Sheriff Joe’s 15 Minutes of Fame (by Rasna)

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Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio - old fucca & POS

Following the latest news on Sheriff Joe’s ‘Jodi Arias obsession’ we feel obliged to remind him that he should be worried about the jail time HE is facing and not on how many friends Jodi Arias communicates with.

Here’s a little recap of what doo-doo Sheriff Joe is in:

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Judge orders civil contempt hearing for Arizona lawman Arpaio
By David Schwartz February 12, 2015 8:20 PM

“PHOENIX (Reuters) – Controversial Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio and his top lieutenants will face a civil contempt-of-court hearing in April for repeatedly ignoring judicial orders arising from a 2007 racial-profiling case, a federal judge ruled on Thursday.

U.S. District Court Judge Murray Snow ordered the evidentiary hearing to be conducted after determining there was sufficient evidence to move ahead with the proceeding that could result in penalties against Arpaio, four other individuals, and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

“After an appropriate hearing, the Court will determine whether these individuals have committed contempt of court and the sanctions for any such violations,” Snow’s order read.

Arpaio, 82, who bills himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” could face fines or jail time along with other current and former officials cited in the ruling.”

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio racial profiling case: Feds won’t participate in settlement talks with Arpaio
Associated Press 5:22 PM, Mar 10, 2015

“PHOENIX – Federal prosecutors have declined to participate in talks to settle contempt-of-court proceedings against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and some of his top aides for violating court orders in a racial profiling case.

Arpaio’s attorney had hoped to settle the contempt case before hearings in late April that will examine the violations.

The case’s judge says a settlement would be acceptable only if it resolves both civil and criminal contempt-of-court proceedings against the sheriff.

A finding of civil contempt carries fines as a penalty, while a criminal contempt ruling could bring both fines and jail time.”

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Arpaio’s contempt could mean payout for profiled victims
The Republic | 7:06 a.m. MST March 3, 2015

“A federal lawsuit that has already cost Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office millions in a court-imposed policy overhaul may soon lead to payouts for victims of racially motivated policing.

In the nearly two years since a federal judge found that Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies routinely discriminated against Latinos during immigration-enforcement efforts, the agency has been forced to spend $30 million in an attempt to end the unconstitutional practices.

The ruling by U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow was the result of a successful class-action lawsuit leveled against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The plaintiffs did not ask for monetary damages, but called for big-ticket remedies, including a court-appointed monitor and recording devices for deputies.”

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Arizona senator’s son and his wife demand $8million in compensation claiming ‘lying’ police ruined their lives by charging them for killing 21 dogs in their family-run kennel

• Logan and Austin Flake, son of Senator Jeff Flake, both 21, were in charge of dog kennel owned by Logan’s parents in Arizona when 21 dogs died
• In June, one of the dogs reportedly chewed through the air conditioner’s power cord and the dogs died of heat exhaustion in the cramped kennel
• Couple was dismissed of 21 felony counts and seven misdemeanor counts in December – but lawyer says case ruined their ‘future prospects’
• They are filing claim saying Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Joe Arpaio had plot to ‘harm their reputations’
• Austin was reportedly kicked out of Brigham Young University and has not been reinstated since charges were dropped
• Flakes are seeking $4million in damages each for claims including malicious prosecution, defamation and negligence

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Sheriff Joe, we advise you to focus on the PINK UNDERWEAR YOU will be wearing in April 2015, the millions of dollars YOU will be paying to all your victims and the cellmate YOU will be sharing your cell with. It’s come to my attention that you are not particularly ‘loved’ by many behind bars.


“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” – Galatians 6:7

KARMA is listing your payback and word around the block is that in April 2015 she’ll be serving you that long list at the house of law. Enjoy! :mrgreen:

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In the meantime, and once again…

We Are Team Jodi!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below…

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    • Yes, she is R. Love I too agree with you. I am an outsider and do not live here in the States, but watched the entire first trial and kept up to date with the re-trial and feel that Jodi was in the wrong place at the wrong time 🙁 too naive for her age for someone like Travis who I am sorry to say, got what he deserved and that Martinez can go F himself :)))

      • My dearest Jodi,
        I am only a visitor here in the States. I go back to my country sometime in May/June but thanks to Youtube, I watched your entire trial and I honestly wanted to hang that Martinez :))) but of what I know so far, you can get out of this even though you got life 🙁 it’s all up to you dear.
        Remember, God is ever present in your life, hard at times for us to believe and be strong in our faith especially in prison, but you can and will do it! Many are out there praying for you, so you have to be strong in this challenging time and only you can make a difference in your life from behind those bars. Use your time to get closer to God and He will be with you as you study, may be to be a lawyer 🙂 and someday save someone else who is falsely convicted.
        I am a believer, but I do not go around talking about my faith, in stead, I worship Him in silence without showing the world. I have had a difficult life too Jodi, won’t go into that now, but with time, I have learned to trust the Lord and somewhere in the Bible it teaches us to lean not on our own understanding but to trust the Lord and that is what I do now, my best and leave the rest to God and that is what you have to do too. Hold onto your faith my dear.
        I know, in there you might feel alone, unloved, unwanted, forgotten, some of the worst feelings will creep into your mind and if they do, it’s normal, but know this my dear, there is one person who will always love you, always want you, always care for you and that one person is God and because of Him, life is worth living even in dire conditions.
        Take care my dear. I will continue to pray for you that the Lord in His mercy will someday free you from behind those bars.
        Love and warm regards,
        P.S. Please congratulate Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott on a job well done 🙂 and tell them I wish them success in their future cases.

          • You are most welcome R.Love and even after I leave the States, I will continue to check on Jodi and write her and hope she gets my mail. Love and hugs always, Anna.

        • Anna, beautiful words.

          Support and friendship don’t have borders. Even if someone lives in Timbuktu, their care for Jodi and support is equally important as anyone living in USA or any other country in the world. Only the narrow-minded ethnophobics would think that someone beyond the borders of USA is not qualified to support a woman that has been unfairly convicted. And that’s why the world is going to hell: because people are selfish and don’t care about other people.

          • Pandora darling, yes, I so agree with you, with people who only seek unfair convictions, this world is doomed with hatred and plagued with so much vengeance that one stops to question what the defendant might have gone through 🙁 yeah, sad for Travis’ family and all, but what about Jodi? Without justice and love, you are damn right Pandora, this world is going to hell 🙁 that is why I am all for animals like dogs, cats, other pets and infants dear, because they are the only ones who can love a human being no matter what! You can bet I will continue to be there for Jodi from wherever I am dear and someday, if God allows, will visit her 🙂

      • Jodi has friends from all around our great big world! Feel free to visit us. We Welcome everyone who believes in Jodi!


    PSALM 25 I lift up my soul to You, O Lord. 2 O my God, I trust in You. Do not let me be ashamed. Do not let those who fight against me win. 3 Yes, let no one who hopes in You be put to shame. But put to shame those who hurt others without a reason.

    4 Show me Your ways, O Lord. Teach me Your paths. 5 Lead me in Your truth and teach me. For You are the God Who saves me. I wait for You all day long. 6 Remember Your loving-pity and Your loving-kindness, O Lord. For they have been from old. 7 Do not remember my sins from when I was young, or my sinful ways. By Your loving-kindness remember me for You are good, O Lord.

  2. I hope we all can see the day that Joe and anyone else associated with his corruption over the years goes down in a blaze of shame. It’s long over due.

    • Bystander, as Rasna stated above: “KARMA is listing your payback and word around the block is that in April 2015 she’ll be serving you that long list at the house of law.”

      Sheriff Joe is not getting away with all his illegal actions scot-free.

  3. Goooooooooood morning folks!
    Hello to everyone! I just wanted to say Hi and Thank you to all of you. I used to comment here a lot before the May 2013 verdict. After the verdict I went into a depression and needed to take a step back. This trial has been all consuming and has at times, made me hate the world. I still pop in to read the updates and the comments and I appreciate each and everyone of you. It’s so nice to see old faces like maria, Journee, coldcase, pandora, jade, cindy jewel, bystander, tonysam, AI, R.Love, BB. Too many to name. We all had some good laughs at baby doc and her highlighting highlights with her highlighters while getting her highlights re highlighted and of course her….data points! And my Nurmi Nurms sexy socks. (He’s lookin’ good these days!) I haven’t seen Renee, (Nanee) around 🙁 or geebee, or beecee, or tonya, in a bit. And I miss Edgrrrrrrr too! So many of you it would take all day to name you. I am so grateful to you all and also to the newer members of team Jodi too. It’s so nice to see the family growing with so many smart new supporters. And of course SJ! Hello SJ! So many people supporting Justice. Just knowing you are all out there makes me feel less alone. This trial has taken such a toll on so many people, myself included. Thanks for being here guys. I really don’t know what I would have done without you.

    Most of all I would like to thank Juror #17. You saved a life worthy of saving. Thank you for saving Sandy and Bills daughter, Angelas sister, our friend Jodi. You stood up against the bullies. I am proud of you and I am grateful for you.

    Can’t wait for appeals!
    (((TEAM JODI)))

    P.S. Sheriff Joe, you can suck my balls. The pink underwear thing alone proves you hate women you misogynistic media whore. Get a life!

      • Ooops. Had that up to high. I think they are going to take my phone away… So here I sit in one of Those what ever you call them. The thing that doesn’t really close in the back..grrrr. So I’m just hanging out waiting.

        Joe is the same age as my mom and that’s very scary….. I think he’s Crazy. Rather he will be alive by the time he faces all of these charges who knows. But the twisted side of me really hopes so. Yup he needs to live out his life eating pink bologna sandwiches….he is one evil, evil person!!! Just think they keep putting him in office…kinda explains why things are like they are in AZ..

    • Lara, now I have to explain to everyone at work why I suddenly bust out laughing! You owe me. That PS is fabulous.

      • StillOutThere, Hello, I hope this msg can find its way to Al Journee, whoever is Chief of the grunt work.
        I have never been able to make a cut/ paste work on this JAII site, so I will try to type in a url and see if that will work.

        This morning we got to the point of discussing how to document PROOF that Det Flores perjured himself. That’s what this thesis by Herr Speights is supposed to do exactly.


        Here goes_fingers crossed. [Well, that doesn’t work.
        Hopefully, if one starts at the *www. for that entire line above, ending in.php , you will be able to fetch up the Website itself. The title of the thesis is: Proof of Perjury, Flores, Horn, and Martinez. Incl. whole bunch of gory Forensic pictures of Mr. Wonderful.

          • IMO, this is a very strong presentation by Richard as he compares Dr. Horn’s testimony to his own autopsy report and finds several differences. Nothing like using a person’s own words/work to convict them. It definitely points at the “3 amigos” (as Cindy called Martinez, Horn & Flores) as being in cahoots together and willing to do WHATEVER was necessary to find Jodi guilty and eligible for the DP. I believe this document was meant to be a petition to Governor Jan Brewer when she was in power. The last time I saw it it had over 3,000 signatures with a goal of 5,000. But, the petition itself appeared to have shut down (I think). It looks like Richard was hoping to appeal to the govenor in a way she would understand. MONEY. Or, loss of it if a corrupt law enforcement and legal system frightened tourists away from Arizona. Just a guess. I think if the DT had presented this info as Richard did, it would have turned the case on it’s head although Martinez was cornered a few times during the trial and sentencing trials and managed to slither out of situations.

          • Coldcase 53, Yes, that is the Richard Speights article that could hopefully be the equivalent of “evidelnce.” I can’t think why an analytical article by such an expert can’t be considered documentation, just the same as something like a foreinsic report that is published after the fact of an autopsy.

            Re our JAII site: I’m getting behind and confused due to the high number of posts that occurred on Mar 10. All of them brilliantly insightful and valuable. I don’t know how to use this format to keep that information from getting lost in the growing “haystack.” I’m used to relying on cut/paste, but I think that option has been “defeated” for security purposes. The old “unintended consequences of decision-makling.”

        • Yes, Dr, Horn committed perjury, in my opinion of course!
          Yes Martinez suborned perjury in regards to Dr. Horn IMO!
          IMO, Dr. Horn did not tell the WHOLE truth since he failed to offer his estimated time of death.
          How very different the outcome would have been had he been an honest man.

        • Me too, Seabird, they will have opinions. I need to study this when I’m not up so late that I’m bleary eyed. I’m sorry. This weekend, I will have more time. If I haven’t commented by then, please remind me. Thank you so much.

          • StillOutThere:

            I don’t know anything about Chess, but it must be something like we are trying to do. We can get our man to Check, but then it is very challenging to make that move from which there is NO escape. so we have Check-Mate. JSS used to escape our grasp simply by using her “opinion” that the grievance of the defence did not rise to the level where it would end up with a different outcome for the defendant’s trial. All she needed was to state an OPINION and it was game over for the defence side. Just her making her statement, not needing to justify or prove anything, and she would win the move automatically.

          • Carol Handy, I love that you are so confident in your assessment that these three Cheaters, really did do things that are terrible, and they, in truth, rightfully should be held accountable. We as a collection of concerned public, need to set a precedent that cheating can and will be called out.

            The time is right. More and more articles have been published about the lack of playing by the rules. How damaging it is to morale in our wonderful country.

            It was truly a golden moment of courage when my favorite hero, Mr. Brian Neumeister called out Martinez, and with the dignity of a true gentleman, named Martinez for exactly what he was doing to deceive. Yes, this is part of the cheating perjury we have been talking about. Can you imagine that. The prosecutor unequivocally proclaimed that his office had found on Mr. Alexander’s computer exactly zero virus, and zero porn. Nothing to see here, folks.

            Yet when the defence was finally able to wrest from the prosecution, a decent mirror image of Mr.Alexander’s actual hard drive that was being held hostage in Maricapa County PD custody, examination showed the evidence on that drive to be not the the elephant in the room, but the AIRCRAFT CARRIER in the room. Martinez actually THREATENED the defence that he would return with testimony regarding the Alexander computer that would PROVE the computer had been BROKEN BY THE DEFENCE TEAM. The only question being whether defence had broken the computer ON PURPOSE, or had they broken said computer ACCIDENTALLY. It was discovered shortly thereafter, that said computer had been accessed surepticiously at 11:00 one night, and tens of thousands of files had been deleted/destroyed. That’s where the equivalent of 5,000 something books of war and peace and other mammouth sized novel equivalents came into the lingo of Jodi’s trial.

    • Thanks everybody! This trial has left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s really pointed out the “us” and “them” in the world and we are in the minority. That makes the world feel like an unsafe place to me. I think what happened to Jodi could happen to any of us. And look how she is being treated! It’s sad.

      Wasn’t baby doc just the worst?! I was shocked when one of the failed 11 said that it was baby doc that changed her plea from life to death. Baby doc did that? How on earth…? How could that woman sway anybody in anything? What? With all her experience? (Are we talking high school experience here…ha!) Has anyone seen her testimony this time around yet? I wonder if she got some new words? She’s one of my very favourite people to make fun of because I’m lazy and she just makes it so easy.
      This is great info….very straight forward. Thank you guys! A lot of the evidence in this case is circumstantial and I understand why some people have a hard time understanding it. But there is also some HARD EVIDENCE like this that make it so damn easy. I will never understand people clinging to her guilt when all the evidence to the contrary is there. Holy reasonable doubt!

      It’s that kind of thing that pisses me off. Dr. Horn changing his testimony, the depth, slant and tail on the “stab” wounds, the crappy clean up/cover up. How could anyone believe this was premeditated or not self defence? Because people have just need to hate. It sickens me! It depresses me….If I struggle to stay strong in this, how on earth does Jodi handle it? She’s one strong woman. A true hero. So many would have just given up. But not our Jodi!

      Good to be back guys! 🙂

      • Laura,
        It sounds like you have the vocabulary to deal with this sort of thinking. This gives me some hope.
        Al and BB have each been able to nail down some points to move us closer to Check Mate.
        I strikes me that their thinking is parallel but each has a different theme.

        Al it striving to drown the rats with all of their own Misconduct, so he’s trying to organize the misconduct CUMULATIVELY, But as a package not to be separated, so to pick off the pawns one by one.

        BB is clamoring to hit them over the head with the law. If BB can corner them with laws strong enough that that they can’s make excuses of non-responsibility, then they would be stuck and have to admit culpability.

    • Lara,
      I don’t know when I found this site, but I was looking every where.
      I got depressed myself and when I found Jodi’s Team, I felt a lot better.
      I just wasn’t going to listen to the media, all lies and hate.
      I don’t remember when or how long it’s been since I found it, but it made a difference
      knowing that there are so many supporters for Jodi.

      Some never listen or read anything except what they hear on HLN and the media.
      They know nothing. But just listen to the loud mouths that talk about her and that’s where they get
      what information that they do and are satisfied with it.
      They don’t want to think for themselves, their brain cells might explode!!
      As far as the loud mouths, NONE of them have any credibility.
      I’ll be happy when they are out of sight and mind!
      They are ruining what justice system we have left.

        • You’re so right, Lara!!!
          What a bunch of miserable people they are.
          All I could find at first were “them”
          I just quit looking and then I found this site. : )

  4. SHERIFF JOE! PFFFT WHAT A DIRT BAG I hope he gets what is coming to him, and the people of Maricopa County open their eyes and see what a corrupt dirt bag this guy really is. And put his moldy ass in that “concentration camp” he is running out there. Between him and the Prosecutors Office they are costing tax payers a fortune 10’s of millions of dollars in law suits.


    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Ray,
      Did you actually hear Sheriff baboon ass say that the prisoners
      really like the “concentration camp”?
      I thought I would throw up!

      I hope that they make him wear a pink jumpsuit and paint his
      cell neon pink. I have never seen such an asshole before.
      Does he think we are all just eaten up with the dumdass?

      Also Ray,
      I wanted to ask if Jodi’s post cards can have a stamp?
      I have sent one and have another ready to go.
      Will she still be at the same address?

      Also, is she limited to how many she gets?

      • Aly, You can use a stamp if you do make sure put as close to edge as you can get it, jail staff WILL cut the stamp. I always use the post cards from the post office they already have postage on them, and the jail is VERY strict on size 4″ X 6″ or they will send it back so far as I know there is no limit as to how many. After she goes to Perryville her address WILL change, but right now no one knows what that is I’m sure it will be posted here when it becomes known. I don’t think she will get or send mail for about 60 days or so (minimum). =)

        Ray in H-burg Va.

        • Thanks so much Ray.
          The ones that I have are 4X6.
          Do the postcards have different pictures on them
          from the post office..
          I’ll just get the ones from there.

          But, just a questionm if you know, why not the stamp?
          Just curious!!

          • Aly, stamps are not allowed (or cut out) because there’s a possibility that someone can hide drugs under the stamp. I have heard of LSD on blotters being smuggled that way. So ya, I can understand why stamps wouldn’t be allowed.

    • There must be a legal reason for Jodi to wait, but I am sure she can’t wait to see the last of that place. From everything that I have heard, the new place will be much better, especially the food. The only thing is they have a “swamp cooler” instead of air, which sounds hot. Good thing Jodi is so thin.

      • CanadaCarol, my father-figure lives in Albuquerque and has a “swamp cooler” on his mobile home. I have been there in August and the temperature inside was quite comfortable. I hope this has helped. 🙂

      • DT could have asked for 30 days for any number of reasons. Maybe they want time to get character witnesses. Maybe Jodi isn’t in such a hurry to get away from Sheriff Joe. Right now she is in jail prison is going to be different. She is a well known inmate so she may end up in solitary for her own protection. ((((Prayers)))))

    • ((((Ray)))) ♥ Yes, I am right there with you!

      I don’t wish him ill health-wise. What I do wish though is that he gets to eat the shit he serves his inmates, caged under the blazing sun and share a cell with someone he has tortured when he was running that dump.

    • now I get it! My longer posts are still being moderated because I’m back to being new again. So I’ve posted the same thing a zillion times in an attempt to get it to post once. You will all probably see a post of mine reposted a whole bunch any minute…completely embarrassing myself. Nothing new…

      • Lara,
        I’m not sure it’s because you’re new necessarily. If I take too long writing a comment it sometimes will disappear. The monitoring program (?) must figure if we take too long. we’re up to no good. 😆

          • Oh heavens no! 😆 Me either. We have had so many looky-loos I’m positive the Administrators are having to stay on their toes. 🙂 Pitiful, the Haters don’t have anything better to do. They are afraid we might give them a thought. 😆

    • “open court process,” my ass! Only the rich get transparency. Sorry Canada Carol! Can you believe that? $1700 bucks? Ridiculous!

      • I wouldn’t worry as soon as HLN gets hold of it, it will be all over, HLN is struggling they need RATINGS! And we all know they will not hesitate to make as much money off Jodi as they can get their grubby little fingers on……….I hope they choke on every nickel!

        Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Are you serious? Good grief…….

      They must be trying to recoup the millions they spent on the trial. Oh, wait! It was only $170K according to Montgomery. 🙄

    • That’s actually quite cheap. I spent way more than that on a few measly 5 page transcripts of stupid 5-10 minute hearings in my divorce case. That was in FL, another corrupt state.

        • I’m sure it is video, but that’s still cheap seeing as Maricopa County has tried to milk every single penny they could out of this circus.

          • Dave Erickson ‏@ericksonvision · 1h1 hour ago
            Maricopa County Courts charging you $1710 for video of the #JodiArias trial sets a dangerous precedent. It’s also just vile. My column soon.

            Something Dave and I finally agree on.

            • Wow! Surprised to hear HIM say that. Miracles will never cease. Oh wait .. he wants to mock the witnesses for the defense and get some mileage.

            • Wasn’t the Tammy Rose Tweeter person taping the trial in order to profit from it? Or was it Jen The Brom Closet Queen, I don’t understand how they are all able to tape the trial to cash in on it. Seems like the Alexanders should go after their “fan club” for the profit.

                • But Tammy mentioned many times she was busy editing the tapes. She was very proud of her endeavor.

              • Surely to goodness I didn’t dream that. She was always mentioning the people in the recording room off from the court room.

                • I guess I just can’t imagine the courts allowing her to do that and then claim some sort of ownership of it. (But, then again, there’s been a lot of things I couldn’t have imagined before seeing this fiasco.)

                • Could it be that the video belongs to the media, recorded with the media pool camera? That it doesn’t belong to the tax payers? And now the media is the ones charging for it?

                • There were many references, throughout the tweetings, to goings-on in the media room. And Tammy Rose made specific reference to the media room in relation to her soon to be released for a fee recordings.

                • I’m sure the powers that be do not want people to see the actual footage of the trial. It will be more proof of the injustices that happened during the trial. The Frog probably would not appreciate it, would he?

    • I am really enjoying the fact that all those reporters that caused such a commotion about releasing Jodi’s secret testimony are once again bitching about having to pay to get their filthy paws on the recorded trial. What did they think? That everything comes free in this world?

      It just goes to show that everyone is trying to make a profit off of Jodi. They hate her BUT they love the fact that she is making them money.

      Maybe the haters can buy the video and make the best of it: Turn it into a Friday family thing: Cut the trial down to hourly episodes and watch the trial as if it’s a series. After all, most of those clowns found this case to be a TELA NOVELA.

      SPOILER ALERT: Last episode will not be of the haters liking: JODI ARIAS LIVES = WINS!

  5. I know I am posting this under the wrong page but I thought that I read a post about a realty show called grieving with the Alexander’s and I was wondering if that was a joke? There brother has been dead for years haven’t they been grieving this entire time? Also, do Mormons believe in forgiveness?

    • Mormons do believe in forgiveness. They also do not believe in Hell which is the place that ferret face sister said Jodi will rot. Tells you a lot about them doesn’t it? They don’t even believe their own beliefs!

    • I think it was a joke. The guy who posted it is known for his anger at the idiots of the Twitterverse and his attempts to rile them up.

  6. Rumor on Twitter (unconfirmed):
    “Court is working to move up #JodiArias sentencing to later this month, according to multiple sources.”

    • DT asked for 30 days.

      Thought JSS granted it.

      Can it be shortened because of Jodi waiving the pre-sentencing interview?

    • I heard the same “rumor” from a reliable source but then that same source came back a few days later and said, no, the State can’t handle an earlier date (March 30th) so it remains April 13th.

      • Justus, you could be right but was tweeted today.
        Cathy @courtchatter · 10h 10 hours ago
        “@troyhaydenfox10: Court is working to move up #JodiArias sentencing to later this month, according to multiple sources.”

  7. Appeals will be necessary but so costly. And, Jodi will need top legal counsel. How will she afford this?


    • This is a good question. I’m honestly afraid to donate to the appellate fund because I know the Alexanders are going after her money now. I want to see what happens with this civil case bullshit first. I would think that her appeal money wouldn’t be something they could go after but I don’t know how it works. Anybody else know? Apparently they can take half of what’s in her commissary account. Like they haven’t sucked enough money from this trial…..

      • Good questions. They can go after everything she has, I believe. Maybe not funds earmarked to appeal? She has nearly no net worth, so not sure what will happen, unless they put a lien on future earnings.


        • I just googled “maricopa county wrongful death suit,” to see if I could find out any information on what the Alexanders can take. Unfortunately, every single article that came up was on Sheriff Joe and what a barbarian he is. How does this guy manage to keep his job? He’s responsible for more deaths than any of his death row prisoners.

          I’m sure we will find out exactly what will happen to her money once the civil case is done.

        • They will get a judgment but they will never be able to collect…just like the Simpson family has been chasing down OJ for years and years and have gotten very little and have spent more in lawyers’ fees than what they have recovered….with Jodi, she has nothing to take and her family is near bankrupt? So it will be done in the name of VENGENCE !!! and nothing more………at some point they will have to realize that it is futile to continue to do what they are doing…..

      • The appellate fund is a trust account. Every care was taken to be sure it would be protected from the lawsuit everyone knew was coming.

        • I wonder if she will go with JM and KN for the appeals? They are not cheap, but they know the case the best, I guess.


          • I am confused Maureen, do you mean “I wonder if she will go with JM (Juan Martinez) and KN for the appeals?” or “I wonder if she will go with JW (Jennifer Willmott) and KN for the appeals?” …I assume you obviously mean JW & KN.
            …I would hope that Martinez is completely out of the entire case & can not in any way, shape, or form interact with any sentencing or in any appeals.
            …I wonder if Martinez will try to be present, in court, at the sentencing in a few weeks??

            • Yes, I’m sure he will, WJLopez. The Alexanders have the right to speak at the sentencing hearing, and JM, representing the state, has the right to ask for the harshest penalty (LWOP).

              • Oh my God, so Martinez “will probably be” the COURT JESTER, for the Alexanders. …Does everyone realize that there are “coincidental dates” with this re-sentencing trial, such as Sept 8th, original start date (which was changed) and, which I said is the celebrated Nativity (birthday) of the Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus Christ, that and a Heavenly Sign would be welcome.
                …And, when this re-trial was HUNG March 5, 2015, and JSS asked: “are we ready to proceed with sentencing?”
                …And, Kurt Nurmi responded with: “Er, your Honor, Miss Arias is requesting er, approximately 30 days….”
                …Certainly, Jodi requested that 30 days before the HUNG jury, so she (UNKNOWINGLY) selected the Holy Day of Good Friday for sentencing. …The exact same time that Jesus Christ was sentenced & then Crucified.
                …And, then the TRUTH BECAME KNOWN TO THE WORLD.
                …March 5th to April 3rd, Good Friday, is exactly 30 days, inclusive.
                …I pray to Jodi’s Guardian Angel to inspire Judge Sherry Stephens be “most fair” because Pontius Pilate who sentenced Jesus Christ (I read) committed suicide.
                …If he had not committed suicide, he surely would have been tortured to death by the reigning Emperor because the Emperor called to see Jesus, because he heard of the healing powers of Jesus. …And, then he heard that Pontius Pilate had just crucified Jesus. …Judge Sherry Stephens: will you be fair?? …You are in your own hands!!
                ……..((Miss Jodi Ann Arias is innocent))……..

                • I read on the internet that the sentencing date was Monday, April 13th…not Good Friday, April 3rd…did they change the date?

                • Also, if April 13th is the correct date, then much happened in history on that date too…one date in particular that I found was at Jesuscentral…It said that on April 13, 30 AD that Jesus warns against religious leaders, and called them hypocrites and snakes…From the Mount of Olives, Jesus mourns Jerusalem’s rejection and pending destruction…

                • Well, Truthseeker1111, I feel certain that sentencing was never going to be on “Good Friday,” because that would be a Holiday & certainly no court day. …I was just relating how the 30 day coincidence or Heavenly Intervention falls on Good Friday.
                  …And, I asked (up-thread), “Judge Sherry Stephens: will you be fair??” …
                  …”You are in your own hands!!” …
                  …Dear Judge Sherry Stephens, there is no more Emperor to judge you, as there was an Emperor to judge Pontius Pilate. …….
                  …Or, should I say: now Jesus Christ is now your Emperor!!!”

                • And Truthseeker1111, that is a great observation that you mentioned about April 13, the year 30 AD, that Jesus warns against the religious leaders, ….etc.
                  …I did not know that. …I guess 30 AD must have been a year or so before his crucifixion, and that was the religious leaders (sort of like the present day money and power hungry Mormons are destroying this country) who persuaded Pontius Pilate to “wash his hands” and think he could be important in history.
                  …But, it was the wife of Pontius Pilate, who later became Saint Claudia Procula who actually tried to communicate with her husband to “have nothing to do with that innocent man (Jesus),” …she tried to save the life of Jesus. But Pilate did not listen to a woman.
                  …So, is April 13th going to be the Heavenly Intervention time???
                  …Will JSS share historical eternity with PP, …(Pontius Pilate)???
                  …She is in her own hands!!!

          • They are not appellate lawyers. It is an entirely different skill set. They may handle PCR, but that would be about it.

          • To address the notion that Wilmott and Nurmi should “lead” Jodi’s case_because they are the people who know the case best__Sorry, but I disagree. I am uncomfortable with the “Manner” in which Wilmott and Nurmi “know” the case. The two strongest defence strategies developed so far come from within JAII membership, not from the outside “card carriers?”

            Al and BB have separately come up with plans, each of which has merrit. There’s a possibility that with some creative thinking, if the concepts of each can be “knitted” together (Al’s word), we might end up with something that the “law” would not be able to defeat.
            (I’m thinking how JSS knocked down the original defence case Motion, one pawn at a time.)

            From Al and from BB. I hope they can find a way to combine their ideas. I believe that could be something worth backing.

            I will be devastated if the appeals case ends up being shunted on over to the very two attorneys who have done the most harm to Jodi’s case so far. In fact, If you review posted suggestions under March 10,2015, the case points with the strongest merit revolve around the “Ineffective Council.” prong.

            HOW does it make sense to have Ineffective counsellors trying themselves for being Ineffective Counsel?

            Why is it assumed that we must drag along the same people into Jodi’s appeals that let her down drastically in the guilt phase and the penalty phase? To me, that makes no sense, either.

            There seems to be an unarticulated ASSUMPTION that we who are here because we care, are supposed to just roll over do that; we are required to do that; that’s the ways it’s always been done???? What am I missing?

            There are very smart people in JAII who have followed this trial in excruciating detail for nearly seven years. I hope nobody would suggest that by back-tracking and regurgitating the road we have already been over that somehow we would be “better off.”

            I do not buy the rational that these are the two people “who know the case the best.”
            They aren’t and They don’t.

            I would hope the advantage of getting to the long-awaited appeals phase, would be that finally we would be able to shed the people on the State’s side that keep saying NO, no matter what. Why appeal at all? What would it change, if the old prejudices, JSS, Nurmi, and Wilmott remain? Read the March 10, 2015 brainstorming contributions that put a fresh face, and renewed vigor behind Jodi’s case. A whole lot of inspired words were posted that day. In my opinion, that one day alone put out more solid ideas for Jodi’s case than in the years that the Defence Team was controlling her case.

            Did you notice: they “didn’t have time to check out the Internet;” they didn’t keep the people who are invested in Jodi’s well being appraised of whether they had even built any sort of PLAN to guide their case.

            In any event, as a former teacher, it’s an automatic F from me for not showing up with compelling visual aids; tripods; enactments; the whole show. Once the defence shows up in front of the Jury, forget that they are lawyers. Their only role at that point is TEACHERS. It was the duty of each of them to TEACH those jurors what the case is really about, and to teach them why the evidence proved that Jody was innocent. It is PRECICELY because they did not do that that I say THEY DID NOT, AND DO NOT know that case better than anyone. and they failed miserably because of it. Plus, I saw no creativity at all.

            I would bet that the “defence team” did NOT know that the camera Jodi was holding fell to the floor because the camera strap had NEVER been installed, in their haste.

            I would bet that they did NOT know the impact of the fact that Nurmi had instructed his receptionist NOT to take calls from Jodi, and NOT to take notes from her but _to HANG UP ON HER INSTEAD. Jodi’s 12-page letter pleading for the court to take Nurmi off the case cited a four month stretch during which Jodi was deprived of ANY contact with Nurmi at all, and later, a stretch of time that extended to FOURTEEN MONTHS.

            Does this not constitute being deprived of participating in her own defence? That and the fact she was denied access to a computer.

            So to whoever set me off be suggesting that Willmot and Nurmi know Jodi’s case “better than anyone”_Do you really believe yourself? C’mon_we know this story best, and we care about this story the most. It’s time to bring this home.

            I believe Jodi’s team will end up with the best result it can, by having everybody participate. That means transparency, collaboration, co-operation, and old martial arts saying: Do not use force against force. Your enemy will destroy himself if you allow his force to defeat him.

            The story we want to create will not be contained neatly all in one vessle. Each person has a part of the story contained within themself. Working together, inclusively. Help needed spotting errors as well as spotting potential.

      • It’s heard that the alexanders are also going after Jodi’s commissary monies. THAT’S how petty they are. It’s the perfect example for bullies going after some other kid’s lunch money.

        But what the alexanders are just proving is that THEY don’t want to let go! THEY don’t want to move forward. So all their bullshit ‘speeches’ about waiting for this trial to finish so they can move on is just that: BULLSHIT! Jodi & her family don’t have any money. So all they’ll end up with is paying lawyers and getting a piece of paper (that is only useful in wiping their ass with) saying that Jodi ‘owes’ them money. I hope they frame that paper and hang it in their living room so they can look at it everyday. That’s about all they will see. 😉

        Here’s a video with an AZ attorney explaining it better:

        • Exactly, Pandora. My future mother-in-law and several others told me I should have fought to the end for my house, my business, the vehicles .. but the thing is, assuming I could have even won, it would have only dragged out my agony even longer and the VERY best I would have ended up with was a piece of paper saying if he sold the house, if he sold the business, if he sold the cars, I’d get some portion of it. But I would have had to renew that every so many years and PAY to renew it. So, all it was going to do was cost me more money and more angst. I wanted to move on. I wanted my agony to end. He hadn’t let me do that for almost 3 years after he tried to kill me and almost succeeded. But it wasn’t worth any more of my time. Even if I’d ended up with something, why was it worth it? The emotional pain is NEVER worth it. I wanted my new life to finally start. No, it’s not the same as someone dying, but it’s also not all THAT different. He died to me. And I wanted to grieve and let it go. He kept me in grief. So, the first chance I got to end that grief, and begin again, I took. And it didn’t go away completely, no. But it improved.

          So, the family says they want it to be over and the criminal trial kept dragging it out. I totally understand that and feel their pain. It couldn’t be over until it was over. But after the sentencing, it IS over. Yes, there will be appeals, but they’ll take FOREVER.

          So, why keep it going with a civil suit they file which will require rehashing it all? Why do it all again? If she was OJ Simpson (had serious money) AND she got away with it (as in, she was acquitted), then that would make some sense. But she’s serving life now, one way or another and she’s broke beyond a joke (sorry for rhyming). Oh, she sells some artwork. Yeah, she’s making millions — NOT. And she has an appellate fund people donate to because some people believe she deserves an appeal. And oh, she has a lousy commissary account that allows her to buy a candy bar here or there. So what? She’s still serving life in an AZ prison and summer is coming. Isn’t that enough?

          If she got the death penalty, she wouldn’t be put to death for 15-20 years, for crying out loud. By then, the death penalty might be on moratorium or abolished in EVERY state in this country. So, she still wouldn’t be put to death.

          Sure, remember your brother and all the good he did. Pay tribute to him and continue to grieve for him sometimes. You will always always always miss him and think about what might have been. I miss my father on his birthday, on his death anniversary, and at Christmas, and on Valentine’s day and sometimes, on other days too. He died 35 years ago. I can still cry about it though. I know that grief goes on. So sure, continue to miss your brother, and what you might have done with him.

          But it’s time to let some of this hatred and anger go. It really is. The criminal trial is over bar the sentencing. And honestly, if you really hate Jodi, and think she’s attention-seeking, well, starting another trial that gets the media riled up more, will only perpetuate that.

  8. Haven’t commented in a long time, missed everyone. I have kept up and spent a lot of time lurking. I can only do read twitter and other sites in small doses. Another thing that belongs on the Joe list is the book Hard Time by Shaun Attwoood. Shaun talks about his crimes and time spent in Maricopa County jails. It’s an e-book and free. I’m telling everyone to read that book!!! You will be stunned.

    A few things that make me go hmmmm
    -the dark side is saying juror 17 needs to be one thing or another for not disclosing she knew Juan, but if she knew Juan, then didn’t Juan know her? Who knows better than Juan, the cases he prosecuted? Why does he get a free pass on this?
    -all this leaking of the jurors information was fast, could Juan have shared the list with the scamsters and the list was leaked by them? They all knew for two days the jury couldn’t agree on a verdict.
    -and if you read the minutes recently released, it looks like the other jurors were involved with misconduct basing their decision to give death on possible book deals, Jodi being released, and feelings for the family. These things are not suppose to be considered in making the decision. Are these the points 17 refused to deliberate on? Who was really conducting misconduct?
    It’s frightening to me, to think someone can get the death penalty based on a book deal that would never happen because of Son of Sam laws.
    -And if miss peroxide blonde had to apologize a few times for her behavior, according to her, it makes me wonder how bad she was.
    -why aren’t the 11 other jurors being investigated because they told everyone how 17 voted. I thought your vote on a verdict was secret and not to be disclosed by anyone unless you give permission. And they couldn’t wait to out 17 very purposely.
    I feel like this was the twilight zone of trials, and you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it for yourself.

  9. So there’s this whole gang of people out there (and I do mean gang) who think that Juror 17 never should have been allowed on the jury because she watched parts of the Lifetime movie. But have any of these people (who consider themselves so friggin’ brilliant) asked just how many other jurors also saw that movie during that full year and a half before they knew they would even be on the jury? Are they claiming these other jurors were psychic or something and knew not to watch it? That of the 19 selected jurors she was the only one who watched it? Or even of the twelve in the jury room? Statistically speaking that is nearly impossible and I can’t fathom that kind of nonsensical thinking.

    At any rate, it would be interesting to know if any of the others mentioned seeing it during voir dire. Truth be told, Juror 17 may have been the only honest one in there.

    And, of course, the whole idea that because she saw the movie it somehow biased her in favor of Jodi is downright laughable. Another piece of insanity they’re trying to jam down our throats because they believe we think with the same degree of shallowness as they do. Are the haters trying to say that they didn’t watch the movie either and therefore they believe the movie somehow made Jodi look like something more than a conniving witch? GMAFB! Juror 17 even admits that she came in thinking Jodi was a monster so, if anything, it biased her against Jodi. What amazingly stupid and shallow thinking these people engage in! Because of their addictive need to hate, they grab on to the most brainless crap and just run with it. No thought. Just hate.

    Here’s a page from the Reasonable Doubt site that lists 32 things the movie got wrong:

    • THANK YOU JUSTUS. I need to click that link (and have read your site thoroughly, btw). I mean seriously, there was NOTHING as biased as the movie, and the twits on Twitterverse seem to believe it was truthful. LOL LOL LOL There’s nothing else to do but laugh, although it’s sad!

      Ironic how that movie actually bit them in the ass, huh? Really THAT movie?

    • There were more than one people on that jury that watched the movie OR parts of it. Just go back to jury selection.

  10. Jeff Ghoul (i.e, Gold) was saying Jodi may have a surpise for people on April 13 in that she may ask for more time (than say an hour or so), may bring in witnesses, or who knows what, etc. I wonder if her family members will say something.You would think so plus the Alexanders will be there in mass. I know a request went in to televise it live. I haven’t heard anyone go out on a limb and suggest JSS may give Jodi a chance for release after 25 years. Reporters/bloggers say there is no chance that will happen. Jeff Gold did say he has seen judges who were sure to make a certain decision be influenced by people’s emotional pleas and make a complete reversal of their original or planned decision. I think JSS, in spite of all that’s been said about her, is a decent woman and may prove it. She’d be a decent woman no matter what she did but you know what I mean. I’m rambling now.

    • Coldcase53, jeff gold is speculating. We all have seen how ‘fair’ he has been during this trial.

      As for JSS? I really doubt she will give Jodi LWP. JSS is another example of ‘fair play’ – NOT!

      Anything that happens will happen with Jodi’s appeals.

    • You know, Dwight, I usually find some of your comments a little bit far-fetched and you don’t return to defend them so I never know what’s going on when I read you. But this one … YUP!

  11. This guy is such an asshole. I wonder what high-profile inmate he’ll latch onto for attention next, since he won’t have Jodi to complain about soon?

    • Kira, he is going to have to have to go into therapy for ‘Jodi’ withdrawal. He loved every single minute of the attention he was drawing, having Jodi in his prison. I really feel sorry for his next victim.

  12. After a ton of 12 hour days lately, and promising a bunch of you here I’d do some research on things I don’t even have the energy to think about (but WILL get to, I promise), I had a friend’s kid ask me today if I could list 20 or so things that I could list as my “takeaways” from this case. She’s writing an article on it for her college gazette. Oh boy, can I ever! But I’m basically brevity-challenged and well, boring, not to mention bitter, and I got to 30 and just couldn’t stop.

    I want to put something decent together. But my bitterness keeps coming into this. So, if you don’t mind, I thought I’d ask your opinions on what I’ve been planning to send to her.

    I hope I don’t offend anyone with my very “tongue-in-cheek” comments that drip with sarcasm. Some of it may be actually righteous; some may be me being over the top. So, here goes:

    In 2015 in the US (no, that isn’t a typo and I don’t mean 1942 in Germany):

    1) Do NOT ever talk to the police or a reporter. They are only out for themselves. You are only incriminating yourself. Say one word “lawyer” and keep repeating it. I learned this recently on “Better Call Saul.” I’m so proud of myself!

    2) Sexually active women (even if monogamous) who are unmarried are whores – especially if they’re good looking. (Ergo, I’m a whore and always have been one, even though I’m not very good looking anymore in my old age.) Conversely, unmarried sexually active men are still just “boys being boys”

    3) A woman who engages in sexual foreplay of any type, which includes oral sex (after all, one of our presidents said that wasn’t sexual intercourse, right?) is a WHORE! And she’s particularly a whore if she allows him to ejaculate on her face (or perhaps on her blue dress?).
    4) The only reason a woman who engaged in a sexual relationship with a man prior to being married could *possibly* be considered “a non-whore” is if the man left her his dog in his will should he ever die. Then, and only then, could their relationship be considered legitimate.

    5) Men have stronger sexual desires than women, so it’s okay for them to be horny. A woman with sexual desires is still a whore. Unmarried women who have sex with unmarried men (especially if the man is religious) must be a Jezebel who corrupted him.

    6) It’s perfectly normal for unmarried men to have multiple sexual partners at the same time — even if none of the women know about each other or are aware that he’s having sex with multiple partners. Conversely, if a woman goes on a date with some old guy and he reaches into her pants, she’s obviously a whore.

    7) Women who engage in any type of “kinky” sexual relationship with a man – even at the request of the man — are whores. Again, men are just “boys being boys.”

    8) A man who insults a woman and calls her a whore, a 3-holed wonder, and speaks of his rape fantasies of her must have been so angry at her that he simply exploded with unhealthy communication patterns. She drove him to it, obviously.

    9) If you plan on taking a trip across country, do NOT rent a car from a location that is not walking distance from your home. Also, if they offer you a red car, do NOT refuse. Take it. Take whatever they offer. Doing otherwise, could result in you being charged with premeditated murder in AZ.

    10) NEVER dye your hair within the months before a cross-country trip. Actually, strike that. NEVER go from platinum blonde to dark brown – no matter how long it takes. If you do, you could be accused of premeditation. Doing otherwise, could result in you being charged with premeditated murder in AZ.

    11) DO NOT ever borrow or buy gas cans if you plan to travel at night (or even during the day) through the desert. (Actually, steer clear of the desert. It’s probably not the best place for you in the first place. Doing otherwise, could result in you being charged with premeditated murder in AZ.

    12) Keep ALL receipts of every trip and REQUIRE receipts even if you return something and they offer to give you cash. Don’t let them do so. Make them write on the receipt at the very least, and require it be legible – even if you’re holding up the line. Doing otherwise, could result in you being charged with premeditated murder in AZ.

    13) If your phone is dying, don’t turn it off. Screw emergency calls. You can make them later. Either bring your charger, find a place to charge your phone (much easier now in 2015 than it was in 2008) or deal with it. Doing otherwise, could result in you being charged with premeditated murder in AZ.

    14) Anyone who is ever *accused* of committing a crime must NEVER smile or laugh again – not even at their own family members.

    15) The family members and friends of those accused of committing a crime must completely cease living or enjoying any part of their lives, never smile, never laugh, never go sightseeing (a most heinous crime), and must never speak to their family member again. In fact, they must beg forgiveness of the family of any victim of the crime and do so every single day for the rest of their lives. And if that family member is ever found guilty of the crime, then, the family members and friends must wear sackcloth and repent daily.

    16) Although an indigent defendant doesn’t get to choose the public defender that represents him/her, if one of the team happens to be overweight person and, subsequently, goes into private practice defending those accused of sex crimes, it’s not going to go well and your lawyer will be seen as a disgusting pervert. It might be better to just accept the worst sentence you can plead to, and if the prosecution won’t accept that and insists on trial, heck, just plead guilty to everything. The court of public opinion will find you guilty anyway, and you might get some sort of mental compentence hearing to commute your sentence later.

    17) If you’re a good looking female defendant and the court appoints a mitigation specialist who is also a good looking female, give up on mitigation. No one is going to believe it anyway. Why bother? She’ll just get persecuted along with you. Save her the trouble – no matter how kind she is. You’ll get blamed for her demise, anyway.

    18) No matter what seasoned psychologists with 30+ years of experience in abusive relationships say, no one is ever going to believe a word they have to say about it. If they’re female and have written one of the most respected books on the subject of all time, but they have a short spiky haircut, they’ll be viewed as a lesbian – whether they are or not – and especially if they live in CA. And if your trial is in any of the conservative states and that or another expert with 30+ years of experience has a happy persona and are male, but has greyed in the beard/mustache area before their head area, they’ll be mocked in the court of public opinion. No one understands emotional abuse anyway. It’s not even considered close to abuse until the woman has suffered life-threatening injuries and deformities, has a multitude of photos of such injuries, numerous police reports, and/or has died. Otherwise, it’s all in the head of the woman and she must have provoked it.

    19) A young attractive female psychologist with a snotty know-it-all attitude who believes blatantly abusive messages are just unhealthy communications – especially if she diagnoses the woman with borderline personality disorder (the bane of so many domestic violence victims’ psych experience when they seek help) – and even one with less than a year’s experience and virtually none in abusive relationships – is far outweighed and much more credible than some man-hating well-respected female “dyke looking” author, and a very well-respected man who seems happy in his life. If he’d been credible, he would have greyed equally in his beard and hair areas after all (although most men don’t) and he never would have spilled water on the stand (heinous crime that).

    20) No one wants to see what leads up to the abusive relationship that almost killed a woman. They just want to cry out about it after the woman is dead. That makes so much more sense. It’s taking us further in understanding domestic violence and the deaths caused by it.

    21) A woman is only *really* abused if she is beaten to a pulp and/or killed. Otherwise, she must have provoked it, somehow.

    22) The long-constructed “profile” of a potential abuser that allows women to seek restraining orders in many states *should* be modified. It’s perpetuated by man-hating women and guys who spill water on the witness stand. Therefore, it can NOT be true.

    23) Lesbian woman (or even women who look like they *might* be lesbians) can’t possibly have a valid view of a “normal” relationship. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been married to a man for a considerable period of time in their lives or even if they just have a short haircut. They’re “deviants.” And any man who has ever worked with or been “friends” with one of these “deviant” women, simply *must* be a deviant as well. It stands to perfect reason, right? (Ergo, I’m a deviant because I have many friends who are homosexual even though I’m heterosexual. Or perhaps I have latent homosexual tendencies I don’t even know about that I would befriend *such people.”)

    24) It’s perfectly acceptable to harass a witness – even an expert witness, even if they’re well-respected — in a public trial just because you don’t agree with their point of view. You can, among other things, threaten their lives, attempt to prevent them from pursuing their livelihood, write false reviews of their books, and harass venues that *dare* to entertain their views. There is *nothing* wrong with any of this. That witness *dared* to testify to something the majority of the public didn’t agree with – therefore, they asked for it. They had it coming.

    25) If you post on a site that doesn’t seem to agree with what appears to be the majority opinion on social media regarding a public trial – even if you, personally, don’t agree with every word posted on the site you’re posting on — but believe there has to be “another side to the story” (and even the sites on the other side of the story rarely agree and often ban one another) — and that site you post on is literally the ONLY place where you can discuss your alternate views logically — you are a moron, you have very few functioning brain cells, you are a sicko, you are a whore, you are a murderer, you deserve to go to jail, etc., etc. Therefore, because you posted there – even if anonymously – if someone can track you down from various “clues” (regardless of how obscure) that may be ascertained from your posts or your interactions with others, it’s perfectly acceptable to track you down and harass you. After all, you don’t have the same opinion as the majority. Ergo, you are WRONG! You are NOT allowed to have any other views than those which are the most vocal and appear to the majority on social media. It is just not allowed. And if you do hold such views, prepare to be persecuted. You deserve it!

    26) If you think you ever might be called for jury duty – not a choice, but a civic duty, and one that is difficult to get out of – spend YEARS erasing every trace of your life from social media before you even think about it. If you watched and liked a movie – even something as inspirational and nonpartisan as “The Secret” == and the defendant also watched the same movie – prepare for the persecution you will incur UNLESS you agree with the prosecution in the long run.

    27) If you get called for jury duty, give up every preconceived notion of justice in the US that you have EVER had. Realize that unless you agree with the majority of the jury – even if every fiber of your very being screams NO – you will be subject to persecution and death threats. It’s much easier to give in to the majority. You’ll be glorified. You’ll get thank you cards. But, if you disagree, you will be vilified and receive death threats. You’ll need to ask for police protection. Yet, if you hang onto that dissenting belief – for whatever reason, because it goes against your religious beliefs; because you just don’t see what the rest of the your juror panel is seeing; because you have experienced something similar in your own life; or whatever reason – be prepared to be investigated, harassed, and have your life threatened. You need to be persuaded to the majority belief – even if you feel they are completely impartial and came with an agenda. Your personal opinion, your personal experiences, well, they’re just not allowed.

    28) Christian Grey is every woman’s fantasy in 2015. He actually steals a woman’s virginity by having “normal” sex with her (something he says he never does, but has to “break her in). Later, he convinces her, through his very sick and controlling power plays that she should “submit” to his every perversion. She consents (mostly unwillingly, often with beatings), and sometimes, feels sexual pleasure. After all, she experiences her first orgasm when he fondles her breasts. {Cough cough: this particular “whore” has always found it extremely difficult to believe a female author wrote those words!] That’s every man’s fantasy after all. If I fondle her breasts, she will orgasm all over me. Then, I can take her and she’ll just adore me. Yeah well, for most of us, it takes a “bit” more skill than that.} BUT SHE CONSENTED! Even when she said NO, she apparently consented. Same old views. It wasn’t date rape because she let me into her house, therefore she consented. I didn’t rape her because she was dressed sluttily and invited it. I didn’t abuse her because she provoked me. I didn’t beat her because I NEVER hit her face. Where do we draw the line?

    Over time, it’s revealed that Christian was an abuse victim himself – hence his perversions. He even cheats on her, but that’s okay. And Ana pities him and loves him enough through it. After one hell of a horrible story, they end up happy ever after in the final scene, with children.

    What happened next? Many the abused women could tell you the rest of the story because we’ve lived it. But well, that wouldn’t sell books or movies, now, would it?

    So, in 2015, it’s okay to line up to buy the latest in the 50 Shades of Grey books and read it under the covers at night while some guy sleeps next to you who you only *wish* was Christian Grey. He’s the idol of many young girls. And it’s okay to line up to see the movie. Actually, you *should* do so. That’s the majority opinion, after all, and you, the sheeple, are required to go with the flow – and agree with the masses.

    What you may NOT do is think of Christian Grey as a horrible abusive man. Or Jodi Arias as a woman who was abused. What you may not do is think – regardless of your personal beliefs on the death penalty – is that Jodi was entitled to ANYTHING other than THE worst penalty, losing her life, for the first crime she ever committed. (Oh no, she also stole a gun, don’t forget – really, was she charged with that, like ever? And since when does stealing a gun – that didn’t kill anyone, per the prosecution — result in the death penalty anyway?)

    29) A couple other things I’ve learned along the way:
    a) In another state, GA, A woman who didn’t even murder her husband can be put to death, even though her lover, who did kill him, isn’t and will be eligible for parole soon. Ahhh the wonders of a plea bargain.
    b) With absolutely no evidence, in TX, a woman who celebrated her child’s birthday (subsequent to his murder) and who sprinkled silly string on his grave, sits on death row and may be put to death soon.
    29. Which leads me to: if you’re convicted of a crime, don’t bother to get a degree or try to better yourself. Before you’re convicted, don’t bother to cut and donate your hair, sell shirts, sell glasses, your artwork, or anything else. You’ll only be ridiculed further! As for helping your fellow inmates, or even singing to them, what a waste of time. No one is ever going to believe you. You might as well turn into what they said you were. They’ll say it anyway!

    30. At the end of the day, basically, you are only allowed to have ONE consensus of opinions: Jodi Arias Is a whore. Jodi Arias corrupted a good man. Jodi Arias premeditated and murdered a man in cold blood. Jodi Arias is evil and a sociopath (even though that psychologist couldn’t find that far in her diagnosis – wonder why). Jodi Arias deserved nothing other than the death penalty.

    READ AND ABIDE BY ALL OF THE ABOVE. Any other opinions are simply NOT allowed. We are The Borg. You will be annihilated. Resistance is futile.

    • Very good. I especially like #4 for obvious reasons. And also #27 because—well, who wouldn’t want to receive a pretty little flowered thank you card?

    • Oh. My. God.
      You did it StillOutThere. You did it! You took everything in my brain that I hate about this trial and you made it clear and funny. And some really good tips too. I’ll make sure I never dye my hair, have or enjoy sex unless it’s heterosexual looking sex inside a marriage (unless I’m a dude,) never borrow gas cans, and I will be sure to always let my phone die no matter what!

      • Thanks, I need to clean it up before I send it (typos galore). But yeah, I think it “sums” up all the freaking takeaways from the damn case. I just have to wonder if anyone of the people who call Jodi a whore and Travis “a typical guy” (and they’re actually mostly female) have considered just how much that type of thinking sets back women’s equality.

        I also forgot to include one item in that list. If you’re a good looking female server and you are friendly to male patrons of the establishment, even a little flirtatious, you must be turning tricks on the side. I used to wait tables and tend bar a long time ago. I can tell you, I was downright flirtatious with guys at times, especially if they were funny and I thought they’d enjoy it. Heck, I wore tight-fitting tops too. Why? Because I often got great tips from those guys. I guess, according to their logic, I was turning tricks then, right? Give me a break!

        I was sitting at a bar the other night waiting for friends and I had a very young, hot bartender with an amazing body. I’m old enough to be his mother, at the very least. But, he carded me and then told me with a sparkle in his eye that he’s supposed to card everyone who looks less than 30 and he’d never have thought I was that age. Yeah right! I laughed and he told me he loves blondes and that I have awesome hair. That really cracked me up, to be honest. This kid knew how to work an old lady for a tip! So, should I assume he was trying to turn a trick or was he just “a boy being a boy” or maybe he was just trying to flatter an old lady in hopes that he’d get a better tip and have a laugh at the same time?

    • A serious and non-sarcastic lesson of this case is NEVER join the LDS. That was the biggest mistake Jodi Arias ever made in her life.

      • I SO AGREE with you. When I first started following this trial. . to me the LDS/Mormon church seemed to be deeply rooted in this case. I still feel that way. I told Jodi to take the Book of Mormon and throw it in the trash. There is not one thing in that book that can be proven. . .nothing. Crazy & Weird.

        • They came to my Mother’s house, she couldn’t get rid of them, she probably just told them to leave. They DO NOT do that!!!They left her a book RL, and that’s what she did ” THREW IT IN THE TRASH” LOL

          When I was living in an apartment 2 of them came up behind me on their bikes. I didn’t hear them and I told them they scared the hell out of me. They said we want to talk to you abou God.
          I told them to leave me alone and NEVER scare the hill out of me again and I shut my car door.

          My friend had a couple of them come up to their door, he opened the door, said he wasn’t interested and one put his foot in the door to stop him from shutting the door. He said IF you don’t move your foot, I’m calling 911. They left. IF you know they are at your door, just don’t answer, If you don’t, when you open the door and see, shut immediately and never give it another thought.

          I think TA and his friends came to talk to Jodi when she was living with her boyfriend.
          I wish he would have knocked the hell out of them and told them NEVER come back.

          • Lol…My mum, who is a theologian, invites the “nincompoops” (as she calls them) …she invites them in and sabotages them with questions. She asks them to show her WHERE they learned their so called facts. It is hilarious! She will persuade them to continue, she makes lengthy and educated arguments until they get to the point that they regret ever ringing her doorbell. Anyone within walking distance should be thankful to her for saving them from being interrupted by the idiots those days they stop at her house…lol..I imagine they say to each other after their experience with my Mum, “Well, that’s enough for today!”. I also hope she may have convinced at least ONE of them to question the validity of the shit they are peddling and hope at least ONE has walked away from that cult (and believe me, she has NEVER turned away ANY of them) Gotta LOVE her 😆

            • Dorothy, that is perfect.
              I love it.
              Invite them in and start talking and talking until they can’t possibly
              get a word in.
              Your Mum has dne all of your neighbors and then some a favor.
              You’re right Gotta LOVE her. : )

            • (((((Dorothy’s Mum))))) Don’t worry about me. I have a really big dog and a really grumpy husband! 😀 I let them answer the door. 😆 The two of them would scare the Devil himself!

      • I’m not going to cast aspersions on all Mormons because of a few knuckleheads. I believe that most Mormons are good people and I respect their beliefs. The one thing that I’ve learned over the years is that the more people try to project themselves as paragons of moral virtue the more likely it is that they are behaving in the exact opposite way.

        As a Catholic, I left the Church or should I say it left me? when I was a teenager. I witnessed the hypocrisy firsthand and I also disliked how instead of punishing pedophile priests they were transferring them from one parish to another with no discipline. Meanwhile, if I ate a hot dog on Friday I’m going to burn in hell. That never did make much sense to me.

        I came back to the church a few years ago, but deep down I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious. I respect all religions and even those who don’t believe in any particular religion.

        • Raja, “a FEW knuckleheads” ?? …the Largest corporate conglomeration with the highest revenue in the WORLD that is SO disguised and so elusive that it is NOT listed as the top!! PLUS it falls under the umbrella of RELIGION…and thus tax EXEMPT… Those who are at the top are anything BUT knuckleheads…and if they ARE knuckleheads, they are VERY wealthy knuckleheads. By “few knuckleheads” perhaps you are referring to the millions of drones working for this conglomeration?

          • I was being facetious. Of course, there is MORE than a few knuckleheads. I just don’t think that they make up the majority. Islam has some evil, demented people practicing it and exploiting it, but that doesn’t mean that the majority of Muslims are like them.

    • StillOutThere: THANK YOU! Absolutely right! Can I just add my all time favorites?


      NEVER EVER EVER USE SNOW WHITE IN ANY OF YOUR EXAMPLES while trying to explain stuff. You can put her and the 7 dwarfs in a whole lot of trouble! You saw what martinez did, right? He made SNOW WHITE look like a whore of Babylon. Now this children’s fairytale is rated NC-17 .

      • Hahaha Pandora, OMG a strawberry frappuccino. I need to add that one for sure to my list of takeaways. After all, THAT is a cardinal sin punishable by death all by itself. There’s a really pretty girl in my office who goes for one every day at about 2 p.m. I wonder if she realizes how much trouble it could get her into?

        And yes, Snow White, such a nasty whore who corrupted all those sweet little dwarfs. I honestly think that was THE craziest thing I’ve ever seen in any court.

  13. Ner ner ner ner….im a jodi supporter….so trolls reading this….im waving a big brown eye, left to right….hang a sec….red foo told me to wiggle wiggle it just for you!!!!! bahahahahhahahahaha 🙂
    Ive never read so much, nor followed any of my own history as much as i have with this…this contraversal story about who is right, who is wrong, who says what, who thinks what….did Jodi fart to the left…oh damn it, she should of farted to the right…her bad is just NUTS!!!!!!
    Seriously, i just want to yank that beautiful girl into australia for a life (20 years MAX) …NOW READ MY WORDS…BEAUTIFUL GIRL….she is a BEAUTIFUL girl inside, her behaviour was somewhat questionable, no one disputes this!!!! But holy crap!!!! She made a mistake!!!!! She made a mistake which will haunt her heart for the rest of her life….isnt THAT punishment in itself enough….
    OH YELL NO for the haters…they must be content in their perfect lives to throw verbal daggers at her…why, cos they are so far miserable in their own lives that the only way to make them selves feel better is to attack her…oh we hate Jodi…we will post it somewhere we will make sure our view was heard!!!! As if their lives are not filled with their own loathing, their own violence their own bullshit!!!!!
    Oh but im a christian , i believe in god, i go to church…BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!! its all horse shit!!!!!!!
    Ok, the whole world was there that night that happened…oh sorry MY BAD!!!!! only 2 people were there, Mr travis and Jodi….and god…i lie…3 were there… who gives anyone the right to judge….sit on their little perch and be judge, jury AND EXECUTIONER!!!!!!!! oooh it makes me mad as hell!!!!!!
    Does anyone ever think, shit, ok what about Jodi’s family and friends are too suffering, they are suffering for their daughter whom they can not protect…..what impact this has on them as well as other families….there is not ONE victim here, there are several…but what i see and read is oh shit, the other party are the only ones who are the VICTIMS!!!!!! There is not a day that goes by where i think, Jodi, why….how….but mainy why…and know what….it happened!!!! Nothing anyone says does or not does can EVER change that…..its written in stone FOREVER!!!!!!
    The thing now is Jodi has a chance to change the way she thinks and change what she does next….and that will all happen, if it already hasnt started to with councelling, programs, watching people far worse off then herself .
    She NEEDS to be given that chance to change… Im even thinking about wring a letter to the judge…i may be in Australia, but i also know that judges have hearts…they have compassion, they too even have forgiveness……
    I am just amazed how much people sit in prayers for DEATH!!!!! When your time is up…its up…. not prayying for it to be over….i wish people would know things 100 % before speculating!!!! and its so big over there!!!! it shocks the shit of me!!!!
    My love to Miss Jodi….I have written…i have a beaut postcard waiting here for her….i hope someone can relay this to her that im searching my letterbox every day to hear back from her:)

    Want to quote a quote haters??? put this one on your american news shows or twitter….——–>>>>>
    sorry…rant over:)

  14. Thanks for your post Natalia…..there are many that post here that care very much about the suffering that the Arias family has and is dealing with. The parents are financially ruined. They miss and love their loved one. Self explanatory I know. Yes, I could never understand praying for someone to be put to death. That is totally contrary to the Christian belief of a loving Creator who preached forgiveness. I too hope Jodi gets the help she needs as all these years of jail time and isolation would be beyond comprehension for most people. I too have followed the trials from beginning. As you have seen —the minds that post on this site have raised many questions and problems of a legal nature that will come out in an appeal. I too hope Judge Sherry has some compassion but that remains to be seen. She lives and works in Arizona, the wild wild west where trials are allowed to be circus shows – where Mexican immigrants are treated like sub humans. So we shall see.

    • i feel so helpless sitting here so far away, yet amonst so many people who feel the same way as i do!!!
      If i won tatslotto tomorrow, i would pay for everything…get the best lawyers available….its all about how your lawyers present themselves in the court room….its so different in america and i feel very blessed that i live where i live and only wish i could do more than just voice an opinion. Im sure so many of you feel the same way!!!
      See, in arizona, they seem so….whats the word….tough….solid…so set in their ways….i can understand that if you do a crime, you can do the time, but come on, in my country we dont have the death penalty so i cant even get my head around anyone ever even facing such a punishment!!!!!!
      We are far from perfect creatures, we were designed to make mistakes. What can you do when you sit in front of a computer and just read and watch everything that is happening.
      I wonder if that was Judge Sherry’s daughter in that cell, what would she do??? Noone can ever comprehend the pain and anquist of another until you have walked in their shoes!!!!!
      And that is the grey area of compassion and understanding from a human being!
      But the waiting is all too much….every day i come on here, swing past other sites and read till my eyes get sore…this sherriff is a MONSTER!!!! yet people are kissing his old behind like no tommorow!!! I watched videos of poor people being bashed to death in his jail…and he is the hero????? WTF?????
      thats why is all so different here!!!! My concept of the law in HIS jail is just overwhelmed shock…to me its not normal!!!!
      He should be in prison and let him hang out with BUBBA and see what pain and harm he has caused to other familys…but on his fb page, people are calling him a hero!!!!!! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!! Im surprised he has lived this long to tell the tale!!!!! He is NOT a nice man…yet people love him…ohhhhh its a circus alright…..:/

    • Funny how many Christians in this country love to reference the Old Testament when it comes to crime and punishment yet somehow neglect to mention the New Testament where Christ’s beliefs are very different than those mentioned in the Old Testament.

      My question: if Jesus Christ could spend a day with Jodi Arias and talk with her about what she done, do you believe He would advocate taking her life?

      • Good question Raja.

        Christ was human and as a human he believed in love and forgiveness. Isn’t that why he got the death penalty too? Because he believed in love and peace?

        martinez and the alexanders are not so different than Pontius Pilate. The only difference is that martinez and alexanders were not successful in sentencing Jodi to death.


        • One thing I do believe is that Jesus Christ would treat Jodi Arias with a lot more compassion and decency than most people in this country.

      • If got spent time with Jodi he would not advocate taking her life. God is a forgiving man. If you ask for forgiveness God will forgive.

        That’s why I don’t understand the Alexander’s. If they gurgive Jodi it’s not for her it’s for themselves. Not forgiving her allows them to carry hatred I their hearts. Why would you want to carry hatred.

  15. Simply put —- JUROR 17, YOU ARE SPECIAL.

    First of all, someone has got to find the way to make you aware of this site. You will see how you are embraced and cherished for your courage. You are the supreme American. The counterpart of the lone China patriot who stood in the path of a Chinese tank in Tiananmen Square and single handedly brought a halt to a scene of continuing massacre.

    Few will ever be tested as you were for the valor of your convictions. You were ostracized and made to feel similar as those who were shunned with the communicable disease of Ebola. Outed to a judge as one who is unqualified to have an opinion and an unassailed view of the evidence. Let’s just set the record straight, it was THEM–the eleven vacuos airheads that had the communicable disease. A disease for which is there is no cure–ignorance.

    How dare they! You are using the mitigating factors to support your belief that the choice other than death is appropriately proven by the defense and convincing to you, which IS your legal right as defined in your charge given by the judge. And they are manufacturing reasons diametrically FORBIDDEN by their oath that they will follow the jury deliberation instructions. They are, and were, not to factor in any defendant post sentence benefits or detriments to Jodi Arias in reaching their conclusion.

    They chastise you for disclosing that you watched a movie which couldn’t have been more maggot worthy and painted Jodi as a monster who doesn’t deserve to live. Well la di da, how fucking ironic. If those death obsessed dildos could have ever hoped for you to see a more consummately appropriate movie to influence you to think exactly the way they were , it was that one. I guess that thought got lost and became like an embolism on the way to the cerebellum. Didn’t register at all in their little tadpole pea brains.

    You endured vitriol from them and then were dragged through a grueling interrogation process by a judge who is just as intellectually challenged. They did everything in their power to alienate you, demoralize you, stigmatize you and paint you as a leper to make you quit. But you never capitulated.

    Despite being thrown into that mass of ignorance, you didn’t see the monster that Lifetime Cash Hughes hit job of swil bent over backwards to portray Jodi as. Because Jodi never has been, is, or will be a monster. It was a calibrated mirage and architected charade that I’m confident you would have seen through had you been on the first jury, and you would have hung THAT one. If there ever were jurors that needed to be hung, it was them.

    In the tradition of sports when an athlete has distinguished themselves as performing in extraordinary and highly memorable manner, that athlete’s number is occasionally retired to bestow special homage to that individual. I think the number 17 should be retired as a juror number in Phoenix to confer that special honor upon you. There likely will never be a case with more worldwide attention, more media frenzy, two juries with a lower collective IQ, or a more incompetent judge officiating the proceedings in Arizona, ever. There will never be a more prolific gangland style assassination attempt to throw somebody off a jury due to a precedent setting group agenda.

    I believe if Jodi were able to have seen the duress and vilification you were besieged with on a closed circuit television system–and knowing the fact that you would become a target of demented Martinez woodticks that would hound you with death threats for your inalienable right to hold to your conclusion that the standard of proof necessary that you needed had failed–she would have been shouting “no, no, change your vote! Please, don’t let them do that to you! I want you to know this is the kind of girl you stood up for.

    You 11 shitheads should be in the same exhibition of stockades along the freeway with flashing neon lights that I would put the other twelve similarly dense Mongos. Idiocy can be abated, and temporary, with prolonged education and a desire to evolve. Ignorance is permanent. It’s in your genes and you are doomed with it for life, as you have proven.

    J-17, If Jodi could write thank you on each grain of sand in the Sahara Desert, I’m sure she would not consider enough. Neither would I.

    I am proud to know of you. I would be honored to stand next to you.

    • The word “courage” is overused today in this country, but with regards to Juror #17 it is most definitely applicable. The easy thing to have done would be to cave under pressure and go along with the other 11. Easy isn’t always better.

    • Brilliant post Jade!

      Words can’t express how thankful Jodi is to Juror 17 and will be for the rest of her life.

      Juror 17 saved Jodi’s life and is now being punished for doing so (threats, harassment, slandering, bullying).

      All the savages out there that are so desperately trying to discredit Juror 17’s honesty and morals are just sore losers. Deep down they know that Juror17 did what she was asked to do: Take everything that was presented to her in the courtroom, look at each piece of evidence, read all transcripts that were provided to her by the court and decide if Jodi should die. Juror 17 didn’t think that Jodi should die. Why is that so bad?

  16. It annoys the hell out of me that Jodi’s supporters are referred to as her “fans”. WTH? It makes us all sound like silly little high schoolers blindly following a rock star. How about the fact that her “fans” think there has been an incredible miscarriage of justice? Interesting how even the choice of just one word over another can carry so much bias. What about all the “fans” of a sick abusive pedophile?

    • I’m glad you said that Justus. It seriously bothers me as well. I’m not a “fan” of Jodi. I’ve never spoken to her, never met her, never written to her, never sent her money. I bought a print of her artwork, the cat’s eye, a few years back because I think it’s gorgeous, but I haven’t liked most of her other artwork. That doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s a talented artist. It’s just not my style. I have a good friend who’s an incredible artist, but she mostly draws flowers. They’re gorgeous, but not my style. I don’t know whether I’d even like or dislike Jodi if I had met her. I just don’t have enough information to go on. But this case has intrigued me since I first heard about it. That, I will admit.

    • I must say that the behavior on the part of some of Travis’s fans outside the courtroom was embarrassing to say the least. I kind of felt bad for Travis’s family having to see that and even though I’m not a Travis fan, I really dislike the way that many people have exploited his death. This might come as a shock to some people, but I find it very offensive the way so-called friends of his have been using him for their own gain. Let the man rest in peace and get on with your lives.

      • I’m 100% with you on that one Raja. It’s really pitiful and you know, somehow, based on things he wrote in his journals, I do believe that Travis really did want to be a better person and I just don’t think he would appreciate all that has been done in his name.

        • I think he was a tortured individual who was battling a lot of inner demons, but that doesn’t excuse him for the way he treated Jodi and other women. Even if someone out there believes that Travis Alexander was brutally murdered, I think that even they would admit that while he had some good qualities, he was a womanizer and came across to many as a cocky, arrogant snob. He thought he was above most people and had this archaic, caveman attitude about women.

          He didn’t deserve to die, however the life that he was leading and the increasingly hostile and violent behavior he exhibited towards women was inevitably going to lead to disaster in one form or another. Had Travis killed Jodi, I have no doubt that his defense would have done everything possible to paint Jodi in the same light as she is seen today. “She was a whore…she was asking for it…she was a stalker…blah, blah, blah. If it is true, though, that Travis displayed an unusual and disturbing affinity for children, someone in prison might have taken him out anyway.

          I am not a fan of Travis Alexander’s, but even I am disgusted by the way he’s been exploited and continues to be exploited by so-called “friends” that deep-down could care less about him and his family. They’re all about the $ and always were. And these parasites continue to leech off Travis and utilize whatever minutes of fame they have left. Once this trial is over, I say that they should leave Travis Alexander alone and let the man rest in peace for once and for all.

    • Well Justus, they call us ‘fans’ because they don’t know the meaning of the word. Fans are people that admire someone that they don’t actually know.

      We can’t be fans because we all know, communicate (one way or the other) with Jodi and she actually knows each and every one of us. We’re FRIENDS and support Jodi.

      My question for all those people calling us fans: How many of you have met travis or the siblingz? I’m guessing 10? 15? So that makes THE REST of you OBSESSED FANATICS. If the shoe fits… 😉

      p.s. As for monica? I don’t five a flying fuck what she thinks. My flying fucks are valuable damnit!

      ((((FLYING FUCKS))))

  17. According to her exclusive interview with the foreman, scoopy says that the guy was out of state and didn’t know who Jodi was when selected for the jury. She briefly met him the morning of their joint interview that exposed juror #17 to the haters, but left her business cards at home. The next morning when she woke up she had an email from this guy asking her if she wanted an interview. He had read her work and found her coverage fair.

    Does that mean he went home and devoured all the news coverage that day in order to know so much about scoopy and her coverage? I don’t know – it makes me wonder.

    • Hmm maybe he thought she’s pretty? As far as I know, she’s one of the better looking of the crowd that has covered this case.

      • The guy is married, although that doesn’t mean anything anymore. Both he and his wife were excited about his being on the jury. He had a really good job where he got full salary and even his bonuses – so no hardship on his part.

        Per scoopy’s aka Trial Diaries’ private interview.

            • It must have got him “to” hot and bothered while he was one of the “juror’s.” All the things that were alleged to “of” happened, and there she was in court every day, chewing her gum, which is critical to bring to court, don’t you know. When they hooked up those “TV’s,” and put out the “DVD’s,” her gum chewing was all he could think about, and it made him feel “firey.” It really helped him to think of her during deliberations where one juror would find something that would “collaborate” other evidence.

              I’m being a bitch, I know. I make typos, just like anyone. But if I was going to write up an interview with the foreman of the jury, I’d ask someone else to proofread.

                • Haha, I couldn’t resist it, sorry. Honestly, as much as the typos bothered me (not to mention the bias and nasty little comments at times), at least Jen really tried to tweet what was actually going on in the courtroom. I have to credit her for that. Without her, we wouldn’t have had ANY clue most days. She was the only one at times that told us anything at all.

    • I believe he was excited about his 15 minutes of fame and probably is exploring a book deal as we speak. All of them are pretty darn easy to see through. $ $ $

    • Say what? Out of state, for how many years? We all live out of state……what a douchebag….he’s lying… So the wife was excited that he was on the jury….hummmm.
      Just keep them all talking… They are going to slip up…

      • Honestly though Cindy, I have to say this. There are a TON of people around here who work hard for a living, long hours, and have ZERO idea who Jodi is, because unless someone mentions something on their FB feed or in their office, they are just clueless. I couldn’t even begin to tell you the amount of people I’ve mentioned the case to who have said “Huh?” They might have heard a headline here or there, but they know absolutely nothing about the case. And it takes a bit of coaxing for them to even remember that “Yeah, I think I heard about that case somewhere a few years ago.”

  18. I now see where none of the haters are interested in actually watching the retrial. They already know the truth so it would actually be a waste of their time to hear the actual evidence over what some bias twits told them. Ignorance feeding upon itself.

    • yah I noticed that too –

      when the page first took a poll, they were at nearly 100% of them wanting to see every last bit of it – now it looks like less than 5% are interested enough to watch it if its free

    • They are hoping it all dies and goes away, but it won’t. Too many people like us have seen how Arizona has screwed up the Justice System. Jodi Arias is not their first attempt to pull the wool over the taxpayers eyes. . .it just got to be bigger than any of them could ever believe. Wonder how often they wish they had accepted the plea deal instead of letting the Alexanders lead them into this multi million $$ fiasco? That is who the taxpayers should be upset with not Jodi. Jodi never wanted the truth to come out about Travis Alexander. Juan Martinez and Travis’s family didn’t seem to mind dragging his dead body through their cess pool of public opinion IMO.

      • R., You are absolutely right! We are here for the long haul. We will not stop defending Jodi until we see her a free woman. And even then, we will protect her from all the dangerous and vile haters that are out there.


    • I imagine that, for the prosecution supporters, it’s almost like asking a Buffalo Bills fan if they’d like to watch Super Bowls 25-28 again.

  19. Is there some way we can together review the retrial in some systematic way? Perhaps if it’s not too labor intensive SJ wouldn’t mind posting the appropriate video at the top of each of the original posts for that particular day. Then we could also examine what we were told against what actually happened.

    • Um – are we assuming SJ’s going to pay the $1710 to get the video, or have we started a collection to buy it together and I missed that post?

      • Oh. I’m apparently the one who missed something. I thought I saw videos (of at least opening statements) on youtube. I wasn’t aware of any $1710. Who’s charging that? Maricopa County? Hey, I should think that is public property. The tax payers already paid for this circus and now they have to pay some more if they want to see the circus?

          • Yah – what I saw was one of opening statements and then one of Flores – witness #1 I believe was Melendez the weasel, not surprising that that one hasn’t been released.

            • I missed out on yesterday’s discussion on this. I’m flabbergasted! I too for once agree with Dave Erickson. Terrible terrible precedence and something that needs to be looked into by the judicial powers that be. (I can’t believe MC believes it can get away with this. What a conspiratory bunch of blooming idiots!)

              • IMO,
                They stopped showing it in the beginning was ALL of the corruption was going to explode about the church, the prosecutor and his team of liars.
                And I think RL is right about it all going away.

                IF the REAL truth comes out to the public, the haters won’t change their minds anyway.

                BUT, somehow justice for Jodi has got to happen and I believe higher powers have to investigate what is Wrong In AZ?????
                I hope they are all busted.!

      • Wonder what kind of restrictions might apply to the purchase?

        I mean, someone who pays for it then shares it for free cuts MC out of other buyers, right?

        • So it’s true that Maricopa County is charging tax payers to view the trial? What the hell happened to not closing the doors because of “the public’s right to know”. Fuck!!! They want it every which way, don’t they?!

          • Troy Hayden @troyhaydenfox10 · 20h 20 hours ago
            Maricopa County Superior Court selling video of entire #JodiArias sentencing re-trial. Cost… $1,710.00.

            • The frog and his lying witnesses just want it to go away so they put a big enough price tag on it to discourage people and restrict access. After stomping all over Jodi’s rights to be in there ….

                • Yes! And someone can make a shitload of money if they make a special edition ‘Circus Trial Bobble Heads’ set featuring: martinez, JSS, flores, melendez, deanna, demarte, hughes, hall. And just with an extra 50$ you get tanisha (bright new ‘Bart Simpson’ teeth showing), samantha, steve, hilary. Finally add another 5$ and you get sheriff joe thrown in there for good measures.

                • … and for an extra $5 you get the special “Mormon 3-some” bobble head set… with TA fucking Sky Hughes in the ass while Chris watches them.

                  That’s my contribution thus far.

                  Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

          • Okay – well realistically speaking, it could simply be production costs. I mean, if we wanted transcripts we’d pay an arm and a leg for those, too, because it costs money to produce them.

            If they’d been able to broadcast live from the pool cameras, there’d have been no cost involved. But now all there IS to release is recorded footage.

            • They certainly couldn’t cost $1710 for each copy! (One can understand if it was paper.) But the video is already created. All they need to do is post it on YouTube. Maybe there’s some cost related to volume but they’ve already spent three million trying to kill her, I think the Arizona taxpayers could put out a bit more to provide the public what they’ve already paid for. And yes, there is the question of copyright. Only the one person who bought it can view it? That’s not recouping production money. That’s soaking the public and, at the same time, avoiding having this travesty of justice seen by the public.

              • It is $1710 for the whole thing. I saw Krafft online during the trial and he said that they would be putting the retrial online. Now that the state lost everything seems to be changing with the media outlets. Reminds of Germany when the guy with the funny hair cut was around.

                • When I said “copy” I meant as in copy of a whole book. Each book may sell for $20 but there are indeed royalties and production costs for each and every copy of the book. How do royalties play into this? And production costs are a one-time affair, the cost of releasing it to the public and letting them decide what to do with it.

                • As I said, the State yelled blood murder when a defendant on trial for her life wanted to close the doors and speak only to the jury, all because of “the public’s right to know”. Now the same authorities want to say that “the public’s right to know” shall be limited only to people who can afford to pay a hefty ransom for that right?

                • OH – and I just happened to think.

                  What do you want to bet that the $1710 is for footage of the retrial ONLY – that the footage of the evidentiary hearings on the prosecutorial misconduct motion will be TWICE as much, if it’s available at all?

                • I just reread Dave’s Mad as Hell and in New Mexico, the media sued when they were going to charge $25 for mug shots and they won because it is public record. He wonders why the media isn’t bothered about this. We need a lawyer.


              • You folks do realize this is literally thousands of pages. Any kind of legal documents like this cost major bucks.

                • I thought we were discussing the recorded video of the trial. That shouldn’t be such a big deal should it?

                • Plus with all the coverage FOX 10 did on this trial they should be more than happy to furnish the public with just for their own advertisements. I believe the Maricopa County Justice System doesn’t want it released in full raw coverage. But what do I know. Maybe they really do just need time to tamper with it before they release it. 😆

                • Sorry for typo but you get my drift. Maybe they will not release it until the sentence has been given, April 13th. Maybe then JSS, JM, DH, PIOF and all other “benefactors” will able to get their due credits at the end of it.

  20. Omg….have you guys seen the newest release from Arapio? .

    She is restricted to no non legal contact visits, restricted from any phone or video calls, restricted to purchasing NO commissary for the duration of time there! There could be more…I stopped reading…..

    • She had 27 visits in one day and Joe pulled the plug. I heard Samia and ML on Fox Live talking about how you get in touch with Jodi inside and they made it sound like the person on the outside initiated the visit. But now they are blaming Jodi, so I don’t know. 🙄

    • Arpaio is not a good man. His pride is hurt and he wants to destroy her.

      He made it clear on social media before these ‘events’ that he was trying to find some way to prevent her from having a voice that reaches/influences the outside world. He has been on a calculated mission, and he just found a way to do it without it being deemed unlawful.

      A while back, he posted that ( I’ m paraphrasing) he was going to try to put a stop to her antics, but he might run into a legal road block.

      He is a pathological, twisted, sadistic man.
      Jodi will soon be out of his clutches.

      Hopefully Arpaio will face criminal charges for all of his wrong- doings related to other issues.

      • now fancy not allowing her family to visit, i mean, what THUG does that, oh thats right, the meanest son of a bitch sherriff asshole!!!! i swear he has sold his sould to satin himself!!!!!

      • How can they restrict FOOD in essence? Because restrictions commissary =food restrictions. ..edible food anyway…..that doesn’t seem like that’s lawful!

  21. Paying that ridiculous amount to watch the re-trial is just another absurd act on the part of MC. Why not put it on pay-per-view or something similar for a small price that’s reasonable to most Americans, if you really need to charge for it. To be honest, it appears that we have some very sore losers in AZ. If the DP had been handed down, it would have been plastered all over YouTube in minutes – IMO.

    Just when ya think it can’t get any crazier…,.

      • “To a lawyer, this benign sounding copy appears to be a veiled reference to an “investigation” focused on prosecuting juror #17, the sole hold out on sentencing Jodi Arias to death.

        After the obligatory disclaimer that of course they do not want to single any juror out for their “decisions made in the process of jury deliberations” “[whether] those decisions are in favor of the prosecution or not…” – and that’s an odd way of phrasing the idea already suggestive of bias – the press release goes on to say:

        “In instances where there is credible information of misconduct, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will review the matter, request an independent investigation and then seek an independent review for any potential charges and then for prosecution.”

        What is “credible information”? That’s up to them to decide. But don’t worry, any investigation will be “independent” not to mention “independently reviewed”. How do you know? Well, they’ve said so in a press release, and surely the Maricopa County Attorney’s office can be trusted, right?”

    • You know what, y’all? If these fat egos in Maricopa County insist on pursuing allegations against 17, the ONLY RECOURSE would be to throw out the conviction and start all over again.

      Which means Jodi wouldn’t have to wait out the appeals process to get her new trial. And they’ll have to put on a new trial virtually STRIPPED of the lies they told to get the first conviction.

      Of course, they might be unlucky enough to get a judge with both a brain and a conscience who’ll reverse that conviction, but does so WITH PREJUDICE.

      • Because, you know, it’s now a matter of public record that a juror who kept Jodi from getting the death penalty was not only bullied and harassed in the jury room, but harassed and THREATENED once she was released from jury service.

        How in HELL will they EVER seat a ‘fair and impartial jury’ to prosecute this woman AGAIN?

        They can’t. They will HAVE TO LET HER GO if they insist on pursuing their little agenda against #17.

        • Yeah, but remember, the foreman had been out of the country and didn’t even know who Jodi Arias was. He’d never even heard the name. So, all they need to do is find a few more like him. “RECRUITING JURORS: Have you been out of the country since 2011? If so, WE WANT YOU for our jury panels.”

          I just wish people would realize the incredibly severe damage this is doing to everyone’s right to trial by a jury.

      • Or, Journee, is it their attempt to simply get another shot with another jury at the death penalty? I don’t think that’s constitutional or in compliance with AZ law, but in Maricopa County, it seems they do what they please.

        I really didn’t think this *could* get any worse but once again, I was proven wrong.

          • They ABSOLUTELY can NOT do that! I asked a lawyer friend…”double jeopardy ” basically applies here he said!

            • mother62, I went to law school but I have never practiced. And so, that makes me perhaps slightly more knowledgeable, but not very much. I couldn’t honestly say double jeopardy attaches here as that’s only applicable to conviction/acquittal in cases that threaten “life or limb.” (Journee *did* practice law for a long time, as I recall, and may be able to correct me on this if I’m wrong, however, so we should defer to her.)

              In my opinion, if jeopardy did attach here, one would have to question the constitutionality of AZ’s statute that permits a retrial of the penalty phase to begin with. In fact, I’m surprised that AZ statute hasn’t been challenged on a constitutional level before now (and it may have been and I just haven’t researched it). Of the 32 states that still consider the death penalty “legal,” apparently, only 3 states allow retrial of the penalty phase after a hung jury, as far as I’m aware. But, one of those states, CA, issued a moratorium on death penalty in the early 70s. And the other state, NV, has all sorts of mitigating factors that would preclude the death penalty from being imposed (as I understand it — but I’m NO expert in this).

              So, I guess, my question is, *if* somehow (which I don’t believe possible or even applicable), it *could* be proven by the corrupt state of AZ that Juror 17 was not honest (about something) and therefore, deliberately hung the jury (so far fetched I cringe even writing this), would that then mean that double jeopardy was never actually triggered? Could it be argued that the mistrial could have been avoided if it were not for this juror (which seems to possibly be under consideration, sadly, and, if so, truly truly truly jeopardizes all of our right to trial by jury), and therefore, jeopardy did not terminate (thereby, allowing additional proceedings)?

              Please understand, this is NOT something I want or even believe should occur. It is just one of my concerns. Journee, Al, any thoughts? PLEASE tell me I’m wrong.

              • Um, you’re way ahead of me in the legal department, StillOutThere –

                Never been to law school so I certainly haven’t practiced law. Maybe you have me confused with someone else?

                When I answer a legal question around here, it’s generally one that’s been asked so many times that I’ve learned what the answer is.

                The legal pundits I’ve seen comment on the current situation have said that the only way they could do anything to reverse the current situation would be to reverse the conviction and start all over.

                *I* went further, yesterday, by saying that it’s now a matter of public record that a juror in this case was harassed and bullied in the jury room, was just barely this side of bullied by the judge, and then was harassed and THREATENED to the point of requiring police presence after she was released from jury duty. I do not see ANY WAY IN HELL that the state could argue that they could seat an impartial jury to try this case again. SO I FURTHER HYPOTHESIZE that if the haters are so determined to turn this damn thing around, they may very well succeed in SETTING JODI FREE.

                But, um, I am not a lawyer. I’m a fiction writer, lol.

                • I’m sorry, Journee. I didn’t post here for a couple of years and there was a time when I didn’t even read here, so I must have totally misremembered you. Can I blame it on my menopausal brain? LOL

                  Who was the former practicing lawyer that posted here frequently? Does anyone remember? She was female and brilliant (just like you, girl, hence my mistake, I guess) and I remember pretty clearly one comment she made to me during Willmott’s cross of DeMarte when I felt Willmott sat down right before she got to her point (a frequent observation of mine during the trial that this former lawyer often didn’t agree with). I was talking about the fact that the defense never brought out the fact that abused women sometimes just snap and commit overkill and that, if DeMarte had been asked about that, her lack of knowledge would have been revealed. She (the former practicing lawyer) responded to me saying something along the lines of “The first rule of law is when you’re winning, sit down.”

                  Sorry, I digress!

                  As to your points, the major part of the foreman’s interview with Jen Wood is that Juror 17 very much *did* deliberate with the other jurors. Based on that interview alone, it seems she tried to convince them to see her point of view, even recounting a story or two of her own personal experiences. When it was 7-4-1 (death-undecided-life), she probably felt she had a good shot of swaying the 4 undecideds to her point of view. When it was 10-1-1, she was still deliberating. When it got to 11-0-1 and there was anger and cussing in that jury room, it appears she just stopped trying. And who would blame her? Another juror was threatening to leave if she didn’t change her mind? By self-admission, the blonde had to apologize for her behaviour because she was so frustrated that they couldn’t give the victim’s family the justice they wanted and sentence Jodi to death. And the foreman said it himself in his interview, Juror 17 stated that she would find for death in a case like this were it not for the mitigating factors.

                  If this wasn’t AZ and Maricopa county, I’d never even suggest that they could somehow even attempt to do this again. I honestly don’t believe they will. But they scare me!

                • Oh crap. I wrote you a response, but it went pffft! Sorry. I obviously did mistake you for someone else I used to know here — another brilliant person. I am sooo sorry.

        • one of the legal beagles said the death penalty is permanently off the table, even if the conviction is reversed and they start all over.

          but like you said – it’s Maricopa County where they make up the rules as they go along

          • Journee I think all of this attention the state is throwing out there its all for show.they’re not going to subject themselves to having the verdict thrown out and a retrial. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if it happened…

            • Hey, I can wish, can’t I?

              So glad to see you posting, Cindy. And glad the surgery is done with. Hope the recovery goes well – seems like joint surgery is always a bitch for recovery.

            • My reply was for : “one of the legal beagles said the death penalty is permanently off the table, even if the conviction is reversed and they start all over.”

              With all the evidence that was presented in the re-trial (that jurors were not aware of in the first trial), I’m guessing that the verdict would be: TIME DONE, SHE’S FREE.

          • Well, true…and the attorney we know does NOT practice THERE …So “double jeopardy ” may not apply there.

            The thing is, it could be very stressful to consider starting from scratch again. But, it’s not me so….

            I truly doubt Maricopa County wants to go through the whole thing again cost wise. But, who knows?

  22. I’m listening to Troy on Fox Live and he mentioned the cost of the video. Fox has their own film they said, but only one camera. So I really don’t get this at all.

    • Better you than me, CanadaCarol. I can’t take any more of him. Is he talking about the book he might write or the men’s magazine article, again? Or how he had all these cameras outside his house the day after the verdict because he’s oh-so-famous now? I really hope everyone forgets him soon.

  23. And wait for this, according to Sandra of Inconvenient Truths, Maricopa County is now investigating the harassment against Maria de la Rosa.

  24. Jodi is going to be even thinner when she gets to Perryville. Apparently she has never eaten Joe’s food and has been living on commissary food. and now she’s cut off from that.

    • His food is NOT eatable. At Perryville, she will be getting 3 meals a day. Now at Estrella, inmates get 2 meals a day with 12 hours separating each meal. That goes against human rights: starving a person as a punishment is torture.

      • I understand that jails and prisons aren’t supposed to be Holiday Inns, but at the same time you still have to treat criminals with some form of decency. I bet that the terrorists in Gitmo live better than the prisoners at Estrella.

  25. I really like Michael Kiefer’s piece today:

    “Everybody deserves a fair trial by their peers and that includes peers who may not agree with the prevailing sentiment on Twitter and various blogs set up to follow this case.

    It’s our system. It takes 12 to put someone to death and if one person has the courage to hold out based on a sincerely held belief that death is not called for, then that’s enough.

    We don’t run trials by mob.

    Not even when it’s Jodi Arias.”

    • Thanks for the link. Just as you said, it was very good. There is also a link to a page which is historical, also very interesting and puts focus back on important points during the trial itself.
      Sometimes Michael Kiefer writes ‘tongue in check’! He sounds as if he has his OWN views of Jodi and all those surrounding her. 😯

    • This wasn’t Kiefer, or an ‘article’ exactly.

      It’s Laurie Roberts. She does editorial/opinion pieces.

      She may or may not be pro Jodi, but she definitely hates the haters.

      • Well, of course you’re right Journee, the article was written by Roberts not Keifer.
        Disappointment in journalist has been my gripe for so many years; even before Jodi’s plight showed it’s ugly face. There was an insanity to the hoopla everywhere, with absolutely no one even thinking rationally, never mind writing or speaking rationally. Oh, well, I read her other article about Jodi vs. Arpio, and she is not as thoughtful as I had hoped. One more disappointment won’t deter me from hoping there will be some reporter out there who sees the truth in Jodi’s case and whose writing will help get her out of the mess she is in. (She never should have spoken for so so so long, giving him all he wanted and needed to put her where she is).
        You see, I really do believe she wasn’t there, didn’t kill him, felt guilty about their relationship, wanted it all behind her, and well here she is now. Not a pretty story.

        I started at the beginning of the trial, saw it to its conclusion, groaned and moaned wishing life was different, not thinking my thoughts and words would ever help. Then I found this sight and read many postings for hours and sighed; if all these thoughtful people couldn’t help then maybe Jodi is truly beyond help.
        And then I took a deep breath, enjoyed the puppy we had just adopted and was on to puppy training and activities with her. She knows Jodi’s name almost as well as she knows her own. Anyhow, I digressed.
        Tuning back onto Jodi’s retrial for sentencing I became annoyed at everyone, prosecutor, judge, attorneys, and the public. I thought to myself, there has to be more than just lying about porn on the computer, and of course there was…they had not bothered to give the defense access to the first clone! Now that was eye opening to me so I began to read and search.
        Then Jade came up with the ‘bogus’ dragging picture. After putting it on Photoshop and honing in on it I could see the outlines. So I lightly drew around what I saw and noted each thing. I am thoroughly convinced it shows Travis alive his back against a cushion, arm out in front, blood coming down the back of his neck; the cushion is propped up against a rectangular object, maybe a suitcase. The Prosecutor wrote a Script for the picture!! Admitted false evidence. That is a crime.
        And at that point I’m off and running and I haven’t stopped. Jodi’s conviction is the result of the Reid Technique causing false confession to begin with. Then there is the problem with the condition of the corpse and a Medical Examiner who refuses to give an estimated time of death. It is obvious after reading about decomposition that Travis died some other day. Anything after June 4, 2008 and Jodi has an alibi. So, I sent my thought to Kirk Nurmi and it didn’t do Jodi one bit of good.

        Which brings me to today.
        I’m bothered today by the fact that so many who post here are running to VENT. It is a nice idea to have somewhere safe to go to say what you want without ‘just anyone’ reading it. There are a people who seem to want to shut this site down. No one has addressed it but it is true. How they would do that I haven’t any idea. But, they seem to be bent on doing just that. Running to VENT will chase a lot of posters away; they will feel unwanted, out of the loop, afraid they’ve said the wrong thing, afraid someone is talking behind their backs; you know, those special guys talking about the nerd…high school stuff, and not worthy of the thoughtful and thought-provoking people who are the mainstays of this support site.

        • The vent page does not exist to talk about people *here* – the vent page is for timely discussions about actions taken for Jodi, or -as today- someone who’s actions are threatening Jodi.

          There are, as of the moment I’m writing this, 356 comments on this page that was posted 2 days ago. On the current vent page, which was posted 6 days ago, there are a total of 28 comments.

        • Carol please, please do not have your feelings hurt. Right now there appears to be those who come to read here and are doing their dead level best to hurt Jodi in any way they can. It is not the people we love and trust here every day. These are devious under handed people who sneak around like snakes in the grass. Hopefully, one day they will get tired and go away or find someone knew to torment and everything can been viewed. Our main concern right now is Jodi’s safety and welfare. The Haters are a obsessed bunch of goons who do not care if they hurt Jodi or someone’s family. I do hope you understand. I appreciate everything that you have done to try and help us help Jodi!!! You are truly amazing!!!!

        • You both missed the point I was trying to make.
          My feelings one way or the other don’t matter.
          I don’t post my thoughts for personal satisfaction.
          I post to weed out the garbage that was the trial.

          • Not sure what your last paragraph had to do with weeding out garbage that was the trial. That’s all I was responding to. The vent page has a purpose and is only used for that purpose. All other conversation happens right here where everyone can read and participate.

    • “We don’t run trials by mob”. Tell that to the haters. On second thought, instead of calling them “haters” I have a better name for them: “parasites”.

  26. just be EXTREMELY weary of anyone wanting or asking how to donate to jodi…seems like there will be a few troll asking plenty of questions, then as soon as they find out, contact the tax department!
    What bedazzles me, is that they are jumping up and down like baboons getting their knickers in a twist over Jodi reciieving money for het appeals….but the small narrow minded sheep are donating to the alexanders….so why should Jodi or her family pay out of monies that were donated from us???? see, here, we have something called Victims of crime, the governments pay the families of up to $20,000. if there is 5 people applying for it, that 20K gets spit between them all.
    im just trying to follow the mentality of all this nonsense!!!!
    But please be aware of the KGB on here, sniffing out the info!!!!!

  27. Has anyone seen this story about Jodi spending 9 hours on video chat and talking to 27 people in the day or days (depending on which account you believe) after the mistrial and that they’re her “fans”? Does anyone else think that’s just more of the gossip mill?

    Apparently, video chat is allowed in Estrella but conference calls are not allowed and the story seems to suggest that at least one of these calls involved a conference call. I assume that Jodi is allowed to speak with her defense team whenever necessary (that’s usually the way it works, although not sure about AZ). It’s absolutely conceivable that between the staff of 2 law offices and the mitigation specialist, there would be 27 people working on a case of this magnitude, or even more. There are attorneys, paralegals, clerks, investigators, secretaries, etc. that could have every reason to speak with her.

    Is this just another “let’s start a crazy rumour on Twitter” thing because after all, everyone knows if it’s said on Twitter, it must be gospel truth, right?

    • The rules of Jodi’s video visitations clearly stated that she was permitted to have as many visits a day as were booked. Either those were 1 or 100. What some people DON’T know is that on many occasions, the employees of the jail ‘responsible’ for bringing Jodi the equipment didn’t always do their job as required. They would purposely ‘skip’ a few booked video visits OR forget to write them down on the schedule. CORRUPTED FUCKERS.

  28. That sheriff Joe is a joke, he reminds me of “boss hog” from dukes of hazard.
    people should protest and harass sheriff Joe to get Jodi’s privileges restored
    so she can get some GOOD food.and phone privileges restored.
    maybe even rights to twitter.
    after all she is in jail not prison yet.
    just my 2 cents.

    • Shawn P., NO harassment needed to be done. We don’t approve of harass. That’s the haters specialty.

      Besides, do you think sheriff joe cares? Or he has a conscience? Remember: he thinks he’s above the law. A sort of god complex. Clearly, he is stomping on Jodi’s human rights. I’m sure that his actions are being put on his permanent record. 😉

      • The best way to defeat Sheriff Joe is at the ballot box. Vote this guy out of office and bring in a new Sheriff in town.

  29. We have been discussing these issues with respect to ineffective assistance of counsel, and the stuff jade has written about with respect to the blood spatter, and pictures and memory cards, and stuff. Also, “StillOutThere” and I had a brief discussion about how Samuels and KN convinced Jodi to change her story.

    Well something that was mulling around in the back of my mind has sort of bubbled up again. So I’m going to toss this out there. Before we go forward, a word of caution or caveat, or whatever – what follows is pure rank speculation of the worst kind, in that I have absolutely no evidence to back this up. This is purely in the category of what if. But there are just so many things that are sort of left handed in this case that there has to be an explanation. As a scientist I know that we often find explanations to phenomenon by going through thought experiments. So you pose a hypothesis, and before you go through all the proving stuff you mull it over. That is what I am trying to do here.

    And I’m not talking about the reaction of the crowd, or jury or any of that. This bit of speculation is purely related to the attorneys and witnesses.

    So here goes.

    I understand that crime scenes are inherently messy, and things often don’t fall exactly into place. I also understand that when people try and recreate a series of events based on physical or forensic evidence there are going to be some anomalies, and there may be odds and ends that don’t quite slide into place. But there has to be a limit. When the anomalies, and misfitting issues outweigh the supporting evidence one must go back and look at the proposed explanation of events.

    So here’s what we have.

    We know Horn and/or Flores lied about the order of wounds. The reason I say and/or because at one time Flores said the gunshot came first, and then Horn said it came later. Since it had to either come first or not first, so at the very least one of them was right in one of the versions. Sort of like how a broken clock shows the right time at least twice a day. However we know, as Herr Speights and other have said, that Horn’s testimony contradicted his autopsy report in the most spectacular manner.

    We also know that the blood spatter at the crime scene can be interpreted in a number of different ways, however none of them matches the prosecutions theory of the chain of events, mainly because there is no actually presented chain of events.

    We know there is this issue with respect to the fact that despite the fact that should Jodi have wanted to kill TA she could have done it at anytime in a more efficient manner than what seems to have happened.

    If this was truly M1, and if she had actually stolen Grandpa’s gun, why would she, as JM claims, have first come at with him with a knife.

    Now, the defense obviously had Horn’s report way before the trial. They also had the right to interview him and depose him. They also have the right to have his report reviewed by an independent consultant. So his perjury should not have caught them flatfooted.

    The same hold for the physical evidence – they had all the reports, they had the right to depose and interview all the folks involved in that stuff as well as to have it reviewed by an external expert.

    Then comes all of Melendez’s stuff. Same again.

    And the whole issue with respect to the virus and porn should not have come as a surprise. They had the chance, ability, obligation and right to do everything they did with that stuff in penalty phase, during the guilt phase.

    They should have known that everything Samuels did prior to the change in story was somewhat invalid, but did nothing about it.

    But it looks like they did none of this, and the question is why?

    It could be just plain, simple, everyday incompetence. As the old saying goes, someone had to be at the bottom of the class, and maybe that is the position occupied by KN and JW. But it could be something else. And that is where this hypothesis is leading to.

    Let’s go through a series of hypotheticals. Let’s say you have an attorney who just flat out doesn’t believe the story being told by his client. Let’s take this one step further and say the attorney actually believes that there is a reasonable chance that the client is guilty as charged. What would the attorney do? I submit the attorney would probably end up in the same situation as KN/JW.

    So consider this – what if KN didn’t believe the “Ninja” story? Well that seemed a little contrived in any case, but, even if not he what if he felt he would have a real hard time selling it. He did have one thing going – the whole time line that points away from the M1. As in why would someone wait all that time instead of just doing the deed when she got there? So now maybe he’s thinking that there is a chance that this is in fact a case of M2 or manslaughter or sudden quarrel or something.

    Now there could be just a very subtle difference between a sudden quarrel type situation and self defense. It could all boil down to whether or not the defendant was in fear of their life. So a fight ensues. If a homicide occurs as a result of a sudden quarrel its manslaughter. If on the other hand one of the people suddenly becomes afraid f their life because the other guy is pounding on them and won’t stop – then it could be self defense. Now given the AZ law, that says the prosecutor must disprove self-defense, claim the self defense and even if the prosecutor can prove it wasn’t you still have the fall back situation that it was a sudden quarrel situation.

    But here’s the problem – what if KN didn’t believe it was either, or there was a good chance it was neither. What does he do. Well he’s seen Horn’s report and he knows that there is nothing in there that contradicts his theory. However an interview or further poking and probing may uncover something that doesn’t mesh with his story. It’s the same thing with the forensic evidence. Whatever is in the reports, doesn’t contradict his “story” but more digging around may.

    Under normal circumstances an attorney can go hire a pathologist, or CSI expert as a consultant, and as long as there is no report he doesn’t have to disclose anything. Also these experts can’t be interviewed, unless they intend to be witnesses, because then as consultants they are a part of the DT and covered by attorney client privilege. But in this case, with the state paying, that may not be possible, or AZ rules of evidence and procedure may also have put a hamper in his style.

    So what’s a guy supposed to do?. What if he got Samuels to convince Jodi to agree to a sudden quarrel type scenario. He then extends that out to the self defense scenario, without ever bothering to see what might have actually happened. He then says OK I have the autopsy covered, the forensics match. I will make some points with the state’s witnesses that support my story. He makes absolutely no effort to bring in his own experts, because there is nothing he needs to contradict, but more importantly, since he doesn’t believe his own or Jodi’s story he’s afraid that these experts may uncover something that contradict’s his story. So what if he figured that in the balance he’s better off doing nothing. And maybe this is why, at some stage Jodi wanted him out of there – because she knew he didn’t believe in her innocence with respect to the charges. And maybe that’s also why he kept ignoring her, because deep down he thought she was guilt as charged.

    And then Horn and Flores lie their asses off. And JM doesn’t get the forensics guys to provide any scenarios. And now he’s toast.

    And that may be why he got so mad in the penalty phase and did some of the stuff that he should have done earlier. Because after seeing what went down, he suddenly realized that he actually had a client that was not guilty of the charges brought against he, and he had basically made a really bad decision about how to run this case.

    Of course this would be incompetence of a kind.

    But again the DT could just be incompetent, as in, bottom of the class type of incompetence.

    So anyhow, here’s my hypothesis – what if KN believed Jodi was guilty as charged, but concocted a defense that might have a slim chance of success, and then did the bare minimum he had to in cross examining the prosecution witnesses?

    If that was true it would explain the whole fiasco they tried to call the defense’s case.

    • It makes perfect sense to me, Al. Especially because, as I’ve talked about before (don’t know if you’ve read that), Nurmi was obviously a very worn out PD by the time he got this case. I will add one more piece to this that you may or may not have thought of.

      Nurmi was absolutely CONVINCED that this case, like so many others, would be reduced to a plea bargain. He had a long history of successful plea bargains as a PD. That’s what he did more than anything: bargain for his clients. He had a client willing to take second degree. He had EVERY reason to believe the state would jump at that plea. He was probably surprised as all out that he couldn’t get the state to agree to manslaughter. This case screams manslaughter, but perhaps, because of the brutality of the wounds, second degree seemed the more palatable plea and the obvious plea that the state would go for. He was convinced he would get that.

      When Jodi did her early media interviews, somehow, it incensed the state and they were hungry to try this woman who didn’t bow down and play the bargaining game right off the bat. But still, Nurmi thought he’d get his second degree plea. It made no sense that he shouldn’t. I would bet he was terrified when he realized he’d actually have to try this case and that it had already blown up into a bit of a media sensation — but I doubt he saw what was coming.

      • Any attorney, and even any cop have lots of MEs they can unofficially “consult” with and get some opinions from. PDs, not so much. They’re more often seen as the sleazy, but necessary, part of the legal system. They’re no one’s friends and no on is their friend. MEs are on the side of the good guys, the law. Unless Nurmi had a big case with an independent ME prior to this (and I haven’t seen a record of that) which he won, he may not have had some big contact he could consult with. And, as you pointed out, he may have been afraid any ME he knew would not be able to sustain against Martinez. (Anyone know if Nurmi had ever been up against Martinez before?)

        Did he depose Horn? It could potentially be viewed as unethical if he didn’t. It could be grounds for ineffective assistance of counsel, potentially. I just don’t have enough facts. Journee, you seem to know more than most and have better recall. Any knowledge here?

        In my opinion, Nurmi wasn’t considerably better in the retrial. He just tried to play Martinez at his own game a bit more. But it’s not his natural style and I think, if any of the jurors were honest (particularly the foreman — anyone read his interview?), that might have come across to them. But now, Nurmi is a known commodity. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Now, his practice *will* survive.

        Was there discord between Nurmi and Willmott during either phase? She is a more likable lawyer (in jurors’ eyes) and also seemed to connect better with witnesses (although she annoyed me by sitting down right before she made her point so many times that I wonder about her jury trial experience — or perhaps she just wasn’t used to being on camera?) She also seemed to have a better bond with Jodi, to the bitter end of the retrial where she patted Jodi on the back in a friendly compassionate fashion.

        All just thoughts. I am speculating. I have no facts. I don’t even have transcripts.

    • I vote incompetent. Nurmi got coldcocked, roadblocked and outclassed all around. Not his fault, he had no clout to force pickles hand, no experience or willingness to put his reputation on the line for Jodi, and bring the guilt trial to a screeching halt. You know a hardcore, clouted, highly experienced,paid defense would manhandle frog like he manhandled Nurmi. You think James Arthur Ray’s lawyers would have let frog and pickles push them around? He killed three people and injured numerous people in Arizona and got manslaughter. It was a losing battle for Nurmi at EVERY turn. But that’s just my POV don’t ya kno.

      • Good points there John. I don’t think Nurmi was as much incompetent as inexperienced. Judges are funny creatures and even those who have been up before them many times are often surprised. She seemed to shoot Martinez down just as many times as she shot the defense down. She’s a judge who lets things play out. She only steps in when she absolutely has no other choice than to step in. That’s her style. It’s not the typical judge-style that we see in cases like this, so it’s shocking to us all. But I’d bet many lawyers like her for it.

        Hard to believe a guy who caused the death of 3 people got manslaughter and Jodi almost got the death penalty, right? But his crime was leaving the scene — negligent homicide — and if I recall, the worst charge he faced was manslaughter.

        • I get how the permutations of what we know goes. I’ve seen the difference in skilled pros vs. skilled defense. Skilled defense knows how to put the burden back in the picture, It was supposed to be Arizona’s burden and frog and pickles gave it to Nurmi, and he lost the wheel. Now he got his bearings and a tiny reprieve, but it’s too late for Nurmi. All we can do is blame frog and pickles, so they got the temporary win, and now they better enjoy it cause someone will come to Jodi’s rescue, they’ll want the money, and will be able to cope with the hate.

          • I hope you’re right, John, and that there is enough in the donations to find a hungry lawyer ready to take on the challenge. Even if they only do it to make their name, I’m okay with that.

            Nurmi made his name. He’ll never have a bad day again.

            Judge Stephens did the best she could within her own style. Both sides of this case (as in, those who feel strongly about one side or the other) feel she could have done better, but the majority of us don’t live in AZ and won’t be voting during her next election. I see many people say “Is her boss not taking notice?” But the thing is, judges don’t have a “boss,” really. So, she has nothing to worry about, and she did try to be fair on many, many occasions. All those who know little about the law wanted a more high-handed judge, like they’ve seen on TV.

            I couldn’t even count the amount of times I’ve seen comments such as “But Judge Judy would have …” Judge Judy isn’t running an actual courtroom. She’s a retired judge playing a starring role in a TV show loosely based on small claims court (which, in and of itself, is often a bit of a joke in real life) and many of the cases she “presides” over are contrived and fictional to begin with. They scour small claims court cases for TV-worthy cases and perhaps, represent, less than 3% of them. Both the plaintiff and the defendant are paid (a nominal fee) for their appearance. And Judge Judy’s decisions are not even legally binding!

            And sure, we’ve all seen live court shows (much more boring) than Judge Judy where judges appear “tougher” than Judge Stephens. But that’s the style of the judge — and judges set their style long before they become judges, actually. Judge Stephens was once a lawyer, after all.

        • Ray is a millionaire. AZ knew he’d have the best lawyers so he was only charged w/felony neg homicide. That was a 9 to 27+ yr sentence. He got convicted, sentenced to 2 yrs and did less. Money talkin or was it The Secret striking again?

      • Yes, Patty, I absolutely do. He was Victoria Washington’s second chair all along — or for a very long time close to the beginning, as I recall. PD cases are randomly assigned for the most part, other than more severe cases require someone with particular experience or qualifications, according to bar rules. Other than that, it’s random.

        Could there have been a better PD on the team at the time that would have defended Jodi with more vigour? Sure. And well, Victoria sure seems like a bulldog from the little we saw of her. She’s a hardcore PD with possible political inclinations — which is why many PDs remain in that job and don’t go into private practice. Someone has to do that job and to do it long term, you have to be completely dedicated. She strikes me as someone who is. Nurmi, not so much. And I’m not saying he’s a “bad guy” here. It’s just that most PDs get completely burned out. (Friends I went to law school with told me after 5 or 6 years that they were drinking too much, felt suicidal frequently, and just couldn’t handle life. I clerked at a law firm with one of them while we were both in our first year of law school and he was a shining star. It was rough to see him several years later in his crumpled suit, unmatching shirt and tie, having lost most his hair, gained a ton a weight, and just not being the guy he was when we researched until the wee hours to find *just* the right case and jumped with joy when one of us “found” it. My heart went out to him.)

        So Victoria might have brought an entirely different theme to this case. But she had some “conflict” that has never been disclosed and most likely never will be. But don’t read into that too much. Lawyers frequently have conflicts and it’s most likely not conspiracy (although I know this case lends itself to that). She may have represented a member of the Alexander family somewhere along the way, or a star witness for the prosecution, or who knows?

        • Victoria wanted to argue it as heat of passion –

          said *all* of Travis’ BS would have been admissible and come to light (apparently we’ve yet to hear it all) – that jury would have come away thinking ‘well, maybe he didn’t deserve *that* but we get why it happened the way it did’.

          I think maybe Nurmi thought the stipulations for battered women’s syndrome would help bolster his case, improve Jodi’s odds of acquittal. But if that’s so he should’ve had some graphics to make the point, to really explain the legal recognition of BWS to the jury. As it was, they only got it buried in pages of jury instructions.

      • I’m bitter about Nurmi, but that’s my problem. Realistically, the percentage of felony cases that come out successful for the indigent is so low it may not have mattered anyway.

          • Oh and for the record, I’m bitter about him too. At the time he made his “9 days out of 10” statement in closing arguments, I was essentially told to STFU here for being angry about it. But it has stuck in my mind ever since. Did it make a difference? I don’t know. I’ll never really know. But I sure wouldn’t want someone to EVER represent me who made a statement like that — and unfortunately, I’ve experienced something similar during a hearing in my divorce (not a trial for my life per se, although it was as personal to me, as I was trying to protect myself from my ex killing me — and the lawyer I hired said I was “paranoid or something like that, because of my alleged abuse” and I have never quite overcome my bitterness about that either). Some said it was a brilliant move by Nurmi. Obviously NOT. Jodi was found guilty. Boneheaded move is what I’ll call it.

            • I didn’t like Nurmi saying that about Jodi either, but he redeemed himself this time around. He literally was a new man and I was pleasantly surprised at the job that he did this time around.

              • I can’t jump there without seeing the video. Reading the tweets, he still went on WAY too long with EVERY single witness and bored the jury (his main audience). The ONE thing I will give him is that his closing was powerful. He had me in tears … and I only read the tweets, mostly biased against him. I didn’t get to watch it live.

                And I’ll be honest if I may, a part of me kinda sorta hoped for the death penalty — not for the dreadful isolation that I wasn’t sure Jodi could withstand for all the years it may take — but because it would make appellate courts actually *have* to pay attention and be more likely to overturn, even if it took 15-20 or more years, but they would have *had* to look. I had sort of resigned myself to that verdict … or so I thought. But when it actually came down to it, and the possibility of a verdict for death was on the table, I couldn’t stop crying at work. A few people asked if something awful had happened in my life (maybe because they know I had just started the job when my mother passed away and I had to work through the tears). I couldn’t talk about it and was still too afraid to post here. I also didn’t want Martinez and Montgomery to be able to say “told you so.”

                Then again, I couldn’t help but personalize (oh fine, they’ll call it “project”) and wonder “What if this was me? What if I just lost it one night and killed my ex,” just to make it stop. No one really understands this unless you’ve been through it.

                And I looked at this young woman who hadn’t had any success with relationships, when that was really ALL she ever wanted, and how she chose the wrong guy, and it just tore my heart apart. I found real love at 45, almost 46. I can’t even begin to verbalize the difference that has made in my life. It has brought me great confidence. It has changed me dramatically — even though it took so so so long for me to actually trust what this was. I don’t know Jodi and I most likely never will, but I relate to her on a level only another abused women can. (No, I’m not talking about physical abuse, because believe it or not, that’s the LEAST part of an abusive relationship — sounds weird? Join a freaking group of abused women and LEARN.)

                Jodi NEVER had the love I’ve experienced the past few years. She (as I did) dated ALL the wrong guys who just wanted her for how she looked. They weren’t all bad guys, don’t get me wrong. But she’s just a young woman who worked hard all her life, never did anything wrong (at least, not since she was a teen — and hell, I did a LOT more wrong in my so-called adult years). And so, I couldn’t stomach her getting sentenced to death. When you’re loved, actually loved for who you are, regardless of weight, hair colour, physical attributes, social abilities, whatever … it makes such a difference. It’s what most parents give their children and why people adore their pets: unconditional love. Some of us don’t ever get it. I got it at the ripe old age of 45 and I’m almost 50 now. Again, what a difference! I guess DeMarte (and my ex) would say I have borderline personality disorder.

                Then again, I’ve always thought the entire “premeditation” was a bunch of mostly circumstantial (at best) hooey. At worst, it was a crime of passion. The truth probably lays somewhere in the middle where it was either a self-defense crime or a manslaughter comprised of previously unrelieved anger or maybe someone else did it. It doesn’t really matter. The death penalty is JUST not appropriate. Jodi doesn’t remember beyond a certain point, and no one but Jodi can ever tell us and she may never remember.

                • I have a question, that might have already been discussed. If so, I’m sorry, but I’ve always wondered why they almost started out with the necked pictures of Jodi and what they had to do with thr case.
                  Besides in those pictures she had brown pigtails..
                  When were they taken and what did it have to do with why Jodi was innocent or not.

                • It was the prosecution who put those pics out there as I recall. It was all meant to humiliate Jodi and show the conservative jurors (and the rest of the trial watchers) that she’s a “whore” who dared to be sexually active prior to marriage. OMG!

                  In most states, they would have been considered too prejudicial to show to anyone other than the judge/jury. Apparently, that’s not the case in AZ.

                • And everyone watching and hating her for it were doing the same!
                  It was prejudicial and I’m sure it wouldn’t have been allowed in most cases.

                • Life is ALWAYS better than death. No matter what Judge Stephens decides, we’re prepared to fight this in the courtrooms and through the criminal justice system no matter how long it takes.

      • It wouldn’t have mattered who defended her. The media and social media trashing Jodi Arias, originating with the lies told by Travis Alexander’s Mormon friends, doomed her from the start.

        Jesus Christ himself couldn’t have gotten her acquitted or gotten her reduced charges.

  30. If Sheriff Joe was able to serve for the rest of his life, I would immediately call for his impeachment and urge the Arizona State Legislature to begin the process of his removal. However, there IS an election coming up next year and, presuming that he doesn’t receive fines and/or jail time, he’s going to run again and we can only hope and pray that one of his challengers is able to convince the people of Arizona just how corrupt, bigoted and, yes, EVIL he is.

    I want to go on record stating that I have nothing but respect for the majority of law enforcement officers in this country. Most of them are good, decent men and women who serve honorably although there are always a few rotten ones like Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe’s track record over the past 20 years is well-known to many of us in this country. He likes to think of himself as “America’s Sheriff”, but he’s been conspicuously soft on sex criminals especially ones who abuse minors. He has referred to one of the areas at the Maricopa County jail as a “concentration camp”. Now, I’m not Jewish, however, some of my family members are and a few years ago I became friends with a local man who is a Holocaust survivor. Most Americans would like to think that we saw the last of concentration camps during World War II. I doubt that any of us would have expected to hear of someone in this country, let alone a law enforcement official, bragging about having concentration camps here. If it were up to me, the day that Sheriff Joe left office the first thing that I would do is tear down that so-called concentration camp and light what was left of it on fire to burn into the ash heaps of history along with the remnants of his regime.

    Then there is the asinine pursuit of President Obama’s citizenship status which Joe Arpaio doggedly pursuing his birth certificate to prove that he wasn’t born in America. All of this the Sheriff of Rotting Ham did while the cameras were present. This man never met a camera he didn’t like and he has the audacity to suggest that Jodi Arias is spending too much time in front of cameras? I don’t remember who said it first, but someone once said that “character is when you choose to do the right thing even when no one is watching”. The good, honest sheriffs in this country don’t need nor do they seek fame and celebrity by constantly appearing on-camera or getting their names in the newspapers. They simply do the job that the people elected them to do. And, in case Sheriff Joe needs to be reminded, people like him work for the people who voted him into office, NOT the other way around.

    • I seriously don’t know how people can vote for a man that encourages racism and human rights abuse. Especially if Americans look into their family history, I bet there are not too many 100% pure Americans living in the USA. So to vote for a racist is like voting against your ancestors and what they had to do to make sure you are comfy and ‘free’.

      • Yes, Pandora, but there are racists in America who see no problem voting for one of their own. Sheriff Joe’s track record on minorities, particularly Hispanics and Latinos, is well-known. The fact that Jodi Arias is of Mexican ancestry probably makes him dislike her even more. And the same can be said for some Americans in this country who are already pissed off that “foreigners” (their words, not mine) are taking jobs and coming to this country. The bottom line is that a lot of these foreigners take the jobs that many Americans either don’t want or are unwilling to do.

    • He has served 6 terms already! It is shocking to me that he is elected time after time after time despite all of his corrupt activities. But, that does say something about the people of that area.

  31. It is my understanding that Juror #17 has been harassed on the Internet, had her personal information including home address and phone number published, received derogatory messages including death threats. As crazy as this might sound, why am I not surprised? Isn’t this type of behavior pretty much par for the course of the haters? The people who have no life that wanted so badly to terminate Jodi’s?

    Let’s just say that the jury unanimously voted to give Jodi the death penalty. As upset and as angry as we might have been, I can guarantee you that none of those jurors would be receiving the harassment from those of us who support Jodi compared to the way the haters are treating the lone juror who voted against the death penalty for Jodi. Instead, we would have fought our battles through the legal system, not by reacting with a mob mentality.

    Whether you agree with the verdict or not, that doesn’t give you a right to harass or threaten an innocent woman who admirably performed her civic duty. My advice to these people is GET A LIFE before you start deciding when someone else doesn’t get to live theirs anymore.

  32. Sheriff Joe’s track record goes without saying. I don’t say this about many people, but I believe that he is EVIL. Anyone who would refer to a section of his jail as a “concentration camp”, knowing how racially insensitive that is to say, not to mention, how stupid it is, demonstrates their bigotry on full display for the rest of the world to take notice.

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for the majority of law enforcement officers. The majority of them are brave, honorable and decent men and women who dedicate their lives in protecting us. However, there are a few rotten ones like Sheriff Joe who don’t use their power, but ABUSE it. If Sheriff Joe was serving the rest of his life in office, I would immediately call for his impeachment and urge people to contact the Arizona State Legislature to begin that process. Thankfully, he doesn’t serve for life and there will be an election next year in which he is running yet again. Hopefully, the more people in Arizona find out about this man, the less they will find reason to re-elect him as Sheriff.

    On a personal note, I have friends who are Jewish and one of them is a Holocaust survivor that lives nearby. Even though I’m not Jewish, I take great offense to Sheriff Joe’s decision to refer to a section of his jail as a concentration camp. Any American who had any decency in him or her would just as soon put the concentration camps into the ash heaps of history and whoever replaces Sheriff Joe should do just that to the one at Maricopa County Jail. I would shut it down immediately and assure that it would never again return.

    Last but not least, Sheriff Joe has never met a camera he didn’t like, but he thinks Jodi Arias spends too much time in front of a camera or having her name out in the media. Jodi hasn’t done a televised interview for almost two years. Joe Arpaio can’t go two days without getting his name in the news or getting in front of the camera. Someone once said that “character is doing the right thing even when no one is watching”. Too bad Sheriff Joe didn’t get that memo.

  33. The haters have actually been saying that Jodi’s friends and the people that support her are the ones that caused her this restriction. REALLY?? LMFAO!

    So according to them, all the mail and phone calls they have willingly made to sheriff joe’s jail did not play a role in this.

    All the continuous stalking of each and every ‘Jodi Arias’ friendly site, page or blog and screenshooting everything we write and sending it to sheriff joe didn’t play a role either.

    So EX-CUSE me but we are not to be blamed for anything. Caring and loving for Jodi is not a crime and shouldn’t be punishable.

    I really laugh at all those losers that were whining and moaning for this trial to be over with already so they can continue in their lives BUT truth of the matter is that you losers are all still here because YOU DON’T HAVE A LIFE.

    You call us all sort of names for spending a lot of time on this site (and at other sites) expressing our opinion and thoughts ABOUT the case and everything surrounding it.

    I have yet to run into a site that is in favor of travis and see pure conversation about the trial and case. All your pathetic blogs and sites are just mocking us – Jodi’s FRIENDS. Probably because your brains are the size of a pea and you don’t have the ability to analyze anything.

    So, all I know is that YOU people are STALKERS and obsessed about Jodi and her friends.

    The reason we don’t actually waste our time on you stalkers (by researching and naming you and mocking your cluelessness) is that you are not worth our time. You have zero value to us. You are nothing. So run along and play with your buckets and shovels. Jodi Arias support pages and groups are for the grown ups.

    • (((((((Pandora)))))))))) That needed to be said. If they do not like us. . .just frankly it is too bad. Oh well. We are here for the LONG HAUL. Everyday they carry on their campaign of hate they only are hurting themselves. They will have to answer to the Lord for their evil actions against another human being.

    • Likely, what will happen is that another high-profile murder case will make the news and they’ll move on to their next target. And by that point they won’t even give a rat’s ass about Travis Alexander or his family, if they ever did anyway.

    • Goodmorning All ! Does anyone know if we will ever get to see the video of the entire retrial? Will anyone ever be putting it online for all to see?

    • This is what I was afraid of. They are just going to cut it up into little pieces that they choose to show.

      That guy on Fox said that individuals could probably buy one – he didn’t see why not but it was offered to the media. If media bought it, it would be for their viewing audience so I’ve started to wonder about copyright.

      • Exactly – show the things that may reflect negatively toward Jodi, but hold the corruption exposed parts. These Azzwipes in AZ never cease to amaze me.

        I really wish they would post Nurmi ripping TotDoc a new one. And to think the jury actually bought her bullsh*t truly amazes me. 🙄

        • Right, Bystander. That was more shocking than that they were all voting for the death penalty, for crying out loud. When I heard that, I was like, “Note to self: NEVER set foot in that part of the country!” You have two experienced psychologists talk to you for days about abusive relationships and you believe someone who admits she doesn’t read journals, has no experience in domestic violence, counts her time as a student as her experience, but essentially has very little experience, and her main claim to fame is being a “star witness” testifying in Juan’s death trials. Unless she’s dramatically changed since the first trial, her attitude came across as snotty and condescending. I guess that’s what passes for “educated” in AZ.

          • That snooty little brat couldn’t find her way out of a wet paper bag. If you bought her her load of nonsense, I’ve got beachfront property I want to sell you in Alaska!

  34. Good morning all, hi Cindy hope you are feeling better! Can’t believe the stuff with Sheriff Joe. Does anyone know if Jodi still has leftover stuff from commissary that she has in her cell or did they take that away from her too? I can’t believe what is happening to her

        • You said it, girl! And most of the people in his jails haven’t even had their trial yet. Some of them may be acquitted. I guess “innocent until proven guilty” is too difficult a concept for him.

          • I’ve about decided that Arizona is “the landfill for the trash” of America. Sorry. I am thankful there are still a hand full of good honest citizens there but they are becoming a minority IMO.

        • What was with the 42 days thing? Like, why 42? Why not 40? Is that exactly how long it will be before she’s transferred after sentencing?

          • According to some sites, she talked to (had “visits with) 27 people over the course of 9 hours by videochat. Video visits are allowed in Estrella. And Pandora said there was NO limit on how many.

            In most jails, you have to be over 18 to “visit,” unless accompanied, by an adult. Allegedly, among her video-visitors, there were two 15 year old girls, who did not have an adult accompanying them. I’m not sure how this all works or if she had any say-so as to who chatted with her and who didn’t. If she didn’t know who they were before accepting the call, or their age, how can she be held at fault? I guess if she learned their age during the call, and that their parents weren’t with them, she could have hung up? But maybe they told her their parents said it was okay?

            Also, she had a man from Greece call her and you, apparently, have to be a US resident to call??? That sounds very “iffy” to me. What if you’re an immigrant and a resident, but a family member/friend calls from your country of origin? What if your attorney in another country needs to speak with you for some very important reason?

            And then, allegedly, some of the people who were calling her were using someone else’s ID to call in … or maybe conference-calling, which is apparently not allowed. But how would she have known that? Did they say that during the call? If so, maybe they were trying to set her up.

            This is all very confusing to me.

            • All I know is believe nothing of what you hear. . .and half of what you see. SMH
              Also we have to consider where it all got started from. Things get twisted around and turned into things that never have happened the way things are presented. It is sad there are many trying to do everything they can to hurt Jodi, has if she has not suffered enough. Sad indeed.

              • Everyone please keep sending Jodi post cards and praying for her.
                They can’t take that away from her, how that must bother them.

                • R. Love, you are sooo right! I’ve never written to Jodi before. Sheriff Outlaw’s most recent conduct has made me feel that I should — even if it just pisses him and his people off a little bit more. It’s worth a trip to the PO to get the freaking postcards (I don’t drive and work a LOT).

    And even after that we will remain friends to help her into a new life full of LOVE!!! That’s what friends do!

    Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

  36. I see that the court has ordered the release of Jodi’s secret testimony. I see…as long as the defendant wants testimony not to be made public that’s the exact testimony they release. The rest, which was meant to be public, for that we have to pay an arm and a leg. It totally boggles my mind!

    My big question is: Who owns these videos?

    Does Maricopa County own them? Does the media own them since their cameras were used? How does that work?

    • The people of the state of Arizona own the videos…they paid for them with their tax dollars and by law are entitled to see them as required by the laws that govern public trials……..I think you may see someone suing for their free release and for the outrageous $$ cost being attached as unlawful…….especially bc JSS stated on record numerous times that they would made available to the public (no mention that you had to be rich in order to afford them) as a way to appease the public being kept blinded during the entire trial…….

      • I’m not sure about that BB. It’s FTR video (which stands for “For The Record.”) In any court case, even if it’s not videotaped but merely recorded stenographically, anyone can order transcripts, but they’re not free. In FL, there were rules about what official court reporters could and couldn’t charge for video/audio/transcripts. But, if one of the parties hired a private court reporter, the court wasn’t even obligated to maintain ANY record in family court (I believe they were in criminal court) and the private court reporter could charge whatever the hell they wanted to charge. I haven’t looked it up, but would imagine AZ courts may well have similar rules and the right to charge.

        • Yes, I understand that the courts have a right to charge a reasonable copy fee….but what they are charging is prohibitive and someone will challenge it most likely….no such thing as a free lunch….you can sue for free copies but of course they won’t get them for free but the court can not charge so much that it becomes prohibitive for the public to obtain them which is what has happened here……after all who can afford to pay nearly $1,800 dollars for the videos? Not the general public that’s for sure……and who paid for this trial?? The tax paying people of the state of Arizona…and as such they have a right to obtain the copies at a reasonable cost…..

    • I answered BB a moment ago, but to answer your question, there are multiple recordings. FTR, the official court video recordings, I’ll have to look up what the court can charge for them. But, to be honest, for the length of this retrial, $1700 sounds reasonable to me.

      The media owns their recordings so it’s up to them what they release.

      I’ll try to look up any AZ or Maricopa county or even that court’s rules on FTR.

    • This piece meal, all out of order, little clips and releases is not any way to follow this and it’s making me nuts already. Please citizens – make them release it in full – it’s yours – you did pay for it already!!

          • I can’t afford $1700, but I’d be willing to chip in $50-100. Are there 17 or more of us here who could do that?

          • I’m thinking it will be released after the sentencing. They will have to or they will have a lot of mad tax payers in AZ.

        • Wow….thanks for that link….I still believe that Maricopa County owes it to the tax paying people of that state a reasonable cost to obtain the videos….and $1800 dollars is not reasonable in my view….and just think if they had allowed the TV station(s) to live feed this trial it would have cost people ZERO !!!!… this charge is outrageous despite their little policy stating $30 per hearing….

      • I’m with you on this….next thing you know they will be selling it as “Pay per view” !!!!! If they had live feed during the trial it would have cost ZERO !!!!!! So how do they get off asking the outrageous price of nearly $1,800 dollars???? No one can afford that from the general tax paying public….only the rich !!!

        • Trust me, R. Love, they didn’t set these rates JUST for the Jodi trial. In fact, if they could have set them higher for her trial, they would have. These are JUST the rates they charge.

          $1700 to a media outlet is absolutely nothing. They get paid more than that for one average commercial that lasts 30 seconds. So, believe me, they have them already, or their own camera feeds, more likely.

          They’re all just teasing us to see how many views they get of their snippets. Then, they’ll decide what to do, how much to charge for advertising, etc. The verdict (or lack thereof) wasn’t the the hype they hoped for. They thought they’d be able to run with this for months. Jodi Arias’s death chamber. Jodi Arias’s cell while she waits for the death chamber. Jodi Arias’s life in Perryville — an inside look at what her prisonmates say about her. OMG! They were ready to go to town on this. Darn!

          Ever read about what they had anticipated (and lost) when Michael Jackson was found not guilty? They were sooo prepared. To many of them, Jodi is the next biggest thing since Michael or Casey Anthony. They’re the media. It’s not about the people they cover. It’s about the views/viewers/tweets/etc. They’re the court of public opinion. The greater the public, the more advertising $$$ they get.

          Kim Kardashian going blonde didn’t get the attention they wanted and expected. Tons of commercials cancelled because it just wasn’t the expected hype. And that was a story about a very famous woman bleaching her hair! This story was about “America’s most hated woman” being put to death, but damn it, she wasn’t. Awwww! They lost a few million. Such a pity.

          • I’m so glad that this trial will be over soon so CNN and HLN can go back to speculating on the whereabouts of that missing Malaysian airliner.

        • Face it, that price is set because virtually the only people who would be interested are attorneys. Legal treatises and online legal services typically run into the thousand a year in subscriptions.

          As I said before, the Arias case runs literally thousands of pages, if not tens of thousands, if you figure in the original trial.

    • Does anyone know anything about the copyright issues? If we chip in to buy a copy can we publish it on this site? I can see them recouping costs to make copies ($30 per session?) but once released it seems it’s the owner that can do what they like with it, it’s no longer costing Maricopa County anything, unless their objective is to be in the video business. If the media can purchase it for $1710 and broadcast it, we should be able to do the same.

  37. Hey All

    I would love to see the whole secret Jodi testimony. Is that available? Great that JM did not get to cross examine! But I wonder why, I’m sure he wanted to!


  38. happy Saturday everyone. I have been sitting here reading all the postneedless to say I have my own opinion. I think Sheriff Joe is using this for political reasons. the harder he is on Jodi, the more the haters like him.

    I hope Jodi has a stockpile of things from the commissary. Food, art supplies, personal hygiene products. Somehow I don’t believe that shampoo, conditioner, soap is supplied.

    So I’m sure Jodi must still have a balance in her acount. Is he going to return it? Ya like that is going to happen.

    • True, but in a way we’re kind of giving Sheriff Joe exactly what he wants: attention. The more we talk about him, the more it inflates his ego.

    Romans 12:19 ESV
    Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

  40. ♥Hope you are feeling better Cindy 😉 Thumbs up for a quick recovery!!!

    stepping up on my soap box. . .give me your patience . . .clearing my throat. . . .

    It is time for the citizens of America to open up their eyes to the injustices that are happening all around our country today. I feel we are in a crisis situation when it has come to the point corrupted members of our law enforcement and courts have gotten the feelings they are above the laws of our country. We are over run with self promoting media, with homeless people who have been abused and neglected and people who have been wrongly charged and convicted only to serve the needs of the greedy courts and our $ick prison $y$tem. All to profit from the less fortunate in our society. We must put a stop to this or it will put a stop to us. Think about it.

      • Thanks Cindy. . .it is all overwhelming to me. Innocent people suffering needlessly.
        Didn’t mean to be a downer after Al great song (thanks Al) but I am just sick of this countries injustices. And the people who are turning their heads and acting like it doesn’t affect them. They do need to stop and just think about it. This affects everyone. America is the country people flock to for freedom but sometimes I’m getting the feeling we need to run to the hills, sister~! We need to be saved from ourselves.

    • Very true, R.Love; a sick, greedy system is preying upon the most vulnerable members of society.
      I think part of the reason that most do not notice or care about this injustice is because many people are invested in an “us versus them” dynamic, where many sorts of comparisons are made to satisfy base needs and desires. This dynamic is perpetuated by a large segment of the population’s wish to have a target to project hatred upon, while at the same time feeling morally superior in their self- righteousness.

  41. ‘Mornin’ all! I hope you are recovering well cindy!
    I walk away for one day of gardening I come back to 300 new posts to catch up on. That will learn me.
    I think we need to get our hands on the full re trial. If some news org doesn’t put the whole thing up soon, I think we should take up a collection or start a new fund or something. My broke ass could probably chip in $50 but I sure can’t swing $1700. I just think that it is important to see it in it’s entirety. Not just the bits that have been chosen for us by some biased media source.
    The haters are admitting that they see remorse in Jodi. The tables are turning my friends.

    • I’m good… Done with the pain pills and on to motrin…. I’m goofy enough I don’t need pain pills..

      OK I think we all want to see the tape. Laura I hear you on the brook statement. When I have a few extra $$ it’s going to the appellate fund..

  42. Rasna,
    All wings align…. According to Estrella Jail procedure any minor who is not accompanied by their parent must have notarized documentation showing that the minor has permission to contact the person in jail. Remote video visitations have to be requested in advance 24 hours. There is no reason why the Estrella Jail did not check to ensure that the minors had permission prior to the video visitation taking place. What this does prove is that jail like Martinez will corrupt evidence and their own procedures to incriminate people to get them convicted or in trouble with the law begin….all torpedoes on Joe Arapaio.

    Also the Pink Underwear festival that is held to support children should be considered a sexual fetish because it involves the selling of underwear in color associated with little girls. Remember those pink underwear of Jodi’s with Travis Alexander written on them? It has been a set up against Jodi the entire time. To draw new support contact the feminist movements and explain to them how Travis called Jodi a Skank, A Whore, A Three Holed wonder etc. Get them involved against Arapaio as a counter attack against Juan and Joe.

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