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By Michael Kiefer,, 8/27/2013:

Jodi Arias loves the media, and, to her detriment, the media love her.

But as she potentially nears retrial this fall, her attorneys are busily filing motions to keep her from being burned by the same coverage that scorched her during her first trial.

On Tuesday, they filed a motion for a change of venue to move her trial out of Maricopa County, citing research that 70 percent of the media coverage in Arizona of the first trial took place there.

Her attorneys also want live TV coverage prohibited for the retrial, the right to question new juror candidates individually about what they have seen of the case in the media and a list of Twitter accounts for those jurors to ensure they are not following news about the trial.

Arias was in Superior Court briefly Monday morning, but Judge Sherry Stephens told the attorneys that she had not had time to decide on the other motions before her in the case. She set a date of Sept. 16 to hear oral arguments on the matters.

Stephens had hoped to bring the case back to trial by the end of September, but the delay in pretrial procedures makes that goal more and more unlikely.

The defense attorneys, Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott, have three other motions before the court, all of which have to do with heightened media coverage, which they feel denies Arias the right to a fair trial. Coverage of the trial went viral, through live-streamed broadcasts of day-to-day hearings and an aggressive national TV audience.

The motion asking that the attorneys be provided the Twitter handles of any future jurors was filed because it came to light that at least one of the jurors in the first trial had been in contact with a journalist through Twitter.

Nurmi and Willmott also filed a motion to allow them to ask individual questions of prospective jurors to assess how much they have already been influenced by media coverage, including a made-for-TV movie with fictionalized scenes.

The movie, for example, suggests that Arias killed Alexander after finding a message from another woman on his phone; that she sent Alexander photos of herself having sex with another man; and that she once followed him into a men’s room in Las Vegas.

None of those incidents took place, but they have been regarded as truth by some movie viewers.

The defense attorneys also asked that live television coverage be prohibited during the retrial, citing the fact that the defense attorneys and some defense witnesses were harassed and threatened by people following the trial through those media.

Two witnesses, domestic-violence expert Alyce LaViolette and Patricia Womack, a former friend of Arias’, refused to testify during the sentencing portion of Arias’ first trial and will not participate in the retrial because of threats made against them.

Survivor Day - Justice for Jodi 4-6-2013

The Arias publicity has already affected media coverage of two other high-profile murder retrials in Maricopa County Superior Court. The judge in the Johnathan Doody temple-murder retrial banned TV cameras in the courtroom last week after one local station accidentally broadcast the faces of jurors sitting in the jury box, which is prohibited by law in Arizona.

And the judge in the Debra Milke murder retrial does not allow the use of electronic devices in her courtroom, which means that there can be no real-time coverage via social media.

Arizona law, however, generally comes down on the side of the media, especially regarding cameras in the courtroom.

“No case in Maricopa County in recent memory has attracted more interest than the Arias trial,” said David Bodney, a First Amendment attorney who represents The Arizona Republic, 12 News and other media outlets. “The defendant’s attempt to ban camera coverage would effectively deprive the public the opportunity to observe the sentencing phase of this case. A viewer blackout would thwart the public’s ability to follow the Arias trial to its conclusion without any corresponding benefit to the parties or the process.”


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    • Maria, Janeen!!!!
      I made it!
      The girls have been making fun that I never get to post first! LOL!

      (((((First comment)))))

    • The gunshot would have had to be first, to gain parity against nearly double the weight and, martial arts, training, of, Travis, against Jodi, otherwise, how could she have overpowered him, to, begin with…??? And, if, she did not, shoot him, first, it follows that he could have destroyed her. And, if, she had, shot him, first, to counter his weight and fighting capability, the automatic pistol, ejected brass shell, would have hit the deck, and, then, been covered by the cascading blood. Therefore, now, it’s clear, why the “testimony,” of the blood and the brass, was concealed from the jury; so, the spastic penguin in a tutu, could float his perjury, that, Olive Oyl, beat up on, Bluto, [without, shooting him, first; a physical, impossibility]… That , forensics, showed , the brass, had no wet blood smear, from landing upon four day old, dried blood, having landed, four days, after the precision kill. Where, then, was the brass, for the four days it took for the blood to dry, so that the careening BRASS, COULD LAND, WITHOUT, GETTING WET WITH FRESH BLOOD, AND, WITHOUT, LEAVING A MARK IN THE DRIED BLOOD; THEN, AN ISLAND, AND, NO LONGER A PUDDLE; SAILING AROUND THE ROOM, IN A TUTU; LIKE THE SPASTIC STROBE ACT HYPNONAUSEATING sIR sPAZALOT, SHUCKING AND JIVING, HIS PENGUIN IN A TUTU, DANCING WITH THE STARS, AUDITIONAL carnival, side show ??? The forensics concealed blood and brass evidence, proves the gunshot was four daYS AFTER THE KILL, MAKING THE CONSOLIDATION OF TWO CRIMES, INTO, ONE, A PERJURY BY THE SPAZ.S ANTICS AT LAW… The medical examiner, stated the cause of death to be, a heart plunge, and, ear to ear, throat slice, disproving the con, that, Travis, suffered, agony, by all, Jodi was accused of, when, forensics proves, she did none of it… because, without, shooting him, first, no way, could she have overpowered him, while, fighting for his life… Therefore, since only a man, not, a mouse, could have overpowered, Travis, fighting for his life, to, nearly decapitate him, that, explains the bootprint in the partially dried blood, in the crime scene, a day after the actual kill… Why then didn’t the person, who visited the blood scene, call the police, unless, he, was the killer, or, at least an accessory after the fact ??? And, what purpose, to sit there with a dead body, for four days, watching the blood dry, contemplating, how, to incriminate herself, when, with no one the wiser, she could have simply, driven away; surely, not a suspect, for, such a precision kill ??? And, whatwith all that precision kill, what purpose, the slap dash, soap opera, stabfest, to makev it look like a hysterical woman did the kill; as if, some men, don’t have similar, hissy fits, or, at least, feign that, Jodi mutilated a corpse; hardly, part of the actual kill…four daysc after the fact; as proven by the time, at, temperature, it took for the blood puddle, to dry into, a blood dry, island; unmarked by the final episode of the soap opera, gunshot… Where were the forensics geniuses, to testify that, these were, one, a precision, ritual killing, as evidenced by the duct taped praying posed hands, and, the second, days after the fact, ruse to set, Jodi, up, for the precision of the actual kill, yet, the blathering of the socalled heinousness, of the days later, setup, as added by the spaz, to prejudice the jury, by bogus “facts.”… when, she could have just driven away, or, used a can of gasoline, to torch the crime scen, instead, of sitting there for four days, waiting for the blood to dry, to, kill him again… What third grade, Nobel laureate, on a jury, could be so simpleminded, if not entranced by the spastic hypnonauseations, ofv the penguin in a tutu, carnival, side show…??? Free Jodi, and, imprison all these lizards at law… Then, there’s the upside down license plate, proving she was being setup, unless you’re going to believe that with all this imaginary premeditation, she, carried gasoline, to avoid detection, but, turned her own licence plate, upside down, to assure, detection… Only a spastic crooked D.A. is arrogant enought to intersperse evidence proving, her innocense, with hypnonauseation to prove to a comatoasted jury, that, black is white, etcetera; and that, reason is irrelevant…… only in Wonderland, Arizona, and, Schizofornia, who allowed Arizona, to kidnap under color of law, with, perjured allegations, a citizen of another state, with, perjuries, known to be fraudulent… “She shot him, first;” subsequently, proven by the blood and the brass, to be, and have been a lie; perjury of the record, and a denial of equal protection of law; the sworn duty of these reptillian, illiterati… Edgar… ” Justice must be seen to be done;” get to it…

      • Then, there’s the concealed proof of who peeled the duct tape off the roll, requiring a firm fingerprinting grip on the sticky side of the tape, and, of course, the fingerprints, on the upside down license plate… all, concealed from the jury… A mistrial, and, firing squad, for these lizards at law, making such a mockery of the law, and the rights and sensibilities of those who actually think, and, reason… Will, one honest juror, admit, that, they were hypnonauseated, by this soap opera, and, so, duly, incapacitated ???…Sure, and, I have a golden gate bridge to sell to you… And, then, there’s the minor detail, that the actual killer[s], are getting away with, murder… Read, “The God Makers,” for insight into, ritual suicide, to save ones’ eternal, soul, by. blood atonement… sacrificing, Jodi, for all those celestial virgins, up there, on planet playboy… all you gotta do, is honor your blood oath, and, submit, to the ritual, blood atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice…that, which, according to the medical examiner, was, ” the actual, cause of death” ascension to planet playboy, and, of course, all those virgin angels… Read of Anderson and, note the precise parallel to Alexander… There’s some concealed, reasonable doubt, for you. “Is there a man, among us, who would not, kill his brother, to save, his, eternal, soul ???” Read the book… Edgar… Justice, in spite of, lieyers… and, brain dead, lower and, inferior, judges; so, aptly named…

    • Keep these websites, going… Justice is possible, despite lieyers, getting two million dollar bribes to take a dive, and, trying to keep that, a secret, from the accused…also, to conceal, what, forensics, and, I, have proven; as concealed from the authority, of the jury,,,dozens of reasonable doubts… wherein, only, one, as in, A, is required… Edgrrr…

    • I wish. I have zero knowledge of court procedures, so I don’t even know if that is possible.

      I do think the jurors should be kept secret because coming back with anything less than the death penalty will have all the crazies giving them death threats like they did Alyce.

    • Not a chance to keep from court publicising their names, to get them to do, what they’re expected to do; aid and abet the lizards at law.. or, be known, for further, retaliation… Edgrrr…

  1. Good afternoon from overheated Greece! I am melting! LMAO.

    After my truimph dance of being first this morning, I reread the motion for change of venue. My only believes are that the Superior Court of the state of Arizona can’t take this motion lightly. All the points stated in this motion are solid.

    Jodi is entitled to a fair trial and up until this day we all have witnessed that everything concerning Jodi’s case was way far from ‘fair’.

    ” The Constitution guarantees to every person accused of crime a fair and impartial trial. It is in the furtherance of this guarantee that provision is made for changing the venue of trial.”

    Let’s just hope that not all law authorities in Arizona are sellouts and will take this motion seriously and will grand Jodi this motion. It is way past time that Jodi gets the fair trial she deserves!

    If this trial is moved to another county I know that pickles will not be the judge (good riddance). I wonder what kermit will do in another judges courtroom that doesn’t take bullshit like pickles did. That, I’d LOOOOOVE to see!

    Have a good one, my cyber family.

    ((((((((Team Jodi))))))) ♥

    • Pandora,

      I read it over briefly a few hours ago. I was impressed that the facts were in there and it just wasn’t referring law cases. The facts themselves tell the truth. Nurmi’s tone was serious and not playing. Yet, I still don’t trust this judge and/or Arizona. Crazy Juan will counter it. I am so interested in the lies he is going to write to counter fact. But, if the judge denies it, at this point can it be taken to a higher Supreme Court? Or is it still go through with everything this judge wants?

      This is sad because it has wasted Jodi’s life. She is being punished for self defense. Arizona owes Jodi her years back. Martinez bullied LaViolette because she knew the sick pathology TA had. Martinez didn’t want the truth to come from the experts. Which also would not make Jodi defending herself in this manner cruel and heinous.

      • Marianne,

        I hopefuly believe that the motion will be granted. This trial has had huge media coverage and it will be too damn difficult to put this motion on the bottom of the pile and forget about it. Too many people worldwide know about this case. The Superior Court can’t sweep the motion under the rug.

        martinez’s bozo acts, sherry’s imcompetence to rule a courtroom, the media circus witch trial have helped out more than they know: they have made it clear that this trial was a bogus!

        I love Karma – it bites right on the rear end! ♥

    • No, the gunshot was not, first; thinking so, only buys into the delusion that Olive Oyl could beat up on, Bluto; surely, not, a fact, in evidence… Edgrrr…

  2. WHOOP!!! WHOOP!!!! Pan did it!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone.

    Only 70% of the media coverage came from Maricopa?!

    To David Bodney….maybe if the “public” weren’t so damn obsessed with Jodi to begin with there wouldn’t be the myriad of appellate issues, numerous motions wouldn’t have had to be filed, the defense would not be seeking a change of venue, and this case could have been put to bed without further fanfare. The “public’s” right to know could have been sated with the culmination of this case, without all the salacious innuendos and disgusting hatred that was bantered back and forth between “media’ blowhards and narcissistic imbeciles who were exploiting Jodi’s name for their own 15-minute of fame aspirations, as with the docketing of every court proceeding from index number purchase right through to final appeal decisions are written on the law books. Findlaw and LexisNexis are modern tools in which the public could access any information about cases that the public would like to know. Cameras in the courtrooms and having “media” blowhards interviewing idiots in the gallery are not and never will be part of the “public’s right to know”, just as how Jodi is wearing her hair while in the courtroom, what she is wearing, why she wears glasses, who she smiles at, what she is writing, what she is drinking, what kind of makeup she’s wearing, the speculation if she is making obscene gestures to the media, what she is whispering to her attorneys, how low her chair is, how many tissues she uses will never be particulars under the heading “The Public’s Right To Know” no matter how insidiously the media disguises them.


    • Preach on sister, preach on!

      Janeen, you nailed it to the bone!

      I am sure that all the mediawhores are devistated that their ’15 minutes of fame’ are going bye-bye! It’s about time that actions were taken and all those who participated in turning this trial into a circus are being held accountable (HLN – you greedy SOB’s – you fucked up royally).

  3. Hi Team Jodi and the both attornies WOW good job.
    Congratulations !!!

    I am happy for Jodi, I am sure this will work and don´t forget to get that PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER that WROTE that big letter saying that it was possible what happen with the knife and the knife patterns on TA´s back. They are professional soldiers and they have studied all those movements of the crime scene what happen the day TA died. VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE NEW EVIDENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DON´T FORGET !!!!!

    love you all, great work


  4. I hope Team Jodi is successful because you will never find a person who was not bombarded by this case I live in New York and it was all over the media. I would like to see Jodi get a new trial and with people who can see beyond the emotions I have always said something happened that set that whole thing off I do not believe she premeditated this all one has to do is look at the crime scene and see it was not planned. This guy was a tool and I believe he tormented her because of his crazy religion and all their weird rules he was probably conflicted and took it out on her. Hang in there Jodi you have people that care about you.

    • Mary Ann,

      Europe knows about this case! Find me a person in America that has no clue and I will do cartwheels in the middle of my town square, video tape it and send it to you! LMFAO!

      • A close friend of mine in the US knew nothing about Jodi until I told her. She lives in Ca. So I think the best chance of a fair trial would be to select jurors who don’t live in AZ and who aren’t into social media. They of course would also need to be sequestered.

      • No cartwheels needed; we got enough carnival acts, from Sir ad nauseam Spazalot, the penguin, in a tutu, doing his hypnosis carnival side show… Edgrrr…

  5. For Jodi:

    “The Truth is Near”

    Jodi, dear, it won’t be long
    ’til your days in prison will be long gone!

    The truth is near
    and you will see, without a doubt, you will be free!

    You’ve been so strong in holding on
    through an unjust trial that went so wrong!

    So many people should be ashamed
    of their hatred of you for their personal gain!

    Don’t worry, Jodi, what they’ve done to you
    will come back to them, so true, so true!

    Mary Williams/August, 2013

  6. I try to stay positive and believe they will grant it, however nothing pertaining to this case has been any less than surreal, a joke actually.Havent we lost count of the motions filed by the defense which should have been granted (motion due to Prosecutorial Misconduct, for example) ??
    I’d give anything to be a fly on the wall the day sell-out Sherry denies this motion, I wanna hear the lame excuses she’ll put forth as facts and the extend of her lack of professionalism along with Juan’s getting-old tricks and lust for blood!

    The phrase ‘circus trial’ doesnt even begin to describe what this nightmare trial has turned out to be. People’s obsession with watching televised trials has nothing to do with the right to know (what happened when TV or social media was not around btw? Were they supposedly deprived of that right? ) ; it’s just a matter of people probably being sick of soap operas and resigning to real life drama and tragedy to satisfy their voyeuristic needs.

    Anyways, keeping fingers crossed.
    Jodi’s rights are already trampled. The Honorary-my-ass Judge Stephens should do herself at least this one favor and grant the motion. What she is presiding over is making Legal History, it will be one way not to completely lose face and save some of her professional and personal dignity (if she has any) .

    • Maria ♥

      This time around they can’t get out of it and bypass this motion.
      I for one believe that it will be granted.
      Keeping good faith!

      (((((granting the motion))))))

      • Pan,
        I am praying you are correct. I understand how Maria feels. It has been one knock down after another even though the prosecution is all lies. I did like the way this motion was written up. Nurmi sounded very strong and fact driven. I liked that he wasn’t only going after Amendment 14, but so much more.

    • Maria, Call me a pessimist but I don’t think she will grant the motion. Why? Because granting it will be admitting that the media is and has been a problem and this judge won’t ever admit to that. Just look at the many times this request has been made and denied. She is in this bullshit up to the waist and has been since day one. She’s not going to back down now. She has facilitated a major fuckup since the beginning, she will see it through until the end. She can thank JM for a lot of it. She has let him dictate to her and get away with it. This case is a lost cause and the only hope for Jodi is an appeal with a sensible judge and a prosecutor with a brain and no anger issues. I hope I’m wrong though.

  7. Hey, fellow Jodi supporters! Well, number one, if you’ve read my posts on the 28th, then you already know I believe Jodi’s confession that Travis was alive when she left his house and that she did not kill Travis! She told Flores that when she first admitted that she was at Travis’s house on June 4, 2008. I have believed this from the start and will believe it until the finish! Anyway, what I really want to say is that if Jodi would have had a judge like the one for Zimmerman’s trial, there would have been NO bullshit in the courtroom such as occurred in Jodi’s trial!!! Zimmerman’s judge said there was to be absolutely NO emotions shown by family (unlike Jodi’s trial, where all the weird facial gestures of family (you all know which family I mean) were shown and focused on for lengthy periods over and over!!! I give ultimate respect to Trayvon Martin’s parents composure in the courtroom as they had to listen to negative statements about their murdered son also, whether true statements or not! The judge would absolutely not allow it! She also did not put up with any bullshit from the attorneys! That was the type of courtroom procedure that I have always seen or participated in as a juror myself. I had NEVER seen a trial like Jodi’s in my life and I just couldn’t believe all the nonsense that was allowed to go on, especially with the whole Nation watching it live!!! I still CANNOT believe that nothing has been done about this horrific injustice in a court of law and if me, a peon in authority can see this, as all of you plus many more, why can’t and why hasn’t some higher person/s in power done ANYTHING by NOW!!! It is just baffling to me!!!!

  8. I just want to tell everyone that I am SO happy to be a part of this cyber family!!!! I love you all and a special hello and thanks to you, SJ, it finally worked – lol, thank you!!! You are awesome and one intelligent guy to have created this site where we can all unite in our fight for Jodi’s justice and victory and show our love and support for her and each other in whatever way we can!!! We are TEAM JODI…and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Make no mistake!!!

      • Hi Mary,

        This cyber home is wonderful. Welcome! SJ is no nonsense and committed. Supporters here are truly family. I am glad you found us.

    • This place has been our home for the past 8 months. We love each and respect each other because we are all here for a common cause: our Jodi.
      Glad you’ve found us 🙂 🙂

  9. I keep hearing about how Jodi Arias loves the media and so much. Last time I checked, they’re the ones interviewing you, so it’s not like somebody’s forcing them to do it. These people are a bunch of hypocrites. They know that it gives them ratings and that’s why they agree to do these interviews with her, Travis’s family or whoever. And, if I recall, HLN gave Travis’s family, friends and supporters 5 nights a week to come on the air and express their love for Travis and hatred for Jodi. The fact that Jodi Arias wants to respond with a 15-minute interviews makes her a “media whore”? Wrong.

    What really angers me the most is that Travis was killed 5 years ago and Jodi’s lost 5 years of her life that she can’t get back. Now, I know that as I’m saying this that the pro-Travis people are saying “At least Jodi has gotten to live for the last 5 years!” But what kind of a life is it, really? Where is the justice in an innocent woman placed behind bars where she faces the prospect of being executed for defending herself from an abuser? What kind of a life is that? Sure, it is better to be alive than dead, but why is it that so many pro-Travis people are so bloodthirsty to get revenge on Jodi by drooling at the prospects of her demise?

    I could almost understand it if you were a Travis Alexander supporter and said “I want Travis to get justice, but even if Jodi Arias gets the death penalty, it’s not going to bring Travis back. Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Taking Jodi’s life isn’t going to bring Travis back. They say that it’s “justice”. Jodi Arias didn’t blow up a building. Jodi Arias didn’t walk into a movie theater or a school and start shooting innocent people. Jodi Arias isn’t a serial killer. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime. If there was anything she could have been charged with, it was involuntary manslaughter. Anything more than that is excessive and wrong and that is one of many reasons why I’m fighting for her justice.

    Nothing is more frustrating for me than to watch the “talking heads” on HLN gang up on Jodi and her family. I understand that there has to be different opinions on news shows and I’m not expecting everyone to support Jodi, but damnit there ought to be a hell of a lot more balance on these programs. Not only that, but the giggling, smirking and cheap shots that they dish out every day and night is tantamount to schoolyard bullies picking on a defenseless kid. I’m not saying that Jodi can’t handle herself, but even the most strongest of people is going to have a problem with a lynch mob. That is why I am so grateful to SJ and the people here who created this website and for those of you out there who, like myself, do the research and due diligence at bringing justice for Jodi. Because she sure as hell isn’t getting that anywhere else besides her defense team.

      • Jeff,

        I agree completely. From my expert area in this world, the multiple amounts of real time research I have put into the case. Jodi needs a lot of reimbursement for a wasted 5 years in prison. Let’s not forget the whole emotional toll. It is clear, if someone honestly researched this up and down and backwards, that Jodi is sitting in prison for defending herself.

  10. Harrumph – I wasn’t paying attention, didn’t know there was a new page…

    I posted a link on the prior page – Jennifer has subpoenaed the recordings of all of Jodi’s phone calls since Jan. 1.

  11. I can’t believe that the AZ judicial system doesn’t see the infringement on Jodi’s lawful rights. This trial did everything to find her guilty in the midst of truth. The state allowed for the public (and Governor) to call her guilty right in front of the jurist to hear. This was not a fair trial of any sorts. All the illegalities that were committed have been overlooked by the state and they could care less. Jodi deserves a fair trial. Give her a new trial, no cameras, no out of control prosecutor, a judge in their right mind, a sequestered jury, a defense team that is allowed the same privileges as the state. If this were to happen then Jodi will be set free. Oh, I forgot one thing to my list………no praising a ruthless individual who was guilty of destroying a young woman’s dreams. Jodi had some things she needed to work through but she was not helped by the relentless badgering of TA. He was not what the media/family played him up to be… way!

    We stand for truth and helping the innocent. That is what Jodi needs! Give her a shout……((((((Jodi))))))

    • So I guess I am betwixt and between. I despise TA and his abuse and what he did to Jodi. This is why I am supportive of Jodi and why I respect her. However, I am suspect of Jodi’s story and I think she knows what really happened on June 4th, 2008. I want Jodi to tell us the real truth! I don’t buy her story, but I do believe she was abused. Am I alone here?

      • To Maureen: From your posts of the last few days, it’s obvious to me that you’ve bought the prosecution’s story. For example, your statement from a couple of days ago: “Something went down – was she wanting to be with him for awhile, he started being an asshole to her and rubbing Mimi and Cancun in her face and pissing her off, who knows…?”

        It sounds like you bought into the whole Cancun motive thing. Gus Searcy said that whoever was going to Cancun was set in stone several months before, as early as February I believe, and couldn’t be changed. So this was not anything new to Jodi and she was OK with it. Sounds like you watch too much HLN.

        And another example, you said “Abuse is horrible and inexcusable, but taking a human life is not an option with God as our judge.”

        I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that statement coming from the pros side during this trial. The taking of a life wasn’t because of abuse. It was a taking of a life because Jodi defended herself.

        Also, you talk about the bias of defense witnesses toward Jodi. “A bit sloppy, a bit unprofessional, and too “close” to Jodi (e.g. acted biased (buying her books,looking at her in court).”

        Did you notice any bias or unprofessionalism (or outright lying) of the prosecution’s such as TotDoc Demarte, Horn or Flores? Such as Martinez whispering to them on the stand during a break or Demarte looking at the prosecutor for guidance?

        • I believe Jodi.
          I DON’t believe anything the media tells us or the alexander family. They didn’t even know Jodi.
          So JVM is writing a book she say’s that will tell Travis’s side. That is total bullshit.
          All of them say Jodi just lies. No she doesn’t. They do!
          Lying doesn’t sit too well with God either.
          They will lie, or do anything it tkes to get the death pentalty.

          Maureen that is what the jury foreman said. He believed she was abused, but I guess he thought he should find her guilty for defending herself.
          That’s just wrong. There are many women that were abused and killed and their killers didn’t get life in prison or death. I guess that 90% just have a problem with women defending themselves. IF TA would have killed Jodi, you wouldn’t hear near the outrage that you do against Jodi.
          That’s just wrong!!

        • rb, no I don’t buy the prosecution story. I do believe with all my heart that Jodi was in a terrible, abusive relationship. I think TA was horrible to her and I don’t think Martinez or the prosecution was there at all. But I stand by my statements. Something went down that night for sure and I don’t think we are getting the whole story from Jodi, I don’t know why. This was a brutal, passionate, emotional killing – which is why I say something happened to trigger her (my guess?). Cancun/Mimi wasn’t the trigger but could maybe have been part of it, i don’t know?? This was more than self-defense, it is obvious to me, with the extreme nature of the killing. And I do think that human life is sacred. I guess, to sum it up, I am wanting the whole story, the truth, and I don’t think we have it.

          • So Maureen, you sound like you believe that if someone is attacking you that you should not defend yourself? I believe TA had a terrible temper and that he did attack Jodi and she was in fear for her life. I also believe that in the passion of the moment, she had to keep going because he kept getting up (that’s obvious from the crime scene photos) and she still felt in fear of him. I think it’s completely expected that one would lose memory of what happened in such an obviously traumatic situation. It’s a human’s way of blocking memories that are just too traumatic to remember. Jodi did not write negative things about TA because she didn’t believe in doing so. I follow that philosophy as well so I completely understand it. I never put anything in writing that I wouldn’t want others to read or that would upset others (except on this site, I believe in what I have written here.)

          • Maurine says: “Something went down that night for sure.”

            Maurine, I am curious why you happened to describe the event as happening at “NIGHT.”

            According to investigators, it was mid summer Arizona prior to 5:30 PM.

            That would have been broad daylight.? with at least a couple more hours of daylight to go.

            Is there a Freudian slip in here somewhere, or am I getting this wrong?

      • I believe the first story that Jodi told. But, someone or something happened 2 years later to make her change it. The evidence points more towards the intruders than anything else. Who are the intruders that’s what I would like to know. The roommates and friends were all too quick with their stories about poor Jodi…I mean lies. The police and the prosecutor wanted a fast easy DP verdict (wow hasn’t been so fast has it?). Well they are making a name for themselves that’s for sure. I’m afraid Jodi was there at the wrong time and got caught up in a Nightmare! She was defending herself if anything and that is not a crime.

        • Don’t forget, R. Love, the only one of Travis’ friends who dared to point a finger at someone besides Jodi ended up dead.

          Coincidentally (or maybe not) it was shortly after her death that Jodi changed her story.

            • Yes, it was ruled a suicide. Gunshot wound to the head that was slightly back to front and the entrance wound on the right side of her head was an inch higher than the exit wound on the left side of her head.

        • The problem with all the stories Jodi told, unfortunately, was that they give the impression of her trying to cover something up. I think that’s a shame and i do wish she had come right out with the DV issue!

          • Maureen,
            I can’t believe you are so stuck on Jodi with this subject. There were friends of Travis killed or who committed suicide exactly around Travis’s death. Jodi may not know the true story. Jodi may not know the complete story. There are a lot of Jodi supporter blogs who have there own theories of what happened. As a group, we do listen to all ideas and say it could have been any of this. But we do, in general stick to the court story. That is what she is on trial for.
            It may make you feel better to look up the theories and read what others are saying. I am sure Jodi is clearly instructed not to say anything. First, she may not know a complete story, second: another reason for jury to question her ability to tell truth, third: these people sound dangerous.

      • Maureen dear, Jodi was abused and battered by travis. A person afraid for the safety of their life will act upon self defence. Jodi acted upon self defence. She was not angry – she was scared.

        “I am suspect of Jodi’s story and I think she knows what really happened on June 4th, 2008. I want Jodi to tell us the real truth! I don’t buy her story, but I do believe she was abused.”

        What you’re telling us is that Jodi might be facing the worst punishment ever and yet you believe that she is ‘keeping it a secret’ about what happened on June 4th 2008????!!!!! Why in the world would she do that?

        • Pandora, I’m sorry to harp on this but in my opinion it is important to seek the truth, and it is the key issue of the case, which is what really happened that night. Others on this site have raised this issue too. Your question is the crux of the issue and of course only Jodi would know the “why”, if she is in fact keeping some facts about that night silent.

          • Well then stop.
            We all wanted the truth and the reason we never got it was NOT because of Jodi.
            The investigation??????
            There really wasn’t one.
            Why don’t you ask others, like Chris, Sky and the roommates.
            Jodi never tried to cover-up anything.
            That’s you’re getting because you want to.
            The media continues to lie.

            • Yes agree it’s interesting to consider other theories and the possible involvement of others in the killing, Aly. As far as Zach and Enrique, I think they had solid alibis (Zach was at his girlfriend’s, and Enrique was working, at the time of the killing, as I recall from the Flores report). Not sure I have read anything about the involvement of Chris and Sky?

              • If I’m not mistaken there were several people there on the 4th.
                Where were Zack and Enrigue from June 4th until june 9th?
                If there had been an honest and full investigation, there wouldn’t be any theories.

                IMO, Jodi is the ONLY one that I believe. The rest are all liars.
                In fact you may believe tthe roomates, but there are way too many things that happened in those 5 days for me to believe anything that they say.
                That’s not theory, it’s fact!

                • The DAY (not night) Travis was killed, There indeed were many people there.
                  Around noon, Dr. Hiatt and Travis consumated a $7,000 loan with a check. Travis was there, Jodi was there, Enrique and Zach were there. That was on Wednesday, June 4th.

                  Travis’ body was not “discovered” until June 9. That was in the evening after dark. I think the “911 call” was placed about 11:00PM.

                  It is confusing to try to visualize. I struggle the most with the evidence stating that Enrique was expected back at the Condo by 6:00 or 6:30 PM, after getting off from work. It was mid summer in Arizona, and it would not actually be dark until about 8:30 PM, possibly 9:00 PM.

                  So was this violent killing done silently? Besides the roommates, TA did NOT live in a HOUSE. It was a condominium, and was close to other residences with at least one common wall. I do not recall these circumstances being discussed before now.

                  So we have a high density neighborhood, and the time of day is when the residents are coming home to roost. They’ve got to be carrying in groceries, exchanging pleasantries, starting up the BarBeQs.

                  There is something quite unrealistic about this scenario, in that it would seem impossible to hide something as outrageous as this violent killing taking place. Mostly cars were parked in the driveways in front of the automatic garage doors. Lots of community visibility.

                  Then there is the former roommate who had recently fled TA’s house in the middle of the night, such was his urgency to more out mmmmm Oh, maybe we do know why that happened since “the letter to jodi” was posted


              • Maureen, my “intuition” leads me to believe that you think Jodi planned this with other people.

                Is that what you are getting at?

                If so, you are WAY wrong.

                The only person “triggered” was Travis. she is telling the truth about dropping the camera and having him flip out.

                As she said in her an interview: there was NO premeditation on her part.

                • No I don’t think she planned this with others. My guess, I think the 4th happened as a result of something that triggered Jodi, but what, no idea. I can’t think of any motivations for Zach and Enrique to be involved in this?

                • Maureen, why would we know of any ‘motivations’ that ANYONE ELSE might have had? They NEVER INVESTIGATED anyone else. The never even bothered to interview the one other ‘potential suspect’.

              • Zack said the last time he saw Travis was on the morning of Thursday the 5th.

                Enrique said the last time he saw Travis was at around 6:30 pm on the 4th – Travis was walking down the stairs and talking on the phone and Enrique assumed he was on the conference call he had mentioned that morning.

                Both roommates, separately, said that Thursday was the first day they noticed anything different – the furniture was moved off of the tile floor and the floor cleaner was set out, the gate was up blocking Napoleon from going upstairs and Enrique’s girlfriend noticed Travis’ CTR ring and watch in the kitchen. Enrique even told Flores he thinks Travis must have been killed some time on Thursday while he (Enrique) was at work.

                • I can’t think of any reason why the room mates stayed in the house for 5 days without noticing anything strange at all.
                  So, why didn’t they?
                  Anything they said after that I don’t even believe.
                  When the very beginning of this even started, Jodi said they would have to ask the roommates.
                  There were too many things that just weren’t right.

                  Even the Cancun visiters weren’t disturbed enough to not go to Cancun or at least come home. Hughes brother David got a call that he was dead 5 days earlier.

                  Those are all motives of a cover-up, but you’ll have to work on that yourself Maureen since the LE didn’t.

                • Aly – could be they didn’t smell anything for five days because Travis wasn’t there for five days.

                • Journee,
                  They sure did. There is no justice in this whatsoever.
                  There were many that spoke not so nicely about Travis before and then after, he was everyones best friend. So any of them could have had a motive.
                  Travis said he was going to kill her.
                  His motive was she was leaving to be with another guy.
                  I’m sure Jodi never wanted to go to Cancun. I wouldn’t have wanted to either the way those hypocrite two faced friends of his were.

                • Have any of you read the forensic report at: When you go there click on the Secondary Forensic Review by Additional Forensic Experts. This is what I believed happened and that’s why, like Journee & I said that nobody smelled a decomposing body because there wasn’t one there until the intruders brought Travis’s dead body back and positioned it in the shower after he suffered a slow and agonizing death at the hand of these intruders who are still out there living their lives while Jodi, the scapegoat, sits in prison! Like Jodi said in her interrogation with Flores that Travis was alive when she left and she didn’t kill him and then she started crying to Flores and she said she felt so bad because she just left him (Travis) there! She couldn’t do anything though!

                • I just don’t see any plausible reason why Zach or Enrique would want to harm Travis or be involved in any cover-up etc. Zach and Travis were friendly but didn’t hang out much. Enrique had only lived there a couple of weeks but seemed normal by all accounts I have read. Both didn’t spend much time at the house. Them not noticing much of a smell is the only odd thing. I am personally convinced Jodi acted alone. The most shocking thing to me is how Jodi could have gone over to see Ryan Burns the next day and laugh and smile, like absolutely nothing was wrong – just incomprehensible to me, one of the many things I wish I could ask Jodi.

                • “Them not noticing a smell is the only odd thing.”

                  You don’t think it’s odd that they both saw him alive and well, walking and talking, after he was supposedly dead by Jodi’s hand?

                  I am not suggesting that they killed him or had anything to do with a cover up. I am just saying that they both – independently – told a story that does not jive with any story we were told in court. AND THEY LIVED IN THAT HOUSE. If they told the truth, Travis did not die on Jun 4. If they did NOT tell the truth, then we have to ask why they lied.

                • Hmmm, the never-ending disussion of why Jodi acted ‘normal’…
                  OK, I have to ask: so Maureen I guess if YOU killed someone but didnt want to raise suspicions, point the finger at you and end up being caught, you wouldnt act normal but would instead run around informing people of what just took place by yelling ”Hey just so you know, I just killed a man! Wow, I am a murderer! Fuck! I screwed up! Anyways,wanna grab a bite?”

                  WHY, why is it so hard for people (they even make it sound as if it is unheard of) to understand that that’s what 99.9% of offenders do??? Meaning you kill someone, you act normal coz IF you act weird you’re busted! Jodi was not ready to turn herself in (who would? let’s be honest people!!) of course she HAD to act normal!!

                • No Maria I completely get the fact that Jodi was trying to avoid getting busted. Obviously, all the lies (I was not in Mesa, then the intruders, then… etc). No, I get that. What I don’t understand is the human emotion of this thing (or lack thereof). She had just brutally killed a man in what she says was self-defense, then she immediately was able to go, smiling, laughing and making out with RB. This I don’t get and would love to ask Jodi about!

                • To Maureen:

                  We lie for the simplest reasons from a very early age in our lives:
                  Asking a five yrs old that is smudged with chocolate “Did you have candy before supper?”
                  The five yrs old will answer: “No”. OR:
                  When a child breaks a window accidently while paying baseball:
                  “Did you break the window?”
                  “Nope.” OR:
                  Girlfriends at high school:
                  “Did you talk about me behind my back?”
                  “I’d never do anything of that kind, we’re friends!” (meanwhile the person being confronted has been talking badly about the other like it’s going out of style).

                  Maureen, Maureen, Maureen… people lie out of fear of punishment, to avoid confrontation and because they don’t want to believe that they were capable of doing something bad because they never had it ‘in them’. We’ve all done it for the stupidest things. Imagine killing someone out of self defence… It is a human instinct. Some will never admit to their ‘crime’ but some have a conscious and eventually will come out and tell the truth.

                  Not only was Jodi afraid of punishment, she was in shock of what she had done and admitting it and saying it out loud would mean it was true. She needed to believe that she was not the person that took travis’s life. For mental sanity.

                  The amount of time each person needs to come clean varies depending on the ‘crime’ and how ready someone is to take responsibility.

                  Maureen, I’d love to hear what it is that you DO love about Jodi. Reading your posts I feel it is antipathy and the only reason you are commenting here is to emphasize Jodi’s flaws. Nobody said she’s perfect or a saint but who is?

                  If I am wrong, please correct me.

                  Peace out.

                • Pan, ♥
                  thank you! Exactly what I think! It was 4 o ‘clock in thr morning when answering Maureen, my brain had already shut down LOL!

                • Hi Pandora, sorry I was away and could not post right away. Well, let me address your comments and questions. What do I love about Jodi? I love her poise, her command of the English language, her extreme beauty, her articulate speech, her memory (more later on that) and her intelligence, to name a few. You asked if you are wrong, tell you. Well you are wrong (but I really like you and Maria and others :)). It may seem like I am just pointing out “flaws” in Jodi, but I don’t mean to. I really do believe Jodi knows what happened that night and I don’t buy this extended fog (see memory, above) and all the other inconsistencies and problems, and holes in her story. To me, this is about seeking the truth. I know we will never know the truth unless Jodi chooses to tell us. Also, to your other point, equating this event to a child spilling milk. Can’t do that – this is killing a human being in a heinous manner – can’t gloss over that and minimize it by comparing, even loosely, to stealing a cookie. So lying about this event is massive and deserves serious questions. I don’t buy the freezer theory and other conspiracy theories either. Jodi is very strong (Ryan Burns and others said that) and I have no doubt she could drag the body into the shower. Also, there is a photo of Jodi dragging the dead, or near dead, body! Please, this is not about bashing Jodi, I view it as seeking the truth with eyes wide open.

                • Maureen,

                  Hi. Let me tell you a couple of things about, memory loss, dragging a body, lying and Jodi.

                  First of all, I am one of the blessed people that remembers in total detail everything that has happened in my life from the age of 3. There are few very bad situations that have occurred in my life that I don’t remember very well and it seems that a ‘fog’ blocks them because my subconscious has blocked them out. This is a normal thing. The brain protects us from going into shock and blocks out whatever is to traumatic. It is not done on purpose. Haven’t you heard of people with temporary part amnesia because of PTSD? Someday, Jodi might be ready and emotionally strong enough to allow her brain to gain those memories but at this point I truly believe that she doesn’t remember.

                  “Depression and stress. Being depressed can make it difficult to pay attention and focus, which can affect memory. Stress and anxiety can also get in the way of concentration. When you are tense and your mind is overstimulated or distracted, your ability to remember can suffer. Stress caused by an emotional trauma can also lead to memory loss.” I looked it up. There are a lot of sites on the internet that you can find that will explain it in detail.

                  As for the lying. Of course I am not comparing a child stealing a cookie with a person being killed. I wanted to emphasize that we lie for the smallest and simplest things out of fear of punishment, imagine how scared one would be knowing that they have taken a life…

                  Lastly, about the dragging the body… hmmm… I don’t ‘buy it’. I am about Jodi’s size (height and weight) and my stamina and strenght are over the average. I am very fast too. Once my husband’s back snapped and he couldn’t make a move. So, I had to drag him from the living room to the bedroom and keep in mind that he was conscious – which means that he could help me as much as possible to take him from point A to point B (about 10 meters distance). He managed to lie down on a plastic garbage bag (so it could slide on the rug and make it easier for me to pull). It took me more that 30 minutes to take him to the bedroom and put him on the bed and he was cooperative and helping me the best he could. At that time my husband was 70 kilos (154 pounds) – much lighter than travis.

                  My point is that ‘dead weight’ is harder to pull around because the muscles are more relaxed and makes the body limp and floppy, so the body isn’t giving a rigid frame for you to support.

                  How could have Jodi dragged travis’s unconscious body in a matter of a couple of minutes and placed him in the shower?!?!?!?! If you have someone around, about the size of travis alexander, try it and time yourself. You will see that it is much harder than you imagine.

                  Finally, there is a picture of someone dragging the body. I don’t see a clear picture of Jodi being that ‘someone’.

                  The truth is that Jodi fought back travis who was attacking her and that is called SELF DEFENCE.

                  SJ, please make a thread with the ‘innocence Essay Report’ : An Argument For Jodi Arias by Richard Speights again. I think Maureen will find the Essay very enlightening.

                  Maureen, thanks for reading.

                • Hi Pandora, I appreciate the open exchange of ideas, in a non-emotional way, thanks :). Also, to Alexis, when you asked the truth about what, I mean the truth about what really happened the night of Jun 4, 2008. On the memory thing, I think I am most bothered by the length and frankly the convenience of her fog. Length of her fog is just so hard to believe, no memory of slitting throat, deleting photos, cleaning up the crime scene, the washer, getting in car and driving from Mesa, etc. and the convenience, allowed her to sidestep questions on the stand. I understand your point about people lie, but the amount of lying here, especially in light of the gravity and nature of this incident, is unthinkable. First I was not in Mesa, then intruders, then the fog etc, on and on… And lastly on the dragging of the body, I don’t know if you are as strong as Jodi (but you are as pretty :)), but on your timing, I don’t think we know the time she would have taken to drag the body. Not a couple of minutes, she would have had longer. The photo of her dragging the body (and I do believe it is her, I think it was discussed those were likely her sweatpants with the stripe – it is absolutely her, I believe) was a couple minutes after the shower photos, I believe, but we don’t have timing between the dragging and placement of body in shower. Like I say, too many unanswered questions here Pandora, many more than the ones I just cited. Don’t you agree there are? Difficult to buy the current Jodi story. If you rule out the extreme conspiracy theories (are you in that camp?) that leaves Jodi in that house. On a side note, I would like to read the essay you cited, i hope SJ can post it. Thanks Pandora!

                • Maureen, why are you on this site? As I said before, even though you denied it, it’s obvious to me that you have bought the prosecution’s story. Among other things I mentioned earlier, you questioned the need for gas cans and doubted the dead cell phone. Every single post of yours since you have started posting here has been in disbelief of anything that Jodi has said. In case you haven’t noticed, this is a Jodi support site. It is a site set up for people that believe in Jodi. Obviously you don’t. We already know what the prosecution’s side of the story is. There are numerous other sites that support the pros side. I think those sites are more suitable for your line of thinking.

                • I don’t think the proper approach here is to exclude respectful people, rb. I am raising what I believe are legitimate issues with the case and Jodi’s story, and I would think thoughtful people on this site would want to ponder these. You raise my point about gas cans. I have never heard of anyone filling up several 5 gallon cans and putting them in their car when going on a long trip anywhere, have you? And there was no money savings where Jodi filled up (Pasadena). I think it is healthy to vet these type of issues and seek the truth.

                • Maureen dear,

                  Please come and join us at the new thread SJ has put up. It is the essay I wrote to you in a previous comment.

                  As for your answer to rb, please allow me to answer you. Maureen, thoughtful people on this site have pondered on the issues you are refering to – they have posted their opinions many many times in the past months.

                  There is no problem with you stating your opinion but when you refer to ‘seeking the truth’ automatically you make me think that you believe EVERYTHING is a lie… therefore, if you believe everything is a lie why waste your time here. We do not believe everything is a lie infact many people have replied to you and yet you keep on saying the same things.

                  You say: “I don’t think the proper approach here is to exclude respectful people, rb. ”

                  Maureen, nobody is excluding respectful people. I sometimes feel as if you are trying to stir up sh*t and I guess rb and some others that have answered you feel the same way. We don’t like trouble on our site. We’ve had more than our share.

                  As I said, come on over to the new thread.

                  Peace out!

      • Maureen,
        On Aug. 29th 6:39 PM

        You posted that you were betwixked and between, that you despised TA and his abuse and what he did to Jodi. And that’s why you supported Jodi and respected her. BUT, that you were suspect to her story and YOU think that she knows what really happened on June 4th, 2008, that you wanted Jodi to tell us the real truth. That you didn’t buy her story, but that you do believe that she was abused.
        Then you asked a question IF you were alone here?????

        rb gave you a pretty good answer. I guess you just wanted to add more crap on later. Maybe I’m out of line here, but were you completely honest with all of us?
        I’d like to know. You keep saying that you want Jodi to just tell the truth, THEN you don’t understand her behavior OR you don’t accept it. You think that they roommates are completely honest in their answers. I Don’t! Do you know the roommates personally?
        You don’t know what they really felt and you can’t get the truth out of them. Why?
        I want to know the truth from THEM.

        Usually when someone is murdered the first ones that the police interrogate is the ones that live in the house, no matter who they are. They royally fucked up here and IF they hadn’t have done such a poor ass job of investigating, ( which BTW was NONE ) Jodi wouldn’t be sitting in jail for this long and probably would have never been charged with his murder.

        All of the questions that you want, you need to ask them. If you can get in touch with all of the players in this, get in touch with them and ask them what REALLY happened June 4th, 2008.
        They are the ones that know a HELL of a lot more of the answers.

        Also ask who was the REAL person who slashed tires? OR was there ever one?
        That was total bullshit and I never believed it. The call to 911 was the beginning to set Jodi up.

        His “friends” either put him in a freezer OR left him there. I tend to agree with Journee and Mary Williams, that he was in a freezer those days. His friends stayed in Cancun never calling and asking about Travis, even though they heard he was dead. Don’t you find all of that suspicious?

        Evidently you don’t, but actually (here) we would like to know more than what was told to us and Jodi?
        We know what Jodi said and whatever she said, I would believe before ANY of the prosecutions side.
        As Mary Williams and Journee said you will probably read later about this case and the Biggest Cover-Up Ever. I agree!

        First you say you want to know the truth, that you respect Jodi then you start bashing her.
        Do you usually post on the HLN site?

        • psst – Aly

          I don’t hink I said I thought he was in a freezer. I might have agreed with a post that suggested that, but if so I was agreeing more with the notion that *something* *ELSE* *happened*.

          I lean toward thinking that he died later than Jun 4, possibly somewhere else but maybe not.

          • Oh sorry Journee! : )
            The one that said he might have been taken out. Put in a freezer then
            brought back and put in the shower.

            I just don’t think that Jodi put him back in the shower.
            When I listen to Flores interrogating Jodi, I got the same reaction that Mary Williams did about Flores leading Jodi on.

            Was there ever an iterrogation from him from the roommates or anyone that came back from the Cancun trip?

            • Interrogation on tape of friends or roomies? Not that I know of.

              Yes, I’m the one that’s been carrying on for months that Jodi couldn’t have put him in that shower and left him posed as he was found without causing a lot more damage to his body. It looks to me like he was put there by someone who carried him there using a “fireman’s carry.” Google that, there’s even a hit that comes up in the top of the sort that has drawings of how to do it – then imagine putting someone down in that cramped little shower space from that carry and how they would end up posed.

              I just don’t think Jodi could have carried him that way, nor do I think she would have thought to. That’s something boys learn to do, in various activities growing up – but not girls.

              I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the collection of crime scene photos they have at HLN. Among those photos is a close up of the bottom edge of the shower – it shows that metal lip that I insist would have torn up Travis if he’d been dragged into the shower, and it also shows a scuff mark of a treaded shoe or boot that clearly has blood on the sole.

              • You’re right Journee.
                He’s more posed in the corner. Even if she drug him. why would or could she put him in that position.
                Did Travis take wrestling with any of his friends that you know of?

                My husband and I have never thought she could pull him over the that edge in the shower.
                Our showers have at least 4 ” high and 6″ wide. NO WAY!

                Since the jurors were able to ask questions, why didn’t they ask more from the doctor and Flores?

    • Jay, fantastic post! Covered everything!
      As you said, yes let’s give out a shout for Jodi as well as a big cyber hug:


  12. Here is a woman that is charged with only 2nd degree murder:

    MINNEAPOLIS – Prosecutors say a Minnesota woman beat her boyfriend to death, wrapped his body in plastic and hid it in a freezer because he was trying to break up with her.
    Jetaun Wheeler is charged with second-degree murder in the killing of the 58-year-old man at their Shorewood home. Authorities have not named the victim.
    A criminal complaint says the 29-year-old Wheeler told investigators the man had taken the bus back to Chicago. Detectives say when they searched the couple’s house Aug. 21, they found bloody carpet under Wheeler’s mattress. Blood spatter led them to the garage where they found the body in the freezer.

  13. QH , Oxygen , The show Snapped is doing a 2 part story on JODI!!! She will never get a fair jury!!
    DEC.15 Sun. and Monday DEC,16 th 10pm [Eastern time} ON OXYGEN < Show called SNAPPED<
    Madeline C.T.

      • Anyone, can google , the show, and upcoming episodes. It’s channel “Oxygen Channel” The Show is called ” SNAPPED”
        On website it showed 2 clips of upcoming season 11. One clip is Jodi and and short clip of her.
        It went on to tell the air time DEC 15 th & DEC 16 {TWO PARTS] 9pm,sun/ 10pm Mon/ EASTERN TIME , IN C.T. NOT SURE JODI KNOWS, but she neds to know that more of the world, is hearing ” A one sided STORY! THAT I hope viewers open their minds, and WANTTO learn about the Arizona’s police dept, judges, and unfair practices. SO MANY SECRETS!! Hopefully , this show isn’t another SURPRISE FOR JODI!! THIS IS HER FIGHT FOR HER LIFE < PEOPLE<< PLAY FAIR! SHE HAS MURDER1.
        Madeline, CT

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