a lot. baby with a gun? naw ,dave would never trust a baby…they drop things. N.R.A……My talk about a poster boy for you all……why is it some men must USE their children to show off? GUNS and IDIOTS don’t mix well……see dave and his mindless grin. Lets hope none of the firearms were not loaded….but I know for a fact some at times ARE! OPPS doesn’t count in My book,as it takes a split sec. to check…no excuse for not doing that …EVER! Kids never go to the range with dave,…..he’s an IDIOT and not safe.

    • Hi CC! Did you see how the haters went crazy cause Angela used the hashtag! They think they own the hashtag. They are so brutal but Angela Knows how to handle them.

      • Hi JD,
        Yes, I did see them. Whatever happened to these unfortunate people to make them into the cruel and mean-spirited underbelly of society? Angela is strong like Jodi and is not afraid of cowardly bullies.

  23. Is anyone watching Nancy disgrace? She is talking about jodi. She is stating jodi’s has said her rights have been violated, because they released her comesary list. She is saying she is making sex toys out of tooth brushes. What the hell is wrong with these people?

    • She is saying she is making sex toys out of tooth brushes. I would say she is making paint brushes out of tooth brushes….. 🙄 Only on Nasty Nancy disgrace and the rest that would think nasty things like this only in America

      • That was my thought, using the toothbrushes in her art work, different brushes for use with different colored pencils. Only sickos like Nancy and her ilk would automatically assume something sexual.

    • Perhaps the NAG is “toothbrush jealous” because the NAG could NOT make (for herself) any toy device out of a toothbrush, but would have to use a “drywall mud texture paint roller” from nose to toes front & back around. …Using real mud. …IMHO.

      • Obviously, if Jodi used old toothbrushes for anything it was for her art work, like she holds on to pens & pencils, if permitted. …So many reasonable uses for old toothbrushes. …In the military, I am sure that every airman, soldier, sailor, marine, etc, used old toothbrushes to assist in spit shining their shoes, boots, etc. …I never spit shined my shoes since 1967, completed my tour of duty, decided to not re-enlist.

          • You’re welcome ((R.Love)), I was lucky to have served during peace time, the Cold War years. And I extended 6 months thinking I would re-enlist, then decided against that, but the Air Force “froze me” for another 6 months because of the worldwide build up for Vietnam. I spent a whole extra year active duty in Europe, that I did not have to do. ..(((May Jodi have good luck soon))).

    • Just wondering (because NG has been banned from my TV) did Nancy give demonstrations? 😆 What a crazy lady she is. C R A Z Y smh Nancy is probably suffering from a slow news week, SO of course, she would go and poke those silly Jodi Arias haters a tiny bit. She knows nothing stirs them up more than a little sex talk. Come on Haters Nancy needs to keep her ratings up!
      OH WOW! Toothbrushes? Really? 🙄 😆 😆 😆

  24. I know this is a Jodi Arias site and what I am about to write isn’t really related but I just need to vent about a social media person. First off she made such a huge deal about Jodi’s shopping list which just blew my mind. Why does she care. Second, she is at it again. Convicting someone in the media before all of the evidence comes to light. For those of you who do t know what I am talking about I will tell you. A mother of three was murdered and dismembered in Seattle. The police arrested the man that she went on a date with the day before she disappeared. This person has already convicted him. The media is terrible when it comes to things like this. They need to be controlled so people get a fair trial.

  25. So just look to the post from b.s. on super duper…it was Her fault for not going to police concerning t-dogs darkness. So with that does b.s. say he to believes travis had dark ways….well just listen to that man of faith as he speaks of abusing Jodi while she slept and how proud he was of it too. And then the rant of 3 times about abusing children. Both speak to a RAPIST mind set and to attack a person while they sleep….who does that. This some women like that…well some men like it to,but no one should ever just do such with out permission…should they or expect to get hit hard. Lets address this going to police…on my island we have two cases of abuse by Dr.s….on children…one was the gov. psychologist for childrens homes run by churches for gov. And just before he died he went on t.v. and confessed to knowing all about the abuse but did nothing to stop it.And he was a man of faith and a Dr…..and knew for certain of the horrors going on and kept quiet. By the time he confessed to his wrong doing he was already doomed to die from illness….just wanted to go with a clean soul…ya think a God would welcome him? The home for children were for the most part worst then any prison….but the system could care less as most of these children were poor or native. our gov. under feed native children as a test….WTF. Now another case involved a family Dr. who had a case load of 10,000 pt.s. seems he was picked up on a Fri. and questioned by fed.police and then charged for abusing a grandchild…..they had a relative pick him up and after he was home he went out for a drive…straight into a concrete pillar…ACCIDENT it was ruled. Mean while Our good gov. on Sat. was in cover up mode to erase the charge on a log weekend… lawyers really do not work on weekends but this was a special case. On Mon the family couldn’t get him into the ground quick enough….Then the press was told what had gone on …the mob went nuts on the press for trying a loved Dr….how dare they…well only 3 groups could have outed the Dr….the police,the lawyer/staff….or his own family…remember the failed cover up? Seems a fed.cop did the deed…then the press went wild on the mob and all and boy did folks shut their yaps when the good Dr. was shown to have been charged for abusing his grand daughter…never proven just charged…but killed him self. Now some might say well that’s what Jodi tried to do….Well sounds some what fair until She took the stand and Her words were proven by facts.Who would not want to end their life after killing a person who they loved to just save themselves….sounds like a good person to Me. How many folks after a war have not taken their lives in the pain of just doing their duty…most never want to talk about the war for a reason. Sad to say in Canada We have had more lose to suicide then combat…that shows the toll on a person who has had to just save their life. This She should have run…from a runner and should have called the police or bishop(who would protect always the church) on suspicion of child abuse.How many women see that each day in their own home and fear calling police….RIGHT, sky! She tried the best way She knew…it was his proven darkness not Hers…and what of all who REALLY knew him do they get blamed …ever. Ask any would they ever turn a person they loved in to be destroyed…few very few would say yes. Yes She accussed him but his own mouth proved it…unless your volume was down that day or you never really saw the trial….seems only haters did. We fail all children when We harm them in any way…all are guilty of that …ever call a mom or dad out in a public placeas they abuse a child….few would ever do that. How many have stood up to a parent as they beat your brother or sister…..? Talk is cheap. As I was being whipped one day by an older sister with a metal rod as My mom stood by…and for good reason, She knew I was about to put an end to that shit…fast…I warned My loving sister to back the fuck off or else…..and never was touched again. Needless to say My mom warned Her daughter to never lay a hand on Me again or two would pile on. Some family huh? But way more normale they most would admit see the above normal Dr.s My how any mob loves an abuser…..just go to any hate site for dear travis even when they have heard him speak true evil…..says a lot about them and when our side speaks his truth from his own yap…look out. And the bag thing….well what does it show but just a …BAG. Any thing could be in it …say trash…sounds right to Me,because part of that sad young man was. Look to eddie snell for that…mocking the poor or who travis really was. LONG WINDED Griz…out… comes a …_ _ _ _ storm.

    • Still trying to understand how all of Travis’s so-called friends, business associates and family members are able to explain away his behavior as just a boy being a boy thing. His own words and actions proved his abusive character. He had problems, really serious problems in all areas of his life and yet they have held him up to worship? Just because they profess him to have been a Saint does not make it the truth. Travis proved that different all by himself (with no help from his friends).
      Just makes me wonder……

  26. This documentary entitled Ride the Tiger is about Bi-polar and the new treatments, combining the fields of bioengineering and psychiatry. Fascinating how they are able to image the human brain and their use of this new knowledge in new treatments. I still agree with Dr. Geff and I don’t think that Jodi is bipolar.

    • Thanks cc. Five suicides so far in 2016 in AZ prisons. That is a stunningly high number. They should keep the joint cooler so that the guards do their jobs and the inmates don’t hang themselves. Good for that guy to fire so many of them, including four supervisors.

      • There are many in the prisons with mental health issues and if they didn’t have depression when the went in they surely will after a couple of years. The truth is the state doesn’t care. Neither do a number of guards that work in those institutions because even though they get paid, they feel like they are in prison too. Sad sad situation.

        • Hopefully, when the guards and their supervisors start losing their jobs because of incompetence brought on by their intolerance of the heat, something will be done. They belong to a union, I presume, a fairly strong one. It is very sad that they don’t care for the inmates and seem to go out of their way to make things difficult for them.

      • Rumor has it that a cooling system is currently being installed at Perryville. Can’t vouch for that myself, though.

  27. PUBLIC RECORD….but only for the powerless and poor….imagine video cameras that stream live to the web on what goes on in all jails and prisons….NOTHING to hide if You’re just doing Your job same for all courts …ALL and the same for all elected officials what right do they have on privacy…I say none as they want to be leaders. This we have a right to know…..WHY are you that sick that you must know things that have nothing to do with the case…at all. they claim to just mock Her…as they show what IDIOTS….in past times they would be cast out…..why not now? They love a so called man who lusted to RAPE children…his fucking sick words and a so called judge had no problem with that as 23 who took an oath to do right…I call that treason, let any lawyer say I’m wrong and I ask did You see two of Your own fuck the system as You stood by….My island had the judges shut down the courts over a pay cut of 17%…..and Our gov. caved in.Justice is owned by the rich and powerful…for now…but I would remind any there is no time limit on treason now or ever…tick tick….! Judges have never own the courts. And no mob owns them. They were set up to do justice for all. This mindset of they have no rights…..well then what does that make the person who speaks such evil…your love travis though that about CHILDREN…..from his own mouth…and his family has NEVER disowned them sick words.WHY? Some on the hater sites must have children…would they want a t-dog to know their children as he wanted too. No one forced him to be with Her as She was not forced to be with him….but look to the texts and hear them speak and then tell Me who abused who. This She did this n that…You think he was not doing the same or worse…did he not grab Her in public and him a man of faith. Did he not use Her as She slept…..if that’s what a man does America needs more parents who know better. Men do not abuse others…abusers do. When one hits a child You know You failed….and do all to do better. Most have done wrong by their children….but most learn to do better….travis had bad parents who failed him but in the end he became just as them and thus failed himself. When We grow up We all have a choice and he seems to have embraced poor ones. The only good in his rotten live was the love of a women he decided to use. Some man of faith he was….more a joke. The free press…just another joke on all of Us.

  28. HAG/NASTY DISGRACE and the rest of those perverted, sick in their heads trolls show that the green eyed monster ( meaning their jealously) raising its ugly head!! Truth be known their husbands or boyfriends probably calls out Jodi’s name in their sleep!;))) travis would be so proud of the class/standards of the people that supposedly support him. LOL If he only knew it has nothing to do with him that the travis trolls only true obsession is on Jodi’s lady parts! Sad sick world to keep airing the Hagnasty Disgrace show. For Real!! FFJ/TIME SERVED!!

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