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I’ve never seen such a shambolic display of bad acting (and fake tears) as we had to endure yesterday morning.

The plain fact is, the family never really cared about TA. Their hate speech from yesterday was testament to that – and they well & truly nailed it.

They were pissed because the real truth about their brother was forced out in the open for all the see and hear. That was the real reason for the fake tears & anger – and I don’t blame them in that regard. It must be hard to be so distanced from a sibling that you never even knew about all his serious mental issues & associated deficiencies.

TA’s dirty laundry (and his even dirtier “magic undergarments”) were forced out into the open – and they only have themselves to blame for that. It was optional after all.

Overall though… had their cumulative attitude been different, then yes, I may of had a little compassion for them… but their attitude reeked, and still does. In stark contrast, Jodi’s mom (and the rest of the Arias family) have carried themselves with pride & dignity throughout the whole trial… and continue to do so.

I’m not gonna go off on some biblical rant… but the TA family going all out by demanding a revenge killing – without valid reason – is just plain wrong. The same applies to their calls for the harassment of defense witnesses via Facebook.  Blaming Jodi for all their combined Addams family fuck ups is plain wrong too. It’s reminds me of people that blame “the global economy” for the reason they’re broke. The truth is, those same people would be broke regardless. The economic state of the country has nothing to do with it. It’s also a proven fact that like attracts like… so poor people mainly mix with the poor… the rich mingle with the rich… and the haters feed off other haters. It’s cool. C’est la vie and all that. Just quit blaming everyone else FFS.

My “Motherfuckers & Justice For Jodi” post from yesterday also got a little misconstrued by some people. They thought I was somehow hating on the family. That wasn’t the case. I was venting. I’ve never hated on anyone in this site. I’ve questioned the integrity of many people. I’ve highlighted the blatant lies some people have told. I’ve called a few people sad-ass motherfuckers too. For that I make no excuses or apologies… but I’ve never once hated on anyone or called for the death of anyone… nor have I called for a specific act of violence to be carried out on anyone either. That’s the difference.

Anyways, it looks like I made my point with yesterday’s post, and I thank everyone individually & collectively for their ongoing support of this website… and for their ongoing and unwavering support & awesomeness in our ultimate quest for Justice For Jodi.

I already have the domain registered, which currently forwards to this website. If and when required, that same domain will be deployed in a different capacity.

In the meantime, and not that this makes too much difference to anything, but I’ll be on vacation for a week starting this coming Sunday. Needless to say, I’ll still be checking in daily… new pages will still be added every day to keep the momentum rolling… and the site will be in good hands. For anyone that emails me regularly, I’ll be sending you a different email address for next week just in case anything urgent crops up. For everyone else, please wait until I get back before emailing me. Thanking you :mrgreen:

Ok then peeps… leave your relative comments & observations below, and we’ll plough on regardless as usual.


Ain’t that the truth…


Team Jodi

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  1. I’m back and I want to apologize to the admins and others about my outburst yesterday. I hope I can be a productive team member. Sleep works wonders.

    • Congrats Ann your 3rd actually 🙂
      Good morning and yes i have a feeling more
      people are going to wake up & support Jodi
      It’s freaking beyond ridic !!!

    • I’m praying for Jodi, and her family…. O my! Her mother has been on my mind, and I feel so bad about the entire situation! My heart broke for Jodi yesterday! She just looks beat down! I’m so angry an abused woman is going thru this!! Makes me sick!!

  2. 3rd! 🙂 yesterday’s display of wooden bad acting
    made Showgirls look like Citizen Kane!!!
    ( ps i love Showgirls btw )

  3. Thanks SJ for all you do.
    Reposting, for Jodi:

    Stay strong, little Jodi, there will be appeals. You have family, friends, strangers like us who support you, believe in you, do not want to see you suffer and will not rest until you are free.

    Never mind the hater mongers, the persecutors, the bloodthirsty lynch mobs, the media liars, the religious vultures, the perverted and corrupted jurors. Never mind Travis and his hypocrite family. You will be vindicated. Do not allow them to crush your spirit, to drown your self-respect back to nothing. You are a wonderful person and you are innocent.
    We will contact lawyers, politicians, advertise and do what we can to get you out of this wretched State of Arizona which has deprived you of all your rights and has trashed our Constitution right before the world’s eyes.
    Stay strong, little Jodi.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Jodi }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    • Exactly viri!!
      We may be ”strangers” to her but we certainly do not consider her a stranger!She’s become part of out family.We care about her more than she will ever know.

  4. ☆○”There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” Elie Wiesel ✿☮ ƸӜƷJodi Arias((HUGS)))”¨*•♥ Viri Love your comments

    • There are times when those who believe they have all the power, can screw themselves. While thinking they are putting on the perfect show to get what they want, it can backfire. These 2 family members, who spoke about all the pain and suffering, that Jodi has brought on to the entire fucking world, as they believe that the world revolves around them, the Trailer Trash Bunch.

      They were as blood thirsty, as any two vampires could ever get, is that what TA taught them? They are weak and fragile, they van no longer function, is that how TA taught them to be? Afraid to sleep in the dark, crying out in ones sleep, because Jodi is coming to kill him and his children? PLEASE! This family was very disturbed, before Jodi ever met Travis, that’s obvious now, after seeing that performance!

      Do they believe the that Jurors are now their big brothers, that are going to murder Jodi for them? The Trailer Trash Bunch! I believe these 2 cry baby’s saved Jodi from receiving “their” Death Penalty Wish. If these 2 people think they helped Their Quest for Jodi’s blood, they failed! Not 1 juror shed a tear.

      Maybe they are now realizing, that they should have paid more attention to the evidence and the trial, than they did, watching HLN while fantasizing about being on the Nancy Grace show, with her telling them how brave they are! Just maybe, they turned their TV’s off and realized how very fucking wrong this is, this jury will never sleep well again, as they have all taken an HLN pill, an ugly pill.

      • unfortunately from what I can see this jury may be eating out of Martinez s hand.
        The defense case is weak, either Jodie is not taking their advise or she is being given
        bad advice. She should let her mother testify, the worse she can say is that every parent is not
        perfect but she loves her daughter.

        • i vote for bad advice. although she is strong headed about her defense. one thing i dont understand is why she talked to the media without a lawyer present when she was arrested. everyone and their dog knows if someone arrest you, dont talk without legal representation. not to the media nor to law enforcement. for someone smart as she is i dont understand why she gave interviews.

  5. SJ could you eleborate a little more on
    the sexual provocative messages you recieve?
    Sounds Scandy!
    Hee hee just teasing you!

    I so agree, it’s very hard to feel compassion for
    people that are just so rude & disrespectful!

    Enduring all those months of eye rolling
    & evil faces just was too much.

    I understand it is a tragic thing to lose
    their brother but empathy can go
    so far when transparency & shallowness
    is displayed full tilt boogie day in & out!

    I just cannot tolerate fake people
    Makes me sick and they are so fake!

  6. SJ Have a great vacation…Great post this am.

    You know what the problem is with the family? They are stuck in the grieving process. They are stuck in the guilt stage. Their own guilt….they do not know how to deal with it so they are angry ..They need help..

    They are also victims of the media. The Hughes.
    Putting Jodi to death is not going to “fixed them”..They will in the end end up with more guilt.

    Well everyone have a good day…off to buy flowers for the cemetery …

    Jodi may you feel the love we hold in our hearts for you….

      • His brother said this yesterday and to me the Judge shouldn’t even have allowed it b/c it IMO insinuates he wants the death penalty for Jodi and I believe according to Court Rules even in the Kangaroo Court of AZ you can’t directly or indirectly express that desire to the jury:

        ‘I don’t want to have to see my brother’s murderer anymore’

        To me that sounds like his indirect way of telling that jury to give her the needle.

        • ‘I don’t want to have to see my brother’s murderer anymore’

          That is easy. don’t show up in court every single day and stare at her non stop, with that shit smelling look. (btw who ever made that observation – spot on! That is what he looks like!

          • Exactly!!! He shows up every day with that snarl. Why show up at all? I also cringed at that comment he made. He’s a major asshole.

            • Yes that CONSTANT snarl. The facial expressions on the family were endless and the eye rolling of Samantha when defense witnesses were testifying were so out of line. She should have been admonished for that b/c the jury is sitting right there witnessing it. She did it A LOT when Nurmi was giving his closing.

              That’s why when Dr. Drew and his propaganda artists comment on how “classy” this family has remained I ask myself wtf trial are you watching.

        • I cannot believe the judge allowed the comment that TA brother made during his statement, he might have just told the jury to KILL HER. This has been the most horrible and evil trial I have ever seen. TA’s family will forever be guilty of NOT HAVING A RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR BROTHER………..So if he was the rock of the family why were they estranged, how convenient, now they can BLAME JODI for all their mess-ups!

    • ”They are stuck in the guilt stage. Their own guilt….”
      Spot on!! It’s out of guilt they act this way.And they think that if they act now as if they care,noone will ask the questions of why they were estranged and didnt really care about him when he was alive.

  7. I’ll check in later. Off to the store to get poor hubby some soup & soft food. He had oral surgery yesterday, and I almost missed the trial. I tried to get him to postpone until I wasn’t so distracted. many times will HLN replay the sibs …put Jodi to death shit! Not that I want HLN, but I have walk thru & out of the room, just like juror #8.

    • Very nice. Can anyone imagine such an article on a Kill Jodi site?
      Anyone? Show of hands. No hands were raised so I consider that a big ole no.

    • Good work. It’s very well organized. Those hallway pics once again make me wonder why the roommate didn’t back out the moment he saw the situation. Another thing that doesn’t make sense.

  8. morning news @ it 1st thing…Dan Abrams is sooo swallow….very hurtful 4 Jodi calling her a liar…kissing up to TA’s family…NewsHOes…..i once respected him…i took a chill pill..wish it would work….Nurmi please stay strong 4 Jodi….Jen please show Jodi U know how she feels….She cried her heart out yesterday while the TA family made their troubled lives the result of their Brother’s death…the PTSD was caused by their parents…nightmares are from mom&dad & they know it….they r all dressed up 4 a hanging…what kind of people r they…what has the news turned into….detective Mags…Unreal..SICK

  9. Have a good Friday everyone
    Thanks SJ for yet another great post.

    Let’s all hold Jodi in our collective thoughts
    & hearts. Sending her nothing but pure love.

    Check out WEST OF MEMPHIS everyone
    :::::: amazing :::::

  10. I have a long post waiting in notepad to post in the vent site in regards to this exact subject that you’ve hit on.. I cannot wait to get this out of my system.. feels like I am going to burst.

  11. with no court today the trolls will prolly be jumping around on here like kermits legs in a hot oil filled skillet. What the fuck ever. Hope they have loads of fun with us telling them to fuck off. We could care less about their thoughts and feelings and fucking opinions. Just so they know early on in the game TROLLS FUCK oFF

  12. Nope I’m far too angry. I have to get away. I can’t take it. For everyone else, have a good weekend and take care.

  13. Morning everybody. Since everyone’s posting links, just because. Heres one that makes me laugh. The guy who introduces this song (One Toke Over the Line) is absolutely choking on his words. Poor Lawrence Welk has no idea what this “modeern spiritual” is about. heh heh

  14. hey juanabe….in order 4 TA 2 see his reflection in that mirror …he was standing,,,,did Jodi stand on stool..csuse she had 2b taller than him to cut his throat…she would of needed to pull his hair to get his head in position…was it cut from right 2 left or do u even know…so TA looked in the mirror & saw Jodi taller than him coming w/the knife….then he felt her jerk his head back & slowly cut while he watched….BS while Jodi looses her life

  15. Good morning everyone,except all you haters. Go wipe those fake tears off the other two losers that lied yesterday. I’m glad there is no court today. Jodi can have a long restful weekend, I hope. I can’t see how she would of talked to the assholes, I mean jurors at all yesterday. I just wish her mother could have gone and given her a hug and tell her everything is gonna be fine. I feel so for the arias family. The media only shows the sorrow of TA’s family. I think I’m gonna order two T-shirts today and give one to my girlfriend and this is what I’ll do with the other one. I will mail it to Nasty Disgrace on the anniversary of the murder of her old boyfriend. HEE HEE !! I ‘d like to see the look on her face when she opened the package. Don’t worry, this shirt is to good for her and she’s not getting her hands on one. Thanks for the advertising of our shirts Nancy the money is going to a good cause.

  16. All these days (weeks/months) I have appreciated Jodi as I have watched her in the trial. I cannot imagine how this calm, sweet, gentle, sensible, beautiful, wonderful woman can do such a crime. I have silently supported all the things posted on this site. However, we just need to make sure that, if we are truly supporting Jodi, this site also reflects her personality. We should refrain from hate postings, does not matter to whom. Looking at Jodi and observing her, I don’t think she has hatred to anyone in this world. She is a very sweet woman. So, please team and responders here, let us make sure that our support and response truly characterizes and reflects our Jodi.

    As I think about this objectively, I always have wondered, from day 1 about the following:

    1. Why did Jodi not call the cops right from TA’s place after the incident. Wish she had done that and told them about how abusive TA was.
    2. Why did Jodi’s Attorneys did not call other girl friends of TA to emphasize and show true nature of TA.
    3. I wish Jodi’s Attorneys were bit more aggressive and pursued TA’s behavior with their own witnesses who had seen TA.

    Anyway, just my thoughts on this. Hopefully, they will be more aggressive in the appeals and get her out of that hell.

    In any case, god always has a path for all of us. Thus, I am sure, he knows Jodi’s gentle nature and love and will guide her to the right place.

    Let us make sure we all stay with her till she can come out and stand on her own.

    Till then, Love and support to Jodi,

    • I believe after the traumatic event occurred, Jodi was in a fight or flight mode. While in this time frame, her adrenaline was pumped up and out of control. Once she realized she killed T.A. she was still in the high adrenaline phase and in shock. While in this frenzied state of mind she panicked and tried to hide the fact that she was even there. While in this time frame, her behaviors were consistent to reflexes. In her mind she had “no” other choice out of fear. What one has to realize is that T.A. had a very dominating personality. If he had fears, he countered them with mind over matter. He was employed as a “motivational” speaker. We even learn of his “unbreakable” persona from his brothers’ speech. T.A. had to practice what he preached. My point here is that this strong willed personality, which may have been on the surface only, played a role in Jodi’s actions and “re-actions” on this dreadful day. T.A. was a respected person in the work environment and in his church. Jodi was the only one exposed to the demons he let lose on her. His friends have described her as kinda a “hot catch”. T.A. feels he has won the trophy and treats her like his personal love slave. Jodi goes along with all the antics because he is viewed so highly by the people at work and in the church. It all plays a part in Jodi’s psyche and explains to people who understand abuse, that he was in fact the aggressor in this relationship.

      Once Jodi is i the dessert she has flashes that she quickly abolishes. These flashes of horrific event are so traumatic and so hard for her to fathom being part of, that they never form into memory. All she knows at this point is that she is safe and needs to protect herself . Remember the persona everyone painted of T.A. Jodi cannot imagine anyone believing her and she is still in shock. From there, Jodi tries to keep the schedule to protect herself from being accused. She convinces herself she was not involved and from here we see all the interviews on tv and interrogations of her looking completely normal. Jodi builds T.A. up and never breathes a bad statement of him or their relationship on TV. This behavior again is indicative of an abused person. Especially a psychologically abused individual who feels inferior to their partner. Interestingly enough though, Jodi actually requests to see pictures of the crime and T.A. while talking with detective Flores. I believe she wanted to see these pictures because she honestly blocked the incident from memory. Here is the kicker though, anyone that does not understand abuse and PTSD can take these interviews and call them anything but the truth. Anyone who wants to win at all cost, boost their cable show’s ratings, and even compromise their knowledge of psychology to hang Jodi, can twist her words any way they please. This is proven by Juan, Jane, Nancy, “Mr. Drew”, and that “insane” HLN after hours show that exploits T.A. tirelessly.

      Finally, I believe along with the loss of conscious memory regarding the incident, Jodi experiences the five stages of grief, like anyone who loses a loved one does, despite the circumstances. These stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. There is no set time frame for each of these stages. This explains why it took so long for Jodi to confess that she was in fact the perpetrator of the crime.

  17. ” the trolls will prolly be jumping around on here like kermits legs in a hot oil filled skillet. What the fuck ever. Hope they have loads of fun with us telling them to fuck OFF” had 2 quote U ..LMAO

    • thank you!!!!!!!! I just loved having that mental image in my head of those legs jumping in hot oil in the skillet! all about the mental image, lmao

  18. SJ While I do comment on here, I don’t think anyone really knows me yet. But, I am a supporter like you all, and I would like to attend the vent room and have the email address. I spend a lot of time in here because I just cannot bear the other sites with all their pitiful lies. Could you somehow please add me? Thanks.

  19. Goodmorning everyone…

    Thanks SJ for all you do..have a great vacation.

    This stage of the (JM show) game will soon be over, then we can get to work on freeing Jodi!

    Hang in there supporters and don’t let the zombies get you down!

  20. TGIF people!!!

    Good morning SJ, Josh, Rachel, Ann, Basse, Pat, Anna, cj, BevM, KathyB, Glen, Al, tonysam, EdB, Crooked, viri, elna, cindy J.!!!!

    (((((((((((((((hero)))))))))))))))))))) 😉

  21. I haven’t posted for awhile but am still following. Can anyone explain something that’s been bugging me? The naked photos of JA and TA on the bed, were they taken June 4th? If so, why is the bed already made, they are both posing on the bedspread. Supposedly they went to sleep, woke around 1 AM, had sex, took the photos. Why would the bed be made? Then with the crime scene photos there is a pic of the bed unmade with covers off? Also, I can’t get this out of my head – the nude photo of JA. I don’t think she is looking at TA in that picture. Something not right about it, or the pic of TA on the bed, almost like it’s staged. Someone else in that room perhaps? Am I crazy? but this case has never added up for me, and the verdict is just unsupportable.

    • Jodi probably did not want to look into the camera because she was a bit uncomfortable with doing nudity pics.

      TA’s pic looks like it is staged because he was a guy who liked to pose.

  22. Pat, the zombies can jump straight up my ass! I have had my fill of bullshit! I have to say that it’s no wonder that 85% are overturned if this case is any reflection.

    • Keep your chin up cj!! Don’t let the bastards get you down..remember they are certainly not worth the dirt on your shoes!

  23. I don’t know if it was brought up yesterday, but Samantha’s necklace looks like one of those that has been peddled on FB and such for “justice” for Travis. Am I right about that?

  24. I just really want to know what the hell we can do to make people aware that this is BS and the jury was tainted and WRONG. How do we get Jodi out of this horrid mess. Where do we find a bulldog from hell appellate attorney? This is what she needs.

  25. * Jurors’ Remorse

    As a former sequestered juror in a hi-profile case who gave a REAL monster 3 death sentences and 4 Lwop sentences, and who has lived with my thoughts, conscience and dreams for over 30 years since the trial, and a few years since his comeuppance, a needle in the Tennessee State Prison, I can tell you what’s coming up for these jurors. I’m your expert witness in this regard.

    (in 1980, Nashville) Johnson (with no disguise or mask) walked into Bob Bell’s Market (that he regularly frequented, eveyone knew him) where the owner’s 12-year-old son was told to empty the cash register. Johnson then shot the boy in the head, (actually the little black bookworm A-student had his face blown completely off) wounded his father (seriously)and a friend (making him a quadraplegic forever) in the store, and gunned down (shot and killed) James Moore and Charles House (who had nothing to do with anything) outside while they sat in a taxicab. In 1987, Johnson was one of two death row inmates convicted in the 1985 beating death of fellow prisoner Laron Williams at the old Tennessee Penitentiary. ” (Actually he killed two Death Row inmates. He beat the charge of killing an inmate for being on the phone too long). A monster…

    At first, after the trial, I didn’t go back to work for 2 weeks. Self-doubt, nightmares, regular psychological counseling over a 2 or 3 year period. Did I do the right thing? I physically signed his Death Warrant, a document that would be read to him immediately prior to slipping in the needle. He would hear MY name read aloud as the reason he was one minute from meeting his Maker.

    I have had intrusive thoughts, major depressive episodes, PTSD and a splash of BPD since his THUG family threatened to kill the entire jury. On TV. On the 5 o’clock news. In the local Nashville newspaper.

    I and my paralyzed wife live as hermits…

    To make a long story short. This will not go away for any juror who has a conscience. When they learn that a DV 2-way fight (IMO) gone REAL BAD is not a DP case, at least some of them WILL come forward because they will feel a deep sense of shame after realizing that JM/HLN sold them a sack of shit as it relates to the M1 and DP charge. Some will commit suicide. I predict 1/3 of them will seek therapy. Some will move on with their lives, but not all. If they tell you that 5 years from now, most of them will be lying.

    The Fat Lady will NEVER sing for many of these jurors. IMO, of course.

    For now, it’s the glare/glow of being important that soothes their conscience. At least a few of them, statistically, actually have a conscience no matter how we sometimes don’t think so.

    I’m old and have a terminal disease. I won’t live to see what happens to the jurors many years from now. Just remember that an old hermit from Tennessee told you so.

    Thanks to the admins for this fine site. May God bless everyone here, even the f’in haters.


    • Thanks for telling us your powerful story EdB. I believe that in your place, I would do the same.

      My Uncle and cousin were murdered on the farm by three teens who were connected to the Chief of Police in the nearby town. NOTHING ever happened to them! Our family was blocked at every turn but know that these murderers will be dealt with in the great bye and bye..

      Much love to you and your wife.

    • Ed, you are certainly a man with a conscience.

      Sorry, to hear that you have a terminal disease. I hope you are doing well so far.

      Concerning the JA jurors I wonder if any of them wake up and start to wonder if they have done the right thing. Right at the moment I have serioius doubts about that.

    • Wow Ed, that is such a powerful story. Thank you for sharing it. I wish at least one person on the jury could read your story.

    • I tend to agree, Ed. I was a juror on a murder trial a few years ago and the experience has stuck with me, even though we said not guilty. While I still question whether or not we made the right decision, I know that I would have been tortured even more if we said guilty. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Thanks Ed….your posts was very moving to the soul…like a fresh breath of air….and the family and the haters own internal unforgiving hate will continue to eat at them and they will become sicker and sicker….and they will all die one by one as their own hatred kills them…

      God loves all his children…and God does not tolerate the family’s hatred toward Jodi…it is obvious by their own admissions of their own personal sicknesses yesterday that God does not have their lives in his hands…God does not live in hatred…he is watching them…but he is not part of that hatred…

      God is a good God…he is allowing the haters to become what they want to become…since they want to become physically sick by their hatred…he is allowing it…until they ask God for forgiveness of their hatred and to bring love into their lives….he will continue to allow them to waddle in their hatred that causes them to be in ill health and some in death…

    • Good post Ed and glad you put it up . . I posted yesterday if would like to follow the lives of these jurors and see who’s conscience surfaces and tell some truths or cause harm to themselves. Your post inspires as to why we have to keep sites like ours active and extend the word s far as we can. When the jurors are done and settling back into their normal lives . . our constant word will be their haunting. Thank you

    • I’ve already hugged & kissed once today, but what hell, I think I’ll do it again.
      ((((((((((ED)))))))) xoxo

    • Ed, thank you – I don’t know if you will read my comment but may peace be with you. I am not agoraphobic but I guess you would safe — I’m fear phobic – I have been hurt so by others, well – I just don’t trust my judgement any longer. I am 55 don’t have a terminal disease and hope to see my 22 year old make it in life – but really have absolutely no faith in society and people any longer. Thanks again for your insight, I have sat on a trial but mine was not a life/death case. Congratulations for staying strong. May you last days be what you want them to be for you and your wife.

      • Cynthia, your phobias match mine. I’m not a real agoraphobic type person. I, frankly, just don’t like most of the people I have come in contact with over the last 20 years, or so. We aren’t in hiding or anything from these murder family threats, and I didn’t make that clear in my post. I simply prefer my God, my wife, my dogs, my banjos and my guitars in this part of my life. I care for my wife 24/7 and she loves me 24/7.

        It’s unusual I think for someone like me whose career was with a -major- computer corporation, and involved marketing, exec seminars etc.. Hey I was a bit of a motivational speaker in my day. I was a people person. Made good money. But life’s tragedies in my own family (horrors beyond your imagination) and the climate of the country that I served, made me pull back. WAY BACK.

        I don’t recommend my life style or choices to anyone. Be happy for as long as life allows you to be. Smell the fresh air, and hug your spouse, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. All the time. Protect them.

        Prayers for Jodi up


    • Ed, Thanks for sharing your very powerful story. I have always wondered what it would be like to be on a jury. You have certainly given us all a very clear picture. Fortunately where I come from we do not have the death penalty, but I know that depending on the case, the jury may see some horriffic images. I have often wondered how they manage to deal with that. After reading your account I can see that many of them don’t deal with it. At least not in a healthy way. Crime and voilence affect us all but we usually don’t consider those who have to be so close to it. I hope I never have to face the call to jury duty.

      I wish you and your wife all the best. Thank you for being here with us and sharing your experiences and your wisdom.

    • Very powerful story, Ed, and very insightful regarding the effects of serving on a jury in a DP case. I was moved by it.

  26. Sj, These “sexually provocative messages” you speak of… Is there a special list we can be put on to receive these or are they handed out randomly?

    Perhaps I should be getting CC’ed on them, just to help you bear the burden?

    Where do robotic communist terrorists from the Middle East go on vacation? I have often wondered this.

    Have a great Vacation my friend. If you come back and the place is a mess, its probably Basse, Ann, Renee and Al’s fault! I hear they are planning on throwing a party, AA and I have tried to convince them to be good, but they say its too much fun being bad. Now AA is on their side. I’ll hold out as long as i can, but i fear i will be swept to the dark side.

    Dont forget to flip the mattress, DONT drink the water and use extra sun screen! Peace Bro.

    • I am a master at bringing people to the dark side….

      SJ: ignore Sirlips, DO NOT BUY SUNSCREEN…also, DO NOT DYE YOUR HAIR.

      Finally, NO GAS CANS…

      • I am already on the dark side!!!!!!!! Been there for a while now. My posts went from bull and crap to fuckin asshole bastards! yup, I’ve tripped the light to the dark side. Now, let’s pop some of kermits legs into some hot oil and have a party!

            • and they really are good too….lip smacking good…like chicken…yummy….eat em and poop em…LOL…

          • When I was a mere lad here in Tennessee, there was a dairy farm that had a pretty good sized pond. My friends and I gigged that pond one summer until there were no more frogs available ..hehe. We put them in my Gradmother’s freezer, never telling her that they all came from ONE pond.

            I love frog legs and especially some sauteed ones I used to get at a restaurant in Atlanta while I was there on business. Cheap there and deee-licious.

      • And for GOD’s SAKE, PLEASE do NOT misplace your phone charger!!

        OH, and only use TRUSTED fellow scam artists to watch over that beloved Tee-shirt account. Your percentage off those $15 dollar tee-shirts will get you that bow-topped BMW in NO time al all!!

        To all you Basse, Renee, and Janeen, especially thinking of being bad, you DO know if you don’t knock it the fuck off PRONTO, you will end up completely FUCKIN up any chance into the celestial kingdom!!!

        • No way! I am golden in that celestial kingdom! I need to be! I wanna be tied to a tree by Saint Travesty and be ass raped. If I cant get to heaven, how can I meet my savior, Saint T-Dogg????

          Say it isn’t so!! 😆

          • Don’t worry Really, you can do whatever the fuck you want, just be sure and contact your nearest bishop and fess up!! OH, and make sure to wear your St. Travis necklace at ALL times, that’ll do it for sure!

        • wellll, that does depend on how they….hm…how should i put this….That all depends on how they take it. And, im not talking about sugar and cream in the coffee.

          • cream……………*shudders*

            tell me there will be no cream pie or tossed salad in the celestial kingdom…please 🙄

            • I believe it depends on what level of celestial you make it to. In the celestial penthouse? Hell yah, they got cream pies, tossed salads, dirty sanchezes, donkey punches, and something i like to call the “grill cheese sandwich”.

            • Well Cream pies and tossed salads ARE on the menu, but every good cult member knows that it requires at least 20% of your earnings, the average 15% is not going to do it.

              • Yah, you are right there…if you want a good grilled cheese sandwich in that penthouse, you better be putting ATLEAST 20% towards “god”.

                • Okay… well then, would it help if I just sign over all of my student loans to you? I am willing to drop out of college in order to get to your heaven…

                • College? Renee’ women dont need to go to college! Silly. Why do you need to learn how to share your husband, have many many babies and cook/clean and take it in the ass? If you need to be taught that stuff, maybe you are not sister wife material.

    • You forgot to say to take the little white pills!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget the little white stop you up pills!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dude! I kinda guessed your interest would be piqued by the “sexually provocative messages” somehow, lol. And yes, the next time someone advises me to have sex with a random farmyard animal, I’ll forward it to you for your prompt reply.

      Maybe I should post a picture from my mystery location every day to see if anyone can guess where I am :mrgreen: And yes, if it all goes tits up while I’m away I’ll know who to blame when I get back. I’m leaving the trusty admins, elves & secret squirrels in charge, and I have great faith in them all. Yay!

      By the way, for some uncanny reason, your picture looks like me. Are we related?

      Team Jodi

      • I’ve been loving your post SJ…especially love the daily posts…to the point…yes….

        And did you get the message last night that NG/HLN gave some free advertising for the Survivor t-shirts, the price, and etc…yea…yea…hopefully sales are up!!!

      • I am also a robot from the middle east, by my manufacturer was …you guessed it….in china. Do you know where you were built? I suppose there is a chance….

      • SJ, if you’re renting a car, make sure that you don’t refuse a red one. That is apparently a capital offense.

        • …and watch out for skaters!!! Or if you happen to see a group PLZ remember to check your licence plates!!!

      • Have a great vacation SJ! Come back recharged and ready to fight. Btw, you now have a taste of what a-list celebrities lives are like, thanks to ng & hln! Vacations in super secrecy – undisclosed locations! Papparatzi trying to find you day & night!

      • Happy Vacation from me too…I am going to do that one day…go to the Abacos…have fun island surfing….LOL…wink…wink…

    • Why in hell are you ratting on us to SJ? I guess your going to tell him you were a VIRGIN before you were got caught in vortex of our dark side! Come on baby, have some fried frog and wine with us.

    • SirLips,

      Just came on after being away for a couple of weeks. Wanted to send my deepest sympathies and condolences to you during this difficult time. Your beloved fur companion, Sprinkler, I believe his name was….no….Sizzles….that’s not it…eh…your beloved fur friend is with you in spirit, friend. Remember, this too shall pass. I’d send you money for your troubles but I just sent everything I had to Juan Martinez for the surgery he’s having to have his head removed from his ass. While I truly feel bad about your plight, I had to go with the cause that would be a greater benefit to the world in general and one less prosecutor with their head lodged in their rectum, in my humble opinion, certainly qualifies. Best of wishes to you, my friend!

      • I sent most of my money to the “Methface Wreck Mouth” fund. It’s a shame she would have to cover her mouth out of embarrassment on National TV during her happiest moment ever. So Sad.

      • Sirlips & I have partnered in this lawsuit. When your on feet financially, We would appreciate your donation to to our cause. We have several website dedicated to bring this bastard to justice. Give me email address & we will forward the list of websites. Your a peach!

      • Thanks Krystal, although i will no longer be ackowledging your existance, since you have not sent us money, i will keep your prayers for Snarkles in my heart for ever.I believe we will be setting up a secondary set of websites for those that want to keep up the hate of this brutal drunken murder but have not yet reached the status of “contributor”.

        FYI, we do take credit cards also, if that helps. Perhaps you could do a bake sale to raise money, or start mowing lawns?

        I hate to ask, its just so hard to get by now a days. My rehab counseller is very expensive, my dealer has upped his prices 40% in the last year, i was divorced (due to nightmares of skippy being slaughter) and that bitch gets allamony. (seriously, what kind of woman goes after a mans money when he has went through such a tragic event?) Plus, did i mention the travel? If i had not quit my job, think of how broke i would be from travelling back and forth.

        One step at a time…one step at a time.

        HOLY SHIT….I got it…. I gotta go, i just had the best idea ever…to get Sparticus true “justice”! Millions of “justice” in fact. look forward to my new post in just a bit…..HOLY FUCK BALLS..this is gonna be a bomb shell of “justice”. ANN!!! We gonna be rolling in justice! TNLUCY, BASSE i may be able to afford a third sister wife if these works out…

        • Yahoo, rolling, rolling, rolling!
          Keep them doggies rolling.
          Keep them bucks a coming.

  27. I have that movie too…and yes all of the mormon women look the same sitting side by side…and all of the other religion wannabes that try to act like they understand the mormons need to get a grip on reality…

    I am a Christian and I do not understand any of the haters at all…their obvious hatred toward another human being is not being Godly at all…

    God loves all of his children…God will punish the haters accordingly to their hatred toward his child…

    The reason a lot of the haters are having so many nervous health problems right now….it’s not because of the act that Jodi did…it is their own evilness inside them that is making them sick…and they will continue to get sicker and sicker…and some will die from their own self-induced hatred…

    And all they had to do was ask God for Jodi’s forgiveness….God is a forgiving God…and God doesn’t hate Jodi at all….he loves her…and all of those haters taking Jodi’s life into their own hands…you are only asking for your own demise….God does not tolerate your actions….

  28. Good morning folks! I’m feeling much better today. When I got home from work last night I spent some time writing and it really did a lot to change my mood; it was good to focus my energy into something positive.

    I wrote a note to Alyce LaViolette and just put it in the mail, it felt good to do that. I like the idea of writing letters of support and appreciation to those that are speaking up for Jodi and to those that are taking a stand about the terrible way this trial is being handled and covered in the media; that’s not always easy to do in such an atmosphere of hatred and vengeance. I would also like to send a note or e-mail to those in the media that are being objective in their reporting of the story.

    I would love to know the names of those you know of that have been providing fair coverage; I’m making a list so I know who all to send letters to. I think it’s important to encourage objective reporting and to let people know that is something the public wants and appreciates.

    • I think the list of people who gave fair coverage of the trial will be very short. But I love your idea. I have also sent Alyce a thank you.

      • I’d love to call and leave her a message of thanks! Wish I knew how. I’m going to check the net and google.

      • Jaz – Sadly I agree with you about the list being short. It bothers me that those in the media that are getting the most attention are the ones giving the most biased coverage. I would like to do something to change that.

  29. Wow! Just felt the earthquake shake my house! Helped shake off my gloomy thoughts and I’m now in a more positive frame of mind.
    Am I naive to think the world shaking could be a sign? Jodi is going to be OK!!

  30. To SJ, Team Jodi and all die hard followers,

    A big mid late Good morning to you!
    SJ, your posts are thought provoking and it hits the core of humanity. It is a so needed website to remind us that justice is also showing mercy. Thank you for reminding me that human beings have real emotions and are free to express them here without harm. Also have a mental rested vacation. We all could all use a reset in our lives!

    • “To SJ, Team Jodi and all die hard followers”

      I’m gonna get bashed for this, but fuck ’em…

      Travis Alexander followed the mormon faith and it took 27 slashes/stabs, 1 slit throat and a gun shot to the head to kill him… Wouldn’t that make him a “die hard follower” too?

  31. I feel really sad about the whole thing. I feel sad that people have so much hate and they aspire for her to have the death penalty, despite the fact it will achieve nothing but more bloodshed and more loss for another family.

    I also dont understand why some people find it necessary to cut down every defence witness. Today I saw some post about Patricia Womack and it was so hate invigorated I was like wth??? Why are you are all so full of hate? Its almost like all the haters just lose themselves in an opportunity to cut down anyone and everyone. It takes integrity to distinguish yourself from the pervasive pack mentality and form your own opinions.

    I was in an abusive relationship. I can see how someone would lie about it. That isn’t deleterious to her claim of SD in my opinion. The truth is I don’t know what happened on June 4, 2008. I can’t know and choose to reserve judgement. I have prayed about the whole situation many times and feel great sadness… but what I do know for a certainty is how I feel. I feel that Jodi’s trial HAS been tainted with bias. Its almost so bad its farcical. With such media saturation the jury should have been sequestered or it should have been a judge-only trial. I also know that victims of abuse lie, its our modus operandi, our way of coping to keep up the façade that ‘all is okay.’ I do know that if Jodi was abused then its possible to reach a certain threshold and ‘snap.’ Also, failing to report a crime does not mean it did not happen. I was abused for a long time and never once turned my lover in. Abuse victims often live in a perpetual state of denial.

    Above all, the death penalty is an awful ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment that amounts to revenge in my eyes. It will not bring back a loved one and it only serves to stain the State’s hands with blood. To perpetuate a cycle of sadness does not induce healing. I am extremely sorry for Travis’ death and the pain his family feel but they are misguided if they think that executing Jodi will erase their pain. It will only cause more pain, more sadness, more hurt.

    The fact is Jodi deserves compassion. It is clear in my mind that she suffers and has suffered with mental illness and depression, all of which is mitigating in my view. Why do we need to demonise people? Sure there are some extreme monsters out there aka Ted Bundy and then there are people like Jodi who I do not see any resonance of evil in. I feel she was very young, confused, loved someone who didn’t know how to reciprocate and grave tragedy followed. I don’t intend to diminish the impact, pain, suffering arising from his death. It should never have happened. One must however weigh in all factors…. and I simply feel that there has been an absence of this in the trial.

    I feel great compassion for Jodi. I can’t know what happened on June 4th for a certainty or the preceding months but I do know what it feels like not to be believed, for people to tell you you’re ‘lying’ when you finally have the courage to tell the truth. I finally did tell people about my abuse, the abuser denied it as did his family and friends. I felt totally vilified and like I had done something wrong… I wanted so badly to be believed and validated. From that perspective, I see the crippling feeling of being ‘hung out to dry.’

    Finally, the ‘trial by media’ is reprehensible. From day 1 HLN made up its mind about Jodi. Any evidence Jodi adduced was discounted before due consideration was given to it. I sense that HLN’s influence probably did infiltrate the trial. In which case, this feels like the Salem witch trials all over again. The irony, the awful irony in those trials was that a person had to die to prove their innocence… what a shameful thing when the State executes its own and calls it ‘justice.’ A misnomer, I call it state-sanctioned murder.

    • Lara,

      Thank you for coming forward with your story and for your support of Jodi. Everyone on this site believes as you believe.

      I hope you have moved on and are in a better place. I haven’t seen you post before so I say “Welcome, pull up a chair and get comfortable…”

      • People are so sweet and reasonable on this forum, thanks for your kind welcome and I hope to chat more with you.

    • Good post Lara. That has always been my point that we simply cannot know with certainty what happened that day. I for one want no part in killing someone based on the theories of a man with short man syndrome. They just cannot know. I could have been convinced possibly of murder 2, though more with manslaughter. But the premeditation would be laughable had it not been believed, making this a tragedy.

      • I agree with you. The role of a prosecutor in actual fact is to pursue truth, in theory they’re not supposed to be so overtly bias. Of course…. in practice we can see Juan Martinez is so aggressive and he never stops to listen, he just is so hell bent on ‘winning’ and executing people that my stomach churns.

    • Excellent post Lara. I can see you have great insight and have human compassion. I love compassionate people. I, like you, feel that Jodi Arias did not recieve a fair trial. There is definite proof that Jodi Arias was emotionally, psyscologically, and verbally abused by Travis Alexander. That much is definite. There is testimony from Jodi Arias that there also had been physical abuse from Travis Alexander. And while I’m on the subject, let me state that I understand the pain the Alexanders are going through, though hating Jodi Arias is’nt the answer. From what I can tell, Jodi loved Travis. What happened on that dreadful day I cannot attest to, but it seems it was invoked byTravis Alexander. I have invested a great deal of time looking into Jodi’s past and have seen nothing that would indicate that she had a darker side. She has acted weird, a time or two, but it’s more like ‘geek’ wierdness. No evidence of violence. What I wouild like to point out is, that, America has a problem with underemphasizing emotional and psycological abuse. This type of abuse is more damaging than physical abuse in my opinion. Laws need to be enacted that protects abuse victims in this respect. Did Jodi Arias suffer from emotional and psycological abuse from Travis Alexander?. DEFINETLY. Who can dispute that? Was she physically threatened on June 4th, 2008? I can’t say difinitively, but it is possible. Given these facts, how could any JURY find her guilty of 1st degree murder?
      Lara, I appreciate your story about your life and can see how you can understand how Jodi wants / yearns to be believed. It is hard to understand unless you have been through the tragedy. Again, thanks for that insight. That is probably the biggest reason Jodi Arias looks so defeated. I believe most of her story. I just hope she doesn’t totally give up.
      Just one last thing, for ony of you people that mention that Jodi Arias has had a ‘smirk’, or hasn’t shown remorse on her face must not have your eyes open. I have saw that she does indeed shows a lot of remorse. It is so evident, it is like a yellow bus coming coming down the road.
      And as far as the ‘smirk’, people have told me multiple times in my life that I’m making a ‘face’, and I have nothing but “good” in my mind and soul. I don’t even know what they are talking about most of the time. Jodi Arias, I think, has been respectful to everyone this entire time. Even to the Alexanders.
      It is a horrible situation that Travis died. I hate it. I have compassion for the Alexanders. They must be devastated. But, is Jodi Arias not also a victim?

      • Wow Edward, that’s so true about Jodi’s alleged ‘smirk.’ I wanted to comment on that. I subscribed to one of the justice pages on Facebook thinking it would be informative and objective, however, I realised that many posters are full of extreme hate. They comment on ‘Jodi’s smirk,’ they say Jennifer Wilmott is fat (which is absolutely ridiculous, she’s pretty and they’re just bullying her), Kirk Nurmi’s choice of attire, etc etc…. it then struck me that these people will pick on EVERYTHING! They will derive a negative meaning from anything Jodi or anyone associated with her says or does. She can’t win either way. For example, the post-conviction interview she gave, they ripped shreds off everything she said. I mean Jodi must have been shell shocked, she just heard this verdict and she was trying to communicate as best she can. Anything she would have said would have been misconstrued as ‘insincere,’ or whatever spin they would have attached to it.

        I think you also made a really good point about emotional abuse. In terms of evidence, there is unequivocal proof of emotional and psychological abuse. I have been thinking about how I would feel if I really loved this man and he kept me as his ‘dirty little secret,’ that is, he just wanted me for sex and then told all his friends that I’m this crazy person. Id feel totally objectified and like my only value is in sexually pleasing him. Young girls out of naivety and low self esteem often keep trying to please men despite being under-appreciated. That messes with a person. In addition, he called her some awful names and after a while that really injures a person’s self worth. I can only imagine how bad she felt about herself. You’re right I’m sure she made mistakes, acted a little ‘strange’ at times, who hasn’t made mistakes??? Everyone has! But you’re absolutely right she has no history of violence or prior criminality and as far as I can see, she was a nice and well-liked girl. I also read somewhere about an email from Sky Hughes or Chris Hughes that was suppressed, indicating Travis was perhaps abusive??? I could be wrong but the point is that evidence should have been taken into account. I get this feeling that none of his mormon friends would say anything bad about him IF he had been abusive for fear of drawing negative attention to the church.

        But you’re right about emotional abuse it has a very lasting impact, its like an invisible bruise that imprints itself on a person’s psyche. The jury in my opinion never kept an open mind. You can tell from their jury questions they asked her so many questions and hardly asked any intense questions to prosecution witnesses. I’m really dubious about the first degree murder conviction. And when in doubt we must err on the side of caution as the burden of proof is so high. But I can see this jury didn’t do that or so that’s how it seems to me.

        I do feel like rehabilitation is better than retribution and revenge. Regardless of what happened on June 4th, Jodi is loveable. She is worthy of love in my eyes. I favour rehabilitation to retribution. I like the Norweigian approach. But to put her to death or keep her couped up in a tiny cell with hardly any stimulation and socialisation is plain cruelty.

        Thanks Edward for being so insightful. Its also clear to me you are compassionate and intelligent and you are capable of making up your own mind, rather than buying all of HLN’s bias.

    • Lara,
      Thanking you for sharing. Your are strong and brave. We may be a little crazy here at times but any abused person can take shelter here.

  32. Yes, what a thoughtful suggestion to write to Alyce. I will do the same and thank Alyce too and send a postcard to Jodi too. Those of you who want her address, you can send it here She is asking us to write to her. Also, I don’t know what happens after next week, whether she will remain there or be transferred. Idk.

    So many good came out of this trial despite the bad. I feel more compassion for people more than ever because of your many posts here and of course the whole trial. Much awareness on how a media mob can form mindlessly and play a negative part of society. Thank you for the heartfelt posts here. I am embracing the love and light of Jodi so that we can be the better part of society.

    • I live in Phila. where the Gosnell trial took place and finished a few days ago. Dr Gosnell was
      an abortion doctor who was convicted of killing three babies born alive , according to the state.
      The conviction made him eligible for the DP but the state and defense made a deal that if
      he gave up his right to appeal he would get LWOP. The jury was interviewed after the verdict and
      were relieved they did not have to address the next phase and decide a life or death issue.

      The decision the have someone put to death is one I cannot phantom. I would have to go with life
      and my feelings on the DP would make it impossible to be on such a jury.

    • There are a few people here that i know are into “astrology” type things. What are you looking for?

      I know the big bright one is called the “moon”. Wait…astrology…not astronomy…damn it, i thought i was gonna help.

      • the first astronomers were astrologers …

        its easy to do astro on the net now..lots of free programs..

        I feel there are more than a few here that read with our “intuition”.

  33. Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected. Haven’t been on for a couple days because I just couldn’t deal with it. Knowing how this was going just makes me sick, and then glimpses of Jodi is heartbreaking. Of course, the talking idiots pronouncing Jodi “unremorseful” as she sits there crying so badly that her entire face is puffy beyond recognition almost, my tolerance level has been near the breaking point lately.

    One of the things that gives me extreme outrage is JM, and his constant “shocking” of the courtroom with photos of the crime scene whenever he has felt like it and he thinks it will benefit him and help the siblings do their best sobbing act. I came across an article here: , that I read, about the effects of gruesome evidence on jurors, among other things such as the effects of video re-creations of the crime, a researcher named “Douglas”, as referred to in the quote below. I think it’s quite interesting, speaking of a researcher studying the reactions of “mock” jurors:

    “Douglas et al. found that to the degree that participants felt sad, vengeful, outraged, shocked, and anxious as a result of viewing gruesome photographic evidence the more they believed the defendant to be guilty. Thus, there is good support for the idea that gruesome evidence exerts its biasing effects by eliciting emotional reactions in the juror.”

    I’m still reading that one, and, in my mental travels I came upon another article because of the first article and it really explains the crazy minds of the haters and the jurors. It’s about fascism, legal authoritarianism, authoritarianism, how those relate to jurors and juror bias, etc. It really nails it.

    It’s here:

    Just one of the interesting quotes that makes the article worth reading is: “Legal authoritarianism can be defined as “an orientation toward criminal defendants and the legal system that emphasizes crime control over due process” (Skeem & Golding, 2001, p. 584).”

    There’s a lot of stuff in the article that helps explain the craziness that is this trial, for example, I think
    that’s as good a definition of what has happened in this case as anything, “crime control over due process”

    Haven’t the jurors, and especially JMiniature thrown due process out the window in their quest for what they think is “crime control”?

    There’s a lot of stuff in the article, just wanted to put that up so everyone can read it if they want to. The second article is of more relevance to Jodi, I think.

    Gotta do some work, then I’ll check back a bit later. There are so many comments too!

    • ATTENTION ===> There is a Virus/Trojan being reported by my Virus checker the ‘’

      Kaspersky Anti-virus 2013 updated today


    • Thanks for posting this Milan. I printed out the Take Me To Your Leader article so I can read it tonight. I also saved the pdf link. These are good resources!

      • Your’e welcome Bunny!

        There is another article that just explained exactly why JMonster went for the death penalty in a non-death penalty case. He was stacking the deck against Jodi in a HUGE WAY. The entire DA’s office was stacking the deck against her.

        Everybody interested in this, go to the link I’ll post in a sec, then read page 298 thru 301 at least and you will see why JMiniman went for the DP – he was far, far more likely to get a jury that would not even get past his opening argument and they would decide in “the prosecutor”‘s favor. Here’s the link:

        What I want to know, is, how can she have EVER gotten a fair trial under these circumstances?! This is INSANITY. I’m horrified. It’s like these last two articles I’ve posted have been talking about this exact case, about Jodi Arias.

        There has to be some recourse. Now I know why Kirk N wanted off the case early on. He KNEW then that they were going to lose and it would be bad. Jennifer Wilmott is probably braver than that.

        I can’t believe how corrupt this court system is. Can you imagine? They are describing MORMONS to a T!!! Talk about fitting the authoritarian profile!

        Keep reading, to where it says a jury like this is more likely to convict and punish a woman with the death penalty.

        I’m getting sick, this is just sick.

        • Juan Martinez is a vile human being. Someday, whether in this life or the next, he’ll answer for the blood on his hands.

          • I couldn’t agree with you more. This proves to me beyond all doubt that all he ever cared about was winning at all costs, including Jodi’s life, at the expense of the health and welfare of her family and friends, and especially, constitutional rights and justice. He cares nothing for ethics nor does he care for justice. He’s truly amoral and evil.

        • This is consistent with Nurmi claiming the jury selection was biased. It seems this trial was over in December when JM picked blood thirsty pitchfork carrying jurors. I’m sure I would not have been selected because I can see my way to the death penalty in only very narrow circumstances, and possibly never.

          • You’re so right. If you can sentence someone to the death penalty, you are much more likely to. That disqualifies everyone here, everyone who is an independent thinker who doesn’t just swallow B.S.

            The hatred we’ve been seeing is VERY deep rooted and real. It’s WHO these people are.

            They don’t care if they throw everyone’s rights under the bus in their quest for punishment. No wonder this trial has felt so horrible. They ARE misogynists. They ARE bigots. Most of all they ARE biased and have been from before day 1.

        • Interesting read Milan. A couple of sentences really stood out to me.

          “Aside from being ostensibly predictive of verdicts, authoritarianism may influence other dimensions of juor decision-making critical to verdict determination. Authoritarianism associates with cognitive differences related to the processing and retrieval of information. Memory of defendant’s characteristics links with an authoritarian orientation, while memory of situational information, such as crime-related facts, links with a non-authoritatarian orientation. Thus, the presence or absence of an authoritarian approach may affect how jurors assimilate, retain, and recall information.” – this makes me think of the interview with Juror #8 and how he didn’t talk about evidence, he talked more about Jodi’s demeanor and about Dr. Samuels,.

          “Many jurors made premature decisions reagrading the defendant’s guilt, some as early as the prosecution’s presentation of evidence in the guilt trial.”

          “Of those taking an early stand on the defendant’s guilt, 60% favored imposing the death penalty.”

          I need to go back and read up on the background of the jurors. Thanks for posting this.

          • I know Bunny! That’s what I meant, about JMolester getting a jury that he wouldn’t have to convince beyond his opening argument.

            Isn’t that what this trial felt like? Not only has Jodi been dealing with the pretrial publicity which on it’s own is beyond crazy and a whole issue on it’s own, but this jury is a stacked deck from the beginning.

            Yes, also, you mentioned how Juror #8 talked about Jodi’s demeanor and Dr. Samuels, it completely fits with exactly what happened and their attitudes. I can’t believe HLN doesn’t know all of this also, and they’ve been tailoring their nightly spoon-feeding to the jurors according to what they know about the jurors and the target audience.

            But what I was just going to say, is what you pointed out, that Jodi does not fit with their idea of how someone should behave. Plus they are far more biased against a woman whom they perceive to be “lower class” – I certainly heard a lot of attitude about how Travis was “so much better” than Jodi, implying that she was a “gold digger”, blah blah blah bullish*t. It fits in with their perception of her. Plus, the sexual aspects of this would be right up their hatred alley, where she isn’t being conventional, but Travis is just “boys will be boys”, the old pat on the back and a wink. It fits right in with what the book says about how they view rape victims.

            These attorneys know all of this! This is so wrong, so wrong.

            Where are some attorneys that oppose the death penalty? They swooped in to fight for Casey Anthony, why aren’t they helping Jodi? Do they know that Arizona is overwhelmingly “authoritarian” a.k.a. “fascist”? Whereas, Florida is a place where they felt they could get a jury that was not like Texas and Arizona, death penalty states?

            This is beyond the pale. Can’t believe this can happen in the U.S.

            Glad you read it Bunny, I hope everyone reads those last two articles, it explains what we are up against.

    • Milam M,

      Thank you for posting this information. I’m still reading, but it has proven very helpful with what I’m working on. =)

  34. You know what I find ironic in all of this hate? The Alexander family has had a one track mind ever since they lost their brother. They have chosen the unhealthy avenue of going on this vendetta of hatred for Jodi. Because of that, they have either refused, or been unable to heal. If they had let the authorties do their job, they would have come a long way in these five years with their healing. They will continue to have health and relationship problems until they let go of the hatred. Those that are supporting this behaviour are really no friends to them. They are encouraging an unhealthy attitude.

    The Alexander family is not going to be satisfied even if Jodi gets the DP because they said they are going to sue her for wrongful death. This will keep the hatred and resentment going for many more years. They will also be preoccupied with trying to stall any progress she makes with appeals. This will consume their very lives. They need to move on and let their bitterness go, for their own mental and physical well being.

    Forgiveness is key, although not always easy to do. Hatred is all consuming and is as harmful to the hater as to the hated. Forgiveness does not erase the past. It can’t. But it can allow them to move on to a better place. If the family does not find some way to move on, their entire lives will be consumed by this one incident. They need to find a way to remember their brother and not let their hurt and anger consume them. Otherwise they are reliving his death over and over and allowing the shock and disbelief of the loss to devastate them over and over. It’s simply not healthy.

    It takes so much energy to be angry all the time. I have never been through this type of loss and I don’t pretend to know what this family has gone through. However, anytime anyone has done me wrong, I have found it much healthier for me to let it go, rather than to dwell on it. In dwelling on it, you just let yourself be hurt over and over and over again.

    One would think their “church” would be front and centre in helping them with this.

    I will leave you with this quote, that I have tried to live my life by.

    “Forgiveness is the scent of the violet that clings to the heel that crushed it.”

    ― Mark Twain

    • I agree and it was evident in their statements. Blaming Jodi for having heartburn is where I had to turn it off. Then I believe they lied about never getting together since they were together for Tanisha’s wedding in 2010. And I recall Samantha writing that the photo with Travis was a while before June 2008, certainly not late May 2008. There is nothing in evidence that he was in CA then when he was texting repeatedly with Jodi.

      Lying in your jury statement is about as low as you can go so I’ve lost respect for them.

      • That “never getting together” because of Jodi is bullshit. They never got together much ANYWAY, and certainly not with Travis while he was alive.

        • They are the manipulators, not Jodi. I was clicking past hateful liars network, and it said their lives were “shattered”, WTH, they’re going to drown everyone the bullish*t is so high and it keeps getting higher.
          Just when I think they can’t think up some new ridiculous lie, they do.

    • I agree Bev. They will keep up with the appeals, they will wait and think they will feel better once Jodi is one that table with the niddle in her arm. As ridiculous as it is and WE ALL know its bullshit, blaming Jodi for ulcers, gastric outlet obstructione, nightly tremors of INTRUDERS, hallucinations, failed marriages and poor parenting, blaming her for their economical and financial problems (even though they’re still paying 10% tithing), anxiety and antidepressants not working, and FINALLY for granny’s death because she just couldn’t take it anymore. We have to remember, the jury is looking for an excuse, any excuse to find her guilty and give her the DP. As ridiculous that they sound to us, they’ll still buy these BS excuses from the family!

  35. I know where JM is today————-

    Inconvenient Truths
    for omkring en time siden
    Planned on posting something really hot-off-the press this AM…..but biggest story and most important to me……is that I just went to my bathroom….and there is a GIANT FROG in my toilet bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This is a true story. I swear on everything that I love.

      A few years ago in a house I was renting, I woke up for work and got into the shower. Behind the shampoo bottle there was a frog staring at me. It turns out the sewer line had a hole in it and frogs were coming in the house through the pipes. Before we could have it fixed my son and I spotted 3 frogs in the house. One was in his room and two more in the bathroom. I thought I was going to die when I saw that little frogger in my shower.

    • Noooooooooooooooooooooo, doggont, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to see those kermit frog legs dancing around in a skillet of 350 degree hot OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! C’mon!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • She has nothing to apologize for ! Part of me wants her to get up there and tell them she WAS abused by the Big T..and that she DIDN’T kill him..and that GOD will be the final Judge!!

    • Her taking the stand again won’t help much at this point,I cant understand why they want to put her through that again or is she’s the one who chose it I then dont understand why she herself wants to have to endure this.

  36. Good evening from Greece. I would like to state a few things that I was thinking of:
    1) I feel it is a good thing that the hearing yesterday was posponed until Monday because it will lower any emotions of the jury caused by the bad acting of the siblings.
    2) Jodi will be able to regain mental streighth after the ordeal she went thru yesterday.
    3) Lastly, I would like to ask if any talk was made in the media about the fake acting of the siblings, their crocodile tears and the true pain Jodi expressed. It is very difficult here in Greece to know what is going on in the media. Please tell me a channel where they play fair and give it to us the way it is. Maybe I could find a streaming and watch the news there. I usually watch cnn (that is where I found out about Jodi).

    • I don’t think any channel “plays fair,” Pandora.

      I’m very disturbed by the media in the US. We are putting people on trial and convicting them upon evidence that is not allowed in court.

      There are Americans in America who are using the privilege of Free Speech to inspire persecution in the media.

      I am wondering if trials should be televised. I’m not sure it’s an American “right” to see trials.

      I am disturbed by anyone that “doesn’t like the questions jurors ask,” because the trial is may not be going as they see fit. The audience is not the jury, the judge, the prosecution or the defense, but more Americans every day seem to act like they have the right to participate and form opinions because of evidence not necessarily admitted into court for consideration.

      I believe “the media,” is whipping up a mob mentality and that is as “unAmerican” as House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC)

      See for information on HUAC.


      • “I am disturbed by anyone that “doesn’t like the questions jurors ask,” because the trial is may not be going as they see fit. The audience is not the jury, the judge, the prosecution or the defense, but more Americans every day seem to act like they have the right to participate and form opinions because of evidence not necessarily admitted into court for consideration.”

        TV talking heads and Americans have the right to freedom of speech. If NG lies and says Jodi has green hair today, the other, dissenting Americans have the right to disagree and change the channel. Let’s don’t monkey around with freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

        The TRUE problem is that the judge in this case didn’t sequester this jury and rip their iWhatevers out of their possession. Then, if NG says Green Haired Jodi, they will NEVER hear it while on this case.

        The judge is the real problem in this case. She worships JM apparently and let him rampage in her courtroom. Had she sequestered this jury I think there would have been a better, more fair verdict. Why shouldn’t JM do whatever he wants. There’s no one to stop him and the jurors can get their online analysis from their iPads in the jury room. A farce and there’s one person responsible for the farce. A female, but not NG. It’s her ?Honor? the Judge and she should be disbarred and a new trial for Jodi be begun.

        • I totally agree! She set the tone for this trial, when she let Martinez intimidate witnesses, yell and scream in the courtroom and let the ta family sit in the courtroom if they couldn’t control their facial expressions and gave the media every opportunity to influence the jurors.

    • The local stations I’ve found to be the least biased, but there really is no media other than this page that doesn’t trounce on Jodi’s rights. I heard nothing questioning the victims outside of this site and I don’t expect to. Yes I’m sorry for their loss. But no I don’t approve of them lying or overstating about it.

      • The constant eye rolling and smirking and making faces, is why I have absolutely no compassion for the ta family. The cop should have known better than to roll her eyes and make faces in a court of law. People who are doing these, are really not sad!

      • I agree. Even FOX who claims to be fair and balanced was beating the same drum pretty much as the Network did.

        Recently I caught a blurb of Megan Kelly speaking about the trial. She recited many incorrect facts about the trial, as factual. She was using that same kind of speaking style where her emphasis and tone was much the same as all the others. It’s disgusting!

        When did this style of presenting the news start to become their personal opinion show? At times I feel like I’m at the library listening to an adult reading a children’s fable, using an animated voice to ensure the little ones are understanding how really big the really, really big bad the wolf was.

  37. Goodmorning friends! What happened with court yesterday? They went on break to be back at 2pm and then they didn’t continue?

    SJ, have fun on your vacation, you deserve it!

    Oh and another thing I can’t get out of my head: Stephen Alexander thought travis was bulletproof, could not be cut down or knocked down, unbreakable. Yall think he’s been whatching to much IRON MAN!

    • He’s 200lb. and strong. He seemed “bullet-proof” could not be cut down or knocked down, unbreakable. Yet Jodi was able to take him out with a knife.

      • Oh, yeah..I forgot about that part. So in addition to being an arrogant abusive deviant prick, he was capricious and didn’t appreciate the gift of life in the first place. Awesome.

        • JUST MY THOUGHTS!!! How many cars did he wreck? How many motorcyle accidents? That alone shows me that he was one of those people that take their lives for granted and do not care about racing cars and maybe taking livess of others. Really, do we know if anyone else was hurt in these accidents? If HE ruined other family lives leaving someone paraplegic or with post tramatic symptoms? I am sure that he has a record that unfortunately Jodi’s attornies neglected to investigate.

      • Why do the haters never think there is something very odd in the prosecutions theory of events that Jodi had a gun but chose to have a knife fight. Who does that?

        • The haters don’t care about reality or facts. They’d rather attack one human being for all of what is wrong in their world and make fun of us who have taken a step back and attempted to learn the truth and want our legal system to be fair and just for EVERYONE, not just ourselves.

          Plus the haters get a newly filled pitcher of kool aid to slurp daily that is designed to keep them mesmerized and under the hypnotic spell of their leaders who are only in it for ratings, their paycheck and job security. The Network couldn’t care one iota about truth, Jodi, Travis or his family.

        • EXACTLY Jeff! Thats what I dont understand, that the jury didn’t take thst into account! Just thst right there is reasonable doubt! Martinez himself had doubt! How did this even get to be a case?!

    • Court was dismissed early…it was said that some of the jurors were crying and they need the weekend to get more composure and to be ready to hear the rest of the impact statements on Monday…

      These are wildabouttrial tweets yesterday evening, Friday….that were on AZ central just moments before the court was dismissed for the rest of the day…

      Not sure what all the controversy over jurors crying is but hWild knows hWhat he saw. Definite tears on their way out.

      As for crying controversy. I sit in a spot where i have a direct line on wall with jurors as they exit and 110% am positive 2 females…

      Were visibly shaken and wiping tears from eyes. Other jurors also look uncomfortable in the faces and I made a point to look at each of them

      • Oh god……. see! Why even continue. Whatever Jodi or any other person has to say, the jury will be listening with earplugs on! Court had to be dismissed because the jurors were too shaken up?! COME- ON!!!!!

  38. I am feeling rather cheated that I got everything situated with my Snuggie and all, and the main event went undelivered. I thought that the Solid Gold Dancers were the opening act for the Crypt Keeper, and then she never showed. It’s like an SNL if the highly anticipated host just didn’t perform. It was hilarious, don’t get me wrong. I’ve never seen a victim impact statement that consisted primarily of relating the manner of notification of the death of the decedent. I also didn’t know that a stress induced stomach ulcer could be fatal. To be fair, JM’s opening made up for some of the disappointment as a whole, but since it came first, it really only served to build up my expectations further. I have some leftover chocolate chip cookies. I guess I can save them for JM’s closing. I’m hoping for a Snow White bedtime story. I’d love to see what the 9th Circuit would make of that.

      • I wonder how many health problems they had when they lived in the house with their drug addicted parents???

        • I like how the one with the polyester dress kept trying to make their disfunction charming. “…Our Crazy childhood…” “…Our fear of roaches…” Yeah, hon, I read your brother’s blog. Your childhood was crazy. Literally. And I know where your fear of roaches came from.

          • She tried to portray their childhood as normal,choosing ‘cute’,sweet memories that sounded ridiculously commonplace,as if taken out of a movie’s script! Pleeeeease….

    • That woman is a bitch. How dare she? How dare she interview Jodi in 09, when she knew it was a bad idea.

      Fuck her.

      • I hope they are all haunted by remorse and guilt when and if they realize their role in that woman’s witch hunt!!

    • They should be doing a story called “Unraveling Lies of Travis Alexander”. We could discuss Mr. Hughes involvement with the pedo Charter school scandal. They need an anchor with balls to ask them questions as the people on this site would ask. I don’t recall seeing pics with Samantha or any family members. I’m sure they hardly spoke or saw him. Why do they feel the need to profit? The state pays for the prosecution. They were not required to be there if they didn’t want to look at JA. I also question the bed made, then unmade. Also show us the pics where TA is the one who is cocky, arrogant, and thinks he’s some kind of mentor. He’s a predator. He preyed upon Jodi, that’s why he converted her and kept her away from people. I am a survivor and I will tell you from experience. The siblings lying is typical in these situations, have experience with too. They run hand in hand. Remember: Birds of feather…Flock together!

      • Kelly, you are so right on target!

        ‘Birds of a feather….’ Do flock together (and in this case, they’re cuckoo)

        I can’t believe what they are doing to Jodi.

        But, this merely ROUND ONE……. she Will appeal and hopefully have better counsel.

        Once again the weekend passes and Jodi is ‘on hold’ while her Fate is in the Balance.

        I think that THIS is more CRUEL AND UNUSUAL’ that the ——-TWO MINUTES—-(drumroll please) that Juan Martinez described in his melodramatic soliloquy. The dude really likes to hear himself talk doesn’t he……..

        Godspeed Jodi.

  39. I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but I’m curious if Jodi or her defense team ever offered for her to take a Polygraph test? Arizona is one of the states that allows for Polygraph test and results to be introduced as evidence in court. Wouldn’t this have helped her abuse and pedophile claims?

      • Of course Pickles wouldn’t allow it to be used… this trial has been pro TA from day one. Anything that they could have shown that Jodi’s action was made after years of mental abuse, they flushed down the toilet. Just ot be on the safe side…pfff.

    • She did take one and requested it be entered into evidence. It was denied. The link to the motion was posted here.

    • I read the motion but it was asked to be entered into the penalty phase not the guilt phase… which seems odd – and if she passed and it supports her case why hasn’t it been “leaked” to the media? Since this case has played out in the court of public opinion and media it seems this could have bolstered her case/cause…

      • Only Juan Martinez has leaked interrogation tapes and acted like a completely moronic ham for the cameras. The Defence has been silent and did not play out factless charades ad nauseum on its own dedicated network.

    • My mom just told me that she was especially moved by Steven Alexander’s heartfelt testimony yesterday.

      I want a DNA test NOW.


        I feel the exact same way about my mom at times…(especially concerning Jodi).!!!! LOL LOL

      • I know what you mean. No matter what the matter is, you can guarantee my mom and I will have differing opinions on it. We are complete opposites. She told me yesterday that Jodi was fake crying during the impact statements. I was like, “Are you serious?”

      • Heartfelt?

        I am a bad dad because someone killed my brother..

        I am a bad husband because someone killed my brother…

        My brother was gonna be a high rolling pimp, until someone killed him…

        My brother talked about being so good…until someone killed him…

        I miss him, except when he was alive i bearly ever saw him…..

        I sure hope that i can finally sleep with the lights out, because we killed another person….

        Please pretend that killing Jodi will bring my brother back, so we can put the needle in her arm…

        Blah, blah fuckity blah blah….

        • Oh…and i was gonna quit smoking…until my brother was killed….

          …But then i got high, but then i got high but then i got high…buda bump bump bump…bump.

    • The video at the link states that her mother will not testify because the mother is being used in Jodi’s mitigation. Bad Mom, bad childhood will keep her Mom off the stand for the penalty phase….

      Also has a look at Jodi’t cell being used whil she’s on trial.

      • This has gotten way out of hand! Wtf is going on in our country!? We’re letting greedy assholes in the media run our judicial system! I watched in anger, and disbelief the first day of the trial, and decided I couldn’t stand listenening to anymore lies, I made the mistake of turning on the tv last night to find a bunch of phony, sobbing liars do everything in their power to murder a young woman out of twisted revenge. Jodi never planned anything, but his family is planning premeditated murder.


      That being said, FY to all the haters and Nasty Grace who claimed she had “several infractions” including hiding pens and fighting.

      Sheriff Joe says she has had ONE. Involving CRAYONS.


      • That prick needs a beating. I would like to administer that beating myself when he gloats about being a sadistic fuck. “Hey, those are the RUUUUUULES.”

      • That is sick. Bread and water. Can’t talk to the other inmates. Isn’t it already bad enough to have your freedom taken away? They want to torment her on top of it.

        And Nancy Grace, she’s nuts. She’s so filled with hatred it oozes out of the t.v. screen.

      • That’s not bread. It is a whole lot of stuff, veggies,meat, etc. blended together in a mostly unappetizing way. It’s not just bread.

      • Makes you wonder,really…How many sadists are out there in disguise?Hididing behind positions of authority,just to abuse it and derive pleasure out of it!

  40. Hello Hello
    I have not been posting much. I am going through my own courtroom battle with my son and his ex over my granddaughter. I am staying strong and things are looking up already.
    It breaks my heart to see Jodi in such pain and we cannot hug her and tell her we love her and believe her.

    I’d like to dedicate this song to Jodi

    “There’s a place that I go that nobody knows.
    Where the rivers flow and I call it home.
    And there’s no more lies; in the darkness, there’s light.
    And nobody cries, there’s only butterflies.”

    • ((((((((Trixels))))))))
      I’ve been thinking about you and the hardships you’re going through-I pray everything works out and your son gets to hold his baby daughter in his arms once again.

  41. One more thing that has been bugging me:
    If they say that he finally died in the enterence of the bedroom down the hall then would someone tell me how the f*ck Jodi dragged his fat ass body to the bathroom and placed him in the shower. I have heard that a dead body becomes twice as heavy once dead. Take for instance someone that has fainted —> much more difficult to carry.
    A couple of days ago I read in one of the posts that maybe their cult got to him first and posed him in the shower (sth. about blood going back to the earth, I think).
    Did her attornies actually take the time to think about all this?

    • I am such a conspiracy theorist, and not a very good one. I CAN’T shake this thought tho. She defended herself…To what extent doesn’t matter, it was self defense. Proven. However, what if she made contact with someone, not sure how with the cell records not showing it but bear with me…Made contact and someone else did the clean up. Making sure he was dead, and Jodi is covering for them out of appreciation and love.

    • Pandora, no I don’t think so. The attorneys stayed clear of the possibility of the intruders and talked very little about the religion.

    • I don’t think it had to do with ‘taking the time’.Once the intruders’ story was off the table,why go there?Her attorneys were fighting a SD case,all the mormon talk couldnt and wouldnt of course focus on conspiracy theories,whose thought however some of us here have entertain,I must admit.

  42. Jodi may of requested or demanded no one speak 4 her….she looks like she wants 2 die…she will not tell because she’d have to go back to the psych unit….God will not let the evil media, Haters & the court of AZ continue to hurt Jodi this why…Hitler got away w/much Evil but finally was defeated & sent 2 hell where he belongs

    • Thanks for that quote and the jail house uniforms remind me of that and the bread and water too. They are all sick sucking ass holes in AZ

          • Hi, Elna, is it? Hi, Elna, um…..quick question, exactly why is it that you are saying fuck you to me? Are you offering, asking, or do you have tourette’s syndrome of the fingers so you tend to type fuck you to random people for absolutely no reason at all?

            Let’s see, if you’re offering, I’ll pass. I’m saving myself for SirLips and now possibly Renee’ but I don’t know that either would have me. If you’re asking, look, I already said no. No means NO. If you have TS, well, I forgive you.

            I guess you could be hyper defensive, just waiting for a hater to come on here and troll, so you’re jumping the gun, if you will. Or, you could be a hating troll yourself. Since, I am weighing all possibilities, it wouldn’t be fair to leave myself out so it could be that I deserved the fuck you. After all, I did ask where the video of the impact statements were and, looking back, that was awfully disrespectful of me.

            Seriously, though, my awesomeness is epic so I highly doubt it was me. Whatever the reason is you decided to ‘fuck you’ me, I respect your opinion and refuse to judge you. I will not lash out at you in return, either.

            What I will do is leave you with this:

            I’d bet my right boob (it’s the smaller one just in case I’m wrong, although, that rarely happens but it never hurts to leave room for error), that you are actually quite awesome yourself. Though, you couldn’t tell by the comment you made to someone you do not know here. Don’t rain on your own awesomeness with your ‘fuck you’ comments like that, it’s just not right. Awesomeness is meant to SHINE and, if you handle yourself accordingly, your awesomeness can deliver a pretty powerful ‘fuck you’ on it’s own.

  43. Quick question: How can I put a picture next to my posts instead of having the one that is anonymous (the bleu one with the sideways ‘G’ ?

  44. ☾ Long after the sad details and sad verdict of the Jodi Arais trial fade into the haze of history’s forgotten injustices, one aspect of the entire miserable affair will be remembered…. that in this age of cyber bullying, cyber stalking, and cyber cimes…. the Arias trial has demonstrated the existence of cyber lynch mobs, and the very real threat they pose to anyone who seriously values the concept of justice. What would Atticus Finch think of the Arias trial? Not only would he have despised the tactics of the prosecutor, he would have been horrified by the gleeful chants of “burn the witch” and sickened by the tactics of the national news media’s relentless fanning of the flames of hatred❤☮Prayers 4 Jodi Arias○ °(((HUGS JODI))

  45. Actually, I don’t like the Alexanders. I felt some sympathy for Samantha yesterday, but TA’s brother seems really odd. Looks like he has some personal problems that are not truly connected with the murder. This family is full of vengeance. They won’t feel better, if Jody gets the DP. I think he should stop imagining the murder, blood and TA’s last words over and over again. He will never heal up like that. Life is not always great; sometimes people lose their siblings. But almost five years passed since that! I know people who lost their siblings, but they didn’t have to be treated by psychiatrists after that; they learned how to deal with that. It would be better if this odd brother stops thinking about the murder and TA’s last words. It would be reasonable for him to remember good features of his brother and some moments they spent together, so he will be able to move on. It is impossible to revive TA, he has to understand that and move on just remembering his brother. I didn’t feel sympathy when I was hearing his hysterical speech.

    • I agree Kate and his blaming of everything in his life on Jodi. I’m sorry for their loss but it really didn’t seem like they spent much time together anyway. Samantha was a little more believable in her grief but I think she lied about the date of the photo, and that is very odd to me. It would have had the same impact. Perhaps they were playing up that they got together more often than was true.

      • The only family member that Jodi ever met was his grandmother twice. I know he kept Jodi isolated, but she had met Travis in 2006.

    • I didn’t feel sympathy for them either but I was tearing up as I watched Jodi and saw her reaction to their words. I felt and feel so much sympathy for her.

      The more Jodi is publicly hated I find I care less and less about TA, his family and their pain.

      They are not the only ones who’ve lost a loved one. They won’t be the last. They would do much better if they would chose to stop the loop of the event and let that stain in their brain fade away. It will always be there but it can and will fade.

      Life is filled with pain and suffering for everyone. Some suffer more that others perhaps, but no one is immune nor exempt, and no one’s pain is more or less important than anyone else’s.

      • As I’ve repeatedly stated,nope no sypmathy whatsoever.Sympathy for whom?Samantha who tried her hardest trhoughout the trial to taint the jury by her constant freaking eye-rolling and smirking???Who would only turn on the waterwork when the camera was on her???She wasnt devastated yesterday,she got the stage fright that’s why her whole body was shaking!!If any of you has done professional or amateur dramatics and got the stage fright even once you know what Im talking about.You shake and have no control over your damn body-it’s because of being nervous,NOT mourning.Gimme a break.She knew the world would watch,that’s why she took care of every little fucking detail of her outfit and hairdo!Or Steven-Elvis-is-alive Alexander who sat there for months,EXPRESSIONLESS even when directly looking at the gruesome autopsy photos???Where were his grief,sadness and disgust then??Oh,no..He’s a tough boy!! It was a very well thought-out performance what we witnessed yesterday!Don’t be fooled.

    • She OBVIOUSLY felt for the Alexander family members. Only the inhuman talking heads from HIN, who earn their vampirous paychecks at the neck of this tragedy, insist on villanizing Jodi.

      TA’s brother was histrionic. Seemed to me he blamed every bad thing in his life on the loss of his brother. I call BS. Granted, we all tend to put the people we’ve lost up on pedestals. All we want to remember are the good qualities, the good times. That’s natural – but reality is that we all carry both dark and light, good and bad, within.

      I agree with Rainy’s perspective and also wonder if the members of his family who didn’t give impact statements aren’t better off, having moved forward with life after walking through the pain, nearly 5 years ago.

      The lack of compassion, the vengeance shown in this trial is really frightening. They all claim to be Christian, but that’s not what is portrayed ~ it’s really ugly.

      My husband believes that she may well of gotten a serious sex offender off the planet before he didn’t have a willing participant/victim. I don’t think there was enough evidence for that, but he brought up some interesting points.

      Jodi’s in our prayers.

      • Heather, your husband is right. You never know and the evidence WAS there, at least the beginning stages. Really, think about it. What kind of man gets off of thinking about a 12year old girl orgasm, NOT a 18year old, 19/20 year old, he SAID 12year old! HOT! I don’t think so! A man that even THINKS of a 12year old girl having an orgasm has serious issues and I don’t know if it matters that the person has had help with the issue or not. Its STILL there, the thought of a young innocent girl is STILL WAYYYYYYY WRONG!

    • Kate, I have not been impressed with the Alexander family, either. I feel for their loss, but somehow they come across as a bit fake to me. Samantha seems not very genuine in her sorrow to me. I mean, I know she hurts and feels sorrow, but I think she is a drama queen, too, in wanting to look that way. Their family is full of hate, and this wanting to file civil suit is absurd and wrong imo. When does the hate end and compassion begin, anyway? It’s time to get this over with and move on.

  46. if they wanted histrionics and shit they coulda let kermit help them give their statements, shittttttttttt on thattttttttttt

    • Sally, please go crawl back into the hole from where you came.

      Better yet, drop dead, and kneel before your leader, Saint Pedo Travis.

      ps………….. be careful for trees, he likes to tie people up to them and rape their, um… you know what, since your head is so far up yours.


    • Sally — Are you the genius who advised Samantha to dress like if Lizzy Borden fucked an 80s prostitute for court?

  47. Hi Everyone,

    I am still here and wanted to still show my support. I am still praying that someone (a juror, preferably) WILL stand up and scream out how this is not right. I am still writing to anyone I can to tell of this injustice. Please, let’s keep the faith and use the idea from The Secret to visualize an upside to all this.


    And to the haters – yes, many of US are abused and that’s why we recognize what happened to Jodi. While I never had to defend myself in her position, I understand what she must have went through. JUST LEAVE, you say. Well it’s not that fucking easy. How can you leave when you are trapped – some of us have cars taken away, moved to an isolated place (conned into it), phones taken away, no connect to the outside world and no money! We can’t leave, you slimy fucks! Where would we live? Where would our children live?

    And in Jodi’s case – maybe she had her car and cell but she could not break that fucking ‘umbilical’ type cord that TA had on her. He followed her with texts, vms, brought her into his ppl and moron (oops, mormon) circle so the only way for her to get away completely would be to start a new life – not as easy as it sounds. He tricked her away from her true friends and those that truly loved her – he tricked her with religion and the false promise of love. HIS OWN WORDS SAID THAT and it is not unusual for a prick-abuser to do that. They use tricks to isolate you. And quit telling yourselves that the DT was somehow making this shit up because all of this proven by TA himself.

    I still hold out hope that, once things calm down, people will see TA’s true colors and quit lying to themselves about him. He was no saint – but Jodi is, in my eyes.

        • Okay, you’re repeating yourself. Either put some fucking effort into your posts, or GTFO. Trolling makes you an asshole, but being an unimaginative troll is more egregious.

          You’re boring, Sally W. Quit clogging our threads.

          • LOL Basse! Yes she was very boring. 🙂

            Ugly Sally must be going thru withdrawal today cuz she’s not getting her daily fix of fresh footage of eye rolling cry baby sister, the very fashionable meth head sunken-in cheeked, skeleton faced big sis, and the snarly lipped, wussy, so scared of the dark little bro who has the weirdest hair look going on.?

            …. What was that pouf of hair on the top of his forehead about?

            He should have worn dead Travis’ very cool Eddie Snell wig for his performance yesterday. It may have helped motivate the jury to have some emotions 😉

            • He should have worn dead Travis’ very cool Eddie Snell wig for his performance yesterday. It may have helped motivate the jury to have some emotions.

              haahhaahhahaaaaaa omg I just pictured that! LMOA

            • Okay, as much as I hate that Eddie Snell fucker that Travis did, I would choose listening to Eddie Snell over Steven Alexander every time.

    • Classy lady Sally, prime example of the people that support abusers like Travis, thank you for only reinforcing what we all have been saying over here, you are trash

    • Hey I’m in love with sirlips and SJ too! <3 <3

      They are better men than your ass licking anal fucking child molester liar could ever hope to be.

      Travis is rotting in hell. Go visit. I'm sure he'd like to fuck your ass

        • i missed the trolls comments, did i make it into the rant? Damn it, i missed it.

          This mormon shit can get complicated! I have a hard enough time picking between my left and right hand…this could get complicated.

        • But, but, but, Lucy, he told me you are stalking him. He told me he accepted your proposal only because he is very scared of you.

          He told me you were crazy and you would tell me lies and prob say your getting married. See??He was right!!!

          And since were are getting things out into the open …..he really suspects it was you who ran over his beloved dog snatchy but he has zero proof. He suspects you drove to New Mexico to kill his poor beloved dog because you knew he was planning on taking that dog with him, instead of Y.O.U. when he moved out to the farm in a few years. He thinks you were so jealous of his love for his dog and I’m sure he is correct!

          He snooped thru your purse and couldn’t find any gas station receipts but noticed you dyed your hair from Lucy Red to Ethel Brown. Plus a few days after poor spoofy’s maggot infested, rotting, limp carcass was found he noticed his lunch pail was missing. Proof you packed a lunch so you wouldn’t have to stop at McDonald’s along the way and risk someone noticing any dog hair’s that might have stuck to the bumper.

          Keep your claws off my boy … he is very scared of you

          😉 😉

    • Krystal Roberts is a regular poster. Sally W is a pathetic troll, who will be removed about right now.

      Ignore everything about her… I have notified the proper people and she will be gone toot sweet.

  48. the creeps r here attacking evryone☾ Long after the sad details and sad verdict of the Jodi Arais trial fade into the haze of history’s forgotten injustices, one aspect of the entire miserable affair will be remembered…. that in this age of cyber bullying, cyber stalking, and cyber cimes…. the Arias trial has demonstrated the existence of cyber lynch mobs, and the very real threat they pose to anyone who seriously values the concept of justice. What would Atticus Finch think of the Arias trial? Not only would he have despised the tactics of the prosecutor, he would have been horrified by the gleeful chants of “burn the witch” and sickened by the tactics of the national news media’s relentless fanning of the flames of hatred❤☮Prayers 4 Jodi Arias○ °(((HUGS JODI))

  49. A decade or two ago, when bulletin discussion boards were still fairly new, there was a standard line for dealing with antisocial personality disordered posters who reveal themselves either sooner or later.

    It was: “don’t feed the trolls!” Do people still say this? I think it’s still a golden rule, because, without attention, they lose their power.

  50. “There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict. Walk away; the battle they are fighting isn’t with you, it is with themselves.”

  51. Sally W we’ve crossed paths before except you were (well pick one)
    R Bro, guest, Lizzard, Bill, Justice4Travis

    Your still an asshole no matter what username you go by. Go away little man
    Your not wanted here.

  52. “. So dance, celebrate, have your macabre victory party. My hope is that your dance of death is futile and only attracts many dark things into your life.” 2 the haters a GWEN quote


  54. I’ve been reading about sociopathy, and there are now estimates that about 1 in 25 people meet the criteria. So, it’s not surprising that a few are lurking here, in the shadows, trying to fill up their emptiness with excitement.

  55. I hope all the gay people that support TA see that and come here, where we don’t discriminate against anybody… gay or no gay.

  56. ADMINS: Thank you for your quick response to the request to ban that silly man sally.

    I feel very safe here because you are so fast to block the pedophiles who slip in the side door.


  57. I am sorry I engaged the prick. I don’t appreciate being called a “see you next Tuesday” and I CERTAINLY do not appreciate being attacked for my sexuality.

    I am sorry everyone.

    • Do NOT be sorry my friend! This is 2013, and the whole gay argument is stupid and irrelevant. I imagine anyone who needs to go “there” is struggling with their own sexuality and desires.

      I love you, J, and you are my hero, gay, straight, who gives a FUCK????

    • No worries Janeen. It was actually quite entertaining. Have you ever thought of writing a book of comebacks? You are very quick with the. I just might use a few myself. lol.

      Put me down for an autographed copy please.

    • It’s difficult not to react when you’re suddenly baited that way.

      Not my business, but … I wonder if the site administrator might want to post a protocol–a permanent link at the top of the page, maybe?–for dealing with trolls. So that people are more prepared to ignore them.

    • no, janeen you did an AWSOME job!!! Everyone did!! Thanks guys, you all are So good I didn’t even get to read or respond to the TROLL LOSER! lol

  58. Here’s my draft of 7 major types of unfairness in the trial. I’ve omitted JM’s endless bullying of witnesses and distortion of their testimony, because some will find this a judgment call. If you think I’m omitting any major type that might be an appealable issue, please suggest it. Don’t worry about polishing my text. Just tell me if you have another broad category that you think the list should add. I will draft a letter this weekend, then do my own search on leading appellate criminal attorneys to send it to.

    List of Main Types of Gross Unfairness in JA Trial

    1 Witness intimidation of Alyce LaViolette, during her testimony, by national campaign to damage her career, not to mention threats leading to her hospitalization. Judge did nothing substantial even to investigate, let alone to stop, such intimidation.

    2 Governor Jan Brewer’s statement on TV, during jury deliberations, that the defendant is guilty.

    3 Obvious perjury by medical examiner Kevin Horn on at least two issues: incapacitation by frontal-lobe injuries, and whether the dura mater was penetrated. On the latter, he repudiated his own autopsy report for containing a “typo” stating that the dura mater was intact. Since there is no way this could be a typo, the bullet could not have entered the decedent’s brain, let alone incapacitated him, as Horn testified to block the defense theory. In any case, it is well-known that frontal-lobe damage need not be incapacitating, contrary to Horn’s testimony. There was also possible perjury on other points by Horn and by other state witnesses, such as detective Flores, as in changing the order of gun and knife wounds.

    4 Absurd, ever-changing prosecution theory of the crime. The state’s narrative was a mélange of medical impossibilities and flagrant inconsistencies, even before prosecutor Juan Martinez, at the aggravation hearing, offered a new story unsupported by evidence and contradicting his own prior claims.

    5 Legally nonsensical verdict by seven jurors who voted for both felony murder and premeditated murder. In the state’s case, these were inconsistent theories of the crime assuming incompatible facts, so this verdict is unsupported by evidence.

    6 Nonsequestration of jury during a media campaign, of unprecedented intensity, of hatred and vilification of the defendant. While TV and social-media ran a savage daily witch trial, jurors had unlimited access to all of it not just at home, but even in the courthouse itself. The judge’s actions to avoid jury taint were clearly ineffective, since one dismissed juror admitted on TV talking with other people about the case, though he had never admitted it when questioned by the judge. Even County Attorney Bill Montgomery warned that failure to sequester the jury could create problems on appeal.

    7 Gross disparity between charges in this case (M1 with death penalty) and in other Arizona homicide trials, even in the same courthouse, of nondomestic homicides with far more aggravating factors, which ended in plea bargains and short prison terms.

    • Maybe you can add:

      8. “Judge” Perry coming out during deliberations discussing the CA case and how the jury got it wrong. Can you say “jury influence” much?

          • Oh yes, that was a banner moment on his part. Funny how he cancelled his appearance with Nancy Grace…maybe he realized that everyone would be trying to recuse him in the future for being a biased judge.

            Casey’s jury is to be admired. Obviously they had to be DP qualified as well, but they did not go there or even come close.

    • Chris,

      Great job!!!

      Thanks for getting things started. I know I am here for the duration, supporting Jodi all the way, through the appeal process and overturning this verdict.

      Appreciate your efforts and look forward to the upcoming letter. Keep us posted and let us know if there is anything we can do to be helpful.

    • Chris, how about the judge’s inability to control TA’s family eye rolling/ facial gestures and its effect on the jury?

    • Love #7 and the drug dealer that got decapitated and the killer was allowed to plea to murder 2 and get 14 years. Why? Because no one cared about a drug dealer but a Mormon god gets full attention.

    • Great! I’m hoping #6 will make pickles step down as a judge and as a member of the Bar.
      I, personally, believe no sequestration to be the most glaring error in this trial, but IANAL.

      Good job.

    • Chris

      Point 4 is the biggest issue I see, but unfortunately that only affects the aggravation phase. Prior to trial the state must show probable cause for their aggravation charges, which they did using Flores testimony, which of course changed during the trial. The state may have covered their butts with respect to the trial by notifying the defense prior to the trial, about this change, but I don’t believe they should be allowed to argue an aggravation charge that cleared a probable cause hearing based on false testimony. However, if overruled by an appeals court this would only affect the aggravation charge and possibly a DP, not the M1 verdict.

      The defense did argue against the felony murder charge on the grounds that if the intention of the crime was M1 all along then the felony murder charge is not allowed (there is an AZ supreme court ruling to that affect). During the argument to this point JM said that actually the intended felony he was alleging was assault, and the killing happened due to the assault and Pickles allowed it. Legally, this would be OK, as long as the jury said that there was no premeditated murder involved and now the M2 arises to the level of M1 due to the felony burglary. However, given that 7 members of the jury found for both premed and felony murder something is wrong. Of course I don’t think this jury is smart enough, or gives a damn about what they did, however the appeals court may have something to say about it.

      As far as JM’s behavior is concerned, Pickles felt he hadn’t crossed the line, but an appeals court may disagree, but I don’t know.

      Often times, it seems the appeals issues arise on real technicalities, which are way beyond the ken of non-appeals lawyers, however, it also seems to me that appeals courts, take those technicalities in conjunction with other factors and make stuff up to fit what they really think the just ruling should be, so we’ll have to wait and see.

      Personally, I feel that their best chance, from what I as a non-lawyer, can see lies in a combination of the non-sequestration of the jury (if they can show some substance to it) and the ineffective assistance of counsel. However the ineffective assistance of counsel comes after the first direct appeal, so that might be a while.

      • AI,
        Thanks very much for your advice. Some of it confuses me, though.
        Re my point 4, are you saying there were no “medical impossibilities and flagrant inconsistencies” in the state’s case before the aggravation hearing? But Horn on the “typo” was the last day of trial, as I recall. And did the state never fall into any other impossibilities or inconsistencies during trial before that?
        Also, I’m confused about the supposed felony in felony murder. You mention both assault and burglary. In common law burglary was breaking and entering a dwellingplace at night with intent to commit a felony therein. I haven’t looked at AZ’s definition. But did the state seriously suggest that Jodi broke into the house? Wouldn’t staying overnight and having a consensual sex fest negate that, because then the killing could not possibly happen in the commission of a felony since she was there with consent? Some people have said that drawing a weapon in someone else’s home is a felony, but can Arizona be so insane as to say that you have no right to resist deadly force by a householder while consensually in his home? Surely not. So what possible felony could the jurors have had in mind?
        Also, can anyone point me to where in the records the argument over admitting this charge occurred?

    • Some others to coonsider adding to the list:

      1) Holding evidence, denying its exsistance then producing this same evidence against the defendant at trial. (Nurmi did a motion to have the trial stopped because of this)

      2) failure to produce evidence that was admitted into court, ie, the gun, the knife, etc…

      3) My biggest issue though has to be this: If you are going to charge someone of “theft” then dont you have to actually CHARGE THEM WITH THEFT? The state used the fact that jodi stole the gun from grandpa, but they never charged her with this crime. If this crime could then be used to aggravate the murder charge, then i believe that they should have had to charge her with felony theft also. This theft charge should have ran its course FIRST, before the murder trial, in its own trial, then ONLY if she was found guilty should they have been able to use it in this trial. The state did not charge her with this seperate crime for 2 reasons, they COULDNT PROVE IT and if they actually charged her with it, then they couldnt have made the “either or” argument for Felony to murder. Either she stole it from grandpa or from travis…or grnadpa…or travis..or… The law doesnt work that way. They got an UNPROVEN charge into court, without even charging her. THIS IS A TRICK, not justice.

      4) Jodi was not allowed to have a means to reasonably defend herself durring this trial. She was woken up at 3AM. She was fed the required rations for a prisoner, but she was not on the same schedule as a prisoner…she should have been given extra accomidations while fighting for her innocence. These exceptions are made for a reason, there are LOTS of examples for this…this is why they allow defendants to be unshackled, dressed well etc… they dont allow this is jail, but durring trial they get extra rights. She should have been given ample food to keep healthy and energy levels up durring this trial.

      • Thank you!!! Your number three on here is exactly what has bothered me more than almost anything!!! She was never chargedwith the burglary so how the fuck can they use it in her murder trial?!

        • Didn’t Dirty Sanchez say during close that Jodi stole Travis’ gun after she shot him? And that THAT is what made Jodi eligible for M1, even though he claimed she stole her grandpa’s gun to commit M1 at the beginning of the trial?

          • Actually, trespassing is considered a class 6 felony if done a certain way. I can’t recall the exact way that would be right now but I remember reading it and, technically, Jodi committed it. Basically, and I vaguely recall JM mentioning this, Jodi was no longer a welcome visitor the moment she threatened Travis with a weapon. She’s now there unlawfully and, apparently, it is worse to remain on a residential property after being told to go then it is to simply sneak onto property unbeknownst to it’s owner. The Felony part of the M1, I believe, is not in relation to the stolen gun but in relation to her trespassing.

            It’s totally petty and shows how desperate the state was to secure a conviction that allows for the Death Penalty. However, the law is the law and, by definition of that law, Jodi was trespassing. Trespassing is a felony and any homicide, accidental or not, that takes place during the commission of a felony crime is treated like M1. If you have a media influenced jury or if you have a jury that follows their instructions to the letter like the Casey jurors did, using this slick little loophole of ‘Felony’ to score M1 will almost never lose.

            It’s a petty chicken shit loophole. But, it’s also brilliant. If it was anyone other than Jodi,……ooooh, say, Nancy Grace…….if JM was prosecuting Nancy Grace and he didn’t have enough hard evidence to prove premed without reasonable doubt so he threw Felony murder in as a back up, I would respect him for it and give it the brilliant credit due.

            But, since it’s not NG, I can’t give JM the brilliant credit. Instead, I call it bitchassness to the nth degree.

      • Arizona can not charge her for theft if the gun was stolen from her Grandparents, that jurisdiction belongs to California. And that is why I found it difficult to include the charge of felony murder. The state theory is that the stolen gun from California was used in the murder of TA. However all the evidence is circumstantial. Until they can truly link the gun stolen from her Grandparents to TA death and prove that Jodi stole the gun, how can there be felony murder? And now if you take away premeditation then there can be no M1 charge or conviction. That just leaves the jury with M2 or manslaughter. This is one of many issues that can get Jodi a new trial.

        • “Until they can truly link the gun stolen from her Grandparents to TA death and prove that Jodi stole the gun, how can there be felony murder? ”

          Someone said that the predicate felony was not a theft but that she pulled out a gun in someone else’s home. Just the threatening display of any firearm in someone else’s domicile. I don’t know which is correct, but someone here said that a couple of days ago. IANAL.

        • Exactly! And if she wasn’t charged with the burglary in California, then how the hell can they accuse her of it and use it against her? It seems entirely unconstitutional!

          • My brain is mush right now, but my understanding is that AZ deviated from the standard concepts of common law in criminal cases and established its own criminal statutes whereby felony murder is charged if murder occurs while a person is in the process of committing another crime (or, I think, also while fleeing from the crime). At the point that Jodi first “attacked” Travis, she was no longer welcome in his home, so the common law concept requiring breaking and entering is NOT required under AZ law. The pertinent statutes are: ARS 13-1506 and 13-1507 which require entering unlawfully OR remaining unlawfully.

      • Hi Sirlips, I meant to thank you for many of your humourous posts but I don’t remember whether I did or not as the last week or so has been quite chaotic for me, and I’ve been, on occasion, drugged to the eyeballs with prescription medication with nasty side effects. My apologies if I haven’t thanked you for your wonderful humour. You, sir, have quite the way with words.

        >>>1) Holding evidence, denying its exsistance then producing this same evidence against the defendant at trial. (Nurmi did a motion to have the trial stopped because of this)

        I don’t recall this occurring DURING trial. Can you point me to that motion? If it occurred before trial, there may be an argument that the defense did not have sufficient time to prepare for trial. But without continued objections during trial to that effect (which may have been made during sealed hearing?), this point may be waived.

        >>>2) failure to produce evidence that was admitted into court, ie, the gun, the knife, etc…

        I don’t understand your point here. Could you please elaborate?

        >>>3) My biggest issue though has to be this: If you are going to charge someone of “theft” then dont you have to actually CHARGE THEM WITH THEFT? The state used the fact that jodi stole the gun from grandpa, but they never charged her with this crime. If this crime could then be used to aggravate the murder charge, then i believe that they should have had to charge her with felony theft also. This theft charge should have ran its course FIRST, before the murder trial, in its own trial, then ONLY if she was found guilty should they have been able to use it in this trial. The state did not charge her with this seperate crime for 2 reasons, they COULDNT PROVE IT and if they actually charged her with it, then they couldnt have made the “either or” argument for Felony to murder. Either she stole it from grandpa or from travis…or grnadpa…or travis..or… The law doesnt work that way. They got an UNPROVEN charge into court, without even charging her. THIS IS A TRICK, not justice.

        Yes, it’s tricky, but I think under felony murder, they got away with it anyway. Once Jodi decided to assault Travis (which of course, we all dispute here), felony murder was permissible.

        >>>4) Jodi was not allowed to have a means to reasonably defend herself durring this trial. She was woken up at 3AM. She was fed the required rations for a prisoner, but she was not on the same schedule as a prisoner…she should have been given extra accomidations while fighting for her innocence. These exceptions are made for a reason, there are LOTS of examples for this…this is why they allow defendants to be unshackled, dressed well etc… they dont allow this is jail, but durring trial they get extra rights. She should have been given ample food to keep healthy and energy levels up durring this trial.

        Let me start by saying that I haven’t researched case law on this issue at all. The burden here would be to prove that other inmates WERE sufficiently capable of assisting counsel in their defense because they WERE provided with schedule accommodations during trial. If there’s one other capital murder defendant in AZ who was not accommodated in the manner you require, for a similarly lengthy trial, and was acquitted, I believe you would lose on this point. You could review US Supreme Court case law on this issue, however, and see if there is any precedent.

        • Also, I think medical reports proving that Jodi was not coherent during the trial because of the conditions you outlined, would be required.

          • But that would be countered by the fact that Jodi spent 18 days on the stand and was coherent enough to sufficiently testify and even challenge the prosecutor during cross. This would be a tough one.

    • I think it would be better to have #5 be that she was overcharged, because the felony part of the finding was not that she stole the gun, but that she was “trespassing”, as in once she started defending herself than she was no longer welcome in the house. That’s how the jurors found both premeditation and felony. The law is written stupidly- Jodi mentioned that in her interview, how she understood how the jury could find felony, but not pre-meditation- and it’s grossly unfair.

      If any of you live in Arizona there’s several organizations that are trying to abolish the death penalty, but I’ll look to find ones that oppose the ridiculous murder one definitions. How could she be trespassing if it was TA keeping her there? But I guess the jury bought the story that Jodi just started stabbing TA because she’s so full of evil, I’m surprised Juanabee didn’t blame pms for it.

      • Thanks! Can you or anyone give me details and a reference to the evidence that was denied, withheld, then used against the defendant?

        On the alleged gun theft: I’m having trouble grasping how that could be the felony in felony murder in the first place. Wasn’t the theft weeks before the killing? Doesn’t felony murder require that the death be during the commission of the felony? But then the felony would have been over weeks before. I guess I should look at the AZ felony-murder statute. Again, though, can anyone give me a reference to this argument?

      • As I said above, this seems to me an impossible theory in AZ or any other state. I just don’t believe that any state law would say you cannot defend yourself against unjustified deadly force by the householder in his home. Then any householder could murder at will. But defending herself against (reasonably perceived) deadly force is exactly what the defense said Jodi was doing.

    • Chris,
      I think this could fall under “vilification of the defendant” some the haters on soicial media refer to her as Hodi Oddias. Their way of calling her a whore and odd. JM never referred to her as Hodi but several times during the trial he would pronounced her last name Oddias or other social media terminogoly. He knew damn well what he was doing and knew the correct pronunciation of her name. Also, he referred to Jodi as “that” there and “it”. Vilification..I thought so.

      Another thing…Jodi said, on the stand, she didn’t want to do the linebacker pose. thing you know JM has her to get up and show the linebacker pose. How can he insist she show him after she said she didn’t want to?

      Not much help on my part but they pissed me off.

      • Ann, I think he pronounced Arias with a Spanish pronunciation and I don’t think there’s any grounds for that on appeal.

        Referring to Jodi in a derogatory manner, which he did (“the whitish blondish thing in the lap”) may fall under depersonalization of the defendant in a prosecutorial misconduct issue, but it would be weak. There more in regards to his bullying of witnesses that would be a stronger argument, in my opinion.

    • I agree completely, the media coverage of a non celebrity defendant was unprecedented.
      It is ridiculous to assume that a non sequestered jury would not know of what is going on
      outside the courtroom.We are in different age of instant communication then we were even 10
      years ago. I think this trial is ripe for appeal.

      The that governor Brewer spoke of Jodie s guilt and in the next breath says she knows little about
      the case is a gross ethical violation

    • Hey Chris, let me see if I can focus on the screen long enough to respond to your posts. Pardon me if I sound a bit off.

      Are you sending your list to appellate attorneys in AZ? Remember, the attorney has to be licensed in AZ to file an appeal. Otherwise, they would have to work under the direct supervision of an appellate attorney in AZ, and many attorneys do not like to do that.

      >>>1 Witness intimidation of Alyce LaViolette, during her testimony, by national campaign to damage her career, not to mention threats leading to her hospitalization. Judge did nothing substantial even to investigate, let alone to stop, such intimidation.

      This was a dreadful thing to happen to Ms. LaViolette, unfortunately. However, it didn’t result in any errors in the trial process. ALV still testified in full, was cross-examined, redirected, and answered juror questions. Therefore, it has no bearing on appeal.

      >>>2 Governor Jan Brewer’s statement on TV, during jury deliberations, that the defendant is guilty.

      If there’s independent evidence that the jurors were aware of Governor Brewer’s statement prior to reaching their verdict AND that Governor Brewer’s statement influenced them in any way, then, this is may be a point for appellate consideration. However, the burden of proof is on the appellant (i.e., Jodi) to prove that one or more jurors (a) were aware of the statement (i.e., they disregarded the admonition and reviewed media coverage of the statement); and (b) the statement influenced the jurors’ deliberations (e.g., one juror, during deliberations, made a statement such as “Governor Brewer believes she’s guilty, so we should vote accordingly.” Or, subsequent to trial, a juror made a statement such as, “I was leaning towards a “not guilty on first degree murder verdict” until I heard Governor Brewer’s statement which then, sealed the deal for me.” Short of absolute proof that one or more jurors heard and were influenced by the statement, this issue, if raised on appeal, would be thrown out. There is considerable case law on this subject.

      >>>>3 Obvious perjury by medical examiner Kevin Horn on at least two issues: incapacitation by frontal-lobe injuries, and whether the dura mater was penetrated. On the latter, he repudiated his own autopsy report for containing a “typo” stating that the dura mater was intact. Since there is no way this could be a typo, the bullet could not have entered the decedent’s brain, let alone incapacitated him, as Horn testified to block the defense theory. In any case, it is well-known that frontal-lobe damage need not be incapacitating, contrary to Horn’s testimony. There was also possible perjury on other points by Horn and by other state witnesses, such as detective Flores, as in changing the order of gun and knife wounds.

      There is obviously a discrepancy between Flores’s testimony during the Chronis hearing and Horn’s testimony on the witness stand. That’s an issue that has been filed as an interlocutory appeal, but the appellate court denied jurisdiction while the trial was ongoing. It could certainly be raised again in a plenary appeal.

      In response to your other points, whether we believe Dr. Horn committed perjury or not, substantiating that opinion is basically impossible unless Dr. Horn testified previously during any other pretrial hearing, and I don’t believe he did, but please correct me if I’m wrong. While it may be well known that frontal lobe damage may not be incapacitating, the defense did not put on a witness with a medical degree to testify as such. They put on a neuropsychologist. Horn was testifying as to his opinion, as a medical examiner. In my opinion, in order to have preserved this issue correctly for appeal, the defense would have needed another MD to testify differently.

      >>>4 Absurd, ever-changing prosecution theory of the crime. The state’s narrative was a mélange of medical impossibilities and flagrant inconsistencies, even before prosecutor Juan Martinez, at the aggravation hearing, offered a new story unsupported by evidence and contradicting his own prior claims.

      The problem here again is that the defense did not put witnesses on the stand to preserve this issue for appeal. Depending upon when the defense was notified of the sequence of wounds the prosecution intended to proceed with, which appears to have been one year before trial, the defense did not file a motion for a new finding of probable cause in a timely manner (i.e., 20 days before trial) and may, therefore, have waived their right to do so. Reviewing the court’s findings in this regard, I think an appellate court would affirm.

      >>>5 Legally nonsensical verdict by seven jurors who voted for both felony murder and premeditated murder. In the state’s case, these were inconsistent theories of the crime assuming incompatible facts, so this verdict is unsupported by evidence.

      The jury had the right to choose which theory they found most credible, and they did so. I don’t really understand your point that the verdict was not supported by the evidence, here.

      >>>6 Nonsequestration of jury during a media campaign, of unprecedented intensity, of hatred and vilification of the defendant. While TV and social-media ran a savage daily witch trial, jurors had unlimited access to all of it not just at home, but even in the courthouse itself. The judge’s actions to avoid jury taint were clearly ineffective, since one dismissed juror admitted on TV talking with other people about the case, though he had never admitted it when questioned by the judge. Even County Attorney Bill Montgomery warned that failure to sequester the jury could create problems on appeal.

      The jurors repeatedly denied watching media coverage of the case. Again, the burden of proof is on the appellant that they actually did watch coverage. If I’m not mistaken, that juror admitted only that his co-workers mentioned the case to him, but not that he discussed it with them. For me, that begs the question as to how his co-workers knew he was performing jury duty on this case. Was there another lengthy trial proceeding at the same time? Did the co-workers just assume? Or, did he actually tell them? However, all of those questions are moot as this juror was not involved in final deliberations. He was dismissed prior to deliberations.

      >>>7 Gross disparity between charges in this case (M1 with death penalty) and in other Arizona homicide trials, even in the same courthouse, of nondomestic homicides with far more aggravating factors, which ended in plea bargains and short prison terms.

      Can you elaborate? Can you point to those other cases and demonstrate the differences? I challenge you on this because no appellate attorney is going to spend time investigating without substantiation of this fact.

      You may have a greater argument (because there is case law to support) that JM’s conduct during the trial was prosecutorial misconduct, but you might want to find the pertinent cases that could apply before contacting an appellate attorney. You may also want to review the defense’s motions regarding various issues and research any case law cited therein. My brain is pretty much mush at the moment, but I’m pretty sure the motions were available to the public. However, if the prosecution filed responses, I would suggest reading them also, and researching any case law therein as well. You can request copies from the court.

      I hope that helps. In my opinion, if you truly want to interest an appellate attorney, you need more to go on than the points you have. I know you’re not a lawyer, but I am trying to look at this from the viewpoint of a lawyer (even though I’m not one either but I was taught to “think” like one). I would imagine there are appellate attorneys already looking into this and before going further, I’d suggest determining who they are. Perhaps contacting Jodi’s family would help you in that regard.

  59. OMG!!! I was gone for about 10 minutes trying to get a gravatar pic and come back to read about this intruder… my lord!!! Best thing you did was not pay attention to her/him and let them get poisoned by their own venom… Good riddins!!! (Sorry for my spelling mistakes – Greek person here!!!)

  60. Chris
    what about pros misconduct? not only did he throw pen,etc., he threw a piece of evidence- the camera. also interviewing in front of the court house.

      • Chris- sure. anything else I can do be glad to help. I’m not an atty but I can research etc.
        I think what is happening to Jodi is such an injustice. We have to look at the big picture and focus on appeal- everybody in this country should be worried that this could happen to them or a loved one. All we are doing is trying to uphold the constitution and justice for all.
        Sorry if this sounds preachy but I truly believe this.

        • Zoe – I feel the same way. I think most people aren’t concerned because this is happening to someone else, not them, but like you said next time it could happen to them or one of their loved ones.

    • How about the little stunt JM pulled by suddenly pitching a horrible picture on the projector.
      Totally out of context, for shock value only, while cross-examining some witness and not only Jodi was horrified, TA’s family ran crying from the courtroom. En masse.


  61. Hi everyone, I am so excited because I received my Survivor t shirt in the mail today. It was packaged beautifully with tissue paper around it and a letter from Jodi and her family around that and then a beautiful purple bow tied around that. I felt so honored and full of emotion when I untied it. Our girl Jodi is truly our pride and joy.

    • Sherry, Wow! Sounds lovely!

      I always find when time is taken to make the package fun to open it’s a huge message of how much your purchase meant from the sender! What a brilliant touch to have the personal message. I haven’t ordered yet but plan to soon. Now I an even more anxious to get mine ordered! Thanks for your report! 🙂

      Can you take a pic of you wearing it and use it as your avatar? That would be very cute!

  62. JUST A QUICK REMINDER PEEPS — if/when you spot any trolls or pedo-huggers, your best option is to email us with their username asap. That way we can act fast and do a quick clean up. We watch and monitor the new posts all the time, but we don’t check regular comments posted in the site all the time – so a quick email is always the best way.

    Thanking you as always :mrgreen:

    >>> WE ARE TEAM JODI >>>

  63. I ordered a large black Survivor shirt and I am about a 38 upstairs. It is very flattering. No bagginess at all you know like with regular t shirts. It is fitted. Sexy actually, thank you Jodi for the perfect fitting shirt! I am so proud to be wearing Jodi’s shirt. I wish it had her picture on it.

  64. If you like having looseness to your shirt order a size up. Otherwise it is form fitting. I love it!

  65. ☆○”There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” Elie Wiesel ✿☮ ƸӜƷJodi Arias”¨*•♥Goodnite all…i must go destress from that troll attact

  66. Well, I wonder what will happen while I’m out and about. It’s gonna take me a while since I’m a little bit broken. Keep up the good fight! Hugs!

  67. I’m so glad I have somewhere to go to express my disgust with how the family and media are trying to portray Travis as the second coming. He was an asshole. His brother is an asshole, too. Try as I may I just can’t see to muster any sympathy for that family. I just don’t like them. Period. And if Jodi gets the DP I’m going to be pissed!!!

      • I’ve watched this trial and the media coverage with absolute disgust and shock and horror. Mike Brooka made some comment last night on Dr. Drew to the effect of “send this woman to hell”. I had to rewind and play it again because I couldn’t believe it. It embodied everything I have found so disturbing about this trial. The vast majority of people comment on FB and elsewhere seen to fit the mold of typical Christians, too. Hypocrites. They love to throw hell and damnation around but seem to forget their very own God/leader advised them to not cast the first stone unless they were sinless and blameless. Jodi often reminds me of the prostitute that Jesus saved from being stoned in the bible. If I was sickened by humanity before this trial I am positively disgusted now.

    • Kay, I share the same feelings. They are authentic about their pain. It is all about fame, glory and money. I actually pitty them for being so shallow that they would take advantage of their brothers death to make an extra buck $$$. Shallow souls (if they have one at all..), dark secrets and I am very sure that they have a lot of skeletons in their closet… They will be rewarded with what it is said: WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND… Hope we will be there to point fingers as they are now to Jodi, her family and us – her friends…

      • You know the one justice I see in this is that I have no doubt in my mind that if the roles were reversed and it was one of Travis siblings who was murdered, he also would be milking it for all it’s worth, trying to make every cent off it that he could. Opportunistic pig that he was.

      • Crying that he never wants to see Jodi’s face again, yet going for the civil suit. She WILL be there and all