The Missing Bathroom Photographs & Missing Memory Card

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Before I get started with today’s post, I’d like to clarify one specific point which crops up in the comments from time to time.

Basically, in a retrial, new evidence can be introduced. It’s just like the first trial never happened. New evidence, new attorneys, new jury, new witnesses, new strategies, new everything can be used in a remanded case for retrial.

One of the very reasons a case can be overturned and remanded for new trial is new evidence.

For further specific clarification, click here to visit and read the section titled: “What is the Difference Between a Retrial and an Appeal?” It explains precisely and concisely what a retrial allows.

Following on from that, here’s an updated version of an early 2016 post — featuring 2 conflicting testimonies, the mysterious missing memory card evidence, and the equally mysterious missing photographs of someone “on the floor of the bathroom bleeding profusely” which Flores directly referenced in his report – even though nobody has ever seen them since.

Here goes…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Check out this picture of the camera found in the washing machine. This was taken before the “official” crime scene pics & numbered evidence markers were added.

Note that the memory card is actually IN the camera, next to the battery, (indicated by the arrow):


And here’s the official crime scene photograph of the camera in the washing machine, from a different angle:

camera-pic 2

How cool is that? First you take an in-situ picture of how the evidence was originally found (i.e. the pic above with the arrow)… then you rearrange it a bit… make it look how you want it to look… then add the numbered evidence markers and take the “official” photograph.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting.

Heather Connor testified that the memory card was found separate to the camera at the bottom of the washing machine. Based solely on the photographs alone, that’s simply not the case. The memory card is clearly visible in the camera in the first photograph.

Watch the clip of Heather Connor’s testimony (below) where she clearly states: “There was a memory card inside the washing machine that was also collected”:

Forward the video to the 1:33:20 mark and you’ll also see a picture of item #37, where Heather Connor states – “That is the memory card that was originally in the washing machine and then was collected as item #37.”

Moving on…

When Detective Melendez testified, he stated that the memory card was already IN the camera when he received it, and therefore it could have been protected from water. That ties in with the picture at the very top of this page – but it directly contradicts Heather Connor’s testimony.

Watch the clip (below) to see that part of the Melendez’ testimony:

Now, if (as Heather Connor testified) there was a card found & collected separate to the card found in the camera which Melendez received… that would mean there were actually 2 cards found in the washing machine that day… although only the 1 card ever gets mentioned and/or brought into trial, namely Exhibit #215 as referenced in both video clips above — which is the blue SD card where all the “deleted images” were supposedly extracted from.

Here’s a photograph of the actual SD card produced during the Melendez testimony:

Sony Duo SD memory card Exhibit 215

Now, I’m not saying either witness was lying per se. They were just testifying as to what they saw and/or received.

Heather Connor stated she found the SD card (or “a” SD card) loose in the bottom of the washing machine drum… and when Melendez got the camera from the washing machine, he stated the SD card (or “a” SD card) was already in the camera.

So if they are both telling the truth, that means there were 2 SD cards… which subsequently raises the questions — [1] what happened to the OTHER card, and (more importantly) [2] what exactly was on it?

Here’s what I think happened:

Someone at some point (most probably Flores) viewed images from both cards that were found in the washing machine. After that, selected images were put together (and date/time stamps ADDED), all prior to the camera being handed over to Melendez.

As far as I recall, back in 2008, the camera wasn’t technically able to add time & date stamps to the photographs, therefore any date/time stamps were added after the event. How convenient.

So what about the “missing” photographs?

By “missing” photographs I mean the ones that Flores saw (on one of the memory cards) but deliberately withheld from evidence — for reasons I’ll cover shortly.

Here’s an excerpt from Flores’ Probable Cause Report (from 2008):

Flores quote mesa police probable cause report 2008

Here’s what it says:

On 6-19-08 I received the images located on the memory card found in Travis’ digital camera. The digital card had several pictures on it including some, which had been deleted. The deleted pictures were of Travis naked in the shower, just before his death. The first one was time stamped on 6-04-08 at 1722 hours. There were several pictures of Travis as he was clearly posing for the camera. The last picture taken of Travis alive was at 1730 hours. Some of the following pictures were of a subject on the floor of the bathroom bleeding profusely.”

Did anyone see any photographs of anyone on the floor of the bathroom bleeding profusely?

No we didn’t… and nor did anyone else.

Gloria Esteban - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Setting aside the fact that Flores is a lying POS at the best of times — (which is why he got demoted immediately after the trial) — he saw those bathroom pics, even though he couldn’t (for whatever reason) identify whoever was “bleeding profusely” on the bathroom floor. What’s more, he even made direct reference to the photographs in his Report. Therefore, the pics exist – or at least they did exist until Martinez got himself involved and had Flores lose them.

This is the way Martinez rolls apparently — and this is certainly not the first time that trial evidence has gone AWOL under his watch.

So WHAT exactly did those bathroom photographs depict?

More importantly, WHY did those specific photographs never get brought into evidence?

I could ask the same question about the now infamous “bathroom boot print” photograph that never even got discussed during the trial — but that can wait for another day.

Let me also clarify something here:

This post is not intended to contradict Jodi’s testimony or her account of TA’s unprovoked attack. It is solely intended to highlight the fact that Flores & Martinez saw the additional bathroom photographs, but then ultimately decided it would be in their best interests to exclude them from evidence as they didn’t quite “fit” with their M.O.

It’s not that Martinez ever had anything against Jodi… or that he ever really gave 2 shits about the worthless piece of abusive & retarded inbred Mormon pedo-scum MF he was representing.  Not at all. He just likes to “win at all costs” regardless of all factors — as we know from all the ethics & misconduct complaints currently stacking up against him from all angles.

The thing is — those “missing” photographs probably validate Jodi’s testimony regarding the sequence of events — hence the exclusion. This of course is the same “sequence of events” that Flores gave 3 different versions of under oath. Go figure.

For anyone thinking the camera & memory card stuff is old hat, it’s not.


Because if there were 2 memory cards in the washing machine — and the photographs & testimonies certainly confirm that to be the case — that means the other (2nd) memory card (and all its contents) was deliberately concealed and/or disposed of… which is not too dissimilar to what happened to all the phone SIM cards, and all the child porn images found on TA’s laptop.

So while many people may think this case is over and done with… nothing could be further from the truth. There’s still a long way to go.

Let’s fucking do this.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $105,247.77 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

Remember… each day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release date.

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

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Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

As always, be sure to leave your relevant thoughts & comments below…

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. Well Well, it appears the ACLU has decided to get involved according to Alan and Justus. I think we all know how much clout the ACLU has in this country. This should be very interesting.
    SJ is right about the new evidence, I was speaking about the appeals process and not the actual retrial that would follow but I still stand corrected.
    SJ’s post is absolutely frightening. The question that we all have now is how would this potential blockbuster violation of evidence disclosure ever be proven 11 years later. The point that he makes about cameras possibly not making date stamps in 2008 is somewhat interesting as Jodi also claims that the camera that she and her sister were using at the monastery also had date-stamps if I remember her interview with Troy Hayden correctly. However, the pictures may not matter much at this point as they don’t apply to the actual struggle on June 4th. As I said in an earlier post, Travis’ penchant for anger and physical violence towards Jodi will be essential since there are no police reports, medical visits or witness testimony to submit in court.

  2. It was always self defense. Over the top prosecutor to lift his life up was willing to put a girl to death. Yea we know it and have seen it. It was a fight to the death and nobody won. What a shit story. Girl fought.

  3. She understood too much and he reacted and it got out of control. You fight for your life.! Self preservation. So sorry for my girl. You won your life and won a battle but lost your freedom. This was a wrong call. Me Too Movement!!

  4. I have to wonder if the missing memory card and pictures actually show HIM hurting her and that is why they suddenly disappeared.

  5. Judge for Jodi – you thought you won but Noooo you did not! Me too if only. You lost your soul girl for your career.

  6. “As far as I recall, back in 2008, the camera wasn’t technically able to add time & date stamps to the photographs, therefore any date/time stamps were added after the event. How convenient.”

    Do you refer to that specific camera (manufacturer/model?) or do you mean in general?
    In general this is not true. I remember I bought I think my first digital cam for a snowboarding trip in 2002, back then one of the best and smallest digicams available, a Kyocera Finecam S4 I think (yeah, I can remember such stuff since I’m a tech nerd :-)) and it had all the functions you could ask for, and date/time stamp was pretty much standard, even in 2002 already.

  7. “Basically, in a retrial, new evidence can be introduced. It’s just like the first trial never happened. New evidence, new attorneys, new jury, new witnesses, new strategies, new everything can be used in a remanded case for retrial.”

    Thanks for the confirmation/info. I’m glad I was right despite not being a legal professional. Common sense tells you that but you always need to be careful if it comes to common sense/logic and legal people/matters. They don’t mix very well, very often at least. 🙂 Very good they happen to do so here.

    “It’s not that Martinez ever had anything against Jodi… or that he ever really gave 2 shits about the worthless piece of abusive & retarded inbred Mormon pedo-scum MF he was representing. Not at all. He just likes to “win at all costs” regardless of all factors — as we know from all the ethics & misconduct complaints currently stacking up against him from all angles.”

    🙂 No comment, other than that could have been my words.

    I still try to control myself and be somewhat moderate when posting here despite my deep disgust for the hypocrisy not only in this dipshit’s life but that the hypocrisy was ignorantly carried on, rather protected, by the genetically underdeveloped TA family, Kermit, the media and so on.
    And I usually don’t want to hurt Jodi’s feelings who still seems to talk kind of positive to some degree about this dude, at least a few years ago, no idea about her current state of mind regarding this topic, for whatever reason, may it be denial that she was so wrong from the very beginning about him, still not seeing it for real or maybe tactical reasons regarding the trial. No idea but it very much surprised me very often what she said about him in interviews, and I don’t mean the early interviews.

    Someone who never watched any video/visual/audio footage about the so-called victim would expect some kind of Tony Stark/Iron Man from the portrayal in the public/media/etc. and in fact would have to deal with this here if he bothered to look at the real thing:–mw-133288-1.jpg

    Why is that, why can’t the media/public/even his family not simply report and tell objective facts and just keep it fucking real? You don’t need to broadcast and tell LIES or MASSIVE exaggerations towards either side about a dead man, meaning no lies that make him look better and also not worse like in reality. Why not?
    That was a rhetorical question of course. It’s of course because it doesn’t sell well to the degenerated and merely uneducated and dumb public lynch mob and they are all in for only one reason after all, profit (as opposed to real journalism), DisGrace, Drew (this red head in his panel seems to have no brain at all but at least she is hot lol – Jenny Something, she also wears a necklace with her name on it, usually only seen on porn stars, no kidding haha), JVM and the other mindless and any integrity lacking talking heads and profiteers, also the makers and actors from that class c trash movie made for morons only (fuck you Tania Raymonde, I once “loved” you, so cheap to give yourself in for this propaganda trash just made for feeding the mob mentality).
    There must always be the shiny and noble “victim” in a golden knight armor and on the other side the personified devil, in this case some evil sex-crazed witch who even was into witchcraft lol (so ridiculous when you look at the facts). Disgusting, really disgusting. Especially when it couldn’t be further from the truth like in this case, and is even rather vice versa under objective watch.
    Intellectual honesty/objectivity/etc., something I referred to very often in my posting in the Pedo letter thread yesterday, usually comes with intelligence AND a higher and/or scientific education, at least you need either of those two, but it’s something you can rarely find on the TA team. Sad. Very sad.
    I’ve told this otherwise nice guy from the TA team I had this private discussion with on Facebook, actually a rare non Moron, sorry Mormon/non PPL friend of Travis (which is a big plus for him in my book despite his obvious ignorance/denial of facts), I think the first words in our conversation actually, that if brothers, parents, siblings and friends couldn’t be assholes we wouldn’t have any on this planet but instead and in fact we have quite a lot, so ignorance regarding facts doesn’t really help his/their case.
    Well sadly, actually in the real world it did once the media started to play into the same mob mentality attitude. But it is still a lie and dishonest.

    I have no time atm and will look at the other stuff regarding the SD cards, or as clueless Kermit said very often “SIM cards”, later. But it doesn’t really surprise me that they were very “selective” about which evidence to use and which not, and that all over the place, not only regarding this here.
    That’s a logical proceeding if you are not on a mission to look for actual truth but instead for a strange and disgusting form of “winning” the case, even if it is based on lies and injustice. People like Martinez should be locked away from society imho since they are harmful and dangerous to a civilized one. I hope he at least gets disbarred although this would be by far not enough. I’d rather like to see him bend down to take up the soap in a jail’s shower. 🙂

  8. Hard to tell regarding the circumstances around the SD-Card(s).
    Did the crime scene lady mean inside the machine inside the camera or just inside the machine? You can’t really tell. Unfortunately people very often don’t use precise wording.

    And about the pics “on the floor of the bathroom bleeding profusely” – Nope, I’m not aware of anything like that. Only the pic with Jodi’s leg and TA’ head bleeding and that was near the bedroom I believe, right?
    It’s definitely strange though that they’ve rearranged the items for the pic with the item numbers because this is pretty obvious. The cam is placed on some light red clothing on one pic and on the other one it’s not, actually the whole arrangement of the cam is different, also in relation to the black clothing.
    I’m not sure if this matters but it’s definitely a strange proceeding. Basically tampering evidence, if it matters or not.
    As well as with the porn or even child porn on TA’s notebook.
    The idea/claim alone that on this dude’s notebook was NO porn at all regardless of child porn or not, is absurd to begin with and of course a lie.
    I’m 100 % positive (not only from looking on other people’s machines myself but based on common sense) on almost all private machines out there is at least some porn (on some of my machines there is although I’m not into WATCHING porn! :-)), men’s and ladies’ machines. The internet was made for porn after all, j/k. 🙂

    And that on this underfucked and inexperienced dude’s machine was none at all is a ridiculous claim but that’s what Melendez or some other Detective said after his “investigation” right (“only social media stuff”)? – I mean TA met the first girl aka Jodi he had something I’d at least remotely call sex with at the age of 29, this is ridiculous. All his unfulfilled phantasies he didn’t even realize at the age of 30 (lol) were obviously porn induced (cream pie, facial, whatever).
    Any random idiot with at least some experience can tell that. You either did it already because someone, in this case a girl, showed it to you or just did it with you, or you have unfulfilled phantasies you saw somewhere else. It’s that easy.
    Such a dirty and dishonest trial… Disgusting.
    The shiny knight in golden armor that in fact ended up being a lil sick boy wearing diapers. And even too cowardly and hypocritical to buy a simple lubricant in a sex shop. Or to stand up for his girl in public for that matter. What a pitiful and pathetic life – I can’t even imagine…

  9. Hi Frank,

    Regarding the card specifics — the first video in this post (at 1:33:20) includes a photo of the washing machine with the loose SD card on it. When questioned about it, Connor stated: “That is the memory card that was originally in the washing machine and then was collected as item #37.” — so there’s no doubt, based on testimony/pics, that the card was separate (and not in the camera) when it was located.

    Melendez subsequently received the camera with an SD card already in it – and with certain pics deleted & time/date stamps added to the rest.

    Regarding the time/date stamps — adding that info to the pics was not listed as a feature for that specific camera (a “Sony DSC-H9”) in the manual. They were added after the event.

    This could be why we’ve always found it close to impossible for everything to have happened within 98 seconds.

    For example:

    *Last pic (TA alive) 17.30.38 (a)
    *17.31.14 – bathroom ceiling pic taken.
    *17.32.16 – TA deceased in next photo (b)

    Time elapsed from 17.30.38 (a) to 17.32.16 (b) = 1 minute 38 seconds.

    That could have been a basic miscalculation on the part of whoever added the date/time stamps to the pics after the event.

    There’s also a Supplement Narrative statement (from Melendez, dated 3/13/2009) which confirms the camera found in the washing machine contained the SD card, which was subsequently “removed from the camera and packaged separately.”

    Here’s a section of his statement:×640.jpg

    Either way, if anything can be proved along these lines, the whole case against Jodi will crash & burn in spectacular fashion.

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • So the camera just randomly decided on its own to take a picture a minute and a half later? BS. Someone deleted on purpose the pictures taken in between the last alive and deceased. How in the hell did she manage to run to the get the gun ,shoot him, stab him at the sink, stab him in the hall, slit his throat, drag his body three times her size back down the hall and put it in the shower in a minute thirty? She didn’t. Its clear to me someone added the time stamp to the deceased photo after they removed all the pictures that can prove her innocent.

    • A few edits and I leave it at that point, promise. 🙂

      “Regarding the card specifics — the first video in this post (at 1:33:20) includes a photo of the washing machine with the loose SD card on it. When questioned about it, Connor stated: “That is the memory card that was originally in the washing machine and then was collected as item #37.” — so there’s no doubt, based on testimony/pics, that the card was separate (and not in the camera) when it was located.
      Melendez subsequently received the camera with an SD card already in it – and with certain pics deleted & time/date stamps added to the rest.”

      Hey SJ, I get your point of course, already in your initial post actually, but I’m not entirely sure we can conclude with 100 % certainty that there was a 2nd card.
      The card could have been removed from the camera just for the photo and then later be put back in before Melendez got it (or packaged separately as he states for that matter – timeline? kind of unclear). Yes, he says it was packaged separately but how and especially when is kind of really blurry in addition to the ladies wording.
      What she says can mean anything and is not precise enough imho to be 100 % positive because a memory card inside a cam, a cam that is/was inside the washing machine, is of course inside the washing machine as well. And Melendez wording in the screenshot can be understood the one or the other way, specifically under timeline aspects.
      It depends on how precise they both were basically, especially the woman.
      But however, it actually doesn’t really matter if there was 2nd card or not becasue the pics/content matters (other than that it would be strange to not specifically mention the 2nd card) because independent from that, we can of course conclude and agree that there are missing pictures on whatever card they were. Because there is no published pic in the bathroom after the fact (or at least after the shot or any injury that causes bleeding) with blood and all, afaik at least. Like the one Flores mentioned in the bathroom with blood all over.
      For me it is pretty clear the shot came first, everything else makes no sense at all for several reasons not worth mentioning, it’s just common sense basically, and Kermit makes no sense anyway, in general that is. He has an evil agenda and on this trip he will claim everything that serves this agenda, absurd or not, and he will fabricate evidence to support it if possible, I have no doubt about that. He is a disgusting and worthless POS, totally independent from Jodi’s case and its facts and circumstances, just in general – a disgusting basic attitude. Hence the reason the human trash on the media and social media loves him so much. Likewise low-minded people gotta love each other.
      Does anyone agree how stupid Kermit’s claim is that, in case she stabbed him in the shower, according to his fairy tale, TA then went for a sightseeing tour through his home, first to check his hairstyle or whatever in front of the mirror/sink and then further down the hallway to check the bedroom for some snack or something? Or to get away like Kermit claims?
      IF he was capable of all that after the supposed stabbing in the shower he would of course do nothing of that but instead only one thing, attack/fight Jodi back right away. Everything else is absurd. I can’t believe anybody bought this bs but from the recorded video from the jury press conference (without faces) after the first trial I think (or 2nd, can’t remember, I’ve posted it here already) you can tell anyway there were not the brightest candles on the cake on that jury. Aside from the fairy tale that they never saw any of the hateful propaganda media footage. Thanks for that you so-called judge Sherry “Desperate Housewife” Stephens!

      But it’s a total mystery to me when and how the knife came into play and how all the stabbing happened or the final blow. Neither side has any real evidence for what happened between the so-called “Calvin Klein shots” (really Jodi lol? – get a model next time…or someone that comes at least somewhat close) which again, calls for reasonable doubt, however you want to spin it. Unbelievable that they came back with first degree just based on pure speculation. Pics of that sequence could help of course, but I’ve almost no doubt that Martinez would do anything by producing or hiding evidence to support his evil agenda. This *cough* “man” is not ethically fit to serve in a justice system. Human trash.

      This whole trial made a joke out of the justice system. If you can’t prove it, bad luck, and it might even result in guilty people getting off unpunished, but on the other hand, and that is even worse imho, you can’t persecute people based on 100 % speculation, a fairy tale told by a ridiculous and tiny caricature of a man (or human being for that matter) with not an ounce of integrity in his whole gigantic body and with no soul whatsoever but instead with an enormous inferior complex.
      And what can you expect from “praying” jurors like that stupid dried-out bony bitch with the short haircut, praying that she made the right decision by going for the dp, wow – intellectually unfit to serve in a jury – if she has to pray she should know that she decided wrong based on the reasonable doubt idea, right?
      I guess his disgusting attitude from Martinez is his revenge for all the mobbing and stuff he received in school/during his youth/etc. From own experience, I never trust small men, it’s probably unfair to those who are decent people (I very much liked the Tweet from Jodi regarding this topic and Martinez lol, it mocked him but was not a general jab against small men), but over and over proved experience doesn’t lie, and with Martinez and TA we have two examples right there.

      “Regarding the time/date stamps — adding that info to the pics was not listed as a feature for that specific camera (a “Sony DSC-H9”) in the manual. They were added after the event.”

      Yep, just checked that, that’s actually true for this cam model (strange though in 2007) but you can make it visible afterwards (on a pc) with a pic browser that comes with the software suite for this cam), since it is of course part of the stored EXIF data, visible on the pic or not, it’s there.
      But of course, from an IT professional standpoint, you can literally fabricate ANYTHING you want with data, anything you want to be the “reality” – so it all comes down to one thing only, can one trust Martinez and his cronies from the Mesa PD? Well, serious doubt is justified I guess.
      Intentional tampering/fabrication on Martinez’ order, or out of pure incompetence. Both is possible but hard/almost impossible to prove.
      At this point and regarding incompetence I just want to remind the absolute clueless and incompetent “computer forensics expert” Martinez called in the retrial, who’s whole “expertise” consisted of a 2 week training in Florida and “building his own computers at home” (lol, wow), that’s it, a guy that is actually allowed to testify in a capital case where life or death is at stake (I really cannot believe how this is even allowed) while ANY real IT pro could conclude within a few minutes, from his all-around layman and insecure wording alone, but also from the total bs he testified to (registry=control center of the computer (lol) and much more) that he had not a single clue about what he was talking about. You can probably pick a random guy in mall that has more clue than this “expert”. So incompetence or bad intent, I think with this prosecutor and this PD anything seems possible.

      “Here’s a section of his statement:×640.jpg

      Strange enough, the link is dead when you click on it (the x has a different ASCII code/is a different x), but I looked it up directly on the Apache server/directory and found it there:×640.jpg

      “This could be why we’ve always found it close to impossible for everything to have happened within 98 seconds.”

      Yes, of course, it seems strange. It IS possible though (I guess), 92 sec could be quite some time in such a situation I believe (and I could run like 650 m in that time). The question remains and it comes down to where did the knife came from/etc. As said above, it’s a mystery and neither side can prove anything if they or we are honest —>>> reasonable doubt. AND in addition to that the times could have been manipulated very easily, “hacking” EXIF-Data is easy. I wouldn’t even call it hacking, it’s just editing. You can make anything up, whatever story you want to tell. That’s the problem here, especially with a prosecutor with not even traces of ethics/integrity/decency in his rotten mutant ninja turtle body.

      “Either way, if anything can be proved along these lines, the whole case against Jodi will crash & burn in spectacular fashion.”

      I hope so. Being so unfortunate to meet this self-absorbed and disturbed guy should not result in ruining one’s whole life. And other than the big mistake to drop High School and afterwards go for more or less dead end jobs, everything seemed to be kind of ok with Jodi, on a personality level.

      Have a nice day all

  10. AND here it is…and I mean that literally and I’m also really surprised it exists at all, the ONLY intelligent comment that was EVER made on TV regarding this case and the justice system in general.
    That includes all the disgusting, dishonest and any integrity lacking talking heads and profiteers like DisGrace/Drew/JVM/etc. and the biased, simple-minded and likewise dishonest mor(m)ons and other idiots they have interviewed to spread hate and a made-up “reality” about the circumstances of this case and also the so-called victim, like the family/friends/PPL scammers or other “experts” and idiots who had something to say, but nothing of any intellectual substance and honesty.

    Don’t listen to the double-tongued snake-bitch though (a reference to decent animals is always so unfair isn’t it? Just like my wrong pigHall reference – but that was before I knew not only coffee/etc. is forbidden in that mor(m)on church but obviously also mirrors:-)), because what she says in this interview is ok too on first sight, BUT has no merit, since she later, when she had Juan “The Breast Man with a lil dick” Martinez on the show, she was all sweet-talk to him, including promoting his disgusting and unprofessional profiteer book.
    So this woman has no intellectual value whatsoever. Just another cheap profiteer talking whatever she needs to depending on her guests.

    BUT much respect to this guy although I don’t agree with him what he later said about guild/no guilt/etc. – it is very likely anyway that he has in fact a far more differentiated opinion but said that only to protect himself from the simple-minded and degenerated public lynch mob, just like Nurmi tried with his pitiful and unprofessional book (aside from making some cheap bucks on the way of course…).
    You guys in the US should seriously worry about this. I mean that this is even necessary and such a degenerated lynch mob exists – it points to a very disturbed society. I mean, just for instance, which mentally sane person hangs out in front of a courthouse and behaves like he is on a fucking sports or other entertainment event cheering, waving signs and celebrating sentences up to death? – it’s disgusting, only totally degenerated and worthless people do that. And it reminds me somehow of the movie “Idiocracy”. And when it affects a trial (witnesses, etc.) and public statements it’s a real problem, don’t you think?
    I lived long enough in the US and still travel there quite often to know that first hand that there’s something deeply wrong, and I didn’t even live in the bible-belt, mid-west or other merely intellect-free areas but mostly in NYC and Cali (Frisco and L.A.) and still have very close personal connections to there.

    However, here’s the video, much respect to that guy, finally someone with a working brain that has something of substance to say regarding this trial, as opposed to all other TV appearances from everyone else (ok, maybe the Willmott interview was ok too but not that deep like this guy’s statements):

  11. A group of 18 local, state, and national organizations, as well as three state legislators. demand Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery resign over Juan Martinez allegations.

    – American Association of University Women Arizona
    – American Friends Service Committee – Arizona Office
    – Arizona Celebrates the 19th Amendment
    – Arizona Cesar E. Chavez Holiday Coalition
    – Arizona Justice Alliance
    – AZ Resist
    – AZNow, State Board
    – Central Phoenix NOW
    – ERA Task Force
    – Futures Without Violence
    – Indivisible Arizona
    – LUCHA
    – National Council of Jewish Women AZ
    – Neighborhood Ministries Inc.
    – NOW, Tucson Chapter
    – Represent Me AZ
    – Stand Together Arizona Training and Advocacy Center, YWCA Southern Arizona
    – Women’s March Phoenix
    – Rep. Andrés Cano, Arizona House of Representatives
    – Rep. Athena Salman, Arizona House of Representatives, Minority Whip
    – Rep. Diego Rodriguez, Arizona House of Representatives

    • I have no idea about the power and influence of most of these organizations and people but all the power and blue spaghetti monster-speed to them!
      Any objective and reasonable person would agree that there’s something deeply wrong and corrupt in the “justice” system in the State of Arizona, totally independent of Jodi’s case but in general. A caricature of a justice system in a stone or dark-age minded state.

  12. A lot of storm clouds gathering over Mr. Juanderful. I hope they rain hard!

    During Jodi’s trials, there was indeed a lying, sadistic, sex-mad thrill-killer in the courtroom. But it wasn’t the defendant.

  13. The one thing the list shows is that there is some momentum building in Arizona. Some absolute disgust at the way things have been handled with Mr Jaunderful as Alan calls him. Bill Montgomery has been aiding this prosecutor from justice from the get go. The winds appear to be shifting. Thankfully.

    • My reasoning is, since this clearly not attacks Martinez himself, it’s an approach to make Montgomery “drop it like it’s hot” to save his own ass, since until now he always had a protective hand above this sucker. He might reveal more that he kept hidden until now, again, in an attemt to save his own ass.

  14. Sherlock question guys (this might have been already discussed so enlighten me please):

    I just, more or less coincicdentally, stumbled across a version of the famous pic of Jodi’s leg/foot in those zip pants with TA’s body on the ground in a much better version.
    It is said to be from Kermit’s book as opposed to the crappy quality pics we saw in court.
    To be honest, it is the very first time I could really make sense of that pic like where it was taken and what is on it.
    As far as I remember it was always told in court that TA was dead in this pic and that Jodi was dragging him back to the shower.
    That is clearly not the case. TA is definitely alive on this pic. It’s the first time I really could locate his head (before on the shitty pics it was all blurry and I thought the head rests on the floor). But he clearly raises his head without any external support. Jodi’s leg is way too far away (size/perspective).
    TA’s arm, I don’t know, is either hold by Jodi or he even lifts it on this own. His feet are at or at least almost at the entrance of the bathroom (is this the pic Flores referred to as in the bathroom?). TA was rather short so his head was not too far away either, like 5.8./5.9 I believe right? – so kind of far away from the place where the throat slit is said to have taken place near the bedroom.
    How it came to that scene and TA being alive in it, I guess there are like 1001 different explanations for that. But how in hell does the camera get there behind them even nearer to the bedroom when it dropped at the shower. And how did it take a pic at that point? Did it have a self release/sequence funtion that was somehow initially set off tand then ran all the time? Even if so, how did it get there?
    Any clues?
    That is strange right?

  15. YES YES!! it’s actually happening
    the tables have finally turned………..
    now all we need is a good author
    to write a “BEST SELLER” book
    titled “CONVICTION” how i got
    “MR. JUANDERFUL” to be DISBARRED & HUMILIATED …. oh how exciting!

    one more thing i must say ….. you were all very kind with expressing your disgust towards kermit i have so many additional adjectives i would love to add to his “ATROCIOUS ” behavior throughout the trial & beyond but why even bother when TEAM JODI” is doing so well !!

  16. I have to say that I now know a lot more about the camera pictures and time stamps. It is really too bad that Jodi’s recall is affected by the trauma. I thought the 1:38 second theory had been eliminated due to the belief that Travis paused at the sink to check the gunshot wound in the mirror which would have added significant time to this fight?
    I am also assuming that Travis’s exhaled blood spatter is the only blood on the mirror which would absolutely proof that he exhaled it.
    Regarding Arizona, it will always amaze me that the list of charges had to grow to this level for many people within Arizona to finally realize how corrupt this guy really is. It shouldn’t matter how many other criminals he has actually put away.

    • It all depends on how reliable those time stamps are. As said above, any idiot could edit them (the EXIF-data of any pic), I guess even Martinez or Flores if someone showed them how to use a mouse and keyboard, and how to download an app. 🙂
      I think Martinez said in some interview he doesn’t even have a computer at home (I guess he watches all his porn on his phone then lol).

  17. Version 1.1a final release 🙂

    Just a thought because I’ve read something remarkable about the Chris Watt case yesterday:

    Is it safe to say that the difference between a decent, respectable and civilized family and a disgusting, self-righteous, underdeveloped, degenerated any decency lacking family and what they do (especially what kind of punishment they ask for) is well represented by the family of Chris Watt’s wife on the one hand and some other family we all had the misfortune to get to know so well (including Jodi) on the other hand? I guess so…

    Actually it’s even worse because the family of Chris Watt’s wife had no objective reasons regarding the case to act that way (other than just being civilized and decent people) while that other family had like 1001 reasons to do that based on evidence about their “oh so fine” so-called victim.
    Respect to the family of Chris Watt’s wife and the very very VERY opposite to that other family…it needs some greatness to do what they did, something totally lacking in that other family.

  18. Stopped by to say hello. Keep faith that things will change for the good for Jodi. It takes time for the truth when lies are told. For TIME WILL TELL and change is coming one day. I hope I’m still alive to see it.

    • Me too, Timewilltell! I hope we both live to see Jodi Arias FREE and Juan the Frog and his cronies locked up. Keep the Faith and Keep on Praying True Justice Must Prevail!
      Please continue to DONATE for Jodi’s Appeals!!!!! Thanks TEAM JODI!!!! Onward!!!!

    • Just read it. If this goes not through successfully there is no hope left for the justice system in dark age states like Arizona… fingers crossed Jodi.
      Justice for the real victim!

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