The Missing Memory Card & Bathroom Photographs (Revisited)

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With breaking news (related to Jodi) being somewhat of a rare commodity for now, I decided to re-run one of my posts from March 2016. It’s the post featuring the mysterious missing memory card, and the equally mysterious bathroom photos which Flores directly referenced – even though nobody has ever seen them.

Here’s the re-post:

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Check out this picture of the camera found in the washing machine. This was taken before the “official” crime scene pics & numbered evidence markers were added.

Note that the memory card is actually IN the camera, next to the battery, (indicated by the arrow):


And here’s the official crime scene photograph of the camera in the washing machine, from a different angle:

camera-pic 2

There are some obvious differences between the 2 photographs.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

Heather Connor testified that the memory card was found separate to the camera at the bottom of the washing machine. Based solely on the photographs alone, that’s simply not the case. The memory card is clearly visible in the camera in the first photograph.

Click the pic below to see the clip of Heather Connor’s testimony (on YouTube), where she clearly states: “There was a memory card in the washing machine that was also collected”:

heather connor 1

When Detective Melendez testified, he stated that the memory card was already IN the camera when he received it… which ties in with the picture at the top of this page.

Click the pic below to see the clip of Melendez’ testimony (on YouTube):

melendez 1

Now, if (as Heather Connor testified) there was a card found separate to the camera… that would mean there were actually 2 cards found in the washing machine that day… although only the 1 card ever gets mentioned and brought into trial, namely Exhibit #215 as referenced in both video clips above.

That’s the blue SD card where all the “deleted images” were supposedly extracted from:

Sony Duo SD memory card Exhibit 215

So… if there were 2 cards, that raises the questions of what happened to the OTHER card, and (more importantly) what exactly was on it?

In addition to that, TA’s camera used a proprietary Sony DuoPro Memory Stick (seen on the left in the pic below), which is somewhat thinner, rectangular, and has notches for locking the data contained on it.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of both cards:

Sony duo pro & blue SD card

Here’s what all that means:

The blue SD memory card (Exhibit #215, as presented during the trial and pictured in the plastic evidence packet above) CANNOT and DOES NOT fit inside the camera that was found in the washing machine.

Personally, I believe someone (most probably Flores) viewed images from both cards that were found in the washing machine, then selected images were put together (and date/time stamps ADDED), all prior to the camera being handed over to Melendez… with the Sony DuoPro Memory Stick card in it. (Remember – the camera wasn’t technically able to add time & date stamps to the photographs, therefore any date/time stamps were added afterwards.)

So what about the “missing” photographs?

By “missing” photographs I mean the ones that Flores saw (on one of the memory cards) but deliberately withheld from evidence, for reasons I’ll cover shortly.

Here’s an excerpt from Flores’ Probable Cause Report (from 2008):

Flores quote mesa police probable cause report 2008

Here’s what it says:

On 6-19-08 I received the images located on the memory card found in Travis’ digital camera. The digital card had several pictures on it including some, which had been deleted. The deleted pictures were of Travis naked in the shower, just before his death. The first one was time stamped on 6-04-08 at 1722 hours. There were several pictures of Travis as he was clearly posing for the camera. The last picture taken of Travis alive was at 1730 hours. Some of the following pictures were of a subject on the floor of the bathroom bleeding profusely.”

Did anyone see any photographs of anyone on the floor of the bathroom bleeding profusely?

No we didn’t… and nor did anyone else.

Setting aside the fact that Flores is a lying bastard at the best of times — (which is why he got demoted immediately after the trial) — he saw those bathroom pics, even though he couldn’t (for whatever reason) identify whoever was “bleeding profusely” on the bathroom floor. What’s more, he even made direct reference to the photographs in his Report. Therefore, the pics exist – or at least they did exist until Kermit got himself involved and had Flores lose them.

So WHAT exactly did those bathroom photographs depict?

More importantly, WHY did those specific photographs never get brought into evidence?

Let me also clarify something here. This post is not intended to contradict Jodi’s testimony or her account of TA’s unprovoked attack. It is solely intended to highlight the fact that Flores & Kermit saw the additional bathroom photographs, but then ultimately decided it would be in their best interests to exclude them from evidence as it didn’t quite fit with their M.O.

Logic dictates that the photographs probably validate Jodi’s testimony regarding the sequence of events — hence the exclusion. This of course is the same sequence of events that Flores gave 3 different versions of under oath.

For anyone thinking the camera & memory card stuff is old hat, it’s not. Why? Because if there were 2 memory cards in the washing machine — and the photographs & testimonies certainly confirm that to be the case — that means the other (2nd) memory card (and all its contents) was deliberately concealed and/or disposed of… which is not too dissimilar to what happened to all the phone SIM cards, and the all the child porn images found on TA’s laptop.

So while many people may think this case is over and done with… nothing could be further from the truth. There’s still a long way to go.

And when “Kermit’s House Of Cards” finally comes crashing down, it’s gonna take a lot of people down with it… including Chris Hughes.

When that happens, you can be sure the pedo-huggers & necrophilia enthusiasts will NOT be happy.

But we will be.

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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $105,314.15 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout 2017, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

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we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

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Remember… each day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release date.


Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

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    • Just because I haven’t been around for a while doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest or not being supportive. Jodi IS my friend and I will always have her back!

      Sometimes not being public just means that some things are being handled and managed behind ‘the scenes’. Not everything we do to help with Jodi’s appeal can be publicized (for obvious legal reasons). So next time I’m away for a while rest assure that I’m actually working on some important project for Jodi’s benefit! 😉

      Hi there R! ♥

      (((((JAII)))) ♥
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      ((((R.Love)))) ♥

      • Nobody can EVER accuse you of lacking interest or not being supportive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Good luck on your projects… wish I could help!!!!! 🙂

  2. So a hater asked why did the worm nurmi not have X-rays taken of her finger… it’s nurmi! But did the rat not claim no way that finger was ever broken in this photo of Jodi and her sis….not broken to the rats eyes soon up came Jennifer to prove how it was…Looks broken and bent in two spots…in line and to the side. But trust me on the x-ray thing…..I have had a few on my neck..100+ to find a second broken neck…They took over 5 hr.s to do 75…then off to the mainland to do another 25 and then off to Our main hospital to do even more but seems as i climbed over a fence to get to the E.R ( We could not find that street in there!) i believe they though why any more X-rays on him. So even after many X-rays even the Dr.s had a hard time seeing a break among the mess….to this day no one knows if it was C-1 or C-2 or both and how many times my neck was broken as it may have been broken as a child of 12 when i was pushed off a railing and planted face first at a 45 o angle…One has to be an expert to read such X-rays. And who would trust any Dr. via the state. If tiny wants an X-ray he will get as the state can do as the please with P’s remember that BELT She had to wear as well as the leg hobble….now imagine when on the stand if for any reason that belt was used… allow such in a court of law means there is no justice joes rules end at the courts doorway….that is how true courts work…states should try to control the U.S.S.C. and see how they react. All an X-ray will prove that her finger was broken…but it would make one wonder how….as her abuser was trying to kick Her in the head and She tried to protect Herself? And then one must wonder why he has no real wounds on his forearms or big cuts on his hands a true sign of self defense…unlike a few small cuts as if he tried to take away the knife She held on him to keep him back. Now why would he kick Her?…well why would he rave on about 12 yr. olds??? he was true evil…We know this from his own mouth.

  3. So why would the state take 36 days to go and arrest Her”’seems during trial She was made out to be very dangerous. What took them so long….gee a person can be arrested for having no I.D. in most states. Did the state need all that time …and what were they up to? For a person so guilty as a judge stated so why was She still there trying to get on with her life. The rat told the world She had planned it from the start but not the get away…does that stand to reason. She knew that what happened was not looking good…a person had died…now the system would judge Her…sooner or later, and as they pleased…facts?reason? logic? hell no just hate ! vile! and lies! When i hear any speaking of trusting the system i wonder do they know how the system can and does work…not so good at times. Did the state need 36 days to build a case that was all over the place…1 st. now must be last….porn what porn,oh that porn. Look how easy a shelf can tilt as hln showed Her truth. As I watched the Hln shows all I could see was a lot of folks saying the same old lines as if they were TOLD to. Yes at one time She lied about what happened that day…but on the stand her words held up as the states did not time n time again. The mob lied to destroy Her as did the state. This is justice? Was the case that weak….seems both juries thought so. In their mind She should have just run…see Ed Gavagan live at the Moth Drowning on Sullivan st……Ed only runs after His attackers run to do otherwise would have put Him at risk of death. Ed took a hit to His vena cava and then ran…and lived. Up to the slash on t-dogs neck there is little chance he would have died if he had stopped his attack..but if She had not defended her self he would have won. That’s how real fights work…until the attacker is stopped or stops You do not stop the defense. A real fight is not as MMA….far from it.

    • Wonderful to see it moving in the right direction again!!!!!
      Let’s shoot towards $3,000. a month!!!! IT CAN BE DONE!!!!
      Together TEAM JODI will prove it!!!!! ♥ Thank you SJ

  4. Back to a previous thought, does anybody know if the photos on the second hard drive would be admissible if they were able to be/already have been obtained from that drive?
    Would they be considered “new” evidence” by AZ discovery rules?

    • If those photos are related to this case I’d imagine that they would be considered ‘new evidence’. Let’s not forget that it took almost 7 years for those porn sites and pics to come into light. If Bryan Neumeister was not hired by Jodi, Martinez would have gotten away with another one of his corrupted attempts to withhold evidence. 😉

      • This is what has me confused? The drive was known according to Jodi and was in the list of evidence but was unable to be accessed. Jodi does not give reasoning for why the drive wasn’t pursued harder. Does AZ law of discovery count images not able to be accessed at time of trial or retrial as new evidence as an appeal?
        As I have said, Jodi seemed to place a good amount of emphasis on the contents of that drive. The photos would absolutely corroborate her statements about not being involved in the burglary, not to mention that Yreka didn’t charge her anyway. Also, the strong possibility that some of her selfies from that trip would also show possible bruises that TA caused which destroys ALL of JM’s premeditation arguments including the knife. As we all know, the knife was a “weapon of opportunity” since it was already upstairs. The struggle itself to me is much more clear cut because of all the stipulations that have been made since.

  5. Since the end of the sentencing phase, much has happened: To all of our surprise, justice actually worked in Jodi’s favor when both Martinez and Nurmi were held accountable for their bullshittery books. During Jodi’s trials we saw that the justice system turned not one but two blind eyes to all the corruption and misconduct taking place. So hopefully, all this will work in favor for Jodi when her appeals are heard. So whoever thinks that this is the end of the Jodi Arias Saga, is mistaken. It has not even began! 😉
    justice for Jodi is on it’s way. Mark my words (as SJ says) !

  6. For the records, all these things that were not thoroughly investigated (missing sim and memory cards, etc), will be reviewed again. Especially now since Martinez is under severe investigation for all his history of corruption and misconduct.


  7. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I believe everyone who had anything to do with deleting, withholding and altering evidence is still in a heap of trouble. Hopefully, the wheels of TRUE JUSTICE are FINALLY starting to roll towards for FREEDOM for JODI!!! ♥
    (((((((TEAM JODI ♥ FREE JODI)))))))) Can’t wait to see some more eye rolling……. 🙂

      • I knew you were here ♥Vicky♥! Jodi has connected us all . . . our extended family!
        NEVER MESS with OUR Family!!!!! (((((((TEAM JODI)))))))
        OH Janet, I agree with you. We all knew what the Frog was about . . . he was obvious in his treachery BUT Nurmi he was a disgusting embarrassment to the Justice System in America. smh 🙁

  8. I will admit that the crime scene photographs are one of the areas that I do not consider myself as knowledgeable. Other than the obvious ones that the whole world has seen over and over again. I am still stunned that pertinent evidence such as photographs can be misplaced by the prosecution and NOT cause them to be disbarred. This extends to Judge Pickles who seemed to allow this crap to keep going. I didn’t even know who Bryan Neumeister was until I looked him up.

  9. Even though the frog did his wicked deeds, i was not as mad and hurt as i was by him as much as i was by Nurmi, We knew who s side the frog was on , but Nurmi was her counsel, the one she relied on , the one she put all her hopes on , whom she confided in , he knew who she truly was , but never fully protected her , and in the end he betrayed her , and left her standing in front of the judge and had the nerve to say “she’s not communicating with her so it justify’s him to walk out on her ..thank God for Jennifer who stood by here side right till the end

    • I agree totally Janet! As I had said before, Jodi had several setbacks when it came to Nurmi. First, he was a sex crimes specialist.. HE HAD NO MURDER EXPERIENCE!!!. Second, Nurmi started to see where the case was going and the publicity that was coming with it and he decided to bail. Who knows who Jodi would have got as a substitute??? The fact that he flushed his own career as a result of the book proves to me that he wanted to get out. In addition, I don’t think he could deal with a client who was willing to question his tactics when it came to her defense which is what any defendant is supposed to do… be involved in one’s defense! Finally, her unlucky draw of the most inexperienced judge in AZ criminal history didn’t help.

  10. So why is the camera so important as the memory card…s. Odd how the states side claims there were two …their own words by mistake as they kept talking…happens a lot in this case…first is last then he was shot here or there…who knows? well she knows as She shot him…but who would believe her and her lies…so with that logic no even the state believed She shot him…so did he shoot himself??? as he wanted to? See how easy that was to twist and i’m not even a lawyer! When it suits them then the state believes her just for the win. Facts who needs facts when ya own the system. But if she was on a MISSION then why ever take and photos…just say no!….or way leave the camera….take it with You. Knowing t-dog he may have pawned it for $ or given it back as he might have gotten a loan of it or the $. For a well off guy he was not to well off…..But to leave a record of what went on…death or no death. All She had to do was remove the card…s and that is it. No record. as for time stamps from what i hear that camera could not do that…but even if it could how easy is it to print photos with out them….and then put them on…wondering? Now some would say that would never happen, BUT look to that rather dark photo where it is claimed She is slashing his throat….WOW if You can see any of that You are very good and very ill. No why any can tell who they are or where they are or just what is going on…NO WAY! But a jury saw something…Ya think? They saw another chance to get revenge on Her for a saint…once LUKE was a saint…what saint speaks of children as that thing did? Odd hoe when police lose things in evidence most are so ready to call it an accident or an opps moment. But God help the defendant is they did the exact same. Notice how the camera has been moved…was it a cover shoot for …How to WIN at any COST…monthly. When only one side has the evidence they must guard it with all care or the question must be asked…just what are you up to and why?…

    • Sadly funny, it was apparent to all of us how important the camera was in the trial when the Frog took it and threw it to the floor only to bring more damage to it. He was threatened about something very important about that camera and wanted to make sure it didn’t work again. WE ALL KNEW WHAT HE WAS UP TO AND WHY. Question was: WHY wasn’t the judge alarmed by his shenanigans? He was able to do anything withhold evidence and then destroy it under the nose of that so-called judge. What did he hold over this judge’s head to make her look the other way time after time? There must be some really dirty secrets in the closets of that court house…….
      then there is the problem with the memory/sim cards (whatever they are called) not fitting that particular camera (if I remember correctly)….. If I had been on the jury or if I had been the judge I would have had to think that little problem over thousands of times before I believed anything out of the mouth of that FROG! Things that just make me wonder……

      • OOPS, I needed a refresher should have read the repost! Ok one fit the camera but one didn’t.?. And yes, Flores appears to be as dirty as Martinez. smh
        They all seemed very zeroed in on hiding the pedo problems TA was hiding. Maybe they all shared in the same extracurricular activities TA did.
        The Veil of Deception is massive!

    • Was this in any way JA’s MO? Taking nude pictures ? The search warrants from the 3 houses didn’t seem to produce any nude photos, only what was on TA’s computer. I mean why take the pictures if you intend to delete them and why the dead body picture in the shower unless you intend to keep it?? So may question and so few answers.

      • No, it was not Jodi’s MO. She did the pictures only for the Great Saintly (LOL) Travis Alexander who apparently thrived on porn and kiddie porn. Jodi loved him and tried in everyway to please him. Jodi also tried to protect his precious reputation even if it meant losing her freedom. Travis owes his family and the Frog for his TRUE character being brought out into the attention of EVERYONE!!! If the State had accepted the plea when Jodi tried, NO ONE would have ever known HOW TRULY AWFUL HE WAS!

        • My take on the plea was if the state didn’t take it KN was going to drag the LDS poster boy thru the mud but then he backed off with one hell of a big pay increase.

          • Jodi’s MO was pure and simple! She wanted to love TA and when TA proved that he was a “T-dog”, she got away from him. The irony of that was the apparent agreement that he was going to come see her in California later on. Jodi had said that ALL of the photos were his idea as she had never done that with anybody else. TA was so into himself and his workouts that he wanted all of this visual confirmation of his “Men’s Bodybuilding” workouts!!
            Regarding KN, Jodi has said that they had no choice but to “rip the lid off” when JM refused her plea offer. However, as the case went on, KN got overwhelmed considering he was a sex crimes guy and he wasn’t used to a defendant who was very involved in her case who KNEW she was right and was willing to question him. With all of the evidence and witnesses that was never obtained or attempted to be obtained, KN should also be accused of one more thing…. FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!

      • Aliens, yeah heard that with the JAJ’s
        (Jodi Arias Jeerers). J’s for short. All started on the 911 call.

        • The same Aliens that made Ashley & Joshua commit suicide and gave the PI a fatal heart attack . Took off with all his notes on the case too.

          • Probably so. Many things were happening on that fateful day that TA died. It took “them” all 5 days to get it all set up imo. The Defective Detective Flores was an easy mark for this cult. He took their story and swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Why not? So much easier for him. What “they” didn’t count on was Jodi Arias has people who LOVE and CARE for her who were not followers of this clan. WAY HARDER to fool those that haven’t drank their Kool-Aid.

  11. Well the truth AGAIN…found in t-dogs gut was 25 ml of brown food…..OATMEAL??? Me thinks so She told the truth…..remember she said he ate oatmeal as I ate a banana. But look to another …TYPO….hole in head was 1/8 th… My math may be off BUT .25 is 1/4…twice as big as 1/8 th. And in the opening the rat called the gun a .45….now flesh may stretch at times but BONE??? Did he had a rubber head??? Remember when a person is shot up close then some powder may be embedded in the flesh or wound but in the wound it may well flow out with the blood. But very little powder in a .25 compared to other rounds as it is by far the weakest of normal rounds…a .22 l/r is some 25% more force….830 fps V 1100 fps. More close to 30%. How does a dr. claim the hole is 50% less and get away with such lies? Now if the hole was bigger then .25…that might make sense but smaller…WTF is going on in az.?

  12. Well…seems another lie from horn…claiming the …HIT to the vena cava had a …SMALL amount of blood…how can that be so…bleed outs would place a lot of blood there…remember t-dog was very alive when he took that hit….is horn really a dr. or does he play one in court or should I say is PAID for playing one…?

  13. I’m still hung up on the 911 call. Now I wasn’t there but I counted 6 people there and they told the operator 5. 3 guys and & 3 girls. None of the 6 knew Jodi’s last name and the last time they saw TA was Thursday. Miss Mimi made the call not Zach who lived there. Nothing is resolved , the whole case went that way.

  14. For $3 million+ one would think the DT could have hired a forensic pathologist to go up against Horn. The Zimmerman case DT ran 1/10 th what this one cost and Mark brought in experts on everything.

  15. Hi Billy,

    I had asked that myself especially after I watched Jodi’s interview with Troy Hayden. All of this evidence that was “left on the table” as others have said. The fact that this drive wasn’t pursued harder to try to open as well as the potential witnesses other than her sister at the monastery who possibly could corroborate her abuse claims if she did show physical bruises. Jade did such a masterful job of absolutely destroying the blood evidence that I had to really question the state of AZ.
    Wayne makes a great point on the medical examiner… a nick or HIT to the Vena Cava would cause a major spurt of blood not a trickle or small pool. I’ve bled more than this at a blood drive!!!!!!

    • Lance, I still am stuck on the 911 call behind riddled with open ends. Miss Mimi making the call, not Zach. They couldn’t count noses (they said 5 I counted 6,). No one knew Jodi’s last name but the jeering crown knew everything else about her. Then the last time they saw the LDS Poster Boy.

      • Billy,

        The 911 call is another area that I do not consider myself well read. This was only complicated by the fact that TA was headed on a trip with Mimi but wanted a quickie with Jodi before he left because Mimi didn’t play that!!
        My other issue is with the roommates. Who says that a body can’t decompose in a room temperature environment faster than 5 day? I know the roommates smelled something in that room!! they chose to ignore it! As bad as it was when he was found… how is it NOT noticeable after say… 3 days?

  16. Ed Gavagan (Live at the moth …DROWNING on SULLIVAN St.) took a direct hit to His vena cava and then ran down the street as His lungs filled with blood…..Ed lived and still does. I wonder if dr.? horn knows that case…as for the 1/8 hole…that is 1/4 of ….1/4…horn was only off by 75%. So much for an expert witness…more a paid mouth piece. Now I’am not even sure if the wound to the neck would have killed t-dog for sure…horn stated only one side of the neck had the blood flow severed…and none die from a tracheotomy do they? As long as blood flowed to the brain and he stayed down and did not move he may have been saved…but a man of wrath has a hard time staying put. 3 X’s over kill may have not even been one if a man had just stopped his attack.

    • Right on Mr Griz. That bothered me in the Zimmerman case too as the body was 6 to 8 feet from where the shot was fired that killed the victim. The pathologist for the defense stated just about what you posted . A lot can happen in the several seconds it takes to die from a fatal wound, even minutes.

  17. This 62 sec. impossible…well I for one put that to the test and did more in 42 sec’s…read much more as i knew if I could do that then any could do what was done in 62 sec. When a person fears they will be killed by a man of wrath then they do all to survive. What troubled Me in the zimmerman case was he told the police that he went after the young man…thus no stand your ground…but when juries fear the other they vote for a pass…..listen to the mob/cult/jurors in her case…it’s like they think all young ladies that have any looks are monsters…C.A….A.K……. J.A. well two now are free and We are working on that quest each day. Some push the lie that women are as dangerous as men…..well I ask this …see any proof She did ANYTHING more then was needed to stop this nutjob of a man. Just view his videos to see who he really was. Who would phone a man who just robbed them and put themself as others at risk…was getting a phone back worth such a risk? he never missed a chance to push hate on women…see t-dog in Alabama(PPL) he only talks of murder 3 X’s…so funny…NOT but so true. sooner or later some one would fight back as She did but a jury out for revenge just had to wrong Her….they took delight in that foul deed….some even got a free supper…..and a chance to party with that strange family…who invites the state to take a photo with them ….rat boy n minion… about sick.

    • A.K. took 8 years to run thru the system over there and the American version of justice isn’t all that much different. Cops, prosecutors medical examiners, and crime labs lie. The system lost all traces of integrity long ago with the Salem Witch Trials. Any perception of an impropriety ought to call for an immediate acquittal . Doesn’t have to all be like the Dylann Roof trial went but there better be little or no conflicting evidence and all T’s better be crossed and all I’s dotted if a DP conviction is sought. This instant case never came close

  18. Take a look at horns report as he states only the right side to a hit as well as the air way…but the wound on the table looks far worse then that….did horn do a little cutting on his own making the wound far worse? Seems to Me the left blood flow was not affected from what horn reports. Was he LOOKING for the bullet?

      • I really did not know how weak a .25 cal gun was until I read this case. She shot him in the temple and the bullet bounced around his face and ended up in his cheek. If this had been ANY OTHER WEAPON, this would have stopped at the other end of the closet immediately.

        • Lance that might be why the shot had to come last for the DP to have a chance. No one would premeditate a murder using a .25. Then again a stab wound to the chest would have even less a chance. Now a deep throat cut first would give you a fighting chance up against them 16 inch bicepts Hey no one could be that lucky.

          • Billy,
            The scary part about this is that ALL of the “tabloid” shows like Murder Made Me Famous and It Takes a Killer that decided to put their spin on this STILL decided to show the gunshot last as a “coup de gras” act of sheer rage… even after the reverse had been stipulated in the previous two trials. This might be one of the worst instances of the public convicting somebody in the history of criminal law.
            I was convinced last fall after reading Jade’s posts about the fatal struggle. The knife wounds were OBLIQUE! I knew what this was and it totally went against what came out of the trial and the tabloids rehash. This confirmed to me that he was on top of her and she was flailing to get him off. The small cuts on his back were absolute proof that she did not attack him from behind.
            With all of this being said, I am still in AWE of her! She might be the 1-2% of women who survive this.

  19. To me it was very odd that horn claimed only the right side han damage to the vein and artery ,no mention of the left but when viewing the wound on the table as the head is tilted back does it ever look way more deep then in the shower. And what is with that wrap around his neck in that face close up on the table.. my i remind all that is how the dead look after stewing 5 days in a room. When they uncover a person up north who was buried for awhile they have that same look. That’s how the dead look after awhile…but I’m sure the jury would not know that…just one more thing to go after her for…anything for the win. I must say horn REALLY did a JOB…..for his PAY. For any system to hold others accountable then refuse to be held accountable speaks volumes…..very strange that the powers that be in az. who knew of that show trial just said NOTHING! But when the rich have friends in the system and want an outcome at any cost.

  20. There are a number of memory sticks in different colors that will fit the cyber shot DSC camera but the one pictured above that is blue in color just isn’t one of them. That alone ought to be a get out of jail free for Jodi if the above information is correct.

  21. I still find it ironic that we are talking about memory sticks for shutter cameras in 2017 even for 2008 instead of a cell phone pic or instagram or snapchat post?
    I also find it strange that images from memory sticks that may have been in a wash cycle can still be obtained but pictures on a hard drive that could literally destroy the prosecution’s premeditation theory as well as prove possible abuse cannot?????

    • Lance I think both SIM cards got lost in the shuffle too. That SD card the Bandito was parading around the courtroom with was like the round nose bullet he did the same thing with. It was a hollow point that was reported stolen 7 in all on the police report.

  22. Billy,
    The whole issue with the camera would have never been an issue for anybody if TA doesn’t insist on the nude pics. Jodi had said that she had never done that with ANYBODY ELSE EVER! In fact, I don’t think she would have even tried to destroy the camera if the pics had only been of TA in the shower. In this scenario, I believe that the image of Jodi in TA’s eye taking the photo would not have been shameful to her.
    If you have been reading some of the previous threads, I have been harping on the post conviction interview she did with Troy Hayden. In that interview, she states that she was not in Yreka at the time of the robbery of her home. She has DATE-STAMPED pictures PROVING that she was up near Oregon with her sister. Apparently, pictures with date-stamps that could go a long way in exonerating her aren’t as important as camera pictures showing that she was there?????
    This evidence destroys ALL of the premed BS that JM was yacking the whole trial including the knife which we all have known was a “weapon of opportunity” that was already in the house(the rope cutting!). This also includes the hollow point bullets talk since grandpa had those in the house.
    In addition, I have been asking around to see if anybody knows if the pictures on the hard drive would be considered “new” by AZ discovery rules. I have argued many times that these photos are game changing and eliminate so much of the B.S. “evidence” that JM was parading and dropping on the floor.

  23. As for any ..NEW EVIDENCE…the courts will rule on that then must own it. To think any new evidence would be discounted so the state may save a few $ or allowed for a win to pass is rather unjust and is this then he meaning of injustice? What was the rat not allowed to do in that show of trials. Now if photos did show up one can imagine what a rat and the cult would say…FAKE….but who then pushed FAKE and NEVER FACT in the court. How many times were they caught in out right lies? And why did they have the need or greed to ever lie…was their case not that strong as HLN worked over time to destroy Her and any who stood by Her….was t-dog that much a man of faith and so pure….just as deanna….you know the other woman who lied to police for him…..seems all who really knew him worried about …THINGS getting known…as they were not good at all. Kinda made him look like a monster. Now tpo think he would not go wild on Her when the camera was dropped in a bathroom that was very moist speaks volumes. Remember that a camera at the best of times is rather hard to hold….not very box like at all…but recall how he …LOST IT…over a boob joke and not even about him….was he in love with that guy? As for She did this or that…well SHE was not the last to be there was SHE? Seems for 5 long days others had the run of the house and maybe the scene. It’s been said that the wash had bleach put into it…odd how the towel was two colors not one…..But I would ask this are photos time stamped as they are DELETED….do time stamps show that? Not just Her worried what happened that day and about travis….why is it NO ONE on his side will own his VILE words…on children let alone Jodi or others…..Ask any why on that. Just a good guy…I think not.

    • BILLINGS: You shouldn`t. In fact, Travis was one of the nicest and kindest men I`ve ever met. He was — he was the type of guy that you just wanted to be around. You always wanted to be like him. You wanted to — he had a beautiful home. He had great friends. And he was just that type of guy that you just wanted to associate yourself with and be around.

  24. Lance That camera has an
    Integrated Memory size of 31MB. We really needed a guy there from Sony to walk us through it. Then all those accidental pictures ????? Juries tend to look more for a perception of credibility than to the facts. Once they perceive a lie you can pack it up, it’s over. Appeals don’t go on perception, they go on facts and the jury is the finder of facts. Then if you want to introduce new evidence into an appeal it not only has to be new but evidence not available at the time of the trial. It gets worse. That evidence has to be material and strong enough that it could have changed the outcome. Tough row to hoe for sure. The good news is with the Bandito getting probation and KN getting his shingle pulled, there should be a good chance for a retrial.

    • Billy,
      It appears that you may have answered my question with the statement.. “It must be new but evidence NOT AVAILABLE” at time of trial. These pictures would then be considered new and not available at time of trial due to the hard drive being inaccessible. My opinion is still that these photos are game changing and could conceivably open the door to the court considering that Jodi was attacked and was not the attacker! The addition of any other photos possibly showing outward signs of abuse or trauma would be powerful as well. Regarding your Billings quotes, TA was not stupid by any means in that he was not outwardly abusive to her in front of others. All of the abuse and violence that she testifies to occurs “behind closed doors” with no eye or ear witnesses. I believe that a retrial is a certainty. The question is how long does she have to wait and who can she retain as well as who would this attorney face and have to argue in front of?????

  25. billings did you know that travis was a bit of a two faced fuck…..ya guys might have liked being around him as many loved the fact he was a player…I use the word user as it sounds like abuser…now this is a guy one would want to …SIT …your children…ya think! As for juries…when else can a person do as they please…like MURDER via the state …take a real listern to the 3 things call mary lou ,diana, and kevin in their ABC interview….justice was never on their minds. Payback for that poor family and a free supper ?A judge must always do what is right that is why juries must never have the last say…more then a few have secondary gain….and can not what to use it. One has to wonder how any can ever get on two or more D/P cases…opps I forgot they must be prone to giving the D/P even before they know ANY facts. This once You lie then Your done…strange how that never applies to the state…and it should apply much more. Any involved in trying to put someone to death via the state unjustly should face the D/P themself ,good for one good for all …and no way any voted into power should ever get a jury trial…as the voter have secondary gain…let them be tried by the ones they sought to murder , or the family and friends of the one they did murder…..Odd how they who work for justice …hate justice. Will judges do their job well we work for that… other work and scheme to ruin justice for Her and thus for all. Who in their right mind would ever allow the rat and it’s kind to ever speak for justice……

  26. Lance I have no legal background other than a class in Civics back in high school. Just under the impression that the only evidence the prosecution has to turn over to the defense is what they rought over to the Grand Jury. Other than that the defense must ask and it’s like pulling teeth to get it. If it was there and they didn’t ask well just too bad. That’s where the P I comes into play. The super snooper usually has ties with the cops so the evidence leaks out then the DT requests it. In this instant case the Gum Shoe up and died. Took all his notes with him but cashed his check before he went. We have 5 body bags connected with this case but no one seems to think that is unusual. No theory here just the facts.

  27. Mr Griz: You are on to something there with the Poster Boy for the LDS watching over your kids. Good question for the JA Jeerers . Maybe a choice between Travis or his gawking buddy Joshua to watch over your little boy.

  28. OK Billy. I have thought about asking a criminal defense attorney who is a neighbor of mine what the law is in my state(VA) although that really doesn’t help with AZ since it is a state issue. I did not know that 5 people have died related to this case.. Somebody want to educate me??? It shows how much I have really read. Until somebody tell me different, I will continue to believe that these images will be shown at a retrial!!!

  29. BTW, I just noticed this thread in the google search that I do to come to this page. It is right above this site on page 2 and apparently was published in Psychology Today by some fake shrink. I have cut and pasted the title. My question is.. Who the fuck is this asshole? Is this prick serious???

    Remembering Jodi Arias: Poster Girl for Narcissism
    What Jodi Arias teaches us about narcissists. (Should say TRAVIS ALEXANDER!!!!!!!)

    Posted Feb 23, 2017

    • This is just the latest in a series of columns on Jodi by this Dr. Archer. You can read his previous entries and his bio at the bottom. He seems to be just a lesser-known Dr. Drew Pinsky — another in the long line of people who’ve tried to make money off Jodi without any attempt to get to know her.

      Don’t concern yourself at what he says. He himself states that all his opinions are mere “speculation” based on facts reported in the media. Actually, he doesn’t even have many of his facts straight, as when he says the court wouldn’t let Jodi represent herself. (She did so twice.) In any case, his judgments rest on assuming her self-defense story to be a lie. If it’s the truth, then she’s innocent of any homicide crime. In that case “remorse” — as opposed to regret at what happened — would be completely inappropriate, and her other behavior during and after the trials makes perfect sense.

      My favorite remark in this blog is the one where he takes Jodi’s willingness to have video visits for nine hours a day as proof of narcissism. Almost anyone who’d spent over a year in solitary confinement would welcome video visits as a bonanza. Dr. Archer’s capacity for empathy seems so limited that I feel sorry for his patients.

      • OK.. AT LEAST he admits that his opinions are based on media reports. Other than that, this guy is another prick shrink who tried to get paid!

        That would be my favorite remark as well. How about we stick him in solitary and let him judge her then!!! I wonder if he has any patients? He apparently doesn’t feel the need to know the truth!!

  30. Lance: I mentioned the 5 body bags to the jeerers and they came back with “none of them had anything to do with this case” Oh they were sure I just made it up. Well in body bag #1 was Travis, in body bag # 2 was the P I the DT hired., in body bag ,# 3 was Ashley, #4, was Joshua, and in #5 was Flores’s son. Yep all can be linked to the Travis murder case in one way or another. Two were suicides.

      • R. Love Just a guess but I think Joshua’s a legit because it was on the day Jodi was arrested but as for Ashley, I don’t think so. Although a gun is the weapon of choice in most suicides women don’t usually shoot for the head. A bit unusual as is most in this entire case we are following. Nothing fits the mold.

    • Because I am an open-minded individual, the only one that I could possibly concede to them would be Flores’ son. If I remember correctly, he died in a zip-line accident at a lake, correct? The fact that he was Flores’s son appears irrelevant to me.
      I am not familiar with #3 or #4 at all.
      These “jeerers” are absolutely delusional. I can understand when people throw the word “cult-like” around.

  31. Ask any cop what is self defense ….ya think they EVER abide by ANY state laws on such. Remember laws or executive orders are over turned ever day….LOL… seems in America. When an abuser is attacking as t-dog did well over 4 X’s then She would have to keep defending Herself…he lunged at Her then bear hugged Her then came at Her from the front then as he was on the floor once more tried to get a hold on Her….head,back,chest and neck wounds in that order. How many times did he grab her to get control as she fought him off. he was known to lose it over anything…MAN BOOBS!… After the shot WENT off and he was so not in fear that he had to take a look PROVING that he was very mobile and thus a threat….how much pain was he in that he just had to take a LOOK see? Now if she was just standing by saying She was sorry for the .25 going off then he had his chance to grab Her….bear hugs are common in the wrestler play book. Are the back wounds not very strange as the rat did claim She stood behind him as the stabs were done….not possible as just one swing arm from him would have put Her to the floor ,either arm! But as he held her and She stabbed trying to get him to back off( way more pokes then stabs) did he know what to do? in his mind it was a no win deal…just squeeze harder till She passes out. Name one just one police officer that would ever follow az. rules on S/D …no cop would want to work with them….PROOF all police in N.America are trained to shoot to kill…never wound. Ask any cop on that. In Toronto one officer with 25/26 police behind him did just that …TWICE. The young man on the street car was going nowhere. Well that’s what the police man was trained to do…he now has a trial of his own.But ask the police what would they do….NOT one officer there took charge of the situation….seems they backed their own 100%.This all She had to do was run…did She not say She did just that and was caught that day…this was the second time he caught as he trained also in running ( he brags about it on the web) She was very lucky that day…as he was so out of control but then that was very common for that boy.

  32. I take it Mr Griz feels the boy needed killin. Well if Jodi did half the things he said she did then he invited her into his bedroom there is a lot of truth to that feeling. I kind of looked at it as assisted suicide if he planned on taking Jodi to Cancun then pulled the rug out from under her by putting Miss Mimi on the ticket ……well if that ain’t suicide I don’t know what is. Guess anyway you look at it TA wanted to die.

  33. I don’t think any of us on this site think that TA needed to die until he attacked her with the intent to severely beat her or kill her. That was the point when TA’s right to live is trumped by Jodi’s right to live. Jodi is not supposed to know his intentions to defend herself. I believe we all agree he DID NEED to be “outed” and arrested as he WAS A PEDOPHILE!
    If I remember Jodi’s 48 Hours interview, she stated that they had agreed she wasn’t going to Cancun… Mimi was. Jodi seemed fine with that. The jeerers will swear up and down that she was jealous and angry about not going… NOT!
    I would bet that TA would have wanted to die if all his secrets and his financial situation had become public front and center. I also believe that he committed a felony in the den when he raped her. Just because she wasn’t the confrontational type doesn’t change what it was. I have often said here that in addition to all of the things that we have said he was… He was also a RAPIST!

  34. When he attacked her once more then it was …killing time for one or the other…luck blessed her that day as She really never should have won against a trained fighter and a person far stronger and very violent. As for her being a woman scorned or hate full….take a close look at that face of t-dog see any wounds other then the .25(1/40 that horn the dr.? claims is 1/8)…NONE that I can see….seems to ,my old eyes all the wounds are of a …back the fuck off….nature…100%! Odd how only one is rather deep…next to the vena cava…di he get that as he RAN into Her? So there we have it as the rat says ..if She could not have him then….hold that thought rat boy…seems any and all could have him…player that he was. Odd how many men go out of their way to disfigure a former love….that common for men but see any of that on dear travis…NOPE! he would have lived if he had stopped…see all his wounds for that fact.

    • Mr Griz these strongest instinct in man is survival and it is second in women only to protecting her children. Once it kicks in there is little though or pain. I’ve seen first hand what happens when a boyfriend or relative trys to save a drowning girl.

  35. Because he is a chicken shit little greasy Mexican who acted out like a fancy flamer when I called his bluff. Just like the internet scammer and the big titted alter boy. (Just needed to vent SJ. Thanks).

    • I’m fairly new here, and this is my first time seeing Michael Wayne Maha post….but I have to mention this. Jodi Arias is 1/2 Mexican and using racial slurs like this is offensive to me; and I would imagine she wouldn’t be happy about your “vent”. Is it possible to “vent” about Juan Martinez without insulting Jodi and her heritage at the same time?

  36. Now that saving a drowning girl thing…well I for one had to do that in my job…and knew full well the risk….if that lady had tried to grab Me in Her panic then two would have seen Davy Jones locker , so I had to be ready to kind of subdue Her. Thankful She allowed me to save Her. There is always a risk when trying to help another… Now as for why it threw the camera to the floor,well why not rile the jury towards Her. And if the camera is damaged all the better…blame Her for dropping it…but that proves they believe it was dropped by Her….Now some claim that camera was not dropped that day….so then how easy would it be to snap another photo just like the one seen in the trial and over and over again. rat does love the show and drama…see it lose it’s mind many times then get corrected by the WITNESS! Rather fucking sad to see what speaks for az. justice…or is that more injustice. In a true court he would be jailed on the spot….but then who knows….on his appeal he may well be.

    • Oh, the ones we pulled off the bottom of lake Erie had their faces ripped up so badly they were hard to ID except we knew who we were looking for.

      As for the Bandito (a DP case cost $1 million more than a LWOP and has a 2% chance of ever being carried out, thus the Bandito) and the camera gig ? ? ?
      I was thinking more along the lines of that 34 MB internal storage the camera held.

  37. Jodi’s Twitter account just posted that she now has a job at the commissary! She makes 50 cents an hour which is a 500% raise from her last job.

  38. It’s about damn time! So if my math is right, she makes $4 a week and about $16/month. She is indeed moving on up! Hopefully, they don’t jack up the price of food!!!!
    All Bandito was doing was putting on a show which is really ALL he really did. He held onto evidence, changed stories and lied about certain events in the record. In the end, JM saw a “career changer” in Jodi’s trial. He saw book deals, interviews, notoriety etc. People saw it too which is proven by all the autographs this fool signed outside the courthouse.

  39. Career changer. For Sure. Very few prosecutors ever get a chance like The Bandito got. Sure he rolled the dice for the extra $ million, why not, wasn’t his money it was carpe diem for JM and he inked a million dollar book deal (I heard it was 3 million). My take was he didn’t give a rat’s rear end for either Jodi or Travis, it was all about money.

    • All that was obvious to all. Hope he has to use every dime he took to stay out of jail. He deserves solitary. IMO

  40. I don’t know if I ever heard the total but that doesn’t surprise me. What I am curious about is how much did Jodi’s case generate TOTAL with everybody including JM, Nurmi, Chris Hughes and all the other fools. That number is probably staggering!!!!!!!!
    Of course JM didn’t care about the cost.. the state of AZ is on the hook for that bill.
    We had mentioned this on some previous threads regarding all of the “ill gotten gains” that were made. Is Jodi owed some of JM’s book money since he wrote that before an appeal was filed? I am curious if the rules that were applied to Nurmi also apply to JM as a prosecutor, especially since he has been publicly spanked by the AZ judicial review board? I have argued that that would be a nice chunk of cash and would go a long way in helping to fund her appeal.

  41. The two situations differ at least in that Jodi was never Martinez’s client. So, while it’s clear she has standing to sue Nurmi for legal malpractice, I don’t know whether she can sue Martinez (or the state of Arizona) for civil damages based on his book. Also, I saw comments saying that that book had almost nothing in it not previously public (though I didn’t read it).

  42. Well it’s lies are still lies and lies in a court now in a book. he had info none other had and abused it as well as twisted it for GAIN via the state. rats do use others for GREED. For az. to allow him to use them speaks volumes…he was paid rather well and all know he was not even on duty when he took it upon himself to gain…did it smell a payday or was told to show up. Why was he allowed to keep this case if not for …the win at all costs. When it goes before any judge I wonder how they can let that pass. this thing brings down justice and makes a payday…yet if she wins freedom on appeal for all the wrong doing then why protect it with state funds…charge it for abusing it’s position and be done with this rat. in a court anything can happen as judges at times make law…that is their job. They are the keepers of justice…when they fail to do that then they fail all. John Adams defended the brits from the Boston massacre and won their freedom that is what good lawyers do no matter the mob. In any court that wrongs another then all are wronged…..if they can try Her like that then who is not at grave risk.Odd how the rat now believes in appeals…..two faced thing that it is,….and I really do not like things that abuse others for gain….talking to you rat boy!

  43. Lance I know the DT in Zimmerman billed the state $ 300K . I think the prosecution spent over a million on security alone. It usually cost the state 3 to 5 times what a good DT costs. As for prisoners. Well some British firm just inked a deal to house some 80 juveniles in detention. 40 mil for 5 years. That comes out to $100 K per year per kid.
    As for Jodi …….I’d put the figure at close to 10 million to the taxpayers and the meter is still running.

  44. My impression is that prosecutors only write books about cases either after the case is over or after they are no longer prosecutors. But I haven’t researched this. Both a former Maricopa county attorney and several AZ legal-ethics experts said Martinez’s book was highly improper.

  45. Billy,

    I have heard/read stories about how prisons are farming out their facilities for $. Privatization has become the new wave of incarceration, especially when a profit is involved.
    Alan, The fact that Maricopa county and legal ethics experts believe the book is improper makes me curious where the line is drawn. If it’s improper but not liable, where is the difference? Also, how can Martinez ever be involved in this case going forward since he did write a book?

  46. I guess the next question in this issue is… How much can Jodi get from a civil judgment against Nurmi? I know this is a very subjective question but I have said many times that this judgment will go a very long way in financing Jodi’s eventual appeal in addition to the money that we raise through this site.
    By the way, what’s the latest on Arpaio?

    • LANCE: The former Maricopa County sheriff’s trial is scheduled to start April 25. They want a 2 month delay to get up to speed .

    • I share your hope that a civil suit against Nurmi will help fund Jodi’s later appeals. However, I have no idea how much she could expect to get if she sues him. I would think she could at least seize all his book profits, but I doubt that amounts to much. Otherwise, I don’t know how to prove the book injured her legal position, let alone how to quantify such injury as monetary damages. Perhaps there is a possibility of punitive damages, but I really have no knowledge on this subject. When I have a free moment, I may go to a law library to look at a textbook on legal malpractice.

      Also, of course, what she could actually get from Nurmi is limited by how much money and malpractice insurance he has.

    • Which is beyond ridiculous. They were not Travis’s parents, spouse or children of his. Only siblings who didn’t mind dragging his memory through the mud.
      Where were they when he needed help mentally and financially?
      Only came around when they needed him for something. . . . isn’t that how the story goes? Still on the money train. . . .

  47. R., you may be right morally. However, the restitution ordered by the court was the figure that the defense itself submitted. Since the Alexander sibs didn’t contest it, it was entered into the record as Jodi’s debt. She has already paid a certain amount of it out of her Perryville commissary account, and she’ll be through all of it before too very long.

    • I think Jodi may have lucked out on this one. The fact that Nurmi just tossed a number at the siblings and they decided to not argue the amount… imagine if they had tried to make sure that she was broke forever!!!


    • Give me a minute – and I’ll set up a safe space page for you and any other Snowflakes out there…

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • Racist comments aren’t fine with me. One can’t be too sensitive around here. 🙂 Jodi’s freedom is my major concern.

  49. I don’t think they are fine – no matter who they are about and I agree that it is disrespectful to Jodi and her family. That’s how all the racist stuff just gets to continue on..Martinez was an unscrupulous and devious prosecutor. His heritage has nothing to do with it. An a..hole is an a…hole no matter how you describe him.

  50. Racists comments are the least of Jodi’s worries as the welcome mat has never been out for political correctness where she now resides.

  51. In many states the government is able to tap into the commissary accounts of the prisoners for just about anything. Bank of America is the big winner along theses lines.,

  52. Thanks Alan. I had forgotten about the restitution since Jodi’s last check generated so much hate. Hopefully, she can get out from underneath that quickly.
    I know there are legal questions that apply to this but I would imagine all of us agree that her legal standing was damaged by him revealing privileged info which I am assuming is why he got disbarred.
    Regarding the racist comments, I think Judy has summed it up as well as can be. JM is an unscrupulous, devious, lying bastard and we have been calling a spade a spade since day 1. An a..hole is an a..hole regardless of where they are from. I know Jodi would agree with that 100%. I also think that R and Billy got it right too. Political correctness does not exist where Jodi is right now and our main focus has always been and always will be her eventual freedom.

  53. Well the worm may have a house or savings or a wedding ring…We do know he has a watch as big as Big Ben…and he often dug for gold up his nose. Now please note Jodi is not to keen on the racism as it is used by the haters against Her. Seems they don’t know that Ca. is NOW in the U.S…..for awhile now. But an a-hole is an a-hole no matter the shade….he is no white rat….the one’s that do good for Us …wonder if they signed on for that job…but he is more the dirty rat….or cockroach…please don’t take that in a sexist way…..but he may be a little dick…or prick…did any watch that trial as it ran around the room acting like one?As far as the state taking money…is that news to any…Our leaders steal more then any…..but then who does not want such power? Odd how a few words directed to that side and folks melt down…but pedo boy can say the most vile things and they pass as jokes or She deserved such…. Well he is in a much better place…or so some hope….I hope for his sake he has a better judgement then She ever got. So travis explain this 12 year old need thing…and take your time as now you’ve got it! Now as for the racism…are we not all black…Me thinks so…just all sorts of shades….just don’t put Me out in that sun….NOT GOOD! Want to see what I look like see BRAVE HEART…I’m the guy William hits with a rock and yes I saw that coming…LOL.

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