Tanisha Sorensen being investigated for Witness Tampering

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I’ve combined 2 posts in 1 today… so to start with, you can check out Tanisha’s criminal case report (and conviction details) from 2005 by clicking here.

Apparently, Tanisha Sorenson (aka Tanisha Joy Alexander, aka Tanisha Joy Clingan) has been convicted of:

* Felony burglary
* Grand theft
* Possession of controlled substances
* False impersonation
* Shoplifting
* Giving false ID to police (at least 4 or 5 different aliases)

Following on from that — here’s the full quote (and a few others) from Arbey Conlon’s recent blog post. You can read the full post by clicking here.

When Tanisha Sorenson rallied these supporters and convinced them that the defense witnesses needed to be dealt with, they organized cyber assaults and hate crimes against, Dr Samuels, Alyce Laviolette. The big issue became obvious when Tanisha was barred from the judges chambers after having leaked ‘sealed’ court evidence to the public. Tanisha is currently being investigated for Witness Tampering, a federal offense that may land her back in jail. With half of the Alexanders living with criminal records, two of the sibling are police officers, you would think that as a family, they would discuss their strategies. Apparently not.


Travis Alexander supporters not only fail to look for the truth, they accept the falsehoods often presented in pop culture. The venom and hate that they express towards Jodi Arias is very telling of their own very deep rooted fear that eventually, all men will have to admit to being equal to women. It might well be that misogyny is much more prevalent in society than what we might like to know.


The core difference between Jodi Supporters and Travis Supporters is that Travis Supporters will use intimidation tactics, they will bully others, threaten, coerce, stalk and even go so far as to phone witnesses and utter death threats. In stark contrast, Jodi supports are calm, rational, realistic, interested in truth and are, most importantly, against capital punishment. The Travis supporters chant, even pray to God for death.

Travis supporters ‘disown’ their feelings and project their self hatred onto others.

Jodi supporters offer discussion of issues and stay focused on the topic. Jodi supporters will sometimes express their feelings on a level that Travis supporters will understand. In these moments, Jodi supporters may resort to language and graphic representations that Travis supporters can understand, given their lower level of functioning and reasoning.


Travis supporters lack empathy and remorse for the crimes they commit under the guise of ‘Justice’ whilst the Jodi Supporters do not commit crimes. The real Jodi supporters psychological profile suggests that they are of the humanistic type, understanding, empathic, nurturing and interested in real justice. Not the maligned ‘eye for an eye’ that the Travis supporters often spew.

Jodi Supporters reject the Death Penalty, recognizing it as nothing more than misguided revenge.

Click here to read Arbey’s excellent post in full.

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  1. ((((((((((((((Oooh oooh oooooh im 1st again! Woooohoooooo)))))

    By the way, I LOOOOOVVVVED that article! She was 100% spot on!
    I wish these LOSERS would get it, somehow! But noooooo……. all they can do about it is bully us. That’s their way of firing back.

    I can’t wait to see what happens with that tanisha thing… (heeeheeee)

  2. The blog post says: “Tanisha is currently being investigated for Witness Tampering, a federal offense that may land her back in jail.”

    Is this a fact? And, has Tanisha previously BEEN in jail?

    Please, someone, do tell! I knew she had had problems with drugs, but didn’t know she’d had run-ins with the law?

        • Well I can tell you it wasn’t Little Miss Riding Hood, but very possibly a wolf in sheep’s clothing!
          They are all raving lunatics, and I agree with OP, way more humanity minded on this forum phew!
          I’m surviving, apart from some nutter messaging me graphic pornography.
          How are you?

          Good morning to everyone!!

      • I googled it and the only sites that came up reporting this were this one & Occupy HLN, grrrr. I’m sure they’re trying to keep it hush-hush, which the TA clan can do since they have all the free media in their pocket and basically control the air waves and coincidentally, what the masses think (except o course those of like us with enough sense to use logic;)

        I know if SJ is saying she’s being investigated, it’s the truth! Thanks for the heads up SJ….this news made my day. I can’t WAIT until this comes out, ha!

      • And if she is, isn’t this unprecedented? Meaning that the law was clearly written to protect witnesses for the prosecution not witnesses for the defense. Has anyone ever been charged with the tampering of witnesses for the defense?

        • Oh yeah sz,it goes BOTH ways. Witness tampering can leave you with a long prison sentence, a ruined career and a permanent criminal record. Not like her record is clean!

      • I don’t get this article and the headline of “Tanisha Sorensen being investigated for witness tampering”. Only one line in this article states this with nothing to back it up, and the link at the bottom of the article just leads back to this site.

        Who is this Arbey Conlon?? I feel duped.

      • JC, I really do hope that she is. It’s about time that the spotlights shine on her and not in a way she wants! Let the people get to know the real tanisha and generally all the TA clan and see them for what they really are: con artists and fakes.

  3. Finally got around to looking at the released juror questions. Just a quick match of handwritings (and I’m not an expert, so this is a sort of “looks the same to me” match) shows an interesting clumping of questions from at least two jurors. There is the one with the – “Why should we believe you now?” question who also seems to have asked whether when TA called Jodi a sociopath he was actually right.

    But the person who had the tiger/bear question seems to have had a bunch of relevant questions. This person also seems to have asked whether the scene, and haphazard attempts at cleanup seemed unlikely for a premeditated scenario, and whether DeMarte’s conclusions about BPD and any other evidence thereof were in her report, and whether anyone had checked the gas capacity and mileage of the car Jodi had rented. I don’t remember if those questions were asked of the witness, and if so – what the answers were.

    I wonder if that second person never made it onto the jury. (sometimes I think the handwriting matches the foreman’s but other times I think it doesn’t – sucks to not know what I’m doing in that regard).

    I’m also perplexed as to why the judge decided to turn these loose at this time. Granted, the guilt phase is done, however, this just keeps the case in the public eye for so much longer, possibly making the jury selection in the penalty phase retrial so much more difficult. Doesn’t seem to make sense.

    • Al, I noticed that too. The questions seem to have been written by only 2 or maybe 3 jurors. Did no one else have questions?

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • That person’s questions were really insightful.I liked reading them.They sounded like someone who really needed to whar their heads around some facts that were not thoroughly or satisfactorily explained.(Unlike other embarrasing ot irrelevant questions from Tara the bitch)
      I dont know what happeneed.I lean towards believing he/she wasnt picked or that somehow changed their mind and went along with the prosecution’s theory.

    • Al, I also wonder why were the jury’s questions released now. Does it serve any purpose? It doesn’t make sense to me (or maybe I just don’t get it). Can someone explain?

  4. Good morning family! I really appreciated Arbey Conlon’s blog and agree with it entirely. I think it should be mailed to “Dr. Drew” in response to his question and bewilderment of why we support Jodi and what kind of people we truly are. As a mater of fact, I am composing my own letter to him where in it I convey to him my utter disappointment in him as a supposed physician. As a doctor that works with patients who have drug problems, emotional problems and some with criminal history, he is supposed to be a healer and have compassion. Yet Drew has shown none for Jodi. I used to respect him but he has turned his back on his oath to DO NO HARM and chosen to jump on the bandwagon for ratings and money. He has claimed for the last 5 months that Jodi is a borderline personality and a psychopathic yet still has no empathy for her. I of course disagree with his conclusion about her, she shows definite remorse and psychopaths do not. I could expand on this for ever but I am hungry and am going to make myself some pancakes! YEA!!! Yummy for my tummy! I just wanted to check in and send all my love and hugs and kisses to you all before I start my day! Muah!!! xoxoxo Jesse

    • I know HLN is infuriating and Nancy Disgrace is a psychopath. I don’t know how some people think they are news. I think HLN needs to be thought of as bad entertainment.

      • Drew on HLN said himself that he is not a physician like people think. Anyway, he has no ethics because anyone who claims to help people who is so incredibly vile like that whole hatemongering HLN group is not worthy to claim he helps people.

        These HLN sickos are just as bad as Martinez, the Alexander family’s vindictive emotional antics and the mob outside the courthouse.

        Don’t those people have jobs, etc? They are no better than a mindless lynch mob.

    • I mailed it to Dr. Drew this morning, Jesse.

      I am a party that has stood to the side during this whole thing not able to understand why I had so much of my own cognitive dissonance throughout this whole thing.

      Arbey’s blog has helped me understand why I couldn’t wrap my mind around how underneath it all I am a Jodi supporter. I could never bring myself to get involved in the hate spewing of Jodi, even though I wasn’t sure of her innocence. I am sure now. I get why I have felt the way I have felt since I saw this story back in 2009 and started following it.

      New Jodi suporter here. Better late than never.

  5. Good morning everyone!!! What a fabulous blog !! It’s right on., and between that and the morning music (thanks Al), its a great start to a Saturday morning!!! I’m hoping the investigation into Tanisha’s witness tampering is the first of many cards to fall. Look out TA Taliban…it’s all going to crumble into a huge pile of crap!!! Thanks for posting the blog SJ!!

    • I remember once on his show he actually made the comment that he felt a little sorry for Jodi, all of his guests and co-host made faces. After he started getting tweets from the travis supporters he quickly changed his comment to no I really don’t feel sorry for her. What a whimp!

  6. No surprise hln didn’t shout this info about her. If it would have been a member of Jodi’s family it would have been the bombshell of the month

    • I know. Its so infuriating, yet not surprising how selective they are in what they report. When this ugliness gets completely exposed, HLN is going to come out of this looking like quite a bunch of twits aren’t they?

    • You can say that again about HLN’s selective reporting. HLN totally runs cover to the Alexander family and as you noted if a member of Jodi’s family was being investigated they’d have it on a breaking news ticker across the tv running 24/7.

      I find it so offensive the way they are cheerleaders for this family going as far as pimping their endless “funds”.

  7. “Jodi supporters may resort to language and graphic representations that Travis supporters can understand, given their lower level of functioning and reasoning.”

    I sprayed milk all over my monitor on that one. hahahahaha

    • Hmmm, our IQs compared to their collective IQ of .0000000000000000 and beyond—–we see the truth and they ignore it—–they think Turdis Assexander is a saint——we see him for the piece of fetid shit that he is/was—– we know Guano is bat-shit crazy and evil incarnate —-they think he’s a rock-star and a god——yet we’re supposed to possess lower levels of functioning and reasoning? Seems to me like they’re stuck on the crazy-train from la la land and can’t decide when to get off.

  8. By the way, good morning all. Wow that was quite the article! I’d be willing to bet, in light of their lengthy criminal shenanigans not one of TA’s siblings would have been able to stand up to a grilling by JM.

    It will be amusing to watch this house of cards tumble now won’t it?

    • But I bet put in a room with Flores, these professional criminals wouldn’t have caved so easily under interrogation. They’d been around the block before and would have required the 3rd degree and then some.

  9. I also read that Beth Karas was let go from hln because there were pics of her with pros witnesses- cash, deanna etc.

    • Zoe she was on her way out long before the picture.. They were just waiting untill the trail. was over with. But it does make for good press to say it was because of this.

    • I don’t know why she’d get fired for that.

      I mean, I am not a fan or anything, but it seems to me that any -ahem- “journalist” would welcome the opportunity to sit down with any ‘key figures’. And these people were all featured regularly on the HLN shows, so Karas’ communications with them probably provided background fodder for the various screeching heads.

      Have we heard, for sure, that she was “let go”? I was under the impression that she was “moving on” and will probably soon turn up featured elsewhere on the mother ship…. probably something like her own show on CNN.

    • I am not surprised that Beth is leaving HLN. She is the most professional reporter that they have.
      HLN has turned into a reality show where people s lives and reputations are on the line.
      They are looking for sensationalism and ratings, no matter who suffers.

      This is a network where people like Dr.Drew, Nancy Grace , Vinnie Politan and the like have
      compromised their own reputations for the sake of ratings.Shame on them

  10. Good morning everyone!!!
    SJ Thanks so much for the information …LOL..It’s. about time someone. did something. thing.
    So witness tampering …sound to me like someone is headed to the jail house..
    Personally I could care less what any of TAs siblings have done in the past. I’m only concerned. with what they have done pertaining to this trial. What they are doing to Jodi.
    So little brother will this affect this trial in anyway. if TAs sister is convicted?

    I get my computer back either today or Monday!!!:-)

        • I totally understand…

          I don’t bother using my phone even though it has a keyboard it is VERY difficult to use with websites.

          I tried to use my tablet once, but that sucked too. LOL

          • I hear you on the phones. Mine does internet and has a full mini-keyboard. Problem is that while I type 80 words per minute on a proper keyboard, I CANNOT type with my thumbs while looking at those tiny keys.

            I go nuts adding contacts to my contact list and setting alarms. No way would I try texting or worse yet, trying to respond to blog comments. Ugh!

            • I know what you mean; I type on the small keyboard of my nook and I accidentally presskeys all of the time, and it takes a while for each individual letter to appear, so I’ not going tobe too concerned about editing my posts for speelling, etc..

              • Yeah, I’ve got a Kindle Paperwhite that has the popup touch keyboard. It sucks and I don’t even go on the internet with it. I just use it for reading.

                My BFF has a Nook and uses it online. She bitches about the keyboard so I know where you are coming from.

            • doesn’t matter to me where the keyboard is because I’m still only able to type three words an hour!!! 🙂 (and I still get typos! 🙂 )

    • Cindy,

      In any appeal the appellant must show the following:

      1. Something happened or was done that could impact the ability of the defendant to get a fair trial.
      2. Whatever happened had an impact that could in fact have changed the course of the trial.

      And that is where this all starts getting hinky.

      So if Tanisha did in fact do something that had an impact on ALV and her testimony – then the first hurdle is cleared. Now they must pass the second benchmark – did this impact ALV’s testimony to the extent that it could have affected the trial, and I think that’s where you might run into a problem. ALV stayed on the stand for many days. Her testimony was pretty consistent through those days. She went through direct, cross, redirect, jury questions, then redirect by the defense, then re-cross by the state, then redirect again, more jury questions, more rehabilitation, etc. Now unless there is something in the sealed proceedings that show that she had expressed reluctance to testify, or had molded her answers, etc – or there is something in the various interviews with either the state or the defense that shows that she changed her answers or opinions, or shaded them in some way after the pressure was applied – I don’t think this in itself is going anywhere.

      However, a wise attorney could use this – in conjunction with the pre-trial publicity, ongoing press coverage, etc to show that the judge probably erred in not granting either a change of venue or sequestering the jury. That dog may hunt.

      • I think what tarnisha has done, DID have an impact on ALV testimony. She even ended up in the ER. There was also the question Martinez asked, “was TA “AFRAID” of Jodi?” ALV answered NO several times, then there was a break (they went to the judges chamber), and when they came back Martinez asked the question again and ALV answered, “YES” (she looked very upset).

        I remember that because it was amazing to me that Martinez refused to take her answer and HE MADE HER answer what HE wanted.

        Like someone mentioned above, if this was someone on THE DEFENSE side committing witnesses tampering, it would’ve been a BIG DEAL.

      • The impact reached beyond LaViolette’s testimony, though, IMO.

        It had the effect of intimidating any potential additional witnesses.

        • Journee,

          You r correct. Plus TA’s family and the Prosecution has been working together on intimidation from them waiting for Juan’s schedule. Jodi had to be kept in jail even longer because she had to wait for Juan’s Schedule to open up. That is who TA’s family wanted. The Jury did not internalize anything LaViolette said because Martinez discredited her immediately with making it appear her resume was a lie. Yes, LaViolette was on the stand for a long time after that but she may as well been talking to the Wall. Martinez did a similar thing to Samuels. That was bringing up that he didn’t use the most current tests. Which in reality, Samuels did use the correct test. The whole psychiatric world is going to change over in 2015 to reworked diagnosis’s, additional diagnosis’s, new coding. The DSM IV will no longer be the bible. At this point, and even often many one psychiatrist can use one test vs another test. The place of work may not want to update yet because we still have more than a year than it really takes place. So it can be a lot of money for nothing. There are so many variables. With LaViolette Martinez was out of place with how her resume was written. The team she worked with took turns on who would be the top Keynote Speaker. The other team members would then be Keynote Speakers in individual breakout sessions. I am sure to write all this down on a resume would make your resume look sloppy and it just wouldn’t be succinct. JM know that. He does it on his own resume. Resume experts tell us to do it that way or it is too confusing for someone to read.

          I think the whole Tanisha hate thing from the outside and Martinez from the inside was a plan. They were hitting the whole trial from both sides. They knew those jurors were going to get information on the outside. They were keeping them from internalizing on the inside. Then Martinez used all the tricks of bloody photos and the 2 minute silence and kept saying brutal murder. See the Jury had there minds open to take that in.

          Yes, there was tampering!

      • Al,

        I think Tanisha’s behavior did damage to ALV if she received threats while on the stand and ended up in ER. However, this may not be enough to prove it affect the outcome of the case. I do feel though that a person experiencing that kind of stress, will react in a different manner than a person without that kind of stress. If your life is threatened, on top of the extreme bullying by the prosecutor, your confidence will begin to diminish. This affects your body language which often is a tell tell sign people look for in defense witnesses.

        If Tanisha’s actions are not enough, I do believe J.M. is guilty of intimidating witnesses which falls under prosecutor misconduct. He referred to experts with PHD’s as Mam, Sir, Mr., He confused questions just to get the response he wanted. He misrepresented evidence to witnesses to elicit a response he wanted, he repeated questions over and over again, like a bully, until he got the answer he wanted, even if it was not the answer he wanted, he pretended like it was to make the jury believe he got what he wanted. He insulted witnesses, he yelled, he slammed his hand down, he was utterly disrespectful, And very purposely so, because he banked on the jury falling for theatrics rather than common sense, His behavior had a prejudical affect on the jury. I can go on and on here.

        J.M. is also guilty of changing the evidence which also falls under prosecutor misconduct. He had the expert witnesses change their theory of the gun shot being first and fabricated a big load of shit about a stabbing before the gun went off. They lied on the main evidence, the foundation of the entire sentencing phase and if this is permitted, our country is slowly going to hell.

        I also noticed that Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace cued J.M. on some things “they would say”. I know this sounds obsurd but he actually stated a couple things verbatim and this is not coincidental. This proves media and publicity affected the trial. Add these things up with the juror who went directly on the state vs. Jodi site, right after they were released, along with the juror that got kicked off who was copying J.M.’s bullying behaviors with his inappropriate questions, that were let in by the way.? As well as this guy going on HLN and stating it was hard not to hear or see anything about the case, and I have a hard time believing an appellate court would let this go. Every person has a right to a fair trial.

  11. Question for a legal eagle – has there ever been a case where a retrial was abandoned because the defense argued/proved to the judge that a fair trial was impossible due to juror pool tainting, witness tampering, etc?

    • I have researched this to a great extent and never found a case where trial or retrial was completely abandoned for this, and only this reason.

      They always find a way through it – whether by change of venue, a delay in the retrial, careful jury selection and voire dire or a plea deal.

  12. Don’t ya just wonder how cash is going to handle this one? I also wounder if the donations. to support these. poor kids will start to dry up…..
    ..Yup the house of cards are starting to fall….

    • Oh,he’s good with words.He will certainly find a way to twist this around and make the haters remember their hatred towards poor ALV. That piece of shit Tanishe is going to be the ‘victim ‘here,dontcha know already?

      • Yes Taniaha will be the Victim. Chris Hughes and HLN will see to that. In this particular case, those Taniaha victimized will be further exploited and mistreated. They will declare all out War, and they may be successful.I am still not certain that an investigation is even being done.

    • Cindy, hi! CASH has enough ‘dough’ to by off many. As Maria and Rebecca stated, he will find a way to twist this all around making Tanisha the victim. He might make a ‘donation’ to HLN and HLN will ‘feed’ the public what CASH wants them to. With these people, unfortunately, Jodi will never get a break and a chance to prove her innocence. It’s always gonna be her fault.

  13. I’ve had this thought for some time. Given the felonious proclivities of the Alexander family, should law enforcement be contacted as to the legality of the “charitable” entities that are designed to funnel money to the Alexander’s and Hughes’ pockets. Shouldn’t such “charitable” organizations keep records as to the flow of money in and out of them. I wouldn’t think that monies for the purchase of methamphetamine would be appropriate.

    • So nicely put..LOL. I’m going to assume that given her history that she is given a pee test e er so often. Didn’t look like allot of love going on in that family. I would think the cops would stay as far away grime her as they could. I wounder how much Jodi knew about TAs siblings and that is why she never mentioned them.

      • The terms of her Probation would determine how long random urine analysis would be conducted. Unless she is a care giver, such as a physician it is unlikely that these would be ordered for more than two years.

  14. Good morning all, Thanks SJ for posting that info sounds like to me that the TA Taliban is going to hell in a bucket…….. Well I was gonna go for a ride today but it looks like rain here in the Shenandoah valley what a bummer, oh well its still gonna be a great day! Thanks again SJ 😀

    Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia

  15. Happy Saturday, Peeps! 😀

    Excellent blog, Arbey…. I shared it on FB as well. I seriously HOPE that Tanisha faces legal consequences for what she did to Alyce LaViolette. It is seriously criminal and disgusting. She was not looking for justice, but rather, blood.

    Have a wonderful day, all!


    • I completely agree Renee !!! She needs to be accountable for what she did to AV..and I think, to the fullest extent of the law. It’s absolutely shameful what she/they did to that woman. She needs to PAY !! I’m so pissed off that this happened to her, and all the threats made to the defense team and defense witnesses….grrrrrr !!! On a more pleasant note….have a wonderful Saturday Renee !!

      • The irony is, while the Alexanders are begging that Jodi be put to death, if Tanisha is brought up on charges of witness tampering – having used the internet specifically to launch her hate campaigns against defense witnesses, making hers a *federal* offense – she could face the death penalty herself. At the federal level, witness tampering carries the very same penalty as the case being interfered with.

        • Now that is priceless. I could tell Tanisha was a piece of trash the first time I saw her. Justice for Alyce!!!

          • That’s right Jeff, Tanisha and the whole TA clan are TRASH!! Now Jodi’s peeps Patty & Donovan define classy!! The TA fam & their nutriders could learn a lot from them on being upstanding citizens.

            JUSTICE FOR JODI!!

          • Cautiously….

            Don’t want to count chickens, you know.

            And while I DEFINITELY want her to pay dearly for what she’s done, I’m no more in favor of the death penalty for her than I am for Jodi.

            I do, however, fervently hope that she gets to spend many months WORRYING that she could face the death penalty for her crimes. To the point where the whole family might begin to consider how *easily* an emotionally fraught situation can tip one’s behavior towards the felonious.

            It could take a lot of months, though. They’ve got a long and arduous climb out of the pit of denial before they’ll be able to see that they’ve done anything wrong.

            • I would not want to see Tanisha’s actions ever be considered a DP crime either. That would be a huge over kill for what she is *allegedly* accused of.

              It would be sweet justice if she is sent to prison for though!

              Cry baby sister will be able to continue the use of the dry cry skills she honed into a fine art. I’d bet this could be another gold mine the TA lovers could pad their retirement accounts with.

              Maybe law enforcement should strap a house arrest bracelet around Tanisha and monitor her whereabouts so she doesn’t disappear into Mexico. From online pics she posts she seems to enjoy the fun in the sun beach bum lifestyle.

              • Oh,I never implied that I WANT her to get the DP.I’m against it,too and agree with both of you.I was just referring to having the state overcharge you with sth,exactly the same way as Jodi was-overcharged! Tanisha WORRYING would be what I thought of as vindication.Not the state actually pursuing it.

              • “I would not want to see Tanisha’s actions ever be considered a DP crime either. That would be a huge over kill for what she is *allegedly* accused of.”

                Well, yes and no….

                I mean, the actions themselves seem small enough – probably why she may never have given a thought to them being against the law.

                But if you really think about it, what she REALLY did by intimidating Samuels and LaViolette, and quite effectively I might add, was to cripple thenceforward the defense team’s efforts to save Jodi’s life. SAVE JODI’S LIFE.

                That’s a big deal. No less reprehensible than the corrupt prosecutor suborning the perjury of the lead detective and the medical examiner, all in the name of upping the ante so they could impose the DEATH PENALTY for what should NEVER have been called more than manslaughter.

                All of them – Tanisha along with the crooked prosecutor and his lying witnesses – conspired to commit state-sanctioned murder. I do not believe in the death penalty (can you tell? lol) but I do not think life in prison would be ‘overkill’ for any of the conspirators.

                • Yes the trickle down of her actions had a huge negative impact on the outcome as did all of the shenanigans doled out by the pros.

                  It is so good to know these issues are being addressed. I hope ALV is considering a personal suit given the personal and professional threats of harm to her.

                  Hopefully it all adds to the bigger pile of how unfair and corrupt this trial was and will only help Jodi succeed in getting her win in an appeal and walking away from this nightmare.

              • I agree that even the threat of the DP would be overkill in this case. It’s not appropriate for Jodi and it wouldn’t be for Tanisha either. Tanisha does need to be reprimanded with some type of legal punishment though.

          • I don’t know… by then, because of the witness tampering and resulting investigation, it may have constituted some kind of ‘conflict of interest.’

      • I agree with you, what they did to AV is shameful, to defame and assassinate the character of this woman just because she was a defense witness is inexcusable and it is just an example of the type of people the T family and supporters are and the lengths they will go to. Has anyone heard how Ms. Violette is? I don’t do facebook but I would like to send her a message of support.

    • Does anyone know why we can no longer access Arbey’s blog? I really enjoyed it and wanted to look at it some more. Most of what he wrote on all the subjects involving this case are gone : (

  16. Oh those classy Alexanders!!! I may even take the time to watch Tanisha’s trial in court. I could roll my eyes at her defense all day long.

  17. Hello sweet ingenious family!

    I was gone half the day yesterday(health issues) and I just caught up with everything.

    Finally! Some happy news! I hope skinny,methface Tanisha gets what she deserves.I dont give a damn what they are doing or not in their everyday life,they can all burn in hell for all I care but when it comes to the trial and their dirty involvement in it I wanna see them pay for all their wrongdoings.

    Off topic:MB!!!!!! I wanna heeeeeeeelp!! How come am not in the Task Force? Please send me an e-mail.I’m a good girl 🙁

    • Hope all is well Maria !

      Happy news indeed, about Tanisha….me thinks the proverbial shit is starting to hit the fan !!!

      I too am awaiting an email from MB….chomping at the bit to help 🙂

      • Hi ((((((diane))))))
        I’m doing better,thank you.
        It’s so touching seeing how many people want to help Jodi. <3

        • Happy to hear your feeling better..((((maria)))))….Can’t help but to want to help her. She was railroaded, and badly. My heart is sickened and saddened that this young girl had to suffer abuse from her lover, and then again from the prosecution and all the HATERS. It’s becoming a very sad world indeed, and particularly in this case, some of humanity has sunk to an all time low. Jodi DESERVES to be heard through our efforts and all the people who support and love her….

    • Hi, I’m glad you’re feeling better!

      I know! I can’t believe that sister, I always spell her name wrong so she’s just that sister, is being investigated. It’s like someone saw there was something wrong! There is hope!!

      I’d like to help too w what MB is doing. I just hope I can LOL.

      • Do we know that Tanisha is being investigated? I hope so. What was done to avl by juan, alexanders, the haters and hln needs to be addressed and something done i think the things that juan said about her in closing agruments should be illegal.

    • Morning maria! Been away for a few days so am catching up, is Tanisha going to go to court? Sounds like it, marvellous! A taste of her own medicine at last!

      Morning everyone 🙂

      • (((((((Heather)))))))

        If there is in fact an investigation being carried out,I hope Tanisha Uglyface leaves that courtroom with more than a slap on the wrist!

    • Maria, hi! I totally agree. I hope she doesn’t get away with it. As for leaving the courtroom with just a ‘slap on the wrist’, hmmm, if Kermit and Pickles have a say in it, then unfortunately it will be more of a pat on the back.

  18. Great article! I think that what we’re witnessing is the gradual and slow erosion of the Travis Alexander support team. The cracks have already begun to appear and they will continue to form over the next several weeks. They never had a solid foundation. And, what happens, when you try to build a house on a foundation that is not solid? It falls apart, right? But in this case, it is falling from within.

    The Travis supporters have long surmised that we are their own worst enemy. They are wrong. Their own worst enemy is staring right back at them in the mirror.

  19. From Arbey Conlon’s recent blog post:
    “Travis Alexander supporters not only fail to look for the truth, they accept the falsehoods often presented in pop culture.”
    This statement helps to understand the ‘birthplace’ of the viewpoint of the average Alexander supporter.
    MOST of the ‘general public’ Alexander supporters fall under this pretense. How transparent is that?
    Best statement in the article.

  20. Goodmorning everyone! Happy to see Tanisha getter her just desserts! Thinking of Jodi as always and praying she stays strong! I just read a article about Marc Emory, a Canadian who sold pot seeds over the net. Canada let him get extradited to US..he is in prison in Mississippi and is confined to solitary for taking pictures of the prison band he is in ! and they had permission to do so! anyway..seems Prison is big business in the US and solitary makes it more profitable for them !! so much injustice in this world!

    Have a great day..

  21. Read the in-chambers transcript regarding the sex tape. I love it when Nurmi says that Martinez believes “Everything is hearsay that comes out of somebody’s mouth” and should therefore be inadmissible. I would go one step further and say that Martinez believes that anything that might prove her innocence should be inadmissible.

  22. I sometimes wonder while the trial is on hold what Travis’ clan does with their time… Are they going about their lives like normal folk ? Or Are they working on new witness impact statements, while practicing sad facial expressions in the mirror? Are they trying to move on and better themselves, or are they coming up with their next scheme for financial gain from the death of their brother? I have a hard time trying to figure out who these people are and what their motive is, because it is apparent that they were not the most savory of people for a good portion of their lives. I am hard pressed to believe their grief at this stage, as it shouldn’t be a motivating factor in ruining/threatening the lives of expert witnesses . They really should have shown much more respect to the court (though the court hardly resepcts itself!) and held themselves to a higher level integrity instead of following the HLN induced mob mentality. For then, I may have felt for them.

    • I bet they are surely trying to figure out how to keep the interest high for this case.Loss of interest by the public would mean loss of financial profit.Did you read Tanisha’s 5 years annioversary post on the State’s FB page?
      WHO talks like that?Who on the one hand talks about their dead oh-so-missed brother and then goes on to ask for donations????????????
      When your hurt truly aches for a lost loved one no money in the world will ever take away the pain.So when you sound so persistent in your determination to acquire more,no way you can convince us the most sceptical ones you’re mourning,Methface!

      • I read it. She pulled out the “Travy” nickname (which no one has EVER used for Travis that I know of) and asked for money again.

    • Tanisha probably sits by her mailbox waiting for the checks from the chumps to come in. What a scam. Shows how stupid the haters are.

    • Wonderingwhy, hi.
      The whole family is out partying and on road trips and on vacations, etc. Well, they did make a great amount of money from the donations! And yet, the people that donated their money still seem to be blind and not see the scam for what it is.

  23. Hey guys,
    I am sooo excited that TA’s sister is being investigated. I actually sent the articles from occupy HLN about the CASH scam to a couple of places and people I researched that I probably shouldn’t say for the lurkers. I really struggled w myself about sending them but I figured I might be doing the right thing.

    • Danielle——–I would be very surprised if she is being investigated. Is there any way to verify this. I will believe it when I See it reported by a news agency. I certainly hope it is true.

      • I also want to know if this investigation is a fact.

        (Psst … Rebecca64. I’m very interested in how all this cultish narcissism may have affected Jodi’s state of mind, and wrote a terribly long and disorganized post about it in the other thread. When you have time, maybe?)

        • Piqué——Jodi became brain-washed by and through their grandiosity. She really came to believe that Chris and Sky were special. She believed in Travis. In many respects they are like molesters—–they molest your mind. They also target and look for vulnerability Jodi was searching for something, as we all are. It was the right time in her life to be victimized. Remember in the trial when she talked about them sending missionaries to her home. That is inappropriate. They knew they could prey on her. Remember also that they were all involved in the Pre Paid Legal Cult. Jodi stated on the stand that she came to realize that Pre Paid legal was the “Real Thing” This means that intially she was skeptical. She did not pursue the sale of the legal garbage the way they all hoped she would. Remember they would have all been making money off her sales. When Chris and Sky and Travis saw that she was not useful to the cult, they all lost interest in her. If Jodi had been a big seller and killed Travis Chris and Sky would have taken her side. Travis was dead after all. So they did the next best cult thing, which is exploiting Travis for money, Nd giving the publicity by being on HLN.

        • Piqué——Jodi became brain-washed by and through their grandiosity. She really came to believe that Chris and Sky were special. She believed in Travis. In many respects they are like molesters—–they molest your mind. They also target and look for vulnerability Jodi was searching for something, as we all are. It was the right time in her life to be victimized. Remember in the trial when she talked about them sending missionaries to her home. That is inappropriate. They knew they could prey on her. Remember also that they were all involved in the Pre Paid Legal Cult. Jodi stated on the stand that she came to realize that Pre Paid legal was the “Real Thing” This means that intially she was skeptical. She did not pursue the sale of the legal garbage the way they all hoped she would. Remember they would have all been making money off her sales. When Chris and Sky and Travis saw that she was not useful to the cult, they all lost interest in her. If Jodi had been a big seller and killed Travis Chris and Sky would have taken her side. Travis was dead after all. So they did the next best cult thing, which is exploiting Travis for money And getting the publicity by being on HLN. Remember authentic relationships do not exist in cults. Relationships are based upon narcissistic need. People like Jpdi who value relationship are expendable. The only way to survive with narcissists is to comply and do as they say.

          • Thanks Rebecca64. Yes, I think it was the “right” time in her life to be victimized–some people have called this time a “perfect storm.” There was some back luck involved. And I agree that her mind had been molested–seeing her in those interviews in 2008, she doesn’t even seem present as a fully thinking human being. Of course, this strange affect is easily named psychopathy. But, I think she is still, to certain extent, back there where she was in 2008. I cringe when she gives interviews. Does she not understand the danger she’s in on so many levels?

              • You are so right about not accurately perceiving the danger. Travis completely brainwashed her. She speaks of him in an overly positive light. She does not see the danger in the interviews. She is not naive , she is brainwashed. On some level she is aware that all of them were crazy, but I suspect she still depersonalizes to cope, and then it as if it is not happening to her I feel so bad for her sometimes that I almost can’t stand it.

                • Rebecca I believe you’re a psychiatrist?Forgive me if I’m wrong.I always love reading your posts,they’re spot on!

          • Thanks Rebecca, I think you are spot on about the Hughs as well as Travis and many of his friends being involved in the Prepaid legal cult. They were courting Jodi so they could add her to their list of underlings. When they saw that they couldn’t use her they turned on her and encouraged Travis to drop her and look for another victim. Travis continued to use Jodi for sex without regard for her feelings. These people make me sick they have profited from Travis’s death by using it as a platform for their 15 minutes of fame or in this case for the length of the trial. I am sure that they are all let down now that the publicity has stopped and are looking forward to the next phase when they can get back in the limelight, and what about this Abe guy what has he got to do with anything and why do they keep having him on the show?

            I have been away from this sight for awhile because I became so wrapped up in it I was neglecting things I should have been doing but when I came back on and saw the report about Tanishia I knew I had to return. I stopped watching HLN to get the news about the case because I couldn’t continue to listen to the hate and bashing. I have no respect for Dr. Drew, is he even a real Doctor? I once thought him to be so compassionate but no more. Nancy Grace is a narsscistic sorry excuse for a journalist or reporter, everything is about her, how many times does she bring up herself as a former murder victim? OK Nancy you have twins, big deal, I have two children also, you didn’t invent motherhood. HLN convicted Jodi in the public forum without a fair and un bias trial. The mob outside the courtyard was sickening, Where is the humanity in a society that calls for another’s blood. I will use this site as my news forum. I pray they let Jodi out of solitary which is a cruel punishment for anyone. I pray that her spirits are lifted up by the knowledge that she has many friends and supporters and that her life has meaning. I pray for her family.
            Thanks for letting me vent

            • Evanne——Humanity does seem lost in society. I see humanity on this web site, so I know there are still a few good souls out there. That is why we have to stick together. God Bless.

  24. RB in AZ

    I want to thank you for your post on June 7 at 10:09 on bullying.

    I am using it to compose a letter to my boss about the work place bullying I am experiencing.
    Your post inspired me to do something about it. Thank you, I am feeling better already.

    I try to read all the post, I have things to say but my confidence is so low I am afraid of how I will be received, or perceived. which I know is egotistical on my part, which bothers me to. If someone else says what I was thinking then I am satisfied and don’t feel a need to comment. so thank you all for your comments.

    I have been wondering about the up coming movie on June 22 “Jodi Arias: Dirty little Secret” I haven’t read any post about this .

    • Oh, the movie is going to be nothing but garbage. It paints Travis as this charismatic saint who was endlessly terrorized by psycho Jodi.

      • Yes, I was afraid this movie was in favor of TA, I suspected it from the tiny snip its of promo’s I’ve seen. How is it legal they can use Jodi’s name?

        • I saw that snippit too and felt the same thing.

          I don’t plan to watch it as I would probably *do a Jennifer* and throw my cup at my TV and break it too! Just seeing the tiny bit peeved me as to how they decided to slant it anti Jodi.

          I also wondered how they can use her story or name and create fiction and it be legal. Wasn’t there something where Casey A. was litigating over who owned her story?

        • I used to like Lifetime, but I think differently of them after this. First, I think it’s too soon to make a movie about this case. Second, I can tell by the promo that they used Juan’s THEORY (key word here) of her stabbing him in the shower & the gunshot coming last. Ugh.

          • Britney——Lifetime has sold out. They have decided to fold to the majority. They perceive the Majority to be Travis supporters. They have decided to follow the money. Plus Lifetime often caters to drama and simplistic thinking. I watch some of their things too, but it is mostly drama.The people on this website are thinkers. They aren ‘t into thinkers.

        • The movie is going to be total bullshit, I have seen ads for it tonight on Lifetime and the movie is protrayed from the alexander point of view. Of course, it is sickening that this movie is being made at this time prior t her penalty phase.. should be illegal too. this state does not intend for Jodi to have a fair trial not matter what. The jerks.

    • Hi Shar, I am Jesse. I haves been on this sight for quite a long time, pretty much since the beginning of the trial and we all have become a family of sorts. We would certainly love to read your posts and have you join in on our conversations. You can feel free to vent to your hearts content. We do not judge other people here for the most part and we respect each others views even if they differ somewhat from our own. I am inviting you in to our family. On another note, I am so sorry that you are being bullied.Please make sure you stand up for yourself against the bullies at your work place and feel free to discuss it with us if you are not sure how to proceed, we have some very knowledgeable legal eagles on this sight. Much love and welcome, Jesse

    • Hi Shar, I’m sorry to be so long responding but was away for a while. I don’t know if you will even see this but I just wanted to say how pleased I am that the article was helpful. Good luck to you with your workplace issue.

    • Shar,

      I have always felt insecure about posting my thoughts. It sounds silly huh!? But for me it was a real fear. I first came to realize this back in the late 90’s when I signed up for AOL and would go into chat rooms. I was afraid to post my feelings or thoughts, even though I was at home, safe, and anonymous. I finally figured out why. I have never been able to stick up for myself, or feel comfortable having my own opinion. This goes back to my childhood. It was a real scary thing for me, to even join into a chatroom talking about trivial things like movies or music. I am coming out of my shell so to speak. Do not be afraid to talk here. This is a very cool group of people that like to exchange ideas and thoughts.

  25. Great blog post. I just want to say that Juror #6, Diane Schwartz, is a piece of shit for making this comment:

    “The victim impact statements from Travis’ siblings. That’s when the tragedy of it all really came to life. After hearing Steven and Samantha speak, I said to myself, “No way does Jodi’s life outweigh Travis’ life”.”

    So she let emotion convince her that Travis was worth more than Jodi? Fuck her!

    • Yup, thats what I said when they said one of the jurors said “im sorry” to the family. It was probably the same juror too! They (the jury), DID convict Jodi on emotions.

    • Oh,Lord….Did she actually say sth like that?How disgusting,how biased.She’s on a mission to prove to us that they indeed were worthless when it came to actually being able to take in and understand the evidence.I know jurors are no experts but the ones that went public just reinforce the idea that they reached the verdict based on emotions solely.

    • I agree Kira. WTF is she even doing there as a juror, if she can put aside her personal feelings. She should have excused herself. I hope this is grounds for a mistrial, an appeal, anything.

      Her statement is a total reversal of what’s been communicated in the media and social networking. The prevailing opinion is that Travis’ life is somehow worth so much more than Jodi’s; hence why I keep asking WHAT DID TRAVIS ALEXANDER CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY THAT MAKES HIM SO FUCKING SPECIAL.

      For the record: This trial was NEVER whose life was more, but they opened that door all by themselves by saying that Jodi’s can be disposed of as long as the public is outraged enough. If they want to frame the situation that way, I WILL QUESTION IT until they STFU or concede that nobody has a right to play God and say whose life is worth what.

      • MB,
        I’ve wondered the same thing. If ANYONE use his life as their measuring stick for their own life to rise to….Lord help!!!

        • I think what perturbs me the most Ann, is that the Travisites believe he’s above all standards of human decency.

          Even if he won the Pulitzer prize, does that mean he has a right to treat people like garbage?

          But that’s the logic they are using.

          OK I’m done now. lol

          • Oh, don’t be done! It’s wrong thinking no matter which way we look at it when we’re using society’s outrage as a measuring stick for who matters less or more and who should be disposed in comparison to another.

            Many years ago, the bodies of prostitutes, some of them Aboriginal were being found just outside the city where they were dumped like garbage. This went on and on for months, and there was some suspicion, with good reason, that it was a vice cop who was doing it. People were disturbed, sure, but they were not outraged–and there was no reason to be afraid, unless you were a prostitute yourself.

            These women, who were poor, addicted, unwanted and unloved–did not count as much, so the outrage just wasn’t there. What would happen if their lives were put on a scale and weighed against their killer’s life? It makes NO sense to rely on such subjective and prejudicial measures. What if nobody cried for Travis the way nobody cried for these practically nameless women? The number of tears shed shouldn’t be counted up by a juror, and put on a score card, to decide on how harsh the sentencing should be. What WAS she thinking?

            • Good post Piqué.I posted for you up the page a little ways. I accidentally posted before I was done, so there are two. The second one is the finished post.

            • This is the same thing as why missing persons of color recieve little to no media attention, while the pretty, blue-eyed white child is plastered all over the news. It’s sad and it’s wrong.

              Travis’ life was considered to be of more value because he was a white, “Christian” (I use the term very loosely) male.

              Jodi is, of course, female, and is of Hispanic ancestry. That automatically makes her worth less.

              This isn’t the only trial (or medical) situation in which I’ve seen this.

    • My feelings also Kira. Horrid people. I did not see true emotion no TEARS at all fell
      off the faces of the Siblings? they condemned Jodi for dry tears all the time an I seen
      tears on her chin. I did see hatred in the siblings true hatred an devilish glares. I did
      not see that one time from Jodi an they focused on her way more than the siblings
      of Travis.

      Tanisha the big mouth of them all had no guts to get up there? I wonder why that is?
      Because she knows she has a bad background possibly? or maybe because the Judge
      would not let her due to her tampering with the witnesses by putting out the petitions
      on Aylce to not go to her functions anymore? I was still shocked Tanisha was silent
      with no big bad performance for the Jury of dry tears. I am also thankful as I hate
      looking at the horrid Tarnisha she truly gives me the creeps. Ugly inside an out. An
      her husband looks exactly like that man that ran the CHURCH FOR THE DEVIL
      WORSHIPERS. I don’t remember his name but he is his twin.

    • OMG! I am stunned at her comments I know I shouldn’t be but that floored me. Yes St. Travis was so wonderful. GMAFB. I’m exhuasted by this charade that HLN created that this guy was the greatest thing since sliced bread. You have him leading a double life being Mr. Holy Roller with most of the public then in his real life behind closed doors he was a total horndog perv. His voice on those tapes tell the real story.

      It makes me sick how these jurors fell for this facade about how Travis was this perfect guy and of course Jodi was dirt under his shoe. Thank God those four other jurors had a brain in their heads & had compassion for Jodi and refused to sentence her to death.

  26. It looks like to me someone called in some favors! Basically every charge was dismissed! How do you dismiss giving a false ID to police! Ugg this just pisses me off. Sorry I have been so busy with work but I love all of your posts, they are so enlightening! Those peeps think they can get away with everything, just pure evil hatred is all it is!

    • Yeah I wonder what happened there????!!!!!! How many of them are police officers? Its so sad when your brother and/or sister has to become a police to get the family out of trouble. And really…. these sisters sit there with their noses up in the air like their shit dont stink. Plz they’re ALL thieves, they should be ashamed of themselves! !!!!!

    • Sissy,

      Actually what typically ends up happening in such cases is that they come to a plea agreement. Essentially the person charged pleads guilty to one or more of the charges, agrees to the punishment and the state dismisses the rest of the charges.

      This saves the state a lot of time and money, and possibly the defendant the guilty charges on all the various charges, and its a sort of win-win situation.

      This is actually probably how 90% or more of all criminal cases are handled. So this is not uncommon, and actually one might say is more the rule than the exception.

      Nothing untoward or exceptional here.

      • AL—maybe not untoward, but questionable. A sex offender in the Midwest kidnapped a 21 year old woman and the next day he kidnapped two three year old children, molested them, and threw them in a dumpster to die. Someone found them, and thankfully they survived. He plead guilty to a lesser charge, and was sentenced to forty years in prison He served 19 years. Two years ago, at the age of 40 he was released. Two weeks ago he kidnapped a 15 year old and a 12 year old, as they got off the school bus. While raping the 15 year old the 12 year old got away. She ran through the woods for help, and her life was spared. Four hours later, they found the suspect in a building where he had hung himself. Yesterday they found the 15 year old dead under a bridge in the river. These things may save the State money, but it does not represent Justice. There is a difference between a legal system and justice. I suggest if Ms. Tanisha is a criminal she be treated like one. If you do the crime, expect the time.Our legal system is a game of cat and ,Ouse. To me that is untoward.
        Dren, molested them, and threw them in a dumpster alive. He plea bargained to

        • Rebecca64,

          I agree with your premise. My comment was in response to the statement Sissy made, and I quote

          “It looks like to me someone called in some favors!”

          I was just saying this seemed at par with current practices, and not something where out of normal. So the not untoward was related to that issue.

          • I understand. The problem is society has bought into the monetary and efficiency excuses for lack of justice.It has become dangerous. The whole legal system needs to be re-evaluated. I do understand what you were saying. Maybe I should have said although it is not untoward it is a morally questionable practice.

          • AL –I understand what you are saying,and recognize your point, but our legal system has become a game and I do not subscribe to the concept of saving the state time and money, as it is morally questionable. When someone is harmed later on, to save time and money, it is may be a win for the state and the accused, but it is not a win for the next victim.

    • Of all of them, Beth Karas was the one for whom I had the most respect. Then yesterday I stumbled into the ‘Only Idiots Support Jodi Arias’ Facebook page and there, to my horror, was Beth Karas listed among the ‘Likes’ for that site. (I’m really starting to question my ability to judge character.)

        • Well, I am doing the worst thing I can do to Beth Karas! I’m going to stop following her on twitter! LOL. Take that!

          • The misconduct list continues to grow with the addition of Beth Karras. HLN does not care. If they fired her, why don ‘t they fire Nancy, who has caused repeated problems for them, including law-suits. If you look Nancy Grace up on Wikipedia, the list of problems she has caused for HLN go on and on. Not sure they fired her.

        • Danielle, I too thought Beth Karas was the most professional of all the HLN reporters but was disappointed to find out that she is no different than her co-reporters. The pictures with the Hughs and other Travis supporters prove that there is no real journalism on HLN. It is all about sensationalism.

  27. Good Morning People!!!! Sooooo excited to read that Tanisha is being investigated!!!!!!

    Bitch is VERY ugly inside and outside!!!!

  28. Other than Samantha, is there another Alexander sibling that is involved in law enforcement?

    Cops and criminals 2 sides of the same coin.

    • I read that Samantha was a police office in Carlsbad and that Stephen was in the Army in 2007…

  29. I just read the transcript about the sex tape. They sound like kids sometimes. But I guess that’s the way they bicker when they all want to get their points in.

    I don’t understand how it’s hearsay when it’s a tape of two people talking. I thought hearsay would be for example me saying “she told me”.

    • Danielle, Here is an explanation of “hearsay”:

      It seemed like Juan’s argument was that the defense was trying to claim the truthfulness of the statement, that is, that he actually intended to assault her (and the tree). Defense, on the other hand, was saying it goes to her state of mind as well as refuting the State’s insinuation that Travis was previously a virgin and Jodi also stole that from him.

      P.S. I originally mis-spelled “previously a virgin” as “perviously a virgin”. Somehow it seems to fit. Freudian slip maybe?

      • That’s a good Freudian slip.

        Oh I see what he was trying to do. Thank you for explaining. I’m not saying I like JM. But that man can find a way out of anything.

    • The only ‘kid’ in that room was Martinez,a spoiled one on top,whose mama always stepped in to defend him.We saw a lot of that during trial!!

      • Maria R. Saw your post yesterday Yes I am a Psychiatrist, but I am real nice. I enjoy your posts too. It is relieving to know that so many people support Jodi

  30. Other than the Arbey Conlon article, do we have any other information/sources about Tanisha being investigated?

    • I have searched and searched and have not been able to find a darned thing. There are two possibilities. First the Arbey person MSU’d the situation. (MSU – Make Shit Up). Second, if there truly was an investigation, no one would talk about it.

      But no, I haven’t found anything anywhere else.

      Also, as some have mentioned the federal law for witness intimidation (18 USC § 1512) is very strict, however, I’m not sure that it may be applicable to this case. I’m not really sure whether the federal law applies to state cases. In fact The State Witness Protection Act of 2012 was meant to convert tampering with witnesses in state cases into a federal crime, however that died in committee in the Senate. It was re-introduced in 2013 however this bill has a very slim probability (like close to ZERO) of being passed. The problem is that it converts what is essentially a state issue into a federal crime.

      Now AZ does have a witness tampering statute (ARS 13-2802) which is a relatively meek law and classifies witness tampering as a class 5 felony (which for a first time AZ conviction carries a maximum penalty of 2 years).

      I’m not really sure that witness tampering across state counts as a federal offense when the trial is in state court.

      • Thanks, Al. I appreciate your thoroughness. I also did a bunch of Googling but couldn’t find anything.

        • The blog post could be referring to “lay person” investigations of Tanisha, sort of like our Task Force here. Maybe there are people working on gathering evidence so that they can present it to the Feds.

          If a formal investigation was already underway, it’d be in the news somewhere.

            • that’s true Journee, feds keep a lot of things hidden until after the fact.

              If I were ALV I would certainly file complaints and do whatever I could to make an example of them.

              It’s not right. Innocent people are put away all the time…can you imagine if there were NO EXPERTS willing to testify, EVER, for a defendant? (well, without regards to $$)


              • that doesn’t mean info can’t get leaked by the parties involved…lol

                really, who knows at this point if it is true or not 🙂

                I’m hoping it is!!!

      • Um, perhaps SJ might have a second source for that information?

        Because I first read about Tanisha being investigated – as well as being banned from future ‘in chambers’ proceedings (although the why of that was not revealed) – in one of SJ’s morning notes during the trial, probably just very shortly after the closed hearing with ALV regarding the witness tampering.

      • Love this Al….. MSU – Make Shit Up!!! Hope U don’t mind if I use it from time to time!!

        Might just change to MCU=Make Chyt Up…..just to put my own twist on it:>))))))

      • It wasn’t just ‘across state lines’, though. It was an internet campaign to sabotage a woman’s career and involved hundreds or thousands of people all over the country.

        I never looked at the petitions, I don’t know how many people signed them – but I do know I saw at least a dozen or more people at HuffPo posting links to that ALV petition, as well as to the site at Amazon where people could write a scathing review of a book they’ve never read.

  31. It seems to me that Verbal Abuse is often times thought of as just ‘unkind words’ directed at someone, but there is much, much more to it than that.
    It goes a lot deeper than that, and can cause immense damage to a person. Some, mistakingly think, it is never as bad as ‘physical abuse’, but often times, is much, much worse. And, often times, the effects can last much, much longer. American society seems to minimize this type of abuse.
    It’s time to bring it to the forefront of Jodi Arias’s defense.

    Richard Samuels and Alyce LaViolet, experts in the field testified to these findings.

    We KNOW Jodi Arias was verbally abused. We have heard recordings of his abuse, and we have seen texts of his abuse. And furthermore there have been eyewitnesses to his abuse, one of which POSTED ON THIS SITE. I hope this lady comes back to this site and posts some more and let’s others know of her eyewitness account.
    There are many forms of ‘verbal abuse’. ‘Verbal Abuse’ is just the general, misguided characterization for Mental Abuse, Psycological Abuse, and last but not least, Emotional Abuse. In my search I found several sites dedicated to this type of abuse.
    This is one.Here are some insights as provided by Wikipedia on the subject:

    “Typically, in couple or family relationships verbal abuse increases in intensity and frequency over time. After exposure to verbal abuse, victims may fall into clinical depression and/or post-traumatic stress disorder. The person targeted by verbal abuse over time may succumb to any stress related illness. Verbal abuse creates emotional pain and mental anguish in its target.”

    “Despite being the most common form of abuse, verbal abuse is generally not taken as seriously as other types, because there is no visible proof and the abuser may have a “perfect” persona around others. In reality, however, verbal abuse can be more detrimental to a person’s health than physical abuse.”
    “she may develop psychological disorders that plague them into and through adulthood.”

    Mental / Psycological / Emotional Abuse as more accurately termed, should never be ‘swept under the rug’, as happened in Ms. Arias’s case. It is a problem not only in this case, but across America.
    It can’t be disputed that Ms. Arias wasn’t mentally / psycologically and emotionally abused. It is common knowledge that abuse usually escalates over time in a relationship, therefore, no one can say she wasn’t physically attacked on Mr. Alexander’s last day on this earth.

    So, what does a person do that is being abused?…Defend themselves.

    • I completely agree, Edward. I hate how emotional abuse is sort of swept under the rug. More people need to learn about this kind of abuse so they can either recognize when it might be happening to them or try to help someone that it is happening to. It’s just as serious as physical abuse. It can cause a person to feel completely worthless, and I know from experience. It’s also hard when a lot of people don’t believe the abuser could do those things. Like you said, the abuser may have a perfect persona around others, and that’s exactly how it was with my abuser. When I was with him, I would defend his actions because I still loved him. When I finally ended things with him, I was upfront about how he treated me. I didn’t want to stay in the dark any longer. Of course people on his side didn’t believe me and thought I was just trash talking him, when everything I said was true. It’s weird how someone can be like two different people. They can be one person in front of their family and friends, and they can be a totally different person to the one they are in a relationship with. That’s why a lot of times people don’t believe victims because they are the only one who sees that side of them. At least until the relationship finally ends and they go on to victimize someone else.



    state and federal

    Arizona Revised Statutes
    title 13 criminal code

    13-2801 Definitions
    13-2802 Influencing a witness; classification
    13-2803 Receiving a bribe by a witness; classification
    13-2804 Tampering with a witness; classification
    13-2805 Influencing a juror; classification
    13-2806 Receiving a bribe by a juror; classification
    13-2807 Jury tampering; classification
    13-2808 Misconduct by a juror; classification
    13-2809 Tampering with physical evidence; classification
    13-2810 Interfering with judicial proceedings; classification
    13-2812 Unlawful grand jury disclosure; classification
    13-2813 Unlawful disclosure of an indictment, information or complaint; classification
    13-2814 Simulating legal process; classification

    so if it’s witness tampering, open, and look at the first 4 sections above

    13-2801 Definitions
    13-2802 Influencing a witness; classification
    13-2803 Receiving a bribe by a witness; classification
    13-2804 Tampering with a witness; classification

    open them, in numerical order, then read them
    they should be straightforward
    any clarification needed on any words, ask people here

    18 USC § 1512 – Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant

    it’s a longer section
    skim through it

    you’ll note offenders get decades in the slammer

    the feds treat it more seriously or maybe severely is a better word, than arizona



    to file a complaint against an az lawyer ie jm [ a judge; a separate route ]

    we need to look at, but i couldn’t find the arizona rules of the supreme court, against which to assess jm’s behavior

    not the rules presented in a piecemeal fashion in places, but the rules, current and in sequence, comparable to the above criminal code, without annotations, initially, although of course annotations are very important ie comparable to case law in explaining, amplifying, limiting, etc, the rules

    these “rules” are relevant, and important, because >>>

    Attorney Discipline
    The purpose of attorney discipline is to protect the public and the administration of justice from attorneys who have not discharged their professional duties to clients, the public, the legal system, and the legal profession. The professional conduct of attorneys and the discipline process is governed by Rules 41-74, Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court.

    ie we need to have a look at Rules 41-74, Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court.

    ALSO, related to that note,

    Presiding Disciplinary Judge

    Judge William J. O’Neil

    Effective January 1, 2011, the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona adopted changes to the attorney discipline system, including the establishment of the Office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge, pursuant to Rule 51, Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court also revised Rule 56(b), Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court Attorney Diversion Guidelines. The Presiding Disciplinary Judge presides over attorney discipline proceedings and issues orders together with a two-member hearing panel. The opinions of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge and hearing panel are final orders in that case and may be appealed to the Supreme Court in accordance with Rule 59, Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court. Although the decisions of the Hearing Panel are final orders in the case in which they are issued, they do not serve as stare decisis precedent for future cases nor constitute the law of the jurisdiction.

    1501 West Washington, Suite 102
    Phoenix, AZ 85007-3231
    Telephone: (602) 452-3436
    Facsimile: (602) 452-3498

    maybe read some decisions from the column on the left, given in chronological order, by month and year

    Office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge
    Streaming Media Archive

  33. Beautiful post SJ! I have that blog bookmarked.

    If the Travis Taliban wants to condemn Jodi for lying to police, I wonder what they have to say about this?

    I know Jodi lied to police, but I can make peace with it because I know and understand why. People lie to the police for a lot less, so how can people make the fallacious argument that Jodi can be reasonably expected to be totally forthcoming about killing Travis in self defense? Especially now in light that the Alexanders have a track record of lying to police for lesser crimes?

  34. I watched NG behind bars part one last night on youtube. It was just like you would think. NG asking people in jail what jail is like and they don’t like it. Surprise!

    So I guess I watched it too close until the time I fell asleep and I had a dream about it. The only part I remember is that I was part of the crew or something and one of the women in jail asked me to stop NG from being a douche and I said I don’t think I can. So the rest I remember is me wandering around looking for NG to tell her not to be a douche, but I never found her. LOL.

  35. Hello All!!

    SJ-I Love todays post. If for no other reason I hope these idiots donating their hard earned money to these losers see that Meth-face and the rest of the crew are nothing but common criminals, LOL!
    And Meth-face’s rap sheet is JUST the beginning, most of them have records very similar to hers.
    The haters love to talk shit about anyone they can find dirt on, so hey, let’s sling dirt.

    There is an email one of our own did uncovered that does say that the tampering and threats against ALV are being investigated in California. It states very clearly that the matter has been taken very seriously there and there is an on-going investigation.

    Thanks Trixels for that transcript! I will be reading late tonight, once it’s quiet here 🙂

    I hope you are all having a great Saturday and enjoying this beautiful summer weather.
    I am LOVING it!! Just a few weeks we had snow on the ground, so I am in HEAVEN!!

    Have a great day!!


  36. edward-hello. and everyone else. i read your post about verbal abuse. cannot agree more. as a child we are taught—-‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but name will never hurt me.” i don’t believe that applies any longer. a relative used to and still does verbally abuse me and adds to my depression. it is very difficult to recover from this. but i am trying each day. thanks for letting me vent.

    • Danielle,

      I your review of the interviews, did you notice if she ever said anything at all about a lawyer? Even wondering aloud to Flores or to herself about whether or not she needed one? I seem to remember seeing a 48hrs episode where an entire case was thrown out because, even though the accused never directly asked for a laywer, he wondered aloud (or said something) that was determined to be the equivalent of asking for one, and the detectives didn’t stop the interview. It was a very subtle mention, and I’ve wondered if anything like this happened during one of Jodi’s interviews.

      • I’ll have to watch them again, I think she did say she “wonders if she needs a lawyer or something……” I do remember those detectives did not want to accept any other answer than, “Yes, I killed Travis Alexander in cold blood.”
        Do you remember what type of case it was that you saw on 48 hours?

  37. Seems like them Alexanders live in a glass house with a few cracks and a broken window or two but still feel brave enough to throw stones. Pretty soon the whole damn structure may collapse!! If only Jodi had said only 5 words in interrogation…’F#ck you. Where’s my lawyer?’ They took advantage of her naivety!!

  38. Please excuse my naiveté but I missed a few days of the trial early on (in particular I don’t remember seeing Flora’s testimony). Was the jury shown her interrogation in its entirety?

      • Thanks, Shar…and I also just responded to your earlier post regarding the bullying article. I just said that I am pleased that the article helped someone and am wishing you good luck with your issue at work.

  39. I was astonished when I first heard that juror’s theory that Jodi was blackmailing Travis with the sex tape that he didn’t know about. (I thought at the time “WTF? Wouldn’t that give him a motive for attacking her rather than the other way around?” But then I remembered that St. Travis only lies, cheats and calls women names but it’s totally inconceivable that he could have initiated the violence.)

    And speaking of the sex tape, In one of Jodi’s post conviction interviews she was asked whether Travis knew he was being recorded and Jodi said, yes, and that there is proof of it in an earlier “chat” that didn’t come into evidence. My question: Is there such evidence and, if so, where is it and why was it kept out of the trial?

    • RB, Yes I heard Jodi say that also and was wondering where this evidence is.

      In the documents that were unsealed Willmott comments during the discussion about the sex tape being played that there are other tapes also.

      I wondered why this was not mentioned or why wasn’t it mentioned that recording their intimate moments was something they played around with more than one time.

      Theres so much info that makes zero sense and the more we learn, the more questions arise.

        • There were more tapes (8?), all of them were of poor quality. This is my speculation…The one tape they allowed was because it actually has TA saying his name…”Mr. Alexander is going to be very busy month”. At first the prosecution was saying it could not be proved any of these conversations were between TA and Jodi. I do know the defense had to fight like cat and dogs to get even one in. They didn’t allow the chat message in that proves TA knew it was being recorded.

      • Jodi testified that there had been two other recorded phone sex conversations which had been destroyed. The only reason this one happened to survive was that shortly after it was recorded, Jodi lost the phone she’d recorded it on. The phone was found a couple of years later when her aunt was cleaning out her grandfather’s car – the family turned the phone over to Jodi’s lawyers at that time.

        Willmott said in the transcript that the other recordings they had were of Jodi singing.

        • Get the feeling that Flores and his gang did a half assed job of investigating. And if they were this sloppy, how much of the DNA evidence was contaminated? They didn’t find Jodi’s phone in her grandfather’s car. They didn’t find the 9mm hidden in the second rental car, the one Jodi rented after she came back from the Mesa/Utah trip. It was turned over by the rental company. They said nothing of any tests on the white Ford Focus. I recall JA saying in her interrogation that wouldn’t there be blood on the door and door handles if she did kill TA. What happened to JA’s hard drive, was it damaged by police?

    • If he wanted to take pictures which we heard in his own words, why would he not want a tape to listen to as well? I have no doubt that he asked her to record the conversation. Jodi did what ever he asked.

  40. Overturn the conviction. The only solution is a completely new trial. IMO. Justice was not served. Tampering with witnesses has gotten many a “High Profile” court case overturned and this should be one of them. I can’t believe they consider this Justice and the Judge, SHAME ON YOU!

  41. Hi SJ and MB. I have been trying to get my gravatar to work for 2 days, so I am going to try it out. Also I changed my email address, just in case you were wondering if it is really me! Love ya, Jesse

  42. Yeah! It worked! I am so exhausted, I have been on the computer all day! So I am going nighty night. As usual all my love and hugs and kisses to you all! Have sweet dreams,. Love ya, Jesse Muah!

  43. I have always thought that the Alexander family and friends had multiple accounts online and that is who rallied the masses to begin with. It appeared to be many Travis supporters, but in reality it was a handful of them with several different names for each of them. I wish someone would get a court order to inspect their computers.

  44. Chris Hughes tweeted this below
    I love this!!!!!!! So so awesome!!! Thx for the share. Any relation to Deanna Reid? Travis Alexander’s girlfriend? She Samoan

    Ok, well I thought Deanna Reid was Travis’s EX-Girlfriend. I wonder how her husband feels about the statement above?

    • I dont think Deanna is married.Travis messed up with her in a such a dreadful way,she wont get her life back on track soon.

  45. Good morning to anyone who might be up! I love my morning coffee and watching the sun come up. It’s 6:11 am my time. Been reading the post and there is so much info put here. I can’t. Wait to get off this darn phone and back on a computer…….
    One thing I have notices is everyone still has a bit of humor left. in them. I hope that if Jodi’s family. reads our post that they too are able to smile from time to time.

    OK I think I have missed something along the way.. I knew Sam A was a cop who is the other one? Also who is the youngest girl living with?

    Someone asked why Jodi didn’t say she wanted a lawyer…I don’t think Jodi knew what was going on at the time. The Jodi that we see in the tapes and the Jodi we see now are two different people. I feel she was still in shock….

    • I think one of the boys is a cop.TA’s little sister is married to a man much older than herself.
      As to Jodi,I agree with you cindy.I’ve said it before.The 2008 Jodi is almost irrecognizable to me,a completely different person than today’s Jodi.Watching the tapes & the interviews dozens of times,I see a person not in their right state of mind,suffering from PTSD(thank you for enlighting us Dr Samuels) who is also deeply brainwashed and still under the control of Travis.She talks in the Present Simple,though she knows he’s dead for crying out loud.
      Today’s Jodi is a person who has somewhat come to terms with what happened to her,with what she ahd to do because she has accepted the fact that she was indeed in an abusive relationship,she has started to distantiate herself from the feelings she had for Travis and the person he actually was and is now finally seeing the bigger picture.I am proud of her,I really am.
      She has a long,long way to go but hers is a wonderful mind and spirit and she will will fight and beat her demons.

      • Yes thank you Dr. S. I love that man. Now the younger sister looks to be around
        d 18. Yup doesn’t surprise me that some older man from the church would marry her. I’m not even going to go there.

        I have to admit when I first stater watching this trial and going back over the tapes I thought D.F
        was doing a good job of questioning Jodi. LOL. Well that didn’t last long. The more I read and the first day of the trial I knew something was just not right.

      • Morning Cindy. Home front’s same old, same old. Last finals early next week. Then it’s summer break. The boy’s taking summer classes at the local community college in prep for more AP stuff next year, so that should keep him busy. Princess has a summer job at The Gap, so that should keep her busy.

        Have the in-laws in today for a cook-out, but they’re calling for thunderstorms, so that should be interesting.

        And life just moves along in everyday America.

          • Yeah the painting plans fell through in a hurry.

            In re the “princess” crack, daughters have a certain entitlement (which I believe they deserve) and some of them know it. So, when they know it they exploit it (heck that’s what all kids are allowed to do in any case, you ought to spoil them just a itty bitty little bit, not too much, but a little is OK). Hence the Princess crack (made by Mom, BTW).

      • I have no idea. A smart guy would just withdraw the DP. That would end up with her being in a LWOP situation, no automatic appeal to the AZ supreme court and let the chips fall where they might. Then she can go about her regular appeals process, but the gravity of the appeals diminishes a bit since there is no DP.

        But again this is AZ, so who knows. They have redone this penalty phase stuff in the past after a hung jury, so its not a novel situation.

        So I have no idea where this is headed.

        The more interesting thing, than the state’s immediate reaction will be the appeals process.

    • If she didn’t I doubt we’ll ever find out. Unless some real stark evidence comes to hand, any future trial will always have to deal with her self-defense story. So unless that was complete fiction, and they can show it was so, I think you’re pretty much stuck with that story forever.

      One lesson everyone should learn from all of this is never talk to the police without a lawyer, any lawyer. Even the most ineffective one would have told her to keep her mouth shut.

      • You know I often wounder about that
        Jodi is a smart girl and working for pol you would think…so ifwe go with what baby Dr. said bpd how can anything she said in the interview be brought into court ..Just saying……you can’t have it both ways unless you live in AZ. They seem to make up the rules as they go.

  46. Hi everyone….I have had a lot of fun this weekend.. will tell you about it later.

    I have a new project that really cuts through all the bullshit.

    I’m going to develop it further over time, but I think it”s really powerful.

    I may have already posted the link, but here it is again:

      • Fun night for all at the singles ward? okaaay lol Or maybe it’s a PPL thing, since that guy who talks to the camera says “that’s my upline TD.”

        So, wardrobe wise they all appear to be dressed for mild weather, at least. I see several wearing flip-flops, including Travis, who’s also wearing shorts.

        Jodi says her finger was broken in January of ’08 – am I remembering that right? And she says she colored her hair shortly before she moved back to Yreka in the first week of April ’08.

        I’ll poke around and see if I can find anything about the weather in Mesa in Feb-March of ’08. There is an almanac site I have used before….

        • Well, that was easy – I didn’t bother looking at the whole month. The first 15 days of March ’08 showed temps in the 70’s in Mesa, with one dip down to 66.

            • maria,
              I shouldn’t take for granted everyone know what the climate is like in Mesa. People dress in shorts, year around. Do you know what a snow bird is? If not people.. go to this area in the winter months to live out the winter months and to get away from Canada the northern state snow. In the summer months it is extremely hot therefore they go back home during the summer.

        • Hi Journee, I don’t know what this video is about, but it looks like an old stripped down Xmas tree in the corner and fake evergreen bows on the beams. Maybe they just leave the decorations around all year? Is this some kind of Mormon nite? They seem to have a lot of time-consuming, geeky activities to keep them from doing what normal would people do – like have sex without the fear of being ostracized from the community!

          • Yes, I thought it looked like Christmas too – except for the flip flops, but what do I know about Mesa?

            But Jodi’s finger shouldn’t have been broken yet at Christmas, should it?

            • I thought her finger was broken around January 2008, is that the correct time period?

              Also, what do you make of the Jan 21, 08 text where TA asks JA if she used his phone without his permission. She replies, “I only used it after I asked u in the office. Why?”

  47. Ever since the Jodi Arias trial began, I have been struck by the stark contrasts between those who support Travis Alexander versus those who support Jodi Arias. Several media outlets, especially HLN, have helped Travis’s supporters by perpetuating this myth that he was a wonderful man that, sure, made some mistakes, but basically was a really great guy. Meanwhile, Jodi Arias is this evil, crazy, violent witch that should die a slow and painful death.

    It should be noted that the Church of Latter-Day Saints currently does not take a position on capital punishment. However, it also should be noted that Mormonism teaches that violence and killing can be justified in certain situations, as long as the action is commanded by God. Do the Travis Alexander supporters believe that threats of violence against Jodi Arias and her supporters is justifiable and commanded by God? Call me crazy, but I believe in the Ten Commandments which God delivered to Moses and especially the one that states “Thou shalt not kill”.

    Travis’s supporters have taken it upon themselves to get in front of a television camera as often as possible and continue to prop up Mr. Alexander as a paragon of moral virtue. At the same time, they, along with their willing accomplices in the media, continue to smear and attack Jodi Arias, her family, friends and supporters. And as troubling as this is, it is the bullying and death threats that are carried out by Travis Alexander’s supporters online that is even worse. They have harassed me and many other Jodi Arias supporters because they cannot fathom how we could possibly support this woman.

    But when you look at the Jodi Arias supporters, you will find almost every one of them to be positive, strong and courageous people who are taking stands against domestic violence, abuse and the death penalty. Go to any pro-Jodi Arias website and look at the posts. You will find uplifting, positive, supportive and compassionate people there. Then, go to any pro-Travis Alexander website, if you can help it. You will find violent, negative, bitter and bigoted people there. You know, for people who claim to have such a great relationship with their God, they sure are an unhappy lot, aren’t they?

    Travis’s supporters have raised a lot of money in the last five months, but I wonder how much of that is going to help others and how much of it is winding up in the pockets of people like Chris Hughes. It may sound cynical, but in a way, I think that Travis’s death might have been the best thing to have happened to some of these people. Contrast that to the official Jodi Arias website where money has been raised to help survivors of domestic violence and that money goes straight to Jodi’s family. And, we don’t see Jodi’s family and friends mugging for the cameras on a nightly basis as we do Travis’s family and friends.

    I believe that when all is said and done that Jodi Arias will be a free woman and that justice will be served. The more people find out about what happened during sidebars at the trial and the true motives of Travis’s supporters, the more people will shift and come join our side. Contrary to what you may think, we are good people. We don’t create fake Twitter accounts for Travis Alexander in an attempt to smear him the way that someone did for Jodi Arias, even going so far to make it look official. We don’t “like” pages of people we dislike and spend all of our time there attacking those who like the person. We don’t make death threats or threats of violence against those with whom we disagree. That is because the Jodi Arias supporters want justice, not revenge. And, while we may not the national media on our side, we have something better: the truth. And the truth shall set Jodi free.

    • “Justice based purely on laws is about as accurate as a portrait created out of large low-resolution color pixels.

      If you stand back far enough it looks good.

      Come any closer and the glaring approximations overtake all semblance of the original.

      Justice should be viewable under the microscope, not from a telescope.

      And for that it needs to be based not on law but on truth.”

      ― Vera Nazarian

  48. I’m watching Trial Day 9 when Nurmi filed a motion against the felony charge.
    It’s driving me up the wall that when Martinez takes his turn he says ”This case SHOWS that on May 28th of 2008 approximately a week before June 4th the defendant STAGED a burglary of her own home to steal the murder weapon so that she could kill Mr Alexander.”

    Where’s the PROOF, the incriminating conclusive proof that Jodi was the person that was responsible for that break-in?Was she ever charged?Was she ever questioned or had trouble with the police back in her hometown? Hell NO!! How can that be considered evidence and allowed when it was all hearsay at the best?

    • Oh,not to mention taht he says that he she showed up as a BLONDE to rent the car on June 2nd.
      I swear to God that man couldnt even keep his stories straight.How he won this,I will never know….

      • Maria..if you ever find the answer please let me know. It’s mind bogging isn’t it? I think that JM confused the jury so much it made their brains scramble.

        • I dont think I will.Ever!
          Yeah,even the one who talled and who obviously admired and were his great supporters said that he sometimes talked too fast for them to understand.Duh??? It was done on purpose you doofuses!Martinez won this on tricks not fair gaming.

      • You notice that he really didn’t hang on that for too long. He knew he messed up on that one
        The car Guy was going with the picture on her DL. He didn’t remember Jodi other then what he had on file. How many boxes of hair dye would it take to dye bleached blond back to brown ..daaaa. He didn’t know what the f he was talking about….

        OK everyone have a good day..I’m getting too ticked off just thinking about this stuff and how the hell the jury bought in JMs BS

      • Maria, the judge allowed that little fuck-face to “win” by not allowing JODI the right of every American citizen to a Fair and Unbiased trial! The entire trial was tainted by the state from the get go! They had no proof of anything! Their entire “case” was a bold -faced pack of lies spewed from the mouth of Satan’s right-hand man…the troll-king himself…. and backed-up by his harpy fuck-trashbag (can’t bring myself to belittle dolls by calling her a fuck-doll! 🙂 ) and the rest of the Turd Alliance! Poor JODI and her attorneys never stood a chance wen they walked into that chamber of continuous lies and deceit that was put on by the head turd and the rest of his sewer crew!

    • Exactly if she was so guilty why was she never charged? That information never should have been allowed into court. It is NOT evidence. Grounds for overturning on appeal I hope.

  49. Since this is Sunday and many of you may be going to church I thought this would be a good time to post my little story.

    I’ll title this “Me, Mom and her Mormon friends

    I hope my story won’t offend supporter posting here that are of the Mormon faith. According to a history channel there are 9 millions Mormon believers. They are part of our Nation’s history. So no surprise when I cross paths with a member of the LDS.
    Part 1: Me
    I was eighteen, and hospitalized for one week. My roommate was a Moron woman. I will call her Mrs. W. Mrs. W’s daughter was a high school classmate. We weren’t friends. For seven day I was subjected to loud praying and screams. At times, Mrs. W. was in severe pain. When she wasn’t screaming or praying she would read to me from the Book of Mormon. Mrs. W took up the daunting task of saving my soul from fire, hell and brimstone. I told her my parents raised me in church and that I been baptized twice of my own free will. This seemed to make no difference to her. She was on a mission! My parents, dragged to church on Sunday morning, Sunday night and back again on Wednesday night. I was use to sermons and bible school stories and felt I knew the bible fairly well. This Book of Mormon story was something totally different and new to me! I was respectful to Mrs. W. and listened to every word she read to me from the Book of Mormon. She would give testimony, preach to enlighten me ….right down to the holy underwear. I believed in God and I wanted to go to heaven. According to Mrs. W the Mormon belief was my only sure route to heaven…… well I’m not closed minded… so I listened. The day I left the hospital, Mrs. W wanted to know if she could send others from her church to talk to me some more. I had no doubt; she was sincerely concerned about my eternal soul. I took her phone # and told her I’d let her know. I ran straight to my Mom and told her about my experience with Mrs. W. My mother respects all denominations. She not the type that would come right and say another denomination beliefs are batsh8t crazy. Finally she put it to me like this.. ..They are free to believe whatever they wish…but… WE believe Jesus is the only son of God; WE don’t believe The Book of Moron is another book inspired by God words. We do not believe an angel/messenger name Moroni came to earth and spoke to Joseph Smith. Funny…Mother would always correct my dad when he would use the “WE” word but that day she used the WE word. After all her hard work showing me the straight and narrow, she wasn’t going to let Mrs. W influence me. Well…being 18, I had a boyfriend and several pair of satin bikini underwear…I sure as hell didn’t want to part with either … so that was the end of that Mormon stuff…so I thought.
    Truthfully, the experience I had with Mrs. W. spiked my curiosity. Similar to the way I was affected when I first heard and started reading about the holocausts. Over the years, I have read numerous of books regarding the Mormon religion and the holocaust. Several years go by; I moved away from my home town and away from my parents. I join a book club which the majority of the members are Catholic…and wouldn’t you know it …the Elizabeth Smart story broke…and they started recommending and reading several books about the FLDS and LDS. Time marches on, my brother buys a home in Mesa, AZ. Shortly afterwards, my Father dies. My Mother was lost, lonely and depressed. One day she calls me to break the news… she’s moving…. where?….Mesa AZ!
    Part 2: Mom and her Mormon friends

    • Oh crap..correction already…i meant to say **Mormon wowan**. This is truely a mistake, I’m not saying she is a Moron

      • read right over it. didn’t even notice the mistake. I go to church at 4. i am waiting for part 2. it will be today. wont it? soon I hope.

        • Part 2: Mom and her Mormon friends

          My poor Mother, the broken wing snowbird buys a cute place in a retirement village. 80% of the retirement village residents are Mormons. Shortly after she settles in, she meets a lovely Mormon couple, Mr. & Mrs. N. They invited her to dinners, church and shopping trips. I usually phoned mom weekly. For three month, I sat and listen to all the things she was doing with her new Mormon friends. I’d drop little hints like… have you found a church near you yet?….and she would say nooo I went to the Mormon Temple this morning. Her new friends gave her the Book of Mormon. They invite her to family devotion night. I remember thinking these people are COURTING my Mother trying to convert her. (When Jodi used the word “courting” I about fell out of my chair.) I knew Mr. & Mrs. N was in hot pursuit to convert her to their beliefs. I could only hope they weren’t pressuring her. Mom finally told them she appreciated their kindness but she did not believe in the Mormon Religion and teachings. After that conversation they dropped Mother like a hot potato! They still remain friendly enough in passing but she was no longer in their click. I didn’t remind her about the time we discussed Mrs. W. I may never know if my brother talked to mom about the situation. I suspect he had something to with her decision. More times passes… and Mother doesn’t fit in and she misses home. She leaves Mesa, AZ. (Thank you God.) More time passes ….I hear of upcoming JA case. I can’t seem to get away from this Mormon religion stuff.…
          I knew JA and TA were both LDS member but I didn’t know the extent of what their religious beliefs had to do with the trial. Day 1, I started watching the trial live stream. It didn’t take me long to figure out this case was going to open a can of worms!

          I can see how Jodi could be easily persuaded to become LDS woman to please a LDS priesthood man. I can’t say what her state of mind was at that time. I don’t know, but I don’t think Travis was the ONLY reason she became LDS. I can only go on what DB said in his interview. There is nothing about DB seems dishonest. I see no motive for him to lie about the change he noticed in Jodi when she joined LDS Church. I don’t know if she was seeking something spiritually. Was she in a fragile mental state? I simple don’t know. There were three major changes taking place in Jodi’s life; she was changing boyfriends/lovers, increasing her work load taking on the PPL job and discovering a religion that was foreign to her. I don’t understand those who say, I don’t see what the Mormon Church has to do with any of this. It’s a HUGE part of who they were in 2008! Their normal days consist of work, church, church socializing and forbidden sex. For those in the in the “intruder story” camp… or believe more than one person was involved, I’m not convinced yet….but I find your views an interesting possibility. For now, I wobble between self dense and heat of passion.

          • Ann, Not saying that you are wrong–but to me heat of passion seems to be contradictory to what the defense has proved. To me heat of passion would have happened far earlier in the relationship and not on that fateful day in June 2008. The reason I say this is because it seems to me that TA—being the total ass-hat that he was— did attack JODI and the wounds showed that she defended herself in a life or death situation (thankful it was Turdis who ended up lifeless and not JODI). However, I think that the intruder story is also true. Why, because the shoe print —my theory is that the HUGHES broke in and attacked both TA and JODI….knocking JODI out (hence her having no memory of the stabbing)…..then killed TA. Another theory that I’ve thought about is that TA attacked JODI while the HUGHES were there. JODI shot T—but he wasn’t incapacitated and continued the attack. The HUGHES heard the attack and gunshot—went to investigate and found TA attacking JODI—killed TA and then threatened JODI into taking the blame for TA’s death.(NOTE: tis is in no way making the Hughes heroes for helping JODI—-this is to show how manipulative and cowardly they are for making JODI take the fall). Again, these are only a couple of random theories that have popped into my head over the course of a few days —and not to be taken to heart as the evidence, itself, all proves JODI’s claim of self-defense …..with absolutely no pre-meditation nor forethought to killing Turdis on that day whatsoever. Thanks Team JODI for letting me voice my thoughts to intelligent, compassionate, and—above all— sane people who seek and believe in the truth and true justice! GO TEAM JODI!!!!

            • Duke,
              Let me clarify, the crime sceen and Jodi’s lack of any memory of the stabbing is what made me lean towards the ‘look” of a heat of passion and snapping.

                • Anyone who hasn’t done so already, learn about Ervil LeBaron who spent his childhood in Mesa, AZ, and his daughter Lillian Lebaron Chynoweth who was murdered for speaking out against an (F)LDS group for murdering her husband and family. Eeeery coincidences. Her husband, Mark Chynoweth, was murdered on the anniversary of the death of Joseph Smith, June 27th. I had always wondered about the 27 stab wounds………I know it’s also said to be 29 stabs, but they say 2 were defensive wounds. Just another coincidence that may be worth pondering. Also, take a look at this:
                  Time Warner is the parent parent company of HLN where I think I can be so bold as to say that LDS owns tons of stock in. So, for those wondering how HLN and other media can get away with their totally biased portrayal of Jodi Arias, this may explain it a little better. I just skimmed the surface. Anyone who knows more or wants to dig deeper can elaborate on my discovery.

          • Ann…

            I was flipping through the channels last night and this title caught my attention “Zach and Miri make a porn”….it reminded me of this trial about Travis’ roommate Zach…and Mimi….the movie caption said it was about roommates who were cash strapped who wanted to make it in the adult movie industry…

            The title and movie caption got me to thinking about Travis being strapped for cash…and on Travis’ sex tape he is talking to Jodi…saying something about a porn star and a legitimate porn movie…

            So then I decided to google mormons and the porn industry…and a can of worms ran rapid…wow…

            Now…I believe they are more into sex before all that work church work…LOL…


              • I’m with you T1111 . . I can handle being wrong if what I’m seeing is considered sensational or finger pointing but too much goes right back to the mormons and don’t forget politics, specifically Republican. Imagine if Romney, a mormom would have become President. I’m not political or religious but have enough sense to keep a fundamentalist out of office. If you check some of the cash/karas/wick friends lists, they’re all following republican groups and up to no good..

            • Your comment,
              ” Now…I believe they are more into sex before all that work church work…LOL…”
              That the one thing we have plenty of proof of. 🙂
              And you don’t have make excuses to me for googling porn 🙂

          • Ann, I believe you are right that Jodi was virtually brainwashed into a cult, between LDS and PPL, and I don’t think we can look back on anything she said or did in the days and months following Travis’ death without taking into account that her mental state was seriously compromised – both by the PTSD and the brainwashing that came before it. It’s really surprising to me that she has been able to ‘recover’ as well as she has, considering she’s had no significant help or therapy while incarcerated.

            I also have no problem at all believing that Jodi could have killed Travis in self defense, I can even construct a scenario in my mind of how it could have played out – my version differs from Speight’s but it matches the blood evidence at the scene, so who knows?

            There are a lot of weird little facts that I might just be able to write off – like the roommates who didn’t smell the decomposition, or Enrique saying he saw Travis around 6:30 on Jun 4, or the porn-free lap top in Travis’ office that’s registered to Deanna Reid – Deanna says she gave it to him for Christmas but doesn’t remember which Christmas? – or why is that they woke up, had sex, made the bed and took pictures, then stripped the bed again. Those are just a few of the weirdnesses I’m willing to write off. I can even give a hypothetical for the bloody shoe print because I think the carpet might still have been wet enough with blood on the 9th to have been transferred by one of the guys who found Travis.

            But the one thing I can’t knock down, the one thing that tells me that, at the very least, someone else HAD to be there, is that Jodi could not have gotten Travis into that shower by herself without causing a lot more damage to his body. Someone much stronger than Jodi would have had to LIFT Travis into that shower. He could not have been dragged there or his back, buttocks and legs would have been scraped up from the metal lip of the shower. The only scrapes on Travis’ body were just above his heels.

            Once I accept that someone else had to have been there, then all of the weird little things come back in with a whole host of possible explanations. And the one I default to is the story Jodi held onto for two years, until Nurmi and Samuels convinced her to change her story.

          • Wow Ann what a story!! Back from GA, where I posted 1 comment last night from my daughter’s computer, then roamed the streets hoping I’d run into Nance. J/k! My daughter has a welcome packet which includes a tour CNN but I told her I CANNOT! lol That shows how doggedly persistent these Mormons are to recruit and, thankfully, you and your Mother were strong! Jodi was vulnerable. She was brainwashed!! That religion scares me.

            • Glad you made it back from GA. Nance will never know what close call she had! Did you look in all the right places for her?….gutters, sewers an blood banks?
              I will give the Mormons credit for their recruiting skills. Once they spot their prey they’re persistent. I really thought Mom was a goner. She already changed in her political views (living in AZ) at a late age then this. I thought holy comoly they will rob her of her of little nest egg & who knows what else!

              • Thank goodness she didn’t fall for it!! They sound to me like a money hungry cult who want to control every aspect of your life. No I didn’t check the usual places for Nance but had she been at the mall it would have been a narrow escape for her! lol

  50. Morning everyone! As a proud member of Team JODI (which I also think of as Team Justice!) I must say that while I don’t believe in the DP, I would truly advocate the euthanisation of the entire prosecutorial team, the judge, sheriff Joe, the Assexanders, and the idiots at HLN—–or at least have them spayed and neutered to prevent further procreation of their ilk—-even though some of them have already mated and spawned a new batch of possible fools.

      • x, It seems to me that you are just like te rest of the mindless drones who believe that Turdis Assexander is some kind of saint —when all he was nothing but a fat-assed, rancid, piece of shit who has messed of a beautiful young lady’s life….and this isn’t counting the fact that he was breathing air that a true human could have been using——and that “the piss-ant-cutor” is the second coming of God—-when he, like Turdis, is just a piece of lowlife shit who should also be exterminated from his and any other world that may exist! n other words troll, STAY THE FUCK OFF THIS SITE!!!!!!!! (PS, why not be brave and respond to me you worthless piece of shit with something more than ——!!!!!

  51. Hi, just getting a chance to catch up on recent posts, and the posts yesterday about Tara’s book deal titles were hysterical, loved them.Thinking and praying for you Jodi, Stay Strong

  52. Hello all hope you are had a good week-end.
    I have to say I get mighty sick of being mis-characterised as madonna or whore, it’s shallow and simplistic where I am am complex and deep,
    But this seems to be an argument of opposites everywhere. Shallow/deep, simplistic/complex, justice/injustice, men/women truth/lies. It’s dialectic.
    Narcissism, as I understand it is pre-programed by poor object relations during infant bonding, so naturally people who exhibit this quality have a bias against women who for whatever the motivation ‘didn’t do their job’ well enough for their infant to trust.
    They don’t trust women, they denigrate and abuse them, and warn them with graphic images of violence juxtaposed with female genitalia.
    I find it personally offensive apart from untrue.
    Narcissistic argument will eventually run out of puffery precisely because it is exceedingly shallow.
    They have no well thought out reasoned argument, only insults and personal attacks because they don’t do depth. Any argument containing depth is summarily dismissed with a rude quip. They may tire of angry rhetoric, but we seldom tire of quality in depth analysis because it feeds into collective wisdom.
    Swearing and anger doesn’t.
    My fantasy would be to start a class action by all women against HLN and the cult of mormonism for the damage they have caused to women and children everywhere, and make them donate in perpetuity funds to women and children escaping abuse, and providing safe places for them in the aftermath.
    It’s really unacceptable and irresponsible social behaviour impacting on the notions of objective and just law, as well as a little shameful to the world where exhibits of tribal behaviour can be found in a museum of natural history.
    This trial reminds me of an episode of Big Brother, where the viewers get to vote off people unless they are worth a bit of salacious gossip.
    They are all scandalously shameless publicly endorsed con artists and scammers of money, the real god. And they don’t like women unless controlled. We are not controlled.
    Dave Hall the automatic assault rifle killer of blameless animals seriously bothers me.
    Ruthless – is too kind a world to describe these people emanating from such intergenerational childhood abuse.

  53. Good morning everyone (or good afternoon to those of you on the east coast and good evening to those across the pond).

    Do we know any particular question(s) Tara asked. I’ve printed out all the jury questions I’ve seen so far and want to see if I can match up hand writings. I’ve also put them in numerical/date order so I can figure out who was on the stand at the time. I have no idea what good any of this will do. It’s just awakens the natural sleuth in me.

  54. cindyp—-thank you for your kind words yesterday at 5:30pm. yes, things are getting better each day.

    good morning everyone!

  55. Ann, Like you ,too, had what I call a run-in with some Mormons who tried to recruit me into their church. They even went so far as to take me to a gentleman’s–who was from Africa—home to try and convince me to join (I guess they thought that if I saw or knew a Black person was a member that I would join because they “welcomed” Blacks [little did they know that I am multi-racial and consider myself human as my race as opposed to colour, etc., and that I am not native to America]). What really amazed me was one night they came to my home and wanted me to drive them to a meeting with others….well I knew they were coming so in order not to drive or go I disabled my car. When they arrived and ask was I ready to go I said no as my car wouldn’t start —-instead of them offering to drive —they proceeded to pray over my car asking God to start it for them. During this time I started to laugh until I almost cried —especially when they asked me why I was laughing and not praying with them. Well to make a long story short I reached in my pocket and took out two of the spark plugs I had removed earlier And then asked them if Joe and Moroni were true then they would have told them that they were barking up the wrong tree trying to induct me into their cultish way of thinking. 🙂

  56. On page 131 at 27:03 of the interrogation transcript Jodi mentions lawyers.

    Someone asked me if she mentioned them anywhere bc it could mean something, but I wasn’t done reading.

    Will someone w law knowledge look at this and tell me if it means anything? Thank you!

  57. 26:54

    I mean do you think you’re going to get this opportunity again to sit down and
    justhave a freeform discussion?27:03

    No, probably not, unless it’s with lawyers. When you say freeform, do you mean like in
    this room?27:15

    Yeah, just exchanging, communicating. There’s not going to be any situation or placethat’s going to m
    ake it any easier for you. This is as good as it gets for you right now

  58. She mentions a lawyer again 155-157 but she then says she seems to want to go on talking w DF. He tells her that a lawyer won’t let her talk to him anymore and she doesn’t like that. I don’t know if that’s trying to push her not to get a lawyer.

    I don’t know guys, let me know what you think bc I would think that her lawyers would have caught this all already. I think I’m just wishing.

    • 18:37
      I wonder if I should just get a lawyer first.18:41

      That’s completely up to you

      I know that you can’t stay here forever and you need to do back. If I get one, will
      yoube able to still talk to me afterward or does everything just stop or what?18:53

      I’ll tell you exactly what a lawyer’s going to tell you to do. He’s gonna’ say, Nope!
      Nope on what?18:58
      No more contact. She had her chanceYou had
      your chance to talk to her. It’s over.

      Well, I mean, I just would just want his advice. It doesn’t necessarily mean that heumm…that I’m going to take his advice nor does it mean that…you know…

      That’s completely up to you, Jodi.

      …sitting in a cell somewhere not saying anything is not going is going to help me

      • If you read the full transcript of these pages does it seem like he’s trying to put her against a lawyer or am I just hoping?

            • He is veeeery slyly trying to persuade her to keep talking WITHOUT lawyer. A less naive person would have seen this, and demanded a lawyer. He keeps up threats of her sitting in a cell. For all she knew, she could’ve walked out of that police station that day. I’m no legal expert, but this seems like coercion to me. Wonder why Jodi’s lawyers didn’t explore this, there’s got to be an explanation somewhere.

      • God, I wish she would’ve said , “YES, I WANT A LAWYER! ” I think Jodi just likes to talk. She also might felt like if she asked for one, the detectives would’ve THOUGHT she was guilty. Little did she know, that Flores was just playing nice to get her to talk.

    • I only know from the cop shows, Danielle. From those examples I’d say it sounds pretty typical – cops on TV tend to dance right past any lawyer references until the suspect specifically says “I want a lawyer”.

      • The whole exchange on 155 looks like he was trying to make a lawyer sound like a bad idea and she was unsure and he pressed. I guess that’s legal. I only know from cop shows too, but she sounds so confused and unsure. She keeps saying she does want to go on but…

        They kind of gloss over any lawyer ideas. But I guess bc she doesn’t come out and ask. Ugg that makes me mad bc that’s bc of the PTSD prob.

        Mordecai – you asked about this are you around?

        • He already knew from the phone calls that Jodi was a little chatterbox who wanted to talk. Telling her that a lawyer would just shut her up was a clever ploy to use with her, but not illegal I don’t think.

        • I don’t think it was just the PTSD, Danielle. She’d been all alone with the knowledge of what happened that day for a whole month. She NEEDED to talk about it. Wish the poor girl had found a friend to confide in instead.

          • That’s probably true too. The way I’m reading it, it sounds like she was really having a hard time deciding what to do. I wish she would have thought something like if I got lawyers I could talk about this to them all the time.

            • Danielle and Journee –yes, Detective Flores has correctly sized her up as someone who wants and needs to talk in a freeform, unstructured way, and who is receptive to sympathy and attention. He gives that to her.

              Sounds as though he’s telling her that if she gets a lawyer involved, she will have to sit all alone in a cell, with no one to talk with except, at some undetermined point, some dry lawyer who will just give her advice about something or other. It’s too vague for her; she seems to want a concrete picture. Despite her intelligence, she’s really like a child here, I think–afraid of the mysterious grown-up world.

              She’s so afraid, and at loose ends, she’s hanging on to the only thing that’s providing her mind with an anchor: sitting in a little room with DF who is leaning his body toward her in that attentive way. I think, at this point, she actually feels he’s showing her warmth and understanding. There’s a cozy, calming seductiveness in his manner with her, and that’s a level of safety–such as it is–that she’s just unwilling to give up. A lawyer represents the unknown. She’s just paralyzed.

              No wonder she behaved like a giggling mad-woman when left alone in that blank room just to have her behaviour recorded. All that confused mental and emotional energy had to come out, somehow, through her body …

              • Absolutely agree.The very very first time I saw some of the interrogation recordings I was like ‘oh,look he sounds sweet’ and kept thinking why cops on movies are always feisty and screaming at the murder suspects,throwing evidence to their faces.
                How naive and stupid I was…
                Florez needed a confession,he was convinced from the get go he had caught the bad guy and advising or urging her to hire a lawyer would mean that his precious confession would be stalled or possibly never acquired.

                • Having experienced some real crooked cops in my youth, Flores struck me as sly snake in the grass when I first heard him speak to her. Jodi was waaaaaay too trusting. I had to learn the hard way too, but my goodness, her trust in dirtbags has really ruined her entire life.

                • Hi Rebecca! I saw it!
                  I have deep admiration for psychologists and psychiatrists.The words themselves are compound greek ones ‘psyche=ψυχή’ .It must be really exciting and challenging trying to unravel a person’s psyche’s secrets.
                  My sister’s dream has always been to become a psychologist but life’s needs have her stuck in a dead-end job only to make ends meet.So,poor thing studies on her own,subscribing to any on-line free courses she can get,reading tons of books to get educated on the field.She can talk for hours and hours and I love listening to her even though she’s only an amateur,a ‘fan’ of the field if you will.I imagine how interesting it would be to actually talk or listen to you! (((Hugs)))

              • Piqué—you really hit the nail on the head, “Despite her Intelligence, she seemed like a child.” That was what the head-stands were also about. She was so regressed from the anxiety and stress. I honestly believe that if someone would have placed a baby bottle or a pacifier on the table she would have used them. Remember the infantile laughter? The singing was also child like. She was so out of it. Completely dissociated. It was the saddest thing to watch.

            • Regarding this thread, a while back on Coast to Coast AM, Paul Bishop talked about his involvement in the TV game show “Take the Money and Run.” It’s an interesting interview about his days as an LAPD interrogator and how he managed to get confessions out of suspects. All of the tactics he used were legal, including receiving a pretend phone call in the presence of a suspect informing him that they found “evidence” that placed the suspect at the scene of the crime, even when there was no evidence. The audio is on Youtube starts at 40:42.
              Along those lines, this article lays out everything Flores and that bitch cop employed on JA:

              1. Confront the suspect with unwavering assertions of guilt. (JA: I never hurt Travis. DF: You did. You hurt him. That’s why we’re here. That’s why I flew up here, because I needed to talk to you about this. I can just arrest you and throw you in jail, but I want to know why. Why did you do this to him? . . . . JA: I was not at Travis’s house on Wednesday the 4th. DF: You were, because that’s when the blood was left on… the bloody palm print was left on his wall.)
              2. Develop ‘themes’ that psychologically justify or excuse the crime (DF implies jealousy and an unhealthy relationship, TA was a flirt, TA wasn’t as financially well off as he pretended to be.)
              3. Interrupt all efforts at denial and defense. (DF: What I’m asking you is for you to be honest with me. I know you were there.)
              4. Overcome the suspect’s factual, moral and emotional objections. (JA: Could it have been my blood from before? DF: Your image is not important right now. Saving the rest of your life is. JA: Listen, if I’m found guilty, I don’t have a life. I’m not guilty. I didn’t hurt Travis. If I hurt Travis, if I killed Travis, I would beg for the death penalty. DF: Was there anybody else with you?)
              5. Ensure that the passive suspect does not withdraw.

              6. Show sympathy and understanding and urges the suspect to cooperate. (DF: It’s going to be all right, Jodi. JA: I feel really powerless in here. DF: I know.)

              7. Offer a face-saving alternative construal of the alleged guilty act. (Blaney: Are you the cold blooded killer or are you a victim of circumstance? Was it in the heat of passion, or was it calculated and planned out and executed? Which one is it going to be?)
              8. Get the suspect to recount the details of his or her crime.
              9. Convert the latter statement into a full written or oral confession.

              This is from the Innocence Project on False confessions and why innocent people make them: Mentally capable adults also give false confessions due to a variety of factors like the length of interrogation, exhaustion or a belief that they can be released after confessing and prove their innocence later. Regardless of the age, capacity or state of the confessor, what they often have in common is a decision – at some point during the interrogation process – that confessing will be more beneficial to them than continuing to maintain their innocence.

              • Krikee, do you know if it is perfectly legal for the detective to specifically say to Jodi that he can arrest her right then and there, even if in actuality by law he is not permitted to? I don’t know if the detective had any legal authority yet at that point to arrest her, so, if it was the case that he did not have legal authority then and there to arrest her, is his statement to her that he can arrest her illegal?; is the detective’s statement a form of coercion where under duress Jodi might feel she has to talk in order to avoid certainly being arrested?
                I can understand that certainy kinds of trickery might be permissable in order to secure a confession, but I can not see how it can be legally permissable for the detective to back her into a corner by saying he can arrest her then and there if he truly can not.
                If the detective was acting outside of the confines of the law then, I would hope the defense would be able to appeal any confession that resulted from it.

                • Hey Amy, by the time she was in the Siskyou Sheriff’s station Flores already had the grand jury indictment and her arrest warrant. The video I saw where she’s sitting on the floor of the interrogation room, she’s already under arrest cause one of the first things Flores does is read her the Miranda rights, and I might add, he does it in such a disarming way so as to trick Jodi into letting down her guard. Is there another video before the one I saw?

                  Do you happen to know how long they let her sit in that room handcuffed? I think Flores knew he had a naïve woman that he could get a confession out of, whether it was true, half-true, or false, we won’t know until many years from now, if ever.

  59. Goodmorning friends! !!!!!!! So, someone stole Janeens identity?!!! HOW DUMB are these people? Like we’re not going to know! Its getting old TROLLS, when do you move on? Are your lives that boring?!!!!

    • I think you’re right, LC, about it being boredom. The people who are coming here to stir things up DO have their own discussion boards where they can get together to share similar points of view. They can laugh at us over there. But, it must not be stimulating/entertaining enough for them in their own territory.

      • Its not Pique, its the same 10 asswipes all the times correcting misspelled words, grammar, and typos. They really dont have anything to talk about and when they do its boring BS. All 10 of them comment every 2/3 hours, so they’re left looking at a standstill computer screen of Jodi staring back at them with a smile and a knife in her hands! LOL

        They’re so persistent, trying to come here and befriend us. They dont meet our standards and it must feel so shity to be rejected continuously but im sure they’re use to it by now. ((((((((REJECTS))))))))))

        • Took my little niece to the park yesterday and saw a huge Mastiff drop four smelly trolls on the ground—reminded me of “the prosecutor” and the rest of his evil hate-squad meeting up to screw over the truth.

    • I think it is time to move on and ignore them. Who cares about them. The more theyare talked about, the more determined they will become. You can not expect to talk to people and get no response back.

  60. Hiddddeeeeee HOOOOOOOO everyone!!!!!

    I am in the houseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    (((((((((((((((((HERO if you are still here; LCCCCCCCCC)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      • Yes ma’am!!!

        And YES – this is REALLY me……….should I use a code word?!?!?!? I will email you RIGHT NOW darlin’………


        • Janeen,
          I swear girl your a troll magnet!
          You need to start wearing bug off, f**ck spray or some kind rodent repellent!
          The fuckaroo perfume is not working.

          • LOL LOL LOL ((((((((((((((Ann))))))))))))))))))

            I need to wear something….I have an idea ——– I’ll be back with something…..LOL LOL


          • Hey Ann, Do they make a fuckaroo cologne for men in case my ex-wife decides to show up again out of the clear blue after 30years!


    just what i might do

    read this form
    Charge Against a Lawyer
    you’ll see most of it doesn’t apply here

    next, open the three links near the top of the page, and read/skim the material, without going too deeply into it by opening any additional links within each page opened

    it’ll give you a general idea of what’s involved

    i see another one

    lots of the material will be irrelevant to most of our concerns

    then call the phone number they’ve listed above, and follow the process

    they won’t shoot you if you make a mistake
    and you can always come back and ask further questions
    assume they are on your side
    ignore political concerns

    i don’t see any problem saying that for many of us at the web site our concern is this :

    we have observed a criminal trial in arizona, the jodi arias trial, many in the room are from outside the state, we see an out of control abusive prosecutor engaging in numerous abuses, abusing his position as a prosecutor, bringing the law into disrepute, and creating an unfair criminal trial, which the incompetent judge ignored and/or allowed

    we want to file a complaint against him and have him permanently disbarred as a lawyer

    we don’t want to wait for the trial to be finalized

    we will file charges against the judge separately

    we have a LOT to say to support him being disbarred permanently

    we see no relevance as to whether we are in the state or not, nor whether he is our private lawyer or not

    ie your comment “Does one have to live in AZ or be associated with a particular case to ‘complain?””

    a hypothetical example clarifies this for us

    a person is standing at the border of an adjacent state; we see and hear a well known az attorney, in az pull out gun and demand money from a person in az, the person gives the attorney money, then the
    lawyer shoots the person dead, blow smoke from the end of his gun, twirls the pistol a few times, then puts the gun back into its holster, climbs onto his horse and gallops off into az

    that seems to be a case where an outsider, ie person from outside of az, could file a complaint ?

    the above being said
    have you any comments, or advice, as to how we should proceed

    you might alse read the latter part of the post at

    June 8, 2013 By SJ – Team Jodi 335 Comments

    Wes says:
    June 8, 2013 at 11:53 am



    and ask where online is the complete listing of the “Rules 41-74, Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court. ” ?

    cindyp i hope that narrows it down at lot

    ps if you want to find anyone’s post, that’s easy

    use your browser’s find feature
    key strokes
    then type in cindyp, or whatever

    if you’re told to get lost lol only joking
    write that down also
    you shouldn’t be

    write down what you are told, tell the person to slow down as you’re wrting his/her replies down longhand

    maybe post this in two places ?
    under june 6th and june 8th ?


  62. I finally made it through the interrogation transcript provided on scribd

    The only think I am left with is…

    Flores, “you are so dumb, you are really dumb, for real…”

    And, “FO” i would like to smack you upside your cold-hearted, lying ass bytch head.

    • Fuck that FO, Rachel Blaney. “You know, I’m a spiritual person myself,” Blaney says. Then later, “I think that I’ve gotten the wrong picture of you. I think that, you know, maybe I was wrong. Maybe you are that cold blooded person that they’re trying to portray.”

      She was worse than Flores!

  63. Pablo Neruda ‏@PabIo_Neruda 8h

    Love is not about empty verses and romantic insinuations, it is the systematic desire to revolt against corrupt power.

  64. So much about this case bothers me. The medical examiners glaring ” mistake ” regarding the dura mater, the screaming, histrionical , cruel and bullying tactics of a psychopathic prosecutor, and a high profile case with a unsequestered jury.
    What really got to me though was the unrelentless, deliberate and cruel cyber bullying of Alyce Laviolette.
    I was appalled when I heard Juan Martinez refer to her as a Lier. He should be sued for slander.
    I am tired of the family and friends begging the public for money. I am sick and tired of these so called Christians pleading for the death penalty.
    I am sorry for their loss and can understand their grief but they need to stop seeking revenge and letting hate rule them.
    Peace for them will only come from love.

    • Mercy, for them to love they’d first have to have souls ——and by just looking at them and their actions it’s very clear to me that they are soulless creatures from Hell ….trying to masquerade as human beings

  65. So far I have 46 of a possible 407 juror questions. Tara Kelley has very distinctive handwriting, very vertical boxed printing style. Here are five of her questions I’ve identified so far:

    #73 3/7/3013 to Jodi:

    * “Where you kneeling when you dropped the camera?”

    * “When Travis stepped out of the shower to attack you, was he wet? If so, did he slip at all on the tile in the bathroom or hallway?”

    * “When entering the closet, why didn’t you just go in the door closest to you?”

    * “Do you know how tall the ceiling in Travis’s closet was?”

    * “Was the gun in a case or just laying on the shelf?”

    #141 3/7/2013 to Jodi:

    * “After all the lies you have told, why should we believe you now?”

    * “What happened to the suicide letters you wrote to your Grandmother?”

    #276 4/11/2013 to ALV:

    * “Isn’t it possible that the IM between Jodi and Travis on 5/10/08, regarding his temper, was a running joke between the two of them?”

    * “Is is possible that Travis called her a sociopath because he had a reason to?”

    * “In the May 26 2008 text message and IMs between Travis and Jodi, if Jodi was that upset with what Travis was saying to her, why didn’t she stop talking to him right then?”

    #357 4/18/2013 to DeMarte:

    * “In the interview Jodi gave where she stated, “Mark my words, no jury will ever convict me”, do you feel that is part of a borderline personality disorder, especially since she is smiling when she said it?”

    #390 4/25/2013 to ???:

    * “Jodi stated she shot Travis in the middle of the bathroom. If that were true and he would have started bleeding from his nose and mouth, wouldn’t there have been blood found in the middle of the bathroom floor?”

    • well, that’s what happens when you have a juror with an IQ of 80…I guess she will need a really, really good editor for the books she is planning on writing.

    • See how her questions become more sarcastic and malivious as time went by?
      “Is is possible that Travis called her a sociopath because he had a reason to?”
      I mean wtf is this??? So she’s basically calling her a sociopath but needs verification from an expert’s mouth?

      Guess what,missy? Scumbag Alexander had called himself a sociopath only you didnt get to see those e-mails!!!!!!!!!!!!Or maybe you did coz you were probably glued in front of your computer or TV screen after you went home evry evenng,but maybe you chose to sweep that under the rud,didnt you?You dumbass!

  66. To Ann and Danielle, they —“the missionaries” (i.e. the recruiting drones)—claimed that they could only drive their rental car a few miles a day. Yet, from what they told me, they —the drones (who, BTW, were much younger than me even then)—-were staying on the east side of Indianapolis while I lived on the far northwest side of Indianapolis. So it seems to me that they are taught to lie and be manipulative at a very early age—-especially sense most rental companies offer unlimited mileage within most city limits! (PS, sorry it took a while to get a response to you —–am baby-sitting my 18 month old niece[ guess who the boss is 🙂 ] )

    • That’s really weird. I mean really really weird. You’d think if they wanted you there they would get you there anyway they could!

      Please don’t be sorry it took time to respond to me. Sometimes I don’t even realize that someone said something to me “up” farther and I feel stupid LOL. I stink at this blog stuff!

      • That showed me just how far they’ll go—-probably felt that once I drove there it would seem that I was a willing participant to the joining of their cult…..instead of offering to drive me there —which would imply that they brought me to their cult. Danielle don’t feel bad about blogging—-the first time I was asked if I googled Itold the person that asked me that I’d done many things in my life but never ever ever had I ever googled and knew about it1 🙂

        • Never thought of that way…you being a willing participant to joining by driving there. I just figured they were broke as a joke or cheap scapes trying to sponge off of you.

          • They were cheap skates too….but I just had a gut-feeling that there was something more behind their unwillingness to drive their vehicle to the meeting.

  67. “In short, feminist driven Domestic Violence theory led Jodi Arias into a false sense of security when she assumed that by using the violence card everyone in the courtroom would be so aghast that this gorgeous woman was a victim of horrible sexual and physical abuse that they would then let her walk out of court a free and famous woman that could make hundreds of millions of dollars selling her story and survivor T-Shirts.”

    This guy has obviously never heard of Occam’s razor!
    And the opportunities for making money from T-shirts are somewhat limited..

  68. So according to this juror you have “borderline personality disorder” if you smile?!?!?!?! Well holy shit….now I know what the fuck was wrong with Howdy Doody all these years!!!!

    • No fair everyone doesn’t get to be crazy! It’s hard work to be this crazy! LOL I’m just kidding. I know I’m not crazy but it’s been a joke forever.

      But really, we’re not all completely sane in this world but we’re not all nuts either! LOL

    • Uhm…plus,you know….Jodi was NOT smiling when she said those words.She had the same ‘plesant’ serene expression she had during that interview.But hey,I refuse to interpret anything that pig claims(Yes,yes no offense intended to overwight people,I’m no racist.My beloved sister has always been overweight and god knows I’ve stood up for her countless times when she was made fun of).
      But Tara,Tara….I swear to God,that poor girl must have been so freaking bullied at school due to her weight problem that she will always carry the trauma inside,attacking,despising and be against all slim beautiful women that meet her path. Deep down she is still that hurt,heart0broken 15 year old who was just not polural at school.
      Her sitting on that jury seat was the best thing that happened to her:she got the attention she longed for,she felt important,it was HER tiem to shine.And all that by trashing a gorgeous thin woman her age.
      OH,WOW that must have felt SO SO good.vindication at last.Right Tara?
      Now off with your head.You’ve wasted too much of our valuable time!

  69. If you look at some of these personality disorders we are so lucky they are diagnosed when you’re an adult bc every teenager would have a personality disorder!!! LOL

    W the moodiness and tantrums and lying and all that other stuff.

    • OK, had to look up BPD in Wiki, but I still have some questions. Why is the term Borderline used? It makes it sound like you’re on the edge of a personality disorder, or that there’s a more severe personality disorder that you haven’t crossed into. Is there something beyond borderline? I realize now that I was confusing BPD with Bipolar disorder.

  70. Yikes! That site is like “Misogyny Incorporated”. Notice the way he uses the word “feminist” as if anyone who is concerned about what happens to women must be, by definition, a Man-Hater. (This has always fascinated me since it seems to say more about their own thinking patterns: Care about Women automatically equates to Hate Men). I consider myself a feminist but I don’t hate men (albeit I’m not too crazy about some of the unhealthy behaviors that are tolerated by society.) One need only study the social dynamics of the Jodi Arias Story to see that women can be as misogynistic as men (if not more so, since we are taught through childhood that other females are the competition for the one thing we need in life to survive, both emotionally and financially, a Man.) And, according to this guy, it seems that as man-haters, feminists are all conspiring to destroy the poor “voice-less men” of the world. Personally, in my 68 years I’ve never considered men voiceless. As a matter of fact it seemed to me that they had most of the voice in most aspects of life. It’s only now that we women are finding our own voice do they feel emasculated and threatened. Get over it! It’s becoming a whole new world in which you have to start behaving like an equal rather than as my superior.

    • I was so amazed when *everyone* on Team Travis chimed in to call Alyce a man hater. Were they not listening AT ALL? She told us that the majority of her clients are the male abusers, she spoke of them with compassion and even admiration because she understood how their lives had shaped them to be abusers and respected their struggle to learn to be better men. HOW does that make her a man hater?

      • Journee, If they were truly listening—- and not just sitting there like potatoes on a grill —–they would have came back with a not guilty verdict……because they would have listened to all the facts that the DT placed before them.

        • Amen!
          Or Manslaughter,which would be understable.We never had the illusion of a complete acquittal given the case.They seemed to have spaced out after the State rested on the 9th Day,unfortunately.

          • Maria, I just couldn’t see manslaughter on the board either —as to me manslaughter seems to come with some degree of thought—-whereas self-defense is a matter of self-preservation. And what I gleaned from the facts that the DT put forth is that shit-wad attacked JODI and because he had done so before —-JODI went into a berserker mode in order to protect herself from further attacks—–sort of a kill or be killed situation—which to me is not manslaughter but self-defense.

        • It begs the question, tho –

          And, mind you, before I finally introduced myself here the only people I was discussing this case with were people posting over at HuffPo. A handful of them were watching the case with open minds, had come to the case with much the same mindset as I – because it truly does make all the difference in the world when you do what the judge tells the jury to do and presume the INNOCENCE of the defendant and wait for the prosecution to prove otherwise. (That’s what I did with CA, but that time I was RIGHT when I said the jury could not convict her).

          So most of the time I was managing to maintain some intelligent conversations with other inquiring minds. But not without the rabid derision of the rest of the posters there. And once they started live-streaming the trial right from the same page where people posted, I was very much aware of how many haters *seemed* to be investing their time in watching the trial. But, by their comments, they clearly were not watching the same trial I was – or investing their time but not bothering to pay attention?

          I just have to wonder what kind of people would set aside a block of time to watch a trial they weren’t paying attention to?

          • Journee—I used to give Domestic Violence Lectures to second year medical students. I quickly learned that I had to begin every lecture with a statement that I liked men. In spite of this, on the course evaluation there would always be three or four students that would comment that I clearly hated men. These were medical students mind you. I remember when Jen first began questioning Alyce, and . asking her if she hated men. Of course this question was designed to dispel the myth. Now I will tell you that a significant number of the students were Mormon. Yes a large population of Mormon medical students. Quite frankly I was appalled by many of their ideas, and was concerned about some of them becoming physicians. Some were astute and open minded but many were not.

            • You know,what you’re saying reminds me of one of the courses I took at University.The course’s title was ”Gender and Language” .It was a clearly feministic course,trying to highlight/shed light on the mistreatment of women through particular usages of language.Our professor ,giving these lectures for many years,made sure from day 1 to clarify that she was not a man hater and that we should be prepared in case a ‘feisty’ guy decided to sign up for the course(that first day only a bunch of girls showed up) who would have done so only to play the’devil’s advocate’.Which indeed happened on the next lecture.A few guys signed up and one of them just kept ‘objecting’ and started a heated debate with our professor,having no arguments to refute her theories and experiments whatsoever,he was just there to make noise.Needless to say,once he had succeded in wasting both ours and the professor’s lecture time,he walked out of the room and never returned.

          • I did see the actual Juan lovers an Travis supporters etc. Post they only watched
            when Juan was on never when Willmott or Nurmi were on. So to me most only
            seen an heard one side because that is all they wanted to believe.

            Myself I could not bare to watch Juan but I made myself. The more I watched
            an heard him the less I liked him. I know he had a job but I felt he did a poor
            job by berating an yelling an throwing things. He acted too me like a spoiled
            child having a fit not a Prosecutor. Just my opinion though.

            • If his job is being a royal ass-wipe then he succeeded; however,IMO he’s a psychopathic runt that spews shit from his mouth and wets his diapers every time he doesn’t get his way….although the cardboard bobble-head of a judge allowed “Damien” (remembre the Omen?) to get his way time and again during the “trial” I agree with Alyce in the fact that he should of been put in a time out in a corner somewhere —-with a dunce cap on!

              • I agree with that too Duke 😉 I guess Alyce also saw a spoiled child stomping
                around as I did.

      • I think because the majority of the Mormon’s/LDS have a homophobia of the
        gay community. An instead of listening they kept on with how she handled
        herself an considered her a gay person even though they did not know her.
        They made fun of her hair an gestures etc. They labeled her an did not
        listen. They actually believed she was smitten with Jodi as they blamed
        Dr. Samuels. Which is ridiculous.

        I believe that the majority of people standing outside the
        courthouse in Phoenix Arizona were from the Mormon/LDS Church an hand in
        hand with those that attend that congregation.

        I know not all Mormon/LDS are homophobic an not all are just mean as all get
        out too outsiders. The ones I have seen spreading the out right LIES on tv
        are just plain that Liars and looking to line their pockets with silver.

        103 listings of Churches-Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints in Phoenix

        Temple Facts From 2012

        The Tucson Arizona Temple will be the sixth temple built in Arizona, following the Mesa Arizona Temple (1927), the Snowflake Arizona Temple (2002), The Gila Valley Arizona Temple (2010), the Gilbert Arizona Temple (under construction), and the Phoenix Arizona Temple (under construction).

        The Tucson Arizona Temple will be the sixth in the state. Temples are currently operating in Mesa, Snowflake, and the Gila Valley, while the other two temples in Gilbert and Phoenix are still under construction. There are approximately 400,000 members of the Church in Arizona.

      • The Alexander team went after anyone who was not on their side. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to character assassination and tearing someone down because they don’t agree with you or do your bidding. I have been on the Amazon site several times to tell those people what I think, it is shameful!

  71. Not to make light of BPD, but I, too, may suffer from BPD—since part of me wants to choke the shit out of the entire prosecutorial team, the judge ad the Assexanders while the other part of me wants to stomp the shit out of the lot of them!!!!

      • Would love to Rebecca! In fact he’s probably taller than Guano and would be able to terrorise him to the point where Guano would piss his pants!!! And thanks for the compliment!! (PS, he’s like his uncle 🙂 )

        • Duke— I bet he is taller than Juan and he will grow up to be like you, not that little wad of a small man syndrome. I will never know what happened to Juan, but he is a spiteful little man.

    • LMAO! He is so right!!!
      You know,we greeks have a fitting proverb ”You learn the Truth only through a mad man’s or a child’s mouth”

      • Awwww Bee……….I didn’t know who was actively here….
        ((((((((((((((hugs and love to you my friend!!!!)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

        I’m apolgoize! 🙂

          • LOLOL!!!

            sorry I have been gone for a bit and hung up my boots…but I AM BACK!

            (I assume you got my message regarding my FB page)

            • Welcome back my friend!!!! If you’re referring to your email about FB…yes I got your email. FUCKTARDS is all I can say….

              I’m very glad you’re back!!! ((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))

  72. Happy Sunday everyone……!

    The official birthday countdown clock has begun (Jodi’s 33rd birthday on July 9)! I wish I could afford to travel to Shitzona to visit her and bring her ((((((((((((((((((((all of our love from TEAM JODI)))))))))))))))))))

    I have an idea about a group effort for her birthday though. I’m going to email SJ to discuss it with our FUCKING AWESOME TEAM JODI LEADER…! I hope it’s something we can all do. It would be amazing. 🙂

  73. Breaking News Peeps!!!!! Tanisha Assexander—-sister of Turdis Assexandr—–appearing at Sea World as newest display —-Cocainus Aquarius!!!!!! Watch her turn flips as she leaps from the water for the white powder that she so heartily craves!!!!! See her swim through hoops to reach the big crack pipe she so loves!!!!! And see the Turd Alliance cheer her on !!!!!!

    • lol Duke, you’re a blast . . wasn’t it you I said we needed to be in the gallery giving devil horn signs and rolling out our tongues for the cameras?

      • Will be glad to do just that! May even pre-meditate to slap the shit outta the prosecutor” for good measure! 🙂

  74. The kooks on *that* page are sobbing today is the anniversary of the day he was found. They celebrate every damn thing those nuts LOL

      • MB
        Here they go again, next thing we’ll hear is a petition to get the his death recognized as a national holiday. He rates right up there with the nation’s best.

        • Oh yeah, I totally forgot that he was found on the 9th. Probably because I give zero fucks and am not crying about it…LOL.

          • Pique wrote an interesting post yesterday, I thought I’d copy and paste some excerpts:

            “Many years ago, the bodies of prostitutes, some of them Aboriginal were being found just outside the city where they were dumped like garbage.”

            “These women, who were poor, addicted, unwanted and unloved–did not count as much, so the outrage just wasn’t there.”

            “What if nobody cried for Travis the way nobody cried for these practically nameless women?”

            When I google “woman stabbed to death” in quotes, I get 1,580,000 hits. I have yet to see Travistown get upset, or decry outrage and “especially cruel” about those deaths.

            • MB–In Travistown, fear and suspicion of the inherent badness of women, especially attractive ones, is so fevered that they are in the throes of a hysteria. All the women who are raped, beaten, and stabbed to death–Every Single Day–just recede into the background of everydayness. It’s so common. Just a sad fact of life.

              But, a more unusual act of violence by a woman, against a young white man, stands out in sharp relief. It confirms suspicions: they can’t be trusted. It proves that feminist theory got it all wrong. Men are actually the oppressed group. Men’s systemic violence against women is a big fat lie (never mind the statistics–those are also a lie). Men–oodles and oodles of them–are the victims of man-haters, whores, borderline stalkers and psychopathic bitches. It’s an under-recognized problem, apparently, and social awareness is needed; we should all be worried for our boys, they say, because some destructive feminine element has gone rogue in the world and you never know when it’s going to jump out of the bushes, dressed to kill.

              This supposed woman problem is always sexualized. Sex is a tool for demonic women, you see, and the poor men are very vulnerable in this regard.

              This sounds like hyperbole, but they actually SAY these things. WOMEN are also saying these things.

              Ugh. I want to go on, because there’s even more to it than this; I think it’s very complex–political, social, economic, psychological. Throw religion in there, too. It’s not so easy to deconstruct, let alone begin to solve. I want to go on, but, really, I’ve just become sick at heart. This trial has exposed what has been, and still is, under the surface of a “civilized” society. It’s so ugly and disordered and unable to see itself, as all its sickness is safely projected outwards. Jodi Arias is a dream come true for them! All that vitriol and backlash, and those fantasies of locking up and torturing women–all of that was just waiting for her, for a symbol of feminine evil.

              Travistown tears aren’t real. How can they be? The social media hordes are secretly celebrating what Travis’ violent death has permitted them to say. They are beside themselves with all the sensational attention this trial is getting. What a piece of luck! Hatred desperately needs an object and lots of agreement to sustain itself.

              • Piqué–///good observation—-“Jodi is a dream come true for them.” Yes, all their rage and anger can be projected on her. Kind of like Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ! The Scarlet Letter.

                • Right. They’ve marked her, branded her. Made her more than what she is, and also less. So many distortions. Truly, violently objectifying.

                  Women are hearing and getting the message! And, most of them are on the side of distortion and objectification–it’s the right side to be on; it’s the safest position to take.

        • Where can they find a piece of shit large enough to create his image—oh wait the entire Turd Alliance can combine as one big piece of shit with the Assexanders as the base and Guano as the misshapen red dick (the bobble-head judge, tot-doc and the rest can be the shit bag’s fat head)

    • I hope they all remember that it took 5 days for such a loved,cherished,admired,perfect person(sarcasm,sarcasm and sarcasm) to be found.By his friends.Who obviously cant live without him.Now.Coz they didnt give a shit.While he was alive.

      F**k them! They’re just noise to my ears these days!

  75. I was just wondering if it would be possible for the defense team to call in a de-programmer to see if JODI has been programmed to respond, etc., the way she did and has as far as her responses to the police, etc.,

    • I ask this because I once heard of people who were in cults having to be de-programmed from the brain-washings they received while within the cult

      • Duke—-you have heard right. I love the defense team, but I am not sure they do not realize how truly brainwashed she was. They tried to crack all of her responses up to domestic violence, and while that is certainly part of her response system, she was also programmed to believe Travis and the gang were wonderful.

        • I thought she seemed brainwashed because some of her responses —especially about Turdis and the gang—-reminded me of someone in a trance —–kind of like the followers of Sun Yun Moon (ie the “Moonies”)

          • It does feel that way to me when all the people say the same things
            over an over again. Like they are programmed frankly I think it is
            creepy. I would hope by now Jodi being away from all that would be
            closer to herself by now. She just will not say anything really bad
            about Travis.

            Still she bought a 9 mm after that fact which makes me think she was
            afraid of someone out there.

          • Yes Duke, a trance is a good word for her behavior throughout. Poor girl. What they did to her is unthinkable.

  76. Let them “commemorate” the fact that it took 5 fucking days for the so-called “roommates” who according to THEIR own admission DID IN FACT RESIDE under the same roof as him and didn’t see, hear or smell ANYTHING amiss for 5 fucking days….and then we have the Munsters who spew their insistence that they are all the Waltons and have the most incredible close-knit loving and caring and brotherly/sisterly love and admiration for each other none of whom realized something was not right until a “girlfriend” showed up at his door to wake the roommates the fuck up and open their nostrils…..

    I guess it should be commemorated…with Guiness Book of World Records because the fact that 5 days passed without anyone smelling ANYTHING in that house in June in Shitzona – is truly a remarkable feat and the “roommates” might have a place in Guiness’s book under “Person(s) who went without the bodily function of BREATHING oxygen for 5 days straight without dying”………

    UGH – GMAFB…..

    • And just to add another 2 cents….

      If I don’t speak with my mom, sister, brother/any family member that I GIVE A SHIT about – for more than 1 day – I’m texting, calling, emailing, calling neighbors, and finally calling the cops to check on them……..not to mention that if I were not heard from for 5 days there would be a SHIT STORM of activity to find my ass……

      just sayin…….LOL

      • I don’t know if you’ve seen the show on ID, “Disappeared”, but most of those people were reported missing within a day or two. Travis couldn’t have been too cared for if it took five days. And the Cancun thing isn’t an excuse either because if they really thought he was there, they could have called or texted him to see how his trip was going. That’s what family and friends do.

      • Janeen…..yup just shows how much they all cared..if Mimi wasn’t going on the trip the next day with him he would have been rotting in that shower for another week or so.
        I’m not surprised about the family. Seems as if TA distances himself from them. for a reason. How many times did he go to CA.? He would see his grandma but I never heard that he saw any of his siblings. except for Christmas. With all her eye rolling ie. SA seems to be the only one who might have a brain in her head.

        I come from a very large family and I only have 3 sisters and mom who live in townbut we always know what is going on with one another. NO ONE IN MY FAMILY COULD GO MIA FOR MORE THEN 2 Days. Believe me I have tried…LOL

        The point I was trying to make is…this is not a tight knit family.

    • I couldnt help but post this: Five years ago today his roommates were living in a funk-ta-fied house with a corpse and paid no attention to it.

      • That still blows my mind. How in the hell did they not smell anything? I don’t care what the Travisites say…a dead body does not smell like household garbage or dog poo. It’s not like the house was a mansion with 100 rooms.

      • Evidently they were all pigs and used to the stench wafting from their shit-filled lying asses so the smell of one dead pig smelled like the lies they told and continue to tell

    • Janeen——I love this post. Evidently none of them can smell. In the heat of Arizona, the house must have smelled so bad that the human gag reflex would be overwhelming. Very unusual people. They must have grown up in homes with raw sewage.

  77. hi, everyone! i am sorta new to posting, and i have a really odd theory. do you think our jodi was hypnotized to kill travis? i’d like to hear thoughts. or am i crazy?

    have a wonderful evening all!

  78. that would explain why she couldn’t remember the main parts of the murder. maybe by someone in the morman church?

    • Hi bsfb. I truly do not know how to answer your question.

      You say you’re new to posting…what are your thoughts about the trial? Have you just found this site?

    • hi there bsfd,

      Jodi clearly has/had PTSD. Even though the haters refuse to acknowledge it, the testimony by Dr. Samuels explained all of that very well. That is why she cannot remember it all.

      If you like alternative theories, there is a nice link above that leads to the transcript of the interrogation videos. When she only remembered intruders, she did not see everything that happened to travis, therefore she cannot remember what she has no knowledge of.

    • I still wonder being thrown on the bathroom tile 2 times once by the body slam
      from Travis coming out of the shower because of the camera being dropped
      an then when she pointed the gun an he hit her again from a linebacker stance
      she had to hit her head I would think?

      No mri’s done to see if she had a concussion? I have always said from after the shot
      Jodi can’t remember so everyone is guessing from there on out. The blood evidence
      shows some of what happened but some was wiped down. Funny though a palm print
      got missed an just happened to be Jodi’s?

      If it were anyone else cleaning up a scene would it really look that bad? I know the
      person would be in a hurry but wash off the sink area at least? Funny the gun an
      knife an rope she remembered but not the camera? I don’t think she did laundry
      before leaving either. The roommates said they did laundry they thought? so if that
      is true. Then they took out the clothes an camera an did theirs an put back in Travis’s
      but never seen the camera. The clothes from the photo’s did not look tight up against
      the washer so I am guessing they sat there awhile but someone made the statement
      the camera was still wet? could it be the roommates ran the clothes through another
      cycle sometime because we know some guys are lazy an rather then do the laundry
      an set it on the dryer go ahead an wash it again.

      It is strange if they thought Travis
      was on a trip already that it would be normal to leave laundry in for his whole week
      of being gone? an his watch an ring on the counter? his cell phone had to be ringing
      at some point in that house? just too many things left hanging.

    • bsfb, I have heard about something called a “Manchurian Candidate” where a person is supposedly hypnotized to kill someone and then go totally blank afterwards (kind of like some have speculated that that is what occurred with Sirhan Sirhan in the assassination of Bobby Kennedy) and —seeing as how underhanded things are in this situation I wouldn’t rule it out

  79. I’m watching Bridezillas Marriage Boot Camp. Okay I know what you’re thinking…..

    But when the one girl threatened to leave the guy he told her I paid for the car and your cell phone so you can’t take them. The lawyer said did you try to remove her access from the car and the guy was like yeah and the lawyer said that was abuse.

  80. Hi everyone! I’m sure that many of you have seen the trailer/preview for the Lifetime movie called “Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret” which airs on June 22nd. It’s very brief, but apparently the Travis Alexander supporters are not happy about it. Here are some of the comments that have been made on the Lifetime Movie Network page:

    “Disgusted that this channel is going to make money on a movie of a convicted murderer… What about the Alexander family? What’s wrong with you people? Anything for money… Will not watch your channel anymore and I suggest any other person with a heart won’t either!”

    “I am very disappointed that you are choosing to give time to Jodi Arias. You are only helping to inflate her demented version of ego.”

    “I want to write that I am sick that this channel that I have loved is about to air a movie on the Jodie Arias murder when the Alexander Family is still is such a horribly sad state…The trial is not even over yet and you have the nerve to give this murderer all the attention she wants”

    “I noticed that there are a lot of comments about objecting to the movie you plan to show anyway…I’m disgusted that the administrator of this fb page doesn’t even have the courtesy to respond to the viewer’s concerns about the content, title, story line & timing of airing such a sub par production”

    Okay, so what can we gather from these commenters? For one thing, the concept of spellcheck and proofreading is foreign to them. For another, they haven’t even seen the movie yet and already they are criticizing it. Why not reserve judgment until the movie comes out and then offer your critique of it? Then again, this is a group of people who haven’t exactly had the best judgment in the last five years, if you know what I mean.

    It looks to me like this TV-movie was hastily put together and most likely was done on a shoestring budget. Usually, movies like these are not very good and mediocre at best. I have no idea how Travis or Jodi will be portrayed, but if Travis is portrayed as anything less than holier than thou, you know that the Travis Alexander supporters will be wanting to crucify the filmmakers. This is the biggest problem that I have and a lot of other people have with Travis’s supporters. They are allowed to criticize, bash and attack Jodi Arias and her supporters all day long, but if anyone dares to criticize Travis Alexander, they are just wrong. Not only that, but they must be attacked and smeared for daring to be critical of Saint Travis.

    If Travis’s family wants to make a TV-movie about Travis to glorify him and make Jodi Arias out to be the Devil, then so be it. They’ve certainly got the money to do it. But they should not underestimate the TV viewers or the American public. Most people aren’t stupid and I think that this TV-movie just might make some people re-think their opinion of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander. And, that is why the Travis Alexander supporters are really up in arms about this movie and any criticism of their golden boy. What we are witnessing isn’t anger; it is fear. They are scared to death of the truth and have carefully planned a marketing and packaging campaign to protect the image of Travis Alexander. Anytime someone dares to tell the truth about Travis, they are met with personal attacks, death threats and bullying. They do it because they are scared shitless of people finding out the truth about Travis and themselves. But they must realize that sooner or later the truth will come out and be revealed. And, if this TV-movie’s greatest achievement is getting people to re-think their opinion of Travis Alexander, then it will be worth it IMHO.

    • I am most curious to see how any of these inevitable movies and books are going to portray the actual killing. For instance, will they have “Travis” just stand at the sink while “Jodi” stabs him in the back nine times? And how will they explain the blood spewed at the sink if they show the gunshot coming last? In other words, I think they are all going to struggle to portray the State’s theories without looking ridiculous.

    • They should calm down. It will be more pro Travis than pro jodi Evidently they are going to show some of the negative side of Travis, and if they do this then the Travis cult will flip.

      • I agree. Even if they portray Jodi as badly as the media, if the movie isn’t 10000% pro-Travis they will have an aneurism.

        We can only hope, anyway.

          • I’m sure the movie will feature scenes such as:

            –Travis baking cookies with his friends while Jodi glares in the background.
            –Travis feeding the homeless as Jodi hacks into his cell phone.
            –Travis delivering a “motivational” speech as Jodi seethes with jealousy over a woman staring at him.
            –Travis’ loving friends Chris and Sky warning him about Jodi’s unstable behavior.
            –Travis reading from a script as he and Jodi record a sex tape and then expressing outrage that she wrote down the “orgasming 12 year old” comment.
            –Travis being a shy virgin who was deflowered by Jodi the Tramp.
            –Travis being caught by surprise as Jodi broke into his house on June 4th, raped him while he was sleeping, and stabbed him while he was standing passively at the mirror.

            In other words, trash.

            • “–Travis baking cookies with his friends while Jodi glares in the background.”
              “–Travis feeding the homeless as Jodi hacks into his cell phone.”


            • Oh, Kira, that’s a brilliant list of potential scenes!

              I think YOU should write the script–we are due for a good satire.

              I like the scene where she writes the script for the phone sex. Poor Travis, he’s so generous with greedy Jodi, he’ll even make sexual remarks about the hotness of little girls, just to make her happy. How humiliating for him! Oh, and it was her plan all along to use the tape in a court of law, so she could walk away free after she killed him … she planned everything!

          • Same here cj.I watched the trailer and I almost puked.So pro-Pros. Especially that shot with a bloody Jodi,throwing the camera in the washer ugh! And her stabbing him…double ugh!!! The director must be a Hitchcock fan,thinking this is his time to shine.Gimme a break.No,they wont show anything objective.Just more HLN garbage.