The 911 call

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Remember the 911 call?

They stated TA was “depressed” due to breaking up with “his girl” (a total 360 on their comments afterwards about him being glad to have “got rid” of Jodi)… even though nobody really knew who “his girl” was as he’d had so many.

All they knew was Jodi’s first name… and that SHE must have been the one who slashed his tires and subsequently SHE must have been the one who murdered him. Blah blah…

FEMALE DISPATCHER: OK. Has he been depressed at all, thinking about committing suicide or anything like that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t think he`s been thinking of committing suicide. He`s been really       depressed because he broke up with this girl and he was upset on that but I don`t think he would commit suicide over that.

FEMALE DISPATCHER: has he been threatened by anyone recently?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, he has. He has an ex-girl friend that`s been bothering him and following him and slashing tires and things like that.

Did anybody stop to think that it could very easily have been any of the other countless girls he’d been screwing? Oh no, it’s gotta be Jodi. It can’t be anyone else.

Just because Travis’ retarded friends can’t come to terms with their own stupidity, doesn’t make Jodi guilty of premeditated murder.



  1. Or it could have been an ex of one of the girls he had been seeing. The only thing is she admitted it but we dont know the details yet as to what happened. We really haven’t heard her side about the events that unfolded that day. I suspect she will take the stand to defend herself even though it’s very rare that people do that. The thing I question is her leaving the camera behind. Why would she leave that behind while taking the gun and discarding it? It doesn’t make any sense.

    I think she had horrible counsel in the beginning or else why did she do interviews that are now being admitted into the trial.

    • Her lawyers are trying to have those interviews suppressed and her statement ” No jury will ever convict me”. I think Jodi was scared.

  2. I thought his friends did not soundet this upset eather.If I just would have found my friend murdered like this I would have been in hysterics.It kinda rised my eyebrows how calm they were

    • I just listened to the call and was surprised how calm the friends where, it was like they were not even surprised he was dead!! I don’t understand how they didn’t smell anything either!!

  3. Hello Jodi, i recently started watching ur trial and i am convinced that u are innocent! Yes u admitted to the crime, but u also said it was in self defence to which i believe! The prosecutor keeps trying to break u, but u can’t let him.. be strong and show them u are innocent! They need to look more into the text that Travis sent then into just ur text! I believe u did it to save ur self and hopefully they see it too! I will pray for u to get proven innocent! Stay strong Jodi we are all here for u!!!!!

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