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The Mysterious Stench of Decomp & BS

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Following on from Jade’s last post… and the fact that numerous people were in & out of TA’s house between June 4th thru June 9th… all seemingly oblivious to the decomposition stench… today’s post features several photographs from inside the house, taken after CSI had left. This should give you a good idea of the layout in relation to the master bedroom, the air vents, the bathroom, the staircase & the areas where the roommates lived.

Pic #1 – The main staircase:

The doors to the master bedroom are at the very top of the stairs, which everyone would have passed while going to and from their rooms. Also note the air conditioner vent directly above the bedroom doors.

p1 travis alexander decomp stench

Pic #2 – The roommates area:

Looking left from where the above photograph was taken is where the roommates lived. The top left of that picture (above the door frame) also appears to show another air conditioner vent.

p2 travis alexander decomp stench

Pic #3 – The master bedroom doorway:

This is the double-door entrance to the master bedroom at the top of the stairs (as in Pic #1). For reference purposes in the next pictures, note to the right of the door where the carpet has been removed.

p3 travis alexander decomp stench

Pic #4 – The Master bedroom closet/hallway view:

Taken from the far end of the bedroom, this is the view looking back at the main bedroom doors, one of the closet doors, and the hallway leading down to the bathroom.

p4 travis alexander decomp stench

Pic #5 – The view from the  bathroom:

Taken from the bathroom, this is the view looking back down the hallway. Cupboard door to the left… closet door to the right… the piece of wall removed far left of the hallway… and the piece of carpet removed (as in Pics #3 & #4).

p5 travis alexander decomp stench

Pic #6 – The shower:

Moving to the right from Pic #5 above, this picture includes the 2nd closet door and the shower.

p6 travis alexander decomp stench

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Finally, this is a segment from the now infamous Flores Report, highlighting the decomposition stench that was encountered upon entering the house – which strangely enough, nobody else noticed up to that point in time…

(Click the image for a close up view in a new window)

Flores Report text

The yellow highlighted text reads: “There was a strong odor associated with a decomposing body all over the home. This odor was evident as soon as we entered the front door.”

Going on the above pics… the location of the master bedroom… the stairway… the air conditioner vents… and how the roommates & friends were in & out of the house countless times that same week — the the fact that nobody noticed any decomposition stench certainly raises a load more questions.

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