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The Mysterious Boot Print (revisited)

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Not withstanding the blatant state-sponsored evidence tampering and the accompanying unbridled assholery witnessed throughout the trial — there are still countless unanswered questions relating to the events & specific whereabouts of certain people of June 4th, 2008. This includes the photograph of the (still) mysterious boot print (aka “the shoe impression”) found on the tiled floor in the bathroom at the end of the hallway — which was duly photographed, labeled up & documented by Heather Connor, the relatively inept crime scene & latest print examiner.

That same evidence was brought up (and into evidence) by Kermit & Heather Connor on the morning of Trial Day 3. It’s all covered within a short section of the trial video below starting at 13:50. The chart detailing the exact position of the boot print appears at the 14:20 mark…

From my recollection, the morning of Trial Day 3 was the one and only time the boot print evidence was discussed in any capacity.


It didn’t appear there “by magic” – and it’s not an optical illusion… so it can only have been put there during the event… or later that same day (June 4th)… or possibly the day after. In all probability, the blood would have dried after 2 days – so a print from fresh blood would not have been possible.

Taking into account the monumental lack of attention to detail throughout the trial, and the State’s insistence with concentrating on irrelevant items (such as the gas cans, gas receipts, Jodi’s hair color & underwear), it’s hardly surprising that this possible piece of key evidence was bypassed. I mean, why would Kermit want to mess things up for himself and spoil his fairy tale?

After all — and relative to another “high profile” trial — had there been a mysterious bloody shoe/boot print found in the toilet cubicle that did not belong to either Oscar Pistorius or Reeva Steenkamp – I kinda think it would have been thoroughly investigateddon’t you?

In this trial though, that didn’t happen. It was wheeled out in evidence on Trial day 3 and never heard of again.

And there’s this from trial day 5 (October 28th, 2014):

In reply to jurors questions after his direct testimony (the 2nd time around), bungling Flores confirmed that one of the roommates was in the property on June 4th.

MK tweeted it as follows:

jodi arias retrial tweetingz 5
By the way — this is not a cue to start up any Ninja story BS again – so let’s not go down that rocky road. We know WHAT happened on June 4th – and we know WHY it happened. I’ve written this post merely to generate feedback on the boot print itself, and more to the point HOW it might have got there, when, why and who put it there.

To finish off this post, here’s the crime scene photograph of the boot print (circled), followed by the diagram Kermit produced showing the boot print location (arrowed):

crime scene - shoe impression 1

shoe impression 1 - crime scene plan

I’m can’t speculate any further at this point… but it would appear (from the boot print location & direction) that someone was well aware of the bathroom contents several days prior to MCSO showing up – and being knocked over by the documented stench of decomp.

Just sayin’…

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