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With the pedo-huggers once again starting to get “excited” about the upcoming circus re-trial — check out this interesting post, which we initially featured in the site on April 27th 2013.

Says it all really…

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“Kristen, I knew T Dogg long before your daughter or Mimi Hall ever did. He and I go way back. I will correct you on a number of things.

First off he was a victim of sexual assault as a young boy. Secondly, contrary to your belief Travis was devirginated by Deanna LONG before he met Jodi. Third, He was in fact struggling with porn since before his Mission.

One last thing, if Travis’ Bishop had known about his conduct, he would have been sent to the High Council for Excommunication. If he was “Repenting” he wouldn’t have been having sex with Jodi right before she killed him and he wouldn’t be on record as saying “I want to tie you to a tree and put it in your @$$.”

In short whatever you thought you knew about Travis is of course A LIE perpetuated by a group of clowns trying desperately to maintain a facade for a dead and dishonored A-Hole. The only liar in this whole mess is Travis. He disrespected himself, his faith, his girlfriends, and God.

As you know as a member of the Church, GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. Travis was mocking him and paid for it. Travis was a fraud and it is time to face that stark reality! He is no hero and he is not worthy of the credit given him, in this life or the next. He died the mockers death at the hands of a woman he emotionally, physically, and sexually abused. He WAS NOT a Decent Man. A decent man would have grovelled on his knees for Jodi to forgive him and beg her marry him.

He was the scum of the earth and everything I despise in a “Jack Mormon”. Truth be known, Jodi saved Mimi Hall from loosing her virtue to the dirt bag. Jodi deserves a Medal of Honor instead of a trial.”

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      • I think it is time Jodi comes out with the truth. I think she is probably the most courageous and true hero. I, as well as everyone I know, knows the truth is that Jodi is saying this defense because she is still protecting her family. The one’s who killed Travis are the Mormon mafia who kill those who do the things Travis did. And Jodi tried to save his life, and they almost killed her. So she is such a hero that she refuses to name the person and is even willing to die for her family. She tried to save the life of the man who beat her. So Jodi, just save yourself and finally say that you have been protecting your family all this time. That you were willing to die to protect your family. It is the job of the Arizona police to protect your family not yours. Everyone will realize you are a true hero.

  1. Well, we know this person is credible because I assume this was written before Deanna took the stand.
    Also wanted to ask, Team Jodi, where will be getting our information from when the retrial starts? Will Kiefer be covering it?

    • I think Kiefer is who we’d been counting on, and I’m still hopeful he might be more diligent watching the actual trial, but he kinda bailed on jury selection this week – watched the first two hours and then never went back.

      In his absence, CanadaCarol found this guy: – and he seems to be pretty good. Haven’t seen him make any snarky comments about Jodi anyway – or retweet any either.

      That said, I am still not clear on what level of media access to the trial there will be. I *think* what was settled on was ONE media seat in the courtroom, and an overflow room for media that would seat 48,

      • Thanks Journee and Pandora for responding and good find Carol! I just clicked the link and it says he has a blog coming soon about JA. Hopefully, he isn’t a hater.

        P.S. Pandora – it’s ‘juanderful’ bullfrog 🙂

        • Being from LA and as far as I know, free-lance I find that his perspective is much more objective than the others covering it, at least so far. He is consistent in his tweets and gives descriptive info so you can follow what is happening. He seems to be very observant, and I really appreciate his style of writing so he’s the one I will be following for the duration.


    • Vicky, there will be a lot of our friends there during the trial that will share the details with us! At least we’ll get to know the facts and not what scoopy wants the world to know… how ‘juanderful’ her frog was (I just puked a bit in my mouth!) 🙄

      • Pandora – I have been meaning to ask you or maria, since you’re both friendly with the gal who’s been going to court with Jodi this week. Are general public spectators permitted to have their electronics in the courtroom? Phones, tablets, etc.? Or is that restricted to media? It would be great if there were actual TEAM JODI folks who were able to tweet for us!

    • I think she probably did – just didn’t realize before that time that his sex addiction issues had led him across that particular line.

      Alcoholics and drug addicts may have their poison of choice, but when they’re jonesing, any poison will do. It’s the same with sex addiction. There are also reports of Collins having had rendezvous with hundreds of men. I don’t think he’s gay or bi or a pedophile – he’s just a sex addict, and any kind of sex will do.

      • She described it as “a shotgun going off in her face” and I assume that’s when she found out in 2012 when this tape was made.. His profession would have given him lots of opportunity and was probably away from home a lot. What a devastating thing for a wife to learn – no wonder their divorce is contentious.

        • Eh, yeah, but don’t forget who made the tape, and why. This information wasn’t *news* to her anymore when she made that tape – Collins even makes several references to a (written?) disclosure statement, of which she was certainly aware.

          Grant probably did feel like she’d been shot in the face when she discovered the extent of her husband’s serial philandering. Shot in the face and justifiably enraged. But the vast majority of Collins’ illicit liaisons weren’t illegal, and she had no recourse there. However, she did know about the three girls and set out to get THAT on tape so she could sic the law on him. And NYPD has had the tape for nearly three years, so why is this the first we’re hearing about it?

          Just a caution to be wary, because this case begs to be over-sensationalized and it will be difficult to find the true facts. Example of the over-sensationalization – the word being thrown around in the media (even by Dr. Phil, and he should know better), the one I used above, isn’t accurate. The girls mentioned in the tapes were aged 11-14 and considered pubescent. Someone attracted to pubescent children is not a pedophile but a hebephile.

          Anyway – sorry for off-topic digression, SJ and ADMIN – but I do think that we in particular should know better than to jump on any media blitz bandwagon.

          • Of course I agree that one should not take media’s word, but since release of the tape, his own attorney’s response was only that it was for extortion, and no denial of the contents of what was revealed. He has not denied it, and resigned from the actors’ guild. She turned it over to police in CA as directed.

            IMO, a man having interest in pubescent girls isn’t off topic.

      • What I would like the HLN network and their commentators, Jane Velez Mitchell, Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace to realize is the huge miscarriage of justice they are guilty of. GUILTY. Let them go ahead and act shocked and appalled all they want for the cameras but the truth is they are one of the main reason that this trial has been such a tragedy. Spewing their hate and blood thirsty thoughts over the air waves without any true fact base should be stopped. They have taken people who never really knew either Travis or Jodi and allowed them to create lie after lie for the public to form unfair and wrong opinions of them. People who just want their 15 seconds of fame, no matter who they hurt or what lies they tell. The very ones who have accused Jodi of being a liar are the liars. Did they ever stop to think that maybe they have been interviewing the actual murderers and are too blinded by $$ to figure it out? How may a person ever receive a fair and honest verdict when the media keeps spewing their never ending lies. Jane, is one of the first ones to jump on the band wagon to write a fictional book under the pretense of being the truth for her own profit. Horrible. For their information and anyone else’s, Jodi has always showed remorse for whatever happened the day Travis died. Maybe they should stop trying to capitalize off Travis and Jodi’s tragedy. Perhaps JVM and NG might try to actually do their job, which is to broadcast the actual news instead of creating a massive “circus of injustice” for people who have been wrongly convicted. This could be anyone in America’s tragedy at any given moment. It could happen to you and me. Is the treatment that Jodi Arias has been given what any of us would want for ourselves or our family members? I think not.
        Jodi is a kind hearted, sweet, compassionate young woman who has been abused by Travis Alexander, his friends and family, his co-workers, his church members, the Arizona justice system and the media. Jodi is and has tried to help others in the same situation as she has found herself in. Jodi has continued, despite the hate thrown at her, to give unconditionally to those who she believes to need help. Jodi has been criticized for practically anything she has ever worn, said or done. How would anyone hold up to such abuse? It is absolutely impossible.
        When will the taxpayers of Maricopa County, Arizona open their eyes and see the TRUTH for what it really is. See what a mess their Judge and Prosecutor has made for them to clean up and pay for. The citizens of Maricopa County appear to be more interested in the color of their prosecutor’s tie instead of where is the money coming from to pay for his ties. Why are they not interested in their Prosecutor’s extra-curricular activities?

        • Agreed, R.Love. The media, especially HLN, took a young woman who was caught up in a highly volitile, abusive relationship that ended in tragedy, and portrayed her as a vicious, deceptive woman who led a young Mormon man astray by enticing him with her sexual wiles. And, this approach was hammered home over & over until a good percentage of the public believed Jodi was the most evil, dangerous woman to ever enter Arizona. And, when main stream media saw HLN’s ratings & viewership shoot up, they had reporters like Troy Hayden and Ryan Owens approach Jodi’s story with a smirking, sarcastic, mocking style, not unlike HLN’s style. Jodi was guilty in the media’s eyes and in the eyes of their followers long before Jodi ever took the stand. It has got to be one of the most unfair trials in Arizona (maybe even the USA) history mainly due to an overwhelming biased media.

          • Might I add, if The Arizona Justice system had taken the plea deal then this whole trial would have been over and done 6 years ago (which Jodi wanted) and we would have never heard about Travis Alexander or Jodi Arias. So STOP blaming Jodi for this Web of Corruption. Unfortunately, the Great Green Frog and his “Law” associates took it upon themselves to try to make a name for themselves ( I haven’t forgotten about Martinez’s book of Lies either) by over charging and persecuting an innocent young woman for one of the worst days of her life. . .the day Travis Alexander’s temper took control of him. Let us all place the blame where it belongs, on Travis Alexander, himself, and his so-called friends and roommates. The very ones who took it upon themselves to direct the incompetent Detective to the wrong murderer. Anybody would know if someone is pointing a finger they had better take a look at the person behind that finger. WHO has profited the most from this murder trial? The Hughes, The Family and The Media. . .not Jodi Arias who they all have proclaimed to be getting rich! Jodi is fighting for her life while they all are cashing in on this in every direction. This tragedy has been botched and misrepresented to the public from the start.
            The cover up is obvious to everyone who has bothered to take the time to read up on the true facts. Taxpayers WAKE UP!! DRINK SOME COFFEE AND figure it out . . .you are being used also. . . so a select chosen few could live the life styles of the rich and famous. Each one of you have jumped on the band wagon of SHAME and are riding it to HELL if you don’t wake up! This could happen to you if you live in Maricopa County. . .none of you are safe.
            I am appalled,disgusted and tired of the incompetence of the “officers of the Law” in this case with their circus trial. All of them should be locked up until the truth is heard from them, one and all.
            Jodi Arias should be released for time served. PERIOD! (((((JODI & HER FAMILY)))))

            • And you know sometimes I can’t help thinking (putting everything else aside) why the HELL did the Alexander family needed donations for gas money if it was THEY who pushed for a ”no deal”???? If they weren’t satisfied and encouraged Kermit to not accept the deal, they should have at least wore their big girls’ and boys’ pants on and pay for THEMSELVES instead of ripping off TA supporters. FFS, if Jodi’s parents even thought of something like that (which they did NOT) they would have been vilified!
              And last I heard, Tanisha and the rest have NOT filed for bankruptcy, RIGHT?!

          • Thanks CC and I agree with you too coldcase53!
            TODAY, I am just fed up with ALL of THEM!
            Going to pray for divine intervention, right now! ♥

        • Yes, well-said R!
          Unfortunately for HLN and the people workign for it to understand what we’ve been saying all along and to realize how much they contribute in crucifying defendants thus practically stripping them of their right to a fair trial, it would presuppose that they actually have a CONSCIENCE! Which I’m convinced they don’t. They go to bed at night, thinking they did nothing wrong. Just like so many other immoral people whose job includes taking advantage of people, stepping on whoever gets in their way, or just like paparazzis and tabloid reporters: they just don’t care….

          • ♥ Maria! 🙂 BUT we care and we will not turn a blind eye to it like they have.
            The whole world is watching them. 🙄

  2. How could people praise a man that was an abuser, a manipulator, a user and a narcissist? That didn’t respect other human beings, his religion/cult and never followed the rules. Rules didn’t apply to him? They made him out to be this saint! Saint of evil, I’d add!

    And ya, people will say: well why are you guys praising Jodi? Lemme tell you why:
    -Because she is a respectful human being that was abused by this animal, over and over and had the strength and courage to say ENOUGH when push came to shove!
    -Because justice was DENIED to her and she has been wronged by the justice system.
    -Because we actually KNOW Jodi! We talk to her. We read her letters! We know she is a graceful, kind, loving woman!

    How many of those that praise travis really knew him? How many of them think that travis would have given them the time or day – unless it was to make money off of them or to serve a purpose for him… I’m guessing few! I’m guessing, to be noticed by travis, you had to be an attractive woman, a thick wallet or an insecure individual that he could manipulate and use you…

  3. Hi Pandora,

    Good points.

    “Praising TA” is actually an unfortunate offshoot of being socially retarded (and a pedo-hugger). It’s like when the haters take their frustrations out on Jodi. It’s a futile attempt to blame someone else (i.e. Jodi) for their own shortfalls & countless failures… but they fail miserably at that too. They’ve failed at everything else they’ve ever tried to achieve in their lives (job-wise & relationship-wise for example), so that should be no big surprise to them. It’s how their DNA is programmed.

    Like I’ve said before: Any certified haters should be prohibited (medically) from reproducing. Their children taken into protective care… and their pets safely re-homed. They are just not safe (nor mentally stable enough) to be left alone unsupervised in any capacity.

    Team Jodi

    • No, no…. Actually I’d rather they kept their children, their DAUGHTERS in particular.

      Oh how I hope they have daughters. Daughters to whom I’d dare them (haters) to reply ”You liar!!!! This is NOT abuse, shut up and go to your bedroom allready!” if they came back home one evening bruised or with their finger broken and permanently disformed.

  4. I noticed the “8th Amendment to the United States Constitution” has been mentioned in relation to Jodi’s case. I didn’t even know what was in it but decided to look today. What caught my eye was the Cruel & Unusual Punishment Clause. It not only prevents the federal government from imposing this type of punishment but the Supreme Court has ruled that this amendment also applies to the states. When I read the section below – “3 factors that were to be considered in determining if the sentence is excessive” – I realized this is what Pandora was writing about in “Why Is The State of Arizona Trying To Kill Jodi Arias?” It especially applies to “(ii) the sentences imposed on other criminals in the same jurisdiction.” Her document also could apply to (iii) and perhaps (i) below. I expect most Americans & Greek girls (women!) understood the connection but I (not an American nor a greek woman) didn’t clue in until today. I knew it was an important document but didn’t realize it related to the 8th Amendment. Live & learn, eh?

    “The Court outlined three factors that were to be considered in determining if the sentence is excessive: “(i) the gravity of the offense and the harshness of the penalty; (ii) the sentences imposed on other criminals in the same jurisdiction; and (iii) the sentences imposed for commission of the same crime in other jurisdictions.”

    • If anyone is interested in Susan Mellen’s story, there is a video @ Innocence Matters. It’s one hell of a story. Bring Kleenex. I tried to post it, put it disappeared (3rd post I’ve lost in a week).

      • LOL, I thought you meant it was about you!! 🙄 I have never heard of that particular crazy. Think how many children are being influenced by the hate filled people in our world today. . . sad. One of the things I like about Sandra is, if someone is in the wrong she doesn’t mind to let them know about it! She is one smart cookie!

        • She’s the blogger that took exception to being called that and was giving some of us a hard time, Justus especially. She called me Crazy Carol and the Canadian Troll after one comment about Tara, but that’s cute that you thought it was me. SW calls it like she sees it and doesn’t let bullies push her around.


  5. Scoopy is starting up Trial Talk with some character named Jarrett Seltzer of Fast Rice Productions, which they will be charging a membership fee and running so many shows a week.

    Shake, shake ……

    • I think they’ve just got it whittled down to the 38 they need for the next phase of selection, which would be voire dire. Last I heard it was voire dire that is scheduled for 10/16, Each side gets 10 strikes in that phase, and they need to end up with 18. They’d ended up on Wednesday with just over 40 (41 I think?) so they were witting that down after everyone left.

      Lindstrom seemed to be indicating that those 38 would HAVE to be taken in numerical order according to the numbers they were assigned on Monday.

      • Beth Karas @BethKaras · Oct 8

        Courtroom in #jodiarias remains closed. Motion to dismiss DP expected to be argued on 10/16. Jury to be sworn on same day.

        Beth Karas @BethKaras · Oct 8

        It appears attorneys are exercising their strikes today in #jodiarias in private. Jury will be selected soon but not sworn until 10/16.

              • Voire dire is direct questioning of the jurors. I’m aware that the last four seem to have been done individually, but the others were done in groups.

                I dunno – maybe that was voire dire.

                But then again – maybe Karas was making assumptions. Other media – Erickson for example – stayed in that room the whole time the white noise was running, and then court was adjourned. So how did Karas know what the others didn’t? Has she taken Scoopy’s place? lol

                • Beth and scoopy are best-est friends don’t you know? I think scoopy had to run off to a tv gig. I hang around for the last tweets and it seems scoopy always has a scoop on the others. She must work hard for it.

                • When I posted the tweets on the 8th, there is one after everybody else quit from MC Superior Court that jury selection resumes which was 28 mins old at 3:39. BK’s tweet was 4 mins before I posted and then at 4:08 she tweets that the jury was picked, which means they started at 3:11 and finished at 4:08. So that’s why I think it was a short voir dire.

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