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Morning peeps!

Looks like we had a few tech issues again with the site overnight. My tech guys are looking into it right now.

In the meantime, and seeing as it was quite a hot topic of conversation yesterday (for anyone that could find the link to it), here’s Daniel Gibbs (Juror #8’s) interview with 12 News from a couple of days back. This is where he talks about doing crosswords, jigsaw puzzles and the ongoing usage of iPod’s, iPhone & tablets by the jurors during the trial.

[hdplay id=223 width=500 height=300] 

Interesting, to say the least.

Leave your thoughts & comments below… and have an awesome weekend!


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        • I would also like the vent password. I understand it’s to vent, not stay on the page.

          • I want to vent, too. All of the news programs about this case are pissing me off. And if I see one more interview with some loser who took the week off of work and traveled 500 miles to be at the courthouse I may have to punch someone in the throat. Get a life, people. They all want justice for a guy they never meant and who clearly used and abused this girl. Why are we ignoring that? Aaaaahhhhhh!!! So much is so wrong with this whole crazy circus.

    • I knew it. Can Mr Nurmi do anything about what he admitted? O My Goodness! I knew someone would slip-up!

      • Nurmi needs to file a petition to have all of the ipads and iphones seized for review by a forensic computer specialist to determine what sites were viewed and when. Obviously, if any juror misconduct is found, that is grounds for an immediate mistrial or reversal. The fact that the UNSEQUESTERED jury had access to these things DURING THE TRIAL is absolutely ridiculous. I think, on its FACE it should be grounds for a mistrial.

    • Hey SJ, would you create at place where we can turn trolls in? Would you consider taking the IP address, so once deleted, they can’t sign up under a different name? I would agree to that, and anyone who wants on this site shouldn’t have a problem giving up their IP address.
      Just a thought…….

      • I’m willing to do whatever it takes, to keep these creeps/trolls off of our site. I’m not sure what the IP address is however…. I’ve given my email address, I guess thats different.

        PS I was on one of the other sites where the pedo huggers hang out today. And I read how one of the losers was coming on the site after being banned under a different name. These low lifes, have nothing better to do. It is so boring with all the Mormon Cult goonies, and the Nancy Disgrace lovers over there,that they have to come over here and try to rub in the biased decision by those a-hole jurors.

        Would love to kick em off permanently. What do you think peeps?

  1. This would have been totally different and she would be free right now had the jury been sequestered. It is HORRIBLE knowing they were probably reading hate messages about Jodi instead of doing their duty and listening, taking notes, and actively searching for truth. My question is, when Jodi appeals this bias, media based verdict how will they find an impartial jury?!

    • u r RIGHT re: sequest. it’s ABSURD they weren’t.

      re: jodi being free… not, imo.
      the best i figured was 20 yrs-ish minus time served…

      • Would it had mattered if they were sequestered?
        Wouldn’t they still have their IPhones IPads and
        Everything else?

        • I believe Gn that if a jury is sequestered , cellphones, ipads and the like are taken from them. They are not allowed to watch the news, read a news paper or magazine that could contain news. I know that I can access facebook and get the news on my ipod touch and it is not a phone, so what was to stop them from accessing any info at all? I think the prosecutor knew it too because he made sure things were “slipped out ” to the media, such as interrogations that did not make it into the courtroom, or the “stolen ring” Jodi was supposed to have taken. Honestly until Linda mentioned the stolen ring on HLN and then Dr Demarte mentioned it on the stand, I had not heard anything at all of a stolen ring. That as far as I was concerned was assuming facts not in evidence and should have been totally stricken from the record.

          • Thanks Debbie! I was curious about how the
            SHOULD have worked. They were for sure
            Watching something about the trial. I started
            Watching the trial and at first thought Jodi
            Was guilty. Then after I figured out what she
            Was charged with and watching the trial. Like
            KN stated it doesn’t make sense. I’m so pissed
            About this like everyone else.

    • Mel, here’s my question… You’re suppose to have a jury of your peers, right?

      A jury of your peers means, anyone in your peer group. Back when this was created, it meant that if you were a farmer, your jury would be filled with farmers. If you were a peasant, your jury would be full of peasants.

      Jury of one’s peers. a guaranteed right of criminal defendants, in which “peer” means an “equal.”

      NOW, tell me, did this happen w/Jodi ? NOPE, it did not! SHE DIDN’T HAVE ME ON THERE, and OBVIOUSLY NO ONE LIKE ME – ABUSED! How would they understand this if it never happened to them?

      Like a Police Officer being judged by a Homemaker (no offense to house wives)…. Or, an Attorney being judged by a Doctor, OR, a Semi Driver being judged by a school teacher…….
      I wonder if the DRUNK JUROR would like being judged by ME?!!! Trooper vs Drunk Juror! GUILTY!

  2. good morning to you all; hope everybody here will have a wonderful Saturday
    and lets hope Juror no 8 is going to turn out our lucky dice here
    leaving lots of ((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))) for anyone stopping by here

  3. Good morning looks like the gopher found SJ from the MC psy ward now that we all have driven him nuts !!!

    • FuJuan~

      After being so upset last nite, I read some posts after I left last nite, and this made my morning!!

      FuJuan wrote:

      (BOMBSHELL THIS MORNING::::::: LATE BREAKING NEWS…. SJ was just seen by the gopher coming out of the Lower Level Maricpocial County Psy Ward…… It’s offical we have all driven him to the nut ward ………….. No worries, he’s on plenty of meds now.

      LMAO!! And thank you for the update on the imfamous gopher!!!! I am taking a break from site today, as I need to get things done w/family and take care house etc..

      Thanks for letting me rant last nite..I actually had a dream about a huge card that we all were sending Deanna…there were creative drawings of “cows” on it! I was thinking, wow we really have some talented artists on this site!! 😉 I think the reason why I dreamt about that was last night, I wanted to say she reminded me of a cow, then thought no, that’s kinda mean..(even tho I was so angry about the stupid Date Line circus) and someone, can’t remember who went ahead and said it for me! Thank you! 😉 She is a herfer for sure!! Come to think of it, they all need to be “rounded up” and put to pasture!! I will never watch any program featuring them again.

      Meow, I hope you keep on the path you have started and stay safe..And I think it might of been Sil who did a lengthy post on what she now will do about this whole situation, and I agree to take action and to allow my self to be outraged, and will do what I can to support Jodi and spread the word about what is really going on here!!

      You all have a great Saturday, and again so glad Jodi has a growing number of people that are seeing the light!!!!
      Hugs to you all!

  4. excuse me for reposting my question from yesterday, it just bugs me;

    there is another thing, I desperately want to be in denial there, it was said that the defense team left right after the verdict which is unusual. Does anyone have any comments on that ????????????

      • to be honest I do not remember for sure I think it was showed how they left on the Greta van S
        show about the after verdict interview

        • Hmmm after the verdict I believe the judge ask the attorneys to approach the bench ! Then Jodi was taking to a holding cell where she did the interview !

            • Thank you vebe,

              This Troy is the first person in the media, concerning Jodi, that has given mental illness any respect.
              Everyone on HLN has been laughing at mental illness. Especially when it concerns Jodi. They, HLN are trying to define what crazy is. Asking all kinds of people if she is competent for court. HLN just thinks crazy is seeing or hearing something that is not there. They are broadcasting this out to the world. This is how the world is getting educated! Big serious problem. And as a professional in mental health holding licenses the poptart Martinez experts would have to kill for (because they are too stupid to have accomplished on their own) I will watch HLN to know exactly where they are coming from.
              It is always important to know and understand who is doing the attacking.
              Most important is Jodi. She needs a lot of help from professionals that can help her. Lawyers, Doctors, M Es, Investigators, who ever can do it correct. There is no doubt that there is PTSD. But she was allowed to be abused more during this trial. Now, HLN is saying she is doing reverse psychology with suicide threats. Another big mistake. People may threaten many times before they actually do accomplish a suicide. All of this is so dangerous to Jodi. The real murders were everyone else in the courtroom, the entertainment channel, and those mobs of people that followed.

    • I would think after Jodi leaves with the Bailiff there would be no reason for her defense team to think they need to defend her against the Mormon Cult. Just more Mesa, AZ Mormon corruption.

      The reporter looks like he attends LDS service every Saturday behind locked doors. And as we have come to know Mormons are encouraged to lie to keep from bringing attention upon the Cult.

      I only ask that everyone protect their ‘precious minor children’ from the Mormon Cult … the Cult prey’s (recruitment) on them at our schools.

    • As a matter in fact I do, Cindy. The lucky number is 8. As in juror #8. This guy may be the key to a successful appeal. I mean, if he knew what the verdict would be, or even had an idea of what it would be, he must have discussed it with one or more of the jurors. I’m pretty sure he’s not a mind reader.

      • Jeff, I feel kinda bad right now. I’m the one who first brought that guy’s interview to the attention of the site and I said something along the lines of “If you want to know why the jury reached that verdict, watch this.” I think that gave you all a LOT of hope.

        But the problem is, nothing he said in that brief interview, indicates that (a) the jurors spoke with one another about the trial or (b) that they used their smart devices to look up information on this case. Sure, it’s inferred, but inference simply isn’t going to cut it in a motion to set aside the verdict (the first step) or an appeal. For one thing, an appellate court ONLY reviews the record of the case — which means, all the pleadings filed since inception, and the trial transcripts. They aren’t reviewing interviews that were never addressed on the record. That’s not to say that this interview will not become a part of the record. The defense team may well address it in a motion to set aside the verdict (which is a standard motion by the way, so it will be filed). So, it may become a part of the record and therefore, may be reviewed by the appellate court IF it’s included.

        But it still doesn’t prove juror misconduct AT ALL. In fact, it’s far less of an issue that most attorneys would consider using on appeal than the fact that juror no. 5 apparently DID discuss the case with the other jurors or made some statements to them that they felt were inappropriate under the admonition.

        I really didn’t want to mislead anyone here by drawing attention to juror no. 8’s interview. Appeals require focus on 3-5 issues maximum (the less the better). Any more than that, and an appellate court is going to assume the appeal is frivolous because they assume a trial court judge is capable of upholding the law. An appellate lawyer chooses his/her battles wisely and picks the strongest issues which he/she thinks are winnable. This interview certainly isn’t one of them, because the juror didn’t admit anything. I’m not a practicing lawyer. I’m just an idiot who went to law school and who has worked in law firms for most of my life. However, having represented myself pro se in my own appeal for the latter part of last year, I’m very very familiar with the appellate process — at least as it relates to direct plenary appeals — it really doesn’t vary much from state to state, other than brief formatting requirements (font, line spacing, binding/stapling, etc.)

        Again, we (as in, those of us here) can certainly infer that the jurors discussed the case amongst themselves and that they may have reviewed articles or at least headlines, of media coverage concerning the case. But short of juror no. 8 outright admitting to those facts, his interview, in and of itself, would not be a good appellate issue to raise.

        I truly apologize if my post gave anyone false hope.

        • I was part of a case that the verdict was overturned based on jury misconduct, it was also a murder case, The jury went home and did an experiment trying to find out if the state or the defense were right. The defendant got another trial, ended in hung jury, and then in the third one juror was accussed of reading a post on her facebook that someone posted about the trial, the defense appeal on that and it was proven she wasn’t what the appeal was looked at. And the prosecution said if she had done that their would be another trial.

          • You know, Jennifer, the facts you describe are dramatically different than anything that occurred during this trial. Unless we discover such an experiment (which I doubt), I’m so sorry, but your juror experience is really not relevant.

        • Thanks AA. OK now I have a question for you. What happens if Jodi is found mentally. unstable. to continue? How long can they hold this jury?

          • Hmmm honestly, I don’t know how long they can hold the further phases. But in order to be executed, she has to be deemed mentally competent (not sure of the AZ verbiage). I don’t think this has happened regularly enough for me to research it, though.

            • Oh they’ll skirt that thing every way possible. And they do have a rehab/stabilization process, where they get you well enough to kill you or whatever.

              They did that with Jared Loughner (the guy who shot Gabby Giffords). Put him in a psych ward for 6 months, declare him competent and then sentence him.

              • RE: Kevin Lochner. He killed six people including a child and wounded
                several others and Az. makes a deal for no DP. Jodie kills her lover who
                took advantage of her sexually and they ask for the DP. Does this make sense?

                • Yeah, THAT is a bunch of bullshit. Jodi’s case should never have been a DP case if Loughner’s wasn’t.

                • Exactly. This happens all the time, unfortunately. I don’t even know why it’s called “justice” when there isn’t anything “just” about it. I know every state is different, but it’s really frustrating when someone commits a worse crime than another person, but yet they get a lighter sentence.

                  Susan Wright, who was also abused, stabbed her husband 193 times and buried him in the backyard. She is serving 20 years. I don’t think it’s fair that Jodi is most likely going to be spending more than that in jail or getting the death penalty.

            • AA thank you for answering that. I am very worried about Jodi right now. And yes I do believe she has PTSD.

        • AA,
          Don’t feel bad. I’m sure your absolutely correct. He may have done nothing wrong, but I suspect that at least some of those jurors, at one time or another, did not pay attention to the judge’s admonition.

        • AA,

          You nailed it. The only thing this interview might do is get the judge to voire dire the jury, based on his comment of “I knew what was coming”. Now if anything gets uncovered in the voire dire, that’s a different story.

          I think they have to look for harmful error elsewhere.

            • A lot better.

              Hey they made us steaks on the grill, a salad and a home made blueberry pie with heaps of ice cream. I am now fat, full and a lot better.

              Great kids – wand we are truly blessed.

          • Jeff, I suspect that too, but it’s not provable.

            Al, thank you. I agree. Nothing may be turned up and then, what? I think Juror No.5 and her misconduct is something I’d go after on appeal. Not juror No. 8, who was arrested on a DUI which does, sorry to say, affect his credibility.

            • That’s right. I’d almost forgotten about her. Juror #5 is the one who made comments to other jurors, correct?

              • Right, she was the one. I think her “misconduct” perhaps coupled with potential misconduct cited by Juror No. 8, could become an appellate issue. There’s a possibility that the interview with Juror No. 8 was abbreviated and/or edited. Perhaps he said more. Perhaps he will say even more, or some other juror will. This actually happens with some frequency and results in verdicts being overturned. A high profile case in FL was overturned for that reason on Friday (John Goodman).

            • AA,

              Isn’t it true that not only does the appellant have to show the error but also, by a preponderance of the evidence, show that the error was egregious enough to have affected the outcome of the trial?

              Also, from my readings it seems that most of the jury related overturnings happen either due to some error in instruction or because some juror yapped after all was said and done.

              Of course the case of an experiment is just a blatant violation of the Admonition and now has the jury relying on evidence not admitted in court.

              • I think Jodi will be mentally ill for life due to the Trial and everything she had to deal with on a daily basis. What she dealt with was a prosecutor who only lies and lives in Disneyworld. That is probably why Martinez felt such a bond with Travis. Martinez was pissed off he would never have the experience of vacationing at Disneyworld with Travis. Where parents think there children are safe with all the Fairy Princes.

                Back to serious. This mental illness is not something that will be fixed over night or in 6 months. If Jodi were to live she needs to work on this every minute of her life. The mental illness needed to be picked up before trial and the whole Trial had to be presented differently. I am sorry because I don’t understand the legal world so I may not be saying things correctly.

                What happened with Jodi was that her defense mechanisms were so strong she could put on a façade. She looked well put together, she speaks well, and she truly (well I am observing) disassociates. That is what happened when she snapped and killed Travis. He provoked her to the point of disassociation. Being abused is something that can trigger this. But one has to understand disassociation usually starts very young. It could have been abuse or sexual abuse from another family member. But in able for the person to survive they need to create another world. My hypothesis, and it is just a hypothesis, is that the killing of Travis happened because his trigger had her disassociated personality come out. This was not premeditated in any way.
                This also happened after the verdict was read and is how she was able to go through with the interview.
                It takes years, if not a lifetime to fix this. It may never be fixed. In my opinion, they can’t give her DP. They can give her psychiatric treatment with professionals in this area. She asked to appeal, yet was denied. That wasn’t her fault. That is the fault of the professionals.

                • What do you mean an appeal was denied? She hasn’t appealed anything yet.

                • JC,

                  I was referring to when before the trial of 50 some days she wanted a plea bargain (I thought it may be called appeal). she wanted to make and arrangement for 2nd degree or manslaughter. But Travis’s family and Martinez would not agree to it. Am I making sense? I am not good with legal terminology. So thank you for pointing that out. If I am still using the incorrect words, please correct me if you understand what I am meaning about her not wanting to go to trial and make a deal with the other side.

                  Thank you

              • Al, you asked “Isn’t it true that not only does the appellant have to show the error but also, by a preponderance of the evidence, show that the error was egregious enough to have affected the outcome of the trial?”

                For a direct appeal, no, an error is an error. For PCR claims based on ineffective assistance of counsel, yes.

                As for jurors yapping later, yes, that happens more frequently than you’d like to imagine.

          • If he has more to say such as “Yes, the jurors frequently talked about the case” or “I saw one juror clicking on a link to an HLN article about the case,” then his credibility wouldn’t matter a bit. His sworn statement about juror misconduct he witnessed would be sufficient.

            What he has said in the interview snippet that we’ve heard thus far isn’t enough to make an issue out of it — other than perhaps questioning the jurors individually to see if one of them would own up to misconduct they witnessed.

            I just wonder if he actually DID say more and the reporter chose not to present it.

  5. Ah yes, juror #8, one of my favorite people. NOT! But then again, he could really turn out to be one of the best things that could’ve happened in this case. Thank you, Sir, you may be one of the main characters in the next trial. God willing.

  6. Dear SJ, Thank you for this site…I haven’t been allowed to post yet but come daily to read. I am amazed by the brilliant posters here, and the love and support you show to Jodi. I would like to be able to post and share feelings I haven’t gotten a chance to share..frustrations with our judicial system and hurt I have for Jodi and this terrible place she was forced into. Her bravery in all of this astounds me. The hate that is rampant in the media outrages me. I believe Jodi was guilty before being proved innocent, that tainted view caused by the talking heads that have NO idea how to view facts. Its pick a side game and play that angle for all its worth. Thank you for reading my vent and I hope you will allow me to share at some point. You and your admins are amazing!


    • Mel…you said the same thing that I was thinking when I heard the “cheers” from the crowds of people outside the courthouse as HLN held out their microphone to them…

      “It reminded me of the “cheers” of the crowds of people at the football stadium that we hear on television when it’s the last win of a college game and you know that team is the one that’s going to be the one going to the Sugar Bowl”

    • Thank you cindy. That was one of my pet peeves too. We saw how Jennifer reacted and how she reached out a hand to briefly comfort Jodi. But where was Kirk? I assume he was there. But I never even saw him. Granted, I tuned in a bit late having arrived at my soon-to-be-inlaws right before the verdict was read (because I had to pick up a kitty at the vet’s and I lost my gerbil that day). Perhaps the camera focused on him before I got there, but as far as I’m aware, there is absolutely NO footage of him AFTER the verdict. Not even of the expression on his face. He was first chair on the case. I’m honestly shocked the camera didn’t pan out to him even for a second.

      • He was there they said before they read the verdict that all attorneys and Jodi were present. All the cameras were zoomed in on Jodi and then went to the family of TA.

      • They never showed him or JM. I also thought it was strange that they never stood while the verdict. was read. As for the interview …you really have to listan to the phone call Jodi made to the news reporter on Sunday. I honestly feel that Jodi. has some very deep mental issues. I don’t know what chapped in court. the other day but it must. be a big deal because. Why would the wait until the last minute to have a close hearing and leave the jury and families in the court room for almost 2 hours? OK I don’t think the jury would be left in the courtroom. That would not make sense.

        • I thought that also. I have never seen a case where the defendant sat during the reading of the verdict either.

          • For their protection???…

            Maybe they allow them to sit in the event that the verdict is not favorable…it would keep the person from collapsing and falling against the table, chair, or floor and getting injured???

            • I am thinking their is a problem with the jury.

              If any jury member was threatened into going along … mistrial.

              I really think the problem Friday was with the jury.

              • If it was with the jury then they wouldn’t of scheduled the remainder of the sentencing phase to start on Wednesday and stated the reason it was starting Wednesday is because of Dr. Quack not being available till then. They would of not publically said a thing other then it was cancelled for that day.

          • its AZ it appears they do everything different there. and in truth its a mixed bag of difference. I think juror 5 might have something to say about those ipads.. and jurors on breaks.. she said it would create a miss trial.

        • Shit, Cindy, I guess it’s time for me to admit I have mental issues too. You could take so many messages of mine and assume I have mental issues. After all, I allowed a man I loved to abuse me. I must be a mental case. Pardon the sarcasm, but I was actually a very well balanced woman in m mid-30s when my abuser came back into my life. I first met him when I was 23, so I was hopelessly doomed, but that makes me a person with mental issues?

          Do you all know that 50% of domestic violence victims came from non-abusive healthy families? Do you all know that regardless of who you think you are, where you came from, what support system you have in place, it could happen to you too!!!

          I don’t wan to cuss, but this makes me angry. I was a childhood abuse victim. I didn’t deserve my marriage. I deserve my current relationship,as does everyone, but have difficulty accepting love. Am I mentally ill? Or, do I just have PTSD? My fiance would aggressiovely debate you on that one if he were here!

          • AA you think I wasn’t abused? You think I didn’t t go through my own living hell? I understan
            You took what I said wrong. I watched the same. trial you did. What I was referring to is Jodi not acting right right now. There is something very wrong. Please don’t jump down on me untilled you listan to the phone call she made last Sunday. I also understand that right now she is faceing death.

            • I just listened to the voicemail message she left for Troy Brayden….she stated that if the jury said first degree, she wanted the interview right away but if it was anything less, she would wait until after the sentencing phase for the interview. Is that the same call you listened to Cindy?

              • AA,
                I also listened to that and didn’t hear any mental illness. Maybe there is another recording that we haven’t listened to?

                • Nope, but many people seem to have turned against Jodi since that recording. I am like WTF?

          • geez, all anyone has to do is watch ID or one those shows. when it i about an abused, the shrinks always will mention that an the abused stays or will go back to their abuser!
            HOW/WHY this seemingly hurt jodi is hard to understand.

          • AA I am keeping you in my prayers!!

            I was attacked by my drugged up wife and drew my fist back as I told her ‘if you ever attack me again, I will knock your teeth out.’

            My own action scared me so much, since I was raised by my Baptist father to never raise my hand to a woman or child, I left my home for 10 days to cry in a Hotel. I decided if all of her verbal abuse of me had lead to a physical altercation that caused me to raise my fist & threaten the woman I loved .. it was time I quit staying for the children. I filed for divorce.

            I would suggest anyone who is ‘staying for the children’ , to follow your brain and not your heart. It will not change at home.

            • Willie,
              I am so sorry to hear that. Sometimes when men are pushed to the breaking point and raise that fist in anger one of two things happen. One they let that fist connect with the woman who had pushed them to their limits these are the monsters who we call abusers (these men will most likely continue the abuse each time the woman pushes them) Or TWO they can let that fist fall to their side and turn and walk out of the house. These are REAL MEN. And you WILLIE are the second you are a REAL MAN. You stood there fist held high knowing that you could connect that fist to her and “teach her a lesson” as the abusers would claim or you could realize in that split second that no you aren’t that kind of person who does that and turn on your heel and walk away. I COMMEND YOU!!! I have been on the other side of that raised fist more times then I can count and would of loved for a REAL MAN to be standing over me.
              I pray that you have found a peace within yourself since your divorce. And have realized that you are not even close to like the MONSTERS.

            • No, but she said Jodi has mental health issues and I disagree — other than PTSD which I also suffer from.

          • AA, AGREED!! All us abused women are MENTAL I guess!! Read my story Cindy! The only thing wrong with Jodi………. She defended herself against a PERV- Twisted – FREAK!! She’s facing DEATH! She’s not mental, and please do not post stuff like that… It’s very offensive! I agree with AA all the way!

            • Thank you Crooked. I get so angry when people say the behaviour of abused women is “not normal”. It’s not normal for society, but it’s normal for us because of all we endured. Listening to that message she left for Troy Hayden so reminded me of myself when I leave a message. I can’t even leave a message anymore without deleting and re-recording it several times. I’ve written out scripts simply to leave someone a message. Jodi’s message sounded rehearsed to me, hence the flat affect regarding the verdict. She had to block her emotions. She must have called someone else who 3-way called Troy because aren’t all jail calls collect?

              Thinking of Jodi having to talk about the possibility of the jury coming back with first degree, I don’t think she could have done so, without rehearsal first. I remember having to call back the prosecutor in the case against my husband where she wanted my input about a plea deal she was going to offer him. I must have erased and re-recorded at least a dozen times before sending the message. She said I sounded unemotional on my message, but when we spoke live, I was an emotional wreck. I couldn’t even talk to her without my counselor present.

              I know most people don’t understand this as we abused women do. It’s soooo hard to explain.

              • I also suffer some PTSD from the years of abuse that I suffered. I stayed for years because I WAS SCARED TO LEAVE. He would threaten me if I left and all the other threats he made to be came true so I knew if I left the HELL THAT I WOULD get would be WORSE then I had ever gotten before.
                AA like you I have found a prince of men who no matter how angry I have made him he has never hit me. My fiancé defends women in fat the only criminal charge he has is from defending a woman who was being beat by her boyfriend. He did not know either of them and was just driving by and saw it and couldn’t pretend he didn’t like the others who were driving by had done. This was years ago but recently he did the same thing with another couple only this time the man came back days later to thank my fiancé for being a man and stepping in when he was doing WRONG. I have given the woman our number and the number to the shelter because right now she isn’t ready to leave. And AA you and I and the rest of the DV victims on here know a victim wont leave until she is ready.

                • Hear hear Jennifer.

                  I seriously consider myself so lucky to have found a prince. I have irritated and even expressed my anger to him on rare occasions while enduring extreme stress and when he was trying to help me. Instead of verbally or physically abusing me, he has simply walked away for a bit and come back, ready to help again. I don’t feel I deserve him. I may never feel that way. I expect to be punished for my mistakes or other’s perceptions that I was mistaken and I’m surprised that he always supports me. I continue to be amazed by this feeling of love he has towards me. I always knew I felt it. I just never thought another person would love me like he does. Sometimes, I’m still expecting the other shoe to drop. Surely no one can love me like I love others? But I’m proven wrong again and again.

          • I saw the sheriff on television talking about the bomb threat. He was also asked why he allowed Jodi’s interview. He said he has an open door policy and it happens all the time with all the prisoners. He sounded like a concierge. But things are done differently in Arizona and everybody in Arizona is saying it is Jodi’s fault. Wake up Arizona! It has been happening for ever. Stop blaming Jodi!

  7. Ok I really need to say something here.

    We need to let go of the Would haves, could haves and should haves.
    There is nothing we can do about the mistakes that were made in this trial right now.
    But we can be take our anguish that we feel and be productive.

    • I agree Cindy. We all need to put on our PI hats and find out about what the jurors were doing while the trial was going on. In fact I have a friend who is very close to a big wig at Facebook and once they list the names he is going to investigate their activity during the last 4 months on Facebook. We also need to start raising money to get her a good appeals attorney. Does anyone know if Jose is available? That is the type of attorney she needs.

      • Jose would never take her case, as he stated on tv …. and he’s not an appeals attorney. We need a big wig like Judy Clarke…. someone with lots of experience……… and it’s going to take a lot of money around 150k is what i found last night… This process takes years from what I have read…….

        • I wonder if one of the groups that work pro bono to get people new trials. like the Innocence Projects that many states have.

            • Apparently Fury is having a great deal of trouble understanding what is being discussed and formulating a timely response.

              Are we moving too quickly for you Fury? Should we slow it down a bit so you can comprehend what we are talking about?

              ……… Ummm… nevermind. I don’t think it’ll happen.

              • Justice he needs to be talked to slowly because he is a PEDO hugger and use to how little children talk we are probably using TO BIG OF WORDS for him.

      • Good Morning To All …..

        I think, in mentioning “Pi Hats” .. whatever attorney takes over, He/She should invest in a good Pi, one that can investigate and locate the other women Gus was talking about .. afraid or not, Jodis life is on line and they should be forced to come forward and tell the truth!

        That is something that has really bothered me, knowing they were out there and “chose” to remain silent! …. Well .. “ONE” of the things that really bothered me.

        I think a good PI could investigate many other things as well pertaining to Jodis case.

        I don’t care if someone is Mormon or any other Faith …. if they are “True” to their beliefs and actually live their Faith, i think that is what really matters …..

        But it appears to me .. that this whole bunch of “Taliban” are just wearing “Faith Masks” … that they remove when no one is looking!

        They have judged Jodi … Falsley …..

        But one day they themselves will be judged … one and all and they should be “AFRAID”!!!!!!!

        • You last line is something that I have always thought about the man that beat me for years…My grandmother told me that one time and it stuck. Nothing I could do here on earth can compare to what he will suffer for eternity.
          As far as the PI hats right now there isn’t an appeal attorney doing so that is why I thought we can see what we can dig up. There are many people on here who are educated on the judicial system. and may be able to find helpful info to pass onto an attorney when she gets one.

        • I’m with you sojourn, I was very frustrated that it did not seem they even had a PI looking into things.

          I would really like to know who talked her into changing her story to self defense.

      • Jennifer, I truly apologize if I sound like a broken record. Jose Baez is a trial attorney, not an appellate attorney. He did not even handle Casey’s appeal. He is also not a licensed attorney in Arizona. He is not qualified to represent Jodi in the appellate process. While an out-of-state attorney may work in tandem with an Arizona attorney on a limited basis (I believe, haven’t looked up the exact rules in Arizona but that’s usually permissible) without being licensed there, that attorney would have to work under the supervision of a licensed Arizona attorney.

        The appellate process is distinctly dissimilar from the trial process. It does not involve a new trial or examining new witnesses. There are many different phases of appeal in a death penalty case, but we do not yet even know if that’s what we’re dealing with here.

        The first step, however, is ALWAYS the direct plenary appeal. If Jodi is sentenced to execution, that will be an automatic appeal to the AZ Supreme Court. If she is sentenced to life without parole or natural life, the appeal will be made to whichever is the appropriate higher court from the trial court (I haven’t looked that up). I realize that Al told you all yesterday that Jodi could file a PCR (Rule 32) petition, but he was not accurate in that, and he did admit subsequently to finding it all a bit confusing. While I’m not a practicing attorney, I did go to law school and I’m very familiar with direct appeals as I was recently involved in my own. That part (PCR)( of the appellate process comes AFTER a direct appeal. In fact, a PCR can NOT be filed while there are other options for relief available — such as from the trial court (a motion to set aside the verdict and grant a new trial) and from the appellate court (a direct plenary appeal).

        In the first stages of post-conviction relief, assuming Jodi is not sentenced to execution, Jodi’s attorneys will file a motion to set aside the verdict and/or sentence based on insufficient evidence, praying for relief of a new trial. That will be before Pickles. She will deny. The defense then has the option to file a motion for reconsideration of her ruling (I’m honestly not sure if this is mandatory in AZ or not which is why I say “the option”). If they file that, most likely, Pickles will deny, not wanting to overrule herself.

        At that point, the notice of appeal will need to be filed within the appellate court within a certain amount of time (I have not looked up the AZ time limits, but in FL, I had 30 days, which is fairly typical, although some states have only 20 days, and a few have 50 days). From that point onwards, the clock begins ticking. There is a certain amount of time in which the clerk of the trial court must submit the record to the appellate court (whether a higher intermediary court or the AZ Supreme Court — which should not be confused with the US Supreme Court). The record consists of all pleadings filed plus all transcripts of court hearings and the trial. The appellant (i.e, Jodi) can stipulate to less than the entire record — and only specify certain portions to be included in the record submitted to the appellate court.

        From the date of filing the notice, the clock begins ticking on the amount of time the appellant has to file a brief in support of her appeal. (In Fl, I had 70 days and a 50 page limitation, double spaced in 15 pt font, Arial or Times New Roman, with 1 inch margins on all sides of the page, and binding not to exceed 1/4 inch, or stapling in the upper right hand corner.) First motions for extension of time to file the initial brief are almost always granted for periods of 30-60 days. An appellate brief must consist of certain components such as title page, a table of contents, a table of authorities (all case law cited therein), a summary of the case and fact (which may be divided), a summary of the issues/arguments presented, the issues themselves enumerated in roman numerals, and a conclusion/prayer for relief. (NOTE: various states may have slight variances from what I describe above and I have not researched the appellate brief formatting requirements for AZ specifically, however, they are generally similar throughout the US).

        Since all appellate judges do (and their staff does) is review briefs all day long, legaleze is not appropriate. In fact, short sentences and storytelling creates the winning brief. (You might be able to imagine my difficulty during my appeal seeing as I’m always longwinded.)

        In some states, a request for oral argument before the panel of the appellate court judges is required when filing the notice of appeal. In others, it’s required when filing the initial brief. In others, the appellant (i.e., Jodi) has until the last brief is filed to request oral argument. Oral argument is not generally an entitlement. It’s a discretionary process wherein if the judicial panel of the appellate court believes the initial brief does not provide sufficient argument or the case is extraordinarily complex, they will grant oral argument, partially because it also allows the judges to ask questions. If granted, oral argument generally consists of about 10-30 minutes per side (with rare exceptions of 60 minutes per side). It’s more like an opening and closing argument at trial, but severely summarized and very succinct. Oral argument occurs AFTER all briefs are filed so I may be getting ahead of myself here.

        After the appellant files the initial brief, the appellee has a proscribed length of time in which to file its answer brief. Again, first motions for extensions of time are typically granted. The answer brief is limited to the issues presented in the initial brief, and similar format, but can contain a counterstatment of facts.

        Finally, the appellant has the opportunity file a reply brief. Extensions of time to file are not typically granted herein. Reply briefs must address ONLY issues raised in the appellee’s answer brief to counter them. The page limit and time limit is generally several pages/days shorter than for the answer brief.

        After all the briefs are filed, if oral argument is granted, the clerk of the appellate court dockets (sets a date) the schedule about 3-6 months in advance. During oral argument, each side has equal time. The judges are then allowed to ask questions of the counsel, if they wish.

        Whether or not oral argument is granted, the case is also docketed for a conference of the panel of judges assigned to the case. At that time, the judges sit down, review the briefs and discuss their opinions — much as a jury would, except they are not precluded from discussion of a particular case at the water fountain/coffee machine.

        This process takes a long long time. I hope I’ve explained direct appeal well enough that you will all now have an idea about why contacting Jose Baez would be inappropriate. If I haven’t, I will be glad to answer any other questions.

        • Thank you, Also! Now I understand the appeal process a little bit, and I know how I can help Jodi. We can all try to think of appealable facts and circumstances regarding that trial. We know the trial almost as well as she does.

          When does the seal the judge put on all the things said in judge’s chambers become UNsealed? I think, if the judge really did say something about the eyerolling and sneering, then it’s on the record, and Jodi can use that, for one, for her appeal. I mean, especially Samantha and her brother Steven were like witnesses in the courtroom with all that fake crying and eye rolling, and sneering. That would be grounds for appeal, wouldn’t it?

          • I have no idea when it will be unsealed to the public, but I can assure you that all sealed conferences are part of the record, and available for appellate consideration.

            Again, I really need to stress this, if an appellant (i.e. Jodi) presents 10-12 issues on appeal, the appellate court will be immediately turned off. They understand, as judges themselves, that any judge can commit a few errors. 2-3 errors, they get that. 3-5 errors, they can even assume may have occurred. But 10 or more? OMG crazy appellant.

            Judges are not infallible, which is why the appellate process exists. However, alleging, as an issue, in an appellate brief, that the family’s expressions influenced your case to such a degree, that you would have been acquitted, or convicted of a lesser charge if the family had NOT made such expressions, well how do you prove it? The family’s/friends’s testimony was irrelevant. Juror no. 8. unless s he confesses to something more,, means nothing.

            • OK AA, I see what you mean. Wow. Appeal is really difficult. I wonder what the appellate court will see on their own. Why are 80% of death penalty verdicts in Arizona overturned? Poor Jodi! She had to have a hard nosed jury.

              • In general, capital sentences are persistently fraught with error. In fact, I’ve read statistics stating that 68-70% of capital sentences in the US are overturned because of serious reversible prejudicial error. Think about that for a moment.

                Almost 50% of capital sentences are thrown out at the either the trial court or appellate level. That’s basically a 1 in 2 chance of having the sentence overturned. Of the remaining cases appealed to federal court, 40% of them are overturned. So, essentially, if you don’t win in a direct appeal, you still have a 1 in 3 chance in federal court.

                The major errors have been either defense attorneys who don’t put on relevant evidence or police misconduct. In more than 80% of sentences overturned, it was found that the defendants should have been imposed a lesser sentence. In almost 10% of cases, the defendant was found to be innocent.

                Arizona’s reversal rates are 48% in state courts or on direct appeal, 10% on post-conviction relief, and 60% on federal habeas corpus. Overall for AZ, that’s a total of 79% reversal. Almost 8 out of 10. Pretty amazing. Yet, AZ has one of the highest execution rates in the country and the 4th highest in the country for capital sentences imposed for homicides. And that just makes you wonder, how many of the remaining cases slip through the cracks on appeal?

        • AA,

          You are quite right, I am really confused about one aspect of this whole appeals process. So I initially thought the PCR was done immediately, but then noticed that in a number of cases, the PCR was being done after the first appeal. However, AZ also has a rule that says that the appeals court will not look at an ineffective assistance of counsel claim, unless it is first raised in a PCR. That’s what the AZ SC said in State v. Spreitz

          “We endeavor today to clarify this issue for trial courts
          and practitioners. Accordingly, we reiterate that ineffective
          assistance of counsel claims are to be brought in Rule 32
          proceedings. Any such claims improvidently raised in a direct
          appeal, henceforth, will not be addressed by appellate courts
          regardless of merit.”

          That means that the correct venue is the trial court through a Rule 32 proceeding. The SC further went on to say that the SC will then consider appeals from the trial court’s decision on that issue.

          Furthermore the path seems to be trial -> direct appeal -> rule 32 -> something. But seeing as how the ineffective assistance of counsel can only be brought up at the Rule 32, it would seem that the AZ Supreme Court almost mandates a second appeal should the trial court not rule in the defendant’s favor during the Rule 32, so why not just take it up in the first case. The argument the AZ Supreme Court used was that ineffective counsel claims require a test of fact which is beyond the purview of that court, but that just seems illogical since an appeal on any judicial error also requires the appeals court to determine whether or not the error was harmful and substantative and that too becomes a fact issue.

          And hence my confusion.

          • You’re right, Al, and I was wrong. I hadn’t seen that opinion which is from 2002, so presumably still the ruling theory in AZ. Ineffective assistance of counsel (IAC) is apparently now required to be first presented on a PCR petition and can not be raised on direct appeal, until denied in the trial court. My apologies.

            If a PCR on the basis of IAC is denied in the trial court, Jodi could then appeal that decision to the appellate court.

            Essentially then, Jodi can only raise “other” issues in the direct appeal. However, since PCR requires presentation of ALL the known issues at the time it’s filed, she would still have to go the route of direct appeal FIRST before proceeding with PCR.

            I hope that clarifies the issue and I apologize for not being aware of the AZ Supreme Court opinion in regards to IAC appeals.

      • I have been saying she needs Jose from day one. He will be a GREAT appeals attny if he is avail and can practice in AZ. He knows how to pick apart everything and make it useful to his client. I have some contact info for him somewhere as I reached his office shortly after the Casey Anthony trial while in Orlando. How do we do this?? Does anyone have direct contact with Jodi?? We need to get her approval and I will move 😉 let me know!!

        • Kara, this is an excellent start. Plus we can get additional suggestion from him for what steps we can take to help. I wish I can get you my email but with all the haters. SJ can always give you mine. Okay SJ?

  8. I am a British citizen living in Spain and am appalled at the judicial process and verdict in this case, which does no credit to a great country like the US.
    How does America expect other countries to embrace it’s values, when it treats it’s own citizens in such a disrespectful manner.
    It is now apparent that the verdict had been decided long before deliberations began, even the skill and eloquence of the late celebrated criminal defence barrister Sir Edward Marshall Hall KC could not have made a difference.
    I believe the injustice in this case is so serious, that it should be taken up at the highest level in the judicial system, the verdict is not safe and should be set aside.
    I note from the posts on this site that there are also supporters of Jodi in the UK, Canada and Greece and wonder if a joint international response to the Attorney General at this juncture, expressing our concerns might be in order. Doubtless, this would carry no legal weight, but at least serve to let the authorities know that the world is closely watching the outcome of this case. What do other supporters think?
    In the meantime I will continue to make donations to Jodi, and would contribute to any future appeal or defence fund.

    • Thank you for your words. Perhaps that might be one of the issues here..The world was watching …I’m going to say that our system is not perfect but it is what we have and this case is not done yet. It will be heard by higher courts.

    • “even the skill and eloquence of the late celebrated criminal defence barrister Sir Edward Marshall Hall KC could not have made a difference.”

      He might have fought the NON-SEQUESTRATION battle from the beginning, all the way to our highest court and reduced the possibility of the outcome she faces now. The Judge, IMHO, is an evil (un-constitutional, IMO) witch to allow this farce to go forward with Jurors free to use iPhones,iPads,other internet access devices, going home at night and weekends and watching the farce unfold on TV. Sequestration would have stopped that, and the trial outcome may have been very different. Hell, it may have even been fair. What a fuckin’ concept, huh?

      • I’d have to say good luck to Mr. Hall, Ed B. A jury hasn’t been sequestered in AZ since the 80s. I can’t say I agree with that. But do you honestly think Judge Pickles would have had support from her boss, the high judge of that court, if she granted the defense motion?

        Come on, this is getting as ridiculous as the hater sites with these wild unfounded accusations. I realize it’s all difficult for you to understand since you’re not familiar with the law. But I recently frequented a site where members were absolutely certain that Jodi testified to having re-enacted scenes from the movie Psycho. Really? Some BS said by a National Enquirer employee on HLN is now gospel truth? Likewise, let’s try to curtail ourselves here before we launch a lynch campaign against the judge. Interestingly enough, no matter where I look, both sides hate her and assume she was prejudicial to one side or the other. To me, that says she did a good job and allowed the lawyers to debate the evidence, only ruling when she had to.

        If AZ had a precedent for sequestering juries, she would have followed. But they don’t. She had little choice in the matter. Remember, AZ judges are appointed (by the governor) not elected. She wasn’t trying to win an election campaign. She was doing her boss’s bidding (the Maricopa county attorney — who is also JM’s boss) and, first and foremost, her direct boss, the high judge at that court. This issue was WAY bigger than Pickles.

        • AA,

          Agreed with everything but one little nitpick.

          AZ Superior Court judges are appointed to their first term and then retained by election. Not that it changes anything in your argument, but that’s just my Sheldon Cooper moment.

            • Yup, just like in Maryland – It’s a should they be retained or let go type of question. Don’t know what the term in AZ is, but a judge who raises the ire of the public could quite possibly see themselves out of a job.

              I know we had a case in our county where people put on a hell of a campaign to get one of the judges ousted, and they succeeded.

              • I looked it up and they serve a 4 year term in AZ. Judge Stephens has been on the bench since 2001. I would wish anyone attempting to out her based on this case, all the very best of luck. Public opinion is with her, not with us.

        • AA…you have some very informed and interesting posts this morning…now I have a better understanding of some of the issues that you discussed…thanks…

          And just the day before the verdict was read…the Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said she believes that Jodi Arias is guilty…[quote]The governor said “I don’t have all the information, but I think she’s guilty.”[quote]

          • That says it all.
            That governor is something else.

            I Don’t Have All of the evidence!!!

            But I think she’s guilty.

            Not GOOD!

          • Assuming that any juror read that headline, that has to be influential upon them. Of course, unless a juror admits it, we will never know.

        • AA&all ….showing the governor’s desire….& who works 4 her…is the biggest reason for Jodi to be freed..AZ has been unlawful in this case..this case so reminds me of THE MEMPHIS 3

        • AA said: “A jury hasn’t been sequestered in AZ since the 80s.”

          Then, in AZ high-profile cases, there most likely has never been an untainted Jury.


          • One more thing, AA, my suggestion was to turn the civil rights lawyers’ wrath loose on (sequestrationless.tainted.unfair-in-high-profile cases) , AZ (or any other state, which I am personally not aware of)’s ‘judicial system’.

            You would agree with that, wouldn’t you? Or, not?

            • That’s an interesting though Ed. How does an unsequestered jury in such a high profile case affect a defendant’s civil rights? I think that’s unchartered territory. The ACLU may have an interest, however.

          • I think that they should start sequestering jurors in AZ, because the media cycle runs 24/7 now as opposed to 30 years ago. This case was very high-profile. Sure, they can’t prove that jurors aren’t able to resist the temptation to peek, but they’re human. It’s highly, highly likely that at least one of them slipped.

            • It really wouldn’t matter in a case that wasn’t high profile. But I agree in a very high profile case like this one.

          • So how can the jury be pure aka not seen or heard about this case! I have no cable TV and I still found out about it. I have a question for the PI of the group I have been racking my brain all day over these people : Amanda (Reed) and Dustin Thompson!! She allegedly blew her brains out in 2010 f you recall she left the anonymous tip to look at her ex or soon to be husband for Travis’ murder and he was never questioned! Doesn’t;t that need some investigation? I know Jodi confessed to this but there are things called lying about the whole thing……maybe to protect your baby brother and sister….that is good enough reason for Jodi to do so. I mean seriously Amanda is dead now and I think this thing with Jodi being charged to be a smoke screen to keep us from looking into some very bad things……why is there no interview with Dustin Thompson regarding the death of Amanda? or Travis? Please help me with this I am having a hard time trying to wrap my head around all of these things…and not one person testified one bad thing about Travis is another thing I find odd. I mean not matter how good we are we always piss someone off, store clerks, waiters for example. Hope some one can help me figure this stuff out

            • I totally agree that Ashley’s tip should have been investigated. Chatting with a criminal defense lawyer on another site, his opinion was that angle would have been the more appropriate defense — Jodi didn’t do it.

              As to why there was no testimony about Travis’s character, well, he wasn’t on trial, so that’s normal.

            • Yes, I maintain that the police rushed to judgment, as did the prosecutor, without doing a thorough investigation. I want to see more stones turned over, especially regarding Ashley’s purported suicide.

              • I really want some investigation into Ashley’s ex-husband, Dustin Thompson. Why did Ashley think he was acting strange around the time of Travis’s death so much so, that she called in an “anonymous” tip? Had he discovered that she was thinking of leaving him and moving in with Travis? Was she having an affair with Travis? Or, were they really “just good friends”? Was there ever any sexual dialogue between them? Could Dustin have discovered texts of a sexual nature between them? Is he the REAL killer of Travis? Was the intruder story Jodi told for 2 years actually closer to the truth than anything else? Did Jodi make a false confession in fear for her family’s life?

                And why did Ashley commit suicide AFTER divorcing her husband? She had a restraining order against him, but the divorce was final and they had no kids. So, why then?

                Something just doesn’t smell right to me.

        • I agree with you AA. She was just following orders and did a pretty fair job staying out of the way and allowing the process to unfold. The outcome no doubt unfortunate. And as lacking as I felt Nurmi was overall, I think he made good points in closing regarding the lack of obvios per-med. I can’t imagine the disillusionment Jodi must be experiencing. My thoughts and prayers go out…

        • Hold on AA… did I read you right when you said that the Judge’s boss was also Martinez’s boss? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? I would have thought the judicial branch would not fall under the DA’s office?

          • No, I apologize for writing that that in a confusing manner. The judge’s “bosses” are the presiding judge (that’s what it’s called in AZ, but in other jurisdictions, it can be called chief judge or high judge) of her division (criminal) and the associate presiding judge of that division. The presiding judge of that division would usually also have a boss who is the presiding judge of the court, but I haven’t checked on that in AZ.

            Juan Martinez’s boss is the Maricopa County Attorney.

    • Excellent points. It’s nice to know the point of view of those outside the U.S.

      This case has just been a horror.

      It is beyond frustrating to have to watch everything that has gone on and feel railroaded. The more pressure from all sides the judicial system feels in this case the better.

    • Thank you JMW for your concern and suggestions. Again, I am not in the The Law Profession. But I think the support you are offering may be very helpful. This does not have to be set up as HLN. What happens will happen with total confidentiality. Any news channel will get little information. The channel will not be HLN or any other channel associated with it. The legal professionals can surely know the areas your help will be needed. Anyone that is truly out to help Jodi need to become unified. Use what we can help from each other. What I am saying is just my opinion.

  9. I finally got this to post on the other page. I want to repost it here so you all can see it
    I will try this again…
    Did anyone see the 20/20 episode last night? They did a reenactment of how they thought TA died and how Jody did it. My fiancé who hasn’t followed the case other then hearing me ramble sometimes decided to watch it with me. I think he did it to protect the tv from flying objects. Here is a summation of what they said…
    Jodi had the camera and was taking the photos of TA in the shower while he posed. She decided to take one last photo of TA upclose. THen she set down the camera, reached for the knife and began stabbing TA in the chest. (They show that he stands there taking it not trying to defend himself.) He then turns the water off(they didn’t say that but later claim that Jodi turned it on when she put TA in the shower.) and stumbles to the sink where he was spewing blood all over the mirror. Jodi is standing behind him stabbing him in the back, again he is not defending himself. TA then stumbles down the hall way to his room and collapses in the doorway. It is here that she slices his throat from ear to ear. And then (here they did say the size of TA and the size of Jodi but did not going into how un likely it was that due to the size differences she was able to do this) she drags him down the hall putting her hand on the wall to steady herself.(remember there is only that ONE hand print so she would not have steadied herself again they did not say that part) and continued to drag him to the bathroom where she shot him in the head and then drug him to the shower and turned it on. (there were no injuries on his back indicating he had been drug over that lip on the shower.)
    WTF So many things did not add up to the evidence in this scenario.
    I will never again watch 20/20!!!
    My fiancé being a vet who has seen a lot said there is no way that happened and the wounds on his back are placed in spots where Jodi would of reached when she was on the floor being held down.

    This is what he and I discussed last night.
    Jodi was taking the photos, she dropped the camera, TA got pissed at her, began screaming at her causeing her brain to scramble, he got out of the shower left the water running, and body slammed Jodi, she got away and ran, he followed, Jodi got the gun and ran to the bathroom, she pointed the gun at TA, he thinking she would never shoot him as he was saint Travis got in the linebacker position to run at her, the gun went off, he continued and rammed into Jodi despite being shot, he held her down, she tried to get away, this time she couldn’t and she reached to get the gun that was knocked to the floor but reached the knife instead,(remember the knife was used to cut the ropes from earlier) and she began stabbing him in the back to get him off of her. She ran again with the knife in her hand, he followed though slower this time. HE reached her at his door way and tried to attack her again. He ran at her she was swinging the knife this is where he tried to grab the knife to get it away from her, and as he charged her the knife sliced his throat and he fell to the ground as he bled out.
    Not sure on how she got him to the shower .
    That was just my opinion based on the wounds I saw in the photos and what Jodi said happened.

    • Jennifer
      Here is by account, which aims to take into account all the blood evidence, the opening of the linen cupboard door, the flood, the chip in the tile near the cartridge casing..well everything.
      It’s at

      In the shower
      Arias is taking pictures of Alexander in the shower when she accidentally drops the camera.
      As she juggles the camera, it takes a picture of the bathroom ceiling.
      He is angry, calling her a “stupid idiot” and says “a five year old could handle a camera better”.
      He picks her up and slams her on the floor.
      First time down the hallway
      She gets up, runs down the hallway, through the bedroom, into the closet ( shutting the closet door ).
      He is chasing her. She climbs up some shelving, to get his gun.
      He follows her into the closet. She runs out of the closet into the bathroom, turns, and points the gun at him with both hands.
      He does not stop, but comes at her. As he does, the gun goes off (accidentally), and he “rugby tackles” her to the floor.
      They are both on the floor, his head wound is bleeding, creating the pool of blood near the toilet entrance pillar.
      Spurts of blood from the arterial bleeding create the spatter in the toilet ( Exhibits 101 and 102 ) and nearby.
      She gets out from underneath him.
      She gets up. He also gets up and goes over to the sink, aspirating blood. See Bathroom .
      Note: Arias may have no memory of this, since it immediately precedes the main stressor “FKYB”.
      Also note: at this point the fight has not yet started. Arias may be attempting to help him, or may just be standing there in shock.
      Alexander now loses all reason due to the gunshot wound to the head, he goes into “fight” mode.
      Acute stress
      The last thing Arias can remember is him saying “fucking kill you bitch”. This causes extreme fear in Arias, triggering acute stress.
      Raised adrenalin, and other hormones prevents the hippocampus from functioning, preventing any new memories from forming.
      In addition, during acute stress, higher reasoning no longer occurs, as all the resources of the body are utilised to fight or flee.
      Thus extreme violence from normally peaceful people is not unusual when they become extremely fearful and are fighting to defend themselves.
      Also note that during the period of acute stress:
      (1) Arias would have no memory of anything else that happened that day.
      (2) Her memory is very short term, just a few seconds.
      (3) She is still able to otherwise function, but with effectively no memory.
      (4) Unusual feats of strength become possible ( high levels of adrenaline etc, )
      Second time down the hallway
      Arias runs down the hallway towards the bedroom for a second time.
      Alexander follows her, he is somewhat incapacitated due to the gunshot wound.
      He leaves blood marks down the RHS (closet) side of the hallway as he goes. See Blood Trail
      At the end of the hallway he stumbles, and falls to the ground, leaving a “swoosh” mark on the wall, and the blood stain on the carpet.
      Arias turns right again through the closet and heads for the bathroom, trying to create distance between herself and Alexander..
      At some point she picks up the knife ( possibly in the bedroom ) to defend herself. She believes he is following her.
      Alexander doubles back up the hallway, leaving another trail of blood up the other side of the hallway.
      They converge on the bathroom, he is coming up the hallway, she through the closet for a second time.
      She opens the linen cupboard door to seek refuge there.
      But before she can get inside the cupboard and shut the door, he lunges at her, she retreats into the bathroom.
      The camera goes off 62 seconds after the picture of the bathroom ceiling.
      She tries to help him again, but he tackles her to the ground.

      They are locked face-to-face, he is trying to get her in a wrestling hold.
      She chops/slashes him multiple times in the back with the heel or curved point of the knife to make him let go.

      He incurs defensive wounds and other cuts as he tries to get the knife from her.
      She stabs him in the chest to try and get him off.
      Finally he has his hands around her throat, about to choke her, and she cuts his throat.
      She gets up from under him and drops the knife ( it makes the chip in the tile shown near the cartridge casing ).
      He is bleeding heavily from the neck wound, leaving the large pool of blood near the linen cupboard.

      The camera goes off taking the last photo 72 seconds after the previous photo.
      Before leaving the house
      She heaves his body into the shower, and cleans his body up, to minimise the horrific injuries.
      She uses some towels to clean up some of the blood in the bathroom. ( which is why the closet carpet does not get stained with blood from the flood ).
      She straightens the bathroom scales, she deletes some photos from the camera.
      She takes clothes, towels, and the camera and puts them in the washing machine.
      She leaves the shower dripping, which causes the flooding, which covers much of the floor, into the linen cupboard, and all the way down the hall ( see Investigation Report ).
      She puts a barrier across the bottom of the stairs, so Napoleon, Travis’ dog will not be traumatised by finding the body.
      She leaves Travis’ CTR ring and watch in the kitchen, possibly as a hint to the flatmates that Travis is dead ( see Investigation Report ).
      She flees. She is in a state of amnesia due to the extreme acute stress.

      • geebee2,

        I agree with your sequence being one possible sequence. The problem of course is that we can speculate to hell and back and come up with a million sequences, that all match the evidence. And you can do it from both sides of the fence. Purely as an intellectual exercise consider the following; Jodi shot TA while he was sitting in the shower, and now follow the rest of your sequence. That too would fit the evidence and completely changes the narrative – doesn’t it?

        But now it’s all water under the bridge, or over the dam or whatever cliche suits you the best.

    • One of these days, I’ll have the guts to post my opinion of what I call “second-anger” or “double-anger” days in the life of an abused woman. We learn to expect “first-anger”. We learn methods to calm him down (which include sex). Without knowing the cycle, we are familiar with it anyway. We know he will be nice to us after an explosive incident. But, once in a while, he explodes twice in the same day. We can’t handle this. We’re not prepared. He’s supposed to be nice after the explosion for at least a day, a week, a month. We are supposed to recuperate, I guess, during that period of time. But then, he gets angry AGAIN. The first time is THE worst — and I think that day was Jodi’s first time. A woman has used all her resources to counter the first anger. She needs time to regoup, recuperate, regenerate. But then, it comes at her all over again. I have no empirical proof, but having been in that situation myself, I wonder if that’s typically when women “snap” and kill their abusers.

      • AA I totally agree with that. The one and only time I defended myself to my abuser something just came over me and I said OH NO the HELL you DON”T and I began swinging and kicking him like he did me. I jumped on him and he fell to the ground I then Sat on him and tried to choke him like he had done to me so many times. I couldn’t bring myself to do it and let him up punching him with all my might as he stood I opened the door and shoved him out. That is all I remember but I guess I did a lot more that I don’t remember. I locked the door and he left. HE called the police and they tried to arrest me and thank god the sheriff of our county was a family friend I called him at home and he ordered them to leave me alone. HE said it was about time she defended herself and he told them to send the report to the DA and he could choose whether or not to charge me. The DA said the same and no charges were filed.

        • Jennifer, now I “get” your understanding of abuse. You WERE abused. Thank you for sharing that story. I’m soooo glad that no charges were filed. Bless you, sweetie.

        • I don’t recall ALV testifying about “second-anger” at all and I’ve watched her testimony a few times. I believe I’m the only person who has talked about it on this site, so you may be remembering my posts.

          • Could be. My mind tends to hold the facts, and not the source, which becomes a bitch if I have to vere go back to the reference source.

      • Or try to fight back..or even try to kill him/her.

        I was there many years ago before abuse was out in the open. Before date rape. and yes I to went Bach because he gave me a STD that I will live with the rest of my life. I believe ed him when he said no one else would want me. So when. he bashed my head into the car and I went to the hospital for stitches by myself I lied on how it happened. It took me a bit of time and loseing every thing I had but I left for the last time. So 20 years later and 2 repeat relionship with verble abuse I think I got it…I am worthy. of love and happiness. Still working on the trust issues. BTW I didn’t go into everything. But I have paid dearly for what soomeone. else did to me.

          • @ FURYMOLTEN SAID:

            ” Travis didn’t tell Jodi she had to stay with him. As a matter of fact, he was trying to get her out of his life.”


            Then why did he answer several phone cals from Jodi while she was on her ‘secret mission’. I think you had better take a look at the evidence and the testimony.

            • this ass won’t look at the evidence.. because the evidence doesn’t support their brainwashed preconcieved ideas planted by the media..the definition of a dumbed down sheep is Furymolten,,, a cultist name for a member of the death cult..

            • He was trying to get her out of his life? He had sex with her on June 4th. Try again, troll. Actually, don’t.

    • I’m surprised Jennifer at how accurate you are about domestic abuse relationships. Have you known someone who was in one? You don’t have to answer. But you really seem to understand well my phrase, second anger on the same day. You’re amazing!

      • AA, I find the women on here amazing, could be because of the strength it takes to be a survivor. Are you feeling better? I’ve been meaning to ask. Have you made a dr.s appointment? Take this time off of work to get rested, recharged, find another job, I know easier said than done and remember that person at work is a nobody in the overall scheme of things. If there is a way to ignore that person like they don’t exist and never did, do it for your peace of mind. Someone like that is always going to find someone to harass, and hopefully when they discover they don’t exist in your mind they will move on to someone else.

    • 20/20’s theory is bullshit. No way would someone just stand there passively as they’re getting stabbed over and over again.

    • This is one thing that puzzles me, how did she get him into the shower? He was practically folded up. Getting a dead person into that position in a confined space, wouldn’t that seem almost impossible?

  10. I saw that too, Jennifer. I was waiting for some point when their reenactment would actually match the evidence at the scene. It never did.

    • It was ironic that they never said anything about the lies TA told or that while he was telling his friends he didn’t want Jodi around he was sending the emails telling Jodi of the total opposite. The lies of being a virgin. And also the biggy he wasn’t the type to be a PEDO… What do pedos look like? Jerry Sandusky didn’t look like a pedo. But he was/is one. The media ALWAYS points out Jodis lies but never ever TAs. And another friend said last night that Jodi would become anything that Jodi wanted he.r to be! That makes two of Ta’s friends that have said this. If that is not proof of his control issues I don’t know what is

      • “What do pedos look like?” Right, Jennifer. Just like any other person. Isn’t that what we always here when somebody is interviewing the neighbor of a serial killer? “What kind of person was he?” “Oh, he was the nicest person you’d ever want to meet.” That’s what Travis wanted everybody to think about him. But there are people out there who knew better- Jodi was one of them. I wish they’d come forward, but I think they are afraid to.

        • That guy who kidnapped those 3 women for almost a decade, yeah everybody interviewed had no idea he was up to such crazy act. TA was def a pedo. they shouldve researched his google searches.

      • the friends have abused Jodi also along with the news people….so her abuse was coming from every area….maybe causing paranoia w/ PTSD…all of this may of caused a complete break….hopefully she willl fall for a kind young MD & completely 4get TA& the mormans….she could help herself more..if she would see TA & group as EVIL complete

  11. There should be screenshots taken of the entire ME report and kept here for safekeeping before the jerk revises the original to suit his lame “typo” crap. I do not know how to do screenshots, or I would.

    I cannot believe the jury did not take the opportunity to send a message that a blatantly lying ME will not be tolerated in a court of law, death penalty or not.

    • I never ever bought that crap of typos. I am not sure but most medical professionals dictate what needs to go into the chart and the dictation is then typed up by someone other than the doctor. Those people do that type of work everyday and are unlikely to make mistakes.
      If he was the one writing the report and he made typos what other “errors” were made in the chart? That would of been on my mind if I was a juror.

      • It is ironic that Martinez lambasted Dr Samuels for a typo, questioning his professionalism and so on, yet in this instance does not see any issue with the ME’s errors. And these errors are certainly not insignificant especially as this report was probably one of the most important pieces of evidence.

          • D you are quite right, I meant to put errors in inverted commas. There is, and was, no question that ME was blatantly lying.

            • I hope the defense got a copy of his audio recorded report. Even though I find it hard to believe any juror would buy into his “typo” crap.

              • I know, I can’t believe they bought that either…

                I will never, ever, move to AZ..and I will try my hardest to avoid ever visiting there…it is now on my list of avoidance with Italy (because of Amanda Knox)

                • The big problem with the typo is as follows. The only typo one could fathom would be that he meant to say “the dura mater was not intact” and left the “not” out. Well in all other cases where he found abnormalities he has listed what those were, and in fact that would be expected of the the coroner. But in this one case we are expected to believe that all he had to say was that the dura mater was “not” intact.

                  Sometimes things just belie logic – but then who knows?

                • And the audio recording SHOULD have been admitted. Why didn’t the defense challenge that? It seems they learned about the dura mater not being penetrated from the juror questions. Seriously?

                • AA,

                  Yes they did! And people here were yelling about it for weeks.

                  And so I rest my case about the quality of this defense.

              • A ”typo” that ran the lenght of a descriptive sentence ? That makes no sense. Typos are usually a word misspelt or a spelling error, not a whole sentence. The look on his face was a picture when Jennifer made him admit the ”typo”..

      • But I heard the ME 1st story. He told 2 or 3 different stories. The 1st story was how I knew TA was able to lunge after Jodi. It was the science that told me that. I may not know law but I know science. I was in shock when the ME totally changed his story at the end. Which I think the ME and Martinez thought they could slip that in without anyone noticing. Which almost happened until the Jurors question. But the Jury must of fell for the typo excuse or wanted to fall for it because they wanted to give her M1. The ME dictated the story just as he said it the first time.

    • It was bullshit. Horn have FIVE YEARS to correct it.

      He committed perjury, plain and simple, and should go to jail for it.

        • Agreed. But it looks like he is going to testify again this Wednesday. I keep asking: What is wrong with this picture?!

          • Right Marianne,
            Horn wasn’t ready to testify Monday or Tuesday so they set it for Wednesday?
            Wonder what lies he’s going to come up with now?
            They talk about Jodi changing her story, that’s wrong, RIGHT??
            But it’s ok for the Doctor to change his story until they get it like they want it?

            The trial is basically still going on and 20/20 and CNN can give their versions over and over until wWednesday?
            Is that right since there is still a trial?

    • Because, given the climate and the evidence, it was actually a deal. Look what did end up happening instead. If you look at their settlement offer what they say is that they don’t believe that a death sentence would be upheld in this case, and any plea must offer both sides something. The M2 gives her the chance of parole (she might get life without parole with M1) and it saves the state the burden of the trial.

      Now why do they think the death sentence is unlikely. A few things. Firstly the death sentence is typically less often applied to females. Secondly 80% of all AZ death sentences are overturned on appeal, and lastly most death sentences are delivered when there are multiple aggravating factors. In this instance the court has ruled out 5 of the 6 aggravating factors the state presented, leaving them with just one, which too must be argued in court.

      Now of course your question raises the following issue: We, team Jodi sitting out here, sem to think the state had a poor case, and at least I have been griping about the quality of the defense, yada yada and thinking an acquittal or manslaughter was a possibility. Why was the defense willing to settle for M2?

      Well firstly in a bargain each side must give something, so the defense is saying to JM, you step away from M1 and we step away from manslaughter. Secondly, from a practical point of view the impact of manslaughter or M2 is negligible – Manslaughter carries 7-21 years and M2 carries 10-25, and both are felonies.

      • Thank. You Al. OK before you go about your day PLEASE TELL ME what happened if Jodi’s mental state dose not improve any time soon? How long can they hold the jury.

        • They go through a rehab/ stabilization stage and then go through the trial. I don’t know how long they can hold the jury, and at what stage it becomes impractical.

          And if they do have to bring in a new jury, where do they start, is it just the aggravation / sentence stage or do they go through the whole mess again. AZ does have this peculiar issue where if the first jury cannot unanimously agree to the DP, they can empanel a new jury and do it again, which seems to me to fly in the face of logic, since a lot of what goes into the sentencing considerations was originally presented in the various cases in chief. But who knows?

      • Her plea offer was actually a complete bargain, a total gift. Seriously, second degree murder? She wasn’t offering manslaughter. She was offering second degree murder. Sheesh! In ANY other jurisdiction, a prosecutor’s office would have JUMPED for joy at that offer and taken the deal. It is insane that it was not accepted.

        • They say that the jury wasn’t supposed to know that,
          If they didn’t they do now, right?
          Not only did it cost AZ the over one million of tax money, they would
          not have had to pay, BUT appeals go on and on in a DP case.
          So, this could cost them a LOT more.
          Hope they aren’t complaining about it. Which I have already heard the complaints, but there will be more.
          This is what they wanted.

          So as they are jumping up cheering, they’re also cheering how much more
          it’s going to cost them and don’t have the sense to realize it.
          OHHHHHHHH What they asked for and I hope with all of the bullshit,
          coverups, lies and rest of the corruption in this case, they just might not be able to
          afford AZ anymore!

          With the plea it wouldn’t have cost them anything and all of Travis’s hypocritic ways
          would have still been secret.
          I’m not going to take credit for trashing him, he did it to himself.

    • Because serving time in a prison sucks! And trial is always worse. Juries are always unpredictable. You just don’t know what they will beleive/find. A deal is always acceptable to a defendant. Pleading to the known, rather than the unknown, is always better.

      • Ther was also the interview with Sky Hughes where she says she smiles all the time. It is just the way she is. Jodi is not allowed to have that same trait, however.

          • They spun her to death. Cried? Fake. Didn’t cry? Heartless bitch. Smiled? Inappropriate, and laughing about killing Travis. Frowned. She knows she’s cooked. No expression at all? Evil. Cold. Uncaring. Not human. Contemplating who she’ll kill when she’s released.

    • Good morning everybody 🙂

      Have you noticed how Sky turn and looks at Chris every time she says something? To make sure they don’t say something different. What a fu…g LIARS !!!

    • Wow! Indeed a complicated answer to a simple question. Interesting that Chris knew him “as well as anybody” but NEVER visited him in his house in Mesa, AZ. People change. I’ve known people well but they moved away and when I saw them a couple of years later, I was shocked at how much they had changed from the person I knew. Ugh, this annoys me.

  12. First time poster, however I have been reading comments since April when I first found the site.

    Jodi was tried in the court of public opinion. I believe the jury not being sequestered was a violation of Jodi’s 6th amendment rights (requires juries to be impartial). Jury 8 has spilled the beans by telling the world they were allowed to use there Iphones, pads etc…during the trial. Them being allowed to go home each night gave them plenty of opportunity to watch the news, read the internet and so on.

    The next mistake was when the judge would not allow her polygraph into testimony. It appears as if Jodi passed the test concerning the intruders. It astonishes me that when a person fails the polygraph it is allowed into testimony, however she passed one and it was denied.

    There were several other miscarriages of judgement…

    I will admit, I am a conspiracy theory person and there is so much that just doesn’t add up. Ashely Reed being one, the Hughes, TA’s roommates, D. Reid and the list goes on. I have thousands of questions and thoughts going through my mind.

    Why would Ashely call and state she knows who murdered TA? Then a few years later she kills herself in an apparent suicide? The Hughes; wonder if they knew TA was a predator and seen Jodi as their scapegoat? His friends and family claiming he was a virgin and Joid was the sex deviant . D. Reid admitted they had sex, so this proves them wrong. The roommates; how in the world could they be in a house and not realize TA was there? This one baffles me!

    My gut tells me Jodi is protecting something and as many of you have posted it very well could be someone has threatened her family, perhaps her sister. That is why she is so willing to accept death versus life. For she knows death is the way to everlasting life.

    In advance, thank you for allowing me this post. To close…this is my name for HLN Nancy Grace— Nasty Disgrace!

  13. SJ~

    Cant this video be placed in the hands of someone with power, that can help Jodi???

    there has GOT to be other cases such as this…Jodi CANNOT be made to sit 20 years in prison before an appeal or release order is recognized….

    It just happend with a woman on Arizonas Death Row, but it literally took 20 yeras. that is not justice…Nor is Jodis situation.


    • BUT, on a good day Jodi would have taken 20 yrs. so, in a way she can spend that time fighting (IF she wants) and maybe by 20 yrs., she “wins” and gets time served?

      the defense plan was a bit flawed, imo now, who’s plan it was, i’m not sure..
      i kno it was an uphill battle considering ALL the wounds. but there were things that SHOULD’VE been addressed, explained better.

    • Shelly, appeals always take years. Appellate courts are backed up. No one can expedite that now, unfortunately. Shortly before her execution date (if she’s sentenced to execution), it will become and expedited emergency. Until then, there are many steps that will take years.

    • Jennifer,

      I went to the Innocence Project for Arizona website. They want all the documents for the appeal before they act. I guess we have to be patient and wait for an appeal. Like Al has said, 80% of death penalties are overturned on appeal in AZ. Of course, we have to wait to see what the jury says in the penalty phase. Will it be the death penalty? And will Jodi demand the death penalty? If so, I suppose that changes the automatic appeal process?

      • That is what I am afraid of that Jodi will do what Eileen Wernose ( don’t remember how to spell her last name) when she was on death row. She wanted to dieand she said she did not want to use the appeal process and wanted to die soon. I am afraid that Jodi may do the same. I looked at her eyes in that interview after the verdict and it looked like she had given up. I pray that she knows we are all by her side and ready to continue to FIGHT for her.

        • If Jodi is given the death penalty, and she then waives her appeal process, how long would she have to wait before they execute her?

          • Good question. She would have to be judged mentally competent to waive her rights. So, it would still be a few years. I think her attorneys and family would object. Maybe that’s just me. I don’t know of a case where that happened, but I haven’t researched it at all.

  14. I’ll just say this as far as the should haves go:

    – Jodi should NOT have taken the stand.
    – The judge should have ordered the Alexander family and friends to STOP the eye rolling and sneering. If they didn’t comply, the first day, she should have barred them from the courtroom.
    – Nurmi should not have talked about sex so much.
    – The defense should have had their own ME and forensics expert. They could have won on that alone.
    – Alyce LaViolette was great.
    – The defense should have spent more time preparing their witnesses. Example: Dr. Richard Samuels. He was great, but he should have stopped after he explained the memory loss.

    As far as what we can do now:

    – I think we can help on appeal. We’ll think of things, and with the help of the people here with legal knowledge, we can compile a list and send it to, well, I don’t know who we’ll send it to.

    – We can send Jodi and her family postcards to cheer them up.

    Just my Saturday morning thoughts, now that the shock has worn off.

    • great ideas!

      I know jack chyt about appeals though…I just wish I could win the lottery and help fund it.

      • Me too, Bee Cee! LOL I wish I could win the lottery. It’s the truth that money HELPS in these cases. Look at OJ! He had Dr. Henry Lee as his own witness for heaven’s sake!

    • Theresa GREAT points!!!
      I totally agree with us having to help her with the research that we all can do. I am not a brainy person but if someone who is gives me so ideas of things to do I have more then enough time on my hands since the doctors have told me I can’t work for awhile. And soon I will be on bed rest from the surgery.

      When Jodi gets to a prison will see be able to get letters. I know in jail all she could get were postcards but what about prison in AZ do they get to send and receive letters?

      • Jennifer,

        That’s a good question. I don’t know if Jodi can get full letters in the prison or not. I’ll find out.

        • Thank you. I have one that I continue to write each day, kind of like a ongoing daily letter. I do that just in case she can get “real” mail soon.

          • awww..that is so sweet Jennifer.

            I sure hope Jodi knows there are many of us who believe her and know she is a great person who was forced to defend herself.

            (or, that many of us think she didn’t even do it, lol)

      • I’ve been wondering the same. I hope so because I really want to send her a letter. I know some prison inmates have pen-pals, but I’m not sure how that works or if all prisons/inmates are allowed.

      • OMG, she was NOT making slashing motions, seriously you thought that? She was crying and the tears were rolling down under her jaw and she was trying to, surreptitiously, wipe them away with her the back of her hand! She was NOT making slash motions, wow, that didnt even look close to that and only people that were hunting for bad things on Jodi were saying that?

  15. AA thanks for the Appeals explanation. It does seem that I heard somewhere that their are quicker procedures for 1st degree or maybe it was DP cases but maybe not. I know their is some type of emergency appeals process but not sure what the criteria is for that. I had wondered if possibly that is what this postponement is about.

    • obee, for DP cases, the process is given a higher priority and can also be viewed as an emergency requiring the immediate attention of the appellate court. That’s if an execution date has been set and is approaching though.

  16. Why did Juror #8 announce to the Cop that he was on the panel for the Arias trial? Was he hoping the Officer would express the feeling that the Jury does the right thing. He would assure the Officer that they would. Then a Taxi would be called and Juror Number 8 would be sent home after his vehicle was secured and no mention of the traffic stop would be documented.
    I am speculating this may have been #8’s mindset.

  17. Although both of her attorneys seemed like good attorneys, I do think that Numi needs replaced. Even though I thought his closing was pretty good, she just needed a more aggressive type of a attorney. Thiers is no questions that the jury should of been sequestered but I really think the whole gas can/Wallmart testimony was the difference is 1st degree and 2nd. I know, why not pay cash but it made her appear that she was lying to the jury. and of course Juan played on that.

      • The jury’s decision had nothing to do with the slit throat, the gas cans, the stolen gun, Jodi’s lies to the police, or anything else Juan Martinez postulated.

        That jury had its mind made up LONG before the trial started. THAT is a DIRECT result of the outrageous pre-trial publicity and NO sequestration prior to the trial. Juan Martinez could act like a defense lawyer in this case and sling any kind of shit and pull any kind of shit because he KNEW the jury would find Murder One for Jodi Arias despite NO evidence it was Murder One.

        It simply isn’t right to trash the defense in hindsight and say “coulda,” woulda,” “shoulda,” when it is obvious this travesty of a verdict was in the cards all along.

        This is exactly like the O.J. Simpson case where the jury had made up its mind before the trial ever began to acquit as payback for Rodney King.

        This idiot did the same thing with Jodi Arias by convicting her for the supposed sins of Casey Anthony.

        There is NO other way around it.

        • That is it, no question about it.

          I’ve said before, that I was convinced she was guilty based on the slant of the interviews where they showed her putting some makeup on thinking she wasn’t being taped.

          It only has gotten worse from there to the point where it’s unbelievable. The media on this case is insane, I consider it psychological torture towards Jodi and her family. Since when is torture acceptable in the U.S. (or anywhere?)

          As an aside, when I took a class on business law in college the professor told us that the original meaning of “cruel and unusual punishment” that was referred to in the Constitution was the practice of banishment. Banishment being where a person was pushed out of society and never allowed to return. If that is the original definition of “cruel and unusual punishment”, or even one of the definitions, then what is modern society’s technology doing to Jodi Arias? What were they doing when she was still considered “innocent until proven guilty”? Why is it allowable to rake her and her family over the coals over and over and over again with no compunction, spreading gossip and hatred and picking over every little thing until there’s nothing left?

          Not justice, it’s not justice for anyone. I can’t even turn on the t.v. anymore to any “news” stations. Couldn’t watch the 20/20 show the other night, since I knew what they were going to do and say. It’s to hell with anyone who disagrees with their psychological, emotional public lynching.

  18. SJ what you mention about Jurors taking the easy way out came into my mind seconds after Jodi arias was found “Guilty” I was so disppointed. The Judicial system is tainted with fear. to cater to the public. I have no sympathy for TA and his family.

    I started having slight doubts of “Maybe Jodi did it” after the verdict but then my common sense overuled that and it’s just hard to believe Jodi did it. the evidence the prosecuters presented is very weak.

    Karma is smart, and it will arrange for Jodi to get what she deserves. freedom from the mess TA has gotten her.

  19. Why cant I post here when I know JODI was a victim of the state of arizona? It hurts my heart to see the results of this prosecution of this wonderful young beautiful talented woman.

  20. ONE thing REALLY troubles me as it doesn’t make total sense to me.
    PLEASE, ppl give ur thoughts.

    the GUN. .25 caliber missing from g’pa when jodi living there. TA killed with a .25 caliber.
    gun can’t be found.

    i think this “coincidence” was (is) a major hurdle in believing jodi’s recollections. (it tended to reinforce that she’s a liar in the jury’s mind, imo)

    • I do not understand why it was not brought up, at least not that I recall, that the Gpa’s gun was loaded with hollow point bullets and that the bullet found was not a hollow point bullet. Could they not prove that?

      • i guess bullets could easily be replaced? ( i’m not a big gun guy)
        BUT, u bring up a good point to think about!

        still, doesn’t truly answer the coincidence, tho.

        • Right, just looking at the reasonable doubt issue. Plus from what I understand a hollow point bullet would have done a lot more damage which would also debunk the ME’s autopsy report vs. the lie he told on the stand about the “typo.”

          I believe 100% he lied about that bullet penetrating the brain. I also believe JM should be prosecuted for suborning perjury. But we all know that won’t happen.

        • That is because Jodi didn’t do it. Jodi is protecting her family. She is sacrificing herself, or the mormoms will kill her family. The second story is the right one and she passed the polygraph test with flying colors. She was telling the truth.

    • Why would you stage a burglary and draw attention to yourself rather than simply take the gun?

      For crying out loud, that jury was NOT going to do anything other than convict.

      It had NOTHING to do with the “evidence” or lack of it.

      • “Why would you stage a burglary and draw attention to yourself rather than simply take the gun?”

        Right, tonysam. It makes absolutely NO sense.

        • i agree it makes no sense… whatever it is, it’s F%#€ up coincidence.
          sometimes stuff like that happens and it can really hurt someone who needs a break instead.

  21. Have a great day all!! I am off to the store then to do house work. I think the dirty cloths procreate in the cloths hamper. LOL
    As we all go through our day remember WE ARE TEAM JODI and WE ARE STRONG, WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS FIGHT!!!

  22. I am just wondering…how the making of this movie influenced the difference of testimony of the witnesses than what was originally their testimonies in the Flores report…and the continued lying faces of the Hughes that we see on tv…

    I wonder if the LMN interviewed any of these people last year or were they just waiting until after the verdict of this trial to interview those people to put their “final touches” into the movie???

    One thing for sure…all the lying mormon friends of Travis and Jodi had their “15 Minutes of Fame”…and now they need to be exiled back to Kolob…

    “The Jodi Arias Story” Lifetime Movie Network will air this June 2013…they started developing the film last March 2012…

    • the way to make the BEST effort of missing any “news” is SEQUESTRATION!

      defense should’ve fought for that forever.

    • I have a feeling this movie is based on Shanna Hogan’s book cause she is a self proclaimed expert on everything Travis and I believe the source of some of the rumors out there.

      • Yep, this film will be all about “poor, scared, virgin Travis who couldn’t resist the evil shrew even though his good-hearted friends tried to warn him.” It will be a huge, steaming pile of shit.

        • Exactly. I’ve always liked Lifetime and their movies, but now I see it a bit differently with how they went about doing this movie. They didn’t even wait for the trial to be over before writing the script. Plus, I’m sure they will make Travis out to be a Saint, despite testimony proving otherwise. I will probably still watch the movie just to see how ridiculous it is, but I know it will piss me off.

    • It is sickening the way they describe Jodi! I refuse to watch such trash. If she walked, I wonder if they would have been able to air it at all or if they’d get sued?

      Travis is the “handsome motivational speaker” who “fell prey to Jodi” SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK. This really indicates that they learned nothing from the trial. They are going to make Travis look like a saint.

      • Travis and his motivational personality Eddie Smell wouldn’t motivate me to wipe my ass.

        He was NOT funny nor was he motivational. He appeared and acted like a cocky teenager whacked out on some cheap drugs as he struts around in his tank top and that uber stupid wig, doing his oh so cool high kicks! GAG!

        That would be the LAST thing I would want to see if I were sitting in a business conference.

        If I was looking into the ponzi scheme or PPL for employment I would have upped and left if that was the best the ponzi scheme folks could drum up.

        • He wasn’t very good. I couldn’t figure out why people were laughing hysterically at him.

          There wasn’t anything funny about the guy.

        • “Travis and his motivational personality Eddie Smell wouldn’t motivate me to wipe my ass.”

          Thank you for that laugh. I really needed it, Rainy.

        • No shit, right? I didn’t think he was good looking at all. He wasn’t ugly in his looks, but to me, he was just pretty average looking. I thought it was just me, because he’s not “my type”.

  23. So I posted on a fb support page for Jodi and now being threatened by the haters. They say they are going to have the Alexanders sue me for defamation and spread it around that I’m a pedo (I posted under my husbands name, I do that because of the haters). I replied a dead man who was morally and financially bankrupt can’t sue for defamation if its true and it was typical for the Alexander family to be making money off the blood of their brother. I may have to hide out for a while. Nothing any one says is going to change the minds of these people. Hey if they said it on the propaganda press it must be true. I am ashamed of this country. This is the only place that gives me hope that there still might be thinking caring people living here.

    • They learned my true identity and threatened to kill my pan-faced cat. Best of luck catching this insolent beast.

      • Well I did use my husband’s real name, I don’t have an alias on fb. But something is seriously wrong with these people. Actually don’t see what real harm they would be able to do. It’s just talk and they think they can intimidate someone. Lol

        • You’d be surprised, I know I was. One guy, in particular, is a relentless nut-bag who lives in the Netherlands. He is on a MISSION to harm Jodi-supporters. Ask Sandra @ Inconvenient Truths about Dirk. Whack-o.

          • I have seen that idiot Dirk something I thought he was gone from scene
            I had just noticed him bc I am originally dutch and I felt offended by his language of hatred

            • This pisses me off about FB. I don’t have a page but ran across a link to a public page that was beyond repulsive about the Arias family. It was a disgusting photoshop of Jodi and Nurmi and a slew of other disgust.

              I reported the page and got a message back from FB that the page didn’t violate the TOS!

              I guess the FB deciders use a sliding scale to decide what passes of fails the TOS. If this page isn’t harassment and bullying I have no idea what qualifies!

    • Hey, let them sue you and let them spread the untruth around. Counter sue them for slandering you.

      Those haters are OUT. OF THIER. MINDS! They are getting very tiresome.

      They can dish it but can’t take it.

      Do they think the own the world? Do they think that ass hole Travis is the ONLY person who’s ever been killed? His terror lasted a few minutes. BIG DEAL! He’s dead and is now in that better place .. ?

      How much terror did those young girls endure at the hands of that ass hole kidnapper? To be punched until you miscarried is unfathomable terror and pain. Why does travis get to be the only person worthy of this non stop unrelenting concern and grief and revenge when in fact he was a nobody, a liar and an abuser. His lust for young girls is fact.

      For all we know, in another 10 years Travis could of been another regular guy much like Castro, who was thought to be another regular guy in the neighborhood by those who knew him.

      Travis could have been on his way to where he would be forced to steal a 12 year old so he could live out his *normal, regular guy* fantasy of lust and sex with young girls.

      Jodi deserves a MEDAL for taking him off the streets and protecting who knows how many other victims

    • You’re missing out, SReyna. Jon Stewart is on every weeknight M-Thurs., and he invented AWESOME. I never miss a single show.

    • Oh really, SReyna, that was funny to you?

      But you think Jodi was mentally disturbed and Travis pushed her and pushed her until she just lost the few marbles she had left, and you refer to her as “Miss Arias”? Um hmm. I’m not stupid. I read your posts. You might fool others, but you are NOT fooling me. I wish you’d just return to the hater sites where you get all your information.

  24. Hows this for weird. I have my house for sale with Property Guys. Not sure if you have that option for real estate in the US or not. Anyway, I noticed that the small sign at the entrance to my subdivision has been sprayed with green paint and the other small sign that points to my street is missing. The other day I noticed it lying in the grass some distance away, so today I got out and put it in my truck. It also has had a penis drawn on it in green paint, and where you could put a phone number it says “suck dick” but what’s really interesting is it has a partial phone # on it. 902-696-669 OK it doesn’t take a genius to try all the missing numbers, which I did in google and got nothing. But then I searched the prefix on google and heres what I got.

    NPA/Area Code: 623 NXX Use Type: WIRELESS
    NXX/Prefix: 696 NXX Intro Version: 2003-02-09
    City: PHOENIX New NPA:
    State: AZ Latitude: 33.5443
    County: MARICOPA Longitude: -112.0485

    Isn’t that messed up and just a little creepy?

    • Holy Shit, Bev!! I hope you are documenting all of this! I hope you took pictures of these incidents. I think you should contact the police even if they just document it as vandalism.


      • I called the realtor and he said he doubts the cops would do anything. He also said there were no other incidents so I am going to let it go this time. He’s going to replace the signs today. I just really thought it was weird that the phone # prefix was Maricopa Co, Az

        I’m in Canada lol

        • if it happens again, you should definitely document it with pictures and get someone else to document it as well. Just in case… =)


    • Wow that is terrible.
      If you find out who it is try getting them on abuse
      and pedophilia. May work for you.
      Good luck

      • well now Frank…there’s not evidence of abuse…We’ll just have to wait until the sign is found tied to a tree with a big gaping dick hole. Kind of the size of your mouth. =)

      • I probably won’t find out who did it Frank…if that’s your real name. However I assure you, if I find the metal stakes that held the sign, you are gonna need some lube, cuz if I find you, your gonna get an introduction to KY, coz you’ll be taking them both up the poop shute. Now go away little man, go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under. The grownups don’t want you around.

  25. I must be overly emotional today. The posts today have taken my hope and smashed it into oblivion with all this talk of appeals being relatively useless.

    Come on, peeps, can’t we lie to ourselves a little longer before all hope is smashed??


    • We must find her some good lawyers. I honestly think she has a case to appeal for a lesser sentence based on lack of evidence.

      Not sure she’d get a full acquittal (unless they prove jury tampering or that the prosecution did shady stuff they were accused of, I hope to God this gets proven), but I would say she could get manslaughter from an unbiased judge (I would not be upset if they changed it to M2 either, just anything that proves she is not a lying murderess who premeditated this crap)


    • No! No Renee’!! Please don’t feel disheartened! We must stay strong and angry or the sadness will overwhelm us. I posted on the thread from yesterday that I refuse to feel like I’m another victim of Juan Martinez. I am going to channel the anger I feel into some activity which can help Jodi. Whatever that may be.

      Please, don’t give up hope. (((HUGS)))

      • I will try not to give up. But damnit, I don’t think I can deal with negativity and hearing it is hopeless.

        • I guess what I am getting at is, that it is too early and I am too raw to hear about false hopes and lack of options.

          I need someone to blow smoke up my ass. I NEED false hope.

          I need to know that I have been going to college for two years and will continue, and I have spent 40,000 dollars on said education to work in a field that is corrupt and hopeless?

          NO. I REFUSE TO GIVE UP.

          I will be back later, hopefully, someone will lie to me and say it will all be okay….

          • I won’t lie to you when I say this..It is not over for Jodi by a long shot. The appeal process does seem complicated, but there is more than enough information and documentation for this verdict to be overturned.

            Plus, we haven’t heard from the mitigation specialist.

            I heart you so much, Renee’ and you are a source of inspiration! So when you come back, let’s rock this joint!! (((HUGS)))

              • Renee,after Wednesday,the verdict,all that rumour about Jodi acting weird,saying she wants death and learning about the psych ward,I too feel completely disheartened,lost,thinking that the crap of the entire world has come down on us(well,Jodi actually).I agree with cindy’s upthread comment that the could haves,should haves,must haves may not help us at this point.We need to find ways to HELP jodi,not nag.
                I want to see her pulling herself together,going to the Supreme court and win this appeal.I just feel like I wanna wake up from this nightmare and since it is not a nightmare but reality,we need to have our feet on the ground,stick together and get this done.

    • Renee It’s not over and there is still allot of hope.
      Well if Jodi herself believes it herself. But in the end it will come down to what she wants. It’s her life. And that is a very hard pill for all of us to take.

    • ((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) Renee
      take it a step at the time it is okay what you are feeling
      the battle is not over yet there is more on the way
      maybe something good will grow out of this
      anything is possible and miracles are happening right now

    • Hi Renee I sorta feel the same way and being that feeling emotional today doesnt help. AFter watching the stupid dateline episode on Jodi called Obsession I just felt like there was no hope for Jodi. Why can’t dateline or bio or ID channel record a Jodi episode geared towards domestic violence? damn…who knows if that’ll ever happen ,but like Sil said we can’t lose hope. We can’t be victims of mtz or hln or the imposters or fakers trying to bring jodi and this site down.

  26. what were the legal problems revealed in the video interview with juror number 8 ?

    i watched it carefully
    about 2 minutes long

    were they not allowed to have devices with them in the jury room, before deliberations started ?

    he didn’t say they’d made up their minds before he left

    or that they’d discussed the evidence

    he attended the rest of the trial and sat in the public gallery and only said that they voted the way he “would have” or similar such words

    that didn’t amount to prejudgement on his part

    i’m not saying there was no problems with the jury process but a multitude of crucial questions were not asked of him



    how many on the jury had such devices ?

    was their much texting, or talking on cell phones during breaks and lunch ?

    why did he think jodi was gulty ?

    what was his opinion on samuels and laviolette and their testimony ?

    is he a religious man ?

    did that play a part in his decision from the public gallery ?

    explain ?

    is he a mormon ?

    has anyone else spoken to him about the trial since leaving it as a juror ?

    who ?

    what did he think of kirk, jennifer, and juan, and their demeanour, professionalism etc ?

    what did he think of judge stephens, and her handling of the trial ?

    did any of the closings influence his personal “verdict” ?

    what did he think of the judges closings ?

    who asked the most questions of the witnesses ?

    how did everyone on the jury get along with each other ?


    • “were they not allowed to have devices with them in the jury room, before deliberations started ?”

      Apparently, they were allowed. I find that problematic, but it’s not a good issue for appeal.

      “he didn’t say they’d made up their minds before he left

      or that they’d discussed the evidence”

      You’re correct. He didn’t say that. But can you infer?

      As I said this morning, I feel bad if I gave anyone hope based on his interview. Nothing he said gives legal cause for an appellate issue. However, if we infer from it, we can see why the jury came back with the verdict they did. Posting it was simply my way of getting that point across. If I hadn’t posted it, someone else would.


          later i suspected that that i hadn’t listened to the interview carefully enough, and i was very very concerned that i was mistaken
          i listened to it again, several times, its only very short
          i am mistaken in what i thought was said
          it’s not what i originally thought it was
          and so any conclusion based on that is simply flawed
          i’ll have to make a transcript of what was said for myself, because it’s very, very serious
          until then please reject/ignore my account of what was said and my assessment of it as it not being an appealable issue
          that’s still open
          i was mistaken
          my profuse apologies
          i feel terrible

          i agree with you both, AA and JC, about what we heard was as an edited snippet
          we need to hear the entire interview

    • Also, do we know for a fact that the reporter questioning him did NOT ask those question? We don’t. We got an edited snippet of his interview.

  27. hope HLN looks @ this site so they can see how repulsive they all r 2 us….we r the ones who have been abused and know how truely abused women act….they r alot like Jodi<3

    • I think the HLN commentors are even repulsive to themselves. They are nothing more than very bad actors (clowns.)

  28. we need material posted here on the appeals process

    the statutory law and commentary or notes on it, with cases

    the appeal will be on verdict and sentence

  29. Anyone new here who thinks we are stupid enough to take your halfhearted comments as solidarity, and think that bull will get you into the inner sanctuary, think again. We are an intelligent group of individuals and I think we can tell a con artist a mile away. After all, we saw through HLN’s rhetoric early on and realized that they were offering us a crock of bullshit. That’s why we have been on this site for months, not days or hours. That’s also why we saw through Travis Alexander’s bullshit and saw him for the self-important, narcissistic, abusive sex addicted pedo he is. That’s how we knew that from the moment Jodi met this manipulative chameleon her life was on a downward spiral to ruin. He ruined her life and she saved countless women and children from the scurge that is Travis Alexander.

    You can leave now.

  30. Renee, (in case you missed it)

    I posted a cheer-up post for you on the Vent page (at least I hope it cheers you up!).

    • Thanks, dear… I replied way up there ^^^

      I need some smoke blown up my ass; I need false hope. She was only found guilty a few days ago. It is too early and I am too raw to hear anything about false hope. I NEED FALSE HOPE.





    reading the material can be a little confusing reading it for the first time, so save it for easy rereading

    there is additional material which explains what’s involved in an appeal and post conviciton relief, and which includes cases

    don’t be scared of it save it all
    but create a library or reference structure so you can more easily access it again

    maybe someone has links to commentaries, explanations and notes on appeals and post conviciton relief for ARIZONA which they can post here

    so now into legislation on APPEALS and POST CONVICTION RELIEF

    Arizona Revised Statutes

    click on title 13 Criminal Code

    Title 13 – Criminal Code

    scroll down and read the chapter headings

    note article 18 appeals
    read them all
    open up each link

    Article 18 Appeals
    13-4031 Right of appeal
    13-4032 Appeal by state
    13-4033 Appeal by defendant
    13-4034 Expense of record or transcript upon appeal by indigent as county charge
    13-4036 Power of supreme court on appeal from judgment of conviction
    13-4037 Power of supreme court to correct and reduce sentence upon appeal by defendant
    13-4038 Power of supreme court on appeal by state
    13-4039 Failure of appellant to prosecute appeal; effect
    13-4040 Divestiture of jurisdiction of supreme court after remission of minute entry and decision; exception
    13-4041 Fee of counsel assigned in criminal proceeding or insanity hearing on appeal or in postconviction relief proceedings; reimbursement
    13-4042 Appellate proceedings; request for extension; victim notification

    next look at article 29
    Post-Conviction Relief

    Article 29 Post-Conviction Relief
    13-4231 Scope of post‑conviction relief
    13-4232 Preclusion of post-conviction relief; exceptions; proof
    13-4233 Nature of proceeding and relation to other remedies
    13-4234 Commencement of proceedings; notice; appointment of counsel for capital defendants; assignment of judge; stay
    13-4234.01 Post-conviction relief proceedings; request for extension; victim notification
    13-4235 Contents of petition
    13-4236 Additional pleadings; summary disposition; amendments
    13-4237 Informal conference
    13-4238 Evidentiary hearing
    13-4239 Review
    13-4240 Postconviction deoxyribonucleic acid testing



      i realize such would be helpful to understand legal terms

      for example, i looked at the first entry under appeals

      Article 18 Appeals
      13-4031 Right of appeal
      it reads

      13-4031. Right of appeal

      The state, or any party to a prosecution by indictment, information or complaint, may appeal as prescribed by law and in the manner provided by the rules of criminal procedure, except criminal actions involving crimes for which a sentence of death has actually been imposed may only be appealed to the supreme court.

      huh, so what’s the difference between an indictment, an information, or a complaint ?
      three separate words which each means something different

      you can google “law dictionary indictment” and follow the various results to find the dictionaries you like
      or just use any one

      with no preference, although the definition looks very good, i chose the “free dictionary”. free sounds good
      and it free and good
      no signing in
      i looked at it’s definition of the legal word “indictment”

      i won’t post the contents here, which are very good. but just the link

      remember law requires that you build up your knowledge of terms
      and my suggestion create your own dictionary in which you can review the terms
      open a word processor page, title it LAW DICTIONARY
      put the entry and source under INDICTMENT

      and so on to “information” then to “complaint”
      it’s not rocket science
      build up some legal knowledge
      back in school
      your brain can handle it
      i’m sure you’ve told your kids many times that you have no knowledge of kids dying from studying

      reference to arizona rules ot criminal procedure
      from google search

      that link was difficult to find


  32. Good Morning Everyone,

    I am going to say some things that some of you won’t agree with. But I need to get this off my chest.
    I know the verdict came as a shock to us all, we have supported Jodi through thick and thin, never once veering from our course or giving up. I think that is why I love everyone here, we stand united in our fight.

    But the reality is, regardless of how we feel, the verdict is what it is. The court is not going to over turn it because of comments made by a dismissed juror. It’s a process and it must go through the system to completion, whether we agree or not with the out come.

    I know some are questioning the defense team. And we sitting outside the arena wonder why they did some things and why they seemed to ignore others that we thought were important. The fact is they had a client with no credibility, and they were faced with an almost insurmountable task of trying to rehabilitate her. We all know, when someone lies to us, it is very difficult to take what they say as being the truth. And I know and understand, she was scared, terrified, etc., but the fact still remains that she lied, and that came back to bite her.

    It might be true that her defense team should not have put her on the stand, but she has the right to testify, and regardless of what her lawyers might advise, there would come a time when the judge would ask her if it is her decision not to take the stand. If Jodi was determined to tell her story, you and I know that nothing would have stopped her from telling the judge that she wanted to testify. The same with that damn twitter account, some of her comments were nothing less than arrogant. Having that was wrong on so many levels, and again, Jodi does what Jodi wants, regardless of the consequences.

    Then that interview after the verdict came down. And to state that there was evidence she thought would help her case, but Nurmi didn’t use it, he was the boss! If I was her lawyers I would be pissed right off and offended, they are busting their butts to try and save her life and she is in essence blaming them!

    Which brings me to the part where some might get offended… I am a survivor of childhood sexual/physical abuse, and a survivor of domestic violence. I have walked the road to healing, as others here have, it’s a path that is well travelled. I was abused, but that is not who I am…I am only a victim if I choose to be a victim. It’s the same with any life experience, when I was widowed, people used to see me coming and cross the street because they didn’t know what to say to me. That reflects on them, not me. Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, It always amazed me that I ceased to be a person, I became breast cancer, as if losing my breasts somehow cancelled out who I was. There comes a time when we have to stop blaming our circumstances and take responsibility for our actions. I don’t for one minute disbelieve that Jodi was abused by Travis, he was not a nice person and even though she had moved away, she still kept going back. Saying that he guilted her, but the bottom line is, it was her choice to go back each time. And don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that because she made that choice she deserved to be abused, I am not saying that at all. No one deserves to be used like a piece of meat and abused. But it was a choice she made, and she needs to own her part in that.

    The time for would of, could of, should of are over, everything that transpired during the trial is over, there is no fairy godmother who is going to wave her magic wand and change anything. The comments made by juror #8 are suspicious, but honestly, this trial has been riddled with lies and deception from the beginning, and even if each juror was questioned individually, do you honestly think they are going to tell the truth? Not too damn likely!

    We need to focus on the here and now, and what needs to be done to address the wrongs that were done and the resulting verdict. But the first thing that needs to happen is Jodi needs to smarten up, she needs to stop victimizing herself. This is not a game, this isn’t going to go away, and that jury is going to hand down the death penalty.

    I am sorry if what I have said offended anyone, that was not my intention. But there are times when Jodi is her own worst enemy, and she is going to do what she wants to do regardless of the consequences and how it affects the situation.

    • I agree Jodi has been her worst enemy since June 4, 2008. But I do not believe it was premeditated. Sadly they didn’t believe her on anything. I thought the FACT, proven by Juan, that she used the gas cans in Utah would have some mitigation. It proved that she was using them on the road, not just to hide that she went to AZ. Worst case this is murder 2, but I would have voted manslaughter.

      I do think there was some abuse by Travis. It was low key though, even invisible to others. But you are right she willingly went back. She became his doormat and part of her liked it.

      • I never said it was premediatated Jeff. And like you, I don’t believe she planned this ether, there is no way in hell that crime scene shows a plan…it shows that something happened that day that resulted in her fighting for her life.

        Those damn gas cans, I just don’t get them, and that third can, whether she returned it or not, and if she didn’t, why lie about it…they were trivial in my mind.

        • If it wasn’t the gas cans it would have been something else,they didn’t want her to be free. Life isn’t fair. I am just very sad and disappointed. Jodi is such a beautiful sweet person. She fought for her life once,and won, for that I am thankful. We must pray for her to continue the fight. Nothing more to say.

      • “She became his doormat and part of her liked it.” – OK, that is just wrong. I don’t want to go into all of the psychology of why women who are abused stay in the relationship, but to say that any part of her liked it is to misunderstand everything. There are some nasty, erroneous articles/sites out there on the internet that say stuff like this. They twist things insidiously and come to ridiculous conclusions. Because people do not put in the time to understand all of the dynamics involved in these abusive relationships they spout stuff like this and it sets domestic abuse victims back to the dark ages.

        Please do not say anything like this, it is abusive in itself.

        One thing is for sure, no one likes abuse, certainly Jodi did not. She may sabotage herself because she thinks she deserves bad treatment but that isn’t the same thing as liking abuse.

    • Gail,

      Even though I am probably one of the most vociferous critics of the defense team I tend to agree with you. This case, once Jodi took the stand, rested entirely on her testimony and she blew it. The experts really added nothing to the case. Samuels’ testimony has to do with the post-killing stuff which is inconsequential to what led up to the killing. ALV’s testimony showed TA to be an abusive dolt, but that still doesn’t tell you what precipitated the killing that day. It is still a premeditated M1 for someone to drive 1,000 miles and kill someone who had abused them if that drive was undertaken with the purpose of killing him. The prime evidence we have that says that was not the case here is Jodi’s word. Once her credibility is shot this is a done deal.

      The problem I’ve always had with the prosecutions case is that I do actually believe Nurmi’s stance, that the state’s case doesn’t make sense. I was in that position before Jodi ever took the stand. But I can see how people would look at what happened on the stand and say – I don’t believe a word of what she says, and then you end up with this result.

      In as far as the defense team trying to dissuade her from taking the stand is concerned who knows. For all you know she may have insisted. Also the defense attorneys may have objected strenuously, even to the extent of doing it officially to the judge in an ex-parte hearing. Those records, if any, will be sealed till the end of the trial, but we may find out some day. There is no way the judge would ever allow that to come out during the trial, and if JM had gone anywhere near it, that would have been instant grounds for a mistrial.

      But there are ways to address recalcitrant clients who insist on taking the stand, and may be this defense team didn’t quite handle it that way. But I can almost guarantee you that if your attorney tells you not to take the stand, and you do, you are going to be convicted.

      • I agree Al,

        But in this case they might not have had much choice, they needed her testimony about the domestic violence to lay the foundation for Alyce.

        It was almost a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation…not one I would want to be in.

        • She had to take the stand, and contrary to Al making excuses for the jury, she was completely credible.

          The jury made up its mind LONG before the trial began, and THAT is what needs to be condemned here.

          • We can go round and round forever, the facts are what they are. We can blame the jury, the media and Santa Clause, that isn’t productive to the situation now.

            There is an overwhelming mountain to scale to appeal this, if as I am expecting the jury brings down the DP, she does get an automatic appeal. If because of her mental state, she is sentenced to LWOP, then she needs not just a good appellate lawyer, she needs a dream team.

            And I really wonder if any appellate lawyer will touch this. They saw the circus, and attacks on witnesses, will they be willing to put their reputation on the line? Then there is the money factor, lawyers are expensive, unless there is a lawyer that is willing to take this case on pro bono?

          • Actually tonysam, I beg to differ. I think Jodi’s taking the stand was a big mistake, and I’ll tell you what hurt her there. Its like the Miranda warning, every word can and will be used against you. And it becomes more devastating if the jury is predisposed in a certain direction, which I believe this jury was.

            1> The gas cans. Its not the fact that she had gas cans. That is not the issue. The issue is the fact that she lied about the 3rd can. I think that the state was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she lied about them, and the defense never said anything about it. They didn’t even question the Walmart person. Again, and I know you refuse to acknowledge this, its not that she had 3 gas cans. It’s the fact that she lied about them.

            2> The messages in the magazines showed a calculation and attempt at witness tampering that is devastating to her credibility. It doesn’t matter that the magazines never got to their destination. It’s the attempt.

            3>The possibility that the amnesia could be viewed as a very convenient excuse. Read this statement very carefully before you jump all over me.

            4>The precise description of the angle of TA’s head when the gun went off again reeks of apparent convenience.

            I don’t for one minute believe they needed Jodi to lay the foundation for ALV.

            • I agree Al,

              That third gas can was not something of importance that needed to be lied about. And it’s existence or whether it was returned or not, the issue is that she lied to the jury.

                • Good on you tonysam. Really? Jodi lied on the stand about an inconsequential issue like the gas cans.

                  Al, seriously, what are you here for, I have to ask? An ego boost when everyone asks for your “legal opinion” even though you don’t always understand the law and present a lot of your incorrect interpretations? I used to believe you were on Jodi’s side, but dude, it really seems like you’re getting off on your own ego lately.

                • AA,

                  One thing I’m learning right now is the ego thing. Maybe Al needs to re-adjust and get back on track because he seems to be flip flopping. Ouch!

            • Al, you are getting ridiculous going off on the defense. Absolutely and totally ridiculous.

              If you can’t see the important of pre-trial publicity, beginning in 2009 with Maureen Maher and CBS News in their totally slanted piece about the Arias case, I don’t know what to tell you.

              You are giving the jury a pass here, which they do NOT deserve.

            • Your bullet points are irrelevant, Al. Completely and totally irrelevant.

              I don’t think you have been following this case for very long. I have since almost the beginning and I KNOW how twisted this crap was from the beginning.

              This jury chose to cover its ass, and you sit there and second-guess the defense team when NO defense team could have done it better because that jury was tainted.

              YOU blame the jury and the media for this travesty, and then I will be halfway nice about it.

        • Actually Gail, I was wondering if it would have been possible to put a crime scence expert on the stand instead of Jodi, they could have explained how the evidence showed self defense. But I guess we could wonder all day long, and it still doesn’t change anything.

          • I can’t see a crime scene expert being able to definitively say whether it was self defense or not.

            The crime scene in this case showed there was a struggle, that culminated in someone losing their life, but I think it would be a far stretch look at it and say it was self defense.

            • Really? Several people all over the web have felt differently. But I guess you’re an expert, Gail Conlon, just like you are an expert in abuse? Why don’t you go back to the hater sites? They’ll love you there!

      • “In as far as the defense team trying to dissuade her from taking the stand is concerned who knows. For all you know she may have insisted. Also the defense attorneys may have objected strenuously”

        Yup. And early on, she wanted to pro se represent herself.

      • She had no choice but to take the stand, and she did fine there.

        If she hadn’t, the defense couldn’t have been able to present a case at all in her defense, and the verdict would have been the same. It would be more likely any verdict would be sustained on appeal. Right now, it’s a dead certainty this will be pitched out on appeal. The fact she did testify and evidence was allowed in that completely undermined the prosecution’s theory changed a lot of opinions out in the public. I know it did for me.

        Just not with this jury, and I wish, Al, you would put the blame squarely where it belongs, and that is with this stupid jury and with the trial by media. Quit playing armchair quarterback when you know good and well it wouldn’t have matter who her lawyers were when she was tried and convicted by the media beginning clear back in 2009 by CBS’s “48 Hours.”

        Her problem is shooting off her mouth to the media and to the police to begin with.

          • Uh, let’s try it again, Gail.


            Don’t make any goddamned excuses for the JOURNALISTIC MALPRACTICE by Maureen Maher and CBS News.

            Don’t you DARE do it.

            That’s like blaming a rape victim for the fact she was raped.

            • And, by the way, it wouldn’t have matter if SHE approached them because she didn’t have a lawyer to advise her. This should be fucking illegal for the media to interview suspects who have no access to attorneys.

              CBS News has blood on its hands.

              If you can’t see that, Gail, I don’t know what I can say.

            • Okay, let’s get something straight here once and for all Tony! Do NOT EVER put words in my mouth!! Being a victim of rape, I take offense to your comment about blaming the victim.

              Now, let me say this and then I will leave this site once and for all! I spent 15 years of my life looking at carnage like was in that bathroom, I scraped gray matter off walls of people who blew their brains out, and I cut down a 14 year old young girl who hung herself because someone treated her like she was a door mat! And in May 1996 I got a call out to a crime scene and I walked in and it was MY HUSBAND! His throat was slashed and he was almost decapitated!! I have seen the ugly side of what people do to each other first hand. Never have I EVER blamed a victim!

              The bottom line is Jodi and Travis were two very broken people and they were on a collision course heading for a train wreck. I deal in reality, and the reality is that appeals take years, this is not going to get overturned next week, next month, next year…it is what it is. The wheels of justice turn very slowly, believe me I KNOW!! Jodi lied, and her lies came back to bite her, that is a fact!

              As far as that interview on 48 hours, she was 27 or 28 years old, she wasn’t a child, she was a grown woman. Don’t blame it on the fact that she didn’t have a lawyer, she chose to do that interview and things she said in it were used against her, that is fact!

              Thank you all for accepting me into your little family, and I wish you all the best and send you peace!

                • GAIL!!

                  Please don’t leave as in never to return back here! I would hate for that to happen.

                  We need the voice of logic and truth. Sometimes facts are painful to face … as you surely have witnessed in your line of work … but they have to be faced at some point.

                  I very much appreciate you and Al and everyone else who offers input and knowledge of how the system really works. I’ve been impressed and so thankful for the brilliant minds who’ve so graciously given their time and educated all of us.

                  With how things are at the present we need you and the voice of logic more than ever!

                  Please stay! <3


              • You know, I’m glad you are leaving because many of your comments have been incredibly offensive. If the moderators take me up on this, so be it. I’ve been reading your nasty comments for about an hour now, and you need to return to the hater sites where you belong.

                I’ve had disagreements with tonysam along the way here. She’s passionate and to the point, I will admit. But this time, I will completely take her side because I always take the RIGHT side, and anyone who has known me in my life or on this site for a while can verify that. You have NO business speaking to tonysam the way you have. Shame on you!

                You are a hater. You don’t belong on this site. You are a phony who is attempting to infiltrate this site. You think abused children have a “choice”. You think abused women have a “choice”. You portray your losing your husband and experiencing breast cancer as the reason to justify that. I am very sorry you lost your husband had to deal with breast cancer, truly. But an abused child has NO choice, just as a woman who loses her husband or experiences breast cancer has NO choice. And while you seem to not understand the abuse of an adult woman, she also doesn’t have a choice. If you think she does, you really need to learn more about abuse. Shame on you. You are the reason Jodi was convicted. You are the reason abuse victims deal with so much hatred in this society. You are the reason Jodi couldn’t report the abuse she endured from Travis. You are also the reason Jodi killed Travis in self-defense. Stew on that one while you preach from you pulpit.

                Here are your words about Jodi:

                “As far as that interview on 48 hours, she was 27 or 28 years old, she wasn’t a child, she was a grown woman. Don’t blame it on the fact that she didn’t have a lawyer, she chose to do that interview and things she said in it were used against her, that is fact!”

                Jodi was a distressed abuse victim when she gave that interview. Go look on the hater sites from around that time (mydeathspace for example) at the people who posted about the fact that she would probably use a “battered woman” defense ultimately — years before she actually did. Wonder about that much, Gail Conlon?

      • She would have been sentenced to death anyway.

        None of the domestic violence information could have been introduced without the foundation provided by Jodi.

        • Yes, and that is an important point that some people might be missing. Jodi had to take the stand in order to open up the possibility of Samuels and LaViolette taking the stand.

          I understand that everyone’s frustrated, but I don’t enjoy reading “Jodi had a choice, she could have left the relationship, etc.” That’s neither here nor there at this point.

          • There are a couple of people here who I seriously question their motives.

            I won’t name names, but they know who they are.

      • AL they had to put her on the stand in order to have Dr. S. and ALV to be able to let their testimony. in
        JM fought like hell over that. I remember it Becquerel it was right after a sidebar. Jodi took the stand and we all said WTH. Jodi God love her as you and I have said how many times now needed to just answers the questions …She over told her story. We all were saying shut up Jodi. I agree with you that she was on the stand toooooo lon. Whose fault was that we don’t know for sure.

        I have come to realize that Jodi needs to be quitand let soomeone else take control of this.
        We can’t go back only forward and hopefully something can be done to undo this wrong.
        Hopefully they can get her stable enough to finish this trial.

        I am very concerned for her right now.

        • I am appalled that people trash the defense team after the trial ignoring the obvious fact the jury was tainted by pre-trial publicity.

          As somebody mentioned upthread, you could have Jesus Chris himself be the attorney for Jodi and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

    • I agree she can be her worst enemy. I wish she’d stop talking to the media. They will twist anything she says and make it horrible. Her lies from the beginning really hurt her. I wish she’d never talked to the media. Now when she tells her true story they’re just going to make fun of it. I wish she’d never taken the stand either.

      But you’re right. All that is the past. We have to be in the present and where we are now.

      We can’t lose hope because we are still TEAM JODI!

      Things may look bad now, but think about the whole trial, you never know what’s going to happen in this trial!!!!!

    • Gail

      I totally agree with your comments. I think you sum things up quite accurately.
      The issue of credibility probably goes to the heart of this matter. That is why I think taking the stand was the only chance the defence had to try to address that. I recognise the inherent danger in doing so, but I am not sure if those credibility issues could have been addressed, if her only voice to the jury was the police interviews and the TV interviews. I also think that the blood lust from the haters to the governor along with the outrageous media coverage meant that the defence were unlikely to ever get a fair and objective hearing.

      • yes this is the heart of the matter…” I also think that the blood lust from the haters to the governor along with the outrageous media coverage meant that the defence were unlikely to ever get a fair and objective hearing.” everyone in their hearts knew Jodi has psych problem….& should of treated her w/kindness….not take advantage like the news people did…she really can not remember & tried to tell a story that made sense to her…..when she said….she didn’t do it….she believed what she was saying…that is way she wanted to see the pics….to try to find out what really happened…amnesia is so weird unless one has experienced it….it’s hard 4 the one w/amnesia 2 believe they have it

        • This is true about the amnesia. I’m reading the true story of a lady who lost all three of her little girls, plus her niece, and their aunt in a horrible car accident when the aunt was driving drunk.

          This poor woman had horrible amnesia, in which her brain would tell her that her girls were still alive and fine – when she woke up every day. She had to be convinced by her friends and husband every day over again for a very long time that they had been killed. She had other forms of memory loss also from the trauma and grief.

          People who have not been through horrible trauma will probably never understand.

    • Gail you said what I have been saying all morning. Right down to the would haves ie.
      We can not save Jodi. Jodi needs to save Jodi. If she chooses death not one of us can do a damn thing about it..

      Now lets be positive ….

      • Cindy jewell, whose side are you on? I’m truly lost and appalled by some of your comments today. Truly!

    • Gail, I’m sorry, I have to say this, some of your comments DID offend me and actually, reading your post, I’m in tears.

      “If Jodi was determined to tell her story, you and I know that nothing would have stopped her from telling the judge that she wanted to testify. The same with that damn twitter account, some of her comments were nothing less than arrogant. Having that was wrong on so many levels, and again, Jodi does what Jodi wants, regardless of the consequences.”

      True. But a good attorney could have counseled her NOT to take the stand. In fact, that was her attorneys’ job. An attorney has an ethical duty to provide the BEST representation they can for a client. It’s not a CHOICE. It’s an ethical DUTY, and a SWORN OATH that attorneys take when they are sworn into the bar. If her attorneys believed they had conflicts with their client, they COULD HAVE withdrawn based on that.

      “And to state that there was evidence she thought would help her case, but Nurmi didn’t use it, he was the boss! If I was her lawyers I would be pissed right off and offended, they are busting their butts to try and save her life and she is in essence blaming them!”

      Excuse my Egyptian, but FUCK THAT because you really don’t know what you’re speaking of. You don’t understand the sworn oath an attorney takes. Nurmi is not and NEVER was “the boss”. Those are the words of an abused woman, trust me, I know. The client is THE BOSS. It’s not unethical for an attorney to advise a client differently, but it IS unethical to dictate how the defense strategy should be presented. That’s the CLIENT’s decision. Jodi is the client. If there were irreconcilable differences, Nurmi should have filed a motion to withdraw based on that.

      “I am only a victim if I choose to be a victim. It’s the same with any life experience, when I was widowed, people used to see me coming and cross the street because they didn’t know what to say to me.”

      I’m very sorry you were abused as a child, widowed, had to fight breast cancer, but NO, HELL NO, it’s NOT the same experience. Did you have a choice in who your parents were? Did you have a choice in the fact that you got cancer or that your husband died? I didn’t have a good alternative in my marriage. And you OBVIOUSLY don’t understand abusive relationships if you think a woman has a choice. Technically, she does — if she thought she deserved better. But in the grand scheme of things, she doesn’t. She has been driven to believe she is worthless. You just don’t understand at all. You are blaming the victim. How dare you do that? How dare you blame me? I take it personally because I didn’t CHOOSE to be a victim of domestic violence. I didn’t know anything about the subject and didn’t realize I was being abused.

      Please, go visit all the hater sites. You’ll find LOTS of compassion there.

  33. One thing that might help us support Jodi is to do it in an unbiased manner. I think all of the hate remarks about Travis’s family makes us less credible. The family had nothing to do with the way travis treated jodi. We may not like his gamily but how wiuld YOU feel if your brother was killed by someone? We should be able to support Jodi in a positive manner without bashing anyone else. If we can’t find enough evidence of support for Jodi without trashing the family, then we have no case.

    • His sponge family were a factor in tainting the jury.

      They should NOT have been allowed to sit and behave they way did. Their amateur dramatics would not been allowed in a real court.

      His family also helped organise attacks on the defense witnesses.

      • I agree. It would have been nice for the judge to remove Tanisha (? The older one with the slightly greasy looking husband) from the gallery completely instead of just meetings in chambers due to her mobbing of ALV.

      • I have to agree. They were a pantomime of hatred, disgust and disbelief. They could be counted on unfailingly to sneer, roll their eyes, and show their disgust blatantly all over their faces.

        Yet, hypocritically, the court made a big show of caring that a juror might have seen Juan Martinez acting like a celebrity.

        No sequestration, yet it’s one of the biggest cases EVER in the media, all over everything, everywhere and inescapable. Every headline had an anti-Jodi slant, just about. Very few, very, very few, could have been viewed as neutral information about the case.

        This thing was a circus and a joke. So many people saw how ridiculous the Italians looked with their tabloid spectacle slamming Amanda Knox, well, this whole thing has been and still is just as ridiculous. It’s downright shameful.

    • @@ MADDI SAID:

      “We may not like his gamily but how wiuld YOU feel if your brother was killed by someone?”

      He attacked again, he lost.

      Sorry about the family.

      • I have a cousin who was an abusive prick toward women for years. If one of them had killed him, I’d have known damn well why.

        These people weren’t close with their brother prior to his death. They’re milking all of the publicity now. Same with Travis’ asshole friends.

        • Exactly, Kira, and that’s why I don’t like his family. Normally I would be sympathetic in this situation, but as you said, they’re milking it for all its worth. They want the attention and sympathy from others, they want to feel important, and now they even want to get money out of this ordeal. The fact of the matter is that they were not close with their brother. If they truly cared about him, they would have made more of an effort to be in his life more. Maybe they regret that now, but some of their reactions during trial look so fake and staged. There are plenty of times when you can clearly see Stephanie glance at the camera and then suddenly turn on the “crying” when she was fine a moment before. Not to mention their behavior toward the defense witnesses. They make it hard for me to feel sorry for them.

          • As I said yesterday, they want to sue an indigent woman who is facing either (a) execution, (b) natural life or (c) life with parole after 25 years. Sure, they’re entitled under the law to sue her for wrongful death. But seriously? Why sue an indigent who can’t even afford an attorney and might be put to death soon or spend the vast majority of her life in prison, at best? By the time she gets out of prison, the judgment will no longer be enforceable. If this wasn’t such a high publicity case, no lawyer would take this wrongful death case. I couldn’t get an attorney to take a personal injury case against my ex for abuse even though he owns a business (that he stole from me), a house and 3 vehicles (that he also stole from me).

    • Maddi, I do agree with you in that we do need to be more positive about the way we support Jodi. I do.

      But I also think that we have been too passive and polite and we allowed for the haters to intimidate us, thus giving them power over us. Lately, we’ve been more shall I say “expressive” and I don’t think that’s bad. Shit, we have to vent or we’ll implode! LOL!

      I admit, I have been more vocal in my criticism of the haters and TA’s actions and the actions of his family throughout this ordeal. But still, no one here ever took it to the level they did.

      I for one believe that now it’s the time to change tactics—We need to be more aggressive and we do need to focus on where to go from here instead of harping so much on what went wrong.

      However, this does not mean we are going to ignore the serious issues that came up during the trial. The corruption and the bias and the abuse of the witnesses should not be ignored. Those are the things that might very well help Jodi in the end.

      • “I also think that we have been too passive and polite and we allowed for the haters to intimidate us”

        I agree.

        And thank you for the rest of your post.

      • I don’t judge his family, I don’t know them to judge them, but I do judge their actions. And their actions have been anything but moral.

        Bad things happen in life, we all can attest to that. And it’s human nature to blame someone/something. But to intentionally go after people who had no vested interest in the situation except to offer testimony is just wrong…in my eyes it’s criminal!

        • Another yes from me. Her behavior is completely immoral. Same for all of the crazies who attacked witnesses, in particular Alyce LaViolette.

    • @@MADDI SAID: “I think all of the hate remarks about Travis’s family makes us less credible. ”

      We feel your pain maddi. We really do. Since 99% of the sites on the net have Jodi strapped to the gurney a month ago, could we just have this one the way we want?

      Thanks for your time.

      TIP: Educate yourself about the evidence.

    • I don’t care about the family. I lost sympathy with the family months ago when they chose to roll their eyes, smirk, glare, and try to intimidate witnesses in the court room the ENTIRE TIME the defense was presenting their case. Their behavior was totally uncalled for, and would have been shut down for contempt of court in any other courtroom.

      They lied to the media. How do you think the media got it’s false narrative? From the family and “friends” of Travis Alexander – people who didn’t really know him, but felt compelled to lie about what an upstanding guy he was to throw Jodi under the bus. Total strangers who don’t know Jodi blame her for absolutely everything now, giving Travis Alexander a pass even though it’s his words and his behavior that should have been condemned. Ok, so they are stupid. But stupid people are dangerous, that’s why we are SUPPOSED to have a justice system that’s SUPPOSED to protect defendants from the lynch mob mentality.

      Maddi – you can feel whatever way you want about the family. I am more concerned about the Arias family because they are the ones who read here and it’s THEM who should be getting support.

      • I hate to keep comparing this case and trail to the Anthony trial, but.. Yes, other courts would have cracked down on the Alexander siblings facial shenanigans. I remember Cindy Anthony saying in an interview that she really had to fight hard to control her potential reaction to the verdict and stay stoic during difficult testimony. Other people can pull it off.. Why can’t those clowns..?

        • They didn’t want to control their behavior. They knew they had the whole media supporting their behavior, and doing far worse every night. They let themselves go all out. Nothing has been too far-fetched or ridiculous for them to plaster all over the airwaves.

          Those siblings were outrageous. I cannot fathom why they weren’t barred from the courtroom for their overly exaggerated facial expressions.

          Nothing could have been further from neutral than that courtroom.

    • Maddi,

      In the future, please don’t correct others on this site with regard to their feelings toward the family. The Alexander family and friends do not even want this site to exist and that happened way before anyone started in on the family. I’m sure everyone on this site has some measure of empathy for their loss. I know I do. Nevertheless, the family and friends have been in a position to stop the bullying that has gone on but instead, they encouraged it. Not only that, filing a damn civil suit shows they don’t want this over because the son of sam law ALREADY prevents Jodi from making money so why even sue? They state they want this over but do they? Not all families of murder victims behave they way they did and we are here for jodi and her family as they read here.

      • “Not all families of murder victims behave they way they did and we are here for jodi and her family as they read here.”

        You are so right JC….

        Maybe I look at things differently, or I’m somewhat naive, but those responsible for my late husband death pled guilty, I wasn’t looking for blood, I wasn’t looking at suing them. Nothing they could do, and no amount of money would bring my loved one back.

        Bad things happen in this life, we all know that, I have always believed it is how a person deals with it that tells the story of what kind of person they are.

        • ” I wasn’t looking at suing them. Nothing they could do, and no amount of money would bring my loved one back.”

          That’s exactly it,Gail!!! Well said! It’s MONEY they’re after,not mourning for their brother.It’s BLOOD they’re after not true justice.That’s why I dont even have sympathy for them,I feel nothing.For all I care,they can do society a favour and never show their ugly faces again.

      • Thanks JC. This is a very hard time for all us and tempers are raw. We do need to respect one another. Everyone deals with things differly.

    • Maddi,

      If his followers would stop attacking the Arias family I would be all for stopping the hate towards his family. The haters have made it a blood sport to attack Jodi, her family and everyone who has a differing opinion. I don’t express my unbiased opinion on their territory.

      And if someone killed my brother I would want to know the truth. If he was killed by a lover I would keep in mind that at one point my brother loved that person. I would ask myself what would my brother expect and want from me. I’ve often wondered what Travis would have to say about the witch hunt shit storm Jodi has faced since that night. If he truly had any of the greatness his friends say he had, I would think he would be incensed with how Jodi’s been treated and would be her biggest defender.

      Way before this event happened my sisters and I talked many times about what we would do if one of our siblings were raped or killed. I’ve always said I would NOT want my sisters to spend their lives grieving and being angry at my killer, regardless of whether it was someone I knew or a stranger. It would serve me no purpose and only cause them more despair. Life is for the living. I would NEVER want my family to make my death their cause for life.

      I’ve also told them if it happened to them I would never get satisfaction of having their killer getting the DP and that I would never attend or watch their killer being put down. It would not change my grief or loss in my life, wouldn’t bring them back nor would it serve any justice for me. I would always hold them in my heart forever for who they were in my life, not how they lived their final moments on earth.

      I would HATE for my death to be fodder for the media or to have my friends parading nightly on TV thinking they are speaking for me.

      If Travis were MY brother I know I would have been able to accept Jodi’s plea. I would not get any satisfaction knowing my brother’s lover would be put to death. Her death only adds more loss and grief to an already tragic story.

      If Travis were MY brother I would have FIRED JM. I would have been disgusted by his court room shriek’s and ugly attacks. I know I would have asked JM to knock it off and in all likely hood, knowing myself, I would perhaps consider sitting on the defendants side if I were in the exact same situation.

      • Yes Rainy,

        I watched that state page evolve and saw Tanisha posting. They have been bashing Sandy way before the trial saying things such as, “she’s as guilty as her daughter because she’s supporting her”. Angela, Jodi’s sister, made one post on her facebook about supporting Jodi and they went after her too. This was also before the trial. Point is, Travis family encouraged and incited a growing mob. I even heard that one of the sister’s shut down her facebook after the verdict “because there were too many emails to answer”. WTF?

        If you look at the timing too, the friends and family went to the media when the notices went out for jury selection. In my opinion, they started a media campaign to taint the jury before the were selected and during the trial knowing the jury wouldn’t be sequestered.

        • JC,

          After the verdict came down, Samantha closed her facebook page, and the family’s lawyer issued a statement saying the family was pleased with the verdict, that they would be filing a wrongful death suit and said the family would like their *privacy*

          Funny, they sure didn’t mind violating the witnesses privacy now did they? How hypocritical!!

            • Yes Rainy,

              “The siblings ask that their privacy be respected. They will not be making any further statements or participating in any interviews until the sentencing phase is complete.”

              That is what it says in their statement from their lawyer.

              • Gail,

                When that’s compete I’ll be surprised if they DON”T unleash themselves and make the talk show circuit so they can once again relive the tragedy that has given them the opportunity of their lives.

                I’m betting they are tuned into WIIFM – What’s In It For Me – as thoughts of hosting their own show drifts through their heads ….

                Weeks ago someone read on WS that the siblings were busy writing their victim impact statements. Bet they’ve been spending lots of time in front of the mirror as they ready themselves for the moment they don’t have to share the camera lens 😉

          • if they wanted privacy why did they let their lawyer (alexander family ) I am talking about,
            make his announcement about filing a civil suit on the courthouse steps?

        • JC,

          It boggles my mind how successful they’ve been! How did they know *this* story would grow the legs it did? It’s not as though it’s the only terrible domestic violence story. Sadly, shit happens every day

          I doubt I could get a media campaign started if I was involved in a salacious local story. How does one manage this??? It’s not as though one of the siblings was a hollywood c-list star who already had a smattering of groupies.

          Do they have a connection with someone @ Hate Lovers Network that set it in motion for them to get the audience? I have to believe if Jodi were fat and dumpy and the siblings were toothless and wrinkled it would have been just another sad story that was given it’s 40 seconds on the nightly news. Or is someone in marketing who orchestrated this?

          It was amusing how meth head sister never wore anything sleeveless so the jury never saw her arms full of tattoos.

          Too funny that now the sister shut down the emails. I’m sure it will be back and opened for business soon because once you have that money pipeline up and the cash flowing in from the sheeples she’ll not risk losing the attention of even one sheeple.

          They’ve really got another nice ponzi scheme going on there!

    • Maddi, I am sorry you feel that way. I once was a sucker too. I sent Tanisha money. I got a hand written thank you card.

      but after the way they are acting, and the things they have done, I say this, and unapologetically:


      YAY YOU.



        • What made me laugh was the sight of Travis’ meth head brother in the courtroom – the same one who gave the police Travis’ name when he was arrested for violence and drug use. Oh, NOW he’s going to sit in the courtroom and pretend that he is so upstanding? Fuck that. Trying to ruin your own brother’s record is low.

  34. She had to take the stand in order to use the self defense plea, but they kept her on the dyand way tooong spilliong a lot of unrelevant stuff, if they would have gone for manslaughter she would not have had to take the stand .

    • Exactly. The manslaughter option was put in only at the last moment.

      If the lawyers made an error, it was not pushing for this at the beginning.

      • Hallelujah

        And by the way I agree with your comment about her yapping to the media. That was dumb, coupled with talking to Flores without an attorney.

        • You seriously need to think back to when you were 20 something. Would you have known not to speak to the cops without an attorney? Look, I realize you have a superior intellect and all, but seriously, would you have known? Would any young girl have known?

          • I know that my 24 year old sister, who is on the autism spectrum as I suspect Jodi is, would not know what to do in that situation. CBS and that asshole Flores took advantage of Jodi’s naivete when it came to following legal procedures.

    • hey maddi,, Jodi tried to copt to a plea,,.but they wouldn’t take it.. please educate yourself..there is pently of knowledge in this case PRO JODI on this site..

      • That’s the problem in a nutshell. Juan refused to do it, and the defense had to put on some kind of case.

        Too bad this conviction and (likely) death sentence will be overturned on appeal.

        • “Too bad’ for those unaware, is sarcasm on my part.

          It’s “too bad” for those who want to see her die that it will never happen.

  35. Hey guys,
    On a positive note this case has had more surprises than a ……well I don’t know something that has a lot of surprises…Christmas!

    So if we think of all the surprises this trial has rolled out maybe we’re going to get another surprise. Maybe that’s a weird way of looking at it but this trial brings new meaning to the phrase you never know what’s going to happen!

  36. Folks,

    Last post of the day, after which we have to do Mom’s day gift – clean the house and garage, and trim the bushes in the yard. On which note I take my hat off to women. My Fathers’ day gift requests always have something to do with fly rods, shotguns or gun dogs. My wife somehow thinks a clean house and yard make an appropriate gift – go figure.

    So this post is by way of a warning – don’t get your hopes very high on appeal. As AA pointed out the appellate lawyer is going to chose a few, handpicked points. Remember, that except in the rarest of rare cases, appelas courts do not gauge innocence. Their purview is looking at possible errors in the conduct of the trial, and even then the error must be harmful and substantial enough such that there is reason to believe that in the absence of the error the verdict could have been different.

    Perjury, per se is not a fundamental reason for overturning a verdict. The law presupposes that witnesses will lie, and this is covered by the instruction given to the jury that asks them to gauge the credibility of the witness and lays out what they can do if they deem any witness incredible. Perjury becomes an appeal issue if there is evidence that the prosecutor suborned said perjury and it had an impact on the trial. In this case that might be an issue with respect to the Horn/Flores fiasco, but we’ll have to wait and see, based on the opinion of someone who actually has legal appellate experience as opposed to someone like me, who knows diddly squat about such issues.

    AA also pointed out some issue with respect to Juror number 5 and again, whether or not this is an appellate issue, depends on the circumstances and what she actually said or did. The same with Juror #8’s statement of “the expected” result, and iPads, iPhones etc.

    I do believe that there might be a fighting chance with the sequestration issue. Even though AZ has not sequestered a jury in many years, and sequestration is far from the norm, this case raises the issue of extended publicity. The US supreme court has made a number of decisions based on media impact on trials and some of that may be applicable here.

    So lets see what happens. Gotta go now.

    • Considering some high up official in the DA’s office or something admitted the jury should have been sequestered, I think that case is strong.

      I am drawing a blank on exact name and title of the individual. Maybe someone else remembers?

    • Okay Al, I’m now a little more than pissed off at you. PLEASE don’t misquote and mischaracterize my posts EVER AGAIN.

      I realize that you didn’t know much about the direct appeal process until I posted about it. I realize that you thought a PCR petition came FIRST and posted about your research and you were probably not very happy that I posted a correction to that. I also realize that you have posited yourself as a “legal expert” here that many other posters turn to in order to understand the law. I apologize for correcting you, but, in my opinion, it’s not a good thing for the members here to be misled by your conclusions when what you’re interpreting is completely incorrect.

      That being said, you have NO right to mischaracterize my posts and claim that there is little hope in the appellate process. While I HAVE said that an appellate brief should only contain 3-5 of the most important issues that could be considered erroneous, that does NOT mean that there is NO merit to the important issues in this trial or that there is LITTLE hope that the conviction will be overturned on appeal.

      Furthermore, the direct appeal is FAR from the last step in the appellate process. It is simply the FIRST step — and I posted about it because you had incorrectly misled our members to believe that PCR was the first step, which it is not. PCR is the second step. But accompanied by that second step, in the event she loses her direct appeal (as in, the verdict is affirmed) a defendant has the opportunity to request, by means of Writ of Certoriari, that the AZ Supreme Court (in the event she is not sentenced to execution) and/or the US Supreme Court review the lower appellate court’s position.

      If anyone assumed that there is NO hope based on reading my posts, I sincerely apologize. There is still TONS of hope and many many steps to go through over the next 10-15 years before ANY of us should give up hope.

      In addition, what I mentioned about Juror No. 5 is that she, apparently spoke to the other jurors about the case (I don’t know for sure because the hearings were sealed and have not, as yet, been unsealed). If that’s the case, considering her comments may well have tainted or influenced the jury panel, it is very much an important issue on appeal, along with other important issues.

      • AA-
        Thank you. I’m no legal expert, but I agree there is still hope. Our judicial system is set up so that a person who is not given a fair trial, has additional opportunities to make things right. I think about the people who are released from prison 15-20 years later and found to be completely innocent. Right now though, I find it too depressing to think it would take that long for Jodi.

        Again, I am no legal expert, but anyone with even the basic understanding of Reasonable doubt, can see that everything the State presented is filled with reasonable doubt, not to mention perjured testimony from their so called “experts”. Something is corrupt in Maricopa County.

        Can you tell me how many steps would this have to go through before it can be brought to the Federal Courts? I wish it could go there immediately since AZ is so shady.

      • AA-

        Here’s what you said about the numbers of points on appeal, and I quote

        “Appeals require focus on 3-5 issues maximum (the less the better). Any more than that, and an appellate court is going to assume the appeal is frivolous because they assume a trial court judge is capable of upholding the law. An appellate lawyer chooses his/her battles wisely and picks the strongest issues which he/she thinks are winnable.”

        Here’s how I paraphrased it:

        “As AA pointed out the appellate lawyer is going to chose a few, handpicked points.”

        Here’s what you said about Juror 5, and I quote

        “juror misconduct (i.e., juror No. 5 tainted the jury panel) etc.) on direct appeal.”

        And I paraphrased that as

        “AA also pointed out some issue with respect to Juror number 5″ and added ” and again, whether or not this is an appellate issue, depends on the circumstances and what she actually said or did”

        So I don’t really see how I mischaracterized anything you said. With respect to the Defense teams performance you said

        But if you just need someone to be angry at, go right ahead. And if you don’t agree with my assessment of this defense team then firstly that’s your right, but I would also like to quote a little something to you

        This is you from further up this board about the defense’s choice of witnesses

        “I pretty much agree with you Al, but have a few points, mostly in addition to what you said.”


        “Yet, it wasn’t until the jury mentioned the dura mater — based on Dr. Geffer’s testimony, that Jennifer Willmott “caught” the error and discussed it during follow up. They waited for the JURY to ask the question? ”

        So vent away friend.

  37. Good Morning Team Jodi.

    I ‘got a feeling’ the sealed hearing Friday had to do with juror misconduct during deliberations. I don’t know why, but I got a feeling it would of had to been that serious of an issue to keep everyone in court for a two hour hearing.

    So I am now rocking \M/ The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling. It is really making me feel happy 🙂

    • If that were so, why are they still going though with the penalty phase 🙁

      Or do you think they postponed penalty phase in case they have to go through with it, (like give time to investigate whether or not to toss the verdict?)

      • Nk I believe the real God who created mankind has a plan.

        Mormons believe their own Saints are the creator’s of mankind.

        I have been studying ex Mormons and the suffrage they experienced.

        Also I know any Mexican in AZ will never get an impartial jury .. especially a Mexican from CA.

        Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed an executive order to deny benefits to young illegal immigrants who qualify under President Obama’s deferred action policy.

        California Senate passed a bill to shield illegal immigrants from status checks by local police and challenges Republican-backed immigration crackdowns in Arizona and other U.S. states.

        And anyone who thinks Jodi Arias being of Mexican heritage from CA is going to get a fair trial in Mesa, AZ needs to get to their Saturday militia meeting.

        • Now that is what confuses me because I thought Mormons also believe in Jesus, and the Bible?

          I do believe God has a plan. I thought maybe it had to happen this way to expose corruption. If Jodi won the verdict first time around (or anything less than M1 basically), people would say, there was no corruption or bias, look Jodi won.

          Now, because things went the way the went, a full investigation can be opened, especially into the prosecutor’s office. Definitely shady things happened there.

          I do believe ultimate justice will be served someday (whether now or Judgement Day). I guess I am just tired of evil continuing to prevail now (even though I know it wont prevail later).

          • Nk the Mormon Cult preaches that God isn’t the creator of mankind.

            Genesis 1:27 – “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

            And the Cult don’t adhere to the words of the Holy Bible. They follow the book of Mormon. If you have a Holy Bible, turn to the last page, go up four paragraph’s and you will read:

            Revelation 22:18 – “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book,”

            Revelation 22:19 -” And if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.”

            • @Willie: “Nk the Mormon Cult preaches that God isn’t the creator of mankind. ”

              They also teach that Jesus is the brother of Satan. The leaders wear sacred underwear. Like this for example (you’re gonna love it, I promise!!).

              Conservative Christian street preacher vs Crazy Mormons at the Republican National Convention in 2012:


              • Ed I dated an ex-Mormon girl for three months last year who was so disturbed by the Mormon Cult, she refused to even talk about them. She also seemed to live in fear of the Cult. It was very disturbing.

                After spending the past few days reading the suffrage of ex-Mormons on the internet I now know why she lived in real fear. The Mormon Cult will go to the ends of the Earth on their MISSION to destroy an ex-Mormons life.

                All I know to do is pray God is looking over Jodi & her family.

  38. I know jodi tried to take a plea, I mean if the defense would have used a ” yes she did kill him but it was at the most manslaughter”, she would not have had to take the stand! I am not a Travis fan but I am trying to be unbiased and professional , I personally don’t think we should be bashing the Alexander family. We can support jodi without bashing them. . That is just my opinion and I understand if people disagree . As far as my spelling goes, I am legally blind and trying to type this on a tablet . I apologize for my spelling errors . I take your comments that I smell like a Travis fan very offensive . We should be able to discuss things on this page without trashing each other. And if you are blessed with good vision, consider yourself fortunate.

    • So you know.

      The Alexander family has been slandering Jodi & every expert witness who testified on her behalf.

      The Alexander’s are trying to ruin 35 year career’s of expert witnesses who are the pioneer’s in the effort to end domestic violence.

      And you are defending them ?

        • I swear to god,if I hear how we should not trash the Alexanders and respect them one more time,my posts are gonna sound like I m on the Vent page…

          • I agree Maria. How dare any one come here NOW and tell me what to fucking think and feel? I have been here for MONTHS. SINCE THE FUCKING BEGINNING.

            FUCK THE ALEXANDERS. Their brother got what he deserved. You abuse someone smaller and weaker, well, you might fucking die.

            Fuck the Alexanders, and Maddi, if you tell me again how to think or how to speak, well, that same sentiment will go to you.



      • The family has been behind all the hate campaigns against witnesses. They have kept the haters riled up and they have attacked Jodi on every level, and have now started on her family. The latest is that Jodi’s grandmother was only in a wheel chair to get sympathy!

        That pissed me off worse then anything they said in the past about Jodi! The elderly are OFF LIMITS in my books, to attack her grandmother went too far!

        This family is very angry, but they angry long before their brother was killed, and regardless of the outcome, they are still going to be angry.

        Mrs Arias showed nothing but dignity and grace, she showed nothing but respect for the court and she wasn’t on the media every night trashing anyone. Yet the famiily and their minions feel it’s okay to talk trash about her and her family!

    • We did NOT begin attacking or bashing them. Most everyone was supportive until they threw the punches and started ruining careers of important people that they know nothing about. The people here have been attacked and basically stalked by the haters. You have no idea what you are saying. ALL of us are here to support Jodi in any way that we can. Most of us at this point don’t give a rats ass about about the “other side.” If you are on our side then great but please don’t expect that we won’t have horrid things to say about SOME people. They have done nothing but attempt to hurt others. Who have THEY helped?

  39. I do support the Arias family and am not trying to correct others, just personally want to act professionally! I can understand why others feel the way they do, and did not mean to sound like I was correcting anyone! I apologize!

  40. Here is a comment left on the state page about Sandy Arias. As a mother, I feel compelled to respond to to it here.

    admin over there posted this:

    I don’t normally highlight comments by others but this one deserves to be posted:

    Re Sandy Arias, the murderer’s mother:

    Amber Bakersfield: If I were in this mother’s position, I am sure I would love my child. I would attend court. I would testify and ask the jury to spare their life. I would NOT laugh in court. I would NOT wear a ribbon for a cause that my child is lying about. I would NOT complain to the judge about the victim’s family wearing ribbons for their brother. I would NOT approach a tabloid to sell forged letters. I would NOT attempt to tamper with the jury by lying about them. There is loving and supporting your child, and there is enabling your murdering child’s continued manipulation and bad behavior. Unfortunately, I don’t think this family knows the difference.

    ~ Thank you Amber. And therein lies the difference as to a good parent and one who has no idea. Sandy Arias falls into the latter category. Let’s stop making excuses for her.

    This comment is a feeble attempt to justify their hateful behavior. There has never been proof Sandy tried to sell the forged letters first of all. ( She didn’t.) Yet if she did, she had her reasons and some day those letters will be published. What mother wouldn’t want to help clear their daughter’s name? Sandy believes in Jodi and nobody, let alone another mother should judge her for that.

    It was proven that Travis abused Jodi so her wearing the ribbon was appropriate.

    Laughing in court? Give me a break. Travis family laughed at times too.

    If Sandy went to the judge about the jury, I’m sure she had a very good reason.

    That entire comment Amanda, was a pitiful, desperate attempt to lie while justifying your despicable actions and the actions of others.

    And therein lies the difference between you and normal people Amanda. Heaven help you if your child should ever be in a situation where they are being abused. Sandy Arias has shown the world what a good mother would do given this situation and most people are compassionate enough to know that.

    • Yeah well, if they think they are so much better than Sandy, I hope that when or if their child ever runs across their own Travis Alexander, they will be kind enough to provide the lube to make it a more enjoyable experience for their child. And I hope they make sure they teach their daughters to never complain about taking it up the ass because that kind of sex is perfectly normal and accepted among individuals who claim to be people of faith or even ordained. 🙄

    • There was NO evidence the letters were “forged.” They weren’t admitted because they were copies.

      Only the lying Chris Hughes got up on the stand and LIED about those letters.

  41. I think a full investigation should be done about the jurors. #8′s statements are probable cause.

    Confiscate all phones and electronic devices. Go into their house and seize laptops and televisions, if it’s possible to find a history of channels accessed. TVs are like computers now, they even have their own wireless link ups to the Internet to get updates.

    Crawl up their asses and go through everything with a fine tooth comb to make well and damn sure no tampering was involved. Make sure that the Hughes, family, or anyone from the Travis Taliban wasn’t calling their phones.

    • I totally agree with you! On the channels they were viewing on tv, i have direct tv, their sales reps will call and try to sell larger cable packages, showtime etc. and they actually told me what i had been watching for the month, so if they have cable it is possible.

    • It would not surprise me if Chris Hughes had contact with the jury.

      Capital murder cases MUST be sequestered juries; either that or abolish the death penalty altogether.

      • tonysam says: “Capital murder cases MUST be sequestered juries; either that or abolish the death penalty altogether.”


    • I agree…Juror 8 said too much proving trial was not fair and just…They should have been sequestered and yes it should definitely be investigated…Keep Strong Jodi..Some of us have our own personal experiences to be able to fully relate. Right, Wrong, or Indifferent…could have been me. I was in similar fact, watching the trial, hearing how TA talked to her gave me flashback..No Saint..Toxic relationship ending tragically for everyone. I get a lot of flack from my friend who got me wwatching the trial several months ago…lol..i stand my ground and provide my supporting evidence to support Jodi. God is judge..not man

  42. I have come to this site almost every day to read posts and so many posted thoughts are the same thoughts that I have. I have posted from time to time and I feel Jodi has been completely railroaded and not even given a fair shot, right from the very beginning. There’s many things I’m disgusted with (JM, the “Judge”, TA’s family members, the sorry and pathetic jurors) and the list goes on. I think the jurors remember the result from the CA trial and when the verdict was announced, the jurors never even knew what type of behavior would come their way. This “bunch” of jurors were too afraid to face what the others faced and they took the cowardly way out, ignored all evidence staring at them in the face of Jodi’s innocence and elected to take the easy way out and not face harsh criticism from the public. How truly pathetic for them. They don’t have to answer to me, you, or anyone else, they have to answer to a much higher power, and that my friends is where they will truly face what they have done to Jodi. We, here on earth, can not even come close to dishing out the consequence as they will face at the end. Please don’t get me wrong, I would love to unleash my anger, distain and frustration on these idiots. Woah I would feel so much better! But I won’t fight them with my “fists” I will fight them with my mind and intelligence that God gave me. I have seen so many wonderful posts about the appeal process and what so many of us can do to help, and that’s exactly what I mean about fighting with our minds and intelligence. I’m so glad this site is here so I can come here and feel safe and understood in posting. I love the dedication and comradere. I wish everyone a wonderful day and weekend! Hang in there Jodi, help is on the way!!

  43. I hope when the movie is made that it takes in the entire picture, not just the relationship, the killing and the trial, but also the mad rush to judgment by both the media and their frenzied lynch mob following. I would like all of haters to see (on the big wide screen) just how ugly and foolish they look.

    • I love horror/slasher movies but I have a feeling this is going to be the scariest movie I’ve watched in a long time 🙁

  44. I have utmost respect and admiration for Sandy Arias! She has handled herself in court and outside of the courtroom with self control and dignity! If I were in her shoes, I don’t know if I could have presented myself as gracefully as she has! She is a rock!!

    • It makes me mad that people say mean things about her family. You don’t stop loving your family member when something horrible happens. Everyone shows feelings differently. I mean they sat there for 4 months I think laughing once or twice is human.

    • Sandy and Jodi’s Aunt have been in in my thoughts and prayers daily.

      They’ve held their heads up high, maintaining their strength and dignity with an unassuming and quiet style.

      Jodi’s Mom is a true hero <3


  45. I can understand to some degree about the women who hate on Jodi. I attribute their hatred to their ignorance, their low self-esteem and to a large degree, I also attribute it to the competitive bitchy nature of the female psyche.

    Being a woman myself, I have witnessed the winner-take-all, all-out-hair-pulling, cat-clawing and general vicious nature of a woman intent on destroying another woman because of some kind of perceived transgression. I’ve seen it and it’s not pretty. When women fight about men it can get fucking unreal! 😯

    Having said that…I still believe that these women are bat-shit crazy and the things they have said and done to Jodi via the internet are vile and undeniably reflects their disgusting nature. Seriously, these women need help for their sake and for their children’s sake, if they have any.

    Now let me move on because I want to talk about the men. I know that men are capable of being just as catty and backstabbing as the women and some even more so. But, holy cow! What I’ve seen posted by MEN about Jodi is fucking unreal! These men have been toe to toe with the hateful women…It’s like somewhere along the line, they’ve checked in their balls and now proudly sport a giant weeping vagina. Jesus they can be hateful! Some of them act worse than the women and frankly it’s disgusting.

    I don’t meant to stereotype men and women as I’m not an expert on the subject, (I speak only from my own experience) but I do believe that women tend to react more emotionally than men. I *used to think men were more rational…so when I see men post hateful, vile things about Jodi, just like the women, it’s double horrifying and shocking to me.

    Anyway, I do hope one day these men can get reacquainted with their balls and leave the cattiness to us women.

    • I wonder if some of these men are the ones like TA lying to women and being abusive and hatefu