I know its been discussed in almost every post is this site… so due to repeated requests, I’m now adding this page so we can centralize everything relating to the events of June 4th 2008.

So post your thoughts below on the sequence of events that day… including (but not limited to): the camera… the pictures… the duct tape… the knife… the gun… the washing machine… the palm print… the strong decomp odor that the roommates “missed” for 5 days… the statements given by the roommates… the keys… the ring… the car in the garage… the still unexplained boot print picture (?)… the Ashley Thompson tip…  and anything else that I might have missed.


Some relevant statements within the report are highlighted in yellow.

You can also click here to read a detailed breakdown & analysis of the Flores report – and all the events & conflicting statements given after June 4th 2008.


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  1. The report says he talked to an ex gf of TA’s and she didn’t know too much about Jodi “other than what she learned that night.” His words. It then goes on to say she knew; Jodi was obsessive, Jodi manipulated his fb acct, Jodi went uninvited through the doggie door, Jodi was a “stalker ex-girlfriend,” Jodi moved here from CA to be near TA, TA baptized Jodi, she was worried about Jodi because she was obsessive (interesting since you didn’t know much about her ’til that night), Jodi stole journals, TA spoke to Jodi last week, TA caught Jodi hacking into his acct (she knew the passwords and, apparently, he was too stupid to change them). That is all in ONE paragraph. The last sentence of that paragraph says, “Other than this she knew very little about Jodi Arias.” Is this a joke? Sounds like scapegoat, to me.

    • I also have a question as to the roommates.. according 2 the direct testimony of florres he stated that the one roommate was at his gf grandmothers house housesitting ??? What gives??? Jodi Is being setup and sabotaged WTF I am outraged at this shoty piece of police and state bullying an already abused individual !!! >:(

      • Chad, that’s usually the way it goes. The abused continues to be victimized. We women need to break the cycle of abuse, and become strong and independent. I do not understand something, and probably did not pay enough attention; how come Travis’ body was found 5 days later? I thought he had roommates that would come home after work?

        • Anna, that is the mystery. If you read the detectives report (link above a top of page), you’ll see that one room mate was in and out, and so was his girlfriend and for I don’t even know how many days, claim not to smell any decomposition. The whole think is ridiculous, far fetched and unbelievable.

          • All the roommates who were in that house after +/- Day 2 had better end up being diagnosed with a rare smelling disorder or shown to have had the worst sinus blockages in history, or this is going to be a real problem. I’ve never smelled a decomposing body, thank God, but I can imagine, and from what I’ve heard it is a VERY loud smell.

            In life when you put 2 and 2 together and come up with something other than four, a red flag should go up. In the roommate/decomp part of the case, they’re trying to make us believe that 2 + 2 = 14.577.

            I just started reading this day’s comments, but I’ll ask it here, anyway: what roles might the roommates have played in this catastrophe? Were some of them in on the murder and sat around waiting to figure out what to do with the body, and when they couldn’t figure anything out just said, “Let’s just call the cops and get this thing out of here?

            This doesn’t make sense, but I’m only throwing out an idea.

          • I do not think that is far fetched at all.I think it goes to show you how dominate Travis was and no one dared question anything he did even when this was strange that he just vanished, they knew he was going on a trip and even though it was supposed to be later in the week they just used that excuse to themselves so they did not have to question Travis’s women antics,I bet they thought he was shacked up somewhere and hiding from his stream of women he had and they were trying to cover up with ignoring what was going on.Because he probably demanded total privacy to his actions and the room mates just went ABOUT THERE EVERYDAY LIVES.The one girlfriend is the only one that seemed to notice that something was going on that was out of the ordinary, when she saw his ring and whatever jewelry she noticed was on the counter or sink. I bet those guys that lived there knew about Travis’s BS and they just kept it quiet because he was their landlord and fellow male Mormon and the one probably just blew off his girlfriends observations.

            I also wondered about the smell too.The cop’s said that the smell was over powering and they could smell it at the door as soon as they got to the doorway of the house itself.I read a lot of true crime and it does seem it usually does take a few days in the stifling heat of an apartment building before the tenants start to smell the decomposition of body.Then it will take a day or two for everyone to start complaining after they start smelling it and they all start looking for what is causing the smell. I do not know how the heat and the humidity works in Arizona on decomposition during that month because we all know that the temperatures feel different in places where the humidity is lower and higher than the average places in the US. The one room mate did say that he started smelling something that Monday. This fact puzzles me too. In a house that was immaculate and has no smells it seems to me that it would have made that smell of decomp more pronounced.Just an interior door would have not held in that smell and there were two interior doors that the smell would have been trying to escape from? Those doors were regular doors and were not sound proof,sound proof doors would have helped hold in the smell longer. This is very puzzling. I do know that some killers will turn on the air conditioning even in the winter and spring months as low as they can to help ward off detection for as long as they can. However the police did not find anything like that done and they always check for that being done.I have thought about this and I cannot come up with a plausible reason they did not smell him.

            • I also have to point out that over the doors leading into Travis’ space was an air vent which would have allowed the scent to travel outside of the room easier.

        • on the flores report read what enrique say about the day he smelled somthing and if not ???? the date was 6/2 ????

  2. When I read the police report, it stated that his roommate said he saw Travis on Thursday, June 5th. Hmm, wasn’t Travis already dead by then?

    I still have issues with the roommates knowing (or smelling) nothing.

    I have a darn puppy who isn’t potty trained yet. When she poops on the floor in the family room, half a house away, I can smell it!

    But, his roommates didn’t smell a thing???


    • Nicole …in addition Zack also stated the last time he saw Travis was on Thursday or “Friday”. Listen to his voice in the background of the 911 call.

    • It is possible to become acclimated to smells over time…however, normally when one leaves and then returns to the home after work…or many hours, the smell is usually then very noticeable.

      I have never smelled a decomposing body, but i have left meat product packaging in the trash by mistake and the smell was horrendous when I returned home.

      • Yes, this crossed my mind too. I suppose I can understand maybe one or two days, and then when the smell gets stronger and stronger then one of the roommates finally doing something about it.

        But five days? After going in and out of the house from the fresh air into the stench? I had to set up poison traps this winter and the mouse died and it smelled awful! And this is in the northeast in the middle of winter, not in the hot AZ summer sun. I had to hunt around to find it, but if that little thing stunk that bad, I can’t imagine what 200+lbs of human decomposition must smell like.

        • I have lived through the unfortunate event of having a dead mouse go MIA in our house here, thanks to our cats dragging the trap and mouse away,or the poor mouse crawling away with a trap still attached to its lower quadrant, (yes I feel guilty about that one) and I can say in a 3 level home, the smell of a small dead mouse after 2 or 3 days is enough to make you want to live outside! Death is the most disturbing smell on the planet, and it does not stay contained behind a closed door. It permeates every level and corner of the home. I do not understand how the room mate(s) or girl friends did not notice that. Even Flores mentions in his report, that the smell is evident throughout the entire house when he gets there.

        • Come on,a mouse died in the walls of my garage,and the smell of the dead mouse went through the door,into my kitchen.I don’t buy that noise at all !

      • I concur about smelly dead mice..but I will add the fact that the body was also decomposing in the shower , which I assume had a drain in it. A drain likely connected to other pipes in the home. Would it be incorrect to assume that a bathroom on the 2nd floor with a body in an advanced state of decomposition wouldn’t in essence “Pipe” the odor to other parts of the house?

      • Is it possible since the room had not been opened, the smell had not filtrated the home? Once they opened the room then the smell was more noticable.

    • I agree with that 150%! There is no way those housemates of his didnt smell anything. AND how could they have not heard any of the commotion during that time.

      • Hi!

        What was the name of the roommate who Jodi brought food too? Was Zac the one who busted travis cheating to Lisa D? Was it Zac Billings or someone else.

        • I believe it was John Hepworth I think is it he moved out not long after that big ta do. I think that he did that on purpose to let Jodi bring over that chicken since Travis was entertaining another woman there. Which makes me think he too is the one who sent the email to Lisa about being a whore an all the biblical terms in it sound more like someone who knows the bible more than Jodi would she was fairly new to the Mormon community at that time anyways.

      • Well they weren’t home at the time. One room mate was due home about 30 minutes after he was killed. So that’s why they didn’t hear anything.

        As for the smell, I’m thinking, the house was huge; TA was in the bathroom with multiple closed doors; AC was on; bathroom fan could have been on; no cold air return in the bathroom.

        But if Flores said he could smell decomp from the moment he entered, then I have no idea…

        • If Flores smelled the decomp permeating the house as soon as he walked in on Day 5, you know the permeation didn’t start the instant Flores opened the door. It had been growing steadily over the days. No, the roommates HAD to have smelled it – particularly as they moved closer to Travis’ bedroom.

          I feel sorry for all the personnel who had to work with the body. I would never go into police or forensics work for this exact reason.

          • And wouldn’t they notice the odor when returning home too? As soon they walk in, it would hit them?

          • Random thought – Did you know if you put vicks under your nose it reduces the pungent odor? My friend is a nurse and she says they do that when dealing with foul odors.

            • if the room mates know about the body perhaps they had girlfriend to say with perhaps they had a reason to let the body sit. dont know should investigate why no one came to see what happened to him if it were a find of mine and he was not answering me id be at there house going up to there room to look to make sure and the dog all animal lovers would question that one…. its said we wondered about the doggie gate travis never put up lets go from there need to think

    • this is true its in black and white for all to read you need to do like casey anthony’s lawyer did and make charts and place them where they need to be just as he did you can’t copy and paste this report to see this one said this and that one said that and this one over here said this untill all that is done and I’d like to do have been away for a some time was up two day tring to find answers to the smell in house the back stabbing of the friends why jodi did what she did or did she do all of it is the question. why did she really get a 9 mm gun when she got home from all of this why did she get a restraing order that the court would not allow if i read that part right. any way im back again and i am not going to give up just because the new say we are full of shit and i should believe what they are saying there is more to this and jodi is note or is affraid for her family if the real truth was to come out

  3. I assume that Nurmi will be calling Flores to the stand right. So my question is, do you think Nurmi will hone in the highlighted parts of his report (about the odd rooommate behavior, the anonymous tip etc.) – eventhough it’s not relevant to the self defence claim – but will provide “doubt” to the jury.


    • Didn’t Nurmi cross-examine Flores when Martinez had him up there? Can the defense call a witness that the defense has already cross-examined? I don’t know how this works.

      I wish Nurmi could call Martiniez and badger him for seven days. That would be worth the price of admission.

  4. Okay – what’s the deal with this? The report states that Zack stated he did laundry on June 7th. So… did he wash TA’s sheets and camera?

    • Zach Billings stated he did the laundry on Saturday June 7th, then when asked again he changed it to Wednesday June 4th. He can account for his activities (and all the times, places, people – and all the other stuff mentioned in the post below) with military precision throughout that week, but he couldn’t remember when he did the laundry.

      Did he quickly realize that if it had been the 7th, he would of had to have taken out the clothes, bedding & camera… done his washing… then put the aforementioned items back in the washing machine? There was only one communal washing machine after all.

      Team Jodi

      • Also……. 4 pages from the end of that report, Zach then goes back and says he “was not positive” if he’d done the laundry Tuesday morning. He’s now stated 3 different laundry days.

        What’s the chance of the mysterious footprint being Zach’s too?

        Team Jodi

        • Which one of the roommates knew where the key to Travis bedroom was kept in order to let his friends in to find his body in the shower.

            • I have a question. How didn’t any roomates notice blood in the hallway? Was the hall, closet and bathroom all behind TAs bedroom door. The dog too, what did the roomates think about the dog? It seems hard to be home and not realize anything until day 5. A dead body gets cold fast and starts to smell pretty fast too. Its a very strong smell that would seemingly be hard to ignore even w a sinus problem.Also, how can a roomate change when he did his laundry 3x. Seems odd

  5. These are some things that I started listing…Feel free to correct or add to my list at any time…thanks…

    The odd thing that I found was the interview with Zachary Billings in this police report…Zachary made these statements about Enrique’s, TA, and Zachary’s relationship with each other within the home the three of them shared
    1. Zachary says that he doesn’t know Enrique very well
    2. ZB said that they all keep to themselves
    3. ZB said that they didn’t hang out with each other at all
    4. ZB said that they haven’t had dinner together
    5. ZB said that he spends most of his time with his girlfriend, Amanda
    6. ZB said that TA always leaves on business trips and never tells them
    7. ZB said that TA doesn’t lock the door
    8. ZB said that TA normally drives out of town but since he was going to Cancun he didn’t think it was out of the ordinary that TA car still in garage
    9. ZB said he sent TA a text message on Saturday and Sunday and TA never responded

    Notice while reading this same report that Zachary Billings seems to remember too many details about TA for someone who told the detective that they all keep to themselves and don’t hang out much and etc.

    I listed a few of the things that ZB said:
    1. ZB noticed the bannister felt sticky
    2. ZB noticed furniture moved downstairs
    3. ZB talks about the home security
    4. ZB said that he goes into TA room to get something he needs or to gets medication out of the medicine cabinet
    5. ZB said that TA had 4-5 brown pillowcases on his bed
    6. ZB said that TA had a brown comforter with light sheets on his bed
    7. ZB SAID THAT HE HIMSELF WAS A PHOTOGRAPHER TOO (this seems important)
    8. ZB described TA camera in exact details
    10. ZB said that TA had purchased a floor cleaner (this seemed odd for him to say)
    11. ZB was the one who got the key and unlocked TA bedroom for the friends that came over and they all found him deceased (In other words…the key was a quick access to the roommate at all times)

    • I saw that in those items in the report and it doesn’t add up. If Zach was a photographer…. why would HE ask TA about a camera to buy? TA was not a photographer. Also, the report states it was this same roommate who did laundry on the 7th and he used the house washer and dryer. But when the police got there, they found the camera and TA’s clothes in the washer and his sheets in the dryer. What???

      • Thanks – I misread that, It is a long report but pretty revealing. And i don’t see why this Zach is not on the witness list. Not only did he change his story (and important items!), but the report gives a lot of details about what Zach claims that Jodi did.. which would speak to the fact that she was stalking him. If prosecution used this info to claim she is stalking then why not put him on the stand?

      • Jodi testified that she assisted TA with the selection of the camera via Phone. What are the odds that Zach and Jodi suggested the same camera? Did Jodi mention this to purposely discredit Zach? I agree, even though this is a self defense case, since Jodi has said she has no memory of the stabbing will the defense point out the OBVIOUS (IMO) possibility that someone could easily be looked at? I hope so.

    • Also strange unless I read it wrong, doesn’t ZB place himself at the house on June 4th for an hour between 3pm and 4pm? Yet says that there were no cars in the driveway? He didn’t notice Jodi and Travis there? Hear them? See her bag? Purse? Anything? Assuming they start talking about or getting ready for Travis’ shower around 5pm they are still in his office at 3-4 aren’t they? They’re not sleeping at that time, or hidden away in his bedroom,in fact I think Jodi used a bathroom to shower downstairs around that time while Travis was in his office. This whole thing is just too fishy. So was there ever an interview done with Dustin? I don’t see a report for that follow up. Or did the cops not even bother?

    • Dog…I watched your video…I hope more people will go and watch it…If I were a juror….I can see that the 3 minute timing could be possible too…and while watching your video…I thought about something that I learned while in nursing about adrenaline rush…our instructor told us that a person can become 5 times stronger than normal when in that heightened state…and watching your video…I can visualize that Travis is 5 times stronger than normal…there would be no question in my mind about Jodi having to continue slashing him because he would never have felt anything for a while…WOW…

      • You’re absolutely right. Ask any guy that has been kicked in the groin during a fight. Under normal circumstances you’d be on the ground but when the adrenaline is pumping you often don’t even feel it or are at least able to keep going.

        I know the timing in the video was a little rushed at the end, it would have taken her a bit more time to drag him down the hallway back in to the bathroom, but I was yapping and kind of rambled on in spots (unintentionally wasting time) but still… I think it is entirely possible it happened the way she described it. On top of that we don’t actually know for a fact that Travis was dead in the 5:32:16 photo. If he wasn’t that means the duration of time for that sequence of events is completely unknown…

        • One Sunday when I was in church…two members of our congregation got up and left…we found out later that their son was changing his tire and the jack slipped and car fell down on him…and his young son with that adrenaline rush was able to pick up the car for his father to slide to safety…so if a young child can do this with incredible strength…I suppose Jodi’s adrenaline was pumping in that “fight or flight” response… and she could have slid him to the bathroom with no problem at all…

          • Yes, people comment about “how could a 125 lb woman move a 200 lb guy”, I confess I argued that as well. But now taking in to consideration he is naked on a wet/blood soaked tile floor, I think he would slide like a puck on a hockey rink.

    • WOW great explanation ! I now believe it was possible by herself. Just so hard to see that little person do all that damage but your right it is possible. An I can see Travis falling on her after that tackle the gun went flying somewhere an some how she got the knife an protected herself. It has already been proven on too many other cases a small 25 that goes through the head an lodges in the cheek does not stop all people but slows them down. With all that blood around the sink area I think he looked at himself in the mirror an freaked out more his adrenaline was pumping too.

      People keep saying oh she jumped up on that closet with the shelves an did not disturb a thing. Well as far as being around a CONTROL FREAK MYSELF before she would out of HABIT straightened clothes whatever if she had moved anything. That closet the shelves would be like a ladder straight up to the shelf on top to grab the gun. I think you could step on the few clothes there an not mess it up too much anyways.

      Thanks for the video it was very good at showing that time an it does last longer than you think.

    • Totally true video. You should go on Nancy Grace….and shut Her up with this video. Thanks for making it.
      I support Jodi’s defence.

    • SJ – could you delete this thread or at least the link to the video? It seems I fudged up and miscalculated because I forgot about the photo of Travis’ lower half in the shower time stamped at 5:30:30 which would take about a minute + 10 seconds of the overall time. Doh!

      • So, whay Dog, are you saying it isnt possible now????? I think sooooo…. I think its still possible. Remember you did take a littke longer on explications… i know its probably bothering you now n want to make another one, I wish I could help. It be so interesting to actually see two people playing it out. I wonder if my husband would be down (he’ll probably freak out)! Lol

    • For lack of a better way to say it.. Thank you for that video. It puts it all into perspective. I had considered trying to go through the motions to re-enact it somehow, but given that my bf is a 30 something , thicker white male and I am a smaller 1/2 Latin female .. There is no way in hell he would have agreed to help me, as he already thinks I’m crazy for following this trial.. Or as he put its ” all your murder death kill stuff.”

    • Dog, great video!! I loved the “nee”nee”nee”nee” sound effects! Lol I tryed to post a like n a comment but wasnt able n im surprised you haven’t had any “smart comments” from the hater…

      I remember a few days ago NG had a friend of TA n she actually counted up to 29 n made it look like there was no way that what you showed in this video was possible. But, you’ve proved it!!! It be a great idea if Nurmi would demonstrate something like this on a video for the jury to see. Can’t we email it to Mrs Wilmott??? There was someone that was emailing her some of the important info that we’ve been sharing. This would be a good idea IF they havent already thought of it. Lets hope Nurmi is as smart as you! : ))

    • First of all: I’m not a Jodi hater – just sometimes need to play Devil’s Advocate to maintain a realistic point of view:

      Your video is instructive – except for two parts (IMHO). If she shot him in the head, even though he would not have died immediately, he would have become instantly disoriented and his focus would have more than likely shifted from attacking her simply from the “surprise” aspect of what had happened AND that the bullet passed through his frontal lobe. Secondly, when you were timing the stabbing part, you only managed to get in the 9 stabs to the back and maybe 8 or 9 to the front, and there, I believe, 27 or 28 stab wounds. So it’s hard to figure out how much headway he could have possibly made in his attack on her given the time frame, since according to her he was only grabbing at her clothes – not punching her or trying to strangle her which would have taken up more time.

  6. I’m going to bring my Ashley Reed Thompson/Dustin Thompson links over here.

    link to Ashley Reed and Dustin Thompson family court case, notice that there is an order of protection during the months before her death:

    Ashley Reed (Thompson) facebook

    Ashley Reed (Thompson) myspace

    Ashley Reed posted this on Travis’ facebook:

    funeral home link for Ashley (older picture, before she cut it for the FB photo, which she seemed happy about.):

    Dustin Thompson on PIPL with an Ashley
    link too long, do a search on pipl.com for Dustin Thompson in Arizona or Mesa AZ 30 years old

    possibly the Dustin Thompson as a FRIEND of Deanna Reid

    Don’t know if this is the same Dustin James thompson, but very creepy if it is…did he watch too many Faces of Death videos?.

    So, how did Ashley die? Was it an accident? illness? or something more sinister?

    • BeeCee- I’m glad you posted this. It is too odd a circumstance to be ignored. I wish we could find out how she died. Usually when someone young like this dies there is an autopsy done automatically. Its also odd that right after her death Jodi requests an order of protection thru the court (that you posted a couple days ago) and it was denied. There are too many odd twists in this case for me to accept it for “face value” I will personally NEVER believe it is simple by any means.

      • Yeah Kmiller I agree. I did not post the protection link because it could be legal speak for something else since I couldn’t find the doc describing it.

        • Great info!
          Could u describe the order of protection you mention jodi requesting just after the time of Ashley’s death (or direct me where you prev posted more)? I am not aware of this situation. She requested protection in jail?

          And I find it interesting that Ashley’s religious views are defined as agnostic on her Facebook.

    • Wow… thanks for posting these links. This is truly unbelievable that there would be so many inconsistencies yet no investigations into this. Only Jodi is investigated based on here-say by a pack of friends.

    • Again…. why hasnt this Dustin J Thompson person not been investigated??? He was even reported by Ashley to be investigated n they just drop it??? By the way if this is the same person the Amozon page is so wierd!!!

      I read somewhere that she had passed away from “Natural Causes” makes no sense she was 28!! I know its possible n it happens, but RARELY!!! IF I was her mom, sister or family member I would be looking into this again. Especially with this TA murder. Her family should step up n get an investigation going. But then again, we all know how the Mormon community work, n they rather lv it at that.

      Its just too much of a coincidence.

      • Yeah LC. I had heard about Faces of Death videos, but I think they are truly disgusting and make me almost nauseous to think that people enjoy looking at that kind of thing. I guess they are considered snuff videos maybe? eeewww, I just shuddered typing that.

        some people are so evil.

        If an investigator or lawyer could probably find out who the Dustin James Thompson is that owned the Amazon list. There would be documentation of that sicko’s email. Then they could find out if it were Ashley Reed’s ex husband or someone else.

        • I think that just knowing that the middle name is James is a big help in knowing that I is more likely than not that this “Dustin” is the one that was her spouse. There is another Dustin that was a separate one. It turned out one of them went to prison for something like 27 months for mortgage fraud.

          We are into a whole different class of people since we all “fell into this murder trial.” Because I am old and have nobody that depends on me except pets, I haven’t worried excessively, yet. However I am beginning to realize we might be getting out of our league when it comes the risk and danger.

          I would like to have conversations about this, but I do think that could be unsafe.

    • Holy crap if that is the same guy WOW his wish list is kind of wild ! Ok I am not a wild woman so some of that stuff is FOREIGN to me ………..younger ones may know what it is tho…….Ok so if this guy did not like TRAVIS was it because of his wife or was he on the down low with Travis ?

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    These two photos from Travis’ autopsy seem to show that the stab wounds in the back are concentrated to the right side of the body and appear to be more like slashing across the skin than stabbing directly in to the body. To me this is consistent with someone (Jodi) being on her back on the floor, the knife in her left hand, Travis laying on top of her, and her reaching around behind him and slashing him across the back


    autopsy photo 1 – http://jessicaknight82.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/screen-shot-2013-02-05-at-7-03-06-pm.png

    autopsy photo 2 – http://jessicaknight82.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/screen-shot-2013-02-05-at-7-02-57-pm.png

    main site – http://jessicaknight82.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/photos-from-the-travis-alexander-murder-trial-warning-very-graphic/.

    • Oh my gosh they are so very graphic now I feel the neck cut was atonement for the church. Not sure really that Jodi did that as now I wonder if that ex roommate that did not like him came back as he is into the graphic death photo’s so much ?? I read a lot about the Mormon’s an the stuff they do not like to talk about but happens an is in there bible but they pretend it is not an skip over it. They have to know some people would still want to carry on the old ways even if the Prophet they have of the day says not too.

      Makes me wonder if people that just disappear now a days an no one can find them are used in sacrifice for some churches there have to be members out there that carry on the old ways no matter what others say about it. After all it is the Secret part.

      • The neck slash is the one that I really just can’t get a handle on. The bullet, yes, to stop the charging bull. When that didn’t work, she grabbed the knife to try to fend him off. But then what happened to bring on that neck slash? I wonder what type of knife it was, and is it possible to cut that deep through a neck by just applying pressure directly across the throat and not “sawing” back and forth. I understand completely that is an event that Jodi would block out, but a part of me wished she would remember just so we could get an answer to that piece of the puzzle.

        • It is gruesome. An the photo looks just like the one I seen for atonement on some website I was looking at. Really creeps me out. She may not want to tell about it. But it sure looks like a atonement to me. An Travis was sinning against the church with Jodi an that could be cause for atonement according to that website. I can see why that would be traumatic an be blocked out tho that was a lot of struggling. An I did notice a lot of the stab wounds they say are actually Slash marks across not just all puncture stabs.

          • I keep thinking atonement as well, but I also wondered if the email from a John Doe that was sent to Travis’ ex girlfriend may have been from someone connected to the church? I know they believe that Jodi sent it, but we’ve seen enough of her writing and speaking style now to see that the email does not sound anything like her. First of all, it doesn’t make threats, and there are no hints of a jealous female, but it does come from someone very well versed in the church doctrine. Could be that Jodi did go to speak to someone at the church about what she thought may have been going on with Travis and his sex life either because she was truly concerned about him, or because she wanted forgiveness for herself,, she may have confided in someone. Someone may have wanted to spare Travis the problems that could arise for him within the church, and chose to deal with it by trying to get the girl away from him instead of approaching Travis about “the girl”. Sound familiar? Maybe the folks who warned Travis repeatedly about staying away from “whorish” type females prior, saw that they had no luck with their previous badgering approach, and changed tactics some.
            I’ve also been thinking about the phone sex recording, as the state has now accused Jodi of recording it without Travis’ knowledge. Could very well be, but if that is the case, it is because trouble was on the horizon, and Jodi knew it. By trouble I mean, that at this time, Jodi had started hearing about all of the people around Travis calling her a stalker, and she was preparing to be able to prove that this was not the case. She may have sensed that some church trouble would be coming for him, and knew that all of these lies and rumors Travis was spreading were being believed by most, and she was not going to get labelled that way. If she was going to be outed for transgressions and behaviors, he would be too.
            If this is the case, I don’t blame her one bit for recording. I do not for a second believe it was for her own enjoyment, or for blackmail. I do feel like there were some things going on in the months leading up to this, that we may never learn about, but it feels heavy and complex, and involving more than a couple of people.

            • New to this trial, and just posted a comment coming to similar conclusion after reading about blood atonement, and it’s history in the Mormon Church. Jodi may be the scapegoat, with threats to her family that keep her sticking to an implausible story. All other details seem to be too many to just “make up” on the fly in the courtroom.
              Also glad someone else sees the bloodsport of “kill Jodi” on HLN as disgusting, and unbecoming so-called Christians, or so-called truth-and-Justice avengers! Couldn’t even watch it 2 nights ago, as the drooling over the possibility of the death of another human being…whether she did it or not…is so nauseating, I just couldn’t watch another minute! It felt like the Roman Coliseum under Emperor Colligula, where the lions were let loose on human beings, and the crowd roared in approval for their appetite for blood-shed by ripping human beings apart by animals was all they cared about!! And they have the nerve to point their fingers at her!

        • I agree with all of you! That picture of the throat, like Dog said; “what type of knife” would do this damage, all the way to the back and without the back n forth saw like action. It would take alot of FORCE n a VERY well sharpened knife. I blv that yes, either Jodi was talking to someone at the church OR the roommates found out (very possible) of TA n Jodis sex acts. The kind of sex they were having, they wouldve had to be loud at some point and the roommates could not stand TA hypocrisy any more, they did not, could not stand TA (an elder @ the church) was having sex in there own home, lying to everyone. And of course Jodi was there when this happened, they probably MADE her help with the body n then let her go but they threatened her.

          Oh n that idiot on the website that Dog posted with the pictures. Did you guys read her thoughts? ?? Shd blvs that Jodi LEFT the house n snuck back in, took the pictures with TA knowing, then when herealized she was taking the pictures he got upset n attacked her BUT that it was still overkill n that Jodi did not have to cause so much damage even if she was physically abused by TA. She also mentions Jodi dropping the camera two different times… (and this is a writen article from a paid writer).

          • Here’s my “scenario”

            Travis got angry at Jodi and charged her. She shot him as he was charging her (as she said). He had been working out, losing fat pretty quickly, quick temper – points to steroids. That would account for the time she found him banging his head on the wall and now charging after her in this fight (especially for such a small thing). Didn’t the bullet come in above the eye and out the cheek? Then it makes sense that he charged her “like a linebacker.” This did not stop him and he came after her again and tackled. Some how, she got the knife and was ‘poking’ him in the back with it. I say ‘poking” because the ME said these were very superficial wounds with none being too deep. Jodi cannot remember because, can you imagine a bloody-faced, crazed 200 pound man on you and a gun shot didn’t stop him? He tackled her before and choked her so this must have been such a nightmare for her! Okay, she gets him off and he leaves.

            Dustin Thompson (soon to be ex husband of now-deceased Ashley Reed Thompson) comes to confront TA about an affair (or assumed) with his wife Ashley. (Evidence? She had a restraining order against him and she made extremely suggestive posts on TA’s FB.) Dustin sees what had happened and instead of calling 911, took this opportunity to finish TA off with the cut to the throat.

            This would account for why Jodi can remember nothing. Also, the throat slash is so out-of-line with any theory of Jodi doing it. I don’t care how angry one could be, how narcissistic some might think she is, whatever. She has nothing in her background or personality (according to friends) that she could be capable of doing such a thing. On the other hand, TA and his friends; watched fights every Wed, had punching bags, seemingly were quite free (although hid it ) about sex between mormons, and had a great time shooting assault rifles in the desert. I’m not saying any of this is wrong – I’m just saying put the personalities with the actions; live by the sword, die by the sword.

            • I think someone may have been involved to and like your theory. But why would jodi cover for him? Do you think someone else took that last pic? How did the camera get from one room to another? That’s where it seems to me like someone else was there at the same time.

              • some one else was in his room jodi tell us she told him what kid of camera to get not zac as he said in the flores report and if zac did not know anything about camers he propable did not know about the mimery card or what ever they called it jodi got the hell out of there like she said. trying to tell flores the story. with out giving them up. someone in traviss room took the camera and the bedding and the clothers and cleand up down stairs all that they were describing jodi say I dont remember because she was not there.

              • I was thinking the same thing…as a possibility. she could be covering because she might have had a death threat, a Mormon fanatic (maybe masked just as her original story and had to change it out of fear. who knows?

          • Camera – I think it is possible that whoever came in to finish TA off found the camera and, as as after thought, put it in the laundry with other stuff just to cast suspicion elsewhere. But this is highly questionable b//c I can’t help but think roomy Zach was involved in the cover-up process since he said he did laundry on the 7th, then changed his story.

            Why is Jodi covering? I don’t think she that she is aware of someone else cutting TA’s throat. I think she truly cannot remember and thinks – well she did the rest so she must have done that, too. I believe she ran out after poking him in the back with the knife. After she was able to get him off her, she gathered what she could think of and got out of there. It was after she left that someone else came in and finished him off. It was kind of “dumb luck” for someone who really wanted him dead.

          • Oh yeah, and as for the last photos (unintentional) I believe that the camera was around her neck, or she may have been trying to move it (in a frenzy with everything else) and accidentally clicked the button then dropped it and the pic happened right as it dropped. Those types of cameras have the button at an inconvenient place so that when you pick it up or grab it (especially not looking) you can accidentally grab where the button is and take a shot. The shots do not happen immediately but take a couple secs. But…. a picture from behind Jodi? However, it is possible that camera was dropped behind her and hit “just right” …. but very weird.

            But for someone else to take the pic – they would have had to been on the floor themselves. (Maybe that’s why Dustin was “acting weird” according to his ex? Brings on another scenario.)

          • I was thinking about the camera last night and the photo with her foot/pant leg in it…. she was standing facing the direction her foot is pointing. Her other foot is on the other side of the camera and you cannot see it. She bent over to pick it up and accidentally hit the button and took a pic as she grabbed it, which is why the photo is taken from the floor.

            The camera in the washer, to me, is inexplicable. I just don’t get it.

    • I’m with you BeeCee I think the Defense may challenge this print. I need to go and look at the cross of the handprint expert. Do you recall if they questioned them or not? I remember reading a post somewhere by a friend of Jodi’s, I can’t remember who or where, but they did say the hand print was not Jodi’s.

      • Also, remember, If Jodi shot first (which we believe) (and she is adamant that she saw no blood), how could the print not be positive for gunpowder residue? If they were able to conclude there were 2 sets of DNA strands, why did they not see the residue which would have been clear. The fact that they did not present findings of the residue says they did not find any.

      • i didn’t actually get to watch the palmprint cross yet. I just know that there are supposed to be so many points that match and that palmprints are not that great and also if you only compare it to one person it is even less accurate.

        I honestly don’t think the defense will challenge the print. Jodi has admitted she shot him.


        It says a .25 is the dirtiest at leaving gunshot residue. I would think they would have found some….

        I think I need to re-watch her interview about the intruders.

        • I just keep wondering why she still points out that she cut her hand on the glass. To me it just seems like she is consistently distancing herself from the stabbing. It seems like she will not say I could have cut my hand while stabbing him. Not saying she will admit the ring finger was the injury from June 4th, we know that was a would she received from TA, but even the small cuts to the right hand, she contends she broke a glass, and that is how she got the cuts.

        • of corse she did if their were other their and they let her live. She probabley told them she will take the blame back to flores police report 911 call they are teill someone that jodi just called and wanted to talk to an investagater. They probable called her at home and let her know the body is now with the cops. What does jodi tell us she get a 9mm gun to protect herself againt the 4 guy on the camping trip.

  8. i don’t see that Deanna Reid was interviewed. And, has she ever given media interviews?

    How do we know that Travis WASN’T talking about her being the stalking ex-girlfriend?

    I think all of Travis lying friends just made that assumption…feel free to prove me wrong.

    If you look at her facebook she seems a bit obsessive to me this many years from Travis’ death. It doesn’t look like she ever got married either.

    Anyone have any thoughts on her? She could be the female in the intruder story.

      • Oh my gosh they are really reading this stuff ! I tried to go to Deanna’s FB page an it is gone? for now anyways it says content has been removed if that is not fishy then I do not know what is with these so called friends of Travis’s.

        • yep, I’ve said before that we have posers/fakers here.

          I think they go running to the pro pros so they can look good….

          I almost saved the photos, but it just wasn’t worth it.

          Deanna does look obsessive.

          • NO her page isn’t gone. I think the link didn’t work for the other person. I can stil see it because I left my tabs and just refreshed. Are you talking about Deanna’s fb page?

        • Well it let me on there tonight weird maybe it was just FB maintenance on when I tried the other day. I think a bunch of his friends have his photo up tho due to the trial an support is what I get from all the photos up everywhere. I sure wish Jodi’s had more support then she does.

    • BeeCee,

      Remember how Jodi testified that she had heard Travis complaining about Deanna to his grandmother? Good point. I’m off to check out her facebook. Thanks for the link.

      • Holy crap BeeCee,

        Glancing at her facebook – it’s like she’s still claiming him for herself. Yes, I think this is very odd.

        • Yep. that’s what I am thinking. i wonder what he complained about to his grandma?

          i interpreted it also like she was claiming him and still hung up on him.

          i don’t know how long we will be able to see her facebook if there are people stalking this site…which I know they do.

          I think dustin and deanna had something to do with it. They both had motive. Dustin’s marriage to Ashley was troubled, more than likely because of Travis, and Deanna could not take their relationship to the next level because Travis kept going after other women. Deanna could have written the email to Lisa, Deanna is low profile, so I can’t find any writings to look at.

          • Is this the same “Amazon” Dustin, with the “death movies”??? You guys can seriously be on to something! !!!

            • It doesn’t sound like the be clean and sin no more email but in this piece she is writing what she was saying so it’s a different style. There was one thing in that email though that made me think it was a male: the line, “what would your future husband think of you”. Maybe I’m over thinking that part, but it sounded to me like the writer was talking about himself. What do you think? Could mean mean the email was written Steve Bell who I read gave Lisa D problems.

              At the same time, it could be Deanna, she seems very into Travis still. Looking at her page and comments to the Travis and her pics makes me think she’s still competing with Jodi to this day. Saying he loved me, not you… She is listed as an agnostic though on her facebook and the writer of the email was well versed in religious talk for lack of a better term.

      • good sluthing ya’ll lets save jodi she was to afraid to tell the real story. that is why she told so many

        • Tonya, yes. As soon as I watched the entire police interrogation videos (unedited by media), something hit me in my very core: Jodi is innocent. She was afraid to tell the real story. She has to take the hit. Organized crime and Jodi is the scapegoat.

    • Yea BeeCee, isnt she the one that walked in when Jodi was at TA n she walked right in, then upstairs, then to his office n told Jodi she was looking for a book??? That was weird to me. Who does this? Uninvited walking in through someone’s house. She KNEW that TA door was always open. She could’ve been the onethat walked rrightin while TA in the shower n Jodi taking the pictures n BANG!!!! There it is, like Jodi said about the intruders. Remember Jodi said the “female” wanted to kill her BUT the male intruder DIDNT.

      • Yes LC, I remember….

        I am digging, but both she and Dustin are VERY low internet profile.

        In fact, does anyone know her middle name or age? I can’t seem to pin that down.

        • Bee Cee,

          The Ashley Reid – doesn’t her web presence seem as if she is still alive or someone is running the page making it look that way. (?)

          • Her facebook hasn’t had any updates since before her death. It doesn’t seem like to me that it is being updated or anyone is running it.

            I would imagine that no one can get access to it if they did not have her password, I’m not sure they would make any exceptions if someone died, but I honestly don’t know the policies on the facebook or myspace pages of dead people.

            • I think they don’t get taken down without a big tadoo. I’ve heard once a profile is up the person has to remove it. Heck, I have a lost profile on myspace from years ago. I forgot the email address used with it and can’t get it back without sending them a pic with a sign etc. I have never gotten around to doing all that. LOL

          • Well I can speak from experience on FB I have a friend that played a few games with me on there an he passed away 2 years ago. He let me maintain his games when he did not have time too so therefore I have access to his page. An I told all his friends when he passed he was a pretty regular player on 2 games so I only check in there from time to time now to help out his friends that still play but they all know he is passed. Facebook does not take down pages unless they are reported as something GOOFY with them or if the are duplicate pages reported of the same person pretending to be someone else.

    • just went to deanna reads fb she is from riverside ca sister police officer from riverside ca da?????????

    • bee cee read your post about deanna reed in the police report mimi hall tells them she calls her deanna and her boyfriend to go over to travis’s house to look for him ??????????????

  9. I know that we have a few posters here who knew Jodi, even if only a little bit. I was astounded watching bits of coverage on HLN and CNN that said everyone who knew Jodi thought there was something wrong with her, that she was zombielike or robotic and obsessed with Travis. Other than Travis’s friends on those shows, I haven’t seen anyone say anything like that about Jodi or actually, anything at all. Everyone who speaks are Travis’s friends. But we rarely seem to hear from anyone who knew Jodi on those shows. And I think the only person I’ve heard speak about her favorably is someone who knew her in high school. Could anyone who actually did know her, tell us what they thought of her, or what their impressions of her were, good or bad? I’d really love to hear from someone who isn’t having questions put to them twisted up by the media. Thank you.

  10. Not sure if this has been covered already, but to me the argument against premeditation goes something like this:

    She arrived at 4 a.m. under cover of darkness and would have had a perfect opportunity to shoot or stab Travis right then, leave right away while still dark, and get to Utah with only about 8, instead of 20, hours of her time unaccounted for. Why didn’t she? Because she had not formed an intent to kill him.

    Possible rebuttal: She was waiting for a moment when she could be sure there were no roommates home to hear the gunshot.

    Answer: Then why did she allow Travis plenty of opportunity (many hours’ worth) to mention to somebody else (a roommate, in person, or any friend that he emailed or phoned) that Jodi was there visiting? For instance Det. Flores’ report says that Travis talked to Chris Hughes by phone at 12:13 pm that day. And I think Travis was on the computer later while Jodi was in the shower. So how could Jodi be sure at 5:30 p.m. that her presence in Mesa had not been made known?

    • I don’t know but I been reading a lot on that religion. An I truly think Travis would not want anybody to know she was there or that he was even seeing her on the down low. Due to the fact that is was needing a wife soon as he was approaching 30 an they have to be married by then. They get put into another section after a certain age with others an all the YOUNG ONES are at this other section ward or what ever they call them.

      An that B—- I seen on Dateline with the smug little attitude even said Oh Travis was just keeping his bed warm with Jodi till he found a appropriate nice Mormon Wife ! OMG that group of people are just disgusting. I also went an watched some Mormon Utube stuff an I am convinced there is something fishy about this whole thing. She is scared an lying to cover up something. She blacked out I really do thing so. I think she shot him but some body else did all that slicing an dicing on him. I would almost bet he was messing around with some body’s wife or young one. I just have a feeling some body came in an finished Travis off in atonement style for the church. That whole group of friends act strange to me. They want to talk about soul less eyes everyone of them look creepy to me.

  11. The more i think about it and look at the strange things in this case, I think the stalker ex-girlfriend was Deanna and his friends all assumed Travis meant Jodi when he would talk about the ex.

    flores really dropped the ball on this case…all because of Travis friends pointing the finger at the wrong person.

  12. Does anybody know if, during DAY 1 of Jodi’s trial, the prosecution laid out their theory on the sequence of events on June 4th, 2008? And, if Martinez used the schematic diagram of Travis’s bedroom/ensuite in explaining his theory?

    I cannot find a video of the first day of trial, though part of the audio recording is available on YouTube and this website. But, there IS a video recording somewhere, because it was used in the Dateline episode, “Along came Jodi.”


  13. Ok. I am finally actually watching the testimony of Heather Conner. Did i miss something? I see that it was a sliver of a palmprint and I see that she states it was “individualized” to the known print of Jodi. i don’t see Kermit or Nurmi asking about how many points matched.

    Did i miss where they talk about what the phrase “individualized” actually means? If someone knows, please, by all means point me to that testimony.

    palmprint analysis info

    (BTW, in case people like itsjustme are wondering, I have a background in biology and have worked in labs before)

  14. the roid rage thing fits with everything but steriods stay in the blood for weeks. If they did a tox scene it should have been in there.

    Part of my concern is why she was so free of injury. It doesnt fit in either direction. If she blatantly was attacking him, he should have done more damage to her. If he was attacking her and she was trying to protect herself there should have been more injuries. I just do not see how someone would not be bruised to hell wrestling with this man. She is fairly light complected too. You would expect bruises.

    • Blood tests on autopsies must look for specifics. If there is no reason to look for steroids, they will simply not look for it and then there will be no report for it.

    • if it were meth it is out of the body in 4 or 5 days ????? zac say travis told him he did not get any sleep only for 45 mims. my husband was on that shit and with it came the kinky sex to boot and now I’m reid of him he is out of my life and I have two loving cats that love me dearly with out all that shit

  15. Flores Report Summary:

    Enrique and Zack roommates of Travis and Zack’s girlfriend do not smell Travis’s dead body??? Although Flores smells it the minute he walks in the home.

    Zack gives conflicting stories on the days he did his laundry.

    Zack never goes into Travis room except to use medicine cabinet. The problem is Zack states Travis did not take any medicine. (Speculation on my part) What could someone have in their medicine cabinet if they were not taking medicine that Zack would need? Tylenol, Prepration-H, and Icey-Hot. My point is if Travis did not take medicine then what would Zack need?

    Zack had a key to Travis room, yet the door to the room is always open.

    Zack and Enrique said the doors to the house were always unlocked. Yet locked the night Travis body was discovered.

    Zack and Enrique noticed Travis cell phone, computer open, watch and ring in the kitchen and his car is in the garage. By the way, Travis is supposedly on a business trip with out these items.

    Zack was at the house between 3 and 4pm the day of the murder and yet did not see Jodi or her car.

    (Speculation on my part) Travis was known to be involved with two married women so to speak and now one of them is dead.

    There has to be more people involved. It does not make since to take dump the gun and knife and forget the camera.

    • I so agree nothing adds up. But she is not giving up no info on anybody else for some reason? I do agree is she so naive to know even if you put that camera in the washer that the little card thing may still work? or was it just in haste an a accident getting mixed up in the sheets ?/ or would it be some one else that would be so naive about a camera?

      An the roommates are there an do laundry but do not think it is weird there is RED Brownish stains on the washer? strange.

      I know one thing these people involved never WATCH ANY TV !! DEXTER shows all the time the perfect crime over an over again. This is why it is not premeditated seriously no one could be so sloppy to plan it out an end up like this ! Does not premeditated mean you have your ducks in a row? or planned out ? I don’t see anything planned an thought out here all a MESS !

      • she never said she put the card in the machine. watch utube mark ferman tell his story of her and then read the flores report closey and the statement given by the ones that protect travis and want her dead

        • another thing in the wash was sweat paints looked big to me in the photo and how do we know the was jodi’s foot there too. its got a sock on it

          • like OJ lawyers said if the glove fits you must aqqit or some thing like that and the same for the sock

            • ya’ll are doing a great job sluthing keep up the good work never stop. all this is due to mark fermans statment on one of the talk show that got to to look deeper into this case.

              • when i went back to watch the mark furman interview the part were he talkes about jodi tell the story about the entruders was not there any more its has be edited out

  16. I am new to hearing about this case, and new to this site. I’ve been obsessed for just a few days after seeing something on youtube. Without knowing ALL of the details, but catching up on some, THIS JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!! I don’t think it was pre-meditated, and I DO think it’s possible that Jodi DIDN’T DO THE STABBING. She can’t remember doing the stabbing, maybe that’s because she didn’t do it, as Cindy P says. I’m finding myself so bothered that the roommates and Dustin Thompson haven’t been seriously considered as suspects. I can’t understand how they couldn’t smell the stench. All the other stuff (the laundry day, Travis’s belongings laying around) doesn’t make sense either! Listening to that sex tape, Jodi doesn’t seem like someone who would’ve flipped out and started a stabbing spree, she sounded like someone trying to please the man she was in love with. My gut is telling me that her initial story (or 2nd story) about the intruders, may actually be true. Is it possible that she didn’t change her story to admit to doing the killing until after Ashley Reed was dead? Someone mentioned above about her wanting a protection order? Is she afraid of this Dustin Thompson character? Did she admit to the killing because she was badgered into it? Law enforcement can badger people into confessions all the time. Was she talked into this confession, and ultimately talked into claiming self-defense because she talked herself into believing she did it? Maybe all she did was shoot the gun and get the hell out of there? Maybe she didn’t even shoot the gun?? Maybe “the intruders” came in and actually did it all, and she freaked and got the hell out of there, even before “they” killed Travis?? Do I sound nuts? I know domestic violence happens and women kill their lovers/husbands, (just as men kill women)–This one just baffles me!!

  17. I re-posted over here to add more to the timeline…

    I listened to the 911 call a few minutes ago that was made on Monday, June 9, 2008 when TA body was found by roommate and friends…and I was wondering…Michelle is the one speaking to the 911 operator and she calls out to Zach when was the last time that he saw Travis…she told the operator that Zach says Thursday or Friday…then she says Thursday…(And at that precise time of the 911 call know one should have known the exact day and time of Travis Alexander’s death…it was found out later to be on Wednesday, June 4th…)

    I still think that it is a great possibility that Zach or even the other roommate was in Travis Alexander’s bedroom before Monday, June 9 of the 911 call….

    Wednesday June 4, 2008 Death of Travis Alexander
    Thursday June 5, 2008
    Friday June 6, 2008
    Saturday June 7, 2008
    Sunday June 8, 2008
    Monday June 9, 2008 Mimi and her friends go TA house and they find him dead 911 call made
    Tuesday June 10, 2008 Mimi going to on a business trip to Cancun with TA…she wants it to “just” be a business trip….

    For Travis Alexander to be so popular with so many friends and he and Mimi planning on the upcoming trip to Cancun on Tuesday….where were all of his friends on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?????Why hadn’t someone contacted him sooner…my friends would have been looking for me the next day!!!!

    • I agree an over a WEEK END ?? what about CHURCH ? an what about their special meetings they do some Family home thing they called it ? I still find it odd even if he was going somewhere an never told the roommates would they not think it was odd HE did not at least say HEY feed my dog please going to be out for a few days ?? a dog owner does not just leave his buddy alone without telling someone? It just don’t jive with me either but Jodi is not giving up nothing.

      Oh all those GREAT PPL friends they don’t wonder all weekend where is TRAVIS ? an all the wonderful family too. Seriously I doubt someone that Loved an that Into hanging out with buddys was not missed for that long ??

      • BeeCee & Rhonda;
        In fact, didn’t Chr*s H say that TA missed an “important” business meeting or business call on June 5th? You would think if that was so unusual, that Chr*s would have thought something odd was going on then. Like, especially with Chr*s and Sky*s scary, psycho-stalker theory.
        Bunch of BullSh*t with all of these people.

        • Yes Jess I had read that somewhere too just the other day that Travis did miss a business call with that Hughes guy I think it was. I would not think that would be the norm for Travis? I still think it is so weird they waited till the day before the Cancun trip to go find him an then even tho he is found. Some of them still go on the trip ? who does that? or did I read that wrong an they went earlier? I have read so much stuff I can’t remember where I read what now haha

      • im an animal lover and have 2 cats I dont go anywhere dont trust some one else to watch then and that should of raised a flag up someone of his friends roomates ass to find out more before letting him sit in the bath

    • good sluthing doing good need to read more of the flores report on to dustin and ashley and more nick pick it like JM would do find what is missing in this mistery…

  18. I believe the whole investigative process should be taken out of the hands of the police who are in the crime’s jurisdiction. I believe crime scenes should be preserved until after a conviction because it is not fair that corrupt police and lying prosecutors get to pick and choose what crime scene evidence they are going to use and test.

    Detectives should not have financial or career advancement incentives based on convictions, they should have a higher calling of providing impartial investigation and then going from that to find the actual perpetrator.

    • YES. The Department of Justice should be investigating Mesa, Maricopa County on this. They have sanctioned Maricopa county before on corruption.

  19. What do you think got Travis so angry? My guess is Jodi made some sort of reference to his attraction to young children at the wrong time, and it just flipped him out. He came at her with a horrible look on his face. Jodi experienced to much anger/violence as a youngster, and experienced total fear with what had happened when he choked her that time.

    She does’nt deserve any kind of premeditated charge. It was an act of fear and desperation to try and protect herself.

    • I agree. I was an abused wife 20 years ago. Horrific abuse (which, by the way, I hid from EVERYONE) and in my case, it turned out this bastard was a closet bisexual. Any time I called him gay or possibly alluded to what I suspected, he would beat me within an inch of my life. Thankfully, back in 1991 he killed someone else instead of me, and I was able to get away. Men with tempers and secrets do NOT like to be called on any of those secrets.


    Am I reading this wrong? The order of protection that occurred shortly before Ashl*y R*ed’s Death between her and Dust*n says the order was filed by the “respondent”. The respondent in this court document is Dust*n, not Ashl*y. Did I read that right? I had been assuming that SHE filed the protection order against him. I’m confused. Someone want to look at this and see if I am making sense here?

    Go to BeeCee’s original link:
    Click on “Case History” Link
    Copy and Paste Case Number: FN2008-091725
    You don’t need to fill in the name fields, just the case #.

    Please let me know if I read this right, i.e. who wanted protection from whom?
    PS – Are my asterisks annoying everyone sufficiently? LOL
    I’m worried about people close to the case, googling their own names, and finding themselves mentioned in the website here, and wondering what kind of a nightmare that could cause. Also, if I post something I find and attribute it to the wrong person, I’m going to feel really bad should they stumble upon it, so please excuse my little stars 🙂

    • Yeah Jess, I wasn’t quite sure who requested it. GREAT!!! idea about adding *** to names. If I could edit my posts I would.

    • One thought though. Sometimes the actual abuser will file a protection order before the person abused can, so that they can try and blame the other person.

    • Yes, Jess, you are misunderstanding the order. It states the Petitioner (the person filing the complaint and request for a protection order) is Ashley and the Respondent (the person having the complaint filed against them) is Dustin Thompson.

      Does anyone know where I can find information about Ashley and the circumstances surrounding her death as well as when she died? The reason I ask is, I find it to be quite a coincidence that Ashley called in a tip against Dustin then, on the 18th of June, she and Dustin went to the station to give samples of their DNA and fingerprints. That same day, Ashley was given a follow up interview. Dustin didn’t interview due to time constraints but agreed to come back if needed. I don’t believe he was ever called back in. Anyway, Dustin must have wondered why Ashley was even involved or needed to be interviewed and why their DNA and fingerprints were even needed. The coincidence I’m talking about, though, is the fact that the protection order request was filed AFTER all this went down. Like, exactly 3 months from the day they went in and gave samples. Was Dustin ever considered a person of interest in Ashley’s death? Did he ever find out she called in a tip against him and, perhaps, that angered him and she had to get protection for that reason?

      I can not find Ashley Reed’s or Travis’ facebook page, any ideas?

      • Maggie says she has Ashley’s autopsy report and it was a suicide by gun shot to the head. I have not seen the autopsy report, nor can I find it.

        Maggie, can you post it if you have it?

  21. New here. Just curious, does anyone know if any PSYCHICS contacted the police or even came out publicly to state whether they had a ‘sense’ of what happened here? kinda like the one in the Casey A. case? With all the doubts people are having, and all the speculation, I’d have thought by now some psychic would have shown up (even if on HLN) with their inkling (and no I am not counting that accented female who saw dark clouds and such around TA).

    • Arghhh, hit send before I finished the other point I wanted to add in there…

      Not sure if anyone joined the dots on this angle…

      TA – Spiderman fascination – D*stinT*ompson – D*stin’s son in spiderman jammies in a picture with TA (I have not seen it, but someone on one of the pages here mentioned that there is one on TA’s fb pg) – TA liked to babysit kids???

      So the angle is that something could’ve happened between the kid and TA? and DT found out and avenged it? Not so much the A*shley Reed with TA issue, but if something could’ve happened with the kid – which parent would not go into a blind rage and want to strike out, esp. if the parent was already prone to impulse control, and add to that now the already simmering issue re. AR with TA. What say you?

      • Interesting. I wasn’t aware that D*stin had a son…but that would be a really good motive actually. I have not seen that Fb photo.

        I’ll have to go back and look.

        • BeeCee,
          Messed up… It was on DT’s Myspace acct (per the post I got the info from). I will post below here, what I cut & pasted from several pages. Not sure if there is a link to the actual photo. I’ve not seen it. Below is a conversation between you and Jess (don’t see any follow up after that from Jess or anybody else on this issue):
          Jess says:
          March 6, 2013 at 3:57 pm
          These questions don’t seem too damning so far, in fact it’s giving JA an opportunity to further elaborate which is great. I just wanted to mention that the “child TA was close to who dressed up as Spider-Man all the time” is pictured on I believe it was MySpace. I saw them the other night. So I am totally creeped out now because that child just happens to be “D’s”, and the pictures are there under either D’s MySpace account or Ashley’s. can’t remember whose but they are there. Now if it was D’s child that was close to TA, and we know D HAD “an issue” with TA, there is more reason to think now that the issue he had could have been quite severe and serious. I am so creeped out now.
          (DAY 28 POST)

          Jess says:
          March 7, 2013 at 12:42 pm
          I can also confirm that there is a young boy who dressed up as spiderman, and who TA was close to the same year. I’ve seen the pics of the boy on MySpace (Dustin’s child). I’m going to go back and find them again later and post the link. I have also seen TA make comments on MySpace that back up things Jodi is saying on the stand, because I see him saying those same things in comments to friends. She is telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s all there!
          Reply – BeeCee says:
          March 7, 2013 at 1:16 pm
          Can you see what date that photo is from? Was it very long before he sent the spidey stuff to Jodi?
          Reply – Jess says:
          March 7, 2013 at 2:45 pm
          Yes, from memory it was October 2007. I’m going to go back on late tonight and find everything interesting that I’ve seen and I will post links or find a way to show it here. But those photos, I’m not sure they were time stamped, or the comments below by Dustin were alluding to the date of them because it was near Halloween and I just remember that it was 2007 for some reason. There’s a bunch of interesting stuff, and I was going between Dustin, Ashley and another girl’s account when I found it all, so I’ll go back in tonight and work on it.
          Reply – BeeCee says:
          March 7, 2013 at 3:34 pm
          Jess, If you are able to copy those things maybe you can add them to my thread about Ashley and Dustin on the Flores report.
          or somewhere on there. I don’t know if you saw that thread yet. I didn’t dig far on the myspace thing.
          Reply – Jess says:
          March 7, 2013 at 5:15 pm
          Great idea BeeCee! I had actually forgotten that the specific page about Dustin and Ashley was here. I’ll put whatever I find there.
          Reply – BeeCee says:
          March 7, 2013 at 9:16 pm
          Thanks Jess I will remember to check there! Sometimes I forget what days posts are on that I want to follow up on.
          Reply – Jess says:
          March 8, 2013 at 1:40 pm
          Hi BeeCee; Just below this post, Rhonda has provided much of what I’ve seen on MySpace (TA’s comments to his friend Ch*d). I’ll still go back and look for the spider man costumed boy, but she’s got a lot if not most of it below.
          (DAY 29 POST)

          Not sure if this post should be filed under another section, but I just wanted to group this together here, since I had started the inquiry again. Let me know, BeeCee. Thanks.

      • go sluthing Introspective did not know if dustan had a child??? good reason to stab some one in the heart and cut his throat

  22. Hi everyone! I’ll introduce myself formally in another post but, for now, I have a couple of questions regarding the Flores Report that I was wondering if anyone could answer. I have not been able to follow the trial as closely as I would like due to having two rugbrats constantly demanding things like time and attention from me. Needy bunch, they are. LOL. However, I have examined all of the photos and read a slew of comments on here. I have also read every blog post of Travis’ and I’ve listened to about 50 minutes of the phone sex recording played in court. I’ve gone over the criminal report on Travis, too. I saw the video on HLN depicting how the murder is believed to have happened…..and laughed my ass off at how far reaching it was, not to mention, nonsensical.

    I’ve seen the newest video taken by a friend of his with their cell phone as Travis talks about how he was robbed at gunpoint for his wallet. In the video, Jodi can be seen trying to nap, her head on Travis’ lap with his arm around her, her hand in his. Finally, I’ve seen some snippets here and there of her actual testimony. All this said, I still feel like there is plenty I’m in the dark about so you’ll have to excuse me if my questions seem elementary in comparison to where the trial currently sits.

    Regarding the Flores Report:

    In the report, he talks about the pictures found on the SD card inside the camera. He says there were a lot of pictures, some that were deleted, and then goes on to list the deleted images. He says things like, ‘the next picture’, but he never indicates again if the photo he’s talking about was deleted. So, my question is, were the “accidental” photos of the ceiling and a bloodied Travis deleted? If they were, I’d imagine this would be pretty bad for Jodi.

    Also, another bad hit for Jodi if the Flores Report can be considered a reliable source, is it is mentioned at the beginning of the report that Jodi called one of the friends on the scene the night they found Travis and asked what was going on. She then told them to tell detectives she would like to talk with the investigating officers. But, further down the report, while detective Flores was on the scene conducting the warrant search, he received another message that Jodi had called and was waiting to be contacted by detectives. Flores breaks from the scene to contact her and records the conversation. He has this listed as the first interview he does with Jodi. During this interview over the phone, she tells Flores she first heard about Travis’ death on the 9th when a mutual friend of hers and Travis’, Dan Freeman, called her to tell her about what was going on. I forgot what my question was going to be, damn it. Anyway, there is no mention by Flores about this conflicting time of her finding out and I wonder why? This oversight(?) clearly shows Flores isn’t paying close attention to things.

    I bring Flores gnat-like attention span up because I noticed other incidents, too. For instance, Zac Billings saying Travis leaves all the time but doesn’t tell them where, yet, he knew about Cancun. Zac only goes in Travis’ room for medications but can tell Flores exactly how many pillows Travis had on his bed, the color of the pillow cases and sheets, as well as the color of the bedspread?

    Finally, why is there absolutely NO mention ANYWHERE in the report of the bloody shoe print? There are plenty of statements regarding how careful investigators and crime scene workers were when it came to avoiding walking in the blood by going through the closet and the constant covering and changing of covers for their shoes.

    Oh, and are we to assume Jodi washed Travis’ bedding and waited around for it to be done, transferred the bedding to the dryer, and then loaded the washer with what was found in it before running that load and then leaving the house? The report states the camera had severe water damage meaning it had been run through a cycle and that the dryer contained the bedding. Speaking of which, I don’t have a problem with Zac’s memory lapse concerning when he did his laundry. Shit happens and sometimes we forget when we last did something we do on a regular basis at no specific time. However, Travis lay decomposing in his stand alone shower for 5 flippin days! During which time, his laundry occupied both the washer and dryer that was used by everyone. He had 2 roommates at this time and we’re supposed to believe neither of them did or attempted to do their laundry for 5 days?

    Okay, that’s it for now. I have to pace myself or I’ll be posting a comment so long it could qualify as a novel. Thanks for allowing me to comment!

    • Never mind about the conflicting statement regarding when or how Jodi found out about Travis’ death. I now realize the statement was not conflicting at all. The only thing I found odd was Jodi calling an hour, give or take a few minutes, after Travis’ friends made the grisly discovery and called the cops and this didn’t raise a flag for Flores. Especially, when her name was being brought up before they could even assess the extent of Travis’ injuries and whether or not they were self inflicted. Hell, he had not even entered the house to see for himself yet.


  23. okay, so now this is the latest the Travis people are saying:

    Melina Rose
    Is there any way someone can get this information to the prosecutor? Some of the sleuths on HuffPo discovered that when you Google “Upside Down License Plate,” questions from a Yahoo Questions user named runner.girl494 come up. A full search of this person’s questions reveal that she asked questions in 2008 about whether it was legal to drive with an upside down license plate, what she should do about her boyfriend who wanted to keep their relationship secret, and even posted that she was increasingly interested in “watching someone bleed.” There are many posts about sex and cutting. Has Jodi been established as a cutter? In her interview with Flores she points to scars on her arms and says “Those are from my cat.” Cutters often lie about cuts being from cats. It may have nothing to do with Jodi, but the coincidence is great enough that it should be looked into. Thanks!

    • BTW, they are rabid and foaming at the mouth with this information, and even though this person is asking questions after Jodi was incarcerated seems not to matter to them…

  24. OUCH- This is worrisome, if we are to trust the defense:

    Arias’ attorney, Jennifer Willmott, said that she learned about the allegation at about the same time as the media.

    “This wasn’t something the defense brought up,” she said.

  25. SJ:
    They are now using your name and smearing you on the Travis site. I reported this comment as harassing, but I thought you should know.

  26. A kind of odd theory keeps coming back to me on this case. Suppose the knife injuries were related to something on the line of mercy killing by Arias? Here is my scenario: They fight, she shoots him, then he goes into convulsions, and she thinks she has to put him out of his misery, and inefficiently works to accomplish that grisly task.

  27. I see that we have kind of stopped posting here – perhaps due to the realization that we can do nothing about it? So I wonder if anyone knows this; I watch quite a few cop/attorney shows. In these shows, when a defendant is on the stand (or on trial) the attorneys have investigators and other attorneys out looking for more evidence that could acquit their client. And if something is found they are immediately allowed to bring it in (usually using some kind of “new info has been found” or similar). I am not saavy on the court system in AZ, so… is there any point? I mean, if info is found that indicates another person was/may have been involved, then would that be able to affect the case somehow? Hoping someone here smarter than I may know this! 🙂

    • I’m waiting to see if we can get a police report on Ashley’s death. I think we don’t have much else at this point.

      just a bunch of stuff that doesn’t make sense and the fact that jodi is getting railroaded.

    • Very hinky!

      “An internal email obtained by the ABC15 Investigators shows Dr. Lyon reacted to our request for information by sending an email to another staff member containing the following message, “wtf.”

  28. wow, the police report was very interesting. nobody in the house smelled the decomposing body? nobody in the house went to run the washing machine in that many days? what, they don’t do laundry? really? i think jodi shot in self defense and the roommates did the rest. jodi is innocent and watching the trial videos of the prosecutor yelling and stomping around with his temper tantrums is getting old. I think he yells when he doesn’t understand something.

  29. something stinks on page 20 of this report about ryan and mutual friends in utah pointing fingers at jodi and that travis was shot with a .25 caliber hand gun and that one or two people were involved on page 10 shell casing described as .22 or.32 caliber once collected the casing was said to be a winchester .25 caliber no gun was located in the home.

    now tell me im not crazy what did the mutual friends really know and did they know this before flores knew. his search warrent on 6-10-2008 how long did it take to find out what the casing was that was left on the floor. and the hand print in blood flores tells jodi in interview its her print and she cut her palm and its her palm print in the hall but jodi says i dont have any cuts on my palm and points to her finger were she says its cut by the woman that was there with the man back to the intruders …

    and yes back to the flores report thank you flores

  30. I understand that Detective Flores is a Mormon. If that is true, then he is definitely suppressing evidence!!! Why has he not provided the defense with the information pertaining to Travis Alexanders beliefs and clearly hidden agenda?
    Travis was facing excommunication from the mormon church for his relationship with Jodi which seems to me to be a perfect reason for him to attack Jodi especially after she recorded him confessing his exploits and intentions with her.
    I see evidence suppression to protect the mormon church connection written all over this case!

  31. I was finally able to read the Flores report today, and here’s my “Top 40” on it, in no particular order (a copy-&-paste from Notepad as i was going over it)

    1) the clear plastic cup
    2) Flores noticed blood stain on washer, but didn’t so much as lift the lid for a quick look even
    3) Karl Brinton Hiatt…he’s severely downplayed…who is he & what’s his story??
    4) Marie (Mimi) Hall, Michele Lowry, Dallin Forrest–entered house & went upstairs to find Zach (Z) & Amanda–they notice laptop & phone, but no smell-?
    5) Z coming home Monday night, but no smell
    6) Enrique (E) seeing TA Wed 4th morn. AND in evening after work (gets home 1800-1830 hrs)…says he members TA on phone…why no record of that call? did they check?
    7) Z’s day off Wed. 4th & him leaving that morn., but nothing asked/said about car (Jodi’s) in driveway–he was also returning a rental car (any bells?), as his car had been in accident…hmm
    8) Z last seeing TA THUR. morn. @ 1130 hrs
    9) Z spent entire day, Thur. 5th, w/Amanda & home @ midnite that nite
    10) Z thinks he did laundry on Sat. 7th, then says Wed. 4th
    11) Z’s battery dead on Sun. 8th & was asking neighbor for jump cables, but E remembers Z talking to him about cables on Sat. 7th
    12) Were neighbors questioned?
    13) front door locked
    14) TA would PAY J for cleaning his house (?) says Z
    15) TA’s sister (Samantha) a COP!?…uh, need I say more?
    16) a cop doing PHONE interviews-? (lack of being able to get facial reactions, etc.), in a Homicide inves.?..wtf??
    17) E said the doggie fence was across the stairs THUR. eve. (day AFTER killing)…who put it there?
    18) on the night of discovery, J called & ASKED to speak to investigators, but they somehow didn’t have the time, or what?…and this, after the “friends crew” had all pointed fingers at her already…don’t ya think Flores should’ve jumped at the chance to talk to her right then & there?
    19) according to Flores’ FIRST talk w/her (phone), J said last time she spoke to TA was 06/04/08 between 2000-2130 hrs. (2-1/2 to 3 hrs. AFTER his death), yet Flores has always said that she said at FIRST that it was April…well, which is it-?
    20) how did Dan Freeman (another who-is-he?) find out about TA’s death to be able to tell J of it the same night he was found?
    21) Ashley Thompson–what’s up with her? From what I gather, she offed herself at some point later-? (in other words, is one of the REAL killers now dead?) Could her & Dustin (D) have been the man & woman?…she was saying they were having severe money problems, etc…who’s to say they didn’t go there, and…?
    22) there’s only 25 (not 27) stab wounds on M.E. report, seperate from the throat slashing and gunshot wound
    23) the two-night tire-slashing incident(s) (12/07/08-?)…they called in a report, but had to wait HOURS for officer to show-?
    24)John Hepworth, roommate from mid-to-Dec ’07…no followup mentioned on him
    25) E notices “unusual smell” Mon. (9th?) @ 2130 hrs. but didn’t say anything…that was the FIRST he noticed it-?…both E’s & Z’s rooms were UPstairs
    26) THur. eve. (06/05) was when E says he noticed living room was moved around, and watch & ring noticed on kitchen counter…E says again on followup he remembers last seeing TA walking down stairs talking on phone Wed. eve. (06/04) as he (E) was in kitchen eating–but Z remembers things being moved around on Tue. or Wed.
    27) E’s gf, Kim, seems not to have been interviewed at all-?
    28) Ashley T. wanting to move in w/TA after her seperation from D
    29) D agrees for interview “if needed”…well, wouldn’t you think that EVERYbody even remotely connected SHOULD be interviewed, and THORoughly…this is, after all, a homicide
    30) have always wondered why some of the pics are timestamped and others aren’t…and are there others that haven’t been shown?
    31) date-and-timestamps of pics, according to Flores, “PROVES that Jodi was the LAST person I can PROVE had contact w/Travis prior to his death”…uh, “prove”-?…just how may I ask?
    32) Flores says J called him on Sat. 06/21/08 and left a v-mail for him to call her when he had a chance–well, first, he says he doesn’t call her back until Mon. 06/24/08…if Sat. was the 21st, how could Mon. be the 24th??…also, if J was supposed to be such a prominent suspect, or at least lead, why wait 2 DAYS to call her back??…uh, afraid of missing that 18th hole on Sun., or something else of more “importance”?
    33) the palm print–Flores says, “The print was left by Jodi touching the wall with a bloody left hand”…man, what b.s. The blood could easily have already been on the wall when she touched it, duh! As for the DNA, it was a mixture of both their DNAs, not both their blood…her palm could have (most feasibly) been sweating when she touched the bloody wall. Now yeah, sadly for her, it does pretty much prove that she was at least there when whatever happened happened, but it does NOT PROVE she was the LAST, or the ONLY, one there
    34) the doggie door–dunno if J ever really did do that, but if she did, and she could fit thru it, then…hint: Ashley T. is/was listed on the report as being 5’3” & 115 lbs…hmm
    35) that clear plastic cup again
    36) and of course, the shell casing–is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that even though it’s sitting in a pool of blood, the casing itself is clean as a whistle, hmm??
    37) last, but certainly not least, the HUGHES…I trust them about as far as I can throw my car. I mean, first, she (Sky) is exuding concern for J, and letting her know of TA’s lurid ways, then she’s pointing fingers at J and talkin’ total trash about her…wtf?? And jus fer kix, why are their ages the only ones listed as “00” on the report?
    38) the smell…
    39) the smell…
    40) THE SMELL!!!


    • Wanna clarify # 5) Z coming home Monday 9th night, but no smell

      Also, with regard to # 21, and a couple of poster’s comments, I think I read somewhere that Ashley T.’s death was a suicide…self-inflicted gunshot – but plz don’t quote me on that, ok?…again, I THINK I read it somewhere, but can’t remember where…as most of you know, there’s a s***load of stuff out there, and after a point, you lose track of where you read what, etc…lol. I’ll try to find it again, but in the meantime, if anybody else knows otherwise about it, plz correct me…I find that whole angle more than strange. Hell, what am I saying…the whole damn thing is STRANGE! Ha!

      • no one comes here anymore we have seen chris and sky testomay without the jury and the video talkes about a letter and travis behavior for little boys he got the origional for either jodi or some other girlfriend heard some one say that flores was present for the ashley reed death and the police office that investigated the case he is dead too and chris hughes has been in court watch the trial with the brothers and sister in the front with them i would love to see there faces when it is finally proven he had something to do with travis death and ashley and a police officer and mr dan hall the gun tooten ass himself who called jodi on second phone interview flores did before he called he was telling her to keep her mouth shut or ill kill you and your family jodi say she got the call for dan hall that day she talked to him and would not talk about the intruder

  32. As we await the verdict, I almost am grateful that Jodi is in jail. I have long believed that there is so much corruption associated with the Mormons, who by virtue of choice, follow the Masons. She didn’t stand a chance in this case. She was the sacrificial lamb. As I read all that you have looked through, I can only imagine how completely shocked Jodi must be, to be facing, whatever consequences, the jury from Arizona chooses. How tragic that she ever admitted anything. Public opinion is not with her, but if she were to get off, would we later read something along the lines of Ashley Reed, and her untimely demise?
    These people are bat sh*t crazy. How sad to think she may be safer in jail than out. WTH is wrong with our world?

  33. WHY DIDN’T “DEDECTIVE FLOWERS” VERBALLY MAKE CLEAR TO JODI THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING A LAWYER PRESENT BEFORE SPEAKING TO ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT?? I wish Jodi knew how important this was prior to speaking, as I know how investigators/police are at manipulating victims to speak without ANY legal representation. There should be an added and yet new “pre-amble” to anyone questioned, stating and clarifying how damaging talking to them would be before a major arrest is pursued by them.

  34. OK so can somebody explains to me this…. OK she’s taking pics of him in the shower. Drops the camera he gets mad and charges her. So the camera wasn’t around her neck. How did the camera get to the hallway to take the pi of his bloody body and the foot. Maybe I don’t understand the pic. Was this when she was suppoably dragging him back to shower.was the pic taken like in the bathroom or the other end of the hallway by the carpet.like when you see his foot in the photo not her foot but his foot. If you look at the pic and see his foot beyond his foot what room is that

  35. Through all of this there is one that sticks in my head as a question. If his friends hated her and didn’t know they were together again why does one of them call her about his death right away? If one of my friends were murdered the last person in the world I would rush to call would be his ex. Ive always wondered if the person that called her did so knowing full well how she felt about him and knew she would contact the police to help if possible. Thereby putting her in the direct line of view for the police and taking the real murderer out.

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