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Here’s the 2nd in a series of guest posts from Sunlight:

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Jodi Arias has a new stalker: She’s none other than Tanisha Sorenson. Those attending trial have witnessed that Tanisha’s behavior has become obsessive. She constantly stares at Jodi during breaks, and even after court is in recess and after Tanisha’s small entourage of attendant groupies have had the good sense to leave, Tanisha loiters, unable to peel her eyes off of Jodi and emits a vibe creepy enough to make Morticia Addams look like Pollyanna. (And people thought Jodi lingered where she wasn’t welcome?)

Rumor is that Tanisha didn’t like Jodi hanging about, exercising her constitutional right to consult with her attorneys and aid in her own defense. So she complained to the advocate assigned to pacify the Alexanders, who then turned around and complained to an MCSO officer on Tanisha’s behalf: Tanisha wanted Jodi gone from the courtroom the very second proceedings adjourned.

Jodi’s attorneys went straight to the judge, who put a stop to that immediately. MCSO concurred, not wanting to be responsible for a reversal in the court of appeals for interfering with Jodi’s right to have access to her attorneys. Maybe that’s how the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office handled Tanisha all of the times she was in jail, but MCSO is a little too smart for that.

Periodic reality checks such as these are necessary to remind Tanisha that she is not the Queen of Hearts, Jodi isn’t Alice, and this ain’t Wonderland. It is a court of law, and Jodi is protected by the U.S. Constitution — not subject to Tanisha’s capricious whims.

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The AZ State Circus returns to town January 5th 2015 @ 9-30 am MST.



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  1. OMG, that is really bizzare about what Tanisha is doing!!!!!!! I always did think she was spooky though! I’m so thankful that Jodi is protected but maybe the court ought to put Tanisha in restraints in the courtroom for precautionary measures!!!


    (((((Team Jodi)))))

  2. Good morning. I hope all of you had a Holiday full of love and good will with your family’s and friends.

    Why does this not surprise any of us? Talk about evil looks. She is the one that is feeding the hate mentality. Perhaps her sister or the frog better get her under control or remove her from the courtroom altogether. This has gone way beyond creepy.

  3. If I read one more article of how the Alexander’s are suffering I will pull every hairout of my head. They are doing it to themselves. Putting my bias feelings aside looking at it logically. How is putting Jodi to death justice for Travis? This isn’t justice for Travis ?? They are the ones who are prolonging this. They are the ones who are costing the state of Arizona millions of dollars. They are causing their own misery. They are the ones who allowed all theirs brothers little secrets to come out for the world to hear. They can deny all they want but the truth is your brother was not a saint and it was proven in his own words.

    This isn’t justice for Travis this is your sick twisted minds thinking that killing Jodi will make you all feel better. If you knew your brother as you think you do you would know that he would want his secrets to go to the grave with him.
    So you have only yourselves to blame that now the world knows what a sick twisted person he really was. I hope you can live with that the rest of your lives.

    Jodi will walk free…….

    • Spot on Cindy!!!! I agree with you! It appears that Tanisha has problems just as her sick, disturbed, scammer brother did. Self absorbed, control freak and abusers. . .yuck! 🙁
      The Alexanders are among many who need looking into. Profiting off of their sick disturbed dead brother. . weird. Why they have been given the power to control these proceedings is beyond me! Nope no sympathy from me for them. . .they are profiting at every turn in this tragedy.
      I’m sure more of the truth will come out. Soon very soon. Squirm little worms squirm.

  4. It is interesting that the news media has totally stopped reporting anything to do with this case, isn’t it? Maybe the Alexanders are missing the limelight they were in. . .searching for new ways to get the media’s attention. Keep it up Tanisha, Keep it up!

    • I suspect that one of the main reasons the media is largely ignoring this case now, is because they are wary of the repurcussions, and even outright retribution they might be subjected to by exposing the corruption of Martinez and the many people, near and far, who are to varying degrees guilty of this and related corruption.
      The nation is increasingly being apprised of the rampant abuses of power in the justice system and the law enforcement system.
      I think a high percentage of this revelation is happening due to a nation- wide grass- roots movement of ‘ordinary’ citizens who have, in droves, taken to the internet and used Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, to reveal the truth of the wide- spread corruption.
      This grass- roots ‘faction’ is less restricted, and less a puppet of vested interests. These ‘ordinary’ citizens are less tied to, and thus less curtailed by the need to ‘tow the line’ their employers, political affiliations, and other such poweful entities exercise over their freedom to investigate and reveal anything that might make those in power vulnerable.
      Anonymity has made the grass-roots movement to expose corruption, and seek justice, possible.
      The mainstream media, and the lesser known local news organizations who are also under the sway and scrutization of their employers and network of vested interests, are more compelled to ‘tow the line’ and not interfere with the status quo.
      I truly believe that such ‘professional’ media could find themselves blackmailed by powerful vested interests who could try to explore ways, __ or even make up means_ to cause these people to lose their jobs, or even be arrested for unrelated, maybe petty _ and even fabricated_ crimes.
      I don’ t think these suppositions are far- fetched.
      I think the powerful vested interests that rule and reign over this country, maintain and secure their illegitimate ways and means, precisely because the majority of the public are lulled into a false sense of safety, since they implicitly trust that those in power are, almost without exception, honest and just.
      The majority of the public might scoff at such an accusation, with the personal belief that they are not so naive and unsophisticated as to swallow such P.R. of those establishments,__ but in reality, in practice, and as indicated by their actions, (or lack thereof),__ the public is very acquiescent in their trust in and acceptance of these ruling powers.
      The public’ s complacency in their belief that conspiracies do not really exist, is exactly what allows conspiracies to exist; and I believe many conspiracies exist in many, many arenas wherever money, power, politics, ego, careerism, and personal advantage are issues.
      I once heard a woman who grew up in another country, a country ruled by a tyranical dictatorship, state that what many countries in the world find strange and absurd about Americans, is that Americans do not think conspiracies really exist, whereas other countries know conspiracies are pervasive.
      In the U.S.A., popular consensus as driven by the mainstream media message, is that anyone who entertains the notion of conspiracies, is a kook, eccentric, uneducated, unsophisticated and unrefined.
      Yes, overwhelmingly, people in this country believe that there was a conspiracy regarding JFK, but that is a very ‘safe’ knowledge, because not much is any longer at stake.
      The majority of the public takes their freedom for granted, and do not know or believe at all how easily it can be taken away, and how deviously and unjustly it can be taken away.
      The media is reliant upon police, law enforcement, the legal system, etc., for their sources, and to varying extents, for their allowance to report at all.
      The true, dedicated, learned, savy, shrewd, courageous and ‘full of integrity’ investigative reporters, are far and few between.
      There is so much rich material to mine and expose regarding the massive corruption and abuse of power in Maricopa County and Arpaio land, that the dearth of investigative reporting screams the evidence of existence right there.
      What could be more interesting to a reporter than such a significant subject as corruption?
      (And notice all the white- washing, down- playing, and pretty euphemisms regarding the misconduct and corrupt behavior of Martinez and co.?…The way the whole matter is treated with ‘kid- gloves’, the way the facts and implications of the newly unconvered evidence is being largey ignored?…

      It is preposterous that a money – maker like HLN just suddenly became uninterested in the Arias case. Obviously some very powerful influences with varying agendas, told HLN to be silent.
      It’s sad and amusing when I read comments declaring that prosecutors, law enforcement, and the people who run the penal system would never, and have no reason, to risk their careers, by malfeasance, corruption, deceit, and abuses of power.
      Of course many, many of them (not all; there ARE decent law- abiding people who don’ t abuse their power) have very tempting, lucrative, and compelling reasons to do just that! (And sometimes simple laziness is the reason.)
      They have so many advantages to be gained__ if they can just get away with it! (under the radar, of course). In fact, some can climb the ladders of their career and build their career by taking such ‘risks’.
      And because of the prevailing networks of these systems, often these risks aren’ t all that risky.
      And the prosecutors take the greatest risks, and assume the least risk. And they are scrutinized the least. And the public is gullible and believes the prosecutor is always the ‘good guy’, the valiant knight fighting for justice and righting wrong.
      No wonder Martinez is so arrogant and flamboyant in his disregard for propriety.
      Of course, everyone at this site knows this, but shockingly many of the detractors and ridiculers of this site, scoff at these assertions regarding corruption and believe none of it.
      Such detractors, I ask you, why, why, why, has HLN almost entirely ended its coverage of the Arias case?
      Yes, salaciousness, gossip and titillation is more HLN’s style than serious- minded inquiry and investigation, but….
      One of the ‘entertainment tweeters’ affiliated with HLN, told a detractor of Arias, that HLN is no longer very interested because there no longer exists an audience who is very interested.
      Detractors, do you REALLY believe that?
      Why do you believe that?

      • Great comment Amy!

        It makes me SMH when I hear that ‘haters’ were obsessing over Jodi and this case only because there was an audience. To those haters it was never about the case, it was never about the injustice. It was merely about targeting a person (Jodi), humiliating and demonizing her.

        They never really sat down and studied all the evidence (or lack of, in this case). They heard about a beautiful woman that came out a survivor from the hands of an abuser, a really twisted and disturbed abuser and all they focused on was to destroy this woman.

        Wake up sheeple! Sometimes victims find the strength to fight back and very few times they survive their abusers. Look at how movies like ‘ENOUGH’ or ‘SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY’ ended… don’t be shocked: it does happen in real life too! Jodi is a poster child of what an emotional and physically abused woman is like.

        I really do hope that these people that want to ‘finish’ Jodi NEVER get a chance to be in her shoes. To be manipulated, humiliated and used by a person they truly love. If ever that should happen, I do hope they too fight back with all their being to be able to see the light of another day and re-evaluate Jodi’s case. And when being choked, I hope they DO think “I’m fighting back – just like Jodi did.”

  5. Agree totally ! Jodi may need to seriously consider getting a restraining order against Tanisha when she gets out of jail. Apparently Tanisha has been in trouble with the law before herself. Growing up in the same abusive dysfunctional home as TA I can understand why she may have so many problems of her own as does the rest of her brothers and sisters…It is truly sad 🙁

      • Wow! Can anyone say, DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY !! TA fit perfectly into this abusive, dysfunctional family – they all need help….and too bad TA didn’t get help before his final act of abuse towards Jodi…..

      • Nice family history. How did she get the charges dismissed?? I guess giving flats names to police is a family trait.
        No wounder Travis didn’t want anything to do with his family. Well I’m sure Samantha is so proud every time one of her siblings gets arrested.

        They are seriously messed up young people. WHY doesn’t Dr. Drew offer them free counseling……

            • Oh, the minute it’s mentioned people start screaming “What does that have to do with poor Travis and the way Jodi slaughtered him?” These lazy thinkers don’t understand that when all the BS is shoveled away the only valid question is the following: Who of the two had more of a propensity to display violence toward the other, a 190 pound male (with 16-1/2 inch biceps, no less) who grew up in a home filled with violence and whose siblings display violence…or a 120 pound female with no such history.

                • It’s beyond lazy….it’s a sickness. They are not able to think for themselves.

                  Just like the almost black out by the media. I’m beginning to think that it’s the fact that they see a train wreck ready to happen. They sure can’t have mud on their face after CA.
                  They stir the pot of hatred but never will stick around and admit that they just might be wrong.

                  Besides they are all trying to save their own butts.

                • Yeah, one of the most recent headlines I read said “Jodi Yawns in Her Death Penalty Trial – Bored Jodi?” Disgusting! These people who profess to be journalists need to be ashamed of themselves…and then fired!

                • I read that too Justus. Very sad that those ‘journalists’ dare to write sth like that when they are supposedly in the court room to report updates about the trial but instead find it more interesting to comment about how Jennifer keeps her nails so nicely painted, how their knock off Louboutin shoes got wet, how they need coffee, how the weather ruined their hair, how one of the juror’s sweater was not to their likings (and actually spend time googling to find a pic similar to the sweater)….

                  But of course they wouldn’t actually do their jobs because what has been heard in the court house up to this day goes against what they have been supporting: Their saint travis has been debunked. He was a fraud, there is evidence to this and they can’t handle the truth.

                  I still can’t fathom how these people support a pedo-hugger. Someone that ‘got off on’ looking at pics of little boys and girls, sexually fantasizing about them. That is beyond sick. They should hang their heads down in shame and think of their own children, nieces & nephews: imagine one of those children that ‘saint travis’ was jerking off to was your child… would you still support him?

                  Peace out.

              • BINGO, Justus!! This is one of the things that gets my blood pressure up when it comes to haters. They are unable to understand that NO, we don’t care if Tanisha and her siblings were arrested; we couldn’t care less, I bet we wouldn’t give them the time of day if we were to be introduced to them at a party/gathering etc… No, we don’t care if Travis wanted to jerk off 5,000 times a day IF it didn’t have anything to do with June 4th!

                Why is it so hard fro people to CONNECT the freaking dots? All this points to one and the same thing: it was Travis who attacked Jodi first on that tragic day. And there is a CLEAR trail of proof starting from his childhood and leading up to that day. As simple as that.

              • And their ‘lazy thinking’ is flagrantly apparent in their not even pausing to reflect upon the statements made to Jodi about how HE WANTED HER TO FEEL RAPED and he wanted to TIE her to a tree and have anal sex with her.
                Their lazy thinking is evident in their retorts saying she liked it.
                I say to the them: analyze the situation. It was TA who was performing the actual, violent, aggressive acts upon her. Even if she was willing, she was submissive, compliant, passive, and in a position where SHE was entirely vulnerable, and at his mercy (even if she went along with it).
                TA was entirely physically and mentally dominating her in those acts.
                His perpetration/ penetration of her anally is profoundly violent, sadistic, aggressive.
                I know anal sex is more common- place and accepted now, but anyone knowledgable about psychology will tell you that its increased acceptance does not change the nature of what it clearly symbolizes__ that a man anally penetrating a woman is a man who likely has at least latent issues with hostility, power, violence, misogyny, and the need to humilate and subjugate a woman.
                The country itself has these issues.
                Yes, anal sex is a kind of exploration of a taboo errogenous zone, but it is clearly symbolic of violence and control of one person over another.
                Just because Jodi acquiesed does not mean the afforesaid is any less true.
                The ‘lazy thinkers’ are ignoring one of the most major flags of all: TA said he wanted Jodi to feel RAPED. That is a VERY damning indicator of his violent nature. I think that it is a highly unusual and aberrent statement for ANY man to make, even men who regularly participate in S&M.
                Not only was TA’s rape statement indicative of his violent nature, his saying he wanted her to feel raped demonstrates that he wanted her to feel violated, transgressed against her boundaries, helpless, unable to protect herself against his ability to violate her.
                If he liked her to feel violated, helpless, and transgressed against, and even to experience a simulated crime against her, THEN WHY IS IT SUCH A LEAP OF LOGIC TO ADMIT EVEN THE POSSIBILITY that TA DID attempt to kill her?
                The answer is because they don’ t want to admit to themselves how logical that is. Their ‘lazy thinking’ is also their way of making it easier for them to remain in denial.
                Rape is a very serious crime. Most men do not use that term loosely. TA’s use of that word clearly indicates that he has a fondness for violating another person’s rights.
                The fact that TA said he wanted her to feel raped, shows, at least a latent, but still existent, proclivity for enjoying perpetrating a CRIME.
                The common refrain, ‘But she liked’ it, is so beside the point ; it does not address the true issue__ TA clearly enjoyed acting out violent sexual acts.
                He enjoyed acting violent.
                TA was doing it ‘to her’. His active role is an indicator of his fondness for dominating and subjugating a woman. His behavior showed he enjoyed acting violently.
                However the ‘lazy thinkers’ are refusing to conclude the obvious.
                And TA not only says, (in an entirely different context, and under different circumstances) that he will cause Jodi to feel his wrath, ___ But, most telling of all, and most damning and truly indicative of TA having a SADISTIC nature, is the way he phrases his statement about how he will punish Jodi.
                I have to look up and post here the explicit words he used regarding punishing her. His particularity in choosing very precisely those exact words, truly revealed that he had an underlying sadistic nature.
                *His words about punishing her revealed much more than anger, hurt or indignation.*
                His words about punishing her clearly revealed that TA had an ingrained propensity for acting spiteful and vengeful. His very word choice shows his attitude of entitlement_ his belief that he had a right to exact suffering over another being, that it was a familiar attitude he had, an habitual attitude, that HE ‘owned’ the other person; that the other person was his to do as he deemed fit.
                It is frightening how mainstream media, so consistently politically correct, ignores these red-flags, especially the rape comment.
                In the current climate, the media would NEVER ignore a celebrity saying that he wanted to rape someone, even if literal rape wasn’ t meant. But the same media completely ignores this very telling detail in the Arias case.
                None of this is about ‘bashing’ TA; it is simply an objective analysis of TA’s very own words.
                People are complex and multi- faceted.
                TA’s supporters can believe in and respect what was good about him AND begin to realize that he DID have a dark, dangerous side.

                • Amy,

                  He came from what he was. He saw it day in and day out. Mother beating him because he did something to wake her up as she was trying to sleep it off from her drugged out stupor. Emptying a revolver into husband’s car. Father just as whacked out. With few exceptions, you are a product of your environment. Look at the sibling criminal records.

                  Monkey see-monkey do. And at the formative years.

                  Jodi was the only one who saw that on-off switch of Jeckyl to Hyde. And why? Because she LET it happen. Nobody else did.

                  Did they ever stop to think that she could have given a thousand better reasons for him going postal than dropping a camera a couple feet to the floor? And then whattya know…a picture of the ceiling shows up in the camera.

                  You call the jury “lazy.” I call them morons.

  6. Happy Holidays y’all! I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas.

    Tanisha in Wonderland. I think that the title ‘Go ask Tanisha’ would be more suiting for her. (Real novel title: ‘Go ask Alice’ or ‘Alice X.’ by Beatrice Sparks. It’s a novel about the life of a troubled girl, written in the form of the diary of an anonymous teenage girl who becomes addicted to drugs (LSD). The novel’s title was taken from a line in the 1967 Grace Slick-penned Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit” (“go ask Alice/when she’s ten feet tall”), which is itself a reference to a scene in Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland where Alice eats one side of a mushroom that makes her grow large.)

    I don’t know with what nerve Tanisha goes around emotionally harassing not only Jodi but the Arias family too! It’s come to my attention that she frequently stares at Mrs Arias with a cold “hope you die” stare. Mrs Arias has been a sweetheart to the Alexander family. God knows she’s tried to send her warmest condolences.

    Tanisha should get some professional help. The 5 stages of grieving are way overdue. She’s stuck on stage No.2 and needs to get her shit together! She has a family! They shouldn’t be exposed to such hatred. Especially her children. For her sake and for her family’s sake, she needs to move on!

  7. Hmmm tanisha… where to start?

    When I first heard of this case and was googling everything and everyone involved, I did a lot of reading about travis’s family. tanisha intrigued me the most. Most probably because I really like body art (tattoos) and I liked her tattoo sleeves. Unfortunately, the more I read the more disappointed I became of this individual:

    1. Her hatred and revengeful tendencies justified the sour ugliness she portrayed. I have sympathy to all families that have lost a member BUT when I see people seeking for revenge, especially death, then I lose every inch of sympathy. An eye for an eye not only will make the whole world blind but it will not bring back their dead relative.

    2. As I said, I have read plethora info about the alexander family. To know that while travis was alive, not only tanisha but all his siblings didn’t actually care to spend time with him. They went months without contact. After his death, they suddenly missed him? That is hypocrisy. If tanisha is angry at someone, that someone should be herself for not making more time for her brother. Although anger is one of the steps in grievance (as Rasna wrote upthread), I think that tanisha has been stuck on this step cause she is pissed at herself subconsciously.

    3. What makes me shake my head is that tanisha would try and make money off of her brother’s death. Man! Talk about creepy cold! I can understand about the main needs of traveling and accommodation expenses but come on! this is ridiculous! She and her siblings have made enough money to spend for the next 5 years! That is totally disturbing! I would NEVER want to make a profit off of any of my siblings death!

    4. tanisha plays the ‘destroyed soul because of Jodi’ BUT we’ve all seen her wonderful full of smiles vacations to Disneyland, her extreme sport activities, her fun park fun, her new boat buys, her wonderful perfect life outside the courtroom… HYPOCRISY in all it’s glamor! I’ve seen depressed and destroyed souls from a tragic loss and THAT is NOT how they act! Truly depressed people don’t care about activities, don’t care about fancy boats… they try their best to get out of bed and TRY to do the best they can…

    5. tanisha’s propaganda to stir up hatred and make an army of haters and constantly attempt Jodi’s character assassination is plain evil. It’s malicious, it’s vicious, it’s spineless. That right there shows what kind of a person tanisha is: a revengeful, incapable of morality, horrible human being.

    • You said it all Pandora… I am very concerned about her anger issues. Anyone who has lost a family member who die too young knows the different stages of grief. I’m not sure if she is stuck at the anger state or not. Her behavior doesn’t say that to me. She is her mother’s daughter after all.

      If she wants justice for Travis why doesn’t she live her life as Travis would want her to. Stop the cycle of violence and drug abuse and anger in her life. She can’t want her children to grow up like her. A child learns what they live. With her rap sheet I’m surprised her children are still living with her.

      I don’t like judging people but her actions speak for themselves.

    She’s allowed to stay in the court room after they all leave?
    This just proves that there is NO one in control of that court room.
    Damn, AZ are you watching?
    Jodi is NOT your problem.

    • Aly, JSS lost all control of that courtroom since day 1! If a prosecutor can get away w/ tampering with evidence (throwing camera on floor), mocking the courtroom with Snow White issues, bullying/ attacking witnesses, humiliating professional experts, screaming, pouting, lying, in front of her eyes and getting away w/ a slap on the wrist, then enough said: do you really think that JSS would actually care for tanisha’s behavior? Not a chance! I have never ever seen such a biased judge in my lifetime!

  9. I don’t think I want to waste any gray matter on that person (if one can call her that) named Tanisha

    Ironically enough, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking these past few days regarding Tanisha, Steven and Samantha (the rest of them have been quieter, even seemingly indifferent to the trial and the proceedings) Mainly because I have been dealing with a family problem which made me think things from a slightly different perspective when it comes to the Alexanders. In fact, I caught myself thinking I’ve been too harsh on them, too cold, too nasty. I even caught myself thinking I could forgive all their vile behavior, because after all they did lose their beloved brother.

    And then, suddenly as if my evil twin was alive and kicking, it hit me.
    I thought : ”Whoa Maria….wait! Can you forget the CONSTANT pleas for money??? These people supposedly don’t have enough money to travel back and forth to AZ, when they are ALL working adults on the one hand and on the other they keep posting photos of holidays spent in luxurious places & yacht outings,when they have admitted having Mexican maids working for them, when the estimated amount they have received is astronomical??? Millions, FFS! When they did not even hesitate to cut up their dead brother’s suits to make aprons so they could sell death memorabilia???? When they made soft-drinks holders (or whatever the fuck that was) and cups with Travis’ face printed on them??? JUST to make profit!!! When they PROVED how much they love the limelight and the influx of ”funds” when they posed for pics with their thumbs-down and their ‘No Deal’ memes????? ”

    Oh, no…….This is NOT grieving family. And even if they are, it is certainly a disturbed manifestation of grief. They all need counseling. Instead of Disneyland, maybe they should have their own personal shrink.
    Especially Tanisha. That woman SERIOUSLY gives me the creeps. You can see in her contorted face she hasn’t healed from her childhood traumas and has transformed all this pain she experienced as a child into RAGE and evilness for society and people around her. YES, I am concerned of the potential danger coming from her in the future. Look what she has done to ALV, leading the hate campaign against her!!

    • Maria I’m sorry you are going through difficulties in your own family. Family can be complicated at times. I hope you find peace.

      Some of what you said in your post I didn’t know. WOW they sure are living high on the hog. It’s just repulsive.

    • Tanisha, like Travis, might have grown up in some pretty bad circumstances but we can’t blame her behavior today on that, she has made some pretty poor decision in her life as I see it. One would think she would learn from her and her brother’s mistakes and try to actually make something of herself. . .something besides a complete pathetic spectacle! If not for herself for her children. I know people who have risen above their poor “up bringing’s” to become outstanding individuals. Of course, it doesn’t come easy and fast and they have to work hard for that. It seems the Alexanders are big on instant gratification. I was taught we should pray for people like Tanisha. . .that is what she needs but I find it hard to actually pray for her when she displays such evil and hate filled actions towards Jodi. Jodi was Travis’s only true friend. Jodi wanted to protect Travis’s name no matter what it cost her. hey could have accepted her plea deal. But no. Jodi was truly doing everything in her power to help Travis. I would think Tanisha would be thankful to Jodi for all of that. Travis was a sick and disturbed man. . .very sick. Tanisha is blinded by her misguided HATE!

    • You know what? I am sick of hearing about the alexander’s childhood traumas! FFS! Millions of people have had a fucking shitty childhood. Damn, many of those people spend all their childhood in foster homes w/ abusive, not loving foster parents: those that wanted to make something of their lives, fought hard and proved themselves. Those that were lazy to do sth with their lives found it easier to blame their childhood than to actually do something to change their lives!

      tanisha and the rest of the alexander family should stop using the ‘shitty childhood card’, put on their big girl and boy panties and prove that they can be a better person than the ones that they had to live with as children. They should take their childhood as an example and do everything possible NOT to become their mothers or fathers… Respect is earned and it needs HARD WORK! Whiners, crybabies and pity-seekers are tiring. So tanisha, steve, samantha and all the rest of them can cry me a fucking river about their childhood. We all have had shit served to us, we don’t sit around crying over spilled milk: we clean up the mess and move on.

  10. Hey, Team Jodi (my cyber family)!!!

    I just wanted to let you all know I received some very mean & nasty tweets about me in my email today!!! Whether I’m on Twitter or not, they notify me whenever I am mentioned in a tweet! These tweets were from people I don’t know from Adam and they, definitely, do NOT know me! They said some very evil things & called me names! Evidently they LOVE to read here at JAII because one of them referred to Tanisha! I guess they didn’t like my 1st comment! Well, I would like to say to them- TOO BAD!!! That is how I honestly feel & if you don’t like what you read here, no one is forcing you to come here!!! You can resort to all the name calling you want to! That will never STOP me from supporting our sweet, dear Jodi Ann Arias!!!

    ((((( JODI)))))

    (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    • Sticks and Stones, ♥ Marja. LOL 😆 They can’t hurt us! You must remember to consider the source.Pfffff 🙄


      Don’t let those losers intimidate you or try to mute you. Laugh at their idiocy. I have been called all the names in the book, my country has been verbally attacked by them… sometimes they are funny other times plain boring and not creative AT ALL!

      It’s true: they hate us BUT can’t go a day w/o visiting our site, reading our comments! Talk about stalking 101! LOL!

      It’s true that a year and a half ago, they did get under my skin… they made me angry, they hurt me but after a while their pattern of hatred got so boring that most of the time I ignored them. With the more creative ones, I had to give them credit for their creativity, a lot of us supporters gathered their vile hate messages to us and we mocked them so much that it made our bellies hurt from laughter!

      If you come upon a creative hate message share w/us in vent room. After all, laughter is a source of a good life! 😉

  11. Hi All

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you All, and Jodi too! I hope Jodi is strong and remains really hopeful in the new year.

    I feel sorry for Tanisha and the whole Alexander family, and I wonder if and when they will ever be able to forgive and understand our dear Jodi.


  12. I have wasted ENOUGH words on the Alexander’s. I know that Jodi wouldn’t want us to keep bashing them. They have issues that we all know started long before the death of their brother. I hope that they will seek professional help. You can not live a productive loving life with so much anger in you.

    • Hear, hear!

      Couldn’t agree more, Cindy.

      I don’t like what I know of them, wouldn’t choose them as friends, but they are who they were raised to be, just as Travis was. That’s a lot to overcome, all by itself. Throw in the extraordinary situation they’ve found themselves in since their brother died, and their actions are almost predictable.

      I suspect Tanisha in particular is headed for a major crash and burn once Jodi is sentenced and Tanisha realizes that ‘closure’ still eludes her.

      • Journee, I agree with you. She is in for a major fall and will hit rock bottom I really feel sorry for her children. I’m sure they are suffering from all of this negativity. Steven’s son also. I do understand them being there..I’m sure I would be also. But depending on what happened in the next few weeks..this could go on for a very long time If they truly want justice for Travis perhaps as a said before live the life that he was trying so hard to live. (and failed)

        But I am not them, time goes on and they will wake up some day and realize the means didn’t justified the end results.

  13. Hi everyone,
    Season’s Greetings. I hope you all had a great Xmas and are ready to support Jodi in 2015 – a year I hope will bring big changes in her life …for the better.

    I have a question. Dr. Fonseca mentioned Travis had lost his “temple recommend” (see Chris Williams tweet below). Does anyone know how this occurred? Was some indiscretion reported to the Mormon administration. Who reported him?

    Chris Williams ‏@chriswnews 59s59 seconds ago
    Dr Fonseca: “That’s a big deal. Big time!”RE: #TravisAlexander loss of “temple recommend” in Mormon church. Was stressful. #JodiArias

    • IIRC, Fonseca further stipulated that Travis lost his temple recommend at some point in 2008, and that was the VERY first time we’d heard that bit of information.

      I keep hoping that someone who speaks with Jodi regularly might be able to share more information about that.

    • Taylor Searle and other friends spoke of TA going to see his bishop in chapter 7 of Picture Perfect and in Taylor’s interview for the Dateline show. Dr. F. also testified as Jodi and ALV did – after they had vag. sex and Jodi had talked to Rachel – TA wouldn’t go – he had been in trouble before. That was in July/Aug 2007.

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer • now16 seconds ago
      Nurmi anticipates Martinez question by asking Fonseca how she can describe Alexander without interviewing him. Evaluating available material

      Jen’s Trial Diaries ‏@TrialDiariesJ • now33 seconds ago
      Taylor Surrel (Searle) reported Travis lost his temple recommend and this was a big deal #jodiarias #3tvarias

      Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer • now22 seconds ago
      Fonseca says Alexander lost his “temple recommend,” banning him from LDS temple in Jan 2008. “That’s major in this community.” #JodiArias

      • Taylor Searle and Dave Hall were the two “friends” being interviewed on Dateline. The host of the show made it seem like TA went to the bishop some time after Jodi and he broke up in April. The author of Picture Perfect was also on Dateline.

        In her book, she writes that according to TA’s “friends” TA had once again been banned from the temple in late 2007 or early 2008.

        I don’t know how Dr. F got to be Jan 2008….

  14. I’m not completely sure but I believe that the bishop in the Mormon church would enjoy some protection from forced testimony the same as a priest would enjoy. Not to mention that the Mormon church seems to be all powerful in AZ. However, the CASH’s could be forced to testify and should be grilled on what exactly they did with TA’s email account. Don’t forget that BN is most likely still reviewing deleted evidence on TA’s computer – they are likely still gathering pertinent evidence on this case that JM had hoped would never come to light. I certainly hope that JSS has had time now to take her decision “under advisement” and that someone with some sense has advised her that this is a no way out for the prosecution and that she must mistrial this case due to prosecution misconduct, Brady violations, and out and out perjury………Hopefully good things are to come in the new year for Jodi !! 🙂 🙂

    • BB I was being rather sarcastic with the Bishop remark. But they could get him on the stand to explain a few things.
      I to am hopeful that BN will be able to find those e-mails from the cashes. Something just isn’t right with all of that.

    • I would love for the CASHES to be called to testify again. This time around, be questioned of things that are of essence: why did they have the need to log in to travis’s e-mails and what they deleted.

      Question: does anyone know if they have been attending court? If not, maybe they ARE on the witness lists and will be called to the stand soon.

      If again they are not on the witness list and are NOT attending court, it’s odd how at the first trial they were so verbal (inside and outside the courtroom) but this time around they are absent in supporting their saint travis… that goes for our ‘loving’ Dave Hall too…

  15. i wrote prom for Jodi darkness hurts so much at times won,t let me stand i wish i could see light i am entering a room more darkness and hate a lot of this room is dark and hateful i wish this hate would stop i can see light around me i can feel love in this room i am sitting at table i see a hand reaching to touch me i can feel touch a rub these hands make me see light feel the love i hear a caring voice saying are you ok i wish could say i am in deep pain way can,t i just say iam in pain this pain wont let me it wont leave i feel like the darkness is holding me down i can feel love and see light love will hold me up love will wrap me up like blanet love will hold me up love will keep me safe

  16. Scouring the internet, I located an example of what I was referring to in my uber–slam of the oxygen deprived brain jury. It’s the penguin leading the sheep.

    This is the most relevant portion of the crucial time period of events in Jodi’s cross examination. Notice how sleazy his attempts are to make it look like she’s not answering his questions. Or that she’s having “a problem” with her memory.

    When in reality she kicks him in his little apples time after time with answers which he hates because he knows his attempted trick didn’t work.

    But which he then feigns to the jury that he got exactly the incriminating answer he wanted. Just like planned, the below 50 IQ morons bought it.

    He reminds me of a snake crawling out of its skin.


    • Jade,

      I don’t know if Martinez’s manner of questioning Jodi is a method to trip her up, i.e., Jodi answers his question but when he rephrases her comment he changes the meaning or the content itself and she has to keep correcting him. Perhaps he hopes she will agree to his changed version so he can do a “Aha, but you just said so and so and now you’re saying something different.” Or, perhaps he feels if he puts he in a position where she has to keep saying: “That’s not what I said” or “That’s not what I meant,” etc. it will give the impression she’s lying. If I was a juror I would get tired of his interviewing style and think: “That’s not what she said. Why do you keep misquoting her time after time? Are you stupid or something?”

      During the trial, he actually gets his own witnesses to change their testimony when they’re not saying what he wants. He did it with one of the lab people. I think it was Heather Connor but I’m not 100% sure it was her. Anyway, this lab person made a statement to Martinez. She seemed confident and sure of what she was saying but Martinez started chipping away at her statement. To me, she tried to defend her statement but bit by bit she reluctantly agrees with portions of what he says until he wears her down she finally and glumly agrees it could happen the way he is saying. She agreed verbally but her facial expression and tone of voice seemed skeptical to me. But it will be on the record that she agreed to Martinez’s version.

      • To me, I saw it as nothing but him trying to trip her up and adopt his meaning. In fact it was an amalgam of all the lowest level sleaze a prosecutor will stoop to. Since leading questions are allowed on cross, he led her right to what he hoped she would not correct. He tried to put all the elements of premeditation and intent into a nice little box. But it didn’t work.

        He then had to make it look like he never made a mistake to the jury. So, as you said, he takes her answer and makes it look like that was his question. And I don’t think you disagree that this was a simpleton hard-core-stupid jury so they were like hypnotic subjects watching a swinging watch. Hence, the verdict.

        But I’m sure her correcting him time after time was driving him just insane. A top lawyer would also have been objecting every few sentences to add to it, whereas Nurmi sat like a little puppy most of the time.

        That twisting doesn’t come across on video, it only jumps out when you can see it in print.

    • I think it’s martinez’s M.O.

      He’s a ‘copy/paste’ of what he was in the first trial. Same attacks, same attempts to trip the witnesses, same manipulation to what has been said, same ‘low blow’ antics. He has become a joke.

      “YES or NO?”
      “Do you have a memory problem?”
      “Did I ask you that?”

      It’s probably hard being a prosecutor, seeking for the death penalty and having nothing solid to work with… How the first jurors didn’t see into his bamboozling, is beyond me! I really do hope that this time around, the jury is actually paying attention instead of googling about the case… pfff.

  17. Good morning Team Jodi! Just checking in before I head off to work as usual. Hope everyone had a nice holiday. I guess we will see what happens at the circus next week!

  18. Good morning all 🙂 I hope Jodi’s team including BN and his team of experts are hard at work finding more evidence for Jodi and that we will hear about it soon when court gets back underway …only good thoughts and prayers for Jodi 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Pandora and Maria I just wanted to check in with you guys. I have been sending out prayers and happy thoughts all morning after reading about the ferry fire and ongoing rescue. I hope you and yours are safe.

    • Jaz, hi! Yes, we’re both well as well as our families and friends. Thank you for caring so much, love. Unfortunately, this tragedy has destroyed so many families. There are still about 30+ people that are missing and after more than 48 hrs, things are not looking good for them.

      I have been following the news since it started. I’ve seen videos from the burning ship, I have heard testimonies from rescued people and the terror they went through is horrid.

      I am also following the AirAsia missing plane news. The agony of those families is heartbreaking.

      My heart goes out to all those that are living this nightmare in both tragedies. (Just because it doesn’t involve us doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be touched…).


    • (((( Jaz ♥ ♥ ♥ ))))
      Thanks for thinking of us, honey!

      I’ve sent prayers to those poor people, too. Just think: going on holidays just to end up living a nightmare. A modern Titanic almost… 🙁

  20. On Dec 22nd JM filed an Objection to Defense’s Motion – below are excerpts, He also filed a Motion for Court Ordered Interview of BN’s assistants, Tony and the other guy.

    ………… “As part of their investigation the Mesa Police Department executed a search warrant on June 10, 2008, and seized the victim’s Compaq Presario laptop computer. The next day on June 11, 2008, a copy of the computer hard drive was created using an EnCase program. The EnCase copy was analyzed by Detective Michael Melendez.
    On June 19, 2009, previous counsel for the defendant conducted an examination of various electronic items, including the victim’s laptop. The court is familiar with the events surrounding defense counsel’s examination of the laptop after having presided over an evidentiary hearing regarding the matter.
    Detective Michael Melendez was interviewed prior to trial on April 8, 2010 by defense counsel where his findings involving the laptop computer and the contents of its hard drive were discussed. A request for a copy of the June 11, 2008 hard drive used in his analysis was only made within the last two weeks with disclosure being made within days of the request.
    …………….. Her latest contention centers around defense counsel’s failure to earlier request a copy and conduct examination of the EnCase image created by the Mesa Police Department. Her counsel’s failure to examine an item of evidence is not misconduct attributable to the State and her most recent request should be denied.
    ………..….the State previously disclosed a copy of Detective Michael Melendez’ report, which include a summary of his findings regarding the June 11, 2008 hard drive copy. He was subsequently interviewed by defense counsel on April 8, 2010, and discussed his findings. Defense counsel requested and were given an opportunity to view the computer on June 19, 2009. On the eve of trial Bryan Neumeister, an expert retained by the defendant, examined the laptop on either two or three occasions, depending on which “truth” this expert wishes to admit. The State disclosed a copy of the June 11, 2008, Encase hard drive copy within days of defendant’s recent request. “


    • Now these greasy vermin are claiming they can’t be held responsible for the defense not knowing what exculpatory evidence they were withholding.

      These Three Card Monty perfectionists are the lowest scum. And if Stephens doesn’t get this one right, this will be a sorry day when it comes down on her head.

    • Not to worry. KN is most likely preparing a response to this motion. Here are the facts as we know them:

      1) Det Flores did not handle the computer correctly according to protocol from the get go – ie., taking a pencil and taping the space bar, etc…NOTHING should have been touched until the computer experts came in and made a copy of the hard drive immediately at the scene. NO WRITE BLOCKER WAS EVER USED VIOLATING PROTOCOL AND DESTROYING EVIDENCE
      2) Again on June 19, 2009 TA’s computer was tampered with by the State, not the defense. They destroyed further files by turning on and off the computer – AND IMHO THEY KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE DOING!
      3) The state knew from the get go that there was porn/child porn on that computer and denied it and their so called experts perjured their testimony regarding it during the trial
      4) Lonnie Dworkin analyzed the computer and stated he found no porn on the computer
      5) The state called Jodi a liar when she testified to TA viewing porn of little boys, etc
      6) These attacks expanded to Jodi’s expert witnesses and they called Det Melendez to testify that there was no porn found on TA’s computer knowing full well that there was porn on the computer thus having their own witnesses commit perjury
      7) The state purposefully went into the computer without a write blocker to alter the computer and delete thousands upon thousands of porn files
      8) BN who is the expert among experts for forensic examinations of computers testified that not only was there porn on the computer but that it was teen porn / child porn and that to miss it was like missing “the aircraft carrier in the room”
      9) The state has an ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT TO DISCLOSE ALL EVIDENCE INCLUDING ANY EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE. The burden is NOT on the defense to seek the evidence out.
      10) Not only did the state fail to disclose this evidence, BUT THEY DESTROYED IT ! And it matters NOT whether it was destroyed/deleted purposefully or accidentally. IT WAS NOT DISCLOSED TO THE DEFENSE, PERIOD. BRADY VIOLATION !!!
      11) Jodi Arias was denied her constitutional rights to a fair trial and was unable to mount an effective defense as a result of the Brady Violation and prosecutorial misconduct

      The case should be dismissed and the verdict overturned. This motion is a desperate attempt to distract from the facts and JSS better get it right or she will be overturned in the appeals. Her credibility and reputation as a judge is on the line. JM is finished IMHO he along with Det Flores and Dr. Horn should be stripped of their respective offices and duties and put in handcuffs and made to answer for their deeds.

      • BB you always lay things out point by point. Thank you!!! I to think the frog and friends are scrambling trying anyway they can to deflect from the fact that they tried to cover up evidence.

        So now JSS can do the right thing now or as you said wait until her whole reputation goes down the drain.

        I just want to see the three amigos in cuffs….

        • My pleasure, Cindy 🙂 They are desperate and all deserve to be in cuffs. So here’s to the NEW YEAR!! Good things come to those that wait……….

      • I believe there was more that they buried on his phone too. How coincidental and convenient those showed nothing with the SIM cards doing a vanishing act.

        I believe that there would have been an outgoing call to Jodi’s number in California which caused her to make the detour side trip to Arizona instead of going straight to Ryan’s house. It would have been the call convincing her to come and see him. It may have even been more than one.

        There is not a doubt in my mind that he talked to her and persuaded her to come. If that number is on the data card or however that phone registered outgoing calls at that time, poof goes the premed.

        • During Jodi’s testimony, it was put forth as a fact that there were calls between the two of them that evening. Too bad they didn’t text instead of call and then the defence could have proof of content of conversation. The defence must have expected there to be SIM cards because they said they were missing, and Jodi would know IMO.

          • The calls recorded for the night of the 3rd are both to TA from Jodi, one at 8:16 that lasted 2 mins, 9 secs and at 8:34 that lasted 49 seconds.

            The night of June 2nd, however, Jodi calls him four times between 1-3 AM, all less than 17 seconds. TA calls her twice during the 3 AM hour, one lasting 18 mins and another 41 mins. He called her again at 4:03 AM and it lasted 2 mins 48 secs.

            Mimi or Jodi – which one would I really want to take to Cancun if I were the horny T-Dogg?

            • Who calls their “stalker” back and stays on the phone for that length of time? Mimi was just a placecard for him to accompany him to Cancun. She was safe and platonic. He didn’t dare take Jodi with all the other members of his church that would be there…he wouldn’t be able to control himself and keep up his phony “I’m a virgin” facade. It was all about the church and his ability to continue to make money….Jodi was just a plaything for him. She was his dirty little secret..

  21. And I guess they’re trying to say now that Jodi took the SIM cards teeheeheeee.

    They have her cleaning the crime scene with the efficiency of the Marx Brothers.
    They have her using a plastic glass to clean the DNA off of Travis’s anal drill.
    I’m surprised they haven’t accused her of trying to dig the bullet out of his cheek.

    And yet she leaves that bright shiny gold bullet casing on the floor resting on a background of bright red, that she would have had to almost stumble over as she’s cleaning or on her way out. Bwahahaha

    • Jade, about the SIM cards: I know that there were more than two phones confiscated. How is it possible that ALL the SIM cards were never there. In any of the phones! We are talking about phones that were used daily, thus had to have SIM cards in them.

      But I have cracked the case of the missing SIM cards. This is what happened:

      Jodi sweet-talked her way into persuading the guards at jail to drive her to the police station where the evidence was being held. While the jail guards waited in the police car, Jodi went into the police station, manipulated the officers on duty to let her in the evidence room. She then sent them to fetch her a coffee and a snack, giving her time to go thru the evidence. She then took out the SIM cards from all the phones, hid them in her ‘zuper sekrit’ double padded bra with the secret section that was made for hiding SIM cards. After that, she powered up all the computers, she played a few games of solitaire and then accidentally destroyed data when surfing on the internet for articles on the latest fashion news. When Jodi heard the officers coming back, she quickly closed the computer improperly (causing more data damage). Finally she told the officers that she didn’t find anything of importance. They then all left the evidence room, Jodi promised them she’d revisit for another coffee rendezvous. They hugged and Jodi returned to the jail guards that were waiting for her in the police car. AND THAT IS THE WHOLE TRUTH OF THE MYSTERY OF THE VANISHING SIM CARDS!

      THE END.

      • Pandora, yes now that sounds like what happened..(omg now that was really funny) How long do you think it will take for some idiot to spread your story as the truth??
        I think we are now seeing the frog not going down without a fight….he’s really starting to lose it now.

      • Now, now Pandora!!! You know that isn’t the real truth at all. . .I heard Jodi waited late one night until everyone fell into a deep sleep when she twitched her nose and magically her broom appeared to transport her to the police station. Once there, she twitched her nose again and put everyone in the station into a trance , she then destroyed any evidence on the computers that would help her
        ( LOL . . .HOHOHO) and quickly grabbed SIM cards from phones and threw them into the a dumpster, and then Jodi hopped on to her broom and quickly flew back to Sheriff Joe’s Health Spa where she slipped past the sleeping guards and slid into her cell. Broom then vanished into thin air. Mission was accomplished. Oh that little Jodi she is such a character. Shhhh they will never figure it all out. Silly sheeple. ((((((((JODI))))))))

          • The Magical green smoke screen that ignites from Jodi’s broom caused the porn to instantly download, no question on that one! Hahahaha that Jodi, how clever of her!!!! PPPFFFFFFFF!
            Typo Elf is on vacation. . worked too hard during Christmas. . .last time I saw him he was warming his toes in front of his fireplace drinking a hot toddy 😀 with his kittens close by his side. Aaaaahhhhhhh

        • Oh R.!!! I like your version MUCH BETTER. PLUS, it’s more plausible! I think the frog should start reading here. Maybe he can use your version to *PROVE* that Jodi is the evil witch that he has made it his life’s purpose to do!

          Lastly, I’m sure he knows much more about magical brooms in closets.. wink wink.

          • ROFLMAO!!!! But he will never ever find Jodi’s magical broom. . .of course it is invisible until she summons it to her side with the twitch of her nose. . .The Frog has other things on his toad brain when he enters the broom closet. . .eeewwwhhhhhh. . . they can search but never find it because we all here know Jodi has magical powers . . .LOL . . .that is why she is still sitting alone in her private cell only to frustrate the Haters and naturally the Frog. Who wouldn’t want to see him in a nervous fidget!!!!!
            (((((Oh that Jodi in her Magical Humor 😆 ))))) Fry little Froggy Fry!!!!! The water in the cauldron is bubbling from the heat . . . .evil giggling. . ………

      • But then again, I do LOVE Pan’s story ♥ 😉 Maybe someone else has heard
        a different version of Jodi’s magical powers, I would love to read about it, if so.
        ((((((((JODI & HER MAGICAL POWERS))))))

  22. Sim cards weren’t regularly used in phones till 2010 when apple introduced it in the smart phones. Then other cell cpomanies followed suit after that. I believe that they got the messages from either the cellphone company or messages that were on the phone and not deleted. A lot of people never delete their text messages. The wife and I had Verizon cell phones in 2006 and they did not have sim cards. But when we had an issue, strange calls, we were able to go on li li and check just the numbers called in and out. Also, when we lost a cell phone we had to go to Verizon and the had to hook up my cell phone to some computer to transfer my info to a new phone.

    • James, hi. I don’t know the systems of how cell phones work in the States but in my country ever since cell phones were brought here, they have always worked with SIM cards. Even if the cell phones were compact (factory made), the SIM cards were there inside the phones. I have opened up a cell phone (turning it to pieces) and inside that phone there was a SIM card.

      I can understand that cell phones can be turned on but they cannot access the GSM network – make phone calls, send SMS, access GPRS… .Some, but not all, phones refuse to run without a sim card. Most smartphones, however, allow you to run the software installed (except for the networking features, of course). But in this case, we are not talking about SMARTPHONES…

      • Hi Pandora, I know that before the sim cards were credit card sized and were not able to be transferred from one phone to the other. The small micro cards were the one I was thinking of came out in 2010 with the I phone from apple. But I remember the phones we had in 2006 from Verizon were the Samsung flip phones and in fact after the birth of our son we no longer even used the phones or got new cell phones when the contract was up. But I know that our 2 phones did not have micro Sims. Then 7 years went by where we had no cell phones at all (the only 2 people in the world) them when we rejoined the world of technology and caved into getting phones, the first ones we got were straight talk from Walmart with no sim then onto T-Mobile with sim cards. Were their cell phones android? Hmmm… Yes, I know that Samsung Galaxy must have a sim but I had a midpriced Samsung that did not require sim.

        • Jane I remember the cards that were the size of a credit card that was back in 2002 on. But I do want to bring up one thing. Bryan N. wouldn’t bring up the missing cards if they didn’t have them. I also find it interesting that it seems that all the texts seem to have come from Jodi’s phone. I know that Bryan will find a hold lot more information that will incriminate the three amigos.

            • So am I. I do think they have more to come out. I think the frog see the fat heating up in the frying pan. He’s done and he knows it. I just hope JSS does what she knows she should to save her own self.

              • Not sure she is capable of doing the what she should. I would have thought she would have cleared it all up by now. The more she lets time tick away I’m afraid she doesn’t have the guts to do the right thing and set Jodi free. Seems her glasses have been fogged up through out this whole circus of a trial. Still praying!!!!!

                • R.Love do you or anyone else think that due to the fact that the frog filed a rebuttal motion (not sure if that’s what it’s called) she has to wait to rule?

                • Simple me, I technically do not know. . .but she waits for everything. It appears she has to go and consult with the higher ups or whoever is pulling the puppet strings. SMH Could it be her inexperience, could it be her lack or intelligence or is she in someone’s pocket just like the Frog, hope we find out the truth soon!!!! There is a whole lot of money involved in every aspect of this whole tragedy. SO many have been on the profit train and it sure isn’t JODI!!!! Arizona should have it’s own volume of “The Worst & Most Corrupt Judicial System in the USA”!!!
                  🙄 I’m not good at waiting. . .so frustrating!!!!

  23. When I was in the sixth grade, I came home to my father’s house one weekend to find a 17-year-old girl was spending the night with us and would be sleeping in my room with me. Her name was Paulette Moore – and I found out while we were watching television that night that she had just gotten out of jail on bond for killing her father – and my father was representing her.

    He had started sexually abusing her when she was 10. He regularly beat her, her mother and her two brothers (her baby sister was 18 months old and had thus far escaped). When she could no longer take it, she went to one closet where they had hidden a shotgun, to another closet where they had hidden shotgun shells – and she blew him the fuck away. She called the police and waited.

    She was charged with first degree murder. Keep in mind that in 1966, no one had heard of battered woman syndrome or sexual abuse of children in terms of specific disorders. My father convinced a jury that she suffered from chronic undifferentiated schizophrenia – she was acquitted of murder (not an easy feat regardless of what people think) and sent to the state mental institution.

    She was there for six months, during which time they gave her vitamins and not much else.

    She got out and went back to Sylacauga. She told me they wouldn’t let her back in high school. She was shunned by the community. She worked in a cotton mill and as a waitress. She got involved with a married policeman.

    In February 1967, she was dead. The official ruling was suicide. I have never trusted that finding. My father did an interview where he said that Paulette had never had a chance with the way she was treated by the justice system, the mental health system and the community. He was not surprised her life had ended this way. I think of her every day. Her life over at 19.

    In 1977, a nurse in Anniston, AL killed her husband.

    He had beaten her numerous times in the past – and that night, he had called her to tell her he was coming home and when he got home, he was going to kill her.

    She got a gun, sat in the dark and waited for him. When he came through the door, she blew him the fuck away.

    She was charged with first degree murder. Her first trial ended in a hung jury. While she was waiting for her second trial to begin, she went to work for a hospital in Birmingham, where I had my baby the week before her second trial was to begin.

    The night before I went home, I had a terrible nightmare and rang for something to drink. She answered my light and sat with me to comfort me. I told her I would be praying for her the next week. She broke down and cried and told me about the terror she had lived in and how afraid she had been that night.

    At her second trial, she was acquitted. However, she couldn’t go back to Anniston to work. No one wanted to hire her.

    Around this same time, my cousin – a violent, crazy man – was beating his wife in the stomach when his eldest son left, drove to his house, got his shotgun, drove back and blew his father the fuck away.

    He was not charged with any crime.

    It’s not that I disagree with his not being charged – it was said that Dorster “needed killing” and I have to agree with that sentiment – but I wonder why two females who killed to protect themselves were charged with first degree murder, but Phillip wasn’t charged at all.

    Was Jodi a victim of so much domestic and sexual abuse that she snapped and killed Travis? Did he go into such a rage that she believed he was going to kill her if she didn’t kill him first? Was she overcharged because of a bias against women in the criminal justice system and our society?

    Quite simply – regardless of whose side one is on – we don’t KNOW.

    We don’t know what happened in that bathroom. Neither do the “Justice for Travis” folks. Only Jodi and Travis know that.

    But if we don’t listen to all the evidence before we make up our minds – if we don’t ignore the media, listen to the evidence and the experts, discard our own prejudices – we haven’t come very far since 1965.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you for your post. Yes, it is interesting and VERY SAD that DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and abused women are not acknowledged although there are laws set out to protect abused people and victims of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. I guess that if it hasn’t happened to someone, it’s not important… pffffff.

    • Great post Paige. You are so right. . .nobody really knows what happened that day but Jodi, Travis and (might I add) who ever came in and rearranged the whole crime scene. With that happening we will probably never know the whole truth but we do know that Travis had been verbally and physically abusing Jodi during their secretive relationship. Travis was a master manipulator at best and Jodi was to naïve for the likes of him. Jodi was in love and wanting to do anything to please Travis. He took advantage at every turn with Jodi. As we all here know, it is not a crime to protect ones self from a vicious attack. That is what we know for a fact. I thank God every day that Jodi was able to protect herself from him. Travis was a sick and disturbed man, no matter what others have described him to be. It is a proven fact in his own verbally abusing words.

    • I enjoyed the fact that you said, “blew the person the fuck away”, in describing the out come of each story. It gave me a little chuckle on an otherwise sad story.

  24. Most interesting Paige. If you look at the picture of Jodi – the one with the pigtails.I think….check out the look on her face……a picture is worth a thousand words. She looks mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically used up in that picture. That picture is of a women who has been used and abused. The mind and spirit can only take so much and the will to live is so great….the outcome is not surprising to me. It is truly a sad story all around for both sides of this awful tragedy. Abuse is horrible and any of us who have experienced it can attest to that. I am sure it didn’t start that way but it became very twisted. As we know there were numerous women being played, there was pornography (no one not interested in pornography would ask their sexual partner to spread eagle for the camera) amongst other pictures. Why did she do it, well if you are worn down long enough it is just easier to comply. That picture I refer to doesn’t show a happy woman enjoying the set up. You are right, none of us knows really what took place between the two but there was abuse, it shows clearly.

      • But do we know when those picture’s were really taken?? They were not date/time stamped when they were 1st. viewed. Journee brought that to lite a few weeks ago. If you listen to DF telling her about the pictures she was very confuse about the picture’s.

          • I still believe the pictures were a way for him to keep Jodi coming back to him because I’m positive he would have used them to blackmail her. . .it is the way he rolled (as the younger generation would say). He was a Control Freak among all the rest of his disturbing problems.

    • Happy New Year everyone. What happened to those bookmarks? I went there and it says no product found. Are they still available?

      2015 will be the year when we will finally see some real justice don’t you all think? But one thing puzzles me and that is why a few of you don’t believe she hurt Travis, she admitted she did in self defense so how can you think she is not telling the truth there? If there was someone else involved surely she would testify to that up on that up on the witness stand.

      I hope things run smoothly over the next few weeks. We all wait anxiously for JSS to make a ruling on the prosecutor misconduct, lets see the frog get out of that slowly heating saucepan. ha ha I love that visual.

  25. With all that has come out recently about the State withholding and tampering with evidence connected to Travis’ computer and probably the cell phones, I have had the sense that the Nurmi and Willmott are really digging into this case much more thoroughly than was done with the guilt phase.
    This is sad, but not irreparable, and it could result in dropping of all charges.

    It would be terrific (praying hard) if The Defense also has a ‘forensic pathologist witness’ who would look at the time of TA’s death. Something didn’t ‘smell’ right about the ‘5 days’ and I would bet that a forensic pathologist would agree. The dead body could never have been identified without DNA if it had been there 5 days.

    The Flores Report says that Travis was dead 1-2 days, and the Medical Examiner’s Report (although the ME did not noted it as 1-2 days specifically) notes the condition of the body and, as he describes it, the condition of the ‘items’ lines up with the characteristic stages of 1-2 days post mortem.

    Travis was dead for 1-2 days according to both State witnesses, whether they wanted it to be so or not.
    A forensic pathologist will show Jodi is absolutely innocent!
    It COULD, and probably WILL turn out at the end that Jodi NEVER lied at all, not ever!

    • Nurmi does not seem like the most effective attorney for Jodi. I wonder why she keeps him sometimes. I like Jennifer, I think. Seems like Nurmi is the lead. I always wonder that, with another attorney, I wonder if the outcome would have been any different. Maybe not, was a near-impossible case as the evidence was so massive.


      • What evidence do you think the prosecution had to prove guilt? It doesn’t seem to me that there was any absolute evidence connecting Jodi to the murder. All the prosecution had were innuendos: time stamps only show she was there on the 4th, but Travis could not have been killed on the 4th – too many days of decomposition.

        • Plus, very easy to alter time stamps. The crime scene can not be trusted as the rest of the fictional evidence. . .read about the prosecutor and his side kick the defective detective. As for Nurmi, it has been practically impossible for her to have any other counsel offered to her. . imo. . .Nurmi is finally doing a much better job for Jodi. . . we just have to keep praying in trusting that Justice will finally happen. Jodi is absolutely innocent, never doubt it. I don’t.

          • R. Love:

            All of what you say is so very true! What ‘facts’ the State used were silly.
            The State should never have charged Jodi with murder BECAUSE SHE WASN’T THERE WHEN TRAVIS DIED!!

            The autopsy report describes a body that had been dead 1 – 2 days!
            The Flores report describes a body he sees as being dead 1 – 2 days!
            One really cannot argue with Mother Nature!

            Those that are repulsed looking at the pictures of Travis’ dead body at 1 – 2 days, would be involuntarily vomiting if they looked at anyone’s body which had been dead for 5 days!

            • Of course, I agree with both of you. IMO something happened after Jodi left. Jodi was caught in a whole mess of extremely unfortunate events. I’m not sure Jodi even knows what happened. All she knows is what the defective detective led her to believe. Who was instructing him, remains to be found out yet, or has it. Could it have been the Frog in charge from the beginning? Someone was and someone wanted this whole tragedy to unfold just as it has. . .hiding behind the life of a young innocent woman. Although, whoever it is, made the very grave mistake of thinking that the World would turn their backs on Jodi Ann Arias. From the time the arrogant prosecutor stated that Jodi was the most Hated Woman in America I have been fixated on proving just the opposite. He needs to be brought to down to size several notches. . .which would make him a very small worthless POP (piece of Poop) IMO. He has taken his position as an Officer of the Law and twisted it into something that doesn’t even resemble honesty or integrity. What a farce to have him in charge of prosecuting anyone for anything! I would dare to say he has gained his position only by lying, cheating and being a dishonest attorney. He is a “win at all cost” type of attorney which makes him a very dangerous man. It doesn’t matter to him if a person is innocent or guilty as long as he wins. He has proven he will do anything to accomplish his goal and to hell-0 with anyone who gets in his way. It doesn’t matter to him if innocent people are put to death or lose their lives because of his devious underhanded ways, all he thinks about is winning, another notch in his belt. . .in fact he is probably just like Travis Alexander. A user and an abuser. Shame on him and whoever else is responsible for this horrible injustice to Jodi! Jodi should have never been charged with anything AT ALL from the beginning! In fact, I still believe she deserves a Medal! ♥ ((((((JODI ANN ARIAS)))))

              • Your thoughts about Juan Martinez strike home with me, R. Love! Anyone who can live life as Juan Martinez lives his belongs on a different planet in a different universe.

                It appears the time has come for all of us who understand and believe in JUSTICE, stop allowing those with authority in our legal system to arrest and pronounce guilt without a trial and with appropriate evidence. It escapes my logic how to go about accomplishing it; I would love to try and help if I only knew how.

                This site has brought so much attention to injustice. I hope when Jodi has been exonerated that the site will continue with the same dedication in a fight for Justice especially here in the United States.

                We have a case in NC where a husband was tried for stabbing his wife to death. The first trial was hung, but on the second trial the prosecutor used a baby who was playing with a mama doll and a papa doll as evidence. They actually tried to read the baby’s mind as to what the playing meant. Thankfully the Appellate Court through the verdict out. We are waiting to see if the State goes for a 3rd trial!

          • Either do I R. LOVE!!

            I understand why people keep saying KN didn’t do a good job. But there were circumstances that came into play. How much money were they allowed to spend for a public defender?? How much evidence was hidden? Why was JSS so Hell bent on not letting KN off the case?? He had never tried a murder case. The list goes on a on.
            I will say one thing they sure are kicking but now!!!!
            The verdict will be overturned!!!

    • Herbie Reardon:
      I believe you are in error about whose journals Beth Karas has released. At 9 AM yesterday she released entries from JODI’s journals, not Travis’. I am not aware that Travis even kept journals.

      • Can anyone find out where Beth got Jodi’s journals and if they can be obtained by anyone else? Are they public or can only the media get them or something?

        It would be awesome if we could release them for free and cut off Beth’s source of income! 🙂

  26. On May 10, 2008 Travis wrote;

    ” I haven’t talked to Jodi for the entire day. I never thought that would happen. I loved it, no negativity, no distractions, it was probably good for her too. Anyway life is wonderful, T.V.A.

    …wasn’t may 10 the day of the sex tape?

  27. Hello cyber family!!!

    I’ve been very busy with guests, out-of-towners who have come to spend New Year’s with us so that’s why I haven’t been here at all.

    I wanna wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! May you all have a GREAT time tonight, no matter what you do. Enjoy yourselves, don’t drink and drive, don’t eat too much….LOL!

    Do think of our Jodi, ”welcoming” the new year all alone in her cell and do say a prayer for her ♥ ♥ ♥ As I always say (and want to believe) if we all keep her in our thoughts at the same time, maybe just maybe she will feel some warmth in her heart…

    HAPPY 2015 TEAM JOD!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Happy New Year, Maria! You have been a rock through all these months.
      And a Happy New to all the JAII family! What would life have been without all of you!
      This will be Jodi’s year, I just know it! I can feel it!

    • Lovely comment Maria,

      I will definitely be thinking/praying for our Jodi. I know 2015 will be our year for sure! It’s time we got justice for Jodi! I’m very grateful for this site, a place where we can support Jodi without being belittled and threatened.

      Happy New Year Team Jodi!!! <333

  28. I’m sure you are all familiar with the curious fact that a man named Chad Perkins sent TA a message that was posted on TA’s MySpace page, with the content being a joking- tone commentary saying: “T’was two nights before Christmas, and all through the greater Phoenix area, Travis was cruising for underage boys to make his Christmas more cozy. Have fun! Just don’ t violate the terms of your probation!”
    I saw this on TA’s MySpace page a very long time ago, and I was quite startled by it. [ I find it noteworthy that the comment specifies ‘2’ days before Christmas, rather than simply the traditional, “T’was the night before.”]
    Why would any man allow that to remain on a publicly visible page?
    I can’ t imagine any man allowing that and wanting that there. No man would think that was funny because of all the sordid, sick, and very criminal implications of such a comment.
    I see that this is being discussed on Twitter.
    I don’ t recall this being discussed much anywhere, including here, but I didn’t come to this JAII site until at least 4-5 months after its inception.
    Has this been brought up in court, on HLN, ect.?
    Is that posting on MySpace able to be alluded to during mitigation?
    Is “Chad Perkins” going to be subpoenaed by the defense?
    …….. Focusing on and investigating this has nothing to do with ‘bashing’ TA; that post was on his PUBLIC MySpace, and apparently he felt comfortable with that being there, otherwise he would have taken it down.
    ANYONE would be taken aback and concerned if one came across such a posting anywhere on the internet, or overheard such a thing in conversation.
    And what does the ‘probation’ refer to?

    • Amy, yes we did talk about it on this site during the trial. I think we were as repulsed as you are. It is very odd that Travis didn’t take it down after it was posted. You never know who the DR will be calling to the stand.

    • Amy,

      I always thought that comment by Chad Perkins was extremely odd. It’s difficult to understand what Perkins was thinking. As to: “Just don’t violate the terms of your probation.” Initially, I didn’t relate it to the rest of Perkins’s comment. When I first read it, I wondered about the attempted drug robbery where his brother claimed to have used Travis ID when he was arrested. It made me wonder if it had really been Travis trying to commit that drug robbery and he had been put on parole for that crime.
      Now though, with the revelations about “tween” searches on Travis’s computer, I wonder if he did more than search for tweens and there might have been an actual face-to-face incidence with a young boy or boys. It’s possible he was put on parole with a restriction about not approaching young boys or being alone with a young boy.
      But, I have no proof of Travis being involved in anything illegal. It does seem to indicate that Chad Perkins may have been aware of Travis’s “fondness” for young boys or tweens though.

  29. Happy New Year to Jodi and all her supporters as for the sister sound like someone on speed to me she has so much money now to spend on it …. Probable what is making her nuts …. 🙄

  30. Happy New Year to everyone! It’s actually snowing here in Mesa right now. Funny, I didn’t think it snowed in Hell. Oh well, see you all next year!


    Happiness comes to those who know how to dispel the gloominess and go beyond the trivialities of life. Rise above all them petty issues and see the joys that surround you. Forget all grudges (because they have a way of eating you up alive), accept every mistake, forget all sorrows and spread The Love for god’s sake – it’s 100% free! May you continuously stand up for your rights in 2015 and also those of fellow human beings and may nothing stop you from championing a true cause – especially one that you hold close to your heart. And lastly, EMBRACE SIMPLICITY and SINCERITY (very important), and by doing so, you will most certainly have a wonderful New Year. ONLY THE BEST to you and your loved ones… Big HUG to you all!!

    ((((TEAM JODI))))

  32. A super message of good will Rasna. Thank you. I do embrace simplicity and sincerity to the best of my ability so it was nice to see you validate that. It is so good to stand up for what we believe in, whatever that may be. I also believe that there is one greater than any of us who sees the whole picture and that all will eventually be worked out according to the greater good. Us mortal humans run a different time schedule from our Creator. So we will have to be patient. Happy New Year all.

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