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Following on from the events surrounding the AZ State Circus this week, leave your comments & general observations below.

Have an awesome weekend, and don’t waste any time over the haters and their BS websites. Let them continue being obsessed with us — not the other way around :mrgreen:



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    • ii have fought for jodi for weeks i think she made a big mistake but is a good person inside we all make mistakes but i do not like the name calling of the family and i think its make people angry so who ever runs this fight for jodi but do it with class

      • I have news for you. What we say HERE is what we say HERE and here only. Have you even listened to ANYTHING besides HLN and the haters? Just WHAT do you think and WHO do you think has been doing the name calling???????????? WE HEREEEEEEEE have been called names for months. Don’t spout to me about name calling of a bunch of criminals who are in this “TRAGEDY, ” for nothing but the MONEY. Why don’t YOU go read the Occupy HLN site?????????? Every one of us here have class, we are NOT simply a bunch of idiots. The people who would get angry of any name calling are the same one’s who have been calling JODI and everyone associated with her names for months. Now, when you can understand where WE are coming from you might be able to voice an opinion that some might give a damn about.

        • God Bless you CJ thank you for saying that to that person who dares to come in here and tell us how to behave or how to feel, we express ourselves freely about Jodi and her haters in here. I have a very low tolerance from this point forward for ppl like Mark.

      • mark,
        you say you have been fighting for Jodi for weeks.Well,we have been figting for months,some people here have been supporting her for years even!! Jodi’s supporters ,this site and its administrator,have all been ridiculed,viciously attacked,not only name calling but actual death threats.We’ve seen Jodi’s name,reputation getting drageed through the mud-actually this is just putting it extremely mildlly.Thaw woman was annihilated,dehumanised,unimaginably hated.There are NO safe places other than here to go and support her,or to share opinions,doubts and questions about this case.If you have happened to go or be a member to any FB pages and/or groups,you know what I’m talking about,The trolls are always hiding and ready to disturb and harass at any given time.
        So,taking awayfrom us the right to come here and talk freely without being terrorised,is like telling us to get out of our own house.The ONLY house we have,btw…

        • That’s right Maria some of us here on the number 1 support site For JODI ARIAS KNOW That theres way more to this Story then you or I will EVER KNOW!!!!! But ONE PERSON KNOWS AKA GUS ,in Las Vegas .AND He says what former Mormon girl friend of Travis Alexander would get up there and tell the truth .He said he even know A girl that was treated very much like Jodi .go on yesterday’s comments and there’s a link to click and hear the radio talk show .I just want to say things could have gone way more differently if Jodi would have not answered those calls from T.A. to beg het to come back .& beg her to take more pixs of her self to send to Him .On one hand he’s telling the whole world he wants nothing to do with her and she’s one big time stalker.Yeah Right seems to me it’s more like a Mormon trying to live a perfect life in front of everybody else .And behind closed doors something different altogether .Jodi should have RAN AND NEVER LOOK BACK!!! BUT WE ALL KNOW WHAT LOVE CAN DO TO ONE.I KNOW CUZ I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE ONCE .After 10 years of the little ing me breaking up my s*** and emotional abuse I finally ran ran ran ran .And that’s what Jodi should have done .But sometimes love can become a drug .Praying for u Jodi.And remember Jesus is the way the truth and the life ,no man come to the Father but through him !!!!! Except Jesus Now .Love n prayers mjmmaryjane mjmmorales Mary <3

      • Mark, Sometimes even good people have to scream. I’m not normally one who calls people names but sometimes it’s the only way I can express my rage at a family, where half the siblings are convicted felons (battery, domestic violence, burglary, shoplifting, identity theft and meth manufacturing), and they dare to sit in self-righteous judgment on another human being and then pray for her death. It is despicable and I have a right to scream if I want to. And here is the place I can do it safely and if someone doesn’t understand that then they don’t have to listen.

        • You said it well, RB, I agree with you. I’m not a name calling person either but all this gets too much at times and we have to let it out.

        • RB,

          Beautifully written.

          “at a family, where half the siblings are convicted felons (battery, domestic violence, burglary, shoplifting, identity theft and meth manufacturing), and they dare to sit in self-righteous judgment on another human being and then pray for her death.”

          I have a difficult time with the judge(I won’t capitalize) who cries over Jodi not getting DP, Martinez who sits there pouting Jodi didn’t get DP, the TA family in theatrical hysterics that Jodi didn’t get DP, HLN (who used Jodi’s life as entertainment for their paychecks) judging that Jodi didn’t get DP and none of them are telling the truth! They all want to murder Jodi. But they are all lying! Then they try to turn it around to say Jodi is the liar. It really makes me vomit.

          • Hi RB,

            I agree about ‘beautifully written’. As far as the Judge goes, I’m not sure. It struck me that perhaps she was not emotional about not getting a DP. I think she is not in favor of DP, and I think she was choked up at the thought of the Jury being divided between Life & Death. All in all, hung jury … another chance! It’s been a long, long tortuous road for Jodi and family.

            The long haul is not yet over, and it’s support and strength and understanding that we can all give each other, to bolster us through! About everything else you said, I ‘second’ that.

          • It seems like the words pray and death shouldn’t even be allowed in the same sentence let alone a tweet from the meth heads…….GEESH

      • Sorry if the truth hurts Mark. The family are HYPOCRITES who many have criminal records, were not even close to their brother and all they give a shit about is making big money off their brother’s death and taking every dime the public will give them. Setting that aside, I have no respect for people chomping at the bit for the death penalty and giving death stares to jurors who didn’t give them what they wanted. Travis has been gone 5 years now!!! The fake tears and facial contortions are because they are opportunists with their hands out for money. They are milking their brother’s death for all its worth and will continue to do so as long as possible.

        • Samantha has been notorious for “peeping at the camera”…when she knew the camera was focused on her..then she would start that body shake and then show some tears and kept looking at the camera…she knew the television viewing audience was watching from home…and she gave them a show…

          She did that “peeping at the camera” again on Thursday…after the penalty phase verdict was read…grrr…

      • Hey mark, what do you mean –“she made a big mistake”? Do you call, defending your own life, a big mistake???

      • I think what people show on here and why I stay is sadness and frustration over what has happened to Jodi more than name calling, have you seen what the Travis lovers do when they get on here? They call each every one names so maybe people strike back to being called names but in here what I see is more action and trying to help than hurt. On the Travis sites it is always about revenge and more blood being spilled and trying to get people that have testified for Jodi to lose their jobs or threaten their lives or their childrens lives, none of that goes on here

  1. First? But I gotta go to work so I cant say much. I broke my NG ban to see the sentencing verdict and that was one episode I enjoyed. Nance was pissed off and disheveled and in high bitch mode! She honestly accused Jodi of having an inappropriate emotional reaction because she was crying when the verdict was read! HELLO NASTY…her mother wasn’t informed to be there at an emotionally upsetting time!! I think it’s inappropriate emotions to be salivating at the mouth hoping for a death sentence for a young woman and to be visibly annoyed when it’s NOT given! Is anyone more stupid and ugly than Nance?

    • Good Morning Gwen,
      Have you seen the Geico commericial the one the vampire is volunteering at the blood bank?
      They should’ve cast Nance for that role.
      She is HLN’s paid vampire…her salivating for a DP verdict is disgusting.

    • NG also said, UNBELIEVABLY, that the jurors who did not vote for the death penality LIED on voire dire when they said they believed they were capable of rendering a death penalty. She said they should be charged with perjury. She really, really has gone around the bend! If she still has a license to practice law, she should be sanctioned by the State Bar for such an irresponsible statement. First of all, the fact that they did not vote for the death penalty does not mean they COULD NOT vote for it. They decided it wasn’t warranted. Second, many people mistakenly, but honestly, believe they could render a death penalty, but when it comes down to actually voting on a jury to take another’s life, and knowing that for the rest of your life that you must live with your decision to do it, well, that is a whole different story. Third, such a patently ridiculous statement could incite someone to harm one of the jurors. Somebody should report her. I would, but I do not know what state she may have been licensed. Anybody know? Can you just imagine what fun NG would have if she had access to killer drones?

      • u SO right. i heard her say that. she’s such a loud a crap. only a village idiot may believe her train of a thought.
        hey Disgrace, the dp is not automatic, DUH!

      • I saw that. You’re right, she’s gone off the cliff, that woman. She’s inciting hatred toward those jurors that held out against the death penalty. This case should’n’t have been a dp case in the first place, it’s due to HLN and the Mormon’s and PPL that it even went there. The corruption in this case runs very deep and very high.

        She’s lobbying future jurors and letting them know that anybody not willing to put Jodi to death will be bullied unmercifully.

        • Let them bring their bullying of ME right on. I have an answer or two for their shit. Now, THAT is the attitude all jurors and witnesses need to take. Also, we need to continue to do as we have and stick up for them. It pisses me off to no end when I think about poor Alyce. Like I said, let them bring their shit on.

          • Hehe. I’d like to be there to see them get their comeuppance.

            Still, look at the people who have been bullied the worst: Parents, with kids. It’s one thing for you to be bullied but a whole ‘nother universe when it comes to your kids. Basically, the kids are the ones they’ve threatened and they know it. Oh, and old ladies like Alyce L. Gee, aren’t they tough.

            I haven’t heard anything about how Alyce L. has been doing. I guess HLN doesn’t want to bring up that subject, do they? Can anyone say “lawsuit”?

            I hope she can sue them and get millions. That would make my day.

        • And what about being able to play on there phones laptops Ipads or playing crossword puzzles during a capital Mulder case ??????????? I’ve never herd of such a thing .I went to court for a traffic ticket & the bailiff said NO PHONES ALLOWED wHILE court IS in motion .If they see any Phone or device it will be taken from you until the end of day .Jodi Arias’s trial was nothing but a big circus !!!!!! What ever happened to the right for a FAIR & speedy Trial.I think in this case it got all mixed up with tootsie rolls pop rocks & A Mormons trying to keep there secrets behind closed doors .I got one thing to say ……. New lawyer, New Venue ,RETRY … Praying for u Jodi ….mjmmaryjane,mjmmorales, Mary <3

      • She is a lying witch. They agreed that they could and would CONSIDER the DP that they were capable of considering it NOT that they had to GIVE it to satisfy the family’s sick desire for a 2nd death Or Nancy’s for that matter. CONSIDERING DP does not mean you MUST decide to give the DP.

        • Does this mean that the new jury if questioned, will say DP only? AND if they don’t this judge will give the verdict? We know what she wants.

          • A bunch of people believe that havig another jury decide the penalty phase is wrong. The jury came back undecided then judge should have given her life or life in prison. If new jury gives Jodi death penalty then one of the appeals could possibly fall under double jeopardy under Supreme Court rules on penalty phase. The judge did day the jury had a verdict correct? I think Jodi will receive life without parole. I hate the fact that the court system is dragging it out. This case Mrs closure for everyone involved.

    • how about some jurors mouthing “i’m sorry” to TA family!
      as the saintly alexander’s stared them down!

    • That’ll be the day when Nancy Grace tells one of her children that to cry when relieved or happy is an inappropriate reaction! She is such a sob sister I bet she cries when she gets a birthday card.

      I hope HLN pays for whatever treatment she receives as a result of the obvious stress we see, when she finally decides to clean up her thoroughly revolting (sorry, Nancy, but it is) act. (Psst! Nancy, that is the way to play it! It’s all down to the station for forcing you into that dance with you-know-who! You have PTSD (I refer everybody to the “numbing” that Dr. Samuels associated with the diagnosis) and they are manipulating you. That sounds about right, doesn’t it? Heck, might as well go for it Nancy; the timing would be perfect – and then you might be able to get an interview with Jodi some day? I’d watch that and BTW I mean no sarcasm here.

      Trying to help out Nancy because we all know she makes a better prosecutor than defense attorney.

      Gwen, I do check up on HLN once in a while but just couldn’t stomach whatever it was that Grace was going to put out there after any of the verdicts. Thanks for “taking one for the team”!

      • Nancy only has the capacity to cry when she has an audience. That is why she relates so well to the Alexander sisters. They too love an audience when they cry

      • Jeff,

        It is not only interesting it is very scary. I noticed Mother Jones was referenced at the end of the article. I read MJ often and find their articles very credible and informative.

        Thanks for sharing.

        • Yes, thank you for sharing. Corruption isn’t new to the area? That’s why the judge and juan think they can do what ever they want.

          • you can clearly tell throughout the whole trial that the judge IS ON JUAN Martinez’s side ……. clearly anytime the defense OBJECTED the judge overruled it .JODI WAS LEFT in that courtroom with no one on her side …..AND THE TRUTH was staring at them right in the face

        • That’s the one about the right wing posses I believe, right? Actually the link I mistakenly posted goes to show that the illegal immigration issue here is nowhere near the problem they would have us believe. That’s the argument that keeps getting Sheriff Joe elected. He’s basically keeping the citizens of Maricopa County in fear that violent criminals are coming over the border in droves. That simply isn’t the case. Montgomery is just as bad. They’re both targeting people. It’s racial profiling any way you look at it. And Joe’s got a lawsuit against him for that very thing. Oh, and he wants to run for office again, he’ll be 83 years old.
          By the way, Arpaio wanted a new jail because of the overcrowding problem. He’s backed off of that – for now at least – because it would be too much of a burden on the budget. Here’s a novel idea – stop putting everybody in jail that commits a petty offense. That’ll curb the overcrowding.
          And Montgomery – well, as you can see there’s over 200,000 felony cases that have yet to be reviewed. Backlogged much? Or maybe he just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about those people rotting in jail that very well may be innocent or over-charged.

    • Rofl i was coming back after reading the first, albeit, interesting artcle to ask what the connection was lolol. Ok on to reading the second link! 😉

  2. ” Arias’ mom upset she didn’t know about verdict” ( HLN)

    ” She told HLN that she was under the impression that the judge was going to answer the question without even summoning the jury. Mrs. Arias had left the courthouse earlier in the day, waiting at a nearby relative’s house for word on the jury’s decision.”

    Really HLN you want us to believe that Sandy Arias gave you the time of day for this news…..BULL SHIT……….. Her own daughter wouldn’t give you interview… Now you are bashing her mother for not being in court………… !!!! FU … up the ass sideways

    • Sandy Arias is a classy woman, my prayers
      are with her. She was always in court every
      day for Jodi. No eyes rolling. She sat there
      in support of her daughter who
      was being portrayed as “The Most Hated
      Person In America” & remained dignified.

      You don’t see Sandy Arias begging for
      money like TA’s family & the despicable grifters
      Chris & Sky Hughes.

      I am so upset the Judge did not wait for her &
      Jodi’s family to come into the courtroom
      on the last day before she read the mistrial
      Judge Sherry Stephens = Shame on you!!!

      Hope everyone is having the best M- weekend!
      I am still rejoicing over the fact 4 Jurors
      stuck with what they believed in & all I have
      to say is Thank You again.

      The look on JM’s face will forever be

      • Those people are horrors. That judge Stephens was so obviously biased toward JM. I saw her at the end there giving him a special smile when he came up to her. How happy she must be to be a t.v. star. I would like to know her personal religious beliefs, and I have never seen any reports of what they are.

        I would like to know the religious leanings of every one of the people related to the case. Any connection to Mormonism means extreme bias.

        I agree, Sandy Arias has conducted herself with dignity and class. I kept thinking she looked a lot like the Mona Lisa, lol.

        • Josh, you brought tears to my eyes!

          Sandy Arias is a dignified woman, who loves her daughter deeply.

          That she has to endure this farcical trial AND take the dirty arrows flung by Evil NG

          PLUS the outright cruelness of SS when Jodis family was not seated or even NOTIFIED that a verdict was in….

          • What I don’t get, is why J-Murderer-Martinez was allowed to say things like, that Jodi was physically violent with her mother, in court, among other things? Why is that CREEP allowed to fling vicious gossip whenever he wants? I thought things had to be proven for a prosecutor to be allowed to put it in the juror’s minds.

            And, how could he prove such a thing? I doubt her mother would ever testify to something like that.

            Farce is right.

            • As far as I can tell, when people are testifying in “whoredom”, all bets are off.

              Stephens showed her true colors when she didn’t give notice and time to the Arias family to be present for that verdict.

              All of the camera time went to the Alexanders, apparently as it was meant to, no matter how it turned out for Jodi and her family.

              We can only guess why Stephens was so emotional over the hung jury. But we saw visible bias in her not looking after the family of the defendant, just as we saw bias in Stephens’ willingness to preside over abusive proceedings.

              • ”Stephens showed her true colors when she didn’t give notice and time to the Arias family to be present for that verdict.”

                Oh…but she showed her true colors wayyyyyyyyyy before that!

                • Actually I think the defense is suppose to notify the family of the defendant. The problem was the Judge gaming about the verdict. She should have had Public Relations notify that there was a verdict, exactly as she did in the first two phases. The gaming created the problem. I support Jodi and her family, but let us be realistic. The flurry in the courtroom went on for over an hour.I would think that this would be a big clue that something was going on Most families would have someone present at all times, even if they traded off. I think her family does love her, but maybe this is the kind of “not being their” for her that Jenn addressed in the closing and Jodi herself has eluded to.

    • FUJUAN….

      HLN seems to have run out of any more truths that they can twist and spin to make their breaking news…they gotta keep the viewers on their station to keep the ratings up…their boss Scott Safon gave them a promotion for doing this…hahaha…

      SO now they are making up stuff to twist and spin for their breaking news…hahaha…too funny…hahaha…

      But to use Jodi’s mom….I hope they rot for using her…

  3. A jury=12 strangers. 2 married ppl can rarely agree, so getting 12 strangers to agree on something like this? Nearly impossible. #jodiarias

    Isn’t that the God’s honest truth………. and now they think they can do the second round… BOLOGNA… This is just wasting time and money, and pissing a lot of people off… GIve her a plea deal….. !!!!!

    • Plea deal needs to be manslaughter or total freedom. She never got a fair trial. If Martinez was fair and not corrupt he would not have to have the millions more he has to spend to again commit homicide.

      • It should never be life in prison while giving up the right to appeal. This was NOT a murder one case.

        The verdict was illegitimate and should be regarded as such.

        Her lawyers should demand credit for time served and freedom. No less is acceptable.

        • if there’s a chance the deal is life without the right to appeal,then I’m downright against it.I dont want Jodi to even consider it.Period.She has great chances to win an appeal and that’s wehat we’ll fight for!

      • I could not agree more. I want to see her walk. She deserves it at this point. What she’s been through has been nothing short of prolonged torture.
        I don’t get what the relevance was for putting her private parts on display to the court and of course that got out to the entire world. I agree that was deliberate on the part of the State and that sicko Juan Murderer Martinez as imagery to completely debase her, knowing the profile of those jurors and that they would like to crucify her based on that alone.

        She should walk, now.

        • YES!! the audacity of that ff to put Jodis naked pics up when they whould never have been admitted into evidence!!!!!

          I think there is something wacky with the dates on those pics too !!!

          • Yes, why were so many things not cleared up, and left out? They really did not explain so many things. This trial has been just crazy.

          • Also, that really proves to me that Juan-Murderer-Martinez is truly evil. Why would it even occur to anyone decent to put those pics up in any form. How was that necessary? That is private, and what did it prove that was material to the case? That’s been bothering me ever since I found out about it. I’d like to know why the defense couldn’t have kept those out as prejudicial, of course as well as JMM continually throwing the dead body pics up whenever he wanted to shock and prejudice everyone.

          • The naked pics should never have been broadcasted by the live feeding just as some of the autopsy pics werent.Or better yet,they should never have leaked on the Internet…But oh well,Jodi is a whore,right?SCREW you Martinez ,ou misogynistic pig!!

        • Milan M
          (don’t get what the relevance was for putting her private parts on display to the court and of course that got out to the entire world. I agree that was deliberate on the part of the State and that sicko Juan Murderer Martinez as imagery to completely debase her, knowing the profile of those jurors and that they would like to crucify her based on that alone.

          She should walk, now.)

          That has always bothered me. I couldn’t understand WHY those pictures were sugnificant at all.
          I can’t think of anyone that would want that AND ugly Martinnez soul thought that was necessary?
          And of course the judge would go along with it.
          I’m so sick of all of them.

          I wonder if juan has sent pictures to the cane lady.
          What a lunitick!
          She thinks she’s a star.
          We DO have a lot of idiots!

          • OMG…you are so spot on! That cane lady is absurd. All of those busy bodies who stand outside the courthouse for their “insightful” HLN interviews are a joke.

            • PJ,
              As they are standing outside, the trial is going on.
              They don’t know a damn thing about it, they
              just want to be on camera and show their asses.

      • Obviously, Stephens and Martinez, Flores and bosses et al. had the worst possible outcome in this hung jury.

        The evidence in this case will be again subject to juror scrutiny and this is the last thing they want.

        With a truncated presentation of evidence – without the protracted time element necessary for repeated questions, browbeating, rhetorical mind-control exercises (Snow White), and spurious gossip (e.g. Dr. Demarte’s allegations about a ring and a Christmas tree) the “evidence” will not be so likely to sink next time to the nether regions of the jury’s consciousness like turds in a toilet.

        Jodi’s thorough pre-roadtrip planning, (the alleged premeditation narrative), the tortured and tortuous psychological diagnoses, and the variously interpreted (to put it very simply) crime scene elements will not, as they are freely examined, support the conviction(s). Moreover, under further scrutiny, the case could lose a degree of legitimacy insofar as to how it was charged – as one charge (M1) tends to subvert the value of the other (Felony M),


    • Fox news suggests a plea deal may be in the works. If that happens, I sure hope Jodi gets good advice, from many sources, to make her choice. Given how rarely such a non-verdict is rendered in AZ (elsewhere, a non-verdict would mean life) there is almost no way to judge, based on past statistics, the probability a new jury will act differently from the original one. I hope her defense team just asks for a continuance, so that Jodi can take her time to decide. And screw what the Alexander family wants. Who gave that dysfunctional family the power to affect decisions that should be being made by Maricopa County officials (and not just the DA’s office)? Why should the citizens of Maricopa County shell out a few more million dollars just to placate the sick blood lust of the Alexander tribe?

      • To be fair, it’s not unusual for the family of the deceased to be consulted regarding potential plea deals. There are enough legitimate criticisms of this particular prosecution to go around without slamming them for something that’s pretty standard.

        • I think that blood sucking family were given a LOT more power than they should have been. The defense protested JM manipulating his schedule and pushing the trial back so he could prosecute her. JM even lied and said they were ok with it when they were not.

          The State wanted JM on the case as well, they wanted to win a trial they knew was going to be televised all over the world.

          And, the thing that bothers me is that the prosecution gets another chance to kill Jodi, just as much as Jodi gets another chance for life. That seems totally unfair to me as well. It gives HLN another stretch of time to bias any potential jurors, and believe me, they know how to reach who they want to reach, it’s their whole profession.

          They’ve already started in doing their best to put their sicko spin on the way things turned out, and to tell people what to think about everything.

            • Yes! He had a strange look on his face, too. Why was he allowed to change his story? This thing really, really stinks on every level.

              • milan…juan sneaked him in at the late late hour the night before when the judge said they would stay until all witnesses was finished….because she wanted closing arguments to start the next morning…

                and juan needed for Dr.Horn to change his story…and the only way they could do that was for Dr. Horn to say it was a typo error…and he was smiling the whole time…he lied…and all know that he lied…he needed to have a something in their about the bullet entering the dura mater in the brain which would have stopped Travis…and Travis wouldn’t be able to move at that point…so…the lie was for him to say it was a typo…he was helping the state to win their case…

                so the next morning when juan started his closing…at some point he used Dr. Horn’s new testimony the “typo” error…he proceeded to say that Travis would not have been able to go after Jodi she shot him…he wouldn’t have been able to move because the bullet entered through the dura mater of the brain…and he would have fell down right then and not been able to move…

                which we all know is a lie from Dr. Horn to help the state…but the state gets by with all their lying…right…grrr….

            • I saw that paige he was dancing around the truth with his words he did lie and the Judge why was she teary eyed. I think Jodi needs new lawyers I do not want to see her die because she was protecting her life. I also think the JM is a scam artist, a liar who is trying to make a name for himself, what a friggin hero you bullied people so you could get what you wanted. HLN I do not watch because I will throw my TV out the window they are so biased and not in Jodi’s favor they pick on the family and tell their dumb ass lies. They are no better than Jerry Springer. Nancy Pant she is SO PHONEY I guess she is not happy unless she is driving some young person to suicide gee what a contribution to society you are Nancy Drew. This trail was such a shame it is obvious that this was heat of passion and NOT first degree murder. I also love when the “media” says Jodi won well WTF did she win? she will be in prison forever even if they give her death chances are it will be overturned. If that were me I would drag this out as long as I could.

  4. Good Morning everyone.

    Today’s morning music, is a little bit of a departure. Not really the good ol’ GD, but still Bobby and Phil an about 10,000 of my best friends doing backup. One of those voices making the noise was mine.

    Somehow this turned out to be a very wonderful rendition of an an amazingly beautiful song

  5. This is for Also Abused, when she comes back.

    I went and looked for more recent cases about pre-trial publicity and looks like the SCOTUS has been steadily chipping away at the blanket decisions in Sheppard and Estes. So later decisions rely on the following to limit prejudicial claims of televised trials and pre-trial publicity

    1. As long as the jury is not televised, it seems to lift the issues related to jury influence during the trial.
    2. Voire dire is considered sacrosanct, and the veniremen answers to prejudice are taken as gospel truth.
    3. The passage of time is still considered an adequate inoculation against publicity.
    4. Change of venue is considered protection enough since, at the time of the last such decision I have reviewed, news and media coverage was still considered local. In fact a 150 mile distance was deemed adequate separation of media markets.

    Now the last such case I could find dated back to 1988. Given the change in media since then and the universal reach of electronic media and the seemingly eternal nature of the internet, seems to me like some of those issues have changed. Add to that the ability provided by the internet to allow the anonymous exertion of duress on witnesses and others, seems to me like some court somewhere needs to revisit this issue. And, as we have seen in this case, its not just a hypothetical.

    Given that appeals courts seem to like taking cases that address issues raised by changing circumstances, and seeing how this type of a thing is bound to repeat itself, one would expect some court, somewhere to take a stance. Problem of course is that once a court does take a stance on a new issue, it almost guarantees a trek all the way to the ultimate court.

    Any thoughts?

    • I agree, this thing should go to the U.S. Supreme Court. This HAS to be changed, it is utterly ridiculous. No doubt prosecutors who want the help and advancement from a case biased by the media don’t want a change. What would Juan Muckraker do without all that attention? He NEVER could have gotten anywhere with this case if it weren’t for the nasty biased media pounding 24/7, literally. The media is responsible for it even being a death penalty case. All of those ridiculous clips of Jodi putting on makeup for an interview early on. She must have been terrified, and I really don’t think she realizes the extreme bias of the bloodsuckers.

      HOW can the immense power of the media be almost completely discounted by the courts? It defies common sense. How much do those advertisers pay HLN for the influence they get? On top of that, now the instantaneous flood of information through social media/internet is making this HUGE.

      Think of the governments that have been overthrown by people on Facebook, and they make the influence of the media to be nothing?

      What you said about the last case reaching back to 1988, there were barely cell phones then. You’re right, considering the unprecedented explosion of instant communication, ubiquitous, you might as well be talking about going back to the 1900’s.

      Also, what you said “anonymous exertion of duress on witnesses and others”, you are absolutely right. I don’t know why this hasn’t been addressed yet (except that the courts move with the speed of a drunk snail), but this case has proven beyond any doubt the evil side of the internet and it’s power.

    • I wasn’t aware I left, Al??? I haven’t read yesterday’s posts though. Maybe that’s what you meant. I’m kinda having a tough time of it on a personal level, sorry. Nos. 3 and 4 are crazy. It’s time to look at how global everything has become because of the internet.

      • Hey AA,

        Just thought you were busy. Hope everything’s turning out OK.

        You’re right 3&4 are just nuts, which is why I think someone will look at this case. Unfortunately it may take years till some finality is achieved, unless the state quits appealing at the earliest instance.

        • I’m just an emotional blubber case right now, Al. I don’t cry. I don’t express my emotions. I bottle it all up. Because when I finally let the tears flow, I then cry for days and don’t stop. Jodi tried to sort of explain that in one interview. Most people don’t “get” that. But I totally understood what she meant. You just have to keep going and going and going. You let a few tears go here and there, but you are still able to restrain them. People look at you as a cold unemotional fish, but what you’re doing is holding it in, so you can keep going. But then, one day, you can’t hold it anymore, and you let it out. You fight against that for a long long time because you know once you let it out, it will be a flood that you can’t control or stop. That’s why I “get” Jodi. This is one of those PTSD things that happens from abuse. And it’s seriously effed up.

          As for courts, they’re just sooooo far behind all the time. I hope you’re right and that someone does look at this case, but I wouldn’t hold my breath about it. We seem to just be going backwards in regards to domestic violence. It’s still a dirty little subject that no one wants to do anything about.

          I really hope that someone like you, a man, an intelligent educated man, a happily married man, can really take a stand and get involved in the movement. You have no idea how much of a difference someone like you could really make.


    Per Krikee’s request from near the bottom of yesterday’s thread, I’m picking this up again for more discussion.

    Here is a link someone posted a few weeks ago. This article puts forth the notion that Jodi herself set up the false photo evidence, in order to be able to assert that she was welcomed there by Travis. Which is dumb, if you ask me, because without the photos there’d be scant evidence that Jodi was there at all.

    Anyway, the article DOES point up the contradictions in the state’s evidence about the memory card, as well as explaining why he thinks the sex photos were taken on the bubble bath date.

    • Good morning, Journee. Having joe now and not fully awake. Thanks for the link and repost. Stayed up late last night to finish going through transcript of 2nd interrogation. I hadn’t followed this case until very late in the game, so I have to play catch up.

    • journee….

      I was wondering…was it ever proven that the photo of the bottom part of the dark blue pants leg with the vertical stripe and sock foot belonged to Jodi?

      • No proof to my knowledge.

        Right now we only know that Flores, when he showed that picture to Jodi, said that he was showing her a ‘small portion’ of the picture. So now we’re trying to figure out why that image was cropped.

  7. Folks,

    Every once in a while someone here notes that by pursuing this case any further Maricopa County would be wasting a lot more of their citizens tax dollars.

    Now Maricopa County is a strange place, with its citizens living in a sort of enchanted land “with tangerine dreams and marmalade skies.” Case in point Joe Arapaio.

    Settlements from lawsuits brought against Arapaio’s office have cost the county over $50 million during his tenure and these folks keep re-electing him. Just in March of this year the county paid over $3.5 million in settling suits due to unlawful behavior on Arapaio’s part. But that wagon keeps rolling on.

    Now one might say, well he’s making the county safer so its money well sent. Here are some stats from the decidedly conservative Goldwater Institute

    “Results of meeting their own stated goals are decidedly mixed and below their peer agencies in the same cities, as reflected in the following statistics that are part of a December 2008 report released by the Goldwater Institute. In violent crime, the FBI shows the MCSO has a 69% increase compared to their peers of 18% and −11%. For Homicides, the MCSO contrasts their greater than 160% increase to other jurisdictions who are near zero.”

    The former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, who was disbarred by the AZ supreme court feels he is so popular that he intends to run for Governor.

    So, I for one, don’t believe that we will get any semblance of logical thinking on the part of these folks. These guys make Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall look like a peewee T-ball game.

    • Oh and it probably also explains why Pickles is so pro-prosecution. Because if she wasn’t Arapaio would probably raid her house, lock her up in jail and generally make her life miserable, even though at some later stage the county would have to open their coffers to her. In the meantime her life would be made into a nightmare. Which is probably why she was crying when the non-verdict was read, since she had probably been asked to deliver a DP in this case.

      Or am I getting a little too cynical now?

      • Al,

        Nope, you are right on. There seems to be an political atmosphere of paranoia and hate driven by Apairo and whom ever is driving him.


        Hey Al haven’t talked to you in awhile. Hope all is well with you and the family. You asked if you were being to cynical No you are never ever cynical (get it AL) LOL I crack me up sometimes HA HA HA HA HA HA . Well you all have a good day. My daughter isn’t feeling welland it is rainy and icky here today so we are going to spend the day in bed in PJ’S watching princess movies.

        • Jennifer,

          Sounds good. I think I will do the same…was up most of the night with cold & asthma….except I think I will skip the princess movie part…..that will come later as I will be watching my granddaughter over night tonight…we watched “Tangeled” last time. I think my GD identifies with Repunzel as she has very long red hair. 🙂

        • Jennifer,

          That sounds good. I have nice weather though. So much for the princess movies. Looks like I will be gardening.

      • On the lawyers on strike blog, JMRJ – the host, said it best: “The way things probably work in Maricopa County, AZ, you don’t get to be a judge unless you’re extremely prosecutor favorable.”

    • One only need listen to current AZ Governor Jan Brewer speak for 30 seconds – pick any 30 seconds – to wonder what exactly is happening in AZ elections.

  8. I’ve only just recently heard about the shoe print that was never analyzed, but it’s really bothering me. How can they be allowed to get away with that? This website brings up a few good points:

    I’m sure most of you have already seen that site, but it’s a good reminder.

    Also, I read that Juan didn’t give the defense team all of his findings prior to trial. Isn’t that grounds for appeal? On a youtube video I watched they were saying that Nurmi and Willmott had to quickly scan through the magazines when Martinez wanted to submit them into evidence.

    • The shoe print is yet another thing the cops didn’t bother to follow-up on because it didn’t support their rush to arrest Jodi.

      Kinda like they never even bothered to interview, let alone investigate, Dustin Thompson, despite the claims of his recently-estranged wife that Dustin may have had something to do with Travis’ death.

      (which reminds me, something else that popped at me while recently reviewing interrogation tapes – when discussing former roommates with Flores, Jodi names Dustin as one of them)

      • IF jodi suffered a concussion from being slammed to tile (which is my belief), she could have “mis-remembered” many things. perhaps she didn’t do all the wounds? the throat slit, dragging the body, etc.
        then it’s placed in her mind by cops, etc.
        u can still function with a concussion, but easy to forget the things u did or said.
        ask a football player.

        • I have found it very odd that there seems to be very little information from or about Travis’s roomates. I don’t even know if he had 2 or 3. Seems extremely odd to be living with someone and you are not concerned when the house is apparently rank with the smell from a de-composing body. And you never see any of them on HLN. I’d LOVE to know what they think.

        • That Jodi describes acute stress amnesia rather than the “easier” more common concussion amnesia is a meta-reasoning argument that she is telling the truth.

          Not many people even know about acute stress amnesia.

          • I don’t know a lot about the physiology of amnesia, but I have experienced limited amnesia myself – and I would NEVER call anyone’s claims of amnesia lies.

            While my grandmother (who raised me) was dying, I was working Monday-Friday, then driving to Alabama to sit up with my grandmother all weekend, then starting over again Monday morning (plus dealing with a 9th grade daughter).

            There were times I would – for lack of a better term – “wake up” while I was driving down the road…and I wouldn’t know exactly where I was or where I was going. Looking back, it was beyond lucky that I didn’t have a wreck and kill someone during those space-drives.

            I was no better at work.

            One day, the lead came to my desk and asked if I had written test cases for a certain accounting module.

            “I’m not testing that – Yolanda is,” I told her.

            So off she went to ask Yolanda about the test cases. She was back at my desk a few minutes later.

            She said, “Yolanda says you’re on drugs – that you’ve already written those test cases.”

            I said, “No, SHE’S the one who’s on drugs. Look – I’ll prove it to you!”

            I did a dir on my drive – and there were 30 test cases that I knew I had to have written…because they were on MY computer.

            That was 20 years ago. I still have no memory of writing those test cases. I remember other things from those months Grandmother was dying…but I can’t remember writing those test cases or certain segments of driving…and I have nothing to gain by not remembering those things.

            So I simply don’t give any more credence to those who accuse Jodi Arias of lying about her “selective” memory loss than I do to her claims of memory loss. I know that the loss can be real and inexplicable. Only Jodi Arias KNOWS what she remembers.

            Just my take on things…..

            • If she was lying about the amnesia, she would have slipped up with the knife part at some point. From day 1, even before she got attorneys, before the trial, she never, ever admitted to remembering anything about how Travis got stabbed. She only recalled how he got shot. That is it.

              If she was lying, stuff would have slipped.

              • That’s right, the only thing she ever said about the knife was that she wasn’t sure where he put it and, all she did remember was the knife hitting the tile and her screaming. I think I am right but if not please tell me.

                • you are ,she said she has a vague memory of putting A (not the)knife in the dishwasher but couldnt possibly say if that memory was from June 4th or any other day.

            • I mentioned this a while back, but I’ve been reading a story by Jackie Hance, the lady who lost all three of her little girls in a car wreck with their aunt driving drunk. For a long time, she woke up every morning convinced that her daughters were alive. She had to be told every day, over again, what had happened. She had other weird things happen with her memory also, but that was a pretty bad memory loss. Her friends had to tell her over and over because, I guess, her mind just erased it overnight.

              Amnesia is very real, especially stress amnesia as you said. I completely believe her about it. I’ve had my own issues with it from stress, and otherwise my mind was like a steel trap, I used to be unable to forget things. But I went through some very bad long term stressful situations and felt what it was like first hand to forget things, and not remember them at all.

            • When I was in nursing school, it was so awful and so stressful that you didn’t know if you were coming or going. I would be at one point in front of a redlight and the next, I’d be at the school. I well understand. We did 23 semester hours our first semester. The school was forced to fix things. Their LPN students went more semester hours in one semester than the RN students did in two.

        • Frank-
          I am in total agreement with you. I have post concussion syndrome and have limited memory and other issues as a result. I have stated before that Jodi needed a comprehensive neuro psych evaluation by an expert in the field of brain trauma. I absolutely believe that some of Jodi’s issues with memory etc. come not only from her PTSD, but from a brain injury sustained during the fight with TA. I hope that somehow, she will have this evaluation done, as she may very well still be suffering from the lingering effects of the trauma to her brain when that psycho slammed her into the tile.

          • You know what, this is actually very brilliant. How would Jodi even know? You don’t necessarily know that you’ve had a brain injury if there is no one to witness it and notice your strange behavior. I wonder if that could be the key to the whole mess, not that the prosecution would give a damn.

    • There are a number of little details in this case that have bothered me, and I have posted about them in a sort of disjointed way in the past. The thing that has always bothered me about these issues is not necessarily the prosecution’s approach but that of the defense.

      Now, the testimony with respect to the shoe print actually straddles both camps. The fact of the matter is that JM did bring up the shoe print in his examination of the crime scene specialist. He asked about its location and its orientation and then went no further. Here’s why this bothered me at that time, and still does. Shoe prints give you a very good indication of the size of the shoe, and often even the make (remember the Bruno Magli’s in the OJ trial). However in this instance neither the state, nor the defense, had any questions with regards to the size or make of the shoe leaving the print. There are only two possibilities – either the shoe print was commensurate with Jodi’s shoe size, or it wasn’t. If it was conceivable that the shoe would fit Jodi, why didn’t JM bring that up? He was willing to stretch various points to fit the story, why not heap this one on as well? If on the other hand the shoe size was not consistent with Jodi, why didn’t the defense bring this up? This has always gnawed on my mind.

      The issue with Jodi’s intruder story to Flores is actually a little trickier, and I believe poses a conundrum for the defense once they put on the self-defense case. Here is the issue, as I see it. If you go back and listen to the Flores tapes, you will see that Jodi gives a very detailed account of what happened with the intruders, TA and herself during the incident. Now go and follow the blood spatter evidence either through the crime scene person’s testimony or on geebee2’s fine wiki page documenting the blood evidence. What you will find is that Jodi’s story, as told to Flores exactly matches the blood spatter evidence. So how do you reconcile the self-defense and fog story with the fact that the intruder story matches the evidence?

      There are only a handful of answers to this question:

      1. The intruder story is actually true.
      2. Jodi went through a depersonalization episode (and I posted about this earlier), which can be a side effect of extreme stress (alongside dissociative amnesia) and that led to her portrayal of the female intruder.
      3. The dissociative amnesia (fog) never happened and that was made up for some reason, or
      4. It was all a massive coincidence – akin to hitting the Powerball, but on a much larger scale.

      Let’s leave the coincidence aside for right now, because if that was the case, there is just no further analysis that is possible. Now we are left with two classes of explanations. In the first class (1 & 3) the problem we have is that either all or part of self defense story is not true. In the second class (depersonalization) we have a reasonable and possible explanation for the situation.

      So let us consider the second class first. Let’s say it was in fact depersonalization. Why didn’t Samuels recognize this? Was it incompetence, or did the defense believe it was just too far fetched? I don’t believe the latter, since the scientific literature is full of explanations of depersonalization, and so is anecdotal experience. In fact the same texts that talk about dissociative amnesia also discuss depersonalization episodes, because the triggering factors are often the same. So was it just incompetence, or is something else going on here?

      Now, let’s consider the intruder story. Jodi stuck to this story for 2 years or more. In fact it was Samuels testimony that Nurmi and he had to convince Jodi to move away from that story. That is the bothersome part. Why did the defense attorney and a psychologist work so hard at getting her to change her story? The defense didn’t need this new story. They could have presented a case that matched Nurmi’s closing without Jodi’s testimony. Remember, the bulk of Nurmi’s closing was based on the fact that the evidence showed that this was not premeditated, the state’s case did not match the evidence, and that something happened that day to precipitate the events. So his closing was really based on attacking the evidence. I do believe that the two experts, Samuels and ALV, could have been brought in without Jodi’s testimony. They would have been presented as experts testifying to Jodi’s mental condition and status, which does not require her to testify at all. In fact Phillips v. Araneta (a recent Arizona Supreme Court decision) discusses these issues at great length, and acknowledges that the defendant has the ability to produce evidence of mens rea through expert witnesses, and the trial court must, while allowing a state expert the chance to evaluate the defendant, still protect the defendant’s 5th amendment rights. So how would the defense have done this – the same way Nurmi argued it. Bring in outside testimony through a crime scene analyst.

      And it has nothing to do with money. I found an Arizona appeals court decision reversing a M1 conviction on the grounds that the state did not provide all the funds required for a the defense.

      So why did the defense present its case the way they did? Three reasons come to mind:

      1. Jodi insisted.
      2. The defense team was just incompetent.
      3. The defense team felt that they could make an adequate case this way, and intentionally left stuff out, allowing for a possible appeal on grounds of ineffective assistance of counsel, should things not turn out favorably.

      Guess we’ll just have to wait for the appeals and see.

      • (momentarily delurking)

        I vote for #3

        I feel they all thought there was PLENTY enough reasonable doubt to at least prevent M1. but the jury still got it backwards…


      • What about maybe a #4 of the prosecution pulled a fast one a FEW times and the defense couldn’t stop it because the judge was in bed with the pros? They weren’t given ample time orrrrrrrr all the evidence?

      • Al, if you check out Gus Searcy’s radio interview (someone posted the link yesterday and I believe the day before here) you hear him say that Jodi’s “Helio” (?) phone, the one that recorded the phone sex, etc., was “lost for two years”. Jodi’s Aunt found it in a vehicle sometime in….2010.(?)

        Once that phone was found, the defense had way more evidence to work with.

        BTW Gus gave Jodi that phone. He also might be the only person to overhear Travis yelling at Jodi.

      • Shoe prints can sometimes leave trace materials in the blood. The blood should be analyzed for mineral content that could be carried in. Mineral content in clay materials can be from specific geographic areas. I learned that on HLN from one of their cold case crime stories.

      • I have a few answers, Al:

        “If on the other hand the shoe size was not consistent with Jodi, why didn’t the defense bring this up?”

        Because the defense strategy was self-defense, not third party did it. So, it was then irrelevant to the defense strategy. Remember, there are rules of evidence also, and they wouldn’t have been allowed to focus on the footprint while their strategy was self-defense.

        “So why did the defense present its case the way they did?”

        You actually missed what was most likely the real reason.

        If the defense went with the strategy of third-party did it (which I truly believe is what DID happen and that Jodi’s story of intruders was actually the closest to the truth), then there would have been no possibility of lesser included offenses. The jury would either convict or acquit — nothing in between (and yes, I know they did that anyway). Going with self-defense, they got the lesser included offenses on the jury instructions.

        Criminal defense attorney JMRJ explained this very well on his Lawyers On Strike blog:

        “The problem is the death penalty. If you go with the third-party-did-it scenario, well then if the jury goes with it you get an acquittal. But if they don’t they can only convict on the top count and they sentence your client to death. But if you go with self defense and put her up there so they get to know her, you can ask for lesser convictions that don’t involve the death penalty and there’s evidence to support that.”

        In a response to me on that same page, he wrote:

        “When they’re trying to kill your client, you tend to focus on stopping them from doing that. It would be legitimate, but I still think bad judgment, to go for self defense because that provides a basis for a “not guilty”. But the price of that is that you have to argue something to the jury that plainly does not fit with the wounds, and you can’t dispute the wounds. So at a time when it’s critical to have them believe you, you undermine your credibility by arguing something that just couldn’t be true.

        I know you relate to this in large part because of the abuse, but if you look at how a jury is instructed on self defense, there is no way to square that with the throat being slit. Abuse or no abuse, she could not have been justified in doing that such that she would be “not guilty” across the board. She could argue lesser murder or manslaughter, but even that is a tough sell.”

        In another response, he wrote:

        “From a lawyer’s perspective, a couple of things. Lawyers do not acquit themselves well in these abuse and rape situations, neither defense nor prosecution. For just one example, unrelated here, there’s a rigid and frankly stupid dogma that a rape victim’s claim is more credible if it is promptly reported. In fact this dogma is simply the product of an incredibly lawyer-centric view: of course if the report is prompt you have a better chance of getting corroborating proof elsewhere. But it hardly makes a report more credible, and I’m sure many rape victims never report their rape at all.”

      • There is the possibility the shoe print was made by one of Travis’ friends when they all went looking for him…or made by a detective. I too wonder why there was nothing much made of this shoe print.

  9. “Travis was known for his ‘charitable’ nature. It was common for him to give away books that would help others. He was quite the ‘self help book’ junkie so he had developed quite the collection.

    His strategy, often called ‘charitable’ was in fact an attempt at ‘grooming’ his next victim. He just didn’t know how to follow through on most of his attempts. One of his favorite books was called: How to win friends and influence people, by Dale Carnegie. He would learn a lot about how to become successful from the principles outlined in that book. It would also be his undoing.”

    Was Travis a victim of Fetal Alcohol Syndrom and prenatal Meth addiction?

      • No. He did not have FAS. FAS have some very distinguished characteristics, none which TA exhibited. (Physical features too).

        Prenatal meth addiction does lead to aggression though. Not sure if that aggression can be well hidden the way Travis hid his, so not sure if he could have that, but yes, possible.

    • I keep hearing about how charismatic Travis was and how charismatic a speaker he was. Well, Hitler was a charismatic speaker and where did that get him? I’m not saying that Travis was akin to Hitler, but rather that charisma is no substitute for character. Anyone can get behind a podium or put their headset on and start pacing back-and-forth on a stage and “wow” a crowd of like-minded individuals with their presentation, but if the speaker doesn’t believe in what he’s saying or is completely full of shit, then what good does it do? Give me the man who leads by example and keeps his mouth shut any day.

      • a salesman selling people their own things… re-wrapping their bullsh*t into new bull CRAP.
        that’s what i see from ppl like a TA, “motive speaker”.
        (no offense to honest sales people!)

    • Thank you, Pat, for sharing that link from WordPress. It presents more thoughts regarding Travis conflicts and dark side that he struggled with at times and could help answer at least a few of the many baffling questions about this case that remain.

      This article presents some info I am hoping will be further explored along with other facts that can be presented to a new jury where many, many questions still remain that will puzzle them. It may not involve presenting any new facts, per see, but using new approaches and strategies from the defense’s side.

      Ultimately, new jurors as well as the public, might better understand the reality behind the relationship and actions of TA and JA: that Travis was no saint and Jodi no “evil” demon. They were human beings with their own strengths, conflicts, and flaws that impacted each others’ lives and those of the people around them. This would allow for development of a more objective, rather than subjective or emotional, analysis during the retrial, something so very lacking in the prosecution and state’s presentation and the media’s overall reporting of the “fair trial” for the defendant.

      Arizona has committed a travesty of justice. Additionally, the media has fueled public hatred, outrage, and, at times, irrationality based on incomplete facts, distortions, and other factors such as continual interviews with Travis friends and acquaintances from the church. I hope the state and media will be held accountable for their actions. Regardless of how heinous a crime someone is accused of committing in the United States, no one should be jailed for five long years and finally get their day in court only to get the kind of trial Jodi Arias has experienced-and continues to experience as she waits for a retrial back in her jail cell.

        • Whoops –

          …Jodi has been serving time and that she has been punished for nearly five years with incarceration.

    • I did not watch the entire case and got involved midway. I was watching HLN but I kept an open mind throughout and in the end I do believe it was self defense. I believe the “fog” and PTSD. Maybe after weighing all the different scenarios the defense could have used, they decided on self-defense, which requires the explanation of the “fog” and PTSD, because it was the truth.

      Dr. Samuels, I felt, was very good at explaining the processes involved in PTSD. Unfortunately, to be blunt, the man had too much class, and was not prepared for Juan’s absurd insults and manipulation. This was Juan’s master plan as we know it. I’d like to call it the ” bully effect ” . Simply put, make everyone on the stand look like an ass, so the jurors join your side. A good example of this work in process was the questions from Juror #8. He copied Juan’s behavior. Had the judge disciplined the prosecutor from the get go, the bully effect may have been squashed.

      HLN worked the bully effect the same way. They cut off anyone unbiased, cut off Gus, brought in Abe, only takes to callers that agreed with them, had biased jurors masked as unbiased, etc. In short, what they did was create a majority, and booted ratings.

      Now back to PTSD. If you understand PTSD, if you have ever experienced it, or know someone that has, the truth is smothered deeply in the brain. The brain is quite interesting and very complex. Understanding PTSD to great depths, I believe Jodi’s version. Jodi’s version is, as Nurmi stated, ” an inconvenient truth”. But truth it is.

      I will try to explain PTSD to by sharing my insight and personal knowledge. I will transfer my personal experience into Jodi’ story. It is deep but true. The moment T.A. goes after Jodi, , complete panic set into Jodi’s brain. Once the gun went off, that level was heightened ten times over, Alice L. was completely right when she explained that Jodi’s past experiences with T.A., seeing the heightened anger levels, the abuse, had an impact on Jodi’s panic level at this time. She feared for her life at that moment and we know the rest of that story on that awful day.
      The PTSD comes into play after the event. Whatever visions or flashes of that traumatic event that came into Jodi’s mind that day, she immediately blocked. This “blocking” of the incident is not by choice. It is, in a way, the brain protecting you from something you cannot handle at that moment in time. The suppression of the traumatic event continues but creeps in and out of your life, by way of dreams that wake you. You may also come into contact with a person or object, that reminds your subconscious brain of the event. When in these moments, you feel the same fearful dread, you felt on the day of the traumatic event. You also have flashes. Because you cannot accept the traumatic event, as it occurred, your mind starts to distract from the truth, and gives bits and pieces in a timely manner, so you can slowly accept the event and heal.

      In my case, I convinced myself that certain people were involved in the traumatic event. Hence, Jodi’s intruder story, comes to mind. For me, the event was so hard to fathom, that I created additional people in the event. I believe I did this in an effort to slowly accept the event, as it happened. For me, the false event I created had much truth to it. It also was viewable and I could actually rewind the event and re- watch it, because the “other” people were the main characters. In the end, I never did get the complete memory of the event, just the bits and pieces, and the false story my MIND (not me on a conscious level) created is still very real to me.

      I want to stress that this process is so very trying, so emotionally exhausting, that once you heal, you cannot go backward into this painful process by choice. This might explain why so many commentators view Jodi was ” cold” or ” empty”. Jodi getting to the point of acceptance was extremely difficult, she can’t cry anymore.

  10. I think that it is becoming abundantly clear how fucked up the state of Arizona is. I’m not saying everybody, but just how some of the laws are and who exactly the so-called “leaders” are. And I know that the “hung jury” verdict was probably not what Jodi and her family wanted, but I think this is a blessing in disguise. So long as Jodi Arias has life, it is good. So long as Jodi Arias has life out of a jail or prison, it is even better.

    It is becoming more evident to people how the criminal justice system failed Jodi Arias and maybe I’m an optimist, but I’m very confident that she’s not going to get the death penalty especially now. Who could have imagined this a couple of weeks ago when things looked very bleak? Well, as bleak as things looked I never believed for a second that Jodi would get the death penalty. Not that I had faith in the Arizona criminal justice system or the “Dirty Sanchez Dozen” as I like to call the jury. I have faith in God and I have faith in Jodi. I believe her and I never stopped believing in her. And I have faith in all of you here. I believe there is strength in numbers and I guarantee you that an increasing amount of people are going to be persuaded as I was to join up with Team Jodi.

    • it IS sad that the “justice system” fails MANY. jodi travails more public.
      but it shines a light on how a da & a court sysyem can twist someone’s normal, regular actions and mold them to fit into a scenario.
      as many here know, it’s for “the win”, the record of the da and their office. ppl not getting convicted they r viewed as “soft on crime”, not as justice.

      [can’t remeber finer details, but was a case in upstate NY. guy had 5th grade education (but was not dumb). got convicted of murder, pretty sure getting Life. he always said he did NOT do it. he used his prison time to work on his own case. he said “i learned to use their system against the liars”. he then may have gotten Inn. Project involved. he was proven via dna after serving 12 yrs. in prison. even after proof, he wasn’t released right away.]

      too many cases like that in our “free society”, where we incarerate more of our citizens than any other country in the world… we get fed the propaganda of a “free society”.

  11. I made the mistake yesterday of viewing HLN to view it’s reaction to the hung jury. It was the same old shit; an incessant vilification and pillorying of Jodi Arias. To make matters worse, I was subjected to the visages of JVM, NG and S. Hughes.

    JVM is morphing into a hideous hag. NG is appearing more demonic than ever. And S. Hughes’ shit encrusted, genital wart infested face is the very definition of abhorrent.

    However, the look of Fartinez’ face when the verdict was read made it all worth it. I think the little Fart man now knows what it feels like to have a dick shoved up his ass sans lubrication.

    • Yes! That beet red face seething with hatred and rage, slumped down in his seat like a whipped dog, was worth every minute endured watching his ugly face and little body strutting around half crazed during cross-examination of every defense witness. What a creepy a$$hole.

  12. Good morning peeps! 😀

    I have been taking a mental health vacation from the vicious interwebs of hate….and let me tell you, I is rejuvenating to the soul to get away from the hate and violence.

    Without fail, each time I peer into the haters world, I become so frightened of what has become humanity in 2013. Our justice system is seriously in trouble.

    I pray that SOMEONE with money and with power and knowledge comes forward in the next two months and flips this whole fucking case on its head and exposes the corruption.

    Until then, keep up the good fight, TEAM JODI♥

    we WILL BE VICTORIOUS, AND we WILL watch Nasty Graceless’ head literally implode.

    we WILL watch the Alexanders be investigated by the IRS for their scams (as well as the state vs Jodi page)

    we WILL see Juan pay for his premeditated attempted murder of Jodi and his prosecutorial misconduct.

    and finally, WE will see the entire corrupted Maricopa County be EXPOSED.

    my last hope is that Cash Hughes and his hooker wife are exposed for their part.

    Will pop in here and there folks…hold down the fort.

    Love you all!♥♥♥

      • Good morning, Tony….

        before I go, why do people have such lack of respect for other people.?? These jurors names were to be sealed, yet all these “journalists” followed #9 for 3 blocks, and even got on the fucking train and just stood there while he looked so uncomfortable. You can see that Transvestite Drunk JVM is right behind him with her cell phone.

        fucking vampires.

        • Totally disgraceful treatment. Surely there should be a law to stop that harassment .
          And then there’s another stupid comment from a passenger thrown in when he says he’s ‘anti death penalty , but in this case he would have given it’. How on earth can he come out with that?
          And all of this goes to the heart of any potential new sentencing trial. With the media clamour for the DP it is bound to impact on any new jury. It

    • “I pray that SOMEONE with money and with power and knowledge comes forward in the next two months and flips this whole fucking case on its head and exposes the corruption.”

      Yes, Renee, I also pray that this gets recognized by people with powers
      that are not corrupt & stand for the integrity of this nation and our justice system.

      Wise words always coming from you, 🙂 hope you are having a fantastic
      Memorial Day weekend!

      • Right back atcha sweetie… I think this two month pause is what will ultimately be the tide that flips this shit over and the corruption will come to light…

        it’s already happening, with the alternate juror spilling her love for Juan and the family, going to lunch with the Hughes….

        This is the tunnel, and the light is coming…. I can feel it…

    • Hi Renee, Someone or many influential people MUST see how corrupt this case is, it can’t be just us, its now worldwide.

      I agree, Maricopa county MUST be exposed..there’s plenty of time for that to happen.

      I am trying to keep optimistic.

      There are some wonderfully dedicated and intelligent people on here and I LOVE YOU ALL!!#

      We are all Care Bears!

  13. A very pleasant Saturday to everyone.

    Keep this in mind as you enjoy your weekend. As hard as he tried and as dirty and cheap and evil as he got and with the deck stacked totally and completely in his favor by a shockingly corrupt and biased Judge and a worthless and brain dead detective and medical examiner, Juan Martinez still couldn’t manage to work a pretty lousy jury into enough of a frenzy to kill Jodi.
    In this regard it was an EPIC FAIL for him and the State. Martinez and the Alexander siblings and Acolytes want Jodi dead so bad they’ve all sold their souls.
    Even though the prosecution got a ridiculously unfair and unjust Murder 1 conviction they failed in gaining the only “prize” they truly wanted. Death

    It wouldn’t surprise me if with all the bad Karma they’ve got coming along with the immense hate inside them, not to mention all the drugs that Sherry Shithead, Martinez and Alexander Incorporated die long before Jodi does.


    • my wife doesn’t follow, but a snippet w a juror came on tv that she saw with me…
      my wife can’t get past the 29 stabs + shot… and she’s been on juries.
      i don’t know if “overkill” was addressed that well from defense. perhaps they didn’t want to shine more attention on it, but it’s hard to get past that for many ppl.

      • Your wife needs to listen to Ms, LaViolette when she talked about how DV victims often don’t know when to stop because of fear their attacker can still come after them.

        • And she should look at nine of those wounds that are on the back and appear to be sideways slashes as if he is on top of her and she’s wailing away with the knife to try to get him off of her.

        • That’s probably why she didn’t call 911–she may have felt Travis was STILL alive and could come after her.

          Until you are in a life-or-death struggle, it is hard to understand that people will not behave rationally.

          • But WE understand so why is it so difficult for others??? They just don’t want to and I can’t get that through my head.

      • In other words, you don’t premeditate a killing when you engage in overkill.

        That is strictly manslaughter/self-defense.

        • Exactly. I think this concept should have been discussed more. Although, not sure how it could’ve been used legally. I know there has got to be some formal training in logic for attorneys though. Maybe it would be called something like ‘improper argument,’ I don’t know the rules though. I said before that Martinez’s argument that Jodi Arias premeditated her jealous rage is a complete paradox. The 3 fatal wounds at first look like overkill and performed in an uncontrollable rage, but when someone looks deeper into the nature of this killing and why someone would “kill someone 3 times,” they should’ve been investigating possibilities of ritual killing. (Just b/c we live in the year 2013, doesn’t mean this stuff doesn’t happen anymore, how naive for people to think that) Also the throat slashing is another clue to it being a ritual. Jodi did not do this, it’s more probable that a large organization would plan something like this. It’s also more likely that a large organization would be able to cover up their actions, frame someone, make a mockery of our justice system, and try to kill another under the limits of the law and think they can get away with it. There are too many loose ends for it to be a so called open and shut case of ‘jealous woman killed successful ex- boyfriend…’
          Anyway, unknowingly to the public, Martinez covered both scenarios. How was the defense supposed to argue their case if he was hogging both bases? Premeditation OR Jealous Rage. He was like, “It’s premed AND/OR rage……..whichever one it comes out to, I win, ha! He can’t have 2 premises in one!!! Can’t someone sue him for misconduct, or petition it??? I don’t know the procedures, any legal people out there know the answer to this question?

          • If I were on a jury, I would be looking for one solid pitch from the prosecution.

            It’s like baseball – you can’t hit more than one at a time. I just wouldn’t buy it, especially in a murder case (I would never be on a DP case) with so much circumstantial evidence and a messed up M.E. report along with a lead detective that agrees with the M.E. sometimes and sometimes not – if The Prosecutor threw that much junk at me, including gossip delivered by a psychologist who would not even put a legitimate diagnosis together, and that prosecutor said I had to buy one of his possible, likely, plausible, hearsay-derived or logically tortured scenarios, I’d say, sorry, farceur, my brain doesn’t work like that, my conscience will not accept that, my intestines don’t work that way, and my soul has no room for it. My heart still beats and I have a pulse, so that means I’m breathing. I’m still breathing fresh air, no matter how much your ambition is stinking up the courtroom. Now get lost and come back when you have a real story to tell. Your multiple theories and allegations, straight outta whoredom do not add up to an erasure of reasonable doubt, even in Mea Culpa County.

      • They needed to explain, very simply, that when two people are engaged in a life or death struggle, it is not going to stop until one of them is dead.

        That’s all they needed to say. And they didn’t.

  14. Good morning , I have posted here a few times but read here daily and have been for months. I know everyone has covered anything and everything I might even think of so I hope I am not offending anyone with my posts on things already covered. I too went through the court system on a completely false charge. Yes I do feel M! or even M2 in this case was a charge that was far excessive in this case. My case was only a misdemeanor and had nothing to do with DV at all or any violence for that matter. A misdemeanor may not seem like so much. But for a person who has never even had a parking ticket it was devastating for me. Trumped up charges for political gain and an agenda of local politicians and a few fame seeking crazies. This was local level. The Prosecutor acted the exact same way as JM in my case. He lied, bullied the witnesses, with held exculpatory evidence and witnesses, and pushed for an extreme sentence. The Judge also was so much like this one. He allowed misconduct and refused to answer the jury questions on sentencing, which also was not to be considered in my case. My expert witnesses were just as experienced and known as Jodi’s. The prosecutor made snide comments about their opinions and discounted them with rudeness and sarcasm. I was found guilty and it ruined my life. These thing happen every day at all levels in our justice system. My case was my abuser getting even with me for leaving him and a few locals with agendas or their own. I lost everything and believe me when I say that was a lot. We all need to realize that their are so many ways to be vulnerable in the system. Being honest and innocent does not mean you will receive justice. It is a sad truth and until you are stuck in it, you simply do not think it exists in YOUR area and YOUR system or even in your little LIFE.. I had some documentation of my abuse but really like most victims I was very threatened and afraid. Most I never reported and no one witnessed it OF COURSE!! I stayed for 18 years and went back dozens of times. I even did go from California and traveled 2200 miles when he pleaded one time. When I finally got the nerve to leave and not look back the abuse escalated as it always does when the victim leaves or attempts to leave. I can not stress enough to all of the people who do not believe Jodi or any other victim that you just do not even begin to understand what happens in these cases. Abusers ALWAYS get even if you try and leave. ALWAYS !! Prosecutors are always looking to advance their careers. That does not happen by loosing cases . It also does not happen by up holding the law and being truthful and fair as most American think it does. I am not saying Jodi did not kill Travis, she has admitted to that. I am also not saying TA deserved to die. I am saying that the truth is not shown in a court proceeding like this and the prosecutor knows it. HE knows and has concealed a lot that would lessen the outcome for this young woman. Whether you believe it or not the system is not fair and just and correct and all knowing. Innocent people are found guilty every day. Prosecutorial misconduct is a way of life in our system today. Face it . Stop listening to the media and know there is a lot more to the story that is and will remain concealed and undisclosed to you “trial watching case authorities ” in this and most every case that is happening in our systems today. Stop saying ” why did she go back or why didn’t she just leave or he was so great or he was not abusing her or there was no documentation of his abuse.” Stop being so closed minded just because you have never been in this type of relationship, this type of situation and this type of hell!!!
    Sorry for the rant but I just am ready to explode watching and remembering what it felt like to go through this same thing on a very small but life altering scale.

    • it seems many ppl here have had “life altering” circumstances. in hindsight it opens up ur world and makes u more compassionate, albeit perhaps a bit more cynical (in my instance anyway).
      ppl without those experience(s) tend to be the lynchers. the holier than thous…

      • Even people who *have* had those experiences, many of them are also lynchers (and definitely “holier than thou.”) Some time ago I heard a woman call into HLN and tell her story about how she ended up shooting her abusive husband five times. She was charged with murder, went to trial but was found not guilty. I fully expected to hear her say at that moment that she fully empathized with Jodi’s situation but, no, she continued on by saying, “But I think Jodi is a monster!” WTF?? It’s like these people are saying, “If your situation and experience is not *exactly* like MY situation and experience then I can’t understand it or believe it.” The absolute epitome of narrow mindedness!

        • You know,it’s even more disgusting NOT to sympathise with someone when they supposedly went through the same ,less or even more shit! I read a post(or screenshot,dont remember)the other day of an abused woman,saying I suffered this and this and that injury,how ‘s your finger Jodi?
          I was like wtf?Is this the example we set for our kids?Like,if you arent seriously beaten up,if you dont suffer permanent injuries(btw,Jodi does),if you werent left handicapped by your abuser then you dont count?If anything,I’d expect these women to be evn more enthusiastic in their fight for Jodi,even more supportive and speak up for her! They should congratulate her and be proud of her that she realized that ”something is just off with this boy” and tried to flee from him quiet early before the physical abuse led to her death(although she was close to that,too).
          Personally speaking,I witnessed my mum being abused by my father as a child.I was too.Mildly,but indeed I was.Now,when it comes to men I tend to be extremely suspicious and afraid(always on the lookout for any potential danger) .I’m extremely sensitive to all women whop get abused,mildly or severely is not a big deal for me.Abuse is abuse.And as a teacher I also tend to be overprotective with my female teenage students,always trying NOT rto undermine any kind of mistreatment they may experience with their current boyfriends,setting also the example for them for their future choice of boyfriend.

        • It really makes me sick to hear anyone deny Jodi’s abuse. The woman who is the director of the National DV assoc. actually got on NG more than once and said Jodi was not abused!! Now I am not sure how much training she has but clearly she has no real knowledge of DV or abuse. Also that Jazlene!!. She got on HLN several times as well. She stated Jodi was not abused and she herself KNOWS what abuse is because she escaped it. I just can not believe this!! Who in the world can say Jodi was not abused after hearing that vile and cruel stuff from TA himself? If he spoke to her that way when she was not physically there what do they think he did when she was in the same room with him and he got mad at her? I am sickened by this denial. Now we even have the Jury foreman saying he felt she was abused. Still that terrible female juror has the nerve to say she wasn’t.
          An attorney and legal annalist on CCN (of all places) stated now that the Jury foreman making the statement of feeling there was abuse. that he is interested in seeing how that will effect this case and how that plays out. This attorney stated if there was ANY evidence of DV or abuse , even mental or emotional abuse the DP and M 1 should have been off the table completely in this case .
          I just can not listen to anymore HLN and all of these spotlight seeking idiots who do not have a clue! I just do not understand the mentality of these haters. It makes me physically ill.

        • This is so common among abused women online. I wasn’t beaten as badly as some other women, so I have been told I didn’t have it bad. Then again, I was imprisoned in my own house, unable to drive, and not able to get anywhere unless he brought me. Months on end went by where he was the ONLY human being I saw.

          But we didn’t have kids, so again, I’ve been told I didn’t have it as bad as those who did.

          There is so much suspicion and judgment among abused women. I hate to sound elitist or judgmental but I can’t help the way this will sound. In general, the more intelligent abused women (at least, those capable of writing in complete sentences, with appropriate grammar and spelling) are not judgmental of other women and do not rank the abusive experience of another. This type of abused woman realizes abuse is abuse. However, the ones who judge and rank (the ones who wouldn’t believe Jodi) are generally incapable of writing or speaking well. They have less education and, I believe, less intelligence. That’s not their fault, of course.

          It’s pretty easy to make this distinction when you view posts here from abused women versus posts on any of the “hater” sites. Abused women here believe Jodi was abused. We have no doubt. Either something Jodi said, or something Travis said, made that plain as day to us. Abused women on the “hater” sites believe Jodi is lying about the abuse. Now, compare the level of discussion and intelligence here with the level of discussion and intelligence over on those sites. It’s often extremely difficult to even comprehend what they are posting without reading and rereading several times. While they come up with some elaborate theories and rationale, most of what they post has been influenced by HLN or a blog they read.

          For example, the vast majority of them are convinced that Jodi went to Travis’s house that day with the express purpose of changing his mind about who would accompany him on his Cancun trip. Anyone with an ounce or reasoning knows that a name on a plane ticket could not be changed 6 days in advance.

    • Everything you said truthbetold is true. Our justice system is not always fair in every case. And I far as I’m concerned that is unacceptable. I think a lot of people are naive and think that our ‘system’ always functions correctly. But it doesn’t. Sad, but true. All due to the laundry-list of infractions you mentioned and and a lot more. I can see all of this in Jodi Arias’s case and that’s why I stand behind her, and for other reasons. She was way over-charged and railroaded into this M1 conviction. I have no ill feelings for the Alexanders except for the viciousness that they seem to have for going after Jodi Arias. As sad as this situation is, and I understand that Mr. Alexander was killed, Jodi Arias is as much of a victim as Travis Alexander.
      I’m sorry to hear you had to go through a similiar situation and the justice system didn’t work for you either. I hope you are doing better.

      • Thank you Ed your compassion is really appreciated,
        I am much better. It has been 25 years now. Seeing these trials just brings back the desperation and victimization I experienced all over again. It make me crazy to know this is our justice system. No one even believes this really happens. They think if you get convicted you must be guilty. I can tell you first hand THAT IS NOT AT ALL TRUE. I was a volunteer co vacillator for DV groups and also did the same with adult survivors. When that happened I could no longer go out in public. I escaped with my life , it cost me everything including my career, my home, my business and my reputation but I did escape from my abuser . I am fine now but can not help aching for woman like Jodi when they live through a stacked trial with almost no way of wining. Jodi’s life is on the line and my heart is breaking for her.
        I am afraid this goes on so much more then anyone really knows. The fact is the nature of politics is big money now. These low life prosecutors aspire to become involved in politics and truth and justice go out the window. Same with these high profile case judges who are looking to be an HLN legal consultant or have a “show” of their own. Look at Ashton. Everyone was sick thinking CA would try to write a book and make money from the death of her child. But 2 weeks after the trial their beloved ASHTON releases HIS book and goes off on a book promoting tour!!! That shows what he was thinking about during that trial IMO. Self promotion!! The prosecutor in my case did an HBO special then was elected a judge!! What a travesty!! This is so shameful !! Scary too that we as Americans are so unknowing until it happens to us. Then like Jodi and so many others we get educated

    • truthbetold,

      Hello! I am sorry about all you have been through. Thank you for sharing your story. I found it sad. But I am so thankful you shared. I hear your story and you were trying to leave this domestic violence relationship. You successfully left yet your abuser continued to abuse you. The abuser went as far as being involved with charges against you.
      This is deep. The abusers just don’t want to stop abusing their victim. Yet our Judicial system appears to backing the abuser. Somewhat similar to Jodi. Although, she killed her abuser in self defense. Jodi has a verdict of M1, you have legal issues. It seems like the abusers continue to abuse

      • Oh my gosh I really did not expect this!! Thank you each and every one of you here who said such understanding and supportive things in response to my post. You all have so much compassion. I can only say THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
        I told my story for the first time ever …. here today. I think Jodi’s story is overwhelming. I keep thinking this young woman and this case show how little the average person understands or even knows about DV and abuse. All of these people who excuse this real devastating problem as just made BS up for self serving reasons have no idea of the torment and destruction this causes in a person’s life, mind and soul. If just once for one day any of them could live, experience and really feel what abuse can do to a person mentally and emotionally that is far beyond the physical damage …If they could live the fear and confusion and the pain …..well then maybe they would not judge so harshly.

    • truthbetold

      maybe watch alyce laviolette’s AL excellent domestic violence DV testimony
      it’s purpose especially in the beginning was to educate the jury, and everyone with an open mind about DV
      she was outstanding
      AL’s testimony starts on day 36 , see video 4/4

      AL also refers to this chart

      the trial sequence is defense, prosecution, defense
      watch jm, the turd, only because jw follows revealing more DV information from AL

      there is also an excellent wikipedia article
      Outline of domestic violence

    • truthbetold, you said it all. Its shocking, terrible how injustice and corruption always wins. There are some very bad people in this life who have no conscience. AZ favours the prosecutor, its SICK.

      Things HAVE TO CHANGE.

      So sorry to learn you were a victim.. and there are so many. We only have one life, why won’t others let us be truthful, the more we tell the truth the more others say we lie, what the HELL is wrong with our society.

      I’ve been so shocked with this case, I’ve heard about the injustice system but never seen it first hand and this case has made me cry buckets, just typing this has made me cry.

    • Thank you, truthbetold. My abusive ex also used the court system, though in a different way from what you are describing here. The system is horrible. The ability for abusers to manipulate their victims through it is… Indescribable. It is one of the worst of the tools they can add to their toolbox.

      You write very eloquently.

    • Truthbetold, great rant. Take care of yourself. I hope things will get better for you now. I have never been through anything like that but people on this site have and they know what you are talking about. <3 !!

    • “Abusers ALWAYS get even if you try and leave. ALWAYS !!”

      Ain’t that the truth? It’s so true it’s sickening. I’m glad I’m not the only person who realizes it.

      • YES I do so agree abusers DO ALWAYS GET EVEN when you try to leave or do leave. I think this is what happened in this case as well.
        Jodi says she was almost ready to let go and move on. She had begun to see things a little clearer and was realizing the situation she was in. She moved back to her home area, began thinking about other men and was trying to do SOME distancing, She was trying . I think the disgusting communication TA had with her in May was a sign of him realizing or fear she was letting go. I think he knew she was leaving him and he was very angry and aggressive. He was escalating as all abusers do when they feel the victim leaving. His comment about being a dildo with a heart beat was him trying to make her feel guilty IMO. Almost all of that very long and demeaning rant was a clearly a sign of his loosing of control of her. I really believe he guilted her into seeing him that day. Gus makes a few very telling statements about Jodi beginning to distance herself from TA at that time. Any of us who have lived it and anyone who knows anything about DV and abuse KNOWS that the most dangerous time for the victim is when the victim begins to let go or leave. I think Jodi was doing just that and TA was not going to let that happen. IMO

  15. Yes I really believe this could be coming to a point where the blood thirsty public will in time be back to lynching people with the televising of these court cases, but if they aren’t televised the people looking out for real justice no way of us to see what’s really happening to people in the courtroom. I find myself having to limit myself to watching those evil people on HLN for my blood starts to boil, I am thankful I stumbled onto this site for justice and compassion. My prayers to Jodi and Arias family, Stay Strong Jodi, Love You

    • didn’t Videodrome movie have the plot of people watching people die? and brings up the point along the way, ‘if ur so good, then why did u watch and enjoy seeing other people being killed?’

      that movie influenced many other movies.

    • Speaking of lynching people…….I was reading some of the posts on the hater site last night… person was so outraged at the jury for not sentencing Jodi to death that the person actually threatened the jury foreman bc
      the foreman made the remark that he didn’t realize the extent of the lynch mob mentality of the public regarding Jodi. The poster suggested that the jury foreman should shut up and quit doing interviews or he could find a real lynch mob at his doorstep one night soon!

      • They are out in full force, kitty.

        They have decided that the 4 who did not vote for the death penalty are in love with Jodi, are liars (lied about being death-qualified), are stupid, or have a mental disorder.

        I will not be surprised if this foreman is directly threatened.

        How can this media and social media blitz NOT affect (influence, taint, frighten) future jurors, in this trial and in other trials?

        • Pique,
          I’m beyond shocked that this is happening with the four. It’s bullshit and wrong to harass them. This also happened in the anothony case too. The difference though is this jury agreed on M1. They agreed on cruelty as the aggravator. This jury did not owe the masses or the family the verdict of their choice.

          I think these four will be threatened in real time if they already aren’t being threatened. I see what’s going on with the slandering and bashing online. The anger is unwarranted. Is this happening because people feel entitled now? I don’t understand.

          I remember hearing that two female jurors cried over the M1 conviction. I think the conviction was 4 for felony murder which means they didn’t agree on pre med. If these jurors are the same four, I now wonder if they were bullied into the M1 conviction and the aggravator.

          Juror 17 issued a message via the state page. I don’t know if you saw it. The juror apologized and said “they found the page after the fact from a close friend”. I hate to be suspicious but tampering may be a reality in this case.

          • Juror 17 is a total idiot. She’s apparently Tweeting about how much she “loooooved” meeting Juan and she’s bashing the foreman as well. She also writes like a fourth-grader.

            • Juan turns on a certain type of woman. And that type of woman is no friend of other women. They know where the power lies, and align themselves with it, where it’s safer to be as a woman.

              As for men who criticize Juan, such as Michael Kiefer–that same pack of Juan-loving hyenas, with their faux penises, are going after him like there’s no tomorrow. They want his career ruined, and are trying to think up ways to do it.

              • I can’t even go there without feeling like my lunch is going to come up. That there are women who might be turned on by him, eewww!

                • Sorry, krikee, but it’s true. They adore him. Which explains why they can’t see Travis’ abuse, either. It’s all just men being men to them.

          • Yes, JC, the raving public feel entitled to “their” death verdict. They have built up an appetite for Jod’s execution and now that blood has been denied–or delayed. Their psychology makes my head spin. Barbarians, they are, and I’m convinced they care not a drop for the Alexander family, but use them to legitimize their perverse fascination with state-sanctioned murder.

            This juror 17–what?! She found the FB page “after the fact”? What kind of idiocy is that? It can ONLY be after the fact, as no juror was looking for info about the case during trial, right?

                • disgusting.Let them talk.let them slip.It’ll work for the best of Jodi’s interest.

                • Thanks, JC. Well, it sounds like she’s saying that now she’s free to read social media. I agree with Kira that she sounds vacuous. Clearly, she wanted Jodi dead. How dare she be bubbly about it?

                • Sorry but I don’t believe the jurors were not influenced by their friends and families.

                  They should not have even be free to tell anyone what case they were on if they really followed the Judge’s instructions.

                • well since 17 was an alternate she has to do something to get her butt in the spotlight. She is looking for her 15 minutes and more. NG will have her on and so will Dr D and the rest and she will live her dream. That is what these people are all about. All of them hope to ge their call answered on air . All of them see Kattie (so really pathic) Wick and think … I can do that!! I can be on TV!! They travel 100s 0r even 100;s of miles , make signs, wear jewerly, cry and stand in front of the court house waiting,,,praying for a camera to zero in on them. Wne one of them gets on the camera and does their “stick, which they reheased over and over all the way there. It just fules more of them to say ..”me pick me” I wanna be a star!!
                  Please GOD help these desparate and judgmental beings. Make them see that you do not condone nor want us to act this way. Please teach them mecry and compassion or at least some humility and self respect.

              • Sorry, JC, but I don’t see the comment–but I see all the other awful comments. Is it buried in there, maybe?

                I also wish I could “unknow” what I know now. It’s been weighing heavily on me, knowing that so many people want to go backward, to devolve, to dehumanize and brutalize themselves and others–and call all that “justice.”

              • “She’s a pretty girl. Why did she continue in a relationship that caused that much negativity for her?”

                First of all,what do looks have to do with anyof the trial’s proceedings?
                Seconly,umm….were she even seated in that same courtroom???Didnt she hear the defense experts’ testimony?WTF!!! Seriously,I’d expect that question either from a hater or from a person who has heard nothing of the case’s details and evidence and is just asking an instictive,knee jerk reaction question.Not from a person who has just spent 5 freaking months living and breathing that case!! I’m furious right now.

                • Are you serious? I was with my ex for 14 years. Is that supposed to be a reflection of my looks? I’ve been told I used to stop traffic. Fuck her. I still stop traffic.

                  You know what? The problem is that we don’t teach analytical thinking in school. Jurors should have to pass some kind of analytical thinking test. Do you know what a Venn diagram is? No? You’re excused. Have a nice day and please consider repeating third grade.

            • It’s as if this mob was possessed by a spirit that Native Americans call Wendigo. The bloodlust is inexplicable.

      • Kitty, it’s getting worse today, especially since one of the alternates has been speaking out about the foreman. That alternate has photos on her FB page of her with Katie Wick! She stated on Twitter that she was the one who submitted 75 of the questions Jodi was asked including the one “Why should we believe you now?”

  16. Before cameras are banned from the remainder of this farce, I hope KN has an on camera motion asking the judge to recuse herself due to obvious bias and show clips of the eye-rolling she did on the bench while defense witnesses were testifying, and her obviously biased reaction to the hung jury.

  17. Great that the Verdict is : No Unanimous Agreement.

    Of course HLN goes on about their delusions. They don’t see what horrible verbal incorrect crimes they committed. But be that as they continue creating more lynch mobs and witch hunts.

    I want to comment on the 3 psychiatric experts the defense put on the stand and Martinez.
    I will use Alyce LaViolette for an example. This women with years of experience and years of helping others is approached by Martinez on the stand. He first asks how much money she is making. Raising doubt to her intentions. Then he sneaks in discussing her resume and her experience. He ends up asking her about something she did called ‘Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs’. Miss La Violette has written down she is a key note speaker. But Martinez wants to point out she wasn’t really the key note speaker even though that is what it said on her resume. Yet Miss LaViolette points outs she was part of chosing the title, many times she is the major keynote speaker for this specific presentation. Plus she was a keynote speaker at a breakout session for this specific date of the presentation. So right there Martinez has La Violette identified to the jury as a liar. It was al a manipulation of Martinez’s questions and words. LaViolette works with a group of professionals that interchange what they are doing at presentations. It may have just made the resume cleaner and easier to read. Resume writers stress that all the time. I am sure Martinez does it on his own resume. That of course, is how he knew to look for it. But with something so small and not important he washed away all her credibility. Nothing she could say would matter.
    Martinez pulled it on Samuels and did everything to discredit the last expert witness. By deflecting the jury with these minor but powerful deflections the jury never internalized what these experts had to say.
    I didn’t see Jodi’s testimony but I am sure multiple Martinez magic tricks were pulled in this Kangaroo court at this time. Judge Pickles continued to tell the witnesses to answer. She is at much to blame
    As a result, all this just fed into the hater mob mentality. Hoping many important people are aware.

    Jodi and Jodi Arias is Innocent it is a step in the correct direction. WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS <3

    • He didn’t “wash away all her credibility.” That jury wasn’t going to listen to anything the defense presented because of not being sequestered.

    • ALV wasn’t a psychiatric expert or psychological expert–she is one of the top experts in domestic violence in the country.

      • A psychotherapist, which ALV is, isn’t the same thing as a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

        All three are different.

  18. god bless jennifer willmott and k.n for their hard work jen put everything she had in her closings she really became close with jodi she looked really upset this week she was really scared jodi was going to get death jodi has very caring lawyers jen got death threats and that didnt stop her from fighting for jodi people say hatefull things about her on facebook and twitter jen and k.n. have good hearts jodi will not get death hopefull jen and k.n. will still be her lawyers jen will fight harder for jodi for jodis life this time they will put juan in his place all of you on here please send jen and k.n. support letters they need our support they need us to tell them they can save jodis life you can can do this jen and k.n. god bless yous for everything you did for jodi jodi you got two lawyers who belive in you and will fight jen you beat juan in your closings jen and k.n. got the jury to see the real jodi

    • IMO JW should have done the trial closing arguments instead of KN. IMO KN’s closing was shallow and weak. I think the jury did not like him and that his words didn’t dig deeply enough to the core of their souls (although I do feel KN’s argument was FAR superior to that of JM’s). I think the reason the sentencing came back hung is because JW’s words to the jury prior to sentencing regarding “[stay true to your beliefs]” struck nerves with certain the jury members. It sort of gave each of them the authority to stand his/her ground without giving in to intimidation. Had JW done the closing arguments prior to deliberation of the actual verdict I bet there would have been a different outcome.

  19. It’s too late now, but it’s my opinion that JA’s attys made a grave mistake in pursuing the self-defense strategy. I am not implying that Jodi wasn’t mentally, verbally, or physically abused during her relationship with TA. But from a purely legal standpoint, the Defense could have attacked each point of evidence (a seemingly paltry amount) and created reasonable doubt.

    After reviewing JA’s 1st day of interrogation, I’m convinced there is something deeply suspicious about the date/time stamp photos of JA and TA nude on his bed. Jodi expresses puzzlement when confronted with the “pigtail” photo, and anyone who believes her guilty would say, if she was indeed there on June 4 in braids, that she’s running through all the scenarios in her head to buy her some time. Jodi knows at that point that something is not right. She presses forward, questioning Flores about whether, somehow, her memory card was put into TA’s camera. It’s not only possible, but most likely, that the nude photos were from another time, and Flores also knows this. But Jodi was the only suspect from day one and Flores knew exactly what he was going to do with the “pigtail” photo. He brought it to the Siskyou Sheriff’s station to force a confession from Jodi.

    The Defense team should have taken the route that Johnny Cochran took in his defense of O.J. Attack the veracity of the police investigation, the chain of custody of evidence, a contaminated crime scene. Even if the evidence placed Jodi there on that day, so much reasonable doubt would have been brought up that it would have defeated Murder 1 premed/felony murder. JMO.

      • Yes, certainly will go back up to your above post. I’m out for a bit today, but really want to return to the photo topic.

        On a side note, I’m being really “mean girls”, but did you catch the second interrogation where Jodi says, ” Do [I] want to be like Deanna and wait six years?” She follows that by saying that the Hughes had made the joke that “If you wait six years, you can get free breast implants,” because he bought Deanna breast implants at one point.

    • Krikee, yesssssss…. i hadn’t thought about it that way, but it makes sense., it would’ve made a difference.

      • One statement that Alyce LaViolette said stuck in my mind. She testified about Jodi’s lies and said that everyone lies over less serious matters. When she said that, in the jurors’ minds ALV was then complicit in the lies. I’m sure at least one juror thought that ALV could be lying to them. If they had not gone the self defense route, there would have been no lies. Jodi wasn’t there, she didn’t lie – prove it. She didn’t lie about intruders. It was a false confession forced out Flores with photos which cannot be proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, to have been taken on June 4, because the chain of custody was broken.

    • You don’t understand American criminal law. The defense didn’t have to put on ANY defense; the burden of proof is on the prosecution.

      The fact is there was nobody to blame for that verdict other than that chickenshit jury. They weren’t going to do anything else other than Murder One because they were watching that bullshit on HLN and everywhere else.

      • “The defense didn’t have to put on ANY defense”? No, the defense has to defend by way of reasonable doubt. I’m merely engaging in some Monday Morning quarterbacking as to my opinion that self-defense was the wrong strategy. Again JMO, not implying that Jodi didn’t suffer abuse from Travis, and, also not dismissing your opinion that the jury got it wrong. I agree with you completely that the jury did get it wrong. I think they were very aware from tv, mobile devices, all of the rumors and hate being spread. The jury may have logically tried to process what Nurmi was saying, but every time Martinez threw up the photo of TA’s neck slice, it must have caused such a visceral reaction in the jurors that they couldn’t get past the M1 or the aggravator.

        • I will agree with you about Martinez’s antics. He resorted to dramatic nonsense like the autopsy photos and the camera drop because he had such a shoddy case against JA.

          But we are slowly finding out that at least some of the jury members and alternates were watching the media in direct violation of the admonition.

        • I totally agree . I think this is a major appellate issue. The photos were with out a doubt much more prejudicial than probative. I was amazed they were allowed in at all.
          Then JM who claims to be so compassionate put them upon on the big screen every chance he got, forcing the image to be burned in the entire court rooms minds forever. “INCLUDING THE FAMILY’S” he claims to be thinking of and the jury he was manipulating!!

    • That nude photo of Jodi with the pigtails looks waaay off to me. Her head looks like it was photoshopped on her body or something. Maybe that was the reason for the look of confusion.

      • I am not certain about the phone sex tape. It sounds as if there is an edit between, “That is so debasing.” and “I like it.”

        I don’t know, but it sounded tweaked to me every time I heard it, If you listen carefully you notice that there are several questionable things about it:
        1) The ambient sound in the background is somehow off, maybe “cleaned up” in the second sentence.
        2) The emotion in her voice and its volume when she says “I like it.” does not quite track with the previous statement of “That is so debasing”. It’s as if “I like it” was lifted from a different conversation – not a statement unto itself but snipped from part of a longer sentence.
        3) Her voice control/breathing pattern does not sound natural from one statement to the next, maybe because of it being a tag from another statement instead of a totally new sentence.

        But then again, it could sound stilted because she was forcing herself to go along with that tree fantasy. I heard so much eagerness to please him in that phone call, but it wouldn’t account for #1.

        • The tape was not one long recording. It was pieced together from several small pieces of recording. Jodi explained that she kept hitting save. Also, the phone was brand new for her. Gus had given it to her that day, if I’m not mistaken.

          I’ve also read that in order for Travis’s voice to be audible, significant work had to be done on the tape. Deep voices like his don’t record well on cell phones. My fiance has a very deep voice and I often have to ask him to repeat things when he calls. If he leaves a message, it’s often very difficult to hear everything.

            • I thought so as well Krikee. Some have said he just sounded tired. But he really sounded like he was on something when he was singing. I know his toxicology came back negative but there are many substances that would not be detected due to the decomposition.

    • Krikee, you’re absolutely right. See my post to Al above about why the defense went with this strategy. It was the WRONG strategy from the very beginning and it was something Samuels and Nurmi convinced Jodi to go with. There were lots of other suspects who were NEVER even interviewed.

  20. Oh GOODMORNING everyone. I havent posted much lately, I still have company. But Iv manage to keep on top of everything and try and read as much as I can.

  21. I thought you folks would like Roberts article in today’s paper.

    Headline: Rule of Law Thwarts Arias Trial Lynch Mob

    Top quote: Within minutes of the announcement that no death sentence would be forthcoming, everybody’s favorite cable-TV gladiator lost her head. I popped right off and was last seen orbiting the Maricopa County Courthouse, in search of jurors to dive-bomb.

    • so her name is really Nancy Lynch? very fitting. I think names are important, TA’s name Travis Victor I suspect means to reverse victory. And JOdi’s name, Jodi Ann, should mean God is Gracious. I don’t know for sure, I am not an expert. does anyone else know?

  22. I really feel the tide is going to turn with all this
    hate towards Jodi.
    I feel that more people are going to come here & realize
    that had been duped.
    I am really proud to be a part of this movement and also
    glad that my eyes are not tainted with hate drop like the
    rest of these blind ignorant souls.

    Wake up world! We need to band together
    and fight this hatred! We may feel like we
    are living in the Dark Ages but surrounded by
    our army, we will prevail.

    “Hate is also a kind of love standing upside down. It happens that you can forget your friend, but you cannot forget your enemy. The enemy haunts you more than the friend. You think more of destroying the enemy than helping the friend. The reason is that love is a thesis — simple. Hate is an antithesis — it has become more complicated. It has become negation, and negativity has an attraction — for many reasons.

    One is afraid of negativity because you cannot hate someone without creating a wound within yourself. Nobody pretends hate. It is always authentic, because why should one pretend hate? — It hurts.” – OSHO

    • Great thought by Osho. Over many years and many moves I have always kept his “The Book of Secrets” with me.

  23. Hi guys,
    (((((TEAM JODI)))))))

    Sorry I just start talking wo saying hi. I do that in real life too LOL. It’s like the conversation already started in my head. My friends answer the phone and say hello and I’m like hey did you hear…..and I’m off and running.

  24. Hey, its Hayley. I am just wondering if you guys have heard from Jennifer? I emailed her a couple days back…I am just worried about her because she usually is on and would seem to reply to emails. Just out of concern. Sending all my love to you all. Stay strong. Hayley x

  25. Jodi’s best bet for real Justice is in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. They are the only ones with enough sense and power to overturn this fiasco of vigilante justice that happened in that Az circus. Stay strong Jodi….XO

  26. This makes me incredibly sad. The conditions that Jodi will be living under in AZ prison system are absolutely inhuman and horrendous. It’s a helpless feeling. I wish there was something we could to change how Jodi is being treated. Sheriff Joe Arpio and AZ sucks.
    This was posted by Pitchforks on Twitter

  27. Good Afternnoon, I agree about the tide changing as far as public opinion. Firstly……, I think it was a true blessing that thing kept getting delayed right after the verdict. It gave everbody room for pause. Had they immediately sentenced her I feel that the lynch mob mentality may have played a part in the decision. Emotions were soooo high. It seems everyday that people are softening up wising up possibly seeing this situation for what it is. A DV situation that got out of hand with both parties having equal fault. I hope and sense and have even seen day by day where even the pundits… all besides Vinnie but each of the pundits even Dr. Drew has specified sympathy empathy gosh some emotion. Im hoping and praying that eventually as time passes the truth will become more and more clear and that through appeals the verdict as it stands will become weakened and watered down through the wisdom of the higher courts. WE still have so much to look forward to. In the mean time lets keep Jodis spirit high with love and service as we much as we can and prayers…. They work! Do at least one thing each day that you think she might like… Recycle, draw send her a postcard say a prayer for her….. etc…. oh yah get a t shirt….make a small donation however small or Big… just dont forget and keep on giving hoping.

  28. I honestly don’t know why any woman would choose to support a man who referred to himself as a “dildo with a heartbeat” and another woman as a “three-hole wonder”. That’s not a good man. That’s a douche bag.

    • I think their Hate makes them deaf to those things. They might then have to stop hating and, geez, hating feels soooo good. Hating gives them a cause…makes them feel like they’re so much better than someone else. And in their world things are all black and white. If they had to stop thinking of Travis as all good they might also have to stop thinking of Jodi as all bad. And that would confuse them.

      • RB, I think with some it’d half kill them–they wouldn’t be able to invalidate their thinking.. its a mindset. But I keep hoping.. as someone said, its a blessing we have a pause.

  29. A quick note before I can’t get online again for awhile.
    First: my parents are right, this time. I’m an idiot. I’m stupid.
    Thursday night, I decided to do laundry. After rolling my laundry bag down the stairs, I carefully went to go down, one step at a time, holding the rail with both hands. I don’t know what happened. I got dizzy & fell the last 3 steps. I didn’t want to wake up Sharon, my landlord & friend, so I crawled up the stairs, took a pain pill-or two, laid on my heating pad & eventually went to sleep. Sharon had a thing to do on Friday, so I hoped to get to the hospital without her finding out. It didnt work. She ended up taking me in, upset because she thought the stuff she’d left on the stairs caused it.
    This local ER DOES NOT LIKE ME! Actually, I get along great with two of the PA’s and 2 of the MD’s. the nurses hate me. I’ve gotten 2 of them fired, (what happens when you force a patient to walk a mile home, in the snow, at 3am, with 2 broken ankles; AND, when you treat a patient like shit, calling her a drug addict, refusing to treat me & sending me home with pneumonia & pleurisy. They hate me because I’m friends with the docs, and I’m my primary doc’s ONLY private patient, we’re friends, and he’s the COS AND CEO of the hospital. Those are the main reasons, the others are because of what I’ve written-politics). Also, because my muscular-skeletal anatomy is “different”, no local ortho will see me & I have to go all the way to Philly for complicated fractures.
    Bottom line, I have another, (I’ve had quite a few), compression fracture of several vertebra. No big deal.
    In fact, I was feeling so much better in my brace this AM, against everyone’s judgement, I went into town, in my brace, to run errands. And yes, I tripped & fell, only hurt my arm & shoulder this time, but my iPad screen that was in its case, in my backpack, is busted. I have to go to Philly, either tonight or tomorrow, to get my arm set.
    I only have an old iPod2 working besides this & I have no idea how long this will work-as deep as the cracks are, I’m surprised its working, I’m handling it like the most delicate piece of porcelain.

    I was up really early because we had to leave by 8, (it takes awhile for me to get ready), I was reading OccupyHLN and STUPIDLY followed the links to the two “Taliban” sites. One was obviously a tad better than the other, BUT, when I read some of the posts about the jurors…OMG folks, this HAS to be CRIMINAL!!!
    Anyways, I HIGHLY recommend AVOIDING those sites, unless you want to get upset. Although it seemed site admins were trying to rein-in their posse’s; the uttar ignorance, closed-minded hatred, is just too much for 4am.
    I’m in bed, going to try and sleep until we figure out when I’m going. Got my heating pad, chai, pain medication if needed, and most important, my Sita-who’s head is on my tummy as she curls up to cuddle.
    I’m blessed to have Sharon, downstairs, but checking on me & we stopped at the store on the way home from ER and picked up her favorites in case momma is gone for more than a day. Hehee, she ‘talked” me into getting up and getting her one early shortly after getting home. I was laying here and heard her tell-take soft, but playful mrrrreeuu. I looked down and the little brat had gotten into the bag & brought me one of her “FF Appetizers”!! Was *supposed* to be for tomorrow or Mon-but I couldn’t resist “THE Face”!!
    Take care all, prayers and best wishes to everyone here, the mods, and Jodi and her family!!
    I’ll be back when I can, promise!

    • Lainey,

      Forgive me but so much of this does not make sense. A nurse can’t force you to walk home on broken ankles. You said that you are friends with the head of the hospital – a doctor. A doctor has to release you from the hospital. If a doctor released you with broken ankles, why didn’t you call a friend, your landlord, or a cab for the one mile ride home?

      A nurse can’t refuse to treat you. The doctor assigned to the ER will make the assessment of needed treatment and you said those doctors are your personal friends.

      And it seems like you have quite an extensive bit of experience with medical care in hospitals. You know that if you are not being treated properly you can ask to speak with a patient advocate/social worker.

      I am not saying that there is not mistreatment in medical care, nor am I saying that some nurses, doctors, etc are not guilty of less than quality care, but what you posted here just doesn’t ring true.

      • I’m back, left the iPad here and it’s a mess, but still working.

        SZ: 1. This is a VERY small hospital. As in, census usually less than *10*
        2. When I had the broken ankles, my primary was not Cheif of staff or CEO-that happened the next year. The doctor discharged me from the ER & later swore that he knew nothing about the nurse telling me that I could not wait in the waiting room for 3hrs until the one taxi in this county came on duty. I had no friends that could come pick me up. The local PD, (later I found out that the nurse had called them), wouldn’t even let me stay outside on the benches, told me to “run along, hahaha”. The day after this happened, I also called the local PD about what the two young jerks had done.
        The same nurse who had told me I HAD to leave and go home, also tried to tell everyone that “there is no such thing as nail-patella syndrome”, that I probably pulled my own nails out and had bony anomalies caused by fractures, (including my ankles), that I did to myself, just to get pain Meds-and therein lies the problem-at the time, I was on a 75microgram fentanyl patch, and Hydrocodone for breakthrough pain-mainly because of the frequent fractures, dislocations, and nerve-on bone pain caused by the degeneration of the connective tissue. I am a “spontaneous mutation”, with a genetic variant of NPS that they’ve never seen before. My Son is my “little” twin”. The attitude I have to deal with is because of the pain Meds I’m on. I’m VERY closely monitored, and have always tended to take less than what I’m prescribed, instead of more-mainly because there’s only so much that I can take before it no longer affects the pain, and makes me nauseous, which makes my pain worse.
        Two days after this happened, I actually paid for a taxi to take me back to the ER, with printouts about NPS, my information from when they “investigated” my NPS at John’s Hopkins, and all my random drug test results. The bitch wouldn’t even look at them, through everything in the trash, and told me to get the hell out of HER emergency room. Oh, I also brought my degrees, MCAT results, admission and reports from Med School because she told everyone she “knew” I was lying about my education & work.THIS is why she got fired. I went straight to Dr D’s office, and he may not have been CEO OR COS then, but he had enough clout that that bitch lost her job THAT DAY.
        At the time this happened, I didn’t know my landlord/friend, in fact, after my fiancé died in 2005, any REAL friends I had, moved away. And believe me, if there was ANYONE I could have called, I would have. Once I left hospital grounds, I didn’t even have access to a phone-this town is practically deserted in the winter, and to this day, I don’t have a cell phone, can’t afford one.
        There are no social workers at the hospital after 4 or 5 pm.
        To be honest, I didn’t want to go in, I knew what would happen. It wasn’t the first, nor last, time I’ve been treated like dirt.
        Last year, when they refused to treat me for pneumonia & pleurisy, my landlord had taken me in & dropped me off. In triage, it was one of the older nurses who knew me. She just kept saying “I don’t see/hear anything wrong with you, if you slow down your breathing, maybe it wouldn’t hurt, besides, you can’t feel ANY pain with all the drugs you take”. I kept asking to see the Dr or PA there, she finally relented, after talking to him just outside triage. (Oh, though I got there at 8pm, and not seeing a single patient come in through walk-in OR ambulance, AND after constantly asking when I was going to be seen-she came out and yelled at me at midnight, telling me I was damn lucky to be seen at all.). I walked out, was going to say I had chest pain, but was immediately jumped on for walking out of triage into the ER. I was told that there was nothing wrong with me and “you’re not getting any drugs here”. Understand, the ONLY time I’ve EVER asked for or received pain Meds at this hospital, was when I was admitted these past 2 years for more than 4 days. Once I’m admitted, it’s not a problem, and I’ve never taken anything for “breakthrough pain” while admitted.
        The bottom line is that 1. They think I’m a drug addict 2. They think my doc, their boss, and I have something going on, more than friendship, and 3, there’s some older nurses there that I guess we’re friends with the first nurse that got fired in 2009.
        Does that clear it up?
        Sorry, I’m NOT feeling good tonight. Although they gave me a cortisone shot to help with my arm, my back hurts like hell, my stomach is queasy, I don’t have a penny to my name until Tuesday-need milk, sugar & cat food; and even after helping my landlord out to the tune of $90, leaving me with NOTHING, she just doesn’t know if she can do without $10 until Tuesday because they want money for the flea market and BBQ in town tomorrow
        So YES, I’M IN A BITCHY MOOD RIGHT NOW!! (And I NEVER get like this!!)

        • My doctor got me assistance through the National Organization of Rare Diseases (NORD). Specifically they assisted with medication that may help my condition (has been found to be successful in clinical trials) but is very expensive and not available through most pharmacies (it is overnighted to me in a cooler) and is usually not authorized by insurance companies since it is not standard protocol for treatment.

          Here is a link to their website.

          You mentioned that you had treatment done at Johns Hopkins (yeah Baltimore – my daughter lives there!). Have you looked at help from National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda? They have many clinical research studies that will allow you to receive treatment and medication free of charge.

          • Hi again SZ, sorry, but after me falling, busting this screen, going down to Philly just so MaryAnn/Heather could be called in to set my arm, (both elbows-I have genetic, from the NPS, subluxation of the radial head; and both my radius & ulna had stress fx from “catching” me on my way down to sidewalk. ), because with the subluxation, no one here wanted to touch it. I was there for about 12 hours, then had to ride back-both ride down & back, while only 2 hours one way, were in the local taxi lady’s hubby’s big pickup & although he will be well-paid by Medicare, he was an asshole the whole time….
            I’ve actually been in touch with NORD-before we had an NPS support group, and also my 2nd hubby, the one with a “ship in every port”, is an albino. My Son & I, according to Iain, (Dr MacIntosh), also have a deficiency of the C3YPK4….I’ll have to look it up-it’s the enzyme that breaks down opiates and some other substances, (alcohol, I think). Although the funds ran out for the research project they did on NPS; Iain’s assistant keeps up a small lab to continue studies, especially on those of us who had more than just the LXMB1 gene involved. 3 years ago, a pain mgt specialist had my doc send blood down to check for this enzyme. I can’t take NSAIDS because for so long I refused ANY opiates, I have serious recurring peptic & duodenal ulcers. But the pain Meds-they dull the pain, but the doc said I don’t have a “normal” reaction to them, (I’ve never felt ANY so-called “euphoria”-when they increase my dose, I get itchy as hell & nauseous-that’s it.
            I TRY and keep up with clinical trials-especially for neuropathic pain. But with glaucoma/ulcers/grave’s disease/severe osteoporosis & a heart condition made worse from the grave’s-I have limited choices and am not usually a viable candidate for experimental drugs.
            WHICH is why I am a huge proponent of medical cannabis. Although I’ve only tried it once since my early 20’s, MANY folks, (including George McMahon, famously in the compassionate independent drug program, receiving MMJ from the US Govt since 1990!!); have found that both the edible, lower THC, as well as Sativex, (legal in Canada & UK among other countries), have helped them with pain and spasms more than ANYTHING ELSE they’ve been on.
            Unfortunately, I can’t afford to move, nor am I big on risking jail time in my condition…
            BUT, I’ll keep looking & keep fighting, so that myself & others can use this miraculous herb LEGALLY, SOON, EVERYWHERE!! (If you haven’t seen some of the latest studies from California, Israel, South America & Russia in the past 5 years-you might be shocked!! Heck, even my senile, control freak 92yo Dad has started petitions for it in Florida!! Lol, he has shingles on his head, face & eye and read one of the studies on MMJ & shingles!)

  30. I haven’t had time to read any new comments here, so this might have been posted already. This alternate juror is enjoying her 15 mins of fame it seems. She was so biased. Someone who is close with Jodi might need to take screenshots of her twitter before she deletes what she is saying. Seems the jury had their mind made up from the beginning. The evidence didn’t matter, and they fell for the families fake tears.

    • Yes, how could she possibly be so disappointed in the outcome if she never even sat in on one minute of deliberations? She apparently didn’t need to deliberate before deciding Jodi should die. And obviously decided M1 was the right verdict without having to deliberate. Maybe we should just skip the deliberation process and just take a vote of the sitting jury right there in the courtroom.

      • that just proves to me that she watched HLN gang.. she wants to be on the side that everyone else is on and is delighted with her 15mins!

        murder by media … what a brave new world.

        I wish a high profile person, like Michael Moore would do a piece on that!!

        The whole thing should be a mistrial and Jodi should be set free with time served!!

    • i cant remember word for word exactly what he said, but the foreman gave an interview where he said , about jodi
      “what she did was horrible, but she is still a human being”
      EXACTLY a human being everyone is acting like she is some wild animal .
      Especially Juror 17 , who is soo biased im glad she didnt get the chance to deliberate

      • Juror 17 fits in well with all of the assholes on the State vs. Jodi page. “OMG like I couldn’t believe that the foreman like didn’t feel bad for the Alexanders and want to kill Jodi OMG! Like I totally would have gone for the death penalty because Juan is sooooooo awesome!”


    • Oh, boo hoo for Juror 17. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Thank god you didn’t get put on to deliberate.

    • ok,went there,read het tweets and felt physically sick.she is one disgusting,narrow minded,hating woman.she also sounds iliterate,too!!

      • Yes she is Maria. I am furious at the shit she is tweeting. Let’s just add this to all the other issues that will make an appeal a slam dunk. Jodi needs to be freed right now due to all this corruption.

  31. I love that Nancy Grace’s married name is actually ‘Nancy Lynch’…so fitting for one of the world’s most worshipped Lynch Mob advocates. (Unfortunately, the name Nancy still means “Grace”. Yuk!)

  32. I’m looking forward to when the movies and TV shows (like “Snapped” which is already developing their story) try to recreate the State’s ridiculous theories of the actual killing, as sanctioned by the jury. Let’s see how they manage that.

    • I’m assuming they will have to have “Travis” passively standing at the sink while “Jodi” stabs him in the back nine times. Yeah, right!

      • ITA, I thought who would just stand there and let someone stab you that many times, and if she started to stab him in the shower why let him out so he could spill blood everywhere, just force him to stay in the shower.

        • TBI, Yes it is ridicules isn’t it.
          The last photo shows he was sitting in the shower. JM stated this is when JA began her attack. “While he was in this vulnerable position sitting in the shower.” Well the ME report shows and proved JM was lying when he told the jury that. The stab wounds on his chest were inflicted at an upward angle. Jody would have had to lay flat on the floor in front of him IN THE SHOWER to accomplish that. Also the wounds were not inflicted from the side, as she was standing outside the shower stall she could not have inflicted even one of those frontal wounds form there.. The 3 frontal wounds could not have been inflicted as JM told the jury they were and JM knows it and so does the ME. Next the back wounds were only 1 to 1 1/2 inches deep at the very, very most and did not penetrate any thing but muscle tissue. So this shows no one was standing behind him thrusting a knife into him. Again as JM claimed but also knew was not possible. He lied to the jury over and over again. He is allowed to do that and he did.
          The crime did not happen the way JM stated it did and again he does know that but again he is allowed to lie to the jury. He is allowed to twist the evidence, to embellish anything and everything he feel necessary to get the conviction. Most people do not know that and many do not believe that this is allowed or even possible.

  33. I was just telling my mom about how I bought some new calligraphy pens for my journal. She told me I’m too old for a journal (yeah right) and that I sound like Jodi Arias. Wait until she sees me wearing my Survivor shirt when it comes. 😛 She hates Jodi and anything to do with her, but of course she never watched the trial in full like I did. She only watched what she saw on Nancy Grace. Ugh. I swear I don’t know how I came from that woman. We are two totally different people and disagree on literally everything.

    • Another thought. I believe that we absolutely do choose our family, like our friends. We choose our friends in this life. We choose our families before this life. For a lot of people, if we weren’t born into the families we have, these are the very people we would run away from. It’s the Universe’s way of getting us to engage with people who may not share our beliefs, our politics, our outlook on life, and giving us the opportunity to experience love.

      • Interesting theory, krikee. What about families who have a lot in common though or share the same beliefs? I’ve always been a black sheep. 😛

        • Britney, sounds like one of those situations where the family and you both are learning tolerance, just as krikee suggests. Families can be like that. (Sometimes one person seems as if they are from a different family.)

    • Britney, on your Mom’s next birthday, may I suggest that you buy her an autobiography or memoir written by a famous person she admires?

      After she reads it and tells you how much she enjoyed it, you could say that it’s a “journal” of sorts…..and tell her that’s why you keep up your own writing. It’s a wonderful tool for personal growth.

      • ” It’s a wonderful tool for personal growth.” You are so right. When I was still with my ex, I re-read some of my journal entries I had written and it actually opened my eyes to just how toxic and abusive he was being toward me. Plus, I always feel better after writing.

  34. Does anyone know if Brian Neumeister testified prior to the April 15 Daubert hearing? Judge Pickles said to him that he was still under oath, so it sounds like he had been sworn in previously.

    • I would think it would create a jury with a pre-disposed bias, populated with people with a more cynical and judgmental personality, those who possibly believe (much like Sheriff Joe) that anyone who gets themselves arrested must be guilty of something that they need to be punished for.

    • coldcase,

      You might yet solve what’s legally wrong with the DP (besides being barbaric eye for an eye justice).


      [Jury selection in death penalty cases] creates an atmosphere in which jurors
      are likely to assume that their primary task is to determine the penalty for a
      presumptively guilty defendant. -Justice John Paul Stevens, 2005

      [B]ecause the prosecutor can challenge jurors with qualms about the death
      penalty, the process creates a risk that a fair cross-section of the community will
      not be represented on the jury. – Justice John Paul Stevens, speech to the American Bar Association, 20053

      • I agree with Stevens. Naturally, there is an added risk of an unfair trial for the defendant in that the jury could suppose that their “primary task” is to decide the penalty, and by extension suppose that the guilt of the person charged is a foregone conclusion.

        In finding a death penalty-certified group, you have established a group predisposed to the ultimate penalty, and self-selected to do so.

        I no nothing of the law, really, but I will nonetheless add this:

        =You therefore have a more pressing need for a freely exercised mitigation phase in order to counterbalance the potential partiality of these self-selected jurors.=

        Jodi’s lawyers filed a(nother) motion to stop representing her because they were prevented from freely presenting mitigation witnesses. As far as I am concerned this trial was done at that point. It was just another day in whoredom for this trial, but the judge should have, at long last, called it a day.

        Excellent post, Willie. Thank you.

    • Illinois got rid of the death penalty, in 2011 I believe. Maybe it is because of that fact, that they still felt it was bias and the Supreme Court didn’t agree, that they just did away with it all together. While I disagree with a lot of the things Illinois does (and we have our fair share of corrupt politicians and law enforcement!), I am very glad we no longer have the death penalty.

      • From the Death Penalty Information Center

        OP-ED: “Abolishing Death Penalty Was Right Choice for State”
        Charles Hoffman, an assistant defender in the Office of the Illinois State Appellate Defender, recently wrote an op-ed in the Chicago Sun-Times, marking a year since the death penalty was repealed in Illinois. Hoffman, who has argued more than 30 death penalty cases before the Illinois Supreme Court, says that repealing the death penalty was the right choice for the state: “The rightness of that decision is more clear than ever. Violent crime rates have not climbed. The public is no less safe. And the pursuit of justice has been served, not undermined.” He notes that, in the year since doing away with the death penalty, the murder rate in Chicago remains at a 40-year low, and millions of dollars in Illinois’ Capital Litigation Trust Fund have been designated for services to help those affected by past crimes and help prevent future crimes. Hoffman concludes, “Our system of capital punishment was abolished because it was broken beyond repair, infected with racism and inherently arbitrary and prone to mistakes. There is no doubt we’re better off without the death penalty, both morally and fiscally.”

        • There was political pressure from our neighbor Wisconsin also, regarding the killing field bordering Chicago & Wisconsin. I supported the change because i felt it is morally wrong. Most people supported abolishing it for political reasons. I agree with the article, far better off than our prior broken system

  35. “Rihanna and Chris Brown are proof that domestic violence is everyone’s business

    Excerpt: As a society, we must ask ourselves what is it that happens in the rearing of children in virtually every culture and at every socio-economic level that raises girls and boys who are willing to stay in, or go back to physically and/or verbally abusive relationships.

    There are many reasons why women (and men) in abusive relationships don’t leave. Money (the lack thereof); children; child custody concerns; a lack of adequate protection through the criminal justice system; poverty and the possibility of homelessness are all issues that immediately come to mind.
    But, what about the case of women of means who can leave and choose to stay? What about cases like Rihanna where one leaves an abusive relationship and then chooses to go back to it knowing full well that this self-bondage puts one at constant risk of physical and/or verbal abuse?
    According to Tricia Bent-Goodley, a professor of Social Work at Howard University and author of “The Ultimate Betrayal: A Renewed Look at Intimate Partner Violence,” “What this story tells us is that domestic violence doesn’t discriminate and that it can occur no matter how wealthy you are, how beautiful you are or how smart you are.”

    Moreover, Bent-Goodley states that “It is so much easier for us to focus on one individual – why doesn’t she just leave – it is much harder for us to focus on ourselves and our communities – what are the messages we send that keep women being abused in abusive relationships? Our silence and our own inability to champion this issue fosters a sense that domestic violence is not an issue. We need more courageous people to stand against domestic violence.”

    Bent-Goodley asserts that what we see with Rihanna and Brown and in numerous incidents of domestic violence is not just one issue, but a combination of many factors. Stigma, not wanting to be associated with domestic violence, fear of losing social stature, cultural beliefs that physical abuse is a normal part of being in a relationship, and romanticizing what your relationship used to be versus what it actually is and whatever is actually going on internally with the individual who has been victimized that leads them to stay (or go back to an abuser), are just some of the many issues we must look at as a nation in order to halt this crime………..”

    • Does that author say anything about the tendency of some (even DV survivors) to claim that certain cases of DV are “more real” than others, as we have seen many assert on the air with respect to Jodi’s case?

      It would seem that some feel that marriage “traps” a person into the DV cycle, so that if it does occur outside marriage and even in couples that live apart, it does not merit the same concern, and that the psychology of it is fundamentally different. This notion persists even though DV is often referred to as “intimate partner abuse”.

      It would seem, based on the M1 verdict in this case, that some feel that if a person is willing to act out an odd sexual fantasy, that they have waived their right to be treated respectfully in the relationship on other levels, even if the sex is consensual. Is that what this jury felt?

      Did voir dire address this question?

      Of all those jurors on this case, I wonder how many have DV in their life experience, either in the past or now? I also wonder about the judge in this case and from whence her bias actually came. Was it merely political? I doubt it.

      • And no one seems to have addressed the most basic aspect, which is that the abuser engages in slow, deliberate brainwashing. You gradually lose the ability to make decisions because you are drowning under his power. It is hard for people who have not been in this position to understand, but it would happen to every single one of you whose partner chooses to do it and knows how.

          • …..Just as JM, EF and SS’s courtroom grew slowly more abusive until no one was willing to testify for Jodi.


            If you had told someone that that is how this trial would end, stultified by fear and loathing, with witnesses terrified to set foot in the courtroom – and Jodi’s family left out of the reading of the penalty verdict – most people would have found that prediction a major stretch.

            It happened gradually, just like intimate partner abuse. The jury just didn’t see how manipulated the atmosphere had become. They didn’t realize the extent to which they were being asked to deliberate in a separate and unequal reality. They believed they were acting in total autonomy when, in many respects, they were held hostage to a fraud of ghastly proportions.

            If this trial had been any more disgusting it would have slid into a slimy lagoon that would have spontaneously manifested under the courthouse.

  36. Now that there is video footage of the jurors, I wonder if anyone has checked if they were in the background when Martinez was out signing autographs

    • Someone could try and see if they recognize them, but I would bet the defense has already done that a while back.

    • The juror on the bus had to of seen JM with his blood thirsty fan club.

      I wonder what the juror on the bus thought as he walked out the last time & seen all those sicko’s crying because Jodi wasn’t put to death.

      The sicko’s drove from as far away as Canada to watch Jodi be sentenced to death.

      It’s just “TV Entertainment” to them. I didn’t notice any good looking fans. Jodi being attractive is the psycho HATE problem they have with Jodi. And no doubt it’s why Saint Travis was willing to kill Jodi when he thought he was losing her, forever.

  37. Hello,
    I was actually slow in following anything Jodi just under a month. The whole situation is sad. I think she will and should get an appeal for a new trial not just on the sentencing portion, I feel that items considered hearsay should be allowed (Huges emails), sequestered jury, multiple attempts by defense to get off case and requests for mistrial, Jury Forman statinging they believed she was abused(even though “news” reported the jury did not believe it) a juror who cried and had a hard time signing off on M1 verdict, I think HLN and it’s coverage is putting a lot of by-standards at risk – especially the jury!

    I want Jodi to know that she should NOT take any plea deal, do not take life without parole, stand by your appeal process take it to grand jury, supreme court, etc!

  38. “30 songs inspired by domestic violence

    19. Travis, “The Blue Flashing Light”

    After the 10 soothingly bummed-out tracks of The Man Who comes the hidden track “The Blue Flashing Light,” a terse portrait of life in a turbulent household. Singer-songwriter Fran Healy had an abusive father, who fueled both this song and the later “Re-Offender.” “Flashing Light” is fiercer, or at least as fierce as a Travis song can be, with a minor-key jangle underpinning Healy’s unflinching imagery of a man stumbling home and “spilling alcohol over the floor.” Violence is in the air, with dad yelling “you’re a slut, you’re a bitch, you’re a whore,” and though the narrator eventually gets his violent own back, the emotional damage is done.”

    ‘Blue Flashing Light’ by Travis (Original/Unofficial Music Video)

  39. The alternate juror on twitter tweeted this “I may just do one on dr drew lol!! Ok totally kidding!”

    Looks like we have another attention whore everyone.

    • She is scheduled to go on dr. drew on Tuesday and she said she would have voted for dp. She says she knew JA was guilty during opening statements. So much for not making up your mind before hearing the evidence. Her name is Tara Kelley and I have a feeling after puke’s show she will be everywhere.

      • Yes, she will be just like freakface Sky Hughes. She will go on any show that will have her tooting her own horn.

      • “She says she knew JA was guilty during opening statements” Ugh! Really?! These are the kinds of people who DO NOT belong on a jury if they can’t follow the constitution. INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. Not the other way around.

          • Alternate for deliberations, but her participation and the questions she asked were meant to bias the remainder of the jury, not to get an answer, just to be snarky

            • And she brags that SHE was the one to ask the ”why should we believe you now?” question!Hey,bitch juror if you happen to read here Fuck off! Have you even finished 4th grade?

          • The only difference between the alternate juror on Twitter and most of the others is that she is dumb enough to state that she made her mind up after hearing the opening statements.
            The others obviously did the same after watching HLN before the trial began.
            Just an afterthought, whenever HLN covers a trial, I am sure that Fox News ratings must go down,unless these people have 2 TVs in their trailer.

      • She had lunch with the Hughes’ the other day….I read something about it on her twitter. Shes also talked to TA’s family.

        • She says Tanisha told her that she always paid attention to her(the juror’s )shoes! So much for grieving and being a total mess in the courtroom Tanisha,right???

          • I hope when SJ is back from vacation that he’ll do a special post on Juror 17 and her closeness to the Hugheses/Alexanders. Pitchforks may be interested in this as well.

        • She might as well help pollute the next jury pool.

          PPL Fraud INC. very own Chris & Skye Hughes will get the Mormons to compensate her.

          Sheriff Joe will probably have’em all over for Memorial Day BBQ to plot how the posse can help.

  40. Greetings all!
    I just wanted to talk about the myth of Narcissus who falls in love with his own reflection, and rejects his lover Echo.
    ”She falls in love with Narcissus, whom she catches sight of when he is “chasing frightened deer into his nets.” Eventually, after “burning with a closer flame,” Echo’s presence is revealed to Narcissus, who, after a comic, yet tragic scene, rejects her love. Echo prays in her mind of this to Aphrodite, who makes Echo disappear, until she “remains a voice” and “is heard by all.”
    Then, Narcissus “tired from both his enthusiasm for hunting and from the heat” rests by a spring, and whilst drinking, “a new thirst grows inside him” and he is “captivated by the image of the beauty he has seen” and falls deeply in love with “all the things for which he himself is admired.” He then wastes away with love for himself, echoing the manner in which Echo did earlier on. A while later his body is gone, and in its place is a narcissus flower. The pale flower is still found near river banks so that it can be reflected on the water.”
    Snipped from Wiki.
    Sound familiar?
    Echo remains a voice waiting to be heard…
    We are the the volume of the Echo…

    On another note probably already examined, what if she turned up after the murder and saw him lying there dead, and moved him to the shower as some kind or cleansing ritual and caring behaviour? Maybe she did see ‘ninjas’ at some point, the thought of finding your lover dead would be very traumatising.
    I wouldn’t put anything this seriously warped cult and slimy bunch or crooks.

  41. This Tara Kelley Alternate Juror #17 is already loving her limelight on twitter. Every sentence ends with !!!!!! She is very excited about her new found fame. I on the other hand want to puke.

    • Oh yes, she couldn’t wait to get out there on the shows and social media. Now she’s bad-mouthing the jury foreman. So I guess he’s on the hate list now too. This bitch needs to be put in her place quick. You know she was the one who asked the question “After all the lies you told, why should we believe you now?” She claims she’s not going to be paid for this interview with Dr. Douche. Does she expect me to believe that? BULLSHIT! She will be compensated in some way.

      • Yes the haters are all ready going after the jury foreman now as did this dimwit alternate who is whoring herself on hln soon—no shocker. One of these jurors and the behavior of the hater pages is going to help Jodi get this thing overturned entirely. Let them keep talking because there is no doubt they were privy to info not presented in this trial. Just an example why did they agree that they would not say who the 4 for life were and not give their names out? They knew the shitstorm out there all along and witness harassment etc and didn’t want their fellow members to receive the death threats too. That in and of itself is proof the admonition was not followed.

    • She’s not very bright. Comes across as an immature tool with all of the “!!!!!!!!!!”

      Funny how she “found” the State page all of a sudden right after the verdict…suuuuuuuure.

      • “Immature tool.” Haha! That’s exactly right. I’m pretty sure she “found” the State page right around day 1 or 2 of the trial. Oh, but wait, she didn’t raise her hand when the judge asked if anyone had seen anything in the media involving the trial. So she must have been telling the truth, right? I think the more this nimrod speaks the more trouble she’ll cause for herself.

  42. I’m glad to see the jurors starting to speak out…somebody is inevitably going to stick their foot squarely in their mouth as they try to explain that insane M1 verdict.

    • RB,
      I think juror #17, this Tara Kelley person, may just do that. I know she was only an alternate but she’s already thrown the foreman under the bus. And as Willie said above ” She might as well help pollute the next jury pool.”

      • Hi Jeff, I hope all is well with you.

        Yes, I’m sure Juror #17 is going to do her share of brainless damage to the jury’s credibility but I can’t wait to hear what went on in deliberations during the guilt phase. What did they talk about? How did they convince themselves (and each other) that, beyond all reasonable doubt, Jodi, and not Travis, was the first to attack? Or are they going to tell us that Jodi didn’t prove her innocence?

        • I’m doing well, thanks! I’m waiting to hear about that too. I’d love to know what they discussed. I’m just amazed at how stupid this woman is for saying that she had her mind made up from day one. Are we to believe that some of the other jurors didn’t feel the same? It’s very possible, no, it’s HIGHLY PROBABLE that this jury was biased from the start and Jodi had virtually no chance. Also, I don’t ever recall a juror after a trial mingling with the victim’s family. Or in this case the so called victim – because we know he wasn’t a victim, he just lost a fight that he started.

        • No, they had their minds made up during the opening statements…can you believe this???
          Let the keep talking…they will turn on each other and Jodi will walk out !!! Mark my words !!!


    [quote]Sheeple (a portmanteau of “sheep” and “people”) is a term in which people are likened to sheep, a herd animal. The term is used to describe those who voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion without critical analysis or research.[quote]

  44. so sad…………….

    the folks of the world, yes I am talking to you, alternate juror, have put this trial to reality TV status.

    I have news for you fuckers, this is not Big Brother, or Survivor– this real life, with real life people involved.

    Go back under your rock; better yet… go fuck off and die.

  45. LMAO….there are idiots over at websleuths still insisting Jodi and asshole didn’t have sex the day he died. what jerks

    • It’s incredible, isn’t it? Or, sometimes the theory is that she forced him, at gun/knifepoint, to get naked, so she could make it appear they had sex. Or that she raped him. There are funnier, more complex theories as well!

      Such emotional investment in Travis’ purity, they would be able to reinterpret a picture–no, a video–of him in the act of screwing!

  46. Okay peeps, someone get a screenshot of Tara Kelley’s fb where on may 14th there is a conversion about Jodi. I can’t do screenshot otherwise I would.

  47. She already has a picture of her with Katie Wick and the other Dr. Drew’s juror on their. She was not suppose to be talking about the trial as she had not been dismissed and could have been called on to fill in at anytime.

    • She’s going to shoot herself right in the ass. We’re already on to her; wait until her shenanigans get exposed on a larger scale.

      You should have kept your mouth shut, famewhore!

  48. Something interesting Juror #17 tweeted – When asked who “narc’d” on Juror #5, she just said that it was not a juror. She hasn’t yet given any additional details.

    • I went and checked out her facebook and guess what I found? She added Tanisha Sorenson as a friend clear back in 2012! Hhhhmmmm…

      • Oh nevermind. Geez I clicked on who she added as friends in 2012, or so I thought, and stupid facebook showed me ALL her friends. She just became friends with Tanisha recently. Damn, thought I was on to something!

    • Juror number 17, the alternate, was obviously watching HLN all along, even before the trial. There is no way in hell that anyone could make up their mind in opening statements without prior influence. This means she lied during the jury selection process. She also forgets that people are not to be put to death for lying. This also means that she probably stopped listening intently throughout the trial, because she already made up her mind. She will not be taken seriously by anyone except HLN, and people like Cane Lady, or maybe the other jury watcher who wanted Jodi put to death because her Father was murdered and she had not gotten “Justice.” She felt that Jodi being put to death would make up for that.

    • TB1-I went on the alternate, juror number 17’s, website some time ago just to take a quick look at it. I didn’t have time to really look it over as I had a meeting to attend, but I’m home again now and I tried getting on it again, but it’s currently unavailable…..that’s interesting.

    • Thank you; I always get teary-eyed reading about the WM3. Those poor guys. I am glad that Damien had Lorri to fight for him – I wish them much happiness in the future.

  49. Alternate juror #17 said that she blocked Jodi’s site. Is she referring to this site? Or something else? Either way, that’s incredibly dumb if she only wants to hear one side of the story. She’s like another Chris Hughes. *gag*

  50. I wonder is it was all recorded when they were deciding if she gets life or death they seem to record everything else I would not put it past them

  51. Earlier today someone commented about Travis reading the Dale Carnegie book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” — apparently popular with PPL. I think this is really interesting, and would like to see it followed up in terms of “The Secret”, which apparently was very popular with them. “The Secret” comes directly out of the Dave Carnegie and “positive thinking” movement. They have some great elements that are very helpful for people. But, when taken to excess, it can become a kind of obsession — even a sort of cult — believing that whatever you think is what becomes real. So if something bad happens to you, it’s because you had a negative thought. If you just keep thinking positive things, then only good can happen to you. I think Jodi was in a really brainwashed state from this way of thinking when everything came down. Not sure exactly how it impacted her, but I think it contributed to her difficulty in distinguishing what was really happening on the day of the murder.

    • Elaine, I totally agree…Jodi had been brainwashed. Even Darryl B. recognized a total transformation in Jodi’s character starting w/ her introduction to Mormonism and that “positive thinking” train she hopped on. I believe she stopped living in the real world. Darryl even said she STILL isn’t quite herself. SHE insists that she is not the same as when she knew Darryl, nor when she knew Travis…that she has evolved. BUT when I hear her speak I sense that brainwashed attitude. I hope she comes around at some point, she almost seems robotic in a way, void, if you will. Please don’t misconstrue my comment regarding her seeming “robotic”…I understand that much of this may be a result of the conditions in which she now resides and the turmoil she has had to endure.

      • Dorothy: “I understand that much of this may be a result of the conditions in which she now resides and the turmoil she has had to endure.”

        I wish more people would get that. Five years in jail will have an affect on you. Being subjected to JM and the death penalty will also bring back all of the PTSD even if it was beginning to recede a bit.

        Jodi is obviously a “people person”. She likes to talk; she was a waitress and in sales and into photographing people. PTSD affects a person’s social interactions.

  52. Anyone who is in contact with Nurmi/Willmott…make sure that they get the screenshots of Juror 17’s activities. Might be good fuel for the appellate level.

      • Sent it to Jennifer as follows:

        Dear Ms. Willmott:

        Perhaps others have already sent you this screenshot of Juror 17’s Facebook page on May 14 in which, just 3 minutes after she herself posts, her friends discuss whether or not Jodi is Mexican and perhaps that’s why she has a temper (at least that’s how I interpret the conversation.) Tara Kelley doesn’t respond but I find it hard to believe she didn’t read this stuff.

  53. Personally, I think we should send an invitation to the jury foreman and tell him that HERE is where he can get some peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I, for one, would like the jury foreman to know that I was tremendously relieved to hear that some on the jury did recognize that Travis was emotionally and verbally abusive to Jodi. At this point, this one piece of truth, when Travis’ abuse has been widely, roundly and completely denied, is so precious.

      Mr. Foreman–I hope you do not succumb to pressure and do an about-face on this one point.

  54. Just like to wish everyone a happy Saturday! God bless you all for all your support for Jodi! I love reading your messages btw lol…anyways! TEAM JODI!

  55. Jose Baez, the defense attorney in the Casey Anthony case, stated today on CNN that Judge Stephens made a mistake not sequestering the jury and allowing cameras in the courtroom specifically because of social media. The fact that potential mitigation witnesses felt threatened via the internet during the penalty phase is a serious issue for the Appellate Courts to review…. /…. YA THINK??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Hey, JC – team Jodi … Are you around?

    I wanted to tell you that, though I never followed the Anthony trial, I just started to read Baez’ book, Presumed Guilty. Obviously, these cases are very dissimilar, but I do think Baez’ book gives A LOT of insight into how the media and trial by public opinion work. Even Baez was shocked and stunned by it.

    People say young, attractive, white women get a break. No way! They make the best targets for American hatred, misogyny, prurience, etc. There is an insatiable lust-hate for women like Anthony and Arias.

    • That is very interesting! You are so right about young white women, wow, it’s shocking how much misogyny and hatred is out there. I’m a mom to a preteen now, but, a while ago I can tell you, coming from a sheltered life to dealing with the hell that goes on was a very unpleasant shock.

      I could really tell you some stories. Also, my older brothers went to school with Nicole Brown Simpson and Denise Brown, and it was disgusting what went on. For a while after Nicole Brown married O.J., they lived near the Browns, and she called the cops many, many times. They didn’t do a damned thing of course.

      Later, I had an apartment in the area, same cops. I had a weirdo neighbor and when I would go up the stairs his door was right there and I was facing the inside of his apartment until I turned right immediately to my door. The freak would be having sex on the couch with various women with his door wide open. He knew when I came home. He kept the porch light on the landing open. I usually had to go back and forth, up and down the stairs a few times with my groceries or other things when I came home. I would turn the light out, and had a light on my key chain.

      Well, he started screaming at me to leave the light on, that way he and his partner were in full view every time I went in and out of my apartment.

      One time, I came out again, and this freak attacked me by slamming his screen door into my back as I put my key into my door. I backed up very quickly to get him off me and keep from being pinned, and I stepped backward through his screen door, cutting the top of my foot on the metal. The guy had attacked me with a metal flashlight as well. I was barefoot, my foot was bleeding when the police came.

      Guess what happened? Did they do a damned thing? No, they took a look at my foot and threatened to put me in jail if I insisted they arrest him.

      I have never worn suggestive clothing (not that it matters), have never slept around (not that it matters either), was raised in a very sheltered environment and was completely and totally shocked that nobody gave a god damn that this freak had just attacked me because I didn’t want to see him having sex on the couch with his latest victim when I came home.

      That is just a MINOR incident of the flat out misogyny that I had to deal with when I was single and living on my own. It was hell, and you know what, if any woman in the same situation admits it, we/they all go through hell too. If you sat down with your women friends, and you really, truly told the truth, it is really bad. I think most of us just always tried to make the best of things and push it out of our minds. But if we are honest, it is VERY bad, and everyone is seeing exactly what goes on by watching what has happened to Jodi in this trial. Not to mention knowing about her life.

      • What an awful, scary experience! I am sickened! And so sorry. That’s one of those experiences that teaches you something about the world you can never forget. Even the cops–the “good” guys, the protectors–didn’t take you seriously, but denied that you were assaulted. How can a woman not intergrate that into her world view? Not feel unsafe and like a less-than person?

        And just look at the demographics of the creatures who would love to see women like Casey and Jodi raped and tortured in prisons and then sent to their death. These loud, violent groups are made up largely by women! I think it helps them feel safe when they can offer up targets of feminine “evil” and feed the frenzy. It’ll never be them, because the are so good, so right-thinking, on the side of abusers, that they won’t be targeted themselves. It’s almost as if their litany of hatred, their chants for the death chamber, are a perverted prayer for their own lives.

        I am misogynistic against female misogynists. They are rotten bitches.

        • Thankyou, Pique. I appreciate the validation. You have hit upon something about those vile women. I think maybe they are aware that they are surrounded by misogynists and are trying to prevent themselves from being targets by being cheerleaders for the jerks, as you said, a “perverted prayer”.

          It’s like women who think that because they are special, some creep won’t cheat on them. He tells her, he cheated on the last woman, “because” there was something inferior about her. The cheat plays on this. Soon, the woman who though she was “special” is cheated on, and he tells the next one that she’s more special than the last, and trashes the “special” one to the new one.

          They think if they side with the bully, they won’t get bullied, but it doesn’t work that way. Sooner or later they will treat them just the same.

          They are rotten bitches. It’s terrible that they get high off of their smug self-righteousness. It really disgusts me too.

          • “God’s police”! I love it. It describes the Travis clan very well. All that special god-given ability to see soullessness in others … And get rich at the same time!

      • Ugh. How awful. I agree; it is very bad. What happened to you was being victimized twice over. This kind of thing happens to so many of us. You’re right. And Pique, below, is right too about the ones aligning themselves with the abusers. It’s horrible, and I just don’t understand it.

        • Me either. Thanks for the validation, it really feels good.

          Being targets of misogyny is very common. I really, really noticed it when I was married after having been on my own for a long time. All of a sudden, you have a “protector”, and people treat you differently. Repairmen don’t try to rip you off. People don’t give you the runaround. It feels kind of insulting, like when you get in really good shape after having been a little overweight. You’re the same person, but people treat you totally differently, especially men. But the misogyny is still common.

        • It’s very well know in feminism as ‘Divide and Conquer’ mentality.
          Divide the women and win, it’s typically conservative in nature and people who like to conserve love old traditions and would like their women barefoot and pregnant while cooking meals in the kitchen, while they play he-man.
          It has been the implicit message from this trial from the beginning, and reinforced by gruesome violent images alongside female genitalia.
          That message has been beamed all over the world and it’s not ok for any woman.

    • Pique,

      I didn’t see this comment until now but I agree! No way do they get break. I also think the misogyny is worse in the Arias case!

  57. I wonder how many of those jurors thought that Casey Anthony got away with murder. I know most of the haters believe that and were bound and determined this “injustice” would not happen again. I believe Jodi is being punished not only for the death of Travis but also for the death of Caylee Anthony.

    • I’m not sure what the jurors thought of Casey specifically, but they were definitely influenced by all of the hate that her jury received. You can bet that it played a role into the M1 verdict – they wanted to be left alone by the crazies. Look at all of the hate that the foreman is getting, and he never specifically said that he voted for life! He made some remarks about St. Travis being abusive, and that was enough to set the bloodhounds on him.

      • If you haven’t seen this, it’s an interesting TMZ interview of Nancy Grace (aka Mrs. Lynch) just after the Casey Anthony trial. It’s totally annoying to listen to this sociopath talk in circles and make no sense but note that the interviewer muses on how her diatribes on that trial and attacks on that jury might have an effect on the “next high profile trial”.

  58. I have “Snipping Tool.” It is a program that came with my HP PC. Many of you may have it. It frames anything on a webpage and the resulting frame can be saved to your pictures.
    Kudos to all of you that have been reading Facebook, Twitter et al and finding these incriminating statements by jurors and others.
    Stupid people involved in this case will be coming out of the woodwork looking for fame,celebrity and cash. They can not help themselves.

    • Interesting!

      #9 was the poor guy they chased to the bus and then ONto the bus, wasn’t he?

      And this gal says he couldn’t vote for death BECAUSE of Martinez style, and the fact that the way he handled witnesses left him feeling like he wasn’t getting the truth. Even that when Martinez seemed to trip people up, he didn’t know if they were lying or just nervous.

      AND he saw that Pickles was biased for the prosecution!

      So who is this Tierney Simmons person? Was she a juror?

      • Sorry, Journee, I don’t know who Tierney Simmons is. Someone on Twitter just noted this conversation so I posted it here. It seems to indicate 2 jurors did not follow follow Judge Stephens admonition about talking about the case.

    • Wow, that is interesting! Hmmm. This one here and the ones below it:
      Tierney Simmons ‏@babyboypoverty 23 May
      @barleyrachael @HLNTV And number 6 said in the jurry room she watched the interviews that jodi did and saw that she was a real person

      Aren’t these enough to get the whole case thrown out? Admissions that the jury was watching t.v. during deliberations, and talking to people? I don’t know who this guy is, but that looks like the most damning thing so far about the jury!

      This could be a big deal, proof that they’ve been ignoring the instructions just like we knew they were.

      Good catch, cold case

    • I love that he’s saying the juror hated JM, and that he interfered with being able to tell whether the witness was telling the truth or not, that is a big deal! That alone should get the case thrown out, Pickles didn’t declare a mistrial when the defense wanted one based on JM’s horrible behavior in court. This proves them out. Plus the fact that the juror saw the bias of Pickles. It was so obvious to us, it should have been to those on the jury. Too bad it isn’t one of the ones that wanted death – I want one of them to be the reason it’s thrown out. This should have been manslaughter, I say again.

      • My first post here. I’m surprised that most all the Juror’s didn’t come to that conclusion. JM was brutally abusive. It was an Interrogation. Seriously, asking Jodi if she deleted the photos, her response, i dont’ remember… JM-I DIDN”T ASK YOU IF YOU REMEMBER, I asked you if you DELETED THE PHOTO’S, you did RIGHT! Are you having problems with your memory? on and on he goes, he gives me a headache. I would really like to know why this type of questioning was allowed? And don’t get me on the subject of the Judge, holy was this her first time on the job? I’m wondering if JM bought her a book, perfume… something.

        I’m listening to Day 30 right now. I started watching the trial a couple of weeks ago when the verdict was in the news (I didn’t know about this case) so I listened to C.Hughs on wsleuths (the 3 hour broadcast) I listened for about 1 1/2 hours and my hinky went up, so I began watching the trial out of order but have seen most of it now.

        As a person without any info on the case I can definately say that I don’tt see any proof whatsover of pre-med. It was something that definately happened in the moment and now I can’t see it any other way then self defense. I don’t think JA has any mental conditions, up to that point in time it appears she was like many with low self esteem and lack of boundaries.. which placed her in a relationship with this guy. I do believe she has PTSD from the traumtic event; it was completly incongruent with who she was. The DV nailed it accurately.

  59. I find myself wondering what the other jurors might be thinking about this woman mouthing off the way she is. I also wonder how they would feel if her actions cause the conviction to be thrown out and all their time and effort, the 5 months that was taken out of their lives, was all for nothing. If it were me I’d be just a tad bit upset. But hey, keep talking juror #17. PLEASE keep talking.

    • agreed Jeff, in between now & then
      someone’s foot is going to be in their mouths
      big time ———-> see exhibit JUROR # 8
      while drunk as a skunk

      So yes, please dear jurors please by
      all means yap away!

  60. A famous super lawyer once told me
    “SCREEN SHOT everything”

    Seriously guys, DO IT, if you see anything
    this can help JODI in a huge way – like Renee said
    send it to

    How to do a screen shot on your computer:

    Taking Screen Shots on PC/Windows

    Screen shots on a PC can be taken without a special screen shot utility using the built-in Print Screen function. You can take a shot of the entire screen, or use the ALT key to confine the screen shot to the fore-most window (may be a program window or dialog/alert). Using Print Screen will capture the content of the current screen in the clipboard. You’ll want to create a new image after you take the screen shot so that Photoshop or Elements will size the image for you, and then paste the content of the clipboard.
    Here are the steps:

    1. Set up the screen so that what you want to shoot is in front of other palettes, images and programs. Be sure the palette/window is over the program window (for example, a palette can be detached from the palette well, but it should not be on a second monitor if you have a two monitor setup).

    2. Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard. This will capture the screen and place it on the clipboard. Hold down the ALT key before pressing the Print Screen button to confine the screen shot to the foremost window.

    Taking Screen Shots on PC/Windows

    Screen shots on a PC can be taken without a special screen shot utility using the built-in Print Screen function. You can take a shot of the entire screen, or use the ALT key to confine the screen shot to the fore-most window (may be a program window or dialog/alert). Using Print Screen will capture the content of the current screen in the clipboard. You’ll want to create a new image after you take the screen shot so that Photoshop or Elements will size the image for you, and then paste the content of the clipboard.
    Here are the steps:

    1. Set up the screen so that what you want to shoot is in front of other palettes, images and programs. Be sure the palette/window is over the program window (for example, a palette can be detached from the palette well, but it should not be on a second monitor if you have a two monitor setup).

    2. Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard. This will capture the screen and place it on the clipboard. Hold down the ALT key before pressing the Print Screen button to confine the screen shot to the foremost window.

    Taking Screenshots on a Mac

    Screen shots on a Mac can be taken without a special screen shot utility using the built-in Grab function. You can take a shot of the entire screen, or use click and drag or automated screen selection to confine the screen shots to other portions of the screen (e.g., a program window or dialog/alert). Using Grab will capture the content of the current screen and save it as a file on the desktop named Picture #.png.
    Here are the steps:

    1. Set up the screen so that what you want to shoot is in front of other palettes, images and programs. What you want to shoot a screen of can be anywhere on your screen(s).

    2. Press the Command+Shift+4 buttons on the keyboard. This will initiate the capture mode.

    Clicking on the screen will take a capture of the entire screen.
    Clicking and dragging a marquee will take a screen of everything within the marquee.
    Pressing the Shift key once will turn on the automated mode which will highlight a palette or screen under the cursor; clicking over the highlighted palette/window will take the screen.

    Pressing the Space bar a second time will return to the normal mode.
    Pressing ESC will escape the utility without completing a shot.
    This set of steps will create a new image. You may need to crop the image (using the crop tool) so that the result is confined to the area of the screen that you want (e.g., a single palette). When cropping, be sure that the options for the Crop tool do not show a height, width or resolution. If they do, clear the fields with the Clear button.
    Some utilities will do a better job of helping you confine your screen shots to a single palette or toolbar, but the method here is fine for the purposes of my classes. Screen shots are very helpful for conveying the content of your layers palettes, developing short tutorials, and other creative purposes!

    PS say cheese Juror #17 🙂

    • Most web browsers have plugins to take screen shots … on Google Chrome I just click the button 🙂

      Or you can download the software for free – Snatch It – is a popular one for video / picture grabs.

      • “Inconvenient Truths” over on Facebook has a whole slew of screenshots of the tweets by this Kelley character as well as those of the usual suspects.

        • Yeah that alternate says she’s all ready buddy buddy with Tanisha and Travis’s friends! So I am supposed to believe that happened in 24 hours time? Bitch—we know you didn’t abide the admonitions! She was guilty in opening remarks? You are just a fame whore and have zero insight into what went on in deliberations so stop insulting the foreman.

            • And, even though she didn’t get the chance to deliberate or kill Jodi, she did influence the jury w/ her questions. I think she bragged that she was the one who asked Jodi why the jurors should believe her now. The whole “jurors aren’t supposed to talk about the case amongst themselves” thing is ridiculous. If you have a biased, dishonest juror, who is not following any of the admonitions, asking questions gives the other jurors a glimpse into his or her mind, and the jurors can end up influencing each other b4 the trial is even over. So, so very wrong.

  61. Does anyone know if HLN pays these people for interviews or are they all prostituting themselves for free.

    • I assume they are paid. That Fat Fuck, tie wearing Dave Hall is on TV so often, that he can probably quit his pyramid scam Legal Shield job.
      When a sales rep exhausts all his stupid criminal aquaintences, where do they find prospective clients for their scam?

      • I suspect that’s the reason Travis moved from Riverside to Mesa and the Hughes from Murrieta to Heber City.

        I just hope some stupid producer doesn’t give the Hughes a reality show!

  62. SJ had good advice today – stay of the hater sites

    I think sending anything you find to SJ anonymously would be best.

    Juan’s fan club is no doubt is here reading the ‘real truth” … not that BS Juan theorized (lies).

    And Nancy DisGrace no doubt is also having a peak 🙂 Can we continue to tell her what we think about her ?

  63. Jodi….. She was very much on my mind today but that’s not so unusual.. I was Jodi today. I don’t think that mental abuse gets the exposure to show just how much damage can come from it. I too like Jodi have never documented abuse. Today was a bad day with my relationship. If I could only learn to look pleasing, smile but not directly at ANYONE, never talk or respond back to questions from others, then the day would have gone better… maybe. I just never know what will set him off. Please don’t no one say to me just leave. I can’t. I have five dogs that are the only reason that I want to wake up tomorrow in this world. I have no money, I give him that and it takes that and more to pay bills. My main point is that as I drove home on a twelve mile ride that takes me about twenty minutes to drive, time was none existent. I don’t really know how I drove home. I was driving and all I could think about was his hands around my throat telling me to mind my own business. I had ask him to help a stranger. He was squeezing my throat but the entire day was mostly about him telling me that I was an ignorant bitch. There was more commenting on his part, I know better than to respond. He can do and say such horrible things and then within minutes kiss me tenderly and say “shake it off & let it go”. We had been on the boat and nothing was going right. Anyway…. I found myself in my driveway to let my babies out and thought about how my mind stayed only on what the day entailed and not on the drive itself. To me it was time lost.

    Jodi remains in my prayers.

    • Tracy,

      This is horrible for you. I too have been in abusive relationships. Two actually. So I do understand. Please be careful. You must find someone to help you. Do not continue without support. I do not know where you live but I pray you reach out. Please.

    • Hi Tracy. Only you know about your life and what to do. Most women who are in abusive relationships are spending a lot of energy dealing with the abuser and are very wise and intelligent in how to deal with it. Women in your position also know how much more dangerous it can get if/when you leave so you have to feel you are ready and you are the only one that will know when you are ready. I have been where you are.
      I went from the frying pan to the fire, so to speak. I left my home to get away from a long term stalker and went to Canada. I met someone in Canada and thought he was going to be a wonderful person, and that it would be a great relationship. I moved to a very small town there, got married after about 8 months, and became pregnant and had a child. Soon I found out that I was in a very bad situation far away from my family, and when I did go home the stalking resumed. The stalker was actually in the headlights of the car as I pulled into my mom’s driveway from the airport one of the times I went home…but I digress.
      The point is, I had a small child and had to get home from Canada, a place where he had isolated me very much, and he had grabbed me and choked me. That’s when I called 911 and the cr*p hit the fan. I had to tread very carefully to get out of there as I was dependent upon him at the time. Had to minimize the arrest as much as possible to be able to get out safely. Long story. However….
      They have very good social services in Canada, and I met a wonderful woman who was a counselor for the “Stop The Violence” program there. She was friends with some amazing women who wrote a fantastic book, who had done a great deal of research on the subject. She gave me their book.
      This book is hands down the best book on the subject I have ever read. I finally GOT what was going on with domestic abuse, really got it, and that’s how I was able to get out.
      Here is the book:
      I want to buy one and when I can send it to Jodi. When I came back down home, back to being stalked, I went to a shelter for counseling because I was emotionally a mess, PTSD, etc. As a present, I bought books for everyone in the group. Now the shelter program uses that book instead of the one they had.
      MOST books blame the woman for something. For not leaving. For being “codependent”. For not recognizing an abuser beforehand, blah blah blah blah. Even the ones that most people read when they are abused. NOT THIS BOOK. It seems a little simplistic at first, but, as you read it, and ever after, you begin to realize how amazingly wise this book is!
      I am hoping you are able to manage to get one because, in my case, I really don’t think I would have had the strength to better my situation without that book. And it doesn’t push you to do anything, ever.
      Read what you can on that site, it’s truly balm for the abused woman’s soul, even the small parts that the put on the web site.
      I wish you strength and comfort, and hope you will be as kind to yourself as you can be.
      I think of Jodi often too, whenever I think of those bad times and how I got out and how lucky I am to be out. Some people like Jodi don’t make it out without tragedy.

    • Dear Tracy,

      I won’t say leave, but is there anyone you can talk to? A help line, a confidante, just so you don’t feel so isolated and alone. I’m glad you have your dogs. Please be safe and don’t lose hope. I pray for your well-being.

    • Tracy, I so understand your situation. I had many cats and did not know how I could possibly get out. But it came down to me almost losing my life. He was arrested. The divorce was just about the most awful thing I ever went through, but I got through it. It has now been 27 months. I live in another state. I have a wonderful relationship with an amazing man.

      You may not be aware of this, but if you call the police and he is arrested, and you get an order of protection, he will not be allowed to come back to where you live. I don’t know where you live, but there are also some shelters that will take the dogs or arrange for foster care for them until you get on your feet, where you could see them. If you tell me where you are (what state), I can look them up for you. I’m also involved with a lot of people who are in rescue for dogs and cats and they may be able to help you.

      I’m not going to tell you to just leave. I hated when people said that to me. But I am going to say that your life is at risk and you must begin making some plans before it comes to that point. I didn’t believe mine was at risk and then it was. 30 more seconds and I wouldn’t be writing to you today. Can you get into counseling to help you make some plans? It’s usually free through domestic violence organizations. If you don’t know where to call, the national domestic violence hotline is free and anonymous: 1−800−799−SAFE(7233) They will be able to tell you about local resources. Also, they will help you make a safety plan which you need desperately.

      Hugs! Be safe. Be well. Make sure he can’t see anything you have posted.

    • Tracy, what you are describing is not a good thing and it is affecting you psychologically.
      You must get help for yourself, losing ‘time’ in stressful situations is an indicator of trauma.
      If you have children, they are experiencing the same thing, and it will mark them indelibly for life.
      You have no option but to save yourself or lose yourself.
      Please choose saving.

    • Tracy,
      God bless you and keep you safe until you find the strength to know you are worth so much more. There is a world awaiting you that is warm, rewarding and safe. You have the strength to survive terrible treatment and painful situations , so you do have the ability to do anything you want to do. When you are ready. Most DV victims try to leave or do leave but it takes many times before they are really successful in being done. The average victim leaves 9 times before finally finding the strength and the self care to be done with their abuser forever. These relationships are so filled with confusion and manipulation that at times we get caught up in them and stay in them out of plain desperation , hope or “magical thinking“. He is loving to you to pull you back and he knows how to keep you off balance. But remember this is NOT love. This is a toxic relationship that will not get better. You need to think about putting small amounts of cash away. A few dollars here and there. Develop an emergency plan just in case you need it sometime. Baby steps ,,,,when you are ready and when you finally believe you can not change him and deserve much more from life and that he WILL NOT CHANGE … you will find the strength and resources to leave. Until then please take care of yourself and never forget your life is literally in his hands as long as you are there with him. Never doubt that. The suggestions from the others here are good ones and there is help when you feel ready. Again GOD BLESS YOU and KEEP YOU SAFE.

    • KIrkee,

      2.53% of the Mormon Cult live in my county.

      I drive past the big white temple on the hill all the time – doors always locked tho

      • 2.53% is not an invasion, so you’re still safe from body snatchers.

        My husband and I got completely lost for an hour one summer in St. George because of the way the streets are named North, South, East, West from the temple. We didn’t have a GPS and kept circling the streets wondering why North street was not going north. Yeah, I know real California dummies.

  64. Hello everyone. I have been silently lurking here for a couple of weeks. I too, support Jodi Arias. I believe that she has not received a fair trial. I am appalled at the lynch like mob spurred on by a hideously biased media.
    There are so many unanswered questions in this case, so many things that bother me. The M.E. autopsy for starters , the unprofessional conduct of Jaun Martinez, the threats to defence witnesses, TA s family begging for money ect.
    I am 100% against the death penalty, but especially in this case. I believe jodi was abused, after listening to those tapes how could anyone doubt it?
    I pray daily for this young woman. I prayed that her life be spared, and I am grateful for the 4 jurors whom had mercy. I am saddened and angry with those 8 demons whom could murder this young woman and I am angry with Juan Martinez whom I believe is a psychopath.

  65. Dear everyone:

    I’m not sure if somewhere someone already noticed this, but on the Facebook page of TA’s sister Tanisha Sorenson ishe shows that one of her top favorite movies is “Shawshank Redemption,” a story about a man falsely accused of murder and survives (escapes) a life time in jail.

    Interesting and ironic!!!

  66. Tara Kelley is an annoying little twat. She’s bashed JA supporters, calling us “trolls”, and she said she was not a fan of Alyce LaViolette (despite the fact that she’s helped many domestic abuse victims), and she also said that all of the defense witnesses were a complete waste of time. She said that she is devastated that Jodi didn’t get death. She also said the defense attorney’s constant objections were frustrating to sit through. WTF?! What about Juan’s constant objections? Stupid bitch.

    • She tainted the jury. No way someone like her did not watch this thru HLN. No way. I call bullshit, but she should keep talking. She has already said so much that can be used when Jodi appeals this. I hope Jodi’s attorney’s are watching this witch.

    • I cannot believe that someone would be “devastated” because a life, for the moment, has been saved. The Travis camp wants death – Mormonism should be listed as a mental disorder in the DSM-V.

      • ROFL No doubt about that Krikee. It should be listed under the major mental illness category. I am beginning to think we have a lot of sadistic people in the US.

    • She has the IQ of a gnat. That bitch was following along with the hater sites the whole time; she even uses their “troll” language. In the long run, she’s going to help Jodi’s case because she craves the spotlight and loves the attention from her ass-lickers.

    • I looked at her twitter and no way was she not on Facebook or looking up trial. Why disgusted w foreman? Based on her comments they must have all been talking during breaks.

    • Boy she sure caught up pretty fast in 24 hours and befriended the freaks didn’t she??? She has been following all along the bullshit of the Travis Taliban!! Mark my words someone is going to miss step here in a big way and get this whole thing thrown out.

    • She has nothing else. Her relevance is over unless she moves to Florida and starts “covering” the Zimmerman case for Dr. Tool.

      • Lol yes so useless. I hope she doesn’t get an hln job after this- she really doesn’t add anything except dumb bias.

      • It was awesome when she got called out in court. She should have been kicked outta court room. Instead she prob loved the attention

      • I think that Katie Wick was placed in the courtroom to harass Jodi. Make her feel inferior because she was around the same age and would go in there and give Jodi the pig eye all dressed to the nines and even still Jodi looked better than her. It is going to interesting in this next decade to see how social media is going to start or is effecting cases and maybe just maybe we may see many reversed. Wouldnt that be amazing if for some reason Jodi was let out on bail and we all got to greet her. That would be awesome.

  67. Zervakos: “We thought it would go to the judge – that she would make the decision: LIFE or LWOP.” It scares me that maybe they didn’t understand the jury instructions for the verdict as well.

  68. Seeing all this is making me think that Dr Drew’s jurors might have been fairer!! Or even the After Dark jury! If this M1 verdict isn’t overturned we should have a sit in on the White House lawn. Can you imagine the hungry wolves ripping our flesh off with their fangs because they didn’t get their pound of flesh from Jodi? I honestly think had the jury made the right decision and gave Jodi less than M1 Nasty Grace would have convulsed on camera. They would have had to break out the defibrillator. That’s exactly what should have happened, and not just for the pure entertainment of it, but because Jodi is NOT GUILTY of M1! These people are de