Sky Hughes – Email Exchange r.e. TA’s Pedo Antics (June 2010)

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out the email exchange below between Sky Hughes and a (currently) unknown entity, from June 2010.

I think we’ve all heard about the 3 wise monkeys… but in the case of Chris, Sky & TA we have something akin to 3 pieces of shit… or 4 if you include the pedo-hugging lying bastard bishop.

This is Sky’s response having read TA’s pedo letter from January 2007.

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Sky Hughes email Travis Alexander pedo email

Transcription of the 3 messages as follows:

From: Sky Hughes []
Sent: Thursday, June 03, 2010 2:52PM
To: _________________
Subject: Re: Travis Letter

My brother in law was at my house when we got it, so he knows – sorry.

He doesn’t have the letter, nor did he read it. Can we not tell the parents of the young boys that Travis was always around? We are obviously freaking out. What “ages” did he prefer? And the letter said that my son was “getting close” to that age. Did Jodi tell you IF, and what he did to my son? I would ask her myself, but I would assume she doesn’t want to talk to me.

Our children will not be with us.

Thank you!


Sent from my iphone
On June 03, 2010, at 12:49 PM wrote:

You are welcome all I ask is that you don’t disseminate this letter in any way – we will be in touch soon regarding travel. Also forgot to ask you if your children will be flying with you


From: Sky Hughes [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, June 03, 2010 10:48AM

Subject: Re: Travis Letter

WOW! I knew he had issues – but not these. Thank you soooooo much for your consideration in giving this to us ahead of time. We really appreciate it!!!!!


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    • without naming the guards. I have information from a reliable source, that the 6 guards that stand post for jodi have become so enamored with her and her courage that many times they let many things slide and bring her food, books and have warned everyone that jodi must be treated with respect. Is it true that Jodi will be given the opportunity to organize an oil painting department? I was told that she will be given 8 hours a day in a studio, watched by the guards, and in this studio she will be teaching oil painting to any inmate, even guards, as a form of therapy. She will wake up early mornings, go to the art studio in Perryville, have two assistants, and offer classes from 10am – 6pm Monday – Saturday. On Sunday she will be given the Sunday Church services. This will give Jodi the responsibility to organize all Church meetings outside her cell until the last service at 8pm. And once a month a painting contest will be held were the winner receives either electronics, 100 dollars for purchases at cantina and also 2 extra hours of visitation per day. I think her job at the art studio will be similar to that of the elderly man in the movie “shawshank redemption” the one who managed the library from Morning to Night. Is this true?

  2. Good morning!!! ((((Jodi)))) and all!!!

    What can one say about this email exchange?? Sky knew Travis wrote it!!! So when and why did she a mother decide it was a fake??

  3. Yes, Sky you probably assumed right! But then Jodi is way better than you ever hope to be so maybe she would. As for me, I wouldn’t give you the time of day. I find you and your husband’s behavior questionable, self-serving and totally disgusting. Human Vultures picking their “BFF” bones dry! With friends such as you who would want an enemy? 😯

    • Maybe, but I ask you why would they show any kind of kindness towards people who have been so obviously involved in the cover up of Travis Alexander and his deplorable behavior? To me that seems to be a huge conflict of interest for their client. What is that called? Ineffective Counsel again. Why should that have been shared with them? The Hughes have never showed any compassion towards Jodi and they are one of the big players in the mistreatment that TA showed towards Jodi. Sky is now and was then, nothing but pot stirrer IMO.

      • Didnt Nurmi notify the Hughes though about the letter? if I’m not mistaken
        I remember reading that they called her and discussed it with her so its safe to assume that they would have sent her a copy. and being nice to her was probably a tactic to try and get to talk to jodi about it so that they could try and get to her know that everything she already knew about TA was true and that this just justified her suspicions that the issues she knew he had ran deeper that she could have
        imagined. so yea even though sky doesn’t deserve any kindness whatsoever from jodi or her lawyers I
        can totally see why they were being nice to her to try and get her to sit down and really put two and two
        together so that she would finally see the truth. even though she didn’t do anything with the truth and once she did discuss it with her husband and the rest of the TA clan they probably crammed all their BS back into her head. but I think this shows how much on the verge she was to standing up and coming out with the truth. and who knows she more than likely she still is but is scared of what would happen to her and her child if she ever did.

        • I mean she even said in the email that she wanted to talk to jodi bust was afraid jodi wouldn’t speak to her. can you imagine how many in that bunch wants to come forward but has been threatened or afraid to?
          don’t get me wrong I am in NO WAY trying to defend Sky. as a mother IDC if it meant I would be skinned alive upside down with bleach poured over me I would stand up for my child no matter what and there’s no excuse for her not to step forward. I just meant it shows how close she was if not shrill is to standing up and coming out with the truth even if she’s doing it in the shittiest way possible.

          • I believe there are people who do know (knew) the real Travis Alexander and like you said are too terrified to speak up. BUT! If it was my son I would be scared to death and I would not be able to live with myself knowing he might have victimized children and the parents are unaware. I would have to do all I could to find out who and warn the parents. It was not just the email exchange between sky and Travis talking about his issues, there was at least one other time Sky told Travis he needed help for his issues. But no, after talking to Chris she decides it’s all lies. ????
            Then proceeds to jump on the Travis was a virgin bandwagon. Watch any of her videos online and she has so many tells that she is lying.
            How can she live with herself? I hope those children Travis messed with gets the help they need to break that awful cycle of child abuse.

      • Kirk Nurmi’s motive stikes me as his attempt to align his pitiful self with the side of the “Rich and Powerful.” This current Mormon clan of Rubideaux, California trailer park trash is the “Popular” side of the moment. It is also the side that spawned Deanna Reed. (Rubideaux is where she and TA used to hang out together.) Kirk does have to earn a living, you know. Fortunately for him, most people in trouble don’t have the luxury of time and opportunity to research the reputation of their legal assistance. My advice to Kirk is to get a Mormon to baptise him into their cult and never look back.


      • Sky is RAT FACED jealous bitch.And yea,she was stirring the pot and her and Chris were the two putting pressure on TA to stop seeing her.
        If it werent for them,Jodi wouldnt have had to stay out of sight and wouldnt have felt like a secret booty call.And she would have been acknowledged as the friend she was at bare minimum.
        They were the root cause of the all the cat and mouse BS that wouldnt have went on had they just let the man make his own choices without their pressure. Especially after he put them in their place more than once.But they kept haunting him and putting JA down and planting seeds in TA head.

        They been sucking every cent they could out of this and the whole BS story they told in that Deadly Sins series was just sickening.
        Sky prtrayed herself as this ESP having witch with a crystal ball that warned TA he was going to be killed,she felt an EVIL and feared for her kids and husband in her own home..
        She came to that conclusion because Jodi liked to be close to travis all the time and followed him to go make private calls. GIMME A BREAK!!

  4. She is a disgusting slimy hypocrite.

    How do you call a mother who knows her child was probably molested yet she defends the pedo and writes a book about him, just to make money? She’s a monster. If her son develops serious psychological problems, if he puts a bullet to his head like that Freeman guy, maybe then will Sky wake up!
    You’re a disgrace to ALL MOTHERS, Sky!


    She ridded the world of an abuser and pedophile.
    She defended herself. What more do you want AZ???

      Corrupt hypocrites! Your job is protecting and serving all of the public not just the low life LDS church members who weren’t worthy. Laws can not be changed to protect a perverted abuser. Period.
      This has certainly opened my eyes into the world of the LDS/Mormon Church and it isn’t pretty! While all of your members have been extra busy “Lying For The Lord” to create an individual character that didn’t exist, it has really showed your religion for what it is. . .nothing but a cult. The media has proven what they are all about also. . .More Money! CORRUPTION AT ITS FINEST!! Doesn’t matter if they tell the truth or lies as long as they can put their talking heads on a screen to babble about things that they know are lies they are profiting. SHAME ON THEM TOO! SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME!
      However, lying, deleting, concealing,withholding and tampering with evidence is a CRIME!!! Appears there a many people who should be locked up in Maricopa County. That jail should be busting at it’s seams!

    • Exactly! Think of the lives Jodi saved! How many people, women and children, would have been mentally scared by Travis in the last 7 years? It took a strong person like Jodi to stand up to this monster. She’s a heroine, a survivor. Self defence isn’t a crime, she should be freed and able to move on and forget about her abuser.

      • I hear what you’re saying, but one thing people need to understand is that Jodi never wanted any of this. It was never her intention to be the voice of domestic violence or to be a heroine. Jodi was very brave to do what she did in the heat of the moment and did so out of fear and terror. She was genuinely in fear of her own life and reacted the way any one of us would have done in precisely such a moment.

        The reality is that when people suffer trauma as she obviously did, they black out, their entire central nervous system shuts down and they go into “shellshock”. When she says she doesn’t remember certain events, I believe her. It’s very easy for someone who hasn’t experienced PTSD or trauma to be judging another person like Jodi and say that they’re not telling the truth. Unless they’ve been there, they should keep their mouths shut because they don’t know what they’re talking about.

        Jodi is in pain every day because of killing Travis. Never once has she said “good riddance” or reveled in the fact that she fought back against her abuser and snuffed the life out of him before he could hurt another person. Rather, Jodi accepts what is and I think that she tries her best to make the best out of a bad situation. How many of you could be as strong and positive in jail or prison as she is? Despite the emotional, physical and psychological trauma that she suffers from to this day, she gets stronger and her confidence has slowly but surely came back since her time with Travis who all but eroded her confidence and took away her identity.

        If you listen to their conversations or read their emails or visit their social media pages, Jodi parrots a lot of what Travis said. No doubt a lot of this could have been that she was into a lot of the same things he was and influenced by many of his influences. But it comes across to me and others like a woman who is so desperate for a man to love her that she’s willing to give up everything in the process including her identity and dignity and no woman or man should ever do that.

        Simply put, I think that Travis brainwashed Jodi. And it has taken many years of deprogramming for Jodi to find her way back.

        • Of course it was never her intention to be a voice of DV, survivor, heroine. It’s no woman’s intention. Unfortunately Jodi fell in love with damaged man. She fell for his charisma and he slowly began to brainwash her. Those who say Jodi lied about blacking out, are extremely ignorant. If the stress levels rise beyond a certain extent, you can’t remember a thing. And what’s more stressful than fighting for your life? Jodi blacked out and instinct for survival kicked in.

        • agree….totally,,,,,happy to offer you a post on my blog….anonymous,or other…i want OTHERS to start writing my blog..haha…i want to compete with the mormon blabbernacle choir…and i want to win! winning is not so bad after all,i’m starting to think…in moderation,maybe? actually,i want us ALL to win…for Jodi ..and so much more…

  6. Interesting e-mails, to say the least…

    Sky should be ashamed of herself. She found out back in 2010 that travis molested young boys: “about her son’s age” and she never said anything about it. On the contrary she wanted this to remain a secret and to NOT tell the parents of those boys. Nice mothering Sky!!!!

    Those parents have every right to know what their children have been through. She is covering up a crime for a dead person. That makes her a criminal too.

    But of course, the selfish bitch that she is, she does want to know about her OWN son! So would those other parents, you disgusting POS for a mother!

    I really do hope these letters are investigated further. For the sake of those little angel boys that were molested by a pedo.

    By the way, I hope her brother-in-law gets called in for questioning and that person that sent those e-mails to Sky too. Did anyone notice that although the e-mail addy of the sender is erased, we can see a ‘gov’ at the end of one of the replies. So it’s probably someone in the law department! Good to know that there are authorities that are covering up molestation.

    I hope Sky, that sender, Sky’s brother-in-law, Chris sleep well at night knowing they are responsible for all those boys that they didn’t run to help.

    And nobody can blame this on Jodi! She has been screaming at the top of her lungs that travis was a pedophile. Everybody called her a liar. Well, Jodi wasn’t lying after all, was she?

    • Why would they NOT want the parents to know about the abuse UNLESS they were in on it in some sick way??? IMO In fact, them not sharing with those little boys parent makes them just as bad as Travis Alexander IMO. There is way more to this story and I can’t wait for the truth to come out! It will! Why cover up abuse like this. . . .W H Y ??????????

      • I agree R.Love,
        My guess, the way they’ve all been wanting things covered up IS that they were in on it in the
        same sick way. Sky was more worried about the parents finding out than what happened to the kids.
        Something isn’t right about that. Very wrong and says she was wanting to cover for someone else.

        ALSO, I don’t believe she wanted to ask Jodi a damn thing.
        She probably wanted to warn her, not to bring up names.
        She says she didn’t want the parents to know.
        She wasn’t supposed to talk with Jodi anyway, right?
        Sky knew a hell of a lot more before they ever met Jodi.

        That was why Sky was watching the trial so intently, more worried about herself, her husband and
        the parents.

        Jodi wouldn’t want to talk to her???? PLEASE, ms innocent that talked about Jodi
        terribly, lied and turned on her like a snake.
        If I was Jodi, I would NEVER want them around me, EVER.
        They’re all no good.

        Jodi looked at Chris, like how are you sitting there lying. I think Jodi must have felt betrayed by everyone. Sad!!

    • I believe it came out in Nurmi’s cross of Chris in the retrial that Nurmi sent those letters to the Hughes, apparently providing them with information he felt they needed to look into.

  7. This is disturbing. Sky writes a book about the man who most likely molested her child (and she knows it) just to make money. Can’t get lower than that. She’s pure evil, she should never have had children and neither should Travis’ drug-addicted parents. What a pair of scumbags (Travis’ parents) bringing children in to a world where their parents are too drugged up to take care of them properly. No wonder the Alexanders turned out the way they did. As for Sky, she should be ashamed of herself, she’s the lowest of the low, a disgrace.

  8. This letter is disturbing. Sky covering for a pedophile, she knew molested young boys (probably her son too). She’s a disgrace, she should never have had children. This makes me sick to my stomach.

  9. The letters were from Nurmi. He said he had irrefutable proof. The Hughes gave their side of the story and it should be on Chris’ page somewhere.

    • The Hughes might have their side to this story but as from everything else that they have stated who in their right mind would believe them. . .who? Unless it is another low life scum. They have proven they would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than to stand on the ground and tell the truth!!!! Sickos!
      BTW, I would never go to C. page for any information I prefer the truth.

      • I’m like you R.Love,
        I woldn’t beieve a thing anyone says from that side.
        They’re all in on the coverup, IMO!
        Even the media, mostly HLN!!!!!!

      • Oh, R., I too would not waste my time going to chris hughes’ page to read anything there. Both chris and sky are ‘married’ to lying to the point that they are actually believing their own lies… They can lie to make as much money as they wish (because we all know that they’re in it for the money – they couldn’t care less about their pedo friend) but their god can’t be bribed. So that money will not save them.

  10. Knowing nothing at all about communications from lawyers I will still make a guess.
    Whoever sent Sky the letter had an email address ending .gov
    I would guess that it came from the prosecutor’s office.

    The defense wanted those letters introduced but the prosecutor said ‘no’.
    The defense wouldn’t need to be concerned about children coming but the state would.
    Just a thought, guess, or….

    • Notice the times and put them in sequence…

      Anyway, the prosecutor and the Hughes’ knew it was a legitimate letter, even though it was just a copy. The ‘writer of the email’ didn’t want it in anyone else’s hands. And, the writer didn’t want anyone else to know about it. Doesn’t that indicate that the State was withholding evidence?

    • IN Jun of 2010 Nurmi was still with the public defender’s office, would have had a .gov email address. And anyone making travel arrangements would need to know how many people were traveling.

      Nurmi, himself, said in evidentiary hearing that he sent the letter to the Hughes.

      • Now, did Sky at any point after reading the letter say to KN she didn’t believe that TA wrote the letter?? She would know his handwritting. She wanted to talk to Jodi. Now to me it sounded as if she was really up set about this. It wasn’t until good old Chris got home did things change. I wonder how many phone calls he made after reading that letter…. This has been one of the biggest cover UP’s I have ever heard of.

        • BINGO !!!!! As far as we know there was no denial of that letter or any other letter until later…and that still does NOT explain her words which clearly impart to the reader that she BELIEVED that TA could be a pedophile…….

        • Yes Cindy. Her reply was ” WOW! I knew he had issues but not these”. If she wasn’t sure of who wrote the letter she would be writing about that and not about travis’ issues! When hubby came home and read the letter he probably told her to STFU and deny anything bad said about travis. Ffs, Sky! You almost blew the books sales into thin air by showing emotions! If it was proved that travis was not the saint of mormons then what would the book be based on??? Have you not learned one thing from your unethical and immoral hubby???? For shame!

  11. Remember that CH and TA had to be involved in that charter school that CH conveniently started, “Soldier Hollow Charter School.” The FBI was called in to investigate parent complaints of child sex abuse. Of course all of it was minimalized and swept under the carpet. However the Salt Lake City “Deseret” newspaper did run a whitewash story about the situation.

    I still want an interpretation of the “meaning” of the photo of TA, on his knees in the sand, in front of CH, clutching CH around his waist, looking up at him plaintively, and TA pressing his head against CH’s breast, as in desperation and pleading. CH is cradling TA’s head and “smiling sardonically.” The setting appeared to be a guys’ day out in the desert. (Those bald sweaty guys all look the same to me. Could be the “comforter father figure” in the photo was Dave Hall – Mimi Hall’s dad and Goblin toppler; or David Hughes; CH’s brother; or CH, himself.) That picture just seems to tell a very secret story of its own hidden meaning.

    • I have watched this many times and each time I get so upset I want to reach through my computer screen and knock him up along side his head! What letter? What do you mean? Whats the context? Drives me crazy! I have to believe though that someday karma will come along and give him that knock upside his head.

      • What could Karma knock him with to make him actually FEEL something? Whatever Karma is gonna give them they won’t care. They are hollow-chested people, numb, void, deprived of feelings.
        They don’t even care about their OWN SON.

        I mean, look at it this way: if I had a child and I had the slightest suspicion that something bad had happened to him, what would reassure me? What would make me stop worrying? I can’t slap the shit out of his abuser and make him confess because he is dead. So what do I do? Don’t I investigate? Don’t I do everything in my power to get to the bottom of this? Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!! I even side and buddy up with my dead friend’s killer in order to find out what happened to my child. Fuck, I even sell my soul to the freaking devil to know what my child may have endured!!!

        Well, that’s what a good mother and father would do. NOT what the Cashes did. I guess they knew their dead buddy SO well that they dismissed everything, turned a blind eye because “Jodi is a liar”. WTF?!?!

        Hasn’t there ever been a time in your life when you claim you’re absolutely 100% sure of something so as not to lose face in front of someone claiming the opposite, yet when you go to bed there’s a little voice saying “What IF you’re wrong?”

        If Travis Alexander isd ead (and thank God he IS) who did Sky ask, who did she approach to ease her doubts? The only person who knows about this is Jodi, the person she hates and calls a liar. So how the fuck can Sky sleep at night????

        But oh, I forgot…… Jodi is a liar. Goodnight, Sky. Good luck easing that conscience of yours 😉

        • You tell her maria!!!
          The only person that really gave a damn was Jodi.
          The Hughes knew ta way before Jodi came into their lives.

          So she wants to ask Jodi??
          That’s total bullshit!!!!
          It’s plain, they KNEW and didn’t want anyone else to know, just like Sky didn’t want the other
          parents to know.
          She’s not a Mother. She doesn’t deserve that title.
          In fact her and her husband
          shouldn’t even be parents.
          Mr. Chris isn’t innocent in all of this either.

          It was MORE important to get ta’s computer for them than anyone.
          There’s so many in this cover up, I think that the valcano is starting to spew and when it erupts, there’s going to be a lot of people caught with their pants down.
          SO TO SPEAK!!!

          • When the appellate courts get done reviewing this case they are going to vomit and purge this case right back into the face of little man big mouth……..REVERSE, REMAND / DISMISS WITH PREJUDICE !!! END OF STORY !!!

            JODI WALKS FREE……….

        • Her words above in that communication email SPEAK VOLUMES as to what she truly believed about TA and that was that he was a pedophile and she was concerned about it for her own children…any after the fact denial like was done in court by CH is simply NOT BELIEVABLE…there is something more going on here with the CASH’s and their connection to this case…we just haven’t got all the evidence and facts YET…..

        • Girlfriend, right on! It seems that sky hughes had bigger and more important things to do than investigating (thoroughly) until there is not one ounce of doubt that her boy wasn’t molested by their ‘bestie’.

          Do you know how long it takes for mani/pedi, hair salons, botox? She just didn’t have the time to investigate! Cut her some slack, ffs!

  12. To protect their DIRTY LITTLE SECRET….t.a.,s ways their willing to MURDER via the state of Az. and pretend that abuse did not happen…reminds Me of this old joe guy….GOD HELP their children…from them and their hatefull and vile ways,…t. a. may have had a reason for his sickness but what is their excuse….$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  13. Oh,
    REALLY too,
    Proves HLN are more hypocritical than ever.
    They try to ACT like children are hands off, BUT look how they’ve been so in love
    with TA. graceles ending her show with ta as a saint.

    m. graceless to top it off( remember she has twins) , DR. MY ass drew???? ( vinnie polliton, always
    talking about his kids ) REALLY?????????????? jvm, ( didn’t she write a book ) this is just to name a few AND don’t tell me they didn’t know.
    Plus all of the HLN Alexander ( lovers )

    jm ( little sqirt with a big mouth ) flores ( the lowest of lows ) the so called judge

    Makes me want to throw up and ( Chris hughes, says he wouldn’t want to testify fot jodi, BECAUSE SHE KILLED HIS FRIEND???? HELLooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    No wonder they want to get rid of us!!
    Shame on their asses!

    The reason there should be no more HLN is because they are the FU’s of our justice ststem.
    If they are able to screw that up, why have them?
    I’m sick of people like nurmi not having the backbone and fortitude to handle a case where women are abused and he insults them more by his questions and pictures.

    I really wish that some of these lawyers like nurmi didn’t have their barr license. Too many
    lives in their hands!!!

    • Aly, HLN is in trouble now. Most of the people who were covering this trial don’t even work there anymore. In the end, karma has a way of evening the score. All in due time for the others.

    • Aly, I totally agree with you! What hypocrites and all in the name of fame, ‘views’ and money. It just goes to show that nothing – not even children – are protected by social media.

  14. The truth always finds a way of coming out in the end, and doubtless more is to come.. I enjoyed reading all your comments, Sky Hughes is despicable–you all said the rest..

  15. I did some reading on a old Trench Reynolds blog called Accused Killer Jodi Ann Arias, 8/13/2008. In comments theres a guy that goes by JS, he is a Defense Attorney, he made alot of good points about Jodi’s case. Comments about how roommates didnt smell stench of dead body for all those days!! Believes that another person was there. Prosecution case had alot of holes in it. Do you very intelligent folks know of this guy? If you havent already its worth a fast read. He pretty much has said the same as you have been pointing out! You people are AMAZING! Destin to change peoples lives for the greater good!

  16. Jodi didn’t intend to kill an abuser that day, but because of her bravery in defending herself, one less person in this world will suffer abuse.

  17. TA’s supporters have done a good job sweeping this under the rug for a long time, but sooner or later it’s all going to come out and you just watch and see them scramble to abandon him and cover their ass like they’re doing with Sheriff Joe.

    Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
    ~~~~~~~ Albert Einstein

  19. Can any one tell me how much taller sky h is than Jodi? This SJ attorney said in the blurred photo crime scene he thinks he can see another woman about 6 inches taller than Jodi! Something the prosecution doesnt want you to know “realize” along with the boot print! Who ever owns that boot primt is probably the person that picked ta up and put in shower! I think its not a stretch to think roommates ARE INVOLVED! PLUS THE FACT that the hughes run in and grabbed ta computer!!!! Alot would be forthcoming if courts would ask for polygraphs from ALL the you know whos! Can you imagine how miserably DR would of fail !! The hughes, roommates, X girlfriends, dec flor and the little man bm, im mean jm !!!

    • Pam,
      I agree!
      ALL of them, if NOT involved would surprise me.
      I think it was all lies about Jodi and right then and there because everyone was
      pointing at fingers at Jodi, So they listen more to who was probably involved and didn’t interrogate them like they did Jodi, it sounds like more of a set up.

      The story that he lay in the shower for 5 days and how ever many days the blood was in carpet and stuck and no body notice a thing.
      Even blood on the washer and the roommates did wash?
      It’s bullshit flag all over the place.
      How can anyone buy the lies?

      No blood on Jodi or in the rental car. If the car would have had blood in it or on Jodi there would have been a police call to the police from the rental car place.
      All of the “so-called” investigators and detectives should be sitting in prison for the job that they
      did NOT do.

      I believe there’s a lot more out there and it can’t be hidden too much longer.

  20. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 20h 20 hours ago
    Maricopa Cty Sheriff spokesperson says dossier of #jodiarias 7 yrs activity in jail turned over to prosecutors to consider further charges.

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 19h 19 hours ago
    Maricopa County Attorney’s Office on possible charges resulting from Sheriff’s dossier on #jodiarias jail stay: “No comment.”

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 19h 19 hours ago
    Maricopa Cty Sheriff’s spokesperson says she has no info that those possible additional charges would necessarily be against #jodiarias.

  21. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 20h 20 hours ago
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be back in federal court Friday for his ongoing contempt hearing, but meanwhile, look, over there, it’s #jodiarias!

    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer · 20h 20 hours ago
    Also, got an email asking for money from Sheriff Joe legal defense fund because “I am often targeted by groups that file legal actions.”

    • Additional charges??? WTF?!?!

      Sure, let’s divert the public opinion’s attention from the immense depth of corruption surrounding Joe Arpaio! And who’s gonna be the scapegoat? Jodi of course!!

      Disgusting! That sick State and their antics always makes me see red!

      Just die already, Arpaio! It’s OVERDUE!

      • Of course that’s what the politics of Arizona are trying to do: divert the voters’ attention away from all the corruption and towards their favorite target: Jodi. SMFH.

    • First in court, then in Hell. Travis is waiting………………………………….. 😉

      • If there’s a hell, I don’t think travis was accepted there either. Not even the devil himself can stand travis. 😉

  22. “Justice for Women” who helped to get Stacy Hyde exonerated. If you look at “Campaigns” under Home & About…you’ll find out about the other women they helped that were sentenced for killing an abusive partner. Like I said before, “it could be anybody tomorrow, in the same situation”.

    • often

      one of my top theories of ‘someone else was there’ in fact

      wondering if that’s where the original letters went – AFTER Jodi stopped at Matt’s to have them copied

      • OK I need a bit of a time line here girls. I kinda forgot about the cashes moving to Utal. When did they move??

        Now you are hypothetically saying that Jodi stopped at Matt’s made poppies then went to Utah gave the original to them then went back to CA. for the rest of her trip?? Hummm

          • about an hour’s drive from where Jodi spent several down hours trying to get in touch with Darryl’s sister

          • That’s what I thought you told me months ago…..

            I truly believe that Chris and Sky would not let this one slide. Think about why Chris had to get into Travis’s email. Or the fact that they kept changing their story on when they went to Cancun.

            I have never changed my mind that the Cashes had something to do with Travis’s death. There is a saying: Those who scream the loudest are the ones who have the most to hide. Now who was that???

  23. I’ve seen several references to Sky not wanting to tell the parents about Travis and I can see how one might interpret it that way. But I get the opposite reading, that she wants to share and is asking Nurmi if he is telling her not to tell the parents since he had said in his message not to share the letter with anyone.

    • Never ending. Soon they will be requesting donations to finish off the “1001 places to see before you die” list. Silly me, I always paid for my family vacations myself. And proud of it.

    • You do know that for people that have suffered soooooo much and how their lives are in shambles that they have to have the restitution hearing…they have done nothing to try and put their lives back in order. They need a vacation to Cancun?? Try getting jobs. I think they will milk this gravy train for as long as they can….

      • saw a comment where someone said paypal account went to someone in england…..not sure if true….and also remember some fairy face on facebook that was sucking up to the alexanders pretty hard from UK, and had done same to other victims in other cases….okay, tag team….:)

          • Oh, I am very sure of it. Especially, the “understanding the travesties” page…WORST title ever…almost as if some overseas,perhaps Indian “customer service bank” sorta thing created and ran the site..oh yeah, I did once see Sri Lanka as where one of the admins was posting from…yep..wonder who would have the money for that???

      • I really do hope that the defense team will bring up the request for ‘vacay at Cancun’ by the alexanders. That totally contradicts to their constant wailing of deep grieving. And Cindy is so right: why don’t they go get a job and EARN money to go for a vacay if they so desperately need it!? I really wondering how many of their ‘close’ friends are willing to send them money for holiday reasons? Suckers.

  24. Arpaio wants different Judge…because he’s in big trouble with the present one who won’t roll over for him.

    • Ha ha ha ha…….

      He is also planning to release a report on Jodi from over the past 7 years…..I think we all know he wishes to remove the attention from himself to someone else right now and she’s always convenient to dump on —- Arizona law politics.

    • Arpaio wants another judge! Ha! Of course he does! One that can get paid off ! maybe he has pickles in mind! 😉

  25. A very interesting comment posted on Lawyers On Strike today by Publius Smith:

    “I’m a criminal defense lawyer in California – solo practitioner. In June 2014 I started watching the Jodi Arias trial videos on Youtube. I was drawn in by the savagery of the crime coupled with the lack of any criminal record on the part of Ms. Arias. I wondered how it possible that such an unlikely defendant could be responsible for such a heinous act. Like a lot of lawyers, also, I was deeply offended and outraged by the antics of the prosecutor. In my state, we take civility and decorum seriously. No judge or lawyer would put up with the shameful actions of Mr. Martinez. I was also offended by the misogynistic undertones in Mr. Martinez’s interactions with Ms. Arias – it was the scarlet letter redux. Ms. Arias never represented herself to be some pure angel, unlike Travis, who held himself out to the world as a 30 year old virgin and who was a priest in the (creepy, SCARY), Mormon church. Yet Ms. Arias was portrayed as a whore, a harlot, while Mr. Alexander’s hyper-sexual antics with multiple women at any given one time were relegated to the sidelines. (I mean, that’s what men do, right?)

    So I reached out to Ms. Arias and sent her a letter via an Internet support site. My purpose was to express how impressed I was, as a lawyer, with her grace and dignity under withering, unethical attacks by the prosecution. I offered to help her if she had any legal affairs in California. I never expected my letter to reach Jodi, let alone to hear back from her, but I was told that she wanted to speak to me and I opened up a jail call account and soon thereafter she telephoned me from Estrella jail. Since then I have flown to Phoenix and met with her at least 15 times and spent probably close to 100 hours with Jodi Arias, talking to her, getting to know her, becoming her friend, typing affidavits (most which were never used in the second penalty phase), researching transcripts and trial videos, etc. Prior to Perryville, I spoke to her on legal calls weekly, and daily in the weeks before the sentencing. I also attended the penalty phase retrial a half-dozen times and was there for closing arguments and sentencing.

    Jodi Arias in person is completely different from the stoic, stone-faced Jodi Arias in the trial videos. She is a self-described “dork” who is always laughing and smiling. She is also one of the most intelligent women I have ever met. Her grammar is perfect. Her mind is sharp. Why she never finished high school and went on to college is beyond me. Ironically, she would have made a fantastic lawyer. What first struck me about her, however, was how petite she is. She is 5’6″ at best, and weighs 125 pounds. I immediately wondered how it was possible that she could kill Mr. Alexander, who was short but still taller than she and who had been bulking up for his Cancun trip, in less than 2 minutes, then drag his body into that small shower stall. By herself. It defies logic.

    I am absolutely convinced Ms. Arias did not receive a fair trial. Exculpatory evidence was withheld and/or destroyed. Mr. Martinez and Mr. Flores lied about the sequence of events. The gun shot came first, as the State maintained for years. Why did they change their story to claim it came last? Because if the gun shot came first, the State would not have been able to prove the aggravating factor of cruelty because Mr. Alexander would not have been conscious when his throat was slit. Judge Stephens continually turned a blind eye to Mr. Martinez’s unprofessional and unethical acts, and denied every motion for mistrial that were properly made by the defense. She also refused to requester the jury. Every time I see her in those videos ask the jury to raise their hands if anyone has spoken to anyone about the trial, my blood boils. Does any reasonable person think that no one talked to the jurors about this case?? I was in Phoenix many times and let me tell you, there’s no way you could escape the mob like atmosphere surrounding the trial in that town. It was everywhere, from billboards featuring the likeness of Juan Martinez, to the mob outside the courthouse steps. I’ve always respected judges but not so with Judge Stephens. She is incompetent and that’s putting it graciously.

    There are so many facts to support the claim that Ms. Arias was denied a fair trial, beginning with her defense team. How can a capital case defendant receive a fair trial when her lead attorney hasn’t spoken to her in almost a year? When exculpatory evidence is withheld for years and only on the day before trial begins, is turned over to the defense? When the existence of exculpatory evidence is denied by the State, then later, admitted. When the prosecutor is signing autographs for his fawning, adoring mob outside the courthouse? When potentially exculpatory evidence such as the footprint at the crime scene isn’t even mentioned? When mysterious “suicides” aren’t investigated? When, despite a complete media circus and the existence of social media, the jury is not sequestered? When a material witness (Det. Flores) is permitted to remain in the courtroom throughout the entire trial? When the same detective/witness perjures himself on the stand? When the State’s medical examiner perjures himself on the stand? (“Typo?” Seriously?). The answer is, she can’t.

    The power and scope of the Mormon church in Mesa, AZ should not be discounted. (I would pay big money to know if any of the jurors on either panel were members. The questions from the jury in the penalty phase re-trial certainly indicate that some may have been.) Det. Flores is Mormon. When one considers the history of Mormon rituals such as “blood atonement” the “Mormon ninjas” theory begins to look less incredible, (though I personally do not subscribe to it.) Also, it takes a LOT of time and MONEY to orchestrate the anti-Jodi Arias campaign that we’ve seen since before this trial began. I have my suspicions as to who is behind it and hope that the truth will come out, if not during Ms. Arias’ appeal(s), then some time in the not too distant future. Thanks for letting me vent.”

  26. StillOutThere, how can criminal charges NOT be filed against det flores and his wife for getting into SEALED DOCUMENTS on a High Profile case ?! Det flores wife went on Facebook and blab everything she knew and then more! Jodi’s case was tainted right off the get go! Why even seal the documents if your going to allow the lead det’s wife to have her fun and gossip ALL on social media? They both deserve jail time! Flores shold of lost his badge! PROVEN CORRUPTION.!!

    • I still remember their fuck up when they posted on twitter (Corinna Flores@ImBossthatWay) pictures of themselves and comments like:

      “I say we all get in on a AZ taxpayers class action lawsuit against #jodiarias #nurmi #willmott #shadyDeLaRosa #defenseteam 2 recoup costs RT”

      “seriously is it better than her marketing her #vajayjay on stand. Apparently every1 has been there, done that, own the Tshirt #justsayin'”

      “there is 1 killer. I know more than I am at liberty to disclose at this time…”

      “Dear #jodiarias how’s that solitaire in your cell working for ya? #justaskin” (attached to a pic of her and hubby Flores giving thumbs up)

      ALL THOSE TWEETS (and many many more) were being posted during the first trial and while it was going on! #justsayin’ 😉

      • Really Pandora???
        That should sink them all!!!
        Not to a vacation. Well, maybe Maricoupa County Camp. : )
        The sheriff says they all LOVE it. Oh Yeah!!!!

        Let’s see, T shirts
        Flores’s kids. My parentes went to Maricoupa County Camp and All they Bought me
        was This Pink T-Shirt
        Maricoupa County Camp.
        YES, GO There
        Everybody that’s been there JUST LOVES IT!!
        FREE Room and Board!!!
        FREE FOOD, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, THE BEST!!!

        Flores was on the computer during the trial talking about the case?
        Assholes, you might say the were joking about ta too, right?

        I hope the AZ taxpayers read it and bring a class action suit against the
        prosecutors, just, detective and wife and the witnesses.
        They may get SOME of their monet back. We know they are the ones that have it, certainly not Jodi!!

  27. I just re-posted a shitload of my old posts on my blog that I had taken down because of doubt and more….read at ur own risk. Anyone who wants to can read, or steal stuff, or encourage others to steal…i absolutely do not care…one bit. I made exactly 100 dollars off ads on my blog….and only put up a donate button a month or so ago for donations….I’m not independently wealthy, despite my palatial home, as posted by haters, etc..!!!!!! Free Jodi!

    • Sandra,
      Where did all your posts go? Just went to read some of you older posts and all In get is the heading and text saying no posts. Whats up?

      • You guys know by now how fickle I am…..and then I got to doubting myself and all of this….and so….well, that’s probably enough on that for now. I’m going to “redecorate” my blog… I want more voices to be heard than just mine and slowly it has come together for me on how to do that… with help from friends….some things just can’t be rushed, in seems! I’m not real patient, so ..anyway….

        Thank you, Michelle, and others who’ve asked and messaged. It’s kinda nice to go away….it wakes up alot of the more quiet supporters… 🙂

    • Sandra I have always enjoyed your blog site!!!! You deserve to make any thing off of it you can with all the time and effort you have spent seeing the truth is heard!!! Don’t you ever STOP!!! The world needs more like you!!! Keep on keeping on, we need you and so does JODI !!!!!! ♥

      PS I also enjoy watching the worms of this tragedy squirm. The truth will be heard!!!! No doubt!

      • R., I agree. Sandra has posted awesome stuff. Things that others wouldn’t dare to post because of the attacks they’d get from haters. That’s what I’ve always liked about Sandra: she doesn’t give flying fucks about the attacks! She’s a badass and I respect that!

  28. Hi guys, I have been following the case after the first phase, and been lurking on here since then, just never participated in any discussion. This case has really been unsettling to me, and I can’t get it out of the back of my head, and it is really upsetting; it really strikes an emotional chord with me. Not only because of the way this case was handled in court, and because of how I feel that Jodi didn’t get a fair trial, but because the crime scene and evidence just does not add up to not only the prosecution’s scenario, but really anything comprehensive that I have seen so far. To further fuel my feelings, reading people’s opinion on the case is absolutely infuriating due to the fact that people are just being force fed willingly inaccurate information without a second thought, never looking or researching the facts for themselves.

    One thing that I was wondering about today was this: Napoleon, the dog. I remember reading on here somewhere (I can’t find it anymore) about the dog being downstairs and the stairs gated off or something like that. And that there was a mop and a bucket downstairs, I think? Can anyone refresh my memory on that? I am trying to get the timeline straight from what people surrounding the case, and Travis/Jodi (i.e: roommates, friends, colleagues etc).

    Another thing that I was thinking for the ‘official’ testimony she gave: I know that she said that she had memory issues, but she described the scenario she went to see Travis before Ryan Burns, and how the had the CD with pictures, and how Travis got mad, etc. Pretty much the timeline that last time Jodi saw Travis. Could it be possible that Jodi had some type of confusion about the timeline? I mean, the last line on that wiki says that the last thing that she remembered was Travis yelling that he was going to kill her. To me, a possibility could be that maybe she got knocked out, and that is why she couldn’t remember anything for a long time after that? Could it be possible that emotional and physical stress, when combined, could create memory lapses, or even confusion on days, and even timelines?
    The reason why I ask is because I have been in situations like that in the past, and I can distinctly remember having memory issues and confusion due to extreme and constant elevated stress levels.
    That question is assuming that the testimony she gave was 100% the truth and not a false confession.

    I am conflicted with the day that Travis was supposedly murdered. I don’t believe it to be the day that was stated, But at the same time, I am more inclined to believe Jodi’s first testimony about the ninja attack. I know a lot of people think that story is far fetched, but I think that she might have been telling a partial truth while filling gaps of memory loss or lack of details with made up stuff. I mean, she stated in the interrogation that she was squatting down near the shower door after taking that last pic of Travis in the shower, scanning through the pictures to look at it and that she thought that she was knocked out (presumably from behind) after she saw Travis screaming. She could have been hit in the head, causing her to drop the camera, resulting in the camera snapping that picture of the ceiling accidentally.
    She also said that she remembered that the two people in ski masks were arguing with each other about how they thought that Travis was alone. That would make sense since Jodi’s detour to Travis’s house was a last minute decision. Furthermore, for someone to know that type of information about Travis and what he was doing and if he was alone or not, they would have to either know him intimately enough to know his schedule, or have been stalking him/keeping tabs on him.

    Also, here is something random that I was thinking. That picture that was snapped of the pant leg was of a dark material with a stripe running down it. Could it be possible that it was one of the two people? She did tell Florez in the interrogation video that one person was wearing black and one, jeans. I know that the picture casts a blueish tone to the pant leg. Doesn’t really mean that the pant-leg was black. Couldn’t the exposure change the color, or alternatively, I have seen some black material dye show up very dark blue when one shines a light upon it.

    Alright, that is all I have for now. I had to get this on here because it is driving me crazy!

    • Krissie, The dog being gated and mop/bucket is a issue to me too! Jodi had to be in shock and to have the super strengths of what it would take to survive the attack of a mad man and then pick him up place dead weight travis in shower! She sure had to have eaten her wheaties cuz that is/was IMPOSSIBLE. dont care who thinks she is that tough/strong NOWAY could she have done ALL this by her little petite self!!! Then think to lock dog up and mop up KNOWING ROOMMATES come and go at any given time!! I believe there was a major payoff to the state/judge by the Mormon Church because of the Sex Scandals already being shown in light/investigating! Suspicious suicides/deaths following travis demise. That would keep people’s mouth shut and live in fear! This Justice for Jodi TEAM “HAS” EXPOSED many lies from Under Oath!!!! State Witnesses!

    • The jury pool in AZ is STUPID. All you have to do is look to the repeated re-elections of “Sheriff Joe” to conclude the same.

  29. Oh one more thing! About the ninja story. If what Jodi said was true about how the two people were arguing about Travis and how they thought that he was supposed to be alone, how would they know that? Again, as I stated above, they either had to have known him intimately, or stalking/keeping tabs on him.

    I know that there were a few visits to his house on that day supposedly. Wasn’t someone that was loaning him money supposed to stop by that same day? I can’t remember if there was anyone else. Wouldn’t that person know if Travis was supposed to be home? Possibly thinking that he would be alone?

    Did anyone look at his text messages or phone records on who Travis was talking to a few days leading up to his murder? This is like basic stuff you would think that the crime unit in Mesa would be looking into and it seems that it has been overlooked. Unless I missed that part. Lol. Did they look into Travis’s bank records? Did they look to see if he had a paypal? I know there was that issue of the Hughes’ going through his email. Isn’t that considered tampering with evidence? I know the paypal and bank records thing was random, but you can tell a lot about what a person is doing and where they are based on bank transactions and such.

    • Krissie,
      Thanks for joining the discussion.
      There was so many lies and coverups in this story and the prosecutor, judge; detective and witnesses,
      how they can get by without just throwing it all out is unbelievable to me.
      As far as I’m concerned they all impeached themselves.
      None of them were credible at all,
      plus the family and ones in the gallery should have been sent out many times.

      Both trials, would be on believe it or not.
      The roommates, and “so-called” friends NEVER answered the questions that should have been asked
      and should have had a lie detector test got by with too much.

      Hopefully this is not nearly over and there will be a big bust in AZ who all were in the coverups
      and Jodi can go home where she should be.

  30. I’m not really complaining either, by the way, but I just realized my post kinda sounds like it! I’m just pissed the more I read and hear!!!!!!!

  31. Good morning Miss ((((Jodi)))) and her extended family. Happy Sunday!!!

    They more that comes out the more we get fired up. We see that so much wasn’t presented in court in front of a jury. We don’t know how much the Masa police department into TA’s personal stuff. In most case like this they do look into bank accounts, computers, friends and phone. What we do know for sure is they lied and didn’t turn over evidence to the DT. Why???

    • Unfortunately Cindy, the Defense Team should have investigated more about travis. BUT when the defense atty’s are appointed by the court, their economics don’t allow them to get so thorough. That’s why everyone says “You get what you pay for”. In Casey Anthony’s case, Jose Baez traveled all the way to Holland to get the best DNA expert money can buy! 😉

  32. Well, well, well. Now we know why the “family” were not going to attend the court hearing. You know the restitution hearing..
    They will be vacationing in Cancun… So JSS are you reading this?? Their lives are in such shambles that they need a vacation. Now wouldn’t the normal thing to do be to find jobs if they had lost them? Spend time with their children?? If any of them (samantha) still has a job how can she now take a vacation???

    The only reason they have decided to take it the week TA died is because they knew they could suck more money out of people.
    Ya OK the anniversary of the death of your brother you’re going to be vacationing in Cancun!!! No wonder you’re celebrating you have made a lot of money off from your brother’s death!!!

    • Cindy, that is so disgusting! How in good conscience can they bilk money out of people who had such compassion for them. It is one thing, fundraising for court – it is quite another to take money to go on a Cancun vacation at the expense of people who had a heart for them throughout the trials. They are low lifers to do such a thing in my view. Disgusting! I hope those supporters wake up to the fact they are being duped.

      • (((Judy))). If people are domino’s to give them money to go on a vacation to Cancun so be it. What happened to all the money that they got before? I think it was 3 million?

        I’m just disgusted if they’re going to go enter courtand get 20 percent of Jodi’s money that they allow her to have each month.

        • No kidding. I have never heard of such B.S. in my life. They are living quite well off the death of their brother and that is horrible. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  33. Ok, here is the timeline I came up with after reading the Melendez report like 50 times. Let me know if I am missing something, or if I have something wrong.

    4 June 08 (Wed)

    4am: JA arrives at TA’s house – sleep
    11am: Zach sees TA in passing
    Noon: CH calls TA meanwhile Zach returns his rental (presumably; most ppl return their rental at noon)
    1pm: JA/TA – sex
    2pm: Zach said he saw TA; said he was home for about an hr (1400 or 1500, stayed for an hr and then left to go back to his gf’s house)
    4pm: TA email activity on his computer
    5:22pm: Shower pix +murder?
    6:30pm: Enrique sees TA on a call (he assumed it was the conference call)
    6:30: JA leaves TA’s house (based on the time it takes to drive from Mesa to 100 miles away from Las Vegas where she made a phone call to Ryan Burns at around 11pm – total time about 4:30 hr drive)
    9pm: Zach comes home from cleaning his GF’s house and possibly sees furniture moved around this time (he said he couldn’t remember if it was on this day or the day before)
    11pm: JA calls Ryan Burns about 100 miles from Las Vegas

    5 June 08 (Thurs)

    11am: JA arrives at Byan Burn’s house
    1130am: Zach sees TA at this time (His statements on the Melendez report don’t add up) on his way to pick his GF up
    6pm: Enrique notices that the furniture is moved around with the mop while waiting for his gf so they could go to Temple

    7 June (Sat)

    Unknown time: Zach asks Enrique about TA and the mailbox key and then asks about jumper cables bc he was having problems starting his car

    8 June (Sun)
    TA missed church

    9 June (Mon)
    930pm: Enrique noticed an odd smell in the house; took a shower
    9:45-1030: Zach knocked on Enrique’s door telling him to leave the house

    Okay, here are a few things that are not adding up for me. For one, Zach’s dates and times change between the two interviews. One states that he saw TA on WEDNESDAY morning around 11am before he went to drop his rental car off. Then on the other interview, it says that he saw TA on THURSDAY, around 1130 when he was on his way to pick up his GF., the day after he was supposed to be already dead. So which is it? If he got his days mixed up, were follow-ups done? Any record of his rental from the rental company that shows when he dropped the car off?

    Another thing to note is that Enrique said that he saw TA on the phone – possibly on the conference call – 4 June, during the time (Around 630pm) directly AFTER he was supposed to be killed. When told that TA missed the conference call, it was noted that Enrique was confused and then retracted what he said and said he couldn’t be sure what day that was.
    It seems to me that Enrique has a more solid memory of what his schedule was that week, and I feel like that unnecessary bit of information that was shared with him about TA missing the conference call caused him to possibly second guess himself.

    Jodi’s timeline:

    JA called Ryan Burns around 11pm when she was about 100 miles from Vegas. The drive from Mesa to about 100 miles from Vegas is about a 4.5 hour drive, obviously depending on how fast she was going and traffic etc. So that means that she should have left TA’s house around 630pm, which is the same time Enrique said that he saw Travis on the phone, presumably on the conference call.
    The drive from Vegas to UT is about a 7 hour drive, but she arrived at Ryan’s at around 11am that next day.

    The thing here is that in the report, it says that there was no phone activity on TA’s phone after noon the day of the murder. Now was that his cell phone? Did TA routinely conduct business calls and conference calls on his cell phone or did he use a computer-based phone? Skype? Landline? Business cell phone? It doesn’t really say.

    One thing I noticed here from looking at this is Zach and his car. He said that he had a rental car because his car was being fixed. Ok, that makes sense. He said that on 4 June, he went to go return the rental. That must mean that his car was good to go. Then on Saturday that week after his car was supposedly fixed, why did he need jumper cables (Enrique stated that after asking about the mailbox key on Saturday, he also mentioned needing jumper cables)? I mean, if I went to get my car fixed and I had to pay that fee, I would be damn sure that the car would run! Yet he needed jumper cables a few days after his car was in the shop? Something just doesn’t add up here.

    Another thing that doesn’t add up is when the roommates noticed that the furniture was moved. Zach said that he remembered that it was either Wednesday or Thursday when he came home for the night. Zach said in his statement that he came home around 9pm on the day of the murder, and around midnight the day after. So two things: If Enrique was right and saw TA when he said that he did – while he was eating around 6:30 after work on the day of the murder, that means that the furniture was moved after Enrique went back upstairs to his room after eating, but before Zach came home at 9pm – so between 6:30-9pm just to be safe.
    But what doesn’t make sense to me is that if the furniture was indeed moved around that time, wouldn’t Enrique have noticed that on his way out the door to go to work the next morning? He said that he didn’t notice the moved furniture until he got home from work that night at around 6pm.
    If the furniture was indeed moved on Thursday instead of Wednesday per Zach’s statement, that means that he didn’t see the moved furniture until around midnight, because that is when he said that he got home that night. That just confuses me even more, because Zach did say that he saw TA that morning (Keep in mind, this is the day AFTER the supposed murder) around 11am. Zach said that he was on his way out to spend the day with his gf; watched movies and went to Tempe for dinner. According to that scenario, he came home at midnight and saw the furniture moved. That would raise the question: Was TA murdered on 5 June and not 4 June?
    There are TWO people, his roommates, that said that they saw him on 5 June. If this is true, this raises another question: TA has the house all to himself pretty much all day on 5 June assuming that he was still alive. Was there anyone else there with him?
    And if this is indeed accurate, what are the reasons why he could have missed his conference call?
    And finally, if this is all true, how could JA have killed him when she had an alibi on 5 June?

    ahh ok I am done for now. 🙂

    • a few notes Krissie:

      I think you mean Flores report. Flores was the lead detective, Melendez was the lyin’ POS computer forensics guy.

      It was an actual floor cleaning machine, that Travis had recently purchased specifically to clean the tile floors in the home, which was left out. Not a mop and bucket.

      And don’t forget the part about how all of the furniture was magically back where it belonged and the floor cleaner put away after a couple of days of the disarray – both roomies commented, so neither was responsible for putting things right again.

      Travis did have a landline. So presumably, if Enrique DID see Travis talking on the phone on the evening of Jun 4 he was talking on his landline (OR it wasn’t true that the cell phone had not been used since mid-day of Jun 4, which is entirely possible given all of the lies already on record by the state’s witnesses).

    • Krissie, plus travis car was in the garage, his phone, car keys, wallet, virginity ring all in plain sight AND didnt notice smell decomposing dead body! For 5 days didnt notice smell of rotting flesh! Nothing seemed wrong to roommatesor girlfriends! The 911 call seemed pretty calm! To find slaughter like that of the guy you knew and yr not in shock! No crying or hysthysteria?! Things that make you go HMMM

  34. YES! I don’t know why I wrote Melendez. lol.

    I didn’t realize that it was an actual machine. I just figured it was a swiffer. Lol. So if it was a machine, was it one that puts out water to clean the floor and then sucks it back up while brushing the floor? If so, did anyone examine it for possible evidence?

    Trash cans/dumpsters? Oh another thing I noticed on the report was that there was a small blood stain on the washing machine. I don’t remember reading anything about the DNA evidence about it. What happened there?

    And yes, I completely forgot to note that the furniture was indeed placed back where it was.

    Travis was on the phone about half an hour before he was supposed to be at that conference call. CH said that he missed it. Who was supposed to be in that call? Was there a third party, and if so, could they back story up? Also, is there a phone/computer record for that? Could CH possibly have been lying?

    So who could have been around TA on 5 June, assuming that he was around that day? It had to have been someone who knew that the people that lived in that house never lock the door, so they would have easy access, and know that he would be home that day.

    What is really frustrating is that there was such a focus on Jodi’s actions during that time, and not enough focus on the actual evidence. I mean, the gas cans, the license plates, hair color could all be explained away. I live near Vegas. I used to travel near Palm Desert on a regular basis (a few times a month) and it is just plain smart if you are traveling by yourself to have gas cans, and water with you especially in the desert because you are driving in the middle of the desert. I don’t understand why that was made into such a big deal. Especially as a female traveling by herself.

    There are actual official statements from two people claiming they saw TA the day after the supposed murder. Why wasn’t this more of a focus? I don’t understand how some things were never followed up on, or looked into deeper. Somebody that knows the truth needs to grow a pair and come forward.

  35. Hi All…I have been totally busy with other things lately but still check in when I can…..can anyone say DO OVER !!!! All this evidence now comes out after the fact of the circus trial…so sad…that justice is no longer seeking the truth but seeking a win at any and all costs….HEAR ME, MARTINEZ????? I’M TALKIN’ TO YOU!!! I just wonder how the idiot jurors feel now if they give a dam…which I doubt they do…well, ONWARD AND UPWARD TO THE APPEALS !!!! REVERSE, REMAND / DISMISS WITH PREJUDICE, END OF STORY !!!!


    We are behind you, with you, around you forever….

    • Hey BB, refresh my memory when you have time….TA’s criminal record…didn’t they come about thru u and me blabbing early on? I can’t remember exactly who helped with a LOT of stuff…and I’m happy to plug in those serendipitous parts of this unfolding story!

      • No, someone posted (I don’t remember who or where) the criminal record about TA and other members of the family..but I did not bring that in…I may have commented about it though, don’t recall….

  36. So relief to know Jodi has people in high places that see the unjust that haa been done to her and willing to take a stand in her behalf. Thank our Heavenly Father, Bless You! Heaven holds a special place for people like you! Want to thank SW for the education I have received when studying this case. When I first took imterest on this case I would say WHAT! WHATWHATWHAT.. as I preceeded to find answers to my questions I found SW sites or blogs. She has uncovered alot of shady **** ! Heather from the UK is another knowledgeable soul! Now Jodi has this wounderful person PS !!! I am actually starting to feel that Jodi does have a FAIR CHANCE to overturn this wrong !!! Now on a bit different note and it might seem irrelevant but want to comment.. To the roommate that wouldnt give his name but wrote about his experience with travis’s entity aftere SEANCE ! Claims was brutal attacked while in the quite hours lone in his room! Whats up with that??? GUILTY F*****G CONSCIENCE ????!

  37. I enjoy keeping up with this Jodi Arias’s #1 support site on a regular basis Simon. I won’t always come in here with questions, but I would be very thankful if at least someone could please answer some questions for me?

    Could anyone please tell me if this email between Sky and Chris Hughes was brought up at trial or is this something that recently came up? If this was brought up at Jodi’s trial, then could you please tell me what Prosecutor Juan Martinez’s response was? I would like to stay updated on what is happening with Jodi’s case and this would be a big help to me.

    Also, Juan said in so many words that anything that Lonnie Dworkin couldn’t see on Travis’s computer, that he wouldn’t be able to see? Do you believe that this is true? I read that Lonnie said that Juan was using Encase Systems (might have been called Systems) and that wouldn’t have picked up any or everything that was erased.

    What happened with Bryan Neumeister? Was his testimony not credible? Lise Lasalle told me that the words “teen” and “tween” were found to be googled on Travis’s computer, but Bryan didn’t know the context.

    • Please excuse my misunderstanding. this was an email exchange between Attorney Kirk Nurmi and Sky Hughes. I have the answers I need to this already, but thank you anyways.

  38. The emails were dated 2010–2 years and 1 week after Travis was killed and it never mentions his name?? Where did these come from? Are they in evidence?? I would like to know the surrounding info because the date is odd.

    • “On June 1, 2010, defendant disclosed to the State copies of ten handwritten letters purportedly written by Mr. Alexander during the period from November 27, 2006, to May 27, 2008. On June 10, 2010, the State filed a motion to preclude the letters, arguing that they were hearsay not covered by any exception and were not relevant evidence in this case.”

      The emails between Sky and Nurmi were in June 2010 because it was the defence giving the Hughes a heads up about the pedo letters as an act of consideration since they would soon become common knowledge.

  39. In the house there was a floor cleaning machine… If it is the type that releases water onto the floor then sucks it back up as a poster stated above.

    This could explain all the water that was found all over Travis’s bathroom. This could definitely be what was used to clean up blood. It would explain how the box in the closet got wet.

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