The Missing Memory Card & Bathroom Photographs

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Check out this picture of the camera found in the washing machine. This was taken before the “official” crime scene pics & numbered evidence markers were added.

Note that the memory card is actually IN the camera, next to the battery, (indicated by the arrow):


And here’s the official crime scene photograph of the camera in the washing machine, from a different angle:

camera-pic 2

There are some obvious differences between the 2 photographs.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

Heather Connor testified that the memory card was found separate to the camera at the bottom of the washing machine. Based solely on the photographs alone, that’s simply not the case. The memory card is clearly visible in the camera in the first photograph.

Click the pic below to see the clip of Heather Connor’s testimony (on YouTube), where she clearly states: “There was a memory card in the washing machine that was also collected”:

heather connor 1

When Detective Melendez testified, he stated that the memory card was already IN the camera when he received it… which ties in with the picture at the top of this page.

Click the pic below to see the clip of Melendez’ testimony (on YouTube):

melendez 1

Now, if (as Heather Connor testified) there was a card found separate to the camera… that would mean there were actually 2 cards found in the washing machine that day… although only the 1 card ever gets mentioned and brought into trial, namely Exhibit #215 as referenced in both video clips above.

That’s the blue SD card where all the “deleted images” were supposedly extracted from:

Sony Duo SD memory card Exhibit 215

So… if there were 2 cards, that raises the questions of what happened to the OTHER card, and (more importantly) what exactly was on it?

In addition to that, TA’s camera used a proprietary Sony DuoPro Memory Stick (seen on the left in the pic below), which is somewhat thinner, rectangular, and has notches for locking the data contained on it.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of both cards:

Sony duo pro & blue SD card

Here’s what all that means:

The blue SD memory card (Exhibit #215, as presented during the trial and pictured in the plastic evidence packet above) CANNOT and DOES NOT fit inside the camera that was found in the washing machine.

Personally, I believe someone (most probably Flores) viewed images from both cards that were found in the washing machine, then selected images were put together (and date/time stamps ADDED), all prior to the camera being handed over to Melendez… with the Sony DuoPro Memory Stick card in it. (Remember – the camera wasn’t technically able to add time & date stamps to the photographs, therefore any date/time stamps were added afterwards.)

So what about the “missing” photographs?

By “missing” photographs I mean the ones that Flores saw (on one of the memory cards) but deliberately withheld from evidence, for reasons I’ll cover shortly.

Here’s an excerpt from Flores’ Probable Cause Report (from 2008):

Flores quote mesa police probable cause report 2008

Here’s what it says:

On 6-19-08 I received the images located on the memory card found in Travis’ digital camera. The digital card had several pictures on it including some, which had been deleted. The deleted pictures were of Travis naked in the shower, just before his death. The first one was time stamped on 6-04-08 at 1722 hours. There were several pictures of Travis as he was clearly posing for the camera. The last picture taken of Travis alive was at 1730 hours. Some of the following pictures were of a subject on the floor of the bathroom bleeding profusely.”

Did anyone see any photographs of anyone on the floor of the bathroom bleeding profusely?

No we didn’t… and nor did anyone else.

Setting aside the fact that Flores is a lying bastard at the best of times — (which is why he got demoted immediately after the trial) — he saw those bathroom pics, even though he couldn’t (for whatever reason) identify whoever was “bleeding profusely” on the bathroom floor. What’s more, he even made direct reference to the photographs in his Report. Therefore, the pics exist – or at least they did exist until Kermit got himself involved and had Flores lose them.

So WHAT exactly did those bathroom photographs depict?

More importantly, WHY did those specific photographs never get brought into evidence?

Let me also clarify something here. This post is not intended to contradict Jodi’s testimony or her account of TA’s unprovoked attack. It is solely intended to highlight the fact that Flores & Kermit saw the additional bathroom photographs, but then ultimately decided it would be in their best interests to exclude them from evidence as it didn’t quite fit with their M.O.

Logic dictates that the photographs probably validate Jodi’s testimony regarding the sequence of events — hence the exclusion. This of course is the same sequence of events that Flores gave 3 different versions of under oath.

For anyone thinking the camera & memory card stuff is old hat, it’s not. Why? Because if there were 2 memory cards in the washing machine — and the photographs & testimonies certainly confirm that to be the case — that means the other (2nd) memory card (and all its contents) was deliberately concealed and/or disposed of… which is not too dissimilar to what happened to all the phone SIM cards, and the all the child porn images found on TA’s laptop.

So while many people may think this case is over and done with… nothing could be further from the truth. There’s still a long way to go.

And when “Kermit’s House Of Cards” finally comes crashing down, it’s gonna take a lot of people down with it… including Chris Hughes.

When that happens, you can be sure the pedo-huggers & necrophilia enthusiasts will NOT be happy.

But we will be. We’ll be celebrating… just like we celebrate June the 4th every year.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

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Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. I’m sure I’ve missed out some pertinent info regarding the camera, memory cards & missing photographs, so be sure to post any additional specifics below.

    Let’s call all these clueless AZ fuckers out – and show them up for what they really are.

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • I wonder if the two memory card issue has something to do with Zach Billings. In the Flores Report, Flores asks Zach if Zach knew who the white religious clothes belonged to. Zach replied that they must be Travis’ but Travis would never wash his whites and colored together.

      Flores never asked anything about coloreds in the laundry but only the white religious clothes. So how did Zach know about the coloreds in the being in the laundry if he hadn’t opened the lid and looked in and seen the clothes? Remember Zach jumped around three different times in the Flores Report of when he said he did his laundry. Two times on the day of the murder and a day after the murder had taken place finally settling on a day before the murder took place.

      If you watch the same video with Heather Connor in it, Juan asks her if the washing machine was found in the same order when the machine was opened as we see it in the images above. She replied “Yes”

      This means that the camera as seen in the images above would have been clearly visible to Zach opening the washing machine lid on the actual day that he had done his laundry. This is only reason, based on his comment in the Flores Report that I have to as why Zach would said that Travis would never wash his colored with his whites. Because Zach had opened the lid and seen what was inside.

      Another interesting fact is that in the Flores Report Zach mentions that the three of them, Enrique, Travis and Zach hardly ever spoke to each other or socialized and had not even sat down to have dinner together.

      So how would Zach know if Travis would never wash his whites and coloreds together unless Zach had snooped around other times while Travis was washing his clothes?

      Zach was also into photography as well and had a camera similar to Travis’ or Travis had purchased one similar to Zach’s.

      I’m thinking that the memory card that does not fit into Travis’ card could very well fit into Zach’s camera.

        • Did anyone else realize that the garage connects directly to the laundry room where the bloodied articles of clothing remained all week long?

          One of the issues of Juan’s misconduct was when Heather Connor pulled the articles from the evidence bag that there was a stench that filled the court room.

          Where was this stench the entire week from June 4th to June 9th? Why didn’t the roommates smell the same stench.

          Another issue is the clothes in the dryer. Obviously they would have still caked with blood as blood is difficult to get out clothes.

          Drying the clothes in the dryer would have made a very repugnant smell to say the least. So why is the first time either of the roommates regarding an unusual June 9th, 2008 when they should have smelled the decomposition in the laundry room at an earlier time?

          • You bring up things we have all asked for years……. We are still waiting on the answers.

            It all points to a huge set up of the crime scene IMO. It had to take way more than one small young woman. Gee, wonder who that leaves??? the so called friends, associates and roommates of the late not so great Travis Alexander. The truth will be heard.

  2. Thank You SJ for bringing all of this to our attention. . . once again! Very clear and to the point.
    Jodi Arias should be a FREE woman today. In time she will! ♥ (((((((FREE JODI))))))) ♥

  3. Feeling frustrated with Jodi’s conviction and all the Arizona corruption and how everyone is ignoring the system failure? Here is a simple free link, that you can express your thoughts, to the current governor of the state of Arizona, and tell him to wake up, and stop the abuse of Jodi, and all those hundreds of inmates in Arizona.

    Fight Jodi and Never Give up.

    • I just e-mailed it to the Governor, I hope it helps JODI in one way or another because those politicians only care about themselves.

  4. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9 Digital Camera

    One of the things I can’t seem to let go of is the pictures produced in evidence with date and time stamps:

    According to the official camera manual:

    “This camera does not have a feature for superimposing dates on images. By using ‘Picture Motion Browser’, you can print or save images with the date.” (Picture motion browser is a something you can use when having transferred the pictures to a computer. This camera requires software, installed on a computer to apply the time/date stamp).

    SO, whoever has a bit of observation will clearly see that the timestamps are not inserted on the same side as one would presume but in some pictures we see them on the bottom right side and in other pictures on the bottom center. How is this possible? Did the camera have such intelligence to chose where to place the timestamps? I don’t think so… Someone placed them there manually (ahem ahem) and apparently chose the time and date that fit their agenda… It’s these little details that speak volumes!!!!

    Another thing is that the accidental pictures were taken were probably taken with the camera swirling and not standing straight up. How did those accidental pictures end up ‘right side up’ with the timestamps on the bottom of them?

    And two other things I found interesting:

    “If the camera is running on battery power and you do not operate the camera for about three minutes, the camera turns off automatically to prevent wearing down the battery pack.”

    Notice how each picture that was brought into evidence has precisely 30 sec to 1 min timestamp apart. Very tidy, to fit their theory… 😉 Thing is that this is impossible because from the last picture of travis alive (June 4th timestamp: 5:30:30 Travis sitting down in the shower (exhibit 160) to the picture that Jodi is supposedly dragging travis (June 4th timestamp: 5:32:16 Travis on the floor bleeding (exhibit 162) it’s only 2 min apart. No way could Jodi have shot travis, then travis looking at himself in the mirror at the sink area, then attacked Jodi, then Jodi stabbed him multiple times and dragged him down the hallway in a matter of 2 min! Suffice to say, whoever placed those timestamps manually didn’t think things through… And the juries both time believed the timestamp crappoli! That’s how dumb they were.

    “Shooting still images: shooting once every 30 seconds” (default settings)

    I just found this interesting because if the camera was brand new (the box was found right next to the bed) had travis had so much time to change all settings?


    “Types of memory stick that can be used: Memory Stick Duo… you cannot use memory stick … Other memory cards cannot be used.”

    • And if all this doesn’t stink (as much as travis’ body did) of tampering, then I don’t know what does! And tampering is prosecutorial misconduct and if the prosecution tampered with the pictures, the memory cards what makes us sure that all evidence wasn’t tampered with? We already know that the computer was tampered with, we established that during the second trial. As well as evidence withheld (porn)… So yeah, as I was saying…. PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT…. ding ding ding… appeals 😉

      • Hi Pandora,

        You nailed it! I think it’s rather odd that when a prosecutor gains a “result” by outright lies, deception and with no real evidence, that he’d then go ahead and write a book all about it. I think Jodi’s appeals attorneys are gonna have a field day with Kermit’s book – not too dissimilar to the way Kermit leveraged Jodi’s diary entries.

        Just sayin’… :mrgreen:

        Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

        • Did anyone else catch the size of shirt Heather Connor testified to in court? She said it was a medium shirt at 1 hour and thirty minutes into the video. I did some checking and the size of shirt for a 6’0″ 190 pound male is a medium/large. Given that Travis was into kick boxing and working out which is obvious in the images of him in shorts that his muscle mass would have been large enough for him to have to wear a large shirt or more likely an x-large shirt. We also have to remember the shrinkage factor involved with washing clothes and for Travis to have worn a medium shirt it would have shrunk to a smaller size that would have been similar to a belly shirt that the hot chicks wear to show off their stomachs.

      • Good stuff, Pandora
        Also, Martinez said to Melendez:
        “And, so with the photographs, at least some of them, come with date and time.”
        And, Melendez answered: “Yes.”
        The fact that some deleted photos had time and date stamps and some didn’t have time and date stamps was never explained.

      • You are so right ! The entire case is sooooo corrupted with tampering, destroying, altering, hiding evidence BRADY VIOLATIONS that the entire case/verdict needs to be REVERSED AND DISMISSED !!! All or if not all then the vast majority of evidence has been corrupted…


        • So nobody had anything to point out to Linda’s suggestion? Not trying to cause a fuss just reading through literally everything I can get my hands on and what Linda says makes a fair bit of sense.

          Oh also sidebar, where is everyone finding out the model of the camera? I must have just not noticed it in any of the transcripts I’ve seen so far. If anyone can guide me toward the right information I would be very grateful.

          • Welcome Ororon Farrell. To be fair to you and also to Linda, this site has been in an ongoing conversation on every topic, and Linda was probably missed because by the point that Linda had posted on March 28th nurmi’s book had been out and the unanimous consensus was that he had only gone through the basic necessary motions of being an attorney and never had an interest in fighting for Jodi. So essentially Linda’s question got missed or passed over because nurmi didn’t do shit but pretend to advocate or investigate. If it wasn’t for Jodi going pro se, we would have never known about the computer porn. So,basically nurmi got sucker punched by horn, flores and frog’s lies from day one, about sequence of events, and it was all over except the sex and violence and pickles’ sanctifying injustice. If Linda had wanted an answer to the question she asked, she needed to read more or ask again. Good Luck to you, the camera model was on the evidence list, I believe

          • Don’t ask Kermit what kind of camera it was. I can’t figure out why he chose to make that error consistently throughout his entire BS book.

    • Which is why, if that blue card WAS somehow shoved into that camera, Melendez was not able to retrieve the data from the card WHILE it was in the camera. He had to put it into a card reader (and conveniently bypass write-blocking software) in order to get at the data on that BLUE card.

      As to the timestamps, even the lying Melendez would not testify as to how those timestamps got on those photos.

      What I would like to know is whether the meta-data–which would have to be where any time information on those pictures came from–actually SAID those photos were taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9 camera.

      Because if the meta-data said that, about photos retrieved from that BLUE card, then either:
      the photos had to have been transferred from the camera/duo pro card to a computer and then to the larger card–after the fact
      the meta-data itself was tampered with–again, after the fact

      Anybody think Jodi had time to have done that stuff before she left?

    • Pandora… I noticed the weird stamping on the photos as soon as I saw “Tiny” presenting them as evidence. Nurmi’s stupidity makes even more sense now. No wonder JODI didn’t like him 9 days out of 10.

  5. What might have been showing in the photos that police/prosecutor didn’t want anyone to see is a TRIPOD indicating Alexander was ALONE, just before his death, and taking the photos by the remote control device that came with his new camera. His camera also had a “zoom-in” feature. Let’s face it, most of those photos don’t look like they were taken by a professional or near professional camera person.
    Here are 4-5 photos from his MySpace page that he took of himself when he was growing a beard. He even makes a comment about taking the “beard” photos himself. And, to me, the photos are not unlike the way he was posing in the shower.

    Jodi also said Alexander wouldn’t allow pictures to be taken of him in the shower during her interrogation:
    DF: Mmm Hmm. I know you took pictures of him in the shower, just before he died.
    JA: I don’t think he would allow that…

    This probably doesn’t fit with Jodi’s version of what happened (although she could have come back just as he was finishing the photos) and I have no proof Alexander took the shower photos. Just trying to think why would police hide some photos. If Alexander was alone shooting photos of himself that would lean towards Jodi was never there or had left after the nude photos in the bedroom (which Martinez admits was a possibility in his book). It would also make sense after Alexander had recently said to Jodi: “You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me.”

    • You’re right when they hide evidence, destroy evidence, alter evidence they are doing it bc the evidence doesn’t fit their theory and would show innocence….and you can’t believe anything Flores stated to Jodi in the interviews….police will lie to your face to get you to confess to anything…

      If anyone has seen Making a Murderer you can clearly see how young impressionable mentally compromised people can confess to horrendous crimes they never committed….it is simply astounding to watch that happen before your eyes as you watch the young Dassey confess to a horrendous crime he never committed but it gives you insight into how it can happen…not saying that this is what Jodi did but all the points you bring up makes you wonder a little….


      • And you don’t necessarily need to be mentally compromised…the police are adept at getting everyday citizens to confess to things they have never done…it’s just crazy…

        • Also after seeing Making a Murderer you can see to what lengths police departments and prosecutors will go in order to frame someone when they know that person is innocent…again it is absolutely stunning…in order to save their butts from the 36million dollar lawsuit against them it appears that they framed two innocent men….

          To me the evidence shows that these guys were framed…and again in that case the evidence appeared to be manipulated, altered, hidden, etc….

          If I allow myself, I could go there in Jodi’s case….scary !!

          All IMHO

          • And by that I mean this: (NOT that I am saying this is what happened) but if I allow myself I could see a scenario where Jodi is innocent of everything…the killing, everything…she was never there that day….and for their own motives and reasons they framed her….this is all hypothetical people so don’t get crazy on me…

            After seeing the Netflix series on Steven Avery and Brenden Dassey it just shows how this type of scenario can and actually does happen…it is a scary thought !!


  6. So is that why the tiny rat threw the camera to the floor in front of the court? And there may just be a copy of that card…..a deal maker for who ever has one….sorta a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE…with so many involved on this RAILROAD who would not want a way out? Odd how a camera can …MOVE an inch or two but they who have faith believe so……just as they back a man of faith talk about children….the ABUSE of…..sick, As for the rat throwing the camera….well that just might make it ….not work….but bring in another one…NO it’s not the original…..same as a copy of the memory card…NOT ORIGINAL. By their rules there may not have even been a trial….Travis Victor Alexander WAS rather FAKE. The more We dig up the more this case …STINKS. The state uses only what they want to….most would agree on that….but what if it SHOWS innocence…..well that’s always bad for a win. All Det.s are there to do a job…they do take an oath right? So just why should they EVER worry about the win.No Det. should EVER see guilt or innocence….just the facts. Then each jury should be ordered to use the facts and God help em if they don’t….it’s called contempt…..I know of 23 things that as of now should be sitting in a cell….thinking,

  7. It is very strange indeed that when Connor testified there were three exhibits, exhibit 214 – the camera, exhibit 215 – the sim card and exhibit 220 – “what was labelled as a digital camera door that was found at the bottom of the washing machine and was collected”. But according to Lying Melendez, the camera was intact except for the button being loose and he found the sim card in a little case in the assigned slot in the camera. There is definitely something fishy about this evidence! 🙄

  8. The info and pictures provided by SJ are very clear and helpful in understanding the conflicting information in the trial. Wow, it is amazing how information and photos were manipulated to suit the prosecution. There has to be an appeal ahead.

  9. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! The shift is continuing and the movement of change is coming and freedom from the cage, is the best ever in the future, for JODI ARIAS…… someday the POWERFUL MEN PROTECTING POWERFUL MEN will be squashed……TENACITY and perseverance is the way!!!

  10. The diner hold up story on Dr. Drew 3-5-2013…I saw a person who heard that story before…Jodi and I’m sure it got better each time. Now we always hear that he would not do this or that…really say freak out or attack someone who upset him. So bad guy walks in an 30 folks go for cover but t-dog n duane can’t…travis shows all in the video just how he faced death as he pounds his fingers into his head over an over as he thinks…is this it is this how i die and then a woman gets upset and travis thinks….SHUT UP and then the bad guy chimes in for real. In any situation as that the more distraction to the bad guy the better as then tou can make a move if the chance presents itself. Seems t-dog did nothing. Asked where is your wallet…not on me…sounds like travis looking for a free meal…so the bad guy takes the phone….min.s later travis gets on a phone to call up the guy who just robbed and almost took his life to get the phone back…just what was on that phone…We know that he destroyed a phone after Jodi had called him in the past from what a friend has said. Was he trying to show off and tempt the robber to come back…endangering over 30 people? I have heard this is where the gun jammed story that Jodi told flores came from…the bad guys gun jammed as he tried to shoot t-dog well if that is true why did travis not then use his skills to save himself or others. duane was impressed about the call…duh. Now travis would get upset over a 1200.00 camera drop..that was his style to get upset over ANYTHING…remember abe on a date with Jodi…t-dog wanted to kick his ass…but who told Jodi to go on said date…and was he not so very found of his wrath…..but not on diner day. Bullies know when it’s safe to bully. Notice how he is getting off in that video…he enjoys the thrill of almost getting killed…do you ever hear this man of faith ask his God to save him or others…NOPE…just why won’t that woman…SHUT UP! The phone came before all that day. Who does that Did he not tell Her YOU HAVE NOT SEEN MY WORST…so that would mean that She did see some of his dark ways as in other attacks.he loved violence as he said so from his own mouth…many times. When She ran he would go after Her that’s what abusers do…they know Your’e afraid. And in doing so a pointed gun would not have stopped him from attacking….he would think it was just a joke as a gun pointed to his head before…does he look worried or concerned as he tells the story….he happy to brag about it. I’m t-dog ! Now as She showed the world how he attacked….bent over and low(to take Her out from the legs) with his arms spread out( to make sure he caught Her in a hold) and he turned his head away as he put it down( to protect his head and face) that is way more wrestling moves then linebacker but then where do You think football learned that from? Now as his head crashed into Her hands holding his .25 it turns to the right and as it does the finger would have squeezed the trigger by accident and at that close a range there may not have been any tattooing just to close and not a lot of powder in a .25. But how did the round go in the right side and then down into the cheek? It didn’t go down…remember his face and head were turned…allowing the round to go STRAIGHT…just try it out in the …MIRROR…it works. Should I send Dr. horn a mirror? A person who tells a near death story as he did as if it was a big joke and adventure is the same sort who would never fear attacking a woman as he did before…remember he did say You have not seen my worst…yet. Why does that sound like a history of violence towards Her.

  11. It’s odd that Chris Hughes doesn’t remember when he heard or where he was when the news came out Travis Alexander was dead. I expect most people can remember what they were doing during a horrific event (911) or a famous person died (John Lennon) or a close friend died. But, not Chris Hughes.

    In Detective Flores Report, Hughes states he heard about Alexander’s death “while in route to Mexico.”

    But, in a online site, “Travis Victor Alexander: Friends,” Hughes claims he was in Mexico for a “few days” when he heard about his death.
    “We were supposed to go to Cancun Mexico together. Pre-Paid Legal picked up the tab to send it’s top 400 leaders south of the border. Travis and I were on that list. We planned the trip for weeks. My wife and I went in a few days early and were eagerly awaiting his arrival…….I sent that text June 9 at 10:53 pm Central Time. Five hours later, about 4 am, our hotel phone rang. My wife answered.” The 10:53 pm text was sent to Dave Hall asking Hall to check on Alexander. Hall contacted Hughes at 4am that Alexander was dead.

    It’s possible Flores made a mistake re: what Hughes told him on June 12, 2008 (by phone). Flores has made a mistake or two…or 1000 but it makes a person wonder what is true. Or, perhaps Alexander’s death didn’t have the emotional impact on Hughes that he claims it did.

    P.S. I think someone on JAII has raised some issues about this topic before (Journee, perhaps) so my apologies if I’m repeating old information

    • Well if all these stories were told by CH…..doesn’t remember where he was….was in route to Mexico….was in Mexico….this is a telltale sign that he is possibly covering up the real info…the truth never changes…as a supposed close friend he would remember where he was when he heard the news about TA…his story (stories) stink just like TA’s rotting corpse in the shower….it could be that Flores was wrong (“in route to Mexico” versus already “in Mexico for a few days” ) however this does not explain away the story that he can’t remember where he was…that just doesn’t jive or seem credible…just another issue that leads one to believe that we still don’t know nearly all the truth about what happened and who really was involved…


      • Im thinking dave hall played a big part in this! He supposedly the one that hughes told to check up on travis and hours later dave hall calls hughes to give him the update on travis ;))) Old news but dave hall got kicked out of Boy Scouts of America for vandalism in the Goblin National Park! What a immature loser!!! There was a possibility that charges would be filed ! But he’s one of those morman boys so he probably did a lip lock on someones flipflop and got away with it!:(((

        • It’s called “The Club”

          If you belong to the club you’re good to go….simple

          TA belonged to “the club” and got away with abusive nasty behavior ….there’s nothing like bowing at the altar of the Mormon Church…don’t ya know ??


  12. Kirk Nurmi wrote an article for The Daily News; he says prosecutors should not be able to profit off of the cases they try.
    (I don’t know how to attach the web address.)

    • And what about defense attorneys profiting off their clients to a client’s detriment???? Has he thought about that one yet????


      • Oh sure, he thought of that one. He just doesn’t give a shit! I’m not so sure he gave much of a shit during the trial either. And I’m not so sure he ever gave a shit about Jodi for that matter. In fact, I’m not sure if ANYBODY gave a shit about anything in that courtroom. Certainly Juan didn’t give a shit about his conduct, Judge Stephens didn’t give a shit how her courtroom was run, Flores and Horn didn’t give a shit how many times they perjured themselves, and as far as Nurmi, it’s at the very least debatable whether he ever actually gave a shit about the trial either. He may have done his best in the courtroom (doubtful) but after it was over it was all about $$$. “How much can I profit off of my client’s misery?” Do you think Judge Stephens will write a book too? Might as well, everybody else seems to have. Yup, lots of fu@*ing jerks out there riding the Jodi Gravy Train. Pathetic a-holes. Sorry, just venting a bit.

        I apologize for being away so long. I’ve been super busy. I check in as much as I can. I certainly have missed you all.

        • Only ONE reason nurmi speaks against frog profiting from the book sales from Jodi’s travesty trial, nurmi didn’t sell ANY books. If nurmi had made big bucks from book sales he wouldn’t have opened his hole. what a hippo-crit, and I mean hippo

        • Isn’t it disgusting when hypocrites call out hypocrites? Nurmi should first take a good look in the mirror and then try to play Mr Morality. 🙄

          (Also, Jeff no reason to apologize. I too have been super busy and though I read here, I rarely have time to comment.)

        • Hey Jeff in Mesa!!!!! SO glad to see you!!!! Being busy is a GOOD thing!!!!! We all at TEAM JODI are busy but always reading and keeping up with everything concerning Jodi!!! We will never give up until JODI ARIAS IS A FREE WOMAN.♥ 😆 It appears to bother so many!!!!! 😆 ♥ ((((((JODI))))))

    • And Nurmi tells us he’s not a hypocrite because he’s not a prosecutor so apparently he believes defense attorneys writing books that throw their appealing clients under the bus does not interfere with justice. 🙄

      • The scary thing is that he believes his own hypocrisy. He is so closed in the box of his sullen self- pity that he can not see that most real (not ‘entertainment’ ) lawyers denounce/ will denounce what he has done.

  13. Maybe in 2008, technology didn’t exist that can narrow down and often pinpoint exactly what brand and model of camera took a particular photo? Or maybe the technology did exist and whoever “worked” with the photos back then wasn’t aware? Just sayin’… 🙂

  14. To bad NO ONE thought to bring in a real expert on the camera like from….SONY….they are in the phone book…kinda had to argue with them,but I’m sure the rat would try. At one time I thought that Jodi removed them photos,but it seems travis may have so called friends may have and as for the police….OPPS what did I do…..just like the reboot …TWICE or was that a wake up….p/c folk….! Was there a second card…seems so or was that another goof up by the experts in …LAW? If one told all that We know about this case folks not in the know would think this is one very bad movie….as the state plays both sides at will. Their own witness’s are all over the place as tiny was on the floor….even it thought that show trial was one big joke….was the judge taking a few zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s? As for his .25 well many yr.s ago a police friend (yes I do have some…LOL) asked Me to do a major repair on a Walter .25 the slide was toast….so after repairs were done a buddie was over and said lets test it…He just happened to have some .25 ammo on Him…don’t ask. I let Him do the test fire…safer that way…LOL…and as he fired from a standing position the round went all of 8 ft. then hit the floor…He was aiming at the WALL 10 ft. away…IMPRESSIVE!…NOT! Then We set up a test to see penetration power by putting a lic. plate over some soft pine ,He fired from 2 ft. and next thing I heard an OW! My pal had a small red dot between His eyes but more on the fore head. Can We all say point blank with a .25….weakest h/g ever….well from what Ive seen and My pal got an even better look. I’m so sure that horn could match that story with all his knowledge on .25’s…Ya think.

    • Only in Arizona! SMH Praying for the day that the people responsible for this tragedy are held accountable. Pink Undies for All!

    • Just as we suspected —

      “Saying ‘cock blocker’ isn’t that big of a deal otherwise she would have received sanctions – looking for reason to remove contact visit….Hurt family – they prepaid $1200 airline tix. ADOC made accommodations/exceptions in past for other inmates to facilitate these visit. Not for Jodi Arias.”

      • It’s unfortunate that when Jodi crossed that Arizona border back in 2006 when she first began to date Travis Alexander, she unknowingly started down a path where she would become surrounded by some of the dumbest people on the planet. I include Martinez, Flores, Hughes and this guy (ToersBijns) at the top of the list.
        ToersBijns is the kind of person she has to deal with in prison. He stereotypes people. He made a bunch of videos about Jodi without ever meeting her. I communicated with him several times but he believes what he believes. As Stephen Hawking said: “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge.” You don’t have to listen to this guy for more than two minutes (and I wouldn’t) to know this guy is stupid and seeing things in Jodi that most intelligent people do not see.
        Carl ToersBijns (retired), worked in corrections for over 25 yrs He held positions of a Correctional Officer I, II, III [Captain] Chief of Security Mental Health Treatment Center – Program Director – Associate Warden – Deputy Warden of Administration & Operations.

        • I couldn’t listen to it all. Unbelievable! So this asshole claims he knows all about Jodi. He says that even if she is nice it’s all just an act. Well, that’s a perfect bind for Jodi isn’t it; no matter what she does to prove otherwise, she loses. And this knucklehead knows all this about her how? He’s talked to her? He’s spent time getting to know her? Just because she is now helpless to defend herself all the world turns into ignorant pseudo-psychoanalysts with harebrained “knowledge” about Jodi Arias. Disgusting!

      • It is so cruel, and so cruel to do that to her family. I really suspect that the reason prison personnel found a so-called ‘reason’ to deny her contact visits is because ‘someone’ does not want to allow her to have unmonitored communication in which she is free to tell whatever she wants or needs to tell.

        I still suspect that it was no coincidence that this so-called infraction occurred on the very eve of the release of Martinez’s book. I think Martinez did not want her to have free reign to talk about him, his book, the trial, and his misconduct and deceptions. I think Martinez found someone to help him to keep Jodi silent.

        Maybe it is not funny, but I saw a joke on the internet exclaiming how the term ‘clock blocker’ does not even makes sense in a woman’s prison. Anyway, it is obvious that Jodi was using the term in a different sense than prison personnel were pretending. Surely they are very aware of the meanings of all jargon and slang. And we know it wasn’t an issue of Jodi not giving ‘due’ respect to authority, with the consequence that they had to lower her ‘status’ among the inmates in order to reinforce the fact of the Correction officers being in command. We know it was just an excuse to curb her resources from the outside world, and curb her influence on it.

        I am so tired of sadistic vultures who prey upon the incarcerated and their loved ones. I am so tired of the hypocrites whose hearts are full of malice, pointing at the incarcerated and labeling them ‘bad,’ and believing that makes them ‘good’ in contrast.

  15. They made exceptions …for one Jodi Ann Arias….seems so. Well az. I had planed on that….they lost but a few…..$ and with luck next time now I know…will lose nothing. I knew some thing …May…happen and did all to make it easy on Her family. I will make it up to Her and them as soon as I can. The Can. $ is getting stronger each day. For once I wanted to send Her a gift at Christmas….other then a card or letter…so I sent Her family…..but they got blocked….So We know now for sure this is never going to be easy…but what fight for justice ever was…name one. With hope before Her Birthday they will hold Her close….and now that I know I’ll send the right amount.When I asked how much to send some family to visit they NEVER EVER said how much it would be. Her family does not beg or whine for money as his …that shows all who they are…good an decent folks who I’m so proud to know. That was another small set back…there may be more but We will get through this. All We have to do is what We can…be it card,letter.$…it all helps. As to that memory card odd how We post the card You can read the print and the one in the bag You can’t read it…but why is it longer…in the bag. Are there posts on both sides? For Gods sake never let tiny measure a 3×5 card as in his book of lies…that is in no way a 3×5 just put a ruler on it…the side is half the length …duh and a rather crooked card it is…bottom is shorter then top….see to the right of card. and do sony memory cards come in two lengths….as that would make a rather hard fit.

  16. mr. c t r…worked in mental health , are We sure he WORKED…there or was WORKED on…this is the kind of thing who makes Vikings look bad. Imagine the harm it caused for 25 yr.s ,sounds like a joe blow guy to me….. Just imagine if one day az. has to account for their boys actions…..most old folks will need a new job…WALMART? But hey when you cast a vote to be tough on crime when the wheel turns on you…too bad …own your actions. Once again We see a hate filled man abusing women……if anyone in the system can not behave with respect punish them and this should go double for staff. I worked with people who did commit murder and not self defence and I NEVER worried once…..I knew what I’d signed up for and was ready at all times. Few times I had back up as it was possible to just talk them down…amazing how very well that works. In his strange mind treat them as animals …well if you want ANIMALS do so but why should any state then be allowed to call in the military when it gets out of control….just send in as many police as needed….NO MATTER the COST. Or better yet force the prison staff to put down the riot at ANY COST….ask any cop or guard how they would like a fight to the finish…and for what.My point? How can We blame any cop or guard for their actions when society allows those actions . When folks are put in jail/prison that does not give ANYONE the right to abuse them in Your or My name ever. 25 yr.s imagine the harm he has done….makes one sick.

  17. Court of Appeals, Division One (Jodi Arias)

    366. 10-Mar-2016 ORDERED: Vacating Order dated March 4, 2016. Hon Samual A Thumma – Author

    Definition of vacate in the Legal Dictionary – by Free online English dictionary … To vacate a court order or judgment means to cancel it or render it null and void.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A vacated judgment makes a previous legal judgment legally void. A vacated judgment is usually the result of the judgment of an appellate court, which overturns, reverses, or sets aside the judgment of a lower court.

    367. 10-Mar-2016 FILED: Courtesy Copy – Minute Entry filed in Maricopa County Superior on 03/08/16 re: Transcript dated 09/13/13

  18. There is a very noteworthy tweet posted yesterday on Sandra Webber’s InconvenientTr1 Twitter page, where she posts a photo of a page of Martinez’s book and highlights some discrepancies. There is at least one or more additional discrepancies that are not highlighted.

    • I couldn’t find Sandra’s but I am finding it the hardest book ever to read. Sometimes I can read a whole page without getting totally disgusted and have to stop.

      Nurmi – stubborn facts
      Martinez – dirty lies

          • I saw it yesterday on her Twitter account which now twitter has a message saying the page no longer exists.
            Sandra had posted a photo of a page in Martinez’s book where she highlighted him contradicting himself about working his shift. He first states that technically his on-call shift was over when he got the call about TA’s death, and he decided he would go to the crime scene even though it was the responsibility of another prosecutor. Soon after, Martinez contradicts himself and says he was in fact on call.
            Martinez also comments that a seargent had told him on the phone that the roommates said they saw TA a couple of days ago.
            The actual page is more revealing than my brief synopsis.
            The page number was not visible in the photo, but I assume it is near the beginning of the book. He is talking about when he got the call that made him decide to go to the crime scene.

            The page begins with, “….shifts, and in the event that a murder occurs during their shift…”
            and the page ends with, “restaurants abound. Crime_ even petty crime offenses _ was infre-…”

            • Here it is, Amy:

              “Prosecutors assigned to the Homicide Bureau are required
              to take on-call shifts, and in the event that a murder occurs during
              their shift, that prosecutor must go to the scene in order to become
              familiar with the intricacies of the case and meet with the detectives
              and officers working to make an arrest. Technically, my twenty-four-hour
              on-call shift had ended at 8:00 P.M., and the call had come in after
              this. But although the schedule indicated that I was done at 8:00, I
              didn’t agree with such a strict approach; besides, given that the body
              had been discovered the previous evening while I was still on call, it
              only seemed fair that I respond rather than shirk the responsibility onto
              the next on-call attorney on the list.

              The facts that I had learned from the sergeant on the phone were that the
              victim shared a home with two roommates who had not seen him in a couple
              of days. On the evening of June 9, 2008, a friend, Marie “Mimi” Hall,
              worried about Travis’ recent lack of communication, had stopped by his
              house. When no one answered the door, she called two friends to come meet
              her so they could go inside together, because she was afraid to enter on
              her own. One of Travis’ roommates who happened to be home and had not
              heard Mimi at the front door then unlocked the master bedroom door, and
              the group found Travis’ nude, contorted, decomposing body in the shower
              of the en­suite bathroom. Mimi immediately called 911 and alerted police
              to the situation at 10:27 P.M. Sergeant McBride added that he did not
              know how the victim had been killed.

              After hanging up, I left the office and began the approximately
              thirty-mile drive to Mesa, a city in the east valley. Travis Alexander’s
              home was located in a bedroom community miles from the center of the
              city. As I’d driven through his neighborhood, it seemed the kind of place
              where people move to raise their kids, and while there are many places of
              worship for many denominations, I knew the area to be particularly
              Mormon. Grocery stores stay open late. Movie theaters and restaurants
              abound. Crime–even petty offenses–was infrequent, and usually the only
              violence that touched their lives was what the residents saw on
              From Juan Martinez’ book: Conviction

      • I haven’t read the book _ I’ve only seen excerpts, but from what I’ve seen, it appears that he ‘tweaks’ details, word choice, and phraseology here and there,to conform to his preferred ideal version of what took place. Many tiny, barely perceptible alterations add up to different meanings and inferences.

        I think the reason Martinez used a ghostwriter was so that any alterations, ‘mistakes,’ inaccurate or imprecise word choice and/ or statements could be blamed upon the ghostwriter.

        • Page 179 2nd paragraph:

          Martinez claims that when coming up with cover story for taking the trip that Jodi mentions Burns (I hate how he calls everybody by their last name and Nurmi as Laurence instead of Kirk) in a journal entry of May 27th:

          “He’s fun to flirt w/through text messaging …. But hey, I like this guy, well so far, what I know of him, I like.”

          And then on an entry of the 30th, Martinez claims Jodi spoke of her decision to travel to Utah to see him and quoted:

          “He doesn’t seem overly interested in me, although he seems happy that I am coming out to see him.”

          Martinez neglected to mention the following journal entry that was undated but was in chronological order between two entries dated May 18 (000358) and May 22 (000362):

          “Anyway, I’m probably going to Utah soon! I can’t wait to finally hang w/Ryan. And I’m going to see some places on the list of 1000 Places to See Before You Die. Ryan said he’d go w/me. It will be so much fun w/him there. And I’ll get to visit the Udy’s.

          I really want to meet Sam but I don’t know when I’m ever going back to AZ.” (000361)

          That’s what he does – he picks and chooses and lies through omission.

          • The use of facts to deceive is in fact a LIE !! Using only a partial context (partial facts) and ignoring exculpatory facts is an intent to deceive….it is a LIE….

            Hiding exculpatory evidence is a violation of a right to a fair trial….nuff said !!

            • Two others:

              Page 180 1st paragraph

              Martinez writes:

              “According to the only undated entry in any of her journals, Arias spent that evening” ………

              Between May 14th and June 18th, 2008 there were 44 pages of her journal entered into evidence, 33 of which had no dates on them.

              Page 195 2nd paragraph

              When Martinez is writing about Flores’ testimony about his phone conversation with Dr. Horn, he states:

              “….. and his knowledge of the sequence of events was predicated on a very brief conversation with Dr. Horn that took place a couple of days before the hearing.”

              Flores testified that this phone call took place the night before the hearing.

              • Yes, and I believe that Dr. Horn denied ever having the conversation or that he couldn’t “recall” which is….

                Legal speak for I don’t want to remember …IMHO

                • You don’t recall??? Really??? The night before or a couple of days before – you take your pick- the hearing that determines whether or not this is a death penalty case and you can’t remember????

                  One of the biggest if not the biggest cases in Maricopa county and you can’t recall…

                  Is this just like your supposed typo as you cover your mouth oh so surprised….

                  Or is it like the “it must have” speculative/equivocating testimony regarding the bullet supposedly passing through the brain….”it must have”

                  Or is it like the “IF” the lung was nicked speculative/equivocating hypothetical testimony passed off as true fact to the jury in order to convince or shall we say mislead the OH SO STUPID JURY that the blood coughing out of pervert abuser TA’s corrupt mouth was from a nicked lung and not the gunshot to the head which we ALL KNOW is really what the blood at the sink was from …

                  WORTHLESS !!!!

                  Dr. Horn’s speculative / equivocating testimony was completely WORTHLESS IMHO and the MASSIVELY MORONIC JURY swallowed it hook line and sinker….

                  A doctor’s opinion must NOT be speculative or equivocating but must be within a reasonable degree of medical certainty….

                  His testimony on these issues was NOT, it was speculative as evidenced by his own testimony and will be a main point on the appeal ala Lisa Randall and Harold Fish

                  You remember these cases don’t cha Doc ????

                  All IMHO

                • Just have to explain that every time Dr. Doo Doo’s name comes up I get oh so frustrated at what his testimony did in terms of convincing the STUPID JURY that the state’s theory was correct…if it wasn’t for his testimony Jodi would not be in prison..his testimony was key and without it the state had NO CASE !!

                  Why speculate and equivocate if you have the true facts ??? Huh????


                • Hi BB! Isn’t the Chronis Hearing good for Jodi’s appeal? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that how they got it to become a Death Penalty case by Marinez making Horn and Flores lie about the sequence of GSW 1st or last? Martinez always said the GS was 1st and then changed it to get the aggrevator to make it a DP case and Sugar Sherry bought it.

                • Yes, I believe that the events of the Chronis hearing involving Det Flores will play a part in the appeals…he admitted during trial testimony to perjuring himself in the Chronis hearing…saying the gunshot was first in the Chronis hearing and that it did NOT incapacitate TA to gain the death penalty aggravator and then in trial testimony doing a 180 and stating that the gunshot was last and in fact saying he had used his own opinion in the Chronis hearing after swearing that the opinion he was giving in the Chronis hearing was Dr. Horn’s (there’s your perjury)….oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive…

                  So which is it? Were you lying in the Chronis hearing (which you already admitted to doing) or were you lying in the trial testimony or both?

                  IDIOT JSS stated in so many words (that I can’t recall exactly right now) that it didn’t really matter that he perjured himself in the Chronis hearing bc there would have been enough other evidence to warrant a death penalty….oh really? Well if I can recall correctly the sole aggravating factor that won Jodi the death penalty was the gunshot first and it NOT incapacitating him ( testimony that came from Det Flores) therefore TA would endure much suffering and pain…so how IDIOT JSS comes up with her moronic conclusions I don’t know….JSS further stated that the she used trial testimony to conclude the warranting of the death penalty…KN argued that you can NOT validate or substantiate (cant remember the term he used) AFTER THE FACT (after the Chronis hearing) bc it deprives Jodi of her constitutional rights to a fair trail and to wrongly rely on perjured testimony during a Chronis Hearing to gain a death penalty is not fair…he furthered argued if I can recall correctly that the death penalty changed the entire outlook of the trial bc of the death qualified jurors you now have to deal with which exponentially increases her chances of receiving the death penalty…etc..etc..etc…

                  In other words, THE ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS….GOT THAT IDIOT JSS????

                  And yes, Jodi herself at her sentencing hearing in front of IDIOT JSS stated on the record as she turned and pointed to Det Flores and Martinez that those two had colluded (or some other similar word which I can’t recall exactly) together to change the order of the wounds from gunshot first to gunshot last and we all know why bc once Jodi changed her story to self defense Martinez had to change the order of the gunshot to block her self defense case…in other words, with the gunshot first and TA not being incapacitated, the self defense case works. And you know Martinez just couldn’t have that so he changed it to gunshot last as a final FU to TA to show how evil and deserving of the death penalty Jodi really is…the state’s case IMHO was all a lie and a farce in order to win at any and all costs even to the point of having people perjure themselves, having speculative expert testimony which is not allowed, Brady violations, prosecutorial misconduct, disappearing evidence, altered evidence, hiding evidence, and on and on and on…..

                  I can only PRAY that her appellate attorneys are diligent and persistent in their quest for the truth and justice for our (((((JODI)))))

                  All IMHO

                • BB, it depends on what day of Horn’s testimony. I managed to read another sentence of the book and Martinez acknowledges that there was a phone call.

                  Day 3 – 1:26:40

                  JW: After the autopsy, um, he would have been free, Detective Barientoas or Detective Flores would have been free to call you if they had follow-up questions, right?
                  Horn: Yes.
                  JW: I mean, in other words, you just don’t do this autopsy and then forget about it?
                  Horn: That’s right.
                  JW: Okay, and so um, and you certainly would take Detective Flores’ calls if he called you?
                  Horn: Yes, I would.
                  JW: And in fact, at some point you did speak to Detective Flores later didn’t you?
                  Horn: I may have, I don’t recall.

                  Day 53 Testimony

                  JW: Well, you’re aware that Detective Flores said that you told him the bullet wound was not immediately incapacitating?
                  Horn: I don’t recall that, no.
                  JW: Okay, are you aware that Detective Flores said that you told him in particular that the gunshot would not have completely incapacitated someone?
                  JW: And according to you, you don’t recall having any conversation with Detective Flores, is that right?
                  Horn: That’s right.
                  JW: Uh, ever – after the autopsy?
                  Horn: No.

                • Yes, he states he would have taken Flores’s call if he did call but that doesn’t tell us that Horn actually spoke to Flores and in fact Horn states he can’t recall speaking to Flores…

                  I can’t recall, I can’t recall, I can’t recall

                  Perhaps JW should have asked Horn if Flores was present during the autopsy and if the order of injuries wasn’t discussed during that autopsy….(unless I’ve missed that info and Flores and or Horn states that he (Flores) was present there during the autopsy)

                  She seemed focused on a conversation “later” “after the autopsy” but does she ever ask him if Flores was present during the autopsy and things were discussed then? (and someone please correct me if I am missing something here)

                  My point being if you don’t ask the exact, precise question to Dr. Horn you are not going to get the answers you want

                  All IMHO

                • And even when you ask precise exact questions sometimes you just get speculation and equivocation in return….you know, not technically lying, giving the appearance of true facts to the jury, but by doing so you avoid the real true facts of the matter…

                  All IMHO

              • I can understand why Horn might not have remembered the phone call years back on something that was routine at that point in time, but he should have stuck to his original testimony on Day 3 when he acknowledged that he may have, but did not recall. Up until the time that Jodi’s defense became self-defence Martinez was not worried about that or the computer evidence that he had buried. Flores was a seasoned homicide detective and testified that his first opinion that the gunshot was first was also based on the scene, and that the spray at the sink was indicative of that wound. It is obvious that they both lied for the prosecution.

                Flores’ Investigative Report Supplemental dated 08/28/08:

                “I attended the autopsy on 6-12-08 at 0935 hours. Dr. Horn found that Travis had multiple lacerations and punctures and one gunshot wound.” ……

                “The initial report from Dr. Horn was that the gunshot wound to Travis’ head would not have been fatal. The gunshot would have possibly disabled him temporarily.” ….

                “The fatal wounds consisted of a single stab wound to the center of his chest, which punctured his superior vena cava. This wound, along with the final throat slicing were the cause of death.”

                • I agree…he back peddled on his testimony from “I may have, I don’t recall” to not recalling any conversation with Flores and further – “ever – after the autopsy?”

                  Yes, indeed he went from there being a possibility that he did have that conversation with Flores to an adamant denial of ever having that conversation with him….NOT CREDIBLE…

                  So Flores attended the autopsy and this is when the conversation about the order of injuries could have occurred and of course in any subsequent conversations. Horn’s denial of having any conversation with Flores on this topic is not believable and strains credulity especially when Flores testified that he did indeed have a conversation with Horn on the matter and this is evidenced in his Investigative report as you point out.

                  Yes, I believe that Flores was the sacrificial lamb of the prosecutions case and took the hit on the perjury for the Chronis Hearing in order to prop up the state’s false theory of the case…

                  And they desperately needed Horn’s testimony to back up this false theory despite his own autopsy report showing evidence of an undamaged brain and the dura mater being “intact” etc…So Horn got on the stand and EQUIVOCATED AND SPECULATED and danced around and around so that his testimony would convince and persuade the jury that he was saying something that he WASN’T !! He NEVER stated that the bullet penetrated the brain….he stated “it must have” something entirely speculative and equivocating and this mislead the STUPID jury into believing that the bullet penetrated the brain…..when a medical expert speculates on these types of matters to persuade the jury of a critical fact or facts it is reversible error…without Horn’s misleading and speculative and equivocating testimony the state had NO CASE WHATSOEVER. His testimony was critical to the conviction. This is why it will be a huge point on the appeal ala Lisa Randall and Harold Fish…IMHO

                  But here is what I have never understood and maybe you have some ideas, Carol..

                  Why would a Doctor want to speculate, equivocate, and mislead the jury?
                  Why would a seasoned Detective perjure himself?

                  How would they benefit from this? Or did they just do this for little Juanita bc they love the little cretin so much??? They would put their own integrity and career and conscience on the line for what????

                  ALL IMHO

                • BB,
                  That’s such an important question. Why indeed would two established men risk their career by lying to support Martinez’s case? If only we had the answer to your question. Surely the corruption is not so great in Arizona that they knew they could lie and not jeopardize their career? It appears to be one hell of a risk to take. At least it would be in most societies.

                • It is one hell of a risk to take, yes. My opinion is that most people would not risk this bc they would see this as just plain wrong and they just wouldn’t do it. Then you would have some that might take the risk, but would require something in return. I don’t know if many would take the risk for nothing (even if they thought they were helping to convict a murderer albeit by a fraudulent manner – to them the ends justify the means type of person.)That’s just my thought…haven’t figured this one out yet and likely may never know until someone starts talking….

                  In the Making a Murderer scenario you had all sorts of shenanigans going on with the investigation but in that case they had a $36million dollar motive…here I just don’t know….

                • Page 128 Nurmi’s book Trapped

                  Nurmi writes of his first meeting of Flores:

                  “All this being said, his reputation amongst defense attorneys was that he was not honest, which at the time surprised me, but I had yet to meet him.”

                  “In contrast to the demeanor I saw on the various videotapes, once I started talking about the case and asking questions related to the newly obtained evidence, such as the text messages, it seemed to me that he became very evasive and further seemed suddenly incapable of providing straightforward answers to simple questions. “

                  Page 69

                  “All of this left me with the impression that Juan Martinez was a no holds barred kind of guy. The kind of guy who feels like the ends justify the means and for that reason he feels comfortable with being so caustic in the courtroom.”

                  The ends justify the means – when there is no real accountability for this type of behaviour there will be crooked cops, and crooked prosecutors.

                  Taking this case as an example, nothing has happened to Martinez, Flores still has a cushy job where he doesn’t even have to work anymore really, and Melendez left his position to move onto another one long before the case went to court, so there were no repercussions for him either.

                • Thanks, Carol
                  Nurmi is dead on in his observations in these two instances. Maybe Melendez had a bit of a conscience and didn’t want to do any more illegal, ruthless and immoral tricks (none of these adjectives are strong enough for what he did).

                • Thanks Carol 🙂

                  And that’s just it there is no accountability apparently in Maricopa County for corruption and these actors just continue to deny people a fair trial and nothing is done about it…

                  This is where the Arizona Appellate Court judges need to WAKE UP !!!!!! and start holding people accountable for their actions…We can only hope and pray

                  What goes around comes around…people need to understand this…when the laws are ignored and disregarded and people are denied a fair trial the Appellate Court judges need to understand that it could happen to them or someone they love….and no one is safe….just sayin’

                • U.S. Department of Justice
                  Federal Bureau of Investigation
                  “Managing Death Investigation”
                  Revised 1997, 700 pages

                  The Homicide Investigator
                  “No greater honor will ever be bestowed on an officer or a more profound duty imposed on him than when he is entrusted with the investigation of a death of a human being.
                  It is his duty to find the facts, regardless of color or creed, without prejudice, and to let no power on earth deter him from presenting these facts to the court without regard to personality.”

  19. This reminded me of a question I have kept forgetting to ask. The prosecution argued that Jodi was never in a fugue state – that she had had the presence of mind to take the gun and possibly the knife with her so she could dispose of them in the desert.

    If she were mentally together enough to take the murder weapons away from the crime scene, why didn’t she take the photo cards with her and toss them in the desert as well?

    The fact that deleted photos can be retrieved from a digital camera is not specialized knowledge. That’s as well-known as knowing that information deleted from a hard drive can sometimes be recovered unless the drive is reformatted or that deleted browser search history can be recovered.

    To me, the fact that the cards were left behind has been the largest red flag that events were not registering correctly in her mind – or not registering at all.

    If she had been aware of the events as they happened – if she had meticulously planned out the attack on Travis – why did she leave those memory cards?

    I listened to the trial at work, but I wondered if anyone knows if the DA had offered any explanation of this action that would point to anything other than the negative effects of trauma on Jodi’s thinking, reasoning and memory processes.


  20. Paige, the only explanation that I know of is that Martinez claims that because Jodi put through a wash cycle that she believed it would be destroyed. Martinez claims that there was bleach used, but there were a bunch of black clothes in the washer that show no signs of bleach. He uses the towel, which was a very light beige to begin with, that had obvious blood stains on it, that ran through a normal wash would look like it did.

    Paige, I agree with you and I have always found this to be an obvious sign of her fugue state as well.

  21. Funny how so many on the hate sites want to teach others how to type…..your t-dog thought the world of TEACHERS…..LOL! Ask lisa on that ,just another woman he USED! And Yes that so called family of his begs for $$$$$$$$$$$….and then spends it on a trip…maybe a trip to jamean would suit them better…hate does love hate. Now even I have a hard time reading My posts …SOME TIMES…LOL..but if only We could talk…want My no….? ask in a p/m fuckers..and I just might grace you with My voice but it’s gonna cost ya. Send a few $$$ to Her fund if you want to talk to Me…..Yes I helped Her family. Problems with that…..they’re yours not mine. All they did in that video WAS ask for help for their child…..but seems that drives the mob to the edge (closer each day…LOL). As for the great travis….just listen to that fuck up….and no one else. What kind of man would ever talk as he did and then use a faith to prey on others…eddie snell, t-dog. As for the 3×5…it ain’t…..and just try an prove it……as the sick one stand behind a PEDO (his words prove such) and a prosecutor who throws evidence to the courtroom floor… just why would he do such. And the ghost writer makes sense…but that tiny fuck did put his name to that book so OWN it fucker and soon he will. To all My fans in hate/PEDOville try to read s-l-o-w-e-r……..LOL.

  22. I must say one of them photos sure don’t look like the other….ya think the washing machine was turned on by accident or purpose…..maybe they had to move the camera to get a better angle…lots of odd angles in that trial of show trials. Interesting how all who were there just had to see a crime…even before they even knew that there was one…how could they know what went on that day….shot first , now last proves that so well…shot in the brain,but dura matter intact…oh and by then brain…jello,or was it still there to test? Imagine another det. calling out flores and the rat as He says No crime here it’s a case of self cefence…look no wounds on forearms and what kind of guy in danger looks into the mirror…RUN TRAVIS RUN…sounds just like a …movie. he did run…right? Now I ask any this…..who are the very best fighters…WRESTLERS…and why…standing they can hold their with any fighter…ANY!…but on the ground they rule…ALL! I as You must thank lady luck for saving Her that day. If She had let Her guard down there is a good chance t-dog would have won the day. I’m sure that She tried to calm him down and try to get him help…but think of this…..this is the same man who goes ape shit over a man boob joke on some one else. Imagine if She made that joke about him…t-dog takes a road trip to teach some one a needed lesson. Does that sound right. As for him not using his forearms to protect his face or self,who does that but folks on the attack…slows the attack. But We know She did that before to ward off an attack when he tried to kick Her when She was on the floor and in doing so broke Her finger. Odd how a person not trained to fight does that but a person who was trained to does not…..on the attack. And why is it We need not use Her words to nail him to the wall when his own mouth does that real well….My brother was a good guy…well 9 out of 10…..maybe but that one day out of ten look out for the wrath of travis…You have not seen my worst, sounds like She did see some before and that’s from his own mouth. Well on that day She saw his worst and did what had to be done…to survive.

    • Canadian Snowdog –

      If you will click the link to the clip above, the one where CSI Connor is depicted, less than a minute in you will see that
      a) She does not call it an SD card at all.
      b) She identifies the card (also depicted above) as the memory card that was found in the washer. She does not say it was found in the camera, she says it was found in the washer.

      We try to be very careful, here, about sticking to the facts.

  23. “It’s frightening how easy it is to convict an innocent person in this country. And it’s overwhelmingly difficult to release an innocent person.”
    Seema Saifee
    Staff Attorney
    Innocence Project

  24. I think I figured out how this site displays the time of day on our comments. This site must have “changed over” (some time ago) to displaying GMT on the time of the comments. Now it seems VERY PRACTICAL & EASY. I was confused because I think there is a 7 hour difference between “my local CST” & GMT. But I found an 8 hour difference between a particular comment display & my local CST. ….But when I realized that I am on CST & Daylight Saving Time (right now) then it is perfectly correct. …Now I know how many hours to add to the comment time, whether or not I am on Daylight Saving Time, to get my exact local time of “that comment”. …Hope this helps anyone who is interested. …Hope I am correct.

    • I must be totally incorrect, there is only a 4 hour time difference between my local time & the comment I just posted above. … PLEASE DISREGARD MY COMMENT ABOVE. The time of comments are only 4 hours different from my local CST DST. …I will figure it out. ….Very sorry.

      • Griz –
        By my calculations, with my comment above which I posted at 1:29amEDT, the time zone shown here is 3 zones east of me. The only large land mass I can see in that zone is Greenland.

  25. Juan never misses a chance…

    Juan, “you were the one that actually packaged that, yes?”

    CSI Connor, “when it was originally in the envelope”…pointing to bag.

  26. Photobucket copy of Travis Alexander’s computer activity – a video he was watching @ 06/04/08 04:08:11AM supposedly around the time Jodi arrived (NOTE: Profile Name on computer is listed as Deanna Reid).

    Here is the video taken from the copy of Alexander’s computer activity:
    UrL NAME:

    Here’s what you get when you put in the
    Requesting UrL:

    Here is the video Jodi described (I think). I don’t have any record to show this is what Alexander was watching.

    JA: Travis stayed up all night waiting. He was watching something on You Tube, some stupid video. He’s like, “You gotta’ see this,” and I’m watching and I’m like, “This is so boring. What’s the point of that?” He’s like, “Just stupid, pointless stuff.” I’m like, “Okay.” I guess everyone’s got to have their time to veg out being so driven and deep as he is for business, which is fine that he watches stuff like that. It wasn’t anything profane or bad or vulgar, it was just people dancing, but they had like boxes of foil on their head. It was like weird, like robotic kind of music.

  27. page 23 . So …… according to “Tiny”, he did not plan on dropping the camera in the courtroom but he did it anyway in response to something Jennifer did or said…. what a barf.

      • Just because Jodi tweeted (through a friend) Martinez was vertically challenged. She was right.
        A 4′ 11” (?) man is vertically challenged. Martinez can dish it, he just can’t take it. Maybe, he would like “elfin” better.

  28. Often we hear the why didn’t She just run…SHE DID if You paid attention in the trial…but was he not a runner? When a person is known for going off over a man boob joke and not on him ,imagine what happens when a new camera is dropped. So how many times does one run giving the attacker another chance to murder You. As he said …You shall see my wrath…..sounds dangerous to Me. Book of faith in one hand as he readies a fist. And this going to the police…well at best that’s 50/50….for some odd reason they tend to see a crime at every scene…..before the investigation even…but maybe I’m wrong on that…..? Well one of My sistors got into a fight with a boy up the hill…both were twins (NO WAY). So around supper We got a call and Dad was on the line with his Dad…do You know that Your daughter just wailed on My boy…tore the shirt off his back and cut him up real bad…..just what are You going to do about Your daughters violent ways? My Dad who was not well educated asked …now what was Your boy doing fighting with a girl (1967/68)….CLICK! Now did We call the police on Daddy warbucks…did Pa the ex pro boxer go up that hill…Hell We were poor and they were rich…who in power wants to believe a child of educated and or well off folks would abuse girls. If that had gone to trial My sister just might have faced reform school and God knows what. She had a very good reason for not talking about it…what if She was blamed for his attack. That guy and his brother had a real dark side when it came to any girls. My sisters hung out with their sisters so they knew what they were like…..Was My sister wrong for wailing on an abuser and wrong fearing punishment for defending Herself…? I would say no but then that’s My sister. This do this or that…real easy when it’s not You. Now if one can’t buy Her story from the stand then Please read more….Rob Risner Korea Dec.04 1952 F 86 v Mig……then on to the Perdo Push over N.Vietnam as one F 4 pushes another…just as Risner did in Korea…then on to Maj. Dobson July 8 1972 who bailed out of His B 52 in a typhoon and was found by a sub during a typhoon…yes all military and documented by Gov. but true stories of the impossible being very possible. Now You can find these stories on the web as I did but here’s one I did with a few pals….instead of turning a lic. plate upside down we just lifted a van in the rear to place a cinder block so the wheels were about 1/16 off the road……now does that sound possible that guys would do such a thing. There’s this show called ….PRANKS…duh! Guys love that…..beep.

  29. I still feel the MORMON CULT is behind this! They had already had 2 major scandals and the fact that a angry father was contacting them about travis texting and how he got her phone number! Cash/sky hughes knows the truth and so does the defective detective. Travis would of treated mimi hall just like he did all the others . Lie, cheat, use .. that was his pattern! Travis was told to stay away from Jodi but he wouldnt. He just snuck around to see/be with her. FREEDOM FOR JODI SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME SJ-TEAM JODI

  30. Did I mention that My sister never got a scratch from Her abuser…..and why would that be….lucky and faster then him….and not in a wrath and rage… Remain Calm and SURVIVE….still works rather well.

  31. Well grey h. just do the test on the backwards slash as tiny should on the 9 wounds…from the back just does not work. And like tiny this guy likes to play both sides at once…does not the knife appear in the left hand on the overhead view then in the right hand on the rear view. Try to do an upward slash from the back The wounds path is from the lower right to the upper left. Now as She tried to help him would She not be on guard and approach from the front…and as he rose off the floor and tried to grab and attack her again ,then with a left handed arch that wound makes sense. What I see in this photo is that t-dog is alive and still a threat. But then I must be wrong ,as tiny claims in his book that travis is DEAD in that photo…..what a vision that is as t-dog is on his way to heaven….or on that day gravity broke…opps wrong again as the photo was upside down ,now that explains the head going up. Still alive an still a threat…..that must be stopped ,so much for the over kill…ASK sister sam what she would do to an on going threat……what ever it takes…and this from someone who in open court told of a MURDER plan or did I get that wrong? Odd how all 3 broke the rule of not calling for the D/P to the jury as they did…and got away with it. But in a show trial they do as they please.

  32. (Day 1 Eonblue) 1:54:18

    JM: “And did you go to his house?

    Mimi: Yes. On the way to his house I started getting very worried because I called him and it went straight to voicemail. I called and had my mom on the other line just because . um I was scared because I thought that something might be happening to him because I knew that he had a stalker.” (1:54:38)

    Page 214 last paragraph

    “….During my initial examination, I did not ask Mimi about whether she knew Arias to be a stalker or what she might have heard in that regard, because I didn’t want to create any issues leading to a mistrial or being raised on appeal.”

    Mimi hesitated a few times during this testimony when Martinez could/should have interrupted as he is so good at. He knew exactly what she was going to say.

    Fast and loose with the truth at his best – outright lies at his worst.

  33. I saw a crazy case about a murder of a doctor who was married to a woman who had a twin sister. Some druggie drunk guy said that the twins paid him to kill the husband. There was nothing to prove the twins were involved and one of the twins got convicted and one set free.. anyways, there’s a case web page i was checking out

  34. I had this camera a while back, I still have some memory cards lying around here for it.

    The memory card in the ABC video is an SD card, The blue card pictured above on this page is an SD card, which has 9 contacts. Looking at front side, SD cards have notch on the top right. These will not fit in the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9.

    The blue card in the evidence bag is a Memory stick pro duo, which has 10 contact on the back side. Looking at the front side of the Memory stick pro duo has notch on top left.

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9 uses the Memory stick pro duo like pictured in the evidence bag.

    Hope that helps

    • Chris,
      Since you owned a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9 camera like Alexander’s, do you have any opinion/explanation why some of the deleted photos were recovered with date and time and some photos had no date and time?

      • I didn’t really have the camera long enough to really get into the settings, just used default setting, None of my photos had time stamps on them, and I no longer have the camera, so I can’t check on what was going on with the time stamps images they showed during the trial. But if I right click the images I see the date and time the photos were taken. About all I can say about it.

        Hope that helps.

        From manual

        Using ” Picture Motion Browser”, You can print images with date (page 102).

        This camera does not have the feature for superimposing dates and images. However, because the images shot with the camera include information on the recording date, you can print images with date superimposed if the printer or software can recognize Exif information. For compatibility with Exif information, consult the manufacture of the printer or software.

        When you print images as a shop, images can be printed with date if you ask them to do so.

      • Just another thought, Another thing I remember, don’t remember exactly if during the trail or some where I heard it, I believe they recovered the images, and some were only thumbnails, maybe the thumbnails didn’t have the time date info.

        • You’re right Chris. Lying Melendez did testify about thumbnails. He also testified that when deleted images are found in unallocated space as these supposedly were, that sometimes this info has been over-written. He lied so much, however, that I don’t see how any of it can be trusted.

          • I guess I’m not understanding the problem with the photographs, and time stamps, when Jodi testified she described the events of that day between those times say 1:00 when she got up did the bedroom sex photos, took the shower photos. But then maybe I missed something, been a while since the trial.

            • Not speaking for anyone else, my problem with the camera and sd cards are the inconsistencies between the testimonies of the two state witnesses. Conner testified that the sd card was collected separately from the camera, as was the missing door from the back of the camera that was in the bottom of the washer. Conner collected them separately with three separate exhibit numbers

              Melendez testified that his recollection was that he received the camera intact with the sd card inside a protective cover and inside the camera in the appropriate slot.

              Considering all of the tampering and hiding of evidence that this prosecutor engaged in, it makes one wonder why Melendez would lie about this.

              • Also, the photo above clearly shows that there is an sd card inside the camera when it was in the washer. Does that mean that there were two sd cards?

                • Chris,
                  My personal issue with the photos are that Jodi originally swore she was not at Alexander’s place on June 4, 2008 and suggested the photos may have been taken from old memory cards she left at Alexander’s house. Later, of course, after undergoing a grueling 2-day Reid Technique interrogation ( ), she changed her story.
                  Also, there were date and times placed on the photos related to WHEN the photos were taken but no information when they were DELETED (which would have been important if they were deleted on June 4, 2008 around 15:45:00 or so). In addition, Det. Michael Melendez, who was the person that recovered the photos, didn’t know who placed the date and times on the photos. And, Melendez said that about 90 photos were taken, and I believe he said (although I can’t find the quote right now), most of the photos were taken that day in the house but we never saw any of the other photos which might have revealed what Alexander and Jodi were doing and especially what Jodi was wearing.

                  Jodi also said she and Alexander shot a video and then deleted it but Flores simply makes one comment about the video and moves on.
                  From the interrogation tapes:
                  DF: The pictures that I showed you of you laying on the bed and stuff, was that when those were taken that day?
                  JA: We also made a video but we deleted it.
                  DF: A video on his camera? Videos are hard to get once they are erased, they take up so much room and … whereas pictures are a little different.

                  I don’t believe we hear anymore about the video again until Martinez writes his book:

                  “Her admission came as a surprise to me. She hadn’t said much of anything
                  up to that point and now she was volunteering information that was not
                  even known to the detective.

                  I wondered what her motivation for this new disclosure was, and the only
                  thing that seemed logical was that in her mind she and Flores were
                  sharing a moment. It was clear to me now that her preoccupation with the
                  photos was partially an effort to try to find out if their sex video had
                  been recovered.

                  If Flores was surprised by this revelation, he didn’t show it. “Videos
                  are hard to get when they are erased,” he told her. “They take up so much
                  room, whereas pictures are a little different.” The video would not have
                  offered any clues that the pictures hadn’t already given him, so it was
                  not surprising that he moved on to the bigger question of motive.”

                  So, it appears both Flores and Martinez dismiss or even ignore the importance of the possible video. A recovered video probably would have provided a great deal of information in spite of what Martinez wrote in his book.

                  Then, there is Melendez’s conflicting testimony:

                  MM: Well when I was looking in on my software, I selected an image view and it showed me all the images. And, initally it showed me all the images, so I saw all the images that were not deleted.
                  Later Melendez says:
                  MM: Oh, not deleted, I don’t know what those images were off hand.

                  Then, there is this article by Blink on Crime who is not a supporter of Jodi but has made some keen observations from time to time.
                  The portion of the article I’m referring to starts at: Points in Conversation that Match Images

                • I just wrote a response to Chris but it has gone where all good little responses go. Luckily, I have a copy which I will post later or tomorrow if ADM doesn’t retrieve it.

                • Chris,
                  Martinez’ comments about the video are in the 8:10pm comment I made yesterday. (i.e., the 3 paragraphs in quotation marks after the sentence: I don’t believe we hear anymore about the video until Martinez writes his book.
                  As for Jodi saying she thinks she used her camera to make the video, that was 5 years later. I was talking about Flores reaction on July 16, 2008 to Jodi saying they made a video and deleted it. He doesn’t seem to care or seek any information on the deleted video.

              • There is a difference between an SD card and the memory stick pro duo, The SD card is wider, notch on wrong side, less contacts, and will not fit in the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9

                The blue memory stick pro duo is what is in the evidence bag. If Melendez called it an SD card that was in the camera, he would be wrong, they just don’t fit.

                I have only seen the 2 pieces of evidence during the trial. The blue memory stick pro duo in the evidence bag, and the door.

                What was the exhibit number for the third item? I don’t believe I have ever seen the third item.

                • Day 6 – Mary Loves Makeup77 – microphone was not turned on at beginning when the intact camera with all doors on was handed to Melendez.

                  Martinez: And what condition was the camera? We know that it had been thrown in the washing machine, but what was the condition of the camera?

                  Melendez: It turned on and I was able to use it. I was able to turn it on to see that it worked.

                  Martinez: Okay, and were any parts of it broken?

                  Melendez: I believe the actual button to take the pictures was loose. (3:25)

                  Martinez: Okay. So how were you able to determine that?

                  Melendez: It kind of moved off it as I manipulated the camera.

                  Martinez: And were there any other items that were off of it, for example, was there any cover from the back that was off of it – anything like that?

                  Melendez: No, it looked exactly like it looks now. (3:38)


                  Martinez: In this case were you able to look at the camera and see where this sim card was?

                  Melendez: Yes, I was.

                  Martinez: Were you the person who actually removed it?

                  Melendez: Yes.

                  Martinez: And tell me a little bit in terms of its safeguards and protection from moisture – why don’t you tell me a little bit about where this sim card was located.

                  Melendez: Uh, the sim card, well it’s not a sim card, it’s a memory stick, sorry

                  Martinez: What’s the difference between what I’ve been saying

                  Melendez: It’s a similar type of storage device. A sim card is used more for phones. (4:38)

                  Martinez: I see. And so this is a memory stick, go ahead tell me.

                  Melendez: It’s a similar type of storage device. A sim card is more used for phones. (4:38)

                  Martinez: I see. And so this is a memory stick, go ahead tell me.

                  Melendez: Right and the memory stick, from my recollection, it had like a little cover on it, and then it was inside of the camera itself – in the area of the camera where you put the memory card in. (4:52)

                  Martinez: So my question was – was it protected from water and that sort of thing?

                  Melendez: It could have been, yes.


                  Martinez: And you have that memory stick there, correct?

                  Melendez: Yes.

                  Martinez: And what exhibit number is it?

                  Melendez: 215.

                  Martinez: It’s actually very small isn’t it?

                  Melendez: Yes.

                • Carol,

                  A little odd, day 2 Heather Connor showed the door in an evidence bag, Day 6 Melendez seems to indicate the door is there on the camera, I just watched the youtube video, They showed a good view of the camera, but didn’t turn it so I could see the bottom.

                • I just watch the video with Melendez and camera , I figured it out, The battery door is in 2 parts, the hinge part is still attached to the camera, the rest of the door is in the evidence bag.

                • Melendez: Day 6 @ 1:36

                  Melendez is holding the camera with the back towards the court camera. Just before that, at approximately 1:19 he holds it so that the bottom of the camera is showing. He was specifically questioned by Martinez as to whether there were any other items that were off the camera, and even gives him the example of a cover missing from the back and he responded “no, it looked exactly like it looks now”. (3:38)

                  Conner qualifies her testimony as to exhibit 220 as “this is what I labelled as a digital camera door” not simply this is the door that I collected as she usually does. Also, if you look at the envelope while she is holding it at 1:21:19 it appears empty and actually has a bit of a bend in it.

                  Martinez: What is it?
                  Conner: This is what I labelled as a digital camera door that was found at the bottom of the washing machine and was collected.

                  She also qualified her packaging of the memory card by stating “when it was originally in the envelope”.

                  Conner: This is the memory card that was collected from inside the washing machine.
                  Martinez: And you were the one that actually packaged that; is that correct?
                  Conner: When it was originally in the envelope, yes. (1:19:54)

                • Hope this works, image links

                  and that would be how Melendez received it, with half a door.

                  Photo of the camera, with hinge half of door still attached to the camera


                  From the manual you can see where the cover is broke. I out lined where it is broke. #2 is what would be in the evidence bag.


                • I reviewed the video Heather Connor and I can’t find the part where she says memory card was found separate to the camera at the bottom of the washing machine. What was the time on the video for that?

                  I see the part where she says “There was a memory card inside the washing machine. It was also collected.”

                  Heather Connor also says the camera door was found at the bottom of the washing machine and was collected, It was found after the clothing was removed, but she didn’t say the same thing about the memory card, being found in the bottom of washing machine after the cloths were removed.

                  Maybe she meant, there was a memory card inside the washing machine meant just that. In the camera like we see in the photo. Maybe not accurate with her wording. I guess that’s what it sound like to me, but I could be wrong.

                  Was there an exhibit for another memory card?

                  Just trying to sort out this extra memory card.

              • I just watched the video above with Heather Connor and these are the 3 exhibits from the washer.

                Exhibit #215 blue memory card

                Exhibit #214 Camera

                Exhibit #220 the door

                I think the problem is they are calling it an SD card which it is not.

                • Chris,

                  1:15 – 3:46 – while testifying for two and ½ minutes, Melendez is holding up the camera at different angles and there is nothing broken that is visible.

                  @ 2:32 – Melendez is holding the camera upside down and looking directly at the bottom of the camera. It appears intact with no broken door.

                  @2:43 the bottom of the camera is visible to the court camera and it appears to be intact.

                  @3:24 – Melendez testifies that there was no damage other than the loose button.

                  It would have made his testimony even more incredulous had he been holding up a camera with a broken door and testifying as he did, that there was no damage with the exception of the loose button. It also would have made Martinez’s outrageous dropping of the camera even more contemptible had there been a broken part that could be compromised.

                  Also, Melendez testified that he found the memory stick in the camera HIMSELF, in a little cover, and inserted into the appropriate slot of the camera. This simply could not be true as Connor had collected it and put it into the package that became exhibit 214.

                  The testimonies of these two witnesses do not support each other.

                  The End

  35. I really don’t know why it took so long for kermit to write his trashy book. Most of it is just a transcript of the trial, and the rest is lies.

  36. Free Jodi ‏@JodiAriasFree 3h3 hours ago

    #jodiarias ‘ new mugshot will be coming out next month! Can’t wait to see how beautiful she looks

    • ….. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Will you share her new photo with us cc53?

      I’m sure the Hater Loser Network will come out with a month long show about her new mug shot to gain ratings just like they did during the trial.

  37. Thank You Carol….regarding mimi…..on the phone with mom as she’s in fear of her life…what is that a bad teen movie. Of all people just why would just friends….PAL….show up to find out what was going on. And bring a crew…..who just walks in and then finds out some one is there be it home or business…if she was so worried call the police. Why take the chance walking in on anyone. She says she was in fear/worried of what….life. How is it after 5 days that only mimi took to finding out…was she duped …ring ,ring,…hello…mimi have you seen or heard from t-dog lately……when you do have him call me or visit me i’m worried for him…and with that good old mimi starts to thinking …and is on her way in tow with at least 3 others…for what ? A guy she really doesn’t spend time with…..what’s the matter with all his friends and family as he off the earth for 5 days….and should by now be in cancun on the prowl. And meanwhile the room mates can’t smell a thing or hear a dog that by now should need water and food….was naps a quiet dog? or on a diet? Was mimi sent there to discover the scene and call it in…she didn’t. The gal who did didn’t even know who Jodi was….listen how she was coached. % days is a long time for not hearing from one who loved to talk and be seen …no wallflower was he. Have your mom on the line ,bring a crew,and have a stranger phone 9-1-1…was she the only one else who had a phone…as the guys seemed not to. Amazing for someone so dear to the hearts of all he was not missed sooner…in fact he seems more missed now then when alive….but that brings to mind …dead men tell no tales….and I’m sure more then a few of the so called dear friends are glad of that. Now none of em friends of t-dog have any thing good to say about Jodi,but with that they say nothing good about travis as he wanted to be with Her. Why not just tell him ,make a choice…us or Her. One pal did just that…but now they all claim none knew what was really going on….not from what I’ve heard his pals say. It really shows just what they will do to destroy Her…ANYTHING! And then speak of him as the new Christ….come to change the world. When I see 3 ex gal pals take the stand all I see is payback…deanna,lisa,and mimi….but only one got caught in a lie…for now. Little miss pure n innocent…deanna…go easy on her kirk as she was used n abused…by a dog. Good thing mim just happened to show up or he might still be there….smell does dissipate sooner or later. Just interesting how mimi showed up and not the dog sitter…and that would be deanna of the drop by any old time for a good time like the old times. Opps that was ONLY once…LOL.

    • 😆 Thanks Griz for summing it all up for us! Nothing measured up did it? It takes time to set things up and apparently that was a good 4 to 5 days. My goodness, a lot could happen in that amount of time but then THANK heavens the Defective Detective figured it all out after talking with those so-called concerned friends. 😆 smh Wonder how Deanna’s family felt about their daughter, sister being used and abused by TA. A normal family would have been enraged at the least, hmmmmmm 🙄

      • Wonder why Dr. Phil didn’t mention those other abused girlfriends of TA’s? Apparently, some one failed to fill “Ole Phil” in on the facts of TA’s sorted life?

        • He must have drank the Kool-Aid with his good friend JVM before the show to forget everything that he and his wife supposedly stand for. It was a total sham.

    • It’s not like Mimi was a teenager either. She was 33 yrs old when she testified. I wouldn’t call my dear mother if I thought there was danger ahead.

  38. Breaking news from…b.s….s/d…er room mates or others were in the house EACH day…..stink..what stink? And it seems the rat said so…have not read that far …but I’ve been told that tiny saw that the food and water dish were filled on the day he was there… n out they went each day… take care of …THINGS….if only the dog could talk…and thanks …b.s. for the truth….and slip. So now We do know that others were in that house before mimi and her crew….in fear they did go.

  39. Criminal


    ORDERED: Ken Crenshaw and court reporters Scott A. Kindle, Amy Fuller, Terry Masciola, Karen Dawson, Deborah Croci,Michael Babicky, Christine Coaly, Jovanna Roman, Denise Vaishville, Dotty Reaume, Barbara Stockford, Traci Stutsman, LisaVitoff, Lori Fraley, Janell Rose, Robbin Bobbie, Lydia Estrada-Gray, Treva Colwell, Laura Ashbrook, Patricia Kotarba, Marla Arnold, and Karen Bolton to provide copies of certified transcripts to Joseph T. Maziarz of the Office of the Attorney General, and
    to Margaret M. Green with the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office, on/before 04/08/2016 or OSC. Anthony Mackey
    ProTem Judge – Author

  40. Jodi Arias Updates ‏@JodiAnnArias 1h1 hour ago

    #JodiArias and the 100’s of women on her yard have been without hot water for 2 days. Good thing the weather is warm.
    1 retweet 8 likes

  41. Chris, continued from above:
    I believe you are correct that it was the “door” that was found in the bottom of the washing machine, but it is a harmless error. The important testimony is that it was found “inside the washing machine”, not the camera, and that it “was also collected.”

    If the memory card known as exhibit 215 was inside the camera, she would not have removed it to collect it separately. Proper procedure would be to collect it with the camera just as she found it.
    and removing it would have been tampering with evidence. Even if she had not followed protocol, she would have at least recorded it that way and testified to that.

    It was after the admission of exhibit 214 (the camera) that Martinez asks the following rather badly worded question, but “this thing” referenced in his question must have been the camera.

    Martinez: Do you know whether or not there was what is known as a sim card attached to this thing?

    Conner: There was a memory card inside the washing machine that was also collected.

    But assuming that I am incorrect in my interpretation of that testimony, it still would not account for Melendez’s testimony that he found the memory card inside a protective cover and inside the slot in the camera.

    The only way that both their testimonies could be accurate would be that there were two memory cards, one that was collected and packaged by Conner as exhibit 215, and another one inside the camera as photographed above and found by Melendez as he testified.

  42. Carol,

    I guess the problem I have with it is, If it is true the, time stamps were manipulated, fabricated some how, then that would mean Jodi lied on the stand. Why would we want to do that here, give folks that impression. When Jodi testified, she described the events of that day in detail, for example, the one with Travis on the bed time stamped 1:44:50 dated 6/4/08. There is Jodi’s testimony on direct where she describes all these photo’s, the sex that happened between 1:30 pm and 2:00 pm on 6/4/08.

    I’m not sure how this helps Jodi, If maybe they manipulating the time stamp photos. And with the things I have just looked at, the videos, testimony I reviewed the last few day, I just don’t believe that happened.

    Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    • If there is another memory card we didn’t get to see it, or the photos on that card, but we did get see the images Jodi says were taken that day from Travis’s camera, except the last 2 she doesn’t remember, but we do know that foot photo was taken in the hallway, because in the new photo that’s going around we can clearly see the bathroom cabinets, Travis on the floor, So I have to believe that photo was taken that day after the shower photos.

      Jodi never says there is other photos we didn’t get to see.

      My opinion, there was no second card.

      I won’t say anymore about it, those are just my thoughts on the camera memory card.

      • Please ignore all my typing mistakes, or where something seems jumbled. If something is not clear let me know. I see there is no way to edit my comments here.

  43. Chris there is no proof that She ever lied on the stand….was She charged with that by tiny….hell no ,it was him and his minions who lied. The time stamps were put on by the camera that day or not. Can that camera put on time stamps? some say yes Sony says …NO…so how did they get there? For the state it would be a good thing to show the fight was only 62 sec….until in a test(many) I did more in 42 sec. and ruined the impossible 62 out. In any fight as that was 62 is a very long time. Many are only to ready to claim She lied on the stand bot We know that horn ,flores,and jamean did…no PTSD….from such a fight,and this from a person who had to have each question asked to her liking. Should she have been given a test? some one put the time stamps on that camera and it seems after Jodi left….for 5 days any who entered that home had access. And We do know in state control the p/c was turned on twice…and who controlled the camera? Want proof of evil…why would ANY det. go back to the house and fake a shelf tilt as HLN show a man of 210 lbs. standing on the shelf with no tilt…twice. This mind set of some …why would they do that…well they did do just that…FAKE EVIDENCE…so ask them. Did She time the fight…to prove what? Most folks have a real hard time with all that in 62…..but did they ever test the time line…it only takes 42 sec.s of one’s life. Not a very long time when the state wants to take a life….is it.

    • I never said she lied. I’m Just saying Jodi testified to the events that day, that do fit the time stamped on the photos, If you are saying these time stamps have been manipulated or fabricated, then you are saying Jodi lied on the stand.

      Not sure how the time stamps got there, maybe they right clicked the images, got the date and time, and placed them on the photos.

      In the manual it says you can print images with date superimposed if the printer or software can recognize Exif information. For compatibility with Exif information, consult the manufacture of the printer or software.

      I did have this camera, and it did not have the time stamps on my photos, but I am able to see the date and time the photos were taken, by right clicking on the images.

      Sorry, but I’m not really sure what you are trying to say Wayne, Sorry if I misinterpreted your reply.

      • For argument’s sake Chris (since, best I can tell, that’s why you’re here)–

        IF the timestamps were fabricated, they might have been fabricated to coincide with what was known of Jodi’s timeline of that day.

        It may all be as straightforward as you say and it just LOOKS wonky because Melendez was such a lousy and inept witness.

        a) he said the only thing broken on the camera was the button on the top, when the photograph and Connor’s testimony tell us that the battery/card door was broken
        b) JM got him to say that the battery/card door might have protected the card from damage–okay, um, WHAT DOOR because the door in question was broken
        c) Melendez testified that he had no idea how the timestamps got on the pictures or who had put them there

        AND, dammit, the man said he examined a card that he found in THE CAMERA and Connor identified that same card as the one she found IN THE WASHING MACHINE–logged as a separate piece of evidence from the camera and the door that were also in the washing machine.

        • Yes I agree, looks wonky. On day 6 Melendez has the camera right there in his hand and you can see the battery door hanging open. Martinez asked Melendez the condition of the camera, any parts of it broken, any covers off, and Melendez says no, looks exactly as it does now as when he received it, he only mentions the button. It is not made clear that the battery door is broken during Melendez testimony. Where on day 2 we see the camera door in the evidence bag during Heather Connor’s testimony.

          They don’t seem to be on the same page, so yes I agree it looks wonky.

          I’m thinking Melendez knows nothing about the broken camera door, or the door piece that was collected earlier, because the half the door was hanging he may have thought the door was all there, and that is how he received it with the blue card in the camera. The card probably didn’t become an exhibit number until they pulled the card out of the camera after it was in the hands of Melendez.

          I don’t see anything going on here, but this is all Just my opinion. Doesn’t mean I’m right.

          • Just to add, I took a screen shot of Melendez holding the camera in his hand and the door is broken, but he doesn’t even notice it. The photo is in one of my comments above.

          • According to his testimony, he had to take the card out of the camera in order to read it. You’d think he’d notice the broken door.

          • Chris, you did not see the camera door as an exhibit when Connor testified. The envelope that she collected it in is what you saw. Normally, the envelope would be opened on the stand to show what is in it. Did you see that happen at some point that I missed?

            Evidence collection is supposed to be an exact science.

  44. Chris did She time the fight….if you can’t understand Me READ slower…..this She lied on the stand and time stamps prove …what? That once again the state lied…62…impossible…but it can be done in 42…now whose lying for the win? This b.s. She had to have lied on the stand then tell Us all why not the got cha moment from the tiny rat…..was he once again on the wrong side of the room as he seems on the wrong side of justice. And on another note a hater showed Me how t-dog cuts on the hands are proof of his attack… photos of self defence one gets cut to the palm…he had none…opps…but all his cuts were of a nature of a man making a fist….look at the hand wounds as You make a fist…no wonder he had know wounds to his palms as he tried to beat Her….remember he loved MMA and wrestling. What better way then to smash a person with your fist backed by them huge arms of his….his 18 inchers he often bragged about.

  45. Chris,
    You wrote:” I never said she lied. I’m just saying Jodi testified to the events that day, that do fit the time stamped on the photos.”
    Are you sure Jodi testified to “the events of that day,”or, did she testify to the information given to her by Detective Flores during his interrogation of her? Flores described the scene at Alexander’s house, described the evidence police had, described how Alexander was killed and with what weapons, etc. He told Jodi the day Alexander was killed, told her about him being shot and stabbed numerous times, where his body was found, told her when the roommates were in the house and described the nude photos and shower photos (and even showed her some of the photos). He even gave her the time when the photos were taken:

    DF: Well this is another one that’s just a copy, but it’s you…same day…all time stamped. First picture… see… the date… 6-4-08 5:22 p.m. The photo of you started, you know, on Travis’s bed about 1:30-1:45 something like that.

    I think Flores knew that the type of interrogation he put Jodi through often results in a false confession. And, if she made a false confession, he wanted to make sure she had all the information she needed to make her confession believable.

    • Jodi did testified to the events of that day, and we will never know if she made a false confession unless she tells us. So I guess at this point there is no evidence there was a false confession. Maybe something will come out in the future.

  46. Chris,
    I have it on authority that Jodi will tell everyone here, in no uncertain terms, that she did tell the truth and she was not manipulated or delusional or confabulated. So believe what you want and say what you want, everyone does, and Jodi will express it to all here soon, too.

    • I keep saying I never said Jodi lied on the stand, in any of my comments above. Not sure where that is coming from.

      • Sorry, I phrased my comment inappropriately. I wanted to say that because you support Jodi, you are free to express yourself exactly as you feel. I know you never said Jodi lied, I was responding to Coldcase53 and others that support Jodi but believe Jodi was anything but solely responsible for ta’s death and ALL she testified too. I wanted you to know you have just as much voice as anyone, and DO express yourself, that’s it, besides Jodi finding a way to relate what I said she would relate to us all, without the ambiguity that always ensues

  47. A couple of Kirk Nurmi’s thoughts going into the Jodi’s trial:

    “As for the plan and how I devised it, my first move was to digest what I knew apart from the evidence in the case. In this regard, the most prominent issue was that Ms. Arias was a liar who likely would not be believed even if she did in fact tell the truth on occasion.”

    “So there you have it, going into trial that was my plan in a nutshell. In saying this I realize that those who support Jodi will be upset because the plan did not involve proving she was “innocent,” something that could not have ever been done.”

    Not exactly the way you want your lawyer to be thinking about you before the trial starts. Interestingly, when the trial was over, Jennifer Willmott stated: “At the beginning of the case. I know the prosecution wanted to label her a liar, and she did, she lied when she was first arrested, she lied about some of the things that she knew about Mr. Alexander, she didn’t want all of his skeletons coming out of the closet, as she told us yesterday, but when she testified, no I don’t believe she lied.”

  48. One area that Juan screwed up at is when he went on Dr. Phil.

    Juan said that the only reason he charged Jodi with murder was because of the images on the camera. That means the DNA, palm print and hair sample were not enough to charge Jodi with murder for the main reason that Mesa PD did not have each of the samples age tested to find if their dates matched the time of when Jodi was at Travis’.

    The two sets of bloody boot prints are also a defining specimen because if Mesa had matched the shoe print to any of the shoes owned by Jodi and then cross referenced the size with the occupants of the home shoe sizes they could have determined exactly who had left the shoe print behind.

    But because Mesa PD did not log any of their detectives as having contaminated the crime scene and leaving behind the bloody print or logging the roommate shoes for blood as well then a person who was not Jodi left the prints behind.

    Unless the shoe prints in blood have been documented in official form as coming from Jodi and not any of the Mesa detectives or the roommates…then the prints belong to someone else.

  49. Did you see that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was found dead this morning of a heart attack, in the bed of a 15-year-old undocumented Mexican prostitute?

      • Alan, that is the funniest April Fool joke I ever heard. I almost fell out of my chair trying to get to CNN to get more information. …The only thing would be funnier if the Mexican was named “JUAN”, haha.

    • Oh, how we all wish that were true….. After reading your comments, I keep thinking of Arpaio banging Kermit and suddenly having a heart attack LMAOO! A perfect death for that fat sadistic pig and a perfect humiliation for Juanita 😆 😆

  50. Sheriff joe arpaio should be buried in PINK PANTIES!!! Does anybody know if he was mormon? Never mind.. of course he was!

  51. What about Nurmi saying that he thought Jodi was guilty when he accepted the case? Nurmi hadn’t even seen any of the evidence before he accepted the case. Nurmi saying in his book that he admits to being biased towards Jodi proves Ineffective Counsel and that conspiracy took place to deny or limit Jodi all of the defense available to her based on her own defense attorney not putting forth the effort to discharge his duties because he already thought she was guilty before he accepted the case.

  52. This pertains to Juan’s book.

    In his book Juan writes, Cortez said that he couldn’t remember for sure but he believed that the last time he saw Travis was when he got home from work on Weds evening,( normally between 6 and 6:30 pm). Juan then adds to Enrique’s statement: He recalled that Travis was downstairs and talking on the phone, perhaps a conference call.

    In Enrique’s initial report to Flores, Enrique never mentions seeing Travis downstairs talking on the phone. Juan is trying to fill in for the readers what he wants them to see.

    …but if Juan charged Jodi with murder because of the photos that show Travis to be dead at 5:32 pm on Weds, June 4th, why is he adding lines to an official report in his book that basically contradict his belief that the photos prove Jodi was at the crime scene and killed Travis?

    Based on the addition of the lines by Juan, Juan in his own admission is taking Enrique seeing Travis still alive past the time and date stamps of the photos showing Travis to be dead as fact. Thus proving in Juan’s own book and by Juan himself that Jodi did not kill Travis, but that Travis had still been alive between the time Enrique returned home from work and and had been killed before Travis made his made conference call which was scheduled for seven pm and not earlier.

    • You’re mistaken, Dinkus, or confused–I haven’t read Martinez book and don’t intend to, but Flores DID say in his report, at the very bottom of page 15 (note the page numbers on the top right of each page), the last two lines say Enrique thinks he last saw Travis on Wednesday evening after he (Enrique) home from work. Travis was talking on the phone, possibly a conference call.

      Mind you, this was not the ‘initial interview’ with Cortez–Flores notes that his interview with Cortez is a follow-up interview. I’m not sure the report ever says who first interviewed Enrique Cortez, but I do find it curious that Enrique is not among those listed as the ‘friends at the scene’ who agreed to come to the police station to be interviewed in the wee hours of Jun 10.

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