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    • ((((((((( Vicky )))))))))) ♥ ♥ ♥

      Whoever posts first always comes second because JODI IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE OUR NUMBER 1!!! 🙂

    • (stomping foot)
      I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER understand how Jodi( being the highly intelligent person that she is) fell for that CRAP!

      • Maria, I have always wondered the same thing. This weekend I have been watching a lot of videos on this church trying to understand. The Book of Mormon is the closest thing they have in their religion to the Bible and most like traditional Christianity. The big draw for people to the church is the social part which is a very big part of it, and why it is so difficult for people to break away, as it becomes an integral part of their whole life.

        It is not until you have been in the church for at least a few years that you start to really learn about a lot of the doctrines. Ida Smith was excommunicated in her seventies because she wanted to see the “sealed portion”. When she finally received it, she read it and lost her faith.

  1. Great post, Jade. I just wish I was able to discern the detail on the “dragging” photo that you are able to. The position of the foot and which foot it is for example, I can not determine. It is all just dark and not discernible to me….and I’ve tried really hard to see what you describe, but am lacking in my ability to do so….however, I agree with your stance on all the items you mention and agree that it is just a shame that the defense didn’t hire the experts that they should have to refute all the BS from the little rapping Mexican chihuahua…..unfortunately this is headed for years of appeals unless something dramatic changes the course of this trial…we can not depend on idiot JSS at all to do her job… is going to have to be the cold hard fact of violating Brady that brings this case down……..

    • Unless of course a witness out there grows a pair and actually tells the truth about this whole farce….ARE YOU LISTENING, YEAH, I’M TALKING TO YOU !!!!!

    • Jodi was so poorly represented in the guilt phase of the trial . The pros. vilified her to a point
      where they wanted to make her unlikable and make Travis a saint.The crime scene appears
      to be something that was spontaneous not well planned. The evidence that it was premeditated is
      lacking.She had a lawyer that tells the jury he does not like his client.

      The mitigation trial is not much better, imo, Jody lead a good life up to this incident. why is that not
      being stressed. Surely they can find family members to vouch for her. Yes, Sandy said she did\
      not abuse Jodi . She probably did not consider what she did abuse. Most people, at least of my age
      were spanked, hit with hair brushes and brooms. That was considered punishment not abuse.
      Today it is. It is a generational thing.She tell how hard working her daughter, Jodi, was. Let
      Martinez, “just try to get back at her”. I don t think it would work.

      • I agree that the punishment we received is a generational thing. Mom wielded a great big wooden spoon. lol didn’t hurt for long.. but the teachers were another thing!

        DF has rested so I don’t think we have any more witnesses there.. maybe as a rebuttal to Kermit (if he provides an opening).

    • BB,

      I’m not sure which photo you’re referring to that you’re unable to see what I’m describing.

      If you’re talking about the one with blue striped pants, look at the curvature of the toes. It’s just the opposite of the way toes look on a right foot. The only inference you could make is that the big toe here in the socks would be on the right (or at the bottom).

      You have to look at it from the perspective of how Martinez represented it to the jury. This is supposed to be her behind him and in the same position the simulation shows. Not possible.

      • I was wondering about that slightly curved rectangular line, upper left in photo in above link, sort of perpendicular to floor. …It just don’t look like a physical thing to me. …Just guessing.

        • That’s supposed to the the stripe in the pants. Jodi said she had pants like that with a stripe down the leg.

          That’s the only thing that ties her to that photo at all.

          If Jodi had said she doesn’t have pants that have a stripe, Martinez would have been totally screwed.

          Another example that shows Jodi was impeccably honest. She had nothing to hide.

          • But Jade it is not a stripe in the pants at all… it is the wall and it continues on to the right but to the right of that blue stripe is a shadow of a person … it is not a solid form, It solidifies when it gets near the left foot and you can no longer see the baseboard. I looked at the closeup you made for BB and it shows it more clearly. What looks like a seam on the bottom of the pantleg is in fact the baseboard through a shadow.

            • If you compare the two pictures , the one where you can clearly see the baseboard and the shadow one you can see that the shadow one is showing the wall through a shadow and the person’s leg is much further up by the back and foot. BOTH feet are in the picture.

              • Thank you Jade and Debbie. I am beginning to see it more clearly now although it would really be helpful for someone to “outline” the figure so we could see most clearly. It is so difficult to see what others see especially bc it is so dark in places and not as discernible as some photos that have more contrast……I do see that the “stripe” could be a slice of the wall between the legs of the person in that photo…I still need help seeing it clearly though….if anyone could “outline” so we could see it more clearly that would be great…

      • What I have always found odd about this pic is found on the extreme right of the pic halfway up. Martinez said that was TA’s foot, but it seems too small to be that and not positioned right. IMO

        • I have always believed that to be a pool of blood, not TA’s foot. Unfortunately I believe the DT went with the whole foot thing too, didn’t they? Maybe I am wrong about that. Still believe it to be blood though.

  2. I have noticed that the attacks on the posters here always seem to happen when the other side seem to have something to fear. Humm we must be very close to the truth wouldn’t you say??

  3. Hey Jade great post. I would like to add a thought or two here. Take a look at the first dragging picture….Isn’t that blue stripe that has been purported to be part of a pant leg in actuality the wall? If you look at the very bottom that is the baseboard and above it is the wall. The left foot is closest to the body but at the bottom of the picture there is also the right foot which would mean the person is sideways to the body not facing them at all. If the blue line is actually the wall that would be the spacing at the bottom of the legs. I do not always explain myself well. Take a look at the picture again and maybe you will see what I mean. At the very bottom of the picture seems to be a sort of shiny lump that could be a shoe but is pointing straight ahead.

    • If what I see is true, then Jodi would have to have the top half of her body twisted in a complete right angle to the bottom half in order to be able to drag him and you would be able to see her right arm. It would also be an impossible angle for dragging I think. The only other scenario would be her dragging him with her left arm only, supporting herself with the wall with her right arm. pulling on him. She would not likely get very far doing that either.

      • It most very well could support the fact that she was trying to get away from him and he had his arm up holding on to her left arm while she is trying to pull away from him.

      • Not striping on the wall BB… what people have thought is a stripe on the pantleg is in actuality a space showing the wall.. a space between the legs at the bottom.

  4. Jade I have never been able to see anything in those last pictures. I have blown them up and still nothing.

    Thanks for the ride along past TA’s house.
    No way in hell they didn’t see Jodi’s rental. Didn’t she say she parked in the middle spot?

    How stupid can anyone be to believe that Jodi all by herself put him in the shower??
    But then again Jodi does have super powers. I guess she just hovered over Travis to take her shower.

    • SOMEBODY needs to TAKE control here: This is an outrageous situation. If I am understanding what is going on in the preceding posts above, there’s a group of very intelligent people all looking at the same crime scene “PHOTO” that is supposed to be evidence? They are trying to figure out what it is in the image they are seeing and everyone is able to “see” something different? Yet each of their conjectures seem too outlandish to be believable. —–They just can’t tell ?——

      Am I wrong or just gone nuts in this Juanderland, ribbit hole? Is not this the very DEFINITION of REASONABLE DOUBT? What’s more__ isn’t this the very PROOF of the incompetency (AND I WOULD SAY DELIBERATE, WILLFUL, INCOMPETENCY) of MCPD?

      This is “evidence” that this junk isn’t EVIDENCE!! at all!
      Which means, the defence have not been given proper evidence (when it comes to crime scene photos & __much else.) Brady??

      And yes, Cindy, I keep returning to these “ink splotches” too, and I have never been able to “see” anything in them, either. The very fact that the Defence has never been given any credible “CRIME SCENE photos” is deliberate WITH HOLDING of CRIME SCENE EVIDENCE. We are told pictures that are of the poorest quality imaginable are the best we “deserve” to expect from the prosecution? I thought the “defence” was supposed to “deserve” all the advantages possible.

      I’m with Carol Handy: I am damn MADD at the pussy wimpery of the DEFENCE team. Further, I do believe that Edgar Longenecker hits the nail’s head when he says the defence have been BOUGHT. They were hand picked for being wet-behind-the-ears beginners on the bottom of the totem pole, from second rate law schools. (I don’t care if the schools have big names or not_they still did not provide a quality legal education.) What’s the difference in that and being a traitor to our country. It weakens us.

      Maybe if MCPD hadn’t insisted on charging murder-1 they could have spent that extra $2,000,000 on a decent modern forensic lab & equipment plus credible technicians. We are letting this group of idiotic bullies hijack the privilege of getting to DEFINE what REALITY IS! _ “and MCPD ain’t IN REALITY a proper police dept.” This isn’t fair to the people they “serve.”
      In REALITY they need to have a surprise visit from the FBI. Constitutional issues abound_right to a speedy trial, right to confront your accuser, right to participate in your own defense, right to have access to your counsel. on_on_ON

      Kirk Nurmi gave his secretary insructions to HANG UP ON JODI ARIAS WHEN SHE CALLED, AND NOT TO TAKE A MESSAGE. He would not contact or see her in person for up to FIVE to EIGHT months at a time. The prison population is by definition – a VULNERABLE population – and there but for the GRACE OF GOD go any one of us. INCLUDING YOU, MR. KIRK NURMI!


      For several years already there have been up to FOUR, completely compiled DEFENCE cases on the Internet. The work of hobbiest afficionados (sp?) These people are high level specialists in their individual fields. Likely to get involved for the challenge – pro bono!

      1. Please contact EDGAR (Longenecker). He has been BEGGING to HELP JAII et all !!
      His case is “Acquittal”, based on blood evidence of no gun powder particulates in the combined
      blood handprint sample. He’s also saying that the prosecution has been HIDING the blood test results from the defence all this time. (I had not realized that last “hiding” part before.) MISCONDUCT much?

      2. Herr Speights This guy is the “Seals” of special OPS! Trained by his DAD. Years of experiencer.
      His case is based on the forensic language in the cuts on the corps. All science that is proof, no other way it could have happened, etc.

      3. Miss Pajama Girl’s case is a COMPLETE defence case (I think her’s is based on logic & facts also)

      4. Someone in the JAII family has an execellent complete defense based on REASONABLE DOUBT logic)
      (Someone at your end will know who this is (a female, I believe) Maybe Jade ‘cuzz the writer scolds the “jurors” for failing their duty.

      5. There’s a forensic scientist on your site who has engaged other forensic scientists. (It might be the “Inconvenient Truths” site.) The case is essentially complete & ready to go. She’s BEGGING for other forensic science folks to critique what she has done for logic and accuracy of the science involved, so it can be expanded (But her case is virtually complete NOW) Again, the reward is passion for the challenge. I’m confident it could be pro bono. Someone on your end will know who I’m talking about.

      6. You have an “Alan” at your end who has been very modest and quiet lately. I think he’s the one from a few years back who appropriately KNEW the defence team was absolutely not cutting it! He stated in no uncertain terms “Jodi needs to fire BOTH NURMI and WILMOTT. He clearly states he’s no lawyer (which is a good thing, actually) but he loves to do the research, critique strategy, and provide feedback. He’s brilliant. I sensed that he felt rather fatherly toward Jodi’s predicament. (Maybe he has a book he could give her (*LOL*)

  5. I’m going to say it again for those of you who are too stupid to understand it, “Jodi Arias didn’t do it” Yeah, that’s right she didn’t do it. Do what you may ask since you have so few brain cells to deal with…..She DID NOT COMMIT FIRST DEGREE PREMEDITATED MURDER !!!! Nothing was premeditated….but there was some premeditated crimes going on here IMHO and those Brady violations will sink this case like a lead balloon……the ninth circuit is getting really tired of dirty prosecutors so check you facts girls and boys…….

    • I still (BB), consider that Jodi (possibly) really DID have an encounter with two intruders (not Ninjas), just dark dressed like she said, who interacted/assaulted TA first. …Or, the intruders saw them struggling & then jumped in, assaulting both & saw that she hit her head. …And, possibly giving her the “equivalent” of a date rape drug, which caused her to do what (women or men) do: misremember everything, missing time. …Possible a scheduled Mormon blood atonement, not realizing she was going to be there. …And, I believe time stamps & other things may have been manipulated by police experts or third party handlers.

      • Exactly WLOPEZ4JAA. Jodi told the truth and they wouldn’t believe her, Flores “advised ” her to write the letter to the Alexanders, but then the word came down to Flores that Jodi was it..they then told Jodi that they had air tight forensic evidence against her. That evidence stinks to high heaven. Jodi had numerous Public Defenders for short period of time and in fact, her Defence suffered.

    • Please stop with the intruder nonsense. It doesn’t put JA supporters in a good light. She admitted to killing him, and she lied about intruders to the police because she was clearly suffering from trauma. What she is obviously innocent of is murder one or two. She killed her abuser in self-defense. Why is this so hard for some to accept? What you are saying is she perjured herself on the stand. That is crazy.

  6. Outstanding post, Jade, to disprove the prosecution’s ridiculous explanations of what happened (such that things could have ONLY occurred HIS way), & the way he totally snookered the first jury.
    …One thing that I could not understand is the long narrow rectangular blue color in one picture, near the shower. …I finally convinced myself that it ((possibly)) does NOT EXIST. …What I mean is that ((possibly)) it is just a white light through a door crevice or a white reflection, that for an instant shines on something like a black or brown BOOT, and in darkness, the white light gets picked up as blue from the flash….I mean what does white light reflection look like to a white/blue flash camera in near total darkness?? ….So it is NOT blue at all & NOT a physical thing to photograph, but one of the ((anomalies of photographs)) in this case. …Just guessing.
    …So many other thing I totally agree:
    …Jodi could have easily retrieved that gun by propelling herself upward after using the strongest part of the shelf above the support pin, just using it for guidance with one foot. …And, placing hardly any weight on the shelf, because it was a dynamic movement thrusting up from the floor, with other foot, only a small amount of pressure of her weight on that shelf, maybe 30 lbs (25% of her body weight), well within the shelf support capacity of 40 lbs. …Flores said 40 lbs shelf capacity ,no problem.
    …And, I totally agree that the spent shell casing could have been jostled, kicked around many times with TA’s holding (her clothing) & trying to drag her around, before the casing landed on the blood patch. …So, the shot was NOT last as the state argued. …But, ACCIDENTALLY FIRST as JODI said. …But, one thing the prosecution & ME is totally wrong: men the size & fitness of Travis don’t fall down dead just by getting hit with one 25cal (NON hollow point).
    …You gave many excellent examples, here is another one, of a man with a total head penetration of a large iron rod driven completely through the man’s head (through his brain), in 1848, & he survived & worked another 12 years doing physical labor work.
    …Please Google: Phineas Gage I will try to put up a link

      • Right, there are documented cases of every kind with objects that went through the brain, even through the entire head, and the people were not incapacitated or led a normal life afterwards.

        The difference here though is that it must be compared to a bullet only. Jennifer brought up the same kind of examples.

        Horn tried to make a big issue of the fact that it was a BULLET. He said the bullet was traveling at a high velocity of speed and therefore the “concussion” effect from the expanding gasses, would have caused a lot of damage in Alexander’s brain and incapacitated him. A slow moving object like a rod or even an arrow he said, does not have the speed of a bullet.

        But in my post, the examples are comparing apples to apples. These comments are talking about the exact same kind of BULLET that Alexander was shot with. Therefore it shows beyond a question of a doubt that Travis also could just as easily also NOT been incapacitated either.

        Just as Jodi said. He got up after he crashed into her and they battled. Horn is screwed with THESE examples. That’s why I said, these are the kind of things that would have eviscerated his testimony.

        Oh, what a cracker jack medical examiner could have done to his autopsy report.

      • Following my up-thread comments, 1/31/15 2:10pm, and 1/31/15 2:16pm, and answering, jade, 1/31/15 3:01pm, I think that the Phineas Gage Wikipedia link should be given to the defense team. …I will send a snail mail to DT especially Jennifer Willmott. …And, perhaps an email with the online link. …But, it may not be timely but could be used in an appeal.
        …I realize that Judge Sherry Stephens may have (incorrectly ruled) after listening to the ME, Kevin Horn, try to keep out examples of accidental head penetration objects from trial, where the person was injured & lived & mobile, following an accident. …Because they (the prosecution & ME & court) only wanted to consider a “high velocity object like a bullet” which would give a concussion and reject all other examples so as to claim Travis would have HAD TO HAVE FALLEN DEAD when shot, ((Jodi says accidentally) with the 25cal bullet. …My example with Phineas Gage’s 1848 accident is EXACTLY THE SAME kind of TRAUMA that Travis received because:
        ……Phineas Gage did receive a “high velocity powered projectile from an GUNPOWDER EXPLOSION which drove his demolition tool, 3ft 7in long, “tamping iron” and 1/4 inch in diameter at one end, ((at head entrance end)) and 1-1/4 inch diameter at the other end. …The 1/4 inch entered the soft part of his face, and through his brain and blown through and exited the top of his head, leaving a large hole in his skull. …This 13-1/4 pound tamping iron was found 80 feet away, “smeared with blood and brain.”
        …This tamping iron is the exact diameter 0.25 inch on it’s entrance (exactly the same as the 25 caliber bullet that entered Travis’s face. ….NOT POINTED LIKE AN ICE PICK BUT 1/4 INCH FLAT END EXACTLY THE SAME DIAMETER AS A 25caliber bullet (not almost but EXACTLY).

        …Gage was “thrown upon his back by the explosion, gave a few convulsive motions of the extremities, but spoke in a few minutes” walked with little assistance, and sat upright in an ox cart for the 3/4 of a mile ride to his lodgings in town. …Phineas Gage lived another 12 years doing physical labor work & even employed as a “stagecoach driver” in Chili, South America.
        ……Had it been the physically able Phineas Gage who attacked Jodi Arias, or the Travis Alexander who she said DID ATTACK HER, she would have & did have to fight her way out of the situation with deadly force without stopping until the attacker was totally incapacitated, dead, dead, dead. …

        Judge Sherry Stephens is totally ignorant if she followed Kevin Horn’s advice to not admit evidence to show that Travis must surely have lived to progress his attack on Jodi. …DESTINATION APPEALS COURT, JSS incompetent. …I will try to put up the links again but they are above up-thread. ((all above IMHO)) WLOPEZ4JAA

    • Those pictures never should have been brought in as evidence. They are so unclear as to be absolutely worthless. They are like those ink blot tests shrinks sometimes use on patients to interpret the meaning. The pictures signify nothing.

  7. Anyone off the top of their heads remember did Jodi get a new hard drive? I know her’s was smashed. I had a thought. I’m going to say her’s had to be full of viruses from Travis. That is how you destroy hard drives so that it can’t be used by someone else. That’s how the company I worked for did it. Big sledgehammer.

  8. I posted my comment in a different place__ right after Jade’s post.
    But since I see all the comments are here, I just want to say that what has been considered pants ( the blue stripe), is NOT PANTS AT ALL. I see the blue stripe as part of a large, sturdy durable pillow.
    The pillow has a mound shape that tapers on the corners.

    • Going back to look once again. Jodi did say she had pants with a stripe but those were the wrong color ( I think hers were black with a grey stripe?) and I thought it looked like the wall. . .looking again…

        • In her police interrogation she talks about her pants. She actually had two pair, one was too small for her, but they were a good deal so she bought them anyway. I’m pretty sure she said hers were white with a black stripe. She told Flores they were both at home if he wanted them.

            • I remember Jodi saying something like the stripe on her pants was a different color, not blue. …That stuck in my mind because “what was JM’s point”? …To snooker the jury, obviously.
              …And, since someone mentioned a pillow, I see something that LOOKS LIKE a horizontal double seam on a pillow but “that don’t make sense”. …But, that vertical blue rectangular shape image seems to be ((translucent)) because I can see through it & see the double seam on other side of the blue image.
              …Downthread, (1/31/15 6:29pm), cindy jewell says that a while back someone posted that it was one picture on top of another. …Sounds good, I think that is why the blue image looks translucent to me. …But, I still consider the intruder possibility (not Ninjas) just intruders like she described.

              • W. Thank you for at least thinking about this. These two pictures were messed with so that they can not be interpreted by a normal eye. We needed JM to tells us what they were….BS. The jury fell for it the same way BN did about the clones. You don’t expect them to lie and be corrupt.

                I’m also 98% sure that these pictures have been in BN lab.

              • She spoke of pillows when Flores was digging to find out where the threads that looked like tassel or from a fabric rope that were found on the bathroom floor and on the stairs. One of the little things that mesh with Jodi’s story and have no other explanation.

    • I’m with you. Once you say what it is makes it take that shape. . .so when the Frog put his spin on it. . . off he went creating his fairy tale. . .Jodi’s pant leg BUT it isn’t Jodi at all. I just don’t understand why the jurors could not have seen Reasonable Doubt in every area of this. SMH

  9. Okay, to all trying to re-interpret the so-called ‘dragging’ photo – somebody come up with another name because we all know that one isn’t accurate.

    Anyway – if y’all have any kind of image editing software at all, anything, for example that you might use to lighten and brighten and tweak your own photos, download this photo and use that program to open it. Guess you’ll have to download it from somewhere else, because you can’t use the right-click feature here to save it to your computer, so go somewhere else to download it and then open it with your image editor.

    I’ve done that with iPhoto.

    And while I agree that the stripe does indeed look like a piece of trim, or maybe even the edge of a pillow, if you brighten and lighten the photo you can clearly see that the light stripe is on a garment of some kind. Those two little thin lines across the bottom that *look* like they might be wood trim detail – uh-uh… those two little thin lines continue on across the bottom of that dark shape. It’s a hem on a knitted garment of some kind. On my screen, with the degree to which I’ve lightened the picture, the garment looks as tho it is either navy or a dark heather grey, with the stripe being white or light blue or light heather grey. Also, on the photo that I downloaded – and it’s been so long ago I’m not sure where I got it, but most likely over at HuffPo – to the left of the stripe, almost in the top left corner of the picture, there looks like there might be the slightest edge of a white logo printed on the garment, two little points of white. A have a pair of Adidas yoga pants that have the logo printed in FRONT of the LEFT side seam of the pants. So if the garment pictured is pants, with the logo similarly situated, that would mean that the toe of the foot below the pants is off-screen and to the LEFT.

    The shape off to the right that has been interpreted as the foot of the person wearing the pants? Impossible to light it well enough to pull any detail out of it, there’s just no detail there, and I think there would be if it was a shoe. I’m beginning to think it may well be the shadow of Travis’ shoulder.

    The other possibility, one which Jen suggested to *someone* – guessing maybe Melendez but can’t say for sure – is that the garment might actually be a shirt or top of some sort, the wearer’s legs trapped under Travis, perhaps even the wearer’s own foot shown in the distance on the right. I kind of have trouble seeing enough depth there for that to be true, but the foreground is so dark … I dunno. The one thing that COULD explain, tho, is the camera snapping that picture… if there were hands on the floor, there, someone struggling to get out from under TA, a hand could have knocked the camera and not shown up in the picture. And like I said, it was JW who proposed that the garment might be a shirt, and I figure she may know something we don’t.

  10. I have just written a detailed post about what I see when I download that photo and use my own photo editor to lighten and brighten the photo. The post, of course, has taken a detour. Til it shows up, I suggest y’all try a similar tactic. It’s not wooden trim, it’s not a pillow, – though I admit that both seem possible in this dark photo we see, but it’s not either of those things. It’s a knit garment.

        • Journee don’t say that. I don’t think that’s true. I have to admit I was a bit surprised, I thought you discredited the pictures a long time ago. I really think you can have 10 people look at the same picture and get 10 different perception of what they show. I’m not saying anyone’s perception is wrong but I personal they were messed with before they were released. We know the time was. I downloaded them on my desktop and haven’t done anything in my photo program yet.

          • oh I DO discredit the pictures…

            was actually trying to spare some folks some time and anxt with all the re-interpreting of an image that proves nothing at all (regardless of interpretation) about whether or not Jodi was even present when Travis died

            yup – could’ve been messed with Particularly suspicious to me that I can brighten that garment enough to see the double row of hem stitching, but cannot pull any detail at all from the dark shape always presumed to be the shoe. If it was any kind of 3D object, seems to me, some detail would begin to emerge just because of light falling differently in different places on a 3D object. But it’s just not there, just flat darkness.

            • Journee, don’t you fine it a bit odd that this picture is so dark and with all the lighting in that bathroom?? Seems like all the pictures were pretty dark. Jodi would have done adjustments before taking the pictures.

              • It is conceivable to me that – if it is possible to do so with this camera – the auto flash may have been deliberately disabled. I can even see where Jodi might have made that decision for some of the shower shots, just to get a different kind of lighting. Without flash, you’re going to get warmer, softer light. There’s even a picture of Jodi, taking a selfie in the mirror, with her hand covering the flash to get softer light – the effect looks like she’s holding a candle below her face… so I can see Jodi making a decision to disable the flash.

                But, if we’re to believe the timestamps – which of course we don’t – the last deliberate shot taken used a flash, the picture of Travis seated, looking into the camera. After that, the rest of the shots are dark. So either the flash was deliberately disabled again, or perhaps the flash was broken – altho there was no testimony to that effect and we don’t know if the camera was ever tested to see if it still WORKED.

                Otherwise, Cindy, interior photos with no flash at all, even in well lit rooms, tend to come out pretty dark.

                • You are right. I just am very suspicious. Gee I wonder I know the nude pic. Were darker. I also know that Jodi was taken back when DT. F confronted her with them.

                  I sometimes wonder if Jodi knew who was there that day. I really thought that a bit more when Scooby made the statement that Jodi was staring at Deanna. But then she tends to put her own twist on everything. Just something that crosses my mind every so often.

                  I have come to accept the fact that we may never get answers to our questions. I know that the DT has to pick and choose what they go after. They have to discredit the Bishop and totdoc. The Bishop might be a bit tricky due to the fact he’s a man of the church. Totdoc is going to be a joke. Sure they will go after her for letting JM copy down the questions. Let alone her inexperience. They will trip her up. I wish they could get her to perjurer herself.

                • Jounee does your photo editing software have the capabilities to remove all colour? If it does use the original and take the colour out of it.

            • Thanks for being clear on all of this!!! Your wonderful! All we need is a magic wand! Then we could explain everything, couldn’t we? Poof!

        • Oh, I know everyone is interested Journee. Thank you for examining the photo.
          I no longer believe it is a pillow.
          I don’ t know what photos the defense ‘blew up’ to better see the detail, or if there is a possibility of the DT ‘ blowing up’ more photos to see detail.
          Clearly Jade is right about showing the ‘taken for granted’ perceptions are wrong.
          I have no means of examining the pictures other than just looking at the computer screen.

    • Journee, when you post at certain times of day, there can be long delays. SJ explained this a while back. My posts always show up eventually.

  11. I notice that people are saying that Jodi didn’t kill Travis. We are not helping our cause or our reputation by saying such things. If she didn’t do it then who did, the masked ninjas? She had the means and the motive. A rabid guy attacks her and threatens to kill her, that’s enough of a reason to convince me.

    • E. P. We all have different views on what happened. It doesn’t make it wrong and no we are not hurting Jodi’s case. If we were I’m sure SJ would let us know.

      We are here to support Jodi!!!

    • E.P.
      The guilt phase is over and the jury found her guilty.
      The problem is that during the guilt phase her attorneys had to have said to her:
      ‘The only way I (we) can possibly succeed is if you plead guilty of domestic violence’
      or something to that effect.
      People have been so outraged, flee it was so wrong, that they have started looking closer at the State’s Case.
      So many people have seen the complete BS in the State’s case, looking closely at their “evidence” and seeing nothing much there.
      If a good, smart lawyer is looking at this site, they will be seeing a huge amount of pertinent information.
      Good start that would be.
      It is not over till it’s over.

      • Regarding the possibility of a lawyer looking at this site: Wow, yes everything they could possibly need to defend Jodi is already here. The work has already been done several times over. All the Defence would need to do is polish up their presently non-existent delivery skills. Have their staff create the kind of visual charts that Dr. Geffner and Jose Baez used for EDUCATING the juries they addressed..

        I’m aware of a “mitigation video” that someone created and posted on this site. It is excellent, and it has been all but ignored.

        Have we so quickly forgotten that when Jodi’s own “defence lawyers” were approached by somebody on our side, Jodi’s “Defence Team” responded that THEY DON’T HAVE TIME to read the internet.

        This sort of arrogance is NOT the hallmark of winners. This is why I have zero confidence in them. What information have we ever received from her defence about how they plan to further her case? As far as I can tell, they have been doing the bare minimum that they need to do. They don’t seem to even communicate together as a TEAM. No creative thinking is evident__except from Jodi’s passionate supporters. To WHOM are these two “Public Defenders” ultimately ACCOUNTABLE? Does anybody Know? Does anybody care.

        The plan as I have seen of what is visible, is to just WAIT for this thing to slide into the appeals phase. In which it is “taken for granted” that it will languish for decades.

        If that is what is happening, then, in the words of Bishop Vernon Parker: We are NOT WHO WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.

          • Well, thank you so much Johnm. Do you have any suggestions for giving this situation the “Wings” it needs to take off and fly?

            I don’t think anybody else is listening.

            I have a current person goal of breaking myself of ENERGY WASTED on “Admiring the Problem”
            From my perspective, we are currently enthralled in that very indulgence.

    • I 100% believe Jodi killed Travis out of self- defense when Travis attacked Jodi and fully intended to kill her. Travis was completely taken over by his rage; he was entirely out of control. I believe he had no capacity to control or stop his rage once it was unleashed.
      I think a lot of the public does not have experience with individuals who have rage attacks/ disorders. ( perhaps Intermittent Explosive disorder might apply?) That kind of phenomenon is of an entirely different magintude and quality than even very extreme ‘ garden variery’ anger.
      Even though I believe what happened was nothing other than Jodi acting in self- defense, I can appreciate why other people entertain different possible scenarios.

      • Amy, I’m OK with what you said. I do believe that that could indeed happen. I think what I really have a problem with is the physical part of it for Jodi. Do you think Jodi could get him in the shower by herself??

      • OK, please think about Amy’s scenario. It is actually completely plausible (Reasonable Doubt, the whole nine yards.) So look at the components of the scenario. They are based on a reasonable psychological explanation of how this could not have been halted mid “explosion.”

        WHY THEN have we used HUNDREDS OF HOURS of expert evaluation regarding what is wrong with Jodi. All of the dysfunctional characteristics that would have caused Jodi’s life to be at risk at this moment in time HAVE TO DO WITH THE PSYCHOLOGICAL FRAGILITY OF TRAVIS ALEXANDER, HIMSELF. How do we get allow our focus to wander so far from the dynamic conditions that MOST LIKELY happened.


        In a remarkably short time he went from skyrocketing to the pinnacle of a false and phony success, to negotiating a $7.000 loan from Dr. Karl B. Hiatt around noon of the day Travis Alexander was killed, June 4, 2008.

        Photo images of Mr. Alexander near the end of his journey revealed a man who had been burning the candle at both ends. Under his right eye there was a bright red sunken area. Both eyes showed extreme fatigue. In one of his last pictures, an extreme close-up profile, his skin appeared so thin, it was almost transparent. The nose profile was delicate and translucent, and furthermore, it bears a strong resemblance to a feminine profile.

    • Oh CC that was so good… Geez here is a man that wouldn’t even buy KY do you think he’d buy condoms?? Think about this sick little thought. He was the anal sex king, just how many partners did he have without a condom???

    • Eddie Snell aka Travis Alexander – Alabama Summer 2006

      “Everyone wants to know how much money you making? How much money you making?
      Well some people call it LYING. I call it selective times to share your affirmations. I am a hundred thousand dollar ring earner. I am a millionaire club member. They can take it how they want.”

      “In this business, you have an excellent opportunity to — you know travel and see crap — and if you go to different place, it’s good to have an old lady in every spot.

      Hey red head, stand up. You’re next baby. Ummm what’s your name girl? Umm Brandie. Rhymes with candy. You are sweet. I love tall women. They’re like jungle gyms.”

      • I don’t find any of his humor funny. I find it offensive, chauvinistic, abusive to women and it is beyond me how the LDS church would have approved of such sexually inappropriate humor – for someone who was supposed to be this virginal Mormon purist…..this is really who TA was only he was pretending this was just an act when in fact this was who he was…….a sexual deviant sociopath……..IMHO

        • This is the PPL life. The crowd, at least most of them – not Brandie’s mother, loved it. They remind me of a bunch of pimps.

          PPL is another bunch who promote evading the truth.

  12. Amy–Debbie–BB …… and everybody.

    In case you didn’t know it, you should have the ability to zoom the photos as much as you want. Hover the mouse over the photo and you will see zoom tools at the bottom of the screen with + and –

    Also, if you left click on the photo, each time you do that, wait a few seconds and it should zoom and reload the image. After the first left click, if you hold the left click down on your mouse, you should be able to drag the photo around to look at whatever part of it you want to look at. Play with your left clicker and you should be able to also alternate back and forth with zoom and normal view.

    It took some effort, but look at this photo and you should be able to clearly see that these are pants with a stripe because you can see the zipper.

    Also, here is a greatly lightened image as Martinez was playing around with it on the display machine

    (freeze the image right away) It’s only there for a couple seconds.

      • Ok so the two little flecks of white I was seeing were the zipper, not something printed on the pants.

        Yanno, Jen kept talking about a zipper and I could never find one in any copy of that photo… thanks Jade!

      • Jade, first of all, another great piece of research by you & do you know Jade is a double gender name I’m beginning to think you are male.

        But why is he wearing his pants over his shoulder/head? after he’s dead? Because presumably we’re led to believe that’s his neck showing in the photograph, but to me, it equally looks to be a knee with the leg folded up if you get me & if you look at the end of the picture there is a minute slice of the other knee. it’s so minute you would mostly miss it, but it is the same colour as the flesh shown above. There me mind working over time again, (& I might be completely seeing things it’s not possible to see) now if you turn the picture upside down the shape of what is/looks like blood, with the photo upside it looks like a foot…do you see the outline & the space between the big toe & other toes. It’s amazing how the blood shaped into that image. So is that why our bumbling Inspector (Pink Panther) Clouseau (Prosecutor Martinez) seems to think this is a foot?

        Why didn’t they/whoever took these photographs not take extended photographs especially of the body so as to show in context what these body parts actually are? I mean that of the supposedly shoulder/neck/& little foot (which is really a small small pool of blood) is so hard to make out, that I am sure some jury members thought could be equally a map of Italy, or some other country on the map.

        Also, the floor Jodi is lying at least in the picture presented, where we can (this time) see a real foot, her foot. Is the floor we are seeing (or am I the only one seeing this?) a wooden/timber floor with not one stain of anything on it, i.e. blood/water/ etc? So to sum up, is this a photograph of another woman in another place altogether?

        • jojnjo,

          I showed what the foot was and how the blood forms in little circles in the full post of “Immaculate Deception: Exposed. Plus a lot of other things.

          Maybe you didn’t see the full post. Click the link at the top to read the whole thing.

          The comments are here, but my post is on another link lol.

    • Thank you Jade. I was using a tablet, not a computer. ( I don’ t have access to my computer.)
      I got carried away by wanting to make a ‘find.’

  13. First and Foremost:
    Jade, you have a gift; you tell the story of this DEBACLE in a very clear manner, pointing out the ridiculousness of the State’s case; keep on moving, we are with you and we are not through with this yet.
    We should not have to STRAIN our EYES to SEE evidence. We should not have to FIGURE OUT what the EVIDENCE shows. EVIDENCE should be OBVIOUS and in State vs. Jodi Arias it does require effort to depict and ISN’T believable.

    A couple of days ago I stated unequivocally that I had posted my last post;
    I was so, SO ANGRY at the haters wielding their words like swords.

    The response from you, my (our) friends on JAII was ‘NO, don’t stop’, which was very kind and right then I had the hope, that along the way I had pointed to a thing or two to draw attention to the lies presented as facts. We love all of you, each and every one.

    These hateful people who really do not care about ‘Justice for Travis’ on Beth Caras’ Facebook; WELL, they were delighted I was gone and Cheryl were gone!!!
    They patted themselves on the back and began to plan their attack their next victim. We got the ‘treatment’ would you believe!!
    We also got the picture!! 😀
    The AUDACITY of those people!

    Then after hearing a remarkably PERTINENT SERMON Sunday morning, I have renewed energy and focus. We did not stop reading….and we obviously will not stop trying to contribute. I WILL NEVER AGAIN allow hateful people to intimidate me, nor will Cheryl. We will NOT shut up, ever again!!

  14. Arggh…video time link got moved somehow of very lightened image. Should be here.

    This is where you can see the hem.

    And here is where she acknowledges this is a zipper and that she’s wearing socks.

    Plus the zany reference to his “foot” again. If only it had been shown what that REALLY was like I did.

    • Better photo here, thanks. I see what you mean about the weird indentation, but I don’t see how it can be anything but a photo of the back of his head, shoulder area, and his right arm….and the puddle of blood that JM keeps saying is his foot is not his foot. I don’t believe you can see his foot, legs or the rest of his body in this photo angle….still a mystery how the photo was taken at all in the first place……

  15. Now, I’m really going to upset the apple cart and throw a wrench into things.

    Was that really his arm in the blue pants photo? I’ve been studying it and there is an oddity there that just doesn’t convince me 100% that that is his arm.

    Look at the weird indentation that seems to me shouldn’t look like that with his arm being held up.

    Thing is, it could only be his arm or his leg. But it just doesn’t seem like that is a natural extension of his shoulder.

    I don’t know what could be causing that in the photo. I’m talking especially about at the lower white arrow.

    • I had to go back and compare it to my brightened image, and saw something odder still —

      There is a narrow stream of blood – apart from the thicker stream, nearer to the shoulder (if that’s what it is) passes right through your yellow word ‘more’ follows up to just above the middle of the shaft of your lower arrow, where there is a deep V of either shadow or blood, curving sharply off to the right in a hump that that meets the outline of the shoulder, the left wing of the V going up in a straight line to the lowermost point of the little triangle of light above his chest. The effect is that it makes that shoulder hump too small to be a shoulder.

      geez, it’s like trying to explain a color, lol

    • Jade, that is fantastic!
      That is the very best picture I have seen. It shows him flesh colored and not at all what I would expect to see if he had been dead for over 5 days. This picture had to be taken on the 10the of June. Can you verify that?

        • I know..hard to look at. He has not been there for 10 days is right. Colour is off for that.

          And they way he is in the shower would have taken someone way stronger than Jodi!

          • To me it sure looks like he has been there that long. This face is black, his stomach is distended, not to mention the other things described by first attending patrol officer. The fact that he would have suffered almost complete exsanguination would have an impact on color of his body IMHO.

            • The face was injured on the 4th, have no doubt of that, and it would have darkened, bruised, maybe even infected; that part, once he was dead would deteriorate much faster.
              The rest of the body is flesh colored all the way down to his tip toes.

          • And if that was his tenth day there wouldn’t the fleas & maggots have visited him by then? And his body would have been starting to decompose. The lungs would also expel fluids from the mouth & nose…so this body is not 10 days dead.

              • R, Get Well Soon.

                I too have a bug…mainly Sinusitis…and I am on my third antibiotic. There is a nasty one going around this year that’s hard to shake off…& our hospitals are full to the brim.

                Her’s a little Irish Court incident of a witness questioned in a case of some crime or other in one of our courts.

                “Tell the jury where you were on the night of the crime?” asked the Barrister.

                “I’ll tell them no lie,” said the witness, for I never told one in my life. I was nowhere at all that evening.”

                And here’s another one to make you smile…

                “So you denied you punched him five times,” frowned the judge, “but there are several witnesses to the fact. What do you say to that?”

                “Well Your Honour,” answered Oisin O Maoileachain, “he was such a little chap that I gave him the one punch in five instalments.”

  16. OH WOW, I think I may have discovered a whopping BOMBSHELL !

    Look at this photo–showing_no_smear_on_wall_before_removal.jpg

    The photo on the right was taken as he was found laying in the shower. There is NO swiping downward smear of blood on the right side wall.

    On the left side photo, there IS a LONG swiping blood smear. This means this smear could only have been made when they were TAKING HIM OUT.

    This confirms almost WITHOUT A DOUBT that he had to be LIFTED in there! Because his neck never contacted the wall as he was being put in. Otherwise that smear would be visible in the photo before they removed him.

    This means that Jodi would have HAD TO LIFT him in there. No fucking way in hell did she lift him !

    I think this is INCREDIBLE evidence that somebody else put him in there.

    This should maybe go to Nurmi and Willmott.

      • You’re right patty! You’re a saint Jade!


        He had to be lifted in!!!
        The smear wasn’t there until he was ‘LIFTED’ out!! I counted the tiles.
        You guys are brilliant!

    • OMG JADE….you are right… But let’s just take a breath here. I know Jodi could never get him in there but were is the shower head?? Would it be possible for someone to have turned on the shower and wash the blood off??

    • Um, I’ve been saying for eighteen months that he had to have not just been ‘lifted’ but actually carried there.

      Unless somehow he walked in there himself, he had to have been carried and placed there. Fireman’s carry would have dumped him in just exactly that position.

      • The state’s contention was that she dragged Travis’ dead body into the shower.

        Didn’t happen.

        Because if it had, there would have scrapes and contusions on his lower back, his buttocks, and his upper thighs from dragging him over that metal lip of the shower edge – it’s about an inch high.

        The ONLY injuries on T’s body described as scrapes were at the back of one heel – where a new shoe would rub – and the outer ankle bone of the other foot.

      • Yup, fireman’s carry kind of lift. Like a roll of carpet over their shoulder.

        That or TWO guys–one with his feet and one with his arms–doubled him up and “swung” him in there.

    • Great find, jade, I never saw these pictures of the shower before, presented this way. …Yes, 1 or 2 physically able people must have carried him. …And, that must be the glass (probably plastic) that Jodi admitted she knew it was under the sink. And, JM inferred she used it to wet the entire floor area causing water stains to soak up (several inches) onto some cardboard boxes. I don’t think she said she used the glass, only she knew WHERE IT WAS, obviously, she cleaned his house everywhere, in the past, & she knew where his gun was. She would have had to fill & empty nearly a hundred of glasses of water to cause that amount of water dispersal all over. …Some others tried to clean up. (IMHO). Maybe we can uncover the original negative roll of the Zapruder film, before the copies were cut & spliced so that the most crucial frames were originally withheld for quite a while. …google: zapruder film wiki

    • The glass in the picture on the left looks different than the one in the shower with body removed. I thought he had run from the shower half way round the house & the washroom & the closet while he was getting shot & knifed? so how did he do walkies back to the shower to make it his resting place. She couldn’t have dragged him & definitely couldn’t have lifted him.

      There’s more to this than meets the eye, could his family or friends been there before the cops came & rearranged things to their liking & even have lifted him into the shower. And what about the glass? How could he have, if he was dead get to get that glass to be in a position where we can see it to be? Being on top of the side of him?

      • jojnjo,

        The glass, the slit throat, positioning of TA’s body in the shower, sacred underwear & bed clothes in the washer are all related to what I’ve researched is a Mormon blood atonement killing. It said they did this when one of the Mormon members committed a sin that can only be forgiven by the spilling of their blood to the ground. TA was warned over & over about breaking the law of chastity by his church or church members! Maybe that sin, according to his LDS church could only be forgiven by performing blood atonement on TA! Oh, in my research it also said they use a scapegoat to pin the murder on so as not to get caught by the law, which the scapegoat, of course, was Jodi!!!

  17. I think once Jodi told the DT that she killed TA everything else like the evidence you just pointed out Jade, went by the wayside as unimportant. Afterall Jodi killed TA, right? Why bother looking at the evidence itself to see if it corroborates her story of killing TA bc she just confessed and made their job a whole lot easier…. She couldn’t remember anything past the gunshot and him screaming at her “kill you bitch” and it is no wonder, bc I believe that she did not kill him at all. She shot him to stop him and then in my estimation she tried to help him and then something else happened after that and this is the big mystery…the roommates phony story, the timeline, everything does not fit Jodi doing this …..the scene fits with multiple people involved in this, not just 120lb Jodi….

    • BB I think most of us are on the same page here. I could buy into Amy’s thinking except for the phyical part of it. She just could not have put him in the shower.

      But I don’t believe Jodi killed him. I wonder if she thought the gun shot killed him??

      I really think the DT took the evidence that proved their theory. I wish we could talk to them….maybe someday. I think we will have to wait and see what else comes up in the next week or two.

  18. There were all the stab wounds on his back too.

    No part of his body contacted the right side wall at all as he was being put in the shower. Otherwise there would be some blood evident on that right side wall where he’s laying. Those photos prove it.

    I don’t see ANY way that would be possible for her to do.

    Martinez could NEVER explain that away.

    • If I remember correctly Jade, didn’t JM accuse her of washing him off with the glass that they found on top of his body?She had enough time to do that as well as everything else in less than the 25 minutes before enrique got home and didn’t see her LOL yes that was a bit sarcastic sorry

      • Yeah he did. And Jodi said she got the glass from under the sink–that was why one of the doors under the sink was left open.

        But that doesn’t make any sense to me. If he’s in the s-h-o-w-e-r, what does she need a glass for?

  19. Jade go to the link I put up and look at pictures 97 and 98… one is of the shower straight on and you can see the piece jutting out of the right side of the wall but in the other there are taps and everything…almost looks like two different showers

    • These photos are mixed. Some are of the crime scene as it was, others were taken later after the investigation was long completed and after things were removed or changed.

      Photo 97 is not a crime scene photo. Photo 98 is. Things may have been changed in the shower stall. That would be why it looks different.

      In photo 98, you can see the shelf supports.

    • I remember there was someone else who said the same of the pictures. That they were made in a different shower because the tile wasn’t the same. MPG’s site again.

      • Right. The one that looks different could also have been the shower downstairs.

        I don’t know why they would take a photo of that one, but the builder would probably have put the same design style shower stalls in the bathrooms.

  20. I will never understand the roommates and their girlfriends not being able to smell anything when they had to go right by his bedroom door every time they went upstairs.. There was a lot of blood in the carpet surely that would have stunk.

    • I am looking at your timeline of events There was no blood found on any clothing. The brown sheets were dry which means they were already washed and transferred to the dryer before the load was put in the washer. So that was done earlier in the day. Only three articles of clothing were possibly exposed to bleach… a towel and two socks, the rest of the contents was not touched by bleach which to me means that was a mishap that happened at another time with another load. There were no clothing items found in the washer or dryer that belonged to Jodi. Jodi never described the events after Travis was deceased all she said was she couldn’t remember. She doesn’t remember anything until she is close to Hoover Dam. There was no blood in the car either.

      • Debbie,
        Could it be that she doesn’t remember because she wasn’t there when Travis was murdered?

        Could it be that when the various defense teams were trying to make a case to keep Jodi off death row they chose the domestic violence route?

        Then when Jodi was about to testify, they told her something like: ‘well, if you don’t know just say
        I DON’T REMEMBER’ and that is what she has done?

  21. Good Morning Team Jodi. Jodi will be waking to a sunny day today!!!
    Will not be surpized if the Bishop and others will not be able to make it today. Gridlock acossed the US. Perhaps JSS could use her time wisely if this is the case to hear Jodi’s latest motion?? But I will not hold my breath.

    • A gridlock across the states would not surprise me in the least given the fact that the eastern states are covered in snow and people trying to get home after the game yesterday.

  22. imvho:
    After seeing the BOMBSHELL picture JADE POSTED yesterday evening which showed without question…
    Defense Team show JADE’S POSTED PICTURE to a Medical Examiner, Forensic Pathologist…

    And reading Dwight Huth’s TIMELINE of The STATE’S VERSION of SUPPOSED events – imvho
    JODI ARIAS is NOT ONLY INNOCENT the STATE OF ARIZONA has committed (do I dare say it? IMVHO
    JUDICIAL MALPRACTICE by ever even charging her with this crime.
    I guess needs to be added here, for protection! 😀 !!! )

    What I want to know is why the Defense Team didn’t introduce this picture into evidence on day #1?

    Or was this another little ‘hide and seek’ game by the Prosecutor?

    And WHY didn’t they do what Dwight did: DO A FREAKING TIMELINE proving there was NO WAY Jodi did anything close to what the State said she did.

    Dwight, if you read my post, send YOUR TIMELINE to one or both of the defense lawyers.

    (BTW it takes a good 30 minutes for a load of clothes to wash!)

    • Bravo!!! Carol!! I haven’t look led at the time line yet but will very shortly.

      I am so very tired of people telling me how to think and what to say about this trial!!!

      You did a wonderful job yesterday responding to a poster that when the same type of post was posted I referred them to the same post at 3:13 pm.

      As much as we hate to admit it short of JSS ruling a mistrial or by the grace of God someone comes forward all the evidence in the world is not going to make a difference now. It will in the appellate court. If I’m wrong please someone explain it to me…I’m not being negitive…

      • You are correct. Any evidence at this point is being documented and a record made by the DT in the form of motions, evidentiary hearings, etc. which JSS will deny as we know…but the record is what is important at this stage bc the appellate court will look at that record in making their determination about this case……the most important of all record in my estimation is the record of Brady violations…….of course if we could get a witness on the possible suborning of perjury by JM and possible perjury by Det Flores and Dr. Horn this would be huge as well…..but someone has to have the intestinal fortitude to speak the truth……….at this point I believe that those involved in the possible perjury have made a soul sacrificing decision to allow their perjured testimony to stand………IMHO

        • ((((BB)))). WOW me being right!!! LOL. Thanks BB. I wasn’t a 100% sure. I think that the goal of the DT from here on end is to get the DP off the table and to get at least one person on the jury to think that something just isn’t right. And as you said to get as many witnesses to perjurer themselves. Rather that happens remains to be seen. IMHO…….

        • YES, BB: ‘INTESTINAL FORTITUDE! That is exactly what the DT needs. Brady violations are massive and still piling up…

      • No, Cindy you are not being negative!
        Nothing has happened over the past 6 3/4 years to make us feel positive about Jodi’s situation.

        And, yet there are people like Jade and Dwight Huth who are busy working hard to show US the light at the end of this long long tunnel! No one in the judicial system will want to say ‘Oh WE goofed’ let Jodi go free. It probably will take a very long time to see her walk free, sad as that is.

        Shout it from the rooftops JAII people! Get a megaphone! Don’t stop the shouting!
        Not just not guilty, INNOCENT!

  23. BB and Carol, I have a off the wall questions. Is it harder to get a verdict over turned for someone that has a DP charge or LWOP?? Or doesn’t it matter?
    Either way what is next for Jodi and how long will it take?? I known she will have to go before JSS again and the blank, blank frog…..I’m getting a bit confused.

    • Cindy it appears it is quicker if the DP only because it is handled by the Public Defender’s office.
      Trouble with that is it would not be as pro-active as a private appellate attorney especially one who is trying to make a name for himself. Young and Smart.

  24. Well with the DP you get an automatic appeal paid for by the state so in this way it is “easier” but as far as the appellate courts go they base their decisions strictly on the facts of the case…….the SCOTUS may be more inclined to review a DP case but really don’t know how they decide which few cases they want to review… will take years and years of appeals process……..starting with state appellate courts and working its way up to possibly the SCOTUS…..the Brady violations should make this a no brainer for a vacated verdict and a remand for a new trial or a dismissal with prejudice…….but nothing so far in this case has been following a normal pattern of judicial process so………

  25. I’m so delighted to see that little Miss TotDoc will be on the stand today. I hope JW handles her again this time around. I thought she (JW) did very well with her (TotDoc) last time. I get a big kick of going back and watching the youtube videos and seeing the expressions on TotDoc’s face as JW puts her in her place.

    I wonder if anything of hers, namely her laptop, got “stolen” over the weekend?? 🙄 🙄

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