The JAA Appellate Fund – Reporting Resumes!

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It is wonderful to announce that regular reporting of donations to the JAA Appellate Fund has resumed.


The interruption was initially due to Jodi’s insistence – against the advice of several close advisers – that fundraising efforts should stop during the Christmas season.  She felt strongly that during holiday season, people should spend their money on family and friends, not on her legal bills.  The rest of the delay came from communication and coordination problems, together with uncertainty over when a new matching-pledge drive could start.

It now seems that no matching-pledge drive will happen soon.  Fortunately, no such drive is necessary for the fund to reach its goal.   It needs about $150,000 more to reach $250,000.  But the original donation rate, in the fund’s first 1 ½ years of existence, was $3000/month ($54,000 in 18 months).  By contrast, donations during the match drive were running at almost twice that rate, $5700/month, before being matched.

If Jodi’s supporters can just return to the original $3000/month rate for the next 5 years – the estimated time till her state-paid appeals end – the fund will have about $280,000.  That will suffice to hire a private appellate lawyer to take her case into the Federal courts.  If, as I expect, no relief will be granted by Arizona courts, Federal courts are Jodi’s only hope of ever leaving Perryville prison.

I therefore urge all supporters & friends to resume donating immediately, as so many generously did in 2014 and 2015.  Understandably, many people have been holding back contributions in the hope that later they could be doubled in a match drive.  However, it’s time to get back to the monthly base rate, which is entirely satisfactory by itself.  At all costs, we must be sure to avoid the disaster of the Arizona appeals’ ending before the fund has enough money to move Jodi’s case into the Federal system.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support!

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Important Note: All donations via go directly to the fund to help cover the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

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we are team jodi - and we will be victorious. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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In the meantime…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. Awesome!! Whenever someone gets extra $$ or maybe we should all try to give a certain amount every month even if it’s $25. It adds up. We have to get this done!!

  2. All donations count, regardless of the amount… and they are all greatly appreciated.

    Remember… with each day that passes, we are 1 day nearer to Jodi finally being released.

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  3. The trashy gossip site that does a story on Jodi every week has an article today that states Dorian Bond (Private Investigator) is working on Jodi’s appeal. I thought he left her case last year. He mentions he hasn’t visited Jodi since she has been in Perryville. Bond said he was paid an initial retainer fee, but has not received any money that is being raised for Jodi’s appeal. BTW, I saw on another site that Bond charges $200 an hour. He has me blocked on Twitter (why I don’t know) so it’s difficult to find if he really is working on her case.

    • @dorianbond on twitter has his tweets protected so everyone is blocked except friends. His company @Bondazpi has 30 followers and tweeted one word in the last year. I imagine he’s writing a tell all followed by a civil suit against Jodi

    • Anyone who cares about Jodi should never let themselves be interviewed for that trashy site.

      Bond was interviewed on April 13, 2015 by Jon Leiberman, and he said at that time that he had been hired for Jodi’s appeal, primarily focused on Nurmi. So at least a year ago, he was still working for her.

    • I stopped visiting all trashy sites. Why do it anyways? To read more slandering bullshit about Jodi and her friends? During these past years, we’ve read and heard so much trash gossip that nothing would surprise me.

      Besides, I’ve heard that these rags get paid by ‘clicks’… I’m not going to help them line their fucking lying ass pockets!

      But it’s good that we do get ‘updates’ so Jodi can be informed about all the bs said… So Coldcase, thanks for being bold and brave and going to those rags and updating us! ♥

      • Thanks, Pandora, but I quit all those sites, too. I quit the Super Doofus site 6 months ago because it was just not interesting and never had any information. I quit the Alexander site (which used to have information occasionally) about 2 weeks ago because it has turned into a money scam for the owner and Tanisha. Now, I have no proof of a scam. But, if the haters and a jury can believe Jodi is guilty without proof, I can believe the Travis Alexander site is a scam site. I quit the Martinez ass-kissing site also about 2 weeks ago because I’m not religious and can’t stand the constant worshiping of that little prick. Plus, those sites are soul-destroying and I’m still trying to hold on to the belief that most people are basically good. All three of those sites are evidence I might be wrong about people.

        • Good for you!!!! Quit everything coldcase and you will soon realize the world is a much better place without your eyes being exposed to the haters’ venom. It’s a much calmer world filled only with our devotion to Jodi’s ca(u)se and friendship 😉

          ” because I’m not religious and can’t stand the constant worshiping of that little prick.” 😆 😆 😆

  4. This is an old comment by “Ms.Bias,” Monica Lindstrom, but it contains some important documents that I don’t see in our list of documents. It’s related to the Defence Team’s request for review of the cruelty aggravator, the Chronis Hearing, Flores’s perjured testimony, Judge Stephens refusal to dismiss the case or at least the death penalty and the AZ Supreme Court’s refusal to review the motion (lazy bastards). I was just shaking my head in disbelief reading these documents again. It’s likely that these documents have been posted here before but the newer supporters might like to read all 30 pages.

    • Thanks, coldcase. I hadn’t read this before. And, for me, the question that immediately comes to mind: When did Martinez next speak to Horn after the Chronis hearing and did Horn tell Martinez at that time that Flores’ testimony was wrong? If so, then Martinez knew immediately that the death qualifier was based on inaccurate information and he apparently did nothing about it. But, if Horn instead validated Flores’ testimony, then Martinez knew that Horn was lying on the stand. Either way Martinez is a bonafide snake in the grass and a fucking prick.

      • Actually I suspect Martinez spoke to Horn before the Chronis hearing in order to determine exactly what Horn would be saying on the stand and the fact that Martinez had received the very same information is why Martinez didn’t challenge Flores’ supposed “misunderstanding”; Martinez knew what Horn was going to testify to and knew that Flores’ hearsay reflected that exactly.

        • Justus, Flores was the only witness called at the Chronis hearing according to the motion that cc53 provided. This hearing was on August 7, 2009.

          From kermit’s book (page 195), “I had called Flores to testify and reprise Dr. Horn’s opinion as to the sequence of the fatal injuries leading to Travis’s death. My decision to call Flores instead of Horn was an acknowledgment of how busy Horn’s schedule was at the time.” …….”his knowledge of the sequence of events was predicated on a very brief conversation with Dr. Horn that took place a couple of days before the hearing.”

          Actually, Flores testified that the conversation between Horn and himself was the night before he testified at the Chronis hearing.

          Flores was interviewed for the 48 Hours Mystery Picture Perfect that aired March 2009 and he stated during that interview that the shot was first. Martinez would have been aware that it was Flores’ opinion that the gun shot came first during that interview, but at that point in time, it did not matter imo.

          It wasn’t until 2010 that Jodi admitted to the killing, but claimed self-defence. That was when the sequencing became important to Juanita, and he made a couple of calls prior to the trial telling Horn and Flores that the story was now gunshot last.

          The perjury was during the trial, not the Chronis hearing. IMHO

          • I agree. Horn (via Flores) had it right in the Chronis hearing but Jodi’s statement of self-defense triggered a desperate need, in their drive to kill, to declare not only an error in Flores’ testimony but also an error (aka “typo”) in Horn’s written autopsy report. And the very fact that the jury bought that Horn, several years after the autopsy, had a better memory than when he actually conducted the autopsy and wrote the report, only points to their confirmational and hateful bias. Disgusting.

          • Totally agree. Little Juanita did a 180 once Jodi changed her story to self defense and then the BIG coverup and lying and perjury began on this issue in particular…I say that bc IMHO the destruction of exculpatory evidence began on day one when they came into the crime scene and destroyed computer evidence….Brady violations…and have been lying about it ever since…the order of the injuries though was critical and without Horn’s convenient memory loss and equivocations and speculation on the stand which convinced the jury that what he was saying were facts when indeed they were just speculation and equivocations….without all that they had NOTHING….so IMHO Horn and Flores and little Juanita were the three stooges that managed to get their little stories straight (with poor little det clouseau taking the fal)…all to convince the MASSIVELY STUPID IDIOTIC MORNONIC BRAINLESS JURY that Jodi was guilty of first degree premeditated murder….

            All three deserve an academy award for their acting and they also deserve a special place in prison IMHO

            ALL IMHO of course….

            • That little prick, Martinez, practically admits in his book that he had nothing to work with to prove premeditated murder. He chose 2-3 ‘fantasy’ theories and crossed his fingers that the jury would buy into his bullshit. And they did! 🙄

              How can the court of appeals overlook perjury, misconduct, evidence tampering, evidence withheld, blackmail, etc. It’s not one thing to turn a blind eye: It’s the whole fucking case; based on lies and prosecutorial manipulation.

              Martinez will go down as one of the most devious, lying, vicious, famewhore prosecutors in the American history of Justice, just like that fucking shithead noel levy did. I just hope it doesn’t take 2 decades to happen. Other lives (future innocent defendants) will be ruined in the meantime.

              • I agree, Pandora. I’d love to know what the grounds were for arresting Jodi in the first place and how Martinez convinced the grand jury to go ahead with a first degree murder charge. What evidence did they have for either event? They had no DNA that had any impact on the case, Jodi hadn’t said she was even at Alexander’s place when he died at that point in time. As far as I can see they had some questionable photographs of Jodi being in Alexander’s place in the early afternoon (not when he died), a report of a .25 caliber gun stolen from Jodi’s grandparents and a ton of nasty gossip from Alexander’s friends. Flores hadn’t even interrogated Jodi when these events occurred although he had a few phone calls with Jodi so he knew what period of time she didn’t have an alibi. I personally believed Martinez (& Flores) lied about Alexander’s and Jodi’s blood being mixed together at the scene and that’s why Martinez is still making that claim in his book (so if he’s ever questioned about the DNA he can claim it was just an “honest” mistake). I also agree with your description of Martinez. He is a little prick.

  5. 407.
    ORDERED: AMENDED Motion to Provide Transcripts to Counsel (Appellant) = GRANTED/Copies of transcripts in case due to appellant on 05/02/2016. Anthony Mackey ProTem Judge – Author

    It appears Jodi’s appeal lawyers will be receiving more transcripts on May 2, 2016. I assume her lawyers can’t really move forward with her appeal until ALL the transcripts are in their possession. It’s already over a year and counting and still transcripts are coming in slowly. So slowly.

  6. The Difference Between Arizona prisons and Norway prisons:
    On Wednesday, an Oslo district court awarded Anders Breivik—who killed 77 people in a 2011 shooting spree, including 69 children at the Utoya summer camp—with roughly $40,600 and a promise for improved living conditions. The court judged his solitary confinement and nude searches by prison guards to be inhumane. He lives in 3 rooms and does his own cooking and laundry. He also has a personal computer, TV, Playstation, access to an exercise yard, newspapers, and phone calls. Plus, he takes political science courses at the University of Oslo via a university representative who visits his cell to teach the classes. And unless Breivik is considered an immediate danger to society at the end of his sentence, he is only confined to prison for 21 years, the maximum sentence available in the country.
    In the meantime, Jodi lives in a 12-foot-by-7-foot concrete cell which is sweltering in the summer and cold in the winter. She’s not even allowed to hug her mother and has been sentenced to spent the rest of her life in prison. Fucking cruel and backward Arizona “justice” system.

  7. Thanks CC 53 on the Norway piece…the measure of a people is how they treat others…you know that fair trial …thing….maybe Congress can grow a pair and bring back justice to ANY state that seeks to violate ANY Americans rights… for judges why is it they think they are above the law…..GUILT was never in doubt….wow in 1776 that man would have chosen the wrong side. How is it when ever any bring up all the dirty moves by all against Her they just don’t want to talk? If the mindset of az. of the world had in 1918 was allowed in 1945…We would have got WW 3. It’s one thing to punish but when you seek to take dignity and all rights as most states then you get injustice…ask any state should the Feds treat them as they treat Americans? But states scream foul when ever they want as they betray the Constitution ant time they please. One thing to take ones freedom but to release what they buy…..and hide behind the peoples right to know…know what? Imagine the Feds spying on the prisons and jails and FAST tracking military commissions for these GOV. workers…civilians my ass the are not…..and the PEOPLE have a RIGHT to know if they are up to no good as they steal taxpayers money. Americas lawyers must know that the highest court in the land is not the U.S.S.C or the Congress…but the military…Your nation is and always has been a military one…COMMANDER in CHIEF. Just who do they think protects the rights of Americans? Now read the 13th Amendment….. SLAVERY….WTF is that? not enough to take ones freedom now they turn them into SLAVES. No one has the right to do that or should less they want to become a slave…how odd it is that not one politician is tried as a traitor when caught doing wrong of any kind….but My how they want to be tough on crime until it’s them….who knew so many have two faces. I read the list and felt shame for doing so…as all should. All She is doing is what any in Her situation would trying to make Her time there better….but sick minds think sick things…no wonder most have rotten teeth and brains…a very good fit. As for the $$$…VERY soon…and lots of it…..that’s a shout out to the foul mouthed haters. Time is on Our side as is the truth…all they ever had is hate…..just as t-dog.

  8. If you follow the links in this site, there are a lot of photos of Jodi with family members, friends and co-workers which often include the names of the people in the photos and the location where the photos were taken. As always, there are some lowbrow, snarky remarks attached to some of the photos by the hater(s) who posted them.

    • Isn’t it funny that those haters NEVER address travis or focus on his life. And that is why we call them haters: because they are not TA supporters. They are plain haters that have found Jodi as a target and spew their vitriol. If you ask them about TA, they are clueless about him.

      • Well said Pandora. I’ve been saying the same for the past 3 years. There are Jodi supporters, and Jodi haters. There are no real TA supporters. It’s a myth.

        I mean, how could anyone “support” a worthless & abusive POS pedo that should never have been born in the first place?

        Answers on a postcard…

        Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • Well said Pandora. There is no such thing as a Travis Alexander supporter. They couldn’t give a monkey’s about Travis! If they could somehow go back in time and prevent it all from happening, they wouldn’t. They’d realise that they wouldn’t have anything to do if Travis hadn’t died. Their lives consist of sitting behind a computer screen hating Jodi. Travis’ death has been an entertainment for them. His own friends and family don’t really care either, they just see the whole thing as a way to make money.

  9. So sorry for My lack of spelling mistakes….but I own em unlike most Dr.s……as for My words wellvisit the web to find out military commissions are ON GOING as of NOW….Gitmo Bay Cuba. Nothing to stop that in America….but the Congress will protect Americans…LOL…sorry to busy getting another payday. Do they EVER work any more? So the haters have what…..HATE and the lust for child abuse…..because see who they love…t-dog. Now I would ask any who have turned on Her….why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ or fear from haters and tiny rats that are allowed to make threats….even in court. Then there is praise for sis sam …officer of the year in boon ville….who I may remind ALL police officers that she spoke of a PLANNED MURDER in COURT! Does WTF come to mind…talk about violence…but it seems to run in that family. This is what She is up against and all it takes is a few good folks to bring this nightmare to an end. They who use Her to make money…..know just how evil that is,but such is the lust for power,fame and the almighty buck…My that sounds just like a so called man who by his own mouth wanted to rape children and may have just done that but then that’s the laws job to find out….well seems they do have his DNA…in a BAG. Any time an abuser of children,women,and men gets justice that’s a real good day for Our world. I may not spelll well but the truth and facts are with Me as they are with Her. And never worry haters We will never forget travis and his rather sick and evil ways…..the world will know him rather well…count on it…and all We have to do is post his own words and actions…the truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth works rather well for Our side.

  10. Report: Arizona Corrections employees falsified records of two inmate suicides
    “…we really have been hoping that this is a wake up call, the firing of these officers is a wake up call, for the people of Arizona to realize that we are not treating the people in our care, prisoners or not, we’re not treating them humanely,” Kilar said.

    • Hmmm they are actually starting to admit that they have people working as officers of the law falsifying records . . .my, my 😯 FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!!!!!

    • Shockingly interesting! I didn’t expect anyone in the AZ justice system to admit that the system is doing a crappy job when it comes to justice and humanity.

    • So JODI calls a correctional officer “cockblocker” and it makes worldwide news, but if the correctional officers falsify death documents everything is a-ok and it’s a regular day at the office ???

      What the fock is wrong with Shitzona?

      It has “Tiny” written all over it.

  11. Is The Death Penalty in Arizona on Life Support? – Michael Kiefer, April 23, 2016
    “Only 119 people remain on Arizona death row now. Twenty-one died while on death row, either from natural causes, suicide or murder. The rest were re-sentenced or released.”
    Sentenced to death at one point, then later re-sentenced or released. That’s interesting. I wonder who that happened to and why?

    • I hope the death penalty is abolished all together soon. Especially in AZ we’ve learned that the case, the evidence, the innocence of the defendant doesn’t matter. It’s the wins that are powerful and can sentence a person to death. We have living proof: Debra Milke, Jodi Arias…

  12. By the way, I heard it on good authority that those “shank-less” toothbrushes are about 2 inches long and break easily. So those sickos (including NAG) who immediately think of sex toys should go seek therapy.

  13. Some unreliable sources on Jodi’s current activities and living conditions: RadarOnline, Dorian Bond, Kareem Williams, and the Super Dupes. Be warned.

    • For example, RadarOnline reported that Dorian Bond is still working on Jodi’s appeals. Jodi has neither seen nor employed him for several years. He’s just another hustler trying to get famous from a transient relationship with her.

    • Seems somebody discovered the real name of Heather Logan, the Super Duper Admin. She’s Patricia Garvin of New Brunswick Canada. Saw a screenshot of her facebook on twitter. Heather Logan’s FB url is Pat Gavin spelled backwards! I agree with the twitter post. She does look like a pent up bitch.

      • It’s funny how their personalities change when someone finds out who they really are. She was very confident behind her fake name. Now, she’s ticked every privacy setting under the sun! Lol

    • Alan, that rag is so fucked up that it doesn’t get sleazier than what it is! Whoever believes a line they read there, is a total moron and deserves an ‘dumber than a doorknob’ award.

    • Isn’t it that RadarOnline relies on hits??? No Jodi supporter should go there under any circumstances. We don’t wanna make haters benefit even more from this. Especially financially.

  14. Did anyone watch “48Hours” (i.e., the Shayna Hubers case) last night?

    Shayna was described as young (21), beautiful and highly intelligent.
    She claimed self-defense in that her boyfriend (a lawyer) attacked her and she shot him 6 times.
    The prosecutor shouted and used sarcasm
    People involved said: “There’s something wrong with that girl.”
    They described her as “evil” and “obsessive.”
    A psychologist diagnosed her as “narcissistic and having low self-esteem.”
    The deceased told his friends that Shayna wouldn’t leave him alone and kept showing up at his place uninvited. He said he was afraid of her but he kept letting her into his place to stay overnight and even left a loaded gun on his table.
    The deceased was under a lot of pressure around the time of his death (his law partner was suing him).
    Shayna stated he had been violent with her although all his friends and family stated he had a “kind and gentle heart.” They denied he had ever been violent. Some of his texts and emails indicated he he had violent thoughts and was on medication that he said was causing him to have feelings of rage. Shayna did have photos that showed bruises on her wrists and one arm and on her neck (?) but they were described as “light bruises.”
    He claimed to his friends that Shayna sent him thousands of texts/ emails and had suggested “kinky sex” (S&M) but he turned it down.
    The prosecutor said “rejection” was at the heart of the case and when he finally said: “We’re done”, she decided to kill him.
    All his friends stated he was on his way to great success in his career.
    Shayna sang and danced in the interrogation room when left alone.
    A friend described Shayna as a quiet and sweet girl who was smarter than most of her classmates.
    She was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison but will be eligible for parole in 20 years.


    BTW, it was discovered later that a convicted felon sat on the jury so she may be eligible for a new trial.

    • I watched that too…some of it did sound familiar. It is very risky for one to play with another’s heart. She was young and had never been in trouble and then they met on “facebook”. He fell for the looks and sex and she wanted him. I do believe she was obsessed with him and the fact that he kept getting back with her didn’t help the situation. Great confusion . Ruined two lives. He’s gone and hers is ruined.

  15. Fake records…what next..a fake shelf tilt…a 3×5 found in a cell and it MUST be Hers,,,,,,but a letter can not be his ….or 9 more as t-dog would never write such vile…well he sure enough SPOKE it. And acted it out too or was it the real travis …in eddie snell? D/P well sounds right for MALFEASANCE ….just saying how them who want tough on crime only ever seem to want that on others…they think because they work for the law they own it….well maybe not for long. So odd how any judge can hear a MURDER plot in her court and give it a pass….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….or the thin black line loves the thin blue line…that thin green or camo line didn’t work to well in the army when I was there….more then once I had to put them were they belonged….and these folks were My so called leaders. See wrong stand up to it…that’s what I see on this page…are We at times a bit mean…YES…but for a good reason…We are here to undo an injustice not just for Her…but for all. This hatefull verdict must not be allowed to stand and She must be given back Her freeedom so at time We got to get into the trenches and speak the truth no matter how true…You know that PEDO thing….from his own rotten mind. To think that any faith stands by him makes Me wonder just what else they hide.

    • Well, it’s proven fact they HIDE everything dark, evil and dirty . . . . nothing like those Lying for the Lord folks!

  16. Kirk Nurmi has hit bottom appearing on the Hateful, Lying Network (HLN) ….again. What the hell does he know about “legal topics” anyway? He’ll be writing for sleazy gossip sites before long?

    L. Kirk Nurmi ‏@_nurmilaw 37m37 minutes ago

    Excited to announce that tomorrow at 9:30am pst, I am scheduled to discuss current legal topics on HLN’s “Daily Share” – please tune in !
    0 retweets 2 likes

    • He knows his career as an attorney is over – after all, who in their right minds would hire him after his piss poor representation at Jodi’s trial – so he’s trying to make a few bucks wherever he can. Knowing that his book was a total failure he is willing to sell his soul to the devil (in this case: HLN). He is unethical and totally lacking morals. Fuck Nurmi the Wormy.

      Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

  17. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Nurmi on HLN pass on doing what he asked me to do zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I’ll sleep right thru it

  18. Too amusing not to share with my friends:
    We have a creative lil’ troll thinking that it’s comments would be published here :mrgreen: I’m only mentioning it because I’d like to share how unstable these haters are: same troll sent 2 comments with different e-mail addresses 🙄 :

    Now how sad is it for this lil’ nobody wasting it’s time on earth creating e-mail addresses?! I really feel for this troll. I’d like to give it a hug and tell it: It’s ok that momma didn’t hug you enough or tell you that she loved you. Here’s a huge ((((((HUG))))) from us JAII-ers. We have plenty of love in our hearts even for your sad ass.


    (((((lil’ sad lonely troll)))))

    • LMAO! Thanks for sharing that, really made me laugh, especially the second email. Imagine the troll behind that! Actually, I’d rather not, I’m off to bed now and don’t want to have nightmares! 😀

  19. I think we need to focus on raising money for Jodi on this thread. It seems that we are easily distracted by other subjects that don’t help her cause. Come on people open your wallets for Jodi!

  20. I agree with Mickey7. Only a few days left for April donations! Let’s get the April total well over $3000 to celebrate the resumption of reporting.

  21. So sad to hear of Carolines passing… amazing woman and a friend of mine…..I will miss Her so. We only met in letters but what an amazing person…easy to see why Her Jodi Ann loves Her so. Please send a card to Jodi on Her loss and a card to the family at the fund address I’m sure it will bring some comfort at this sad time. Bless them all and lets do all to bring Jodi justice and freedom…G ma would want that so. As long as We each do what We can to help then that’s more then enough…be it a letter,a prayer,or $$$….or even all 3!

    • yes stamps are $.02 cheaper now, prayers are powerfully inexpensive, and $ ?, well you have to empty the cup before you can fill it up again. Free Jodi! Self-defense is not a crime

  22. Say it aint so…BUT it is…the church is all as are the men and boys …the women and girls not so much…..this blame the woman for doing this or that is like blaming the rich for being robbed….who robs the poor…other then the rich. Well Jodi did this and that and She never reported t-dog ….and for good reason She was in love with him and feared She may be wrong but once that door is open look out. Not easy closing it is it. But the nut jobs think it Her job to bring him to task for his rape minded ways…look it was his own foul mouth that outed him in the end and yes She tried to cover it up…after all he was now dead. Will America go after all women who hide such darkness but not so on the men…..who runs that nation….MEN? If any ever see a gang killing just report em and if they …FIND You…talk about the state taking care of Your loved ones …0.oo People don’t tell for many reasons …see video…now it’s their fault?How is it that rape seems to be embraced by LDS? Has any spoke of how travis awoke Jodi and mighty proud of it too. One can not want it as they sleep….Now in Our military if You touch a person as they sleep and say they kill You with one hit as they wake…too fucking bad for You…that’s the law. We were told that when touching a person ,they had to be told before the touch as some have had very bad childhoods or suffer from combat fatigue …..does that not make sense. Why do You think that a lot of poor kids are ready to fight…because that’s called defending themselves. Who in their right mind thinks they can just hands on another…? Once again the church must come first no matter the harm. On the day that the jury hung and they could no longer murder Her I met the bishop outside his work place and told him… much for showing forgiveness as a REAL Christian should. Then he just had to tell Me about all the Fed. cops in his family…..and when one dies in the line of duty 5000…7000 show up for the funeral and paid to do so…INTIMIDATION? Tell Me that doesn’t go on all over N. America…tell Me ,then a special dies in combat and 600 show up mostly on their own time. How would any feel if 100,000 military showed up in uniforms and paid to do that…..I would ask why the show of force? Most who hold power tend to always abuse it…byu guilty as charged and please do not hide behind your faith…you protect the men who rape and abuse women. Thank s to all the brave woman who stand up and I fully understand them who fear to stand up…fear does that.

  23. Griz I enjoy your thoughtful comments but I urge you to take your considerable writing talents to persuade Jodi’s supporters to send money for her defense. We can’t continue to ignore this urgent need. Send money to Jodi now!

    • Please send your donations to the JAA Appellate Fund shown on this thread above.
      It is the only safe way to donate for Jodi Arias’ appeals. YES, we must all do whatever we possibly can to help her regain her freedom. Thank YOU! ♥

  24. ………………. I pledge $500 dollars towards JODI’s appellate fund.

    I am confident JODI will gain her freedom again and I hope to meet her.

  25. Well how about a match fund Griz style……and push this fund over the 100 K ….On this Fri. I’ll send 1500.00 U.S. and hope all of you can match it by donating the same amount TOGETHER…so can We all do our best and try to match so We can get there…hell I’ll even match My match…She would find that funny… We know how to smile and find happyness even in such dark times…as for the spelling…working on that each week as I send the snail mail to a dear friend…or should I say Our dear friend.

  26. Now just in case I was confusing You all…I hope You can donate a bit to add up to 1500.00 U.S. and any amount does help and even the haters can pitch in a few bucks…they are so good at pitching…ask Luke on that…LOL. We will get there even if I got to get out and push the thing Myself…..just do Your best…..

  27. 🙂 Sending Love, Positive Energy & Thoughts to Jodi and Never-ending Prayers for Jodi’s Freedom! ♥

    ♥ You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give. ~Author Unknown ♥

  28. Way to go, Griz and Joe! Please, everyone else try to kick in this month too. Donations have been running well below the $3000/month rate that Jodi needs and that supporters were reaching before the 2015 match drive.

  29. Wow I like that no…..100 K here We come…and …MORE! Just made a trip to the bank…..Thunder Griz is go….wrote Her a post card on that…LOL. So My amazing friends lets do what We can…see that newest no. just add 1500.00 to it….and I too will kick in a match….for a no. that means all to Her…..leave no woman behind EVER…..and thanks Joe….and all the rest.

  30. Well the haters seem to be going nuts…not a long drive for them. The bank why the bank? Because Our banks are solid…’s the $ that ain’t …LOL but I can always make more $… bring JUSTICE to a dear friend instead of sending a few fiends to Cancun for fun? Look this is where my good guy bro would have picked up a woman to …ABUSE…it was his style…..and just like Jodi all he used lied for him….that’s why we call him t-dog…it fits to a t…..Now do not ever worry if We will make it haters…WE WILL and that’s Our power…LOVE does beat hate. So if any hater can explain why the 2 lawyers that …JUST….had to write books…..showed full well their vile , hate and willingness to lie why they did…..$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as they did all to destroy justice…..meanwhile the free press did all to aid them and still does…see any $ in free pre$$?

    AND of Course to All of Our OTHER MOTHERS everywhere! ♥ Praying for the day Jodi will once again be able to hug her Mom! FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!!!!!! FREEDOM FOR JODI!!!!

    ”Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever”- Anonymous

  32. Hi,

    Dumb question here. Could somebody please summarize what is happening with Jodi Arias? I think she was treated unfairly. Even if (IF) she was guilty, she was targeted by the prosecutor who wanted to put a “death penalty” notch in his belt without regard for justice. Anyway, ignoring my brief rant, i would like to know what her situation is. It looks like there is a call for donations. What is the purpose of the donations? I would send her money just to make her life easier, but I’m curious as to whether or not there is some particular goal



    • David, just read the post at the top of this page. It explains about Jodi’s need for a private appellate attorney to take her case into the Federal courts. Her two state-paid appeals are only in Arizona. Then click on the button at the top right to go to, which also has a frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) section.

  33. Hey everyone! (waving) Happy Sunday! And of course, Happy Mother’s day to all moms out there (the most difficult job in the world!) ! ♥

    Wait for it… wait for it…. wait for it…. :

    FOR THE LOVE OF ALL GODS! WTF????!!! 😆 😆 😆 “Jodi Arias, secret wedding behind bars” 🙄

    I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or just go hat shopping (aren’t fancy royal hats mandatory protocol for attending this wedding?! LOL)

    Please, please, PLEASE tell me: who is the bonehead? The one who wrote this rumor OR the one believing it???

    It’s soooooo freaking ironic that those rag ‘journalists’ call Jodi an attention whore but THEY are the ones actually always writing about Jodi. It seems they have NO career, no ability to gather, assess and present news and information that are actually factual. Their whole existence relies on Jodi, so when they don’t have any actual facts, then they turn to figments of their imagination. It seems they are using the ‘juan martinez’ method: lie out of your teeth to get the sheeple’s attention. *sigh*

    So, just so this won’t become a looong rant, Jodi is NOT getting married, there is no secret wedding being planned, no ‘save the date’ e-mails, no invitations being sent out.

    As for those rags that desperately keep on writing bullshit about Jodi: For Fuck’s Sake, what is wrong with you? Don’t you have anything else that will ‘sell’??? But they are too chickenshit to slander anyone else worldwide known because they know that they’ll be slapped with so many lawsuits that it’ll make their heads spin. (And yes! Jodi IS worldwide known… wasn’t it the news outlets and the haters that contributed to that? …Just sayin’).

    ((((I call dibs on flowergirl)))) ♥ ♥ ♥ 😉

  34. THANK YOU Pandora…..Happy Mothers Day to all……Enjoy Your day but as a wise one said to Me just a few days ago….Griz, EVERY day is Mothers day…..not to bad for a girl….right? And I told Her …Girls are better then boys as far less…… FIRES. So David please give because it helps a wonderful person who defended Her self from a very dark person….just compare their lives and ask why he would treat all the women in his life if he was that good……he had problems and now Our friend has problems …injustice and wrong fully convicted in nothing but a show trial by really hate full people …well 23 out of 24…! We are going to help right this wrong for Her and all Who believe in justice…as it seems SOME do not…the mob…Thanks for any help You may give…..100 K here We come.

  35. Let’s keep this simple and and to the point : Jodi. Is. NOT. Getting. Married.
    End of story.

    😆 😆

    • Those fools will enthusiastically grab at anything that they can use to ridicule Jodi, even if it’s rubbish from a tabloid rag. But present them with logic that contradicts their hardened beliefs and they off-handedly dismiss that as rubbish. I suspect they also fall easily for demagoguery and admire bullies.

  36. At checkout in a supermarket today, I glanced at the InTouch cover story on Jodi’s supposed marriage. It seems to be a series of absurd falsehoods — a toxic stew of total ignorance (e.g., she is on 23-hour daily lockdown) and bald-faced lies (e.g., she gave the magazine an exclusive quote). I’m surprised the story omitted the arthritis cure that space aliens told to a two-headed baby, who passed it on to Jodi by telepathy.

  37. This song really makes me think of Jodi and some of the things she’s going through and even what she’ll experience when she gets out. Note: there is about 8-9 seconds of another song at the beginning (unless it’s supposed to be part of this song)

    Halls of Folsom – Jenny Whiteley

    They come and tell me
    It’s one month to my release
    Should feel like I’m going home, not going away
    But for 20 years less a day, my home was just a word to say
    And I wonder if a part of me ain’t here to stay
    And I’m walking the halls of Folsom every day now in my mind

    The chains on my legs will get old and rust away
    And every prison guard will be gone someday
    But the chains of the memories forced upon me
    The stuff they’re made of won’t let me be
    Now I’m walking the halls of Folsom every day now in my mind

    The lights have no mercy
    It’s too bright to sleep, to dim to see
    And, I’m wondering now if I can sleep in another bed
    And, I’ve never had a visitor. I couldn’t stand to see her
    And, I wonder if she wonders if I’m free
    And, I’m walking the halls of Folsom every day now in my mind
    Every day now…

  38. STATE v. ARIAS
    Appellate Case Information

    JODI ANN ARIAS, Appellant

    C A S E S T A T U S
    May 12, 2016…………………….
    Record Complete-Notice Completion Sent

    FILED: Request for Management Conference and Briefing Schedule; Certificate of Service (Appellant)
    FILED: Notice of Completion of Record

  39. Thanks CC 53….but Our girl is stronger then most men could ever be…how many times did the state try to break Her….from what I hear well on to 1000…..and still UNBROKEN! Well they would say …We had to search Her…..NO YOU DIDN’T….that’s to break a person and I must say a rather sick way. Freedom in in Her future and this is why the mob screams give up….PLEASE,PLEASE just give up…why is it they worry about how any spend their own money…see Us tell em to stop wasting their money on trips to do what…pity the darkness that was just a …good guy….NOPE! haters worry about ,TRUTH and FAIRNESS…..and that JUSTICE thing. TRIALS? Why waste the poor tax payers $ on trials…just get a know it all judge who knew …guilt was never in doubt….BUT She killed a man…..does a man think he can abuse any and all and walk away? This was no good guy….for the most part…..and why will others not stand up for Her….who CLAIM to stand up for women…ask ALICE L. on the standing up part and the vile that did all to harm a woman who spent a lot of years standing up for all women…not just the ones She liked. Any who stand up for Jodi seem to get on a list as the mob goes wild with glee…another victim for them that hate… Why do the haters hate APPEALS….FAIR TRIALS and with that JUSTICE? Even they don’t know as one has to think and all they seem to do is stink as they seek to destroy America. That a person during trial can smile shows a thing or two…..FAITH and YES LOVE as She knows that She is loved by many and We do all to bring Her JUSTICE and with that FREEDOM. For Her to know that would bring a smile. The haters should worry as each day that goes by We will grow stronger as they grow weaker …what is this b.s. just give up….all She did was kill Her abuser and a very evil one at that….if only She was a police officer as sis sam……now a hero? Just view what a cop said in open court and got away with… much for rules ans law. I stand by a young lady who needs help…and always will…..She has faith and so do I……that’s who She is. A SURVIVOR no one will ever break.

    • Good, while they are at it they need to dig deeper into the corruption in Maricopa County. At least they are headed in the right direction finally. 😉

    • Sounds like it to me. Of course, we already knew it as fact. Up close inspection needed in that office for sure.

    • …………….. . . Bill Montgomery and his staff are true dumb asses, because now JODI’s appeal team can now use his statements against him to help free JODI.

      During his first news conference he said they did nothing wrong in JODI’s case and that they had followed all protocol.

      Now he admits he fucked up in JODI’s case because he doesn’t want jurors “tainted” if he releases the cop’s cam video.

      So her appeals attorney can now say that Montgomery lied then and Montgomery is lying now.

      I just hope her appeals team catches on to this………. . . only in Arizona

      • Thank you, Joe. Let’s just wait and see. Plus I am going to wish upon a star. Oh my goodness, I need to get a selfie. Where is my stick?

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