“The Camera & Photos”: (Quotes from Kermit’s Book) Part 1

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Check out the following interesting excerpts taken directly from the book:

“If Arias had simply taken the camera from the crime scene and disposed of it on the drive to Utah instead of leaving it behind after deleting the incriminating photographs, I might never have charged her with the murder because the remaining evidence may not have been enough to prove her guilty at a trial.”

And this excerpt regarding the photographs:

“While the photos supported our belief that Arias had been with Travis on the afternoon of his killing and provided the story of how his life ended, they still didn’t prove that she hadn’t walked out before Travis was killed.” “How can we be absolutely certain that Arias didn’t leave the house in between the photos time-stamped earlier in the afternoon and when Travis was killed?’ I asked.” “We don’t know,” Flores answered. “We’ll have to wait for the fingerprint results to come back,” referring to a latent palm print found in blood on the wall in the hallway leading to the bathroom. “I put a rush on the request.”

As we now know – the latent palm print proved inconclusive and couldn’t even be dated by Kermit’s own witness (Heather Connor, Mesa PD.) More on that subject will follow in a later post.

Looking at the bigger picture, I think certain elements of this book will come in very useful at a later date… and may even go some way towards unlocking the mystery of how one can still get a “result” at trial – without having to produce any credible evidence.

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      • I totally agree! Someone that is puppetry the whole case from start to finish but remains in the shadows. Frog did speak of someone but refused to expose the name/sources!??!!

          • Thank You Heather1 for the acknowledging my comment. I have a question that nobody seems to know. How and when did cash hughes come in possession of travis’s journal? He was made by court order to hand it over! Who knew he had it to tell the cops? CH must of went into the house with dead travis durning the 6 day delay and went through all ta’s computer, phone and left with the journal!??? He also probably took the sim cards to the phone and camera. It also seems to me that the state nor Jodi’s defense team asked these freaks ANY of the hard questions! I would like to see these false witnesses put on polygraph and DEMAND answers!

            • Pam,

              I don’t believe that Chris Hughes went through Travis’s stuff before Travis was found by his friends. Chris and his family was in Cancun at the time. The sims card for the camera was found in the camera in the washing machine and there were no Sims cards for the phones as the newer phones did not have sims cards. I believe that Chris might have gotten the journals from Deanna, but not sure.

              • The MEMORY card for the camera that was found in the washing machine – the card in evidence from which all of the incriminating photos were said to have been retrieved – would not have fit into Travis’s camera.
                There was no testimony as to whether or not Travis actually purchased the recommended memory card for his new camera, so we don’t know whether that card is ‘missing’ or not.

                And as best I can recall, we first heard about phones missing sim cards during the retrial — or specifically during Nurmi’s pursuit of a misconduct judgement against the state, when all the hearings were going on about the various electronics being examined. The implication in those discussions, best I was able to determine from tweets, was that those cards went missing while the phones were in the custody of Mesa PD.

                • Thank You Journ’ee! Also, it seems I read cash hughes didnt leave for Cancun as scheduled. His where abouts were unknown. When he did “arrive” not one picture of him nor family enjoying their visit on the island. Always wondered why deanna wasnt chosen as the babysitter for hughes kids. At the trails the state repeated deanna was the “LOL” love of ta’s life. Travis owed her a lot of money so ? According to her last text (before death) she let him know that she was in town but never went to pick up the pug!? But, left text (after his death). She also made surprise unannounced visits to ta’s open house.

                  Ok, im rambling… so I’ll stop

            • Oh pam I so agree, I would like that too. As far as I can make out through what I read, Cash was at the crime scene along with the Frog and Flores… I think he would have gone through everything including TA’s computer and taken the journal then, maybe, it’s all I can think of for him having it., I’m thinking his journal was there somewhere.

            • Pam, I think no one put the Hughes on the stand because both sides knew that the Hughes are liars. Not that JM would have qualms about putting up a lying witness, but my God — you saw what a bad witness Chris was when Nurmi had him on the stand. Sweating like a pig and squirming.. he couldn’t even testify to what had happened 24 hours before he testified because he wasn’t sure what JM wanted him to say. And Sky was TOO slick, sittin’ up there smiling for the cameras, reveling in her “Mr. DeMille moment” — no respect for the gravity of the situation, that this trial was about the death of her ‘good friend Travis.’

              Nobody put them in the witness box in front of jurors because they were BAD WITNESSES. Liars happy to sit up there and promote themselves, made them great guests for HLN.

  2. I posted this a couple of days ago. It relates to some of the points that SJ has posted this morning but discusses the Grand Jury, not the trial itself although it looks at a lot of the same “evidence” or lack of evidence. There is also a new comment at the bottom.


    (1) NO DNA BLOOD EVIDENCE: Lisa Perry, a forensic scientist for Mesa PD, stated the unidentified biological substance containing the DNA from Alexander & Jodi was NOT BLOOD. You can see Lisa Perry’s testimony here: (approximately 1:02:03 – 1:02:25). SAMPLE PROVED TO BE MEANINGLESS.

    (2) PHOTOS* DID NOT PROVE JODI WAS WITH ALEXANDER WHEN HE DIED: FROM MARTINEZ’S BOOK: “While the photos supported our belief that Arias had been with Travis on the afternoon of his killing and provided the story of how his life ended, they still didn’t prove that she hadn’t walked out before Travis was killed. “How can we be absolutely certain that Arias didn’t leave the house in between the photos time-stamped earlier in the afternoon and when Travis was killed?” I asked. “We don’t know,” Flores answered. “We’ll have to wait for the fingerprint results to come back,” referring to a latent palm print found in blood on the wall in the hallway leading to the bathroom. “I put a rush on the request.”

    (3) LATENT “PALM PRINT” PROVED TO BE MEANINGLESS: (see #4 also) Heather Connor, Mesa PD latent print examiner, stated: “There is no way to date a latent impression.” See her testimony here: (approximately 3:25:35 – 3:29:25 – includes Martinez questioning her statement).

    (4) A STRAND OF JODI’S HAIR PROVED TO BE MEANINGLESS: From Martinez’s book: “There were also DNA results from a strand of hair that was found attached to the wall with blood. It, too, was from Jodi Arias. Like latent prints, the hair’s presence was not enough to tell us when it was left at the house or how it ended up becoming stuck in his hallway. Arias had been to the house many times, so the hair could conceivably have been left there and only disturbed and attached to the wall later, during the attack.

    (5) NO MURDER WEAPON: From Martinez’s book: “Police had searched throughout the house, but no weapon–not a gun or a knife–had been found.”

    (6) NO GAS CAN “EVIDENCE” ON JULY 9, 2008 : From Martinez’s book: “When Arias answered the door that Tuesday, July 15….she was arrested for the first-degree murder of Travis Alexander. …After Arias was driven to the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, police executed a search warrant on her grandparents’ house and the rental car….There, they found a number of things that could prove useful, including journals, phones, a personal computer, an external hard drive, and an Airwalk brand shoe box. When police looked inside the shoe box, they found miscellaneous papers and receipts from her trip in June. RECEIPTS WEREN’T FOUND UNTIL AFTER JULY 15, 2008, OR AFTER.



    *Police stated the photos were obtained from the memory card in Alexander’s new Cyber-shot DSC-H9 camera BUT THIS CAMERA DOES NOT HAVE A MEMORY CARD INCLUDED WITH THE CAMERA WHEN PURCHASED.
    FROM THE MANUAL: “Like all of Sony’s 2007 cameras, the Cyber-shot DSC-H9 has built-in memory instead of having a memory card included in the box — 31MB worth to be exact. That holds just ten photos at the highest quality setting, so you’ll want to buy a memory card right away. The DSC-H9 uses Sony’s Memory Stick Pro Duo cards, which currently top out at 8GB, and I’d recommend picking up a 1GB card along with the camera. An adapter is included with all MS Duo cards so they work in standard Memory Stick slots.

    P.S. I’ve been trying to understand why Martinez is still stating in his book that Jodi’s blood and Alexander’s blood was mixed together (i.e., DNA) at the scene of Alexander’s death. After almost 8 years he has to know that THERE WAS NO BLOOD MIXTURE. Did Martinez tell the Grand Jury there was DNA that showed their blood was mixed together to get them a first-degree murder charge against Jodi? Once he lied he had to stick with it or it could affect his whole case. When someone eventually confronts him with this information in court, will he say it was an honest mistake? Some mistake! More like a deliberate lie. Martinez is willing to use any tactic to win.

    • I guess I’ll keep invoking Jade, and comments from last August on the Grand Jury, and maybe a blitz on frog and nurmi’s books.
      Jade, where art thou?

      • Also Jade wrote extensively on the photos and dissected them methodically…including a dissection of the so-called time stamps- some of which looked to be manually inserted onto the photograph….

    • hi I posted here a while back, sorry for the time lapse.

      so…..was the memory card the one that was used for Travis’ camera? confused about this.

      furthermore, the blood was confined just to the bedroom? if it was anywhere outside his roommates must have seen it. plus bloody clothes in the wash and a camera a little too bizarre, and no one noticed this?

  3. In the last 5 days, there have been 111 reporters’ transcripts filed at the Court of Appeals Division One: Party-Case Index site. Since the end of Jodi’s trial, there had only been 241. A judge had been giving reporters extensions, but maybe s/he cracked the whip to get Jodi’s appeals moving along.

  4. Keep talking, Kermit. keeeeeeeep talking. Dig yourself a bigger hole, as if the one already dug up wasn’t enough! 🙄

    It’s chilling and alarming (to put it mildly) witnessing a prosecutor put in writing and thus admitting that he had essentially no conclusive hard evidence to charge her with premeditated murder.

    MF should rot in Hell.

  5. I think “Tiny’s” book is enough grounds to justify hooking him up to a polygraph test machine and ask him if he falsified evidence to convict JODI. That would definitely overturn JODI’s conviction in a heartbeat and JODI would gain her freedom faster than having to go through the shitty Arizona Judicial System.

    • Joe, he is such a good liar that he would probably pass the polygraph test, unless some sort of electrical outlet was attached to his balls shocking him every time he lied. That would get him really stressed and just then maybe he’d start telling the truth.

      (((((Frog balls flambe)))) 😆

  6. I hear Detective Flores is coming out with a new book soon, to follow Nurmi’s book and Juan’s book “Conviction”. He’s calling it “Concoction”. 🙂

    • Coldcase,

      I read through the article and wondered why Enrique wasn’t put on the stand to testify about him seeing Travis on June 4th, 2008 talking on the phone at 6PM. Why wouldn’t Kirk Nurmi have Enrique testify as a defense witness if Enrique’s statement was in fact, true? Wouldn’t they be able to check Travis’ phone records to see if Travis had made any phone calls during that time frame?

  7. I finished JM’s book yesterday. The only thing that I took away from it is he really is in love with himself. It’s not that good of a read and didn’t say anything I didn’t already know.
    Nurmi’s book was/is tougher on Jodi. That’s a shame.

  8. If only Jodi would have taken that damn camera with her and buried it in the desert she would have been in the clear. If she just takes the memory card out of the camera she is in the clear.
    I will never believe that she dragged 180 pounds of dead weight and stuffed it in that shower. No f’n way. I’d have to see that with my own eyes to believe it.

    • Joe, I don’t remember where I read it, but it was way early in the first trial that someone said that Jodi stated that she didn’t take the camera because if she had, given that she was a photographer and the fact that there was a new camera box left in the den, she might have been considered a suspect in the crime. She may have figured that with her deleting the pictures, running the camera through a wash cycle, and with bleach being added to the wash, the camera and media card would have been destroyed. I wish I could remember where I saw that article.

      • There was no evidence that there was bleach used, just tiny saying it. All the black clothes in the washer showed absolutely no evidence of having been in contact with bleach, except for two dark socks which had some orange stain on them. During the Flores Yreka interview, Jodi told him that deleted photos can be retrieved. What you say about the camera makes no sense at all. If the only thing that stopped her from taking the camera was the camera box, then take the camera box too.

        • CanadaCarol,

          The problem with that is that I am sure that Travis’ credit card would show a purchase of a new camera and Travis did mention that he bought a new camera in his last speech he gave on April 28, 2008.

          • Some of his friends knew that he bought a camera, but with that unobservant bunch who could live in a house with the odor of decomposition throughout the house for days, I doubt very much that anyone would even think about a camera after their discovery of TA. Even if they did, there would be nothing to suggest that the disappearance had anything to do with Jodi.

            Unlike others, my belief is that Jodi put the camera in the washer while she was in a state of acute stress as described by Dr. Samuels. It is a totally illogical act, particularly for a professional photographer. I am amateur when it comes to digital cameras, but just from watching TV I know that photographs can be retrieved from very compromised sources. Jodi in her right mind would never have done such a thing.

            • besides, if you’re trying to get rid of evidence, you would not, unless you were on PCP or totally stupid, leave a camera full of photos in the washing machine plus throw bleach all over it huh? OR the box outside, you’d just take it with you and throw it in the river. Makes no sense.

        • I will never believe Jodi placed the camera in the washer. She wouldn’t have imo. Whoever cleaned up the scene is guilty of that…….room mates?……Hughes?…….friends?…..after all they had 4 to 5 days to clean, didn’t they? So much time they never had to account for because they were all accusing Jodi. Old Defective Detective thought it was a Slam Dunk, of course, we all know how wrong he was!

          • Also, I’ve always wondered why TA purchased such an expensive camera when he was in debt up to his rear end. That never made sense either. Was he investing in a new modeling adventure (Porn maybe) instead of the scam he had been selling? He certainly was proud of himself. Not sure why……

              • He was in love with himself. If a new camera was what his Ego wanted at that particular time, of course he’d buy it without having second thoughts. Even though he was in debt. He was irresponsible when it came to money as much as he was with everything else. Remember: this is the guy who owned a zillion custom-made suits and shoes and all that other stuff WHILE asking Jodi (who worked 2 jobs) to lend him whatever she could AND going into a tantrum when she couldn’t afford to lend him any more. Not to mention he called her selfish because she couldn’t lend him any more. SMFH! The man was a weirdo. To put it mildly.

                • Maria,

                  I never understood why Nurmi didn’t introduce Travis’s financial records into evidence to prove that he was deeply in debt and may have been borrowing money from everyone. It would have cleared up that issue that was left hanging during the trial.

                • If we start listing the times Nurmi dropped the ball, we’d be stauck here till this time tomorrow.
                  Besides, I myself never saw the financial issue as “left hanging”. It was pretty clear from the text messages that TA was in dire need of cash. He “may have been borrowing”? Nope, he DID borrow from Jodi and kept asking for more. From the Hughes too.

          • I agree with you…I don’t believe that Jodi cleaned up anything….

            “Whoever cleaned up the scene…” That’s just it isn’t it? So let’s think about this…why if you are a roommate of TA’s or a friend of TA’s and you happen upon his bloodied dead body wouldn’t you call 911 immediately like ASAP??? Why try to clean up and destroy evidence and hide evidence?? And then wait several days to call the police?? Assuming he was discovered dead early on (which he may not have been but we just don’t know)…you know that stinking rotting corpse in a Mesa, AZ heat wave…couldn’t have missed the STINK !!! IMHO

            Answer: They had to hide, destroy, alter the evidence that possibly showed that TA was a Pedo Pervert involved in dark seedy things…IMHO You know that camera cards, the phone cards, the computer files, TA’s journal, etc….things that go POOF in the dark !!

            And isn’t it convenient that none of the roommates had to testify under oath in front of the jury…incredible !!

            NONE OF IT IS CREDIBLE !!!

            All IMHO

            • As far as why he purchased an expensive camera….narcissistic egotistic in love with himself and so naturally nothing but the best for good ole fat boy TA….the finest suits, the finest shoes, the finest everything…money ??? who cares…he’ll just borrow from good ole gal Deanna and Jodi and everyone else…he didn’t care…he was all about HIMSELF !!


            • Correct me if I’m wrong, but the memory card found in the washer with the camera didn’t even fit that camera, right ????? It had to be someone not familiar with cameras, not Jodi.

              • Regarding the 2nd and 3rd inadvertant photos:
                The one with Travis in it; I believe the object/ appendage to the left is a hand. There is a cuff at the base of the wrist.

                The 3rd photo: I am absolutely convinced that there is NO BODY in that photo. Also, there is no blood in the photo. It is definitely an inanimate object. There is no way that that is a body wrapped in a sheet. That pic has no person at all in it. I think it is possibly a pocket book. Clearly visible are a piece of metal and what looks to be a rectangular block of wood that is maybe the clasp of a leather handbag. The ridges ( what some people think is blood) are simply aspects of the material. In a few minutes I will post what I think it is a better description, but I am SURE it is an inanimate object, and there is no person in that pic.

                Referring back to the 2nd inadvertent photo with Travis in it: I think he is alive in this photo. His head is up, and his shoulders and back are quite a bit off of the floor. I think he may be in the process of beginning to lie down or get up. I think his arm is up because he might be using it to help him gain momentum and/ or balance.
                I think this is a photo taken right after the gun shot when Jodi was defending her self. She said the gunshot came first.
                I don’t believe this is a photo of the throat wound after the knife slash. I also am not convinced that all of what we see on Travis’ back and back of neck is blood. There is a lot of shadow, and I still am not convinced that the thick band running down the back is all blood. We are beginning to se better pictures which more clearly show that the back of Travis’ neck is simply his bare skin, and not all blood-covered as one would infer from the very dark shadows of other versions of the same picture.
                Also, we see a photo where the supposed shoe and pant leg are a semi- bleached blue which no longer reveals the floral?/ mottled green and blue design evident on earlier versions of the picture. Also of note is the fact that while that area of the photo has become much lighter and lacking in detail, the area which may or not be all blood, is still very dark. It occurs to me to ask whether the blood should all be bright red or not.

                I’ m still not convinced that the 2nd inadvertent pic shows a pant leg and foot. If there is a foot and one traces upward the seeming line of her leg, I question the stance of the position. Rather than the leg leaning back at an angle, to me it would make more sense for the line of leg to be slanted to the right in a semi- crouching position, since one would need to bear down to get strength and position.

                If there is a leg in the photo, I don’t think it is in a position that could possibly support Travis’ head or back.
                I remember thinking that the photo where the left area is a more bleached blue and lacking fabric details of another version of the same photo, I remember thinking that the supposed foot reminds me of a side extension of an armchair pillow, the kind of pillow which enables you to remain comfortably in an upright position while one is reading.

                Regardless of whether it is a foot or not, all of the aspects of the picture together show it does not make sense to conclude it is a “dragging picture.”

                I don’t know, but I’m assuming that the 1st inadvertent photo is the ceiling photo. Probably everyone here is already aware of the fact that at the bottom of the ceiling photo there is a quantity of hair which appears to be the end of a braid of hair. It has the same uneven quality one would expect to see at the end of a braid. Of course all of this comports with Jodi’s claim about what happened after she dropped the camera.

                ( I have difficulty scrolling on my cellphone, so I have to post this before correcting typos etc.)

                • Top paragraph; I meant object/ appendage to the far right, beyond in the back-ground, is a hand with a shirt cuff at the base of the wrist.

    • maybe she is much stronger than me, but I was in a play where I had to drag a girl who weighed about 110 pounds and could barely manage it. They finally had a guy do it. It’s more difficult than you think.

      • One time my boyfriend’s back ‘went out’ and he was lying on the floor for a very long time. I tried to help him, and I had enormous difficulty moving his limbs even slightly, because in that state his body was like ‘dead weight.’

  9. It has always bothered me that the “haters” always say that Jodi was saved from the DP because Juror 17 was a “plant” by the Defense. Even if the Defense team knew about Juror 17’s past, how would they know if she would be picked as one of the final 12 jurors to deliberate Jodi’s fate, or that she would vote the way she did? The juror selection process is a matter of the luck of the draw done immediately after closing arguments and Juror 17 may not have been one of the picks.

    Here is an article written that describes the juror selection process and the deliberations that took place from the eyes of the Jury Foreman.

    • The jury was stacked in the prosecution’s favor from the beginning. They had watched Nancy Disgraceand HLN Trash and Lifetime, researched the internet, listened to the news and watched the performance the family and friends displayed through out this tragedy. I remember them all wearing their TA blues for the sentencing . . .only in AZ. 🙄 Juror 17 was a Miracle and a Gift from God. ♥ FREE JODI AZ!!!

      • They all were there to get their ‘revenge’ – if that even makes sense since they didn’t know travis or Jodi.
        And you’re right, R., Juror 17 was the only reasonable person there.

    • A person must have a rather twisted soul if he becomes more inclined to vote for the death penalty based on his perceived discrepancy between journal excerpts describing depression, and texts which seem ‘happy.’

      There is not one person in this world who has not been told to ‘put on a happy face,’ regardless of how one might truly feel. Likewise, there is not one person who has not said, ‘O.K’ when asked how he is, no matter how bad he felt.

      The contempt, bias, ignorant and unwarranted assumptions the jurors ( with the exception of # 17) is truly horrifying.

      Also, I don’t remember the exact words of the interview, but the foreman said they asked if they could look at evidence that was not presented in court, and they were allowed to look at that evidence.
      I don’t understand why that was permitted.

      • The most ‘broken’ people are the ones that seem to always be happy. That is absolutely no reason to call someone a monster and heartless. If someone has NOT walked in their shoes, they don’t have the right to judge.

        Most fucktard haters opened Jodi’s life book at page 738 and think they know her. They know shit all.

      • From Trial Diaries interview with jury foreman:

        We then moved on to “criminal history” of Jodi Arias. None of us found that to be a mitigating factor. Another mitigating factor none of us around the table found was “remorse.” We then went over mitigating factor #4, emotional and physical abuse Jodi claims she suffered as a child. Some wanted to review Carl’s interview on it and Juror 17 stated it carried a lot of weight for her. At this point the jurors seemed uneasy about declaring if they were for life or death so I tried to break the ice and just start a conversation on their thoughts about it. We took a vote. It was approximately 7 for death penalty, 4 undecided and 1 for life. Some jurors wanted to be clearer and look at Jodi’s journals and see the psychological reports while making a decision on which way they would lean. That led us to ask our first question to the court. “Can we view evidence items not presented in our trial?” In five minutes or less our answer was “Yes.”

        • Sandra,
          The biased jury foreman, who wore blue to honor Alexander on Jodi’s sentencing day, and later attended a party with Martinez, Flores and several of the other jurors, is a difficult man to believe. I can’t see Judge Stephens giving jurors that kind of permission.
          As for him saying they moved on to Jodi’s “criminal history,” what criminal history? Remorse? Nurmi had instructed Jodi to not show emotion. Plus, did they think they could just look at Jodi and know what she was feeling? So many idiots on that sentencing jury?

  10. Question: Can Jodi’s final statement to the circus judge be used against her in any appeals trial?
    So what can be fixed at any appeals? That corrupt State won’t let her out of prison, so what can be done to help her. Maybe a reduced sentence? Even if they toss out the First Degree thing, would they declare another miss trial for a reduce time or free her? Does anyone know what the law says on such things?
    That’s the question. Thank you all.
    Jodi, FIGHT and Never give up.

    • Her final statement to IDIOT JSS was on record. And further that statement will not hurt her….it shows that she was still being attacked when the knife went into his throat which is what Jodi stated…and she further declared in that final statement that the gunshot was first and that Det Flores (as she turned around and pointed to him and Little Juanita) had colluded to change that fact and say the gunshot was last which is a total LIE!!! She had recovered some of her memory and wanted the judge to know that she was still being attacked and remembered the knife going into his throat. IT WAS SELF DEFENSE AND SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME !!

      Her chances of winning on appeal in the state of CIRCUS AZ is probably slim to none…unless of course the appellate judges decide to actually apply the laws fairly and honestly in this case…otherwise her chances are much better in the ninth circuit court of appeals…

      The AZ appellate court judges are really going to have to work very hard to ignore the law and the facts of this case in order to uphold the decision of the lower court…they are going to have to put on their monkey blinders….you know…hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil….

      They need to be honest and ethical in their duty as judges and look at the facts of this case and render a reversal and a new trial !!

      All IMHO

  11. Some thing smells here said a pal….well into the crawl space He did go an looked and looked…so is it coming from the walls….and the time during the day the front door is open many times and the exchanger is on full blast and talk about a stink….rat,mouse,squirrel or cat….hard to believe a dog could be in a wall…but what a smell….and lets say it was a squirrel say 1/2 pound who chewed on a wire(R.I.P.) well that’s…1 to 370 when compared to t-dog for mass and We had that smell for over 7 to ten days and yes the crawl space had bleach used on it to no effect…seems it was behind the wall and still We could smell it … must have real strange air or senses…well We know not much common sense in that part of the world….det. stevo….big smell upon opening the door…tiny…smell? what smell? Odd for a rat…

  12. “A more organic take on human nature is emerging. It sees behavior as a product of distinct personality traits that we all have to a greater or lesser degree. In this new view, we’re all just a little bit crazy.”

    Are We All a Little Crazy?

    “Serious therapists call it the continuum. In their view there is no clear dividing line between mental health and mental illness. We all exist somewhere along the continuum. If they are right, then we are all a little crazy.”

    “No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions.”
    ― Henry Ward Beecher, Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit

    “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”
    ― Albert Einstein

    “When we remember that we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”
    ― Mark Twain, Mark Twain’s Notebook

  13. Martinez- Melendez discuss the photos

    Martinez asks Melendez about the non-deleted photos. What images were contained in the non-deleted photos?
    Melendez: “Oh, not deleted, I don’t know what those images were off hand.”

    Melendez: “…when you’re looking at a file, it will tell you when it was created and if it was deleted, it will tell you when. With an unallocated (?) space, that part of the file may not be there.”
    Martinez: “In other words, the time when it was deleted.”
    Melendez: “Right. The part of the file that contains that information may not be on the file…”

    • Really? He didn’t know what the non-deleted images were off hand????? Right ! Any investigator would be familiar with all the photos bc they ALL would be important in trying to piece together what happened and who was possibly invovled….


  14. Martinez-Melendez still discussing the photos

    Melendez: “…these images when you take them with this camera, it embeds the date and time that the camera set on to it the file itself.”
    Martinez: “And so with the photographs, at least with some of them, come with date and time.”
    Melendez: “Yes.”

    Cyber-shot Handbook DSC-H7/H9
    Cannot insert dates on image

    This camera does not have a feature for superimposing dates on images (page 122). By using
    “Picture Motion Browser,” you can print or save images with the date (page 102)

    I’m not 100% sure if this applies to the H7 camera or H9 camera OR maybe it applies to both.

  15. So much shenanigans going on with all the evidence in this case….destroyed, deleted, altered, created, etc….NONE of it is to be trusted….

    Jodi must get a new trial with all the true honest evidence if it still exists…


  16. I was reading an interview exchange JM did. Found this laughable!!!!!

    Question: Given the choice, would you rather trials like this were NOT televised? Do you think the bigger audience and media coverage impacts the trial process fairly or unfairly?

    I did not see that the media coverage impacted the trial because jurors were not exposed to it.

    HaHaHa 😆 It must have been Frog’s attempt at being funny!!!!! 😆 🙄

    • Narcissistic Nut !! Of course they were exposed to it…on a daily basis you little fool…you are delusional and only kidding your tiny little arrogant narcissistic egotistic evil self !!!!


    • I can’t get the exact quote because Scoopy now charges admission to her stupid interview with tiny, but during it, Juanita confessed to his appreciation of all the attention and notoriety that he received from this media circus of a trial. Scoopy acted like a teenage groupie fawning all over that tiny prick!

      • 😆 Well, she certainly made a name for herself during her escapades with the frog. Her investigative reporting sure went to the depths of pond scum. Another typical TA/Frog groupie. No difference.

      • Let’s hope Holly doesn’t find out about that fawning activity with “short stuff.” Holly was doing some of that herself the day of the Dr. Phil show. Martinez must be some kind of a odd fetish – short, ugly, vicious and a bit of a sociopath. Plus, all the bad stuff about him.

  17. Cyber-shot Handbook DSC-H7/H9

    You have deleted an image by mistake.

    Once you have deleted an image, you cannot restore it. We recommend that you protect
    images (page 67), or use the “Memory Stick Duo” with the write-protect switch and set the
    switch to the LOCK position (page 129) to prevent accidental erasure.


      • Thanks, Carol
        I expect there is a lot of software that can restore deleted photos today. But, could they restore deleted photos in 2008? The video is date 2013 so I expect there was huge steps made in 5 years. But, it’s possible there was software in 2008 that could restore deleted photos. It just seems strange that the manufacturer’s handbook would indicate deleted photos cannot be restored and, in fact, gives a specific warning how to protect images.

          • Reviewing Melendez’s testimony, there was nothing stored on the memory of the camera, but only the memory stick as he referred to it as. (He says sim cards are for phones.) He used a card viewer and his forensic software Encase. This video about retrieving deleted files using Encase is dated 2008.


            and this article dated 2008 about Encase.

            Deleted but Not Erased: Photos Reborn

            By BOB TEDESCHIJAN. 10, 2008

            “To try out some of the photo-recovery services, I gave Ms. Sevigny’s SD card, in turn, to two data-recovery specialists and one computer technician with no such recovery experience. Jim Doyle, a senior director at Guidance Software who once supervised computer investigations for the New York Police Department, was the first to take on the job. Mr. Doyle used Guidance’s EnCase application, and retrieved 65 pictures.”

        • cc53, I did a search on how to retrieve photos from a digital camera to find the earliest date that I could. There were 100 pages, and the earliest is dated 2003. Why I find this important is because Jodi would certainly have known this in 2008.

          • Thanks, Carol
            Yes, I agree Jodi would know that photos can be restored. She mentioned it to Flores during her interrogation. Even I know photos can be restored and I’ve never owned a camera in my life other than one in a cell phone. But, I don’t know when the technology first existed to restore photos. Of course, I know about Encase from the trial but in all honestly, it completed slipped my mind this afternoon. I guess the main thing about JAII is that we work to get our facts correct and you are great at digging for the truth.

  18. Shot….First….Now…Last. What a Smell….Smell….what smell…..That az. does love to cover all the bases…and lose em…and hide em…and destroy em…rules in a trial?….LOL…but He who LOL’s last…now that’s very APPEALING. This She could never give him up…that’s odd,because did She not give 3 other men up? Ask them…But when it came to giving anyone up see the t-dog….be it fun or profit he would never give you up….as long as he could USE you.” my brother was a good guy “…..kind of sad really sad to still be living your brothers lie…but it sure does pay well….

  19. Why must the rat push a lie and from a Dr. of lies …horn states that there were 3 mortal wounds….hit to vena cava,they should really talk to Ed Gavagan on that one as He ran away from His attackers and lived and still does.Talk about dead man running….cut to throat…DONE….but as one Phineas Gage did prove some 130yrs ago(more or less) You can live with a hole 21 times t-dog and with a force of some 1600 times or a bit less..for as much as 12 yr.s. Gee 2 out of 3 and horn is wrong. Now all three wounds COULD have been fatal but that’s not what horn said because the 3 times over kill would then become a …LIE! Both men above took hit far greater then travis…just read their story. As for My God look at poor t-dogs face…well that look is very normal on THE DEAD! See the web on up north bodies that were discovered…SAME LOOK! But hey it’s so easy to fool …FOOLS…after 5 days just what do You think anyone would look like…and this She should have helped him…how does anyone know She didn’t try to a few times…but as for taking a look to see if a person is down, two NYPD cops did just that and as they turned the guy over they just shot…he shot them and killed them…seems they didn’t kill him. That’s the chance one takes when you let your guard down.Until She stopped the threat he was still a threat…good enough for the Law then good enough for ALL.

    • Autopsy report:

      Cause of death: Sharp force trauma to neck and torso

      PERIOD !!

      Not the gunshot which came first according to ALL until Jodi changed her story to self defense…No perforation of the brain….the dura mater is “intact”

      There were two mortal wounds, not three as they wanted everyone to believe…

      Testimony by Det Flores in the hearing to determine if death penalty qualified was that the gunshot was first and was not incapacitating based according to what Dr. Horn told Flores……of course Dr. Horn seemed to have memory problems and couldn’t “recall” the conversation….right !!

      END OF STORY !!!

      Dr. Horn’s oh so convenient equivocations and apparent memory loss and hypothetical scenarios he offered at trial about the lungs and the gunshot to the head are going to be front and center during the appeal…ala Lisa Randall and Harold Fish

      All IMHO

      • I agree BB….I always felt that Dr. Horn’s mixed up assessment would be a big deal on an appeal. I remember Jennifer questioning him on the stand and his reference to a “typo” in the report. That whole thing about the gunshot being first (Flores first take on it) and then being last (Dr. Horn) and Flores “being mistaken” — is big. I thought so then and I think the same way now. That report sat around for a long time and he gets on the stand and says the error is a typo????? yeh right.

        • There was NO TYPO…The evidence of that fact that there was NO TYPO is in his own report…in other words, everything in his own autopsy report is consistent with there being no perforation of the brain, the dura mater being “intact” and there are NO facts in his report to show that it was just a typo…no other corroborating evidence that the brain really was perforated and the dura mater really was perforated…to say it was a “typo” is simply NOT CREDIBLE.

          Dr. Horn’s SPECULATIVE AND EQUIVOCATING TESTIMONY should never have been allowed at trial…his opinion was not stated as medical certainty but as speculative and equivocating which will serve as one of the main reasons for an overturn in the verdict…you can unfairly sway a jury with speculation…



  20. I’ve been watching the television series about the O.J trial, and I see what Chris Darden had to put up with. Then I think of how pathetic, ridiculous and childish Nurmi is with his complaints and vendetta against Jodi.

  21. This information, which may have been posted here before, is from Blink on Crime (BOC). But, I post it because it illustrates that even someone who is not a friend of Jodi also is puzzled by the photos allegedly taken on June 4, 2008. Note that in the 2nd part, “#215 is Fat,” there are photos in the actual article which illustrate what BOC is talking about plus there is more discussion on the photos.

    Blink on Crime:
    I am aware that Det. Melendez says that the time stamps are from the image files, however, he never offers any explanation as to why some have it and many do not. Nor is he asked how if Neumiester was able to pull EXIF data identifying the shower image as taken from Travis’s camera from a similarly deleted image, why he was not able to. Likely why Mr. Neumiester was kept off the stand via the State’s agreement to the stipulation that has the legal community scratching its collective head
    Exhibit #215 Is Fat
    No, not a person. The blue SD card labeled exhibit #215, confirmed by the State by its two witnesses Heather Connor and Det Melendez to be the card where all deleted images were extracted.

    Sony Duo SD

    “There’s just one problem with that. Well, maybe two. Connor stated it was located in the bottom of the washer along with the camera battery cover, which were separate from the camera itself. In fact, one can see the battery pack in the camera from the image taken into the washer.

    Melendez stated he found the card or memory stick inside the camera when he opened its cover door.

    Duo v SD blue

    How did it get there if he was the only one who handled it, and how does he account for the fact that it is definitely not compatible with Travis’s camera a Sony (insert model).

    Travis’s camera used a proprietary Sony duopro memory stick which is thinner and rectangular, and included notches for locking the data contained on it. The blue SD card cannot and does not fit inside the camera.


    How does one account for the fact that there is only one card located in exhibit #215 and it is indeed now a Sony duopro, and it is NOT the same card pictured in the envelope presented by Thomas through prosecutor Juan Martinez.

    As much as it pains me to say this- Jodi told them that herself and Det. Flores confirmed it during their interview on July 15, 2008.

    • Let’s also remember that when Jodi was in custody being questioned by flores, he brought up the pigtail pics as well as the nude pics and Jodi seemed confused and then stated that she was sure that those pics were taken months before.

      I think that all those nude pics were only brought to trial to ‘shock’ the jury and humiliate and degrade Jodi making her look like a trailer-trash slut. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we were to find out that they actually were not taken that day!

      Of course, her memory card ‘vanished’ into thin air. That memory card contained pictures of Jodi with her sister on a trip very far away from Yerka the day the grandparents house was burglarized. Maybe taking the nude pics from THAT memory card meant that it also had to disappear 😉

      Question: Can someone take the memory card that the prosecution says ALL pics were taken from and investigate it in depth? Check out and see if there were actually timestamps on the pics and if ALL photos were from that single memory card…. in general, check to see if the prosecution was truthful about the pictures.

      • Has anyone ever seen photos of the EXIF information on the nude photos of Jodi and Alexander? I’m assuming that’s where the police obtained the date and time they placed on the photos. But, it’s one thing to say the date and times were correct (like Melendez did) and another thing to display a photo of the actual EXIF information.

        • According to Blink on Crime (see March 3, 2016 @ 4:15pm above), Neumiester was able to get the EXIF information off the Alexander shower photos so wouldn’t there be EXIF information on the nude photos of Jodi and Alexander if the same camera was used? EXIF gives the date, time and geographical location the photo was taken plus much more info.

    • Those two testimonies are in direct contradiction with each other four days apart, and froggie boy just jumps right over all the discrepancies. I believe Heather Connor more than I ever would lying Melendez.

  22. How can Jodi have premeditated killing travis for weeks (as tiny aka frog states) and make the worse mistake by leaving a camera behind? Isn’t Jodi suppose to be the vicious, calculating, devious, cold blooded killer according to martinez and all the haters? I’m certain that someone planning to kill a person would have half the brains to take any evidence that would ‘put’ her at the scene???

    This could have been argued (til they turned blue) by the defense team. Simple as that. Either Jodi is dumb as a doorknob or whip-smart. The prosecution and haters can’t have it both ways.

    We all know that Jodi is a woman with a very high IQ. She would never have left the camera behind ESPECIALLY IF SHE HAD PREMEDITATED killing the abuser.

    ‘nough said.

  23. Did the rental guy look at the lic. photo and see blonde? or the words hair brown or see Her with blonde hair that day? That hair colour in that photo is not very blonde…more 3 shades..dark brown light brown and in between….not even close to Her blonde look…is it? BUT was that photo not taken in 2004? Ex. on the card is 2009….so with brown hair( with sister) She then? dyes it blond to go to the rental place then dyes it brown. to go on the visit..but makes sure She has photos of Her …NEW look…would not Her hair look fried after all that dying..looks fine to Me. Some memory on that rental guy to Me…She rented the car for 4/5 5 days when the police showed up…so far 10…would 25 rentals per day seem to many for a rental place = 250 customers and if We take it out to when they picked Her up…41 days = 687+ that is a lot of faces let alone hair colours to remember once or twice but He did or did he get …HELP. What colour was Her hair when She paid a visit to Darryl? Well then that may be one more dye job She had to do…brown…blonde…brown…or did She just wear a ..HAT? Are You know confused as a jury may be…..if She had dyed Her hair 10 times so what does that prove…She likes dying …hair.Ever see a line up for …HAIR…that’s the one I saw officer! Was it 250 or 687 heads of hair the rental guy saw at least once and bingo he remembers Hers…REALLY! And just what would he call…blonde…in or out of bright light as in an office. All the lies from tiny proved one thing …people love lies even their own when they are helped….makes any jury have an easy time of ..hook …line …and sinkHER…the hair proves….? NOTHING.

  24. Thanks tiny for muddying the water…see the photo the rat just had to show the jury from May15/16( I’m getting old) that shows Jodi with Her dog…does that look BLONDE to You….I do not see blond just shades of browns and tans…but then as it shows it to the jury the rat says …NOTHING…no I got Her…NOTHING..just lets the jury see the photo…funny how tiny didn’t scream …SEE THAT BLONDE HAIR? What if just one juror said to them self…what blonde hair is he talking about ? We all know She dyed Her hair brown…er She spoke of it…that photo was before She went full brown…Thanks again rat.

  25. Found this statement related to Jodi’s appeal this morning.

    Court of Appeals Division One: Party-Case Index

    29-Feb-2016 FILED: Notice of Appearance; Certificate of Service (Appellee)

    Not sure what this means – one small step? This is the best definition I could find:

    Certificate of Service. Every document filed with an appellate clerk must be accompanied by a certificate of service that identifies the names of each person served with the document, and the date and manner of service. The party, attorney for the party, or an agent of the party that served the document must sign the certificate of service, and may use an electronic signature as provided by Rule 4.2(f)(1). The filing party may file the certificate as a separate document, or, if filed in paper or if allowed by the electronic filing system, the certificate may appear at the end of a document, or as an attachment. An appellate clerk must permit a party to file a document without a certificate of service, but the party must file the certificate within the following 5 days.

  26. Travis Alexander’s Email to Chris Hughes, January 29, 2007 re: Deanna Reid

    “Let me come clean about where I am. 7 years of loving someone and wanting it to work and watching it not because of me is hard in itself, but in addition to that I have took the life of someone and not only gutted them but took the best 7 years of their life and let her waste it on me. She could have got married 100 different times but she didn’t because of me. Now, because of her age and the dynamics in the church, her chances of having marriage to the type of person she deserves has been so greatly diminished that I can hardly live with myself. What if she lives a life with no love, with no family or even worse is forced to marry a piece of crap because of me. It is more than I can bare, she doesn’t deserve it. With people like Brandy I am a bit of a sociopath, and she’ll be fine and move on so I don’t lose a lot of sleep over it, but what I’ve done to Deanna is unpardonable.”

    • Sure hasn’t seemed to bother Deanna being used and abused. Hmmmm I would guess her family sure wasn’t fond of TA. 🙄 He knew he was an abuser/user/scammer.

  27. I did read a few chapters of kibbie’s alas kermits book before I became frustrated/pisst!:( he writes that travis dead in the shower for 6 days before he was found!! Wart, I mean toad.. D A M N IT!! I mean kermit, said smell? What smell? I smell nothing! Then all the mormon morons chime in.. smell???
    I think their taunting US! They have no fear that they will ever be questioned or brought to Justice! 🙁 kermits dime store book, along with nurdie AND the defective detective should go down in history of The books of lies and deception!!! Framing Jodi Arias


  28. I just finished re-reading ML Stedman’s “The Light Between Oceans” (soon to be a movie, but when I downloaded it from Amazon in 2012, it was a freebie by an unknown author!)

    I ran across this passage that put me in mind of our recent conversation about forgiveness. So eloquent and succinct:

    “You only have to forgive once.
    To resent, you have to do it all day, every day. You have to keep remembering all the bad things.”

  29. INDICATORS OF DECEPTION (Jodi Arias Trial – Day 8)
    Nurmi questions Flores about the “indicators of deception” Flores learned in his interrogation course. Flores said he watches for these signs the suspect is trying to deceive him:

    “They turn away a certain way, they play with their clothes a lot and you can tell when they’re reaching into the back of their mind for something to tell you.”

    So, be aware if you’re ever questioned by the police. Do not turn away a “certain way” or anyway, don’t play with your clothes even if you like them a lot & for God’s sake, no “mind reaching.”

    Police like to believe they can tell when someone is lying. Studies show they can not.

    Flores also told Nurmi there is NO DIFFERENCE between an interview and an interrogation. Don’t believe him.

    • I think I read somewhere that the ‘certain way’ people look away when they’re fabricating an untruth is “up and to the left”
      But maybe it’s the right.
      Mmm. Seems like right is remembering and left is conjuring.
      Oh, wait. The interrogator’s left would be the subject’s right. And vice-versa. Hmm. Too confusing, and that’s putting a whole lot of faith on the interrogator to know left from right.

      Stay on the safe side. Invoke.
      Eyes fixed on the middle of the table. Four words: I want a lawyer.

      • Journee,
        I think the day will come when police will not be allowed to question a suspect without a lawyer present. Right now police prey on ordinary, everyday people who aren’t educated about the law. People who don’t know they should never talk to police without a lawyer present. Many people who made false confessions waived their Miranda rights.

        • They should close their eyes when being interrogated then. I’ve heard that theory but if it was proven, police would have a camera 3 feet in front of a suspect recording every eye movement and matching eye movement to questions, wouldn’t they?

  30. It’s always going to bug me that Martinez, Flores, Nurmi and probably both juries thought Jodi’s and Alexander’s blood DNA was mixed together at the scene. So wrong and so damaging.

    • Martinez played the interrogation videos, in part, to show how emphatic Flores was about the “evidence” they had to convict Jodi. The jury probably thought it was foolproof evidence of Jodi’s guilt.

      Flores’s on the interrogation videos:

      “I have pictures of you in Travis’s bedroom…..and they’re dated and time-stamped on the day he died.”

      “There is so much evidence in that house. So much, and it all points to you.”

      “We have your blood at the scene and the hair and the left palm print.”

      “We have your DNA.”

      “We have DNA matching that hair to you.”

      “The records show you reported a gun stolen – a .25 auto. This happens to be the same caliber as the weapon used to kill him.”

      “When you start telling me the truth, then I can believe you, but I can’t deny the evidence. I can’t. The trip you took doesn’t make sense. The opportunity was there. Your pictures on that date with him, your blood is in the house, mixed with his – mixed, not along side, but mixed. Your hair is there with blood, and your palm print is there in blood. It’s over.”

      Everything Flores says is meaningless including the photos (if they are legitimate). Even Martinez, in his book, admits the photos don’t put Jodi at the scene at the time of Alexander’s death. He admits she could have left after the nude photos of her and Alexander were taken.

      But, did all of Flores’ “misinterpretation” of the evidence sway the jury? It must have.

      • Well this is just it you know…the police can lie through their teeth and they are not held accountable..they are allowed to lie to you in the furtherance of trying to get you to confess to something…it is totally insane and this is why you NEVER SPEAK TO THE POLICE WITHOUT A LAWYER !!!! You can not believe anything they say, PERIOD !!!!

  31. Just what is going on with stevo or esta ban or what ever suits him that day……a fight of self defence is LEGAL and NO cop or det. can over ride that and yes there was a lot of EVIDENCE to prove just that…in a fight one uses what one can…ALL POLICE should know that…….. This thing which is really a sickness of …all are guilty if We(police) say so….that must be tried on them… We have ..BACK UP? as they and over the top fire power…and now with gun ships and YES at Waco they did use just that as they mowed down the guy in the water tower…who was fixing it. Took a while for the law to admit they had used full auto. Look when ANYONE goes in looking for guilt they will find it in their minds…now it just takes 12 to win one for the team Flores was so sure of Her guilt he faked a shelf tilt how on earth did the jury fall for that when ALL they saw was one photo…does video work in az.? Why not video tape this tilt….BREAKING NEWS…HLN did just that…with a man of 215 lbs. Some 90/100 lbs more then Jodi. See You can fool people all the time. I have evidence She was wrongfully convicted by a mob/cult…SEE TRIAL…talk about the love of hate…the OSCAR goes to the front row…stage right on the t.v. Now that’s acting. Instead of the juries doing their job…remember that OATH?…they did a …JOB…for the win…odd how they can’t seem to back it up….ABUSE….from t-dog …What ABUSE is that? mr. u$e said it all I would never do anything to help the person who killed my friend…and with that he must have meant even in self defence….now that’s a guy I want out in front of Me…as a sand bag…O.K. I know he lost weight but he should not have stopped. Her guilt was never in doubt…..that from a judge on the APPEALS court…..what chance did She have with idiots of hate lies and vile who suck up to that family who begs for money for a trip… cancun? Really….why not bury him in the backyard as most dogs are. Did I go to far well then read his words and see his videos…he was so very good at abuse right deanna as he told sky in a text…or was it chris , sky was allowed to view it after a small fee. If I see an abuser I call em out….the truth hurts so.

  32. I’d like to express my disgust for Dr (?) Phil:

    A few days ago he had hosted juan martinez & posse on his show and totally threw Jodi under the bus not once acknowledging that Jodi was a victim/ survivor of Domestic Violence. He totally trashed her and licked the traviban asses like it was going out of style.

    And then just days later he hosted Dave Navarro (‘Jane’s Addiction’ lead guitarist) on his show talking about Domestic Violence. Dr(?) Phil stood there being ‘supportive’ and ‘sensitive’ and ‘concerned’ about DV.

    Isn’t that just grand? (rhetorical ironic question). Double standards! Whatever works to make money, right Phil?! He’s such a fucking prick feasting on others’ tragedies to make numbers.

    I couldn’t find the whole show which would actually be really interesting to watch since he’s such a hypocrite! If someone can find the whole show in a link, I’d appreciate if you’d post it here so we can all have a spherical view of his opinion on DV and how does he have the power to judge who is a victim and who is not.

    Don’t get me wrong, great respect to Dave Navarro and empathy to how his mom’s abuser destroyed his life (drugs, etc). My comment is just to project Dr (?) Phil’s double standards.

    (((((Jodi Arias: Survivor of Domestic Violence))))) ♥

  33. Thank You ! SJ for shinning bright light on the MISSING MEMORY CARD AND BATHROOM PHOTOGRAPHS!! This is where the FRAMING OF JODI, Plus the FACT that flores kept tellin Jodi …NO, You was there! I have so much of your DNA and pictures. You killed travis! IMHO he brained washed Jodi into believing that she alone did all this! :(( Jodi doesn’t remember any of this. She had endured a concussion from the beginning of the fight! Probably started downstairs when trav
    is clocked her in the head with the cd disk. Really, when you have to falsify , tamper, manipulate, delete , withhold and/or distroy the evidence.. ITS TIME TO ACQUIT JODI ANN ARIAS !!! Mr&Mrs c$sh hughes knows the truth!!! Their the ones that “lie” in his bed with him behind close door! They knew travis would end up cut up in little pieces !!! (things that make you go.. HMMM) The first response sky over pedo letter with nurdie, her and c$sh emails with travis! Lets not forget that the Bishop told The Griz that travis had alot to answer to/for !!!! That in itself speaks volumes!!!!

  34. Hi everyone,
    It’s been a while since I’ve been on. I just finished Jane VMs book and JMs book. From the library I wouldn’t buy them. I just noticed my library has both of those books but not KNs book!!!!! So annoying!!!

    Has anyone written to Jodi or know how she is?

  35. According to the indictment of Jodi the bedding was found in the dryer and had been put through a full wash cycle which would take :30 to :45 minutes with the second load being put in directly afterwards.

    The clothes in the washing machine would have clung to the side of the washing machine based on centrifugal force…the camera however would not have.

    If we add :45 minutes to the last image on the camera showing Travis which was at 5:32 pm the first load which is the bedding is finished washing at 6:30 pm and put into the dryer. The second load with the camera in it is then placed in directly afterwards and would have begun the spin cycle at around 7:10 maybe.

    Remember a camera does not adhere to centrifugal force like the clothes do and would be banging around the inside of the washing machine bowel rather loudly causing an off balanced load.

    Why didn’t Enrique who had returned home at 6:30 pm at the latest not heard the loud banging in the laundry room?

    Also, if the camera had been put into the washing machine along with the rest of the bloodied articles of clothing that went through a full wash cycle, which is apparent because there wasn’t any caked on blood or flesh on the camera or clothes in the washing machine then why didn’t Mesa Forensics find any traces of water and blood mixed together inside of the camera or pieces of flesh and blood anywhere on the camera?

    I would have to think that the camera being put through the entire spin cycle would have damaged it more than it was damaged.

    • I think the State even admits it cannot use the photos from the camera as evidence.

      Page 16/40 of Jodi’s Indictment

      Rule 1003 states that a duplicate is admissible unless “(1) a genuine question is raised as to the authenticity of the original or (2) in the circumstances it would be unfair to admit the duplicate in lieu of the original”. In this case, a genuine question is raised as to authenticity, because of the possibility that the originals were forged, photoshopped, cut-and-pasted or otherwise altered before being electronically transmitted.

      In addition, because the State cannot have an expert examine the originals, admissions of duplicates would be unfair. Therefore, duplicates would not be admissible under Rule 1003.

      Because the State did not have an expert examine the originals, and expert being a tech fro mSony who have been able to extract the originals, examine then admit duplicates as evidence, the the original images extracted from the camera by Mesa PD cannot be ruled as admissible under Rule 1003 because Mesa PD is not an expert in the field of extracting deleted or damaged images regarding the Sony camera that the images were extracted from.

      The duplication process involves Mesa PD extracting the original image files from the memory card and then duplicating them by printing them off for the jury to see.

      Basically in the State’s own words the duplicates, being the photos printed from the memory card where the originals were stored and transferred from cannot be admitted as evidence because there is no way to determine if the photos were the actual photos taken from the original images as an expert from Sony was not the one who extracted the images who would have been a third party and would not have sought any gain from altering the original images or lying about them as such.

    • The more this site tries to get rid of him, the more he comes back! It’s not only the spamming and rambling that was tiring but mostly that he went and slandered this site, SJ and members of this site in other groups… what nerve he had to come back, I don’t know. What did he think? That we’d welcome him with open arms? Sheeesh… some people don’t get it! 🙄

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