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With the trial not resuming again until Wednesday, check out the info & links below covering the most commented on elements of the trial.

At the time of writing, this site is currently in the Top 23,000 of websites most visited in the US (according to Alexa) – which just goes to show that the tide is turning in Jodi’s favor and positive momentum is building.


Never doubt it.

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TA’s Criminal Record Report:

Click here to access the page from the Riverside Superior Court website – then click the RIM418038 link in the Case Number box at the bottom of the screen.

Certain people are stating it was a case of “mistaken identity” and the record was subsequently “erased” within the hour… however it is still accessible. Interesting to say the least.


The Shoe Impression:

We are still no wiser – and maybe we never will be.

Here’s the shoe impression pic again (from a tile just inside the bathroom). It was taken from a screenshot when the picture was shown in court during Heather Connor’s testimony:

I’d still say that shoe print belonged to Zach Billings, and he “discovered” TA in the bathroom several days PRIOR to the big find on June 9th… which would explain how he managed to “miss” all the signs something was not right, including (but not limited to) the decomp stench for those full 5 days.

As far as I recall, Zach Billings was the only guy with access to all the keys. He was also the guy that let everyone in to the bedroom after unlocking the door on 6/9.

Maybe law enforcement did match it up to someone (obviously not Jodi/TA or they would have said) – but they decided against stating WHO the shoe print belonged to in case it upset their apple cart and opened an even bigger can of worms (?)

Not yet seen The Flores Report? Click here to read it.


The State’s Ongoing Failure:

Following on from Thursday, it would appear Martinez’ whole case is now resting on a Walmart receipt and a gas can. We’ve been here before… yes or no? right? Sure we have.

Click here to read the recent article by Vladimir Gagic (“Jodi Arias: Has the Government proven Murder One?”) — then click here to listen to the radio show discussing the state’s failure from Friday 3/8.


Juror Questions:

Click these links for a list of Wednesday’s and Thursday’s juror questions for Jodi… all 200+ of them.


“The Knife”:

Put basically… if the knife was put in the dishwasher as Jodi stated, and it also came from a knife block in TA’s kitchen, that would mean she did not bring the knife with her.

Here are some crime scene pics & placards which back that up. Exhibits #67 & #68.

Does anyone recall these pictures being shown during the trial?


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  1. what’s up with the proverbial talking heads having Jodi convicted? yea.. it’s a rhetorical question, but when will Prosecutors and P.D. investigations be held to the highest of standards? it’s long overdue. why does the jury get to ask questions? is AZ a different ‘Country’, like TX or something? c’mon mann…

    • I think investigations should be taken away from the police department where the crime occurs and I think a major crime scene should be preserved so the defendant can have it examined…even though I realize that in some crimes this isn’t possible due to the length of time to find the alleged perpetrator.

      • And also all of the evidence goes to state run crime labs, ME is paid by the state, it’s all run by the government. The defendant is allowed to have independant testing done by a lab of their choosing, but only if they have the money to pay for it and this is very expensive. Why do you think people with money go to jail less often than poor people. Also there was a big scandal in the 1990’s about the FBI’ s crime lab where is was shown evidence was contaminated, manipulated to fit LE theories and out and out incompetence of the employees. John F. Kelly & Phillip K. Wearne’s 1998 book “Tainting EvidenceTainting Evidence: Inside the Scandals at the FBI Crime Lab”

          • HAVE SEEN YOU HERE A LOT I’ve been interested in this for week and read all the post here its nice here the other sites are curle if you try to say something nice about jodi. I’ve been up all nite reading the police report and if you think like JM does on cross examination of here you might want to take a look see ….
            1. Zac
            2. enrique If you read there statements something is wrong go back and
            3 Dustan thompston forth from zac to enrique and dustan to ashley.
            4. ashley so far I’ve read 12 people that all bash her to hell trying to put her to
            her to death to what to shut her up.????

            Going to back to the site of the police report and read more sorry for any miss spelling her I’m tried and been up all day yesterday and it 11:44 in tx now tired but dont want to give up may find something else. would explain it to you here but here are so many word to type and you can not copy and past from the police report.

            Thank you JC team jodi admin

          • just does not compute roomates change the dates do not match other then you have dustin and ashley different response there too. all say same thing about jody story straight there to see what I’m seeing you need to nic pick it to death. report begins with mimi moves to zac then move on to other room mate then keep reading how ashley calls in hangs up her husband says he new on the 6/9 about the death went to his house but the beginning he is not mentioned being with the 6 that were already at the house they did not get a statement till wife call and hung up. found her thru her cell #


      • BeeCee

        That is in fact what they do in the UK. Scotland yard does all major crime scene investigations regardless of the jurisdiction and defense attorneys and in fact the jury is allowed to canvass the crime scene.

    • the other team member just mention that jodi and the 4 guys on the camping trip she bought a gun and would use it if things got out of hand they think it is motive that she will kill again

    • just watch nancy grace doc on utube where her lawyer has paperwork signed by her lawyer for second degree murger and nancy chews out the two lawyers saying that if the jury hears about this the case is thrown out ?????????????????

    • been up all nite reading police report and have questions about zac’s statement say read paragraph Last time seeing travis was thur morn the par that is highlited
      second par spent all day with girlfriend, Other roommate remembers the furnature out of place the doggie barricade vac out but zac does not mention it. you need you really look close something stinks here. Now read enrique testamony . also something out of sorts with testonay with dustan thompson and ashley thompson.

      ///////////////////////////////NEED TO REALLY LOOK AT THIS ITS IMPORTANT///////////////////////////////////////////////////


  2. That’s great, I have a question. Someone who seems to know LOL on the State site has said court is now going to be on Tuesday, that late Thursday it was changed, not sure where she saw this, or if this is true.

  3. Some morning musing on this arrest/ stolen identity thing. Looks like the phantom person was put on probation for 3 years. If you are on probation, don’t you have to check in at certain times with a probation officer, like once a month. It looks like the probation was done, if it wasn’t would be a warrant for arrest and then additional jail time for probation violation. So who showed up for probation check ins? Wouldn’t be the real person if they didn’t know about it, and why would the phantom person show up for probation check ins, no one would be looking for him. Also this author Shanna Hogan, why would she devote an entire chapter in her book about it if the record was expunged? No one would find expunged records, so why mention it. Also when did she meet the Alexander family? She has a direct quote from Travis. How did she talk to him and are her sources, which she doesn’t name, TA’s friends and family. And the strange and bizarre continues.

    TB says:

    March 10, 2013 at 8:49 am

    Ps. Also people who work for Legal Shield have to buy one of their plans before they can sell anything, one of their rules. Legal Shield, (ppl) also sells identity theft protection. We can see how well they monitored TA’s identity.

    • TB, I was thinking the same thing. Record expunged – shouldn’t be found. How does a record get expunged in ONE HOUR! That’s not even possible!! I also questioned the “quote” from Travis. What did she do, interview him from the grave?

      ALSO – wasn’t it stated somewhere (maybe by Jodi or others) that Travis was going back and forth to California? If so, I’m sure that was to satisfy his probation.

      FURTHER, many members of Travis’ family have had problems with the law in some form or another. I looked up all their names (need middle initials for Steve and Michael to find more info on them) on the Riverside County Sheriff site.

      His brother, Gary was busted for making a meth lab, his dad was busted for failing to provide for his family (interesting nothing about the cops coming to his house about fight with the mother), and Tanisha was in lawsuits for getting evicted from a rental property.

      I think Shanna Hogan has to have this “lily white” image of Travis to sell her book and demonize Jodi.

      • One other thing that bothered me. IF it was in fact Travis’ ID stolen, this person would have had to be a “dead ringer” for Travis for the police to accept that ID from the supposed perpetrator.

        • Exactly. I’m sure TA had a drivers license in 2002 at the age of 24-25? That license would have had a photo attached, police have access to DMV records to verify driver identification, don’t they?

          • Yes. It is HIGHLY unlikely to get very far when someone tries to use another person’s ID when a crime is committed.

            Sometimes it might actually take a day or two with the person in jail, but that is usually if they look alike.

            I do not for one minute believe someone made it through conviction and probation using his identity.

            • Here is something else. He was arrested and booked. THEY have to have fingerprints on file from the booking.

              Further, there must be some record of Travis’ fingerprints from the crime scene to eliminate him out of the fingerprints found.

              I am amazed that the people on the hater’s sites would just believe this without any critical thinking. (rolling eyes)

            • The person I knew had to be arrested, arraigned and it wasn’t until a pretrial conference that his name was cleared using mug shots prints etc! Are we to believe travis or a lawyer merely called and said oh by the way, its not him and viola it’s over? A person can’t just say it wasn’t me LOL

            • I don’t believe this either. The person I knew, let’s call him ted. ted’s brother john was arrested for a felony. He didn’t have his id. he had warrants too so john, decided to use ted’s info ie. name and DOB. John was arrested as Ted and bailed out as Ted ( Ted had no idea.) john absconds to another state.

              A year later, Ted is pulled over for a routine traffic stop and arrested for a failure to appear on the charges his brother John had incurred. He was bailed out again. (nobody caught the mistaken identity or listened to him when he said he was innocent naturally.)

              After the arraignment ( it never should have gotten that far but LE isn’t that bright and prosecutors don’t care) he shows up for a pre-trial hearing and tells the sad tale to his public defender. He pulls up the original mugshot and fingerprints. he was cleared but not that day, in fact, he had to show up to court one more time to tell his side and allow his lawyer to submit the evidence proving he was innocent and it was ID theft.

              My point is to just show how the ID theft occurred. I’m NOT what happened to my friend happened to Travis. My point was show just how difficult it was to clear his name. In my opinion, Travis would have had to go to court to prove he wasn’t the person who was arrested. It would have been a process worth nothing in a book other than saying, oh PPL called and record expunged in an hour.

              The whole story shanna put forth doesn’t pass the common sense test. If there was a closed door hearing, the family knows the real truth and shanna may know too.

              So say it is true, wouldn’t it seem reasonable, that when travis name was searched in riverside, the charges would come up showing the real person’s name and travis name as an AKA? And then there would be also be a criminal record on the person who stole the identity too cross referencing travis name? If this were true, wouldn’t the person who stole the identity accrue more charges for passing himself off as someone else for years??

              By the way,John in the story above was charged with an additional crime for using his brother’s name in the first place and was expedited back to the state. The state did not take kindly being jerked around like that either.

              • JC, the cases I have heard of from my law enforcement contacts were also siblings. And, the criminals were not able to keep up the lies for very long, due to fingerprints and photos.

                • i think we are talking apples and oranges? I’m confused. in the case im talking about someone lied their way into jail without having an id on them. so they booked him on what he gave. he was not in contact with the other brother at all. Im confused. help. I thought I was agreeing with you with my comment?

            • I had some fraud problems a few months ago. I called the sheriff’s office to report it and asked if I would have any problems since they had my DL number and info. He said there was virtually no way they could use my ID and get arrested. Cops have had laptops in their cars for years. When they pull up your info it has EVERYTHING! I just find it really unbelievable that someone could do that. He may have been on unsupervised probation and therefore only had to check-in once in a blue moon and pay a fine. In NC as soon as you pay your fines they cut you loose and you never have to check in. JMO

        • It might have been easier to get away with using someone else’s name back in the stone age before computers were available for instant ID verification. Police cars have computers in them to quickly access anyone’s records.

          • trixels,

            the only way I saw that work ( someone steal someone’s ID) is that when they were arrested, they didn’t have an ID and gave a fake name. They would arrest that person on that name at face value. But the idea that someone makes it through a 3 year probation as someone else is silly. Oftentimes, probation makes someone get a job so how did that work if that were the case?! Did someone work and live their lives as Travis Alexander for three years? You think a story like that would hit the media but maybe I’m wrong.

            I wasn’t arrested with someone LOL I knew the person who had their ID theft used that way.

            • I agree JC. You can give any name you want when you are arrested and don’t have ID to prove it, but once you get into the jail and get finger printed and your mug shot taken one would think that would be the end of the line. It’s not like the “old” days when all they had to compare prints were finger print cards they had on hand in that station.
              I read last night that Travis lost his ID or had it stolen sometime in 2001-2002. Regardless of that once the person that was arrested you would think once they got out of jail they would not have returned to answer for the charges that were pinned to Travis Alexander, and they most certainly would not have paid the fine or reported to probation. Even if he didn’t have to report to his probation officer, once the 3 yrs were up he would have had to make a court appearance.
              This entire explanation for the arrest/stolen identity is a bunch of cockamamie bullshit.

              • His ID was stolen? I wonder if Shanna just doesn’t know how to explain something??? I think that could be significant if true.

                • Yes but someone had to appear in court in order to get the charges reduced, get sentenced to 5 days, 3 years probation, $515 in fines. Not the real TA if he didn’t know about it until the fine thing came up.

              • To go on a LDS Mission they finger print you and get other stuff. Make sure you are not a criminal. This info is sent to FBI so you are cleared to be around people and kids etc. So his mission was in late 90’s… Then arrested in 2002, it would match.. My BFF’s son and all her kids did missions. This FBI clearance was done late and he almost didnt get to go.. I am a mormon, I told y’all that already.

      • True. If it were expunged, it would not exist. There is absolutely NO way this was expunged. Also, there is absolutely no way that someone could serve jail time and a probation of 3 years impersonating someone else. NO possible way.

            • Expunged doesn’t mean that they destroy all record of something having occurred. For example, they go burn the police report.

              • Expunged means it not public record whether or not they destoy any records.

                In the United States, an expungement can be granted only by a judge; while a pardon can be granted only by the President of the United States for federal offenses, and the state governor, certain other state executive officers, or the State Board of Pardons and Paroles (varies from state to state) for state offenses,
                Each jurisdiction whose law allows expungement has its own definitions of expungement proceedings. Generally, expungement is the process to “remove from general review” the records pertaining to a case. In many jurisdictions, however, the records may not completely “disappear” and may still be available to law enforcement, to sentencing judges on subsequent offenses, and to corrections facilities to which the individual may be sentenced on subsequent convictions.

              • Also the record would not show a conviction even if it were “not burned up”. The record states a conviction, fees charged AND paid, and 3 years of probation. If it were expunged, but still showed up on this site, by some accident, it would read “dismissed”, not “convicted”.

              • Right but you would think it would be hidden. A possible employer could pull this up. I thought the whole point of getting things expunged was to keep that from happening. It would be kept private. Trust me a girl in school was arrested every week for vandalism and drugs. She is now a sheriff! Somebody got something hid!

      • Shanna Hogan’s career as a crime writer will likely go down the toilet if she keeps peddling the HLN and Travis’s friends’ talking points and not look at them with a critical eye.

        It seems the more facts that come to light about the true character of Travis and his relationship with Jodi, the more determined she is to continue peddling the discredited and debunked prosecution/HLN narrative.

      • We do expunctions for people at the law firm I work at here in NC and the process is arduous, oftentimes taking over six months up to a year.

    • There wasn’t any “stolen identity” thing. This was the murder victim, pure and simple.

      It’s pathetic his friends are trying to hide the reality of somebody they didn’t truly know at all.

      • True, and everyone is running around in denial. The line that Jodi was his dirty little secret really is the biggest truth in all of this. She knew him better than anyone else and look how that ended.

        • “She knew him better than anyone else and look how that ended.”

          I believe this is true. She knew him better than anyone. Let’s not forget the sex. To know someone through his/her sexuality–especially when it involves pushing the boundaries and challenging taboos–is to know something essential about that person–something far deeper than the various social masks that we all wear to some degree.

        • I agree about the denial, but I tend to believe Jodi that he was entranced by her as well. I think that his/their sex life was his dirty little secret, but that he would have been content to rock along toward marriage. I think that she’s telling the truth when she said that she is the one who broke it off and that he spent a great deal of effort trying to woo her back.

          • Oh, he was entranced by her alright. He had found in her not only an intelligent, attractive and adventurous woman, but one who wouldn’t expose the big lie that was his life.

            But, I don’t believe for a minute he wanted to marry her. She tried to break it off, yes, but she tried because he was trying to get rid of her. Trying get rid of her, while, at the same time, wooing her back for “the booty.” She wasn’t a whole person to him, and on some level she knew this. BUT she obscured her own intuition–with a lot of “help” from Travis and ideas from the church–with those “law of attraction” rationalizations. That is emotional/psychological battery in the guise of “wooing.”

            • Pique –
              You couldnt have laid this out any more clearly.
              I too agree, he had no intentions of marrying Jodi, as you said, “she wasnt a whole person to him…”

              Wonderful post, thank you.

              • I’m not sure that ANY woman was a whole person to him. After Jodi, he dated someone who was barely out of high school and then berated her for her plans to go to college and become a teacher. How’s that for a healthy supportive partner?

                • agree.oh and to me, ”healthy” is an adjective that doesnt seem to match TA ‘s personality.

              • Thanks, M!

                joujou–this is true. He certainly wasn’t looking for an equal. Yet, the women he pursued were more than his equal. Hence, the need to bring them down a few notches, at least in his own eyes. With Jodi, the non-virgin, he could use sexual/spiritual manipulations. With the others, whatever was handy: their age, inexperience, learned passiveness, etc. Despite this, they knew he was “off.” But, he would’ve eventually succeeded, I believe, in finding a pretty, virginal Mormon wife.

                • Wholeheartedly agreed. In my estimation he had what I call Groucho Marx Syndrome- he didn’t want anyone who would have him. And, regardless of what his “revelations” from God told him, Mimi Hall was never going to have him. Which is what made her so enticing to him.

          • Yes, joujou, and the most dangerous time for an abused woman is when they try to leave and JA was trying. Look at his pattern with women, Lisa said they broke up, got back together, broke up again, got back together, then broke up again. Mimi wanted to break up after several dates, but he was taking her to Cancun. Could be TA’s way to try to change her mind. Women had a hard time leaving him, because he wouldn’t let them.

            • I think he was setting up, or attempting to, similar patterns with Lisa that he had with Jodi. I’m not as intimately familiar with the sequence as many of the other posters here, so I am happy to stand corrected if appropriate, but I don’t think he started dating Lisa until about the time that Jodi returned to California. Then he proceeded to discourage his 19 year old girlfriend from going to college and becoming a teacher. In contrast, I wouldn’t call what he and BYU grad Mimi had a viable relationship. I doubt the dentist’s daughter, Mimi Hall, had any interest in being an accessory in (to) his Ponzi scheme. It seems she had his number after one cup of cocoa at Barnes & Noble. (His delusions of what God’s plans were for their nuptials notwithstanding)

            • not to mention Deanna who stood for ”the other Jodi” in his life…I think that girl was as emotionally used by him as Jodi…

    • There is supervised probation and unsupervised probation. Which was his? If he was on unsupervised probation, there wouldn’t be a need for him to “check in” or be visited randomly by his P.O.

        • Also my husband was on an unsupervised probation for 90 days for a trespassing charge, at the end of the 90 days he still had to have his attorney check with the court to make sure it was recorded that the probation was satisified, and then the charges were dropped.

          • In my state, the only time an attorney needs to check with the court after a client has been on probation is in the event the client received a “deferred prosecution”. Otherwise, when our clients are placed on probation, at the end of the term, it’s over and there’s no need for attorney intervention.

      • Seeing as his probation period was for three years I’d have to conclude he had to check in at least several times per year. They wouldn’t allow someone sentenced to three years probation go that length of time without checking in a time or two.

        • Not true. I was given 3 years “unsupervised” probation for a non-charged DUI (suspended IMP), and the Judge knew I was in the process of moving out of state. I never had to check in .

          Every state has very different laws, and most states allow judges to give a wide range of rulings based on each case’s uniqueness.

          As for the record… with digital technology etc, it is almost impossible to remove all traces of something . And when there are high profile case – documents are very often leaked from police, lawyers etc. Weather it was expunged or not is really irrelevant. What would be MORE telling is.. if it was expunged, was it expunged because he was “wrongly convicted” or for another reason .. such as he showed the court he learned his lesson etc.. An expungment can be granted for a variety of reasons.

        • Do you know if there was a PROBATION REPORT submitted to the court.
          I believe the court would have sent him to the Probation Department to be interviewed by a Probation Officer, then the officer would have submitted his report back to the court.
          He could have had an Attorney also in this case.

          • In California, informal probation does not require a meeting with the probation department at all. You fill out a form, and then never have to see them, or check back when it’s done. As long as you have no further run in with the police, you are good to go.

            Personal experience is what I base this on.

    • The terms of his probation are listed right there in the case report — supervision isn’t one of them. Lots of people are on unsupervised probation, especially for a first offense, as this appears to be.

      But has anybody pulled up the actual case? It’s irrelevant to the current trial that several years before he was convicted of shoplifting. It could be relevant to the current case that he was convicted of battery. It depends on what exactly PC M242 says. That’s the statute under which he was charged and convicted.

      Considering the sentence was only three years of apparently unsupervised probation, it was probably a minor form of battery, but the charge itself is usually some kind of contact with the intent to cause harm. That’s pretty significant to the defense’s position.

      It’s implausible that someone would make it through the court system entirely on someone else’s identity. The arrest, maybe, but there’s not only the original court action in here. There’s also a later warrant issued for failure to appear for a restitution hearing.

      But, ok….let’s say it was someone else using his identity…..the failure to appear case is still active. It would have been corrected in the computer to the name of the actual defendant with a note that the real person has used “Travis Alexander” as an alias. One doesn’t get a fake record “expunged.” It would merely be corrected — and, yes, that could easily happen within an hour, but then this record would presumably no longer exist.

      I do think it’s possible that this has been deemed inadmissible. We’d really have to know the minutiae of procedural rules in Arizona to know something like that. The first reason that comes to mind is that the circumstances might have been so different from anything involved in this case that it was deemed irrelevant. But the rules of procedure are complicated and there could be a million reasons — that’s what lawyers are for.

      But keep in mind that your court record (if you have one) only shows the STATUTES UNDER WHICH YOU WERE CHARGED. It does NOT identify the actual crime you committed. Not that there’s a huge difference between those two things — if you were convicted of DUI, the statute named in your court record isn’t going to pertain to extortion.

      In some circumstances, though, it can either exaggerate or minimize the crime, depending on how the statute is abbreviated in court records. For example, in my state, first-degree sexual assault is defined as either forced penetration OR any type sexual contact with a child under 13. However, it’s abbreviated in court records in such a way that every person charged with first-degree sexual assault appears to have penetrated a child under the age of 13. So to the average peruser of court records, anyone charged under that statute looks like a child molester. All of the crimes under that statute are certainly severe — but they’re not all child molestation.

      The only way to really answer any of these questions is to pull the actual case file and read PC M242.

      • I found this on google:

        Research Legal Advice;

        I am being charged with CA PC M242. If I was to plea guilty, what is the max amount of time I would serve?
        This is out of Riverside County with no prior violent charges.

        On a misdemeanor battery charge, you could be sentenced to up to 6 months in County Jail. While the Riverside County DA’s office aggressively prosecutes these offenses, you should not do the maximum time if convicted, considering you have no prior violent offense convictions.

        Consider all possible consequences of a conviction, including the affect of a particular conviction on your future employment prospects, and weigh that against the strength and nature of the evidence before seriously entertaining a guilty/no contest plea. You should do this review with an attorney experienced in handling these types of offenses at the Court in Riv County that your case is out of.

        • That question ^ above was asked in 2012

          Heres another similar:

          What kind of sentence is a person charged in california with a PC-242M and a PC242 looking at?

          The PC 242 by itself is worth 6 months in the CJ and/or a $2,000 fine. But you also have a probation violation that could be worth a year in the county clink. You need a lawyer.

      • I was trying to think of a minor and plausible form of battery for illustration purposes: Let’s say a young man gets caught shoplifting. We’ll call him Alex Travisander. Alex gets caught in the act and throws the shoplifted item at the person who caught him.

        That would at least plausibly be charged as battery. I have no idea if it would be admissible in this trial or not, but I can see the logic of saying such a circumstance would be irrelevant, showing no propensity towards domestic violence, towards anger episodes, or towards anything else that has come up in testimony.

        Googling the statute number isn’t going to answer the question. You’re just pulling vague advice off legal websites. The only way to know what happened is a combination of pulling the court file and reading the actual statute.

        • Jessie

          This was originally a battery with serious bodily injury charge, that was then dropped. Also included were battery on a peace officer and battery on EMS. I suspect they plead this out to the shoplifting charge with 5 days in the cooler.

          With the overcrowding in CA jails, I’m not surprised this would happen on a first offense. I think the fact that he got 5 days for a shoplifting offense shows that someone, probably the police officer or EMT demanded that he do some time.

          • So, Al, have you seen the police report? How do you know these details? If you have the police report, please post it already! Inquiring minds want to know here….

            I’m skeptical because (a) dropped charges generally still appear in court records, noted as dismissed, and (b) battery on a peace officer is usually not treated so lightly.

            But…hey….if you can produce a court file or police report on the incident, please do so!

      • Actually you do get a “fake record ” or wrongful conviction expunged. That is the legal term for have having the record essentially “erased”

  4. I want to highlight few things and what I describe as personal conclusions and I trully do not want to hurt feelings:

    – Jodi has breasts implant because of her body type (thin and with no or very tinny breats)and the low self esteem. The size of the breasts show the story behind them.

    – Jodi agreed to have so much and exclusively anal sex only to please Travis. Some porno stars wont accept this type of sex and they would be paid less. Jodi was not such a person and she did not get pay. In this type of sexual interaction there is nothing romantic. She was seeking that romantic bond.

    – Jodi seems to me as going and coming in and out from a coma when she is on stand. I would guess she perceived her life like was taken away by Travis. He was making 90000/yr by ” allow me to allow you to give me your money, and allow me to allow you to watch me how I live your life”. Jodi was allowed to clean up his house and get paid, while he allowed her to give him regular anal bonus because he allowed her to be around. Is it a healthy state of mind?

    – Jodi lied before but not everything is a lie. She might throw away few truth that will wrinkle the mormon image and she knows it. This is why, I suspect, she becomes reluctant in pointing the finger.





    * I believe we will all look back on this time and recognize it as the period in history when it was proven that America had completely lost its effin’ mind.


    We’re at 200!

    • LOL…I can just see one of those “ambulance chaser” lawyers doing a commercial:

      “Have you committed battery or any other crime? Do you want your record expunged within an hour? Call Pre-Paid Legal and theyll connect you with one of our magic attorneys! We have the power to make all charges go away AND convince everyone that someone stole your identity!”

    • I won’t be buying Shanna Hogan’s book. She had her mind made up before she started “reporting” on the case.

      She actually believes the HLN nonsense that Jodi is a “chameleon.” What a load of b.s.

      SHE can’t be trusted with writing an objective account of the case.

      • Be sure that if he is smiling it it, then that means that he is an unforgivable sociopath. I know because a psychic who met Travis and Jodi once in he ladies’ room of Red Lobster told me so. And it was confirmed by a body language expert who speaks very loudly so what she says must be true. She also has appeared on Dr. Oz and Anderson Cooper so why her testimony on this is not admissible makes this whole trial totally unfair.

        • Oh and this psychic is even better than you thought, because when she met TA and JA in the ladies room, JA was at her grandparents in California.

        • Is this the same body language expert who can “tell what Jodi Arius is saying when she’s not speaking?” (major eye roll here).

  6. The boot/shoe print looks to me like it was stepped in fresh blood, the lines are too defined and it doesn’t look like watery blood either. And the location of it bugs me, because the roommate said he went through the closet. Now I want to find some fresh blood and do some experiments. If the knife was put in the dishwasher, someone must have turned on the dishwasher. Its too clean and no blood was found around the dishwasher. JA did say she had blood on her hands. How did she walk around the house, open the dishwasher, start the laundry and not leave a trail of blood. Also how did she not leave more blood in the car? The seat where she was sitting would have more than just a few drops, and if the car had been as bloody as it should have been, why wouldn’t the person cleaning it suspect something. Too many questions, too much doubt.

    • And shouldn’t there have been fingerprints everywhere? Where’s that evidence? Maybe it’s somewhere I haven’t seen. Oh, and the handprint had no gun powder residue. Allegedly.

    • There does seem to be too many odd things about all of this. I watched again NGs interview with the roommate and something just does not ring true about that guy! Seems like the detectives should have pushed all of those body discoverers much harder for information. Maybe its just me, but none of these people coming out of the woodwork to be on TV, seem credible at all.

      I went lurking on a hater site for the first time yesterday….WOW, what a bunch blood thirsty kooks! They call names, make threats and then profess to be praying for TA’s family. One discussion was going on about Jodi must be lying about dropping the camera because once she said it bounced and then she said it rolled and how could the camera both bounce AND roll?? Had to be a lie…right? That alone warrants the DP…I mean if she didn’t remember weather the camera bounced or rolled??? There’s your proof of premeditation and lying right there! Sorry, but I just had to get that little bit of sarcasm off my chest.

    • TB,as you said-and totally agreeing- TOO many questions.Been thinking about the ”trail” of blood too.Her hands were bloody enough to leave a fingerprint on the wall but wouldn’t there have to be others??At least in the bedroom or in the front door or whatever she touched when fleeing the house?you know,that ONE bloody fingerprint sometimes seems so ”conveniently” placed there…
      By the way when I read ” Now I want to find some fresh blood and do some experiments.” i was like what??? LOL LOL LOL!!

  7. Posted to Riverside Police Dept. facebook page…

    Many folks would love it if Riverside Police Department could comment on the official records from Riverside County that show an arrest record of Travis V. Alexander, Birth date: 7-28-77. Or, if you can direct us to another official resource to aid in further verifying the information, with respect to California public records laws. Thank you.
    Like · · 12 minutes ago

    (Great work tamiturner on the video!)

        • It looks like Tyler Farnsworth made it. I particularly like how he used tons of pics that were taken by Jodi. Just so we’re clear: It was wholly inappropriate for Jodi to send flowers to Travis’s grandmother, attend his memorial, shed a tear, or have the temerity to speak of him, or to anyone who ever me him, but they can use her images at will to memorialize him? Yes or no? RIGHT?

      • 3 questions:why is that Eddie character always wearing a girly wig?
        cant his BFFs spell their saint friends name correctly?
        and copying Kmiller where were all THEIR photos?
        Jeez…what a load of hypocrites…

    • There are other eddie snell videos, the one I watched was poor commitments, in it he says just hire some spanish women to do your work for you, and then you don’t have to work. even though it was suppose to be a joke, I just felt it was poor taste.

    • Video shows him right-handed ( someone previously posted he was left-handed.)
      4 wounds to left hand, one wound to right thumb.

  8. No worries everyone.

    We will know very soon whether the arrest record is real or not and whether Travis had his id stolen. There is no way Nurmi would not be allowed to enter in this information if it was in ANYWAY relevant to this case.
    This is a Death Penalty case. The judge IS going to allow something like this in if it can be verified through Riverside Cty.

    • Tell us the Arizona Rule of Evidence that would allow Travis’ arrest record, if it is truly his, to be admitted at trial.

      • Judges RULE on the admissibility of individual pieces of evidence based on parameters set forth in the RULES of evidence of the jurisdiction in which they sit. Maybe this distinction is difficult for you, given that you evidently don’t understand what an expungement does. Can I interest you in a Pre-Paid Legal policy? A religion in which if you give me 10% of all your money and do everything I say I will let you wear my magic underwear? A lovely bridge I have for sale? A new system of justice where we try everything by what the opinion of a few angry ignorant closed minded commentators tell us and abandon the principles of innocent until proven guilty and the right of trial by jury? Awesome. I am so glad that the founding fathers risked everything for you to take a big hot crap on their legacies.

    • I’m guessing, but I think Eddie Snell is the guy that stole TA’s identity and landed him with a criminal record.

      Team Jodi

      • Geez, guys. It’s so obvious to me now. Eddie was Travis’s partner in his motivational speaking venture. I’ve been trying to find details on Travis’s endeavors as a motivational speaker ever since the HLN crowd characterized his career as such. Now I get it. Don’t down a guy for so respectfully memorializing his friend. My dearest hope is that someone will love and respect me enough to similarly eulogize me when I am gone.

      • Nobody stole his identity Doubt it. First ot would be removed that is still active their seems to be a well orchestrated cover up by Friends of Travis That means that The Group has the Money & Media power stocks etc. Jodi id one person. So whats the cover up Porno Ring Seems CHAD MAKES FILMS what kind of Films if they are reminiscent of his commentary on MY SPACE. This Trial is not about a killing of a woman in a fight with her Boyfriend. This Trial is about something bigger then you and I know.
        Travis was involved with something his friends were I smell a Rat. Look Jodi was lying? How about all the Mormon Gals that NEVER EVER HAD SEX, with Travis??? Now the latest is Jodi introduced Travis to SEX this was said by CHAD the one who also spoke about PROBATION LITTLE BOYS and UN CHASTE SUBJECTS. This is big.So Jodi has a Public Defender & she is up against a huge cover up that wants her silenced. Could be very big Because that CRIMINAL RECORD IS THE REAL DEAL!

  9. Hey guys, did amy of you watch the Greta van Susteren interview with Mark Fuhrman that someone posted the link to here?

    Something Mark said really got me thinking. Though much maligned, this guy is a seasoned detective. Here’s what he said (and I paraphrase): He said something like “she told you what happened. The intruders shot TA and when they went to shoot Jodi the gun jammed” His argument was that the intruder story was allegoric, she knew what happened and she was weaving a story around the actual facts. That really got me thinking, its possible. I then talked to my father in law a retired police captain. He told me that it was more common than not, that when they talked to suspects they got some version of the real events woven into the story being told. His argument was that there is a sequence of events. The suspect takes that sequence and weaves a tale that shows him to be innocent, but that the essential underlying sequence remains in tact.

    So here’s my what if for the day based on the intruder story:


    Allegorically TA and JA


    That’s TA knocking her down.

    Thats the shot we all know happened first.

    Here’s my BOMBSHELL——————————-

    She tried to commit suicide and the gun didn’t go off.


    And there’s the fog.

        • See I missed that part. I didn’t know she said he tried to shoot her. That casts everything into a different light. Now he’s actually tried to kill her. This is something way beyond just a body slam. I think I’m not the only one who missed this. Nurmi needs to drive that part home.

          I hope like crazy the experts are good and persuasive. So much needs to be explained.

          • Al, in her intruder story she says the man held the gun to her head and it jammed. On the stand, she was asked what happened to the gun-she said it was knocked out of her hand when TA lunged at her. So that was my speculation on how she came up with male intruder trying to shoot her. Remember she said she didn’t realized she shot him, so in her mind it was truely self defense. sorry I made a typo and left out part of my explanation. Hope this helps to clear it up

            • Sure does. This then takes it back to the case of what brought about the gun jamming story. Did she recover the gun and try it again to find it jammed, or is it just the over active imaginations of Mark Fuhrman and me.

              There was also the part of the intruder story where TA was on all fours. That too would fit into this story.

    • Yes and it would make sense after the gun was knocked out of her hand when TA lunged, it could jam. Also Mark Furman stated he talked to Dr. Baden and they both concluded the gunshot came first. Since Dr. Baden was the medical examiner and forensic pathologist for New York City, I would believe him.

    • Al– I’ve always felt that the intruders tale she told was allegorical in some respects. Moreover, she said it herself, on the stand (can’t remember which trial day), that those two characters must’ve represented herself and Travis.

      Your suggestion of a possible murder/suicide scenario, while it would do nothing to help her case, got me thinking ….

      I wouldn’t want to take the intruders tale to absurd lengths by interpreting every element in the story as representing an actual fact, but, just for the heck of it, there is this: in her story, not only does the gun jam when the intruders try to shoot her. Afterwards, although she’s a “witness” to a brutal attack on Travis, they let her go, with only warnings and threats. If it was her plan to kill herself on June 4th, then she obviously experienced a failure of nerve to follow through. Allegorically, she let herself “escape” from the situation.

      Well, this is just a bunch of speculation but not, I think, TOO far out there.

      • Pique,

        It’s all speculation. But something went on that’s far out there somewhere. There was an intense “battle” over a very short time.

      • We know she has expressed suicidal thoughts at various stages. It may be more than a failure of nerve. It may have started with a means issue. Let’s say she meant to shoot herself and the gun jammed. Now what. Takes a whole different level to cut one’s own throat (though its been known to happen).

        It could also have been a feeling of liberty once the tormentor was gone.

        The fact that we can sit here and speculate on all this stuff, and nothing in the evidence shows any of these speculations to be unreasonable is what rases reasonable doubt for the prosecutions story/case.

        • You’re right, Al. Cutting one’s own throat takes suicide to a new level of violence and pain and overcoming hesitation. Well above and beyond a gunshot which, while violent, is typically very quick. This is why suicides are usually planned to be as smooth as possible.

          “it could also have been a feeling of liberty once the tormentor was gone.”

          Yes. No matter which way one looks at the case, and at the evidence, it remains that Jodi viewed Travis (consciously or unconsciously) as her tormenter.

          • Wow, amazing speculation Al & Pique.
            As stated, though speculation, none of it is unreasonable.
            Thanks for sharing.

            What is unreasonable?
            That this was premeditated murder.

            • M

              My point in a round about way. If other ideas are reasonable possibilities then there is reasonable doubt that the case the state is presenting is wrong.

    • I didn’t see the Furhman thing, but I do really respect him. He was particularly instrumental in achieving justice in the Martha Moxley case. Funnily enough, I had the same thought he did about the allegorical thing when I heard a replay of the interview where she said that gun jammed. I really hope that these experts can bring it home.

    • What Mark Furhman was saying was the Gun didn’t go off so, Jodi stabbed him just watch the Interview Furhman thinks she is guilty as sin, it was Greta who brought up the point that nobody brings 2 weapons to kill someone, that the Gun didn’t go off like in her made up story, and then she stabbed him, but Greta does not believe it was premeditated. Listen carefully to the you tube, Greta had interesting insight unlike the rest of the media she was not as hateful didn’t buy premeditation.. She made sense about the gun shot being first not working to kill him that,s when she used the knife. Furhman NOT pro Jodie at all. But I will tell you the worst is Jane Velez Doctor Drew Nancy Grace, At least NG has more coverage of Jodi on the stand where Dr. Drew is the most hateful because he does it under a guise of a loving Doctor. Nancy Grace is always PRO PROSECUTION so she placates to the hateful angry low class lynch mob. Judge lady on Fox News Gloria Allred the Ambulance chaser the Ugly Prosecutor lady are horrible,Geraldo is a jerk. So far except for a few people, the media has really attacked this woman..

      • The ONLY commentator I’ve heard with ANY useful insight WHATSOEVER occasionally appears with Vinnie Politan as his counterpoint. His name is Dwane Cates and he’s a Phoenix defense lawyer.

      • And while Greta is not exactly God’s gift to legal analysis, she certainly has more credibility than any of the usual HLN suspects. I agree that Jodi probably is guilty of 2nd degree murder. She tried to plea to that. If that is what she is convicted of, it will be a huge victory for the defense and a tremendous loss for the prosecution. I predict that that is what the eventual outcome will be. The tragedy of this case (besides the loss of life-however assholic) is that it wasn’t resolved at that point on those terms. Because of the stubborn ego of one small man, and the intransigence of the family, the court has been clogged with this absurd prosecutorial over-reach, and the rest of us subjected to macabre images of a dead man, salacious details of his deviant sex life, and given new meaning to the acronym TMI.

        • Greta was an attorney and a good one said that nobody shoots a gun it didn’t go off so they say wait hold on let me get a knife whats Travis doing when she goes to get the knife?? She shot first the Knife was not planned or brought there according to Greta she does not see premeditation. At least she is not Hateful.She finds it impossible to believe that Jodi brought 2 weapons with her.

        • Joujoubaby
          I LOVE THAT TOO MUCH INFORMATION PLEASE!! I thought no wonder when the Judge got sick that time. New Meaning Definitely. LOL!! Made me laugh out loud!!

  10. Has anyone attempted to purchase the non certified copies yet from the Riverside record? It’s only $8 and they email them…but I can’t tell if you have to have certain access or not.

      Case Number: RIM418038 File Date: 3/11/2002
      Action Date: 3/11/2002 Action Time: 1:30 PM Department: 22I
      Action Description: Misdemeanor IncustodyArraignment
      Defendant Represented By DPD-RICE.
      Honorable Commissioner Robert L. Lind Presiding.
      Counsel/Parties stipulate the Judge Pro Tem/Commissioner, as indicated above, may hear this matter.
      Courtroom Assistant: K. van der Poorten
      Defendant Present.
      At 3:17, the following proceedings were held:

      ****Defendant acknowledges the complaint reflects his/her true name and date of birth.****

      Advisement of Rights form signed by defendant is incorporated herein and includes the following advisements and waivers:
      DefendantAdvised of Constitutional Rights.
      Defendant advised of right to trial by jury.
      Defendant advised of right to confront and cross examine witnesses; right to present evidence on own behalf.
      Defendant advised of privilege against self incrimination.
      Defendant advised of charges and consequences of his/her plea and statutory sentencing.
      Court finds based on inquiry and examination of deft, that deft has the ability to understand and does understand his/her constitutional
      Court finds defts admission of guilt and/or admission of prior conviction(s) and/or probation violation(s) if any is the result and product
      the result of defendant expressly, knowingly, understandingly, and intelligently waives his/her constitutional rights including, but not
      to: right to counsel, privilege against self-incrimination, to trial by jury, and to confront accusers, and voluntarily made with an
      understanding of the nature and consequences thereof. Defendant’s waiver of constitutional rights taken orally and/or in writing.
      Defendant Waives Constitutional Rights.
      Defendant waives right to jury trial.
      Defendant waives right to confront and cross examine witnesses.
      Defendant waives privilege against self-incrimination.
      Defendant waives his/her right to counsel.
      Defendant pleads Guilty to Count(s) 1 2.Defendant Name: TRAVIS VICTOR ALEXANDER

        • No.
          In the Riverside public access report there are buttons that say “Print Minute Order”
          Most say that you can’t access it and that you have to pay CA through their site.

          the one under:

          Opens in a new page and allows you to print

          I can’t get it to open on my phone, just the computer. Link is of a snapped pic of my computer screen

          Is there a way to get notifications of replies?

  11. An amusing snip about PPL (from a CBC article):

    Prof. Ken Wong teaches at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and runs its MBA program. He says Pre-Paid (Legal Services) targets a certain type of consumer.

    “The more educated they were, probably the less likely they would be to buy into the whole concept in the first instance. So you’re really targeting a specific kind of individual who life has treated in a very certain way, and you’re now saying you don’t have to have that way anymore.”

    • This is sort of like the Burial Insurance that used to be sold in the old days. The premium was kept to about $1 a week and the agent actually collected it in person every payday. These yahoos would walk through a neighborhood and collect a dollar from ever person on the block. They’d do this week after week for years. So in the 50s these guys would make a 1000 or more dollars a week for years on end.

    • I’ve been thinking…Jodi worked for PPL and had their policy. For God Sake, why is she still in Jail? I can see that maybe she wouldn’t be out in an hour like Travis was, but four years?
      Not to mention, what lawyer let her speak to the media when she was so desperate to hide the fact that she had anything to do with killling Travis? Most lawyers tell their client’s facing a murder charge, not to speak to police or the media. At least without their attorney present.

      Makes one wonder….Is PPL really a policy one should purchase?

      Hopefully, this company will be investigated, especially given the likes of people like Hughes who are abstrusting justice, making lots of money by scamming people.

      • That is a very good point. She works at and has PPL, she gets arrested, her PPL appointed lawyer should have said first and foremost “do not talk to anyone”. So what happened there?

      • OK, I am SO embarrassed to admit this, but I have some familiarity with what a PPL policy affords a holder. My dad had one. In his defense, he goes to church with Harlan Stonecipher. Maybe that’s no defense at all. Never mind. I have prevailed upon him to let it go, and after MUCH wrangling I am happy to report that he does not have one anymore. At the time we dealt with this, I didn’t even realize that the company is a crazy MLM cult. Regardless, it is still pretty obviously a scam. But basically, the policy provides you: nothing of value. No representation in court for really anything. I think they let you call a lawyer and tell him what your case consists of. Guess what? You can do that without a prepaid policy. If it hasn’t changed, they give you some card that you are supposed to give the cop if and when you are pulled over that says you do not consent to a search, and that you want to speak to a lawyer before you are questioned on what they pulled you over for. Guess what? The Constitution gives that to you for free. If you don’t trust yourself to vocalize that, it’s a lot cheaper to write that out in advance than to pay somebody like $250 a year! Another big “benefit” is that you are entitled to a “discount” on the (inflated) hourly rate of their in-network lawyers.

        During the jury questions, Jodi was trying to say that when she was incarcerated in California she didn’t have a lawyer representing her on her charge, but she did have someone representing her on her extradition. Maybe there is some PPL provision for that, and that is what she was talking about. But I am certain and can relate from (near) first hand experience that the policy states unequivocally that they offer nothing of value to holders charged with felonies.

        • No need for embarassment over your father having a PPL policy. I’m quite certain that most of us have purchase a little snake oil after being harrassed by a sales person.

          Sort of makes you wonder if Jodi did have a PPL Attorney that was not so ethical. Possibly a member of the Church?

          Yet another conspiracy theory, which I don’t normally subscribe to. However there is so much shady stuff going on with this case, I think anything is possible.

          • To be clear, TR: My dad and Harlan Stonecipher are not LDS, although I glean that a whole wing of the PPL MLM cult are. I am originally from the town that headquarters PPL, and I know and am related to a number of people who have worked for the corporation in various capacities, although I have no firsthand experience with anyone who is part of the MLM structure. The attorneys they have ‘in network’ are not actually employees of PPL, and have no relationship to the corporate structure or culture of PPL, so any conspiracy of that nature seems highly unlikely to me. But you and I are of like mind in being highly suspicious of whether we are getting the whole truth from the pros. I just wish that the defense could have afforded forensic experts fully to analyze the crime scene.

            • Hi Jou-
              I didn’t think your Dad was LDS:) I in no way think “all” Mormons are like the group coming forth in support of Travis. I also don’t believe “all” employees of PPL are unethical. I should say that my ex worked for a company with very similar tactics and beliefs as PPL, so I am unfortunately familiar with the philosophies and training strategies of these types of pyramid sales schemes. I always saw it as brain washing. One of many reasons for the Ex status.

              Just throwing out the thought that Jodi had a PPL policy so where was her attorney? She testified to having an attorney that was assisting her on another matter, so it would lead me to believe she knew enough to ask for an attorney to represent her for an arrest on Murder charges. I watch her interviews with the detective and see a desperate person trying to distance herself from the killing. She continued this with Media interviews. I can’t help but think if she worked and cooperated with a good attorney, this would not have happened. The jury is wondering the same thing, as they asked her about it.

              I am not one to subscribe to conspiracy theories. However, this case has so many suspicious and shady things going on that I have come to believe any sketchy thing is possible. I also watched the U-Tube video someone posted here yesterday, where a women talked about her husband being killed in blood atonement. Not only am I creeped out, I am beginning to think Jodi’s story of intruders may not be so unbelievable.

              Shakespeare fans please forgive me, but at this point I think it is clear that “something is rotten in the State of Denmark”, or in this case, Arizona.

              • This has been one of my core questions. When did Jodi first consult with an attorney? I was stunned that she gave such a long and detailed interview with detectives pre-arrest without legal counsel.

                I think that people tend to think that if they’re innocent, then cooperating with law enforcement shouldn’t harm them. But the only way to protect one’s legal rights is to do so before you think you might need protection.

                Has Jodi said when she first spoke with a real attorney?

        • Her Lawyer has to prepare her better for some answers, also since her texts etc, were made public her past relationships how about Travis. Their is Ample Evidence on his My Space for homosexual innuendos and also pedophilia as stated by his friend making that comment so we have the friend stating parole violation, picking up boys also making comments about Homosexuality. Pretty weird but very common in this cult. I suspect highly that Travis and Jodie were not the only people involved with serious sexuality problems. I

      • Do you think that those other stories were fabricated BY PPL, and not her I am not a Lawyer but would never ever let my client speak to media etc. . Yesterday a Quack Psychiatrist on Judge someone or other, stated how emotionally disconnected she is from that act, the whole pathetic analyzing of her is sick.Her tears are not real Body Language Experts. Here is the Deal when the Media Cheer leads someone or degrades them there is a bigger picture what the hell is this PPL.

        • I should also note that, even if she had a criminal defense lawyer at the time of the media interviews….lawyers can’t hogtie their clients. They can advise. They can even ask to withdraw if you’re intent enough on ignoring their advice. But they can’t make you NOT say stupid things in public.

          It’s possible she had a lawyer and was ignoring sound legal advice. As she’s said often during testimony….she wasn’t make great choices at the time.

          • I think that there are times now when Jo isn’t in agreement with her counsel right now.

            I’m hoping that these extra 2 days off will give Jodi and her lawyers some time to rest. I can’t imagine testifying this long.

      • Delays in a criminal trial mostly come from the defense. The prosecution is limited in its ability to delay a trial. But the defense can delay it for a number of reasons.

        According to Jodi’s testimony, she had an attorney at the time of at least her questioning, but that lawyer did not represent her in this matter. It makes a difference. Probate lawyers don’t advise you on what to do if you’re being questioned by the cops in a murder. (Not that she had a probate lawyer, but the point is she probably didn’t have a criminal defense attorney.)

        I don’t think she was represented during the time she gave the media interviews. For a period in there she was defending herself, which was one of the delays in going to trial. The defense has the right to a speedy trial, but that doesn’t always means a speedy trial is the wisest idea and they can waive that right up to a point.

  12. Great find, Dog. And so true. PPL is going down! I mean, if they’re saying PPL had the record “expunged”, then I would have to say Pre-Paid Legal sucks. Allegedly.

    We now need a video of the FACTS supporting the likelihood of pedophilia. And I say FACTS, cause it will help our cause, I believe, if we let the facts speak for themselves, and of course debate things here, or offer opinions here.

    With the records and the records video, I’m not saying this is “proof” of anything. I do believe, however, it is pointing to the FACT that many people have lied. And where there is one lie….

    • As much as I’ve been trying to avoid JVM in all capacities at all costs, she caught me at a weak moment, and shared a reaction to something that had triggered in me the same response. Does anyone else remember when Jodi said that she and Travis discussed WHY he used the picture of the boy? JVM (and I) think that she was alluding to the possibility that Travis had been abused. Frankly, before I heard Jodi say that, I thought that the whole pedophilia thing was bull, and that it diminished and muddled her case to have brought it up. I’ve turned a corner and I believe that part of it too now. I wonder if any of the jurors have had the same response.

      • But, the jurors don’t know anything (or shouldn’t, unless they’ve been reading his blog, etc.) about Travis’ troubled childhood.

        It’s understood that pedophiles often target children from troubled homes, because those children are less supervised and/or easier to manipulate. Pedophiles who have been caught and imprisoned have offered this information to psychologists and the public. This doesn’t mean that Travis was molested, of course, but he would certainly have be a prime target for any predators in his family/ neighbourhood/school/church.

          • Granted, my knowledge of his troubled childhood may have enhanced my perceptiveness to that. But when she mentioned it, she said something to the effect of his statements made her sympathetic to why he would want to look at an image like that. Her response was objected to and sustained, but if I were a juror, I don’t think I could forget and completely disregard that. It’s fairly common knowledge that pedophiles beget pedophilia. It’s totally changed my thinking about this aspect of the case. JVM drew the same conclusion about what she was trying to say that I did, although she ascribed a sinister motive to her expressing it that I did not. I just can’t help but think that some of the jurors could feel the same way. Also, not to be crass, but one look at those siblings, and it’s pretty clear to anyone with a family as judgmental as mine, that those Alexanders ‘weren’t raised right.’ Just sayin.

            • I heard the brother and sister say RIGHT away they thought
              it was Jodi, although none of them had met her.
              How is that?

              • I don’t know. I also don’t know the exact statistic on the number of killings committed by the victim’s romantic partner, but I know that it’s extremely high as a percentage. So if I were his sibling and I’d been asked, I would have probably said the same thing. I heard that he wasn’t on speaking terms at the time of his death with most of his sibs. I think that is a more interesting, and more statistically anomalous aspect of this case.

            • The Picture on His blog is very telling, all little boys I remember when I was a Kid and a Book that Covenant House in NYC, which did a lot of Good came out the Founder Of Covenant House had been accused of molesting teenage boys, This book was printed way prior to any allegations of abuse the name was Sometimes GOD has the Face of a Little Boy. My Father who donated Money to Covenant House Didn’t care for the Title and The Cover of The Book for some reason this reminded me of Travis Alexanders Blog Picture of the Boys. It was quite similar Black & White Shadowy.
              Fr. Ritter was the founder of Covenant House & Although allegations were never proven.
              He was forced to step down. The picture on the cover of the book and just the whole manner of speaking about little boys didn’t sit right and I suddenly was reminded of This Book through Travis picture on his Blog.

        • And also Pique, TA’s mom was a drug addict, no telling what kind of people she brought around the house. No fine understanding joe blow citizen of the month. I find it telling that he says on his blog that one day he just started screaming and didn’t stop until his grandmother came and got him for the weekend. Normal children don’t do that. He was traumatized and this isn’t something you can get over without help.

          • Wow. I didn’t read about the screaming episode. How awful for the child that was Travis. You’re right: the characters hanging around his childhood home would’ve been, at the very least, unsavoury.

            • Yeah I have much compassion for what travis endured as a child. I believe him. Riverside has it’s bad parts as far as meth goes too so I believed his story and it also like it was told by someone who had been raised by meth addicts – so sad. I believe he has 3 sisters and 4 brothers too but maybe im off by one.

              • I believe him too, and I think his parents are terrible people for putting him and his siblings through that. That’s a lot of baggage for a child to carry around and it probably affected Travis throughout his adult life.

          • Yeah and he said he will never forget how scary and mean she sounded ( paraphrased) when she was woken up after having not slept due to staying up on drugs for days on end.

            A thought – I read before that Dr. Samuel something, who she mentioned on the stand is a sexual violence expert. Maybe he’s going to look at them as whole and bring in travis past? how can they not when looking at it from a pyschological standpoint?

            • True, I think we have a better understanding because we can look at the dynamics of both of them. But if you were on the jury and only heard one side, wouldn’t you be asking why he would treat her like that?

              • Just my mushy Social Worker two cents:

                This is a tragedy all the way around, that will hopefully shine the light of the horrific effects of childhood abuse, as well as domestic violence. Travis’ childhood abuse and neglect also speaks to why he would be good prey for a business such as PPL, and the folks that “mentored” him. He probably had an overwhelming need to be seen as successful, even to the extent of playing a character such as Eddy Snell. Don’t see any of the company “Big Wigs” playing such characters.

                Back in the day, there were few Mental Health services available for children coming out of abusive homes, and probably, fewer still, when placed with a relative. It is I very likely that neither Travis nor his siblings ever recieved the help they needed to deal with such trauma.

                Although I do not belvieve they should disrespect the Court with their eye rolling and faces, my heart does break for them. They quite possibly do not have the coping mechanisms to fully accept what Travis’ adult behaviors were, and that Jodi, who was also abused as child, acted in the only way she could.

      • here is a part about sexual abuse of me as a child with an uncle. I kept it a from everyone no one knew untill the day my uncle was on his death bead and told his wife the story and she told my mom who then told me after he died.

        • How awful at least he confessed. But I am so sorry for you. Many are so ignorant on sexual abuse. Travis behavior toward Jodi was that of an abuser. He really was too hypocritical I am sorry about what happened to him. But at the same time he played wicked mind games with Jodi and the screamong and yelling are typical of his type of sexual deviancy.

    • I don’t visit the hater sites, but from the reports I read here, the Travisites think we’re a bunch of crazy idiots that don’t know what we’re talking about. Really? Well then why do they keep coming back to find out what we think, and why do they take it so seriously that they immediately try to explain/excuse away anything that doesn’t prop up Travis’ public image? These people need to get a grip and re-evaluate their control issues. People are going to think what they are going to think, calling names isn’t going to change anyone’s mind anytime soon.

      • really MB. Great point. Is it about control! i don’t read there either. It’s boring to read the same comments over and over anyhow. They never seem to say anything of value so I choose to not be bored!

        • yep,i agree with JC,i had Liked the State page and then went back after a few weeks and Unliked it because really how many times can someone read”Give her the needle already!” ??? It creeps you out the first few times then you realise you just spend your invaluable time reading sick comments coming from sick people!It’s just not worth it.

      • And I have never called them names either. It’s part of the control. If they put us down as crazy etc. they think it will deter others from visiting. Nevertheless, that’s faulty logic at best!

      • All I know is that, if God Forbid, I am ever being railroaded and wrongly accused I hope Team Jodi and all of the folks here, help me. This group is amazing, and intellegent. Not sure what everybody does professionally, but seems like there is a wide range from legal to medical. I think I’m hooked to being here, in part, so I can read about the information people uncover.

          • I’d definitely want a Nurmi/Wilmott or Baez/Mason team representing me.

            I was reading about Martinez’s court record, and apparently he gets a lot of wins because he’s usually assigned cases with “the worst of the worst” defendants. People like Doug Falater who claimed to be sleepwalking when he killed his wife and Wendi Adriano who murdered her terminally-ill husband for money. In other words, cases that any prosecutor with experience and common sense could win.

          • Agreed. I think Mr. Nurmi is doing a good job, especially considering he is assigned as a public defender, with what I assume is a limited budget to obtain experts etc. Please correct me if I am wrong about this.

            • My understanding is that neither Nurmi or Willmott are public defenders. Both are being paid by the state though.

              Public defenders aren’t typically working M1 cases. In cases that involve the possibility of the DP, defedants need DP certified lawyers to defend them. Defendants can waive that if they wish to.

              Willmott is a DP certified attorney. Nurmi is not.

              One note: the law varies from state to state. I can’t say that AZ follows the above general guidelines regarding public attorneys and M1.

      • That’s so funny considering the stuff they come up with on their pages. I read a post about how “Travis was close to a saint on Earth.” WTH? No, he wasn’t. He was a human with faults like everyone else. Then there are all the posts about how Travis didn’t invite Jodi over on June 4th, how he never had sex with her, how he didn’t know that she was taking pictures of him in the shower…come on now. It’s like they have to make him PERFECT.

  13. All – it can take months, if not years, to get a criminal record Expunged. That’s a fact. If, let’s say for agrument sake, his identity was stolen (not buying for one minute myself), then I can not speak for what would be the customary time frame to have that expunged – would that really be an expungement?? The fact is that the record was abviously not expunged if it is available as public record right on the legal jurisdictions website.

    Folks, the record has NOT been expunged. Even if it had and TA was not the REAL perp, then his name certainly would not be showing up on the official record. I’m not buying the BS they are trying to feed everyone about the expungement.

    Also, in some States, certain crimes can not be expunged. That includes some misdeamnors such as Assualt and Battery. In Virginia, for example, a mideamnor conviction of assualt/battery CAN NEVER BE EXPUNGED. The only way to have it expunged is to recieve a full pardon!

    All this can easily be put to bed by getting a copy of the mugshot. I believe this is possible by any citizen doing a criminal record request to the legal jurisdiction in which the crime occurred. It just takes the time and money to obtain.

  14. That’s an interesting theory, Al. I agree that there is, more often than not, some grain of truth in a person’s lies. Another theory, or as a supplement to the shooting, Jodi could have gone into a fog but deep within doesn’t recognize the entire crime because she didn’t do the entire thing. She may have done the shot but can’t mentally recognize the stabbings and all the blood, etc. Perhaps she didn’t do them or other actions after all…..

    There is much in this case that obviously has holes in it, one reason jurors are asking so many questions. For just one, I can’t see how Jodie planned even for the possibilility of murder when she left for TA’s, as it would make no sense to plan to kill someone and go along with taking pictures of being there. She could have easily found an excuse for TA to use his camera another time-not that day-or if he insisted she take pics of him, she would have kept the focus on him by himself and flattered him, not nude pics of she and him before she killed him.

    Also, the dog is an interesting consideration. We know TA absolutely loved that dog. Jodi admitted that much and even told about having to care for it as part of her work around the house for TA. So would TA just go off on business trips for days or weeks and not have anyone give the dog water or food until he comes back? Or take the dog to relieve itself or clean up after it pooped rather than just leave it to smell up the house?

    At any rate, TA was missing for five days and no one knew where he was. Did he not have someone come over and check on the dog at all, especially if that was what he usually did? Or were the roommates supposed to do that? If he couldn’t count on them since they might have been in and out all the time and didn’t want to do it, it seems he would have asked a friend or someone else he knew to go over to the house and give it food and water and take it out for walks or at least clean up its smelly messes which would be accumululating and smelling up the house by then in addition to the decomposing body.

    It seems strange that Jodie was able to do the murder, clean up evidence and put things in the washing machine, and walk out to her car without anyone coming in, and then have the roommates, one of whom had a room near TA’s, even if he did not have access to it, not question any strange smells, or have to do laundry, etc. for almost a week after TA was killed. As for the dog, apparently it was scratching like hell at the door when the friends finally came looking for TA. There’s an awful lot more questions in this case, but not enough time or space here.

    As far as any police problems in TA’s case before Jodi, this could also be extremely important. He was very fortunate to have had an aunt who took the family in and connected him to the church. But unfortunately we never escape the experiences of our childhood. TA may have had a violent side or a bad temper none of his friends could possibly have been aware of and he, himself, may never or rarely experienced. No living person knows for sure except Jodi….and possibly another person or persons hiding the truth of what really happened that fateful day.

    • Very thought-provoking, Mattie. I find it unsettling that these things weren’t investigated by the police. I wonder why?

      • I wonder why the jurors didn’t ask these questions instead of the
        gas cans and her mental state.
        Some questions wete repeated. How did the judge not catch that
        and we knew that there were as many as 200 questions, but that the judge would check and see
        whether or not some could be asked.
        Maybe she threw out the ones about Travis not being found for 5 dats and what about the dog.

        This is the absolute worse (investigation) IF there even was one that I have ever
        seen. Did anyone see them taking tons of stuff out of the house, like they normally do?

        Who else was interrogated?

        This sucks!

        • The Judge only tosses questions if a lawyer sucessfuly objects to the question. Because AZ jurors have the right and even responsility to ask questions, the Judge can’t toss questions because they’re repetative.

          Before Det Flores left the stand, a juror asked him about the roommates’ alabis. I don’t remember what he said.

    • Mattie,

      I go back to an earlier post of mine. The DA filed these charges leaving open the option for one or more other perpetrators. I know it may just be a CYA, but why do it and give the defense an opening when one is not warranted. I feel there was something in the evidence that gave the DA an uneasy feeling and made him stick it in there just in case the defense was to stumble across the same thing and be able to argue that Jodi wasn’t the only person present.

      Discovery in legal cases is a tricky thing. The DA has to turn over all collected evidence, but they do not have to disclose their theory of the case, or any attorney or PD work product. In fact in this very case Nurmi tried to get Flores’ notes and was denied by the judge. That is privileged work product. So what the DA does is just lump all the raw evidence together and turn it over to the defense. In fact a commonly used ruse in both criminal and civil cases is to turn over discovery in a haphazard manner and aso include so much trash that weeding through it and finding what the opposing sides case actually is becomes difficult. I’m sure Renee the paralegal knows what I’m talking about. So is there some reason to think there might have been another person present. I believe that JM believes that there is some evidence that may be interpreted that way.

      • When I first heard about this case it was engrained in my head from the media that Jodi was a sociopath, stalker, tireslasher, lied about where she worked(Margaritaville), and that she stabbed her boyfriend 27 times because he was taking someone else to Cancun instead of her. And so the first time that I watched the interrogation video about the 2 intruders I was automatically programmed to think “she’s lying” everytime she spoke. Also, when I first watched this video I thought the emotions were just fake. But now weeks later, after watching and listening to Jodi testify, I just watched this video again and see it in a completely different light. If one opens up your mind to the possibility that there may be some truth to what she is saying, then it seems plausible that someone else could be involved. For instance, when Flores asked her if there was someone else involved she says something like “it’s better if everyone thinks that it was just me” and when Flores says “no it’s not” Jodi says “it IS really, you have no idea”. And really starts to get emotional. To me her emotions seem to be genuine here. What is going through her mind to make such statements? Remember,it was Flores himself that had initially stated that he felt that there was more than one involved. However, she did testify that the two intruder story was a lie. But then again, her defense strategy apparently was changed to allow certain evidence to come in. I’m not saying I believe or disbelieve. But apparently Flores believed it at one time. Also at the beginning of the video Flores said “and then I don’t understand why you took a gun with you” she immediately perked up and said “Oh, I didn’t”. She seemed believable to me, just in the manner in which she said it. All of these quotes are within the first 5 minutes of this video.

        • That’s my reaction rb,
          And didn’t she NOT believe his throat was cut?
          I believed her there too.
          I’m going to go through it again tomorrow and find what I’m talking about.
          I also believe she was not lying about it was better everyone believing it was her.

        • I think that you may be thinking of the Brady case, Brady v. Md. The Brady law concerns gun control. But yes, withholding exculpatory evidence is a BIG no-no for the prosecution. I think what Al is referring to is the fairly common, and not unconstitutional practice of overloading the opposing side with useless discovery responses, effectively burying the pieces of evidence that would be of interest to them.

    • After giving 3 different dates for doing the laundry that week (Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday), and confirming the laundry found in the machine was TA’s as TA “would never wash his whites with colors” — Zach Billings then went on to say Enrique’s girlfriend was looking after the dog that week.

      Team Jodi

      • SJ,

        Do you have any idea if blood was found on the camera? Because theories by people accusing Jodi are that she was holding the camera while killing Travis or that the camera was on the floor and she accidentally kicked it while killing him, causing the two accidental pictures to be taken.

        Those two theories make no sense if there was no blood on the camera. There would definitely be blood all over the camera if it was on the floor or she was holding it.

          • I’m wondering about luminol now. Don’t they say they can find blood anywhere? No matter how much the crime scene is cleaned and even when a person uses bleach?

        • Well I’m not SJ but the camera was washed before LE found it. Could luminol still find blood? Good question!

          • Wasn’t the camera washed with the bloody towel? If the camera was washed with any other item that had blood on it, forensics wouldn’t be able to say if the camera had blood on it before it was washed.

      • SJ, I now understand that Enrique’s girlfriend was looking after the dog that week, as you mentioned, but I wonder at what point? It would have been several days after the murder that she started caring for him, I believe, since he died BEFORE leaving for the scheduied trip when he would have needed help with the dog. So did she wait until the dog hadn’t eaten or had water or pooped around the house days before she started? did they summise that the dog seemed all wound up (which it must have been by then) and assumed he’d already left without their knowledge and not taken his car this time? did she think, that he just must have left a few days early and then start looking after the dog….There are still questions about how all roommates who lived in the house and took care of the dog didn’t find TA’s body in the house until 5 days after the murder when he was supposed to meet the girl he was taking on the trip. Also, where was the dog’s food kept? Did the roommates usually wait over a week to use the washing machine? (maybe they did because they have a lot of clothes. Who knows?) Also, did they just keep the pet gate up all the time after the day of Travis death? I , I would think the dog, who usually got free roam of the house, would have been be trying hard to get upstairs at some point to his master….Too bad, also unlike other murder cases, the jurors couldn’t have taken a tour through the house to see the layout themselves. I’m sure this would have helped them put things in perspective, including what Jodi could and really couldn’t have done in that house upstairs during the attack as well as settle or raise issues as to to why it took so long for TA’s body to be found in his house.

        Sorry, this is so long, but the point is that there are so many unanswered questions. If Jodi had money, she would be able to hire the kinds of people to investigate further, etc. It’s her life that’s on the line, and while her lawyer is trying his best to help her, he has only so much time and resources.

    • From police report:
      Ta and his tenants/roommates Zach and Enrique all attend the same church ward (?at least once a week) yet according to Marie Hall and Zach, they do not really socialize. Zach knew TA for several years.

      Zach Billings on his first interview said he SAW TA ON THURSDAY 6/5 MORNING in passing, returned home about 1:30/2pm watched movies etc, laundry on Sat 6/7.
      On second interview, said Wednesday 6/4 was his day off, was home from 3pm to 4pm, SAW NO ONE and NO CAR.
      Modified statement about laundry, said it was done on Tues 6/3.

      Enrique, other roommate said he saw TA on Wed 6/4, TA said he had a conference call that eve.(DID NOT SEE JODI either.) Then said HE SAW TA WED 6/4 after work at 6-6:30 pm when TA WAS ON THE PHONE IN A CONFERENCE CALL while Enrique was eating in the kitchen. (Famous conference call that Chris Hughes, TA’s boss, said never happened.) Enrique moreover said that THURSDAY 6/5 was when things looked odd, door locked, furnitures moved around, ring and watch in kitchen.

      Things don’t add up.
      One hour after he is dead, TA is seen making THE VERY IMPORTANT PPL CONFERENCE CALL that he told about to his roommate in the morning so he would not be disturbed. Meanwhile Chris Hughes says TA missed the very important conference call that TA was supposed to host, but did not bother to check further on him in person.

      • read the police report too and I was also puzzled by the remarks that were made and then changed now that Jodi is taking all the blame. The are back stabbing her and they know she cant do any thing to make them stop. Perhaps they won’t her dead so that their changed statements do not come into court. This means they must have been in the house when Jodi was there or ???????????????

      • now read dustin and ashley statments think ashley is dead now??? she pointed her finger at her husband that is in the police report too.

    • He always had someone look after the dog if he was going away. The dog was supposed to be going to TA’s grandmother’s for the week he was in cancun.

  15. I find that here in our little county law enforcement is trusted implicitly by a Judge as is DSS. It’s as if they are the be all and end all. I know of several situations where they didn’t investigate situations fully, but the Judge still believed them. It makes my blood boil.

    • You are so right SD. Furthermore a big issue in criminal cases is the tendency for the jury to believe that a defendant has to be guilty of something, otherwise the police would not have charged them. Also there is an implicit trust for governmental authority in our society, which I’ve always found strange since the very founding principles of our country are based on the premise that while government is necessary, it is also something that should never be trusted, and hence all the checks and balances.

      Yet we march on along blindly trusting everything a government entity puts forth as true.

    • Same here where I live, the county is like little Nazi Germany. If you are not a part of their LE group, they will make up false charges and arrest you. Then you have to get an attorney, jump through their hoops, play their games, make a donation to a county charity and they will drop the charges. They do it to everyone they can, I was told just to show you that they can. And you DO NOT want to piss off any one of them or one of there relatives. That’s why my house is up for sale. Anyone want some nice lake front property? lol

  16. There is something that really bothers me about Travis’s roommates testimony.

    1) As it was already mentioned here, he said he saw Travis on Thursday (day after he was dead)

    2) He said he may have done laundry on the 4th or the 7th. If the 4th, he had to have known Jodi was there right? If the 7th, how do you do laundry, but not notice bloody sheets and a camera in the washing machine?

    3) If, like Zach said, Travis was angry that Jodi would let herself into his house all the time, why did he continue to leave the doors unlocked? Why not change the locks and start locking the door?

    • And not only that, supposedly Travis told a friend that Jodi was a nympho. This of course coming from a site that some people think Jodi wrote the script for the phone sex, and like a good boy, Travis read the script. And not only that, that it wasn’t Travis’ voice on the tape. My point, if he was so scared, blah, blah, why didn’t he take a restraining order out on her? For me, if someone wants to think differently then me, I don’t care, but, please, coming up with some of these thoughts makes me think that some are writing posts from the mental ward of their local hospital. I have to stop looking over there, it gets nuttier by the minute. And yes, please when some of you over there read this, while secretly coming here, by all means talk about what I just said.

      • Yes Leah. Of course they need to come up with any and all irrational ideas to distance Travis from the phone calls. He has now told the world that he is a rapist.

        I’m certain the State would never have allowed the phone call in unless it was verified as being Travis. Travis’ own camp, via Hughes, say non verified information doesn’t get into evidence ( ie: so called “forged” letters.) So logic says the tape is in fact Travis.

        Can’t have it all ways and have any credibilty to your claims. But then again, I think rational people realize these claims are fantasy, and an all out effort to grasp at any straw.

        I think they may realize that, as SJ stated, the tide is turning in favor of Jodi’s innocence.

        • His doggie door was one of those that sits in the track of the patio (sliding glass) door and the patio door butts up to it. She went through the PATIO door that just so happens to have a doggie door attached to it. His dog was pretty small too so it was probably one of the smallest doggie doors you can get, one that a human could probably not crawl through.

          • Good explanation of the doggie-door.

            The mental picture they want us to have (and the one that first sprung to my mind when I first head about the sinister doggie-door) is of Jodi flat on the ground, slithering like a snake, through a little cubby in the door.

            I mean, really!

            • I know. No way that someone of Jodi’s height/weight could get through a doggie door. My 58-pound, 52-inch-tall son just barely can (my parents have one and he was trying to see if he could get through it).

    • To point #3, I suspect what he said to his friends and what he said to Jodi are two completely different things. To his friends he’s seen as a player, and players always put down others to make themselves look better. Saying shit like “ya, she’s stalking me” or “ya this girls totally in love with me, its annoying” is just all part of the act. Basically he’s a backstabbing bullshitter. To Jodi his story was probably so much different “Oh ya babe you’re so great you’re so wonderful, I love when you come by” etc etc. His friends are just running with it now because they’re defending their friend and none of them have the balls to actually stand up and say ya, you know what, prior to this crime she came across as a pretty nice person.

  17. **Gas Can Math Explained**

    What we KNOW
    Rental Car 2008 Ford Focus holds 14.0 Gallons of Gas

    2 * 5Gallon Gas Cans 10.0 Gallons
    Total = 24 Gallons

    What we DON’T know
    If Jodi had a 3rd can = 5Gallons
    Now the total 29 Gallons

    What we DO know:
    1)We know that Jodi bought 20.255 gallons of gas at $3.859 87 OCTANE Total of $78.14
    2)This Gas Station Store part is closed in the middle of the night, however the pumps work with a credit card. I called and verified.
    3) This Gas Station has one coin vacuum, one automatic carwash at the price of $4, $6, or $8, newspapers and one pay-phone outside the store itself.
    4) We know that Jodie spent $97.79 at this gas station

    What we DON’T know:

    We do NOT have a gas receipt for $19.65
    We only know she spent $19.65 from a bank statement. We do NOT know the date or the time it was spent at this gas station. We only know the charge $19.65 was cleared after the first two purchases of gas.
    We do NOT know, if it was gas she purchased, the pump she used, nor what Octane of gas she bought.
    We do NOT know if the the gas pumps are calibrated correctly. These gas pump are check every month in my state of North Carolina.

    IF Jodi did spend $97.79 on gas she would have only bought 25.34 gallons of gas.
    IF Jodi did have only 14 gallon Ford Focus and 2 Gas cans at 10 gallons, which is a total of 24 gallons. She could have over-filled her car and gas cans by 1.34 gallons easily. If you evenly distribute 1.34 by 3 you get .44 of a gallon. Hell, I can easily overfill my car by half a gallon and I have done the same to my own gas cans.

    Martinez is trying fool the jury and use hypotheticals and state them as fact.

    • Exactly. The big question is WHY? see my previous posts about what I see as manipulation of the evidence. What I can’t figure out is why. Why is this case so much more important than any run of the mill case or is JM always like this railroading people based on manipulation and speculation. He is going to tell the jury that JA lied because of this $19.65, and if she lied about this, then you can disregard everything she has said. And how is JA suppose to defend herself against this?

            • JC–I did pick up a pencil, but then I put it down. I got a cup of coffee instead!

              Martinez and Nurmi can have a pencil fight.

              • LOLOL

                Didn’t Jodi say she only saved the receipts for tax write off items?

                That might mean the other purchase was not going to be for her write off..

                Since Kermit brought in a bank statement, did it have any purchases documented in AZ? did he show the document, or another sliced and diced image?

                • Beecee,

                  Ive thought that too. Why would she save a receipt for a return gas can as it’s an even exchange and wouldn’t be needed for taxes. And let’s just say the trip had went down without issue, – wouldn’t the part with travis not be tax-deductible while the places she visited to take pictures were as well as the trip to ryan because she went to a PPL event? So her throwing AZ receipts away would seem logical for tax purposes?

      • Jodi said she filled up at Buckeye, Az. Google maps say that is 57 miles from Mesa. Google maps also say that it is 680 miles from Mesa to SLC via U89 and I-15. 680 + 57 = 737. Depending on which exact route she took and the gas mileage she got she would’ve been close to empty.

        • Oh good! I thought she didn’t gas us in AZ and that was the point Martinez was trying to make? What is he trying to say she used these gas cans for? Now im confused?

          • JM is saying that she brought the gas cans so she would leave no evidence of her having been in Az purchasing gas. But Jodi says that she did buy gas at both Palm Desert and Buckeye, but she just paid cash. And there was no reason to keep the receipts because expenses on a non-business personal side trip to Travis’ aren’t deductible.

    • Dirty, I have a question for you, you said you called, Did they say if you could go to the outside window and buy things that way? I’ve never heard of a gas station that had no attendants even when the inside store was closed.

      • I agree, if they allow gas pumping, there usually has to be someone there to monitor for driveaways, and emergencies.

      • They have the gas pump on automatic after store hours.
        They have know walk up and pay window for after hour purchases.
        Yes, they do have an ATM at this location.

        Here in North Carolina we have had after hour automated gas pumps for at least 5 years. Meaning you can buy gas with a credit card without anyone their except yourself.


        It is possible that you could subtract an automated car wash purchase from the $19.65, since you could choose that options.

        -$4 car wash = $15.65
        -$6 car wash = $13.65
        -$8 car wash = $11.65

        In which case, this would reduce the amount of gas purchased even lower.

    • $19.65 sounds like an oil change or something. If they don’t have the receipt, they don’t know what time the purchase was. Did Tesoro 2go’s have a garage also?

      Does anyone know where screen shots of the bank statement are?

        • Those don’t even have dates…are they real bank statements?

          At this point I am not convinced the $19.65 purchase was the same time of day or for gas. I think they are grasping at straws, but sadly there are jurors who will fall for that flawed logic….

      • By the way, Tersoro store has Shell gas. If you look at the bank statement Jodi bought gas from another Shell station before in before the purchases made in Salt Lake City Tersoro. Also, there is a tire repair after Tersoro.

        • Very interesting. That Shell station purchase was in Mesquite, NV. Taking that route to SLC would be 100 miles longer than the route up using US89 according to Google map. Does anyone know that area, why one route would be preferable to another?

          • I happen to know the Hwy. 89 vs. I-15 question — as I’ve said before, I come from Mormon country! Even though I-15 appears to track waaaay out of the way from Phoenix or Tucson to Salt Lake City, you avoid going around the Grand Canyon and then through Escalante. Hwy. 89 is a windy, often mountainous route that only looks more direct on a map.

            For what it’s worth, I never knew anyone to take anything more than (at most) an empty emergency gas can when driving in a lot of those areas. Not even in really sparsely populated places like Wyoming and Idaho. However….to someone from California….maybe those routes between major cities would seem desolate enough to carry some extra gas with you.

            And…..wasn’t other solid evidence presented of her presence from the time she went off the route towards Mesa until the time she got back on the route she would have taken if she hadn’t digressed? Coming from southern California, she’d probably have taken I-15, not I-80, but if I recall, she digressed to Mesa and back on Hwy 93/I-40. Didn’t she actually leave tangible evidence of herself somewhere in that loop?

    • And MAYBE the some on the jury aren’t buying it.
      I don’t know what questions were left out written by the jurors, BUT we know some were and they had ro be more than about the gas cans, whether or not Jodi enjoyed sex EVERY time and if she has a mental or memory problems. I think the one with those problems is Martiez.

    • I did the math on that also and it’s exactly what I was arguing with the HLN sheep.

      $36.98 = 9.5 gallons ……these are the gas cans
      $41.18 = 10.6 gallons ……this is the car
      she starts the car and realizes tank isn’t full and auto shut off was early (previously filled the car at $46.11 at a Shell station so it’s not unlikely that she assumed it was full)
      $19.65 = 5 gallons…..gets back out and finishes filling the car till it over-spills

      anyone who argues that it’s not possible or has never had the pump stop early is a liar

  18. OK, so this is petty. And small. And truly inconsequential. But it has really been bugging me. A lot. And I need to vent about it, but my family is tired of hearing me talk about this case, they don’t care anymore, and they wouldn’t get the nuances of my beef anyway. So please indulge me here.

    By way of background: I have been watching CourtTV as long as some of you have been alive. Since Steve Brill, and Cynthia McFadden, and Jack Ford. Since Menendez I. It literally shaped the course of my career and therefore my life. So I feel really stupid harping on this. But I will anyway.

    A couple of days ago, Beth Karas (whom before this trial, I regarded as one of the last holdouts of the pre-Turner, legitimate reporting ethos, against the Babylonian circus that the “channel” became) made a huge effort to point out that Jodi has repeatedly, and at great affront to the sanity of Ms. Karas, used the non-word “de-edify” when in fact she ought to have said “disedify.” So I say, “Congratulations Little Miss Mt. Holyoke (Or Similar), Law School Graduate, Former Manhattan Prosecutor, National Broadcasting Personality. Your command of the English language is ever so slightly superior to that of a high school dropout who has been incarcerated with a bunch of illiterates for 5 years who is also on trial for her life and has been on the stand for over a month. You win.”

    • Did beth say she was guilty of murder because of that too? LOL I see your point. Beth was sued along with NG for slander. They settled.

              • Mine too. He is soooo annoying with his every comment dripping with sarcasm because he lacks the skills to verbally fight any other way.

                • I am a big fan of his and Vinnie’s reenactment of the lunge. If I were JM I would totally bring them in for my rebuttal. Oh, wait. That might mean that JM could use assistance from somebody else or that his case might benefit in the most remote way from input from someone else. Never mind. Yes or No? RIGHT?

                • Who’s the one douche on In Session who always ends his stupid commentary with “Are ya KIDDIN’ me?”

    • Oh yeah? How about Kermit’s use of the word, “irrespective:???? That’s one of my pet peeves!

      Oh, and can someone help me with some math? NG just said, she has interviewed “tens of thousands of witnesses” in her career as a prosecutor. Really? I’m thinking tens would have to mean 11 or more, and 11 or more of thousands, and that would be at least 11,000 witness interviews? How many years was she a prosecutor? And how many a day would that work out to be?

      Oh, and it also just came to me how PPL helped “expunge” TA’s record. With your membership in PPL, they give you these special glasses, kinda like 3D, and when you wear them, all the bad stuff stuff disappears!

      And author of the upcoming book on TA/TM,Ms. Shannon Hogan is feeling the heat. I believe she may have been duped as well by the Travesites. Time….and hopefully the Riverside Police Dept. will tell!

      201 Signed! Or should I say hundreds and hundreds?:)

      • You’ve got me thinking about NG math. Admittedly, many people go to law school instead of pursuing some other path for the very reason that they stink at math. Maybe Nancy has applied this same metric to her “winning” prosecutorial record. Maybe she’s put thousands of murderers in prison? Hundreds on death row? Tens executed?

      • FYI – “Irrespective” is an actual word and JM has been using it correctly. I believe the word (not) you may be referring to as your ‘pet peeve’ is “irregardless”. I’ve been following the site for several weeks and, while I find the posts well thought out and extremely intuitive, it has bothered me that there seems to be so much “slamming” of people on “the other side” on a personal level. Whether or not someone is short, pickle-faced, looks like a rat, fat, etc. has absolutely no bearing on how they perform their job, express their opinons, or show their feelings. Comments such as these have distracted me at times from being able to fully delve in to the excellent points being debated here.

        • You’re going to the other side to register your complaints with them for their comments toward the defense right? Since it bothers you so much???

          • Aren’t the handslappers fun? I loved being spanked like a toddler by someone who thinks that we shouldn’t joke around on the Internet. I also hope that this person is admonishing the pro-pros boards for their comments about Jodi being ugly, Nurmi being fat and lazy, Jodi’s mother being a rude cow, Donovan being a butch, etc.

          • “Irregardless” is not a word. I also hate the use of the word “amongst” instead of “among” although “amongst” is a word. It is usually used in literature rather than in the real world.

        • Last I checked, no one on here is calling for anyone to have a needle put in their arm, nor advocating killing anyone on the prosecution side.

          It’s on YOU if you are unable to delve into conversation simply based on that. I am not so easily distracted, but I can see how other people might be, and that is something you might consider working on.

        • I guess calling JODI a Booty Call making disparaging Remarks which are obviously Sexist is OK because the Media tells You its OK, The media tells U who to vote for who to like who to hate, so we no longer own our own brains Martinez is a disgrace to a profession that should seek the truth not insight a HIGH TECH LYNCHING. From what I hear seems that Nurmi is insulted WAY more then Martinez. The way the haters of Arias act is reminiscent of NAZI SKIN HEADS!!!

        • I will take issue with the part of what you said that relates to my previous posts. I’ll leave those to whom the balance of your comment applies ably to defend themselves. Juan Martinez is short. I don’t know exactly how short, but from what I’ve seen, he’s about the same height as Atty Wilmott, who, if memory serves, claims to be 5’1″ or so. For a woman, that’s on the short side. For a man, that is statistically significantly short. For a woman, it can be viewed by society and potential romantic partners as an attractive quality. Generally, at least neutral. For a man, being short- particularly being THIS short can be demonstrably damaging to a man’s self esteem. Much of Juan Martinez’s questionable performance in this trial (eg, not utilizing a second chair, getting in verbal skirmishes with Jodi, focusing on minutiae, attacking his own witnesses, failing to modulate his tone, need I go on?) can be attributed, at least in part, to his height. I’ll concur with my fellow posters and point out, that here are other sites whose posters would benefit far more from a lesson in civility than we, and that you could probably be helped immensely by an infusion of some sense of humor yourself.

      • True dat. My point is that Jodi, despite her lack of formal education, speaks in a remarkably eloquent and complex way. Beth, with all of her apparent advantages, is bothered by this relatively minor linguistic tic, and deems it somehow relevant to the proceedings. Which to me begs the question: “who’s the idiot?”

        • All of those folks seem to find relevance to this trial in the most trivial and inconsequential things. All I can do is shake my head at the idiocy of them, joujoubaby.

    • Jou, I agree with you. I watched Court TV when it first came out and they were more fair and balanced. But the other day, I had switched on anderson cooper, they were talking about this case and Beth said JA stabbed TA in the heart. She has been in the courtroom everyday and knows that TA was never stabbed in the heart. This case has made me lose any respect I had for her. By the way look at the bright side-In session is now only a 2 hour show from 9am to 11am- schedule change by network and Beth along with Jean, was let go. Once this case is over, they will no longer be working. Possible because those two weren’t as rabid as the rest.

      • When CourtTV came out and had the first nationally broadcast gavel-to-gavel coverage, I remember a lot of debate about how it would affect the integrity of the process. I was, along with Brill, of the mind that shining a light on a previously exclusive and somewhat mysterious world would work to improve and ensure fairness by making things public. It’s turned into a virtual lynch mob (I wonder how all of these ‘Tall Tale of St Travis’ peddling Mormons, whose religious history is rife with abuses of mobs and and overreaching government, feel being part of this echoing travesty). I’m not sorry to see it go.

      • “Stabbed in the heart” is common rhetoric on the hater sites, thanks to HLN. It isn’t true though; the ME said that the heart/surrounding sac were not punctured. The vena cava was.

    • I know, joujoubaby. Sure, it should’ve been “disedify.” What a triumph! The average person wouldn’t be sure about an uncommon word like that.

      What really bugs me is that they try to “get” her on the words she HAS used correctly: like “pejorative” and “ravish.” These are words that any reader will know fairly well. I’ll bet the PPL crowd despised Jodi for her “fancy” talk. Travis himself used Jodi for her editing skills, but refused to credit her.

      • And based on what I read that that other, properly credited woman did edit, I say that he relied on Jodi quite a lot.

        • Yeah. I could only read a few sentences, because it was too painful–and not painful in the way he intended. I don’t think any legitimate publications were in his future. Unless, maybe, he got to the point where he could PAY someone to ghost write for him.

          • Why pay someone when you can humiliate, kick, berate, and manipulate someone who far outpaces you intellectually and verbally until she will “willingly” does it for free?

            • Yes. I don’t know if it’s just me … but his refusal to credit her, and the way she asked him in that email to understand that this lack of recognition wounded her … THAT–though it’s the least sensational detail of his abuses–was more poignant to me than the name-calling and violent sexual fantasies. I may sound crazy, but, to me, this was his ultimate devaluation of who she was. And, he did it so casually.

              • OOOooo, Pique! I had an eerily similar response! I told myself that it was because it was one of the few (if not only) instances of Travis’s poor behavior for which she took no responsibility, and didn’t try to deflect, minimize, or justify.

                • Yes, yes–that too! That was part of my emotional response, joujou! She didn’t NAME the other stuff he did and said–and apparently she still doesn’t–but she did name that one. It was the one that broke through.

      • Yeah, apparently “contemporaneous” is one of those big fancy words that Jodi found on a “Word of the Day” calendar…LOL.

        • The thing about “contemporaneous” and “de-edify” is that they are a little bit odd for repeated use on the stand. But all that says to me is that, in addition to being a reader, Jodi is a little bit odd.

          I’ve been reading some of that “Armchair Diagnosis” thread on another website, where they are discussing Jodi’s possible personality disorder(s). I don’t think anyone over there has suggested (mild) Asperger’s Syndrome or non-verbal learning disability. My own daughter mildly fits that profile, and having a good vocabulary, and a good grip on language mechanics, seems to keep her feeling anchored and secure in the social realm where things can get confusing and lonely for her. People like that can sound oddly pedantic. Mind you, Jodi is being tried for killing someone, so the more benign armchair diagnoses tend not to come up as often!

      • Not at all, TR. That is, so long as you don’t denigrate others whose verbal skills may fall slightly short of your own. Everybody has a typo now and then.

    • Like you, Beth has completely turned me off. I can no longer listen to her or look at her. She makes me sick kike the rest. AND what about Joey Jackson.
      He has been grinning like a jack ass every time thry show him or ask him something.
      I now before this is over they’re going to have to put Vinnie and Brooks in a mental ward.
      I’m not kidding!

      • And look at Vinnie’s promo for his show-something like watching him will improve your life in so many ways. Well I think my new life’s motto will be ignorance is bliss, if I have to look to him to make my life better.

        • Making it better?
          Yeah, I know mine would be better after watching him. His eyes get real big and talk about looking creepy???
          The ONE that made his day was when the juror asked if you lied before how can we believe you?
          He loves to play that one over and over.
          I think you can believe her.
          She lies when she thinks the lies would have helped Travis.
          I don’t recall her having a life time of lies.
          I’ve heard Vinnie and his elk lie a lot. Can I believe them now.
          No and I don’t trust or believe any of the so called jounalist Tabloid News/

          • I should add these talking heads that have so much power over the TV
            and sheep that watch them should NOT be so biased OR leave.

            There should be some oath that they have to follow. Yet they LIE and effect their listeners
            and it’s OK?

    • I caught that segment but I do not believe Jodi was wrong in her pronunciation sometimes there are 2 pronunciations to a word, we have for instance Celtic Keltic, That woman is a nasty person, and I suppose because Ms Arias uses language quite well even to her detriment at times ,this must have made that small minded woman jealous so in an obvious catty manner she made an effort to downgrade her this was very unprofessional & transparent and plain nasty.Unlike Casey Anthony’s Attorney who was so nice.

    • Jodi meant not to take away his God like worship DEIFY means God like perhaps worship. So her meaning was take away the Reputation the appearance of the Image many had of him, or pretended to have, which is a current theme with The Morman’s that is the truth squeaky clean image on the outside.
      In a cult you do not attack the leader. There really is no worship of a higher being then yourself its the cult leader. If I recall Lucifer or The Devil Stated Ye Can Be Like Gods, and many see unlike Christianity that Mormonism is very similar to Satanism. Especially since the Founder was a Criminal & degenerate.
      Beth Karas is wrong her word is completely different in meaning then what Jodi Arias was saying
      dis edify is really used more in the context Of the injure the morals or piety of shock higher sensibilities or religious feelings. Which has nothing to do with What Jodi was saying. COURT TV is just another entertainment tonight.

  19. Thank you for this site!!!!!! I didn’t know anything about this until I started watching the trial. I have been berated by family members because I think there is more to this story. They see the news and have a judgment of guilty.

    Question: does anyone else have a question of how all of this took place in 2 minutes? Has anyone ever tried to move dead weight?

    • Welcome Cindy, you have a lot of reading to do, lol. I still don’t know how she got him over the ledge in the shower??? Dragging him is one thing, maybe, but actually lifting him up and his final position doesn’t sound right to me.

      • TB Thanks. I have found out more about this case from this site then sitting if front of the TV day after day.

        The roomate knows more besides how could anyone stay in a house that smelled?

    • I have a (relatively baseless) theory as to how the photos could show a time lapse of only roughly two minutes: If the dragging/accidental photo took place after the gun shot, but before the stab wounds.

      We all assume she dragged him after the stab wounds, but I don’t know that there’s any iron-clad basis for that assumption. There’s blood visible in the photo, but a gun shot wound would also bleed. If anything, I should think there would be more blood visible if the fatal throat wound had already been inflicted at that point.

    • My husband said there is no way that Jodi could have moved that much dead weight. He ought to know since he served in Special Forces in the US Army.

  20. On a general sort of basis, I got to thinking about Jodi as just Jodi.

    You have a beautiful young lady who definitely shows that she does in fact have a sharp mind. This was a person who could have done anything she wanted, and been anything. And all her life she’s been dumped on.

    Her father whipped her with a belt! I hope there’s a special place in hell for someone like that. I can remember from my childhood overhearing my parents talk about hearing about some neighbor who took a belt to his kid. My mother was crying. For kids she didn’t even know. That’s where I come from. I can’t imagine being beaten with belts and wooden spoons. That life has to be hell and not to be wished on any child, anywhere. I don’t know how you get over that. Fathers slapping teenage daughters because they skipped class or something minor that all teenagers do. Man Oh Man! People using implements for punishing a child? You only do that to maximize the hurt. What kind of animal wants to maximize the hurt to their own child? I am at a loss here.

    And she left home. Wouldn’t you?
    She has low self esteem. Wouldn’t most in those circumstances.
    She took up with older men. Bobby Juarez and Daryl whatshisname. Do you think maybe she was looking for some father figure?

    And then she gets in with this frickin rapist. This guy TA was weird. How the hell can you hire your ex or current girlfriend to clean your house? WTF? And keep going after her (remember she said he would court her). These predator types recognize those who are weak and keep after them.

    Good Lord, how much is one person supposed to stand?

    • I find it particularly repugnant that commentators like Dr. Drew and Beth Karas have characterized this abuse as “relatively minor.” I wonder if either of them was subjected to anything similar as children.

      • SD this case kicks up a lot of bad memories doesn’t it? I know for me it does. On the face of it I had a nice childhood, a big house, lots of siblings, food on the table every night. If you dig a bit deeper my home was a house of horrors for me. Jodi may have come to realize, or maybe not completely yet, that the life she lived was full of heartaches, fear, loneliness, and allowing Travis to treat her the way he did was abuse and degrading to her soul. She has had a lot of time to think about it, as she said on the stand what is different now is “time”.
        I am 46 yrs old and for the first time in my life, I am able to review my life and see everything clearly, for the first time. It took me years to even mouth the words aloud that have haunted me for so long, that I was molested.
        It is so easy to point the finger at Jodi and say shes a sicko, she’s a whore, blahblahblah yadda yadda but I see something totally different. I see a vulnerable young lady that was desperate for love, to feel loved, and using all of the worst things to go about getting it. I suspect she equated sex with love, as I did myself.

        • ”desperate for love”.That wou;d be my ultimate Jodi definition.Isnt it kinda telling how she was never single?She HAD to identify herself through the eyes of a partner(remember how willing and short term her conversion to Mormonism was).Even when she wasnt in a relationship she either was having sex with Travis and/or communicarting with potential love interests.IMHO,that’s someone who feels cut in half,these kind of people cannot even begin to imagine being single even for a short period of time because they need a partner to feel safe and WHOLE.Security is not there if they are single,which of course in this case along with the low self esteem had to be linked to childhood.

  21. The PROBLEM is that premeditation doesn’t have to be a well thought out plan like most all of us are thinking — premediation can be established in a matter of seconds or minutes according to AZ law. If the jury believes she had other options (like running out the front door), they may find premeditation. I think she is holding up VERY WELL on the stand. I know I couldn’t do it!!

    • That may be the law but I dont understand that interpretation of pre-med at all. It seems vague as to intentionally keep second degree – heat of passion out. Because obviously that can be formed in a thought too.

      • JC,

        Here’s how this works. Lets say you are doing something to another person, but you have no clear intention of taking their life, but that act causes a loss of life, then it falls into the un/non premeditated homicide class. So two guys get into a fight and they’re whaling away at each other and one dies, but the other had no intention of killing him, that’s manslaughter or some lower level of homicide.

        Now if you undertake an action where the intention is to kill the person, it doesn’t matter how much time elapsed between the forming of that intention and the action. That is still premeditated homicide. And that’s not just AZ, that’s pretty much anywhere.

        The exception to this rule of course is self defense. A self defense claim has some pretty tough standards that must be met. Firstly the person must have a reasonable fear of loss of life or limb. Secondly, in most states, the person should also be reasonably certain that escape is not an option. lastly the level to which one acts must be only to the extent that it removes the threat.

        The heat of passion argument is reserved for the following type of instance. You get angry about something, you loose control and things just get out of hand. However, no where in the whole process did you intend to kill the person. You may have meant bodily harm but your intention was not death. That’s second degree murder. Manslaughter s one step lower. You may not even have intended bodily harm, but death resulted – e.g. vehicular manslaughter is a car accident.

        This should now clarify certain things for you and also show you where the danger lies in this case. The reason Nurmi and JM keep asking her why she didn’t run away. That is to see the answer to the last resort issue. The reason Nurmi keeps bringing up the prior acts is to show she had a reasonable fear of loss of life or limb. The reason JM keeps harping on the fact that he stopped in the past is to show that she did not have a reasonable expectation of loss of life. The reason they keep messing with the order of events is because they want to show that there was some stage at which TA was incapacitated and she could have stopped. That shows that the response was not a last resort type issue.

        My real fear here is not the gun shot or any of the other wounds. It is that damn neck wound. By the time she did that she had control of the situation.

        • “My real fear here is not the gun shot or any of the other wounds. It is that damn neck wound. By the time she did that she had control of the situation.”

          Right, Al. In order for her to inflict that kind of wound, he had to have been incapacitated by that point. This is what you mean?

          • Well….yes…it would seem like by the point of the neck wound she would have been in control. Really, it seems like at the point of the gunshot, she would have had some degree of control over the situation.

            So here’s another relatively baseless theory (following on my earlier one that the dragging occurred between the gunshot and the stabbing): If the dragging occurred before the stab wounds, he was unconscious (or at least not alert) at the time. What if he regained consciousness?

            Remember those old horror movies where they decisively kill the bad guy and then there’s a pregnant pause, some relaxing music — and then the bad guy leaps back up and attacks again and you were startled out of your skin!

            My Relatively Baseless Theory goes something like that: She shoots, he lunges, they fall to the floor, he loses consciousness, she drags him (snapping the photo), he regains consciousness and attacks — now they’re both defending themselves from each other. In the process of seemingly “coming back to life,” he scares the living shit out of her, prompting the stabbing and eventual overkill.

            If I recall correctly, most of the stab wounds were relatively superficial, except for the one to the chest and the horrifying one to the throat. Was there any evidence as to the order of the stab wounds?

            • Wouldn’t the logical way to drag dead weight be by the feet? I know if I were trying to drag my much heavier DH, I would do it that way.

              • I agree with the drag between the gunshot and stabbing. Someone or autopsy said

                there were bruises on his ankles and shins. (That might be from a drag by the

                legs/feet.) I thought she once said they fell .on the floor with Travis on top of her.

                Someone previously had speculated that was when she was stabbing him on the

                back.Still can not imagine her putting him in the shower in that position!

        • Okay I understand it now! Thanks:-) So is this what they call an imperfect self defense? I’ve heard that term used before with this case.

          • I wonder if there is a way in which what started as self defense can turn into 2nd degree or manslaughter. I wonder if that’s ever been tried legally. I can sure see the scenario, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

            Someone attacks you. You set out to defend yourself. The attacker keeps coming at you. You keep fighting. At some stage the attacker stops but you don’t. What is that?

            One second you’re fighting for your life. Next second you have to stop and rationalize whether you’ve gone far enough. That seems a little too much to expect.

            • I think it’s overkill. Like you just keep going out of fear, and not really think that they are no longer fighting back,

              Alternately, and this may be off base, but this whole blood atonement thing that has been thrown around, what if she started off stabbing him in self defense, and when she realized that she had gone too far, and that he would never survive it, she slit his throat as a way for him to be atoned for all his sins? (and I really hope nobody gets mad at me for saying this).
              I mean, she doesn’t remember what happened, could this be at all possible?

              • And I only say this because we don’t really know what she was taught about Mormon beliefs. It is possible she was taught about the blood atonement thing.

                • If she didn’t know the details of the Law of Chastity, then I can’t imagine that she knew of blood atonement.

                  Some Mormons claim that blood atonement was never practiced by the mainstream LDS church. It’s been mentioned by the FLDS cult.

                  IMO, the blood atonment issue has no role in this case.

        • Interesting…that’s never been my understanding of second-degree murder though. From this site:

          “Second-degree murder is ordinarily defined as 1) an intentional killing that is not premeditated or planned, nor committed in a reasonable “heat of passion” or 2) a killing caused by dangerous conduct and the offender’s obvious lack of concern for human life. Second-degree murder may best be viewed as the middle ground between first-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter.”

          That’s what I remember learning in criminal justice class.

          Case in point: George Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin. He shot Trayon in the chest – that to me shows more than just intent to cause bodily harm. Of course, I don’t know about AZ law specifically.

      • J-C Team the Prosecutor is trying to frame this premeditation from the trip itself that she planned to Murder Travis and go on her Merry way to the Other Guys house & cover her tracks etc. So his theory is that she planned this from the beginning. Greta on FOX disagrees because you do not take two weapons to kill someone with. Since the Gunshot was a mistake the cruel in humane offense stab wounds were instigated by her fearing for her life. So I suppose Nurmi is being careful.

    • That isn’t what the prosecution’s theory is–don’t put something there that isn’t there.

      They can’t prove squat.

      Don’t pretend you know what the jury instructions are.

      • Well the prosecution seems to be arguing that the premeditation goes way back to when she left Yreka. I think they’re doing that because its easier to prove than an intention that arose in a split second. But Piper is right. That instantaneous thing has held up in court.

        • Al and Piper, premeditation in a split second forethought means there is a thought something like “I want to kill this person”. Jodi at no time said she had any thought like that.

          • The prosecution still has to PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt that the premeditation occurred. That’s why JM is so focused on the stolen .25, the gas cans, the hair dye, the license plates, the car color, and any other various red herring he can pull out of his third hole.

      • Right tonysam, and plus the whole “premeditation in an instant” requires a motive. There is no evidence that Jodi stalked Travis, or that Jodi was jealous about the trip at all. The phone sex tape shows that they were making plans after the trip. She didn’t even know he was going to Cancun with Mimi Hall until after the killing. There’s no evidence that Jodi ever attacked her ex-lovers, the fact that she remains friends with them even after what happened shows that she is capable of accepting that relationships change and evolve.

        • MB and Natalie

          You’re right. Something has to precipitate the thought. For instance a guys robbing a store. Innocent shopper walks in. The robber shoots to stop being identified. That’s premeditated. Of course that’s also felony murder.

          So for that to hold what the heck happened here? All in a matter of 3 minutes or less. They’re taking pictures. Something happens and she says I’m going to kill him. Couldn’t be that he called her a name. He’d done that before. Couldn’t be he told her he was going to Cancun with Mimi Hall. He’d already done that. Couldn’t be that he disparaged someone she loved, he’d done that before. Couldn’t be any of those things. The only thing it could possibly be was that he got physical. That would then give weight to her self defense claim. The little man can’t quite say, well he slapped you and so you killed him. Right?

          That’s why JM’s trying this all the way back to when she left Yreka thing.

          • I think that Travis did get physical with Jodi, and that’s what set this off. It might not have been a body slam, but at least a hard push that knocked her over or a slap.

      • You are right as I stated above the Jury Instructions will be premeditated has COMMON SENSE DICTATES. Makes NO sense 27 stab wounds. No one plans such a mess. She could have shot him in the head while he was sleeping.

        • I couldn’t have said it better, myself, Oliviero. Sometime I think the trees of this case get lost for the forest. I believe that this case will be won or lost in the JURY INSTRUCTIONS. Regardless of how you read the tea leaves of the juror questions, the one thing that seems indisputable to me is that the jury is serious, considered, conscientious, and attentive…. the sort that would tend to take those instructions seriously. Or so I hope.

  22. Guys, we have the “convenient truthseekers” on the run for real! Just got blocked from Joey Jackson’s pages! Woohooo! Interesting, how true, official facts are not wanted,but something like this is welcomed. That’s gonna look really bad for Joey at some point…..But JaneCasarus Rex actually replied politely- smart woman she is! What a whackadoo world we live in! From Joey Jackson’s site:

    CW Padden
    CW’s Soapbox: Why is Travis condemned for calling IT a 3 hole wonder and a slut? Because that’s what she is!!! NO man will say that to a decent woman unless she has debased herself. As my late father always told us” remember the woman always sets the standard, and if he can’t meet your then say good bye to him. He not only said that as our father but as a man knowing men’s nature when it comes to sex. IT has no moral compass and that is evident for all to see. So don’t blame Travis, he was only calling it the way IT was and was he telling any lie? I don’t think so. Maybe that should have been a wake up call to her.

    • he only posted what was posted before on that facebook page though. People think now he’s vetted the info when he has only shared another’s opinion of the info we presented.

    • There we go again. It’s the woman’s fault. Is this another case of she was asking to be raped by the way she dressed?

      And not all men are that way. I’m a man. I would no sooner debase a woman than bite a tiger. And no my fantasies don’t run to tying women to trees and anally raping them, or finding the orgasms of 12-year olds hot. Heck, wouldn’t even know what that sounds like. Or tootsie pops and pop rocks and little girl outfits, or Spiderman underwear, or cruising around on Christmas eve looking for young boys to keep me warm, or all the other depraved bilge running through this guys deviant brain. And then he finds some pure lost soul who goes along with him and now its all her fault.

      That’s just sick.

      • It is absolutely disgraceful to depersonalize Jodi by calling her an “it.” Well, I guess these people are cut from the same cloth as Travis.

      • But calling Travis “pedo” and saying the world is better off without him isn’t dehumanizing him? Both those things are repeated on this site more than once. I wish they weren’t.

        I keep harping on this point, but it’s important: @Al, it’s entirely possible to be a respectful, non-abusive man, who does not behave in a degrading way towards women….AND to have kinky sexual fantasies that, if acted out in real life would be degrading. Just like a woman can have a fantasy about being raped and that doesn’t mean she wants to be raped in real life.

        Fantasies =/= actions. Even kinky fantasies about illegal, shameful things do NOT mean the person would act them out nor find them arousing in real life. Humans are complicated sexually that way.

    • Wow those people are jerks I never heard of CW Padden? I think the name calling is just plain disrespectful an especially from a Supposedly Godly Man of the LDS Church……ya I have been told they are not Mormons. Whatever why is that Book Called Book Of Mormon then ? But then we know men that talk like that have a problem with women that give into sex. They use them an marry the ones that do not give in an then continue to seek out bad girls it seems forever more.

      I worked with men all my life in jobs there were dominated by men I have seen it all an I have seen some actually decent men that thought those users were disgusting also. I don’t know why but I have a feeling it goes back to childhood an how men feel about their mothers I really do.

      My grandma used to say yes Hens Cackle but the Roosters always got to tell the whole neighbor hood the story.

    • Chicken blocked you!
      Not surprised, BUT what happens to his defense lawyer business.
      I wouldn’t use him.
      He can give an opinion, bit doesn’t want one from you?
      All he does he repeat himself.

    • I read a good while ago Jodi being referred to as ”it”.It made me physically sick,right to my stomack and having to re readi it here had the exact same effect.These people are mentally disturbed,there cant be any other logical reason,sorry.
      Maybe we do live in a patriarchal,mysogynistic society after all…

  23. A good question that has not been addressed: Did any of the roommates run the dishwasher any time between 6/4 & 6/9? Were the dishes, silver, knives clean when the police were called and they started their investigation?

  24. I would like to pose this question to the Travis-towners. With regards to the criminal charges, this is what you would like us to believe:

    On March 7 2002 an individual who was not Travis Alexander was charged with several crimes. This individual claimed to be Travis Alexander using identification that he had stolen. Right so far? Good. Then at some point this identity thief gave $515 to the court trust and also showed up for all court appearances so they could be sentenced, all while pretending to be Travis Alexander. Is this correct?

    So let me recap, because I need to make sure I understand this. A thief, who stole Travis’ ID, and who also committed the crimes of burglary, shoplifting and several counts of battery, was nice enough to pay $515 in trust to the court and make all court appearances so as to not get in trouble, even though he was pretending to be someone he wasn’t? Wow, that is one really kind hearted criminal!!!

    • Dog,

      Not just that but he also spent 5 days in the hoosegow as Travis Alexander, just so that when the cops actually went looking, the real Travis wouldn’t get into trouble.

      Not just big hearted but dumb too.

    • Dog, you just took the thoughts from my mind!!!

      A true identity thief would run and never come back to take care of it. And, if it weren’t really Travis, he could have gotten it taken care of simply by comparing fingerprints and photos.

      • He very well could have had his friends and family snowed into believing the “identitiy theft” story. Travis was a salesman, after all. He managed to parlay this tale into a PPL advertisement.

    • Well said Dog…5 years ago my cousin in Tennessee was a victim of identity theft…he quit his construction job and was in the office picking up his last payroll check..later they believed that a co-worker had seen his ss number that was on a record on the secretary’s desk…

      It took years before they traced it back to the co-worker…the co-worker had to spend several years in jail…and he is already out…and my cousin is still cleaning up the mess that the co-worker created using his identity…

      And today…he told me just recently that he still has issues concerning the identity theft…

      And this co-worker NEVER paid any money back to my cousin…my cousin never got an apology…DITTO…

    • It is very easy to understand if you look at the record, and know what you are seeing. They plead guilty at arraignment, and paid the 515 not as bail, but as fines. Fine money is always kept and applied later just as the record shows — it is because of the way the $ flows in the court. In the beginning it is held as a trust – an escrow type of trust – and is later released.
      This guy was arrested, served 5 days, was arraigned, plead guilty at arraignment, was sentenced to 5 days and fines, got credit for the 5 he was in, paid the fines and was released. He then just remained on probation with the terms ordered, which did not require appearance.

      I have posted this before. I am wondering why it disappears. It is all based on what the record shows – ie what must be true – and not speculation, so why delete it?

      • And it is interesting to note Dustin Thompson had serious drivers license problems at the time of the incident as well as noting he later faced similar charges as Travis was charged with, and DT’s charges included ID theft.

      • You are posting on different pages, they have not been deleted.

        And it is speculation unless you were there. You can know how things normally work…but you ARE just speculating based on reading the charges…

        The only way to know it wasn’t Travis is to see the booking photo and compare fingerprints. Anything else is conjecture.

  25. I just want all of you to know that I am so happy to have found people who can think and look at things in an objective manner without getting caught up in the hype that people provide. Others who are able to look at a situation from the many different angles that are present in real life.

    It gives me hope in humankind again that there are people out there who can see the multivariate circumstances that we all have. And that there is a tiny percentage of us with compassion.

    (Yes, I do have compassion for Travis’ emotional and physical weaknesses, but I have more compassion for Jodi because of the abuse she suffered and that fact that she was forced to defend her life.)

    Of course, I am still disgusted with all the blood-thirsty throngs, and yet I also pity them for being unable to utilize their 2 brain cells to their fullest capacity.

  26. Okay, was just reading on Joey Jackson’s FB page and they have the story about TA record and stolen identity. My question is this, is there anyone here who lives in the riverside ca area that would be willing to go to the court tomorrow to get a copy of this. Because I have a feeling, since HLN is in close contact with TA’s family, that there will be someone getting this record expunged as soon as they can and since he is dead would they express the process? I would be willing to donate a few bucks for whoever can go.

    • Can they get it expunged after the fact? I would think they couldn’t. I would think the Travis himself would have to do it.

      But, truthfully I have had no experience in that aspect of life…

    • I seriously doubt they can expunge the record of a dead man.

      Besides, anybody can screenshot that record from the internet.

    • the sister is a police officer and I’m sure she is aware of all the talk her on this site about her brother … I bet she will move heaven and earth to get it out of the Jodi’s case to keep the death penalty on the table .. I remember JM saying to the judge he wanted the family to be present in the court when the jury’s questions were being discussed before the jury was seated … So I’m sure their a lot of mormons the will do what ever it takes to get rid of this evedince and excuse the spelling

  27. What do people here thank about the Mormon blood atonement theory? At first, I thought this was just some more horseshit, however after further review, it does make for some interesting reading. Especially, when you find out about people getting shot and having their throats cut for redemption. This is a practice that some fundentmentlist sects still believe in today according to this video.

    Brigham Young is quoted a lot on the topic of blood atonement. Just google Brigham Young blood atonement.

      • Is this a bad thing??? I mean I kniw this guy is full of shit n he can make thing worse for Jodi if he’s not careful. But, if this is the truth, can this maybe help her. Someone reading this can decided to help with further investigation, idk.

      • TB…I just read the link about the interviews Bryan Carr is doing…and I feel that he telling the truth…this seems like a ritual killing…

        A few weeks ago I found this link on google

        This is the Endowment ritual instituted by Joseph Smith, Jr….read the entire article to get the full impact that it really could be a ritual killing…The Stages 1, 2, 3 is important…

        “Stage 1…throat … be cut from ear to ear, and my tongue torn out by its root”

        “Stage 2…breasts … be torn open, our hearts and vitals torn out and given to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field”

        “Stage 3…body … be cut asunder and all your bowels gush out”

        Sounds like a ritual killing to me…and if the church is covering it up…it was said that Travis was like a “priest” in the Mormon religion…we know that Travis lived in a Mormon community…and Zach his roommate goes to the same Church as Travis did…so many Mormons and so many Mormon beliefs and rules…and so many things that do not add up concerning the roommates and the house and the crime scene…and the computer…and etc…and etc..

        • I agree perhaps that is why she does not remember the stabbing because she was not their when it happened if I shot my boyfriend my first thought is get my shit and get out of there. Notice the things in the wash the camera the bedding and the religious clothes. someone else washed his stuff to cover up the sex they were having…. exposing the church…..

          • In his statement..the roommate who is also a mormon said that he washed clothes on Saturday…did he not see the blood on the washing machine and everywhere else?

      • I TOTALLY agree with his statement and has been my personal theory all along. I don’t put anything past what they are ordered to do. I believe that Zack and Enrique was in on this too. If you notice, Jodi never puts down the Mormon church or even goes into details. My theory is that she is threatened by the higher members of the church. My twin grandsons were baptized last summer on their 8th birthday. The Bishop told them they would stumble and fall but on every Sunday, the slate is wiped clean of their transgressions they committed.. My husband went to the Baptism and could not believe what he was watching. I did not attend. I couldn’t and be true to my core beliefs.

    • I had not heard of Blood Atonement until I found this site. It is very interesting, to say the least, and I don’t dismiss any of the theories I have read about it from folks who have posted here.

    • Mormonism is weird Read the Mormon Murders Just type it in are there nice Mormons I am sure but it is a Cult The foundation of Mormonism is Joseph Smith. He was a criminal Pedophile etc.
      Its not a Christian Religion and Seems to be more involved with Satanism and Masonry. But The Mormon Murders is very interesting true. Hoffman Case was a big Cover Up. I suspect lots of Money & Politics are involved with The Jodi Smear and The Anxious Mormons Going On Trash TV Screaming for her execution. Many of these people are not of a reputable character. But Travis Alexander’s OBVIOUS Criminal Record has yet to be announced by anyone. This leads me to believe there is much more to this story then Travis and Jodi perhaps some pedo ring or homosexual group that molest boys. But this Media Circus is the worst I have seen in a long Time. NO OTHER OPINIONS it makes no Sense.

      • I agree with that. An I know not all LDS or MORMON or whatever they want to be called are not like the FLDS group either. But people that keep telling me that does not happen anymore need to GOOGLE how many murders/killings are there in UTAH an the NECK IS SLASHED From EAR TO EAR. An most of them have one or more from these one of these groups. I do not THINK JODI did all that stabbing an slashing. Something more happened.

        1. the boot print

        2. How do I know that is JODI’s Leg with the black pant leg an a stripe down it ?

        3. Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun………then on MONDAY the friends come looking finally
        for Travis BECAUSE of a TRIP the next day. Not just BECAUSE they were worried ?

        4. Sunday he missed CHURCH? nobody thought that was strange?

        5. HE did not tell the friends for sure he would be gone an please take
        care of his dog? NO DOG OWNER just LEAVES an hopes the dog will
        be fed by roommates that aren’t there some nights even but at a gf’s house.

        6.The ROOMMATES an FRIENDS seem suspicious on the 911 call to me!

        7. IT IS very EVIDENT all of TRAVIS”S FRIENDS HATE JODI not from just the
        day of finding him but FROM THE FIRST DAY THEY EVER MET HER?

        8. The whole thing just does not add up for me?????

        • I couldn’t agree more Rhonda. After viewing the utube video posted here yesterday, I am more convinced tahan ever, that Jodi did not do this all, and there was truth to the account she gave detectives about the two intruders. VERY creepy stuff (blood attonement) that I fully belive is goint on today.

    • I just can’t see blood atonement playing a role in this case.

      There isn’t evidence of mainstream LDS practicing blood atonement. There are a handful of cases in the FLDS, but those are also rare.

      Throat cuttinghas been used in killings all over the world. While there are cases in the US and Mexico, those are typically drug related killings.

      In addition, throat cutting for religious punishment often includes ritual. There is no evidence of a religious element to this killing.

      I know that many Americans have little knowledge about Mormonism. I’ve encountered anti-Mormon sentament here. To each his own. Opinions are that.

      Howerver, I fail to see how the blood atonement theory helps Jodi, who is, IIRC, still Mormon (I may be wrong about that though) .

    • 1 more thought. The LDS is much, much more likely to excommunicate a member than use other forms of disc. Excommunication works as an example to others. Blood atonement, esp in secret, does nothing to foster living in the faith.

  28. I am not suggesting that all Mormon believe in blood atonement, just like majority Christian don’t throw their furniture out because of women touching it who is having her period. And yes that is in the Old Testament, along with stoning your kid for talking back.

    • No I don’t either, Just wanted everyone to see what Bryan Carr is saying, why do these sites allow anyone to say something and not even check to see it its true. This guy is causing major damage. JMO

      • I’ll say this it would be one hell of a Bombshell. Old Nancy Pigface would get her fat ass sued off along with Vinnie Penishands for defamation of Jodi.

      • I agree somebody needs to get on too those shows an let them know that is all FALSE this Bryan Carr guy. But I read it maybe a HLN trick like they pay him to say crap even ??

        • They’re just using this guy, he’s a running joke to the tv celebs. “Look at the type of people Jodi has defending her” and they’re capitalizing on it big time.

          • Yep. Even though Jodi said that Bryan is NOT her friend and to NOT believe anything he says, the haters are having a field day with his interviews.

            • well,the thing is Jodi clarified the thing about Bryan HERE so if they see us as the crazy ones or rarely check or dont even bother to take what is being written here into consideration I doubt that thetruth about him will ever be out,so yeah they will keep on saying(as they have already)”look at the kind of nuts she is friends with”

        • Kira, you might like the documentary “Inside the Teenage Brain”; you can watch it online. I used in my psychology classes, ans students, esp those with children, find it fascinating!

    • That’s Judaism Not Teachings Of Christ. Exclusive versus Inclusive Cults are Exclusive money minded secretive etc. And they appear nightly on Jane Velez & Dr. Drew. Who maybe a Cult Leader with stocks in KY

  29. I wanted to repost this link Dog found for us, it explains the process of expungement, what shows up and what doesn’t, and what to look for.

    It would show his arrest and charges, but that the case was dismissed. Two of the charges – shoplifting and battery – show “convicted.” Failure to appear shows as “Active.”

    A judge signs an order stating the case is expunged, and is sent to the defendant. So Travis or his family should have had a copy if this were true.

    Records are updated within 48 hours, not 1 hour. Department of Justice can take up to 30 days; subsequently the FBI will take up to another 30 days. So it will take governmental agencies 40-60 days to be fully expunged.

    • In our state, the process can take much longer. However, once your record is expunged, you cannot find record of it anywhere. (At least in theory)

      • Oh definitely, the process probably takes longer than 48 hours too. I imagine someone would have to take the time to contact an attorney, file the paperwork, wait for a court appointment, show up to the court appointment (whether as an individual or the lawyer doing it), argue the case, wait for the judge to decide, THEN get a copy in the mail a week later. Then waiting 40-60 days for the governmental agencies to get on the same page. So the whole idea that Travis made a simple phone call, and everything was right as rain within the hour is absurd.

        • MB SD
          the weird this is that wasn’t one of the cases still active? if that’s true then it wouldn’t be under his name had it been expunged right?

          • Right! If this were a case of identity theft, then this shouldn’t be under his name at all.

            I don’t know what’s up with the one being active, and the burglary charge being blank (note it doesn’t say dismissed). Perhaps the burglary charge didn’t stick:

            “Although the penalties for burglary are harsh, it’s often possible to get the charges reduced or dismissed. Because of legal technicalities and difficulties of proof, prosecutors frequently agree to settle cases for lesser charges.”


  30. During testimony of the computer expert he pointed out he was given a SMASHED external drive to TA’s computer, with pieces of the external box in pieces. The drive had been reformatted, and with his tools was able to retrieve many files, including what JA’s attorney pointed out as evidence, traces of all the porn video sites that had been accessed.

    1- Why would Travis smash his hard drive before being killed?

    2- Why would Jodi smash and reformat(she probably does not know how) his hard drive? She obviously had no time anyhow, if we believe the standard time line, which is all based on the time stamp of the recovered pictures from the camera (5:30pm) and had 1/2 hour to get out before Enrique came home 6pm. Enrique, btw, said he SAW Travis that evening Wed 6/4 at 6-6:30pm making his VERY IMPORTANT PPL CONFERENCE CALL while Enrique sat in the kitchen eating. (Conference call that Chris Hughes said NEVER HAPPENED).

    3-Why and when would any one else smash and reformat Travis hard drive? WHAT ELSE WAS ON THAT HARD DRIVE?

    4- WHAT WAS THE LATEST FILE THAT WAS MODIFIED, what was the latest DATE STAMP on the drive?

    5-Why the F was that not investigated properly, and why was the computer expert taken off the stand about this hard drive so quickly?

    • I believe the crime scene was tampered with by friends and or family before and possibly after Travis was found. I believe they also would have removed any child photos, steroids, or anything like that.

      Law enforcement hates pedophiles, but once a pedophile is killed, then said pedophile is elevated to almost sainthood in order to focus on the person who killed them.

      In other words, law enforcement would not like anyone pulling a Dexter.

      • I think that Deb’s right, but I’ll go back and look at the testimony again.

        By the way, the folks on this board would make awesome jurors. You guys ask a lot of questions.

      • IIRC it was a hard drive belonging to Jodi, not Travis. It may have had something that could have helped her out with more recordings. It’s too bad it was damaged.

    • Does anyone know what trial day # this computer / harddrive matter was discussed so I can watch it? I don’t recall seeing any of that? (have a habit of dozing off at the computer sometimes)

    • Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to think that Travis himself smashed the hard drive during the fight over the scratched CD than to turn this into yet another tired conspiracy theory about Mormons?

      Though I admit, I’m starting to find this stuff so over-the-top it’s almost funny. I think the best one is where the church has him executed for “committing sexual sin.” What a hoot!

      Seriously, folks, the world we live in is just not that cinematic. The worst punishment you’re likely to get for sexual sin is your bishop suspending your temple recommend. And maybe some pastoral “counseling” if you don’t seem quite sorry enough.

      If every Mormon who had premarital sex was assassinated in a clandestine operation, Utah would be de-populated by now. They may try their darnedest, but….well, the spirit is willing, but the naughty bits are weak.

      One piece of the testimony, BTW, that really is very Mormon is “grinding.” Because no one wants the shame of losing their temple recommend (which also has serious afterlife implications), so there is no shortage of young Mormons trying to find ways to be sexual and still justify it.

      I’d even heard the “oral and anal aren’t really sex” thing before, though not as commonly as, basically, clothed frottage — rubbing the genitals together through clothing, or “grinding.” Other young people do this stuff too, but Mormons are so pressured to avoid premarital sex — and they’re often so sexually naive — they seem especially prone to trying to lawyer their way around the law of chastity.

      • I do agree with you, Jessie, in that I’ve never been a “conspiracy theorist” type. Do I think Travis’ friends/roommates are strange? Yes, absolutely. But I don’t think that there was any grand plan to execute him. Plenty of “hypocrites” in all religions.

        • Kira–the one strange roommate of Travis, who didn’t notice that things weren’t right at the house, probably had “grinding” on his mind! I’m not kidding around. When he wasn’t working, he had a girlfriend he was spending a lot of time with.

          The terrible smell, though, will always be THE question concerning the roommates. Until it is finally explained better. Could it have been that opening the bedroom door on June 9th let the odour fully penetrate the rest of the home (hence, why Flores smelled it right away)? Prior to that, did the air conditioning keep the odour faint in other parts of the house? If it was faint, did the roommates pass it off as dog crap that they couldn’t locate?

          I have smelled human decomposition before. The woman across the hall from me had died and wasn’t discovered for several days–during a heat wave (no air conditioning in our building). The smell was quite bad, but, to us it smelled like kitchen garbage. Disgusting and disconcerting, yes, but it took quite a while before anyone decided to investigate.

          Since I don’t suspect the roommates of having anything to do with Travis’ death, I can only conclude that they were guilty of young-man self-absorption and of ignoring signs that shouldn’t have been ignored.

            • Thanks, SJ.

              That picture, of the upstairs layout, is even better than the one I’ve seen previously. But, comparing it to my own experience again, I was much, much closer to my dead neighbour’s body than the roommates would’ve been to Travis’ body (which of course wasn’t just behind the bedroom door, but deeper inside the room, in the non-carpeted en-suite).

              I later learned that, when I was walking down the hall, I passed within just a few feet from where my neighbour lay on top of the carpet.–sorry for this–rotting. Not that my experience is some kind of standard. After all, she wasn’t my roommate or even an acquaintance. But, just in terms of physical proximity, and barriers like doors, and soft vs hard surfaces, Travis’s roommates were still further away/blocked off than I was from the source of the odour.

              No matter what, though, I don’t deny it’s strange they were able to live with the smell without looking into it.

          • But Pique,
            What about the blood.
            And didn’t one wash clothes and didn’t think anything about a camera being there, Plus bloody clothes?
            The dog would have tried to tell them something.
            They had to se the blood and smell it. It had been 5 days.
            There IS a lot of BS from them and I want to know if they were ever interrogated.
            If not, they should jave been.

            • Hi Aly. Both roommates were interviewed by police and gave DNA samples. It’s in the police report.

              The one roommate made a mistake about when he had last done laundry, so he didn’t see the camera or clothes in the washing machine.

              The blood stain was behind a closed, locked door. Maybe it did smell, too. Though, I’m not sure; perhaps it just dried out in the air conditioning?

              I’m sure the little dog was an absolute wreck. I know just what you mean. But, I think that we’re looking at this as sensitive, observant people–people who would follow the source of an odour, or try to figure out why the dog was so upset. I guess these roommates weren’t like that? Of course, I could be wrong, but I think it’s more likely that they were clueless.

      • “If every Mormon who had premarital sex was assassinated in a clandestine operation, Utah would be de-populated by now.”

        Good reality-check, Jessie. Funny, too!

          • I blv there IS a great chance that something like this coulve happened. Why not?! Because,
            “If every Mormon who had premarital sex was assassinated in a clandestine operation, Utah would be de-populated by now.” ????? Evey Mormon is nit the same, some may have different beliefs, also attached different churches with different bishops. TA was also different. Did he himself go to his church to confess? He also rubbed it in everyone’s face how great of a virgin boy he was. And didn’t he have a different position in the church then other Mormons?? He lied to everyone, he had everyone fooled. He lived with two roommates that saw and knew what TA was up to. Lying to everyone, including the church. Cheating n being sneaky and walking around acting like a big shot. Maybe his roommates saw this n didn’t like it. One of the roommate’s had stitched TA out to Lisa. Why??? He obviously didnt like the way TA was treating her. Who’s to say resentment didnt start building up?

            To me, its actually kindda funny, how some can disregard this idea when it is a FACT that this has happened before and NOT very long ago either.

            • I agree LC.

              One could look at just about any religion and find people who practice it in extreme ways.

              Just look around the world and you will see people killing each other over religious differences. You will see women being stoned for adultery while men go free…etc etc…there are so many examples out there.

              I think Travis had more enemies than his friends and family realize or want to believe.

            • LC,
              And Travis started all of his motivation speeches at PPL with I AM SINGLE,
              To me that says hey gals here I am.
              They didn’t know he was Mormon.
              It wasn’t a Mormon meeting it was a PPL meeting.
              They didn’t know he was a “virgin” and supposed to stay that way until marrige.
              I just think that’s disgusting the way he starts out, kind of playing with their minds.

              Why did one of Travis friends say he introduced Jodi and Travis because they were looking for a MRS. Alexander. They didn’t know he was Mormon???

            • To be clear, “blood atonement” was never a “ritual.” You’re conflating two different things.

              The “doctrine of blood atonement” isn’t much different than capital punishment — the belief that certain sins are so bad, you must pay with your life. There was no religious ritual around it.

              Technically, that doctrine still exists, but it doesn’t have much relevance anymore. Even among fundamentalists, who still practice polygamy and the “united order” (where all property is held in common), blood atonement is believed, but not practiced. It wouldn’t be too hard to figure out if dead bodies were turning up in Colorado City.

              The “ritual” you’re referring to is something else entirely. The endowment ritual in the temple used to include an oath that if you broke your temple vows you would slit your own throat, disembowel yourself, etc. Those were removed from the temple ceremony about 20 years ago. That portion of the endowment ceremony was not based on the doctrine of blood atonement; it came from Masonic ritual (as does a lot of Mormon stuff, such as the symbols on garments, etc.)

              So @TR: Does that mean the ritual is NEVER practiced? Your question makes no sense. There was no ritual. Blood atonement wasn’t a sacred rite. It was capital punishment in the days before Mormon territory had any formal government. Since Brigham Young’s day, the Mormon territories have become states and now handle capital punishment through the courts.

              @LC: You’re right, not every Mormon is the same. What’s your point? That therefore they take out hits on some unknown kid in Phoenix because he was doin’ the nasty?

              That’s the dumbest part of this conspiracy theory. If the president of the church got caught in a compromising sexual position and then turned up dead….then I could understand some conspiracy theories about it. But Travis Alexander was just a rank-and-file member (again, “elder” means nothing other than that he’d been through the temple; it is not a position in the church — it’s a title roughly equivalent to calling a married woman “Mrs.”)

              So, indeed, you’re right. Not every Mormon is the same. Some of them even commit heinous crimes. But considering there’s absolutely no evidence here that the church had any involvement in Travis Alexander’s death, logic would dictate that the conspiracy theorists are pulling this out of their butts simply because they are ignorant about Mormons and therefore hostile towards them.

              Really, you’re not even coming up with anything new. Most of these blood libels are very, very old anti-Mormon stereotypes, along with saying Catholics eat flesh or Jews drink blood. The fact that these things weren’t true never stopped anybody from making them up.

              • It’s also worth pointing out here that, from an LDS perspective, I’m being extremely rude to talk about the temple ceremony. To a believing Mormon, the temple is cherished. First attendance is often the most special day of the person’s life (unsurprising since it’s often combined with their wedding).

                But it’s not something you talk about. They won’t even talk about it with each other. Maybe with their spouse behind closed doors, maybe with their bishop if they had a question. But it’s considered something to hold quietly within your heart, not chatter about, even with other Mormons, let alone with a non-Mormon who doesn’t cherish or understand it.

                So my talking about it here is, from a Mormon perspective, about on-par with pooping on the temple steps. I’m denigrating it in their eyes. There’s two reasons I’m doing it anyway:

                (1) I’m not a Mormon and therefore have no qualms about learning about the temple ceremony, which hasn’t been secret in years, especially since the Internet. I respect that it’s sacred and cherished to some of my friends, but it’s not to me.

                (2) I don’t see any other way to counter some of the nonsense on here about what Mormons practice and believe.

                But, still, what I’m doing in talking about it would be something that, if done in Mormon company, they would probably get up and walk out. That said, my friends do know I’ve researched the temple ceremony and that I have talked about it before. Amazingly enough, they have yet to take out a hit on me….

                • Jessie-
                  If you read some of my posts, you would realize that I in fact admit that I am not familar with practices of the Mormon Church. Nor did I ever really have an interest in doing so. Up until now, the most I knew was what the nation saw with the cults of the FLDS, with many wives, hundreds of children, and child brides being sacrificed as virgin brides to the criminal and totally sick leader.

                  I have however made somewhat of an effort to be educated on this as it pertains to this case, and Truth and Justice. So sorry that you feel these theories are dumb, and do not wish to see other’s asking questions.

                  None the less, I will continue to learn what I am able to from other’s on this web site, whom I believe provide solid information, contrary to yours. Thankfully, I have been taught to be able to think critically and take all information into account before making any judgements.

                  That being said, I usually discount someone’s information when they begin to treat other’s with disdain.

              • LC: You’re right, not every Mormon is the same. What’s your point? That therefore they take out hits on some unknown kid in Phoenix because he was doin’ the nasty?

                Yup, in other words, that is close to what im saying. To what alot of US are saying. Why is it that you would blv it if it was the president of the church but not TA?? What if the president of the church found out n didnt like it?? What if this president of the church is different from other church presidents? This whole case reeks and WE all can see that the detective Flores has done a SHIT of a job. Why should we blv that there could’ve been evidence, or that ther IS evidence that we still havent seen? Because were pulling these theories out of our butts, just like HLN and everyone else is about THEY’RE theories? ?? Or were just coming up with all of this because WE who blv this, are ALL ignorant about Mormons and hostile towards them, yea thats the whole reason why n how we came up with all of this. Had nothing to do the known facts n past history events.

                So, the dumbest part really is that, ‘IM” NOT coming up with anything new (ur right). WE’VE, well some of us, a lot of us have had conversations about this very same topic and I don’t blv WE’VE all pulled this out of our ass…

                • Lol hey TR…. if thats the case, thdn I guess we’re all or a lot of us are big dummies.

                  Thank god that msg was deleted, before I saw it.

                  Thanks guys!!! ; ))

                • LC-LOL. I’m glad it was deleted too, because I don’t think nonsense needs to be tolerated here. Yes we are in good company here with lots of Dummies. You know what they say, better to be alone than in bad company. So I think I will stay here.

            • I just thought of a loose analogy to help explain why the argument doesn’t work that “SOME Mormons surely hold to blood atonement” or what-have-you:

              In the US, there are groups who don’t accept the validity of the government. The sovereign citizen movement, for example. Those who believe nothing after the second Continental Congress was legal, so the US Constitution is invalid.

              These ideas are by far in the minority, but they do exist. Sometimes they even commit crimes based on these notions that, to most of us Americans, are completely nuts (if we’ve ever even heard of them).

              I think we could probably agree that claiming Timothy McVeigh was a typical American — or at least not an atypical one — is pretty out-there. Even offensive, but mostly just nonsensical.

              These Mormon theories are a lot like that, similar to a non-American pointing to a crime committed by someone like McVeigh and claiming that’s somehow fundamental to being American or the logical conclusion of being American. It’s simply not true, even though a determined person could find examples of it and could even tie them to commonly held American ideals. Same basic idea.

        • Follow the Money not everyone but some, And the reality check is these FREAKS coming on TV SHOWS nightly,TRASHING Arias, they are so WEIRD that’s a real reality check!!

  31. RE: Mormon blood atonement….I found a site with lots and lots of info posted by ex Mormons…..fascinating reading re blood atonement and other Mormon beliefs and practices….also the church’s greed and focus on success and money. There are also lots of articles re Singles wards (apparently during those years when Jodi and Travis would have been together, there was controversy in the church about singles who were still unmarried at age 30)

    To access the site type in Mormon Curtain and it should come up.

    • Thank you, kitty. I still blv something else happened that day n jodi has been scared to tell the truth. Well, the 2nd story she said is what I think happened n they chose not to blv it. And I also blv that someone from the church had something to do with this or they may know about it. Including the roommates.

      I was raeding through TA obituary and I found a msg from someone, said this:

      “My thoughs and prayers are with you daily. I pray for this jury to bring justice for Travis and you, the family. I lost a niece under the same circumstances so WE know the TRUTH, God Bless and give you strength. ”

      The person DIDN’T sign it. I wonder why?! That just sounds weird to me & they can be talking about the young girl that also passed away (Ashley Thompson). So who n what are they saying, they KNOW the TRUTH? ??!!

        • Oh ok so they cant be talking about Ashley. The msg still sounds different to me. The part that says, ” same circumstances so WE know the TRUTH” …… what can they possibly be talking about? What circumstances, what TRUTH??

        • Yes deb she did die in 2010 but no one knows what from. Her obit is under Ashley N Reed not Thompson so maybe her and Dustiin did divorce and she went back to her maiden name.

      • the asley thomas misspelled sorry she died after travis died and she was married to one of the roommates or something like that I read this somewhere

    • One of Travis’s friends said in a interview Travis was trying to get married before he turned 30 because once he turned 30, he is moved to a different social group or different circle within the church, where he is no longer hanging out with the singles crowd (women) between ages 18-29.

      Also, it may have been that same friend or a different friend that said that is why he dumped Jodi. She wasn’t marriage material, and he wanted to break it off so he could find a wife before he turned 30.

      • According to the ex-mormon web site I referenced above (Mormon Curtain), the church was not happy that so many young people in the singles wards were ‘timing out’….enjoying their singles life too much! Of course the church would be very concerned that some young people were not marrying and procreating more Mormon off-spring or settling in to a more monetarily productive life style. The churches solution to this was to, in lieu of forming 30+ singles wards, they “encouraged” married couples to invite these wayward singles(men), to gatherings in married couples homes and to “discuss” with these 30+yr old singles the need to find a wife.

        Seems very weird but if you read about the whole tithing thing and how “successful” families are hit up for even more money beyond their required 10% tithe, within the church it makes perfect sense. It’s like a Ponzi scheme on religious steroids! No wonder Chris and Sky Hughes, et. al, were trying to get rid of Jodi. Personally, I find it to be pretty scary.

        • I am telling you tho whole Groupie thing is FREAKY Travis is breaking up with Jodi obviously just from reading his my Space page having relations with others. And he is going to decide that Jodi Date a Mormon Guy. That is sick.

      • did anyone get to see the enterview with a friend of travis who say he went to his house to pick him up and he was at the top of the stairs and said I’m dealing with my overpossevive exgirfriend and then he thru his phone to the floor.

      • I think his friends are full of it. Travis was in no rush to get married, and I don’t think that aging out of the singles ward freaked him out too much. He still had the chance to meet plenty of single women at PPL gatherings, and he presumably had single female friends from his days in the singles ward. I think he liked his kinky sex with Jodi and had no intention of “breaking it off” to find a wife. He dated “nice” girls periodically to keep up appearances, IMO.

    • While much of the above is true with expungement, expungement is only done in cases when one is truly guilty of the crime they are convicted of. IOW an expungement would never be used to rid an innocent of charges as a requirement is acknowledgement of the bad acts and rehabilitation. Why would an innocent ever do that? .

      If TA was a victim of ID theft and the case was not caught until after the conviction, expungement was not the proper way to deal with it for the reason above and because expunged records are still legal records can have effect someone in future legal problems in sentencing. The proper way is via appeal. Is there any prove one way or another an appeal was done or was not done? Even if there is not. some may chose not to appeal. The convictions are out of state misdemeanors after all, yet still retaining the right to as an option should it be needed down the road. The tell tale would be another charged with the crimes and an added charge of ID theft.

      I personally think it is foolish to hang one’s hat on this, and considering the defense’s reaction – this would have been admissible or would have come out in the public before the jury was seated – I’m inclined to think the defense did too.

      Just because TA, a non-attorney salesman, says it was dealt with in 30 minutes by expungement using his product does not make it so – in fact that claim fails on every level. And yeah, someone might get on the liar, liar pants on fire bus because of that, it really doesn’t matter. TA would not be the first or last to do such a thing – everyone lies.

      • His friend CHAD ON MY SPACE TOLD HIM NOT TO VIOLATE THE TERMS OF HIS Probation. This was before anyone ever saw the record. That is a real criminal record belonging to Travis Victor Alexander and their story is very stupid easily can be exposed I know his Mormon group may cover but that is no identity theft. Right the Phony Travis payed the fine moved to Arizona. Please typical Cult Tactics.

    • Kitty
      I just Didn’t see anything Christ like in their Doctrine For instance, Pick Up Your Cross & Follow Me,
      seems More like Follow the Money ! How to be successful in 3 easy lessons, You can look like a Disney Movie Theology. and I heard so many sought help at Hypocrites anonymous.

  32. Ok this is the bank statement. This is obviously some REAL LIVE BULLSHIT-

    Notice the purchases are not in order. On lines 1-3 the purchases are made in Nevada. line 4 is in California, line 5 is in Nevada, Line 6 in California, line 7 Nevada.
    It is possible she visited this same store twice. The dates on the statement are not shown, they are not reliable either, because they show the date the transaction went thru, not the purchase date.
    Also the fact that the receipt says Salt Lake means nothing. West Jordan is in Salt Lake City county.