Ten Kinds of Unfairness in the Jodi Arias Trial

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Check out the detailed document below, kindly provided to me by Chris.

We all know Jodi’s trial was no more than a judicial farce and a state circus. This is a good summary of how & why…

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Intimidation of defense.   Defense counsel, expert witnesses, and prospective character witnesses all received death threats, other threats, or actual injuries which affected their behavior.  For example, domestic-violence expert Alyce LaViolette, during her testimony, was treated in hospital for anxiety.  At the same time, there was a national campaign to ruin her reputation by posting bad reviews of her books and by pressing organizations to cancel speaking engagements.  The judge took no effective action to protect the defense from any of these acts, which are state, and arguably federal, crimes.

Due process I:  essential elements.   Arias was charged with first-degree murder on two alternate theories:  premeditation and felony murder.  Yet the felony in question was never definitely specified, even in the state’s closing argument.  At midtrial, and briefly in closing, the state said it was second-degree burglary with intent to assault.  More often in closing, the state said it was second-degree burglary with intent to steal a gun.  It should be viewed as a Sixth-Amendment violation for a defendant not to know the details of the charges against her – the essential elements of the crime — until rebuttal by evidence is no longer possible.

Due process II:  guilt via state falsehood.   In closing, the state invited the jury to convict Arias of felony murder based on this second-degree burglary of unlawfully remaining in Travis Alexander’s house with the intent to steal his gun.  Yet the state, in attacking Arias’ self-defense story, had argued vigorously that Alexander owned no gun.   Rather, a mainstay of its case for premeditation was to accuse Arias of stealing her grandfather’s gun a week before.  Thus, the jury was invited to convict her of a crime by finding that one of the state’s own main assertions was false beyond reasonable doubt.   That is likewise inconsistent with due process.

Irrational verdict I:  felony murder.   In the end, seven jurors voted for both premeditation and felony murder, though in the state’s case they were alternatives.  Apart from that, there are two reasons why these votes should have been voided.

First, the state provided exactly zero evidence for felony murder beyond the killing itself and the gun theft, which were undisputed.   In closing, the prosecutor falsely claimed that these two elements suffice for felony murder.   Rather, what is also required, on the gun-theft theory, is that Arias, in remaining, had the “objective” (the jury instructions’ gloss on ‘intent’) of stealing Alexander’s gun, and killed him in furtherance of that goal.  But there was no evidence for this, and no reasonable juror could believe it.  Obviously, Arias took away the gun to hide her role in his death; she did not kill him to get a cheap gun, for which, defense and prosecution agreed, she had sources near home, not a thousand miles away.  The judge should have simply dismissed the felony-murder charge, as the defense had asked before.

Irrational verdict II:  premeditation.   These seven jurors, at any rate, could not have rested their premeditation vote on a belief that Arias stole her grandfather’s gun.   But the remaining evidence of premeditation is very weak.  It consists of aspects of a trip that any traveler might do or suffer, amid multiple facts negating concealment.   To dye your hair, to rent a car in a different town, to ask not to have a red one, to take gas cans into the desert, to turn off (or lose power to) your cellphone there, to find your license plate upside down – all these have obvious innocent explanations.   On the other hand, as the defense noted, no one seeking to conceal her trip would borrow gas cans from a friend, visit other friends along the way, make multiple bank transactions, stop at a beauty salon, buy gas with a debit card when ample cash was at hand, or save her receipts.

On such facts, a competent, unbiased judge would void these seven jurors’ premeditation votes as unreasonable.  With both votes of the seven nullified, the verdict falls.

State perjury.  Taken together, medical examiner Kevin Horn’s autopsy report and his testimony assert an anatomical impossibility:  that the bullet passed through Alexander’s right frontal lobe, yet his dura mater (the outermost membrane covering the brain) was intact.  This is as impossible as a bullet’s piercing the heart without breaking the skin.  At trial, Horn said his dura-mater statement was a “typo.” But he did not say what it could be a typo for.  The error could not be just a missing ‘not’:  autopsy reports describe injuries; they do not merely say organs are “not intact.”  Moreover, the actual statement (p. 7) is: “The dura mater and falx cerebri are intact.”  The falx cerebri is nowhere near the alleged bullet track.

Also, at a pretrial hearing and in depositions, Detective Esteban Flores testified that, based on what Horn had told him the day before the hearing, the gunshot came first, and it did not incapacitate Alexander or did so only briefly.  This agrees with Arias’ self-defense story.  At trial, however, Horn claimed that the gunshot wound came last and had to be incapacitating.  He also claimed that he could not recall ever speaking to Flores about the case.  So, before or during trial, the state switched not just the details of its charges, but even its key facts.

It is probable that one or both of these state witnesses committed perjury.

Other prosecution misconduct.  Prosecutor Juan Martinez denied the existence of evidence, then introduced it against the defendant at trial.  He also withheld other key evidence, like the camera, from the defense.  At trial, he threw objects around the courtroom, including an exhibit (the camera).  He continually bullied defense witnesses, including experts, argued with them, cut off their answers, and distorted their testimony.  He even misdescribed his own witness’s testimony (the “bloody” handprint, which a state witness had said tested negative for blood).  Defense objections to his outrageous courtroom conduct were consistently but wrongly overruled.  In closing, he flagrantly misstated the law of felony murder (§4).

Nonsequestration of jury.   An unprecedented media campaign of hatred against Arias preceded and accompanied the trial.  One channel, HLN, devoted eight or more hours a day to mocking, vilifying, dehumanizing, and demonizing her.   HLN’s torrent of abuse and prejudice has no counterpart but Oceania’s campaign against Emmanuel Goldstein, in 1984.  Numerous hate sites also sprang up in social media.

Jurors had free access via internet to all of this prejudicial material – not just at home, but even in the courthouse itself.  The judge’s actions to avoid jury taint were clearly ineffective, since a dismissed juror admitted talking with other people about the case, though he had never said so when questioned by the judge.  A juror question also showed access to news coverage.  Even County Attorney Bill Montgomery had warned against not sequestering the jury in a case of such national prominence.

Reasonable doubt on self-defense.  LaViolette explained how the Alexander-Arias relationship resembled the abusive ones on which she is an expert, and she found Arias’ story entirely credible.   The prosecution bore the burden (in Arizona) of disproving self-defense beyond reasonable doubt.  On what basis can a juror conclude that an expert opinion is false beyond reasonable doubt?  True, the jury had other evidence besides.  But the state had earlier denied its own gunshot claims (§6), incapacitation was further rebutted by a defense brain expert, and the premeditation evidence was very weak (§5).  None of this extra evidence shows that no reasonable person could hold LaViolette’s view of Arias’ mental state, as is required to vote for conviction.

10  Governor’s statement of guilt.  To complete a perfect storm of injustice, Arizona governor Jan Brewer stated on television that Arias was guilty – during jury deliberations.

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Never question it.

Never doubt it.

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    • I agree all points made are valid it angers me that this is a mockery of justice I still say this is a self defense verdict and if I were on that jury I would have been the only hold out for self defense I still say that jury should have been sequestered because you do not need to be a genius to know they were watching tv and speaking to their families about the case how would anyone find out? so they were not fair and impartial and did not follow the letter of the law. I think Jodi needs a new trial because I do not see premeditation, and if coloring your hair is suspicious I would be right next to her in jail. If you all are going to do something on Jodi’s behalf I want in on it because she will never get a fair hearing at the second penalty phase there is too much media saturation for that to happen. This is not a death penalty case and the state should not be the “hit state” for the Alexander family enough is enough.

    • I guess I’m not the only Barbara here I have tried many times to post , I always get bumped off , I totally agree with the above statement, it makes me sick that All those statements are true ans how the prosecution got away with it all,sure there’s more that we aren’t even aware of.

    • Hi,Everyone im new here and want to get up to speed on how this trial is going i found out about this case when i watched this movie on lifetime about jodi and then looked her up and got backround information on her and saw she is very smart, and she does not take any crap from anyone but anyway i saw how mistreated she is and became a jodi supporter and woud like to be brought to speed

    • I hope that my comment will help Jodi! I was a victim of domestic violence for 6 years. It all started when my boyfriend slammed me once against the wall. I was so scared, I did not know what to do. I was only 18 at the time. He told me not to ever tell anyone, or he would kill my family. Well, he was horrible to me. He followed me everywhere, made me sit in his room and waited for me when I would leave. He cheated on me with numerous women, called and left messages threatening my life and for my family. They became afraid and did not want to talk to me. Time went on and he abused me numerous times. I went to the hospital more than 6 times. I have scars and a broken finger for life on my face, head, and hands. I had to have reconstructive surgery, leaving my once perfect face ruined for life. My head has a scar and I have to part my hair differently. I have flashbacks of it still 20 years later. I have listened to this case practically the entire thing, it brings tears to my eyes and if I was on this jury I would explain that in fear you black put, the fight or flight mechanism takes over. I wanted to fight him, but I was afraid that he would hurt me worse… Please understand that domestic violence is the worst thing imaginable. It affected my life, my future, my career, and my self esteem. I was beautiful, everyone thinks that I am the most beautiful girl still, but he ruined my face… Please, Jodi is not in any way insane. She wanted to be FREE.. Let her go.. I am here for you in my heart… Thanks

  1. Hey everyone, good morning! Have a great, relaxing Sunday.
    SJ & Chris, great document. All ten notes of unfairness were on spot. Could I please add one more? Although it is mentioned about Pickles not taking effective action to protect the defence and Kermit absolutely intimmidating the defence, if we combine the two of them together, they make the roughest tag team ever, as it was so profound that they had each others back.

    (((((((Jodi & everyone)))))))

  2. That was an excellent summary, Chris, I think it should be sent to someone.. Bill Montgommery, perhaps? The Appeal Court?

    Hi everyone!

  3. In Horn’s report, the cause of death was sharp force trauma to neck and torso. How did the gunshot wound become fatal five years later? Horn lied numerous times under oath that the gunshot was fatal and incapacitating.

    • Joyce! You’re here!

      I am glad to see you here. You’ll find people here who are actually willing to engage in intelligent conversation.

    • Took you long enough to find us, Joyce! You’ll find us to be much more reasonable than the haters on the Huffington Post. Welcome!

  4. Good Morning Team Jodi!

    When I read articles like this one I don´t know what to think or how to feel any more.Angry,pissed,upset and depressed would pretty much summarize it,I guess. Who is Chris btw? I’m drawing a blank,sorry.
    I wholeheartedly agree with Heather:this and any other research,information or findings should be saved for the future. At this point we simply cannot afford to stick around doing nothing or just commenting on all the illegalities of that trila.
    We GOTTA do something to help Jodi!!

  5. There are almost too many infractions of justice in this trial to mention. How about there was a lame ass heavily advertised Lifetime movie that aired before the penalty phase has even ended. Which, by the way, the snippets that I saw, was laughable. But to some possible AZ juror to be, might be taken seriously if they are anything like the mostly slack-jawed bunch that convicted her of M1 to begin with.

    • Haven’t posted in a while–Hi Everyone,

      I agree wholeheartedly that the ten points above should be sent to someone in Arizona’s criminal justice system who might have a shred of integrity–sorry I don’t know who that might be.

      And I believe that Lifetime movie was propaganda designed to taint a new jury pool. I watched it just to see how Jodi would be portrayed, and it was beyond even the standard Lifetime crap of B-grade actors and adolescent scripts. It was HLN style Travis-good, Jodi-bad, just made for the manipulation of stupid people who believe that the characters of “Giligan’s Island” were actually shipwrecked and kept alerting the Coast Guard (Sherwood Swartz said this occurred many times). Sorry for the reference to 1960s TV; it just illustrates how gullible some people are. Now it is the Internet that people take as gospel. This site is the only place that provides factual information and encourages intelligent discussion.

      • Got to remember suzanne that Lifetime must preach to its choir or it will not have a choir to preach to.
        That movie was made to appeal to the 91% of the people who followed this case via MSM.

      • Hi Suzanne,

        Since you mentioned that you didn’t post in awhile, I am going to give you two links. One to an Appeal Jodi’s lawyer’s filed regarding some of the 10 points mentioned, including the judge not doing her job as a judge correctly.

        Second, is a relevant petition concerning the perjury of the detective, medical examiner, and prosecutor. This involves the crime scene, etc and has been well researched. It may also give you names of who we can right to. My opinion, is whoever someone writes to make sure the Arizona Supreme Court is copied. And to really cover Jodi’s ass, copy the United States Supreme Court.

        Here are the links:
        Please read and sign this petition. Thank you. This will help out Jodi’s right to a fair trial.

        In addition, below are Appeals that went to the Supreme Court on what the above petition is based. Numerous hours of research continues to go into the truth and righting the injustices that were created.

  6. And I still believe that there is racism and bigotry involved in this case as well. You look at Travis Alexander’s friends and I can’t find one of them who isn’t a white, upper-middle-class American. Jodi is half-Mexican and she was living in a state, Arizona, that hasn’t exactly been inviting to Mexicans here or abroad. Some of the criticism of illegal aliens coming over from Mexico is legitimate based on the legal aspects, but I believe that we have to examine this issue on a case-by-case basis.

    I know from personal experience that there is a lot of hatred and fear from some white Americans in this country over the fact that the country has increasingly turned Hispanic and that within a decade the Hispanic population will be the majority in this country. I know that an increasing amount of white Americans vent their frustration on how they get tired of calling a number and a voice prompting them to “press 1 for English”.

    I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that bigotry plays a part in the hatred of Jodi Arias. There are a lot of white women that hate Jodi Arias because they see her tanned skin and that great body of hers and they are jealous. If you’ve seen most of these Travis Alexander supporters, you can understand why they are jealous. This is just my opinion, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least that this is a factor. There are a lot of white men that hate Jodi Arias because they see someone with a Hispanic surname and who is half-Mexican and do what comes natural to them.

    It reminds me of an incident that happened at a seminar a few years ago. It was hosted by a woman who is half-Chilean and the topic was about bringing Hispanic businesses to the area. This white redneck got up and started ranting about how he felt uncomfortable about it because, in his words, “how do we know that they’re not illegal?” And he proceeded to bring up stereotypical images of Mexicans and, sadly, a couple of other whites at this seminar piled on. To her credit, the speaker kept her cool although I talked with her afterwards and I said to her “I’m sorry that you had to hear that.”

    Now, someone will probably say “Yes, but what about Juan Martinez? He’s an American of Hispanic heritage. Why is he not hated?” The answer is simple: because he represents the prosecution and the bigots are at least temporarily willing to overlook his being Hispanic while the trial is going on. Deep down, these people have no love for Juan Martinez and after this trial is over, they will have nothing to do with him.

    • Yes, racism and bigotry may be involved – but the argument, it seems to me at least, gets too convoluted and is difficult if not impossible to show a direct link in this case. That said, and IMO, the institutional bias against women is much easier to lay out.

      I know its been discussed before, but I think these stats and website might be useful maybe to include somewhere in the 10 point list, perhaps under prosecutorial misconduct:

      According to the law department of Northwestern University (Illinois), women’s cases are different. Among the reasons for exoneration for women’s convictions this group says that 40% of female exonerees were victims of police or prosecutorial abuse of authority and 20% falsely confessed to the crime.

      PS: On its “assistance” page it says 2 criteria must be met: a claim of actual innocence and a minimum of 10 years remaining for a non-DNA case: so I am wondering whether Jodi would be exempt for consideration on the basis of DNA evidence alone. In any case I hope and pray she does NOT have to wait TEN WHOLE YEARS!

    • Sadly JM you are correct racism is strong in AZ. Sheriff Arpaio has been repeatedly charged with racism and was recently convicted of racial profiling by a federal judge. Yet he continues to get over 50% of support in the County. How embarrassing. Now I don’t think 50% are racist, many are just ignorant. While I love the state for its beauty and weather I am ashamed of too many of the people who live here.

      • It is frightening learning all of this since this trial, I live in AS but not in Maricopa but my son is hoping to transfer to Mesa college for a year before U of A and that this has me worried now but wouldn’t it be crazy if I could visit her on one of my visits to my son? Just a thought

        • kmea,if she can receive visitors other than her attorneys and family,it would be awesome to actually have a supporter visiting her to tell her how loved and cherished she is!

    • From everything that I have seen and heard from his closest friends, the Hughes and Dave Hall, they certainly not the type of people that I would ever want to meet.

  7. I agree with all 10 points. Excellent synopsis of the tragic injustices occurring in this case.
    It actually stuns me how easily swayed the general public is.
    I am appalled and deeply saddened at how easy it is for the majority of the public to dismiss this young woman’s life in the face of such glaring unfairness.

  8. Phenomenal job. I like the 10 point concept too. (12 points would do as well, but the shorter the better for the easily distractable surfer) While it is very true there are almost too many infractions of injustice to mention, it is an EXCELLENT idea to try to distill the most obvious and egregious.

    Is it possible to add another list with 5 to 12 points about the irregularities and inadequacies in the investigation and interrogation phases?

    I also like adding Joyce’s point about Horn as she stated in a previous comment, though agree that the descriptions in each of the 10 points needs to be kept as short as possible. That’s why I can see that lots of work went into this ten point list. With this in mind I nevertheless think it might be VERY helpful to cite SCOTUS cases where appropriate. Such as:

    #1. Under PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT (for which prosecutors as agents of the state are rarely held accountable) we have this compliments of the California Innocence Project:

    Prosecutorial misconduct occurs when a prosecutor breaks a law or a code of professional ethics in the course of a prosecution. In Berger v. United States, 295 U.S. 78 (1935). Justice Sutherland explained prosecutorial misconduct meant “overstepp[ing] the bounds of that propriety and fairness which should characterize the conduct of such an officer in the prosecution of a criminal offense.”

    This SCOTUS case might have a link to an expanded explanation, this being from a report titled Preventable Error: A Report on Prosecutorial Misconduct in California 1997-2009, which is linked at the California Innocence Project website; Maybe the most salient points may be taken from the following excerpT:

    Seventy-five years ago, in reversing a conviction because of prosecutorial misconduct, the United States Supreme Court specified the paramount obligation of a prosecutor: “[A] prosecutor has a duty to refrain from improper methods calculated to produce a wrongful conviction1… [While he] may strike hard blows, he is not at liberty to strike foul ones.”2 The Court emphasized the critical role the prosecutor plays in a judicial system like ours that is aimed at justice, not simply conviction: the prosecutor “is the representative… of a sovereignty whose… interest in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done.”3 Because the prosecutor had misstated evidence, bullied witnesses, put words into the mouth of a witness and intimated facts he knew were false, the Court overturned the conviction. . The problem of prosecutorial misconduct is even more critical today. Scores of academic articles and books, as well as the media, have documented the extent to which some prosecutors continue to use the very tactics the Supreme Court decried, as well as others, to obtain convictions.4

    #2. DUE PROCESS, maybe place under Jury sequestration (versus trial by mob rule, i.e. HLN and the media echo chamber extending out to social media along with the 48 hours “reports” and the new hit piece, er docu-drama, at Lifetime), per Moore et al. v. Dempsey, 261 U.S. 86 (1923), which was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled 6-2 that the defendants’ mob-dominated trials deprived them of due process guaranteed by the Due Process Clause of theFourteenth Amendment and reversed the district court’s decision declining the petitioners’ writ of habeas corpus. Per

  9. Happy Sunday, Peeps 😀

    Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to look for the super moon tonight! Should be amazing; unfortunately, it will probably bring all the wackos out in full force!

    ♥Team JODI!♥

    • They already are they are now displaying all my friends and family on the Jodi Arias vs Arizona Travis Alexander site so to what ?????? Now you know why I did not want to post anymore on here this was done 5 hrs ago. now they take there hate to my friends and family who do not know anything about Jodi

              • hall is having attorneys contact ppl demanding his information deleted . . check under ally simms: show and tell comments . . it has the letter

                • I don’t read occupy, nor would I. I will say this, Dave Hall can suck it. His “lawyer” needs a class on how to proof read his “legal documents.”

                  If you want to act like a douche bag, expect to be called one.

                  As for someone putting out his address, I agree, that is wrong and anyone posting addresses of people need to be arrested and held accountable.

                  But giving opinions is still legal, and in my opinion, Dave Hall is a douche bag, sexist, fugly pig.

                • I don’t read him either. I hate how he puts his own political agenda into everything to which I dont agree. I give two fucks less about Webber’s politics or how he tries to insinuate dave hall murdered travis because dave hall hunts animals. And to slam his CHILD who also hunts? That is a stupid, slanderous argument and im happy he was called out on it.

  10. Excellent points and clearly stated. In addition, what about the State overcharging and manipulating the testimony of the ME and lead detective in order to qualify the case for the death penalty. Therefore, automatically getting a DP qualified jury, which by all accounts is biased toward the prosecution. Jodi’s right to a fair trial was undermined before it even started. This jury proved their bias by 7 votes for mutually exclusive charges….proving they didn’t even understand the difference but were willing to go along with whatever the prosecutor put forth. This verdict needs to be nullified.

  11. Couple of new tweets by Jodi:

    “Please Don’t send any photos I’m not allowed to receive them. MCSO;s website is misleading.”

    “My friend Griz wrote me and posed an interesting Q: “Why do people find it so easy to hate but so hard to love?”

    • Sweet Jodi…

      ”It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.” ~ Noel Coward

  12. That’s a great list SJ, Under prosecutorial misconduct, I would add his media blitz with cane signing and Pinksy princess posing, which resulted in a hearing where JM and the judge decided no harm no foul because no jurors saw it. How they reached that conclusion, except by asking the jurors, most of then being someone who wouldn’t do anything that would assist the defence., I still don’t know.

  13. I have a question. I purchased two books on and had them sent to Jodi at Estrella Jail. Since they were sent directly by Amazon, do you think they will let her have them? Does anyone here know? Thanks!

    • Presumably that is the only way prisoners are allowed to receive books (or magazines) – and I am pretty sure that is how LaViolette and Samuels sent stuff to her.

      I *think* – I could be wrong – that there might be some limitations on how many of these sorts of items she is allowed to have in her cell. In order to keep some she might have to give up others (presumably to some universal pool like a library? I don’t know)

    • All of you, should read, “TheGod Makers,” and, note the precise, blood atonement, self sacrifices, of Anderson, and, Alexander; caught between their perversions, and, pieties… “Is there a man among you, that, would not, kill, his brother, to, save his eternal soul ?” Read the book, and, others, on the subject of blood oath, blood atonement, and, then, you’ll see why the opportunistic lizards at law, are, burning, Jodi, in light of their careers, and, all, of those, Mormon, voters. As for, Travis’s ascension to planet playboy, and all those virgin angels; that, was a no brainer; to trade Jodi, in, on a planet full of his own, “god-dom,” and, private stock; as in, that’s the reward for, his perversions, here, on planet, ridiculous…as if, that, computes; or, that, Mormons, own the afterlife; which, is, after life… gone, dead, kaput… Edgar… read the books, and, see, that this was a doctrine [law], and, covenant [agreement], self sacrifice, to save, Travis’s eternal soul; Mormon death squad, Dannite, preferred method of killing; heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, blood drain, body rinsed, clothes/bedding, laundered; just as admonished, by, Brighamist Young; and, never, repudiated, despite, 400 other, aboutfaces, of, dictatorial, modifications; still deluding, that, the founders, were more than adulterers and, molestors…

  14. The site won’t let me post links because I can’t right-click to copy/paste. Anyone else having the same problem or just my computer messing with me?

    • Yes, Maria, I noticed yesterday that I can’t right click here anymore (although I could for a little while this morning, then it quit again….) I usually right click to refresh the page, now I have to do it up top in the browser header. To copy paste, can’t you use the edit menu?

      • So weird…Yeah,there’sa link I wanna copy/paste I’ll do it with the edit menu.It’s much easier with the mouse though.

        • maria,
          Last night I couldn’t even post.
          So I tried several times, turned off my computer, stood on my head. : )
          Well, I wanted to.
          My husband came and helped and it took about an hour to get it on here.
          Just like you I tried to copy it and nothing.
          I hope this goes through tonight.
          That is very frusrating, isn’t it?

    • Maria,

      Yes, I’ve been trying to find a “cure” for several hours. I thought it was my computer. At least I can stop searching now.

      • I thought it was my computer at first,too but I re-started it and still had problems so I thought I’d ask. See?It’s always useful to share 🙂

  15. SJ, just wanted to let you know that the ten point list was excellent: concise and easily understood. Would be OK to use this in communications with applicable courts, politicians, etc.?

  16. Sorry SJ. Brain fart on my part. Chris, the post is excellent. SJ, thanks for posting this. My question about usage still stands.

  17. I agree with the people who say that race has a lot to do with this case. The town me and Jodi are from is mostly hispanic and agricultural. Most of the people work in the fields or have family who do. John Steinbeck made the area famous from all his books that talk about the hardships that families and farmworkers face in Salinas. I think Travis’s hoitytoity white friends would look down on a girl from a city like Salinas. Migrant farmworkers in the central valley are pretty much slaves working in the heat doing back breaking labor that the white people would never want to do, but they all want their fresh fruits and veggies so the poor Mexicans go out into the fields and break their backs just so they can have lettuce on their $50 a plate meal in Monterey while the Mexicans live 3 or 4 families to a dirty shack they can barely afford.

    White bread Mormons would think Jodi was dirty or stupid like they think a lot of Mexicans from the Central Valley are. A lot of the Mexicans are undocumented and have to work under the worst conditions imaginable just to send money to their families in Mexico who believe it or not have it far worse.

    All of this goes towards Jodi’s mentality of wanting to please Travis and to get into a better class than the one she grew up in. All Travis and his friends see is another dirty Mexican who will do anything to please THEM so she can maybe have a better life than her poor family. Just like in Salinas, Mexicans are good for cleaning and pleasing the white people, nothing more, nothing less. Jodi was good enough to suck Travis’s dick but not good enough to wear his ring. I’m sorry if I sound bitter but I saw that stupid movie last night and all I can do is cry for poor Jodi because when you see that white America wants to cast her as a piece of trash it breaks my heart that she will never find a jury in Arizona who cares about just another Mexican slut (that’s what they think of her, not what i think). Bring her home to Salinas and put her in front of a jury of HER peers, not Travis’s and we’ll see a whole nother outcome.

      • Yreka is also not “central valley.” And Redding, where her parents currently live, is barely “central valley.” I should know because much of my family hails from Yreka.

        • Her family is no more made up of “Salinas migrant workers” than I am.

          You are engaging in stereotyping yourself.

          • She was born and raised in Salinas and lived there until she was 11 or 12. I dont know what her family did, but I am telling you how it is to be a Latina in Salinas. I didn’t say her family was migrant farm workers, I said that that is the mentality in this area because of the high concentration of migrant farmworkers. When outsiders hear about Salinas they usually think of that and who knows if Travis or his friends even got to know her and her past. They probably didn’t even care to listen to her.

              • You guys don’t get my point, I’m talking about the perception from people in Arizona who have only heard about Salinas from John Steinbeck books and the Mormons who only know hispanics from hotel maids etc. Just being Latina tells a certain type of person all they think they need to know about her.

                • Not your fault at all. I think you have expressed yourself very well.

                  It’s just that not everyone will see that perspective because they don’t share your life experience.

                  I think you have made some valid points and you may be right – if not about all of Travis’ friends then quite possibly about Travis himself, and maybe some in the legal system as well.

                • Huh. My husband is half Hispanic, lives out west, and doesn’t feel biased. Different culture I guess. I did read Steinbeck too and the setting was not 2013.

                • JC I guess I will just have to be misunderstood by you. Of course Steinbeck wasn’t writing about 2013 but whenever I tell people from other states where I’m from they say “oh Salinas, thats where Steinbeck wrote about” so their only connection to Salinas is those images. I am not talking for all Latinos/Latinas I was just trying to show how it might have been for Jodi. She and I are from the same town and we are both Latina so she probably experienced the same stuff I did.

                • Okay I get what you’re saying now. So what did you experience? Interested. Sorry if I sounded short.

                • Now, see —

                  I’ve read plenty of Steinbeck, but when I hear “Salinas” I hear Janis Joplin singing “Me and Bobby McGee”

                  ~~~then somewhere near Salinas, lord, I let him slip away, lookin’ for that home and I hope he finds it~~~


                • JC I talked a little about what I experienced on a few posts so if you read past this you should see what I’m talking about. She would have experienced a lot of the same things while she lived here and might have been judged in the same way. Salinas has a lot of crime, a lot of gang activity and a lot of murders. I think we’re in the top 10 in the whole nation. When people think of Salinas they don’t think of good things . It’s also mostly poor Mexicans and even though there are some nice areas and even wealthy areas most Mexicans don’t live over there. I went to jail only once for possession of marijuana. Because of all the gangs they automatically think you’re affiliated or your boyfriend’s affiliated. They treat you like a gang punk, even when you tell them you have no ties. I spent two days in jail and my case was dismissed after my parents paid a fortune to a lawyer (I was in a car with someone who was pulled over for expired tags and they had weed under the passenger seat and because that’s where I was sitting they said it had to be mine. It wasn’t. ) I know everyone is treated bad in jail but I found out later they didn’t ask a couple of white girls if they were affilitiated (aggravated DUI on one chick).

                  I don’t know maybe I’m sensitive but I just know that Jodi’s ethnicity and racism played a part in all this and it sickens me.

        • Yreka, is, Y-RICO organized crime at law, county, subdivision, of, Gulag Schizofornia, USSR… united states socialistic republic… Edgrrr……

      • She’s part Mexican. Maybe you’re uncomfortable with the racial thing but I honestly think there is something to it. I would not say it just to cause conflict if I didn’t really believe it.

  18. Racism has little or nothing to do with this. This is all about sexism and women’s roles, especially in the Mormon community.

    • I agree it also has a lot to do with sexisim and women’s roles because the Mexican community in Salinas is similar. The killing happened because of sexism and women’s roles that led to domestic violence but the verdict was in part due to racism. If Jodi was a white girl from a richer family she would be out. Jodi comes from a poor Mexican family and Mexicans are expendable. I live it every day. Walk into any school on the central coast. Put 10 white kids in a classroom and 10 Mexicans and just see who the teacher calls on when a white girl and a Mexican girl raises their hand to answer a question. If only Mexican’s raise their hand, the teacher will almost always still call a white who didn’t raise their hand. Forgot about it if it’s a white boy and a Mexican girl, the teacher would never call on the Mexican girl in that case. Jodi tried so hard to raise herself up from the perceptions that she was stupid, ugly and expendable. It didn’t work on Travis and it didn’t work on the jury.

    • I agree tonysam, that a lot of this has to do with sexism. They have treated Jodi with as much hatred as they would have in the middle ages in a witch hunt. This IS a witch hunt after all. Everything said about Jodi can be directly traced to old witch hunt materials. The idea that Jodi has no soul, is able to sexually control men, has ‘dead eyes’ (modern version of the evil eye), all of this is ridiculously sexist.

      But I don’t think racism or ethnic discrimination has “little or nothing” to do with this case either. It’s been cited elsewhere that blacks and other nonwhite people are judged harsher and given worse sentences especially the death penalty if the victim is white.

      The vitriol against Jodi seems indicative of their contempt towards how they perceive her and her cultural identity. The vitriol is sexist too, but I do think there’s an undercurrent of racism/ethnic discrimination there too.

      • Can I post again, please? I’m not new, but I changed my email because I was worried about hater weirdos hacking into my personal info.

        Anyway, up until December 2012, Nurmi was still trying to argue the Batson Challenge. I read it in the court minutes for 12/20/2012. I’m no legal eagle, but trying to learn as much as possible. The Batson Challenge came from a case where an African American man, James Kirkland Batson was convicted of burglary and receipt of stolen goods in Kentucky by a jury composed of all white people.
        Juan Martinez, the very man who stated to the Judge in reference to Nurmi that “perhaps all Hispanic names sound the same to him,” was the one who did not want there to be any Latinos nor African Americans on the jury. He also was trying to avoid females in the majority during jury selection. Juan Martinez who is himself Hispanic did not choose other hispanic jurors. So, I think Cindney’s instincts in thinking that race had a lot to do with it are correct. And tonysam is also correct with sexism. It’s all in the pre-trial court minutes. Martinez must’ve thought he’d have a better chance at conviction with an all white jury. If that’s not racism, I don’t know what is.

  19. Re the ten points, I think it was unfair for the only physical evidence ( the INABILITY of the Walmart lady to find a record of the kerosene can that was returned ) to be the basis of the state’s case ( and it really was the basis, Martinez came back to it again and again in his closing arguments – he really had nothing else ), considering this was only produced in rebuttal, leaving little to no time for the defense to find a surrebuttal witness.

    The jury should still have rejected this evidence, considering the short length of time ( 5 months ) the witness had worked at this Walmart store, and because it made no sense at all. If the can was part of a secret mission, why didn’t Jodi throw away the receipt?

    • And, whatwith, all that, imaginary, premeditation, why didn’t she just, smoke, the joint; erase the evidence, and, drive away; instead, of, sitting there for four or five days, after the precision kill, and, then, long after death, shoot him, as evidenced, by, the ejected brass, landing, upon already dried blood; as opposed to the lie, that, she shot him, first, to gain an advantage… ??? Proving of course, that, she never gained the advantage, how, is it deluded, that, Olive Oyl, could whip, Bluto…??? And, why was this soap opera, not, concluded, when I proved that the dried blood, and, unsmeared brass, was a secondary crime to, feebly, obscure, the precision, of the first crime; also, proven by haphazardness, was done, to, set, Jodi, up, for, the suicidal, ascension to planet, playboy, and, all those virgin angels; and, no more a murder, than, a nurse, pulling the plug, or, a hospice, sticking, in a needle, or, a country, dropping nuclear bombs, on, civilians; or, radio controlled drones, killing American citizens…. or, a State, murdering convicts…??? Edgar…

  20. I have to admit I’ve lost all faith in her ‘self-defense’ claim now that she’s considering taking a plea. Taking a plea deal means she can’t file a post-conviction appeal for a new trial. If it was TRULY an act of self -defense then she needs to ride this out to the end …

    • Even if she is considering a plea deal,did you stop to think for a minute the reasons behind her doing so? Can you even imagine being in Jodi’s shoes for a day not to mention for 5 years? Sorry, but you are jumping into conclusions WAYYYYY too soon. Maybe you didnt believe in her self defense ”claim”(as you say) from the get go!! If you get what I mean…

    • If she takes a plea deal right now then she has a good chance of being in general population in a couple of years instead of living the rest of her life locked in a tiny cell with no on else around. It could be 5 years before she gets a new trial. If I were her I might seriously be thinking of just taking the deal. She’s been in for almost 5 years, I would probably be thinking there would be no hope at this point of getting a decent jury. Also she is still talking to her lawyers and they would know if this was a good deal for her or not, they would have experience to know if they think she’d get a fair trial. After that horrible show last night you know that people who hadn’t heard of the case or who were on the fence are now totally team hater.

    • I still believe her and always will. Given the way the justice system has treated her so far there is a better than average chance that she will get a death sentence. If she takes a plea at least she knows that she will live (IMHO). But that still don’t make it right, all she did was kill a dirt bag that needed killin’

      Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia

      • Travis was kinda like a groundhog in a pasture full of high dollar thorough bred race horses. If a horse steps in the groundhog hole and breaks his leg he must be put down. So if you see a groundhog in the pasture he just needs killin’ to save the horses. Travis needed killin’ to save more young girls like Jodi

        Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia

    • Prisons are full of those who, committed perjury, to alleviate, the paranoia, instilled by lizards at law, with their bag of tricks, convicting, their own clients… so as to get, less of a sentence, that, the criminality of DAs, can scam… Edgrrr… ie., a “confession,” is not, a confession…

      • I agree. About 95 % of all criminal cases are pleaded out, and very few go to court.
        Defendants are intimidated into taking a deal (either that or a much bigger sentence on conviction)

        Going to trial is always a gamble and prosecutors are crooks so they stack the deck in their favor and your chances of getting justice are miniscule! Especially in the people’s republic of Arizona

        I’m thinking of renaming “Arizona” “New China”. Hehe.

  21. The whole jury pool of AZ and the US of A has been poisoned by the media campaign against Jodi. It’s reprehensible that she would have to consider a plea but I can only imagine her day to day life. I want her to appeal and WIN but would think no different if she accepted a plea. Whatever happened that day nothing can make me believe it was premeditated! I think if there was a video of him attacking her it wouldn’t satisfy the wolves. People have to make deals with the devil every day to make life more bearable.

  22. Dave Hall had his attorney send facebook a letter about Occupy HLN “harassing” him. LMAO what a douchebag. (you have to have facebook to see this?)

    • I think that letter was posted in a private group so i removed the link as nobody can view it anyway.

      • JC,

        It is included in one of “InconvenientTruthsTV” tweets. Anyone who uses Twitter (and apparently FB) can see it.

    • Trixels if someone on team Jodi was being harrassed (and there’s tons of them) and they did what Dave Hall did we wouldn’t be calling them douchebags we would be applauding them for doing the right thing. No one should be harrassed on either side ever. They have their opinions and we have ours. All this fighting hurts Jodi because its the fighting of people like us that is now getting talked about and people are looking at that instead of the issues of trying to get justice for Jodi.

      There is a good chance Jodi will die in prison. We have to figure out a way to get her out of there. If she was my sister I’d move heaven on earth to save her. I’m doing my small part but it may not happen soon enough.

      • I have no idea if anything he said is true about his address or not. Regardless he is a douchebag and a trouble maker. I think I will go back to avoiding this page altogether. It is nothing more than a clique of females whispering secret messages these days.

        • what do you mean? Whispering secret messages? I think the letter was fairly self explanatory. Nobody is saying you cant think Dave is a douchebag anymore. I’m not hearing anybody say that.

          • I agree JC. I’m curious about these secret messages too.

            I don’t recall anyone calling Dave Hall a douchebag, even if they did it was clearly hyperbole and not to be taken seriously.

            I take issue with Dave Hall pretending that HLN, or the Travis Taliban, has somehow been persecuted through all this. Uh no, WE are the minority opinion here. WE are the ones who have been attacked, ridiculed, and accused of things we never did. I have been accused of taking a cut of donations from both haters and so-called “supporters” alike. These are allegations easily proven false if I choose to remedy that through a legal channel, but because I’d rather pick my battles I haven’t decided if I will pursue that just yet.

            Despite the fact that I think Dave Hall is being an overbearing, hypocritical drama king by accusing us of persecuting HLN, the family, friends, whoever; by in turn trying to use SLAPP tactics to shut us down (how fucking BRAVE he is for trying to silence a minority opinion that constitutes .00001% of the Internet 🙄 ); I don’t agree with the things Jason has said or done either.

            I normally don’t mention those “other sites,” whether they be the likes of verbose, fame mongering Pitchforks, OccupyHLN, or any other site I have visited maybe once or twice then left. I also don’t do facebook, so I don’t see what those supporters do. What I have heard, I am disgusted with. My focus is to help Jodi, not make fun of Travis’ dead body. I am not interested in signing petitions either. It’s a nice gesture but ultimately it comes down to giving people the information they need to STOP WATCHING and starve HLN of the viewership they desperately need to keep manufacturing hate.

            No, I just think people should stop watching them, and I have given my reasons for that already. But it’s funny how people think free speech or freedom of belief only apply to who they agree with, and not Jodi supporters. To these people: You say you believe in God, but at the end of the day you want to play God and parse who the Constitution applies to. I am a law abiding citizen and I do not respond to tactics of intimidation, vexatious litigation, or any other actions that amount to trying to silence a minority opinion. You make fun of people for having conspiracy theories, then you turn around and try to silence those who disagree with you. Those are the actions of a conspiracy theorists’ wet dream, don’t you think? So it’s up to you to stop eliciting that response.

            I’m not interested in talking about Dave Hall, what I know of him, I don’t like and his recent self righteous Facebook rant solidifies that opinion in my mind. But I think it’s worth pointing out, that it’s neither mine, nor JC’s responsibility if he continues to engage in behavior that seeks the attention of our members. I know I would be happy never to talk, or even think about that unpleasant individual ever again; but if he’s going to get up in our collective faces; that’s not anyone’s fault but his own.

            • Oh and one more thing, to the haters that are uptight and constipated that this site exists:

              If you are so bothered by what you read here, by all means, STOP reading! It really is that simple. You have a choice NOT to come here, you know. I ban haters all the time because it’s clear that if this site bothers them so much, they don’t need to be reading and getting upset and starting shit. Go roller skating, collect stamps, I don’t know, and I don’t care – just don’t bother us anymore. Get a damn hobby already.

              I also think it’s really shitty that individuals on the Internet just sharing their opinion are being held to a higher standard than A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR MEDIA CORPORATION. I mean really. We never had the reach, resources, or influence they have, not in our wildest dreams; but somehow we are the ones who have to answer for what we say? Besides, there’s no point in anyone appointing themselves sheriff of the Internet if they can’t police their own fucking content. For pete’s sakes.

              • I agree MB. And if the inbreds are not into roller skating or collecting stamps, they can do something else instead, like watching “Toddlers & Tiaras” on TV with the volume turned off – just like Chris Hughes & Dave Hall do.

                Just a thought…

                Team Jodi

                • MB,
                  Isn’t that the truth?
                  IF I wanted to read the haters shit, I’d go over there.
                  I don’t and I won’t.
                  You go girl!!! : )

  23. Just because Jodi may be considering a plea, it in no way puts any less credence in to her self-defense claim. There are many factors to consider, not the least which would be the ability to find an impartial jury. If given the death peanalty, Jodi must decide if living probably many years on death row awaiting appeals is something that she is willing to do. She has now spent enough time on a 23hr lockdown to get a feel of what the next years of her life may be like. Only Jodi knows what kind of life she is willing to live. It’s a gamble. The system has failed her so far.
    But to discredit her self-defense claim just because she may look at the possibility of a plea, is just plain wrong.

    • Exactly! I agree rb ; that’s why I snapped earlier. If she gives away her appeal rights, my heart will be broken but then again none of us is in her shoes so whatever decision she makes, we will not JUDGE her! And we will NOT stop believing in her.So for someone to come here and say that just because she is considering a plea deal it means that her self defense story was crap,to me it sounds that that person was never a true supporter. Or you know that basically they ‘re calling Jodi a liar, which I’m just sick of btw!!

      • I have talked myself blue explaining this same concept to my family in a divorce/custody situation. Just because you know something is true and you are on the side of right does NOT mean that it will go down that way in court. I mean can you imagine being Jodi and knowing without a doubt what really happened and not being able to actually prove it. If it is so obvious to us …can you imagine how huge the injustice seems to her? While I want her to be vindicated and all the crap to come out, I cannot imagine her frame of mind.

  24. My motto is don’t judge unless you’ve walked in someone else’s shoes. I have never been in an abusive relationship so I can’t say I would walk away easily. I have never been attacked so I can’t say I wouldn’t go berserko on my attacker. And if I did I can’t say I wouldn’t be so scared shitless that I wouldn’t try to lie my way out of it. And I have never spent 23 hours out of every day alone in my cell so I might plea to the shooting of JFK to get out of that situation. Do I judge TA and his family, you ask? I did feel empathetic for their rough childhood but mine wasn’t all roses so I am perplexed by his choosing to live a double life and the family’s inability to rise above it emotionally to show compassion for another abused human being.

    • I agree Gwen. The prevailing opinion seems to be, that if someone has been neglected or abused as a child that the only outcome is to become a really shitty person that uses and exploits others. I don’t believe that.

      • After all,it all boils down to ‘personal responsibility’ . You could have been raised in the crappiest of families, you could have a million traumas but that is no way an excuse to treat others the way you were treated as a child. Your friends,family or partner are not your punching bag (which btw Travis displayed oh so proudly in his house) and they should not receive your blows or your fists. Accountability was a term unknown to TA. Bottom line??? If you realize that you are a troubled person,go fuc***g see a psychologist. America is full of them.Talk your heart out and solve your problems.Projecting them won’t make them go away!!!

    • Gwen – I agree. I say that all the tine, ‘until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes you have no opinion!’

  25. Anyone watched LIFETIME on the Jodi Arias movie last nite?
    They found a character out of the DSM book to portray her.
    Travis was portrayed defenseless during the murder act.

    • See, now how would they possibly know that Travis was defenseless? Do they have a crystal ball? I’d love to borrow it to get the winning lottery numbers. It’s highly irresponsible for them to portray events they can never know for sure what happened.

      • Agreed MB. Especially because they don’t know the truth. But along with the lynch mob, witch hysteria, no real evidenced proof research went into this joke movie. The movie followed the kangaroo circus trial. I did not watch the movie.

        • I thinking making a film is totally disgusting, you’re right,Marianne, it IS a joke and its worrying how many people are going to take it as absolutely true. Haven’t the public been fed enough HLN?

  26. I’d like to add another item to the list although I don’t know if it’s necessarily a legality.

    How about the judge allowing TA’s family to get away with all their antics, such as dry crying and playing it up for the camera, as well as wearing their ribbons day after ever loving day. In my opinion it definitely disrespected the sanctity of the courtroom and truth be known, likely affected some of the more “impressionable” jurors, such as the empty headed Tara.

    If I were the judge and saw this list I would be very ashamed of my performance in this case.

    • I have a huge problem with the Judge allowing all the facial contorsions from Travis’ family. Samantha was the Queen of Eyerollers and it was always during the testimony of defense witnesses. This is super predjudicial. Then the ribbons, the Judge put a stop to the ribbons then turned around and allowed them all to wear them again. This shows (again) such a huge bias. It blows my mind the things that were allowed to happen during this trial. The only postitive is this should give Jodi yet another point for appeal.

  27. Great piece on “60Minutes’ tonight on prosecutorial misconduct. I’d post it but I can’t “copy & paste” on this site for some reason.. Just go to the CBS site if you’re interested. It’s called “Evidence of Innocence.” A man spent 25 years in prison because a prosecutor in Texas withheld evidence that would have cleared him of murdering his wife.

    • right click isn’t working here these days, coldcase –

      you have to use menus or keyboard commands for the right click stuff like copy paste.

      don’t know why that’s happened, maybe admin can get to the bottom of it.

  28. Hope I can get through……….

    I just got around to watching the trial day where they had Detective Melendez and ME Horn. I also finally took a look at those so called racy photos of Jodi and Travis. Firstly, this entire country needs to stop acting like prudes. How many young people are going around snapping pics of their genitalia, and these naive girls are sexting them to these jerk guys who end up posting it online…………….OMG, I’m too old for that crap, but come on America. Like those haters never made a sex tape, or took naked pics. Ha! Yeah right!
    Second, I’ve never used photoshop in my life, but even I can tell those naked pics of both Jodi and Travis are so fake. In one pic, the guy’s face is half hidden by a pillow, and it’s not even Travis! I’m really good with facial characteristics, and the guy in the pic has eyebrows that slope down toward the eyes. Travis has eyebrows that turn upward in that area like his sister Samantha. Also, not to sound so indelicate, but why on earth in another photo are the male’s genitals red? The coloring matches the reddish hue of the face that looks like a kindergartner cut out Travis’ face and pasted it on a very white body. On that pic, there was no contour of the edges of the face, it just looked like someone cut out his face from one pic and pasted it on another man’s body. They also pasted the genitals on too as they are bright red in complete contrast with the white body. I’m thinking that whoever killed Travis, photographed his naked body in a laying down position, and used that photo to create fake pictures of him to make it look like he had sex earlier that day. The photo of Jodi doesn’t look real either. Her head looks disproportionate to the body. Flores even showed her the pic and said that she had the same birthmark in the photo so he knew it was her, BUT it could’ve been photoshopped as well, or a naked pic from another time with her head with pigtails posted on that body. I remember how confused she was with that stupid crap they called evidence. These people are in big trouble. I’m so glad Jodi went so public with this. If she didn’t, these crooks might’ve been able to sweep it under the rug and no one would’ve ever heard of Jodi Arias, and THEIR dirty little secrets could not slowly but surely be exposed.

    • Umm what? o_O I’m sorry, but I disagree. Jodi admitted to them taking naked pictures that day, and the pictures were also used as evidence in court. Therefore, I believe they are legit. Why the penis appears so red, I have no idea. I chalk it up to the bad lighting and the fact that the photos were slightly damaged from the washing machine.

      • Amethyist,

        Not prudish over here.
        I think the pictures should have been kept out.
        I saw no reason for them in the first place
        except the autopsy.
        I know Jodi didn’t want them in and I didn’t see any reason for them.
        Would you have, if you were in her shoes, even if you aren’t prudish?

        I think if you’re way too old for this why bother.
        People use their phones, cameras, texts all of the time
        for the same reason and they sure as hell wouldn’t want them to go public..
        I DO think that it prejudiced the jury though.

        As far as the camera goes, I don’t believe anything about it.
        I don’t know anything about photo shopping, but, I wouldn’t be surprised
        if they did. They have done EVERYTHING wrong in this trial and they know it.

        • Hi Aly, the pictures prove that Jodi was an invited guest to Travis’ house that night. Plus it disputes the fact that she is a stalker giving him unwanted attention. How can that be, when he’s taking naked pictures of her?

          I don’t understand how Martinez could even say with a straight face, that Travis was afraid of Jodi, after the pictures were put into evidence. If you’re afraid of someone, you don’t want a close up shot of their vagina right?

          The pictures are a lot like the sex tape. Fairly embarrassing, but revealing in what transpired between Jodi and travis.

          • MB,
            I don’t know where I heard it, or when but didn’t Travis call her and tell her to come by.
            At first she wasn’t going to but then said Oh, why not, I might swing by there.

            I will never believe she wasn’t envited and that Travis practically begged her to come
            over since she was going to be in that area.
            IMO, I think he wanted to talk her out of going to Ryan’s and He was pissed off.

            That’s why he looks angry n the picture, not bevause she was taking his picture.
            I just have a hard time with the camera.
            I really don’t believe Jodi would have put it in the wash.
            Do they have her phone records for that night>

            But, if that’s the only way that they believe that they can prove that, I just don’t get it.
            As many times as she was there.
            I guess too that brings in so much more doubt, I can’t even begin to believe so much and yet she’s charged with M1. I just don’t get it.

            • I agree Aly, I do think Ryan was part of the reason why Travis attacked Jodi that night in a fit of rage. The most dangerous time for a battered woman is when she’s trying to leave the relationship. Jodi was moving on with her life, getting back to her old self, and seeing other men while Travis’ life wasn’t going so good. I can totally see him feeling jealous, possessive, and pissed off at the same time. I think the last picture of his face in the shower proves it too.

              • I think so too MB,
                I nearly died when some talking head said Travis looked angry because
                shes was taking the pictures.
                Just ONE of the stupidest things I’ve heard during their crap.
                You know somethings just make you gasp.

                • I agree Aly, the universe must be in rare form when we come across such shocking stupidity. It’s normal to come across the everyday variety of stupid, but yes that ranks up there in like the top 10 really dumb things they’ve said.

                  If they can concede that Travis looked angry, great, because we can then say it could be for reasons other than what they’ve speculated about. However, when it’s right in front of them that Travis was striking a pose like a GQ model, the lack of regard for the evidence has reached critical mass:


                  So, they combed through police interrogation video to find incriminating footage of Jodi; but can’t be bothered to check the entire set of photos before pretending that he didn’t want his picture taken? Yes, we can’t make this stuff up can we? I’ve never seen a group of people so dense (ok, there’s some that are actively competing, so I’m going to wait before giving out any cupie dolls).

    • Can’t figure out what you’re talking about, Amethyst. The pictures of Travis and Jodi show that they had sex that day. The defense and the prosecution don’t dispute this. Jodi didn’t “go public” with anything; there was a trial.

      • She did the pre-trial interviews though, is what I meant by ‘public.’ I think it brought more attention to her, and good thing too, for I feel that it has helped her to keep somewhat safe to be under public watch. As for the pictures showing they had sex, I didn’t actually see any of them physically engaged in sexual activity. Do you mean that there are more photos? Maybe I didn’t see them, but from the pics I did view, all I see are naked people. Although I guess it would be difficult to take photos of yourself while you’re having sex. But it would also be pretty difficult to take photos while holding a knife and a gun as the state implies with their silly arguments. Man, Jodi would need like 3 or 4 hands, maybe more. I find it hard to be believe that the photos captured around 5:30ish all happened to be aimed in the direction of activity. You’d think if it was getting fumbled around so much, it would be less likely to capture any images of people. And how does a camera take a picture by itself? Never had that happen to me. Also, if I had money to burn, I’d buy a camera like Travis’ and put it through a cycle with bleach, and see if any images survived. I once heard some detective say that a suspect always leaves some evidence at the scene, but he/she never leaves ALL the evidence behind, and that’s how they might determine if a crime scene may have been intentionally contaminated.
        I know this is the defense story, and maybe they have to stick with it because the state presented such ridiculous stories themselves. I don’t know, maybe the defense has to work that angle. I hope the defense was also displaying the misconduct for future reference in any appeals.

        • One more thing, if the camera was auto timed or something to take those “unintentional” photos, shouldn’t the time stamps be in some kind of patterned increments? I do believe Jodi is completely innocent. I believe she is innocent of not only the M1 conviction, but also of even killing Travis’. I really don’t think she did this, and I believe she is up to her eyebrows in state corruption and other mysterious scandals. I also am not a Travis hater either. I think he was a victim at the hands of another. I do believe he did abuse Jodi though, but she wouldn’t have killed him intentionally nor intentionally for it. Like the detectives kept saying, but not even heeding their own words, she does not fit the profile.

            • I totally agree Amethyst,
              Those poctures just taken by the camera just
              was such a lucky camera????
              I don’t get that at all.
              I don’t believe she put it in the wash
              and I still believe she is innocent.

              The license plate was probably turned upside down by whoever
              was in that house. I’m still NOT believeing the roommate at all.

              Jodi was very afraid of the whole situation. ( still is ) think when she was being interragated,
              she didn’t believe Flores and that’s why she asked to see the pictures.

              The “investigation” sucked. There REALLY wasn’t one.
              They had their mind made up.

    • Travis’ genitals were red, probably from overuse. He admitted to masturbating several times a day. I said months back that I once saw a guy masturbate and I thought he was literally going to rip the poor thing from his body. Man, guys are hard on that thing considering they are so protective of it! Add to that, he and Jodi had sex a few times that day. As for the rest, the reflection of light on different parts of the body likely accounts for the different colourization in their faces.

      • Her hair does appear to be redder, though, than it was in the photos she took of herself on June 3. The June 3 photos show her hair as dark as it is now, In the photos purported to be taken on June 4, the color looks more like it had been in the pictures taken in May – or even as it was in the interrogation tapes – lighter with more red tones. Her formerly platinum blond hair wasn’t holding the deep dark brown tone when she colored it, but it should have been darker on June 4 than it appears to be in those pictures.

        • This convo makes me uncomfortable. Nothing was photo shopped. Those pics are from that day. Travis’ pecker was that red from over use. Remember, just a few weeks prior, (while he was “scared” of Jodi) he told her on the phone that he jerks off three or more times a week thinking about her.

          Jodi looks “off” and uncomfortable in them, because she was. She was trying to please him, and you can tell she is not into it.

          • Sorry, Renee’ – don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable.

            But the photographic “evidence” has been thrown out of my own little catalogue of evidence — because Connor and Melendez gave conflicting testimony on where the memory card was found, and Melendez testified that he did not know how the red time stamps came to be printed on the photos.

            Plus, in the interrogation, Jodi seemed genuinely confused by them – particularly surprised that there was a picture of her in pigtails. She went on to speculate as to whether a memory card from her camera might somehow have ended up in Travis’ camera, or gotten left behind at Travis’ house. The squarish blue memory card should not have fit in Travis’ camera – his camera used a card that was smaller and more rectangular.

        • The pictures on june 3 is probably not a good one maybe because the resolution of the camera etc. you can see on the pictures i think its the may 26 picture where the color on the lower area is the same dark while on the upper area its brown i think its just a resolution problem

          • Hmm, I saw the pics from when the live stream camera was “erroneously” left on during that trial day. You can see them much clearer there than on other websites. I didn’t really go seeking the pics out at first, but like I said was watching that particular trial day. Anyway, being that it was the first time I saw them, I was shocked to see how phony a few of them looked. Then, I read an article about how prosecutors like to use time stamps at trial, but digital photos with time stamps are not reliable evidence because the time stamp can change when transferring info to a receiving device. Just because they were submitted as evidence, doesn’t necessarily mean they are accurate depictions of what went down on June 4th. Jodi is clearly dealing with a really warped and crooked system over there. Sorry, if my opinion about the photos is too unbelievable, but honestly, look at all the crap the state got away with. It truly is unbelievable, but if I didn’t see it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears……………….
            Oh yes I am a bit prude in my own personal dealings, but whatever, that’s just me. Oh, and I’m actually Jodi’s age, but sometimes get to feeling a bit old when I hear about what teenagers are up to these days. But, If I have to look at some racy pics to get to the truth, so be it. The prudes I was speaking of are the haters who call her names because she AND Travis (it takes two) made sex tapes and took nude photos. I have a ‘live and let live’ philosophy concerning that, but wouldn’t be surprised if those haters have also made sex tapes, and took naked pics, but then they judge Jodi about it. Maybe Jodi didn’t want anyone to see them because it was indeed her body, but perhaps not on that day. It’s not out of the realm of possibly that some nude photos of her were stolen from somewhere, and then these photos were doctored. And I mean doctored by PD to place Jodi at the scene having partook in sexual activity on June 4th thereby creating a motive for her to kill him (THEY allege that she seduced him and then planned to kill him, not me, just to be clear.) I can’t believe no one can see how fake some of the pics look though. In one particular pic, Travis has a white body, and reddish face and penis, and his “peace sign” looks like a fist where someone added two fingers. It’s really unusual looking to only me, I guess. I suppose it’s a little too bold to suggest that the red hue looks eerily similar to that darkened red color from the photos from 6/4/08 in the evening hours (5:30ish.) THAT red from overuse? Yikes, looks a bit painful.
            Yes, I do recall conflicting testimony about the memory card as well. There’s another red flag right there. Also, even though I don’t think she is allowed to say it, it seemed Willmott had her doubts about those photos too. Not to mention the camera/evidence throwing/tampering. Martinez theoretically committed a crime when he did that, I believe……but I’m open to legal ‘schooling’ about that. 🙂 The reason I brought it up is because it is just another kind of unfairness in this case, but it’s not simply unfair, it is a blatant disregard for the law as we have seen all too often from the state of Arizona.

            • Another anomaly that was pointed out here a few weeks ago:

              How much sense does it make that Travis and Jodi woke up, had sex, MADE THE BED to take photos, then stripped the bed again to wash the sheets?

              Yes, I know the pros position would be that the sheets were washed to get rid of Jodi’s DNA on them, but the sheets were in the DRYER, so already washed by the time “Jodi” would have been throwing the other evidence in the washing machine…. not time enough if Travis died when the timestamps said and Jodi was gone before Enrique got home.

              • Yes, another great point. That PD over there seems to think that since they have some friends in high places, that they can get away with what they’ve done, BUT they are not too bright are they?

                • I do know there are many people that take the same kind of pictures and yet it’s like OH, my that is so disgusting, BUT, they have to realize that is how some communicate now. It’s just normal for them, but yet they don’t want it plastered all over the internet.

                  And I DO believe those that carry on about it like the ones you’re taling about
                  do the same and usually more besides. And that it prejudiced the jury.

                  You know to how it is with hair.
                  Jodi had her hair in pigtails, maybe it was a wig because it takes long time to get your hair straight after that and Ryan didn’t mention that.

                  So that must have been the longest day ever for Jodi to do all of that,
                  plus the magic camera.

                  Honestly, I haven’t looked at the pictures very good, I try to pass on and the first one that they talked about Travis, I never looked at.
                  That’s why some jurors OR all jurors just couldn’t get past that, BUT I’m not going to make her guilty of murder for it.

            • Gee I kind of thought the time stamps were kind of in Jodi’s favor. They showed she was there for several hrs. (if it was premeditated, why not after the first or 2nd round). If it was premeditated why kill him 25 min. before the roommate comes home? And the times stamps evidence that that camera was on the floor before the time of death.

              • That’s why I say that they aren’t too bright, but I will take into consideration your point, Billymalone. I’ll think on that. Why that time? You’re exactly right. Lots of questions.

  29. Ok so I’m working on a video for Jodi, and I ran across something that might be helpful to the ongoing conversation about the way a lot of white people have reacted to Jodi. Check this out:

    “VERONICA: The only way she talked about her family was this, Doctor. She spoke fluent Spanish. She was really good. And I said, Jodi, wow, you speak Spanish. You know, are you part Spanish or South American, whatever? She said, “No, I`m half Mexican.”

    And that`s where the hair color came in. Because I was like, Jodi, why are you bleaching the hair? I mean, it was so — it was horrible. And she said because — she goes, she didn`t want to look ethnic.”

    Now, I wouldn’t trust Veronica’s word if she told me the sky is blue. I’d still look out the window and check for myself. So when Veronica says Jodi said that she dyed her hair so she wouldn’t look ethnic, I put as much stock in that as a hamster doing math.

    But see how she reacted to the simple idea of Jodi dying her hair blonde – that somehow, she didn’t want to “look ethnic”? She uses the word ethnic as if being white and American is not an ethnicity too, pretending that white+American=default citizen, and anyone else is “ethnic,” “foreign,” or “other.”

    A woman can dye her hair for many reasons. Sometimes you just get sick of having the same color hair for a while. I think a lot of women could vouch of trying almost every color in the rainbow.

    But this is the reaction Jodi has gotten, so how can racism *not* play a part? Veronica, by virtue of her anonymity, felt she was free to say what has gone on in a LOT of racists minds, male and female; that Jodi was “trying to be white.”

    Not only is this ridiculous, it’s downright sickening and racist. And what kind of TV host takes a call from Some Lady in middle of wherever, knowing for a fact that they cannot confirm what she is saying in the first place? And David Drew Pinsky allowed that without a word otherwise.

    • MB,
      I like this. When people started to speak racist points a few weeks ago I didn’t understand. I help many people of different cultures in my work and for years worked in NYC. What I love about NYC is sharing each others cultures. I had to come back to Pennsylvania suburbs for awhile and I have a difficult time fitting in.
      Once I worked on placing myself in Jodi’s position, the area that she is geographically living in, and the viewpoint of many people in that area I could see what you meant. I thought she did an excellent job dying her hair blond. She looks beautiful blonde. She also looks beautiful brunette. I even have grown my hair much longer because hers looks so nice.
      So I do see that the racist issue is there. Plus, with everyone wanting to make Jodi look like the aweful murderer, give her every psych diagnosis ( which the true only official one that came down is PTSD. But I will save that for another time ), call her pathological, sexually deviant for TA, sure I can see them picking on her race also.
      What is very sad is Jodi is a smart, articulate, beautiful woman. She has so much going for her. There are so many people she can help with her brains, creativity, and cultural diversity. But because judge biased Shirley and lying Juan Martinez ran a Kangaroo Circus Trial where perjury was allowed Jodi remains in Prison. I can cry.
      Great ideas MB!

    • I have to disagree with you MB. Jodi’s former manager, 100% dark Mexican woman, said Jodi told her she died her hair blonde and did not tan so she would look less Mexican. I have no reason to believe this manager lied to me. She is not anti-Jodi and has said she does not support the death penalty for her.

      • I believe you Jeff. My boyfriend is half Mexican, and sometimes feels insecure about his heritage. I tell him to stop it because he needs to honor what his father went through to come here to the U.S. just to make a better life for his family and future kin. He should be proud of that. Mexico apparently has some very difficult struggles, but I hope in the following years, they will make strides in overcoming them. I don’t know much about politics, but did watch something about how the U.S. plays a role in those struggles.
        Anyway, Jodi is so pretty, and her inner beauty radiates outward. I just don’t understand what the haters are looking at when they think otherwise. Perhaps, they are unknowingly gazing into their own magic mirror that reflects an unsavory image of themselves.
        In addition, if you look at the court minutes for 12/20/2012, you will see that Jodi and her lawyers were still arguing that the state was exhibiting racism in seating an all white jury in an attempt to assure a win at all costs. Um, another point I’d like to bring up just in case someone doesn’t believe the state was being racist. Why do I see a good number of latino people working in the court room, but there don’t seem to be any non-white persons on the jury? There is clearly a population of latinos in Phoenix, how did a single one not end up on that jury? Somebody enlighten me if there were in fact jurors of any other race than white, please. I do not wish to state inaccuracies. There is so much info, it’s hard to keep up with the facts.

        • According to the 2010 census about 30% of people in Maricopa County are Hispanic or Latino. If its true that there were no Hispanics on that jury than I would agree something is rotten in Denmark.

          • Don’t forget about the percentage of races other than white in Maricopa. I’d have to assume that the other 70% are not ONLY white. Where are the African American, Native American, Asian American, and mixed races that could’ve ended up on that final deciding jury of 12 reps from Maricopa land? Anyone know the races of all 12? I hope this is something that Willmott and Nurmi will continue to examine and perhaps argue. Seems VERY racist for a prosecutor to do everything in his power to seat an all white jury to appeal to the potential racist undertones and attitudes of many ignorant people who are all vying for Jodi to receive the DP. Not one of all of those finger pointers and hate mongers in Travis’ crew is a race other than white or is married to or friends with a race other than white. Oh wait, I MAY have seen a black guy…………once……..somewhere. I will not believe that for one second that that clan of people never makes a racist comment or don’t secretly hold racist views. And I’m pasty white as can be, so I hold no bias. Martinez, Melendez, and Flores all should be extremely ashamed of themselves for partaking in this hate crime. Of course, they’d probably flip it around and say that they don’t want someone like Jodi representing their race. Yep, they’re so predictable.

        • The jury was not of Jodi’s peers. I said that a long time ago. A jury of her peers would have been more knowledgeable about the evolution of technology. How cell phones have changed in the past 5 years, digital photography, sexting, etc.

        • Their governor and sheriff have made it clear that IF you drive through AZ,
          you had better have your Birth Certificate. How racist is that?.
          I would totally avoid AZ, even if I had to take the longest way around.

          • Yes, I learned from a link posted on this site that the sheriff has a concentration camp (he made no protest about this terminology), with striped uniforms and all. But, not to worry: the camp is only for “them.”

            Shocking and disturbing!

            • OH yes Pique,
              I saw that. The asshole actually said that they like it.
              It should be under investigation. That shouldn’t go on anywhere
              in this country!

              VERY shocking and disturbing!

            • Moderators, please forgive me if this is a misuse of this discussion board. This will be the first–and the last–time I do this …

              You see, I have been reading over “there”–the place I won’t name here. And I want to address a manipulative and intellectually dishonest and lazy person who dared to accuse me of “minimizing” the concentration camps in WWII Europe. 

              Who the hell do you think you are?

              I am a grandchild and child of refugees. From her apartment, my grandmother heard the machine guns by the river where the bodies were falling–professors, journalists, intellectuals. Do you think she knew about the concentration camps then? About the black and white striped uniforms? That’s not how it happens. It starts with a certain group of people being targeted, and others standing by because they are afraid, or on the side of oppressors, or because they don’t understand what’s really happening. And, actually, it starts even well before that: fascist IDEAS come first.

              It was racial profiler Sheriff Arpaio himself who joked that his Tent City is a concentration camp. It was his supporters who approvingly called it the same, with NO protest from him, though now he denies it. Why should he, though? It’s easy to see that was his model: the bunks, the black and white uniforms, the sweltering and degrading conditions for non-violent detainees, including Mexicans, some of whom were helpless children when they crossed the border. 

              Does it have to be a Belsen before we’re permitted shock and disgust? Not according to Amnesty International, who wrote a report on Tent City.

              Who is doing the minimizing of horrors? The jokey sheriff? His supporters? You? Because it sure as hell wasn’t me. 

              And, since you seem unable or unwilling to do a little research (though you’ve declared your thinking superior to the thinking that happens here), before you wildly misrepresent another’s quotations, perhaps you should stick to calling people vulgar names–something at which you excel. You can also continue to find hilarity in poor spelling and grammar–no harm done–but it really wouldn’t hurt for you to look at your own first. Apostrophes, pronouns and contractions are your problem areas. But, frankly, that’s the least of your problems, isn’t it?

              • Pique sweetie,
                I totally understand your outburst. After my outburst last week I never went back because they are like a disease. The more I went back and read their posts, the more sick I got. Honestly, I got to the point where I said “Fuck them! Instead of waisting my precious time there I’d rather be here reading and posting what really matters: Jodi’.
                I can handle the namecalling and the snarky jokes they make about our spelling, grammar, etc. but when it comes to them insulting greater matters that concern us (and they have no idea about what the fuck they are saying cause they don’t know us), that really raged me.
                The ‘cancer’ and the poison they spread will all come back to them one day cause as a great friend and Jodi supporter said: Karma will bite them in the ass! And when Karma does come to them I truely advise them to stop and think for a minute what they have done and said before saying “what did I do to deserve this”.
                My advice is to write them off and don’t go back. They are not worth your time.
                Good for you for standing up though because in a way you are helping them by educating them and helping them realize that there is life outside the bubble they live in! Although, I am sure that they will not understand half the things you wrote! ‘Amnesty International’ !!! Pfff, stop using the difficult words! You are confusing them! 😉

                • Ah, you’re very kind, Pandora … and you’re right that they are comfortable right where they are. They won’t let the truth–about very important matters–stand in the way of of a cheap, dishonest and ill-informed insult. The compulsion to insult matters more than anything, it seems. I hope she’s ashamed, but I won’t hold my breath.

                  Calins et de baisers pour mon amie grecque!

              • Great post Pique!

                Wild misrepresentation is exactly what “they” have done since forever. “They” being the “Them” you are referring to, and all the rest of the hate groups that have cropped up over the Internet during this case.

                I don’t bother with it usually because any sane, reasonable person will look at those sites, and click away in disgust. I can’t see how anyone would want to post in those places, unless they have severe personal issues, after seeing the manipulative tactics orchestrated there. It’s like a honey pot to collect the Internet’s most hateful trolls.

                • Eww … now I can visualize all the hateful trolls stuck to the gooey pot, eating and feeding one another to their heart’s content …

                  Thanks for that! Pictures are edifying!

                • Your very welcome. lol

                  Let it never be said I’ve never snickered at the idea of the haters drowning in their own lake of iniquity. If only there was a useful application for said honey pots, like making a list to plea to the courts with to prevent them from reproducing (oh good god could you just IMAGINE two of them actually doing so???). Sadly I need a license to catch a fish, but any schmuck can go and make a kid and screw up the kid. Go figure.

      • Jeff,

        Curious – Martinez is Hispanic and so is Flores so if the jury/ court of public opinion reacted to Jodi’s ethnicity wouldn’t they have also shown bias toward her accusers? ( I’m not saying racism didn’t exist in this case or jodi’s life, just wondering how much bias you think played a role?)

        • I don’t know that the jury itself demonstrated racial bias. But I think it has affected much public opinion and the white bread friends of Alexander.

          • We have received hate comments saying that we are “spic lovers”… I figured those comments reflected a sad, pathetic and small minority of idiots.

            • Yep, I AM a lover of Mexicans, so what is wrong with that???? How derogatory and racist for THEM to use that term. Very telling of how alive racism still is in this country.

              • It was a handful of comments out of thousands. I don’t think its indicative of racism on a large scale or nearly every comment would have shown that bias. I don’t want to misrepresent the hate I’ve seen out there.

                • Okedokee, I hear ya. I wouldn’t be surprised though it Travis’ crew was indeed a bit racist.

                • JC–I agree that the racism in Jodi’s case is not overt on a large scale, but only in the sense that we’re not hearing those in-your-face racial slurs. I also have to agree with MB’s comments that it would be naive to believe that undercurrents of racism aren’t quietly feeding into and augmenting the blatant woman-hating that has chosen Jodi as an easy target (never mind that every single day men beat up, stab, and kill women–they are punished and forgotten; their hairstyles, glasses prescriptions and genitals are not endlessly discussed).

                  Where there’s sexism, racism is never lurking too far away, and vice versa. They intersect at some point, because they come from the same place. Both are still normalized enough to still be largely invisible, and both are vehemently denied at every turn.

                  In Jodi’s case, she’s been made into “the other,” not one of us, in almost every way imaginable. In the social, economic, psychological, sexual, intellectual, emotional and even physical realms, she’s been stripped of any traits that might allow for even a crumb of sympathetic identification; she’s been declared unfit, freaky, unacceptable, alien–FOREIGN to all the good people who, having taken the label “normal” for themselves and only themselves, know what needs to be done with her–i.e., she has to be destroyed.

                  There’s no reason why, given her not-quite-white status, that racial anxieties, conscious or not, would be excluded from all the other superimpositions she’s been subjected to, all the other ways her body–the very idea of it–has been used as a dumping ground for deep-seated fears. 

                  Whether others perceived that Jodi tried to avoid looking “ethnic,” or Jodi herself actively took steps toward idealized white beauty, it just confirms that she wasn’t untouched by the notion that being white is the standard, the default, by which “ethnicity” is recognized, rejected, fetishized, or otherwise used as a screen for psychological projections.

                  It’s very possible that she’s internalized the prejudice all around her. No need to be called a “spic” for that to happen. And just look at the demographics of the jury. Is that an accident? Prejudice can be and often is very tidy and genteel. It’s not about simple name-calling, anyway: racism is obviously much bigger and pervasive than verbal abuse. Same with sexism of course, though sexism is widely tolerated and encouraged. Why call Jodi dirty Latina names, and risk censure, when skank, whore and cunt are so handy and so acceptable? And one can just say something about her evil eyes, always modified to include their colour–her empty “dark” eyes, her dead “black” eyes–always! Why? As if they were so unusual in colour, when in reality, the majority of the world’s population has dark brown eyes. But, again, it’s all about who gets to decide what’s so different that it falls outside the range of normal, standard, safe, good.

                  If, when it comes to Jodi, her other, alien, or nonhuman status was truly, purely about the naked-man-stabbed-cut-shot (it’s like a prayer or a morbid incantation, for crying out loud), none of us would be having these conversations about why America hates and needs her so much. Her having a Mexican heritage isn’t the main event, but it’s surely an element, a bonus, that helps to feed and sustain the mob that will, it seems, NEVER ever examine itself and identify its own sicknesses.

                  Whew! That was long, and I’m thankful to anyone who read through to the end! But really, this case is a phenomenon because it’s pulled back the curtain on so many kinds of ugly realities that have been there all along … and it’s not always easy to be brief …

                • This journalist, Dennis Romero, agrees … “Jodi Arias is not White”:

                  ‘Here was a clear case of a clean-cut Mormon white boy having his life taken by a purported tramp who was clearly different.

                  ‘Anthony and Arias? One woman got off, so to speak, and another didn’t. We’re not saying “race” played a part in this. But our boss, who has worked in Arizona, put it this way: If Arias had been acquitted, it would have been Phoenix’s O.J. trial, with white riots in the desert.’


                • Great posts Pique!

                  It’s true that racial slurs are far in between, as JC noted. I think you nailed it – Jodi’s background is a “bonus” for bigots who already hate her for being female to hate her even more for not being “completely white” and feel emboldened to express that hate.

                • Pique said and I so agree
                  And Pique that’s exactly what makes this so dangerous.

                  “Where there’s sexism, racism is never lurking too far away and vice versa.They intersect at some point because they come from the same place. Both are still normalized enough to still be invisible and both are vehemtly denied at every turn.”

          • I think the jury did demonstrate racial bias. The trial aloud more of it because of the lynch mob stuff and all the followers. Martenez – as long as he was against Jodi, in that trial, the jurors weren’t focusing on his nationality. But with TA’s family, Nancy Disgrace, and the overwhelming white pasty people, including Pasty Shirley Pickles the jury was not seeing Jodi as one of them. Another big clue that they were watching TV and HLN. If Jodi really had a jury of her peers, those women would have understood Jodi’s horrific situation. That is because they live with that abuse from certain white men taking advantage all the time of their bodies. That was one huge unbalanced justice system. So much for all the teaching they try to do in schools of understanding what other cultures live through.

        • Although JM was nasty with everyone, he was particularly so with Jodi. Someone wrote about dehumanizing her, and he certainly did it at every opportunity. The way that he used the word “breed” to describe her desire to have children, I found most offensive. But he always referred to her in a demeaning less than human way.

          • Oh,my…I remember that ‘line’ of his along with the other disgusting one ”squeeling like a cat’ . Martinez did his best to make her appear like a feral animal or something, acting solely on savage,primordial instincts with the sexual drive being the most prominent one. Absolutely misogynistic.

          • I really don’t think it was the pictures of Alexander.
            A woman here that was abused stabbed her husband 100 times and was aqcittied.

              • maria,
                I thought since they had something on it last week, that it was ALL news, but I think it was Susan Wright in 2004. She was acquitted, I”M SORRY!! BUT I think that she was charged with 2nd degree murder and maybe got 25 years.
                Thought it was current news. : /.

                That is a lot different that Jodi, isn’t it?
                Charged with 1st and will get Life in prison or DP.
                It breaks my heart.
                Seems like the FBI would come in and check AZ for this mess and the concentration camp????

      • Still,as I’ve said before I dont believe Jodi was ashamed of or embarrased by her race. I Otherwise she would have never gone into the trouble of learning Spanish fluently and even travelling to Mexico to practise it(remember?when she met that other Arias boy) .

        Dying her hair had more to do with how OTHER people would judge her simply because she happened to fit their Mujer Latina stereotype and although she is above that it could all be a matter of ”you cannot fix stupid” to her.
        When you are as bright a person as Jodi was/is you do not like people forming opinions about you just because of your origin,but you want them to see all your intellectual charisma. You think she hadnt experienced any kind of racism? I highly doubt it. Not even when she was working at that Ventona Resort with rich clients?Again,doubtful. Dying her hair would be the simplest solution to avoid stupid racist remarks.IMHO,of course.

        • I agree Maria, great point!

          Yes, there’s more than one angle to see this from. Ok, IF she dyed her hair to avoid looking “ethnic” (I’m still dubious); so then we must look at everything that’s involved with the perception of being Latino. It wasn’t so long ago that hate crimes against Latinos were very high; couple this with the sexism of Jodi being seen as a “hot saucy Lolita” and I can see that being a reason to sort of make over her image into more of a Pollyanna (as Travis so derisively put it).

          If what Jeff says is correct, then she’s gotten bullshit from both sides of the coin on this; and rather than encouraging empathy people are encouraging to condemn Jodi for the simple act of dying her hair. Martinez also made a huge issue of Jodi dying her hair, too, so it seems either way, when Jodi dyes her hair blonde OR brown, she’s going to be criticized for it. She just can’t catch a break.

      • Well Jeff, then I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree; because my point was that this is how whites in America were reacting to the case. I brought forward proof that it happened, so there it is. Just because someone wanted to back it up for whatever reason, does not somehow make the racism of this case go away.

  30. Just thought I would mention another couple of possible legal issues.

    The judge allowed the felony murder charge to go forward based on the felony being assault.
    But Martinez in closing argues the felony is burglary ( totally ridiculous…. ).
    I think that raises a due process questions. Also according to wikipedia

    assault is not a crime that supports felony murder.

    But I’m definitely not a lawyer ( even though I have been accused of that on occasion! )

  31. Hi Everyone,

    It’s has a while since I have posted – life got in the way.

    I watched the Lifetime movie of Jodi. I have never been so mad or disgusted in my life! I could only get through about 20 minutes before I was spitting fire.

    They misrepresented EVERYTHING! Jodi did NOT meet Travis in a men’s restroom. As far as I remember, Travis was NOT dating anyone on the night they met. Also, I don’t recall that Travis and Jodi had sex the first night (or at any time on that first meeting).

    They portrayed that Jodi and Travis were having dinner parties. I don’t remember anything about that – certainly not from Jodi’s testimony OR his friends on HLN.

    They misrepresented Jodi joining the Mormon faith.

    This movie was SUCH a crock of crap. Talk about “low budget.” I could have done a better acting job than the lead actors of that movie.

    I wish someone would do an ACCURATE movie.

    Did anyone else watch it? I couldn’t even get to the end – I turned it off!

    • I watched it, Nicole. I missed the first 15 minutes or so but then I stuck through the whole movie. I thought it was laughable. The acting was quite good though!

      They took some truths and totally distorted them. They also made up a bunch of stuff – like Jodi following Travis and taking pics of him secretly so she could create a collage on his mirror. That was complete fiction.

      The one thing I found interesting about the movie was how hard they tried to make Travis look saintly (but failed). Even after he found the photo collage in his home he invited Jodi in and slept with her. It mirrored real life in that aspect, at least.

      • Hey if you didn’t know anything about Jodi or they didn’t use Jodi’s name the movie was great. So they even got the color of the dog wrong but at least they were consistent.

        Just my take but had that movie come out before the trial it just might have backfired as the defense would have had a clear road map of just what was in the jurors heads.

    • Hi Nicole, I have considered watching it ONLY because I like the actress that played Jodi. I saw her in Lost and I think she has potential to really grow in Hollywood.

      I was so disappointed when she accepted the role, but at least she didn’t take a ride on the hate train with the rest of the actors off set. I know actors need jobs, they are only human and need to eat too.

      But I am disappointed that Lifetime, a supposed “television for women” channel is catering to women who hate and are jealous of other women. To be fair, their movies were never meant to be silver screen qualified; but still they have made better than this or the Casey Anthony movie which sucked big nasty sweaty gym socks.

  32. Hey guys! Good morning to all!
    Still trying to shake off a hangover! LOL! Today was a national holiday here and so I didn’t go into work. I got a chance to watch the movie.
    To whomever didn’t watch it I highly recommend them NOT to watch it.
    It was very poorly made. The acting was horrible and the story was so off. As I expected, it showed Jodi to be a stalker and possesed with jelousy and travis to be a saint with only flaw him being a womenizer. It did not show him abusing Jodi, which was the main thing in this case.
    Unfortunately, this movie hardly had any of the facts we heard during the trial. It will not do any good to Jodi. As a matter of fact I believe that this movie was trying to put out the fire of hatred towards Jodi with gasoline (David Bowie lyrics ‘Cat People’)!
    Oh well, we all expected this movie to be a spoof.
    This will not put down our spirits because nothing is over yet.
    I still trust that the justice system of America will finally step in and see what a circus this trial has been (inside the courtroom and out) and will do the right thing in giving Jodi a second chance to a fair trial.
    (((((((Never giving up on Jodi)))))))

    • I didn’t watch it but I read some mostly unfavorable reviews. One reviewer commented on something I had said earlier. It would have been a much more interesting film to do it according to Jodi’s story. Or they could have done a combination of Jodi’s story and Martinez, going back and forth and showing the same scene from each perspective. Maybe someone will be smart enough to do that rather than just present a soap opera filled with trash.

    • Hey girl! I’ve missed you!

      You did tempt me the other day and I watched 20 minutes of that crappy movie( movie my ass!). Then the stream went down and I didnt bother to search for another.I was laughing so hard so as not to break my comp.screen.So many freaking inaccuracies I couldnt believe my eyes! That actress made Jodi so one-dimensional,it was hard to watch her portray her as some kind of delusional obsessed-with-Travis-from-the-moment-she-laid-her-eyes-on-him stalking bitch. Not to mention that they made her look like a nympho!!!

      (Haters,in case you’re reading this NO we do NOT believe Jodi is any of these things and if you’re still pissed about it 6 fucking months later,either take a chill pill or you know…visit your therapist,you obviously have issues! )

      • Maria!!! I’ve missed you too! I am still fighting off the hangover I’ve got!!! I believe that by tomorrow I’ll be fine.
        As for the movie, yes I totally agree with you. ‘Based on a true story’ : my ass!
        Garbage! That’s what it was.

    • Just as I thought!!! A big steaming pile of bull shit. I just couldn’t bring myself to watch. Glad I didn’t.

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  33. BTW, thanks for writing that you guys are also experiencing problems with the right clicking on links. I thought I was having trouble with my computer again!

  34. I did not watch it as I thankfully do not have cable. The movie is very likely to be pure trickery. If you can watch it with that in mind, you’ve already taken another step closer to the truth. “They” set out to paint Jodi as a manipulative lying seductress from the very beginning. I really do believe they intended to use Jodi as the fall girl for Travis’ murder. They laid it on real thick with their deceptive tactics. Jodi is not the liar. If she has lied about anything, it is because she was forced to with threats and intimidation. The players involved have given themselves away with their excessive mud slinging though. Jodi even said herself how she wished a spotlight could be shown on Martinez’s lies. She’s the light in all of this, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I can see what is really going on with the state, and their goons. I’m just an ordinary citizen, so I truly pray that those with superior law enforcement powers take notice of this entire case. If they don’t, just watch how this country is going to devolve.

  35. I DVR’d the Jodi movie but haven’t watched it. I figure it’s just more piling on from the Travis Taliban. If you watched it and I’m wrong and it’s worth my time please let me know.

    I haven’t been posting much at all lately but I check in and read your posts at least a few times a week. I haven’t forgotten Jodi or my Jodi family and I never will.

    • If you want to invest some time in another tale of dirty little secrets, check out a book with the same title called, “Dirty Little Secrets, The Persistence of Corruption in American Politics.” It may be more worth your time. It is a bit dated, but gives you a good understanding of the seedy underbelly of American politics. I gasped when it caught my eye at the library. I was particularly interested in the chapter called “The Lord’s Work,” which outlines how religion influences politics.


    i just watched a few minutes of the zimmerman case at

    and read some earlier material at that website during jury selection

    Posted: 06/13/2013

    the abysmal level of ignorance from a potential juror about the law of self defense is astounding

    absolutely no awareness of the law

    here’s the relevant extract

    “One candidate, a white male who appears to be in his 20s, said he didn’t think it was possible for him to block what he has already heard about the case from his mind and listen to the judge’s instructions.

    “Murder is murder, even if self-defense. It doesn’t make it right to kill somebody,” the potential juror said.”

    i presume he was rejected, and is not one of the alternates, and his statement was not simply a ploy to avoid jury duty

    how much his ignorance, and attitude infected jodi’s trial i don’t know, but it would go a long way to explaining the bizarre, irrational verdicts in jodi’s case

    of course, there were many other factors influencing the verdict in jodi’s case, but with a juror on the jury with that mindset makes it almost impossibe the find for a defendant

    it colors every piece of evidence

    and that attitude is very widespread, and joins with a host of other ignorant preconceptions to make jury selection/rejection so critical

    • Wes,

      I posted a video by a Cambridge University professor 2-3 days ago that contained several examples of strange things jurors did or thought.

      During one trial, several jurors got together and used a ouija board to determine whether the defendant was guilty or innocent. They were found out before a verdict was reached.

      In another trial, a man raped 27 women over the course of several years and left his DNA at every crime scene. When he was caught and went to trial, he claimed his ex-wife had collected his semen when they were married and she had gone around to each crime scene and left some of his semen there to incriminate him. TWO jurors believed him.

  37. (Off topic and sorry for my gossiping but… )

    A FB page for Napoleon?THE DOG?
    Really? I dont know if I have to burst out crying or laughing!

    I’ll better go PUKE!

    • I am positive, Maria, that if there had been a cockroach scampering around Travis’ house and it could have netted some cash, it would have been declared a pet and given a page. I am guessing they want donations. If someone left me their pet I would not be begging for money to take care of it, as I heard, at one point, they were doing for this pooch. I would work extra hours if I had to to take care of it. The greed of these Mormons and the followers is just plain tacky. Have they no shame? Jodi has more class in one hair follicle.

      • I’m pretty sure there WERE a few cockroaches there, Gwen.

        They’ve been making regular appearances on HLN.

      • Well I’d hate to say this Gwen, but the dog is the only innocent, sympathetic personality on “that side.”

        I’d give my money to a dog before I’d give it to “them,” whether it’s the family, friends, or some legacy fund.

        I do see your point though, money for a dog? What, did Napoleon have surgery? Did they even say? I can see asking for money IF the dog seriously needed it, and I might give it IF I saw the vet bill. I do feel sorry for that dog.

    • I had thought that was somebody’s spoof response to sirlips’ “Spanky” (or whatever his name is, lol) story. You mean it’s still up?

      • Yep,it’s still up.I saw it last night.People even post support messages for the dog,for crying out loud!! Tanisha wrote something like’ you may miss your dad but your mom takes good care of you’ Yikes!

    • you should still be able to copy using menu or keyboard commands

      it’s the right-click that has stopped working.

      • Journee
        firefox ok using menu commands, NOT keyboard commands or mouse
        presume some errors made in writing the code for the website
        previously no problem

        • Safari isn’t lovin’ it either, Wes.

          What’s weird is that it started Saturday night, then on Sunday morning it worked fine again for awhile, then it stopped again.

          • none of my system has changed
            so it’s probably the coding of the website
            i’m told it’s very easy to make coding errors
            never tried safari

            • I am just wondering if it is some kind of bug –

              the page was working, then it stopped working, then it worked again for a short while, then it stopped again

              • It is a bit frustrating because when people post links you cant right click on them to read without leaving this page 🙁

  38. I know I’ve already stated my thoughts on the Jodi movie, but I have something to add. While watching, the movie kept reminding me of another that I’ve seen before. Well, actually, multiple movies. I really feel they could have done a better job. The whole obsessed story they went for has been done to death already. A few examples: “An Unfinished Affair”, (this is actually the movie that Dirty Little Secret reminded me of the most), “Obsessed” (the one with Shannen Doherty, and the one with Ali Larter & Beyonce), Devil in the Flesh, Single White Female, The Roommate, Swimfan, Fatal Attraction, etc.

  39. WOW,

    Could not have said anything better myself. The movie was so biased it was ridiculous and I am still baffled how a movie that Jodi did not sign off on or even Travis for that matter, is allowed to profit. If they were “basing” it on them abut the actual names weren’t used and the “likeness” of character wasn’t used, then maybe I can see it. BUT IT IS DEFAMATION of CHARACTER to portray somebody and make money when she didn’t sign off on it. Pure exploitation.

  40. Good mornig friends.

    I just finished reading all your posts and I would like to state my opinions on a couple of things I read:

    1. About the pictures and the camera: Why in the world would Jodi leave the camera behind? I mean, it had photos proving that Jodi was there and this evidence would link to her after it was proccessed by the authorities. Even if it was put in the washing machine, there was a chance that sth could be salvaged. If it was me I would take the camera with me and destroy it when I was far away. It’s not like travis would have any use of it in the future.
    2. About racism: IMO, I do not think that racism played any major roles in this trial. I believe it is more likely to do with religion and power. Jodi was new in the mormon community and it seems she was not approved by most of the other members (either it was because of jealousy, attention she was getting, she was ‘stealing’ travis from his friends, etc). A lot of those members have high positions and have the ability to influence others, so it would be an easy thing to make Jodi look like the ‘crazy bitch’ as the cashes, halls and others presented her to be. A very easy target.
    3. Hair coloring: I think we are looking into this too much. Maybe Jodi thought that being a blond was more sexy (and ALL women want to be sexy). Maybe as time passed by she got bored of the sexy blond image and wanted sth more natural. Who is to say why she dyed her hair? And what is the big fuss? I for one (in a matter of 2yrs) have gone from blond (my natural color) to red, to blue, to purple, to brown, back to blond, then black, black with white highlights, black with red highlights, black withblond highlights and now trying to change it back to my natural color. All it is, is a phase called style and fashion! Nothing more than that, imo.
    4. Jodi being half mexican: Jodi is much too intellegent to have these kinds of taboos. I don’t think she was ashamed of her race heritage. Maybe she thought that she would not have the same respect and opportunities as others might have because of racism and that is why she might have wanted to hide it, if that is the case at all.

    • Good morning all, I must agree Pandora the camera would have been very easy to pick up and take with her. The hair color, my daughter changed her hair color at least once a month sometimes more. (red, blue, purple, brown. interesting) lol. As far as Jodi goes I personally like the natural color, the blonde looked too fake. And being half Mexican who knew? It wouldn’t matter to me if she was from mars. Well its off to work y’all have a good day.

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • She took the knife and gun. Not taking the camera which was incriminating evidence placing her at the crime scene makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! She is a photographer,she knew those photos would be retrieved – bleaching the camera wouldnt destroy the memory card.

      • Exactly my point! The camera that was incriminating evidence and was the easiest to destroy was left behind? I’m not buying it!

    • Great post Pandora!

      I agree with you about most all of it. I too think the whole hair bleaching subject was taken and run with people who want to find anything to criticize Jodi about. I feel the same way you do – Jodi is far too intelligent to worry about that. She’s very open minded and I can see her challenging the small minded, the same way she did when Martinez cross examined her. lol

      The racism issue – well I still think it’s there, but I understand why others don’t think it’s as big of an issue. I think Pique said it best though – it was just a bonus for bigots to hate Jodi *even more* than they already do. I think the American response to this is a good indicator of our political climate. It wasn’t too long ago that hate crimes against Latinos were at an all time high. Arizona is also extremely hostile against Latino immigrants. I think this is all worth considering in our current political climate that has affected Jodi’s case.

  41. Another source of unfairness: the mass media totally dominate search results for say “Jodi Arias”.

    You might expect sites with large amounts of objective information about the defense to rank above trash sites that HLN, TMZ etc. but taht doesn’t happen.

    Google is not following it’s “do no evil” precept.

  42. I pray that Mr Nurmi an excellent defense attorney reads thi from SJ, via Chris. Excellent BTW. I pray the Jury reads this, I pray any prospective Juror against Jodi Arias and any firture Juror, reads this. I hope an appeal is made and they read this I hope that Judge Stephens reads this, I hope the Alexander family reads this. I am writing this so if anyone does a google search for their name or this case, they will be driven by google etc and see this. I wish the fucking stupid Jury had listened to the trial and knew this for themselves and most importantly, I pray Jodi walks free. Hey if she goes free, Tanisha Alexander and Samantha Alexander, you may be able to make even more money!! wont that make you two greedy blood sucking bitches happy?

  43. Agree on all the points about the camera. Would seem to me that Jodi would just take out the SD card, since she is a photographer. Why would she leave it and all the evidence behind for Detective Flores?

  44. Well guys I did it….. I have successfully avoided going to the hater sites, I have boycotted HLN….. and I even refused to watch the airing of the Jodi movie on Saturday. But then they replayed it last night and I lost my mind and watched it. We all know that it was total bullshit but what struck me the most even more than the complete fabrication of facts was how totally inconsistent they portrayed her personality. I have seen NOTHING at all to indicate she was an off balance psycho. The Jodi in the movie was bat shit crazy. I have seen movies use poetic license but this was ridiculous. I remember testimony that she read Travis text messages once but I do not remember anything about her texting women from his phone. Did I miss something? And the pictures taken while Travis and the girl were asleep on the couch? WTF? I expected they would try to use the tire slashing but the rest was completely ludicrous. I stand even more amazed at the stupidity of man in general at this point. Sad that the sanity is all found through people on a website I have never met but you guys seem to be the only sane people around! Hugs to you all.

    • If I had cable I may have caved and watched also. I don’t recall ANY testimony that she text women from his phone. I remember that she emailed guys at Travis’ request to end friendships. And pictures of Travis and a woman sleeping on his couch?! It seems to me that they twisted some of the “rumors” about Jodi’s supposed actions. All of the stalking, tire slashing, she had an evil stare comments came from Travis’ friends and family………..maybe lifetime thought they could come up with better “stories” on their own. 🙁

      • Oh no Jaz, you don’t understand……she was bat shit crazy. It was so overblown that I swear I would have thought WTH if I was in the other camp. And help me here, they totally confused me. The person who was supposed to go to Cancun was Mimi Hall right? But she was not the person who Jodi saw through the window on Travis couch was she? They changed the girls name completely (Katie I think) and portrayed as if it were the same person. They had Jodi come in while they were asleep on the couch and take pics which she posted in a psycho collage on his mirror. I mean where do they come up with this crap? What is bad is that people who never watched the testimony now think this is what actually happened.

        • Did I mention the defenseless Travis who just stood and let Jodi stab him over and over without even putting his hands up? Of course they have her starting the unprovoked attack while he is in the shower with his back turned. She went in there and started stabbing him after she saw a text from Mimi/Katie. Oh and there was a real effort to show her leaving a perfect bloody handprint on the wall. Again, if I was pro Travis I would have thought this was BS so you can imagine how crazy everyone in the house thinks I am after enduring my rants at the tv while I was watching. In all fairness it probably was pretty comical. I was livid.

        • Mimi Hall was the person who was slated to go to Cancun. And I am positive that she was not the girl Jodi saw Travis.

          • Exactly what I thought. They had all the girls he ever dated mixed into one girl. Guess they had to condense for times sake since he porked half of Arizona and three surrounding states. (all while remaining a virgin)

    • Hi peeps! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted because of our move but I now have the kids totally unpacked and literally have 4 boxes left to go through! Yay!!! We’ve been here 3 weeks now and we love it!!!

      So I watched the movie last night too! What a joke!!! Seriously, they could have stuck to what was testified to at trial and done much better! I recall there being testimony from someone that at one point Jodi had texted a girl from TA’s phone saying something like,Can’t talk now cuddling with Jodi, but that is all I remember ever hearing about! Of course they had Jodi in the movie texting girls all the time from his phone! The killing scene pissed me off too because they portray TA as completely defenseless and not putting up a fight! GTFO!!! And the “stalking” scenes were freaking ridiculous! I get it that Lifetime creates super dramatic movies, but seriously the real story is more dramatic IMO!

      That’s my two cents! Love you all, have missed you all! Glad to be back!!! 🙂

    • That movie took a few tidbits of the story, mixed them all up, and then added a whole bunch of lies. Jodi ttestified that she did send one message but I am pretty certain it was online, and remembering that they both exchanged their passwords, Jodi saw a message from a woman to the T-dogg and she responded something …”cuddling with Jodi”. I’m not sure what state she was living in at the time. The movie certainly did not represent the story of Jodi and TA at all.

    • Tell me about it tnlucy! When I watched it, I was like ‘WHAAAAAAT?”!!!! It was a bullshit movie and you are so right: the stalking scenes were so ridiculously corky. Most part of the movie was fiction and it certainly did not apply to what actually happened between Jodi and travis. Did you see the idiotic way it started with Jodi following travis to the ‘can’? Come on! It never showed travis mentally and physically abusing Jodi – ‘playing’ her which in reality was a fact all thru their relationship and after that too.

      • And to top it all off they had her coming by the house to tell him she was moving back to Cali on the day she killed him. I mean did they have ZERO access to the police interviews etc prior to filming this travesty? At least they kept the overdramatic sisters out of it. Hell I am surprised the whole thing wasn’t written from their POV.

        • It was all a big freaking twisted LIE! She was portrayed like A.Perkins on Psycho from the minute the movie started! Delusional,obsessed,crazy and basically psychopathic! Shattering her cell phone because he hung up on her???

          Stalking him,appearing in all kinds of places he went IN DISGUISE to snap pictures of him,tresspassing his house to take pics of him and that Katie person while they were asleep to make a collage and stick it on his mirror,slashing his tires ans sending that psycho note to the girl.WTF?

          Not to mention that she was also portrayed as a SLUT,did you see the outfits they had her wear? Hot shorts and tight T-shirts all the time! And what about Mr Alexander who was played as a poor innocent man who did not like sex or being bl**n (pardon my french) I LOLed at so many scenes especially that pool scene where she goes underwater to…well you know and he acts as if he’s unconfortable. HAHA!Do you know of any guy who wouldnt enjoy that?

          The killing scene? Gimme a break! Poor Travis crawling on the floor to get away and her looking at him,enjoying that. Now,IF she dragged him by his legs to get him back where is the effing dragging mark on the floor in the evidence photos???

          Why do I even bother? The Court itself and the real Jurors chose either to disregard or not ask these kinds of questions.Would we expect a cheap,low budget,biased movie to follow the evidence(or lack of it) ?

          • Lord Maria I wish we could have gotten a bottle of wine and watched together! I also loved the clear distinct bloody handprint that never existed. And Jodi is so amazingly talented…… The pool scene 🙂 Next time you are in a pool try out the logistics of what they suggested. Jodi would have been the one needing an autopsy! Not a woman in the world that could do that underwater without drowning which incidently is NOT sexy. Oh and the skank showed up at poor innocent Travis’ door in a maid uniform too. Wish I had known all this before I decided this was an overcharged witch hunt, I might have reconsidered lol.

          • LOL…………. hot shorts and tight tee shirts? Show me one pic of that and I wont laugh my ass off. Travis not enjoying getting blown? Either that is complete fiction, or it’s because Jodi was 15 years too old for his taste.

            • Oh no Renee’, we have had this thing all wrong. Thankfully Lifetime has gotten me straightened out! I have seen the error of my ways, I can’t believe I have slandered poor St Travis all this time. My God! Did you watch that shit?

              • Hell, NO, I did NOT watch it…. if I want to watch fantasy, I would pick something funner, such as The Wizard of Oz.

                • I said the same thing then I drank the Kool-Aid and succumbed to watch the crock. There is no way anyone with a brain can reconcile the lunatic that they portrayed Jodi to be with the woman who sat in court the last few months. If you heard her journals and her testimony you would know that she is a completely different person than the character they showed in that movie. The funny part is that I can see Jodi finding it utterly hilarious. She seems to have a real sense of what is real and who she is. I think that is one thing that angers the haters so much is that she is so real. She isn’t that character they want to see.

                • I agree, tn; I hope some how she is able to watch it. She would get a shit ton of laughs at it. 😆

    • Hugs to you too tnlucy. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – if it weren’t for this site, I’d give up on the human race.

      Thanks for your review of the movie. I thought about wasting an hour and a half of my life on it and after reading your post wisely reconsidered, so your pain was not for nothing. lol

      • There volume of comments has been so high, from all over the world, that it’s probably hard to get your word in.

        I’m thinking it’s best to wait a while until everything has dies down.

        There are reports that Nigella will be in LA.

        Generally there has been a huge wave of sympathy for Nigella – I admit she used to be too over the top for me, but well, now she can do no wrong, everyone is united on that. I hope she comes out fighting in due course. As for Charles Saatchi he should call Alyce, but unfortunately I don’t think he will, hope I’m wrong.

        • I followed Nigella’s story a bit. Is she in a state of standing by other victims of DV and fighting? Or is she still in the denial phase? Coz if she is not ready to tell her story yet then she is of ‘no use’ to us. Dont get me wrong, what I mean is that a celebrity having experienced DV would be a great spokesperson for Jodi but if she hasnt come to terms with what has recently happened to her,Nigella cant help our cause.

  45. Hey everybody! A few things:
    1- I adopted a cat this weekend from the Humane Society! I love my dogs but now I’m a cat mama too 🙂
    2- Pandora- I wrote Jodi a postcard today and included that you said hello, all the way from Greece!
    3- I’m popping in and out for the next few days. It’s very busy at work right now because we take the week of the 4th off. Have a good day and try to stay cool, everybody! (It’s in the 90s here!)

    • 1. Congrads on being a mama to your new kitty!!! What did you name her?
      2. Thank you sooooooooooo much for including my ‘hello’ in the postcard. <3
      3. You too have a great day! It was blazing in Greece also!


      • Awe, Pan… thank you for saving the world’s kitties one kitty at a time. I finally talked the hubby into letting me save another one I found at the Humane Society.

        • Renee’, I wasn’t the one that adopted the kitten, it was Rachel! The kittens in our neighborhood are free spirited! Nobody owns them but everyone takes care of them! They are sth like roaming gypsies! Right now we have Penelope that gave birth in our neighbor’s chicken coop! The kittens are baby sat by the chickens! So funny and cute. I will try to take pics.
          I am glad you guys love animals. I DO judge a person from their love for animals! And according to my judgement you guys are awesome!

          • Awesome……Rachel, I like Kiwi better than Juno.

            Pan, bless your heart for taking care of the neighborhood free spirits. We do the same. We built a shelter last summer that is warm and water proof, and we feed the neighborhood ferals. I have actually snagged my two best kitties from outside after they were all messed up and damaged. People are SICK about cats, and we see them cut, bitten, poisoned, ect.

            I will save any and every one I find. And I agree, animal lovers are generally better people in all regards. 😀

            ps……….. while I understand the need for the right-click ban, it is going to be hell on my spelling 😉

            • Thanks, Renee! I am a huge animal lover. Last year my former neighbor went on a tirade after he found out we were feeding the alley cats on our street. He was an all-around asshole, though, not just an animal hater.
              Much love <3

      • Thank you! Her name at the shelter was Juno, but we named her Kiwi. She is 4 years old and so sweet! And you are most welcome for including that. The more people she knows that support her, the better! Stay cool!

    • Rachel!!!!!!!!!!

      Congtars on being a cat mama! You are now officially in our Cats Club!
      So sweet of you to include Pandora’s name. I did it too when I wrote to Jodi- I made sure to let her know she has supporters from all over the world!

    • Congratulations on being adopted by a cat. Every kitty needs a human slave!

      I’m the devoted slave to two furkids. Jake is eleven years old. I rescued him as a sick feral when he was about three. I nursed him back to health and he decided he wanted to stay even if it meant being neutered. He’s a blue-point domestic shorthair. He’s marked like a Siamese complete with blue eyes, but is just a mutt.

      Squeaky came from our local shelter that I volunteered at. She is a plain vanilla tabby kitty with one green eye.

      She originally came with two eyes but her left eye was deformed and constantly inflamed and infected. After talking it over with her vet, we decided it would be best to remove the eye to keep Squeaky comfortable and happy.

      She does great and Jakey and she love each other and I love them.

      Until two years ago, I also had a beautiful German Shepherd that I loved dearly. Sadly, he had a brain tumor and had to be put to sleep. I still miss him.

      He and Jake were very bonded and Jake was so despondent after Gryphon died that I decided to bring Squeaky home to keep him company. They were sleeping together within two days.

      Most of the time, I like animals better than people and I love all animals.

    • The 911 call was played in court, I believe. Mimi mentioned the tire slashing in that call. But, to my knowledge, that was the ONLY time the tire slashings were any part of the evidence.

      I don’t think it got a juror kicked off, though.

        • You’re right, Zoe – I just went to youtube to look for it.

          There doesn’t seem to be an available video showing all of Mimi’s testimony, but there is a little clip on youtube showing a bit of redirect (which Nurmi objected to as beyond the scope but pickles over-ruled of course) where the various “stalking behaviors” are discussed – including slashing tires, sneaking in the doggy door, threatening emails, hacking accounts, etc. She said all of this in under a minute.

          • Journee
            thanks ! jm weaseled that in along with the doggy door- I still don’t see how she got thru that little door. I wonder if they ever gave the dimensions of the doggy door. If it was tiny, since Napoleon was a small dog, the defense should have brought up the fact that she couldn’t have fit thru it.
            Also, I was thinking about how people were wondering why ta’s penis looked so red- not that I want to dwell on it! I have to get this thought out of my mind! Maybe it was red from a tootsie pop that they may have used during the day…. (cherry- ugh).

            • LOL. it was red, because he couldn’t quit “pumping it 3-4 times a day while fantasizing about Jodi” (in his words)

            • She didn’t go through the doggy door.

              Jodi explained on the stand that the doggy door was one of those designed to be used with a sliding glass door, it’s kind of a top to bottom panel with a dog door just at the bottom, and it sets in place between the door jamb and the partially opened door. Because of the dog door, the slider couldn’t be locked.
              That time she walked in on Travis and Lisa in the kitchen, she said she went in through the slider because it was never locked because of the doggy door.

              I have seen a photo, somewhere, of that doggy door. It’s so small a toddler would have trouble getting through it. I don’t know why the DT didn’t show it.

    • Both Mimi Hall and Lisa used to be Andrews both talked about how Jodi slashed tires, but I still don’t know how that was allowed in. In closing argument JM also stated that Jodi had stolen the engagement ring that he had bought for Lisa. Again, I don’t know how that was allowed.

      • I think Lisa was specifically not allowed to talk about it. I remember when she discussed the last time she broke up with Travis, she was only allowed to make a vague reference to “other things happening at the time”.

        I could be wrong, but that is how I remember it.

      • I should say the ring wasn’t bought for the Lisa he was seeing in 2008 but his girlfriend when he was 21. I saw her on tv and I thought she was a Lisa too, but I’m not positive. At any rate, none of these things were ever proven to be Jodi.

          • You’re right. I thought I might have had her name wrong. Travis’s first love but she turned him down because he worked for PPL, the same reason Lisa gave him

    • It was NEVER proven that Jodi had anything whatsoever to do with the tire slashing,or sending that religious letter OR anything to do with the burglary at her grandparents’ house.NEVER PROVEN! How they got to even talk about them in cort is beyond me.How Kermit was allowed to base one of his charges on that burglary is irrational and utterly corrupted.

    • Hi geebee,

      Juror 5 got kicked for making biased statements.

      Juror 11 left due to an illness.

      Juror 8 got kicked for being pulled over for a DUI.

      Hope this helps.

  46. Happy Tuesday my friends!

    I hope everyone is hanging in there…the summer temperatures are blazing everywhere! YUCK! Can someone please forward the calendar to November 1?!?!?!?!??!?!??!

  47. Just “running” through to say HELLO!! Been listen and watching on-line the GZ trial. This judge…. Debra Nelson knows how to run a court room!!! NO chyt taken here!!! Witnesses have been on the stand no longer then an hour if that.

    I’ll breeze through later on in the week….TAKE CARE ALL!!!!!!


    ON THE FACE OF IT, the florida law governing closings in the zimmerman trial is alarmingly different from the arizona law
    both contained in their respective rules of criminal procedure

    closings arizona

    (7) The parties may present arguments, the prosecutor having the opening and closing.

    ie twice and with no limitations on the second closing by the prosecution

    ie didn’t jm on his second closing just go through all his initial closing again and some more ?
    i didn’t listen to much from him

    now that is NOT the procedure in Florida
    there the prosecutor’s second closing is only in REBUTTAL ie new matters arising out of the defense’s closing

    here is the law for Florida

    3.381. Final Arguments

    In all criminal trials, excluding the sentencing phase of a capital case, at the close of all the evidence, the prosecuting attorney shall be entitled to an initial closing argument and a rebuttal closing argument before the jury or the court sitting without a jury. Failure of the prosecuting attorney to make a closing argument shall not deprive the defense of its right to make a closing argument or the prosecuting attorney’s right to then make a rebuttal argument. If the defendant does not present a closing
    argument, the prosecuting attorney will not be permitted a rebuttal argument.

    the procedure controlling closings in arizona is thus UNFAIR


    i raised that question during the trial

    if the above is correct, presumably that is another arguable constitutional ground for appeal by jodi

  49. Hey guys, just stopping by to say hello! Rachel LOVE LOVE LOVE your new pic, your beautiful!
    Everyone enjoying the weather…. IM JELOUSE!!! : (( Its only 74 here and I want to go to the beach (I miss FL weather : ((

    Oh, thanks for the movie reviews, I found it on youtube, but don’t know if I want to waste my time!

    Love you guys….. XOXOXOXO

  50. Hi Everyone! This just came to me:


    I call upon all of you in the legal profession as well as the rank and file public. If you claim to believe in our Constitution and all it stands for, then you MUST in all good conscience, speak out for the rule of Law. We MUST expect a standard of ethics and dignity in our courts…the dirty little secret tricks MUST STOP. We, as Americans, have to demand a level of decency from our public officials that reflects the ideals of our founding fathers. HOW can you sit idly by when your rights, in a court of law, have been trampled and left for dead. Make no mistake: you and I ARE JODI. There, but for the grace of God, go each and every one of us.

    We have to put aside our emotions and personal opinions in this case. We must rise above all that and focus on the law. For it is the Law that ultimately protects us all. If you sit by and do nothing you are just as guilty as the perpetrators of the seedy underhanded practice you like to call “justice” in Arizona. Shame on all who do nothing.

    So, I call upon you.

    Those of you who make things happen, who push the envelope in Arizona; I implore you, stand up for true justice. In accordance with the United States Constitution.

    Consider this:

    Seven out of twelve jurors in this case voted to convict Jodi Arias on two opposing counts; Murder 1 and Felony Murder. By definition, she could not POSSIBLY be guilty of both these charges. Therefore, the jury did NOT understand the definitions of the charges before them. Therefore, they could NOT make a judgment on said charges.

    Therefore, the verdict MUST be declared null and void.

    It’s as simple as that, Arizona. You must look deep inside and decide if you stand with our Constitution and Bill of Rights…or not.

    • Thanks for the link, Maria. I’m shocked that Pickles sided w/ defense on the ‘cat torture.’ Also, with this being released to the public I guess they figure there isn’t going to be another penalty phase trial. They’re pretty much shitting and pissing in the jury pool now.

    • Judging from these sidebars Martinez was an even bigger prick than I gave him credit for…which really means a smaller prick. I don’t know how the defense kept from cold cocking him.

    • geebee2,
      All I have to offer Jodi is my prayer for her freedom. I am certain, that without the TV trial, I wouldn’t have heard more than two sentences about her. Killer in one sentence and guilty in the other sentence. I feel sure Jodi would have been found guilty anyway without the tv coverage. If she had a high profile attorney she might have won, but the high power came from pickles and juan being in cahoots. That she has our prayers is better than noone knowing the truth and Jodi fading into the system. Thanks to you geebee2 and many many other, we keep the REAL story of this injustice going. I wish I could help you more Jodi, I’ll never ever stop thinking about you daily. P.S. To all Haters, you may not have Jodi’s blood on your hands, cause you have the prison killing Jodi for you,but you have her blood on your hearts and minds, so, her guilt is YOUR GUILT. You can’t sentence some one and that be the end. You have no right to kill Jodi with the evidence you showed. I hope the boomerang of LIFE gives you haters a taste of your own medicine.

  51. I believe the courtroom was conducted in a manner that gave Kermi ‘carte blanche’ to say or do whatever he felt like even if there was no foundation for his allegations. Sort of like a no holds barred cage match in wrestling. If there had been a rumor that Jodi had pulled a playmates ponytail on the teeter totter when she was 4, Judge Pickles would have allowed that to be dredged up. I truly don’t think the bitch behind the bench had ever been in a courthouse before unless she was the one being charged. And I charge her with PUI. Presiding Under the Influence…of JM.

    • Very well said Gwen!
      Thank God the incident with Jodi stealing a cookie from the cookie jar at the age of 5 didn’t come up, that would be a fucking good reason for giving her the dp !!! (Being sarcastic)
      Any which way I look at it, all I see is a great big untasteful farse on behalf of the way pickles allowed this trial to proceed. I think that although JM thinks this trial was the peak of his career, he will soon find out that he is standing on very slippery groung and his fall will be hard and hurtful. You don’t get too high by stepping on others.

    • I agree with Pan, very well said!

      I think the one thing that bothers me the most about this case, is how ANY and ALL standards of judicial procedure have been flung out the window so Martinez could rant and rave and spitefully attack anyone in the courtroom that didn’t buy into his theory.

      If this is how justice will be done in America, then what distinguishes us from the average kangaroo court in fundamentalist nations? Not much, apparently. We wear the cloak and label of a progressive nation, but put us to the test and we fail miserably.

      I have yet to see how allowing angry mobs of people – even in the guise of “reporters” – run over the justice system does anything to contribute to society in a positive or meaningful way.

  52. Hi everyone! I’ve given a lot of thought to Jodi’s possibly accepting a plea in exchange for giving up her rights to appeal a life in prison sentence. I want Jodi to continue to fight and never, ever give up. If Jodi could ever be found guilty of anything, it would probably be involuntary manslaughter. She did not premeditate Travis’s killing. She reacted in self-defense and did what she had to do to protect herself from an abuser. No woman or man should ever feel guilty for doing that. And if there’s one thing that I know about Jodi it is that she does not give up and she is a determined woman. I want Jodi and her family to know that she’s never going to fight this alone. We are with her 100% and we support and love her unconditionally which is more than I can say for what Travis Alexander ever did. Jodi, if you read this, please remember that you do not deserve the death penalty or a life in prison term. And I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll do whatever I can to help you and prove that you’re innocent until the day you are finally free and receive justice.

  53. I agree that Jodi does not deserve to spend the rest of her life in prison for protecting herself, and hope she does not let the Authorities off the hook by accepting a plea deal, and will fight this to the bitter end to gain her freedom and focus the public spotlight on the egregious injustices of this case.

    Where I come from, this case would have been charged as manslaughter by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) with a likely 15 year term of imprisonment if found guilty. I have been struck by the inconsistency in sentencing within the American judicial system, which presumably stems from the practice of individual states each doing their own thing.

    Let JA know that she is not alone in this fight and has loyal and long term supporters all over the world, in my case from Spain.

    In the meantime, I will continue to support Jodi by all possible means.

  54. How will the redresses of the trial be corrected? In addition to the errors listed above, I saw others. Mainly the prosecutor “testifying” (falsely at times) to the jury and JA’s lawyers just letting it go.

  55. Hi there, I was wondering if I could ask for a favor. I am writing a research paper on how the media unfairly covers suspected criminals before their trial, thus interfering with the Sixth Amendment on right to a fair and impartial jury, and would love to use Jodi Arias’s trial as an example. I’ve been trying to find the HLN video(s) you mentioned in your #8 point, but can’t seem to find the right one(s). Could someone send a link to said video(s)?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Have a great day!

    • Hi Rebecca, good plan/project!

      There is not one specific HLN video.
      The whole bunch of disgusting people and HLN talking heads with no decency whatsoever by the names of Nancy (Dis)Grace, Dr. “No clue” Drew, Plastic surgery victim and MJ lookalike “Jane Velez-Mitchell” and all their disgusting and degenerated guest talking heads have broadcasted shitload of trash, unfounded and irrationaal prejudice and character assasination about Jodi endlesslly, almost daily I’d guess.

      Just search for their names in combination with Jodi Arias and you will find a big “treasure” for yout project on the net.

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