The Infamous Trial of Candy Crush

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As positive momentum starts to build once again over the injustice in the Jodi Arias trial, check out a few excerpts below from the excellent “All Things Crime blog – then click here to read the post in full. It’s well worth reading.

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The Infamous Trial of Candy Crush, by Lise LaSalle:

Strange that at times with our Criminal Justice system, we wonder on what side the real unrepentant criminal is.

On December 10, 2012, the circus/trial of Jodi Arias started in Maricopa County Superior Court.

I refer to Arias as Candy Crush because throughout her trial, a string of Mormon/PPL (Prepaid Legal now Legal Shield) men referred to her in the media as ‘having a stripper vibe’. And a stripper needs a good stage name before the show/trial can go on.

It was easy to come up with a name; she had become an addiction for the nation not unlike the Candy Crush game and candies like Tootsie Pops and Pop Rocks were an inherent part of the cheap mystique floating around her sex games.

As an attractive lady who was considered eye candy most of her life and used as such by Travis Alexander, the name could not have suited her any better. And let’s face it, not many people cared enough to find out who she truly was anyway. So Candy Crush was born and the game began!

Having worked in courtrooms for years as an Interpreter, I had to listen carefully to what was said in these sacred rooms and learn to be an instrument of communication without taking sides. I had to interpret the words of a defendant without trying to make him/her look better or worse. This is how I approached Arias’ trial.

From the very beginning of the trial, with Judge Sherry K. Stephens at the helm, prosecutor Martinez showed he was going to play hard ball. During jury selection, he was trying to ‘’systematically exclude’’ women and African-Americans. Knowing how some Arizona residents despise Mexicans, the fact that Arias was of Mexican descent probably convinced him to also eschew Mexican jurors.

And then entered Juan Martinez; the prosecutor who was accused of prosecutorial misconduct countless times and who was known to play fast and loose with the truth. When he walked into the courtroom, it felt like Apocalypse Now and Juan ‘loved the smell of death penalty in the morning.’ He came across as a sadist who did not give a damn about the truth.

I had never witnessed such a legal fiasco while working as a court Interpreter and the trials I had watched on TV, always had order in the court with a judge running a tight ship.

As a juror, I would have been flabbergasted by some of the whoppers I heard. Detective Flores, who had conducted the original interview with Arias and sat at the table like a dummy throughout the trial, had said countless times that Travis had been shot first and stabbed afterwards. But, as it did not fit Martinez’s strategy to introduce the cruelty factor in order to qualify for the death penalty, he did a switcheroo. Now Travis had been shot last by Jodi in a final sadistic ‘Sayonara’.

The problem is that medical examiner Dr. Kevin Horn had told Flores that Travis was shot first and it was written in his report that Travis’s brain’s Dura matter had not been perforated, meaning that the bullet had stayed in the sinus cavity. Which meant he was conscious and wrestling with Jodi.

Conveniently, the Judge, the prosecutor and the medical examiner changed the order of the crime so it would fit their scenario. When asked by the defense attorney about his report, Dr. Horn said it was a typo. I could not believe my ears.

In my opinion, the best defense witness was psychologist Dr. Robert Geffner. His experience and testimony were unsurpassed and he explained the defense argument with brilliance. The weakest prosecution witness was psychologist Dr. Janeen DeMarte who had no experience whatsoever in domestic violence and was too green for the type of assessment asked of her. But by all accounts, the jury went with her version and totally resisted anything the experienced experts had to say. It showed the prejudice that prevailed in this case…….

.Click here to read the post in full.

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  1. Seems the use of the death penalty is declining, as Europian drug manufacturers refuse to provide drugs for murdering people:

    With public support for the DP dwindling, God willing they will soon abolish this barbaric ritual in the remaining 32 states where it’s still legal.

      • I read this article last night and thought that Lise covered everything pretty well! Just hope the right people will pay attention because more and more people are starting to take notice. Hopefully when Judge Stephens stops running this ridiculous circus thing will get better. It is soo obivious that Stephens and Martinez are in awe of each other for sure!

        Also interesting was that Martinez dyed his hair during the trial (and I didn’t even notice) and he was condemning Jodi for her hair color. hmmm. Don’t forget his signing autographs on the court house steps. . .who was playing to the media??????? Jurors partying with the victims family!!!! ~~~~~iiiiii

  2. That is a SPECTACULAR article! I got goosebumps.

    This part needs to be plastered all over the place: “She was called a stalker without any proof whatsoever. That rumor was probably spread by Alexander himself and no one ever witnessed even one incident of stalking.”

    Not even ONE incident!! How did the public perception get so skewed??

    • I concur,
      All they have is hearsay, nobody has ever witnessed Jodi stalking Travis. I call bullshit on the stalking incidents.
      This stalking myth was picked up by that witch Nancy Disgrace and she perpetuated it.

      • The claim of Jodi stalking Travis was one of the most absurd lies EVER, which got fueled not only by HLN but by Martinez too! Which in and of itself should have been grounds for mistrial, since there was NO proof whatsoever. Nothing, zip, nada! Snooping around on your boyfriend’s cell phone is NOT stalking and this is the only thing that they can prove took place because Jodi herself admitted to it. So, if they think this is harassement maybe they should charge the Hughes too, for going through ALL of TA’s e-mails 🙄
        But then again, wasn’t Martinez allowed to openly accuse Jodi in his closing arguments of having commited the robbery at her grandparent’s house when she was NEVER charged with ANYTHING! I was shocked while listening to that man going on adn n about it, without Nurmi objecting not the Judge saying anything.
        Go figure….

    • You know, NO ONE witnessed Jodi doing ANYTHING wrong!!! That is what is just so sad and unjust in Jodi’s trial! All anyone has done in Jodi’s trial (you all know who to fill in here!) is lie, speculate, trash, twist, assume and cover up, which is what Jodi’s WHOLE trial has been based on!!!!!!! Where is the proof WITHOUT any reasonable doubt??? There isn’t ANY!!! They (you all know who to fill in here!) say Jodi lied so how can you believe anything she says??? Well, look how much lying, perjury and cover up has taken place in Jodi’s trial!!!!!!! May God help us ALL and have mercy on us if a jury is allowed to base their verdict on hearsay, assumptions, lies, perjuries, and cover ups, especially when determining whether a person lives or dies!!!

    • Yep! I got goosebumps reading it, too. You know why? Because this article is apparently pro Jodi but in a very objective, non-emotional way. It just reports the facts and the inaccuracies, the evidence and lack of it, the lies and the perjury, the difference between quest for Justice and quest for blood.
      I of course shared it on FB, I hope more people will too.

  3. Yes it was a wonderful article! There was never any proof that Jodi cut his tires either but Martinez took that and made it a fact! He got away with just about anything he wanted to do. I believe he had Stephens in a trance. The jury was presented with an overwhelming amount of untruths. Martinez should be the one in a jail cell.

  4. Right now on ABC the show THEYEAR it is being said Jodi became a house hold name in 2013. I mean Jodi Arias has become a household name.

    • See, and I used to like Robin Roberts.

      I can agree that Jodi became a notable name in 2013 – tho I still know of several households who were completely unaware of her until I brought her up (and I am sure that number could be extrapolated out at least a million-fold), but no one with any moral sensibilities at all would give disgrace a forum to speak about her.

      • Journee,
        But this is excellent news to have on a Primetime Show that is a Special discussing major events during 2013. Nurmi needs to bring a copy of the show in to Judge Pickles. Even before time was spent on Jodi’s segment, it was announced for 2 hours. Plus they tried to make her look like Candy Crush. Showed pics and everything. How the judge would have the nerve to say there are people that can be jurors. What better evidence then Primetime. It truly would be enough for a mistrial if Jodi had a stronger Defence Team!

    • NG is a study in the use neuro-linguistic programming. Even after she is corrected on-air by a source such as an expert on the phone, she will continue throughout the rest of that show to repeat the “fact” that she was told was inaccurate. She will find reasons, with other guests, to repeat the inaccuracies over and over, steam-rolling over the truth. But her next guests and callers will not be asked to verify the facts that she was told were not true. So how does she do it?

      NG will ask the next source about OTHER facts, but she will bring up the inaccuracies and pass them off as solid facts as she formulates her new questions, statements and summaries. She did this last night on HLN on another case.

      And what she does is insidious – and this is why it seems to me to be neuro-linguistic programming – in the sense that it is not noticeable at first. In order to keep the falsities in a person’s mind, she uses some of the words that comprised the inaccurate fact again, in other sentences. She fragments the untrue statement into various innocuous words, but she is sure to use those particular words again while discussing the same case. In this way, the untruth that she was patently told WAS an untruth, will stay in a listener’s mind via the “trigger” words that she continues to use.

      An example of this gross manipulation in Jodi’s case would be the continual mention of “stalking” and “hacking” by NG even though Detective Flores himself – the case agent and head of the investigation, said there was no evidence that Jodi stalked. Jodi admitted that she and Travis at one point had each others’ computer passwords.

  5. This article was awesome! Kudos to Lise LaSalle! We need more people like Lise writing about Jodi’s injustice and spreading the word.

  6. A personal message to Ray:

    Ray, thank you for the thoughtful and loving Christmas Card you sent me! I was touched beyond words! I will be calling you tonight for an evening chat!

    Love you to pieces, Bro!

    ((((((Ray)))))) ♥

  7. We need to do something to help Jodi with the awful conditions she is living in at Estrella. We need to do something to help bring change over there. She is living in hell. We have to do something now. Come on people, lets do something. Anyone one have any good ideas? What are we going to do to help her? We are her friends and she needs our help. We need to start somewhere.

    • I’m not sure what we can do, TB. I only know of one of us here who votes in Maricopa County, and we haven’t seen Jeff from Mesa in quite awhile.

      MCSO keeps getting get with lawsuits because of Sheriff Joe – even the Department of Justice as a civil suit pending against them – and yet the good folks of Maricopa keep electing him, so he figures he’s doing what the people want.

        • Those aren’t excuses, those are facts.

          Unless you’re wanting us to help you plan a jail-break, I cannot imagine what you’re asking or expecting us to do.

          Like I said, even the federal government is after Arpaio and he doesn’t give a shit, so it’s not like we can ask for THEIR help, and they’re the only entity that might have us to answer to.

            • A file would be easier to sneak in. LOL 😀
              I admit the thought crossed my mind! Maybe it’s because I’m watching reruns of “Prison Break” at the moment. Can’t help but think of Jodi when I watch Link fight against the evil system.

          • Journee, LMAO!!!!!!!! My imagination is running wild again! I’m imaging all of us Jodi supporters here the next day in the news headlines everywhere, ESPECIALLY on Nancy Disgrace – BOMBSHELL – BREAKING NEWS – OMG!!! – Jodi Arias supporters have REALLY DONE IT NOW!!! I just can’t stop laughing picturing my daydream of us all! with our angel, Jodi!! OMG, I am slap happy, I think, since I only had a few hours of sleep last night! Just too funny!!! OMG, I just can’t stop laughing – lol, lol, lol, lol, lol!!!!!!!! Sorry, everyone, just don’t mind me today! Journee, thanks for making my day!!!!!!!!!!!!


            • Gosh, Mary – I’m glad to have given you such a good giggle for Christmas!

              TB is right. Estrella is a bad place. I just don’t know what’s to be done about it. ACLU is after Arpaio, DOJ is after Arpaio, MCSO has cost Maricopa County nearly $50 MILLION in lawsuits under Arpaio’s rule, but he keeps getting re-elected.

              By and large, when I look at what leads people to think as they do – in particular what leads them to vote as they do – I see them as operating out of FAITH or FEAR. By my observation, the prevailing motivation in Arizona seems to be fear. The folks in Arizona – perhaps even rightly so – believe themselves to be under siege, their lives and livelihoods threatened by illegal aliens and drug cartels. Arpaio’s policies at Estrella aren’t about Jodi, they’re about the *enemies* of the State of Arizona. That’s why the folks keep voting for Arpaio.

              Jodi has been on 23/7 lockdown at Estrella since the guilty verdict. Horrible as that might seem, she is at least mostly as insulated from the prison population as she is from the life outside of it. And no matter what sentence comes out of the retrial, she’ll be living under the same constrictions for at least the next three years. If the next jury gives her the death penalty, she will live that way until her conviction is overturned or she is put to death.

              But Perryville might feed her better.

              • Fear would be my guess. Whether it’s justified fear or not, I do not know. What I do know however is that once a politician, or political party find a way to manipulate their voters’ judgement calls based on fear, then they can easily maintain any level of credibility and self-importance; in their voters’ eyes they are god-sent saviors.
                It happened here in Greece, an extremist far-right political party has been terrorizing the country yet voters keep re-electing them. SMH…

              • Journee, YES, that giggle was the BEST Christmas present ever and I thank you very much!!! My oldest sister is into some type of healing study and she told me that laughter is SO GOOD for your heath!!! I have always been a laugher and not taken things in life so seriously until some very traumatic events showed up in my life, but I know I am on the mend when I can see the humor in things again!!! Thank God!!! Still tickles my funny bone, Journee!!! LOL! Love you!!!

  8. This is an excellent article. We are constantly finding articles especially in recent months that document specifically how flawed the prosecution’s case against Jodi Arias is.

  9. I received an update from Miss Pajama Girl stating that she is working to get several forensic experts to work pro bono for Jodi. SO everyone pray that she will be able to accomplish this milestone!

    Love you guys!

    • That would be great if they agreed to work pro bono!
      I pray she will succeed in convincing them! What the State did to Jodi is beyond unfair, somebody needs to help her out.

  10. I just dropped over to the Facebook page for Jodi supporters and while I’m pleased to see people supporting her I’m also seeing some disturbing things that I know come out of the biased media. For instance, one poster said that she didn’t believe the murder was premeditated but having seen the Lifetime movie, she thinks maybe Jodi just finally snapped because of the text messages she read on Travis’ phone. Of course we all know that scene was made up just to bolster the State’s theory of obsessiveness and jealousy but this is the type of thing that gets all wrapped up in people’s minds until they are sure they know THE TRUTH.

    • BTW, I think “snapped” does not mean premeditated. 🙂 “Snapped” means “diminished capacity”, it doesn’t rise to the level of “first degree murder”.

    • Hmmm. Which FB page is that, I wonder… Maybe the ones where both supporters and non-supporters gather (I’m not using the word haters because they fall into a whole damm category of their own, LOL), meaning who just don’t believe in the DP?
      Because thank God, Jodi’s closed FB groups are thriving! Lots of ”hard-core” supporters there (as I like calling them 🙂 )

  11. I love this quote I just read (by Lyndon Johnson) as it is so apropos to Jodi’s situation:

    “If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headline that afternoon would
    read: President Can’t Swim.”

      • Yes, R., I see that. I sent notification of the petition to my two senators and my representative. I’ve heard nothing back from the senators and received a form letter from the representative that basically read “Thanks for your interest and if this issue ever arises in Congress I will keep your opinion in mind.” Yeah, thanks anyway.

  12. Dear Jodi Arias Is Innocent friends & associates:

    This will be my last post here before the Christmas holiday. So much has happened this past year and while we have had our share of ups and downs together, I look towards 2014 with much optimism and hope for better things to come. I would like to say that I sincerely wish everyone here and outside of this website a very Merry Christmas and holiday. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people go out of their way to be extra kind and generous during the Christmas holiday season. Even people out there who normally would argue with others put aside their angry behavior for the holidays. And every time that this happens I cannot help but think “Why can’t we all do this all of the time and not just during the Christmas holiday season?”

    Religion and faith have been discussed much during this past year and I would be disingenuous if I didn’t say that I haven’t always behaved in the most Christian way. There have been times when I overstepped my boundaries in my criticism when I attacked others and even if it was with good intentions, that is still no excuse and I apologize for my behavior. However, it upsets and offends me greatly when I see fellow Christians trying to pass themselves off as model citizens when behind closed doors they are behaving quite the opposite. I was raised Catholic and one of the reasons why I left the Catholic Church is because of the rampant child abuse that was happening 20, 30 years ago yet the Church’s response to it was to move the abusers to other parishes and look the other way as if it never happened. I have since reconciled with the Catholic Church, but it took many years for me to come to that point. However, I have always believed in a God or Creator and believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. And I cannot say that I have memorized The Bible verbatim, but I know a lot of the teachings of Christ and one thing that I know about Him is that He never behaved the way many of his fellow Christians behave these days.

    Jesus Christ was a man of compassion and love who frequently hung out with sinners and was willing to forgive them. Quite a contrast to many Christians today whose behavior is the antithesis of this. These are the same people who publicly and privately talk about how they want Jodi Arias to die a slow, painful death and reacted to her sentencing last spring as if their team had just won the Super Bowl. We’ve heard a lot about religion during this trial and how tragic it was that a young life in Travis Alexander’s was taken away. Personally, I’m sorry that Travis died, but I will go to my grave believing that Jodi Arias killed him in self-defense and that his killing was never pre-meditated.

    Too many people in this country and the world think they know what it’s like to have been abused. Unless you’ve been in their shoes, you’re not qualified to comment on it with any credibility whatsoever. Unless you’ve experienced what they have, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Travis Alexander abused Jodi Arias time and again whether it was physical, emotional or verbal. Abuse is abuse. And I know that many of his supporters aren’t going to like this, but I have to be honest. Travis was not this great guy they have made him out to be. He was a user and an abuser of women and his views on women would not have been out of place during the 1940s or 1950s when it was socially acceptable to hit a woman or cheat on your wife or girlfriend. And Travis comes from a long line of Christians in America who do a lot of preaching about family values and morality, but behind closed doors they live a completely different life than what they preach. This is why I tell women not to pay attention to what a guy says, but rather to pay attention to what he does. Charisma is no substitute for character. Travis Alexander was very good at giving good speeches. His oratorical skills were wonderful. He was a good salesman, but like a lot of salesmen he wasn’t very good with telling the truth.

    As we sit here and spend the next week with out families and friends, Jodi Arias is going to be sitting in a jail cell without her families and friends and eating lousy jailhouse food. Now, it’s better than being dead, but it’s not where she should be. Jodi has served her sentence long enough. It is time for her to be free. It is time for her to receive justice. If our criminal justice system would give her this, it would be the greatest Christmas present she could ever receive.

    Remember Jodi this holiday and please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Also, and I know this may be asking a lot, but do the same for Travis’s family, too. Maybe I’m too nice of a person to be asking for that and I realize that most of the Travis Alexander supporters would never even give me the time of day to pray for me or my family, but I choose to follow in the path of Christ on this holiday season. I choose to be the better person today, tomorrow and the next year. And I believe that the power of positive thinking, compassion and love will tip the scales in our favor in the pursuit of Jodi Arias’s freedom and justice. More and more people across America and around the world are beginning to see the follies and mistakes that were made during the Jodi Arias trial by the prosecution and the judge. More and more people are discovering the truth about what really happened via websites on the Internet that specifically document why Jodi is innocent. Nobody said that this was going to be easy, but together we are opening up the eyes, ears, hearts and minds of people all around the world.

    If I did not believe in Jodi Arias’s innocence, I wouldn’t be here today. If I thought that we didn’t have a chance in securing Jodi’s freedom or justice, I wouldn’t be here today. I refuse to quit or abandon my pursuit of Jodi’s freedom and justice because we refuse to lose. No matter how dark, hopeless and helpless things may appear, I always have faith that tomorrow is another day and will be a better one than yesterday. I have faith in Jodi and the truth which shall set her free. Naysayers don’t bother me. If someone told me that the sky above isn’t really blue because it’s actually green, why would I let that bother me? They’re wrong. They’re not telling the truth. Neither is the prosecution or the media. They might have won yesterday, but they won’t win tomorrow. We are TEAM JODI and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Thank you, God bless you, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    • Enjoy this Holiday time with your friends and family, Jeff! You truly are a great man, a good friend and a loyal supporter. Needless to say, I agree with everything you just wrote and I admire how beautifully and eloquently you express yourself.
      Thank you for an awesome post once more 🙂 ♥

  13. Jeff, loved your thoughtful and caring post! Everything you said was absolutely the truth and we will all fight for Jodi until she is free! The truth will prevail. I wish you and all of our Team Jodi a very Merry Christmas and May your 2014 be Full of Blessings! Stay Strong Jodi We are Here For You!!! (((JODI)))

  14. Can someone tell me if there is anything in the medical examiner’s report that indicates that the major chest wound may or may not have been the first stab wound? I’m having a discussion with someone online whose whole scenario is based on the chest wound being the first wound and therefore he could not defend himself after that. Any ideas of how to toss a hand grenade into that argument?

      • And, to be clear, I already argued that he somehow managed to go to the sink, turn the water on and off and go at least now way down the hallway so why, during all that time couldn’t he have just deliver one strategic kick or punch and inflicted serious injury on her. My opponent (who aptly refers to themselves as WTF) sees it this way: She stabs him in the chest in the shower, he knocks the knife out her hand and stumbles to the sink. She recovers the knife and begins stabbing him in the back. He then crawls down the hallway with her in hot pursuit stabbing him all the way. She then straddles him and slits his throat. She then apparently drags his dead weight back down the hallway into the bathroom where she apparently stops to shoot him in the head and then drags him into the shower.

        So you can see what I’m up against…WTF.

    • Jeff, according to Horn’s first testimony about the chest wound, that is the one fatal wound that would not have immediately incapacitated Travis – he could even have survived it if he’d gotten medical attention fast enough. How long it would have taken to be incapacitated would depend on his position and his level of activity. I don’t remember the exact time frame he suggested, but it seems like he said that Travis might be ambulatory for ‘a minute or two’ after the chest wound.

      I’ve always suspected it might have been the first knife wound, too – might even have been accidental, with Travis unsteady on his feet because of the GSW to his head. The rest of the knife wounds, (except for the neck) could have happened when Travis was sort of collapsed against her – maybe pinned to the wall, or maybe just pinned underneath him on the floor. She was still fighting because she was trapped, and unaware that he was already dying.

        • Well, lol, in my scenario he’s only been shot in the head when he goes to the sink.

          I think your strongest argument is that Travis was obviously in motion. He got himself to the bedroom. And as long as he was capable of moving, he would have fought. Anyone would have.

          • Yeah, I’ve tried that argument, which is obvious to anyone using common sense, but these morons justify their idiotic theories saying he was using all his remaining energy to get away from her. I don’t know what universe they live in.

            • They bought the prosecutor’s fairy tale. You know, the theory that she stole two guns to kill Travis with a knife.

              You weren’t really expecting intelligent repartee, were you?

              • No, after all this time I know what to expect but it gives me a chance to state logic that maybe someone else reading it might go “you know, I hadn’t thought of that and that kinda makes sense.” But I know there’s always going to be some nincompoop out there who will come back with some inane response.

                • I get that. I’m just not sure there’s a point to arguing what could have happened in Martinez’ fairy tale, because the scene doesn’t support the fairy tale and the autopsy doesn’t support the fairy tale. What’s the point of arguing that he could have fought EVEN IF he’d been stabbed in the chest before he got out of the shower, when Jodi says and the scene says and the autopsy says he wasn’t stabbed before he got out of the shower?

                • You’re right, Journee. These people can’t think in a straight line. They are all over the place, which is a tactic used by people who can’t win an argument with logic; they just muddy up the waters with emotion and confusing non-sequiturs. Emotional bullies use this tactic and soon you feel like you are battling on so many fronts, trying to plug a bunch of holes that when taken as a group don’t make any sense at all. It’s damn frustrating. I’ve given up on the discussion. I’ve said my piece for those with some degree of common sense to read but this discussion has degraded into the usual insanity. (I even got the usual BS about being in love with Jodi.)

                • However, Journee, I’m curious about something you said, that “the scene says and the autopsy says he wasn’t stabbed before he got out of the shower.” Can you please elaborate on that? What is it in the scene that says he wasn’t in the shower? And what in the autopsy? That’s very interesting since much of the State’s theories seemed to have her attacking him while he was in the shower. Also the media and the public sure have that image in their heads.

            • You know, this is exactly one of the many reasons I do not argue with haters any more. They have chosen (and have every right) to believe the Prosecution theory. That’s fine.
              We, one the other hand, believe what the autopsy says, what Jodi’s defense team argued and what Jodi herself testified on the stand. I don’t see how two ”contradictory” versions of the same story can ever meet half way. It’s like scientists believing in the Big Bang Theory trying to argue with ”hard-core” religious people about the creation of the Universe.
              We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

        • I can’t remember the testimony on that, but I know the autopsy showed no blood in the lungs… it could only have come from his sinuses or, I suppose, if he got blood in his mouth (other than from his sinuses) and coughed it out.

  15. My thoughts for the day:

    Love will draw an elephant through a key-hole.
    -Samuel Richardson

    Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store or under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends.
    -Dr. Seuss

    Love to Jodi and Team Jodi!

  16. I was reading an interesting post on the Jodi Arias Support page on FB today. The person posted her question to the, “Associates in Forensic Investigations LLC “, and their reply back to her. Her question to them is to advise her if Officer Drenth was part of the investigation into the “Ashley Reed Thompson” case, whose autopsy findings of suicide are now also being challenged by her family? Dr. Lyon, who has since resigned, was the ME for both these cases. She posts their reply to her and then her additional reply back to them, which has some very interesting info! You might want to check it out. Her post name on the Jodi Arias Support page on FB is Pamela Valemont if you want to find it. I also found a really interesting article on the death of Officer Drenth in Phoenix, AZ. It is in the “Phoenix New Times” titled, “The curious Death of Sergeant Sean Drenth”, by Paul Rubin/Thursday, November 8, 2012. It, also is very interesting! You can look this article up online.

    • Hey Mary –

      I don’t do Facebook, and I’m fighting the good fight to resist it against ever increasing pressure.

      What was the gist of the replies that she got?

      • Journee, I strongly recommend you just give in to the pressure! Here’s why. There’s essentially nothing at all you *have* to do in your FB account. You can set it up with little or no information (I forget which), and even use a fake name. Then, you can never post on it at all if you don’t want to. I think I’ve only posted 4 times on mine. The great advantage is that you can then access sites like the one Mary is referring to, not to mention Jodi’s Aunt Sue’s site, to which jodispage links, and geebee2’s discussion page. I also know of other fine resources. Finally, quite apart from the Arias case, you can get all the feed from your own named friends, or shut it off if you get tired of them. All sorts of fun stuff gets circulated that way.

        I bet you $5 that once you just do it, you’ll kick yourself for having taken so long to do so. And I speak as a largely computer-resistant person.

        Great forensic commentaries, by the way.

  17. To each and every one of my fellow supporters and posters here ♥ :

    ”Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking; where it is absent, discussion is apt to become worse than useless. ”
    – Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace (1862)

  18. Amanda Webb had claimed that this gas can hadn’t been “returned or purchased” until about a week or week and a half later. Juan was asking her about when this particular item was purchased and Amanda said about a week and a half later. Is there anything of which would indicate when the gas can was returned? It sounded as if this gas can was purchased about a week or week and a half later. Is there anything in Walmart’s records that we know about of which would indicate when this item was returned? making a youtube video and I need your help? I d be very appreciative of any assistance given to me. Happy holidays SJ and everyone!

  19. Merry Christmas everyone! Dear Jodi is always on my mind.
    I almost wish T DAWG had survived, so he could be wheeled into the courtroom Bob Wolverton style from the movie Freeway.

    • oops forgot the quote

      “Well look who got beaten with the ugly stick. Bob, is that you? My God, I can’t believe such an itty bitty gun could make such a big mess out of someone! You are so ugly Bob! Oh and hey I heard you have one of those poop bags where the shit comes out the side, you’re just a big old shitbag aren’t you Bob! I hope you think of me every time you shit in that thing motherfucker!”

  20. MERRY CHRISTMAS, cyber family! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Wow, what a year this one has been…. A tragedy that brought people from all walks of life together so as to stand behind and support a woman who has found herself in a nightmare none of us would like to find themselves in. A year ago I had never heard the name Jodi Ann Arias, yet I never regret the day I accidentally read that one article that changed my life and made me reconsider things I never thought I would.

    I want to thank you all for the emotions, ideas, hard times and funny moments we shared this year. I cannot help but thinking of Jodi today, all alone in that hell hole. Her family who is also celebrating this Christmas, away from their daughter, sister and niece. Please take a moment to pray or mentally hug our Jodi and her family. They need all our positive thinking and energy right now.
    Echoing Jeff’s words, I would also like to ask you to think (and maybe forgive?) Travis’ family too, who are hurting for the loss of their brother. Regardless of the fact that we will never condone what Travis did to Jodi and the awful way he treated her, his death is something we never wished, liked or made fun of (as many haters claim). I truly wish he were here today; maybe Jodi’s story would be more credible then.

    During this Holiday time, I want to ask you all to please please keep writing to our Jodi. It’s one of the very few things we can actually do for her. She really cherishes our postcards and has repeatedly said that they keep her happy and make her feel close to us. Even if she doesn’t immediately answer back, we know that we are doing it FOR her and not to get a quick reply.

    Enjoy yourselves, spend time with your loved ones, tell them how much you love them and never forget to count your blessings 😉

    I love you all!
    Kisses and warm wishes from Greece 🙂

    • Maria, I hope you and all had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

      I was just reading your beautiful post, “MERRY CHRISTMAS, cyber family!” That was one of the nicest posts I’ve read! Your words really touched my heart way down deep!!! I wanted to tell you that you are SO right in stating for everyone to think (and maybe forgive?) Travis’ family too who are hurting for the loss of their brother! Like you stated, Travis’ death is something I don’t think anyone would have wished for and it IS so very sad that Jodi and Travis’ relationship ended in such a tragic way (for both) – Travis’ death and Jodi in prison and convicted of first degree murder with the penalty yet to come! How horrible!!! I, honestly, wish it wouldn’t have ended how it did!

      All we can do now is what we have been doing from day one and that is supporting and standing with Jodi for justice and the TRUTH to be revealed and when the TRUTH is revealed, Jodi will be declared innocent and set FREE!!! We are TEAM JODI…and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!

      HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Maria and TEAM JODI!!!

      Love to you all!!!

  21. Administration and all! Did anyone else notice that when you click on a post from “Rusty Harmon” it throws you out of the site? I just wanted to bring it to your attention in case there is some kind of a problem.

    • Sorry about that it must be my website. I had youtube on it and then put my facebook on it. I have been attacked by many fb pages and called every name in the book many times for defending Jodi. The hate is ridiculous and I Still stand my ground and defend her. Although Im hated and belittled for defending her I don’t care.. Hate on because I Will not change my mind…

      • Rusty, no problem!!!! After I read Journee’s post I realized that I am doing it wrong! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any harm! I guess I just worry that some hater was trying to mess up the site, but I was in the wrong for clicking on your name instead of the post! I feel stupid now! Please forgive me! I will always defend Jodi also no matter what!

        • That’s ok Mary I understand. I don’t like the haters either there words are sickening. I am A Jodi supporter all the way. From seeing all her photos and interviews from the past, you can see with out a doubt that Jodi is not a bad person,, but a fun loving woman who just like all people do, was looking for love and fell for the wrong guy who abused her..I believe when she loves, she loves with all her heart……Merry Christmas by the way Mary…

    • If I click on his post, it takes me to his post. If I click on his name (which shows as a link, like yours does) it takes me to Facebook. If I click on your name, it takes me to JAII home, if I click on Justus’ name, it takes me to his petition at My name doesn’t show as a link, so it won’t take you anywhere 🙂

  22. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!

    I hope all of you have been nice and not naughty and so you won’t get coal in your stockings! LOL!

    I have been away since last week (went to pick up a family member from the Airport in Athens). And during the holidays I have a full house of family and friends staying with us, so I won’t be around much these days.

    May these days find all of you surrounded by your loved ones! May you feel the warmth and joy in your hearts and may you laugh and smile ’til it hurts! 😉

    My thoughts are with Jodi and I am wishing and hoping that soon enough she will be spending the holidays with her family and friends!

    (((((Jodi))))) ♥
    ((((((my cyber family & friends))))) ♥

    • Merry Christmas to you too 🙂
      And Merry Christmas to everybody!
      Jodi is in my prayers, I wish she was with her family celebrating.


  23. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope the coming year brings good tidings for all of you, but, especially for Jodi and her friends and family! God bless you, every one.

  24. Merry Christmas to all Jodi supporters,also to Jodi and her family,hopefully Jodi will see a lot of her family this Christmas. Happy Holidays

  25. From

    The Sixth Amendment “guarantees defendants the right to face adverse witnesses in person and to subject them to cross-examination. Through cross-examination, defendants may test the credibility and reliability of witnesses by probing their recollection and exposing any underlying prejudices, biases, or motives to distort the truth or lie. Confrontation and cross-examination are vital components of the U.S. adversarial system.”

    I believe this is one of the strongest Constitutional arguments for having this verdict overturned. Travis’ family members “testified” every day from the front row just feet from the jury their approval or disapproval of witnesses’ testimony. This is testimony the defense never had a chance to cross-examine.

    • That’s true. Especially that skank Samantha! She rolled her brazen eyes for the jury to see. What a cheap skank, and probably a dirty cop to boot!

      Check out her acting:

      BTW, she faked her tears during her victim impact statement – her makeup wasn’t even running down her cheeks and her face was not red and I saw NO tears whatsoever! I didn’t buy her fake tears! A lot of hate in that woman, I feel sorry for the suspects she manhandles during her “arrests”.

  26. Merry Christmas to all of Team Jodi and Jodi and her Family and friends. I pray for God to give Jodi Peace and Strength until she finds freedom from this nightmare. I also will pray for the Alexander family that they will find freedom from the hatred in their hearts for Jodi. I pray for all of Team Jodi and hope you all will have a very Blessed Holiday with your loved ones. Maybe next year Jodi will be with her Family!!!!

    Love to All of You!!!! 🙂

  27. This is a quote from page 9 of Flores’ report: “I noticed the inside of the sink had a combination of both deluded blood with heavy spatter on top of it. This indicated the faucet had been running initially, then turned off as the person continued bleeding for a few seconds afterward.” So the State (and all those nincompoops out there) want us to believe that while Jodi was stabbing Travis in the back nine times he was turning the faucet on and off. Right!

    • I have so much bad attitude, for this so called dr. Typos refers to punctuation or letters, not WHOLE concepts. It makes me want to die to figure out WTF is WRONG with these FKING people. Bewilderment is all I’ve got. Come on lawyers, why aren’t you asking him what exact typo errors there are, and what exactly needed to be written where he put typos, and when is a typo a sentence and when is it punctuation or a wrong spelling? This better end in ineffective counsel and a new trial and a better real super lawyer for Jodi. I know this entire case is the same, shit from beginning to end. It sucks, geebee2, it sucks that we can’t give experienced lawyers to people in a serious cases.

    • Nice job!
      A picture is worth a thousand words!
      I bet haters will have a hard time dismissing that piece of evidence that proves perjury by Dr Horn.
      To Dr Horn: “Typographical error my rear end! You lied your butt off, your report is right, the dura mater was intact! Because of your lies an innocent person may be killed!”

    • geebee2, I am glad you made a video of Dr. Horn and his typo and put it on youtube!!! That needs to be just plastered everywhere for people to see!!! I AGREE with R. Love in that it makes it even more disturbing to see it again!!! I just cannot believe nothing was done about that! The Judge should have held Dr. Horn in contempt of court for perjury and the whole trial should have been thrown out anyway because I think many prosecutorial witnesses lied and made stuff up and when the truth comes out, and it WILL, the shoe will be on the other foot – the RIGHT foot!!! Which brings me to the boot print, which is NOT Jodi’s! That boot print should have been analyzed and not just falsely stated that it was Jodi’s boot print without doing research to match it up to the exact boot print of Jodi’s, which was not done!

    • I’m torn… Do I want to watch it or not? Do I want to smash my computer screen or not?
      ”Dr” Horn is probably the ONE person after Kermit I hate the MOST! That lying bastard…
      I agree with Mary, plaster it all over Facebook!

    • The judge mispronounces “mater” as “meter” in reading the juror’s question, demonstrating for all the world that she is hopelessly unqualified to preside over a case of this nature. “Mater” is one of the words that many who have not studied Latin or anatomy understand nonetheless.

      From the trial video: (NOT from “Saturday Night Live”)

      JW: Dr. Horne, you’re aware that this is a capital case, right?
      Dr. H: Yes.
      JW: You know how serious it is.
      JM: Objection: Irrelevant.
      JSS: Sustained.
      JW: Do you understand that this is a serious case?
      Dr H: Yes. JM: Objection: Irrelevant. (overlapping the doctor)
      JSS: Sustained.

      I could be consistently misspelling Horne’s name, but I actually thought it was spelled this way until I saw that others do not put an “e” at the end. Oh well. NOT a typo – intentional. Maybe some day I’ll take the time to review how his name is actually spelled but probably not anytime soon.

  28. What we’ve considered to be “Trial by Media” in this case has become “Death by Media”. Now that Jodi has been convicted and awaits sentencing, what other purpose could be behind the blathering redundancy that passes for “News and Views” on HLN about her lately?

    Disgusting Drew Pinsky is at it again. Tonight on his show the topic was “stalking”. As usual he had on some expert – this time a psychologist who is an expert on that subject. Duh, an “expert” talking about Jodi Arias – AGAIN! AS IF the expert has done her due diligence on the case and actually knows fact from fiction.

    It’s obvious that Drew never did his homework on the trial either, and never will.

    But the silly stories about Jodi – with all of the usual fantasies about how “jealous” she was when she did thus and such were spewed again. I didn’t listen long enough to find out if they were going to get into the tire slashing. According to the lead detective on the case, that was never proven to have been done by Jodi, so I wish I’d had the time to see whether or not they lied about THAT.

    Drew Pinsky, a medical doctor, is not just a joke. He is a dangerous man who should not be given the airtime for his extremely questionable purposes. He is willfully promoting malicious prejudice against a defendant in a capital case prior to sentencing. Does he not fully grasp the implications of what he is doing? D.P. has been criticized for this unethical behavior for months, yet he continues to actively incite bias against Jodi Arias by broadcasting patent falsehoods about her without restraint.

    Has he forgotten that he took an oath to, “First, do no harm”? He should stop talking about the case. He should stop giving a forum to gossip and exaggeration that could taint another jury. He is a medical doctor, yet he appears to be nothing more than a spokesman for the prosecution in a DEATH PENALTY case.


    And he should lose the awful WTF music that he uses for the show. I think of Alfred E. Neuman on the cover of MAD Magazine whenever I hear it. But on second thought I guess it suits Pinsky. He should keep it as a caveat emptor – there’s sort of a “Believe it or Not” vibe to that obtuse jingle.

    I guess he has nowhere to go but further down, so I fully anticipate that his next shot at Jodi will be some sort of show about girls who are not now nor have ever been strippers but who through some type of time-travel transport device have mysteriously acquired a “stripper vibe”.

    Wait for it: ” ‘Scary Girls Who Can Dance’ – next on HLN”.

  29. BTW, if you still remember that nutjob Casandra Collins, I found her on Twitter and in one tweet she grumbled about how upset she was with Troy Hayden because “he didn’t treat her like a human being”.
    Well, thank God for that! Given the fact that she was found incompetent to stand trial, it’s no wonder that Troy gave her the cold shoulder.
    What a deluded insane and sad individual Collins is! For attention she’s willing to lie about somebody she doesn’t even know well.

  30. This should have been the mistrial of the century but, unfortunately, if the plot is Lifetime-ish enough, the general public is so bored with their own mundane lives, they will buy into anything. We are taught to see things in black and white with absolutely NO gray when this case has well more than 50 shades. In the land of good and evil…Travis is a saint, Jodi, the sinner. Come on people, Travis was not and never will be considered a saint unless you deem him so for the complete manipulation and destruction of a young woman’s peace of mind and life. In my opinion, had Jodi not met this smarmy sex-crazed Mormon salesman she would never have broken the law in her life. I would like to see Jodi freed with time served. She seems like a wonderful kind person who got in a horrible situation so now she is America’s scapegoat. Efff that!!!

    • You are right Gwen! We just have to keep the Faith that one day the tide will turn in favor of our Jodi! It is unbelievable all of this has actually transpired in our country!!!!! Jodi has served too much time now and hopefully she will get the help she needs soon.

      And, Shame on you Dr. Drew Fancy Pants!! You and your HLN Network deserve jail time!

  31. I can’t help but to be curious as to whether or not I am able to begin posting here again. I admittedly had a disagreement with one person, but other than that I’ve never had issues with anyone here. I still continue to support Jodi. I always have & I always will. I must say that even though one individual’s actions greatly upset me, I am always willing to forgive, if not forget, & I miss the company of all my like minded friends here at JAII. Either way, I have requested registration over at Jodi’s Page, & I hope to some, if not all, of you there. Namaste!!

  32. On another note, I know this is old news & that it may roll some of the haters’ eyes, but I have carefully read over Jodi’s letter requesting to fire KN. I know a lot of the haters have claimed that most of the letter was simply complaining & blaming, but I just don’t see it that way at all.

    In my opinion, the letter is simply an honest explanation of what she feels are justifiable reasons for requesting new counsel. If there is one thing I can most certainly say about Jodi, it is that she is thorough, which she was extensively criticized for during her eighteen days on the witness stand. I even remember JW saying at one point during the trial that if this tragedy had never happened, Jodi could easily be doing her (JW’s) job. Jodi wrote a twelve page letter because twelve pages (eleven really), was necessary, especially if her intention was to be as professional & thorough as possible. When trying to save your own life, I don’t think you can be blamed for giving it everything you’ve got. Furthermore, we all know, even the haters know, that KN did such a terrible job on this case that he alone could easily give all attorneys a bad name. Thank God for JW! It isn’t shocking that Jodi wouldn’t be happy with the services he has provided up to this point, & therefore would not want him to continue to represent her in the penalty phase of the trial, which will determine whether she lives or dies. Of course she is going to fight for her life, & without any other long term goals, obviously doing everything she can to save her own life would be the most sensible goal any person in that situation could have, aside from working toward an appeal. Those are her two main goals right now, because other than being all that she really has to work toward, they are absolutely her highest priorities, as they should be.

    If you ask me, Jodi gave some very justifiable reasons for requesting new counsel. Obviously, she is not asserting that she is unhappy with her entire defense team or that she deserves a new trial, I don’t even see that being implicit in the letter, at all. After all, she explicitly states that she is more than satisfied with JW’s services & gives examples of them in contrast to those of KN. Perhaps, even with KN being the more experienced attorney, she would have been satisfied with JW as defense counsel & KN as advisory counsel, which I think would have helped had Jodi requested it, but that is beside the point.

    The mistake I think a lot of people are making when reading the letter is thinking that she is complaining about her trial as if she were somehow implying that she deserves a new one. To do this is to *assume* that her intentions are different than those that are explicit in the letter. If you read it for what it is & without bias, it is clear that she is simply listing reasons & giving examples. Moreover, these are likely not all of her complaints about his services & there may be countless other examples, but, of course, she is only going to detail the most significant things that have effected their attorney/client relationship. In this case, it is not suprising that they include behavior during & after the trial, especially considering the fact that she explicitly states her belief that the quality of his services changed dramatically when he left the public defender’s office. If that is, in fact the case, which is cetainly possible, it isn’t at all contradictory for her to have made this request after previously requesting that he *not* withdraw.

    Honestly, I don’t see how anyone with half a wit can’t see that KN has been a terrible attorney from the beginning. Call me what you will, but attorneys are not above making deals with each other, spoken or unspoken. State prosecutors & public defenders typically know each other & have worked together, whether closely or not, in the past. Anyone who is naive enough to discount the possibility that there is some corruptness involved doesn’t know a thing about politics. I have not considered in much further than to remain suspicious about KN’s seeminly different attitude once he left the P.D.O. & the politics that may or may not have been involved in that sudden change. Or, as Jodi seemed to assert, he simply just stopped caring about her case when he left. Either way, I still find that Jodi brings up some very valid points in the letter & that she did her best to convey her grievances from a legal standpoint. When you compile all of her reasons for not trusting him or his abilities, even if you knew nothing about the case, it would seem to me that she has a justifiable reason to no longer want him as her defense attorney. I’m pretty sure anyone would be upset if their attorney’s secretary simply hung up on them every time they called, whether they were paying them or not. Honestly, she could decide to take this a step further by contacting the Chief Disciplinary Counsel & filing an official complaint with them against KN, but I am not even sure how all of that works in AZ.

    I am still very curious as to why this motion was not granted, & I can’t rule out the possibility that it was a result of corruption or bias. Maybe some people might think that is a far fetched notion, but remember that, after all, to the professionals involved, these are just jobs; whether the judge is working on this case or another, it’s all the same, likewise with KN. People get desensitized after awhile. It’s like a caregiver who starts neglecting their patients; they just stop caring. Likely, this has become a case that JS & KN are both just ready to be done with already. Things will go much more smoothly this way as far as JS is concerned & I imagine she probably glossed this over & completely disregarded it. It’s almost as it they already believe her fate is sealed & don’t really see the significance of what they consider to be trivial technicalities. No conspiracy, just laziness & a certain sort of apathy, with a possible side of corruption.

  33. Here is a message from Jodi to clarify the role of her appeals fund. I’d asked whether she would need to hire a private lawyer if she gets a death sentence, saying that I hesitated to start asking people for money now before knowing for sure it would be spent on her. She asked me to share with JAII readers her answer, which was to send the following piece of text. I don’t know who wrote it, but here it is:

    “If the jury comes back with life, then there are a few automatic appeals. Those are funded with taxpayers’ money. However, like before, Jodi will be assigned counsel and again be subject to the luck of the draw. She could get stuck with another Nurmi. If she can afford her own attorney (retainers are usually $250,000, and that’s just the retainer!), then she has a better shot at getting the conviction overturned.

    “If the jury comes back with death, the taxpayers will be obliged to pick up the tab all the way up to the US Supreme Court. But again, Jodi will be subject to whatever attorney is assigned to her from the Federal Public Defender’s office. There are probably some very good attorneys in that office, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get assigned to Jodi’s case. There may be some Nurmis lurking in that office, and with the luck of the draw, Jodi could end up getting stuck with one of them: someone who is uninterested in doing more than the absolute minimum required of him to draw his paycheck. Do we want to leave Jodi’s life and future to chance? Or do we want her to be able to retain a kick-ass attorney who is not going to stop until her wrongful conviction is overturned and she has the freedom back that she deserves?” [End of text]

    So, the bottom line is that to rely on taxpayer money may mean a much lower quality of representation. The appellate fund will be very valuable regardless of how the penalty retrial comes out, since it will let Jodi hire an excellent lawyer of her own choice.

    I’m awaiting permission to disclose the current size of the fund. After that, I’ll have a lot more to say on this subject. This post is just what Jodi asked me to pass along now.

    • Thanks for sharing chris.
      Either way, Jodi needs us. It would be a total blow if she gets death. I’m terrified that, as stated above, a new Nurmi might take over and Jodi will have to rely on a paycheck-driven attorney instead of a passionate truth-driven one.

      I don’t know if it’s a wise move to disclose the amount collected by now. I know an appeal costs at least a couple of MILLION dollars, if I’m not mistaken. 2 millions…
      Unless we ALL help, I’m not very hopeful.
      All I can say is that Jodi NEEDS us, we need to save as much as we can and DONATE.

      • Maria, I’m confident you are mistaken. I know of no reason why a successful appeal to win her a new trial must cost even one million. I expect the cost simply depends on the length of time and number of courts it has to go through before succeeding. Unlike you, I’m quite hopeful. And I’m sure disclosing the current level is a good idea. It will motivate everyone to do his/her best to hit the first target. Much more on my own ideas later.

  34. Can any of yall please tell me the name of Jodi’s brother and his fiancé of whom drove Jodi to Budget Rent-A-Car, Putting together a youtube video and I would appreciate your help. Have a happy New Year everyone!

    • Happy Holidays to you too Ryan! I don’t think that that it would be a good idea to write down Jodi’s brothers’ name and his fiancé’s. I think it’s irrelevant to everything. It would only give ammo to the haters to abuse more of Jodi’s family. We’d love to see your youtube vid when it’s done!

  35. Hey everyone! Just came back from my mini Christmas vacation. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, surrounded by loved ones.

    Jodi has been in my prayers each day. We steadily continue in our long-term goal in supporting Jodi as well as seeking for justice.


    Make no mistake.

    • Welcome back Rasna! I hope you had a great time!
      I’ve been keeping an eye on the site, don’t worry LOL! All’s good 😀

      ((((((((((( Jodi ))))))))))))
      (((((((((( admins )))))))))
      ((((((((( Team Jodi ))))))))

  36. Jodi tweets:

    The problem w/ blogging from jail is that I am completely reliant upon the person whom I’ve entrusted to post my entries.

    So when that person takes liberties w/ my blog and posts things I didn’t authorize (or author), there’s not much I can do about it …

  37. Thanks Rasna! I must have overlooked your post. Anyways, the youtube video is coming along and I hope there isn’t much more research that I have to do. Laters for now Jodi supporters.

  38. Happy Holidays to all! (P.S. Tis a dark day for ABC in hiring that ass-wipe from HLN…Ryan Smith. Oh the pain of it all!!! Why blemish a good station with an ass like him?)

  39. Just want to wish everyone on TEAM JODI a Happy New Year! May all of you be filled with Blessings for 2014. I’m still here and praying for Jodi’s freedom everyday! No matter what the future holds for Jodi I will stand up and support her. We can weather this storm because we stand together and we are TEAM JODI! Jodi deserves FREEDOM. (((((((JODI))))))))


    Makes you wonder if there was more in Neumeister’s analysis of the eye reflection photo that was not revealed to the jury due to the stipulation between the parties that it was a camera and not a knife reflected in TA’s eye. I think a lot of us thought, at the time, that the prosecution gave ground on this one because the police and DA’s office had ongoing cases in which Neumeister was being employed, and didn’t want to trash the guy or his expertise.

    • Wasn’t the stipulation that she wasn’t holding a gun either?

      To me it is very, very, clear that she dropped the camera, and that that was what started the fight. After that, she defended herself. She was thrown to the floor, but got away. Getting the gun from the closet was only a defensive move; it was not intended as a lethal one. After the gun went off accidentally, it was a fight to the finish.

      I believe that Jodi would have gotten help for Travis if she could have at that point. The linen closet being open is evidence that someone wanted something from inside. Jodi was probably reaching for a towel. This likely occurred during the moments when Travis was coughing up blood that would have run from his sinuses into his throat. The gunshot probably stunned both of them for a few seconds – enough for Travis to stop and try to see where the blood was coming from. Blood evidence in the sink shows this.

      But then the fight started up again. Jodi remembers the verbal threat on her life was made after the gunshot.

      It shouldn’t have been so impossible for the jury to see that this is a case of self-defense, especially in light of the fact that a photograph of the CEILING was taken mid-air, as the camera was fumbled, the ULTIMATE piece of evidence. The reflection in Travis’s eye in the photograph – taken just seconds before the shot of the ceiling – was underplayed to the jury as to its significance in this rapid sequence of events, but it should not have been. Jodi was in the process of photographing Travis when she lost control of the camera. The camera ITSELF proves that.

      The photograph of the ceiling should have created reasonable doubt. Now it should be saving Jodi’s life.

      The single most important fact of this case is that the prosecution decided, at the last moment, to change the gunshot from first to last. We all know that.

      By spontaneously asserting to the people of Arizona that the gunshot was last, after four years of maintaining that it came first, (a tactic that has been discussed widely here), the prosecutor was able to say that Jodi “killed him three times”. Without proper weight given to the gunshot wound, e.g., without the type of scrutiny it would be subject to if it had been the only wound, JM was able to state that even though the bullet went into Travis after he was no longer alive, it WOULD HAVE BEEN incapacitating. By saying the shot came last, the state was in a position to give insufficient attention to the moments before and after the gunshot, and by confusing the jury about the extent of the injury itself, the prosecution was able to take crucial ATTENTION AWAY from Jodi’s assertion that it was ACCIDENTAL.

      But most importantly, by changing the gunshot from first to last, the state EVISCERATED Jodi’s claim and the defense’s case of SELF DEFENSE. The state’s claim is that IN ANY CASE – first or last – the shot would have been incapacitating, and therefore wouldn’t have given rise to further attack upon Jodi by Travis, EVEN IF he had thrown her to the floor, or tackled her when she had the gun pointed at him.

      Jodi’s attorneys had no firm ground upon which to stand after the prosecution pulled their entire case out from under them just days before jury selection. The prosecutor had already convinced the jury that the shot was NOT accidental WITHOUT ARGUMENT.

      Going forward, the hound dog of the state was free to run amok with a serpentine case of circumstantial evidence. He put forth multiple versions of Jodi’s “premeditation”, while he constantly reminded the jury that Jodi had lied.

      His purpose in constantly accusing Jodi of lying on the stand, (while reminding the jury that she had lied to police), and in questioning her memory (and the memory of any defense witnesses), was not only to malign her character but to give the jury a REASON to accept his SHIFTING versions of events wholesale, thus putting forth a sort of default argument that the truth would never see the light of day BECAUSE of the very “fact” of the absolute depth and COMPLEXITY of the defendant’s guilt.

      Using this kind of circular reasoning as a legal strategy is a debasement of the law. The state had a weak case that only an abusive courtroom “strongman” could have won.

      • whichtrial? What do you believe about Travis thinking Jodi had told the Bishop about his extracurricular activities? This was believed to be another point that happened after the camera dropped that made Travis so furious and went after her. I’m still not so sure that someone else is not responsible for the actual killing of Travis. I believe they fought and she left and someone else came in and finished him off. There are still too many unanswered questions for me to believe Jodi did all of this herself. His “friends” are very suspicious to me. All of them appear to be the most untruthful, deceitful, money-grubbing and disgusting bunch that I have ever heard about. Jodi didn’t stand a chance against the likes of them. Very evil group of people.

        • R. Love, I have tried to concentrate on the evidence that was presented to the jury in my comments on this site, except when I am criticizing HLN and other news outlets for their biased reporting. I believe that is the best way that I can support Jodi.

          I write for the people who might read here and are unconvinced of Jodi’s innocence, and for people who are not certain that she is guilty of premeditation in the killing of Travis and might come here to try to figure out why they remain unsure. There could be some folks who are curious but have no idea what happened between Travis and Jodi in those last minutes. They might be extremely busy and have never watched one minute of the trial, yet they might have caught some of the anti-Jodi campaign over at HLN and could end up here trying to figure out what we are saying about the evidence. I comment to clarify Jodi’s side of things since she never got a fair shake in the news once the trial was underway.

          It is not difficult for me to imagine that Travis was probably very nervous about his bachelor reputation since he pursued many girls. Did Jodi know more about him than any of the other girls he was close to? I have no idea. Did he have a lot of tensions and conflicts in his life? I think so.

          As for Travis’s “friends”, some of the people who knew both Travis and Jodi and who testified or spoke on TV seemed forthright and were not so eager as others, who I also won’t mention, to cast stones at Jodi. I won’t point them out because that could perhaps cause them difficulty that they haven’t asked for. If they knew Travis at all, they have to be pretty disturbed by what happened to him. I also try to see his family members as individuals who have unique feelings.

          As far as other scenarios are concerned, many possibilities can come to one’s mind after considering that the fight was probably noisy and the house was unlocked. Anyone in the area could have come into that scene. I only try to consider, however, what the jury heard and saw on the evidence that was allowed, but I wouldn’t criticize anyone for speculating “outloud” here, since the case has, as we all know, many unanswered questions.

          • Thank you whichtrial? as always I enjoy reading your posts! You seem to have great insight into this trial as a whole. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

            • R. Love, I appreciate your thoughtfulness and enjoy reading your posts as well. Thank you! See you on the New Year Page.

    • Well, I see the Haters are still at it! It is sad to see so many people who profess to be Christians acting in such disgusting manners. They certainly do need prayer because they are living in a great deal of Denial! I know Jodi needs outlets but I wish she could just leave Twitter alone. Whoever is twitting for her is apparently getting carried away by the haters.?. They (Haters) will do anything they can to provoke a fight so I would ignore and stay away from it altogether.

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