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According to the latest updates on the Maricopa County website, the defense have filed a motion for the addition of brain injury & incapacitation testimony from surrebuttal witness Dr. Robert Geffner… basically to highlight all the BS & glaring errors from the testimony of  Dr “Doolittle” Horn, the ME.

I was gonna say Dr. Robert Geffner would finally sink the prosecutions’ ship – but then I remembered that  their ship sank without a trace many months back. Apparently, it was overloaded with way too much BS when it set sail, and it just couldn’t stay the course.

In the meantime, we’ve now added 2 more of Jodi’s original drawings to the website, which you can check out by clicking here.

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          • I would like to know when this judge will make TA sister STOP with the eye rolling! I am so sick of seeing it in the courthouse where she KNOWS the jury is watching her! She’s a “cop” right? She KNOWS better! Do it OUTSIDE AWAY from the jury! She sure wasn’t rolling her eyes when TA was TRASH talking now was she!!!! AAaaaaagh! You CAN’T unring a flippin bell, and she is doing EVERYTHING with the “tears”, and drama to make sure the jury see’s her!

          • If there was ever a time to have “super powers” from a movie, that dinner would be it.

            What powers? oh, i’ll tell yah….

            I would wish for the “talking powers” of Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the lambs. I know most wouldnt think this could come in handy, but i can think of nothing more fitting than to talk to Martinez in the same manor as Dr. Lector did to his cell neighbor, in the movie. (if you have not seen the movie or remember the scene…Lector “suggests” that his neighbor eat his own tounge and die, after her jerked off to clarise (sp?), which of course the neighbor does)

      • hiya joujoubaby! i`m just getting caught up on yesterday and i just saw that you aren`t jewish. i totally thought you were. that would be the cutest name for a hot jewish woman! maybe you could convert. just to match the name. i think i would but i tend to make commitments for all the wrong reasons.

    • Where is geevees? This site is too hard for me to navigate 🙂
      I asked her some questions on her photobucket 🙂

    • All eyes this week. Jodi girl needs strength and courage. Focus on channeling good energies to her and the jury. Jennifer is a super star female atty. What a journey to be a part of. Jodi be strong! I see a good outcome.

  1. so we have two potential surrebuttal witnesses now. i`m more confident than ever that this will turn out well for jodi. we have to make sure we take care of her when she is released. where i live there are a lot of eagles. with everyone i see i tell them to fly for jodis freedom. she will be free! she has to be.

    • I am wondering if Dr. Geffner is being asked to speak to the bullet wound as well as rebut Dr. DeMented’s testimony. His cv says he is neuropsychologist.

      I recall that Dr DeMented sorta made a big deal about being “a member of THE largest Psychological Assoc.”

      I had to smile when I read that Dr. Geffner is the most recent past president OF THAT Psychological Assoc. 🙂

      • Not true. Dr. Geffner is not a past president of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Geffner is a Past President of the Trauma Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association (APA). At last count there were 54 divisions of the APA.

      • You know what the best part about Dr. Geffner having been the last President of the fancy schmancy Psychological Association that Dr. DeMarte currently is a member of? Well, there’s a couple of them….

        1. Dr. DeMarte was obviously quite proud of her membership with that group. This means, she would hold the superior members, such as a President for example, in the highest regard. Which, means, it would be unlikely that she would have the audacity to dispute any of his findings. It’s just too damn bad he’s only testifying to the functionality after a head shot. If he would be able to testify to Jodi’s mental state she would have this in the bag.

        2. This is an extension of sorts to the part about him testifying about Jodi’s state of mind, but, no matter what he does testify to, I don’t think the haters will be nearly as successful in discrediting him as they were with Samuels and LaViolette. If, for no other reason, but there can’t be 3 farking expert witnesses who are all quacks despite the half of a century’s worth of experience between them all.

        I wish I had a wizard’s wand.
        I’d wave it all over, from sea to sea.
        In a voice that was sing song,
        I’d get rid of ignorance and hypocrisy.

        • “I wish I had a wizard’s wand.
          I’d wave it all over, from sea to sea.
          In a voice that was sing song,
          I’d get rid of ignorance and hypocrisy.”

          I wish the same Krystal.

    • Yes, I think I am smelling a little gun powder all ready! Undoubtedly, Kermit will try to intimidate and undermine
      the up coming testimony but there is not much he can say re Dr. Geffner’s credentials.

      Can’t wait until tomorrow.

      • I suspect that he will attack his credibility by referring to old court cases that have been brought up in so-called “reviews” of his books on These did not appear until he was suggested as a surrebuttal witness.

  2. Good morning lovely people! I haven’t been able to catch up on all the posts since yesterday, but I’m working on it. Stupid work gets in the way. 🙁

    Anyhow, I’ve been praying and thinking about Jodi and I also have been praying for us and SJ, MB, JC and the whole Team Jodi. I know some of you are not religious, but so what. I’m sending you positive vibes so just click “accept” darn it! lol

    I know some of us are a little stressed right now, but I have a feeling that everything is going to be alright.

    Oh, and congrats joujoubaby! <3

  3. This is the best news that we’ve heard yet !! Yes, bring on both these surrebuttal witnesses for Jodie. Tomorrow isn’t soon enough !!

  4. Hi all. New poster here, waving a white flag! I’m a “friendly”, I promise! I’ve been reading your comments here for several weeks, but every time I’ve thought to ask a question or make a comment, I read a bit further and someone’s already made my comment or answered my question!

    I can’t find an answer to the question I’ve been investigating the last few days, and I am hoping someone here knows the answer. Does anyone know if, when, or by whom there was actual WITNESS testimony about the burglary at Jodi’s grand-parents’? I’ve looked all through the archived videos of the State’s Case in Chief, and I can’t seem to find where there was a WITNESS who testified to it. All I can find are the video clips from Jodi’s interrogations, where Flores confronts her about the gun stolen from her grandparents.

    If there was no actual witness testimony, can the defense team petition the judge to instruct the jury to ignore all references to any ‘stolen gun’, since the state never produced evidence of it? Same for the ‘stalking’ references that JM managed to sneak in.

    I remember Belvin Perry telling the jury to disregard Baez’ assertion that Casey was molested by her father, because Baez had not produced evidence to support that claim. Same principle should apply here, right? (unless y’all know who testified to the stolen gun)

    • There was a Yreka police officer who testified to the burglary. The video for that testimony is nowhere to be found. I’ve often wondered if it was one of the times the video feed got lost.

      But it was testified to and his incident report is in the record.

      • Thanks, Al, for your prompt reply. I can’t imagine what video gap that fell into. I did see testimony of the detective from Siskiyou CSO, but he only testified about the search warrant on July 15 and making a line-up card to show the rental car guy.

        I was slogging though all of Flores’ testimony, thinking it might have come in that way (side note, it’s really amazing how often that detective says “I don’t know” and “I don’t remember”). There was once when Nurmi had him on cross, and referred back to “a conversation we had the other day”, and the video of THAT conversation is also nowhere to be found.

        Oh well. Thought I was onto something!

      • If the officers’ report is in evidence, would that mean that the jury will see that Jodi had brown hair?
        I thought he wrote it down about her hair colour.

    • Day 5 of the trial has the officer from siskiyou county and he is the one that investigated the robbery from the grandparents house

      • Thanks, Debbie, but Nathan Mendez didn’t testify about the burglary. He mostly testified about the items recovered in the search warrant the day Jodi was arrested. Nothing about the stolen gun.

        • You are right so very sorry I watched it again. I know that the testimony of the grandparents gun was in the first few days of trial. Martinez even questioned the pictures they had .

  5. A little off topic – but, if anyone has time this morning, turn on the Florida VS Zimmerman hearings that are on live right now. WOW, this Judge and the Courtoom gallery is a stark contrast to the ass circus in Arizona. The Judge has total control and the gallery is very well behaved and respectful. Exact opposite of what we’ve been watching the last few months. Just wanted to point that out.

      • Bystander I am watching the hearing for Zimmerman. It seems that the state not giving evidence to the defense runs rampant. They too are complaining about not receiving evidence, much the same as JA case and CA case.

    • ass circus. lol

      Thanks Bystander. I agree with Tony too, different trial same BS.

      On another note, I wonder if Judge Stephens decided to wrap this one up at the behest of HLN who wants to slot the Zimmerman trial in right afterward in their programming schedule.

      Like I said, HLN shouldn’t be complaining about the bill AZ has racked up – they should be helping to pay it. God knows they’ve made plenty of money off of it to do so.

  6. I’m not so sure there is a second surrebuttal witness. I read it as additional testimony from the same witness. I could be wrong.


      • Yes, you may be right! No doubt we’ll find out soon enough. So long as Dr Doolittle’s BS gets hung out to dry, one way or the other, that’s the main thing.

        Team Jodi

  7. Good morning everyone. I’ll be popping in throughout the day, but I’m trying to get a TON of work done on top of having a sinus infection! 🙁
    I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  8. Kitty, I have the same question that you do — I’m thinking there are not two witnesses, but one — Dr. Geffner. Since he is a neuropsychologist, I’m guessing he is the witness for both.

    Does anyone know the answer to this: Can a surrebutal witness ONLY address the specific points they are called to rebut? Geffner is an expert in the effects of domestic violence. Can he address those issues, or only the Borderline Personality Disorder? or, if approved, issues on the bullet?

    • Elaine,

      A surrebuttal witness can only reply to new evidence introduced during rebuttal. So, at least in my opinion, in theory there is no ground for Geffner or anyone to be able to testify to the ME’s bullet argument. That same issue arose during the state’s case in chief.

      However, should the judge, through an abundance of caution in a DP case, allow the testimony in then there are two ways the defense can get this in through Geffner. The first is based on the definition of neuropsychology as per the American Board of Practicing Psychologists

      “Clinical Neuropsychologists have specialized knowledge and training in the applied science of brain-behavior relationships. Clinical Neuropsychologists use this knowledge in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients across the lifespan who have neurological, medical, developmental, or psychiatric conditions.

      The Clinical Neuropsychologist employs psychological, neurological, or physiological methods to evaluate patients’ cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses and relates these findings to normal and abnormal central nervous system functioning. ”


      “Neuropsychology studies the structure and function of the brain as they relate to specific psychological processes and behaviors.”

      The other way is through AZ Rules 701 or 702, where the definition of opinion testimony is given.

      • Didn’t Willmott catch the ME out a few times, contradicting or hedging his earlier testimony? Could that, conceivably, be considered “new” testimony?

          • It seems to me that there were enough changes in MEs testimony to warrant some kind of rebuttal, and I believe Dr. G. will cover both.

            • When the ME was back on the stand last week, that was cause the Prosecutor called him back. That was rebuttal testimony, right? I think it was in response to Jodi’s testimony that the gunshot came first. So I thought sur-rebuttal was an option to his recent testimony ?

      • thank you for reading the tea leaves for us that don’t understand the legal system like you do. What a gift you have and it is really appreciated.

    • Actually, on second thought, there is one way. The judge can under certain circumstances allow either side to re-open their case in chief. This is normally reserved for newly discovered evidence, but is supposed to be very rare.

      • And after she already set the jury up with a “schedule” i would think it would be even harder for her to allow anything else that could alter her timeline.

        • What if the jurors have 100 questions?
          She can’t say, well I’ll only allow you 2, since she’s
          let them ask a ton of questions to other witnesses?
          Plus MY time is running out.

  9. Boy this whole bullet wound to the head thing seems to come around every few days and throw a real monkey wrench into my whole karmic well being.

    With all due respect to the defense team they really screwed the pooch on this one. Five days before the trial the state notified them that they were going to elicit testimony that the gunshot came last. I believe that, even though this has the impact of weakening JM’s premeditation argument somewhat he is going to use this juicy whopper as an aggravating factor for the DP. The weakening of course comes from the question that if she had planned this, and had a gun, why would she use a knife first?

    The chances of the defense getting this in on surrebuttal are slim, unless the judge is ready to grant the defense some extra leeway. This is not new evidence. The defense was notified of the state’s stance on this issue prior to trial and the ME testified to this in their case in chief. Furthermore the defense cross-examined him and Flores on this issue in the state’s case in chief. The defense has had ample opportunity to address this and should have.

    The real importance here is not so much in the sequence of the shot per se, but the fact that the defense had a golden opportunity to prove that this ME was full of it and lying. Now to a certain extent the change in Flores’ story already does that, but the impact of hitting the state with a sledge hammer would have been marvelous, and should have been taken.

    Anyway, I’m letting my pique on this issue get the better of me again, and there’s nothing new to say. But I hope they get the chance to let Geffner, or someone else testify to this.

    I really think what ended up happening here was that the defense set off to essentially save Jodi’s life. The self defense claim was essentially put up as a counter scenario, with the defense having very little confidence in its success. I think it was only as the trial unfolded that the defense realized that not only could they win on DP, but also on the whole thing with a likely verdict far below M1 with a possible chance (though slim) of an acquittal. This, I believe, caught them off guard. Why it should have escapes me, since they had all the evidence available to them for years.

    • I think that, as usual, your analysis is spot on. But the variable that I don’t think that the defense counted on was just how inept the prosecution would be. Part of the reason that we see the evidence as it is, is that JM has so effectively undermined his own case. I think that a trial is a lot like making a movie. You can have the script, and the casting done, and the producers and director hired, but you really never know whether it will gel or not until the editing is done…or even sometimes until it hits the theater. I think that you are right on the money that they underestimated the likelihood of their own success, but mainly because they did not predict that JM would keep fumbling the ball. Recall some of the strikes against them: Jodi blabbbed. A LOT. And offensively. Tauntingly even. They did not know that they would be able to put Jodi on the stand and thereby get a lot of the emails and such in through their experts. They could not have predicted how well Jodi would hold up on the stand. They would NEVER have guess that JM would make such an ass of himself while Jodi was on the stand. Their main expert got cancer in the middle of preparing for the case. Those are the variables that have “broken” in their favor. They still have the crime scene photos, the flaky stuff that Jodi did and continues to do.
      This case was overcharged. On that there is no debate. But overcharged cases get prosecuted and won every day in this country. Building a case isn’t like producing a work of art, or building a building where the make has a great deal of control over the materials and the pacing. They had to work with what they got, and I think that they have done a more than stellar job. Add to that, that they do something that many if not most skilled trial lawyers fail to do, and that is build a record for appeal. They’ve got enough record to make EMI jealous. To me, Willmott and Nurmi are the best money spent on this whole waste of a case.

      • I agree. But by the time the state was done they knew at least some of this. And they had 10 days to put stuff together before they started and all those days while their case was on.

        These guys are just competent enough attorneys. I don’t think either Jennifer or Nurmi would ever be classified as top notch. There is no Gerry Spence, F Lee Bailey, Roy Black, Barry Scheck, Mike Geragos, etc on this team.

        Those guys would have had this prosecution on the ropes just in the state’s case in chief.

    • Al, honestly i think the defense made a mistake too…but what was that mistake? I think they OVER estimated Juan.

      Really, not being sheeky here. I think they expected the state to make a much better case, and when they were not able to, i think THAT threw them off and thought “shit, we could hit a double, triple and POSSIBLY a home run”, when they started out wanting a “walk” and wishing for a base hit. They thought the pitcher was a major league starter but the pitcher turned out to be bush league bench player with alot of hype and no arm.

  10. Al, If they are able to get in surrebutal testimony on the bullet, would that give them the edge they should have taken all along, or is it too late for that?

    • They should have put this to rest a long time ago. The edge it would have given is cast a real shadow of over the credibility of the state’s case. I was begging and pleading for this as soon as the ME was done. I was even suggesting that the defense should have called the ME to the stand in their case and torn him a new one. I could not believe it when JM called him as a rebuttal witness, because I was sure the defense would have handed him his lunch then.

      But it’s never too late to take a witness down, and if they can now, it still has meaning. The problem is, even if allowed they are going to bring this in through a person who is not a medical doctor, a pathologist or an expert on gun shot injuries, and that will let JM argue that its not quite as damning. But, its a case of better late than never.

      Also depends on how they present it. I can still think of ways to do it and have it be very powerful.

      • Al-
        I am with you 100% on this issue. The sequence of the gun shot also goes to Jodi’s credibility, which by some of the juror’s questions continues to be an issue. I am hoping they can make the distinction that she lied only after the self defense killling, due to overwhelming fear, and that she isn’t a “liar” in general. I also would have loved to see the defense give the info about the gun shot to the jury on a silver platter and not ask them to rely on their own common sense that the ME is full of it, and lied on the stand. If I were a juror, I would want actual evidence presented to argue my case for not guilty by reason of self defense and to verify that Jodi’s account of saving her own life has plenty of direct evidence to support it.

        Any idea if we will know today if there is another expert to testify to this or if the Neuropshy Dr. will cover the info?

      • Al, I found the juror question to the ME which asked him what he thought the scenario could have been to allow Travis the mobility for the time of the attack, and his answer if the bullet had not passed through the brain makes me think at least one juror is doubting JMs theory of stab wound to the heart first, while he was sitting in the shower, even though the wound shows the infliction of it to be upward. Autopsy report reads there was no evidence of hemorrhage in the brain, qualified only by limited degree of decomposition.

  11. Good morning, folks!

    I have a ton of work to do, really want to clear my work load for the next couple days.

    I will be lurking.

    Just want to say that emotions are going to run wild for us all, and trolls shall come and try to stir up shit. We gotta stay tight as a until and not let any of this detract from what we are doing.

    Peace~ 😎

    • Hiya Renee! I’m here lurking too,job’s keeping me away,well till tomorrow!!
      Unfortunately you’re right on the haters,they’re gonna keep coming and bullying us even more the next weeks!

    • I can’t help but believe that several jurors are in doubt.
      I have a lot of questions.
      There’s no one that can make me think different.
      I’ve gone over the camera a mystery, the blood a mystery especially since there was a lot of it.
      I can’t believe that Zach and his girl friend didn’t smell anything awful.
      AND the other roommate.

      This was AZ in june. You have to run the AC pretty much to keep cool and the smell would be worse.

      For the ones that have ruled everyone out but Jodi, they made a BIG mistake.
      So I have faith that the jurors use common sense.
      I think most of the time they think it through, and in this case there is just too much doubt.

  12. Hey all….

    SJ, AL, Cindy J., joujou, Sil, Rachel, kitty, lara, Bystander, Debbie, Amy, Elaine, rb, Journee (WELCOME!) Toni/W, and of course ANYONE that has popped in after this is posted… 🙂

  13. Great Morning Everyone- I have been MIA for a few days taking advantage of the break from trial and pulling my life together:) I reluctantly tucked the laptop away, because I (like many) have put WAY too much on the back burner, but the last few days have REALLY put me back on track, and tomorrow, I’m ready to RUMBLE!!!!
    I’m so excited for the new witness and new testimony. Every time I think about it my stomach flip-flops!!

    I am so confident that Jodi will be free soon, and I am SO excited for her!!

    Thank GAWD I’m SO glad to be caught up so now I can catch up with you all, I miss this site so much when I am away!

  14. Just to follow up on the discussion about the gunshot wound … even if it’s too late for the defense to bring in another witness such as a medical examiner, I wonder if they can still make their point by talking about the inconsistencies in Flores and Horn’s testimony during closing arguments? Whether or not TA was was still able to move around and fight and get defensive wounds after the shot is SO crucial to the self-defense argument, and possibly the difference between M1, M2 or manslaughter. I have to agree with @Al and others who have said the same that the defense didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to present better testimony to show gunshot came first. Ugh! This bothers me!!

    • They should use the ME’s words against him. – TA couldn’t have held his head up in order to have been shot if it came last. They also need to point out the crime scene is consistent with gunshot near closet.

      • YEP!And they should definitely try to raise some reasonable doubt when it comes to the supposingly ‘dragging photo’.Martinez’ claim was unfounded,TA ‘s neck cannot have been slit at that point!

    • I don’t know this, but it may be that the neuropsychologist could have more info than an MD on this. He may know more about what the brain is capable of/what kind of activity is possible after this head injury.

  15. I don’t understand what the value is of rebutting testimony on Borderline Personality Disorder. I’m a social worker and psychotherapist. Jodi probably could meet diagnostic criteria for BPD, but it means nothing. She STILL has PTSD and amnesia. She still is innocent of pre-meditation. So if Geffner says she doesn’t have BPD, what will that do for the defense’s case??

    • Elaine,

      Since Dr. Geffner has expertise in domestic violence and trauma, he can probably reinforce the previous diagnosis of PTSD and BWS, as well as debunking the BPD diagnosis. I have read recently that some trauma experts see BWS and PTSD as overlapping or replacing BPD, so maybe Dr. Geffner will speak to that.

    • Elaine the rebuttal witness for the state, Dr Demarte, stated that Jodi did not have ptsd what she did have was bpd. The defence needs to rebut that theory.

      • Her own test, however, showed Jodi had an elevated PTSD score, which was even higher than Dr. Samuels’. The score was 77, which was above the so-called cutoff score.

          • Dr. D, was stressing manipulation and anger as two of the signs of BPD which she diagnosed Jodi as having, which received very low score with the other psychologists’ testing. They need to rebut her attitude about the real experts, Dr. S. and ALV.

    • i`m guessing it could remove some of the stigma attached to bpd and speculation about jodis personality and possible actions. i don`t see the big deal with bpd. i love borderlines. no doubt some of my best friends are bpd. i was given the diagnosis myself. i think it`s bs and a diagnosis given to women who wont always take shit. all you need is to feel 6 out of the 9 points on one single day of your life really. if that day is the day you take the test well than…you have bpd. so stupid. it`s a tool used by assholes against women. period.

      • I agree 100% and to prove it I had the hubby dig out his DSM and answer a few Qs… sure enough, he had it too!

        It is a BULLSHIT Dx, IMHO

      • I agree lara, As I posted earlier, I have read some articles which state that many experts in trauma feel BPD should be eliminated in favor of a BWS and PTSD diagnosis.

      • Shared opinion here, Lara.
        It seems that many more women are diagnosed with these labels when they are suffering from stress or abuse, so that they get to blame it again on themselves, on their own personality, their own genes, where the only remedy would be drugs.

        • Already menopause has been labeled as some sort of disease that must be treated, and many women take drugs for normal monthly menses too. Unneeded hysterectomies and mastectomies. So now this. grrrrr

      • It would be good to remove some of the BPD stigma. But, I see it as usually indicative of abuse in childhood and often includes PTSD. It is NOT something that makes a person more violent. More likely, they are more suicidal — not homicidal. So I think the witness could clarify a lot of that — if Jodi DOES have BPD, it doesn’t matter one iota in terms of the murder charges.

      • Oh I totally agree lara. BPD is a real issue, but is used specifically against women who do not conform to what society expects them to do.

        I found this article enlightening:

        In a nutshell, it talks about how BPD is overdiagnosed in women, and ASPD is overdiagnosed in men, when both should be about 50/50. It talks about gender bias, but like you said it is “used as a tool by assholes against women.” Gosh ain’t that the truth!!

        • wow, i guess i had my own gender bias about bpd. i never thought about what it would be like for a man with that diagnosis. i never really thought of men getting the diagnosis at all because i have only heard of women with bpd. really enlightening article. thanks mb!

          • Your welcome, anytime! I don’t think you have gender bias at all. IMO the whole topic of BPD is usually slanted against women but the article has a lot of really good points.

      • Lara, BPD’s are always very cool people; exciting, impulsive & fun. Yes, they can drop off into the deep-end also. I have know guys with this diagnosis, not just women.

        I know I post late, so you may not see this, but I wanted to tell you that if a therapist diagnosed you with BPD, and you don’t feel it fits you or is helpful in better understanding yourself, than your best bet is to take the MMPI. The test is way less biased than an individual psychologist. It can give people insight into themselves. It can be a powerful tool for the individual when used with good intent by the tester. Insist on a copy of the report. It’s expensive tho if you don’t have insurance.

        • thanks s2u! i got the diagnosis from an asshat quack that didnt like me, about 12 years ago. i started seeing a good shrink after that and she rediagnosed me with ptsd. but that was 4 years later and i had the bpd used against me in a custody battle. i lost custody for 2 years until i could undo the damage of that asshat custody shrink. i now have full custody and am a single mom of 4 girls. the bpd thing is no longer a part of my daily battle but it still gets right under my skin. didnt you just KNOW they were going to find some way to through bpd at jodi. you could see it coming a mile away.

    • The problem with that quack diagnosing her as BPD is that Jodi had no history at all of any kind of mental disorder prior to her killing Travis.

      There is simply no evidence of any kind of mental illness on Jodi’s part. It was highly unethical for DeMarte to give her a diagnosis of BPD since there is no way whatsoever to show she had anything several years’ prior.

      The ONLY problems she developed were AFTER Travis’s killing and were as a result of trauma from having killed Travis. That is what Dr. Samuels focused on, and the only thing he COULD ethically focus on.

      All DeMarte’s unethical diagnosis did was fit it into the debunked “crazy stalker” narrative by JM.

    • My guess is he will focus on the fact that Jodi does have PTSD in his testimony. Samuels also diagnosed Jodi with the general NOS PD, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue, IMO. I hope they don’t spend too much time on the PD stuff, it’s not here nor there – all he should say maybe is that the tests show that Jodi is clearly not suffering from ASPD. Nothing else matters in the PD/Axis 2; she is not a sociopath/psychopath like all the haters have claimed.

  16. Just looked at the Superior Court docket. The State has now filed a “seventeenth notice of supplemental witnesses”. It was filed yesterday, the 29th. Does that mean that Kermit is asking to call more witnesses? It is on the docket for today.

  17. The ME should have never said gun shot came last. This will be the prosecutions downfall, Especially since he confirmed TA couldn’t have held his head up in order to have been shot. Although they can’t determine the exact path of the bullet ( which is why he also shouldn’t have stated TA couldn’t have functioned after this) the were able to determine it entered through the front of his head. The cause of death was also not the gun shot per autopsy. The prosecution has managed to botch the only real evidence the had because they were determined to prove murder 1. They should have never put that charge out there in my opinion. The evidence just does not support it and they are hoping that the jurors will dislike her enough to convict her on such flimsy evidence. JM should be kicking himself for his lack of self control when it came to the charges. The also should have never ended with the ME. Now it is fresh in the jurors mind that this doesn’t fit together nor tell a story of how the man died.

    If I was a juror I’m going murder 2. This is what the evidence shows me especially because the defense never called an expert to explain frame of mind regarding the overkill. The gas cans and hair color I can look past. Yes I think she lied about certain aspects regarding them but only because she and her team new JM was hanging his hat on those for pre-med. I think she felt she couldn’t give him that. I came to this site it because I thought she was totally innocent. I do feel her rights to a fair trial have been stomped on so many times it isn’t funny. I went into this wanting to make a decision based on what evidence and testimony was provided in court and nothing else. Just as the jury will be asked to do. There is no way I could even discuss M1 or consider it in deliberations. If there were jurors dead set on this I would probably be the reason for a hung jury.

    The defense should have also addressed how common that caliber gun may or may not be. When the MEmentioned he had dealt with 100’s of cases with the same caliber it got me thinking. The fact she was never investigating for the theft of the gun also stays with me. Nothing in this case is consistent or adds up.

    • She didn’t lie about her hair color. Her hair was brown months before her trip to AZ.

      I think your M2 call is going to be what the jury goes with. It’s just a feeling I have. Evidence of premeditation is just not there, but the jury won’t feel good about acquitting Jodi either.

      • Brenda, Kira

        I think the M2, though possible, is a little on the heavy side here. M2 as defined by AZ (and applicable to this case, so I’ve removed all the unborn child stuff out) says

        A person commits second degree murder if without premeditation:
        1. The person intentionally causes the death of another person; or
        2. Knowing that the person’s conduct will cause death or serious physical injury, the person causes the death of another person; or
        3. Under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life, the person recklessly engages in conduct that creates a grave risk of death and thereby causes the death of another person.

        That means you have to have intentionally done stuff that kills. A classic example of M2 is a drive by shooting with no particular target. Guy just opens up on a street and people die. Now as opposed to that you have the manslaughter charge

        A person commits manslaughter by:
        1. Recklessly causing the death of another person; or
        2. Committing second degree murder as defined in section 13-1104, subsection A upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion resulting from adequate provocation by the victim.

        The difference here is that in M2 the intent was to kill. In manslaughter the intent was not to kill, or if it was to kill, it was due to provocation by the victim. This is why I believe the manslaughter verdict, especially if the defense can get in the heat of passion sudden quarrel instruction is the more likely.

        The problem here is that if you buy M2, in this case, then you probably should buy M1. Whether its the gun or the knife that came first, if it was done with an intent to kill, and since there was one and only one target, and the target was known, you cannot buy M2 and not premeditation. Remember premeditation does not have to be some long thought out process. So if M2 is a valid verdict then the thought process has to be as follows, ” I am going to shoot/stab this person to kill him”. That has to be because M2 requires intent or “extreme indifference to human life, the person recklessly engages in conduct.” That second criteria applies to the drive by shooting situation. That forming of intent for M2 when there is only one person is the M1 criteria.

        This is probably also why JM is arguing against the shot coming first, since there could be some tangential argument that says she didn’t shoot him to kill, but to wound, and she missed. But that knife to the chest can only have one intention.

        Unless of course the M2 is just a lame ass compromise.

        • I agree with Al on this one. I think Manslaughter is the right verdict here. However, something tells me the Jury will be divided on the verdict. Not sure how they will compromise, if any.

        • Not to quibble, Al, but the case that the gunshot would have been fatal unto itself is unproved. But otherwise, I think that you are right. My prediction is that if they get the Manslaughter instruction in, that is how the jury will go. Otherwise I think that it is too close to call, and that anybody who thinks that he can predict what a specific jury will do belongs on Dr. Drew reading tea leaves and divining the will of spirits. The deal is, that if the verdict is for anything more severe than M2, the state is going to have one whale of an appeal on its hands.

          • And not for nothing but I also think that she has a good First Amendment claim that her art should be salable after a verdict because her career as an artist predated her notoriety as a defendant, the subject of her art is not related to the crime, and some other arguments that I have that are too boring to go into here now, but you get the idea.

          • Right, but a person wielding the gun could have believed their shot would be fatal, or in the alternative, the mere act of shooting someone can be considered a reckless disregard for human life.

        • Hi Al,

          That’s what I think, that M2 will be the lame-ass compromise. I agree that manslaughter is more fitting if the jury throws out self-defense altogether. It’s that damn throat slash that makes me think they’ll go as tough as possible without convicting on M1. Martinez’s whole case hinges on Jodi driving to AZ with intent to kill. I think the jury will view that as M1 but won’t be able to agree that JM made his case.

      • I so hope you’re wrong, Kira. I won’t be happy with anything more than heat of passion. I want Jodi aquitted. I wish I was on the jury..

        • I hope I’m wrong too!

          The hater sites are all predicting a quick M1 conviction. They’re overconfident just as they were with Casey.

        • Hi Al,

          That’s what I think, that M2 will be the lame-ass compromise. I agree that manslaughter is more fitting if the jury throws out self-defense altogether. It’s that damn throat slash that makes me think they’ll go as tough as possible without convicting on M1. Martinez’s whole case hinges on Jodi driving to AZ with intent to kill. I think the jury will view that as M1 but won’t be able to agree that JM made his case.

          • That throat wound has been the thorn in the defenses side since the very beginning. If it weren’t for that, this would be a very different case. Even if that wound was inflicted in self defense it gives the perception of going beyond the limit.

            However, as one very perceptive juror asked ALV, when you are in that fight mode, can you in fact stop shy. So someone on that jury is questioning even that issue and that is a good thing.

    • Remember until we see the defence closing argument, we are very much in the dark.

      I think they have a very strong argument on the crime scene.

      But who knows?

      • I think thy do also I just don’t know how much weight goes into closing arguments. They need to be very obvious and spell it out. Explain what reasonable doubt means and harp on those doubts. JM ‘s techniques are obnoxious on cross but might be very persuasive during closing arguments.

        • Closing arguments aren’t considered evidence. They aren’t supposed to be considered in the deliberations.

          All the closing arguments do is summarize each case for the jurors.

          • Exactly.

            Just like the opening statements. They do however set the mood for the jury as they start deliberating and tell them what to look for.

            Of course what almost all lawyers do is testify, and the other side objects, and the judge sustains (unless it is JM and this judge), but the cat is out of the bag.

          • It’s not for new evidence, but for summarizing/categorizing/refining existing evidence. I don’t think that they need new evidence to prove that it didn’t play out the way the prosecution claims. They just need to lay out how the existing evidence doesn’t jive w the prosecution’s claims. If they can show how it corroborates Jodi’s version of things, all the better for them. My prediction is that closing will be just like the rest of the trial. Defense will be clear, methodical, and maybe a little plodding. And the pros will be an epic FLAIL.

        • Brenda, most any lawyer will tell you that closing arguments are the most important part in any trial. That is why we all need to be looking forward to them. Since Wilmont did opening, Nurmi may do closing, but IMO Wilmont would be much more effective.

      • Also, they have to be sure beyond reasonable doubt that it wasn’t self-defence, and with the prosecution arguing such total bullshit, why should they settle for M2?

        I truly believe there was no overkill, I don’t know yet precisely what happened, but Jodi was in a state of total amnesia, defending herslef against repeated attacks from Travis.

        I think he attacked her maybe four times : once when he chased her after she dropped the camera, again after she shot him accidentally, then maybe he lunged at her after she ran through the closet a second time (that’s what we see in the 62 second photo), after he doubled back along the hallway, then who knows what happened after that. I think she probably tried to help him again, and then the final knife fight occurred.

        • The key thing to understand here is that in a state of amnesia, you very quickly forget what has just happened. Jodi would have forgotten what happened before at every stage after he says “FKYB”.

                • Of course : see my about page.


                  That’s why I tackled the Daily Mail,

                  “Your complaint will now be passed to the Commission with a view to it making a ruling under the Code. We aim to be in touch with you with a decision within the next 50 days (35 working days).”

                  That was on 19th April.

                • Well, she just dragged him in somehow. She was very strong, and when you are in “flight or fight” amazing feats of strength are not unusual.

                  I mean it’s not that impossible, is it?

                • Jodi was very angry at that point and time too. She must of had great strength in her for that slashing of the throat. She must have been filled with burning hate and rage.

                • Hi geebee2, I’m not convinced she would be strong enough to have dragged him into the shower, I’m thinking of the state she would have been in when reality hit. I still think someone else did it and the throat slashing, 5 days went by and others were in that house.
                  Had a look at your wiki page, geebee2, its very good.
                  I’m in North London 🙂

            • hi geebee…I love your posts…thanks for taking your time to post such informative information…thanks…

              Off topic: today I had a new client…we got to talking and he was telling me that 10 years ago he got mugged and robbed as he was opening his house door and the mugger hit him in the forehead with the butt of a 357 magnum gun and blood was squirting everywhere…He had so much loss of blood from the forehead injury…his forehead skin was literally hanging down he said…blood was everywhere…

              And some point of the scuffle the mugger apparently had shot him in the back of his head…he found out later at the hospital that a bullet went in one side and came out the other side…he said he had not realized that…

              I asked him if he was able to walk after the mugging…and he said yes…he said that he walked toward the street as the ambulance was arriving…

              He walked to the ambulance by himself…and when he got nearer to the ambulance the paramedics rushed over and assisted him onto the stretcher…at first…neither he nor the paramedics knew that he had actually been shot through the back of the head…

              He is ok today…other than the scars…no lasting side effects he said….

    • Just to take what you say about Travis not being able to hold his head up for a last gunshot wound one step further. If you look at the photo of Travis on the floor with Jodi’s leg next to him, his head is up. He could not be laying in that position with his throat cut from ear to ear all the way back to his spine. There is an immense amount of blood coming from the gunshot wound to his right temple that is covering his right shoulder and neck area. I believe this is after he charged Jodi and the gun went off. She has managed to get up but Travis is still down but is not dead or completely incapacitated in that photo. He manages to get up and go to the sink and spits up blood. By then Jodi has the knife and finishes him off after his next wave of attack.

      • Well that’s an interesting alternative…. I probably didn’t consider.

        I have the 62 second photo somewhere in the middle of events, which seems about right on timing.

        Also, it gives longer for the considerable amount of blood seen in the 62 second photo to form….

        What I do know is that Martinez account of the crime scene is total bullshit.

        Total nonsense in every way imaginable, forcing the evidence to fit his ridiculous theory.

    • I think someone here mentioned that someone could get a .25 on the street for about fifty bucks. That’s how common they are.

      It makes no sense for Jodi to steal her grandfather’s gun, an incident that can be associated with her after the fact, if she could get an unregistered gun so easily and for so little money.

      There’s also the issue about whether or not the bullet was a hollow point, ect.

      Now, just from my perspective, JM’s theory about the gunshot never held water with me. Simply because I’ve read one too many news stories about people surviving gunshot wounds to the head. The most extreme being a woman who emptied five bullets of a higher caliber gun into the face of an intruder, and he was able to get in his car and drive himself to the emergency room. JM would have me believing that a bullet entering the above the eyebrow and lodging in the cheek would be incapacitating, which is ridiculous. The path of the bullet would probably go through the sinus cavity, any damage to the brain would be negligent.

      • I agree MB,
        It doesn’t make any sense to me whatsover he would be stabbed
        and then shot.
        That’s crazy thinking.

        In fact the prosecuter had to have Flores back to change his story.
        IMO, perjury!

        And WHY would Jodi even think about trying to put him in the shower. She would have had to pull him in, WHICH, IMO she couldn’t and again why would she?
        Over a ledge? Just makes no sense.

  18. Looking at this I see

    Disposition Information
    Party Name ARSCode Description Crime Date Disposition Code Disposition Date
    Jodi Ann Arias 13-1105 (F1) MURDER 1ST DEGREE 6/4/2008
    Case Documents
    Filing Date Description Docket Date Filing Party
    4/29/2013 LOW – List Of Witnesses/Exhibit/Evidence – Party (001) 4/30/2013
    4/27/2013 NOT – Notice – Party (001) 4/29/2013

    which seems to imply extra testimony from an existing surrebuttal witness rather than a new surrebuttal witness.

  19. Im both excited that ,even with this new filing, we are reaching the end and worried because this case went in so many directions I know some more vitals are out there.

  20. Goodmorning everyone! I haven been posting much lately, I have family in town and cant be rude on my tablet all day, I just wanted to stop by and say HELLO to everyone. I WONT miss a day of the trial though.

    Can someone tell me if they’ll have the live feed for the hearing today? And when is the trial continuing?

    Thanks guys and have a GREAT rest of the day!!!

  21. I’m starting a new job tomorrow so there’s no way I will be able to listen to the feed like I could with my old job. Booooooo!

    How long do you think deliberations will take? I feel like it could go either way.

    • I think deliberations on this case could be very long. It seems, from the jury questions, that you have folks tending towards both sides of this case, some buying the state’s story and others the defense’s. That normally calls for a lot of wrangling in the jury room.

  22. Help!! Due to the fact that now I’m down two computers Can anybody tell me if there’s a link That I can use for my android phone to watch the trial on. I can’t use the link on this page thanks in advance

          • your welcome…

            I have friends who use android phones and they say this links works for them…when you click on the link it will have the rainbow colored tiles on the picture until closer to the time of trial…and then you can click on the android link right above the picture…

            They’ll put Jodi’s picture come up on the screen right before the trial starts…then they will change it to the state seal of Arizona…

            You can read wildaboutrial notes on the right side of the screen and he’ll let you know what they are doing in the courtroom until they actually air it for it to be viewed…

            When the trial starts….the state seal leaves and it starts immediately…sometimes if it freezes…just redo clicking on the link again…

      • Morning Tonya. Yup My laptop want two weeks ago. The air is it can’t find my hard drive. So I put my desk top up and it was working fine I decided to turn it off instead of in the sleep mode the next day I got nothing. My desktop Had so much security on at Nothing to get through I had to do a
        lot of updates due to the fact that I haven’t used it in a year. just tellin yah something weird is going on.

        • My computer has been acting up too. Which sucks, its a 3000 dollar machine I am leasing from college for 450 bucks a semester.

          I have had my FB shut down, my email is being flooded with spam, my other FB has been hacked to hell and back.

          I run malware bytes multiple times a day now, and open almost NOTHING sent to me. There are even links on here I wont click on unless it is a recognized, trusted poster.

          If I dont recognize a poster, I let someone else here click on it 😆

          its just going to get worse… the closer we get to freedom for JODI, the more the shit-bags are going to try and cause harm.

  23. good day to all and hello to the newcomers i can not believe no one mentioned chris hughes here today he was on dr drew last nite and will again tonight. I thought he go a pink slip from the defence he told the judge he was going to. what happen to that. now the frog is telling the world that jodi was so scary he was afraid she was going to hurt his kids and add oh help travis family they need money and the site address and also to give to a fund raising some travis and kids ????? he wanted to do ???? nasty nancy had jodi family plastered all over the world with their interview with flores and a lot of interesting things were said there its recorded so will spend time to write down what stood out in that but again where do they get this guess flores or JM had to give it HLN why does the defence not give the public info to help jodi like the original flores report the detailed breakdown of the roommates and ashley that died her husband dustin the hughes HLN comes here and uses out statement but will not discuss the real issue everyone wants to know why did she do it. ????????? she did not kill travis she never had the gun or the knife there is no picture she had them no DNA she had them no witness that saw her someone with a child found out travis molested him and just chris hughes that is your child I was molested at 6 by a family member and at 12 by a neighbor and I went thru life with anger towards my mother and father but my mom the most when I told her about it she took me to a doctor she told the nuns were told I was made to knee on rice and separated from other children yes I was mad and your son will eventually act out too chris and sky hughes your days are numbered you can hide you head in the sand now but eventually you will get bit.

      • geebee just read the hughes site you did you forgot the end when nurmi wanted to give the hughes the pink slip a supenna opps spelling what happened to that ….???? 🙄 there cell phones were taken did anything come of that. and now chris is on dr drew spuwing kkk shit about how jodi will hurt his kids come on get real travis is the pedifile here not her and she would not hurt a fly but on the other had mr hughes you would enjoy your money now because someday someone will find out about your involvement jodi dad was asked about the PPL in helping jodi in her defence and to my knowledge the first team did a lously job and the second one is trying to pick up the peaces I left jodi a message about all the stuff I thought happened and asked her to give me a sign that I was right and she gave me the sign that I was right and nasty nancy saw that and used it she put it up every nite when she is on tv. well I hope that if things do not go right for jodi she will get a good sherlock holmes and a great defence team to get the real truth out about what happened

      • you do such a wonderful job, i can not say that enough!! I wanted to put you on Dr. Drew last nite with all of your blood splatter evidence and blow all of his dumbass experts out of the water. It was my secret dream, i confess.

  24. A little off topic
    I think Dina light on the stand. she said she broke up with Travis cuz she wanted to get married and he did not well how many years later and she still not married and kept in close contact with Travis.

  25. cindy….she wasn’t a virgin… she couldn’t find anyone to marry her!! If that were me…I would have been a witness for the DT….just sayin’!!!!!!

    • And apparently, when Travis told Deanna that he used her up and now she was to old to ever be married to anyone, Deanna believed him.

    • deanna had more motive for offing travis than jodi….

      jodi was trying to break free, deanna never did until travis’ death.

      • BeeCee…I feel that is true somewhat…

        After watching Deanna on the witness stand…I get this feeling that she still loves Travis and by having Travis’ dog, Napoleon, I sense that she still feels a connection to Travis…

        I feel that she’ll never really get over Travis until…one day…after Napoleon dies…

      • not so because she got up on tv and said what she said she still loves travis she has his dog and that reminds her of him every day she lied on the stand he treated her the same way he treated jodi and he probably did something to mimi to make her say what she said that she only wanted to be friends or did she lie about that too or did someone tell these lady to say what they said along with all the kkk clan too

      • Good point BeeCee.

        Yes, truthseeker is right because I remember her saying “I have the dog” on the stand like she was proud she won a race or something.

        I feel bad for her because Travis took all her good years and she has nothing to show for it but memories and dog, but I do have misgivings. That email, for instance, said “you’re wasting your time” in a very bitter way, from someone who was strung along and didn’t find out until way after the fact. Deanna is the only one who fits this description; as Jodi KNEW she was wasting her time carrying on with a man she ended a relationship with.

        • I think Deanna still has a chance to get married if she wants to. She seems like she has given up which is very sad.

  26. If I say, red, white and blue. Does you brain automatically leap to the American flag or some form of patriotism?
    When I hear a BPD diagnosis my brain leap to the profile of a sociopath. JM wanted the jurors to make that leap in their brain and Dr.D did that for him. Her testimony was zeroing in on sociopath behavior:
    Glibness/superficial charm
    Manipulative and cunning
    Grandiose sense of self
    Pathological lying
    Shallow emotions
    I feel, the defense has to auto correct the jurors brain with Dr. Geffner testimony.

  27. Hello everyone. Just popping in to see what’s going on. Didn’t get a chance yesterday. Hope you all have a great day!

    • Now that is not a fair statement…..he had all the media reports to base his assessment on. Just ask Nasty Grace, she will tell you this guy is brilliant. Heck he will probably be on her show this week.

  28. Good question, Journee,

    I’ve also been curious about this whole gun deal. Some place I read that Jodi’s grandfather admitted he didn’t I know a lot about guns or maybe didn’t know a lot about the gun that was stolen. In fact, he didn’t even know the “brand” of the stolen gun. I assume brand refers to the manufacturer (Winchester, Remington, etc.). It makes me wonder if he even was sure about caliber of the gun (a .25 caliber?) or the bullets. On the other hand, it was determined (??) the gun was fully loaded with “jacketed hollow-point bullets.” Is that how the grandfather described them? Doesn’t sound like someone who doesn’t know about guns. Or, did he describe the bullets and the police came to the conclusion they were jacketed hollow-points.

    In addition, Jodi’s FATHER claimed the gun was a .22 caliber gun. In the photos of the grandfather’s make-shift “gun cabinet, (see below) there are 2 boxes of what appear to be .22 caliber bullets. Apparently, only one gun was taken and 3 guns were left behind. What I would really like to know: IS ONE OF THE 3 GUNS LEFT BEHIND A .22? If not, what happened to the .22. It’s possibly, of course, that there is a .22 still in the gun cabinet, but I’ve never heard any description of the 3 guns remaining in the grandfather’s house.

    On a conspiracy theory level, it makes me wonder if Martinez just doesn’t want to talk about the “stolen gun” because some of these issues would be raised plus the fact that there were burglaries in that area around the same time where other guns were stolen. I think he would just like stay away from the gun issue. I would love to hear exactly what Officer Kevin Friedman (who investigated the break-in at the grandparent’s house)said on the witness stand or see a transcript of his testimony. Did he say something that Martinez doesn’t want repeated?

    Gun cabinet in grandparent’s house:

    • Actually there are two different types of .22 caliber ammo in the picture. Some of it is 22 WMR and the other is 22 LR. The 22 WMR is the 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire and the 22 LR is the 22 Long Rifle. While 22 LR pistols are fairly common, the 22 WMR is typically a rifle cartridge (there are a few handuns chambered for 22 WMR, but rare). Typically one shouldn’t shoot 22 LR out of a 22 WMR chambered gun. I used to own a Ruger revolver that had a separate 22 WMR cylinder but again, I don’t know about what grandpa had.

      The big issue, I have never seen brought up here is what those guns actually were. Most petty thieves will snap up handguns in a heartbeat but steer clear of rifles. I know at least one of the weapons the old man had was a high power rifle (you can see the rounds on the left of the picture). In all likelihood so was the weapon chambered for the 22 WMR. So it is quite possible that the 25 was the only thing a thief would take.

      • Thanks, Tonya & Al,

        Thanks for identifying the ammunition boxes, Al. I initially thought the lower box might be .20 gauge shotgun shells but the box is pretty small.

        I agree about only taking the handgun since it would be so much easier to conceal.

        I’ll have to check the video where the father claims the gun was a .22 and see if he gives any reason for thinking it was a .22.

        • coldcase53 🙄

          you can see it on Nancy Nasty Bitch tonight she is the one with the video of the mom and the dad have it recorded or you could check U tube could be there JM and FLORES only give evidence to HLN then watch CHRIS HUGHES TONITE ON DR DREW the one after dark last nite had a hung jury one voted she did not premeditate it ….. she said she thought it was an act of passion or something like that will have to watch it again and write it down what was said

  29. geebee just read the hughes site you did you forgot the end when nurmi wanted to give the hughes the pink slip a supenna opps spelling what happened to that ….???? there cell phones were taken did anything come of that. and now chris is on dr drew spuwing kkk shit about how jodi will hurt his kids come on get real travis is the pedifile here not her and she would not hurt a fly but on the other had mr hughes you would enjoy your money now because someday someone will find out about your involvement jodi dad was asked about the PPL in helping jodi in her defence and to my knowledge the first team did a lously job and the second one is trying to pick up the peaces I left jodi a message about all the stuff I thought happened and asked her to give me a sign that I was right and she gave me the sign that I was right and nasty nancy saw that and used it she put it up every nite when she is on tv. well I hope that if things do not go right for jodi she will get a good sherlock holmes and a great defence team to get the real truth out about what happened I hope that the defense finds out who gave nasty nancy grace the videos of jodis mom and dad out how do they get this stuff

    • tonya, i did not understand that either, how can they put that out there when they were being interviewed, not interrogated?? No court papers anywhere??

      • I dont know this is all kkk shit to me and the PPL shit and the moron shit and no I spelt that moron morman shit it is just shit cant help but step in all the shit

          • I forgot to say that I learned a new spelling of the ole time famous shit word a while ago…chyt…it’s too cool…and funny too…

            • I hate the fact that jodi had to change her story about the man and the woman being there the evidence supports that too except the intruders had more time to get rid of there involvement there along with the roommates help and all the kkk clan too

          • the defence team tried to get the facts out of chris hughes and sky but JM kept them from that and the judge help the little fart. JM knows the truth but I bet he has a nice deposit in his bank account to do what he is doing to keep the truth from come out and one day shit will hit the fan and he will not be able to back peddle to keep from getting hit with shit

      • I don’t understgand who in the hell HLN can abuse Jodis Mom and Dads right to privacy by airing these “interviews” done by the cops in CA the day Jodi was arrested!

        Beyond the pale for me..

  30. The Judge who is handling the George Zimmerman trial, Debra Nelson, better get a handle on her courtroom before she gets compared to Sherry Stephens or Lance Ito. The lawyers in that one are already playing dirty and getting nasty. Another Juan Martinez type prosecutor.

  31. HLN has wasted the past 1/2 hour trying to get callers to call in and vote on their “Most Memorable Judge”

    1. Judge Lance Ito
    2. Judge Belvin Perry
    3. Judge Sherry Stephens

    They must getting desperate with no more Big Breaking News…so now they are digging around in the bottom of the bucket for that last bit of nothing…

    • Good evening,
      1. Judge Ito – acquittal
      2. Judge Perry- acquittal

      They say it happens in threes…lol. Judge Stephens – acquittal

      • Although I agree with you Tony that S.Peterson is a bastard…I don’t believe state sanctioned murder is what society should be about…(sorry…) But I do believe there is a special place in HELL for this bastard – he will have to answer for what he’s done….

    • he has been paid off too and guess you has all the money and who is on tv last nite asking for more money HUGHES HUGHES HUGHES HUGHES HUGHES HUGHES HUGHES 🙄 🙄

      • In just the last few days, Tonya (and in part because I read your post the other night suggesting that Chris and Sky could have been the masked intruders – that really resonated with me, BTW), I have come to wonder whether the lying cops, the lying ME, the biased judge, and the prosecutor so zealously prosecuting such a weak case – I am wondering if they are not motivated so much by money as fear. Maybe they’re not being bribed. Maybe they’re being threatened.

        The more I read about these people (not just the Hughes, but the whole community) the more inclined I am to think they’re capable of anything.

        • Journee 🙄

          glad that others are seeing what I see and the hughes have seen it to and they are now on dr drew spuewing shit and if I get a sherlock holmes on the case and a defence team that had ball to stand up to the crap that JM and Flores and the judge jodi would be free and would have to move to another country to be safe from them but she would be free.

          • I’ve watched hours of Flores testimony in the last few days (looking for info about that gun burglary), and when you watch all of that testimony lined up like that, it becomes clear how very ODD his behavior on the stand has been. His affect is very flat, his behavior very passive. His first response to nearly every question seems to be “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” or “I don’t remember.” Particularly when he’s on direct with JM, it’s like he’s waiting for JM to take his hand and lead him through what he is supposed to say. And when Nurmi confronts him about the discrepancy between his testimony and Horn’s, he’s not defensive, he’s not combative, he’s not apologetic, he’s just… FLAT. LIke all he wants to do is say what he’s supposed to say and get out of there.

            It looked like fear to me.

  32. Greetings
    found this on twitter:

    BREAKING: State asks for another witness in #jodiarias Jill Hayes, Ph.D, from, New Orleans, Louisiana

  33. The judge granted the new whitness because prosecution brought in new evidence by going into the BPD. I can’t see why they should now be able to bring in another rebuttal whitness?

    • the judge has been paid to help the little shit of a man JM he gets what he wants when he wants and she must give good blow jobs

              • Mornin’ all, goodnight some!
                Well JM is a bit of a wanker, as rest of them are, at least when they are not engaged in some secretive up sexual ‘misdeeds’, which is their right of course because we all know what happens when normal sexuality is repressed.
                It has to go somewhere.
                Along with the lying deceitful narcissistic Mr H and his saintly wife, unhealthy narcissism is the flavour of the month/year/eternity amongst this crowd. They think they are soooo special. I find it all quite disturbing that their activities.are so secretive.
                We also know that narcissistic wounding is early childhood damage, so what has happened to all those little Mormon children to make them this way? We all know about Warren Jeffs (?) and his insane and revolting lifestyle. Same church, same attitudes/values. Can we make inferences?
                This seriously dubious ‘faith’ is no better than many other cults and their narcissistic leaders.
                It’s pure poison for women and children.

          • Omg Renee
            Just visualizing JM penis
            Is downright traumatizing!

            I am picturing a tiny peter pepper
            left out in the sun to dry and shrivel.


            • Objection! I believe the previous testimony was not related to whose penis was in whose ass. I believe previous testimony states that Travis Alexander had his penis in any and all available asses.

              I further believe that the Persecutor is angry that the Defendant took away his future plans for TA to “toss his salad”

              • Counsel approach….we’re in recess for only 5 minutes…you are all instructed to wait in the jury room – and REMEMBER THE AMMUNITION….

                • J, that kitty in your pic looks EXACTLY like my guy Buster. (we call him Butter, because of his fat cheeks) and the funniest part is, I have that pic on my computer, and have for months. I made this PP presentation called “The Many Lives of Buster” because I noticed alllll over the interwebs I see pics that look exactly like him!!

                • good one love you all keep it up after the break oh wait the judge says go home come back in 5 days so you can watch HLN

                • according to HLN….he must be a crazed psychopath – next he’ll fluff out his whiskers and make eyes at the Persian down the hall….

      • Don’t hold back Tonya…tell us how you really feel!!!! LMAOOOOO

        You rock!!!!! You NEVER cease to crack me up! Thank you for you being you!!!! 🙂

        • Tonya along with so many other of you ladies is something else! The women who post at this webpage are not to be MESSED with!!!!!!

          • Got that right Tony!!!! We’ve all learned from being “messed” with – that it WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN……LOL

                • ok tony you know your place it is here and not on the kkk site so turn your fan on high for the shit is going to fly today and the kkk is going to get hit what can they do we have learned not to open shit just delete it and Im loving sometimes and a hell raiser other times and when it comes to the kkk i want to sling some shit. im tired of seeing jodi get railroaded in this trial and HLN doing it too so its time to stop being nice anymore if JM is going to play dirty so can we.

              • I think if the defence team talks to the New Orleans lady and tells her what is going on I think being kagin she will she turn on JM shits and that will be a trial to remember

      • great point. Wondering how many surrebuttals both sides get. Can the defense then get another withness to rebut the State’s new doc, and so on and so on, until we are all dead from old age? I think JM should be finished. He got his two docs, they sucked too bad for him.

      • Actually, the defense has to disclose all expert witness testimony to the state, and the state gets to interview/depose all expert witnesses. This then allows the state to know what the expert is going to testify to and prepare any cross and or rebuttal. So in fact, given that Geffner is going to testify tomorrow the state knows exactly what he will say, and so has ample proffer for a super-surrebuttal.

        • I read that JM is bringing in “The beauty and The brains” with his next female witness…is he using his”Tit for Tat” strategy to try and influence the male jurors with the beauty or overall for the brains…LOL…

        • Al-
          what confuses me is why does the defense get to put on another Psychologist? The Neuropsych is being put on to rebut “new” evidence from Demarte’ s testimony, and then to rebut the ME’s lying testimony. As the tax payers are footing the bill, shouldn’t the defense have to put their previous witnesses back on the stand if there is anything new brought in. Pros has already covered all of the information (psychological and ME) that the new defense witness will be there for. Doesn’t make sense that JM just gets a second chance with a Phd. Psychologist because he knows his first choice screwed up in a big way. Hope I make sense….

  34. jm is a desperate sad man, grasping
    for straws!!
    i can’t wait for the F-works tomorrow!

    I am sure the defense is ready to
    fire on all cylinders. It’s going to
    be a positive week for Jodi
    i can feel it.

  35. This is always the issue with these expert witnesses. Any one can find an expert willing to disagree with the other side’s expert, and that’s what these guys do for a living. And at the end of the day the jury ends up throwing all their opinions out.

    Unless the judge limits this it can go on ad nauseum.

    • I agree 100% Al. I think this jury is going to be sick of conflicting testimony from psychologists & therapists that they will disregard it all. I do wish the defense had brought in an ME of their own though even if it would have been another hired gun saying what they were paid to say. I just would like for another medical doctor to refute the state’s ME.

  36. Pretty annoyed that Zimmerman jurors are going to be sequestered! I feel that this was a true detrement to Jodi’s case that her jury didn’t get sequestered. However, having heard enough of the jurors questions..I am inferring that they realize there is enough evidence that Jodi was abused and that given the situation she was in that day, understanding an unhealthy relationship and everything that led up to that point that Jodi had endured, Im convinced she will be set free.

    • isn’t it amazing that the Zimmerman Judge can responsible decisions and sequester the jury in just a couple of hours. Judge pickles just keep digging holes, opens more doors for JM.

  37. I can’t understand this whole rebuttal sub rebuttal sub sub rebuttal deal,
    It seems like the state is feeling as though their case is not as good as they thought and JM is like a kid saying
    ” oh, yeah. Well if they say this I have someone who says this! ” it is like he is a one upper.
    It is silly that at this point if the states case has not met its burden, it probably will never meet it.

    If JM Reopens his case in chief, does that mean the defence can too?
    I just don’t get it, the jury is probably getting mad too. Now it really feels like the state is overreaching.

    • Yeah, I thought the state had rested and had no more witnesses. They will probably end up pushing the schedule back now. I am doubtful they will be finished with the witnesses by the end of tomorrow

    • It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that HLN and their cohorts help JM with this case…someone’s been burning up the airways to help get the paperwork in place to beat the weekend deadline…

  38. I am so pissed………….

    I should NEVER peek into the evil minds that make up the 40,000 sheepel. They are already posting Dr. G’s amazon book, and the reviews have begun.

    Further, they are running around with a petition to close this site. LOL LOL LOL LOL good luck on that one.

    Humanity is shot. SHOT

    • Aren’t they bored with the repetitive behaviors?? Can’t they think of anything NEW????? Give me a fucking break….

      post your fucked up reviews….circulate your fucked up petition to the masses….get your fucked up followers to sign it but make sure they all sign “Asshole #1″…”Asshole #2″….”Asshole #3″…..

    • They cannot close this site! The 1st Amendment is on our side and we got people in DC such as Rand Paul who will back us to the hilt!!!!

    • Sheepel is RIGHT!!! They cant even think logically or further than what NG says. Can NOT believe that so many people take HLN for fact!

      • It was funny today Dr. Drew was on Howard Stern’s radio show. Howard said watch Dr. Drew on Headline News and Dr. Drew had to correct him – no its called HLN. LOL they probably can’t say NEWS anymore because it really isn’t! He said he show was kind of Nancy Grace-ish style and he’s been focused on Jodi Arias since the world is obsessed with her, but he isn’t. I just thought it was funny. He spoke about trial briefly and was more “normal” about it although he sensationalized it a bit to make it appealing- oh its all about sex tapes!

        • With all the bullchyt they spew on their show…Dr.Drew probably forgot what HLN stood for…yikes…he really is dumber than a 5th grader….

          • they did this to make sure that every one watch the dr drew because he is having chris hughes back on tonight. and I want to know what happened to the pink slip that nurmi was going to file with the judge to put there asses on the stand in front of the jury what up with that

        • My sense is that Dr Drew is deep down ashamed of what he’s doing but tows the line for his bosses at HLN. What a sell out! Anything for money. Shame! I refuse to watch that channel anymore!

          • All these supposed attorneys and physicians that they have on HLN, seem to really enjoy spewing these lies and half-truths, all in their collective effort to bring Jodi to death. I have lost all respect for them all.

            • if it were not for HLN we would not know things they seem to get evidence that the defense team says JM and flores is letting out to them so why wont they let out stuff too like nurmi said shall we just let HLN try this trail and do away with the court room all together

    • I have no clue where I found this picture!! LOL I just loved the fact that he’s upside down…I’ll be honored to keep him in honor of Buster!!! 🙂

    • OMFG renee are you serious??

      HLN should be held accountable for their part in all this. They stir up public outrage then sit back and don’t lift a finger while the lives of commendable citizens are shit all over by the stupid sheeple.

      So sick of this >:(

  39. Argh!! I’m ready to close on my house and for this trial to be OVER!! I am so distracted by both that I am only doing enough work to squeak by right now! LOL

    I’m really hoping for a time served verdict and her to walk out….

    It’s like JM is playing a game. Wish he would just give up already!

  40. I though the judge wanted it wrapped up on Wed. I hope the little man makes the jurors mad at him for wasting so much of their time on his stupidity.

    • I think it will wrap up on Wed. I think the scope of questioning will be very limited. It should go pretty fast, as long as the lawyers don’t spend hours on “qualifing them as expert”.

    • according to HLN he is bat-shit crazy….and next he’ll throw his head back and fluff his whiskers…and then jump in the garbage can and shred the SHIT out of all the papers….LOL

    • My understanding is court starts at 9:30 AZ time, and will go until finished, even if it is well after 5.

      I don’t know what time that is with you, I have only recently figured out my own time zone deal LOL

      So, for me, in the central time zone I am expecting court to start at 11:30 (that is about 2:30 judge pickles time) and will go until 7ish?

      • LOL! I’m Central time to (TX)… It has been so frustrating because it will usually start around 1145 my our time and then it’s time for lunch, I come back from lunch and they’re breaking for lunch. By the time they come back, it’s only about half an hour before I get off work! I usually spent the next morning (before trial started again, to watch what I missed.
        Judge Joke is more like it!!

  41. This is for Gulliver:
    I (78%)
    N (62%)
    P (33%)
    Hope it’s not to late to include in your study, i am way behind on posts, still catching up on posts back from april 28th…. wanted to take test before reading ahead and maybe biasing self with more info you may provide later about your theory…

    • my daughter and i had a lot of fun with this test, she is graduating with a masters psychology in a week. Whoohoo! She said remember it is a guideline to know who you are. I had to laugh, we tested almost the same. Guess somebody does not fall to far from the tree, which is not a bad We did it for chyts and giggles, she had already had the test in Grad school. She said, remember it is a camera picture in time, how you are feeling, emotions, etc. But we sure had fun with it.

  42. No matter what Jm and Florez do, they will go down in the history books, flameing in infame. No respect, lying, cheating, withholding evidence, prejudicial testimony. All of their careers are going to be lost, because of their over egregious charges and manipulation of this court. It will be taught in Universities all over, this is what you do not do: lack of respect of the court, court cases and judicial practices. Juan Martinez and det Florez, NOW are you really proud of yourselves? Take Apario, sp with you. I hope you all know what is waiting for you and its not good. Just my opinion.

      • ty, this whole da*m thing is makeing me so nervous also, i have planted tomatoes, onions, hybiscis, other flowers, laundry, pulled weeds just trying to keep busy. If i end up on top of the house my children will know, ” mom just flew over the coo coo nest” lol Praying for Jodi and all of her family, We are here. Respect to all of them.

  43. HLN = Hardcore Lying Nincompoops! They would advocate putting Dora the Explorer to death if it helped their ratings! They would mis-characterize her as a pathological liar and a nomadic ho pillaging her way from one village to the next. I know Juan, Nancy, JVM, Vince and Drew would all love to jump up and down shrieking giddily ‘We did it!!’ But if they let JM follow this surrebuttal with anyone, I think I shall scream. ‘My turn, my turn!!!’ Give it up f#ckface, you had your chance and you blew it with your complete lack of evidence, your ever-morphing experts, your inability to ask a question in a coherent manner and your general un-likability as a human being.

  44. Hi everyone I haven’t post in a while. I went to Texas to take care of my aunt who’s very sick. this town in Texas is in the middle of nowhere, so I didn’t see to much of the trial. Luckily, not to many people knows about Jodi Arias. I ask a bunch of people and none of them knew anything about it. Is nice to see alot new people on this site in support of Jodi. I’m still on her side and I hope that soon she’ll be free.


  45. I just heard Dr. Drew tell VP that “Travis was sucked into Jodi’s sexual vortex, which he was uncomfortable with”, and more and more BS from the hughes. Without this site and you al, I would have broken my TV by now.

    • “sucked into Jodi’s sexual vortex…” ?????????????? What an asshole….

      Of course he was uncomfortable – she isn’t 12……. what assholes all of them TA Shitsky and stupid VP…..

      • Of course, you’re right. She was too old for him and had to dress up like a little school girl. How could anyone after hearing that tape say something so absurd. What bothers me is there are so many stupid people that believe it just because it is on TV.

    • Sexual VORTEX?

      Give me a fucking break. Travis was no virgin, and Jodi had only had a handful of partners. They make it sound like she banged everything that moved and poor wittle Travis just couldn’t resist.

      • Even if she had 50 partners….WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY TO JUDGE HER?????????

        (not yelling at you Kira..)

        Sending ((((((((Kira)))))))))) hugs LOL LOL

        • makes me sick….

          on top of their death squad cheerleading.

          Now these so called men are reinforcing the maddonna..whore complex and the old double standard!

          I swear, as a society we are going backwards!

        • Right because it appears that Travis probably had about fifty, and nobody is blinking an eye at that, even though they claimed he was a viiiirgiiiin. They say it’s “his right” to use women as he sees fit.

    • I don’t like Dr. Drew evil that’s why i don’t watch his show. Any way, I block HLN from my Tv. That guy is nothing but fake.

    • Oh fucking please! They treat Travis like he was a little kid that couldn’t help himself. That so not true. He was a thirty year old grown man who knew exactly what he was doing. He was vilifying Jodi behind her back so he could control her life and keep her in his without being held accountable for it by his “friends” who apparently never really knew him.

      Drew makes me sick, he really does. VP makes me sick too, they both enjoy spinning anything into some misogynistic message for the woman hating masses.

  46. There is something very devious going on here and it has to be confronted head on. What happened in that bedroom in 2008 wasn’t just a killing, it was pure carnage. The extent of the carnage should be the very reason that validates the only logical conclusion is that this was not done by a person who had a rational thinking brain.

    Jodi Arias had no criminal history or even a pattern of violence that was proffered by anybody. The only things remotely being able to be called violent were in her very young and formative years as a child. Often in these cases, only responding to violence that she was being subjected to by her parents and reacting. Nothing in her adult life shows these tendencies. In fact the people who knew her best and were intimately associated with her the longest were her two boyfriends, one of four years and the other two years, and they have both said she was very withdrawn and passive.

    Are we to conclude Jodi was a deranged female Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer–all who mutilated and tortured their victims? Or even an Eileen Warnuous. To think that would be absurd.

    Martinez knows that it’s a hail Mary pass of Twilight Zone proportions to assume that he has proven a premeditation case with Jodi gathering gas cans, re-doing her hair, purposely flipping her license plate upside down on a rental car, supposedly stealing a gun from the home she’s living in, all with the intentional and pre-planned mission of sneaking into Mesa to commit her first murder. Anyone with neurons firing in their brain knows that for every one of these seemingly bizarre actions, there are ten alternate explanations that could explain why it was done for other reasons. So, proof beyond a reasonable doubt standard of premeditation of any kind or preconceived planning that she came to Arizona to kill Travis is not even in the realm of intelligent discussion. He knows it and I believe the jury will reject it on its face.

    The felony murder charge with burglary predicate is equally total hallucination. It shows the prosecution is not even confident in their own case. They want to morph murder 2 into murder 1 by saying, that if she didn’t intend to kill him, she intended to “wound” him. But the death resulted while committing the act of burglary. And it’s hard to say this without laughing–supposedly the burglary “became” a burglary because after Travis was stabbed the first time, he would naturally withdraw Jodi’s permission for her to be there, thereby she is now in his house illegally and the felony killing resulted. I believe this will absolutely incense the jury and insult them when they realize what monumental taffy-pulling of feeble facts this really shows.

    But this is not what Martinez is banking on. He is a sinister bastard and you can almost hear the theme from Jaws playing in the background.

    He relentlessly battered Dr. Samuels and Alyce, trying to insult them, demean them and exhaust every effort to make their testimony pure buffoonery and irrelevant to the jury. He did this because this is the torpedo that sinks his whole case. Without the PTSD, he has a hole in his case big enough to drop Arpaio through.

    This is why it is IMPERATIVE and I emphasize that word again, imperative, that Dr. Geffner be squeaky clean in his curriculum vitae and be able to mesmerize the jury with dazzling information about the brain in trauma overload situations. It has to leave the jury reeling with confidence that Jodi was not in control of her thought processes after the shot was fired and that in fact her actions were not only supported by our understanding of the brain, but in fact it has more than a preponderance of basis in fact with Jodi’s previous history.

    This is the Arizona definition statute language of premeditation:

    “Premeditation” means that the defendant acts with either the intention or the knowledge that he will kill another human being, when such intention or knowledge precedes the killing by any length of time to permit reflection.”

    Note “any” length of time. And “reflection.” This means ANY time whatsoever that the brain transmits a conscious option to continue or discontinue your action. This is the elephant in the room.

    Sanchez knows that he doesn’t have a prayer showing this prior to her coming to Arizona. There was no lying-in-wait. She was invited in and even had the equivalent of a sexual daliance marathon with him to such an extent that he told his roommate he only got about 45 minutes sleep that night. But this is misdirection. Much as a magician does. He wants you to look at his left hand while the right hand has already performed the illusion.

    In his final closing argument, and more likely after the defense has given theirs when there is no longer any chance to refute it, he will inform the jury of this language. Telling them that if they choose to disregard any premeditation or intent with all the circumstantial evidence actions prior to June 4th, they do not NEED to rely on that for premeditation. If they even believe that he was shot first and that’s what happened, the amount of overkill was so severe that any logical person should conclude it was not necessary for this amount of mutilation. It CERTAINLY was not necessary that she have to cut his throat. So there HAD to be a point where she knew the threat to her of severe personal injury or death was diminished and at that moment in any scenario she had the legal obligation to STOP.

    He will say that it is a leap of logic to assume that at some point she didn’t know she didn’t have to continue stabbing him or slit his throat. And no matter how SHORT that moment of reflection was, it was conscious thought–even it was for only a few seconds. It has then met the definition of premeditation. He will ask them to bifurcate the premeditation into two different periods it could have occurred–before June 4th and the afternoon in that bathroom. He will contend that he has shown it to the extent necessary that her actions in the days leading up to June 4 show a plan with intent. But if they “don’t” find that this is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, the photo evidence of the body condition shows it. And THIS is the real premeditation he will try to sell the jury on. He will display the photographs graphically and probably do demonstrations of what it would look like and the efforts it would take to stab 29 times. He will then tie in the helter skelter cleanup efforts to back it and the attempt to void the camera evidence.

    Everyone here is focusing on premeditation which isn’t proven by all the nonsense actions that Jodi took prior to and during her trip. That isn’t the danger.

    I have a transcript of the testimony the day Martinez was cross examining Jodi on the details of the murder–all three parts of it. I’m trying to find a place I can host it so I can put a link here for it. When you see it in printed form, it is IMMEDIATELY obvious how Martinez is desperately trying already to nail her into admitting she had cognizant thought about getting the gun, whether she could have ran instead or exercised other options. Even prior to the shooting, he’s trying to establish what I’ve described. It’s fascinating to read it and how she refused to fall into his trap time and time again. But this is the premeditation he has his sights totally transfixed on.

    What Dr. Geffner has to do—and indemnifying implicitly what Dr. Samuels and Alyce have said–is show that at NO time after the shot did Jodi have cogent reasoning. Her brain was on auto pilot and it was as if she was having an out-of-body experience. The mainspring on her brain came totally loose and it was autonomous involuntary action taking over caused by the perceived fear that she had already had a battery committed on her and the next was about to be death.

    Without him convincing at least one juror that this was without question the likelihood and supported by this scene resembling a St. Valentine’s Day massacre, the few seconds premeditation required by Arizona law will have been established. The gas cans and Yreka gun will only have been the prestidigitation that concealed the prosecutions real and hopeful target all along, causing the defense to concentrate on the false flag.

    I want to see Martinez go biserk when the verdict comes back murder two or less. Make him an international laughing stock hated by the people of Arizona who threw 3 millions dollars down the fucking toilet.

    Come on Dr. Geffner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i am with you, what a excellent post! You said what needs to be said. KUDO’S TO YOU, OVER AND OVER AGAIN………………..STANDING OVATION!!!

      • I second that STANDING OVATION! I am in awe. I believe that the defense is aware of the “false flag”. I am sitting in great anticipation of tomorrow’s witness.

    • hello jade good post you did and lets not forget this all started with FLORES how can he sit day after day and keep JM on a pedestal.

      • wonderful post have laid it all out..

        Dr. Geffner has to make the jury understand that when one is about to be killed that their brain goes to survival mode, rational, logical thinking is bypassed..the extreme fear, adrenaline rush and yes out of body experience that the victim of violence experiences.

        • You don’t even need an expert to state the obvious, that there is no EVIDENCE for premeditation.

          It matters not whether it was one week, one month, or one second. Without EVIDENCE, there is nothing.

          Can’t convict on premeditated murder. The fact the crime scene is gory has little to do with it.

          Lots and lots of murder scenes are nasty and gory, and lots and lots of defendants have gotten less than the DP for it.

    • The problem is Jodi can’t remember one thing about the killing. Not one thing. There is nothing to prove premeditation even there because there is NOBODY BUT JODI who can say what happened.

      And she can’t remember it.

      Once again reasonable doubt.

      No evidence for premeditation.

      • You don’t need Geffner to explain this even though he will.

        That’s what you are missing in your analysis.

        You have only one living witness to the killing, Jodi, who cannot remember what happened after she shot Travis.

        Without other eyewitnesses or forensic evidence to prove premeditation, you can’t prove there was even a spur of the moment decision of premeditation.

        Epic fail.

    • “Without him convincing at least one juror that this was without question the likelihood and supported by this scene resembling a St. Valentine’s Day massacre, the few seconds premeditation required by Arizona law will have been established.”–With all due respect, this is utter nonsense. There has been no proof of any “few seconds premeditation” by JM. It’s all speculation.

      You seem not to understand American criminal law, which says one is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • BTW, people here have talked about the spur-of-the-moment bullshit Arizona law since the beginning of this site.

      I will say it again: if premeditation can’t be proven no matter how long or short the period before the killing, you can’t convict.

    • The out-of-body experience state of mind could also explain the intruder story – it may have actually been what Jodi thought really happened for some period of time after june 4,08.

  47. Jodi, was sucked into Travis Alexanders sexual vortes, his lies, he is a embarrassment to all religions. He was a professional manipulator, a narcissistic, and sociopathic behaviors. Jodi was innocent and fell for his lying manipulating behaviors. She made a mistake.

    • She should have thrown that stupid ppl dvd in the garbage. Not only did he use her huge love for him to segregate her and use her for his sexual demands, but he also had her bound spiritually with that Mormon church, and financially with PPL, where only the fat cats at the top like ch and travis make their money off other people and their work.

      • ok so she got gas cans she rented a car she changed her hair she had ryan burns but she did not kill him for 13 hrs she love him for 13 hrs so where is the premeditation

        • Tonya, it’s that “ANY length of time” clause that is deceiving. This could be only seconds prior to committing the crime. If Jodi had said she reached for the gun in order to KILL him after he began chasing her, that would have been classified as premeditation according to the law. She, however DID NOT state this , she stated that she grabbed the gun and pointed it at him in hopes that just POINTING a gun in his face would STOP him. Therefore, KILLING him was not forethought, it was self defense because he DID NOT stop in his tracks but kept charging at her. Pulling the trigger was instantaneous, not premeditated.

    • eb, you confused me with the “Jared”…lol because your reply isn’t attached to Jade’s post, I looked for jared on this thread and lol couldn’t figure out to which commenter you were referring…thank you for clearing it up…

  48. jodi did not kill him at 4pm when she got there she did not kill him when he fell asleep she did not kill him when they woke up and had sex she did not kill him in the shower she did not have defence at her side when FLORES got ahold of her yet she paid money to PPL to protect her where the hell were they then she had to tell the jury she accidentally killed him because she was fighting a loosing battle with the PPL the Mormans and the kkk clan out to get her and her family I would have said that to anybody would if it came to me or my family I would take the fall be convicted even face the DP so do you see how she feels now anyway the judge, JM and flores needs some travis treatment when this is over he liked it in the ass and I hope they get it in the ass

    • Let him tell his kids what a lousy investigation he did in a death penalty case. His history has been written, and he didn’t even investigate the roommates, he became complacent. That is why people get removed from their jobs, they do just enough to get by. I would fire his ASS in about 2 seconds, he damn sure would not get a 8 second ride. Your FIRED mr. Flores.

    • Tonya! Loved your last sentence…”…I hope they get it in the ass” . Ya know, that expression says it ALL! Getting it in the ass is NOT a pleasurable experience for the receiver. As a matter of fact, it implies …pain. Why were these woman so agreeable to it? It mustn’t have been sexually gratifying for these women! I guess if you like anal sex…join the LDS/Mormons! YIKES!

  49. Very astute, Jade. You just made me realize that Juan knows he doesn’t have a leg to stand on for lengthy premeditation so he needs some sort of evidence that she had another choice but in a split second decided to kill him. I hope Geffner pulls that rug right out from under him and that JM disappears in a whirling vortex right up Dr. Drew’s’ ass. Or Nance’s.

  50. Im catholic and I sure did not follow the rules and im sure that mimi and deanna and all the others did not follow the rules either if you have harmons and I know they did they were subject to a ass fuck*** from travis and they can lie lie lie but it will not do any good

    • Of all these ex-girlfriends, I think Mimi Hall is the one that didn’t go for TA’s bullshit. You could just tell that she wasn’t into him at all. Now, I do think that Deanna and Lisa were definitely knocking the boots with TA. Probably all the “others” may have been as well – or at least he tried too. I can guarantee you that he had developed a really shady reputation among the Mormon community – not marraige material, but a womanizer.

      • your wrong about mimi she got the ass treatment too that is why she told flores she did not know anything about jodi then took the stand and lied her ass of she got a good doggi from travis the t dog

        • She was just keeping the rumor going that TA had told her about Jodie and the doggie door. She feel right into believing TA’s bullshit stories about his ex’s being stalkers. Just like he told Jodie that Deanna was crazy. Hard to believe this guy actually operated like this on a daily basis.

  51. if she premeditated it why the hell did she not use the gas to burn the house down if she was so inraged over the fact that he would not take her to cancun why did she not get him up after they slept and take him to the woods and tie his ass to a tree and burn him why did she not do a lot of things because she did not kill him chris and sky hughes had him killed because he molested there oldes son and now he is on dr drew telling everyone that jodis going to hurt there kids daaaaaaaaaa 🙄

  52. fixin spaghetti tonite it was fast and good to eat and will make my absents for the site quicker to get back here and comment

    • tonya…

      I had left-over spaghetti from Milano’s tonight…yummy…at least we’re getting our carbs and protein…need all that mental energy watching the trial tomorrow…LOL…

        • tony…we love chicken too…

          The innocence of youth…my youngest son ate so much chicken when he was younger… that one day I jokingly told him that he was going to turn into a chicken…

          And not too long after that…he came running through the house flapping his arms as little tiny bits of paper tapped all over his head, shirt, arms, jeans, and shoes was fluttering about…and he was giving it a go at the clucking sound too…he was just about this good…

          It was hilarious…too bad I didn’t have my video out at the time…I believe we could have made some money for that performance…LOL…

        • Well, Tony, I don’t watch HLN. What I do see is what anyone here has said about them or any links I was unfortunate to have clicked … I have learned, through my mistakes, to look for the “hln” in the links prior to clicking on them. I do not want to up their ratings. 😉

    • The biggest blunder was allowing HLN to interfere and stir public outrage about a situation they knew nothing about.

      I wonder how STUPID they feel now, knowing that they took the Alexander family and friends for their word, knowing that they were LIED to; and that it all came out that nothing Travis presented himself to be was real. Talk about a thousand eggs on their faces!

      The worst part is not only do they persist on defending Travis’ image which is fraudulent, they defend him despite that he was an abuser, a racist, a homophobe, a con artist, a religious fraud, a womanizer, and a liar. That’s just a small handful of qualities on his laundry list of character flaws.

      HLN bungled this case, so so badly. They bungled the Casey Anthony case, but the shit they have pulled with this one by far exceeds their worst day on that one. I wonder how they feel, knowing that the only kind of audience they will ever attract are people who are impossibly dense. Or maybe they like that, so they feel a sense of control over them.

      I am not going over there to post this comment. Why would I, knowing they come over here anyway being so obsessed with what we think? Not that I haven’t smiled at the thought of doing a little shit stirring for as many times as they have harassed us here – but I refuse to stoop to their level, which is somewhere between layers of primordial ooze and the Pleistocene.

    • Biggest blunder on that page is Miz Mavis Trahan. She stated: “he (CH) said he was very happy that a “blunder” question by the defense allowed him to get before the jury that the reason he didn’t like Jodi was because she murdered his best friend in cold blood! Now THAT was a blunder by the defense!”

      CH did NOT testify in front of the jury. This dingbat thinks the jury heard CH say JA murdered his friend in cold blood. They did not.

  53. At the end of the day, the thing that pisses me off more than anything else is that a young lady may lose her life to people manipulating and lying and causing judicial fuckery in a kangaroo court. Here is my favorite example:

    Nurmi: You were asked if it was Dr Horn’s opinion that this rendered the victim unconscious or did he still remain concious. Pretty specific question, right?
    Flores: Yes
    Nurmi: And you answered “He said it would possibly have rendered the victim unconscious but definitely could have been concious”, correct?
    Flores: Yes
    Nurmi: You were also asked, but in the circumstances, based on all the other injuries, it was his opinion that it did not render him unconscious, correct?
    Flores: Yes
    Nurmi: And you say that you “misunderstood” Dr Horn? That is your testimony here today?
    Flores is ruled non-responsive by the judge (403).
    Nurmi repeats the question.
    Flores: Yes.
    Nurmi: You put this “misunderstanding” first in your police report, right?
    Flores: Yes.
    Nurmi: And second time, under oath, and giving sworn testimony, you perpetrated the same “misunderstanding”, correct?
    Flores: Yes.
    Nurmi: And then again you did it while being interviewed on national television, is that correct?
    Flores: Yes, that is what I believed.

  54. For some reason, this site is not allowing me to copy and paste the URL link to the article I wrote for SJ way back in January. The URL is simply a link to the article dated on January 19, 2013 straight from this website. In that article, I articulated the critical significance of the sequence of weapon use. I knew back then that this was going to be a very hot topic for the duration of the trial after Dr. Horn’s ‘expert’ testimony.

    Search for my name in the Search bar near the top Eric Falk or just visit the link to the article posted on January 19, 2013.


    • David…you can probably copy and paste certain paragraphs that pertain to sequence of the weapon use…and once you paste it here then put it in [quote]…or you can take out any excess words and shorten it down to get it right to the point to leave it on this page for the ones who cannot find it over there…

  55. Here’s how sad it is. All of the Alexander’s family, the hughes clan, and the pack, know for sure that things that have been revealed has been embarrassing, granted, maybe they didn’t know or maybe they did. Nobody knows for sure. But all of the clan is willing to allow a woman to be put to death. Anyone of the sorry bitches and bastards could have come forward and said i made a mistake instead of villifying everybody. His family COULD have came forward, WE WANT THE DEATH PENALTY! Their brother was fked up Travis Alexanders family should have considered all the evidence. God forgives everybody. They have the opportunity to say, maybe i did not know my brother, maybe we made a mistake, why??? because they were not there.. Travis alexanders family was not there, they were VACANT, VACANT, VACANT. Obivously none of their sorry ass’s have been called to the stand. Why, because they don’t know, they were vacant in their own shelfish desires. They are despicable!

    • well said eb 🙄

      then to top that off they went for the $$$$$$$$ and got the kkk clan to get $$$$$$$ and chris hughes is on tonight the dr droppy drawers drew to get $$$$$$ and to make sure that the world and the jury hears him say jodis bad so bad she need to be put to death before she kills my kids. They dont want people to know that travis molested there son.

    • I hear you eb, I’ve wondered the same thing.

      Why LIE then try to perpetuate that LIE even though it’s been proven wrong? What is the point in that? They look foolish. They look just like HLN that keeps arguing points that have been proven false.

  56. Here take a breath of this. Jaun Martines, florez, the so called travis alexander family, ?? ha, you will all go down in infame as hateful losers. All of your religions should be ashamed of you. Including mine, i do have one. JOKERS

  57. The travicites have had several days to infiltrate their hatred upon society. It is my sincere hope and faith in the jurors who must, not only, “remember the admonition”, but abide by it, that they have been true and honest. With that being said, I look forward to tomorrow!
    Does trial start at 9am tomorrow…I think I recall the Judge mentioning 9am, but I am not certain to which day she was referring?
    Anyone know what time it is scheduled to start?

  58. Hello, fellow Jodi supporters. The strangest thing happened to me today after work. I popped into Walmart to pick up a few things, and while I was getting ready to enter the store, I was approached by one of our local Bailiffs. He asked me for my name and address and told me I had to be in court tomorrow morning to report for jury duty. I was stunned and thought surely he must be kidding. I have only been called once in my life for jury duty, but I was notified by mail in advance of the time I had to be in court. So bizarre!

    This totally bums me out because I was really looking forward to being able to catch at least bits and pieces of the trial tomorrow. I’ll be coming here after court tomorrow to catch up on what happened. I hope and pray tomorrow is a great day for Jodi’s defense!

    • That not only sounds strange…but fishy…bailiffs do not approach people at Walmart stores…and they do not approach people the day before a trial begins…you have ample notice time in order to clear it with your work place and make sure that your health permits you to sit in a court of law for hours at a time…

      You need to be careful the rest of the night and tomorrow…that person may be stalking you…now that he has your name and address…you need to go immediately to the police department…

      Report this to your local police…

      And if all of this is normal…then you must live in a small town where everyone knows everyone…LOL…

      • I would be very worried except for the fact that I work for a law firm and make almost daily trips to the courthouse, so I know all of the bailiffs by face, if not by name. I recognized the bailiff that approached me. I talked to my boss about it and she didn’t seem too shocked. She said they had quite a few trials scheduled in Superior Court this week. Yes, I live in a very small town–only in Podunk, USA would this sort of thing happen!!! 🙂 Sheesh!

        • SD…this if your first story that you posted…and you got sympathizers from many of us….

          your first post…[quote]Hello, fellow Jodi supporters. The strangest thing happened to me today after work. I popped into Walmart to pick up a few things, and while I was getting ready to enter the store, I was approached by one of our local Bailiffs. He asked me for my name and address and told me I had to be in court tomorrow morning to report for jury duty. I was stunned and thought surely he must be kidding. I have only been called once in my life for jury duty, but I was notified by mail in advance of the time I had to be in court. So bizarre![quote]

          SD…then you responded back to us with your second story…

          your second post…[quote]I would be very worried except for the fact that I work for a law firm and make almost daily trips to the courthouse, so I know all of the bailiffs by face, if not by name. I recognized the bailiff that approached me. I talked to my boss about it and she didn’t seem too shocked. She said they had quite a few trials scheduled in Superior Court this week. Yes, I live in a very small town–only in Podunk, USA would this sort of thing happen!!! Sheesh![quote]

          SD…I definitely would not have been concerned for your health and safety had you added that additional information that you included in your second post in with your first post…your first post is misleading and lacked the vagueness of meaning and understanding compared to your second post…

          Before you give me another scare for your health and safety…please put all the “itty bitty” details into your future post …you know we are crime solvers here…(smile)…

    • I am confident that this either is a scam or you are being set up for another purpose. It may even involve identity theft. I suggest that you never give a stranger your personal information, especially in a place like Walmart. I would have told the person where to go and it would not have been to pass Go, but to proceed directly to jail.

      • Call the police immediately. You would be notified by mail. Never, ever, ever would a bailiff approach you at Wal Mart.

        • WTF? Approached at Walmart? And asked your name and address?? Whoaaaa….that does NOT sound right at all! I have never ever heard of a bailiff coming up to you in a store with jury info. I have been on a jury and I was notified by mail, had to call in with my “secret number”, and got the info about 4-6 weeks before trial was ever set to begin. If someone came up to me in a store, I would call the cops. Sounds really weird IMHO. How did the bailiff even know you were there? Or who you were? Strange.

    • SD do you live in Washington for Oregon? Some similar things going on there and not going into it all but cya and report how your were approached to authorities. If you gave the people your information and extended to your email address . . change your password immediately.

      • No, cb. Like I said, if I hadn’t recognized the bailiff and the other bailiffs that were standing in front of Walmart, I would have NEVER given him any personal information, uniform or not. It’s almost comical to think about it now, the way they were all out there just approaching folks that walked up there. At first, I thought he was going to tell me not to enter Walmart because some criminal activity was going on in there or something that might endanger me. Still so weird. I asked him why they didn’t have a jury pool and he didn’t know why or wouldn’t tell me why.