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The JAA Appellate Fund website has just announced the $25,000 Matching-gift Campaign.

Here’s Sandy Arias’ message to all Jodi supporters:

“A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has pledged to match, dollar for dollar, any new donations received before August 1, 2015, up to a total of $25,000. Please give generously – and soon – to allow the JAA Appellate fund to take full advantage of this gift.

When Jodi’s two state-paid appeals are over, she will be unable to appeal any further even in Arizona, let alone in Federal courts, without a private attorney. To hire a private attorney requires a retainer of $250,000. If this amount is not raised in time — which probably means roughly in the next two years — Jodi’s case will be over forever, and she will have lost all hope of overturning her wrongful conviction. Thus, the need for funds is urgent. Please help protect Jodi’s right to future appeals by contributing now to the $25,000 matching-gift campaign.

Thank you,
Sandy Arias”

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That’s awesome news! So let’s all be sure to go to — donate… and (as Sandy said) take advantage of this very welcome opportunity to swell donations in the JAA fund, and take one step closer to JUSTICE FOR JODI.

And remember my regular warning:

Please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them. Thank you for your ongoing support!

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!

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If you’d like to send Jodi a letter or postcard, click here for the current address details & guidelines.

To access every court document & motion relating to this trial, click here or click the Court Docs link from the main menu at the top of the page.

In the meantime folks, and as always… we plough on regardless

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Prepare for it.

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    • That is wonderful too!!! People will slowly start to see this for the scam sham it has been!
      ♥ You have done a great job!! ♥

    • 10,000? Oh wow!!!! So exciting! ♥
      Your Wiki is a wonderful source of info Justus! More people should read it, it really is an eye-opener.

    • Thank you all. Now if I can just figure out how to convince the 95% who leave after one or two pages to actually read the document… I’m sure what happens is they read the first thing that stirs the least amount of doubt and somewhere in the back of their minds they become frightened that they just could be wrong. Scary stuff! Of course, they don’t admit that to themselves. What they do instead is blame their discomfort on the document, become angry, declare the document full of crap and run away, patting themselves on the back for knowing the “real truth”.

  1. Lise LaSalle posted this touching story on Debra Milke on Twitter. It’s interesting that the prosecutor only wanted Yes & No answers to his questions and wouldn’t let her answer, the chief detective lied and the female judge continually overuled the defense team’s objections. Sound familar? Debra talks quite a bit about how she survived solitary for so many years, also.

    The American Nightmare: Debra Milke Recalls Her Years on Death Row

    • Thank you for sharing with us CC53 !! Praying that Debra Milke will be able to overcome the injustices that happened to her because of the corruption in her trial. This has become an epidemic in AZ. People need to be outraged at the AZ justice system that has been allowed to fail so miserably many times over!!! Things Have to Change!!! ((((((((DEBRA MILKE)))))))))) STOP THE ABUSE AZ !!!!

    • Although I have spent endless hours reading about Debra’s case, reading this article brought tears to my eyes. This woman was robbed of her youth, her dreams, her freedom. I really do hope she gets to travel the world and visits everything she had imagined visiting during those awful 22 years of abduction (Arizona was her abductor).

      Let’s not allow the state of arizona to keep Jodi a hostage for 22 years. 🙁


    • Excellent article. Whenever I read about Debra, I get this pain in my stomach, as if my body and mind are trying to understand the absurd reasons why this woman was on Death Row for more than 2 decades though she was innocent.

      Nothing will bring back Christopher 🙁 But nothing will give her back the 23 years of her life, either.

  2. I am so touched to hear about this beautiful generous initiative. Whoever the anonymous donor is I wanna thank him/her from the bottom of my heart for this. So nice to see there are still kind-hearted SELFLESS people out there, standing by our Jodi’s side.
    Let’s do this, cyber family!!! We have 3 months! Whatever we can donate matters! No matter how little. Every penny counts….

    JODI ARIAS, WE LOVE YOU AND WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Keep your head up, it’s GONNA happen 🙂 ♥

    • Well said Maria!

      Thank you so much Anonymous donor! If you happen to read this, you can’t even imagine how thankful I am to you.

      Self defence is certainly NOT a crime. Imagine being put in a position where you are forced to take a life to save your own! It’s disgraceful, all this is on Travis. We need to do everything we can to get Jodi out of that horrible place where she is being unfairly kept.

      We are all in your corner Jodi, rooting for you! Finally, after over 6 years of injustice, we can finally move forward. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Justice will prevail and you will get the justice you deserve Jodi, we will make sure of that.


    ♥ 2 Corinthians 9:7 ~~ Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. ♥

  4. Debra Milke’s story is sad. I would love to see her trial transcripts.i don’t understand how they accepted her confession into evidence when detective had a history of questionable behavior when eliciting confessions.

  5. I have a problem and so should all of us. While hard for her to sit there at sentencing listening to everyone else talk about you she shouldn’t of said she remembered anything. I know a law clerk who said the appeals court may hold that against her thinking she remembers everything. JW should never have allowed that. Am I just paranoid ???

    • JW didn’t know that she was going to say it.

      But it HAD been the intent that while Jodi was on the stand at the retrial, she was going to testify to the things she’s remembered since the original trial. She just never got to finish that testimony.

      What she said does not change or undermine the testimony that she acted in defense of her own life. It bolsters it, saying that even that last devastating injury happened because he was still attacking her.

    • I don’t know how it will effect her appeal but I do believe that Jodi is her own worst enemy. I do not believe she should have said half of what she said. I understand that she wanted to correct the misstatements that were made but this wasn’t the time.

    • Nobody knew Jodi was going to say that. I don’t think it was planned. She must have been so frustrated having to listen to all the lies, everyone else telling her story when she was the only one that was there, she is the only one that knows what happened and she knows that everything being said about her is a lie. Jen knew Jodi had remembered it and she was going to testify to it. It shouldn’t change anything because it was in self defence. Travis was determined to kill Jodi and he was persistent right up until his very last breath.

    • I agree with Journee on this. Jodi was being honest. Some of her memory has come back with time and she is now able to remember things and was going to testify about this in the re-trial until they opened up the court again and she was unable to testify in closed session. Her statement to the judge was that Travis was still attacking her when the knife went into his throat and that she was still trying to get away from him. All the truth. The appellate court only works on facts not on supposition. The facts are that at the time of the criminal trial she could not remember everything. The appellate court will look at the facts such as:

      1. Brady violations – prosecution hiding for over 6 years the original mirror image of the hard drive from the defense, purposeful destruction of thousands of computer files by DF at the crime scene and again a year later, hiding the evidence that there was pornography and child pornography on TA’s computer and the perjury by state’s witnesses to cover up those facts
      2. Admitted perjury of Det Flores during the Chronis hearing to secure the sole death penalty aggravator
      3. Dr. Horn’s supposed “typo” despite his own autopsy report refuting his own misleading testimony and equivocations on the stand. His autopsy report is clear – the brain was undamaged and the dura mater was intact, the lungs were undamaged yet on the stand he equivocates to make the jury believe otherwise, why? Who has the motive here to mislead the jury? Dr Horn? or the prosecution? Dr. Horn should be an unbiased medical examiner reporting dry facts so why the equivocations and misleading testimony? Typo? Really?
      4. prosecutorial misconduct by JM throughout the entire trial with such things as denying the existence of any text messages from TA to Jodi; his throwing TA’s camera onto the floor damaging that piece of evidence and assuring that no further testing can take place on it and doing this in full view of the court, the jury, the defense and the defendant; repeatedly stating a witness’s name in open court that was under seal; perjury from state witnesses with regard to the computer evidence of the existence of pornography, child pornography, and viruses; his continual hiding of evidence from the defense and the destruction of evidence
      5. JSS rulings which were in error – such as her refusal to allow the 10 letters that TA wrote to JA into the trial with the experts’ testimony and then letting the jury decide whether to believe them or not and instead allowing things like the prosecutor continually claiming in front of the jury that Jodi “stole” her grandfather’s gun and used it in her premeditated plan to kill TA when there was never any evidence whatsoever that Jodi had anything to do with the burglary of her grandfather’s home; her refusal to sequester the juries; her giving the standard instruction Allen charge – one that was intended for a standard instruction versus the one that is used in death penalty cases to ensure the jury is not unduly pressured or forced into a death verdict (however, this may have been agreed on ahead of time by both sides, I don’t know for sure); her ruling that the admitted perjury of Det Flores was “harmless” and irrelevant. Really? You lie to obtain the sole death penalty aggravator “cruelty” which sets in motion a whole chain of events like having death qualified jurors, narrowed instructions, etc. and this is “harmless” and irrelevant? Really? Wrong !
      6. JSS refusal to control the courtroom to the point that the defendant was denied a fair trial by allowing the family to continually demonstrate for the jury not the least of which was an incident that occurred during Kirk Nurmi’s closing argument when the entire front two rows of family and friends of TA stood up and stormed out in full view of the jury and she does nothing; JSS idiotic decision to allow the eleven jurors to return to the courtroom for sentencing and allowing them to demonstrate to the court by sitting in the jury box despite the fact that they had already been dismissed by the court after failing to come to a unanimous decision – all wearing blue and crying throughout BEFORE the defendant had spoken and BEFORE her attorney had spoken when presumably there would have been an opportunity for this judge to consider their words and perhaps influence her decision which she had not yet ruled on – but by allowing the jury to sit in the box and demonstrate throughout the entire sentencing it was clear that this judge had a bias against Jodi Arias that was interfering with Jodi Arias’ constitutional rights

      I could go on….but regardless the appellate court will only be looking at the facts…and keep in mind that the Arizona appeals courts are well aware of who Juan Martinez is and not in a good way…

      We need to donate as much as possible and we need to do everything we can to get the word out for an appellate team that would perhaps be willing to take on this case perhaps at a lowered rate or even pro bono….Milke’s appeals attorneys did a good job for her and finally won her freedom….we need the same for Jodi

      • BB, I’ll have to disagree with you on some of these points. An appellate attorney would be a fool to raise some of them — and most appellate attorneys are far from fools. For example, why on earth would an appellate attorney raise ANY issue about the penalty phase or even seek to have that mistrial overturned when that was the most favorable outcome Jodi could possibly have achieved? Who wants to overturn that? It is the verdict itself that an appellate attorney will seek to overturn in an appeal.

        While I’m sure some issues will be raised regarding Brady violations and prosecutorial misconduct, you have to remember that the appellate court may not overturn the jury’s verdict if they do not believe any such errors would have changed the outcome of the trial. This is the first trial ever to be held on social media rather than in the actual courtroom and any appellate attorney worth his/her weight in salt will quickly realize that is one of the most compelling issues to lead with. It is novel, interesting, and something courts are being challenged in dealing with in this day and age. Therefore, it is an issue which an appellate court may well find topical enough to review and rule on — at least, to some degree.

        Have you read Scott Peterson’s appellate brief? It’s incredibly tedious and far too lengthy, but it delves into some issues regarding the pre-trial media attention given to his case in Issue V. Al looked up AZ’s appellate rules a while back and, I can assure you that no such rambling brief will be submitted in Jodi’s case. However, there are some points in that particular section that could well be pertinent in Jodi’s case regarding the prejudice of the jurors due to media publicity — and in Jodi’s case, social media as well. That being said, the Respondent’s Brief should also be read in regards to that issue.

        I do also want to state that there is no instance of Detective Flores admitting to perjury that I recall from the trial so that will be a difficult argument to make. Also, again, whether the gun shot came first or last, what is the likelihood that the jury’s verdict would have changed?

        • 6. What issues do you raise in a brief?
          The Court of Appeals only cares about important issues that were wrongly decided, or that involve a new area of law. So, we must be selective in making our presentation. Some issues that were raised at trial might be sure losers on appeal, and so I don’t raise them, in order to bolster the credibility of other issues. Other issues might have merit, but make no difference in the case (this is called “harmless error”). We often don’t raise those issues, either. And,
          the appeal issues are generally limited to those that the defense attorney brought to
          the attention of the trial court (this is why lawyers are always objecting). If there was a basic, glaring mistake that occurred that the defense lawyer did not catch, this can sometimes be brought up as “fundamental error.”

          From: Tracey Westerhausen Re: Arizona criminal appeal and PCR process
          Date: April 17, 2007

          – Tracey Westerhausen –

          A small town girl from Mesa, Arizona, Ms. Westerhausen practices criminal defense law, much to her parents’ surprise. Since 1990, she has focused full time in the areas of trial work, appeals, and petitions for post-conviction relief.
          Professional Recognitions
          Best Lawyers in America
          Southwest Super Lawyers
          Arizona’s Finest Lawyers
          AV Rating, Martindale-Hubbell

          • Great points, ColdCase53. Not to be contentious, but I truly wish some people here would understand that really good summary. One must ONLY choose WINNING issues on appeal — and the fewer the better — and one’s argument MUST be compelling. As I prepared my own appeal (which I won), I began with 15 issues. No appellate court will even entertain that a judge made 15 errors. The only time before in my life that I’d learned anything about appeals was while in law school — and then, only briefly. In fact, most appellate courts will not even entertain such a brief. It will be laughed at. Sure, trial attorneys object all the time and move for this, that, and the other — as had been the case in my divorce — and as occurs in ANY case. But the attorneys are simply preserving the record. Those as not issues to be raised on appeal or that would have affected the outcome. If they had been perceived as such egregious errors, the trial attorneys would have immediately filed an interlocutory appeal — and an appellate court would have ruled DURING the trial.

            As I researched all I could and learned as much as possible from books written by appellate justices, I quickly realized that an appellate court will believe that a judge may make 1-3 egregious errors, potentially even as many as 5, but rarely more than that. Remember, they are judges too. Generally, they have presided over cases and would never want to admit they made multiple errors.

            I knew I had to limit my appeal to no more than 3-5 issues … and that I should lead with my best issue — the strongest issue that might (a) get their attention as topical (as a domestic violence victim participating in an address confidentiality program in another state, but similar to the state I lived in while married, I had been ordered to provide my abuser with my home and work addresses. When I refused, my pleadings were stricken which, in layman’s terms meant I was disallowed from participating in my own divorce.) (b) limit my issues to those which appellate courts had previously ruled upon as error; and most importantly, (c) find a manner in which to write a compelling brief that would be interesting to clerks (who read the brief first), then more senior legal staff, and finally, the justices who would conduct final review.

            I also knew that if my first issue was adjudicated to be an error requiring a remand, it would be an exceptionally rare instance for the the appellate court to go further and review the other errors in my case. Therefore, in my best interests, I should lead with my most compelling and most topical issue — one that an appellate court may feel was timely to rule upon.

            The appellate court did what I hoped and ruled upon my first issue, remanding my case back with an advisory to the lower court about its order requiring me to reveal my home and work addresses to my abusive husband which was an error (according to FL statute). It was not QUITE the decision I hoped for, nor did it set the precedent I hoped to be set. But it was a first tentative step and something that another victim can use (and it has been used since then) to further that step into more decisive and deliberate decisions. The next victim who raises such an issue will not have the hurdle I had to jump: I set a minor precedent. My case isn’t quite Roe v. Wade, but it’s the precursor to such cases. That’s what appellate courts do. They take tentative steps until they have to decide more definitively. (Think about same-sex marriage — very tentative steps have been taken.) I won’t go down in history (not that I want to), but some other case, perhaps years down the road from now, will cite the decision in my case as one that allows them to take their case to SCOTUS to rule upon it.

            So, my life counted — perhaps not in the way I hoped it would when I was a little girl — but if I die tomorrow, my life was not in vain. (I’m sorry if I sound conceited or like I’m bragging here, I don’t mean to sound that way, but this was honestly, one of the greatest achievements of my entire life.) My case is just a mere stepping stone. But stepping stones are very necessary as legislation is formed over many decades. And from now on, in the state of FL, domestic violence victims in an address confidentiality program (especially those without children) have a precedent to rely upon when a judge orders them to provide their new home and work addresses to their abuser. And women in other states now have not one, but two (I relied upon another case that wasn’t quite as clear-cut as mine, and only cited in a footnote — so now, there is a footnote and an actual decision in the US). I also had the state of MD intervene as an Amicus Curiae, and they submitted an AMAZING brief in support of address confidentiality programs. So, that sets a precedent for other states to follow. One very very very small step forward indeed. Just one. But all the steps are necessary. A domestic violence victim WITH children can use my case as a step in the future. And any woman without children can (and has) easily used it.

            Now, let me just say this, because it needs to be said. Remanding my case back to the same judge in the same court with an “advisory” from the appellate court did NOT help me financially in resolving my case — other than, it allowed me to LIVE my life without the constant fear of him having a way to track me down. I ended up settling my case and letting him have everything. There was just no other way out for me. I couldn’t afford to retain attorneys. I couldn’t (safely) represent myself in FL (without him killing me). So, I had no other option. But him not having a financial judgment against me left me with something that is PRICELESS: FREEDOM. Sure, he got the house, cars, business — all of which were mine that I paid for. But I got something there is no price for: the chance to be happy and to live free of abuse. I surrender to that because for 10 long years, I had no clue what it meant.

            • What I like about JAII, is that there is always hope here.
              Nothing said here is nonsense.
              Never give up hope. That’s the only time that HOPE is Hopeless!
              You have to stay positive.
              Nothing wrong with that.
              MANY reasons for appeals in Jodi’s case.

              If the jail mate said Jodi felt at home, well that’s the only home she’s known for 7
              That’s exactly how a friend of mind that was in prison decided to do.
              Just make every day as best as he could.
              That’s what Jodi does.
              It turned out ok for him and I know it will for Jodi.

        • I agree with you whole heartedly that the social media and the media attention surrounding this case is going to be an issue on appeal. JM has already stated on a taped interview after the trial he was very flattered by all the media attention he received – barf. But there is no doubt that the amount of media attention was unprecedented and the failure to sequester the jury in this case will be an issue I believe as well. I raise the penalty phase issues because this is where the defense team first discovered the evidence of these issues like the porn/viruses/hidden mirror image, etc….the state did a good job hiding the evidence as long as they did – well after the criminal trial was over and into the penalty phase trial in violation of Brady – but the state doesn’t now get rewarded for being good violators of the law, this new information that was obtained by the defense after the conclusion of the criminal trial is relevant to the criminal trial in that it prevented Jodi from receiving a fair trial to begin with. And it will be a big part of the appeals. It is inextricably intertwined together.

          As far as the most favorable outcome….well, in my view the most favorable outcome would have been life with the possibility of release and this goes to the antics with JSS allowing the jury to sit in the box, etc. demonstrating before the court and showing the obvious bias that JSS had in this case. The family demonstrations including the front two rows storming out of the courtroom while KN was giving his closing is another example of the bias of JSS in this case – she did nothing. You can not pose yourself as a “judge” with an supposed unbiased view and them become the team cheer captain for the state which is essentially what she did – throughout the trial but specifically illustrated by those examples just given. No consideration was given IMHO at all to the the relevant comparable cases that JW tried to get the judge to look at and consider..I don’t believe that any consideration was given to any of the mitigating factors.. All the while JSS’s “team in blue” blowing their noses were demonstrating in the box. UNHEARD OF !!!!

          Detective Flores by his testimony in the criminal trial admitted to lying/perjuring himself in the Chronis hearing. He stated under oath in the Chronis hearing that he was giving the “opinion of Dr. Kevin Horn” – that the gunshot was first and that it did not incapacitate Travis….then in the trial he stated under oath that it was not Dr. Horn’s opinion he gave in the Chronis hearing but his “own opinion” he gave. Thus admitting to his perjury during the Chronis Hearing to help gain the sole death penalty aggravator. He was forced to admit his perjury bc now he was claiming that the gunshot was last as a final “FU” and in accordance with Dr. Horn’s misleading and equivocating testimony that the gunshot would have rapidly incapacitated TA and rendered him unconscious. You can read Kirk Nurmi’s motion on this (Petition for Review 02/20/2013). It is stated in that motion just as such that is was “admitted perjury” – which it definitely was. And this is not a light issue at all. This is serious. You can not allow perjured testimony to gain a sole death penalty aggravator and then simply excuse it by saying it was irrelevant or harmless which is what JSS did in her erroneous ruling. No. Because even though Jodi escaped the death penalty the fact that this was a death penalty case put so many other factors into motion in this case like the narrowing of the jury with only death qualified jurors, and narrowing the class of persons eligible for the death penalty. In this case all the other prongs of aggravators were dismissed by the court except the “cruelty” prong and Det Flores’ perjured testimony was material to this aggravator and allowed the court to find “cruelty.” So this perjured Chronis Hearing testimony is going to be a big issue on appeal.

          And yes I have read Scott Peterson’s brief more than once as a matter of fact and it is long. And the issues regarding the media will be important in that appeal as well as this one. As for it being tedious, I am not in a position to comment on that as the appellate attorneys handling that case must have weighed everything very carefully and included the many points in that brief for a reason in their goal to try to save his life.

          And the gunshot first or last and does it make a difference? IMHO yes it makes a huge difference. First of all the state does not get to lie their way into a death penalty aggravator, commit multiple Brady violations, destroy evidence, play hide and seek with the evidence and then in the end say, well, it all really doesn’t matter because in their mind it is irrelevant or “harmless” …The gunshot first or last is a huge issue because the state made it a huge issue by lying about it and trying to cover it up. The gunshot first or last goes to a bigger deception and that is whether or not Travis Alexander was able to attack Jodi as she said he was on June 4, 2008. Was he incapacitated or was he not? Was he conscious or was he not? This is why Dr. Horn tried to disavow his own autopsy report and mislead and equivocate throughout his testimony including the testimony he gave regarding TA’s lungs – whether or not they were nicked (which injury caused the blood in the mouth – the chest wound or the gunshot- Dr. Horn tried to equivocate on this and insinuate that the blood could have been from the stab to the chest – it did not – it came from the gunshot to the head). The state made the gunshot first or last an issue on appeal when they lied about it and their lies about it are material to the jury’s decision. Certainly if the jury knew that Travis Alexander was not incapacitated by the gunshot and was able to continue the attack on Jodi just as she testified to, then yes there could have been jurors that may not have voted for premeditated murder. Afterall they wouldn’t have had the state telling them that this was impossible that the gunshot was first and having the state lie to them and saying that it penetrated the brain/Dura Mater – you know Dr. Horn’s infamous “typo.” They were lied to and told that the gunshot was last and that Jodi attacked Travis as he sat in the shower with his legs folded up against his chest while holding the camera with both hands but somehow able to wield a knife in her magical third hand (BN testimony that Jodi was holding the camera with both hands and she had nothing else in her hands – the now famous eye reflection photo). That she viciously purposefully stabbed him for no reason other than she wanted to murder him. Then she slit his throat as he was crawling down the hall. and then as a final “FU” she shot him in the head after he was dead. That was a fairy tale. The porn issue and the state’s lies about that figure into this issue with the gunshot first or last as well bc they hid evidence from the defense on the porn found on TA’s computer and were thus able to successfully and consistently call Jodi a liar and anyone who believed her a liar and therefore we can not believe her when she says that Travis attacked her and that she shot him first and it did not stop his attack. You, jury, can not believe that from the lying lips of Jodi they were told.

          So if it were not for all the Brady violations, destroyed /hidden/ altered / tampered with evidence in this case Jodi would be out partying with all of us in celebration. You can take that to the bank. So yes I believe that there could have been a different outcome, not that it is a guarantee, but that the possibility exists that a different outcome could have happened had the jury been given all the evidence and the truth.

          We can not sit here and presuppose what any jury would do. The facts are that the state lied about many things in this trial and hid evidence from the defense and it simply will not hold up on appeal to allow lying and cheating to win the day.

          • ….Jodi would be out partying with all of us in celebration. You can take that to the bank. This is IMHO of course…

            And of course we can’t presuppose what any jury will do, but had it not been for the dirty tactics of the state as I mentioned above, there would have been a reasonable possibility that the jury could have settled on something other than premeditated murder…

            Just clarifying here bc one is my opinion (partying) and the other is more of a legal view of what the appellate courts may find…

          • Oh BB, I admire your passion and dedication, but I’m sorry, you just do NOT understand appeals or the law. Forgive me for saying that. But we should not be giving false hope or misleading information to those who post here. We really shouldn’t.

            I recently read the most ridiculous blog by someone who goes by JustDaTruth about the appeals process. He’s on the other side of this case and claims to understand what an appeal means and to “teach” others about it. I sat here and laughed heartily at what so many of the “twits” on twitter have taken as Gospel truth (pardon my expression for those who know I’m not religious, but I have no comparison to allude to). Regardless of his terminology errors (an appellant attorney, for example) and multiple typos, he seems to ridiculously assume that an appellate brief (by Jodi’s appellate attorneys) will be submitted within a month. Does he not realize that a first extension of time is granted almost automatically (upon request) by ANY appellate court? Does he not realize how much time is involved in transferring the voluminous record? An appellate court takes the time they need to review transcripts. There is no time constraint upon them. Briefing schedules are just that: schedules, which can be extended and usually are. The guy writing that article is a complete idiot who does not understand the law.

            But BB, it does not matter WHEN the defense team raised the issue of the withheld evidence regarding the computer: it only matters that it WAS raised. You obviously do not have a good understanding of the way the law works. No offense, but did you go to law school? I did. Even if you did, have you ever prepared an appeal? If so, have you ever won? I don’t mean to sound conceited here either, but I did both, pro se. And I do so on a case that most experienced practicing appellate attorneys said I could NOT possibly win. Well … I did.

            As for the penalty phase, there were TWO possible outcomes: life with parole; life without parole. That’s it. If you think otherwise, you’re simply not thinking logically. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Did you really really think that Judge Stephens would overturn her own prior decisions? Has that happened historically? Sure, but you do realize how rare it is, right? Or do you?

            As for Scott Peterson’s brief, CA has different appellate requirements and length of brief is not one — particularly as it pertains to capital punishment. But seriously, if you read it, and you’re a clerk, do you really want to plow through that? I don’t and I love the law, but it bored the hell out of me. Read a book called “The Winning Brief” and you’ll learn more about appeals than you ever learned anywhere else. I think it’s about $20 on Amazon and $20 well spent. Actually, after reading that, I revised my entire initial brief (and I won so it was perhaps the BEST $20 I ever spent).

            Jodi didn’t get the DP. Her initial brief will be much more limited than his, and AZ has different laws than CA. So, you can sit here until the cows come home crowing about all you feel was wrong in this trial, but unless you’re her appellate attorney, it doesn’t mean much. And while we cannot presuppose (as you put it) what a jury might or might not have done, as someone who went to law school and watched the entire trial (and the defense put forth), I honestly don’t believe THAT jury would have found differently whether or not the gun shot came first or last. In fact, I would go so far as to say (based on their sympathy — or I should say, a number of them feeling sympathy and partying with the victim’s family post-trial — as it was not ALL of the jury), that they were pre-disposed long before being appointed to serve on that jury — and perhaps even biased.

            I’m not a practicing attorney. I’m certainly not an appellate attorney. But I can practically guarantee you no appellate attorney will raise ANYTHING egregious by the judge from the penalty phase during appeal (Brady violations notwithstanding — although I don’t have the same faith in them prevailing that you do).

            • Wow…shame on me I guess I never got to law school like you…. I never said or indicated that it mattered “when” the defense team raised those issues, I said that they were discovered after the conclusion of the criminal trial and are relevant to the criminal trial, that’s all…

              And unless I dreamed it up JSS had an option to give her “life with possibility of release” so I consider this another option….I guess you dont so we disagree, but no need to be so rude.

              I won’t sit here and try to second guess what Scott Peterson’s appellate attorneys are doing that would be presumptuous but I bet they would want your input, so maybe you should contact them and school them on what they should do…

              I am not “crowing” about anything at all…I am stating facts. And if you don’t understand that the gunshot first or last issue does indeed make a difference as I explained already and as Tryinnocence below has also explained then there is no helping you understand..

              • BB, it wasn’t the computer issues I was referring to that were raised during the penalty phase. You did sit here crowing about the Alexanders, en masse, walking out during Nurmi’s closing and stated that would be an appellate issue — as if you had inside information on that and it was a fact. I truly hope Jodi’s appellate issues are not so stupid as to raise that issue because it is not appropriate.

                I doubt any appellate attorney would want my input and Peterson’s brief has already been filed anyway. I’m not so presumptuous. But I also don’t think they would want your input — although you state these “issues” regarding Jodi’s appeal as if you are 100% positive will be raised and claim that is factual. Unless you are in contact with her appellate attorneys, you don’t know that. Do you?

                And, again, from a legal standpoint, on review, I sincerely doubt that an appellate court will consider whether or not the gun shot came first or last, as grounds to overturn the jury’s verdict. Travis still died. During her testimony at trial, Jodi didn’t remember the sequence of events.

                I have not been rude at all. I just don’t want to mislead people who read here with a bunch of nonsense.

                • Again I wasn’t “crowing” about anything. And the use of that word is really uncalled for …..really ??? Get off your high horse…Please point out where I state that the court demonstrations by the family/friends and JSS doing nothing about it is going to be an appellate issue. Why don’t you learn how to read…I was making a statement about JSS’s biased behavior, plain and simple. You are reading into things that aren’t there…why don’t your re-read the paragraph…I state in my post where I think the appellate issues will be and that is not one of them…it is an observation that JSS is an IDIOT who is biased…

                  You are projecting your own arrogance onto me. This is not a pissing contest…

                  As far as the gunshot issue…I can’t help you…

                  So while you are at it maybe a re-read of Tryinnocence post below..

                • Still Out, you wrote above in your April 25, 3:16pm comment, “During her testimony at trial, Jodi didn’t remember the sequence of events.”

                  Jodi’s statement to the judge at sentencing was, in part: “The gunshot did not come last, it came first, and that was when Travis lunged at me, just as I testified to…”

                  Trial Video Day 20 – Part 1/4 corroborates the above statement Jodi made at sentencing in regard to her 2013 testimony during the first trial.

        • Still Out There, You wrote, “Also, again, whether the gun shot came first or last, what is the likelihood that the jury’s verdict would have changed?”

          Neither jury, and no further jury, with or without media taint could have seen or would see their way to Jodi’s self-defense claim if they really believed that the gunshot was last, in my opinion.

          And, IMO, that’s why Jodi brought it up at sentencing, after the death penalty was no longer a threat to her. The order of injuries was not only relevant to the decision of the penalty, switching them is the MAIN reason that Jodi was convicted, the most prepossessing reason that the jurors did not look with critical eyes at the physical evidence in the master suite of that house, where the blood evidence would have told them that the shot was unquestionably first, and that a fight stopped and started up again.

          The jurors were led to believe that the gunshot would have been incapacitating, first or last. According to the written Autopsy Report, it would NOT have been incapacitating, but the report was not taken seriously by the judge, the jurors, or the media – Horn’s and Flores’ oral revisions were accepted instead.

          Indeed, the question of whether or not it would have been a lethal shot becomes moot if one accepts that it occurred after death, does it not? Another reason for the jurors not to cast a critical eye upon the evidence, specifically the Autopsy Report!

          JSS was apparently convinced that if the gunshot would have been first, there would have been no knife fight, owing to the gunshot’s purported “lethal” effect. This was what JM argued before JSS, and he seized upon what the M.E. himself had supposedly said earlier when he made this claim at the end of Day Nine of the first trial.

          This was ostensibly why the jury was inclined to cast aside exculpatory and mitigating evidence almost wholesale. They bought the prosecutor’s horror movie script that Jodi was able to overpower a man sixty pounds heavier and who had wrestling and fighting skills with just a knife. Jodi testified that the shot occurred accidentally when he lunged at her. She testified that she didn’t even know that the pistol was loaded or that he had been hit.

          The shot caused his sinuses to bleed profusely. It also obviously stunned him. The aspirated blood in the sink cannot be explained by the other wounds, but it can be explained by a gunshot wound such as he had, and the absence of blood on the floor by the sink also suggests that the fight stopped for a time while coughing took place.

          The juries gave no quarter to Jodi’s claims that she was defending herself; how could they have if they believed that she fired a final parting shot after the fact? They could not even begin to picture Jodi’s version: A wounded man continuing to attack after an unintended and non-lethal gunshot.

          The media presented a distraction not just from evidence, but from various prosecutorial maneuvers, especially this particular one, IMO. The change of wound sequencing never coagulated in the media pipeline as a noteworthy topic, but the prejudicial aspects of the state’s gunshot-last assertion have been commented upon countless times here.

    • Jeffrey, I would have to mostly disagree with your law clerk friend. Is he/she a practicing lawyer clerking for a judge (and if so, what kind of judge/court) … or just someone who works as a clerk at a law firm? The reason I ask is that an appeal is nothing like a trial. It consists of briefs that raise issues and responses that dispute the validity of those issues with appellate judges reviewing the briefs and the corresponding transcripts to determine whether or not there was an error made by the presiding judge. (In the case of new evidence discovered post-trial, some issues may be raised de novo, as well.)

      It is very unlikely that an issue raised by Jodi’s appellate attorneys would involve her recollection — or lack thereof — of the actual wounds suffered by Travis. In fact, I can’t really foresee any such issue coming up during an appeal. Where is the judicial error in allowing Jodi to testify during trial that she did not recall anything beyond the first gun shot and being on the road leaving AZ — and then, later, stating to the judge after a jury found her guilty and just prior to sentencing, that she now remembers one other detail? And why would Jodi’s appellate attorney raise any such issue. There just isn’t any error there that any appellate attorney would raise on appeal. The issues raised would be in regards to the trial itself. So, while the entire transcript may be transferred to the appellate court — the transcripts of the guilt phase are voluminous all by themselves. I can’t even imagine the appellate judges would even review the sentencing phase at all.

      • S.T.O…You say the first gun shot? Are you insinuating there was more than one shot?

        And you say no appellate Attorney would involve her recollection of how things happened? Why not? Martinez & Co did to try to get her the death penalty. The two trials were biased from start to finish, in fact, Martinez & Co & Judge had her down as guilty from day one. So Appellate Attorney in this/her case would have an “a-la-carte” of reasons to choose from towards Jodi’s appeal.

        The best person in my opinion to be her Appellate Attorney would be Dennis O’ Riordan, San Francisco based; he is known as the “Last Hope” & by God would take all those Arizona cheating hobos to the cleaners. And since not from Arizona wouldn’t be biased one-iota or wouldn’t be afraid of media or social media, etc.

        PS. Does she have to have an Arizona Appellate Attorney? In that case Cari Mc Coneghy Nolan, Nicole Farnum or Mark Heath may be the best of the bunch. Nicole Farnum won’t take on a case if she thinks she can’t get a resolution.

        • No, there’s never been any claim, record or anything else of any more than one gun shot injury.

          As for Jodi’s recollection and why an attorney would not want to raise an issue about this is … well, it’s complicated and difficult to understand. But, essentially, an appeal of a jury verdict is exceptionally difficult to overturn. Appellate courts are EXTREMELY reluctant to do so. Of course, the prosecutor believed Jodi was guilty. A prosecutor (even one like Juan Martinez — or perhaps I should especially one like him) is NOT going to take a case before a jury if he does not believe he has an excellent chance of conviction. It really doesn’t matter what a judge believes — and, in my opinion, we really don’t know what Judge Stephens believes. Her sentence was life, but there could be many other reasons behind that decision and, if there are, they would all be very difficult to prove in an appeal.

          I’ve said this a number of times and don’t want to sound like a broken record. But, essentially, on appeal, any good appellate attorney is NOT going to take every single objection or potential error by the judge and raise that as an issue. An appellate court is simply not willing to believe that a judge made error after error after error (and that’s not even the case when it’s obvious to most lawyers that the judge committed multiple errors). Some errors are deemed “harmless” (whether you or I or most people who post here would agree). By “harmless,” I mean, the appellate court, upon review, would not believe those errors would have affected the final outcome (i.e., the jury verdict). I personally believe this to be the conclusion whether the gun short was the first or last in the sequence of injuries. The jury would still have found Jodi guilty of premeditated murder. The jury believed the premeditation. (I have a number of theories as to why that is the case — and some are very much related to my feelings about the case put on by the defense — but that’s for another comment, if you’re interested.)

          For the most part, yes, the appellate attorney would have to be licensed to practice law in the state of AZ. There are certain situations where an attorney licensed elsewhere could represent her during appeal — but generally speaking, that attorney would have to be under the supervision of an attorney licensed in AZ. Not many attorneys want to do that — either supervise or work under someone else’s supervision. So, that would be rare.

          I haven’t looked up the attorneys you mention in great detail. Do they specialize in appellate work? What is their record?

  6. I read Picture Perfect to see the twist on this story. I watched Dirty Little Secret and was infuriated. People do NOT understand domestic violence at all. Travis documented his abuse of Jodi in texts and tapes. I heard it. His personality screamed dysfunctional, he himself said he was a sociopath. If she threatened to disclose the sex tapes which caused the last argument, do you really think he would have allowed photographs the last day? He was the photographer and the subject in the pictures. The prosecutor didn’t disprove self defense and that is where the burden lies. It is NOT the job of the defense to prove self defense. I firmly believe there is a lot more to the attack than Jodi dropping his camera. I think she blocked a lot of it out. Having watched this trial made me curious about Mormons. I just read Stolen Innocence about a child bride. The mystical, magical celestial heaven is crazy. TA had sex with Jodi before dying and that to me screams she didn’t intend to kill him. I see total anger in his eyes in the picture in the shower. He snapped and she defended herself. I pray she gets a fair trial and soon. I hope the PI finds the truth about the pedo letters or one of his victims comes forward. The whole law of attraction theory makes me sad for Jodi. She was the one attracted to a sick, demented, ego maniac. To all you Jodi experts, what role do you see the hidden porn files playing in the appeals? Do you think having his personality type analyzed through his writing would paint a true picture of a sociopath? From reading his MySpace page, I had a terrible opinion of who he was. His superinflated opinion of himself was crazy. It’s not normal at all.

    • Mary, I totally agree.

      That stupid movie was totally one sided. They were afraid of making Travis look bad in any way. I don’t think it was just about her dropping his camera, it was probably that that sent him over the edge. I think he’d been thinking about killing her for some time because she simply knew too much. We all know that Travis cared a great deal about what people thought of him, it was everything to him. And after all his hard work, trying to hide his true self from those he socialized with, he was paranoid about them finding out about the skeletons in his closet. What would his “friends” think if they found out he abused women? Or that he had a sexual attraction towards children?

      You hit the nail on the head labelling him a “sick, demented, ego maniac”. We only need to go on to Youtube and see him prancing around in a pair of ridiculous “short shorts” to confirm that. The guy was a dick.

      Justice For Jodi!

    • Mary Dunn,
      I recently posted somewhere in here (or more likely, Sandra’s blog? Inconvenient truths) information that I ran across regarding TA’s decline and implosion. When Jodi had confirmation that TA was a practicing pedofile, she, herself would be responsible in the eyes of the law if she did not report what she knew, about this “criminal.” She would become criminally responsible for covering up for him.

      Jodi had gone to the Bishop, and Jodi was seeking a lawyer. Jodi was being responsible. This is what set TA off on his mission to kill her. He justified this by viewing her steps in self-preservation as her BETRAYING him.

      I truly appreciate your objective perspective, backed by your reading up on the case.

    • I have been following and reading about his trial. It seems that arpaio is digging his own grave.The most amusing part is reading the comments under the articles. It seems that sheriff joe isn’t the ‘star’ he thinks he is. He is just another ‘landmark disgrace’ to the law & justice system of arizona.

      Oh, I really do hope that Jodi has heard of his court fuck-ups. I’m sure hundreds and hundreds of inmates that have stayed at his concentration camp are feeling a bit vindicated hearing that he’s in more trouble than he seems to think he is. All his ‘soldiers’ are throwing him under the bus one by one! Even his own attorney abandoned him! Ha. I am loving this so much!


      • Pandora,

        Did you hear the asshole say the inmates actually enjoyed “concentration camp”?

        I’ve started carrying a barf bag everyday.

        The things that they come up with make me sick.

        I HOPE HE ENJOYS IT!!!

        • Aly, that prick is so arrogant and a sociopath that he believes the stories he tells everyone.

          I really do hope that he doesn’t get away with a slap on the wrist although, I think that after the latest exposure that a PI was appointed to follow the judges wife, I don’t think that the scum will get away with it that easily. I’m guessing that he was hoping to find some dirt on the wife so he can ’emotionally blackmail’ the judge but that backfired, didn’t it? He pissed off the judge royally and I think that this is going to be a no mercy sentencing! 🙂

      • Did you guys ever see where his deputies STOLE papers from a female attorney presenting a case while her back was turned? They then made a COPY of the paper that the deputy stole! Her client caught on, told her, it was captured on courtroom video! Part of the questioning goes on to be captured on the court room video. Part was not. The deputy was told to apologize or be held in contemp. He refused and Arpaio stood behind the DEPUTY. But the deputy was jailed and lost his job eventually….I will find that video!

  7. This anonymous person that so generously is willing to match up to 25k of donations is Jodi’s angel.

    No matter how much each person donates, each dollar counts.

    Hey haters, here’s a thought: you guys can also donate 1 dollar each. That way, the amount of 25k will be raised faster and you will see that all this is ‘the real thing’ quicker rather than wait until August! 😉 – Just sayin’.


    • Very generous indeed. Thank YOU, anonymous donor! Not that I blame you for being anonymous, though. If your identity ever got out, the haters would be onto you faster than flies to shitpaper.

  8. Has anyone else read the entire sequence of emails between the Hughes and Travis? I found them very interesting indeed and actually, quite disturbing. In particular, Travis’s flippant comment about how he might as well have backhanded Jodi with the way the Hughes portrayed him. Also, he continually referred to his “problems,” which the Hughes knew all about apparently, and how he was trying to overcome them — and under intense external pressure to do so. What, exactly, did the Hughes know about Travis and his “problems?”

    • I want to see those emails, too . Your comment intrigues me even more. I read the intro blurb on their TA book…..And now it seems they haven’t decided what charity to give the proceeds to. Is it really that tough and time-consuming of a decision??? Wow. Sky stated the costs were more than they expected. So? They are millionaires for one thing, right? Or maybe wrong…who knows? And will they show their sheeple the receipts for their “costs”? Nope. I doubt it highly. I don’t trust ’em any farther than I could throw ’em. Felt that way from the start, and that hasn’t changed.

      • Sandra, you soooo need to read the entirety of the emails and the texts between them. It will fill in a LOT of gaps you have always had. (I believe you are the Inconvenient Truths, Sandra, right?) I tried to write a long response to both you and Trixels, but it disappeared. This case is truly like peeling back the layers of the onion. There is so much more to it.

      • On Beth Karas’s site. Also, earlier, I read their texts with Travis over the course of the last 5-6 months of his life. It is obvious that Chris Hughes knew Travis was NOT a virgin based on several of them, but that Sky did not know that. I felt weird reading them, but continued. I found it rather disgusting that Chris Hughes mentioned to Travis that he had “a little pregnant sex” with his wife one morning. If I was pregnant and my husband told his male friend that, I would be horrified. Actually, I would be quite horrified if my fiance was going around saying we just had sex.

        What makes it very obvious that Chris knew Travis was not a virgin were some of his comments to him. He says at one point, pretending to be Jodi something along the line of “Travis, it’s Jodi. Can I sleep in your room tonight? I lost the key to mine.” And at another point, Travis is wondering how to approach Mimi to persuade her to go to Cancun and he Chris Hughes is giving him advice. Travis says “Should I say, hey Mimi, do you want to lose your virginity in Cancun?”

        Travis is obsessed with these different women he is pursuing, Lisa and Mimi. That’s almost all he can talk about — well that and his blog that he wants to build traffic for. Every time Chris wants to talk business, Travis asks for advice about one of these women. Jodi is only spoken of occasionally with Chris and always in a manner where Chris is encouraging him not to be seen with her any longer if he wants another girl to take him seriously. (That’s quite a contrast from the emails about a year earlier where Chris claimed to have the “3 day chat” with Jodi about Travis’s abuse of women because he thought Travis wasn’t really into her and was essentially using her.)

        He also talks about his deviant gene pool and his problematic family a little and how he can convey that to other women without making them run away.

        I also read Travis’s texts with Chaitanya where he is, essentially, rather blatantly sexual almost all of the time. It’s rather uncomfortable because I can’t help but feel sorry for this woman, a single mother, and just how blatant he is. And his texts with Maria, which are just about the same, although not quite as crude.

        His texts with Jodi are also available, and often rude and nasty (but not in a sexual manner most of the time), whereas Jodi is always overly loving towards him. In fact, sometimes, I wondered why on earth Jodi continued to put up with it — although the same could be said of the other women. However, there are also calls and physical visits where Jodi comes over, in between — so the whole picture isn’t available. The most striking thing to me is that if Jodi slips up and sends a text intended for someone else to Travis by accident (which is something I do ALL the time), he becomes enraged wanting to know what she’s talking about. Talk about insane jealousy! He is occasionally sweet and loving towards her and seems to draw her back in, but it’s quite the contrast from the way he speaks to other women — even in his enthusiasm to respond to her, other than late at night.

        I also read his texts with Deanna. They make me wonder if there was something going on with them almost until she moved away. It seems to be more than friendship, and she does not come across as innocently as she did on the stand at all. She’s a little more rough around the edges than I would have imagined her to be. At one point, towards the end, she is trying to fix him up with someone else.

        I’m not finished reading through his texts with Lisa. She’s so sweet and innocent all the time. There is very little sexual innuendo he dares to throw in there — except early on. But, he often manipulates things and makes her feel bad. At one point, he tells her he’s a sociopath and that if she knew the truth about him, she would run away, which makes her quite sad. I hope Lisa never reads over all this and realizes that while he was texting her and being loving, he was also texting other women being extremely sexual. The girl was going through major internal struggles about her relationship with him and had a roommate who did not approve and she almost fell out with her roommate. It appears that he became angry with her at times too — perhaps she doesn’t remember all of that.

        I haven’t opened the window on more than one screen to compare the actual time stamps of what he was saying to one woman, while saying something entirely different to another woman, but it’s fairly obvious how many games he was playing. And I believe there were more women as well — based on Alyce LaViolette’s testimony.

        All in all, I feel like I need a shower after reading all of these. He is truly “rough around the edges” whereas, the women he idolized (Lisa especially) are almost angelic, by comparison. And yet, some of his true colors come out when he was speaking to Deanna, and far more when he was speaking to Jodi.

        Was Jodi hopelessly in love with him? Yes, she was, and yes, I’ll even go so far as to say, somewhat obsessed in an unhealthy manner. She put up with FAR too much, but he always knew just when to say something good that would draw her back in. (For those women who have been in abusive relationships, you’ll completely understand what I’m saying.) But she seemed to be truly getting it together once she left AZ. And yet, that’s when he attempted to be more loving than ever and totally draw her back in. We did NOT get the entire picture of this during the first trial (admittedly, I haven’t watched all of the retrial yet) which means, nor did the jury. After reading this, I do not understand how any supporters can read all of this and not see a different side of Travis — the TDogg side.

        And sure, I’m internalizing this somewhat because it so reminds me of my ex’s multiple conversations with women on Facebook during the same time periods, none of whom knew of the other, and all while we were married and I had absolutely no idea that he was even cheating on me at all. I can’t deny that it is affecting me on that level.

        He was in a very dire financial situation during the last 6 or so months of his life as well. That is evident in his conversations with Lisa, Chris Hughes, and apparently, he was in debt to Deanna and she was requiring incremental repayment. His financial situation greatly concerns him.

        Also, of interest, he really wasn’t sure who slashed his tires and did his best to convince Lisa to let him stay at her house to stalk the slasher, should it happen again. By “did his best,” I mean he was truly manipulative of a religious virginal girl — and at at time when they were broken up. He did mention suspecting it was Jodi to Lisa, but that does not (to me) appear to have been his main suspicion at all.

        He obviously suspected Jodi of stealing his journals and begged for their return from her — in an unprecedented fashion. She was very honest (in my opinion) in her empathy for him that they were missing and talked about losing her own. That begs the question: who had both of their journals? (We know the Hughes had some.)

        Whatever was going on between Jodi and Travis in May of 2008 is something I wish we all knew more about. There is mention of speaking to an attorney, signing of various legal documents, and then, something a person called Stan knows of (I need to look up that name again and see if any of you have heard it as it has slipped my mind as I write this). Something very important went down during that period of time. That’s all I can surmise.

        • Truth will out now won’t it!!

          Someones gotta leak that from BK..

          TDogg had a reputation with the MoMos and it was increasingly becoming a dangerous embarrassment.

          I don’t think Jodi was solely responsible.

          • Yes, yes, yes, Patty. He obviously did have a reputation within the community and it was catching up to him. The pressure was on him, big time. I’ll be honest here, I never really truly totally believed that he did have such a reputation until I read all this. Something inside him truly wanted to be a better person than he was, but he just couldn’t do it. Of that, I have no doubt. I imagine that’s what Jodi saw in him and continued to believe in. She understood because she didn’t come into that community as some “blessed virgin” raised within it. He could be himself with her and show her his “rough edged” and oh boy, he had them. I didn’t grow up a Mormon, but he’s kinkier — more blatant — than any guy I ever dated. As you read all of this, you cringe more than a bit — well, if you’ve followed the story. I guess if you’re one of those “other people,” you’ll make something else of it — although I’m not sure quite how. I don’t know quite how you could do that yet. Most of the time, I can’t read the haters’ comments. Sometimes, I try to, just to see “their” side of all this. I usually don’t get very far because they rehash the same dribble over and over. But they’re not commenting on these conversations. They are silent.

        • Oh, wow!! Thank you SO much for this summary of what you read StillOutThere! There’s no way on Earth I would ever pay Beth Karas a dime, so I’m just looking forward to the day these become public record though I doubt it.

      • I responded … a long comment. I hope it will show up later. There is so much more there than just the emails. There are also texts covering the last 6 months of Travis’s life between him and Sky, him and Chris, him and Lisa, him and Marie, him and Deanna, him and Chaitanya and him and Jodi. It’s a LOT of reading. It’s all on Beth Karas’s site. It’s very very revealing and NOT what we saw during the trial. Disturbing … but recommended reading for everyone here.

        • StillOutThere,

          Are these texts between TA and the women you mentioned published for public viewing anywhere else other than Beth Karas’s site? I would be interested in reading them but not by paying Beth Karas to read them! Thank you!


          (((((TEAM JODI)))))

          Happy Saturday, Team Jodi!!! 🙂

              • You bet, Marja! I am shocked that they are not yet “released” as everything else is usually “out there” within days of it being on Beth’s site. I paid for a month to read some stuff — it was “out there” for free within days — so I thought my $5 subscription was a waste of time. I really really wanted to read this stuff, so I paid for another month. I expected it to be public by now, to be honest.

                • Ah, but things that are unflattering to Travis won’t be shared by the majority who are paying for access to this stuff. I mean, they only shared the ‘pedo-letter’ so they could prove to the koolaid drinkers that it was a forgery contrived by Jodi.

                • Thank you StillOutThere for sharing all of this with us!!! I was thinking, you know, this will probably not be good for the Saint Travis book sales. 😆 The Hughes might appear to be less than honest, do ya think? Aaaahhhhh SMH

    • Out of mild interest (but without wanting to get sucked into another trial), I skimmed a bit about that trial. I wanted to go back to the beginning — before all the publicity — and was able to do so on Topix (something I also did on Jodi’s case, but it’s buried now and very difficult to find). Many friends who spoke out and knew her since high school (even those who truly felt for her plight) believed that Shayna was disturbed in some way and had a personality disorder, which they described. And yet, it seems, her boyfriend, had a great deal of problems as well. A few (very few) who knew her even spoke about seeing her with bruises. There were many many people who spoke out online about Shayna in 2012, shortly after the death of her boyfriend, interestingly enough. They also spoke of her obsession with ex-boyfriends, some of whom were married or engaged to other people. As time went on, they seem to have been silenced.

      When I first became interested in Jodi’s case, I also dug far back, as I mentioned above. There were no comments that I ever found disparaging Jodi or stating that she had a personality disorder — made by those who knew her. However, there were a few (very very few) rare comments from people who know about Travis and that he was abusive to other women. I have since heard that there were, at the time of Travis’s death, some who worked with her at a restaurant in Yreka, folks who spoke negatively about Jodi. They did not (at least, not that I ever found) post online about it. Other than a few who called into HLN during the trial, I’ve not found any negative comments from people who knew Jodi prior to 2008.

      Is the difference between 2008 and 2012 and online commentary so great as to create such a disparity?

      Just my 2 cents …

  9. Team Jodi:

    We’ve got less than four months to raise $250,000. That’s a lot of money to raise, but I know that if we all work together and pitch in everything that we can donate, we’ll not only achieve this goal, we’ll surpass it.

    There’s no excuses for failure here. We MUST succeed. Because if we don’t, the chances of Jodi ever getting her conviction overturned or the likelihood of ever getting out of prison is pretty bleak.

    I know that these aren’t the best economic times for most of us, but failure is not an option here and we must all pitch in and give whatever we can to help our beloved Jodi. It’s time that we all step up and show Jodi and her family how much we support her, how much we believe her and that we are determined to do whatever it takes to help secure her freedom and give her the justice that she deserves.

    This is our chance, the best chance that we’re ever going to have, to provide Jodi with the best legal team that will defeat the prosecution, the Alexanders, the haters, the biased jurors and the media that has spent the past two years doing everything they could do to destroy Jodi. This is for Jodi. Let’s make the most of it!

    • I do agree with Raja, so completely. If you support justice, it’s time to contribute something, $1, $5, whatever you have (and I don’t have much so I need to put my money where my fingers are LOL).

      But, I also want to say, we have to be in this for the very very long haul. Regardless of what the blogs (on the other side) might say, the appeals process is exceptionally lengthy, and appellate courts have NO requirement to decide within a certain amount of time. And look, I don’t post every day, and don’t decry my undying love for Jodi as many of you do. I am recovering from a 10 year domestic violence marriage and trying to live whatever life I have left. So, I read, but don’t often comment anymore because I don’t have time. I have a job, a life, a relationship, but I’m still here when I have time to be here and to post a coherent thought or two that I think it worth stating.

      Jodi is not going home soon. Let’s be realistic. She won’t be home for Christmas. She won’t be home the Christmas after that, or even the Christmas after that. Let’s stop the delusions and realize that this is going to be very difficult, tedious, lengthy, and an ongoing nightmare. Once that jury made their decision (whether you agree or not), her life was doomed. I can’t imagine what those who supported Debra Milke went through. How many of them simply stopped caring? But look at the end result?

      Now, we have to let the appellate process unfold. If there are real errors in the case (and I, and everyone who has knowledge of the law and is willing to admit it, KNOWS for an absolute fact there are), they will unfold in time. But it will be a LONG time, unfortunately. Sadly, it’s longer still since she didn’t get the DP and sadly, less attention will be given to her case. But, it’s the first case tried in the social media — so we really have a chance of an appellate court deciding to look at it. Keep that in mind.

      Sure, Jodi could get a GREAT appellate attorney without paying for her first appeals, but it’s the luck of the draw. I know some of you love Jennifer Willmott, but Jodi was convicted while Jennifer represented her and I could critique her performance 10 ways since Sunday. Do you all love Nurmi? Some of you do. Jodi didn’t. I didn’t. I thought her defense SUCKED.

      But please please remember, anything that goes higher than the first appeals is only based on the first appeal now (short of habaeus corpus) — and you never know what a higher court will even accept. They could deny it. In layman’s terms, if her first appeal sucks, it isn’t going to be considered at a higher level. She needs THE BEST NOW. Otherwise, we’ve all been sitting here twiddling our thumbs for the last 2 years and chatting amongst each other. And hey, maybe that’s all we wanted to do. We have a huge chance right now to elevate her fund from $50k to $100k by this matching donor.

      It STILL won’t be enough for the retainer for the appellate attorney. Do I believe they’re that expensive? I was quoted $15-$75k for my divorce (much much simpler case, no comparison) so yeah, I totally do. My only hope is that whomever they’re considering is really really good. It’s not the guy named in the investigator’s video — he’s a trial attorney, NOT an appellate attorney. I just hope they know what they’re doing and have found someone who can write a compelling brief.

      • Well said, StillOutThere! This process isn’t going to be easy and it’s going to try our patience, believe me. There are going to be times when many of us feel like giving up out of exhaustion or frustration or whatever. And when those moments happen, that’s when I think we need to remind ourselves why we’re doing this because this isn’t about us. It’s about Jodi.

        What we’re about to embark on is quite possibly the most significant, greatest challenge that most of us will ever experience in our lives, but when you think of the commonality and the lifelong friendships that have been established and will continue to be established here, it’s all going to be so worth it in the end. Because, in the end, we’re not just fighting for one woman’s freedom and justice, we’re standing up for every single man, woman and child that has ever been abused that needed a voice. We will have become their voice in addition to Jodi’s and that’s why there is ZERO excuse for failure here. We must succeed.

        We can’t go back in time and correct the errors that were made in the first trial. But we CAN make tomorrow better today so let’s do it and let’s make this happen for Jodi!

        • Very inspiring Raja!

          I will be saving monthly for Jodi! As an OAP my income is very limited, however I will sacrifice my monthly bottle of wine!

          We will succeed!

          • Judy, I had to LOL about your forgoing your bottle of wine. I too have been trying to rework my budget.

            Hey just a FYI about the wine. I don’t know if you have a Aldi’s or not where you live but they have wine that’s pretty good for only $2.78 a bottle. Anyway I know where your heart is. God Bless you!!!

              • Omg now that just stinks. Let me jump on my broom a bring you a few bottles.XOXO.
                I understand. No more birthday gifts for the second and third generation. No potted plants for my little patio this year.

      • Still Out There, I think you paint a very good picture of the appeals situation. Up until now, average Jodi supporters don’t seem to have felt the urgency of fundraising. No doubt that was partly because the legal team put an embargo on any fund reports until after retrial. At any rate, the surprise matching gift is a terrific opportunity to make up for lost time. What’s clear is that if supporters with money don’t step up their donation rate in the next year or so, Jodi will die in Perryville — and that’s a fact. What she needs now is money, and lots of it.

        • I’m thankful Jodi didn’t get the DP.
          Being on death row for one month is way toooo long
          waiting for appeals has got to be worse.

          Jodi hasn’t been home for Christmas the last 7 years and she makes the most of it.
          I love to hear her sing O Holy Night especiall since they like to make fun of her.
          I hope she sings again this Christmas.

          You have to look at it as positive as Jodi does. I think one day at a time.
          And during each day I believe she makes it the best day she can.

          I don’t know how I could live like that, but she’s probably very thankful not to be on death row.
          Some that want the best for her can’t give a dime, but in the mean time she knows that there are people who really do love her and even care for her as a friend.
          I feel like a friend to Jodi. I’ve never met her in person, but she’s my friend.
          I’ve met a lot on here that I consider my friend.

          Through the internet, we’ve been able to do that and especially through this site.
          That is exactly why I was happy to find it.
          Jodi is not going to die in prison.

          Jodi will get her freedom. She is innocent and the state will be the ones
          having to pay dearly. I have never doubted it.

        • Breaks my heart to read the bitter truth, but the truth it is.

          Jodi needs hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to be saved. We need to come up with something major.

          • Maria that’s not true. She needs people who believe in her cause to fight for her. Attorneys do pro bono work all of the time. Law students are always looking to change the world. There is hope but it will take time.

    • Raja Rains,

      AMEN to your post!!! YES, this is how we can really help to get our JODI free!!!!! Come on TEAM JODI!!! Let’s ALL try our BEST to give!!! I know I will gladly give up some treats for JODI’S FREEDOM!!!

      WE CAN AND WILL DO IT!!!!!!!


  10. I just watched TA’s last “motivational” speech on YouTube. In it he told a story of his grandparents knowing every verse in the Bible in Greek and Hebrew but not living it. He also said his sister called him a scam artist every time she saw him, yet asked him to borrow money everytime too. It seems like he, too, knew the Bible and didn’t live it. How can so many people listen to his sex tapes with Jodi and read his texts, yet not see the abuse he inflicted? He also made jokes about white trash and other distasteful remarks….has anyone else here watched it?

    • From what I’ve experienced so far, things from court (public record) are on Beth Karas’s site first. I’m a little bit impatient and very busy, so I’ve paid her $5 a month for two months now, just to see them. Within a few days, they are everywhere. That hasn’t happened with the Hughes-Travis emails yet. They are slow to be distributed. But I’m sure they will be. The texts just came online today — Travis to Jodi, Travis to Lisa, Travis to Maria, Travis to Deanna, Travis to Chris Hughes, Travis to Sky Hughes. A lot of it is slog, you don’t want to read, but get the context, compare the times. My blood boils so I can’t. Impartiality, what the hell is that? Please one of you researcher types could do a GREAT job. Many thanks.

      • ” Travis to Jodi, Travis to Lisa, Travis to Maria,”

        I know it’s a different Maria but it still burns my eyes and makes me wanna puke when I see my name next to his. 😆 😆 😆 😆

      • You know, Raja, I just couldn’t agree more. And I can’t help but throw in a Bruce Jenner remark here. I didn’t watch all of his interview last night, but here he is at 65, having had it ALL in his life — Olympic medals, fame, married to the matriarch of the Kardashians, TV shows and the most beautiful actress who was the matriarch of Dynasty –but it didn’t make him happy because it was all a lie about who he was. Now, finally, he’s getting to transition into what he wanted to be all along — such a difficult transition, life-changing, painful, but he will finally get to be who he believes he is, inside. Can you just imagine? Extremely courageous and also, a reminder to everyone. Life doesn’t end at 65! Live your dreams — at any age.

    • Are you referring to TA’s last “performance” in Colorado before he died? If that is it, I was shocked at how wasted he was. I think that was DAVID HUGHES that he was with (unless it was Chris). He and TA both were not getting any sleep, and clearly were not presenting a “wholesome image.” Out on the slope all day, and doing who-knows-what all night.

      Can anyone provide an interpretation of that picture of travis clinging to “a Hughes brother” as if his life depended on it? I think it is “the guys” out in the desert on ATV’s. But TA looked really pathetic. He was almost on his knees with his head being cradled on some guy'”s chest. TA had that bewildered expression on his face. I have to think he knew what was about to happen to him. He was clearly “out of aces.”

      TA’s “Family” kept promoting how TA was always smiling from ear to ear in his great happiness. I’ve looked at 100’s of pictures of him on the Internet. To me, he looks bewildered in nearly all of them, including that very last one, where he’s sitting on the floor of the shower.

      • In most photos he is trying to draw attention to himself by goggling at the lense, looking like an IDIOT. Pfff…. And in many of their photos together with Jodi he looks uncomfortable. I guess he hated having any kind of “proof” that would link him to Jodi and thus expose him for the effing hypocrite he was to his friends.

  11. Good Morning!!! Hope everyone has a good weekend.

    I’m sure Jodi is doing OK. I’m sure if she wasn’t we would have heard by now. (prison guards are like everybody else. They go home and talk).

    Still, I’m very happy that you reiterated that this is going to take sometime. I’m still a bit confused as to why they have to go back to JSS court.

    As much as I would Iike to read TA’s texts and journals, I’m not giving BK a dime.

    • Cindy, that judge will handle all post-trial motions, unfortunately. That’s the way it works. If a direct appeal is considered, and by a long shot, Jodi’s conviction is overturned, the case goes back to the same judge, same jurisdiction. Do I like that? Noooo not at all. But that is the way the law works.

      In my own case, after winning on direct appeal and then, finding myself in front of the same bitch of a a judge again (she had been overturned on appeal in 97% of her cases, by the way), I filed an interlocutory appeal for a different judge based on what I believed were statements of her impartiality towards me since I was neither a gentleman (never could be without a sex change) or a practicing attorney (that I could accomplish). I based that appeal somewhat on what George Zimmerman’s attorneys filed to be honest (not that I ever supported HIM, but his attorneys did a good job and won). The case law they used was solid — and should have been in my case. The transcript clearly showed the judge’s impartiality in a multitude of statements. Through the luck of the draw, I had 3 Republican male appellate judges on that interlocutory appeal and I lost. That’s how it goes. I won my direct appeal and got lucky, with a Democrat black female writing the opinion, with another Democrat and a very moderate Republican judge on her panel. It’s the luck of the draw. Did I expect 3 Republican males to understand domestic abuse? No. But I took a shot, and that’s who I got on an interlocutory appeal. It’s all about which judge/justice you get and their political ambitions. You do understand how SCOTUS rules right?

    • Boo hoo. Get over it. I wouldn’t exactly call a prison cell “special treatment”. Besides that, ANYTHING is paradise compared to the previous jail operated by the Sheriff of Rottingham.

      • Oh this sounds like a hater’s BS to me. I read a few of their post and they new people that were there and they would kick Jodi’s butt. Yup the media still stirring the pot.

        • What do you expect Cindy? This was the biggest story of many of their careers. They can’t quite let go of it yet. They just have to make up some fodder for the haters to keep chewing on. After all, what else will they feed on? It always amazes me because we’d NEVER have heard of most of them if it wasn’t for Jodi’s case.

        • Ya, I had heard that the haters were writing to inmates, promising money and shit if inmates attacked Jodi. I even have a few screenshots and have sent them to PV. So I guess that all the haters will accomplish is getting those other inmates in trouble and of course, getting themselves in trouble too. Those idiots didn’t think of the consequences to their stupidity… Wouldn’t be surprised if they get in trouble by the law… Oh well, it just goes to show how their desperate attempts will get them into trouble… 🙄

          • Pandora, soliciting murder, or even assault, for money is a serious crime. If *anyone* sees this, don’t just save a screenshot — send a link, if you can, to the Arizona Attorney General’s office. Also send it to the FBI, since use of the Internet to solicit crime is a federal offense if it crosses state lines, and maybe in every case (I don’t know). If there are people out there crazy enough to think they can use the Internet to do this, they need to be stopped. It’s a simple, indisputable crime of violence even if no violence occurs, and easily provable if the writer can be found.

          • Also, if people solicit violence for money by the US mail (which I guess is what you meant!), that may automatically become a federal crime. Someone should research this.

          • They are soliciting violence? Where does this end? Can someone please tell me … were these people already insane BEFORE they started watching this trial?

            • There are indeed people going public (on Twitter no less) saying they have promised inmates money if the inmate attacks/kills Jodi. I think it is one of the SICKEST things I have ever read. Made my blood curdle.

      • Even if they did put the prison on lockdown, what’s the big deal about that? Put your big girl panties on and get over it!

    • False. That inmate is seeking for her 15 min of fame, from the looks of it. Jodi is not allowed a tv yet, moreover have all the shit that inmate is stating. It’s sooo freaking funny that everyone is trying to piggypack on Jodi for a few min of spotlight… SMH.

      Maybe we could write a few letters to that inmate and give her some of our love. It seems she is in need of people loving her. It’s sad because all this inmate is doing is a cry of attention. Oh well…

      • Honestly, we should write and say “Hi, we are on Jodi’s support site and we just wanted to say we are sorry for your plight and wish you the best.” There is NO point in writing hatred to anyone — especially not to someone who is incarcerated — and especially not in that county/state. Let’s “kill” people with our kindness. After all, but for the grace of [insert higher power you believe in], there go I … or we.

      • Jodi is getting NO SPECIAL treatment. Period. I can’t believe the media ran with such a preposterous lie but then again……if the media was objective and trying not to poison public opinion wth their unfounded exaggerations and lies, we might not even be here today. Coz there’s no way anyone can convince me the first jury was not following the media thus not tainted.

    • Vicky, I have been waiting for SJ to post it here. He had said that eventually he will break it down and make a series of posts. My other reason for not have watched it is because I don’t want to watch the ‘haters’ version. I’d rather wait for the raw version.

      Where do you watch the retrial and who posted it?

      • Pandora, I watch it from CrimeTimeVids on youtube. I think that’s the one SJ recommended when I asked a few weeks ago.

        • Wow! I tried to watch the Crime Time Vids with the ex-FBI guy and the host talking about Jodi’s statement to the judge on April 13. Sounded more like Dr. Drew and Nancy. They twisted everything and I stopped watching after 5 minutes.

          • I’m pissed now. I don’t know what it is but when media talk about Jodi they always speak from the deepest, darkest, nasty part of their personality. It resembles a mass hypnosis of hate. I tweeted a few weeks ago that there has never been one word of sympathy or understanding or hint of compassion written about Jodi from any media person since she was arrested. I think we like Kiefer because he doesn’t write hate about Jodi although I don’t think he ever wrote a kind comment about her either. Possibly he has and I missed it or perhaps you have to read between the lines. I can’t think of anyone who ever received the constant hate that she has received. Even serial killers like Bundy and Ridgway never got the kind of hate heaped on her. Grrrr…time to go for a walk.

            • Coldcase, it’s true that all news reporters (using the word ‘reporters’ lightly), never have been fair to Jodi. I strongly believe that it’s them who started the hatred frenzy by always trying to make Jodi look like a monster.

              Kiefer was the only decent person reporting, IMO. He stuck to the facts, w/o trying to make ‘headlines’ by slandering and gossiping about Jodi. I don’t know what his personal opinion about Jodi is but I respect him because he showed respect for Jodi as a human being and acknowledged her human rights to fairness.

              I respect everyone’s opinion as long as they respect Jodi as a human being. Even if they don’t support her or believe her, they should at least not slander and character assassinate her.

              ((((Jodi))) ♥

              • Michael Kiefer has done the best reporting of any journalist on this trial. He has been the most fair out of all of them and while he may not think Jodi is innocent, he hasn’t allowed bias to affect his reporting.

                • Exactly, Raja. He did his best to give the facts as they occurred. That’s a REAL journalist. I don’t actually know how he feels about Jodi. I shouldn’t know that from his reporting. I should only know the facts he reported on. His personal opinion is actually none of my business (or any of ours). He’s the only person who reported on this case who actually *reported* — isn’t that sad?

                • And it is precisely what we wanted from reporters to do. We never cried like babies or complained becasue reporters were not on Jodi’s side. We never wanted the press to pick sides. All we ever asked for was someone to report OBJECTIVELY. Simple as that. Kiefer did it and that’s why he is seen in a much more favorable light than the rest of them.

          • It’s soooo sad and you’re so right, coldcase53 and you have EVERY right to be pissed They needed (for some bizarre reason) to make Jodi into a monster. Even if she did everything she was accused of (i.e., premeditated (sorry, always have to go UGH to that because the premeditation evidence was just soooo ridiculous, but seriously, even if it was true) a murder of her lover and went through with it), she still isn’t Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy or any number of serial killers. And yet, the media made her out to be someone MUCH MUCH worse. I will never understand it. The whole Ariel Castro fiasco occurred during the timeframe of Jodi’s trial. He really WAS a total and complete monster. I cringe even writing his name. But they didn’t say the things they said about Jodi about that evil evil man.

      • I watched part of the re-trial on U-Tube, but anything Nurmi was saying in court was muted. Again like the real trials these videos were biased. Biased…must be their middle name/s.

    • I have watched some of it, but not all. I haven’t had the time or energy. I can’t take that idiot’s cross (you all know which idiot I mean) as I seem to feel my PTSD more than I usually do (almost over it), other than when I hear him. He was easier to take in tweets, I guess.

      • StillOutThere, that’s kind of why I was asking. I wanted to see if anyone else was suffering from Kermit’s antics. I need some support dealing with listening to Kermie.

        • Vicky, I still haven’t watched for the same reasons. That voice! All of this is upsetting enough and I know that Jodi is innocent. They will never change my mind. AZ has wrongly charge and convicted her with a pile of corruption, I just can’t handle their crap right now. There is SOOO Much of it!!!

        • I still haven’t watched any of it; I don’t know if I can go back to watching Kermit and his theatrical stunts, not to mention his venom and lies. I realy have to be in a very good mood to tolerate his voice and behavior. I intended to watch the videos during the Easter holiday but didn’t. Oh well…Maybe I’ll watch them in June when schools close and summer holidays begin 😉 LOL!

      • OMG! I too have been traumatized by Kermit’s voice! There has been times that I muted the volume to avoid his horrible high pitched voice and still I could actually hear him!

  12. I think jw and kn never should of brought up the sexual aspects of this case. While sickening it may have been too much for this dumb jury to handle. It was a self defense case point blank and should of focused on the evidence of June 2008. At most it’s 2nd degree heat of passion or manslaughter which with served time already would have her release imminent. The pedo thing also may have backfired as most people don’t believe a pedo likes both girls and boys while having consensual sex with woman around his age in the same time period. this is not a bash jw or kn post but come on they should of done a better job defending jodi. Kn checked out of this case 2 yrs ago and jw may have been in a tad over her head. The may we approach every 5 minutes had to turn off the jury and they should have known that. Hopefully with funding she gets a grade a appellate law team.

    • I have to agree with you, Jeffrey. The problem they faced was, I think, that the frog was going to get some of the sexual photos admitted if he could. So, I think they had no other choice than to go in the sexual direction. But they should have kept the pedophile aspect out of it while up against such a conservative jury. And they needed to hammer home their points, but didn’t. The frog knew his jury better. I detested his style, but it worked and got him the conviction he wanted.

      Then again, was it somewhat of a brilliant move to have Jodi on the stand as long as she was to prevent the jury from wanting to sentence her to death? It humanized her, to some degree, with the jury — at least enough of them to save her life the first time.

      • The second jury had their minds made up going into this trial IMO. Nothing would have changed their minds! Nothing. More of the Lying for the Lord crowd.

        • They did R,
          I also believe the first jury had their minds made up and they made the mistake at both trials by not having the jury sequestered.

          I’ve often wondered why it was necessary to show those pictures.
          I don’t believe they were taken that day.

          AND I never heard or didn’t realize that Jodi took the one where he was slumpped in the shower.

          Are they saying that SHE took that???

          • I don’t believe sequestering the second jury would have made any difference. Those 11+ came in with an agenda, that is, “to seek justice for poor Travis”, and nothing was going to change their minds. I think even if a video of Travis attacking Jodi in that bathroom had surfaced, they (and the rest of the haters) would have presumed Jodi forged that too, using a Travis look-alike.

            • Justus, sad but very true. I can hear them now telling JM and the Alexander’s that they tried to break #17 down but……

              What I find interesting is what JSS said to Jodi. It was premeditation!!! Did I miss something in the guilt trial?? Where oh where did JM prove that??

              • I absolutely cringe when I think about #17 in there. I can just imagine being stuck in a room for 20+ hours with 11 of those kind of people who, if they hadn’t been on the jury, could just as well have been home spewing ‘poor Travis’ and ‘Evil Jodi” shit at us.

              • And JM didn’t prove any of that. The only thing he proved is that she lied to the police and she lied to the public for two years. Nothing else was proven. Even that gas can BS that JM worked so damn hard for (so that his admirers could finally yell, “There, see, she’s lying to us, just like we knew she would, so we don’t even have to believe anything else she said!”). That missing Walmart record was nothing more than using the “absence of evidence” as the “evidence of absence”. He didn’t prove there was no return of the gas can. The only thing he proved was that some Walmart employee couldn’t find a particular record.

                But JSS had, of course, already heard all about how you can’t believe anything Jodi says so I think she (like the jury and like the haters) was waiting for the defense to prove that Jodi’s explanation was true (contrary to what the law says).

                Like I said above, I don’t think even a video tape of the whole violent incident would have changed her mind or the mind of anyone else who by then had their ego, their need to be right even before hearing the facts, totally in play.

              • Well, the judge had to base her sentence on what the jury found, Cindy. I’m not going to blame the judge for doing that.

                • But wouldn’t that mean that everyone who commits premeditated murder should be sentenced to LWOP. But we heard of 60 that weren’t. Or are you saying that she had to mention the premeditation even if she didn’t believe it?

                • No, those are separate points, Justus — one isn’t wrapped up in the other (the sentence and the criminal act, I mean). The jury found Jodi guilty of murder in the first degree. The statute in AZ for that particular offense requires premeditation. In AZ, murder *without* premeditation is second degree. Whether or not you, me, or the judge believes Jodi was guilty of first degree murder, that’s what the jury decided. Therefore, legally speaking, the judge was required to reiterate that in her sentencing decision.

                • Understood, StillOutThere. She was required to reiterate it in announcing her decision. But she must have actually believed it else she could have given her 25 to life, even though the jury did find for premeditation.

                • I’m not a lawyer either, BUT I know I’ve seen where the judge
                  said, man slaughter.
                  I’ve seen cases where the judge changes it.
                  It is up to the judge when ALL is said and done.
                  She could have said manslaughter and even said time served.

                  Of course she wasn’t going to go less than LWOP, the idiot cried
                  because the jury was hung.

          • There’s one publication that ends every article with how she drug him into the shower and then took his photo. I’ve called them on it but they persist. So there are some mindless morons who believe that’s true.

    • I think it was wrong for the defense to play the sex tape between Jodi and Travis in its entirety. First of all, they had to know how embarrassing that would be for Jodi and her family, not to mention the Alexander’s. Second, I think they could have edited out the more salacious stuff and just concentrated on certain aspects of it that revealed Travis’s abusive tendencies.

      The media loves a villain and last time around they had Casey Anthony. This time around it was Jodi. Next time they’ll find someone else to replace Jodi. I say “the media”, but by and large it was HLN that was driving this story. There are many murder trials throughout this country yet for some reason they gravitated towards this one. They couldn’t resist it and made it their M.O. to personally destroy and smear Jodi Arias and make her as hated as they did Casey Anthony. To a certain extent, they succeeded.

      They also don’t like the fact that Jodi confronts them and isn’t shy about getting her side of the story i.e. the truth out. Jodi had no one to defend her in the media aside from maybe an ex-boyfriend and her friend, Donavan. She was left alone while Travis had his entourage, the Tragical History Tour, defending him and bashing Jodi day after day after day. And when you consider that a large part of HLN’s audience isn’t exactly the most educated or informed, which is probably why they’re getting their news from HLN in the first place, is it any wonder?

      • The sex tape was critical because it destroyed the entire case by the prosecution. It is impossible to overstate this Every single thing about the prosecution’s was undermined by that tape. I know it was a game changer for me and many other people who either supported the state’s case or were on the fence.

        The fact she was convicted regardless just shows you how corrupt Maricopa County is and how much influence the media, including social media, are.

    • Wrong. The entire prosecution case based its theory for the killing that Jodi Arias was a jealous stalker who was mad Travis was taking another woman to Cancun. The sex aspect was critical in destroying the notion Travis was a virtuous virgin who was taken in by a temptress. The prosecution’s case was slut shaming at its finest. Slut shaming is a hallmark of the LDS.

      The sex tape totally annihilated the prosecution’s case. The prosecution had NOTHING on Jodi to suggest premeditation. It;s only because of the crookedness of the DA’s office, the media falsehoods about this case, and the rampant Mormonism in Maricopa County that Jodi Arias was ever convicted.

      People who criticize the defense team hammering on this don’t know a whole lot about this case from the beginning.

      • tonysam,

        You are exactly right about the reasons that Jodi Arias was ever convicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like you said; crookedness of the DA’s office, the media falsehoods about this case and the RAMPANT Mormonism in Maricopa County!!!

    • Isn’t Dwane Cates one of her lawyers?

      It seems like there were so many lawyers and judges that KNEW these 2 trials stunk!

      Corruption like I’ve never seen and I can’t help but believe they are going to try and bring some civilization back into our court system.

      IMO, it’s SO corrupt from the state they should just this out, exterminate the courtroom and sue the state.

      Someone will do it.

  13. Dwight,
    I do believe someone will take it Pro Bono and when they do, they will fight like hell.
    That’s exactly what we need, fighters!!

  14. Good morning, it seems the skies were rumbling over Mesa during the night. But didn’t affect Goodyear!! I found that to be a little bit interesting.

    It’s getting extremely hard to believe anything those demented people have to say. Unfortunately we have to realize all the love that is sent Jodi in letters there also will be hate. I would hope that this sort of mail would be past along to her attorneys. What they fail to remember is Jodi has no contact with other inmates and will not for the next two years. By then they will have moved on spreading their hate over their next victim that HLN and the likes will be capitalize on. NG gets the award for being the biggest drama queen on TV.
    I’m beginning to realize that what ever is reported in the news should be taken with a grain of salt. Perhaps it has always been that way but we were just naive.
    Anyway I think Jodi for now is doing OK. If you close your eyes you can aggression her drawing at her desk or engrossed in the book. I’m sure she is keeping up with her Yoga. I’m sure that she is talking to other inmates through the vents. So for now she is OK. God Bless you Jodi girl.

    May you all have a good day!!!!

    • Everyone keeps saying Jodi Is okay but I don’t think she is. Who can be okay with being in solitary for that long.

  15. Haters don’t want to stop hating; it’s an addiction and, as with any addiction, withdrawal is painful. Even now they are complaining that they want Jodi to disappear into obscurity but continue on and on, even though it’s all over, incessantly exchanging their verbal vomit with one another. It gives them great pleasure to have someone to hate so vehemently and they don’t want to give that up. Even the media is grabbing at anything they can. ABC15 is reporting that Jodi is receiving “special treatment” at Perryville. Their source? Hearsay from the sister of one of the other prisoners who herself has no way of knowing such things except through the rumor mill. The Department of Corrections is denying it but that doesn’t stop the media from announcing it in a headline as if it were gospel and that’s not going to stop the sheeple from quoting it as gospel.

  16. Off topic a bit, but, I want to say that I, along with a lot of people, gasped when Jodi spoke at sentencing about TA being alive when the knife went into his neck. I gasped, not because of her saying he was still alive at that point because I think that is just understood to be true, but because of the impact this admission may have in her chance for a new trial. What the “haters” don’t seem to get is that this is no new revelation. In fact, and please correct me if I am wrong, JM hammered that TA was still alive at that point throughout the trial and during closing. And the TA family begged during impact statements to have Jodi tell what happened. So, during her time to speak, Jodi tells them this is true and they choose to find this as her way of sticking it to the Alexanders one last time? She did not reveal anything they did not already know but admitted it as they have wanted all along. And they (the hater and legal pundits) completely missed her preface that this fact would have been testified to had she been permitted to continue testifying without a full courtroom gallery. Either they want to know or they don’t. Which is it? Anyway, again, damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t.

    • D good point!!! For me, and no one has to agree with me, I’m still questioning the fact that Jodi never said when she put the knife into his neck. That is Very bothersome to me. It makes me ponder the thought of faults memories. Just a observation.

      • It bothers me too Cindy. Why do they always reword everything that Jodi has said and twist it into something she didn’t actually say. We have no way of knowing what Jodi went through those last 30 days in Sheriff Joe’s Hell Hole. He withheld her mail, personal contact with family and friends and most probably any medication that she has been prescribed. It was like he was on a personal vendetta to bring his own personal wrath down on her. . .like he should ever be allowed to have control over any other human in this world. He presents himself to actually believe he is the Lord and Master of Maricopa County, can’t wait until he is set straight! He is truly an embarrassment to America IMO.

  17. Hey everyone, for all those that pray, please take a few minutes and pray for those in Nepal, India, Mount Everest that have lost their lives, for those that are buried alive under the tons of rubble and are hoping they will be found alive, for those who have lost their families, for those who are still MIA, for those that survived.

    It is overwhelming knowing that it is estimated that over 10.000 people have lost their lives. Every moment we hear of one more rescue, I ball my eyes out from happiness.

    I have lived 3 huge earthquakes here in Greece and the fear and panic not knowing if there will be another one that will be worse than the previous one is horrifying.

    My heart goes out to all my ‘brothers and sisters’ in those countries that are living in fear and/or have lost a loved one. It’s a sad weekend for humanity. 🙁

  18. I’m interested in how news articles morph their way through the media.’s headline: “Fellow inmate claims convicted killer getting ‘special treatment’ at Perryville” Source: The sister of a female prisoner who would only know of such things through the prison rumor mill.

    Here’s ABC15’s opening paragraph: “A fellow inmate at Perryville Women’s Prison claims Jodi Arias is getting special treatment behind bars, but the Arizona Department of Corrections strongly denies the allegations.”

    Then picks it up from ABC15 and makes a slight modification to the headline, leaving out that pesky part about it being reported by someone who lives their life inside a prison cell for some reason:

    “Jodi Arias Reportedly Getting Special Treatment in Perryville Prison”

    Hell, if anyone should suppose its actually coming from a reliable source (because otherwise it wouldn’t even be reported, right?), well, can’t help that now, can they?

    And here’s their opening paragraph:

    “It hasn’t even been a month and Jodi Arias has reportedly made herself right at home at Perryville prison in Goodyear, Arizona. According to ABC News 15, the convicted killer has been getting “special accommodations,” contrary to previous reports that claimed the killer is in a “hardcore” environment void of extra amenities. This news is probably going to anger those who are still fuming over the fact that the woman didn’t get the death penalty.”

    Note that they finally do mention a source but, still side-stepping, claim it to be “ABC News 15” (and they certainly would have used credible sources, right?)

    In the second paragraph they do finally mention the inmate but with a strategically placed “however”, manage to give greater credibility to the inmate than to the Arizona Department of Corrections:

    “The Arizona Department of Corrections reportedly denies claims that Arias is getting special treatment due to her celebrity status while at Perryville. However, an inmate named Cristy Olivas claims she’s being given things that other prisoners don’t get — such as her own private rec room with carpeting and a television. Oliva’s sister spoke to the media about the inmate’s claims.”

    And I almost have to laugh at this quote from Oliva’ sister:

    “They’re saying she’s going to get her own rec room with carpet, and normally you don’t have carpet in there, and she has TV in the rec room and usually the TV only stays in your prison cell.”

    So this inmate is apparently appalled that Jodi gets to watch TV for one hour a day while she has to suffer having one at her convenience right in her own cell. Yeah boy, that’s real special treatment. Idiots!

    • And so now along comes Venture Capital Post who further morphs the story. Here’s their headline:

      “Convicted murderer receives perks inside prison?”

      In this latest rendition of the story VCPost doesn’t even bother to mention the inmate – or even the fact that the Arizona Department of Corrections vehemently denies this prison gossip. The closest they come to indicating this could all be just a pile of crap is that tiny little question mark at the end of their headline.

    Luke 6:37-38 “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven; give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

    • And notice how he starts his so-called “news story” by making some wise crack about this poor woman, referring to her aged looks and how we can all chuckle about how this is what Jodi’s gonna look like in 50 years. Disgusting! Unprofessional! And Misogynistic!

          • BB,
            I agree and I’m not thinking about how they
            think she will look in 50 years.
            That’s not a priorty!!!!!

            Whether we’re in prison or not we change in 50 years
            some so to guess what anybody will look like is stupid.

            I wonder if that person would put on here what they would look like in 50
            years. Not so bad, really!!!

            Justice is what matters and we’ll stay focused on that.
            She will get her appeals and it’s going to surprise a lot of people
            when Jodi get’s out.

            She should be out right now. TIME SERVED!!!!!

            • I’d prefer to see her out on “not guilty” rather than “time served” so she can sue the ass off of a whole bunch of mean-spirited imbeciles, starting with Maricopa County, suing for “time served”, suing Juan, Flores, Horn, and few others, personally, and then moving on to all the various media who chose to slander someone while purposefully ignoring the facts. I can barely contain myself, wanting so much to see that happen before I part this world.

    • This was an AZ Central story syndicated to USA Today, by a reporter called E.J.Montini.

      I emailed him the following using a pseudonym,

      What a stupid story for the moronic haters who followed this case. I have news for you,
      Jodi will be out much quicker than what you venomous lot think.

      Mr Montini, you can’t talk…for you’ll always look older than both of their ages put together.

      Have a good day.

      • Awesome reply Jojnjo! Those biased journalists are still trying to squeeze any dough that’s left for them to make off of Jodi. But you know, I truly believe that money that’s made out of hatred, slandering and vitriol will not be ‘lucky money’… the universe will ‘pay them forward’ with the same ‘medicine’. Just sayin’ : what they give is what they will receive.

        A note to all those that spew their hatred: Don’t go wondering “Why, oh why, did this happen to me? What have I done?” 😉

    • Is Montini stupid???? (rhetoric question)

      Hw the FUCK is that woman’s crime similar to Jodi’s??? Betty Smithey killed a poor sweet innocent BABY. It is not the same as defending yuorself against an abuser. Even for those who do not believe in Jodi , how can anyone compare a BABY-KILLER to someone who kills an adult? Is killing an adult less heinous? No. Is it less cruel? No. BUT babies and children in general are the symbol of innocence and purity, they come into this world asking for us to protect them not make them suffer, let alone take their lives.

      Montini is apparently striving to stay relevant and he cunningly squeezed Jodi’s name in, his “article’ is a pathetic attempt to keep milking the cow.

      A word of advice Montini: LEARN WHEN TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  20. In Jodi’s 18 page letter to the Alexander family, July 28, 2008, she describes the two intruders that attacked Travis and writes: “I ran out front door leaving behind my shoes, and slamming the door as some last ditch effort to create any kind of obstacle to slow down whoever was pursuing me.”
    Now, I realize she later changed her story, but why would she say she left her shoes behind unless she really did leave them? I don’t recall any police photos ever showing a pair of women’s shoes anywhere in that bloody scene, and you know if there were shoes in that scene, there would have been 20 photos of them. Did police ever check for a pair of Jodi’s shoes in Travis’s house? Why would she make that statement about leaving her shoes behind when it obviously would have blown her story?

    • I kind of remember it being said she was barefoot in the desert and she put her shoes on. . .if I’m thinking right at the trunk where they were. Do not quote me though. . .just not sure.

        • Thanks, Carol. I was about to ask if anyone had heard from you lately. So, Jodi didn’t have her shoes which makes it possible she did leave them at Travis’s house like she said she did. Strange. Very strange they weren’t found at the “scene” (or, at least, not mentioned). You’d think Flores would have made a note about her shoes.

          • Carol,
            Another thing I noticed on that video you posted above is that Nurmi asks Jodi where her luggage was when she was about to leave. She says everything was in her car except her purse. Then she says: “I think my camera had been put away. I didn’t really even bring it out for that part of the trip.” By “that part of her trip” she could be referring to time spent at Travis’s house or her trip to see Ryan Burns. If she meant she didn’t use her camera while at Travis’s house, then all the photos (nude photos, shower photos and “accidental” photos) must have been taken with Travis’s new camera (unless he used one of his “old” cameras). So why are some photos date & time-stamped and some are not. I know this question has been asked about 100 times but I’ve never heard a definite answer. In fact, it was mentioned here a couple of days ago that Travis’s new camera didn’t have the capacity to put date & time stamp on photos. Has it ever been determined exactly which photos had date & time stamps and which photos had the date & time stamps put on by the Mesa Police Dept?

            • QUESTIONS,
              On You Tube!! I tried to paste but couldn’t.
              I really didn’t want to anyway, you have to listen through disgraces drama

              I thought the ones that came to the door to get Travis were outside, but at
              1:34 on this tape Zach talks like that were already in the house because he asked have you checked his bedroom door??????????????????
              I think they said NO, it’s locked, then Billings said I think he’s got a key in the garage, he goes and gets the key.
              SO they were already in the house?

              NOW mind you this is his room mate. He must have been upstairs just like they said that other room mate was up there and didn’t come out.

              At 3:22 he talks about hm and Jodi doing photography talk because he was a semi photographer. He knows camers.
              I can’t remember whether it was Travis or Zach that had one similar to Jodi’s.

              He also said Travis just mentioned to him about his tires being slashed and that someone
              told Zach it was an X girlfriend.
              Was Jodi actually considered an X girlfriend to everyone except Travis?

                • IF they were already in the house, someone had a key to get in the house.
                  THEN Billings asked them have you checked his bedroom?
                  How long were they already in the house?

            • As I understand Melenedez’s testimony, some of these photos, which were all in unallocated space, had been partially overwritten, and the date and time part had been the part overwritten.

              If one can accept that it is her foot in that one photo it looks like she was wearing some kind of dark slipper-type shoe that had a zipper closing. They don’t really look like the footwear that you are supposed to wear when driving but they do look comfy. She also mentioned to Flores in one of her phone calls, that she had left some clothes at TA’s.

    • Could those, I dunno what to call them, the thong sandal things that were photographed because the insole had threads – could those have been Jodi’s?

      They’re the kind of shoe I like to wear for long drives. I know, not supposed to, supposed to wear a firm supportive shoe, but they make me claustrophobic when I’m trapped in the same seat for long hours. Tend to wear flip-flops in summer or slippers in winter for long drives.

      • Where is that photo located, Journee? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it or even heard of it. I searched for “Jodi Arias thong sandals” on Google Images and got a lot of x-rated photos but no sandals belonging to Jodi.

  21. I see where they are all gushing all over the Hughes’ book over on the State page. And gushing over the Hughes’ sharing their love for wonderful Travis with them. It appears that we’re moving into the next step in the canonization of St. Travis. Several are asking if any of the money is going to the help the family recover some of their expenses, as if those folks didn’t already rake in more than you can spend on rent for ten years, much less ten months, in Phoenix, especially with the crowd that came into town to share in the rental expense. Except for the travel, everything else, such as eating etc, they would have had to have spent at home anyway, except in Phoenix they could go out to fancy restaurants and blame all the expenses on Jodi. But regarding the proceeds, according to the Hughes, it’s going to charity. Yeah, and I guess we’re all just supposed to believe that because they are such honest, upstanding people.

    Also, if you look at the book on and read the synopsis, the Hughes end it with a warning to all prospective buyers that those awful people who support a cold blooded murderer have threatened to go on and trash the book without even buying it. (I guess he took notice of what his side did to ALV but I think, and truly hope, most Jodi supporters are above that kind of obnoxious behavior.) I doubt he even got those threats but I guess it works well in an advertising campaign to conduct a pre-emptive strike. “If you see any bad reviews it’s not because our book stinks, it’s because of all those horrid people who don’t love and adore Travis the way we do.”

    • 🙄 Why would any one in their right mind want to read a book about Travis Alexander. . .I personally have had enough of him with his abusive texts, emails, letter, his perverted sexual behavior and his horrid treatment of women!!! What a HUGE joke!!! If these brainwashed Mormon/LDS want to continue on with this farce, have at it folks. I’m thinking they should spend that extra bit of money on doing something for themselves or better yet on someone in need. . .and everyone knows that is not the Hughes or the Alexander family. SMH When will they ever stop cashing in on the dead body of Travis Alexander. He must have flipped in his grave at least a hundred times by now! But then again, he was used to his family and friends using him wasn’t he? It’s in his own words………

    • I wouldn’t waste my time even thinking about their book
      and I know if I wouldn’t do that I sre as hell wouldn’t do what they did to Alyce.

      They KNOW that isn’t going to happen, BUT they will say it.
      The book will probably be Number One BEACUSE HLN will buy everyone of
      They think they’re sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofn important,
      they make be sick! barf!!!!!

    • Justus,
      Hughes knew all of the hate on Alyce’s book came from their side, OR
      he wouldn’t have even mentioned it!!!
      The asshole!!

      • What kills me about that awful feedback Aly is that it’s still up there. And yet, I recently purchased some jewelry on Amazon (silver — my addiction) and left some rather neutral feedback about it. In one instance, I described the clasp of a bracelet as being difficult to attach. In another, I described the silver of a knuckle ring as being very soft and bendy. Otherwise, I praised both pieces of jewelry. BAM a couple of days later, I was told my feedback for both items was removed because it was related to the product, not the seller. Huh? Both items were bought through Amazon. And there are plenty of reviews on Amazon about the products. Well, isn’t all that awful feedback about Alyce’s books about ONE of the authors as an expert witness? It has NOTHING to do with the book or the other author. So, how come that remains?

        • StillOT,
          NO, it related to the seller.
          That’s just crazy.

          They let so many people write on there, that hadn’t even bought or read her book.
          That was just infair to Alyce and mean spirited.
          I wasn’t going to purchase anything else at Amazon because of it, but I have.

          Why didn’t Amazon remove all of their hate?
          I did write them once about it, but nothing happened.
          I may decide when I want something else now to check other places first before Amazon.

    • Team Jodi,

      I am SO, SO happy today you just would not believe!!! I got the MOST WONDERFUL NEWS in which THE TRUTH DOES PREVAIL!!! It took three long years but the truth finally came forward in a family matter! I can’t go into it at this time but my husband said it was like we were pardoned from an 18 year prison sentence (not literally)!!! This is like a definite sign to me in Jodi’s case that no matter how deep the TRUTH is buried, it WILL come forward and prevail!!! JODI WILL BE FREE and ALL the sowers of evil to Jodi are going to reap exactly what they have sown!!! It may not be today and it may not be tomorrow but IT WILL BE!!!

      This song reminds me of holding on to our JODI and her to us through the long, hard trials, appeals and all the way through until she obtains her FREEDOM!!! Hold on, Jodi’s freedom is coming!!!

      For JODI and TEAM JODI:


        • SO happy for you Marja!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

          And yes! The world WILL be willing to hear out Jodi’s story in the near future. Once those Mormon vultures forget about their pedo friend (which will happen sooner rather than later 😉 ) and once those trial junkies move on to the next televised soap opera/trial, once the dust settles and Logic prevails once again, the world WILL be ready for the Truth!

          • The thing that blows me away is how they gush over him knowing what he was.

            The assholes on HLN really give those kind of people such disgust, but not Travis.
            What’s wrong with that picture????
            Are they from the same group???

            • Aly I have found myself wondering the same thing. . .what is it that the see in someone who was certainly a troubled, mentally sick and disturbed human? Blinded by the cult I suppose. smh!

              • I just don’t get it.
                Why don’t they acknowledge it?
                NG, JVM, VP, DD, plus all of the others that just think
                he hung the moon??
                What hypocrites!!!

          • Thanks, Maria!!!!!!! YES, the TRUTH is going to set our Jodi free forever!!! We are all here for our Jodi until the end!!! KARMA is coming to ALL who did evil to Jodi!!! Love you, Maria!!!

            (((((TEAM JODI)))))
            (((((MARIA, R. LOVE, BB, PANDORA)))))

      • I am so happy for you Marja. Whatever this good news concerns, you absolutely deserve it. You are a wonderful person ♥

        ((((Marja & her good news))))

    • I’m starting to wonder if perhaps some of those “supporters” are actually the scamsters in disguise Even haters can’t be that stupid and gullible or can they?

  22. Can anyone answer me this? How many times can you be a juror in the US? because in Ireland you can only be a juror once. Also, if you’re a resident of a state can you be called to be a juror in another state? Also, say that you’re a juror in a trial say preceding Jodi Arias trial (in any state) can you also be a juror in Jodi’s trial? I hope I get from yous the answers I want for these questions!

    • jojnjo,
      Journee will correct me if I’m wrong, (hopefully) but
      1st question, it may be different in other states, but yes you can a juror more than once.

      2nd, I live in Texas and would only be called in my city.

      3rd, I don’t believe you could serve twice on Jodi’s trial, even from Arizona.

      I’m not real sure about other states, but pretty sure it’s that way in every state here in the US, but I know some on here are would have better knowledge on this.

      • You’re correct, Aly. I have not heard of any state law precluding someone from jury duty because that person served on a previous jury. However, many attorneys would use a peremptory challenge to dismiss such a juror.

        A juror must reside in the geographical area which the court serves for at least one year prior to jury service — so no, they could not reside in another state. (There are loopholes to this, however. My former father-in-law “officially” resided in FL (homestead tax exemptions) although he resides in another state most of the year and he was called for jury duty in FL.)

        The only other requirements are that a juror is at least 18 years of age, a US citizen, sufficiently proficient in English to understand the case, free of mental or physical conditions that would prevent service, and not a convicted felon (although in some cases, rights of felons can subsequently be restored) or currently charged with a felony crime.

  23. I sure hope that Jodi’s Trust is gaining good momentum, I do know that donating through justice for Jodi is quick and seamless process. I would however like to know the balance thus far, does anyone know?

  24. I think you can be a juror an infinite number of times. You have to be a juror in your county and state of residence, can’t go to other states. I think the jury duty is on a lottery, and when the total pool is gone through they start all over.The odds are against being picked back to back, but it’s possible. I’ve been picked a few times in close proximity, then not in years.

    • Hi Dwight,

      I’m not planning on giving any publicity to the Hughes’ book. If he wants to dedicate a book to a guy that fucked his wife (and in all probability, fucked his son in the ass too), then good luck to him. It’ll take more than selling a Kindle book to fix all that.

      Also… and as easy as it’d be for me encourage people to visit Amazon & leave a bad review, that’s not gonna happen either. Not only are we above doing that, but we’re also above the haters in so many ways and on so many levels. Let them buy a book about their dead POS abusive pedo hero if it makes them feel better about themselves.


      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • SJ If you were here I would hug you!!!

        1. None of us would waste our time going on Amazon to write a review of any kind for him!!

        2. I also cannot phantasm the thought that anybody would waste their money on that book.

        3. You more or less validated a thought I’ve always had. Did Travis molest their son!!! I’m thinking he did!!!!

        • I would never give a review on a book that I didn’t care
          about reading and certainly wouldn’t give any money to the liars.
          OR attention.

          I’m sure Amazon will let anyone give a review WHETHER they’ve
          read a book or not.
          Personally I think THAT sucks.
          Also I don’t give damn about anything those people do or say.
          They have their platform in the media. UGH!!!!

          Spend your time on writing Jodi! I think that’s better than wasting any time
          on the bastards in the media.

          THANKS, SJ!!!


          SJ, when you hit the nail on the head with comments like that ^^^^ I seriously love you, man!
          Σ’αγαπώ!!! ♥ ♥

      • Hi SJ,

        LOL ….Thank you for the musical interlude, warms the cockles of my heart :o) you are most sincere and I concur with your take.

      • SJ, you are absolutely right. We are so above those POSs. We are not going to do what they did to Alyce. Ya, remember that, haters? You all went on a frenzy attack and wrote your hating reviews out of spite. That’s how low you are. We ain’t like that. Never have been – never will. And if memory serves me right, members of the alexander family and the hughes family were encouraging that behavior…

        Plus, if the public wants to read more lies about travis ‘the saint’ that’s a-ok! As much as they read that bs, we’ll always know the truth: travis was a pedo hugging pervert.

        (((SJ))) ♥

  25. ♥ Love to JODI and TEAM JODI!!!!!
    “He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln

  26. Thinking about a fund raising idea! Can a trusted member from this site plan an exclusive interview with jodi and then let the haters bid on the video and pay for it. Nice way to have them pay for her appeals. You know they’d bite.

    • I believe you are on to something good, I would say a stellar idea. Jodi could give the interview to whom ever gratis and what that person does with it is up to them. Perhaps one might sell it and decide to put funds into Justice for Jodi. The down side is perhaps one is not permitted to take a camera in while visiting.

    • The only person I would be comfortable with Jodi giving an interview to is Michael Kiefer. But she should ask for money (going into her appellate fund) in return to an exclusive interview.

      As I have told everyone previously, I don’t know if MK supports Jodi (I’ve heard he doesn’t) but what makes me respect him is his fair reporting. He never bashed her and only reported facts. I tip my hat.

      (((Michael Kiefer))))

      • But that begs the question: could he do a truly fair interview with her considering the fact that he has a producer, editor, etc., and they would want him to ask more (shall we say) “provoking” questions?

        I like the original idea of having someone else do it and then putting it up kinda pay-per-view. Of course, the haters would all mock it … but …

        Jade always has interesting thoughts and is very intelligent in her writing style. I bet Journee, with her incredible memory and great writing style could do an amazing job. Or how about you with your sexy Greek accent?

  27. “Clouds of confusion
    rolled into illusion
    He veils perversion
    forcing her coercion
    Her body he takes
    while she flies away
    unbelievable, she’s invisible”
    ― Diana Rasmussen, Snow White Darkness

  28. I have been fixated on another photo now and analyzing it.

    Originally I didn’t give much thought to the blood smear on the wall because it seemed logical that there could be a downward “rainbow” pattern if Alexander was trudging along the right side wall and then collapsed face down with his head on the carpet. We also have the blood on the carpet. Even though I’m not so sure that was from the throat either, we do have something that happened there.

    Stumbling along the right side wall was always a farce to me however because it doesn’t at all explain the very similar blood pattern along both sides of the wall. Dragging him back down the hall would never result in that kind of blood on the opposite side wall.

    But now I carefully think about what this picture ACTUALLY shows

    If he was “stumbling” down the hall as frog is deluded to think and he placed his hand on the wall as he was collapsing, look how LOW that would actually be. The smear starts almost no higher than the electrical wall outlet. Look where the electrical outlets are in your home. They are typically no higher than a foot and a half from the floor. And that’s the case here.

    If he was “upright” at all, how could he reach down, or WHY so low to cause that smear? Even if he was collapsing, it doesn’t make sense that he would touch the wall that low. And no other part of his body that may have “brushed” along the wall, was bleeding on his right side that could have possibly caused that.

    And further, if he was crawling on his hands and knees, there wouldn’t be any point whatsoever to touch the wall. His hands would be on the floor to facilitate his movement if he was trying to get away.

    This blood smear now becomes mighty implausible now that it was caused the way everybody assumed it to be. It does not make sense. Was this smear actually going “upward” from the floor?

    Try to replicate that smear by being upright and then look how WIDE it is also. No hand would be likely to cause a smear that wide. This was caused some other way and only adds to the unbelievable blunder that the defense didn’t get a blood forensics expert as the first damn thing they did.

  29. Here’s another thing that is mind blowing to me.

    These fingerprints were left on the TV sitting right next to the DVD player that was stolen in Yreka.

    If these fingerprints are not Jodi’s, her grandpa’s or grandma’s, they are the prints of the person who stole that gun!

    They’re saying these fingerprints were not of enough resolution as to be typed? WHAT?? For Christ sake they’re in dust on GLASS. They can get usable fingerprints off a human body’s skin and they can’t catalogue these prints? What are they using, equipment from the 1940s?

    They have no trouble getting the EDGE of a person’s hand and identifying it to be Jodi’s. Yet they can’t get results from these at least FOUR finger impressions?

    Someone touched this screen deliberately and sitting on the same dresser as the DVD player that disappeared, this is bombshell evidence that was pissed away. This is the smoking gun to who stole that gun.

    • Just so you know, anything is possible if it is a very small police department. Yreka has a population of only 7,700 people. Siskiyou County has a population of only 44,000. I live not far from the area, so I know about it.

    • Hi Jade,

      Also take into account that Jodi was out of state (with Angela) at the time of the Yreka burglary. There’s photographic evidence to prove this, which (for whatever reason) was never produced or even referenced during the trial.

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • The only thing that would prevent those prints from being able to be processed with technology even available in 2009 would be if the person was wearing gloves. But I don’t think the person who stole that gun and the DVD player had a college education and was concerned in the least about wearing gloves. They can even get prints through some gloves due to the sweat.

      The impressions certainly were after the dust had already been on the screen and the impressions were firm enough to clearly penetrate through the dust. That means they had to leave an impression on the glass. This is the old fashioned CRT television so it’s possible the person was touching the glass removing the connections from the DVD player or unplugging it if it was connected.

      It’s too coincidental that those prints are there right next to what was stolen and that TV hadn’t been used for a while for sure it doesn’t appear.

      I still say the quickest way by far to a certain retrial is offering a reward for turning in of that gun. It doesn’t matter where it’s found. It could be found in Canada or Mexico, it doesn’t matter. The only thing is that Grandpa has to have some documentation to identify it as being that gun and the serial number wouldn’t certainly identify it. The ballistics test showing different striations on the bullet is indisputable and all that would have to be done is that ballistics test.

      Some benefactor or philanthropist or rich mogul that could take this no risk opportunity and offer a six figure reward would be world famous and it would rock the world. I don’t know if the IRS could even prevent it from being tax deductible as well. Although I think the person would get his reward amount back and then some just from the people who would want his story.

      The key is that the verdict would have to be overturned based on this new evidence. It sends the premeditation crashing down like the Hindenburg if those ballistics tests don’t match. And I believe a large enough reward with publicity promoting it would produce that gun.

      It’s still out there someplace and it isn’t on the side of the road near Hoover Dam.

      • Jade, I don’t know why I hit “Reply”. Just should have clicked on “Post Comment”. Anyhow, wrote comment, so here it is:

        How close to home would the gun theft have to have been for the prosecution to continue to float the notion that the theft was such a coincidence that there should be no doubt of premeditation?

        Could a .25 ACP have been stolen from the house next door? What about the house across the street? Maybe two houses down, on the same side of the street? Would a block away be too far to look like premeditation? Or how about the house directly behind Jodi’s grandparents’ house – would that be suspicious even if there were a solid fence separating the two properties? Or even the house next to that one, behind the neighbors’ house, or a couple of houses down from there, just one block over from where Jodi was staying?

        Let’s look at the vehicles. I’ve heard that some folks keep a weapon in their car or truck. So, how far down the street or how many garages would you have to pass before “premeditation” can’t pass the smell test, before it looks sufficiently coincidental to stand firmly in the realm of reasonable doubt?

        The Final Jury Instructions explicitly state that each element of a charge has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. No proof she brought a knife or a gun, but the prosecutor insisted that she brought a knife as well as a gun.

        The Felony Murder charge was the back-up charge in case the gun was found or the jury didn’t buy the Yreka gun theft allegation on its face, in which case the state could have said that there was a gun in his closet that no one had known about, but that she brought the knife into the premises. The prosecutor put forth so many suppositions, you’d think the jury would have wondered why he needed to.

        This was a virtual stoning with whatever was within arm’s reach, with a reinterpretation of the crime scene, in case Jodi’s testimony about the events surrounding the gunshot – which she could remember – lined up a bit too much with the actual evidence at the scene. Her story about the events leading up to the unintended gunshot does hold up against the physical evidence under scrutiny, but suddenly – voila! – the state’s witnesses turned into Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, saying the gunshot was last, claiming “a typo” must have created the “fine mess” they found themselves in. The Autopsy Report doesn’t say the shot was last, it says that the gunshot was not incapacitating and that the knife wounds were fatal; the blood evidence at the scene tells the same story, but that didn’t stop those two’s post-vaudeville “you’re it” act. The Show went on.

        What lawyers say is not evidence. The Jury Instructions explicitly state that too. This must be why the prosecutor repeated himself so much that the walls of the courtroom seemed to echo his accusations. Compare that to Nurmi and Willmott, who in the guilt phase elicited from various witnesses testimony that supported Jodi’s case and then would practically slink back to the defense table as if they hoped no one would notice.

        • Yes, it’s truly difficult to probe the depths of how bad they were. Everything from the management of the case strategy to the inept cross examinations was classic public defender level representation.

          It wasn’t even a tough case! Once the issue of an alibi is resolved as not being provably exculpatory such as the person being somewhere else and couldn’t possibly have committed the crime–the first thing you go after in any trial resulting from a killing is the forensics. It always tells a story. They avoided it like it was poison.

          Martinez was a joke. Broad leaps of generality were thrown out as fact and were NEVER challenged. It was like giving an elephant a paint brush and telling it to slap the canvas and then proudly proclaiming the painting as a masterpiece. It could only have been made worse if the lawyer didn’t communicate with Jodi at all for months. Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened too. Ughh.

          I don’t know if I have ever seen worse cross examination, not only in the style but NEVER driving home a SINGLE point to the jury–making it indelibly etched in their minds. It was like listening to a question and answer session at an accountants seminar. They were steam rolled by the judge and acted like timid little meerkats. They never raised their voice or demanded yes or no answers. Never took segments of time and broke them down into precise moment by moment actions which is the hallmark of any attorney attorney who is worth a hill of beans.

          Jodi was on the stand w–ay too long and gave that Mexican prick a whole smorgasboard of irrelevant garbage he could use in the sleazy manner that he knows no bounds and propagates lie after lie. Then the jury. They should be put on trial and charged with obstruction of justice and needing high colonics because they were full of shit and a disgrace to their oath.

          It could only be seen how bad this was if it was possible to have a side by side comparison with a top notch defense attorney. People’s heads would be spinning it would be so different.

          I’m not Monday morning quarterbacking. I was saying this two years ago.

          • Jade, you’re right in every word. I’m re-watching the first trial at the moment & Nurmi comes across as Martinez’s feather. He was weak, incredibly weak…even when he got the breaks especially against Flores (I have only got to day 5) & I ask myself how did he ever get to represent Jodi. Okay, I know he came into the reckoning late…but he should have left early as well. And when he was arguing to the Judge about seeking a mistrial etc…he was so lacking in everything that I thought he was going to fall asleep & fall over.

            It seemed that with the world & it’s mother from the start of trial (Media/Social Media, Prosecutor, Judge, Police Department, etc) casting her as guilty, that the defence in their subconscious at least joined in with them…to the extent they just went through the motions. Sad that between them…they hadn’t the fire in their belly to fight for her, their client. Truly very sad.

          • Agreed ! I know that this has probably been discussed here on this site before but I believe the Felony Murder charge will be a charge that the state will wish they had not charged in this case and a charge that JSS will wish she did not allow….it could be the undoing of the conviction and will leave Juan Martinez’s clever little trick in the ash heap bin along with his conviction…IMHO

              • It would have been one thing if the jurors voted for one or the other of the First Degree Murder charges. But seven voted for BOTH, and the Jury Instructions said they could. What premeditation did they think they were convicting Jodi of then, if they voted for both? Premeditated Burglary in the Second Degree? There should be a reading comprehension test for jurors. This case proves the need for that, if nothing else. We have death penalty qualified jurors, but not reading qualified jurors. Insane!

                • I think it may end up being a fatal flaw in the state’s blind arrogance to try to kill Jodi. You can not have a charge that has “intent to harm” (the felony predicate being aggravated assault) and a charge that has “intent to kill” and still say Jodi premeditated the killing and this doesn’t even include the violation of the “merger” rule involved here. The jurors were confused and mislead by the Felony murder charge and this could be a point that overturns the criminal trial verdict… well the Brady violations IMHO

                  I mean for gosh sakes the state by arrogantly including that charge to try to win no matter what just admitted that Jodi didin’t intend to “kill” Travis but instead only tried to “harm” Travis….

                  This is what happens when you are as arrogant as little man Juan is….he will live to regret this mistake and so will his number one fan, JSS, who just couldn’t bring herself to say no to anything little Juan baby wanted….

                • Exactly, BB. It’s as if the prosecutor, in effect, lodged the Felony Murder charge as a lesser included of the Premeditation charge.

                  Murder in the Second Degree or Manslaughter were in fact the lesser includeds of the Premeditation charge but he sufficiently muddied the waters with these two Murder in the First Degree charges that the jurors were caught in a sort of feedback loop, the result of which was that seven of them conflated “intent” to commit a felony that resulted in a death with Premeditated Murder. (For those new to this case, the Felony Murder charge carried no lesser included charges.)

  30. I’m not sure who recommended Jon Krakauer’s
    book, but I received it today.
    Everyone that can get this book should.

    It’s very enlightening and I would say very important read.
    It’s hard to put down.
    Just got it today, have only read a few pages, but sounds like
    something we’re a little familiar with!!!

    Was it you Journee?
    If so, THANKS so much for suggesting it.

  31. More from texts between Chris and Travis………
    Page 5 of 46
    State v Jodi Arias

    Messages between Chris Hughes & Travis Alexander

    Outgoing: 02/13/08 Thx bro I need love right now.
    I am battling a lot of stuff financially.
    With an outer venear of confidence and inward fear.

    02/13/08 Incoming:
    Been there many times! I have a 460 fico and a home repo
    to prove it. The Lord has the power! Get with him.

    02/13/08 Outgoing:
    Yeah I have been. It’ll work out.

    02/15/08 Incoming:
    Were all meeting at the four point Sheraton between 2&3
    today if you want to come hang out for a bit.

    02/17/08 Incoming:
    The Battles just quit ppl

    02/18/08 Outgoing:
    Lisa and I just broke up.

    02/18/08 Outgoing:
    I’m scared to death.

    02/18/08 Incoming:
    OMG!! Tell me about it when you wake up.
    I don’t know if you did it or she did it, but if you were
    my boyfriend and your were driving around town with your x,
    I would dump you.:-) Its for the best. Straighten that crap out.
    Truly dump “jodi”. And go get your dream girl!!!

    02/18/08 Incoming:
    We will be having our ED call today.
    We will not be sharing numbers. I don’t like the way that “feels.”
    The only numbers I want are okc registrations, conf call numbers.
    C ya in a few.

    02/18/08 Outgoing:
    You are right about the jodi thing. Fyi the only time I see her is ppl
    things. I didn’t have any money and I didn’t have any gas, so I kinda used
    her. Desperate times, I know. But you are 100% right about it.

    • Thanks Michelle:
      S-l-o-w-l-y the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place.

      What a pair these two guys are!
      Both of them financially motivated, no other sense of purpose. Both dissing Jodi, using Jodi…Travis is a cad!

      Travis is ‘scared to death’ Chris is oblivious to that. Whatever it was that Travis was so ‘scared to death’ about needs to come out; then maybe…

      • Oblivious, right Carol.
        Travis and Lisa just broke up and T says he scared to death.

        Sounds like he was awake, doesn’t it????

        Then Chris tell me about it when you wake up??????????????????????????????
        If my friend told me she/he was scared to death I wouldn’t say well tell me about it when you wake up
        I would go into it a little more, right??
        Like Hey, SCARED TO DEATH, why??//

        Who are the Battles???

        And BTW, he sure wasn’t scared of Jodi. He kept on using her

        Carol, Yes that really needs to come out, WHO was he scared to death of and why they were so oblivious to it AND why were the friends so oblivious when hearing T was dead?????????????

        Sounds like ta’s awake to me and says he ‘s battling a lot of things and inward fear?????
        Chris: oh yeah man I’ve been there. Oh REALLY?????????

        Something wrong here!!!~~

        • Somethings very very wrong, Aly.
          Supposed best friend??? CH didn’t care a bit about Travis. He was more afraid of losing an account: that is who the Battles were – they wouldn’t be bring Chris any more money PLUS Chris had to repay the bonuses he received.

          During that time the SEC or Treasury Department was coming down on PPL; people were getting scared and quitting PPL, and the setup of PPL made them all responsible for repaying the organization. That could have been Travis’ problem as well with his money problems.

          Just throw the spotlight on Jodi!
          There is a conversation on some tv or radio program while the jury was deliberating the guilt phase where Chris says how he made sure Flores was keeping his focus on Jodi, that she was responsible for the murder and how he searched the emails, Gchats, etc to find PROOF Jodi did it. How dare he!! Was he there? Is he an eye witness. Why was it so important that Jodi be pinned with the crime?
          At least it is drip drip dripping out…

    • Travis tells Chris on 02/18/08, “Fyi the only time I see her (Jodi) is ppl things.” So much for them being best friends. Travis can’t even confide in Chris. He lies to him….afraid he’s going to get reprimanded probably.

  32. More……….
    Page 12 of 46 State v Jodi Arias

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    They’ve recognized the top 20 producers and they’ve all got up
    there and just preached group. Maybe two mentions of recruiting.

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    Did I make you mad? Sorry. No more comments!

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    No I’m not mad. Just go easy on me. My head is right I think when
    it comes to girls. I’m focused on mimi.

    Chris 03/14/08 Incoming:
    Hi travis this is jodi. Can I stay in your room tonight?
    I lost my room key.

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    No prob. I’m sure we can figure out a creative way to pay for
    the room.

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    Are you doing any thing tonight?

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    Kicking it in suite with my bama team

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    Bama shmama

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    Come up

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    Too many people with me.

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    Let me guess who…

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    How many?

    03/14/08 Outgoing:

    03/14/08 Incoming:

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    Patrick henry mike bertot brad stowell chaitanya josh johnson
    and jodi are here and zion just went up to his room.

    Page 13 of 46

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    Come on over

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    If I can shake somebody, ill come up but I wouldn’t dare ortherwise.

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    We know that aint gonna happen! We are fine. Hope she doesn’t mind
    the travis and Mimi together forever sign we have hanging up.
    You guys can come up. I’ll put on my Mimi or bust t- shirt.

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    Hahahahaha!!! I have an interesting story to tell you later.

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    We are NEVER going to hang out if you can’t because she is with you!!!
    I have an interesting story about fudruckers in AZ that I just heard!

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    Tell me it?

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    When you tell me yours.

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    I think gus searcy is pulling a kimbrell.=)

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    Are you coming?

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    Tell him
    take her and come over!

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    Yeah ill come over. How long are you up

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    We party here

    03/14/08 Incoming:
    Just tell her you have to take a dump… Nevermind,
    she’ll come to wipe.

    03/14/08 Outgoing:
    I have a lot of people but jodi stepped away so can some folks come?

    03/14/08 Incoming:

    • Party???
      Their parties must be a real blast.
      All it is are the guys all talking BS, like we saw at one of the
      “parties” that they had.
      I think I would pass on ANY of their parties.
      “Here, let’s have a toast, y’all get you koolaid??”
      Thanks Carol, that was a good one. : )

      BTW, he’s already got 7 and they’re bringing more??
      Again, just treating and talking garbage about Jodi.
      Plus talking about her again while she’s out of the room.

    • Right! Chris pretends to be Jodi.
      Then mocks her. But when push comes to shove ‘she stepped away’! Too funny, little boys.
      Right bet she was never even there!

  33. I keep finding mention of Travis’ journals such as……..
    3/18 TA Journal entry: I’ve lost my journal, my Ipod, my diamond ring. JA says she has the ring for some reason.
    3/21 TA journal: Haven’t spoken to Mimi in a long while. Trying to play it cool.
    3/26 TA journal: Mimi didn’t call me back. Getting discouraging. Leaning towards not proceeding with her. I have 4 months left in the ward.

    3/27 TA journal: I really need more self discipline. I think Jodi moving will be good for me in a lot of ways. She is a great girl. But we are not good influences on each other. She has an uncanny ability to get under my skin. So although I’m used to having her around and I’ll most probably miss her. But I’m certain it will be good for both of us. But I need to get married and she can get in the way of that and does in fact.

    3/30 TA journal entry: about sin bringing momentary happiness but followed by misery. Moral of the story: “wickedness never was happiness.”

    4/1 JA writes goodbye note in TA’s journal.

    4/3 TA journal entry: I’m still quite lonely. Jodi keeps leaving but hasn’t left. In fact she pulled out of my driveway headed for CA this afternoon but she showed up this evening. I think she is having a hard time. But I think I’d be better off and so would she if she got out of here. Dreamt of Lisa. I miss her. I still love her.

    4/8 TA journal entry: Lost my journal and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was stolen…most of my time with Lisa was in in it.

    4/9 TA journal entry: I have much regret about Lisa right now. Messed up a good thing.

    4/10 TA journal entry: One of my most productive days for a long time. Mimi emailed and texted me a few times, complimented me on my house and on the speech I gave. TA also writes that he has been texting/emailing with Taylor and Michelle about his relationship with Lisa, his regrets, his loneliness, confusion, conflict about committing, and that he still has feelings for her.

    “I didn’t speak to Jodi for the whole day. Wow. I never thought that would happen. I loved it. No negativity, no distractions. I’m sure it was good for her too.”

    These were found on

    There is a lot more that I am not finding on Beth’s site. If anyone knows where I can find them on Beth’s site or somewhere else could you point me in that direction?

  34. I’m sure these are just snipits. I would really like to read his journals there are mention of seven of them.
    But here are more snipits.
    5/15 TA journal: writes of Mimi telling him let’s be friends.” Darn it. Darn it. What can a brother do?” I did the best I could….but nerves were my enemy. “Anyhow I am bummed but at least I can move on. “Unproductive week. Too much website obsession.”

    5/20 Travis journal entry: Thinking of Lisa. I miss her. I still love her. Mimi (took my mind off things) but it didn’t change my feelings about Lisa. “I thought by now I’d be over them, but I’m not.”

    5/21 Travis journal entry: Freaking out right now. I’m calling Lisa in about 10 minutes. I doubt she’ll answer but that’s ok, I just hope we get to talk.

    5/22 Travis journal entry:” Lisa has not called back. I am broken up. I made some big mistakes and I am paying for them now. I guess we are all our own worst enemies. It’s rough.”

    5/23 Travis journal entry: No Lisa. I will call her. It’s gonna happen. Besides that yesterday was kinda lame. I’ve made a mistake as I often do and no doubt I’ll do it again. I can’t come to terms for the decisions I’ve made (that led to) the loss of my closest friend.

    Long poem in entry ends with…”so let me tell you my friend this life has an end, and tomorrow is a day closer to that time.”

    5/24 (From 5/29 TA Journal entry): Travis meets “cutie-pie” Brooke Rogers at UTC.

    5/25 (From 5/29 TA journal entry): Travis sees Brooke at church, Brooke friends him on FB , they start sending each other FB “email flirts”

  35. Another tidbit found on Beth’s site. Dec. 2014
    Travis hired his close friend Taylor Searle to scrub his computer of porn in 2007.

    Taylor revealed this new information after he asked me about the hearing regarding the handling of Travis’s computer. I explained what happened in the 3-day hearing including that the defense computer forensic expert Bryan Neumeister testified that Travis’s Compaq Presario laptop had a lot of porn sites accessed from it, and that it had at least 19 scrubbers and many viruses on it. I also explained that the State’s expert, Perry Smith, is still conducting his analysis of the laptop.

    According to Taylor, Travis said that his roommate (or roommates) were looking at porn on his computer and Travis wanted it cleaned. (NOTE: These are not the same roommates who lived with Travis when he died. Those roommates moved into Travis’s house in 2008. Taylor did not name the roommates Travis accused.)

    Taylor spent a few days working on Travis’s computer and scrubbed it of porn. He said it was in 2007 but did not narrow the time period within that year.

    Taylor does not know if he worked on the same computer as the one seized by the police on June 10, 2008. He has not testified in either trial, and told me he has not been closely following the retrial.

    Why is this information important?

    First, if Travis was truthful with Taylor, then Travis was not the only user on the computer. Second, if this is the same computer, there is now an explanation for at least some of the scrubbers on the computer. Third, this confirms that there was porn on at least one of Travis’s computers, and that Travis knew it.

    Last year, at Arias’s first trial, it was the State’s position that the computer recovered from the house had no porn on it. As noted, it is unclear if the computer Taylor worked on is the same one in the possession of the Mesa Police Department.

  36. Looks like under Jodi’s journals volume 6’s first 19 pages are really part of Travis’ journal.
    Somebody check if you can and let me know if I am right.

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