State Bar puts Martinez on probation for professional misconduct

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(The misconduct charges related to Jodi’s trial are listed starting on page 20)

Hot on the heels of the Harvard Law School report that ripped “overzealous” Maricopa County prosecutors a new one… the AZ State Bar yesterday ordered Juan “Kermit” Martinez to be placed on probation for a year.

The order states that Martinez violated three Supreme Court rules governing the conduct of attorneys:

** Engaging in unprofessional conduct.

** Using means that have no substantial purpose other than to embarrass, delay, or burden any other person, or using methods of obtaining evidence that violate the legal rights of such a person by, among other things, improperly attacking the defendant.

** Engaging in professional misconduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice.

State Bar puts Martinez on probation for professional misconduct

The initial charges were filed last December by Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, an association of criminal defense attorneys. The 28-page charge detailed Martinez’ actions in 11 murder cases — including the Jodi Arias case — going back a decade.

(The misconduct charges related to Jodi’s trial are listed starting on page 20)

The charges were vetted by the Bar, then passed to the Supreme Court’s Attorney Discipline Probable Cause Committee.

Martinez has 10 days to appeal the admonition. If he does, the matter will go to a formal hearing.

Neither Martinez nor the County Attorney’s Office have indicated whether he will appeal.

Still pending is another Bar charge lodged against Martinez for publishing a book about the Jodi  Arias case before it has gone to appeal.


(The misconduct charges related to Jodi’s trial are listed starting on page 20)

10-28 retrial - more non-sensical BS from kermit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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We all knew it was only a matter of time before Kermit’s BULLSHIT caught up with him.

In the meantime…


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Prepare for it.

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  1. First again! Think that’s three in a row. Free Jodi! Self defense is not a crime and thanks Jodi for another letter! We love you!

  2. Maybe now the tide is turning………. ♥
    Give to the Jodi Arias Appellate Fund!!!
    ♥ Let’s Make Justice Happen for JODI!!!!!! 😉

      • Hi there Justice. Could you please leave at least one link of Det. Flores saying in an interview with Jodi’s defense team or anyone else, that he thought the gunshot came first based upon his own evaluation of scene evidence?

              • Hello Justus,

                I am an east coast resident in the northern VA area and a first timer to this forum. I consider myself a VERY open-minded individual when it comes to issues of law(that’s also what college does!) and the profound problem of jumping to conclusions. Jodi does not know me but she may know me by what I sent… two books of “Girl on the Train”.
                This website has answered literally EVERY premeditated issue Maricopa County came up with and the tabloid shows ran with. I am curious if this would have turned out the same in Tempe, Tucson or any other jurisdiction outside of Phoenix, in California where Jodi was living. or is this the STATE OF ARIZONA. It really does give you pause!!!!. Some of the questions that I had, even with an open mind, have now been answered. I came here back in August after curiosity got the best of me regarding the prison marriage when I saw her plastered on In Touch mag in local Giant checkout line. I can tell you with some certainty that this case would not have gone like that here in the east.
                The pedophilia issue really got my attention especially when I read Travis’ own words to her admitting to not only thoughts but PREVIOUS ACTIONS!!!! This was a criminal admission which was powerful knowledge to have.
                I have seen this first hand as a guy that I thought I knew pretty well was convicted in VA of sex with an underage female that he was basketball training. He is serving 15 years in VA prison. Not quite the same thing I know but close enough.
                I will say that I admire your passion and your knowledge… it’s impressive.
                Finally, I believe you have shown Travis to be a “dog” who was masquerading as an upstanding Mormon who also had a temper that he was able to hide from public view. I think we ALL know guys like this. Has anybody considered putting out a “supporting” story through one of the outlets that jumped on the state’s theory or is that not really an option due to the general public’s view of this case?
                Thank you for your time.

              • The effort you put forth was very helpful to me Justice. Thank you. Perhaps there wasn’t an intentional switch of events regarding Travis’s death though.’s Jacquie, told me that incidents like Det. Flores’s misinterpretation can happen. This is another example of why it’s important for me to watch the trial. It’s a must to watch the rest of Bryan Neumeister’s testimony first though. Laters for now.

          • Your getting back to me with this information is very much appreciated. There isn’t time for me to look into this link much now, but will ASAP. Laters.

  3. Just goes to show how many idiots there are in this world who idolize and want to bow at the feet of this sociopath, claiming how professional he was during Jodi’s trial, what a great prosecutor he is and showing just how ignorant they are of how our justice system is supposed to work. In their narcissistic thinking, justice is defined as the verdict they agree with no matter how much the prosecutor misbehaves, bullies, and acts like a dick.

  4. I agree with you 100% Justus. How anyone can think that JM is a good prosecutor is beyond me. The only reason he got away with all of it was cause of the incompetent Judge, who is his law school buddy. Also, Nurmi not challenging him. It’s all catching up to him. The fact that he’s done these things in other cases besides Jodi’s just proves it!

  5. If you click on the complaint document pop-out (arrow in upper right corner of document) and scroll to Section VI (page 20 of 28), you will see the litany of charges regarding his misconduct in Jodi’s case. (And that’s after 17 pages describing the crap he’s pulled in other cases.)

    • 😯 He is a dirty scummy little rat, not a frog! Disgusting! He really deserves to be disbarred. They need to look into the Dear Judge also….IMO. 2 peas in a pod. SMH

  6. The “Hate versus Jodi Arias” has risen from the dead. There are about 50 whining & bitching comments there this am. Poor little haters are having a bad day now that their tiny, little false god has been shamed and disgraced. And, guess what? Some of them believe Jodi is personally behind having Martinez put on probation. Go Jodi!

    • Woah…..They really ARE delusional huh?
      So, lemme get this straight: Jodi is a witch, an enchantress (or sorceress, for the whackos believing she practices witchcraft based on the candle photo) , a psychopath with super powers who could mezmerize pious virginal men like Travis leading them to their Moral Downfall after introducing them to the Gates of Sinful Sexual Pleasure…….What am I forgetting? Please feel free to add anything else you remember from that 3-year-old circus we’ve been experiencing.
      And as if all that wasn’t enough, now she gets to have Judicial Powers too???? Oh WOW! She can pull the strings of Justice to the point of being able to put Martinez on probation?? Oh my….WHY OH WHY hasn’t she used her special super power to get acquitted then? Or to escape from prison?

      AHAHAHAHAH!!!! I am SO enjoying their stupidity! If stupidity was a computer game, they’d have surely reached the max level! 🙄

  7. Tsunami headed for a rat….very nice to see how real lawyers act for justice and out one of the crooked. When is it ever wrong to out a rat? and to see the murder in hearts just read some of them comments towards a WOMAN who did Her duty! #17 how can You not be praised. You stood up to true evil…and won for justice. So when do the judges get on to the judge that allowed this joke of a trial….the sooner the better. So for just one year az. is a bit more save as a rat scurries around to push a book of lies…but said book just may come back to haunt tiny. oh i never said that… ghost writer did…sorta like keeping ones ass at arms length , and a short arm at that. Now did you hear the one about …this rat walks into a bar…and gets the facts of his rather evil life so far…but with time there will be more to come. Tick…Tick…did i just see a rat run up a clock…can’t stop time ,truth ,or facts.

    • I don’t know JODI and I’ve never met her but what “tiny” did to her was fucked up and now JODI’s current appeals team can use this to overturn JODI’s conviction
      and she’ll be out in less than 2 years because “tiny’s” misconduct, lies, and deception is what was considered to falsely convict JODI…. …. JODI is probably smiling even more now.

  8. I’m pretty sure after the trial I had read that Juror #17 had stated that she was intending to sue Juan Martinez/ Maricopa County. Does anyone know if she is/still intends to sue?

  9. It’s one thing to have a negative opinion about Jodi (I still think people should put themselves in her shoes before judging) but when it comes to supporting misconduct, abuse and rape of the judicial system then that’s plain disturbing.
    The frog has not only prosecuted Jodi but many other defendants and that’s what those Juan-itas should focus on. Put aside Jodi and you have a corrupted, ‘win at all cost’ abuser of justice.
    Finally, there are honest folks out there that can no longer turn a blind eye!
    Jodi never got a chance at a fair trial because ALL of the prosecution side was biased, under martinez’s spell committing all the illegal acts in the book! Perjury, tampering, destruction… Whatever it took to put an abused woman behind bars setting and sending out word to all abused woman to take the abuse and not react because they could easily end up in prison – just like Jodi.
    Domino effect: martinez started it and one by one they will come tumbling down like a house of cards! It’s about fucking time. Can’t wait to see them all squirming. It seems they never lost any sleep by putting an abused woman in prison….. Now I can practically vision them tossing and turning at night wondering if they’re next to go down. They wanted fame and status? Oh, Karma is working on giving them just that … Unfortunately for them, not in the way they imagined!
    Loving it.

  10. Seeing this made my day, no, Year!!! Sherry Stephens should be on probation too, actually they should both go straight to Jail. Soo pleased for Jodi!!!! <3
    It can't be long now till she's freed!!!

    • I am toasting to the hopefully, beginning of Jodi Arias’ s release from the cage, because the POLITICAL agendas were all deeds of POWERFUL MEN PROTECTING POWERFUL MEN, from the moment the scene of DEATH was deemed by the police to the drama of the public paid employee, Juan Martinez, supported by the Maricopa County prosecution office. All played a role to QUASH and destroy DISCOVERY and EVIDENCE, choosing results to favor unethical procedures ..

  11. This is interesting…

    Page 21, Section A.2., 3rd paragraph:

    “Compounding his misrepresentation, Martinez responded by falsely accusing prior defense counsel of causing the data loss [on Travis’ computer]. This is the subject of the Maricopa County Legal Defender’s Office separate pending bar charge against Martinez.

  12. rat walks into a ….. BAR! Well for one year in az. justice may be done. O.K. that’s more of a dream….but dreams do come too. Who knows what nightmare the rat has now….the more the better. Can We hear the haters …it’s only probation…to Me that’s like it’s only a crack in the damn lies the state pushed to win at all costs….remember that tiny cracks lead to bigger cracks…and speaking of a-holes,wonder what they think of that rat now. I have to wonder if that judge is upset all that happened under her control….or should I have said HELP! persecutors of a feather do stick together….Now I’am sooo glad it wrote that book…..soon one day She may hold it high or low and tell the media….Thank God for free speech and idiots who just can’t wait to tell their evil ways. worm walks into a ……HOOK….after it writes a book. What is it with these creeps?

  13. I was watching forensic files today and there was a case about a wrongly convicted guy (I think it was in England). When the prosecution got information that exonerated the guy they released him from prison and apologized and took responsibility. In the US, it seems that almost all prosecutors are “playing to win” and never admit wrongdoing.

  14. ….and why not the threats made to a. l. on the stand….”do You want to spar with me…” hard to believe any man let alone a member of the court would act in such a violent way to a woman who was just dong her job. But this thing has no shame or morals. that rat could not hide his hate for women. tells us a lot about justice in az.

  15. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer · 4s4 seconds ago

    Prosecutor Juan Martinez files appeal of his admonishment for unprofessional conduct by the State Bar of AZ and opts for a formal hearing.

    • This is fantastic. The damage has already been done to his reputation. The only thing that can happen now is MORE DAMAGE. Even if he wins, people won’t believe he’s an honest, ethical lawyer when he’s had so many complaints against him. A rat is a rat is a rat.

    • I’ve been wondering if “Scoopy” is still on his trail to the broom closet………. 😆 ♥
      He certainly used her up and she never figured it out, amazing. SMH

  16. So glad to read this POSTING about: CROOKED MARTINEZ on probation for professional misconduct. And I read page 20 of the BAR CHARGE related to how he seems to get things to disappear on Jodi’s hard drive which would be exculpatory for Jodi if they had not disappeared. … I have been following CROOKED HILLARY for the last several months and all the things she seems to get away with doing in her overconfidence for presidency. And that she seems to have gotten someone to use BLEACHBIT computer program to completely delete emails & other things where they cannot ever be recovered. I was wondering if BLEACHBIT program was used in the CROOKED MARTINEZ case-manipulation of Jodi’s or TA’s hard drives. … But I saw on GOOGLE that BLEACHBIT was not publicly released until 24Dec2008, about 5 months after the police had all the evidence computers in their possession. … But still, I think MARTINEZ could have had access to this technology even before it was publicly released, in my opinion. … I pray that things go well for Jodi.

  17. I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments, I hope Jodi is smiling too… I also hope that Rat and the judge will be made to suffer, it would really make my day to see them both disbarred, even better, sent to Jail where they belong.

  18. Hey, just had a thought… 3 Strikes and LWoP, well, lets count the violations, the lies and the misconduct… the withholding of evidence to put Jodi on Death Row… the biased judge… I make that many more than 3 for both of them.. evil pair.

  19. Cheating California Prosecutors Face Prison Under New Law
    A non-trivial number of prosecutors — and sometimes entire prosecutorial offices — engage in misconduct that seriously undermines the fairness of criminal trials. Judge Alex Kozinski, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

    Lets hope this change in law comes to Arizona & is retroactive (if only)

    • I am Laughing out loud (LOL). No wonder CROOKED MARTINEZ appeals his discipline by the State Bar of Arizona. I see on google that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals also covers Arizona as well as California. Yes, I hope Judge Alex Kozinski will look into Martinez & the law comes to Arizona, retroactive in the Arias case.

  20. Well I Must spell check moi…duh. Now as for the rat appealing… can this be! This thing is against appeals….so now the wheel has turned and it would claim …it’s my right…there We have it …a two faced rat…SQUEALING …it’s innocence as it crawls out of the hole it made. tiny should be offered a DEAL….do your job and fess up to the injustice or face a career of faking books…just as he faked evidence. Appealing that now he must beg the Bar to see him for who he really is…..WTF…that will not go good but will be good for all he wronged. Stay tuned to watch a rat go calm as it begs for FAIRNESS….just following orders ….hmm where have I heard that before…didn’t work then and why should it now?

  21. I’m not certain if this is true, but I read on the Jodi Arias Twitter hashtag that Martinez will be represented by attorney J. Scott Rhodes.

  22. Court reporter Michael “Busy Bee” Babicky has filed 37 Reporters Transcripts since the judge threatened him with a fine (on September 22/16) if he didn’t get his ass in gear. Money talks once again. The court reporters need to complete Jodi’s record/file so her appeal lawyers can complete their work.

    • Thanks, alan

      “Formal hearings are conducted much like trials, and Martinez runs a risk that THE JUDGE COULD IMPOSE A MORE SERIOUS SANCTION. Or the judge could clear the slate.”

    • Hmmmm. . . . . I would think that the Mediation Center would rethink having him speak for them, even though, he certainly is a very creative fabricator of reality. His own words….
      “I’m part of the system that speaks for these victims,” Martinez says. “Since they’re not with us any longer to tell us, I maybe do it for them.”

      Maybe he says? 😆

      He’ll even perform a 3 ring circus for everyone. SMH

  23. Seems the rat now needs help…I would ask scott his new pal ,just how low will you go in defending tiny’s actions….i see that scott has a mighty impressive record….well it may end up all for naught. You sir are defending a monster that seeks injustice for all. I dare you or any lawyer to view just some of that show trial and state …that’s how a trial should be….go on the record ,I dare you and let us all know what You really are and Your price…or are you planning to write a book…too? The lawyers who outed the rat are the true and brave ones a nation can put faith in…not so the others. View the trial of the brave Germans who tried to end hitlers life and see a trial as was held in az….nothing but a show trial to cover up pure evil. the world is watching az. and America and asking is that thing going to get a pass or is justice about to unfold on him…America can not have it both ways…there is justice in all Your courts or only when You want it or can pay for it…so az. tax payers just who foots the bills for the rat now???

  24. Jodi’s Twitter account just tweeted out that she apologizes for not responding to her mail cause since she started working, she no longer has time to correspond.

  25. On the new fictional TV show, “Conviction,”about suspected wrongful convictions, a body is found without any “fly larvae” on it (like Travis Alexander). One of the characters states something like: “if a dead body has no fly larvae on it that means the person was killed after dark.” I had never heard anything like that and I have watched a lot of crime shows including CSI. (lol) Usually these shows have technical advisors so I thought there must be some truth to this statement. I haven’t really had a chance do much searching yet to find out if it’s true or not or why a body wouldn’t have flies on it just b/c a person was killed after dark. Does anyone know if this is true or not? It sounds pretty odd.
    BTW, this show has nothing to do with Martinez’s book, “Conviction,” other than both are fictional.

  26. CC53….no flies …no larvae…and that could be how none were found. But after 5 days who knows what might have been done at that scene. That is a real who done it as to the scene….remember that a gang of friends went in there and who knows how many times??? Seems anyone of his friends could and did pop in as they pleased…being an open door policy…This a group of friends got together to SEE what was going on…listen to the tape…just why is the woman talking to 911 when the men were in the bathroom viewing the abuser…should have been the ones on the line. Were cell phones that heavy in 2008? And talk about the way she talked about a person she didn’t even know the name of …listen to how odd she sounded. But to even think there would be not much smell…bodies do void after death..and soon. And dogs do yap when hungry or not watered….and yap loudly. For 5 days out of sight and seems out of mind but so loved by all and not in touch? Is there even one time in his life that he was not in contact with others for 5 days? To Me this does not sound anything like the show man he was and wanted to be …he loved the limelight.

  27. So am i wrong or did tiny ever claim why that t-dog was killed that day ? i have heard and read it was because She could not live w/o him…seems that’s been proven rather well…or She didn’t want anyone else to have him…LOL! really a man of faith that could not find a wife in LDS and 30 years old and on his way top the top…REALLY! Well correct Me if I am wrong but did he EVER have a real relationship …even one….remember that he seemed to only use Jodi and never seemed to care for Her very much. he tried to get Her to leave him for abe (EW!) and then flipped out and made threats on …abe…travis the very strange. As for deanna …did she as it seems all who were ever with him (lisa?) see what Jodi and the somethings wrong with that boy…as We all know well now there was.This She just had to harm him….when he made threats to any and all who crossed him or he though crossed him….the man boob joke…really who in their right mind flips out at that??? Me I’m a b-cup down from a c-cup…thanks type 2! Seems to Me that he used any and all….and as all the others in his world …Jodi too moved on…yes She went and visited him as it seems deanna the time only did. But to claim it was a woman scorned is just showing a hate of all women. We are all born of women so to hate them seems rather odd and my how all abusers do need a woman to use…She left him as all the other women in his life and one has to ask…WHY?

      • Yes I did CC Thanks! Thanks Alan for letting the people who run the site know and getting it done! I just think it’s easier to donate what you can instead of 1 lump sum when you get the money because we all know things come up and you keep putting it off. Jodi doesn’t have all the time in the world. The last 3 months, the appellate fund has only received $1,000 which is totally unacceptable. This way everyone can donate what they can and don’t have to worry about it. This will generate more monthly if we all donate because it all adds up.

  28. That’s so awesome! Yes I suggested it and Thank you so much Alan for taking it to the powers that be and getting it done!! I just think it’s so much easier because everyone can just donate whatever they can afford instead of just waiting until you can save up enough money because as we all know stuff happens and then we don’t get around to it! The past 3 months there was less then $1,000 combined donated to the fund and that’s unacceptable! So everyone donate what they can! I know I definitely will be!

  29. Please remember that what We do ….write letters , send money, visit is for Her …We should never expect to gain. She has lost more then We ever will…imagine facing what She has had to ….talk about injustice. I only want what is best for Her and if We all get justice for Her then so much the better for all…even haters. She will never forget any who showed kindness..I know that for a fact. As for $…well who knows what time may bring…I as You should do our best and if it takes time then so be it …She will understand. So odd i must say that the system puts a time limit on justice for any defendant as that is what She is….first a man of faith…LOL…did all to take Her life…now the state stepped in to finish the job….5 tries and 5 fails…batting 1000! Just do Your best…and take care always.

  30. Does anyone know where BB has been? She hasn’t been on here in awhile. I’ve always loved reading her posts! Hopefully she’s just busy and everything’s ok!

    • Yes, It is soooo wonderful! I also love the enormous doll of him in prison stripes! Maybe someday some entrepreneur can market miniature versions of it and sell them as souvenirs or key-chains.

      • @Pandora .. .. hi Pandora, how do you feel about Arpaio wearing pink panties and getting fucked by big bubba? I really like the way you express yourself verbally, can you imagine Joe’s ass in pink panties? None the less, he is going to be somebody’s bitch. Hope all is well for you.

  31. I read that Arpaio’s trial date is December 6. He asked for a jury trial. I wonder if the government will try to move the trial to a different location than Maricopa County.
    Hopefully he will eventually be charged on the obstruction of justice and perjury allegations.

  32. I just ordered a book recommended by the Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist, David Cay Johnston (The Making of Donald Trump). The recommended book, by Farhad Manjoo, is called True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society. See if the following overview and editorial review doesn’t remind you of what we’ve been observing over these last four years:

    Why has punditry lately overtaken news? Why do lies seem to linger so long in the cultural subconscious even after they’ve been thoroughly discredited? And why, when more people than ever before are documenting the truth with laptops and digital cameras, does fact-free spin and propaganda seem to work so well? True Enough explores leading controversies of national politics, foreign affairs, science, and business, explaining how Americans have begun to organize themselves into echo chambers that harbor diametrically different facts—not merely opinions—from those of the larger culture.

    Editorial Review
    From the Publisher
    In 2005, Stephen Colbert catapulted the word “truthiness”—the quality of an idea “feeling” true without any backup evidence—into the public consciousness. Salon blogger Manjoo expands upon this concept in his perceptive analysis of the status of truth in the digital age, critiquing a Rashomon-like world in which competing versions of truth vie for our attention. Driven by research and study, the book relies on abstract psychological and sociological concepts, such as “selective exposure” and “peripheral processing,” though these are fleshed out with examples from American history, politics and media. For example, Manjoo demonstrates how the Swift Boat Veterans’ negative campaign derailed John Kerry’s 2004 presidential run. He also points out that the sheer quantity of 9/11 imagery has engendered more conspiracy theories, not fewer—demonstrating, he says, the disjunction between truth and proof. Manjoo rounds out his analysis by examining the workings of “partisan news realities,” and he points out that the first casualty in these truth wars is a basic human and civic need: trust. Though several of the author’s ideas are repetitiously threaded through his narrative, Manjoo has produced an engaging, illustrative look at the dangers of living in an oversaturated media world.

  33. Somewhere it is written that Flores told Jodi when he arrested her that it had to have been the work of more than one person.

    Justus do you have this somewhere?

  34. Heather as hard as it is to think She could have done all that alone it is more then possible. i did a test and could do all in 42 sec.s and over do it.I have seen a rather small boy whip a rather big boy and not once did the big bully get any hits in….I have been put to the ground 5 x’s by 5 other young men and punched and kicked head to toe..but as they backed off for their pal to finish Me off I got to My feet and met him rather well. This someone else was there…in another trial would only bring her the death penalty as they would see Her in another lie. She alone killed him as facts do back Her up on that. She had a choice that day live or die…

    • And then there is always REASONABLE DOUBT. The frog proved nothing but that he was a low-down dirty, crooked prosecutor. . . imo.

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