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Leave your comments & general observations below on the eve of another AZ State Circus performance.


Have an awesome Sunday peeps!

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  1. EEWW It is a rainy nasty day out. Great day to sleep all day…since I don’t sleep well at night. LOL Well you all have a great day.
    Have a great day!!!

  2. Happy Sunday Team Jodi!!

    I always call / hold my loved ones on Sunday … I will keep you all in my prayers!!

    Stay Classy ❗

  3. I have been trying to figure out the throat cutting symbol that it looks like Jodi made during JM’s closing argument. I have learned online that it has to do with not revealing the secrets of the church, but that doesn’t fit as he was speaking of the crime and premeditation.

    I also found this other explanation, which seems better to fit the situation:

    “The Book of Moses, another Revelation to Joseph Smith, teaches that the Devil has men “swear by the throat” (Moses 5:29).”

    I think Jodi was saying that about JM.

    • Canada Carol…

      I wish you would not make reference to Jodi making a “throat cutting symbol”. She WAS NOT doing that. She was wiping her tears.

      That is MEDIA bullshit. Absolute FUCKING BULLSHIT.

      PLEASE, PLEASE stop making reference to it. You are adding to the hater campaign when supporters on this site make negative remarks about Jodi.

      Jodi DID NOT DO what you are accusing her of.

      EVERY FUCKING THING the woman does is nitpicked and pulled apart and analyzed ad nauseum and the media/hater TRASH TALK is FUCKING BULLSHIT.

      It pisses me the FUCK off. STOP accusing Jodi of doing things SHE HAS NOT DONE.

      • Well said Janeen, too am so tired of how they distort what Jodi is doing. So many lies. I would like to put the HLN staff under a microscope like they have Jodi. Again well said.

      • Janeen, I have never done that nor I ever will. It does mean something to her religously and it meant to her that Satan was speaking through JM. I hardly think that is speaking in any way against her. She was silently speaking that it was the devil’s words being spoken by the prosector. Have a nic day everyone. I am outta here.

        • Ok, THIS MAKES ME MADDER THAN ANYTHING EVERYTIME SOMEONE BRINGS THIS UP, WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU BRINGING THIS UP, THIS IS NOT TRUE, IT IS SOMETHING THE CRAZIES KEEP BRINGING UP AND I CANNOT BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE STILL BRINGING IT UP ON HERE? REALLY? SERIOUSLY? HOW STUPID, I AM SORRY BUT THIS ONE THING MAKES ME SO MAD, JODI WAS CRYING, THE TEARS WERE SLIPPING DOWN UNDER HER CHIN AND SHE WAS WIPING THEM AWAY WITH THE BACK OF HER HAND, STOP BRINGING THAT UP ON HERE! PLEASE, WHY? HOW STUPID, SHE WAS DOING SOME MORMON RELIGIOUS SIGN? GET A GRIP. ok, sorry, but this always makes me the maddest because I saw the blonde lady on HLN try to steer this expert into saying something like this when the expert said touching your chin is a sign of protecting yourself, the HLN wanted her to say the slashing thing and when she didnt they cut her off really quick and it just irks me to see people still talking about that and its so stupid and i am done now, sorry if I made anyone mad

      • Yes… pisses me off as well.

        She was wiping the tears that rolled down her face and onto her neck.

        ps… good morning, Ms. J ♥


      • I didn’t see that at all. I was really watching her bc she was holding her chest. I was worried she was going to have a full blown panic attack. She was hyperventilating.

      • try this one for size SHE DID NOT KILL TRAVIS HER DEFENSE MADE HER CHANGE THE STORY she passed a polygraph with intruders she took examines w/ intruders agree don’t use negative thoughts about Jodi here it defeats the purpose of defending her.

            • I’m sure her mom is telling her how much we all love..God I hope she knows it. You do know we will bring them all down in the end. You and I and a few others have always known that JODI didnt do this. Now look at how many are starting to question it..Even our Al…

        • I don’t think Jodi killed TA either. I believe that TA was killed by the husband of one of the women he was fucking around with. Why did that woman who implicated her husband in the murder suddenly turn up dead herself–very convenient “suicide”! I agree that her defense team pressured Jodi. I do NOT believe that she killed him and someone is threatening her to cop to it.

          • thanks wish everyone would see this and I hope that the investigation of the police chief turns up new evidence that will support that she was framed for this and they go after the one that did

            • could you tell me if there are other places on the net to find more info about the investigation of a police chief? Also maybe if a place like Fox news and Geraldo Revera were contacted maybe they would look into the case more deeply.

      • You’ve got it exactly. That is one of the things that has infuriated me the most in this whole nasty circus, is the utterly ridiculous picking apart of every little nitpicking thing. That in particular caused me to become insane with fury.

        Among other things, such as implying that she’s not really crying when I have seen tears many, many times; to the way she moves her fingers when she’s wiping tears from her chin, or just bored and who the heck know, maybe she has a small itch! Geez!

        HOW can they do this and pat each other on the back for it? How is it that it’s never enough? They never have enough fuel for their attacks? If there was a molecule they could comment on about her they would, and they would attribute something evil to it.

        Plus, it doesn’t matter what I post online on hln, it is removed because it is an opinion different than the psychotic mob.

        • You put it well – there is never enough for the mob. Not a shred left. And no reason, no thinking, no logic, no discovery. It is very dull. I have spent a few hours there today, enough for me. Everyone who had something reasonable to say – had left.

    • Ok, THIS MAKES ME MADDER THAN ANYTHING EVERYTIME SOMEONE BRINGS THIS UP, WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU BRINGING THIS UP, THIS IS NOT TRUE, IT IS SOMETHING THE CRAZIES KEEP BRINGING UP AND I CANNOT BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE STILL BRINGING IT UP ON HERE? REALLY? SERIOUSLY? HOW STUPID, I AM SORRY BUT THIS ONE THING MAKES ME SO MAD, JODI WAS CRYING, THE TEARS WERE SLIPPING DOWN UNDER HER CHIN AND SHE WAS WIPING THEM AWAY WITH THE BACK OF HER HAND, STOP BRINGING THAT UP ON HERE! PLEASE, WHY? HOW STUPID, SHE WAS DOING SOME MORMON RELIGIOUS SIGN? GET A GRIP. ok, sorry, but this always makes me the maddest because I saw the blonde lady on HLN try to steer this expert into saying something like this when the expert said touching your chin is a sign of protecting yourself, the HLN wanted her to say the slashing thing and when she didnt they cut her off really quick and it just irks me to see people still talking about that and its so stupid and i am done now, sorry if I made anyone mad

    • Carol? Hi. I have not seen you post here before, nice to meet you! I’m not trying to be offensive or rude, I promise, I just wanted to respectfully tell you that your belief about Jodi making a throat slitting gesture during JM’s speech is incorrect. You mention something about it being a religious thing that means something to Jodi but this doesn’t make sense. People who are so devout in their religion that they can be influenced to the point of making such an offensive and violent gesture during the final stages of their capitol murder case, those people are extremist. Those are the people who would be likely to drink the kook aid (I said kook on purpose) laced with poison in a mass suicide, be the one’s orchestrating the mass suicide and then suddenly bitch out, or take up suicide bombing as a very short lived hobby. People like this are either off their fucking meds, have long ago lost their fucking minds, or they just believe so completely in their religion that they cannot see how unbelievably retarded it is to have secret names, words, gestures, that will get you to the highest kingdom (which, is on a planet I heard) and if you tell anyone about those secrets you must submit to blood atonement. NO, wait. That’s not fair. People who would be so devoted to their beliefs that they would actually make such a gesture on national tv….those are the retards and the extremist retards are the one’s who carry out the blood atonement on other retards who, because they’re retarded, fucked up and accidentally told someone about the secrets. Does that make sense?

      Probably not, I don’t blame you, it hardly makes sense to me. Perhaps, that’s my point. Who knows?

      What I am trying to get at, though, is that Jodi was brand new to the Mormon faith and she could barely adhere to their vow of chastity rule so I’d say with pretty good certainty she is nowhere near the level of devout or blind retarded faith following she would need to be to have the audacity to make a gesture like that knowing damn well every move she makes is under the microscope where it gets raped repeatedly through translation and comes out as something totally opposite of the truth and always way more outrageous and interesting than the truth also.

      Now, I understand you could take my post and it’s contents as nothing but an opinion so I’m going to just suggest something to you and you can choose to do it or not to. I, frankly, don’t care either way. I gave up long ago on trying to lead the sheep to greener and less ignorant pastures. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling you a sheep or saying you’re ignorant. I’m saying I don’t know if you are or are not and past experience has taught me when I’m in doubt to get the fuck out. So, I’ll leave you with some ‘proof’ that she was not making the throat cutting gesture…

      If you look back on any of the trial days when the camera shows Jodi crying (seriously, pick a day, any day…) if you watch her closely like HLN does (like, literally put your eyeball on the glass of your TV/pc screen) you’ll notice that Jodi allows her tears to make their way down the length of her face before she wipes them away and she doesn’t wipe them away until a few have accumulated at her jawline.

      I can’t speak for her, obviously. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why this is. If she was to wipe her tears the moment they brimmed over, every single time, she’d be constantly wiping at her eyes. Wiping one’s eyes constantly is indicative that one is crying. If you do this too often, eventually, it’s going to come off as insincere. So, she waits until they fall down to her jawline and then quickly wipes them away with her balled fist rather than an open hand to minimize the gesture. This way, people can’t say she’s fake crying and constantly putting on a show by dabbing her ‘dry’ eyes. Another plus to her wiping her tears like this is that it does give those with their eyeballs squished up to their screens the opportunity to see for themselves that, yes, a real tear actually does slide down her face. Who da thunk?

      Hopefully, this scenario plays out with far less glitching for you than the throat slicing gesture. It’s not nearly as exciting, though, I know.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did.

  4. Hey has anyone seen TA’s my space web site? It tells it all. Travis’s general interest; MONEY, WOMEN, AND PWER. The true TA. And what about his siblings? Have you checked them out. WOW! Also could someone verify for me that one reason it took s long for Jodi to get to trial is that TA’s sister keep prolonging it to get Juan Martinez as the prosecutor?

    • Ew, I can’t believe he’d even write that down. I was wondering why it took her so long to get to trial.

    • I also checked out Travis Alexander’s MySpace site and immediately I got bad vibes after looking at it.

    • Are you kidding Tim? She could postpone the trial? Who gave her that power? It isn’t HER against Jodi, it’s the state of AZ. I had my ex arrested for trying to choke me when I was in Canada, and the Canadian government took it completely out of my hands. It became between them and him. It’s a good thing because then the abused can’t refuse to press charges as they so often do here in the U.S.

      I agree with you on the money, women and power on TA’s site, also.

      I came across an article called, Confessions of a Sociopath in Psychology Today. Here is an excerpt that was especially interesting that I think applies to Travis Alexander:

      “What Is Evil, Really?

      The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a sociopath’s dream. Mormons believe that everyone has the potential to be godlike—I believe this includes me. Every being is capable of salvation; my actions are what matters, not my ruthless thoughts, not my nefarious motivations. Everyone is a sinner, and I never felt that I was outside this norm.

      When I attended Brigham Young—where students were even more trusting than the average Mormon—there were myriad opportunities for scamming. I stole from the lost and found, saying I lost a book, but then I would take the “found” book to the bookstore and sell it. Or, I’d take an unlocked bike that sat in the same place for days. Finders, keepers.”

      There was more that sounded like TA in the article, above the part that I quoted above. It related to this self-identified Sociopath explaining the enjoyment from playing with people’s emotions and heartstrings, like TA did with Jodi’s heart and emotions. Here’s a link to the whole article:

      • Good. That e-mail where TA tells Jodi “you are evil” “You are a psychopath” is crucial here. It is soooo conniving of JM to take it’s meaning to the letter, just as his good-looking psychologist advised (I almost fell for her charms – please make sure I will later tell what I think of her morals).

        That letter of TA POINTS AT HIMSELF as being THE PSYCHOPATH, not Jody. It is a typical trick of a narcissistic psychopath. In his circles of admiration, at some point he had to divert suspicions from himself – and Jodi was a perfect victim: mentally ill with BPD = “unstable”, disliked and an outsider. It worked! Now everyone got the word in their mouths and started repeating it ad nauseam,

        This letter as well as other accusations must have done an awful mental harm in Jodi. I have a feeling that her going on that fateful trip had something to do with that letter. As an abused woman she went there to seek reconfirmation of her “goodness” to be found again when face to face with Travis.

        Now, what matters is that Jodi – to my knowledge – never called him the evil, the psychopath or whore-monger. She had no NEED for that. No need for mental games. JA’s letter sort of “proves” that Jodi is not a psychopath.

  5. Happy Sunday..

    Took some time off not only for
    family but for mental health.

    Thought it would go give me a different perspective give me a different perspective.
    It still is f….. up and a miscarriage of justice.

  6. My Twitter TL is loaded with hate Tweets from the TravisTaliban due to my Pro Jodi Tweets last night. I stopped paying attention to it while I watched Zero Dark Thirty. I took a look this morning. I’m not the most popular person with the Taliban. 😉

  7. ((((((((((TEAM JODI))))))))))

    Hi guys,
    Did see you guys yesterday, actually hung out w family lol. Did some real life stuff, but I felt like I was missing out online. I did get to talk about the case w my sister. She’s very open minded. I feel bummed out lately. I can’t tell if it’s bc I’m too attached to the trial or bc I’m just human and that’s what happens to people sometimes. So I thought some family time would be good. But, I’m still a little bummed.

    Good luck w your tooth surgery Jennifer! I’ve only had my wisdom teeth out. Luckily it wasn’t that bad it’s just so annoying! But, I hope it doesn’t hurt that bad!!!

  8. Can someone explain to me why JM gets to questions Jodi friends that come in to plead for her life? I just find it so wrong that he question someone about their opinion. Maybe I’m not understanding all of it. I haven’t watched (I just can’t do it), so maybe I am missing something.

    • What I have realized in this trial is that I am a poor excuse for an American. I know nothing about the justice system. This all seems backwards to me!

            • Hey Joe and Sil:
              Fear not.
              The Travis Taliban and the Alexnader meth clan are very shortly going to be out of their fifteen minutes of fame.
              Right now they are all enjoying the media attention provided mainly by Nancy Grace, Dr Drew, and George Stephanopolis……. As soon as this week’s events have come to pass, Nancy Grace, Dr Drew etc will move on to their next ratings project.
              The Travis clan will be yesterday’s potatoes very shortly. The sister and brother can safely go back to writing bad checks without worry.
              Watch. Next week Nancy Grace, having bolstered her ratings courtesy of Jody, will have moved on to her next topic. Same for “Dr” Drew. (BTW it creeps me out big time that a medical doctor can smirk and laugh over a woman facing the death penalty.)

    • Because they are witnesses. The defense AND the prosecution both get to questions witnesses. If Jodi takes the stand again & is questioned by the defense, the prosecution will be allowed to question her also. HOWEVER, if she takes the stand & just reads a statement (like the Alexanders did) I don’t believe the prosecution is allowed to confront her on the statement. She will just be stating her opinion and the jury either has been or will be instructed that it’s not testimony of facts.

      • Thank you, Lisa M.! I kind of knew that Jodi’s friends weren’t giving “victim impact” statements like TA’s family did, but I wasn’t sure what made it different. I’m beginning to realize just how different every state’s court systems are!!

        • I thought about my answer last night & realized that I was assuming that Jodi’s attorney’s would review any statement she planned to make. I hope that happens because it’s critical that she doesn’t say anything that would be “evidence” of a mitigating factor or innocence of the crime. If she does, that will open the door for JM to cross examine her and/or call rebuttal witnesses.

  9. If anyone has some tine, I would like to locate Jodi’s testimony on the Walmart return.

    There was testimony starting

    “M: Uh Ma’am, the other thing that you told us with regard to these gas cans is that you purchased one in Salinas, California, right?”

    But I don’t have the earlier testimony to which this refers.


  10. Good morning, everyone! I wrote this new poem for Jodi yesterday. See if you can catch the meaning of it.

    “Dear Jodi”

    Jodi, I hope that you are doing well
    Or at the very least better today.
    Do you read lots of postcards in your cell?
    I hope you like mine that is on its way.
    Are you painting or drawing any art,
    Ruminating underneath clouds above?
    I want you to know that you’re in our hearts,
    And we send you unconditional love.
    Someday not long from now you will be free,
    We will never give up or surrender.
    Every time that I look at you I see
    Lovely beauty with a heart so tender.
    Oh, they don’t know you, they don’t understand,
    Violence and attacks is their calling card.
    Each day I wish that I could hold your hand,
    You don’t need me to tell you this is hard.
    Oh, Jodi, help will soon be on its way.
    Until the next time, continue to pray.

  11. Good morning friends….

    ((((((((((((((((((((((Sunday morning hugs to all)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

        • Oh Rupaul….It’s such a THRILL to see you again…..!!!!


          How is that bank account partner!?!?!?!? LOL LOL LOL

  12. When I was talking w my sister, she’s totally not a hater, but I think she may see things as simply as others do. She was like I don’t get what you’re supporting her for she did it. I was trying to explain it’s not that simple. She does agree that TA abused her and lived 2 lives.

    My best friend sees it the same way.

    I try to explain if you saw the trial it’s different. They’re not haters though they just see things in black and white. But they do agree they haven’t watched the trial.

    • I’m trying to make supporters out of them LOL. But they haven’t watched the trial and aren’t as invested. But at least they’re thinking about it a little.

    • My other Best friend James actually watched shows on Jodi to talk about the case w me LOL. He’s soooo open minded. So he asked me a ton of questions and was so interested in what happened at the trial! I think I’ve got a potential supporter on my hands!

  13. I just found this movie that I am downloading now. I’m going to watch it tonite. it looks very good and I’ve read that it was a very good movie.

    The Lena Baker Story iPod Movie Plot
    On April 30, 1944, Lena Baker shot and killed the man who had served as her employer, abuser and sexual partner for the past three years. She claimed self-defense; the state cried murder, and sentenced her to death. This film tells her story. Tichina Arnold stars as Baker, the only woman to be sent to the electric chair in Georgia — only to be pardoned decades later — in this drama written and directed by Ralph Wilcox.

    • Hi Jon,
      Did you make this video? Very nice and touching. I suggest you remove the comments option on that video. That will make the haters explode with anger 🙂

    • Jon thanks for the video of Jodi. You did a great job. It’s good to see something that’s not tearing her apart for a change.

  14. Juan Martinez has been given such Carte Blanche by Sherry Stephens during this trial that it’s no wonder that the Travis Taliban and the Alexander Acolytes feel they can say and do anything they want in regard to Jodi and her family.
    Juan Martinez is the Osama bin Laden of this jihad and the only thing that will satisfy their bloodlust is Jodi’s death.

      • ….and the blood thirsty prosecutor, since he has made it his life goal to see as many people on death row as possible, I hope there is a special place in HELL for him and his co-conspirator, Judge SS.

  15. Hi everyone. I did a search on the website Intelius criminal records on Travis Victor Alexander and 7 records pulled up in the state of California including the 2 for battery and shoplifting that have previously been mentioned on here. This site requires a subscription or a fee to pay and I already used this website before in the past. They provided me with case numbers for the various court cases involving Travis.

    There were a couple of minor records from 1999:

    CASE NUMBER: B790696 – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: OR Case Type: OFFENSE INFRACTION
    Offense Desc: DRIVING UNINSURED Offense Date: 2/11/1999
    Offense Class: B Court Name: DOUC – DOUGLAS CO CIRCUIT COURT

    CASE NUMBER: B790696 – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: OR Case Type: OFFENSE INFRACTION
    Offense Desc: FAIL TO DRIVE WITHIN LANE Offense Date: 2/11/1999
    Offense Class: B Disposition: SENTENCE
    Disposition Date: 3/15/1999 Court Name: DOUC – DOUGLAS CO CIRCUIT COURT

    Here is one from 2006:

    CASE NUMBER: M-0741-3501317 – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: AZ Case Type: TRAFFIC
    Disposition: COMPL DISMISSED BY COURT Disposition Date: 8/22/2006
    Court Name: 147 – PHOENIX MUNICIPAL

    Then, of course is the shoplifting and battery charges:

    CASE NUMBER: RIM418038 – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: SHOPLIFTING
    Offense Date: 3/7/2002

    CASE NUMBER: RIM418038 – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: BATTERY
    Offense Date: 3/7/2002

    Then, there are some other case numbers that say “not specified”. Here is a listing of those:

    Travis Victor Alexander
    Run Comprehensive Background Check on Travis Victor Alexander.

    DOB: 7/28/1977

    CASE NUMBER: RIM418038 – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: 242

    CASE NUMBER: RIM418038 – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: 490.5

    CASE NUMBER: RIM418038 – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: PC

    CASE NUMBER: 188357TA – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: NOT SPECIFIED

    CASE NUMBER: 193039TA – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: NOT SPECIFIED

    CASE NUMBER: 084177TA – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: NOT SPECIFIED

    CASE NUMBER: 839022TA – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: NOT SPECIFIED

    CASE NUMBER: 268643TA – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: NOT SPECIFIED

    CASE NUMBER: 21223PJTA – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: NOT SPECIFIED

    CASE NUMBER: 110455TA – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: NOT SPECIFIED

    CASE NUMBER: 922186TA – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    State Code: CA Offense Desc: NOT SPECIFIED

    • The battery and some of the charges were his brother using his name. Huff post reported this story. He had a brother who gave travis name when arrested.

        • Because he was a repeat felon who didn’t want to get into more trouble, so he thought that selling his brother out was a good idea. Travis’ sister Tanisha did the same thing to their sister Hilary.

      • No evidence his brother used Travis’s ID ???????????? why is there no record of clearing Travis of the charges

        • We discover that evidence here the Travis clan saw it and I think Travis sister had I cover up by saying her brother stole the ID from Travis and used it some me the evidence

          • To falsify a police report is against the law let alone being prosecuted under someone else’s
            name. Why does this not show up on his brother’s criminal record?

            • scratching my head to over that one remember the sister is a cop and in the same city and state that happened in where she worked she could have had done that to keep the defense time from using it to show he abused Jodi

              • here is what 242 is:
                “A California Penal Code pc 242 battery takes place when you willfully and unlawfully use force or violence upon another.1 You can be convicted of this offense even if you don’t harm or injure the other person, as long as you make some type of unwanted physical contact.2”

                i googled it, got this page

        • The attorneys looked into it because they would have used it if it was Travis. The mug shot clearly shows the much uglier brother.

  16. We all die sooner or later my friends. But when Jodi passes away, Valkyries will carry her soul to heaven because she has lead one hell of a fight.

    • I am not being hostile or nasty – but CAN WE PLEASE not talk about Jodi’s ‘demise”…..

      I for one have NEVER let that thought cross my mind…I refuse to be pessimistic. I am here to support Jodi and that, in my opinion, means posting OPTIMISTIC thoughts/ideas/conversations about how she will be victorious not having her soul go to heaven.

      Again I am not being nasty or attacking. I just want to be positive and supportive and that is the ultimate goal of this site.

      P.S. I do not think we should be speaking about Jodi doing anything in the PAST TENSE.

      Just my opinion.

    • I prefer to remember the line from the Titanic…’Jodi will die an old lady asleep in her bed’. Call me hopeful but I’d rather be hopeful than cynical. My belief is it’ll all come out in the wash.

        • ^5 my friend! I thought it was me today…..

          I’m kinda short-fused about this bullshit now. I’m SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK of Jodi being picked on. …

          I’m sick of the trolls and their cyber attacks. I’m sick of the media LYING and putting out bullshit for the masses.

          I’m at my fuse’s end. I HAVE HAD IT. I’m sick of being attacked. I’m sick of trolls coming into OUR HOUSE and stirring up BULLSHIT. This is NOT the time to be stirring shit – the fucking courtroom shit spew is ENOUGH.

          Jodi can’t catch a fucking break and I’m BEYOND my limit.

          • You took the words right outta my mouth!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had enough of their shit!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of the damn trolls coming here. Why can’t they go find something to do like go stir dogshit with a stick????????? Or play in a busy street? Seriously, they have no business here. I have been told I “suck balls”, I was called “gay,” I don’t know what they hell that has to do with the price of tea in China. LOL, my comment to them was we love everyone here who supports Jodi, doesn’t matter their sexual orientation. Anyway, I’m sick of their shit.

          • I’m sick of it too. I barely have enough time to keep up with what’s going on on this site let alone going to the Taliban site and stirring up shit. The must all be unemployed and have no life if all they have to do is come over here and be assholes. We are entitled to our opinion! Last time I checked it was a free country, both in the U.S. and here in Canada. They can all just fuck off and kiss my rosy red ass.


  17. Morning people. I see TA’s sainthood has come into question. But the blind fools will ignore it. Just like they ignored the pedophilia, the deviancy, the mental and physical abuse. That’s how they roll. It’s good to be on the side of reason. Let’s keep the hope alive for Jodi!!

    • Okay, I will be gone for much of the rest of the day, so if an admin reads this there is a troll post on the survivor t-shirt page in the group of responses to the first post. Name is Jayme. I alerted directly underneath. Have a great day everyone!

    • GOODMORNING everyone! SJ will be wii be checking in. I blv iff you post a TROLL alert under the comment and email him, someone WILL get it.

      Have a great a Sunday ateam Jodi and get the FUCK OUT TROLLS!!!!!

  18. CNN, abcnews, and FoxNews… all suck!! Stop bashing Jodi. For heaven’s sake is there a news network that is the least biased?

    • Haven’t found one yet, Roak! It’s like they all got together months ago to agree what side to come down on and then went on to decree Jodi guilty before the trial even began. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

  19. One of my best friends is a doctor. She told me, the very first thing she learned in medical school was; NEVER make a statement of the length of time a patient has to live…As sure as you do, they will live to PISS on your grave.

  20. I found an article today on the LDS (Latter Day Saints) Church’s Stand on Abuse. You can find the original article at

    The article has some very interesting and insightful things in it. Here is one:

    (In the pamphlet, “Responding to Abuse: Helps for Ecclesiastical Leaders” the LDS Church states, “Abuse in any form is tragic and in opposition to the teachings of the Savior. Abuse is the physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual mistreatment of others. It may not only harm the body, but it can deeply affect the mind and spirit, destroying faith and causing confusion, doubt, mistrust, guilt, and fear.” Any member of the LDS Church who abuses children or others is not a “member in good standing in this Church. The abuse of one’s spouse and children is a most serious offense before God,”)

    There is more on emotional abuse and it says this:

    (Emotional abuse is often less obvious because of the lack of yelling or physical violence but this abuse often continues to increase until it becomes physical and/or sexual. Emotional abuse includes name calling, control, demeaning statements, faultfinding, inappropriate rules, intimidation, isolation, manipulation, preventing closeness, sarcasm and put-down humor, tension, threats, unrighteous dominion, and withholding.)

    Does this not sound like the behavior that would be committed by someone who refers to himself as a “dildo with a heartbeat” and his girlfriend as a “three-hole wonder”? There’s more. It goes on to say how abuse victims or as I like to call them, “abuse survivors”, are not guilty of sin as follows:

    (Those who abuse others are responsible for their own behavior. Victims of abuse are not responsible for abuses received nor are they guilty of sin. If you or someone you know are being abused, you have the right and responsibility to protect yourself. The LDS Church’s policy “is that abuse cannot be tolerated in any form. Those who abuse or are cruel to their spouses, children, other family members, or anyone else violate the laws of God and man… the first responsibility of the Church is to help those who have been abused and to protect those who may be vulnerable to future abuse”)

    What about seeking assistance and being able to forgive? It says this:

    (Abuse should not be tolerated or endured. Victims of abuse should seek assistance from God, family members, friends, LDS Church leaders, shelters, and/or legal and police assistance when necessary.
    “Forgiveness does not require acceptance of abuse or acceptance of an abusive person. But when hurt has healed, when victims have realized that the abuse is not something they caused or deserved, when they have tried sincerely to understand the offender, and when they have prayed for charity and spiritual guidance, then peace of mind and true forgiveness will come”)

    What Jodi Arias needs right now is love and compassion, not hate and vilification. I personally feel that her defense attorneys let her down, especially Mr. Nurmi. And I do not blame Jodi Arias for feeling understandably overwhelmed and disheartened by the lack of support and defense she has received from her attorneys. Mr. Nurmi said in court that 9 days out of 10 he doesn’t like Jodi Arias. Now, I am not lawyer nor do I have the distinguished educational background that Mr. Nurmi has, but this strikes me as one of the most idiotic statements ever to be uttered by a defense attorney in a courtroom. Mr. Nurmi, it is not your job to befriend Ms. Arias. It is your job to defend her and thus far you have done a lousy job, sir.

    Mr. Nurmi has left us no choice, but to take up the mantle of defending Jodi Arias ourselves. If this is our cross to bear, then so be it. Because I will gladly defend and support Jodi Arias from now until the day she is finally free and, at last, receives deserved justice. I will gladly take the abuse from Jodi Arias’s adversaries in the media, on the Internet, in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion because I know she is innocent and I will fight for her innocence until the day I die.

    On a personal note, I am a 40 year old man and I have never been married nor have any kids. Some of you might be wondering why that is. I can tell you that it is not because I am a swinger. On the contrary, I decided many years ago to remain a virgin until marriage. I had a difficult time in school as a kid, being bullied and suffering from all sorts of psychological and verbal abuse along with the physical abuse I would endure. The negative reinforcement manifested itself inside of me by shaking my self-confidence or lack thereof to the core. I believed that I was ugly and unworthy of a woman and nothing, not even having the love and support of wonderful parents, siblings and family and friends was able to change that perception. They say that perception is reality and, for me, this was my reality for many years. I did not date in high school. I did not go to college immediately after high school and even then I did not date. It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I gradually began to come out of my shell with the assistance of a man who became one of my best friends and an older brother I never had. I took “baby steps” in the world of dating, love and relationships and have been in three relationships in my life. The last one that I was in was two years ago and I wanted to marry her after our first date together. I wanted to marry her and finally settle down to have a family, but she was not ready for that yet. It took me awhile to get past that breakup, but I decided to focus on myself and working on rebuilding my character so that when the next woman comes into my life, I will be a better man for her and from the experience.

    I was raised to respect women and to be a gentleman. I am a one-woman man and I don’t like to go out on dates with multiple women because I would rather focus on one woman, get to know her and let nature take its course. This is one of the reasons why I am not a fan of Travis Alexander. I know that “hate” is a strong word, but I hate what he did to Jodi. I hate that he treated her the way that he did because I would never do that to her or any woman. Sadly, I know that there are more men out there like Travis Alexander and it saddens me even more to think that most women believe that guys like me are the exception rather than the norm. Let me reassure you that while there may not be as many of us out there as you would like, more of us gentlemen are out there than you realize.

    • So the LDS church speaks now little late dont you think wait till they want to kill her then come forward they should have said something a long time ago and she would have gotten a lower conviction but I still believe her intruder story she is to kind and loving to have done that to him

      • Gooood afterrrrnooon . . what ^^ says isn’t new news to me but that’s ok .. it’s time to make more people aware of the way the twist turns . . I don’t want to start some political party chit but it needs to be known too .. republicans are a big part of the “money”. Mormorns gave 20 million to the republican party to fight #8,. marriage and they are on 37th go around about obamacare .. might was well say 38, 39, 40 . . they don’t get their way, even by some in their own party, they reword and try again. The teaparty gave themselves teaparty name because its sounds nicer than theives, crooks, murderers and fundamentalist control freaks. Morman equals republican and vice versa .. Jodi is being used, .. I’m afraid of the damage the teabaggers will do fkn up laws to their favor before we can get her out. So when contacting people in governmental status .. democrats are the ticket.

      • The fact is when Jodi was found guilty, she was excommunicated from the Mormon church. God can still forgive her, but she must confess her sin which is 1st Degree Murder. I pray she will sincerely do just that.

    • Thanks for the information about the church and yourself. I have a hard time with these talk shows all boosting up T.A. when they know how he was mistreating Jodi. I don’t want to put anyone down because the whole situation is very sad but it is clear that T.A. was living two lives. This duel life benefited him greatly. He was able to be viewed in a respectful manner within his church and work environment, yet manipulated Jodi into a totally different environment. Yes, she went along with it but consider why she did. It was his dominating personality against her passive personality. He was a motivational speaker for God’s sake. No pun intented. It all played a part in her psyche. His own brother describes him as “unbreakable”. This man had to practice what he preached to maintain his place in church and work but there was clearly more behind the scenes. We are all imperfect but I believe a person of good character would never mistreat a woman as he did.

      • What bothers me about the whole thing is that TA would mistreat Jodi and then turn around and do something really sweet and tender for her. That is how he made her fall in love with him. She thought she could fix him. She couldn’t stay away from him because she was so in love with him and clinging to the hope that the next encounter would be better or different. That’s what abusers do. If they were shitty 24/7 no one would want to be around them. They do their work gradually and by the time the real abuser comes out, the woman is caught, hook, line and sinker. She was trying to move on but still so vulnerable to his tender/sweet side.

        At least that’s what I think anyway.

        • Bev, you said so well. There was less than two years of a relationship between Jodi and TA – it is short time to recognize the power dynamics – especially that a lot of it was long distance – and because much of it was not even verbal but tricky mind games – and because Jodi’s family past put the red line of abuse quite high for her.

          I went through it all and understand a long distance abusive relationship – still JA was bigger SOB than my man. In another one I had not noticed any other abuse but physical – which came 4 years into it and made me separate. Then his friends told me they did not like the way he treated me all that time. I was Jodi’s age. Late 20 are a horror. After 30 we are reassured of who we are in mating 🙂

        • You are right and many, many, people can relate that they have been in toxic love relationships. It spun out of control on June 4th, sadly, but I do not believe it was planned. I do not believe he was as together as he displayed to others, either. He wanted control and I believe had the control. Once he realized Jodi was seriously going to move on, he did not like it. She was food for his ego. I feel bad though at the way this ended but this is how I see it, despite the talk shows that want to boost ratings with mistruth’s. He was much, much, more deceitful than her. He lead a big lie and a duel life, not her.

    • ” Abuse is the physical, emotional, sexual, or spiritual mistreatment of others. It may not only harm the body, but it can deeply affect the mind and spirit, destroying faith and causing confusion, doubt, mistrust, guilt, and fear.” Any member of the LDS Church who abuses children or others is not a “member in good standing in this Church. The abuse of one’s spouse and children is a most serious offense before God,”)”

      Oh boy……don’t get me started!! I will ALWAYS come back to the day of her BAPTISM IN THE LDS CHURCH!!! “Abuse is……..the spiritual mistreatment of others. It may not only harm the body, but can deeply affect the mind and spirit, destroying faith and causing conusion, doubt, mistrust, guilt and fear.”

      So her ABUSER performs the ritual of baptism on her, drys her off, smiles for the camera for the picture and then later bends her over and has anal sex with her because vaginal sex is against the church (lie) so her ABUSER can still claim he is a virgin (lie)! (not to mention how Jodi’s standing in the church may be affected!) This is CLEAR CUT abuse and it did cause harm to her “mind and spirit”, destroyed her ability to have a healthy “faith” and most certainly caused “confusion, doubt, mistrust, guilt and fear.”

      Where is the confusion in her abuser being a member LDS in good standing? According to their OWN WORDS it is a MOST SERIOUS OFFENSE BEFORE GOD!!!

      Sooooooo tired of this whole mess. Enough.

    • Frank, it’s nice to know there are still a few good guys around. I hope you find a lady worthy of you. It will happen!

  21. The haters are ranting about this site again. I guess having an opinion based on actual evidence rather than Juan’s rants means nothing to them. Or that others have a right to their opinion and freedom of speech. They make me sick.

    • They are too stupid to quit . . they back up and ram their head into our brick wall over and over again. They go on about how they gather info when all they’re doing is stacking knot after knot on their hard heads. It’s kinda funny actually . like Stewie . . mom mom mom mom over and over again just to get a hi .. oh sry hi (high) would be suggestive for some of them oops lol

    • I don’t know why the haters even bother coming here. I mean really – if what we say and what we think are so offensive to them, why do they keep coming back?

      The funniest comments are from the ones going “oh well I only said this so why am I banned? Why do I get a blank page?” Well maybe if you’re that bothered by where we stand, you shouldn’t be reading here anyway. Go read a book, collect stamps, learn how to swim, or better yet why don’t you take a look at the evidence of this case before running your mouth on the Internet. I don’t know, do SOMETHING other than make a public nuisance of yourself because we don’t want to hear it.

      Wherever they comment, they just expose themselves for the abusers and bullies they really are. For such BRAVE aggressors look at how how COURAGEOUS they are for telling off .0001% of the internet. 🙄

    • Yeah we are all the same person posting over and over did you know that Jeff? LMAO They need to stay the fuck off give this site all their money to those leeching felons the Alexanders. Why do we bother them so much and they love to attack SJ too.

      • I meant let them give all their money to the freakshow Alexander family. They will soon all be rearrested for not paying taxes and new drug charges—watch and see.

  22. Never 1st but always love to hear from the most heartfelt humans on this site anytime of the day when time permits. You have helped me grow!

  23. We must be stronger than ever. Please pray as hard as you can for Jodi. Pray for mercy, compassion and forgiveness. I know in my heart it will be alright. Jodi can feel all your energies in her little cell right now. Think about that, how we all connected in life. She is holding on to the faith and is praying too. Last night was especially hard for me to sleep and I have lost a lot of weight since Jodi took the stand. I tried to imagine being in that cell telling her not to give up, people are pulling for her. If this tragedy never happened, none of this would happened and you good people, where would you be? I think a lot of good has come out from this, depends how you want to see it. For me, society spoke its mind whether kind or evil, it is all there. I choose to believe in the impossible. Never give up society, there is still a lot of good left in this world. Your hard work will pay off.

    • I agree, Be Well. I think it is a wonderful thing that all of our paths have converged here, where Jodi’s freedom may *seem* insurmountable, but we all have hope and that’s a beautiful thing. Also, the belief that I adhere to is that Jesus told us there would be tribulations in life but to be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. I believe that, and I try to remain optimistic. There is a constant battle of good versus evil, but good always prevails. Hang in there, Jodi! You are in my daily prayers.

  24. Lets band together as beautiful human energies all over the world and pull together for this human being. Pray for this jury to see pass the hate and show MERCY! Even the evil is out there is so disgusted of the love we share here. They can’t stand us because good prevails. So we will prevail, just believe we already won!

  25. hey guys, back for a little bit. I saw some really good work done last night! I am going to start my list sometime today and I know that I will need everyone’s help andddddddd if anyone else is doing something and I can help then let me know. I can catch on pretty quick or so I think, lol. If you already have a list of what all we can do, tell me and if I can then I’ll help you add to yours.

    • Hi cj…if there’s a collaboration to do something for Jodi that I missed, please let me know. I am willing to do whatever I can to help. 🙂

      • I was just wanting to start making a list of all the evidence that was NOT shown at the trial so that maybe when appeal time comes, it will help shed the light. I think someone else was doing this too and thought if we all did then we might have some really great points. I can’t remember who it was right now though. It would be something to give to her appellate atty. I hope she gets a bulldog this time. Then after that list we can make a list of what was wrong with this trial, like it being a complete and utter media slur campaign against Jodi. I just know that we can do something.

        • That sounds good. I think the most compelling thing for someone to look into is the intruder theory. I really do.

        • Hey CJ
          It is Chris making a list for Jodi’s appeal- I believe it was posted a couple of days ago. Also I think Sil was asking for help too…

          • Yes…I do need help.

            1. I need is a transcript of JM’s opening statement.
            2. A transcript of JM’s closing statement.
            3. A transcript of JM’s statements on Phase 1 of the aggravating factors to make the death of TA especially cruel.

            I will also need transcripts of the ME’s original testimony…the second testimony where he changed his original testimoney…and the third one where he discussed the Dura mater.

            I will also need all the details of the case against DF’s for perjury. His testimony was part of the main argument to put the DP on the table. What he said is one of the main reasons DP was allowed. So he lied about it and he was charged with perjury and still the judge let the DP stand.

            there are many other things we will need. But I’m still working on the letters.

            Thanks for all your help! =)

            • You can order transcripts from the court reporters at the court. They will probably cost you about $20 for each one.

                • You will need the dates and times, and probably need the exact page numbers, but a representative at the court reporter’s office should be able to help you with that. They have been transcribed previously, no doubt (for the attorneys and possibly the media), so you may be able to get a discount for a copy. Be prepared to wait though. It’s not a quick process and, if you call, you may sit on hold for quite some time. Oh, and you’ll most likely have to send them a stamped addressed envelope, as well.

        • There are cold case type re-tired detectives that will look over old crime scenes/files for new clues, so I’m wondering if we can find a group like that to find evidence supporting the intruder murder? I admit, I thought Jodi had killed TA in self-defense, but from everything I’ve read here and other sites, I’m starting to believe that Jodi has only taken the fall for the real murderers. At the very least, every avenue should be explored to help Jodi, even if she can’t due to fear/intimidation.

    • “Bad health takes it tolls on the jurors who decided on a death penalty for Wendy Adriano…”

      I wrote this post the other day and am reposting for those who didn’t see it.


      * Jurors’ Remorse

      As a former sequestered juror in a hi-profile case who gave a REAL monster 3 death sentences and 4 Lwop sentences, and who has lived with my thoughts, conscience and dreams for over 30 years since the trial, and a few years since his comeuppance, a needle in the Tennessee State Prison, I can tell you what’s coming up for these jurors. I’m your expert witness in this regard.

      (in 1980, Nashville) Johnson (with no disguise or mask) walked into Bob Bell’s Market (that he regularly frequented, eveyone knew him) where the owner’s 12-year-old son was told to empty the cash register. Johnson then shot the boy in the head, (actually the little black bookworm A-student had his face blown completely off) wounded his father (seriously)and a friend (making him a quadraplegic forever) in the store, and gunned down (shot and killed) James Moore and Charles House (who had nothing to do with anything) outside while they sat in a taxicab. In 1987, Johnson was one of two death row inmates convicted in the 1985 beating death of fellow prisoner Laron Williams at the old Tennessee Penitentiary. ” (Actually he killed two Death Row inmates. He beat the charge of killing an inmate for being on the phone too long). A monster…

      At first, after the trial, I didn’t go back to work for 2 weeks. Self-doubt, nightmares, regular psychological counseling over a 2 or 3 year period. Did I do the right thing? I physically signed his Death Warrant, a document that would be read to him immediately prior to slipping in the needle. He would hear MY name read aloud as the reason he was one minute from meeting his Maker.

      I have had intrusive thoughts, major depressive episodes, PTSD and a splash of BPD since his THUG family threatened to kill the entire jury. On TV. On the 5 o’clock news. In the local Nashville newspaper.

      I and my paralyzed wife live as hermits…

      To make a long story short. This will not go away for any juror who has a conscience. When they learn that a DV 2-way fight (IMO) gone REAL BAD is not a DP case, at least some of them WILL come forward because they will feel a deep sense of shame after realizing that JM/HLN sold them a sack of shit as it relates to the M1 and DP charge. Some will commit suicide. I predict 1/3 of them will seek therapy. Some will move on with their lives, but not all. If they tell you that 5 years from now, most of them will be lying.

      The Fat Lady will NEVER sing for many of these jurors. IMO, of course.

      For now, it’s the glare/glow of being important that soothes their conscience. At least a few of them, statistically, actually have a conscience no matter how we sometimes don’t think so.

      I’m old and have a terminal disease. I won’t live to see what happens to the jurors many years from now. Just remember that an old hermit from Tennessee told you so.

      Thanks to the admins for this fine site. May God bless everyone here, even the f’in haters.


      • So sorry Ed. I can only imagine half of what you deal with and if it’s any consolation, we’re in it for the good. To now, as supporters for not just Jodi but the universal issues in this case, we still feel repercussions of, what all can we do, are we doing enough, are we missing something, etc. Being human and moral isn’t easy either way. As far as God blessing the haters, we forget, God hates too. We’ll be ok,and like you I most likely won’t see this thru but damn Tennessee, we’re here now, lol. 🙂

      • Thanks for sharing that Ed. It’s really a terrible ominous burden and responsibility to place on the shoulders of jurors, regular people, isn’t it? I didn’t know that the jurors’ names were read prior to execution. I’ve always stayed as far away as I can from executions. I wasn’t raised in a society where capital punishment was ever issued. I believe it was abolished temporarily before I was born and that abolition was made permanent when I was just a small child. As such, it was always something I considered barbaric, not simply unjust.

        When John Wayne Gacy was executed while I lived in IL, I vomited and was shaken to my core. Even though he was truly a monster, I couldn’t comprehend others rejoicing in the death of anyone. Many argued with me that it brought closure to the victims’ families, but it seems some families do not find closure, especially because the process of appeals takes so long, simply prolonging the victims’ families agony.

        Gacy had such a troubled past, from being molested as a child himself, to arrests and incarcerations for sodomy and abuse of teenage boys. He had even confessed to one of his wives that he was attracted to young men. There were so many investigations, but none proved fruitful. It seems to me that our society, as a whole, failed to notice the problems this man suffered from. Post-mortem examinations of his brain revealed no abnormalities. Perhaps, since he was talking about his crimes, an indepth psychological study over many years would have better served our society to determine what makes a person a serial killer.

        I’m so sorry you had to make such a decision all those years ago, Ed, and that it haunts you even today. What sets us apart from the remorseless killers of our society is out ability to not feel right about even putting someone to death in a legal fashion. May you find peace knowing you did what you were charged with doing. Blessings.

      • It’s very sobering to think the names of the jurors are read at the time of the execution. Makes my hair stand on end. I’m sorry it has haunted you all these years. Shows your integrity.

      • You know what Ed? You and your wife are good people. It’s balm to the soul to know that there are people like you.

      • Ed, please stick around for as long as you can. I have found this site only yesterday via Twitter where I was fighting for Jody feeling so alone and disgusted by the mob, these bullies are countless, there must be some e-clones there too. To the real people here – I am not a troll. Thanks to you I may be able not to fall into depression again. And be my normal spirit strong self. Good night.

        ps. Ed thanks for the jury witnessing. I think there were a couple jurors who tried to think using their own mind – but they were prevented from expressing their view. This is my guessing. This unanimous verdict is impossible. Unless of course they were part of the twitter mob as well. What would prevent them from doing this?

    • SJ….or any other site moderator….please read the email that I sent to SJ a few minutes ago…thanks…

  26. Hello beautiful family! I am getting nervous already for tomorrow. I hope the weekend helped Jodi get some much needed rest and I am praying for her. .and us! Tomorrow is going to be nerve wracking, to say the least. I hope you all had a nice weekend, big hugs, love you, Jessie

  27. Hey Team Jodi,

    I just wanted to say that I made a donation today and I’d like to send Jodi a postcard tomorrow. Can you tell me if it will get to her address that is posted here on the website? Thanks for listening!

  28. These juror’s should suffer sleepless nights and anguish if they impose the death penalty…they should be suffering now with their M1 verdict. That case above that Frank related seems cut and dried but it still stuck in this juror’s craw. Much less this convoluted case of lies versus the actual mental and physical abuse of Jodi!! Who gives man the right to kill Jodi for defending herself? And who gives society the right to cheer her death on? Please don’t say God you raging hypocrites!! Although I am not a religious person in the literal sense, may lightening strike you where you stand. As for JVM intruding on Jodi’s privacy, someone should knock that bitch into next week.

  29. Speaking only for myself, but feel welcome to agree with me. lol

    1. Yes, I will continue to keep my eye out for anyone who seems trollish or gives *me that kind of vibe. The fact is, everyone who Jodi ever trusted, ended up betraying her. That part of her good nature is somewhat responsible for her current situation. So, maybe I’m jaded, or whatever, but I don’t trust anyone just right of the bat. Sorry if that offends anyone. I’m not here to babysit your feelings. The following days are crucial for Jodi. Travis already got his justice as far as his supporters are concerned. And now, they’re going for the kill. So yes, we are VERY sensitive right now and there is nothing wrong with that. If you are a TRUE Jodi supporter, just keep posting your support…your motives, if sincere, will come through. I won’t attack anyone without just cause. ok?

    2. Yes, there are things that are being done to help Jodi. I mentioned a few days ago about starting a massive letter writing campaign where all of us can participate including those who do not live in the States. That is already in the works. We want to be ready with said letters as soon as we find out what this jury will decide tomorrow. I am the most optimistic person in the world, but I have absolutely no faith in this jury. However, since I can’t be 100% certain as what they will ultimately decide, I have to wait on their decision before I can proceed.

    3. Yes, eventually we will need to collect money for Jodi’s appeals. That is really going to be one of the most substantial ways to help her out. Some very smart individuals are looking into establishing a trust for that very purpose. This money will be used for that purpose and that purpose only. You won’t see that money given to her family so they can live in the lap of luxury or for paying for them to have four mexican maids. When we get to that point. It will be up to you good kind-hearted people to assist if you can. I know I have some money already saved for Jodi.

    4. This item is a little painful to discuss, but I must. And this goes to the trust issue I discussed above. And bear in mind that I am always willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Anyway…It was brought to the attention of the board that one of our very own had posted VERY negative things about Jodi during the month of April. These comments are still there for anyone to read. Of course, I am hoping that this was a person who just changed her mind about Jodi and came over to the light side. I am really hoping that’s the case because I absolutely LOVE this person and it would be oh so very hurtful to me and to many others here, if she had been a mole all along. 🙁 …I’m asking her to please, just say anything to explain. I am not a hater. I believe no one here is. In fact, I believe most of us here are compassionate individuals. That is what we preach every day in our quest of trying to get Jodi some justice. So I ask you to just let us know something even if you just communicate privately through SJ or someone else you have contact with outside of this board.

    5. Jodi needs as many supporters as she can get. Please don’t feel shy about posting your support. But if you are a troll…why the fuck do you want to be here, when there are so many other places where you can celebrate and clap and cheer with fellow TA supporters. Is your life that pathetic? Why don’t you concentrate on your cause and let us concentrate on ours? Go give some more money to the Alexanders so they can take care of all their probation fees and fines.

    The end.

    • Great post, Sil. I have must have missed your post about the letter campaign, but I want to help anyway I can. I believe I know who you’re talking about in #4. I hope it’s not true and that maybe someone was pretending to be this person. If not, it seems pretty stupid for this person to use the same name to both bash and support Jodi at the same time. The haters have no limits and it seems they will do anything to stir up trouble. Hopefully the truth comes out.

    • Thank you Frank, I love your posts, btw. =)

      cj, right back at ya! <3

      Moni…LOVE ya, Girl! <3

      Britney…I'll try to find it for you.<3

    • can someone tell us how maricopa co.juries usually sway in a death penalty case. I live in the
      northeast and I doubt if this case would even be considered for the DP. I believe Az. is a very
      conservative state. It looks to me that there is good chance they will vote for DP but I hope not.

    • Sil, thanks for your post. I agree with you about the haters. Why would they want to be here among us? I guarantee they are not going to change my mind. I am firmly in Jodi’s court and feel any further information that comes out will be in her favour. Probably more information the prosecution suppressed. Not to mention the shabby police work.

      As for #4, I am concerned with the silence that has been apparent since. If that were me I would be breaking my neck to set things straight.

      I think we are all a bit over sensitive these days especially with the recent attacks. Can’t we have just one place where we are safe to state our opinion without being attacked for it?

      • Thank you, Bev. That’s the point I’m trying to make. Why if they’ve already won, are they not satisfied? What is that need they have that compels them to visit our site? Right?

    • I don’t know who you are referring to regarding someone who supports Jodi now but initially posted negatively about her but I can give you a possibility as to why. I questioned things about Jodi early on in large part, due to watching HLN for trial coverage and hearing the constant shit storm they put on her. After Jodi testified I started to feel more certain of her innocence as to M1, but again, still had questions regarding the parents police interviews and such. I really started reading the posts on here to see the other side of the story and what people believed about these things while believing in Jodi’s innocence. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my gut instinct was right all along and that Jodi DiD kill in self defense and that I was getting clouded by HLN and their lynch mob mentality.
      I said all that to say that it’s definitely possible to “see the light” over here after reading other people’s thoughts and views and truly giving Jodi the benefit of innocent until proven guilty. Sometimes it’s like you start thinking if the whole country thinks she’s guilty but you think she’s innocent, then maybe you are wrong. It’s like following the popular crowd in highschool, if they do something then you want to go along with it. The problem with that mentality is that this isn’t highschool ,this is a young woman’s life at stake and her freedom.
      I think the biggest reason that we are small in number compared to TA supporters is that it takes BALLS and INTELLIGENCE to go “against the grain” and decide things based on facts and not sensationalism.

      • When I first heard about this case it was, of course through HLN. Even then I was yelling at the TV. Yelling back to that crazy NG about how abusive he was to her etc. Thankfully I found this site fairly early on and was immediately welcomed and felt I was home. I have not watched HLN at all for about a week and prior to that it was only listening to them on satellite radio on the way to and from work. (Very bad for my road rage problem). I must say this past week without ANY HLN has been very cleansing, calming and relaxing. Other than the stress and helplessness I feel about this whole sorry mess that Jodi is in. I feel much better.

        You are right SET it takes balls and intelligence to think critically and form your own opinion without going along like those poor, sorry lemmings.

        I do find it alarming that a TV station is able to have so much negative influence on people. Very scarey.

      • Hi Set- I’m fairly sure the person Sil refers to has already been banned. I think many people had different opinions when they first heard about this case. I was fortunate enough to find you guys early on because I caught on to HLN’s BS a long time ago, so as soon as I saw they were reporting on this trial I knew I would need to do some digging to get to the facts. When I did, I was immediately convinced of Jodi’s innocence after one look at the “Flores Report” red flags flew wildly!
        Anyway, no worries, I understand exactly where you are coming from 🙂

    • A couple of thoughts …. aren’t Jodi’s appeal(s) funded by the State of Arizona?

      Also, I’ve seen from time to time folks post that they have been over on the pro-Travis Alexander boards trying to stir up trouble. Is that a good idea? We sure get ruffled up when they come over here.

      I’m pretty slow to anger and unabashedly curious. I have always thought the media’s coverage of anything is only about 2% accurate — whether it’s a sensational story, elections, crimes or even the weather. Case in point — I was in Haiti shortly after the earthquake. It was all over the U.S. news that the relief efforts were woefully ineffective because pallets of food were rotting on the tarmac. The truth? There were pallets of food that rotted on the tarmac — 12/1500.

      Sure makes it hard to maintain a balanced perspective, huh?!

  30. Well, I’m off again to see if the kids are cleaning the pool and start cooking dinner. Oh what fun, lol. See you all laters!

      • Slept in and now up again to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! Haters all around me in my life. Out of all my friends and family I am the only one who supports jodi. So over here its constant arguements over this issue. Let me go get my boxing gloves

        • I just think if some people are naive in their own protective perfect life. Soccer moms and great husbands, and while woman are out there getting abused these perfect peoples big fight is what flavor of ice cream to buy on this wonderful sunday afternoon. They dont get it. They have never known abuse and therefore cant believe this great motivational speaker travis alexander would ever abuse that creepy-eyed jodi arias. I tend to think the opposite that travis eyes are creepy. .we all know what a creep he was. OMG in court, those e-mails, there were so many girls he was tryin to get. There were at least 9 all together

        • Hi Candie…

          This page is for all posters. Whether or not you have access to any other page on this site is irrelevant.

          As a new poster, please calm down about not having access to anything. You are not being singled out.

          The vent and mission parts of this site have been abolished. Do not worry your head.

          Let’s get to know each other shall we? How long have you been frequenting our house?

          • Um… I’ve been posting for MONTHS

            Your tone is rude. My “pretty little head” was wondering why I can’t vent and if the mission was something that required help I was willing to do so.

            I have no desire to get to know you at this point

  31. All I can say is Jodi DID NOT GET A FAIR TRIAL!!!
    To much of this crap on TV and the jury says they didn’t see it????
    Come on it’s every where, and I felt the judge was for Martinez all the way!!!
    This jury should of been put in a hotel with NO TV NOTHING!!!
    It’s fixed and everyones in on it!!!!

  32. Afternoon my “friends”!!!!! Just passing through. I’ve been cleaning my bedroom today and I’m still at it!!! Maybe I should be on hoarders!!!!

    ((((((((((HUGS TO Y’ALL))))))))))

  33. I have updated my narrrative on the Walmart return,

    Latest narrative
    (1) In 2008, there was just one Walmart in Salinas, stored #2458, located as N. Davies.
    (2) In 2010, the store relocated to N. Main Street, still store #2458. See “Community of Salinas Welcomes New Walmart”
    (3) Some time later the N. Davies store reopened, as store #5751. (as per Walmart store finder) See also “Walmart: Westridge store to reopen in fall”
    (4) The Tire and Lube Express part of the store did not relocate.
    (5) The tills of the Tire and Lube Express would have been reprogrammed with store #5751.
    Those are the tills that need to be checked to find the kerosene can return.

    See for hyperlinks.

      • Well, we have the appeal to come.

        analysis suggest the Walmart return was about the only puported evidence left.

        I try quite hard to keep things in perspective. It’s unjust that Jodi was ever imprisoned, but there are many injustices in the world. Sometimes they take time to fix.

        Supporting people who are unjustly in prison means patience.

        • “Supporting people who are unjustly in prison means patience.”

          Thank you for saying that. I have to keep reminding myself. 🙁

          • The silver lining there is that when its showtime again, the hate mob will have moved on to some other poor soul whose blood is ripe for the suckin’.

    • 15 years ago i worked at a Walmart for almost 3 years and there is no way that they can claim with a straight face that you would be able to find a record of every single return that is made at Walmart. Especially when the item is under $20….things get hectic, lines are long and employees will take shortcuts sometimes (like scanning another similar item of the same price or using a dummy sku or simple human error there are a million different scenarios it could of been) when the lines are long or even when they’re not…

      That was many years ago that I worked there but since then Ive done plenty of shopping there and have done several returns and its not like they have perfect book/recordkeeping being done there…

      That should not of even been allowed in the trial (the walmart employee testifying about walmarts return policy and how they keep records of it etc…) in my opinion it was ridiculous

    • Wouldn’t you want the original stores tills checked #2458 since this is the store that was there at the time? And do we know which walmart store the employee who testified was from?

      • AB,

        I see your another newcomer………and apparently didn’t watch the testimony from the Walmart employee …. there was only one Walmart store in Salinas in 2008…. which didn’t relocate until 2010…

        • Actually I have posted a couple of times before and always felt that Jodi would be / should be acquitted or manslaughter at worst. I could never figure out why Jodi would lie about something like a gas/kero can. I don’t believe she lied about it, but have always wondered if her defense exhausted their investigation to find a “kero” 5 gal return on that particular day or a misc return for the same dollar amount. To me the cans are meaningless. She never tried to hide the receipts and filled them back up on her way home. Jodi is the victim of the mob mentality led by JM, the Alexanders, and the media. I do not understand how there wasn’t at least one juror that saw this for what it is – a DV situation that ended up in a killing. I really hope that Jodi fights for her life tomorrow but continues to speak the truth which is she never intended to kill Travis.

          • AB,

            This is a huge MORMOM cover-up and Jodi took the rap for it… Now she’s protecting her family. I totally get it when she states” I just wanted to be friends” you never want to be the enemy of the abuser………. keeping your friends close and your enemeis closers as the saying goes.

            I hope to God when Jodi is set FREE her family sues the Fk out of HLN………Trials should never be played out in the media….

            She’s young and so free spirited……. kind soul, and was looking for love. Isn’t that every young women’s dream? TA was a control freak, with fetish sick twisted motives to ruin a beautiful young woman.

              • I agree with all you said in this part of posting. I also thought: acquitted or manslaughter. Still think that some jurors gave in to the mob thinking and are afraid for their own families. To understand the DV part required a. some abstract deductions b. ones own retrospective experience with DV as a survivor (and 8 men would not have it). Till tomorrow! I hope that Defense will show some more professional body language toward Jodi.

  34. good afternoon yawl…hope everyone is having a great sunday…hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for Jodi!

  35. Things that make you go hmmmm??? It seems I remember hearing that it was one of the Hughes brothers playing matchmaker between Jodi and Ryan Burns (does anyone else remember hearing this? I don’t remember where I heard it though but almost positive I heard that somewhere) and as we all know Jodi was on her way to see Burns when she stopped in Mesa…

    ….. Why would a Hughes brother be playing matchmaker for Jodi with anyone when Chris & Sky Hughes didn’t even allow Jodi in their home (according to them anyway) and Travis was afraid of her because she was psychotic & stalking him???

    Maybe it was a surprise to whoever the two intruders (I don’t know if I believe there were 2 intruders or not but it is something to think about when Jodi passed the lie detector test with the intruder story, it may have been C & S Hughes just like Jodi said a man and a woman) were when Jodi was at TA house when they showed up to off TA because Jodi was supposed to be on her way to Utah to see Burns. Maybe the plan had been to kill Jodi when she was in Utah & somehow frame her for TA death & Jodi wouldn’t be able to defend herself because she would be dead…maybe they planned on making it look like a suicide …like their original plan had been to make it look as if Jodi when on her way to Utah stopped at TA house & killed him then went on her way to see Burns in Utah but she couldn’t take the guilt of what she did to TA so she killed herself a few days later or maybe they planned to make it appear as if she had an unfortunate accident on an ATV when she went out (or she was invited to go but I’m sure they were surprised when she turned their offer down and decided to she was going to head home instead) with Burns & Hughes brothers to ride ATV’s with them that day….

    Maybe that is why the intruders ultimately didn’t kill Jodi at TA house because then they couldn’t frame her for the murder, if Jodi was killed along with TA at his house then possibly the intruders are risking being charged with the murder ????

    It just seems weird….so many things don’t add up and IM not saying anything other than this scenario is one of many that should of been investigated instead of Flores focusing in on Jodi and no one else

    Why in the world wouldn’t Chris Hughes be concerned when his best buddy TA missed an important conference call when that wasn’t something he would ever normally do? Then 4-5 days go by and he still hasn’t heard from TA yet he isn’t the least bit concerned?? Seems anyone in that situation would be worried something had happened to their friend but not CH….weird

    • I don’t want to give my opinion about that so let me put a cleaner twist on it instead cause I’d hate myself for posting the opinion so I’ll do this one . .” Ryan .. the hughes are not your friend, they were not doing you a favor matchmaking. They threw you under the bus because they think you’re goofy and Jodi might make you feel special”. So after we made sure tdogg was out of the way, because he wouldn’t be willing to share, Sorry bud, yer on yer own, gl”. His testimony was concocted to make a slander, he would have given up his faith for Jodi. Jodi outclass’s all of them. They are more smitten with Jodis beauty than Jodi is even aware of about herself.

    • yes to match maker (((( CM )))) once they could not kill her they had to do the next thing start the framing her for stacking and letting others know she killed him at first Mimi did not know anything about Jodi then she testifies she knew everything slashing tires who started that one leave a crime seen unattended for 5 day to remove items to clean and remove evidence that maybe someone else may have been there good sleuthing CM

      • Slashing the tires could of been a pissed off roommate, like the one that moved out without notice. Could of been old gf, pissed off PPL person, or someone from the Mormom Cult…………. we have no proof of who slashed the tires to date………….it’s all hearsay and speculation….!!! Stick to the facts and evidence………….. and we will find them.

    • Hi CM,

      JA testified on direct that Zion Lovingier, Sky Hughes’ brother, played matchmaker between her and Ryan Burns. This is the same Zion who came on TV along w/ his friend Anthony Vaeena to complain about how Jodi invited herself to go on their surfing trip to Mexico.

      • I thought David Hughes got Jodi and Ryan together. But I heard him say that on HLN so if Jodi said different then of course I would be wrong. I do remember him saying he set them up, but it wouldn’t be the first or last lie to come out of the Hughes’ mouth!

        • It’s all in the family anyway. I find it interesting how everyone has a Jodi story to tell. Does HLN pay for these interviews? Because if they don’t, it’s really laughable that all these people are whoring for free! Makes me think of the movie “To Die For” where Nicole Kidman’s character says: You aren’t really anybody in America if you’re not on TV.

    • Does anyone know what the questions on the polygraph were?
      If anything I figured they would support he DV claim and not the intruder story

      • well it’s on an hln youtube where they couldn’t get their story straight as to if they had been to tas house, she first says yes as he’s saying no then she stutters and never come up with a definitive yes or no til he glosses over it and they alllllwaaays look at each other during interviews unless her rabbit in the headlights look is face on cam. He postures every time he opens his mouth, same stance, squares shoulders, zero expression . . programmed mentality.

        • Mormons remind me very much of scientologists. Walking zombies with missions and secrets. I watched a documentary about it. Very scary. And they all cover for each other. And both of these cult religions walk around with that glazed look in their eyes as if they have been programmed

          • I like Scientology they help me when I was really down and could not understand what to do they showed me how to take the memories of my past abuse and to think like my brain was a computer you store it and you open it look at it and then store it again they did not start this on-slot of Jodi the Mormons the prosecutor that was paid for by the family but I think the Hughes had a hand in that by the Media by the PPL who changed there name to something else by Travis’s friends that hit the Media and worst of all her own defense team that in 2010 told her to change the story of the intruder’s did it because of the emails and the voice recording they did this to her she held to that story for 2 yrs and only after Ashley death and Matt backing out and changing his statement to the defense team we see how they are now but back then people were dieing if they spoke up someone could have threatened his family and he has one he told Jodi to leave him out of this and the loving caring person Jodi is she said she would and has not asked him for his help… now she ready for the death sentence to hit her

      • Talk to me, mystery and gwen. What made you come here AFTER the verdict? Where were you all along? How do you feel about the Alexanders? Jodi?

  36. Now that the Alexander family have been exposed as the dross of society, what are protectors of pedophilia to do? Having been decorticated, they are sure to attempt to smother any hope Jodi Arias has of redemption. They are merely magnified puppets who deign to drink long draughts from the poisoned well of hate.

  37. I posted on a message to Jodi page, but I don’t see it. I wish the best for Jodi. I pray and have prayed all along for Jodi. I feel Jodi is innocent. I believe she did NOT get a fair trial. I hope who ever conveys these sentiments to Jody does so, as I think all the positive comments are given as truth and love for Jodi!

  38. People who wish the worst for Jodi, mark my words, are the first to beg for mercy when/if something happens to them. Things do happen in mysterious ways beyond our human control when we wish the worse for others. Therefore, it is not our place to teach anyone a lesson. So for those self-righteous and above the law characters, you are cowards!!! You will be the first to hide, like in the Bible it says, “rocks fall on me because I cannot bear to see the light from the Heavens”. Unlike Jodi, she has shown more grace by just taking the abuse and the humiliation in the courtroom and yet people are not done with her. Really, this trial has brought out the worst in people. So I believe it has absolutely nothing to do with Jodi because they were already stained by their own sins. Sinners who throw rocks on Jodi, are what? Definitely not Saints!

  39. This is beginning to reek of McCarthyism. Ah, the good old days. As in if your opinion differs from mine in the slightest and you are a suspected Jodi supporter then I shall infiltrate your space, glean what I can, attack your character and report to my superiors. No need to investigate. I AM a Jodi supporter and have been for a while along with the long time supporters. I hope everyone here is what they claim to be. If so I am happy to have you. If not, what’s your point?

  40. Just read a twitter of Donald Trump saying “DP”. This triggered me. I just had some pure strawberry-raspberry juice. I needed to cleanse my negativity and have peace.

    • I’m sure I saw picture of Donald plugging his blue tooth in to NG ass.
      I think Gwen has photograph of this and will back me.
      Funny thing…I’ve never lost a minutes sleep over anything that come out DT mouth.

      • I have the photo and it’s in a secret guarded file. Should DT ever try to get the presidential nomination again and then chooses NG as his running mate. Not that there’s a chance in hell but only then will it be revealed. lol

  41. Why is it such a hard concept to accept?, BWS has been around for centuries.I am so sick of the comment .”Why did she drive a 1,000 miles to go see him?” Such closed mindedness.DO you all live in a bubble? I am just not getting this.Are people actually chosing to stay blind and ignorant? The haters are spewing some of the dumbist things I have ever heard.OPEN YOUR SMALL PEA BRAIN AND LET IT IN.IT WONT KILL YOU.Actually invest a minute to watch the trial w/o HLNs bullshit bias commentary.CRITICAL THINKING is available to all that seek.Take a moment to read about mormonism.I have looked at this from( some of the haters viewpoints)and it just does not compute.It is nonsensical and totally without fact.Mind control is common place in mormonism and seems its seeped out into the general population.I am just still shocked ,but grateful that you are all here to keep my faith in humankind! Thanks.

    • It’s a known fact that people who kill a loved one/someone close to them almost always cover the body afterwards. Why didn’t JA do this? Every time I see the shower pic with TA’s robe just hanging there, I wonder. If she did it, why wouldn’t she cover him up with that? Furthermore, that robe doesn’t look like it was disturbed in the least. Was it tested for blood? Him being left there like that points more to someone else doing it, it’s too impersonal. I am leaning more toward the intruders/other people being there and JA so traumatized by what she witnessed she has very faulty memory and/or has been threatened. Or maybe she was forced to partake, those stab wounds on his back could have been made by her because they are more shallow than the other. TA pics in the shower need a closer look, some of them I think could have blood trickling down his neck already, like maybe he was being tortured. I don’t buy anything the prosecution presented in this trial.

      • Thanks JC and MJ I just haven’t been posting much lately. I have been here just hardto post from the flippen phone. I needed to take the weekend of to get some perspective. Didn’t. work I’m. still pissed as hell. I want to save Jodi and I can’t ..I guess that’s the mom in me.

    • My gosh, those 2 will not stop. If they think their being on all these shows will make them celebrities and help them make more money I think they are crazy. Well, they are aren’t they?

    • what else is there to say that hasnt already been said? Id seriously like to beat Skye’s ass. Sock her right in the schnoz. Ah but I wont.

      • I know! 15 minutes are up, assholes! Go home!

        Sky is a stone-cold, Queen Bee bitch and Chris is a grade-A moronic asshole. Both are liars and have sociopathic traits.

        • I have to say I have never in my life seen anything like the venom directed at a murder defendant as I have seen with Jodi Arias. And it is not the run-of-the-mill venom; it is actually orchestrated. O.J. Simpson never had an organized lynch mob after him, not even by the media. This case is utterly unique because of the cultlike atmosphere of the a small group of LDS, who seem to think defending a Jack (shit) Mormon like Travis Alexander is like defending the church itself.

          At bottom this is a Chris and Sky Hughes production, this hate. I am sure they got to CBS initially back in 2009 for “48 Hours” and spewed their lies about Jodi and Travis. It was all about the cover up with them.

          They talk about Jodi being “evil,’ but those two are about as evil as it gets. Their LIES were exposed in this trial, and they continue on their merry way, cashing in on somebody they really didn’t care about except they needed to keep Travis’s image “pure” so it wouldn’t be a terrible reflection on THEM for having hired him for PPL/LS in the first place.

          • What I mean by “got to CBS” is they were the ones who gave the producers the suggestion they cover the case in the first place.

        • Chris and Sky Hughes’ continuous drivel is to deflect any attention away from themselves.

          They keep going on and on and on about Jodi because they are scared shitless at the possibility of them being the focus of a criminal investigation.

          They should be scared.

    • Hey Michelle, was there anything they said in this interview that they haven’t said already, ad nauseum. I listened to the prior interview w/ only Chris Hughes on. It was a waste of time. He did say that TA grew up poor like him, and as a result when TA began to earn good money he spent it on custom suits and the BMW.

  42. Do you know what is sick to me, Nancy Grace going to the same jail Jodi is at and befriending inmates there, by doing this she is reaching into the jail to form some sort of alliance with these inmates in order to get to Jodi, thats what I think anyhow. Nancy Grace is a sick, sad woman overly obsessed with Jodi, I dont think she has ever done this with any other inmate, has she? These women can actually get to Jodi now if they formed some bond with Nancy and they can hurt Jodi in there in a way Nancy cannot do with her word outside of the jail

  43. Just popping in because I damn near wet myself when I read this:

    Donations for Napoleon??????? OMG ! I can’t !

    found on FB:

    They are collecting for travis’ dog also. How nice of them. I’d be more likely to donate for the dog than anybody in that family.

    Chris Hughes @cshughes 12h
    @Jujubeez77 U can send check marked Napoleon in the Memo section or use Paypal with Napoleon in the note. That help? Thank you! So kind!!

  44. I wish the jailhouse would lose the key with luscious Nance up in there and she would become Big Roz’s bitch. Surely you jest that this family or whoever is now asking for money for the dog? If they are so financially strapped that they can’t take on the financial responsibility of their loved ones pet then I am almost speechless. I guess the price of meth went up. DAMN I was gonna try not to do that!!

  45. Heres a great question that a fine tweeter asked on twitter:

    How did the family know that TA died on 6/4? How did they know on or before 6/16 that TA died on 6/4, according to his obituary that ran on 6/17?

    Flores was not told about the photos found on the camera until 6/19. Pg 17 of Flores’ investigative report says Menendez contacted Flores on June 19 stating he had recovered deleted photos.

    Am I missing something here?

    • That is very odd…
      Did Dr. Horn report the death date prior to the photos based on rigamortis (sp?) and what not?
      Or was the death date solely decided upon due to the photos?

      Smells fishy.

    • IV. Decomposition, moderate . ……. ?? after 5 days? Had to chuckle at Clothing and personal effects none. . . sry, Im bizaar sometimes lol

    • Maybe they needed a date for the obit, so they just went by the last time anyone talked to him?

      We did that when my brother died – he wasn’t found til a few days later either.

    • I believe it was determined based on the last date anyone actually saw Travis and the last time his phone was used (his phone was usually active) to make an outgoing call.

  46. I have a great idea for Juan boy. Put his arse in prison for a day or two just like Nance so he can get that anal sex he so secretly desires!

  47. Good evening all!
    Wedding is over (finally!), now just sometime helping get all the decorations and what not put away.
    Hopefully I’m not as busy helping with that.
    I have missed you all this weekend!

    I got caught up on SJ’s posts and as always, uplifting and amazing.
    Hopefully tomorrow I can catch up with you all and get back in the loop; I feel so behind even though it was only a few days I way away.

    Well, I’m tired as hell from the long weekend (and my nerves are shot from the big speech I had to do), so I probably wont be on long tonight.

    I’ll be back in full force starting tomorrow I think.
    I hope nobody missed me as much as my kitties (they’re cats, just dont tell them) did.

    And sorry for the random post, just wanted to keep everyone up to date, so you dont think I took off.
    Really hope tomorrow goes well for Jodi.

    Forever Team Jodi, M.

      • Thanks Trixels.
        Hope I didnt miss too much.

        Need to watch video from Thursday before the day starts tomorrow.
        I hate when I get behind!
        Sounds like continuous bullshit, as always.

        Hope all has been well for you.

  48. So on the state page they have this letter to Darryl Brewer

    PLEASE. Rethink your decision to speak on Arias’ behalf. You have a son who may one day wonder why his father felt the need to beg for a murderer’s life. Travis Alexander was murdered in cold-blood. He was a good man. His death was premeditated and brutal. Arias has ruined the lives of many. She does not deserve AZ to spare hers. Walk away with your dignity and reputation. Arias wasn’t worthy of you then and she certainly isn’t worthy of you now. In the words of Juan Martinez, “the only appropriate sentence … is death.”

    The line walk away with your dignity and reputation really bugs me, just what in hell do they mean by that!!

  49. Sirlip,
    Where in the hell are?
    We must act fast!
    The TT and Haters have trolled here, trying to get the jump on us.

    Trixel posted ^ thread:
    Chris Hughes @cshughes 12h
    @Jujubeez77 U can send check marked Napoleon in the Memo section or use Paypal with Napoleon in the note. That help? Thank you! So kind.

    We need to launch our Legacy Fund and Memorial Trust Fund for Sparkey right away—payable to

    Napoleon is alive and able!—damn CASH people
    Poor Sparkey

  50. This is going to be my last post for the night. I just want to say that I am proud to be associated with each and every one of you. The dedication and loyalty of the people responsible for creating and running this website is incredible. I can only hope that Jodi knows how much people love her and support her and just how many people there are that do.

    Tomorrow is going to be a big day for Jodi and all of us. I know that things might look bleak right now and like Travis Alexander’s family and their lapdogs in the media are winning, but this fight is far from over. We can be victorious and so long as we stick together and keep fighting for Jodi, we WILL be victorious. And when this is all over with, there’s going to be a lot of people in this country who owe Jodi Arias and her family an apology.

    I know with all of my heart that Jodi Arias is innocent. I believe her and, more importantly, I believe in her. And I can’t tell you how much of an inspiration all of you are with your positive, uplifting comments and unflappable convictions. Whatever happens tomorrow, don’t lose any of that. Trust in God and have faith as you lay your heads upon your pillows tonight. Have a good night, everybody! 🙂

    • Frank, great post….just dont mention “lapdogs,” since they might think there are more dogs besides Napolean for them to make money off of 😉

    • Nite nite, Frank!

      Yes, tomorrow will be tough on all of us. I don’t want to watch, but at the same time, I feel I have to. For Jodi. Because even though she is aware we exist and that we love her…I still have a feeling that she thinks it’s just her against the world on that stand. 🙁

  51. Can I tell you about my experiences with the Mormon culture, I have written before about a few things but not at length? I moved there via New York, California and Hawaii and ended up in St George Utah for seven waaaaay too long years, after living in such melting pots and states with so much more of an open mind I felt like I had fallen down the rabbit hole. I was in a bad place and though those seven years in Utah produced my last two beautiful children it was probably the worst time in my life as I lived in this bizarro world surrounded by some of the unfriendliest, uncompassionate people, unless you were also a mormon. I felt I actually lived in another country, the country of Utah with different words and ways (sorry, I am not the best writer so bare with me if you can) new phrases I learned were Oh My Heck, I found the cross around my neck was a sin to wear, my cup of morning coffee was a sin, my bikini was a sin. This religion is so strong the beer they sell or serve there is 3 percent alcohol versus 6 or something like that, the restaurant Chilis Bar and Grill had to remove the word Bar from its name and is the Chilis Grill, you cannot buy alcohol after 7pm at night and never on sundays. Some neighbors would not allow their children over my house because we were not Mormon. My beautiful stepdaughter came to live with us and poor baby, she got it the worst, she was half black and half white and they only allowed blacks in their church about 15 years before we lived there. She begged and begged us to allow her to become Mormon so she could fit in just a teeny bit. One year, we celebrated New Years on Saturday Jan 30 and the fourth of July on sat the 3rd because the real days fell on a Sunday. I felt like I was surrounded by stepford wives, most of the women had short blonde bobs and I had long curly brown hair back then, I felt so ugly and different and even thought about becoming Mormon so I would be liked more. It was the worst place to be an abused woman, I could not, would not tell anyone because I was already so different and ostracized with my beautiful half black child and I was a cross wearing Christian that drank coffee and wore a bikini! So, I can completely see how they all made Jodi feel so unwanted and why she probably died her hair blonde in the first place and became a Mormon, I straightened my hair and got blonde hi lights that I still have to this day because of trying to fit in. I can see how Travis hid this exotic non mormon from his world and why she didnt tell any of them or anyone, She was already too different from them, just as I was, it was such a strange seven years of my life and it is so sad to see what happened to her because it could have been me. Every bruise, I had an excuse for, I was so clumsy all the time, all of a sudden. My abuser put me down and I felt no one else would ever want me so I stayed even though I tried to get away but always went back, he was so sweet and charming and such a talker, he never met a stranger, just like Travis. Jodi was shy, not weird, she was not like his friends and thats what they felt, not a bad person, she was an abused person, very much in love with her abuser who just finally snapped under the pressure of this abuse and trying to be the perfect blonde mormon stepford wife, he destroyed this creative talented lovely girl and now AZ is putting the final nails in her coffin and it makes me so sick

    • That breaks my heart for you. I am so sorry you suffered at the hands of your abuser and at the hands of your community! And for your beautiful step daughter, a beautiful creation of God! Blessings to you.

  52. Id like to mention, that with this website created for all the Jodi supporters… Some may have found new friends, new opinions, new outlooks in life, and first and foremost a place to peacefully support Jodi. I found this website the day I strolled on a page that said, “Stalker stabbed, shot, then sliced her ex-boyfriends neck”. I have not bonded with anyone here like some, so maybe I may be a tad irritated more then others on the “I’m in better status then you”. I personally do not care if anyone comments or tells me hello, Im here to put my input and support where I can, and I am pretty sure you won’t hear from others that feel the same. Putting a password protected page that only certain people can get into not only makes people feel like they are better supporters but it makes others feel like they are not worthy of information. I understood what the vent page was about, it was to allow people to burn off the foul words and what not, that was inappropriate for everyday chat. Now though, I’ve seen numerous long timers accuse myself and others of being a “troll”. When I tried to defend someone that has been around along time, I was then accused of calling them a troll, I previously today asked to be able to get in touch with an admin but I don’t think that is necessary.

    We are here for Jodi. I am here for Jodi. We are the team. So even if there are people sneaking in to see what I/We, that’s okay. I am proud to say that she is INNOCENT. I am proud to be someone that stands up instead of sits down when everyone look down because you don’t go with the norm.

    Nothing has ever been right about this trial. Nothing has ever made sense. Even if she had told the truth that the prosecution so wants her to spew. It won’t be that she premeditated his death.

    This trial is nothing more then fueled Nancy Grace mobs, and to not expect anyone watching Nancy Grace to sneak in on persona names to “get info” is ignorant on our behalves. So what they want to see what we say. Let them.

    But FUCK! Don’t let them turn ourselves against each other.

    • Chrysz,

      Sounds like you have some bottled up anger which I don’t appreciate you taking out on this site, and others. I have been here from the start of this trial unlike you. To call others out over something you have no clue ……….. Because you think some are special and other’s are not………. This isn’t a two way street here, we are on a one way for JODI and JODI only…. This page isn’t and I say it again, IS NOT about YOU , ME or OTHERS.

      This page is strickly for SUPPORTERS…. If you would of read the AMDIN page, this vent and mission has been abolished…………..VAMOOSE gone………….. If you have something to say , please say it to their post. Calling people out is down right RUDE and CHILDISH. Nobody claims to be better than another poster, that is your perception ……….and speculation.

      Have a good evening.

    • Hello there! Not sure how long you have been posting or lurking (I lurked for a good month or so before I posted) but I don’t think for one second that anyone wants to alienate a fellow Jodi supporter. There is a lot of confusion over the vent page because not everyone had access to it. The whole page was created after Jodi was unjustly convicted of M1 and so many of us were losing our minds and so angry that we wanted a place to vent out our feelings without offending other supporters. That is all it was and no, not everyone had the password and not everyone wanted it. And for what it’s worth, if you are a newcomer and want access to a “special” page,it does make you suspicious. I don’t mean you, specifically but in general.
      Everyone here is like family and we love and support each other. Some of us are on more often and say hello and others strictly post opinions. The love is no greater or lesser either way. No cliques or anything like that, just one big family!

    • Hi Chrysz, I’m sorry you feel that way.

      I don’t know the events leading up the creation of the password pages, but I know it had nothing to do with some people being “better” than others. I know that the vent pages were created as a safe place for trusted members to let shit out of their system without worrying about being banned or harassed by haters.

      I also know that somehow someone got in, rumor has it there might have been a mole that gave out the password to the haters. But let’s face it, it’s not like the original password was very hard to guess anyway. Anyone who claims to have hacked it is full of themselves.

      I do not give out passwords, that is something I leave up to SJ or JC. Last I read, the passwords were no longer being given out, and if they are I am not made aware; or they are probably being given out to posters who have been fully vetted. I don’t discuss passwords with the other mods, because I helping the site in other ways.

      “So even if there are people sneaking in to see what I/We, that’s okay.”

      If SJ or JC has created a page meant only for certain members, then no, it is not okay for someone else to log into them. There’s this thing called consent – something the Travis Taliban considers a foreign concept, as do rapist scum (often, one in the same anyway).

      Nobody is turning against anyone else, and nobody is letting the haters do anything. This is a difficult time right now, and emotions are running high.

      I have to ask – if you were told to take it up with an admin, why didn’t you? Why did you post this here?

      • Emotions are definitely running high MB. I know we’re being “clocked” here too. Even the more moderate/mainstream sites such as have posters saying that some of us here need to be committed.

        • Tony, I don’t give a fuck what the mainstream web sites are saying, and neither should anyone else.

          Mainstream coverage of this trial has been so biased, sexist, racist, and full of rape apologetics that I have no desire to ever give a shit about their passing judgment on us here. IMO they should be committed for celebrating an innocent woman being put to death. They should be committed for turning a blind eye to abuse and pretending that there are no widespread consequences to shitty attitudes towards women. They should be committed for believing they have the right to tell anyone else how to think or how to feel about this case, or that the first amendment only applies to people who want to shlob Travis’ knob. They should be committed, because there is no medication in the world that can fix arrogant+neurotic+violent misogyny.

          Screw them right up those nose with a carrot. I hope their boogers turn orange.

              • Your rage is justified. I can understand if there are times where you have the feeling of , “I’d like to go out and kill the first man I see” attitude. The mistreatment and disrespect of women in society needs to come to an end!!!

          • Yep. I don’t even read the hater sites anymore….same shit, different buckets. Juan for President, Travis was a saint, Jodi is psycho, we’re all the same person, blah blah blah. It’s garbage. Don’t worry about what they say.

  53. We band together for Jodi, defense team, witnesses and for each other. There is a much greater force that is far more powerful than any human put together. We will believe and fight for Jodi’s life together. That gracious and merciful force would reveal to us tomorrow.

    “When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up.”
    ~Les Brown~

    “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”~Winston Churchill~

    “Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him.”~James Allen~

    We have a heart of gold to support Jodi like this. Each one of you deserve a gold medal in my opinion.
    We are champions for Jodi.

    Sleep well all while I pray and meditate for tomorrow.
    Peace and light.

  54. Chrysz,
    Thank you for saying that. I’m a little weirded out by the troll thing too. It seems to be an epidemic. In fact, I was asked about you last night and I said I know that you’ve been here for a long while so I’m sure you are fine. While I’m sure there are trolls out there, I don’t think that this site is infested with them. I, like you, am here for Jodi. We all here have a common goal, don’t we? So you’re absolutely right, the worst thing that could happen is that we turn on each other. Then we become no better than the assholes we’re fighting. As the saying goes – “United we stand, divided we fall.” These trolls will eventually reveal themselves in due time, they always do, so let’s not worry too much about them. I don’t want to become that person who is so paranoid that I’m constantly looking over my shoulder.

    • I appreciate that Jeff, apparently FUjuan didn’t see what i was getting at. and that’s fine. Im only here because I believe Jodi is innocent and im not here to get angry at the same people im supposed to stand with.

      I truly say thank you, because anyone that had been labeled a troll will agree, it hurts to feel strongly about something and then to be labeled as someone that is posting negatively. I do not but at this point i really dont feel comfortable here anymore, even to speak my mind

      • Please do continue to speak your mind. That’s the greatest thing we have going here. I’ve noticed a few people have been missing lately, don’t become one of them. I enjoy everyone’s posts, yours included.

      • We were under attack quite a bit right after the verdict so that is why paranoia is high and trust is low if you are a newcomer or someone who doesn’t post very much. Things will settle down soon once trial coverage is over. I understand why you would feel that way, it would have hurt my feelings too. Just try not to take it personal as trolls have run amuck so everyone is suspicious to some.

        • Oh, I’ve no doubt it will settle down. I’m not worried. Everybody’s a bit on edge right now, so am I for that matter. We are all her for the same reason. I won’t quit. I’m gonna fight until the day comes when they can shove that verdict straight up their ass!

      • Chrysz I have changed my name but maybe you will remember standing up for me when someone attacked me about my grammer and spelling and you fought for me thanks

  55. WOW Jeff what is happening I was reading the post from occupy HLN and we have someone leaving hope feeling are not being stepped on we have all been stepped on here just have to get thru it and return if you really care for Jodi as I do I have cried I’ve Prayed I said things here that HLN got ahold of and I will continue to be here I’m worried about tomorrow I want Justice for Jodi she did not do this and its going to take the FBI and CIA and IRS and President to get to the bottom of all this shit

  56. Chrysz I know you …. you defended me when someone attacked me about my spelling and grammar don’t go stay

  57. This is what we will be reading in a year or two:


    The conviction of Jodi Arias has just been reversed by the appellate court, due to Numerous mistakes made by the judge during her trial. The judge has been reprimanded and taken off any further criminal cases. A new trial is scheduled for some time next year.. Prosecutor JM will not retry the case as he was caught taking pictures with at least three members of the jury before the trial ended. He sadly has shrunk another inch & his height is now listed as 4′ 11 inches.

    • OMG!! How much would we love that!!! Oh and that Ms. Alice Laviolette visits the former prosecutor often in prison for his conviction for spousal battery!!!!

  58. I dread what tomorrow will bring,This trial has been so unfair to Jodi,I hate to say it,but the jury has made their mind up a long time ago,they will give Jodi the death penalty so they can all fade off into the sunset as heros and not worry about any repercussions against them.The jury has taken the chicken way out,they didnt use their brains as it was obvious by the little time they took to convict her of M1 and qualify her for the DP.They have sat at home all weekend lapping up the HLN bullshit and no you cant tell me that they havent peeked at the HLN bull at least once during this trial.I hope Jodi will not give them the sastifaction of her begging or mercy tomorrow since it will be a dog and pony show.Like I will all be for not tomorrow as they the jury has made up their minds.I have truley lost all faith in the justice system,one that you are guilty till you are proven innocent.The state will be a murderer if they carry out the DP and are no better than some of the criminals that commited murder.Lets keep up the support for Jodi and hope the appeals process is more fairer.

    • I pray that GOD gives Jodi strength to accept what ever happens today. I want Jodi to know that there a lot of people out here that love and support her no matter what the out come. As for me I will support Jodi as long as I draw breath.

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  59. Here is something interesting. This talks about memorial fund etiquette. Yes, I realize the word “etiquette” is not in the Alexander family’s vocabulary but they should’ve read this before setting up the “Travis Alexander Memorial Fund”. Or, as I like to call it, the “Travis Alexander Family Bail Out Fund”, or “Handout Fund”, whichever you prefer. It says immediate family should never seek out financial contributions. Ummmm…..Too late! Can’t return the money now, right? Gold digging scumbags. Anyways, take a look. I thought it was interesting.

    BTW, I’ve done some checking and I can’t find info anywhere, including the IRS, that this fund has been officially/legally set up.

      • I did. It shines a spotlight on these money grubbing assholes. This can’t be legal. The IRS would be PISSED! Any way they can be alerted to this? Or would it matter?

        • Well since IRS in a scam investigation right now pertaining to the republicans, this would be a great time to add some more to look into . . since . . you know

          • Yup. I think it’s time they were questioned and had to explain themselves and their actions. They’ve attacked others reputations, it’s time theirs were attacked. It could be legit, but I don’t think so. Sounds pretty fishy to me. A family with a rap sheet like theirs can’t be trusted, ya think?

            • One impact would be the public knowing who and what their donations are going toward. The rest might be legit and covered with like a 501c3 bs launder and not much can be done without investigation but exposing criminals receiving money to cover expenses during the trial and them showing pix doing vacation like things the donators can’t afford, stings hard

  60. That’s just it, I can’t find record of a 501(c)3. But you’re right, they need to be publicly outed. This has the appearance of panhandling. I think they’re just looking for a handout.

  61. Wow! They say today was a surprise?? For who? These IDIOTS have been completely unfair from the start and this pathetic excuse of a JUDGE should be removed from the bench! Jodi needs to stand up tomorrow and say ” I am only speaking today to make it abundantly clear that because I am NOT able to obtain a fair trial in THIS court, one that would ALLOW my counsel to actually put on their defense and allow my witnesses to testify without fear of death threats DIRECTLY due to the media sensationalism….I feel any further comments I would make would just be again more fodder for the evening news and totally not in my best interest. I have no further comments.

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