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As you may or may not be aware, Tanisha (aka “Anorexia Sourpuss”) got her bony ass banned from any further meetings in Judge Pickles chambers the other week. That was due to her organizing some online hate campaign & BS against Alyce LaViolette while she was testifying. Since then she’s been a bit quiet, aside from joining the Team Arias Facebook page.

Interestingly enough, the guy that runs the page also just told me some loopy TA supporters offered him $200 for his page, just so they could take it over and shut it down. How cool is that :mrgreen:

If you’ve not yet visited the page, click the link below to go check it out – and don’t forget to Like it while you’re there:

While on the subject of shutting sites down, someone else sent me a link to a groovy online petition last week. This one was actually a petition to get this website shut down. Yay! More free publicity :mrgreen:

Apparently, a bunch of pedo-hugging retards got the hump over my TA-in-a-body-bag picture & post from the other week. Anyways… long story short… blah blah blah… they still need 230 signatures to reach their target – which at this rate should be some time in 2018. At that point, I’ll send them an autographed picture of TA’s body bag with my heartfelt compliments. So if you want to go there and sign up to help them out – and leave your comments in the page while you’re at it – click here and all will be revealed.

In the meantime, I think Gloria Esteban & medical examiner Dr Horn are on the witness list for today & tomorrow – but I’ll know more shortly. The jury are also back at 1.30 pm today. The hearing regarding the surrebuttal testimony of Dr. Robert Geffner is up first and will probably be televised too.

Later peeps…

Team Jodi


  1. It was hard keeping up with everything yesterday, but everything is on course for Jodi as Martinez flounders around in Walmart and showing gas receipts for the nth time.

    Can someone confirm that Deanna was subpoenaed to appear yesterday?

    If that’s true, it puts things in context.

    ( Crikey I find spelling “subpoenaed” really hard! )

      • On the gas cans, the defence narrative is that Jodi obtained another gas can after leaviing Mesa. I think she probably bought it at Mesquite, but that’s not in evidence.

        But Martinez has had to go all around the houses to prove that, and it means nothing.


        for a summary of the evidence. The point being that Jodi only said she had two gas cans going to Mesa, nothing about whether she got one later.

        I’m not 100% sure on Walmart, but there have to be enough gaps in Martinez’ “proof” to drive a jumbo jet through it, and that will doubtless come to pass on surrebutal or somewhere.

        • Didn’t all the gas receipts in CA only equal her tank and 2 cans?
          Only the gas she bought before AZ should matter to prove premeditation. After AZ it doesn’t equal avoiding detection IN AZ

          And I’m not going to lie. I’m concerned. Even with human error and the use of dummy skus, the walmart employee makes it seem that Jodi lied on the stand. Is it grounds for being impeached? Can her whole testimony be tossed?

          • I was shocked that Nurmi didn’t even cross examine her. Really?? Not even one or two simple follow-up questions. It made them look unprepared, IMO.

              • Oh my goodness, I can’t believe these stupid gas cans are still even a point of contention! It’s NOT that hard to understand – “I’m about to take a really long drive through a very isolated and harsh stretch of terrain. So I don’t become stranded, I’m going to be logical and carry some backup gasoline in my car… You know, just in case.” Is it a reasonable explanation? Absolutely, yes! Reasonable doubt! Next question, please.

                I’m hoping that at least some on the jury (being from AZ) have done something similar in the course of their lives and see this “evidence of premeditation” for what it is: Another one of Juan Martinez’s sad, pathetic attempts to see just how much cooked spaghetti he can get to stick to the freakin’ ceiling!

                • Agreed Ashley~I couldn’t watch the trial yesterday but did catch up on here and watched some vid (altho I admit I can’t stand to watch JM, and focus more on KN) I don’t understand the big deal about the gas cans either…I believe that Jodi needed x-tra gas incase of an emergency..driving thru the desert I would want to make sure that running out of gas in the middle of nowhere wouldn’t be an option..I don’t see any pre-med here..and also the Walmart employee admitted that “human error” could be a possibility..

                • Did Jodi ever actually SAY she bought the gas cans to save money AND that she wanted to make sure she had gas and did not run out going thru the desert area? Because if she did….Martinez is doing everything he can to omit that IMPORTANT info?? And so is the Defense? Why haven’t they said…she stated she wanted to save some money AND she was afraid of getting standed out there and no where to get gas???

            • I think he didnt ask because there was no way to dispute what she said and they didnt want to look desperate. If you do not ask questions it looks like 1) you have nothing to say or 2) you are not lending any credence to the idea being represented and I think thats the case they were trying to go for by not asking anything.

          • Candie, It came out in Jodi’s testimony (Day 27, I think) that she bought gas in Desert Center, CA. Nurmi asked her that and she said yes. Establishes that she was not trying to cover her tracks even though at that point she was well east of the intended route to Utah: Interstate 15.

            As for the Walmart errand, many posters here have commented on the various ways things can be returned to that store. Even a few former employees have posted on the topic and after reading their words about the lax record-keeping, I’ve kind of tuned out the “third can” theory. Don’t see here that having gas cans shows premeditation when the whole stockpiling operation could have been conducted in a more clandestine manner.

            Have concluded that there is probably no way to show she lied about returning the third can, especially given the passage of time. (Disclosure: I didn’t see yesterday’s testimony from the employee.)

            • Instead of using a credit card for gas, wouldn’t she have paid cash so that it could not be traced….if she were trying to execute a plan??? The same as the camera washed in the washer? She IS a photographer…so of course she would know that deleted pictures can be deleted even after they are put in a washer….So, if she was this great clean up cover up person…didn’t she just TAKE IT WITH HER!!! Defense can make great case for how out of it she was and so much so that she was going about business as usual cleaning for Travis…only in her state everything went into the wash!

    • BeeGee,

      I was just responding to your comment on the photo repost page about how you don’t believe Travis ever had the knife otherwise Jodi would be dead. I gave up when it was more than 5 paragraphs and I realized nobody really checks old pages. At least, that’s where a lot of my posts get lost and never found.

      Anyway, I was just going to say that Jodi wouldn’t be dead necessarily if Travis brought the knife into the fight because it would have happened AFTER he received the gun shot. Bullets will clear a person’s sinuses right the fuck up for about, oh, 2 seconds before filling them back the fuck up with a constant flow of blood that pools throughout each sinus cavity until something finally gives and out the nose, mouth, and ears it goes. TA would have had the most intense migraine/sinus infection ever felt by mankind, the feeling as if his head would simply fill to capacity then explode would be so severe that his vision, thought processes, cognitive awareness, equilibrium, breathing passages, and hearing would all be impacted immensely and he would be rendered completely useless if not for the adrenalin and his own fight or flight instinct taking over to move his limbs for him. Because, he was also in a fight for his life. Which, means he’s going to have bursts of super human like strength just as Jodi would and did.

      The difference, however, is you can be strong like Superfuckingman but even he’s going to fly straight into the building if he’s as discombobulated and off kilter as Travis had to have been. In other words, Travis’ fight or flight kept him moving but the gun shot wound would have been damaging enough to limit those movements drastically. This means that, even after all those cuts/stabs, even after his vena cava was punctured which should have bled him out in less than 2 minutes, this fucking guy continued to move. To Jodi, it must have further convinced her subconscious (her conscious long since disconnected) that there was no way this was really happening because, if it were, there’s no way Travis or anyone would still be alive. However, it wasn’t going to take any chances so it GTFO and disconnected itself as well.

      After the 29 or whatever the count is at now (rolling eyes) knife pokes are inflicted and his body is STILL moving (again, likely due to the oversurge of energy from adrenalin and fight or flight) this is when the throat injury occurs and I think one of two things happened here…..

      1. Since she is just as psychologically broken off from reality or anything remotely close to such as Travis was and she is also in fight or flight mode, her primal instinct is going to be very basic; attack where you know your enemy will die and do not stop until threat is eliminated. This means, whether she unloads a banana clip full of 100 rounds into his face until there is literally nothing left of his head, rips out his still beating and with the vena cava puncture, leaking heart from his chest so she can see it no longer beats with her own eyes or if she has to nearly decapitate him to make sure the complex intertwining of the carotid artery with the other sinews and shit in the neck is severed so she can watch until the last drop of blood leaves his body… doesn’t matter how, her instinct only demands that she go to whatever drastic length she must go to in order to guarantee the threat to her life is eliminated. And so, she does.

      2. At some point after the last stabs are inflicted, Travis somehow ends up face down in the hall with Jodi’s arm that’s holding the knife in a bear hug, pinning her arm between his clavicle or collar bones and the ground, in one last futile attempt to take the knife from her when he is slowly losing consciousness and becoming heavier and heavier as death nears and dead weight begins to settle in. She would recognize what is happening, understand that the threat to her life will be eliminated if she just waits for 2, maybe 3, seconds but not only is she not psychologically present so cognitive thinking isn’t an option, but, she’s already seen this suspiciously immortal man take a bullet to his head and still live to try and stab her then take a blade to his heart and many other places (including the base of his throat just above is collar bones) and STILL live (barely) to try to take the knife from her! Now, here she is, the arm with the hand she holds her only means of protection in pinned under Boy ‘Why won’t you just fucking DIE already’ Wonder. It isn’t impossible that, in her efforts to get her arm out from under him, if he tucked her arm under his chin for a more secure hold, were so frenzied and panicked (in her mental state it may have felt like she had been caught and now would be killed) that she just starts wildly and violently jerking her arm until, finally, with one powerful fluid movement she uses every bit of her adrenalin and is able to free her arm. She is unaware of the knife she still holds in a death grip in her hand until, so she can be sure the threat is gone, she rolls him over and sees the gaping wound in his throat spanning from ear to ear in one precise and fluid cut left in the wake of her final act of removing herself out from under Travis. An act during, which, the knife held in the hand attached to the arm pinned beneath a 200lb man would make it’s final cut on it’s way out from underneath Travis.

      At the sight of this wound, mixed with the many others, I think Jodi’s subconscious chose that very moment to connect back to reality to check on things and for a nano-second Jodi saw with clear cognizance and understanding the grisly scene she was surrounded by and this was what caused her to drop the knife, hear it clang on the tile below, until the sounds of her own guttural screams deafen her to anything else. Subconscious says fuck the hell out of all that bull shit, sends in the fog and PTSD, then once again completely disconnects from reality resulting in a psychological break down that would cause Jodi to act in a manner completely out of character for her in the minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months to follow.

    • Geebee, all the witnesses are subpoenaed, even the defense experts. That’s extremely common in US criminal cases, most especially murder cases with death penalty attached. They want to make sure that no one backs out at the last minute and the subpoena gives them the right to arrest someone if they attempt to. When I was the victim-witness in a stranger stalking case, I was under subpoena.

      • Ok, right, thanks for correcting my ignorance.

        So I guess the question really is not that, but whether she appeared willingly or because she was forced. I think it is the latter, but no proof.

        I think it shows Martinez’ desperation, he seems just to be lashing out at anyone in the vain hope of rescuing his case. I cannot think that Deanna would have testified willingly, I think she did really well.

        I wonder if it was Deanna who emailed Jodi the ten letters Travis wrote. Jodi always refused to say who sent them to her in order to protect that person, I think this may have been Martinez’ way of getting back at Deanna. Pretty disgusting really if that’s true. All a bit speculative on my part.

        • GeeBee, you may have something valid here. DR struck me as a kind hearted girl who would not have wanted another girl to ruin their life like she did by waiting around for him including abandoning her morals and jeopardizing her chances of marriage to another guy. I also have a gut feeling that it was her who sent that email to lisa a. The tone of the letter matches her thought process as evidenced in her testimony.

          As for jm’s motive, sure he does come across as one who would be vindictive. He would have no sleepless nites making any such decisions. He would compartmentalize and justify any such action as a necessar evil. Kermit is too good a name for him. There are many well-deserving, easily earned, better fitting, alternate names I could come up with. But, I have not yet had my coffee yet!

          Btw, good morning to you and all! 🙂

    • Deanna was on yesterday and was asked some questions from the defense that were asked to define her relationship with TA and Jodies’ relationship with him. I dated a man who was nice to me and did not hit me but he did hit the other woman he was dating so people can behave differently with anyone. I know a woman who married a man but no one in his family knows he is affectionate in public but the fact that they are married is in the closet. HLN they suck because they are soooo one sided and are not fair and balanced in any way. The hair color I change my hair color so often so what is the biggie? I still say something happened to set this off and it was not a vacation… some people are so small minded. This was NOT PREMEDITATED because the scene was too un-organized and if she wanted to she could have lured him somewhere killed him and walk away and keep the secret to herself he would have just been a missing person. The receipts I used to work in Macys and we used to use dummy skews to return things and I used to know a man who would travel with his wife he would filled gas cans and keep them in his car. NO PREMEDITATION

  2. I just read something on the Support Jodi Facebook page that I thought was funny!!! I mean I was laughing so hard I woke my daughter up. Yesterday Vinnie Politan aired a pic of Jodi not looking up at the stand when Deanna Reed was on it because…..are you ready fo this……SHE was jealous of her!!! WHAT THE HELL??? What freaken beer goggles is he looking through??? I mean I am a straight older female and would choose Jodi over Deanna? I think those people at HLN have finally went TOTALLY off THEIR ROCKERS!!!

    • Jennifer I think it was AA yesterday posted a pic. of Denna from the old days. She was a very nice looking young woman. Do I think Jodi was jealous…nope …well perhaps because she got the dog.

      • I didn’t post it Cindy, but someone else did.

        Nonetheless, I feel very very sorry for Deanna. I didn’t think Jodi looked ONE bit jealous of her and that’s ridiculous. In fact, when Nurmi was questioning her, Jodi sat up and looked like she wasn’t happy with Nurmi for doing so. I think he might actually have come down harder on Deanna, but it wasn’t something Jodi wanted, and she’s the client. As Deanna walked away, Jodi had deep compassion in her eyes for her. Please note that Jodi didn’t call Deanna as a witness, JM did. And ALL the witnesses in this case are subpoenaed.

        • Ditto AA….I was watching Jodi when Nurmi was asking her if TA called her all those names, with each one he asked Deanna, Jodi seemed to look more and more surprised,in fact her mouth sortof fell open towards the end. I really do not think she was even expecting him to go there. She didn’t seem jealous, she seemed sympathetic.

    • It sounds like Vinnie was making stuff up as he went along.

      Of course Jodi looked at Deanna while Deanna was on the stand.

      She also knows how Deanna feels because she was used in much the same way.

      • I tweet VP all the time and tell him how stupid he is. But he really pissed me off a couple times yesterday! And I was watching the DVR. I only stopped to listen to Dwane Cates because he speaks sense. But then you have to hear VP with his stupidity.

        • LOL – you are funny. You tweet him all the time, and tell him he is stooopeeed, and yet becoz of his inherent stupidity, he is probably CONVINCED that you actually ‘like’ nah, LOVE him!! Lol 😀

            • LOL…My hate for Vinnie has been growing each time his stupid mug is on, but yesterday he he really was pathetic! I watched that exact footage you are talking about and I was (as I usually am at HLN) screaming at the tv! I even clicked on to twitter and looked him up because I was not following him until that stupid comment. One thing is for sure….this trial has shown them all for what true idiots they all are. The things Vinnie has said during some of this footage has given me a clear picture of the kind of guy he was in high school and beyond. It also makes it crystal clear why he has such hate for Jodi.

    • I think that Deanna was a very average looking girl before she lost the weight. I do not think that Jodis jealousy would have anything to do with how she looks. If she was jealous it would have been for the same reason that people said she was jealous of Lisa, because they claim Travis treated them with respect .
      I think the point people are missing when they compare the church girls to Jodi is that he had someone to answer to with them. If he broke their hearts or used them then someone would have known and his rep would have been tarnished.
      With Jodi, he learned from the first night that he pushed oral sex on her that she was not gonna stand up to him and since he isolated her within his world of PPL and with LDS she had no one to talk to about it without making herself look just as bad.

      Point blank she truly was his dirty little secret and she was too insecure to stop it.

    • I am disgusted w/VP and everyone on HLN. I do not watch them anymore, their bias is so apparent. I tried to find a boycott HLN site (petition) but could not find one, only a JVM page that had to do w/her animal rights activisim. I used to enjoy watching trials on Court TV / True TV, but this has turned more into a witch hunt, and team HLN does nothing but inflame viewers to the point of attempting to destroy careers (ALV/Dr.S) and get people into a frenzy to inspire death threats and the like against Jodi.
      You would think if they had ANY class, they would back off and have a more objective viewpoint, as you know they know what they have done to contribute to the hate, and the defamation of ALV and the like..but not a word or apology from them. I will NEVER watch them again and I hope they have lost many viewers, even those who are on the fence but can see how one sided they are..

        IDK ….JUST SAYIN….

  3. YEah Cindy I agree that would be the only reason that she would be jealous. Jodi really loved that dog you can tell by how she talks about him in her interviews.

      • Yes Cindy I saw that posted yesterday and she was a very pretty woman. I still think she is though because she seems to have a beautiful spirit. I still feel compassion for her too because she is yet again another victim or survivor I should say of TA. I just love ( cough) how Tot Doc talked about all those relationships that Jodi had in about 8 years. Oh please that is nothing compared to most people and nothing compared to the disgusting womanizing lying bastard that TA was in all of his “relationships”. I have lost count of how many women there really were. My compassion goes out to all those that that crossed his path. Most of all poor Jodi who had to defend herself and now is sitting in court fighting for her life. She probably saved other women.

        • Not only other women, but also any children fathered by TA. Can you just imagine the type of husband he would have been? He was a straight-up womanizer!
          The “good, obedient Mormon wife” (who, remember, he was ACTIVELY on the prowl for) would have to quietly suffer his multiple affairs to save face and put up a good public facade; if she questioned him in private, just imagine THOSE fights.
          Any children born into that situation would have grown up seeing the abuse to their mother, the lack of value for her (or ANY woman for that matter), and God knows WHAT else. Note: I’m not even gonna get into the possible/probable-pedophile aspect of TA having children, because that opens up a WHOLE new can of worms.

          I’ll say this again, like I’ve said probably a hundred times since this trial started. Travis was always his very own worst enemy, and getting to “know” him through his messages, emails, writings, texts, etc – IN HIS OWN WORDS – and seeing how he treated women so terribly,


          With his history and escalation, I see no alternative ending; Travis gave himself no “out”. He was going to either end up killing someone OR that someone was going to end up being forced to kill him… And that’s unfortunately just the way it had to to be. It was pure chance that Jodi ended up being the unfortunate woman who had to do final battle with Travis Alexander. I’M GLAD SHE WON AND HE DIDN’T, and I proudly say that I support her 100% and always will.

        • If Dr. Death thinks Jodi is BPD, in part, because she went from one boyfriend to another with no breaks (I know that is not true, but it is what Dr. Death testified to) then what would be her diagnosis of Travis who not only went from one to the next with no breaks, but had many going on at the same time and lying about and to them all. Probably no diagnosis yet for the likes of TA. Unless there is a diagnosis for Xtreme BPD.

  4. I have been a Mommy for more years then I wasnt one and I guess that is just how I think now like a Mommy. I just wish I could wrap my arms around Jodi and tell her everything was going to be OK. I know that it has to hurt her to have so many people be against her. Even though she knows they are all full of it i know it still has to get to her. I just wish that someone would convince her that the Mormans arent her friends. I dont mean to degrade a whole religion but they have been very vocal about their hatred for her. I dont know what reading they follow but the bible tells us Judge not….and they seem to bethe first in line to JUDGE her.

    • Jennifer, I’m not sure what I think anymore. There is so much HATE in this trial and Jodi just sits there day after day. I have tried very hard not to say things about TA but only his actions and his family, well they are a very confused guilt ridden lot.
      My heart goes out to Denna due to the fact that she had to sit up there and confess her sins once again for the whole world to witness. JM SHOULD BE HAPPY WITH HIMSELF.

  5. Oh wow – I hadn’t heard about Tanisha being banned from chambers. She’s lucky LaViolette didn’t press charges against her !

    • I hadn’t heard any of this either. I hope ALV can and does try to legally recoup damages if this is true. This is classic Character Assassination, Cyber Bullying, Harassment, and several more that I can’t think of off the top of my noggin this morning. And if Samantha is found to have participated in ANY way, she can kiss her career in law enforcement goodbye. Man, what a freakin’ circus, not to mention a JOKE of a trial!

      And here I’ve been reading and believing this whole time that Tanisha had been “brought back to the Mormon Faith” after her brother’s death… The irony is thick.

      • Yes that is what I read on her FB she joined the Mormon’s again after his death
        she fell away for sometime is how I understood it an Travis’s death brought her
        back. Found a husband there etc. Now uses that Mormon/Faith for her benefit
        to bring in the hatred an bashing.

        As she stated many times she wants to be
        there when they stick the needle in Jodi’s arm. She wants Death an nothing
        Less for Jodi. This is a woman that also claimed that TRAVIS was a VIRGIN
        before he met Jodi TOO FALSE !! such LIES an I am sick of it.

        They can
        slander an carry on with this hatred an no one can see Jodi’s side or they
        are condemned to hell ? they make no sense an are all EVIL to me when
        I look at them now I only see ugliness nothing there BLANK STARES.

    • Who is Tanisha??????????

      “As you may or may not be aware, Tanisha (aka “Anorexia Sourpuss”) got her bony ass banned from any further meetings in Judge Pickles chambers the other week “

  6. As I am sitting here on the computer I am watching NBC and they are talking about the bombing suspect.. I told my fiance hat I feel bad for the suspect because to me he is just a baby who was following his big brothers direction. I went on to tell him that being the oldest in the family if I called my little sister and started telling her some radical way I was thinking that soon I would ave her believing it. For the mere fact tha I am her older sister and she has always followed my advice and it never steered her wrong….Well my fiance looked at the computer and then at the TV and said to me ” Jenn you will feel bad for anyone wont you? That girl needs to be where she is.” WELL this time I didnt hit the TV with a cup I cracked his ass right in the head when I threw it!!! I wasnt going to sit there and let him degrade Jodi when he hasnt even followed the case. He pick the cup up and laughed at me LOL

    • I was just saying the same to my husband. Without his older brother I don’t think he would have done this.

      It’s a shame. Ppl are mad and there isn’t a chance in hell he won’t get the death penalty.
      He’s only 19, to me, just a baby

      • I know I feel so badly for him. Not that I dont feel for the victims. Its just when I look at the photos they are showing of him I see a baby. Myson is a year younger then he is and I know how easy it is for him to follow the crowd. He is the oldest so he doesnt have an older sibling to follow after but my 16 year old daughter follows her brothers lead all the time!! The day that the suspect was on the run I watched NBC all day hoping for a good outcome. I heard all the people he went to school with talk about what a great guy he was. I believe in my HEART that he would not of done this without his brothers influance.

          • Me either!! I heard a saying once that stuck with me….The death penalty is killing someone to prove that killing someone is wrong… Kinda stupid when you look at it that way but the court system thinks it is needed. I wonder if the people that put the meds in the persons arm to put them to death if they ever wonder about their own after life. God tells us that Thou shalt not kill…not thou shalt not kill unless doing so for their job.

          • HI!!! hope u can all deal with my terrible typing skills, omg,
            MOVE ON!! OMG!!

        • I feel the same way. Someone posted a video on youtube about the young man being apprehended and I commented that I’m glad he wasn’t killed…that I want to know the truth. He replied “Yeah, find out the truth then KILL him” I returned with, I believe in “innocent until proven guilty”… He replied with, Let me pull the switch when he’s in the “chair”… or something like that.
          I understand people feeling angry, even furious about that horrific atrocity that happened. I don’t understand their anger and vindictive behavior though. It makes them look just as evil as terrorists the themselves.

    • I kind of feel the same way. I think he especially looked up to his brother because he was all he had here. His parents weren’t here and he hadn’t kept in contact with any other family.

  7. Ok. This morning I feel like I’m in a dream. I swear there was a second surrebuttal witness motion filed yesterday and today I don’t see it. Wth?

    Speaking of dreams…
    That video of Travis being held up you guys are saying was also a dream but a man was on HLN saying he was there when this happened so I’m not entirely positive it was a dream

    • It was a dream. If it were real, there would have been a police report, and HLN would have pimped the sh*t out of “poor Travis”. Have you ever heard one word about Travis being a crime victim? About the perpetrators of this “crime”? Any details about when and where it happened? No. That’s because it was a dream.

      • what the hell was he “holding court” with a captive audience about a frickin dream??? No wonder Jodi was half asleep!!! I remember when Jodi was testifying she mentioned “Travis’ “ego” then corrected what she was saying with a different word..she was right the first time! This guy was unbelievable…again, it was always all about him!

    • My post was confusing. I need more coffee.

      The video was aired on HLN and a guy said he was there with Travis during the holdup so I’m not entirely sure it’s a dream.

    • I asked this before and I might ask it again. What is the DEAL with these people documenting every frickin immaterial moment of their lives? If I were sitting around in a hotel lobby before retiring and in the middle of a tired anecdote somebody whipped out a camera and started videoing, it would majorly weird me out.

        • Yes he was I think we all have met MEN like this before the CENTER of ATTENTION
          at all times. I would never ever want to date one. People look at this as self
          confidence I never have. For some reason I always looked at it as conceited
          my own brother is a lot like Travis an I do not like him. I care about him but I
          do not condone how he treats women in life. I have not talked to him in years
          either. An I just heard from my sister he is getting married this fall sometime.
          Seriously I pity the woman that has fallen for him he is a snake.

          • About the story telling video where TA is in the staring role…again…I have always felt, upon seeing that footage, that it looks like a girlfriend whom has heard this story a million times for frick sake. She is tired of hearing it…over and over and over……Oh Travis…you are so brave! yada yada yada snore.

  8. Good Morning all :). I finally got caught up on yesterday’s testimony and most of it seems fairly pointless as always in Juanderland. I will say this though I felt compassion for Deanna on the stand much like Lisa. All of these women seem to be very sweet intelligent women who were victims of TA in some form. I have learned myself through ex wives/girlfriends of my ex abusive husband that his violence seemed to escalate over time. Their abuse was sometimes less or more than what I went through. It is very odd that they contacted me but they wanted answers to see if it was them. Thankfully they have all left him and it was oddly somewhat a healing process for all of us.

    • I think that when you survive through someones abuse you have a sister hood with the other women he abused. BRAVO on getting away from him!!!

    • It definitely does escalate over time, and you did a wonderful thing being there for those other women, Alaina. I spoke with the woman my ex-husband moved in with when he was bonded out after trying to kill me. He was only with her for just over 2 months and his control level over her during such a short time amazed me. Whereas, it took him years to “groom” me and exert control over me, he was taking over her life right away. At the time, my friends all hated her for taking him in and falling for his lies, but I always figured she was a nice girl. When I talked to her, she was a lot like me and it was truly sad. I dread to think what he did to the next woman, and she would not have a way to contact me. So sad!

      • Also ABUSED I have said it before and I am saying it again YOU ARE MY HERO!!! Have you ever thought of volunteering at a Domestic Violence shelter?? You would be a great strength for those women and a wonderful role model to show them that despite what was beaten into thir heads their is life after their abuser and they are strong women who can make it out in the world.

      • Yes Jennifer and AA is does create a sisterhood and as AA said she did much the same. That is great you were able to talk to her.

  9. Good morning SJ, wow, all that hatred! You take it so well. I guess you went through it all before with your Casey Anthony site. You’re tough as nails! I guess they didn’t offer you $200 to take over this site. They knew you’d laugh in their faces. Thank you again for all that you do to give us a place to speak about how we feel. Keep up the good work.

    I didn’t know about Tanisha being banned from chambers. I guess that was “the issue” that the judge needed to speak to Alyce about. Of course, the haters tried to make it sound like the judge was pissed with Alyce, but I guess that wasn’t it at all. I do remember when I glanced at Tanisha’s FB wall and she had a petition about Alyce up there. Alyce was still on the stand at that time. I had felt very sorry for the family up to that point, but that really altered my opinion. It’s simply NOT kosher to attack a witness and I was truly shocked the family would be involved. I’m glad the judge did the right thing.

    • She should be banned from watching the trial as well, IMO. How many people that have a loved one murdered, and in the middle of a trial would do such a thing? That would be the last thing on my mind, I may not like what a witness is saying but would never go after the witness. Shows were the priorities are. I didn’t think it was possible, but the Mormon faith seems to have a better guilt system then the Catholics. I use to be a Catholic, so I know. Have sex, go confess to a bishop, and then do it all over again. WTH the hypocrisy is amazing.

    • Tanisha just radiates anger when you look at her. I understand, to an extent, but taking it out on Alyce was just wrong. I’m glad that she was admonished for it.

  10. Good Morning all.

    Haven’t gone away just a little late. Had a power glitch last night and all the alarm clocks get zapped. Had to get the young uns to 7:15 AP History class, so needless to say it was hectic this morning.

    And here’s a great little tune, from a show at Barton Hall, Cornell University 5-8-1977, i the Library fo Congress’ archive of historic recordings.

    Appropriate on so many levels

  11. So I went over yesterday’s testimony last night.

    Here’s what bothers me.

    At this moment, to most people, Juan has proven that Jodi lied about the gas cans. I know, I know, geebee has this story about buying the third one after Mesa, etc, etc. The reason that doesn’t hold water with me, and I expect with a lot of people is this: The defense knew JM had created a real stink about this – they could have cleared it on redirect, no reason to get cute with innuendo, the jury asked about it. They could have cleared it up again with a real direct question – again no reason to pussy foot around. They didn’t which left a lot of folks, including me, with the impression that she said she returned the 3rd gas can to Walmart, and essentially implied that she filled two cans in SLC (remember you can imply by omission or commission). The defense had ample time o clear this mess up during their case in chief. They chose not to.

    Does this prove premeditation – no it doesn’t. But what it does is leave people who are pro-Jodi, including any members of the jury who are that way, with a nasty taste in their mouth. And that is not good for her. The defense really needs to clean this mess up, before it sticks to their shoes like something nasty the dog left behind.

    • Remember the defence strategy is not based on reassuring supporters. It’s based on the best strategy for the jury.

      I’m pretty sure this will be resolved in the next few days, preferably right at the end of surrebutal when it will have maximum effect.

      Martinez’ strategy is simply to boost his public image with his clueless supporters.

      Well let him. He is playing to the gallery, to the voters. Making early gains but losing heavily at the end.

      I dislike Martinez intensely, I am strongly opposed to the death penalty, and all that these US prosecutors stand for. But it’s the law, everyone has to operate within the law even if we don’t like it. ( Of course I am sat here in the UK where we don’t have the DP, and SJ is sat somewhere else where they don’t either )

      • Geebee2

        Given that the jury is made up of ordinary folks from the general populace you can imagine their mindset being very similar to the public.

        So when you have this situation where folks make a big deal about this whole gas can issue, at least some on the jury are in the same boat. Now even though the judge keeps telling these folks not to make any decisions till all is said and done, they will at least show leanings towards the arguments of one side or the other. You can see that being reflected in their questions, and by the way that whole jury question thing in AZ almost pushes them in that direction. So you have to have folks on the jury, wondering about what really is going on here. If she did buy the third can after Mesa, why didn’t the defense just come straight out and ask her when they had her on the stand. Why didn’t she just volunteer that in response to a gazillion questions about those cans. It all has to do with the credibility of the defendant’s story, which in this case is paramount. No story from Jodi and no self defense argument, or domestic violence, or fear of physical injury, or body slams, or choking, or “kill you bitch” screams, or any of the other myriad of things necessary for the defense to make its case.

        The defense cannot rely on surrebuttal, because that is not a given. They may never have an option and then would be left with having to argue this using scant direct testimony, but more reliance on having to parse peoples words. The problem with asking people to carefully parse words lies in the fact that that type of situation normally arises when the person who’s words are being parsed is being less than candid. Else you just call a spade a spade and get it over with.

        And so I don’t think Martinez is playing to the public. He is actually playing to the jury, which is representative of the public. And the defense was either caught flat footed, or they better have some really good stuff waiting, and they ought to be certain that they will be able to present it to the jury.

        • What part of the United States do you live, Al, because you obviously have never driven the remote highways of California to understand the gas can issue.

          Apparently Juan Martinez has never been in that part of the United States, either. He is counting on the stupidity of the jurors not to understand how remote the highways are in Utah, Nevada, and especially California.

          • TONYSAM,

            Al isnt talking about WHY she had the gas cans. He is talking about why she said she returned 1 can, when there is evidence to the opposite. If the jury feels she was caught lying about this part of the story, then they may assume the rest of the story is also made up. If there is no defense story there is no “self defense” story. This still doesnt prove pre-med or murder 1, but it also wouldnt mean an aquittal…probably murder 2 or manslaughter. My feelings are manslaughter, based on what has be proven to this point.

            • Like I said earlier, I just can’t believe these stupid gas cans are still even a point of contention! It’s NOT that hard to understand – “ I’m about to take a really long drive through a very isolated and harsh stretch of terrain. So I don’t become stranded, I’m going to be logical and carry some backup gasoline in my car… You know, just in case.” Is it a reasonable explanation? Absolutely, yes! There’s your reasonable doubt right there.

              I’m hoping that at least some on the jury (being from AZ) have done something similar in the course of their lives and see this “evidence of premeditation” for what it is: Another one of Juan Martinez’s sad, pathetic attempts to see just how much cooked spaghetti he can get to stick to the freakin’ ceiling! Manslaughter is my vote; M2 at MOST.

              Oh, and sirlips – Good Morning, Handsome! 😎

          • We have remote highways down in Southeast Oregon that I know I wouldn’t drive thru without a gas can. The gas stations are far apart and the cost really high.

    • The Defense seemed really off, or unprepared, for these witnesses yesterday. They came across, at least to me, as not giving a toot about theWal-Mart and Tereso (sp) witnesses. It certainly was a WTH moment for me when Nurmi had no questions for the Wal-Mart employee. I definitely am agreeing with Al on this.

      • Because the gas cans aren’t important, and apparently are important to people here because they have never driven that part of the country.

        • Tonysam

          The cans by themselves are not important. What is very important is Jodi’s story about the cans. So if she had 2 or 3 or 10 doesn’t matter. What matters is that she said she returned one, and sort of dodged the whole thing about the gas amounts in SLC.

          It doesn’t matter how many cans she had or how much gas she bought. What matters is that her story doesn’t seem to add up. That is the big problem. Without that part of her story adding up, she stands the danger of the jury saying, we can’t believe the rest of her story either. Someone on that jury has already asked her why they should believe her story now, JM has accused her of lying on the stand, and in particular about the gas cans. Unless the defense can rebut this in some way it will come off like she lied about it. And what’s more about something, that as you point out is meaningless. That is the problem.

    • For some reason, it doesn’t leave a nasty taste in my mouth. I just don’t care about gas cans that she filled in Utah or whether she remembers the circumstances correctly. As my British friends would say, I can’t be arsed about the gas cans and it doesn’t change my view of Jodi’s testimony.

      • She filled them in Utah because the road where she likely went in California, U.S. Highway 395 north, goes into remote national forest territory.

        I have said this over and over and over. I have DRIVEN that part of the country dozens upon dozens of times in the past thirty years. I KNOW why she filled those cans up. Gasoline in Susanville, California, and other small towns like Burney and McCloud have VERY high gas prices.

        • You also can’t get cell phone signals through much of that country, especially on Highway 44, where there are NO gas stations or anything other than a rest area for some 50 miles. It is adjacent to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

    • He hasn’t “proven” she “lied.” That is a bunch of crap. It is pure smoke and mirrors on his part.

      The defense didn’t think the gas cans are important, and for anybody with a brain, they are not.

      You obviously don’t live in the western part of the United States.

      • You just don’t get it so lets leave it at that.


        • I get it. But I’ve also kind of tuned out that entire thing. In my mind I figure, about 15 gallon capacity in the car, about 10 gallon capacity in the cans. Each time she filled up she got about 25 gallons. Gas tanks, as girls like me who do half of their cruising riding around town on E with the light on know, hold more than the stated capacity of the tank. Plus gas pumps are not 100% accurate at measuring output. As an engineer you’d know way more about that than I, but in our state, the gas station has to measure it every year or so and put a sticker on the pump assuring us customers tht they are not screwing us. AI, think the thing that Martinez has failed to prove, to me anyway, is that she needed three cans to hold the gas she bought in the first place.

          • Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer took off with the guy from the Saab dealership and kept going trying to see how far they could get on a tank of gas. But you’re not alone. I seem to ride around with my light on more often than one would care to, with implicit trust in that gizmo that says I still have 15 miles before I run out.

            Actually the gas stations keep their gauges pretty accurate. The problem is that they make very little profit on gas, and if their gauges start pumping out more gas, they loose money really fast. On the other hand gas cans etc can always hold a little bit more. The problem here really is that she keeps filling gas in multiple go arounds paying for each one separately. So what’s with that?

            As to not needing three cans, who cares. Like I said it isn’t how many cans she had. If there was an explanation why not just give it. She acknowledged 2 cans, so the 3rd shouldn’t matter. It only matters for two reasons:

            1. She over-thought this out in the years between then and the trial. So she says, OK if I filled up in Pasadena, and next sometime after I left Mesa, how many miles did I go. Now could I have done that on the gas in the car and the two tanks? And then uses some logic from there to say she has no 3rd tank.

            2. She just misspoke, and should have cleared it up and now and it has snowballed into a mountain from some tiddly little molehill.

            By the way, I have at least one other example where I believe she may have over thought something, and I fear that the medical examiner may be here today for that reason. But I won’t tell you what it is, I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader. Let’s see how many can guess.

              • Nor has mine, and I have a Volvo. My wife’s car on the other hand never gets below about half tank. She starts panicking if it does.

                • Ahh…when my niece turns 16 and gets the Saab, if I can’t find another one that’s new enough, I think I’ll be hitching a ride on the Volvo train. Any advice?

                  Well, I’m off to do my church lady thang in my car that is uncharacteristically over 3/4 tank full. BBL

                • Don’t hitch onto the Volvo train. They’ve gone severely downhill. I drove my last but one Volvo for 395k miles and it wouldn’t quit. The one I’m driving now, used to be my wife’s and it’s a 2000 and won’t quit. I bought a XC90 in 2005 and it died in 2011. The transmission gave out and the guy at the dealership told me that he wouldn’t fix it, because the engine would be the next thing to go. I guess they just don’t make them the way they used to. That’s what happens when you get bought by Ford and then sold to a Chinese company.

            • Good afternoon Al,
              I love a challenge…LOL. I am going to guess what you are referring to, and see if its the same thing. The gunshot and angle of the shot itself. When Jodi was on the stand, she testified that TA was coming towards her, low and like a linebacker, and she was holding the gun with both hands pointed at him. JM had her get off the stand and show the jury the “pose” he was in while coming at her. She did, getting down low and tilting her head slightly, opening her arms and moving forward. Then she stated several times on different occasions, that as he came at her, his hands were around her waist. I believe the ME will testify that if that were the case, the shot would have been so close to his head, practically right against his forehead, that there would have been stippling present and there was none found. In order to have no stippling present, the shot would have had to be at the very least, 2 or more feet away. This makes it impossible for TA to have his arms or hands anywhere near her waist, and also for her arms to be outstretched holding the gun in both hands.

              So… this what you were thinking? is it huh? is huh? Huh??? If so…what do I win???
              Also, FTR, I believe Jodi, after all this time, likely does not have a real clear memory of exactly how this part went down, I am sure she knows parts, but not every detail. But I believe she has memorized it for trial, (which is common and almost a prerequisite) and yes, over thought this detail too much.

        • Al, I get it, I totally get it and agree. At this point, I hoping a couple a jurors are experiencing the CSI affect and will come the conclusion the prosecution and defense both have problem with their versions leaving the jurors to draw their own picture. I think that is why Nurmi filed for the lesser…manslaughter/heat of passion.

          • Exactly, and see my post in response to Sil below. That may be where they are headed, and it may have been better to just leave this alone, as is, and be ready for the jury to discard her testimony.

            • I just don’t see the jury throwing out all of Jodi’s testimony over a gas can issue. She was on the stand for 18 days and answered hundreds of questions.

              At this point, most of the jurors probably know what direction they’re leaning in. It’s all a matter of what happens during deliberations.

          • I was thinking the same thing, Ann. Otherwise, from a purely clinical view, and given JM’s penchant for all-or-nothing outcomes, they would have done well with leaving only M1 on the table. Although i read elsewhere that because of a wrinkle in AZ law (don’t there seem to be a lot of ’em?) M2 is a required instruction because of the felony murder charge. So I don’t know, and second guessing nuanced trial strategy in a case like this is little more than a parlor game (albeit one that I relish playing). Add to that the fact that, as I’ve stated time and again, Jodi is not the ideal client. Nobody is going to convince me that she was not advised to keep her mouth shut before going to the media and talking to the cops. Over and over and over.

            I think I have an understanding as to why she did it, and between the actual evidence that has come out, combined with the experts’ testimony, and with social media content that I found on my own that the jury will not see, I am much more inclined toward acquittal-Man1. When the case started, based on media coverage alone, I was firmly in the M1 range. When Willmott made her opening, I was like, “Good luck making a jury believe that, sister.” Then, slowly, as JM bumbled his way through his case, and I started thinking about it, I transitioned into M2 territory. When In Session finally breathed its last, it seemed that HLN took on a new fervor, or maybe that’s just when I got my first real dose of it. That all made me angry, and perhaps feel a little protective of Jodi.

            Now as the case winds down, I am thinking that the most the pros can reasonably hope for is manslaughter, so why put it on the table? But I recognize that that would be a fine position to take in our parlor game, and I can feel right all the way up until time for jury deliberations. And the jurors don’t go into the room with my knowledge of bragging about 16.5″ biceps, Eddie Snell videos, and death threats against ALV. But they come out with a verdict for a real person who is a real lawyer’s client, and I won’t second guess their strategy or their choice in that regard. I’m in bed with my purring cat on my lap and my dog begging to go out. Jodi is on trial, literally for her life.

      • but, this is how people think: If they are not important, then why lie?

        No, they have not proven she lied about it, but in the end, who are people supposed to believe?
        Jodi, who is GOING TO LIE, to save her own life, OR a walmart employee that has no reason to lie?

        THe big question to try and answer is “why would she lie about this?” REGADLESS of if she did or not, the defense should try and insunuate why someone may lie about this. Because we all know that the jury has people on it that now think she lied about the cans.(if not all of them)

        We claim to be open minded, so lets not let our dedication to this point get in the way of evidence… The evidence DOES show that she most likely did not return a gas can that she says she returned. People can say this is a small issue, but the argument is “then why lie, if its a small issue?”. Like it or not, they need to have an answer for this..ANY answer.

        • okay, so let’s say she lied about returning the gas can. What do we have left? If they impeach her testimony, what happens then?

          Will that prove premeditation?

          • No it won’t prove premeditation, but what it could do is take the self defense argument off the table. It could also take any stuff she said about DV off the table.

            That leaves the jury with a sort of mixed bag of tricks. They are now left with the following proposition:

            1. Jodi killed TA.
            2. The state says she did it with premeditation but has a flimsy case for that.
            3. So why did she do it?

            Even though motive is not supposed to be an issue, the facts that precipitated a killing definitely are (because they go to the degree of culpability). So now they are left in a quandary. What made this whole thing go down. Who lost their temper first. If TA did this could be the manslaughter in quarrel thing. If Jodi did then who knows.

            Now of course as I write this, I am wondering if this may not be a good thing, though I’m always doubtful about giving people too much credit for being smart.

            Here’s why it may be a good thing. We have to start with a huge assumption, and I mean really huge. Let us assume that the jury believes, as I do, that JM hasn’t proven premeditation beyond a reasonable doubt. That is the assumption.

            If that is so, then the jury must decide, beyond a reasonable doubt, what led to this killing, and if they leave out Jodi’s testimony there is no other testimony as to why this happened. Given that the only thing they can say is that she did the killing, and should have known that cutting his throat would have killed him. There is only one verdict for that situation – manslaughter.

            So here’s where the smarts come in. You need the jury to be able to follow that line of reasoning, and you need the defense to push them along that line in closing.

            • Al, I’ve been riding that train for a long time.

              We dont need all of the jury to be “smart”…just one. because that one juror can teach the others.

              I dont think we will have to worry about “hater types” on the jury. The jurors will not stand for that. It is unlawful and predjuicial(sp?). Even if someone is a “hater” they will not want to target themselves for accusations. I would imagine it will be much harder for the “haters” to convert “thinkers” rather than the other way around.

              I predict that we will lose another juror this week.

                • There is at least one very obviously anti-Jodi person on the jury, that is clear from the jury questions. May be they know who that is and, if so, they should try get that person bumped.

              • I hope so.

                We have one great thing going here, this is an American jury. We Americans are a strange people. I think way down deep within us we have a collective psyche that believes in fairness, and a benefit of the doubt for those who are either accused or have in fact done wrong. It’s absolutely amazing how that works. So for all our cowboy mentality, we are probably the most understanding folks around. I know, I’ve spent a large chunk (14 years in total) of my life overseas, and it is absolutely amazing how that concept doesn’t exist with a lot of folks elsewhere.

                That concept is what let’s the one person on the jury who is firmly on the side of the defendant often sway the whole bunch of them.

                So let’s see what happens.

                • I would guess from the Mormon Book questions that one time that there are
                  a few Mormon’s on that Jury? They would be against Jodi just for the sinning
                  part. An may believe the temptress crap that JM spews out. But I hope they
                  find JM disgusting with his dramatics an see an reserved Nurmi an Jenn there.

                  Also I read somewhere that Flores is LDS also? Could it be possible that any of
                  the Jury members attended the same Church even ? Temple?

        • but couldn’t the Walmart store have made a mistake??? The witness did say that there could be “human error”. I believe Jodi did return the gas would think that she would know that that could be traced if this was a pre-meditated murder…Maybe my question doesn’t make any sense, but the whole gas can thing is confusing to me..I think KN didn’t cross this witness because the human error issue was brought up. I used to own a small business…my employees didn’t always follow procedure..sometimes they cut corners!

  12. Hi SJ-
    you mentioned they only need 252 signatures. Please tell me that there is NO way they can screw with this site. Hopefully, I’m just interpreting this wrong in my morning “fog”.

  13. I left a comment on their “petition” that reads as follows:
    Freedom of speech, ya’ll. Do you see us supporters trying to get your pages taken down? Negative. No one is making anyone support her, so why don’t you go about your business? This is ridiculous. Anyone should be able to support who they want without “consequences.” I support Jodi, but I am not trying to push this on anyone else.

    • Yes… so one of them is gonna have to change their original story so it matches with the other one, lol.

      Team Jodi

      • Goodmorning friends! !!

        I think it’ll be Dr Horn that will change his testimony! I dont know whats worse the M.E. ir the detective changing their story but either way it look real bad on theur part. And if I was a juror in this case I’d definitely NOT blv ANYTHING thats coming from the state after this big ” misunderstanding” between Flores and Horn. I would NOT convict someone KNOWING that someone is lying or changing their stories to for the prosecutors case, I wouldn’t even agree to manslaughter, I’d say, NOT GUILTY!!!

        The reason I thk it’ll be dr horn changing his testimony is because it will fit Martinez premeditation claim if dr horn does testify to the gunshot first. Oh yea I can see Flores feeling like the great detective, thinking he was right all along knowing that they were both conned into lying for the state!

  14. This may seem like a silly question – but I have pondered it for awhile. Can someone please explain to me why it seems that such a mass of people hate Jodi and why they ignore the abuse Travis put her through? I honestly cannot figure it out.

    • Jealousy – big time. Most of them have never even watched the trial and are still waiting for TA to testify for the State.

      Team Jodi

      • If that’s true then what a shame. This girl’s life is at stake – and I’m not only referring to the death penalty – I’m also referring to the fact that she could spend many years in prison if found guilty of M1 or M2. I wonder if they have ever tried to put themselves in her shoes. This could happen to any one of us.

        • I agree. This is why I said there should be a concerted effort to strictly prohibit any of the haters from reproducing.

          Not only will it be doing society in general a huge favor, but it’ll also lighten the future welfare burden for the country to boot… rid the world of their potential garbage… and overall make the world a safer place.

          Team Jodi

        • Mary, I don’t know if anyone will read this, but I feel strongly so here goes;

          I just wanted to mention (for the cause) that I feel there is so much hate because abuse is still not understood; why would a woman allow that to happen to her? why didn’t she just walk away? why didn’t she not answer texts/emails/phone calls and just ignore him? What they don’t realize is that, being in the same circle of friends meant that she had to try to make peace. TA would threaten and bash other guys she dated. Jodi wanted to be ‘free’ to live her life and she thought if she made peace, there was a chance she and TA could coexist. That’s what the haters don’t understand.

          Religion also plays a huge part in hatred (always has, always will). I see in today’s society, people think if one goes to church (of any kind) they MUST be good. Religious people can make mistakes because they can ‘ask for forgiveness,’ or ‘they are just human,’ etc. They get a free pass, so to speak. TA was an elder in the church so I think that’s enough for the general populace. Yes, he was an abuser, a pig, a pedophile and womanizer but that’s okay. Mormonism is male-dominant, boys-will-be-boys and it is always ‘the woman’s sin.’ Other religions are similar in that the woman follows the man, he is the head of the house, etc. so once again, the woman should have walked away.

          So, I think, when people see/hear all this about TA, they want to think his transgressions were being blown out of proportion and he was trying to be good (as proven, in their minds, that he was an elder in the church). If the haters stand up and say what he was doing was wrong – then they, too, are wrong and have to think about looking within themselves and maybe even changing their ways. Maybe they might realize that instead of using a ‘free pass to sin’ simply by ‘asking for forgiveness,’ they might have to start thinking more in terms of outright morality and living a good life where one does not need to ask for forgiveness; less people would get hurt. It is upsetting to people to realize you have been wrong. So they continue to ‘love’ TA and when something bad comes out about him, just sweep it under the rug and their god will forgive.

          Sorry for the long answer; I’ve had a lot of therapy. lol 😀

      • Also a ton of robots who do not watch the trial and do not think for themself. Some probably watch hln and take those as facts. A friend of mine posted a quote on her Facebook that I think goes along with this blind followers.

        “The person who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before” author unknown

      • Like SJ said, jealousy and a misplaced sense of righteousness whose flames have been fanned by the media.

        BTW, i would hazard a guess and say most people in the country don’t even know about this trial.

    • It’s the “witch hunt” mentality, which is fueled by bullshit tabloid media such as HLN and a bunch of jealous women (and some men) online.

    • Because they are little media pawns. They are supposed to hate Jodi because shes a pretty girl who dared to be anything other than the stereotype of what a beautiful girl is for American society. Society paints pretty girls as sex objects who are just supposed to take it. When they do what society says (I.e- be a sex object) then they are a whore but the man or men is not held accountable. I just roll my eyes at the fact that she is being hated on so much for killing one person ( I think in self defense but even if it was in cold blood) and they hate her more than full fledged serial killers or baby killers. The point is that they hate her not because Travis is dead. They hate her for breaking societies rules.

  15. Wow googling news for Jodi Arias is just downright
    depressing, mostly every article is already saying
    she is going to get the guilty verdict and there
    was an article where someone said “Jodi
    deserves to die etc”

    But in that haystack. There is hope…

    Like this very well written Pro-Jodi article that
    was published today

    “Jodi Arias Finds Her Sympathetic Target Juror?”

    I seriously believe most of the haters are total tunnel vision
    & beyond ignorant & narrow minded

    But if there are people like Geraldo, Alyce, and this Hope
    Carson out there
    Then maybe we can have faith and “hope”
    cause it does just take one or two jurors
    that think like us….

    They may think we are crazy
    but i would say all of here are as close to SANE
    as can be!

  16. I am getting so down…things have spiraled so out of control. The lies, exaggeration, and venom in the media and on the internet is beyond horrible. This is beyond free speech: these are Hate Crimes! I lay the blame mainly on HLN. They have lit so many fires and poured gasoline on all of them. It’s crazy…never seen anything like it. I hope and pray that the jury is ‘remembering the admonition” and staying off the internet. I am so grateful for this site and the sanity I can find here re this case.

    • CanadaLinda, don’t let this get you down. First, many people don’t follow the trial and of the ones that do, I think ‘the silent majority’ still holds true. I even saw a few people on FB (nothing to do with this trial) bringing more conversation to the table about adult cyber bullying and how it is out of control. At least the conversation has started.

      And for anyone using google to search for any info, just keep in mind that after their updates in the last year and a half (or so), google search sucks badly. When terms are typed in, no longer do you get what you are looking for. You are served (by google) what is popular. So if you type in Jodi’s name, you’ll get non-stop hate sites. This morning I typed in the name of a witness that was on the stand yesterday with no other terms; no info about that witness but ALL articles (and most are the same article just repeated) about the trial – and a hater’s spin, for sure. So…. the other side is out there, but since it is the minority google wants you to read only the popular stuff.

      • Oh jeez…. Tanisha WISHES that was her!!

        Tanisha’s face is all caved in due to Meth. I believe this 100%

        • It is true that she was a drug user at one point.

          The picture looks nothing like Tanisha; the haters are really reaching there.

          • OMG laugh of the morning! This is as far as you can spiral down the rabbit hole, I need my tin foil hat to figure out this one. LOL

            • wow another day, another shooting “Five people are dead and one injured in a shooting in the Village of Manchester, Illinois”

              Seriously I thought this week was going to be mellow…guess not!

        • Ya that’s just BS. Jodi doesn’t even face the gallery so how would she be able to make an accurate portrait. They are also claiming older drawings Jodi made look like Travis’ sister. I don’t buy it. And when I type in her name online all that comes up is things like “Is Jodi taunting Travis’ family through her art??” Lame.

        • and what about her teeth?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her show them!!! Meth destroys teeth..maybe she’s using the $ from the “TA Fund” to get some dental work done! Wouldn’t surprise me!

          • EXACTLY that Tanisha has HORRID TEETH go watch her video on U TUBE jumping off with a jumbee at the very end she FINALLY smiles ! there you can see why she never ever smiles. Which amazes me that they have money an she has not fixed her teeth but does do those chemical peels ewwwwwwww from what I can see on her FB an her husbands they are so so VAIN about their faces it is really out there. At least to me. But you are right her teeth are rotted an black an some missing.

      • I actually think the second portrait with Tanisha’s pic side by side looks like her. The hair, eye color, shape of the face, the nose, lip color, and there’s even a tiny mole on the jawline like Tanisha’s. The haters may want to make something sinister out of that, but I see it in the totally different light. If Jodi did have Tanisha in mind in doing the portrait I think it comes from a sweet spot in her heart. I know it maybe hard for some to imagine given how TA’s family feels, but I believe Jodi has that capacity.

    • Nope I dont see it either! She wish she looked like the drawing! The 2nd picture jodi drew has a mole and TA sister doesnt have a mole! Sorry but they seriously need to let it go! !

  17. Re Flores testifying: I thought witnesses weren’t supposed to be in the courtroom during the trial except to provide their own testimony?

    • Yeah, normally. But Flora, is ‘special’ maybe even ‘exceptional’… actually, prosc is allowed one to sit up there with JM, per AZ laws (I think). 🙂

  18. Ummmm…… If the judge felt strongly enough to ban TA’s sistert from chamber meetings she should have accepted the mistrial request. That is whitness intimidation and to the key defense whitness non-the less.

    This will come back to haunt her.

    • This, along with about two dozen other BIG “Whoopsies!” from the judge. If I hadn’t seen such utter and complete incompetence with my own eyes, I’d never believe it could even exist. 😯

    • I’m wondering if this info about Tanisha is being reported in the media? Probably not. Their audience doesn’t want to hear about that.

      • Well You KNOW the haters LOVE to lurk here, so It won’t take long for the word to spread.
        Which brings me to another idea. We should just start posting complete made-up bull shit so the haters spend the day chasing their tails trying to get to the bottom of it, LOL!!

    • Sorry if this is dumb question, but how do you all know for a fact that Travis’ sister got in trouble for intimidating ALV? Just curious. If 100% that is terrible. I feel really sorry for both families for what is happening/ what happened to Jodi and Travis, however, retribution like that is uncalled for and pretty dirty way to fight.

  19. This trial; oh this trial! I wrote this to a friend this morning, and I want it on record publicly and with y’all here:

    “Just when I don’t think this trial can get any more ridiculous or the “outside-the-courtroom” drama get more repugnant… All I have to do is take a day or 2 away and come back. I’ve never seen such a laughable sham in my life! I don’t even remember Michael Jackson’s 2nd child molestation trial being so bizarre, even when he posed for his fans while standing on the roof of the vehicle or when he had to be escorted into court wearing his pajamas.

    Sad that the fact that Jodi’s LIFE is on the line was lost in all the theatrics MONTHS ago; it makes me soooooo angry! 😡 ”

    That, my wonderful friends, sums up EXACTLY how I feel about this side-show circus that they’re trying to pass off as an actual ‘trial’.

    • It makes me enraged, Ashley. Some hater got my FB shut down reporting me to be a “fake” person. So I gave FB my number to send me an activation text and it never came….

      so in order to reactivate my FB, they want me to upload my driver’s license….not gonna happen.

      anyways…………Ashley, I sent you an email a half hour ago ♥

        • It’s okay. It really wasn’t my primary one, but rather, one where I was safer. I dont comment anything pro Jodi with my primary account, because during the Casey Anthony trial, I was stalked and threatened DAILY. Those folks were studying my profile so hard core they nearly found my house.

          I have learned.

          • 😯

            omg! Still though. It scary stuff.

            btw, Jose Baez mentioned a certain group in his book and I’m certain these are the same people now attacking Jodi.

            And I know that the reason they want to keep this site from being found online it’s because they have a strong feeling just like we do, that the jury is being influenced by the media. When you Google Jodi Arias, all the negative sites fill up the first two pages. This site now appears like on the third page. So we’re obscure, but still they want to shut us up. It’s sad.

          • Some nice soul copied and pasted a message I left on here for Jodi, on my FB page! Then they mocked me 🙁

            I ignored it.

      • WTF about Facebook? With their record of Privacy Breaches, there’s no effin’ way I’d ever give them my DL number! My Facebook got hacked a couple times, and I had to send them a “Photo Proof”… A pic of me (showing my face clearly) holding a piece of paper with my Facebook username, my real name, and my log-in email address listed. Both times, my account was reset & restored within 12 hours. Who is your contact person at FB? (You can email it to me) I’ll email them on your behalf, along with a scathing reprimand! Idiots! 👿

    • Yay! Glad to see you Ashley 🙂 I have been in and out myself due to tons of school work and life stuff.
      It’s always a better day when we’re all able to show up.

  20. Good morning everyone!

    This morning I’m feeling very optimistic for Jodi’s future. I won’t allow anything to shake my faith in JW and Nurmi. The facts are on Jodi’s side.

    I also want to take this opportunity to convey my deep admiration for all the women on this site. I have learned so much about domestic violence and abuse from what you share and I’m honored to be able to talk to you all.

    I still feel we are outnumbered to be honest, but I don’t care. Being part of the minority is not bad at all in this situation because I know we’re a group capable of feeling compassion and love. I’ll take that anytime of the week.

    And for the wonderful men here. I’m not leaving you out. I am so grateful to know that Jodi has your support. All of you are so intelligent and wonderful, it’s just that today, I wanted to recognize and give props to my sisters! 😉

    Go Team Jodi!!

  21. I gather Flores is going to testify about the shelving in TA’s closet. I wonder what the ME is back for? Can’t quite figure that one out, other than to keep harping on the gun shot came last issue.

  22. SJ
    I have been following this trial since the beginning and have been keeping a low profile but today I have to speak out. I have been calling Tannisha “The Skanky-Assed Bitch”. Sometimes I simply refer her as the “The Skank” in the front row. In February she had blonde streaks in her hair. Those blonde highlights made her look like hell. If you don’t mind and with your approval, I would like to give her a new name “The Anorexic, Skanky-Assed Bitch from Hell”. lol. Do you agree? Sorry but the name fits the female person. I do not care for that women one bit between her and her cry-baby sister who is supposedly a police woman! Give me a break! I don’t know how the police-sister made it thru the Police Academy Training. She certainly is not a strong woman. How could she uphold the law? I can see crying her ass off when writing up a parking meter ticket…

  23. I just wanna say that while I hope that she gets off or manslaughter all those people who think shes getting the needle are seriously delusional. IT WONT HAPPEN. This jury is not going to put her to death. She may unfortunately get a life sentence but there’s no way they will kill her. SO they can get as hyped as they wanna be about how they would put the needle in their arms themselves but the jury knows there’s more to this that just a crazy jealous girl.

    • If she is convicted it will go to appeal and this circus case and verdict will be overturned. A lot of errors and malfeasance in my opinion, but I am not a lawyer.

  24. I noticed a lot of conversations earlier about the testimony of wal-mart and tedesco emploies regarding gas cans and gas bought. I also was left bewildered by KN not asking any cross questions. at very least about isn’t it possible that a cashier could have used a dummy sku and given her cash, we all know is done. Also i saw talk that maybe KN will do it in surrebuttal but ther no guarantee that that will be allowed by judge and i am not sure KN can eve bring up gas cans in the surrebuttal if allowed for the testimony of Dr. Robert Geffner

  25. Good Morning, I thought it was interesting yesterday when Nurmi asked Deanna when Travis had mailed her the letter telling her he wanted to date other people. Nurmi seemed surprised that it was only a couple of months before her return, not a few months into her mission. This speaks volumes to me about Travis’s character. Chances are he was not exactly faithful during her absence and with her returning from her mission he knew he had to lay the ground work (so to speak) and let her know that he wanted to date others. My guess is he had been doing just that the entire time she was away. I may be wrong in assuming Nurmi seemed surprised. As a Lawyer should never ask a witness a question they don’t already know the answer to. He could have painted the same scene I just did but he clearly used tact and respect
    while questioning her, that speaks volumes about his character as opposed to the “wee man”.

    • I picked that up also. Deana(the ex girlfriend) seemed clueless to TA. He must have gotten away with so much with her. I don’t know anything about the Mormon faith, but maybe the women tolerate this behavior. Jodi comes from a total different background. It doesn’t matter she was baptized Mormon. The whole Mormon thing was a power play for Travis. It worked on Deana and his other Mormon girlfriends. But a some blessed Mormon baptismal water wasn’t going to change Jodi from experiencing the truth. This whole Mormon religious, motivational thing for Travis was what he hid behind and from all his life. Which is that terrible abuse he experienced as a child and formed him as a person. Well it worked until JA walked into his life. Jodi lived life’s truth and was going to call Travis on what she saw and experienced. Travis, hiding behind a huge façade his whole grown up life was pulled in two directions. This ran deep in Travis and is exactly where the abuse and domestic violence against Jodi originated. When they keep talking in trial about him saying something to Jodi about her being, and I am paraphrasing, the most evil horrible thing that happened to him. What Travis meant was: you found and brought forth the most evil horrible things about me(Travis). That is the true story of Travis speaking from the grave. His story is sad. But Jodi had no other choice. She had to defend herself. His family that sits there like Jodi is awful needs to take responsibility for his abuse and whatever in his childhood went on. They ultimately pulled that trigger. Without serious psychiatric help TA was a danger to himself or others.

    • I agree, Canada J. It was callous and manipulative.

      Normally, if he wanted to keep her as a girlfriend but had dated someone else temporarily, he would just say nothing. Only someone who wants to break up the relationship would mention other dates on a letter.

      Since he did not intend to break the relationship but ALSO wanted to break her heart, he was being manipulative.
      He felt confident that he could hurt her (by MAIL among all things) yet still get her forgiveness later. He already controlled her, wanted to hurt her and surprise her by courting her again when she came back, using the seesaw of control that he later used so well on Jodi.

  26. ANOREXIA SOURPUSS!!! bahahahahaha……that’s worth all of yesterday’s bs witnesses and testimony….
    thanks SJ for making my day!!!

  27. wild just posted that the Judge might open up the hearing..stay tuned he says he’ll let us know as soon as he get final words from the Judge….

  28. I am so tired of the Travis Supporters they slander everyone an then scream at the
    same time they we are on this SITE or if we voice our own opinion that we are slandering
    Travis an his family ?? it makes no sense to me. They are the ones sending out the
    death threats to witnesses they are the ONES THAT BAN you BLOCK you from their
    sites if you say anything against TRAVIS but yet can cry cry cry about if they are
    banned off this SITE ? WTH they are all F”IN CRAZY an STARK RAVING MAD !

    here is just one comment I am talking about that is so HYPOCRITICAL it makes me PUKE!

    Roseanne Maries HOPATCONG, NJ

    9 days ago
    Liked 2

    Everyone has their right to support whomever they want, except when it is done in a malicious and hateful way. This site at one time called Mr. Martinez’s parents illiterate Mexican Migrant Workers. They speak untruths and state theories as if they are fact. This brutally murdered man has a family who is being hurt an harassed.

    As far as I know that is a true statement HLN even said that Spanish was the first language in his home growing up he had to learn ENGLISH on his own.

    SO SICK Of the Travis Supporters an HLN they are going to cause someone less stable then me to
    go off on somebody somewhere. Good thing I am disabled is all I have to say.

    • Joe they will get enough signature’s but what does that matter? They can’t shut the site down there is nothing illegal going on here so I don’t see how that petition can be successful do you?

    • And I had gotten me’ hopes up a few minutes ago when he was told that Judge might open up the hearing…I’ll go wash the vehicles…this is my day off and I need to get busy doing something…LOL…

  29. Unreal – can someone explain something to me though – how can wordpress ‘shut down’ this sight (even if the petition had a zillion signature, how can that happen?) The most loathsome part of that petition is the ‘reasons’ – assume for instance that this is all the terrible stuff they claim – it’s precisely offensive content that needs support (I’m not saying this is ‘offensive’ just running with their assumption and showing it’s still BS). The same freedom they are looking to deny this sight is what protects their ability to express themselves. And to call this online with Westboro – you’ve got to be kidding. There’s so many huge differences (even if you assume their premise) that it’s just idiotic.

    • All of these silly petitions going around, eventually what happens to them? Do they turn them over to the petition police? Is Pepe LeFleur going to start investigating and shutting shit down? I don’t get it.

  30. SJ,
    So you showed a body bag. Travis took pictures of Jodi’s completely nude body, coercing her to do anal sex and more, lets get a petition to get Justice for Travis shut down. They do death threats and harassments etc. TA. he abused her physically and emotionally.

  31. I crack up every time I see the name Gloria Esteban.

    I peeked at the petition and laughed my fanny to pieces. The haters think that was a real photo of Travis in a body bag? Hmm, I didn’t see any blood on the floor. My gawd they are DUMB.

  32. As for TA’s skanky sister, she looks like a vampire that crawled out on the wrong side of her coffin! As for the flukey closet shelves, I am 5 ft tall and have used the lower shelves to step on to retrieve things from upper shelves for a long time. I can “Tinker Bell” to the top shelf with no problem and I weigh a hell of a lot more than Jodi.

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