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If you’ve not already seen it, check out the following update.

Exclusive – Verdict: What REALLY Happened in the Jodi Arias Case

“Many people who follow coverage of HLN and the sensationalist media are overjoyed over May 8th’s Jodi Arias verdict of guilty of murder in the 1st degree.  While those who followed the facts of the case were befuddled, those seeking revenge were found hugging, crying, lighting fireworks, and celebrating as if it was July 4th.  But do they really know what they were celebrating?

Most of these people don’t know any of the actors involved in this case other than Jodi, Travis, and Juan Martinez, who finally achieved the fame and recognition he so desperately sought, as clueless masses were chanting “Juan for President” outside the courthouse on HLN.

When the verdict was read, it was clear that all 12 jurors claimed premeditation was involved, and 7 of the 12 felt there was a felony involved. I’m unsure as to whether that felony was breaking and entering or a stolen gun, but I’d venture a guess that it’s the fake stolen gun and 7 of them believe she stole it with the intent to use it for malicious purposes — at least that’s what the law proscribes.  After all, they did have sex after she went into Travis Alexander’s house, so breaking and entering couldn’t have been the felony.  I think it’s fairly safe to say that a majority — not a mere plurality — of people who really followed the facts of the case, and knew the intricate details, were quite shocked at the verdict.  I think many of us expected a verdict of manslaughter, or perhaps M2.

So what really went down in that courtroom that led to a verdict of M1?…….”

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    • I would like to auction off my prize to the highest bidder (you know to one of JM’s fan club) and donate the $$$ to Jodi.

  1. Good morning everybody

    And Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers on this board.

    And as usual some morning music to get that blood flowing again.

    And this one you just can’t go wrong with – GD and the great Etta James cover Otis Redding. What more could we throw in there?

  2. Morning ..Happy Mothers day…Darn I left a post on the other page. Al I really get why Jodi did the interview Wed. now. I don’t really think in the whole scheme of things it will hurt anything. But who am I.

    • Morning Cindy, Happy Mother’s day.

      My butt hurts from yesterday. Man those muscles sure got a workout bending and picking. Amazing how much stuff collects in a year.

      I’ll go back read your post from yesterday.

      • LOL I understand how you feel ..I just sucks getting old. Thanks for the wish for MD

        Al could you please repost the prayer from yesterday. I would but haven’t figured out how to do it on the phone. (can’t wait to have my PC again) I think it was a powerful statement.

        • Here you go

          “God grant me the serenity
          to accept the things I cannot change;
          courage to change the things I can;
          and wisdom to know the difference.”

            • Yep, One of my favorite prayers. Happy Mothers day to all the moms. Going to leave soon for a few hours drive to see mine. Wanted to try to catch up on all the posts, but haven’t even been able to read yesterday’s. Hope everyone is well.

          • Serenity prayer is used in aa too. Thanks al spending day with family and daughter happy mothers day hope ms. Arias will have better ones to come

            • Beautiful prayer. As an newly active AA member (one month sober) I say this prayer many times a day. I pray Jodi is focusing on the courage needed to change what she can, to move this wrong verdict to a higher court. She has shown so much thus far and it will take more forward.

            • Yeah, it makes me crazy that JVM doesn’t seem to have any positive residual effects from all those 12 step programs she must have gone thru.

    • I agree…not sure why she did that interview bc JM may use it against her. 20min after verdict you can’t be thinking clearly. ..just my 2c

  3. Good morning
    To all the mothers here and all who for some reason didn’t get the chance
    and all others
    have a wonderful day

  4. Was waiting for a new page to appear good morning to my family and friends here ….. Want to wish Jodi and her family a great Mothers Day and hope they will be able to visit today. Hope Jodi is feeling better about herself too. Jodi stay strong we love and are trying to figure out what to do to help and if push comes to shove I am on SS but will give it to defend you. I believe you are innocent of This Crime never forget that

  5. I overheard a kid in my neighborhood talking about this case. He had to write a paper on the subject of “yellow journalism” and this was his example. Told his buddy that the teacher liked the paper so much it was read aloud in class

    • Thanks for that anecdote, SZ; made me smile.
      The whole affair is so yellow, it’s downright jaundice.

      Also, thanks for the serenity prayer, Al. My grandmother has a cross stitch copy hanging in her home.
      Now I’m old enough to really understand what it means. 😉

    • Cable tv is not a news source. It is entertainment for profit. Pundits are not journalist. Journalism and news gathering organizations do not consider the Arias trial newsworthy and have barely mentioned it, if at all. In my opinion, the ‘yellow journalism’ conclusion is incorrect, because the argument is based on the false premise that what’s being analyzed was ever intended to be news reporting/investigation that defines journalism as a profession.

  6. I just posted this on yesterday’s page so I am re-posting. Sad to say, but the narrative for Jodi was written by the media well before the trial started. ‘Jealous ex-g/f, obsessed stalker’ And it was perpetuated by friends of TA who, funny to me, first warned Jodi about HIS mistreatment of women. But due to TA’s narcissistic personality, he decided to twist the tale his way and smear her to his friends. I fail to understand how you remain that intimate with someone you are ‘afraid’ of. I think the defense did a good job barring they didn’t go for a mental defense because, at first, I was somewhat buying the media package but by the middle of the trial I was convinced otherwise. But you can’t convince 12 people who already had their minds made up and aren’t listening. And from what I’ve read here TA’s family hadn’t seen him in years before his death yet they felt justified mugging for the camera, inciting hatred for Jodi and the defense witnesses and taking donations. Maybe it was guilt or maybe just greed. Mind-boggling. I will continue to pull for Jodi and I hope she finds the strength to fight on after this unjust, manipulated, prejudicial verdict.


    • I have read here about the Alexanders being estranged from Travis as well. Maybe even heard it on TV. The word “estranged” has a bad connotation to it so I assume they were not on good terms. Does anyone know details of this estrangement?

      • I don’t know, but I had heard it also. I don’t understand the civil suit they are filing against Jodi. Seriously what are the grounds for filing it besides wanting money? What they lost was a brother, not a source of income. It speaks volumes to me that he left his dog Naps to DR instead of a family member.

        • I thought you mainly filed a civil suit if the criminal case was lost or if the defendant was uber-rich. What more do these people want?? I would hang my head in shame.

          • I think they want to keep it going. I guess they enjoy sitting in court being able to stare at Jodi and the photos of their brother. That court will also be a three ring media circus and Jodi won’t have an atty unless she can find one who will handle it for free, which is unlikely.

          • Gewn you know I feel the same way. They got the verdict they wanted but they will not be happy until the needle is in her arm. They will never move on. They will live the rest of their lives with hate. In the end they are only hurting themselves. No one can live with hate in their heart s .

            • Yes, I don’t understand it either … it’s as if they want to inflict more pain after they got what they wanted. This will not bring them any peace.

            • The needle in Jodis arm .. will never bring them happiness .. or peace …. i wish they would all stop now, come to their senses and realize this.

              The day will come .. when they just might want to start practicing their faith .. truly practicing, not the way they do now, when people are looking or when on an HLN tv show … and they will never forgive themselves for what they do now!!!!!

          • Exactly Gwen. Jodi is an indigent who is facing either the death penalty or life in prison with or without parole, and that’s who they’re suing? Insanity.

        • His will was written years before he ment Jodi. He did it when he started with PPL. So it’s not not a big deal that Details got the dog. They just made a big deal out of it. More trash from HLN.

          • I didn’t pay attention to HLN and the issue of Naps. I just heard DR’s testimony in court. All I am saying is I find it odd that Naps was left to a friend and not a family member. having volunteered in rescue most everyone I know leaves/wills their pets to trusted family members, not friends. In essence Naps was his only real financial responsibility, and I don’t feel the family should be filing a wrongful death suit.

        • I was told they could drain Jodi’s commisary account thru this civil suit. I believe she has over $2,000 in there. Plus, by doing the civil suit, they can get the T fan club to send them more $$$ to sustain them for a few more years.

          • It sounds to me that they are more interested in themselves than justice for Travis. If they were, they would be satisfied with a M1 verdict….No… Lets file a wrongful death suit.

            Wrongful death suit???? All that is good for is to make money for themselves. Truly sad. It is so disheartening to hear money once again is involved in a matter of a tragic death. Travis is gone, certainly this money is not going to help him in any way. Hopefully they can let go of their anger, and hate of Jodi Arias. Life does go on, it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

          • I reckon it will be difficult for them to find a lawyer to proceed w/ the civil suit.

            Don’t lawyers work on commission? 2000 dollars probably would not be much of an incentive for a lawyer.

            • For these kinds of lawsuits (wrongful death), lawyers work on contingency. They take 1/3 of the award at the end of the case, or 40-45% if it goes to trial. They already have a lawyer who has agreed to take the case. Since Jodi is indigent, obviously, that lawyer is only doing this for publicity. There’s nothing she has that can be awarded.

          • “I was told they could drain Jodi’s commisary account thru this civil suit. I believe she has over $2,000 in there.”

            Man, that is lower than whale-shit. Evil. I heard that Jodi was using money on her commissary books for things she needed and for things OTHER prisoners she knew in jail needed. She was sharing to help others.

            What a heartless bitch Jodi is \sarcasm off

            • They need to find out what poverty means. That is horrible. They are selfish. Thinking only of themselves. For crying out loud, there are children starving and dying all over the world.

            • Hmm the jail takes a certain amount from her commissary account either daily or weekly, and I’m sure that account will be pretty well drained by the time this lawsuit is settled.

      • I haven’t heard the details of what the estrangement means. But, I think part of the grief we have seen in them is over the fact that they will never be able to close the gap that estrangement. My brother and I have renewed our relationship after many years of very little communications. Today, my relationship with him is a special gift. I’m happy that happened before either one of us left our bodies.

        • They don’t act like they feel guilty. They act flashy, disdainful, corrupted, full of self-righteousness, loving the attention…& opportunist.

          • you are sooooooo right it all comes down to that. They would be much better off dealing with their grief from their childhood. This will not ever add to their happiness wish they could understand that.

            • Isn’t the purpose of the wrongful death suit to preclude Jodi from profiting from the sale of her artwork or a book she might wish to publish in the future? I highly doubt Travis’ family would ever see a dime of any judgment that may be rendered against Jodi.

    • Am I right in thinking that JA could have opted for a judge rather than a jury to determine her guilt or innocence? If so, was it a mistake to ask for a jury, given all this cable tv coverage??

    • They looked stunned when the verdict came back M-1.

      I know I was stunned. I seen a manslaughter compromise, because I knew Jodi would never get an acquittal in Mormon, AZ.

      Joshua Smith the creator of mankind {sic} was looking over his Saint TA.

    • Gwen- The reason for the family to be there was not to look for justice. The real reason was because they were looking for fame. They knew that if Jodi was found guilty, they were going to have the right to everything. Interviews, movie rights, and like you said, donations. I don’t think they were close to Travis at all, in fact I think they knew who Travis was, but off course, they were not going to speak about TA dirty secrets, that will ruin there plans. I think is fair to say that with Travis’s death, they won the lottery, and with Jodi out of the picture for ever, it was a double price.

  7. Happy Mothers Day everyone
    and a special Happy Mothers Day to
    Jodi’s mother who sat there every day
    in court with class & dignity.
    My prayers are with her & Jodi
    And sending much love to all the
    mothers on here.

  8. Can anyone tell me what happened to the defense witness that they were going to call but didn’t? Was it Matt? I only wish Dale B would make a stament.

    OK we need to move on I understand but I hate how HLN takes bits of interview and twist them.

    • Seemed I heard that JM threatened him with perjury or something and so they never did. Don’t exactly know what happened. I also read that he posted somewhere on the web, or said, that he would lie for Jodi and that may have been another reason.

      • I HEARD THAT ALSO..just another one of JM tricks. He must have been very worried about what Matt would say. So due to the fact that Matt made that statement about lieing for Jodi JM had him.
        But I do wish he would make a statement for Jodi.

      • What does that matter the hole damn trial was one big Lie Lie Lie they was to many Lies so Matt said he would Lie for Jodi they wanted to get him on the stand to tear him a new ass hole just like they did Gus, Dr Samuals and ALV and everyone else He asked Jodi to leave him out of this and she did He had a family to protect he could have been threaten she went from intruder to self defense for a reason

        • Tonya I am one who understand s what you are saying and do agree with you. That truth will come out ….

          I was talking about Matt because of something Jodi said in her interview. I wanted to know who they didn’t bring in that Jodi wanted.

          • In the Geraldo interview i believe Jodi had mentioned Matt .. her sisters & friends who had seen the bruises that she received from TA. I think she wanted them to be called in.

        • I will always believe that Jodi changed it because her whole family
          was threatened because WHY would the whole state and church be after Jodi.

          Someone MUST now different!

      • He threatened him with perjury?Oh how I love Kermit’s double standards!! When Horne and Florez stood there under oath lying their asses off and no perjury no nothing…

    • Geraldo played the whole enterview last nite..i kept waiting for the guy 2 turn on Jodi and cause more pain 4 her…he didn’t…Geraldo did good lastnite also…Judge jeanine was like nasty Graceless just b4 Geraldo….calling Jodi the “Creep od the Day”..she (the Judge) was going 4 the rating..

  9. Good Morning all. Happy Mothers Day to all the Mommy’s on here and to the Daddy’s who are both Mom and Dad to their children.
    Hope you all have a great Day!!
    Please pray for Jodis Mom today it has to be a harder day then usual for her today.
    Also it has to be hard for Jodi today also because in the interview we all saw the love she had for her mother and the pain she had for what her mother has had to go through because of the trial.

  10. Happy Mother’s Day° Geraldo Rivera a truthful newsman..not a ratings man..feeding the masses their desired blood….lastnite on fox news he told the truth about the jodi arias case… it is a domestic violence case not a Mass killer case or serial killer case…not a case of kidnap, rape &beat young teens into slavery..keeping them in a house of horrors 4 ten years..the masses cry out for Jodi arias 2 be put on the same level as a serial killer..the insanity can only be stopped by responsible newscasters ° ☾○ °i believe it was self fense but @least Geraldo was bn a real journalist o

  11. Good Morning and Happy Mothers’s Day!! Special thoughts for Sandy Arias…this will be a very difficult day for her, but I do hope she takes time to pause and realize there are countless people who love and support her, the family and Jodi! God Bless them all and keep them safe.

  12. My wishes go out to all you mothers. This trail has taught us many things. As a mother it has taught me to always strive to be a better Mother to my daughter. I hope if my daughter get in a bad relationship or situation she could always turn to me for help. I feel for Jodi’s mom today. I’m sure she feels like a lousy Mom today.

    • I can’t even imagine how Jodi’s mom feels, knowing that her daughter has a chance of getting the death penalty, with years of legal battles possibly ahead of them. Right up until that verdict was read there was a chance her daughter would get off, or get time served for manslaughter, so I’m sure the M1 verdict tore her heart apart. I hope that she’s able to hold her daughter soon.

  13. Good morning friends…..

    Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Arias. You are an extraordinary lady.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and grandmothers!

  14. Occupy Exclusive – Verdict: What REALLY Happened in the Jodi Arias Case – Occupy HLN wanted to leave a message but was not about to leave a recipient what the hell is that

  15. SJ I love the start page today that was brilliant read it and hit home for all of us here

    Happy Mothers day to Jodi’s Mom and Grand Mother may your day be filled with our prayers that you get the help that is needed for Jodi. We love you

  16. Jodi is alot like Hester Prim of the SCARLET LETTER….the witch like hunters wanted Hester to suffer &suffer…& they didn’t show concern for the new born BABY PEARL..God Bless all the MOM’s & Grandma’s who do w/o 4 their Kids….like sandy arias & her MoM

  17. Im ready to help Jodi and her defense team im actually ready to sart today i will not rest until i got something to do in her favor whom can i contact to offer my help?

    • I feel the same way… I am ready to go, where do we start? Can we start a movement and make a difference for Jodi and other possible “circus like trials” that are to come in the future??

      • That is how I feel too, what can I do, where can I go to do it legally and right and without the hate and rage and ugliness used by the people at HLN?

        • I think Jodi was made a scapegoat for the outcome of actual celebrity trials like OJ and MJ and then Casey? So many people were saying finally justice has been done? what?

  18. I have hope for this verdict to be overturned ..
    I also pray that Jodi’s interself has not been damnage. She really is a amazing young woman.

    JM you might have won this round with your lies and tricks and attacts ..but you have not won the fight.
    To the family of Travis …you choose to believe what was told to you instead of making up your own mind’s. You have choose to fill your hearts with hate and continue. to have hate. Be very careful what you wish fore…what goes around comes around and a person who lives with hate do not live a happy life and you give up all the blessings that may come your way..I pitty your lives.

    Sandy and Jodi’s grandmother and sister…I know that this is not a good mothers day for you..Please look to the future when your Jodi will be there with you..May you feel Gods arms. around you

  19. Good morning everyone! I am new to posting to this site but not new to reading all the wonderful, truthful, caring, loving, compassionate and encouraging posts! I didn’t find this site until around March. Until then I thought I was all alone in my support of Jodi, since I only watched HLN, which was ticking me off SO bad that I just couldn’t take listening to them anymore and one day I wished I could jump in my TV and tell N. Grace off, in person – LOL!!! I started to wonder if something was wrong with me since I thought I was the only one who could figure out that Jodi was innocent until I found this site, which after I started reading the posts I breathed such a BIG sigh of relief that I wasn’t the only intelligent person in the world but there actually were other highly intelligent, caring, truthful, compassionate and loving people like all of you here and I thank God I found you all!!!!!! This is my solace from the cruel world and I love you all and especially SJ/Team Jodi for creating this site of refuge from the storm of haters, liars and evil people!!! Thank you SO much, SJ for all you do and staff!!!! I also wanted to tell you all that I think Jodi’s second confession to Det. Flores is the truth! I listened to the interrogation again and Jodi said the woman said we need to kill her and the man said, that’s not what we’re here for. IMHO I think it was a Mormon Blood Atonement killing and the man and woman, IMHO, were Chris and Sky Hughes!!! Think of it, they both told Jodi to get away from Travis and they told Travis to get away from Jodi! Jodi being at Travis’s was a surprise to them since she was going to Utah until Travis text her and asked her to stop and see him on her way to Utah! I also read a post on here from a man who said Travis was warned again and again that God will not be mocked! He said he feels bad for Jodi’s Mother praying to be able to hug Jodi one more time! He said he’s watching and Jodi would have one more time of darkness and then something about the appeal. I don’t remember what day that post was on, sorry.Anyway, the TRUTH will come forward!!!

    • Welcome Mary Williams. Glad you found us.

      Yes!!! That Danites Revenge post is fascinating. I think a copied post is on May 7th in case anyone missed it. it stunned me to read it, and gave me a lot of hope. Thanks BeeCee for posting it again.

        • Oh! Sorry BeeCee. I thought it was you that copied and pasted the post. Thanks Lainey 1843 for doing that. I missed it the first time around.

          • sorry, I should have been more clear. Lainey pointed it out but she was on an iphone or something so I did copy and past and so did Also Abused I think.

            I’m just saying the real credit goes to Lainey for noticing it was there on a page the rest of us hadn’t visited in a while.


            it’s all good.

    • We welcome you (((((Mary William)))) to our site to be part of our family here. Thank you for your kind words we all here love Jodi she is part of out family. Please comment anytime we will love to here from you. We protect one another from the haters out on the other sites. SJ protects us to with his comments and helps us if we need it. Answers out question when we have one.

      Welcome Mary Williams the more support Jodi gets the more we turn the tide in her favor for all women who have been abused and never tell anyone that has happened to them.

      One more thing this site has so much to offer the Flores link above is a good read if you have not seen it and to the right side you can find what is happening each day and see who is posting

    • OH MY GOSH!!! You have described me to a T! I thought, is something wrong with me for feeling this way? Are there others out there that want to flip off Nancy Grace, that feel anger at the way they are so one sided and cut off anyone else with a different opinion? I was writing on other blogs and HLN and told off and did I come from this site? Well, no I didnt but after they pushed me over here I was so thankful to see I was not alone and very grateful for this site

  20. This was a trial of caricatures ran by caricatures. The rabid,unethical, frog-like prosecutor goes after the wanton, cold-blooded seductress who killed her saint-like, virginal, God-fearing boyfriend and was defended by a soft spoken, respectful Teddy-bearish defense team with a Valium-induced, ‘yes juan anything goes’ judge presiding. No wonder the verdict was a joke.

  21. Good Morning,

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all wonderful moms and grandmas on this site !!!
    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Mrs. Arias and Jodi’s grandma !!! My thoughts and prayers are with you through this very difficult time !!! I wish I can give you a hug and tell you how much you are loved and take away some of the pain from you 🙁 May GOD bless you and your family, stay strong, it’s not over yet, you have wonderful people willing to do everything possible to help !!! You are not alone and just remember…JODI LOVES YOU AND NEEDS YOU , SO STAY STRONG !!!

    • Probably right after they collected the money from the “Justice for Travis Fund.” =)

      Morning, cindy! et al…

    • Want to know that to in the Flores report or somewhere they say they were already in Cancun swimming with the sharks I think I went and looked up Chris Hughes on Google and he told the story of not being with the 911 calls and that he called Dan Hall to check on Travis ??? I hope that the defense team is investigating the cell phone # for the both of them the calls and to whom when where what time and to go back at least before the murder. After JM used the time line when Jodi planed to kill Travis is a clue to find out what the Hughes were then too. Remember Chris Hughes the defense team got from Chris Hughes to write them down on a piece of paper both of there cell phone #### when he was on the stand.

        • You need to go find that article the hughes wrote about there vacation in cancun to me it was strange he was no were to be found when is body was being discovered and he was not at there when he was put in the ground or his wake who does that and he called him is best buddy his friend he knew for years if my friend died I would cancel my plans to show my support for the family same they did not think of that one when they were trashing Jodi who loved him and would never do that to him

          • OMG!! Perfect Sense, why didn’t they realize something was wrong when Travis wasnt in cancun with them when he was supposed to be? Strange they have made sure to be a part of the “family” as “victims” throughout this entire proceedings, even this past Thursday when the aggravation phase was supposed to take place and nobody was allowed in the courtroom except family and council media specifically said Chris and Sky Hughes were with Tanisha and the other siblings as family…..hmmmmm. Interesting point are they staying close for a reason? Maybe that is why Jodi doesn’t remember stabbing him?? Because she didn’t???? Someone needs to start having this stuff looked into along with the Medical Examiners corrupt 3 different versions of what he found during autopsy, his story seems to change to fit whatever JM was throwing against the wall searching for something or anything that might stick.

      • TR,
        I believe that too.
        His brother told JVM that they were on their way to Cancun and got a text Travis is Dead.
        KMV said I’m sure it was hard to leave and have a good time.
        David said yes it was, he was on his way there and said THEY would talk about it when they got to Cancun.
        BUt, I can’t find the last part of that interview. David Hughes is the one that said he introduced Travis to Jodi. In that same interview, he talked about that call Travis is Dead, but the part of him being dead and them going to Cancun, I can’t find that part anywhere .

        Isn’t that kind of STRANGE, the text said Travis Is Dead???
        Do what and they spent the rest of the time in Cancun.

        I guess that’s when they all decided they would say it must have been Jodi.
        All Bullshit!!

  22. I would like to point something out, I apologize if it has been mentored already..

    Ok, even if the jurors did follow the admonishment and did not look at the media, which would be very difficult to do anyway.

    You know damn well they spent time with friends and family who probably did talk about the trial. Exactly how did they handle that? “Oh, excuse me I can’t hear this.”? “Oh, I’m a juror on that trial I can’t listen to you talk about this.”? They weren’t supposed to tell anyone they were on the trial were they?

    Didn’t Juror #8’s neighbor know he was on the trial? I honestly think they were influenced by their own friends and family. How many of them would get on twitter and see something twitted about it from friends and family?

    this should be overturned due to them not being sequestered, I don’t give a rat’s ass if AZ has never done that. They need to start now with cases like Jodi’s.

    i think the jurors’ computers, phones, twitter and facebook accounts should be investigated.

    • BeeCee you are right to say the jury should have been sequestered. I know many have made that point throughout this case and quite rightly continue to do so. The justification that AZ never sequesters has to be a red herring, because even the DA Bill Montgomery said “he was very concerned that the media circus is going to create an appellate issue…..because the jury isn’t sequestered”. His comments speak volumes not just about the media coverage but also the failure of the judge to act. Let us hope that it does become an appellate issue. My concern though is that at each turn the courts will find a way to justify the decision.

    • I agree, Bee Cee. Their computers, TVs, iphones, twitter accounts…all should be investigated now.

      Not to mention the circus going on outside the courthouse every day. How could they have avoided that? I heard there was someone dressed up as a rabbit and they sat in a pot (from the movie Fatal Attraction). That was before Nurmi brought HLN people onto the stand and made his motion. I wish he had gotten a picture of the rabbit and taken pictures of the signs people were carrying. How could the jurors have avoided all that?

    • Yes, absolutely! If AZ refuses to sequester, then they also should refuse to televise! At least that would have made it a small amount more controlled & just!

    • I agree BeeCee juror #8’s statements were probable cause to crawl up their asses and make damn well and sure that they were telling the truth about heeding that admonition.

      The stakes in this case couldn’t be higher, but for whatever reason people have decided to NOT take this case seriously and what it means for us all, or wait until the damage is done before deciding something has to be done.

      But the fact that the AUTHORITIES have not taken an active interest in making sure the integrity of this case is not compromised really upsets me. It SHOULD BE an outrage that the jurors can admit to having access to outside information and NOT investigate it.

      • Oh, and if there’s evidence those jurors weren’t heeding the admonition, they should all be thrown in jail for contempt of court.

  23. Just another thought ..why would anyone call Jodi’s parents after she moved back home ant tell them she had mental issues and needed help..who were these people? Phone records?

    • I believe they were saying she needed help because of the abuse that was going on. I think this is yet another thing twisted by the frog man.

    • Deanna…Sky Hughes….all the TA people..who believed his lies about jodi bn a stalker..etc….all the lies about jodi he told…maybe her Xs cause they knew….she was in over her head w/Mormans

      • That’s what led me to find this site back in Feb., I think it was. I never believed Jodi stalked Travis. I know what stalking is! There’s no way in hell you have sex with your stalker. It’s so outrageously ridiculous.

        • Yes…but only jodi told her…so deanna thinks Jodi lied about that….deanna cannot reason out that she was used for sex & then told by TA ..SO SOrry Deanna…u r 2 old now 4 me 2 marry U…abuse but deanna doesn’t see the truth

            • They did meet once when Deanna went to Travis’s house and Jodi was there and offered her a cookie. But I’m pretty sure Jodi never told her Travis called her a stalker.

  24. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

    Mrs. Arias, if you read this page, I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. And although things might seem dismal at the moment, I won’t ever give up on Jodi. And I’m glad that she said that she was lucky to have you. That’s the best mother’s day gift anyone could ever hope for.

    God Bless you and your family. And God Bless sweet Jodi.

  25. I agree Beecee. You could not live on this planet and not have heard something about this trial either thru family, friends or media. It was on TV every night for HOURS. It ran longer than most network comedies for goodness sake!! And every word spoken by the hate zombies was anti-Jodi. I hope that is the downfall of this whole twisted sham.

    • they should move this trial down south, like LA. Jodi could have gotten a much fairer trial this way. I know people in my state who know nothing at all about this case. LOL I just don’t happen to be one of them.

  26. Has anyone heard anything about what happened. on Thursday in the judges chambers?. I’m not sure it was just about Jodi mental health. I did hear that. each of the jurors. went into chambers. No one is talking and HLN can’t even find out LOL

    I do not think Jodi would take her own life due to her religious beliefs..

    • Beth Karas said each juror went into the judge’s chambers individually, and then Jane Velez Mitchell quickly shut her up. It was never mentioned again. Eli on this board said that it was probably to ask each of them if that was their true verdicts, and I guess that is protocol?

      • I hope the jury is busted on watching HLN throughout the trial. But that is only my own slim hope. A wish. I have no idea what they were doing in the judge’s chambers, and like Eli said, it may be just protocol.

        • But would they do it at this time? U asked this same question a few days ago and was shot down. I do not know much about how trials go. I do know that the lawyers can question the jury but I wasn’t sure if it could take place before the end.

        • Even a slim hope …. is still hope!

          Everyone sane person knows that the jury, or at least some of them had followed the coverage in some way or another, and as long as that “slim hope” is there, anything can happen ….

          Big Cheers here if they do get BUSTED!

      • Typo I asked….

        OK so why would they cancel court ..
        Why would they leave the families sitting in court for 2 hour’s.
        and tell them not to talk to the media?

        • I agree. I think something big could come out when trial starts back up and for once maybe they actually hid it from the talking heads?? Could be wrong of course.

        • Gosh, I don’t know but I thought it was very unusual too! The judge has allowed this entire trial to be an open book and suddenly she’s secretive. They allowed Katie Wick into the courtroom. No other “journalists” were allowed. Then Katie Wick was asked to leave but she wasn’t allowed to say a word. No one, including Juan Martinez, knew why court was canceled for the day. I don’t know, but it does seem unusual. The families, the jury and the lawyers were all in the courtroom for hours, although I think the jury was in the jury room.

          I’m going to ask my father what his guess is. He’s a retired court clerk. He’s undergoing extensive physical therapy after surgery. I do limit my questions to him, but sometimes he seems to enjoy the questions. If he enjoys it today, I’ll ask him what his guess is.

          • OK, it’s not a good day to ask questions. Poor Dad. But he IS getting better. Anyway, I have no idea why court was canceled last week. Some said it was the bomb scare, but it seems to me if the courthouse was afraid of the bomb scare, they wouldn’t have allowed anyone in.

      • If that’s true that the jurors were called into chambers individually, then it wouldn’t have been to ask if that was their true verdict. They were asked that immediately after the verdict was read.

      • Just wanted to add that similar situation happened in the Casey Anthony trial, called off court and the reason was “sealed” after the trial it came out that after Casey got sick from seeing her daughters remains that she was being evaluated by 3 different psychologists to ensure she was competent to continue withstanding her trial so my best guess is given the situation Jodi is in she probably too was being evaluated, just my best guess???

    • It was sealed. But the judge did rule on the defense motion to take the death penalty off the table.

  27. I have to think that HLN had to have a permit from the county or the city in order to hold thier circus, especially the stupid mock jury crap. Shame on the officials that approved this disgusting display.

      • It really is disgusting. And equally disgusting is that they had people willing to participate in such a despicable spectacle.

    • Yes, they had to have a permit, my daughters dance class (we live in Arizona) did one of those cute Flash mob dances outside of the theater and it got shut down because they did not have a permit to assemble, so yes, the idiots of Maricopa ok’d that spectacle. The idiots sitting their with their stupid fake numbers on being fake jurors, they looked like silly morons, didnt they realize what a mockery of the system they were making?????

  28. I may be delusional here but I have always had a gut feeling that someone else is in this up to their heads. Jodi is a smart girl but even she couldn’t pass a lie detector test.
    She past that when she told the intrudor story. The Hughes have been fighting way to hard all this time. The family are just being used.

    If this is true…and Jodi is the scapegoat and she is trying to pretect her family then where does that leave us? I honestly think that Jodi has been sending mgs. in her interviews.

    You can call me crazy and perhaps I am.

    • I hope they find out what is truly behind the Hughes being on TV so much and there with the family like that, like they need to supervise in case something comes out that they dont want? They are shady and sneaky more bent on fame than sympathy for Travis or justice as they call it

  29. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone responsible out there. This verdict will not stand under appeal but this will take years to be corrected. In the meantime Jodi must remain strong and believe that life is better for her than death. We have all witnessed that she is a fighter so she must continue to fight no matter how long it takes. Many wrongs can be righted in time but not if Jodi gives up. This verdict was a travesty of justice but the truth can still set her free.

    • ”The only thing that was premeditated was the verdict.”

      Oh,WOW Joe!!!
      You hit the nail there!! Can I copy and paste the phrase on my FB wall,plz?Pretty plz?

    • That will change the outcome of every capital murder trial from now on. Until HLN is is shot down nobody stands a chance of a fair trial. I feel sorry for Zimmerman 🙂 He is their next victim.

        • I don’t feel sorry for Zimmerman, he was told not to get out of the car. Regardless of the personnel or the nature of the case, surely the media coverage when covering criminal trials has to be reigned in. Report what is presented in court by all means, but that is how far things should go.

          • ” he was told not to get out of the car. ”

            I agree with that. however, I do think Zimmerman defended himself. That kid was no saint either regardless of how many young looking pictures the media puts up of him.

              • Yes, I also agree that Zimmerman should have listened to police and stay in his car. I do NOT believe that he intended to kill Trayvon though. At best this should be a manslaughter case.

            • I recognise this isn’t the place to debate that case. And we will all have to wait for the evidence and the full facts to emerge. I understand Zimmerman had a bit of a reputation too, but the case shouldn’t be about the kid’s reputation or his youthful pictures because it has to be about the facts.

            • Ahhhh!!!!!! So I am walking through my day’s neighborhood…some random man I don’t know approaches me in the dark…probably has a accusatory line of questioning … Trayvon had every right to defend himself against the strange man with the gun… Period.

    • Joe, I know i sure don’t trust them. I never knew it could be like this until this trial. I REALLY, REALLY, don’t want the US to go downhill that way…we don’t need a police state and we don’t need lynch mob mentality kind of people controlling the outcome of trials.

      Jodi, thank you for opening my eyes, but I wish it had been a different way.

      On a funny note I can’t even abide by sirlips awesome advice about not talkin’ to the po-leece due to having family that are LEO’s/PI’s. Thankfully they respect my intelligence and logical manner when I tell them about the trial and ask them questions. I had one look at Ashley’s “autopsy” report copy that I have and they confirmed that it was odd and would have caused them to go “huh”. It’s just too bad Maricopa has not provided the police report to the person who requested it a while ago or we might have more info. Coverup maybe??? Corruption???

      No offense to those on this site who are anti-gun, but I sure am glad I have mine.

  30. Happy Mothers Day! I was just about to go out, but I’m so addicted to this page I had to check it first! Just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day and a special Happy Mothers day to Mrs Arias even though she can’t hear me.

  31. The biggest problem I have with the way this trial went is the behavior of The Prosecutor, as he likes to call himself. I cannot for the life of me understand why is antics were allowed in a courtroom. Apparently he gets away with it all the time. And I thought Ashton was bad. This guy is a million times worse.

    Also, Skeletor sister should have been banned from the courtroom and should be prosecuted for instigating the lynch mob set out to destroy the reputations and livelihood of witnesses. She should also be banned from giving a victim’s statement as further punishment for her hideous behavior. And rolling eyes sister should have been banned from the courtroom as well. And most definitely, ribbons of any kind should never have been allowed. One day they were banned, then the next day they were given the okay. So much wrong with this trial.

    • Oh, and the rude and crude spectators sitting behind Jodi’s Mom should have been thrown out on their heads and banned as well. Even held in contempt and thrown in jail.

    • Skeletor got away with a slap in the hand-she was forbidden from going into the Judge’s chambers.

  32. I have been spending some time writing letters to “people in the know” that’s all I will say. I have been pointing out the travesty of justice in Arizona. I have taken points from this page and put them into letters and I think no matter what, this should be brought to the attention of the people who have the power to look at this case and probably others in the criminal justice system there. It is still like the OK corral in Arizona (which I have visited). There have been influences of money and religion playing a part here as well. If this is an indication of justice and the media’s portrayal of justice in the good old USA, it’s down hill from here. Everyone with half a mind should be speaking up and writing letters.

  33. SJ,

    Can a fund be started to pay for Jodi’s appeal without the chance of its being accessed by Travis’ money-grubbing siblings? I want to know how I can help Jodi–does anyone know how she is and what is happening to her?

    • Sure it can. No worries. Those money-grubbing mormon trash meth-head retards are getting nothing.

      I’ll keep you updated as we go along.

      Team Jodi

      • The day you call for our help for her defense you will find that my penny pinching social security will be going to that. If I had lots of money I would give up in a second for Jodi

      • SJ, I did hear Beth K say because Jodi has been convicted they can go after account for victim restitution and give the money to the Alexanders even before the civil suit. So it sounds like they are going after her one way or another. I surely don’t want to send money to her account if the methhead end up with it.

  34. Two question to ADmin of site:

    Can we have Jodi Arias and Donavan Bering’s Facebook or Twitter account when they get them up and running again? I am very interested in what they have to say without the media filtering it.

  35. I prayed all Team Jodi Mothers’ will have a peaceful day.

    I lost my mother when I was but 11 years old to Liver sclerosis.

    All these years later on MD I am reminded of her gentle kind heart. And she was loved by all who knew her.

    Memories I cherish.

    • Willie happy mothers day to your mom and mine to that are in heaven how and they do visit us from time to time we are never alone

  36. I bet it is chapping someones ass off that they can’t get on to the vent page to see what is being said there. Ha Ha HLN some place you cant go.

      • Janeen ((((( hugs ))))) to you to are you having a good mothers day? I don’t have kids and have never received a mothers day card and I’m 63 now and have a Birthday on the 15 in 3 days the day we go back to the circus for my birthday wish I want the jury to say they are sorry to Jodi that they made a mistake

        • Oh tonya…..I would love for the jury to give you your wonderful birthday wish!!!!

          Yes, mom’s day is every day in my house; my kids are too wonderful to describe and they are the lights in my life. I acknowledge wholeheartedly how extremely lucky I am. 🙂

          We’ll make your birthday a very special day for you my friend….. 🙂

          • Tonya.. you don’t have to give birth to be a momma.. you have proven to me that you have a Mothers heart of gold!

              • Tonya!!

                That’s my birthday too. I’ll be here with you Tonya … and I only have one wish, and it goes for Jodi.

                • This is just a weird fact or maybe not but Salinas Cal, where Jodi was born is where a LOT of people from Arizona go to in the summer, to work the crops or in the Lettuce Factories, they process the crops in the factories here in the winter then go to Salinas in April or May to work them there, just a fyi

    • Hello Tonya 🙂

      I think it’s the HLN live remote from the courthouse that is so despicable. Justice in America already amounts to Kangaroo Court.

      You are arrested by a policeman ( Chief of Police is appointed by a City Manager, who is hired by the elected counsel) then prosecuted by an elected District Attorney (who runs unopposed every 8 years), tried in a court in front of an elected judge (who runs unopposed every 8 years).

      And your public defense attorney works for the city.

      So to sum it up, our courts are just about politics. And of course the elected DA can decide what people to call for jury duty. In most cities they use the registered voter as jurors, then hire consultants to advise them what juror in the pool is likely to convict.

      And all of this is done with “The people’s money” through taxation. American’s really need to rethink if they are being afforded their right to ” A fair and impartial trial by their peers”.

      • Willie thanks dont know much about court and mayor and judges etc but I have my intuition and my heart and my soul that tells me it stinks too. I dont pay taxes anymore I get social security I earned it they took it out of my pay check every week so I could be ok in my old age. Im old but have seen and been thru so much I could write a book but I would need that program you can by that I cant afford that you talk and it types

  37. Will Jodi stay in the same jail she is in, or will she be moved somewhere else? I hope they treat her nice over there.

  38. Did anyone catch that part in the interview where T.A. was chasing a little boy with no cloths on and he was waving a bible. Jodi said he was mocking the catholics. What a sick fuck. Should have been brought up in trial. This isn’t over, Appeal will happen. Happy mothers day to all our mothers, and please keep them away from people like T. A.

  39. Fello supporters, I just “liked” Geraldo Rivera’s facebook page “”. He supports JA!!
    Unfortunately the nasty trolls are all over his wall scribbling hate graffiti and bashing him.


  40. SJ,

    Thanks! Also, could you please email me the password for the VENT page?

    On my Twitter account, I just tweeted a couple of observations about witness intimidation and how the jury’s verdict was tainted by social media. Also, I asked Katie Wick, who professes to be a “Christian” on her Twitter profile, how she can be so happy about a woman possibly getting DP. She actually tweeted “GOD is GOOD” right after the verdict was read last Wed. Unbelievable! Reminds me of the short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. BTW, Shirley Jackson also received death threats after writing that story right after WWII. Sadly, things haven’t changed much in this country!

    I’m sick at heart–never have I felt so terrible about something I am powerless to rectify.

    Thank you for providing this site!

    • Suzanne I am not sure anyone here wants to know what “The Mob’ has to say.

      The whole trial was no more then “TV Entertainment” to those sick MF.

      The Alexander’s looked stunned when the verdict came back M-1.

      I know I was stunned. I seen a manslaughter jury compromise, because I knew Jodi would never get an acquittal in Mormon, AZ.

      Joshua Smith the creator of mankind {sic} was looking over his Saint TA.

  41. I just saw the tape of Geraldo’s show last night. It was really sensitively done. It was almost entirely Jodi’s own words from the interview she gave after the verdict. At the end, Geraldo said this was a domestic violence case, and almost never do they involve the death penalty. He compared Jodi to the man who shot Gabby Gifford and others a couple of years ago in AZ — who was allowed to plea for life in prison. He compared her to Ariel Castro, who imprisoned women for years and killed their babies; he said that this is the type of person who deserves the death penalty. It was the most honest reporting I’ve heard from anyone on a television network about Jodi. His show, Geraldo at Large, is being reshown several times tonight. I sent Geraldo an email of appreciation.

        • I have always loved Geraldo, back in the 80’s I worked at a company in Irvine called the Geneva Companies and my co worker, Viola Jensen, had gone thru a domestic violence situation, Geraldo had done a show about woman who married their abusers and he had Viola on, she got away from her abuser but went thru hell trying to especially back then. Her abusers mom was a judge in the Valley and everytime Viola went there she was followed, pulled over, given tickets, it was truly a nightmare. I wonder if some of you sleuths could find the old footage of this show? Anyhow, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for him and he has always helped abused women even when it was not the popular thing to do, he didnt care

    • Let’s remember that the death penalty is not a done deal! There’s still hope that Jodi will just get life, or hopefully life with possibility of parole. I don’t know what to pray for, because if the jury votes for DP then Jodi is guaranteed an appeal. But so far the hand of “justice” has not dealt Jodi a fair hand, and I’m very afraid for her to start down that “Green Mile”- even Stephen King knows innocent people can be put death!

      I’m really surprised Geraldo’s show was even allowed to air, and I hope he’s watching his back!

  42. I just scanned the people posting and Jeff from Mesa is not here I hope that he is ok after the scarey shit that happened to me yesterday where some ass drove by the house and shots were fired two and the day before when the Mormon showed up with there bible and literature to give out … Jeff where are you

  43. Willie,

    I’m not reporting for “The Mob”! I’m arguing with them on Twitter because I’m sick of all the social media sites being co-opted by blood-thirsty hypocrites! After I tweeted that the Arias jury was tainted, I started receiving threats.

    I think it’s important to keep reiterating the message that Jodi was railroaded by a corrupt Mesa police department, a Medical Examiner who committed perjury twice to make his report fit THE PROSECUTOR’s fairy tale, an incompetent judge, and a jury who were using I-Phones, I-Pads, and any other device that immediately spews hatred of Jodi every time they open it. WE need to put pressure on the few people in media who may still have some integrity to shine some light on the TRAVESTY of justice that has been committed and the fact that Jodi Arias did not receive a fair trial!

  44. juror number 5 was kicked off the jury for talking about the case with other jurors

    given the guilty verdicts, was number 5 for or against jodi ?

    was number 5 against convictions, or sympathetic to jodi, and so was kicked off those who’d kept silent but were for convction ?

    had juror number 5 sensed, or realized, from hints they’d dropped, that some or all of the others had closed minds, and were for conviction ?

    number 8 even if he’s to be believed that he is conscientious and with an open mind one could conclude would appear not to have understood the law such as premeditation, and how it related to the facts
    one explanation is that he didn’t understand the law and it’s application to the case

    was there a gap in time between when number 5 talked about the case with other jurors and when it was reported to the judge ?

    maybe those who instigated kicking her off the jury needed to get instructions from a puppet master and needed time to consult with them

    or maybe no time was needed as there was a mole on the jury with authority to act on their own

    it was interesting to hear juror 8 indicate that they talked about many things, personal things, jig-saw puzzles. crossword puzzles, etc

    from that “general” conversation, any minimally astute “mole” would know how each person on the jury was likely to vote

    no disrespect to him personally but to examine the significance of his statement that he was very “serial” about being there
    i presume he meant “serious” ?
    that indicates honesty, and intergrity

    while it shows absence of guile from the jury’s verdict, and his informal verdict, it’s simple to deduce he was totally confused as to what the law was, including pre-meditation, and what facts supported it
    which does not include the speculation from
    he got kicked off for a dui

    his, as we believe here, misapplication of the law to the facts, in part that can be explained by the great length of the trial, during which the jurors are to simply sit there like mental sponges without any legal framework with which to analyse or assess the mountain of evidence coming at them

    most peoples minds would inevitably and automatically try to make sense of that mountain of evidence as it came at them, even if they were completely fair and unbiased

    it’s a problem exacerbated by lengthy trials

    daniel gibb said,

    “my reaction
    i wasn’t surprised at all about the verdict
    i knew that’s what was coming”

    that is in line my thoughts that even if number 8 was not sophisticated enough to detect if there was a mole, or not, presenet. he was able to assess how the others were likely to vote

    any mole, if one was there, would surely also have assessed that
    and if there was a mole, and specualtively if when number 5 talked about the case from a pro jodi stance, it would be clear what that person would need to do immediately

    we could have a look at what witness was giving evidence when 5 was kicked off for a clue to what she was talking about

    mole ?
    too much conspiracy theory ?
    could the mormon hierarchy have been involved in, and influenced the outcome ?
    no direct evidence

    there’s plenty of straightforward well known analyses as to the villains without going there
    we know the culprits, and we have been aware of their malfeasance, and illegal behavior
    the police, and the prosecution

    then there is the judge, inexperienced, out of her depth to say the least, dismissive of defense protests, across the entire process, including the trial

    • with all the money that PPL and the Mormons have and the fact that the juroras could have been followed home and were given money to give that verdict is a possibility we she it in our show we watch. Jury tampering it call i think. I read that the Hughes have given lost of money away to cant remember but what if they spent their money on tampering they have fixed it to say the money going out is for something else.

      • tonya,
        The hughes were keeping in touch with juan as they were watching it on TV.
        That is unbelievable and she said it under oath along with she wants her dead.
        The keeping in touch with the prosecutor during the trail, that should be a crime.

    • “could the mormon hierarchy have been involved in, and influenced the outcome “yes WES Flores morman Jaun Morman the jury Mormon & the Judge …I think…the governor is the court’s director…their jobs depend on staying on the governors good side

      • so the whole process, including the trial, was infested with mormons !
        and the governor, if not a mormon, was and is a puppet of the mormon establishment

        that being so, when the governor, read mormon puppet, told everyone that jodi was guilty, AS THE JURY WAS DELIBERATING, he was telling them to convict jodi or there’ll be trouble for you
        ie straight forward jury tampering, intimidation
        come on feds prosecute the governor

        on the remote possibility that the jury decided the case on the law, they can’t have understood premeditation, and what facts could be used to support it
        credible facts

        not the spurious, fraudulent ,and dishonest insinuations jm claimed supported premediation ie gas cans with a ficitonal tale, and unproven allegation that jodi stole a gun, etc

    • I think Samuels was on the stand when #5 was booted, because SHE said that the rumors that led to her being cut began when the jurors were heard to be laughing as they were leaving the courtroom. She had made a comment that if they could pay him $300 an hour to testify, “you’d think they could pay for more comfortable chairs” for the jury.

  45. A very happy Mother’s Day to all mums, grans and aunties here!

    Especially warm greetings and happy thoughts to Mrs Arias and her loved one.


  46. Yes I believe it was so wrong how this case was handled for one. iphones and ipads in court what a joke .and for them to not have a sequestered jury wrong to the out come of this case would of been a good thing instead of a bad thing sry but unless someone was in her shoes how can u be the judge of that I cant stand the media at all they take whats real and turn it into making everyone look bad and nancy grace being the biggest tard of them all. its ok wrongfully convicting someone will come back at them sooner or later.i agree with this site 100 percent hope the message ets across to everyone out there that is wrapped up into taking an inaccent persons life travis was a womanizer period and if nothing else he got what he deserved the size of her and the size of him says it all shes little so the state digs for dirt and descide its her lol I could go on forever on the evidence they think they have and could counter everypart of it so what does that mean everyone who goes out and gets a 5 gallong gas can then someone dies that means ur guilty just using this as an example .And then they have the gull to bring up casey Anthony case and oj who cares theres are long gone and done let them live there lives id like to follow these people that have no life and do what they do to others to show them how that must feel.its ok someone will eventually come to there sences and smell the coffee hopefully Jodi hang in there its a long ways from being over just be strong for now you have people who care .And what really burns me up about our court system is why do they sit there and give so little to gang bangers and stuff they go out hack up 4 or 5 people and get maybe 10 years then let out then go do it all over again and then there buddy does the same and yet you descide to pick on an innocent one not right . and as far as Martinez hes an A.HOLE very rude to people and yet the media showed just how rude he was and for the jury not to see nor use that rediculus and why do we even let the jury be knowen who they are the out come would be better and right in so many levels cause they wouldn’t be a victim as well cause they would do the right thing cause of that there to worried if they say not guilty how the public would react cause all the public had was what the media wanted u to hear not the truth and how could they have an opinion on someone they didn’t even know .thanks for the time great site just hope people see the real truth in all this

  47. I sooooooooooo hope that Alyce sues the alexander’s. I hope Dr Samuels sues them as well. After what they have done, that’s exactly what needs to happen. I think maybe Jodi should sue them as well. Are they the only one’s who can file a law suit? I don’t think so!!!!!!! Why can’t HLN be sued for inciting hatred and mob mentality? Why can’t Alyce sue for slander and them trying to ruin her career and the things that she has worked so hard to do? I am just sooooooooooo MAD!

    • Yes especially since Tashina was kicked from chambers for being part of it.

      That’s documented proof they had a lot to do with the slanderous reviews on Amazon.

    • I think the police where Alyce live are actually going further with the harassment claims, Mormon controlled AZ doesn’t give a shit that she was threatened.

      I don’t know if Alyce (or even Samuels) can sue since I am not a lawyer, but you can bet they are investigating. If tanisha was involved in the campaign against alyce then she is up a creek without a paddle..

  48. Jodie Arias DID NOT recieve a fair trial. According to Juror #8, some of, I will not say all, the jury sat around during the trial on their i-phones, i-pads, and tablets. He was there — that was his words. He also said they were like family. Can you imagine what they were discussing? Given the noteriety of this case and the length of time the Arizona public had to become familiar with this crime from the media…and the pictures of the crime scene…it is not hard to see that this JURY had their minds made up before Jodi ever took the stand in her defense. A clown could have been the prosecutor and they still would have come back with the same verdict. That is because their minds were made up before this trial ever began. It was the ‘talk of the town’ before the trial even began….guilty, guilty, guilty. Why? They convicted her because of the ‘word on the street’, and those damn pictures. Those pictures should have never been released to the public. Those pictures alone tell you it was either SELF DEFENSE or a CRIME OF PASSION. Travis Alexander mentally, emotionally, socially, verbally, sexually and physically abused this young woman. He killed her over the period of 1 year and 8 months, no I’ll say 1 year 5 months. That will give him the benefit of the doubt that he was good to her the first 3 months of their relationship. Jodi suffered at the hands of Travis Alexander until she couldn’t take it anymore. Is it any wonder she snapped on that fateful day, when once again, Travis degrades, demeans and threatens her? It’s a thin line between love and hate, and Travis Alexander himself sewed the seeds of hate in Jodi Arias. He has no one else to blame but himself. Jodi Arias has no history of hatred or violence. I don’t see that in her eyes when I look at her. Nor do I hear it when she speaks. She once had a great sparkle in her eyes. She once had hope.Now, all I see is extreme sadness and despair. It appears as if she has given up. But I want to tell her, “Don’t You Give Up On Me Girl.” There’s still a fight to be won.

    The outcome of this trial did not serve justice. This young woman was wronged and railroaded to this Premeditated Murder from the start. I would hope to believe that the United States Of America’s criminal justice system can do a better job than this.

  49. OK now that I have had time to vent on the vent page, lol, I’m back and still THINKING. Part of me has to say that I’m kinda glad that I haven’t had tv since wednesday.

  50. Ray Charles with BB King – Sinners Prayer Ray Charles with BB King – Sinners Prayer Goes out to Jodi and all the sinners that have hurt you

    • Ray charles sing it you make me cry for the injustice done to Jodi 😥 wipe away the tears give me strength and send it to Jodi in jail

  51. this kind of words and music will make you cry for the injustice done to Jodi and the sinners I dont cry for you I hate you for what you did Sing it Ray Charles and BB King this goes out to Jodi let freedom be your for the hater will never win we will fight you hurt you make you cry for what you did to our sweet Jodi


    • you met Louis Amstrong ?
      my parents had a single with his picture I was so in love with him as a 4 year old I still remember i just loved to look at his picture. I still like to see him there is something about him beyond what regular eyes can see………………………………..

  53. The haters are in full force on the Occupy HLN site. I told them if they don’t like what is posted there, they don’t have to go there and read it. Then one of them told me that I don’t have to watch HLN. All I could do was laugh. I don’t even watch HLN. I can’t stand anyone on that piece of shit network. I have seen some of what’s on the network because someone else in my house watches it (ugh). Therefore, I’ve seen what the network is all about. I’ve seen that they painted Jodi as guilty as soon as the trial started, and I have a serious problem with that. That was before I even started supporting Jodi and thought maybe she could be guilty, but I still didn’t think it was right what they were doing. The constitution says that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Not the other way around. These trolls just don’t seem to get that.

    I’ve written a lot about Jodi in my journal lately. In fact, Jodi even inspired me to start writing in it more. I was rarely updating it, but I really want to be able to remember things in my life, good and bad. Plus, you never know if it might come in handy one day.

  54. I hear that SNL was poking fun at Jodi last night. Yup i’m sure none of the jury members are fans and they do not watch the show.

    • I haven’t watched SNL is the last 3 years. It doesn’t surprise me that they would take their shots at Jodi. That seems to be what all the cool kids are doing.
      I would bet that 90% of the haters and the Travis Taliban have no idea what occurred during the trial. If they didn’t read about it on a hater site or see it on HLN.

      Jodi is getting an incredibly bad and unfair rap for all of this. She’s probably wishing now that she had let Travis kill her. He still would’ve come out smelling like rose.

      Man I HATE the Alexander family.

      • Even if I didnt believe Jodi there is no way I would or could ever pile on her like everyone is doing. It is ugly and wrong.

        • Even if I knew Travis I couldn’t pile on like they do!

          I couldn’t get to their level if that was my brother found rotting, naked in a shower! If my brother had been cut up into pieces by Dahmer I couldn’t get to that level of hate!

          I would be sad and devastated and angry and a million other emotions but at some point I would HAVE to ACCEPT reality.

      • “He still would’ve come out smelling like rose.”

        And ain’t that the truth. They’ve given him a pass on everything else, if Travis had succeeded in killing Jodi they’d just slap him on the wrist and tell him not to get caught next time.

        Well wait what am I talking about? Travis just may succeed in killing Jodi, thanks to the haters continuing his legacy of abuse and desire to destroy Jodi for him.

  55. Happy Mothers Day to all,A special note for Sandy Arias,God Bless her and we all hope that Jodi will be with you again one day to celebrate.Lets get that appeal process rolling and show that little toad Martinez and the haters how wrong they were,cant wait for the day Jodi walks.

  56. This is something I thought about today…

    The jurors don’t have to like Jodi. And if they don’t care about her life story or don’t want to believe her, fine.

    But I don’t know how they could just ignore the text messages and emails Travis sent to Jodi and pretend that they are not relevant, or that they were not abusive or speak to his violent tendencies.

    The jury instructions were clear that they should have considered domestic violence as an issue in this case. There is no denying that Travis was an abuser. It was right in front of them, in black and white.

    Like I’ve said from the beginning, there is a severe lack of motivation to hold Travis accountable for his behavior. Which is ironic because the haters are all about holding Jodi accountable for what she did, but refuse to hold Travis to that same standard.

    And I don’t see how the media can report that Jodi doesn’t show remorse or take responsibility, when she did so in her testimony on the stand. It’s like those talking heads NEVER watched the trial at all.

    • yeah, I just don’t get it MB..I really don’t.

      They basically ignored all information except the circumstantial garbage. They don’t understand DV..

    • They ignored the fact that there was ABSOLUTELY no evidence of premediation,no wonder they chose to ignore all the abusive evidence.It makes nosense how 12 rational people would reach such a conclusion.I’m positively sure they had closed their ears the first 2 weeks of the trial,they simply refused to take in any other information and evidence other than the hideus autopsy photos.They KNEW they hated Jodi.She was convicted based on these 2 things,inho.

    • I completely agree, MB. That’s one of the things that really makes me mad. I was a victim of emotional abuse, and having to hear those phone convos, texts, and emails really hit home to me. That’s how I know that Travis was definitely an abuser. This is why domestic violence victims don’t like to come forward because people don’t want to believe them. “Oh, you’re just too sensitive.” It’s a bunch of bull!

    • The haters aren’t only out for the blood of Jodi but also out to malign her parents and siblings and anyone in spitting distance of Jodi.

    • I honestly don’t think the jury is completely convinced the verdict they gave her was right but if Jodi supporters are being threatened what does that say if they were to come back with anything less than M1?? Question is what can we do to make this right and free Jodi? Lets do it, we are obviously all very passionate about our support so lets fight for justice for Jodi. Lets be honest had she been acquitted she would have had to go into hiding to protect herself and her family so let the Pedo huggers think they got what they wanted and fight to get Jodi released in privacy?? Where do we start??


    though i’m not sure if it would be available for jodi, there are other comparable projects available

    based on a cursory look at their criteria for selection it doesn’t seem to apply ?
    clearly, they have limited resources, and the critieria reflects that
    would others look at the site and give their opinions !

    HOWEVER, even if they didn’t take on jodi’s case, they have a link to other comparable innocence


    Justice Project, Inc.
    Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University
    PO BOX 877906
    Tempe, AZ 85287-7906
    Phone: 480-727-0009
    Fax: 480-727-9157

    Arizona Innocence Project
    Department of Criminal Justice
    Northern Arizona University
    P.O. Box 15005
    Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5005
    Phone: 928-523-9979


    “Common Causes
    Here you will find further information about seven of the most common causes of wrongful

    Eyewitness Misidentification

    Unvalidated or Improper Forensic Science

    False Confessions / Admissions

    Government Misconduct

    Informants or Snitches

    Bad Lawyering

    These factors are not the only causes of wrongful conviction. Each case is unique and many include a
    combination of the above issues. Review our case profiles to learn how the common causes of
    wrongful convictions have affected real cases and how these injustices could have been prevented.”

    The chart below represents contributing causes confirmed through Innocence Project research. Actual
    numbers may be higher, and other causes of wrongful convictions include government misconduct and
    bad lawyering.”



    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    Edmund Burke

    “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do
    nothing.” – John Stuart Mill

    • Wes, this is awesome. I’ve been putting together a project that will allow all of us to participate including those that live overseas.

      This is a good start for what I’m planning! =)

    • This is not the kind of case the Innocence Project takes. The Innocence Project generally takes cases where DNA can exonerate the defendant. Usually older convictions where DNA testing was not available or where the State did not pay for DNA testing. Barry Scheck who runs it is probably the foremost DNA lawyer in the country.

      • He pointed that out. There’s a link to a different group who might take an interest. And some of the citations below apply to Jodi’s case.

        “Unvalidated or Improper Forensic Science

        False Confessions / Admissions

        Government Misconduct

        Informants or Snitches

        Bad Lawyering”

    • yes wes great find thnks for the post on were to keep this fight going enough people voice it they will listen to what we have to say and get this wrong convict on Jodi turned around . And yes theres been many wrong done everyone keep up the great work for Jodi 🙂

  58. Why don’t these death mongers transfer their misguided hatred to someone who deserves it…say like Cleveland kidnapper/rapist suspect Ariel Castro? Who, by the way, will probably get a fairer trial than Jodi did! Oh wait, they probably think he’s just your average everyday guy who was ‘tempted’ by the young women. Gosh that was horrible of me to say but I just can’t wrap my head around the bizarre mindset of the mob who want Jodi dead? Have you no compassion and shame, people???

    • Great post Gwen.

      And if the Travis Taliban would have anything to say about it, grown men having sex with 12 year old girls is just a normal part of being a red blooded American male. The rights of the girls be damned, boys will be boys.

      No, they won’t televise that trial or analyze it to prevent the same crime from occurring again. They don’t care if 12 year old girls are hurt by people like Travis Alexander. They protect people like Travis Alexander, which is why they never believe rape victims either, no matter how much evidence is stacked against the perpetrator. The Steubenville perpetrators were photographed moving an unconscious teenager around, and they *still* assumed they were innocent.

      So much for CNN/HLN being progressive. I guess if they had it their way, we’d be back to the days of bride kidnapping.

    • Two of the Cleveland victims where but 14 years old when they where kidnapped and abused. Surely Juan Martinez can find enough pedophile’s to to sit on the jury – blame the victims for not fighting for their lives to get away – And set this presumed monster free. Isn’t it always the surviving victims fault {sic}?

      In Mormon, AZ the Temple would decide.

      • Willie, I learned from Dr. Pew’s show and others over at Hate Lovers Network that it’s perfectly normal for a grown man to lust after a 12 year old girl, get off on her first orgasm and, as an encore, want to cork her pot.

        By Dr. Pew’s et al standard’s I guess they will give that Ohio piece of garbage an *atta boy* and a pat on the back for enjoying that very common and very normal guy fantasy of sex with a minor.

        Dr. Pew is a doctor after all. He must have studied this when he was in med school or he surely wouldn’t have ever said this on TV. 😉

        I wouldn’t be surprised if there are secret meeting’s with Chrissy Hughes and his friend and mentor Charles Webber from Soldier Hollow School lining up possible jurors as we speak! 🙂

        It will be a bit before that case comes to trial so they have enough time to relocate to Ohio and become residents so they can sit on that jury.

        • ” I learned from Dr. Pew’s show and others over at Hate Lovers Network that it’s perfectly normal for a grown man to lust after a 12 year old girl”

          Rainy I see they haven’t corrupted you 🙂 Stay strong and as always, stay classy!

  59. I Will Survive – Spanish Version by Celia Cruz oops this is the correct one like this one better attach to the post above for my friends here who are Spanish speaking love ya

  60. Occupy HLN hit it dead on,It was because of those bastards going on and on every night about Jodi that tainted the trial,Of course those jurrors watched the media,even one of their own admitted to it in an interview that they had I phones and tablets but really didnt state they used them to watch the media,HELLO are we stupid here,the jury had their mind made up long ago as it would have taken a little longer than 15 hours of deliberation to pour over the endless hours of testimoney,they did not even consider any of the defences testimonies or admissions.Very sad that HLN was the JUDGE,JURY and will probally be the EXECUTIONER.Poor Jodi saying that she would prefer death over life in prison,those fuckers at HLN have destroyed any shred of life she could have in prison or out,they will never let her rest even if she gets the DP.I always thought a person was innocent until proven guilty,not in this case,she was damned even before she set foot in that court room,they could have skipped all the dramatics and just let the jury state their conviction.Corruption in the American legal system was at its best here,a fucking lying dective and ME that changed his story,a sawed off mexican toad that got to do eveything he wanted and if he didnt get it,MOMMY JUDGE let him have it,and speaking about the judge,classless and spineless to boot,she couldnt even hold traffic court.We have a jury that didnt want to end up like the Casey Anothny jurrors so they buckled under the pressure from the media and the Mormon Hit squad,all around a very unfair trial and I would like to think an appeal would be more fair but there is no place on this planet that those assholes at HLN havent swayed.I pray for Jodi and my heart was ripped out when I heard the vedict even though I did suspect it was coming,I say again that Jodi needs our support more than ever now,so every one here keep up the good work.God Bless Jodi.

  61. Hello All!! Unbelievable how so many people want Jodi dead and believe this is 1st degree murder. Don’t know what’s going to happen, but I hope Jodi knows people do believe her. I’m amazed how the mainstream media still completely ignores Travis’s abuse and behavior. I saw on twitter something about Travis’s law? So Jodi Arias, and for that matter any dependent can’t defend themselves in a court of law? It’s disgusting. And the worse part is these people don’t see the consequences of their action in mass. It won’t matter til it’s their loved one that’s in court for a crime they didn’t commit or they’re over charged by a zealous fame seeking prosecutor. It’s horrible. These people are horrible.

  62. I’m just thinking about all the broken dreams in their family today. There could have been so much more from a bright talented young woman. Given the chance she could’ve led her family in such good ways, including grandchildren for Sandy, and much happiness. It’s all the broken dreams that pulls at my heart this Mother’s Day. God Bless you all…

  63. Must read the letter about the molesting of boys that Chris said was fake because they did not have the original huuummmmm perhaps they did and destroyed it .

    • Sorry Tonya I had to remove that link. It’s to a blog that copies and pastes our comments because they have nothing better to do with their lives.

      Thanks for understanding!

      • no problem is ok with me what you do I was looking for something and thought it would help with all the crap that is being spread about Jodi are we talking about the one on the vent side

  64. well i must to now and rest have been setting here all day with you enjoy Happy Mothers day to the ones that are just now coming on this sit and to ones that will stay at it till the rooster crows have a good one

  65. Hello there Team Jodi, darlings!

    How’s everybody doing? I’ve been busy thinking about what I’m going to do for Jodi. And I came up with some ideas. I’m going to need some help though because it will require quite a bit of research and it would take forever if I do it all by myself. Let me know if you have some spare time and if you’re willing to help.

    Thank you!


    • okay…first let me give you an idea of what I want to do. This is something that will allow everyone to be involved if they want to.

      I want to start a massive letter writing campaign.

      I want to write at least three different versions of a letter addressed to people who are in a position to help us. These people don’t have to believe whether Jodi is innocent or not. They just have to believe in the Constitution and the Justice System. We are going to come at them based on the things that we can prove happened which violated Jodi’s rights to a fair trial.

      We can’t use everything because it has to be a letter, not a novel lol….So what I need is help coming up with such list. i.e.

      1. Detective Flores’ lies. (We can prove that he lied because I think he was actually charged with perjury…please correct me if I’m wrong)
      2. Juan Martinez abusive treatment of the witness..i.e. cutting them off, shouting at them without justification…I mean it’s not like he asked the judge whether he could treat any of them as hostile witnesses, he just did! know overall being a dick. (but we won’t use that legal jargon, of course)
      3. Definitely the typo on the ME’s report.
      4. The abuse that Alyce and Dr. Samuels and all other witnesses received. (witness intimidation, cyber-stalking, bullying, domestic terrorism, etc.) We can definitely prove that. I know we have a list of tons of hateful idiots who posted at Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
      6. etc. etc.

      Anyway, remember that this list can only contain items which we can prove by either the video-taped testimony, items submitted into evidence like the ME’s report, etc. etc.

      Once we have a concise list, we need one of our legal eagles to write the letters. I have a friend who is an excellent attorney, but she’s not into criminal law. She’s just awesome because she can write the most incredible letters. I just need to give her the premise and tell her what I want. But seriously, if we have volunteers on this site who can write the letters for us, we can definitely use that help.

      Next, we need to compile a list of recipients. So we are going to need contact information for everyone who we may think pertinent starting with Juan Martinez and the judge, yes, I think they should get a letter too.

      But most important we’ll need contact information for their bosses and *their bosses’ bosses..all the way up the chain of command. I don’t know who else…perhaps the Supreme Court? The bar association?…just anyone you can think of.

      After we have the letters…we need to make them accessible for everyone so that they can print, sign and mail them to the list of recipients. Yes, we can also email the ones with email addresses, but I just feel that emails are fast but not effective because they can be easily discarded. I do think we should do both whenever possible, but I would really prefer snail mail. (you know, it has more substance and whatnot) =)

      I’m still brainstorming on this…I just didn’t want to leave you all hanging…We need to send letters to anyone who will listen..

      We just cannot be quiet and allow people like Juan and the Judge to tie the Justice system to a tree and ram a dick up its ass!!! 😯

      • Great idea, Sil. Do you think it would help if SJ could provide us with a special page, strictly for brainstorming this? (And just as an aside, in cross examination I don’t think Juan was required to request permission to treat a defense witness as hostile, since they are already “hostile” by definition. I believe it is only required if he needed to get tough with his own witnesses.)

        • Anything SJ can to do help us develop this idea would be awesome! It would be a good idea to have a dedicated thread for just that purpose.

          And dammit…I just wish there was a way that Juan could get in trouble for mistreating the witnesses. GRRRR! that freaking neanderthal makes me so mad!!! lol

          • Me too, Sil. Juan is an abuser. I think he may even possibly be a sociopath, since he seems perfectly at home treating people like shit. And the fact that so many people absolutely worship him is down right scary. It’s like the world has gone mad.

            I will send an email to SJ re: a separate page.

    • I know right? No mention of Travis’ roommates never checking on him either:

      “It had been days since anyone had heard from Travis, and during that time he hadn’t responded to numerous emails, text messages or phone calls. Even more unsettling, Travis’ car was parked in his garage, and his wallet, credit cards, laptop and cell phone were still in his office downstairs. Yet, there was no sign of Travis himself.”

      So along with the STENCH in the house, the roommates STILL didn’t see a need to investigate Travis’ room even though they had the keys?

      Some FRIENDS Travis had huh.

      • It’s apparent to me (I know I’m preaching to the choir) Travis didn’t have real friends and his family wasn’t close to him although they portray that now. If Mimi wouldn’t have checked on him who knows how many more days would pass.

        • Right!!! The only person who seemed willing to ask for his whereabouts was a woman that WASN’T EVEN INTERESTED IN TRAVIS.

          I mean wow. And they all talk about him like he’s such a great guy and that they’ll miss him. As if!!!!

          • Well she was interested in that free trip to Cancun … so she did have some motivation to track him down 😉

            Plus he missed church and not one of those *really really really great friends* thought ‘Hmmmmm, where the heck is our bestest friend Travis? He always gets back to me and didn’t reply to me text yesterday … I’m just stop by his house and make sure he’s ok. I’m sooooooooo worried about poor little T-Dawg – he’s got that pesky fly weight stalker chic who he’s soooooooooo scared of. I’m gonna check on “my bro cuz I always got his back.” and make sure he’s okey dokey.’

            • Rainy that’s a good point.

              he has that pesky stalker. Where is he? Wait he’s never serious when he talks about the stalker….

      • MB…and Travis’ CTR ring and watch was sitting on the kitchen counter…Enrique’s girlfriend Kim found it there while they were in the kitchen…and they thought it unusual because Travis normally doesn’t go anywhere without them…and what did Enrique and Kim do…they did nada…

        • Because no one cared. A lot of their anger is misdirected at Jodi because they didn’t do anything to “help” Travis. They are a bunch of sick people seeking fame and money. It’s better for Jodi to be in jail. (I know it’s crazy) If she were released she’d have to go in hiding. She’s got to let some time pass so people move on and she can have some semblance of a life. I don’t know if you all saw her interview less edited. IMHO she didn’t say anything wrong. She did that interview in my opinion to show that no matter what she’s okay. Even if the verdict is wrong she’s okay. People seem to not understand her at all. She’s not a sociopath or BPD she has probably been taught to hide her feelings all her life. She didn’t have much a reaction when the verdict was read and neither did her mom. I think it’s a cultural thing. She’s not a first generation American but some cultural behaviors stay even though families have been in the US a long time. I’m not Mexican but my family is Latin American and my mother always told me not to cry. She thought it was a sign of weakness. When I would get hurt she would tell me not to cry and just make fun of me. (I know it’s probably crazy) As an adult I don’t cry hardly ever. I don’t show emotion in public. It’s how I grew up because that’s what I was taught. You don’t cry unless its someone dying. Other than that crying isn’t going to make anything better so why do it?

          My point is that what other people see as cold is actually not. She’s probably been taught not to cry when things are tough especially in front of other people.

          • I understand that’s how you were brought up, but in my experience, I feel better after crying. In fact, I feel worse if I keep things bottled in. I definitely don’t like to come across as weak, but crying is not a bad thing, in my opinion.

          • And when Jodi does cry she’s accused of faking it so she cannot win either way.

            I have a really hard time crying, especially if other people are around. No one was much of a cry-er in my family. My mom used to tell us if we wanted sympathy we could find it in the dictionary – between shit and syphilis. 🙂

            I’m easily able to detach and tune out sadness. Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve but it doesn’t mean they they are not reacting emotionally on the outside.

            My mom taught us to be strong and I’m thankful to her for doing that!

            Thanks Mom! Happy Mothers Day to you in Heaven! <3

              • Yeah it’s pretty much what I was taught too. And it’s true Jodi’s damned if she does damned if she doesn’t.

                • What people fail to remember is Jodi has sat in jail for 4 1/2 years crying about this incident………… Seriously they want to see her mental break down on the stand? That’s not going to happen…….. that would show she is weak and she doesn’t want anyone to see her that way in the eyes of the court.

                  Four and half years to sit with four walls around you to cry it out, scream, rehash, and cry some more…

      • your in the house the travis phone is ringing and ringing and ringing how come the roommates did not hear the phone it was downstairs on his desk and they were in the living room watching tv what the hell do I know

  66. I had a dream Jodi remembered where the gun was in the desert and it in fact was registered to a PPL conman.

    And Gloria Allred was the attorney who freed Jodi in my dream 🙂 I enjoyed my nap BTW.

  67. Sil,

    Let me know what you need help with, I am all in for the long haul. It would be nice if he had feedback from Jodi’s family on what they need help with on this next phase.

  68. Just that nagging crazy question that I have, I wish I could ask Jodi. Why did she lie about returning that third gas can to the Salinas Walmart? She definitely said it on the stand!

    • We don’t call Jodi a liar on this site, and she did’nt lie…. Wal Mart is a joke for keeping records straight with all their loyal high paid employees. They will do what is needed to get thru the day. Almost all of them are not there for a career and would have no problem with putting in a fake sku to return a gas can, just dispense with the rules and regulation. That is not evidence!!

  69. Yikes…so I’m watching Dateline’s “Obsession: The Jodi Arias Story” and although I’ve seen numerous posts about Chris and Sky Hughes…this is the first time I’ve ever heard them speak.

    Sthkye Hugthes sounths like she hasth a listhp…

    • That is some really good info. There has to be a way to declare mistrial, and get Jodi a retrial. This time have if far, far, away from the mormon goons.

      • I’m really shocked they allowed the jury to keep their cell phones/tablets on them. You’d think they’d ask them to be put away by the bailiff. It’s too tempting to look stuff up. Even if they looked up simple stuff like what an MMCi test is or TSI that is improper. I am not saying they did that but come on who wouldn’t be tempted to Google those terms because they’re unfamiliar with it?

      • And I’m not saying for their phones/tablets to be confiscated indefinitely but for them to just check for phone calls. Tablets shouldn’t have even been brought in to the trial period. The judge had no control in that court room. And according to the article not all states have clearly stated what constitutes as violations so its not until the juror is caught that the violation is clarified.

        • There are so many ways they can access the web and media without ever getting caught. Ironically we have seen this with Travis A. Right know I do not know the answer as of how one could even prevent the Jury catching up with the media besides sequestering.
          Plus I wonder is there really a Jury needed? There are lots of countries not using the juror system do they have more misconducts? I am sorry for doubting the juror system here.

  70. I am appalled that Jodi received 1st degree. What evidence did the state have? Road trip with gas cans? She needed to make sure not to run out of gas.
    I am sure she couldn’t find a rental car in Yreka so that explains the rental so far away.
    Gun missing from GP’s place just happens to be 2 days after the email. Big deal.
    But the defense had all the evidence. Broken finger and 12 yr old comment. Slam dunk for the abuse and pedophilia. How did she get 1st degree? I am amazed.

  71. My friend told me that in Jodi’s interview w the guy from fox she talks about evidence that wld support her claims but the state wldnt let it in….does anyone know about this?

    • She said that she wanted her defense to show a picture of Travis running naked after a little boy. She took this picture in 2007 and said even though it was weird he was dressed partially like a priest so she thought he was mocking the catholic priests. The picture was on her hard drive but according to her the defense didn’t want to use it. Also, she said there were people who saw her with bruises but her defense didn’t call them or find them.

      • I just watched the entire interview, it broke my heart…. WTF didn’t the defense bring this stuff into evidence, this is what shows PEDO and DV……….. OMG I am so pissed off right now…. Why didn’t they bring these other people into testify?

        That alone is reason for appeal…….. even though it’s going to be “automatic” appeal for her do to the conviction.

        WOW, I am so speechless………. just breaks my heart.

          • I’m not sure what’s going on with that, all I know is that during the sentencing phase A LOT more evidence will come into court that either wasn’t allowed or overlooked during the trial phase.

            The Travis Taliban are cheering for their victory, but they just opened the door for a lot more secrets to come tumbling out of Travis’ closet.

            All we can do is wait and see.

            • This is confusing. Not sure the defense team would hold back anything only in hopes of
              using this in the penalty phase.
              This is backwards. You want to avoid 1st degree by showing all the evidence you have.
              I am afraid that we have seen all the evidence the defense had.
              What is even more puzzling to me is the broken finger. Why didn’t the defense team get an xray to support that? So many people have been asking this and it is questionable.
              Are her attorneys that bad or is Jodi keeping something from them? I am trying to be open minded but I feel like I am being lied to.

              • No, I don’t think they held anything back intentionally.

                There is a lot of evidence that wasn’t allowed during the trial phase.

                Remember Jodi mentioned that Martinez suppressed a lot of evidence. He did, it was one of his tactics.

                I don’t think an x ray would help the defense. What do you think the x ray would prove?

                • THe x ray would show if there was a tendon cut, the reason for the finger being bent, or show the bone didn’t heal correctly do to not receiving medical care…….. Just a thought…. People just want answers to the missing puzzle…. and in this case there are a lot of missing pieces.

                • I guess I’m confused as to why an x ray would prove or disprove anything.

                  It’s clear that her finger is broken. I tried to bend my finger the way hers was bent and I can’t. And I’m double jointed.

                  The problem is, no matter what Jodi says, the haters will always spin it that it had nothing to do with Travis.

                  Kirk could have gotten an x ray and Martinez would accuse Jodi of slamming her door shut on her own hand.

                • Whenever you can remove doubt then you need to do it and an xray would have removed doubt.
                  After listening to the interview tape I am finding it troubling about some comments Jodi is making and it does not bode well for her if she cannot substaniate these claims without proof. I pray she does but I am losing faith fast.

                • Joseph:

                  Two points should be known by now, if you have been following the trial:

                  1. It isn’t the defense’s place to prove anything, it’s the prosecution.

                  2. The defense brought A LOT of evidence to show Travis had violent tendencies. Jodi’s finger is only one out of god only knows how many emails and text messages between them.

                  I don’t see how an x ray would have erased any doubt. You haven’t really explained to me how exactly it can help Jodi’s case.

                  My main issue with your statements is, is that you seem to be saying that the defense has to meet the same burden of proof that the prosecution does. No, and there’s a reason for that – so we don’t end up becoming like all the other countries that throw their citizens into gulags over supposition of guilt. The founding fathers are rolling over in their graves right now, I guarantee it.

            • MB,

              Why wouldn’t her attorney’s have brought this evidence into the trial from the start? This makes no sense………. she said ” it’s on her hard drive” and the person she’s is reference to that saw the bruises she makes it sound like she doesn’t know this person. But her attorney’s should of hired a PI to find this person. I know many years have gone by with the different attorney’s in this case, but DAMN there is so much hidden lies and BULLSHIT that she should of never in a million years gotten this conviction.

              Looks like we have two more phases to go through………. Lord help Jodi get through this next phase, giver her the strengh to be strong.

              • Well I don’t pretend to understand everything Kirk and Jenn did, but I trust that they did the best they could with the funds allowed to them by the state.

                Yes, there’s a lot of layers to this case and I’m afraid we’ve only peeled off a very few.

                • Funds, crap they didn’t need to keep Samuel or AL on the stand that long that would of freed up some funds for ME and gun expert. To me that is where the money should of been spent…………DV expert and four psychologists…… crazy.. Also not keeping Jodi on the stand for 18 days…….. if we could only turn back the clock with what ifs……

            • Huh? How does more evidence come into court now, AFTER the verdict ?

              Haters won’t care about any new info – it will quickly be spun out as Jodi, the worlds ONLY liar, making up more lies to ruin their most holy, very favorite and very dead pedo sinner.

              The haters expert spinners. I’ve never seen better except for politicians!

              • Well it’s not for the haters, it’s for the jury.

                Although, right now it does appear they are one and the same anyway.

              • If the jurors unanimously decide Arias is guilty of first-degree murder for Alexander’s death, the case would then move to the aggravation phase.

                The State Attorney must present additional evidence that the death was caused in a cruel manner. Arizona law defines it as when the victim suffers physical pain or mental anguish and the defendant knew or should have known that the victim would suffer.

                The jurors would then deliberate for a second time to determine if the aggravating factor of cruelty is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

                If the jury does not find her guilty of cruelty, the case ends and the judge sets a sentencing date within 30 to 60 days. At the sentencing, the judge decides whether to sentence Jodi Arias to natural life in prison or life with parole eligibility after 25 years.

                But if the jury decides cruelty is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the case moves to the sentencing phase.

                This is the defense’s opportunity to ask the jury for leniency and present evidence to support why Arias should be spared the death penalty. Witnesses may include friends and family. Jodi Arias could also retake the witness stand and make further statements to the jury.

                The jury then deliberates for a third time to determine whether Jodi Arias should be sentenced to life or death. The decision of the jury must be unanimous. In the case of a deadlock, a mistrial would be granted and a new jury would be chosen for this phase only.

                If the jury votes unanimously for the death penalty, Arias would be sentenced by the judge immediately. If this occurs, Jodi Arias is likely to be sent to death row within hours. If the jury opts for a life sentence, the judge will set a sentencing date within 30 to 60 days and, at that time, will sentence Jodi Arias to natural life or life with eligibility for parole after 25 years.

  72. Uhmmmmm….ya. I wld def have to say there are witnesses to that….ya know what else I wondered about….all those rants Travis went on in the emails and txt belittling her etc….where were her responses…if she was so crazzyyyy like the defense says I’m sure she would respond to him w anger etc….that just shows me she 100% responded to him in a non aggressive way and why didn’t the defense pt that out??

  73. hmmm…I see we had some trolls pay us a visit today. Too bad I missed it. 🙁

    that guy moishe yidbaum above looks really creepy!

    If I were the mother of the child he’s holding on his lap on that ebay picture, I’d be very concerned. He looks like a pedophile. Yikes! 😯

    • Sil I am not sure what part they can’t understand? As someone said yesterday, they need to find a Cactus to rotate on 🙂 Our Moderator’s are doing a great job of keeping them out!!

      “Want to comment?

      Welcome to the #1 Jodi Arias Support site. All comments are moderated. If you are a knuckle-dragging hater – or a TravisTown pedo-hugger – then do not waste your invaluable time here. Your post will be deleted and you will be banned. You have been told. We are TEAM JODI… and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Make no mistake. SJ / Team Jodi.”

      • LOL Willie..I think it was me who invited them to rotate on a cactus! heheh

        But yeah…I don’t know why they don’t understand SJ’s admonition lol…It’s not like he used too many of them thar big ass words or anything. 🙄

  74. 7 of the 12 jurors believe that Jodi stole Travis’ gun and that she is therefore guilty of committing murder during the course of a felony. That is the felony they believe she is guilty of, correct? Therefore, those 7 jurors believe that Jodi shot Travis with his gun, just as she stated on the witness stand. Thus, those 7 jurors believe Jodi did not steal her grandfather’s gun and that she did not drive to Mesa armed with a gun. So that element of the premeditation- the stealing of her grandfather’s gun- was not accepted by those 7 jurors. Those 7 jurors must therefore believe that the evidence for premeditation is (1) the gas cans, and (2) the rented car. Am I missing something? Will some investigative reporter please ask those jurors if that was their proof of premeditation.

      • Joseph,

        I get the sense the jury didn’t understand the instructions to come to this verdict. Your thoughts?

        • The instructions may seem confusing but when you get all 12 voting predmed it sends a huge message to the defense that they did not buy it.

    • Fred,

      Here’s some information that I hope helps you…

      1. First-Degree Premeditated Murder.

      In order to convict her of premeditated murder, a jury must unanimously find that Arias:
      •Caused the death of Travis Alexander, in that her actions foreseeably led to Alexander’s death;
      •Intended or knew she would kill Alexander. She must have had the intent to kill Alexander, knowing that her actions would cause him to die; and
      •Acted with premeditation. Arias must have reflected on her alleged decision to kill Alexander, even if only for a short while.

      However, if jurors determine that they cannot find that Arias acted with premeditation, they may instead find her guilty of first-degree felony murder.

      2. First-Degree Felony Murder.

      A jury may find Arias guilty of first-degree felony murder if:
      •She was committing a felony (such as burglary) at the time of the killing. In Arias’ case, prosecutors allege she was technically committing burglary — i.e., breaking into Travis Alexander’s home with the intent to commit a felony or theft inside — when she killed Alexander; and
      •She caused Alexander’s death during the commission of the felony. Arias can be found guilty of felony murder if Alexander’s death was caused by her allegedly committing burglary.

      So in summary, jurors can find Arias guilty of first-degree murder by either a unanimous vote that she committed felony murder, a unanimous vote that she committed premeditated murder, or some mix of the two (e.g., six vote for felony murder and six vote for premeditated murder).

      • It seems to me that since some of the jurors found Jodi guilty of premed murder during the commission of a burglary, and since a burglary means she stole something, and since the only thing JM accused her of stealing is Travis’ gun, then I still say those jurors must believe she killed TA with his gun, and therefore, they must also believe that she did not travel to Mesa armed with her grandfather’s gun, and thus that element of the proof of premeditation is absent. Without that element of the proof of premeditation, the remaining “proofs” seem awfully thin.

      • The prob with the premed thing is that it doesnt have to do with the gun, the gas cans, etc. like everyone is thinking. What they are REALLY looking at is the acutal killing. They are basically saying ok so the gas cans, the gun etc holds reasonable doubt however they believe the prosecution was able to prove that during the time of the killing she was not under the kind of attack that meritted the length she went to & it was excessive etc. In short, they dont believe she was abused, that she didnt “black out” & she premeditated his killing in the seconds prior and during the killing. That she KNEW what she was doing and didnt have REASON to do so aka no self defense.

    • Ryan,

      your post is duly noted. Overruled! lol

      Actually, I would like to address your comments if you want to hear what I want to say. And the only reason I will respond to you is because I found no disrespect or condescension in your words. However, I’m very tired right now and so I’ll need a rain check. So, I’ll talk respond to you tomorrow, if you’re still around. heheh

  75. Good night peeps!

    I’m really tired and I have a ton of work tomorrow, but I’ll be around in the evening.


    • Jeannie….hahaha its ok your welcomed hahaha Marianna is just a litte protective 🙂 Anyway, yes they are able to look into all that but I doubt that this will be done now. It will be looked into during her appeal process and she def has MANY valid reasons for appeal. Just to give you a very simple example… the fact that they allowed a witnesses to talk about the tire slashing on the stand was grounds for appeal. That is considered a “crime” and with out proof they should never have been aloud to speak of it!!! Gus, was aloud to “lightly” speak of witnessing verbal “abuse by Travis” towards Jodi bc there was evidence of verbal abuse aka emails and txt….however, the tire slashing!!! NOPE nothing!!! In fact, they didnt even have any emails or txt by Jody being aggresive to Travis in anyway, shape, or form bc beleive me IF THEY HAD THEM, they wld have let the jurys know!!! Basically, they used HERESAY for the tire slashing and for an actual “crime” like vandalism you cant just “throw that out there”. There needs to be “some proof”. So this alone is ground for appeal…..but like I said….many many other things!!!

  76. what bothered HLN was the fact that hundreds of people didn’t show up for the later phases of this case. I say that alone agrees that they are not taken seriously and many of us know that. they are soon to be doing something else. nancy grace is inside the prison now to visit women in that prison, bull she is there to get info on a possible interview with Jodi.

  77. Judge Stephens didn’t think to hard on the motions did she?
    Guaranteed Appeal…normal courts just don’t let little piss ant lawyers bully every witness and distort truth to cause a witch hunt like he did for HLN
    I feel for the poor suckers that need HLN to tell them how to feel or what their emotions are; these are sick people just looking to jump into a cult as such

    About time Nurmi got fired up! He’s got appeal all the way
    But, even better, if they get just 1 juror to decide differentits a hung jury and there’s no place in the US where she is going to get a fair jury if they hang
    Hopefully justice will prevail over all the shit the judge has let JM get away with.

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