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Ok folks. Here are the details we’ve all been waiting for.

The official Jodi Ann Arias (JAA) Appellate Fund is now launched.

Donate Today and let’s finally get JUSTICE for JODI!

Donations are now being accepted for imminent appellate proceedings.

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Thank you for your ongoing support.


Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

Together we can make it happen…

Team Jodi

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious! .


  1. Don’t you think it would help us all to explain what this means? I’m not sure supporters will buy into an appeal fund when a settlement conference is scheduled for 24 Oct. and there may be no appeal.

    • That’s not a bad idea. Maybe something could be added to the appeal portion of Jodi’s page explaining the current situation & the appeal.

      • Thank you LL. I agree something should be added as it seems someone knows there is going to be an appeal but is not letting on. Otherwise it would be premature to launch an appeal fund in the middle of the penalty phase when there may not be an appeal at all. Faced with that the trustees would have to return all the donations and incur unnecessary expense. Also, we should be informed about the details of the trust. Who is the settlor? Who are the trustees and what powers are vested in them? What are the terms? (e.g. discretionary or non-discretionary) Who are the beneficiaries? And so on. In other words be transparent and publish the Trust Deed so potential donors can read it.

        • James,
          I believe Jodi’s own family is behind this. Her aunt has announced it on FB. Why the suspicion?? Plus, who says Jodi is thinking of waivering her appeal rights? We might have been afraid of that a while ago but apparently she’s not gonna do it. Good for her, I say!!!

          • That’s great Maria. I’m sure your intentions are good and I applaud you for that. But you are making rash and maybe emotional statements. When you say you BELIEVE Jodi’s family is behind it. That means you don’t know for sure you just believe. If Jodi is going to appeal, which is great and a very brave decision, then she will have to cancel the ‘settlement’ hearing on 24th won’t she. Has she done that? I don’t know if Jodi will forgo her appeal rights. But you state “APPARENTLY she’s not gonna do it”. So how come you know that? We all want to know. Do you have evidence of your claims? We can all have opinions or just guess. It doesn’t help much. You say “Why the suspicion?” I say ‘Why the secrecy?’ Let’s seee the Trust Deed please.

              • ”rash and emotional statements”

                Rash, no. I know what I’m talking about ,I am not the person to divulge such information though. Or to persuade anyone of the validity of this account.
                If SJ and the rest of the admins didn’t know what they were writing about , there wouldn’t be a new thread trust me. If you have any questions, do contact an admin.

                As for ’emotional”, yes! I AM emotional when it comes to Jodi and PROUD of it!

                • Thank you Maria. Susan D Halterman’s page doesn’t mention anything about the things you are claiming to be true. FB won’t let me invite her as a Friend because she doesn’t know me. She just mentions a website called Jodi’s page which says exactly the same as this website does about the appellate fund. On that website there is no way to communicate so it is not possible to ask if we can see the Trust Deed.
                  You then say to me ” …trust me.” Come on Maria, let’s be serious now. YOU SAY YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT AND YOU BELIEVE JODI’S FAMILY ARE BEHIND THE TRUST FUND AND YOU KNOW SHE IS GOING TO APPEAL!!! You then go on to say you can’t divulge the information you have just divulged.
                  I have no idea who you are so why should I believe a word you say when you can’t back it up.
                  Neither SD Halterman, Jodi’s page nor SJ have ever made the claims you are making as far as I am can ascertain. There is nothing supporting your claims in the media that I can find. The pre-trial hearings are not finished yet.
                  So I re-iterate. You are making rash statements which are misleading and could be detrimental to Jodi’s case. Your intentions may well be honourable but your actions are not rational.

                • There is no need for shouting and I must inform you that Maria is a very respected longtime Jodi supporter.

    • Hi Geebee. How are you. It may be all set up but no information has been forthcoming, so we don’t know much do we. See my reply above to LL. regards James (jamoroki)

  2. I cannot believe that the settlement will be a very happy one. As it stands right now, Martinez as a trophy to hang on his wall already. Either 25 to life, life without parole, or DP. Why would a monster like him settle for anything less. So, as for me, ;as soon as my pension check comes in, I am donating. The fund has to be an irrevocable trust in order to prevent the TA family from a civil suit of wrongful death. Also, JA ,must be “bankrupt” for the same reason.

    • The ’25 to life’ option, though still on the books, can’t really be implemented under current AZ law (short of a governor’s pardon), because AZ abolished parole.

      I don’t understand why they’re even bothering with the settlement conference, if Jodi is determined not to give up her appeals.

      I guess one reason she might consider it, though, is that the DP means 23/7 lockdown for the rest of her life. Personally, I’d probably find that preferable to joining the prison’s general population after three years, but Jodi is probably more sociable than I am, lol.

      • I read the statute and it appears that Arizona distinguishes between “life” and “natural life”. I read too about this elimination of parole for first degree murder but I could not find this in the statute part of which I quoted below.
        If they eliminated it in as early as 1994, I would think they would have amended the statute to reflect this change, unless they are extremely sloppy.

        —A defendant who is sentenced to natural life is not eligible for commutation, parole, work furlough, work release or release from confinement on any basis.
        —If the defendant is sentenced to life, the defendant shall not be released on any basis until the completion of the service of twenty-five calendar years.

  3. I don’t have much to give, but I will donate what I can so I know in my heart I did what I could to help Jodi. I wait for the day she walks free! Still believing in Jodi!! Thanks for the info (:

  4. That is amazing news! It is well needed. Jodi needs all the help and support she can get.

    So SJ, I am guessing that this is the good news you were refering to when you wrote ‘Mission Completed’. And indeed it is good news!

    ((((((((Jodi)))))))) ♥

  5. I think it’s a great idea. We all need to get busy making extra money so we can contribute. Everything helps Prayer and Money 🙂

  6. Looks like Dave Hall & friends have been enjoying themselves once again.

    Here’s the link & Video from today’s San Jose Mercury:

    Boy Scout leaders destroy ancient formation in Utah’s Goblin Valley:

    A group of Boy Scout leaders is potentially facing felony charges for destroying a rock formation nearly 200 million years old. The three laugh, cheer and high five each other. Utah State Parks officials were not so amused.

    Team Jodi

      • Hi Rasna,

        Great question! I don’t think you necessarily need to be a registered Pedophile per se… but having an unhealthy & uncontrollable attraction to young boys (and a bad temper to boot) seems to be a default requirement these days. I’m thinking specifically of Dave Hall, Chris Hughes, TA (and others, including Charles Weber @ Soldier Hollow Charter School).

        Team Jodi

    • See, now, this makes my evil twin want to go plaster the hater sites with this link.

      Good ol’ Dave. haha

      Thanks, SJ, this made my day!

    • Ha! And this is what brainiac hall said to justify his actions:

      “We decided the best thing and smartest thing is, push it over so it can’t fall on top of somebody,” Hall told the news station.

      Hey, asswad, are you a state ranger? Did they appoint you to making sure that the state park is safe?? GMAFB! 🙄 davie honey… own your fuckup! Let’s see if your pal chris is gonna help you get out of this one. Nah… you’re just not worth it!!!!

      Oh, I hope Jodi hears about this! It’s gonna make her day!

      ))))))dave hall-the idiot((((( NO HUGS FOR YOU, you piece of crap.

      • (Pan, I love the no-hugs thing, LOL)

        YES!!! I saw this yesterday on FB and I was doing the happy dance!

        How can haters be proud of following this mormon clan? The women look like the Stepford wives and all the men look like moronic teenagers with puberty gone wild, an immoral hunger for power and money and a facade that is too fake not to be perceived!

        What Dave Hall did makes me mad, I mean really really mad! I am an environmentalist, an activist and Mother Earth is one of the most precious things in my life. I hate him for being so inconsiderate, so careless, so immature, so frivolously disresprective!!

        I pray he pays for it, even if he gets a slap on the wrist at least he will somehow go out of his way for what was done and can’t be undone.
        Can we say K-A-R-M-A? Hmm, maybe just a bit 🙂

        Oh and by the way, let me just say this to Mr Hall in case he happens to read here: ” Hey Dave, SEE HOW EASY it is TO LIE??????? ”

        Hall was one of the most fervent Jodi haters and would call Jodi all kinds of names; the fact that she lied to the police was discussed ad nauseum. Yet, when HE gets caught up and is facing Felony charges (mind you, not charged with murder of a beloved one) he LIES! LIES, LIES, LIES! Coz we are not gonna believe the BS he and his buddies claim, puhleez!

        It’s what we here have been talking about all along, FFS. People lie all the time, especially for the little things. Why would they expect Jodi to admit she did it right away? Of course she lied
        : it’s what you subconsciously do when you don’t wanna get caught. It’s kind of a reflexive, something you do INSTINCTIVELY!

        Now, eat our dust Mr Hall and go receive your punishment and leave us the heck alone.

        • I don’t know about you but just his voice made my hair stand on end! Yuck! He deserves the worst judgement ever. What kind of parent would let their sons go anywhere with men like them?????? Oops, I forgot the Travis Tribe. Just think they keep reproducing like rabbits! Disgusting! To bad for you Dave Hall. . . hahahahaha.

        • YES!! Karma is a bitch and she will come back and bite you in the ass when you least expect it.

          (((((((((((((PANDORA♥MARIA♥)))))))))))))) 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂 (((((MY GIRLS)))))

          Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • thanks for the post SJ! I wondered if that was the same Dave.

      I guess he just couldn’t stay out of the news…

      what a dumbass.

  7. Hey SJ, RASNA and Alexis would it be possible for a link to Justus Forusal’s petition and Richard Speights’s petition (sp?) be kept on the front of the site? The petitions are growing and people from all over the United States are paying attention. It seems every state has been touched by these petitions. This is so exciting. I feel that when more people actually are finding out about the injustices that are being done to Jodi the better. People have not heard the truth until you all came along. If we can’t get the word out by the media (HLN ugh!) maybe this is a good way. Just thinking out loud…. FREE JODI!!!!

  8. Anyone else heard anything about court today? Rumor mill at HuffPo says oral argument was vacated and rescheduled for Nov. 1.

  9. Oh… and someone over at HuffPo quoted a tweet saying Alyce used Travis as a case study in her most recent speech.

    can I get a GO ALYCE! GO ALYCE! GO ALYCE!

  10. Good morning, everyone! How are you? I will definitely be making a donation to support Jodi ASAP. I think this is a great idea.

    Karma has only begun to work its magic as the beginning of the end of Team Travis Alexander has only started. Dave Hall, whose ugly face was all over HLN during the trial, took it upon himself to remove a rock formation along with two other Boy Scouts because they think they are above the law and can do whatever the hell they please. These morons even filmed themselves doing this illegal and felonious act. Who’s the one that never met a camera they didn’t like, David?

    I knew from the first time I saw this guy that he was an arrogant POS douche bag. I’ll never forget his raising his fist in victory after the verdict in the Jodi Arias trial which, naturally, was caught on film. He has trashed Jodi Arias repeatedly, time and time again, and he and his cronies have done everything they can to exploit Travis Alexander’s death for personal, political and financial gain. The truth is that this asshole doesn’t give a shit about Travis Alexander or his family and neither do most of his friends. They’re all a bunch of white, wealthy, elitist, country club Republicans who are all about making money. BTW last time I checked the Bible says that the love of money is “the root of all evil”. That is often misquoted as money being the root of all evil, but it is the love of money that is.

    I usually judge people by whom they surround themselves with because I think that says a lot about them. You look at who Dave Hall has surrounded himself with and it is no wonder that he did what he did yesterday. I just think it is hilarious and poetic justice that the dipshit uploaded the video to YouTube where his criminal behavior could be documented. Way to go, David! 🙂 Have fun being somebody’s “three-hole wonder” behind bars.

    • Maybe they also excommunicate his sorry ass from the Mormon church.
      That would be awesome: Dave Hall, disgraced, excomunicated and doing time in state prison.
      Well, you can’t fix stupid. Dave Hall will be dumb forever.

  11. ” ‘Goblin’ topplers say they are receiving death threats ”

    Oh, good!.Did I just read ‘death threats’? (Fuck! There SHOULD be an emoticon or a button for the happy dance! ) Let them taste a bit of their own poison. Karma……

    ” “I’ve got over 100 death threats on the Internet already. I’ve got people all over the world telling me they are going to kill me because I made the decision that lives are more important than this rock staying here a few more hours,” said Dave Hall, who filmed scouting partner Glenn Taylor toppling the formation in Goblin Valley State Park as Taylor’s son watches and cheers with them.”

    Oh, it’s music to my ears…

    • I believe I’m hearing the same music you are Maria. Death threats. . .who cares. . .cry me a river. What’s funny is how he tries to justify his actions.

      Wonder if they filmed any of the cover-up of Travis’s death? They sure like to have their pictures and videos made don’t they.

    • BS. He never got 1 death threat, let alone 100. All he’s doing is trying to play the sympathy card, and it ain’t working.

      So… he “made the decision” that lives are more important than a rock? No. In reality, he acted like a complete dickhead, and found it all amusing enough to post the video on YouTube. He makes Zach Billings look intelligent. Extreme douchebaggery at its finest.

      Click this link for more proof:

      Team Jodi

            • I had no idea he had a felony record!!!! Good grief! Excuse Meeeee! I’ve got to go throw up. Team Travis is full of abusers and offenders! Loved the picture with his little gun also.

            • Haha,
              Dat’s right!
              They will slap the shit out of Dave Hall in the joint, they will turn him out in a heartbeat, he will be someone’s bitch for show ! No ifs ands or buts about it!
              I sure hope they will convict him and send him to a state prison for a much needed vacation – that will do him a world of good, sharing a cell with a con named “Rock” !

    • LMAO! She’s so funny! Great pic 😉 😉 😉

      She also tweeted this:

      Jodi Arias ‏@JodiAnnArias 22h
      “My religion is kindness.” – The Dalai Lama
      Mine too, beginning today.

    • I don’t do tweeter but the Haters on there are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I looked at the wrong time. Why don’t they get a life. . . geez.

        • Me. It makes me sick for them to cast stones at our Jodi when they have committed much bigger sins! Jodi was only fighting for her life. She should have been out long ago. 🙁

          • I know honey, I care about our Jodi more than you can imagine. However, the way I see it ”you can’t fix stupid”. Or the ignorant. Or the blinded by hatred. Instead of wasting our energy fighting with the haters, we can keep our focus on trying to help Jodi.

              • You all make my day!!! I really am so thankful for all of you because all together we are going to pull our JODI through this awful mess. They can’t stop us now. We want justice for our girl and won’t stop until we see it. Look out AZ our eyes are set on you!
                FREE JODI! 🙂

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      • Okay, I’m not sure where you’re going with this, but as far as cancer awareness goes, God knows what I do and have done for cancer awareness and the rest is nobody else’s fucking business.

        • Obviously you are not interested. I am sorry for bothering you. There is obviously no need for you to use foul language. Just trying to find some good people. I can see you’re not the one.

          • Everyone here has been touched by cancer somehow. Don’t be offended but we are very passionate about doing everything we can to support Jodi and this site is devoted to her. All of our efforts here are for Jodi and her freedom. I support cancer awareness every chance I get, just not on Jodi’s site.

            • Exactly. Most of my posts are serious, but this is one of the rare ones that was satirical and tongue-in-cheek. I think that you’ve got to have some humor and be able to blow off some steam every once in awhile. That is what I did. I apologize if you were offended by my language and I’ll try to tone it down, but I’m offended that Jodi Arias is in a jail cell and facing the prospects of life in prison.

              As for cancer, my father is a cancer survivor and it is a gift from God that he is alive today. Don’t think for a moment that me or my family isn’t grateful.

              • Jeff, we all know what we are here for; you don’t need to apologize.
                Yes, this is Jodi’s home but a bit of humor never hurt anybody and given the emotional burden of this case, I don’t see why it would appear odd to someone to read a light-hearted post.
                Yes, NB is right; October is breast cancer awareness month and this horrible disease has probably invaded many posters’ lives here. However, I don’t see why your not mentioning should be judged. You’re a very sensitive and much respected, longtime poster.

                October is also Domestic Violence Awareness month. Maybe NB should have mentioned THAT instead of something totally unrelated to Jodi’s case. Just saying…

      • And it isn’t possible to go to the grocery store or the drug store without being made aware that it’s breast cancer awareness month or being asked for a donation.

        This is a Jodi Arias support site owned by SJ – if you want to rent ad space maybe you should talk to him.

      • WOW, ummm… Is it a full moon or did someone just piss in everyone’s cornflakes this morning? What’s wrong with everybody?! Manners, please?

        • Sorry LL,

          This is the second post I’ve seen from this person this month wanting us or telling someone to talk about breast cancer awareness month. Pink ribbons are everywhere I go. Anyone who doesn’t already know it’s breast cancer awareness month lives under a rock.

          This site is dedicated to supporting Jodi Arias, and I kinda resent the intrusion, KWIM?

          • KWIM? I just hate to see the rudeness. Obviously the person means well & we’re all nice people here. Just dismiss it & move on, ignore it. No sweat!!!

            Repeat after me, everyone, “Goosefraba…”

            • I am sorry LL, but I agree with Journee. That person (NB) just invaded Jodi’s site and attacked Jeff, just because he didn’t mention it’s breast cancer awareness month.
              Some people just come to stir up shit, mind you. Old posters know that, because we have experienced much worse days. LOL! So maybe we are extra careful or suspicious when the occasional shit-stirrer appears.

              • I say… Thor’s Hammer if they’ve already been told that this is irrelevant & doesn’t belong here. I just don’t want us to come off as rude asses to people who are just showing up. Don’t let them bait you, that’s what they want.

                ((((((All & Jodi))))))))

    • It’s about time, they should have done it from the very beginning. If the whole trial had been closed MAYBE she would have gotten a FAIR trial. I blame HLN mostly, because of the negative way they portrayed Jodi. How could she ever get a fair trial when 24/7 for 4 months all you heard is what an EVIL person Jodi was. ………..HLN makes me want to PUKE!!

      • No, Juan Martinez had no plans for a ‘fair trial’. It is unfortunate that he was able to use the media as his allies, but had he not, we would never have known about the shit he threw into the fan – WITH the able assistance of an incompetent judge.

        As bad as it all was, at least it’s all on tape.

      • I don’t see that anywhere, no. Look, the passive-aggresive style clearly is not working, so why don’t you ask someone to email you & express whatever it is that has you on edge, because I’ve been here awhile & I believe I’VE even been temporarily banned for less. Whatever it is that you are upset about, it doesn’t need to be discussed here. Ok? 🙂

    • Maria,

      Thank you for the link. Just reading that the judge now states it would not be good to have public or media involved and the reasons. The stupid Judge needed to get rid of the public and media from the first Trial. The judge needed to call a mistrial. The judge has no respect for life or death. The judge needs to get pulled from this case. The judge is incompetent.

  13. I suppose that is good but it is always scary to think of what they’ll do when no one is watching. Look what a mess they made when everyone was watching. I just hope we have a good outcome.

  14. Hi Rasna Admin. I am fully aware of Rule 1 and have made no personal insults or attacks on Maria whatsover. In fact I have stated quite clearly that I am sure her intentions are good. I am merely questioning her claims if that is allowed. Also please understand that I am not shouting. If you care to visit my blog you will see that I have posted a number of articles about Jodi because I am deeply concerned about the safety of her conviction. I have also followed this website since January and I commend you on your dedication to your cause. However, I cannot stand by and read comments from someone making unsubstantiated claims which could be misleading and damaging to Jodi’s case without challenging them. I am not concerned about Maria’s opinions. I am comcerned about the truth. All I am doing is asking Maria to explain why she claims to know what she is talking about and why she can’t divulge the information she is publicly posting. If she was saying it is her opinion that would be fine. But she is saying it is fact which is a very different matter. This is a very serious case and her claims are being made in a public forum in the middle of pre-trial hearings where no official disclosures have yet been made regarding anything including a settlement or an appeal. I am also awaiting a response from you to my comment and hope you publish the Trust Deed soon.

    • Mr James,

      It is nice to know your concern about Jodi’s well being and safety of her conviction. We all share the same concern. Whatever is posted on our site is far from damaging or misleading concerning Jodi’s case. Damaging and misleading is what the media, social media and the Alexander family and friends have done from the beginning of the trial and way before that too.

      Maria has directed you to the source of her claims. If you need more information, please contact them.

      • Thank you Rasna for this reasoned response. As long as you are satisfied that nothing that could be construed as detrimental is posted that’s fine by me. Equally, I hope you accept that any comments I make are in good faith to find the truth and are not made without reasoning. Can you please confirm that Jodi is definitely not going to accept any settlement deal and that she is definitely going to appeal against the conviction so people will feel confident to make appeal donations? And can you obtain a copy of the Trust Deed for all your followers?
        PS. I will forgive your comment below regarding my hidden agenda as I am sure you didn’t really mean to make false allegations and you know I have commented on your site many times.

        • Mr James,

          I guess you didn’t understand my prior response to you concerning the settlement deal and the Trust Deed. So I will repeat: If you need any information about the settlement conference please contact Jodi’s legal defense team. As for the Trust Deed, it is in the best interest of the trustee for obvious reasons that the Trust Deed is not published. Please contact the authorized bank for more information.

          I would like to hear your input about Jodi Arias. How do you feel about her sentence? Do you think that she deserves 1st degree murder? What is your opinion about how this case was tried?

          Finally, I’m still not convinced that you don’t have an agenda for insisting on info that we have told you we’re not going to publish – at least not at this moment.

          • As I mentioned previously my views are clearly stated on my blog under category Jodi Arias. And Maria Arias was kind enough to thank me for one of my posts.
            You say “It is in the best interests of the trustee for obvious reasons that the Trust Deed is not published.” At least I have an answer now. Thank you. Will you be announcing this publicly so everyone knows? On your last point, I have never insisted that you provide any info. That’s up to you. I’ve just been asking why it hasn’t been provided? And now you have finally told me. You have mentioned an agenda a couple of times without telling me what you mean. Would you like to do that? I’d be happy to respond. You can email me privately if you wish.

            • James, you have been, to say the least, a little hostile & passive-aggresive in regards to your tone, which is why you are being met with hostility. I recommend checking your attitude at the door, using tact when expressing your concerns, & remain respectful, especially to those who have been here much longer than your. Your tone with Maria was completely rude & uncalled for, & since she is my friend, it upset me as well.

    • WTF?
      The settlement conference was called by the state. Jodi was obligated to participate. It was an attempt to save the state some money. Jodi’s family stated a few weeks ago that Jodi would not relinquish her ability to appeal in a settlement Jodi will never accept a bargain unless it’s time served. The idea that you
      are ” deeply concerned about the safety of her conviction” makes me think you are “OUT of it”! Your voice is not wanted, The whole “unsubstantiated claims which could be misleading and damaging to Jodi’s case” is a joke. Jodi’s defense is only served positively by everyone’s positive insight here. I suggest you apologize to Maria before you take your permanent hike, it may be your last chance to redeem your bad attitude. P.S. Checking out the Appellate Fund for Jodi, is a phone call away, very simple, the # is at the top of the page.

        • ALEXIS, I believe he was only around trying to get info for his blog. If he has been reading our site since January – as he stated – why had he never commented in the past. It just goes to show that he did have an aagenda.

          • It seemed like a passive-aggressive attempt to call us out, but there is nothing to call us out on. Resources about these questions are available to anyone who would like the information. General questions about the appeal fund, stated nicely, are welcome, I’m sure.

        • Thanks you johnm, Rasna, chris and Alexis for your comments.
          God knows I would NEVER say anything to hurt Jodi’s case. I was overjoyed when I saw the new thread, some of us knew some time ago that the appeal fund was a plan that would sooner or later materialize, so I don’t understand James attack, distrust and disbelief. If anything, it’s as if he’s questioning this very site’s motives and the admins behind it. If he has any questions, I certainly am not the person to answet them for him. As john said, finding out more info is just a phone call away.

          • He had no point. The number was up there as John pointed out. In fact, that goes for all the haters ( aside from this misguided supporter) call the number or shut up.

          • ((((((((((((MARIA)))))))))))) ♥

            You are well trusted by all of us and you know it. If you say you know sth, we believe you. Not sharing personal info of who has told you what you know is your prerogative.

            You should not feel bad. Good for you for not saying anything more than you should!

            Σ’αγαπώ κορίτσι μου! Μην το ξεχάσεις ποτέ!

          • Maria,

            I am slowly catching up on the posts. This poster that was wanting such detailed explanation. Hmmm. My thoughts were, that if he followed us from the beginning wouldn’t he understand your excitement? I did not question your post. I was excited, like you were after reading SJ’s info.
            So I am celebrating and yelling ‘YEAH’!

    • I’m just gonna throw one more thought out there –

      The last any of us heard, the settlement conference was scheduled to happen on Oct. 16… I don’t think I heard different until, maybe, Wednesday the 14th? But by then I’d already kinda figured that the announcement SJ was saving for the weekend probably had something to do with an appellate fund… he was just waiting until after the scheduled settlement conference to announce it. But then the conference got bumped to the 24th.

      We already know from Jodi’s aunt that Jodi won’t give up her appellate rights – maybe they hope the state might be desperate enough cave in some way, though I don’t know what kind of wiggle room there could be.

      At any rate, the work done to set up the account was meant to be ready to implement as soon as the conference happened – the conference was delayed but the work was already done.

      • Exactly! What do people think? That a appellate fund is made overnight? It needs time to gather all documents and to find a good trustee. Pickles constantly changed dates on the hearings. This fund was suppose to be set up for after the hearings. So if James wants to question the settlement conference and the fund he should first ask himself if pickles hadn’t changed dates would this be an issue???

  15. Maria is right not to divulge information received privately from Jodi or some other trustworthy source connected with her.

    However, I think it’s a great idea to post the trust document here, or some other clear proof of legitimacy.

    Another great idea, if it’s feasible, is to send an email to everyone who’s ever posted on this site, alerting them to the appellate fund. There must be several hundred people who’ve posted in the past, but are no longer active and maybe not even reading.

    I’d really like to see Jodi’s fund hit $100,000 fast! That would make a strong statement, and it only requires 200 people to give $500 each on average. I will mail my own check today, and it will not be the last one.

  16. Mailed it.

    Here’s another idea. Jodi’s appellate funding would be secure if even one really rich donor chose to make it so. Of course we’ve already heard of Barry Gibb and Geraldo Rivera. But I’ve thought of three other people that I can write to cold, using my wiles to try to inspire a donation. It probably won’t work, but if other people did the same, maybe one of us would strike lucky. I don’t really see how it could hurt, and it might help. We can portray the fund as one good way to strike a blow against both domestic violence and tabloid criminal justice. Also, when I write to anyone, I direct them to for information on the case, and to (which has a link to here) to get a sense of Jodi herself.

    • Another good idea Chris but you’ll need the Trust Deed first and they will need to know a lot about the case. If you are positive it certainly could work on the back of a lot of voices.

      • I don’t see your apology to Maria. Get this, your contribution is NOT welcome. You come out of the woodwork with off the wall statements about Jodi and contributors here. You question the veracity of
        Jodi’s family and SJ setting up a fund. Why bring it up, call tomorrow when the bank is open. In the meantime you’ve made no friends. The only comments you’ve made toward Jodi is flaky shit about “deeply concerned about the safety of her conviction” and “unsubstantiated claims which could be misleading and damaging to Jodi’s case” . What does ANY of that bullshit mean anyway? What the fuck is safety of her conviction? When Pan and Ray and Gwen read your shit, they’ll tear you a new asshole.

        I pray for you every day Jodi, that you’ll be free.

        • Johnm, we don’t want to seem inhospitable 😉 . I asked Mr. James for his opinion about Jodi’s sentence and the way this cased was tried. I am really interested in seeing what he has to say. Info that is NOT for the public eye (at least not now) will not be published – no matter how much Mr. James insists.

          • If this person cares for Jodi and her plight he’ll give and pray no matter what I say. I read ALL his words. I’ve said my piece until he crosses the line again. It’s a matter of knowing how to trust, not questioning this groups trustworthiness. I get you RASNA, hospitality nowithstanding,his words are his responsibility, mine are mine. Believe you me, dissing Maria is hazardous AND inhospitable, peace out!

        • Kudo’s johnm! Thanks for keeping my sis’s back while I was away! In fact, I thank everyone for looking out for each other! You all are amazing people! ♥

          • (((((PANDORA♥))))) back where I come from that’s the way family does one another.

            (((((SIS♥ ♥))))) 🙂

            Ray in H-burg Va.

  17. Good morning my loving cyber family!

    Happy Monday!

    So, I’m gone for the weekend and I come back and read that my younger sister has been dissed??? Who is this James person anyways questioning Maria, SJ, Admins, Jodi’s family, Jodi’s defense team and in general all the supporters on this site??? WTF???

    James, firstly YOU DO need to apologize to Maria. She explained perfectly well what you asked her. Damn, she even told you who to contact for more info! NOBODY puts Maria in a corner! Maria is one of Jodi’s most hardcore and trusted supporters. When she writes sth, she has double checked that it is valid. Now, if Sue doesn’t accept friend requests on fb, we all certainly know why: because of people like you that pester others. You are very irritating.

    Questioning this site, SJ and the Admins is NOT ACCEPTABLE. If you don’t like it here, why bother coming back? I am thinking that the admins are right: you are only here to pump for info that you are lazy to seak for elsewhere. YOU WILL FORGIVE RASNA??? 🙄 LMFAO!!! GMAFB! RASNA is showing much patience with you. If it was up to me, you would have been booted from this site already.

    FFS, YOU owe an apology to everyone on this site and especially to Jodi and her family. When you question Jodi’s supporters, you question them too. In this site, we trust and respect everyone’s opinions. Please do us all a big favor and don’t come back unless you really want to contribute in supporting Jodi instead of questioning eveyone.

    This is my cyber family and Jodi’s support group. I feel you have insulted all of us. Go back to your blog. If your intentions are good for Jodi how come I haven’t seen you around before?

    We don’t need any drama, trouble and trolling here.

    Have a good life.

    • (((((PANDORA♥)))))((((((SIS♥)))))

      Happy Monday to my cyber family!
      I have to agree with Pandora we don’t need or want anyone that is going to question any of Jodi’s supporters or ADMINS of this site, and especially Jodi’s family I think they have been through enough. This is not the place for drama, if that is what you are looking for look somewhere else. Have a nice day 🙂

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • I agree. I was suprised SJ didn’t slam down Thor’s Hammer. We don’t tolerate that shit here. If you can’t be nice & respectful, there’s the door ———–>

  18. Here are a couple of follow-up stories regarding Dave Hall’s recent rock demolition stunt:


    Three men face felony raps after toppling ancient rock at Utah state park and cheering:

    The three men — David Hall, Glenn Taylor and his son — were busted after they posted video of themselves toppling the 200 million-year-old rock at Goblin Valley State Park last week. Authorities are considering charging the three men, all Boy Scouts leaders, with felony crimes.


    Boy Scout leaders caught filming themselves destroying 20 million-year-old rock formation at Utah state park could face felony charges


    Team Jodi

    • Thanks SJ
      Music to my ears!
      Dave Hall was sure having a ball destroying the rock. Now it’s time to pay the piper! It’s time to put the squeeze on him.

      A felony rap! If it stands the bastard will sure have a lot of trouble down the road!

    • I wonder if Dave Hall is a fundamentalist Mormon.
      I read “Under the Banner of Heaven” recently and there were some pretty unflattering things explained about fundamentalists, like how they marry off their underage daughters to grown men. Maybe Travis was a fundamentalist – that would explain his unhealthy penchant for young boys/girls.

    • The comments on youtube about the rock-pushing are most definitely giving Dave Hall a taste of what Jodi has gone through. It’s made international news! My favorite comment so far:

      SemperFido9915 11 hours ago

      I say put the rocks back via crane if necessary, and have the Federal government stick them with the bill. They’d have liens on everything they own, and never see another tax refund again. 🙂

    • SJ, my favorite quote from the site was:

      “IMO, these idiots are on par with the woman that “restored” the antique painting in the church ( They have no clue as to the proper way to deal with an irreplaceable item and are too stupid or arrogant to contact the authorities to let them take care of a perceived problem”.

      LMFAO! How does it feel Davie??? To be lynched and one of the most hated people in the world??? Not so nice, huh?? What’s next on your list? Stonehenge? The Acropolis?

  19. I for one care for and care about Jodi. She has remained remarkably strong while being oppressed by a glossed over trial and associated incarceration ordeal. I do not want to be party to being any sort of Mormon hater, nor do I want to throw stones at any of the Alexanders. My objective is to help Jodi now that she needs all the help she can get.

  20. Your are really right but sometimes it is hard to not have a little fun when they have been so awful to Jodi.
    All of us are about saving Jodi and we should remember that, no matter how hard it is to be civil we should try. I will try to behave. 🙂 SAVE OUR JODI!

    • These people SUPPOSEDLY got summons for “the Jodi Arias Trial”, which I find odd. Summons for what? And even if they did, just check out the attitude… I don’t know how she could possibly have a fair trial with the amount of bias toward her all over the country.

      Pandora, I sent you screen shots.

      • That’s awful and disheartening!
        Maybe we should monitor social media and report such things to somebody in authority or something, because these sheeple should stay away from jury duty if they are that prejudiced by the media.

        I take comfort in the numbers – all we need is one smart juror who will see through Martinez’s tapesty of lies and deception and who will hang the jury and no harm no foul.

        • I agree. I took screenshots in case they end up being called, which I HIGHLY doubt (probably just b.s. for attention anyway), so there’s proof. I monitor IG regularly, so I have that part covered. Right now I’m on a mission to keep burying hate with pictures of Jodi & her art. To say the least, it’s a bitch!

  21. Ok, change of subject.

    Here’s a weird thing – well two weird things, really, one little weird thing that’s been bugging me and when I went to verify that I remembered it right I listened more closely and picked up on something I hadn’t caught before, that to me is a substantially BIGGER weird thing that I don’t think we’ve discussed here at all.

    The weird thing that’s been bugging me is the Freeman connection – I’d prefer to give wide berth to the coincidence of Josh Freeman shooting himself in the head the day Jodi was arrested, but for this one little thing that’s been bugging me. About the night Dan called Jodi to, presumably, tell her Travis was dead, both Jodi and Dan recount the conversation the same way (tho Jodi, talking to Flores in interrogation – or maybe on the phone?, gives a bit more before and after the news). Both of them say that Dan tells Jodi that ‘they found Travis’. Not that they found him dead. Just that they FOUND him. In the Flores interview, Jodi adds that she asked what do you mean, they found him, and that he responded to the effect “I don’t know, the cops are there, a bunch of people are there, Hiatt said I should call you.”

    Don’t you think that’s weird? Was Jodi supposed to know what he meant by ‘they found Travis’?

    So this evening I went to listen to Dan’s testimony again, just to make sure I was remembering it right – and I was. BUT, JUST BEFORE Nurmi asked him about that night, he asked if Jodi had kept in touch with him and his family after she had moved back to California. And he said yes, and when she came to town – they wouldn’t always know in advance that she was going to be in town – but she’d always drop by to visit them and hang out for awhile, and then maybe go to see Travis or whatever.

    I was under the impression that, before June 4, Jodi had not been to Mesa since she moved to Yreka in early April. Dan seemed to be suggesting that she came back to Mesa a FEW times between early April and early June. (and I have to add the proviso, he was pretty flaky about dates – on the first day his testimony indicated he’d been in Canada on his mission from fall 2006 to fall 2008, the whole time Jodi and Travis knew each other, and he had to correct the dates on the second day).

    Did we hear ANYTHING else from ANYONE suggesting Jodi visited Mesa between early April and early June?

    • Journee, you bring up some really interesting points and I don’t have the answers hopefully someone else on here will soon. Very observant!!!!!!! 🙂

  22. Latest news…Dave Hall and his rock-toppling buddy have been dismissed from their positions in the Boy Scouts.

    And we also have Karma doing her fine work as Mr .Hall has apparently received over 100 death threats. (So Dave…how does it feel having the shoe on the other foot?)

    • GOOD post Justus



      FROM the daily news article

      “Three men face felony raps after toppling ancient rock at Utah state park and cheering

      The three men — David Hall, Glenn Taylor and his son — were busted after they posted video of themselves toppling the 200 million-year-old rock at Goblin Valley State Park last week. Authorities are CONSIDERING charging the three men, all Boy Scouts leaders, with felony crimes.”

      LET the the emery county attorney, and the boys scouts of america, know how serious YOU consider this matter

      i note that so far the boy scouts have only dismissed glenn taylor and dave hall as LEADERS, but not, it seems, removed them from scouting

      maybe scouting needs to be made aware of matters involved with the “mail online”‘s statement:

      “Hall was a close friend of Travis Alexander and spoke on television extensively about Jodi Arias during her trial”


  23. Excellent points Journee!!!! What are we missing regarding the connection with the Freeman’s and the death of their son the day Jodi was arrested?! I’ve been going over this case for months and months…. There is something out there that tells all… Who and what is it?! Ms.Arias is always in my thoughts!!! Xoxo

    • I heard Dan Freeman’s brother was gay. Young, gay males have a high suicide rate. If what I heard was true, I suspect that played a role given the religion he was involved in and societal pressure about being gay.

      • I know that for a fact, I lost a nephew that way. But what connection did Jodi have with the Freemans? Is it a coincidence that he called Jodi right before she was arrested?

        • Joshua called Jodi before she was arrested? Or did you misread what I wrote above – the phone call I was talking about above was when Dan Freeman called Jodi the night Travis’ body was discovered. I have never heard anything about Josh calling Jodi before he shot himself.

      • The explanation Dan wrote about Joshua was that he had been depressed and struggling for over a year, that he had been molested as a child and was now struggling with his own sexual interest in children. That’s very tragic and very sad and maybe also very coincidental.

    • I still think he was a part of a cover up of some kind. It’s a HUGE coincidence & I just don’t think him being gay can account for it alone. Why the day Jodi was arrested? Why not before, after? Why did he called Jodi beforehand? Sure, we can’t know for certain without asking him, & we can’t, & I don’t mean to accuse the dead, but I truly think there was something more going on that none of us know about.

    • Right? I mean, if you have to call a friend to let them know that someone they’ve been involved with is dead, you DO say, however gently you can manage, that the person is DEAD, right? You don’t just say ‘they found him’. It’s like the NEWS of the call was that Travis had been FOUND – like Dan already knew, and knew that Jodi already knew, that Travis was dead. And he was calling Jodi to let her know that the shit was about to hit the fan.

      And how weird is it that Brent Hiatt, standing there in Travis’ front yard with all the young mormons pointing the finger at Jodi, and calls Dan and tells him to call Jodi.

      And Dan saying that Jodi visited them a few times AFTER she moved back to California?

      • It could have simply been a gentle way of putting it, or he just couldn’t bring himself to say it, but I’m just playing devil’s advocate here.

      • I went and re-watched Dan’s testimony too.
        He does say that when he called Jodi he told her that ”they found Travis” but Nurmi later adds that he also told her that ”he was GONE” so I guess it was just a linguistic omission on Dan’s part but there’s nothing more to it so probably that’s why Nurmi went on to clarify it.
        And yes, Dan made it look like Jodi was in Mesa after she had moved back to Yreka and that Travis had confided in him that he would talk to Jodi so as to officially break up with her. But then Martinez swoops in with his cross-examination and clarifies that Travis intended to have the break-up conversation with Jodi BEFORE she left Mesa and that she THEN moved back to Yreka.

        • Except that those three words – “they found Travis” – are exactly what Jodi quoted to Flores back in 2008.

          So – linguistic omission by Dan on the stand? Or did he say what he remembered and then just agree with Nurmi as to what he meant?

          • Sh*t, sorry. MY mistake (I’m blaming it on the fever I am running, LOL) : it was Martinez who made the ” he was gone” comment.
            He says:
            – When you called her on the telephone, you told her that Travis was gone or words to that effect, right?

            With Nurmi, it’s always the ”they’d found Travis” or ”Travis had been found” wording

            • Yes, R. Thanks much to you. I’m wondering if I should boost the number of signatures needed up to say 1000 and keep going. The more the better and 1000 sounds so much more powerful than 500.

              • Hopefully yours is on the way to 1000. It is wonderful to see other people are reading both of the petitions. The truth will come out about Jodi trial.

        • Rasna,

          Is it just me or does it annoy you when bloggers hide who they are? I think if a blogger demands transparency in any matter they choose to talk about, they ought to have the balls to say who they are.

            • ALEXIS, you’re absolutely right! Everytime I’m reading at some random blog and then go to the ‘about me’ section and it has absolutely no info as to who the blogger is, it annoys the shits out of me. I immediately know that the blog is a ‘joke’ and never visit there again. Why would bloggers be afraid of using their names? Unless it’s a blog meant for bullying and they’re afraid of people knowing who they are.

              • I didn’t really see an “About Me” on Blogger, but then again, mine is connected to Google+, so I’m definitely not anonymous by any means & my picture’s on my Blog. Did this James person have an anonymous Blog, or was this just venting about a pet peeve in general?

          • Sorry to butt in but it is so ‘weird’ that just today I read a blogger writing about anonymity. It was actually upsetting and sad cause this person had to hide his/her identity because of a physically and psychologically abusive ex relationship. Nobody should be afraid like that.

            But saying that, isn’t it kinda ironic when someone pours out their scary and sad story and yet just previous days has psychologically abused another human being, when this individual never ever bothered that blogger nor had ever contacted or mentioned him/her? Either the abuse is minor or huge, it doesn’t matter. It’s a form of abuse. Others can handle a lot, others not that much!

            For example, making a thread on a Jodi supporter and belittling this supporter just for laughs is not nice, it’s idiotic and abusive. An abused individual should know better than that! Since when is it ok from abused to become abuser???? Just sayin’….

            P.S. For all those nuckleheads that like reading, copying/ pasting our comments, don’t turn this into a Jodi thing like always…..


            • I agree Pandora. I agree. But don’t you know we deserve it in their mind? We are subhuman because we support Jodi. They see us in black and white and demonize us over a point of view. Calling a female supporter he has never met a “bitch”, “whore” and “cunt” suggest to me that said blogger is projecting the abuse he suffered onto every woman he doesn’t like. Or, he was always misogynistic which makes me wonder about his abuse story to begin with.

              • Yes, an entire thread just to cuss at a Jodi supporter. Geez…
                Btw, I’ve read that thread, it was vile and disgusting! They should learn to finally leave us in peace. Yes to them we are psychos, bitches, sociopaths who defend a convicted killer, sick individuals who love a cold-blooded murderer, people with serious psychological issues who project our own traumas on Jodi yadda yadda yadda…. (YAWN! after being thrown mud for so many months you kinda become desensitized) Now, if we are so deranged and dangerous and crazy, why do THEY (the sane ones) spend so much time here, reading the psychos’ comments? Are they afraid we’re gonna make society fall apart? LMAO!

                Really, people: get some perspective. Keep supporting Travis, if that’s what your conscience dictates. But FFS, leave us alone! If you dont like what we have to say here, STOP READING! No one’s forcing you. Stop making threads just to humiliate us! We are free to believe in whoever we want to believe in;
                YES, even a convicted killer.
                It’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

            • That’s really sad. Why anyone would want to spend their time belittling someone they don’t even know is beyond me. They must either have an awful lot of time on their hands or have a very, very large chip on their shoulder. I agree, ALEXIS. More than likely his story is just a sob story meant to place the blame on someone else so the individual doesn’t have to take responsibility for their actions. Remember the Power & Control Wheel? That’s what abusers do, they blame the victim.

              • What was said on that thread about a reader here was harsh LL. His story was scary actually. I believe he was victimized. I remember the wheel from way wayyyyy back when I was in counseling over DV years ago.

                • Well, my sympathies to them if they actually have suffered from domestic violence; I can empathize with that. Unfortunately, some people become more empathetic to others having suffered from abuse, others only seem to perpetuate the cycle. It’s sad really.

            • Pan, I don’t usually read at these places but this is hysterical shit. They are working over-time trying to prove a legitimate fund isn’t legitimate and the money goes elsewhere; blah blah blah. Let’s watch them spin their wheels while never getting anywhere. They need to get a life ffs. Idiots.

              • FFS, are they doing that song and dance again?!!! The fund is legit! Deal with it! They are dying inside wondering who the trustee is! LOL! Pathetic..

                • They choose to think the funds are being diverted because they live for this shit. Instead of trying to defund a defendant’s appellate fund, maybe they should work on defunding Obamacare. No offense to anyone here… I’m not trying to start a political debate; it’s just that these losers act as if they’ve never heard of an appeals fund before. And they don’t seem to understand the concept of what a link is either. THEY.ARE.STUPID.

              • ALEXIS and RASNA,

                It seems that even though they have contacted the bank and they have been verified that the fund IS legitimate, they don’t want to accept it. At least there was one person that was reasonable enough to admit that after researching they found out that all was legitimate.

  24. Just for fun (?) I was rereading the Flores Report. Really!!! There are so many unanswered questions there starting with those roommates and their girlfriends. Why was the banister wiped clean? Unless someone was trying to wipe away strange fingerprints? The floor was cleaned. Why? So many different stories from Zach and Enrique on dates and times. I believe if one of my friends was murdered in my house I would remember everything. And then on and on it goes. No matter how many times one reads all of these reports, one still comes out wanting to know so many things that have not been investigated.

    • I’m telling you, the scandalous shit’s tampered with the crime scene, I know it in my blood. The problem is proving it. We need a forensics expert. Did you see my posts about the blood in the shower being in one photo & not another & the mysterious tube?

    • In the interrogation with Flores, when Jodi finally got around to saying she’d been there on the 4th, one of the things she said was that, when they wen’t downstairs to hang out for awhile in the afternoon, she wasn’t able to hang out on the couch like usual because Travis had chairs piled on it and the floor cleaner out to clean the floor. So that was Wednesday.

      Enrique didn’t remember seeing everything out of place, and the floor cleaner sitting out, until Thursday. Zack had said it was Tuesday or Wednesday. But Zack said that at some point a few days later, everything had been put right again, and he assumed Enrique had done it. Flores report does not indicate that he confirmed that with Enrique.

      Enrique said he last saw Travis at around 6:30pm on Wednesday (an hour after he was supposedly dead). Zack said he last saw Travis at around 11:30am on Thursday – when Jodi was almost to Ryan’s house.

  25. That’s where it all starts, so many flaws in the Flores report?! I don’t understand how Dustin’s wife could make a call to the detective, state she believes her husband could be involved in the murder of TA and Dustin was never questioned. I find Flores made a judgement call shut and closed this case to fast!

    • That shows clear bias right there, they didn’t even explore all leads. And when a man’s WIFE makes that kind of a statement… Um, you don’t sweep that under the rug, you take that seriously. Maybe she thought he was involved in the murder because she caught wind of the cleanup? I truly feel that the evidence backs up Jodi’s story as most of you do, but there are inconsistencies, a lot of them, & if Jodi’s story is true, the only plausible explanation is that the crime scene was tampered with &/or there was a cleanup.

        • It will be hard to prove without the house and crime scene. One may not rely on their photographs. Blood in one and then not in the others. Then that little plastic tube? Wonder what it was. The color of the body in different pictures. No fly larvae. No one smelling anything. Ashley Reed’s husband has not been forgotten either. Nope too many unanswered questions.

            • These are the thing s that bother me so much. How can they reanalyze something they never investigated in the first place. I believe their quick judgement of Jodi messed everything up. Flores should have known better. . .but maybe he did and just decided cut and dry would be the best way to go. Sweep it all under the rug, who cares about Jodi she’s a nobody to those people. He never considered all of the people who would believe in Jodi and her innocence and see all of his blunders. Big Mistake Mr. Flores. He should be in jail as far as I’m concerned.

      • When they tracked Ashley down, and she basically recanted, they assumed she’d just made the call because she was mad at her husband – INSTEAD of realizing that she’d attempted to make an ANONYMOUS call, and wouldn’t own the accusation on the record, because she was AFRAID of her husband.

        Typical misogynistic dickheads.

        • Journee,

          I hear what you are saying. I have asked myself a million questions. I have thought through a number of possibilities. Even if TA was beating on Jodi and Jodi was defending herself. Maybe someone else finished him off. Who knows? Nobody told the truth. Everyone is in such a spider web they all need to keep there mouths shut.
          But the worst part is it is blatantly clear we can come up with at least 20 stories of TA’s death. There is also an over abundance of reasonable doubt. So how was Jodi found guilty? How did she get murder 1? There is nothing to back this up. And how the hell do the prosecuter and judge still have permission to work!? They need jail time.
          I don’t know if we will ever find out the true story. But we have so much reasonable doubt.

          • Reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt.
            That’s all I can hear in my head, marianne. Yet, the 12 morons got it all wrong. They convicted her because they were unable to get past the graphic photos and Kermit’s razzle-dazzle.
            Jodi lost; she was found guilty based on emotions instead of people following and respecting due process.

        • Exactly!
          But even if you think she was mad at her husband, you don’t just sit there and do nothing: you don’t just GUESS ” oh, she must be mad at her husband, let’s move on”. This is a murder case FFS! They should have explored ALL options. Rookie mistake? From an experienced detective? Flores was so sloppy he should be ashamed of himself.

  26. Hey guys, long time no see!!! Sorry I haven’t been around. Been busy with orientation for a new job. Also had a few medical tests to get through (all with good results I’m happy to add). Glad you’re all still holding down the fort. I see we have a few newcomers. Nice to see you are keeping them in line. If they are here to hate there’s another site that will welcome them with open arms. It seems apparent by your posts that they are still at it. Nice they found a place for all of them to congregate with their venom and loathing. My advice to you all is to stay away from those sites and if you have your own blog, ban their asses. Don’t give them a voice or an opportunity to stress you out with their misery.

    I just want to let you all know that even if I am not a daily visitor, I am still here for Jodi and all of you and will continue to drop in. I just seem to have a lot on my plate lately. (I have a house showing coming up this weekend and am still desperately trying to clean and de-clutter). I still stand by my tfl criteria (too fucking long). Did I mention that I have ADHD? Hard to keep the attention span going to read LONG, BORING posts! heh heh.

    Anyway, thanks again for keeping the faith and being here. Thanks SJ for providing us with this outlet, and take care. I will be around.

  27. I believe JA, I do, it’s just so hard to wrap ones mind around all the flaws. We can’t forget the State didn’t even have facts, their facts were all circumstantial. However, reading Flores report leaves me with many unanswered questions. As I stated before, JM, twisted facts stated by the defence witnesses, if they started to break his story apart !!! All defence witnesses became liars! Sad part is the jurors fell for JM,s bull!

  28. Do you guys think the mail situation has calmed down enough for me to write our angel? I really, really wanna write her, but I don’t want my postcard to get thrown away. 🙁

    • As long as you follow Estrella’s rules, I don’t think they will throw your postcard away .
      Do write to her, she needs all the support she can have right now.

      • YES! she absolutely loves to hear from supporters, she is a little slow sending a reply, but she gets lots of mail she will answer though.

        (((((JODI♥♥))))) 🙂

        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  29. Hello fellow cyber family of Jodi Arias! I haven’t been here for a while but I just had to tell you all something REALLY funny that happened tonight! I finally got time to reading posts and I asked my husband if he heard about the Dave Hall episode on TV and he said yes. I said, isn’t that something? He’s the one who lied about Jodi… He said well what do you expect, Travis was his best friend! I started laughing real hard and said, yeah, you’re right, thinking that he meant what can you expect when he was friends with a person like Travis and how Travis abused and treated Jodi! Then, I realized that my husband wasn’t meaning what I thought he meant at all! My husband doesn’t follow Jodi’s trial or case at all and I really don’t know his opinion on it but I realized he meant what he said in a favorable way towards Dave Hall, meaning Dave Hall lied about Jodi because he was Travis’s good friend and I guess that what good friends do for each other??? I was laughing so hard too, I don’t know what my husband thought – lol!!!! Just had to share with you all! Just too funny! I even kept saying see how karma comes around and he just wasn’t saying anything – he probably thought, woman what is so funny about that???!!! Team Jodi!!!! We WILL be victorious and Jodi will be free!!!!

  30. Mary I know exactly what you mean! People have heard the lies about Jodi for so long they don’t stop to think that “Geez It might not be the truth”. It is the ole good ole boy syndrome. They seem be excused for anything.
    When I have talked to my friends about Jodi and the trial, they think I’m ridiculous until I give them facts that haven’t been made public and then their whole expressions change. That is why I was excited for the petitions to be getting noticed. WooHoo. The word is finally getting out about her trial. .There are too many questions about her case for her to be the only person punished. The list is long, for sure. HLN did a real damaging number on Jodi and I think this will hurt them eventually unless they change their tune. Travis abused Jodi. Jodi was grossly taken advantage of. One is not guilty of murder if they were fighting for their lives. Free Jodi AZ!

  31. The majority of people would probably lie to protect a best friend. I personally could not be best friends with someone like Travis Alexander. All of them knew how he was abusing Jodi but did nothing. Instead they accused and condemned her instead of trying to correct Travis’s behavior. That alone makes them a part of the crime if nothing else. They were the agitators. They will pay for their sins too. I believe they played a big part in his death. . .time will tell.

    • Some of them like Skye Hughes definitely knew about the emotional abuse, thus the e-mail she sent to Travis.
      As for the physical abuse, I’m not so sure his friends knew. How could they? If Jodi never confided in anyone, how would they know? I think I remember her saying while on the stand that the only person noticed the bruises just once was Matt. Am I remembering this correctly?

  32. PS. Too bad the Big Rock didn’t fall on Dave Hall while he was filming that would have been poetic justice. Darn, Journee’s evil twin just grabbed my keyboard and went crazy. Stop it evil one. Holy Cow! Journee control your evil twin. HA!
    Everyone have a good Wednesday 🙂

    • Big Hugs to my cyber Family, including Jodi!

      R. Love,
      My friends I know in person thought I was crazy saying Jodi is innocent. There response is ‘she even admitted she murdered him. She is just a murderer.’
      I would explain the self defense. Yet they would still say they had to think about signing the petition. It was/is beyond there ability to see the dynamics of the whole picture.
      Plus, some of these friends have seen the inside of a jail. This week she has a trial and is trying to get out of more jail time. Not a close friend, but she tells me her business.
      No one really understood. They just know she was found guilty.
      I think Travis and his gang only looked the part Jodi thought they were. Underneath and inside they are awful. This is so tragic. Especially with the media involvement and hln working so hard to spin everything on Jodi. Then the book the hln person wrote. I will never read it. There can not be any truth to it.
      I hope a lot more of the TA gang show there true colors. It was just assumed that all TA’s family and friends were the most honest, God fearing, righteous, kind, selfless individuals in the whole world.

      • Marianne, I truly believe that Jodi did get in an awful fight with Travis but I believe someone else came along and finished him off. I believe he was getting to be a threat to the” holier than thou” group. Also, his behavior was probably bad for business. Somewhere someone knows the truth. . .I think Jodi doesn’t really know. I tend to believe her story about the intruders to some point because it sorta sounds reasonable. Jodi could not have done all that was done to Travis unless she is a super human. It just isn’t possible. I just believe Jodi was defending herself and got caught up in an awful mess with a bad bunch of people. Also, these people are standing back in the shadows and letting her take all the blame. They will suffer here on earth or later on when they pass. I would just like to see justice sooner than later. 🙂

      • I’m glad we figured out who we could blame our bad behavior on. hehehe Hope Journee doesn’t mind. And yes, I believe your right Maria. His friends had to have known. I bet Skye knew it because she said she would never let her sister date him. Jodi had no idea who she was involved with. The Travis Team are a dangerous bunch. The mental abuse she suffered is just as damaging as being beat. (IMO)

      • You two need to conduct a thorough search of your quarters to locate your OWN evil twins. I keep mine pretty busy right here – turns out she really LIKES bitey terrier play, so she’s Lucy’s favorite playmate. (yes, that sweet little face on my avatar is a true devil in disguise)

        • Well, I didn’t think you would mind sharing!! Guess I’ll have to go dig in my closet for my own real “lost” evil twin. Last time I saw mine she was buried under a pile of old shoes. Darn it. When do you get you new puppy? Lucy looks like she might like a playmate.

  33. Hello again everyone!
    Glad to finally be back and to read all the recent updates.
    Sorry for being MIA – my dear old laptop finally fizzed out on me.
    We had 7 wonderful years together – really missing windows XP. 🙁
    But, I finally got a new computer and am up and running.

    Anyway – hope everyone is well and still looking forward.
    Glad to see donations are being accepted for Jodi’s appeal.
    This leads me to assume Jodi will fight her conviction with an appeal once she gets to that stage?
    Good sign in my opinion.

    I hope Jodi is hanging in there – this next stage of this trial is certainly going at snails pace.
    But Jodi is a strong women, she will prevail.

    Hope I haven’t been forgotten!
    If so, I’ll spark memories overtime. 😀
    Missed you all.

    Forever Team Jodi,
    – M.

    • You have certainly NOT been forgotten, M!
      Glad to see you back 🙂 I do miss some of our old posters who have disappeared over time 🙁

      Do try and check in more often, will ya?

      • I will definitely try and stop in more often, even if it’s just to say hello.
        With the momentum of Jodi’s trial slowing greatly I think many of the old posters have exhausted their opinions – until new information comes up.
        I know I hate when people repeat themselves to me over and over, so I’d hate to bore others with my repetitive thoughts.

        Speaking of new information – I read that Jodi has filed another request to have Nurmi removed from her team of attorney’s.
        She has stated that he hasn’t seen her since May and that “he has little to no tolerance for her emotional and psychological shortcomings”.
        It does not say anything in regard to Wilmott.
        Wonder if there were issues during the first stage of the trial between Nurmi and Jodi?

        I also read that nothing came out of the hearing this morning.
        It has been rescheduled for November 1st.

        Hang in there Jodi.
        You are not alone.

        – M.

  34. So, I guess now I know what all the fuss was about. Funny that these people can’t read. I told James he might get Thor’s Hammer & if they were such good stalkers they would know that I was almost banned for suggesting people not bash the dead, not my posts. Since they stalk this site more than their own:
    First of all, there are some people here that need to learn to read. Correction #1: my professor told me they don’t typically allow philosophy majors on juries, *I* said that you can’t pull the wool over our eyes. Correction #2: I didn’t say she wasn’t mirandized, I said that she didn’t fully understand her rights before interrogation. The best woman in the world, in my opinion, is actually Mother Teresa. I have never once claimed to be an expert on this trial, only that I have taken a personal interest, as have all of you. The roommates can’t even get their stories straight, so no, they aren’t, & I can’t rule out an intruder. Tell me how you can? I’ve explained my many posts. I am able to think & I expand on my own thoughts, which is better that posting juvenile hate all over a website & having a profile picture of fucking Beavis. Fucking children. As I’ve said, I’m a student, I don’t claim to know everything, but unlike some, I can admit when I’m wrong. Anything else? You have my email. If you have something to say, say it directly to me.

    If anyone here feels that I am some kind of ignoramous or embarrassment, they are free to tell me. It doesn’t bother me. 🙂 <3

        • LL, exactly… a joke. Rasna said it best upthread:

          “RASNA ADMIN says:
          October 23, 2013 at 2:47 pm

          It’s kind of amusing to me! The only thing they prove by repeatedly attacking Jodi supporters is that they are intimidated by us. They can’t seem to make us go away! LOL! And they should be reminded:

          WE ARE TEAM JODI

          Don’t lose sleep over them. I am at a point that I sometimes find some of there comments about me funny!

    • And for another afterthought, double post: Thank you to everyone who decided to dance around this & not tell me that the shit was about me to begin with so I could defend myself. An email would have been nice. Obviously my contribution is not welcome & I don’t deserve the same amount of respect as others here. I will continue to support Jodi, just not this way. Namasté!!

      • LL, I have e-mailed you. You will read in my e-mail what is going on.

        Just remember that you are well respected and cared for from all of us here. Even if you don’t know it, we’ve got your back (you will understand after you read my e-mail).

        Take care and remember that you are always welcome here. Your support for Jodi is notable and significant.

        (((((LL ♥ ))))))

        • You are so wonderful, Pandora!! I’m sorry I doubted you guys, I know you guys have my back & I will always have all of yours!! Whatever they say about us doesn’t matter, because the opinions of people who spread hate are worthless!!

          (((((OUR SITE)))))

          • I’m not even gonna view the hateful shit they say again. My curiosity got the best of me. A weak moment never to reoccur. I said my piece & anything further just isn’t worth it.

          • No problem LL, we’ve all had our weak moments and gone to the ‘dark side’ out of curiosity! Don’t let them get to you.

            Actually, sometimes I find some of their comments about me really funny! I can’t say ‘no’ to a good sense of humor! It’s the hate that I don’t get! I don’t mind being ‘roasted’ by them because like one of my favorite comedians says “I roast only the ones I love” – Jeff Ross.

            Anyway, no damage done… I’m glad you decided to stay on board, kid! And for the record: you’ve got gutts! 😉

            • Yeah, a joke all in good fun is one thing, but straight hate is quite another. Ha ha!! Thanks, doll!! You develop some mighty big lady balls when you deal with b.s. all of your life. I can only hope that even one person learned their lesson & stops spreading hate. I try not to hate on anyone, period. I know I’m not perfect, but I do try my best. It’s just common courtesy. They got a few giggles out of me & I sure got mine. I think that’s fair. Tee hee!!

              • Don’t let them get you down. Consider the source and pray they receive their just dessert ( and I don’t mean hot fudge cake).
                You girls are too good for the likes of them. . .stay away from hate. Leave our girls alone you BIG bullies! 🙂 Words do hurt but not from the likes of them!!!

            • Nothing is going on. Readers at a blog are talking shit about readers here. It’s NOTHING new. Rasna and I were talking about it with Pandora. The blogger actually removed the woman hating language I had an issue with. It’s not a big deal. Jodi supporters are always talked about and if we took the time to take issue with every person out there, we would be spending all day and night pissing and moaning on the internet.

            • Maybe we should ask for a “sit down” with them. LOL I feel like I’m in a gang or MC with all this ” i have your back stuff”. 🙂

      • LL,
        never doubt that you are loved by all of us here. All Jodi supporters are like family members that’s why many of us start our posts with : ” Good morning, cyber FAMILY” 🙂
        Plz don’t get mad.

        I don’t know how late you came into the game but for those of us who have been here since the very beginning, we’ve learnt the hard way to ignore the haters’ comments and their venomous threads and posts about us.

        Some of us have been (and are still being) ridiculed, cussed, called names etc etc. It was absolutely heartbreaking and took a toll on many, including myself but it’s certainly better to ignore them than get mad or hurt over them. They just DON’T deserve it.
        We have done nothing more than just supporting a person we think was wrongfully convicted of M1. We will NOT stop supporting Jodi and the haters had better start realizing it.

        • You are so right Maria!!!! We will never stop supporting Jodi until she is freed! I really feel sorry for the Alexander family and friends because they have been caught up in a vicious, hateful game and they really haven’t taken time to investigate and decide on all of this on their own. They have been like most of the public and taken the Media’s word. . .which is wrong. They have been grossly misled. If they would open their minds and study the facts they would see the injustices that have happened to Jodi in this trial. They would also find that someone among them is guilty of some of this crime. That fact alone would make me study the facts. If they truly believe in Travis and what he believed (or professed to believe they would be in the forgiving mode not the condemning mode. Christians do not wish for the death of other people. . .especially innocent people. Our Jodi is only guilty of defending herself. The truth will surface. I will pray that the haters will begin to see the light and God will give them the strength to forgive and give them peace. (((((((((JODI & TEAM JODI))))))))))).

  35. OMG you guys I can’t believe you are still going to those hater sites and stressing yourselves about what those insignificant, ignoramuses are saying!!!! They are not worthy of your time or attention. We are so much better than this! All the stupid people left a few months ago and all that are left now are the brain dead ones. (I like to refer to it as rats deserting a sinking ship). The couple of times I visited over there I felt I was actually losing brain cells as I read. I try to stay away from negativity as much as possible and definitely away from hatred. It’s like a cancer. They are welcome to each other. Misery loves company I always say. I know there is a new thread but I think this is a nice way to end this one 😉

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