After you’ve read through The Flores Report included is this site, check out a detailed breakdown & analysis of the report below – and all the events & conflicting statements given after June 4th 2008.

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4:00 am June 4, 2008 Weds Jodi arrives at Travis’ house in a white rental car.
Morning June 4, 2008 Weds Zach Billings (Travis roommate) his day off work. Zach said he got up and returned (his) car rental he had been using. His car was being repaired after being in an accident. (Flores Page 17) NOTE: BOTH Jodi and Zach are driving car rentals during the same time to Travis’ house.
Morning June 4, 2008 Weds Enrique said the last time he saw Travis was on Wednesday 2008
6-4-08. He said that he remembered talking to Travis that 
morning and Travis told him that he had a conference call scheduled that day.  Travis also told Enrique that he hadn’t slept very much, only getting about 45 minutes of sleep that night. (Flores Page 15).
Noon June 4, 2008 Weds Travis last outgoing text was to Chris Hughes about a very
important conference call for that evening.(Flores Pg 13)
1:40 pm June 4, 2008 Weds Jodi and Travis make sexually suggestive photos
3:00 pm June 4, 2008 Weds Zach returned to Travis house 1500 hrs./3pm (Flores Page 17)
4:00 pm June 4, 2008 Weds Zach went to his girlfriend, Mandy’s house 1600 hrs/4pm (Flores Page 17)
4:19 pm June 4, 2008 Weds Last activity on Travis’ LAPTOP was at 1619 hrs./4:19 pm
This consisted of email activity. (Flores Page 11)
5:29 pm June 4, 2008 Weds Time on the last photo of Travis alive
5:30 pm June 4, 2008 Weds Time on the photo of Travis bleeding on floor
6:30 pm June 4, 2008 Weds Enrique said the last time he remembered seeing Travis was on Wednesday evening when he got home from work. He remembered Travis on the phone, possibly on a conference call at 1800 to 18:30 hrs./6pm to 6:30 pm (Flores Page 15)
9:00 pm June 4, 2008 Weds After Zach CLEANED his girlfriend Mandy’s house he returned to Travis’ house at 2100 hrs./9 pm (Flores Page 17)
? June 4, 2008 Weds Zach first told Det. Flores that he did the laundry on Saturday 7th of June (Flores Page 7). Then Zach clarified to Det. Flores that he did the laundry on Wednesday June 4th (Flores Page7) NOTE: This
is VERY IMPORTANT because he clarified that he did the washing on Wednesday June 4th. He stated that he uses the washer and dryer at the house when doing the laundry.****IMPORTANT TO READ THESE PARAGRAPHS****(Flores at the bottom paragraph of page 7-8)
? June 4, 2008 Weds Det. Flores noticed that Travis’ bedding was missing from his bed (Flores Page 10)(On Flores Page 8 Det. Flores asked Zach about Travis’ bed-room especially the bedding. Zach said that Travis
had a brown comforter and light color sheets. He has about 4 to 5 pillow with brown pillowcases. Zach said the only thing he noticed unusual in Travis’ bedroom was that it had been “tossed” (Flores Page 8) Back to Page 10 of Flores Report.Detective Flores said a search of the washer and dryer in the laundry room revealed that Travis’ bedding was in the DRYER. The WASHER had Travis’ clothing that consisted of under garments, sweat pants, shorts, towels, and t-shirts. (Flores Page 10)
? ? ? Enrique told Detective Flores that he did laundry early that week… no particular day was mentioned. (Flores Page 16)
? June 4, 2008 Weds Zach noticed furniture on tile downstairs had been moved  on Wednesday 4th or Thursday 5th.  He also noticed a floor cleaner that had been sitting down stairs the entire time. He said he thought Travis had been preparing to clean the floor or had cleaned it.
Zach thought it odd that the same items were in the same position. He thought Enrique had put some items back. He said the banister felt slick like it had been cleaned. He thought Travis had been cleaning and cleaned the banister. (Flores Page 8)
? June 4, 2008 Weds Zach later stated that he remembered the furniture being moved or pushed off the tile and the floor cleaner out. (Flores Page 17)
? June 4, 2008 Weds Enrique in his follow-up interview said that the last time he remembered seeing Travis was on Wednesday June 4th. He remembered talking to Travis that morning and he told him he had a conference call scheduled that day. Travis told him that he hadn’t slept very much, only getting about 45 minutes of sleep that night. Enrique told the Detective that only 5 people had been in the home
that week of June 2nd. Travis, Zachary, Amanda, him and his girlfriend, Kim. (Flores Page 15)
? June 4, 2008 Weds Both roommates Zach and Enrique said they last saw and spoke to Travis app. 4-5 days prior (to Monday June 9-which would make it Wednesday 4th or Thursday 5th (Zach changed dates several times when he last saw Travis. I have listed each time he states that he saw him last). (Flores Page 3)
? June 5, 2008 Thurs Both roommates Zach and Enrique said they last saw and spoke to Travis app 4-5 days prior (to Monday June 9-which would make it Wednesday 4th or Thursday 5th (Zach changed dates several times when he last saw Travis. I have listed each time he states that
he saw him last). (Flores Page 3)
? June 5, 2008 Thurs Zach noticed furniture on tile downstairs had been moved on Wednesday 4th or Thursday 5th.
11:30 am June 5, 2008 Thurs Zach Billings said Thursday morning was last time he remembers seeing Travis.  Zach said he left to go  pick up his girlfriend, Amanda. He said he just saw Travis in passing as he walked out of the house. When Zach returned a few hours later he did not remember seeing Travis. (Flores Page 6)
1:30 pm June 5, 2008 Thurs Zach said he spent the entire day with his girlfriend, Amanda. He said they ate lunch and returned to Travis’ home 1330 or 1400 hrs./1:30 pm or 2 pm. and watched some movies.  Then they left and did some shopping and ate dinner in Tempe. (Flores Page 6)
6:00 pm June 5, 2008 Thurs Enrique said when he got home around 1800 hrs./6 pm that the front door was locked. This was unusual because Travis normally keeps the door unlocked. Enrique noticed the downstairs furniture had been moved and pushed off the tile floor. He noticed the floor cleaner in the middle of the living room floor. He assumed Travis was getting
ready to clean the floor. He hung out in his bedroom until his girlfriend, Kim showed up. That were going to to the Temple. Kim told him something about Travis’ CTR ring and watch was sitting on the kitchen counter. This was unusual because he normally doesn’t go anywhere without them. (Flores Page 16)
12:00 am June 5, 2008 Thurs Zach said he returned to Travis house around midnight.
(Flores Page 6)
8am – 8pm June 6, 2008 Friday Zach said he spent the day at work at a restaurant called McGrath’s Fish House located  Stapley & US 60 Freeway He stated he worked from 0800 hrs. to about 2000 hrs. (Flores Page 6)
Later June 6, 2008 Friday After work Zach went to Amanda’s house for about an hour. He said it was Amanda’s mother’s birthday. (Flores Page 7)
9:00 pm June 6, 2008 Friday Zach & Amanda went back to Travis house 2100 hrs. and watched movies. Then he took Amanda home about midnight. (Flores Page 7)
Morning June 7, 2008 Sat Zach said he had the day off of work. He said he had to attend a few meetings throughout the day. He said he ran errands throughout the day. (Flores Page 7)
? June 7, 2008 Sat Zach told Det. Flores that he “THINKS HE DID THE LAUNDRY” on Saturday 7th.(Later in the interview Zach clarified that he did the laundry on Wednesday June 4th and uses the washer and dryer at Travis’ home to do the laundry)( Flores/Page 7-8)
? June 7, 2008 Sat Zach clarified that he cleaned his room on Saturday 7th. (Flores/Page 7-8)
? June 7, 2008 Sat Zach said that he sent Travis a text message about a mailbox key on Saturday, but Travis didn’t respond. (Flores Page 7)
? June 7, 2008 Sat Enrique said that he last talked with Zach on Saturday, June 7th. He said that Zach asked him if he had seen Travis that week. (Flores Page 16)
2:30 pm June 7, 2008 Sat Zach’s first meeting he attended 1430 hrs./2:30pm. (Flores Page 7)
4:00 pm June 7, 2008 Sat Zach left his last meeting at 1600 hrs./4 pm. (Flores Page 7)
4-9 pm June 7, 2008 Sat Zach had dinner with Amanda’s family until  2100 hrs./9 pm.  (Flores Page 7)
9:00 pm June 7, 2008 Sat Zach took Amanda back to Travis’ house to hang out and watch another movie until about midnight again. (Flores Page 7)
Morning June 8, 2008 Sunday Marie Hall said she didn’t see Travis at Church
9:00 am June 8, 2008 Sunday Zach said he was on his way to Church and car battery was dead. A neighbor with cables helped him jump his battery. He went to Church at 0900 hrs./9 am. (Flores Page 7)
? June 8, 2008 Sunday Enrique said it was odd that Travis missed Church on Sunday. He said that he assumed he was out of town or something. He said that both Travis’ bedroom and office doors were closed.(Flores Pg. 16)
? June 8, 2008 Sunday Zach said that he sent a text message to Travis on Sunday about a mailbox key, and Travis didn’t respond. (this was the second of two text messages to Travis from Zach). (Flores Page 7)
3:00 pm June 8, 2008 Sunday Zach went to Amanda’s after Church to 1500 hrs./3 pm.
(Flores Page 7)
11:30 pm June 8, 2008 Sunday Zach returned to Travis’ house at 2330 hrs./11:30 pm. (Flores Page 7)
8:00 am June 9, 2008 Monday Zach went to work 0800 hrs./8 am-1645 hrs./4:45 pm. (Flores Page 7)
4:45 pm June 9, 2008 Monday After work Zach went to dinner with Amanda . They ran some errands. (Flores Page 7)
8:00 pm June 9, 2008 Monday Zach and Amanda returned to Travis’ house at 2000 hrs./8:00 pm. (Flores Page 7)
9:30 pm June 9, 2008 Monday Enrique noticed an unusual smell on Monday night at around 2130 hrs./9:30 pm when he got home from a church activity. He never asked anyone about it. That night he said that he was in his room after he took his shower, Zach knocked on his door and notified him that something had happened to Travis and the police were on their way. (Flores Page 16)
About 10:00 pm June 9, 2008 Monday Marie Hall got worried because she hadn’t heard from Travis all week and they were supposed to leave for Cancun the next morning at 0925 hrs/9:25 am on a business trip. (Flores Pages 3 & 6))
**Marie knocked on Travis’ door and didn’t get an answer
**She noticed Napoleon the dog running around downstairs
**Marie went back home, but soon called two of her friends, Michelle Lowery and Dallin Forrest. They met up with  her at Travis’ house
**They noticed a white car in the driveway
**They knocked on the door and no answer
**Michelle called someone to get the garage keypad code and they entered the home
**They noticed Travis’ LAPTOP COMPUTER and his CELLULAR PHONE sitting on desk in the den
**They went upstairs and knocked on Zach’s door. Zach was in his bedroom with girlfriend, Amanda McBrien.
10:00 pm June 9, 2008 Monday Zach said that Travis’ friends knocked on his bedroom door at 2200 hrs.10 pm. He told them that he hadn’t seen Travis for several days and thought he had gone on a business trip out of town. (Flores Pages 3, 6, & 7)
? June 9, 2008 Monday Zach got a set of keys and unlocked Travis’ bedroom. They found him dead. They exited & called authorities. The other roommate Enrique was asleep in his room. They informed him of the situation and he exited the house also and called 911.  (Flores Pages 3 & 6)
? June 9, 2008 Monday Officers and Mesa Fire Department Paramedics entered the home and located the body. They said that the body appeared to have been in the bathroom for at least a day or two. (Flores Page 3)
10:37 pm June 9, 2008 Monday Mesa Fire Paramedics called the time of death 2237 hrs./10:37pm. (Flores Page 3)
11:12 pm June 9, 2008 Monday Detective Flores asked to respond to 11428, E. Queensborough Ave in Mesa. (Flores Page 3)
11:50 pm June 9, 2008 Monday Detective Flores arrived at Travis’ home at 2350 hrs.11:50 pm. (Flores Page 3)
? June 9, 2008 Monday Marie Hall told Detective Flores that she and Travis was supposed to leave on a business trip to Cancun, Mexico on June 10th at 0925hrs./9:25 am. Marie Hall said the last time she spoke to Travis was on Monday, June 2nd and she didn’t see him at Church on Sunday, June 8th. (Flores Pages 3-4)
12:54 am June 10, 2008 Tuesday At 0054 hrs./12:54am after midnight/early Tuesday morning hours. Detective B. Cooper, Sergeant D. McBride, Commander V. Myers and Detective Flores entered the home through the front door, and there was s STRONG ODOR associated with a decomposing body ALL OVER THE HOME. The odor was evident as soon as we entered the front door. (Flores Page 3)
? June 12, 2008 Thurs Detective Flores conducted a telephonic interview with Chris Hughes who was Travis’ closest friend and business partner. Chris Hughes had been scheduled meet in Cancun, Mexico on 6-10-2008 for a Prepaid Legal paid seminar/vacation. NOTE: there were many people going on this trip not just two. (Flores Page 13)


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  1. It certainly makes interesting reading when you see it laid out in chronological order like this.

    Team Jodi

    • Zach was in and out a few times on the 4th. It doesn’t look like he was even asked if he saw a white Ford Focus parked in the driveway that day. He should have seen it since Jodi states she got there at 4 am and I believe she said she parked in the same place in the driveway she always parked? Did the roomies ever do depositions? Nurmi needs to get these guys on the stand! Especially Zach.

      • I do concur with you, why didn’t he see her car there? and why didn’t they notice the smell long before Monday, not to mention who was taking care of Napoleon during this time.

        • On Page 17 of the Flores report second paragraph from the bottom…Detective Flores is doing a follow-up interview with Zach. He wanted to pinpoint his schedule on the week of June 2nd 2008…

          Zach made a statement that Enrique’s girlfriend, Kim, was feeding Travis’ dog Napoleon, so he assumed Travis was out of town that week again…

          Note: Zach made several contradictory statements on this interview compared to his first interview…

      • See, I don’t get that either. There is NO WAY that those people were in and out of that house and didn’t notice the smell of decomposition. That odor is unmistakable. You don’t just go on about your business with that odor. THAT is what is impossible. Someone knows something. Why haven’t these people been put on the stand?


    • read last page ryan burns say page 19 just above the forensic evidence results very interesting read


    • The jury will have the Flores report in the entire form? Is this posted in the entire form on any other website? It is fascinating.

    • how convent for the hughes to be out of town so no to have to be interview about there whereabouts note they called travis on the 4 at noon why to find out if he was home maybe they got info about who was there travis probable told them roommates activity. like to see the phone record of the hughes and them to the others it was so unusual that jodi was the target to take the fall for travis death.


      remember him saying we envited her to go 4 wheeling on the 5-6 when she was in UT and Dave Hall describing how she was dressed with the long sleeve shirt in 100 degree weather and hes the one with the guns THANK GOD SHE DID NOT GO WITH THEM 4 WHEELING it was chris hughes brother that interduced jodi to ryan burns. where did they eat that day who was with jodi that day hughes not there they are having a good time. PULL ALL THERE PHONE RECORDS SEE WHO CALLED HOW WHEN WHERE. CELL PINS WHO WHEN WERE. IN MARCH 15 OR SO TILL FLORES STOPED LOOK FOR ANYONE OTHER THAT JODI

    • i have a question, Was Chris and Sky idiots ever interviewed and what were there alibis??? i have been thinking that they were involved because Chris ADMITTED to going into his email, begs to wonder if he didnt delete his ties to what happened. there are WAYYYYY to much doubt for the Jury (that were intimidated) to convict her 🙁 thank u so Much for the break down as well SJ

    • Great work S.J. , I wish the detective would have put more focus on Travis. Where was he? In detail. This shows the roommate’s movements. I would love to know where TRAVIS was in more details. Not just ,he was heard in his office,or was in kitchen for five minutes. You see what I mean ??
      Thanks for All U DO for JODI!!! ……..THIS IS GREAT SITE!
      Madeline (C.T.)

  2. Indeed! Now just to get a few thousand…million…more folks to actually READ it, ha!

    I have the autopsy report on Ashley Reed Thompson, whose death from a gunshot wound was classified a suicide. That, and the FBI press release/story about the conviction of Dustin Thompson for mortgage fraud (I’ll do some checking with the FBI later today to confirm) , allegedly the same one married to Ashley Reed is also an interesting read!

    Oh, and I just re-read that anonymous e-mail sent to Lisa Andrews. Somebody wanted Travis all to themself…..or himself….it appears to me….And may have been willing to go to extraordinary efforts to make that happen….Just saying….

    Also, anyone else notice HLN’s commentators were pouting yesterday? Nasty Grace barely said a word, instead just rolling the trial tape. Vinnie was indignant, “I’m entitled to my opinion!”, Joey Jackson has been assigned to the defense side for the upcoming “After Dark” segment, according to him to help present a “fair and balanced” commentary. So seems the kiddies may have been sent a memo….that many of us would just love to see….:)

    • At one time Jodi filed a restraining order against TruTv stating the things they were saying about her would preclude her from receiving a fair trial, but it was denied…twice.

      • Really, KD, can you post a link to that info here? Or give me more info so I can follow it to the actual request…..Thanks!

        The autopsy report is available through public records, pursuant to public records laws.

        Official court documents and other records, although admittedly incorrect at times for legitimate reasons, are a big part of “keepin ’em honest”!

        Folks, public records are your friends…:) Many are free. And if you can’t find it free, only deal with a licensed private investigator for online reports …but also, be cautious about this….’cause they’re selling stuff too…which is legal and fine, too…but anyway,. just pay attention to any and all fine print!

        Anyone who wants to friend me on facebook, please let me know that you “come in peace’ through a FB message or other.

        Maggie/Sandra Webber

              • Here is the narrative from the 6 Dec minutes:

                The Court has considered Defendant’s Motion for Protective Order filed November 15, 2011, In Session’s Response in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion for a Protective Order dated December 1, 2011, Sheriff Arpaio’s Joined in In Session’s Response in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion for a Protective Order dated December 2, 2011, Defendant’s Reply to the Opposition to Protective Order Filed by In Session and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office dated December 5, 2011, and the oral argument presented on November 21, 2011 and December 6, 2011. The Court finds Defendant failed to identify any statement or act which would support the need for a protective order as requested. The Court further finds Defendant failed to establish any statements were made, or that there is any risk of such statements being made, that could affect the defendant’s right to a fair trial. The Court further finds that ethical rules and agency policies and practices are in place to assure that the Defendant’s rights are not violated as suggested by the Defendant. The Defendant’s concerns regarding pretrial publicity impacting the jury pool is too remote to warrant the imposition of a protective order under these circumstances. There are other means for addressing the effect of pretrial publicity on the jury
                pool. The Court having found the Defendant failed to establish that a protective warrant is necessary in this case,

                IT IS ORDERED denying the Defendant’s Motion for Protective Order.
                IT IS FURTHER ORDERED quashing the temporary order issued on November 16,

                • ON ASHLEY DEAD REPORT WHAT DAY WAS THAT AND COMPARE IT TO JODI’S WANTING Protective Order filed November 15, 2011, In Session’s Response in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion for a Protective Order dated December 1, 2011, Sheriff Arpaio’s Joined in In SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT HERE


        • to Maggie and KD I’d like to talk to you some more. You can friend me on FB.(unable to find Maggie. I live here in AZ not close to Phoenix,but lived there before bad town!!!!! bad town!!!! I’m thankful for the information that you have posted here. I have not seen all the trail.I was surprised how the courtroom is and thought since Jodi was able to help decide on what was going on that it was fair. I think I’m wrong!!!! I watched some videos on where at first people not down talking Jodi then now with trail the bashing is unreal. The public interviews where his friends saying she’s a nice girl then changing their minds??? Why are’nt they questioned? I worked E.M.S for years and his roomates not noticing any smell? not checking on him thats not right. Did they ever testify? if so what crap did they say? I grew up in a Morman community too bad I never met Jodi back then I could of told her a few things about the BS!!!! He used her!!!!! I’d like to find real public records and greatful to anyone who would help me on this. I’ll post and blast the truth!!!! Nikki


  3. I posted my comment on this page too…Thanks for this page…

    Thanks for posting that link for the Detailed Breakdown…After reading it again I didn’t realize that there were four people in and out of Travis’ home during the time that he was deceased.

    Originally, we had only heard of two roommates Zach Billings and Enrique Cortez being in the home…now reading it in chronological order it brings out more attention that Amanda McBrien (Zach’s girlfriend) was with him most of the time in his bedroom..and Enrique’s girlfriend, Kim was with him in his bedroom too…

    And on Wednesday, June 4th…look at the time Zach was in and out of the house that Wednesday…There is no way that Jodi could have done all that cleaning up and washing the clothes and “dodged” Zach while he was in and out that Wednesday…Not possible…

    And I found it odd that both Jodi and Zach were both driving rental cars on the same day at Travis’ house…Jodi rented her car rental for traveling….Zach rented his car rental because his own car was in an accident…TOO ODD…I wonder if the Detective verified if Zach’s car had really been in a wreck?

    WOW…a lot of revelation in the new page you added…

      • We know that Jodi arrived at Travis’ house at 4 am on Wednesday morning in a car rental believed to be a white Ford Focus based on what Ryan Byrnes said on page 20 top paragraph of the Flores Report …

        Zach’ car rental…I do not read anywhere that the detective even investigated anything about Zach’s car rental that he returned on the Wednesday morning of June 4, 2008…Zach’s day off work…

        POSSIBLY…Zach could have been lying…in the event than if anyone saw a car at Travis’ home that morning…he could have easily said that it was his car rental and he had to return it…Maybe that is the reason that he told the detective that he returned his car rental he had been using..he said that his car was being repaired after being in an accident…

        POSSIBLY…just one big cover-up of who all was really in the home and what really went on in Travis’ house on Wednesday June 4, 2008 during the day, evening, and night…


  4. anybody watch jvm last night? I found it rude when a caller called in and mentioned that there was no reciept for third purchase of gas for that third gas can. there was just a transaction on her bank statement.Did anybody ever think that she bought food and drinks.Anyway this lady was cut off by jvm. Seems that happens alot when somebody says anything positive about Jodi.When will we have a news network that covers both sides? Keep up the good work.Look what happen to the talking heads in the Cassey Anthony case.PRICELESS

    • Glen, unfortunately the gas station was closed from 1:00 a.m. to I think 6:00 a.m. for food purchases but gas was available.

      • Katarina, that’s ok that it is closed because Kermit hasn’t shown that all three purchases were even the same day, much less close to the same time.

        the bank statement had transactions out of order with no date and time.

  5. I am a day later reading all the posts and all I can say is WOW!!!! Great reporting and detective work….I love this group~~~TEAM JODI Rocks!

  6. Travis is not responding to any communications, the floor cleaner is in the middle of the room downstairs, the communal washer is filled with his clothes and a camera, the dryer holds his bedding, his ring and cell phone are on the kitchen counter, the dog is cordoned off from parts of the house, the door is locked, TA’s car is in the garage and TA was not scheduled to leave for Cancun for 6 days but not one person thought anything here was amiss.

    Jodi was there when at least one of the roomates was there but no one saw her rental car or heard her or TA in his room.

    Enrique can’t remember when he did laundry and thinks he saw TA Wednesday evening?

    No one noticed the smell of the corpse in the house?

    Why don’t the roomates answer the door when someone is knocking?

    Ashley tried to implicate her own ex-husband and then ends up dead?

    These people are weird.

    • Mintz,

      RIGHT ON. The exact questions we are all asking…it makes NO SENSE and what do the talking heads always say: “IF IT MAKES NO SENSE IT’S NOT TRUE.” The roommates and the “friends” are lying or manipulating the truth – and they have the unmitigated gall to publicly call Jodi a liar…

    • Mintz
      I totally Agree something is not right

      If Jodi was there why didn’t anyone see her or her car?
      Travis’s cell phone was on the kitchen counter so why didn’t his roommates hear it ring when a call or text message came in?
      Travis’s roommates didn’t Smell his decaying body?
      And Travis’s dog?

      So many questions are flowing through my brain!
      I’m going to read the entire report right now! I will comment after reading it!

      I feel that something is Terribly wrong!

  7. Maggie,

    Are the “Ashley Reed Thompson” and the “Ashley NICOLE Thompson” referred to by Flores one and the same person??????

    • Ashley Nicole Reed is her birth name. Thompson was her married last name.

      You can find her grave stone @ – she is buried @ City of Mesa Cemetery with Reed on her grave stone.

      Maggie, great work on getting the autopsy report. How sad it was suicide.

      Is the caliber of bullet stated in the report?

      • K I’m confused here. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Who is this Ashley? and is she connected in this case? if so please explain.I just found this site last night and I’ve been watching videos here and of course the case on TV. I’ve always felt something not right with this,and I’m listening to my gut and looking into things for myself.

  8. I find it quite bizarre that his roommates did not notice any offensive odor But as soon as the police entered the house they said “There was a strong odor associated with a decomposing body all over the home.”
    So why is it that Travis’s roommates did not smell ANYTHING? Also changing the dates regarding the doing of the laundry on the seventh and the fourth is a little strange!

    • It is even more puzzling that Ashley called an *anonymous* tip into the police about her estranged husband’s possible involvement.

      *note to us all – if ya ever want to call the PD and remain anonymous BUY A TRACK PHONE to ensure your call is not traced by the police as her call was. It didn’t seem Ashley was aware Flores knew she made the call way before she informed him she called in the tip.

      For as much time Zach was home and in and out on the 4th I have to believe he became aware Jodi was there and heard them being intimate. I’ve considered it was a roommate who heard them and got angry with TA, and perhaps found him at some point, after Jodi fled after the shooting and knife assault, that he comes upon the bloody scene and dead TA. In his anger towards TA for trashing the vows of the Church and acting the innocent virgin when he wasn’t he does the throat work and puts him in the shower, does the laundry, locks the BR door (he had the keys!) etc.

      INSTEAD …

      Maybe Zach or Enrique heard them having sex and went to Dustin Thompson and told Dustin that he heard TA screwing a chick in his room and was not a virgin and had been lying to them all. Maybe Dustin comes to the house to catch or confront TA. He comes upon the bloody scene, maybe arrives to see Jodi in a frenzied mess. In her disoriented state she flees with blood still on her hands – the blood she finds and uses the water from her trunk to wash off.

      Dustin, in his shock at the scene and in his anger over the sex and lies and and now finding Jodi there realizes TA has been a complete fraud and a disgrace to the Church. Dustin does the final throat cutting. He easily lifts TA in the shower to wash any evidence of himself away. He locks the BR door and leaves. Neither roommate sees Dustin and are unaware TA is dead. After TA is found, since they all dislike Jodi so much they breath easy when Jodi quickly becomes the top suspect and their alibi’s are not questioned too deeply by the PD.

      Maybe, deep in her heart, Ashley knew Dustin had some involvement with it. She was married to him, would know him best and know what he might be capable of.

      I just do not feel Jodi did the final throat cut. So many here (myself included) have said slashing a throat would NEVER enter their mind if they were fighting to save their life. To me it seems like such a masculine, intentional act – not something even a *fearing for her life* female would do – especially to someone she professes to love.

      • I think the throat slashing seems a masculine thing to do also.

        Also, Ashley was “close” to Travis and had considered moving in with him….I think it more likely Dustin would have been pissed over that…and to find out Travis was playing a bunch of women on top of that.

  9. watched JM show tapes of JA intergation when she describes the inturders says they were in her purse took money she said she had money in her jeans she was wearing in the back pocket. the other thing noticed the palm print they have she say I quote don’t have any cuts on my left palm… could be that is not her standing over travis in the picture were he is bleeding and head is on his arm. she states that is not my foot. would like to know more about the dustin and ashley and flores report page 19 ryan talks about the gun intruders how did his friend know about this did flores tell someone and it got back to ryan????

  10. did a google search on dead body smell it say the smell starts in 24 hrs after death. at 70deg. and for the court yesterday it looks bad for jodi the doctor has done a bad job of trying to save her. Martinez is all over him and the family of travis is loving it they want her dead and did anyone notice the show that had friends of travis on last nite one was named dustin the only thing he said was I was not there… dustin had a different name than dustin thompson but it was weard they had someone named dustin on there. ashley says dustin heard about the death and went to the house the nite the police were there

  11. There is much speculation on this video about people seeing two people in the iris of Travis’ eye…some feel that Travis’ is looking at two people…

    POSSIBLY Travis’ is seeing two people…

    With their own testimony the timeline puts both roommates in the home…around the same time as when the gun was fired or shortly afterwards…

    The camera photos show the time around 5:38 pm or so and Travis is dead…

    Enrique (roommate) says he got off work at 6 pm and was at Travis’ house right after 6-6:30 pm…

    Zach (other roommate) was off work that Wednesday, June 4th and he was in and out of Travis’ house all day…

    Jodi would not have time to have washed the two loads of clothes…

    Remember on Monday night, June 9, 2008 after 10 pm Detective Fores found Travis’ bedclothes in the dryer…and his clothes and camera were in the washing machine already washed…

    TWO loads of clothes from the crime scene was washed…WHO WASHED THEM?????

    Both roommates testified to the detective that they had washed and dried clothes using Travis’ washer and dryer that same week…Zach washed and dried clothes on Wednesday and Enrique said he washed and dried clothes earlier that week….

    • Ya I know I still do not believe Jodi did all that alone. An she is either really scared of some one or she really can’t remember after the gun shot what happened because she was unconscious for awhile after the head slam? woke up to a mess ! IF she can’t remember how are we suppose to know for sure she did all that MESS of cutting an slicing? everyone is just guessing an it is driving me nuts. Some people will say she already admitted it? YES she admitted the GUN SHOT an remembering hearing a knife drop? but did she drop it? or someone else? she says it could be from doing dishes there so much from another time when she put a knife in the dishwasher or dropped a knife. She does not know for a fact that she cut Travis up so therefore I can’t say she did it either. Yes she shot him an then something happened the photos could be the wrong time stamp on them from being dropped? that may not even be her foot in that picture an those shorts with the white stripe down them are certainly not hers they are HUGE ! maybe she had them tied up but those are a man’s shorts those kind they sag all the time. I don’t see those Mormon’s doing that saggy pants stuff so I am confused.

      • I totally agree that this wasn’t done alone and the roommates don’t know anything. Total B.S. Especially when the doors were always unlocked anyone could of came in the house to visit.

        Footprint could of been tested with her prints?

        As for her lack of emotions in the courtoom that doesn’t mean anything since the psychologists stated today on the stand that she has been medicated since being in jail. She’s had almost five years in jail to cry her eyes out…….She’s numb, and you can see she’s scared for her life.

        Who had the keys to get into Travis room? Code to the garage? If none of his friends took him to the airport and his car was in the garage wouldn’t you wonder why he wasn’t answering his phone or emails?

        I believe Zach knows something…..

        Lets say Jodi used a garbage bag to drag him to the shower, this wouldn’t make sense with Travis weight, the bag would rip. Why isn’t there blood from the bedroom door back to the shower on the carpet?

  12. Thank you for posting the timeline. These are all things that have raised red flags to me too. If Zach was in and out of the house all day, Jodi would have been too scared of being caught to spend any time doing any kind of cleanup. Also, did Zach ever say he saw or heard Jodi in the house at any time that day?

    I just can’t believe these things have not been investigated.

    • scrappydoo…apparently Detective Flores didn’t do a timeline of his 21 page report…had he done so…it would have been too obvious who all was in Travis’ home that Wednesday, June 4, 2008…

      Timelines are very important in helping to see the bigger but only if the person who is investigating is interested enough to do the timeline…

  13. I hope that the defence team in closing will tell the jury to read the flores police report the same one that we are reading and in that I’m sure they will be scraching there heads over it.


  14. just watched the video on utube with nancy grace with zac question when did you last see travis week prior to his death sunday then nancy tells him about the 3 different lies and he answered “lets say it was self-defence” why would he say that if nancy just told him of jodi’s story. If zac did see something that day to help jodi. with all we know about him now with the interview with the flores police report there is no interview with the girlfriend who is now is wife I’m trying so hard to see the big picture here. cant let this go and for the court room anticks with JM I prayed hail mary to get the judge to stop him but she is defentally on JM side. and the jury all not raising there hands did you watch tv internet etc. just dont believe them

  15. I thought about something else today…

    Let’s look at the time that day…

    1:40 pm….Jodi and Travis are doing the nude photos…(bedclothes and sheets on bed)
    3:00 pm….Zach the roommate arrives back at Travis’ house for about an hour (this is Zach’s day off of work…
    4:00 pm….Zach is leaving Travis’ house to go to his girlfriend’s house to clean her house
    5:30 pm….Photo time date app. last few photos of Travis alive
    6:00 pm…Enrique is getting off work and arrives at Travis’ house 6-6:30 pm

    What time would Jodi have had the time to wash the bedclothes…according to the detective he found in the dryer was the bedclothes which consisted of the brown comforter, light color sheets, and pillowcases…(darks and light colors washed together-doesn’t make since for a female to do)

    I am wondering if this is another time that Jodi remembers washing what you said she testified the sheets…maybe it was one of her previous memories when she got paid to clean Travis’ house…it was said that she did the laundry for all of them too…(during the testimony that you mentioned…did she mention the brown comforter was mixed in the dryer with the sheets too…the detective found the comforter, sheets, and pillowcases in the dryer…)

    And…If Jodi washed the bedclothes…where in the house did she and Travis spend their time while the clothes were washing?…(remember the bed would be unmade?)

    It would be impossible for me to think that either one of them went outside his bedroom that day considering it being Zach’s day off of work and he is in and out of the home that day…and Enrique coming home right after 6pm…

    Wouldn’t Jodi and Travis have had to “dodge” and “sprint” all over the house to not be detected by Zach while he was coming in and out of the house that day while he was off work…and Enrique coming home from work after 6 pm….

    How did they not get detected????

    • Bedding was washed after the bedroom romance as Jodi testified. Then they went to Travis office so look at CD’s Jodi made of the trips they had gone on but were damaged. That’s around the same time Zach was leaving the house…. hmmm ?

      Who had the other set of keys? Who had the code to garage? Why wasn’t the dog going crazy? Dogs have great senses and hard to believe the dog didn’t smell the blood or the decomposing body. Was the dog ever upstairs after the murder?

      Was the office door locked?
      If Jodi was fighting for her life by the bedroom door where most of the blood is found why isn’t there blood all over back to the bathroom?

      Really believe there is more than one person involved in this case…….
      So many unanswered questions to this case.

      • Hi FuJuan…where is the office located that you are referring to? I read somewhere there were two offices…one near Travis’ room upstairs…and the desk in the den downstairs…did both have computers? hmmm…and only one computer found? hmmm…

        So many sneaky secrets….

        • I thought the office was downstairs by the kitchen if my memory recalls correctly. I thought I read somewhere Travis had a laptop, and he was also using a female friends laptop.

          Many sneaky secrets.


    • Jodi testified that they stripped the bed after sex and that, as was their usual practice, washed the bed clothes when they went downstairs.

      You know what I think is odd…in fact I’ve thought it for a while now….that Zach knew the color of TA’s sheets and number of pillow cases and color. I raised 2 sons (now in their 30s) and I would be completely shocked if either of them noticed the color of a roommates sheets.


  16. I can’t understand why people say Jodi killed travis over the Cancun trip with Marie Hall. Marie wasn’t a girlfriend, she was a business was a business trip. Jodi was getting plenty of travis’s time, no need to be jealous of this situation. Don’t mean to be mean about this, but Marie Hall just doesn’t appear to be Travis’s type, she’s not a very good looking woman. Seems he liked younger, more attractive woman.

  17. Hi there! First time writer. I find a bunch of things questionable right from the beginning. Like when Flores admits on the stand that it would have taken to much time to get all the text messages, emails, and instant messages ( I think around 15,000 to 80,000) , regardless of the fact the context of the emails would help you see their relationship in a personal intimate way. You could see for your self if they were mostly loving and endearing, of tense and stand offish on Travis’ side. To the fact that Jaun was getting info from someone close to this case that was actively watching the case on a regular bases and despite the fact she had to testify. I am talking about Sky. And I REALLY REALLY do not understand how Nancy and Jane and every one else can honestly say that they don’t see anything wrong with what Travis says on the recorded phone call.

    Let’s review shall we? He talks about how he wants to tie her up to a tree gag her set up a camera on timer for still shots of him f#$%^&* her up her a## . As in taking away all possibility of her being able to say stop or to have him stop. ( Which says something because she was always trying to get out of anal. I’m not saying that she didn’t like it sometimes. But she didn’t like it all the time and that’s what he was trying to keep her doing so he supposedly wouldn’t lose his virginity.) . And while shes tied up he wants to lick her butt for 45 minutes? Ok i am not saying that this is not ok if both people are into it and both really want it. BUT we are talking about deviance vs normalcy in this case . Was he a deviant or was his fantasies normal. In our society his wants would make him a deviant in the fact that it is way out of the range of normal. First we are talking about sex outside in the woods. Second we are tying up and gaging someone in a very humiliating and as Jodi said debasing fashion. Sexual abusers like to dehumanize the victims. That’s why he wants to tie her up with her facing away . that’s why he wants to gag her so he doesn’t have to hear her words. Because no matter what words are the only thing that separate us from animals.Dehumanization, That is OBVIOUSLY what Travis is doing to Jodi in this fantasy.

    Another problem i have with the phone call is when he says he likes how she sounds like a 12 year old girl when she comes . WHAT THE F#$%!!!!! That is from HIS, TRAVIS ALEXANDERS’ MOUTH !!! Ok the reason this is very important is because it shows a pattern of progression in his deviancy. Because he was caught looking at the pics of the little boy. then at some point he had to ACTIVELY SEEK OUT what a 12 year old would sound like. The sexual predator progression goes thoughts, observation, action. And we see that here. Because he had to have progressed to the point of observation because he was caught with photos ( we don’t know if this is when the observation process starts because we dont know if there was pics or outside observing like at parks ect., that had taken place before this point.) . Meaning he had to of thought about it to obtain such items. So at some point and not necessarily after being caught with the pics he looked for that sound. Just because Jodi caught him with pics of boys doesn’t mean he wasn’t into little girls too. Now I would understand if people wouldn’t believe it if Jodi was the only one saying these things. But This is FROM HIS MOUTH. and for Nancy to have a girl who will someday be a beautiful 12 year old could not want to punch him in the throat herself? I don’t know! Because that is what I felt like doing.! This phone conversation is an unguarded glimpse into Travis’ inner thoughts. This was the dark shit he was into.

    The reason all of this matters in this case is because it shows a VERY DIFFERENT person then who everyone thought Travis was. I thought it was odd that Nancy and everyone says they cant see ANY manipulation on travis’s side!!WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! His last girl friend only went out with him because she thought he was a virgin . do you know why she thought that. BECAUSE TRAVIS TOLD HER HE WAS! Nancey says” How many 30 year old virgins do you think there are? give me a break.” OK so she is I guess saying this nice young woman who was a virgin into her 20’s by the way, that she is a stupid ass for ever believing that. Then when she starts to hear rumors and breaks up with him he lies and says none of it is true and he would never do those things. She takes him back. An then some time later breaks up with him for good when his roomate comes forward and tells her that yes Travis is screwing jodi all the time at their house. So no he hadn’t been a virgin for a long time.( assuming he was when he started screwing Jodi). Anyone see any manipulation yet?? I’ll keep going. His friends and this last girl friend are the only ones saying anything about stalking.

    How do you know that he wasn’t telling Jodi that this girl was the stalker at the same time he was telling Lisa that Jodi was the stalker. And why is it so hard to think that lisa is also bitter at travis and Jodi and SHE said Jodi was a stalker. Because if you look at the texts and emails( that the defense thought WAS pretty important) as late as a month before he died he was saying she is the most beautiful girls in the world. How she is his every desire that sort of thing. Oh yeah that sounds like he was a afraid she was a stalker. Oh and you find me 1 women/teenage girl that would not look in their boyfriends’/girlfriends’ email, facebook, text messages if they for one moment thought they were cheating !!! ANYONE WOULD DO THAT!! GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK!! Come on Nancey are you really going to tell me that you never called and hung up to see if your boyfriend was home? are you really going to tell me that you never check a boyfriends answering machine to see who called because thats what we had back then? like i said give me a damn brake. Thats not stalking thats finding out if your other half is an f#$% asshole. But that aside none of this should be apart of the so called stalking because HE GAVE HER HIS INFO AND SHE GAVE HIM HERS. He could have checked her shit just as easily as she did his. I mean hell this asshole even went so out of line as to read her very private and personal journal and made her tear out things because the were mean about him. Damn man grow a pair!! Did he tear out all the crap he said about her in his. Hell no he didn”t even Not degrade her in public why would he do it in a book no one will see unless he is dead right?

    So she went in his yard and saw through the window that he was in there with another woman and runs in and runs out. Your lucky she didnt punch Travis in the throat that night. ok so she came in through the doggy door. Wait wouldn’t that be a contradiction to what the roomate said because why would Jodi ever crawl through a doggie door if the front door was ALWAYS unlocked? That makes no sense why would she do that instead of just going through the door? And wasn’t MIMI hall the first to say anything about the doggy door? See all of his friends and ex-girlfriends have reasons to not like Jodi even if Travis was alive. They probably hated the time that Jodi took away from them. How the girls who were his friends and his girlfriends probably hated the way he couldn’t let her go. Because they can sit up there and say that they knew him best all they want. But these dumb asses didn’t even know that these two were talking all the time, much less doing it every chance they had. and yeah because Jodi went out of her way to make him happy.. Does any of that say she is a stalker? no if anything Travis looks like the stalker. making her get rid of anything that might make him look bad. When ever she tried to date he had a panty wad about it and she would be back with him. he wanted to know where she was going on trips to and he always tried to go with her. when ever anyone would talk to her in public he would grab her ass or start talking with her him self or what was even crazier he would just watch and get pissed. like with Abe at the conference. Now that the stalking thing has been discussed back to the manipulation that is envolved to make ALL these people ( even jodi) believe what Travis wants them to believe.

    It’s like Joey Jackson said “You don’t know every thing about your friends. You only know what they want you to know.” Travis manipulated everyone in his life . His Chruch( having sex, misleading new followers in the faith), taking advantage of his position in Jodis life, lying to his family about what he does in his life, telling Jodi one thing and then telling his friends and family another, and so on and so on. This is all manipulation. This is all for control. Not just over Jodis’ life but his as well. Ok all that being said, another thing that really chaps my ass is the fact every one acts like they don’t understand why she cant remember anything from that night. GOD PEOPLE !! This girl had to fight for her life. This was a very very tramatic event. Honestly we are lucky she is not rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere. Soldiers in war don’t even see a single person get shot, stabbed 29 times and then their throat slit. Now I know alot of you don’t think that she did this alone but look even if she did you have to understand when you fight for your life you are not counting how many times you are swinging the knife. You don’t know how much strength you are applying when you push on something. And it would be very easy for her to drag him back to the shower unassisted because of adrenalin and with the fact bare skin slides over tile easily. Plus remember he was naked his clothes were somewhere for all we know they fell on the floor during the struggle and he somehow landed on some of them making him move over the floor even better. There was bloody clothes in the washer after all. And That doesn’t even get into the way the experts have been treated by the court and the public regardless of the fact the SAME experts could have been hired by the prosecution should they have wanted to have evaluated Jodi their damn selves. but if we all notice there is not one expert to discredit Samuels or LAViolette. At least they are not on the witnesses to be called list.

    Do you know why because Samules has so many credentials and degrees ( some only 5% of the people in his field has achieved) and is so over qualified for this trial that no one can come in and refute any of the MEDICAL testimony that he gave. That’s why everyone from Juan to Nancey only had “SExual intercourse can cause this memory loss what? water can cause it to? what?” Hey all you dumbies out there why dont you buy the book EVERY PROFESSIONAL IN THIS FIELD HAS TO GO BY AND READ THE MEDICAL DEF. YOUR SELF. and you can see that he is not twisting it to fit Jodis story. THATS WHAT IT SAYS IN THE BOOK. , That doesnt even get into how Jaun is treating alyce and because she is keeping him in HIS place and not letting him get out of line she is being labled as the bad guy. What the hell. Or the fact very reasonable motion from the defense from taking death off the table because of Jauns’ douchery to having the jury sequestered due to possible tainting from media sources has been denied . Everything I mean everything. What the hell this trail is as big as the OJ trail and this stupid judge didn’t think it should have happened before day 1. I mean damn everyone thinks she is on Jauns side but when you look at it that way she seems like shes doing everything for jodi to get her appeal. I have way more to say about this trial and would love to talk to anyone who has questions about my thoughts. Thanks for starting this site!! I really hoped someone out there could help her get her justice too. it s like my boyfriend said if the jury finds it was self defense then this girl spent 5 years of her life in prison for picking her life over that of her attacker. Every one will have looked down on her for not giving away her life to someone they all THINK was a better person. No one should have to apologize because they want to live. thanks again be back soon

    • Ginger,

      I am following until the end and praying for justice. Your article is the best written yet, to cover most aspects. The last statment “No one should have to apologize because they want to live” is the clincher!
      Thanks four your post.
      The pics of TA in the shower is the look of being caught while masturbating. One the shower doo was closed and then it was opened.

      More than Jodi knows , some body out there knows more. Time is ticking before we will finally find out.

  18. Jodi’s hair looked very pretty today. Please let her know I am praying for her and trying to pray for all the haters as well. I am saddened and disappointed at the cruelty this trial has unleashed in many people.

  19. How do I become a part of this group? I am a Jodi supporter who enjoys reading posts of people who think like me. Thank you!

  20. Funny Zack knew right where to find the keys to unlock the bedroom door huh? But he thought Travis was already out of town? And funny Jodi would remember to lock the bedroom door behind her? Zack is not telling the truth. Does Jodi think some how she deserved to be punhished. When people are abused they think it was all their fault. If Zack knew the truth would Jodi implicate him? Or would she think the whole thing was her fault and he was just trying to help her? And if the door was lockd when MImi went there = who locked it because everyone has said Travis never locked the door when he was home. Was Zack going in and out of the door? if so why would he lock it when Travis never did?

  21. Hi, I am new to the site, having only followed the case peripherally, until I saw portions of the interview with Jody after the verdict. When she denied premeditation, my sense is that she was telling the truth, but I think the brutality of the wounds made it hard for a jury to be easy on her. Also, it is clear that there is a lot of denial on the part of family and friends of the victim, regarding his behavior. I feel he was to some degree complicit in his own murder.

    Like attracts like; the victim’s family finds it easier to cope if they conceive that a totally evil and diabolical girl murdered a wonderful, virtuous good person, but the reality is that the killer and the victim were alike in some ways, certainly as regards their dangerous sexual behavior. I am not excusing what she did, or saying he deserved what he got, definitely not, but, as a guy, I would say, if I treated a girl like that, I would have to expect negative consequences.

  22. well, I have many questions for Jodi, cuz I know in my heart that she is unable to tell the story as it happened and it is very upsetting to me that she is not lying about him attacking her and fighting him off her but there isn’t anyway to prove that and it is frustrating for sure. I don’t feel that Jodi planned to hurt him. I do believe that Jodi was only trying to frighten TA and get him to stop the gun went off he charged her and fought her harder then she tried getting him off her by stabbing him while her arms wrapped around his back and he was not stopping so she sliced his throat or maybe he made her snap at that point … I don’t know but I wish that she could remember more about what happened and could explain more of it to us. I mean I believe he used her and controlled her so that she was all his yet he didn’t want more that to roll around in bed with her and he was looking for a wife that was a “good morman virgin” … it is sickening think of the way this trial has been totally screwed up due to the media~ I think a petition for a mistrial from Team Jodi would be an idea possibly? What do you think?

  23. Alot of this does not make sense to me either. More investigating should have been done before they arrested Jodi* . If you listen very careful to her stories you will hear bits and pieces of that night that make sense,, the rest I think someone told her to say. I think they should of put her in mental evalation first and no one should talk to police alone without an attorney.

    • How was it explained that both roommates saw Travis after he was supposed to be dead according to the time stamped photos at 5:30pm on June 4th? Also, they could’ve had someone proofread the police report before it was submitted to at least give the illusion of professionalism.

  24. I have been stuck on this case. LOL ,Nobody wants to hear me anymore!!hahhaha
    I worked 20 yrs. with mentally disabled, I CAN read people.
    I thought Jodi had real tears, real emotion,and it seemed like she never saw any of these things,
    JM picked up on that,and kept putting those pictures up, to get a reaction out of Jodi.
    ……..Madeline, from C.T.

  25. I was one of the people who considered Jodi Guilty, and Guilty of everything accused. I didn’t follow the case that thoroughly but would hear bits and pieces on television. I, then, stumbled upon a few videos of the actual trial and from there I began to educate myself on the “facts”. I am appalled at the ability of the media to twist and turn things to adhere to their perspectives. I was extremely naive to this and I am a pretty intelligent person. I had complete faith in my justice system until recently. The one thing I have learned from this is that we all need to make our own conclusions and not let others ( no matter how famous or how televised) make them for us.
    I am now a believer in Jodi’s innocence.
    Keep up the great work!

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