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Check out this interesting post, which we initially featured in the site on April 27th last year.

Says it all really…

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“Kristen, I knew T Dogg long before your daughter or Mimi Hall ever did. He and I go way back. I will correct you on a number of things.

First off he was a victim of sexual assault as a young boy. Secondly, contrary to your belief Travis was devirginated by Deanna LONG before he met Jodi. Third, He was in fact struggling with porn since before his Mission.

One last thing, if Travis’ Bishop had known about his conduct, he would have been sent to the High Council for Excommunication. If he was “Repenting” he wouldn’t have been having sex with Jodi right before she killed him and he wouldn’t be on record as saying “I want to tie you to a tree and put it in your @$$.”

In short whatever you thought you knew about Travis is of course A LIE perpetuated by a group of clowns trying desperately to maintain a facade for a dead and dishonored A-Hole. The only liar in this whole mess is Travis. He disrespected himself, his faith, his girlfriends, and God.

As you know as a member of the Church, GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. Travis was mocking him and paid for it. Travis was a fraud and it is time to face that stark reality! He is no hero and he is not worthy of the credit given him, in this life or the next. He died the mockers death at the hands of a woman he emotionally, physically, and sexually abused. He WAS NOT a Decent Man. A decent man would have grovelled on his knees for Jodi to forgive him and beg her marry him.

He was the scum of the earth and everything I despise in a “Jack Mormon”. Truth be known, Jodi saved Mimi Hall from loosing her virtue to the dirt bag. Jodi deserves a Medal of Honor instead of a trial.”

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  1. “He was the scum of the earth”.
    It rings so true! I totally subscribe to that!
    Turns out our “Holy Virgin” was deflowered long before he met Jodi. But his church buddies don’t want the truth to come out, they want ereryone to blame Jodi for Travis’s devirgination (among other things).

  2. To be brave is to behave
    bravely when your heart is faint.
    So you can be really brave
    only when you really ain’t.

    Piet Hein

    (((((((((( Jodi ♥ ♥ ♥ )))))))))

  3. Does anyone know who wrote this to ‘Kristen’? And who is Kristen?

    “In short whatever you thought you knew about Travis is of course A LIE perpetuated by a group of clowns trying desperately to maintain a facade for a dead and dishonored A-Hole. The only liar in this whole mess is Travis. He disrespected himself, his faith, his girlfriends, and God.

    As you know as a member of the Church, GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. Travis was mocking him and paid for it. Travis was a fraud and it is time to face that stark reality! He is no hero and he is not worthy of the credit given him, in this life or the next. He died the mockers death at the hands of a woman he emotionally, physically, and sexually abused. He WAS NOT a Decent Man.”

    Lemme just try and translate a greek saying: “May this person’s (that wrote this) mouth become holy” (Να αγιάσει το στόμα του/της).

    Although I am not involved in religions, I will have to agree with this person writing this passage. If someone believes in God and follows a religion or a cult BUT in a blink of the eye is doing everything his/her religion/cult does not allow, then it IS mockery! He was an elder in his religion/ cult: people were looking up to him. He was a fraud!

    My perspective is more ‘KARMA is a bitch: she doesn’t turn a blind eye!’

    travis had it coming. Did he actually think that he’d always get away with his sins? HE DID NOT PRACTICE WHAT HE PREACHED!

      • Alexis,

        Go to the TAGS —–> and click on Deanna’s name in the cluster (3rd or 4th line). It will take you to the original post in April of last year. (The comments aren’t about Deanna really much at all.) That post was originally found on another site. If you click on the comments from that day last year and go down to about the fourteenth, there is one claiming to be from that person again, (looks like it) or maybe more than one comment if you keep going, as I recall. I’ve read the stuff a few times and asked myself more than once if their author was actually a very angry woman, not a man, but I doubt it.

    • Travis was THE scumbag of the Earth. Actually, ”scumbag” may not be a strong enough word to describe what a POS he was. In my humble opinion, of course. 😉

      I would like to have seen the person who wrote the answer to that Kristen person, going all over the media and SHARING his/her opinion!!! THAT’S what being a brave person means. Hiding behind a computer while a battered woman is fighting for her life is a coward act. Jodi surely needed people verifying some parts of her story.

      Last year, when commenting on this thread I expressed my desire to see that person on the stand, as a witness for the defense but my dear AA corrected me and said this would be impossible since it would be considered ”Hearsay”. AA was so helpful, she had so much insight 🙁 I definitely miss her.
      So, here I am a year later having pretty much the same opinion. IF this is for real why not coming forth??? FFS, Jodi had myriads of people bashing her on a daily basis, HLN even had her Art teacher as a guest!!! Poor girl could sure use some help but some people chose the easy way out apparently…

      • Do you mean AA always abused? If so, I miss her too. I hope she’s reading this. I have a feeling she does once in while 😉

          • Yes, it was Also Abused I was talking about. I miss her as much as I miss other old posters. MB for example. LC,Moni, joujoubaby, Sil, Sirlips, Al…to name but a few.
            I hope they read here.

    • Pandora,

      The writer of this was addressing a woman named Kirsten on a page called “rotten eggs”. Kirsten identified herself as a close friend or relative of Marie (Mimi) Hall and was ridiculing Jodi for having “Stolen Travis Virginity”. By the time I read that, I had reached my boiling point.

      I appreciate your comment “May the person (who wrote this) mouth become Holy”

      The words are mine and yes I have something more to say, but I will say it at another time and place when it counts.

      Many of you may not believe in God, but I do. While many of you feel anger toward the Mormon Faith for what has happened to Jodi, I am asking for you to let that go. Travis was the rouge here not our Mormon Faith or the people in it. Travis was the perpetrator of evil, not us!

      Before this is over, the Priesthood of God, meaning the Elders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, will speak on Jodi’s behalf. When we do, the vilification that Jodi has been subject to will be egg on the faces of all those who believed and perpetrated the facade that Travis was a Saint.

      Before this is over, The Priesthood of God will defend the Life and Liberty of Jodi Arias.

      Until that day comes, I need your thoughts and prayers, and more importantly, Jodi and her family NEED your thoughts and prayers.

      For most of you this whole thing is a topic of conversation. For the select few of us, it does not get any more real than having a human life in your hands. One misstep, One Simple Mistake, One Forgotten Memory, or possibly even this post, will result in her death.

      I am here and I have her back and when the time comes, I will need all of you to have mine.

      • Hey there Danites,

        I do sure hope that someone will step forward and speak in Jodi’s favor. But please explain to me why – if as you say that there are people that support Jodi in your Mormon Faith – haven’t they spoken up to this day? Where were they when Jodi was on trial? Where were they when she was being dragged in the mud? Where are they even today when stones are still thrown at her?

        As I said, I’m an agnostic but have read a lot about different religions, may I please quote something from the bible?

        John 8:7, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

        You say: “I am here and I have her back and when the time comes, I will need all of you to have mine.” What do you mean? Are you being threatened by anyone?

        • Pandora,
          People need to understand that in the first instance, the story that spread from the moment Travis was found came from the mouth of Mimi Hall and everyone that there that night. Immediately the calls went out that Travis is dead, it looks like a homicide and Jodi is the suspect.
          Then Jodi is arrested and has her ninja story…
          None of us knew what the real story was until Jodi explained it on the stand. We had no idea how long this relationship had gone on, and what they were doing together. We did not even know of their sexual misadventures until Jodi explained it on the stand.
          We simply did not know.

          How can you defend someone or speak on their behalf if you do not know that you have to?

          All I knew was that my friend was dead and some alleged bitter and twisted ex-girlfriend butchered him. NOW I KNOW DIFFERENT.

          Am I under threat? Yes.
          From who? Do you really need to ask that question? Imagine the idea of throwing your friend under the bus in front of a global audience that thinks he’s a Perfect Saint with his family watching you do it, and knowing that family has earned 1.2 million reasons to keep Travis a Saint with their little gas money fraud fund.

          • Wow, I didn’t know the Alexander’s gas money donation scheme has netted them so much money, I’m stunned!
            I WOULD feel for those poor suckers who donated to the Alexanders, if they weren’t such haters.

          • It would have been great if the jury could have heard what you have to say about Travis. It just might have factored into their decision. Might even have changed the verdict.

            But it’s useless in appellate court. They’re not going to overturn an M1 conviction just because someone steps forward to say the victim wasn’t a good guy. The only way that information *might* be pertinent in appeals is if you had taken that information to the prosecution and they had squelched it. THAT could overturn the conviction.

            Oh, and Jodi never told a ‘ninja’ story.

            • I’m gonna have to agree with Journee, Danites Revenge. Though I appreciate that you have good intentiond, I don’t see how you can help Jodi at this point.

              You say : ” …but I will say it at another time and place WHEN IT COUNTS.”
              I do wish you could elaborate on that. Didn’t it count when Jodi was fighting for her life? When the media was crucifying 24/7?

              The girl has already been convicted of M1, she will spend her entire life in prison either faced with a Death penalty or LWOP (which is pretty much the same, to me) So, when is the right time to come forth??? And why nobody has done so already?

              I understand when you say you didn’t know about Travis’ misbehavior and their sexcapades etc but come on, could no one contact the Defense Team AFTER Jodi’s testimony? Maybe they could have used you as a witness during the first sentencing phase, have you ever thought of that????? Remember Jodi had no one to speak on her behalf? The DT had advised her parents and siblings to NOT take the stand (her mother had even written something to read to the Jury yet she was told not to) and Patty her friend was too afraid due to threats…

              So, here we are with a wrongful conviction that can’t and won’t be overturned because Appellate Courts simply do not work like that. Your going public and defending Jodi will not help her law wise. And if you say you didn’t know any of the specifics, wouldn’t it just be Hearsay or just basing your opinion on Jodi’s testimony? I can already hear Nancy Grace and Martinez harping on what a big liar Jodi is and believing her version of the story only makes someone gullible.

              Bottom line? I admire your courage to say something that is obviously an unpopular opinion among TA’s friends. However, you were TOO late and now your voice(s) will only be a mutter among the blood-thirsty cries of the haters’ hordes.

              Sorry if I sound offensive, I am not. I am just hurt, bittered and saddened that this young woman was grossly overcharged and has to suffer this ridiculously anachronistic witch hunt…

              • I can appreciate what I frightening prospect it would be to take the stand in open court and say what Dan has to say about Travis.

                We all saw the prosecutor’s behavior and the way he treated anyone who dared to say anything that didn’t support his theories %100. That’s why prosecutorial misconduct *might* be an appellate hope for Jodi… it had the effect of intimidating witnesses who might have testified otherwise.

                We also saw what happened to Alyce. Anyone who might’ve convinced themselves to brave the wrath of Martinez and take the stand to say something unflattering about Travis would go hide in a corner again after seeing what happened to Alyce. That is WHY what happened to Alyce was a CRIME – NOT just a crime against Alyce but a CRIME AGAINST JODI and a CRIME AGAINST JUSTICE. It had the effect of silencing anyone else who might speak up with unflattering words about Travis. So that is another significant appellate hope for Jodi.

                I am not unsympathetic to Dan, or anyone else who might have said something at trial. My comments were only to say that “WHEN IT COUNTS” has passed. Travis’ true nature won’t matter in the appellate courts. Only the due process of law matters in the appellate courts.

            • Yes ((Journee)), I AGREE with you when you said above, that: “Oh, and Jodi never told a ‘ninja’ story “. …I looked at the 7:07min police interrogation video when she described the two intruders as wearing something like beanies that cover the whole face, that is just what most robbers wear sometimes. …She did NOT say the word “ninja” & she did NOT tell a ninja story. … ..I think that someone like the ‘media’ may have ‘manufactured’ this ‘ninja’ word in order to ridicule her interrogation story. … …Of course, I do believe there may have been some person or two that may have been there either after she left in a hurry, or while she was defending herself from Travis’ powerful grip & could have interacted with Jodi & Travis. …I said over 11 months ago that I believe the (spent shell casing) was found by someone & moved to the top of the blood patch. ..This may have been done for no particular reason, just as they threw water on the floor & tried to clean up their presence. …I do not believe that they actually planned to change the (appearance) of the accidental gunshot (to last), but it certainly let the prosecution get the coroner to align his autopsy reasoning with the bullet casing on top of the blood patch, (IMHO) & argue the shot was last. … … …Remember the words: (Let them eat cake) ? …I Googled: Marie Antoinette, …and read that there is no evidence that she ever did say that, but it was probably a (((journalistic cliche))), …((used no doubt, to make Queen Antoinette seem non caring & arrogant)). … …In the Jodi case, if the media created this ((journalistic cliche)) about Jodi, perhaps it is the very first thing that the anti-Jodi public believes (incorrectly) to be her “first lie” in this case. …Perhaps this entire case is built on ((Journalistic Cliches)) that translates her terror (in her Fugue State) into the appearance of her being untruthful on purpose. …I believe that she is innocent & she is being railroaded. … ( IMHO) …

          • Hi Dan. It is sad you lost a friend and had a false view of him. It was a double hit for you. Losing a friend is very hard and then to find out that they had been leading a double life like Travis had would certainly be hard to deal with. Just know that Jodi was caught up in a mess and didn’t know what was happening to her. Jodi was in way over her head. She had Travis’s friends accusing her and a Detective who was lazy and didn’t bother to investigate this beyond Jodi. Then we have the Arizona justice system which is appearing to be very corrupt. Unfortunately, these people have sacrificed Jodi to protect themselves and profit from it. The whole world knows it. These people will pay for their crimes. Hopefully, the justice system in Arizona will correct the mess they have made. Jodi should be free and Travis’s family (if they really care about him) should be more involved in uncovering the lies that have been told and committed against Travis and Jodi. Yes, money is at the root of this circus and it is time for the gravy train to stop. Dan, it is apparent that you are a strong individual. I applaud your bravery for standing up for the truth. . . it is right thing to do. . .justice will prevail. I will pray for your protection and guidance and that you will continue to support finding the truth about Travis Alexander’s death.

            • “The greatest homage we can pay to truth, is to use it.” James Russell Lowell

              “It is man that makes truth great, not truth that makes man great.” Confucius

              If it is true that you, Dan, and the Mormon Church will stand up for Jodi . . . there is no need to put it off any longer . . .it is time to be truthful no matter what the consequences are. Never put off what is in your heart to do. We only go through this life once so be sure you have no regrets. You are in my prayers.

                • With the passage of time, we see among the various support pages/blogspots that dedicated people have labored on for many months now, a serious comprehension of the action Jodi was forced to take in her own defense. It is indeed a sliver of light in the darkness we try to push back to hear from Dan, however conflicted he feels right now.

                  As I considered Dan’s comments above, I found myself at a loss for words. In reaching for my little paperback, Great Quotes from Great Leaders, it fell open, revealing the following:

                  “His importance to the scientific world is unparalleled. Aristotle invented the study of formal logic and applied its principles to physics, chemistry, biology and zoology.
                  Also, his ability to look at the phenomenon of human existence stretched across the areas of psychology and literature.”

                  And here are some of his words:

                  “The difference between being an educated and uneducated man is the same difference as between being alive and dead.”

                  “Hope is a waking dream.”

                  “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

                  “A man is the origin of his actions.”

                  “Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.”

                  “A likely impossibility is always preferable to an unconvincing possibility.”

                  “With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it.”

                  “Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in the consciousness that we deserve them.”

                  Jodi’s case will ultimately turn on logic and science, not “snapshot” impressions and prejudiced hearsay. The law is what will “have her back” when Jodi is finally accorded the due process to which she has an unalienable right.

          • i respect you dan for doing the right thing. Im sure this was all kept in the dark. He was no saint at all. he was a player who played with the wrong one. i dont condemn murder but i know why she snapped. I sure do. You are brave to come out with your comment. thanks

      • “For most of you this whole thing is a topic of conversation. For the select few of us, it does not get any more real than having a human life in you hands.” Last night as I tried to sleep I could not help but think of Dan’s words. This is NOT just a topic of conversation for all of us. We are the select few who have realized what and is happening to a dear sweet human named Jodi. SJ has made it possible for us to gather and do our best to filter through the web of lies but we unfortunately are not close enough to the people who have been involved in this mess. If only we had been given the golden opportunity that is Dan’s and whoever else knows the truth, Jodi Ann Arias would be a free woman today. So NO Dan, you are not alone in your quest to help Jodi. Jodi is much more to all of us than a topic of conversation. JAII has been leading the way for a long time to show the wrong doers in this case to do the right thing. . .Stand up For Jodi. . .Stand Up for Justice. . .do not be afraid of a bunch of money-grubbing evil doers. Do not be responsible for protecting the guilty. I would much rather defend Jodi to the end than make this circus continue for one more second. Do not hide yourself in the lion’s den any longer, the truth will protect you. Just know we are here for the long haul and we will not go away or be quite about the injustice that Arizona has committed against Jodi. All that are responsible for this will be discovered and will pay for their crimes. It is never too late to do the Right thing. As always I will continue to pray for God to protect all of the innocent in this ordeal. At the top of my list is Jodi Arias.

        • Right. Jodi and what happened to her is NOT a topic of conversation. Actuslly, I wish there was nothing to talk about. I wish Jodi had NEVER met Travis and I wish she had never become a Mormon. Travis abused her and the Mormons abandoned her when she was fighting for her life.

          I am glad Dan’s reaching out to us, but he must remember that for those of us who wear our hearts on our sleeces and take matters to heart this is a painful experience as well.

  4. Many have already seen the following theory I have about people, but for those who haven’t, let me briefly iterate: I believe there are two types of people in this world. There are those whom I call the “dancers” who want to move in unison with you, trying not to trip you or step on your toes. Then there are the “game players” who see other people as either opponents or game pieces to be manipulated and maneuvered according to some rules only they know. Game players can “play” like they are dancing with you but are really just figuring out how they can best win “the game”, by any means possible. Jodi is a dancer; Travis was a game player; Martinez and his adoring fans are game players where winning is important above all else, even truth. And the reason I bring this up is because this morning I was thinking about the Devil’s handmaiden, Nancy Grace, and her stint on “Dancing with the Stars”. Is there any doubt as to why she can’t dance worth a lick? She’s so very much of a game player that she can’t even pretend to dance; it’s simply too painful for her because she has to be in control at all times lest she lose “the game.”

    • Justus,

      I like your theory. It definitely holds up! …and got me to thinking:

      To convey the message that they place a high value on the friendship/relationship and can be counted on in a pinch is a high priority for folks who try to “get over” on others. At the very least, people who put out that sort of self-promotion early in a friendship can turn out to be competitive in an unhealthy way.

      On the other hand, dancers know talk is cheap; you don’t hear that sort of blather from them. If they do you a favor, it’s without fanfare, but it is effective. They won’t throw water, either, when you’ve achieved something, just to game you! Dancers are happy in the company of successful people.

      The sort of dis-function you refer to stems from a false belief that there is not enough love and happiness to go around. One may try to convince a game player otherwise, but it can’t be taught. Those with a get-over-on-everyone-before-they-get-over-on-you mentality will only come to an understanding of life’s abundance by squarely addressing their own personal beliefs and by being honest with themselves about the negative emotions they harbor with respect to the individuals they are closest to.

      One may intuitively attempt to apply a salve to a game player’s festering resentments by showing them kindness, but not much good can come of doing that at one’s own expense. If being overly tolerant seems an easy way out of the emotional trap a gamer has set, forget it. Playing along with a gamer only expands the size of their playing field. It might seem that our presence in that person’s life is making them happy, but it is crucial to observe what it actually is that makes a gamer feel secure and content.

      As you said, Justus: “[they] see other people as either opponents or game pieces to be manipulated and maneuvered according to some RULES ONLY THEY KNOW” [<——my caps].

      A person playing by their own rules will seize on something relatively innocuous, magnifying it so that it diminishes their "adversary" disproportionately to its net value. A person can either try to dig themselves out of the (punishing) hole the game player has imagined they should be in or call foul and a time out. They can choose to shut the game out. We are not obligated to play, only to keep moving.

      Thankfully, there are many, many, more dancers in this life than there are gamers.

      Thank you for posting that again, Justus.

      • Good points Justus and whichtrial!
        Congrats to our Journee on #1 !!!
        (((((((TEAM JODI))))))))

        Pandora and SJ have a Great Time for All of Us!!!!!! We expect pictures!!

      • Whichtrial, I hope you’re right about there being more dancers than game players in this world. After this experience with Jodi (and the extreme nastiness we’ve seen from the general public) I’ve not been too sure that we are not outnumbered.

  5. Hello everyone! I am writing to you from London!!!!

    Yesterday, when SJ flew me in to London on his private jet, we took a walk around London and among other activities (shopping sprees, eating out, visiting Madame Tussauds museum, etc.) we talked about Jodi’s trial and all the BS that went on there.

    We compared pickles with Judge Thokozile Masipa (OP trial). Judge Masipa runs a clean respected courtroom and doesn’t allow any BS from anyone! No antics from all parties. She respects OP and treats him equally to any other person. kermit’s stunts would not last a minute. Judge Masipa would have personally put her boot in kermits ass and kicked him out of her courtroom!

    We also chatted about the huge difference with the judge from Marissa Devault’s trial:
    ‘The judge in the case (Judge Steinle) made extensive efforts to keep the trial from becoming the spectacle that enveloped the Jodi Arias case in the same courthouse exactly one year ago.

    He warned the attorneys involved that he did not want any Arias trial fanatics on the jury, and he tried to keep certain sensational elements out of the trial. Devault’s past as a stripper, for instance, was barely mentioned during the trial. The case attracted nowhere near the attention of the Arias trial despite some similar circumstances.’

    It just goes to show that everyone has knowledge of the witch-trial/ Cirque du Soleil that went on in that courtroom. I just hope that someone speaks out and demands for a total retrial! (Is that possible now that Jodi has been convicted).

    Ok, peeps, gotta go. I’m running late! SJ is going to pick me up for a late dinner at ‘Restaurant Gordon Ramsay’ (SJ said: “Best dining experience in London by far”) and then for some clubbing! Yay!!!!

    And just for the record: SJ is the awesomest, most amazing, most brilliant person I have ever met!

    I’ll be here until Tuesday! Fill you guys in on every place I go! SJ says he’s got a full program! I just hope that bungie jumping is not on his list! LMAO!

    Signing off from London! XOXOXOXO

    ((((Team Jodi))))

    P.S. Maria, no worries! I got everything you listed! 😉 SJ says he will ban you if you don’t come along next time! LMFAO!!! ♥

    • Pan, any greenday concerts? SJ should be taking you to one! Tell him I said so in case he doesn’t see this okay? LOL Sounds like you are having a blast!!! Much love <3

    • Pandora,

      Sounds way fun and I hope it isn’t too cold there.

      I did hear some of the OP trial yesterday and it DEFinitely sounded more judicious. What a sad one that is too.

      On a lighter note, Happy Spring in London. May the food be always delicious!

    • Ummm…hello???? Was I formally invited? NO! Did you insist on my coming? NO! It was just ”hey, we’re meeting up in London.Wanna come? You can’t? Oh, how sad. Sorry. Bye!”

      LOLOLOL! I’m of course kidding! Love you guys, I am so happy you’re having a wonderful time. Nxt time (in the not so distant future) COUNT.ME.IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Pandora,
      Oh, wow, in London!!! That sounds SO exciting!!!

      I was watching OP trial on Friday and I love their accent too! Yes, Kermit wouldn’t have stood a chance with THAT judge!!! Not for one minute!

      I hope you have the most wonderful time in London with SJ, as I know you already are!

      Anxiously awaiting your return!

      (((((PANDORA))))) (((((SJ)))))


      (((((TEAM JODI)))))

  6. Well, I don’t get why all these vitriolic comments. I kept thinking that Jodi herself would be loathe to even imagine some of them. It was neither hate nor venom which drove Jodi in her relationship with Travis. It was her own life spirit and capacity for joy, which in turn was fed plentifully at times by Travis himself, but only at times , too rarely to save them both.

    • This is presumably someone who knew Travis and whose experience of him differed from the picture that’s been painted of him by the media and his family.

      I’ve noticed that the few voices that have come forward with unflattering knowledge of Travis have been males.

  7. Just to remind you guys that Jodi had a Hearing today. I wish you knew more:

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 6 hrs
    Was just told that the doors were unlocked partway through the Arias hearing, as if we could have come in. This after a lawyer was told no.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 6 hrs
    Judge Stephens’ bailiff stuck a finger in atty David Bodney’s face, saying “Just you,” then refused to let his co-counsel into the courtroom

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 7 hrs
    Attorney David Bodney walked right to the presiding criminal judge’s chambers to ask him to intervene and grant access to Arias hearing.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 7hrs
    Judge Sherry Stephens has sealed the Jodi Arias courtroom again — even excluding the lawyers representing CNN in its camera-request motion.

    • CNN should ask the ((Jodi Arias)) trial judge via a TV editorial, …((how did the judge select the penalty phase start-date of Sept 8, 2014))?? …I thought that the criminal justice system did not believe in coincidences. … Maybe this is not a coincidence but Heavenly Intervention. … …And, Sept 8, is the Nativity [Birthday] of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus Christ. …Did St Joan of Arc, Guardian Angel of Mademoiselle Jodi Ann Arias whisper in the judge’s ear that Sept 8, 2014, would be a good start-day for maximum ((??admiration??)) of the trial?? …I am sure that CNN would want to be there to televise the first Heavenly Intervention Trial !!! … … …Perhaps CNN can simultaneous broadcast the 1928, SILENT MOVIE: “The Passion of Joan of Arc,” by Carl Theodore Dreyer, ((it is free viewing online through Google)). ..The prosecution, persecution, inquisition of Joan, before she was a Saint, in her trial in 1431, in war torn France during the 100 Year War. ..(I pray) ..

      • WLOPEZ,
        Carl Dreyer’s movie is a MASTERPIECE!

        However, and I am of course not trying to sound disrespective, I don’t think there was any ”Heavenly Intervention”… Why intervene now instead of May the 8th when the verdict was reached?????? I think Jodi would rather have been found not guilty, trust me!
        It’s a matter of perspective. Because if we want to see signs, we will see them everywhere. Why not take it negatively for example? 2008 was the year the crime was commited, May the 8th was Verdict day, Sept the 8th the penalty phase starts. All those dates with the number 8…..Two of them have gone terribly wrong, why not the third one too???
        Again, not trying to disrespect your post- I guess I’m just thinking out loud.

        • Thank you Maria for your comment that the (Carl Dreyer movie is a Masterpiece). ..I stumbled upon it when I googled: ( joan of arc silent movie ) actually just googled: Joan of Arc & google made suggestions. ..Perhaps my use of the words “heavenly intervention” did not fit because certainly nothing has gone well for Jodi in 2008, with her being terrified by Travis & his escalation of his control, but she defended herself with whatever was available. ..And May 8, 2013 verdict day was terrible for her. .. Perhaps Sept 8 selection by the ((sitting too long judge)) is just a coincidence. .. ..The Heavenly Intervention may be: the total growing belief & support of the total innocence of Jodi & that it is being recognized worldwide. ..(As well as the recognition that many many innocent or overcharged peoples are in prisons all over the world). That is good that CNN is doing TV programming on all the innocent people wrongfully convicted in the USA. …And my choice of the word (admiration) was wrong I should have said ((world wide recognition of the injustice in Arizona)). ..Sometimes typing comments, no matter how many times we proof read, when we press “POST COMMENT”, then I read my misspelled words or feel “darn”, why didn’t I say it a different way? .. But I do believe Jodi Is totally innocent. ..

  8. Good morning and Happy Saturday cyber family! 🙂

    I spent a lot of hours late last night re-reading the original post’s comments from last year. Oh, the memories….the people….I was a bit blue. Anyways, I’m off to work!

    (((((((( Hugs to everyone here ♥ )))))))

  9. Good afternoon friends!

    OMG! London is so beautiful! Nevermind what we see in pictures and that we hear that it is dark, damp and rainy all the time! It is beautiful! I definately recommend people come and visit!

    I am having a wonderful time! SJ is the absolute perfect tour guide!

    Last night was great: the food was devine, nightlife in London is fabulous!

    Today we visited the National Gallery, took a boat tour in Thames River, had a wonderful lunch and later SJ is picking me up to go to a ‘100% UK pub’ (as I called it!)! Woooo-Hoooo: pints of beer! 🙂

    We were suppose to visit with the Queen but unfortunately she couldn’t get out of a hat fitting she had! LOL – just joking! 😉

    R.Love, as for pics you asked for? More than you can imagine BUT you know I can’t post them here! Imagine how many ‘claws’ will grab them… Better to be safe than sorry!

    For the time being: ‘toodles’ mates! – I LOVE THE ACCENT HERE!

    • Ok Pandora, maybe you’ll just have to email me some! 🙂 Still I hope you have a great trip and I’m looking forward to the day when Jodi can fly away from her cell and celebrate with you all!!! Be safe!

    • Love it! So fitting…..
      So many things Travis should have done and consider before treating Jodi the way he did.
      Sometimes I feel sorry for him, because he came into this world and left without EVER becoming the good person he so fervently wanted. He did not even get close…. Not. Even. Close.

  10. Justus,

    Re: RD site section, “Jodi’s Sworn Testimony”.

    Day 19, Part 2 you will find the following information addressing your points #’s 2 and 4.

    2. Jodi does not mention the BMW in testimony with Nurmi regarding the Redding car rental. She says that she drove her Infinity to Redding, (alone) but that it was a “gas hog” because it was a sports type car. She said she was having trouble making the payment and that it “wasn’t in the best road shape” because she was having trouble with the expense of regular maintenance. She testified, “I wanted to rent a more fuel-economic car.”

    4. Her sister went with her to return the Focus to the rental place and pick up her car – the Infinity – in Redding the day after she arrived back (for work) in Yreka. It was her brother who had assisted her at the outset. She testified that she could have rented a car in either Medford, Oregon, or Redding (cities cited by the online service she used) because she had family in either of those places, but that Medford was north and Redding was south – in the direction she was heading.

    • Thank you, Whichtrial. I want the information to be as accurate as possible and I’m sure I’ve missed some basic points. I appreciate any input that can help reach that accuracy and if you see anything else, please let me know. I will make the appropriate modifications to these items.

      • Justus,

        You will also find what Jodi testified TA said to her about DR on Day 15 of the trial. I believe it’s in Part 2 right at the beginning – easy to find. I remember you asked about this. Jodi looks squeamish when questioned about it, prefacing her testimony with the advisement that whatever she knew of DR, she only knew through TA, (as if in hindsight, she shouldn’t have believed it after realizing what TA had said to others about herself). How to sum up that awkward testimony, I wouldn’t know.

        Of course, there are a couple of other incidents testified about, such as when DR turned up at the house to get something, and when TA was on the phone with her in the bathroom while visiting friends, but don’t know where those bits are and don’t recall whether Jodi quoted TA when referring to them. (Very confusing, how the “hearsay” rules work, isn’t it?)

          • Justus,

            On Trial Day 24, Feb. 27 Jodi testifies under cross about the car rental procedure. She says she went back to her brother’s place to take a nap after getting the car, and then a few minutes later refers to it as her sister’s place when mentioning that she took a nap. So I don’t know if she means sister-in-law, or if her sister lives with them. She also says she doesn’t remember who dropped her off and picked her up at the Redding airport rental place (whether it was her brother’s neighbor or sister in law). A bit confusing to me because I don’t know where her sister was living. At any rate, it was no secret from her family members that she was renting a car for the trip. All someone had to do was pick her up from the rental place after she returned the Focus and get her to her Infinity, which she had driven down to Redding.

  11. Good evening cyber family!

    I had a wonderful day, today! Guess where I went???? GOLFING! lmao!!!!

    I have never been golfing before (miniature golfing doesn’t count, folks! 😉 ). So yesterday while drinking our pints of beer in the pub (fantastic, btw!), SJ asked me if I had ever been golfing and when I told him no, he thought it would be a great experience! Hmmmm, I’m doubting that he will EVER take me golfing again! 🙂 . Lemme explain:

    First of all, I couldn’t hit the golfball if my life depended on it! Whenever I did, I’d yell out “fooooore” although nobody was close enough, to actually be in danger of getting knocked on the head!

    Then I’d do a ‘happy dance’ for actually hitting the golfball! Too funny! I also demanded to be called ‘Tiger’ (giggling)!

    It took me forever to actually get a golfball in the hole!

    All in all, I broke SJ’s nerves (LMAO), didn’t learn the rules of golfing (I think I might be banned from that golf course for life – LOL) but had a FANTASTIC fun time!

    I gotta get going because SJ will be here soon. We are going to meet up with friends of mine that live here!

    (((((SJ))))) you are an amazing friend! Thank you for making this trip a fantastic experience! Thank you for spending so much of your time and energy! Thank you for being so cool and easy-going! Mostly, thank you for making me laugh every breathing moment! 🙂

    (((((Jodi)))) Once you’re free, YOU, Maria and me are definately going to visit London together! We will be a handful for SJ but he’ll manage!!!! 😉 – lol

    • I don’t know how long it will be till Jodi finds true Justice, but oh boy…when she is out, we’re gonna make sure she has the TIME OF HER LIFE!!! And you can mark my words on that 😉

  12. Hey Pandora! That’s awesome that you are in London, sounds like a blast! I am just curious, what do you do for work? You are so sweet. Are you a nurse? Nurse Pandora? 🙂

    • Hey ther Vicky, yes I am having a blast! If you ever get a chance, I truely recommend you visit London.

      What do I do for a living? And if I’m a nurse? LMAO! No! No nurse Pandora!
      I work from home. 😉

  13. Hiya everyone! 🙂 (waving hand)

    So, it’s my last day in London. 🙁 But what a fantastic day it has been so far:

    What woman in her right mind would travel to London and NOT go to Portobello Road??? What is so important there??? NOTTING HILL was filmed there! So, yes! today we went to Notting Hill! Wow! I got to see the actual townhouse flat (from outside) that the movie used. We also took a small walk at the famous street market (it was fruits & veg day). I was soooo excited and thrilled! SJ wondered about my enthusiasm and kept making fun of me!… Men don’t get women and romantic movies! (rolling eyes the Pandora way!)

    This evening is going to be a quiet dinner because I’ve got an early flight to catch tomorrow.

    Gotta run…

    Have a great day/evening everyone!

    ((((cyber family)))) ♥

    PS sorry that I have been so informative about my trip but I wanted to share my happiness with you guys! Hope I haven’t been a drag these past days!

    • I am SO happy you had a wonderful time, you’re worth it girlfriend ! wish I could be there with you!
      Love you ♥ ♥

    • I’m glad you had a really good time, I loved hearing about your trip. When you get back home I expect a phone call I want to hear all about your trip.
      (((((SIS))))) ♥ ♥ 🙂

      Ray in H-burg Va.

  14. Good Morning All! Hope everyone is having a great Spring!!!
    Pandora hope you made it safely home and your trip sounded
    like so much fun!!!! What an opportunity! I suppose all the
    cat-walking paid off. Get some rest and then let us hear about
    the trip some more.It will be a wonderful day when you and Maria
    get to take Jodi on a trip!!!! Hopefully soon! 🙂
    Still here and praying for
    Freedom for Jodi!!!!
    Love to All Team Jodi! 🙂

  15. I recently saw a program on the Pistorius trial. What an amazing difference between the Steenkamp family and the Alexander family. So much dignity as opposed to hatred and vengeance. I didn’t see Reeva’s mother asking people to send her money, even though she is in that courtroom every day. And both parents feel a sympathy for Oscar, no matter what happened. Dignity personified.

  16. Hi cyber family!
    I’ve been doing my Jodi stuff reading (as usual) after coming home from a night out and came across this:

    So, apparently Esteban Flores’s wife not only tweeted her ass off during a time she should have kept her mouth shut, BUT she also made a YouTube video! HOW WRONG IS THAT?? I mean, really is that how a Lead Detective’s wife behaves?? And ummmm…it says the vid was uploaded March 30th while the trial was still taking place. Do watch it – read the comments below if you can stomach them.

    After Sandra Webber exposed her tweets, Corinna Flores deactivated her Twitter account. Maybe she is just plain stupid or just cunning and evil (CF, that is).

    And though it’s wayyyy past my bedtime, I am SO freaking angry that I can’t go to sleep.

    W…T…F… is all I can say! Signing off. UGH! Goodnight.

  17. Maria, I just don’t understand how the wife of the lead investigator of a serious case can get away with making a video about the case knowing that the case is before the court. She is definitely adding to the prejudice that already existed. I just don’t know how they get away with this stuff in Arizona. What kind of justice is this?

    • Anything BUT Justice.
      You’re right, this has nothing to do with justice. It’s all about prejudice, bias, corruption and disregard of the Law and the Constitution.
      I would like to see this woman (and ehr husband) being held accountable for their actions.

    • Maybe not Alexey dogs are pretty good judges of character. . .they know haters when they see them. I’m sure they could do a better job than the jury in AZ did.

  18. This entire situation is sad, I feel for both families. The coverage of this is sickening and slamming/hating a woman by people who aren’t even involved and don’t take the time to learn what happened is troubling. No one deserved to die BUT Jodi didn’t deserve to be treated like a piece of meat and it makes me mad no one really mentions how she was treated or just dismisses it all together. This dude played with her head and de humanized Jodi, he is no saint by any means and HIS actions should have been condemned as well.

  19. I normally no not respond to this stuff but i have to say its about time someone exposed travis for the liar he was. His standing would have been long gone if they found out what he was doing, no matter what juan martinez says. He was using jodi arias, and she snapped killing him because of it. I think she should be given therapy and let go. She should not have killed another person however, a womans heart is a tricky thing. I certainly can see why she did what she did. He damn sure wasnt a saint. He was scum.

    • sandra b,

      I have been here a long time and never did subscribe to the notion that Jodi “snapped” because of being used by TA. For one thing, Jodi SAW HERSELF as a willing sexual partner. So, if you will, please try to look at the tragedy in a different way, for at least a moment here.

      This was a case of self-defense in an intimate partner violence scenario. Jodi has no history of priors; even when she got wind of ex-boyfriends seeing other women in the past, all she did was try to talk to her boyfriend(s) [Bobby, Matt] to try to find out what was going on. She had the same response to TA when she had observed him making out with another woman one night: She tried to talk to him the next day. She had LEFT the house, without saying a word or doing a thing, even though TA had told her to come on over so that she could get her social security card out of her belongings in the garage to show at work.

      I mention the above scenarios because a woman who continues friendships over the years (Matt and Darryl) with her ex-boyfriends is not someone who has dangerous impulse-control problems. It takes two to have a friendship. Darryl even had a son and continued to be friendly with Jodi after they had both moved on.

      A close look at the evidence at the scene itself – which, admittedly, is a very tough undertaking – shows that Jodi was defending herself. She said at one point in her early conversations with the lead detective that TA only had his “two fists” to defend himself, in answer to a question the detective posed to her about TA possessing any weapons.

      Jodi does not remember anything about the fight past TA’s threat to her life after the gun went off. She still does not remember the knife fight.

      Try to imagine any scenario.
      Imagine it in vivid detail, as if you had actually experienced it, paying particular attention to the SEQUENCE of events.
      Then try to imagine that YOU know nothing about it, except how it began and one moment at the end, but nothing of the middle and not the entire ending.
      Then imagine trying to describe the scenario IN ITS ENTIRETY, (as you had first conceived it in this exercise) to a police officer in an interrogation room because your LIFE now depends upon it.

      No matter what will you say, YOU WILL NOT GET THE DETAILS RIGHT and it WILL appear that you are lying.

      Yes, there is a MYSTERY within this tragedy, but the mystery is not that Jodi cannot remember what happened. ANY doctor of general medicine or psychology knows how commonplace traumatic memory loss is. And – this is the crux of my point to you: This mystery NEED NOT be addressed by guesswork – emotional guesswork at that – when there is a story that WAS laid out through blood evidence, the autopsy report and through the photographs that were accidentally taken at the scene.

      Jodi alluded to the fact THEN – during interrogation – (before the detective revealed to her what weapons were actually used to kill TA) that he could have killed her with his bare hands.

      Jodi has since said in sworn court testimony that because of his behavior with respect to verbal tirades, both oral and (entered into evidence—>) written, and previous physical outbursts against himself and her, that SHE BELIEVED he was going to kill her the day she dropped the camera and that HE, in a fit of rage, went off on HER.

      Jodi stated no less than three times in sworn court testimony that the gun went off accidentally. She did not even know that she’d been holding the trigger or that he had been hit. There is evidence that the bullet from the .25ACP did not penetrate TA’s brain and incapacitate him. There is evidence instead that he went on to retaliate. The idea that by only using a knife, Jodi could have overpowered a man of TA’s size and fighting skill because she “snapped” is absurd.

      To explain that absurdity by referring to TA’s scurrilous behavior is essentially what the prosecutor did in this case. All of the evidence the defense put forth to show that TA had anger issues and was grossly insensitive to Jodi was used against HER – with constant insinuations by the state that it gave Jodi a motive to kill TA.

      Apart from traumatic memory loss, the next pressing problem that Jodi faced in admitting what she COULD remember – from the very outset of the investigation – was that she perceived exposing TA’s bad behavior would only hurt his reputation and cause people to believe she would have wanted to do him in.

      It turns out that Jodi was more than correct in that assessment. And yet people still wonder why she lied. And many still believe that SHE must have snapped, even though evidence shows that Jodi had moved on with her life, and would not have been likely to want to jeopardize her future by allowing herself to snap. She was not physically trapped in a relationship with TA. She had moved away; was only visiting. Jodi was free to resume her road trip at any time

      The jury was irrevocably DISTRACTED from an unvarnished study of the fundamental facts of the fight when they were told that Jodi’s story about the gun was a total lie. Of equal importance to the state’s case was their unrelenting use of each and every negative fact of the intimate relationship as character “evidence” against the defendant.

      The trial of Jodi Arias, as prosecuted by the state in all of its disingenuous fury, added another dimension of tragedy to the lives of everyone involved in it.

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