The JAA Appellate Fund $25,000 Matching-gift Campaign Update

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The JAA Appellate Fund $25,000 Matching-gift Campaign is still going strong… and with close to $6,500 donated to the fund over the past 2 weeks alone, momentum is certainly building in our cumulative quest to raise sufficient funds for Jodi’s appeals and to ultimately secure JUSTICE for Jodi. It’s gonna happen. Make no mistake.

A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has pledged to match, dollar for dollar, any new donations received before August 1st, 2015, up to a total of $25,000. Please give generously – and soon – to allow the JAA Appellate fund to take full advantage of this gift.

All donations via go directly to the fund for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. is the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up.

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In the meantime folks, and as always – we plough on regardless

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Prepare for it.

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Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!

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    • And just in case anyone missed it, here an excerpt from my post of last week regarding the Hughes’ book:

      “And no… I’m not planning on encouraging people to leave a bad review on Amazon. We’re way above that… just like we’re way above the haters in so many ways and on so many levels. Let them buy a book about their dead & abusive POS pedo idol if it makes them feel better about themselves…. and if Chris Hughes wants to dedicate a book to a guy that fucked his wife in the ass (and in all probability, fucked his son in the ass too), then good luck to him. It’ll take more than selling a Kindle book to fix all that.”

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • Im sure chughes was in on the butt f****** on travis along with young steven. The pictures speaks volumes!!!:( no doubt sky was jealous of Jodi! Why would Jodi b a house guest at the hughes just to find chris/sky laid up with travis in a bed behind closed door to talk trash on Jodi? Anybody would of been affended by finding this ! I thought Jodi handled this awkward situation fairly well ! IMO

  1. For the past 7 years Jodi has been sitting in a cell or at the defense table in a courtroom. For 7 years she has been silenced in objecting to all the hatred and lies about her. For 7 long years, she had to sit in front of a jury – people she never had met in her life – and wonder if these people would see the true facts and not fall for the prosecution’s lies.

    In these 7 years, Jodi has made many mistakes: giving interviews to journalists that didn’t deserve to be the ones interviewing her (after all, they went from being nobodies to being ‘famous’ thanks to Jodi), Jodi lied out of fear but nevertheless came clean and eventually told the truth, trusting people that used her for their own selfish reasons, trusting that the justice system was flawless… She got a rude awakening….

    The journalists twisted her words around making her look like a monster, telling the truth didn’t matter for the lynch mob, some of her so called ‘friends & supporters’ turned on her the moment Jodi didn’t want to be their puppet anymore and the justice system was full of holes that allowed corruption, misconduct, perjury seep into her case giving her ZERO chance to a fair trial.

    I ask you this: Who the hell would be able to get through 7 fucking years of all this? Nobody! Jodi is a survivor of domestic violence and of judicial violence.

    So if she took the last chance she had to speak her voice before hearing her conviction (which we all knew what it would be; there was no spoiler there) and calling out all those that had wronged her, yes, KUDOS TO JODI! I sure as hell wouldn’t have done it with such grace. I would have started flying the ‘fuck you’s’ like it was going out of style. So before anyone rushes to criticize Jodi’s action that last day in court, think of what you would have said AFTER 7 LONG YEARS of being muted to those that were lying about you and trying to kill you.

    ((((Jodi Arias – a survivor & hero)))) ♥

    • Very well said, Pandora. Judicial violence, to survive that and domestic violence she deserves a medal and her freedom. Unlike some so called supporters I have been horrified to know about, I will NEVER waiver in my determination to see justice, TRUE justice for Jodi. <3

      • Absolutely right!!!
        I say, like my granddaughter would tell me “get down on your bad self gramma!!!” I love it!

        And I, like Pandora said wouldn’t have had the class Jodi had. It would have been the FY and you and you and you!!!!

        I can’t imagine lies and hypocrites as I sat there and had to listen to it.
        I think KN would be the first one. I don’t fn like you either.
        He would have deserved it.
        A lawyer saying I don’t like her either??????
        I know Jodi was shocked, but she handled that as well as possible too!

        I WAS PISSED!!!!!
        KN must be out of work. I don’t believe anyone would pick him to be their lawyer,
        not by choice.
        If his career is over, it’s to his own doings. Clients want a fighter!
        He should grow some.
        He wants to be with the crowd that hated him?

        Talk about no gumption.
        Since his part is over, HE’S the one that should just shut the hell up.
        That’s what he wanted anyway
        He wouldn’t stand up when needed, why does he feel the need to say he didn’t bless her????
        Jodi will bo just fine without it.
        She got along without you before she knew you and she will do just fine without you now.

        I wish I could tell him to his face what he did to Jodi.
        Only it would be HEY asshole, you said things that were never blessed.
        So get over yourself!!!
        NOW, I feel better! : )

        I can imagine how relieved Jodi was to speak.
        So I say “You Go Girl” with our blessings!! : )

    • Perfectly stated Pandora!!!!!! COME ONE TEAM JODI LET’S KEEP THE MONEY FLOWING IN!!!!!
      Remember whatever your gift. . . . it is doubled!!!!! Golden Opportunity!!!!! ((((((((JODI)))))))))

    • Well said Pandora,

      Jodi’s life for the last 7 years has been that of a nightmare. She is so strong, I would lose it in her situation. Everyone under the sun telling HER story when she is the only one that knows what happened and she knows they are telling complete lies. I would have told every single person in that courtroom exactly what I thought of them, one by one.

      ((( Jodi ))) Hero & survivor!

    • Plus the fact that a talk show did a reeactment with a woman of Jodi height/weight and a dummy of ta height/weight of dragging ta down hall and putting him in shower. This woman was a huffing/puffing and said how hard it was BUT they had left out the fight for yr life like having 180lb mad man on top of you trying to take yr life.. that was no easy whip!!! It is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for Jodi to have done all that they say she did AND in that short of time AND no trail of evidence OR without being seen by anyone! You know darn well that those moron leftovers had their eye on ta cuz mimi was going to Cancun and DR was in town. This is very upsetting to me that people turn their eyes away from truth and at least admit to REASONABLE DOUBT. its so OBVIOUS that someone else was in that bathroom in the killing of ta! The boot prints, the strength it would require from start to finish . I feel Jodi told the truth when she said two people came in and probably fears them herself! Cant wrap my mind around that people dont have ask the most simple questions! Hope they are asked to polygraph and see how many start backing up!

  2. Taken from text messages from sky and travis…..just wanted to share for people who have no access to Beth’s site. I found this interesting.

    Page 2 of 24

    Text Messages between Sky Hughes & Travis Alexander
    from 12/25/07 thru 06/01/08
    Hughes Sky
    It’s good to hear you are ok. We were worried about you. What happened to your car? Just say no to BMW T! I’m due April 18 but look like I’m due now.

    Hughes Sky
    I am gonna look like a freakin’ idiot at convention!!!!

    Hughes Sky

    How is Lisa?

    Hughes Sky

    Lisa is good we are doing our thing. We will see. Its all very scary.

    Hughes Sky

    T have you considered a therapist? I’m not saying that rudely. If you can’t afford it, the Bishop can refer you out.

    Hughes Sky

    Cuz if you dont take care of issues now, you will be forced to eventually! Chris has really enjoyed going.

    Hughes Sky
    Yeah I’ve considered it, but I wouldn’t do it out of the church. I might go to that great life thing, as soon as money grows on trees.

    Hughes Sky

    That’s good you are open to it. Just dont sabotage out of fear!!!!

    Hughes Sky

    Yah I’m fighting that. Its the first time I’ve evr noticed it before.

    Hughes Sky

    How are you?

    Hughes Sky

    My tires got slashed again so I’ve been better.

    Hughes Sky

    What????? Dont you have a garage? Do you have any idea who it is?

    Hughes Sky

    My best guess is this phycho room mate I had that hates me.

    • This is another link to a very credible source, ColdCase53,

      The prosecutors in the country seem to finally be on the hottest! and it is about time.
      It is more costly to prosecute a case where the defendant is innocent.
      That is true because the facts do not fit their suspect. So, like Jodi, it drags on for years and years, costing more and more. Too bad!!! Arizona. It was their FOUL FALSE Prosecution!!

    • I read that too last night. It seems that juan martinez is under the microscope more than people want to admit. How many times can a person get away with corruption after all? Even Arizona must have limits to that.

  3. Why does this site preclude anything other than domestic violence/justification defense.
    As hard as it might be for the supporters of Jodi Arias to believe, it is not only possible that Jodi confessed to a crime she didn’t commit, it is very probable.
    For way too many hours she was confined to a small cold room with no water to drink and unable to go to the bathroom without an escort. She kept denying that she had anything to do with Travis’ murder, gave Det. Flores ways to prove her innocence, detailed how she had driven to Utah. Detective Flores was insistent

    I will wholeheartedly agree that Jodi is the victim of Legal Abuse, Pandora. She was Judicially Abused by the police, coerced (guilted as she would call it) into admitting ‘intruders’ killed Travis when she truly had not been there, and unfortunately that put her at the scene of the crime and was all that was needed by Det. Flores to extradite her to Arizona.

    After a couple of years, with the help of lazy Attorneys, she developed the self-defense story. Could be she was ‘guilted’ into that story as well. The lazy, disinterested attorneys couldn’t be bothered investigating anything.
    These attorneys left the estimated time of death completely out of the trial, yet it crops up with Enrique saying nothing smelled bad until Monday, a sure indication that Travis didn’t die on the date the prosecutor chose; and this is but one indication from the autopsy report that he more likely died on Saturday.

    These lazy incompetent attorneys didn’t care a twit about Jodi or they would have allowed her to plead ‘not guilty’ which she surely was. They never made any effort to check out her trip that week, where she drove, got lost, ran out of gasoline, and was stranded for a time, making her late to Ogden by a few hours.

    There was NOT one (1) fingerprint at the crime scene, which included the whole house..
    There was no DNA left which could be profiled to Jodi.
    There were no eyewitnesses.
    What evidence the prosecutor had was bogus; pictures that did not depict what he described, dates that couldn’t have been taken by that camera because it didn’t have that feature.
    Jodi is in jail now because the attorneys she had did not like her, didn’t believe her, and didn’t want to help her.
    My belief in Jodi’s innocence is absolute and based on the facts.

    • Don’t agree with most of this comment there Carol. You better read the indictment again. There is more evidence than you care to recognize. You speculate because you can. You continue to call Jodi out. I know more than you know, and you are WRONG! Jodi is innocent because she defended herself. She is not in prison ’cause someone else is responsible and managed to leave Jodi holding the bag. You got some real issues calling out Jodi.

      • The transcript means nothing to me as far as her innocence is concerned. It is obvious by the ‘may have’,’could have’, ‘must have’. ‘it fits the evidence’ that she has developed a story that the defense wanted her to develop. She wasn’t there, there are no fingerprints, there is no DNA, nothing the prosecutor said fits – except Jodi’s made-up story.
        Time will bring all this to light.
        She could not did not kill Travis, It would be physically impossible for her to do.

        • Your speculation means nothing to ME! Guess it’s an impass, and I’ll continue to tell you what I think, and very soon in no uncertain terms!

            • Bother, you have no idea how pent up my attitude is with your silly speculation, you can’t back any of it up. It’s your word against Jodi, just like frog.

              • johnm,
                I see it exactly the same way as Carol.
                It isn’t silly..

                I believed, as Carol does, what Jodi said.
                I went over it sooooooooooooooo many times with my husband
                and us discussing it that it made more sense.
                Travis abused Jodi and BTW, Carol isn’t silly.
                There are home invasions everyday!! That wasn’t silly.
                I myself believe someone came in there.
                It makes more sense than Jodi doing all that they said in less than an hour.

                Flores didn’t check out a damn thing.
                There wasn’t any others interrogated like Jodi was.

                How does the things we see mean calling Jodi out?
                We are 100% behind Jodi.

                Everything Carol said was true. I never understood why there wasn’t a
                thorough investigation. They screwed up big.
                The system and AZ failed Jodi, big time!!!

                • No,
                  not my problem!!
                  OUR problem.
                  We could be in the same shape one day and would hope that the system
                  doesn’t fail us.
                  We need to expect more from our justice system

                  We’re only stuck with it if we accept it without challenging it.
                  So, you may see some things differently doesn’t make you silly.
                  Some times people do disagree and that’s ok.
                  We are still behind Jodi, all of us and that’s what matters and why we’re

      • Not Speculation John, The indictment doesn’t prove a thing.
        The prosecution has to prove the facts of the case. Operative word: PROVE. And, they did not.
        The jury was chosen to convict, another error of the defense attorneys.They erred.
        Why do you want her to be guilty when she isn’t ?

        • You haven’t proven your speculation, why don’t you include your theory of why frog lost the penalty phase ON PURPOSE, it’s just your own words against Jodi’s, and I’ll take Jodi’s side every time.

          • John, I never said he lost the penalty phase on purpose.
            It was the luck of the draw with 4 people the first time and 1 person the second time, who just didn’t want to put her to death.

        • I want to know who in the hell IS this Flores fellow, really – at his core? Talk about RAT in the wood pile. And don’t try to convince me that the death of his 15 year old son in an alleged scouting zip line “accident” is just another of the coincidences spawned out of Arizona on a regular basis. Someone is sending messages. We are all being submerged in the filth being spewed upon us like these deadly chemtrails.

          “We the People” have been squeezed out of the equation. There is no longer room for us, and we no longer have a role. We have no knowledge whatsoever about the soundness of decisions that are made about a unique miracle of a woman who dwells on a whole different plane of existance. Her only crime is being different.

          And how absurd to continue to run a trial, at great expence, before the cast has been purged of the liers and cheaters – also known as Felons. Felons belong behind bars. They need to be dealt with before a fair trial can take place.

      • Pleading Justifiable Self-Defense in any case whether it is domestic violence or just to save ones life will never produce a verdict of innocent; not guilty DOES NOT = INNOCENT!!

        • It’s truth, if truth doesn’t set Jodi free, then I don’t have any interest in hoping my prayers mean anything. What = innocence in Jodi’s case is Jodi’s words. If it’s freedom or guilt by perverted justice then I don’t want it, you can have it.

          • We’ll, John, I know things you don’t know, and I agree with Carol, Aly, Sandra, and many more. Why do you constantly try to foist your opinion on everyone here? Stop bullying!

            • Sorry, I mean no disrespect to anyone’s opinion on this site. I just don’t like the tone of calling people out for considering the mountain of discrepancies in the evidence that were never addressed. I believe Jodi, and we are all entitled to our opinions.

    • Hi Carol,

      IMO Jodi acted in self defence…. DNA, blood and hand print kinda blows your theory away unless I am missing something…just saying.

      • Josequis,
        As far as I know, there is no DNA, blood or hand print that proves Jodi was in Travis’s house on June 4, 2008.
        The latent left partial palm print (if it is authentic) simply proved Jodi had been in Travis’s house at some point during 2006, 2007 or 2008. Heather Connor, Mesa Police Department, stated there was no way to date a latent impression.
        Jodi Legg, Mesa Police Department, described the biological substance in the palm print as a mixture of Travis’s DNA and Jodi’s DNA. The major contributor to the DNA mixture was Jodi and Travis was the minor contributor. Legg said there was not enough biological substance from Jodi or Travis to develop a full DNA profile of either of them but both TA’s and Jodi’s DNA was in the mixture. When Legg was asked what the biological substance was, she answered: “I don’t know.”
        There is absolutely no evidence that Jodi was in Travis’s house when he died. None. Simply Jodi’s word that she was there.

    • I too believe that Jodi fought in self defense and last I heard: self defense is not a crime. In fair trials, many people that killed in self defense were acquitted.

      Now, did Jodi kill travis? We AND she will never know because nobody knows what happened after Jodi left travis’s house. As she stated in her last day in court: He was still alive when she was fighting with him. So, the evidence shows that Jodi WAS in fact there (she admitted it) but there is no evidence that actually shows that Jodi killed travis. On the contrary, most of the evidence point out that someone else was in that house (moving travis to the shower, bootprints).

      So even if Jodi is being framed for actually being the person responsible for taking travis’s last breath, we will never know because anyone that was involved in travis’s death – besides Jodi – and after Jodi was gone is not going to turn themselves in! Jodi was the perfect scapegoat.

      Am I making sense?

  4. Peeps, behave. Please respect this site.

    For everyone’s information: Jodi asked us to believe her sworn testimony. So, I personally have no reason to believe that it was not self defense.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it’s done with respect towards Jodi and the other friends that post here.


    Rasna- TEAM JODI

    • I am sorry RASNA!! You believe as you see fit!

      I do not believe Jodi killed Travis.
      I do not believe Jodi wants people to believe a certain way. If that is true, I am speechless….

      If it is a prerequisite for me to believe that ‘Jodi Killed Travis’, then I had the wrong impression of this site’!
      The name of the site indicates something altogether different.

      • Carol,
        I totally get it.
        If we disagree, it is being direspectful???
        I honestly haven’t been able to see what Jodi really feels, but I would be hoping
        that some believed there is some stuff going on that she can’t talk about.
        No disrespect to Jodi or the site.

      • Carol and Aly,
        I’m still open to Jodi not being the one who killed Travis. She fits a profile of someone who makes a false confession. Plus, I believed her during the initial part of her interrogation. She was very convincing. It felt to me like she was telling the truth. Plus, I wonder if she knew that police are allowed to lie which Flores did many times. I think his lies caused her to doubt herself and what really happened to Travis. And, Flores fed her many facts about the case including most of the “evidence” they had. You can see that she felt she was doomed deep into the interrogation when she talks about her life being over and is willing to confess in the hope that she would get a lesser sentence. One of the reasons people make a false confession is that they fear a worse punishment. Didn’t Willmott state that Jodi feared the death penalty. Who wouldn’t? I don’t know if that’s why she was willing to plead to a 2nd degree murder charge but it might have been. The only thing I’ve heard of that puts Jodi in TA’s house on June 4, 2008 is that she knew what he was watching on his computer shortly after 4 am when she arrived, i.e., the young girls dancing with tin foil on their heads in a Youtube video. But, I think there may be an explanation for her knowing that piece of information but I need to check out some things first.
        Sorry, John. We support Jodi, too. We just think differently. Surely, there’s room for all of us to freely express our opinions without fear of a backlash.

        • (((CC53)))
          Well said, and may I add:
          By expressing alternatives, pointing out possibilities for investigators to delve into, we are leaving no stone lying still, shedding light everywhere, grasping the visible facts as we find them, always hopeful our efforts will be useful and productive to Jodi’s lawyers. She does not deserve the hand she has been dealt. Someone in a position to help her will surface and reshuffle the deck.
          Of that I am certain.

          • Thanks coldcase,
            It’s just so many things gone wrong and I totally believed Jodi’s interrogation.
            I believe she didn’t know that Flores coluld LIE. I really don’t believe they should either.
            That’s not getting the truth.
            How on earth did that ever become a good way to get the truth?
            Jodi, like you said was where is he getting all of this?? You know??
            I would!
            I don’t like to be lied to, no one does. So why should it be alright for the cops or detectives
            to lie to you?

            Flores wouldn’t listen to her. All he kept saying is ALL fingers were pointing to her???
            REALLY??? What an investigation that was!
            The jury just fell for all of that without really considering common sense.
            If I had been on that jury I know that I would have had more questions that weren’t the same PLUS somethings, I as a juror fixing to sentence someone to death would have had to ask.

        • I’m not sure about the fear of backlash part. It seems this is the second time you’ve made that type of statement. My attitude is clear. I resent impugning Jodi’s testimony in her court trial. You have the freedom to express yourselves under the umbrella of Jodi’s innocence, sure. Why am I unable to vehemently defend what I feel are Jodi’s actual words in her trial? If you continue to say someone besides Jodi is responsible, then to ME, you are saying Jodi is lying. I can’t just continue on and on to be subject to , it’s unsubstantiated. Jodi owned what happened to her, She caught a shitty break, just like Carol Handy said. Self-defense is high risk, but she owned it, maybe out of a bit of responsibility. That’s not my concern. What is my concern, is no matter what happened or who did what, Jodi can begin to heal if she told the truth. If she didn’t she’ll never heal. I believe Jodi told the truth and I pray for her each day. You don’t care, I know, but if you want me to have any regard for your speculation, you better prove it, not just surmise it.

          • johnm, I really appreciate your loyalty to Jodi. You believe, as I that she told the truth in the courtroom, both times when testifying, and when she stood before JSS when she had nothing to gain. Jodi was severely depressed for two years before she started to come to terms with what really happened. As you said, she could not start to heal until then.

            (((johnm & joe)))

        • I saw a quote from a defense attorney in my local paper yesterday. He said he truly believed his client was innocent but she took prison time in fear of getting a much harsher sentence going to trial. Sad that some innocent people are forced into taking “deals”’s a gamble.

      • Carol, the name of the site indicates EXACTLY what it says: Jodi is innocent of murder.

        The words ‘murder’ and ‘kill’ have two totally different meanings. ie Someone can kill a person in a car accident BUT is not a murderer.

        Jodi was fighting for her life and she did everything possible to stay alive. Is that murder? Nope. It’s human instinct to stay alive (you’d be surprised to know how far every human is capable of going if it’s a matter of life or death). So yeah, Jodi Arias is Innocent.

        Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

        • To me the site is, and will continue to be, dedicated to the Innocence of Jodi Arias.
          She has been a victim of Arizona’s unconstitutional legal system.
          She has been a victim of character assassination by the press.
          She has been a victim of an ignorant society prone to hate.
          There is no question as to who are the bad actors in this case; so, Juan Martinez, Esteban Flores, and Dr. Kevin Horn are the villains here. Then there are the incompetent ones; Judge Sherry Stevens, L. Kirk Nurmi, and Jennifer Willmott.

    • I believe Jodi. Domestic abuse is common and TA had anger issues. It’s not hard to believe she killed him in self defence. You do what you have to do in those situations. Give the girl a medal. There is no hope for Jodi if even her supporters think she is a pathological liar.

      • I agree Joe. I’m in the “Jodi killed Travis in self-defense” camp (but certainly respect opposing opinions). I just don’t think Jodi would say she now remembers the knife going into his throat and he was still attacking her if it didn’t happen. I understand the concept of false memories but that’s a pretty heavy-duty “false memory” to conjure up. And if she was just lying about it, before God and everyone, why, pray tell.

        • I always felt her intruder story was the true story, because in her interrogation and tv interview I saw NO indication that she was lying. Then I read this……
          confabulation (verb: confabulate) is a memory disturbance, defined as the production of fabricated, distorted or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive. Confabulation is distinguished from lying as there is no intent to deceive and the person is unaware the information is false. Although individuals can present blatantly false information, confabulation can also seem to be coherent, internally consistent, and relatively normal. Individuals who confabulate present incorrect memories ranging from “subtle alterations to bizarre fabrications”, and are generally very confident about their recollections, despite contradictory evidence. (From Sufferingbutterbutts Blog)
          This is what I do know. Either way Jodi does not deserve to be behind bars.

          • You are so right, Michelle, and the first 30 hours of her interrogation she said she wasn’t there and would never hurt Travis. Not until the detectives said she should tell the family…blah, blah!
            Arizona doesn’t require video and audio recordings of interrogations.
            Thank God, California does; these tapes will be of great value to Jodi down the road; that is if Jodi will argue ‘false confession’.

            • Carol,
              More evidence the prosecution got a conviction by unethical and unscientific means:

              “An important note about videotaping interrogations is that it is only a reform when the video camera is either focused upon both the interrogator and the suspect or when focused solely upon the interrogator. Research indicates that when the video camera is fixed upon the suspect, jurors tend to disregard the appearance of the interrogator and conclude that the confession was given freely – even when that confession is false. Therefore, jurors should be provided with audio only or transcripts generated from the videotape”.
              – See more at:

              • Oh, my goodness, that is most interesting and compelling information.
                Showing Jodi when she was trying to relax and get herself together emotionally would be very detrimental to her as it was when showed out of context on HLN.
                I do like the idea of just the audio…but it would have to include the time when the suspect is alone…which could be hours! And the jurors should have to go through those interminable times just to learn how the suspect would feel.

            • Carol, I don’t understand what your reference is for the first 30 hours. She was interrogated in Yreka for two days, the first one for just under 3 hours and the following day for just under 6 hours.

              • Correct me if I am mistaken, but the transcripts of the interrogation tapes indicate hours, minutes to each entry. There was far more time spent in interrogation.

                • Lohr’s interrogation tapes are broken up in 30 minute segments. For the first day that Jodi was interrogated in Yreka, there are five segments – 30:26 + 31:43 + 32:19 + 32:59 + 35:50 = 163 minutes or 2.71666 hours (rounded off to the nearest minute). Day 2, with the female detective was longer = 327 minutes,

                  Thirty hours would have meant that she was interrogated for 15 hours per day.

                • My error: There are 17 tapes each a little over 30 minutes.

                  It is NOT a complete synopsis of the time she was in custody, and it does indicate the pressure she was under to come up with a story to match the evidence he said he had but didn’t.
                  She WAS in a cold room.
                  She WAS without food and water during most of the interrogation.
                  She WAS at their mercy, and when she said she might need an attorney Flores said ‘that’s entirely up to you’.
                  It WAS a coercive interrogation.
                  Flores did LIE about the evidence, and I know that’s supposed to be okay, but that is what made her come up with the intruder story.

                • Correction to the length of the interrogation of Jodi in Yreka:
                  Video 1 = 30.05
                  Video 2 = 31.20
                  Video 3 = 31.40
                  Video 4 = 32.27
                  Video 5 = 34.21
                  Video 6 = 30.22
                  Video 7 = 29.54
                  Video 8 = 30.35
                  Video 9 = 25.12
                  Video 10 = 28.51
                  Video 11 = 32.37
                  Video 12 = 29.52
                  Video 13 = 27.40
                  Video 14 = 32.54
                  Video 15 = 30.58
                  Video 16 = 35.29
                  Video 17 = 14.26
                  Video 18 = 6.20

                  That is a total of 8 hours 52 minutes
                  And that is still a very long time for an interrogation,
                  And they pressured her into a story to appease the family.

                • Carol, your math doesn’t add up. I am not a mathematician but I used a calculator and double-checked my work. Each tape that Lohr has is 30 minutes long and he has 5 tapes for the 1st day and 12 tapes for the second day, not all of them 30 mins on the second day, with the shortest being 16 and 6:52 minutes. It doesn’t make the time longer because someone supposedly transcribed them.

                • You are right about the times although some ran more than 30 minutes.
                  The point have been trying to make is:
                  When a suspect is interrogated over many hours, told there is evidence when there is none, told YOU can not prove what YOU are saying but WE can prove what WE are saying, told THEY have all the evidence the need to CONVICT, there is coercion and led to a ‘made up’ story.

                  That makes it worthy of scrutiny by professionals, and I would not presume to be able to evaluate it all. I just hope it is part of a thorough look at the case.

  5. As for me I will never say never . . .I will honor anyone’s thoughts as long as they are believing Jodi should be a FREE WOMAN TODAY!!!!!! I believe in Jodi! There have been many unanswered questions, many mistakes made and a boat load of crap corrupted about this case. . . will anyone really know the whole truth? I pray so! I know that Jodi should be FREE and never should have been charged for this tragedy in the first place. CLEAN UP THIS MESS ARIZONA!

        • Absolutely right, R.Love
          AZ needs to clean up their mess and what a mess it is
          and Jodi should be a free woman today.
          What a circus they’ve made of the justice system.
          They can start by stopping the coverups and lies.
          Jodi should be a free woman, the sooner the better.
          Like you’ve said she shouldn’t be there in the first place.

    • R…I agree with you…& I also see Carol & Aly’s point of view. There is only one person alive or (MAYBE?) more that knows what went on that fateful day. A lot of what we heard & saw as evidence in the case doesn’t make sense if we are to assume just ONE person carried out the murder/self-defence incident that supposedly happened that day.

      I came to this trial late, but was still able to see immediately just watching a phase of the trial that all wasn’t as it seemed, without even knowing who Jodi or Martinez or Nurmi was – I had a sense in the gut that this was a show trial for the masses, an entertainment, & more than anything an imperfect scripted tale. I saw a young lady on screen who was as normal as the rest of us who hadn’t horns sticking out of her head, who was intelligent, who was really pretty, & sadly who seemed to be abused again & again on the stand or in her seat (as I continued from moment I started to watch this trial) to watch rest of this false one-sided trial. Where TV cameras were eating her up day after day, where she couldn’t even practically move or make any kind of gesture because her accusers the public & media…would snidely make a derogatory remark or worse.

      I saw a Prosecutor who was given the wherewithal to carry out a mockery of justice, where I saw his State witnesses (those he let appear – there were many he didn’t for his own devious reasons) be coached along to say the things he wanted them to say so as to achieve his aim, “Murder”. I saw/heard the lies, the yawns, the gurning faces, the whimpers, the flailing of arms, the shouting, the throwing, etc. I saw a Judge who couldn’t properly judge & a Defence team who couldn’t for the most part defend their client. I heard a Jury in both (trial & re-trial) that I couldn’t see ask questions for to show they were playing a serious role…while knowing from day one (the majority of them) they were going to convict because they were just as much a part of this conspiracy as the rest on the states side. (Thanks be to God there were jury member guided by principle, rule of law & by God) More than anything else I saw the pure “Hate” if that is what their religion teaches them…then it has failed its religious test completely.

      Oh I forgot to mention deceit…there was an abundance of that as well. Evidence deleted, mislaid, wiped, stories made up, turned around & then turned around some more. Cop lying, Dr lying, Bishop lying, Mormons lying, girlfriends lying. Some people may say Jodi lied to counterbalance what I’ve written, “Wrong”! She never lied in court & we all know why she did so outside it…she was in fear & who wouldn’t be especially if you were like her never being in trouble before & not knowing much anything as to how the mechanism of same works. She was unlucky her first contact was Flores a sly smiley narcissist who led her into a trap so as to hand her over to his henchman sidekick, Martinez, for to be sacrificed before the baying mob. He said in an interview after trial, he didn’t “Hate her”, but he did “Hate” her & he fed that hate of her to all asunder that he could, with the help of his crass media flunkies. Good for us & others that didn’t fall for his “Twaddle” & who now are on the march to put things right, to right the wrong that was done, & to overturn this unjust deed. We are one with God, & through him we shall rewrite the verdict of this case to “Not Guilty” & that’s the Godly truth.

  6. That was absolutlly wonderful jojnjo,

    That is exactly what I saw and I didn’t like it or trust it one bit.
    Couldn’t say it any better.
    She was abused in everyway that you can think of, BUT for them to call
    her a liar, WHEN all of them were doing nothing but lying is so rediculous, A lie is a lie and
    they shouldn’t be able to get by with it.

    They can lie to an innocent person and they get so used to it in interrogation
    that it comes natural as a witness. That is just WRONG!!!

    Jodi was abused in everyway, AND this was a clincher when Nurmi was closing and said you may not like her, I don’t like her. That was abuse from her own lawyer. So now who can she ever trust.
    Your last sentence said it all and that’s the Godly truth.

    In my eyes, they not only made a mockery of the justice system but they made mockery out of
    God, by using the church and his name.

      • I agree. TA’s God is apparently not the same God I know. His church is not one I would want to associate with. . . a place with no love or compassion for anyone or anybody but the chosen spirit children of some crack pot from Kolob. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I have been deeply offended by their unjustified superior, fake, spiritual attitude towards Jodi who is so far above them they aren’t worthy of the ground she has walked across. Nope Lying For The Lord is weird and bizarre and I want no part of the cult they are all members of. Take that to the Lying Bishop and discuss that.

        • Same here, R.Love
          They USE the name God.
          They don’t live it.
          Helping others and loving others that whether you believe their way or not
          is what it’s all about.

          Not drinking coffee, tea, or sodas in NOTHING!!
          Doesn’t mean a damn thing when you throw someone out becausr YOU can’t control them that IS a cult and anyone on one should run the first chance that they get, IF they realize the brain washing before it’s to late.

          All of those man made rules are a joke, has nothing to do with a loving God.
          Plus, ALL of the members talked about everything but love.
          Look how they act and treat others. OH, But thank God that they don’t drink coffee and none of the other controling things that they do.

          No wonder AZ is so messed up.

          For instance…… Dinking coffee is worse than lying???
          Oh, hell, that’s really messed up.!

          BTW, what are they allowed to drink???????

  7. Today May 15, 2015 is:

    Endangered Species Day
    International Conscientious Objectors Day
    International Day of Families
    International MPS Awareness Day
    International Virtual Assistants Day
    NASCAR Day
    National Bike to Work Day
    National Chocolate Chip Day
    National Defense Transportation Day
    National Pizza Party Day
    National Tuberous Sclerosis Day
    Nylon Stockings Day
    O. Henry Pun-off Day
    Peace Officers Memorial Day
    Straw Hat Day!

    ((((Enjoy your day and remember: ride your bike to work, wearing a straw hat! 😆 ))))

  8. Thank Goodness It’s Friday!!!!! Everyone Grab their Straw Hats and Hit the DONATE BUTTON!!!!!

    Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
    ~~~~ Francis of Assisi

  9. So one of those nitwits who have their heads screwed on backwards goes to the Perryville Prison Google Map site and puts a review: “TAKE CARE OF JODI ARIAS……… LOL….hope she is treated well…….hahahahahaa…..hope she stays FOREVER…….LOLOLOLOL”

    • I just saw a photo of Jodi and Travis that I think speaks volumes about each of them. Jodi is sitting behind Travis on a motorcycle; Jodi is smiling for the camera while Travis, looking more like he’s scowling, is giving us the middle-finger fuck you.

      • If that had been reversed, can you imagine how that would have used as a piece of circumstantial evidence regarding Jodi’s character, her “anger issues” and her capacity to attack. But that same circumstantial evidence to show that Travis was more likely the attacker is disregarded, and for no other reason than he was the one who lost the fight.

        • Justus, remember how much of a big deal Martinez made of TA’s reference to Jodi treating him like a piece of meat during the G-chat argument on May 26th. During his communication with Chaitanya on May 9th the same phrase is used with her with the same type of trying to make her feel guilty.

          Chaitanya Lay & TA

          05/08/08 13:42:46 Travis – Outgoing Did you die???
          05/09/08 05:48:36 Chaitanya – Incoming I didn’t get any texts from you either! 🙁 Feeling like a piece of meat isn’t a good feeling. Don’t want U feeling like that.
          05/09/08 05:49:49 Travis – Outgoing I’ve texted you 5 times since you were at my house with no love.
          05/09/08 05:50:43 Chaitanya – Incoming U did not! I haven’t gotten them anyway 🙁 sorry.
          05/09/08 05:52:23 Chaitanya – Incoming Sooo…I was starting to feel like a piece of meat, wondering what happened to you and u were thinking the same. Sadly ironic

          May 26th text argument
          Travis: no ill admit you were noble in the sack.
          Jodi: Either way, that doesn’t speak for the way I’ve treated you outside of your bedroom.
          Jodi: But you weren’t just a piece of meat.

  10. All you have to ask….was there a fight that day…yes or no…then I,ll know who side you are on. I know there was a fight that day, and that t.a. attacked JODI. just look at his very violent life and his love of violence. Now look at that scene and his wounds. there is proof on the web that the shot (PHINEAS GAGE) would NOT have killed him. And the hit to the vena cava (ED GAVAGON live at the moth) also would not kill him BOTH of these men SURVIVED such wounds, even a hit to the neck is survivable as the one we,ve seen is forced back….to open up the wound….dr. horn strikes…again. Trust me in a fight to the end you,ll be amazed what a person will do to survive….that,s all that JODI did….SURVIVE…..and after 7 long yr. SHE still SURVIVES. So with that lets do right by HER and bring HER JUSTICE and then back home safe n sound.

    • Wayne,
      Or, you could ask, do you believe Jodi or do you believe the evidence? I’m not saying it’s possible Jodi killed Travis, I’m just saying there no proof (no hard evidence) that she killed him. If someone can PROVE she killed him, I’ll believe it. Show me the evidence. Martinez and Flores didn’t prove she killed him. They convicted her on speculation, innuendo and lies.

    • Or, give me proof from a medical examiner that Travis died on June 4, 2008; dead bodies begin to smell in about 36 hours – Enrique said he smell something bad the morning of June 9.

        • Yes, Michelle, no bugs. I’ve never heard an explanation why there were no bugs/flies on TA’s body. Perhaps, there is a simple explanation but Dr. Horn didn’t even address that issue as far as I know. I’ve read that blow flies can pick up the scent of a decomposing body from a mile away. I don’t know if this is true or not.

          • Did anyone even ask him about anything pertinent to the death?
            Did they ask what it meant to have food in the stomach?
            Did they ask what it meant when he described in his report particular organs were ‘glistening’
            Did they ask what his estimated time of death was?

            I’ll answer my own questions: NO
            Not the prosecutor and not the defense attorney.
            NO ONE wanted to hear about FACTS in this case.

            • I’d like to see ALL of the ones pointing their fingers in the very beginning at Jodi, be interrogated like she was, and be subpenoed to testify.
              When they find a dead body and people just start pointing their fingers at someone,
              that ‘s PROOF?

              Instead of just saying someone was slashing his tires so whoever that was must have been the one who killed him.
              Jodi didn’t slash his tires!

              I’d like the people who LIVED at the scene of the crime interrogated.
              MANY questios for them.

              Jodi said in the beginning they needed to talk to the roommates..

              I have ONE question. I believe I’vesked it befor.
              When did Jodi admit to anything?

              Talk about fingerprints. Why didn’t they really test for fingerprints?
              You are innocent until PROVEN guilty.
              Just saying you did it ( I heard this long ago ) isn’t evidence and that’s why they have a trial.

              • Those are questions that really need to be answered, Aly.
                The defense attorneys should have questioned the roommates and all those who pointed their fingers at Jodi as to when they knew of these things, who told them.

                As to fingerprints:
                I believe the police found fingerprints and other identifiers like DNA but when tested, they didn’t match Jodi’s. That could be why we never heard about them.

      • Hi R,
        Is Cindy taking a trip on her broom or something? I haven’t seen her around lately or is it me that hasn’t been around. Hmnn?

        • I think we all need to take another broom ride soon. Everyone has been busy lately. . .yep we here at JAII actually have to work, no pyramid schemes going on around here. I know there are some who don’t but there is never a dull moment around all of us!!! Nose to the grind stone everyone……..

    • This is not what most of the families wanted. Not only that but now he becomes a marder like his brother.

      I do have a real fear that now the jury’s names will be released. God watch over them.

      • Cindy,
        Speak of the devil. I thought I read that only about 30% of the people in Massachusetts believe in the death penalty…but I guess they wouldn’t get on the jury. You’re right, I read stories where family members were against the death penalty for Tsarnaev because of the appeals that would keep them in pain and involved for years to come.

        • CC53 I think it might be a lower %. But it was a federal case. I’m just concerned about the fact we are already on high alert here in the US. I just hope the jury members do not talk to the press. They need to be mindful for their safety.

  11. Im alittle concerned letting ta trolls know how much $ haa been raised for Jodi appeals. They seem to think alexzander mutts are going to be able to get hands on it!:( are they even full brother/sisters to ta? I thought they we’re dirty white buggie trash from drug dysfunctional father/mothers. U know how ta liked to play his poor travis card in his lame speeches. Why would they qualify for $ of a half brother that wasnt even raised together. How many where there 5 or more? I really hope you can secure the appeal $ from the greedy dirt balls.i feel after that is behind Jodi and you really know whats up with the funds people will start making larger donations when they know it wont be going to the ta mutts.

    • Jodi does not own the appellate-fund money; it’s a trust entirely separate from her. So it is immune to any restitution or wrongful-death judgment against her. This is not debatable; it’s a fact. JW’s own husband is a trust attorney, so obviously she knew how it had to be set up.

      Haters say all sorts of crazy things, the latest being that Jodi did not write the letter from Perryville, when it is obviously her handwriting, style and content. Pay no attention to their nutty claims. They tell each other what they want to hear, regardless of simple facts.

  12. Alan, R.Love, Maria, Pandora, Justus, Canada Carol, Raja, Journee, ColdCase53

    Please check you e-mails.

    Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

  13. Troy Hayden tweet confirms Jodi’s statement in her letter about her freshly painted cell is true. Also, NOT painted blue. He also tweeted that Jodi has now been moved to another cell due to DOC “gathered intelligence.”

    • I should clarify my post. It is not that I did not believe Jodi’s statement about the paint, but I posted this because I know the “haters” didn’t believe her.

  14. I hope it’s okay that I put this here….delete if not…but I decided to write to the warden yesterday…maybe they listened….i have no clue…but i want them to take care of jodi…..i think they will….and haters…go fuck yourselves…whoops …..

    Hello Sir or Madam,

    I don’t meant to take up your time or attention with what may seem like a trivial matter regarding your most recent inmate, Jodi Arias. I am sure I don’t have to tell you about the media circus and social media lynch mob that seems to continue to grow, despite Jodi being securely in your prison. But I wanted to draw your attention to this comment. This is from the facebook page: The State vs. Jodi Arias – Travis Alexander Murder Trial, described as a “personal blog” but with almost 67,000 “likes” with constant postings that seem more geared to incite hatred and more on Jodi, than to support Travis Alexander and his family. Granted, this person may have just made all this up to get in with the currently popular crowd of Jodi haters, but it’s really difficult to tell at times what are actual facts and what are just cries for attention. I thought this might be significant. I respect the authority and challenges your prison and its employees, and you of course, undertake every day. Most likely, I suspect you don’t care for added publicity, certainly not negative publicity.

    Anyway, social media is absolutely full of folks making threats and promising to write to Jodi’s fellow inmates and incite hate and more against her. I have many screenshots of such. I will not send anything more to you unless you ask, however.

    Thank you for your time.


    Sandra Webber

  15. You might have seen this interview on Fox 10 with Debra Milke’s Attorney, Michael Kimerer, then you may not have. It’s worth watching because a lot of the issues make me see a likeness to Jodi’s case. And as Debra says at the end this could happen to any American, today, tomorrow, next week, next year, in fact at…”Anytime”!

    • That was well worth listening to, jojnjo, thanks.
      The truth that it could happen to anyone is frightening.
      The possibility that it could have happened to Jodi is motivation to keep searching for answers…

    • Thanks, jojnjo, that was a fascinating video. It’s frightening it took so long for anyone to take a serious look at the detective’s record.

  16. Sandra, well done doing what you did; now I hope they take heed.

    I also have put this article her because of the different weather seasons & how it is inhumane in my opinion the way inmates especially like Jodi are treated keeping them akin to being in a cage. This is inhumane on all levels & Human Right Organizations should be shouting about from the mountain tops.

    • OH! MYYYYYYYYYY God!!!!
      Oh, does that sound familiar??
      Sounds just like Jodi.
      The detective JUST like Floress!
      The whole story is scary, mind blowing, sad and question” IN OUR COUNTRY?????”

      Thanks for showing that jojnjo, REALLY THANKS!!!!
      I’m sick, just sick! HOW???
      What the hell????
      She even had to practice death row???

      Oh damn, I’m really sad and speechless! : (
      It should NEVER happen again, NEVER.
      NOW, to start ” away with Death Row!!!!”
      I hope Debra goes to congress and fights for America to do away
      with it.

      THEN Investigate “to you prosecuters” to get the RIGHT one,
      not just anyone. You ARE not a hero!

      AND JUST a Little Message To Them!
      Flores you get it. You’re not a hero!
      You are as low as a snake in the dirt.
      OH, Geeeeez and you and jm couldn’t get a death sentence BUT all of your slimy friends got Jodi LIP,
      cried in court then partied that night;
      Knowing it was your lies and coverups that put Jodi where she is.
      How dare you even think you are human like. You aren’t!

      OH, but party on.
      How sick, you and JM PLUS the Alexanders and even lower the JURY????????
      partying after putting Jodi through this pure hell.
      Laughing, playing grab ass? Don’t you feel one bit ashamed?

      Shame on all of you.
      You are totally disgusting. I never want to see your slimey faces.
      I hope you pay for this and whatever it is won’t be nearly as terrible as you’ve put Jodi through, but all of your asses need to be in prison for love because you nearly got away with murder.
      Enough already!
      Jodi should be free NOW!!!!
      Not a year, 2, 10, 20, 25??? OH!! HELL NO!!!!!

      • jojnjo,

        I want to say that Jodi never said she was guilty until Aug. 2010, 2 years after she was arrested
        and I don’t believe we heard it until the beginning of the trial.

        I was still believing that Jodi was innocent (still do ) and was shocked that I didn’t hear before then, but actually it was when she “supposedly confessed to someone” I don’t know who.

        When I watched that on you tube, it made me so angry that this innocent woman was in prison
        25 years on death row. That’s frightening!

        Also false confession, ( I believe by her boyfriend, which is hearsay ) Many people don’t understand saying you did something when you didn’t. I get it!

        I understand fully what Jodi was sayng for those 2 years and how it happens!

        The You Tube video sure brought it in for us and how it did happen, ALSO Floress convinced
        Jodi, that it could only have been her (No ONE ELSE)

        What I really want to know is what REALLY happened in those 2plus years for her to change.
        NOT her memory, her story. IT’s fresher in the very beginning than anytime. That’s what they say.

        I know I’ve read the rules for the site and it say’s be respectful of others but I didn’t know and it doesn’t say, if we think other than self defense, the rules are don’t comment.

        I do believe we respect each other in belief and words that Jodi is innocent
        and some believed her story for 2plus years and still do.
        I want the very best for Jodi and I know everyone here does too.

        I hope everyone has a great weekend!! : )

  17. My understanding is that when Jodi gets a new trial, she will not be face the death penalty again. Therefore, she should have a better chance of getting reasonable, even humane jurors instead of jurors who want to kill her as vengeance for the Alexander family or to get “justice” for TA. She might be facing a jury next time that know what a jury is supposed to do unlike the two death qualified juries she faced who had no clue what is expected of a juror.

  18. I just watched a live stream of Troy Hayden on Fox10. He and his female cohort, Kelsey Whatever, admire the mole who infiltrate Jodi’s closed FB page and walked away with Jodi’s private letter. And having read her letter they decided because Jodi said the media can’t be trusted that she’s vindictive. That’s when I had to stop watching because my blood pressure was escalating. I want so much to just slap those morons silly!

  19. Im still trying to understand how a detective floress wife can get into SEALED DOCUMENTS and blab everything she knows on face book and no criminal charges are filed against her or det. Floress!????! Oh yeah, I read where he was demoted ! THATS IT? just demoted? That proves they were up to some shady s**t That alone should call for a mistrial and acquittal.

    • Great question. . . We wouldn’t want to forget “Corinna Who Cares About Herself” would we? I agree she and her husband should have been charged with something. . .they broke the law IMO. . . if not a legit charge maybe I can make a “citizens arrest” for their diarrhea of the mouth!?!?! Why not.

  20. Jodi’s new restitution date is now June 22nd…the delay was requested by Jennifer Wilmott…not by Jodi.

    • He started out being fairly objective. I even had hoped he might be a voice against the corruption. But then…..the haterz started sucking up to him….falsely praising him, pumping up his ego. I watched him fall into it, tweet by tweet…..Sad.

  21. You know that what all these “haters” are saying does not really hurt Jodi at all. She does not even pay attention to hate. Ya we get mad but why are we giving such sick demented people any attention??? When we react we give them a voices. They are not worth out time!!! Let’s follow Jodi’s lead!!!!


    I was going to make these better, edit more, yadda, yadda…..but if it’s okay, I wanted to leave it here…:)

    I also was watching “Shark Tank” last night…cause I do love fish……but there was a guy who had invented some kind of motorcycle scooter thing, and he made a great presentation, but none of the sharks, even though they said some supportive stuff, decided to take him. So, one of them, gave him a little bit of daylight, and he made a second plea…..and lowered his cost to the sharks a bit..and BAM! He got it!! Best Shark Tank I’ve seen in a long time…. 🙂 Sometimes we have to take a chance…..and keep fighting…..

  23. t.a. was a neat freak…hence no flies…no bugs. Smell , bodie washed who knows just what the friends did. where they ever asked? Seems not as the all were on the same HATE page…interesting. As JODI has said I spoke the truth on the stand….I killed T.A….now was he dead from HER actions…most likely…but if there were others involved how would any know but them….moving a body and washing does not kill someone unless it,s over a CLIFF! There was a fight and SHE SURVIVED. STRANGE do happen all the time…just get in a fight for your life…..I have at least 10 x,s and have yet to kill…but if faced with a choice then I would if fate was on my side. the will to live is strong…p.s. Thanks SANDRA.

  24. Charles Ryan, Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections, says Perryville Prison personnel have not had any issues with Jodi (Ryan called her “Inmate Arias”) since she was moved there. He said she was “placed in a cell at the end of a run based on intell information and a decision by the warden.” He wouldn’t discuss the “intell” information. He said “she is a maximum security inmate and will be held at this level for 2 years.” He also said all the cells were painted white, not just Jodi’s. I didn’t note any “snark” in his voice when he talked about Jodi (as many people have). He just seemed very business like and matter-of-fact.

  25. The ta supporters are always yelling at Marling for using outdated photos of Jodi but they always use the older out of date pictures of Deanna R.
    The truth is ta told DR he couldnt be with her cuz she had gain to much weight! So lets see the recent pix’s of deanna! She was in no way the luv of his life. She gave him money and dog setter. .. Talk about delusional!!!

  26. You might have heard about this case before, that of Wendi Andriano, (sentenced 2004, appealed 2007) another case Martinez prosecuted & another case he went to put a defendant to death. He succeeded this time, but I personally don’t think he had a solid enough case. She went to appeal with 11 arguments for to put across why she thought she should not be put to death, but lost. She is now one of two women on Death Row in Arizona.

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