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Check out the heartfelt message I received earlier today from Alyce LaViolette’s sister:

“I am Alyce’s sister. She doesn’t do social media and it’s difficult to get her to do email. We are sort of a family of dinosaurs. But I am seeing her Labor Day weekend and will show her your wonderful comments.

She is a wonderful person and, as my father taught us, always questions the status quo. I believe this media frenzy is unprecedented (or beginning to be) and will trigger new laws about witness tampering as well as a very legitimate appeal for Jodi.

Thank you for caring about my sister and Jodi. I have enjoyed observing this website from the beginning.” — Mary Ellen Dunn

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Alyce did a truly outstanding job during the trial – despite Kermit’s nonsensical Snow White fueled bullshit antics and the efforts of the Addams Family.

Leave your support messages for Alyce below. She’ll be checking this page over the weekend.


Team Jodi

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    • Ha! Maria in your face! I am going for (as they say in soccer) a ‘hat trick’!!!!

      ((((((I love being first!!!))))) ♥

    • Hi Pandora,

      remember we were talking on FB the other day? You suggested that I post on JAII. I was thinking about that and after reading a word from Martin Luther King, the cube was dropped. So here I am.

      That Word from MLK goes:
      “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our souls when we look the other way.”

      My beliefs in Jodi’s case are that it was no way M1. I really hope and pray that the verdict will be overruled, better sooner than later. That she will walk free and be given a second chance for life.


      • gerry!
        Always nice to meet yet another Jodi supporter! I am Maria, the other Greek girl LOL! Welcome aboard**

        • Hi Pandora and Maria,

          thanks alot for welcoming me. Actually I have been reading her for a while, so I’m aware of you and your posts. And I agree with most of your beliefs.

          I’m from Germany. Hope that won’t influence our friendship as I see there are objections in Greece with German politics these days. Anyway, I’m glad that I met you and that we share the same beliefs concerning Jodi.

          • It’s true that your country is giving our country a reeeeeeeeally hard time LOL! No worries gerry, politics is something that has nothing to do with friendship and love and we are here only for that: to show we stand behind Jodi and we love her no matter what.
            I see it took you some time to find our home but now that you’re here…make yourself at home LOL!
            Again, welcome and feel free to post to your heart’s content ♥
            We have an AWESOME family here!

  1. Alyce, you are an incredible person and MANY, MANY of us here saw through the tactics that were used on you and we know you are absolutely correct in everything you said on the stand.

    I think you did great and I hope you continue to do well.

    I also purchased your book from Amazon 🙂


  2. I hope this reaches Alyce LaViolette:

    My dearest Alyce,

    There are no words to express how thankful we are for the support you have shown for Jodi Arias.

    Not only have you helped Jodi but also many victims of Domestic Violence that were too scared to speak about what happens behind their shut house doors.

    It is a shame that there are people out there who think if they bully, harass and threaten others, thay have served a purpose…

    By threatening you as well as anyone that is pro Jodi, they have only managed to show their vile, venomous and empty souls.

    What is worse is that they manage to get away with it just because authorities look the other way.

    There is a group of people that don’t give up that easily and are taking actions and I promise you this: soon enough all those ‘haters’ that have temporarily successed in scaring and bullying innocent people will be held accountable. Karma is a bitch and she doesn’t forget.

    I admire you and respect you for putting up with all the hatred. You are a true hero.

    Keep your spirits up and remember:

    “First they ignore you,
    Then they laugh at you,
    Then they fight you,
    Then you win.”

    ~Mahatma Gandhi

    A cyber hug for you:

    (((((((Alyce))))))) & hearts;

    • Just so there are no misunderstandings: when saying “are going to be held accountable”, I mean by law. Revenge is not this groups style. This group doesn’t believe in ‘an eye for an eye’ – the legal way is the only way.

    • Pandora I second every thing you said. And Alyce Thank you so much for every thing you did for Jodi. You are an amazing woman. BTW I loved the way you handled Martinez while testifying I got a good laugh out of that

      (((((((((TEAM JODI))))))))))))))
      (((((((((CYBER FAMILY♥))))))))))))))))

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  3. I hope you can help fight off the frightening crowds with truth and strength you have obviously shown before in order to get to where you are. YOU GO GIRL.

    • Willmott: And Ms. LaViolette, what do you do for a living?
      LaViolette: I’m a psychotherapist. I do consulting and training and I do expert witness occasionally.
      Willmott: Okay. So, psychotherapy in what?
      LaViolette: Psychotherapy, um I have a private practice.
      Willmott: Okay.
      LaViolette: And I have a specialty in domestic violence. I conduct two groups a week for men who perpetrate domestic violence, and I have a broad-based private practice where I do marriage counselling. I also do work with individuals, I work with adults, I work with battered women, I work with adult survivors of childhood abuse, and then I do a broad-based private practice with a variety of issues.

      • Alyce, I don’t have domestic violence issues but I would go to you as a psychotherapist in a heartbeat. You are a very compassionate and intelligent woman and I wish I could go to you as I am in need of psychotherapy for other issues.
        PLEASE don’t take it to heart over what you have been put through by the many hateful people in this world. It makes me sad too. Don’t let it prevent you from carrying on and doing the wonderful work you do. Don’t let Juan Martinez do this to you again if you do decide to testify again in Jodi’s penalty trial. He is a horrible prosecutor and should be disbarred for his unethical behavior in this trial and towards you. Jodi needs you and we and the rest of the public need to hear the truths you speak. I surely hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  4. Alyce, you have proven you are a very strong and dedicated person! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for Jodi. You are a gift from God to the people you suffer from domestic abuse today. I admire you to the moon and back. Just remember we all love you at Team Jodi and I’m positive everyone who has been blessed to know you loves you too. You are not alone in this horrible nightmare. We will all keep pressing towards victory for Jodi. Take care of yourself. We need more people in the world like you!!! I will continue my prayers for you. Love to You!

  5. Hello Alyce,

    I just want you to know that you are a hero to us here at this site. You testified for Jodi with all good intentions. I don’t believe you would support a woman if you DIDN’T believe she was abused because you have too much integrity and honesty for that. When you testified I admired your “balls” as you stood up to JM and refused to let him bully you. I’m sure you have come across many men just like him in your work.

    I am fortunate in that I can say I have never suffered physical abuse at the hands of a man. I did however experience many years of emotional/psychological abuse at the hands of my ex-husband. I used to say it would probably hurt less if he just smacked me a few times.

    When I was a child we had a neighbour who would regularly run to our house after her husband had beaten her up. She would have her clothes half ripped off of her (he was trying to get at the money she kept in her bra to buy food for her children).

    After she would leave our house my mother would pace and rant to my sister and I, “Don’t you EVER let a man raise a hand to you. If ever a man raises a hand to you, make sure you tell him he better make it good because if you can get back up you will KILL him!!!” Sadly this woman is still with her abusive husband, (who is now just an infirm old man).

    I feel sure you have heard every story in the book about abuse. I just feel very sad that you have experienced you own kind of abuse since taking on this case. I would like to apologize on behalf of ALL who have been so unkind to you. This is certainly not what you signed up for. A gentle soul like you could never have anticipated such hatred. I think most of us at this site were flabbergasted at the treatment you have received.

    I hope you can move on from this and recover from the terrible months of hatred you have endured. I hope the love shown you at this site will help with that. You have the utmost respect from those of us here. I wish you all the best Alyce, and I hope your faith in human nature will be restored as you receive letters of support from us here.

    Take care dear lady.


  6. Alyce is a hero. It takes tremendous strength to tackle the issue of domestic violence. Especially when words and meanings get twisted around.

    Alyce never spoke badly of Travis Alexander or said anything derogatory about him. She was incredibly diplomatic and rational when testifying. I found myself feeling empathy for Mr. Alexander when she described his childhood.

    What happened to her was uncalled for. It is wrong. Her work has done remarkable things for both victims and perpetrators of abuse. Unfortunately we have such a long, long way to go. I believe that without Alyce having laid a foundation for dealing with domestic violence we’d be lost.

  7. I forgot to mention that I have a bunch of screen shots from Amazon saved in the event ALV ever wants to press charges.

    They range from threats:
    “She’d better watch out when this is over” and “Can I have the address of your brother so I can go kill him?” and “this quack and her psycho buddy both deserve to have the books kicked out from under them after a noose from a [REAL NOT FAIRYTALE ROPE] (sic) is placed around their worthless necks!!!!!!!”

    to discrimination: “Jodi seduced Alyce just like she has men” and “is it love? Did you fall for Jodi too?”

    to accusing Alyce of murdering Travis: “She viciously attacked Travis Alexander as did Arias.”

    • Sam,

      Good move!


      We have been dealing with this in huge amounts for 8 months. It is bull ____. What has gone on in and with this trial doesn’t represent America. If this is the direction America is going in it is not what our for founders fought for.

      • Oh I know! My comments were made directly toward the threats cited on Amazon. I know how the majority of the travis supporters and media treated her. Shameless and horrible.

        • Ok,Alex So when I was book shopping,and fell on to the reviews(yesterday)
          This was” Yesterday’s News.” I made 20 comments, under All the attacks on you , MS.ALV!
          I reported all comments to Amazon.
          Then a chaingang…came out of nowhere, and believes I was impersonating YOU!
          I left out of there !!! – then added my picture to my profile. So, they know it is not you. I don’t like bullies! I don’t back down to feeble attempts to scare me.
          However,I will not waste my time arguing with that mob MENTALITY!!of the lowest of the low.
          ((( I just want JUSTICE FOR JODI ! ))) You area great author,a strong wonderful woman.
          An excellent expert in your field. I’m sure you have a FULL life with wonderful friends and know all of this to be true. The point I am trying to make ,is you did NOTHING WRONG AND DIDN’T DESERVE ANY THREATS!!!! Nor ,does ANYONE!!!
          Peace always,

          • What? What was the name? Can you link me? I know exactly who these douchebags are…. How funny. I hope it didn’t upset you! Amazon is as a foul as youtube. I left along time ago. They say the same thing over and over again. YAWN

            • My name is goosfrba, LOL..My bf’s Amazon account! LOL!!
              -there was Dodge1616,
              – ababykitten
              – umm 2more I think…yes ,I will try to link it up.
              They didn’t scare me, just was shocked at how FAST THEY ALLL CAME TOGETHER TO CREATE A VERBALLY UNCOMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT!
              —-go to Amazon and look up her book ALV ” IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE…THERE ARE OVER 1000 reviews,
              Dogde1616 REVIEW seems to have THE FOLLOWERS LOVE !
              I wrote like ,I said 20 comments to defend my point that this is Amazon , a book review forum.
              Not, a podium to spread hate.
              They started with the comments …and posted things…WE KNOW ITS U ..ALYCE!!
              Trying to get someone to buy your book.
              ” Go to your happy place ,NOBODY will hurt you.”
              —-I laughed , bc my boyfriend choose the name Goldfarb, from Adam Sandler movie Anger Management, as a joke.
              So, they really thought I was her, one commented that she read my other book reviews,an I am obviously Alyce LV.
              They are NUTZ!!!! LOL !

            • Oh Alexis, they really upset me, put to.g words into my mouth.
              One of them said ” goosfrba thinks murdering someone is ok”
              ONCE,.I said I reported them for ABUSE, the tone changed.

              “WE can write about violence bc that what book is about.- Book is about abuse”

              SO I said …..STOP ABUSING HER THEN……
              I wrote that she was an elderly woman, The Came …..MY MOM IS 65 !! And like a 30 yr old
              IT was like watching my 7 year old on the school yard,no matter what u say,
              I had to make my purchase and laugh,obviously I.don’t write like an author!! Haha haha
              ” goooooooosssfffrrrbbbbbaaaaaa”
              ((((((TEAM JODI)))))
              I am safe in here ! OMG !!

  8. this is for Maureen regarding a discussion that took place yesterday, about the violence of the killing.

    Maureen, The violence of the killing was explained by Alyce LaViolette, that what often happens when a victim of domestic violence is in fear for their life is they go nuts and don’t know when to stop, for fear that the attacker can still hurt them. I think when Travis continued the attack after the gun shot, Jodi had found the knife and Travis didn’t know but he was about to walk into the equivalent of an airplane propeller.

    I believe the key to all this lies with the nine stab wounds to the back (that the State claims Jodi did to him at the sink while he just stood there and did nothing to defend himself. GMFB!) Those wounds speak volumes about what was happening at that very moment. He either had himself wrapped around her or he was on top of her. Either way she was wailing away with the knife trying to get him off. And there is only one scenario that logically explains them ending up in either of those positions – he was attacking her..

    • I’m sorry I dropped this in the middle of our heart-felt thanks to Alyce. It was just something I needed to say…

    • i can say when i was being abused, that if something would have ever happened in his heat of the moment and i ended up with the upper hand, what jodi did would probably look like sunday school. I hold alllloooot of rage, and I scare myself when i think back to those days and thank god he didn’t kill me, and gave me the endurance to take the hits. I get the mess jodi left behind. I also know that although I hold alot of hate for my ex, but i also endured it alot longer. So my extra anger, to me, is understandable, and no matter what, when that light switches off in your partner, all rules are off and you fight. I hate to say it, but if more women were lucky enough to do what jodi did. Alot less women would be beaten every second.
      sorry im always all over the place when i talk about anything. If you can make anything of that 😀

  9. Alyce,

    You are a great woman who did what was right. In the face of a little maniacal prosecutor you stood strong. In the end you will be on the victorious side. Know that we all support you.

  10. Dearest Alyce, Our hearts go out to you and we all hope your heart and health can recover from the severe abuse they has been subjected to. I have to say it was during your testimony that I felt most like I was in an episode of “Twilight Zone”: during a trial about domestic abuse, watching a man abuse the expert on domestic abuse. It was just plain bizarre! But you did absolutely wonderful and I think your “time out” remark to Mr. Martinez will ultimately go down in the history books as a classic statement that embodies everything that has gone on in the case, from the way Travis treated Jodi, up through our justice system and into HLN and social media. All of this is now so much bigger than Jodi alone and you have been instrumental in bring it all to the surface. Thank you so very much from all of us here at Team Jodi.

  11. Dear Alyce,

    We’re all very sad, here, at the hatred we’ve witnessed these last many months.

    But we’re also very encouraged and inspired – by the strength and grace we see in each other, the strength and grace we see in Jodi, and the strength and grace we see in you.

    I have no doubt that you have saved some lives. I think you’ve probably changed hundreds of lives. And I know that you have blessed thousands of lives.

    Thank you, Alyce, for being the brave warrior that you are!


  12. Alyce,

    You are a hero! God bless you for your courage and expertise in helping Jodi and all victims of domestic violence. Those small people who attack you are pathetic cowards. Truth will prevail!


  13. Alyce,
    Thank you for your courage to stand up for those women in positions where they could not stand up for themselves. Your braveness gives many women hope and Thank you for all that you do and the countless lives you have undoubtedly saved! You are so selfless in your work and you stood up for Jodi, not concerned about the backlash of crazy people and that means so much to women in situations of domestic violence and especially to JODI! Keep up your great work, Ms. LaViolette! For EVERY “hater” you have, remember you have a supporter or two in your corner! Many, many thanks, from a former victim of domestic violence and as well as all those who support Jodi!

  14. I know I am off topic but I’d like to say a ‘Happy Nameday’ to ALEXIS admin.
    In Greece besides birthdays we celebrate our names too.
    Today is ALEXIS’s nameday!

    (((((((ALEXIS HAPPY NAMEDAY)))))))) ♥

      • Nameday is a celebration of our name. It is a Greek thing that is combined with Christianity. Each name has one certain day in the year that it is celebrated. E.g. : Maria’s nameday is on August 15th. Mine is on September 1st (this Sunday).
        On each person’s nameday they recieve gifts (just like birthdays).

        I hope I was helpful. ♥

        • Happy nameday Alexis!

          Pandora, how is nameday tied to Christianity? This sounds fascinating. If my mom were alive she would know. Where she grew up in America, it was a country area and everyone was immigrants from other Countries. They had a church for each Country. It wasn’t a huge area, so every block we had another beautiful church. Beautiful churches! My mom had many Greek friends. The Greek church was a block away from our church. We were the Czech church.
          Is there a name day for Marianne? Or do I get 2? That would be lots of fun!

          • Marianne,

            I also thought that you would have two namedays (Maria and Anna) but I looked it up and it seems that your nameday is on Febuary 28th.

            According to when each Christian saint is celebrated that is when people (of the same name) have their namedays.

            I am an agnostic, so I don’t really get involved in religions.

        • (((((((((((PANDORA♥)))))))))))))))))))

          HAPPY NAME DAY!!!!!!!!!

          I hope your day Is wonderful, I wonder when mine is?

          (((((((CYBER FAMILY♥)))))))))))

          Ray in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

          • Ray, I have some bad news for you! LOL :

            Because your name isn’t a saint’s or martyrs name (in the christian orthodox religion), unfortunately, you don’t have a nameday. 🙁

            Maria, correct me if I’m wrong here.

            But just to make it better, why don’t you choose a date and we’ll celebrate your name on that day each year! 😉 How does that sound?


  15. Dear Alyce,

    it is with awe that I am writing these lines.
    To us, you are pretty much like a friend, a family member, a person to whom we are grateful for standing up for what she believes is true.

    First of all, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in Jodi, putting everything into perspective and standing by this poor young woman, who must have had a revelation while talking to you. I always say that the 2008 Jodi is a totally different person from today’s Jodi; your evaluation and the hours you spent with her is what I attribute it to. It must have dawned on her that the living hell she used to call ”a relationship” was nothing more than a repeatedly abusive pattern.

    Needless to say, you carried out your expert witness duty in a dignified, professional, outstanding way. We have all learned so much from you, you have helped to open so many people’s eyes by shedding light on Jodi’s story and by allowing us to ‘peek into’ your wisdom, expertise and knowledge. What took place in that courtroom will hopefully make Legal History and will set a precedent to be avoided in the future. You held your head high and proved you do embrace in your everyday life all the things you teach in your professional life: you did not allow someone to walk all over you, despite his constant attempts to verbally abuse you, humiliate you and break your spirit. You are deeply admired and respected for that.

    As far as the herds of all the haters are concerned, there is nothing to be said that hasn’t already been said by us supporters. What you had to suffer and endure is unheard of, sad, disappointing and embarrassing in the sense that we may like to believe that the human kind has evolved and we no longer are a society of brutes, settling our disagreements through growls, waving our clubs like cave people and viciously going after someone listening only to our animalistic instincts, when in reality it is quite the contrary. This trial has served as a cruel reminder, unfortunately.

    I am sure that all JAIIers here would gladly join me when I humbly apologize for the haters’ behavior and for what they have put you and your family through. We pray your healing process has started.

    On a more personal level, as someone who has witnessed and experienced Domestic Violence as a child, I want to thank you for being a voice for all those women who had and still have to silently fight their abusers behind closed doors.

    We are and will always be eternally indebted to people like you.

    Your Greek friend and supporter,

      • Maria,

        That is a beautiful post. Truly from the heart. Thank you for letting Alyce know how much we appreciate her and for sending so many positive truths.
        You have been here since the beginning. You never give up on Jodi. You are on this board rain or shine. A lot of us don’t give up. Some need breaks but know we are always here with open arms and open hearts.
        I could not find as many wonderful words. Thank you Maria for including us in yours.
        Lots of love to you.


        • (((((((((( Marianne))))))))
          Sending all my love to you too.
          Yes, it’s true I have been here since the beginning (just as so so many wonderful people here have) and I will NEVER give up on Jodi. When I make a commitment, I stick to it no matter what. Jodi has become my sister, my family. And families are forever.

  16. I unfortunately didn’t get to see a lot of Alyce’s testimony, but she did such a wonderful job for Jodi. A true difference maker to the jury. The fact that she couldn’t convince all of the jury members that Jodi was a victim wasn’t her fault. Happy Labor day weekend Alyce, SJ, Admins, and supporters!

  17. Alyce, I want you to know that I have the utmost respect for you as a human and your work. I wish my mother knew you when she was getting abused by my father it was a terrible time in her life and our lives and even as children we knew it was wrong and we were terrified. I watched the your testimony at Jodi’s trial everything you said was so true I saw that behavior in my mothers marriage and just because your not getting the crap beaten out of you everyday does not mean your not being abused. I think because of TA being a Mormon he was very conflicted about his sexual activity with Jodi and he could not reconcile that with his beliefs so he took it out on her. I want you to hang in there because you have a lot of people in your corner I think you are ROCKSTAR at what you do and I support you 100 percent don’t let those aholes get you down.

  18. Alyce,
    Thank you for being true to your convictions and speaking the truth. I will never forget your strength and dignity as you testified on end. I am truly in awe of you as a person and all you have accomplished. Your book wonderful and I have read it twice. What wisdom you have…it will resonate with me for a very long time.
    Please know the vitriol of a few will not sway the support of the many. We support you and your continued success.
    Thank you Mary Ellen for passing this along to Alyce. Blessings to you and your family. I know this has been a very difficult time for you all.

  19. Dear Alyce,

    I am so sorry that you and your family have been through such difficulty. I am sorry that difficulty surrounded your life’s work. I am still sickened at all the hatred that was/is directed toward Jodi. I am in field similar to yourself. So many people need the help that you are gifted to give. Sadness overwhelmed me that so many people couldn’t hear you and that so many minds were closed.

    Due to the prosecution and damage of the social media. Which I believe go hand in hand. Jodi has lost more of her life in prison. You did excellent Alyce and helped Jodi the best possible.

    Thank you for all the wonderful work and all your caring.

  20. Alyce you are a rock star of the therapy world. I can’t wait to buy your book and read it. Well as a nurse I understood your theories and therapeutic care plans that Juan Martinez was trying to interject his stupidity into. I loved the way that you wouldn’t allow him to bully you and the core of who you are. I am deeply sorry for all of the inhuman treatment that you and your family have received from internet bullies who don’t know there ass from their elbows. I know that you had kind and great intentions to genuinely show just how much Jodi had suffered at the hands of T.A. Anyone with half a brain (not you) could read or listen to those foul text messages and understand that. Even though Jodi didn’t get the outcome we were looking for I hope that she does get a change of venue out of Maricopa county. I feel that is her only chance. God Bless you Alyce!

  21. Alyce:

    I am so sorry you and your family have had such a tough time of it.
    Is it not amazing that HLN will preconvict people and if anyone has an opinion different than their own they are treated as criminals as well.

    While they have not said anything specifically against you, at least as far as I have heard, they have incited hatred for everyone involved that do not hold their opinion and thus indirectly encouraged harrassment against you.

    There is something very wrong with a Criminal justise system that allows wittnesses to be so intimidated that they cannot ever perform a task to help defend the accused.

    Everyone is entitled to a fair trial wheather they are guilty or not by sabotaging the defense they are not creating justice, but destroying it . Not only for the accused, but for anyone in the future, including themselves.

    I pray for you & your family. I think you performed an unenviable task and remained very proffessional.

    May God Bless!

    Thomas Pratt

  22. Good evening Cyber Family. I got a wonderful surprise today JODI CALLED!!!!. Didn’t see that coming, I have been hoping though she didn’t get to talk long only 5 minutes or so. She seems to be doing well and in good spirits. It sure was good to hear her voice!! WOOOHOOO!! 😀


    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • That is so good to hear Ray!
      I can tell it made your day. : )
      Thanks for sharing the good news.
      I’m starting to feel really strong and good feelings about
      things are going to change for her. : )

    • WOW!! Ray I am SO happy for you!! I can imagine how you must have felt when you picked up the phone and heard Jodi’s voice. O…M…G…

      ((((((((((( ♥ JODI ♥ ))))))))))))

    • Ray,

      This is wonderful! I am happy she knows that she has people who care. I am still working on postcards but am not sure of the address. I am wondering if her address on this site is still good. Please let me know if you are aware of the address. Thank you,


        • She wrote a little while back that she tried to call but the phone system wouldn’t let her call a cell phone collect. The jail has a system called offender connect, you go to this web site and prepay for phone time. The details are at: (the jails web site).

          Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  23. Mary Ellen,
    I would love to say hello to Alyce and thank her from the bottom of my heart.
    Alyce you are beautiful, inside and out. I love people that stay the same no matter what. You’ve been through a hell that you didn’t deserve, but you stood for something good and that is to be proud of.

    I can’t begin to imagine the anxiety that you feel.
    There is a song by Kris Kristofferson called Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down.
    I think of that often when people do and say things that make you wonder if they are from the
    same planet.

    I agree with you so much about the hate. It seems to just get worse. Seems like people are
    enjoying it. I don’t understand it and never will. When someone’s heart is broken, the natural thing people should want to do is to hug them and tell them it will be alright.

    You are such a caring and loving person, you can see it all over you. You love to laugh and enjoy life.
    People that hate others that they don’t even know and yet they have to see the same thing in you that we see. It shows. When you care, it can’t help but show.

    You notice those that hate, it shows all over them. They are miserable and they can’t stand it if everyone doesn’t share their misery. What you are going through will pass, but the miserable ones will stay that way because they like it like that.

    We don’t!!
    Thank goodness for people like you. You are one in a million.
    I wish that I could help. That is your mission to help others and you do it so well.
    I know too many women that have suffered at the hands of someone that they love, believe in and trust.. Some will never live to tell their story, but your books, your speeches will help them immensely.

    I was going through depression and actually didn’t even think reading would help. I saw Dr. Wayne Dyer on TV talking about his book Erroneous Zone, I was at the point I would even try reading it. I had never even heard of the word before and still couldn’t tell you what it means. : )
    All that I know is that it helped me get through my depression. I thought that was so caring and thoughtful to take Jodi the book.
    Then they started the crap about you giving her a book of help.
    What a shame. You cared, you gave it to her because you felt it would help her too.

    Your book, It Could Happen To Anyone will help so many. You may never know it. : )

    I never wrote Dr. Wayne Dyer and told him how much his book meant to me. He might have
    saved my life.
    And that’s what I would love to tell you. No matter what the evil people are saying, while they are trying to destroy people, you can be proud of yourself. So many people do feel that way and all you’ve got to hear are the hate mongers.

    I want to just tell you your heart, your love and your humor will help you and if we can help we wish we could do the same for you. All of our hearts go out to you and thank you so much for being someone
    that cares no matter how hard it gets. I will always admire you, your strenth and your love.

    Thanks Mary Ellen for giving us this chance. You are very special too. Your parents did a wonderful job
    and I’m sure they’re proud. We are! 🙂
    I hope that you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.
    All of our love.

    • Aly,

      Your words are of goodness. The act of giving this book to Jodi was caring and thoughtful. By interviewing Jodi, Alyse, by training, was able to assess. That book was given to Jodi as a help in Jodi’s therapeutic process. It wasn’t given as any special gift. It was given to help from a professional.
      Alyse helped Aly, and many more by suggesting the book to Jodi. Now I am going to suggest the book Erroneous Zone by Dr. Wayne Dyer to my patients that may benefit from it.
      Spread the love. Not the hate. When gifts of goodness are offered to us. No matter how horribly packaged. This package came in the courtroom in Arizona with a bully of a prosecutor who was just trying to deflect the truth. When we see beyond the packaging, grasp the goodness of the gift, say thank you and continue to pass the gift on.

  24. Alyce, Sorry to hear about the terrible things You and Your family have had to endure throughout and since the trial, Stay Strong and Thank You for doing a great job in supporting Jodi.

  25. Ray, That’s awsome you were able to speak with Jodi, and that she sounds like she is doing well, cool
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{ JODI }}}}}}}}}}}}}

    • I really hope that Alyce testifies for Jodi again. Jodi NEEDS her. I have a feeling that, Alyce will, bc deep down she knows Jodi needs her, and she came this far. I honestly feel without her, Jodi would have gotten death.
      Alyce proved to the juror foreman, that Jodi was mentally abused. THAT is HUGE!! Alyce was quick on her feet, and got the truth out of the HUGH”S EMAILS to TA. Alyce had to think fast, couldn’t quote, and she was GREAT!! [ without her, we may never have gotten the truth. ]
      Chris and Skye are making money on TA’s death, which is gross.
      I also find them aggressive, dishonest, and guilty of something. Maybe Travis ” touched ” their son?
      Travis did have FRIENENEMIES, which is worse then an enemy.
      I am in C.T. still trying to figure, this all out. I just do not believe JODI DID IT. I believe there were 2 intruders, or more. Travis, used and took advantage of toooo many mormon women. At some point, this must have been discovered, and was unacceptable.
      NEW REALITY show out, about FLDS women trying to get out of religious cult, in valley, UTAH. Some ex members,mostly young men that were pushed out of church.THEY go in and take young women out. WHILE ” GODSQUAD” tries to stop the young girls, from leaving.
      I know that these are MORE EXTREME MORMONS, , as far as an existing ” GODSQUAD ” I strongly believe the mormons in Arizona and Utah, are monitored. Evident by the clique mentality, they gossip about others, and yet “stick together” and are almost UNTOUCHABLE. Note, Jodi’s apprehension, talking to police. Didn’t Jodi say, to herself..becareful JODI, these guys are LDS !! ? When she spoke of the intruders, det. Flores, didn’t believe a WORD she was saying. Jodi was asking if her family was ok, and the det. was DISMISSED HER….
      .I still can NOT believe the roomates, living there, IN a DEAD mans home, with a DEAD MAN above them,beside them. SO ERIE, and not notice that decaying body smell.
      I also have a pug, which never leaves my side. That poor dog, [Napoleon}, used to roaming the home, locked behind gate, wanting to go see TA, which my pug, knows when and where I am Anywhere, in my house,
      TA’s ring, car, wallet.still there??? I am thinking they HAD to wait from THURS<FRI<SAT<SUN and MONDAY 10pm… to call 9-11, bc maybe they drugged TA, and had to wait till drugs were out of his system? All Travis's " friends" SCARE ME.
      Look at Dave HALL, and his buddy ruining a historical landmark, My 7 YR OLD < SAID MOMMY THAT IS NOT NICE!!! 7 years old, and he knows a jackass when he see's one. I hope that someday, we learn what really happened, I do believe Jodi knows more, but is stuck in HELL, surrounded by 2/3 mormon TEMPLES ,in Arizona, WHERE DO U THINK MOST OF THOSE PEOPLE CAME FROM< ON THE COURT HOUSE STAIRS>>AND SHE NEEDS YOU< ALYCE<
      Stay strong, JODI and the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. I hope you get the greatest attorneys and ASAP!! I support your innocence,and keep you in my thoughts daily.
      Madeline in C.T.

  26. Many of us out here support you, Alyce, and your work.

    You told the truth about the Jodi-Travis relationship. Some people just don’t want to hear it.

  27. Dear Alyce,
    I love you and I, like you love Jodi Arias too. Thank goodness such an outstanding individual, such as you are sees the facts in this case and stands up for what you believe.
    I am so sorry that you have been unjustly targeted by the haters and the bigots for threats and harassment against you.
    I support you Alyce. Please find the strength to continue your practice.

    Ron Sparrow

  28. This post (and the photo) made me smile.
    Its what I needed during today.

    I hope Alyce knows we all appriciate her honesty.
    And her intelligence.
    She is truly enlightening.

    Miss you all.
    Just wanted to stop in again – been painting my ass off.

  29. Alyce, I just want you to know that you helped ME as I listened to your excellent explanation of DV in your testimony!!! I kept thinking, man I wish I would have had you to go to years ago when I was going through emotional abuse!!! I was just glued to the TV as I listened to your every word! I think you are the most wonderful expert and helper in DV that there could be! It is just outrageous that ANYONE could even think of let alone threaten anyone, especially a woman like you! That is just bizarre! I think whoever the people are that did that to you really need help themselves!!! I just can’t believe the whole unjust trial anyway, Alice! It was just something else!!! I have never seen such a trial like Jodi’s in my life and I can hardly believe that Martinez got away with acting how he did! Anyway, like everyone else here said we love you and support you and all the excellent work that you do for DV!!! People reap what they sow and if they sow hatred they will reap it! Stand strong and hold your head up high because you are awesome!!! May God bless you and all you do! Love, Mary Williams

  30. Alyce, thank you so much for testifying on behalf of Jodi and bringing in your expertise. It’s a shame that a shitstorm (hope this expression is the same in the U.S. as in Europe) came down on you. It’s a shame that you were ridiculed and that your expertise wasn’t taken seriously. But it’s just great that you took action anyways. All the best to you.

  31. I don’t know how many times I have watched the YouTube video: Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video 15, that is the one in which Jodi finally admits to being at Travis’s house on June 4, 2008 and where Jodi tells Flores about the two intruders. I spot something new each time I watch it! If you watch it you will hear Flores try to trip Jodi up a few times but he can’t because she gives exactly the same answer when he asks her a few of the same questions again further on when Jodi is explaining what happened! Also, Flores TELLS Jodi that, no that’s not what happened, nobody would believe that!!! How does he know if he wasn’t there but Jodi was!!! That interrogation is SO fishy on Flores’s behalf & he keeps looking at his cell phone like someone is maybe listening & watching through the glass window & advising him or something!!! Jodi is just herself and even honestly cries when she is describing to Flores how scared she was and how she was trying to help Travis but they wouldn’t let her and she had to just leave him there not knowing what was going to happen to him!!! That must have been just horrible and terrifying, especially when they told her to leave now but not to say one word about what happened!

  32. Hello cyber family ! I am so glad that we are able to show Mrs.La Violette how much we respect and admire her for her courage and strength. If you are able to read this Alyce i want you to know that you are not alone and you have many, many people who stand with you and believe in you and applaud you for all that you do and have done for the many men and women affected by domestic violence. We are trueley grateful that you told the truth about your findings in the relationship between Jodi and Travis. Of course we know that in no way were you condoning the killing of Mr. Alexander. We know that you were doing your job and reporting the fact that Jodi was indeed a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Mr. Alexander. For some strange reason the media chose to paint Jodi into a completely evil witch and Travis into a glowing Saint and of course you and we all here at this sight know that is simply not the truth. You so eloquently tried to describe to the jury and everyone that people have many shades to them,and things are not black and white. Jodi is not evil and Travis was not evil, they are and were human and I think a lot of people really missed that point that you were trying to make. I understood you perfectly and I think I have a pretty good understanding of the relationship that Jodi and Travis shared. It was complicated and indeed toxic. I am so glad that you stuck to your values and told the truth. We are forever grateful to you for doing your job and doing it well. I am so sorry that you and your family had to endure such vicious and nasty attacks. It was uncalled for and criminal. The irony of you being an abuse counsoler while being abused by the masses is deplorable.We stand with you Mrs. LaViolette and if you change your mind and decide to testify again you will have a lot of strong, positive support from us. We know that you are a kind and loving soul. We all love you! Jesse

  33. Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both. — First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (first Chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights)

    Character and Integrity are doing the right thing when no one else will. Alyce LaViolette has character, integrity, and kindness and others should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to persecute her. Alyce LaViolette should be proud of herself. She helps people. What can the people who hate her say they do with their lives? People like Alyce are people to look up to, not deride.

    There are many things we won’t understand about people: how can they hate someone they don’t know, how can they not care about the truth when someone’s life is on the line, how can they want to kill and hate and say killing and hating is wrong, why are people surprised we have a bullying epidemic with children when this is how adults act, etc. There is one thing I do understand: When someone’s life is in danger everyone has a moral duty to ensure that the whole truth is being told (that’s both sides of the story). You are responsible for your actions and if others shirk their duty or even try to stop others from executing their duty, that is not an excuse, you must do it anyway. Today it seems like more people just want to be right then care about the Constitution, rights, life, each other, or anything else. I’m glad to see that there are still advocates out there ready to help those in need.

    The sad part is, it shouldn’t be brave or dangerous to do anything in a courtroom, especially defend someone using the truth. Our country was built on ending persecution. Alyce LaViolette should be delighted that she stood up for what she believed in and faced down those who would oppress her and others on the defense. Witness intimidation (or any kind of intimidation for that matter) isn’t right anywhere, but especially in a free society like ours. It saddens me that so many would be so blind to the importance of witnesses or rights. What they did to her and others reminds me of what gangs do to people in their neighborhoods to make them say what they want them to say. They terrorize them and prevent the truth from being told. Everyone deserves to have people in their corner and no one deserves to be left out in the cold because others are too self-absorbed to give people the decency or humanity they need when their down. The people who care about what this country’s justice system really stands for (truth and justice for all), the people who strive for its mission to be completed, should never bend to the will of these bullies. We should be progressing forward not falling backwards.

    What irks me is that people can think someone is guilty without being narrow-minded savages.

    I hope that Alyce realizes that there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel. No one can take away from her what she did. It is hard to see now, but do not fear those who are hateful. Pity them. They have poisoned themselves and you must not let them poison you. I am truly sorry about these people to everyone effected by their hatred. Keep doing the right thing.

    Everyone should remember this: if we let hateful people stop us from doing what is right, how would anything good ever happen?

  34. Dear Alyce,
    Thank you for your representing of the downtrodden. It will always be known by those that care for others welfare, that you are a champion. Your testimony has helped Jodi to keep her head held high, and someday she’ll be free of all of this with your help. Keep the faith, we all are!

  35. Alice, sweet Alyce, thanks for all you have done for abused women. I am so sorry that now you are being abused by a tiny minded group of cowards. Please stay strong, we still need you, Jodi still needs you. HUGS AND LOVE TO YOU FOREVER

  36. Alyce, you are a wonderful person and a true pioneer. I am extremely saddened to read of what has happened to you since the trial. I also believe that the hate you received was greatly influenced by the fact that Martinez was allowed to act like an abusive man himself. Other judges would have cautioned him!! Anyhow, you have supporters all over the globe who are thinking of you and sending love. Thank you for everything you have done for abused women and for Jodi. Remember what Ghandi said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.

    Love Lynn from Ireland

  37. Also, I was scrolling through YT and mistakenly watched a Jodi Arias video they recommended for me. It was called “Secret Lives with JVM” and it was disgusting how they manipulated the facts to suit their agenda. Makes me so angry. No wonder your average unthinking sheeple just went along with what HLN told them. 🙁

  38. Alice LaViolette was the most credible witness for either side in this case. She was genuine, sincere and is very knowledgeable in her field. She made me realize that an abusive relationship isn’t years in the making and doesn’t always show outwardly by the constant appearance of bruises and black eyes. Of course, I do believe there was physical abuse of Jodi at the hands of TA but there was also a much deeper level that kept her with him even though she could do much better. It’s just a damn shame that the jury chose to turn a deaf ear. They had their minds made up and no one could have changed them. So Alice you are a great person and the honesty and bravery that you displayed during this trial is something this country can be proud of despite the reactions of the savages.

  39. Alyce, You did not deserve the hatred toward you. You presented your findings on the witness stand in a wonderful way. Thanks for helping Jodi. I feel you did your best and no one can expect more from a person.

  40. Good Sunday morning to my awesome cyber family!

    You guys rock!!! All the love, support and compassion for Alyce is so touching. It shows what kind and loving hearts you all have! I am so honored and proud to be part of this cyber family!

    You all have a wonderful day!

    BTW, It’s the 1st of September: Happy, peaceful month to everyone! ♥

    ((((((((Cyber family & Jodi Supporters))))))))
    ((((((((Alyce & Jodi)))))))))
    (((((((SJ, ALEXIS, MB)))))))) – for continuing to keep this site clean and safe from all the hatred for us.

  41. Dearest Alyce,

    My father, best friend and I watched every moment on your testimony and all three of us found what you said to be fair-minded, knowledgeable and truthful. We were horrified as we watched the court allow you to be treated poorly. We are so sorry to hear you have been harassed at all and we thank you for your courage in testifying on Jodi’s behalf and your commitment to the problem of Domestic Violence. We hope that you will be able to continue on with your career and life in peace without any more trouble from hateful people.

    P.S. Sounds like you have a great sister in Mary!

  42. Dear Alyce,

    I am glad that you had the guts to stand up for Jodi Arias. And for this, I thank you. The world needs a lot more people like you. You are a shining light in a world somtimes filled with darkness. Keep up the good work. I think you made the right decision (to testify in her favor). After I learned the facts of the case, while the case was still going on, it became apparent to me that this young lady was being railroaded and wrongly prosecuted. So again Alyce, THANK YOU. I also hope the threats have died down for you. Some day, hopefully, Law Enforcement will catch up with phone calls and especially e-mails so these kind of crimes don’t happen. I hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.


  43. Dear Alyce and Sister, Alyce, you are one smart cookie, and we Team Jodi love you, you are one of the sweetest gals I’ve ever watched on a witness stand, so I know that you are probably that way in all things that you do. You stood up for Jodi, and that is wonderful, and I believed every word you said, we all know she was an abused woman in all ways. I just couldn’t believe women didn’t stick up for her in that regard. But whatever you said, some jurors did listen and believe too, or Jodi wouldn’t have gotten a hung jury….thank you so much. I can understand your fear of hatemongers threatening you and your family. We had some groups for Jodi that were such a mess, we had 3 people who were trying to scam everyone in the group for money, and then they went out to the public for funds. We had to get rid of them and start a new secret group. We also fought hard on the other web sites that the Alexanders were using, calling us all kinds of horrible names. We tried to get on HLN, but most of our posts were taken down or they wouldn’t take our calls, it’s certainly been frustrating. All of our TEAM JODI members are just thinking and worrying about Jodi and how she is handling all of this trial with Juan Martinez!!! He sure was mean to you, but I was so proud of you when you tried to put him in his place, it was wonderful to see you give it right back to him! I pray for you, your family, Jodi and her family too. We had 3 of our members show up the last day in court, and Jodi got to smile at them, it was great. I hope you and your family have a great Labor Day weekend. And keep doing what you do best. Sincerely, Sue Lutes

  44. Oops…posted this in the wrong spot. In case you missed it:

    Petition to remove trial proceedings from commercial television and run them only on a network similar to CSPAN (no commercials and, in particular, no commentary telling “sheeple” what to think):

    Hopefully this may help to eliminate at least some of the ugliness that was directed toward Jodi, Ms. LaViolette and all of the rest of us who support due process. Let’s not let HLN (or any of their ilk) dismantle our justice system.

    P.S. Your signature information is guarded and only seen by the recipient of the petition.

  45. To Alyce Laviolette and family,
    Some posters have come from other sites to give you a lucky message. Maybe you are the only one who saw and studied most of thousands of communications in this case. I know there was significant abuse emotional and psychological of Jodi Arias by Travis Alexander. Dan and Desiree Freeman, Chris and Sky Hughes, Gus Searcy, and Lisa Daidone all gave important clues about the behaviors. What happens behind closed doors, we cannot fully know. You know these behaviors lead often to violence. We know you care deeply about men and women and try to help lead them to a better life.

    Thank-You for dedicating your life to helping people in need and especially for your courage in standing up for Jodi Arias. You were attacked, but the evidence you gave is objective and largely unchallenged. Do not worry about the angry and viscious people, they are nothing but the paper tigers. They need to believe in a fiction about good vs evil. We know it is a violation of American justice and the human decency to attack a witness outside of court. The people who hate and attack you could not stand in your shoes for even one single day. We love you, Alyce.

    • Thank you Amanda.

      Amanda has written a very, very good article, perhaps the best single article I have seen.

      I have put a link to it on my home page.

      I have been reading it once a day for several days!

      You do need to have an understanding of the case first, but it is a brilliant summary.

      I doubt if the AZ jurors would understand it.

    • Amanda,
      I read the article geebee2 linked to. I agree, it is fabulous! It’s amazing how many facts you assembled, many of which were new to me. For someone from a foreign country to do this is basically incredible — I am in awe of the job you did.
      Because you are a law student, and because I too have made this mistake in the past, I do want to mention one error. The offenses of premeditated murder and felony murder are not, in fact, inconsistent. Lack of premeditation is not an element of felony murder. Both Martinez in closing and the jury instructions specifically mention the possibility of a unanimous conviction on both types of first-degree murder. They are strategic, but not theoretical, alternatives.
      The state charged felony murder based on second-degree burglary, which (in this case) is unlawfully remaining in TA’s house with intent to commit an “ulterior offense” (as the law books call it), namely a theft or [second] felony. JM said he had mentioned to the court three possibilities for the ulterior offense, but the only two I know about are [aggravated?] assault and the gun theft. Both are mentioned in closing, and it seems to me that premeditated murder, far from being inconsistent with the assault theory, actually implies it.
      So, although it would be nice to think that seven jurors rendered a contradictory verdict, as far as I can see it isn’t so. One can still argue that their votes should have been vacated, as I have argued in a slightly corrected version of my own summary featured here back on 6/22. The corrections are to take out the point about “alternatives” in the beginning of 4, then begin 5 as follows: “Unanimity for premeditation, but not for felony murder, suggests that the jury actually considered only the gun-theft theory of felony murder, since the assault version is implied by premeditation. If so, these seven jurors could not have rested…..”
      Nearly everyone has been confused about burglary-based felony murder at one time or another. Because burglary is one felony that involves an intended “ulterior offense,” namely a theft or second felony, it is very easy to get mixed up, and each of Martinez, Nurmi, and Stephens got confused on this at least once during trial.

      • Chris,
        Thank-you for a compliment. Oh, I think you give me a headache. i do not disagree with you. I agree that it’s a confusion, something to avoid in a capitol murder case. The jurors found unanimously for 1st degree premeditated murder. Many believe they made this decision on basis of inaccurate facts.

        In Schad v. Arizona in 1991, the US Supreme Court found that the practice of including elements of felony murder and premeditated murder under one charge of 1st degree murder was Constitutional in a 5 to 4 decision. Arizona, in response to this challenge, began to use two separate statutes of premeditated and felony murder. The dissenting opinion in Schad stated “while these two paths both lead to a conviction of first degree murder, they do so by divergent routes possessing no elements in common except the fact of a murder”. So even Supreme Court justices believe that felony murder has not the element of an intent to kill.

        Under the felony murder statute in Arizona, you are correct. The only applicable felony is burglary which is Arias unlawfully remaining in a dwelling with the intent to commit another felony. If the felony is intended aggravated assault, then there can be not premeditated murder.

        So to find a defendant is guilty of both felony murder and premeditated murder is possible. But, in the case of Arizona v. Arias, the idea that the intended felony in the felony murder is aggravated assault is very confusing even a contradiction when there is also an intent and a premditation of murder. It can be better to also charge the defendant with the stated felony of burglary. The main point the jury was divided. With the accurate facts, there can be easily a different verdict.

        I am still confused, I think you understand it much better than I do. I believe the felony murder charge was added in case the jury did not believe the prosecution deception. I can’t think of another reason why.

        • Amanda,

          I agree that felony murder does not have intent to kill as an element. But that only means that intent to kill is not necessary for the crime. It does not mean that intent to kill is inconsistent with the crime.

          I don’t agree that having the “ulterior,” i.e. intended, offense for burglary in this case be aggravated assault makes felony murder “a contradiction” with premeditated murder. Rather, I think an intent to kill contains an intent to commit aggravated assault. Far from being inconsistent, the one implies the other. That’s why I said in my summary that the assault theory of felony murder is implied by premeditated murder.

          Another argument I considered was to argue that the gun-theft theory of felony murder involves an intent to steal TA’s gun, whereas the premeditation theory involves an intent to kill him, so you cannot believe both at once. But that also seems wrong: one could have both intents at the same time. Suppose, for example, that Jodi had decided a week earlier that she wanted TA’s gun at all costs and determined that the best way to get it was to kill him. Then she’d be clearly guilty of both premeditated murder and felony murder. That’s an easy way to see that the two charges are not inconsistent.

          Of course, I believe none of this! In fact, I don’t even think there should be a crime of felony murder; it’s been criticized by law professors for many decades.

          My point is merely that although I’ve tried hard to show these seven jurors’ two votes to be inconsistent, I don’t see how it can be done. What one can argue, however, is that they were idiots for accepting ridiculously weak evidence of premeditation — see section 5 of my summary as revised above.

          • Chris, thank-you for explaining. This time, I understand it. Your comment is very funny. I have not seen your article. I will look at it carefully.

      • Chris

        The only problem here is that Juan Martinez argued in closing mostly that it was the theft of the gun that was the felony.

        He did also argue that remaining in the “residential structure” was a felony, but this would have the unlikely consequence that every 2nd degree murder in someone’s house would be elevated to 1st degree murder, a ridiculous concept.

        Now surely, no jurors believed Jodi’s motive for killing Travis was to steal his gun.
        So in this case, the verdicts were very questionable.

        Given the jury couldn’t even understand how to say they were unable to reach a verdict in the penalty phase, and the judge mis-stated the jury instructions, I think we can infer that delicate legal considerations played very little part in their deliberations!

        • Overall, the felony murder charge only added to the obviously ridiculous medieval nature of the proceedings.

          Surely this has to be a massive embarrassment to the US legal establishment!

          It seems the internet has exposed these ridiculous legal shenanigans.

  46. Alyce speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves! I’ve spoken to her personally and I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWW that she had only Jodi’s best interest at heart. She ONLY testified because she felt it was the RIGHT thing to do. THAT says to me, Jodi is INNOCENT

  47. my family tragedy has been such that I haven’t been here or anywhere. I and my entire family, even extended are completely devastated

  48. Alyce, you are a true rock! You stood your ground and in no way did you let JM twist the knowledge you hold. Your experience speaks volumes, your passion to help DV victims and abusers is outstanding. Ms. Arias was very fortunate to have you by her side! Alyce, keep standing your ground, for what you know is right!! It only takes one person to change the views of this world! You go girl!!!! Xoxo

  49. Happy Labor Day everyone.

    I hope everyone is enjoying their extended weekend.

    The defense filed a motion Thursday to have the jury sequestered…too bad it wasn’t done first go ’round…everything is so much more crystal clear in hindsight…of course JM is already in attack mode.

    In other news, my first written correspondence to Jodi has been mailed.

    Onward and upward.

    (((((((((((((Team Jodi))))))))))))))

    • Hey there girlfriend!

      Hope you are having an awesome day today!

      Fantastic news about your correspondence to Jodi! Let us know when you get a reply!

  50. Id like to say thank you to Alyce for standing up to Juan. When he started his bully tactic and she said, Are you angry Mr. Martinez. i busted a gut. She said what everyone wanted to say. No one else besides Jodi had the courage but she did and she did it proudly!!!! Thank you Alyce!!!!! you are an extremely courageous woman and you deserve all the respect in the world!!!!!!!!

  51. I love her, she is awesome. She didn’t take no crap or let Juan put words in her mouth and made the DA look like a dummy lol.She made him earn his pay that week. Go Alyce we love ya …

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