Survivor Day – June 4th

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Today marks the 6th anniversary of a very special day.

It’s the day Jodi successfully defended herself against the vicious & unprovoked attack TA unleashed on her.

Thankfully Jodi won that battle. She was the potential victim… but she successfully turned the tables on her attacker, and justice for TA was well & truly served that day.

So let the events of that day be a warning to any other self-righteous bastards that think they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it. Because the fact of the matter is… in the cold light of day… most of the time you can get away with it… but sometimes… well……. you just can’t.

“Jodi you are my new HERO! I just finished watching the end of the prosecutions ridiculous attempt at a cross and you stayed calm, cool and collected. I am in your corner. You stand for every girl who has ever been used and abused by some creep I can tell you are a very intelligent and sweet person. You cannot measure a person’s worth by their worst act. Yes I know what you did was wrong, but I know it was done for a very good reason. I wish you all the best of luck and know we are all beside you!” – Jesse

With all that in mind, here’s a clip of  Jodi talking about the Survivor t-shirts she designed, during her allocution on May 21st 2013:

[hdplay id=226 width=500 height=300]

100% of the net profits generated from the t-shirt sales will support other survivors of domestic violence, and go to Non-profit Domestic Violence organizations selected by Jodi.

Finally, here’s a clip from Jodi’s pre-sentencing interview with Mark Curtis (AZ Central) from May 22nd 2013, where Jodi discusses being a survivor of domestic violence and her ongoing efforts to raise awareness on the subject. We’ll be posting the full 10-part interview over the next few weeks:

[hdplay id=250 width=500 height=300]

In summary, I’ll leave you with this:

We are here for the long haul.

We are proud to stand behind and support Jodi Arias.

Always have done.

Always will do.

Nothing will ever change that.



Celebrate Survivor Day – June 4th… Survivor Day.

As always, leave your thoughts & comments below.

Team Jodi

If you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation to the official JAA APPELLATE FUND, click the Team Jodi link below for further details. All donations go directly to the fund for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. You can also check out Jodi’s new Art Gallery website by clicking this linkThank you for your ongoing support!

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



  1. 6/4…

    Today marks the 6th anniversary (for lack of a better word) of that fateful day.

    I can’t stress this point too strongly: EVERYONE here wishes TA were still alive, happy and having moved on with his life and that somehow he and Jodi would have managed to either maintain a healthy relationship or that they would have just distantiate themselves from each other.
    Unfortunately, this never happened. Instead, a tragic event took place. We, as Jodi Arias’ supporters, are not denying that we thank God that Jodi survived Travis’ attack.
    Let us pray today for both the Arias and the Alexander family.

    • Interestingly enough, today is Wednesday, and that awful day fell on a Wednesday too.
      In fact, it’s the first “anniversary” that falls on a Wednesday.
      Makes me sad to know that this cannot be undone. If only we had a time machine…

    • Maria, his ego would have never let Jodi be!

      IF I was the praying type, I would never pray for the alexander family. Wanna know why? Because they are out for Jodi’s blood. They are out for the death penalty. Good people don’t ask for death as a payback! They are revengeful and hating individuals that are constantly trying to do something to tamper with Jodi’s trial. So, no I would never pray for people as evil as they are.

      Sorry fellow friends, that’s how I see it!

      • I totally agree Pandora these people are supposed to be deeply religious mormons and all they want is to kill and cause harm and hurt and pain for their own ends. They are out for Jodi blood alright for what ever reason which has probably got nothing to do with Travis’s death, a brother they hardly had a relationship with. We as supporters have to fight and defend Jodi in any way we can and this next phase for her is crucial.
        You have to also ask the question Why are they so hateful? Why are they trying to kill Jodi?
        Why are they tampering with the legal process? Why are they being allowed to do that? and so on and on. So many questions need answering. And the answers are all in Jodi’s favour.

  2. Narcissists always believe that they’re invincible. They think they can stride through life stepping on others and not caring about anyone else but themselves.

    When a narcissist becomes an abuser, the outcome of that is outrageously evil.

    On June 4th Jodi Arias put a stop to a self-centered narcissistic abuser: Travis Alexander. A man that never took into consideration Jodi’s feelings and never showed her the respect that REAL men should to women!

    Travis’s violent attack and his fierce anger were enough to make Jodi fight back in self-defense, fearing for her life. Jodi’s will to live prevailed and today we are proud to say that JODI ARIAS is a SURVIVOR! A SURVIVOR of Domestic Violence!

    So, to all you peeps that think of Jodi as a ‘heartless murderer’, take a deep breath, oxygenate your brains and think of what Travis was: A heartless, self-serving, abusive, useless POS that got what he deserved!


    Rasna – TEAM JODI

    • Right on, Rasna. I just expanded on a couple of sections of my site with a quote from Travis’ MySpace page:

      “Do I work out you ask? Well I’d like to be modest but can you say triathlete, and if you can’t say that well simply say 16 1/2 inch biceps. If I look familiar you are probably an avid reader of GQ or Mens Health.”

      I think that arrogance played a large part in his ultimate demise: Even when he saw that she had a knife, he thought he would come out the winner. Surprise! He didn’t realize she had a such a strong will to survive and that he was charging into something equivalent to a whirling airplane propeller.

      • Even when he saw that she had a gun, he “thought he would come out the winner”! That to me is even more amazing — an act of inexpressible stupidity. That, plus his not only breaking Jodi’s finger but also *not fixing it*, sort of sums up TA to me. Great quote from him; I hadn’t seen that before.

        I like the propeller metaphor, but even so I’m not so sure that Jodi would have won the fight if he hadn’t been weakened and distracted by the gunshot.

  3. My Thoughts and prayers go out to Jodi today,on what is sure to be a very difficult day, hopefully she can hold her head up high as a survivor and be strong.

  4. Jodi is definately a SURVIVOR.

    All the mud in the world thrown at her will not change that!

    travis alexander attacked her and she wasn’t going to sit around and let him kill her. Self defense is NOT a crime!

    And to all those cold hearted women that live in the shitzona area spewing their hate for Jodi, let’s just say Jodi did you a solid! 😉 – you could have been travis’s next victim!

    Would we want travis to be alive today? Yes, because that would mean that Jodi wouldn’t be where she is now. And if he was alive? Hmmm, I think a ‘Lorena Bobbitt’ stunt would have set things straight!

    Jodi I support you and will be here for the long haul! Be strong and be proud girl! You’re a survivor!

    (((((JODI ANN ARIAS))))) ♥

  5. One more thing: In the past year I have heard many say: “If travis was your brother, your friend, your relative, would you support Jodi?”. Here’s my reply:

    No relative, friend or sibling of mine would ever be like travis. My family and friends have morals! We respect, care and feel for all human beings.

    As for the alexander family? This is for you:

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
    Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    And from the recently deceased Maya Angelou:

    You can’t forgive without loving. And I don’t mean sentimentality. I don’t mean mush.
    I mean having enough courage to stand up and say, ‘I forgive. I’m finished with it.’
    Maya Angelou

    • I think Survivor Day should be every day cos Jodi survives through decency. courage and honour some of these qualities a lot of people don’t have these days.
      So I say celebrate survivor day every single day.

  6. It is wonderful that Jodi survived that day.

    And Jodi will keep on surviving, we need to keep on working for that.

    Several of us have been working on the new flyer, it should be available soon (y)

  7. I’m sure there are some supporters in Kentucky. I hope you’re safe. And also others that may be in line of the storm yet to come.

  8. Here’s my take on Survivor Day: I wish that we didn’t have to celebrate its anniversary, if the word “celebrate” is even appropriate. I wish that Travis Alexander hadn’t died and that he had lived to deal with the consequences of his actions through our criminal justice system and to get help. I wish that Jodi Arias was able to be with her family right now and not stuck inside a jail cell surrounded by people who most likely have committed far worse crimes than she has. I wish that both Travis Alexander’s family and Jodi Arias’s family did not have to be in the pain and agony they are in right now albeit for different reasons. I wish that Jodi had made a U-turn and never made contact with Travis again.

    The only thing that I can take solace in on this day is that Jodi Arias is alive which means that she is one of the few lucky survivors of domestic violence. I have posted many articles on this website including a few in recent days detailing how serious this crime is and yet so many people feel compelled to dismiss it as a minor issue. It is not a minor issue to us and we’re going to keep reminding people just how serious this is through education and raising awareness.

    As tempting as it may be to approach today’s anniversary with bravado or to be in a celebratory mood, which BTW anyone is certainly entitled to do, I’m approaching it with humility and retrospection. I never wanted Travis Alexander to die as I believe Jodi Arias never wanted to either. More importantly, however, I never wanted Jodi Arias to die as I believe she very well could have had she not defended herself against Travis Alexander. And, like most of you here, I still don’t want Jodi to die which is why I am vehemently opposed to her receiving the death penalty for killing an abuser in self-defense. I still don’t believe she’s going to get the death penalty when all is said and done which, no doubt, will cause her critics to go even more insane than they already are, but I hope and pray that it doesn’t happen.

    I celebrate every day that I get to live above ground and I celebrate every day that Jodi does, too. And we’re not violent people here, but don’t mistake our non-violence as a sign of weakness because we WILL fight back.

    • You got it right, Raja!!! Beautifully stated!!!!!!!!!!

      DON’T MISTAKE KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!


      (((((JUSTICE FOR JODI)))))

      (((((FREE JODI ANN ARIAS)))))

      (((((TEAM JODI FOREVER)))))

      (((((WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS)))))

  9. I’ve always believed there was a tipping point, that day – a moment when TWO people were BOTH fighting to survive. It wasn’t going to end until one of them died. One was bigger and stronger, but the other one managed to lay her hands on a knife.

    I don’t believe Jodi ever wanted Travis to die, and I don’t believe ‘justice was served’ by his death.

    But if he’d won the fight, and Jodi had died that day, I doubt any of us ever would have heard of either of them.

    • I, too believe your right Journee. If Travis had won the fight we would have never heard of Jodi Arias. We all are responsible for our actions. This goes for Travis and Jodi. I believe Travis’s abusive actions towards Jodi are exactly the reason he is dead today. Jodi was defending herself without any question! The jury got it wrong. The Judge got it wrong. Martinez really got it wrong! It is not a crime to defend ones self. Travis Alexander was not the saint that his friends and media have portrayed him to be.

  10. On this day June 4, 2014, I say that there is NO SUCH THING AS OVERKILL in self defense, or if a person like Jodi Arias “perceives the need for self defense from a much more powerful, angry & threatening person”. … ((Even if & especially if, they just had consensual physical romance, and something just went wrong. ……….. ………………
    … … …I reflect back on what happened to Jodi in her LIFE SAVING SELF DEFENSE. … And, I reflect back about those comments “above” by Justus Forusall, (paraphrasing) …..”He (Travis) didn’t realize SHE (Jodi) had such a strong will to survive and that he was charging into something equivalent to a whirling airplane propeller.”
    … … …Please Google: LIFE SAVING SELF DEFENSE LESSON 1 – BEST STREET DEFENSE WEAPON and COMBAT TIPS. … (or just Google: Life Saving self defense Lesson 1). …I will try to put up the link but Google shows more lesson links. …
    … … …This is the video of 17min 10sec, with an oriental guy, discussing & demonstrating the basic uses of the car key to defend oneself in (total self defense). … …Before you watch the entire video please go forward to the 5min30sec section of the 17min10sec video & he says (paraphrasing): …… …..(((…and you run away … that’s really stupid, it’s not going to work. …In a self defense situation it’s usually one move or your down. …Remember you want to take life, you want to take away people life, even though you are not suppose to kill, the move must kill, or else you are dead. …In a life threatening situation there is no space or no time for you to talk about legal or not legal, …you want to walk home alive, that is the most important thing . …If you not going to walk home alive there is no need to be legal, ya? …Everybody knows that. … … …)))
    ………………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………
    And, I believe that the total of 25.346 gallons of gas (pumped June 6, 2008), DID FIT into the empty 15.7 gal gas tank capacity & into the TWO empty gas cans, each with capacity of (at least) 5 gal each. … … … … … 15.7 & 5.0 & 5.0 = = 25.7 gallon of empty capacity. …((She returned the third gas can previously, just like she said)). … …[[[[THERE WAS NO PREMEDITATION]]]]. …She did not need the third gas can at all. …………She DID NOT fill the tank & the two gas cans [[[[IN THE EXACT SAME SEQUENCE THAT THE PROSECUTOR INSISTED]]]]. ….That was his way to [[[snooker/trick the jury by them only considering his scenario]]] of how she filled the tank & the two gas cans. … … And, even if it was a smaller tank, it would still fit if allowances for other things are taken into consideration, which I may explain in a later post/comment. … ……………………….. …………………………… ………………………. ……
    Please also Google: Penn and Teller cigarette tricks video …(especially the 3min23sec video) which explains how an audience can be tricked by methods of deception. ….I believe the Jodi jury was tricked.
    …………..((((Jodi Ann Arias is 100% innocent)))) ….. ….. I am (( WLOPEZ4JAA)). …

  11. Gerry Spence’s “Winning Courtroom Strategies” (about 28 mins). States that a lawyer has to care, really care about his client. If you don’t care, you can’t win. “If I don’t care, how can I ask the jury to care?” Explains how to care for a client, no matter what the crime, by examining/understanding their childhood. States: “The first victim is the defendant.” Claims if he gets the jury he wants, the trial is won by the end of a good opening statement. Uses few witnesses b/c “the credibility of the state’s case is the real issue, not the credibility of the defense.”

    Made me think how the relationship between Jodi and Nurmi may have affected the jury – not only Nurmi’s body language towards Jodi and the trial proceedings in general but his comment in his closing: “Nine days out of 10, I don’t like Jodi Arias.” I think he was trying to say, you don’t have to like Jodi to acquit her but still it was a dangerous and possibly damaging statement to make (although the case was likely lost long before this statement).

    • I think he was actually trying to say ”You don’t have to like Jodi Arias to BELIEVE her” but he screwed up anyways so…. Such an inappropriate comment. SMH!

      • Yes, Maria, that makes sense since Martinez had labelled Jodi a liar throughout the trial. He’s a guy that knows a lot about lying. It might even be said he’s an expert in lying (if you get my drift).

    • Coldcase53, I am currently reading Jose Baez’s book ‘Presumed Guilty’.

      It’s so interesting because it actually talks about the BS that occurred behind the scenes (I’m half way through the book). Any other lawyer would have said “Screw this! It’s not worth putting my family, friends, work partners and my career on the line.”

      Although Jose put everything in jeopardy he didn’t give up on CA. His genuine love and respect for his client made him put his 100% into defending her. He was playing ‘Russian roulette’ with his career.

      Back then he was the ‘outsider’ (a smalltime lawyer dealing with misdemeanor cases). And yet he ‘jumped in deep waters’ undertaking this major capital murder case, becoming one of the greatest defense lawyers in the USA. He didn’t back off with all the obstacles that gave him a hard time – on a daily basis – throughout the case (prior and during the trial). He didn’t jump ship when everything was going ‘belly up’. The more they pushed; the more he fought!

      Saying that and comparing the ‘sloppy’ work the ‘first chair’ did at Jodi’s case, I really do wonder what would have been the result if Jodi had an eager, wanting to succeed, attorney. It goes without saying that Jennifer W. was way more invested in Jodi’s case. I believe that if she was first chair things would also have had a different result. Jennifer’s love, belief, dedication and trust for Jodi were significantly shown on a daily basis.

      IMO, Nurmi fucked up royally because even though he might have not given ‘two flying fucks’ about Jodi and was only on the defense team because he was appointed to her; thus had no other choice, he could have grabbed the opportunity to be the next Jose Baez. After watching him throughout the trial, I personally, would NEVER hire him to defend me for a simple case concerning a parking ticket!

      And before anyone ‘jumps’ in to say anything, let me just inform you that Jose Baez took CA’s case for the amount of $5.000. The money that was gathered later on to get ‘the crème de la crème’ working on his team was simple brainstorming: whatever was valuable to the media would make more than enough! And it did!

      In conclusion: of course every little thing mattered to the jury: if your own attorney doesn’t show the zealous he should in defending you, how the hell is the jury going to believe you. (Well, let’s not throw everything on Nurmi. The media and the fact that the jury wasn’t sequestered was the major problem in Jodi’s trial BUT if your attorney’s indifference is added to that equation then it’s almost a sure thing that the outcome will be disastrous).

  12. It is amazing to say the least that this case has gone from an wide open circus to secret hearings. That is a clear indication to me that the Judge understands clearly that her decision to hold wide open court to every one and their dog, including the media was not in anyone’s best interest. Does it mean there are grounds for an appeal because of the prejudice that resulted from a never ending media circus? I would think so. It was a zoo. Now she is doing too little too late in imho. When you have a prosecutor signing someone’s cane as a celebrity during a murder trial and you have HLN every minute of every day revealing salacious information to increase their ratings, contributing to a mob mentality against Jodi, is the result an unfair trial. I would think so. How can anyone get a fair trial that way. Too little too late Judge. That trial wasn’t fair to anyone involved.

    • Judy F., well said! When Pandora’s box is opened, then it is too late to close it !

      sherry (I can’t call her judge for many reasons) should have had the common knowledge to know that cases like Jodi’s get out of hand! She should have banned live feeding and definately should have sequestered the jury!

      It’s too late to undo what has happened! The only way Jodi will ever get a fair trial is if it is moved to Timbuktu… 🙄

    • Too little too late is right!!!!
      I’ve said it before. It now seems that they are indirectly admiting they screwed up. And they are trying to cover their own a$$es!

    • I honestly suspect she only agreed to no cameras (and closed hearings) because she’s tired of being under a microscope herself.

      I mean, it’s not like she actually grew a brain and agreed to sequestration or change of venue.

    • I don’t know where she lives but a very large storm system has been moving through the middle part of the country wreaking havoc with tornados, high winds, large hail, and flash floods for the last several days. I was wondering the other night if other supporters were going to be safe from this storm system. I was watching it on the Weather Channel. Some of the worst of it was an hour from where I live.

      • I noticed the golf ball size hail that went through NB a couple of days ago!! AWFUL! Hope Farmer Lonnie is holding down his fort! One hour away is too close. 🙂

        • I was lucky. 30 minutes to the west, 20 minutes to the east and an hour to Blair, NB., not so lucky.

    • No worries, our Mary is just feeling under the weather I believe! She is never far away. We have had bad storms all around us in East TN but nothing to horrible. Mary is on MO and I think the storms have not affected her so far . . . she is just not feeling well. 🙁 ((((((((MARY))))))) ((((((((JODI))))))))

    • I’M HERE, I’M HERE, Maria!!! Been under the weather amongst some other family matters tht required my undivided attention! Not to worry, I am still reading here & posting when I get a chance! I ALWAYS have time for our Jodi, never fear!!! I am constantly thinking of ways to get the message across to people wherever I can that Jodi is innocent & should be FREE!!! She has already done time she shouldn’t have and it’s time for AZ to free Jodi, NOW!!! Thanks for being concerned about me, Maria, I am ALWAYS here with you & Team Jodi supporting our Jodi, FOREVER!!!!!



      (((((Team Jodi)))))

      • Phew… OK, girl! Take your time- we will be here waiting…and fighting 😉

        (((((( Mary ♥ ♥ ))))))))))

  13. I wish I could be as positive about that as you are Raja Rains but Arizona is capable of anything. Also Marissa’s children were a big factor in the jury sparing her life. They pleaded in deep emotion for their mother to be saved from the death penalty. The wild west mentality of Arizona is alive and unwell. Anything is possible. If Jodi is spared I predict it will be because someone on the jury thinks she is worth saving. In any case I do believe she will have ample grounds for her appeal whether it is a life or death sentence.

    • I agree with Judy ^^^^^ ,Raja. Anything is possible. And we must be prepared for what’s to come.

    • We just have to be ready for the outcome which ever way it goes. It will just put Jodi closer to the appeal, which hopefully will undo all of the terrible mess! Jodi Will Be Free One Day!!!!

    • Well, in Marissa’s case, the jury’s decision was unanimous.
      We don’t have to have a unanimous decision this time to get the DP off the table for good – a hung jury would do just fine – even if one juror is against the DP, we’re good.
      In the last jury I think four people were hold-outs. The odds are in our favor.

    • Hey R. Love! I’m OK just been very busy at work for the last couple of weeks, 12-14 hours a day. But I’m never too far away, I always check in at least once a day, just don’t have much time to sit down and comment.
      Thanks for asking!!

      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • My wonderful brother! It’s always nice to see you here!
        Yes, R.! Ray has been working non stop!

        BTW, Ray: I still have that champagne chilling for our celebration (you know what I’m talking about! 😉 ) – So happy for you!!!!

        (((((Ray))))) ♥

        • Sis! can’t wait for the champagne…keep it chilled until I get to Greece.
          λοωε υοθ μυ σςεετ σιστερ ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

          Ray in H-burg Va.

        • Hey! I’m getting ready to go for a ride, I’ll try to get some good pictures for you. ♥ ♥ 🙂

          Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Yes!!! A lot of supporters brainstormed, exchanged ideas and opinions and worked for that flyer. It’s finally here

  14. Alexey, didn’t realize that the jury in Marissa’s case had to be unanimous. I agree that the situation is quite different from Arizona in which one jury member can make the difference. That makes it easier to get a different outcome. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Marissa was AZ – same courthouse as Jodi, in fact. One juror could have hung her jury also, they just didn’t

      Jodi is facing the penalty phase for the SECOND time – this is the last shot the state gets at the DP for Jodi. If the jury hangs again, it defaults to a life sentence, and the judge gets to decide whether it will be with or without parole. And that’s pretty much a sucker’s bet, IMO.

      Like R. Love said – at this point the sentence is moot. One way or another Jodi spends the rest of her life in jail and the only way to change that is to get the conviction overturned through appeal. Let’s just get the sentencing done with so we can get on with appeals.

  15. Right Journey, lets get the sentence done and get on with the appeal. It is really interesting that all of the jury in the Marissa case voted life. I still think it was because of the plea of her children. Jodi doesn’t have that kind of back up. It is disconcerting that when one thinks of the state’s last chance to go for the death penalty, just how that will play out in the juror’s minds.

    • Jodi does have family. Maybe this time around the DT will see the sense in letting some of them plead for her life. Last time they let their frustration with Stephens and Martinez completely shut down their mitigation case and left Jodi to do it alone – which looked really bad for Jodi that NO ONE, not even her family, spoke up for her.

  16. I have wondered about the reason Jodi’s family didn’t speak on her behalf. I wondered if they were frightened to do so as the maniacs were in full force then. It was a pretty scary time for anyone saying anything positive about Jodi. Even the Mormon brother and sister who were friends of hers and Travis were taken to task for telling the truth and giving both sides of the story. The Freemans – I think it was Joshua Freeman who backed off from supporting her in the end because of the flack he got. There was so much pressure to conform to the prosecution at that trial.

    • That was Dan Freeman who backpedaled and said she should get the death penalty.

      His brother Joshua shot himself in the head the day Jodi was arrested – with a gun of such low caliber that it took a week for him to die.

    • No, I don’t think they were frightened. Jodi’s mother had even written a letter to address the Jury, she wanted to speak on her daughter’s behalf. So did her father, he wanted to speak to the Jury. But Jodi’s lawyers thought differently.
      It’s all in one of Jodi’s interviews. Here’s the link, go to 5.36

      • I had a look at the interview you provided Maria and I see where she says her mother had prepared a letter to read but the defense strategy discouraged that as well has Jodi didn’t really want her to get up there either. I wonder if it had to do with the claims by Jodi of physical abuse by her mom as a young girl. Her mom would have been open to cross examination would she not, if she had gotten up there?

  17. Yes Dan Freeman. He was truthful in his testimony and paid for it after. There was a vigilante attitude toward anyone who stood up for Jodi and that is why I believe people were reluctant to support her in front of the jury and the world at the end of the trial. Maybe without the trial being displayed in front of the media in real time, it will make a difference this time. I hope so.

    • Strange things were going on. 3 People committing suicide. In fact, I’ve never heard of such! That should have sent rocket flares blazing up to the media and also the Haters but by that time they were so intent on blaming Jodi for everything, they were beyond thinking for themselves. Unfortunately the media took over with their own personal witch trial. . . anything for ratings. An innocent person’s life did not matter to them at all. Ratings is what was important to Nasty Disgrace, JVM and Vinnie. ( and also all of Travis’ friends (?) and Family) JVM was probably writing her fairy tale book while the trial was going on. The whole trial was a disgrace to the justice system in our country. The whole country should be disgusted along with all of us!!! If Judge Pickles had one ounce of integrity ( and a brain) she would have called for a Mistrial! She had her blinders on when it came to Martinez. I am still amazed at the circus acts he performed. I suppose he would be a different man if he was alone in a dark alley somewhere. If I were him I sure wouldn’t want to be in that situation. I believe he is all talk with nothing to back it up but a BIG mouth! Small man syndrome. LOL

      • It certain should have caused people to see the ‘rad flags’ raised! I don’t know if their suicides were actually connected to Jodi’s case BUT it was too much of a coincidence to not look into it. Those suicides got swooped under the carpet and buried so fast that not a lot of people actually heard of them.

        I think that there should be people that actually want to seek for the truth (and not for fame & ‘win at all costs’) and find out if it is connected to Jodi’s case.

  18. The flyer looks great,nice job to all the folks that contributed to creating it. I think getting these out will help in Jodi’s appellate fund.

    • Anything that will help spread the word about Jodi’s unjustly trial and help raise money for a GOOD appellate lawyer is always a good thing!

      Yes, the flyer was an excellent project with amazing team work!

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