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Happy TGI Friday peeps! :mrgreen:

Following yesterday’s mistrial, leave your comments & general observations below on this never ending fiasco.

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A status conference set for June 20th. The penalty phase retrial set for July 18th.

Fuck the haters and the bad acting money-grubbing inbred meth-head loser family.

And just in case anyone needed reminding…

We are here for the long haul.

We are proud to stand behind and support Jodi Arias.

Always have done.

Always will do.

Nothing will ever change that.



Team Jodi

The new “Survivor” t-shirts are now available. 100% of the net profits generated from the sales will support other survivors of domestic violence, and go to Non-profit Domestic Violence organizations selected by Jodi.

If you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation via check or PayPal, click the Team Jodi link below for further details. All donations go directly to the Arias family…

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



  1. Yay. I am happy. Finally some justice. MISTRIAL all the way. She has never had a fair trial from the start. People need to do interviews nationally with Gus Searcy. He is Jodi’s best defense.




        • Tanisha’s criminal history…

          Felony burglary
          Grand theft
          Possession of controlled substances
          False impersonation
          Giving false ID to police

          • I cant believe all those charges, why didn’t they come out earlier? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Funny how that has not made the news,

          • what does her criminal past have anything to do with this case? I don’t think any of their records have anything to do with this case, If Travis had a criminal record, I would be very interested to know that. BUt his siblings why does that matter?

      • The only reason Judge Pickles got choked up was because things did not go the way she wanted for Juan Martinez. She was a real piece of work!!!!!

        • The judge always tells the ones in the gallery to show no emotion. If they felt they would to leave.
          DO you know her family probably was told that OR wasn’t even aware it was a verdict.

          Someone screwed her family over. Everyday her Mom was there and Jodi was looking for her. They always wait for the families to get there, I don’t care how long it takes and her family wasnt even concidered.

          This the end of this circus saga.
          Are they actually saying July 18th for the next?
          Same judge, same detective, same prosecuter, ONLY different jury.

          BUT, they have to believe everything about the premeditation??

    • Lyla I agree, I wrote to Gus right after he tried to testify and I thought he stood up to the hln haters to the that he could! He had the courtesy to write back and thank me. All he ever tried to do was to help Jodi by trying to tell the f’n truth but of course the rat face wanted nothing to do with the truth.

    • Dearest Jodi..
      I feel for you. For some reason that is known only to me, I understand you. I wish this would have never happened because of your beauty, your talents, your enthusiasm, your intelligence, and most of all, the potential that you have to share and give to others.
      No, I don’t know you…but there is something about you that I can empathize with.
      Protect yourself where you are and wherever you go.
      I understand that you are not an evil person nor are you violent….I get that….I get that there was something…just something that made all of this happen and when you are in the middle of it most times its terrorizing to go back but you have to keep moving forward….(sigh)
      ok….enough of that…..I just want to say that I am sending you positive energy and white light and I support you. You are cared for.
      take care girl!!

    • I agree, HLN and Juan really threw him under the bus. I hope some of these competitors on T.V. realize that people want to hear the other side of the story. I thought Gus was very upfront and honest. it was terrible what they did to him. People want the truth.

      • Do they want the truth? Not from what I saw at the courhouse yesterday. WE want the truth. They are villagers with pitchforks.

        • With apologies to Klaus Nomi:

          “They can’t kill her! They WON’T kill her!”

          Jennifer and Nurmi, you helped save a life! 🙂

    • HLN need to “Get over themselves” they are acting like a bunch of disappointed vultures who didn’t get blood! I was originally on the Prosecution side (lack of knowledge) but Jodi has conducted herself with the most composure and class than anyone in the court room!

    • Unfortunately, it’s only a mistrial in the penalty phase. That means they will select a new jury to decide on her fate. If they can’t decide then the judge will.

      This does not mean there will be a new train to decide if she was guilty or not.

      • David, are you sure that the Judge can decide her fate? If so why didn’t she do it on this mistrial? I am not being snotty, I am just asking a question, I don’t know the law very well and that does not seem fair, are you sure that’s what happens?? Thanks for the new lesson learn something new everyday. I am hoping that you are wrong, cause I do believe the judge is bias.

    • Sil ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))

      VICTORY today for JODI….. I am so pissed that her family wasn’t there….. What a crock of SHIT…

      • (((((FUJuan))))

        This weekend we need to get together to work on the letters, k? If you have time that is…. =)

        And yeah, that was fucked up. They could have waited for them to get there. I’m not certain, but someone posted that they had told them that jurors had submitted another question and not that they had reached a verdict. :/

        • That’s what I heard too……..

          I can help with the letters, tomorrow or on Wednesday…. I am going to the beach with my daughter for a 4 day girls getaway….

          • Yes, No way…

            We’re trying to put together a massive letter writing campaign to send to anyone with ears who can help us stop this travesty. We also have one of our friends chris writing to influential people on behalf of Jodi. Also, other posters have come up with excellent suggestions. So there are many things being done and we want everyone who wants to participate to be able to do so.

            • me too please. Jodi is being used as revenge for Casey Anthony verdictn. last night on after dark a stupid bitch said she cant wait….next jury will be one of “us” and will have seen this monster on tv. Will give her what she deserves.

              • I saw that last night it was dispicable. Everyone on that After Dark faux jury should sit there w/pitchforks instead of those stupid yes/no signs. they are all so heartbroken that four brave jurors decided to hold their ground.

                Another thing I love is how it was FOUR people and not just one lone holdout. That was of course the speculation on the HateLN and Vinnie P looked ready to choke when he had to swallow that fact that it wasn’t just one person who thought Jodi deserved to live.

                btw there is one clip from yesterday I can’t get enough of and could watch on a loop its little Kermie sitting there after the non verdict with his little frown and his hands folded in front of him.

                • To those 4 Jurors, a HUGE THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You had courage and stood by what your heart wanted you to do.

                • omg I saw that too. He probably went home and kicked something. Why would anyone want to have his autograph or take a picture with him? Weasel-rat

              • I agree and am sure they would be the first in line at a public hanging for goodness sakes! They are venomous monsters.

            • Sil, I want in. if he had killed her the prosecutor would be using all the evidence Jodi used against him. The HLN ass wipes are saying she won I want to ask what did she win? If it were a true victory she would be home on time served for manslaughter crime of passion.

            • Please post who and where! I will send one to everyone! This trial should be the example for the future of what NOT to do and make it illegal!.

            • I’m in, whatever to help JODI…let me know when & where…hopefully the next jury will be more openminded & see what this trial was really about…if you’re going to bring EVERYONE’s past up then do it with all parties…it’s like hearing about a Catholic priest molesting a child, don’t want to believe it but it happens!!(Regarding to TA & his “issues”)….at least the Jury was FINALLY correct with a hung jury! Jodi, I’m sure you didn’t want to let all “that” out but you can only be responsible for so much..just saying. Hopeful & Happy for you that you finally caught a break in this thing they call the justice system…stay strong and sane woman=-)

        • Sil,

          Please get my email from the moderators. I want to be a part of the letters and anything else.

          Thank you

          • Marianne, are you the same as the 3n’d Mariannne? Just wondering, since I’m seeing both in the same thread for yesterday.

        • Sil,
          Right, they thought it was another question.
          I’m more than pissed at AZ now.
          Her Mom and family would have wanted to be there.
          Something is very strange in AZ.

    • LMAO…no talking to yourself—we are here!!! I have four words for all of this:


      I would not be surprised in the least if this whole thing gets thrown out down the road no matter how this next phase ends up. How the hell is she going to get a fair and impartial set of new jurors? There aren’t any in Arizona or anywhere else right now.

      • Did you hear what the Judge from New York was saying? He said it would be unconstitutional if that were to happen. He said they should make a deal and forget about DP.

        • I agree Sil, they should of taken the deal a long time ago… but the Alexander’s are a pathetic bunch that wanted to watch Jodi get the ” needle” ( quoted from Tanisha)….

          Then you have JUAN who’s on ego trip… trying to climb the ladder…… FK U JUAN!!!!!

          • Justice was served now its time for HLN news to accept the jury made there minds up not to come to a conclusion.I am so happy for Jodi and that face on Martinez was freaking priceless.STAY STRONG JODI you have all our support.

        • I love that Seidlin — he was the only one that HLN allowed to tell the truth now and then!!! Take your marbles and go home! LOL

        • He is saying that because of the financial end. Although he is a bit more understanding judge.

          But the truth is she never had a fair trial. Jodi needs manslaughter and needs to walk for time served.

  2. Thank you for posting this ……….I accidentally turned my wi-fi when they were getting ready to ready the verdict and missed it………… Then had to leave for a meeting.

  3. Okay, so Jane Velez Mitchell called us a bunch of conspiracy theorists a couple months back, when we demanded to see proof that Travis’ criminal record was bogus.

    But now she is saying that the hung jury is a result of…

    Wait for it…


    Subliminal messages from Jodi Arias.

    That’s right.

    Instead of accepting that there were members of the jury equipped with a CONSCIENCE that do not kill because the media says they should; JVM chooses to believe that Jodi used hoodoo or some kind of magical brainwave telepathy to stay the juror’s hand at the death penalty.

    For fuck sakes, Jane, GMAFB. I have read a lot of weird stuff, but that is the STUPIDEST conspiracy theory I have ever heard. It plays right into that backwards, fundamentalist mentality that women have magical powers to snare a man. Oh bullshit!

    With women like you, who needs chauvinist pigs?

    • I think the ALCOHOL has really affected her brain……….. and her fake FK teeth….. !!! How anyone could wish death upon someone should rot in hell themselves.

      Seriously JVM you need therapy, maybe you should make appointment with Dr. Drew…! 🙂 ( who by the way is not licensed to practice psychology). Hasn’t HLN killed enough people…. Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace……… pity on your fk -ed souls.

      In order to see both sides JVM and the rest of the HLN crew you need to interview both sides…. this isn’t a one way street…. !!!!

      • I thought JVM was going to explode yesterday, she was wound up scary tight.

        And omg, chasing down that juror, that takes special sociopathic skills to hound someone like that.

        She is a vegetarian, too, like several of the HLN peeps are, yet they are championing for the DP.

      • And I agree about her brain being pickled! I have witnessed the severe personality changes in loved ones.

        Even if they are now sober their brains stay damaged and can be proven with brain scans. Scary stuff.

        I cringe whenever I see her fake compassion come across her face or hear it faked in her voice.

        She and the others are enjoying being cruel, i sure wouldn’t want them chasing me down the street! Yet they are against animal cruelty???

      • JVM is shameful – to basically say that this outcome was because of Jodi’s looks and the unconscious at work??? Excellent point about alcohol damaging her brain. I’m sorry, but I know many noble men who do NOT think with their dicks…

        • I would have told Jane, “Look, Jane, not all of us are dildos with heartbeats.” That probably would have shut her ass up. 😉

          • LOL Have any of you watched Helter Skelter about the Manson Family and the killings they did. Well while in the court room at trail the prosecutor looked up and saw that Charles Manson was staring at him and then he looked down and his watched stopped. The media back then claimed that too was subliminal messages. LOL

    • You have got to be kidding me?? They are scrambling over there like crazy!! Just did not go their way so they have to create new material!

      • No worries they have the trial in Florida and they can get a spin on O.J. ………… Guess they are out to dinner with the HUGHES trying to come up with another plot on how to get to the next jurors……. If the court is smart they will not allow cameras………… unti lt’s over… Guess time will tell

        • I can just see the little minions running around scrambling to schedule their next blood sucking sessions now that “the end” did not come the way they planned!!!

        • OMG..NO WAY.she said that.?? #1. She would have used her “powers ” long before this. LOL Like in not getting Pre-med.

          These people really need to go home now and rake in the $$$$ that HLN has been begging for for them.

    • Jane Velez Mitchell is a troubled and damaged woman
      who is a Nancy Grace wanna-be.
      There is a special place in hell for both of those bitches.

    • At this point, I don’t put anything past JVM [FUCK YOU HATERS!] I saw her chasing that juror all the way to the bus stop, panting like a [FUCK YOU HATERS] a fish out of water! [FUCK YOU HATERS] She looked so pathetic. 🙄

      MB, I hope my subliminal messages get through somehow. =)

      • I was watching CNN as Anderson Cooper was interviewing Jose Baez and Mark Geragos about the hung jury. He interrupted them for breaking news footage of JVM running after the juror. His comment was” well that wasn’t worth it and she was harassing the juror” with much disgust in his voice. When he said it, I was shock that he had been so candid. Wow, he certainly told it like it is. Also, Mark Geragos said “this prosecutor is out of control and someone with a cooler head needs to take a look this case”. Jose said there is much evidence for appeal due to social medial and how Jodi could not put on any mitigator’s due to outside pressure from social media. He stated he has the same problem with CA but not to this degree. Good interview.

        I hope more attorneys and legal minds weigh in on this case nationally.

    • Speaking of witch, JVM is the one that looks like a witch and a vampire. With the ugly face and bad hair do. Maybe she doesn’t make enough money to go to a decent hair dresser. I’m a hairdresser, but not even for a million dollar will touch that witch’s hair. Even when she speaks, she sounds like if she’s possessed by a demon or something. I’m so glad that she didn’t get the satisfaction of drinking poor Jodi’s blood. Well, not only her, everyone that was thirsty for her blood.

      • I have noticed recently that JVM, Beth K, Jean C, and Nasty Disgrace, and I’ll lump Vinnie P. with these biatches too…they don’t look like they used to when the trial began.. They look so horrible…lol!

        Vinnie looks like a fucking ghost…Jean Casarez looks like she aged about 10 years. Beth looks like the guilt is eating at her soul. Nasty Disgrace looks plump…I guess she does thrive in the misery of others.

        oh and Dr. Drew’s little whore, I think her name is Katie something…she’s gained a few pounds it seems. I guess since she hangs out with the Alexanders, she gets to eat really well on the dime of the 50K psychos who keep sending them money. 🙄

        • Back in the old Court TV days (90’s) Beth Karas was a fine correspondent. Probably the most fair one they had. Nancy Grace and her prosecutorial bent was even a breath of fresh air and balance in those days of CTV’s defense lawyer talking heads.

          Today, things have now gotten out of hand, obviously. I think Beth K. actually has a conscience and I know she a fine knowledge of the law. It’s the money. NG is incorrigible. If I heard correctly during the trial, this may be Beth K’s last case. Anyone know?

          Beth should write a book.

          • If Beth still has some semblance of ethics and self respect she needs to GTFO of there and try to find employment somewhere else where she can learn to respect herself again. I really used to like her a lot. I used to like Jean too, but not anymore. She’s a pushover.

              • As this trial progressed, it became apparent to me that all these pundits,
                I won t even call them correspondents were following a company line.
                They very rarely mentioned Jodie s family who will never stop suffering as a
                result of this incident. Constantly pandered to the Alexander Family and what
                they were doing and “how badly they felt”. Promoted Travis to sainthood, even
                though he certainly was no choir boy. He treated Jodie terribly. If she were my
                daughter and I knew what was happening, I would try to keep her as far away as
                possible from him.
                I believe that if a station is commenting on a trial 24 hrs. a day, they should be
                fair and balanced

                • Agree. HLN is very bias and still is. Why can the not find on person who can relate to what has happened to Jodi and what could cause her to do this (murder is wrong but she is clearly no a person who would kill for no reason ) I keep watching HLN but it drives me crazy. Vinnie just said she deserves to die. How can any good person say that?!

          • Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yes, I thought NG was once more fair and balanced back in the CTV days. I actually once admired her. Everyone around me knew I liked her. Now, my friends look badly that I liked NG. I keep screaming I can’t stand her now and this is not who she started out as.
            I had begun to doubt my own judgement….could she have been like this all along and I didn’t see it? THANK YOU for saying it. She DID start out half decent…but she has gone to hell….and I’m now embarrassed that anyone knew I liked her once upon a time. . She sickens me.
            I just hate it when they find a missing child and she yells “There is a God”….does that mean when a missing child is found dead…there’s not a God? She pushed that one mother…… who’s child went missing and she accused the mother and badgered her on her show… to commit suicide. Yes, Nancy, there IS a God…..and one day you will meet that God. I don’t think God will be too pleased with your behavior.
            Her and JVM….they SCREAM the news one sided…..THEIR side. Who needs screamed at. Just reminds me of control freaks who think the one who is the loudest is the one who is right.

            • I regretfully say I TOO used to be a fan…. my husband ALWAYS hated that I liked her,…. he ‘s sooooo happy now that I saw? the light?…. That’s what I call her now…. WITCH! HLN doesn’t care if they are hated…. as long as we tune in to HLN…. We need to BOYCOTT HLN>

              • Boycott the sponsors……no one knows if you are watching her or not. unless you have been called by a pollster. contact the sponsors…..that would have the most impact.

                • I am making a list of HLN sponsors. I am boycotting them and writing to their sponsors.

            • yes what she did to Melinda Duckett was so horrible…she pushed her to commit suicide…I quit watching her after that show…it was like she smiled and kinda laughed and went on with the show after they announced that she had committed suicide…and NG didn’t think she said or did anything wrong…she is so evil and wicked…

              • I think this was the case where the family sued NG and HLN but they settled it our of court. There were two lawsuits I think.

              • I hate when Nancy Grace screeches, then does that
                dramatic pause…..then talks in that sinister fake
                hushed undertones that say “I have sympathy”
                It’s pretty unnerving and hilariously campy all
                at once. Someone really needs
                to kick this woman-beast hybrid off the air.

                She is the worst, why anyone would want
                to be a guest on her show is beyond me.

                I fucking can’t stand her!

            • You once thought well of Nancy Grace because she came onto the national scene during the O.J.Simpson trial and you PROBABLY thought he was guilty. So you agreed with her then…..that’s why you liked her. But she was never any different then…..her head just grew and grew because she got more famous on Court Tv with Johnny Cochran. There are an awful lot of haters out there who obviously can’t think for themselves and they have made her into their savior. I have however, heard more people here in Atlanta say they hate her and can’t stand watching her than the opposite.

          • I think Jean and Beth have a little guilt thing going on. Too bad they are connected to HLN. There also were a couple Judges throughout the case that have been on HLN and state the truth about the relationship between T.A. and Jodi as abusive and toxic. Not everyone is a sell out but we know GLORIA is a big sell out like the rest or HLN. Mark, the defense attorney, what a dick. The human lie detector, Genine, what a load or shit.

            It really would have been cool if HLN had a defense attorney on, a real one, not like Mark, who could have been on the show defending the defendant the entire time. What a crock.

            Also want to say, I would not accept a plea for life with no parole and no appeals. People need to know the truth. Finally, can anyone explain to me why Jodi has to be in 23 hour lock down because she is in the penalty phase? Even if she gets life, why the 23 hour lock down? Is that temporary?

            • The 23 hour lock down is what she would get if the sentence were life. She goes to max security and for at least 3 years that would be her security level. Murder 1 is high security until they prove themselves able to step down. It would be her security level for life if death were the sentence. No matter what the sentence, for at least for 3 years that is her life now. She is awaiting sentence but was convicted, so no longer considered innocent. So she went to max security until transfer to max security in prison.

            • For every bad or negative thing that they say about Jodi…the evilness of their words is coming right back and eating them alive on the inside…it will eventually consume them and they will all die…hmmm…

            • The Human Lie Detector on HLN said that Jodi was lying about TA after the issue of “young girls” came up on the stand. HLD was very certain about Jodi “lying”.

              Soon enough, the “phone sex” recording was presented as evidence. Human Lie Detector got it wrong.

              I had watched Jodi very carefully on the stand and didn’t know what the HLD was talking about as to Jodi’s supposedly lying “body language”. Nothing really changed in Jodi’s demeanor when she spoke about that, EXCEPT that it was clear to me she felt uncomfortable answering that question about TA.

              When I saw her discomfort, I believed her position in wanting to plead to M2 in order to avoid such testimony.

              There was so much that the HLN troop got wrong night after night but they plowed ahead as if their lives depended upon it. Sick and horrid. It was Jodi’s life that was and is at stake, not their new car or condo at the shore.

          • Beth is just as bad as the rest of them on HLN. If you look at the Occupy HLN Facebook page, you will see her posing for pictures at the dinner she shared with the likes of the Hughes and Travis’ old girlfriend. She is in bed with all of them and they are now all good friends.

            • She shared dinner with those???
              Ugh, she’s on my list of dislikes.
              I know one day she was really feeling so sorry for the ex girlfriend, talking about such a nice girl having to answer those horrible questions.
              Jodi, A VERY nice girl had to answer worse ones and Travis wasn’t a virgin like he LIED about.
              Talk about dirt bag.

              In fact I can’t stand anyone on In Session, except, the ONLY real defense attorney and he speaks on HLN too Dwane Cates and Jane Paule

              The rest sold their souls.

              How can all of the defense attorneys take the proscution side?
              What happened?
              I wouldn’t want ANYONE of them to be my defense lawyer.

          • Nancy Grace used to be very good as an analyst, but now she puts the “anal” in analyst. Nancy Grace is about as genuine as the breasts of a “Baywatch” actress. If she had been around at the time of Christ’s crucifixion, she probably would have been a huge fan of Pontius Pilate.

        • That little bitch Katie Wick can’t friggin stand her and when did she suddenly become a resident member of the Alexander family? I guess her saying she was “impartial” for all those days on Dr. Drew were utter bullshit (no surpise there) because now she has gone from the defendant’s side of the courtroom to having a seat right there with the family and the media sluts row of Hughes. Speaking of the Hughes I thought Skye’s face was going to melt off when the non-verdict was read.

          • Did you notice how much weight that Katie Wick put on over the last 3 months? Boy, she must have really been chowing down on HLN’s dime to have packed on that much in just 3 months.

            • She definitely has packed on the lbs. I read a post in this thread that referenced her and some other court vultures took the Sisters Grimm out for a day of pampering manis pedi and dinner yet she daily appeared on Dr. Drew with this falsehood that she was impartial. GMAFB.

              • and look how HUGE that Deanna is…she looks like an elephant when she sits near the other women….

          • Lol! Sky’s face did look like it was melting, She actually looked like she was melting. SOOO Funny!!!!! I thought the same thing.

            I gave Beth and Jean too much credit. All on HLN are merciless. …. and ugly. Katie Wick was never unbiased like Dr.Drew made everyone believe about HIS jurors. We never got any unbiased content from her. Katie said she was going to lunch with the Alexander family in one of the shows, the whole thing was a lie. One big witch hunt that honors men that treat woman like whores, uses the Mormon faith to pick up vulnerable women, lies to everybody he is around, likes to make woman fight over him, and uses his job as a motivational speaker as a way to manipulate vulnerable woman into the bedroom, and clearly prefers anal sex because of deep seeded pedophilic issues that he had within him. This explains why the could not commit to I one woman and lied to everyone, It explaines the fantasy of a 12 year old. There is no way to say this but to say it…. I believe when men have the fantasy of having sex with a school girl, it is more like a 16 year old, who is “naughty” , yet “young and innocent”,….. . Yes, it is still too young but the fantasy eludes that she is naughty and wants it, therefore it’s ok. When you start to bring ages 12 or younger into the bedroom, you can really kill the orgasmnof your partner. Now you fantasy is sick and preverted. I believe Jodi caught on a little to late that she was not T. A.’s sexy lover, but in fact an object for his sickness. There was something wired wrong with T.A.

            I do not condone the terrible manner in which T.A. died but I do understand how it could happen and why it happened. I believe Jodi had to defend herself on the day he died, and I believe she had to defend herself from the cult of weirdos that praised T.A. and fell for all his lies, directly after the incident.

            How can anyone praise a guy that mistreated a young woman so terribly? It is one thing to voice positive qualities within a human being that has passed on, but to ignore that his actions were less than perfect, is just very disturbing. I do not beleive a man of good character would mistreat a woman like he did. He was not all together and Jodi needed help. It is very disturbing to see and hear Dr. Drew condone such crewd behavior from a man. What on earth are they at HLN teaching our young people. ?

            • just thinking how the evilness in them is manifesting itself in their looks and they areall looking more like the wicked witches of the West…

        • Sil, I noticed that too last night! Honest to God, at first I thought that I was seeing things! JVM especially, but the one guy (Galanos?) did you notice his bottom teeth looked like a shark’s: like three rows deep. Each and everyone of the HLN tribe looked so creepy last night. I truly believe a miracle took place on tv last night, as if God, by this jury “non-verdict” and the chaos it would temporarily generate, lifted the veil of “legitimacy” off of those evil, hateful, wrathful HLN people and their sick, awful minions. They were revealed for a few minutes for the demons they really are inside. I live next to a church, and on Memorial Day weekend the church carillon plays patriots chimes. I was thinking of the hateful wrath the HLN demons have set upon the earth, and the carillon started “The Battle Hymn of The Republic”; “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of The Lord. He is trampling down the vineyards where the grapes of wrath are stored”. Our Merciful God will not be mocked. HLN is going to reap what it has sowed.

    • Good fucking grief! If Jodi has that successful use of magical powers I wish she’d put a hex on all those morons and make them all disappear! 🙂

      LOL @ MB = “With women like you, who needs chauvinist pigs?”

      Isn’t that the truth???

    • Wow. Jodi must be a very powerful being if she was able to do all these things they accuse her of (which included):

      1) Predicting the future – she new when she was a child she would meet Travis, that is why her journals never showed any history of anger or violence – she knew she’d need to show that she was a sweet little wallflower one day.

      2) Subliminal messaging – well gosh folks, I wonder why she did not use the powers to get the verdict she wanted from day 1.

      • No it was the French woman friend of Travis with her low cut bosses and breasts exposed that was predicting everything. LOL!!!! HLN is so two faced. Dr. Drew kept bringing her on and she kept telling her predictions…. Lol… Everyone is looking for fame. Abe, all the time on Dr.Drew, why? What on earth did he know? Just an asshole.

        I hope they all go off the air for their slanderous, riot seeking, constitutional abuse of the right to free speech, and their extremely, obviously, direct interaction with Juan M . Throughout the course of the trial, Juan was advised on many, many, many things and he brings them into court as his own, but go back and watch the tapes of the shows, particularly Nancy G. and Dr.Drew, as well as the trial. The whole case, right from the start, was unfair and Jodi should get a whole knew trial.

    • She just taking her marching orders from Nasty Dis-Grace. Dis-Grace is the big cheese on HLN, because of the ratings she acquires by making a living off other peoples misery. Jean C., Vinnie P. & even Beth K.are all afraid they’ll lose their jobs, if they disagree with the Blond Witch.Since In Session is slowly going BYE BYE, whatever Grace dictates Goes…OR ELSE! Now that Judge Seidlin wrote the article on the HLN web-site criticizing Jude Pickles incompetence, you’ll probably never see him on that network again.

    • JVM is from Puerto Rico… she knows about Voodoo if nobody else does… not to say all Puerto Ricans worship Voodoo…. but that’s why she is so ready to say such SICK stuff!!

    • The impression I got from JVM was that she was implying the men on the jury were thinking with their other head.

    • Yes, our Jodi is incredible powerful. I know what they say on hln is ridiculous but I am taking some enjoyment in the power they are accrediting to Jodi.

  4. I cannot say I full heartedly do not support the idea of the DP in certain circumstances. Serial killers, spree killers, child killers, serial rapists, sadistic masogynistic murderers…those are a few examples of those I would have very little reservation at the notion. We all know this trial should have been about, we all know what the outcome should have been. I hope all those out for vengeance learned or will learn a valuable lesson at some point from the dark murderous thoughts they have… They are the only ones guilty of premeditating a murder…or at the bare minimum conspiracy to commit a murder.

  5. Good job jodi keep up the good work, fuck all this bullshit trial…… It’s been a mistrial from the beginning

  6. I’m on the east coast and have followed Jodi. I’ve prayed for her. I was excited until
    I saw Jodi’s face. I dont know her but she was either crying or had been it broke my heart
    Please tell her people do care about her. Travis’s family and the crying & sad faces when
    they see a camera on them makes me want to puke. HLN makes me sick as well. I am so
    happy Jodi wouldnt talk to them.

    Love & Prayers

  7. Really, Really messed up, the court purposely did not notify the Arias family, SO SAD!!!! then NG cops an attitude to Jodi’s twitter friend. JM will never get a DEATH VERDICT!!! !God oversaw the verdict.

    • I was wondering why the family didn’t show…

      how disgusting of the state of AZ to do that. >:(

      • I don’t know who is to call who when the family is to return back to court for the proceeding but it was stated that someone told them it was just a ” juror ” question… Then BIG MOUTH CASH said on his twitter page that the Arias were on vaction at the GC. Give me a fk break you sick fk pig CASH…. Money grubbing mother fk-er who tweeted for more money before he even got out of the courtroom…. He would sell his soul to the devil if he could make millions………… and Beth C. shame on you for having dinner with this fk-ed up cult………Judge Sherry, you are a disgrace to the judical system letting your emotions show today….. get a back bone …

        • That show of emotion for WHATEVER THE REASON OR CAUSE was UNACCEPTABLE!!! That alone should get her sanctioned. And the poor Arias family not being told to return to court is EXACTLY THE EXAMPLE to show the bias, kangaroo court for what it is! That judge should be begging that family for forgiveness for her cold calculating heart!! I am ashamed!

            • Yeah can you imagine if Belvin Perry did that in the CA case? Really unprofessional along with many of her other questionable rulings this whole case—biased much? Even JM sat there like an expressionless toad as he should.

              • I’m glad you mentioned Judge Perry he was in total shock at the verdict yet he didn’t let it show he was a professional. Judge Stephens showed her bias again who gets so emotional like that what’s next she goes over and hugs the Alexander family. What gets me is the woman clearly has a bias and yet she is still going get to preside over the next round of the penalty phase.

                • Judge ‘Pickles’ Stephens is a rank amateur
                  & is quite frankly, an embarrassment to our
                  system of justice.

            • I noticed that too. The judge is reading, then pauses and I was thinking to myself is she crying???? What a bitch! Way to go Arizona! The whole system there is corrupt. Thank God for the 4 holdouts. They would not budge! Hallelujah. We Love you Jodi!

              • I couldn’t believe how the court reported “stumbled” on the words she was reading because she was SO ready to say DEATH…. and not what was actually on paper…. that was so obvious! anyone notice that???

                • I barely caught what the verdict was as the court reporter made a mess of the reading! I think others looked a little confused also as to what she actually said. Sad.

        • That judge’s tears spoke volumes. Those tears alone should be a legitimate basis of appeal. Obviously tears do not lie. She was biased from the get-go. Only a total moron would not sequester the jury in this case. She committed reversible error even before a single person took the stand. What an idiot. Where the hell did she go to Law School? The Van Nuys School of Law and Air Conditioning Repair?

          • Could there be anything that the defense could do ,as far as an appeal goes, based on the judge’s obvious bias? I never saw her face on camera, but I sure heard the emotion in her voice. Very unprofessional.

  8. Welcome back SJ or at least for this post. I’m mentally exhausted though today was a victory for real justice. Not vampire revenge.

  9. “Fuck the haters and the bad acting money-grubbing inbred meth-head loser family.”

    I hear that SJ!!!!

    • Yeah they’ve been begging for donations non stop since the non verdict!!!! Boo hoo gravy train might end!!!

        • Even dumb Disgrace told them to go home, hahaha! Go home? What? No more early morning beauty parlor visits? They won’t know what to do with themselves! But there’ll be that empty chair, ya know!!

      • They are greedy hell hounds ….satan’s minions, don’t be fooled by the grieving family and friends, they are in it to the last penny……like to slap that stupid right off their faces!

  10. Can we just give a shout out to the Mitagator lady… I think that she has done an incredible job. She may have helped Jodi during her allocation and I feel that she strongly believes in Jodis Innocence. She wore a Crucifix necklace representing Jodis sacrifice and she is Brown and Lord knows Im down with brown. LOL. I am a cute latina lady myself and I strongly believe that Jodi has been railroaded and harrased one because of her beauty and two possibly because she was a minority women with beauty and intelligence up against a Mormon Man…God forbid she should be right… For those of you that are not aware of Mormon beliefs cultural ways…. Women are 2nd class citizens oh by the way Im a catholic living in Utah….. Men are Patriarchs and hold all power… three…. to be dark in the book of Mormon is to be evil…. They only started letting black people in the church until recently….Just think Warren Jeffs yah the FDLS well that faith stems from Mormonism……she was on the wrong turf here…. I just wish America AZ could see that religion has played such an integral part of this and that this all be reversed in appeals…. It would make the rest of us in similiar situations here in Utah feel heard and also….. my brother before I moved here warned me that Mormonism is the anti christ…so I personally know tons of great mormons but the bad ones who use religion to manipulate and take advantage are the worst of the worst…wow this is just so twisted and Im sorry. But today is a great day… We prayed we were heard… we will continue to hope…FAITH LOVE HOPE we need all three… AMEN

    • You hit it on the head with that 800-ton elephant in the room, Mormonism.

      It had everything to do with this overcharged fiasco and the death threats against witnesses.

    • If what you say about Mormonism is true that we all ought to be wary senate majority leader Harry Reid. He’s a Mormon in case you did not know.

      • Of course I know he is Mormon, and so is the other senator from Nevada, Dean Heller. I used to live in Nevada for 26 years and am well aware of the large Mormon population there.

        The anti-woman beliefs of the church are true; the Mormon church was instrumental in defeating the Equal Rights Amendment in the early 1980s because proponents couldn’t get enough states to ratify. The main holdouts were some of the deep South states and the Mormon-dominated states like Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and I believe Arizona.

        Not all Mormons are black-and-white thinkers, but far too many of them are.

        • I’ve met Reid, and he is a good man despite his personal religious beliefs.

          I seriously doubt he’d approve of this witch hunt in Phoenix.

        • You knkow someone said that it would not surprise them if one of them set all this up b/c of politics… and re election…. ??… at the time I didn’t know they are mormon… I also find the fact that the blood atonement for sex sins is a knife in the heart and slashint throat. That is standing out to me for some reason along with several other things. how did she move his heavy weight by hersellf? and a few others but it is late and I don’t remember them all right now. …. Thank God for the outcome today. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
          That’s it for now… Amy

          • I have been wondering about that through the whole trial. I was hoping that SOMEONE might bring that up. I really wonder if when Jodi started telling about the two intruders that that was her way of trying to say that members of the church came in and killed him to save him from his sins by the doctrine of blood atonement. If it is true, it will eventually come out. The truth always does eventually.

    • Go Sara!!!!! There are many different ideals or religions that stem from the FDLS….who we all know Warren Jeffs did molest children…both boys and girls. Mormons…and Polygamy..etc. I have read up on Prepaid Legal…and it’s a scam. Google “Prepaid Legal is a scam” and read some of the stories. To succeed in that just shows me Travis was a good manipulator.
      Not putting all mormons down.. every religion has it’s bad seeds… but it surprises me how some of these Mormon based look for a way to scam to make a living and try to call it legit. Look at the Sister Wives…selling green health juice and ugly overpriced jewelry online while we all know they are getting tons from the welfare system. I ran across a sister wives site recently and it’s all about putting Jodi down.

    • Oh Sara, as a brown girl myself, thank you for saying what I’ve wanted to say for awhile. Even if someone didn’t know Jodi’s racial makeup, it’s very easy to see she’s “ethnic.” I think this pushed some over the edge (how dare this not-purely-white woman do this to Travis?!!). They call her trash but I think they wish they could throw a racial slur out there. And someone had the nerve to say if Jodi was a minority she wouldn’t have gotten away with it.

      Gotten away with what?! She was given a first degree murder conviction and railroaded by an out of date and out of touch Maricopa county. She had trumped up charges and a noose was waiting in the wings, courtesy of HLN, CASH and the Alexander family.

      • As much as I hate to use the “race card”…. I believe all this hatred and unfairness is due to Jodi being half Mexican…. Wake up Martinez… you’re next under the BUS, you actually think the public will love you for ever? Did anyone notice the DEEP RED his face turned when the “NO verdict” was read?

        • I am white, and I COMPLETELY agree that a lot of the hate stems from Jodi being minority. The Mormon cult is racist as hell!! It IS true that they did NOT allow blacks to hold any position in the church until the 90’s!!! THEN you got the MOTHERFUCKIN state of ARIZONA who are PROUD racist’s against Latinos!! Those fuckers can pull you over and ask you for your PAPERS if you look Latino!! I am surprised this hasn’t been discussed more.
          I am married to a black man and I am very hesitant to pull the race card, because even though we know racism still exists, I don’t want my kids to expect the worst out of people. But in this case IM PULLIN IT, and I won’t apologize!!

          • +Kmiller: haha! I agree 100%. I HATE pulling that damn card out but sometimes it has to be slapped on the table. I’m in an interracial relationship so I understand completely.

        • Oh Juan’s turn is coming up very shortly. The problem with passionate (CRAZY!) people is anyone can receive their wrath. They’re already saying he wasn’t “driving it home” enough. If he offers Jodi a deal (which she will reject of course), they’re going to crucify him. I know race is still a very touchy subject but I believe if Juan was sitting at the other table the TA supporters wouldn’t be so loving. In fact they would probably be nastier than usual. Jennifer Wilmott is cute as a button to me and they call her all sorts of names and Nurmi is a sloppy, fatass in their eyes.

    • YES!!! I think she has a lot of dignity , just as OUR GIRL does….. no eye rolling, head shaking, or fake emotions like the WICKED SISTERS! MY best to her for taking care of OUR GIRL in whatever way she was allowed to do so. THANK YOU!!!

  11. gotta esp. give kudos to jennifer wilmot!! 🙂
    think SHE was the difference. she stepped it up and seemed to really care about jodi.
    no offense to kurt n., but… jen rocked! and was more consistently “on”.

    • Yes frank, I think that question that Jennifer said to them stayed in their mind the whole time: “Would you Kill her”? Great Job!!

    • (((((((((((((defense team)))))))))))))))))

      They went above and beyond the call of duty.

      Like Jodi, I am grateful for them.

    • Yeah, I really think Jennifer should have done the closing or at least both of them take turns, I love Nurmi but I just didnt feel it was powerful enough and there were so many missed things that could have been said like we discussed last night.

    • I have to disagree. I think Nurmi did every bit as well on this case as Jennifer. We have no idea the time and effort he put forth on her behalf. and he deserves the credit. I thought he was great.

  12. They are already suggesting the jurors didn’t do their jobs, calling them idiots, etc. Umm, so I guess if they are idiots, then they can’t be trusted on their guilty verdict and the whole damn thing should be thrown out!

    • yep!
      and hln aren’t sure who to blame right now. god forbid they find themselves to blame in this.
      lil juan will want to spend more million$ of taxpayer’s $$.
      give it up juan a b…

      some ppl think jodi is smug? nah… lil juan? HE is smug to me…

    • Disgrace last night said that all jurors should be left alone by the public , they were doing their duty…. then she added something about, of course we can’t help that some were not equipped to come to a reasonable conclusion. Don’t recall how exactly she put it , but she was instigating a “witch hunt ” for the jurors that didn’t want DEATH> And this women is given air time to start a RIOT…. that’s so wrong!

      • I agree Mary,
        I agree with the one that said boycott.
        Start with NG.All of her sponsors.
        She is a threat and danger to society.

  13. So now, a whole new trial in July? Or a new jury just for the sentencing phase??? I’m sorry, I am kind of naive about this stuff.

      • Which, in my eyes doesn’t fare well for Jodi. The new jury won’t get to hear the mitigating circumstances brought out in trial that Travis was a complete ass – unless she is called to testify,but even then they won’t be exposed to some of the circumstances that may have lead 4 jurors to say life.

        How the hell they think they will find a fair jury at this point though is beyond me.

        • Not only that, they want to make sure the new jury will not oppose to DP due to religious believes or anything else. They want to make sure they believe in DP. I don’t think is fair.

          • Not only do they want the jury to not oppose the DP.

            The ones that voted for life didn’t believe it was worth the DP, so why didn’t the 8
            compromise for life.

            They want a jury that they KNOW all will have the DP verdict.
            This is nuts.

        • No, they will get to hear all of it. That is the thing with the new jury, they will have to hear all the facts of the case, and it is going to take a while to bring them up to speed – that is what I understood.

  14. Judge Sherry needs to get off of this case. I have said it before and will say it again, she needs to go!!!! A judge is NOT suppose to be pro prosecution and a judge is not suppose to let there emotions show in the courtroom neither. She is the one that did not let certain things into evidence and she is the one that denied an immediate stay when it should of been granted. I do not know why the D.A. and judge are so surprised.

    • I agree, let her warm a bench somewhere else. This is life and death. We need a judge that takes her job seriously, not winging it and not giving a shit about defendants. Oh I’m sorry… defenDANTS.

      • I love it when you defeDANT! Where are they going to find a jury that can be trusted? If Pickles doesn’t sequester this next jury panel then she needs insanity testing.

    • Well how do we get rid of her? Is it possible for her to recuse herself? JVM actually opened her mouth to say Stephens was fair and impartial. Her Botox injections must be 25% whiskey.

  15. up late again 12:25 in texas let us not forget this verdict came at the help of the prayers we said yesterday my Hail Mary and saying the Rosary and reading a lot of prayers that were posted we now need to thank them for the miracle they have given us for if it were not our prayers being heard then it would have gone the other route with the mormons praying kill her

  16. This is one sick pup ” CASH” …………. how can you in your right mind keep asking people for money…..THE TRIAL IS OVER ” CASH” UNTIL JUNE and that is just a hearing at 8:30 am…. next phase in JULY 18…………..

    Chris Hughes‏@cshughes18s
    @junipherbreezy @lezliestires @mallorybrasher8 State vs Jodi arias page on Facebook or Thank you!

    Chris Hughes‏@cshughes13m
    @lezliestires @mallorybrasher8 Coming soon. We want to raise more $ for the Alexander family. Thank you!

    View conversation

    • They probably do not even see any of that money neither. He probably puts most of it in his pocket. That is why he kept changing the domains to try and make the trail harder to get back to him.

    • That fund is run by Chris Hughes. Tanisha is also taking cards with checks or PP on that facebook page. Its all about money and thats all they care about!!!!

      • Oh forgot about the checks and cards and cash being sent to Tanisha in CA, they also have money being sent to COLORADO… it’s just a matter of time before they get busted by the IRS and the FEDS…..

        • Yes, they do. They have more than one also. They have any address and then a PP account. Hughes has an address and a PP account. Why do they have to have all of them that is all for the same cause. I will tell you why, so they do not have to claim all of it and pay taxes on it.

  17. GAG, OMG, He makes me want to vomit………….

    Chris Hughes‏@cshughes4m
    I so love & appreciate that the judge had 2 pause, 2 prevent herself from crying, when releasing the #JodiArias jury. #SheGetsIt

  18. @JoeyJacksonEsq @sabot269: Excuse my language but Jodi Arias is nothing but a Fame Whore!!!!!

    This S.O.B is on the mormom cult too…….. and unprofessional.

      • He is nothing but a big mouth with no brains. He should be ashamed of himself for talking about anyone like that. He is a classless, shallow, ugly moron.

    • He was even asking people to send them donations on HLN when he had Hughes on the show. He is just like the liars.

    • Out of all the men that spew their venom on HLN…He truly disgusts me. That freaking toothy grin looks oh so unholy… *shudders*

      • I don’t know if this is coincidence or not but since some have been complaining about all of the accounts that they have and the fact that he was promoting donations to be sent to Hughes’s link he has not been the main anchor on a HLN show. I know, I do not have live stream so I have to watch my trials on HLN.

    • he very well might be. The other day I was just listening without looking at the tv and his commentary went beyond hln host . . he was fired up and vile . . scary and enraged. I thought there’s something wrong with this person, he needs to be removed or cut to commercial. ng and jvm are bad but it was what jj was saying . . the words were demonic.

      • seriously, that Joey Jackson is a real piece of work…scary scary scary…He’s reminding me of CASH more and more every day.

    • JJ creeps me out with his slicked hair and too-many-damn-teeth grin. And he is ALWAYS flirting, ring on his finger and everything. He really hates Jodi, always has. How a defense attorney can be so one-sided is beyond me.

    • This is a mormon trial. UGH and no one takes any notice at all in the court, its shoved under the judge.

    • Joey Jackson
      called her a famed whore??
      Not surprised, how dare him.
      I hope he is fired over it, ANOTHER defense attorney? DAMN!

      • I say in his case it takes one to know one.

        He’s all over HLN like a groupie at a rock concert. It’d be funny if it weren’t so pitiful.

        • Joey Jackson needs to shut his annoying piehole and go back to doing commercials for AFLAC. Oh wait, I’m sorry, that’s Gilbert Gottfried! Well, I still think Joey Jackson needs to shut his annoying piehole! 🙂








  20. I hope Jodi will one day be allowed to receive letters. I have so many things I want to tell her. She has opened my eyes to different things. I took what she said about making sure you document what is happening to heart. I’ve begun writing in my journal so much more. I’m not in a relationship right now, but my ex was emotionally abusive (as I’ve mentioned before), but I didn’t write about it in my journal much. Mostly because I was in denial at how I was being treated, but also because it was not something I really cared to remember or re-live by writing it down. The memories will always be there though, so why not? I did write a lot of what he did to me down after we broke up, but now I make sure to write as things are happening. You never know if it might come in handy. I’ve also always been interested in art. I really suck at it, but I do like to draw sometimes. I have a drawing book and oil pastels that I think I might get back out soon. It’s been a long time since I drew something. This was my last oil pastel drawing. It’s nothing special at all because I’m no artist like Jodi. It’s supposed to be a sunset over water. lol

    • I like it Britney!!

      I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure she can receive correspondence. What I really want is for her to be free some day. Tomorrow would be nice. =)

      • Jodi can still receive post cards. I use to document to years ago when I was going through that but thankfully I was left alone and got with my husband who is my heart.

    • I was emotionally abused too. I am now 42 and it has taken me all these years to finally believe the bad relationship wasnt all my fault. My ex was a sales man too, I tell ya they all alike (well except Gus and others I am sure) but we came from an abusive background and I think when you are brought up with a father that undermines your mother and abuses her, it is harder for us women to recognize abusive treatment. All my sisters married into abusive relationships, (one of them to another sales man) and my mom use to like my ex over me, to this day she doesn’t understand what abuse is, neither do my sisters really, they have treated me abusively. It is sad, we are conditioned by this treatment and sometimes we can be both victims and abusers because of it, or one or the other, but it affects us regardless and it only changes when we are willing to take real hard honest look at it, but society is still in so much denial. Best of luck to you Britney!

  21. “The panel then filed out of the courtroom after 13 hours of deliberation that spanned three days, with one female juror turning to the victim’s family and mouthing, “Sorry.” She and two other women on the jury were crying.”
    Just read this on a news site. Should the jurors be communicating with the Alexander family?!!!!!!

  22. Karin Padron How many funds are there? I see “memorial” “legacy” and countless more. I don’t want to donate unless I know for certain where the donations are going and to who. Thanks

    13 minutes ago via mobile · Edited

    • People aren’t as stupid as CASH would hope. It’s hard out here and people aren’t giving a dime unless they know where said dime is going. It’s only a matter of time before the lid is blown off of their scam.



    • Barbara,

      That just didn’t happen today, that happend after the verdict of M1…. and she has two guards outside her door…. And Yes, Joe Arpario is a mother fucker………

    • I saw that about the Sheriff too. The media said they put a BAN on media interviews too. They don’t want potential jurors to be influenced. This should also apply to the Alexander family, Hughes, and rest of that scamming bunch. ( not to mention HLN)

    • I thought that was for people on death row! The 23 hrs. of isolation, I mean. Anyone know about this for sure?

    • That’s disgusting, I’d stick him in a solitary cell for life, feed him bread and water once a day. Then I’d take him into a padded cell and let the prisoners on him.

  24. Please to the 50K Travisites…donate donate donate…or the poor Alexanders are gonna have to cut down to just 2 mexican maids…Oh the horror!

    • First of all, not all the sibilings need to be in court everyday……….. they should be home taking care of there children….. and motherly duties.

      it’s all about money…. they are getting a free ride from the state………. free condo, free food, fk greedy pricks……… guess they will have their criminal fines paid off in no time…

  25. My mom is so cool, she asked me about the trial (since she has not been following it) and I started to explain the jist of it to her and before I even could finish she said,” OH HE HAD IT COMMING HONEY!” and she is in her 60’s! I thought that pretty much summed things up! BIG GROUP HUG TO YOU ALL! Love ya! Jessie

  26. It has been a long wonderful day today good new for Jodi but I can see why she as not smiling she has to do it all over again I just hope they can bring in new evidence that will shed new light on the charge of M1 well its time for bed I my get a good nites sleep this time with out nightmares to all my family and friend here lots of love and sleep good to-nite Jodi you have a room of your own and maybe it will not be so loud tonight

  27. I noticed that Juan was doing no autographs today,laugh my fucking ass off.Today justice WAS served.
    Nice to see all this support for Jodi.I honestly think Juan has a personal hate on for Jodi and would inject her himself if he could,thats what made the verdict today even more gratifying.

      • Really Jeff you thought THAT was Funny to MOCK Jodi’s pain? I love you honey but damn that “parody” was distasteful as hell. Jodi is probably still crying her eyes out and here on a page to SUPPORT HER someone mocks what she is going through.

        • Sorry, Jennifer. My bad! I was kinda putting it to the tune of TNT by AC/DC. That’s what made me laugh. My apologies. No disrespect intended.

          • That’s alright Jeff I knew you didn’t lose your sense for long. I still love you. I just have been learning so MUCH that has not come out that I feel like a stick of TNT ready to BLOW!!

    • 😐

      SarahP…I don’t meant to be bitchy, but I don’t like to make light of the traumatizing experience that Jodi went through on that day with Travis.

      That’s just me, though.

      • Shit SIL there we go again I was writing a book and just at the same time you posted same thing short and SWEET!! That is why you are one of my FAVORITE MEN!!

      • Well you’re you Sil and SarahP is SarahP I One song that comes to my mind when I think of Jodi killing Travis is The End by the Doors. The part near the end where Jim Morrison is saying, “Kill, Kill, Kill………” I always think of Jodi stabbing Travis when I listen to it now. BTW, I’m a HUGE fan of The Doors and Jim Morrison.

    • Sara P I am sorry but I think that was very distasteful. It is as if you are mocking the fact that Jodi is where she is and what she had to do. If you KNEW Jodi you would know that she would also say that was distasteful. She didn’t kill TA because she WANTED TO, she didn’t kill TA because they had just had sex, or because he slept with other women, or even that he had an inkling for little boys, not because he was taking another woman on a trip,(a trip she didn’t even WANT to go on), or that he had verbal degraded her, Jodi killed TA that day because she HAD to. For the first time in their relationship she fought back. She didn’t intend for it to end the way it did. She just wanted him to stop HITTING her. She didn’t wake up that day thinking OH TRAVIS IS ALMOST DEAD I’ll let him shoot one last load, that is a very nasty thing to say. I KNOW you all will be shouting that I am NOW A TROLL> But no I am NOT A TROLL never have been and never will be. I am the same compassionate person today as I was the day I started posting on this site. A man is day and a woman I can about and I know many others on here do to is FIGHTING for her life. Tonight is a sad night for Jodi and you are making light of it all with a PARADY This is not a skit from Saturday Night Live. This is Jodi’s reality, her future, and you are mocking something that was a very traumatic experience for her. SHE LOVED this man. I know many times I have said comments about TA but nothing distasteful like that. Everyone SAYS they are here for Jodi but laughing at that is NOT being her for Jodi. Mocking her life is far from BEING HERE FOR JODI. I am sorry if this comment offended you or anyone else NO REALLY I AM NOT SORRY that I said it or felt it just sorry that you felt the need to mock or laugh at something that has caused so VERY MUCH PAIN for TWO FAMILIES!

      • Exactly! Jodi had to do it. Her very liberty was at stake and Jodi had to take extreme action. I’m sure some of you have heard the saying: “Extremism is the defense of liberty is no vice!”:-)

        • I will never ever forget the words she said while pleading to the jury to spare her life. It tore my heart out. Imagine if that was your baby up there and how hard it was for her mother to sit there and look at the 122 people that may be her daughters “MURDERERS”. When Jodi talked about never being a Mommy and not getting to touch her nieces and nephews I thought of my own nieces and nephews and how much I love holding them and then I thought where would I be without my kids. They taught me what true love REALLY is and Jodi may never experience that. Those words she said just further lit my FIRE. I will fight for her till the day she is home with her family and is able to make her dreams come true.

      • Jennifer,

        First, I respect your reply here and I certainly meant you no harm. I like reading what you write here.

        1. I’m not mocking anybody – I’m dealing with the same stressful issues you are.

        2. I never implied in that song that Jodi wanted to kill Travis.

        3. You said: “She didn’t wake up that day thinking OH TRAVIS IS ALMOST DEAD I’ll let him shoot one last load, that is a very nasty thing to say.” That is completely out of context with what I wrote.

        4. I am NOT making light of this “sad night” for Jodi. I believe you are overly sensitive and missing the entire point of this.

        5. I am slinging a little shit at Travis the way MANY OTHER PEOPLE HERE HAVE DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO, I’m just doing it in my own way.

        I am not good at dealing with intense emotions, and for me, creating some laughter out of a situation is the way I can do it. Again, I intended no offense to you or anybody. I’m behind Jodi the same way you are, promise.


        • I just took it as mocking. I just watched Jodi cry and I kept rerunning her words as she pled for her life over and over in my head. I love Jodi like she was my sister.
          No I am not overly sensitive. I am just thinking and looking at it from Jodi’s point of view. She still loves that man regardless of what he did to her or what she had to do. He I believe was her first real love and as she has said She NEVER wanted to Air his dirty laundry. You are taking something she HAD to say in trial and making light of them.
          I know others have said hateful things about TA also and IF I read something and it hit me like this did I would call them out to. IF you were dealing with the same stressful situations I am then you wouldn’t be “Writing LITTLE songs” as a woman is FIGHTING for her life. I would use my time to HELP JODI, not making up a little ditty.

          • Jennifer: Thank you for this nice reply. My humor is far removed from the “real-life” circumstances. Try to see it for what it is and don’t see it for what it isn’t. The “Almost Dead” song was a song about a woman-abuser. Period. And I know Travis for what he was. It had nothing to do with Jodi’s pain or her angst or her current situation.


            • And Sara I truly did not mean it in a hurtful way towards you. I just know that no matter what you always have a place in your heart for ur first love and when Jodi talks of TA she lights up. I have heard two different interviews with two different friends of TA and they both say, “Jodi was anyone that TA wanted her to be.” I took that as back up as the abuse. She loved him so much she altered the person she truly was to please him.

              • Well, either way, you got my song deleted, so I guess we’re back to square. I might do my next one about Juanito, and we’ll see how far that gets me.


                (with an “h”)

                • I DID NOT get your song deleted!!! More people were offended then just me by that song. Contrary to your beliefs I do NOT tell admins what HAS to be taken off. They have a brain of their own and felt the song was rude. Just because people didn’t say it to YOU others have been offended by the tasteless parody’s you do.
                  In fact you got your song removed by being HATEFUL towards Jodi and mocking the events that led up to her FIGHTING for her life. It is comments like your parody that feeds into the haters bull.
                  I am sorry but it is very OFFENSIVE to ASSUME that the admins removed that BECAUSE I TOLD them to. In fact I did not say a word to any admin. I said my thoughts and feelings to you and left it at that!

                • OOHH sorry SARAH!!!! And spare us DONT write or “DUB” another song about what Jodi is going through.

                • Sarah, Jennifer did not get your song deleted. No one person got your song deleted. I got messages from several people, so please don’t blame any one person or assume that it was removed out of malice. I’m sorry if that hurt your feelings, that’s not my intention. Thanks for understanding!

  28. Many thanks to the four jurors who had the decency to stand up against the blood thirsty, and biased jurors who shamelessly apologized to the Alexanders.

  29. Wow…Samantha’s face when the verdict was read….WOW it’s almost comical when she does that, it looks so FAKE. Just like TA she is playing g a role and trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes & sadly more people fall for it than don’t.

    What in the world was up with the Judge having to choke back a sob because the jury didn’t come back with DP???? That is insane & makes me wonder if there is more to the story other than an extremely biased judge (the sorriest exscuse for a judge I’ve ever seen by the way)

    Maybe the judge was threatened by the Mormons who told her if Jodi doens’t get a DP sentence she’s gonna be next …hahah kidding ..kinda.,,but that was really weird & hopefully it will serve as further proof of the Judges bias in this case…

    • Judge Pickles running this trial was the equivalent of me running General Motors. Within four days I’d have the process so fucked up, no normal person could recognize it as an auto maker. People would be looking at it and saying, “What the fuck???”

      One more reason for mistrial on appeal.

    • The thing that really gets me is how much HLN and Nancy Grace always praise the justice system and say how great it is.Then when it doesnt have the outcome they want,the system is broken.Now to me thats fuckin nuts, just like the HLN gang.

  30. I truly believe that while the defense works on the “new penalty phase” there should also be a team of attnys hired to work on the misconduct and appellate issues and get it started before a new jury is even chosen in other words “shut this circus down before it starts again” work on freeing Jodi ASAP. I am willing to help pay for another team of attnys to get the appellate process going but only the best appeals attnys will do. MB….can you pass this onto SJ and Jodi’s family etc and contact me to get this going??

      • I have talked to SJ as have a few others and he is aware that we want to set up a fund for her appeals. Not sure where he is in the process but I know it has been mentioned to him several times. As you all know I have cancer and I have changed my will. I had a policy that went to my Goddaughter however she is no longer with us she committed suicide at 15 and I have talked to her Mom and the policy will go to Jodis appeals if I pass while she is still fighting. I also have many years paid into it and I am going to take that out as soon as the fund is set up to enable us ONLY the BEST!! I have talked to a couple and got some numbers…It will be quite expensive if we cannot find one to donate their time. Most do some volunteer hours each year it just depends on what else they have going on. And Jodis appeals are going to take up a lot of the attorneys time.

        • Oh my gosh I’m so sorry to hear about that Jennifer 🙁

          I’m so sorry for your loss and your current illness.

          I will keep you in my thoughts and heart! <3

          • Thank you MB. My Goddaughter was a wonderful little girl who was so fun to be aroundand so happy. But we lived in a small town growing up and her mom ( who was my best friend) still lived there with my Goddaughter her new husband and their daughter. Few people knew that my Goddaughter was conceived during a rape. Somehow a very hateful little girl who was jealous of my sweet girl because she was friends with everyone and they all loved her. So one day that evil child told my Goddaughter what happened and how she was conceived. This bright young woman who would of been an amazingwoman today began to hateherself and blamed herself for her Mom not being able to follow her dreams. So on Feb. 1at my sweet little Mel went to her room took a handful of pills and swolled them down with some alcohol and laid down in the same little bed that I use to tell her bedtime stories and sleep next to her when she was scared for the last time and fell asleep. There is NOT a DAY that goes by that I don’t think of her and how in the darkest Moment of her life she didn’t come to me to make her safe from the storm.

        • I’m so very sorry to hear that about your Goddaughter. That’s awful. You’re always in my prayers and I hope that someday you are rid of that terrible illness. Also, that’s an incredibly unselfish thing that you’re doing for Jodi. You’re a truly amazing person! <3

          • Thanks Jeff. I try to do unto others. There have been many times in my life when I didn’t do the right
            and I regret them. I hope soon this nasty disease is gone. It drags me down and I hate to be down.
            There is a poem and I don’t remember all of it but I think of it when I think of how Jodi sees the world. “Two women looked out from behind prison bars one saw mud the other saw stars”
            I don’t want Jodi to ever ever see just mud all the time when she looks out. She deserves to see the beauty that is out in the world.

            • Jen..what a wonderful thing you are doing but my dear you are not going any place anytime soon. I feel your pai n as my beloved nephewtook his life 3 years ago.

              • Thanks Cindy!! I want to know that when I am gone someone is being helped and it will show my children that even in death I wanted to help people. I am so sorry to hear about you nephew. It is so hard to lose young people. I beat myself up still because I wasn’t there for her when she needed someone, then her mom my best friend since we were 12 told me, Jen she didn’t even go to her BFF. And then I got it but I still blame myself a lot.

        • Jennifer I am sorry that is awful…… I have a 5 year old little girl who is terminally ill and it’s difficult but the best way to get thru it is to pour the blessings we have received onto others who need them! Jodi needs us and I will be praying for you as well every day! Stay strong Hun!!

          • Kara I am so sorry. My little sister had a baby born with Trisomy 18 and he passed 49 hours after he was born she was 19 when she had him. The sister that I knew for 19 years disappeared the day he passed. She has never been the same again. She has never laughed like she use to, she is depressed a lot, the day my sister lost a son I lost a nephew and a sister. I see how she hurts to her soul and morns his death everyday still 12 years later. My best friend still morns my Goddaughter and drinks heavily to cover the pain. I turned to things to hide my pain after they both died.

            I pray that you have support for you emotionally because having a sick baby is the worst pain aside from losing a child that a parent can go through.
            I will keep you both in my prayers.

            • Thank you Jennifer, here is the thing……Shortly after finding out all of what my daughters syndrome consisted of and the life span that accompanied it I was very angry and would cry and think why me ?? What did I do to deserve this? I would lay in bed with her for days and not answer my phone or leave my house. It wasn’t until December 2012 that I had what I consider to be almost a divine intervention. My daughter had to have major surgery and it required us to be in the hospital for a week post opp. While we were there a little boy from Barcelona Spain was in the room next to ours and he had a very rare form of cancer and was taking part in clinical study of a possible treatment. We were at Devos Children’s hospital in Grand Rapids, MI. I got to know the family very well and we often spent time praying etc, that little boy passed away a couple days before we left and it was horrible but I learned a huge lesson that day and I haven’t been the same since. It completely made me change the way I felt, I realized that I need to be thankful for what I have and the time I do have with my precious little girl because it could be worst. That little boy was the same age as my little girl and that family doesn’t have any more time with their son. I realized there are people in worst situations and I need to be nothing less than grateful and I have not been angry (about that) since. Now I want to do everything I can to help others that are deserving to be happy and take away their anger and Jodi and her family deserve to be happy! Waiting on someone to contact me………..any news MB or SJ???? Hope sharing my story helps!!!

              • Oh that is sad. Losing a child has to be the worst pain. I volunteered with a woman who had lost her daughter who was a senior in high school. Her Mom went in one morning to wake her up and the girl had passed in her sleep. She had a problem with her heart that had when undiagnosed. The mother was telling me the pain she had from losing her daughter and asked the same questions you asked. Why me? Why her? Then one day while talking with their minister she got that augh ha moment. The minister asked if you could go back and change things knowing that you would lose her at 17 would you choose to have her? The woman said she thought and thought and then it hit her. She would rather have her daughter for those short 17 years and love her then never to have known her at all, I think that it is great what you want to do for others. I will pray for you and your baby everyday. There are so many advances in medication everyday, she probably happy life.will live a long

        • Jennifer,

          This explains a lot. I guess it’s a lesson of not evaluating the “way” a person is until you know what they’re going through. I don’t pray, but I do believe in sending positive energy, and I will do that for you.


      • Thank you!! I am thinking we need to get this going ASAP! She should not have to suffer like this anymore, if I need to fly out to AZ (I live in MI) I will, but I don’t care about how expensive it is and we don’t want a half ass pro bono attny if they are not going to get the Proper job DONE…. ONLY SOLUTION ACCEPTABLE IS FREEING JODI. She was wrongly convicted and it is time we stand united and let Pedo hugging assholes know this is not okay. Jodi is the REAL victim here and with all the misconduct and issues surrounding this case we will not be bullied we will do what is right!! I’m ready, I have been blessed financially and this is my calling to help someone who needs it….and Jodi most certainly does!

        • Bless you kind heart Kara……………. It’s people like you that make a differene, and we are the VOICE for JODI.

          She needs the BEST appeals attorney……… and not 10-20-30 years from now…. !!! You have a group of us that are ready for the next mission/ phase…. ( her appeal)… Please let us know what you need….!!

  31. I have come to the conclusion that the Alexander family are exhibitionist masochists. They take pleasure from suffering in public which is why they choose to continue to do so. What happened to forgiving as best you can as a so-called religious person and letting go? There would be no story there for them to seek pity and wring melodrama from. They got a new drug and this time it ain’t meth.

    • Boy ain’t that the truth. Wow! I never thought of it that way. In the beginning I thought they were just a grieving family; I could deal with that, I could understand that. Then as it went along I came to realize that they aren’t grieving, they want revenge. They stopped grieving LONG AGO. Now they want blood, they want sympathy, they want attention, and, most importantly, they want dollars. Lots of dollars! And you know what? they’re getting all of that, except revenge. That is something they will never get. Ain’t gonna happen. So their story needs to end here, right now, today. I’m sure it won’t end just yet, but I do hope that they will soon fade away.

    • Gwen,
      Yes, I think at least some of it is attention, but I really think their main goal in this is $$$$$. From what I’ve read, they’ve been100% financially supported throughout this trial, and basically waited on hand & foot-literally. (Towards the end of Jodi’s testimony, I remember that Katie-bitch saying that their “group” took the twisted sisters out for manis, pedis, shopping & dinner-you know, because they were so upset about the testimony). Put that together with their background…. Recipe for major “fraud” disguised as “Helping these poor tortured souls who’s lives are destroyed by the evil Jodi”.
      They’re eating it up,..every penny, I’m sure.

  32. Pardon me, I need to vent.  Reading the comments after the hung jury in the penalty phase has me very worried.

    Why are we here?  Why are we on the ‘jodi arias is innocent’ page?  Other than the trolls, I think we are here, because we believe Jodi is a victim of domestic violence and was fighting to save her life on that fateful day. We started with “how dare JM charge her with pre meditation”.  Well, he dared and the jury bought it, that too unanimously! 

    When all this started, what did we think was a just verdict?  What did we think was a just punishment? If I remember correctly, other than one or two who said manslaughter,  we were all for self defense and time served.  When the jury bought JM’s bs, and came up with M1 most of us were saying “it should have been manslaughter”.  Now, today, before the verdict, we were praying that the jury not give her death.  Why should we beg and pray for a survivor to live?  That should be a given.  This is USA, not a war torn African nation where justice is whatever a warlord decides it is. What has changed for us, from the beginning of the trial to now?  Has the evidence changed?  Have the facts about this case changed?  Has our opinion about Jodi’s guilt changed?  Then why are we begging the jury not to kill her and why are we thanking the jury for not killing her?  

    Today’s hung jury verdict was a victory for people who oppose DP and those people alone. Today’s verdict had nothing to do with Jodi,  because a woman who tried to protect her life  should never face DP or life in prison without parole.   Don’t you see, Juan’s over charging is working?  People who said- ‘time served’ is now begging for ‘life in prison’!  If we loose focus, he will get away with it.  Put a victim of dv behind bars for the rest of her life.

    Now, we are hoping to get this verdict overturned on appeal.    That will be a victory.  But how long will that take?  About 25 years? I would consider that life in prison! (legal eagles,  if there is any case out there, where the verdict has  been overturned quickly,   please let me know).  How is that justice?  Jodi would have served about 30 years, for defending herself.  If that is the case, then I will not consider that as a victory for Jodi, or that justice has been served.

    For the very few posters out there, who  watched today’s verdict unaffected, thank you for not forgetting why we are here and thanks for not being sidetracked by Juan’s smoke and mirrors.  Everyone else,  please let us not loose focus.  Our goal should be to make sure everyone knows this was not a fair trial, so the verdict should be overturned. I would like to see Jodi walk out of prison when she is still in her 30s.  

    /end rant.  I apologize if I offended anyone.

    • I do find your post offensive. You’re acting like we’re just going to quit fighting for Jodi’s release, and that was not the intent of my post, or anyone else’s posts that found relief in Jodi NOT getting the death penalty today.

      That’s not “losing focus.” I’m tired of that phrase being bandied about by people who disagree with other posters. It doesn’t help or support Jodi to go off on other posters and accuse them of falling off the bandwagon when nobody actually has. Nobody is sidetracked, and nobody’s minds have changed about Jodi’s innocence. Just because the site posters aren’t organized *right this second* or fast enough for your taste does not mean that we aren’t brainstorming ideas about how to get Jodi’s conviction appealed.

      Today, there were members of the jury that could have caved, could have given the bloodthirsty mob what they wanted. They could have given the monstrosities and vampires something to gleefully rub their hands together and salivate over. But they didn’t. Yes, I am grateful to them for that, even if they came back with a M1 conviction because I believe that’s a bogus verdict and probably the result of bullying.

      So excuse me for not hating the jury enough, or keeping an open mind that they might have had second thoughts, or had their arms twisted in the jury room. But I find your insinuations offensive that just because we aren’t giving this turn of events the cold shoulder, that suddenly we’ve forgotten our purpose. It’s very condescending.

      • Thanks all.

        I just want to add, that I don’t want to be hard on anyone. I’d rather be cuddly than having to sound off. But I’m tired of hearing “oh you’re losing focus” or “you’ve lost the point of the mission.”

        Fucking please. You don’t know everything I’ve contributed, and you aren’t privy to my emails offsite with anyone or the research I do. You don’t know the countless hours I’ve spent working on this case, that’s not counting my posting here. I choose not to post about it here, because I don’t want to make anyone else feel like they aren’t doing enough.

        The most important thing people can do is post here in support of Jodi, and I don’t want to take away from that in any way.

        But I refuse to be told that I’m losing sight of what’s important. That’s bullshit. I’ve been here since January, and people should know by now where I stand and where I direct my energies to. It’s insulting to be told I’ve changed my mind when I haven’t, or that I’m not doing enough despite what I’ve done.

        Could you give us a couple weeks to organize? This isn’t just up to me, this is a community effort. THANK YOU.

        • MB, I can’t speak for everyone here but myself. However, I love everything that you do, have done and will continue to do and I’d like to believe that this sentiment is shared with everybody here who supports Jodi. Your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed, believe me. I consider you to be an angel of mercy and a wonderful human being for what you do. God bless you and your family.

          • Thanks Frank! <3

            I don't feel like I deserve those compliments because I am just trying to do what's right.

            And I don't want others to feel left out or like they aren't doing enough.

            I love everyone here, and I am grateful for our little community. <3

              • I too was offended. We may support Jodi in different ways (some are very involved legally, some donate, others send her cards, and some may vent here), but it’s still support. In the end we want as many victories as we can get. Small victories may one day equal one big win.

            • As apparently the resident black sheep here, I also want to say what a great job you are doing. This site is critical in so many ways – not the least of which the unknown number of Jodi-haters who have come here and learned the truth and threw their support to her. There’s no better place for a person to come and learn SO MUCH about the entire case as well as hear theories and opinions from people who clearly have given plenty of thought to it.

        • MB I often wonder where you get your energy to be here all the time and do everything that you are doing! You are wonderful person! Thankyou so much for this site and all of your efforts.

      • MB, I apologize if my post offended you.  I didn’t mean to.  But, you are the admin here, and now I feel offended and not welcome on this page.  I will continue to support Jodi, just not on this page.  My contribution wasn’t significant anyway.

        I have to thank you MB, because this was the kick in the pants I needed to get back to my life. My family tried but did not succeed.   I was spending a lot of time on the site, reading all the posts from about a week into the trial.

        I will miss your courage and humor SJ and sirlips I will miss your wit and wisdom.  jade, (I hope I got the name right & I  haven’t seen your posts in a  while) I learned  a lot from your interpretation of the crime scene photos. geebee your site is awesome. Jodi is lucky to have you guys on her side.

        Stay strong Team Jodi and may you be victorious.

    • Take a look at a case from *** when a man was found guilty of killing his wife within 6 months JURY misconduct was found based on an appeal and he got a new trial and was free while awaiting it. So things do happen quickly and some do not. We see it better that today was not a day the Jodi was placed in a cell to face her DEATH!! And rely only on appeals. If she gets life she will be able to interact with other prisoners while awaiting the appeal and with the DP she would NOT be able to. We are happy that today Jodi was NOT told you will face DEATH for protecting yourself. We know that another jury can make their choice but we are one step closer to getting appeals. If I were Jodi I would rather spend time with other people and help them the best way I can then sit in a DP cell all alone with no one to talk to while awaiting those appeals.
      but this is Just one Blonds opinion

      • Exactly she should not take any deals that try to strip her of her constitutional rights to appeals. This thing will be get thrown out one way or the other and she will get a new trial.

    • I dont think anyone here is losing focus because they are happy about the verdict. On the contrary everyone here is really focused on doing everything they can to help Jodi.It’s just so nice to see the relief on Jodis face, to see the the assholes on hln squirm and especially the fake Alexanders. We all had relief and joy today- it felt great. It has been such an emotional roller coaster lately. We are all too familiar with Kermits bullshit tactics and are very aware of the insane injustice that is going on. But just because we are happy at having a little relief today at finding out that there were some real humans on the jury doesnt mean we are losing focus.

  33. This group feels like the “300” against the persian army, or the army of Juan. But, I believe we will have a happy ending 🙂

  34. Dear Jodi & TEAM Jodi:

    Good morning! How are you? Some of you may be wondering how I became a supporter of Jodi Arias. I must confess that I did not watch this trial from the get-go. Some of my friends and my Mom did, but I did not. Initially, I didn’t pay that much attention to it as I considered it be like a case that would probably wind up on that “Snapped” TV show someday. But then in early March I finally asked my Mom what this case was all about and she told me. Then I started doing research on the Internet because I want to hear from all sides as much as possible. I visited Jodi’s MySpace page, Travis’s MySpace page, various websites, etc. I must confess that I did not post here at that time because I was neutral and wanted to be fair and impartial as I did not have all of the facts then to have a point-of-view.

    The first thing that stood out for me on Travis’s MySpace page was how he listed “money, women and power” as his main interests. Now, some people might say that he was obviously joking, but I think that this comment speaks volumes. I read exchanges between Jodi and Travis on there that led me to believe that if this woman was such a monster, then why was he talking so apparently lovingly of her? And why in the world would he let her into his place in the middle of the night if she was this demonic person that some people have tried to make her out to be? The way that Team Travis has tried to make Jodi out, you would think that she’s Alex, Glenn Close’s character, from “Fatal Attraction”. For awhile there, I wanted to write a book about this trial and call it “The Law Of Fatal Attraction”. All kidding aside, it just raised red flags for me. I just couldn’t imagine Jodi saying to Travis a la Close in the movie, “I won’t be ignorrrred, Travis!” LOL

    I also kept hearing over the next several weeks from Travis’s family about how pristine this guy was and now we know that this is bullshit. The way they were making out Travis to be it was like that bearded guy in the “Most Interesting Man In The World” TV commercials for Dos Equis. “He doesn’t just walk on water…water walks on HIM!”…”He once was elected Student President…and he didn’t even run!”…”He not only never does the same thing twice, he never does the same thing once!” I mean, it was beyond pathetic to see how they have propped Travis Alexander to be this martyr. Not just the pro-Travis people outside of the courtroom who tend to be mostly a bunch of white, middle-aged, bored housewives and teeny-bopper girls who have developed crushes over a dead guy. I heard someone on HLN yesterday say that she missed her prom to go to this trial. Are you freaking kidding me? I had a friend of mine once who missed her high school prom, but she went to a Pink Floyd concert. She had a good reason. The fact is that 90% of these people who show up to display their love and devotion to Travis Alexander could give a shit about Travis and his family. They are there because they want to be on TV and obviously got no lives or anything else better to do. Most of us at Team Jodi would love to have that kind of time on our hands, but we are working for a living and many of us are trying to support a family. What has kept me going in some tough times is to imagine the Styx song “Too Much Time On My Hands” playing in the background whenever I see one of these people from “Team Travis” interviewed on TV.

    I watched interviews with Jodi and observed her body language in court and I came to the conclusion in the past month that she is innocent. Initially, I was on Travis’s side, but I always kept an open mind and anyone that knows me will tell you that I question a lot of things. It’s not that I want to be a pain in the ass, but rather that I don’t just accept things at face value. I think that it is important to question things that we don’t understand and try to find answers. And, my own personal intuition kept telling me that Travis Alexander was not unlike a lot of men that I have seen around women in my lifetime. They come across as sweet, funny, likable guys that wine and dine women and impress them with their knowledge of various things, their money and their body. But, once you get to know them you find out that most of this is a façade for someone who can be and many times is more terrifying once you strip away the façade. They’re not going to come out and show themselves for the douche bags that they really are. That is why they hide behind a façade or a mask and usually say and do everything they can to get a woman into bed. And then, once they’ve had enough, they discard them like they were a piece of trash. I’ve seen this happen with some of my friends. What’s really frustrating for me is that a few of these women I liked and wanted to go out with, but they turned me down for one of these guys. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, far from it. But aside from my name on this website, which I choose not to reveal now for security reasons, everything that I have revealed to you all and said comes from my heart and is the truth. And I can only hope that my sincerity comes across because I truly have nothing to hide. I’m not a fan of fake people or bullshitters. This is one of many reasons why I can’t stand the pedo-huggers or HLN.

    I am not a psychic, but I have been very intuitive for most of my life and especially in the last couple of years. I also feel a kindred spirit in Jodi because we share a lot of the same interests and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she is a fan of Napoleon Hill. She also quoted John Lennon on her page and I am a huge fan of his and the music of The Beatles. I look forward to corresponding with Jodi and I hope to hear back from her because I truly believe that she is a wonderful person and someone that I would be honored to have as a friend. This is why I choose to support Jodi Arias and one of many reasons why I am here and on the FB page. I also do not like the way that Jodi is being treated in the media, especially by HLN, because it feels like they are ganging up on here and throwing stones at her on a daily basis. And although I was raised Catholic I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious, but I believe that we are following in the footsteps of Christ much more than the Travis Town pedo-huggers.

    Last but not least, I know that for some of you that today’s verdict was not one that you’re thrilled about. I understand. But, personally, I would much rather have a new judge and jury with a better defense than what Jodi had to deal with for the past 4 1/2 months. And, I personally would hate to think of Jodi being carted off to death row where she is isolated from everyone. That is unacceptable to me. I will fight it and fight for Jodi until the day that I die. And, folks, I’m 40 and I plan on living another 60 years so those on the other side better get used to it because I ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. 🙂 I’m sorry that I arrived late to this, but I’m here now and will be forever. And, you all just got yourselves a new foot soldier who is on-call 24/7, 365 days a year and will not crumble under the attacks led by our opponents. I haven’t even met Jodi Arias yet, but I truly believe that she is a wonderful person and I know that she did not pre-meditate this killing of Travis Alexander. That is why I am here and I will never stop fighting for Jodi’s freedom until she is finally free.

    • Frank I want to start by saying thank you. You came to this page and did what you thought was right you read what we had to say and then you did the same with the TA site. You used you GOD given BRAIN to make YOUR OWN choice and NOT the one the Media or the Haters or EVEN that WE told you to have. You chose to believe Jodi based o your own life experiences and common sense. I wish that MORE newbies to the page did what you just did. You were honest and TOLD us yes I use to see the case a different way. I want to commend you for doing that. I think if more of the NEWBIES did this we the supporters who have been here forever may be less questionable. WE WANT people to come here and support Jodi. And if people don’t then t hat is their right and their are pages for them to go to. They just need not post here because we could careless what they had to say and as it says above the comment section at the bottom of the page..”do not waste your invaluable time” WE Coupld give a shit less what your opinions of Jodi are. WE love her and that is all that counts. Frank I want to say welcome to JAII. Look forward to getting to know you.

      • Thank you, Jennifer. 🙂 And, likewise, I look forward to getting to know you and everyone else here.

        Another thing that really gravitated me towards Team Jodi is the behavior being demonstrated by Team Travis. I keep seeing friends of Travis’s showing up on TV and they’re pretty much parroting the same lines over and over again about how perfect he was. I think that we all know better. Just seeing the way that so many of them have taken it upon themselves to align themselves with the media, it’s apparent to me who the real sluts and whores are.

        I also have been disgusted with the way that so many of these so-called “Christians” or “Mormons” have been behaving on the Internet and outside of the courtroom. They’re a bunch of hypocrites and liars and if people want to see who the real sinners are in this trial, look no further than to Team Travis.

        • Thank you. I posted earlier on Yahoo that the Alexanders claim to be religious and real religious people do not BEG 12 people to kill another. They let GO AND LET GOD. Knowing that what we do to someone here on Earth to punish them for their crimes is nothing compared to what HE will do to them for all eternity. But religious people also don’t use drug, steal, hate, lie, or blame others. This family IS NOT religious. They are a cult.

          The Arias family has been very classy in all this. No interviews no screaming at the public. Nothing just support for Jodi.

            • I pray that he is. I know that family is hurting and angry that he is gone but they are not living in reality and refuse to see the truth of who Travis was. They do not want to admit to the world and probably their selves that they didn’t know the “REAL” Travis and they cannot go back and change the fact their relationship was what it was.

            • Thank you. I don’t think that the majority is going to change their minds any time soon. They are so brain washed.

    • i think many here agree with you Frank…
      i do not think “supporters” here came in here with blind allegiance to jodi. i kno i didn’t.
      i think we tended to notice exactly what you noticed.

      not many people here gave jodi a fist bump for contributing to the demise of another person. many only saw reasons on how /why it occurred.

      no matter what the outcomes have been up to this point, people here should feel good about themselves. how they offer a fair look at things, most from experiences.

      people here seem to look for the GOOD, not the evil. that will tend to bring the good to the forefront of their lives.

  35. Some other ideas on how to show our support for Jodi Arias:

    1) Everyone order a “Survivor” t-shirt and take a picture or have someone else take a picture of us with it on and post as our profile pic on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    2) In addition to the current donations, start up a “Jodi Arias Defense Fund” and raise money through this website.

    3) Create a YouTube channel for Team Arias although comments would have to be monitored. This could be a tough one because you just know that the haters will flock there like flies to shitpaper. LOL Still, you could always have it set where you had to approve comments before posting or just disable comments altogether. I like the idea of a YouTube channel because if your videos get lots of views you can qualify to start earning money from them. You know that the videos on this channel would be seen by lots of people and the more money that could be earned to help Jodi, the better.

    4) Jodi’s birthday is coming up on July 9th. How about we all send birthday cards to her or maybe Team Jodi could get us to “sign” a birthday card with all of our names that Jodi’s family or friends could personally deliver to her at the jail? I really think that this would lift her spirits and anything that can be done to bring a smile to that lovely face I’m in for. 🙂 What do you say?

    • Frank,

      Jodi is only allowed to receive postcards that are metered.. So the birthday cards will not work in this case….. I am not sure how often her family is going to visit with such a gap in this next phase ( June 20th and July 18th)

      I like the YouTube suggestion, what are you going to put on this video? and who’s going to monitor it?

      Defense fund is already being considered and how we can do it…. ethically

      Survivor T-shirts are perfect and many are ordering them.

      Please be careful what you mention about supporting Jodi and raising money as the ” haters” are always lurking on this site and for ways to make more money for them gold diggers………

    • See, now THIS is the kind of stuff I’m looking for!

      I need to know what other people can bring to the table, what they can offer to support Jodi.

      It’s so important that we take some stock into all of our talents so we can figure how to organize and work together.

      I love your youtube idea Frank, but in the past there’s been issues with haters getting videos pulled off the web. Sad and disgusting, but true, that’s what the haters do because they have no life and no purpose other than being jerks.

      Perhaps we can have a channel hosted at the private server, that would be great!

      • I like your idea about the channel, MB!

        I also had another idea for some of us out there that are musicians or singers. Maybe we could pool our collective talents together and create an album of songs or music which could be called “Songs For Jodi” or something like that. Then, maybe we could all pitch in and get Jodi an iPod if she doesn’t have one already that she could listen to in jail. Forgive me for being naïve, but are people in jail allowed to listen to an iPod?

        Another idea I had would be to collect a scrapbook for Jodi and it could be filled with poetry, letters, thoughts, pictures, etc. This is something that someone in her family or friends could give to her in prison. What I love about this is that it doesn’t cost much and it comes from the heart. I think that these make the best gifts, gifts from the heart. And, I know with all of my heart that Jodi would love it. I don’t even know her and yet I feel like I know her, does that make sense?

        • well it would be awesome to find a celeb to come out for her maybe a woman, like Dillion did for the Hurricane and Depp for the Memphis three.

          the youtube would have to have comments disabled cause I know I fight with the travis supporters all the time LOL and we dont want them doing it to us. So maybe another hosting site.

          I am studying CJ so anyway I can help I will be glad to chip in.

        • An Ipod is a great idea! I don’t know if they can have ipods in jail, but yes one of our goals should be giving Jodi as much comfort as possible behind bars.

          I know even if people send her gifts she doesn’t need, she can still use them the barter with other inmates. It will help her establish a place in the culture there.

          I’d like to get an ipad with all the music she likes on it. That way she can always have something to listen to tunes with.

          But like I said, I’m not sure yet what she’ll be allowed, or what kind of items can be sent in the mail at all. I think there are some things that have to be hand delivered to the prison, but I don’t remember where I heard that from so I’ll have to google it to be sure. Sherriff Joe is extremely strict and it’s been a task for many just to figure out how to send a simple post card. I hope there’s not as much regulation as with care packages, but I’m probably wrong. lol

          • Postcards only… no gifts of any sort…. I think abc15 did article on this or azcentral. I looked it up through the jail website… JOE IS A DICK… even at the prision she is only allowed to have two books, paper, a few other things… I posted it last night………… metered mail, no stamps… no food, no make up, CDs but they have to be approved. She’s allowed a tv with cable but has to buy it through the prision for 300 bucks.

            • Yikes. I bet it’s a shitty tv too huh. Like they sell bottles of generic shampoo for five bucks.

              Such a racket!!!

              • It’s a ghetto five inch tv… something like that… it showed a photo fo the tv… damn you need good eyes for that t.v.

                • OMG WTF

                  (insert other three letter acronym here)

                  For fuck sakes. Five inches??? I was hoping for at least 13 for that kind of money.

                  That’s highway robbery!!!!!!

                • MB

                  Death Row inmates may place two ten minute telephone calls per week. Personal property is limited to hygiene items, two appliances, two books and writing materials, which can be purchased from the inmate commissary. Health care is provided at the Health Unit; medication is passed out at the cell front. Clergy contacts are provided at the cell.

            • They can only have a TV in Prison, not in County jail. They can have 2 books, writing materials and toiletries. Also, 2 appliances. like a hot plate and coffee maker, or microwave. That is IT. But seriously. The food is better in AZ prison and not Joe A’s jail. he gives them only 2 meals a day. It is crap. prison is different, pretty standard across America. She will be in General population, hopefully one day but for the first 2-5 years, she may be in Solitary confinement., Also, she may be put in a secure/solitary facility for her own safety. where they house High Profile females. She could be seriously hurt in there. If she gets the DP, then she will be alone for the rest of her life and still get the above items I mentioned. Sad, so sad. The foreman believed she was verbally and emotionally abused. They all did. Yet gave her M1?? WTF. so Alyce was right, (I had no doubt) the jury agreed. I hope the Jury knows we support their decision to not give Jodi the DP and that was good that 4 of them agreed. The haters make me sick. Slobbering for another death, salivating like rabid dogs. Gross. Prayers for forgiveness and Jodi.

          • Dear Team Admin — is it possible now for the people here on Jodi’s site to get funds donated into Jodi’s commisary account?

            There were rumors going back weeks talking about how TA’s Dry Cry Clan would attempt to take any proceeds from the sale of Jodi’s art on ebay if she got convicted

            Is it possibly to fund her account now and they would be safe?

            I can not imagine the toll this 5 month trial has taken on her physically and mentally.

            Even though Jodi has no idea who most of us are, I want to do what I can even from Florida so that she can get the things she needs, personal items, snacks, postage, while she waits for the next phase.

            Thank you admin.

            • Hi Matt,

              I’m not sure what’s going on with that yet. I know we are looking into alternate ways to support Jodi’s family and set up a legal fund.

              No worries we will find a way to keep financially supporting the Arias family during this time.

              Thanks for your contributions 🙂

        • I love the scapebook idea, and poems…. Those are things we could give to her mom… we have to remember the family too… especially her mom and aunt, and sister.. I know the dad is not in good health.

    • It would be good to have a short you tube documentary about domestic violance, particularly emotional abuse, and explain how it affects your self esteem, portray it as it really is, bullying, Advise young people to get help, then explain what Jodi advises about documenting abuse, go into the case and the fight of her life, and where she is now. show the haters, the church, the work environment, show the televised abuse to people who defended a vulnerable woman, the media, show Nurmi asking for sequestering of jury, asking for mistrial, show the prosecutor abuse….there are many to choose from, the crying judge, and especially play Nancy G. and Dr.Drew, as they advise Juan on what they would say. Make sure to play Juan in court repeating their advice, sometimes verbatum, and show the constitution, exemplify the right to a fair trial. Must put to some music and lawyer needs to advise. Can ask for donations for appeals as well as survivor shirts for victims of abuse. I may know the perfect person to advise on how to do all this.

    • UKJodiFan,
      I was just going to ask you to post that over here. Thanks! That’s just beautiful. He looks like a kid who’s mother told him he couldn’t have a cookie before dinner. Pout away, Juan.

      • And when you think that he sulking because he didn’t get to take Jodi’s life.

        He is the real monster.

  36. I know that Sj is working on the defense fund angle though I don’t know where he is in that process. Not sure that cards can go to the jail I think just those postcards can. But maybe one or two or more I guess of us could go get a few and sign from and list all the names of her supporters on here. I am not familiar with setting up a you tube channel so I cant answer that. Also we could get her magazine subscriptions for her bday because I know she can get those. We can get her the ones based on her interests of even puzzle books to help her pass the time.

    • Jennifer

      (((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) I am just to quick with the keyboard….!!! Plus great minds think alike at this early morning hour.

      There are a lot of things we can do to help with funds, but I will not share them on this main page…( wink).

      It truly sucks that she is not allowed to receive packages……….I would send her the biggest fk basket filled with all kinds of art supplies for her birthday…. FU SHERIFF JOE………!!!

      • I know that a lot of us aren’t big fans of Sheriff Joe, but compared to HLN and Team Travis I think that he has been very decent by comparison. I’m still not a fan of his, but I think this just goes to show you how extreme the zealots are along with their minions at HLN.

        • Frank are you FK serious about Sheriff JOE???? Honey, where have you been? getting her up at 3 am in the morning, feeding breakfast at 5 or 6 am and no lunch, and dinner at 5-6 pm…. serving rotten spoiled food………… FK THIS DICK… I will take HLN hateful words all day along…….

          • FUJuan: I know that Sheriff Joe is a dick. I was just making the comparison to how bad he is compared to Travis’s family and supporters who are so bad that they make him look decent. Does that make sense?

      • I agree great minds do think alike….it seems to be we spend lots of nights together. I hate how Jodi didn’t get lunch. Do they feed the inmates lunch when they aren’t in court?
        Oh that first line sounded LOL

        • No they do not get LUNCH in AZ……….when she was in court she would split her breakfast in half…. not sure how you split an apple and 2oz of peanut butter and a piece of bread…..

          Yes I might be able to swing going to AZ with you ….. there is a super nice hotel down the street from the court house… Crown Plaza…

          • I still think that Sheriff Joe is lying about feeding the inmates 2600 calories a day. I doubt they’re getting half of that.

            • another thing he does is if an inmate is “difficult” they just get bread and water. There are other organizations looking into that already.

              • I thought WTF! when I saw the loaf of bread and him saying that! I didn’t know they still allowed this to go on…years ago, they did throw them in a hole and give them bread and water. Can they still do this?

    • I would love to get Jodi a magazine subscription if someone can find out a list of which ones she would want. Also, couldn’t birthday cards be sent to her mom and maybe when she goes to visit her she could at least show them to her.

  37. Ok here are just a few things bugging me

    Why can’t Jodi do interviews? Someone needs to talk for her, there is a mob speaking out for TA. How dare that reporter ask that.

    Why cant people see Jodi as their daughter? If they can see Travis as everyone’s son, really we are all one big family, and there is a 50/50 chance a family member could be the murderer or the dead one. So how come people cannot look at this for what it is a totally travisty that happens a lot between in domestic relationships. It doesn’t make her evil, it makes society sick and we need to fix something that is very wrong with how we treat one another.

    And these jurors need to be placed behind some kind of box where no one can see them and they cannot see the families actions day in and day out. We have a big problem these days we better fix it fast :

    And a higher court needs to come in and remove this Judge this is just disgusting.

    • Believe me, had I known Jodi before this trial, I would have jumped at the chance to testify on her behalf as a character witness.

      • you and me both. Frank…. To bad DV survivors couldnt testify……….. she would have a huge line…. and I am not afraid of JUAN….

    • BIG BAD WOLF Sheriff JOE said NO more interviews….. and personally right now I don’t think she should be doing any interviews…. she still has the sentencing phase in two months, and appeals… don’t dig a ditch if you don’t need too… ( get my dirft) … Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and in this case we need ACTION..

      I totally agree about the JUDGE…….seriously give her a tissue…. and call her therapist.

      As Jodi stated in one of her interviews, she has support from around the world….. We are only looking at HLN and a few hater sites…. We really don’t know what support she has ….. or where it’s coming from.

      Personally I think in DP cases professional jurors should be hired……….. then we wouldn’t have these issues. Just wait until tomorrow of this weekend when they start talking. Then its going to get interesting.

      • HEy my Juan der ful favorite man,
        Do you know how this next phase will go?
        I know a new jury is seated but what do they use to base their opinion on. They didn’t hear 4 months worth of testimony. I heard they will have a smaller condensed trial. But what evidence will go in and what will not because remember this jury is not suppose to know about the case. I think a condensed trial might be alright for the average 2 to 7 day trial but NOT a 4 plus month trial. I think this whole next phase is nuts. She should have a total NEW trial.

        • Hey Jennifer,

          Not sure what’s going to happen in this next phase on July 18th… I think we will know more on June 20th. It’s going to be a cliffnote type for the jurors….. personally I don’t believe in this part, and don’t know how in the fk you can ask 12 jurors that didn’t sit through the trial to determine if she should get life or death…

          I read last night this could take months… but it’s AZ so who the fk knows. I also thought i read that if it’s moved to another location she would get a different judge…. but not certain on that part.

          this case should be thrown out…. CORRUPT …. and a whimpie judge who almost lost it on the stand today. For petes sakes……… how the fk did she become a judge?

          • I think so too. I don’t know how they got a jury in that area who NEVER heard of Jodi. I don’t live in AZ but I see that it is all over there. The papers, the news channels, late night tv, all over. How can a person live there and NOT know something about it. I still think that Jeff should just go to the call for duty and say Jodi WHOOO.

            • LOL don’t think Jeff will be on this juror…. I believe it’s for another trial.. Seems to be a lot of crime in Phoenix…. It’s ashame, bc Scottdales use to be one of my fav places to visit …. love the weather in AZ… but after this fk-ed trial I will never visit that state again… Hell No………

              • LOL. I have never been to hot for my blood. I like the cool weather and hate the summers here also too hot. But since I am not working right now I was thinking about going out for the next phase. I don’t have a lot of money right now so I thought maybe several of us could meet up there and maybe rent a couple bedroom suite and all bunk in the same suite. Like a big sleep over. LOL Imagine all the “missions” that could be completed with all of us together. LOL

                • I cant tell..LOL No I am in Iowa, and no not the place where they grow potatoes that is Idaho (lol yes I just said I da hoe) lol That is a joke that people say when they ask where I am from.

                • Cool……….. your like 8 hours north of me…….. Been to Iowa once for a confernce and said I would never return………farm land, and nothing around us…. !!

              • The jury pools are large so the odds that I would even be selected for the Arias trial are slim. Timing is also an issue. I am called on July 1, but am going to extend for 60 or 90 days. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jodi’s retrial (if there is one) to be delayed too.

                I’ll say that if by some strange thing I am called when they select Jodi’s new jury would be an act of God and I’ll have to pay attention to that.

    • YEA! He did a total 180. The other day he said he had an open door policy and any convict in the jail could give an interview at any time. he said he had nothing to hide. now he has suddenly said no more interviews. That is so confusing to me. mabey ,just mabey he is thinking of her as far as future trials go, and he doesn’t want her to say anything that could be held against her? Or mabey he is just a jerk IDK!

      • I think there is some suggestion that Joe Arpaio may have been a somewhat unlikely ally of Jodi’s.

        Don’t quote me on this, but there are some puzzling data points!

        • sheriff joe did not say one bad word about jodi. pretty much the opposite.
          i didn’t really expect that. he was very respectful re: jodi.
          i gained some new respect for him.

  38. All Female Death Row Inmates – Non Contact Visitation by appointment only. Please refer to DO 911.08, 1.3.

    All units at ASPC-Perryville utilize inmate workers in a variety of jobs that are needed to assist in the functioning and operation of the facility. Arizona Law requires that all able bodied inmates work. The pay scale for most institutional jobs ranges between 10 cents and 50 cents per hour. The majority of jobs are to be found in the following areas: kitchen work, grounds keeping, maintenance, building porters/janitors, clerks, and recreation aides.

    female inmates on Death Row are classified as maximum custody. All inmates are single cells which are equipped with a toilet, sink, bed and mattress. Each Death Row inmate has no contact with any other inmate. Out-of-cell time is limited to outdoor exercise in a secured area, two hours a day, three times a week, and a shower, three times a week. All meals are delivered by correction officers at the cell front. Limited non-contact visitation is available. Death Row inmates may place two ten minute telephone calls per week. Personal property is limited to hygiene items, two appliances, two books and writing materials, which can be purchased from the inmate commissary. Health care is provided at the Health Unit; medication is passed out at the cell front. Clergy contacts are provided at the cell.

  39. No plea deal for Jodi please. There is no way she should lose her right to appeal. The bogus M1 verdict will be thrown out on appeal. Please Jodi do not accept a plea deal.

    • Strongly Agree Mary! That’s what I’ve thought all along. Personally, ‘I see her crime and think she has done her time’.

  40. Jodi never had an impartial jury. According to the studies on “death penalty jurors”:

    “capital juries are unrepresentative of the community at large, predisposed to support the prosecution, and predisposed to convict persons brought before the court. The process of death qualification creates a second source of bias: Prolonged exposure to discussion of the penalty at the outset of jury qualification suggests that the defendant’s guilt is presumed by the attorneys and judge, increases the acceptability of pro-death penalty attitudes, and has been shown to in crease both the likelihood that jurors will convict and their willingness to vote for the death penalty”

    Maybe this could help Jodi in appeal. If they had not been “death Penalty” jurors, they would most likely have gone with a lessor charge.

    They tend to be Haters to begin with – like Nancy G. – she obviously never got over her hate & vengeance. She also isn’t wearing a wedding ring – surprise? Heard she got pregnant to get her man. If you read her Wiki page – she was thrown out of court twice by judges for her mouth – no wonder she’s not a prosecutor anymore. Also has had a few lawsuits against her.

    • Jan,

      I also noticed that she hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring… Noticed that when she was at the children’s musuem in AZ, can’t blame the husband…. she is forever bringing up the murder of her ex fiance/ bf that was 20-30 years ago.

      • Isnt funny how close together names and what they are are?
        Like Mormons are MORONS
        And the Prosecutor in this case is a PROSTITUTE.

      • I’ve often wondered what kind of a weirdo her husband must be that he was capable of “falling in love” with this psychopath. Can you imagine trying to have a civilized discussion with this soulless creature from hell?

        • regarding NG’s husband, see the wikipedia bio. She announced on her tv show she was pregnant and even gave her due date. She gave birth fully 2 months before the alleged “due date”. She got married only after she was pregnant. And all of that crap about her killed fiance is debunked in the wikipedia bio also. She has also been formally sanctioned more than once. Also, Law and Order had a regular character: a crazy demented tv attorney, and they were clearly mocking her all along.

    • ppl like Disgrace think u sit on a dp jury, that if m1 u give the dp.
      she’s an IDIOT. that is NOT how the works.
      she loved the jury, but now… can’t have it both ways ms. Disgrace!

  41. Hi all those bloodthirsty rabid dogs at hln need to take a pill
    Or deepbreathing or a timeout. If not they should be charged
    With inciting hatred their actions would be illegal if used against
    A group.of. People. Anyways hln is.not about justice they’re about
    The money and ratings . Also I think a boycott of Arizona. As a tourist
    Destination wouldn’t be out of line.
    Thanks mb. Team Jodi and all keep on.keeping on!!!
    Jvm NG VP are smelly peice of shiite

    • “On March 27, Amnesty International released its annual survey on the use of capital punishment worldwide, titled Death Sentences and Executions 2011. The report illustrated that the use of the death penalty has continued to decline around the world. At the end of 2011, there were 140 countries considered abolitionist in law or practice, while only 20 countries were known to have put prisoners to death in 2011. The United States was the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE or among the G8 nations to carry out executions, and was the fifth country in terms of known executions carried out in the world, behind China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.”

      Death Sentences and Executions in 2011, Amnesty International, March 2012

  42. OK, I just found something stunning to me – this might be worthy of a separate article post by the moderator:

    Between 2004 and 2009, here are the counties with the most death sentences imposed:

    1. Maricopa, Arizona 38
    2. Los Angeles, California 33
    3. Harris, Texas 21
    4. Oklahoma, Oklahoma 18
    5. Jefferson, Alabama 16
    6. Riverside, California 15
    7. Orange, California 14
    8. Duval, Florida 13

    Source – see page 281:

  43. “Less than 1% of all homicides result in a death sentence and execution, which means that only a tiny section of families of murder victims receive whatever benefit is associated with executing the perpetrator. Additionally, which defendants are sentenced to death and which receive life without parole is often a result of a combination of luck, geography, racial elements, and the resources available to the defendant. What’s more, a prosecutor advocating for the death penalty is not necessarily doing so according to the victim’s family’s wishes, or even their consent.

    There is no consensus that executing the perpetrator brings closure to the victim’s family. In fact, death penalty cases generally result in numerous, prolonged appeals, causing the victim’s family to relive the event over and over before a final judgment is reached……”

    “Many countries are able to preserve social order and maintain public confidence without using the death penalty, such as Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Also, these countries generally have lower murder rates than does the United States.

    In fact, the U.S. is in some very disreputable company with regard to retention of the death penalty. Other countries that still use capital punishment include Afghanistan, Burundi, China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, and Uganda. (Amnesty International, “Abolitionists & Retentionist Countries.”) Many of these countries are far from models for social order, and some are known for committing human rights abuses against their citizens and neighboring countries.

    Some may say that countries without the death penalty are fundamentally different from the United States in terms of values and crime rates. However, many American states do not have the death penalty, including Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. In fact, these states generally have lower murder rates than do states with the death penalty. (The Death Penalty Information Center, “Understanding Capital Punishment: A Guide Through the Death Penalty Debate.”) ”

  44. Ok all. I must get some rest. A few hours sleep anyways. I leave you with this great quote by Napoleon Hill.

    “Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”

    Keep up the good fight and I’ll see you all soon.

  45. AA and any other legal buffs here.

    I did find a case in Maricopa county where the jury hung on the penalty phase and a retrial was conducted. It is the case of Stephen Davis Reeves. Initial hung jury was in Jan 2010, final judgement after penalty phase retrial was in May 2011. The record is rather long and I’m weeding through it to try figure out what they did in the retrial. The direct appeal is currently active and I haven’t been able to find the briefs yet, but will keep digging.

    So this won’t be a first. (BTW the law for this was written as a result of Ring v. Arizona in 2002).

    • Al,

      In Maricopa County, AZ where the jury hung on the penalty phase and a retrial was conducted. Three out of the last five have been sentenced to the DP@ retrial. (seen on TV yesterday).

      But remember 85% of Maricopa County, AZ DP cases are overturned on appeal – something is rotten in Maricopa County, AZ.

  46. AMEN. I see there was at least 1 smart, honest, compassionate Juror. Can someone explain to me in detail what happens now? How do they find 12 new people? Where? After that, These people have to know the details about the trial etc. Right?

    One Last thing;
    Dear Sweet Literal Jodi,
    No more interviews, unless you are crying and grateful. I don’t know honey, just know there was at least one brave person on your Jury that did not believe you deserved the DP. This leads me to believe that at least 1 juror probably wanted to find you Not guilty, perhaps they were afraid or bullied. Oj, lets pray they come forward.
    Hang in there, Team Jodi.

    Dear SJ,
    Yay (y) yay yay yay. hugs to all

  47. I’m praying for a juror to come out and just tell the truth: this jury was tainted and biased. Any allegations of bullying would also be nice. The alternate juror who left that note on Travis’ FB page…the page she’d never seen before…the page a “friend” told her about…lady please! They must think we’re all riding on the same short bus.

    HLN knew they were watching their channel, that’s why they pumped their coverage up. I don’t remember this much coverage during Casey’s trial. I definitely don’t remember any of that HLN after dark or Dr. Drew jurors crap.

    It should be mandatory for a jury to be sequestered in a DP case. I believe that is the only reason CA is free today.

    • u r SOooo RIGHT. for ANY chance of a fair trial for serious criminal charges, a citizen of the USA should have jury sequestered. we here KNOW that. esp. now as digital media continues to bloom.

      we’ve witnessed how a state, prosecution, justice system,, stack the deck against the accused. often for their own career gain, paid for by others (taxpayers). god forbid they saved that $ and used if for jobless or the poor. no, they flush it down the toilet.

      this being jodi 1st offense, her proven abuse (proven to me anyway, JUST hearing the phone call!), her age at time of incident… at very least DA should have gone with a plea deal of 20/25 to life minus time served. seems jodi has been a good inmate. she does her time, grows further while in prison, released in her 50’s.
      she is NOT a multiple killer, etc. she obviously can contribute to society.

      people who act holier than thou should learn the word COMPASSION.

      • Hi Frank. I’m not sure if you watch HLN, but Jose Baez was on last night and he said the exact same thing. Defendants have the right to a sequestered jury especially in a DP case. He also mentioned the social media age. People can literally drive others to suicide by the bullying that occurs online. People feel they can say whatever they want, gang up on you, stalk you, call your boss and call your neighbors because your information is on the Internet. There is no reason a juror should feel threatened or have to move because of their opinion.

        Vinnie Politan tried to act as though he was shocked Jose would say that and went on a spit-filled tangent. Jose just doesn’t want jurors to feel pressured to make a decision based on HLN or crazy cat ladies with poster board signs and no lives of their own.

  48. And the excuses for Travis’ filthy mouth and black heart: “Well who hasn’t said nasty things?” These are the same morons who probably allow their children to behave like little terrorists in school or participate in workplace bullying.

    I especially love the women who openly admit their husbands speak to them in a similar fashion.

    • i ain’t a saint by any means, but i never thought about a 12 yr. girl having her 1st orgasm.
      i never raped anyone nor joked about it.
      i never pretended to tow any religious line then do the opposite behind doors.

      if TA treated jodi with just a little respect, bet he’d be alive today. haters are wrong to blame jodi for HIS transgressions. they r wrong to sat JODI manipulated TA.
      the opposite was true. a “motivational speaker” is pretty much a salesman. that’s ok, just don’t be a hypocrite. try ur best to treat a lover, spouse with some respect. the world will b just a lil bit better.

  49. Good morning everyone. OK I see Al is awake now. I heard last night that it wasn’t up to JM rather they do another trial or not (not the whole trial just this part) There was a great debate over rather they should just give her life or spend more $$$ on it. The defence will file a motion to have a change of venue and they will win it.
    So since JM will still handle it will JW and KN still be her lawyers or can they now be let go?
    So lets say the state decides to just go with life that would not hurt Jodi’s chances for appeals would it?

    Oh did anyone hear that Donavin called into NG last night and the bitch cute her off when she was saying that JA family wasn’t called.

    Dr. D even told the family to go home and let things cool off. Don’t get me wrong I do not like the man one bit and was having way to much fun watching all of them last night. But he did say that they would not find peace withthe DP.

    So it was in away a small victory for the defense and Jodi. Got to love the small smile on Jen’s faces. Only wish I could have seen KN’s. The best of all was JM’s..OMG way too funny

    So we shell see what the state of AZ decides to do. I’m not sure what was up with the Judge does anyone know how this will effect her? I hope the jury does not speak until after this is over with. Hopefully they will get some rest and then start reading what they missed the last five months..(wink wink)

    Can’t wait to hear how CH hughes spins this. I’d. be very careful if I were him..inquiry mines want to know….

    • Hey Big Sister.

      In answer to your JW/KN staying question.

      “Defense attorney Willmott told The Arizona Republic that despite rumors, she and Nurmi intend to stay on the case if the penalty stage is retried.”

  50. I know this isn’t the victory we originally wanted but it’s a victory nonetheless. A lesser verdict would have been better but we will take what we can get. I know very little about the intricacies of the legal system except for what I see on Law and Order CI but to me the fact that this jury could not agree on death gives me hope that at least 4 of them didn’t really buy the M1 verdict. That they were coerced by the other rabid members as well as the circus-like atmosphere surrounding the whole trial so they went ‘with the flow’ but finally balked, thankfully!! When you have an overtly bias judge blatantly kissing prosecution ass and being overcome with emotion when reading a non-death sentence then something’s fishy in Denmark. So I hope the stories start pouring out and a mistrial is declared. Also may the prosecutor JM retreat into the desert with his family of iguanas, may judge Pickles check herself into Drew’s rehab, may NG be kept heavily medicated for the rest if her life to protect the public, may a restraining order against JVM be issued to everyone in the US, and may the family of TA win the lottery so they can move on with their pathetic hate-filled lives. And may Jodi be set free at some point in the not too distant future!!

  51. Just saw the jury foreman on GMA… They said there were several jurors holding out not just in the penalty phase. She -definitely- shouldn’t have been convicted on Murder 1 if that’s the case!!!

  52. OMG. I just watched the interview she did the other day with the guy from ABC (Ryan something?), what a dick. He can go fuck himself now.

        • yes! that was sorta funny. glad she called him on it too.
          the haters can’t believe when she has a quick quip. that’s when they say there something wrong with her. p
          i like when she turns the tables on them. she’s trying to control the little she can and is defending herself (again!).

    • He is such a f’in ASSHOLE asking Jodi
      “Would you kill you?”
      I just added him to my list of
      “There’s a special place in hell…..”

      Seriously talk about beyond SMUG &

  53. The talking haters pity TA sibs… did u see how they stared down the jury?!
    geez, show a LITTLE class. they r so upset cos they didn’t agree with killing a person. they need to check their morals.
    i heard a friend of TA even bringing god into it!?
    oh, what? he feels that god would want to kill jodi? really?

    warped, very warped…

  54. Sherriff Joe may be doing her a favor regarding the no interviews. also, at least she wont be housed OUTSIDE as most convicted women are. Look he is a jerk, bowing to pressure. He is an elected official. However, right now, IMO Jodi needs to be protected from any crazy coming into that jail. It is not prison y’all. I am concerned that some crazy will come in and kill or maim her for fame. Bless you JA. Peace all. A victory. Hung jury, Hang on Jodi!

  55. The Alexander family’s first Facebook posts were requesting MONEY. HELLO Jury, do you see them making a buck off his death. They fake cried, they didn’t even like him. This is what the JURY will see all you haters. The greed of the Alexander family and Chris and Sky Hughes. GREED. They don’t give a crap about him. They wanted her dead so they can milk this for all it is worth $$$$$ Ha Ha Juan, you lost!

  56. I saw the juror foreman on GMA. He believed Travis DID verbally and emotionally abuse jodi. He said he had a strong belief he abused her, but her 18 days on the stand hurt her. He also said there were a few jurors holding out not just one or two. He said her stories were contradictory on the stand and didnt help. He also says Juan Martinez style is very aggressive and he wouldn’t have wanted to be up there answering his questions. He said Travis abuse didnt justify the murder but he didn’t discuss how they came to 1st degree guilt verdict.

    • Juan kept her up there so long because he was getting his rocks off talking about sex!! I thought Jodi did a stellar job on the stand despite Juan’s nasty nature. I want to know how they came to M1 too when it was so obviously not. Maybe TA’s abuse didn’t but his attack on her that day did!!

      • Yes and some of it was how Juan worded questions. He played alot of dirty games. He would ask it with precise words to make her look like a liar and I guess it worked.

    • That juror didn’t watch the same trial I did. Jodi didn’t “contradict” herself. The juror is lying because his mind was made up from the get-go.

    • You don’t as a juror reach a verdict this serious because of non-existent “contradictory” statements. There was NO proof of premed.

      By the way, the issue isn’t whether Travis deserved what he got–it was a life or death struggle in that house, and Travis ended up dead.

      It could have just as easily been Jodi, and we would still be treated to more of the Alexander’s antics.

      Only difference is the media wouldn’t have cared because a MAN would be on trial for murder, not a woman.

    • The asshole juror was talking the police interview, because she didn’t contradict herself on the stand.

      He’s a moron, just like the rest of that jury.

      I hold them all in contempt for having rendering a stupid guilty verdict in the first place.

        • I agree. I am impressed they held on to NO Death, No more. I am sad however, if they believed he abused her in ANY capacity, why nor Manslaughter? But I don’t want us bashing the Jury, The TA supporters are doing that. We are better than them!

      • I agree… he said it just did not add up…looking at Jodi and the crime just did not ” wash”. His was a hold out and being the foreman brought 3 others with him or helped them not give into the other eight. I am glad he was the foreperson and not one of the woman who most likely wanted the DP.

  57. The good thing is that they didn’t believe her story – but the evidence shows everything she said was true.

    I was worried they believed everything she said, but concluded it was somehow murder anyway.

    I just hope some of the jurors read my site in the aftermath, and come to change their minds… that would be really great.

    I don’t blame them too much – the Walmart testimony would be very hard for them to figure out for example. Practically impossible, we have google, research tools.

    Still, Nurmi made a powerful closing argument,. But they didn’t buy it.
    Nothing about the gunshot testimony in there.

    Well, it’s complicated!

    • Of course they didn’t believe her story because they were watching the media accounts.

      They rendered a chickenshit Murder One verdict on the basis of NO evidence but as a result of fear of death threats. But when it came to handing down a sentence, they chickenshitted again to wash themselves out of the mess they rendered.

      How more clear can it get?

    • There weren’t any, only the police tape, and the only reason for that is because they watched the media accounts beforehand.

  58. My one regret – if I could have figured out Walmart before Amanda Webb testified, and got that to the defense team…. could that have made the difference?? Well, just possibly. Who knows.

    • I think it’s the way Juan Martinez worded things and jodi was really nervous so she would answer questions and add details. When she would add details Juan Martinez would literally POUNCE on the opportunity. It was horrible to see him ask questions and if you’re not a critical thinker and analyzer I can see how his “presentation” may have made her look like a liar. Plus he manipulated so much information like the Walmart receipts and her bank statement info/rental car charge. Unless you know and have used those sights and understand that Walmart isn’t always 100% accurate about their books you would fall for it.

      • Just the fact that the Walmart “expert” did a manual search of returns – what? And anyone who has returned something to Walmart has seen the pile of stuff in total disarray at the customer service desk. Additionally JM continuing to call the Kerosene can a gas can shows he was not telling the truth and didn’t care about the truth – he only cared that the truth could be and was suppressed and that his lies swayed the jury.

        • If I’m not mistaken aren’t petrol and kerosene cans differently coloured from each other so that they can be easier to distinguish which is which. Could someone please help me with this—-since it would stand to reason why JODI would have return it and it showed it being a kerosene can—-since she wouldn’t have been able to transport petrol in it.

          • I believe Kerosene cans are blue and gasoline cans are red so that a person would not mistakenly use the wrong fuel in an engine. If Jodi did have a blue kerosene can and was filling it at a gas station (along with her red gas cans) one would think that someone at a nearby pump would notice (someone with three fuel cans – and Jodi being a very attractive young woman she would be noticed) and would have said something to her.

  59. Open note to Dr. Drew:

    Hey doc thought you wanted to interview some of Jodi’s many supporters. Well here we are but I didn’t see a segment on your show – why? And I am sure you and all of your “behavior bureau” watched Jodi’s interviews and heard that she receives so much mail from supporters from around the world that the pile of mail was actually considered a fire hazard … hmmm. And it has been posted here that sometimes she has so much mail that some mail is “returned to sender” because she is over the jail’s limit on mail …hmmmm.

    Well I guess we will see if you follow through but I doubt anyone with integrity would agree to be on your farcical show. You really should (actually all HLN shows should) have one of those messages on screen about how the show is fiction and not based on any real events and any similarities in names is coincidental.

    • I saw heard doc say that too. My thoughts throughout this entire trial were that HLN NEVER questioned or interviewed one JODI SUPPORTER. If you recall during the CA trial they had people outside the court pretty well divided into the haters and supporters.

    • He won’t the little pinhead.

      Someone may actually tell the truth an d put an end to his prurient bucket of salacious nonsense.

  60. I posted this on my website. I generally maintain more division in my writing (personal vs. business), but I entered this as a comment (by me) in our charity section.

    NJS Says:
    Three Cheers for the Nurmi/Wilmott & Arias Team.
    And to Alyce LaViolette.
    Mr. Martinez seemed to turn his cross examination of this witness into a platform for personal persecution.
    As an American, I’m relieved that JA’s jury was Hung-(-despite all the media hype and Alexander family handwringing). Under the sixth amendment, we are entitled to certain rights—and, Wow, this was an expensive “little” fiasco. Thanks, Arizona.
    Kudos to the four individuals on that jury who had the integrity to ’stand their ground’ during the deliberation process.
    If I want to witness EXCESSIVE melodrama I’ll tune into a Latin soap opera (the acting is better).
    Mr. Martinez…..perhaps if this ‘Prosecutor’ role doesn’t work out for you (especially after the State does a fiscal assessment of your performance vs. cost)— I believe that I see a future for you on Univision……(and just think of the autographs you’ll be asked to sign….)
    In the meantime–I’ll let you know when MY ‘Survivor’ tee shirt arrives. I ordered white in a Medium.
    A cause to crusade against Domestic Violence is well merited Regardless of what the reader chooses to believe about Arizona v. Arias.
    Perhaps the Alexander family should buy a Dozen ($15 a pop, no shipping) with some of THEIR accumulated ‘Travis Alexander’ donation funds. I presume that a trustee is accounting for those charitable contributions received to date?

    • NJS, Please don’t give that shit-bag Martinez any ideas about being on anything other than Sheriff Joe’s chain-gang himself—-and with a partner named BIG BUBBA—for certain assets he has! 🙂

      • Duke–I do hear you.

        Frankly, Juan isn’t about to get anywhere with me or through me.

        He’d also NEVER seriously go on Univision as an actor—it was actually an insult to what he perceives to be his professional style and legal mind.

        Independently, I volunteer for a cause called Runway for Japan–models and designers (also in L.A. and New York City) to promote charity. At this point we have focused on the Tohoku earthquake of March 11 (two years ago)—–In this case, that point is irrelevant, however, I have purchased a ‘Survivors’ tee shirt and anticipate buying several more for friends in Tokyo. My primary work is as a stylist for television and movies.

        I also sell high line designer goods (Hermes, Chanel, Vuitton, etc)—so—as we collectively did with ‘Runway For Japan,’ I would love to increase awareness to both Jodi’s case and the Cause that she is affliated with…..Frankly, there is a high instance of domestic abuse worldwide.

        It couldn’t hurt to illustrate a POSITIVE international backdrop of interest in Jodi’s cause from the ‘right’ people. (it is a bit like product placement)

        I am not a rogue vigilante, Duke (I promise). I don’t work alone— and my commitment to Jodi, The Arias family (as well as all that they have suffered at the hands of ‘THE PROSECUTOR,’) and the dedicated individuals (including you) that I’ve met on THIS support site who have upheld Jodi’s innocence will/do take precedence to anything I would do privately. That is Not my purpose. If I can be of help, I will wait to be asked.

        That said, I would like to see more positive ‘press’ (from multiple sources) about the GOOD ideas/contributions that Jodi has presented (and continues to do) as the State of Arizona contemplates their next move in the Penalty phase.

        (^0^) Jodi–my thoughts and prayers are with you.

        • Norma I didn’t seriously think nor feel that you were suggesting in any way whatsoever that JM had talent—only that JM doesn’t go on Univision and stink it up like he does when he enters a room and opens his mouth!!!!!! 🙂 Please forgive me if I offended you.

          • Hey Duke–No Offense taken. (truly, and thank you)

            We are on the same Team HERE.

            I think we are all relieved (somewhat) by yesterday’s verdict (or lack of one).

            It must be Absolute Hell for Jodi to have faced this ALONE in the courtroom without her friend Donovan, without her mother, family…..WITH ALL the Alexanders and their supporters that they could possibly scrape up in that gallery. Seriously?

            ….I feel a need to DO more. That said….I’ll order MORE tee shirts. sigh.

            Kudos to Nurmi and Willmott! What a strategic WIN for Jodi (–and Jennifer’s end game smile was genuine and warm)—that green/gray Look on JM’s face was Priceless. Hey Juan, you Lost your verdict—and a whole wad of cash for your County/State (…..and I’m sure that he’s aware that it didn’t help his swaggering reputation either).

            Hang in there Jodi! (^0^)

            • Hey Norma I do think Kermit could find a job as a balloon -blower when places run out of helium!! Will you inflate? YES or NO!!!!! Judge mommy make the balloons inflate for me!!!!! 🙂

    • Yes, they believed it was “just another question”. Sandy is very upset they were not there for Jodi and “would never abandon her daughter at a time like this”. This is according to an interview I saw of Donavan last night. I did see footage of Sandy getting out of a car and just hope she was going to visit Jodi. But I have no confirmation of visit. Isn’t this just classic for this kangaroo kourt that Judge could not wait for Jodi’s family. I know I can hear all the kangaroo’s out there complaining but no disrespect intended.

    • What I have pieced together from previous poster: They were told not to come to the courtroom, that it was a jury question…not a verdict. Very disturbing to me why they were not informed correctly or why they didn’t wait on them…time will tell and more information will come out

  61. I really hope Jodi will fight on with her head held high. She is innocent, and the truth matters. She should insist on the truth. It would be a tragedy is she settled for life in prison.

    Besides her personal accomplishments, if she can be acquitted of all charges, it would shine a light on so many things that are wrong – the Maricopa County Attorney’s office, the lies, HLN, the DP, prison conditions, DV, everything. I hope she fully realises what an inspiring leadership figure she can be, and how much she can accomplish.

  62. I was on Twitter and AZ central video taped the jurors getting on the bus. I thought the court sealed their names. Is this illegal? And BTW way to go Maricopa County protecting jurors identities.

    Hypothetically speaking lets say the would’ve come back with a 2nd degree or manslaughter verdict do you think the crazy pitchfork holders wouldn’t harrass these people?

    Is it just me or isn’t this a violation of people’s rights: jurors and jodi arias??? I’m yelling someone hear me!!!!!
    Here’s the link

  63. Reported that jury foreman DID believe Jodi was abused mentally and verbally by TA. At least abuse was not discounted but felt for the TA family hence many of them could not reach a decision. He did not say how he voted.

    JM not considering a plea out of respect for TA family. I am aghast that this family can drive this to the extent they have, using the state of AZ to seek their revenge.

    • These people are fucked in the head.

      You don’t render a first-degree murder verdict because you feel sorry for the family, who was never close to Travis to begin with.

      Another reason that family shouldn’t even have been allowed in the courtroom because of their antics.

      • He didnt talk about the guilt verdict. The juror foreman only talked about the penalty verdict. He didnt discuss what led them to 1st degree murder. We have to wait to see if he or other jurors discuss the guilt verdict later.

        • You don’t reach a decision on the basis of the family’s feelings, especially a family that never even knew Jodi Arias and wasn’t close to their brother.

          • He said it was very hard for them to reach a decision after listening to the victim impact statements. I think it became more real for him that they suffered a loss. He was referring to the penalty phase and if they should discount it then why allow the family to make victim impact statements?

          • Yes! The defense must get into that line of questioning if Jodi gets back on the stand. Ask questions about TA’s relationship with them, explain certain references in her journal that she wrote about how she wished family was more important to TA, how often (never!) they visited him or he visited them. And the defense team can show that out of the 80,000 thousand emails there were ____ from/to family.

            • I read somewhere that the TA family was NEVER close, and that in fact they were sick of him always asking them for money. How ironic that they are soaking the gullible public for every cent they can get. TA was always asking his girlfriends for loans/money also. Including Jodi. He was a real con artist. “Motivational speaker” my arse. Flim-Flam more like it.

        • Yes, thanks for clarifying that. I want to hear how the jurors came up with guilt of pre-med M1 and extreme cruelty. How on earth, if they felt there was abuse, they could come up with guilty on either of them. This verdict will be overturned on appeal.

          • Looks like there was a compromise among jurors in the guilty phase.

            The pitch fork carrying jurors (racist) said they wouldn’t vote for DP if you will convict on M-1 & aggravating factor’s.

            Then held out for DP … knowing the next jury could pick their pitch fork’s up & put Jodi to death.

            I think the fence sitter’s on M-1 got hoodwinked by the pitch fork carrying juror’s.

            Just my theory.

    • If abuse was not discounted, then why did they come back with an MI verdict? Couldn’t anyone in that room see through all the smoke and mirrors that the shit-wad and his pack of liars put before them and realize that the state was lying to them and that JODI was telling the truth? ]Why not speak up then? Why not say, Look the little shit-bag is trying this young lady for pre-meditated murder and demanding that we kill her to make his record look good —–when this is clearly a case of self-defense on JODI’s part…. let’s do THE RIGHT THING AND FIND HER NOT GUILTY OF ANY CRIME DUE TO SELF-DEFENSE !!! THAT’S WHAT HE FOREMAN SHOULD OF FOUGHT FOR IF< IN FACT< HE FELT THAT JODI HAD BEEN ABUSED<etc.,! Not be a lemming andfollow the rest of the lemmings off the cliff!

      • the foreman said the 18 days of Jodi on the Stent was not helping her and it was to inconsistencies in her story

        beside the 3rd gas can i didn’t see any inconsistencies

        • I don’t even know if the 3rd gas can issue was truly an inconsistency, or just not handled well by the defense. Someone just may not have cleaned up the mess there.

          See all of geebee2’s post with respect to that issue.

        • Who kept her on the stand for 18 days? The fucking shit-sag Martinez that’s who!!! He’s the one who lied ad twisted JODI’s words not her!!! How can those fuck-head jurors blame JODI—-when the entire prosecutorial goon-squad lied, hid evidence, attacked and threatened witnesses, etc., and they,…the jury, sat there that entire time and watched—yet evidently did not care—as the drone allowed this to take place every day—-and then say that JODI’s at fault for what their decision was!!!!!!!!!! Give me a fucking break!!!!! Their decision was based via their continuous watching of HLN, FB, twittering, etc. , and I wouldn’t put it past Guano trying to bribe them!!!

    • And there were still people who wanted to kill her?


      Where is the humanity in this place?

      So a guy abuses you – the jury believes that.
      She contradicts herself on the stand – How – but OK, and they understand that that could happen to a person under the rabid attack of that chihuahua – so far so good.

      Then they find her guilty of M1 and some want to kill her.

      Seems to me the aggravation was on the part of TA and JM, or am I just nuts?

      What a bunch of sick, perverted, mental dwarves. They ought to take JM and go hang out with Snow White in her little shack.

      • It was the goriness of the crime that the media and Juan Martinez kept playing up. My coworker parroted the “27 stab wound gunshot to the head” yesterday. He doesn’t understand why she did that but my point is playing it over and over is shocking for people. The defense needed other experts with medical examiners and discussed the wounds from a defensive perspective and they didn’t.

        • So true!! Me and my daughter have tried searching for some type of scholarly report on patterns of crime. I havent been successful, although every case that I have come across where there is an overkill has been in DV cases. Premeditation cases like Diane Downs and Susan Smith, although drowing your children while alive is heinous of course, it isn’t an overkill like the women who stabbed her husband 200 times. And in each of those two cases there was motive and a personal gain. I do not see any gain for Jodi. And lastly I might add, if, let us just say Jodi does have borderline personality it is said by experts that these people are not violent to others, its misconception they are cutters, they are suicidal, they difficult and needy, but not violent to others.

  64. Boy these jurors are going to feel the hung out to dry by NG and JVM. They better watch their backs. What is so screwed up here is how and the hell did they come back with the M1. Unbelievable!

  65. Woke up this morning a few degrees happier because of yesterdays events. However I must say to the jurors who held out against the death penalty—where the fuck were your damned brains at during the rest of the goddamned trial you morons! Why did you not see through all of the bullshit that the shit-spewing dirt-bag Martinez was screeching and yelling into your feeble minds before you came back with that totally asinine verdict of M!? Thank you for hanging the jury but no thanks for convicting a totally innocent person! Oh, BTW, JM got DPeed —and I don’t mean Death Penalty!!!!!!!

  66. The main thing in the DP re-trial is NO CAMERAS!

    They should take that to the highest court they can find if necessary, and I think they will win.

    I also think a lot of the gas can nonsense can be put fully to bed, because not much made it through to closing arguments. Is that right? Well, we will see.

      • One of my favorites for sure, along with about 400 other songs.

        My son and I once tried to make a list of our favorite GD tunes. We finally decided it was any tune that had: